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treysimp · 11 hours ago
You can ignore this if you're not taking requests but your recent Ace x reader fic got me thinking...what about Ace and Floyd being wingmen for Jamil with reader?? Cause they're the basketball club who does anything but basketball 😂
Backboard - GN!Reader/Jamil Viper (Explicit)
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Rating: Explicit
Tags: Reader’s body not described nor are pronouns used (things are described as going in holes without specifics lol), mutual pining, grinding, heavy petting, kissing, dirty talk, talk of penetration, ask to tag for more.
Words: 3.3k
Silly author’s notes: Hey so this was probably a fluff request but uhhhh it became uhh smutty by accident so... oops?
Want more TWST? Here’s my masterlist!
Tumblr media
“Prefect!” Yelled a familiar voice behind you. Before you could turn around to see who it was, you felt two different hands clap onto each of your shoulders.
With a blur of teal and ginger, you felt yourself being swept away to who knows where while Ace and Floyd bicker about their club.
“So I was sayin’...” Ace coughed stiffly, glaring at Floyd as his jaw tightened “...what was I saying, Floyd?”
“Oh!” Floyd nodded, “You were saying…” He tilted his head to the side in a look of confusion and not-at-all-subtly was mouthing words to Ace. 
Snapping your gaze to your redheaded friend, you missed the first part of the sentence, but you could make out Ace mouthing the words ‘you idiot’.
“I’m clearly missing something.” You say, trying to dig in your heels to stop your two troublemaking friends from continuing to orchestrate your kidnapping.
“Oh, come on, don’t be like that!” Floyd whined, “We just wanted you to watch us practice! Finals are coming up and Jamil’s been on our asses about improving.” 
“And that involves me how?” You say, crossing your arms but allowing them to start walking you again. You had a huge crush on the hardworking and clever Jamil, not that you would ever admit it to anyone. If the smirks on Ace and Floyd’s faces were anything to go by, though... you might not have been as subtle as you hoped. 
“He’s nicer to us when you’re watching!” Ace said with a grin, “Come on, don’t you want to do this for your besties?” 
“Yeah, shrimpy! We’re besties!” 
“Um, I’m pretty sure that I am the bestie, Floyd.” 
“If you’re the bestie, how come I’m the one that got slapped by them the other day?” 
“Floyd!” You exclaimed, “I told you that was an accident! You surprised me!” 
You had slapped Floyd across the face two days ago when he had jumped out and screamed bloody murder as you were walking out of the bathroom. Fight-or-flight instincts kicked in, and you learned that day that apparently you are a ‘fight’ person. Floyd’s reaction was to cackle and then pretend to run and cry to Jade, who teased that he was disappointed that you had only slapped Floyd and not him yet. 
Dangerous, both of them.
The three of you had finally reached the gym, so it seemed like that particular thread was going to be left forgotten. Grabbing your hand, Ace pulled you inside.
“Jamil! Look who wants to watch us practice!” He exclaimed, holding your hand up in the air like a referee calling a boxing match. 
Jamil’s face did not show even the slightest change of emotion while he stared at Ace. “You’re both ten minutes late, you know.”
“Yeah yeah, but we’re here now, right? Let’s get practicing!” Floyd said playfully, grabbing one of the discarded basketballs off the ground and biting his tongue while he tried to spin it on the tip of his finger. Well, you supposed that was a kind of basketball practice. 
“Uh, if you’d rather only club members be here, Jamil, I don’t want to bother you.” You offered. You would rather stay, but not at the cost of annoying him, even if Ace saying that he was nicer around you made your heart flutter. 
Jamil sighed, his neutral expression falling into a gentle smile.
“You are fine to stay, if you wish. I very much doubt that you were brought here only of your own volition.” He said, side-eyeing Floyd and Ace who had gotten distracted enough within seconds to be horsing around and making repeated missed shots at the home team hoop. Jamil pinched the bridge of his nose and sighed. Did he really always have to play babysitter? 
“Go ahead and take a seat, Prefect.” Jamil said, lightly touching your elbow to steer you towards the bleachers. You go to sit, unconsciously stroking the skin that his fingertips had just ghosted by. This was going to be bad for your heart, you could already tell. 
There was a strange dynamic between the three at practice, you could tell that they were all talking to each other while playing, all three pairs of eyes darting between each other and sometimes even making it your way. Both Floyd and Ace had been going out of their way to talk to you and were being strangely flirty. They were calling out that shots were ‘for you’, winking at you, saying things like ‘if I get three baskets can we go out on Saturday’, or walking off the side of the court to talk to you while everyone else continued to play. It was not your usual dynamic, and it was very confusing.
Jamil however, looked pissed. He was playing a great game, especially since the ever mercurial and unnecessarily tall Floyd was playing seriously for once. There was a flurry of movement, sneakers squeaking on the court, the echo of the ball bouncing and every so often you would catch a word of one of the boys’ mysterious conversations. Unfortunately the only part so far you were able to glean were the words ‘cute’ and ‘fuck you’, so… not much in the way of success so far.
Practice went on that way for a while and then came to an early close. Since Ace and Floyd were late and the second years had a big test coming up, they were leaving early. You decided that the least you could do is help pick up, so you volunteered to help Jamil put all of the equipment away. He gave you another soft smile and thanked you, showing you the equipment closet and instructing you on where everything went. 
You thought that Ace and Floyd would have left by now, but they were huddled together and whispering, which frankly made you nervous. Jamil called you back to reality as he got your help to grab the last of the practice gear and hauled it into the closet, letting out a sigh as you finally got everything put away.
“So Jamil, do you…” You began, but you were interrupted by the lights turning off and the door slamming shut with a loud clack. The distinctive laughter of two of your new best frenemies rang from behind the closed entryway and the sounds of loud running footsteps got quieter and quieter.
Those assholes.
Jamil was closer to the exit than you were, and you could hear him rattling the door while trying to turn the handle.
“It’s locked,” Jamil groaned while burying his head in his hands. He didn’t trust those impulsive assholes for one second, and they still got him with this elementary-level setup. “And the light switch is on the outside.”
You walked uneasily forward and called for Jamil softly, your shoulders relaxing as soon as you felt the warmth of his arm. You tried to look at his face, but it was just a bit too dark.
The darkness was actually lucky for Jamil, because that meant that you would only see outlines of shapes rather than see him grinding yet another layer of tooth enamel off in stress. He was going to strangle those boys with his bare hands. 
Okay Jamil, breathe. You can get out of this. He inhaled slowly and exhaled on an eight count. Calm. Calm. Collected and calm. 
“I’m so sorry you got wrapped up in their pranks,” Jamil said, sighing as he rubbed the back of his neck in a self-soothing motion. The good mood he had from having you helping him significantly dampened. 
“I don’t mind an excuse to spend time with you, even if I wish the circumstances were a little more fun.” You said with a bubbling laugh. 
Your laugh sounded like a chime in the spring, it felt like a fresh breeze caressing Jamil’s burning skin. You were going to be the death of him. 
How was he supposed to focus on finding a way out of this escape room when all he wanted was for it to be even smaller so he would have another excuse to feel the brush of your cool fingertips on his boiling body?
He had been dying for the entirety of practice, having to listen to Floyd and Ace try to egg him on by talking about how cute you were and how they were going to steal you away if he didn’t make a move. They had been offering to ‘wingman’ for him as soon as they had realized that he seemed to have a soft spot for you, but he had refused the offer. 
Apparently, they had decided to go ahead and take matters into their own hands anyway. Idiots.
Jamil is snapped out of that thought by a loud clatter further in the supply closet, accompanied by your voice letting out a yelp, then followed quickly by a loud expletive and more noises. 
“You okay?” He asked into the darkness, blindly walking forward while waving his hands warily in front of him. The closet wasn’t that big, but there was enough junk in it to make it a bit of a maze.
“Yeah!” You reply with a slight hint of frustration, “I was just trying to see if there was anything useful in here but…” A groan, a shuffle, and your voice sounded quite a bit nearer, “That was a bust.”
