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Welcome to TWST characters as things my friends and I have said over the years and have quoted!
Enjoy lmao
Idia: Thank you. I appreciate you remembering my wants and needs- what the fuck why do you have so much cobblestone
Trey: The only “time” you can run from is the spice
Jade: I’m gonna rip out your spinal cord and strangle you with it
Floyd: bet
Lilia: no dropamole was guac-ed today
Idia: The triad of things that make us funny: depression, neurodivergency, and trauma
Azul: All things I have
Jade: like, you just casually simp but-
Azul: Floyd competitively simps
Ace: the spice girls?? never heard of em. ive only heard of the spice cats.
Yuu, referring to the twins: That’s the difference: one of them murders people, the other one is just horny.
Deuce: A space is called a space because there’s space in the space and if there’s space in a space, it’s space.
Azul: [sighs]
Floyd: hey wouldn’t it be funny if I ran across the train tracks while that train is coming
Floyd: watch what I can do
Floyd, attempting to do a backflip and failing:
Idia: I called it a dumbass and it started working
Kalim, giggling: I bet this is eggscruciating huh
Riddle, about to pop a vein:
Cater: this is bullying and harassment i am cancelling you on twitter dot com
Ace: Drowning Jesus Christ in milk was removed from the Bible’s public release for being too violent
Trey: what
Jade: The ninth wonder of the world: the backside of tongue
Floyd: Go Go Gadget Tongue
Floyd, tipping his fedora: m’shrimpy
Floyd: just give her a concussion so she forgets that she lives there and only remembers where she used to live so that she finally leaves /j
Lilia: A scale of 26-89
Malleus: 142
Lilia: I want to be cold and surrounded by dead bodies
Azul: …it would just add more tragically “”romantic”” gestures…
I have SO many more if anyone is interested
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Twisted wonderland Incorrect Quotes #4 :
Yuu/Mc : *sees a group of first year students doing something stupid*
Yuu/Mc : what a bunch of idiots...
Yuu/Mc : ...
Yuu/Mc : *realisation*
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tezret · 2 months ago
Ace: *flirts with you for the millionth time*
You/Reader, actually flirting back:
Ace, blank faced and sweaty:
You/Reader: You’re not gonna say anything?
Ace, nervously: I don't- I don’t know- i didn't think i'd get- make- um *pulls at his collar* -make it this far… *stutters even more*
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Fairy Gala Ace Is Coming HAHAHAHAHA
Tumblr media
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Synopsis: They say something hurtful to their s/o and make them cry 
Characters: Ace Trappola, Jade Leech, Leona KingScholar, and Riddle Rosehearts 
Warnings: This is MUCH longer than part one. 
Part (2/2)
Read the first half: here
{A/N: Hi everyone! Here’s the second edition, as promised! This took 3 sittings to write lol. Sorry for the boring formatting but I don’t think I have the guts to deal with tumblr today.} 
Ace Trappola 
Ace doesn’t have the guts to seek you out immediately
He’s too busy holing himself up in his room. Likely wasting hours laying down; either staring at the ceiling or tossing a baseball in the air. 
His braincells are working overtime (a very rare occurrence in his case), and he’s got the classic ‘Angel vs. Devil’ advocate on each shoulder 
Ya know, think Kronk from Emperor’s New Groove 
According to his Angel, you’re better off alone. He’ll just make things worse and that’s the last thing he wants. The best option is to let himself brood and you have your space. He can wait for you to come to him, and then he’ll apologize. He needs to reflect to be better for you.
As for his Devil, he’s pissed that you ran off without him in the first place. It whispers that the issue wasn’t big enough to warrant a scene. It was only some mindless teasing, and telling him off would have been better. 
It’s a game of tug-o-war between the two. Ace’s pride doesn’t want to admit that he’s in the wrong, and wants you to apologize to him. It wants to march over to Ramshackle, demand you talk to him, and to keep going like nothing happened 
The Devil nearly wins, but somewhere in the back of his mind the Angel has an ‘ace in the hole’. One holding back that sinful pride 
It says that this fight, while small on the surface, is one that would repeat itself if left alone. It’s not the first time Ace’s teasing has gone too far, and he knows it. He has always chosen to ignore it, thinking that you can handle it. He projected himself onto you in many ways, and that’s the real problem. 
If he wants you to stay with him, then it isn’t the teasing that needs to stop. It’s the projecting. He needs to try listening more and treating you like his partner rather than a friend with benefits. 
In the end, his Angel wins
Yet he is still Ace. Patience is not his virtue, so the Devil will have his advocate. 
The fool bolts to Ramshackle, ignoring the protests of his upperclassmen and his dorm’s curfew. Not wise, considering the punishment awaiting him, but he’ll deal with that tomorrow. 
For now, all Ace is concerned with is getting to you before he passes out or does something stupid again 
Without concern for your sleep schedule, he’ll bang on the door “Oi! Open the door (Y/N)! We gotta talk,” 
If you don’t respond, he’ll keep banging until you do. It will progressively get louder and he won’t let up for a moment. It is in your best interest to open it and let him in 
When you do choose to open it, you’ll find him a mess. He didn’t bother to clean himself up after his little existential crisis. 
Once inside, he at first gets cold feet. He initially planned this long ramble about how he would be better, but one look at you makes his thoughts become static 
In the end, all he can manage is to pull you into a tight hug. One he hopes conveys how sorry he is. For earlier, and for overlooking your feelings 
If you hug him back, he’ll calm down significantly. Ace won’t want to go back to his dorm in fear of riddle so perhaps offer him merciful refuge. Give him a glass of water and let him go wash his face. 
You can sentence him to the couch, or spend some time together. He’s okay with either, but you can’t go to bed just yet. Now that he’s calm, he’ll try to scrounge pieces of what he wanted to say earlier but couldn’t.
“Hey,” he starts, facing you with his characteristic determination, “I’m gonna be better. I don’t know how just yet, but that’s my problem to figure out. Just know that I'm gonna do better by you. The next time I make you cry, it’s going to be because you’re so damn happy and can’t help it. I won’t accept nothin’ else, alright?”
