yveitai · 2 days ago
riddle rosehearts who holds your hand so tenderly after the events of chapter one, who never wants to let his palms part yours even after the sweat starts to get uncomfortable.
leona kingscholar who finds himself slightly smirking at your antics, who finds his mind wandering to you just before he goes to sleep. Subconsciously opening an eye when he hears somebody come into his garden unknowingly hoping it’s you.
azul ashengrotto who gets the twins to find you and bring you to the monstro lounge, offering his services for free.. no tricks, no contract, no fee. He supposes this is his way of getting closer to you, but he’d be caught dead before he can admit that.
jamil viper who puts the leftovers he’s made for kalim in a tub for you, understanding how much stress you’re under constantly and how you forget to take care of yourself, much like him. This is his way of showing gratitude for all you’ve done.
vil schoenheit who invites himself into ramshackle sometimes whenever Epel comes round, always bringing along a ‘housewarming present’ to make it feel ‘homier’ along with a chemistry binder, personalised to help you with the bits you struggle most. He likes you, but don’t tell anyone that it might just cause controversy in the media.
idia shroud who asks you to join the board game club with him and azul, he’s more confident when playing, and he’ll think it will be easier to talk to you. Hopefully it’ll even be easier for you to like him more, he shuts himself out, but is willing to take a step or two towards you.
malleus draconia who crafts a small stone ring, one made from dragon scales and gargoyle horn. He gives it to you with a smile. Telling you it’s made with the finest materials- but what he doesn’t tell you is that he’s enchanted it, to make sure you’re not in any danger. I mean, who else would look after you? certainly not that silly cat
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munson-blurbs · 2 days ago
could you write about eddie and the reader suppose to be going out together but the reader thinks eddie stood them up but he got into a super bad car accident is in the hopsital and the reader doesn’t find out about it til a couple days later
I couldn't make reader wait too long because I couldn't do that to myself her, but I hope you like this! Sorry it took so long.
Warnings: car accident, mention of injuries, slight angst, some language
WC: 1.2k
Eddie was supposed to pick you up for your first date at 7:00 PM. You didn't expect him to show up on time; you'd been friends with him long enough to know that punctuality was not his forte, but he was now an hour and a half late. That was a lot, even for Eddie.
You dialed his phone number for the third time, listening to the ring until Wayne's recorded voice greets you.
You've reached Eddie and Wayne. Leave a message.
"Hey, Eds," you start. "It's me again. Just wondering if you were on your way, or if you forgot about...anyway, call me back when you get this." You hang up the phone, tears prickling in your eyes.
Maybe it was all a prank, or a stupid dare from one of the Hellfire guys. It made sense; why else would Eddie have asked you out after all this time? You'd been crushing on him for years.
You settle onto the couch, grabbing a bag of potato chips despite your appetite all but disappearing at the prospect of being the butt of their joke. You pick up the phone again, but you don't call Eddie this time.
"Henderson residence," Dustin's chipper voice perks you up briefly; the boy was always kind to you.
"Hi, Dustin," you say somberly, trying not to show how sad you truly are.
"Y/N? he asks, worry evident in his tone. "What's wrong? Aren't you supposed to be out with Eddie?"
You feel the tears slip down your cheeks as your emotions get the best of you. "He stood me up," you tell Dustin quietly. "Be honest with me, please--was this all a joke?"
"No. No, no no," he insists. "Eddie hasn't shut up about you or this date for ages. And he would never do that to you. The guy worships the ground you walk on."
You roll your eyes at his dramatics; carrying your books for you and kicking Gareth or Jeff out of the passenger seat of the van so you could sit there certainly was not worshipping the ground you walk on.
"Look," Dustin continues, "let me figure out what's going on. I'll call you as soon as I get info."
"Thanks," you croak out. "I really appreciate it."
"Of course," he says before hanging up with a click.
The phone ringing wakes you up from a dreamless sleep. You've passed out on the couch; the clock on the wall reads 2:37 AM. Who would be calling at this hour? Dustin was an intense kid, but even he would wait until the sun was up to call you back.
You snatch up the receiver before the bleating can wake your family. "H-hello?" you harshly whisper.
"Hi, is this Y/F/N Y/L/N?" an unfamiliar female voice comes over the line.
"Yeah? Who's this?" you question suspiciously. She didn't sound like a telemarketer or a crank caller.
"I'm Shelby, a nurse at Hawkins General Hospital," she explains. "Your friend, Edward Munson, was brought here earlier tonight after he was in a car accident." She pauses for a moment. "You were listed as an emergency contact on some previous paperwork he'd filled out the last time he was here."
You remember that; he'd broken his ankle last year while jumping off of the stage at the Hideout. Since Wayne was at work, he'd put down your name and number.
"Car accident?" you sputter, sitting up quickly. You're suddenly wide awake. "Is he okay?"
"He is now," she tells you gently. "His car was hit head-on by someone driving the wrong way, and it flipped. The paramedics had to cut him out of his seatbelt."
Your throat is dry and you feel your stomach lurch. "Oh my God," you whisper.
"We're still waiting on the scan results to ensure there's no internal bleeding," Shelby continues, "but he's awake now, which is a good sign. Keeps asking for you."
Your heart melts at this. "I'll be right there," you tell her earnestly. You technically weren't supposed to take the car without your parents' permission, but they would make an exception for this circumstance.
The drive there seems to take an eternity, and you run into the emergency room as soon as you kill the engine.
"I'm here to see Eddie--Edward--Munson?" you tell the receptionist, panting from your sprint. "I'm his emergency contact." You give her your name, and she nods.
"He's in room 110," she informs you, pointing down a quiet hallway. You quickly find his room, knocking gently at the already open door.
"Tryin' to sleep," Eddie's groggy voice floats by, thinking it's another nurse dropping by to take his vitals yet again.
"Eds," you say softly, "it's me."
His eyes widen as he unsuccessfully tries to push himself up on the bed. He winces at the pain and slumps back down.
"Don't get up," you tell him, pulling the armchair over to his bedside. You take his hand in yours, mindful of the IV needle taped to the back. A brace collars his neck and his left arm is wrapped in a sling. Bruises are forming around his eyes, and scratches mar his cheeks and forehead. "What happened?" you ask, rubbing your thumb along his.
He grimaces as he tries to look into your eyes, momentarily forgetting about his neck brace. "I was driving down Miller Road and this asshole comes barreling down, smashing into the van and sending it flying." He exhales, resting his good arm around his aching ribs. "Stupid schmuck didn't even stop. Someone else ran into a nearby store and called 9-1-1."
"I'm just glad you're alive," you murmur, gently placing a kiss on his cheek. "But wait," you pause, "why were you driving down Miller? You don't need to go that way to get to my house."
Eddie manages a small laugh. "Yeah, but I needed to go that way to get to the florist," he admits. "Wayne told me that if I waited all this time to take you out and didn't even bother to bring you flowers, he would smack me with my own guitar."
You giggle at the thought of Wayne threatening his nephew. "Knew that man was a romantic at heart."
"Nah, he just didn't want me to mess things up with the girl of my dreams." A blush creeps into his scarred face.
"Well," you sigh, looking around the room, "this wasn't exactly what I pictured for our first date, but it'll do." You stand up and release his hand. "Give me a sec, okay?"
"Where are y--" but he can't finish his thought before you dash out of the room, returning 15 minutes later with an armful of treats from the hospital cafeteria.
"All right," you start, placing the food on the table next to him, "we've got some sandwiches, pretzels, potato chips, and apple juice. Oh," you remember, "and this." You hand him a plastic container with a piece of chocolate cake. "The cashier said it's the best thing there, although he may have just been trying to get rid of me."
You fiddle with the radio until you find something resembling smooth jazz. Eddie wrinkles his nose. "What the hell is this?"
"It's mood music," you tease. "Did you think we were gonna listen to metal on our first date?"
Eddie chuckles lightly, careful of his sore body. "I'd listen to anything as long as I'm with you."
Your face lights up. "Even--"
"Not Madonna!"
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katscki · 3 days ago
playing a combat video game on Katsuki’s lap, him teaching you every thing he can. Whispering in your ear which buttons to press and a raspy little “atta girl” when you win the match. 🦋🦋🦋
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nanakouu · a day ago
Tumblr media
...Ghost's After Care
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
pairing: simon "ghost" riley x fem!reader
genre: bit fluffy(?), smut
cw: usage of petnames, basic things u will see when people have seggs 👩🏻
note/des: i've been gone for months bc of work and also i was bored and decided to do simon writing shit but ummm enjoy simon after care after railing u so hard 🥺🥺🥺🦶🦶(he praises u a bit btw) - also other note, happy thanksgiving!! im also aware how bad this may be because i made this literally at 12 am lol. anyways enjoy <3
Tumblr media
-The air was thick and it was hard to breathe. It was heavy, he was heavy. Your chest went up and down, taking in the oxygen you choked up while Simon hovered on top of you. He synced with you, breathing and panting like a wild animal. A string of saliva connected from his lips to yours, giving a reflection as the moon shined down from the windows to his large figure. Ghost was very huge and had such a body to handle. Your hands shake up to his half-masked face, touching neck and Adam's apple hesitantly.
-Simon's cock was still deep in you, staying still in your bruised cunt; filling your hole up like a hard rock. He moved a little, groaning as you felt your climax rushing out. Ah, there it was. He sprung his cock out, pulling out so fast that he hit your clit, making you whine in pleasure. His cum drooled out onto your stomach as it dripped to your slit, along with your cream that gushed out at a pace with your breathing. "Mphm- Oh god, Si-mon!" you squealed, hitting your mouth to silence your moans. "God, you are so beautiful. Don't cover up that pretty mouth of yours." he grunts out.
-His dick still rested on top of your tummy as it soothed with your soft, cold skin. Your orgasm was still going on, and you were too scared to even moan for Simon, whom was holding you dear under his position. "Baby, don't be shy. Yell out my name, listen to your Lieutenant." he grunted, caressing your cheek by the back of his hand. His hot breathe touched your ear, making arousal rush down to your pussy, making you squirm even harder. "Agh, Lieuta-- Ghost- Simon!" you stuttered, groaning out many of his names. You bite your lip, closing your eyes shut as you cum harder. His winter-cold fingers dragged along your hot body, piercing your stomach as it moved down to your cunt. Simon swirled your clit for a while before taking his middle finger to swipe up the goodness from your holes. "Ghost...please- not too harsh-" you gargled out, choking on your saliva as you gripped the sheets.
-He let out a 'mhm', as if he was going to be a tad bit gentle when digging into you with his two fingers. He curled his tips, searching his way in to lick up your insides for his final meal for late night dinner. You hiccuped, yelling him out, "Oh, Simon!"
-You could see the smirk on his face by the moon shining on him and his bold features. "Hell. What a good girl, listening to your Lieutenant and cumming on command for me...such a pretty pussy.." he whispered, panting above. He brought his fingers to his lips, kissing them as he licked, tasting the extra sweetness of you. Simon brought his hand to you, pushing his fingers to your lips where you can taste yourself, "Don't you taste so sweet? You did amazing..." he praised. You agreed, you tasted very well.
-You wiggle against him, stretching your body as you view above to see the length of this man. The beauty above; the one who couldn't handle your gaze and your piercing eyes that traveled his tattoos, neck, and face. You felt so vulnerable under him, exposing yourself to Simon. Oh, the things he could do to you; but he knew when enough was enough, he needed to take care of the mess he created with you.
-He was large and you were average in height, but beneath him you were so tiny and easy to handle. Ghost grabbed a near by cloth, wiping off the dripping cream from his fingers. He then moved on his way to your body. Your cheeks burn as you watch him wipe the left over cum off your tummy, moving down more. The clean cloth pushed on your core, making you squeal a little. Simon shushed you politely; keeping in mind how weak your body is from- even the smallest touch, you could be whining your way through the night.
-He huffed out of satisfaction, cleaning your juices up before throwing the cloth somewhere in the dark. He swooped you up with his bare arms, holding you onto him like fragile glass. His hands turned your body over to the side, placing you down on his naked lap as you shiver, knowing that now you are sitting right next to his cock. He fully took off his balaclava (he was too distracted to take it off from the start) as his other hand grabbed your chin to press up against his lips. His tongue met you first, biting your bottom lip with such pleasure, slobbering inside your mouth as he soothed your spine, up and down. His fangs scraped across your skin as you let him move himself lower to your jaw and more down to your neck. He sucked you, swirling his tongue around your neck to form a huge mark. You wince, biting your lips as pleasure rushed to you.
-Your eyes open, viewing to see dark irises staring down into yours so closely together. You wanted to be like this forever, to be held by Simon, to have your naked bodies touch up against each other, just to share your warmth in the coldness, you just wanted him. Lust, love and hard, thick breathing fill the air. Pearls of sweat rolled down his forehead and to his chin, holding you like there is no tomorrow, making the temperature rise up with the heat of caressing each other.
-The moonlight lit up your irises as your lids fluttered open and shut, signaling arrival of deep sleep. Simon's saliva reflected on your bruised up lips, glaring upon him. Your vision got blurrier as your eyes became hazier from his point of view. Your arms hung onto his neck, moving down to his chest while your body dangled onto him like a string. His breathing got steadier as you became in sync with him, it was time for you to rest. "Sleep well, y/n. I love you." his ripe voice whispered as it faded away.
