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Mc talking to Leona:
Mc: Not trying to brag or anything, but I can wake up without an alarm clock now simply due to my crippling and overwhelming anxiety, so...
Leona just trying to take a nap:
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leonkae · a day ago
Another one bc I find myself funny
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mlk082 · 22 hours ago
Oddly specific, but could you write about how Malleus, Lilia, and Leona would take care of a reader who works at a hospital and has been working overtime and is getting burnt out, but refuses to relax? Thank you. 🥺
Burn Out - Malleus, Lilia, & Leona
Doesn’t like forcing you to do anything.
But he can't sit there while he sees you hurting yourself. You need proper sleep, and he's afraid that any moment you'll pass out somewhere because all forms of you is exhausted.
Emotionally, physically, and mentally exhausted.
Here is a herbal tea to calm your stress. How about you take a nap? His arms are always open to you. Would you like a snack?
Tries doing these little things for you to gently coax you to sleep and relaxing without actually forcing you.
But if you don't take it, he starts to get a bit worried.
When you finally come home, he's sleeping with you, and he won't let go the next morning until you call work to tell them you're taking a day off.
And he's still not letting go. You just stay in bed and catch up on sleep. But if you really won't, then you just sit and look pretty.
Dear, don't you know that's not good for you?
And he knows you know so he isn't going to tell you that.
Instead, Lilia will tell you his deduction of your burn out, and proceed to say that he wants you to rest.
He knows you know the damaging effects so he isn't going to repeat it.
He'll mention it casually when he puts you in a lock so you stay in pillows and blankets.
Doesn't want to resort to locking you down though, so asks you nicely to stay and take a day off.
You need a mental health day, and he's more than glad to help. Anything you need.
Chocolate, sleep, tea, alone time, all of it. But you aren't allowed paperwork or any work in general. Just rest.
Will say that you look tired.
Will then pick you up, and it doesn't matter how much you complain, you're going to bed. He does that sometimes anyway so it shouldn't be a problem.
He knows you want to, so take a breather will ya?
You're sore in all aspects, and he doesn't like it when you're cranky, so get your ass to bed and stay there.
You don't have to sleep right now, but you aren't doing work.
How about the two of you go outside and lay in the grass under the sun?
And yes, the two of you because he knows you'll run off and really burn yourself out if he doesn't keep you on a leash. (not literally, it's a form of figurative speech.)
He doesn't want to add to your stress though, so he'll be a charming asshole and coax you into relaxing.
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kimbap-r0ll · 2 days ago
Just readed the promt, where we get possessed by chernabog and i was wondring, if you wouldwrite a part 2? The fights and the aftermath of the possession?
Tumblr media
Thank you for the ask! I have been so busy I haven’t been able to write for seven characters recently, sorry about that, uni is keeping me busy. Here's the first part for those who want to see it!
Dorm leaders react to Yuu being possessed by Chernabog Part 2
Thankfully, Malleus was nearby on his usual walk when he spotted Riddle being hurled across the field by you, or whatever the smoky figure behind you was. He knew immediately of who it was, it was written in old history books about how he could return in centuries to come, and here he was, tormenting you and Riddle in the process
Malleus runs towards you, magic pen in and and a surge of magic enveloping the field. Riddle tried to get up but he could feel his bones aching from the fall that he had to endure. “Wait, don’t hurt them!” Riddle shouted at Malleus, but the fae prince didn’t seem to hear.
“Do not fret, human, I will make sure this ends peacefully,” Malleus says, and before Riddle can react, Malleus shoots lightning towards a direction he is pointing at. First, Riddle thinks that he hit you, but he realized that he actually went ahead and hit another part of the school. The tower?
There happened to be bells up there, and that would likely stun Chernabog, at least Malleus hoped, and it worked! Right when the bells rang, Malleus hit the stunned you and right after that the smog disappeared, leaving you falling from being slightly lifted into the air. Riddle ran to catch you, causing his body to instead hit the ground once again
“Thank you, Malleus,” Riddle said to the Diasomnia student. Malleus just smiled and walked off like nothing had happened. Riddle made sure you were taken to the medical wing as soon as possible, and he stayed by your side until you woke up.
