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shinarinchii · 3 days
Tumblr media
"I love you."
You loved him, you love everything about him. It almost sounds like an oath or something. A vow made with an intense feeling of deep affection, endearment knitting each yarn of affirmation.
"I love your eyes, they're always pretty."
"I love your voice, I could listen to it forever."
"I love your hand, it's warm whenever I hold it."
"I love your smile, it makes me really happy to see them."
"I love to be with you, words can't describe how much I feel."
Sometimes you wonder if your significant other is a flower in secret, attracting many butterflies to come fluttering inside your stomach. His sweet tongue strokes your taste bud with each honey dripped word that falls from your boyfriend's lip.
Each sunrise and sunset, the sights of him were reminiscent of your dearest moment. You cherish it, the intimacy of being so close to him in every tender kisses, giggling every time he chases another kiss, starved to explore every part of your lip.
His body curled into yours, hand grasping at your sleeves. Cradled in his arms as if you are the most fragile thing in the world, he keeps your body close, trying to share his warmth, his hand rubbing a soothing circle on your back. It's a shame really, because you can no longer feel any of his touch anymore.
"So please for the very last time,"
He keeps crying, tears dribbling their warmest drop on your cold skin, his voice was hoarse, throat dry as he gently shake your shoulders. His hold on you got tighter with each second passing, he keeps chanting your name as if it was some sort of prayer.
"please wake up."
"Please open your eyes."
"Please say something— anything."
You wish to hug him closer, if that's even possible as if you two weren't close already. "Why you're this cold? Please, wake up now, we can't stay here." How you wish to comfort him, cupping his face whispering that everything is going to be alright.
He didn't even dare to blink, his eyes hurt way too much. He was afraid, like a nightmare he was scared that you would disappear for real if he try to close his eyes for a mere second. "Please don't leave me too." You would never leave him alone, you already made a promise, you'll always come back to him.
"Please please please, at least, please—"
He halted, forcing the rest of his breath to bunch up inside his lungs. His heart was thumping so fast, aching as if something keeps making his wound bleed. He could swear he can hear his own heartbeat, he can feel it, his heart could burst through his ribcage at any moment. What about your heart?
He was desperately expecting a reply, any response or touch, just anything from you, hoping you would return his gentle gestures, but you weren't there. You were no longer there, and never going to be.
"Please say I love you back."
Tumblr media
a/n: i'm not really satisfied with this one but it's 4 am here so i will take my leave. i try to drink mocha coffee for the first time today damn it tastes so good that i can't help but write some angst.
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lovejuliana · 2 days
summary: what the genshin men has to say about their lover, you.
featuring: diluc, childe, kaeya, zhongli, xiao, scaramouche
genre: fluff (gn!reader, pls tell me about any pronoun mistakes)
content warning(s): ooc
note: FIRST GENSHIN POST!! im not that proud of this but i think its quite nice.. might make a part 2 if requested!! happy reading <333 
likes and reblogs are appreciated. :)
DILUC ― lovers
“hm, is there any particular reason why youre curious about them?
oh, venti mentioned them? ah well, they have known each other for quite awhile.
tell me, what exactly did that drunkard tell you?
‘ dont tell master diluc that i said this to you, but he is absolutely inlove with them. in all my lovely years of drinking, i have never encountered a man THAT inlove with someone. ‘
i see. although i have the urge to kick that man out of the dawn winery, i cannot deny his words.
i am truly inlove with yn.”
CHILDE  ― (childe is planning to propose shhhh)
“ oh traveller, youve seen yn already? i was hoping to introduce them to you. well, i guess its too late.
youre asking my relationship with them? ahah, you see, the lovely yn were talking about is my significant other, although i prefer to introduce them as the person im married to, they always tell me that
‘ were not married childe ‘
and me, someone who doesnt miss an opportunity, replies to them with
‘ not married yet ‘ ��
KAEYA ― lovers
“ oh, yn? theyre a childhood friend of mine. although nowadays i can proudly call them ‘my lover’. 
i met them when i was just a young child. they accepted me for who i really am. before i met them, i never knew i could trust someone as much as i trusted myself.
it seems like i was wrong.
oh well, thats all for now, traveller. “
ZHONGLI ― married
“ ah, yn is someone i hold dearly close to my heart. as much as i dont want to admit it, i have childe to thank for that. he introduced them to me.
i never expected for a relationship to blossom, but here i am, married to them.
i have agreed to many contracts, but im very much sure that our marriage was something special only between the two of us.
i cannot find the right words to describe how breathtaking they are. maybe i should have them meet you, traveller.
fortunately, yn is a very approachable person, one of their traits that i fell inlove with. “
XIAO ―  lovers 
“ yn is... forget it. “
“ what business do you have with them? 
tsk, you want to know about them?
too bad *bleh* “
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angelltheninth · 17 hours
Teasing Genshin Men Under the Desk
Pairing: Kaeya, Diluc, Itto, Childe, Al-Haitham, Kaveh, Dottore, Zhongli x Fem!Reader
Tags: nsfw, smut, blowjob, handjob, ball sucking, edging, coming in pants, throatfucking, cum swollowing
A/N: I had a lot of fun with that Tengen version so I wanted to write one for Genshin too.
Kaeya knows you like to tease him as much as you like to be teased by him. Having you under his desk while he's talking to one of his Knight's is definitely a little more than he would have opted for at first but damn if your mouth didn't feel good around his cock while he looked over the reports, his grip on the paper tightening as you licked and sucked on the tip of his cock.
Diluc would have to lock the door of his office because he knew he wouldn't be able to keep calm if you sucked him off, at least not for long. Sooner or later he starts fucking your mouth while moaning your name, trying to hold off from coming to not get your clothes dirty. He failed that mission many times but remarkably he lasted longer every time.
Itto would look at you with wide eyes when you got under the table and started to jerk him off with both hands. He looked around him, then looked back at you with a grin and a nod, giving you to green light to keep going. His cum would get everywhere, on the roof of the table, on your face, across your chest and down your hand while still couldn't get enough, hands moving faster and faster until his cock went soft enough for him to tuck it back into his pants.
Childe tried to get the upper hand on you, which is funny because it's your hand way down, squeezing and massaging his full balls while you licked the slit at the top of his dick. With every lick his smirk faltered a little until it's a deep drown as he groaned and growled. He stood up, chair falling to the floor behind him as he gripped the edge of the desk and started fucking your mouth, your throat, pumping your mouth full of his cum for you to gulp it down with a delicious sounding hum.
Al-Haitham would explode the moment you try this on him. He would not get pass a few licks from your tongue before he's a shaking mess in his chair, his large hands on the back of your head, using your mouth like his personal fucktoy to get himself off with. He might be able to hold his own when it comes to words but with you, with your talented... well everything around his cock he becomes utterly incapable of denying his base desires.
