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Tumblr media
Ace Trappola:
- He’s acting like he doesn’t care.
- truthfully, he’s devastated.
- Ace would definitely try to hide his tears while gripping onto deuce’s Shoulder.
- Ace would try to act cool and happy for you.
- He’ll make sure that we’ll remember him, by telling you to not forget about him and the others.
- He’ll Hug you tight and would hesitantly let us go.
- He’ll make jokes to lighten up the mood for a bit while gulping down the sadness.
- “ Remember when i broke the chandelier…?”
- Ace would tease your tear stricken face.
- “ Are you sure.. that you want to Leave?”
Deuce Spade:
- He would try to look cool and tough.
- also would try to look happy for us.
- But when you him that it’s okay to cry..
- He would definitely start crying.
- He would breakdown crying while holding grim back on running after you once we stepped inside the Mirror back to your World.
- Just like ace, he did his best to look happy for you.. when deep down he’s(they’re) deeply saddened because of it.
- Before we enter the mirror, he’ll run up to you and hug you , tight.. like a mother who’s afraid to lose their child.
- While hugging us Deuce told you to take care of ourselves.
- He’ll hold your hand while trying to calm himself down but he still ended up crying.
- He’d give you a small gift of sorts so we can always remember him.
- “ I thought that we four would stay together.. forever.. “
- He’ll give you his Can of Tuna maybe a two or three.
- He’ll ask you to take him with us to your world.
- since he doesn’t have anyone close to a family other than you.
- He ended up blowing out fires due to being frustrated and Sad.
- He’ll thrown a temper tantrum while clinging onto you.
- He kept on telling you not to leave because he’s the great grim and that he needs his Henchmen.
- He’ll for sure threaten Crowley to burn the mirror down (In which all NRC students wants grim to do but they can’t just force you to stay.)
- “ You shouldn’t leave the great grim! You’re my henchmen! You’re supposed to be.. by my side always..! “
Riddle Rosehearts:
- Would also do his best to look happy for you, but couldn’t bring himself to do it because he ended up shedding a few tears.
- He would feel sad, since you’re leaving already.. he was planning a tea party for you but it has to be cancelled.
- He’d work himself non-stop because he wants to finish his works so he can spend more time with you before you go.
- Was too distracted about the news of you going back to your world, that he started giving little punishments to the rule breakers.
- You made him feel whole this few months of Being with him, since he never felt like that with his mother.
- He’d personally ask trey to make you Tarts to take back home.
- When you’re about to leave, he ran up to you and scooped you into a big tight Hug, that made you, not want to go back.
- “ My rose, why’d you have to leave so early..? we didn’t have enough tea time with each other.. so why? “
Trey Clover:
- Would try to look happy for us #4
- Obviously sad since he didn’t get enough time to spend with you since you’re slightly busy(?)
- He’ll give you a small cake and tart to bring home.
- He’ll also hug you tight while asking you to take care if yourself more.
- He doesn’t really want to let you go, since you are his shortcake.
- “ I should’ve baked with you more, when i knew this would thing would happen so early.. “
Cater Diamond:
- He would ignore the sudden pain when he heard that you’re leaving soon.
- “ Let’s Take lots of pictures, so I won’t forget you! “
- Would try to look happy for us #5 while smiling.
- He’d follow and eat with you everywhere, saying that he wants to spend more time with you since you’re leaving soon.
- Would Make a Crowley Slander Group.
- Would rant to the people who’s in the group, because he wants to spend more time with us.
- He’ll join riddle in hugging you while letting out a few tears.
- He’ll hold you tight like what’s riddle’s doing.
- He’d ask you not to forget about him and the memories you made with him.
- He’ll hesitantly let go while going back to his original place.
- “ I need to let you go, because I don’t want to hurt myself anymore, while holding myself back to run after you.. please don’t… leave.. “
Leona Kingscholar:
- He won’t show it, but he’s surely upset at the news.
- He’ll just sleep all the uneasiness that’s settling inside him.
- Surely, you’re a “Brat” but he may or may not have become emotionally attached to you.
- He doesn’t want Cheka to know the news, because he knows how Attached Cheka is to you, It’ll surely make the young child Dispirited.
- He’ll invite you to take a naps with him, He doesn’t want to say it but, it makes him calm to know that you’re beside him sleeping.
- He’ll try to hang out with you even though he may be annoyed here and there but he’s content to know that he’s with you.
- Shoving the uneasiness building inside him, he chose to try and be happy with you before you go..
- He can’t bring himself to beg you not to leave because of his Arrogance.
- While you’re walking to the mirror, the gateway to your world, he gritted his teeth and grabbed you by the arm and hugged you.
- “ I want to be selfish for a while.. “
- “ I can’t be a king without you.. my Queen”
- “ Can’t you just stay here.. forever, Lioness?”
Ruggie Bucchi:
- “ I knew this day would come..”
- He would follow you around#2
- He would ask you to help him with his chores in the Dorm to spend more time with you
- He bought cheap snacks to eat with you while talking to each other.
- Annoying Leona every time you both got the chance.
- He found a dandelion and gave it to you, and told you to blow on it after making a wish.
- This boy is so greedy for your time, but you happily give your time to him.
- Before you leave, you gave him a donut Plushie, which made him tear up a little.
- Turning your back on him, you faced the Mirror.. you lift your hand up and touched the glass, as you were about to go in fully you suddenly heard a shout and felt someone tackling you down on the ground.
- “ Please! Can i be Greedy?! Can i be Greedy just this once again..?! Please don’t.. leave me, my Dandelion..”
Jack Howl:
- He gave you a Cacti🥺
- His ears would be flattened to express his Saddened feeling.
- He would wag his tail unknowingly when you pat his head, while you’re getting ready to leave
- He doesn’t want to look weak, so he made sure to look happy for you.
- He doesn’t want to delay your leave more so he just patted your head and left, despite wanting to hug you tight.
- He clenched his Hands while watching you walk up to the mirror.
- He whispered.. something before leaving the room.
- “ I can’t bring myself to watch you leave, so I’ll just leave so I won’t be hurt more. “
Azul Ashengrotto:
- He first thought that it was a joke, when the news was spread.
- He would occasionally ask for more info from the student
- “No one would stay with a dumb octopus like me.”
- This man would mask his Sadness with a
- smiling face.
- He’ll try to look happy for you #5
- Uneasiness overtook his whole consciousness.
- He tried his best to make Crowley stop using blackmails, in the end he didn’t won.
- Part of Cater’s “Crowley Slander” Group.
- He chose to spend his time with work in mostro lounge, because he believed that.. if he even spend a single day with you, he’ll start breaking down.
- When he arrived at the hall where you and the other students are at, He started feeling Depressed.
- As you turned to face him, he paled and started trembling slightly with eyes wide.
- You walked towards him and hugged him tight.
- “ Please don’t look depressed when I’m about to leave.. azul.” You spoke softly while tightening the hug, you felt him hug back in a fews secs.
- “ Angelfish.. why’re you leaving so soon..? I thought that.. you’d stay by my side, you liar..”
Jade Leech:
- The news slapped him in the face and he started feeling slightly gloomy, but nevertheless he still smiled.
- You didn’t know that this man was breaking down slowly inside, because he’s always smiling.
- Jade would often visit you in ramshackle, helping you with packing your stuffs.
- He wants to squeeze you like what Floyd always does to you.. but he can’t bring himself to be so casual, and he minded your space unlike his dear brother.
- Once The day arrived he started feeling anxious.
- After breaking free from Azul’s hug you then faced Jade who’s “calmly” watching, you walked towards him and hugged him also.
- “ ah, my dear you shouldn’t make me more disheartened, I’m trying my best to hold myself back. “
Floyd Leech:
- Tantrums here, Tantrums There, Tantrum’s EvErYwhErE!
- He was in a very happy mood but the news roundhouse kicked him on the face hard.
- He skipped his class to just barge into ramshackle while you’re packing up your stuffs.
- He tackled you onto the ground and squeezed you while he started mumbling incoherent words.
- He’s also part of Cater’s “Crowley Slander” Group.
- His mood swings are hitting him like a brick that fell from the highest part to his face.
- Floyd began begging you not to go, and that staying is much more better.
- The day finally arrived, and you saw Floyd hunched back behind his brother’s back.
- You went up to him and hugged him tight.
- Floyd started tearing up slightly while Hugging back.
- “ Shrimpy, why can’t you just stay here? It’s much more fun.. than that boring world of yours. “
- “ I don’t want you to leave me or.. forget about me! You’re my Koebi-Chan.. my one and only Koebi-Chan.. “
Kalim Al Asim:
- When he heard the news he was ecstatic for you, since you finally get to go home to your Worried parents!
- He was Happy for you! Like very happy, but everytime he smiles at you he feels his heart tighten.
- He’s slightly not familiar with his “newfound” emotion, and he hates it.
- He doesn’t want to feel those things again.
- He spent a few hours enduring the feeling of uneasiness, when he came to a conclusion that he’s just sad because of the news.
- After realizing that he’s sad because of you leaving, he planned on throwing you a big feast! But.. it was never meant to happen.
- He only got word of it late, and came rushing to the hall of mirrors and just for you.
- He knew that you had to leave soon since you came here.. but he didn’t know that it was this soon.
- When he arrived.. you were already gone.
- “ I was late.. why.. did you have to leave early? My jewel.. “
- “ We could’ve had a feast together before you leave..”
Jamil Viper:
- He knew that he can’t just brainwash you to not leave.
- He doesn’t want you to ever leave.
- You were the only one who understood him, so why did you have to leave?
- He also knew that begging wouldn’t change your mind, so he’ll just try to bitterly accept the truth.
- He knows how much you’ve helped everyone in NRC, with those many accomplishments.. yet you still chose to leave.
- He’s very much disheartened.
- But when Kalim proposed the idea of throwing a feast for you before you leave made him happy but he will deny it.
- In the middle of chopping ingredients he got a message from one of his basketball teammate (ACE) asking where they were, and that You would be leaving soon.
- Once he red the message he dropped the knife and ran to where you were, with kalim trailing behind him.
- When they arrived they didn’t see your figure anywhere.. but.. you already went in the mirror.
- “ I.. is this a prank?! It’s not funny, I thought they wouldn’t leave so soon— i— I’m a fool.”
Vil Schoenheit
- This man would busy himself in his room while testing a few makeup styles, instead of thinking about you leaving.
- He won’t say it but he’s very much disheartened, because his potato is already leaving.
- He thought that he has enough time to spend with you but he was deeply wrong.
- He’ll invite you over to Pomefiore to Model a few clothes and try on some new heels, as a way to spend some time with you.
- Once the day came, he stood idly beside rook while watching epel talk to you.
- He turned away while clenching his fist.
- ‘Why did you even have to leave? Aren’t you happy here?.. or.. you’re not.’ He thought while glancing at the mirror.
- ‘It’s such a shame, that they’d have to leave soon.. Haah this is to be expected.’
- He mumbled while trying his best to not walk to the mirror and destroy it.
- “ My dear Belle, why must we part ways so bitterly? “
Rook Hunt:
- FrEnCh HeRe! fRenCh ThErE! frEnCh FuCkiNg EvERyWhErE!
- He was happy at first but then he realized that you won’t be here anymore.
- He would stalk you around whenever he has free time.
- He’d make conversations with you to spend time with you, but it’s mostly centered with vil.
- would try to look happy for you #6
- He would occasionally give you flowers as gifts whenever he “Bumps” into you.
- While watching from afar, he would occasionally frown at the sight of you being happy with other people.
- Also Part of Cater’s “Crowley Slander” Group.
- He can’t help but feel uncomfortable with the thought of you leaving and never returning.
- As to when you’re about to leave to talk to the ignihyde members, you noticed rook standing still beside Vil.
- You went up to him and hugged him, making him snap out of his thoughts.
- “ Belle Fleur, J'espère que tu serais heureux… once you’ve returned to your world, but please don’t forget about the times we’ve spent together, Mon joli bijou.. “
- “ Je suis triste, to think that you may never come back here again.. Mon Joli bijou.. “
Epel Felmier:
- He got so shocked, he couldn’t even form any words.
- Epel wanted nothing more than just to spend time with you.
- He wanted to impress you with his apple carvings once more before you leave.
- He bitterly accepted the fact that you’re leaving so soon, Because vil told him it’ll make him stronger by not being in denial.
- Epel offered to watch over grim once you return to your world.
- The day came, Epel came running at you with full speed tackling you into a hug.
- That’s when he realized that you might never come back here again, so he started crying.
- He continuously beg you not to go, while clinging onto you with a tear stricken face.
- He never thought the possibility that you might never come back here once you step inside the mirror.
- “ why can’t the people we cherish, stay?.. “
Idia Shroud:
- He knew the day would come.
- He knew how you longed to go back to your world.
- He is undeniably sad, Which made ortho want to Use a power beam to destroy the mirror.
- He busied himself with playing and watching till the day you’re said to leave.
- Cater invited him to the Group Called “ Crowley Slander “ which made him shocked on the amount of familiar members.
- As you glanced around you finally saw his figure, and you ran up to him and hugged him from behind which shocked Idia.
- “ MC?! I- uhm.. hello and.. goodbye! “
- ‘ Goddamn it Idia, atleast tell them a proper goodbye…! ‘
- ‘ whatever.. they won’t even care if i did.. haah.. why do they have to leave..? Can’t they just stay.. ‘
Ortho Shroud:
- To be honest, He can’t feel human emotions, he only knows what those human emotions are, well since he’s a robot and that it’s embedded in his core.
- He’d always cheer up his Big brother with words of encouragement and motivation.