The aftermath was sweet, he was just glad to have you back and that you were alright now. You didn’t seem to remember quite what happened, and he didn’t give a lot of details about it to you either, in case it would strain you. But you did notice he smiled more often than before when the two of you hung out
The three Savanaclaw students watched as you glared back at them. It had to be done, something to stun you or at least knock you out, and Leona had magic strong enough to cause you to, well, turn to sand, so there had to be a way!
Wait...perhaps that could work? Leona weighed the odds of how he should deal with this, it was clear that there was something hovering over you, though because of how dark the room was he wasn’t sure. If he could aim for that, similar to aiming for an overblot phantom, perhaps he could save you from being possessed any longer
“Stay out of this, I think I have a plan,” Leona told Ruggie and Jack with an arm blocking them from going forward. “Wait, what are you thinking of doing?” Ruggie asked but before he could get an answer, Leona lunged forward, tackling you to the ground. The others could see you attacking Leona as well, both with your own hands and whatever smoky figure was hovering above you. But right when it seemed like Leona’s head was about to be sliced, he managed to grab the smoke.
“There, thought there might be a weakness, didn’t think it would be the horns,” he smirked, though he was bleeding from his forehead. Then, using his unique magic, the smoke went into flames, who knew it could do that? After long, agonizing minutes, Jack noticed the sun was coming up, and with that suddenly the smoke disappeared, like the sand.
Leona took you to the medical wing immediately, carrying you gently and muttering to himself about hoping that you weren’t dead. Thankfully, the nurses told the Savnaclaw students that you were fine, and that you would wake up soon.
Leona never told you what happened other than that you hit your head on the floor and passed out, teasing that you need to be more careful. But you did notice he was a bit more protective, or at least he was wrapping his arm around you a lot more than he used to. Don’t ask him about it, he’ll just look away and say that he likes your company, “that’s all.”
Azul couldn’t find the headmaster, of course that useless crow man wouldn’t be around when they needed him the most! So, instead, he turned his heels and ran back, perhaps he was thinking he could somehow save you, but how? He stopped midway, remembering how you called him “worthless,” but he shook his head and tried to tell himself it wasn’t you, it was whatever “Chernabog” was. He advanced, but was quickly joined by Malleus.
“Are you running late for something?” Malleus asked, and Azul fumbled with his glasses. “Ah, well, t-there’s this thing, Cherna...bog I think was his name? It’s possessing y/n,” Azul just spilled all of the information, maybe the fae prince could help? Without a second wasted, Malleus joined with Azul to help take the demon down.
When they came back, Crewel had been dueling with you/Chernabog for a few minutes. He looked beat, his coat was frayed and there was some blood on his face too. You on the other hand, looked unscathed. “Are there any large windows here?” Malleus asked, and Azul looked at him in a confused way. “The sun will rise soon, in about ten minutes, this demon hates its rays.”
With that, Azul shouted at Crewel and Malleus to follow him, and the trio all ran to another side of Octavinelle: towards the sea. There was no way they would get sunlight, right? Well, unless they broke through the middle part of the Lounge, where most of the sunlight was collected. With that, they pushed you in at the ten minute mark, hoping it would do something.
It was a strange scene; a black fog of some kind caused you to scream, then it disappeared. You were in the water but Azul quickly got you out of it and the trio all ran to the infirmary. Other than the fact that you had been possessed, the nurse said that you were fine with the exception that you were likely going to get sick from being dunked in cold water. Azul thanked Crewel and Malleus, and Crewel said that this didn’t count as any kind of extra treatment for his students before telling Azul and Malleus that they were brave “but unfashionably reckless” in pushing you in.
When you woke up, Azul was in tears. It was a bit of a sight, especially for everyone who came by to see you. He squeezed you so hard you thought you were going to choke haha. But nonetheless, you were confused but happy to see him and get a hug from him when you woke up. He didn’t tell you what happened, but you did hear mentions of a demon possession from time to time around the Lounge.