Kaveh is someone you would try your best to tease but with little success. He would have his arms behind his head while watching you suck on his cock, making lewd sloppy noises as you did so. He loves how it makes you look, his cock deep in your mouth, the feeling hot and wet while you lick along his length. You could lick every drop clean off his cock and his balls and he's still need more. He would show it rather then say it, his hand moving your head back to the tip of his cock, humming pleasantly and smirking when you open your mouth for more.
Dottore does not allow you to tease him. The moment you get down on your knees for him you know you're in for a fast and rough throatfucking and cum shot after cum shot. This is fine with you of course, you like being treated like his needy cumslut. You'll open your mouth for him whenever he needs it and even when he doesn't. Just cockwarming him with your mouth under his desk and keeping him hard while he does his work is rewarding.
Zhongli took a while to warm up to the idea of being teased, especially in this way. While he does have his wild side he prefers to keep it separate from his more serious, calmer self. A task that becomes increasingly difficult as you rub your hand up and down his cock while licking the cum from his balls all the way back to the dripping, swollen head. Eventually he does end up giving in and letting you have all the creampies that you can swollow.
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sweet-almonds · 3 days
Boobs, thighs or ass?
feat: albedo, alhaitham, childe, cyno.
genre: sfw (slightly suggestive)
author's note: this is my part of @maehemthemisfit fluffvember event that i took part of!! this was so fun for me to write and i can't wait to get envolved in more events like these!!
Tumblr media
he would definitely be a thigh guy.
every time i would look at him, i could always see him touch your thighs, for some reason.
imagine him in his lab on dragonspine, and you would visit him often, and you would always think it was very cold around there, so you eventually ask him if you could sit on his lap, which he would, of course, agree.
when you get comfortable on his lap, he would continue on working with his project, but the feeling of your thighs on top of his legs would somehow distract him.
he would "discretely" touch your thighs to see how they are, and feel how squishy they are as well.
you took notice of it, but didn't say anything.
this man, i swear.
he would be chill in public, very occasionally grabbing your hand.
but at home, oh archons.
he sees you walking around, he will grab your ass, no questions asked.
i imagine you watching your favorite movie/series on your bed/couch, and he would (magically) appear and lay down next to you and put an arm around your waist.
at first you don't suspect anything, as he slowly brings his arm down your hips, and then...he grabs your ass with no shame.
though it wasn't completely unexpected.
you look at him with a deadpanned face, but don't say a word, you actually continue to watch the movie/series.
he's definitely doing that again.
this cocky mf.
grabbing your ass with no shame.
he would hug you from behind a lot when you are cooking, getting the perfect opportunity.
imagine him coming back from a very long day and would immediately come up to you, being super touchy, giving you hugs and kisses, and while you were enjoying the moment, you felt something.
you would look at childe and immediately slap his hand off your ass and give him a glare, while he would give you a cheeky grin, saying that he couldn't resist it, and that they basically were calling for him.
your glare says otherwise.
boobie man.
he loves your boobs with all his heart.
he comes back from a tiring day at work to your house and when you came to greet him by the door, he does not say a word, DOES NOT EVEN SPARE YOU A GLANCE, and just stuffes his face onto your boobs.
whether small or big, he doesn't care, he just needs a hug with his head right on your chest.
he just adores when you two sit on a hamrock, and he just puts his head in between your boobs, letting out a long sigh of content., while you two drift off to sleep.
though, while you sleep, he might wake up feeling a little drowsy and open a bit your shirt, exposing your chest a bit so that he can hear better your heartbeat, the sound of it carefully making him fall asleep once again.
Tumblr media
i was going to do more, but i was worried it would take too long, so i will only post these 4 for now, but i will make a part 2 if people want to!!
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bittersweetorpheus · 2 days
this idea has been boiling in my head for WEEKS I tell you WEEEEKSS so I thought I might as well just let it out:
what if you worked for the tsaritsa as just another fatui skirmisher or cicin mage and slowly climb the ranks until you manage to land a position as the personal assistant to the personal assistant to the harbingers! yay! a promotion! but also maybe not so yay since it’s highly likely you get killed in like the first week or so… but whatever, you’ll take what you can get.
they don’t pay much attention to you at first but they eventually warm up to you and even start seeking you out more as time goes on.
meanwhile, you, on the other hand, have started to notice this- how could you not when you could feel the captains gaze on you whenever youre bent down over paperwork and thinks you can’t see him or the way the balladeer always drags you away from whatever you were doing for something “urgent” when he really just wandered around somewhere while ranting about random things to you or the fiery red butterfly that’s seemed to take a liking to you and could almost always be found resting on your shoulder
…and well, there were less subtle ones too- like the random segment that would always be a few steps behind you no matter where you went or the almost weekly chess games that the jester kept invite you even though you kept losing miserably to him hey! it’s not you’re fault when you also have to focus on ignoring the suprising amount of sexual tension!
but even more suprising is the way damselette calls you over to just. lay her head in your lap and sing or doze off while you do your work.
however, unlike damselette, the marionette is one for more silent appreciation. she shows you the projects she’s working on and if you show interest in a particular thing, say, one of automaton she’s creating, she’ll take note of it and might even make a pocket sized version to give to you- something that you could put on your keychain or keep as a figurine if you’re into that type of stuff!
Speaking of gifts- the regrator. gives. you. so. many. at first, he gave you jewelry with a price tag that even glancing at would probably send someone into debt but if you don’t wear jewelry, he’ll probably take note of things you like or hobbies you have. you like drawing? prepare to have trouble opening the door with how many expensive art supplies are piled up infront of it. you like stuffed animals? BOOM!! Your bed is overflowing with so many stuffed animals! You’re hyperfixating on something? Don’t worry- hes got ya covered!
Now, if you ever wanted to get better in combat, who better to ask for help than the Knave herself? However busy she is with the orphanage, she can always find time to help you fix your posture or get better at using a different weapon or anything you might need help with. While she’s cold and straightforward to everyone else, she’s surprisingly patient when it comes to you and sometimes, on the particularly rough days, quietly reassures you that you did good.
And lastly, Childe. He’s one of the more openly friendly ones that you can have actual normal conversations with. He’s definitely more comfortable with showing affection because of the traveler and his family and such so he’s someone you could go to if you just need a hug and a headpat.
anyways so sorry that this turned into just me rambling or if this is incomprehensible or something 😭
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satorini · 14 hours
Tumblr media
cw/ tw. modern au, fem!reader, jealousy, semi-public sex, fingering, implied fwb to lovers | wc. 900+
an. nothing to add other than enjoy:)
Tumblr media
Everything was fine.
