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sober-pepper · 19 days ago
Ace, holding a hand out: Hey, Yuu. Wanna dance with a cool guy?
Yuu: I'd love to. Where is he?
Ace (-_-) (^^,) Yuu
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mrs-schoenheit · a month ago
Yuu : Do you want this handful of moss?
Ace: Why the fuck would I want a handful of moss
Deuce: Well shit you coulda just said “No”
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luxthestrange · 3 months ago
TWST Incorrect quotes #2
Yuu, to Grim: My life is in the hands of an idiot! Grim, motioning to himself and Ace&Deuce: No no no no no, THREE idiots!?
Tumblr media
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rs-wonderland · 3 months ago
Sam: Would Yuu please come to the front desk?
Yuu walk to the desk: What is it Sam?
*Sam point at Ace and Deuce*
Sam: I believe they belong to you. -_-
Ace and Deuce: We got lost...
Yuu: Wtf! I didn't even bring you guys with me-
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honey-milk-depresso · 6 months ago
The Magic Student in a Magicless College (1)
The reverse AU, where the MC (Yuu / Y/n but I’ll use Yuu-) is the magic kid and what happens to our dear magicless students of NRC.
I think I might continue this series, but like- later- enjoy this one first! ^^
Well that was surely unexpected of someone just teleporting out of the bathroom toilet-
And chasing after a fire breathing cat- holy crap-
The rest of the students gathered in the Assembly Hall lost their marbles and scrambled in a frenzy panic, with Yuu casting (and cursing) spells at the runaway cat (?), their spells almost hitting a certain redhead.
Ace, after the incident, came walking over to Yuu (who was accepted regardless of the mess they have caused) and Grim (the new class pet- /hj), confronted them about almost burning his uniform.
Ace was just your regular basketball player in the school’s team, and his other friend, Deuce, was in the Track and Field club. 
Jack has never heard of beastmen before, but he admitted he was into werewolf horror movies from old CD movies he pops in. (Imagine Jack, Leona and Ruggie without animal ears- holy shi-)
The Adeuce combo (and perhaps a lot of students-) asked Yuu many questions of what a magic school is like, referencing magic academy, fantasy books they read by authors of famous fiction.
“Do they have owls, cats or frogs required in school?” “Do you guys really play ‘Quidditch’?” “Have you flew on a broom before?” “Do you guys use wands?” Question after question made Yuu wonder how the world they are in now view magic as such... argh...
Dorms in this magicless NRC are quite funny to you. They are just big campuses with no twisting staircases, floating vases, aquariums, grassland or big thorn vines. They were just regular dorms in this world.
Yuu stayed in the vacant and small room of an unused floor in the dormitory of Heartslabyul where it was said that it was haunted. Yuu scoffed, stating they have seen and fought ghosts before, triggering the interest of their friends.
What now-
The magic student’s, well, magic and broom sure came in handy in many situations: Doing dorm spring cleaning very quickly, helping Trey bake with more convenience with your magic taking care of other ingredients, rushing to classes with Adeuce and Grim on your fast flying broom stick, pranking the professors, and just a whole lot of fun.
The fun tricks and knacks students adapted in the college without the use of magic fascinated Yuu with the incredible amount of creativity the students have, wondering if they could apply so back in their own world.
There were some subjects that were unfamiliar and familiar to the subjects they have back in Yuu’s world like Chemistry was like Alchemy, regular PE games like badminton was far different from broom flying class. History here is so different from the prodigy wizards Yuu have learnt in Magic History, and Hall Period was seriously unnecessary-
Something tells me Yuu is going to have far more fun in this seemingly boring world. At first sight at least.
Reblogs help! ^^
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satanscatsworld · 6 months ago
Ace: Hey Prefect!
MC: Yes?
Ace: Can someone breathe inside a washing machine while it’s on?
MC: Where’s Grim?
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natsukicookies · 4 months ago
Can I borrow your phone?
Type: fluff and soft. || GN!reader
Summery: you borrowed ace phone and saw he saved you with his last name.