Similar to Azul, Crowley isn’t there. He was probably out on some party downtown, or maybe he fled after he felt the magical pressure you exerted. Kalim felt hopeless, should he just give up, curl up and cry? No, he had to save you, and perhaps the only way to do that would be to go back and fight you himself
He ran back, back to his dorm and realized so much of the building was already in tears. You weren’t anywhere to be found though, but then he saw a spark far out in the desert. Jamil had taken the fight to the desert. Kalim, calling for his carpet, flew there and found a smoky figure hovering over you and Jamil on the sand.
“Jamil!” Kalim shouted, but there was no response. He...he couldn’t be dead, right? Kalim dropped from the carpet and stood in front of you. You sneered, snapping at him to get out of your way. “No, I’m not letting you hurt Jamil,” Kalim said, eyes determined. You seemed to get angry, getting ready to hit you, but right when you were about to slap him out of your way, he ran up and hugged you.
Chernabog wasn’t expecting that, as seen by how you froze up. He squeezed you tightly in his arms. “Y/n, I know you’re in there somewhere, I’m sorry you’re going through this. I’m not going to let you be taken by this thing, you’re better than that!” Kalim said, tears sliding down his cheeks. You writhed in his grasp, it seemed that Chernabog for some reason couldn’t use his magic to push him off. Kalim just held onto you as long as he could, until the sun’s rays began to shine into the desert.
With that, suddenly you let out a scream, the smoke disappeared, and you fell into his arms. “Y/n!” Kalim shouted, carefully holding you. The fight seemed to be over. With that, he took you and Jamil to the infirmary, and Jamil woke up a few minutes afterwards with a lot of bandages wrapped around him. “Thanks for saving me,” Kalim told Jamil, but he just shook his head and said it was his job. Meanwhile with you, it took you three days to wake up, but Kalim didn’t leave your side, sometimes forgetting to eat.
When you finally woke up, he was ecstatic and nearly knocked you out as he lunged for a hug. You laughed, asking what had happened, to which he explained in tears that you were possessed by something, but you were fine now because Jamil saved you. “Ah, correction, Kalim saved you,” Jamil commented from his hospital bed. Either way, Kalim didn’t let you go for a long time, just happy that you were back
He didn’t think the fight was going to be this long, but then again, Vil was just a student but he was skilled in magic. He took the fight outside, near the forests of Pomefiore. Perhaps it would be better for defense, but even then it felt unsafe as he couldn’t see you sometimes. This caused him to be tossed from side to side during the fight.
Vil’s hair was disheveled, he could taste blood in his mouth. He saw you laughing from afar, ready to throw another ball of fire in his direction. “N-no, you’re not...winning like this,” he muttered and threw another spell to make you go flying backwards. But then, a sliver of an arrow flew passed your head. It was Rook.
“Rook, stay out of this! It’s dangerous!” Vil shouted, trying to get up but falling back, his ribcage hurt so badly. “Non, I think you should fall back,” Rook countered, taking out another arrow. “I have an idea on how to take the creature holding y/n hostage,” Rook continued. He aimed, something was on the arrow but Vil wasn’t sure what.
The arrow was wrapped in what looked like a silver necklace, perhaps a charm that could counter this “Chernabog” that was possessing you? Before Vil could ask Rook what he was doing, he shot and nearly aimed at your heart.
The smoke suddenly flew up, shouting in pain and trying to charge at them, but a few inches away from Vil he stopped and fell. The smoke disappeared. You, on the other hand, fell over. “Good, I thought that the Yen Sid charm I got would work,” Rook shrugged. “The what?” Vil asked, and Rook looked over at the dorm leader. “Ah, it was a legend that Yen Sid fended off Chernabog in the past, who knows though, I thought it was just a tale.”
Vil, with the help of Rook, helped you get to the infirmary as fast as possible. Vil himself however was placed in a hospital bed alongside you. He couldn’t sleep, tossing and turning in his bed and wondering if you were okay behind the separation curtain. Thankfully, the next day, you woke up and looked alright, Vil broke into tears as he hugged you, a rare sight for everyone including you. He didn’t say why you were here, but he just kissed you on the head and said he was happy you were alright.
