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Asking Them “Would You Want to Make a Sex Tape with Me?” (Part 1) NSFW
Ft. Sanji, Law, Zoro, Luffy
Black Fem Reader in Mind
Tumblr media
“Absolutely not.”
It’s really only because he has that giant fear of someone finding the camera and seeing it.
He would at least consider pictures ONLY if he keeps them. You agree, but little did you know you would never be able to see them. He refuses to let you even peak.
And it’s not because he thinks you’ll lose them or anything it’s because he has many pictures you may not like….I.e. he took A LOT of pictures of you playing with yourself.
Tumblr media
“…. Like a porno?”
He knows what it is he isn’t stupid but doesn’t necessarily understand why you would want to do that.
“I don’t know…I’m just curious….it will be like our own personal film.”
He agrees, and everything goes smoothly up until you rewatch and Luffy is look right into the damn camera while you were on top.
“You look terrifying why are you staring like that?!”
“Ion know i got distracted.”
However you have to keep the film yourself because you ended up nearly punching your boyfriend after he ran off with it to show Usopp
Tumblr media
He never thought you’d want to make a sex tape, but he sure as hell thought about it a lot since he has his own recorder.
When you both agree to do it the only thing he wants is to hold the camera . He didn’t want to see himself only you. This was because ever since he got with you you have been how he gets off. Not just with sex but when he is alone too. He doesn’t even use his magazines no more he would much rather be under you or think about it
When it happens he is way more quiet which threw you off as you were under him and so you opened your eyes and looked up to Sanji still thrusting into you deep and hard but focusing on your breast and pussy only. Sometimes spreading your open more with his thumb making you cry out.
“Yeah..just like—ah that sweet heart, good girl.”
He took pictures of the after effects of it and those alone can get him riled up Everytime he sees them.
He does keep one pic of your holding your bare breast in his pocket and stares at it from time to time when he needs a pick me up and you’re not there. It’s not even a lustful gaze it’s a small smile because he feels happy to know you trust him with such private pictures.
Tumblr media
“Dumbass idea.”
He doesn’t care to do it at first he just thinks it’s a stupid thing to do, but this mf turns into damn porn director once it happens.
You on top of him grinding and bouncing your way to your orgasm as Zoro lays stubbornly still just holding your waist and pointing the camera at you
“You Like being my slutty little pornstar don’t you?”
“Fuck—-ah! You!”
With a firm slap to your butt making you shriek he tsk’ed at you,
“Your Only Lines are, ‘Zo’, ‘faster’ and ‘yes’.”
He now only uses the camera to film how hard he pounds you when you’re bratty just so he can replay it the next day and tease you.
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Tumblr media
— protective instincts
pairing: wednesday addams x fem!oni!reader
warnings: graphic descriptions of violence, spoilers
summary: a full blood moon brings out the worst in oni demons: anger, jealousy, and extreme protectiveness over what is theirs
word count: 2.5k
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
It was late evening as the (h/c) – haired demon stood in her bathroom, hands on the sink as she looked down, gaze unfocused. Her head hurt badly, and there was weight behind her eyes as she rose her hand to rub at them, hoping to ease the pain.
The night of the Full Blood Moon came faster than she was prepared for, and her body felt all sorts of aching in unpleasant kind of anticipation. Because of her condition, the demon was one of the few people in the campus not assigned a roommate – and, while it did get lonely sometimes, she knew it was a necessary precaution. But still, she felt… isolated. As if a ruthless beast in need of a personal cage, lest she hurt anyone around her.
In her palm (Y/n) clenched an accessory adorned by a rope-like lace. It was a golden dragon pendant, eyes of rubies glistening in the light, toothy maw wide open as the snake-like creature wrapped its tail around itself. Her father gave it to her when the girl was younger, a protective charm with a purpose to lessen the fury that burned in her heart every Blood Moon. A symbol of wisdom, immortality and metamorphosis.
The demon stared at the pendant in her hand, tracing the outline of the dragon’s scales with a clawed finger, lost in thought.
She found it weird how she had never seen her father wear one of those during Full Blood Moons before. Like she was the only one in need of restraint.
(Y/n) sighed and put the charm on, taking a quick look at herself in the mirror. Her chest felt heavy, and not because of the golden trinket now adorning her being. The oni had always put her trust in her intuition and feelings rather than logic and cold calculation, and it had never failed her before. At least she believed so. She knew a person who probably wouldn’t agree.
(Y/n) didn’t want to be there. She wanted to be with Wednesday, wherever the grumpy girl was at the moment. They didn’t even have to do anything – simply being in her presence brought (Y/n) so much serenity that she wished she never had to leave the ravenette’s side.
Maybe Wednesday would play the cello for her. The demon loved watching the other girl play, how concentrated her gaze was, how her perfectly manicured fingers moved on the strings with swan-like lightness, producing grand tunes that bore a piece of the girl’s personality in its melody.
The oni’s eyes glistened, and she looked out the window – it was time to go. The (h/c) – haired girl left the bathroom reluctantly to grab her silk haori off the chair and put it over her naked shoulders and, mumbling a short prayer under her breath, moved to exit her room.
When the girl opened the door, she was greeted by the sight she had least expected – Thing, standing at her doorstep, and (Y/n) flinched, startled at the way she had almost stepped on the poor guy.
“Thing?” She raised her eyebrows, crouching in front of the appendage, “Not that I’m not happy to see you, but… are you alright?”
Thing began to sign hurriedly, his digits shaking as he tried to explain his sudden visit.
“Dude, slow down, it’s bad when you’re stuttering,” the girl scolded as gently as she could, now on her full guard at the hand’s uncharacteristic behavior, “Wednesday is… what? Where?”
Thing signed again, and (Y/n) didn’t waste any more time to grab him, letting the hand take perch on her shoulder before starting out of the room.
Tumblr media
Wednesday ran through the dark forest, breath staggering. She could barely make out the path, stumbling over twigs and boulders, but never slowing her pace down. The girl knew she had to make it to the school, and that she had to do it quick. Even though she didn’t have anything against arson commitment, and, more importantly, encouraged it, and on a teenage prison no less, this was a different case. There were people she cared about. Friends she’d do anything to protect. And someone who she’d risk her life for, as cheesy as it sounded.
Near-death experiences really could change one’s life, the ravenette guessed.
As she came to a clearing of the forest, a dark silhouette appeared from behind a tree trunk, and, stopping in her tracks, Wednesday had to squint to let her eyes, not used to the pitch blackness around her, recognize the person blocking her way.
“Thornhill said you were dead.” Tyler mumbled incredulously, staring down at Wednesday with a frown.
“I’m feeling much better now.” Wednesday deadpanned in reply, eyes wide open and on alert, body frozen in place as she watched the young man walk over to her.
“You’re like a cockroach,” he seethed through gritted teeth, grabbing the much shorter girl by the lapels of her suit.
Wednesday didn’t flinch, looking up at Tyler with the same amount of hatred in her eyes, “This will not end well for you.”
As the man stared down at Wednesday, his face started to morph, skull deforming and eyes ugly and protruding as his bones shifted, and the ravenette fell down on the forest floor.
Now two feet taller than before, Tyler’s body tore the clothes he wore, and he growled, his back bending unnaturally, huge clawed hands almost reaching the ground. Standing back up on her feet without tearing her gaze away from the monster, Wednesday realised she might have spoken too soon.
With a sharp twist of his long arm, the hyde grabbed at her neck, and the girl’s back hit a stump painfully as she clawed at his huge hand, desperate to get out of his choking hold to no avail. As the monster rose his free arm over his head, talons ready to deliver the final strike, a loud roar tore through the midnight air.
A force equal to that of a charging bull hit the hyde’s side, sending him flying away into the trees. Wednesday fell down, taking big fulfilling breaths into her aching lungs before looking up.
A creature twice the size of the monster that was standing over her a few moments ago now towered in his place, broad shoulders rising and falling as it breathed heavily. Huge horns were sticking out of its head, and its disheveled (h/c) hair shined in the moonlight like an animal’s fur, pointed ears flicking in the wind.
The being turned its big head to look at Wednesday, and the girl instantly recognized the (e/c) slitted eyes glowing in the dark.
“…(Y/n)?” She whispered.
The demon’s tusks were now as big as to not let her lips close around them properly, steam coming out from the gap and out of her snout. Her gaze slid down the bloody streak on Wednesday’s forehead, and she growled, rage boiling under her grayish skin.
She turned back to the hyde who seemed to had come back to his senses, shaking his head and looking up at the intruder, baring his sharp teeth at the demon. (Y/n)’s huge mouth slowly opened impossibly wide with a low intimidating growl, saliva dripping down her tusks, gaze furious under her furrowed brows.
Oh, she was mad.
The oni lunged at the monster with a snarl, knocking him off his feet, her sharp claws tearing into his face, and the hyde howled from the pain, trying to push the demon away with his legs. He drove one of his taloned hands into her side, piercing the meat and muscle there, but (Y/n) didn’t budge, seizing the hyde’s arm still buried between her ribs in a grip strong enough to break the bone apart, and grabbed at his upper jaw, claws digging at his palate, before throwing him further into the forest and away from Wednesday who watched the scene with astonishment, frozen.
But she quickly realised that the demon was giving her a chance.
For the first time in her life, the ravenette felt genuine fear creep up her neck. She was afraid to leave (Y/n) in the dark forest, forced to fight the hyde all by herself. While Wednesday was aware that the oni was in her element under the red light of the Blood Moon, her heart ached immensely.
A loud growl tore her out of her thoughts, and, sparing her last glance at the hurricane of teeth and claws a few feet away from her, the girl turned around and ran as fast as her feet could carry her.
Please, be careful.
Tumblr media
To say that (Y/n) was angry would have been an understatement. She was furious, blood threatening to boil over in her veins as she tore at the monstrous creature in front of her, claws and teeth and fists almost not enough to satisfy the deep aching feeling in her guts.
How dare you?
Who do you think you are?
Did you think you could get away with this?
The image of Wednesday’s bloodied face, contorting under the hyde’s grip, flashed in front of the demon’s eyes again, and the golden pendant dangling on her neck did little to soothe her wrath as she clawed at Tyler’s face, leaving deep wounds that would surely leave nasty scars even in his human form.
It was the first time she had ever seen the ravenette so helpless. She didn’t like the way it made her feel.
So (Y/n) tore, bit and clawed until she was satisfied. Until the monster was almost rendered to a bloody pulp, laying on the ground, motionless but still breathing.
For a split second, a pleasurable idea of tearing into the hyde’s ribcage to tear his still beating heart out coursed through the demon’s mind, hazy with fuming wrath. But she held back. She wasn’t a murderer, unlike him.
The Blood Moon illuminated (Y/n)’s body, muscles shifting under the oni’s skin as she stepped away, breath uneven, and let out a loud roar that scattered across the whole forest, announcing her victory.
Tumblr media
It was over. Crackstone was defeated, and Nevermore was finally safe, no longer haunted by the bloody past of the Jericho city. All of the outcasts breathed with relief seeing Wednesday come out of the front gates, victorious. But there was no rest for the wicked.
Wednesday couldn’t relax.
As Enid ran up to the shorter girl to pull her into a tight embrace, Wednesday’s eyes scanned the crowd, looking for the familiar face of the oni. But she found none.
“Where’s (Y/n)?” She asked, pulling away to look at her blonde friend, who turned her gaze towards the dark forest, not saying anything.
Without a second thought, Wednesday turned to set off into the darkness, but Enid was quick to grab her hand, stopping her.
“Wait. You… you probably shouldn’t.”
The look in Wednesday’s eyes was enough for the werewolf to let her go with a sigh, and the ravenette went past her fellow students and into the forest.
As she walked, she called (Y/n)’s name, dread crawling at her black heart with each step she took and each minute her desperate calls remained unanswered.
She tried to recall the path she took when she ran to the school, looking under every rook and cranny to find the signs of the oni’s presence – a body, anything.
Wednesday felt bitter tears gather in her eyes, but she refused to let them fall, her stride unrelenting. She knew (Y/n) was still out there. She could feel it.
The ravenette felt a tug at her stomach as she heard a painfully familiar voice call out her name.
And there she was. Her demon girl, back to her normal size and horns gone, sitting in the shade of a tree in a far-from-perfect seiza position, her back a bit slouched with exhaustion. Her (e/c) eyes shined in the dark, illuminating her bloodied face in a warm glow, a clear remainder of her demonic spiritual power that was slowly fizzling away along with her anger. Her silk haori was draped over her naked shoulders that were rising and falling with heavy but steady breaths.
“I get it that we won?”
It took Wednesday a few moments, and then she was running towards the oni, falling into her embrace and wrapping her arms around her neck, completely ignoring the sticky red liquid the taller girl was covered in. (Y/n) was quick to return the hug, sitting back against the trunk of the tree to let Wednesday rest comfortably in her lap, bloody claws clutching at the fabric of her suit jacket.
They were quiet. No words needed to be said as Wednesday buried her face in the crook of the demon’s neck, inhaling deeply. She was real, and she was there, alive and breathing, in her arms.
Wednesday pulled away, pale hands on (Y/n)’s cheeks to inspect her face, and the demon leaned into the cold touch, closing her eyes and almost purring. The ravenette gently rubbed at a blood stain under the girl’s eye, smudging her own thumb with red in the process. (Y/n)’s eyes opened, and their gazes met.
“I’m glad you’re okay.” the (h/c) – haired demon whispered, squeezing the girl’s waist comfortingly.
“After that stunt you pulled? Of course I am. Are you hurt?”
“Oh, no. Did you think I was there to save you, silly? What I had with Tyler was personal,” (Y/n) laughed when she felt the smaller girl pinch her thigh reproachfully, “Sorry. Too soon.”
Adjusting her hold on Wednesday, the demon pressed both her hands into the ravenette’s thighs, pulling her closer to herself, “I’m fine. I humbled the guy real quick. He needed that,” she smiled, baring her bloodied canines, “Honestly, you’re underestimating me. A hyde? That’s the weakest thing I’d fight for you. Keep them coming, bring a whole army in –,” the oni wasn’t able to finish her sentence, her mouth pressed against Wednesday’s as the smaller girl pulled her into a kiss, hands on her cheeks to press herself impossibly close.
(Y/n) sighed and melted, the ravenette’s plushy lips against her chapped ones, and Wednesday tasted blood as she pulled away.
“Your overconfidence is going to get you killed one day.”
The demon averted her eyes, and her smile dropped suddenly, grip tightening, “You have no idea how badly you scared me.”
But Wednesday had. She had felt the same fear, after all, like a cold serpent crawling up her body. To her own surprise, she didn’t enjoy it.
“I’m quite notorious in the scaring department,” the girl grabbed (Y/n)’s chin to gently make the demon look into her eyes, “But with you it doesn’t feel an accomplishment.”
(Y/n) huffed through her nose and smiled again, a bit bashfully, and Wednesday’s way with words had never failed to fluster her.
“You didn’t lie. They really were quite big. Your teeth, I mean.”
They stayed like that, basking in each other’s presence, as if having spent many years apart, hearts yearning for one another, and (Y/n) finally felt the serenity she had longed for, in the arms of the person who saw her at her worst and still stayed.
Tumblr media
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Wednesday adams x reader where reader works at Pilgrim world? Maybe she plays an instrument too and that’s why Wednesday is fascinated with her?
Connoisseur of the Fiddle Arts
Wednesday Addams x Musician! Reader (fem coded)
warnings: very specific orchestra terms *sobs in violinist and cellist*
Tumblr media
"May I ask, what is that wonderful tune thou had just played?" a girl decked in a pilgrim costume asked you.
"Why miss, it is no other than Paganini's no. 24 Caprice! Would my lady like to request a piece?" you answered. She quirked one side of her lip, only slightly.