You sighed, “My phone is in my bag so I don’t have a flashlight. I’m guessing yours is also?” You asked, wanting to kick yourself for not keeping your phone in your pocket for once. 
“Same.” Jamil chuckled sardonically and began reaching out his hands in the direction of your voice. “Maybe we should work together, huh?”
“Probably. That’s why you’re the famous genius, Jamil.” You said teasingly, feeling along the wall to where it sounded like Jamil was.
Jamil was going to combust if you complimented him like that again. 
He scoffed, “Is the otherworldly non-magical yet still straight-A Ramshackle Prefect, really going to try and call me the famous one?”
It sounded like Jamil was almost right in your ear now. You decided to use that to your advantage. Your eyes had adjusted just slightly, and you were pretty sure you could see the barest outline of the handsome sorcerer you were trapped with. 
You quietly sneak behind him and snake your arms around his waist, feeling his entire body stiffen under your touch. 
God, he was so cute. Your next sentence was breathily whispered over the shell of his ear.
“I mean if one of us should have a fan club it’s you. How do I sign up?” You murmur, taking joy in the quiet gasp that fell out of Jamil’s mouth. “You're always so busy, how do you keep it up?”
It was taking every well-trained muscle of his body to not start shaking in a mixture of intoxicatingly new and intriguing emotions your touch gave him.
“You should be a little more careful in the dark, you know? You did just fall after all.” He mumbled, waiting for a moment for you to relax and reply to his light jab. 
He felt your arms loosen as you began an undoubtedly sassy reply. Jamil took the opportunity to spin around and pin you against the wall. One palm next to your head and the other next to your hips. He could just barely see the cheeky grin on your face. Were you messing with him?
“You should also be careful when it comes to playing with others,” he hissed, pressing his body closer to yours, the sweet scent of dried Scarbian flowers escaping from the fabric of his clothing. 
You felt dizzy from the almost touch, the enthralling smell of him, the heat of his gaze. Would it be too forward to just pull the clothes off of him with no explanation? Well, yes obviously, but should you do it anyway? While you were mulling this over, you felt warm breath fanning over your lips. 
“Jamil?” You asked shakily, feeling the body heat of the man in front of you seeping below your skin. 
“Yes?” He replied, moistening his lips with a lick of his tongue. 
“Can I touch you?” You nearly whimper, desperate to close the millimeters of space between the two of you as soon as possible. 
Jamil barely makes out the start of a “yes“ before you were on him, devouring him with kisses for dear life. It felt like you had waited years to feel him, to taste him, to explore the soft cavern of his mouth with your own. You listened to his moans and gasps for air like a symphony made just for the two of you. 
The darkness added to the thrill of exploration as you felt your way across his body: his gorgeously defined shoulders, the flexibly sleek muscles of his chest, his abdomen. 
It was so sudden, you both had barely even talked today, but your eyes had been burning into him as you had daydreamed for the past hour about how much you wanted to put your hands on him and make him speak your name.
Watching him focused on the court, the way his hair would fly in the air as he would duck and weave like the finest silk, the glint in his eyes when he would see an opening, and the dangerous grin that would grow on his face when he took advantage of the opponents single moment of weakness to their doom. You would stare at him, his smile wide, his perfectly smooth complexion gleaming with sweat, just a hint of scarlet on the tips of his ears and the ends of his fingers from the exertion. Laughing in joy for securing that final point they needed to win the match. How could you not be enthralled by him?
You thought of how the world seemed to stop spinning when he danced, how wide he would smile, the crease of his eyes, the sway of his hips. He was intoxicating.
And now, he held your chin in his hand, gently guiding your head back against the wall he had the rest of your body pinned against, his other hand cushioning the back of your head from the hard surface. Pupils blown wide, chest heaving. 
Jamil worried that he might be dreaming and would wake up any second now. He moved closer to your body again, unwilling to miss out on a second of feeling your skin before he awoke. If this was a dream, then he would make sure to take every advantage. If this was reality, then he would just need to thank his lucky stars for the opportunity as soon as he could.
Moving his lips down the shell of your ear, he traced his tongue down from your lobe to the base of your neck. Jamil’s knees almost buckled in overwhelm as he heard you moan his name while you threaded your fingers at the nape of his neck and pressed your body against him as hard as you could. He pushed you flush to that goddamn wall, scraping his teeth on your soft skin onto your pulse point as you gasped and murmured praises for him, scratching at his back with your nails and pulling at the roots of his hair. 
It felt like he was on fire, it felt like the world would end the second that you were no longer touching him. He needed more, he needed every last drop of your affection that you would give him. Kissing a path back to your face, Jamil smoothed his tongue over yours as he gave your soft appendage a strong suck, pumping your tongue with his mouth as the messy kisses and overwhelming sensations caused your lips to redden and swell from the rough contact. 
You separate for air and stare at his almond eyes in a daze. The brief thought that he could ask you to do anything at this moment without even bothering to hypnotize you first and you would do it without question. Jamil’s hands had begun exploring more of your body, squeezing at your chest, stroking his thumbs over your hip bones, tracing the curve of your ass. He would map out every inch of your body until he had memorized it, this was only the beginning after all.
You pushed your fingers under the hem of Jamil’s shirt and started tracing the lines between his stomach and his hips, kissing up and down his jaw and whispering how beautiful he was, how long you had wanted to touch him, and how lucky you were. 
This seems to have gotten him worked up faster than anything yet. Jamil balled up your shirt in his fists to pull you back for breathless kisses, telling you how much he wanted to feel you, how your every action affected him so, and the sheer amount of times he had seen you look into his eyes and smile and how he had to do everything in his power to not pull you away to his room to fuck you right there. Shove himself inside of your shaking frame as his fingers trace the shape of your tongue to make sure that you don’t get too loud. Permanently indent the shape of his fingertips into the divots of your hips as he slams into you over and over, praising your name like you had both been made for the express purpose of being with each other. 
You wished he had, but it wasn’t too late to start. 
You shamelessly told him the details of how you would touch yourself to the thought of him at night, stroking, bucking, biting your lip near bleeding from the imagined sensation of him, his cock, and the repeated sensation of your bodies meeting over and over as you both screamed each other’s names so loud that your voices would be hoarse the next day. 
You felt like you could burst from this heavy petting and erotic descriptions of your collective fantasies alone. You already knew that he was perfect, but you had never been this aroused before in your whole life. You needed relief, you needed him.
“Jamil…” You breathe out, feeling Jamil’s lithely muscled arms envelop you in a desperate embrace, clearly trying to resist (and then immediately failing) to grind his hips against you in a desperate bid for relief from the flames that were clawing their way out of his body inch by inch. 
You were so aroused right now, you didn’t know what to do. Unfortunately for the two of you, there was an audible shuffle and a knock outside the locked door and both you and Jamil’s heads snapped up, separating from each other in surprise. 
A sliver of light flooded in from the door, and Ace and Floyd’s giggles floated in along with it.
“Sea snake? Shrimpy? You alive?” Floyd called, snapping the lights on while you and Jamil grimaced and covered your eyes from the bright lights. 
Jamil didn’t answer, he just held his head high as he plastered on a fake smile, pulling you along with him to the door. 
“Ace? Floyd?” Jamil began, tilting his head to the side in a closed-eyed grin.
“Yeah, Jamil?” Ace beamed, scratching the back of his head like he was a kind samaritan waiting to be thanked for their act of charity. 
“You two are the dumbest motherfuckers alive. Go run laps until your legs give out.” 
Both Floyd and Ace’s expressions went slack, and the two boys nodded and began sprinting outside. You looked at Jamil quizzically. 
“Did you just…?”
“They’ll be fine, they need the exercise anyway,” Jamil replied slyly, his fake smile melting away into a genuine one. 
“So are we going to your room or mine, gorgeous?” He cooed, leaning to place a chaste kiss on your cheek.
You went to his.
Tumblr media
What TreySimp? A plot got away from you? How shocking! How novel!
