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*after class*
Mc: Who wants Smash with me after school?
Sebek: WHAT!
Ace: Yes I do.
Deuce: *blushing*
Jack & Epel: *just staring*
*Jack leaves*
Mc: No it's not. Come on Sebek don't u want smash with me?
Sebek: *blushing* M-maybe
Epel: I'm in too...
Mc: Yay, this is going to be a proper Smash Bros tournament.
Ace: Wait what?
Mc: Yeah, I just bought more game controllers and... Wait a minute, if you didin't talk about Smash Bors, what were you talking about?
*All boys are silent*
Mc: Now let's make it so that I go as far away from you as possible and none of you come near me. Except Deuce.
Epel: What that is unfair. Why?
Mc: Because Deuce knew how to keep his mouth shut
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angelltheninth · 22 hours ago
Different Kind of Heat
Pairing: Alpha!Idia Shroud x Omega!Fem!Reader
Tags: nsfw, smut, omegaverse, heat/rut cycles, mating marks, phone sex, mating press, knotting, creampie, masturbation, fingering, blowjob, toys, possessive sex, breeding kink
Word count: 1.8k
Kinktober Day 4: A/B/O
A/N: next part of my kinktober. As you know I'm a big fan of omegaverse so and I do like Idia quite a bit. It was nice to write him a little unhinged.
Tumblr media
The first few hours of your heat has been manageable. The school staff gave you your own room in a special part of the school dorm, specifically for omega's who go into heat. The school can't afford to have a bunch of students popping out babies. That is why even when there was mating, because the staff weren't idiots and knew that their students would seek each other out, they at least wanted those involved to be safe.
You had everything you could need. Enough food and water in the fridge to last you a week, clean clothes in the closet, the softest bed you've slept on in a while, and a variety of toys that you could use to make your heat easier if your fingers weren't enough.
As much as you appreciated all of that none of it was enough. You plunged you fingers deep into your heated cunt, trying to find some, or any form of relief in your current horny state.
The ring of your phone startled you, but not enough to stop pleasuring yourself, especially when you saw that it was Idia who was calling you. He's always very considerate, even offered to spend your heat with you when he found out it was approaching. But you didn't want him to miss out on classes just for that. He told you the same when he was in rut and you respected that.
You did want him here. You wanted him more than anything. His warm body against yours, his fangs on your neck, his hands all over you, exploring, touching, his tongue and mouth licking between your folds right before he gives you his cock and knots you.
"Darling, can you hear me?" His voice was gruff, a little more strained than usual, almost like he just got over a cold and had a sore throat. You liked how he sounded.
"Mhmm. Sorry, I- It's... starting to get real bad." The sound of his voice, his thoughtful hum right next to your ear only made you reach for a nearby blue dildo and push it in, your pussy taking it all too easily.
"It sounds like it. I only wanted to check up on you. How's my dove doing? Do you need anything?" It was so sweet how thoughtful and concerned he was.
"Your cock." You were way past any need for decency, " Idia I need you to come here and fill me up with your seed." Idia's growl came in through the phone, sending shivers down your spine and into your cunt as you doubled the pace not caring if your moans got too loud.
"Keep talking. Just keep talking love, what else? How do you want me? What do you want me to do to you if I was there? What does my omega want?"
"I want you to claim me. Bite me. Mark my cunt with your cum. Give me every last drop. Mount me and breed me. Make my cunt beg for your cock. Fuck! Idia, please." You throw your head back, dropping the phone and clenching the pillow next to your head as your orgasm crashes over you.
You hear Idia's voice still talking but your heat ridden brain doesn't catch any of it, the sound fading into white noise as you try to catch your breath.
"Go open the door." Those are the words that you recognize clearly first. It gives you pause.
"Huh? The... door?" With a groan you slide the dildo out, letting the slick length fall next to the bed as you raise yourself on your elbows and look at the locked door. You're still dizzy as you move on wobbly legs and slowly unlock your room door.
The scent hits you as soon as it cracks open just a little. Like sulfur and cotton candy, and little bit of smoke. Unmistakably Idia. Unmistakably your mate.
"Surprise love." Idia smirks while still holding the phone as he pushes into the room, his scent wrapping around you, making your brain overload with lust. You almost drop on your knees right there and then, "I know it's not really the protocol but I've spoken to the Headmaster already. The way I see it, if I help you then your heat will be over quicker, and you can go back to class. So let me help my girl out yeah?" His cock was already staring against the zipper as he took off his jacket, quickly followed by the rest of his clothes.
Before he could set his clothes to the side you grabbed his jacket and took a big breath of his scent, "Next time leave this one with me."
Idia smiled and cocked his head to the side, sending comforting pheromones your way, "It's my favorite. But I suppose I wouldn't mind it smelling like you." He would smell like you. He'd be wearing your scent. All the time.
Now you did actually drop to your knees, right in front of his throbbing cock and closed your mouth and hand around it without even a second thought.
"On your knees for me already?" Idia patted the top of your head as you sucked him off, needy and sloppy and wonton, moaning every time your lips touched his swelling knot. "Make sure to get me ready for you."
Oh you will, his cock was already slippery and wet from your spit, making it very easy for you to pump your hand across his throbbing shaft. Idia's hips jerked every so often, a breathless moan falling from his lips as you focused your attention on the red tip of his cock, tapping it with your tongue before closing your mouth around it again.
"Stop." You could tell that the command was as painful for him as it was for you. You pulled away with a needy whine, your eyes cloudy and lips stained with bits of his pre-cum. "Don't worry." He smoothed his hand into your hair, "I just want to come inside of you. Is that alright?"
Your eyebrows shot up at his words, you didn't expect him to be quite so forward. Then again he was currently in the presence of an omega in heat. An omega that wore his mating mark. You tilted your head and watched his mouth drop open a his eyes narrowed in on the base of your neck. "More than alright."
You scrambled towards the bed, your back falling against the soft pillows as you let your legs fall open, giving Idia a full view of your wet pussy, "I see you're ready for me too." He smiled as he stroked his cock, "Condoms?"
Shaking your head you parted your folds with two fingers, "I'm on the pill. I want to feel you. All of you. Every inch."
You watched Idia's eyes darken, his hair flaring up at the tips as he knelt above you and pressed the tip of his cock against your entrance. He felt so hot. He always ran hot, but this a different kind flame. The kind that threatened to consume you whole. And you'd gladly let it.
He sank in slowly, groaning while being enveloped into your soft heat, "Gods above and below. You're sopping wet darling. I think you might even be able to take my knot on first try." You nod your head eagerly, your hands settling in his shoulders for leverage, "Yeah? Does my omega want to be knotted that bad? I saw that dildo at the foot of the bed you know. It's pretty big. You were getting yourself ready weren't you? Ready for my cock. My knot."
"I was thinking about you." You confess as you breathe his scent in, "I just wanted you here with me. No one else Idia. Only you. Only my alpha."
"I like the sound of that. I'd gladly call myself yours. And after this, after tonight you can wear my mark on full display. I don't care what anyone says. I want them to know who you belong to. I want them to know whose cunt this is." He snaps his hips forward, sinking into you all the way to his knot, "Open up for me baby, take my knot."
His blunt nails scratch your thighs, his mouth snapping as he growls and keeps pushing forward, intent on getting his knot in.
"Whose are you hm? Whose pussy is this? Say it." His mouth closes and sucks on your mating mark. You come again, all over his dick, finally letting his knot slide into you with a loud, satisfying pop.
"Yours. It's all yours alpha. All yours to fuck and use and breed however many times you want." You drag your nails across his back as you sink your teeth into his neck, renewing the mark you previously made. "Prove I'm yours. Mark me with your cum."
Idia throws his head back, his hair now in full flames, teeth clenched so hard you're worried he's about to break them, "Mine. My cunt. My girl. My omega. Mine, mine, all mine!" He chants like a prayer, thrusting one final time before giving you his warm load.
Your eyes roll into the back of your head, your brain barely registering the sharp pain of Idia's teeth sinking into your neck.
As the aftershocks started to subside you ran your hands over Idia's shoulders, your eyes clear enough to see the renewed mark on his neck, filling you with a sense of pride and love. "Thank you. I needed this."
"What are you thanking me for?" He kissed your mating mark, then your shoulder just as gently as he whispered against your skin, "I'm your mate. I'll always be here for you when you need me. Even if it means failing a test or two."
"E-Excuse me? Failing what?" Your heat wasn't gone but your head was now clear enough for you to be at least a little bit mad at him, "Idia!"
He laughed, "It's alright." He nuzzled his nose against your throat, pressing his chest against your soft breasts, settling on top of you, "Because you're my best study buddy. Which is yet another reason why it'll be good for me to help you with this heat."
You rolled your eyes, a smile on the corner of your mouth, "You're very lucky you're both cute and extremely lovable. Otherwise I don't think I'd put up this."
"Oh?" He quirked a brow at you, "Are you sure that's all you like about me my darling?" He rolled his hips forward, his cock dragging against the front of your wall, right over your most sensitive spot. You barely swallowed down a helpless moan, much to Idia's delight, "I knew it."
"You're awful." You smile against his cheek as you give him a quick peck before wrapping your hands around his neck and bringing him closer, tucking him next to your head. You're still tied by the knot so it'll be a while before either of you can go again. You're fine with that. You have Idia here, his love, his comfort, his warmth both in and out. That's all you need, all you'll ever need.
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diavolosbaby · a day ago
Twisted Wonderland request. I'm in my 30s now so I'd be old enough to be a teacher but what if we stepped that up to a guidance counselor? y/n would be a crucial part in the overblot students' therapy. it doesn't have to be romantic just something that was on my mind
Being the NRC guidance counselor
Characters: overblotters
Genre: angst a bit? Reverse comfort, platonic, maternal figure more than friend or lover
Format: one big paragraph mess (just my thoughts on how’d it go)
Pronouns: they/them (gn reader)
Being the NRC guidance counselor would include some things that aren’t exactly in your line of work. For example, deadly tantrums (the overblots). Crowley would hire you right after the first overblot and have an assembly introducing you. When you go up to speak and tell your intentions, no one really takes you seriously. But when Leona’s over blot happens and in such a public setting, people start getting tense. You want to help, so you send out a survey and have everyone fill it out. You look at the results and talk to individual students. In fact, you spoke to Azul before his overblot. He didn’t say anything concerning, but you knew better. He wasn’t being open. You didn’t blame him, he didn’t know you. After his overblot though you started noticing the pattern in the overblots. It was the house wardens. So of course your next target was Kalim. You stayed over the holidays to watch him and noticed him acting differently than how everyone had described him. Of course, since two new students always seem to be with the overblotters and they only started when they came along, you brought that up with Crowley. He dismissed it and you didn’t bother bringing up your suspicions to him again. He never listened. What threw you off is when The vice housewarden overblotted and not the housewarden. You thought this job wasn’t for you, investigating wasn’t the job for a guidance counselor anyway. No one would blame you if you looked for work elsewhere. You were almost going to throw in the towel, until a student willingly knocked on your door and asked if you had the time. You were ecstatic, they actually had problems they wanted to talk about. With you! That student was Vil shoenheit. You listened and you gave him solutions and similar situations such as his. He came in annoyed and left relieved. You thought it was going well, until he overblotted as well. You were in the dirt, you didn’t prevent anything. But hey, more people willingly come to talk to you now and you schedule weekly sessions with the students who overblot. You track their progress on growing as a person and offer them a place on campus if they just need to calm down. You talk riddle down, You reassure Azul, Vil, and Idia, you build up Jamil and Malleuses’ self identity. Even if Leona takes advantage of your office and takes naps there because he needa a “mental health break”. It was a mess at first, but you’re really helping. You can feel it. They don’t feel like going to you is a drag anymore, they go to you happily because they know you can help them.
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pokenunhinged · 21 hours ago
Random thought: What if you got Isekai’d into Twisted Wonderland by dying. Like you were eating a piece of bread, choked, and tragically died in the most ungrateful way ever. You wake up in a coffin and you’re like “Ya this is accurate.” But then suddenly it’s open and you see a talking cat.
Just you going through twst like “Nah this is the afterlife idc what y’all say, you can’t convince me.”
Absolutely unafraid of dying because “It’s already happened once broski.”
Crowley trying to be like “I’ll help you get back to your world.” And you’re legit like “Please don’t, I don’t wanna occupy an actual CORPSE thank you.”
Someone overblots and it’s like “You’re being dramatic.” Because why would you be scared of them killing you? You’re already dead? What are they gonna do? Make you double dead? The answer is yes.
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treysimp · 26 days ago
"I'm not sure how else to say this, do you want to make out on my couch?"
Tumblr media
Part 7/7
GN!Reader x Diasomnia (Malleus, Sebek, Lilia, Silver)
Tags: Smooching, implied mutual pining and suggestive themes, but nothing explicit. Reader is not physically described.
Other works in this series:
Savannahclaw | Scarabia | Octinavielle | Pomefiore | Ignihyde | Heartslabyul | Diasomnia
Want more TWST? Here's my Masterlist!
Tumblr media Tumblr media
“Oh? I’m not sure I am familiar with that term. Do explain, child of man.”
Malleus’ green eyes glitter mischievously as he places his hand on his chin. He cut a handsome figure in the moonlight. The gloss of his horns shined and his chiseled face was gracefully shadowed by his softly-curled hair. He stood eerily still, his composure hinting at his not quite human heritage. 
Malleus was the most beautiful thing you had seen in your life. You swallowed audibly before you responded.
“That is… um…” he was messing with you right? You weren’t entirely sure how old he was, but you were certain he was older than you. But he was fae, you supposed. Did they use the same slang? Did they ‘make out’? You had no idea.
Malleus walked closer to you, his white teeth peeking from behind his lips. It was hard not to think about how sharp those fangs looked.
“Proceed, prefect.” He said with a smile, clearly getting a kick out of your hesitation.
“Do… Do you want to kiss me?” You said, voice shaking, all of the confidence you had at the beginning of this interaction evaporating.
Well, it was a bit more than kissing that you were asking him for, but you weren’t sure if you had the courage to spell it out just yet. 
“Oh?” Malleus further closed the distance between your two bodies, causing you to step backwards into the door you had been unlocking prior with an audible bump. “A kiss? Where would you like this kiss?” 
You could feel his breath on your cheek, his expression coyly hidden from you due to the close proximity of his face.
Finally, Malleus chuckled and kissed the cheek that he had purposely ducked near.