Will you give Ace a second chance? 
Jade Leech 
Jade is not one to act on impulse. Every move he makes is done with intent.
Every word is weighed against all others in his vocabulary
Every step is taken considering the optimal route 
Every hour is maximized, even for personal affairs and hobbies 
Jade has always been this way ever since he was a child. How else does a person become so meticulous in everything they do? You noted his behaviors early on, surprising him.
Drawing conclusions based on past experience, deducing his nature should have labeled him as cold-hearted -unapproachable- in your eyes.
 Definetly not someone to be loved or admired 
Yet, you remained fond of him. Finding security in his planning and trust in his words. If he always chose his actions carefully, then he would never lie or hurt you. He found the refreshing point of view charming, agreeing with it.  
“Many may try to harm you, but I am the least likely to,” is what he said. However, even then his words were picked selectively. Even then, he secured himself. 
‘least likely,’ is not definite. If you noticed, which he is certain of, you had not commented and instead played along. 
That conversation had been months ago, yet Jade found himself reflecting on it more in one day than during the timespan between. 
After your argument, he had steeled himself to forget his emotions until your ‘situation’ was taken care of. He met with Floyd and Azul in the VIP lounge, quickly informing them of your whereabouts and why he would be working the night shift. 
As always, he spoke guarded. Only reassuring that you would not be leaving the dorm for the rest of the night and leaving out information on the ‘lovers spat’. Utterly useless, since Floyd and Azul knew Jade well enough to sense there was more. However, neither pried.  
Instead, they readjusted the system. Now Floyd would accompany you through the day, Azul would escort you home, and Jade would personally track any abnormal behaviors from a distance. 
Needless to say, the targeting did not last much longer. Floyd may be decent at tracking, but he’s always been the one to strike in a hunt. Now Jade? He was still on your schedule, yet not bound to your side. With Floyd on guard duty, he was easily able to follow the clues after every ‘accident’. 
Two days
Two days and it was done. He had a hunch before, but it turns out that multiple people with grudges teamed up for this plan which is why their tracks were covered well. Jade still found them though, and his brother was just itching for a good squeezing. 
Unfortunately, Jade held no pity for them. Though he did offer them one last solace. 
“You have succeeded, albeit only temporarily. I grant you the mercy of this knowledge. You have also hurt someone precious, and so I will let my brother here handle your punishment. I have some loose ends to tie in the meantime,” 
With that, he leaves and lets another important issue cloud his mind. 
Jade had lost his composure with you, which normally wouldn’t be too harsh since he does have his moments. They normally appear as taunts or light teasing, but that is not the issue 
Even if he lost control over his voice, he still could have acted.  He hurt you, but instead of fixing it he chose to use the situation to his advantage. Using your moment of distraction to handle the more pressing issue, and letting your emotions fester. He also made you feel unsecure by lying though omission, despite doing it for your own safety 
Now Jade wonders, how well can you truly predict him? Enough to know he did not mean what he said? Enough to understand why he did not resolve your misunderstanding promptly? 
He first finds Azul near your dorm, who informs Jade that you’ve gone to the botanical gardens to relax. The two experience a silent communication, and Jade knows his absence has hurt you. Likely more than his words or lie. 
He finds you seated on a bench, laying back and watching the wind sway the trees. You are unsuspecting, calm, and now Jade understand why you were targeted over himself. 
“If you stare hard enough, perhaps the trees will bend to your will. Although you will then no longer need Grimm for magic lessons...” he permits himself to sit next to you without asking. You glare at him from the corner of your eye, and Jade deflates slightly. 
Something tells him that you know everything. That he spoke impulsively, that he purposefully ignored you, and that someone was after you because of him 
Yet something itches, that you do not want an apology for those issues. His only clue is how you haven’t left, and merely sit defiant as a way to say ‘we’ll? I’m waiting...’
“I suppose that an apology is in order,” he breaths, reaching out to lay a hand over one of your own, “If I am correct, you are already aware what I spoke the other day is not true,” you nod, “that I purposefully distanced myself,” you nod again, “and that I withheld knowledge concerning your safety” you nod for a third time
“I am sorry for hurting you, but not for trying to keep you safe. I do not regret that and never will. Yet -above all else- I am sorry for being distrustful and leaving you alone,” 
Will you accept Jade’s apology?
Leona KingScholar 
The moment the door slams, Leona is out and chasing after you. If his underclassmen know what’s good then they won’t get in his way or spread anymore gossip. They are the reason he’s in this mess anyways. 
He tried fixing one problem, but ended up with one much worse. Leona could handle your anger. He’s not the type of guy to hold his tongue, and that gets you both in many fights or troublesome situations. 
Yet those are petty fights. Normally about how he talks to your friends, skips class, or carries you around like a rag doll. He could brush them off and so could you, because deep down you were aware that he never actually aims to do harm
When it matters, he’s straightforward and heartfelt. You believe that when things get serious, he would never ditch you. Not for a moment has he lead that trust astray, until now 
In your eyes, he put his “ pride” over your trust. The initial plan was to brush his dormmates concerns off, but Leona took it too far. Though this isn’t the first time one of his schemes evicted bad karma 
Leona catches up quickly. No matter how fast a human you may be, speed is a lion’s game. 
He grabs you by the bicep just before you are able to enter the travel mirror and leave Savanaclaw. 
“Quit running before you get hurt...” he trails off, the scent of salt hitting him again except more powerful than before. Without letting go, he reaches out his other hand to wipe your tears, only to get pushed away 
While he’s startled, you rip your arm from his hold and push through the mirror. Leaving him with a last warning.
“Go away! I never want to see you again!” the command rings in his head. His arm drops limp to his side, before he growls and punches the rim of the mirror in frustration. Leona curses under his breath, before turning around and letting you go 
He can’t chase after you now, no matter how much he wants to. There is a reason Leona did not want his underclassmen to think your relationship is serious- why he told such an abhorrent lie. 