Okay anyway Jamil is a babe he is a hottie I love him etc etc etc I am insufferable with my 500 fictional boyfriends sue me
Let me know what else y'all wanna see. Love you, reader!
Requested tags: @readinganas, @yandere-kou, @daeda21, @sideofblog, @buckketboy, @kxhyuns, @aikochan4859, @kumiko-desu, @destinationdesignation, @ninjas-are-the-shit, @star-gods, @sarahyumiko2, @sappyisyourpappy, @sunnyseaside, @twstandsh0ut, @rebel-faes-writing, @witch-waycult, @fr0llo, @bluesylveon2, @dari-kun, @kit4kat256, @naniky, @kashasenpai, @the-mermaid-of-the-stars
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Flowers for Date
Florist!Reader x Sebek
Summary: A knight of Malleus kept visiting your flower shop every now and then had asked you out on a date, would you say yes to it?
"EHEM!!" a loud voice announcing his arrival almost made you drop your freshly cut bouquet of daisies because of surprise
you place them on a decorated vase near a shelf and made your way to the counter to happily attend to a special familiar costumer
a familiar face you always recognize indeed
"a bouquet of roses... for Lord Malleus Draconia of Thorn Vall--" he didn't even have to finish his request since you already have his roses already prepared
you smile and told him that he had the same order of bouquet of flowers ever since the first time he came here
you say it's also the same everytime on his frequent visits
"f-freqeunt visits? don't be such a fool human, i am only here for the flowers because the young master likes them so much" he stammered, a slight blush adorning his face as he averts his eyes from you
you released a beaming smile, you told him how thankful you are for him telling his young master about your flower shop and always buying the flowers he uses at his castle from you
you are more than grateful to have the Malleus Draconia and his attendant to be your loyal costumers
heat rises up to his face as he place the madols on your counter as he treaded outside the shop almost bumping into one of the hanging pots near the the door
you could still see the blush on his face as he walked past by the glass of your shop
he's cute
"you seem to be having fun with that florist" not only the click of Malleus's teacup back to it's saucer but also his words that caught Sebek's attention
"i-it's nothing like that Lord Malleus, it's just for the flowers you truly like, I've heard they are you favorite kind of flowers" he defend
"Sebek, you bombarded my castle with the flowers you brought everyday from the human florist, and I didn't even order you to do it this time" Malleus responded shaking his head in frustration
"oh, I didn't mean to do such offending thing, FORGIVE ME LORD MALLEUS!!" he was just trying to be thoughtful for his young master, he did not mean to offend or anger him in any way
"Oh it is fine, i found the smell of roses divine after all" Sebek sighed in relief as his generous master have forgiven him already of his actions
"but you know, if you truly like the human florist so much why not ask them to go out with you this weekend? to go on a date the youngens say these days?" Malleus asked with puzzlement, Sebek seemed to have the human in his liking very much so why wouldn't he, the Demanding Sebek himself couldn't ask the simple human to a dinner?
"I'm supposed to be guarding you Lord Malleus, i am not free of charge to.... to even ask them out to have dinner with me" Sebek lowered his head down shyly
"oh please Sebek, i have Lilia and Silver, a one day off to have fun with your human isn't going to hurt wouldn't it?" Malleus retorted, although he did not mention it, he does not believe in Sebek's reasoning for he knows Sebek is still a young man, of course being shy to ask someone out of the blue will be a problem to him
"i guess you are right Lord Malleus, since it is your order then i will--"
Sebek tensed up as Malleus waves his finger at Sebek looking quite annoyed
"No Sebek, don't tell the human it is an order of mine, because in general it is you who would go out with them not me" Malleus had his arms crossed at the tense young man
"and it is not an order, you are free to do whatever you like"
Sebek gleamed in surprise, his young master is so generous and kind to give him a day off, the human better appreciate this but...
he wonders if the human would accept his invitation
Sebek inhaled and exhaled for the 20th time now, he was outside around the corner of your shop which is surprisingly isn't very busy at this moment, perfect time for him to get in to ask you out
but he is quite the nervous one, this is his first time asking someone out after all
okay, he can do this it's just asking you to have lunch with him this weekend and maybe some time on the nearby carnival port
now that he'd mention it, would you even agree to this? what if you reject him? oh god what if you reject him? his pride can't handle that
no, there's not much of people around, he can accept the rejection if it's only you on the shop at this time
he straightened his posture and walked in to the flower shop
the bells rang of joy as you turned your head to the guest but the familiar visitor isn't as loud as he was announcing himself before
he looked around and checked if there are people around the shop and when he confirmed there's none other than you, he stepped right in
you waited on him at your counter as he trudges his way bashfully to you, red once again blemishing his face once he arrived
he opened his mouth then closes kt and then once again opening it after swallowing a lump in his throat
"w-would you care to... um... go on a dinner with me? OR..!! OR UHH just go together on the ferris wheel on the carnival port?" your eyes widen on surprise, is he asking you out on a date?
noticing your expression he fumbled in anxiety and thinked of the a quick excuse so he won't embarass himself
"W-we can go as friends!! if that's what you're more comfortable with!!" he waved his hand on agitation, he did not want to make you uncomfortable with this after all
you broke into a small laugh, it shaken h a bit he thought you are be looking down on him, but you are not
you told him you would've prefer going with him as a date if the offer is still up
he nodded aggressively, the red in his face is now slowly depleting
you've accepted his offer
he coughed and tried to compose himself once more
"be here on Saturday around 4:00 p.m. d-don't be late" he's trying to be demanding but failed miserably because of the upward twitching of the end of lips
he's way too happy and stiff to be taken seriously but you didn't mention any of it, instead you just waved him off as you give your number to him exchange of his
he strided quickly outside of the store as soon as you say see you soon quickly vanishing from your sight
what a cute crocodile he is
Outside, here is Sebek walking a few step away from your store and then squatting down as he covers his face with his large hands
he was screaming inside
you've accepted his offer
other than that he managed to get your number
you've accepted his offer
he repeated the word inside his head amd even pinched his cheek to make sure it was all true
well of course you'd accept his offer! after all no one could not turn down his lord's order, this date would truly be fantastic under Malleus's guide
date huh?
oh man what should he do, he is way too giddy to function
it took him a few minutes to actually to be composed and calm again whilst still getting excitement shivers when he thought about your date
he was still shaky when he got back home
A/N: thanks for reading this lmao, il my Sebek favoritism is showing but i just love the idea of a dork in love with somebody and being shy asking that somebody as their first date, man i would love to be also somebody's first date
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hytyyto · 2 days ago
Date Night With Ace
Heyo! I have ready for you guys a blend of tea with the first human friend of ours in TWST. 1 blend of fluff with a mix of Ace Trappola coming right up! Enjoy~
*This post was made by Hytyyto’s Tea Time! Otherwise simply known as Hytyyto. Please do not repost (reblog is fine) or such without proper credit! Ty~*
Tumblr media
-Would probably not be on time.  -He would also make some sort of excuse so hold him in line.  -He probably asked Trey and Cater for some advice before the date. -You should probably do all the talking if you go to a resturant. -If he ever gets too noisy just shut him up with a kiss. -Have fun dragging around a flustered Ace after kissing him.  - It’s your responsibility to return him safely to Heartslabyul so Riddle can yell at him for being past curfew
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llondonfog · 2 days ago
"Heh— what a strange child, you're not frightened of me at all?"
Silver blinks up at the figure bleeding out of the forest shadows, darkness clinging to them like a second skin. He's certain he's not dreaming this time; he's not sure his imagination could conjure up a stranger with such a piercing crimson gaze that peers at him as if sifting through every mundane thought in his head and finding him completely, utterly ordinary. He's also fairly sure that he's not imagining the stained sword held loosely in black-tipped fingers, a stance beguiling how easy it would be for the fae (if the tipped ears weren't clue enough) to cleave it through the air and any obstacle in his way.
Reaching up to gently pat at the squawking bird perched on his shoulder, he hardly managing to soothe her displeasure at their sudden intruder as he gazes warily back at the fae.