Tumblr media
"Can i borrow your phone for a second? Mine's died" You asked looking at ace. Ace looks away as if not wanting to give you his phone, while also a red hue was forming on his cheeks. Was he embarrassed? You thought
"It will be quick, I promise." You give him a big toothy smile as ace hesitantly give you his phone.
You went straight to your contact number and well you were shocked to see that he saved you as y/n trappola.
You looked up at him with a slight blush. well you surely didn't expect him to like you, though you are glad he feels the same way.
A smirk approach your face as you saw Ace look everywhere but you. Ace who were usually always teasing you ware now blushing like a high school girl in love? -well everything beside the girl part is true- time to take revenge for those times.
"So ace, why is my name saved with your last name?" You innocently asked as you show the phone to him.
"I-I can explain.." he gulped as he blushed more and took a step back. "No you can't" you whispered seductively but then laughed as you saw Ace's face.
You handed, his phone back and winked "tomorrow 6:30 pm at front of the school. Be there, kay?" You said and wallked away not before hearing him mumbling to himself "Wait WAIT is that a DATE?" You giggled at his dorkness
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twstedstoryshop · 7 months ago
And They Shared A Bed
Tumblr media
A scenario in which Yuu is willing to share their bed with a needy Ace after he gets kicked out the dorm for eating a certain tart.
Content: Ace x GN!Yuu, Fluff
“Just let me stay with you, Prefect! I’m real slim. I won’t take up much space!” Were the words that tumbled out of Ace without the slightest hesitation. It was something that honestly caught Yuu off-guard. With a personality like Ace’s, Yuu thought that he’d be the last person to want to share a bed. 
Though with the sorry state the guy was in, it looked like Ace was going to take whatever comfort he could get. Yuu ruffled the hairs on the back of their head awkwardly. It wasn’t like bed-sharing was scandalous for them, they’ve had sleepovers before where friends had to lay next to them. But they literally just met the guy this morning! Hell, how they even met was because of Ace being a jerk! As much as Yuu tried to reason with themself, their resolve crumbled when Ace threw them a shameless puppy-eyed look. His cherry red eyes practically gleamed for Yuu to reconsider.
Yuu sighed in defeat, their shoulders slumped. “Alright, alright, enough of that, Trappola. You can crash with me in my room….”
Ace did a little fist pump of victory while Grim bit back a yowl. “Henchman, you can’t be serious!? We don’t have enough space on our bed!”
“Oh yes, we do! More than enough! You would know that especially, right, Mr. Bed Hogger?” Yuu grumbled.
At that, Grim shut his mouth with a small “Geh…” and his ears flattened in defeat. A look that certainly had Ace chuckling and earned an immediate stink eye from the feline.
“Alright, c’mon. I’ll take you upstairs and you can freshen up before bed.”
“Yeeeees~! Thank you so much, benevolent Ramshackle Prefect! Your kindness knows no bounds!” Ace sang in mock-praise and Yuu immediately started to question their choice. 
Past the dusty stairway and behind a rather creaky door, Ace would follow Yuu right into their bedroom. It looked to be the biggest place out of all Ramshackle with a pretty large bed, ample space, and even a fireplace being situated against one wall. Though with the sorry state it was in, Ace doubted it would be providing warmth anytime soon. Speaking of warm, Ace was already starting to feel the woes Grim and Yuu had to face living in this dump of a building. Even with his uniform jacket on, a chill shuddered through him and he rubbed his arms.
“Geez, how do you even sleep here at night? Grim I can understand cuz he’s a furball, but you? You don’t even look like you’re wearing heavy pajamas.”
“I am not a furball!” Grim exclaimed while he was in the middle of hoisting his favorite pillow to the foot of the bed. Before he could get himself more riled, Yuu quickly settled the monster cat down and patted his back to get him to sleep.