“Come back you wannabe y/n!” he shouted, and that caused the smoke figure hovering over you to cause your legs to stop. It looked back. Idia had been shouting at it all kinds of insults that he had learned from the lobbies of all the games he had played. Thankfully, it seemed to have worked since you weren’t going after Overblots.
“You want to fight? Let’s see how strong you are then,” your voice was distorted, but the magic building up was nothing to make fun of. Idia readied himself for the fight. He wasn’t the best at magic, but his technology skills were unmatched. With that, he decided to find a way to teleport you, perhaps you would do badly in the sun?
While he was fumbling with some magical device, he kept defending himself from your attacks. He hid behind multiple building parts, sometimes behind trees. He sometimes tried to hit you with simple magic, but it did nothing but make you stronger, so he stopped that. Finally, after some tweaking on the watch he had brought with him to the fight, it was ready to send you somewhere else.
“Follow me,” Idia glared at the demon, and right when it was charging, he opened up a portal and the two (three?) of you fell into a different location. You were all at what looked like Leona’s hometown, far more sunny than what Idia was used to. But this was good, as clearly you didn’t like the sun. You began to scream, shout profanities and the smoke burned up and turned to ashes.
With that, you fainted, you fell to the ground but Idia ran to catch you. He held you in his arms, stuttering if you were okay. With that, he teleported the two of you to the infirmary of the school and tried to explain what happened to the nurse. “Wellsoademonshowedupandpossessedy/nbutitwasn’tgoodwiththesunandthankfullyitdidn’tfindanyoftheotheroverblotedstudentsorharmanyoneandI’mjustscaredthaty/nwon’tbealrightand-“ “Okay just take a long rest,” the nurse stopped him.
Idia couldn’t sleep, he kept sitting next to you, he wasn’t even able to watch an anime on his phone because of how worried he was. When you finally woke up the next day, he breathed a sigh of relief and hugged you, telling you welcome back. “From what? What happened?” you asked him. But Idia didn’t say anything, he just said that he’s glad you’re safe. When you two return to Idia’s room, you two snuggle under blankets and play Animal Crossing.
Malleus wasn’t confident in his magic, but then again, he was skilled enough that he could match against Chernabog. He was fighting against you, no, the smoke behind you was the target. As he shot lightning at the smoke, he kept being hit with different kinds of magic.
Thankfully, Lilia appeared on the scene, shouting at Malleus if he was alright. “So, it is real,” Lilia looked over at you and up at Chernabog, who was grinning at the two students. Lilia took out his magic pen, and began to help Malleus in defense.
“What would be a weakness of Chernabog, I’m not sure if it was in the scrolls that we read,” Malleus asked Lilia, shooting a counter attack at your fireball. Lilia didn’t respond for a bit, before he said two words. “Bell chimes.” With that, he quickly looked out the window and at the tower that held the bells. It was far, but perhaps you could be led towards it safely?
“I’ll fly there, Lilia I’ll need your help as well,” Malleus told Lilia and began to run out of the woods and towards the school. He then was able to fly upwards, looking behind him and seeing you do the same. Things were going in plan, and when Malleus got close enough to the tower to hit it with his lightning spell, he used as much magic as he had to cause the bells to chime three times. You halted in the air, the smoke suddenly freezing up and writhing as the bells chimed. The lightning caused a flash across campus, causing everyone to wake up. But more importantly, it was causing Chernabog to scream, curse at Malleus, and finally leave your body.
Lilia caught you as he was behind Malleus and Chernabog, then the two Diasomnia students ran to the infirmary. The two asked the nurse if you would be alright, and they had told them that you would be okay. “But I’m so confused, what happened?” the nurse asked, but the two didn’t say anything. Malleus didn’t leave your side, and it looked like he could overblot in any minute because of how concerned he was about your health. Lilia left to inform Sebek and Silver what happened, saying he would come to visit you and Malleus in the morning.
Thankfully, you woke up the next day, saying you felt like you blacked out. Malleus sighed a breath of relief, and for the first time, you saw him shed a few tears. “Ah, don’t worry about me, my love, I’m just glad you’re alright,” he explained, brushing some hair strands out of your face. He didn’t tell you exactly what happened, but maybe he will later on. For now, he just enjoyed your company, holding your hand as you rested in the hospital bed.