" . . . Blue says you must have come from over the valley, she thinks you're a soldier."
"And you disagree?" The fae seems genuinely curious, an elegant dark brow lifted and what almost seems an amused gleam in those reptilian eyes as if they were simply chatting in a market square and not the middle of a forest.
Silver winces; he hadn't thought his doubtful tone had been so obvious. In for a penny, in for a pound, he supposes.
" . . . Your hair is pink," he points out mulishly, feeling a flush creep over his cheeks as a grin begins to widen on the fae's lips. "You look like an overripe strawberry, everyone would target you."
There's a beat of silence before raucous laughter fills the glade, an unsightly noise for the slim being before him as the fae flashes sharp teeth in the dim lighting and beams at him as if he's told the funniest joke in all of the Valley.
"Well now! Where have the Seven been hiding you?"
Silver swallows hard; suddenly, it feels like he had made a great mistake taking the lefthand path this morning.
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spoops-screams · a day ago
— Sweet, gentle vulnerability
Tumblr media
Character(s): All twst Night Raven College characters (technically)
TW: Allusions to yandere behaviours, allusions to violence
Genre: Yandere drabble
Notes: Gender neutral MC || I was thinking about how I make all of the characters a little crueler in my new twst au and this happened. It's not part of the au but it's a vaguely similar vibe but also not really
Tumblr media
Night Raven College is the last place that you should ever allow yourself to be comfortable. That was your first mistake.
It was a school for villains, or at least the equivalent in that world. Vulnerability made you weak, it had physical and magical drawbacks that forced people to lock their feelings down and hold an uncaring exterior until it wasn't just a facade. Their vulnerability was dangerous - for them, for those that surrounded them - and yet you seemed so intent on invoking it.
You seemed so intent on your own humanity in whatever which way. There were many things you failed to consider in that sense. They weren't human.
Their magic alone pulled them slightly away from your idea of man and it kept going until, while they looked to be the same as you, they were anything but. Their hearts were anything but. Their minds were anything but.
And yet you seemed oblivious to this. It was expected really. Their facades were perfect. Creatures - not so mortal as to be called beasts and yet not so far to be called monsters - in human form.
You treated them as you would any other human. As if they felt like you, thought like you. As if the beating heart that resided in each of them still resembled yours in any way.
You became comfortable. That was your first mistake. Your vulnerability, your overly human emotion that you seemed so comfortable to let out, at least in comparison to the rest of them.
Their vulnerability was dangerous but yours was warm. Like a month to flame, it drew them in and they found themselves wanting to capture it.
It was so strange, so foreign, so gentle. What were they to do when faced with something so fragile if not try to protect it?
Their vulnerability made them dangerous but yours made you warm, a source of heat that thawed at their facades until beings of ink and anguish plagued their minds. You were the one that invoked this danger. The likelihood that you'll be able to escape it is slim.
Tumblr media
Do not repost or claim. Only reblog 💕
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choclatecoveredlove · 2 months ago
Your favorite??
synopsis: when asked who your favorite person is you respond with their name. they respond accordingly.
dorm leaders x reader
Tumblr media
are you- are you serious???
face is even redder than his hair
he can’t function for like a solid 20 minutes
has to make sure he isn’t hearing things
for the record you’re his favorite person too
he won’t admit it though because as a dormhead he has to remain unbiased
“Prefect, about what you said earlier, about me being your favorite- did you um.. did you mean what you said?.. Y-You did? Well I appreciate the sentiment.”
smug as hell
yeah of course he’s your favorite
he basically knew it already
honestly though it makes him so happy
he’s somebody’s #1 for once???
immediately pulls you into a tight hug and refuses to let go
“What’s wrong herbivore? Don’t you wanna be held by your favorite person? … And for the record, you’re my favorite person too, so don’t go sayin’ that about anyone else, ‘kay?”
oh shoot you killed azul
his brain is just white noise for like a solid hour
floyd and jade have a great time teasing him about it
he cant believe someone said something so nice to him
does he cry later when he thinks about it? yes
“ I’m the prefects favorite, really?!? This isn’t a joke?? I mean.. of course I’m their favorite. Um please excuse me, I have to do something..”
he’s your what??????
well youre his favorite too!!!
but so is jamil
oh and his mom and dad and his siblings and-
but now he wants to throw a party to show how happy he is that you said that
“Huh?!? Do you mean it?!? Wow, that’s so sweet!! Hehe you’re so cute! You’re my favorite person too y’know!!”
he’s definitely heard that before
it means a lot more coming from you though
he already knew that he was though
he’ll make you say it whenever he’s feeling down
will make you say it in front of neige
he is your fairest one of all
“Oh? I’m your favorite, do you truly mean that? That’s very sweet of you potato. Since you shared a secret with me I’ll share one with you as well, you’re my favorite as well.”
passes out
ortho has to wake him up
bright pink hair
super embarrassed but also super cocky at the same time
like he’s a loser shut-in but also he’s a genius so why wouldn’t you like him???
he doesn’t associate with a lot of people so it’s kinda hard to pick favorites but you’re up their
“ I-I-I’m your what??!?!? You can’t just say things like that!!! I guess I get it though- I mean I’m basically a genius so why wouldn’t I be your favorite!!”
woah no one has ever said that to him before (sebek is the exception)
after the initial shock wears off he becomes smug
i mean why wouldn’t you like him
he’s a crown prince, handsome, and incredibly talented
“ Child of man, I did not know you felt so strongly about me. Truth be told, I feel very strongly about you as well, you are the most precious thing in the world to me. Shall we begin our courtship now?”
A/n: Umm okay first work is fine idk i threw up before writing this so brain is a little fuzzy. hope you enjoy at least!! and feel free to request something ^^
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drac0nia · 27 days ago
┈ leona, malleus, ace x reader. lowercase intended. g/n reader. mild swearing. plot convinces ?
Tumblr media
dazed, confused, and somewhat annoyed; waking up from his precious nap, he was met with being shook awake and have been told that his lover's boyfriend is coming over. "the hell y'mean your boyfriend is comin'?" said he, in a husky tone, rubbing the bridge of his nose before realising what your words meant.
he huffed, grabbing your wrist then pulling your body to his; placing most of his body weight on you whilst he cuddles your form. "well tell 'em to cancel and come back tomorrow. i'm gonna keep 'ya busy for another few hours."
amused of how hard you try to somewhat push him in your bathroom all of a sudden; was there surprise waiting for him in there? "whatever do you wish to achieve by moving me to the bathroom, my dear?" he chuckles. you repeat your sentence again before he stood still as a rock after the realisation hit him. boyfriend?
thunder grumbles outside, malleus once so happy, could now be recognised as 'nihilleus'. "i see... well, such an ordeal like this shall not irk me. surely you are just toying my emotions to amuse yourself, no?" the look he gave you and how he held your hand so tenderly was enough to pull on your heartstrings, and stop your little joke on him.
merely scoffs at what you said, he spent enough time on the internet to know what you're doing. frowning at your failed attempt, you pinch his cheeks out of spite. "oi! it's not my fault you're bad at pranks!"
he pushed you on the bed before play fighting with you. in the end, he has both your hands pinned on the bed while he attacks your face with kisses. "go attempt another prank again, i'd looooove to see how you mess that one up." he giggles before smooching you again.
Tumblr media Tumblr media
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luminous-letters · a month ago
Can you write the dorm leaders realizing they find mc attractive?
i'm so sorry. first, for answering late. and second, for not being able to include riddle and vil. (it actually took me a lot more time to write those two, but it always end up horribly. so i had to scrap them. that was also part of the reason why i was working on this for so long.)
but please let me know if it isn't to your liking anon 😭
At what point in a relationship does one party find the other attractive? It could be as quick as a heartbeat, a single glance. It could be longer than a month, or long enough to watch the whites of winter thaw into the greens of spring.
What does being attractive mean to them? A face? A body? A surface-level understanding? Or gravitation to what lies deeper than bone, an understanding that pierced through the soul.
Tumblr media
Five months.