Perfectly fine before Childe came to sit by you, casually planting himself between you and the newest member of your group of friends, Scaramouche. You had rolled your eyes at how childish it was, refusing to react to his blatant jealousy.
Then he’d inconspicuously rested his hand on your knee. You’d jumped at first, and the few people sitting at the table with you glanced at you curiously, including Childe, who gave you a mischievous little smirk. 
Again, you rolled your eyes and chose to ignore whatever was going on in that lizard brain of his.
That didn’t last long, though, when he leaned across you to grab a handful of pretzels, only to lean in close, lips brushing the shell of your ear as he sank back into his seat.
“You look so fucking good in this dress right now.” His voice already sounded hoarse, stretched thin—raw with want—and had you inconspicuously clenching your thighs under the table. “Are you wearing what I bought you underneath? You’d show me, yeah?”
Distantly, you were aware that you weren’t alone. But that didn’t stop the little gasp that escaped past your lips. 
“Childe, knock it off.” You glanced around the table to make sure no one was paying attention, your tensed shoulders relaxing a little when you found everyone too preoccupied with their own conversations.
And Childe already seemed to acknowledge this too. 
“I bet you still taste just as sweet as you did this morning, too. You have no idea how much I want you. It’s making me hard just thinking about it.” At that, you peeked down at his lap to find the prominent bulge pressing against his light-wash jeans. 
“You do?” you said, voice soft when you finally tore your eyes away from his crotch to meet his heated gaze again.
You could tell that he knew your walls were cracking, that it would only take a few sweet words before you finally caved: “You’d let me have another taste, wouldn’t you?”
That was how you found yourself with your thighs parted and one of your legs draped over Childe’s.
You bit your lip, trying to hold back the moan threatening to escape while the rough pad of his middle finger pressed small circles against your panty-clad pussy. His fingers were teasing, exploring sensitive crevices, and retreating when you started arching into his touch.
You couldn’t breathe, practically choking on the torturous pleasure you were receiving. And you wanted to beg. You really did. However, you weren’t prepared to face the mortifying consequences if you were to open your mouth.
It felt like all eyes were on you at that small table, but they were none the wiser to what was currently happening beneath the party-themed tablecloth, still laughing and mingling around the yard as they celebrated Zhongli’s birthday. It wasn’t like it was very obvious, either. 
Childe was turned away from you, currently in the middle of a discussion with the birthday boy himself. You had no clue what they were talking about. You’d stopped paying attention a while ago, really—not that you’d be able to listen if you wanted to with Childe’s fingers turning every spinning thought into air. 
He traced lightly over the covered seam of your lips, and then he was slipping under the silky material of your underwear—his skilled fingers working slippery circles around the bud of your clit. The new sensation forced you to swallow another moan. 
“Childe,” you warned under your breath, grabbing his wrist to stop his movements. But the feel of him patting your sticky, sensitive clit with three fingers cut off all of your protests, forcing you to behave.
A flush crawled up your neck as he explored your slick folds, the loud music and chatter thankfully hiding the wet sounds produced between your legs. 
He did offer some mercy when he noticed the slight quiver in your thighs, and he stopped teasing to focus on your clit. Your hips started rocking forward against his hand slightly, and you prayed nobody noticed—that heat in your belly was almost all-consuming to stop now, too dizzy with need. 
Your abs hurt from hard they were clenching, your legs shaking, all of it culminating into a slow drop. Childe, sensing it, started stroking his fingers frantically against your clit and then pressed firmly and —
The breath you were taking gets caught in your throat, your hands gripping Childe’s wrist and the ledge of the table as you tipped over the precipe. Your legs trembled while you convulsed onto Childe’s hand, and you had to lean into him to keep from falling out of your chair. 
His fingers bring you back down, slowly, rubbing soothingly against your inner thigh as the fog slowly dissipates from your brain. And oh, how you wanted to hear him call you his good girl at that moment—
“Cutie, are you okay?” Lisa asked you from across the table. “You don’t look so good. Your face is pretty flushed.”
All eyes turned towards you then, including the smug little gleam in Childe’s. 
“Yeah,” you squeaked out before standing up hastily. You pulled Childe up with you, not caring that it was the hand still covered in your sticky-wet slick. “I just remembered that I need Childe’s help with something.”
Only a few were dumb enough to believe that lie. However, Lisa smirked to herself as she watched the couple practically run toward the house.
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lishumood · 2 days
genshin boys when i wanna feel sad
I wanted to feel some truly delicious angst. Most of it will have little to no closure. Some vague forms of death and abuse I suppose. All gender-neutral terms. I need to finish up three papers, a presentation, three quizzes and prepare for finals next week so this is my version of procrastinating.
Aether: He’s going to leave one day. When he finds his sister, once they’re reunited, he’ll leave and never look back. When people are done traveling, their final destination is home, right? Home was never with you.
Albedo: He tells you given that he is a homunculus, he already has a short life-span. You never knew what that meant but in a very real sense, you knew exactly what it meant. The day Albedo died was a normal, snowy day in Dragonspine. From afar, one would think he’s just asleep with his face in his hand. But he isn’t asleep.
Al-haitham: There were signs, of course. There were always signs that he was never really loyal to you. Physically, yes, he was loyal. But once people find a cause, they live to serve it. You were never a part of his cause. 
Ayato: Traditions were sacred, something unchanged. He says he loves you but the ring isn’t on your hand. He says he loves you but the parade down the streets aren’t for the two of you.. or you at all. He says he loves you but doesn’t make an effort to break traditions.
Bennett: Bad luck this, bad luck that. You never really believed it, called it hooey. Turns out, it was very much real. Especially as you stared quietly at the stars above you, everything turning cold and blurry. You remember scaring him as a prank—‘You’ll be the death of me!” Turns out, it was the other way around...
Chongyun: It was how he lashed out at you that scared you. He’s always been able to control high-intense emotions. But he was running out of his popsicles and instead of fainting from the pent-up emotions, he lashed out on you. There’s a scar from the icicle that burned your cheek. It was the last time you saw him.
Cyno: He always said that he was never blindly subservient to the rules and regulations of the Akedemiya. But he’ll let you fall if the Archon says so. He’ll let you burn if it meant saving Sumeru. Yet you wonder why no tears come to your eyes as you watch him grow further and further from your sight, as they take you away.
Dainslief: He’ll always hate you. He hated you when your body convulsed and doubled over in pain as the curse took over your soul. He hated you as you cried and beg for him to hold you. He hated you as he held you in his arms, withering in true agony. He especially hated you when you told him that you wanted things to end. He’ll always hate you... No matter the fact that it was his sword in your chest, no matter if the tears slipped down his face. He’ll... always hate you....