“Here?” He said, clearly holding back a full laugh.
“No.” You shook your head. 
You’re glad he wasn’t mad at you, but you weren’t sure what him playing games meant either. 
God, why didn’t you crush on a nice human boy? You kind of understood those in comparison. Well... okay you also didn't understand those all that well either.
“I see. Then…” Malleus moved his mouth to your earlobe and lightly pecked along the side of your ear. 
You couldn’t contain the shiver that went through your body as your breath sped up from the sensation. It felt mean. He knew exactly what you wanted, you were sure of it.
“Not where I…” You trailed off. Whatever this game meant to him, you were certainly enjoying it.
“Ah, I see, I see…” Malleus moved painfully slow to lightly scrape his teeth across the juncture of your neck. 
You felt like you might die happily if you were smited on the spot. 
“Here?” He whispered, moist breath causing you to break out in goosebumps.
“My… my lips, Malleus, please…” You shuddered. It was almost painful having him be so close and touch you so gently. You wanted more.
“Oh? My, my, Prefect. Do you care for me so?” He had long stopped hiding his grin. This ass. 
Malleus’ hand drifted to the back of your head as he knotted his fingers in your hair. Slowly, so painfully slow, he pulled you towards him. Raising your chin with his thumb, you stared at the way his feline eyes were blown out into almost perfect circles. 
Eyes almost completely black, Malleus descended upon you, softly pressing his lips to yours.
It was achingly tender, it felt like more than a kiss. 
It felt like words left unsaid, something far larger and more meaningful than a quick peck shared between two awkward young people. 
You’d never felt anything like it.
Pulling apart just as slowly as you had come together, Malleus stares into your eyes meaningfully. Stroking your face with his thumb, you are met with an expression so loving that you briefly think of crying from the emotion of it all.
“Is that all, my dear?” Malleus questions.
You shake your head so aggressively you might have cracked your neck if you did so just a smidgen harder.
“No! I want more of you! As much as you’ll give me!” You almost yelled, courage swelling in your chest for a brief moment.
“I’m not sure you understand what you are asking, human.” Malleus says with a cocked brow, “You might want to think twice between asking for something as open-ended as that from a fae.”
“You would never intentionally hurt me.” You state with confidence. 
If he really wanted to harm you, he had every opportunity. Instead he helped you, saved you from danger and spent almost every night walking with you and talking about your highs and lows. 
If this was just a long con, if he had intended to hurt you this whole time… maybe you deserved it at this point.
Malleus’ eyebrows shot up in surprise. He was trying to tease you of course, but he was only half-kidding.
The problem was that if he started, he wasn’t sure if he could stop. But it looks like you had already made that decision for him. 
It was for exactly that reason he loved you so.
“…I accept.” 
“…Accept?” What? What was he accepting?
“Your affection.” It felt like his smile could stop your heart. “However…”
Your back straightened as you steeled yourself for his request. What did he want?
“You must accept mine as well.” He stated with a nod, as if agreeing with himself. “And…” 
He leaned forward again, lips a millimeter from your own as you swore you saw the smallest amount of smoke escape from between his teeth.
“You must know that my affection comes with a price.” He said, kissing you gently on your forehead.
“I want all of you in return. Immediately.”
Your face burned hotly at the implication. 
While you had just been inviting Malleus inside in the hopes of feeling him up a bit, this offer was far better than expected. 
You inhaled through your nose and tried to keep your voice as even as you could manage.
“If you’ll have me.”
Grinning, Malleus pushes the door behind you open and ushers you inside the lounge.
“Oh my dear, I will.”
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Sebek’s piercing green eyes narrow at you. You find yourself involuntarily shrinking back in intimidation. 
Well now you’ve done it, huh?
His right hand firmly grasps your shoulder and you find yourself gulping for fresh air. You would have never described him as scary before now but…
A strand of his perfectly coiffed hair falls onto his forehead as Sebek leans nearer, unblinkingly getting closer and closer to your face. 
He murmured your name quietly, and you felt how you imagine prey does in their last precious moments. Thinking of how many loud predators are at their most quiet before unhinging their jaws.
Within the blink of an eye, you were pulled forward by the tie into a stiff, yet gentle kiss. 
Sebeks eyes slid back open as he slowly pulled away from you, his gloved hand drifting to cup your cheek. 
“It seems I am in quite the predicament!” He huffs, reeling back to his full height as yet another strand of lime hair gently floats to his face. 
“You are?” You ask quietly, eyes open wide in anticipation. What kind of mixed signals bull is this?
“Yes. The young master is away on family business, and I am finding myself in need of a place to stay while Master Lilia repairs-“ He coughs and begins his sentence again, “I mean… remodels my room.” 
Sebek can’t will himself to make eye contact with you in the slightest, the color on his pale cheeks morphing into a rose-pink blush.
“I see.” You say, playing along with whatever-the-hell-this-is. You dramatically turned your head to the side, putting on a slight theatrical accent to intensify the ren-faire mood of it all.
“Well, you are of course welcome to stay here. I could always use a guard to help me, a poor magic-less human in a big scary haunted house.”
Sebek snaps his gaze back to you and his cat-like pupils widen, shoulders visibly loosening at your agreement. It seems he was more nervous about your reaction than you thought.
“Since… since I am here…” he pauses, clearly thinking on how best to respond. 
“I may as well keep you safe!” He finishes smugly, puffing out his chest. Sebek was clearly proud of how he was able to ask to stay at your dorm so gracefully. “A knight would do no less.”
You nodded and tugged him inside, slowly leading him to the couch that you so desperately wanted to touch him on. 
Sebek seemed to be scanning his surroundings, but for what, you weren’t sure. Maybe the comment about ghosts really did worry him.
Finding a comfortable seat on the well-worn couch, you pat a spot across from you to beckon him to join. 
Sebek takes a seat much in the way you picture a robot might. Well, if you didn’t already know a real one. A robot from the shows of your childhood, specifically.
You hoped that Sebek taking the initiative earlier would help him loosen up, but his back was as stiff as a board as he looked at everything but your face, hands folded politely in his lap and skin shining with a hint of nervous sweat.
“Sebek?” You called quietly, willing him to look at you again. 
You noticed that each time he interacted responded he would slightly loosen, as evidenced by his back curving slightly when he leaned forward to peer curiously at you. 
Well, you took the initiative to ask him in the first place, so…
Taking one last large breath through your nose, you crawled onto Sebeks lap. Your hands begun getting to work on his fashionably-impractical collar. 
It felt like you were undressing a highly realistic statue for a moment, but his eyes gazed up at you as if awestruck, waiting to see what you would do next.
He mumbled your name softly and you couldn’t help but laugh, “Oh, so I’m not ‘human’ anymore, gorgeous?” 
Face visibly darkening at your question, Sebek shook his head fervently. 
“Not… not when you look like this.” He muttered, unable to will himself to blink. Missing even a second of this moment seemed unthinkable.
You finally finished undoing his complicated jacket and pushed it to the side. His skin seems to almost glimmer under the evening light. 
You dropped your head to nibble right under his chin, restraining yourself from laughing when he slapped his hand over his mouth with a gasp.
“Ah… that’s very…” He was writhing slightly, his eyes sliding shut.
“Sebek?” You asked again, teasingly. You were lying if you said that you weren’t tempted to tease him for as long as the night allows.
His gaze turned up at you as he gave the most breathtaking expression of adoration, breath uneven, smile bright yet sheepish. 
At this point, his hair had completely fallen on his face, the apples of his cheeks had simmered to a stunning rose, and his chest was rising and falling rapidly. 
“What do you want me to do?”
“Ah…” he paused, clearly having not thought that far ahead. After a beat, Sebek pressed his mouth into a firm line and looked once more at you like he was making a declaration of war.
“I’m… I’m willing to take responsibility so… even if I… if you want me, you can have me. Any of me.” 
You froze in shock. His words had felt so serious that it scared you a little. It really wasn’t like him to be so quiet and thoughtful.
“Even if Malleus said no? Because you had to protect him instead?” You mused out loud.
Sebek’s gaze guiltily shot out to the side, clearly surprised. He did seem to be genuinely trying to contemplate your question though. 
It was something that you had said impulsively, but you couldn’t help but be curious. What would he say? You knew that Malleus' wellbeing was his calling in life.
“If Malleus needed me to be by his side… then I guess I would need to take you with me.” He said with a cheeky grin, looking very proud of himself. 
You were charmed that he had thought that far ahead, to tell the truth.
Sebek raised his hand to your cheek once more and ushered you forward, placing the other hand on your waist. 
“I won’t let my love life-! Ah!” Sebek gasped and sputtered, “My, um, passions…” he corrected himself quickly but clumsily, and you pretended that you didn’t hear the word ‘love’ just now (you did though, and this was going to be burned into your brain for a while).
“...it won’t get in the way of my duty.” Sebek finished firmly, speaking a bit louder than strictly necessary. It seems that he was not yet done with that thought, though.
“While I am fae, I…” He swallowed audibly, bracing himself for what he was about to say.
“I am also just a man and… that part of me right now… wants…” He paused yet again, searching your face for something. 
You weren’t even sure if he knew what he was trying to say, but you understood that whatever it was, it was a vulnerable moment for him.
It seemed that he had settled on a different approach as he began his speech again.
“You, out of anyone, knows how much I value loyalty.” He said, tapping his fingertip on your chin. You felt your ears burning at the action, dragging your eyes away from him in a pleasant embarrassment.
“If you are in danger, I will come find you. If you ask me for anything, I will give it.” Sebek’s voice was getting louder as he gained confidence. 
“My leige and country will always be a priority but…” His breath was shaky. 
You tried to figure out what emotion he was feeling right now, but it was unclear. 
“If you’ll have me, if you would be mine tonight…”
“…I hope you are ready for a commitment, my dear human.” He murmured, eyes sliding shut as he moved to shakily kiss you once more.
You were.
Tumblr media Tumblr media
“Oh? A cute young thing like you coming onto an old man like me? What will people think, hmm?”
Lilia seemed to be positively tickled by your question. If his age was any indication, you would think he would be very experienced in these interactions. As always, he was very committed to being coy.
“You don't seem to be someone that cares much for what people think, Lilia.” You shot back playfully. 
His mischievous nature was a part of him that you were quite fond of. If he wanted you to play along, you were more than willing to do so. 
Lilia’s shoulders shook with quiet giggles, “I want to make sure to give you a fair warning, lovely Prefect.” He shrugged and let out a dramatic sigh. 
“I suppose my boyish good looks can sometimes distract from the fact I am a father of three, you know.”
Calling himself a father of three when the trio in-question looked older than he did made you want to laugh, but you knew that he meant that statement sincerely.
“I like to think I’m good with kids,” You said, raising an eyebrow. “And I’m into DILFS.”
Now Lilia’s chuckles had turned into full on shaking laughter, tears of joy brimming in the corner of his eyes.
“I’ll never stop being impressed by the new slang of the times. You are aware that I do know what that stands for, yes? Are you broadcasting your true intentions, my little Prefect?” Lilia seemed to know that while you had already spilled your overall wants to him, this was probably a bit more forward than you had intended at the moment. 
“And if it is?” You replied stiffly. Why does he keep answering questions with questions? It was infuriating. 
“Hmm…” Lilia tapped his chin with his finger in thought, “I’m a little too old for one-offs at my age.” He trailed off.  
“So, if you are serious… I will oblige.” 
His smile split his face and his fangs peeked enticingly over his lips. You audibly gulped, suddenly being hit with the embarrassment and nervousness that you had been desperately trying to choke down. 
You were positive that you wanted him. You had thought of every single perk and drawback and decided that no matter what they were, you were absolutely smitten with the mysterious and playful man. 
Now, faced with that romantic reality being a possibility, you felt like fainting. Your dreamy fantasies always cut themselves off after you confessed, as it all felt too absurd to keep dwelling on them.
Those doubts sure didn’t stop you from shooting your shot, though.
Lilia moved closer to you slowly, carefully, in a way that felt almost too graceful to be natural. Somehow he seemed to be just the barest bit taller than he had been just a moment ago. You pushed that odd thought away from the forefront of your mind. Maybe it was just your imagination. 
Sparing a moment to briefly glance at Lilia’s feet to check that he wasn’t floating again, you found yourself about to scream when your eyes had flicked back up and Lilia was directly in front of you. Behaving like a horror movie jump scare was a hobby of Lilia’s that you didn’t know if you could ever quite get used to. Your flinch made Lilia look as amused as ever. You thought that pranking you would get old, but apparently not. 
It’s rude to play with your food, you thought. Wait… why did that of all phrases come to mind?
Gingerly reaching your shaking hand forward, you combed the ends of your fingers into Lilia’s unnaturally-colored bob. Eyes sliding closed, the boy looked like a pleased cat before it got too overstimulated and bit you on the hand. 
Your movements briefly froze at the thought of how soft his hair felt, and yet how his cold skin contrasted with the sensation. 
He looked the most inhuman you had ever seen him. Lilia’s bright pupils were constricted into thin slits and his skin almost seemed to be glowing in the evening light. 
It felt dangerous, it felt thrilling. It felt both like you should both be afraid and that you had been waiting your whole life for this moment. 
It was like you would be safe from any danger, but not because of anything that you controlled. You were safe only due to the fact that the greatest danger of all was almost purring into your hand in affection.
Lilia seemed to be waiting for you as he held his serene smile and continued his ever-so-slight nuzzling into your touch. You supposed his patience was because time meant something a little different to him than it did to you. 
Steeling yourself, you placed a soft peck on his lips, chastely pulling away to see his reaction. Lilia’s hand stopped you from getting too far, and you were pulled back to his cool and smooth mouth. 
Keeping your whimpers at bay as your lower lip caught on his fangs with a soft scrape. There was a spicy-sweet sting on your tender skin, it was the first bit of heat that his body had allowed. 
“I need a little more than that, love.” He murmured against your lips, pushing and pulling you back and forth like the ocean playing with the sand before a large wave came up to swallow a few feet more of the coast. 
He was a good kisser, you thought. Any other ideas swiftly melted away when met with Lilia’s experienced ministrations. 
Slowly, carefully, you both separated from each other. Lilia looked incredibly pleased, trailing his hands down your back to pull you ever closer. 
You shivered, both from the coolness of his body and from the warmth spreading through your own.
“Is this really what you want?” Lilia asked, his eyes meeting yours with a meaningful gaze. 
