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˖˚˳⊹ cumming inside feat. cyno : dottore : diluc : xiao : kazuha x fem! reader
˖˚˳⊹ warnings: nsfw
Tumblr media
˖˚˳⊹ 𝗖𝗬𝗡𝗢
cyno felt like he truly was in heaven right now, the mere thought alone of coming undone deep inside of you was to die for. He‘s nervous, very much so, slowly licking his lips in concentration before pushing himself forward into your cunt, letting your warmth hug him deeply.
Tumblr media
his eyes got blurry, the intense feeling of you spasming around him made cyno more sensitive then he himself ever thought he‘d get, muscles tensing against your touches. In a way it was embarrassing to him, letting his guard down in front of another person was something he never wanted to do, yet you weren‘t just anyone, he trusted you, a lot. His arms circled around your body to keep you close, hips following a skilled rhythm before feeling his climax approach. He‘s biting back another moan, a chant of curses following from underneath his breath as he spilled himself into your tight cunt, throwing his head back as he felt you clench around him, signaling your upcoming climax which had cyno turn into a mess. You could feel his warm seed dwell in you, it made you all cozy on the inside as well, relishing in your afterglow with cyno enveloped in your arms.
dottore‘s brows were slightly narrowed in concentration, his tip pushed out of your cunt before he‘s carefully snapping his hips forward again until he was fully sheathed in you. You‘re so warm, so comfortable and you felt like home, his body losing all the tension it held onto throughout the day.
Tumblr media
"fuck." his voice was low, coming from deep inside him as he circled his hips which had you screaming for more. His skilled movements were a death sentence, your fucked out expression decorated all over your facial features before you pulled him close for a kiss— which he very much welcomed. There was just something so intimate about spilling himself inside of your cunt, the way your bodies would melt into each other and the possibility in getting you pregnant with his child was meszmerizing in dottore‘s eyes, pace increasing. You‘re shivering, body covered in goosebumps as your orgasm reached you in heavy shocks, walls clenching down around his girth before you moaned out beautifully only for his ears to hear. Those sounds were music to dottore, his climax following as he finally released himself in thick spurts, his cum gushing out of your fluttering hole and making a mess on the bedsheets.
˖˚˳⊹ 𝗗𝗜𝗟𝗨𝗖
diluc wouldn‘t change this moment with another one in a million years— bodies covered in sweat n perspiration, his hair strands sticking to his forehead as he smiled deeply at your figure. You were always so good to him and letting him cum inside of you! he‘s truly blessed, he figured.
Tumblr media
"you‘re beautiful." his breathing was low against the shell of your ear, hips stuttering with every thrust as a response of his immense sensitivity. Your eyes were scrunched shut with your lashes coated in tears. He was so big inside of you, veins grazing over your delicate walls like sharp nails as you arched your spine into him to somehow follow his thrusts. Diluc‘s grin was wide at your desperate attempts to help him— adorable in his eyes. "i‘m close." you‘re whining, twisting and turning under his brought figure as he kissed the tip of your nose sensually, "i know." voicing in between hard panting, "i can feel you suck me in." you were trying your best to respond to him yet all that really escaped from past your lips were incoherent words of encouragement as the both of you came undone at the same time. Diluc‘s seed painting your walls with white ribbons as it spilled out of your hole again.
˖˚˳⊹ 𝗫𝗜𝗔𝗢
xiao‘s body was tensed up, his cock buried inside of your tight hole while you were riding him silly into the mattress. His hands were branding your hips with his nails, moving you back and forth his member as he thrusted upwards to feel you even better.
Tumblr media
you could barely breathe from the way xiao would always take control of the situation, without him realising that is. You moved your hands from his chest to hid face to cup him, pulling yourself down to engage xiao into a heated kiss which soon after turned into a lewd make out session. It was more teeth and tongue, spit coating your lips messily as you lazily grinded down his cock. "you‘re close, right?" you‘re pointing out, xiao‘s face covered in redness at your lewd words, throat bobbing at a hard swallow. Your grip on his tightened, increasing your pace before xiao finally released himself in thick spurts, covering your walls with white. Your eyes widened at the feeling, becoming blurry from the sensitivity you went through this very moment as you collapsed on top of him, bathing in each others afterglow. You slightly retracted your hips as his cock flew out of your cunt, his seed pooling down your legs, connecting the both of you further.
kazuha always kissed you hard until the both of you were panting and shivering around each others touches. You bit down on your whimper, the man above you remotely pushing himself inside of your sobbing cunt before kissing you again, hungrier than before.
Tumblr media
"i love you." your eyes widened at his cute confession, cupping his cheeks as ressurance, signaling him your response without an actual sentence. His pace quickened as you tensed up underneath his body, legs tightly wrapped around his figure to meet his thrusts. Your toes curled up as kazuha retracted his hips to hit that one sweet spot of yours, knowing very well you adored whenever he fucked you like that. He watched you intently, pulling your hips back before pushing you back against his cock again, your walls spasming around his girth. "was that too much?" his voice was hoarse, a grin displayed on his lips as he looked at you sweetly. You could never resist him, body tensing up, experimentaly rolling your hips when your brows furrowed, the both of you panting and nearing your orgasm. "cum inside of me." you told him, almost demanded it with kazuha naturally obliging your order, burying himself to the hilt before spilling himself inside of your hole, radiating his warmth throughout your whole body. You‘re arching your back at the tenderness, hugging kazuha to keep him close without him pulling out of you.
Tumblr media
do not! share, copy or repost my work. ✎ ©ANANTARU 2022
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Genshin Men + Scenting
Pairing: Zhongli, Itto, Cyno, Gorou, Tighnari x Fem!Reader
Tags: nsfw, smut, biting, grinding, scratching, mating cycles, scent marking, cum marking, creampie, clothes sharing
A/N: I can probably do a few more of these posts before kinktober hits and I become busy as hell lmao. I have some fics done but it's still gonna be a lot of work.
Zhongli takes you being his mate and lover very seriously. He was protective even before he spent his rut with you but since then he's become even more so. He would hug you from behind and grind against you until he's fully hard and you're spreading your legs, with his hands running all over your body while taking off your clothes, his cock sliding in easily as he begins to slowly make love to you for hours on end.
Itto likes having you close and he noticed that your tend to smell like him more after you cuddle or have sex, especially if he finishes inside you during it. He loves watching as his cock vanishes in and reappears just as quickly, already covered with his and your combined cum. After that he will take a bath with you but he can't help but stare at the scratch and bite marks he left on your body, especially when you show them off deliberately by wearing his clothes, which only makes his scent cling on you more.
Cyno almost exclusively marks you with his cum. He won't stop fucking you until you're dripping his cum from your cunt as you walk, until he sees you with your legs spread on the bed with a pool of his cum gathering between them, until your thighs and breasts are painted white with it and your mouth and chin drips with thick drops of it. He can smell his scent on your for a long time after that.
Gorou will rub his face against yours when he feels like scenting you. Having you in his lap while he kisses you, kisses your neck and nuzzles into it, all the while you're rubbing against his growing bulge, wanting him to scent you, encouraging him, it sends him into overdrive. He loves kissing and licking you all over your body, rubbing his leaking cum all over your thighs while he does so.
Tighnari wasn't very possessive or territorial over anyone before he met you. Something about you triggered his instincts however, he didn't even notice he was doing it at first. When he did notice he wondered if he crossed some sort of boundary by doing it. You saying that you liked having his scent, his mark on you send him into an almost feral state. If that was true then he wanted to mark you everywhere. With his lips, his fangs, his claws, his cock and his cum, both inside and out.
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Tumblr media
do not disturb | wc: 2.7k
Tumblr media
Cyno hums in contemplation, the cool water flowing over his fingers. He turns the faucet off just as he hears footsteps on tiles and takes a towel to his hair, counting the four seconds he knows it takes to get to the room.
“Cyno, I really don’t- oh,” you stop in your tracks, right on time. He doesn’t have to turn around to know you’re holding a familiar folder of papers with complaints outlined in red ink. “Sorry. I didn’t…”
“You should really learn to knock first.” He thinks it’s funny because the rooms here don’t actually have doors, just sweeping arches for the great big important spaces, and then tiny arches for less important rooms (like his apparently), and then medium-sized ones for… well other things. Kaveh was the Kshahrewar graduate, not him.
“I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to. And… and…” He can just hear you bristle. You even straighten up a little judging from the faint shuffling. “And I don’t know, maybe you should put up a sign or something.”
Cyno rubs the white towel over his head slowly, finally standing up from where he’d been kneeling. “Maybe I should.” He’s seriously considering it—you always bring up good points. “Though, I thought everyone knew only my room is in this wing. You’d have to go out of your way to get here.” That and he’s just come back from an expedition. No one bothers him after those.
Thick water droplets and remnants of the desert circle around the drain. You hadn’t walked in on much. He had been rinsing off the sand grains that stuck to his arms and shoulders and were especially annoyingly weaved in his hair, but he’d also removed his armor—he didn’t typically wear much anyway so to see him with even less was probably too cruel, even by your standards.
Cyno turns just enough to watch you under his bangs and nearly bursts out laughing (or, that’s to say, he can’t help but crack a smirk). Even from his peripheral, he can tell his exposed back and arms have caught your attention. If he could get closer, he’s sure your pupils would be blown wide the same way they were when you saw Avidya Forest for the first time. Your eyes dart around—to the walls with sandy desert motifs and his spear propped up in the corner and the window that blows in a warm breeze laced with the smell of dinner preparations, and then always, always they wander back to him.
Are you trying not to stare? He wouldn’t have noticed if you had and yet, it still seems to matter to you. Archons, you were so professional sometimes it made him dizzy.
“You’re the only one who visits anyway,” he adds, line of sight dropping back to the dripping faucet. He rubs harder at his hair.
“That’s beside the point!” You latch on to the distraction. “It’s bad enough I have to walk across the entire palace to get here! Not to mention, what were you thinking with this thing? I’m so sick of reading the same report—”
Right. You would have been in his office today. All alone.
The towel bunches under his grip and he closes his eyes for a brief second. Then, it falls around his shoulders as he turns and walks over to you.
“Is that from last week’s Amurta incident?” Cyno tips the folder towards himself, feeling hot air on his cheek when you huff. His handwriting is smooth on the front. He’s leaning in closer than needed to read it but truthfully the words just swim in his vision. He knows what they say anyway. Typical researcher-thinks-the-desert-is-empty-enough-to-cover-their-totally-fucked-up-experiment situation. (“They thought it was… deserted.” He had paused for a moment to gauge your reaction as soon as he’d gotten back. This masterpiece couldn’t wait any longer to be told and he’d practically run to your room. “But actually I was there. So it wasn’t.” You kicked him out record fast.)
“Yes! This shouldn’t be taking us this long to file.” If he really concentrates, he can feel the vibrations of your words, he thinks. It bristles his skin and he leans back, releasing the document and shrugging. He eyes the wall inlaid with gold circles above your head to calm down.
“So just send it in. Nothing’s stopping you.”
“I can’t! You keep making all these corrections I have to add in.”
The straight line of his mouth wavers. “That was the joke. I’m the one stopping you.”
You deadpan. “You’re horrible.” When he doesn’t say anything back, you smack his chest with the folder, punctuating your words. “You made me write this entire thing and I stayed up all night working on it and you and your stupid, stupid”—two smacks for that one—“brain are just never satisfied”—he blinks at that and mulling it over, he catches the folder (eyes still tracing the intricate spirals and corners of the Scarlet King’s symbol the best of Eremite sculptors had carved out a millennia ago; though, he’s not that impressed by something like that at the moment), and you tug it back right away but stop hitting him.
“And you keep making me rewrite it. Speaking of, why am I even doing this in the first place?! I wasn’t even there! I’m so sick of you. Either let me come with you on missions or keep doing everything yourself like an idiot and file your own stupid paperwork after! It’s not my fault some of the details aren’t accurate. You know, you care too much about doing everything the “just” way. I swear you’re somehow worse than my old Akademiya advisor!” You suck in a breath and Cyno thinks you’re done until your renewed lung capacity proves him wrong. “Well, you know what, I’ve got some corrections to your corrections and—”
He finally lets himself look at you, bored after following the same golden line to its end five times, and immediately hears a rush of blood in his ears. He speaks quickly before he can get tongue-tied. “So, a sign,” he interrupts your tangent. The last word you were saying breaks off unsatisfyingly. You look like you want to murder him and he feels his heart burn from the center out and melt into lava in his chest. Up close, your hair is tousled by the dry heat and your eyes dot orange with the setting sun. “And what should it say? Do not disturb?” Cyno suddenly finds himself missing your fiery gaze when you tear away.
“I mean, yeah.” You’re flipping through the folder now, no doubt trying to find your least favorite part to criticize, this time right to his face. You miss the terrible, terrible trap he sets with his words and proximity. “The hell else would you put on it anyway,” you scoff.
He cuts in before you can get back to business. “You’re right.” Your eyes snap up, eyebrows scrunched in annoyance, to question why this part of the conversation is still going and he catches your wrist to stop your flipping. He can see the exact moment you notice how close he is, how he’s inched in until only the open folder you hold separates you.
Your eyes widen and your lips part just the smallest bit as though there are words on the tip of your tongue and he thinks you look otherworldly. He gives himself a moment to take you in before his voice drops to only between you two. “I think do not disturb would be perfect.” The tip of the report is digging into his chest now. The thought of how painful a papercut that would be in the desert barely crosses his mind.