- He’ll find a way to make you two interact and spend time with each other.
- Ortho wanted nothing more than giving Idia the chance to be with you.
- He wanted nothing more.. than to see his Big brother talking to you confidently without stuttering here and there.
- Ortho tried to destroy the mirror with 3 Power beams but was always caught by Crowley.
- He then joined Cater’s “Crowley Slander” group with Idia.
- The Day soon came, Ortho forced Idia to go to the hall with him, where the other students who’s close to you are present.
- Needless to say, they were quite surprised in Idia’s Sudden appearance.
- Once Again, Ortho decided to power up a power beam from his hands and aimed it at the mirror.
- But was stopped this time by Idia and Riddle.
- After witnessing his brother become flustered at the sudden contact he decided to hug you.
- “ Big sis! Don’t worry, I’ll research for a way to get you back here! I Promise, So then you and Big Brother Can Get Married! Hehe.. “
Malleus Draconia:
- “ Ah.. seems like the day has come, that the child of man will leave.. “
- He was very sad, like.. Lila had to console him.
- He would visit you in your dorm every night.
- Would try to look happy for you # 7
- With his Emotions spiraling inside of him, he unknowingly made thunder storms due to his magic.
- Also part of Crowley Slander group in an anonymous acc.
- He would occasionally glare at everyone from afar whenever they talk to you.
- He invited you to Diasomnia to Have a Chat, so he could spend some time with you.
- He’d occasionally ask you if you’d like to listen about a Daily Life of a Fae, in which you agreed on.
- Night walks with him is a way to spend time with you.
- Alas, The day came and he was nowhere to be found along with Silver and Sebek.
- So,, once you’ve said your goodbye to Lilia, you glanced around for Malleus once more and went inside the mirror.
- “ Unasked once again, this is fine.. I’m used to it. “
- “ Child of man.. i hope that you won’t forget about me.. “
Lilia Vanrouge:
- “ It appears that the time has come for thee, you yourself, agonizingly have to go back to thy world..”
- Lilia would often make you flinch whenever he would appear out of nowhere.
- He’ll compose short songs with you in the Light music club.
- Lilia knew that you had to leave, he cannot bring himself to beg you not to.
- Lilia himself wanted nothing more, than for you to stay here.. together with him.
- He kept on calling himself selfish for wanting to make you stay.
- Lilia became busy consoling Malleus.
- Cater actually invited him in the “Crowley Slander” Group because they’re club mates.
- The Dreaded day has come, The Diasomnia students were no where to be seen..
- You turned to look at the mirror and made your way to the mirror again.(Savanaclaw Ruggie’s part)
- But was stopped by a sudden figure that appeared out of nowhere, and the figure started talking.
- “How could you think that.. this wouldn't hurt me?”
- “ Leaving without saying goodbye? My.. you’re one cold hearted Human.. “
- “ My darling, can’t you reconsider your decision..? “
- “ you’re… leaving soon?..”
- He for real thought that you were playing a prank on him so he just stared at you stoically.
- You thought that it’d be best to leave him alone which made him disappointed.
- He’ll just sleep the whole uneasiness that’s building up inside him.
- (Bogart wag naman, lab lab ka namin)
- He was being scolded by sebek for not watching over malleus.
- Is part of “Crowley Slander” group but he hasn’t interacted with the others nor have he chatted there.
- He’ll try to stay awake just to have a small decent talk with you.
- Silver offered you to sleep beside him, you merrily took the offer.
- He woke up to you gone, no trace of you.
- Feeling the panic rushing over him he yelled your name hoping to find you.
- But alas, fate wasn’t on his side, He got so immersed in trying to have some time with you that he forgot that it’s the day that you’re destined to leave.
- His face paled in horror and his uneasiness became evident, he hurriedly ran to where the others and you are.
- Only to see you, being sucked in the mirror.
- “ My lady.. I.. apologize for being late, I’m.. sorry very, very sorry..”
Sebek Zigvolt
- He didn’t care about the news at first, his top priority is his Waka-sama, not a mere lowly human.
- Every time you try to talk to him, to spend more time with him, he’ll make up excuses to ignore you, which made him feel bad.
- Why is he running away from a lowly Magic less human? He thought with disappointment settling inside him.
- He knew that he shouldn’t be attached to a human, but why.. does ignoring you make his heart clench.
- He shook off his feelings and prioritized Malleus once again.
- The Day came, he was walking down the empty hall.. ‘wait..? Empty? ‘He thought while stopping in his tracks.
- ‘I swear.. that there’s supposed to be something happening right now.. but whatever! I shall look for Waka-sama and Look after him.’
- Sebek glanced to the sides and saw silver running towards the Hall of Mirrors.
- Sebek Begrudgingly trailed after silver and went inside the Hall.
- “ What’s the Commotion here?!”
- ‘ MC… already left and we were too late.. Sebek..” silver mumbled while lowering his head down.
- “ The human… left?…” why does my heart feel heavy..?
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TWST characters as things my preschool students have done and/or said
feat: Heartsabyul dorm
genre: comedy
note: I will not reveal the children’s identities or information for privacy law reasons
Tumblr media
Riddle is the kid you would never have a problem with. An overachiever already and you couldn’t tell whether you were proud or nervous because you couldn’t tell if he was having fun at school. Then, just when you thought he would never let himself be vulnerable, he had a strong-feelings moment over lunch, when he accidentally dropped the tin with his dessert after diligently finishing everything in his lunchbox. You were caught between consoling him and stopping him from legitimately trying to eat his strawberries off the floor.
Riddle, crying: my strawberry…
Teacher!Yuu: Sweetie, nooo… we can’t eat anything that was on the floor, that’s our rule.
Riddle, still crying: hic…but…my strawberry…
Teacher!You, internally: now I’m going to cry! T_T
Trey is always, always trying to feed you with whatever he made in the play kitchen area. He especially has a preference for “making” sweets (weird coincidence). He would come to you and it doesn’t matter if you were working on your child reports or helping another child, he would push a plate of whatever cake (an actual ‘whatever’ cake where he uses a random toy as a cake) and tell you to eat more (is he my mom?)
Trey: Teacher, I made this for you!
Teacher!You: Oh, thank you! What is it?
Trey: A pizza cake!
Teacher!You: O-oh, sound’s great!
Trey: It’s sweet!
Teacher!Yuu: Aahh…g-great!
Trey: EAT IT!
Cater knows every popular kid friendly movie and music that just came out and has the cutest outfits and accessories of said popular movie. Is the youngest in the family so he’s babied a lot which he is starting to not like. Hilariously has a toy phone to call and take selfies. He’s such a sweet kid but he makes you feel so old and outdated.
Cater: Teacher, did you watch [hottest kid friendly movie]?
Teacher!You: Oh, not yet
Cater: Oh…that’s kinda lame. Everyone has.
Teacher!You: … :I
Ace is a brat. That’s it.
Ok, he’s the child that will try to find a way to finish his homework or task so he could have fun and mess around in class. Incredibly stubborn and thinks he’s really sneaky with his schemes but he ain’t being smooth when he’s just hovering around pretending to help clean up his play space. You are literally watching him not do it!
Ace: Teacher, why is that play space closed??
Teacher!You: Oh, it’s still messy because the last person didn’t clean up before we left to the playground
Ace: Wasn’t me!
Teacher!You: …
Ace: …
Teacher!You: Well, if someone cleans it up quickly, we might still have time to play.
Deuce gets so misunderstood. He’s stronger than the other students and he can be clumsy so some of the kids are scared to let him hold anything fragile. He’s such a sweetheart and he’s trying so hard to learn how to control his growing strength. However, he’s not afraid to fight (not physically!) for what he wants and he’s ready to defend anyone he deems in need to protect for example, the infants that sometimes drop by the playground for a stroller walk.
Deuce: We have to be careful, babies are small!
Teacher!You: Deuce, would you like to help push the stroller?
Deuce: Really? Yes, please!
All the teachers internally: Squeee, so cute!
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𝐡𝐞𝐚𝐭𝐞𝐝 𝐜𝐨𝐦𝐩𝐞𝐭𝐢𝐭𝐢𝐨𝐧
crowley is (finally) allowing you the choice of leaving ramshackle to move to whichever dorm you please, but you’re still unsure which one to choose. knowing that, everyone is trying to win you over.
author’s note : out of curiousity— of the 7 dorms, which would you choose to live at and why?
part 2 here!
“so, prefect! tell me, which dorm would you like to move to?”
you froze up. you have to make the decision now? “w-way to put me on the spot..” you muttered under your breath, nervously looking at crowley who was expecting an answer. you like all the dorms! how are you supposed to choose just one?
“i’ll go with… heartslabyul? no, no, scarabia! wait, scratch that, i’ll move to pomefi—”
crowley put a hand in front of you, stopping you from speaking any further. “it seems to me that you’re unsure, but it’s no problem! because i’m so very kind, i will give you as much time as you need to consider.”
“thank you, i’ll be thinking things over!” you waved before exiting his office. the door closed and crowley grinned, spinning around in his chair and rubbing his hands together.
“and i will be informing all your little friends that you’re still uncertain on which dorm to move to— a headmaster must keep himself entertained somehow!”
riddle is stressed, brainstorming different ways to convince you to come. he totally might just make a powerpoint presentation on why heartslabyul is the ideal dorm to be in, which is gold.
cater is just acting like he always does. he feels no need to do anything extra, isn’t he charming enough as is to bring you to heartslabyul?
ace “you and me are best friends” trappola. he absolutely exploits the fact that he’s one of the people to you, if not the closest. he bugs you about it so much though, it’s almost becoming counterproductive— not that he realizes it.
like most other times, deuce is dragged into ace’s scheme. and he totally buys that it’ll work too! they have the same logic of “we’re best friends, so they’ll choose us” and they’re gonna die on that hill. of course, until it comes out that you don’t choose them.
trey’s just caught up in the mess. he’s said “riddle, calm down”, “ace, leave them alone— you too, deuce”, and “thank god you’re so chill, cater” so many times.
leona doesn’t put in a lot of effort— he’s already certain you’re gonna choose his dorm. he’s not overbearing, you’re given a lot of free rein, and though the dorm members can be pretty combative, he’ll drive ‘em away if they try to mess with you. why would you go for any of the others?
ruggie’s got nowhere near as much confidence as leona does about this, so he’s going overboard with giving you gifts, doing little acts of service for you, buttering you up with (sincere) praise, anything that might make you gravitate towards picking savanaclaw.
as per ruggie’s request, jack’s (trying to) act sweeter than he normally is, but he just can’t— it’s way too embarrassing for him. he just ends up acting like the regular old him. and spills ruggie’s plan.
persuasion? it’s azul’s time to shine. he’s a master at this stuff, but there’s one mistake he’s making— he’s being so damn persistent and borderline annoying about it! the number one way to drive away customers! unless you’re a fan of that kind of behavior, it’s hard to even consider moving to octavinelle.
but you think it’s hard to catch a break from azul? pfft, he’s got nothing on floyd. there’s hardly any breathing room with him, literally and figuratively. he’s squeezing you nearly every second he’s with you and it’s hard to think around him.
jade just watches from the sidelines. he’s restraining himself from laughing as he sees azul trailing after you like he’s lost or floyd glomping you to the ground. when you’re tired of their antics and manage to get away, he’ll pour you a cup of tea (on the house!), asking if you’re alright. he’s octavinelle’s only hope.
kalim is basically like, “i don’t wanna sway your opinion, BUT—” he’ll tell you the most amazing things about living in scarabia and how cool the dorm and their members are with the biggest grin on his face. he hypes it up so much it’s sounding like the perfect place.
there’s not a lot left for jamil to do is doing since kalim’s doing pretty much all the work. just to pull you in a little closer though, he’ll give you more treats (made by him) during the day, sometimes reminding you that you could have his cooking every day if you lived at scarabia.
now, vil is sure you already have your sights set on pomefiore— but he’s not gonna take any chances! so he sends rook and epel to spend some time with you. or in other words, advertise their dorm. he’s expecting to see you with luggage soon, asking where their spare room is.
rook is having a field day, he’s probably having the most fun out of everyone here. he’s reciting poems he wrote just for the occasion and practically throwing flower bouquets at you, all while epel…
epel stands off to the side, awkwardly watching rook. he freezes up when told by rook to “show y/n how much you want them to choose pomefiore!” and his brain malfunctions, trying to put together a poetic sentence. all that came out was, “i’ll.. cut apple slices for you..?” not quite what rook had in mind, but it’s beautiful in it’s own way.
idia is extremely anxious— he wants you to pick his dorm, but has no idea how to convince you into doing it. or even how to make his dorm look like an appealing place to be. he feels like the greatness of his dorm pales in comparison to the other ones, so he kinda just hopes a miracle will happen and you’ll choose ignihyde.
oh, malleus is dead set on having you in diasomnia, you have no idea— he’s pulling out all the stops, pulling so many strings. wins “the most desperate” trophy by a landslide. it’s hard to tell though when he seems so nonchalant.
everyone’s trying so hard, it’s amusing, lilia thinks. it all looked like a ton of fun, so of course he was gonna hop onto the “winning you over” bandwagon! he’ll recount all the fun stories he and his dorm mates have had at diasomnia! such as studying gargoyles, and training, and the horrific yet oddly comedic injuries had during training… you question if lilia is throwing you off on purpose.
sebek’s bugging you whenever he gets the chance, boasting about his dorm. diasomnia is the best dorm all around! not only do you have the pleasure of worshipping the young lord, there’s plenty of fun things to do— don’t mind the dark, intimidating atmosphere! now, why don’t you just go and tell the headmaster your choice already?
silver honestly doesn’t know what he’s doing, he’s just goin’ with the flow. when sebek sent him after you, it was a bit awkward. he just said, “you can protect malleus with us and take naps with me :)” and called it a day. is it not enough to have you completely sold though? ♡
you let out a groan as you slumped on top of your bed, grim following after you.
