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*At the dorm leaders' meeting*
Riddle: And I need your signature on this. Idia I'll get it from you later. *mumbles* although it would be much easier if you were physically present at the meetings.
Idia: *mumbles* No. Being outside is dangerous for an otaku like me. There are things like other people, sunlight and Mc with a bucket of water.
Riddle: Mc with wath?
Mc: *trying to hide a bucket of water*
Idia: Mc with a bucket of water. I don't know what Mc is trying to do with it but for some reason they follow me with it.
Mc:*Succeeded in hiding the bucket of water* THAT'S NOT TRUE! *mumbles* But if it was, it would be for academic studies. Not because I stay up every night wondering how your hair will react to water.
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cupids-chamber · 28 days ago
Tumblr media
CHEKA: Why does auntie where make-up.
LEONA: To look pretty.
CHEKA: But she's already pretty..
CHEKA: Uncle, you should wear make-up!!
Tumblr media
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minzart · 6 months ago
If every single dorm leader had a crush on Yuu, except Malleus
Bc of the extremely deep friendship Yuu and Malleus developed at some point, they are extremely touchy with each other, to the point of looking like lovers
So basicaly, when Malleus discovers the others crush? He's gonna be an absolute little shit about his privileges as the bff
Yuu, who isn't touchy with everyone -> puts Malleus head in their lap and start petting his hair
Every single dorm leader-> stares jealously
Malleus internaly: why is everyone looking at us so odd today- ... wait... oh my~
Malleus-> smugness increases by 100% bc he just found his next source of entertainment of the year-> snuggles closer~
The dorm leaders internaly: ..... I'm going to buy so much iron, that you wouldn't be able to even breath-
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senrous · 5 months ago
tricking (tall) twst boys into forehead kisses
Tumblr media
˖◛⁺⑅♡ jade, malleus ˖◛⁺⑅♡ apologies if they're ooc but fluff is our priority! ; (harmless) trickery, forehead kisses, implied reader is shorter than the stated characters. ˖◛⁺⑅♡ reblogs, feedbacks & comments are highly appreciated!
Tumblr media
━━━☞ jade leech
"jade, have you been resting well? your hair seem to be disheveled." looking up at the face of the eel that you adore immensely, the never faltering smile continues to stay on his face although he had been briefly caught off guard by your comment.
"my, that's definitely odd. why not you fix it for me?" flashing one of his (usual) eerily grin that showed his razer-sharp teeth, catching onto your intentions. he assumed that you were making an excuse to just touch his hair or see his face closer to you before he has to depart for his job.
gesturing him to bend down, he complies with your request. crouching down enough to be of the same eye level as you, eyes full of amusement. then something that he did not expect to happen, you tip toed and planted a feather-like peck on his forehead.
"aren't you a little ball full of surprises as always."
Tumblr media
━━━☞ malleus draconia
going on the routinely nightly walk with malleus, watching all the pretty lights emitting from fireflies dart around the walls of ramshackle.
an idea popped into your head as you looked over to your lover seemingly distracted by the fireflies, guard lowered significantly when by your side. "malleus?" giving you his full attention, nodded for you to continue.
"your hair seems unkempt, did you rush out today?" viridescent eyes widened, hands immediately went to his hair to hopefully fix the mess. "i'm so sorry you had to witness this, love."
waving away his apology, you motioned for him to bend down. "i'll fix it for you!" placing his hands on his knees to support his weight, bent down as much as he could. positioning one of your hands in his hair, the other one held his cold cheeks. his eyes stayed on your face unrelentlessly, not daring to look away from it.
planting a kiss on his forehead was definitely not something he expected, but is something he will always accept if it's from his precious.
"how daring of you, but definitely not surprising if it's coming from you."
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we-do-be-writing · 25 days ago
Spin the Bottle (with Forehead Kisses)
Twisted Wonderland!Dorm Leaders x Reader
A/N: Some of these are longer than others and that is solely because I felt like some of the housewardens would need more convincing and more back story for the whole thing to actually make sense.
Riddle Rosehearts:
Tumblr media
Somehow Riddle was sucked into playing a game of spin the bottle at Ramshackle dorm with the rest of the dorm leaders. Honestly, he was more shocked at how you managed to convince him, let alone some of the other dorm leaders, to show up.
You had come to him earlier in the week with the offer of joining you and the other dorm leaders at Ramshackle for a sleepover of sorts. Riddle was fully prepared to reject this offer, but Trey happened to be listening in and told him that it may be a good "bonding time" and that he deserved "a night away from being a housewarden."
So, now he was sitting in a circle with the rest of the dorm leaders in the middle of Ramshackle's lounge area. You had proposed a game of spin the bottle, something many of the dorm leaders were dreading. Unfortunately, Kalim's joyful energy pulled everyone together and soon they had all agreed to play.
Luckily, Riddle has not had a turn yet and he so far has not been at the receiving end of someone else's turn. However, his luck seems to have run out as you spin the bottle, and it stops facing him.
If he were in a different situation, Riddle would probably be happy to receive a kiss from his crush. Instead, he was about to have his first kiss with the person he likes in front of the other dorm leaders because of some stupid game.
Somehow, you appear to have noticed his unease because as you sit in front of him and take his face into your hands, you do something unexpected. With Riddle's cheeks already burning from the close proximity, you tilt his head down and give him a soft kiss on the forehead.
All of the breath is sucked from Riddle's lungs as he stares wide-eyed at the Ramshackle prefect. You slowly back away from him, give him a kind smile, then return to your previous spot in the circle.
He can feel the burning sensation of a blush all over his face, even traveling down his neck. Tears almost spring to his eyes from the absolute softness and care that you just showed him. Through one simple kiss on the forehead, Riddle has been reduced to a puddle of emotions.
He chokes a little once his lungs inform him that he has stopped breathing. He takes a deep breath in and suddenly his senses start picking things up again. Some of the other dorm leaders can be heard laughing at him, others look just as shocked as he does, and others either look like they couldn't care less (Leona) or they look like they're going to burst from excitement (Kalim).
Riddle's face burns even brighter as his senses come back to him, but all he can do is look at your smiling face and wonder what that tender kiss meant, and if he could believe that you might like him back.
Leona Kingscholar:
Tumblr media
The only reason Leona was sitting in this circle of dorm leaders is because you happened to catch him at his 'weakest' moment, when he was sleeping. He had to admit, sometimes you surprised him with how well thought-out your plans could be. For example, managing to convince him to agree with whatever you asked simply because you had just woken him from a deep sleep.
For a while he was convinced that you had put a spell on him because somehow, Leona managed to always feel safe and comfortable enough around you to fall asleep. The fact that you had no problem using this to your advantage only furthered his suspicions. It was only after seeing you play Spelldrive where you could not use an ounce of magic that he started rethinking his theory.
You had found one of these opportunities the day before this current dorm leader event you had organized. Waking Leona up was the hard part, but once you had achieved that it was quite easy to get the drowsy beastman to agree solely because he knew you would let him go back to sleep sooner. Which you generously did, because then he might be a little less miserable when you remind him about the plans he promised to attend.
Of course, letting him go back to sleep the day before did not help to reduce the amount of despise Leona was expressing as he sat in the circle of dorm leaders. He would have instantly rejected you once you told him about the agreement from the day before, but he couldn't bring himself to break a promise. Thus, you had happily dragged him to Ramshackle dorm where he threatened anyone who dare laugh at his predicament.
So far, Leona has managed to avoid receiving or giving any kisses during the game. However, it is now your turn to spin the bottle and it just so happens that it would stop facing him. Honestly, he was half-asleep by this point, and he barely registers you moving over to sit in front of him.
He twitches a little when he feels your hand brush through his bangs, moving them aside before you press a gentle kiss to his forehead. Leona slowly opens his eyes, locking his gaze onto yours. He wears a small grin as he sees the blush dusting your skin, ignoring his own that threatens to creep up his neck.
He continues to keep eye-contact with you, not moving until you go to return to your seat. His hands flash from his side to your shoulders, pulling you into his embrace. His arms lock around you, only allowing enough movement so that you can face the rest of the dorm leaders.
Vil suggests that you lot should play a different game which everyone agrees to. Leona nods his head before resting his forehead against your shoulder, trying to ignore the lingering feeling of your lips.
Azul Ashengrotto:
Tumblr media
Surprisingly, Azul was not having too bad of a time at your gathering of the dorm leaders in Ramshackle. It did take a little convincing before he agreed to show up, and a tiny deal. The idea came from Floyd and Jade as they were lingering around when you invited him.
They pointed out that Azul could make bets for favors with the other dorm leaders, which were not considered contracts. As long as he worded the bets correctly, there would be a high chance of him winning each one. So, he told you that he would join in as long as there were opportunities where he could propose bets.
You assured him that games could be included, and if he could manage to find something to bet about, then he would be welcome to. Azul speculated that you had doubts about his ability to successfully get the other dorm leaders to take his bets. Or his ability to find something that would make sense to bet about.