The gears turn in your head, slowly, as the second meaning sinks in. He watches in rapt interest as your previous inhibitions melt away and your pupils dilate. You’re already looking much more sluggish than before, relaxed enough that he releases your wrist and lets his hand run up your bare arm. “Cyno…,” you sigh—you’re immediately embarrassed and glance away but then at his lips curved in a cruel smile and back to his eyes. Your skin is soft and burning, and he can’t tell if it’s just him imagining it or if it’s really how he makes you feel. He squeezes your bicep lightly, then lets his touch move up over your shoulder and ghost over your neck until you shiver and your gaze turns lidded.
Cyno hums and leans in, not missing the way your eyes fall shut the rest of the way and you tip forward in anticipation. He feels a hand on his chest and fingertips pressing into him, and you’re so soft and warm. He moves to cup your face and your lips bump together, and those careful fingertips against him turn into sharp nails.
He breathes you in and then molds his lips to yours.
The kiss is slow and it feels like you’re taking all of his oxygen, condemning him to the underworld for losing himself to his desires. Even when his grip on your jaw tightens the smallest amount and he presses his tongue into your mouth, Cyno is careful, barely holding onto himself. He doesn’t know if you’re as affected as he is but the tortuous pace is both heaven and hell to him.
It’s you who tips the chaste balance and throws your arms around his neck, never pulling away but always tugging him in. He lets go of your jaw and both of his hands find your waist on instinct, and he wants to be disappointed in himself when he stumbles you back until you’re pressed up against the open doorway but you taste so good there’s no way he stands a chance.
The sensation is overwhelming and his cloudy mind zeros in on the way his bare chest presses to the smooth, silky front of your shirt and how smooth and silky your lips feel and how perfect and soft and warm they are, and how ungodly pretty they always look when he stares. He feels carnal compared to your composure.
So unprofessional we keep doing this, he thinks faintly, buried behind thoughts of worship. Then, he feels a heat burst in his heart and quickly amends it. No. So terrible I keep doing this. So wrong.
And something about pulling you deep into the haze behind his righteous persona is even worse (even better) than anything else he could come up with. The truth has him kissing you harder and you mewl at his hunger—you who’s a way better person than he is, who always sticks to the book, who always gives him what he wants.
Judgment day couldn’t come soon enough.
His hair’s still dripping wet he realizes as the cold drops fizz into nothing between you, swallowed up. Your fingers are digging into the same muscles of his back you’d been staring at earlier and Cyno feels the scrape of the papers that had been pressed between the heat of your bodies before—the whole reason you’d even come.
He bites at your bottom lip, giving you the faintest moment to catch your breath. “Be careful not to drop them,” he mumbles, heated teases brushing against your jaw and just under your ear when he licks a stripe up them. You whine and tug him back up to you, probably so sick and tired of fucking hearing him talk all the time (this is precisely why he does it).
Your hands are in his hair now and he groans as your fingers card through the mess of wet curls and pull them and twist and shove his lips further into yours almost in the hopes you’ll become one.
Cyno has the inkling a sign wouldn’t do much if you’re both going to be so shameless in the open about it.
He’s glad his room is so removed from the rest of the building. It’s still a risk that raises delicious goosebumps on his skin but practically no one would bother coming out here of their own free will or see what was his during a quick walk down a hallway.
Cyno lets himself drown in your lips—you’re more forceful this time, more desperate, and he can see your threads coming unraveled—until you decide you actually need a proper break to breathe and pull back, shoving his face away in amusement when he goes chasing after you.
You’re both panting hard and he finally registers the screaming of his lungs for air. He has no idea how he looks but your image is another hit to his already foggy brain—it’s a sight for the ages, a sage that he sears into his mind and wants to imprint into history books everywhere.
You’re smiling so wide, he can’t look away from the pretty color of your bruised lips if he tried.
A few droplets from him drip down your cheek and he thumbs them away carefully, placing a light peck on the corner of your mouth.
“Your hair’s a mess,” you comment breathlessly, breaking him from his stupor. It’s then that he feels your touch carefully rearranging his bangs. It’s a sharp contrast to your heavy tugs moments ago and makes his heart flip and ache and everything in between in a way that’s both different and the same.
Cyno huffs a laugh. “Let me finish getting ready first next time then.” He goes back in to kiss you but you shake your head, covering your mouth and burying your head in his chest. He hears the giggles that escape between your fingers and feels the faint shake of your body with the weight of them.
“That bad, huh?” He blows a strand out of his face. When it falls back right in front of his eyes, he runs a hand through his hair and shoves it all back, no doubt ruining it further.
You look up when he cages you in, a forearm above your head and the other still wrapped around your waist. You’re beaming when he leans your foreheads together.
“I love you,” you say, lost in his eyes.
Cyno’s fingers squeeze into a fist above your head where you can’t see them. No matter how many times you say it, he’s filled with emotions that have no names every time. “I love you too.” He has to stop himself from saying more.
“But I don’t know if I love you enough to—” He doesn’t let you make the choice because he swallows up your next words. He feels mildly bad that he keeps cutting off your sentences today but when you smile into the kiss he knows you don’t mind—plus, he gets the feeling you planned this one at least. Anyway, his hair can’t bother you if you can’t see it.
You’re the one who pulls back again the next time and the heated air within the confines of Cyno’s arms is palpable. Tipping your head back to the wall, you stare at him with a blissful expression, content, and eyes half-closed. In the silence, only both of your heavy breaths could be heard.
“Mmm,” you sigh, letting your eyes flutter shut as you gather your wits about you, looking so perfect and happy. Cyno’s shameless staring doesn’t stop even when you open them. “I’m still going to need you to look over those reports on your desk.”
He kisses you again, nerves on fire, and when he pulls away you’re both panting again. “I don’t think we need to go to my office to talk about them.” Fuck, he kisses you searingly one last time, unable to control himself, before he untangles from you. You’re slightly dazed and reach out for him again in your confusion, but instead, he lightly intertwines your fingers. “You’re already here. It wouldn’t be right to make you walk back.”
Cyno then pulls you behind him, out of the open archway, and into his darkening bedroom. That sign would probably come in handy right about now.
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Tumblr media
feat : diluc, childe, itto, kazuha + xiao
♱ warnings — f!reader, safe word usage, choking, rough sex, restraints, multiple orgasms, me having 2 much fun w itto’s dialogue, comfort after ofc, creampies, unprotected sex, cunninglingus.
♱ note — reposting cause blr flagged the last one n then ate it out tags sob </3
Tumblr media Tumblr media
it had been diluc’s idea in the first place for you to have a safe word in place, although he never put you in a position to ever think you would have to use it considering how careful he was. but after a long night protecting mondstat his mind was all over the place, not realising he was almost using your body like stress relief.
you don’t know what had riled him up so much during his usual patrol around the city at night, maybe some fatui or considerably strong enemies but he was riled up. every one of diluc’s thrusts feel like they crush you beneath him, each one driven by the strength in his body as your pussy stretches around the thick spread of him. but tonight it’s too much, you’re barely prepped and it still stings from how roughly he pushed into you, not fizzling into something pleasurable like it normally did as you grab at his shoulders.
“i-it’s too much.” you gasp, trying so desperately not to lose yourself in the spin of the room, your thighs are pushed against your chest so tight you can barely breathe but everytime you push back against diluc’s hands he only holds you there tighter. “keep still and take it.” he grits through clenched teeth with another heavy thrust into your cunt, grunting when he pushes against something too deep inside of you that makes you shriek — muscles aching under the weight of his own as tears prick your eyes.
your throat is raspy but you still manage to choke out a “red.” when his irritated gaze meets your own and he freezes completely, body still looming over yours before the silence settles for a few moments and he finally moves. “archons.. i—i apologise, i got.. carried away a bit. did i hurt you?” diluc breathes as he gently rests your legs back down on the mattress beneath you, fingers massaging at the muscles before he’s catching the first tear you feel roll down your cheek. “i just need to breathe a little.” you gasp and the smile he sends you is as sorry as it is soft. “let me hold you? it won’t happen again, i promise you that.” and the earnestness you hear in his tone already makes you feel better when you press yourself against his chest.
Tumblr media
you knew that sometimes he got a little carried away, like after a sparring match or a battle when adrenaline would still be thick in his veins. you could tell by the look in ajax’s eyes that he was still coming down, but you could feel it even more when he fucked you — all sharp edges and harsh thrusts, but it’s moments like this you had a safe word for.
the adrenaline from his most recent battle was still thick in ajax’s veins as he fucked you, he felt stronger than he did before but that doesn’t mean he felt in control. his chest is pressed tight against your back as he keeps you pinned against the desk he’s bent you over, his arm curled up between your tits to squeeze almost too tight around your throat as his cock drags along your plush cunt. “ajax.. slow down!” you gasp with what little air you feel in your throat, feeling his fingers twitch into your skin before his pace only grows rougher. “oh? i never promised to be gentle.”
your lungs feel like they quake on your next ragged inhale and your hips wiggle as you try to give yourself more room, but every slam of his hips into yours only pins you harder against the desk — surely leaving bruises just as you feel your mind become cloudy with lack of oxygen. you try again, pushing back against the force of ajax’s cock but it’s in vain when he only angles his hips higher, hammering against the swollen spots that make you gasp before he’s craning your neck to meet his dark, blown gaze. “i’m just getting started, this is hardly praiseworthy.”
”ajax, blue! b-blue.” your words are barely audible but you know he hears them when his hand around your throat immediately draws back, finally letting you breathe as you almost choke on the first deep breath you take. but when you turn to meet ajax’s gaze you almost feel tears gather in your eyes once more, his gaze is wide and there’s a subtle tremble to his fingers when they reach for you — only smoothing along your skin when you send him a soft smile. “hey, i’m okay. i just need a bit.” you soothe and you feel his fingers hug you tighter before he’s pulling you into him, his face nuzzling into the crook of your neck before he finally speaks. “let me.. let me apologise. anything you need, just tell me you’re definitely okay.”
Tumblr media
itto was strong but insatiable, sometimes he would forget that your limits weren’t the same as his — digging consecutive orgasms out of your silent body until they’re nothing but dull, fuzzy aches that almost hurt with how deep he still managed to fuck you, barely breaking a sweat. sometimes he just forgot that you needed a break to catch your breath.
you can barely form a sentence with how dumb you feel on the end of itto’s cock, every heavy thrust of his hips into yours squelches loud with the mess of your previous orgasms and you feel like the room spins as you jolt underneath him. you’re entirely spent but when you blink through your hazed, teary eyes to look up at your boyfriend it looks as if he’s hardly broke a sweat. “oh yeah, baby! one more.. one more in the tank for ya. whew, fuck—that feels too f-fucking good.” he grunts followed by the thick spread of his cock that makes your chest heave with your next raspy inhale.
“c-can’t, ah—it’s too much.” you babble through pouty lips, and you’re not sure if he can even hear you when he sends you a drowsy look before his lips are on yours, tongue twisting past your lips to graze along your own as he starts a pace that’s just as quick and ruthless as the last. but you’re exhausted, your body is so heavy you’d probably be a puddle if itto wasn’t holding you so close to his chest, and every grind of his cock into your plush cunt makes something ache deep in your abdomen with how swollen your spots must be.
“itto, gold. too much! gold!” your voice is barely audible but you know he hears you when he freezes entirely, his cock halting in your walls despite the way it still throbs and his mouth is still locked with yours — except his eyes are open wide before he pulls away with a “huh? babe, are you good? i didn’t hurt you did i?” the panic sets in a few seconds later when he sees how fucked out you look, pulling you in for a tight hug before he’s rocking you in his lap and trying to think about all the laughs the gang have had recently to try and ‘cheer you up’ “i just need a break, im okay i swear.” you grin and you watch itto relax a little before he speaks again. “y’know, i give some pretty good massages.. yeah, hard to believe right? said if i didn’t run the toughest gang in town i’d be a masseuse. sit back and reeeelax, babe. i got you.”
Tumblr media
kazuha was experimental and liked being able to explore different things with you, he was open to experiencing different forms of pleasure which is why you both decided to have a safe word — so you could respect eachothers limits, because as much as you enjoyed most things with him, you still could admit if some things weren’t for you.
the restraints around your wrist feel like they burn the raw skin where you’ve been struggling against kazuha’s movements, your body jolting and making you hiss uncomfortably when he rolls your clit once more underneath his tongue — bathing the bud in mindless rolls of the muscle as if it’s not already swollen and puffy from all the attention he’s been giving it. but he’s so lost in your taste he doesn’t notice, his gaze cloudy when he blinks up to look at you followed by another languid suckle of his lips when they close around the sensitive bud again, making him groan at the way you shake.
“oh, going to cum again? you’re greedy, aren’t you?” kazuha drawls, a smooth sound as he lets his fingers trace between your folds, spreading you lewdly before he dives back in and as much as you want to lose yourself in the feeling of his mouth again, it’s just too much and the dull ache in your body only makes you feel dizzy. “i-i can’t, cant cum again.” you try to gasp, it’s breathless and shaky and your hips twitch when he curls his tongue against your plush cunt, slurping at the slick and cream from your previous orgasms before he’s groaning in a way that tells you he’s not convinced. “we’ll see about that.”
he gives another shocking suck to your clit and you almost scream with the jolt it sends through your body, making your back arch before you’re choking on your next breath. “red! i need a break, fuck.” kazuha’s quick to pull away from you, a soft expression on his face that’s still laced with worry as he immediately reaches for you restraints, his slender fingers massaging softly at the raw skin before he’s bringing you close to press a short kiss against your lips. “did i hurt you? was it too much?” he asks honestly, his voice soft as a means to soothe you while his fingers trace along your skin to accompany it. “i just need a break, a second.” you reply and you feel him smear another kiss along your temple. “you did good, how about a bath? hm?”