"Perhaps, if thou could play a melody of Vivaldi. Thou seems to be someone who has a preference towards Summer."
You smiled, and set your bow just above the bridge before quickly moving it in a staccato motion, alternating between strings as you dramatically played out the Presto in G minor.
She noticed that your eyes had closed, and could see them darting back and forth, as if you were witnessing the mid-summer storm taking place right then and there. It was beautiful, and reminded her of how she herself could get lost in the music. She swayed slightly to the beat, hands clasped behind her back, until you had finished with a flourish.
"I thank thee, the performance was quite stunning," she said. You tucked the violin under your right arm and hung the frog of the bow by your finger.
"Well, my shift is over now, but if you'd like to grab something at the Weathervane, miss...?" you asked, skirts swaying as you packed up. She observed as you removed the neck rest and carefully set the violin within the case before answering.
"Addams, my lady. Wednesday Addams."
You grinned shyly.
"I'm (name), and I'll see you there after I get changed."
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My Sweet Dove: Chapter 1
Tumblr media
Pairing: Larissa Weems x (Fem! Vampire)Reader
Summary: You're the only vampire in existence that is basically immune to Nightshade Poison. When your supposed soulmate is injected with such, you go feral.
Key: Italics = Thoughts, +*+ = Time Skip, Bold/Italic = Flashback
Theme: Feed the Beast - A R I Z O N A
A/n: Cool, so it isn't just me simping over Gwendoline Christie in the new Wednesday series, and the type of Vampire Y/n is the Vampires from Twilight.
You developed a rare genetic all vampires thought weren't able to develop.
To further explain: Your saliva has developed an immunity to Nightshade Poison. You can only ingest a very small amount of the poison. So if someone were to be injected with such poison, you'd have to 're-puncture' the injection point with one of your fangs in order for the extraction to work properly and thats when your protective saliva kicks in.
"It's gross," You joke
"Sounds cooler than being a shapeshifter," Larissa says
"Yeah, says the one who shifted into Judy Garland in the talent show," You laugh
You graduated in 1991; alongside Morticia Addams (Neé Frump), and Larissa Weems. It would make sense for people to fawn over Morticia. She was absolutely gorgeous. But, you fell for the shapeshifter.
"I don't know what to do Morticia," You sigh to your botany class partner, "I like her but... How do I ask her to the Rave'N?"
"Simply... Ask," She answers
"Easy for you to say," You groan, "You and Gomez are basically attached at the hip. Like, you two just 'clicked'..."
“It won’t hurt to ask,” Morticia says, “The worst case scenario is that she’ll say no. Besides, I think it’d cheer her up.”
“Why me of all people?” You ask
“Each year I’ve never seen you at the Rave’N Y/n,” She says, “I want you to at least go to our final one before we graduate.”
“And if I don’t?” You ask
“I will find you every chance I get and scold you about it for the rest of your life,” She says
“Gosh fine Morticia,” You sigh in annoyance
You enter the Rave'N, watching everyone have the time of their life. You were never one for celebrations. You'd rather just stick to your room and wallow in your own self-life-questions.
"My my Y/n Y/l/n sure knows how to spiffy herself up," Morticia comes up to you
A man coddles up to her side.
"Gomez Addams right?" You ask, "Morticia talks nonstop about you."
You give him a firm handshake. But, no surprise they walk off to have whatever moment they were going to have.
Back to the awkward standing in a corner...
"Y/l/n," A voice calls to you
"Larissa," You nearly jump
"Since when were you one for celebrations?" She asks
"Trust me, I'm not," You couldn't help but smile, "Morticia would scold me for the rest of my life if I didn't attend at least one. So, who's the lucky person accompanying you tonight my lady?"
"Over with Morticia Frump I'm afraid," She sighs as she sees the two lovebirds in very close proximity to one another
"Hmmm," You sigh
An awkward silence stands between the both of you as the DJ throws in their questionable music to give the students something to dance to.
“Care to dance my Sweet Dove?” You turn to her
“When will you ever not use that nickname?” Larissa sighs in annoyance 
“Until I’m dead,” You chuckle, “Now, yes or no to a dance?”
*Larissa’s POV* She turns to you as a hand; glistening in the lighting. You saw how well she tried to keep her face away from looking into yours, knowing that is how she shows her fear of rejection. And yet... Here she was before you, jumping her chance.
“One dance Y/n,” You answer
*Y/n’s POV* You look up when you felt a hand take your outreached one. You wish you could feel the heat in your cheeks again, because you definitely felt something spark your interest.
“Come on you couples let's slow it down a bit,” The DJ announces, playing a slower than usual song
“Don’t get any cheeky ideas Y/n,” Larissa says
“I have no clue what you are talking about,” You lie
The awkward gap between the both of you was uncomfortable. You wanted to pull her closer but you weren’t able to find it within yourself to do it yourself. 
“Oh!” Larissa gasps, falling into you
You look past Larissa’s shoulder and you see Morticia and Gomez, Morticia giving you a subtle wink as Gomez twirls her out of sight.
“You okay?” You ask
She nods as she adjusts herself back into your embrace. You were expecting her to pull away but she doesn’t.
You weren’t necessarily faculty, but Larissa Weems had hired you to keep an eye on Wednesday Addams. 
“You were close to Morticia,” She says
“And here I thought you called me to be here because you missed me,” You chuckle, “Besides, Morticia and I have not spoken for a very long time. I wasn’t even there for when she had her kids.”
“You’re the most observant person I’ve come to know,” She says, “I also... Need extra hands for this years’ Rave’N.”
“What unforgiving theme have you agreed upon this time?” You lay back into the chair
“All white,” She says
You nearly gag in your mouth. 
“At least make something that every single kid would be interested in,” You sigh
“Our students? Or you?” She asks
“Got me there,” You chuckle, “But, you do know that I don’t wear bright colors.”
You stand from the chair and begin the process of turning to retreat too your own room for the rest of the day to get yourself settled.
“And for the record Y/l/n,” She begins, “I have missed you. Terribly.”
“What’s your plan for the future?” You turn to Larissa
It was post-graduation and the both of you decided that you’d share one last night together before departing back home. 
“I don't know...” She says, “But one thing’s for sure...”
“And what’s that?” You ask
“That I’m going to miss you,” She says
“What about me that you’ll miss?” You chuckle, “Not like I’m going to go move anywhere.”
“Everything,” She says
You chuckle, “I wanna say that ‘Everything’ is not actually true.”
“It is,” She says, “Don’t believe me?”
“My Sweet Dove,” You turn to her, “That is not at all of what I’m saying. Should you need me at your side I will be there. Doesn’t matter how far away I just so happen to be.”
One day before the Rave’N. Weems didn't really give you a handful of tasks. So you went about the town; hoping to find the perfect outfit. 
“You’re not one to make the extra mile,” Kinbott explains
You and her were sitting at the Weathervane. You weren’t particularly close to Kinbott, but you did have a few therapy sessions with her about your entire relationship with Larissa Weems.
“Well, I had no luck finding a nice outfit for the dance,” You sigh in frustration
“What did you wear for the last one you attended?” She asks
“Simple black outfit with a gothic jacket,” You say, “Not that it’ll fit me anymore.” 
“I hear the theme is all white,” She says, “But, I do know that you aren’t one for bright colors.”
“Yeah... I’m not,” You sigh
“You’re like Wednesday,” She says, “Maybe you can just find what you're comfortable in. It’ll definitely turn a certain head.”
You roll your eyes at the therapist. She has been made aware of your feelings towards the former student and the blooming feelings you had harbored.
“Doctor, aren’t you supposed to be acting a professional when we talk about my relationship issues?” You ask
“I’m not on the clock, and these aren’t our usual meeting times,” she counter-argues
“Fair enough,” You say
“Principal Larissa Weems,” You saunter your way over to her side, “Fancy seeing you here at a Rave’N after all these years.”
*Larissa’s POV* When you hear your name, you turn to the person greeting you. Black dress shirt and pants, and silver suspenders. Despite that it was simple, you appreciated how it hugged her figure in every right way possible. 
“Can’t let these kids go unsupervised,” You sigh, tearing your eyes away from the sight of Y/n’s figure, “And, Miss Y/l/n, I strongly encourage you to never refer to me by my first name.”
“Now would you prefer it to be my little nickname for you? My Sweet Dove?” A smirk swipes across her face
You turn to her; your heart nearly sinking.
God I love that nickname...
But you also couldn’t show any emotion towards it. It was merely years ago, a young, outdated nickname she made up for you. Plus, you didn’t want any of the students knowing. 
*Y/n’s POV* You could hear the muscles in her face tense as she grits her teeth against one another.
“You tell any other faculty or the students about that-”
“Relax Weems,” You sigh, chuckling, “I haven’t told a single soul. Besides, it’s more fun if I alone tease you about it.”
“Here's to an unforgettable night,” Thornhill comes between the both of you
“Oh, be careful what you wish for Ms. Thornhill,” Weems says
“Weren’t you two Nevermore students once?” She asks, “Don’t you remember the fun times?”
“All I remember was disappointment,” Weems explains, “The boy I asked turned me down for another girl...”
“I was never one for these functions,” You explain, “Speaking of which, this enclosed space is making everything unbreathable, If either of you need me, I’m going to be outside...”
You turn your back to the function and begin walking against the current of entering students to take a step out into the fresh, crisp, cold air.
Well, it wasn’t all that bad...
After the song ended, the upbeat music began playing once more. However, you and Larissa remained in each others’ grasp.
“Come to my room tonight?” She requests
“Of course,” You smile, “I do have to run back to my dorm though. I’ll meet you there.”
“Okay, see you soon,” She smiles
She leans forward and kisses your cheek as she begins walking away.
You turn your heel and briskly walk back into the ballroom as you begin searching for the principal. Easily enough, you spot her towering over most of the students. You weave through the students as Larissa’s figure began growing in your sights. 
“Y/n what are you?-”
She stops mid-sentence as she watches you take her hand into yours. You look up at her as she looks down at you.
“Care to dance My-?” 
Sweet Dove.
You nearly slipped as her nickname nearly rolled out of your mouth like blood. You knew some eyes were upon you and the principal. However, everyone was cheering in encouragement towards their headmistress.
“One dance Y/n,” She relents
The students cheer as she takes a grasp of your hand and you begin leading her to the dance floor. To the upbeat music; your hand never left hers once. For once, you didn’t think about the expectations as a person who is semi-working for Nevermore Academy, but it took you back to your own time as a student, sharing one dance with Larissa Weems. 
Despite you were a sparkling vampire, you still possessed stamina and you also needed a minute to get away from the swarming bodies, but Larissa remained with her students until the song ended.
“I forgot what being on the dance floor felt like,” Weems sighs as she picks up a glass of punch
“You... Still go it,” You chuckle 
“I need to ask you something Y/l/n,” She says
“Shoot,” You say, sipping the red punch
“I recently remembered that Morticia had spoken to someone about someone asking me to a Rave’N,” She begins explaining, “But, I ended up not getting asked at all... Was that going to be you to ask me?”
You open your mouth to speak however, you felt something fall onto your head. You look up and see red spewing from the indoor sprinkler system. You opened your mouth to gasp but some of the red substance had landed into your mouth. you begin choking on the inedible substance as you try to breathe, your nose suddenly felt like it was on fire.
“It’s paint!” You try to plug your nose
Thanks to the Jericho kids for sabotaging the Rave’N, the paint fumes ruined your sense of smell... 
“How’s your nose Y/l/n?” Larissa asks
“I can still smell the paint fumes,” You sigh, “But, it’s not as bad as when it happened though.”
“Fortunately the Noble is punishing the students responsible, Lucas will do community service here at the school,” She explains
“Better than a normie getting ripped to shreds by werewolves I guess,” You say
Unlike some of the vampires you have met, you had heightened senses; sight, smell and hearing most of all. 
“Here,” Larissa comes over
As soon as you turn to whatever Larissa had for you, your nose made contact with her concealed clavicle. You yelp and fall back first right onto the floor like a tree getting cut down like a lumberjack.
“The HELL was that?!” You groan
“Just wanted to see how you’d react,” She smiles slightly, “You certainly didn’t change.”
“God I cannot STAND these stoner gorgons...” You groan
“You okay?” Larissa asks 
“Sorry, my sense of smell is very sensitive,” You say, “I have to go...”
“Miss Y/l/n,” Wednesday comes in
“Yes Wednesday?” You ask, turning away from Weems, trying to be inconspicuous 
“I need you to help me with something,” She says
“Sure,” You say
You follow Wednesday out of the office.
“Don’t be long,” Weems calls out to you
Your eyes widen as you shut the door behind you.
“Do I even want to know what all of that was?” Wednesday asks you
“Don’t worry about it,” You immediately brush past her, “Now what was it that you needed my help with?”
“How about we finally catch the Hyde?” She asks
“I thought... That was Xaiver?” You ask
“Tyler used me to frame him,” She says, “Tyler and I kissed and it showed me everything.”
“Whoa whoa whoa Wednesday what are you planning?!” You ask
“This isn’t what we signed up for,” Bianca adds
“Guys... Enid just texted... Thornhill’s suspicious,” Ajax adds
“Wednesday, if you say we have our Hyde, lets go to Weems,” You suggest, “You don’t need anymore of this attention upon yourself...”
“Then leave, Weems won’t help,” She says
Before you and the others could protest to Wednesday, she pulls out a taser from her back pocket and immediately puts it to Tyler’s neck. 
“That’s it, I’m out!” Yoko announces
The other students begin shuffling out after them. However, you were the only one who remained behind.
“One last chance to leave Y/l/n,” Wednesday says 
“Wednesday,” You say, calmly, “I believe you, your visions... I know they don’t lie to you. But, this isn’t the way to go about this...”
“Wednesday... Please... Listen to her,” Tyler pleads
“I don’t need your affirmation Galpin...” You growl, “Wednesday, if you love it here so much, don’t ruin it. You and I can figure something out.”
*Wednesday’s POV* For a moment... You actually contemplated on listening to her... If anything, you found her so much like you. Albeit that she is a vampire and that she was your mothers’ best friend.
“Let’s test your reflexes now shall we?” You ask Tyler
*Y/n’s POV* You watch as Wednesday pulls out a hammer; hearing Tylers’ shakes rattle through down to your eardrums. You were about to pull her back but you hear the door slam open.
“Hands up you two!!” Sheriff Galpin yells
You immediately throw yours up.
“Drop the hammer!” He tells Wednesday 
“I know who the Hyde is Principal Weems,” Wednesday begins trying to tell the case, “It’s Tyler. He confessed everything to me.”
You listen to the conversation between Weems and Wednesday after Wednesday basically was about to commit torture on a ‘normie’. 
“Weems, with all due respect, given the circumstances-”
“Not a peep out of you Y/l/n!” She raises her voice
You shut your mouth as you take a step back.
“I wish I could believe you,” Larissa says, coldly
“Then give me more time, and then I can prove that they are Hydes,” Wednesday begs
“You’ve run out of time Miss Addams,” She says, “Pack your steamer trunks, we will have them shipped...”
Your head shoots to Larissa... Looking at her in disbelief.
“You will be on the first train back tomorrow afternoon,” She continues, “I’m sorry 
As soon as Wednesday shuts the door behind her, your foot pivots to face the principal.
“You were too hard on her,” You say
“I beg your pardon?” She asks
She slowly stands up from her chair on the other side of the desk.
“You were too hard on Wednesday,” You firmly state, “She knows her visions don’t lie to her. Yes, I agree that her not coming to neither you and taking matters into her own hands was a questionable move but you could have given her the option of expulsion or have me work closely with her. You know I’m the most observant person in all of the Outcast community!”