Well, he will admit that a game of spin the bottle wasn't the ideal when it comes to betting. But he refuses to have come here and leave with no one owing him a favor. Luckily for Azul, when he proposed making things interesting by placing bets, Kalim was a willing participant. He notices that Malleus' interest was also piqued by the idea, but he had refrained from truly joining in on the bets.
Nonetheless, as long as Azul could get away with some profit from the bets of tonight, he would be happy. What he did not expect was for Kalim to bet on him.
"I bet," Kalim starts, "that when the bottle lands on Azul and he is kissed, he will blush."
Azul, and some others, scoff at this because of course his composure would never crack like that. Azul didn't even like admitting to himself that his confident personality was only a facade. So, there was no way he would allow it to break in front of the other dorm leaders, some who would be happy to try and exploit this weakness.
"Oh please," Azul responds, "that would never happen, at least bet on something believable. For example, I bet that before anyone can even get close enough to kiss Idia, he will either back out or faint."
Many of the dorm leaders nod in agreement at this, even Idia moves his head slightly. For a second, Kalim looks thoughtful, but one look at you has him shaking his head before speaking to Azul,
"How about this, I will accept your bet that Idia will faint before someone gets close enough to kiss him, if you accept my bet that you will blush when you get kissed."
Azul ponders this for a couple seconds before responding, "Okay, if Idia faints then I win and if he doesn't then you win. Following that, if I blush when someone kisses me, which is ridiculous, then you win and if I do not then I win."
Kalim nods in agreement, holding his hand out while saying, "You have a deal ... well I guess actually you have two deals."
Azul shakes his hand with a confident smile gracing his lips. There is absolutely no way he would be losing either of these bets, and having Kalim owe him two favors is exactly what he was looking for. Well, he will admit that while the probability of Idia fainting is high, it is not a guarantee. So, he'll have to play his cards right to make sure Idia cannot back out of the game. Yes, this is a little cruel on Azul's part, but Kalim had already set the terms and there was no going back now.
Unfortunately, there is another unforeseen circumstance that Azul has to face. It is your turn to spin the bottle and who else would it land on if not him. He didn't want to admit this, but there could be one single person who may potentially cause him to blush. Of course, that person had to be the one crawling over to his side of the circle.
Azul had grown a liking to you over time after you had helped him in the beginning of the school year. The way you treated him with genuine kindness and didn't try to use him for granting wishes made him open up to you easier. However, he still hadn't truly let you in on his self-confidence issues, and he was not looking forward to you finding out now because of some stupid game.
You leaned into his field of view, trying to catch his attention back to the present instead of deep in his thoughts. He quickly regained his composure and replaced his uncertain expression with one of assurance, maybe even a little false cockiness.
You took this as your sign to continue, so you carefully placed your hands on his cheeks. The warmth from your hands helped to calm the racing in his chest. Your gentle smile also kept him from showing any visible reaction.
Honestly, he thinks that he may actually be able to get through this without blushing in the slightest. But, instead of leaning in to kiss him on the lips, you go a little farther up and plant a sweet kiss on his forehead. Now Azul has been caught completely off guard and he's not entirely sure how to control his emotions at the moment.
He feels your lips linger on his forehead before you pull away, brushing your fingers against his cheekbones. He's officially done for when you glance down to his lips before retreating completely back to your spot in the circle.
Azul can't even tell if he's blushing or not as he feels heat spread all through his body. Suddenly, Kalim snaps his fingers in front of his face, and he is once again returned to the present. Kalim's face is one of pure excitement, but he says something that Azul does not expect.
"Listen, because I'm such a nice guy, and because Vil told me what's going on, I'm gonna give you a pass on this bet. However, you must promise no interference when it's Idia's turn."
Based on what Kalim is saying, Azul assumes that he doesn't even want to see how red he is right now. His eyes travel to you and when you send him a little wave, he responds in a slight whisper,
"I promise."
Kalim Al-Asim
Tumblr media
It took absolutely no convincing from you to get Kalim to agree to join your little dorm leader hangout night. Granted, he would probably agree to anything you asked of him ever since he's realized how much he truly likes you. Instead, you both would have to work together to convince Jamil. Surprisingly, it didn't take too much time to get Jamil to agree. All you had to do was promise him that you wouldn't leave Ramshackle, you wouldn't put Kalim in any danger, and you would update him periodically throughout the night.
It also didn't take any convincing to get him to join in the game of spin the bottle. In fact, he helped you convince the rest of the dorm leaders to play. Of course, Jamil wasn't the happiest when he heard what game was currently going to be played, but he agreed it was safe enough.
So, this is where you all are now, sitting in a circle with a bottle in the center. Honestly, Kalim is having the time of his life being able to have a sleepover with the other dorm leaders. He only wishes that Jamil could have joined him.
As of now, it hasn't been Kalim's turn and the bottle hasn't landed on him yet. He will admit that he is getting a little antsy waiting for the bottle to finally land on him. Luckily, he doesn't have to wait much longer as you give it a firm spin and it stops facing him.
He's almost vibrating with excitement as you crawl over to him and settle with your knees touching his legs. He gives you a blinding smile, very happy that it would be you kissing him. Kalim's joy is infectious, and you can't help letting out a laugh before you begin to lean in.
Kalim quickly closes his eyes, waiting with bated breath for your lips to meet his. However, he feels the pressure of your lips softly touch his forehead. You press your lips a little harder for a brief moment and then fully retreat and settle back in front of him.
His eyes open slowly, and his smile is so wide it starts to hurt his cheeks which feel unusually warm. His fingers go up to softly brush against the same spot you just kissed.
"Maybe we can keep this little moment from Jamil." You suggest with a shy smile and soft voice.
"Are you kidding," Kalim starts before giving you a kiss on the cheek, "I have to tell him my dream has come true."
Vil Schoenheit
Tumblr media
Convincing Vil to leave his dorm for the night to join the rest of the dorm leaders in a time of 'bonding and fun,' as you put it, is very difficult. He has to make sure everyone in Pomefiore is following their nightly routine and going to bed at the appropriate time and a bunch of other things you didn't listen to.
"Excuses, excuses." You mutter. Vil scoffs at this, unimpressed with your attempts to persuade him.
"Hmmm," he hums, "I may accept your offer, if you allow me to create a Pomefiore worthy skin and hair care routine. You have been persistent in spending time with Epel and trying to spend time with me and I cannot have a self-care slacker being associated with us. Also, you must agree to be my personal guineapig when I need to test new products, new trends, new clothes, etc."
Vil wears a small, amused smile as he waits for your answer. Of course, whatever skin or hair care routine you try would never be considered 'Pomefiore worthy' unless Vil was the one who created it. Although, you suppose it wouldn't be horrible to get a free, top tier self-care routine. Plus, even though being Vil's personal guineapig would take up a chunk of your time, you know he wouldn't be putting you in anything ridiculous. At least, you hope he wouldn't, but he is very serious about fashion which does put your mind at ease.
Vil quickly grows tired of your contemplating. He will admit to himself that he would be happy if you agreed because while it would help him to have someone to test things on, it also would give him an excuse to spend more time with you. He only added in the self-care routine because he wants you to have the best when it comes to keeping your skin and hair healthy. He'll worry about the eating habits at a later date, not wanting to ask too much of you too soon.
"I will give you five more seconds to think before I turn and leave without going to your little housewarden get together." Vil says, putting a hand on his hip and he looks at you.
"Fine, I guess your terms aren't too demanding. I will allow you to create a self-care routine for me and I will be your personal guineapig for fashion testing." You respond, holding your hand out for him to shake. Vil gives you a tiny smile as he gently shakes your hand, only slightly dreading the night he has ahead of him with the other dorm leaders.
He shows up 'fashionably late' because he had to attend to his specific duties as Pomefiore's housewarden. Now, as he sits in a circle with a bottle in the middle, he's regretting his choice to show up at this specific time. You and Kalim have just managed to convince the other dorm leaders to play a game of spin the bottle. Unfortunately, Vil's timing means he doesn't get a say and is automatically forced to join in.
All the others make you go first, since it was technically your idea. You have no problems with this, spinning the bottle and watching it turn. Vil subtly keeps his eye on the bottle, trying to seem disinterested. However, when the bottle lands facing him, it takes a little more focus to keep his expression neutral.
You crawl over to Vil and sit in front of him. He sees you glance down at his lips, which has a fresh layer of colored chapstick. You softly cup his chin with one hand, running your thumb along the edge of his bottom lip.
Vil can't tell what he wants you to do, part of him wanting you to kiss him and part of him not wanting to have the effects of his lip mask messed up by your lips. It's almost like you can see the hesitation in his eyes, and in response you give him a soft smile.
You lean in closer and Vil can't help but let his eyes flutter closed. He almost hates the way his mind flows into daydreams of you kissing him and he imagines how perfect it will be. However, he's taken aback when he feels your lips press against his forehead.
He takes a silent, shuddery breath as you linger for an extra second before pulling back. You keep your face close to his, and Vil has to take a second to collect himself and replace his mask of nonchalance. Once you see that he's regained his composure, you back up and return to your seat, giving him a little sly smile.
Even though it wasn't exactly what he imagined, Vil has to admit that this was a fairytale worthy kiss. He only hopes that he gets to share many more with you in the near future.