A pretty face... Leona's seen many across the years. In all shapes, sizes, colors or form, each of them were as magnificent and lustrous as gemstones. But few could make a mark as lasting as yourself.
He should've known it when an herbivore like you came waltzing into his territory. He should've known it the moment you made a lion's den your home. He should've known sooner that you were just so damn...you.
You had metaphorical balls of steel, just prancing like some doe in a pit full of predators. All while staring them down too.
You were annoying, unrelenting and so painfully stupid that it almost made him cry. Almost.
It all started with chanced meetings made more frequent. Then he'd notice more details about you than before.
Your head, your lips, your fingers... Then he'd start smelling things that were too hidden to be perceived. Monday... A faint scent of lavender. Tuesday— lilacs. Wednesday— citrus...?
He began to anticipate it more and more. Until a whole five months passed, then he was sure.
"This may come to you as a surprise...but, I like you."
Tumblr media
Three months.
Azul had long been jealous of beauty. Bodies that folk adore, a tail that could swim the fastest, and a face that could make the crowds swoon and fall at their feet.
And he's seen plenty of those, more than he could count. He was an avid collector, of trinkets and admirable qualities alike. He wanted them all. He deserved them all.
And he could've had it all if it weren't for you meddling kids. You foolhardy buffoons that, by chance, managed to stop his journey to omnipotence!
But enough of that, for he was now a changed man.
Now that he thought about it, you weren't as dense as your peers. You needed a decently sharp mind to be able to make sense of his plans, much more to be able to stop it.
What a fine investment that would be. And connections to powerful people as well? My, my, this day just keeps getting better and better.
But when he would expect a witty response, you'd answer with points that barely made sense. And when he was sure you'd elicit some unprompted stupidity, you'd quip with the most sound and foolproof ideas he's ever heard. How vexing. How vexing, indeed.
He wants a bit more information... Yes just that. But the chances of it spiraling into something more... It completely slipped his mind.
"I have an offer you possibly cannot refuse."
Tumblr media
Thirty seconds.
Kalim was an easy-going soul, carefree and sheltered since the day he was born into this world. So of course it was easy for him to fall for someone.
It was no surprise that he gets so attracted so easily. Be it an object, a pet, or another person, Kalim was almost immediately gushing and cooing the moment he decided that, 'Yes! This is the one!'
That thirty seconds, from start to finish, was utterly beautiful. He felt like the entire cosmos exploded inside him. Suddenly, he felt vitality surge through his veins, he felt like he wanted to scream to the world.
The jewels, the golds and silvers, the relics worth millions that lay in his treasury were but grains in comparison to you. He wanted to show you the world, the beauty of it.
He wanted to show you the oranges of the sunset skies, the glittering azure of the oases and the caramel dunes of sands that stretched as far as the eye could see.
"I want to dance forever, sing and laugh forever. And I think it would be a lot better if we do it together."
Tumblr media
Two years.
Idia doesn't care about looks— or anything, in general. As long as he's got good internet and Ortho around, there's nothing he should worry about.
Love... How complex it was. It was easier to understand the gibberish codes of machine than emotion— emotion which was spontaneous and ever-changing.
He doesn't need a player two.
He was perfectly fine on his own. He's been doing it for the past years, so what's the difference? 99.99% he would do better solo-ing everything, ±.01 margin of error.
He didn't expect a blindingly bright, relentless, peppy, annoying ball of you to be that tiny margin of error.
"Go outside."
Surprisingly, you were good at most games he's played. But still a rookie, he's gotta work on that.
He would still curse — and blush — at that fateful Saturday afternoon. The day you two snuck out for a comic convention turned movie night turned boardwalk fair date.
It kept on happening and happening, more time with you. It became a constant that he looked forward to, an external push that he welcomed.
"So... About that 'no player two' thing I said a while back... I, uh... I kinda want to take that back."
Tumblr media
You held a pretty face. He knew it the moment the panicked look on your face greeted his own questioning looks. It was toleration, that he was sure of. Toleration of another soul that dared sully the building that he visited nightly.
But it grew and grew through the months. After the winter, the day of the VDC, through the frightful night of Halloween, after you were taken away and left the ruins of a home. And until your much-awaited return.
He was waiting. He pondered and pondered, his thoughts were laced with doubt and distrust— in you and in himself. As longing of affection as he may be, he wasn't one to let himself slip so easily.
A year had elapsed, since his first encounter to Ramshackle's newest resident. A year of flurried thoughts and a hectic juggle between his dorm, his kingdom and you.
He still wanted to know more about you. There's much yet to be learned, viewpoints that he's yet to know.
"Is it unusual that I still could not make a sound decision? I worry that it may be telling of poor leadership."
"No, no. It's alright, I'm willing to wait for your decision."
"...Thank you."
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epelletea · 2 months ago
Your TWST S/O reacts to you singing a familiar tune !!
First post oh lord. But this is mainly about if a certain TWST Character heard you singing song from their story for Ex: Hakuna Matata or Part of Your World! This is my first time ever writing something like this and fairly new to TWST spare me 🙇🏾‍♀️ !
Part 2
Azul Ashengrotto
You we’re hanging out with him in his office while Azul was doing whatever Fish Mafia do. Probably looking over his contracts.
You had nothing better else to do other than sit on your phone while you watched your boyfriend do his work. Just out of pure coincidence, you started to hum the tune ‘Poor Unfortunate Souls’
At first , he doesn’t mind your humming and finds it quite enjoyable. Few more minutes go by, he finds himself somehow humming the tune with you. He stops, starts to guess what song you are singing and how does he know it.
After you finish humming the song. Azul questions you about what song name is. Sitting there confuse by the sudden question. You debate on telling him because from your world, this song is sung by Ursula. Would he believe you if you told him the truth?
In the end , you didn’t tell him the truth and decided to try and dodge his question. He didn’t stop questioning you about the name of the song. He kept saying how the song felt familiar too him but he’s never heard it before? He even asked you to sing it again but with the lyrics.
He eventually does give up, after you say that you don’t remember the words and you refusing to still tell him the name of the song not the artist. He treats you to a drink at the Monstro Lounge as apologies for even trying to dig in further.
But just cuz he’s not asking you about it anymore. Doesn’t mean he isn’t going to do his research about that songs origins. (Spoiler Alert: he hasn’t found anything yet.)
Tumblr media
Malleus Draconia
Another normal day of Gargoyle Watching with your lovely boyfriend Malleus. You enjoy every moment you spend with him but sometimes it can get a little boring with him. But you would never admit that to his face, it would hurt your heart to see his sad face.
Out of pure coincidence while on your stroll with Malleus looking at the statues. You begin to sing the tune ‘Upon a Dream’ by coincidence as you walked right beside him.
Malleus took in your beautiful voice as you sung this familiar tune. Your voice sounding like angels singing to his ears.
Huh? What was this tune you were singing actually? He pondered. Why did it feel so familiar too him.
He would stop his stroll to question you about the song. You shouldn’t have been surprised for Malleus to heard of the song. But you debated on telling him the truth because the song was sung by Princess Aurora herself. Would he question how you knew this song?
In the end, you decided not to tell him. He respected your choice and asked for you to keep singing for him for a little while longer for him. You agreed and kept singing while you kept watching the Gargoyles with him.
Bonus!!: He has gone to Lilia and spoke to him bout the tune you were singing. Lilia was quite surprised how you knew the tune that Princess Aurora sung to her Prince.
Lilia ought to question later about it but for now he explained to Malleus that the song was an old love song sung by a human decades ago. Malleus of course, wanted to question you as well for how someone like you would know such an old sung? But he decided to just relish in the fact that you were singing a love song to himself. His heart couldn’t take such a thought. He would start looking up love songs to sing back to you.
Tumblr media
Floyd & Jade Leech
Imagine dating both brothers. Wow isn’t your life just exciting. There is never dull day with these two as your significant other.
While your two boyfriends were doing gods knows what. You were sat in one of the booths at the Monstro Lounge. Sitting there drinking a nice glass of Coral Sea Blast. You got bored just sitting there and started singing to yourself.