Tumblr media
-A sticky substance stuck between your inner thighs, making it frustrating for you to rub your legs together. The sun blinded your eyes, causing you to strike yourself up. With annoyance, you groan and tried moving yourself and your body to sit up straight forward. You ached, moving the slightest bit hurt, especially your thighs. You realized you were completely naked; looking down to see Ghost sleeping so deeply. Your eyes looked straight at his jaws and features and then to his hard abs and waist, where the blanket covered the rest of him bottom. Your frail hands moved to touch his pelvis to brush his skin. Then you remembered your dear lieutenant thrusting into you harshly last night. The temperature rose when thinking about what happened a few hours ago; where Simon slammed you onto the bed after coming back from a dreadful mission, and then slamming his cock into your holes for hours. He missed you, dearly and having to be gone for a few days away from you struck him that night. He was dying to see you!
-It was a bit late in the morning and you needed to get busy and get to work, but before your body could be much more in pain from trying to get yourself fully up, the strike of an arm pulled you by your sticky waist, trapping you in your position. It was Simon. You chuckled, trying to remove his meaty arm off of you. "Where the hell do you think you are going?" he uttered. Struggling, you tried your best to wiggle out of him, "Si-mon- We need to get to work!" you stuttered out. His face was against your bare back, you could feel his frown.
"Y/n, today we are off and taking a break." he said
"Says who?"
"Says me; your lieutenant."
-Turning around to view him from below, you sighed, "Alright then." He smirked a bit at your response, pulling you back into his arms. His warmth immediately traveled to your body, removing the goosebumps off your delicate skin. Simon placed you into a position where your back touched his chest, where he was free to cup your breast. "Still haven't recovered? Your nipples are still hard, doll." he muttered in a teasing tone, swirling the slits of your nipples. You moaned quietly, hitting his arm for him to quit messing around. His lips touched the sides of your neck, pecking the hickey he gave, licking it to apologize for harshly picking on your soft, sensitive skin. "We'll clean you up after my nap..." he whispered into your ear.
Tumblr media
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tuxstew · a day ago
prompt ✧ their love languages
characters ✧ scaramouche, zhongli, venti, xiao, aether, kazuha
warnings ✧ gn!reader, none!
authors note ✧ i may do this with haikyuu characters too
Tumblr media
✧ quality time.
he really knows no other way to show his love and affection for you other than spending time with you. he enjoys your presence and constantly seeks it out, this lets you know how much he likes you. you know he hates spending unnecessary time with people he doesn’t like (which is everyone but you) , so whenever he asks for your company, it makes you smile.
“there you are, i was looking for you.”
✧ words of affirmation + physical touch.
whenever you compliment him on absolutely anything, it never fails to make a bright blush spread to his cheeks. the same goes for whenever you hug or kiss him unexpectedly. he always says something snarky when you touch him in a loving way, but never makes a move to pull away or move you. eventually he’ll even lean in further to the warmth and comfort you bring him.
“archons, you can’t go one minute without throwing yourself back into my arms again, can you?”
✧ gift giving + words of affirmation.
whenever the two of you go on dates, you’re always met with some sort of gift (not too expensive) and a sincere compliment. he always praises you when you do well on something, no matter how little it is, and smiles warmly at you. his words and gifts always make you blush, and you repay him with a chaste kiss.
“here love, this is for you. you look beautiful, as always.”
✧ quality time.
he loves spending time with you, but he loves it more when you seek out his company or make plans for the two of you. he finds it so utterly charming whenever you walk around town, going to all his usual hang outs, just to find him and spend the day with him. it makes his heart flutter and his stomach twist.
“you were looking for me? oh, i’m sorry dear, i didn’t realize.”
✧ physical touch.
cannot get enough of snuggling into your arms, or wrapping himself around you. he finds so much comfort in the warmness you bring and constantly has to have his skin touching yours. is totally clingy, and isn’t ashamed about it. he’ll shamelessly hang on you in public, kissing you and mumbling something about not caring if anyone sees.
“so what if they’re staring? i’m not ashamed. i’ll shout how much i love you to the sky’s if i have to.”
✧ physical touch.
he’ll love it if you’re just as clingy as he is. you two are basically inseparable, you’re always right there next to him wherever he is. you can’t count the amount of times you’ve gotten him out of trouble or dragged him home drunk.
“cmon venti, let’s go home now.”
✧ acts of service + quality time.
he isn’t very good at expressing his emotions with words, so he does it with his actions. he’s constantly helping you with whatever you need, just say the word and he’s on it. with the need to be there to help or protect you, it means he’s almost always with you. he finds extreme comfort in your presence, and always makes a point to be with you multiple hours a day.
“do you need help? hold on, i’ve got it.”
✧ physical touch.
he adores when you sleepily wrap your arms around his waist or wrist, stopping him from leaving. he usually stays with you till you fall asleep, but sometimes you get clingy and ask if he’ll stay the whole night with you. when he agrees, which he always does, you’ll wrap your arms around him and snuggle your face into his shoulder. his arms hesitantly wrap back around you once he’s sure you’re asleep.
“wait xiao, please stay.”
✧ acts of service + quality time.
he likes to show off a bit and save you from monsters, so he usually lets you join him on his adventures. he makes sure you never get hurt, and if you ever do, he has a bag full of medical supplies at all times. he enjoys your company and likes being relied on.
“hey, wanna come with me on some commissions today?”
✧ gifts.
he loves when you give him gifts, especially clothes or little trinkets he can hook on bags or belts. he likes to show them off and have them visible. you usually have to end up getting something for paimon too, otherwise she’ll get jealous. and it’ll get even worse if aether were to brag about the gift to her when she didn’t get one.
“you didn’t get a gift? hah, i did. look, isn’t it the cutest? i can hook it on my belt and everything.”
✧ words of affirmation + physical touch.
he’s constantly writing you poems and reciting them to you with a fond smile on his face. the verses always have a series of compliments and things he likes about you in them. his words always make you blush, butterflies filling your stomach. he thinks it’s cute when you shy away from his gentle and loving touches. avoiding eye contact when he kisses your hand, just so he can grab your chin with his other and make you look at him once more.
“what’s that look for? did i fluster you?”
✧ quality time.
he likes watching your reactions to things, anything, so it’s nice when he gets to spend time with you. he teases a lot, always trying to gauge a cute expression from you (which is all of them in his eyes)
“you do know you’re the most beautiful being i’ve ever laid my eyes on, don’t you?”
Tumblr media
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mielplante · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
soft and precious commission for this fic ❤️[or blind civilian hawks accidentally mistakes villain dabi for a hero]
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aokoaoi · 2 days ago
: 𝐦𝐲 𝐝𝐞𝐚𝐫𝐞𝐬𝐭. 𝐦𝐲 𝐥𝐨𝐯𝐞.
Tumblr media
⌯ two bestfriends, unaware of their romantic feelings for eachother. ᵖᵃʳᵗ ᶠᵒᵘʳ
⌯ pairing : shuri x fem!reader
⌯ warnings : wakanda forever spoilers. someone gets shot.
⌯ author's note : i apologize, again, if the script isn't accurate like what it said in the movie. i nay have made mistakes, but I'm trying to remember half the things that happened in the movie<\3 i currently don't have anything to rewatch wakanda forever on, so i can't watch what originally happened to make it more accurate. so like, just enjoy my own script for the meantime:)
Tumblr media
Staying inside the lab, watching as Nakia shuffle around the interior, trying to get some sort of signal from Shuri's kimoyo beads. The woman insisted for you to just take care of yourself when you suggested to help, saying that she'll do everything herself.
You were starting to doze off on the counter, your eyes feeling exhausted just following around Nakias movements. Until you heard Nakia yell, surprising you.
"Nakia—? Is something wrong?" You stood up hurriedly. The wakandan woman had already jogged towards you, looking at you with such delighted relief.
"I found a signal of Shuri's kimoyo beads. I found her, (name)!" She enthusiastically yells. You gasped out, grinning widely in relief.
"Oh God, you did it!" You cheered, engulfing the woman in a tight hug. She chuckled, caressing your hair slightly.
"I've got to go now. I've got a princess and an American to save." She pulled away from the hug, smiling at you reassuringly. You nod, wiping the small tears that roll off your cheeks.
"Be safe, please." You muttered worriedly, clutching her arm when she placed an arm on your shoulder. She only gave you a reassuring smile, nodding.
She gave you one last hug before she went off, leaving you alone in the lab yet again. You stayed inside, anticipating for the return of your friend.
Tumblr media
"This (name) person sound coooool."
Shuri and the American, Riri Williams were talking to eachother to cure their boredom while they're stuck literally in an underground cave of a literal ocean.
"She is." Shuri agrees, a fond smile on her face.
"Even when you're kidnapped, you still manage to talk about this girl like there's no tomorrow." Riri says, humming in amusement.
"Well there's alot to talk about her. She's interesting and a very supportive friend. Even my mother is very fond of her." Shuri states, shifting in her seat in a more comfortable position.
Riri squints her eyes at the girl, looking at her suspiciously with a brow raised. "Hmm.. you talk to her very fondly with a smile on your face.. you openly admit she's interesting.. your mother practically loves her as her own.. hmm.." Riri hums, humming suspiciously.
Shuri looks at her in confusion. "What? Why are you humming so much? And what's with that look on your face?" She questioned incredulously, chuckling slightly.
Riri tuts, shaking a finger at the princess. "I can't tell if you're really close. Orrr.." the girl trails off, adding Shuri with anticipation, wanting to hear what the girl wants to say.
"Or if you have romantic feelings with her." Riri shrugs. The princess looks at her, shocked by her words. "What—? No, that's ridiculous." She refuses the idea, shaking her head.
Riri frowned, looking disappointed. "Oh, come on. You gave her a necklace." The girl says, throwing her hands up exasperatedly.
"It's just a necklace?" Shuri hums, tilting her head to the side. Yes, she was purposely acting dumb. She's thought about her feelings for you for awhile now, but she's just in denial. It seems wrong.
What if she really does have romantic feelings for you and it's not just some bestfriend thing?
What if she admits her feelings for you? It will ruin what she haves with you. You both are already so close, confessing herself to you will probably ruin your friendship.
She didn't want to give up the friendship you both built for so long just because of her selfish feelings.
"The way your face softens just at the mere mention of her name though? You can't tell me that's just friends to you." Riri shakes her head, muttering a 'nuh-uh' as she shook her index finger side to side.
Shuri let's out a sigh, burying her face on the palm of her hands. "I don't know Riri. Sometimes I feel like I do like her." Riri applauded dramatically at that, but Shuri have her a scolding look, making the latter shut up immediately.
"There's a but, isn't there?" Riri whispered to herself, and the princess continued.
"But I feel like she doesn't feel the same way. And I don't want to make our friendship awkward when I do end up confessing and she doesn't feel the same way." Shuri revealed. The girl listened intently, nodding with a hum.
"I see. I think you should just tell her. I mean, mean there's a possibility that we're gonna go to war with ocean people, so why not just go fuck it?" The girl jokes, earning a light glare from Shuri. Riri clears her throat awkwardly, turning away from the princess' glare.
"I'm kidding. But seriously, if you truly like her, you should tell her. You've been friends for a long time now, right?" Shuri nods at her question, and Riri continues. "I'm sure she'll understand even if she doesn't feel the same. It's better to let your feelings free than keeping it hidden for a long time." Says Riri.
"And if she does like you back, boom! You scored, you can thank me if I make it out alive." Riri waved a hand dismissively, chuckling at Shuri's amused smile.
"Yeah.. I'm gonna come clean and tell her. If I get the courage to." Shuri admits, making Riri let our a cheer of enthusiasm. "Yaass, despite being abducted by ocean people, we out here talking about our love livess." Riri hummed, chuckling slightly before letting out a surprised yelp a shot rang through the air.
Shuri immediately stood up, looking around cautiously until she saw Nakia coming from behind a rock.
"No!" Shuri sprinted into action, coming in between Nakia and the Talocan woman who had been shot.
"Shuri." Nakia calls out. The princess looked at behind her, eyes wide at the wounded talocan woman. "Shuri, we have to go!" Nakia yelled, grabbing the princess' forearm.
"No– you don't understand, this'll cause a war!" The princess yells, distressed. In the midst of her distress, Shuri didn't realize she was slowly being dragged out of the scene, her eyes lingering on the wounded woman with Riri following right in suit.
Tumblr media
You almost jumped off your seat when you saw Shuri show herself just as she stepped inside the lab. The seat flew itself backwards at your action, thudding against the white marble counters behind you.
You embraced her tightly, wrapping your arms around the top of her shoulders, your body pressing against hers as she wrapped her arms on your waist, savoring the feeling of your scent and warmth before you pulled away.
You sniffed when you heard your name roll off her tongue, slightly pulling away to look at her. "You fucking idiot. Why did you keep this mission from me? Did you know how worried I was?" You sniffed out, your throat tightening up when you saw her apologetic face.
"I know. I'm sorry, dearest, I should've told you." She whispers, pressing a long kiss on the side of your forheads temples as you continued to loudly sniffle with your arms around her.
Shuri unwrapped her arms from your waist, a hand coming in contact with your cheeks. She stared down at you with such intense affection and guilt, it made your head spin.
"I'm here now, okay? I'm never leaving your side ever again. I promise." She whispered, pressing her forehead against yours, listening to your sniffles quietly. You just nodded your head, unable to respond from how you were helplessly hiccuping.
Your gaze then landed on an unfamiliar black girl standing far behind Shuri, looking at the interior of the lab awkwardly, as if she was purposely trying to avoid looking at the both of you.
You let out a small chuckle, making Shuri look at you in confusion and turn to where you were looking at. Now realizing where you were looking at, she manages a small smile to form on her face.