Idia Shroud
Tumblr media
Idia hates the way you've managed to learn so much about him, and how you've got Ortho campaigning for you. He will admit that most of the time, he does agree to things once Ortho expresses interest. However, there was absolutely no way Ortho's persuasion alone was going to convince him to join you in your little sleepover with the other housewardens. Not even promising the presence of a video game competition could persuade his decision.
Unfortunately, it seems like you're aware of this based on the small frown you try to hide. Idia shifts in his gaming chair, trying to keep his eyes on his computer and his hair from exposing how flustered he is.
"Fine, I really didn't want to do this Idia, for my own sake, but you've left me no choice."
Your words send shivers of dread through him, and he can't help but imagine the worst possible sentence that might come out of your mouth. He feels confusion seep into his body and replace the settling dread at what you say next,
"I am willing to send you my max level, top-tier, five-star character that you have been begging me for since I got it during the once per year event last month, if you come to my sleepover."
Idia's mouth drops open in shock and he has to take a couple minutes to process your proposal. Honestly, out of all the extremes he expected you to go to, he never thought you would be willing to part with this character. You had spent almost a week and just about all of your items trying to get this particular character, and Idia was right there with you.
He doesn't want to admit it, but he did throw quite the fit when you somehow got it right before the event ended. He also would like to argue that he has not spent the time since begging you to give it to him in exchange for, as he now regrets claiming, anything. Now, he is faced with the dilemma of whether or not he truly wants this character enough for him to sit for a night with all the other dorm leaders.
"You said that you would do anything to get this character, and I am willing to part with it so long as you show up to Ramshackle dorm in person and participate in this get together." You say, looking down at Idia who continues to stare at his computer screen in silence.
When he doesn't respond for a couple minutes, you say something else which really triggers competitive video game nature, "I mean, I guess you must not be as serious about this game as I thought. I think you'd be more willing to accept my offer if you were."
You had to know that this was a low blow on your part, and Idia is a little offended that you would go after his commitment to a game you know he has spent countless hours playing. However, he also can't help but wonder why you were so caught up on whether or not he agreed to spend a night in the company of the other dorm leaders.
So, with a deep-set frown and glaring eyes, Idia agrees to your deal. Which is how he has ended up sitting in a circle of housewardens playing spin the bottle. Now, if he could have passed this specific game then he most certainly would have. Unfortunately, Azul claims he would have dragged the fiery-haired boy 'kicking and screaming, if necessary.'
Idia had almost forgotten about his embarrassing slip-up at board game club, when he accidently revealed to Azul the massive crush he was harboring on you since the moment you decided to become online friends with him. Ever since, Azul has been using club meeting time to try and convince Idia to confess, even if it was over a message board.
His attention is brought back to reality at the sound of a couple dorm leaders snickering to themselves. Looking to the bottle in the center of the group, Idia is horrified to find that it is facing him. He freezes as he realizes that he has no idea who has just spun the bottle.
As you begin to crawl over to his side of the circle, Idia stops breathing and he looks over at Azul with wide eyes. You stop in front of him, and he refuses to meet your eyes. He has a slightly visible shake and out the corner of his eyes he can see your worried expression.
"Here Idia, there's no worries, and no pushing you too far." You whisper to him and he's not sure he would have heard it if your face wasn't so close to his. He still doesn't look at you, but he gives you a miniscule nod of trust which makes you smile wide.
He can't help but tense up as you move closer to him, also acutely aware of the fact that his hair is emitting a flaming heat and has an almost pink ombre look to it now. Once again, you leave him in shock as your lips gently press against his forehead instead of his lips.
Idia can feel himself get lightheaded for a second, but he's brought back to one of your hands holding his shoulder and the other cupping his face. You give him a soft smile before turning around and sitting down in front of him, blocking the others' view of him.
Azul gives him a small, knowing smile, and Idia curls in on himself a little more. He rests his forehead against the back of your neck, and he hopes you don't mind the warmth of his hair. He can't find the confidence to wrap his arms around your waist like he wants, but he settles on twisting his hands into the bottom of your pajama shirt.
As you rejoin the conversation, Idia closes his eyes and takes his first proper breath since you first started crawling over to him. He lets the sound of your voice and rhythm of your heart keep him from floating into his imagination, because right now he just wants to be with you.
Malleus Draconia
Tumblr media
Malleus is already ecstatic that you wanted him to join your party of dorm leaders, even more so that you remembered to invite him. He always enjoys spending time with you and telling you fun facts about gargoyles as he sits outside Ramshackle dorm. He cannot imagine wanting to do anything else besides staying the night in Ramshackle with you by his side, even if the other housewardens happened to be there.
Unfortunately, Sebek is not prepared to let Malleus stay in another dorm without him and Silver there for protection. He honestly could not believe the audacity you had to think that the Young Master would be able to go somewhere without his bodyguards, especially if Leona Kingscholar was there.
You try to reassure him that Leona wouldn't bother Malleus and that everyone was instructed to be civil during this get together. Even Malleus tried to reassure him that he could take care of himself for one night, but Sebek was not budging. You had the slight desire to tell him that Malleus already left Diasomnia during the night to stand with you outside Ramshackle dorm. However, this would most likely lead to Sebek trying to sleep in the same room as Malleus, so you kept it to yourself.
Silver was also not overly excited at the invitation you extended to Malleus, solely because having to protect him during the night would cut into precious sleep time. You knew that they were just doing their jobs, but sometimes you just wished they would trust you with their Young Master a little more.
Malleus suggested to you privately that he could just sneak out like he always did, and you agreed to this as a last resort. It seems like you really wanted to get his bodyguards permission, so as to not end up on the end of Sebek's wrath in case he somehow discovered that Malleus left during the night. It also appears that you have a growing friendship with Sebek that you did not want to tarnish.
"What if Sebek and Silver guarded Malleus from outside Ramshackle dorm, and at the end of the festivities they can all come back to Diasomnia." Lilia suggests.
Silver immediately glares to show his distaste at the idea, and you didn't seem too keen on it either. Malleus would prefer to be with you, and the other dorm leaders he supposes, without the constant watch of his bodyguards. He wants to experience what he would assume to be an at least somewhat usual college party, which does not include Sebek and Silver. On the other hand, he also didn't want to squander this opportunity as he might not get another chance.
"Fine," Malleus sighs with a tired smile, "I supposed that is a workable compromise."
Sebek seems to blank for a millisecond before loudly expressing his agreement to the idea. You and Silver exchanged glances, then reluctantly agreed as well. Even if this isn't what you all expected, Malleus gives you a warm smile that you can't help but return.
He shows up to Ramshackle dorm with Sebek and Silver in tow and instructs them to stand guard at the entrance. He then slinks inside and joins the group of housewardens who are discussing what they want to do first. You bound into the room with an empty bottle and show it to Kalim as you whisper something. Immediately, Kalim nods his head in excitement before calling for everyone's attention.
"We're going to play spin the bottle!" He cheers.
Everyone else seems to respond with groans of disagreement or grunts of confusion. Malleus isn't sure how he's supposed to respond, mostly because he's not entirely sure what this game entails. Nonetheless, he's happy that he's here and that he's being invited to play.
You briefly explain the game to everyone, for which Malleus is very thankful. Although a little confusing when it comes to the point of the game, it seems straightforward enough. Malleus settles in the circle of dorm leaders on the opposite side of you. Kalim offers to go first and when the bottle lands on Riddle, he scooches over and plants a kiss on the Heartslabyul's lips. Instantly Riddle turns an astonishing color of red and he seems to have to restrain himself from collaring Kalim in that moment.
To take the attention away from Riddle, you spin the bottle and Malleus watches with great interest as it stops facing in his direction. He believes that he's supposed to wait for you to approach him, which you waste no time doing as you crawl over. He lets his mouth part slightly as you move in closer.
Your fingers travel up his sharp jawline to the bottom of his ears, then they softly brush against the pointed tips. Malleus feels a shudder roll through his body and has to fight to suppress it from showing too much. You smile knowingly before tracing further up to the base of his horns and you trace around them.
Malleus isn't sure if you mean this in the same intimate way that he is imagining, but he doesn't tell you to stop either way. He's silently loving the feeling of your fingers exploring around his head and his eyes flutter closed as you travel back down and cup his jaw. He feels you move closer and waits impatiently for your lips to meet his.
However, you tilt his head down slightly and kiss the center of his forehead instead. You linger there for a second before releasing him from your hands and backing away slightly. He opens his eyes at the loss of contact and notices the tingly feeling that's left where your lips were just pressed.
"How about we don't tell Sebek about this, I can't imagine the way he would react." You murmur to him, and he can't help but smile at your words.
"Agreed." He whispers back, keeping the fact that he's most definitely telling Lilia about this, for advice on the next step, to himself.
You retreat back into your spot in the circle, giving Malleus a smile before you turn your attention back to the game. On the other side of the circle, Malleus can still feel your fingers running over his head, your hands on his jaw, and your lips pressed against his forehead. He gazes lovingly at you, and he's starting to think it'll be a long night for his bodyguards waiting outside.