As hazy with lust as your mind was, something was bugging you again. Did he look just a bit taller? Was his hair just slightly longer?
It felt like something was changing, but that passing thought made you feel a bit crazy. 
Were you imagining things because you knew that magic and fae were real? It wasn’t impossible.
After that long trail of distraction, you finally reply.
“It is.” You said, leaning closer to him in the hopes of feeling his skin on yours again.
Lilia’s eyes flickered with a new emotion, and he nodded firmly as he stared into your eyes. 
“I hope you know what agreements like that mean to a fae.” He whispered, pushing you inside of your humble abode. 
You were going to learn a lot about this topic tonight, Lilia would make sure of it.
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Silver’s auroreal eyes were wide, he looked like you had hit him up the side of his head with one of his training swords.
“Make out? With me? On your couch?” 
He was perhaps more awake than he had felt in years, his ears aflame and his usual serious demeanor slipping into something much more socially awkward and bewildered. 
“Yes.” There was no backing out now. You had been desperately dropping hints to Silver that you were interested in him for months, and this was your final hope that he was just being oblivious this whole time. 
You had attended his knight training when he invited you (which gave you a great view of how toned his lean arms were) you asked him to let you ride along on his broom during PE (since he was soooo good as horseback riding and all) and you had spent a ton of time learning how to make sweets and treats to try and earn his favor (you figured that he had enough of Lilia’s ‘healthy’ recipies). 
You made physical contact whenever you could, taking great joy in the first time that the beautiful boy had fallen asleep on your shoulder. You had to hold back the giggles that wanted to spill out of you when you spotted the squirrels and deer that tentatively walked closer to watch Silver sleeping soundly. It was so sweet, you would never get tired of seeing how much animals loved him. 
Even Grim was especially attached to Silver, toddling after him whenever you three spent time together. Whenever you asked Grim why he was so obsessed with Silver, he would either fervently deny it, or say something along the lines of ‘observing him’ and then insult you. It was cute regardless.
As much as your little not-tanuki bestie talked smack, he really did have some things in common with all the cute deer that shyly watched you two sitting on an outdoor bench. Silver's body sleepily swaying in the breeze just like the willows in the distance. 
All of those quiet moments were what did it for you. 
One time you both sat in the library and Silver was barely keeping his head up while he added his own notes to your sloppily-kept handwritten potion instructions. You couldn’t help but be charmed by how hard he was working to stay awake to help you. 
Once he was done adding his notes and corrections, Silver had softly patted you on the shoulder to tell you that he was done. He was sleepily smiling down at you, and while he was always a bit quiet, you could hear his next murmur crystal clear.
“…proud of you.”
You were fucked. How could you not love him?
In this moment, unlike the heavy and unfocused smiles he had awarded you in the library, Silver’s eyes were sharply narrowed and quizzical.
He seemed to be analyzing you. It was the same look you saw on his face when you had a shared history class and he was concentrating on an particularly in-depth essay. 
Even scarier than that, it was the look he made right before he won a practice duel.
It made you slightly uneasy, to tell the truth. 
“You like me?” He asked finally. 
“Silver... I don’t know how I could make it more obvious than I have.” You said with clear exasperation and tiredness. “I ask you out every week, I spend all the time I can spare with you, and I told you I loved you last Thursday.” You snapped.
You weren’t angry, you could never be angry at him, but you were exhausted.
“Ah…” Silver’s face was slowly heating up. You felt like your jaw could hit the floor. He really hadn’t noticed, apparently. 
“...I thought you meant like… f-friends or family…” He muttered, seeming to be mid-crisis at how oblivious he had been. You sighed.  
“Look. To be completely straightforward: I like you. It’s probably more than that at this point.” You inhaled shakily, “It’s okay if you need time but…” 
You bit your lip, idly wondering just how much pressure you could put on your skin before it bled.
Maybe this would be easier if he rejected you at this point. Maybe you could get him out of your head and stop convincing yourself that this was a possibility. Maybe you could talk yourself out of loving him.
“You don’t have to answer now. You can take your time, I just…” you trailed off in dejection, “I just wanted to make sure you knew”.
You began opening the front door to go inside. You didn’t want to run away, but you also weren’t sure how long you could have this conversation without crying. 
If he didn’t like you ,that was one thing. But you don’t know if you’d ever been more frustrated in your life. What else were you supposed to do?
You felt something warm circling your wrist.
Silver held your forearm calmly, staring at you in silence. His gaze was intense, a look you had never quite seen before written across his face.
“Don’t go.” He said firmly, slightly squeezing his hand to emphasize the point. You couldn’t look away from that small touch that connected you both. 
You stopped turning away and just waited, looking at him. Taking in his halo of soft hair, the way his jaw tightened. You wanted to reach forward and gently trace every fleck of the evening light that graced his elegant face. You would wait forever for him if he needed it. 
“Please let me… please let me take you up on that offer.” 
You felt like you could both throw up and win a Spelldrive Tournament by yourself at the same time.
Tumblr media
And that concludes part 1 of The Couch Series! Did it live up to your expectations? Are there other sorts of series you would like to see with everyone? Just the first years, just the Housewardens, the staff?
Let me know! Thank you all for your support and look forward to more to come (including continuations of these, as well).
Thank you reader, love you!
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equestriagirl16 · 2 months ago
NRC staff and their guardian status with MC~🌹
Notes: personal headcannons cause I absolutely cannot get enough of the NCR staff being caretakers/parental figures to MC. It’s just so wholesome to me, and a lot of this isn’t new info just my take on said renowned info.
Inspired by: @wolken-himmel @hunniepotts @adrianasunderworld @mashed-potato101
Tumblr media
Dads: Crewel and Crowley
Tumblr media
It’s basically canon at this point that our dear professor would assume the main dad role.
He would have a long history of taking care of “unruly pups”, and having you come around like a lost stray in need of proper training. Well he just couldn’t help himself now could he?
Spoils the hell out of you, yes he would take you out shopping for actual clothes and necessities, yes he would pay for everything, and no you absolutely do not owe him anything in return. Would probably get genuinely upset if you insisted.
Would be the dad to actually remind you, in a reassuring way, that you are in fact a child/young so you really shouldn’t carry the world on your shoulders at least not by yourself.
Fairly overprotective and strict, he only wants the absolute best for and from you. Which means unfortunately you won’t get a sliver of favoritism in class, and no amount of batting eyes or cute little excuses in baby talk is gonna change that. “Well you should’ve thought of that when I specifically gave you a weeks notice before the assignment went out pup.” And then he pats you on the head with his stick(affectionately).
No dating no boys no nothing, in fact no friends. Just spend your time with your loving father figure, he’s sure that’d be much better for your mental health. “I hate men.” “But you are one.” “My point still stands.” He’s spent more time around the student body than you have so he knows, LORD does he know, that plenty of them will leave you worse for wear despite how nice of a person they are. And if anyone, no matter who they might be, leaves his little pup sad and whimpering. He’ll make sure to remind them why he adorns the name of Crewel.
But at the end of the day he absolutely loves you, and you bring a special light in his life too. He may be a little young for it(in his words), but a set of adoption papers happen to make his way on his internet browser more times than he can ignore. Only if you’d like, perhaps he could bring the proposition up in conversation during your next shopping spree.
Tumblr media
Oooooh Crowley, honestly this is mostly because he was the first adult to find you. We all know how this man operates, and yet he’ll insist that he takes care of you like his own child! *looks into the camera*
The man is on the complete other end of the dad spectrum. Ya know instead of responsible and nurturing he’s more so flighty and excitable. Literally just- “We gon need nutrition.” “So your kid likes apple juice?” “Oh no they love orange juice, but they’ve been bad this week.” “What grade is your kid in?” “Sixteenth grade.” “That’s not even a grade!-So they graduated college?” “No they…where is my kid??” He left you in the grocery store…again.
Don’t get him wrong though, he can step up to the challenge when need be, he’s still a whole principal. If anything he’ll at least make sure your academics are in line and your school life is decent, and thankfully he does play favorites!
However he definitely values independence, and just tends to think you can handle things on your own and believes a ton in your potential. Much to both your favor and detriment, sure there’s nothing you can’t handle but that doesn’t mean you should handle it all at once!
Does get serious when the situation calls for it. Like if you’re legitimately broken up about anything, or just in a bad place the secret dad switch in the far reaches of his brain finally switch into hyper gear. He can catch the slightest wind of it, and he’ll be the first one there to comfort you which he’s surprisingly good at. Both in physical comfort and advice, it gets you every single time.
He would never let you know this, nor could you really guess, but he would do anything for you. You mixed up his life in a very unexpected and interesting way, and even if he’s not good at showing it he does love you very much. Man would kill for you. Die for you though? Hmm, give him a sec to think.
Tumblr media
Uncles: Vargas and Sam
Tumblr media
To me he comes off as someone who definitely cares about you but doesn’t show it on as intimate of a level if that makes sense. He’s a gym bro, he shows his affection more in words of motivation and making you run just a few more laps. Cmon, he believes in you!
Obviously he values your physical health, but also because he knows that can translate into mental health. He may not be there for everything but he does what he can in the time he has with you.
Honestly he probably just figures that you already have a lot of people looking out for you, and he doesn’t want to overstep. So he’ll stay in his lane and make sure you’re working at maximum efficiency.
Of course that doesn’t mean he won’t be there for you when you need it. Is also ever so slightly protective, but aims to lift you back onto your feet more than anything. He knows your someone deserving of respect so he’s gonna remind you of that every time he has the chance, and won’t stop until your confidence is through the roof. “Come on, you’re really gonna let them tear you down like that! Remember what I taught you, no one’s strong like Y/N!”
But if you need a hug then maybe, just maybe, he’ll sweep you up and jostle you around until you’re too dizzy to even remember you were sad. You’re a rarity in this world, and you’re just as capable as anyone else. As long as he’s around he’ll never let you forget that.
Also, head pats for days and 100% calls you kid.
Tumblr media
I feel like I barely have to even explain this one. It’s Sam, he’s younger and more extravagant. Not rly dad material, he gives off more older relative/big brother vibes.
He’s got his own stuff going on plus a shop to run, he may not be around you 24/7 but would definitely encourage you to stop by and visit literally anytime. He absolutely loves your company and showing you all his little tips and tricks.
You can guarantee he’d sometimes let you’d off the hook when paying for supplies, for no particular reason at all of course. “I’m closing up shop for the night anyway, now run along little imp ‘fore the shadows get ya!”
Likes teasing you, just playful little pranks and jabs to keep you on your toes. Would never dream of doing anything remotely malicious, even does check-ins if your reaction isn’t the happiest.
Speaking of check-ins, I feel like he’d ask you about how things are going every single time you visit him. Since he’s on the younger side too he’d definitely be more in the know about how to deal with certain things, and give you more down to earth advice. The jump from free spirited shop keep to serious guardian is wild.
Also for any of my black/poc MCs out there, he has your back(especially if you were homesick). Another fully welcomed slice of culture, I have a personal headacannon that he’d be extremely helpful on hair days too. Not to say no one else is, but he would take pride in you sticking close to your roots(heh, get it). As well as picking out really cool styles for you. Maybe even have some spells to let you color it, the possibilities are endless.
A little protective but he doesn’t outright distrust anyone neither believes in shielding you. You gotta fight you’re own battles, but that doesn’t mean he won’t be there every step of the way. When you’re knocked down he’ll pick you right back up, now equipped with a few new tricks up your sleeve. And perhaps on some days many may notice that you have more than one shadow following behind you.
Loves you to death and beyond that, he’ll make sure everyday is full of laughs and you have what you need to stand out from the rest.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
This man has gray hairs, years of wisdom, and put multiple kids through college. He has earned this category.
I want to say since he already has a family of his own he wouldn’t completely take you in, but he’d definitely put you under his wing. Simply put he owns most the brain cells between all the staff, so he’d know not only how to but for your own sake that he should take care of you.
The amount of times he’s had to steer you away from the advice of a certain principal, and to be the guy to refute the extra baggage anybody put on you is ridiculous. “But Crowley wanted me to get the supplies from the town this weekend, and then I have to host a tutoring session with the guys, and run another errand-” “You’re not doing that.” “But-” “No buts, none of it. Now sit down and finish your tea, I fear you’ll collapse if you think for another second.” Firmly believes no one as young as you should be dealing with the sheer amount of bullsh!t you deal with. And trust that he’s seen a lot of it in his time working at that place.
He’s the epitome of responsible caretaker, will set your priorities straight and be very transparent with you. If your getting too distracted to focus on your academics, or putting yourself last after everything/everybody you have to deal with. He won’t hold back, you’re apart of the equation, the most important part.
He’s also very well versed in the emotional aspects of a young ones life too. Sure he’s not the most touchy feely type, but on like a psychological level he understands and gives arguably the best and most proactive advice.
This isn’t his first rodeo, honestly a lot of it is just second nature to him. He just has a lot of sympathy for you and your situation, and despite his demeanor he’s not one to leave a literal stranded child to fend for themselves. He’s a professor not a monster, and of course you remind him a lot of his prime parenting days. Which he’s secretly very fond of.
He won’t say it out loud, well at least not in front of other people. Perhaps during a nice quiet evening in his office he’ll tell you how genuinely proud he is of you and your progress. You’ll always have a means of support in him, but don’t misunderstand him he doesn’t play favorites.(yes he does)
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namjoon-koya · 4 months ago
I see you’re a fan of twisted wonderland👀 how about a headcanon with grim (platonic of course)
a/n: I’m stuck in the fandom and I can’t get out 😭
Tumblr media
Grim definitely sleeps on top of your stomach the moment he sees that you’re finally asleep and won’t move much in the night, if you’re a light sleeper you might feel grim knead at your blanket at night. If you confront him about it he’ll definitely tell you that you’re just dreaming, but that won’t stop him from kneading.
Grim loves you, yes he may call you his minion; but he really does love you. Grim often fears when Crowley will tell you one day that he find a way for you to get home, Grim fears being alone and now that he has you he’s grown a strong attachment to you.
oof you’re definitely a parental figure to him, especially with how much trouble him, deuce and ace get into. You pretty much debate on buying them a backpack leash with how many times you catch them doing something suspicious, during the winter time you FORCE grim to wear a scarf. “I told you! I don’t wanna!” “GRIM! You’re going to get sick now put the scarf on!” Of course he wears it.