“Now tell me what would make you the best fit for it?” She asks, “These last several months you have been turning the other way when you would see Miss Addams make a bold move that would jeopardize her standing in this school.”
“You were the one who assigned me to watch Miss Addams closely,” You say, “You never stated that I had to report to you and you alone. That was Dr. Kinbotts job.”
“Dr. Kinbott was here solely because the court had ordered for her to attend therapy,” Weems explains, “Where you on the other hand-”
“I was just an extra so you could deal with... Whatever it is a headmistress would need to do,” You sigh in frustration, “As someone who really goes about saying she does everything she can to keep every student in this school safe... I don’t think you really live up to that say-”
“Do you wish to join Miss Addams in expulsion Ms. Y/l/n?!” She raises her voice
 You knew you wanted to open your mouth to continue, but nothing came out.
“Get out of my sight,” She says, with a slight growl at the end
You pivot your foot once more and make haste to exit the headmistress’ office.
“You are incompetent,” She adds, “A stone around my neck.”
You loudly shut the door behind you, causing the students to jump in a panic. You take a moment to try and compose yourself. But the last thing that Weems had said to you... Prevented that. Not wanting to draw too much attention to yourself, you immediately retreat to your quarters.
Chapter 2
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celestialsun888 · 12 hours
Good ol’ Boy.
Tumblr media
Pairing: Simon ‘Ghost’ Riley x F!Reader
Genre: Filthy Smut! [+18 MDNI]
Word Count: 2.6k
Synopsis: Ghost pushes you just enough to see if you have it in you to top him.
★ TW: Bottom!Simon/ Top!Reader, heavy teasing, Simon being a little shit, vulgar language, slight angst if you use binoculars, public sex, knife play, slight overstimulation, face sitting/riding (f!receiving), *slight* voyeurism, established relationship (more like fwb), he calls you mommy like once, (Let me know if I’ve missed any!)
Tumblr media
✒ Authors Note: I had to bc the switch in me said so. Also: who doesn’t wanna hear him whimper? ;3 Also also, idk shit about MW2/ the military and all that, I am just hyper fixated on this man so if something isn't accurate pls spare me lol. This also isn't super proofread so if there are mistakes, shhh.
Simon always had a way of getting under your skin. Knowing all the right buttons to push and saying all the right words that provoked you. 
You and Simon had been seeing each other casually a short while after you joined task force 141. He showed little restraint in making teasing passes at you during training, making the other members catch on quickly to you and the Lieutenants relationship. Soap even questioned you about it often, shelling out jokes he knew he couldn’t make around Ghost. 
You hated how Ghost just knew you so well, how observant he was. One small change and he knew it. 
“What’s with you today?” His husky voice questioned, taking off his gear and throwing it onto his bed. The room was small and cramped allowing little space for separation from his words. Thankful for a short break from training that allowed for little free time. His eyes followed your figure as you stripped yourself of your gear as well. Observing you intently. 
“Nothing.” You huffed. You remained focused on the floor, the walls. Anything but him. 
He hesitated from undressing, watching your demeanor stiffen as you felt his sharp gaze cut into your back. You didn't have to look at him to know, his presence was suffocating on its own. You knew when he watched you. The strangely gentle noise of his footsteps inched along the wooden floor, creaking with every step. Each step closer made you nervous to continue undressing, you kept your back to him avoiding any kind of contact. Rough, firm hands positioned themselves on your shoulder, gently tracing down to your wrists. He always managed to make you feel engulfed by him, his size taunting you. His chest was to your back as you felt his hot breath on the nape of your neck. The body heat and sweat that radiated off of him seeped into you, reiterating his stark presence. 
“Doesn’t seem like nothing?” The movement of his lips now grazing gently along the side of your neck sending chills that formed along your skin. You could tell he was trying his best to get it out of you and hoping to get lucky that it leads to more. He always starts with being gentle and kind until you give the signal that you want him in the worst possible ways. Everyone knew he was kinder to you, but they assumed it was only because he fucked you and he didn’t want to lose his precious toy in such desperate times. Even if it was true, you knew he had a sweet spot for you though he often tried to hide it.
That's how it went with Simon: Build you up, wash you in sweet divine praises, suffocate you with tension till you're needy for him, eventually forcing you to seek release with him as he makes you see heaven. But you hated how he always acted so… dominant. You wanted him needy, him to beg and whimper for you, though you would never say it. He always told you he enjoyed you playing the ‘innocent’ good girl for him, so you devotedly agreed. I mean what would he think? Would he laugh at you for being so little in comparison to him, not even able to possess a fraction of the strength he has, and wanting to…top him? The thought dissipated as he nestled his nose into your neck, his stubbly chin itching along your delicate skin. You shook him off trying to escape his rather sweet advances. He shifted his posture and stood with an offended acknowledgement. 
“The fuck is with you?” He threatens.
“Why do you tease me like that?” You say referring to his taunts earlier that day. You tried bubbling up any self respect you had. “Like–like,” you stutter, “like I'm just so much weaker than you. I am very capable, Simon.” 
His eyes followed you as you gave distance between you two, narrowing in on every word you spoke to him. Your tone sounds harsh and more aggressive. He let you go on, intrigued by your forwardness.
“You treat me like all I am to you is your submissive little doll that just does whatever you say. That you can just tease me and humiliate me for your own sick pleasure.” you protested. His eyes serve a glint of understanding before growing dark again. He knew what you were saying without even having to say it. 
“That's what you're good at,” he mockingly justifies before turning his back to you. The silence of his argument settles into the heavy room, suppressing any ounce of rebuttal.  
Training seemed harder later that day. Simon refused to even look at you, no more teasing or taunting. Perhaps the little dispute you two had earlier irked him more than you thought. Or maybe he was just being respectful of what you expressed to him: that you no longer wanted him to tease you in such a way that made you feel submissive. 
Your thoughts raced, unfocused on the directions Price was giving out to your team for the drill.
“Ghost. Y/N. You will be our snipers.” You jolted back to the present where you watched Ghosts' empty eyes devour you. Fucking great, we are partnered together. Even though nine times out of ten you were partners, you had hoped this was the one time you weren’t. As everyone splits off into their designated pairings preparing for the training drill, Ghost approaches you.
Your breath hitched as you tried to remain calm. 
“Lucky me huh?” He scoffed. You followed his lead as he continued to walk past letting the snarky comment trail behind him. Ghosts broad back tapering down into his waist, his hips swayed slightly as his barbaric walk guided you to the lookout. 
Conversation lacked while you sat with him, occasionally staring down the scope to see if anything was happening. You felt the urge to say something, to mutter some sort of apology for snapping on him earlier, but he was quick to beat you to it. 
“Where the hell did that come from? Your little outburst earlier?” He asked forwardly. 
“I–I just—” you struggled to be transparent.
“What you wanna top me or something sweetheart?” his eyes never breaking away from the field he was surveying, Your hands felt itchy from the confrontation. Your face flushing with heat trying your best to not make it obvious. He was so blunt, did he really know you that well?
“Would you let me?” you ask sickeningly innocent. He silently chuckled under his mask, not giving you the satisfaction of seeing his shit eating grin. 
“You can't even tell me you wanna make me your bitch, how could I take you seriously, princess?” he baited. He always called you that when you were under him, taking every inch of him. He worshiped you with that name. A name that solidified your submission to him. 
“If you can't handle it just say that,” you retort back. “I mean, it seems like you're the bitch considering you are afraid to let a little ol’ girl like me top you.” Your eyes now fixed on the field as well, letting whatever floats to your mind out due to irritation. He looks up from his scope and mutters a string of obscenities. 
“You wouldn’t be able to, angel. It's just me being honest. You're only good for taking it….” he leaned his head back down to his scope, “...if you want to top me, then do it.” 
As his words lingered in the air for you to ponder, Soap's voice came over the comms. 
“Taking a quick break LT, we will let you know when we resume.” Ghost relays understanding though his walkie and sits up to lean on a large rock behind him. You mimic him. A few moments of silence passed. 
“Hm,” he chuckled lightly to himself, “surprised I still haven’t been taken advantage of. Must not want it that bad yeah?” He jokes, manspreading and rutting up his hips to adjust into a more comfortable position. You fidget with the knife in your hand out of boredom and a slight distraction from the tension.
“Honestly, it doesn't even make sense–you trying to dominate me.” Anger flushed in your stomach. “You're tiny, you know. You don't hold much weight against me,” before finishing his demeaning thought you swiftly meet your knife to his neck, partly covered by his skull balaclava. His eyes lighting up with passion and intrigue. 
“Shut the fuck up, Riley,” you protest. He didn’t move or utter a word, his seated position staying the same, possibly shocked at your defense, or maybe just wanting to see where it goes. Maybe you did have it in you, it just took a bit of provoking. You made your way on top of him, knife still to his throat, as you did your best to stretch your legs over his wide frame. He sat there, a smirk outlined through his mask, eye contact never breaking. You traced your knife up to his chin, catching the fabric with it, exposing his stubbly neck and jaw. Your free hand resting on his upper thigh, close enough to his crotch to make him squirm. 
“I can make you my bitch no matter what size I am, Simon.” His eyes now inflamed with excitement. The knife to his neck, the vulgar words. You calling him your bitch for a change. You inch the blade up ever so slightly hearing the scratch of his stubble. You could feel his bulge through his pants as you leaned into him more, “I'll make you a good ol’ boy for me.” 
His chest rose and fell deeply, the erection growing in his pants. “Please me good, Riley, and I’ll make you feel the closest to heaven you will ever get.” Hands tracing over your waist he grabs you, hoisting you up to center your hips in front of his face as he remains seated against the rock. Unzipping your pants, your delicate panties show, his gloved fingers moving to massage your clit not yet removing the delicate fabric to reveal your dripping cunt. 
“Lift up your mask, show me your pretty mouth Lieutenant” you demand. He is devotedly obedient to your request. His balaclava rests on the bridge of his nose, his eyes waiting for your next demand. 
You slide your panties off to the side, exposing your dripping essence to him and anyone who could potentially look up and see you. Slowly, you start to grind against his wet tongue, lapping up any bit of excitement that came from you. Soft goans vibrated against you as he became more rough with his mouth, sucking your sensitive clit only to stick his thick tongue back into your core. Lapping circles around your pussy. 
“Don’t stop until I cum. That’s your only purpose, do you understand?” His needy moans expressing his devout service. You inched closer to your climax as you started to grind harder against his face, your puffy clit hitting his nose, offering added pleasure. The sloppy strokes of his tongue became erratic as the knot in your stomach tightened fully, arousal dripping down his jaw and neck. The lewd noises of his moans into you made you weak, causing your high to be intense. Your body shuddered as you came, breath hitching as his hands held you on his mouth, sucking your sweet lips through your climax. As you pulled off of him his eyes were wild with desire, the idea of you forcing him to please you showed through his tented pants. His bulge pulsated, twitching within the fabric that wore a wet stain that pooled next to it. His cock was already leaking, just from eating you out. Did he…cum?
“Fuck,” he exclaimed shakily, hand reaching down to obscure your sight of his premature ejaculation. He really enjoys being submissive huh?
“Did you cum?” you inquired. Nervous laughter escaped his lips. You parted his hand away from his pants getting a better look, eyes darting up to meet his. 
“Oh you naughty, naughty boy. I didn’t say cum while you please me now did I?” Disappointment lacing your tone. “Do you know what disobedient boys get when they dont listen?” The sarcastic tone in your voice alluding to a rhetorical question. You wind your hand up following through to meet Simon's reddened cheek. A loud smack echoing through the air. 
You unzip his pants exposing his thick length, still twitching. Cum dripped down his warm shaft as some of his essence still leaked from his slit. You cooed at him, expressing pity for his lack of self control. 
“Ah~” he moaned weakly, still sensitive, “I’m sorry, I couldn’t–” His pleas were cut off by another ridgid slap. You could see his compliance in his glassy eyes. 
“Look at you, a mess. Pleading for my forgiveness, can't even control yourself when pleasing me. Looks like you get off on being my bitch, huh?” you hissed at him, unrelenting. “Since you want to indulge in pleasure, you're gonna have to beg me to come. And maybe, if I’m feeling nice, I'll let you.” His chest heaved.
You grabbed his already sensitive cock and teased it, watching him hiss as he accepted his fate. You worked your hands up and down his shaft, feeling it stiffen. You hold out your hand signaling him to spit in it. He obeys. Lewd, wet noises exude from you both as he fingers your pussy through your underwear while you stroke his length quickly. His whimpers and whines encourage you to continue your salacious advances. His whimpers start to elicit needy cries, rutting and bucking his hips more into your hand. His fingers quickly move in and out of your sopping cunt causing his mind to race drawing swears from his lips. His balls feeling heavier, his incessant whines becoming more convoluted. He was close. 
“Do you wanna come for me?” you insist. “Then let every little whimper and beg fall from your lips Simon. Tell me how bad you want this.” His head shoots back, submissively exclaiming fucked out phrases, seaching for pleas and begs that satisfy you.
“Fuck, please–mmph– please let me cum.” His words dripping with euphoria and depravity. “Let me fucking cum, I’ll be good for you, so good. I’ll be your good fucking boy mommy.” With one firm stroke meeting with his bucking hips he grasps for the dirt around him as thick spurts of cum shoot out of his reddened cock. Ropes of cum spill over your hand, making a mess of his unzipped pants. Making a mess of himself. Convulsing within your tight grip his eyes clamp shut. Tears welling up in the corners, so close to spilling out. His intense climax halts his breathing as he falls from his heightened state. Tip extremely sensitive, swollen from his release. Your hand pauses before gently rubbing your thumb over his slit. He hisses from the touch, followed by a deep sigh. 
“Aw, good boy Simon,” you praise. His vision is still trying to focus. Shock sets in as he realizes his enjoyment of your treatment. 
“Fuck, princess,” He teases, trying to regain some form of control. You shoot him a playfully annoyed look. 
The comms come on as his walkie sits in the dirt inches away from the two of you. Soaps' voice echos over the call, “Are we ready to continue?,” a slight pause of dead air, “By the way, never thought I’d hear the day LT begged like that.” 
Ghost pulled his balaclava over his embarrassed expression and grabbed the walkie. 
“The only begging you’ll have to worry about is begging me not to kill you after all this is over.”
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gchylop · 18 hours
Tumblr media
JUST THINK OF a day when Satoru would fuck you until you lose your mind, you on the bathroom sink with your legs bent and spread apart, Satoru slips himself into you his hands are around your neck, yours holding his wrists firmly. You're crying, shaking and struggling to think or speak, you just know and feel a huge veiny cock entering deep inside your wet cunt , his thumb eventually entering your mouth, having no mercy for you. And to think that all of this is happening because you called yourself fat.
Tumblr media
©gchylop, I forbid sharing my content on tiktok, do not steal, plagiarize or use as yours. Of course reposts are allowed!
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xenoncitadel · 2 days
[Wednesday evaluating her new dorm]
Wednesday: A little gasoline... blowtorch... no problem.
Enid and yn:
Yn, walking out: she's your roommate, not mine. Good luck.
Enid: NO! Don't leave me alone!
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a-gal-with-taste · 2 days
Certainties & Mistletoe
Tumblr media
Summary: Mistletoe, the only decoration the old bastard could bear to stand during the winter-months. You thought it harmless, simple and almost forgettable... but the event it causes, is anything-but.
Ebenezer Scrooge & F!Reader | 2469 Words
Tags: Oneshot, mistletoe-troupe, humor, internal-thoughts, boss/employee relationship, pre-prelationship, first-kiss, pining (??), Scrooge being a grump (shocker), open-ended, haven't watched the movie, just think Scrooge is kinda-
A/N: I have. No excuse. But blame @sweatandwoe and Netflix anyways, because they had no rights, but caused this anyways.