“Eh, I tend to run warm usually. Sorry I can’t do much given how we’re stuck with,” they gestured vaguely to their surroundings, “--this. I’d offer you more blankets if most of them weren’t shredded by moths…”
Ace sighed, his posture slumped a bit. “Ah well, beggars can’t be choosers. I’m gonna use your bathroom then,” with that, the auburn-haired teen trudged off. Fortunately, hot water still ran through Ramshackle’s pipes, which was a bit of a surprise on Ace’s part. However, even while he tried to wash his face and hair with the warm water, the comfort would be fleeting once he stepped back into the chilly bedroom. Yuu was getting themself comfortable and Grim was knocked out immediately, snoring peacefully with drool dribbling down his chin. Ace wrinkled his nose at Grim’s sloppy sleeping as he rested his uniform’s outerwear on a nearby chair. He mentally slapped himself for not grabbing a bag of essentials before marching out here.
“You sure you’re gonna be okay sleeping in your uniform?” Yuu asked, then pointed at their neck. “And with that collar clamped around your neck?”
“Yeah, yeah, I’ll make do. If anything, I can always grab fresh clothes when we go back to apologize.”
“You mean when you go to apologize.”
“Yes, yes, of course,” Ace said dismissively, earning him an eye-roll from Yuu.
Eventually, Ace would slip right under the covers and Yuu rolled on their side, turning their back on Ace. They snuggled into the sheets, yawned, and gave a lazy, “good night” to Ace. The boy mumbled back the same phrase and tried his best to find his way to sleep. Emphasis on tried. Not even a good five minutes in Yuu’s sleep and they felt something shaking the bed slightly. Yuu looked over their shoulder to see the lump that was Ace shivering like a leaf caught on a blustery day.
“Ace. Ace!” Yuu hissed softly.
“Dude, is that you?” A moment of awkward pause.
“Yeah… Sorry, I’m really cold,” Ace mumbled.
“No, you’re fine. I just– hmm… How are we going to do this? I can feel you shaking next to me.”
“I can just go back downstairs and sleep on the couch, if I’m keeping you up,” he sighed.
“No, no, if anything, I’m worried you’re gonna catch a cold down there, cuz if you’re trembling here, you’re not gonna survive down there.”
“Well what do you suggest we do? You don’t have any more sheets right?”
“We can sleep with our backs touching.”
This time, it was Ace’s turn to look over his shoulder and shoot Yuu with an incredulous look. Something that Yuu instantly scoffed at. “Don’t you dare act weird now after you begged to come into my bed.”
“D-Don’t say it like that! It sounds bad like that!” Ace stammered out, his voice raising with the heat gathering in his cheeks.
“Shhh, shut up! You’re gonna wake Grim up! Do you want to be warm or not…!?”
“Fine, fine!” He grumbled in defeat. He felt Yuu scoot closer and a weight gently pressed against his back. Instantly, he felt warmth crawl along his spine. Yuu wasn’t kidding when they said their body ran warm. Ace relaxed, surprised that even just the close proximity was enough to comfort him. Yuu sighed softly in relief as they felt the tension in Ace slowly dissipate. Once again, they closed their eyes and nuzzled into the comforter. They focused, the darkness behind their eyelids beckoning them to the land of sleep… Until a familiar shaking against their back had their eyes snapped open. Ace didn’t even have the nerve to look back as he felt a pair of eyes bore into the back of his head.
“Trappola, I’m spooning you right now.”
Ace choked. He tried to spin around to face Yuu, ready to protest but the Prefect was faster than him. They latched onto him, body flushed against his, and their legs already tangling. Ace squirmed and frantically tried to slip out of Yuu’s arms that wound tightly around his waist.
“Lemme go!” He whispered harshly.
“Not if you’re going to be rattling like this the whole time. Neither of us are going to sleep at this rate. So either relax while I hold you or I’m legit going to kick you into the cold.”
Ace gritted his teeth as he weighed his options. It was cold enough already in this bedroom so how was the rest of this dusty, old building going to feel like? It’s only going to be for one night, he chanted silently in his mind and Ace went limp in defeat. “Just– stop holding me so tight…!” 