If Grim catches you paying attention to Lucius he WILL pout about it, “just say you don’t love me anymore.” “Grim—“ “just say it I can handle it.” It will probably take 10 cans of tuna for Grim to accept that you love him and not Lucius.
You both can often have deep conversations with each other, usually at night when neither of you guys can sleep. “Hey minion, you asleep yet?” “Nope.” You hear a soft shuffle before feeling soft fur brush against your cheek, grim settles beside the pillow next to you. “Do you miss your family?” You think about your answer for a second before answering Grim “it’s a bit hard to miss something you don’t remember, but it’s okay.” Grim just stares at you confused at your answer “how it is okay?”
You gently rub Grim’s ear making him lean more into your touch, “because I have you guys, sure you guys might drive me insane at times; but I would probably give up going back home if that meant I could stay with you guys.” Grim doesn’t say anything instead he nuzzles closer to you, even if he didn’t say anything you could hear the small purrs from him. “Goodnight Grim.” You say giving his ears a gentle rub again before falling asleep.
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we-do-be-writing · a month ago
Spin the Bottle (with Forehead Kisses)
Twisted Wonderland!Dorm Leaders x Reader
A/N: Some of these are longer than others and that is solely because I felt like some of the housewardens would need more convincing and more back story for the whole thing to actually make sense.
Riddle Rosehearts:
Tumblr media
Somehow Riddle was sucked into playing a game of spin the bottle at Ramshackle dorm with the rest of the dorm leaders. Honestly, he was more shocked at how you managed to convince him, let alone some of the other dorm leaders, to show up.
You had come to him earlier in the week with the offer of joining you and the other dorm leaders at Ramshackle for a sleepover of sorts. Riddle was fully prepared to reject this offer, but Trey happened to be listening in and told him that it may be a good "bonding time" and that he deserved "a night away from being a housewarden."
So, now he was sitting in a circle with the rest of the dorm leaders in the middle of Ramshackle's lounge area. You had proposed a game of spin the bottle, something many of the dorm leaders were dreading. Unfortunately, Kalim's joyful energy pulled everyone together and soon they had all agreed to play.
Luckily, Riddle has not had a turn yet and he so far has not been at the receiving end of someone else's turn. However, his luck seems to have run out as you spin the bottle, and it stops facing him.
If he were in a different situation, Riddle would probably be happy to receive a kiss from his crush. Instead, he was about to have his first kiss with the person he likes in front of the other dorm leaders because of some stupid game.
Somehow, you appear to have noticed his unease because as you sit in front of him and take his face into your hands, you do something unexpected. With Riddle's cheeks already burning from the close proximity, you tilt his head down and give him a soft kiss on the forehead.
All of the breath is sucked from Riddle's lungs as he stares wide-eyed at the Ramshackle prefect. You slowly back away from him, give him a kind smile, then return to your previous spot in the circle.
He can feel the burning sensation of a blush all over his face, even traveling down his neck. Tears almost spring to his eyes from the absolute softness and care that you just showed him. Through one simple kiss on the forehead, Riddle has been reduced to a puddle of emotions.
He chokes a little once his lungs inform him that he has stopped breathing. He takes a deep breath in and suddenly his senses start picking things up again. Some of the other dorm leaders can be heard laughing at him, others look just as shocked as he does, and others either look like they couldn't care less (Leona) or they look like they're going to burst from excitement (Kalim).
Riddle's face burns even brighter as his senses come back to him, but all he can do is look at your smiling face and wonder what that tender kiss meant, and if he could believe that you might like him back.
Leona Kingscholar:
Tumblr media
The only reason Leona was sitting in this circle of dorm leaders is because you happened to catch him at his 'weakest' moment, when he was sleeping. He had to admit, sometimes you surprised him with how well thought-out your plans could be. For example, managing to convince him to agree with whatever you asked simply because you had just woken him from a deep sleep.
For a while he was convinced that you had put a spell on him because somehow, Leona managed to always feel safe and comfortable enough around you to fall asleep. The fact that you had no problem using this to your advantage only furthered his suspicions. It was only after seeing you play Spelldrive where you could not use an ounce of magic that he started rethinking his theory.
You had found one of these opportunities the day before this current dorm leader event you had organized. Waking Leona up was the hard part, but once you had achieved that it was quite easy to get the drowsy beastman to agree solely because he knew you would let him go back to sleep sooner. Which you generously did, because then he might be a little less miserable when you remind him about the plans he promised to attend.
Of course, letting him go back to sleep the day before did not help to reduce the amount of despise Leona was expressing as he sat in the circle of dorm leaders. He would have instantly rejected you once you told him about the agreement from the day before, but he couldn't bring himself to break a promise. Thus, you had happily dragged him to Ramshackle dorm where he threatened anyone who dare laugh at his predicament.
So far, Leona has managed to avoid receiving or giving any kisses during the game. However, it is now your turn to spin the bottle and it just so happens that it would stop facing him. Honestly, he was half-asleep by this point, and he barely registers you moving over to sit in front of him.
He twitches a little when he feels your hand brush through his bangs, moving them aside before you press a gentle kiss to his forehead. Leona slowly opens his eyes, locking his gaze onto yours. He wears a small grin as he sees the blush dusting your skin, ignoring his own that threatens to creep up his neck.
He continues to keep eye-contact with you, not moving until you go to return to your seat. His hands flash from his side to your shoulders, pulling you into his embrace. His arms lock around you, only allowing enough movement so that you can face the rest of the dorm leaders.
Vil suggests that you lot should play a different game which everyone agrees to. Leona nods his head before resting his forehead against your shoulder, trying to ignore the lingering feeling of your lips.
Azul Ashengrotto:
Tumblr media
Surprisingly, Azul was not having too bad of a time at your gathering of the dorm leaders in Ramshackle. It did take a little convincing before he agreed to show up, and a tiny deal. The idea came from Floyd and Jade as they were lingering around when you invited him.
They pointed out that Azul could make bets for favors with the other dorm leaders, which were not considered contracts. As long as he worded the bets correctly, there would be a high chance of him winning each one. So, he told you that he would join in as long as there were opportunities where he could propose bets.
You assured him that games could be included, and if he could manage to find something to bet about, then he would be welcome to. Azul speculated that you had doubts about his ability to successfully get the other dorm leaders to take his bets. Or his ability to find something that would make sense to bet about.
Well, he will admit that a game of spin the bottle wasn't the ideal when it comes to betting. But he refuses to have come here and leave with no one owing him a favor. Luckily for Azul, when he proposed making things interesting by placing bets, Kalim was a willing participant. He notices that Malleus' interest was also piqued by the idea, but he had refrained from truly joining in on the bets.
Nonetheless, as long as Azul could get away with some profit from the bets of tonight, he would be happy. What he did not expect was for Kalim to bet on him.
"I bet," Kalim starts, "that when the bottle lands on Azul and he is kissed, he will blush."
Azul, and some others, scoff at this because of course his composure would never crack like that. Azul didn't even like admitting to himself that his confident personality was only a facade. So, there was no way he would allow it to break in front of the other dorm leaders, some who would be happy to try and exploit this weakness.
"Oh please," Azul responds, "that would never happen, at least bet on something believable. For example, I bet that before anyone can even get close enough to kiss Idia, he will either back out or faint."
Many of the dorm leaders nod in agreement at this, even Idia moves his head slightly. For a second, Kalim looks thoughtful, but one look at you has him shaking his head before speaking to Azul,
"How about this, I will accept your bet that Idia will faint before someone gets close enough to kiss him, if you accept my bet that you will blush when you get kissed."
Azul ponders this for a couple seconds before responding, "Okay, if Idia faints then I win and if he doesn't then you win. Following that, if I blush when someone kisses me, which is ridiculous, then you win and if I do not then I win."
Kalim nods in agreement, holding his hand out while saying, "You have a deal ... well I guess actually you have two deals."
Azul shakes his hand with a confident smile gracing his lips. There is absolutely no way he would be losing either of these bets, and having Kalim owe him two favors is exactly what he was looking for. Well, he will admit that while the probability of Idia fainting is high, it is not a guarantee. So, he'll have to play his cards right to make sure Idia cannot back out of the game. Yes, this is a little cruel on Azul's part, but Kalim had already set the terms and there was no going back now.
Unfortunately, there is another unforeseen circumstance that Azul has to face. It is your turn to spin the bottle and who else would it land on if not him. He didn't want to admit this, but there could be one single person who may potentially cause him to blush. Of course, that person had to be the one crawling over to his side of the circle.
Azul had grown a liking to you over time after you had helped him in the beginning of the school year. The way you treated him with genuine kindness and didn't try to use him for granting wishes made him open up to you easier. However, he still hadn't truly let you in on his self-confidence issues, and he was not looking forward to you finding out now because of some stupid game.
You leaned into his field of view, trying to catch his attention back to the present instead of deep in his thoughts. He quickly regained his composure and replaced his uncertain expression with one of assurance, maybe even a little false cockiness.
You took this as your sign to continue, so you carefully placed your hands on his cheeks. The warmth from your hands helped to calm the racing in his chest. Your gentle smile also kept him from showing any visible reaction.
Honestly, he thinks that he may actually be able to get through this without blushing in the slightest. But, instead of leaning in to kiss him on the lips, you go a little farther up and plant a sweet kiss on his forehead. Now Azul has been caught completely off guard and he's not entirely sure how to control his emotions at the moment.
He feels your lips linger on his forehead before you pull away, brushing your fingers against his cheekbones. He's officially done for when you glance down to his lips before retreating completely back to your spot in the circle.
Azul can't even tell if he's blushing or not as he feels heat spread all through his body. Suddenly, Kalim snaps his fingers in front of his face, and he is once again returned to the present. Kalim's face is one of pure excitement, but he says something that Azul does not expect.
"Listen, because I'm such a nice guy, and because Vil told me what's going on, I'm gonna give you a pass on this bet. However, you must promise no interference when it's Idia's turn."
Based on what Kalim is saying, Azul assumes that he doesn't even want to see how red he is right now. His eyes travel to you and when you send him a little wave, he responds in a slight whisper,
"I promise."
Kalim Al-Asim
Tumblr media
It took absolutely no convincing from you to get Kalim to agree to join your little dorm leader hangout night. Granted, he would probably agree to anything you asked of him ever since he's realized how much he truly likes you. Instead, you both would have to work together to convince Jamil. Surprisingly, it didn't take too much time to get Jamil to agree. All you had to do was promise him that you wouldn't leave Ramshackle, you wouldn't put Kalim in any danger, and you would update him periodically throughout the night.
It also didn't take any convincing to get him to join in the game of spin the bottle. In fact, he helped you convince the rest of the dorm leaders to play. Of course, Jamil wasn't the happiest when he heard what game was currently going to be played, but he agreed it was safe enough.
So, this is where you all are now, sitting in a circle with a bottle in the center. Honestly, Kalim is having the time of his life being able to have a sleepover with the other dorm leaders. He only wishes that Jamil could have joined him.
As of now, it hasn't been Kalim's turn and the bottle hasn't landed on him yet. He will admit that he is getting a little antsy waiting for the bottle to finally land on him. Luckily, he doesn't have to wait much longer as you give it a firm spin and it stops facing him.
He's almost vibrating with excitement as you crawl over to him and settle with your knees touching his legs. He gives you a blinding smile, very happy that it would be you kissing him. Kalim's joy is infectious, and you can't help letting out a laugh before you begin to lean in.
Kalim quickly closes his eyes, waiting with bated breath for your lips to meet his. However, he feels the pressure of your lips softly touch his forehead. You press your lips a little harder for a brief moment and then fully retreat and settle back in front of him.
His eyes open slowly, and his smile is so wide it starts to hurt his cheeks which feel unusually warm. His fingers go up to softly brush against the same spot you just kissed.
"Maybe we can keep this little moment from Jamil." You suggest with a shy smile and soft voice.
"Are you kidding," Kalim starts before giving you a kiss on the cheek, "I have to tell him my dream has come true."
Vil Schoenheit
Tumblr media
Convincing Vil to leave his dorm for the night to join the rest of the dorm leaders in a time of 'bonding and fun,' as you put it, is very difficult. He has to make sure everyone in Pomefiore is following their nightly routine and going to bed at the appropriate time and a bunch of other things you didn't listen to.
"Excuses, excuses." You mutter. Vil scoffs at this, unimpressed with your attempts to persuade him.
"Hmmm," he hums, "I may accept your offer, if you allow me to create a Pomefiore worthy skin and hair care routine. You have been persistent in spending time with Epel and trying to spend time with me and I cannot have a self-care slacker being associated with us. Also, you must agree to be my personal guineapig when I need to test new products, new trends, new clothes, etc."
Vil wears a small, amused smile as he waits for your answer. Of course, whatever skin or hair care routine you try would never be considered 'Pomefiore worthy' unless Vil was the one who created it. Although, you suppose it wouldn't be horrible to get a free, top tier self-care routine. Plus, even though being Vil's personal guineapig would take up a chunk of your time, you know he wouldn't be putting you in anything ridiculous. At least, you hope he wouldn't, but he is very serious about fashion which does put your mind at ease.
Vil quickly grows tired of your contemplating. He will admit to himself that he would be happy if you agreed because while it would help him to have someone to test things on, it also would give him an excuse to spend more time with you. He only added in the self-care routine because he wants you to have the best when it comes to keeping your skin and hair healthy. He'll worry about the eating habits at a later date, not wanting to ask too much of you too soon.
"I will give you five more seconds to think before I turn and leave without going to your little housewarden get together." Vil says, putting a hand on his hip and he looks at you.
"Fine, I guess your terms aren't too demanding. I will allow you to create a self-care routine for me and I will be your personal guineapig for fashion testing." You respond, holding your hand out for him to shake. Vil gives you a tiny smile as he gently shakes your hand, only slightly dreading the night he has ahead of him with the other dorm leaders.
He shows up 'fashionably late' because he had to attend to his specific duties as Pomefiore's housewarden. Now, as he sits in a circle with a bottle in the middle, he's regretting his choice to show up at this specific time. You and Kalim have just managed to convince the other dorm leaders to play a game of spin the bottle. Unfortunately, Vil's timing means he doesn't get a say and is automatically forced to join in.
All the others make you go first, since it was technically your idea. You have no problems with this, spinning the bottle and watching it turn. Vil subtly keeps his eye on the bottle, trying to seem disinterested. However, when the bottle lands facing him, it takes a little more focus to keep his expression neutral.