Upmost in certainty, were these three facts:
One, that Ebenezer Scrooge was the richest man in this district of London.
Two, that Ebenezer Scrooge was the most miserable, selfish, cold-hearted miser in the district, possibly in the country, certainly within the distract.
And three, that Ebenezer Scrooge kissed sweetly enough, that one could nearly forget the prior two-facts.
Or, rather... the Master Ebenezer didn't exactly kiss you back. In fact he didn't little much of anything, and remaining-still as you pressed your own lips, delicate as the falling-flecks of white, to his.
Was it a mistake? Undoubtedly.
Foolish? Certainly, you could be out in a slum-house come tomorrow morning, dismissed in disgrace.
But, the mistletoe... oh, it was silly, but the it had looked so inviting! Berries casted soft glow in the nearby light of lanterns, spiked leaves untouched with frost.
The one-decoration the old bastard had enough paitence to withstand, and of course, it had been your demise. Like the temptation of the apple, like the god of hell-itself beckoning, you had almost been eager to lean-forth towards your doom.
Foolish, stupid, silly mistake, one that could ruin you.
And yet, you didn't pull back.
And neither did he.
From the moment you had spoken his name, soft as snow's first-fall on the porch, the sole movement Ebenezer managed, before you cupped a hand over a sturdy, well-trimmed cheek, stood high on the tip of your toes, and sealed your fate by pressing his lips to your own.
He had yet to pull back.
Yet to move entirely, speak, or... frankly, you feared he lost the ability to breathe.
Ironically, it was that fact that finally convinced you to retract from the man. Not the fact this was Master Scrooge, nor even that your future was as uncertain as a ship traversing through rock-laden waters onto certain doom...
But the fact that your simple kiss, had been enough to completely halt the miser entirely.
Heels kiss the ground in silence, as open your eyes to gaze at the looming man, who, indeed, was in some-sort of state of inanimation. More frozen than an hanging-icicle, your gaze flicked from an unrising-chest, tightly-pursed lips, eyes sightlessly staring-forth, and a distinct lack of pale-clouds emanating from mouth or nostrils.
One could almost fear the kiss had been enough to kill him.
You, however, always preferred being of the optimistic-sort, if a bit realistic.
Assuming the less-dire, you took another step back, and spoke as if Ebenezer was still residing well-into the land of conscious thought and reality, and not clearly miles-away in snowy clouds. "Forgive me, sir. That was a poor-choice, and you have my sincerest apology for my action, I... I have no excuse."
Well, there was one excuse. But you could hardly blame a decorative plant.
Speaking of it, though it was a bit of a strain, your fingers tugged the innocent, demonic little pest from the doorway free. The ribbon it was attached to fluttered simply to the ground, but you dared not stoop to pick it up - instead, placing the plant in the certain of your palm, you held it out between yourself and your employer.
A peace offering.
Though this was an event that was anything but peaceful, you still held out the offending object with a brief smile, one that wobbled at the corners. Not just with the shivers of your body, but with the slow-looming knowledge of what you had just done, and what it would cost you.
What was the price, of a simple kiss?
Scrooge, a most professional businessman, would surely be able to tell you. But he seemed rather strained with words, speech made entirely impossible even as life resumes within him, thank God...
He is able to blink. Twice, before his eyes dropped down to yours, than down to what was effectively, the murder-weapon of your current employment in your palm, before his mouth moved to form a single-word:
"I'm sorry," You said again, shaky smile fading, but the trembling of your lips moved instead to reside your voice. "I-i... there is no excuse. I can only offer an apology, which I do... I do so quite, quite heartily, Mister Scrooge."
Worrying at your bottom lip, your own eyes followed the same trajectory as his own. Darting from his unreadable, unblinking eyes, and those damning plump-red berries held aloft in your gloved-palm.
Something wet, almost burning in comparison to the winter's chill, began to prick at the back of your eyelids, before finally, large and dark-clad gloves decended down onto your hand.
Pinching the culprit between his fingers like a sixpence, when he raised it to eyelevel for inspection, you dropped your own gaze to settle down near the ground. You couldn't help noting how perfectly his boots gleamed in a somber-black, causing the snowflakes that fell upon it to be in a perfect outline.
A distraction. Welcomed, but you roused yourself from it to face reality, even if you kept your gaze well-averted.
"I shall pack upon the morrow, if it suits you," You whispered, words trapped on a small cloud of frigid air, and releasing near-silently between you both. "You shant see me again, Master Scrooge, if it is in your desire... I fear that is the minimal I can offer for my transgression. I'm sorry. P-please... please accept it, as my truest apology."
"... ahem."
You raised your gaze, now truly stinging with the weight of water at your lashes, but a singular blink was quick to ease them away. Despair faded, replaced by confusion at the... oddest expression on the face of Ebenezer Scrooge.
He had turned away from you, unsurprisingly. Perhaps he couldn't stomach the sight of such unruly behavior from an otherwise acceptable-maid, but had a rather fixated-attention on the small branch of green and red in his fingers.
And, apparently, on his collar.
He was adjusting it, clearing his throat periodically, as his attention remained averted from your own growing-bewilderment, and remained steadfast on loosening his tight-cravat.
"... Master?"
Another clearing of his throat. Without the guide of his facial-expression, you were unable to discern his exact emotions at this given-moment, but you deduced that it was a scoff of acknowledgement, and attempted to salvage yourself once-more.
"I... shall guess you will have me return-early, to do a days work before my final departure? Or shall I, perhaps, remain the evening so-as to prepare for my replacement on the morrow-"
Unlikely he would find-one willing enough to work for the miser, even with the steady-promise of coin, but it was a possibility quickly-forgotten with his sudden-snap, like a whip of words.
"What foolishness. You think I shall take-up the duster, the broom in your absence?"
You blinked. The dust had been nearly an inch-thick on your first day of working, you half-imagined the man didn't know such objects of cleaning existed. "I... I only thought-"
"-that I would discard a perfectly-suitable maid?  Bah, don't be absurd." You were not exempt from the trademark scorn that caused many in London to wince at the mere-mention of the name Scrooge, but it was... muted?
Certainly not softer, and lacking even the basics of kindness, but... you did not flinch. Only blinked, and quietly asked the man what he would like you to do now.
The dark, rich leather-gloves creaked as his pinched-fingers tightened sharply on the deep-emerald stalk. Silence reigned, in a muted-world where little existed, save for the soft-falling snow, the two of them, and the mistletoe in his grasp.
Then, after another strange clearing of his throat, Scrooge brought words into the small, trapped-reality the two of you shared.
"What would like, is for you to go home," He commanded sharply. "And ensure my coin is put to good use, by arriving back here on the morrow, on-time."
You blinked. "You... would like me to return? Even after-"
"Was it not what I said?" Ebenezer interrupted, voice even sharper than before... no. Now it bordered on shrill, something choked. "You certainly won't be if you were to catch a chill, a likely consequence if you were to remain-out any longer on this night."
It's a dismissal, but one that barely registers until he jerks his head back, briefly facing you with the gesture.
The sight of cheeks, dusted in a deep-pink besides his well-trimmed salt-and-pepper sideburns, is enough to make you blink. Certaiy, the chill is enough to coax a darker-shade onto one's skin, and you know that you have some frost-nipped skin of your own, but Scrooge's shade was enough to worry you.
Others might dance a jig at the thought of old Ebenezer Scrooge catching a chill, long-standing karma being served at last, but a burst of worry still resides within you.
The thought of ailment or illness befalling the gentleman, even if that gentleman was Scrooge, was enough to grant you concern at the sight of reddened-cheeks. Emotion outfitted sense, as you stepped forward. "Sir, are you quite well-?"
"Go home," He snapped, the sound harsh and reverberating through gritted teeth. More akin to a growl of a hunter than man, causing you, the prey, frozen in your steps with wide-eyes. "I hardly plan to pay you for remaining later-hours, and I will still expect you upon the morrow without delay. It would be, in your upmost best interest, to leave."
A dismissal.
Ebenezer Scrooge was... letting you off, with only a dismissal.A mere be-gone for the evening, no different than any other you have received in the days-past, if a little more scornful than the rest.
You'd be a fool not to take this gift, perhaps the only the old bastard could provide - absolution, an escape from this humiliation transgression.
You would be a fool not to take it. Yet, you're the kind of fool to hesitate.
Not long - you don't have a death-wish, despite recent actions may otherwise suggest - but after another moments' pause to study the man, you hesitated curstied in obedient politeness, gathering your skirts high-enough to step down the ice-slick porch-steps.
You had little fear of falling, having traversed this walk on the daily, but some part of you felt quite uncertain.
As if the axis of the world has shifted, in some form or the other, and you walked down the steps with uncertainty of what exactly it was.
And how different your world would look, come morning.
For the moment, longing to remain in normalcy, you turned and called back your quiet, routine salutations to the Master - or rather his back. He had yet to face you fully.
"Good-night, Mister Scrooge."
Stepping down the lane with a tug of your shawl tighter around you, the streetlamp you pass-by offers temporary warmth, refuge from the uncertainty and the unsteadiness beneath your feet...
... which became only more unsturdy beneath your heels, at the sound of Ebenezer Scrooge, the most miserable man in town, wishing you a good night.
Unheard of.
The gentleman had never provided you with a pleasantry in all the time you've known him, and yet now, it's offered in a way that could almost be described, daresay, as soft.
A sharp turn, harsh pivot, that miraculously doesn't send you sprawling onto the ice-slick path, but it's too late. The click of the cane on cobble is enough to signal his retreat, and the sight of his back, shawl catching on a snowy-breeze, is enough to confirm his escape before you can question it.
Before you can question if it had even happened at all, or if the snow-filled wind carried words as well as ice.
Perhaps you had fallen into madness - surely, the only true explanation for your lapse in good-sense in the first-place.
It was a more pleasing thought, than whatever it could possible mean that Scrooge felt the urge to offer a nicety after such transgression, and one you worked-steadfast of to convincing yourself at, all the way to your small apartment several blocks over.
It was the one-comfort you found, once dressed and tucked beneath your sheets. The solace was well-suited for your buzzing mind, the delusion that his parting-words were merely something of illusion enough to send you into a restful-sleep.
So restful, that you quite nearly forgot the incident entirely upon return to the waking-world.
Certainly, the motification remained in regards to your own-actions, which you were certain had occurred in reality. There came moments when your lips seemed to recall a soft, unfamiliar presence when memories returned of the incident, ensuring you did not forget it.
Apology, one in daylight and well-rehearsed to display true remorse, was well in-order.
You also suspected such would put your mind to ease. While the gentleman had seemed keen to erase the moment in the minutes-following, you resigned to put the event of transgression well-out of your mind, as well as the impossibility of good-night that had followed, and an assurance that such behavior would never transpire-again.
Closing the chapter entirely, and forgetting it's contents.
Including the one where you imagined Ebenezer Scrooge, of all people, wishing you a good-night.
Such fantasy was only liable and expected to be forgotten entirely, in order to move-forward in life. And when you stepped into his buisness the following-morning, you had intended to do just that. Begin to forget the fact that you had kissed Ebenezer Scrooge, and in response, he had bid you good-night.
That had been your plan.
Your first-step towards normalcy, the first stride back into stability, and you had taken it into his office with an optimistic smile hinting at your face, as you pushed open the door.
Your plan to move-past the incident was foiled immediately, when you opened the door to the man's office.
Catching sight of that same accursed sprig of spiked-green and perfect red-berries, atop Mister Ebenezer Scrooge's otherwise entirely plain-desk, and settle in a filled-glass of water.
Preserving the event with it's allowed continued existence.
And once-more shifting reality into realms uncertain, when steele-blue raise from endless inspection of the cut-plant, to entourage gaze in an examination of equal-intensity.
The gaze neutralized. Becoming safely familiar, even as the words that followed, were not.
"Good morning."
And you realized, it would not be so-easy to return to what reality had been. Before the night prior where you had taken the apple, the hand-to-hell, in the form of following the practice of mistletoe.
Because, there was now no possibility to return from when-once-you-came.
A fact solidified, when you opened your mouth, and whispered in-repeat words you never thought such a miserable man was capable of saying to you...
"Good morning."
... but the fact that he did, was a fact that confirmed that change was here, like the days' fresh-blanket of cool snow upon the city of London.
A change refreshing, despite the uncertainty it held for the winter ahead.
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ilike2write · 2 days
✯ if angels don’t exist, then what are you?
wednesday x fem reader
reader surprises wednesday on her birthday!
lil short story
cw: fluff. literally just fluff, also a kiss !!
Tumblr media
It was finally Wednesdays birthday, you had spent weeks thinking of what to do, what to surprise her with, if you should do something big or keep it small, in the end you decided on something small, you knew how Wednesday would react if you went all out, and since it was her birthday you wanted her to feel like her likes and opinions were heard.
You had talked to Enid about it too, if they should all be there, or just you, everyone agreed that Wednesday would like it the most if it was just you. You had everything planned out and ready
So, you kicked open Wednesdays door and yelled “Happy Birthday!” with a huge smile on your face. “Is that how you intend on announcing yourself every time you walk into my room?” She asked, her eyes were widened a bit, you had interrupted her while she was writing. “Yes. Yes I do.” You walked over to her and revealed you had a cake, along with two spoons and two plates, you plopped the cake down next to her type writer. “So, do you like it?”
It was a simple black cake, decorated with spiderwebs and some candy skulls, the edge of the cake was outlined with white frosting. “I like anything you give me. “ She looked up at you, “Good, because I made it myself.” You tried to cut up some pieces with the plastic spoon you had, and although the pieces looked a little odd, it was still cake.
As Wednesday was about to grab her piece, you took it from her, she just thought you wanted more to eat, “You know, there’s an entire cake right there, there’s still plenty left.” She looked at you with a blank expression, you weren’t going to eat it, you had something else in mind.
You got a spoonful of cake and began moving the spoon towards Wednesdays mouth, she had a look of confusion on her face, all you could do was giggle. “Y/n, what are you doing? This is so childish, i’m not a baby.” She huffed, you poked wednesdays mouth with the spoon, trying to get her to open it, but in return the only thing you got was a scowl
“Cmon, open wide,” sometimes she was a little scary when she was angry, this time, she looked cute, it was like a habit you had, teasing her, but you never went too far, just plain old fun. Wednesday reluctantly and slowly, opened her mouth, she chewed, still glaring at you. You grabbed another spoonful, and started moving the spoon towards her mouth, but she stopped you. “I would rather stick needles in my eyes then do that again.”
You let out a dry chuckle, “Alrighty, well, I brought you a gift! Or us a gift? Not sure but it’s a gift.” You reached into your pocket and pulled out two bracelets, they were identical, except one had Wednesdays initial, and the other had yours, you gave her the one with your initial, “It’s so you think of me when i’m not there with you .”
“I always think of you when you’re not there.” Wednesday replied, you were not expecting that, and that made you appreciate her so much more, how did you end up with someone like her? someone so serious, and so logical, and you? well you were the complete opposite, always found ways to make jokes out of everything, and sometimes being the most immature person known to man, you were just glad you ended up with wednesday.
you felt your heart flutter, your eyes met hers, and your breath hitched, you stared into the cold but beautiful eyes of the gorgeous girl in front of you, her beautiful raven braids, and awfully pale face, but nonetheless still stunning, she made you feel things you had never felt before, it felt as if fireworks had gone off in your head, and the raging fire in your chest was too much, you wondered what she was thinking in this moment
You slowly began to lean in, and then, finally, you felt her cold, soft lips against yours, Wednesday felt her heart skip a beat, and she enjoyed that feeling very much, she trailed her hand up to your cheek, softly placing it on there and deepening the kiss, it wasn’t rough, it was loving, and sweet, it was passionate, and when you both pulled away, you had a smirk on your face,
“So, did you like your birthday present?”