Yuu complied off course, loosening their hold on Ace in favor of a more comfortable position for the both of them. Yuu rested their forehead squarely between Ace’s shoulder blades, their arms now loosely held around Ace. With being so close to their fellow student, Yuu couldn’t help but to take in Ace’s natural scent. They could smell his light sweat leftover from the day’s antics of running around the campus and in the Dwarves’ Mine, but also a hint of something else. Tea with maybe a whiff of crumbled tarts? Whatever it was, it definitely a whole lot better than the must and dust in Ramshackle.
With Yuu so close now, Ace was forced to stay still as a statue. Yet as the minutes flew by, he began to let go of his tension. Of course, that didn’t stop his cheeks from glowing with red and being hyper aware of his fast beating heart. He screwed his eyes shut, trying desperately to not think about the situation he was in. Though in his mind, he began to wonder. When was the last time he had ever been hugged tenderly like this? Sure he had his rough hugs from his teasing dad and older brother along with the gentle hugs he’d offer to his mom. Yet those kinds of embraces were fleeting, something you only ever gave to family. Hell, he didn’t even get this far in cuddling with his past girlfriend.
Yet here he was, melting into a state of pure calm with this Prefect sharing body heat with him. Where once were whirling embarrassed thoughts now faded into a peaceful silence. Sleep finally washed over the two as the exhaustion from today’s activities finally hit them in one fell swoop.
Being a ghost definitely had its perks besides well, y’know, the whole deal with not being among the living. No need to walk, didn’t have to worry about the pains of having a fleshy vessel, plus you get to be invisible and phase through walls. This certainly helped when one decided to maybe snoop around and see some rather interesting sights. No one would be none the wiser after all, since dead men tell no tales, right? That was what was going through the minds of the three resident ghosts of Ramshackle as they poked their heads through the Prefect’s wall.
They had decided to maybe give their newfound guests a surprise alarm on their first day at NRC. It was the least they could do for their new friends! But that idea went flying out the window the moment they laid their eyes on the bed. The late night visitor of Yuu’s was clinging onto them like they were his safety blanket. His face nuzzled deeply against their chest, arms held tight onto their waist. Meanwhile Yuu in their sleep was more than willing to hold Ace snuggly. One hand rested on the back of his head while the other was draped lazily on his shoulder. They even nestled their face close in Ace’s wild locks. Both slept deeply, so unaware of how they looked.
The three ghosts giggled to themselves and exchanged fond looks. “Shucks, ain’t they cute?”
“Maybe we can give ‘em five more minutes?”
“Yeah, five more minutes wouldn’t hurt…”
Sadly, the cute morning ended instantly the moment rough knocking was heard on the front door. Something, both Yuu and Ace were awakened too. Where once was a quiet morning was now replaced by panicked yells, bodies tumbling out of bed, and accusations being flung around. All while a poor confused Deuce stood outside with wide eyes.
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auld-a · 3 months ago
I'm not really into Heavens Officials Blessing Fandom or well not yet, but.....
Can I get the First Years with Male!Hua Cheng!S/O?
TWST First Years x Hua Cheng!Yuu
I did my best with him, his main personality trait is just simping for Xie Lian unrelated but you are gonna love the show bro
♥️Ace Trappola♥️
why does his last name look like spaghetti
ANYWAYS I feel like at first he would jokingly try to show his dominance over you
You're an attractive guy with long hair, a mysterious eyepatch, muscles, and you're just taller than him
Every dude in school is all over you whether it's for romantic reasons, they want the clout of being your friend, or they want your exercise routine
Ace at first thinks his feelings towards you is envy since you get a lot of attention (and are crazy powerful like wtf) but after some thinking on it he realizes it's jealousy
Instead of confronting it he just pushes it way down and pretends it does not exist because he refuses to come to terms with the fact that he likes you
If say (god forbid) Xie Lian didn't exist in your original world then Hua Cheng would treat Ace like he would Xie Lian
Ace is not used to this in the slightest
You treat him like a piece of treasure, yet Ace is shoving as many pieces of gum as he can in his mouth because Deuce dared him
Both you and Ace actually have very similar attitudes, you don't do things for others unless it's for your benefit or it's for someone you know well and are fond of in some way
This makes your relationship to each other incredibly loyal and Ace appreciates that he's found someone who can see deeper than what he shows people and actively reciprocates it
You're always on Ace's side even if he's clearly in the wrong or just being stupid
You would help him fight Riddle no doubt
When (not if) Ace gets into a fight he always threatens people by saying something along the lines of "You wouldn't mind if I brought my buddy Hua Cheng right?"