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For my Leona stans...
Tumblr media
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khaos-divine · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
why does tumblr ruin the quality of images... pls click if u want better quality!
twstober day 2: ash + current home card!
prompts are from @/raven-at-the-writing-desk and @/a-little-lostecho
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Ok, hear me out: Jamil and Leona with a reader whose personality is similar to Rio Voleri from Court of Darkness. Imagine the chaos that would ensue
(Anon, I kiss you, you have a top tier brain! Also, I thank you for your patience, I have like 3 trillion wips and I finally decided to move this to the top of my list)
Leona one shot with this idea for 300 followers event
Tumblr media
He doesn't like you at first. You're active, he's not. You're friendly, he's not. You're in tune with the needs of others....and he doesn't want to face his depression.
You don't have magic, but somehow, you are able to keep up with the Savannaclaw students in a round of spelldrive. That's the moment he stops hating you.
He still doesn't like that you are trying to"help him with his mental health" or "be his friend". All the food you bring him is quickly stolen by Ruggie (even though you also bring goodies for Ruggie) and he isn't going to talk to you about his problems, so just stop.
So, when he said stop...he didn't actually mean it.
You end up becoming very popular because everyone is drawn to your bright personality, and now Leona is jealous.
He starts telling you that you both are going to practice a sport, or go for a run, or something, then, when he has you in his clutches, he pulls you in for a nap where no one can find you. You are his favorite pillow, and you smell so good.
It takes several weeks of this, and noticing how if it's a vegetable that you've grown that he'll eat it, for him to notice he loves you.
He doesn't play games. He just tells you the second he figures it out. Luckily, it's in a nap session and you're trapped in his arms.
"Herbivore, I'm in love with you."
"Awww, I love you too, kitty cat!"
He's not having any of your bullshit today. He actually took a moment to listen to his emotions. You will get it, even if it takes him all day.
"No herbivore," he groans, "I'm in love with you. Accept my love or not, I don't care," he very much does care, "but I want you to know."
"oh," he can practically see the gears turning in your head. "I think...I think I love you too."
Now that you're together...actually not much changes. He still kidnaps you for naps, but now there's some give and take, where he actually leaves his bed to do things with you.
He makes you wear his shirts so that when you can't nap together he can have your scent with him. He can't sleep without it anymore. He pavloved himself.
He actually helps you grow and plant vegetables! It makes you happy, so he does it, but only this once! (It's never only this once)
To Ruggie's chagrin, he is no longer able to steal Leona's baked goods.
Tumblr media
At first he was annoyed with you. He thought you were going to be another Kalim. You were naive, and a little gung ho.
He realized, though, that you were different from Kalim when you brought him a basket of buttered rolls on a day when he felt his sanity slowly slipping away. Afterwards, you helped him with his chores, laughing and joking with him. He felt relaxed. He felt warm. He felt....happy?
He fell quickly. You always gave him baked goods right when he was at his worst. You helped him with chores on those days. He began to seek you out on his good days, in hopes of catching another glimpse of the sunshine you let off.
He had hoped that you would make the first move. But despite how smart you were about all his needs, you didn't. Seem. To. Get. It.
He spent months...literal months...trying to seduce you, until he finally made the first move.
"y/N, I love you. I want to be able to bask in your sunlight as long as you'll have me."
You thought he meant it in a friend way.
Jamil was ready to just brainwash you and get it over with.
Another several more months, this time with much more clear attempts at seduction (and special side lessons from Kalim that no one will ever hear about) he tried again.
"I love you. Not in a friend way, in a romantic way."
"Oh, I think I love you too."
Jamil doesn't know whether to smack his head against a wall, or kiss you. He goes for the kiss you option.
You too are much more romantic now that you are both on the same page. He lets you help him cook for parties and Kalim, since he can now be positive you won't poison him.
You guys become a hand holding couple. His face is always red when people see, but when he sees your sunshine grin, his embarrassment fades away.
He calls you sunshine, and you call him your moonlight. You two balance each other out so well, people just assume you've always been together.