Her hand stayed resting on your waist, slowly guiding you to the American.
"(name), this is Riri." Shuri gestured to the girl, watching as she waved at you with a tight smile. "Riri already knows who you are though so I suppose introducing you to her is useless." Shuri says. Riri waves a hand dismissively, looking at the princess blankly.
"Of course. The princess couldn't stop talking about you, (name). Even when we were in the middle of an underground cave of the ocean." Riri tells you. You looked at the princess beside you incredulously, your brows furrowed as Shuri looked at Riri as if it said 'Shut up, girl'.
"You were held captive in an underground cave of an ocean?" You questioned the princess. She turned to you, giving you a reassuring look. "We're fine now, love. I'm back home now."
"I'm not." Riri perks up, her hand raised at the princess' words. Shuri glares at her, hissing at her to stop.
"What? I just wanted to feel included." The girl shrugged innocently, trying to hide her smiles. But it was hard to when your chuckles already filled the silence, making her instantly light up a smile as well.
Riri put her hand she was raising lower, waving it as she began to walk out of the lab, confusing you.
"Well I've got to go. Princess over there still has some things to tell for her 'dearest'." Riri says, looking behind at the two of you with a playful wink. The door behind her shuts as soon as she stepped out, and you glanced at the princess with a questioning look.
"That girl can't keep things to herself, I swear." Shuri mutters.
"What was Riri talking about?" You questioned the princess straight to the point. You didn't want her to keep anymore from you again, but if Riri knows, it's probably not that serious.
Shuri looks at you reassuringly, giving you a closed tight lipped smile. "It's nothing, love. I'll tell you soon, but right now, we've got somethings to prepare for." She says, her comforting aura replacing with something more serious.
"For what?" You questioned again, but this time you were concerned.
"A war."
Tumblr media
who ever created the new shuri gifs, ilysm, may I polish your shoes? part one, two, and three for you all who needs it<3
tagging : @faatxma @romanoftrash @liliana-byers @mikasadirtyscarf @morphomelody @5khannah @luxuriouslokistan-3 @kucingberkokok @aki-ham @skimm0nzz @your-fave-overthinker ᵃᵖᵒˡᵒᵍⁱᵉˢ ᵗᵒ ᵗʰᵒˢᵉ ⁱ ᶜᵃⁿᵗ ᵗᵃᵍ
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professor munson’s guide to passing the class- e.m (pt 2)
Tumblr media
Pairing: Professor!Eddie Munson x Student!AFAB!Female!Reader
Summary: with the revealation of who your professor is, things start to become difficult
Warnings: angsty, annoyed!reader, mean!eddie, mentions of sex, suggestive language, dirty talk, alcohol consumption, cursing
Word Count: 3.4k
A/N: part 2 of my new series is here! i hope you all enjoyed the first part because i’m just gonna keep writing this series hehe, i have a lot planned out for it :) enjoy! -sava
Tumblr media
Slamming your apartment door closed, you let out an aggravated grunt, stomping towards your bedroom. Because of your sour mood, you didn’t care if you received a noise complaint from your downstairs neighbors, wanting to deal with those consequences after you got your anger out. You toss your backpack on the floor and flop onto your bed, grasping at your pillow and burying your face in it before you let out a muffled scream.
Nadia peaks her head out from her bedroom door before tiptoeing her way over to your room, knocking on the wooden door. You turn to see her face giving you a half smile, walking in and sitting on your bed next to you. She brings her hand to your back and rubs it gently, her delicate touch barely soothing you.
“What happened?” She asks.
“My asshole professor, that’s what happened. It’s only been two weeks since the beginning of the semester and he won’t stop belittling me during discussions and giving me a hard time when I ask questions during the lecture. And to top it all off,” you pause, reaching down at your backpack and gripping your first graded assignment. “He gave me a fucking C minus on the paper I worked my ass off on!”
“That dickhead,” she agrees, continuing to rub your back when you flop back onto the bed. “Do you know why he’s being so cruel?” Is he this way with other students?”
“No, not at all! It’s just me, but…there may be a tiny reason that he’s acting this way towards me,” you say. Turning your head towards her, you see her eyebrows lifted, curious and silently telling you to go on. You sit up from your place, crossing your legs as you face your body towards her, taking a deep breath. “Okay, what I’m about to tell you is very serious and cannot leave this room, got it?” 
“Yeah, I understand.”
“I’m so serious. You need to promise me you won’t repeat this because-“
“I promise! Just tell me already.”
“…I slept with him.”
Her eyes bulge out of the sockets, wider than you’ve ever seen them go when telling her shocking news. Her mouth is agape, jaw nearly to the floor as she brings her hand up to cover it. You bite your lip, scratching the back of your neck as the nervousness of her reaction begins to settle in.
“When did this happen?” She exclaims, removing her mouth and grabbing hold of you hands.
“The night before the semester started. I had no idea who he was when we met at the bar. He just sat down next to me, we started talking, then we started flirting, and then, well…”
“Yeah, I think I know what happened next. So he didn’t say anything to you about being a fucking professor at our university before he put his dick in you?” She questions.
“No! We didn’t really talk about that. We just talked about music and other stuff, but now thinking back on it, it makes sense that he teaches music since he is so fucking passionate about it,” you explain. “The way I found out was when I went to class the next day. He turned around and it felt like my entire body went cold because of what we did the night before.
She moves and hand up to your shoulder, sending a sympathetic look your way. You let out a sigh, the memory of what he said to you after the first day of class ringing in your ear and turning your angry mood into a sad one.
"Are you going to sleep with him again? Or is he being all pissy because you shut him down?"
"That's the thing! He was the one to cut things off between us. The morning after before I even went to class, I could've considered maybe hitting him up again for more, but he was so rude about the confrontation that first day so I definitely don't see myself crawling back for more."
“Do you regret it? Now knowing who he is and all,” she asks. 
“I don’t know. Sure, it was like, almost the best sex I’ve ever had, but because of what he said to me after class that day and his sour attitude as of late…I don’t really know,” you answer. 
Standing from your bed, she turns towards the bedroom door without another word. You follow her, curious by the sudden reaction and see her standing by the phone in the living room. Raising your arms and shoulders up, you shoot her a confused look, before she holds a finger up to you.
“Hello? Hi, I’d like to place an order for a large pepperoni pizza. And also an order of garlic knots please. Yeah the address is 225 Sunberry Dr, Apartment 8. Thank you,” she hangs the phone, before dialing another number.
“What the hell are you doing now?” You ask.
“Cancelling my date with Emilia tonight. Tonight, the two of us are gonna watch movies, eat pizza, and drink some beer to forget about that asshole.”
“Alright everyone, turn in your assignments as you walk out for the day. Have a good weekend…or don’t,” Professor Munson tells what remains of your class. You were shocked to learn that your class barely made the cut of staying together, with the school policy that classes under 7 people had to be disbanded. Your class came in to 9 remaining students. Out of 25. 
Standing from your chair, you gather your things and begin heading out. You place your paper on the pile and stop before you’ve crossed the threshold of the lecture hall. Turning on your heel, you make your way to the office attached to room, knocking on the door. With a sigh, your professor turns to you.
“Can I help you?” He grunts out, tapping the stack of papers against his mahogany desk and looking to you with narrowed eyes. The grip on your backpack becomes tighter as you clear your throat.
“I was just wondering…why did I get a C- minus on the paper we did last week? You didn’t provide any feedback and I was just curious as to how I can improve going forward,” you inquire, trying your best to stay level-headed and as professional as you can be. 
“Well…the assignment was to write about the genre you’re most passionate about to start the semester off,” he begins. He places the stack on his desk and swings around to the front of the surface, lightly scooching back and sitting on a clear area. “The way you wrote about your favorite genre made it seem like you weren’t passionate about it. I wasn’t convinced that you even like music to begin with, it just didn’t have any heart or depth to it. The C minus was merely on your formatting and writing abilities.”
You nod, thinking back on the words you wrote. A bit of heat rushes to your cheeks in embarrassment, biting your lip to hide to awkward smile that was slowly forming on your lips.
“Want my advice? Quit trying to suck up in the papers you write, I’m not looking for anything that needs to be published or win any sort of acclaim. The goal of the exercise was to share how you express yourself through music and why you’re drawn to it, how it makes you feel, stuff like that. Don’t try and bullshit your way through it. I said on day one that stuff like that isn’t going to pass in my class.”
“And what makes you think that what I wrote wasn’t bullshit? How can you be so dismissive of it?” You question.
“Trust me, I have an eye for this kind of stuff. I used to be the biggest bullshitter when it came to school, so I know exactly what to look for,” he answers, a smug look creeping onto his features.
You huff, rolling your eyes before turning on your heel once more, taking the few steps towards the door. It was taking all the energy you currently had inside you to not blow up at him.
“Wait, stop,” he tells you, standing from his desk and reaching out towards you a bit. You turn, crossing your arms as you raise a brow at him.
“I’m willing to let you redo the assignment for up to one letter grade increase. Just-make sure it comes from the heart okay? Make it personal, emotional, whatever. Not like you’re reciting a manual about music,” he tells you. 
You can’t help but smile at the kind gesture, nodding as you grip your backpack strap again. "Thank you professor."
"Sure. Have a good weekend."
You turn once more, heading out the door. Maybe the personal vendetta he had against you was all in your head, and he was just a tough professor all around. He may have a rougher demeanor and act all tough, but secretly, Professor Munson was a softie. Maybe he didn’t have to be as bad as he let on a first…well, technically at second.
The music in the bar swarms your senses, flooding your ears with the soft rock playing through the overhead speakers. You smile at Nadia, grasping the shot she grabbed for you as she slides into your usual booth next to you. Across from you are two of your other friends within your small group, Derek and Eli. The two guys lived on your floor freshman year, and with the amount of times you and Nadia would hang out together in the floor’s common room, it was no surprise you’d run into them on multiple occasions. Forming a great bond, you all kept up throughout the years and found yourselves sitting in the very booth you’re resting in every Friday night.
“What time is Emilia meeting up with us?” Eli asks, taking a sip of his beer.
“She’s working at the library until 9:30 tonight, so she’s gonna change and get here probably a little after 10,” she answers, taking hold of the shot glass in her hand and raising it up. The rest of you do the same, licking the salt from your hands and hitting the glasses together in with a clink, downing the liquid quickly, letting the strong taste of tequila travel down your throat in a burn. Taking hold of the limes, you squeeze the juice into your mouths and let out a sigh of relief, the boys shouting as the relish in the feeling of the alcohol beginning to overcome their senses. 
“I hope y’all make it out of college. Y’all are cute together and I don’t know what I’d do if I found out you broke up,” Eli lets out, his words running together and speech slurring lightly. Eli had a habit of being a sappy drunk, letting his emotions get the best of him during many of your outings that involve alcohol. You all laugh, Derek hitting Eli’s arm and shaking his head. He turns his attention towards you, smirking a little before adverting his eyes back to Nadia.
“Have you started applying to jobs yet? I know it’s only January, but I know people who did internships over the summer who already have a nice cushy job lined up and waiting for them once they cross that stage in May,” you question. Derek nods while Eli shakes his head.
“I’m not too worried about it right now, I just want to enjoy the time we have left to be wild and stupid before getting up to face the working world every morning for the rest of our lives,” Eli says. You chuckle, tapping Nadia on the shoulder to let you out.
“I’ll be back, I'll get us another round,” you tell everyone, excusing yourself from the conversation and walking up to the bar. Leaning against the wooden surface, you wait around as you attempt to flag down that bartender. 
“What can I get for you?” The bartender asks.
“Four shots of tequila please.”
“Can I see your ID?”
You whip out your identification, handing it to the young man and sending a smile his way. He nods, looking up to you before running off.
“Do you want limes?”
“Yes, thank you.”
“Shouldn’t you be reworking that assignment we discussed earlier today?” You hear someone say beside you. Turning, you’re greeted by none other than Professor Munson seated at the bar in the chair beside you, waving slightly as he holds his beer close to his figure. Rolling your eyes, you let out a groan as you run your hand down your face. 
“Why are you always here? Don’t you have friends to see or a life to be living rather than slumming it at the go-to college bar?” You question.
“Not today specifically. Usually try to live my live on days where I'm not spending it with a bunch of kids like yourself. Ask me on Monday and I'll tell you about all my plans," he teases, bringing the glass bottle up to his puffy pink lips.
"You sure didn't think I was a kid a couple of weeks ago," you mutter out, loud enough for him to hear.
The bartender slides the four shots over to you as you roll your eyes at your professor scoffing next to you, digging around in your pocket to pay for the drinks. Sliding the card over to him, you grab hold of the shots and walk back towards your friends and set the shot glasses down. The four of your take hold of your respective glasses, taking turns passing around the salt shaker and putting a bit on the side of your hands. 
“3…2…1…cheers!” You shout, licking the salt off your skin then immediately downing the tequila, feeling the burn travel down your throat. Quickly, you grab at one of the limes and squeeze the juice into your mouth, soothing the burn just a bit and adding some flavor. You all laugh as you see one another’s puckered faces contorting, soaking in the feeling of the alcohol traveling throughout all your systems and sending a buzz throughout your bodies. 
Setting your glass down, you lean your head on Nadia’s shoulder as you laugh watching Eli throw an arm around Derek. Moments like these you knew you’d be missing within the next few months, so it felt nice to be able to soak it in, being irresponsible just for a little while longer.