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twistedwonderlandsimps · 7 months ago
I'm just here to mix-and-match different kinds of Yuus with different kinds of personalities to see what monstrosity I can make. That being said,,, Older!Yuu brainrot!
Honestly? I just wanted to make Crowley a simp and it escalated.
Anyway, Older!Yuu who’s always exhausted, gives weird life stories that may or may not be true, gives oddly good advice, and mostly has no fucks to give anymore.
Also has that dilf/milf/pilf vibes going on, even with or without children.
Then again, it doesn’t even matter if they have children or not cause they’re going to end up adopting majority, if not all, of the school, anyway.
Yuu wakes up in the coffin, pauses to take in where they were, and then curses.
“Fuck, I knew I shouldn’t have drunk that expired milk…”
They initially think they’re dead and just spend a few minutes in the coffin chilling and thinking of things like, “At least I get to go free from the family reunion, that’s something…”, “Jannet’s baby’s ugly. Are babies supposed to be that wrinkly? Maybe I should’ve gifted them an anti-wrinkle cream on the baby shower instead…”, and “Damn, I should’ve had Matt pay me back the money he owed me in high school had I known I was going to die. That asshole always somehow conveniently forgets to bring any money with him whenever we meet...”
That is until they heard a voice outside the coffin and see the coffin’s lid being pushed aside to meet face to face with… a cat.
“Whaaaaaaa!!!! Why are you up?!”
“You know, I’m wondering the same myself…”
So, anyway, Yuu ends up running from the flaming cat and notices that instead of being in the purgatory, they look more like they’re in school.
They were so busy trying to figure out where they were that they bumped into Crowley and the two fall on the ground in a pile.
Cue Crowley, simping at first sight.
“Why, I didn’t know we were having visitors today! And quite a lovely one, too!”
Cue Yuu, staring deadpanned at the crow.
Grim comes barreling around the corner, yelling about giving him the clothes and Crowley notices that Yuu is wearing a ceremonial robe that the students wear in the entrance ceremony.
Enter confusion and a, “You’re a student?”
“What? No? Well, I sure hope not. I barely lived through school with just coffee, pure spite, and being awake at 3 in the morning. I’m not sure I can handle another one.”
So Crowley ended up binding Grim with his whip, thinking that he was Yuu’s unruly familiar while he asked them to follow him to the ceremony hall and hopefully shed some light on what they were doing in the NRC.
While on the way there, he orients them on where they were and Yuu realizes that no, they aren’t in purgatory where they have to go to school all over again, they were in a place called Twisted Wonderland.
They arrive in the hall and Crowley apologizes for the hold up, there were just some unsuspected events that will hopefully be resolved soon.
Yuu sees the student body and goes, “Is this a cult? This looks like a cult. A very high functioning cult from the looks of it.”
Cause honestly, they’re wearing robes to an entrance ceremony. Ceremonial robes.  I don’t know about anyone else but ceremonial robes as the official clothing for an entrance ceremony is not what I would consider proper in a normal school. Well, normal-ish anyway. I would understand if it was just a simple robe, but they have hoods.
Crowley splutters and tries to explain that no, they weren’t a cult, they were a school. Officially and legally.
Yuu’s just like, “Hey, look, it’s alright. You don’t have to explain. We’ve all been there before.”
“… What exactly kind of school have you been in?”
“Wouldn’t you like to know?”
So, anyway. The freshmen all get led to their dorms and since without Yuu being announced as unsortable, Grim wasn’t able to break free and cause havoc.
Crowley checks to see the mirror about Yuu’s situation. As usual, the mirror said that their world doesn’t exist and that they can’t bring them back.
While Crowley’s shocked, Yuu began talking, “Yeah, well, I figured that much seeing all the floating coffins, the magic mirror, the flaming cat, the cult-”
“It’s not a cult...”
 “-and you. I mean, I thought you were a cosplayer at first. I’ve met really scarily dedicated cosplayers and I’ve seen what they can do. Well anyway, magic doesn’t exist in my world, if you’re wondering. Also, I think there’s a term for this kind of thing happening where a person gets sent to another world? It’s very popular with teens back in my world but I never really had the time to check it out.”
So, after some research and confirmation later, it was found out that Yuu truly came from another world.
And then they were given a job at the school as the odd-job person/janitor because Crowley’s so gracious.
Yuu also managed to convince Crowley to let Grim a shot in being a student of the school, volunteering to look after him and taking responsibility for any trouble that happens.
Once Crowley went away to get supper, Grim approaches Yuu and asks why they would advocate for him even when they didn’t know each other.
Yuu just shrugs and casually says, “Sometimes, we don’t know have to know each other to have a reason to do something good. Sometimes, it just happens. ‘Sides, you look like you really wanted to become a student here. You could say I was in a similar position as you were back then. Why, I remember the time when I was your age, more or less anyway, I met this person. Knew absolutely nothing about them at all and you may be thinking, did I know the concept of stranger danger? Well, no, I was a stupid kid back then but…”
Yuu’s stories always catch Grim’s attention and he likes to sit by them whenever they tell one, sometimes interjecting his own thoughts in between.
“-so, I joined this protest even when I didn’t really know anything about it. They handed out free t-shirts, you see, and I wanted a free shirt so I was like, “let me get in on this”, and then the next thing I knew, I was in jail.”
“You’re an idiot.”
“Yeah, well, we all are at times.”
So, anyway, the ghosts appear, Yuu’s immediate reaction was to grab Grim and books it out of the house, meeting Crowley who was about to enter the gate.
Thankfully Crowley explains the situation to them and they go back inside to three sheepish ghosts.
Yuu and the ghosts hit it off, exchanging stories and stuff but Grim still looks wary of them. It must be a cat thing.
Yuu has already adopted Grim without either of them even knowing it. And he won’t be the only one.
So the next day, the two head over to the Main Street where the statues were to clean it.
Grim’s a trial student so he has to help Yuu with cleaning until he can prove himself to not cause any trouble but he still gets to attend classes.
Ace arrives and gives exposition on the Great Seven, then proceeds to taunt both Grim and Yuu. Basically the same thing happening in the storyline happens.
“Brats, calm down.” Yuu casually says from the side, unbothered, while still cleaning statue which makes Grim stand down but he’s still dissatisfied.
Grim harrumphs, goes besides Yuu and starts to help them clean.
“So in the end you weren’t allowed to enroll here and now work as janitors? Haha, pathetic.”
“Oi, brat. Are you looking down on janitors? If there’s one thing in life I’ve learned, don’t ever demean the work someone puts in their job, whatever it may be, and as long they don’t hurt someone.”
Okay, so, Yuu may be slightly intimidating.
“Well said, Mx. Yuu!”
Here comes Crowley who gives detention to Ace but only a minor one like staying back in class and writing a reflection paper instead of cleaning 100 huge, ginormous windows around the campus.
He then shoos both Ace and Grim to their classes.
“Well, since they’re off, would you care to get coffee after you’re done?”
“Not really. I have to go back to Ramshackle and clean it. That place is still a mess.”
So anyway…
Grim and Ace might not have gotten detention together but the chandelier breaking even still happened.
Mostly because Ace blamed Grim for him getting detention and they managed to also pull Deuce with them when the two fought.
Yuu hears about this when they went looking for Grim to deliver him his lunch.
Along the way Yuu tells them stories of their youth which was odd enough to feel like a fever dream but detailed enough to be believable.
“-and that’s why you should never go to an abandoned back alley at 2 in the morning to try and see if mothman exists cause all you’ll see is disappointment… and possibly a naked old man.”
“Wait-- what was a naked old man doing there?!”
“That’s what I’m still wondering for all these years.”
Well, anyway, they go to the Dwarfs’ Mine, fight the overblot, and win.
It was kind of dramatic since they saw Yuu falling to the ground and the others thought that they got hurt in the fight.
Nah, they just have back pains.
When the trio heard this, they sighed in relief. Grim climbed up to Yuu’s shoulder and took the spot there as usual.
“Oi, you brat, I’m old, get off me.”
“You’re not that old.”
“Shut up, listen to your elderly.”
Also, since the events that happened in the mines, Ace and Deuce starts crashing in Ramshackle which was turned into a dorm and had Yuu dub as the Dorm Leader despite not being a student.
“Why do you brats keep crashing here, anyway? Grim’s the only one who lives here. Don’t you have homework to do?”
“We like your place.”
“Brats. Anyway, there are snacks in the pantry if you get hungry. Don’t give Grim, though. He’s grounded cause he ate all of my favorite yesterday.”
Crowley planning a romantic candlelit dinner in Ramshackle with Yuu, only to be foiled by the braincell group all the time. It’s because they start having dinner with Yuu in Ramshackle.
Ruggie hearing about Yuu feeding students who keep crashing into Ramshackle and decides to shamelessly invite himself in.
Yuu preparing dinner and pausing when they see an extra person sitting in the dining table.
“Who are you?”
“Ruggie Bucchie.”
“…Alright, then. I hope you aren’t picky with your food.”
And that’s how Yuu gained another child. Yuu didn’t adopt him but Ruggie was the one who adopted Yuu.