He knows you're active, so he practices self defense with you, but also teaches you how to dance. You two are pretty good, and everyone wants you to dance for them.
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sara-scribbles · 4 hours ago
Rumor Has It
Fandom: Twisted Wonderland Leona Kingscholar/GN!Reader (one-sided), Malleus Draconia/GN!Reader Word Count: 1,090 Note: Like I said, this is probably better for Valentine's Day, but I wanted to publish it anyways. I might try to write some spooky (not really) prompts later. Warning(s): angst
There’s a rumor going around that the Ramshackle prefect has somehow befriended the fearsome Malleus Draconia. 
Leona usually doesn’t care what gossip travels through the school as long as it isn’t about him. However, this particular rumor draws his attention because it’s about you and the horned bastard.
So when he arrives at the library during your usual study session, which usually means you work and Leona take a nap, he can’t help but stare. You finally look up from your notes, meeting his piercing gaze.
Chin resting on the palm of his hand, he regards you quietly. After a beat of silence, he scowls. “You’re friends with that lizard,” he states.
Your brows knit together as you try to wrack your brain on who Leona could be referring to. Understanding dawns as your features smooth. “You mean Malleus? You could say we’re friends...”
“Better be careful that monster doesn’t make you his next meal,” he scoffs.
Rolling your eyes, you wave off his comment. “Malleus isn’t like that. He’s…” you pause as you try to find the right words “he’s different, but he’s nice. He wants to make friends even if he’s a bit intimidating, but that’s not really his fault.”
“Sounds like you like him.” His eyes narrow. Leona notices the way your features soften and your lip curves upward slightly when talking about the lizard. There’s a brightness in your eyes that is hard not to notice. A sort of soft ache settles in his chest as your eyes widen as you quickly babble out a denial.
“We-we’re just friends!” Tugging at your shirt collar, you avert your gaze. “Go to sleep, I can’t study with you talking to me,” you grumble.
Before he can say anything else, a sharp ‘shhh!’ from Riddle forces him to snap his mouth closed. He buries his head in his arms, but can’t sleep as your expression floats in the front of his thoughts.
There’s a rumor that the Ramshackle prefect is giving out chocolates to a certain Malleus Draconia.
He hears your footsteps before you come into view. In his usual napping place in the botanical gardens, you peer down at him from above. His nose twitches when a small red box is placed on his chest. 
“What’s this?” He sits up as he takes the offered box.
“I made chocolate,” you explain. “Anyways, I thought you’d like some, though I’m sure you already received plenty from admirers.”
Taking off the lid, perfectly square pieces of chocolate sit in neat rows in the box. He pops a piece in his mouth. The chocolate is smooth with a sweet yet bitter taste. “Dark chocolate…”
“Yup! I thought you might like it over milk. Plus, dark chocolate is supposed to be better for your health,” you inform him with a grin.
“Not bad, herbivore.” He covers the chocolates to save for later. “So, you like me?” He smirks as you give him a gentle swat on the top of his head.
Adjusting your book-bag, you shake your head. “Of course I like you. I wouldn’t let you nap on me otherwise.” Glancing down at your phone, you sigh. “Sorry I have to head to class. See you later?”
He gives you a halfhearted wave before settling back down for a nap. Your footfalls retreat in the distance as he finds himself unable to stop the small smile on his face. 
However, his good mood doesn’t last for long as he hears some students gossiping later in the day. He feels a jab in his chest again and absently touches his chest. He’s still clutching your box of chocolates as he stalks through the campus to Ramshackle dorm.
In the distance he can make out your figure at the gates of the dorm and the taller form of the lizard. You hand a similar red box over with a laugh. The chocolate he ate before leaves a horrible feeling in his mouth.
His keen hearing picks up your words as they float down the pathway. “...make gargoyle shaped chocolates. I hope you like them, Malleus!”
Leona’s jaw aches from clenching so much. “Thank you, child of man. These are…amazing.” He can hear the awe in the overgrown monster’s voice.
When he nears, you look over. Your lips are pressed into a pleased smile, and your eyes glitter brightly. “Oh, Leona? I thought I was meeting you in the library.” The glitter fades as you meet his gaze.