In his culture, the most respected person in an individual’s life is their partner. The moment you accepted his companionship, you became important to Leona. Which means that if you want it, then it happens. He may complain, he may groan, whine, talk back, etc. 
but whatever power he has, is now yours. You just don’t realize it. 
The same cannot be said for others. People that have bad motives. So, he lied as a preventative measure. Used his pride as a scapegoat, asserted his dominance, and planned to brief you in later. 
He tried to set things right before matter became worse, and failed. Now Leona needs a loophole. Some way to fix this without confusing you or overstepping a boundary. A way that involves a medium. 
More like an errand boy. Leona can’t send Ruggie, because the hyena by default is required to respect you as much as Leona. Jack Howl? No ties. Hates drama. No ulterior motives. 
A quick bribe, pull at the heartstrings, and before Jack realizes it he’s already delivering a penned note to your dorm. 
“The house-warden is pretty bent out of shape these days. Snappy, moping, and honestly a real pain in the ass. Give the letter a chance, maybe he’ll surprise you,” Jack said upon leaving the note
Refuse him or not, you will take the letter. It’s enchanted to keep reappearing until opened by the intended recipient
 If you ask why Leona has not come himself, Jack will simply emphasize the letter again with a huff 
“Your word is binding, understand? I can claw, scratch, scream -do whatever other stupidly desperate thing you’re picturing right now- but I can not come near unless you say so. Now that you know this, let me explain everything first, and if you still want to run away then go ahead. Just know that if you don’t show up, I will keep hassling your bushy-tailed friend. Maybe I’ll enlist the gluttonous cat? All the tuna in the world in exchange for the stubborn prefect; what will he choose?”   
Will you return to Savanaclaw?  
Riddle Rosenhearts 
Riddle tries to follow you. He screams in his head to move, find you, explain himself, and bring you back 
Trey is looking at him expectantly, as are the rest of his dormmates. In his frozen state, his eyes scan their faces. Some of sympathy, others withholding frustration, and a few near ready to go after you in his place 
Riddle understands, you are beloved by all. You have a place here. A place with him. 
Resolving to move, he pushes his chair back to make haste. Yet, he pauses midway in a panic to stabilize himself against the table. It’s then he realizes how his legs are like jelly, and how afraid he is to speak with you again. 
Riddle nearly falls over, with Trey steadying his shoulders at the last second. He hears his name being called, yet is too absorbed in his thoughts.  
Most specifically, the voice whispering for him to let you go. 
It is no secret that Riddle has changed since meeting you. He’s become more sympathetic with his peers, and has somehow managed to become more than just respected in their eyes. He is grateful for the impact you’ve made on his life, and only a fool would not notice his adoration...
What has he done? What can he offer you? He has joked many times that you will find no better in all of Twisted Wonderland 
Does he truly believe that? No, and now you have the chance to go home. A world he has never seen before, where you can be happy. If he lets you go now, then it will make separating much easier. There will be no goodbye. He will simply return home to his mother, and when the new year begins it will be like you never entered his life. You can be free from everything-
His face stings. Riddle’s sight finally focuses on those around him, specifically on the rageful freshmen glaring daggers into his skull and with a hand raised
“Just shut up already and go after them! You’re such a big baby- ‘boo hoo I'm holding them back. My name is Riddle and I talk superior but really I’m just afraid of everything’,” Ace mimics Riddle’s voice, pretending to sound like a crying toddler, ”that is what you sound like. Damn straight you aren’t good enough for them, but you better finish what you started or someone else will,” at the end of his lecture, Ace points towards the rest of Heartslabyul’s residents and nearly all agree aloud. 
Riddle goes red, all self-deprecating thoughts vanishing at the taunt and mixing with embarrassment. Ace tries to push past him yet gets halted. Not by a collar, but merely Riddle standing in his path. All signs of jello-legs gone, as he looks his underclassmen in the eye. 
“That,” Riddle says through his teeth, “is not necessary. Rest assured that they will not be leaving Twisted Wonderland. I swear it on the name of Rosehearts,” he dismisses the final unbirthday party of the year and sends Trey to retrieve some spare stationary. Once received, he bids all a goodnight before returning to his bedroom. 
The next day arrives, and Riddle is carrying his suitcase to where he’ll be staying over summer break. On the way there he stops to release a messenger crow, one carrying a very important message. 
He walks up the steps to the house, nervous about the previous day’s events and his mother’s reaction. Waiting for a response letter will also be very stressful. The list seems to only grow...
He takes a moment to steel himself, and knock on the door. Once. Twice. Three times. As the rules dictate. 
He hears steps grow close and clutches his suitcase firm. When the door opens, he offers a meek smile, “may I come in?”  
Too surprised to speak, you step aside wordlessly and usher him inside Ramshackle dorm. 
“I am aware you may not wish to see me after yesterday,” he begins, setting his suitcase down to take your hands, “but I cannot let that be our last meeting. If visiting home is what students do over break, then I will be staying here. I want you to stay in Twisted Wonderland. I want to spend time at your side, and I am sorry for leading you to believe otherwise. I am willing to spend the entire summer earning your forgiveness, but do not leave. Please,”
Will you remain in Twisted Wonderland with Riddle? 
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Adeuce&Grim: Kicks the door down looking panicked MC/Yuu/You: What did you do? Adeuce&Grim: Nobody died! MC/Yuu/You: WHAT KIND OF ANSWER IS THAT???
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𓄹 ❥𝘈 𝘚𝘱𝘦𝘤𝘪𝘢𝘭 𝘏𝘰𝘮𝘦 𝘚𝘤𝘳𝘦𝘦𝘯❦ 𝘢𝘭𝘭. ,,
summary: you go to hand them their phone but it’s unlocked! and you notice it’s a picture of you! except…? no tws, gn reader, established relationship. paternal figure staff.
Tumblr media
❁ཻུ۪۪ ━ ❝ a fullbody picture of you doing something; ❞ they set you doing something such as petting a fluffy animal, reading a book, talking to a friend and happily smiling, or other from afar as their phone lock screen because they thought you were perfect at the time
RIDDLE, trey, jack, JADE, rook, idia, SILVER, crewel.