“Yes. Yes I did.”
You could see a slight smile on her face
“Do you want some more gifts?”
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reilliane · 1 day
🥺🥺 I wanna kiss your Septem!Tighnari so badly. What a handsome little man
omogmgomgogmogg anon dear 😭😭 am so happi :')))
here have a tighnari jashdjkasdhakd. straightforward compliments will catch him off guard fr, he won't show it to MC but his hearthmates will know just how affected he is lmao
(currently editing septem's part 2! for some reason it got even longer lmao)
Tumblr media
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I see u have COD requests on 👀 can I request a Soap x Fem reader where maybe the 141 was tasked to protect you cause your father had dealings with makarov and there was always tension between you and soap but FORBIDDEN AND PROFESSIONAL. Now, your safe and in the clear and it’s the last time you’ll see each other and the tension is TOO HIGH THAT IT BREAKS (and some delicious smut ensues 😌)
So sorry this took me a bit to answer dear! I got a bit carried away in my overall love for Soap... I didn't go to much into detail for smut... I'm not always the best when it comes to writing smut, it's been a few years... But there is implied smut and a beautiful amount of fluff and loveliness between our reader and our Sergeant. I hope you enjoy!!! And thank you for letting me do one of your requests!!!
To Protect What Is Broken
John 'Soap' MacTavish X F!Reader
“Alright gentlemen… Thank you for meeting me on such short notice,” Kate Laswell stands at the center of the attention.
She looks tired.
On edge.
The team in question; Task Force 141 watches as their friend, teammate, and one of the best CIA Agents they have ever seen, seems anxious.
And they don’t like anxious.
“Well Kate,” Captain John Price, her closest friend and Captain of the 141 reclines in his chair, “You said you had a mission for us and that it was something of high importance… So, we’re here. What have you got for us?”
Kate Laswell is steadfast, quick on her feet; she doesn’t back down when she believes there is truth in the mission.
But this; she finds her voice wavering, finds her hands shaking with the ‘not knowing, what comes next.’
She stares at the manila folder in her hands – unsure how to process the information that was given to her.
It was discreet.
Sent to her in letter, marked with no return address… Letters scrambled, writing messy and unsteady.
Was the person, scared?
She didn’t know, but whoever would go to these lengths had caught her eye.
Had peaked her curiosity.
Kate Laswell had to give credit, where credit was due… Even, she was shocked at how the matter at hand; the person in question seeking her aid, had slipped through security, and sat in the shadows of her office.
But it was a plea.
A plea deal that carried valuable information…
And with information, came knowledge she didn’t know she could possess.
“Laswell?” Lieutenant Ghost’s voice pulled her from her thoughts, as the cobwebs dusted away, and she was brought back to the present.
All eyes on her; questions sitting between the Task Force as they watched Laswell.
“Gentlemen,” she cleared her throat, sliding the manila folder to Captain John Price, “The mission is to protect an asset.”
“You mean like bodyguards?” Gaz, spoke up; his eyes digging deep into Price’s, watching as the Captain sat, completely dumbfounded at the information laid before him.
“That’s exactly what I mean, Gaz… This isn’t gonna be easy to discuss, so I ask that you listen to everything I have to say before you jump the gun and do… What it is you do best, are we clear?”
She turns a stormy eye to John and can see the tension become visible in his shoulders.
“You have been assigned to protect… The daughter of Dimitri Zmey” she grimaces as the words tumble out of her mouth like vomit, “He is a Russian War Criminal known for his dealings with Vladimir Makarov.”
There is a tension in the air, at the sound of his name…
There is a hesitance that lingers between the Task Force as each member stills…
There is a tension; it’s burning red hot like waves of the sun – from John ‘Soap’ MacTavish… And everyone can feel it.
Kate feels like she is sweating bullets, the longer the team sits in silence.
Thankfully it’s John Price who breaks that silence.
“You want us to protect the daughter of a man, who tried to kill one of my own?”
Kate could feel the headache forming, “She came to me, seeking aid. She stole valuable information from Makarov and has now put a target on her back. She has made it very clear; she wants nothing to do with her father, she says, and I quote, ‘If my father is caught in the line of fire, by your team… There will be no burying him, I’ll have him dropped in the ocean where he belongs,’ she has never had anything to do with anything Dimitri or Vladimir have done. I’ve done my research on her and the information she brought to me… She’s telling the truth, and the information is solid.”
Captain John Price sits back in his chair with a long, drawn-out sigh; if there was ever a time he could go for a cigar, it would be now.
He turns to his team: the question doesn’t need to be spoken; his eyes do enough talking that the team understands.
Sergeant Soap MacTavish is the first to stand from his chair, “So, where is she?”
The first meeting was just as Kate thought.
It’s awkward, messy, and the silence… It’s bitter and cold.
But the team has a job to do, and she has faith things will work it out as time moves forward.
The safehouse is remote – it’s hidden in a vast forest.
It’s nothing special.
But it was home till the job was done.
“Everything is in order,” Kate tells the team, wanting to get away from the tension that riddles the group before she finds in the middle of their feud without a life vest.
The woman is quiet, she stills at the sight of him.
John ‘Soap’ MacTavish.
She knew of her father’s history, knew of his targets… Knew of his allies.
But she remembers – hearing the name ‘MacTavish,’ slip from her father’s lips… He thought they had killed them.
Thought he had cut part of the loose ends that were tangling in his affairs.
She wants to smirk – wants to thank her lucky stars she gets to witness this.
The moment her father is brought to justice.
Put down like the serpent he is.
The team takes their job seriously… Probably too seriously for her liking.
They take turns in standing guard at the safehouse…
Ghost mostly keeps to himself, answering in only short one worded answers…
She doesn’t dare ask about the mask…
Gaz is more pleasant… He tries to make her feel comfortable, and not like she is a prisoner with the largest target on her back.
Price is civil… He made dinner for the team one night and brought her a plate.
It was nice to feel the warmth of food on an anxious stomach.
Then there was Soap.
He was a puzzle to her.
She had always liked puzzles, liked the challenge of finding all the pieces to make something beautiful… But Soap…
She knew some of those pieces where hidden under lock and key.
And she didn’t blame him.
She knew her family’s existence was a curse… It was twisted and built on the pedestal of lies and bloody money…
Soap doesn’t make much in conversation… He finds comfort stationed by the window, eyes glued to the forest, hand resting on his rifle…
She can see his trigger finger itching with the need to hunt.
To kill whatever threat breaks the silence.
She has been watching him… Finding her own comfort on the couch, by the fireplace, where the dying fire gives its last bit of warmth…
The book that had peaked her interest is long forgotten.
Soap is beautiful.
He is handsome in a rugged way.
Tall and built…
Tanned from the sun and years in the battlefield.
His muscles ripple with each movement, the veins in his arms become like waves tearing across a blanket of heated sand.
She has never wanted nor felt the crave to sink her teeth into something so… indescribable but she can feel her mouthwatering with need.
The silence is starting to get to her.
She is desperate to hear his voice.
But she doesn’t know where to start… This is a business matter… and she is a simple means to an end if her intel doesn’t hold up.
It gives her anxiety.
It gives her chills.
“I’m sorry,” she sat up from her place on the couch; eyes glued to his darkened silhouette.
“For what?” His voice is rough, it screams the need for sleep.
“For what happened to you,” her voice is small, she wants Soap to trust her, to believe in her cause…
Soap is taken by surprise, his eyes straying away from the windows as they met hers.
“Thank you,” his voice is honest, she can taste the truth… He believes her.
She feels the simple tug of a smile grace her lips… It won’t overturn the actions nor the crimes her father has committed; but it’s a start.
It’s been weeks now, and she is starting to go mad.
Kate Laswell has been digging through the intel she has provided…
It’s been the key ingredients to becoming one step closer to finding her father…
To finding Makarov.
She has grown to enjoy their company; the ever so grumpy Task Force 141.
Even the ever so silent Ghost… Mask and all.
But there is one… One person’s company, she has started to crave.
Started to need.
It had started off simply talking… A ‘get to know you,’ phase she called it… To fill the silence that had become the soundtrack for her.
She found his voice soothing.
Calming in every way, she could imagine.
Was this what being in love felt like?
It felt silly – but she couldn’t help herself… Soap, had suddenly become her comfort, in the darkest parts of her mind.
Then it turned into silly jokes, his laughter was beautiful.
She had felt butterflies for days after… And had begged her heart to not get involved with this man…
When the dust settles… He’ll be a faded memory… But a dream come true.
But she finds every way possible to be close to him.
When she can’t sleep…
He is right there, suffering the same fate.
So, they talk for hours… Till she spots the sliver of sun greeting the forest.
“You’re safe.”
The words are simple.
But she finds herself frozen; paralyzed…
Soap stands in her doorway… Caked in heaven knows what… She can see the streaks of dried sweat, creating fields of pathways across his arms.
She can see the bloodied bandages; his left hand wrapped… His right arm a tangle of half assed bandages, they’re slipping…
The words should register in her head.
Her freedom…
It’s within reach.
But all her senses tilt across the line, and she suddenly finds herself falling and tumbling into dangerous territory…
She acts before her mind can process what the tongue can’t speak.
She feels herself give into the need; she has longed craved…
The impact is harsh… Thankfully, Soap is quick to catch her.
She doesn’t know where the sudden boldness comes from… Maybe it’s from knowing Soap is here with her in this moment.
Maybe it’s because he came back to her alive.
And was the key part to her freedom.
She doesn’t want to think of how her fate will play out tomorrow… For right now… She pushes it from her mind and buries her face into the crook of his neck.
“Sweetheart, I’m dirty,” Soap tried to be reasonable… He was in desperate need of a shower, of sleep… But with the news of her freedom, he could wait a few more minutes.
He feels her tighten her hold against him.
He smells of sweat, of the wet Earth… There is a lingering faint, scent of his cologne she found to be intoxicating.
She can smell the touch of blood… It’s faint, but she tastes the coopery tint on the tip of her tongue.
“Oh, sweet girl,” Soap tries to catch his breath, “You’re gonna be alright.”
Shaking her head, she pulls away… Needing to look into his eyes…
Finding her footing, she traces the faded scars across his face… The stubble creating a perfect friction on trembling hands.
“I was never worried for me, Soap…”
His hands find purchase as they settle on her waist… His thumb stroking the peeking skin beneath her loosely fitted sleeping shirt.
“I was more worried about you, than anything… I don’t know what I would have done if you didn’t come back to me.”
It’s a confession.
She can feel butterflies fluttering, knocking against the pit of her belly the longer she looks into his eyes…
“I would have fought through hell and back to get back to you, sweet girl,” he gives her a rare smile, “It’s gonna take a lot more than those bastards to stop me.”
She finds herself smiling at his pride, but the smile turns gray in a matter of seconds, the longer she thinks about it.
“What is it?” Soap can see the change in her attitude.
“Do I leave tomorrow?”
She can feel the grip, tighten on her waist; she wanted him to bruise her… Even if the memory of his touch faded, she could gladly wear his markings with pride.
And hopes they would stay forever burned in her memory.
Breathing through his nose, Soap gives a simple nod, “Laswell sent the rest of the team back to base… I…”
The kiss is everything and more.
It’s beautiful and she finds herself drunk on the taste of him.
But she craves to dive into everything he is…
Caressing his lips with her tongue, she begs for entrance…
Lips part and tongues touch, as they fight for dominance.
“Soap,” she pulls away slightly, “You’re injured.”
But Soap isn’t listening.
“I’m fine beautiful… This may be the last time, I see you… I don’t want to waste a single second any longer… I’ve got to have you.”
She feels the creeping shiver rest at the bottom of her spine as his words puncture her down to the very core of her being.
“Then let’s not waste any more time.”
She wakes in a tangle of limbs and barely covered sheets.
The sun has barely touched the horizon, and she is already dreading the course her life is about to take…
There is a blissful soreness resting between her legs.
She can feel the soft imprints of where Soap gripped her, where he marked her… Claimed her as his into the early morning hours.
She feels the weight of his presence behind her… His fingers locked with hers as they rested over her belly.
There is a lingering scent of cologne, aftershave, and sex touching the sheets and misty cool air.
“You’re thinking too loud, pretty girl,” his voice is rough, it leaks sleepiness…
The Scottish accent is heavenly.
She feels her thighs shaking with anticipation; with longing to feel his warm breath tickle her skin…
She turns in his embrace, sliding herself into the notch she has made for herself.
She stares at him.
He is beautiful, peaceful…
His mohawk is messy, it’s sticking in different angles…
She wants to hold this picture in mind for as long as she can.
Wants to remember his touch for the rest of her days.
But the sun is against them.
“I wanted to thank you,” she whispers softly, trying not to disturb the peace between them.
Soap opens his eyes, “For what?”
She gives him a sad smile, and begins to trace the lines of faded scars littered across his toned chest, “For giving me my life back,” she meets his gaze, “For saving me… Even though you didn’t have to.”
He takes her hand in his, “I would do it again…”
“When do we have to be ready?”
“Not for a bit… Price will give me a heads up.”
Pulling her lip between clenched teeth, she staggers in her need for control.
“Well, if that’s the case,” bringing his hand back to her lips, she presses a kiss to each finger, “Care to jog my memory, Sergeant? Give me something to remember you by for the days to come.”
“Aye… That I can do pretty girl.”
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youseeingthis · 19 hours
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sanjisblackasswife · 2 days
Randomly Flashing Your Pierced Tits at Them (NSFW-ISH?)
Black Fem Reader in Mind
Ft. Sanji, Zoro, Luffy, Law
Tumblr media
You almost didn’t do it. This would have been detrimental—hell fatal, but Sanji has been a bit sick so Nami was on cooking duty as he was in your bed in and out of sleep
He hated getting sick, if anything he really wanted to just lay in bed with you all day, but he couldn’t risk giving his sickness to you.
“Feeling any better?” You touched his burning head nearly whining at how badly he must feel.
“No.” He sniffed sitting up. “I can’t feel or taste anything.
That’s when the idea popped up. Today was a great day not to wear a bra.
You climbed on top of him. Sanji immediately got hotter, he nearly protested you to not get close but you scoffed and kissed him anyways.
“Did you feel that?”
“I-I—I um—“
You pull up your top before he could answer and place his cold hands on your breast nearly making you hiss.
No more snot was coming from his nose, but blood instead.
He loved your jewlery so much he was toying with them with his eyes glued on how they shined on your beautiful little nipples. You laugh at his little praises of how soft they were
“Can you feel n—“
To this day Sanji believes your tits were the cure because he felt better the very next day.
Tumblr media
For this past week Zoro has been walking around the ship shirtless.
It’s not that you mind it it’s just not fair because his tits look so great and you wish he would get matching nipple piercings with you.
You and Zoro have been going out for a while and he has never actually seen you naked. There has been a few occurrences where he ALMOST seen you naked, but he quickly left the room before seeing anything.
So today you wanted to be a menace and just show him what you got and maybe convince him to get at least ONE
“Hm?” He hums arms behind his head leaning on the wall of the CN.
“Would you ever get a nipple piercing.”
“Would you—“
“I heard you.”
“Then why’d you ask.”
“No I wouldn’t.”
“Because they look stupid.”
Immediately offended you sit in shock
You just pull up your shirt like it’s nobody’s business.
Zoro jumps the same time your breast do and you laugh at his blushing face
“MY PIERCINGS! See look.”
You force his face to look at your jiggly pierced tits. He’d be lying to say they didn’t look hot. How eyes widened, cheeks red, and lips now dry.
“I know right. Feel it.”
Tumblr media
You flashed them on accident
A happy accident.
You were in his room and you seen one of his kimono’s and you really wanted to wear it because it looked so cozy ! So you stripped and took off your bra too because you believed you might as well be completely comfortable laying around in his room.