It doesn’t even stop there. People just started inviting themselves into Ramshackle for dinner with or without Yuu’s permission after they finish their overblotting arc.
Trey has a weekly baking session with Yuu and they try different kinds of recipes.
Riddle visits occasionally to try and exchange teas and tarts with Yuu.
When Jack joins the braincell group, he’s the one who keeps the others in line and keep them from doing stupid things.
Guess who Yuu’s favorite child is...
Yuu seeing Epel getting bullied, chases the bullies off, pats Epel’s shoulder, and gives them a gentle smile but the words that come out of their mouth isn’t a single bit gentle, “The next time they try to do that again, punch them. As hard as you can. Life is a battlefield and you can’t always let yourself get trampled on or else they’ll think you’re an easy target and bother you even more.”
“But I’m going to get in trouble if I do that!“
“You have the advantage of looking harmless and innocent. Use that and make their lives a living hell.”
Rumors start popping up of Epel getting in fights and decimating campus bullies left and right but pffft, who would believe that? Epel? That guy who looked like he’d fall with just one blow of the wind? Yeah right, those bullies must be hallucinating.
Meanwhile, Yuu’s standing at the side, cheering Epel on. “You’re doing great, kid!”
Rook is similarly cheering for him but from afar.
Vil knows what Epel’s doing and though he’s a bit exasperated, as long as those bullies can’t prove Epel did it, he’ll turn blind eye to it.
Yuu seeing the Octavinelle trio for some reason among the people in their dining room after Azul’s overblot arc and recalling another story in their youth.
“You know, they always remind me of the mafia. Why, I remember that there was this one time, well… multiple times actually, I had a run in with the mafia. I’m not saying that any of it was my fault buuuuut…”
Speaking of overblots,,,
Someone: overblots
Yuu: “Now listen here, young man. We are going to have a talk about you and your tendency to bottle up your feelings-”
Lilia and Yuu exchanging stories of their youths and everyone who’s nosy enough to listen to it becomes weirded out cause it sounds surreal but seems like it would actually happen to them.
Malleus keeps visiting Ramshackle with a miniature gargoyle gift and Yuu decorating Ramshackle with it.
This was apparently a signal for everyone to start gifting Yuu stuff that they can decorate Ramshackle with and now Ramshackle looks like a mix-match of different dorms.
Yuu also already prepared guest rooms for all of them in case they want to stay the night.
*sobs* I just want them to have a proper adult parental figure they can rely on, validate them, and feel safe with okay??? They deserve it!
Also Yuu going, “It does not matter what your skillset is. As long as you try, that is good enough. We all have our flaws and that’s okay! The only thing we have to do is be the best version of ourselves we can possibly be.” (CallMeKevin, 2020)
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sugar-tooth · a month ago
❝ 𝐍𝐞𝐞𝐝𝐢𝐧' 𝐦𝐞 .ᐟ ❞
NSFW SUB!VIL SCHOENHEIT X GN!READER DRABBLE READERS GENDER IS NEVER SPECIFIED. CONTENT WARNINGS: Nsfw, Salirophilia (Simplified terms: Messing one's makeup, hair, etc), Bratty!Vil, Needy!Vil, Slight use of BDSM.
Tumblr media
You let out an amused chuckle at the desperate face VIL was making, ruffling his hair as you left small bites and marks on his neck, making sure they'd remain hidden, after all you wouldn't want your darling's image to be ruined.
Vil let out a needy grown, he was tired, yet wanted more. How desperate of him, it was cute, seeing him nagging for your attention. Clawing at your clothes, trying to feel your skin just a bit closer. "mhm.. more" he whined, it made you lightheaded, seeing him begging for you, slowly you started grinding your knee on his clothed cock, earning mewls from the man below you.
"Want more.." the man begged, he lousily began unbuttoning your shirt. "M-more" his whines filled the room. You've teased him enough haven't you? His make-up was a mess, and all the man could do was whine for more, he looked hideous right now, drool spilling from his mouth, mascara ruined, lipstick smudged.. but to you he looked perfect... better than ever.
Finally, you decided to comply with the poor man's wishes.
Tumblr media
© sugar-tooth , August 2022. do not repost, plagiarize, translate, or adapt my work without prior permission and or confirmation from me.
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thewritingdoll · 2 months ago
I apologize (semi) for rqing my boy again but I read “you want to be choked, don’t you?” and all I could think was sweet dom Trey trying out CNC and realizing he REALLY likes it… like more than what is healthy - 😴
warnings ; cnc ( consensual nonconsent ), smut, choking, all characters portrayed including reader are 18+. minors dni
Tumblr media
Trey hadn’t been so sure of this.
you want me to what?
take me how you want. kicking, screaming, crying. i don’t care, i just want you to fuck me like you hate me. and if i say no, fuck me harder. until i’m pounded so stupid that i just lay there and take it.
he thought about protesting the idea at first, telling you that there was no way that he could even pretend to hate you, and that was true. he almost told you that he’d rather just make love to you, but something stopped him. a microscopic inkling of curiosity— the urge to know what it was like. maybe it was an unlocked fetish gnawing at its bars, or maybe he just wanted to give you anything to make you happy.
so he said okay, and now, he was bearing down on you with your knees dug into the soil. one hand pressed on your head, the other gripping your hip, he was fucking you relentlessly. grunting, pushing you deeper into the rose bush; ruby paint still fresh spattering the back of your uniform top. he hadn’t even bothered to undress you, which made it all the more humiliating and delicious. your skirt ruffled up and over the small of your back, your soaked panties around your knees, rubbing into the dirt.
when he brings your hips back to meet a powerful thrust, you mewl and reach back to press at his taut abdomen, your body telling you that you’re too full. “Trey—-“
“Reached a limit, didn’t I?” he purrs, “That’s too bad.” feigning sympathy, he even surprises himself at just how merciless he sounded. when the hand on your hip flees to grasp your wrist, he pins it to your back instead, drilling against your quivering thighs harder, faster, until each buck of his hips is punctuated by a squeal from the pathetically helpless shape of you underneath him. your feet kick under his weight, and he moans over the sound of his skin smacking against yours.
“Fuck, you feel so good, squirming and hopeless. I could pound your pretty pussy out until you can’t even walk a straight line, how does that sound?” his fingers, svelte and previously buried in the roots of your hair, careen over your nape and around. your breath catches in your throat when his soft digit tips brush over your windpipe, and you tilt your head back upon instinct, your gaze flickering upwards to watch him dominate you from behind. your vision was already a little hazy, but one look at his countenance, twisted in sordid realization, and you knew you were in trouble.
“Please, Trey—“ you groan. you should’ve been pleading for a break, or for him to slow down lest he fuck a hole through you, but you weren’t. you knew you weren’t.
and so did he.
Trey saw the way you dropped your head back the second he touched your throat, and it sparked something deep inside him. an excitement; his gaze lighting up like fireworks. “Don’t give me those doe eyes now, sweetheart.” he mutters, leaning forward to press his torso to your back, “Do you think I didn’t just see the way you opened up for my fingers? You’re just begging for me to wrap them around that pretty, little neck of yours, aren’t you?” you try to shake your head, but he does just that— the slender digits clamp around your throat and you gurgle in submission, eyes widening. “You want to be choked, don’t you?” he taunts, experimenting with pressure to see your reaction.
you wheeze and arch like a cat, only giving him more access to drive himself home inside of you, and your walls spasm around the thickness of his cock. both hands come up to grasp his wrist, eyelashes fanning your heated cheeks as you choke on an answer. “I—I—-“
“Shhh, shh, shh, sweetheart.” Trey moans, kissing the top of your head when he tightens his grip. “You don’t need to answer, your pussy is doing it for you— she’s going crazy, squeezing my hard cock so tight, you’re going to cum with my fist around your throat, aren’t you?” you try to inhale, but his vice is making it almost impossible, and he knows that. he watches you writhe and scramble as you’re pushed closer and closer to the edge, and he’s smirking, his tiers drawn tight over his teeth when you finally come undone, gasping and desperate. “That’s it, sweet girl… I’m going to force that orgasm out of you, and then I may let you breathe while I use you like a little sex toy to get myself off.”
his words and the ferocity they were doused in surprised the both of you, but you could tell by the twinkle in his eyes that he was enjoying it just as much as you were.
this was the first time you’d ever seen him so brutal, but you had a feeling it wouldn’t be the last.
and you were counting your lucky stars.
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princess-of-pomefiore · 6 months ago
Hello Author! Could I request some headcanons for how Malleus Draconia, Lilia Vanrouge, Vil Schoenheit, & Epel Felmier react when they drink a potion to see the red string of fate for a class, and discover that their string is not only wrapped tightly around S/O’s pinky, but that S/O’s string is also wrapped around theirs (Signifying them both as mutual destiny/magic blessed soulmates)
Idk if this is too cheesy lol, but I couldn’t help myself! I love soulmate AU’s (I’ll totally request more if you like this one author XD)
-Soulmate AU Anon
Oh my god. You’re not the only one who loves soulmate au’s. I’m such a sucker for them. So much that I turned these into mini scenario’s instead of headcanons. I hope you don’t mind! And you’re more than welcome to come back with more soulmate au’s! 💜
Crewel had been in an awfully good mood that day, and had granted the class the opportunity to brew a potion that would let the students see the red string of fate. The possibility of seeing who their soulmate was encouraged many students to do their best. Finally, the potions were finished and after approval of Crewel that they were safe, the students were allowed to drink their own potions.  