Under the Sea, a classic song. You chose this song on purpose to sing due to the fishy and sea like atmosphere of the Lounge.
While singing to yourself, and staring off into space. You didn’t notice two sharp eye eels staring directly at you.
Listening to your every word as you sung out the catchy tune. They actually knew this tune because it’s quite the popular song back in their hometown.
Floyd was the first one to approach you, snapping you out of your little trance. Smiling at you goofily and nuzzling your hair. How did his little Shrimpy know one of the most popular songs in the Sea?
Jade not to far behind from his brother came up from the other side of you. Nodding and smiling agreeing with Floyd. He compliments you on how pretty of a singing voice you have.
The two basically have you squished between them as they both coo at how adorable you are singing and we’re having fun to yourself a few minutes ago.
They later on promise one day they’ll show you the sea and take you for a swim with them… this could potentially be very fun and exciting but also terrifying with these two.
Tumblr media
Ruggie Buuchi
When your little hyena lover isn’t taken away by a bossy lion and listening to his every rule. He’s busy sunbathing with you outside and enjoying your company as he lays his head in your lap.
He enjoys these moment to the fullest because it’s the few breaks he gets when he’s not getting bossed around by Leona or he’s the one bossing around Leona himself.
While relishing in each other’s presence, you decided to sing a soft tune to yourself as you closed your eyes enjoying the soothing atmosphere.
His little hyena ears perk up to the sudden humming coming from you. He feels even more relaxed and at peace. Hell he could even fall asleep listening to your voice.
But what was this song you we’re singing? Well you were humming the beat of Hakuna Matata due to the peaceful time you are having and it felt oddly fitting.
Ruggie couldn’t help but shake off the feeling as if he has heard this song before. The beat seemed awfully familiar.
That’s when it hits him. This song is a quite popular song back in his hometown he used to hear people go by sing it when he was younger. It’s been a while since he heard that song resurface.
You hesitated to tell him the truth of how you knew the song. So instead, you agreed on him saying that one of the students had sung it to themselves and you happened to overheard them.
He opens his eyes and decides to question you on how you have heard the song. Did one of the other Savanaclaw students happen to sing it near you?
Ruggie couldn’t help but feel like you weren’t telling the truth but decided to shrug it off. To be fair, the song is pretty catchy so it wouldn’t be surprising if somehow just randomly sung it.
He even joined on singing the song with you until he eventually fell asleep.
Tumblr media
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nekombers · 2 months ago
an alchemy experiment with grim and the heartslabyul duo goes wrong and causes you to go in a deep slumber and the only way to wake you up is with a trues love kiss! but who is going to be your Prince Charming in the situation to save you from this distress!?
“ uhm guys.. I don’t think this is how the spell is supposed to go-”
“shush henchmen! once I create this new spell that will completely have everyone swayed , I’ll be on the news everywhere! and be loved! - ” grim proudly began exclaiming—
he placed his paws in his hips and gave you a grin, before ace came in ; “ahem, I think you meant to say us. ” ace gave grim a small glare before grim completely ignored him and went back to stirring what rest inside the cauldron.
suddenly a sweet intoxicating smell started coming from the pot, “ it’s almost done, heheh” grim said before taking in a big whiff of the scent which start descending from the cauldron. “ good! now we need someone to taste test this before proceeding to plan.” ace said, his goggles began fogging up with steam and he just used forearm to pushed them up.
“ y/n! would you mind taste testing this before we drink this up?”
“ excuse me? why not ask deuce!? ” you cried out, taking a few steps back before feeling something below bump into you. swiftly turning around you saw deuce spread out on the floor asleep.
“ I would but as you see he’s been drained like that from painting the roses ever since last night… thanks to our beloved housewarden. plus surely this shouldn’t effect you since you have no magic " stirring more profoundly than the last time, ace brought up a big spoon of what was the ‘spell’ and placed the spoon on your hand carefully.
“ c’mon, no need to be scared! or else you’ll be more of a scaredy-cat than grim!” he watched as you brought the spoon closer to your mouth, and you just nervously looked back at the weird substance which laid in the spoon.
“ hey! i heard that, ace!” grim said, as he began taking over of the stirring of the pot, but still keeping an eye on you as you were about to put the spoon in your mouth.
suddenly you found yourself gulping it down and you slammed the spoon on the table, gasping for air.
“ as much as how sweet it smells, it’s horrendously bad in taste.” you continued, but a few seconds later your head started getting fuzzy and you found it hard to stay up and still.
“ y/n!” the voices you heard calling out your name soon became too quiet too hear and everything went black.
𖥔•͈ ┈─────────────── 𖥔•͈
“ yes, yes this is certainly indeed very bad. ” crowley said nodding, he observed your sleeping body closely before clapping his hands together. the sudden clap, made the two boys and the cat jump in fear.
“ did they kill her..?” deuce asked, still frightened by the sudden chaos which awoke him from his sleep.
“ us? this is completely grims doing! he wanted to create a new spell!”
“ argghh.. you were in it too ace.” grim yelled back at ace, while the two boys kept arguing the headmage just shook his head.
“ you didn’t create a new spell, by all the things you’ve said you put in it; you created a sleeping spell; which can only be cured by a true loves kiss.”
earning the attention from the three, they all looked at each other before replying; “ s-so you mean a kiss can fix all of this..?” ace questioned again, flustered he couldn’t help but look back you, sleeping peacefully in the bed.
“ you two better be glad there weren’t no injuries involved. even if it’s completely harmless spell, I expect you three to fix this mess. now if you excuse me.. uh I have important matters to get back to in my office.. I suggest you all should come to an agreement soon.. ” crowley coughed a little after mentioning his ‘busy’ schedule before soon making his leave.
leaving the deuce and ace duo and grim in shock standing.
𖥔•͈ ┈─────────────── 𖥔•͈
by the time lunch time came around, the three say quietly without saying a word at the table.
“ so about y/n.. uhh, what’re we gonna do?” ace then placed is head down in the table while staring back at the other two waiting for a response.
“ you heard the headmage.. we have to give her… a.. a-” deuce struggled to say the word, his face began turning a shade of red almost resembling their own housewarden’s hair.
“ oh come on. it’s just a kiss! how am I suppose to keep up with my school work without my henchmen-.. uhm, I mean how lonely it’ll be without her at the dorm..?” grim gradually got quiet after his change of words and again silence made its way again.
grim suddenly stood up in his seat , “ wait, don’t tell me you two haven’t kiss a girl which why you’re too embarrassed to kiss y/n!” grim stated, no response came from the two boys and suddenly grim began laughing.
“ h-hey! i have totally kiss a girl before-”
“ in your dreams!” grim couldn’t keep his laugh in any longer which made ace feel flustered before taking a bite out of his sandwich.
“ well! if you won’t be any use of getting my henchmen back and at it again, I’ll find one someone who will.” grim began marching out of the lunchroom ignoring the two boys who were speaking out to him across the room
then the two boys got up and rushed after to find grim before he told anyone anything.
“ my my.. floyd, would you look at that?” Jade said, watching the scene unfold infront of them.
“ awww~ something must’ve happened to shrimpy if she needs saving with a kiss..” a smile creeped up on the boys face which received a chuckled from Jade.
“ I’m sure Azul would love to hear these beloved news.”
“ why can’t we just keep this ourselves..?” Floyd frowned in return to his brothers words. watching Jade stand up, he did so as well.
“ Because it’ll be fun this way..”
Jade smiled while making his way out of the cafeteria with Floyd right behind him.
𖥔•͈ ┈─────────────── 𖥔•͈
“ GRIM! YOU DONT NEED GO FIND SOMEONE ELSE. IM THE PERFECT FIT FOR THIS.” ace yelled across the hallway, deuce only trailed behind him; still flustered to speak out about the matter.
“ eh?! even if I wanted to, you two would take decades before even kissing y/n” grim shouted back at them, huffing before continuing making his way across the long halls of NRC. suddenly he came to a stop and felt himself bump into something.. someone.