“these guys have been draggin’ you all around! they’re treatin’ this like war!”
“no kidding.” you sighed, turning over on your back. “crowley just had to tell them, didn’t he? now they’re all trying so hard, it’s just making deciding on only one of them more difficult. i don’t wanna hurt any feelings.”
. . .
“should i just eeny-meeny-miny-moe it?”
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fungifanart · 2 months ago
Trey: Hello there, we’re here to collect your wish if you’d be so kind.
Random student: Why should I? I’m way too old to do childish stuff like wishing on a star or whatever.
MC, standing next to Trey: Do it or else I’ll rip your goddamn ears off. How’s that for an incentive?
Student: Yeah? And who the hell are you? You’re not dressed like a Stargazer so why’d you think you can just jump in on this conversation?
MC: I’m the guy who’s gonna cut your dick off and glue it to your forehead so you look like a limpdick unicorn if you don’t make with the wishing. That’s who the fuck I am.
Trey: Ok. Jesus.
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deepseadevotion · 4 months ago
He sends you a dick pic and you send this back to him, reactions
Tumblr media
I'm fucked up over driving classes and I hate them sm so I wrote this and I'm going to inflict the psychic damage onto all of you to cope
Charachters: Cater, Trey, Leona, Idia, Malleus, Lilia
🔞 contect because... weenies
Dude spend HOURS trying to find the perfect angle, the perfect lighting, everything needs to be PERFECT, otherwise he's not sending it.
There it was. The perfect picture. Everything about it was perfect.
And then
Then you have the AUDACITY to send something like that to him.
How dare you?
How dare you be this funny?
Screw you. He loves you so much god damn it, he's got his dick out, it's hard, and he's wheezing his lungs out.
Because of you.
Please come see him rn he wants to kiss his amazing comedian S/O
Gonna be honest, you need to bring up the subject.
And he says "sure", like the tiny little fool he is.
Doesn't spend too much time on it but makes it look decent.
Y'know, just a nice little treat for yo-
What is that.
Baby what is that. Why.
He's confused.
Then it clicks.
You set him up.
You so nicely asked for a dick pic. All because you wanted to use the reaction picture. Also probably because u wanted a dick pic but we can ignore that for now.
He sends a grumpy cat meme in responce.
Puts a lil' effort into it but tbh he'd just rather have you there with him.
Checks the phone occasionally to see when you've responded.
Stares at the image send back to him.
Stares it a bit longer.
Tries to decide what to do now.
For once he's. He's really not sure what he's supposed to do here.
Leaves you on read by accident.
He's not mad he's just very confused.
Took him alot to send it, he's shy like that.
The picture is a bit blurry and somehow he managed to make his dick look shy, but y'know, decent picture all in all.
Tbh the meme gets a good laugh out of him, if you ever end up sending him nudes, he'll just send it back to you.
It's an inside joke now.
If you two ever have sex, he's first gonna pull the picture from his phone.
"so cool"
Please laugh with him.
Malleus: blame @malewife-central for this one /j
Okay so he can't use a phone.
But this doesn't stop him.
He spends hours trying to draw his own dicks
Honestly it's a really good drawing too. Shading, lighting, every single detail is immaculate.
Then he puts it in an envelope, puts a wax seal on it, and sends it to you with magic. The letter burns if anyone but you opens it.
He waits patiently for your responce.
It comes in the form of a carrier pidgeon he'd gifted you.
He opens the envelope.
Teleports to you an asks for an explanation.
You end up spending a few hours with him, explaining the meme.
No he doesn't have his pants on.
Another one whose not mad, just very confused.
Well on a good note, he knows how phones work... probably.
He'd prefer you there with him, pictures like these seem so detatched, but y'know he has no problem with sending the picture either.
He sees the meme and falls to the ground in tears. He's shaking, crying, trying to stop himself from cackling in the hour of our lord, 22:02/10:02pm
Also teleports to you. His dicks still out but u can ignore that.
You've broken this man he can't stop laughing, like seriously it's been 10 minutes.
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twst-shenanigans · 2 months ago
twst Incorrect quote #247
*content ahead may be uncomfortable/triggering for some to read*
Riddle’s Mum: *holding a ping pong paddle* “Oh I remember playing this with my son. I used to beat Riddle all the time.”
Trey’s Mum: “Oh you were good at ping pong?”
Riddle’s Mum: “No, I was good at discipline.”
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mlk082 · 2 months ago
Can I request Trey, Floyd, deuce, and/or leona (you could add anyone else of you want) head canons for the ghost bride event where they got an extra slap for being a two timer because she could obviously see that they're in love with the reader? (They're not even dating reader was so confused witnessing it)
I mean this basically happened to Sebek
Getting Called A Two-Timer by the Ghost Bride
Did the dishrag line make that obvious?
But OW! Why does Eliza slap so hard?
Trey glances over to you and your confused face. PLEASE THINK THAT THE GHOST BRIDE IS RIDICULES!!
He doesn't want you to know yet and Eliza just outed him right in front of you.
Is very embarrassed but he can't leave due to being paralyzed by Eliza.
Does not appreciate the commentary.
What a bitc-
Does not like that he was slapped twice and hates that Jade is laughing at him.
Hates that Eliza is calling him out for liking you. It's not like he wanted to propose to her in the first place.
Admits it outloud, he likes you. It's already out in the open, so he sees no point in trying to hide it.
"This is prolly a bad time to ask you on a date."
"No shit."
It wasn't a "No" to his offer so... Doesn't mention that though because you might leave and he can't stop you.
Keeps messing up his words and is blushing from embarrassment.
Ghosty Why!
Confirms that you and him are not dating and keeps looking at you.
Is very embarrassed and would very much like to leave.
Yes, he shouldn't have attempted to charm Eliza when he liked you, but what choice did he have?
Does not argue over getting slapped for a second time, but it HURTS and he doesn't like it.
Refuses to look over at you because he knows if he does, he can't deny it.
Hates Vil commenting on it and laughing at Leona's poor performance.
Glares at Eliza and Vil.
Still won't admit to anything and will not look your way.
Eliza not once, but TWICE, slapped his invaluable and immaculate face.
Is very pissed about it and demands to know why she would do such a thing.
He actually sang the duet and was perfect at it! People would KILL for the chance and she just SLAPS HIM TWICE???
Is more mature when Eliza points to you and calls him out for being "So obviously in love, and not even trying to hide it".
Vil is still pissed at Ghost Bride for slapping him so he says back to her "Yes. I'd much rather propose to them than to you."
Meaning yes he likes you, and yes you're the better choice.
Gives you a glance but doesn't say anything. Just a look that he somehow pulls off with a red slap mark on his face.
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kyooshi · 3 months ago
Gen z mc being having as much of a death wish as they are mentally unstable
*During overblot*
Riddle: *throws rose bush at Mc but misses”
Mc: If you wanna kill me do it properly dipshit!
Mc: ...
ever since that incident now everyone is on high alert on the MC because they genuinely think they want to off themselves, which leads them to have several heart attacks just by watch them
Trey: MC... You really shouldn't put that much cereal
Mc: why not?
Trey: well, if you eat too much of it then it may and can potentially kill you
MC: shit really?
Trey: yeah, so can you like no—
MC: *dumps the entire box*
Trey: MC NO—
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primofate · 6 months ago
Twisted Wonderland Drabbles - “Where did you get that wound?”
Characters: gn!reader, Heartslabyul, Savanaclaw, Octavinelle
Notes: And here is my official entry into the Twisted Wonderland fandom. Hope it’s alright, comments and constructive criticism accepted :D (No but seriously please tell me what you think) Also, we all know that Night Raven College is an all boy’s school, but I mean, read it as you’d like, pretend it’s co-ed if that fits you, or whatever. 
Warnings: fluff, soft boys, established relationships, not proofread, still trying to get everyone’s personalities down, please tell me if there’s any pronoun slips
Personal favourites in this work: Leona and Jack
Riddle Rosehearts
Tumblr media
“...Y/N’s late,” and Riddle hated that. Rules were simply to be followed, no exceptions whatsoever. Well, aside from you, that is. He held you at the same expectations as everyone, or at least tried to. He’d always had the thought that whoever he ended up with had to be rule-abiding and could keep up with his expectations.
After being together for a few months, however, he found that you were 85% rule abiding, matching his expectations...The remaining 15%...He unexpectedly still loved unconditionally. 
Truthfully he wasn’t all that mad that you were late, what he was worried about was the fact that you were rarely late, not for this much, at least.
“Riidddlleeee~!” He huffed and crossed his arms above his chest, leaning back into the black and red Heartslabyul tea chair as he sees your form gradually getting closer. You huffed and puffed, though your face is painted with a smile that makes him feel so much at ease, he doubts there’s anything else in the world that’ll make him feel the same way.
“You’re late,” he states matter-a-factly and you laugh nervously, your left hand coming up behind your head to scratch it. “Mmhmm, potions class ended a little late. Sorry, is the tea cold?” you sit down on the other empty chair, there’s already tea poured for you and again, you reach your left hand out to grip the tiny teacup handle, taking a small sip. 
He forgives your tardiness, not pushing it further. The two of you fall into easy conversation, updating each other on what was happening in your respective classes while enjoying the tarts. You hold the fork with your left hand, and that’s when Riddle stands, swiftly maneuvering himself beside you and holding your right elbow in a strong grip, moving it upwards to get a glimpse of your hand. 
As he thought, your right hand is covered in bandages from the fingertips all up to your wrist. His eyes narrow at the discovery. “Your right hand is your dominant hand, I was finding it strange you kept using your left,” You aren’t even surprised that he noticed, but he was definitely going to scold you now. 
“What’s this? Something I should know about?” He moves his hold to just below the wrist, careful not to aggravate anything. “...Just an accident from potions class...” you finally admit, a little pouty that you had to reveal it. He scans your face carefully for any trace of dishonesty, but he didn’t think he saw any. He then sighs and carefully traces the bandages lightly with a fingertip.
“You should tell me these things, but I’ll worry about your punishment later,” and proceeds to drag his chair to sit right next to you. You’re aware that he hasn’t let go of your right hand, laying it on his lap and covering it with his, rubbing his thumb over the bandages in soothing back and forth movements while his other cuts the tart for you.
“It’s difficult eating with your left, right?” There is the tiniest hint of a smile on his lips, as if he was secretly pleased by this opportunity to feed you.
Cater Diamond
Tumblr media
“Hm~ Nothing interesting on Magicam today, it looks like,” Cater hums to himself while eating lunch, the fork tapping on his plate as he’s engrossed at just looking at his phone. If Riddle saw him right now he’d be livid at how the fork tapping was just making unnecessary noise. Trey sat next to him, properly eating his lunch, unlike Cater who liked to check his social media first, before doing anything else.
“Your food’s getting cold, Cater,” Trey reminded, to which Cater only replied to with a brief sound of agreement. Trey sighed, sometimes the only thing that could really get Cater’s attention was his phone and-- “Can I sit here?” 
Cater’s eyes darted upwards at the familiar voice, his lips already upturning into a pleasant smile knowing that he’d be greeted with...your bandaged face. His phone drops with a loud clatter on the table, along with his jaw. He shoots up from his chair, eyes wide and trying to process that huge slab of white gauze on your left cheek. “What happened?!” 
He was not expecting it, hence the unintended loudness in his voice that turns a few heads, causing Trey to hush Cater a bit and pull him back down on his seat. Cater’s body doesn’t listen. He wasn’t done questioning you about the obvious wound on your cheek. “Collided with someone during flying class,” you simply state, but shot an apologetic smile towards your boyfriend. 
“And you didn’t call me as soon as it happened? Who took you to the infirmary? Did anyone even go with you?” You’d think that Trey was a worry wart, but Cater was just the same in certain situations. You laid your food tray on the table as Cater came around to your side and inspected your cheek a bit more, putting a hand under your chin and twisting your head left and right. 
And finally, when he was sure that there was no real cause for alarm, he sighed in relief but had a mischievous grin on and swiftly snapped a photo of you, bandaged cheek and all, surprised look on your face at the suddenness of it. “This is for making me worry...” Cater mumbles to himself, tapping on his phone for a moment before pocketing it and making you sit next to him. 
“Now come on, your food’s getting cold,” Cater says and Trey could not help the sense of deja vu he feels, holding back a sigh at the display. Moments later when you’ve all finished lunch and you whip your phone out, there’s a notification from Magicam that you’ve been tagged on a photo.
Of course Cater had posted it. A picture of you looking so unready for the camera, eyes slightly confused and gauze on your cheek. The caption read: “This one decided to give me a scare today. Honestly can’t let you out of my sight for even a moment. #stillcutetho #forevermycutie”
You couldn’t bring yourself to be annoyed at the ugly candid photo of you. 
Trey Clover
Tumblr media
“Hey Trey, sorry, can we reschedule?” Your voice over the phone communicated raw regret. It wasn’t difficult to hear. 
The two of you had been planning on going out of town for the weekend, just a quick broom ride out of the college and into a small town that was popular for their quaint and quiet cafes. Both of you had been looking forward to it for quite a while, Trey for the sweets, you for the change in atmosphere. 
“Of course, what’s wrong?” He’d already been ready to go, backpack slung around his shoulder but he shrugs it off at your words. He’s extremely accommodating, and there are times where you truly thought you didn’t deserve such a kind guy. There isn’t any sign of anger in his voice, nor accusations. He should be a lot more angry than this, seeing as the two of you had been talking about the small trip for a while. 