You crawl over to Vil and sit in front of him. He sees you glance down at his lips, which has a fresh layer of colored chapstick. You softly cup his chin with one hand, running your thumb along the edge of his bottom lip.
Vil can't tell what he wants you to do, part of him wanting you to kiss him and part of him not wanting to have the effects of his lip mask messed up by your lips. It's almost like you can see the hesitation in his eyes, and in response you give him a soft smile.
You lean in closer and Vil can't help but let his eyes flutter closed. He almost hates the way his mind flows into daydreams of you kissing him and he imagines how perfect it will be. However, he's taken aback when he feels your lips press against his forehead.
He takes a silent, shuddery breath as you linger for an extra second before pulling back. You keep your face close to his, and Vil has to take a second to collect himself and replace his mask of nonchalance. Once you see that he's regained his composure, you back up and return to your seat, giving him a little sly smile.
Even though it wasn't exactly what he imagined, Vil has to admit that this was a fairytale worthy kiss. He only hopes that he gets to share many more with you in the near future.
Idia Shroud
Tumblr media
Idia hates the way you've managed to learn so much about him, and how you've got Ortho campaigning for you. He will admit that most of the time, he does agree to things once Ortho expresses interest. However, there was absolutely no way Ortho's persuasion alone was going to convince him to join you in your little sleepover with the other housewardens. Not even promising the presence of a video game competition could persuade his decision.
Unfortunately, it seems like you're aware of this based on the small frown you try to hide. Idia shifts in his gaming chair, trying to keep his eyes on his computer and his hair from exposing how flustered he is.
"Fine, I really didn't want to do this Idia, for my own sake, but you've left me no choice."
Your words send shivers of dread through him, and he can't help but imagine the worst possible sentence that might come out of your mouth. He feels confusion seep into his body and replace the settling dread at what you say next,
"I am willing to send you my max level, top-tier, five-star character that you have been begging me for since I got it during the once per year event last month, if you come to my sleepover."
Idia's mouth drops open in shock and he has to take a couple minutes to process your proposal. Honestly, out of all the extremes he expected you to go to, he never thought you would be willing to part with this character. You had spent almost a week and just about all of your items trying to get this particular character, and Idia was right there with you.
He doesn't want to admit it, but he did throw quite the fit when you somehow got it right before the event ended. He also would like to argue that he has not spent the time since begging you to give it to him in exchange for, as he now regrets claiming, anything. Now, he is faced with the dilemma of whether or not he truly wants this character enough for him to sit for a night with all the other dorm leaders.
"You said that you would do anything to get this character, and I am willing to part with it so long as you show up to Ramshackle dorm in person and participate in this get together." You say, looking down at Idia who continues to stare at his computer screen in silence.
When he doesn't respond for a couple minutes, you say something else which really triggers competitive video game nature, "I mean, I guess you must not be as serious about this game as I thought. I think you'd be more willing to accept my offer if you were."
You had to know that this was a low blow on your part, and Idia is a little offended that you would go after his commitment to a game you know he has spent countless hours playing. However, he also can't help but wonder why you were so caught up on whether or not he agreed to spend a night in the company of the other dorm leaders.
So, with a deep-set frown and glaring eyes, Idia agrees to your deal. Which is how he has ended up sitting in a circle of housewardens playing spin the bottle. Now, if he could have passed this specific game then he most certainly would have. Unfortunately, Azul claims he would have dragged the fiery-haired boy 'kicking and screaming, if necessary.'
Idia had almost forgotten about his embarrassing slip-up at board game club, when he accidently revealed to Azul the massive crush he was harboring on you since the moment you decided to become online friends with him. Ever since, Azul has been using club meeting time to try and convince Idia to confess, even if it was over a message board.
His attention is brought back to reality at the sound of a couple dorm leaders snickering to themselves. Looking to the bottle in the center of the group, Idia is horrified to find that it is facing him. He freezes as he realizes that he has no idea who has just spun the bottle.
As you begin to crawl over to his side of the circle, Idia stops breathing and he looks over at Azul with wide eyes. You stop in front of him, and he refuses to meet your eyes. He has a slightly visible shake and out the corner of his eyes he can see your worried expression.
"Here Idia, there's no worries, and no pushing you too far." You whisper to him and he's not sure he would have heard it if your face wasn't so close to his. He still doesn't look at you, but he gives you a miniscule nod of trust which makes you smile wide.
He can't help but tense up as you move closer to him, also acutely aware of the fact that his hair is emitting a flaming heat and has an almost pink ombre look to it now. Once again, you leave him in shock as your lips gently press against his forehead instead of his lips.
Idia can feel himself get lightheaded for a second, but he's brought back to one of your hands holding his shoulder and the other cupping his face. You give him a soft smile before turning around and sitting down in front of him, blocking the others' view of him.
Azul gives him a small, knowing smile, and Idia curls in on himself a little more. He rests his forehead against the back of your neck, and he hopes you don't mind the warmth of his hair. He can't find the confidence to wrap his arms around your waist like he wants, but he settles on twisting his hands into the bottom of your pajama shirt.
As you rejoin the conversation, Idia closes his eyes and takes his first proper breath since you first started crawling over to him. He lets the sound of your voice and rhythm of your heart keep him from floating into his imagination, because right now he just wants to be with you.
Malleus Draconia
Tumblr media
Malleus is already ecstatic that you wanted him to join your party of dorm leaders, even more so that you remembered to invite him. He always enjoys spending time with you and telling you fun facts about gargoyles as he sits outside Ramshackle dorm. He cannot imagine wanting to do anything else besides staying the night in Ramshackle with you by his side, even if the other housewardens happened to be there.
Unfortunately, Sebek is not prepared to let Malleus stay in another dorm without him and Silver there for protection. He honestly could not believe the audacity you had to think that the Young Master would be able to go somewhere without his bodyguards, especially if Leona Kingscholar was there.
You try to reassure him that Leona wouldn't bother Malleus and that everyone was instructed to be civil during this get together. Even Malleus tried to reassure him that he could take care of himself for one night, but Sebek was not budging. You had the slight desire to tell him that Malleus already left Diasomnia during the night to stand with you outside Ramshackle dorm. However, this would most likely lead to Sebek trying to sleep in the same room as Malleus, so you kept it to yourself.
Silver was also not overly excited at the invitation you extended to Malleus, solely because having to protect him during the night would cut into precious sleep time. You knew that they were just doing their jobs, but sometimes you just wished they would trust you with their Young Master a little more.
Malleus suggested to you privately that he could just sneak out like he always did, and you agreed to this as a last resort. It seems like you really wanted to get his bodyguards permission, so as to not end up on the end of Sebek's wrath in case he somehow discovered that Malleus left during the night. It also appears that you have a growing friendship with Sebek that you did not want to tarnish.
"What if Sebek and Silver guarded Malleus from outside Ramshackle dorm, and at the end of the festivities they can all come back to Diasomnia." Lilia suggests.
Silver immediately glares to show his distaste at the idea, and you didn't seem too keen on it either. Malleus would prefer to be with you, and the other dorm leaders he supposes, without the constant watch of his bodyguards. He wants to experience what he would assume to be an at least somewhat usual college party, which does not include Sebek and Silver. On the other hand, he also didn't want to squander this opportunity as he might not get another chance.
"Fine," Malleus sighs with a tired smile, "I supposed that is a workable compromise."
Sebek seems to blank for a millisecond before loudly expressing his agreement to the idea. You and Silver exchanged glances, then reluctantly agreed as well. Even if this isn't what you all expected, Malleus gives you a warm smile that you can't help but return.
He shows up to Ramshackle dorm with Sebek and Silver in tow and instructs them to stand guard at the entrance. He then slinks inside and joins the group of housewardens who are discussing what they want to do first. You bound into the room with an empty bottle and show it to Kalim as you whisper something. Immediately, Kalim nods his head in excitement before calling for everyone's attention.
"We're going to play spin the bottle!" He cheers.
Everyone else seems to respond with groans of disagreement or grunts of confusion. Malleus isn't sure how he's supposed to respond, mostly because he's not entirely sure what this game entails. Nonetheless, he's happy that he's here and that he's being invited to play.
You briefly explain the game to everyone, for which Malleus is very thankful. Although a little confusing when it comes to the point of the game, it seems straightforward enough. Malleus settles in the circle of dorm leaders on the opposite side of you. Kalim offers to go first and when the bottle lands on Riddle, he scooches over and plants a kiss on the Heartslabyul's lips. Instantly Riddle turns an astonishing color of red and he seems to have to restrain himself from collaring Kalim in that moment.
To take the attention away from Riddle, you spin the bottle and Malleus watches with great interest as it stops facing in his direction. He believes that he's supposed to wait for you to approach him, which you waste no time doing as you crawl over. He lets his mouth part slightly as you move in closer.
Your fingers travel up his sharp jawline to the bottom of his ears, then they softly brush against the pointed tips. Malleus feels a shudder roll through his body and has to fight to suppress it from showing too much. You smile knowingly before tracing further up to the base of his horns and you trace around them.
Malleus isn't sure if you mean this in the same intimate way that he is imagining, but he doesn't tell you to stop either way. He's silently loving the feeling of your fingers exploring around his head and his eyes flutter closed as you travel back down and cup his jaw. He feels you move closer and waits impatiently for your lips to meet his.
However, you tilt his head down slightly and kiss the center of his forehead instead. You linger there for a second before releasing him from your hands and backing away slightly. He opens his eyes at the loss of contact and notices the tingly feeling that's left where your lips were just pressed.
"How about we don't tell Sebek about this, I can't imagine the way he would react." You murmur to him, and he can't help but smile at your words.
"Agreed." He whispers back, keeping the fact that he's most definitely telling Lilia about this, for advice on the next step, to himself.
You retreat back into your spot in the circle, giving Malleus a smile before you turn your attention back to the game. On the other side of the circle, Malleus can still feel your fingers running over his head, your hands on his jaw, and your lips pressed against his forehead. He gazes lovingly at you, and he's starting to think it'll be a long night for his bodyguards waiting outside.
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twistedwonderlandsimps · 8 months ago
I'm just here to mix-and-match different kinds of Yuus with different kinds of personalities to see what monstrosity I can make. That being said,,, Older!Yuu brainrot!
Honestly? I just wanted to make Crowley a simp and it escalated.
Anyway, Older!Yuu who’s always exhausted, gives weird life stories that may or may not be true, gives oddly good advice, and mostly has no fucks to give anymore.
Also has that dilf/milf/pilf vibes going on, even with or without children.
Then again, it doesn’t even matter if they have children or not cause they’re going to end up adopting majority, if not all, of the school, anyway.
Yuu wakes up in the coffin, pauses to take in where they were, and then curses.
“Fuck, I knew I shouldn’t have drunk that expired milk…”
They initially think they’re dead and just spend a few minutes in the coffin chilling and thinking of things like, “At least I get to go free from the family reunion, that’s something…”, “Jannet’s baby’s ugly. Are babies supposed to be that wrinkly? Maybe I should’ve gifted them an anti-wrinkle cream on the baby shower instead…”, and “Damn, I should’ve had Matt pay me back the money he owed me in high school had I known I was going to die. That asshole always somehow conveniently forgets to bring any money with him whenever we meet...”
That is until they heard a voice outside the coffin and see the coffin’s lid being pushed aside to meet face to face with… a cat.
“Whaaaaaaa!!!! Why are you up?!”
“You know, I’m wondering the same myself…”
So, anyway, Yuu ends up running from the flaming cat and notices that instead of being in the purgatory, they look more like they’re in school.
They were so busy trying to figure out where they were that they bumped into Crowley and the two fall on the ground in a pile.
Cue Crowley, simping at first sight.
“Why, I didn’t know we were having visitors today! And quite a lovely one, too!”
Cue Yuu, staring deadpanned at the crow.
Grim comes barreling around the corner, yelling about giving him the clothes and Crowley notices that Yuu is wearing a ceremonial robe that the students wear in the entrance ceremony.
Enter confusion and a, “You’re a student?”
“What? No? Well, I sure hope not. I barely lived through school with just coffee, pure spite, and being awake at 3 in the morning. I’m not sure I can handle another one.”
So Crowley ended up binding Grim with his whip, thinking that he was Yuu’s unruly familiar while he asked them to follow him to the ceremony hall and hopefully shed some light on what they were doing in the NRC.
While on the way there, he orients them on where they were and Yuu realizes that no, they aren’t in purgatory where they have to go to school all over again, they were in a place called Twisted Wonderland.
They arrive in the hall and Crowley apologizes for the hold up, there were just some unsuspected events that will hopefully be resolved soon.
Yuu sees the student body and goes, “Is this a cult? This looks like a cult. A very high functioning cult from the looks of it.”
Cause honestly, they’re wearing robes to an entrance ceremony. Ceremonial robes.  I don’t know about anyone else but ceremonial robes as the official clothing for an entrance ceremony is not what I would consider proper in a normal school. Well, normal-ish anyway. I would understand if it was just a simple robe, but they have hoods.
Crowley splutters and tries to explain that no, they weren’t a cult, they were a school. Officially and legally.
Yuu’s just like, “Hey, look, it’s alright. You don’t have to explain. We’ve all been there before.”
“… What exactly kind of school have you been in?”
“Wouldn’t you like to know?”
So, anyway. The freshmen all get led to their dorms and since without Yuu being announced as unsortable, Grim wasn’t able to break free and cause havoc.
Crowley checks to see the mirror about Yuu’s situation. As usual, the mirror said that their world doesn’t exist and that they can’t bring them back.
While Crowley’s shocked, Yuu began talking, “Yeah, well, I figured that much seeing all the floating coffins, the magic mirror, the flaming cat, the cult-”
“It’s not a cult...”
 “-and you. I mean, I thought you were a cosplayer at first. I’ve met really scarily dedicated cosplayers and I’ve seen what they can do. Well anyway, magic doesn’t exist in my world, if you’re wondering. Also, I think there’s a term for this kind of thing happening where a person gets sent to another world? It’s very popular with teens back in my world but I never really had the time to check it out.”
So, after some research and confirmation later, it was found out that Yuu truly came from another world.
And then they were given a job at the school as the odd-job person/janitor because Crowley’s so gracious.
Yuu also managed to convince Crowley to let Grim a shot in being a student of the school, volunteering to look after him and taking responsibility for any trouble that happens.