❁ཻུ۪۪ ━ ❝ a picture you posed for; ❞ they either asked you to pose for them, you asked them to take it for you, or it was such a great picture on magicam he made it his lock screen
ace, jamil, VIL, malleus, sebek
❁ཻུ۪۪ ━ ❝ the two of you together; ❞ they have the two of you or a group photo as their lock screen, with you and him standing next to each other
cater, RUGGIE, azul, kalim, EPEL, vargas, ghosts
❁ཻུ۪۪ ━ ❝ the most unflattering picture of you ever; ❞ they took the ugliest, blurriest, most unphotogenic picture of you someone could ever take and set that as their lock screen. they might know how to take photos, but prefers this, or they clearly don’t.
DEUCE, leona, floyd, LILIA, trein, sam
❁ཻུ۪۪ ━ ❝ lost their phone privileges or no phone; ❞ they are on thin ice and got their phone taken away until further notice by Trein or have no phone
ortho, crowley, GRIM
Tumblr media
some filler content. next is third years gyokuro, then an Azul kuding, then a Savanaclaw gyokuro, followed by a funmatsucha-gyokuro Vil/Leona blend for requests! there will be filler content in between ^^. the event post prompts have already been decided and written! <33 gotta go edit some pictures for that. also got to finish my yuma, ellac, and hasa models.
i’d like to think the unflattering photo is like a low budget haikyuu shot during s4. just you with the tiniest pixels and zero though put in the photo.
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Hello there! Can i have maybe a seperate headcanons for the first years where they time travelled in the future, then suddenly met their girlfriend, their s/o (or future wife s/o)with their future child/children?
Hello! Ooh this is an interesting idea, thank you!
First years time travelled to meet their s/o with children
All of this occured when Crowley accidentally caused the dark mirror to be connected to somewhere other than where the students were supposed to go to
He walked in thinking he was going to go back home or at least back to his hometown, but he ended up in a different room.
Ace rubs the back of his head as he falls through a mirror and lands almost face-first into a plush rug. He looks up, cursing to himself for trusting Crowley with the trip but he stops when his eyes land on a little kid.
"Uh, hey, um, sorry I'm a student at NRC and I just got transported to the wrong place?" Ace tries to wave at the kid but he only ends up looking more awkward than he already is. But the kid looks in shock and it takes a second for him to do the same. The little girl had reddish orange hair, similar to him. She had eyes that reminded him back of you.
"You look like papa!" the little girl shouts. Before he can ask what she means, she runs out of the room and calls out for his mom. Ace tells himself that he needs to get out before the police come and arrest him. But before he can leave, the girl rushes back in with someone.
"O-oh, who's this?" the woman in front of Ace looked like you, with the exception that she looked much older. Ace's jaw dropped, was he in the future? The little girl continues to babble about how Ace was her father and the woman is trying to calm the little girl down while looking at him in confusion. Before Ace can ask anything, he's feels himself being pulled back into the mirror.
Ace comes back and doesn't say a thing. He's blushing, especially when his eyes land on you, but he doesn't say a thing. "What's the matter? Are you alright?" you ask him. He blushes, "I-I'm okay! A-also, y-you're really b-beautiful, yeah," he stammers and runs off.
He knew it wasn't going to end well when he told Crowley it's fine for him to believe him in getting Deuce to his home. Of course he lands somewhere else.
Deuce falls face first and laid on the ground for ten minutes. When he finally got up, he looked around and saw that he was in an unfamiliar room. There were family pictures on the wall, and someone that was holding a NRC diploma with their mother. Before he could go see who it was, he heard someone coming to the room.
"Shoot!" he whispered to himself and ran to hide behind a plant. Before he can finish his action though, the door opens and he sees a woman come in. They have beautiful eyes, beautiful hair, and...wait is that you?!
"Y-Y/n?" Deuce called out, almost tripping on the plant vase on the way. The woman looked up, then she had a shocked face. "Deuce? What are you doing in your NRC uniform?" you laughed, it was really you.
Deuce has so many questions, he reached out a hand to you but before he could continue, a little boy ran in with a police cap. "Mom! Is dad back home already? Can I go play spelldrive with him now?" Great Seven he has kids?!
Deuce is about to say yes (as if he's a dad already) but before he can say anything he's going through the mirror and he's back to the past. You run up to him and ask if he's okay. Deuce looks at you with a blush, but his eyes become soft. "Yes, I'm fine, w-well, it was a nice surprise." He won't tell you what he saw, but he swore he was going to cry when he saw the little boy.
He let Crowley decide his fate. He knew it was a mistake but he couldn't say no to a headmaster, so he just let himself be. Jack landed in a garden that happened to have a mirror on one of the sides.
Jack looked around, glad that he hadn't had a bad fall, but where was he? This would be an issue if he couldn't figure a way back home, but before he could try and open the mirror back up, footsteps could be heard.
The student turned around, raising his ears to figure out who it was. Clearly they were light footsteps, meaning they were from lighter bodies, likely children. He realizes he might get arrested and looks for a place to hide, which was behind a bush.
When he goes behind a bush, he realizes that there's someone else there. A little boy shushes him and giggles mischievously, and the boy happens to have wolf ears...like him? A little boy on the other side could be heard calling out a name.
"Boys come back inside, dinner's ready! Dad's back too!" a soft voice could be heard from far away. It sounded so familiar, sort of like you. The young boy next to him popped up and shouted "DINNER!!" before bolting away. Jack kept himself hidden, watching as a woman appeared with a cactus pot in her arms. The little boys ran over, wolf ears and tails like Jack.
The mirror pulled Jack back in, and he found himself in the school grounds soon after. You ran up to him and asked if he was okay, putting your hands on his shoulders. He realized there that the person he saw from far away was you, which meant...those were his kids?! Jack doesn't say anything, just a curt nod and marches off. He's too happy about this future he can't talk to you, but you can tell he's happy because of how his tail is wagging.
He wanted excitement, he told Crowley it's fine if he fails to send him back home. Crowley, a bit offended, sent the farm boy off. Epel landed in a room that looked a lot like his own.