You actually looked so good in it, your breast loooked amazing. You moved around and pranced in your boyfriend’s room in his clothes until you got tired and decided to take a nap on his bed.
Good news about that is you probably had one of the best naps of your life.
Bad news is you were tossing and turning so much the kimono slipped off a little
You jumped, Law seen you sleep and smirked. He wanted to scold or at least tease you for going through his stuff while he was away but his mind went blank seeing your bare chest as his kimono slipped down.
“O-oh! I’m sorry!” You quickly cover yourself as Law slowly approaches you and sits on the bed with and unreadable face.
“Never pegged you for a girl that had nipple piercings…”
You could see the blush on his face. Law was embarrassingly turned on seeing your little secret(s). He always suspected you had something to hide considering you always cover your chest a lot. He assumed it was a tattoo or something but this was even better.
“Yeah….you like em?!”
You took off your kimono again to expose your tatas and Law was not only speechless but feeling hot. You seen his fist balled eye’ing your breast so you grab his hand and make him touch one
“You’re my boyfriend Law, you can touch them..”
Bad idea because now that’s all he does when you two are alone or sleep.
Tumblr media
You were sitting on the head of the Sunny with Luffy laughing and relaxing when you got a bit warm and took off your denim jacket exposing your bra less white crop top.
Luffy wasn’t really the type to stare at your body, but since you both have gotten a bit more touchy with each other he does steal a few glances here or there
And that’s when he noticed your tits had—
“Y/N you have three nipples?! AHHAHAA!”
You furrowed your brows until you looked down and seen your erect nipples and piercings poke through your shirt on which makes it look like you have 3 nipples on each breast
“OH! No! Nonono it’s—“
Usually Luffy’s laugh makes you smile but right now you couldn’t get him to shut up and listen. He laughed damn near as hard when he was in Dressrosa.
You groan and pull up your shirt exposing your pierced boobies and waited for him to look at you. Once he did he finally started to calm down.
“These ARENT nipples they are piercings !”
“I got my nipples pierced years ago—hey!”
Luffy immediately begins to fondle your breast. They actually feel really good bare. However when you got the piercings your nipples became very sensitive and your boyfriend started to test out that theory
“Why’d you get them? I mean they look cool but doesn’t it hurt?”
You couldn’t even answer him, he kept flicking and rubbing his fingers on your sensitive buttons making you bite your lip.
“These are kinda cool! They fit you.”
“Y-yeah.” You pull your shirt back down and Luffy pushes it back up making you jump as he got closer to cop another feel
“W-what are you doing!? Ah—…”
“Heheheh you like when I touch you here huh…”
“Luffy no!”
“Luffy yes! Common lemme…it’s just us! Besides you started it.”
Congratulations Luffy has a new toy.
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Tumblr media
— to tame a demon
pairing: wednesday addams x fem!oni!reader
warnings: none
summary: a new mid-semester arrival in the face of the gloomy addams girl meets the resident demonic student who's all witty remarks and tusked grins, and something inhumane draws her in
word count: 4.8k
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
"There are many flavors of outcasts here," Enid began, hands behind her back as she guided Wednesday through the yard, "but the four main cliques are Fangs, Furs, Stoners, and Scales," she counted, pointing to the table where a group of neat-looking students sat, sipping at some bottled red liquid, "Those are the Fangs, a.k.a, vampires. Some of them have literally been here for decades."
The girl moved on, and Wednesday's unimpressed glare flicked to another group of students.
"That bunch of knuckleheads are Furs, a.k.a, werewolves. Like me!”
The fuzzy-haired teens sitting at the table howled at the mention, greeting their kin.
"Oh, you see that girl? That's (Y/n) (L/n). She's not a werewolf, but a close thing. An oni demon.”
The young woman was sitting at the table next to the Furs, hitting her werewolf friend in the shoulder to get him to stop with the loud noise. She didn't really stand out — the girl wore a set of the standard issued uniform, her jacket and a few top buttons of her shirt unbuttoned. But one thing about her appearance really did catch Wednesday's eye — her canines, both top and bottom, crooked at the ends and big enough to protrude from a small slit between her lips. Despite the effect they had on her mouth, the tusks didn't make her face look inhumane, and, as the demon looked up to wave at Enid, Wednesday noticed a pair of snake-like slits in her (e/c) scleras.
The ravenette caught herself thinking of how pretty those eyes were.
"A close thing?" She wondered out loud, making a show of gazing somewhere away from the face of the oni girl, as if she was asking the question out of sheer curiosity.
"Yeah, well, she doesn't exactly "wolf out", per se. Think of her as... a girl with unresolved anger issues who lets her inner demons out every Blood Moon. So like, basically all of us," the blonde said, giggling at her own joke, "Dunno if it affects her looks, though... No one has ever seen (Y/n) during one of her demon furies."
Wednesday looked back at the oni, catching sight of the girl talking with her friends, a small grin on her face as she listened to their energetic rambles with amusement.
What an interesting creature.
Tumblr media
Wednesday wasn't extremely enthusiastic about botany lessons. Thanks to her mother, she was practically an expert in the field of carnivorous plants. But skipping just wasn't her style, and she walked into the classroom, hoping the disinterest she had in the subject was clear on her pale face.
As the girl looked around the class to find herself a seat, her eyes quickly traveled above the heads of her classmates. She noticed Enid next to Yoko, so sitting with a person she was at least a bit acquainted with was off limits. Wednesday felt far from sad about the fact - having to neighbor with the hyperactive blonde in the dorms was enough excitement in her life.
Her gaze then suddenly fell on the two half-empty desks in the second row. One of the vacant seats was right next to Xavier, and mulling her decision over she realised she would prefer to sit next to a wolfed-out Enid rather than the miserable artist. Quickly making up her mind, Wednesday walked up to the other desk, and felt Xavier's gaze on the back of her head as she sat down, taking her backpack off to place it at her feet. She still had a few minutes before the class started, she could indulge in some macabre reminiscings of hers before the actual torture began.
"Oh. Hey," the gloomy girl heard a voice call out on her right, and turned to look up at her neighbor. Her breath hitched as she realised it was the oni girl, her cheek leaning against her fist as she smiled at Wednesday lazily, her top lip rising to her gums slightly to bare the intimidating tusks. If she was trying to scare Wednesday away, it certainly didn't work, "You're Wednesday, right? Enid wasn't exactly secretive about her new sombre roommate. I was hoping I'd get a chance to meet you."
The girl offered a clawed hand as a greeting, "I'm (Y/n)."
Wednesday took a moment to look the demon over. Her (h/c) hair was put up in a messy bun, some of the locks falling in front of her pointed ears, framing her face, and her (e/c) cat-like eyes were staring down at Wednesday with a playful glint. She was wearing the same uniform as the rest of the class, and the undone buttons exposed the top of the girl's collarbones.
What an annoying habit. Didn't she know what formal dress code was?
“Huh. The teeth don't seem to affect your speech, despite their uncomfortable positioning,” the ravenette noted, shaking the taller girl’s outstretched hand, finding it rather warm in contrast to her own dead-cold skin. If the demon found the temperature or the rather rude comment off-putting, she didn’t show it, “I hope I didn’t intrude.”
“No, no, you’re good,” (Y/n) reassured, leaning her elbow back against the seat, “And those? Yeah, I’m not an orc, you know. You should see how big they get when I... on second thought, you probably shouldn't." She stopped her rant bashfully, cheeks warming slightly at the realization of a rather sensitive topic not being suitable when meeting someone new.
"Not a pretty sight?"
"Hm.” Wednesday looked away from the other girl’s face, staring at the board in front of the class.
“I think I'd love to see."
That made (Y/n) chuckle, “You do seem like the type to enjoy outrageous and hideous things.”
Their conversation came to an end when Ms. Thornhill entered the classroom, holding a big pot in her gloved hands, and both girls turned their attention to the teacher.
(Y/n) had to admit that hers had seemed to switch to her new intriguing neighbor a few times. She watched Wednesday from the corner of her eye, taking in the girl’s frigid expression as she listened to the lecture without any interest, and found it hard to refocus on the lesson again.
Tumblr media
It was the early hours of morning as Wednesday walked to the dining hall, completely devoid of any appetite but having nothing to do in this ungodly time. Most of the students were still asleep, and the halls were empty, letting the gloomy girl enjoy her solitude, her platformed shoes the only sound accompanying her.
Seemingly enjoying the peacefulness too much, she didn’t notice another person coming down from the other side of the stairs, and bumped into them, the collision powerful enough to tear her out of her thoughts.
Ready to put the culprit into the hospital for the rest of the school year, Wednesday looked up, and her emotionless gaze met the (e/c) - colored one.
“Good morning, Wednesday. Up to tackle people to their deaths so early?” (Y/n) chuckled, straightening her jacket before looking the smaller girl up and down, “You alright?”
“Peachy.” Wednesday deadpanned and turned around without another word, continuing on her path to the cafeteria. Much to her disappointment, she heard the other girl follow her, catching up to her smaller strides with ease.
“Were you walking to breakfast too? What a coincidence. A perfect morning for an early snack, I’ve been feeling hungry myself.”
Wednesday didn’t answer, and it was silent again, for which the ravenette was thankful. She could even say she enjoyed walking in the presence of the demon, as long as the latter kept her snarky toothy mouth shut.
"So, do you prefer your human flesh rare or straight from the limb?" The smaller girl asked suddenly without looking at her companion.
"Why, you got some to share?" (Y/n) chuckled, "Nah. I'm more of an animal meat kinda girl. Some of my ancient ancestors did have their man-eating tendencies, but they didn't exactly wear uniforms or went to school either."
"Sounds about right. Otherwise Nevermore would be an all-you-can-eat restaurant for you. Maybe even the whole Jericho town."
The oni laughed at the statement, a loud rough guffaw that almost made Wednesday’s ears bleed. Except it didn’t.
Tumblr media
Wednesday found herself standing in the center of the dorm of her demon friend, hands dutifully by her sides as she looked around, catching the smallest details of (Y/n)’s lair. Her bed was made neatly, and some of her notebooks and papers seemed to had been hastily put in a messy pile on her desk, an obvious last-minute measure to make her working space look presentable.
Before she left to get the textbooks she had forgotten at Yoko’s the last time she had a sleepover with the vampire, the girl pulled up a stool to the desk, inviting the other girl to sit down and make herself comfortable, then, before Wednesday could utter a single world, sputtered some nonsense about her awful hospitality and gestured at her own, admittedly much bigger and softer chair, kicked the stool away, and left the room as fast as she could, promising to be back in a flash.
The girls had agreed on studying for the upcoming exam period, and, considering Wednesday was in no need of preparation, let alone tutoring, she made it the most heartfelt gesture to help the (h/c) – haired demon not fail any subjects. The ravenette told herself that she had no choice, that the oni wouldn’t stop whining and pestering her about how much work there was to be done and how little time she had left, but in reality (Y/n) had to only ask once.
Wednesday agreed, but not without grumbling about how annoying and tiresome the demon’s presence was.
Addams moved to take off her backpack and placed it on the desk, taking some books out of it before she took a seat in (Y/n)’s chair. She looked up at the opposite wall, examining the different posters and trinkets hanging on it. A small bonsai tree was sitting on the table that stood against the wall, obviously tended to caringly every single day, if the flourishing green leaves were anything to go by.
Noticing a much more imposing decoration, the girl stood up to get closer to a stand where two samurai swords were displayed in a matching daisho set, a katana and a smaller wakizashi sword. The sayas were of black waxed wood, golden kashiraes mounting both in peculiar bows. Wednesday moved to take a closer look, noticing a face of an oni demon neatly engraved into the scabbard of the katana.
"Something caught your eye?"
Wednesday turned around and away from the sword stand to look at the oni who had managed to sneak up on the other girl, but didn't scare her in the slightest.
"It's nice craftsmanship." Wednesday deadpanned, staring up at her.
(Y/n) looked somewhat pleased with the comment.
"I'm glad you think so," her slitted gaze moved from Wednesday's face to the kake, and the (h/c) - haired girl sighed, her hands behind her back and her shoulders tense, "It's been a while since I've last touched the blade. Don't exactly have a reason to train right now. Peaceful times." She said, almost with a hint of sorrow.
"Why didn't you join the fencing club?"
"Because I deem my swordsmanship a resemblance of my bloodline's ancient traditions, not a sport or a hobby." She answered firmly, but her tone held no offence.
"Strange. I'd see it as an opportunity to be undefeatable at something."
And to outdo Bianca again, no less. What a pleasurable thought.
Wednesday watched the other girl chuckle sheepishly and move her hand up to scratch at the back of her head.
"Well... My thrusting speed has been slacking lately. I'm more into powerful crushing slashes, you know."
"Hm." Wednesday seemed lost in thought, her gaze distant, before she turned to the taller girl again, "You and I should fence sometime. To keep you in shape."
The demon looked taken aback, both at the proposal and the intensity of the ravenette's gaze that wasn't there before. Then she smiled, her eyes warm.
"That'd be an honor. And you know I how I feel about that thing."
Tumblr media
Wednesday stared up at the top shelf, aggravated, as if the glare adorning her face would make the book budge and fall into her hands.
She was at the library, looking for the Nightshades book, or anything that would lead her a step closer to the mysterious society. She wished she had brought Thing along. Tall bookcases wouldn't be a problem for him.
Frowning deeper, the ravenette tried to raise her hand a bit higher and jumped, the tips of her fingers barely grazing the spine of the book she assumed was the one she was looking for. She huffed, crossing her hands on her chest and looking around the room for some stool or a ladder.
"Wednesday, good evening. Up to some late night reading?"
Wednesday looked up at the entrance of the library to see (Y/n) going down the stairs, a smirk on her toothy lips as she observed the scene in front of her.
"Yes, I am, actually."
"Which one do you need? I'll get it for you."
Wednesday pouted for a few seconds, then pointed at the top shelf where the dark - purple book was sitting, taunting her.
The demon rose her hand to reach for the book, "Honestly, how are you so tiny?"
"(Y/n), I'm at a perfect height for breaking your kneecaps. I won't hesitate."
"Mhm, I'm sure you won't," grabbing the book, the taller girl took it off the shelf, but didn't hurry to hand it over to Wednesday, "Now, what's the magic word?"
"I don't have time for -"
"Wrong, Addams. Try again." The oni grinned, clearly enjoying herself.
Wednesday glared at the girl, her gaze murderous, but after a few moments she complied.
"Would you give me the book, (Y/n). Please."
"There, was that so hard?" (Y/n) pressed the book into the ravenette's hands, and the shorter girl quickly looked over the cover, exasperated when she realised it wasn't the one she was looking for, "Are you up to a research or something? Do you need an extra pair of hands, maybe?"
"Why would you want to help me?"
"Isn’t that what friends are for? And maybe it's the lack of anything better to do."
"You're such a slacker. I have no idea how you're still in this school," She put the book on the first shelf she could reach for, then turned around and headed for the exit, "Let's go."
The (h/c) - haired demon shook her head with a small smile before moving to follow the busy girl.
Tumblr media
"I want to punch Xavier in the face," (Y/n) grumbled, her hands folded on her chest, a brush covered in yellow paint sticking in between her clawed fingers as she stared daggers at the pair of young people a few feet away from her.
"Huh? Why?" Enid looked up from the boat she was painting on, crouched on the ground, confused at her friend's sudden violent statement.
"Because he's a creep and he has a stupid face with that pitiful look of his." The oni muttered, furrowing her brows as she watched the young man bother Wednesday, the ravenette's expression and body language doing little to tell whether she was irritated by his presence, which pissed (Y/n) off even more.
Enid followed her gaze and smirked when she realised what the source of the demon's sour mood was, "If you think he's giving her a hard time, why don't you come over and talk to him?"