Everyone scrambles
Those who don't are sent to the infirmary in 10 seconds or less
Magic and stuff works very differently in your separate worlds so I don't know how much help you would be to him when it comes to teaching but Ace likes to watch the stuff you make
His favorite is probably Blood Rain just because it seems so menacing but it does literally nothing
♠️Deuce Spade♠️
refer to Ace Trappola
JK but I can't deny I do feel like there are a couple similar traits here
The biggest one being loyalty, they're both very loyal boys but Deuce is more outwardly with it and is still willing to help others he doesn't know very well
You admire his efforts in his studies and just in everything he does overall
he may not be amazing at everything he does but he always gives it 100% and you love that about him
You're aware of his efforts to not pick fights with people so whenever you feel that may be happening you just gently put your hand on his shoulder, nudge him to the side a bit, and fight the person for him
You have no reason to keep a reputation in tact so may as well go nuts while ensuring your BF doesn't get in trouble
To Deuce this feels like the ultimate form of you showing your love
And it kind of is lol
Remember that scene where deuce thought that store bought eggs had baby chicks in them
Yeah that but you just smile at him and say nothing
Ace will have to be the one to correct him eventually
You would still somehow defend Deuce
It's still a recurring argument in the friend group
🐺Jack Howl🐺
He looks up to you like he looks up to Riddle
if you haven't read the vignette he basically respects Riddle since he puts in the hard work to get what he wants and doesn't take shortcuts
Don't know how much that personality trait applies to you but you're someone who came from a hard knock life and now you're one of the most powerful in your world (probably in their world too let's be honest)
If you thought ADeuce was loyal OH BOY you're in for a treat because this man will not leave your side unless he has to
Obviously if he thinks you may not be okay with him constantly by you're side he'll leave but if you like him as much as you like Xie Lian you'd be begging him not to
From an outsiders perspective looking in, your relationship is both somewhat hard to read but also tooth rotting sweet
Jack tries to put on a tough boy persona around everyone but is actually very sweet and loves affection, while one of the most intimidating people in school is all over him like he would die without him
This makes jacks face so red and leaves his tail constantly wagging
I feel like you'd just walk up behind him and grab his tail to spook him
This makes his ears perk up cutely
Jack is so used to being someone who's physically stronger than others so the moment you pick him up bridal style with no restraint leaves him floored
he tells you to put him down so he doesn't have to admit he likes it
You can tell by the tail though so you do it any chance you get when you're alone
He likes the butterflies that you create
They're so bright and beautiful and he has butterflies in his stomach when you make them fly around him and land on the tips of his ears or nose
🍎Epel Felmier🍎
you would bond over something very unlikely
like carving
he carves you apples, and you give him life sized statues of him in hyper realistic detail
Something about it creeps him out but in a good way
You would probably carve them in such a way that it gave him a bit more muscle
that's probably why he subconsciously likes them so much
Vil is jealous his first year managed to get such an attractive and dedicated peer before he did
he constantly asks you for tips on how to be more manly
you probably say some crap like "You're already the manliest man I know🥰"
He appreciates the self-esteem building but sometimes he would prefer if you took it a little more seriously
If he wanted to, you would probably help him get on an exercise regimen to build more muscle so he can get that ManlyTM aesthetic
Vil isn't against bettering oneself but if he finds out Epel is trying to build heavy bulk or something he would confront you
You would either tell Vil the truth but defend Epel or just lie to Vil about your plans
You defend Epel against a lot of things
Vil wants to unalive you at this point but then he'd ruin his clothes