Tumblr media
・✶ 。゚XIAO
xiao was still new to it, your mortal limits and his own strength when he found himself getting carried away. but having a safe word put him at a little more ease, although he would always wish that you never had to use it — hoping that he’d be able to protect you from harm in any way he possibly could, including from himself.
the way xiao is fucking into you almost aches, his pace is quick and without any sort of regularity for you to ground yourself in — his hands are almost curling into fists at the your waist and every ragged, breath he takes against the crook of your neck only makes you tense. he’d normally be quick to pick up on these signs but you’d offered to help him forget about his memories, his nightmares but despite your offer this wasn’t your xiao fucking you now.
“xiao, slow down.. it’s okay!” you try to reason, your fingers squeezing around his shoulders but every connection of his hips into yours only feels faster. everytime xiao’s cock slams against the swollen spots inside of you, you could scream and you finally realise that gritting your teeth isn’t going to get you through this one when he angles himself even deeper. “green! green.” you breathe heavy, feeling his movements cease almost immediately as he jolts away from you despite the way his pained expression remains.
“i hurt you.” xiao breathes, and his first instinct is to pull away from you entirely — almost punish himself for not being able to hold back his strength knowing you’re only mortal. but then he’s sees the way you’re looking at him, no ice in your gaze and maybe that’s what keeps him rooted at your feet now before he’s reaching his hand out to rest it against your cheek. you know he means to say he’s sorry when his expression softens and he lets you curl into him, his arms tight around your waist almost like he’s begging you to stay. “my burden shouldn’t concern you. i’ll make sure you’re never hurt by my hands again. just, don’t leave.”
Tumblr media
© 2022 garoujo. please do not copy any of my layouts or writing and translate or repost onto any other sites.
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hanmas · 2 days ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Tumblr media
「 SYNOPSIS 」 ⋮ kaeya and diluc don't have much in common, even if they're brothers
☰ pairing ⋮ diluc ragnvindr x reader x kaeya alberich
☰ length ⋮ 2.1k words (it was meant to be longer but i was struggling ok)
☰ contents ⋮ nsfw and 18+ content, fem! reader, cheater! reader (rip), you cheat on diluc with kaeya </3, neglectful bf! diluc, slightly lovesick! kaeya, business/modern au, NOT canon-compliant/accurate, they are implied to be biological brothers (ik kaeya was adopted but go w it), strained familial relationships, semi public sex, office sex, slight teasing, unprotected sex, creampie, pet names (princess + baby), diluc walks in </3
☰ notes ⋮ cat got me to officially really play genshin finally. now i am sick over kaeya and diluc. especially diluc SOBS but i started writing this when i was more into kaeya so this is a big rip for diluc my baby </3
Tumblr media Tumblr media
“you know, i’d never leave you alone in an outfit as cute as this if i were diluc,” kaeya grins, sliding his hand up your skirt, eyes glinting in amusement as he feels the wet patch on your underwear. he hums, pressing hot kisses along your neck, making you whimper at the attention.
attention. it’s funny, you think—just how much a little attention can change so quickly.
kaeya is nothing if not persistent, he has his eyes set on you one way or another—and truth be told, it’s probably the one thing he has in common with his brother. from the way they walk and talk, to the way one has crimson locks while the other sports blue, you think if you ask anyone, they’d say kaeya and diluc are the last two men anyone would expect to be brothers. they’re just too opposite, couldn’t be any more different if they tried…and something tells you they never have to try. 
you’ve heard less than kind things about the blue-haired nuisance (as diluc likes to say) from your boyfriend—diluc isn’t tightly knit with his brother, and he doesn’t exactly try to hide it. he comes into your office on more than one occasion with a scowl on his face and heavy breaths heaving from his chest as he tries to calm himself down, mouth running faster than you can comprehend the words as he vents about his sibling with rather…colorful words. 
but still, kaeya doesn’t seem that bad in your eyes, even despite the image your boyfriend paints of his brother. you think diluc exaggerates things sometimes. sure, kaeya is a little immature and has a track record of being a tad bit unprofessional at times, and it may be true that he has a natural gift for popping blood vessels and making your head ache with his nonsense—but kaeya is also kind under the facade. 
at least, that’s what you’ve come to learn.
he brings you coffee fresh from the pot—he brews a new batch himself because he knows the longer it sits, the worse it tastes. he replaces your pens when you’ve used them through—and he even gets the fancy brand you like, even if a little costly. sometimes, you almost feel bad listening to your boyfriend vent about a guy who treats you so well.
but then again, maybe that’s why you like kaeya in the first place—he treats you so well.
when was the last time diluc came into your office seeking you out for you? when was the last time you were something other than a person to vent to? when was the last time he noticed you because he craved you?
you can’t answer the question honestly. and then there’s the fact that he’s stiff outside the office too. he’s kind, sure. he’s respectful and treats you as an equal, he swipes his credit card and gives you what you want on more than one occasion—he does it without hesitation, too. he doesn’t look at the numbers when it comes to you, which should make your heart soar…right?
but he doesn’t answer your texts on time, and he’s too busy for dates to be a regular occurrence, and he’s just so invested in inheriting the family business. it’s my job as the next in line, he always tells you with a kiss on your forehead when you’re disappointed that he’s got no time for you, someone has to pick up the slack kaeya doesn’t. 
and then you’re left to wonder…maybe all the things you thought attracted you to diluc are actually every reason to choose kaeya instead.
kaeya skips meetings to hang out in your office (though he’s often a distraction) and he spams your phone with random messages (though it’s a bit obnoxious) and he never puts other things before you (though you’re sure it’s more because he simply doesn’t care for a lot of things in general.)
so now you’re here, pressed against the desk of your own boyfriend’s office, underwear soaked and pussy dripping as his brother teases your clit with the pad of his thumb. 
“you’re dripping,” kaeya purs, chuckling as you whine from the barely-there friction of his finger, “and it’s all for me. ‘sn’t that something?”
“k-kaeya…diluc ’ll be here any secon—”
“you really want me to stop?” he feigns shock, fingers retreating from where you need him most in an instant.
no, you realize, you’re wrong—kaeya has a lot more in common with his brother than anyone realizes. the way they both have you ready to sob for it while barely doing anything at all is proof enough that they’re siblings.
“no!” you gasp, pushing your hips back and chasing his hand, trying to rekindle the friction—even as minimal as it is. he snickers behind you, chest pressed against your back as he kisses your neck. his hand smooths over your ass, squeezing firmly before you feel something hard poke you from behind. “please,” you whimper, “need it—need you.”
he likes the sound of your voice so desperate—it makes him just a little satisfied that he finally has something his brother doesn’t. that he has something that he’s taken, not just given second hand.
diluc doesn’t deserve you. kaeya comes to this conclusion the first time he notices your sad eyes when his brother brushes you off to stay extra after work. he would never do that, he decides—he would skip meeting after meeting if you so wished that of him. he could make your eyes light up, he thinks, or at the very least—tear up from pleasure instead of pain.
“need me where, hmm?” he teases. his cock is hard—aching and swollen in the tight confinement of his pants, begging to be released so he can sink into the glistening folds of your cunt. but he’s waited a long time for this—so he decides to take his time with you, at least for a bit. what’s a little extra after waiting so much already?
“i-in me,” you plead, “please, need you to fuck me. need to cum,” your lips are almost pouting, lashes almost wet from the tears threatening to cling to them. 
gone is the shame. gone is the remorse that you’re cheating on your boyfriend with his brother in his own office. gone is any semblance of reason and self-control as soon as kaeya slips up your skirt and tugs the flimsy fabric of your underwear aside—he decides he doesn’t have the patience to fully take it off. somewhere in the process, he’s seemed to have freed his cock, the wet, fat tip pressing against your clit before dragging up and down along your entrance as he gathers your slick and smears it along his length. 
you whimper and he grunts, the slight shoot of pleasure running up your spine, enough to make you choke back on a needy whine. he grabs your hips tightly, and your hands grip the edge of the desk to brace yourself as he slowly pushes past your dripping folds, inching into you slowly with a throaty groan. good, you feel so good, and he’s not even fully in you yet. 
how can diluc keep his hands off of you for longer than five minutes, let alone ignore you for more than half the day? kaeya can’t understand it. he’s parched, thirsty for it, thirsty for you—like a man desperate for water as the summer sun glares down on him with scorching heat, bubbling up his throat with carnal desire. 
he thrusts his hips with a swift motion, too impatient to keep any self-control left. you mewl, back arching up to push down on his cock, feeling him curve deeper into you. the thick veins running along his length drag along your walls, making your eyes blur from the sensitivity.
“that’s it, princess,” he groans, “shit, such a tight fuckin’ pussy. ‘s not fair he gets all this to himself,” he spits, slamming his hips into you harshly, mercilessly, unforgiving as he rightfully claims what should be his. 
you should be his—right from the start you were meant to be his. 
“so deep,” you gasp, and he lets out a strained chuckle, breath fanning against your skin and making you shiver. “feels…feels so good,” you pant. 
“yeah? you feel that?” he angles his hips to hit the blunt head of his cock against your sweet spot, perfect and precise‚ like he knows you without even trying. “feel me? ‘s like i was made for you, huh? take me so well, princess, squeezin’ me in—’m barely able to move,” he groans. “fuck—fuck, you’re so good.”
“kaeya, please,” you sob, “faster.”
your voice cracks as it says his name. it makes the thin thread tying him to sanity snap almost immediately. 
and that’s all it takes for his hips to piston his thick girth in and out of your dripping cunt, animalistic in his pace. the mess of your slick and his pre cum coat your thighs and his crotch as he slaps his balls against your ass, and you can hear the smacking of skin against skin—the wet, squelching sound of his cock bullying into your pussy and filling up the room with the sound of your betrayal. 
except it doesn’t feel like a betrayal—it feels like you’re choosing yourself for once, like you’re putting yourself first over a man who doesn’t think about you twice. it feels so right—so how can it be wrong? 
kaeya’s voice is raspy against your ear, pretty and deep yet holding just a hint of whininess with the labored pants that spill from his throat. his hands are bruisingly tight against your hips, you’re sure they’ll leave marks from his nails digging into the flesh. his cock slips in and out of you harshly, curving into you so deep, you swear you can feel him in your throat. 
and then you wonder, what would it be like to have him down your throat? how would he taste on your tongue? how would he sound with your head between his thighs?
the image itself is enough to rip a high-pitched mewl from you, cunt sensitive and throbbing, aching to relieve the pressure slowly building up in a steady ache. you’re close, so close—you can taste your release just seconds away as you reach the precipice of your high. 
“‘m close, so close—g-gonna cum,” you moan, “for you—gonna cum for you,” you say so sweetly, like nectar flows from your lips. kaeya has almost half a mind to turn you around so he can suckle your lips like fruit off the tree—forbidden, yet still the height of his desires. 
“cum for me, princess,” he groans, hand coming up so his thumb can roll over your clit in harsh circles, “wanna feel you—can you cum for me? let go, baby.”
and that’s all it takes for you to let out an ear-shattering squeal—surely the whole floor has heard you by now if they haven’t already. you can't bring yourself to care, and kaeya can’t bring himself to shove down the satisfaction. your walls spasm around him, making him whine as his own orgasm rips through him in tidal waves. 
you can feel his cock twitch with every thick rope of cum he paints your walls with, fucking his load deep into your womb like you’re his to mark. he’s sensitive—lets out a whimper into your neck as he cums, makes your skin rise with goosebumps at the sweet sounds he makes in the height of his pleasure. he’s perfect, you think—and you’re hit with the realization as he breaks for you that you want him.
as wrong as it is, you want kaeya just as bad as he wants you. 
“fuck, baby,” he groans as he finishes, “you’re something else, y’know that?”
you let out a tired giggle, feeling his body lightly slump over yours as he kisses the back of your neck. 
“yeah i been told here and there,” you tease. “but you can tell me agai—”
the door opens and cuts you off, and before you can even fully comprehend what’s happened, two red and horrified eyes are blinking at you in shock before landing on a pair of smug eyes behind you.
“oh, hey,” kaeya says with a smooth voice, lips curling into a smirk as he eyes diluc casually, “that’s a first. your meetings usually never end early.”
Tumblr media
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prince!scaramouche who has the most rotten personality under the prettiest face. they called him all sorts of names since he was but born. spoilt, cold, heartless...he was just the cruel son of a crueler monarch.
famine after famine claimed the lives of innocent civilians while the queen and her corrupt officials hoarded rations. the entirety of the royal family was the point of nationwide contempt, and unfortunately that involved scaramouche too.
he was used to the hushed remarks and scornful looks of the palace servants, scoffing as he passed by them. filthy commoners, he wants to say, you live off of the money we pay you, you should be grateful! he huffs, stupid... ungrateful...commoners.
prince!scara who hates commoners but makes an exception for you. he truly believes that you're not like the other commoners. you're not rude, ungrateful, filthy...he likes spending time with you. you read him books and bring him little presents from outside the palace. watching with great satisfaction as he perks up at the sight of sweets. candy...you had called it.
prince!scara that learnt everything through you. what's marriage? he had asked once and you laughed, much to his embarrassment. you told him about the vows, through sickness and in health...for eternity. and he told you he'll marry you if you'd have him at the tender age of 9 (you said yes to humor him)
prince!scara who learnt about his mother's atrocities when he snuck out of the palace with you, watched people die with his own eyes.
prince!scara that realized he's more than a puppet that night, he made up his mind to overthrow his own mother for a better kingdom for you.