"I'm pretty sure Wednesday isn't the type to be sly and subtle when someone's vexing her." The oni huffed in reply.
"Well, doesn't that mean that... On second thought, I shouldn't be the one to judge the situation," the werewolf quickly stopped herself, noticing (Y/n)'s scowl now directed at her, turning away to continue painting the boat nervously.
The (h/c) - haired girl sighed, "You're right, actually. Maybe that means she doesn't mind his company. Or maybe she doesn't want to kill a guy in broad daylight," the brush the demon was holding finally snapped under the pressure of her grip, and she gnashed her teeth, seething, "I could."
"That's the third brush today, (Y/n)," Yoko chided from Enid's side, clearly tired of the oni's behavior.
"Sorry," (Y/n) turned her gaze away from the scene she was watching, her eyes like that of a kicked puppy's as she sat on her knees next to the vampire, taking a new brush from her outstretched hand, "Thanks."
Yoko hummed and resumed painting, "You should really talk to her, you know. Before it's too late and she's snatched from under your nose."
"Yoko's right. You jealously watching her like a hawk won't do either of you good. It's kinda weird that Wednesday herself hasn't noticed the heart-eyes you constantly have whenever she's around."
The demon grunted, trying to busy herself with lining out a yellow cat eye on the side of the boat.
"Seriously, (Y/n). Tell her. What's the worst that could happen? You don't seem like the type to be afraid of rejection," Enid grinned at her friend, winking, "Personally, I'm rooting for you. I’m sure you can make my roomie happy, well, to an extent, you know.”
Except the demon was afraid of rejection her whole life. And considering Wednesday wasn't the type to give any signals, (Y/n) wasn't sure where she and the gloomy girl stood.
She tolerated her presence, at least. That was a start. But she seemed to tolerate Xavier’s, too. God, what an enigma Wednesday Addams was.
Tumblr media
The Rave'N Dance was at its peak. The music was loud, and most of the students had long since hit the dance floor, enjoying their time in groups and pairs.
Wednesday herself was feeling rather out of breath, the collar of her black vintage dress clinging to her neck uncomfortably as she stepped into a closed-off room to escape the noise of the party for a bit.
She was alone as she sat down on one of the couches, a sigh of relief escaping her mouth as she felt the pressure leave her sore feet.
Well, despite the abruptness of it all, Wednesday would lie if she said she wasn't having at least a bit of fun.
Wednesday looked up to see (Y/n) come into the room, moving the blinds out of her way carefully. She smiled at the smaller girl, and the ravenette realised she was seeing the oni for the first time that evening.
The demon was wearing a black and white haori over a crisp white high-collared blouse paired with black hakama pants, and the combination of formal wear in different styles made the girl look very dapper. She had winged eyeliner on her face, (f/c) eyeshadow framing her lids gorgeously, and her lipstick was smudged on her canines just a bit, no doubt from all the talking and drinking the oni had done throughout the evening.
(Y/n) walked over to take a sit next to the smaller girl, letting her back slump over the couch with a grunt.
“Out of your notorious inhumane stamina already?” Wednesday asked teasingly.
“Uh-huh. Thought the girls were gonna dance me to death. I needed a breather,” the oni opened her eyes and straightened in her seat, looking around the small closed-off space, “Where’s your date?”
“You could say I needed a breather too. These shoes are killing me, and not in an enjoyable way.”
The demon hummed, her eyes moving from Wednesday’s legs up her face. Their gazes met, and (Y/n)’s didn’t falter.
“You look deadly beautiful yourself, Wednesday. Very much so.” She muttered quietly with gentle admiration, and Wednesday felt her stomach flip.
I couldn't tear my eyes away from you this whole evening, was what the demon wanted to say. I wish I was the one to share the dance with you, wish I could tell you how much I adore you, and how badly I want to hold you close, to feel your touch. Me, not anyone else.
The girl averted her gaze again, moving to stand up, "Gotta go before they think I've ditched them. No patience with the vampires. Ironic, huh?" She smiled, though it didn't reach her eyes, and went to the exit, looking back at Wednesday one last time.
"Have a good night, Addams."
Tumblr media
"Is there something on your mind? You've been very quiet for the past hour, I've gotten a lot done. It's getting unnerving."
(Y/n) smiled slightly, huffing out a laugh through her nose, her elbows resting on the stone railing of the balcony as she turned her head to look at the ravenette, "Nothing much. Just... things, I guess."
"Are they bothering you?"
Never. When I'm thinking of you, it's never a bother.
"I think I'm in love with you, Wednesday."
For the first time ever, (Y/n) saw the gloomy girl get caught off guard. Her eyes were wide open, but she didn't say anything. Her gaze traveled up to the face of the demon girl, and she stared at her, unblinking, like a hunting cat expecting a sudden attack.
"You'll get over it."
"You think so?" (Y/n) chuckled, looking out at the dark scenery in front of her, "I never thought I'd get to say that you might be wrong."
It was silent between them again. Wednesday seemed to be lost in thought as she observed the side profile of the taller girl, noting all her features lit by the dim moonlight.
"When have you started to feel this way?" She asked at last, as if a doctor examining her sick patient.
"A while ago, I guess."
"Why didn't you tell me sooner?"
"I was afraid of... how you'd react. And I didn't want to overwhelm you. You seem to have a different type of obsession going on." (Y/n) looked at Wednesday, eyes gleaming with honesty.
"I hate you." Wednesday deadpanned, unconsciously moving closer to the taller girl.
"Really? Why?"
"I hate the way you make me feel. Your mere presence is what constantly overwhelms me."
Barely any inches were left between them as their gazes met, electicity going through the sudden connection.
"Do you want to stop feeling this way?" The oni whispered, barely audible throught her heart thumping in her ears.
(Y/n) froze, and Wednesday leaned forward on her tip toes to meet her, pressing her plush lips against the demon's. The kiss was soft and warm, and (Y/n)’s stomach was instantly swarmed with butterflies, the heaviness leaving her shoulders. She felt the hand of the smaller girl move closer to hers, and Wednesday pressed a finger on top of her palm gently, before the cold touch engulfed the whole hand of the oni as their fingers entwined.
Tumblr media
“It’s been an hour already, Wednesday.”
“I know.”
“It’s getting late. We should get to bed.”
“Do as you wish, (Y/n). I’m not finished yet. Good night.”
The demon groaned at the words, standing up from the bed to walk over to the smaller female where she was typing away, the clicking sounds almost enough to lull (Y/n) to sleep. But she couldn’t, not without the presence of the other girl.
Draping herself over Wednesday’s shoulders, she watched the typerwriter print the letters at a steady pace, Wednesday’s brows furrowed in focus.
“Come on,” the oni whined quietly, “This can wait until tomorrow. You have to rest.”
“(Y/n), I’ll suplex you to where the sun doesn’t shine if you don’t stop bugging me.”
(Y/n) sighed, burying her face in the smaller girl’s shoulder, “You’re so mean. You know I can’t sleep without you.”
The typing paused, and Wendesday turned to face the demon who was still mumbling something into the fabric of her sweater, blunt tusks scratching at the clothed shoulder as her mouth moved. The shorter girl exhaled tiredly before turning back to the typewriter, finishing her last sentence and taking the paper out before putting it into a neat stack next to the device. Then she turned to (Y/n) again to press a light kiss on top of her head.
“Fine, you big baby. Let’s go to bed.”
Raising her head, the demon smiled, straightening her back and taking Wednesday by the hand, pulling her up and to the bed they shared now that (Y/n) was allowed to sleep next to Wednesday instead of the hardwood floor. It was a long process, but the ravenette was able to get used to the presence of the other girl, comfortable enough to push her boundaries to an extent.
“Want me to do your hair?”
Wednesday nodded, and (Y/n) sat down on the bed, taking a black brush from the nightstand before motioning for the smaller girl to sit between her legs. When they were situated comfortably, the demon started to unbraid Wednesday’s dark hair, careful not to tangle her claws in the tresses, before brushing it gently. Wednesday closed her eyes at the feeling of the oni’s hands in her hair, goosebumps raising up her neck as she leaned back into the bigger girl’s body.
This was nice. She could get used to this.
Tumblr media
Skipping was never Wednesday's style. She was a responsible student, dutifully attending every single class and never missing on her extracurricular activities. Not like she'd ever want to, anyway. She liked spending time with the bees, even if the girl herself would never admit that.
So what was Wednesday doing, away from her class during school time, hidden inside a barely lit broom closet as she pressed her mouth against the resident demon's, kissing her feverishly and licking over her tusks?
Oh, if only her parents could see her right now. They'd probably be ecstatic.
"Fuck, Wednesday," (Y/n) sighed against the smaller girl's mouth, hands on her waist as she pressed the ravenette closer to herself, wanting to leave no space in between them.
"Make no sound," Wednesday scolded the (h/c) - haired girl, biting at her lower lip and sliding down to place a chaste kiss along her jawline, "We don't want to get caught, now do we?"
The only response she got was a quiet whine, and she smiled against (Y/n)'s neck, pressing a few kisses there, right by the jugular, and feeling her pulse quicken under the cold touch, the demon's clawed fingers digging sharply into her hips.
The ravenette moved away, and the taller girl breathed in sharp sighs through her mouth, skin tingling and positively on fire.
Wednesday kissed her again, just for the lovesick look in her eyes.
"I'm afraid we have to go before someone notices our absence and thinks I've kidnapped you to torture for fun."
The oni girl huffed, running her hand through her (h/c) hair both to fix it and to relieve the tension that was clearly still there, her other hand resting on Wednesday's waist, rubbing her thumb against the cloth of her uniform affectionately.
"You're such a tease," she sighed, lowering her face a bit, slitted eyes glowing and hopeful, "One last time?"
Wednesday pressed her palm against (Y/n)'s cheek and got on her tip toes to gently kiss the other, lingering there before pulling away completely, leaving a small but noticeable mark of her dark lipstick color.
"There. Let's go."
The oni grinned, cheeks still red, and Wednesday couldn't fight the warm feeling bubbling in her stomach at the way the taller girl looked at her.
"Let's hope Ms. Thornhill doesn't get too mad," (Y/n) chuckled, moving to open the door of the closet, letting some bright light in through a small slit. Then she closed it with a sharp twist of her arm, eyes wide and panicked.
"Wednesday, we've skipped the whole period here."
"And?" The ravenette deadpanned.
"The class is over!"
"What do you think! The halls are filled with people right now. There's no way in hell we're getting out of here unnoticed."
"Why would we need to do that?"
The demon girl tore her gaze away from the door, looking down at Wednesday as if she was mad, making the ravenette roll her eyes.
"You're stupid. Come on."
Grabbing (Y/n)'s hand, she opened the door and led the girl forward, tugging when she felt resistance and heard the oni groan.
"I can't believe you sometimes," (Y/n) muttered, embarrassed.
"For someone who seems to always act so cocky and aloof, you care too much about what others think. Besides," she turned around to glance at the frustrated girl, a small smirk on her lips, "the color looks good on you."
(Y/n) didn't answer, too busy avoiding the amused stares of her fellow students passing by.
Oh, they were certainly not going to let her live.
Tumblr media
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Tumblr media
Social status
Eddie Munson x female reader.
You had been going out with Eddie for about 3 months now, you were head over heals for him but he was still insecure, unsure that you actually liked him.
Eddie had been crushing on you for about 3 years now, but he was in a group for social rejects that played a fantasy game and you were on the cheer squad.
The truth is you started talking one night after one of corroded coffins gigs at the hideout. You had gone for a drink to clear your head and ended up telling Eddie you liked his music which lead to several other conversations and a month later several make out sessions.
Eddie had insisted that you kept your relationship quiet, at first he thought he didn’t want to be seen with you but he quickly explained that it was the complete opposite, he would love to show you off, however he was worried about your friends on the cheer squad and their jock boyfriends, he was worried that they’d mock you, that you would be embarrassed of him.
You had said many times that you didn’t care about popularity and social status but he insisted.
Gareth was explaining how he got rejected yet again while mike rambled on about how long distance sucked.
“Yeah I’m glad I don’t have to do long distance, I don’t think I’d be-“ Eddie stopped himself when he realized what he had said and saw the open mouthed gapes of the other guys.
Dustin broke out laughing and so did the rest of the table.
“You really had me for a minute there man.”
Eddie frowned.
“Yeah no way does Eddie Munson have a girlfriend.” Gareth shook his head.
“I do have a girlfriend.”
“Is she hot too?” Mike joked.
“Yes.” Eddie crossed his arms.
They began to laugh again.
“Who is she?” Dustin asked.
“Can’t say.” He shrugged.
“Totally fake.” Eddie heard someone mumble.
“Do you have your scrunchie? I didn’t bring my extra one.” Chrissy asked.
“Shit! I’ll be right back.” You told her.
You walked over to your boyfriends table, smiling at the sight of his long hair and his deep brown eyes.
“Hey Ed’s?” You asked as you approached.
He looked up at you baffled, the rest of the table looked confused and worried.
“Do you still have my tigers scrunchie?” You asked.
It was a green and orange scrunchie with the school’s team logo printed on it, you needed it for the game tonight.
Eddie pulled up his jacket sleeve revealing the scrunchie that was hidden there and handed it to you still looking a little concerned you were talking to him at school.
“Oh my god thank you, you’re a lifesaver, Chrissy didn’t have a spare.”
“Anytime babe.” Eddie slightly smiled at the rest of his table as you ran back off to your friends who asked why Eddie had your scrunchie but you had simply used the ‘I was tutoring him and I left it at his place.’ Excuse.
“No way.” Dustin shook his head.
“It’s a joke.” Lucas scoffed.
“You, Eddie the freak Munson are dating y/n l/n!? I don’t buy it.” Mike added.
“What do you mean you don’t buy it she was just over here.” Eddie sighed.
“What’d you pay her?” Gareth asked.
Eddie just rolled his eyes.
Later that day in the empty girls bathroom that had been abandoned for repairs, you were fixing your makeup and doing you hair in your tiny cheer uniform as Eddie ranted about how the guys didn’t believe him.
“I mean they saw it didn’t they!?” He exclaimed.
“Yeah but I don’t know Ed’s…maybe they’re just-“ you paused trying to find the right word.
“Jealous? In denial? Hate seeing their friends happy?” Eddie added sarcastically as you put on mascara.
“Yeah.” You sighed as he hugged you from behind.
“Hey? Can you come to hellfire tonight…after the game.” Eddie asked.
“Yeah of course.” You smiled, he planted a kiss on your head and you went your separate ways.
You had done your routine and Hawkins had yet another victory.
You quickly ran to the art room, fetching a project you’d been working on for weeks.
You sprinted down the halls bursting into the drama room while Eddie’s voice came to haunt and everyone turned to you.
“Hey.” You waved slightly.
Eddie stated wide eyed at you, you had taken your old cheer uniform and redecorated.
You had made it black and white, cropped the shirt and added the hellfire logo to the shirt.
All the boys gaped at you.
He snapped out of his trance and gestured for you to come over to him.
He wrapped his arms around your waist and pulled you into his lap making you giggle.
“I love you.” He whispered into your ear for the first time.
You blushed.
“Love you too.” You whispered back looking up at him.
“So how do you play?” You spoke up with a smile the other boys quickly adjusting and beginning to explain what was going on.
Needless to say they never made any remarks about Eddie’s dating life again, especially not after you had made the winning dice roll and Eddie had kissed you in pure excitement.
You went to a lot of hellfire sessions after that, playing and helping out, watching and just being there for Eddie really.
Tumblr media
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momocedro · 11 hours
My Sweet Dove: Chapter 2
Tumblr media
Pairing: Larissa Weems x (Fem! Vampire)Reader
Summary: You're the only vampire in existence that is basically immune to Nightshade Poison. When your supposed soulmate is injected with such, you go feral.