“Had an accident in PE lesson, my ankle’s sprained,” Though you can’t see it, his brows furrow at the information, turning to immediately leave his dorm room. “Where are you? At your dorm?” he sandwiches the phone in between his shoulder and cheek as he pushes his door open. “Yeah, I’m okay though, I already went to the infirmary, they gave me an anti-swelling potion and it’s bandaged.”
“Those’ll only last an hour at most, I’ll come over, just wait,” the finality in his voice is almost sweet, and when he arrives at your room minutes later, he has a plastic bag in his hand and a pastry box in the other. You’d been sitting on your bed at that moment, lightly swerving your foot around to maybe stretch and relieve it a bit more. 
He carefully yet firmly embraces you in his arms as a greeting, breathing in your scent and exhaling slowly, then presses a kiss atop your head before kneeling in front of you and inspecting your ankle. He talks about the medications he brought with him, saying that he has relieving cream when the anti-swelling potion runs out, and some extra over the counter mini-dose potions for pain, if any.
He’s diligent and thorough in looking at it, just wanting to make sure it was really just a sprain instead of something more. “...It should be fine in a few days...Guess we can go next weekend instead?” He offers, looking up at you with a smile. 
You return it half-heartedly. “Yeah...I’m sorry,” He chuckles lightly and kisses your forehead on his way up. “There’s no need for that, I’m just glad it isn’t something worse,” he then taps a finger on the white box he deposited on your bedside table. “Besides, cakes can be enjoyed anytime, anywhere. You most likely need to have extra to help heal your ankle,” he winks and although you’re always worried about gaining weight with his constant way of spoiling you, you also can never say no to his hand-made sweets. 
Ace Trappola
Tumblr media
Your schedule didn’t align with Ace’s on Mondays and Tuesdays, so Wednesdays was the first day of the week where the two of you could leisurely spend lunch together. Ace was fiercely competitive and determined, one of the things he would talk to you about was how he was improving in magic, and trying to one up Deuce in their little friendship-rivalry.
You supposed his determination and energy charmed you. Likewise, he loved how you always matched his energy, or at least didn’t judge him for it. It’s a simple relationship with a strong friendship as a foundation, that’s probably why the two of you got along so well. You were as much best friends as you were lovers. 
Animatedly talking to each other as you both made your way to the cafeteria, you’re sat down next to him moments later with your tray of food as he goes to retrieve a drink for you and him. You’re humming while waiting for him, looking at the scrumptious meal in front of you and he can’t help but grin at your sunny disposition. “You’re in a good mood today,” he comments as he sits and places both your drinks on the table. 
“Aren’t I always?” you reply as you start eating and there’s no way his smile could get any wider. He’s just about to turn to his plate of food too, when something on your jawline catches his eye. He pauses for a moment and leans in further towards you to take a closer look. “What’s that...?” he whispers without thinking and you turn your head to ask “Hm?” 
It gives him a better view of a reddish, rash-like print near your jawline, next to your chin and it alarms him when he realizes its a bruise forming. “Where’d you get this?” He drops his fork and cradles your face in his hand, brows knitting together and searching your face for any more. 
Frankly you’d forgotten about the small accident, “Monday at flying lesson, just had a rough landing,” you grin a little but he doesn’t return it and instead winces, imagining how rough a landing it would’ve been for you to get a bruise like this. “You could’ve told me earlier,” he drops his hand, but the frown on his face doesn’t disappear, and it looks so odd on him cause you’re so used to his smile. 
“Sorry, I forgot about it,” but you pick your hand up to pinch on his cheek. “Don’t fret about it, it’ll go away in a few days,” 
“Ouwch,” he slurs as you continue pinching, to which he swats your hand away right after. “How’d you even manage that? It’s not easy to mess up a landing you know?” 
You take a bite of food and nod your head, “Guess I have to practice with you so I can Ace it,” then wiggle your eyebrows. Ace opens his mouth in a laugh-scoff, but he also feels an explosion of warmth in his chest at your lame yet endearing jokes.
Deuce Spade
Tumblr media
Try as he might to stay awake in History class, it was just the hardest thing to do, specially on a Monday morning. Ace was a great distraction, only if he could stay awake as well, but Ace would sometimes fall asleep faster than Deuce would. 
He began to daydream. Hey, it was better than actually sleep-dreaming, right? At least he was still awake. He propped his head on his hand, the words of the teacher just going into one ear and out the other. His mind wandered over to you, and he suddenly thought of your timetable. You should be having alchemy class right now, he had your timetable memorized by heart. 
As clueless as Deuce was--and still is--about dating and the like, the two of you had managed to work through and figured out that you liked each other beyond what friends would. He cared for you--and constantly had you in mind--almost like you were a part of him. 
“Deuce, Deuce!” Ace hissed at him and nudged his side with his elbow, causing him to snap back to reality, only to find that their teacher wasn’t there anymore. “What? What happened?” He asked, looking around. He was sure that the bell hadn’t rang yet. 
“Gee have you actually perfected the art of sleeping with your eyes open? Did you not see that guy from the other class come into our classroom asking for help from our teacher?” Ace gave him a deadpan look. Deuce shrugged. In a matter of seconds the hushed classroom came alive with chatter and whispers, all quieting down when the teacher came back announcing. “Nothing to worry about, just a small accident in the next class,” and everything was settled and  back to History class again.
Deuce almost wished that the accident had gone on a bit longer. He didn’t think at all that you were caught in it, and only found out during lunch time when he saw a very imposing bandage and gauze on your clavicle area while picking you up from your classroom. 
“He~llo~” you greeted him in a sing-song voice, as if nothing had happened at all, not noticing his half-confused half-concerned look. “Let’s go for lunch?” You clapped your hands together, excited at the prospect but you yelped a little when he pulled you aside and had you lean on the closest wall. 
“What’s that? Are you hurt? When did that happen?” He was sure as hell that you didn’t have it yesterday. Your hand unconsciously comes up to touch the area he was pointing at. That was the only time you recalled the incident. “Ah! Yeah! You gotta hear this! There was like a huge explosion during chemistry lesson today!” and yet your eyes sparkled like it was an amazing discovery. “All this purple goop flew everywhere and the cauldron basically broke. Isaac had to go to the infirmary cause he got most of the damage. I just had some of that hot purple goop fly on my shoulder, so, yeah. Everyone else was pretty lucky, we only got this much damage. It’s just a slight burn,” 
You smiled, and yet he couldn’t find it in him to smile back. It could’ve been much, much worse and that fear struck him in so many places at once. “You’ve really gotta practice those defensive spells from magic class,” he tells you. 
“I could, but everything happened so fast, you know?” You tugged at his hand and started walking with him to the cafeteria and he merely followed. All the while thinking, this wouldn’t do, despising the fact that he couldn’t protect you at that moment. Still, he understood that these things just happened sometimes, but it was certainly more fuel for him to get stronger. 
Leona Kingscholar
Tumblr media
As usual, you found him lazing around at the botanical gardens. On his side, arms tucked under his head as a cushion, breathing even and slow. Your smile reaches your ears. In this state, he looks so relaxed, and it’s easy to admire his cute ears--something that he’d get grumpy at if you blatantly stared at it while he was awake.
“Leona,” you tried again, kneeling down next to him on the grass and putting a hand on his arm. You’re being soft on purpose, it’s just how you were. Screaming at his ear surely wouldn’t help. That’s probably one of the things that he liked about you. You weren’t TOO annoying.
“Mm,” he responds this time, arm twitching a little under your touch. He isn’t actually easy to wake up, Ruggie says that if Leona is in a particularly deep sleep, you’d have to drag him up and awake. For Leona though, there’s something about your voice that’s easy to wake up to, though he would never admit that out loud.
“What now?” He knows it’s you, and he’s still gruff with his manners and words, it doesn’t really change much for you, except on certain occasions. “It’s lunch time, I got your sandwich,” you reply and this causes him to peek an eye open. “...I thought I told Ruggie to get it for me,” which translates to ‘Why are you doing Ruggie’s work? Is he slacking off?’ 
“You did, but I just wanted to spend lunch with you today, so I took it off his hands,” There’s a moment of silence. Your honesty takes him aback sometimes, but he quite liked it. At least he didn’t have to play childish guessing games when it came to you. “That so?” there’s amusement in his voice, and he finally sits up with a half-yawn, turning to face you.
There’s an angry, purple bruise on your arm, the size of a walnut that immediately draws his eyes to it. His face contorts into a snarl, the sudden rage he feels is surprising, even to him. “The hell is that?” and he snatches your arm, pushing his head and nose closer to the bruise to get a whiff of it, to get some sort of clue if anyone laid hands on you because no one, absolutely no one was going to get away with that.
“I’ve had that for a while, it’s from a bad landing during flying lesson a week or so ago. It isn’t anyone’s fault, ‘cept myself,” you explain with a short laugh, not shocked by his reaction. He’s wildly protective, and he probably hadn’t seen the bruise before because it’s the first time in a long time you’ve worn your PE shirt without your jacket.
He releases your arm, but still glares at the bruise as if it offends him. “Better not be,” he lets it go and takes the sandwich from you. There’s no thank you nor any sort of appreciation for your food delivery, but you don’t mind. Leona had surprising ways to show you that he cared, words were just not one of them.
Ruggie Bucchi
Tumblr media
“Alright Leona-san, see you later!” Ruggie waved a hand behind him as he trudged off. Leona grunted and watched the smaller male leave. Ever since Ruggie started dating you he’d been away from the dorm for longer periods of time. It kind of irked Leona, but at the same time it had recently put Ruggie into such good moods that he didn’t even mind lining up twice or thrice to get food for Leona. So, the Savanaclaw house leader didn’t complain. 
Today was one of the days where you didn’t quite expect Ruggie to come visit you. It was out of the schedule, perhaps he just wanted to surprise you, or just wanted to get an extra day with you, he didn’t really say. He just thought it’d be alright to wait outside your classroom as lessons finished, hoping to spend some time with you, lounging around somewhere you preferred, maybe the library, or just the plaza. 
He watched as a crowd formed outside your room when the bell rings, students respectively going to their own other schedules, filing out from there. Ruggie’s eyes were quite good, so he wasn’t worried about missing you completely. He would’ve seen you and recognized you the moment you came out, but the thing is, you didn’t. 
He tilted his head a little in confusion. The room was nearly empty now, but he peered inside and you weren’t there either, so he finally opted to ask another student. “Hey, you seen Y/N anywhere?” Ruggie grins, liking that he might have to do a game of cat and mouse to look for you.
“Y/N? They didn’t come to class today. Probably has to do with that horrid broom collision in flying class yesterday, looked like it hurt,” and Ruggie’s excitement withers away quite quickly. Collision and hurt in the same sentence could not be something good. 
“Oiii, what’s the deal with you not telling me you got hurt?” he asked over the phone when you picked up on the third ring. His tone is accusatory, and slightly offended. He had the smallest of angry pouts on his lips, barely even there but definitely jutting out to show his displeasure. “Shishishi, thought you could hide it from me, huh?” 
Ruggie was still very playful around you, and he could be anyone he wanted to be with you, no barriers, no pretending whatsoever. You laughed sheepishly over the other end and explained, “Ahhh... Well, you found out faster than I expected,” Ruggie chuckles again, somewhat half proud that he managed to figure it out so fast, though it had all just been a stroke of luck.
You said you’d be going to the infirmary today, so he met you there and saw that most of the damage had been on your left hand, seeing that there was a brace on it. By no means were you a fragile person, so Ruggie thought it was pretty admirable that you were taking the injury in stride, and not crying about it like a wimp. “Shishishi, see how clumsy you are?” he teased and you only poked your tongue out at him.
Despite that, he stayed with you at the infirmary while the nurse talked about what to do to make it heal better. He was listening, and he was listening intently. He even tried to learn how to wrap the hand properly, in case the bandages unravel and had to be redone. 
As he walks you back to your dorm with your good hand in his, he squeezes it and makes a point. “You know there’s no use hiding things from me, right? I’ve got ears all over the place,” he says this smugly, like he was a spymaster who had access to every nook and cranny of the college. “I know, I just didn’t want you to worry,” you explain and he scoffs with a shrug.
“That’s my job, so let me do it. Definitely beats getting Leona-san out of bed every morning,” he’d much rather do things for you, no questions asked.
Jack Howl
Tumblr media
Jack wasn’t replying. If you had to guess, he was probably busy training, or just practicing magift with his dorm mates. He tended to get so engrossed in it that he forgot about the time. Classic Jack. His passion for the things he liked and the way he worked so hard was probably what drew you to him.
You shrugged, and figured you’d make it to your dorm by yourself. It was just a hairline fracture on one of your toes, caused by one of your classmates accidentally dropping their cauldron on your foot. It didn’t bother you until the end of the lesson, when you realized that moving your right foot a certain way aggravated a part of your toes that you couldn’t pinpoint. 
Sure enough, on closer inspection by the nurses, one of your toes was swollen, and also had the slightest of cracks on its bone, and so they wrapped it up tight with padding and instructed you not to wear closed shoes for a while, and opt for sandals. “You can still walk, but make sure to take breaks and here’s a note to excuse you from PE for a week,” the nurse told you.
So there you were, backpack on, one foot in a sandal that you borrowed from the infirmary, and one foot in your usual sneakers. It was easy to tell that something was wrong with your foot cause the toes were bound together by sienna-coloured medical tape. That, and you were limping. 