He throws the other male a look before shrugging. “I decided I wanted to take a nap at Ramshackle.” He saunters right between you and the horned bastard and deftly grabs your arm. He pulls you away without stopping as you give a quick good-bye.
One glance over his shoulder, Leona can’t help but feel victorious as the great Malleus Draconia stands by the gate looking dejected. Serves him right.
There’s a rumor going around that the Ramshackle prefect has fallen for Malleus Draconia.
Leona hears this rumor while waiting for class to start. His ears twitch as the students around him gossip in hushed whispers. He grinds his teeth as he hears that monster’s name mentioned with you again.
Leona leaves so he can’t hear anymore. His head pounds as he decides he needs a nap before he ends up snapping at someone. His walk through the empty halls is interrupted by a familiar laugh. Your laugh.
His blood runs cold as another, deeper, laugh mixes with your own. He doesn’t want to believe the rumor, but his heart can’t stop pounding loudly. As he rounds the corner, he sees you with the lizard. You’re leaning against the stone wall of an alcove while the lizard hovers over you.
You hold the monster’s hand as you jabber about something. He doesn’t take his eyes off your face as he listens intently. You two are intimately close, and there’s no denying that there’s something going on. You’re too engrossed in your conversation to notice Leona pass by. 
It’s for the better.
He’s not angry at you. No, he’s angry at himself for not acting. He should’ve done something the moment those idiotic rumors started going around. But he brushed them off, and he foolishly believed you would eventually pick him. Yet, he never really gave you a reason to choose him, and maybe you took his behavior as just a part of who he is. 
Rumor has it that Leona Kingscholar is in love with the Ramshackle prefect, but he was too late.
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dollysuta-oi · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Warning: this post contains mentions of forced marriage, mentions of rape, and TWST 1-6 spoilers (sorta?)
So imagine if Yuu was like Nanno from the series “Girl From Nowhere?”
Girl From Nowhere is a Thai series about a girl who brings karma towards people who rightfully deserve it like a teacher who preyed on his students, two girls who tried to get Nanno raped, a girl who plagiarized other artists’ work, and more. Pretty good series, I recommend it.
So the mirror transports Nanno!Yuu to Twisted Wonderland and they’re having an absolute field day bringing rightful punishments towards the boys there, Crowley isn’t safe too.
While the OB boys pretty much got slaps on their wrists for things like attempted murder and assault in canon, Nanno!Yuu makes sure it’s much worse
Crime: Tyrant who got on his dorm-mates’ asses for pretty much breathing the wrong way, at the wrong time, at the wrong place
Riddle gets knocked out of his Dorm-leader position and has to go through the whole year with a huge amount of humiliation and who knows what his mom might do to him if she found out?
Crime: 20 year old still in high school getting other students injured because he wanted his dorm to win
Leona gets expelled and sent home immediately, bringing his family’s name to shame and with some extra misery points, gets married off.
Crime: Enslaving students and kicking Yuu out of Ramshackle
Azul gets charged with enslavement and forced labor and on top of it all, his mother has a hard time dealing with her son’s guiltiness and the charges pressed on him.
Crime: Trying to get Kalim expelled from Night Raven College by mind controlling him and putting his dorm-mates through horrid training
Crime: Attempted murder against Neige
Crime: Kidnapping and trying to destroy the world because his brother died
I‘m not fully through with chapter 4 and I haven’t done 5 nor 6 yet so that’s all I could write.
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thatfanfictionchick · a day ago
Ruggie: Leona.
Leona: Ya?
Ruggie: Do you like the Prefect?
Leona: What? No.
Leona: They're so weird and awkward.
Leona: It's like are you an idiot, or do you know you're adorable?
Ruggie: What.
Leona: What.
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random-twst-things · 2 days ago
Mc: Are you sure this is the right direction?
Malleus : Certainly, I'm as sure as I am capable of making friends 🙂
Leona: In that case, we're definitely lost.
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eunzul · 16 days ago
Hey, you know the disney princesses with their sparkly dress?