Diluc: He didn’t notice your presence. It was you that had approached him, that made all the first moves. But when it became clear that you were never a priority, you had disappeared. Then he noticed, then he said sorry, but his eyes never held love. It was pity. Pity that he knew he’ll never change... pity that you knew that too.
Gorou: You don’t know how long it's been since you’ve seen him. You were supposed to be sent to Narukami Island. But you land somehow in Tsurumi Island. You know its Tsurumi because of the ghastly figures that walk aimlessly around you. You can’t leave— you’ve tried but everything has kept you here. Based on the number of etched lines on the stone slab, it’s been coming close to a year since you last saw Gorou. You wonder if he thinks you’re dead....
Itto: Kuki tells you that Itto’s gone. How could he be gone when his body is right here? She says something about a bizarre chasm, something about souls, something about memory. Doesn’t matter because Itto lays quietly in the bed before you. Quiet... was never really Itto’s thing. You’ll spend your whole life waiting for a man that’ll never return.
Kaeya: He told you that you were his first love, his first person to ever break open his exterior. But Mondstadt is on fire and all you smell is as, all you hear is the crackles and whips of every flame trying to desperately take you. Khaenri’ah was his first love... and he chose them over you.
Kazuha: He says he’ll be back. Sometimes it’ll be days, sometimes it’ll be weeks, sometimes it’ll be months. And then he’s back. Everything is the same again. Then he’s gone and the cycle starts over again and again and again and again and again—
Razor: His parents come back, and your heart is full. All the things he’s ever loved in life is back at home, back in Mondstadt. But his parents want to continue exploring, they want to take their son. He doesn’t hesitate to go, even as tears slip down your face. There was no hesitation on Razor’s face.
Scaramouche: "Kneel before your God”. The fear seeps into your skin as flicks of electricity travel from your feet and hands up to the tips of your ear. How ignorant were you to assume that a God could ever love one person?
Tartaglia (Childe): You never cared about the blood that stained his clothes. You’ve always accepted him for who he is— even as he stepped forward, two blades in his hand. His love for you never amounted anything to the thrill of the fight, especially after finding out just how much power you wield. He loved you, yes but he would love to defeat you more.
Tighnari: You’ve always known you were a bit too slow. Tighnari was always patient... supposedly. It was one more comment that had him spit that out— “how dumb can you be?” When he didn’t look back, you turned around and walked back in shame.
Thoma: You were happy to hear that he could finally go back to Mondstadt. He wanted to take you, but you said no— you had a family, you had siblings to care for. He respected it and it was more than enough for both of you. But ships never leave the docks... The seas had a mind of its own as it clawed its way towards inland. Thoma never made it out to the sea, and you lost... 
Venti: He was fun to be with, fun to drink with. But that changed when the Heavenly Principles declared a new world. He had told you of his true identity and you took it in stride... until you saw him level Mondstadt without remorse. Those weren’t the eyes of the man you once loved.
Xiao: When the adepti stopped looking over Liyue’ shoulders, you thought that this was it, that Xiao will finally be free of his past debts, that you’ll be together. But the past has a way of dragging people towards itself, even if they fight against it. You can see it in his eyes— he’s still in the past and he can never move forward with you.
Xingqiu: He talks a lot about the heroes in the books that he’s read. Chivalry, justice, heroism, etc. etc. Most people would like to be heroic in some sense, whether it be literal or metaphorically. He asks about your family, and you lie, saying something about how they all passed away. In your heart though, you know where your family is— they’re stealing and killing somewhere in the deserts of Sumeru. You wonder would he still care for you if he knew the truth? If he knew that you too once lived the life as your family.
Zhongli: It’s subtle, at first. Zhongli had forgotten to make you a cup of tea. He apologized and you didn’t pay any mind. But the days go by and it’s more painfully obvious that there’s something wrong. “... I must apologize but... may I ask who you are?” Hu Tao said it was something called corrosion, but it didn’t explain why he had only forgot you.
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dat-bruv-person · 3 days
𓆩♡𓆪 preparing for Christmas with them!
a/n: this is part of the #fluffvember2022 event that I was tagged in, my first one actually, so I hope you guys enjoy and check out the other works of the authors! Happy Fluffvember! @maehemthemisfit , here is the fic.
gn!reader, poc!reader friendly <3
_________ ׂׂૢ་༘࿐
Lisa puts bells on her hat to make it look suitable for the festive season and decorates the library for Christmas. Miss Librarian here also puts away the purple and replaces is with a not so modest red dress all the way from 20th December till Jesus's b-day. Stockings, fishnets: she likes to switch it up. She knows you like to make time to see her, so she when she sees you coming she quickly hangs up the mistletoe above the door where you come in. Whether that gets you flustered or not is up to you, but a makeout session beneath the doorway shall be had nonetheless. After her library closes, you can bet that you two are having hot chocolate next to the fireplace and Christmas tree.
Ayato doesn't celebrate Christmas, so the Kamisato estate isn't decorated for the occasion. Who do you think they are? Commoners? Well no, obviously, but there is a tree in Lord Kamisato's office! Just a small one! You help him decorate it: it's going to have tiny baubles and tinsel to lighten up the mood, even just a little bit. Ayato wants to explore the holiday with you, so he's open to any suggestions like drinking hot chocolate together or watching movies. If you guys do try it, tell me how it went.
Ah, Lady Guuji of the Grand Narukami Shrine. She's very interested in this mortal holiday, and spending it with you this year shall be even more exciting! Whether you're a fantastical being like her or Ei, or you're regular human as mentioned, it doesn't matter. She's going to have lots of fun with you. Yae Miko insists on decorating the Shrine with you, but it's more like her watching you do it whilst you flex your body to get in the nooks and crannies. Trust me, she's enjoying the view. If you beg her enough, she'll give in to your whining and wear baubles instead of her usual earrings. You can't tell anyone though, it's your little secret. Christmas cuddles are a must. Contrary to popular belief, she's very cuddly and possessive. Sure, she likes to tease you, but she's nice! She's also your's.
Zhongli goes Christmas shopping with you in November. He's seen the rush, and the fights, and the deals. He's not going through that. Yes, you'll have to pay more and you guys will look weird but that's okay. You guys will have the last laugh when you see the many Liyueans groan in realisation. Like Ayato and Yae Miko, he's never celebrated this holiday, but since this is his first year living as a human, he has to fit in. Your husband/boyfriend/fiancé makes different teas for you to taste test. Cinnamon tea, peppermint tea, pumpkin spice. You name it, he attempts to make it. Soon, your stuffed with tea and can't drink anymore! Oh well, a movie marathon can help you digest all of that.