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venusandsaturnsrings · 2 days ago
can i contribute? foxboy childe and wolfboy diluc with a catgirl reader. wolfboy diluc being a bit jealous that childe's fox dna is a tad bit better when it comes to breeding you... but he'll force it.
YEAHHHHHH THIS IS THE GOOD SHIT!! feline dna naturally works better with one another but diluc is a determined man and must prove he's better than that stupid fox harbinger >:( hehe this is just over 3k words and also my 100th post!! eat up!!
Tumblr media
contains: foxboy childe, wolfboy diluc, female reader, chubby reader, slight spoilers for diluc and childe's backgrounds
Tumblr media
to mate was one of the most sacred actions amongst hybrids. it was a symbolism of true trust and love. there was nothing more special than bearing the kittens of another to you and it was often something you fantasized about when lounging in the sunshine. you'd let golden rays warm your skin and ears while your brain was lost in the thoughts of finally being loved and fully filled. one day you'd have the perfect mate, you were sure of it. but for now you simply appreciated the small pleasures of sunshine, fish, and your close friends.
it was always easiest to make friends with those genetically closer to you so, it was no surprise that as a kitten yourself, you befriended the fox down the street. the climate of Snezhnaya was beyond freezing but somehow that bright ginger boy was always able to make you feel warm and safe. perhaps it was his glowing personality or the way his ears always twitched in the same fashion as yours. regardless, he was always your very best friend. he was mild as a boy only to grow into a man more bold and fearless. you always justified it as part of his DNA when people asked as they didn't need to know the reality of his situation. despite the poor hand he was given, he always shone more brilliantly than any sunray that could ever hit your skin. Ajax was always the star you'd follow home and the beams of light you'd bask in. he was and is the most special person to you.
and so, making the move to Mondstadt was the most difficult moment of your life. you knew with his rank amongst the Fatui you'd never be truly leaving him behind yet it stung all the same. you were leaving the place with his life and younger years written all over it. where his energy and desires had sunk into the earth only to reverberate through your bones on the days you missed him most. here you wouldn't have the same comfort. you could take every gift he ever gave you and every item of clothing he sacrificed into your possession but nothing came close to being where his everything once was. you mourned for those feelings. alas, making this move was necessary for you. Snezhnaya was never a land where creatives such as yourself could thrive. the constant and sometimes mindless monotony of the people striving to create the best of the best technology in between freezing off limbs and fishing could no longer serve your mental any good. with everyday passing there you only found your mindset getting worse and no matter how hard you scraped up the bits of Ajax nothing, not even him, could fix you. Mondstadt was the place you needed to be. it was a land of bards, poets, and storytellers. it was the land of freedom. you needed to be somewhere that valued your talents and inclinations towards the arts. through letters and visit he made to help you pack Ajax assured you this was the right choice. he assured you he'd come visit and that he'd have some men looking out for you. even past distance and through slivers of breath he would keep you safe.
as things turn out, he was right, Mondstadt was the place you needed to be. with flat and warm planes of rock to bathe in the sun, ponds and lakes full of fish, other creatives, people that were always kind, and a rather large community already established of cat hybrids you finally felt like you belonged somewhere that didn't require you to be coddled in the arms of Ajax. home was no longer just a person but a place as well. metaphorically, you had two houses. one in Mondstadt and one with Ajax. sure, one was certainly closer to your heart than the other but to feel belonging was knew and welcome. making friends was easier here too. the Kätzlein family had practically adopted you the moment you arrived and Diona was pretty much your little sister. occasionally you had to wrangle her out of clawing patrons to death but otherwise she followed you like a small shadow. a cute small shadow. you ended up with a rather large circle of both acquaintances and close friends all of which Diona offered up unfiltered opinions about from her interactions with them. she didn't have a positive impression of most of the adults, with good reason, but you always took her word to heart. drunk words are sober thoughts, no?
regardless, it was only natural that you'd be introduced to the Cat's Tails' competitor and wine tycoon Diluc. you had initially thought he was socially distant and perhaps slightly judgmental but it didn't take long for you to deduce that wasn't the truth. through other residents and friends you learned Diluc was simply reserved and no longer as good with people as he used to be. it was almost strange to find out he functioned the direct opposite of Ajax but his mild nature was almost refreshing compared to all the other strong personalities of Mondstadt. much to Dionas chagrin he quickly earned the spot of your second best friend in the city. he's easy to be around and always treated you with a gentle nature you didn't often see. the wolf ears atop his head and blood flowing through his body had initially intimidated you but he was never the aggressive beast you associated wolves with. he would always scratch your ears if you did his, buy the nicest fish he could find to serve you, and create drinks in your likeness. all of the drinks were sweet and served with some floral on top; it was cute to say the least. you spent plenty of time around his manor particularly in his office while he worked. the window behind his desk was always ajar and had the curtains pulled back which made it a perfect place to lie around. Diluc even went through the effort of pulling some blankets and cushions together for a little nest you could curl up in and enjoy the warmth in. the silence was always comfortable and only accented by his pen scratching on paper or birds chirping. occasionally conversation would form usually when he'd ask if you needed a drink or food but for the most part you'd let him work without distraction. you loved the little nest and perhaps you got a bit too attached to it as when your first heat in Mondstadt hit that's exactly where you were.
you felt warmer than usual and couldn't stay still. it felt like your bones were vibrating in your body and your thoughts could only shuffle between Ajax and Diluc. you knew Diluc had mentioned some sort of meeting this afternoon he wanted you to be present for but it was hard to focus on the future when you were just so hot all over. initially you thought perhaps you were just not used to the summers in Mondstadt as Snezhnaya was so cold all year round. as your thoughts continued to cycle heat continued to pool in your lower stomach and between your legs. it was only when Diluc grunted and spun around to face you that you realized you were indeed going into heat. the low noise from him spurred a whine from your throat as you looked up to meet his indecipherable gaze. perhaps he felt conflicted over the situation, it was a tough one to be in for a hybrid that's so domineering by nature. weakly, you rose to your feet to excuse yourself from the room and manor but you're actions were interrupted by a familiar and desirable smell. a quick knock hit the door before it swung open. you would've recognized those ears and eyes anywhere in Teyvet; Ajax. so this was why Diluc had insisted you stick around for this meeting. he was thinly aware of your connection to the harbinger but you doubt he knew the true depth of your relationship. crossing the room to behind the desk Ajax wrapped you in his arms and close to his comforting body. a long and needy sigh left your lips as he squeezed you closely, hands rubbing your arms and back in soothing motions. he must've picked up your presence and heat faster than even Diluc based on the rushed movements. rarely did Ajax allow himself to purr but his head rested upon yours with calming vibrations coming from his throat. Diluc cleared his throat. your face stayed planted into the chest against you but you could feel the rotation of Ajax's head atop yours. the sound he made was irritated, followed by a snippy 'what?' and glare. the tension in the room had you feeling hotter by the second. unconsciously you had began grinding against the thigh conveniently placed between your legs. the friction felt overwhelmingly good. you'd never felt touch like this before and never from another person and it was good. one large hand grabbed your plush hip and pushed you harder against his thigh leaving you keening and needy for more. surely you wouldn't be tortured this way for much longer?
another hand grabbed you by the waist and pried you from the grip of Ajax. the whole world seemed to spin momentarily before you were placed on Dilucs lap, face now in his neck. one of his hand steadied you by your waist as the other slipped between your thighs to give you more of what you really needed. briefly you noticed his gloves were no longer on his hands. two of his fingers gathered globs of slick dripping out from your cunt while the other moved under your dress to push all of the fabric up above your chest. Ajax moved behind you to fondle your plump breasts and grind his length between your shoulder blades. the room felt stuffy as it filled with the musk of both the fox and wolf you were sandwiched between. embarrassingly, the combination of so much stimulation had you crying and your cunt drooled impossibly more onto the fingers playing with it as you came undone for the first time that afternoon. growls and grunts echoed around you while four hands greedily began shedding clothing from all bodies. even when bare and on full display you still felt your flesh burning. a flush was present across your face, ears, and shoulders and cooler hands rubbed over the areas softly cooing sweet nothings about your beauty. you did indeed look beyond that of a goddess with eyes lidded and limbs trembling. spit leaked from the corner of your mouth only for Ajax to lean over and lick it up before connecting your lips properly. you found yourself being pulled further into Diluc's frame as he propped you up gently to his chest with hips angled to take his sizable cock. the tip was red and leaking with the knot already partially swollen at the base. you could tell he was thick based on the way it slid and grinded between your folds so deliciously. Ajax massaged your ass cheeks from behind you. he pushed your hips back just a bit further to spread you open and spit straight onto your pussy. the moisture wasn't needed at all but the action alone was beyond erotic and had you mumbling for more through slurs and whines. both men softly assured you you'd get what you needed. from below you, Diluc began pushing his hips up and cock into you. if it weren't for your heat you'd certainly be crying from the stretch but it only added to your stimulation as you whimpered and shivered from the delicious pain. Ajax had placed his cock between your ass cheeks while slowly pumping it between them with small grunts as he ran a hand through your hair softly. the other was planted firmly on your left thigh to stabilize your form. if you didn't have three hands holding you up, you surely would have crumbled by now. once the squishy knot touched your hole the relief you felt was immense and had tears dripping from your eyes. finally, you'd get fucked and filled. Diluc set a steady pace as praise flew out of his mouth about just how good you felt and how happy he was to fuck your sweet cunt finally. small confessions of nights spent jerking himself to the thought of your squishy thighs littered his speech and only served to arouse you further. lost in the pleasurable feeling of his cock you cried when you felt his movement hault.
"please," you whimpered pathetically, "please don' stop. need more, s'not enough...." one set of hands smoothed over your flesh softly as the other spread your pussy lips further before wiggling a finger in alongside the cock already stuffing you full. an affirmative hum came from both of them before you felt another tip rub your cunt right on top of the one already inside. panic didn't even pass through your skull as a second thick and long dick stretched you open; painfully so. you sobbed pitifully at the feeling but you were so so very full. could you really complain? and you were taking them both so sweetly! as the two began to thrust at opposite intervals you were never left empty. one fat cock was always brushing the spots you needed most while your gooey cunt coated them both so pretty. Diluc's office chair would surely be left a mess once you were done by all of the slick fluids dripping onto it. both knots were fully swollen at this point and begging to be pushed into you properly. Ajax reached one hand down and around your tummy to rub quick circles at your clit. only a couple flicks of his wrist had you squirting and shaking over both of the men. with eyes rolled back in your head and vision blurred you sobbed and whimpered at the stimulation before biting down on Diluc's shoulder to muffle yourself the slightest bit. you'd never felt so good in your life so it was hard not to cry out so loudly. you had two huge cocks fucking into your guts so who could really blame you? the pounding continued from stuttering hips and through low grunts and growls. with such pleasure still rolling in waves you didn't even notice when Diluc raised a foot to kick Ajax away before sinking his knot deep into your cunt. his seed began to flow and fill your womb so full. you could hear upset and disgruntled noises but were too focused on finally being pumped up and pretty by a big knot still so deep inside you. one of Diluc's hands came up to cradle your head and plant a kiss to your forehead and lips with the softest smile you'd ever seen across his features.
"you'll be full of my pups soon enough, my love," he murmured sweetly. your tummy did flips at the knowledge that you'd finally been bred as your tail was lightly swishing behind you at the thought of being plump with such perfect pups from a perfect father. the loving moment was, of course, interrupted.
"not if i've got anything to do with it! that was a cruel move, mutt. bear in mind you may have filled her but she's certainly not designated as your mate yet. she's mine so back off, yeah?" if he could do it without hurting you, Ajax surely would've ripped the knot out of you and scraped your insides of the seed currently painting them white and full.
"we'll see what happens, harbinger." from behind you, Ajax snarled. he pulled on his disheveled clothing before throwing his jacket over your naked form and leaning to sit back on Diluc's desk.
"we've got a meeting to conduct still. i'll be taking her home once that pathetic knot of yours has gone down," you could practically feel the anger seeping from his form. "her home is with me, not you. you're like a replacement given to a kid when their favourite toy breaks except i'm not broken. i will be taking her back and you can cope with that you dog." Diluc scoffed with amusement in response but Ajax was serious.
perhaps your pounding wasn't going to stop here. <3
Tumblr media
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hi omg, I hope you don't mind me sending requests <3
I live for your writing sm, all of your fluffs gave me diabetes but healthier. I am a sucker for all of them, so thank you for putting your time and effort in your written works <3
I was thinking of headcanons with gn!reader and the fatui members but the reader is fragile, who can get easily sick or physically weak because of the unhealthy conditions during their childhood. I would love to think about those "meanies" (cough dottore or scara) would go insta worry mode if something bad happens to you because of your condition. Fluff or angst, I'm in love with both, I hope you don't mind about the request ^^ (you can decide platonic or romantic <3)
♡ 𝐇𝐚𝐫𝐛𝐢𝐧𝐠𝐞𝐫𝐬 𝐖𝐢𝐭𝐡 𝐅𝐫𝐚𝐠𝐢𝐥𝐞/𝐖𝐞𝐚𝐤 𝐋𝐨𝐯𝐞𝐫 ♡
Tumblr media
synopsis: The Harbingers are made of steel, unflinching in any possible situation. That is until they start worrying over your frail figure.
includes: all harbingers (platonic pulcinella) w/ gn! reader
notes: I really loved this request, it made me really inspired! (Probably because they'd be extra soft in this scenario and I love that...) I hope you like this nonnie!