Once Crowley went away to get supper, Grim approaches Yuu and asks why they would advocate for him even when they didn’t know each other.
Yuu just shrugs and casually says, “Sometimes, we don’t know have to know each other to have a reason to do something good. Sometimes, it just happens. ‘Sides, you look like you really wanted to become a student here. You could say I was in a similar position as you were back then. Why, I remember the time when I was your age, more or less anyway, I met this person. Knew absolutely nothing about them at all and you may be thinking, did I know the concept of stranger danger? Well, no, I was a stupid kid back then but…”
Yuu’s stories always catch Grim’s attention and he likes to sit by them whenever they tell one, sometimes interjecting his own thoughts in between.
“-so, I joined this protest even when I didn’t really know anything about it. They handed out free t-shirts, you see, and I wanted a free shirt so I was like, “let me get in on this”, and then the next thing I knew, I was in jail.”
“You’re an idiot.”
“Yeah, well, we all are at times.”
So, anyway, the ghosts appear, Yuu’s immediate reaction was to grab Grim and books it out of the house, meeting Crowley who was about to enter the gate.
Thankfully Crowley explains the situation to them and they go back inside to three sheepish ghosts.
Yuu and the ghosts hit it off, exchanging stories and stuff but Grim still looks wary of them. It must be a cat thing.
Yuu has already adopted Grim without either of them even knowing it. And he won’t be the only one.
So the next day, the two head over to the Main Street where the statues were to clean it.
Grim’s a trial student so he has to help Yuu with cleaning until he can prove himself to not cause any trouble but he still gets to attend classes.
Ace arrives and gives exposition on the Great Seven, then proceeds to taunt both Grim and Yuu. Basically the same thing happening in the storyline happens.
“Brats, calm down.” Yuu casually says from the side, unbothered, while still cleaning statue which makes Grim stand down but he’s still dissatisfied.
Grim harrumphs, goes besides Yuu and starts to help them clean.
“So in the end you weren’t allowed to enroll here and now work as janitors? Haha, pathetic.”
“Oi, brat. Are you looking down on janitors? If there’s one thing in life I’ve learned, don’t ever demean the work someone puts in their job, whatever it may be, and as long they don’t hurt someone.”
Okay, so, Yuu may be slightly intimidating.
“Well said, Mx. Yuu!”
Here comes Crowley who gives detention to Ace but only a minor one like staying back in class and writing a reflection paper instead of cleaning 100 huge, ginormous windows around the campus.
He then shoos both Ace and Grim to their classes.
“Well, since they’re off, would you care to get coffee after you’re done?”
“Not really. I have to go back to Ramshackle and clean it. That place is still a mess.”
So anyway…
Grim and Ace might not have gotten detention together but the chandelier breaking even still happened.
Mostly because Ace blamed Grim for him getting detention and they managed to also pull Deuce with them when the two fought.
Yuu hears about this when they went looking for Grim to deliver him his lunch.
Along the way Yuu tells them stories of their youth which was odd enough to feel like a fever dream but detailed enough to be believable.
“-and that’s why you should never go to an abandoned back alley at 2 in the morning to try and see if mothman exists cause all you’ll see is disappointment… and possibly a naked old man.”
“Wait-- what was a naked old man doing there?!”
“That’s what I’m still wondering for all these years.”
Well, anyway, they go to the Dwarfs’ Mine, fight the overblot, and win.
It was kind of dramatic since they saw Yuu falling to the ground and the others thought that they got hurt in the fight.
Nah, they just have back pains.
When the trio heard this, they sighed in relief. Grim climbed up to Yuu’s shoulder and took the spot there as usual.
“Oi, you brat, I’m old, get off me.”
“You’re not that old.”
“Shut up, listen to your elderly.”
Also, since the events that happened in the mines, Ace and Deuce starts crashing in Ramshackle which was turned into a dorm and had Yuu dub as the Dorm Leader despite not being a student.
“Why do you brats keep crashing here, anyway? Grim’s the only one who lives here. Don’t you have homework to do?”
“We like your place.”
“Brats. Anyway, there are snacks in the pantry if you get hungry. Don’t give Grim, though. He’s grounded cause he ate all of my favorite yesterday.”
Crowley planning a romantic candlelit dinner in Ramshackle with Yuu, only to be foiled by the braincell group all the time. It’s because they start having dinner with Yuu in Ramshackle.
Ruggie hearing about Yuu feeding students who keep crashing into Ramshackle and decides to shamelessly invite himself in.
Yuu preparing dinner and pausing when they see an extra person sitting in the dining table.
“Who are you?”
“Ruggie Bucchie.”
“…Alright, then. I hope you aren’t picky with your food.”
And that’s how Yuu gained another child. Yuu didn’t adopt him but Ruggie was the one who adopted Yuu.
It doesn’t even stop there. People just started inviting themselves into Ramshackle for dinner with or without Yuu’s permission after they finish their overblotting arc.
Trey has a weekly baking session with Yuu and they try different kinds of recipes.
Riddle visits occasionally to try and exchange teas and tarts with Yuu.
When Jack joins the braincell group, he’s the one who keeps the others in line and keep them from doing stupid things.
Guess who Yuu’s favorite child is...
Yuu seeing Epel getting bullied, chases the bullies off, pats Epel’s shoulder, and gives them a gentle smile but the words that come out of their mouth isn’t a single bit gentle, “The next time they try to do that again, punch them. As hard as you can. Life is a battlefield and you can’t always let yourself get trampled on or else they’ll think you’re an easy target and bother you even more.”
“But I’m going to get in trouble if I do that!“
“You have the advantage of looking harmless and innocent. Use that and make their lives a living hell.”
Rumors start popping up of Epel getting in fights and decimating campus bullies left and right but pffft, who would believe that? Epel? That guy who looked like he’d fall with just one blow of the wind? Yeah right, those bullies must be hallucinating.
Meanwhile, Yuu’s standing at the side, cheering Epel on. “You’re doing great, kid!”
Rook is similarly cheering for him but from afar.
Vil knows what Epel’s doing and though he’s a bit exasperated, as long as those bullies can’t prove Epel did it, he’ll turn blind eye to it.
Yuu seeing the Octavinelle trio for some reason among the people in their dining room after Azul’s overblot arc and recalling another story in their youth.
“You know, they always remind me of the mafia. Why, I remember that there was this one time, well… multiple times actually, I had a run in with the mafia. I’m not saying that any of it was my fault buuuuut…”
Speaking of overblots,,,
Someone: overblots
Yuu: “Now listen here, young man. We are going to have a talk about you and your tendency to bottle up your feelings-”
Lilia and Yuu exchanging stories of their youths and everyone who’s nosy enough to listen to it becomes weirded out cause it sounds surreal but seems like it would actually happen to them.
Malleus keeps visiting Ramshackle with a miniature gargoyle gift and Yuu decorating Ramshackle with it.
This was apparently a signal for everyone to start gifting Yuu stuff that they can decorate Ramshackle with and now Ramshackle looks like a mix-match of different dorms.
Yuu also already prepared guest rooms for all of them in case they want to stay the night.
*sobs* I just want them to have a proper adult parental figure they can rely on, validate them, and feel safe with okay??? They deserve it!
Also Yuu going, “It does not matter what your skillset is. As long as you try, that is good enough. We all have our flaws and that’s okay! The only thing we have to do is be the best version of ourselves we can possibly be.” (CallMeKevin, 2020)
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twstedstoryshop · 7 months ago
Hello! Would it be alright to request headcanons for Leona, Jamil, and Vil reacting to being woken up from a dream about their crush right before they're about to finally smooch or something.
Leona, Jamil, and Vil Rudely Awakened From A Lovely Dream
Tumblr media
Leona is often in the land of dreams due to his constant napping of course. So having a dream (or more!) about a certain herbivore wasn’t that hard to come by.
Perhaps one dream, he finds himself lazing about near a lush watering hole in the Sunset Savana. The sun was sailing past the horizon, giving way to another beautiful twilight that the savanna was famous for.
His ear twitches and he sees a very familiar face approaching him from the tall grass. But that’s funny… They have– a pair of lion ears and a tail? But since this was a dream, Leona didn’t feel like this was wrong.
His herbivore, or well, his fellow lion? Joined his side, not being shy in cuddling up next to him and rubbing their head against his cheek. Leona felt shocked, but he didn’t reel away from them either. Instead he returned their affections with equal head bumps.
His crush began to talk about mundane things like how his family was, how beautiful the savanna was, but then a very interesting piece of info reached his ears.
”I hope when our wedding ceremony takes place, it’ll happen right at this perfect time, we’ll kiss when the sun meets the land…”
One part of Leona’s brain was buffering at that but the other part, his dream self, going with the flow thinking of course, he and his crush were getting married. Duh!
“What’s stopping us from kissing right now?” And his beloved laughed merrily, a sound that made his heart flutter. They drew close, wanting to share a moment of intimacy and that’s when the dream stops.
“Leona! C’mon! Time to wake up!” Ruggie’s familiar voice calls out.
For some reason, that afternoon, Ruggie had to deal with the most annoyed and stubborn Leona has ever been. He even shoved some extra tasks onto Ruggie just to be petty and Ruggie was left confused and annoyed too with Leona’s sudden tantrum.
Tumblr media
Jamil had to get some rest after dealing with stressful school work and dealing with Kalim’s antics. He crawled onto his bed, promising himself to only take a nap for 15 or 30 minutes.
Jamil usually had dreamless sleeps or if he did dream, he couldn’t recall what he dreamt of the moment he woke up. But strangely now, he could see fragments in his sleep-addled mind.
He was wandering the familiar halls of the Al-Asim home. The bright white halls and floor remind him of the days where he would chase after Kalim when they were younger.
The drapes near the open windows fluttered wildly, creating a sea of silk and wind. A flutter of silk crossed his vision and when it settled, he saw his crush standing in the hall. They smiled at him. A hand beckons him closer.
He crosses the hall, not minding the warm winds that coiled around him nor the soft drapes whipping against him. He felt a compulsion to be with the object of his affections.
They meet in the middle. Their hands reach to hold his face so gently, tenderly. Jamil feels so vulnerable under their gaze but at the same time, so content and greedy to have their eyes only on him.
They draw close, lips only a breath away from meeting Jamil. But the dream is whisked away from him in one fell swoop as knocking jolts him awake. A familiar voice calls out to him. “Jamil? Are you awake?”
Just another offense on the laundry list of things that Kalim does to grate his nerves. He’s quick to get out of bed to meet with Kalim, albeit a crease is present on his brow the whole time.
”Mm? Jamil? Are you okay? We can put off studying together if you’re not feeling well!” “Don’t worry about it. It’s nothing, come on. We can’t skimp out on this with how much you struggle with Alchemy…”
Though as Jamil tries to be focused to tutor Kalim, his fingers often reach up to try and remember the ghostly sensation of a kiss nearly touching him. It’s a feeling that keeps haunting him the whole day, really throwing his groove off.
Tumblr media
Even in the world of dreams, Vil can’t help that his subconscious plays everything out like a theatrical movie.
Tonight’s showing seems to be about a lone knight traveling to some kind of kingdom. It’s an out of body experience as he watches over the knight like a ghost. They both make their way into a castle and the scene shifts.
Suddenly it’s a grand ball with the loveliest costumes and extravagant decor all around, an air of dedance fills the whole place.
All eyes shift to the star of the dream and Vil is shocked upon seeing himself, dressed for gods and face painted like a masterpiece. No longer a ghost, now he took control of his elegant form.
He descends the stairs, head held high, and a figure comes to meet him at the bottom of the grand staircase. It’s a very familiar face he knows all too well. His crush. His knight has come to sweep him away.
Music fills his senses and the crowd vanishes. It’s only just him and his love, dancing away, and their bodies pressed close to one another. “You are much too kind, my king. Allowing a lowly vassal a dance.” “Indeed, I am. But your actions for this kingdom speak louder than your station. I reward you because I see your hard work.”
Suddenly Vil is dipped dramatically into a romantic pose, their knight so close to his face. “Then if I were to work by your side for the rest of my life, shall you award me with a kiss?” “Bold words. What would happen if I brought this kingdom to its knees?” “Then I would happily drink poison from your lips if you wish me dead, my liege…”
Such passionate words were about to be sealed with a kiss, but before the story reached its climax, Vil was awoken to his scheduled alarm. It was time to wake up and start his daily routine.
As he reached over for his phone to turn off the alarm, it was a wonder how the device didn’t just wither on the spot with how venomously he glared at it. That entire morning, everyone just knew to not get in Vil’s way while he tended to his duties…
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sandbees · 2 months ago
Yuu except they’re a distant descendant of Eliza the Ghost Bride (maybe a great great great grandchild of a sibling who escaped the kingdom’s destruction by fleeing through the mirror to our world).
So when the ghosts come to kick them out of Ramshackle, they take one look at Yuu, recognize their facial features, and kidnap them too. After all, they’re Eliza’s family! What would make their princess happier than to have her living relative at her wedding?
(Meanwhile Yuu is just going “what” in increasingly desperate tones of voice. They heard nothing about this whole ‘being descended from royalty’ thing, they would like to be able to call up their folks and demand an explanation yesterday please.)
Eliza is, of course, ecstatic. This is the descendant of her precious sibling who managed to escape, and they’re here in Twisted Wonderland to see her wedding to the prince of her dreams? It must be fate!! She alternates between cuddling up to Idia, eagerly trying to get to know her great great great grandkid, and slapping all these suitors who keep trying to interfere, especially those fiends who keep trying to kidnap the living royal heir!! Why, she may as well take them to the other side with her too at this rate, to make sure they’re safe!!
Everyone in the rescue mission is panicking. No one is okay.
Thankfully, Eliza and Chubby realize their love for each other and let Yuu and Idia go...
Except now Yuu has a whole bunch of ghostly relatives who keep popping up to embarrass help them in their day to day life whether they ask for it or not and a new (if defunct) royal title to contend with, with all the pageantry that brings. Almost like the princess diaries but with ghosts XD XD
:D I love ghost relatives. Just imagine Yuu desperately looking for an escape for them and Idia, but they’re also really curious to find out about their descendants.
Maybe after the whole Ghost Wedding fiasco is over (and Yuu has a mental crisis), Yuu can contact Eliza to ask about their family’s history? I mean, Eliza would be ecstatic to talk about it for weeks!
But that also means that Yuu could technically stay in Twisted Wonderland, since their family originated there.