When he looked around, he saw that there was no one around. Going over to the window, he accidentally stepped on an empty apple juice box. It was the same apple juice that he liked! He might be close to home! Before Epel can shout a "hell yeah it worked!" he hears a whizzing from outside.
Epel ran over to the window, pressing his face against it. There's a young girl, screaming as she's on a broom, and a woman holding a basket of apples and yelling at the little girl that she's getting the hang of it.
The woman looks familiar, so does the child. Purplish hair, a string of country words spilling from the child's mouth and so on. The woman had the same warm look in her eyes, a determined flare too, that reminded him of you.
That was when it clicked for Epel: he was in the future! Epel was so shocked and wasn't sure if he should let himself be known, but he decided to explore the room instead. It was covered in drawings, one with a very muscular looking man and a kid, most likely his future daughter's depiction of the father...was that Epel?
Before he can look at the photos on the walls, he's pulled back into the mirror and is hugged by you on the other side. "Oh my gosh I was so worried for you! You aren't hurt right?!" you shake him a bit. "Er, yeah, m'good," he nods. He blushes. "Also, what d'you think 'bout livin' in the countryside? Might be kinda nice," he adds on. You just say you're happy wherever he is, and he blushes even harder.
He said no, but Lilia convinced him it would be fun. He's never taking advice from Lilia again! Sebek lands in what looks a bit familiar like his home but it's much, much more bright than it should be.
He looks around and sees no one, but he knows that he's in someone's home. "Great Seven, what am I to do?! If I get in trouble, I'll be putting shame on Lord Malleus's name and-" "I won't be able to live!"
Someone finished his sentence. He paused, looked around and saw a young girl and a boy. "You know you can't talk to strangers, I'm calling mom!" the boy whispers to the girl, tugging at her sleeve. "No, I think they're fine! Look, he even looks like dad!" she points. The kids have the same green hair as he does.
Wait. What? "I-I'm who?" Sebek asked, confused at what they mean by "dad." "Yeah, he's a super knight that works for the king! He's away right now, but I'm one thousand percent sure you look like father!" the boy beams suddenly, puffing out his chest.
"We need to show mom!" the girl suddenly bolts up and runs out of the room. Sebek is left with the young boy who tells him about the great feats that their dad did. Apparently he was strong enough to throw boulders. A woman soon appears and Sebek almost has a heart attack. He sees someone that he recognizes, someone that melts his heart all the time - you.
"Y-Y/n?!" he jumps up as well but before he can ask anymore, he's pulled back into the mirror. You and Lilia are there to greet him, with you asking if he's alright. "Ah! I-um, yes! Of course I'm alright! Why wouldn't I be?!" he's blushing, he stammering, you can tell he's not calm. You just pat him on the back and welcome him back to safety. Sebek doesn't tell you what he saw, but he has been talking about children and families a lot more than you remember. Sebek wants to be a great, dad perhaps as great as his future kids described him.
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mlk082 · 3 months ago
Can I request first years reaction headcanons to a spell gone wrong and now Mc is stuck in a wall. Front half on one end and back end on the opposite side
Stuck In a Wall - First Years
Laughs at you.
Is like- "Oh Crap!", but laughs at how funny the situation is.
Takes a photo.
Tries to undo it and starts to panic when he can't.
"Well, uh, I guess you're stuck there for a bit longer.."
Tries to get Deuce to help but it's not working and Ace does not know what to do.
Considers getting a teacher, but really doesn't want to get scolded, so opts for Cater instead.
Begs him not to tell Riddle.
Oh no! Are you okay? Feels bad.
Is sorry for getting you stuck in the wall and really thought that he was ready to try out the spell he learned.
Also freaks out.
Tries doing other spells to reverse it but nothing is working and it's getting worse somehow.
Deuce doesn't want to cause further damage to you or the wall, so he actually gets a teacher. While he got scolded, he knows that he deserved it for getting you stuck.
Apologises to you and promises to not use you like that again unless he's tried it on himself or Ace first.
OOPS! Is a bit more calm about it.
Are you okay?
The wall isn't squeezing you, right?
You aren't getting crushed right?
Tries to tug you out.
Stops trying when you yell "OW" for the 30th time.
Doesn't try to reverse it himself and gets a teacher immediately afterwards.
Apologises for getting you stuck.
Oh fuck fuck fuck!!!! Is panicking that he got you stuck in a wall.
Also tries to tug you out of the wall.
He didn't chop you in half right????
Tries using other magic to reverse it.
Considers giving you a potion to turn you into a liquid, but scratches the idea because he doesn't know the potion or spell to turn you back.
If Rook pops up, he'll ask Rook, but if not, Epel will get a teacher.
Gives you apple juice that his mom just sent him as an apology.
He is so loud, the bloody wall shook.
"Could you stop yelling before a painting chops my head off?"
Apologises over and over while creating spells to get you out of the wall.
Won't tug you.
Gets Silver if he's around but will usually opt for a teacher.
Continues to apologise to you.
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epelys · a month ago
texting: ace trappola
Tumblr media
genre — fluff/crack, smau
notes — g/n reader, reader is ramshackle prefect, platonic/romantic, short
a/n — i love ace trappola so much but i feel like he could call his friends his babes
Tumblr media
trapoola — 12:28 am
did you get the answer to number 9 on the history homework
yuu — 12:28 am
ace what the fuck stop fishing for answers it’s 12 in the morning
trapoola — 12:28 am
MORNING?? i think u mean noght because the sun isn’t even night
also please give me the answers train is going to kill me
yuu — 12:28 am
we are not about to fight because you think 12 am is night and not morning 💀 when the clock goes to am it makes a new day, acey
trapoola — 12:29 am
yuu — 12:29 am
GO FISH OFF OF EPEL OR DEUCE im going to bed
trapoola — 12:29 am
did you forget what dorm epel is in. ALSO DEUCE IS ASLEEP 🙁
yuu — 12:31 am
i think epel is just ghosting you he’s texting me 💀
Tumblr media
trapoola — 11:53 am
this class is so boring i’m gonna combust
trapoola — 11:56
is it because i dropped ur textbook in the trash can then put it back on your desk without cleaning it
because if that’s why i’m sorru 🙁
yuu — 11:57 am
trapoola — 11:57 am
Tumblr media
yuu — 4:37 pm
come over to ramshackle and bring deucey i’m bored and want to play mafia
epel jack and sebek are already here and we don’t have enough people pls pookie dookie
trapoola — 4:38 pm
yuu — 4:38 pm
i wouldve invited deuce earlier but i knew he was with you and you would’ve came along 😒
trapoola — 4:38 pm
buy one get one free sale 😘
yuu — 4:39 pm
ur uninvited and we are playing just dance without you
trapoola — 4:43 pm
Tumblr media
taglist —
@trappolaces @pastelmages @ineligible-indefinitely @granzreichsgoldenberry @ventisaircurrent
want to get on the taglist? send an ask through my ask box or by dm!