“After the week I’ve had, I need another drink. I’ll be right back,” you tell them as you slowly rise from Nadia’s shoulder. Sauntering over to the bar once again, you stand in the same place and flag down the bartender once again.
“Another round of shots?” He ask.
“No, no. Just a Vodka Soda with house and then just close out my tab,” you tell him. He nods and turns his back to you, grasping different glasses and containers as he begins making your drink.
“You’re gonna get sick if you keep drinking at the rate you’re going,” your professor pipes up. Groaning, you turn back to him.
“Why do you even care? You’ve already made it clear that you don’t give a shit about me outside of your class, so why do you keep acting like it is the opposite?”
He pauses for a moment, taking your question and letting it sink in. The tone of your voice came out a bit hurt, mixed with the slurring of your words. He really had you believing that he could care less about you with how he’s been acting within the past few weeks, especially after your talk after the first class. He hated hearing the sadden inflection in your voice, because he was not only lying to you, but also to himself when he set things straight that day after class. He stands from his place, inching closer to you until his lips are hovering near the shell of your ear, nearly grazing over the skin that covers it.
“I was only acting like that because I’m trying to look out for you and myself. Because you’re in my class and I work at the university, we can’t do anything. But I just can't get you out of my head, sweetheart. If I had it my way, I’d be taking you home with me every night and pounding you into the mattress in my shitty apartment and making your scream my name so my neighbors can hear through the paper thin walls. Ruining every other man for you in a matter of minutes. Turning you to putty just by a simple touch,” he whispers, resting a hand on top of yours as he begins pulling away slightly to gauge your reaction.
You hate that there is a fresh wet spot forming in your panties, the mixture of his words and the alcohol running through your system making your extremely susceptible and completely turned on. You did only have a few months left to be wild and irresponsible, so why not take the risk? Worse case, you'll never have to see him again past May.
You bite your lip, looking deep into his big beautiful eyes, watching the lust swimming around his beautiful chocolate irises. Leaning closer, you copy his movements and bring your lips close to his ears. Rubbing your thumb against the back of his hand, you breathe out softly before attempting to talk, letting your breath his his neck and watching him shiver ever so slightly.
“What if no one had to know? We can always keep it our little secret, Professor.”
He shoots you a knowing look, biting his own plump pink lips as he slightly readjusts himself in his black trousers. You smirk slightly, proud of the effect you have on him as you watch the gears turn in his head, processing your suggestion and thinking of how to move about this. 
“Make up an excuse and meet me in the back alley. We’re taking this back to my place because I really need to be inside you, sweetheart,” he demands in a whisper. You nod, watching him take off towards the back of the bar as he gathers his belongings. The bartender catches your attention when he slides the drink to you with a smile. Thanking him, you pay your balance and bring the drink back to your friends. 
“Hey, I just got a rush of nausea like right after I ordered this so I’m just gonna go back to the apartment,” you lie, setting the glass in the middle of the table and waiting for someone to snatch it. Your friends all look at one another before Eli reaches out to the drink, beginning to chug it and making you chuckle in your place.
“Do you want me to take you home?” Nadia asks.
“No! No, I think I can make it back to the apartment, I’ll take one of the buses. Plus, Emilia will be here soon, so I don’t want you to not be with your girlfriend,” you reply, sending her a smile. You lean down and hug her, making your way around the booth to hug Eli and Derek before bidding them all farewell. Grabbing your coat, you rush out the door and swing around the facade of the building until you hit the back alleyway, seeing a taller dark silhouette smoking a cigarette. 
You slowly make your way into the alley, walking up to the figure and seeing your professor features gleam in only light making the small walkway visible. He takes a long inhale of the cigarette before tossing it to the ground and stomping it out with his dress shoes. He grabs you and turns your back to hit the side of the alley, his lips flying to yours as your hands find purchase in his mane of curls. His grip on your hips is tight as he deepens the kiss, the taste of nicotine fresh on his breath. 
“Where. Is. Your. Car?” You ask between breaths. He pulls away and takes your hand, walking with you towards the back parking lot of the bar and unlocking an older van that has seen better days. Holding the door open for you, he smirks and leans in to plant a kiss on your lips, your hands flying to his cheek and returning the gesture.
“Buckle up sweetheart. You’re in for a wild night.”
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Baby Talk
Synopsis: Harry wants to try for a baby but is hesitant to tell his girlfriend
CW: Smut and a shit load of fluff.
Series Masterlist | More of my work
Tumblr media
Ever since Harry had come back home with YN.
The first thing they did was go to Brielle's baby shower her sister-in-law hosted for her.
YN was very excited to see her friend pregnant, she even called dibs for baby sitting before Alec, which got him pissed for the moment there.
Now it was three weeks later, Harry wasn't working but making a music video which would be done by the next day. He had a magazine interested yesterday and the Photoshoot is arranged on the weekend. That meant he was free and home today.
He scrolled through Instagram, when YN's post popped up on his feed. Yes, he followed her private account. It was a little photo dump from her friend's baby shower. The first picture was of her and Brielle recreating the Hadid Sisters pictures from a long time ago. And the next was YN's hand on her friend's bump all surprised, he reckoned it was that moment when YN felt babies kicking inside for the first time it has her gasping and her friend laughing. And next two were of him and her together and rest of it were random little videos and to end it all, she had a funny pictures of Brielle using her bump as a table for her plate of cake taking a huge bite. Just ten likes on her post from ten people out of fifteen who follow her.
She had removed very many people from her follower list (especially her cousins) and switched her account to private recently since Harry decided he wanted to follow her, and turned off her DMs. Apparently the hate was increasing since he talked the second time about her recently. It was going to be inevitable, but she thought it was going to be best option there.
He liked it and commented a little red heart, and pouty emoji.
Now seeing that post had his heart racing. Especially remembering how good she was with Brielle's nieces and nephews that day, everyone loved her for some reason. She was surrounded by little kids the whole time there. Even her own niece and nephew loves her, no wonder why! He loves her too!
Especially Brielle's three month old nephew. Apparently the infant was way too infatuated by YN that he would start to cry every time she tried to give him to his dad.
"Hey, come on Mateo." Brielle's brother urged his son back to him but the little baby started whining. It is indeed very difficult to figure what is going on in an infant's mind. Mateo was meeting for the first time and he already didn't wanted to leave her.
"It's okay, I don't mind hanging out with him." YN assured the red head.
"You sure?"
"Mhmm, I'll go find you or your girlfriend if he starts to get fussy." She nodded. That's when Harry saw her approaching him with the baby as he went to get a drink of water. "Harry look."
"Oh who is that?" He cooed, watching the little lad staring up at his girlfriend like she's made of twinkling stars with his big blue eyes. He doesn't blame the little lad but he's just little baby. "Hello, darling!"
"This is Mateo, Brielle's nephew." YN introduced the little human to him, "and Mateo this is Harry, my boyfriend." The little boy just squirmed shyly in her arms making the pair laugh. "He's so cute!"
"He is," Harry agreed, "how old is he?"
"Three months." She gasped, distracted watching the little boy smiling at her. "Sorry, I just..." She looked up at him sheepishly.
"It's alright, love." Harry smiled, dimples denting deep in his cheeks. "I don't blame you, he is very adorable."
For the next three hours the couple hung out with little Mateo until he fell asleep and YN had to give him back to his parents. The little sad pout on her face was the most adorable thing she's seen. She really wanted to hang out with that tiny human more!
That nailed the image in his head for good.
Now that he's had more free time on his hand, he's got to thinking. He does want all of that for himself too. Especially now when he's got someone who he loves to much and she feels the same way.
He had watched his friends meet the love of their life, fall in love, get married and have family of their own. He's experienced that first hand with Sarah and Mitch. Is it too bad he wants that for himself too?
Hell, they haven't had the baby talk yet and here he is already picturing everything.
A little baby to love on in a way which seemed much more magical to even think about. No doubt, his YN would be the best parent to their kiddos. If they have any!
Two years is enough time right? To give a thought about wanting a family with someone.
Harry has never found talking about anything this difficult. For the first time they had indulged into something sexual, he had her sat down to ask what she wanted from it, what she thinks would be comfortable for her and what not as it was her first time. They even talked more about the moving in together part, he wanted to be sure that it's something she wanted too and she did now they're living together.
He doesn't know if that's something she really wants, his assumptions and him thinking she's going to be the most amazing mother to his kiddos won't be relevant if she doesn't want any kids. Maybe she doesn't want to get pregnant. Maybe she doesn't want to have kids at all.
He's not getting any younger. Especially since her brother have pointed out that he's quite older than his baby sister though he doesn't see a problem with that, it made him insecure. Even if it was just tiny bit. It has never been an issue for either of them.
He's just beating himself up for no reason, he knew that. All it is going to take is talking to her about it. If he tells her about his tiny insecurity she's going to give him a good talk about how it was definitely fine with her, how she shouldn't be insecure around her because she loves him and would never judge him or make him feel bad about himself in all her consciousness. The click of the door opening caught his attention, making his heart beating like he just ran a marathon.
"Hazza, I'm home." YN's little mumble traveled through their small living room with a sound of door clicking close she appeared in his sight.
"Hello darling." He smiled, already rushing to greet her. She had a little bag of groceries with her. "How was your day at work?"
"It was good, surprisingly we didn't had any Karens coming in today." She beamed putting away bottle of Orange Juice in the fridge.
She seemed in a very good mood today. Should he talk to her?
"Do you want to start on with dinner?" YN suggested, "I need to go take a shower, spilt coffee all over my pants today."
"I thinking we should go on a date." He suggested, making up a plan on the spot. They both haven't been on a proper date in a while now. Her eyes lit up in instant on the mention of a date night.
"Yeah, we should." She agreed.
Harry took her to the same restaurant they went on their first date, it was the first time since then.
He stalled the whole night to talk about it. Wanting to take advantage of her being in a good mood was thrown out the window as soon as both of them came back home. He'd put on the movie both of them wanted to watch for ages. Not giving into her little touch of affection and kisses. It's him who takes things further unless she's making it very obvious.
In the morning, YN slept past her alarm. She was rushing to leave for work, he had to go get last shots of his music video done too. Everything happened so quickly that he didn't even realise how fast the time went on and she was kissing him bye for a few hours like every day before heading out.
It took him extra long to get shots for his music video done today. He was stuck thinking about how he should have just told her instead of stalling and basically turning her down for having sex without saying a word. That wouldn't have been the first time he's told her he's not in the mood, she's nothing but understanding. But he saw her face today.
She woke up before him, didn't stay in bed for their morning cuddles. She hardly talked to him. Yeah, she was in hurry to get to work but still he felt so guilty.
But to his surprise, he was greeted by a squealing YN at home. "Harry, Harry, Harry, I have to tell you something!" She grabbed his hands and drag him to the living room with her. He sat down to have her basically sat on his lap giggling at her excitement for he doesn't know what.
"What's got you so excited?"
"So you probably don't know her, but my co-worker Emily's cat had an unexpected litter like a little over two months ago." She started, "you think we can get one kitten from her, please?"
"You want to get a kitten?" He was surprised.
"Yes! Half of them have already got their new homes. I wanted to talk to about it but I forgot. Please!" She hopped on her spot like a toddler asking for candy.
"Of course we can get one, baby, you don't have to say please." He chuckled. Honestly he wouldn't mind adding a pet to the mix. He's been wanting to try to have a literal human kid!
"I love you so much!" She attacked him with a bear hug with her arms wrapped around his neck. With an umph Harry almost fell back but held onto her before she could fall down on the floor.
"I love you more!" He pressed a kiss on her cheek. "When can we go bring one home?"
"She said she wants to keep the kitten with their mum for another week just so they're litter trained and all." YN shared, "her husband's a vet so he suggested the kittens get their vaccinations before they go to their new homes."
"Mhmm, that gives us enough time to prepare for one, doesn't it?" He suggested.
"Yes!" She nods her head jerkingly, "you sure you want a cat living with us?"
"Of course baby, we'll have to keep an eye on Mr. McFish though. Cats and Fishes don't quite get along, do they?" He's grown very attached to her pet fish there. He cleans up the aquarium, feeds the fish and all that stuff himself. He just doesn't let her do that when he's home.
"He'll be fine, his aquarium has got a secure lid and all." She assured him.
"Okay." He agreed.
"She sent me pictures of the kittens who haven't been adopted yet." YN picked up her phone from the coffee table and opened up her recent chat with her co-worker. There was a message from YN's side saying she needs to talk to her boyfriend first.
That made it everything all the more legit to him. He's never been in a serious relationship like this before. She cares enough to ask for his opinion. Even show him pictures of kittens. He shared with kitten's personality he liked through the little videos. No doubt of the kittens were adorable, he liked the one with the more energy, it was more rowdy bullying it's other siblings.
"I was thinking..." He trailed off when YN finally put her phone away being done with showing him all the pictures.
"Hmm?" She sounded giving him all his attention.
"I, I don't know how to, ehm, say this." He stuttered, running a nervous knuckle under his nose.
"What's wrong?" She asked, concerned all of a sudden.
"Nothing, nothing's wrong. I'm just nervous to say this!" He sighed.
"Harry, did you do something? What did you do?" She didn't know why she was asking this but it felt like he did something and how he wants to confess to her. A crease between her eyebrows grew tighter.
"No, no, baby I didn't do anything." He rushed, "I just want to ask if you like ehm, want to, uhhh... start trying to have a baby?"
"I, uh, what?" She was so surprised by his question she didn't know how to even process it.