Yelan doesn't see the significance of this holiday. Yeah... excuse her, she's a bit insensitive about this. That doesn't mean she doesn't care, she'll take a look at your wishlist and buy every single thing on that list. You add something later? That's fine. 💸 money noises. 💸 You take something off there? 💸 refund noises. 💸 She's not the most affectionate, nor the best with words, but she is trying her best to show you that she loves you. Otherwise, why would she be with you in the first place? Anyway, I should probably mention that she's a secret sucker for Christmas rom-coms. I mean, two idiots beat around the bush and eventually fall in love with a festive theme. What more could you want??
Xiao doesn't see the point. Why do so many people on this list not celebrate Christmas or any kind of holiday??? Should've rethought who I was writing for. But!! But. Hear me out. You make him cinnamon almond tofu. Oh my goodness, hand in marriage right now. Or better. You join him in being a Yaksha and have your wedding over the graves of the dead Yakshas to make it seem like they're your guests. He would love you forever and ever and ever. Also: you guys have snowball fights for every day that it snows. Keep him from eating the snow though, okay? Xiao probably has no sense of self-control when it comes to snow. Put a santa hat on him and you really are done! He has so much fun though, he'll ask every day of December if it's Christmas yet and doesn't sleep on Christmas Eve at all.
Childe + baking gingerbread since he is a ginger = perfection. You, him and Tuecer soooo make cookies for Santa, or in this case Ded Moroz. Search him up, he's cool. Carrots for the reindeer and milk for the jolly fat man in the sky, you guys are all set. Sleepovers! Basically, you guys prepare for Christmas with his family. Instead of actually sleeping, you guys may be sharing soft kisses under the blankets of the pillow fort, but they don't need to know that... Childe is really grateful to have you, you make everything so much fun! Decorating the tree with him is a blast, and you've got yourself a fan when you put the star on the tree without being lifted up <- Tuecer is the fan by the way.
Miss Shenhe is clueless with the concept of holidays itself: you've got to give her the best time ever. First, you two get some matching sweaters - that's the bare minimum. She seems to like matching with you, protectively holding your arm in the fear of you leaving her and matching with someone else. Don't worry babes, [name] wouldn't leave you like that. You can stop being jealous now. You need to take her to the Christmas markets! She's going to be so bewildered, walking around being offered sweets and crackers and goodies! She feels... normal. Accepted. Shenhe has already deemed Christmas her favourite season. Pick out trees with her, take it back to her abode and decorate it with the many pinecone and candy canes and tinsel you found. She offers to put tinsel around your neck and- oh? Is that a smile coming from our crane on the wind? Aww <3
Kazuha knows what this holiday is, he used to celebrate it with Tomo when they were both in Inazuma together. But now he has you. That's all he needs. He's so cheeky! Throwing snowballs at you and pretending he doesn't know what you're talking about? The nerve! This is war. You guys just walk hand in hand along the path with pine trees, shaping snow into tiny ornaments and putting them on the trees, only for them to fall down and you both laugh. You guys take in stray cats and sneak them on board Beidou's ship. She doesn't mind, but she thinks 10 cats is more than enough. The ship itself is full of life, and Kazuha definitely seems to know a lot of Christmas folk tales. The lights are amber, carols are being sung. This is how your prepare for Christmas.
Once again, thank you for letting me participate in this event, and if there are any other events then hit me up you know?
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Tumblr media
○ TITLE: caught masturbating + bdsm/rough sex (kinktober prompt)
○ WHAT'S UP AHEAD?: childe x amab!reader; nsfw, begging, dacryphila, begging, rough sex, spanking/whipping, restraints, sensory depravation, 'punishment', size difference, belly bulge, overstimulation, marking, bottom genshin men, top reader; 0.9k words
○ AUTHOR'S NOTE: i think we can all agree childe is a masochistic slut. about time i wrote something similar to my theme, no? i think i got carried away though.
Tumblr media
He was so close.
So close to holding himself back on touching himself until you return, to wait patiently for you and receive his reward for being a good boy. But he couldn't help it. Not when just by thinking about you turns him on so much.
Your voice, your eyes, the way your lips feel against his freckled skin, your big hands— gosh, he just loves the way you absolutely dwarfed him. It sends inexplicable chills up his spine and down to his cock. Everything about you makes him so excited, especially with how easily you manhandle him, be it in bed or on the battlefield.
And he should've gone by your rules when you were really adamant about him following them. Sure, you knew he was a brat, but you promised a big reward for him once you return. That should've enchanted him to follow your rules for once. Well, that's what you thought.
What you don't know won't hurt, right? But what Childe didn't expect was you walking in his room all of a sudden while he was fucking into his fist and fingers deep inside his hole. He was beautifully splayed out for you to see too. Teary eyes, red face, and trembling thighs, but by the way how frantically he was thrusting into his clenched fist and his leaking cock, you knew he was struggling to come on his own.
You were proud of it too since your little whore can't possibly reach the same high as he does with you and you only. But then again, he broke the only rule you gave him while you were away, so you merely sighed in disappointment and ignored Childe's pleas.
If he held himself back a little bit longer, he wouldn't be receiving your devastating punishments. And while Childe greatly enjoyed them, he's always left shaking and unable to walk for days on end with how you're extra rough on him when he breaks a rule. You'd fuck him until he's reduced to mush, and continue being absolutely mean to him while you pound your massive cock that he loves so much inside of him.
But this punishment was different than the others he's experienced. Usually, they deprived him of what he wanted, and sometimes, you'd give in because he's irresistible like that. Right now though? Childe can't tell if he likes being punished more than regular sex at this point.
Rope bounded his arms on his back, tied across his chest in a way he's never seen before. It was tight, and it dug into his skin deliciously, making his nipples harder than before. His chest never felt so sensitive, especially when you whipped with them a crop. Each strike earned a loud cry from Childe, his chest heaving and lightly covered in sweat, red and bruised.
Archons, you're driving him insane, and the blindfold you had around his eyes, blocking his vision and another rule you wished for him not to break made is not helping. "Not a word," You ordered, not having spoken ever since, and he obediently did so, only allowed him to let out his slutty moans and cries of immense pleasure.
You grabbed onto the ropes on his chest and tugged on them, making him drool at the sensations all over his body, but so desperate for more before he passes out. His tears dampened the blindfold whilst he clenched on you like a vice, a pool of his cum on his stomach. He can't take it, it was all too much.
Childe wanted to see you. To touch you, to wrap his arms around you, to hear you order him around, or call him a whore, your whore. Anything at this point! He whimpered, legs resting on your shoulders and reaching deeper inside of him. He could feel you bulging the bottom of his tummy and he needs to touch it.
You were merciless this time, hoping you would teach him a lesson about obedience. But with how much your slut is enjoying his punishment, you'd doubt that he'd ever follow the rules anymore. Upon hearing your dark chuckle, his breath quickened, whining for you.