Back at Savanaclaw, Jack had taken a water break, going over to the bench where his bag was and rummaging through it to look for his phone while downing a bottle of water, sweat trickling down his temples. There was only one message, and it was from you. “Hey Jack :) Are you busy?” His eyebrows go up in a moment of curiosity. “Just took a break from magift practice, are you done with your lesson?” 
Normally he’d be back on the field right after drinking water, but he waited on a response from you...and he still didn’t get one after 10 minutes. So, he opted to call, but you didn’t answer. He huffed to himself, chucking the phone into his bag and getting up for another round of magift when one of his same-year acquaintances approaches him. “Yo Jack! Surprised you’re still practicing,” 
Jack swerves around to meet face to face with another Savanaclaw student, raising an eyebrow. Everyone knew that he practiced any chance he could, why was it a surprise now? “It’s as usual, why is it a shock?” Jack asked, and the other guy, totally innocent and unsuspecting says, “Oh, I thought I saw Y/N on my way back here. Looked like they injured their foot, or something like that. Just thought you guys were dating and you’d be helping ‘em out,” he shrugged.
Jack takes a moment to internalize the other guy’s words. Like an ice melting, and the puddle of realization slowly soaks into him. You WERE dating each other, but he didn’t catch wind of you getting hurt. He grabbed his backpack in the next instant and sprints out of there faster than Leona could fall asleep in class. 
He tries to call you all the way over to your dorm, trying to reach you to at least ask you to stay put and wait for him. By the time you picked it up, you were already nearly there. “Jack?” You ask, and you can hear him on the other side, breathless. “Where are you?” you can tell he’s running, he must’ve found out.
“I’m okay, don’t worry, I’m nearly to my dorm so it’s totally fine!” He cuts the line, and you’re dumbfounded, but seconds later you feel his presence nearing, and sure enough, he’s running towards you at full speed and then stops in front of you crouched over himself, panting as he rested his hands on his knees. “Why.Didn’t.You.Call.Me?” He demanded through short breaths. 
He straightened up, still heaving but glares at your clearly injured foot, and repeats. “Why didn’t you call me?” You smile a little, “Well, I knew you were practicing, I didn’t think you’d be able to hear me through it,” 
“I would, there’s a special ringtone for you!” He’d always had a special ringtone for you, and his ears were quite good, so he knew the sound that he was looking for. Message tones, unfortunately, couldn’t be customized to the person. You stare up at him blankly, and he stares back when he realizes what he’d just blurted out. “A-Anyway, come on, get on. What did you even do?” He turns away from you to hide whatever blush is forming on his cheeks, and also to kneel down to have you get on his back. 
You’re equally glad that he can’t see you as you climb on to his strong back, cause there was a super giddy smile on your face as you try your hardest to explain what happened.
Azul Ashengrotto
Tumblr media
“Azul, Y/N’s here to see you,” Jade stated as he pushed the door to Azul’s study open. Azul pushed his glasses up before meeting Jade’s gaze. “Y/N? I’ve told them thousands of times to just walk in,” Jade’s signature smile doesn’t falter as he explains. “They wanted to make sure they weren’t bothering you and asked me to check,”
Azul opened his mouth to say something, only to close it again when he recognizes that it was very you to do such a thing. You knew he’d been busy the past couple of days, you were just being considerate. “Send them in,” He stands from his chair and starts retrieving glasses for the two of you to enjoy some of his self-mixed fruit juice. Neat and proper, Azul lays two coasters on his table, followed by the glasses of fruit juice. 
Though he looks stoic as ever, there’s always the slight pitter-patter of his heart at the thought of seeing you. The door creaks open once again and he turns, expecting to see you standing there with some books in your arms, which is exactly what he sees.
What he doesn’t expect is the patch plastered over your right eye. His hold on his juice glass nearly slips and he puts it down firmly on his table before rushing over to you to grab the books away and chuck it on the coffee table in the middle of the room. “What’s going on? What’s wrong with your eye, love?” 
There’s a tinge of panic in his voice because he goes to the worst case scenario, wondering if you’ve been blinded as he firmly grasps your right cheek to take a closer look at it. It’s such a small thing, but he’s even angrier that he can’t gaze into your wonderfully coloured eyes. “During magift practice this morning one of the teams lost control of the magift disk and it went flying off.”
Azul is thoroughly confused. You didn’t play magift, and you weren’t very fond of the sport. “But you don’t play,” he pressed and you laughed nervously. “Ah, yeah, I was actually just watching. Guess I was just unlucky,” You hear the very controlled inhale and exhale he just did, knowing that he was probably pissed at no one in particular.
“Mmhmm, and who, specifically, was playing magift?” He’d crossed his arms over his chest now, pushing his glasses up again to level his gaze on you. You start listing names. “A bunch of juniors. Umm... There was Felix, Han-- Wait, why are you asking?” you suddenly stop, recognizing the glint in his eyes.
Azul smirks and shrugs his hands along with his shoulders, “They could use some magift lessons, I’m sure Jade and Floyd would love to show them a lesson or two--”
“Azul, it was just an accident. Besides, it actually didn’t hit my eye more than it did my eyebrow area,” you clasp a hand on his arm to calm him down a little, he sees reason only for a moment. “That doesn’t make it any better... Though I suppose I can let it go this time...”
You can tell he isn’t entirely happy with being unable to do anything, but he relents, though tells himself that he won’t let it go if it ever happens again. So those magift players better start playing properly.
Jade Leech
Tumblr media
“Here, let me help you with that,” Jade walks around you, pulling on the apron strings and tying it neat and tight behind your back for your bar shift. You helped out and worked in Mostro Lounge, usually mixing drinks, rarely as a server. “Thank you,” you briefly said when Jade finished, posing to walk away and prep the bar when he elegantly pulls at your waist. 
There aren’t a lot of people around yet, and as he tucks you right next to him for a quick kiss on the lips you can’t help but be reminded of how tall he is. “Glad to have you here today, darling,” he whispers before letting your waist go and stepping away, ending the brief moment of affection. 
Jade had always been a little discreet, and you weren’t complaining about that. He wasn’t the type to show off too much, or brag about things and you liked it that way. It’s not that your relationship was under wraps, but the two of you were pretty private people. 
As usual, the shift starts off boring. There isn’t much to do, up until later into the night when students start to file in and you don’t even have time to breathe or think about the orders. At some point, it had just become automatic to you. You see the receipt, you read the order, you make it, you put it down and move on to the next one. It took practice, and a lot of experience. 
At some point during your shift, you and Jade take your break together, and you swap out with another pair of Octavinelle students who temporarily takes your job. You were at the break room, washing your hands at the available sink and lathering it with soap, just as Jade comes in as well. “Busy, isn’t it?” Jade starts and was about to comment on how good you were handling the bar, when his eyes catch the bandages around your fingers. 
And it wasn’t just one, there were several wrapped around them. “What happened to your hands, Y/N?” He was slightly sullen that he didn’t notice earlier, you made a questioning sound, and then catch on to what he’s asking. “Few days ago while mixing a drink I might’ve made a wrong maneuver and the glass shattered in my hands. Um...I don’t know, it’s hard to explain,” you laughed nervously, still not completely sure yourself how you managed to do that, but the whole aftermath had been messy and you had to clean it up on your own, not wanting to bother anyone else on shift. 
“Was I not on shift that day? I thought our schedules overlapped,” He’s upset at himself for not knowing. “Ah, no, I came in to replace someone who got sick last minute.” You were drying off your hands, gently using the available towel. Jade was still for a moment, before gently reaching out for your hands and pressing both to his lips. “Would you like to end your shift for now? It must be tedious with these wounds. I can take your bar duty for today,” 
Your gaze softens, there’s some heat crawling up your cheeks. He’s always considerate when it came to you. “It’s not that bad Jade, don’t worry,” you reassure, and he looks at you for a moment more to assess your answer, and decides to believe you. “Alright, but if it does start to sting, come look for me, understand?” 
Though he knows you might ignore the pain, his goal was to just let you know that you could always rely on him.
Floyd Leech
Tumblr media
It was a hot day today, PE would certainly feel like hell on Earth. That was the exact reason why you opted to wear the jogging shorts instead of the jogging pants. You didn’t know that would backfire on you while doing laps around the field, when two reckless sophomore boys from your class just barrel through the field, playing around and knocking over each other, accidentally shoving others in their way...including you. 
Safe to say they got a really loud berating from the teacher, shouting about how they’re not kids anymore and they should stop playing around. Unfortunately, you didn’t come out of it unscathed. You’d fallen to your knees and hands, the grass was probably newly cut and it stung when your knees slightly dragged against it, the friction causing bloody cuts all around it. 
It wasn’t too bad that you had to go to the infirmary, the teacher always had a first aid kit on hand, and had the two or three of you who were unfortunately in the way of the rowdy boys sit down and have a look at the cuts. It was disinfected and wrapped securely by the end of the lesson. 
On Fridays, Floyd and you had the routine of meeting up after your last lesson, which was PE. Your schedules just happened to line up perfectly on Fridays. You’d always wait for him at your classroom, packing your things slowly and making sure you took everything for the weekend. 
“Hey, Y/N,” Two blonde boys stood in front of you with grins on their faces. It was those two rowdy boys from PE. You had nothing against them, in fact, you thought they were pretty funny guys in class who always lightened the atmosphere. You smiled at them, while finishing up your packing. “Hey, what’s up?” The taller one scratched the back of his neck and let out a forced laugh. “We just wanted to say sorry for earlier. Ugh, this idiot here just had to start chasing me halfway through my run so we--”
“Oh now it’s MY fault--”
You sweatdropped as they argued in front of you, but couldn’t help laughing at their weird relationship. Floyd had entered your classroom just at that moment, when you laughed, and when the two guys in front of you swerved their heads towards you to wonder what in Cruella’s name you were laughing about. “You guys fight like you’re brothers, and you kinda look like twins too,” 
The two started denying it, again going on another round of arguments, but they felt a menacing presence behind them, at the same time as your eyes light up at the sight of Floyd approaching. “Floyd!” You smile and walk away from your seat to meet him, but he was engrossed at staring down the two blonde guys. “Hey, it’s the two blondeweeds,” Floyd grinned down at them, and the two flinched when they realized he was there. 
Your class was well aware that you were dating Floyd, it’s probably the reason why people tried not to mess with you. “You guys havin’ fun?” Floyd asked all too pleasantly. In truth, it just annoyed him to see you laughing at their antics, a bit of jealousy boiling in his stomach. His smile completely changes when his head turns towards you though, it’s wide and toothy, but genuine. 
“Angelfish, you wore the shorts today instead of the pa--” He was about to comment about how charming you looked in them, when his eyes drop at your bandaged knees. His demeanor does a 180, the smile disappears and there’s a blank look on his face. People thought that it was creepy when Floyd smiled, but what they should really be scared of was his frown. 
It’s enough to turn a whole room cold as he questions you. “Is there anyone I should be talking to about the bandages on your knees?” Just like that, his smile was back, though it was now more menacing than it was earlier. 
The two blondes in the room tense up. By now, everyone was gone except the four of you. “Hm? Oh, it was an accident, it’s fine,” you weren’t even thinking about the cuts anymore, and Floyd had half the mind to just forget about it too, seeing the happy look on your face and just how delighted you were to see him. “Well, if my angelfish says so~ Hehe~” 
The two blondes let out a sigh of relief as the two of you happily walk away side by side, but their stomachs drop when they pick their heads up again and Floyd is looking right at them from the classroom door, deranged looking grin and all. “I’ll play with you blondeweeds next time instead~”  
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trappolaces · 2 months ago
sharing a bed with the vice housewardens
Tumblr media
featuring !! jamil viper, jade leech, ruggie bucchi, trey clover, lilia vanrouge, rook hunt
jamil viper 
you’re ???? because jamil’s just standing in the hallway of the hotel room like this 🧍
you think he’s turned into a robot for a second. bro’s rebooting and about to list his terms and conditions 
you wave your hand in front of his face. it’s starting to get concerning. is he about to go vecna mode and do the chrissy crumble???
suddenly comes back to life. kind of jumpscares you
tells you very sincerely that he’ll go downstairs to get a new room. says he can’t have you sleeping in the same bed with him 
you’re a little upset because why can’t you sleep in the same bed?? he’s acting like you’re a cockroach or something 
you follow him downstairs as he very politely tells the front desk that there’s been a mixup. and you’re not a couple. so you can’t share a bed. 
the receptionist has the nerve to look a little sorry as she tells the two of you there’s no more vacancy. so it’s either share a bed or sleep outside. on the cold concrete. in the rain. 
jamil literally sighs. Sighs. you’re getting mad at him because why is he so adamant on not sharing a bed? 
you’re determined to give jamil the Same Treatment. you cold shoulder him on the way back up to the hotel room and he has the nerve to not notice
in the hotel room he’s sitting on the bed and you just stare at him 
jamil: (・・ ) ?
you: ((╬◣﹏◢))
finally asks you what’s wrong.
“why don’t you want to share a bed??”
goes red. starts blushing. covers his face with his hands and tells you to go away 
where are you supposed to go?? the bathroom?? there’s literally no room in this single bedroom hotel so you go stand by the door
“can i come out yet”
lets you come back and he’s the same as before. no expression on his face. tells you that he promises he will keep on his side of the bed
sets up pillows as a divider on the bed. it’s literally a twin bed and there’s like 1 inch of space left by the time he’s done 
by the time you finish up your homework from nrc, jamil’s already in bed
asks you why you’re laughing at him and it’s because he’s wearing those goofy sleeping blindfolds
“it helps me sleep!!!!!!”