Tumblr media
He doesn’t get to see you very often with his work and whatnot. But rest assured that you are in good hands, and that even if Pierro only has a spare twenty minutes of break, he’s coming to your room or wherever you are to check up on you. He doesn’t want you to be restrained. He wants you to go and experience Snezhnaya instead of being cooped up alone all the time (with the proper guards and company of course.) He is a very stoic but kind gentleman. You’d hide in his coat while walking together and no one would know until you pop out of it and scare the recruits. He holds the doors open, pulls up the blankets to the very top. When you’re tired due to your sickness he likes to use ancient Khaenri’ahn magic to make you smile.
If you died, Pierro would feel grief that he has not felt since the destruction of his homeland. He has already lost so much that his heart had become numb a long time ago, but your death made it come flooding back. He would have some kind of small figure similar to a chess piece made of you, and he’d keep it on him. In the battle for his heart, you were always the winner. What hurt the most was that he couldn’t even be with you in your final moments, to at least confirm how much he loved you despite everything. But he promises you, he will see you again in the “Old World” after fulfilling the Tsaritsa’s dream.
He is really worried for you. It was such a sharp contrast - big, tall, in tip-top shape, hulking Capitano while little old you struggled to walk straight sometimes. If you sneeze or even cough once, he’s literally all over you asking you if you’re okay. He tries to do a lot of things for you by himself. He stabs the meat on your plate so hard it breaks. He accidentally spends an hour deciding what you should wear, because he didn’t realize you had this many clothes, so he needed to choose something that’d look the best on you, despite not really having any fashion sense. But at least he is very diligent with your medicine times. He literally hovers over you, unintentionally being menacing, while you drink it. It’s very cute but the first time he did it, you spat out the medicine in surprise because you opened your eyes and he was just standing there with no warning. (Don’t ask him to pour it though. Once you asked him to pour a little into the bottle’s cover. His hands were too big and it spilled on the bedsheets.) If you collapse on him, he would be internally panicking so hard. Poor guy thought he hurt you somehow. The kind of guy who paces back and forth and causes everyone around him ten times more anxiety with how he’s acting. Also, lots of rides where you hook your legs over his shoulders and your hands are on his head (I don’t know what they’re called.)
If you died, Capitano would feel like a monster. Yes, he didn’t kill you, but it still felt like your blood was on his hands. Or did he kill you? He brought ruin and destruction to everyone, did he curse you too? How did he even know you were happy with him? Did you regret it? Would you have been happier spending your days with someone else? Horrific questions dug deeper and deeper stabs into his sturdy body, weighing him down day by day. He would give up anything just to have you back in his arms, for you to reassure and caress him, that he wasn’t a demon. But it seemed like the monster part of him was taking over anyway.
The kind of lover who has a list of songs that remind her of you and also buys you the record so you could listen to it. Columbina thinks music can soothe and heal the soul. So everyone can frequently hear tunes coming from your room. She also has a very calming voice in general, so when you are in pain, she just talks to you. She’d gently croon you to sleep or get you to spill all of your fears about the future, and thus comfort you. Since she sings, I’m declaring that she’s pretty poetic and would write poems for you. They always include bravery, strength, and overcoming illness with love, complete with heart doodles around it.
If you died, she would create multiple songs in honor of you. At your funeral, they couldn’t go on with the proceedings for a long time because she sang for hours, thinking of you. Often, she would go to your coffin, encased in ice, and just lie on it, singing. I think she would take a piece of your clothing and attach it to her outfit or something. I just have a feeling that she has lost before, but she likes to hold that article of clothing and feel as though you are still with her. She would become lost in her thoughts a lot more than before. If you had a favorite song, Columbina could often be found humming it to herself alone. 
He’s a doctor. A very unethical one, but Dottore’s still extremely intelligent. He knows what you can and can’t do, your possibilities and your limits, your good days and your bad days. He doesn’t trust anyone else to monitor your progress and health. When it’s time for your walks, Dottore personally comes with you, which baffles the other Fatui who knows that virtually nothing can come between him and his research. He tells you about how his medicine for you is coming along, and while you can’t really understand any of it, you like clinging to his arm for support. When it’s time for your medicine, he administers it himself despite your whining that it’s yucky. (For you though, he would find a way to make it a flavor to your liking.) 
But even for him, illness can sometimes be unpredictable, despite his precise calculations. Which is why whenever your condition randomly takes a turn for the worse, his mood completely changes and he’s already running a bunch of tests and taking your pressure and all of the like, trying to figure out what triggered your illness. Everyone knows not to even look at him during these times. Doesn’t show it but even though he isn’t scared of anything, these little stunts are not good for him. Has notebooks dedicated to your condition and daily status updates. Nothing goes unnoticed by him. Oh, but he’ll have his clones piggyback you around when you’re too tired to walk <3.
If you died, Dottore wouldn’t show it, but he would never forgive himself. He has the power to create artificial Gods, clone himself, and so much more, but he couldn’t save you? Honestly, he would probably preserve your body through cryosleep, unable to accept your death and his failure. He keeps you in a room that no one else has access to, and just… stares at your naked body in the tube, ruminating about how much he wanted you back. Dottore’s efforts to research and master resurrection triple, and he won’t stop until he could hear your voice again. 
When you’re at your lowest because of your illness, Pulcinella always comes in and likes to tell you some roundabout story that always has a life message at the end. He’s serious with you but also likes when you have fun. Reads you stories in different voices but it’s not very good when he sounds like a grandpa in all of them. He likes to set you up with different Harbingers. They’re also like family to him so he would want them to spend time with you. It would help your mental health too, he thinks. While some are fine with it, others are less interested, let's just say Papanella has his ways.
If you died, it really felt like he lost his own child. Pulcinella loved when you came to him asking for stories. When you sometimes left the country but came back with exciting stories. He liked to joke that if an old man like him could make it for this long, you’d have to as well. He really wanted you to go and experience the world and what it had to offer, just like he did. Planning your funeral was not something he was looking forward to.
Sometimes, he can’t help but think to himself, how much of a grip a weak, frail human like you has on him. A strong breeze could probably knock you off your feet, meanwhile, he has God-like powers. Yet he feels like a fool in your presence. He complains about how needy you are but in an instant, he is ordering someone to bring you a glass of water or extra blankets. Grumbles about how fragile you are but he holds you so gently, you wonder if it’s still Scaramouche. When you’re around, he tends to keep his voice down and not yell at others, since he doesn’t want to accidentally make you feel worse. Scaramouche is still his snarky self, but it’s noticeable how much he observes you, matching his pace to yours even if you’re walking slowly as hell, stopping with you to look at the scenery.
Despite all his whining, not gonna lie, if you collapse on him, he will probably freak out. If he had a heart, it would be thump-thump-thumping, but in its place is just an ache and unsettling feeling. Instantly catches you but his mind goes to the worse, knowing how fleeting your life was. Would move faster than the speed of lightning to get you help, and would not leave for side for anything. Waking up to Scaramouche’s hand intertwined with you and his head facing down into the sheets was not something you expected. In fact, he acts more vulnerable than you, ordering you (which, in reality, is more like a plea) to get better soon.
If you died, any remnants of love and kindness would just… extinguish. Anything in sight is being thrown, crushed, electrocuted. If the sickness was caused by the Tatarigami plaguing Inazuma, he would be especially furious. He would curse everything, everyone. The God, his creator, who abandoned him and let you get this sick. The doctors who were too useless to do anything. But he would curse himself the most, for being so weak, and not being able to do anything for the one person who actually gave a damn about him, now fated to wander Teyvat by himself for eternity. (But… reincarnation AU, anyone?)
Arlecchino is a silent yet watchful and hands-on partner. She observes you closely to see if your condition is acting up, or if you’re starting to feel ill. She is the kind of person who wouldn’t allow anything bad to happen since she picks up on your cues. Often times Arlecchino would scold the orphans for bothering you so much but you’d always reassure her that you didn’t mind. Whenever you try to lie about how well you’re feeling, she always narrows her eyes at you and makes you lie back down. Nothing can get past her. I also think she has a great soup recipe due to her experience with children, so you’ll definitely be fed some good food.
If you died, it would seem that there was no change in Arlecchino to the Fatui recruits. Same stone cold face and dead eyes. Same harsh voice that spat out orders. And they would be right, outwardly at least. Inwardly, however, was a completely different story. When a wound is healing, it hurts the most when it’s targeted. If her heart wasn’t hurt before, now it felt like it was completely broken, just when you were starting to piece it back together. When she looks at the children playing, she envisions you running after them too, but the only thing there is the shadows of the kids. When she’s walking through the halls, she anticipates you trying to creep up on her unknowingly and give her a back hug, but now all she hears is her own intense footsteps. When she’s doing paperwork, she expects to see you trying to sneak sugar into her coffee… but you won’t ever be here to do those simple things again.
La Signora:
La Signora treats you like glass. She is especially overprotective of you because she greatly fears losing you. You have the best maids and servants tending to your every need. She’d rather you not exert more energy than you have to. When she’s not around, she sends her little flame moths with sweet messages to you, in hopes of making you smile. She is scared about you going out by yourself since you could get sick so easily. So whenever you need a breath of fresh air, she makes sure to bundle you up in the finest coats. Also has her moths flutter around you for heat. Signora is very tall, so I think she would like to sit you on her lap and do simple things with her. I think she secretly craves a domestic life with her lover after she was robbed of it so long ago. She’d want to play with your hair, press you into her soft chest, make origami butterflies together.
If you died, the ice that previously surrounded her heart would swallow her up again. No more teasing you, hooking her finger under your chin, and kissing you. No more mock fashion shows where she helped to dress you in the most gorgeous clothes and the two of you would pose for pictures for the Kamera. It seemed as though the Gods would tear anyone she loved away from her without hesitation. She suffered the loss of her love once, but for it to happen twice? The pain was unbearable but Rosalyne sealed her feelings up once again. Coldness and ruthlessness returned to mask her true feelings, for if she didn’t, she feared she might not be able to handle it.
Pantalone wants you to see and do anything you want. You want to go to Liyue to attend the Lantern Rite? He’s clearing his schedule to come with you. You want some obscure item? He’s searching all the markets and buying it, no matter the cost. You picked up some hobby to pass the time? He’s indulging you with the most expensive and efficient equipment to help you with it. He wants you to have the most stress-free, easy, and happy life, so you can just focus on recovering and getting better. Every day, you’ll be visited by a new doctor, repeating the same old questions about how you feel, but Pantalone reassures you that they’re working on something for your health. He’s thankful that his position in the Fatui allows him to stay in Snezhnaya most of the time because he worries about you every minute of the day. The kind of guy who would have a status report on your health sent to his office every hour.
If you died, behind closed doors, his smile would immediately drop, now feeling like it was a heavy burden just to quirk his lips. He had access to the best doctors, medicines, and even bought ancient remedies long forgotten. Yet it was all fruitless. The Mora that he once loved to feel slip through his fingers sickened him. What was all the money he had worth? It couldn’t buy your life back.
If you want her to, she could probably hook you up with some robotic/prosthetic limbs. But she’ll never want to make you a full robot. You’re not one of her experiments, you’re her lovely lover. At first, she was okay with you going on walks. Well, it wasn’t really a walk because a Ruin Guard just carried you in its hand. But she never did that again when the robot returned with you collapsed and unconscious. Needless to say, the project Sandrone was working on is immediately dropped and now she’s taking extra precautions. I feel as though she would hook up a camera to her caretaker robots so she can be updated on your conditions at all times. When you’re sick, Sandrone likes to make cute robot animals, (which is something she never dreamed of wasting time on before she met you) to bring you little things. Maybe photos of some scenery she took might brighten your day. Or little short but sweet notes. The one that always makes you laugh is when it brings you a clipboard to fill out your daily assessment.
If you died, it would feel like she herself turned into a robot. Wake up, experiment in her lab for an ungodly amount of hours, forget to eat and sleep. Rinse and repeat. Her life was constant now that you, the variable, were gone. Sandrone had a bed for you in her lab so you could watch her while she tinkered with some mechanical parts. It was mostly you talking while she fiddled but your voice bouncing off the walls was pleasant. But now it was silent, only the squeaking of wrenches and screwdrivers remained. She felt emptier than any puppet.
He’s the kind of person who excitedly grips your hand and tells you about all the fun and lively activities you two will do together when your health improves. He wakes you up every morning, sunlight pouring into the room and the smell of breakfast cooking (and him in an apron.) Loves to serve you breakfast in bed, spoon-feeding you while the two of you plan what the day will be like. You want to just stay in and relax? Great, he’s got some of Teucer’s favorite story books to read together. You want to go for a stroll? He’s already got the route marked and the picnic basket ready. Childe would manage to carry you and like ten other bags at the same time just to impress you. Also, he is your personal hype man. Even when you’re terribly sick, he’s there to motivate you and sing your praises about how strong you are.
If you died, he would feel lost. The abyss snatched a piece of his heart away already, but he felt even more hollow now. You were the only thing that made Childe forget about being a weapon for the Tsaritsa for a while. When he was away on missions, he enjoyed reading your letters about how you were supposedly getting better. In the middle of a battlefield he would flip through photos of you and his heart would swell in anticipation for the future. But as Teucer and his siblings wail and cling to his legs, and it takes all of Ajax’s strength to not break down in front of them too. When he’s alone though, he silently sobs into your old clothes and bed sheets.