You two are like the meme where Person A is trying to fight Person C but Person B is right behind them threatening Person C if they do
Epel thinks people are afraid of him and this gives him a confidence boost
Seeing him happy makes you happy
I don't know why but I feel like if you guys were play fighting and you just picked him up and threw him it would make him happy
He's always running up to you asking to be thrown like a kid in a pool
⚡Sebek Zigvolt⚡
This is giving me strong "I had to get a support dog for my support dog" vibes on Malleus' part
You like to bother him 24/7 and Sebek pretends like he doesn't like it and is always yelling at you while you just stand there like :)
It makes him flustered that someone is willing to not only put up with a part of him so many find annoying but embrace it too
You don't understand his obsession with Malleus but you can relate to having someone you care for so deeply you'd do anything for them
Sebek has a hard time seeing himself that way since his entire life has basically been for Malleus but he can't say he doesn't appreciate it
In the beginning of getting to know each other he thinks you're another lowly human
When you make the sky start bleeding he starts to wonder if he should've retracted that statement sooner
Knight training together?
Knight training together
He may have been training his whole life to be a knight but you have like 800+ years experience he has much to learn from you
Eventually I think he would view you as someone equivalent to Lilia which if you're not already aware is an incredibly high honor in his eyes
Which makes him all the more flustered when out of anyone you chose him to court
If he does that thing where he says something nice to you in a very loud and formal voice you would hold the exact same energy
This happens a lot
Everyone knows that when it starts they need to cover their ears for the next 5 minutes or so
I think Malleus truly does appreciate Sebek's loyalty to him but sometimes he needs a break so he's very happy that you provide that for him by keeping Sebek distracted
His eyes are so pretty please compliment them
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starclemon27 · 3 months ago
Just a normal day.
Tumblr media
Let the duo do their thing, they are always like that. Lmao I jusr love to make memes related to TW.
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penofpenguin · 3 months ago
Hi can I request a poly with ADuce duo with a scenarios like this: mc had invited ADuce over and were setting in the sofa watching Karama or anything and mc just goes like "the ml doesn't know how to play with the girls imagination!" Then both ace and deuce are confused as what she is referring to, so she just show what she meant. (Idk if I explain that correctly.. sorry if the request is hard or just doesn't make sense. Also feel free to delete it if you don't feel comfortable with it!) Thank you and remember to drink water! :)
Ok so it took me a few days to understand this request but I think I got it. Correct me if im wrong :'D
Content Warnings: Corny romance movie
F!MC shows ADeuce how to charm a girl.
Ace x F!mc x Deuce
Tumblr media Tumblr media
It all started when you invited your boyfriends to watch a corny romance movie.
"Ew what is this ugly movie. It looks like something Deuce would watch with his mom" Ace said.
"Don't talk about my mom!!!"
"Okay Deucey pie!"
At that name Deuce went red. You watched with a smile. Oh these idiots that you love so much.
The movie played. Ace was yawning and cuddling onto you and Deuce. Deuce was immersed in the movie and you were too busy laughing at the main character.
"The main character doesn't know how to charm a girl." You said to which caught both your boyfriends' attention.
"What?" Ace grabbed the remote and paused the movie real quick.
"It reminds me of you two."
"Oi hold up. You're telling me I can't possibly charm you?? Im so charming that this egg boy is cuddled up to me!" Ace said pointing to Deuce holding his arm.
"I-I'm sorry if im not charming enough!!" Deuce spoke seriously.
"Guys no that's not it." You say with a nervous-looking smile. The two boys looked to you in confusion.
"So...what exactly are you tryna' say?"
"Basically, the main character doesn't know how to act near a girl. He either gets all awkward or really nervous. But that's what drags the woman to him! Watch!" You played the movie.