Tumblr media
Brewing the potion itself was a breeze for Malleus. He waited to drink from his potion only because it was part of the assignment, knowing it was safe and working for sure. Finally, after Crewel praised him as a good boy, he took a sip of the potion.  
Malleus didn’t get his hopes up when he did, knowing that it was rare for someone to meet their soulmate. With how long he had lived already, it was very possible that his soulmate had already passed away.  
What surprised him was not that there was a red string, but how tightly the string was bound around his pinky finger. He was sure that if this string was physical, it would cut off the blood flow to that finger, and possibly even cut the skin. His eyes followed the string, and his eyes widened as he saw the other side of the string attached to your pinky finger, just as tight as around his.  
You had no idea, you were still brewing your potion, and in your focus, you were unaware of his gaze. Imagine the chances that now, of all times, he tried to make this potion, and his soulmate was standing just a few tables away from him. Shock slowly made way for a smile as the meaning of the string sank in. He had found you. His soulmate. The person he was destined to be with.  
Malleus quickly looked away, waiting for you to see it for yourself instead of being able to read it from his face. From the corner of his eyes, he watched you finish up your potion and drink it. Your eyes went down to your pinky finger, over the ground... and landed on him. Only then did Malleus look up to you and smile. The shock on your face made him smile even more, despite him knowing he likely looked the same only minutes earlier. He got up from his chair and walked over to you.  
“My dear Y/N... I knew you were special when I met you, and this only proves it. You were made to be the most special person in the world to me. There is much more I’d like to say to you but... perhaps those would be better suited for a more private occasion. Would you like to have dinner with me tonight? Just you and me?”  
Tumblr media
Lilia wasn’t too excited about the assignment. Sure, brewing a potion like this wasn’t too hard, but meeting the one person who was supposed to be your soulmate out of the billions of people on this world? It was a long shot. It was an assignment though, and he had no problem doing it. He only hoped you wouldn’t be too disappointed when you saw your pinky wouldn’t be tied to his. He took the potion but didn’t look down at his pinky, instead looking over at you. Crewel had just approved of your potion as well.
Your eyes looked down to your pinky finger and you were surprised. Looking at your pinky finger, Lilia was surprised too. You were tied to your soulmate so strongly. It was often seen as a blessing, and a sign that you’d meet your soulmate for sure. A hint of hope flared up inside of Lilia. What if? It was so unlikely... but even if the odds were one in billions... the possibility was still there.  
The hope only flared up when your eyes landed on him. Unable to stand the uncertainly any longer, he looked down at his own pinky, seeing his string tied strongly as well. Following the thread, the noticed your pinkies were tied together. His eyes met yours once again, and surprise quickly made way for a big smile. Not a second later Lilia appeared behind you, wrapping his arms around you and resting his head on your shoulder. He held his hand next to yours, watching the two fingers wrapped tightly in the red string. His hand lifted yours to his face where he placed a kiss on your pinky, right over the red string. You could hear the grin in his voice as he spoke.  
“Well well Y/N, look at that! The chance of meeting your soulmate is so small, and yet look at our fingers! I guess we really were meant to be, huh? That’s good though! We’re super lucky! I honestly didn’t think I’d ever find my soulmate. Now that I’ve got you though, you bet I’m going to treasure you. Maybe I should cook for us tonight?”  
Tumblr media
It was no surprise to Vil when his potion got full marks. Sure, it was a challenging potion to make, but with everything Vil makes himself in his spare time, following a recipe was like a walk in the park. Vil was about to drink his potion, when he heard the harsh voice of profession Crewel from the table next to his, your table. Your potion had failed. He lowered the cup and looked over, seeing your disappointed face as Crewel walked away.  
“Are you alright?” Vil asked.   “Yes. I just... was looking forward to seeing the string? You’ll have to tell me if ours are connected.”  
Vil heard the disappointment in your voice and his heart felt like it broke just a little. He hated seeing you anything but happy. His sadness was soon replaced with a smile though, as he knew the perfect solution to this little problem. With a small grin, he handed you his cup.
“How about you tell me instead?” he said with a smile. Your eyes widened.   “Vil? Are you sure?”   “Of course. Now drink it.”  
You did. Vil watched as you looked down at your pinky, following a trail only you could see, before your eyes landed on his hand. Vil felt as if there were fireworks going off in his chest, knowing what that meant.  
“They’re connected...” Vil heard the disbelief in your voice, and it made him smile. “They’re tied super tight as well. I’m pretty sure if this was a real string, that’d hurt a lot.”  
That statement only made Vil smile more.  
“My love, that means that we’re more blessed than others. The tighter the string, the more it was meant to be. The more the universe, magic, fate, destiny... whatever you want to call it, it working towards bringing us together.”   “That’s amazing... but Vil, aren’t you sad you don’t see the string?”   “Darling, seeing your face light up as you followed that string back to me means so much more to me than seeing the thing myself. Your smile is much more beautiful, after all.”  
Tumblr media
It was an advanced potion, and Crewel had allowed students to work together, though the judging would still be separate. You and Epel jumped at the opportunity, brewing your potions together in the exact same way. It was something both fun and nerve-wrecking. Doing this as a couple added some significance, certainly if it turned out to be you were soulmates. But that was stuff that happened in fairy tales, and this was the real world. There was a big chance that the string would go off into the distance, and not to each other. Despite that though, you both had fun and joked as usual while brewing the potion, leaving those worries for later.  
When Crewel finally judged your potions and gave you two the approval you needed, you drank the potion. Immediately, Epel’s eyes shot down to his hands. He noticed the string, tied tightly around his pinky. He remembered reading something about it in the textbook earlier, but that became a though for later when his glaze followed the red string, to the seat next to him, to your finger.  
He heard you mention his name and looked up, briefly locking eyes with you before looking away again. He had never guessed you two would actually be soulmates. This was his first relationship, and he barely knew what he was doing. To now find out that you two were meant to be? It overwhelmed him. Of course he was happy, but what was he supposed to do now? How was he supposed to react?  
Slowly he looked back to you, making up his mind on what to do now. He gave you a smile, before motioning you to wait for a little. He pulled the textbook in between the two of you, and after some searching, he pointed out the part he had been looking for.  
“Look here. ‘The tighter the string is attached, the more blessed the soulmates are, and the more likely they are to meet each other’. Y/N I... I will do my best to be a good boyfriend. I will try to- no, I will make you happy. So... ehm... what I’m trying to say is that... I really... really like you.”  
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halfmoonkid · 2 months ago
king of the world
Tumblr media
☾ - pairing: leona kingscholar x reader ☾ - word count: 1.1k+ ☾ - summary: leona just wants to nap, but you have a way of being a little too distracting.
Tumblr media
“What are you doing?”
The low growl startled you out of your thoughts as you turned your head towards the voice. Your mind had been otherwise preoccupied as you stared at the notebook in your lap and you hadn’t even noticed that your right hand had started to wander. That is, not until you focused in on the feeling of soft hair beneath your fingertips and your eyes met the confused, and slightly annoyed, gaze of your boyfriend next to you.
Leona had been dozing while you were studying, and you hadn’t even realized that you had started to run your fingers through his hair while your mind drifted off to alchemy formulas and spell techniques. It was never your intention to wake him, but as your fingers brushed along the ridge of his ear, you could imagine how it might have startled him back to consciousness.
“I’m sorry,” you murmured as embarrassment washed over you. You hated to admit how relaxing it was for your fingers to twirl around his long, brunette strands and how it helped keep you grounded and focused. But you knew that Leona hated being disturbed from his naps, even if it was by your gentle, caressing touch. “I didn’t mean to disturb your nap.”
Emerald irises regarded you now as the annoyance had slipped from his expression and you felt yourself relax just a bit. Despite your apology, you still hadn’t stopped running your fingers through his locks, and he hadn’t said anything else that might warrant a complete cease and desist. In fact, a small smile appeared to be tugging at the corner of his lips as you slowly brushed along his ear again and your nails scratched gently against his scalp.
Imagine your surprise when, in response, you heard a small purr rip through your boyfriend’s throat as his eyes fluttered shut. Your eyes widened as it was a sound that you had never heard before, and it only took approximately 2.5 seconds before he realized what had happened and his eyes were snapping open once again.
“What was tha-“
“You didn’t hear anything.”
His tone was lacking any type of malice as he sat up on his arms, his cheeks turning a dark red as he gently pushed your hand away from his head. Ultimately, you knew that he had been enjoying your ministrations, and from the noise that he had made, he had also managed to play his entire hand for you to see. He could act all resigned and tough all he wanted, but you knew better. The thought made you smile.