"I know we never actually talked about it. Do you want to have kids? With me?" He asked but quickly realised, "I shouldn't say it this way. I, YN, I really, really, really love you if it's not obvious until now you know. And I've never had what I have with you by my side, I mean I've never lived with anything, never had a pet with anyone before, never had anyone care for me in the way you do before. I want more of it. Just a little bundle of our love to love upon for the rest of my days. I've been thinking about it since we were in New York, and especially since last couple of weeks. I don't know how to approach this conversation 'cause it can be bit sensitive for some. Don't know if that's what you want, I won't even ask you again if you tell me."
His heart was hammering in his ears as he felt his cheeks heat up.
"Harry, I..." She trailed off to add to his fear. "I do want to have kids. Especially if it's with you. I understand what you're saying, I'm not gonna say no to that. God, you don't know how much I want my own little ones! But not when still not married."
"What's wrong that? We already have sex." He shrugged.
"I just don't want to deal with mu family Harry, I honestly don't care when we start a family, you know?" She asked, her voice as soft as it can get, "you already know how my parents are after me because they know we live together. It's already hard enough for me to put up with them. If they got to know we're having a child together, I don't even want to think what my parents will do after. You know it's still not acceptable where I come from to have kids before marriage, people talk complete shit which I know I won't be able to take. But we can, after we're married."
"I understand." He nodded, because he really did. Her word to have a baby with him was enough to put him at ease and hold him off until they're actually married. Which he thinks is not too far enough in the future.
"And having a baby is a lot of work. We'll need to get a place with an extra bedroom for the little one, unless you don't mind having a little cot in our room here." She shared.
"They will be sleeping in our room untill they're big enough, baby, but I don't mind if it happens in this home. But we can look for a house close by here if you want?" He suggested.
"Mhmm we can do that." She agreed. They would have to discuss more on financials, because YN had just turned in her last installment of ger house loan (collaborating with Harry came in a huge help for her with that) and had very little in her savings to chip in. Even though Harry would be able to get a house all by himself, she'd want to be a part of the financial process too. "How many do you want."
"Let's think about one first." He chuckled sheepishly.
"Mhmm." She teased him, "I was thinking maybe I wanna have two or four."
"You want an even number of kids?"
"I just don't want a middle child." She chuckled. Even if they did ended up having an odd number of kids she'd treat her middle child the best she could like the others.
"Awh!" He cooed sadly pulling her in an embrace, he pressed a kiss sloppy on her cheek with a loud smooching sound.
"Are you okay, though?"
"Mhmm, I am." He sounded, "why would you ask that?"
"You, ehm, last night, you basically turned down to have sex." She stuttered, "that was very unusual, especially coming from you."
He cracked a smile picking up on the humour in her last sentence, that's true though. "Was just thinking about all this, that's all."
"I thought something happened, are you sure you're okay?" She pressed.
"Yes baby, I am sure. When have I ever hid being sad or low from you, hmm?" He scooted closer to her, nudging his nose against her, "especially when I know I'll be getting loads of cuddles and kisses from you."
She chuckled, "I can give you kisses and cuddles whenever, Haz, you know that."
"Yeah?" He rubbed his nose against hers in feathery touches, "would you give me kisses and cuddles now?"
"Mhmm." She agreed, her eyes shuttered closed as she leaned into close contact with him.
"Come close to me then, pretty." He urged her to straddle his thighs, she did, her mouth already buttoned onto his taking him by surprise. He sucked in a deep breath through his nose as he pulled her closer. He couldn't help the groan of a whine which left his mouth when she pulled away, feeling her fingers slip through his hair on the back of his head in gentle, soothing strokes of her finger tips. He leaned into her touch.
"What do you think? You think we'll have a girl a boy first?" She asked.
"Hmm," he signed ad his hands rested upon her hips, "I mind with either. We'll love them for who they are!"
"Awh!" She cooed. "But I think you'll be a better suit for a girl dad."
"How so, baby?"
"She'll know that how she is to be treated, our daughter I mean which is nothing but like a royalty. I know you'll treat her like a queen." She shared, "I can already imagine that."
It warmed his heart, "that puts on a lot of pressure on me."
"No, it's okay." She rushed, "I didn't mean it that way, I'm sorry. You're going to be an amazing dad to our babies, Haz!"
"I'm just teasing baby, I know we're gonna make mistakes on our way which is okay." He chuckled at her reaction, "but what if we have a boy?"
"Then you're gonna be the best influence, he's gonna grow up to be - hopefully - comfortable in himself and be the most respectful person just like our daughter would grow up to be." She smiled, pressed another sweet kiss on his mouth which he so gladly returned to her. "But I want you to tell me whenever you're not in mood okay? I feel so bad, I was being all touchy-touchy. I'm sorry if I ever made you feel uncomfortable."
"No, you didn't my love, I love it when you touch me. In any way." He assured her, "you know I'll tell you when I'm not in mood. But now I certainly am in the mood." With a cheeky smirk he buttoned his mouth on hers, feeling her smile he tightly wrapped his arms around her.
"Well, good thing," she mumbled, "because I am too."
"Yeah?" He taunted, "always so needy for me, aren't you?" He stood up all of a sudden to her surprise. His hands supporting bum with her legs wrapped around his hips he made his way to their bedroom. "Need to wash my hands first. Baby, please!" Just when he'd put her down on their bed he was pulled down with her a huff.
"Oh, okay." She realised releasing her arms from around his neck.
"Be right back," with a peck on her forehead he rushed to the bathroom, he's touched his car door, then the lift button, fiddled with his keys and touched the main door before she was dragging him to the sofa talking about getting a new kitten, he also washed his dick just to be safe. Got a towel to splay on their sheets, he knows that they'd be tok tired to change the sheets later even jf they're yet to have their dinner. Took him all long three minutes to return, already unbuttoning his the white dress shirt he had on. "Hi."
"Hi." She chuckled watching him knee his way towards her on their shared bed, pushing away their blanket as he layed the towel down. He gave her another quick kiss before he was shrugging off the shirt off his shoulders but it got caught in his necklace. "You're going to break it." She reached for his necklace and carefully freed the button stuck in the chain making him giggle as he threw the garment on the floor, he was initially aiming for the laundry basket.
"Only fair if you take your shirt off."
"No!" She whined in her pretend disagreement.
"Yes!" He mocked her as his hands reached for the hem of her turtle neck at her hips, daring to dig his fingers just enough to make squirm before he was pushing the fabric up. She'd let him pull it over her shirt revealing the black lacy bra she was yet to take off, but the neckline got caught in her earring. "Oh, don't move!" He carefully slipped off the piece of jewelry from her earlobe as it was just a hook. "You alright?"
"Mhmm." She nodded.
"These are cute!" He chuckled seeing the clay charms of cats hung on the hook, he placed the pair on the side table once she handed him other. Her friend got those for her saying the piece of jewelry reminded her of her. He hovered over her as he lied her down carefully, managing to fit perfectly in between her thighs as his lips brushing in feathery touches just under her earlobe, like a pain relief kiss.
YN's hands dipped inbetween both their bodies reaching his core, her hand was met with his hard on. Just a squeeze on his bulge had him grunting against her neck as his teeth sunk into her skin.
God, she'll have to wear turtle necks for the rest of the week now!
Harey definitely loved leaving his marks on her, in the places only he can see. On the swells of her breasts and in between, on her hips, on soft skin of her inner thighs closer to her glistening cunt.
"Oh fuck!" He moaned heavily breathing, "you're gonna make me cum just like that."
"Can I, please?" She asked, stuttering shyly, "I want to suck you?"
"Yeah? Go on baby love, you know I'm all yours." He lifted his head up from her neck to look at before he pressed a soft lingering kiss on the full of her mouth.
He had moved every pillow to be piled up on the headrest of their bed as he's planning to get her in the same position in sometime. He got his pants and boxers off, his prick proud and hard up right.
"I love you!" She mumbled giving him another kiss on the cheek, as she sat on her heels next to him. Trailing her hand from his chest, down his tummy following the happy trail below his belly button.
"I love you mo-" he gasped at the touch of her hand on his cock, feeling sensitive for unknown reason today. He watched her moments as he wrapped her small hand around his shaft, on the second stroke and a swipe of her thumb over the tip had him throwing his head back. Breathing heavy.
She decided to cut to chase when he felt her warm mouth wrapped around his tip, her tongue pressed flat getting the taste of the pre cum. He swore he could be cumming any moment when he felt soft vibrations of her humming around his cock taking him further down, using her hand to cover what she couldn't take.
"Gahh! Fuck!" He moaned, his voice went extra deep mid orgasm which she seemed to love so much, he took her free hand in his lacing his fingers through hers in a gentle hold. She pulled away with a pop sound of her sucking hard on his cock to catch for breathing, reaching to cup his balls, playing with them just how she's figured he likes it. She took him back in his mouth bobbing up and low on gis length. "Fuck, just like that baby. You're so - ugh! - so good to me!" That earned another moan from her around his cock.
"Fuck I'm so close baby, just like that make me cum. Please!" His breathing got heavier which had his heart thumping against his chest, he whined at the lost of contact when she pulled away.
"Cum for me, Haz." She requested. Just as she had her mouth back on him, his release warmed her up. Taking all she could as the rest of his cum dripped down her hand with each bob of her head, making his cock go softer. She felt his legs shake on her side, a hand on the back of her head.
"C'mere." He breathed, without any hesitation he pulled her to smear his lips onto her spit-cum slick ones, slipping his tongue in her mouth.
"You good?" She asked.
"Yeah, just need a moment, you made me cum so hard." He nudged his nose next to hers, "I want you to sit on my lap, get on." YN listened to him, raising up on her knees to get closer to him. "Pants and knickers off, sweet girl." His demand caught her off guard.
First of, she was wearing her comfy panties when she changed after she got home, they had little pandas printed on them. She wasn't planning on letting him see those as he's teased her once about the same pair before, it was going to be am embarrassing in such a sexy moment. And second off, she haven't shaved since her period stopped this month. Though he's made it pretty clear he doesn't care, but she does. Somewhat.
"What's wrong?" He asked, finally being able to breath at a steady pace. "What? Are you wearing your pink panda panties?" He smirked.
"Stop, they're comfy!" She scoffed moving on her spot, feeling the slickness of her own folds with each move.
"Come on, I don't mind. It's my turn now." He urged her. Hesitating she followed his demand, shimmying her swears and panties off, "come to me!" He made grabby hands towards her making her.
"You sure you want to go again?" She enquired, he still looks blissed out, his pupils still blown out.
"Mhmm, plus I have other means to have you screaming my name." He smirked, resting his hand on sides her bare thighs moving his hands up to hest on her hips.
"Daddy chill!" She rolled her eyes.
He knew what she was doing there, bringing up his one kink they hardly indulged in now.
"Now, now angel, don't be a brat." His made a semi-hard contact with her bum causing her to jolt in surprise.
"What was that for?" She gasped.
"You heard me." He raised a challenging brow at her, causing her to laugh throwing her head back. He'd figured she can't be serious like this which he found adorable. "Don't be a brat if you want Daddy to make you feel good."
"Oh then I'm definitely gonna be one." She nodded her head, biting onto her lips to hold back another laugh. "I'm sorry, I'm sorry!" She couldn't, letting her head drop on his shoulder for a moment she giggled. "I'll be serious now." Blinking her eyes twice she put on a serious which now had him giggling at.
Usually he's the one incharge in bed, as cliche as it sounds that's how both of them work. But none of them felt the need to verbalise the power dinamic in a kinky way, maybe it was a thing at the very start but for some reason they both stopped it. And now joke about it here and there. But it had his cock almost jumping up again when she called him that.
The little joking around made it all the more real for her, that sex or intimacy isn't always picture perfect as it is usually portrayed in the media. It was so much more enjoyable that way, seeing him actually make an effort to wash his hands so she wouldn't catch any unwanted infections or shit that happens to people with uteruses, or the way he makes her to feels so comfortable in her own skin even though she doesn't fit into the conventional mold made the society. That was the most sexiest thing she had experience!
"Your tits look amazing in this bra." He commented, blatantly staring at the swells of her breasts right in front of his face, as he raised his hands along her sides to rest on the curve of her waist before one slipped up further on her back in no time garment was unhooked. He's way too slick with his movements in moments like this. He further slipped down the elastic straps from her shoulders, leaving her now in the same state as him.
"Way better!" Tugging down the flimsy garment made of lace off her hands, Harry tossed it accross the bed to join rest of their clothes. Dipping his head forward, he pressed his lips onto her neck leaving the soft trail of kisses down her sweet spot, making his way down to her collar bone. Working to deepen the mark he left on her a couple pf days before. One of his hand squeezing onto her breast rolling the hardened nipple in between his thumb and forefinger, whilst reaching down to wrap his lips around the other. She whimpered under his touch, feeling the wetness just grow further in between her legs.
Harry could only imagine how full her breasts would be once they're finally have a baby, excited see and go through all the changes by her side. That had him dipping his hand in, finger tips brushing up her wet folds. He smirked feeling her gasping, leaning back into the pillows to look atthe way he had her whimpering under him.
He was already getting at her sight. "Hmm, so wet." He spared a glance at his fingers working onto her sensitive cunt, "for me baby?"
"Mhmm." She nodded, hands halting onto either on his shoulders to keep herself steady. All her teasing him went out the window just at the touch of his finger tips on her sensitive clit.
"Words, sweet baby, I need words." He teased as he rubbed slow circles on her clit.
"God, it's for you, Harry!" She bleated.
"It's what now, darling?" He urged her to say what he wanted to hear, halting his move.