The scene showed the main character get finicky near their crush.
"Umm...Im sorry if y'know...I-" The main character says. The crush just puts a finger to the main character's lips.
"I love spending all of my time with you, even if it isn't spent talking." She says with a smile. The main character goes silent and the two characters blush. They're about to kiss when the main character's brother walks in and interrupts. You pause the movie to see their surprised faces.
"Keep being my two lovely idiots." You say with a smirk. That's when Ace gets a smug grin. He whispers to Deuce who's face just turned red.
"What're you two whispering about???"
"Oh nothing~~ We were just thinking to recreate the kiss scene...but without any brother interrupting us~" Ace said, slowly crawling to you.
Deuce shyly whispered 'I love yous' as he gave small kisses to you and ace on your cheeks.
Ace on the other hand, was aiming straight for your lips before going to Deuce's. Just as soon as you and Ace were about to kiss-
"MINION AZUL TOLD ME HE'LL GIVE ME TUNA IF I DO THE DISHES AND I NEVER GOT AN-" Everyone turned to Grim, who just stopped and stared at the three of you.
"What in sweet tuna are you three doing-"
I guess it was fun while it lasted.
You ended up watching the movie and locking Grim up with food in your room. You three even got to recreate some kiss scenes together ^^
I hope this was what you asked for :))
I had a good laugh writing this myself snsjs. Anyways I would also confirm that my summer break has officially begun!! So feel free to flood in some requests 💖💖💖
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sober-pepper · 9 days ago
Ace: Hey, Grim, is your wifi down? I can't get on.
Grim: Oh, Yuu changed the password. It's now "Ace already eats our food. He can pay for wifi."
Grim: No spaces.
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natsukicookies100 · 4 months ago
I want more ace x mc/yn/yuu x deuce content
There really isn't much of them :(
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luxthestrange · 2 months ago
TWST Incorrect quotes#15 Yuu in Customer service
When Yuu was NOT forced to help in the Mostro lounge, It went something like this...
Floy: Lil Shrimpy! Pick up! Tables 12, 4, 11
Yuu: Got it! Hey, when you get a second, stop looking at my ass*Smirks with eye twitch*
Student1: Excuse me, waitress/waiter*Snaps his fingers at them* Dude
Yuu: Hi, what can I get you?
Student1: We need some-*Stops as Yuu snaps their fingers in front of his face*
Yuu: Is that annoying? *Snaps* Is that obnoxious and rude? *More snapping around his face* Would you find it distracting if someone did that to you while you were working?-Oh wait!, you don't have a job, I'm sorry~*Snickers at him*
Student2: Damn dude, they burned you*snorts as they look at the menu*
Yuu: OH-No, hipster, do not think we are on the same team, We have nothing in common, I wear knit hats when it's cold out, you wear knit hats because of Coldplay-You have tattoos to piss off your dad, my dad doesn't know he's my dad *COUGHS Crowley COUGHS* And finally, you think this *Snaps fingers again at Student 1 face* is the sound that gets you service? I think this *Snaps at him again* is the sound that drys up my vagina/bussy
Tumblr media
A-Deuce:...*Who we're cleaning the table next to them*
Tumblr media
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michelletsw · 2 months ago
Yuu talking about rook: he's speaking some kind of french?
Ace: wait here I got this.
Yuu: you know french?
Ace: I speak Italian it's basically the same thing.
Narrator: turns out it was not the same thing.
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sanyu-thewitch05 · a month ago
I know most people in this fandom ship Yuu with Malleus, but Ace and Yuu is a great ship as well. Especially considering Ace has tried to sleep on the same bed as Yuu multiple times.
Like- My friends to lovers senses are tingling!
Tumblr media Tumblr media
The first photo is from Book 1. The second photo is from Book 3.
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satanscatsworld · 2 months ago
Ace: 10 years ago today, I married my best friend… Deuce and Malleus are still angry about it but MC and me were drunk and thought it was funny.
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