“it looks stupid”
you head to bed and there’s literally no space. you look over at jamil’s side and he’s hanging off the bed
you decide enough is enough. you remove the pillows and tell jamil he’s gonna have to suck it up and cuddle with you or face the consequences
jamil silently thanks the seven that it’s dark so you can’t see his bright red face 
you fall asleep curled into his side, resting your head on his chest
his heart is beating so fast. wonders how you can’t hear it
literally stays awake the whole night. you wake up with jamil’s arm around you, and a very frazzled jamil with dark circles under his eyes 
“did you not sleep well or something…??”
“i. slept. okay.”
ruggie bucchi
technically he isn’t a vice housewarden but he’s the vice housewarden of my Heart
definitely giggles when the two of you walk into the room and find a single twin bed 
finds the whole thing Absurdly Funny 
the two of you end up laughing together until your stomachs hurt and you can’t breathe 
sends a picture of it to leona. 
“guess who gets to share a bed with the prefect!!! not leona kingscholar!”
ruggie is actually very cuddly 
you notice this as soon as you climb into bed 
ruggie falls asleep first, and he’s quick to gravitate to your warmth underneath the covers 
you were reading a book when ruggie silently came to rest his head on your chest, encircling his arms around your waist 
you think its So Sweet 
not only does he look Adorable, but he looks so soft and omg u want to squeeze him like a squishmallow
definitely has bedhead
tosses and turns alot and it goes straight to his hair 
likes to tangle the two of your legs together when your sleeping 
ruggie’s the type of cuddler who craves closeness. legs? tangled. your hands? intertwined. 
especially enjoys it if you pet his ears. gets mad when you stop
you fall asleep with your hands in his hair and ruggie attached to you like a little bug. ruggie buggy 
jade leech
is the most dignified about it 
doesn’t mind sharing a bed with you, but also doesn’t mind getting a new room 
asks you which one you’re more comfortable with. you tell him you don’t mind sharing a bed but that you’re a cuddler 
does his signature grin
“my my, prefect, you’re quite vulnerable at night”
“shut ur mouth”
brought a card deck in his luggage. blackmails you to play war with him 
the first time he wins, you laugh and tell him you’ll win the next round. 
the second time he wins, you raise an eyebrow and tell him it’s just luck 
the third time he wins. you start. bubbling. with rage. 
the tenth time he wins you’re fists are clenched and you chase him around the room, convinced he’s cheating 
it turns out jade is not cheating. but is absurdly good at playing cards. jade what those fingers dooooo
takes his hat off before he goes to bed. you sigh because you placed a bet with ace that jade and floyd wore hats because they had little bald spots under it. or were hiding a bowl cut. turns out he has a full head of hair. 
you ask him if you can play with his hair 
he lets you, and you tie his hair half up in a loose ponytail to keep the hair out of his eyes when he sleeps 
lets you throw your arms around him when you go to sleep 
you burrow your head into his stomach, and curl into his side
thinks you’re so cute 
is actually really warm when sleeping. you’ve never felt comfier in the hotel’s nice linen sheets and jade’s body warmth next to you 
rook hunt
so weird
looks like sia with his bowl cut. or a blonde will byers.
also giggles when he sees the single twin bed 
“ah, mon cherie, seems as if we will be lovers tonight!”
likes making you flustered
“aw, my petit baguette is blushing!” 
his pickup lines are so awfully bad but for some reason seem to work on you??? 
does his skincare before bed with you because vil with murder him if his skin is not in tip top condition
will share his expensive eye creams with you 
his pajamas are a deep purple and have his name embroidered on the back of them. tells you he got them in france for the cheap steal of 100 million thaumarks
also very warm in bed 
likes to engulf you in his arms. will cuddle before sleeping, and wrap one arm around you 
lilia vanrouge
smug central 
wiggles his eyebrows and makes the whole thing Weird 
“lilia what are you doing”
“giving you bedroom eyes”
doesn’t mind that there’s only one twin bed. tells you straight up he’s thankful for it
lilia is a big cuddler, and was literally attached to you on the car ride to the hotel, so he sees sleeping together as No Biggie 
definitely goes to sleep wearing a silk matching pajama set and special slippers to match. has an extra pair and lets you borrow them
the two of you order room service before bed. lilia is a pizza enthusiast and the two of you watch a movie and share a pepperoni pizza in your matching pajamas. and slippers. 
definitely tells you stories before bed
says it’s a habit and that silver still makes him share bedtime stories 
tells you all about his. strange escapades in his like 9 million years of living. bro’s a great great great great great great great great great great great great great great grandpa
mobile games with you 
plays genshin and mains yae miko. buys you wishes for kazuha and heizou from some Unidentified money source. 
you find out later the money source is from a sugar daddy. lilia is catfishing some old man that he is a 20 year old woman and gets an Absurdly High Amount of monthly income
sleeps upside down on the bed. you don’t want to cuddle with his feet so you sleep on the other side with him 
opens his arms for you before bed
refuses to let you sleep alone. definitely hugs you to sleep and when you wake up, you’re still laying in lilia’s tight embrace
trey clover
you demand a new room. the receptionist tells you there is no more room so you sleep on the floor. you have to wear noise cancelling headphones to bed because trey’s snores are so loud the ground starts shaking.
as always, thank you so much for reading! | masterlist
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harfanfare · 28 days ago
Unique Kisses: Heartslabyul!
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Hearslabyul || Savanaclaw || Octavinelle
Tumblr media
Riddle R. (strawberry kisses)
If it wasn’t for this situation, Riddle would consider removing strawberries from a cake a blasphemy.
Fortunately for you, and also his joy, which he could not admit to if it wasn’t the last resort, Riddle isn't sure if his judgement would be a fair one. He is drunk on the taste of strawberries and fluffy cream, but also your fragrance, which has been his favourite aroma even before he thought he would dare to confess his feelings to you.
Riddle knows he doesn’t think soberly, but also believes that Trey didn’t change a recipe for his favourite dessert.
So, it is your fault.
“You should have taken yourself a piece of cake if you crave strawberries so much,” he says, regarding how you stab a little strawberry from his tart on a silver fork. It shimmers softly with honey or frosting or whatever Trey had added. Right now, Riddle can’t remember what his favourite dessert tastes like, and it was your fault as well.
“Kitchen is too far away,” you almost sigh, but don’t do that because it’s not a reason to be disappointed. “And, by the way, you are the one eating your tart. The greater part is still yours.”
“I have an irresistible impression that my serving disappears too fast.”
“You’re such a gourmet then. You will have to take bigger pieces next time.”
You chuckle at his stern facade, face fully covered with blushes, not matching the crossed arms that were probably meant to give his figure a more serious tone.
The strawberry on the fork you put against his lips, and he - used to this, after your multiple pleas - swallows his dignity and bites the fruit enough, not to cut it in half. He blinks a little faster, a little more nervous, and can’t bear to hold your stare when you smile and put the fork aside.
And then, you bite a strawberry held by his lips. A soft crunch attends the moment where your lips brush against each other. You feel how a sweet juice fills your lips and you have to move away to not let it drain over a corner of your mouth.
Satisfied, now less frustrated with your idea, you lick your wet, slightly sticky lips.
You glance at Riddle.
It… was a surprise that he went with your idea. It was a plan to soften him up a bit and have another reason to laugh when he would scold you again for your “preposterous suggestions”.
Surely not for you to stand in bewilderment and quick-paced heartbeat when Riddle pulls out a strawberry on a fork towards you. And as his face is red, crimson almost, his gaze is tainted with warm grey.
“Now it’s your turn.”
And that was an order.
Tumblr media
Trey C. (hand kisses)
Trey Clover is a gentleman.
He opens the door whenever you go with him. Helps to carry supplies to the alchemy room at the far end of the school. Forbids you to prepare snacks for yourself, just to serve you beautiful little tarts during a break, that can be eaten in one bite.
His love is elegant and attentive. He likes to hold you in his arms while reading books. By highlighting the most important things in notes he helps you prepare for exams. He doesn’t even complain when you rob his wardrobe and usurp his clothes. He collects - by following all the Queen's rules or while avoiding Riddle's eyesight -- and offers you roses for every greater or lesser success.
A dreamy gentleman.
The only thing that mystifies you every time, is his touch.
You always quiver slightly as he takes your hand in his and entwines your fingers. He turns it over and brings it to his mouth, kissing the back of your hand. You don't know what is more delicate: the way his fingers slide over yours, or your heart, which will probably quickly tear apart itself, not able to bear the darting beat.
It would definitely be a nice death, but more than choosing that, you'd still rather live through this moment.
Trey's lips brush against your skin and move towards your fingers. There, he places another kiss and when he finally releases your hand, he still holds you. A grip slightly tightens when you look at him bashfully.
It was a gentleman's kiss.
Or maybe not gentleman’s, but from a man who pretends. You are not sure if a gentleman would do something like that to his lady: watch her lose her mind with each kiss as she becomes more and more addicted to her gentleman who smiles with a subtle but private smile.
Even as he pulls away, you feel that the spot on your skin where he kissed you tickles you lightly.
"Good morning to you, too, I should say”, you exclaim with a big smile. But you already like that greeting very much, and you're sure Trey knows it as well, as he repeats the gesture every day.
"Ah, and that's not the reaction I was expecting," he snorted as you rolled your eyes. “You got used to this trick already. Should I stop or…” now he smiles, mischievously. Certainly not like a gentleman. “...change the offensive?”
Tumblr media
Cater D. (kisses on the eyes)
“Smile!” and snap! With a soft sound, another photo saves itself on Cater’s phone. He immediately enlarges it with his fingers, brings the image closer to your faces and clicks his tongue with dissatisfaction, but doesn’t remove the photo. “No, that’s not it. We look lovely, but- Sweetie, come closer!”
“Yes, yes.”
You take another step towards Cater. He instantly places his arm over yours, drawing you a little closer, as he holds the phone in the other hand. He observes the preview of the photo. And then, he directs you to turn a little to the west, so the sun would colour your faces even more.
An artistic wind begins to blow and ruffles the leaves of the trees behind your back. They form your main background, which Cater wanted to expose as they were famous for their multicoloured flowers. It was the main reason to choose this park as the next place for your date. The strands of your hair began to wave, and you gently brushed a few away from your eyes.
But before Cater can snap that hundredth picture, you lower your head and put hand to your face.
“Ah, I think something is in my eye,” you murmur, with all your will trying not to rub your eyes. “Probably sand, ewh.”
“Oh, oh, wait, wait, wait,” Cater quickly tucks the phone into the pocket of his jacket and with one movement unbuckles his backpack. He pulls out a bottle of water -which he immediately hands to you - and then finds a package of tissues. “Here. Try to wash it out. And blink. You're supposed to blink a lot at times like this, right?” … Luckily for you, you don’t have to vex with it for long, because after a short while you manage to get the sand out of your eye. Cater’s phone is used as a mirror, and he checked himself if there might be any irritation visible in your eye.
You crumple a wet tissue and throw it in the trash can near your bench.
“It’s all right now, I think.”
Cater puts his stuff in his bag and gets up. With a short wave, he says that he wants you to stay where you are.
"I will cast a healing spell on your eyes," he announces and crouches in front of you. He smiles. “Metaphorical one. Please don't trust me when it comes to healing magic.”
And then he moves closer to you, and his hands are on your cheeks. They hold you in place as he gets closer and closer until he completely fills your view and asks you to close your eyes. You don’t have to look at him to know his gaze is trailing your face. And when he stops, it’s because he wanted to turn your attention to the touch as he places warm kisses on your eyelids.
These are some of the softer kisses Cater gave you. They are almost imperceptible and uncharacteristic of him, but you can feel the care in each one... and have a scent of his cologne – jasmine scent, slightly spicy in smell - that he put on himself surround you.
He steps back only when each eye receives at least three kisses.
“I think I feel better now...” You say with a smile which he reciprocates. He pulls out his phone, once again, and points its lens at you. He hums with pleasure, as he finds the perfect angle.
“So~? Will you smile for me once more?”
You can’t say no after such a satisfying spell.
Tumblr media
Ace T. (feigned kisses)
“Hey, hey, come here, I want to tell you something...”
You tear your gaze away from your notebook, where the next line of your essay on the history of magic is now cut halfway. Ace's whisper snapped you out of the monologue you've arranged in your head, and you know you won’t recollect it soon. Not even a passive focus spell applied to the library could help, as Ace acted as a truly sterling distraction.
“Come here yourself.”
“It's important”
It’s probably not.
You sigh and shake your head. Ace does the same, but rises from his untouched textbooks. "I lack the motivation to study today," he tells you every time you drag him along to prepare for your next exam together.
He stops in front of you and turns your chair around so that you can directly face him. He smiles mischievously. Almost malevolently, but warm enough.
He places his hands on both sides of your chair and—oh, since when is he so close to you?
It's not that Ace isn’t in the habit of kissing you—he likes it as much as you do, although he never fails to roll his eyes when you ask for a kiss, or tease you ("ah, so you need more of my attention, hm? Heh~") before pressing his lips to yours.
And you are expecting the latter option until Ace stops inches from your face and snarls.
“Heh. You wish”.
He tries to whisper something more, but you don’t give him an opportunity to do so, as you throw your head back. And then he greets you with a look, you could describe as mean.
“Yes,” you admit quietly, genuinely disappointed. You turn your chair around and quickly tuck your books into your bag. Maybe you'll find Riddle or someone who can chase Ace away a bit with their presence, so you will have some peace. “But I'm feeling less and less sorry that it didn't happen. See you later, I'm off to class…”
He didn’t expect that. Did you have a bad day today? Did he do something wrong or- Did you really care about getting a good grade on that essay? He couldn't guess, but he knew that if he doesn’t make a move now, you will try getting back at him.