"Ah! Please don't stop," he was going to annoy her with this now as he shot her a cocky look, "please daddy!"
"That's my girl." A dimple dented his cheek as his smirk grew wider.
"Please I want you inside Harry," she shot him a puppy face, "I've been holding off since yesterday."
"Yeah? That's what took you fifteen minutes extra in shower this morning, baby love?" He was enjoying it now, teasing her.
"I told you was washing my hair!" She whined, that was the truth. It's not as good as it is with him, she'd rather wait for him when he's close to her than do it herself.
"Then what are you calling me tonight?" He reminded her.
"Daddy," she nods her head jerkily, "daddy, please!"
He chuckled, "I'm just teasing baby, you can have me. You ready now?"
"Mhmm, mhmm!" She agreed. Wrapping his fingers around his cock, it took him just few strokes to get himself fully hard again if he wasn't already. Nudging his tip in her fold he urged her to take control.
"Come on, baby, you wanna ride Daddy's cock?" He suggested.
"Mhm-" before she could say anything his tip was pushing past her slit. She still can't get used to him, especially when they go a day or two without making love some times. She slowly sunk on his cock, feeling him fill her up to brim. Her head fell to the crook of his neck.
"Take your time to adjust baby," he sighed feeling her tightly wrapped around him.
"Need a moment." She shared.
"Yeah, why don't gimme a kiss baby?" He suggested, already cupping her jaw with one of his hand to bring her down, buttoning his mouth on hers pushed his tongue past her lips. He hummed at the contact trying to pull her more closer, as if he wasn't inside her already. The sound of their lips moving together came to halt when YN pulled away just to speak.
"I, I, can move now." She shared, feeling streched enough around his prick.
"Go on baby," he urged her. YN slowly started rutting her hips against his, with a pair of his hands on either sides of her helping everything to keep her steady. He never held back his moans, voice two times lower and deeper as he pressed his forehead onto her chest.
This was his favourite thing to do, making love with her.
Feeling her clench around his cock, or his fingers, especially when she's enjoying it. He felt so proud lf every time they made love, seeing her grow more and more confident and comfortable in herself. He pressed a kiss on her chest where her heart is.
"Fuck!" He heard her mumble quietly.
"You enjoying it baby?" He asked, moving behind , "you feel so— fuck!— so good wrapped around my cock, so warm and tight. So good for me."
"Fuck. Ye-yes!" She nods her head jerkily. The coil in her stomach tightened to the point it was close to coming undone any moment. "I'm so close, daddy!" It the slipped.
"Wait for me baby," he warned her, making his grip firm on her hips to quicken her movement, "you want me to cum inside you?"
"Yeah? Gonna fill you up so good, baby!" He announced, his own high was reaching up making his brain go all mushy. "Cum for me, will you baby? Cum around my cock."
"I, I am. I am." She nodded. Finding right words in the moment was something she couldn't do. Her rutting against him because sloppier and sloppier making her shudder as she came clenching around him. Have him fill her up with his cum. Just on the last thrust she sunk back on his cock before feeling him soften up again. It hit her hard, her orgasm there unexpectedly.
Their bedroom filled with their heavy breathing and sighs of pleasure. YN snuggled into Harry with him still inside her. Her taking on birth control was the best decision she'd made, and this was one of many reasons why on the list. The feeling she couldn't comprehend in words.
Especially now that he'd finally help nail another reason for wanting him cum inside her every time with his baby talk. Was it weird that she was thinking how great of a father he would be to her kids in a moment like this? She could careless. Because that's what she would want her kids to have.
"You good, my love?" Harry asked. His voice sounded extra honey sweet to her right in that moment.
"Mhmm." She sounded, "it was amazing."
"It was, honey love." He breathed out as he was too tired in the moment to even laugh with having two orgasms back to back. Somehow, he reached for the blanket to wrap around her so she won't get cold. He hiked up his legs at his knees so she is cradled against him.
"This okay?" She enquired for his consent about what he knew exactly.
"More than okay, darling." He assured her. Who was he to lie he didn't enjoyed a bit of cock warming here and there? "You know, I love you so much!"
She giggled tiredly, "I love you so much, too, Haz!"
They sat there cuddled up with their blanket wrapped around them. Until YN realised she was hungry and that she hasn't eaten anything since breakfast.
"Yes, love?"
"I am hungry." She shared, just to make it more clear her tummy rumbled.
"Oh no, baby." He gasped softly, "let's get you fed now, yeah?" He rubbed her back twice before reluctantly pulling away. He slowly slipped out of her, completely aware how sensitive she gets every time. "I'm sorry, I brought you in here before we had our dinner." He shared.
Harry takes it very seriously if she's had her meals or not, especially since he picked on her not so well relationship with food. She's recently started conversing when she's hungry and she wants to eat.
"I'm too tired to cook anything."
"We'll order take out." He urged her off their bed and to the bathroom so he can help her clean up. He even rushed to get a change of clothes. He had already put on a pair of sweats.
"I'll do this," she said, "please order something. I didn't had my lunch today." Taking the another pair of panda printed panties he got for her, she slipped them on and his sweatshirt next.
"YN!" He let a scolding whine, "did you not take your afternoon medications then?" Pulling out her hair from the neck hole of her (his) sweatshirt she shot him a look of her puppy eyes. "No, don't look at me like that. You know you shouldn't have those medicines without having some food in your system, love. Then you get all dizzy and nauseous, that's not good for you."
"I didn't get the time to today." She explained, tailing behind him as he made his way in the kitchen, "we were short on staff today. So I just took my medicines in hurry thinking I'll get time to eat after."
"Don't do that next time, okay?" He warned her, "you were short staffed doesn't mean you can't take fifteen minutes to yourself to eat. If that happens again I'm gonna have to have a chat with the owner myself."
"No, it won't happen again. I promise." She rushed. He was putting some frozen fries in the air fryer, she noticed. He disapproved thay she actually ate those, but at least she'll have something in her stomach till their take out is delivered to them. It was quick to make.
Who's gonna stop her from eating french fries? That too the frozen ones, no one! That's why he brought over his air fryer from his house when he moved his stuff to their flat.
"You're making me fries." She pointed out, wiggling her brows at him with a teasing tone.
"Stop, you haven't eaten anything in last thirteen hours." He rolled his eyes. She stood there next to him watching him make her a snack, there wasn't a point in teasing him more there.
He looked so pretty, standing there shirtless. Sometimes she forgets how much taller he is that her that she really have to lift her head up to look at her gorgeous features. Yeah, he's that all over her and obsessed that he's constantly clinging onto her for her realise. She's got all to herself there. Not even in dreams had she imagined to have a partner as loving amd caring as him. A soft place to fall back to when it becomes inevitable to not feel low.
Now he's stood there in all his pretty glory making her something to eat as she hasn't had anything since morning, scolding her a little for it. It warmed her heart.
Pressing a soft kiss by his ship tattoo, she went onto sit on the counter whilst he's done putting her snack together. After he was done, Harry rushed to get his phone opening up the food delivery app he stood next to her. He pulled up the cuisine page.
"What would you like to eat, my lady?" He enquired, showing the options.
"Hmm, let's see." She scrolled through down to the option. And of course she picked up Indian food.
"I'm feeling butter chicken." He shared.
"Look at you!" She cooed booping his nose, "I'm a good influence, aren't I!" Flipping her hair back proudly she picked up her favourite restaurant in town, smiling ear to ear. He swore he saw her eyes sparkle.
She hung the moon and the sun. For him, she did.
"That's all you want?" He noticed she'd already added his favourites in the cart.
"Okay." He took his phone but added her favourite desserts too before he placed the order paying with Apple pay.
"Hmm?" He placed his phone down on the counter beside her, giving her his undivided attention. His girl was sat there with her hands on either side of her thighs clutching onto the lip of the counter, swinging her legs.
"Let's get married."
"You want to?"
"Of course I want to." She nods, "so we can finally try to have a baby."
"I don't want you to feel pressured by this baby." He started, "it is going to be a big commitment. I know we live together, but it's going to be completely different to be married in living together. I can wait, we can wait till you're ready."
"I am not feeling pressured." YN assured him, "now that you've said it, that's something I really want. I've always wanted that, you know to have my own little family... Getting married has always been important to me, so I cam assured that I'm not feeling pressured. I know it is going to different. But ready for it."
"Yeah, you are?" Harry beamed at her, shifting to stand in between her thighs. He placed her hands on his shoulders, his lips were smeared over hers. First time he kissed her after their love making session.
"Mhmm." She sounded, "I have this image of you with our baby now. A little daughter. I can't seem to shake that off."
He chuckled, "I bet you'd team up with her against me."
"No, you'd be the one teaming up against me with her." She countered, arguing about who'd they're unborn (still unconceived) child would team up with.
"Touché." He giggled cheekily, earning a gasp and smack on his shoulders from her.
"So..." She raised her brows
"When are you asking me to marry you?" She asked.
"I'm not telling you!"
"Why not?"
"It won't be a surprise." He shared, "even though I want to marry you as soon as I can. Still want to make it special baby, for us. But soon, yeah?"
He pressed another kiss on her mouth, before the air fryer started beeping.
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niklietwriting · 2 days ago
Starlit Rules
Dating Vil Schoenheit comes with "rules" you imposed onto yourself for his sake. No public affection, no hand holding, nothing that can possibly ruin his reputation. 
You underestimated how romantic Vil could be with you.
Notes. Vil Schoenheit/GN! Reader, second-person point-of-view “you,” you are not Yuu, blossoming relationship, fluff, Epel is a minor character
~1.3k words
Thanks to my homie @epiphyllous​ for writing the summary for me. I wouldn’t be able to write without you.
It was hard to believe. Who would believe that? Who would believe that you, a regular student at Night Raven College, were dating popular actor and celebrity Vil Schoenheit? You couldn’t believe it either, actually, when you received a bouquet of eleven roses with a poem stating that the last one you would receive would be when the sender would ask you out on a date. You, at the time, had no idea who that could have possibly been from, and your friends teased you that it could’ve been from Vil Schoenheit. You had laughed because the thought was ridiculous. Sure, you adored him far before you came to the school, and the moment he saw you, he decided you were a pet project worth working on, and you’ve been by his side helping him where you could ever since… Maybe in hindsight, you should’ve realized that Vil was, at the very least, interested in you. 
And yet it still surprised you when Vil had approached you in private, single rose in hand, and he asked you out. “It hurts me how oblivious you are,” he had said, passing the rose into your hands. 
And as if to prove how dense you were, you had asked, “Uh, wait, that was you? You sent me the roses?”
“YES.” Vil had placed his hands on his hips and huffed in annoyance. “It’s not as charming when I’m finally asking you.”
You really thought it was some elaborate joke; that perhaps someone had created their perfect Vil disguise and you’re being pranked for some stupid video on Magicam. You had looked around, rather dramatically, looking for any hint of another person holding a camera or phone.
Vil clicked his tongue at you. “Now, why would I risk my reputation for a silly prank that would humiliate the both of us?”
And, after a rush of stammering and contemplating and honestly, you couldn’t even remember all the feelings that rushed into you, you realized that, yes, Vil Schoenheit did like you like that, and, yes, he was asking you out. You recalled that your face felt hotter than it ever had before and you had stared down at his shoes, holding the rose close to your chest. 
Vil had brushed some hair from your face, shocking you back into reality. He had let his hands trail down to yours and he held onto your hands, clasped around the rose, tightly. He reassured you that you didn’t have to come up with an answer so soon if you didn’t want to, and that he could tell that this information and this confession shocked you.
You had shaken your head to his suggestion, already coming to your decision in the time that your mind raced with every feeling and memory you had of him at that time. You had said yes.
And now you were dating Vil Schoenheit, popular actor and celebrity with over five million followers on Magicam. You were over the moon, and still completely in shock everyday when you remembered that the two of you were dating. “Remembered” being the key word here, as publicly (as in around the school where you followed him when you were free, as you always had) the two of you couldn’t do much romantically. At least, you thought so.
As you walked down the halls with Vil, you fidgeted next to him seeing his empty hand. Oh, how you wanted to hold it! But you couldn’t. You imagined what kind of horrible rumors and scandalous headlines would spread if you even showed an inkling of an actual romantic relationship with Vil, so you kept to yourself. Even when the two of you were in a private room (which wasn’t often, what a busy man Vil was!), you hardly did anything more than hug or Vil would kiss you lightly on the cheeks or forehead. All signs of affection were far and few between, but the two of you had barely started dating after all; it couldn’t be helped.
Still, you weren’t sure how you felt about all this. You wanted to shout to the world about your love for Vil, but you knew you couldn’t do that. As a celebrity, Vil had to worry about his public image at all times, and announcing that he was dating someone (or letting such information slip) would be social death, especially since the two of you just started dating. You had to keep to yourself for now, but the emotional toll was wearing you out.
You sat at lunch. Having finished a majority of your food, you just played with your juice box, feeling the rough ridges of the cardboard. It was a flavor of juice you didn’t like and had accidentally grabbed during the chaos of the lunch line (as it always was. Why didn’t anyone just grab their food normally and go?), so the juice was mostly full. 
“Hey, wake up. You listening?” Epel, who sat to your left, asked, having stopped his conversation with Rook to look at you after you were uncharacteristically silent for too long.
“Oh, yeah,” you lied, having already told him about your relationship, knowing he wouldn’t let any secrets spill. “I just took the History Exam. My brain is fried.”
Epel nodded in understanding and began complaining about the History Exam and the class as well, and you joined in on the jokes. You stopped momentarily when he nodded to the person approaching your table, and you turned.