"Go ahead," You purred in his ear, making him shudder in delight and cock twitch, "Speak up." In contrast to how you're fucking him right now, your voice was soft and unwavering, while he was choking on his own words.
"P-please!" He immediately begged, arching his back prettily and keening when the tip of your cock continuously assaulted his prostate. "L-let me touch- ahn! Let me s-see you- please please, please, k-kiss me! I'll b-be good- o-ohh! Fuck!" He pleaded in between moans, his voice a pitch higher as he came once more onto his stomach, reaching up to his chest.
Your thrusts never relented though and just kept fucking him, kissing his jaw down to his neck fervently. Your lips were so hot against his skin, he felt like he was burning. "T-too much!!" He shrieked when you land another strike of your crop onto his chest, then on his plump ass.
"Too much?" You scoffed, watching him pathetically cry and come undone once more, groaning softly in his ear when he tightened on your cock. Childe always felt so good, whether you're using his mouth or his hole, so warm and wet, only for you. "Should've thought about the consequences before you do something foolish, dear."
Childe could only whimper, body trembling uncontrollably as tears endlessly streamed down his cheeks, slowly losing himself to the pleasure only you could ever make him experience. Sinking your teeth and sucking on his freckled skin, you left multiple marks on him with a satisfied grin on your face.
"I'll fuck you until your inside is the shape of my cock, Ajax. Begging won't get you anywhere."
Childe could only moan again and again, slowly growing more addicted to you.
Tumblr media
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axulex · 2 days
I just violently sobbed while eating croissants while listening to lady gaga all at the same time at 2am ... I can't tell if I should be concerned or proud that I've achieved the ultimate fucking mood ☠️🤙
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reilliane · 9 hours
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Hearths Dendro & Hydro are never not at each other's throats fr
(HCs utc)
This was supposed to be an art post of its own but I couldn't help but slot in a few headcanons that gets these two dorms grinding each other's nerves when it comes to MC/[Name] lol:
Regardless of whether you belong to Hearth Hydro or not, the men here will always kiss your hand as greeting (Not so often for Ajax, but he does it if he spots a certain pair). Who would've thought that such chivalrous acts prevail until today; the modern age?
Alhaitham and Kaveh blanches whenever they see it happening, but shuts up when- hey now, why do you look like that- did you enjoy it or something?! Kaveh says it's preposterous but Ajax is all 'I dunno, it made [Name] smile tho >;)' and the former retreats in annoyance ajhdjakdhjakdkas
Hearths Hydro and Dendro never really get into physical altercations, preferring to settle things through academic means; debates, projects, you name it! Ajax suffers in this the most (much to the smug responses of Al and Kaveh), so the ginger gets thoroughly invigorated when it comes to event games and contests.
Tighnari isn't easily pressed and persuaded into joining whatever passive aggressive fiasco his 'lummoxes' of hearthmates have, well aware that Hearthleader Buer may be disappointed. But even he has his time being sassy, particularly at a bad day, or when Xingqiu manages to get under his skin. Don't be so concerned over their "Are you mocking me?" , "Am I?", really! They're both... 'neutral' :)
Sometimes, this rivalry (the ladies do not partake in it, they're very cordial) expands past the academic bubble. Are you cold? Expect two cloaks being extended your way—Alhaitham and Ayato, respective Masters of their Hearths, will smile your way, but their gazes are heavily pointed at one another. They'll lose the chance to actually hand it to you because they've gotten busy with their passive aggressive comments. When they break it off, you are already enshrouded in a different cloak, and Electro's Master, Cyno, is already walking away with a tiny smirk.
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lume-nosity · 3 days
spending christmas with them
Tumblr media
characters: arataki itto, tartaglia, beidou, venti, kamisato ayaka, cyno, noelle, ei, xiao, hu tao, kazuha, tighnari, albedo
style: fluff/crack
pronouns: they/them
song inspo: holly jolly christmas - burl ives
an: fuck everything i’m feeling festive rn. i’ve written this at the start of november & i might do more of these but it’s not guaranteed unless i feel like doing more. (i can’t write for the majority of these characters because it’s my first time branching out for more characters so apologies for any ooc moments (even though i’ve specified that so many times FHWHFH))
notes: reader is gender neutral, not proofread, lowercase intended, this is in scenario/hc form, swearing, this is obviously going to be ooc & weird since i want to fuck around with the christmas prompt, not really an x reader on the last portion but reader was briefly mentioned, last portion was lazily written
Tumblr media
you in snowball fights with itto, tartaglia, and beidou
just imagine tartaglia going ‘a perfect backdrop for bloodshed.’ this is what he was referring to.
itto’s like ‘OH HELL YEAH!!- wait- hold on- nobody’s going to be bleeding anything here. it’ll allll be just some friendly competition!’
and beidou’s like ‘ha, big guy, i’m pretty sure he didn’t mean actual bloodshed.’
while the two of them weren’t looking, you and tartaglia made some snowballs. giving each other a sneering look, before you threw your snowballs at itto and his at beidou.
itto completely flabbergasted and beidou had a scary bloodlust look on her face as she wipes the snow off of her face.
‘oh, you’re on.’
it’ll literally be the four of you guys hurling snowballs at each other, making a loud ruckus but who cares!!
beidou with her skilled snowball throws and itto with his quick and reckless ones omg, the sheer difference
tartaglia is pretty serious in fights, even if it’s a snowball fight. any fight is fun to him yk? so expect him do tricks and shit with his throws
“say, you guys aren’t bad yourselves.”
“haha, you flatter me captain. you guys are up to par with my skills, which is impressive. and i want to see more of that.”
“uhhh is this battle talk or something??”
and then you’re just having the time of your life hurling multiple snowballs at a time towards the opposing team, laughing your ass off at the same time
venti trying to open up his gifts before it’s time but was stopped by cyno and ayaka’s a witness
imagine venti just sitting down on a chair with ayaka sitting right next to him in her own chair.
venti’s just leaning in his seat in boredom while ayaka peacefully sips her hot cocoa. until venti had the bright idea of opening their gifts early.
‘psst. hey. let’s open up our gifts before everyone else.’
ayaka, who sets her cup down and glanced towards him, ‘huh? but y/n told us to not open them yet.’
‘aw come on, it’ll be okay! look, we’ll get to be the first ones to know what we got!’
ayaka looks away for a bit before sighing and turned back to him, ‘i apologize. i cannot.’
venti pouts, and said ‘oh okay then.. your loss~’
venti jumps off of his chair to make his way towards the tree behind them as ayaka watches him. she sees him bend down to his gift, admiring it. ayaka notices a presence coming towards him. it was very hidden she couldn’t make it out to be someone. but before she tries to warn him, venti was stopped by a familiar general’s narrowed gaze.