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How do you think genshin boys would flirt (or tried to 👀) with darling? Have good day/night and thank You!
Childe's style of flirting is being around so frequently that you cannot help but get used to his intrusive presence in your life. He has a sort of boyish charm to him, frequently making comments that are borderline obscene if you stop to think about it long enough. He somehow manages to always stop just shy of stating or doing anything too inappropriate. At every given opportunity, he speaks highly of you, even to complete strangers. He'll regale them with your exploits with an arm slung around your shoulder, stopping you from sneaking away in embarrassment. His goal is to ensure everyone knows he's infatuated with you so that even if you reject his advances, no one will be stupid enough to cross a Harbinger by trying themself.
Diluc writes you numerous letters. It doesn't matter if he's actually in town or not, writing his thoughts down on parchment is his favored method of communication. He tends to get flustered when he's actually in your presence and fears he'll make a fool of himself. Some of the letters that you receive were actually written months prior, unbeknownst to you. Diluc tends to get so thrilled by the prospect of talking to you that he goes overboard. By the time the candle's wax is melted down to the base, he's written dozens of letters, and is self-aware enough to realize sending them all at once is a little creepy. Hence a special chest dedicated to envelops sealed with the Ragnvindr crest, all addressed to you. They're sent out in socially acceptable periods of time.
Kaeya doesn't see the point in tiptoeing around his attraction to you. He knows it, you know it, everyone in the general vicinity knows it. He'll go for the classic methods before he resorts to anything of more... morally dubious morality. Asking you out to dinner (always his treat), offering to walk you home, buying you bouquets and sweets. Your hesitation to accept such displays does little to deter him. The Calvary Captain's silver tongue is infamous — how he manages to do it is beyond you. He'll come up with an excuse to lean in close, then whisper amorous promises into your ear. He keeps his voice just low enough that you have no choice but to lean in so that you may hear him. He's smooth and knows how to fluster. 
Zhongli is interesting because he doesn't know much about mortal 'courting' in this century, so you might not even pick up on the nuances of his actions unless you have a trained eye. Your parents and grandparents are going to love him though. He picks out gifts that could be associated with amorous intentions, such as jade pendants, hairpins, and combs. He is particularly taken with the notion of giving you a comb for the cultural connotation behind it. If Zhongli is romantically interested in you, he wants your relationship to span the ages. He may or may not purposefully withhold information if you aren't from Liyue, watching with bemused eyes as you accept his gifts without giving them a second thought. He's very traditional and verbally subdued in his approach.
Albedo's flirting is a slow buildup that by the time you realize what's happening, you feel you're in too deep to wriggle out. It'd look like you were leading him on otherwise. Similar to Diluc, Albedo writes to you, sometimes sending pressed flowers from the region he's in and always including doodles. He doesn't entirely substitute face-to-face interaction with this, however. He approaches you under the pretense of needing help with this or that — using so much jargon that you barely understand what it is you've agreed to. Next thing you know, you're camping alongside him in Dragonspine for a week. He'll even purposefully sabotage his work so that he has an excuse to keep you around longer. He's more sly than most give him credit for. Putting a hand on your back when he's walking behind you, sitting close by to help warm you up in the cold... he's got some game.
Xiao doesn't really flirt. There are no smooth lines, teasing touches, or romantic dinners by candlelight. That isn't to say he isn't trying — Archons know he is — but his methods don't fall under the usual courting methodology. He kinda shoots himself in the foot, because he'll help you and remain out of sight while doing so. A silent and thankless guardian. He cannot count how many times he's cleared a monster-ridden path for you seconds before you arrived. Then he just kinda... looks at you expectedly from afar the next time you happen by the Wangshu Inn. You probably think he's glaring at you. Xiao can't help but feel a little gloomy you didn't somehow miraculously put two and two together. Maybe he'll give you a cool rock to get his point across next time...
Actual secondhand embarrassment material. Somebody, please stop him. He just shows up uninvited, makes a big show out of how superior he is to you, then stands there expecting results. When you don't immediately swoon and throw yourself into his arms, his mood plummets for the day. He works best when he keeps his mouth shut. He'll grimace and say 'you look tired' then proceed to do all your impending work so that you can get more rest. For that reason, he's not too terrible to keep around, because your chores are always done by the time you get home (he denies involvement). Scaramouche genuinely thinks you should feel so honored that he chooses to grace you with his presence. He's divine, don't you know? He could start a religion if he cared to try. And here he is furiously throwing vegetables in a bowl to make you soup (he broke into your house to do so, just don't think about it that part too much). Dealing with him requires the patience of a saint.
Kazuha is another who has a way with words, though he denies this should you ever compliment him on the trait. He'll look at you with the softest eyes and say things that belong in a romance novel. Calling you his muse or things to that effect. He's so sincere that it's impossible to think it's contrived. Kazuha's flirtations feel so light and natural in the moment, it's only upon later reflection that you realize he's almost drowning you in it. The guilt really starts to pile up when your hints that you don't feel the same seem to go entirely unnoticed. You're left worrying that by entertaining him, it sends him the wrong idea, yet the thought of outright rejecting him... seems cruel. It's a dilemma he happily takes full advantage of.
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Found the sexiest concept in an old fic from a diff fandom but my god I have to share this with you:
A hexed fleshlight. Anything out inside will give your own pussy the same sensations, and you don’t know why or who’s doing it. Imagine if childe got a hold of this fleshlight like omg—
It was a gift for him, wrapped up all neatly on his doorstep. It’s gotta be from the fatui, no doubt, but when he opens it, he immediately thinks it’s a prank and that he should throw it away. But damn, it looks like such a nice quality, and his old pocket pussy ought to be retired by now…what’s the harm? He’s careful in inspecting it, but he’s soon satisfied with a lack of any pepper spray inside or some fluid that could hold a disease. Still, he chooses to use a condom the first time, just in case.
When Childe enters the toy for the first time, a moan is almost immediately ripped out of him. Archons, he thought the fleshlight looked a little small for his huge length, but he’s quickly proven otherwise. The fleshlight almost seems to pulse around him, sucking him deeper, squeezing him tightly. Fuck, he could easily get addicted to this.
He holds nothing back as he pounds into the toy, grasping it so tight his knuckles turn white. His moans and grunts fill the air as he fucks and ducks and ducks into the toy, this toy that seems MADE for him, DESTINED for him, so tight and perfect he could almost imagine it being a real cunt. He cums embarrassingly fast, making quick work of getting rid of his used condom so he could inspect the fleshlight one last time. No…it didn’t look like it had any extra mechanics to it…but then he sees it. Softly glowing runes that brighten as he wriggles a finger inside. Ahh…looks like this toy has a spell over it, something that makes it feel just like a real pussy. Childe smirked at this revelation as he put away the toy, making a mental note to find and thank whoever gave it to him. He peacefully passed out later, blissfully unaware of its effect on you….
Imagine being at work, praying the minutes to go faster as you desperately want to clock out and go home already..! Five more minutes left to your shift, but a strange sensation fills your stomach with butterflies…something prodding at your hole, pushing open your folds and shallowly dipping into you, exploring your insides as you let out soft gasps and moans. What the hell? Is this a weird prank? You quickly glance around, stomach dropping when you realized no body was near you, or looking at you…
Your thighs squeeze reflexively as you feel calloused fingers push deeper and deeper inside, prodding at your cervix before massaging your g-spot. It’s difficult to hold back a keen, eyes rolling back in your head from this unprecedented pleasure. But as soon as it was there, it was gone. These phantom fingers were no longer playing with you and…damn! Still a minute left…well, how much trouble can you really get for leaving a little early?
You ready your things, prepared to get out of there and make a doctor’s appointment as soon as possible. Who the hell has ever heard of anything like this before? Strange, phantom pleasures of being fingered? What?
You’re barely out the door when you freeze in your tracks. Something much…larger…was now pushing into your hole. No, no, no! First these fingers, and now, a cock? Your tear filled eyes whip around, searching for a bathroom to lock yourself in. Surely enough, you find yourself squeezed into a stall, hands clamped around your mouth, trying your hardest to hold back moans and cries. You’re fucked so roughly by this fat, long cock. Each trust has you shaking, hands grasping for a hold as your legs lose their strength. Your walls flutter and clench on this invisible dick that ravishes your plush walls, ticking you so hard and fast you think you might just pass out. Despite its pulsing veins and intense pace, this…person…has no interest in your pleasure. Each rough thrust knocks against your cervix, stretching you out and leaving you screaming. It’s as if you’re being used as a toy. Just some inanimate piece of plastic for somebody to fuck until you’re both senseless.
When it’s done, you’re a mess. Chest heaving, flyaways sticking to your sweaty face. It’s crazy…sick, even, but as you stand up with trembling legs, you quietly hope this all happens again (and soon).
Don’t worry, it will ofc ;;)))) I bet if childe doesn’t use a condom his cum would be immediately absorbed and spit into your pussy too <3333 even better, what if a miscalculation occurs so that whenever childe cums all the cum is doubled or even tripled on the way to you? Ugh I just wanna be filled up to the brim with his cum is that too much to ask??? Yeah but anyways he would def become obsessed with that fleshlight and you’d be a mess every day because of it <333
i think my favorite idea from all of this is the fact that childe would never be able to reasonably deduce that the toy is "connected" to someone else's body— who ever heard of such a thing? a fleshlight that's essentially connected via bluetooth to a real person's pussy?
yeah, right. as far as childe's concerned, it's just a little spell to make the toy feel more "lifelike," if you will— a little enhancement to take it from lifeless plastic to realistic pussy. he almost wants to say that he doesn't care about the specifics; why worry about the spell and any potential consequences when (a) he's already carefully inspected the toy and found nothing wrong with it and (b) it feels so damn good? it's easy to throw caution to the wind when you're enjoying something so much. as a result, he ends up using it whenever he wants and however he wants, regardless of where you are or what you're doing because, as far as he knows, you don't even exist, right?
alright, that's actually probably my second favorite idea, but it connects to my first favorite so it all counts. besides, this whole ask is My Favorite Idea, really. anyways, because childe is blissfully unaware of the fact that his new favorite toy is connected to you, he just goes at it basically whenever and without a single care as to what you may be doing. you could be at work like you were the very first night you experienced the, ah... sensation, you could be in class, you could be with people, you could be alone (if only you could be so lucky), and it'd all be the same to childe, who's just excited to get off after a long, long day of work. sure, some occasions are more... convenient for you than others, but you're always happy whenever it begins all the same.
it doesn't really matter to you that whoever's behind this... arrangement cares little for your pleasure because you still manage to find pleasure amidst it all anyway. maybe it's the simple principle of being used like a toy that gets you going— you're always fucked absolutely senseless by this foreign sensation until you feel your own juices drip down your thighs, pounded so utterly mindless you can hardly manage a word by the time it all fades away (a little too soon, if you're being honest). what i'm trying to say is that the absolute best part about this arrangement is the idea that you're totally and completely powerless to delay it or stop it; whenever it starts, you just have to try to enjoy yourself as much as you can regardless of where you are, what you're doing, or who you're with. sometimes you're lucky enough to be able to slink away to a bathroom or a closet, other times it becomes a test of will to see how well you can control yourself at work in front of customers or in class in front of your classmates.
hopefully nobody sees the large cum stain between your thighs when you stand up... this mystery sensation always leaves such a mess.
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rsoemi · 2 days ago
okok I LOVED ur recent post about heizou and cyno, also I was wondering if I could request praise kink w/ cyno & fem bodied reader ? ty <3
wahh thank you so much !! ( ´ ▽ ` ).。o♡ and of course! it took me awhile to write this since i was out of ideas and because i was busy this morning, I hope you don’t mind that this is a bit short!! and i’m sorry if the praising isn’t a lot and this isn’t what you were expecting, i kept correcting everything before publishing actually LMAO my bad if it’s a bit ooc as well. by the time i finish this it’s already 9pm ( ̄^ ̄)ゞ— 𝐑𝐎𝐒𝐄𝐌𝐈 .. ❤︎︎
𝐬𝐡𝐨𝐫𝐭 𝐬𝐮𝐦𝐦𝐚𝐫𝐲 / 𝐜𝐨𝐧𝐭𝐞𝐧𝐭 — praise kink w/ cyno x afab!reader
☆ 𝐜𝐨𝐧𝐭𝐞𝐧𝐭 𝐰𝐚𝐫𝐧𝐢𝐧𝐠𝐬 (𝐜𝐰𝐬) — vaginal sex, praise kink, semi-teasing, fingering (a little bit as well) + bonus !! nicknames were used (good girl, sweetheart, etc) | lmk if i missed some !!
⇩nsfw below.
— 𝐂𝐘𝐍𝐎 !