“Hey—!” He wheezes, grabbing your hand. “You can't give up so easily. Fight for what you want!”
“Too much work.”
Ace sighs and tilts his head. He pulls you towards him by the strap of the bag you carry, almost knocking you off balance. And then, he presses your lips to his—they are unexpectedly soft and you start to wonder if it was because of the honey he added to his tea at almost every unbirthday party (to break another rule of his dorm)—and then... And then you both lost the air in your lungs that you hadn't managed to take in before kissing.
You look at him from under your lashes as you take a deep breath. “To quote, "Ah, so you need more of my attention?””
“Ughh,” Ace breathes out, and you feel that quiet sigh on the skin of your neck. He is still incredibly close, but for that moment you can’t bring yourself to push him away. “You're lucky I like you. …And, by the way, you choose very wise man’s quotes.”
Tumblr media
Deuce S. (forehead kisses)
“...Are you asleep?”
“...No. Not yet.”
The quilt rustles quietly as you sat up on the bed. You feel tired, your head aches, and your eyes seem too heavy. You are sure you've already yawned about five times since you said “goodnight”, but even after forty—you counted each one with agony—minutes of lying down, sleep wasn't taking you away.
Neither did Deuce, and that was your current greatest comfort.
“I don't know if I'll be able to sleep tonight,” you whisper, trying to make out his features in the darkness that merge into a dark room. But you are sure that that darker patch of shadow—Deuce—is looking at you as intently as you are looking at it. “Not after the movie that Ace picked out.”
Deuce slowly gets up and you can finally tell where his face is.
“He picked the wrong title,” Deuce agrees, sighing heavily. “I don't know if I can-... Erm, I mean, I'm not a fan of horror movies, but it's not that, that, I-.”
“Yes, yes, I understand,” you interrupt him gently and squeeze the duvet lightly in your fingers. You turn your gaze to a window where a hint of light shines through the gaps between the curtains. The moon must be very visible tonight. “I didn't like that film. You know what, Deuce? We can't let Ace choose movies ever again.”
“Right,” he put his hands through the strands of his hair. And then laughs at the memory he proceeds to describe you. “...When I was younger, my mother would often kiss me on the forehead whenever I felt I was too upset to sleep. I often tried to watch horror movies on my own so I could talk about them later at school, but... Haha. Anyway, somehow it always worked because I would go back to bed later and then—I think—I would fall asleep…”
“...Do you want to kiss me goodnight?”
“Ah-! N-no! That's not what I meant!” he protests. And then tries to look at you but finds it impossible. “Ah... Was that a request or a question?”
“An offer of a lifetime.”
Deuce remains in his bed for a few more moments but finally gets up. He pushes the curtains a little more and the room becomes much brighter. You could now see the games scattered on the floor that you had vowed to clean up in the morning, the outline of your beds and finally, and most importantly, yourselves.
He approaches you, quietly and carefully. You wait with a smile that you try to hide. You straighten up, put your feet on the floor, but still sit on the bed as Deuce brings his fingers to your face, and touches it with care as if you were a porcelain doll. Or a dream and Deuce was willing to believe in both cases.
He brushes your hair from your forehead and holds loose strands with one hand; the other is placed on the back of your head. He leans in. You hear him hold his breath and feel warmer as he presses his lips to the top of your head. You are sure he must have sensed the scent of his shampoo (you had a good reason for that: you had forgotten to take your own with you) because he quivers subtly as he inhales the smell bashfully.
And he must also be glad that it was still dark in here because, when you raise your gaze, his head is titled, as he often does when conscious of his blushes.
“…Are you calmer?” He whispers the question.
You nod slowly. Deuce carefully, almost reluctantly, steps away from you and sits down on his bed. Although he is no longer beside you, you can still feel the memory of how warm his skin and lips were. You gently touch the spot on your head where he had placed his kiss.
“If we don't fall asleep in the next half hour, we're going to go get some late-night snacks,” you decide, as you lay down, and you even notice Deuce smiling.
“Okay,” he chuckles. “And we can watch a better movie. But now try to fall asleep.”
“If I fall asleep now, I'll regret it.”
“You will say something else in the morning, tired.”
Tumblr media
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kalims · 2 months ago
you like me, don't you?
heartslabyul : savanaclaw : octavinelle : scarabia : pomefiore : ignihyde : diasomnia :
I got bored and just decided to make this miniseries, just a small short. and also trying to expand my writing abilities 😃👍
Tumblr media
"you speak of nonsense."
there's a twinge of hurry in riddle's words. it comes out quicker than he wanted and it doesn't help that his face always seems to have a mind of it's own, turning red at the most unnecessary of situations and flaming when he least wants it to.
it isn't something he's very proud of but you think it's cute.
his red face either displays blazing rage, shameful embarrassment, or both. it's probably weird that you think it's cute but hey! riddle doesn't allow himself to actively display his feelings other than disappointment or anger, remaining to be formal instead.
it's a tiny catalyst to what he's feeling. anger and embarrassment might be things one doesn't like but it's nice seeing him so expressive. or are you just crazy for thinking so?
but his face is probably one of your favorites.
be it the twitch of his eyebrow and the sharp inhale of his that signals embarrassment, the grinding of his teeth and avoidance of eye that displays embarrassment or shyness, the enlarged pupil and small smile when he's doing something he likes—
you can go on and on.
but you can't help but tease him. "your red face says otherwise." you laugh out loud, to riddle it sounds like something straight out of heaven and even he is frustrated to admit it. how could he ever do this?
"hmph. unfortunately.."
wait. doesn't that mean he just agreed with you?
"hmm,,, well.. I used to." trey answers so casually that you actually had to pause to register his words. since when did trey clover even like you? and what did you do wrong to make his apparent 'previous' feelings to wither away?
well shucks. if you had known earlier then you're absolutely sure that you'd tried harder to help him in ways more than one but for now, you have so many questions.
why did trey like you, what was special about you? you did hope that he would but that was only something that lays inside your dreams, for it to turn reality wants to make you go crazy.
and when did his feelings even go away? you can't deny that your heart cracked a little but the earlier to move on the better, right? you had.. other things to worry about than pointless crushes. you're not sure yourself if it really was pointless.
or.. you're just looking too much into it and he used it as a friendly term?
most probably sensing your inner monologue trey chuckles. "you seem distressed." he comments. unable to hide the pleased smirk on his lips, you are too embarrassed to spot it, feeling more intent to gaze at the piece of dough you knead with your fingers.
it's still surprising to hear the next words come out more casual than the previous. "yep, I love you now."
you drop the bowl.
there's a stupefied look on cater's face. instead of the bright front he spent years putting up there's actually something in his face instead of the cheery grin, but rather an absolutely horrified one. like you just spilled all his secrets.
you raise your brows. suprised yourself to witness his reaction. "what?" did he actually like you?
cater does this thing where there's a becoming realization dawning on him that he did something totally off character, he laughs it off. "uh.. haha, I mean who told you that?" something desperate to know swims in his eyes and it fuels you even more.
he neither denied or acknowledged your words but his answer just leans on the 'he actually does like you' category.
your mouth forms into an awed 'o'. "so you do like me!" you slap a hand over your mouth and giggle loudly. not one of those giggles that would hurt your ears when you went near a radius of them cause they felt forced but a more, actual joyful one.
he looks more horrified. "WHAT? well I mean.. who wouldn't like you?"
it sounded like he was trying to convince you and himself.
"you, obviously." you roll your eyes. you don't know why but you have a feeling that he's been confused the whole period but trying to play it off.
he smiles brightly, drops it for a second and smiles again. "I mean yeah, totally! how about dinner tonight?"
wow. verryyyy smooth. if only he knows that there's probably some kind of rule about not staying up after 8.
"ew no." ace quickly denies. pushing you away for good measure, you stumble and instinctively grip on the vase for dear life. almost dragging it down with you to your own demise and by a stroke of luck, it just managed to stay there.
you shoot him an aspirated look. "you almost made me fall??" grumbling you dust yourself off, flinging away the dirt from the floor that stuck to your uniform after your lower body violently colliding with it.
—completely missing ace's grumble of his own. "you dumbass.. it's the other way around." you turn to him and cast him a weird look.
"what did you say?"
"I said it's the other way around." he says. not missing a beat. you're stunned by the sheer audacity and boldness he had cause damn. where do you get a speck of this kind of thing? and who even says what they actually said instead of going 'nothing.'??
ace apparently.
you blank. "I was just joking?"
"you think I am?"
ace smiles—not one of those arrogant smirks that makes you want to pound him to the ground because he's the reason you're in trouble. but a literal, actual smile.
there's a weirded out look on your face as you shiver. "ohhh god.. I think I just saw the face of satan. am I gonna die?"
honestly you don't know if you regret speaking at all because the silence was very deafening. deuce had frozen up, going so still you thought he actually got cast a curse or something.. his back is turned on you and it's as if he refuses to look at, and is going through the stages of grief at the same time.
"ah! how did you know that?! it was ace wasn't it?!" he suddenly leaps to turn to you—somehow. meanwhile you flinch at the voluntary action he just did because none of you were moving, or speaking at all for a full 2 minutes.
did he just admit it to you?
wow, that was easier than you thought. "wait so you actually like me?" you incredulously force out. deuce has this confused look on his face as he stares at you all while throwing a few nervous gazes around the surrounding in the middle of it.
"what do you mean? I thought you knew that just now."
"um.. wanna go out?"
"really?! I mean uh—yeah sure." deuce coughs. seemingly forgetting that he was supposed to be the 'totally cool and responsible' person in addition to his honor student dream. this is embarrassing, he thinks. but honestly who cares he scored a date with you!
he's probably still gonna playfully fight ace, cause you never told him that it wasn't ace.
me after starting this knowing damn well I have over 42+ shit to write 😃 anyways I don't like how I interpret some of these but 🧍‍♀️🤷‍♀️ also a bit ooc of deuce cause I'm not that good at writing him lol
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penofpenguin · 3 months ago
Can I request heartslabyul giving the reader their clothes and mabe down the line some of the other friends they make because aside from a few uniforms from Crowley they had no clothes. I could imagine ace or Deuce getting smug on days reader is wearing their shirt and jack is like why are you guys like this but also here's my shirt too. Vil would not be impressed by this but we don't talk about not having money. Also could you imagine downing in the twins long ass pants??
A moment of silence for our wallets
Speaking of that did we ever even get a canonical uniform now that I think of it 😭
But yes thank you for requesting!! I bet the Leech twins' pants alone would take up the whole washing machine.
Content Warnings: None
Heartslabyul give their s/o some of their clothes + reactions to s/o wearing it.
Riddle x GN!Reader, Ace x GN!Reader, Deuce x GN!Reader, Trey x GN!Reader, Cater x GN!Reader
Tumblr media
He would be too flustered to offer you his clothes so you have to ask him first.
Have the AC on when you ask him so he doesn't suffer from a meltdown.
Will say yes though.
He lets you borrow some of his school uniforms that you could wear in public too since nobody would know it's his.
Although, when it comes to things like distinct clothes that the whole school has seen him in, he'll be very hesitant on you wearing them out.
Once he sees you in any of the clothes...man literally gets dizzy.
You were just wearing one of his old cardigans when the man stops by to lend you one of his books.
When he sees you in that cardigan, he almost faints.
"Y/N...you look...so...breathtaking."
Man's face be matching the tone of his hair.
He wants to hide, but at the same time, he wants to hug you in those clothes.
He'll love it when you wear his clothes for him. He'll wear yours one day, with your consent of course.
Tumblr media
You would know damn well he'll laugh at you if you ask him.
If someone in NRC talks about your clothes though, he'll give them to you (and glare at that person)
Somehow, intentionally or unintentionally he'll drop his clothes on you.
He wants you to wear his clothes and show off to everyone how cool he is that someone wears his clothes(jerk).
If you won't wear them outside, he'll roll his eyes and get annoyed. But asks you to show him if you ever wear his clothes.
"Yooo!" He yells from the Ramshackle dorm's entrance.
You open the door for him and as soon as he lays eyes on you, he freezes.
"I washed your clothes so I can wear them. I didn't trust you when you said you washed them." You said.
"Forget that... you're wearing..."
He's shocked at first, but smug later on.
Deuce comes to you the next day saying Ace kept talking about it all night and wouldn't let him sleep.
Ace highly encourages it and wants you to wear his clothes more often for sure.
Tumblr media
He cares about you so much so he will give you his clothes no questions asked.
He'll even wash them for you.
He just wants you to feel at home honestly since Crowley only offered some uniforms.
Gives his Heartslabyul uniform only to be scolded by Riddle not to give their dorm uniforms away.
Poor guy didn't know. He doesn't want to ask it back from you because he doesn't want to sound like a jerk.
Just wear it privately so Riddle won't get to know.
Even if it's normal uniform blazers...he will have a reaction.
Honestly...his reactions depend on your gender.
He'll either be complimenting you manly or he'll stutter and cover his face.
If someone says that the uniform looks weird on you of some sort....
Deuce will throw hands.
Calm him down please.
Overall, loves it when you wear his clothes. Panicks and hides if he can't take the blush rush. He's so pure.
Tumblr media
Even if you aren't dating, the man will give you his clothes because he's definitely the most responsible of them all.
He'll even give you a toothbrush but let's not get to that-
I bet he has hoodies. He definitely lends them to you when it's cold and before any summers, he gets you tailored shirts.
Of course, he'll lend you uniforms if that's what you need.
He's an all-in-one package.
Is also the calmest of them all when you wear his clothes.