Tumblr media
yeah i wasted my time putting glitters on the dorm leaders cuz this what happens when you put all of your brain cells on your exam
Tumblr media
and i even went as far as remaking the logo too—
Tumblr media
I hate myself so fkn much :'))
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insertsomthinawesome · 26 days ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
I told myself my first Twisted Wonderland post wouldn’t be memes-
Leona is from this Meme from this Music video  (also I just, used the in game drawing of the castle... i did not draw the background there xD) Rook is confused and maybe somewhat impressed... and also jotting down several notes.
Shout out to my friend for pointing out that Crowley looked like an abyss mage xD
-- -No Romance Included-
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kimbap-r0ll · 23 hours ago
Can you do the dorm leaders with a Ruby Rose! MC?
Tumblr media
I can't tell if this is the same "Ruby Rose" and I've only heard of RWBY but I never dived into it. For future mash ups, it's great to be like the anon here and specify where the person appears, since when I looked the person up first I got a model in real life haha. I hope I got this one right, thank you for the ask.
Dorm Leaders with a Ruby Rose!mc (RWBY)
He doesn't mind you, as long as you don't swing your scythe around he won't try to off your head haha
He might be a bit concerned with your naivety, hoping to help you ward off people that might use you for that.
Riddle does find your interest in weapons to be, well, interesting. He likes nerdy things too, and honestly he's fascinated at how much you know regarding your profession/interests.
He could care less if you ran around with a scythe or brought a whole sniper rifle. As long as you don't cross him, you'll be fine
Can't stand how you're a bit dorky, like if he were to ask you one question about your weapons, you'll talk for two hours about one specific part ALONE. He wants to sleep, please let him be ;-;
He might find your naivety to be a bit cute, but similar to Riddle, he'll want to keep people that might use you (*cough* AZUL *cough*) away from you, so he might be around you often. At least, just in the background
At first, he thinks that he can use you and use your naive personality to his advantage. Who knows, it would be cool to gain some of those weapons you have haha. Yet, this backfires when you show your strong sense of justice
After that, the two of you might just be nerdy friends. He'll talk to you about spells that he's researched while you teach him skills that you have to know to be a huntress.
I feel like he wouldn't really care if you were a huntress or not, he would be supportive of your goals. If you ever decide to get help though, he'll pop out of nowhere and offer his services haha
Thinks you're super cool (a bit scary but super cool)! Wants to see you in action before Jamil stops the two of you from breaking a tower
The two of you are probably best friends, sort of like two batteries running around together haha
I feel like he would be the most supportive of your goals on becoming the best huntress you could be. He would love to watch you practice, so please, let him be there when you decide to go practice in the woods!
Likes your aesthetics. Everything just fits in, and that's positive points for you. But the weapons might make him a little confused since he's never one to use them
Doesn't mind you rambling on about your knowledge on huntress work, but might stop you if he's busy.
Finds your naivety to be similar to Neige, which might irritate him sometimes when scams get to you and he has to step in and stop the person from selling you an overpriced apple haha.
Thinks you're the coolest thing ever. You look like you jumped out of an anime, and how cool is that!
WIll want you to geek out about your weapons, he's super interested in what your scythe is capable of. The two of you probably stay up for many hours talking about scythe techniques haha
Was first scared to approach you but you were super nice to him, and that was enough for the two of you to become close. He's supportive of your goals, and would love to watch you practice
He's interested in your profession as it's something fae aren't as familiar with. Please teach him!
Though Sebek might tell you Malleus will be fatigued by your ramblings, Malleus reassures you that he's completely fine with it. If anything, he wants to learn as much as he can from you about anything.
Also likes your aesthetic. The dark colors just work really well and it's something Diasomnia would definitely like haha.
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adrianasunderworld · 16 days ago
Tumblr media
Leona x Miss Yuu be like. No I will not take criticism.
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khaos-divine · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
octopus in an octopus pot.
twstober day 3: dark + support card (azul)
click on the image for better quality!!
prompts are from @/raven-at-the-writing-desk and @/a-little-lostecho
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felidity · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
How I think Leona feels about his tsum in a nutshell.
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