“I can keep going if you’d like,” you grinned, your hand slowly moving back towards the top of his head, only to be halted in mid-air as his hand wrapped around your wrist. His green eyes finally met yours once more and you could see a hint of reservation in them. Everything about your relationship was new territory for him, and you were sure that giving away his emotions in the way that he just had was a lot for him. However, you were here to nurture those feelings and help them bloom, that way he could see and recognize just how cared for he was. “Leona, there is nothing for you to be ashamed of. So, you purred? Who cares-“
“I said, you didn’t hear anything.” With a quick twist of his body, he was soon on top of you, one hand still wrapped around your wrist as he pinned it over your head. For someone that had just been sound asleep, he moved with a quickness and agility that always managed to take your breath away.
There was a flash of warning in his eyes, as if daring you to press him, but the smile on your face only grew as you knew that you were in no imminent danger. His pride was bruised just a bit, but you knew him better than he thought you did.
“Whatever my King says.”
The use of the nickname threw him off as his eyes widened and his hold on your wrist tightened just a bit. It wasn’t the first time he had heard it, and you could tell by that flash in his eyes that he enjoyed it. The purring incident forgotten, there was a new cause to the flush of his cheeks as he used his free hand to swipe your notebook from your lap so that he could press closer to you.
Leona had always suffered from the idea that he wasn’t wanted. Being the second born with no real claim to the throne of his kingdom, he felt… lost. He had the desire to be a leader, but that was often masked under his perceived indifference and laziness when it came to school. However, hearing you call him your ‘king’ and taking in the fond look that you gave him while you said it had a new desire building inside of him that he wasn’t quite sure how to tame on his own.
When he looked at you now, he didn’t think about the kingdom that he would never rule. He didn’t think of those years being cast aside in favor of his brother or how he had longed just to be recognized for his greatness. No, instead, he saw a whole new world that he had been handed the power to reign over. He saw everything he had ever hoped for right in front of him, and it knocked the air from his lungs as he realized what you were offering - what you had always been offering - in exchange for nothing but his affection.
Why settle for a kingdom when he could rule over the whole damn world? That’s what you were to him, anyways.
With the hand that wasn’t pinned by his, you lifted to cup his cheek, easily pulling him from the thoughts that ravaged his brain and bringing him back to the present. He couldn’t help but lean into your soft touch before lowering his head to nuzzle against your neck. The fire that had started inside of him in embarrassment had fizzled as a new flame burst forth in his chest. He could feel your pulse quicken against his lips and the soft sigh that filled his ears was the sweetest sound that he had ever heard.
“I thought you wanted to nap,” you murmured breathlessly as he continued to trail love bites across your neck, applying just enough graze of his teeth to have you arching into him. 
“You were the one that woke me up,” he replied quickly, his hot breath fanning across your collarbone, causing you to shiver. “Now, you have to deal with me.”
He knew that you were smiling, and you could envision his smirk in your mind as you pushed your free hand back into his hair. As much as you needed to study, you weren’t going to complain about this particular study break.
“Whatever my King wants.”
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fuzzybonefluffy · 3 months ago
Random chats with characters
★synopsis: Just random chats with twst characters. ★warning: The reader is not MС!
Tumblr media
Hunter Rook
Tumblr media
Jamil Viper
Tumblr media
General Chat I
Tumblr media
General Chat II
Tumblr media
General Chat III
Tumblr media
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Yandere platonic head cannons with Grim fighting with some seagulls?
Yandere Grim
Tumblr media
You had a new hobby.
You had made a habit of feeding the seagulls that flocked to your yard.
It was a really relaxing activity.
Although it cost a lot of money.
Seagulls were surprisingly greedy birds.
Grim didn't like this.
He was jealous of those birds that took your attention away.
Why can't you feed him the same way?
Are seagully's more important than him?
He often thought about these things in his little yandere cat mind.
Grim decided to try to scare the seagulls away.
But it didn't really work.
The seagulls didn't even notice him.
Then it's time to try the sacrifice.
That is, annoying the seagulls on purpose until one of them attacks you.
Then go home crying and forget the part of the story where you annoyed the seagull.
Grim war with seagulls is long.
He won't let them distract you.
His Mc
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cupids-chamber · a month ago
Tumblr media
Azul: Okay, yes. I may be morally corrupt.
Azul: But I'm also incredibly hot and I think that makes up for it honestly.
Tumblr media
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minzart · 6 months ago
Rumours say:
"The Ramshackle mansion used to be a dorm with only two students who were one once"
"Not so long ago too! A monster and a magicless human, inseparable they were, and so many tragedies they faced, seven overblots"
"They say that there was an eighth one, this was the one who took their life, and the last one in Night Raven, the reign of overblots was stopped by a magicless human and their monster... at the cost of their life... taken by the same monster they loved"
"That's just a rumor tho"
"A sad one"
"That probably is just a made up story"
"Yeah... wanna scare the 1th years with it tho?"
"Hell yeah dude!"
That's what the students say, what they don't notice is how diferent the collage is at this age.
They don't ask why there's a therapist being hired for NRC and how rigid their contract is, bided by a powerful unique magic, sealed in the deeps of a grave in the same building the story revolves around.
Noone questions why every dorm has more bonding activities instead of competitive ones, between themselves and their "rivals", all promoted by the head of the house Alsim.
Noone asks why every year there's a gathering between very old students, all always there, some grumpier than others, but even those are open to listen and many advises to give.
Noone sees seven specific guest always passing by a grave in the abandoned building leaving flowers behind, each year is the same, but noone bothered to ask
However, there's a story the paintings sometimes tell, of a magicless student who didn't belong to this world, their roommate monster, their friends and allies, and how in the end, they could go back home even if it was in a painful way.
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second-star-to-motunui · 5 months ago
hiii, if it's not too much, i'd like something soft! MC making some flower crowns with Cheka, answering any questions the little cub has about their uncle's partner & giving Leona the crowns???
Gotcha! Quick note, I didn’t notice my ask inbox wasn’t on so NOW requests are open! Lol, sorry if anyone tried to send asks before and it didn’t work!
Flower Crowns for a King
Feat. Leona Kingscholar and Cheka
Cheka has lots of questions about his uncles new friend! Why not discuss over flower crowns?
They/Them pronouns for reader. MC is referred to as Yuu.
Likes and reblogs are heavily appreciated
Tumblr media
The annoying cub was visiting this weekend. Rather than give up his free time to deal with him, Leona passed on the job to Yuu. The herbivore played with Cheka in the botanical garden while he lounged in his usual nap spot.
Not too long ago, Cheka had bounded over to Yuu with his tiny arms full of flowers, excitedly asking if they knew how to make flower crowns. Now they were sitting close by as they made the crowns. Leona dozed through most of the conversation until he heard his name pop up.
“Unca Leona says you’re a profe—profeshi…” Cheka pouts as he sounds out the word to himself, “p-professional chef? Is that true? You must cook loads of yummy foods!”
“Professional is a stretch. I just enjoy cooking. I did it a lot back home for my family.” Yuu says.
“Oooh! What was your home like?”
“Definitely not as interesting as this place. We don’t have cute little beast boys like you running around!”
Yuu pet Cheka’s head, getting a laugh from the cub. Leona leaned on his hand as he gazed at them, eyes focusing intently on the way Yuu’s fingers moved as he tied chamomiles into a crown. Such small, gentle hands…
“Life back home was kind of boring actually.” They were saying. “I was always so busy taking care of my younger siblings that I never had time to do nice things like this. I didn’t even have any friends.”
A small grunt left Leona’s throat. He wasn’t aware of that fact, not that he ever asked.
“Cheka is your friend now! And Unca Leona is too and you two will get married someday, huh?”
Leona’s ears popped up at that. As Yuu burst out in laughter, he got up and marched over to snatch Cheka up in the air. The cub giggled at that, his little tail swishing around.
“Alright, enough outta you. I gotta take you back to your dad soon.”
“Here, Unca Leona!” Cheka reached up and put his messily made flower crown on the lion’s head. “I made it for you! I chose lotsa pretty colors! Do you like it?”
Leona huffed, blowing a petal out his face. “Sure…”
He glanced up at Yuu as Cheka cheered. They simply smiled and shrugged before placing their own flower crown on Cheka’s head. The cub looked up with stars in his eyes before frowning.
“Yuu Yuu didn’t get a crown though… I can make another one!”
“I’m not waiting around for that.” Leona held Cheka under one arm, the boy giggling hysterically, and bent down to pluck a large yellow flower from its bed. He then placed it in Yuu’s hair. He smirked at the blush that appeared on his herbivore’s face, tilting their chin up with two finger.
“There. You’re royalty too now.”
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twistedmischieftales · 24 days ago
Silly random imagine hit me.
Imagine Y/n randomly wants to hold hands with Kalim. Kalim instantly says yes to the idea and now they are holding hands. Then Jamil comes over and sees they are holding hands, and ask why they are doing that. Kalim just states Y/n wanted to do it and now they are. Then Kalim has the fun idea of holding Jamil's hand too, which he does. Whether Jamil likes it or not, he is forced into this hand holding group now.