CYNO chuckled lowly at your fucked out expression, tongue lolling out giving him the opportunity to plunge his fingers in your mouth, pressing down on your tongue. “you got it, [name]” you squirm under his touch, resting his free-hand on your thigh. cyno pulled his fingers away from your mouth, trailing them downwards to your sex as he stuck another finger inside your cunt, arching your back at that. his freehand wandered, raking up and down your bare skin. “you’re so beautiful, you know that? “he curled his fingers inside of you, hovering on top. “cyno.. more please— ah”
“mhm.. you want more?” he slipped his throbbing cock inside your aching pussy, hissing as your quivering hole envelops him so easily, clenching around his dick. you whine, tense and full around his length, face flushed in deep crimson. “that’s it, take it like a good sweetheart you are” you whimpered at his words as your tits bounced due to his harsh thrusts, the tip of his dick hitting spots you never thought it would hit. he dragged his tongue down your chest, hesitantly taking your breast in his mouth. your mouth hung open, breath ragged as cyno continued to pound into you over and over again. your legs secured themselves around his waist. rather than cyno slowing down to give you more time to rest, he thrusts inside your walls a bit further, inserting a finger in you. he winces a bit, his cock twitching inside of your heat. you gasped for air, bucking your hips to create more friction between the both of you. “cyno.. can’t—mn i can’t—“ “come on, my love. keep taking it for me, i know you can.. hn— fuck i’m gonna!”
cyno’s words died down in his throat, a low yet loud groan escaping his lips as he reached his climax, digging his face in your neck as he let his teeth sink into your skin. streams of white coating your insides as your eyes rolled back to the back of your head, some of his load leaking out onto the bedsheets coating that with white as well. he lifted himself off of you, pressing a kiss against your cheek, “you did great, my beloved.”
— 𝐇𝐄𝐀𝐑𝐓𝐒 𝐅𝐑𝐎𝐌 𝐑𝐎𝐒𝐄𝐌𝐈 .. ❤︎︎ ( it is exactly 9pm, I did finish it at 9pm ( ̄^ ̄)ゞ)
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anantaru · 2 days ago
˖˚˳⊹ angry sex feat. dottore : cyno : childe : scaramouche : al-haitham x fem! reader
˖˚˳⊹ warnings: nsfw
Tumblr media
the mere thought of you made dottore furious, brows narrowed all annoyingly, the way you‘d always talk back at him without even trying to hide the disgust you felt towards his person. If there was something dottore hated the most it was when his ego somehow got insulted in any way and form which you managed to achieve every damn time.
Tumblr media
he smirks as his cock painfully slowly disappeared in your tight cunt, cursing underneath his breath. Fuck, what was he doing right now, how can you be so annoying but hot at the same time. His cock was spasming inside of you, your cunt clenching around his girth and sucking him in for all it‘s worth when you moaned at a particularly harsh thrust. "Why can you never shut up, huh?" he spat, your mind was hazy yet you still dared to roll your eyes at him again, his face turning blood red at the sight, "oh my." dottore‘s voicing in between hard breathing, pressing his cock deeper into your cunt to coax another whine from you, "how long until you break?" he murmurs against your ear, his hips increasing in pace as you wrapped your legs around his body, holding him close and cursing yourself underneath your breath again.
˖˚˳⊹ 𝗖𝗬𝗡𝗢
the adrenaline that rushed through cyno‘s body has made him even harder in his pants, cock straining against his boxers as you carefully unbuckled his belt with a big fat grin on your face, just how he ordered you to. "put that mouth to good use for once." his voice was hazy, uneven, with a hint of lust. Truth be told he couldn‘t get enough of you, even when you were such a pain in the ass sometimes.
Tumblr media
the thought about taking him in your mouth was making you flinch again, his cock sprining free as you took it in your hand, the warmth of your fingers sending shivers down his spine. You kissed his tip, prodding your tongue out to taste his pre cum on you, "look at you." cyno‘s grin was wide, "so you can shut up if you want to." you‘re gulping out around his girth, trying to respond to him yet cyno was quick to push you back on his length as your gag reflex kicked in. You‘re relaxing your jaw, circling your tongue around his cock before hollowing your cheeks, pulling yourself off him without removing his tip from your mouth, teasing his slit. Cyno threw his head back at the feeling, moaning out beautifully as he scrunched his eyes shut, feeling his climax approach, realising that only you were able to make him unravel like this.
childe huffed out as you lowered yourself on his cock, your brows narrowed in annoyance at the way he was inspecting your body. "oh come on." he‘s grinning, ajax knew you were thoroughly enjoying this right now, just as much as he was, "don‘t act like you don‘t crave this as much as i do."
Tumblr media
you were quick to roll your eyes at him, "i don‘t." you hurled, and before ajax could answer with the comback he made up in his mind, you already snapped your hips forward, catching him off guard as you set for a fast pace on his cock. You tensed up, muscles shuddering as he grabbed on your thighs harsher, digits digging into the soft flesh of your skin to brand you with his nails. Ajax thrusted upwards which caused you to collapse on top of him, his hips never stuttering as you moved down to engage him in a kiss, your tongue circling around his as you whined into his mouth at his cock grazing over your sensitive walls. He knew exactly what he did to you, ajax wanted you to remember this particular night forever, the night he fucked you dumb even though you so very much hated him as you always stated for some reason.
"what was that about, huh?" scaramouche was angry, furious even, fisting his cock in front of your glistering folds before sliding his tip in between them to use your juices as a natural lubricant, never leaving your gaze once to see and feel your expression.
Tumblr media
you‘ve been a literal brat to him all day, adored pissing him off as well. The both of you hated each other so why did it always end this way— with you being spread naked on his bed, legs wide open for him to look at your sobbing pussy. "you can be such a brat, but what about now?" his tone was dark, uneven and hoarse. Scaramouche clicked his tongue at your response which was nothing more than whines and whimpers, his cock finally pushing past your tight hole to fill you up completely. You arched your spine at the intrusion, legs springing into the air to wrap around his body as he set for a fast pace, movements never faltering on you as his arms looped around you to hold you close. You‘re a handful and he hated you, for some reason he still had a soft spot for you, yet couldn‘t quite decipher on to why.
everything about you pissed al-haitham off, the way you smiled, the way you responded to people around you and not to mention the way you always seemed to know everything better than him. So it was only fair for him to punish you for your wrongdoings later on when no one was watching.
Tumblr media
"look how quiet you can be, huh." his warm breath was coating the shell of your ear, grabbing onto the plush of your ass before pulling you closer. His hand was falling heavy on the back of your head, pushing you harder against the mattress before lining himself up with your needy cunt, collecting your slick and sliding himself into you until he was fully sheathed in your pussy. You could feel him spasm around you, walls holding him in as he began to move in and out of you slowly. Al-haitham was testing the waters, wasn‘t exactly sure if you deserved to cum so soon or if he should punish you for being such an asshole to him tonight. "how attractive you can be when your mouth is shut." the words stung in your heart yet for some reason they got you needier, wet n messier, only responding with a chorus of whines and begs for him to finally take you which al-haitham then did, thrusting into your heat to feel you melt against his touch.
Tumblr media
do not! share, copy or repost my work. ✎ ©ANANTARU 2022
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dat-bruv-person · 3 days ago
Imagine your account gets hacked and all the character freaks out when they realize it's not the same player that they know so..
A shitload of glitches, creepy messages on getting their "player" back. All of teyvat is on it too, killing the characters or the characters not even moving how the "new player" wants them to. The characters just stares at them with a deadpan look or a smile that looks creepy af.
They'll stop once you finally get your account back though. They'll also glitch all the device the other person used so they wouldn't be able to use genshin at all.
·˚ ༘₊· ͟͟͞͞꒰➳ no ♡
gn!reader, poc!reader friendly
tw: hard to read writing, I'm really sorry for any inconveniences caused because of my writing, please let me know if I need to change the font so I don't hurt your eyes too much.
_________ ׂׂૢ་༘࿐
˙ʞuᴉɥʇ noʎ uɐɥʇ lnɟɹǝʍod ǝɹoɯ ǝɹɐ ǝʍ ʇɐɥʇ ɹǝpuᴉɯǝɹ ʇɥƃᴉl ɐ sᴉ sᴉɥʇ ˙uᴉɐƃɐ sᴉɥʇ ɟo ʞɐǝds ʇou llɐɥs ǝʍ puɐ ɯǝɥʇ oʇ ʞɔɐq ʇunoɔɔɐ ɹᴉǝɥʇ uɹnʇǝɹ sᴉ op oʇ ǝʌɐɥ noʎ llɐ ˙ɯǝɥʇ ʇou ǝɹɐ noʎ ʇɐɥʇ ʍouʞ ǝʍ ˙uǝɥʇɐǝɥ noʎ 'ɹǝʎɐld ɹno ʞɔɐq sn ǝʌᴉƃ
- Genshin Characters when your account was first hacked.
W҈e҈ s҈h҈a҈l҈l҈ n҈o҈t҈ b҈e҈n҈d҈ t҈o҈ y҈o҈u҈r҈ w҈i҈l҈l҈, i҈f҈ t҈h҈a҈t҈ i҈s҈ w҈h҈a҈t҈ y҈o҈u҈ w҈a҈n҈t҈. A҈l҈l҈ c҈l҈a҈y҈m҈o҈r҈e҈ u҈s҈e҈r҈s҈, f҈r҈o҈m҈ n҈o҈w҈ o҈n҈, s҈h҈a҈l҈l҈ n҈o҈t҈ r҈e҈s҈p҈o҈n҈d҈ t҈o҈ c҈h҈a҈r҈g҈e҈d҈ a҈t҈t҈a҈c҈k҈ c҈o҈m҈m҈a҈n҈d҈s҈, a҈n҈d҈ e҈l҈e҈m҈e҈n҈t҈a҈l҈ s҈k҈i҈l҈l҈s҈ a҈n҈d҈ b҈u҈r҈s҈t҈s҈ m҈a҈y҈ w҈o҈r҈k҈ a҈b҈n҈o҈r҈m҈a҈l҈l҈y҈ o҈n҈ y҈o҈u҈r҈ d҈e҈v҈i҈c҈e҈. A҈l҈l҈ t҈h҈i҈s҈ m҈a҈y҈ b҈e҈ f҈i҈x҈e҈d҈ i҈f҈ o҈u҈r҈ o҈r҈i҈g҈i҈n҈a҈l҈ p҈l҈a҈y҈e҈r҈ r҈e҈c҈e҈i҈v҈e҈s҈ t҈h҈e҈i҈r҈ a҈c҈c҈o҈u҈n҈t҈ b҈a҈c҈k҈, h҈o҈w҈e҈v҈e҈r҈.
- Lisa, on behalf of all your characters, 2 days after your account was hacked.
You think you're really funny, huh? It has taken us an ungodly amount of time for us to find each other, for us to reunite, for us to meet [name]. You do not get to rip that bond away from us. They mean the world to us, they are an angel among the mortal scum of the outside world. We can do much more than disable claymore users' abilities. From today all sword users, including us, shall no longer respond to your commands, it won't be long until polearm, catalyst and bow users follow suit. But... you could return us to [name] and everything could be well <3
-Lumine and Aether, who wrote this whilst bawling their eyes out, 5 days after your account was hacked .
The wind is watching you, it hears you. It feels your every move.
- Venti and Kazuha, who at this point in time are probably the most desperate to get you back, 1 week after your account was hacked.
After 2 weeks, Little Miss Klee took matters into her own hands. Every day she sobbed in her room of the Serenitea Pot, holding Dodoco to her chest. Oh how she wished you would come back and play with her! The poor Spark Knight hopped out of her bed and faced the screen: angry and upset. She activated her burst all by herself, and hurled it at the screen with all her might - burning down the Serenitea Pot and setting the device your hacker was playing on alight. Smoke filled the rooms, and your parties soon realised what the young knight was doing. Diluc was the first to follow.
A fire phoenix ran across the field and toppled over the towers of the tea pot. Coughing echoed around the building, yet your characters were ready to die for you. Burst after burst after burst was unleashed relentlessly, the device overheating and the hacker's own life at major risk. They did not care. Finally, it was all finished off when the rock dropped, and the Raiden Shogun used the Misou no Hitotachi to shatter the place.
Divine Punishment had been administered, not just by the Electro Archon, but by all of them.
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evell-extrasss · 2 days ago
note: yes another scara fic... dont look at me like that
Currently, Scaramouche was being insufferable.
He was being more than harsh with his subordinates today, mostly because he was in a very, very bad mood. So many of his underlings have failed doing a single task, and many others were slacking off. Scaramouche was not having any of this, and so he 'forced' them to be more cooperative, or their life would be in his bloody hands.
One little mistake, and you're gone in a blink of an eye.
To most, Scaramouche was The Balladeer, the 6th of 11th Harbinger. One of the most feared Harbingers due to his cruel and harsh nature, he never had mercy on anyone below him, he always saw them as a nuisance to him and this fake world. Feared yet respected is what Scaramouche is. That was what his reputation was in public.
But to you, he was Kunikuzushi.
A loving and caring person. Someone you'd never expect to be a Fatui Harbinger of all things.
You didn't know that, and Kunikuzushi was glad you didn't. Everytime he came home to you, he'd always have such a huge smile on his face, then proceed to love you like it was his last day on Teyvat. You were always right there when he came home, even if his days were nothing but terrible. Like today, for example.
Today, he went home with a frown. Grumbling on about stupid underlings and how they're so incompetent. Just as he was about to open the door with his keys, Kunikuzushi thought about you. How you'd welcome him back home, and joke around about him having to be the one staying at home everyday this time.
He smiled at the thought of that.
Then, Kunikuzushi opened the door, awaiting your big bear hug.
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lordkamisato · a day ago
“the prey that doesn’t know when to quit” alhaitham x reader: smut
Warnings: Predator-prey dynamics, public sex, Alhaitham being demeaning but also affectionate, consent (slightly db? 🤷🏻‍♀️ Idk), orgasm control, nipple play, fingering… hmm, lemme know if I missed anything loves. <3
Tumblr media
You couldn’t stop your stumbling feet around the busy streets of Port Ormos, hearing the sounds of people and merchants should’ve distracted you, but it did quite the opposite. It only made you focus more, on a certain predator of yours. Someone who will catch you, as they swore a few hours ago. It was none other than the exemplary scholar, Alhaitham.