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lk2222 · a month ago
Tumblr media
Sleeping Beauty and the Sixteen Dwarfs (+Crowley)
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moomoomooing · a month ago
Tumblr media
i dont even know anymore
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aquz · 15 days ago
Tumblr media
too lazy to write a fic so here's like a drabble/thought::
imagine after fighting grim's overblot, ace and deuce come to look for you. you're laying on the ground, breathing hard and shaking with your back towards the duo. "oi, prefect, get up. we've gotta make sure grim's okay." is all ace says, making deuce look at him with shock. how could somebody be so... uncaring? "a-ah,, right.." your breath shakes as your arms wobble under your weight. pushing yourself up with upper body strength, you whine in pain. "hurry it up, i'm in a bad mood and i want to get back to my dorm." ace says once more and you wheeze in response. 
"what the hell, ace? can't you see they're physically hurt?" deuce says, walking over to help you up; finally unfrozen from his panic upon seeing you. "they just got the wind knocked out of them." ace responds. you finally get up to a sitting position and lean on deuce's legs for support. when you turn around, ace's eyes don't miss the gash in your side. he examines your ripped uniform and bloody nose, your eyes tired and tears forming. you shake terribly as you feel his gaze roam your figure, and his eyes stop at the charred pants you wear. ace suddenly feels sick as he thinks about how badly you did this overblot compared to others. grim hit you, and he hit hard. a thick, gross taste invades ace's mouth as he turns to the side and throws up all his concern.
deuce can't do much except help you up, helping wipe off the blood from your nose and he takes off his blazer to wrap around your waist, hoping it's enough to stop the bleeding. he leaves ace behind as he puts you on his back and runs you to the nurse; and ace doesn't realize until your coughs have suddenly quieted. ace feels sick again as he thinks more about what could've happened. while he was fending off grim's fireballs from deuce who was shooting spells, you were all alone elsewhere. he could've stopped this from happening, and he could've saved you.
Tumblr media
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tezret · a month ago
A Clown
Ace: I can’t believe clowns are real??
Riddle: Excuse me? You’re 16 and you just discovered mirrors?
Ace, taken aback: …
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felswritingfire · 9 months ago
Crowly better be paying child support for this
Anyway, enjoy the chaos of the boys getting turned into toddlers/babies by Crowly being a dumbass
A little bit of reader x everyone, more platonic than anything since, you know babies jsdlkfjldkf
TW: None
You thought- which really, you shouldn’t do that here- that today would be a relatively quiet day: the boys (you’re lovely, lovely boys) were all surprisingly calm today- some minor squabbles here and there but nothing you couldn’t handle with some choice words and a certain tone. The dorm leaders were coexisting for once- even Leona and Malleus were cordial with each other which almost made you burst into tears from sheer pride. Even the delinquents that usually liked to try and mess with you stuck to themselves. You’re even proud to say that you organized a sleepover at Ramshackle for everyone to hang out at!
Honestly, you were having the most relaxing day you’ve had since coming here.
But, the realization that all good things must come to an end slammed into you like a runaway truck when suddenly Grim, who was draped over your shoulders, turned into a ball of fuzz and wide blue eyes was now sitting in the palm of your hand. You almost jumped out of your skin when you heard a whine and felt a grab at your side and looked down to see a round-faced Ace and Deuce, their fingers chubby and drool spilling out of the corners of their mouths.
“I-uh-” your mouth opens and closes like a fish, feeling lightheaded as you look around to see all of your friends have been shrunk down to the size of toddlers and are now, either, crawling around or on the verge of tears. A soft mew brought your attention to your cupped palm, Grim staring up at you with big eyes as he rubs his head against your thumb. “I need to call Crowley.” You hear Ace giggle at the crack in your voice, but you can’t seem to care as you fish your phone out of your other pocket and frantically tap at it until you get to Crowley’s number-
“Crowley! Crowley, everyone’s turned into babies. I-I don’t know what to do-”
“Ah! Is that where it went?”
The words took a moment to sink in when you, through pure will, calmly asked: “what?”
“Oh! Ok- so, funny story!” Crowley says as he begins to recount about how he and Sam were messing about with some potions- when, poof! Everything turned purple- but nothing happened when the smoke cleared away. “I was so disappointed! But now that I know that the potion worked at least somewhat! I don’t know why it landed over in Ramshackle- but still! A somewhat success!”
You were going to strangle him when you got the chance. “Crowley. I need help. I can’t take care of everyone by myself-” you hear a tiny slap behind you and then a shrill cry. You turn so fast you feel your head spin and are presented with the sight of Azul (in his octopus form) crying and Leona with a raised hand- “Leona! No! Bad! We don’t- we don’t hit each other!” You slip Grim into the crook of your arm, still purring as he drifts to sleep. As you begin to scoop Azul into your other arm, your shoulder pressing your phone to your ear, Leona lets out a broken cry, his chubby hand grabbing at the toe of your shoe (you hadn’t even gotten to change), his eyes filling with tears. “Crowley, I need help. Please?”
There’s silence on the other line and you can hear his favorite program playing in the background. Your spine tense with the stress of thinking about handling all these babies by yourself when he finally declares: “of course! What type of person would I be to ignore the call of one of my dear students in need of help! I am gracious after all!”