Everyone is pretty surprised! But hey, maybe being in a magicless world locked Yuu’s magic potential. So when Yuu came here and interacted with her past relatives, that magic awoke.
Eliza and the rest would be so happy! Yes!! They have a descendant they could teach their magic too!
And Yuu? They didn’t expect this, but inside, they’re glad. They could fit in at the school, and they’ve finally found the piece that was missing all along.
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*Floyd with short Mc*
Floyd: Ooooooh shriiiimpyyyy where are you.
Mc: Floyd you don't have to shout I'm right next to you.
Floyd: Where is Shrimpy? I don't see them anywhere.
Mc: Look down Floyd I'm here.
Floyd: Like I hear Shrimpy's voice but I can't see them anywhere.
Mc: *kick Floyd*
Floyd: OUCH! Shrimpy what the heck. That wasan't nice.
Mc: Floyd I cured your blindness. Shouldn't you say thank you? If you go blind again I'll kick you again.
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angelltheninth · 11 days ago
Hi! If you write for Twisted Wonderland, Can I request corruption kink with Vil??
I've been wrecking my brain for inspiration for this when it finally hit me today.
Pairing: Vil Schoenheit x Fem!Reader
Tags: nsfw, smut, rough sex, cum eating, praise, degradation, creampie, semi-public sex, classroom sex
Word count: 1k
A/N: It's always the Reader getting corrupted, this time it's reversed.
Tumblr media
Normally Vil asked you to stay longer in order to study. He liked study sessions with you, it was quiet and he had such a pretty sight to look at. Well it might have been a little distracting for him but the two of you always managed to get work done.
It was already past noon when Vil pressed you against the glass window, one hand on your hip, holding your skirt up and the other pressing into your shoulder, the combined grips keeping you in place as he thrust his hard cock into you.
"Are you sure... ah... no one's going to come in?" Vil chuckled behind you, pulling you harder onto his cock. "Well other than you." As embarrassed as you were you couldn't keep the need out of your voice.
It only seemed to stoke the fire and drive from Vil, evident in the way his cock pulsed and throbbed as he pulled out and settled back in, stopping for a few seconds. While a part of you was grateful for a little breather there was another much hornier part of you that wanted him to get on with it.
"Don't worry darling, I'm not done with you yet. Just waiting for the two students down there to pass. If you're quiet they might not notice their star student being a complete cock slut." In order to test your resolve he jolted his hips, surprising you, making you let out a loud whimper. "I wouldn't have even dreamt of fucking you here. But you... I guess you bring out this side of me. You made me imperfect. With your lovely smile, your charm and your wit, your kisses and affection. And gods your cunt."
His hand left your shoulder and intertwined on top your own, lacing your fingers together, pressing it further into the glass as he starts to hammer his hips into yours.
You take a deep breath, trying to clear your head but all you could do was to press back into him, which only made him go harder, blurring your thoughts with pleasure and a slight sting of pain as your knees start to give out beneath his thrusts.
"You're the one who started jerking off in the middle of the study session. Don't pin this on me." Not that you were really complaining about it. Your cunt felt too good for that.
"And who crawled towards me on all fours hm? Who encouraged me to keep going? To lock the door and take my pants off? Who moaned and moaned, choking on my cock? You. All you my love. The things I want to do to you, the things you put in my head, the ways I want to use and please this tight, pretty hole of yours. I can't... I can't think right anymore. I don't care if anyone sees us, sees me fucking you. I'd keep fucking you. It's all you. So you better take responsibility for making me this way." You could hear the clear strain in Vil's voice, a little sound, almost like a whimper.
You arched your back and turned your head towards him, "I do don't I?" You purposely made your walls clench and flutter around him, right around his tip. "How's this, my Prince? Your cock seems to like it."
He always likes it. At first he was a little reserved in showing it but over time he became more and more open with his desires, initiating sex more often than not and going for a very long time, sometimes resulting in the two of you having to skip the first class because you wanted to nap and snuggle.
"Trying to get me to come again? You're already dripping my cum across the floor. And your desk... in fact." He pulled you back and maneuvered you over to your desk, "You want cum so bad then fucking lick it off you little slut."
You couldn't refuse his order. After all he always followed yours before, it was only fair that you returned the favor. And now it made a bit more sense that he asked you to thoroughly clean your desk before you started having sex on it.
"Fuck. You really ate it all up." He pressed your head into the hard wood and lifted one of your legs up on the corner of the desk, his cock reaching deeper than before with his new angle, "How about your cunt? Do you think it can take one more? I'm about to burst sweetheart, you can take it can't you? You can be good for me."
"Yes. Yes, I can. I will be. I'll be good. Just for you Vil." You gripped the edge of the desk in a white knuckle grip, trying your best not to black out as another orgasm, you don't even know what number anymore, flowed through you, a park of pleasure going from your clenching hole all though your body.
"Beautiful. You're so beautiful sweetheart. I love how you take all of me, all of my cum." Vil kept fucking you through your orgasm until his pace got too sloppy, to unhinged as he emptied his cum deep in your core, rutting until his balls were completely empty.
The sound of your combined heavy breathing was all that was heard in the classroom as Vil pulled you into him and collapsed into the nearby chair, his cock still snug inside you.
"How was that my darling? Enough of an adrenaline rush for you?" Vil's hips settled on your hips as his soft lips found your neck, pampering it with soft kisses and even softer words of love and praise.
You let out a heavy sigh as you settled in his lap, leaning your back to his front. Your hand reach back and found his blonde locks, angling him for a perfect kiss. "Perfect. Just like you." His smile was so bright from your words it was like looking into a sunrise illuminated by a sunset. You couldn't help but lean back for another kiss. And another. And many more after that as you waited to get the feeling in your legs back. Until then you were fully planning on enjoying the feeling of Vil's lips on yours, his tongue pushing and prodding, his mouth marking up your neck, and the comforting fullness and pressure of his cock and cum settled inside you.
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twistedmischieftales · a month ago
Silly random imagine hit me.
Imagine Y/n randomly wants to hold hands with Kalim. Kalim instantly says yes to the idea and now they are holding hands. Then Jamil comes over and sees they are holding hands, and ask why they are doing that. Kalim just states Y/n wanted to do it and now they are. Then Kalim has the fun idea of holding Jamil's hand too, which he does. Whether Jamil likes it or not, he is forced into this hand holding group now.
A little soon after Floyd sees they are holding hands and just comes over to casually hold hands with Jamil. Cue Jamil asking what he's doing and Floyd says he wants to take part in the hand holding group too since it looked fun. Jade sees what's happening and joins in as well, but he takes Y/n's free hand to hold instead of taking Floyd's. Cue Jade getting mixed feelings gazes from them all.
Then a even more wild idea hits Kalim, what if they hold hands with everyone they encounter and make a long line of hand holding. Y/n isn't sure what to think of this, Jamil is instantly against this, Jade is intrigued, Floyd is all for it(or isn't up for it depending on his mood, but lets say he is here), which is enough to motivate Kalim to try this idea out.
And so goes Kalim dragging everyone around to hold hands with whoever they can. Until finally they formed a long line of hand holding with others. They are all either happy to join or were forced into this hell and wish to break free now.
Somehow Crowley joined in too.
Then comes Crewel, tired as is from work and can't wait to go lay down and relax. Until he stumbles upon the long line of people just holding hands with each other. And Crowley is like "CREWEL! COME JOIN IN ON THE FUN!" while Crewel responds with a simple "No." And turns around and walks away without another word, hoping to get far away from this chaotic scene.
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pineapple-coco · a month ago
Tumblr media
I don't know how to say this but Mc is an artist that doesn't take good care of themselves but they have a similar idea of beauty like Rook dose where it is everywhere and to enjoy the simple things in life (they are much more awkward and introverted then rook is). I will call them Yuri.
Mc would be happy with anything they get even if it was given to them in a mean to hurt them. So Mc is someone that people can't hate as what monster would hate such a lovely person. Even tho Yuri isn't afraid to blackmail someone no one's going to believe you as they know Mc has something on them of they never pissed off Mc.
Ace: How are you so happy all the time?
Mc: Well you just have to be happy if something doesn't bug you, you should love it for the beauty of the item.
Ace: Fuck your like Rook but less creepy.
Mc: Rook isn't that bad he's nice and understand the simple joys in the world.
Rook: Oui Trickster!
Ace: Rook!
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rosehiroto · 6 months ago
Hello<3 i hope you're having a great day!
Can I request for twisted wonderland about overblot students (separately) who after having their mental breakdowns explain to the reader why they overblotted, they look at him in the eyes and just go "lol same😀😀😀", because they've having similar struggles in their own world
Hello, dear I'm having a good day i hope your day is great as well thank you for your amazing request i had alot of fun writing this one i hope you enjoy it 💙
I made mc a little affectionate in this i hope you don't mind
My requests are still open if you want to request something thank you so much for reading this
Mc is non-binary pronounce is they/them
Fandom: twisted wonderland
Type: angst at the start then fluff
Shared struggles
Tumblr media
Riddle Rosehearts
Trey continued to be a concerned mom and took care care of riddle for the rest of the day
The boy was back in his room trey making him some snacks
Mc wanted to check on riddle worried for the boy he did have an overblot
Mc was too nervous to go so they had to ask permission from trey
Trey allowed mc to visit riddle knowing mc they would help riddle feel better
They were nervous to even go near the room they never really talked to riddle after all
A soft knock was heard on riddle's door the male in question was reading a book lifting his head up slightly
"come in trey i told you don't knock it's not necessary i know it's yo-" riddle says getting interrupted by seeing mc's face his face getting a little red remembering how mc saw him have a bit of a hissy fit earlier today
The male quickly went back to reading his book trying to not show how his face
"riddle? I wanted to check up on you i hope your doing better?" Mc asked softly coming inside the room and closing the door softly standing next to riddle's bed
"i am alright thank you for asking you can leave now rule 343 says that no one should interrupt the afternoon reading time" riddle says still looking at his book jumping a little when mc sat down at his bed and looked at him with concerned eyes
"this might be a little weird but can i ask you what happened to make you overbolt? I understand of you don't want to answer but I wanted to try and help you i went through my own fair share of trouble in my life" mc explained fidgeting with their hands looking down getting mentally prepared for rejection
"i....when i was a child my mother didn't allow to do alot of things you could say.....i had to be perfect in every way possible i couldn't enjoy things that liked i couldn't be with people i loved i believed all the things she did was right and that it was for my own good.....but it wasn't....." The male started to explain tearing up remembering his rough childhood
"I'm disappointed in both myself and my mother aren't mothers supposed do what's good for their children then why......" The boy started to sob quietly mc looking at him with sad understanding eyes before taking hold of his hand gently
The boy looked up seeing the soft look on mc's face looking down at mc's hand holding his softly making him sob even more
"i understand what your going through my father was very strict i was never allowed to go outside have friends eat sweets i know how terrible your feeling right now but your not alone me and the others will be here for you" mc says tearing up a little remembering their childhood and how strict their parents was
"you can talk to me whenever you feel stuck or wonder about anything i know it's hard but we can go through this together don't ever forget that riddle" mc says softly pulling riddle into a hug the male clinging into the back of their uniform sobbing on their shoulder
"it's okay your not alone anymore i promise you" mc says rubbing Ribble's back gently
The door of riddle's room opened softly trey appearing behind the door peaking his head in
He smiles softly at the sight he knew it was good to send mc for riddle they have a good heart he knew it
Tray is now sure that riddle will be better he's not alone anymore mc will make sure of it they'll go through this together
Mc doesn't regret being in this strange place anymore they're glad to having the chance to meet riddle
Tumblr media
Leona Kingscholar
Leona was still in the nurse's office the others left he was too lazy to get up it was only him and mc who was taking a nap
The guards came and took his very clingy niece who was crying all the way out and waving at him
He sat there bored out of his mind staring at the little human's face
Leona wondered how they could be so peaceful when he was in the bed next to them
Weren't they scared he might get up and eat them he didn't understand this human at all
He continued to think about this human and their strange words the human stirred their eyes opening softly
"hmm...." Mc yawns softly opening their eyes to meet with bright green eyes staring at them
"rise and shine herbivore did you like your nap" Leona says sarcastically resting his head on his palm staring at mc
"Leona are you feeling better why are you still here" mc says softly yawning softly sitting up and rubbed their eye gently
"I'm too lazy to get up herbivore" Leona sighed staring as mc got up from their bed and got into his bed yawning softly
"move i wanna lay down" mc says in a sleepy voice shocking Leona who moved back anyway making space for mc to lay down
Mc layed down yawning again before staring at Leona with sleepy eyes making the male yawn softly as well
"are you feeling better?" Mc asked in a soft voice the male getting sleepy but answering anyways
"i suppose nothing hurts why are you on my bed tho you might kick me in your sleep and your bed is completely comfortable to sleep in" Leona argued yawning staring at mc with his green eyes
Mc didn't move and continued to stare at Leona before moving the hand to gently caress Leona's hair
"did you overbolt because you were overlooked by your family? Because your not the oldest?" Mc asked softly staring at Leona the male's eyes showing shock for a second before going back to normal
"because i was second means that no matter what I'll never be king no matter how strong or smart i get no matter how much better i am then him it doesn't matter....." Leona started spilling his feelings out starting to feel angry again
Leona got interrupted by a hand resting on his cheek his eyes met with mc's shock appearing in his eyes at the unfamiliar touch
"i....i understand how your feeling...... I'm the second child in the family my parents didn't expect much from me they appeared to care more about my sibling than me but you don't have to be first to prove to them how special you are" mc started smiling softly at the male who leaned into their touch without noticing
"your family does care about you they really do but you'll have to prove yourself being grumpy all the time and hating your brother won't fix anything" mc continued in a soft voice rubbing Leona's cheek gently
"hmmm.....your not so bad herbivore maybe your as dumb as i thought you were" Leona mumbled yawning softly nuzzling into mc's hand wrapping his arm around their waist and closing his eyes to take a nap
"hm... Don't sleep without me Leonaa" mc whines pinching Leona's cheek the male grumbling after
After a while they both feel into deep sleep not noticing the figure who chuckled at both of them before closing the door an running off planning to use the scene as black mail for the two
Most importantly of all Leona will prove himself he won't be so jealous anymore..... maybe a little bit but he doesn't have to tell anyone
He's glad this human is around they're helpful and a nice sleeping buddy
Leona smiles softly in his sleep having good dreams after a long time
Tumblr media
Azul Ashengrotto
After the monstro lounge was closed mc wanted to make a short visit to azul