“Hi, Vil!” You said in excitement, and possibly with too much excitement as you cursed to yourself, hoping it wasn’t perceived in a way to negatively impact Vil’s reputation.
“Hello, darling.” 
You tilted your head slightly, confused as to when Vil started calling you that. Was this the first time? It wasn’t like you didn’t mind it, but you thought it was strange to start using a pet name in public. But if Vil was using a pet name already, you wanted to come up with one to call him. “Oh, um, hello–”
Your thinking was cut short by a quick and innocent kiss to your lips, and Vil sat down, completely unbothered as he set down his tray and started eating.
You, absolutely hot and bothered, sat there with the same smile you greeted Vil with plastered on your lips, and your juice box laid in your left hand. Your face grew more and more heated, realizing what had just happened: your first kiss with Vil in public. You heard Epel gag in jest as you continued thinking about the feeling of Vil’s soft lips quickly pressing against yours. You felt eyes from other tables look your way. Then you truly realized what had happened: Vil Schoenheit had announced that he was dating someone, and that that someone was you.
Your juice box had no idea what was coming to it. 
You think you must have squeezed the juice box in a panic, because the next thing you knew you were being lifted by the collar by Epel, who smelled sickly of the juice you disliked. You were being shaken like a rag doll, and Epel was yelling at you, but you had no idea what he was saying. You let yourself be shook as your head rattled with the thoughts of the ramification of Vil’s bold declaration.
Eventually, Epel let you down as another, surprisingly kind, student helped get all the juice magic’d away from him, and you sat down next to Vil again. You looked up to him shyly, keeping a wobbly smile on your face, and he smiled back at you as he pulled you closer to him by the hip, then rested his free hand on your thigh as he continued eating.
Ah. You really were dating Vil Schoenheit. 
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prokopetz · 11 hours ago
Fanfic writers who use situationally applicable epithets without ever establishing who those epithets actually pertain to are out there turning every fic into a high school logic puzzle. “Okay, we know that Eddie is not the man in blue, and we can infer that no fewer than two of the five individuals present are wearing hats (otherwise the text would not have referred to hats in the plural), therefore...”
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duskyashe · a day ago
NaNoWriMo Day #24
Prompt found here, thanks to @mewzaque and @stealingyourbones
Dani couldn't stop giggling, no matter how hard she tried. The memory of the last time Joker had tried terrorizing people was a great one, and she'd never not laugh at the thought of that clown getting pied in the face, but she really loved getting one over on Red Hood. There was just something about the guy that made her feel confident enough to really let her prankster side out. She didn't want to put a name to it, though, so she shook the thought aside and got back to work.
This was going to be her masterpiece, nothing was going to top this, and best of all? She wouldn't be making life all that difficult for him, considering he can and does swing all over the place every single night. A little more swinging to find a few misplaced (but guarded, she wasn't stupid, she didn't want to lose them lose them, just hide them for a bit) tires wouldn't hurt the guy. Now, if she could just stop giggling for a few seconds, she'd be able to get this tire off and Hood's bike would be—
"This has to be karma. This has to be, there's literally no other explanation for this," came a man's voice from the mouth of the ally, startling Dani into nearly dropping her tire iron. She looked up and found herself meeting the covered eyes of Gotham's resident antihero. "Hey kid, you got a plan for those tires, or d'ya got some kind of beef with me?"
She was so shocked, her mouth kind of just... flapped uselessly for a few moments. How—what—wasn't she invisible?! A quick glance at her hands showed that, nope, she apparently was very visible. At least she was "dressed down" and not all ghostly, she still had a chance to talk her way out of this looking human. Though, in order to talk her way out of this, she kind of had to actually do some talking.
Red Hood sized her up briefly before taking a knee. "Hey, if it's something against me, you can take it up with me, you don't have to jack my tires to get a message across. If you need the tires for something else, then tell me, and I'll help you find a different way of getting it, one that doesn't have you jacking tires in the middle of the night. Sound good?"
... a guy that big and threatening should not be able to sound that soft and safe. Jack Fenton was never soft, he was loud and brash, or he was louder and brasher, but if he was quiet, it wasn't a soft quiet. It wasn't a good quiet. Vlad was never safe, even when she thought he cared about her. Clockwork was manipulative, and while he cared about both her and Danny, he... Didn't have the same perspective on things as they did. In her experience, tall, physically imposing men were not soft, and were not safe. The fact that everything in her screamed Red Hood was capable of being both of those things, was being both of them right now, on top of the unnamed thing that made her confident enough to even try half the things she'd done since "meeting" him a few months ago? It scared her. It scared and worried her. She'd only ever felt this way about someone once, and there'd been a very good, very logical reason for that one. She was Danny's clone, she was as close to a perfect clone of him as anyone was going to get at this point, of course she'd feel safe around him after she stopped trying to kill him! Red Hood... There shouldn't be a reason for her to feel so comfortable and safe and understood and welcome—
Slack hands lost grip on the tire iron as something wet trailed down her face. She felt welcomed here; in Gotham, sure, but in Red Hood's presence, especially so. That... Danny felt like that. Danny and Jazz, and eventually Sam and Tucker, but mostly Danny.
Arms wrapped gently around her, lightly tugging her closer but not demanding. She followed. "Hey now, shhh, it's gonna be alright. I'll help you, whatever you need, alright?"
Dani couldn't help but laugh slightly hysterically at that. "Can you take down an abusive, corrupt billionaire who isn't entirely human? Can you dismantle an illegal, government sanctioned lab? Cuz life would be much better if you could." If I could...
"Kid, who do you think I am?" Red Hood said with a thin veneer of amusement barely covering his concern and anger. "If I can't do it on my own, I've got connections who can. You give me the slightest bit of proof for either of those things, I'll give you a status update in a few days and results in a few months, at most." He rubbed her back soothingly. "But neither of those two things would be solved by jacking my tires, and there're better ways to get my attention, as well," he said lightly, tone implying he'd be giving her a look if he could.
Dani flushed in embarrassment. "I was... kind of... trying to play a prank on you," she muttered into his warm leather jacket.
Red Hood was motionless for a long moment, causing Dani to start tensing, before his shoulders started shaking. It started small, and honestly she probably wouldn't have noticed if she weren't still being held like a little kid, but soon she could hear him stifling his laughter. "Oh gosh, this is karma. I can't—hey kid, you got somewhere safe to stay tonight? I've got some friends who'd love to meet you."
HAPPY (belated) TURKEY DAY!!! Have some Dani and Jason fluff! Don't mind the light sprinkle of angst sauce, it's just a garnish, it's nothing too vital (⁠ ⁠´⁠◡⁠‿⁠ゝ⁠◡⁠`⁠) at least, not yet ¯⁠\⁠_⁠(⁠ツ⁠)⁠_⁠/⁠¯
I successfully managed to get through all of today without a single breakdown! I did take a two hour nap after the big meal, but everyone ended up waiting almost that long before having dessert, anyway, so I didn't really miss anything too important (⁠ ⁠ꈍ⁠ᴗ⁠ꈍ⁠) food was good today, company was, too. I hope y'all had a good day, whether you celebrate Turkey Day or not (^⁠‿⁠^⁠)
I don't have much to say about this ficlet, except for the fact I might continue this at some point 乁⁠(⁠ ⁠•⁠_⁠•⁠ ⁠)⁠ㄏ no clue, but I do see a lot of potential for this!
Have a good morning/day/night!
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writeouswriter · a day ago
Thinking about the time I commented on a fanfic saying it was one of the most in character works I’d ever read and they replied back with a thank you telling me they never actually saw the show, fascinating interaction
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dontask-idkeither · 2 days ago
Any Given Sunday
Tumblr media
Shuri x Black!Fem!Reader
Summary: During a party, you may have let some people get too comfortable and your girl is not pleased about it.
Word count: 1.6k Words
Warnings: Smut. I think some slight d/s dynamics, oral sex, fingering, orgasm denial. Let me know if I missed anything.
Notes: When Kehlani said “Call me daddy, in front of all your bitches in the lobby” Shuri felt that. I am only calling it “Any given Sunday” because of those lyrics. This is barely proofread and I do plan on making a part 2 for this so-
You were on thin ice. You dragged Shuri out to a party taking place in the middle of the city. She took a few days of convincing but she can only resist you for so long.
You both got all dressed up and were ready to have a great time. These days, you were the more extroverted of the two and Shuri told you she would be fine if you were to go off and socialize. She stayed in her corner, speaking to Ayo, Aneka, Okoye, and M’Baku. Mostly laughing at the endless insults going back and forth between Okoye and M’Baku.
You had been garnering a lot of attention but you just decided to let loose and get lost in the fun.
You did not notice the people flirting with you, truly, but Shuri did. She was going to let it go and chalk it up to you being friendly; but it was when you started dancing with some of the women that had been flirting with you that she had enough.
While you were laughing and dancing you felt an arm grab you roughly by the arm and started dragging you out of the party. You struggled to keep up with her fast walking.
You shot eyes at the group Shuri left behind and Okoye just shook her had at the pair of you. You still had no clue what exactly was going on.
“Baby- babe hold up. What’s wrong?” She chuckled under her breath and kept walking you towards the palace.
When you got in the palace, she pulled you in front of her. You took one look in her eyes and knew you were in for some shit. Her hand grabbed the back of your neck firmly
“What’s wrong? What’s wrong is my girl is in this party acting as if she has no clue who the fuck she belongs to. That’s what’s wrong.”
Your jaw fell slack as you tried to gather your thoughts on how to fix this. “Babe-“
“No, shh. Speaking has done you no good tonight.” She held her finger to your lips.
“Go up to our room and get undressed. I’ll be there soon.” You nodded your head and took the elevator up to your shared bedroom.
You stripped as fast as possible and sat in the middle of the bed with your hands folded in your lap just how you knew she’d want. Your skin was burning with anticipation and excitement.
The aching between your thighs grew the longer you waited. It felt like you had been sat there for a millennia before Shuri slowly strolled in. She licked her lips at the sight of you. She slipped her blazer off her shoulders and walked over to you. She caressed your head and tilted your chin up to look at her.
“You know you messed up right?” You nodded. “Are you going to be a good girl and make it up to me?” You nodded again. She gave you a sweet smile and kissed your forehead. Your smile grew at her affection while she leaned back against the dresser.
She pulled her shirt over her head and beckoned you over with her fingers.
You slowly got up from the bed and walked over to her. Once you were close enough, she held your chin again to pull you in for a kiss that was surprisingly soft.
You melted under her affection. Even in times like this, she made sure you could feel how much she adored you in every moment.
When she pulled away, you felt as if you were floating.
“Hey princess, you with me?” She lightly chuckled. You blinked a few times before nodding. “Good…”
She kissed your forehead and gestured her head towards the floor “Get on your knees baby. You know what to do.”
You did as you were told with joy. Slowly gliding her pants off her body, leaving kisses on her the newly revealed skin. Your Queen bit her lip as she watched you.
Her pants become a lost article to the large room. The damp patch on her boy shorts were the now the object of your attention. You were content with giving her kisses through the last barrier of fabric.
That was until you felt a rough tug at your scalp, forcing you to look up at her. “Let me make this clear, now is not the time for teasing. Tread lightly.” She let go and you decided not to test the limits today. You were in enough trouble.
You got her underwear off quickly and as soon as your eyes came in contact with her dripping center, you couldn’t hold yourself back.
Immediately began licking into her; tongue swirling over the puffy lips. You couldn’t help but moan into her at how sweet she tasted.
“Fuck…” she stuttered out, wiping her hand over her face before returning it to the edge of the dresser.
Shuri struggled to hold her composure above you. Her chest rising and falling rapidly, head lolling back. It was hard not to be overwhelmed at just how eager you were to please her, just how desperately you licked away at her.
She wanted to lean back and just enjoy, let you do all the work, but the need to release down your throat became too strong.
She moved her strong grip from the dresser to the back of your head. She pulled you away to both of your regret. “Keep your mouth open and your tongue still. Understood?”
You looked up at her and nodded. She gave a soft moan at the sight of your eyes. Pupils blown with lust and glazed over. She pushed your head back into her body.
She grinded on your tongue, chasing her release. This rivaled heaven to you. Being the one to bring your girl this much pleasure, the one to make her fall apart was more than gratifying.
“Oh my- fuck darling.” You looked up at her again and another beautiful moan left her lips. You reached your hand up to intertwine it with hers, which she took instantly.
The hand that held your head in place began to fall away, her orgasm was approaching rapidly and her body was having trouble keeping up. Her hips began to falter and more breathy moans escaped.
You squeezed her hand tighter and took your other to grab her thigh. You wrapped your lips around her clit and suckled it softly.
Her body jolted forward. “Angel please. I’m gonna cum baby, just keep doing that.”
You had no intention of stopping. You suckled her even harder. Her body shook, her hands flew to your head again, and the loudest moan of the night ripped through her chest when she finally came in your mouth.
You committed to licking her clean making her shudder at the overstimulation. “Ah ah, baby stop. Ooh fuck.” She pulled you away and heavily breathed above you.
She grabbed the back of your neck to pull you from the floor. She captured your lips with hers. You wrapped your hands around her waist and held tightly.
She slowly pushed you backwards to the bed. She rolled over to lay on the side. She pulled your thigh over your hip and reached between your bodies.
She let her fingers linger over your highly sensitive clit. You whined into her mouth and tried pushing your body into her hand; you were desperate for some more friction.