‘what are you doing.’
‘ah, if it isn’t the general mahamatra! i wasn’t doing anything. ehe~’
‘we were specifically ordered by y/n to not open up our gifts until they say it’s okay. if you didn’t get the memo, allow me to rephrase it,’ *cue his intimidating look from his teaser* ‘in a way you’re able to understand.’
ayaka squeaked a bit by how terrifying cyno’s aura is, she made a mental note to not fuck with the mahamatra.
in conclusion, venti is done for in terms of stern lectures and ‘whatnot’ from cyno LMFAO
noelle teaching xiao and ei on how to make gingerbread houses as hu tao makes her little gingerbread haunted house in the background
ngl, noelle is more than happy and very honored to teach xiao and ei. while also shitting herself inside because she’s teaching the best of the best and she doesn’t want to mess things up
but ei would be so into it. she’ll be like ‘oh! so this piece would be here? and i can add some of these sweetish assortments to top it off?’ and noelle, who snapped out of her thoughts went: ‘ah! yes, that’s right. get the glue to your left and stick those together. you are free to apply as many sweets as you want!’ ei is probably fighting the urge to eat the gumdrops and other sweets laying around for her house tbh
xiao is just watching them at a respectable distance with his arms crossed, leaning against the wall while observing their actions. he couldn’t quite understand the concept of ‘christmas’ since he’s never celebrated it before. he didn’t want to interfere since he’s afraid of what’s to happen should he try to participate. but having to see the people he holds dear enjoying it, he’s at ease.
‘adeptus xiao, would you like to join us?’
xiao glanced at her from the sound of his name, though a bit confused as to why noelle was formal around him, so he told her: ‘just call me xiao. and no, i’m alright with only observing.’
ei turned around, with a gumdrop in her mouth, ‘you should try this festivity! it may be foreign, but i was told this is a one time thing during this time of year. so i believe it’ll be best if you’ll join us.’
xiao grimaced a bit, ‘no. didn’t you hear me the first time? i’m alright with watching you do..whatever it is that you’re doing in case one of you get injured. i must always stay vigilant, no matter the scenario.’
hu tao who paused in making her original gingerbread haunted house barged her way into the conversation and added, ‘mr. grumpy old xiao, you don’t have to always be like that! look, it’s christmas! a time where we all gather around and spend all day doing all sorts of fun activities! you just lazing about in the background, doesn’t make you fun at parties.’ she giggled a bit.
xiao, pretending he never heard of the name he was given by hu tao, groaned quietly, ‘you…’ he sighed again.
‘xiao, you don’t have to force yourself to do something you aren’t comfortable with doing, it’s okay. we can just-‘
‘i will do it.’ ‘huh?’ ‘i will do it. i will accompany you in whatever activity you call it.’
noelle and ei sighed a breath of relief as hu tao went back to what she’s doing. xiao is in for a repeat of what’s to come in the art of making a gingerbread house. no matter, as long as he’s enjoying it even if it’s far from his familiarity. none of them were aware of the tiny smile that’s growing from his lips.
albedo, kazuha, and tighnari staying up to admire the snow outside, but albedo had the bright idea that they’d all sketch out the scenery and is willing to teach them how to draw
guys listen, i want them all to interact okay
they’re all just chilling next to the fireplace in silence, looking outside your window to see snowflakes glaze the glass.
until kazuha complimented the snow because that’s just him
“wouldn’t you all agree that snow is an entranced sight to see? everything is coated in white, and the atmosphere has transfigured to peace and solitude.
while tighnari has sparkles in his eyes because he’s never seen snow like that (ahem referring to his voicelines)
“wow… snow never fails to look this eye-catching. in fact, from where i’m from, it’s always so humid. and it’d be nice to get this once in a while. not only is it a captivating sight, it’s also much cooler compared to deserts.”
albedo’s just sketching the sight in his little sketchbook you gave him as a present
‘yes. might i suggest we sketch out the scenery laying before us?”
the two glanced at albedo, both confused at the request
kazuha: “ah… i’m not particularly skilled in the art of drawing, ironic enough. i’m around the lines of an amateur artist.”
tighnari: “if you count little doodles or scribbles, then yes. otherwise.. i can’t draw.”
“that’s no problem. i’m willing to teach you, if you both are interested in the offer.”
the two looked at each other before a soft smile was plastered on both of their faces, both piqued by the offer.
“from the silence and your expressions, i’m going to assume you’re both interested.”
albedo ripped two pieces of paper out of his sketchbook and lends them both a pencil (that came from his magical pockets)
“now then, allow me to walkthrough the basics.”
imagine tighnari’s ears,, like how they perk up or do a little ‘fwip’ because of how focused he is in drawing. while kazuha is the same, with his eyes squinting and using his pencil in a gentle, and careful manner. while listening closely all at the same time.
albedo’s ‘tutoring’ voice,,, enough to make someone fall asleep on the clock
okay i’m leaving the rest up to you guys because my brain is melting (in a good way)
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thenyxsky · 3 days
“I love you,” he tells you. His arms tighten around your body. Your hands, with a touch that is impossibly gentle, flatten the curls atop his head, twirl the hair by his nape between each finger. The gentleness comes to you as easily as breathing.
You stretch down to seethe into his ear: “Liar.”
Then he sinks deeper into your touch.
(Neither of you settle. There’s no point. He’ll be gone before the sunlight hits the curtains.)
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wraitingtoyou · 22 hours
Reasons you dated the Genshin men
Includes: Diluc, Dainsleif, Ayato, Xiao, Zhongli, Kaveh, Kazuha, Heizou, Alhaitham, Venti, Cyno, Tighnari, Baizhu, Dottore, Pantalone, Venti, Thoma, Itto, Albedo, Scaramouche.
They were funny af you'd be crying because you have an assignment due tmrw and they pull up with the worst jokes to make you feel better and it's so bad it makes you laugh somehow
Childe, ITTO, kazuha, Cyno ofc, Kaveh.
•RIZZ 100
They were just smooth at everything that made you smirk y'know like "Boy you know what you doing right?" "You know damn well that I do" sheeeesh 10/10
AYATO, Kaeya, Pantalone, HEIZOU.
•Very nice and cute ppl
They were just really nice and sweet in general so you couldn't resist the urge to confess I mean if anyone else took the precious mans away you'd regret it
CYNO, Kazuha, Thoma
They were just so elegant and dashing and cool you knew you had to bag them before anybody else did.
DILUC, Zhongli, Albedo.