“Really? Thank you-”
“Let me round up the others!”
You didn’t have the chance to ask him about others when he suddenly ended the call. You blink but switch Grim to the other arm that’s also cradling Azul to put your phone away. Leona’s cries now grow in pitch as Azul tries to dig himself into your shirt to hide, popping buttons along the way and his little suckers leaving red circles on your skin. You would be embarrassed if your friends weren’t literally drooling toddlers. You crouch down in front of Leona, who’s wails slowly die down as you do, and you pull Azul out of your shirt. You sit him in front of you, the tiny octopus cowering and hiding his face in your thigh. “Leona.” The cub looks down, playing with his tail. “You know that was very mean of you right? Why did you hit Azul?”
You watched him swing his body back and forth in a sort of half circle, playing with the edges of his (way) oversized shirt. “‘On’t know.”
“Well, it was mean. And you shouldn’t be doing that.”
Oh god. Not the why’s. “Would you like it if someone were to smack you?”
He thought for a moment- you vaguely registered that the others were slowly shuffling towards you three (four, with the sleeping Grim)- before shaking his head.
“That’s why. You treat others how you want to be treated, Leona. And you don’t want to be treated mean, do you?”
He shakes his head again.
“Good. Now, apologize.”
He looks at Azul, who’s peeking his face out at him, tears still heavy on his bottom lashes. He crinkles his nose. “Sorry.”
Azul sniffs and nods before going to hide in your thigh again. You sigh. “Thank you, Leona, I’m happy you apologized.”
He puffed up at your words and waddled to you, holding his hands up.
“You want to be picked up?”
He nods.
You scoop him up in one arm, scooping a whining Azul in the other, when you feel a tug from behind you. You turn to look at a tiny Riddle staring up at you and pointing somewhere behind him. You follow his finger just in time to see a baby Jamil about to shove a baby Kalim down the stairs. You move Leona, Grim and Azul to one arm as you step over Riddle to get to the two little ones. Azul digs himself into your shirt and you almost cry at the wet pops of his suckers on your skin. You manage to scoop up Jamil and Kalim, squishing them and hurrying over to the bed even as Kalim squeals in delight and Jamil huffs in annoyance. You set them down on it, Kalim started hopping up and down and you heard a chorus of little whines behind you.
You really hope Crowley gets here with the “others” soon.
“Your gracious teacher has arrived with help!”
Oh. Oh, you were going to kill him.
By the time he had managed to round up the other teachers and burst into the room, you were on the verge of tears. You had managed to pile them all on the bed and convince them to sleep, but only after you broke up a fight between Ace and Riddle (where Ace almost pulled out some of Riddle’s hair), cleaning (and kissing, as per his watery demands) Cater’s hand after Floyd bit him, and pulling Lillia down from the ceiling as he giggled and floated about. Azul had clinged to you the entire time and Leona would start sobbing everytime you put him down- but this caused a whole other mess of problems as Kalim had also wanted to be picked up and so did Ruggie, which caused the mass of babies to all start sobbing at the same time and that’s when you managed to convince them that you’d put them on the bed and then they can lay on you because two arms are not enough to hold all of the babies.
And thus, your predicament as you glare at Crowley from your position of laying on your back and a horde of babies laying on you and several of them drooling on you (Floyd was chewing on the meat of your thigh and Jack’s tail was tickling your nose). You feel Sebek start to move at Crowley’s grand entrance and you rush to waggle your fingers into his soft hair. He immediately clung to your hand and went back to sleep. “You wake them up. I’m skinning you. Alive.”
Crowley gaped, the other teachers peeking out from behind him. Sam giggling at the sight and his shadow taking some pictures all the while. “So this is where that potion went.”
“Yeah. This is where it went.” Leona whimpered and you were quick to rub your cheek against his head (you would have patted his head if your arm wasn’t being held hostage by Riddle, Trey, and Cater).
Crewel came out and walked in, his footsteps light and voice low, “you’re doing good, puppy.” He patted your head and you huffed. He kept threading his fingers through your hair anyway. “I’ll work on a potion to reverse this.”
You sighed. “Thank you.”
There was a resounding slap that startled you and the teachers that had come in. You tilted your head up just to almost blanch at the sight: a little Deuce, his little fingers splayed against Crewel’s wrist and his eyes glaring up at the potions teacher who raised his brow.
“D-Deuce-” you hissed, trying to pull one of your hands out of the death grip the other kids had on it- “that’s not nice. Apologize to Mr. Crewel right now.”
Deuce turned to you, eyebrows knitting together. “But he- he-” he leaned close to you, crawling over Leona, who growled at him, and moving to nestle into the dip where your shoulder and arm connected (Azul whined and tightened his hold on your chest when Deuce pushed him to fit)- “he touched you.” He said ‘touched’ like Crewel had committed treason against Magic itself.
You blinked. Deuce was staring down at you with the most determined expression you have ever seen on a small child. You sighed. “Honey- I- aren’t you all touching me right now?”
He nodded.
“What’s so wrong about Crewel touching me?”
“Because!” You hushed him when you felt Lillia move on your leg, the twins also mumbling and curling themselves tighter around your legs (eel babies felt so weird). “Because if he touches you- you’ll- you’ll-” his face flushed red and he started playing with his fingers.
You looked at Crewel, who looked just as confused as you did, and back at Deuce. “I’ll what, sweetie?”
“You’ll- you’ll-” Deuce was shaking now, the tips of his ears even turning a deep shade of red. You were a little worried he was going to explode. “You’ll get pregnant!”
You stared at him, feeling like the breath had been knocked out of you as you let his words sink in. Sam and Vargas bursted out laughing in the doorway. Trien turned around and shushed them.
“Is that true?” You look down to see a head of white hair and ruby red eyes staring at you. You felt like you were being interrogated as you saw more little heads pop up and big eyes staring up at you.
“I- Kalim, n-”
“Of course not, dummy!” Ace declared. You were about to sigh in relief when he continued: “everyone knows you have to touch their belly to get people pregnant.”