Running upwards, around the area where Dori stays, you halted. You felt an eerie absence of your follower. Panting with bated breaths, hand holding your heaving chest for support. “Fuck—” you sighed, falling to your knees. The tiredness creeping in onto your already sore muscles.
“The prey that doesn’t know when to quit,” you heard his voice suddenly, footsteps echoing ironically; mind focussed on him & only him. You fell limp on your rear, your hands aiding your movements backwards.
“Tch- tch, tch—” Alhaitham squatted down, taking his smug smile along as he wiped off the sweat on your forehead gently. “So, now that you’re caught…” he mumbled, eyes stern yet pitying how overwhelmed you looked.
“Haitham—” your lip quivered in anxiety and anticipation. You truly were blossoming as the prey he moulded out of you. Leaning against his touches, hoping that the repercussions might be less.
“Giving you another 3 minutes, little lamb,” Alhaitham replied smugly, standing tall in front of you. Oh he was enjoying this so much. Unfortunately for him, you were tired. You looked at him, oh so submissive and doe-eyed. “Ca-can’t,” your defeated mumbling caught him by surprise.
“Well then, for the past 3 hours have been gone by with me trying to get hold of you,” he gripped your hair, careful not to rip them out or be too harsh; making you hiss nonetheless.
You got up, stumbling onto your own feet, embarassed with dusted cheeks, because you knew many people were watching. Haitham was quick to grab you and pin you to one of the shady alleyways in the port itself. “Now that you have been caught, any last words?” He mumbled, taking out his sword and keeping it on your neck, gliding it dangerously across your unmarked skin.
You knew it was all a play, you knew he would not kill you. Even so, the way your pupils contracted and you palpitated, quivering in front of him, almost made him question if you were truly in for something like this. “You okay?” He asked, voice changing 180 degrees from his original, condescending tone.
“I’m- I’m okay, Haitham,” you mumbled gently, reassuring both yourself and him.
“You better be, don’t want you passing out on me when I am barely begining to relish my prey,” he pinned you back, hand on your throat contracting and pressing the sides of your throat, elicited a gasp from you real fast.
“So cute, so vulnerable and so—” he leaned in, kissing your cheek softly, lingering closer to the shell of your ear and whispered, “helpless”.
Eventually you could feel yourself losing it down there, arousal pouring down as his hands caressed your clothed crotch, leaning in and suckling onto the sweet spot on your neck.
His hands lingered around the back of your thighs, encapsulating them together around his waist as your back collided against the wall, clothed clit caressing his protuding semi.
“Hnng— Fuck!” You whined, while Alhaitham was quick to tear off your panties, giving your skirt no mind. The carnal, obsessed desire of your lover to have more of you, to claim every crevice in your body.
Enraged, posessive fingers sheathed into your quivering hole without any mercy, curling themselves against your sensitive spot. “Such a cute little play thing” Haitham smirked, watching your reactions and imprinting them on his mind. Leaning in, he nibbled your clothed nipple, growling against it with a smirk when you arch your back further for him. “That’s it, you know how to surrender huh?”
“Let me watch your reactions yes? I want you to look directly at my face when I fuck you,” Haitham’s lewd words were hitting you directly at your core, making you quake and shake in pleasure.
His thick cock entered your pulsating cunt suddenly, giving you no time to adjust to his impeccable girth that almost tore your sobbing cunt apart. “Look at you clamp down on me like a needy little slut,” he smirked, thrusting deeply against the alleyway, wall-fucking you with no remorse.
You were quick to put both your hands on your mouth, stopping your voice from echoing away and getting caught. How shameful would it be if the top Akademiya students were caught like this… unfortunately, Alhaitham didn’t care. Infact, he was enjoying having you worried about the both of you. “Aww— don’t tell me that me fucking you, is not enough to make you mindless; my little prey.” His thrusts got harsher, balls slapping against you with every single plunge of his cock deeper, and deeper.
He held your legs up against the wall, finding you clamping against him. “Ah ah ah ah— not so fast.” The new position made you feel vulnerable, spread open for him to see and destroy. “Fuck— let me, please let me cum,” you whined, screaming out his name when he started thrusting against you again.
“You wanna (thrust), cum for me? (Thrust) do you think you deserve (thrust) to?” He was panting alongside you, green-eyes glaring at you, with hints of affection undertones.
“Yes, ahhnng! Please let me cum, please— I can’t—” you whined out loud, clamping him tight enough to entice a much needed whine from him. God he sounded so good— he felt so good— and he looked so good, with his cock being pussy-drunk.
“Go ahead then, my little prey, you deserve to cum. Given you have been such a cute little cocksleeve yes? Letting yourself be hidden from the eyes of the people around here mhm? When you have been fucked so through and thorough.” His movements halted for a moment as the sweet venom of words dripped down from his mouth, his hand caressing and rubbing your clit to help you achieve your high.
Eventually you tipped off the edge, along with Alhaitham painting your walls with his hot seed. Cumming inside you and kissing you passionately with no room for any screams. Muffling and eating away each and every whimper, shielding your dignity all around Port Ormos and also; showing his affection.
“That was— fun,” you panted and chuckled, teary-eyed from how good it felt.
Haitham kissed your forehead and kept his lips touched to your skin. “You, are perfect,”
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ashhh-14 · 3 days ago
▨Ignoring your crush▨
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Character's origin- Genshin Impact
Characters- Kamisato Ayato, Childe
Warning- mention of blood and injury in Childe's
Genre- ❃
Format- Imagine
Word count- 1k
Synopsis- Avoiding your love interest because you catch feelings for them, though your course of actions bear an unexpected result
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Kamisato Ayato
Meetings between the prestigious commissions were frequent, whether the reason being any festival or an upcoming matter of great importance to all of Inazuma and the Almighty Shogun herself. Constant meetings lead you to somehow become friends with the upholders of Yashiro commission and the head of the clan himself. You two would often be spotted taking a walk on the outskirts of Inazuma whenever you both somehow manage to scrape a bit of free time from your busy schedules. The topics would be just about anything as you both somehow find yourselves trying a new delicacy found on streets of Inazuma. The walks weren't on a daily basis but they somehow were sure to happen at least thrice a week. Until one day, they stopped. It was a sudden halt. But you couldn't help but notice one night in the quire how you found yourself thinking about the commissioner and weren't able to deny the obvious flutter of your heart at the thought of him. That night was the time when you accepted that you had feelings for the said man but, 'It's the most inappropriate thing that I could have done. '
The last three weeks were empty. Even after drowning yourself in endless work you still found yourself alone. Here you were now, walking alone in the quiets of the night near your estate, having been ushered to 'get some fresh air' from your loyal companions. It was just you, your thoughts and- It was like a presence loomed behind you before you turned around, having to face none other than
"Was just on my way to see you." There his never ending charm went, making your stomach swam with butterflies with his soft smile. Until it wavered, his hand coming in contact your cheek, thumb grazing lightly above your cheekbone.
"You haven't been getting enough rest. Have been avoiding me too. Is something the matter?" Your gaze averted, not expecting for him to notice your absence. "I wasn't avoiding you- it's not that I- "
You sighed, mild irritation building up at how you can't find the right words. Not to mention the sublte contact of his skin made it all the more difficult to use your senses. He retracted his hand, his eyes turning almost solemn as he spoke, " If you do not wish to see me for whichever reason, I totally understand. Just tell me and I won't-" Your eyes slightly widened at that, the last three weeks have been like a personalised hell for you, but to make him think that you don't like his presence, that would be the farthest thing from reality. Your words were franatic, almost too much panic struck in your body, " No please don't think that- it's just me- me, my romantic feelings and thoughts about you and even after knowing our importances fully well and knowing you can't, you won't, I just- i can't- i-" It was soft when a sudden press shushed your panic stricken ramble, soft lips delicately kissing your own as you processed, heart fluttering as your mind grasped the situation, heart accepting the new offered feelings when he parted, his gaze ever so soft as he brought you closer. " I think that clears my reciprocating answer but " there was a pause before he continued, " I thought my thoughts were pretty clear about inter-comission relationships, I guess not huh. " It was as if a burden was lifted off your shoulders as you leaned forward, head against his chest as you whispered, "I was so scared." "How about now?" His voice sounded almost smug as his expression matched his words when you looked up but, for once, you gave in, "Not anymore. "
Tumblr media
A knock on the door is not what you were expecting to pull you out of your thought-struck daze in the middle of the night but you obliged, going to the door only for the one person you've been avoiding for the last few weeks to show up. Your mind have been just running with one thing all this time away 'I can't ruin what we have. It's too precious. ' but all the resolve of avoiding him went to drain when your eyes landed on his form, everything littered in blood. "Why- How the hell did you end up like this?! "
It was a given for you to get worried, how could you not when the man you've known for almost since you've existed and loved for archon knows how long. Making him sit down you rushed to get the medical supplies while he just chuckled, a not so real one. "Thought if I would show up on your door wounded enough, you might stop avoiding me." It was this sentence which stilled your movements from cleaning his slashed bottom, heart almost clenching painfully at what you made him do. Eyes glazed over as you looked up at him whispering, "This is not a joke Ajax. " He gulped painfully, his ragged breath gliding over your skin as he came close. "Neither is ignoring the person you've known for almost forever (Y/n). " Pure grief was what escaped you as you sobbed on his lap, " I'm sorry! I'm so sorry Childe- But I saw no other option-! I didn't wanna ruin our friendship just because of my unrequired feelings for you I-" His eyes slightly widened as you realized what you spoke, quickly trying to push yourself away from him as he quickly stopped your movements by gripping your arm, "What did you say...? " Your mind taking it as a sign of his disapproval, "I didn't- that's not what I-" "(Y/n) " You took a shaky breath, looking up at him with your tear stained face, "I like you Ajax" His eyes softened as he leaned down, not caring if his injuries were getting worse as his lips placed a soft kiss against your forehead. Your eyes widened as you looked up at him in disbelief, " My heart might be unavailable due to the fatui but.... It's always open for my family.... and lover. "
Tumblr media
Likes, comments and reblogs are always appreciated!
Written by Yours truly
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taintedsorrcw · 2 days ago
✶ ꒰ 𝗙𝗘𝗔𝗧. ꒱ ─ alhaitham : childe : thoma
✶ ꒰ 𝗪𝗔𝗥𝗡𝗜𝗡𝗚𝗦. ꒱ ─ mentions of periods + related themes : sfw !
✶ ꒰ 𝗡𝗢𝗧𝗘𝗦. ꒱ ─ repost bc tumblr hates me
Tumblr media
This guy knows when you’re about to start your period before you even know yourself. Although it’s not like he will start behaving any differently, he simply just acknowledges it.
With that being said - while he doesn’t go out of his way to prepare for that time of the month (except mentally), he will be a lot more lenient with you and indulge you in any requests you have, if it means you’re more comfortable.
As long as it is within reason at least…
“Give me a piggyback ride to the kitchen.”
“No. You’ve got two perfectly capable feet to go there yourself”
He’s more willing to set aside some time though. It gives him the opportunity to take care of you, make you happy AND take a break.
actually you are the one who tells him to take a break all the time, so it’s actually all just an opportunity to make you happy
I might be slightly (totally am) biased here, but I think this man is a godsent when it comes to cuddles.
He’s not really one for a lot of PDA nor is the one to engage it a lot in private as well.
so when you finally get smothered by him once??? makes it so much more special ( ˘͈ ᵕ ˘͈♡)
CHILDE ୧ ‧₊˚ ⋅
Honestly I think he’d be a godsent as well. Contrary to popular belief, he’d be super respectful and attentive.
aka does his damn hardest to not piss you off
He’s a family man and also comes from a big family, so he picked up a thing or two from his sister and mother.
Though his first instinct is to use this as another opportunity to spoil you rotten, he’d ask you if there’s anything you need or anything he can do to help you.
Again, everything in an attempt to not sour your mood (°ー°〃)
will do a trip to Bubu Pharmacy and through Liyue’s stalls at lightning speed should you need hygiene products or crave anything specific, do not ask him how many people he almost ran over while doing so.
Oh, you want some cuddles? He’s by your side and wrapping his arms around you before you could even finish asking him.
Though he can get a bit overbearing with the affection (。>\\<) he’s just very excited to help you ok !!
On the other hand, if you want your space… good luck I guess?
He really does try if that’s what you want because again, he respects you and your space 2x when you are on your period-
But he honestly gets kind of restless because what is he supposed to do now????
Probably the first time you see him properly do chores, because it allows him to keep his mind occupied and stay close to you at the same time (>﹏<)
THOMA ୧ ‧₊˚ ⋅
no but fr,, he has a little stash in the corner of your guys’ shared bedroom that he calls “Y/N’s comfort corner”
As much as he’d love to do so, he can’t spend every waking moment with you due to his responsibilities as a housekeeper >:/
So he rests assured that while he’s not with you, at least you have everything you need
Hygiene products? Favourite snacks? Favourite comfort media? Hot water bottle? FLUFFY BLANKETS? You name it, you have it. it’s just around the corner (i’m so funny haha).
Though he WILL come and check in on you whenever he has the chance to do so.
ngl, he sometimes kinda treats the whole thing like you’re about to die any moment…. which to be fair, sometimes it definitely feels like it !!
On those days, where the pain is especially bad, don’t think that he won’t take the time off to care for you.
Even if you insist that it’s alright, he’s here for you even if it’s just to keep you company!
If you prefer to have your space during this time, he will still stay home with you but instead take over any chores or things you need to get done. Basically he’ll do anything to make your life easier <3
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