•Sexual tension
It started with stink eyes and eye rolls to bickering to ooo you wanna kiss me so bad it makes you look stupid yeah and what if I do? Boom dating now 💀
ALHAITHAM, Scaramouche, Xiao, Dottore.
•Always fun
It was always fun around them you never needed a social battery to enjoy your time with them in the first place, which gave you the feeling it would be comfortable to be with them for the rest of your lives too.
Heizou, Kaveh, Venti.
He was just always caring with you and you both bonded in every conversation whether you understood or not as if you were smitten for him.
Tighnari, Dainsleif, Baizhu.
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How Genshin Men deal with an S/O on their period
I couldn't be bothered to pick just three or make two versions so I'm doing like 7 in one.
afab reader, fem pronouns, mentions of blood (duh), mentions of cramps
Characters: Kaeya, Diluc, Tartaglia, Xiao, Zhongli, Cyno, Tighnari
The day your period starts he really doesn't have to ask to figure it out.
You walk into knights hq crabby and irritable, looking distinctly uncomfortable
a part of him wants to go get the chocolate just to fuck with you but self-preservation the nicer side of him wins when he sees flashes of pain under the grumpiness. He gets chocolate anyway, but delivers it without a quip about your mood
Instead he runs over to the cathedral to pick up some pain meds and finds something warm for you to use.
When the two of you get home, he does tease a little--good naturedly and he accepts the resulting light smack with grace--but also massages your lower stomach. he also cooks and does the dishes.
Probably ok with taking care of any during-period horniness which you appreciate greatly
There are a thousand reasons why Diluc is an amazing boyfriend
During that time of the month, one of the big ones is his hands
You never need to go find a heating pad or the Teyvat equivalent thereof. If Diluc is around and sees you cramping, he'll walk up behind you and place a vision warmed hand on your stomach.
It feels heavenly.
Like Kaeya he makes sure someone else does the chores so you can sit and rest and take advantage of his hands and vision
100% best at cuddling. You fall asleep a lot while using him as a heating pad, which really warms his heart. Adelinde has pictures of him smiling at a sleeping you during those naps
He has a sister and a mom, he knows what's up
As soon as he realizes that it's that time of the month he goes into "best bf ever" mode
Chocolate, heating pads, making sure you have everything you need
He's actually a little protective during this time of the month
You don't let it stop you from doing things, but he has a habit of tagging along. periods are hell and you're not in peak condition so he wants to be able to be there if something does go wrong
It can be a little annoying, but it's good to know that mother nature's bullshit isn't going to get you killed
Honestly, I see him being really good at handling your periods, but he has a learning curve
it's not something that gets talked about in public
He's aware that they happen, vaguely, but it's not until several months after your start dating that he walks in on you bent over double and cursing rather colorfully that he connects the dots and realizes that you bleed once a month
He got you to bed, because that's all he could think of to do, before going to talk to Madam Ping. He figured that Madam Ping is female and has dealt a lot with human females, so she must know something and she won't laugh because the "mysterious, all knowing Zhongli" is at a loss for what to do.
Actually, she does laugh a bit, because it's rare to see Zhongli like that, but she's also very forth coming
He's not really very happy that his y/n is so uncomfortable for so long every month, but he does his best to make it easier
Like Zhongli, not bad after the first one
Holy shit though, he freaked out the first time you had your period around him
He came to wake you up to go hunting and found you sleeping a patch of blood and just freezes. He doesn't know about periods so he just assumed that you were injured and dying
Xiao was very confused when you woke up, saw him freaking out and started laughing. How are you laughing when you're bleeding"
"Xiao, Xiao. I'm fine this happens every month."
You have him get you a clean pair of panties and go change your underwear before explaining about periods
Poor guy is still so confused.
He's very clingy, you'd think he was the one shedding a ton of blood every month. But you're ok with that. He's very helpful. As soon as he knows what you need he's happy to make sure you have it and archons help anyone who fucks with you.
Cyno is a little weirded out by it, if I'm honest.
It's not that he has an issue with blood, far from it. It's that how are you not dead from blood loss. And how the fuck do you do this every month?
The first time he actually ran to get Tighnari, because no one should bleed that much and not die.
Tighnari--already on his way with your monthly dose of Teyvat's version of Midol-- laughs his tail off at Cyno's face. Of course he explains, because he's not sure you have the patience to deal with Cyno at the moment.
Even after that, he's still not totally on board with the idea that you can bleed that much and die.
That being said, he's never an ass about it and he's remarkably helpful. No one ever teases you about it because they know that Cyno would probably zap them for it and you never lack for the necessities.
Tighnari, on the other hand, is wonderful during your period
A) he knows how to make Teyvat's version of Midol, which is a life saver and B) he's not at all weirded out
When you're cramping or nauseous or just feeling off he sits you on his lap and wraps his tail around your middle. Even lets you pet his tail.
The downside is that he's so busy chasing idiots in the forest and dealing with Withering Zones, that he's not often there to help. He tries to make time, but sometimes he's just not there to lend you his tail.
He does make it up to you, though, by absolutely doting on you when he is around
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maaarshieee · 2 days
Tumblr media
I just had a horrible angst idea so imma just put this out here for someone else to take the reigns because, for one, I am NOT going to write angst again just yet! I blame Weekly anon for this tbh /j
cw: blood, mentions of killing, gore, insanity, angst, implied possible death
Tumblr media
He's had many regrets in his life, but nothing beats any of those more than them. He merely wanted to help them, because he thought it would be for the best. He thought it would be a good idea for them to learn how to defend themselves, pushing themselves to their limits and testing them, and inviting them to his plans.
But he was wrong. So wrong.
What once his lover, is now an empty shell of what they were. They lusted for battle. For bloodshed. The cries of the innocent, and the sight of chaos, all created by their own two hands. They served a new selfish purpose; to kill. They still loved him, or so they proclaimed.
But their soft, gentle kisses became rough and painful, and the loving, tender hugs they'd share became a power struggle for dominance. He could see the grin on their lips, but it wasn't the same smile he grew to love. Then comes your hot breath against his skin, whispering a Thank you to him, and the way he shuddered wasn't out of delight. No, it was out of uncharacteristic fear. Of them.
They had the same name as his lover. Same features, the same voice, same figure. But he had never felt so distant from them. It felt like it was as if they were a stranger.
It was then he realized he loved them for who they were before they lost themselves into the path of madness. Before he had thought they were doing this for their sake. It was his fault. He pushed them to the edge, he led them to a life filled with agony that they now thrived on.
He loved the simplicity of it all. The serenity their smiles brought, the soft touches they'd give him against his skin, their loving gaze— what have he done?
And to be at the end of their blade? He surrendered. Because he could never bring them any more harm, for he has done enough. He wishes he could turn back time, to cherish who they were back then, before he selfishly ruined it.
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