She pulled her lips away from you and landed a heavy slap to your core. Another pitiful whine left you to which she tutted with a look mocking compassion.
“You still needy for my attention little girl?” You nodded with a pout. “Use your words.”
“Yes.” “Yes what?” “Yes daddy, I need you. Please.”
“Aww, ok my baby. I’ll take care of you.” She leaned in to place kisses on your jaw and neck. While you were wrapped up in the feeling of her kisses, two fingers were slipped deep inside you.
She held her fingers still for a moment, wanting to hear you beg further for her. “Daddy please…”
“What darling? You still need more?” “Mhm”
You weakly confirmed. “Like what baby? Like this?” She curled her fingers upwards. You gripped her arm tightly and nodded again.
“Yes. Yes please.” Your voice was barely above a whisper as you pleaded with her. “Alright baby.” She kissed your forehead and began thrusting her fingers in and out of you.
You linked your arm around her upper back and let all your moans and whimpers out into her shoulder.
She just kissed the side of your head, continuing your sweet pleasure. She noticed when your panting became more apparent.
“What’s wrong angel? Talk to me.” She said softly into your ear. You just whined.
“Come on baby, talk.” “I-I’m close.” You mewled as your hands dug into her body, gripping her for dear life.
Her fingers began to move impossibly fast, your eyes watered at the intensity of it all. The knot in your stomach was being pulled tighter and tighter.
Just as you were about to cum, everything stopped. You pulled your head out of Shuri’s neck to look at her with a pout. The upset at your orgasm being ruined was all over your flushed face.
“Oh baby, you thought I was gonna let you cum? Someone forgot she was being taught a lesson huh?”
You just whimpered. “What have we learned baby?” “I belong to you. And only you.” “Let’s not forget that again hm?”
She kissed your forehead again and untangled your limbs. “Lets get cleaned up, yeah?”
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munson-blurbs · 13 hours ago
Love You Through It (Dad!Eddie x Mom Reader)
Tumblr media
Summary: When you're struggling with postpartum depression, Eddie brings in some help. Just a little blurb.
Warnings: depression, anxiety, mention of pregnancy, Stancy is canon
WC: 915
A/N: I've struggled with depression, but not PPD. I tried to draw on my own experiences and what I've heard from others, and I hope I did this request justice.
On a Sunday morning, you wake up to the sound of Eddie's voice crackling through the baby monitor.
"Good morning, Melly Bean! Today's gonna be a beautiful day," he coos. You want to smile, soak in the way your husband dotes on your two-month-old daughter, but you just can't. It feels like there's something blocking you from feeling happy.
You roll over in bed, pulling the covers up to your chin. Eddie's baby talk fades from the monitor but gets closer to your bedroom door.
"You wanna go see Mommy? Show her how much you love her?" he asks, even pausing as if Melody can give an answer.
"Hi Mama Munson," Eddie calls to you from the doorway. "Someone wants to say 'good morning.'" His sweet smile morphs into a frown when he sees you burrowed into the blankets. "Sweetheart? What's going on?"
"Nothing," you insist, voice muffled by the layers covering you. "Just wanna sleep."
Eddie looks at you, concern evident all over his face. "Okay, love," he says finally, "we'll be in the living room if you need us."
You wait until after he closes the door to sob into your pillow.
"Hello?" Steve answers the phone groggily, glancing at the time. Only 7:30 AM; who could be calling at this hour?
"Harrington," Eddie''s visibly relieved by the sound of his friend's voice. "There's something wrong with Y/N."
Steve sits up immediately at this news. "What do you mean?" he asks, panicked. "Does she need to go to the hospital?" Eddie hears Nancy's quiet voice, and Steve repeats what Eddie just told him.
"I don't--I don't know if you go to the hospital for this," Eddie tells him. "She stays in bed all the time, she doesn't want to be with the baby, she barely eats..."
Nancy takes the receiver from her husband. "Eddie?" she says. "Hon, that sounds like postpartum depression."
Eddie's eyes widen. "What do I do? I've been trying to handle everything but I'm just so...tired," he admits. "It's a lot, but I don't want to make her feel worse."
"I'm coming over," Nancy says, throwing off her covers. "Give me half an hour, okay?"
Eddie nods before realizing she can't see him. "Thanks, Nance," he whispers.
Your bedroom door is nudged open, but instead of Eddie, Nancy's standing there.
"Can I come in?" she asks, and you nod slowly. It seems like everything is happening in slow motion these days.
She takes a seat next to you on the edge of the bed. "Eddie called us," she explains softly, rubbing your back. "He's worried about you, babe. We all are."
"'M fine," you lie, but it's no use trying to pull one over on Nancy.
"No," she shakes her head, "you're not. You should talk to your doctor, but I think you have postpartum depression."
"But how?" you cry out, voice catching in your throat. "I'd get it if I was alone, or there was something wrong with Melody, or the delivery..." You start to cry again, and you're genuinely shocked that you haven't dehydrated from all the tears you've shed. "But Eddie has been amazing, and the baby is happy and healthy, and my delivery was fine."
Nancy offers a small smile. "Unfortunately, it doesn't always work like that," she says. "It can happen to any new mommy, regardless of the circumstances."
"Nance, I feel so guilty all the time," you confide in a hushed whisper. "I want to do more, but it's like my brain and my body won't cooperate. And then it all falls on Eddie, which makes me feel even worse. Like..." you pause before allowing the truth to spill out, "like I'm failing at being a mom."
Your friend squeezes your arm gently. "You are not a failure," she reassures you. "We're gonna help you get through this, okay? This isn't your fault. If anything, it's Eddie's fault for getting you pregnant in the first place." she says with a giggle.
"I heard that!" Eddie calls out, peeking his head into the doorway. Nancy stands up when he comes in.
"You two get some rest, and I'll make some breakfast." She scoops up the baby monitor on her way out. "Don't worry about Melody; I'll take care of her if she needs me."
Eddie snuggles into bed behind to you and presses a soft kiss to the back of your neck. "You know I adore you, right?"
"Of course," you reply. "I'm sorry I haven't been showing you how much I adore you, Eds."
"My love, you carried our perfect daughter for nine months. What else can I ask for?"
"I don't know," you reply tersely, "maybe a wife who can take care of her baby, who can take care of herself?"
"And you will," he tells you, wrapping a strong arm around your waist and pulling you impossibly close. "But right now, we're gonna sleep. And when we wake up, Nancy is gonna help us find someone you can talk to. Like a therapist or something," he clarifies.
You take his hand and kiss it. "Do you think Melody hates me?" you whisper.
"Hates you? Oh, baby, absolutely not," Eddie gives a little laugh. "She loves her mommy. And she knows how much I love you, too."
"And how much is that?" you tease, snuggling into him.
Eddie's peppering kisses all over your face, his curly hair and hint of stubble tickling your cheeks.
"Does that answer your question?"
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la-sylphides · a day ago
I Like Watching You Dance - E.Munson
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
summary | In which nutcracker season is at its peak, and spending quality time with Eddie Munson is impossible. Eddie decides to surprise you after a long day of rehearsing, but ends up watching you in awe as you rehearse for your role as the sugar plum fairy in your academy's production of The Nutcracker.
tags | Eddie Munson x fem!reader, ballerina!reader, fluff, ballet fic, Nutcracker season, cute relationship, she/her pronouns used
word count | 1.2k
a/n | hey y'all!!! so I'd like to say that I am ballet dancer myself, so I know my stuff. This fic was very fun to write, especially because it's Nutcracker season right now, and that there was no research that had to be done! Bye!
⚠️ i will not allow anyone copy and pasting my work into any other social platform or site without consulting with me first ⚠️
Eddie arrived to pick you up after your rehearsal, but you aren’t anywhere to be seen. He looks back down to the note card placed in his lap.
“16700 Dawn Rd, Ronan IN,” he read aloud. “Where the fuck is she?”
Due to your schedule with ballet, you and Eddie were unable to go on any sort of date, even spending some quality time together. He knew how hard it was for you, dancing everyday and all, but he hated not being able to see your face everyday after school and wrapping you up in his arms after a long day.
He looked out of his van window to see the large building with big, bold letters, written, “Balanchine Classical Ballet Academy,” which stood out compared to the white concrete walls of the exterior part of the building. Deciding whether to stay in the van, or go out and see if you were there or not, Eddie chose to get out. As he opens the driver’s side door, a cold gust of wind hits him like a bullet. Quickly, Eddie slams the door shut and goes to find a spare jacket hidden in the trunk. As soon as he finds it, he puts it on, and opens the door once more. The cold air comes back again but because of the big, warm coat Eddie had put on, it wasn’t as bad as it was before. Eddie approaches the large building with a scrunch on his face, he hates how the melted snow feels on his skin.
Once he enters the academy doors, Eddie is met with a busy atmosphere with little girls in pink and blue Capezio leotards and dance moms sewing costumes together while gossiping. All studios were occupied with dancers rehearsing for their production of The Nutcracker which was just around the corner from now. Eddie looks up at the tall walls covered in awards from ballet competitions from prior years, and photographs of very famous dancers. On one part of the wall hung a collection of headshots of the older dancers who’ve won all of the awards as well as bring some pride to the academy. He gazed up to the top and was met with your face. You wore a bright smile with your hair in a neat, tight bun. Right under was a gold plate that had “Y/n L/n, 1st place Winner of the International Grand Prix” engraved into it.
Eddie was interrupted by a voice of an older woman, “Do you need help, sir?”.
Eddie looks back to see a rather tall woman with a cane in hand. He looks past her and sees the group of gossiping mothers with concerned faces staring at him. Eddie realizes the situation and immediately begins panicking.
“Oh, I wasn’t here to cause any trouble, I was waiting for my girlfriend, you see-“
“Stop,” the woman demands. Eddie quickly silenced himself, the woman was awfully frightening. “I know who you are and I know you mean no harm.”
Eddie was taken aback, “How the fuck does she know who I am?,” he thought.
“Waiting for Ms. L/n I presume?” The older woman asks.
“Uhh yea, she’s usually done at 5:00, but she wasn’t outside, so I came in to see if she was here.”
The lady nods, “come with me,” she gestures to Eddie to follow her as they stride across a long hallway, studios on each side of the wall. Eddie’s eyes were glued to the floor, while people move out of their way for the lady to walk by. The loud noises were soon turned into hushes, and the only thing you could hear was the music coming from the studios, the whispering, and the click clacks of the woman’s heels.
Turning the corner, a group of dancers were all packed around a window, watching the rehearsal. They all stood in silence as they watched in awe of the beautiful ballerina. By the sound of the women's heels clicking once again, the dancers snapped their heads towards her away, and quickly gathered their bags and moved along.
“I guess I really am that frightening,” the woman chuckled.
“No shit, Sherlock, you look like you’d kill me with that cane,” Eddie thought, scratching the back of his head.
The woman stops right in front of the window where the prior dancers were standing. Eddie stops as well, and looks into the studio. A ballerina engrossed in the music made her away across the room and into a lift, a man held her high up into the air.
“Here she is,” the woman says, stepping to the side.
Eddie grows closer to the window and watches you. A navy blue leotard hugged your figure, and the black practice tutu you wore complimented it perfectly. The new pointe shoes you put on at the beginning of the day were now completely dead as the ribbons and elastic were holding by the threads. The shank and box were “soggy”, however, that didn’t matter at the moment. Eddie noticed how you moved your arms, it was almost as if they were in a fluid state. He marveled at the sight of you in such a graceful state.
As the ending of the Sugar Plum and Cavalier Pas De Deux came to a close, you sat yourself down while you gasped for air. The dance was so exhausting it left you breathless.
“Beautiful isn’t she?” the woman compliments. “I’ve taught her since she was nine years old. Never failed to disappoint me.”
Eddie nods, unsure of what to say.
You pack up your bags and replace the practice tutu with black trash bag pants. You take your dead pointe shoes off and put on normal everyday shoes. Your french twist, that had been neat and slick back at the beginning of the day, was now messed up with dozens of fly-always sticking at your skin. Your sweat creates a stain on your leotard, but who the fuck cared.
“Bye, Dmitri,” you wave. Dmitri, your pas de deux partner, waves back and says his goodbyes. You bring the bag to your shoulder and begin making your way out of the studio. Upon walking out, Eddie props himself against the door frame, making himself known.
“Eddie!” Your eyes brighten, hurrying over to embrace him into a tight hug. “I was going to call you to pick me up, but you're here!”
“Yea, I watched you do your twirling stuff,” Eddie said, in which he starts to mimic your en dedan turns.
“Wow, Eddie, you’re so funny. Ha ha,” you say, sarcastically of course. “Shit, sorry, you were probably bored. I didn’t think rehearsal would run for that long.”
“What! I like watching you dance, it was nice ,” Eddie wraps his arm around your shoulder while beginning to leave.
“Really? Do you think so? I say that sweat stains and bruised toe nails would say otherwise, but I’ll take the compliment,” you chuckle.
Walking into the lobby, hand-in-hand, the gossiping mothers turn their heads towards your way, staring at the two of you walk by.
“Did you see that?” One of them whispers.
“Yea, never thought someone like her would go for someone like him,” another replies.
“Well, I think they look cute together.”
“I saw them at the park this one time, they looked really happy.”
“I heard someone say that he’s a cult leader.”
“Oh shut your mouth, Carol. No one believes in that kind of stuff anymore.”
You and Eddie try not to laugh when you hear the gossiping. The pretty, kind, ballerina with the crazy, drug addict, metal head? Of course, no one would have thought that it would ever happen!
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