Secretly wants to cuddle you ngl.
But on the outside he'll be all "Oh you're wearing my clothes. They look good on you!"
The next day a pile of clothes land on your doormat with a note from your boyfriend saying "I thought you needed more."
I doubt he has enough clothes for himself at this point.
Like Deuce, offers to wash them for you, but unlike Deuce, he actually washes it properly.
He really loves it when you wear his clothes ^^
Tumblr media
He approaches you-
Two things. He either wanted you to swap clothes with him for a viral challenge, or he thinks you're cute in his fit. Probably both.
Gives you all styles of clothes. Hoodies, T-shirts, Jeans, Sweatpants.
If you ask him for some uniforms, he'll look unenthusiastic but he'll give you some anyways.
Something like: "Ehhhh...you want my uniforms out of all these Caterific clothes? Isn't that kinda boring~?"
Wear them publicly. Please. He automatically lights up when he sees the fact that you're wearing his clothes.
He isn't even acting, he'll truly think you're adorable.
"OMG you're wearing my clothes!! You look so cute!! I need a picture! Ok look into the camera,"
He squeals. I'm not kidding.
Get ready for tons of pictures. He'll throw himself onto you and take pictures. He wants his followers to know he has a lover that wears his clothes.
With your consent, he posts it. If you say no, he'll do his best to convince you but backs off if your mind doesn't change.
If he does post it, there will be a caption of "my love wearing my clothes is so cute omg (*˘︶˘*).。*♡" with every romantic hashtag ever.
But in the end, He genuinely loves it. He'll smoosh you every time you wear his clothes. Good luck getting him off.
I hope you liked this one ( ◜‿◝ )♡
Have a nice day
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arent-i-the-fairest · 3 months ago
𝐰𝐡𝐢𝐥𝐞 𝐲𝐨𝐮 𝐰𝐞𝐫𝐞 𝐠𝐨𝐧𝐞
you decide to take a week-long break at rsa. while you’re out having fun with neige, his little dwarf friends, che’nya, and whoever else you might know at rsa, how are the nrc boys doing while you’re gone?
“l/n, please do reconsider!” crowley begged, hands clasped together. “the school may suffer from your absense— and by that i mean completely fall apart.”
“oh, headmaster, cut out the dramatics! it’s just a week, what’s the worst that could happen in such a short amount of time?”
… well, a lot, when you think about it. the whole reason you’re taking this break is due to the tiring amounts of chaos at nrc. but no matter! “you did tell me i can do whatever i please during this little vacation, and what i want to do is go see my rsa friends. my decision is final!” you declared, stomping your foot. just before crowley could protest,
“after all, you would much prefer me gone for a week than having me permanently transfer, wouldn’t you?” you asked, narrowing your eyes.
crowley tensed before nodding vigorously. “v-very well, you can go to rsa for your vacation! do enjoy your time there, l/n..”
there’s no doubt riddle’s a tad bit grumpier than usual— more people find themselves being extra careful around the little redhead. but on the bright side, he’s actually a bit excited you get to bond a bit more with one of his childhood friends! it’d be nice to have you, him, and che’nya in a little friend group.
ace and deuce’s performance in school is getting worse with each day you’re gone. to pour more salt on the wound, they’re stuck babysitting grim, cause the last thing this school needs is grim going around unsupervised. they often bicker about who takes grim to the next class, each of them crying about how they don’t wanna— much to grim’s offense.
trey manages quite well! he makes sure to bake you lots of treats before you leave and to bake you a whole bunch when you return to welcome you back. of course, he has to play dad as always, calming riddle down in your place, helping adeuce with their grades, and even taking grim off their hands for a while.
cater sends you lots of messages! …then quickly realizes he isn’t gonna get a reply anytime soon and sulks over it. waaah〜 he’s gonna have little to no contact with his crush for a week? is he even gonna survive? kidding, kidding. he’s actually able to hold up pretty well like trey, but he’s definitely more expressive than trey is about how he misses you.
leona’s super annoyed at your decision; why’d you have to go and visit the school with those bunch of pretty, pampered, goody-two-shoes’ to relax? it’s the last place he’d think of as calming. just napping with him in the botanical garden wasn’t good enough, huh? during the week, he finds himself making more demands to ruggie and dozing off more often to cheer himself up.
ruggie is just suffering bro— not only is he lonely without your company, he’s got an extra lazy leona to do more work for. he could be all sneaky and pay you a visit, but it would be a matter of time before leona drags him back. haah〜 could his life get any more difficult?
jack is another one of the few who are able to go through their week pretty normally. also, him being a goodhearted junior, he goes out of his way to help ruggie whenever he can. bless him.
azul, ever the perfect businessman, doesn’t let any of his displeasure show. at least, not during business hours and in the face of clients; when he’s all on his lonesome doing paperwork in his office is another story. he seems to be working less efficiently than usual, sighing more often, and bit of a pout on his face; then he remembers rielle goes to rsa and that you very well might’ve met him and could be hanging out with him right now. cue his glasses shattering.
jade is similar to azul, not letting his displeasure effect his work performance. though even when mostro lounge has closed for the day, he doesn’t show any signs of displeasure either. always unreadable, this guy..
we all saw if coming, floyd is on the opposite side of the spectrum to jade. he shows his displeasure on full display and lets it effect his work performance, and wooo is it bad. he’ll go and annoy customers since he’s bored, more often than not will mix up orders (either on purpose or by accident), or will just straight up not show up to work— dragging mostro lounge’s reputation like never before. it’s one of azul’s worst nightmares come to life and jade’s favorite comedy show.
the pair misses you a ton, though kalim shows it and jamil doesn’t. kalim’s definitely expressive about it, telling every person he knows that he misses you— but the fact you’re enjoying your vacation cheers him up! he knows it’s a break well deserved, he’s seen just how much you do around nrc. also, he’s definitely planning a huge “welcome back, y/n!” party with a wide variety of food, exotic animals, colorful balloons, confetti, streamers, and party favors everywhere— it almost makes jamil worry it’ll overwhelm you and drive you right back to rsa.
oh, vil… he’s dying the whole week. knowing you’re hanging out his worst enemy puts him in a terrible mood. he’s wants to throw a fit at the thought that neige went and did something all cute and princely like kissing your hand.. please don’t tell him it was the first thing neige did upon seeing you.
let’s be real, rook probably checked up on you. more than once. okay, several times. he can’t help it, he just misses you so much! most of the time, it wasn’t even him speaking to you face to face, it was him shooting an arrow near you with a long dramatic letter attached to it. much appreciated, rook..
epel is pretty sulky the whole week, which earned him scoldings from vil to not frown so much… as if vil wasn’t frowning all the time either. since he can’t hang out with you, he hones his talent and goes on apple carving overload— he could start his own mini gallery of carved apples!
as he always does to cope, idia stays shut in his room playing video games. and as ortho usually does whenever his older brother gets like this, tries to cheer him up. he recommended getting out of his room and sneaking over to rsa visit you, which shockingly, idia actually agreed to try— but ultimately ended up failing as he saw several extroverts and ran off back to his room before they could even see him.
malleus is sulking the whole week— one of his only friends is gone for the week. he didn’t get to see you much to begin with, only really chatting with you at night outside of your dorm and seeing you pass by in the hallway. however, he decides not to be rebellious and sneak into rsa. after all, he can’t imagine their headmage and students would be okay with his overwhelming presence and doesn’t feel like causing the trouble.
lilia spends extra time with malleus in an effort to cheer him up, taking a walk around ramshackle, inviting him to hang out with kalim and cater in the light music club room, things like that. he’s not so sure it’s working though… not to worry! a nice meal, recipe made by lilia himself, is sure to make him smile!
silver has to endure more of sebek’s ranting.. “ah, silver, did you see the young lord’s face just then?! i’ve never seen his greatness so miserable and distressed before!” he put a hand up to his chest, clutching his heart dramatically. “wake up! let’s make ourselves useful and brighten his mood!” sebek barked.
“see, headmaster? i knew you were being overdramatic! everything was just fine while i was gone!” you laughed. the building was still in one piece, nobody died, and everyone was seemingly in a good mood when you saw them!
“ah~ i’m so glad they’re all okay! knowing that they can all behave themselves after all, i think i just might go on another vacation soon~!”
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sober-pepper · 15 days ago
[During Wish Upon a Star event]
Trey: Can't you be more, I don't know, enthusiastic?
Idia: *monotone* Woo-hoo, extra hoo.
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vilscid · 3 months ago
When You Deny Them II
Third Years: Malleus, Trey
Warnings: None, not sfw, gn!reader, fluff
Malleus Draconia
Tumblr media
Malleus wants it every night, 24/7. Like Leona he is expectant about sex and he doesn't mind initiating, he appreciates when you do, but he is usually too impatient to wait for you to come around. Malleus will come to your chambers while you're in the bathroom and crawl into your bed naked, with his cock(s) tenting your sheets, waiting for you to come out and fuck him. He's a spoiled Prince he's used to getting what he wants and normally you give it to him so there are no problems.
But when you don't give him what he wants he's utterly confounded. 
Lilia told him that humans are fickle creatures so he assumes this is just your fickle nature at play, which means he probably has to step up his overtures.
So instead of asking you why you're turning him down, Malleus leaves letters for you with poetic pleas about his growing longing for you, as an old fashioned attempt at seduction. It's almost embarrassing. Since he’s way too horny to compose anything half decent.
"A fae should never be parted from his mate, fissures between lovers foretell an apocalyptic end of days."
Translation: Fuck me or I'm going to throw a tantrum. 😡
After ignoring his traditional gestures Malleus tries to articulate his desires more clearly, but his desperation shines through. Since usually he's horrible about keeping track of time, but when it comes to you, he knows that exact amount of days its been since you last banged.
"My beloved, I understand that you are busy, but it has been 32 days and 16 hours since we last made love. I miss you terribly. Please let me show my affections in the intimate way only lovers can."
If that doesn't work he consults his retainers about the best way to get you to have sex with him again.
Silver suggests that if you're truly busy, Malleus should wait for you to finish you responsibilities, but he's too impatient for that. Too impatient to feel you. Sebek suggest that he assert himself as king and that you as his royal spouse should never deny him. Lilia isn't present at this meeting to tell Malleus that's horrible advice.
So Malleus takes Sebek's advice and puts his foot down when you next rebuff him. He starts throwing around his title like that carries any weight with you.
"No. You will drop whatever it is that is purloining your attention. Your king commands it. Now spread your legs."
Goes to Lilia after that doesn't work. Saying that "that child of man is so stubborn." Lilia advises him to solve whatever is taking up so much of your time, or ask you about what would help get you in the mood.
So Malleus tries this. He'll complete all of your responsibilities for you or delegate them to others and he'll sit down and ask you what you like. Telling you that he'll do what ever you command if you let him touch you.
"Dearest one, please let me be at your mercy. I know you have labored tirelessly, let me be your relief." Malleus kneels at you feet and begins to press kisses up your bare legs. "I am yours to use as you desire, just please, I beg let me feel you. I would only lower myself like this for you, so please indulge me."
Trey Clover
Tumblr media
In your relationship with Trey sex is generally unhurried and demure. A gesture as simple as holding hands can escalate to lovemaking with little effort. Trey doesn't intentionally rile you but they way he does certain things just turn you on, he really doesn't even have to do much. A firm hand on your lower back, a gentle kiss at the nape of your neck, Trey preforms them so often but with so much tenderness that is has you lying supine in an instant, inviting him to ravish you. An invitation he usually accepts.
Oh and make no mistake Trey is keenly aware of the effects his subtly sensual actions have on you, but when they stop working their usual magic he's shocked, but compliant.
He would never be one to force you to do anything, so he just gets really pent up for a while. Sure he could masturbate but he'd rather feel you.
Throws himself into his work. When Trey is horny yet unsatisfied your home is filled with experimental pastries. Subtly tries to sneak some fruits with aphrodisiac qualities in his tarts and turnovers quietly waiting to see if you have a reaction.
"How did you like that one? I made it with you in mind. You're feeling a little warm you say? I can help you if you'd like."
He's so bummed when you tell him you're just going to take a cool shower, but he still doesn't press you.
Probably is a bit more testy with his friends and Cater will 100% be like "you need to get laid, lol."
Next he'll try the wining and dining similar to Vil, but in Trey's case everything is handmade. He'll offer a back massage or foot rub hoping to entice you and if that doesn't work he's low-key panicking.
He’ll try to change up his look, maybe style his hair a little differently. Maybe you’ve become bored by the routine nature of your relationship. Trey is more then content with the simpler things but he understands if that is enough for you anymore so he’ll try to change things up a bit.
He tries to get fashion advice from Cater and when that doesn’t work and ask him why he’s dressing like a teenager he asks you directly if something is wrong.
If you tell him you're to busy, or otherwise just feeling uninspired and that it has nothing to do with him, Trey will lavish you with praise. Normally he's more of a man of action but he'll try for you.
"You're so beautiful and I love you so much." Trey will whisper against your fingertips as he takes your hands in his as he presses tender kiss on your overworked digits. "Let me show you how amazing you are, you always make me feel so good. Let me return the favor." When you tell him that he always returns the favor he just hushes you and chuckles against your hands. "Shhh...let me do it anyway, you know I'm not the best at this kind of thing."
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twst-shenanigans · 2 months ago
twst Incorrect quote #250
*when you find a way back home*
*walking in a direction while holding your guy of choice’s hand*
Your guy of choice: “Where are we going?”
MC: “Home.”
Your guy of choice: “But this isn’t the way to my dorm.”
MC: “My Home.”
Your guy of choice: ....
MC: “My Home...”
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