Grim was being a child and whined about mc leaving him
Mc had to leave grim with ace and duce a glare from riddle quickly shut him up
Mc quickly thanked the three before leaving to visit Octavinelle meeting the twins on their way
The twins greeted mc and told them that azul was in his office to which mc quickly thanked them and went on their way to visit azul
Mc went to the office knocking gently on the door before pecking their head in through the door and going inside
The knock on the door surprised the male who was focused on his work gently saying come in and a head of a certain little prefect peaked in through the door
"azul? Are you busy i hope I'm not bothering you?" Mc says softly with a concerned face
"no I'm not busy you can come in" azul says going back to his work mc quickly went in and closed the door gently behind them
"umm are you feeling better? I know yesterday was hard.... I'm sorry it was kinda my fault" mc says softly looking down at their feet fidgeting with their hands
The male looked up and the perfect who looked very tired like him dark circles around their eyes their cheeks red probably from running all the way here
"don't apologize it's not your fault it's mine....i was tricking people i regret it now....i apologize for my mistake " Azul says looking down at his hands tightly gripping the pen in his hand
Mc looked up at the male he looked tired his figure was resting on the desk his face pale dark circles around his eyes paper filling his desk
"No it's wasn't your fault it kinda is but don't apologize please it was my plan that drove you into overbolting " mc says quickly moving to stand next to Azul's chair putting their hands on his shoulder
"...why..... why are you so nice to me even after all i did?" Azul asked lifting his head to look at mc who nervously looking away from him
"because i understand your struggles you were bullied when you were younger weren't you?" Mc asked in a soft voice nervously looking away from azul the male staring at mc
"i suppose they made fun of me because because i was different i hated it I did make them regret it after but......" Azul started tearing up a little before taking a deep breath looking away from mc
"azul.......i....i was bullied too as a child....i know it's hard...." Mc says softly hugging the male gently making azul tear up hugging them back gently
"but that doesn't mean that you have to take revenge your different now you should forget about the past and move on" mc says softly holding the male softly
They understood the feeling of being bullied they grew up being bullied it was hard to deal with but they moved on they learned to accept themselves just the way they were
"you can tell me.....you don't have to keep these feelings to your self i like you just the way you are we like you how you are" mc says rubbing Azul's head gently the male clinging more into them
"thank you truly i... I'm really glad your here with me" azul says smiling at mc gently mc smiled at him patting his head
Mc took hold of Azul's hand pulling him up and out of the office
"let's get some fresh air the weather is nice outside" mc says pulling azul outside the male following them smiling softly
He's understands now he doesn't have to change himself he's not perfect but he's fine just the way he is
This prefect is something different he's glad they're here with him
The twins look at eachother and smile at the sight of their friend
Tumblr media
Jamil Viper
Jamil was kinda being fussed over by kalim he didn't let male move
Kalim felt very sorry for his friend he didn't jamil felt that way at all they both sat down and let their feelings out to eachother
Kalim apologized a million times almost crying Jamil quickly stopped him and told him he forgave him
Mc as usual wanted to check up on both kalim and Jamil they both looked very tired the day after at school
They probably looked tired from all the crying and sleepless nights kalim told mc that he couldn't sleep for a few days worried about Jamil
Mc went to Scarabia to visit the two going to Jamil's room finding them both siting together
"Jamil, kalim hey you two i hope I'm not bothering you" Mc asked entering the room jamil was reading a book kalim doing his homework and writing in his notebook
"mc! Your not bothering us i was doing my homework and Jamil is reading a book come here sit I'll go get us tea" kalim says excitedly getting up and running off to make tea even with jamil telling him he'll do it
"he sure is excited as usual" mc chuckled softly sitting down next to Jamil the male sighing softly at kalim's loud voice disappearing down the hall
"yea he's back to his usual loud self how are you mc? What brings you here if you don't mind me asking?" Jamil asked closing his book gently setting it down and starting at mc
"i wanted to check up on you and Kalim you both looked really tired the others are worried about you both tho i see that Kalim is better how are you feeling now?" Mc asked looking at Jamil curiously
"i am feeling better i suppose me and Kalim talked about it" jamil says tracing his hands on the cover of the book
"i see that's good to hear I've honestly understand how you're feeling i had to take care of someone like you do with Kalim our families were connected many years ago with marriage but now it isn't necessary anymore tho i didn't have to do it i did take care of them it was hard to do but i did it they're taking care of themselves now" mc explained smiling softly at the memories Jamil's eyes opened in a shock for a moment before going back to normal
"you....you know how stressful it is to take care of someone especially Kalim" Jamil sighed finally feeling relatable to someone
"yes it was really tiring sometimes my friend was even clinger then Kalim you can't imagine how much of a hard time i had taking care of them getting food poisoning every week" mc sighed gently resting their head on the table looking at Jamil
"yes it is very hard to deal with but i do not regret it really I'm glad me and Kalim talked about it" Jamil says resting his head on the table looking at mc
Mc chuckles gently pushing the hair from Jamil's face to behind his ear pinching his cheek gently after
"you know i could help you with Kalim I'm good at most things I don't mind helping you both at all and you should let him become a little independent you know?" Mc says softly their hand still on Jamil's cheek tracing shapes gently
"i suppose you are right....... maybe you could help me only when your free your plate is already full with everything" Jamil says softly liking the feeling of their hand on his cheek closing his eyes gently
"I'm backkkkkkk" Kalim yells going into the room with a tea tray mc lifting their head greeting Kalim their hand still on Jamil's cheek the male didn't move and greeted Kalim in a sleepy voice
"what were you both doing? jamil are you sleepy? Are you feeling sick? Are you okay?" Kalim quickly asked setting down the tea tray on the table and fussing over the male who still didn't move from his spot
"he's resting for a little Kalim he's fine tho how about we lower out voices a little so he won't get a headache?" Mc asked gently shushing the male who stopped talking and started to drink his tea pushing the tea tray towards jamil and mc
Mc moved their hand away from Jamil's cheek and started to pour two cups of tea Jamil grumbling softly moving his head up a tea cup being set Infront of him
"tea will help drink some then you can take a nap and I'll rub your cheek more come on Jamil" mc says softly the male sighing before getting up to drink his tea
Mc was happily chatting with Kalim the male even more bright now that Jamil was feeling better
Jamil felt happy staring at mc and Kalim talk maybe he was jealous of Kalim before but he knows mc cares about them both equally so he's glad
They spend the rest of the day chatting and drinking tea then mc reading the two males a book and taking a nap together
Jamil was happy finally someone understood his feelings and will help him he's glad they're around
Tumblr media
Vil Schoenheit
The male in question locked himself up in his room which worried Epel and Rook
So they called their therapist dear lovely mc the best therapist of them all
Mc and vil weren't that close really but mc understood his feelings so they didn't want to pressure him too much
Both Epel and Rook knocked on his room many times Neige even came to visit him then went home when vil absolutely refused to leave his room
Epel and Rook told mc they would hear him crying at night which worried them to no end he never cried Infront of them
Mc went to vil's room knocking gently on the door still no answer but they won't get up easily
"vil it's me can't you open the door? I just want to talk" mc says knowing that vil can hear them through the door sitting down with their back against the door when vil didn't open the door
"you know vil back home where i came from i....i was a model and all the other models would get a better spotlight then me i was always jealous because i thought i was better well you know what i did i started modeling different things i became more friendly with the people around me and then i had the spotlight i was the main model in my agency" mc explained leaning their head back against the door
"i thought i will feel better but I didn't......i just continued to think that i was never good enough i doubt you feel like that but i learned to love myself just the way i am Neige isn't a rival to you he isn't better then you" mc continued on saying smiling gently when they heard the sound of someone shuffling then resting on the door
"i think your perfect just the way you are vil Rook Epel and me think your better in your field Neige is good at looking innocent like an angel your better at looking like the fairest of them all if i do say so myself " Mc says softly chuckling when they heard the sound of the door opening
Mc got up from the floor and went inside the room it was a little bit of a mess they closed the door behind them
Vil was standing Infront on his mirror his hair a mess dark circles under his eyes he was wearing dark purple pajamas unlike his usual uniform
Mc went behind vil resting both of their hands on vil's shoulder looking at the mirror Infront of them smiling at vil
"you look tired but still beautiful nonetheless vil" mc says softly the male smiling slightly at them
"I'm always beautiful.....but thank you for everything" vil says in a soft voice mc smiling gently at the male
"come on let's get you fixed up you beautiful fairy" mc says pulling vil to sit down putting a face mask on his face and brushing his hair gently
"your hair is so pretty when it's all down vil what do you think?" Mc says patting vil's head the male humming in agreement softly staring at mc brushing his hair gently pulling it into a bun
"show me your hands vil" mc asked holding their hands out for vil the male placing his hands softly in mc's
"your nail polish looks really dead vil i suppose i can help with you with that too do you mind letting me know where you keep your nail polishe?" Mc asked vil pointing towards a drawer mc pulled out a few shades of purple and red
Mc started to paint vil's nails softly vil watching them with shining eyes the whole time
"there we go let me take that mask off now do you mind me doing your makeup?" Mc asked taking the face mask off vil's face and throwing it in the trash
" I don't mind it your make-up is always good so I'm sure you'll mine good too" vil says softly looking at his nails which he liked alot
"Thanks deary now you want purple as usual right?" Mc asked softly putting primer under vil's eyes to hide his eye bags
"yea can you add some red in the middle too?" Vil asked mc hummed softly saying of course and starting with the eyeshadow
Mc used the lighter shade of purple on all of the eye layering it with the darker shades in the middle then the red and then the eyeliner
They finished the makeup with a soft red chapstick not to make it too much with the red lipstick
"now go change into your clothes I'll clean your room then we can go out on a walk and we'll eat some fruit that will help your skin okay?" Mc says softly pulling vil up pushing him towards his changing room
Mc cleaned the room making the bed and cleaning his desk throwing away the used paper towels
"I'm done" vil says out in his dorm clothes sitting down for mc to do his hair
After mc finished getting him ready they both stand infront of the mirror vil admiring the make-up and his hair
"thank you truly" vil says softly giving mc a kiss on the forehead after mc smiling at vil then pulling him out of his room
Rook and Epel were very happy to see vil back to normal showering him with compliments
Vil was feeling better now this was one of the best things happening in his life he might have to hire mc to do his make-up everyday
He's glad this human is around he will never forget what they did for him
Thanks you all so much for reading this all support is highly appreciated 💙
This writing is mine please don't repost copy or claim as your own
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halfmoonkid · a month ago
Tumblr media
☾ - pairing: jade leech x reader ☾ - word count: 811 ☾ - summary: when you overhear someone in the hallway talking about your boyfriend, you can’t help but intervene.
Tumblr media
The halls of Night Raven College were bustling and conversation flowed around you as you tried your best to push your way through the crowds so that you could make your way to your next class. You knew that if you were late again, Crewel was going to lecture you, and the last thing you needed one a day like today was a teacher ripping into you. 
With forced determination, you shouldered past a small group of students but just as you were about to turn to corner to head towards your classroom, the sound of a familiar name caught your attention. You didn’t recognize the voice who spoke it, but your footsteps hesitated as you couldn’t help but listen in to what they were saying.
“…with the semester ending at least we won’t have to see the Leech twins anymore. God, they give me the creeps.”
“Yeah, they’re so tall and imposing and always up to something shady. Not to mention, Jade’s fake formalities are disgusting and annoying.”
You came to a complete stop when you realized that you hadn’t been mistaken and that they actually were talking about your boyfriend, and your entire body bristled at the insults they were sharing about him. It wasn’t the first time you had heard such crude remarks during your time at Night Raven, but that didn’t change the way you felt when you heard them. Jade always brushed them off, but you weren’t quite that refined.
“Do you guys have a problem over here?” You seethed, your words coming out as a low hiss as you injected yourself into their circle of conversation. They hadn’t even seen you walk over to them, and they, unsurprisingly, looked puzzled when they realized that your malicious words and expression were directed at them. 
“I’m sorry?” One of them asked, and you couldn’t help but laugh, despite there not being a drop of humor in it.
“You should be considering you’re over here talking horrendously about someone you don’t even know. The Leech twins give you the creeps, eh? How about I give you something else?” 
Your fist was already raised in the air when, suddenly, a hand gently wrapped around it to stop you. It felt like your entire body was vibrating with rage, and you were just about to elbow the person for intervening, but with one quick glance over your shoulder, you were met with a familiar smile and head of teal and black hair. Sharp teeth glistened in the hall lighting, and your body instantly deflated as your arm lowered back to your side.
“I appreciate you stepping in on our behalf, my love, but that really is quite unnecessary.”
There was something about the sound of Jade’s voice that always brought about a wave of serenity blanketing over you. With his hand still holding your fist, his touch brought an added soothing quality with it, and you felt the tremors of your anger start to subside.
“I was just going to kindly remind them to keep their mouths shut,” you cooed innocently, and Jade chuckled. Over his shoulder, you could hear Floyd laugh - as he was never too far away - and the smile that settled onto your face became a genuine one. 
“You’re cute when you’re fired up,” Jade replied, his free hand lifting to cup your chin so as to tilt your head up so that you could look him in the eyes properly. He bent down slowly until he was at your eye level, and you felt your breath catch in your throat as the distance between you shrank. “But please, don’t be going and getting into trouble because of the people around here that don’t like me. I simply wouldn’t forgive myself.”
You pouted briefly before nodding in understanding, and Jade’s smile grew. 
“Good. Now, how about I treat you to lunch at the Lounge?” Your brow furrowed in response.
“But, class…” You started to retort, but the look he gave you caused the rest of your words to die on your lips.
“I insist.”
His heterochromatic eyes glowed with a mixture of mischief and adoration that made your stomach twist and your heart flutter. It was such a familiar look, and yet one that you could never say no to.
Giving in to him was easy. And as your fist loosened and Jade was able to slip his fingers between yours, he led you towards the Hall of Mirrors to head to the Mostro Lounge. You didn’t even turn to see how the students you had threatened had reacted to the entire exchange, and you found that you truly couldn’t care less. They had already been long forgotten the second Jade’s hand had wrapped around yours. As for Crewel and his class that you were missing, that was a punishment you would have to face later. 
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