“Ace! No-” you’re scolding was cut off with a yelp when little hands pushed your shirt up and slapped your tummy. You can hear Sam’s and Vargas’ laughing growing in pitch
“Now, you’ll have my babies!” Kalim declares, laughing in delight.
“Hey! You can’t do that!” Ace pushes Kalim’s hands off your tummy and slaps his down where the other boy’s hand was before. You can feel the marks forming.
“Stop hitting-”
“You can’t do that! I touched them first!”
“Yeah I can! It’s the last person who touches them who gets them pregnant!”
Kalim sniffles before tears start bubbling in his eyes. “But I was there first!”
“And I’m here now!” Rook said, shoving Ace out of the way and (thank god) placing his hand gently on your tummy, his hat oversized eating up the entirety of his head as he pressed his face against your skin. You could feel him smiling.
More and more kids started to crawl up towards your tummy, almost declaring war on each other as Sam and Vargas were rolling on the floor. You had accepted your fate and feared for the aftermath of tiny, painful hand prints.
“Enough!” You jumped at Crewel’s bellow, the children all freezing and staring up at the man. “Bad puppies who don’t know how to treat people right get punished.”
He grabbed Deuce, Kalim, Ace, and Rook (well, tried to, he had to really yank at the giggling boy who was gripping onto your sides) and set them down off of the bed. He had to catch Rook before he climbed back onto the bed and set him down next to a sniffling Kalim. “You four will come with me.”
A chorus of cries broke out amongst the four.
“But, Monsieur! My baby!”
“No!” Kalim sniffled, his voice wobbling, “my baby! I was there first!”
Crowley crouched in front of Rook and Kalim. “They aren’t pregnant.”
“They’re not?” Deuce, Ace and Kalim asked in unison. Rook giggled to himself as he rocked on the balls of his feet.
Crewel rubbed his eyes. “No, they’re not- anyway. You puppies are with me, the rest of you will be chosen and taken by the other teachers to give (Y/N) a break.”
“I don’t wanna go! I wanna stay!” Ace says, his tiny fists rising into the air.
“Me too!”
Crewel waved his wand and suddenly Deuce’s and Ace’s lips were a thin line and they were whining as they tried to talk. “Bad puppies get punished.” He repeated. “Now, follow me and no talking back.”
The boys all looked sad as they started to follow after Crewel (except for Rook, though he did have considerably less pep in his step compared to before). Kalim turned and waved to you and you waved back mouthing, ‘we’ll play later, ok?’
He smiled back at you and nodded as he hopped after Crewel who called for him.
“Well, I guess I’m choosing next!” Vargas says, laughing as he picked up Leona by the back of his shirt, who swiped and hissed at him. He put him under his arm and picked up Jack the same way, he growled but stopped once he was under his arm with Leona. “Hmm, who else,” he mused, chuckling at how the remaining kids burrowed into your sides. He picked up a whining Jamil and Sebek and shoved them under his arm too, Leona growled at Jamil, who swiped back at him. He laughs at their antics. “Well, have a good rest, (Y/N)! I’ll take good care of them.”
You wave to the boys as Vargas walks out with them. You jump a bit as an angry scream echoes down the hall and a startled: “why are you screaming, Leona?”
You’ve sat up by now, Azul still clinging to you and, finally noticing that Grim had also slipped into your shirt too, holding him to his chest. You felt yourself tear up at the sight. Ruggie had snuggle against your side, ears twitching as he looked around, Riddle had found himself holding onto your shirt and Trey had pressed his face into your arm.
“I suppose I should take some off your hands as well, yes?” Trein chimed, stepping forward, Lucius padding softly after him. He gently scooped up Epel, the boy whining before deciding to snuggle into the man’s chest. He patted Vil’s shoulder and he huffed before he roused himself from his spot on your tummy and hopped off the bed (with Trein’s help, of course) to hold onto the man’s pant leg. He finally herded a bouncy Lilia, quiet Jade, and grumbling Floyd out of the room with him.
Sam suddenly claps his hands together, a bright smile on his lips. “Guess I’ll take some too!”
“Really?” You say, trying your best to look down at the shop keeper.
“Aw, don’t sound so surprised- you’re hurtin’ my heart!” He dramatically leans back with a hand on his chest, his shadow holding him up by mimicking his pose.
“I just mean that you’re not a teacher, I didn’t think you’d want anything to do with this.”
He shrugs, “people like cute kids. Good for sells, hm?”
You squint your eyes at him as he quickly grabs Lilia, Silver, handing them to his shadow to hold as he continues to grab ahold of Idia and Ortho. “See ya guys around!” He called as he disappeared out of the room.
It was just you, the remaining kids and Crowley who was awkwardly standing in the doorway. His yellow eyes roved around the room until he cleared his throat. “Well! It seems that everything is under control! So, I shall take my leave-”
“Hold it.”
He freezes mid spin, his leg positioned out to take a step. He hesitates before saying:“yes?”
“You aren’t leaving.”
“Why?” He cried, turning back to face you.
“Because,” you hiss, “you got them, and by proxy me, into this mess- and you are helping fix it! If you aren’t gonna help with the potion you’re going to help me babysit-” by the time you turn to direct your glare from a stain on the ceiling to him, he’s gone.
You can feel your cheeks flush with frustration. God, this is going to be a long night.
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coraldelusiondaze · 4 months ago
Imagine a Yuu who cooks like Breath of the Wild
Yu: Throws whole egg into a pot
Deuce: 0.o
Ace: Oi! You gotta crack the egg fi-
Pot spit back out an omelette, fully plated with tomatoes and veggies in 10 sec
Ace & Deuce, whispering under their breath: wtf...
Tumblr media
I think of this quite often so please tell me if there is a story/HC I can read
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fuzzybonefluffy · 2 months ago
Yuu/You: my psyche is kept on two hours of sleep, suicidal thoughts and oreo packaging Yuu/you: And right now I'm ready to fight god or BECOME HIM- Deuce: Ace: Ace: oh yeah, they're definitely fine.
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