A little soon after Floyd sees they are holding hands and just comes over to casually hold hands with Jamil. Cue Jamil asking what he's doing and Floyd says he wants to take part in the hand holding group too since it looked fun. Jade sees what's happening and joins in as well, but he takes Y/n's free hand to hold instead of taking Floyd's. Cue Jade getting mixed feelings gazes from them all.
Then a even more wild idea hits Kalim, what if they hold hands with everyone they encounter and make a long line of hand holding. Y/n isn't sure what to think of this, Jamil is instantly against this, Jade is intrigued, Floyd is all for it(or isn't up for it depending on his mood, but lets say he is here), which is enough to motivate Kalim to try this idea out.
And so goes Kalim dragging everyone around to hold hands with whoever they can. Until finally they formed a long line of hand holding with others. They are all either happy to join or were forced into this hell and wish to break free now.
Somehow Crowley joined in too.
Then comes Crewel, tired as is from work and can't wait to go lay down and relax. Until he stumbles upon the long line of people just holding hands with each other. And Crowley is like "CREWEL! COME JOIN IN ON THE FUN!" while Crewel responds with a simple "No." And turns around and walks away without another word, hoping to get far away from this chaotic scene.
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twistedwonderlandsimps · 6 months ago
I'm just here to mix-and-match different kinds of Yuus with different kinds of personalities to see what monstrosity I can make. That being said,,, Dumbass!Yuu brainrot!
Y’all don’t know the extent of how much I love the dumb of ass pure of heart, no thoughts head empty trope.
I’d normally just type bimbo/himbo/thembo!Yuu but that’s too long to type so let’s just settle for dumbass!Yuu instead.
Everyone’s going to have their hands full with this Yuu because they basically have the survival instinct of a lemming and someone please help them.
For the initial part of the story, Yuu was completely convinced that they were having a very weird fever dream so they were curious about all the new things and people they saw.
Seeing Grim for the first time? Touch. Meeting Crowley? Touch. Standing in front of a talking mirror? Touch. Grim’s fire? Almost touch.
Crowley had to pull them back by their shirt collar just so they wouldn’t go running into the fire instead of away from it.
“Great Seven! What are you trying to do?”
“I’m trying to touch the fire! I want to see if it’s hot!”
“It’s fire??? How else would you expect fire to be?”
“But it’s blue!”
Anyway, Yuu had to take matters into their own hands because while they may be constantly head empty, they’re not stupid. They clearly know that it’d be a very big problem if their surroundings burned down with everyone in it.
And by taking things into their own hands, I meant grabbing Grim by their face when they tried to run away.
“Oops! Hahaha, sorry about that! Is your face alright?”
Yuu’s very athletic and has a great reflex so they caught up with Grim with ease.
So anyway, here comes Crowley scolding Yuu for not disciplining their ‘pet’ properly and he just stutters to a full stop ‘cause Yuu just looks at them with this very pitiful look on their face and the headmaster feels like they had  kicked a clueless puppy down.
So Crowley awkwardly coughs and simply tells them to supervise their familiar better.
Of course Grim’s reaction to this is to indignantly yell that they’re not a pet and that they’re “the Great Grim!”
Upon finding out that Grim and Yuu had no relations with each other, Crowley tried to have said monster kicked out but Yuu wouldn’t hand Grim over to him and even looked offended.
“Mx. Yuu, please hand it over—“
“No! Why can’t he stay?”
“Because monsters aren’t allowed in this establishment--“
“But whyyyyy. Why isn’t Grim allowed to go to school?”
“Well, only those who are enrolled have the potential to be a great magician can-“
“Magician? Magic’s real?! Wow, I’m liking this dream more and more!”
“Dream? I’m afraid you have it all wrong--”
“Also, doesn’t Grim have a potential to be a magician? I mean, I dunno about you but Grim’s fire looked very, very strong but he also almost burned down this place. Someone should teach him how to control his fire more and since this is a magic school, you can just teach him! That way Grim won’t accidentally cause any forest fires because those are really, really bad.”
Yuu sometimes makes the most compelling arguments with just simple words…
Anyway, cutting Crowley’s sentences off aside, timeskip happens, Crowley may or may have not enrolled Grim in but only if Yuu looked over them and make sure they stayed out of trouble, and finally they’re left in Ramshackle.
What happens when Yuu sees the ghosts? Touch.
Except not really since their hand just passed through. Yuu is slightly sad but oh well. They don’t dwell on it.
They’re a pretty simple person.
Anyway, the next day…
Yuu wakes up and the first thing they said was, “Oh! I’m still here… Does this mean that I wasn’t dreaming yesterday?”
Grim’s dryly looking at them from beside, having being woken up suddenly by Yuu’s exclamation and the realization finally dawns on him as he thinks, ‘Oh no. This human… might be an idiot…’
Anyway, whether they were enrolled by Crowley or not, they found themselves looking at the statues at Main Street.
Ace is also still there to mock them but just like Clara!Yuu, insults don’t work on Yuu.
They just stare dazedly at Ace and laughs at him.
“I like your funny words, magic man.”
Ace thought that Yuu was mocking him which made him angry and tried to fight them, which prompted Grim to raise his hackles and tried to fight the Heartslabyul student because the human was completely clueless and wouldn’t last long without the Great Grim to save them, obviously.
Yuu’s at the side, unaware and absent-minded.
They all still get in trouble, though.
Because Deuce still tried to throw Ace at the chandelier since the man’s a himbo and I’m still surprised how that was the first thing he thought of to do to get Grim down.
“Deuce, I don’t think throwing Ace at the chandelier’s a good idea--“
“Hmmm… You think we can fix this all up with superglue?”
But honestly their blunt, honest, and helpful nature just makes them endearing to everyone.
They have no room for deception or being cunning inside their head, just happy and make friends happy.
Imagine Yuu trying to visit the Octatrio in Mostro Lounge and them just staring as Yuu’s having a hard time pushing against the door that was clearly labeled ‘pull’.
They don’t want to help Yuu, mostly because they wanted to see how long it would be until Yuu realized they just needed to pull on the door.
Then Yuu pauses and looks over at them through the glass door and beams when they notice them, waving at them vigorously before trying to push the door again with renewed vigor.
Jade lets them in soon after.
But anyway, dumbass!yuu isn’t truly stupid. Just harmlessly naïve, much like Kalim. And maybe a bit absent-minded. They expect the best intentions with everyone even when there’s a big warning sign flashing in front of them but they’re not completely ignorant.
That being said, Yuu’s actually emotionally intelligent and is aware enough when someone’s having a bad mood.
Just imagine them approaching Vil one day, handing him a flower which Vil takes in confusion.
“I like flowers a lot ‘cause they’re all beautiful but did you know that I like this flower the most? Others might not think the same but that’s alright because everyone finds different things beautiful. And I really, really think you’re like this flower. Beautiful and unique in your own way, and I’m sure a lot of people think the same as me but I’m just wondering… why are you trying so hard to become another flower?”
Well anyway, Kalim and Yuu! A duo so dangerous that Jamil practically gained super senses that lets him know if the two were ever together or were even in the same vicinity as each other.
Yuu and Kalim just unintentionally enable each other into doing dangerous things.
“Isn’t that the plant that makes your tongue blue if you eat it?”
“I’ve heard about that! I heard it even tastes like mint! But are you sure it’s the same plant, though?”
“Well, we won’t know until we try. I’m gonna eat it!”
“Me too!”
Jamil, already bolting towards them from the distance: “STTTOOOOOOOOP!”
Yuu being invested and supportive of Malleus’ explanations on gargoyle infrastructure and its entire history even though they have no idea to most of what the fae’s saying ‘cause too much information.
Yuu at Sebek: I like your funny words, magic man part 2: electric boogaloo.
There was also a time when Yuu was visiting Ortho in the Ignihyde dormitory to hang out and accidentally stumbled in Idia’s room.
Ortho still has a recording of Idia screaming bloody murder with a Yuu who looked very confused on how they got there.
Also for some reason Yuu always gets out of dangerous situations unscathed.
I mean, it’s not like the cast aren’t thankful for it since less chances of Yuu becoming hurt but seriously, it’s like the laws of reality’s bending for them. They have god-like luck and it’s honestly baffling everyone how it’s even possible.
Someone overblots and causes an area-wide destruction? Yuu crawls out from under the wreckage later after it’s all over and holds up a coin, “Hey, I found a shiny coin! Wait-- Woah, what happened here?”
Similarly there was also that time at the Dwarf’s Mine.
Yuu kept tripping on the ground and the monster’s attack kept missing by a hair’s inch.
Seeing this made the braincell group panic and they unknowingly and unanimously worked together because Yuu… Yuu bls get out of there… Can’t you see that thing behind you? Yuu pls…
Additionally, they may or may not look like it but Yuu’s really, really strong. Like a ‘they will pick you up with ease and bench press you if you asked them nicely’ kind of strong.
We need more stronk Yuu who can carry anyone and everyone willing.
That being said, Ace and Grim has totally abused this privilege every time they head over to class. Not that Yuu minds, anyway.
Also Yuu barging into Crowley’s office to give him shiny trinkets and things and being like ‘Look crowfather, I have brought you shiny stuff you might like. :D’
Crowley, proud and tearing up: “I’ve raised such a filial child!”
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