“ what’s this about kissing my dear potato, you say?” a voice spoke, grim rubbed his head where he hit himself while bumping into the stranger.
grim than looked up and saw the dorm leader of pomefiore standing before him. “ hey, you almost stepped on my tail!” grim said, before taking a few steps back to meet vil’s gaze.
“ do continue speaking-”
“ as if! I’ll find some other non tail stepping prince to awake my henchmen from slumber!” grim huffed once again before taking his leave.
“ oh? slumber you say..”
“ hmph, as if I’ll let that self centered pretty boy kiss my henchmen. but still, no worries.. the mighty grim is here!” grim said, puffing his chest out a little proudly.
being interrupted by his own yawn, he paused. “ eh.. y/n could use saving tomorrow.. I’m worn out from all the chaos.”
he found himself turning and heading back to ramshackle for the day.
unaware, he went to sleep not knowing the news of y/n’s deep slumber spreading throughout campus.
“ GRIM! ” a voice in the background could be heard screaming.
“ ngh… tuna-"
“ GRIM! OPEN UP!” the knocks only seemed to get louder as time slowly went by
letting out a small growl grim made his way up and walked to the door, pulling on it to open it. just to see the heartslaybul duo standing there
“ .. ace.. deuce.. what to you want-”
“ EVERYONE KNOWS ABOUT Y/N! THEY’RE TRYING TO FIND HER TO GIVE HER THAT KISS!” ace technically yelled at grim who was quickly awakened properly at hearing the news.
“ HUH?! how did they find out!?” a group of footsteps could be heard making its way closed towards them and they turned back to see—
“ well that would be my doing..” before them stood Azul, who was accompanied by Jade and Floyd, a smug look was on Azul’s face as he gave the three a smirk.
“ so.. now that the fish is outa the net. mind telling us where I can find my precious y/n..?” azul asked, still having the same look on his face; waiting for a response which was interrupted by another group.
“ pardon the interruption but I’ll need you to move aside, azul. ” that voice belonged to no other than the house warden of heartslabyul.
“ h-housewarden!” both deuce and ace said in unison as they nervously lowered their faces from their superior. “ I’ll be needing you two boys to show me where y/n lies, or it’ll be off with your heads.” riddle said as he waited for the two boys to reply. grim still shocked by the sudden appearances then closed his eyes and sighed.
“ there is only one thing we can do now..” grim said in a fake sigh.
both the heartslabyul duo looked at grim while both housewardens stared back at him as well waiting for a response.
“ RUN!” grim suddenly shouted, as he was quick to shut the door on the faces of azul and riddle who were merely almost hit by instead were greeted by the floor.
while the other two boys were still in the ground, shocked by the impact. Jade and Floyd were quick to act, opening the door by force and running behind the duo and cat who had escaped from the window..
unknown to everyone’s behalf, someone was already on the way to see you. as they’re the most powerful person who lies in the school, it was child’s play to find you.
just the most powerful fae there is..
making it back to the grounds of nrc, they made a stop to catch their breath.
“ w-well, good bye to being an honor student..” deuce manage to gasp out, still panting from the run they made.
“ grim! ace! deuce! ” a rather cheerful voice called out to the three. gathering strength to look up, they were met by no other than the housewarden of scarabia, who of course was accompanied by jamil viper.
completely forgetting the situation, grim was rather happy to see the two.
“ kalim! agh, can you believe what just happened to us!?” grim exclaimed but no reply came from the two.
“ snake charmer ” a calm voice said. grim quickly widen his eyes and saw that both of his friends were under jamil’s command.
“ huh!? ” grim suddenly shouted as he gathered himself and stood up on his paws.
“ ah! sorry grim, but when it comes to y/n.. there’s no holding us back” kalim just smiled back at the cat. not waiting any longer grim ran out and left his friends behind.
right now, his only goal was to reach the nurses office before anybody else tried something.
as soon as he was getting close to the room, he found himself bumping into yet another person.
“ well, just the person we were looking for..” grim recognized the sly voice and just as he expected. he found himself between both leona and ruggie.
“ just go ahead and tell us where’s she at” leona told grim, the expression on his face told grim everything.
“ as if! I won’t tell ya!” grim said, as he launched forward to make an escape he almost was caught by Leona’s strong grip.
the hairs on his body stood in fear. just as he reached the nurses office he heard someone scream “ she’s in there!” and tons of footsteps were seeming to be approaching him.
grim stood on guard at the door. a bit intimated by everyone’s presence.
seeing everyone was just gonna knock right by him and make themselves go in by force grim said what he thought were his finals words.
“ m-maybe in another life I’ll be the most powerful creature to exist..”
he leaned back and close his eyes waiting for impact, but suddenly the door behind was opened. he looked up from the ground as his back still lied there on the floor.
“ thank you very much.. malleus.” suddenly a familiar person’s voice spoke softly.
grim’s eyes widen along with everyone else’s as they saw both malleus AND the prefect at the doorstep.
“ oh- huh?” you were confused by everyone’s presence who’s expression’s still were in shock.
“ d-did malleus draconia end up kissing her !?” someone cried out as everyone waited for a response. “kiss? what’re y’all talking about?” you questioned, your faces expression was enough to have everyone else confused like you.
“ no kiss was needed. a little bit of magic was used to awake her from the slumber she was placed in.” malleus finally spoke, as you just nodded along with him. “ yeah no kiss was needed.. can someone explain?” you asked, tilting your head in questioned. though before anyone proceeded to say anything, tons of sighs were let out.
malleus took your hand and started walking, as everyone still laid in shock. the words that came out his mouth was enough to set realization upon the people there.
“ just keep in mind that, I was the one to wake the sleeping beauty. i feel more than accomplished to have had the chance to have such feeling bestow my lips..” a small but sly smirk arose from malleus as he made his leave.
little did everyone know, the magic to awaken the sleeping beauty from her slumber did lye between a true loves kiss.
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treysimp · 20 days ago
"I'm not sure how else to say this, do you want to make out on my couch?"
Tumblr media
Part 7/7
GN!Reader x Diasomnia (Malleus, Sebek, Lilia, Silver)
Tags: Smooching, implied mutual pining and suggestive themes, but nothing explicit. Reader is not physically described.
Other works in this series:
Savannahclaw | Scarabia | Octinavielle | Pomefiore | Ignihyde | Heartslabyul | Diasomnia
Want more TWST? Here's my Masterlist!
Tumblr media Tumblr media
“Oh? I’m not sure I am familiar with that term. Do explain, child of man.”
Malleus’ green eyes glitter mischievously as he places his hand on his chin. He cut a handsome figure in the moonlight. The gloss of his horns shined and his chiseled face was gracefully shadowed by his softly-curled hair. He stood eerily still, his composure hinting at his not quite human heritage. 
Malleus was the most beautiful thing you had seen in your life. You swallowed audibly before you responded.
“That is… um…” he was messing with you right? You weren’t entirely sure how old he was, but you were certain he was older than you. But he was fae, you supposed. Did they use the same slang? Did they ‘make out’? You had no idea.
Malleus walked closer to you, his white teeth peeking from behind his lips. It was hard not to think about how sharp those fangs looked.
“Proceed, prefect.” He said with a smile, clearly getting a kick out of your hesitation.
“Do… Do you want to kiss me?” You said, voice shaking, all of the confidence you had at the beginning of this interaction evaporating.
Well, it was a bit more than kissing that you were asking him for, but you weren’t sure if you had the courage to spell it out just yet. 
“Oh?” Malleus further closed the distance between your two bodies, causing you to step backwards into the door you had been unlocking prior with an audible bump. “A kiss? Where would you like this kiss?” 
You could feel his breath on your cheek, his expression coyly hidden from you due to the close proximity of his face.
Finally, Malleus chuckled and kissed the cheek that he had purposely ducked near.
“Here?” He said, clearly holding back a full laugh.
“No.” You shook your head. 
You’re glad he wasn’t mad at you, but you weren’t sure what him playing games meant either. 