Chapter Key: Italics = Thoughts, Bold/Italic = Flashback, Bold = Letter, Cross Out = Demonic
Chapter Theme: Judas - Lady Gaga
A/n: None
Taglist: @bxtrflyr​, @mymommawanda​, @agathasslutt​
"For the record Y/l/n, I did miss you. Terribly.”
“You are incompetent. A stone around my neck.”
You sit on your windowsill; basking in the moon’s light, the memories you shared with her when you two were young; happy, times were easier. Now, the memories you share with her when you two are now older, the Outcast community in jeopardy due to recent murders on Normies, Eugene’s attack... 
“Here I thought you called me back here because you missed me.”
Maybe she didn't miss me after all...
Fortunately you packed light... You begin to shove everything into your backpack. 
“Y/n?” A familiar voice calls from the other side of the door
You didn’t want to talk to her... You didn’t want all your pent up anger be taken out on her. Plus, you just didn’t feel like talking after all. In a quick haste, you swiftly shove your backpack underneath your bed and land into bed, hiding yourself underneath the covers just as your door opens. 
“Y/n? Are you awake?” Weems calls out
Obviously I’m not...
Of course, you were faking on being asleep. You felt a weight sit right against your back as you continue to act like you were sleeping, nearly sinking against the weight.
“Oh my Sweet Bat,” She sighs
Your eyes nearly shot open as you listen to her say her little personal nickname for you.
“No Larissa, for the last time I can’t turn into a bat,” You sigh
“But, your favorite mammals are bats aren’t they?” She asks
“Just because they are, doesn’t mean that I can transform into one,” You say, “My dad used to have that ability, so did my mom. But, I only developed a gross, rare genetic that no other Vampire had ever developed.”
“Well, you’re still a Sweet Bat to me,” She says, with a smile
You stir in your bed when you felt her hand brush hair behind your ear; nearly making Larissa jump off of the bed. She clears her own throat and swiftly exits your room. You wait an extra couple minutes for good measure. When you could no longer hear the clacking of her high heels, you spring yourself back out of your bed and slide the backpack over your shoulders. Slowly, you open the window and hoist your leg right over the edge. 
I’ll miss you... My Sweet Dove...
*Larissa’s POV* You had long since thought about what you last said to Y/n and your felt guilty for calling her incompetent. You patiently wait for Y/n to walk through your door so you could give her a proper apology. 
However, seconds turned to minutes... Minutes turned to an hour... 
It’s not like Y/n to be late...
You stand from your desk and begin making your way to her quarters. You look down at your watch; making sure that you're giving yourself time to visit Y/n before personally taking Wednesday to the station. Once you reached Y/n’s door, you brush anything down and compose yourself.
“Y/n?” You call, gently knocking on the door
There wasn’t a call back. 
You knock again...
Again, no response to your gesture. 
Panic sets in as you burst through the unlocked door. No one was in her room. Not even Y/n herself.
“Y/n!” You shout
You try to look through her room just in case she was hiding. But, the room you had given her didn’t have the luxuries that your room did. You fall onto the floor, tears streaming down your face.
*Wednesday’s POV* “Principal Weems, you seem on edge,” You say, breaking the awkward silence to the hospital, “What’s bothering you?”
“Y/l/n left in the middle of the night...” She sighs, “After I called for your expulsion, we had gotten into an argument about you and... I had something that I now regret...”
“Which is?” You ask
“I called y/n incompetent...” She shudders at the memory, “And... That she was a stone around my neck...”
“Yes, there were times where she is a pain,” You explain, “But, I see how she would go the extra mile for you. Even if it would be against your own better judgment. I take that you and her had history while you two were students yes?”
“That is classified,” Weems tries to downplay the fact she did have feelings for Y/n when they were students.
*Larissa’s POV* “You like the most useless vampire in the entire school?!” A ‘friend’ asks Weems, “Lame.”
“It’s not about what type of vampire she is,” You say, “She would always go out of her way for me and no one has ever done that for me.”
“It’s because you ask,” They add
“That’s the thing, I don’t,” She says, “It’s like she simply does it because she wants to.”
“Talk a bout a stalker,” They say, trying to joke about it
“Okay either she’s lame because she’s not as cool of a vampire as every other vampire here, or she’s a creep because she's more than willing to be there for more more than you have all four years we've been here?” You ask 
“Principal Weems,” Wednesday’s voice calls you out of your memory lane
You look down at her.
“Are you coming in with me or not?” She asks, “Worried I may run off?”
“Not at all,” You clear throat, “Let’s go.”
You follow closely behind Wednesday as the both of you enter the hospital: Eugene’s moms outside of his room.
“Principal Weems,” They greet you
You greet them back but make sure to keep an eye on Wednesday as she advances into his room.
*Wednesday’s POV* You briskly walk back up to the principal, the look on your face (despite you barely show any form of emotion) told her that something was wrong.
“It’s always the ones who pass off as overly kind...” You sigh, coming to walk over to the principal, “It was Thornhill behind the murders and she controls Tyler. Eugene told me everything: the person that blew up the cave, he said he saw red boots. Who else in the school wears red boots?”
You watch as the Weems’ face changes from concern, to distraught. 
I was right... Sort of...
“We have to confront her,” You suggest, “Make her pay for harming humans and one of our own.”
“You know she will deny being the mastermind behind these murders and the control of the Hyde,” Weems says
“We’ll bring in Tyler,” You say
You look at her, in a way that Weems finally catches on.
“Pretend you're him and make her confess everything,” You explain, “I can instigate her into confessing, all you have to do is act.”
“Alright,” Weems sighs, composing herself
*Y/n’s POV* You sit at the Weathervane as you take a last cup of coffee. However, you spot Weems and Wednesday even for a split second, driving. Something about the look on their face made your fangs itch with discomfort. 
Something isn’t right...
From a distance you begin following the two size dynamic duo as you follow them back to the school; following them to the greenhouse.
You look at the outer structure of the greenhouse as you hear muffled conversations going on.
“Where... Are you...” You speak to yourself
When you would need some time to think to yourself, or just need silence, you went to the greenhouse. However, with time you found a secret spot within the greenhouse not even the former Botany teacher had found when you were a student there. It gave you an entrance to the class. However, this time, you were keeping to the shadows. 
“You were never getting on that train,” Thornhill explains, “I’ve sent Tyler to intercept you.”
“I never made it to the station. Heard enough?” Wednesday calls towards “Tyler”
Thornhill turns to him as she watches him ‘turn’.
“After Eugene told me everything Principal Weems and I decided to confront you ourselves.” Wednesday explains
“Don’t make this harder than it already is Marylin,” She says
For a second, you saw something gleam against your eyes as you see Thornhill reach into her pocket.
“My name is Laurel!” She yells
It all happened in a flash. You heard the Nightshade Poison beginning to course itself through Larissa’s entire nerves system.
"No!" You shout
You come out of hiding as soon as The Principal fell to the ground, heaving for air. You shove Thornhill away from the three of you.
"Principal Weems!" Wednesday tries to call out to her
“It’s gross, my rare genetic,” You explain to Larissa
“Why?” She asks
“I basically have to suck on the person’s blood to extract the nightshade poison form their system,” You say
“Have you ever had to do that?” She asks, “Suck on someone’s blood?”
“Nope, I don’t plan to,” You say
I gotta plan to now...
"Move aside Wednesday," You say, slowly leaning down
"What are you going to do?" She asks
"Making use of my rare genetic," You say
Gently, you turn Weems slightly; exposing her neck, where the injection point had been. You gently lift her neck towards your mouth.
"I got you Larissa," You whisper as your teeth breaks her skin
You felt the initial sting of the poison but due to your protective saliva, you felt nothing. You lift your head and spit out the first batch and go back in one more to make sure the remaining poison gets out of her system. However, the second initial sting didn't show. But you spat it out away; seeing the glow of the poison. However, once you went back in for a third time, something felt different...
"Y/n?" Wednesday calls out to you
You don't respond. Your vision: hazed... Her blood was addicting...
It's like... Sweet tart cherries...
*Wednesday’s POV* You could hear the feral coming out of Y/n as you watch her continuing to drink the principal’s blood. Normally, things like that didn’t phase you. But, the darkening of her eyes, the growl coming from her throat every time she took a sip... Scared you. Not in a good way.
"Y/n snap out of it!" You push her, firmly
*Y/N’s POV* Your fangs loosen themselves from Larissa’s flesh as you spit out the last of her blood infected with nightshade poison. However, you didn’t see shades of blue in the last batch....
Oh... Did I nearly kill her?.... Is that why it tasted like sweet tart cherries?...
“I’ll take her to the hospital,” You say, “I almost killed her...”
You remove your inner shirt and place it over her wound to 
“Kick Thornhill’s ass for me kiddo.” You look at her
Even for a second, you hear Wednesday’s facial muscles push themselves into a devilish smile.
You exit the hospital... You felt anxiety course through you: Weems in the hospital in critical condition, the school is in danger... There was so much going on your emotional state couldn’t handle it at all...
Thornhill needs to pay...
You break into a run back towards the school... 
You were fast... Heightened agility was one of the many perks of being a vampire. But, it didn’t fully develop until after you graduated from Nevermore. You technically never needed to drive to get form one place to another... For a short distance. 
I still don’t condone showing my vampirism... But, desperate means calls for desperate measures. 
*Wednesday’s POV* You watch as Crackstone begins to shrivel away. However, the moment of relief 
“THORNHILL!” A booming voice echoes through the courtyard
You, Thornhill and Bianca look over and see Y/n... But, something was off about her. 
“What happened to Y/n?” Bianca comes up to you
“I... I think she went feral...” You say, wide-eyed
*Y/n’s POV*  In the blink of an eye, you were directly face to face with Thornhill. 
“So you decided to stick around and find out of what happens when you decide to mess with us outcasts?” You ask, a devilish smile forming
All of your teeth were sharpened to a point: durable enough to tear through metal. Your eyes were heavily dilated. 
“SILENCE!” You screech
She shuts her mouth. 
“Would you like to see what happens to vile creatures like you mess with something that I hold dear?” You ask
She shakes her head.
“WRONG ANSWER!” You shout
You grab Thornhill by the chin as you begin lifting her off of her feet effortlessly.
“Doc, what do you mean I could go ‘Feral’?” You ask
“It’s an extremely rare case,” They explain, “But, it mostly happens when you would drink blood. But, one that would taste like a sweet tart kind of deal.”
“Doc, I only drink any type of red drink,” You explain, “No human blood in my diet.”
“I suggest being careful form now on,” They say, “Drink a certain person’s blood and you could end up going feral.”
*Wednesday’s POV* “She drank Weems’ blood,” You conclude
“What does Y/n’s basic vampire anatomy have to do with this?” Bianca asks
“She was the one who extracted nightshade poison from Principal Weems’ body,” Your explain, “But, there was a moment after, where it looked like she became animalistic.”
Bianca looks over to Y/n, clawing at Thornhill’s chin. blood seeping through her fingers.
“I have to stop her,” You state
You run over to Y/n and practically bodyslam into her. You coil your arms around her midsection. The simple thought of it being considered a hug was making you vomit.
“Get a hold of yourself Y/n!” You shout, “Principal Weems wouldn’t want you to turn into a murderer! It’s over!”
*Y/n’s POV* “Y/n,” A voice calls out to you
You drop Thornhill onto the ground as your blood begins boiling again. You let out a yelp as you begin clutching your head.
You watch her as she lays unconscious in the hospital room bed, in particular her bandages covering your bite marks.
"How is she doc?" You ask the doctor brushing past you
"She's stable," They explain, "But, we aren't sure when she'll be conscious again."
"I see, thank you doc," You say
You watch them beginning to check Larissa's vitals, all the doctor-things you were never smart enough for. 
“Help!” You shout through the hospital, “Help!”
Some nurses instantly bring you a gurney to place Larissa upon as they bring her into an open room. 
“What happened?!” The doctor comes rushing in
“She got infected with Nightshade Poison,” You say
“And how the hell did these teeth marks get here?” He asks, beginning to properly clean it
Your eyes widen as you notice the nurses eyes on you. Although it wasn’t uncommon for the Outcasts to be among humans, you didn’t find it so ethical to show any hints of your vampirism to humans. 
“I uhhh... May or may not have sucked all the poison out of her blood system but also began drinking her blood after the fact...” You say, wiping your mouth
“I see,” He clears his throat, “I will need you to step out so we can get her looked at.”
You nod as you make your way out of the room.
That was when you unknowingly became feral and... Nearly killed Laurel Gates whilst Wednesday was occupied with Joseph Crackstone. 
*Larissa's POV* You slowly open your eyes as you wake to the sound of the IV monitor beeping at your side.
"Principal Weems, you're finally up," the Doctor sighs
"How long was I out?" You ask
You try and use your arm to help you sit up but the pain in your shoulder made you lay back down.
"Several days," He explains
"Several days?!" You ask
"You were injected with Nightshade Poison," He continues, "But, something or someone was able to get all of it out of your system. But, it barely made it just before it had all of your systems shut down. So yes, it took awhile for your body to build its own immunity back up."
"Who on earth had the ability to do all of that?” You ask
“It may have something to do with that one person who brought you in here,” He says
“Who?” You ask
“Never left a name but left you a letter,” He says
He hands you a decently folded letter before he turns to step out of the room. Your eyes travel down to the creme colored sheet of paper; slowly unfolding it. 
My Sweet Dove,
If you're reading this, good. The doctor remembered to give my letter. When we were students, times were easier... We were young, living our best lives, making promises to each other for the future... Now that we’re older however, I realize now that we shouldn’t have made such promises that we couldn’t keep to each other. But, nonetheless, you are right about me. I truly am the most incompetent being to be around... But, fortunately you won’t have to deal with me any longer. By the time you read this, I’m already at the station... I’m leaving Jericho... I don't know if I have a plan to come back. I’ll figure that out... Eventually.
- Y/n Y/l/n
Tears stream down your eyes as you make yourself remember the last words you told Y/n: that she was incompetent and that she was a stone around your neck...
You were changing out of the last outfit you were in as the other was set out along your bed. However, when you looked at yourself in the mirror, you notice the maroon red scabs that sit against the base of your neck into your collarbone.
Those teeth marks look like...
You gently run your fingers over the semi-healed marks. Your mind then goes to the letter Y/n left for you...
Maybe you could catch her before she’s gone... Possibly for good.
Chapter 3 (Epilogue)
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the-sweet-madame · 2 days
(Kunikuzushi) Just a small thought...
Female reader! Happy reading :)
Kunikuzushi, the man of many names. To people who aren't well acquainted with him, his stony exterior tends to scare them off. As well as his status and the stories they've heard about him, spreading around faster than a wildfire. They believed that he was only a sadistic brute who had the will to only assassinate and torture anyone if he pleased. But beyond that cold exterior of his was someone who longed to be loved. Beside him, he had someone to do so. His lover whom he held very dear to him. Many would think he wouldn't have the ability to be gentle, but with her, any touch of his blossomed with such tenderness. His amethyst-like eyes that would glare down anything living with a deadly glare, would look at her like she was precious treasure, only to be treated with kindness and adoration. His voice was known to only be spewing out orders left and right with a handful of colourful insults. But towards her, it held no venom. Only adoration, along with meaningless insults that are now as if endearments for each other. His stern face, that only cracked a sadistic smirk when things were going his way, along with his mocking laughter, softens when he is in front of her. A sincere smile tugging at the corners of his lips when he hears her call for him.
No one would believe that he, of all people, could be in such a vulnerable state. But with her, he lets go of that facade he has created. He allows himself to divulge all of him for her, he allows himself to trust her, and he allows himself to love her.
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