God, why didn’t you crush on a nice human boy? You kind of understood those in comparison. Well... okay you also didn't understand those all that well either.
“I see. Then…” Malleus moved his mouth to your earlobe and lightly pecked along the side of your ear. 
You couldn’t contain the shiver that went through your body as your breath sped up from the sensation. It felt mean. He knew exactly what you wanted, you were sure of it.
“Not where I…” You trailed off. Whatever this game meant to him, you were certainly enjoying it.
“Ah, I see, I see…” Malleus moved painfully slow to lightly scrape his teeth across the juncture of your neck. 
You felt like you might die happily if you were smited on the spot. 
“Here?” He whispered, moist breath causing you to break out in goosebumps.
“My… my lips, Malleus, please…” You shuddered. It was almost painful having him be so close and touch you so gently. You wanted more.
“Oh? My, my, Prefect. Do you care for me so?” He had long stopped hiding his grin. This ass. 
Malleus’ hand drifted to the back of your head as he knotted his fingers in your hair. Slowly, so painfully slow, he pulled you towards him. Raising your chin with his thumb, you stared at the way his feline eyes were blown out into almost perfect circles. 
Eyes almost completely black, Malleus descended upon you, softly pressing his lips to yours.
It was achingly tender, it felt like more than a kiss. 
It felt like words left unsaid, something far larger and more meaningful than a quick peck shared between two awkward young people. 
You’d never felt anything like it.
Pulling apart just as slowly as you had come together, Malleus stares into your eyes meaningfully. Stroking your face with his thumb, you are met with an expression so loving that you briefly think of crying from the emotion of it all.
“Is that all, my dear?” Malleus questions.
You shake your head so aggressively you might have cracked your neck if you did so just a smidgen harder.
“No! I want more of you! As much as you’ll give me!” You almost yelled, courage swelling in your chest for a brief moment.
“I’m not sure you understand what you are asking, human.” Malleus says with a cocked brow, “You might want to think twice between asking for something as open-ended as that from a fae.”
“You would never intentionally hurt me.” You state with confidence. 
If he really wanted to harm you, he had every opportunity. Instead he helped you, saved you from danger and spent almost every night walking with you and talking about your highs and lows. 
If this was just a long con, if he had intended to hurt you this whole time… maybe you deserved it at this point.
Malleus’ eyebrows shot up in surprise. He was trying to tease you of course, but he was only half-kidding.
The problem was that if he started, he wasn’t sure if he could stop. But it looks like you had already made that decision for him. 
It was for exactly that reason he loved you so.
“…I accept.” 
“…Accept?” What? What was he accepting?
“Your affection.” It felt like his smile could stop your heart. “However…”
Your back straightened as you steeled yourself for his request. What did he want?
“You must accept mine as well.” He stated with a nod, as if agreeing with himself. “And…” 
He leaned forward again, lips a millimeter from your own as you swore you saw the smallest amount of smoke escape from between his teeth.
“You must know that my affection comes with a price.” He said, kissing you gently on your forehead.
“I want all of you in return. Immediately.”
Your face burned hotly at the implication. 
While you had just been inviting Malleus inside in the hopes of feeling him up a bit, this offer was far better than expected. 
You inhaled through your nose and tried to keep your voice as even as you could manage.
“If you’ll have me.”
Grinning, Malleus pushes the door behind you open and ushers you inside the lounge.
“Oh my dear, I will.”
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Sebek’s piercing green eyes narrow at you. You find yourself involuntarily shrinking back in intimidation. 
Well now you’ve done it, huh?
His right hand firmly grasps your shoulder and you find yourself gulping for fresh air. You would have never described him as scary before now but…
A strand of his perfectly coiffed hair falls onto his forehead as Sebek leans nearer, unblinkingly getting closer and closer to your face. 
He murmured your name quietly, and you felt how you imagine prey does in their last precious moments. Thinking of how many loud predators are at their most quiet before unhinging their jaws.
Within the blink of an eye, you were pulled forward by the tie into a stiff, yet gentle kiss. 
Sebeks eyes slid back open as he slowly pulled away from you, his gloved hand drifting to cup your cheek. 
“It seems I am in quite the predicament!” He huffs, reeling back to his full height as yet another strand of lime hair gently floats to his face. 
“You are?” You ask quietly, eyes open wide in anticipation. What kind of mixed signals bull is this?
“Yes. The young master is away on family business, and I am finding myself in need of a place to stay while Master Lilia repairs-“ He coughs and begins his sentence again, “I mean… remodels my room.” 
Sebek can’t will himself to make eye contact with you in the slightest, the color on his pale cheeks morphing into a rose-pink blush.
“I see.” You say, playing along with whatever-the-hell-this-is. You dramatically turned your head to the side, putting on a slight theatrical accent to intensify the ren-faire mood of it all.
“Well, you are of course welcome to stay here. I could always use a guard to help me, a poor magic-less human in a big scary haunted house.”
Sebek snaps his gaze back to you and his cat-like pupils widen, shoulders visibly loosening at your agreement. It seems he was more nervous about your reaction than you thought.
“Since… since I am here…” he pauses, clearly thinking on how best to respond. 
“I may as well keep you safe!” He finishes smugly, puffing out his chest. Sebek was clearly proud of how he was able to ask to stay at your dorm so gracefully. “A knight would do no less.”
You nodded and tugged him inside, slowly leading him to the couch that you so desperately wanted to touch him on. 
Sebek seemed to be scanning his surroundings, but for what, you weren’t sure. Maybe the comment about ghosts really did worry him.
Finding a comfortable seat on the well-worn couch, you pat a spot across from you to beckon him to join. 
Sebek takes a seat much in the way you picture a robot might. Well, if you didn’t already know a real one. A robot from the shows of your childhood, specifically.
You hoped that Sebek taking the initiative earlier would help him loosen up, but his back was as stiff as a board as he looked at everything but your face, hands folded politely in his lap and skin shining with a hint of nervous sweat.
“Sebek?” You called quietly, willing him to look at you again. 
You noticed that each time he interacted responded he would slightly loosen, as evidenced by his back curving slightly when he leaned forward to peer curiously at you. 
Well, you took the initiative to ask him in the first place, so…
Taking one last large breath through your nose, you crawled onto Sebeks lap. Your hands begun getting to work on his fashionably-impractical collar. 
It felt like you were undressing a highly realistic statue for a moment, but his eyes gazed up at you as if awestruck, waiting to see what you would do next.
He mumbled your name softly and you couldn’t help but laugh, “Oh, so I’m not ‘human’ anymore, gorgeous?” 
Face visibly darkening at your question, Sebek shook his head fervently. 
“Not… not when you look like this.” He muttered, unable to will himself to blink. Missing even a second of this moment seemed unthinkable.
You finally finished undoing his complicated jacket and pushed it to the side. His skin seems to almost glimmer under the evening light. 
You dropped your head to nibble right under his chin, restraining yourself from laughing when he slapped his hand over his mouth with a gasp.
“Ah… that’s very…” He was writhing slightly, his eyes sliding shut.
“Sebek?” You asked again, teasingly. You were lying if you said that you weren’t tempted to tease him for as long as the night allows.
His gaze turned up at you as he gave the most breathtaking expression of adoration, breath uneven, smile bright yet sheepish. 
At this point, his hair had completely fallen on his face, the apples of his cheeks had simmered to a stunning rose, and his chest was rising and falling rapidly. 
“What do you want me to do?”
“Ah…” he paused, clearly having not thought that far ahead. After a beat, Sebek pressed his mouth into a firm line and looked once more at you like he was making a declaration of war.
“I’m… I’m willing to take responsibility so… even if I… if you want me, you can have me. Any of me.” 
You froze in shock. His words had felt so serious that it scared you a little. It really wasn’t like him to be so quiet and thoughtful.
“Even if Malleus said no? Because you had to protect him instead?” You mused out loud.
Sebek’s gaze guiltily shot out to the side, clearly surprised. He did seem to be genuinely trying to contemplate your question though. 
It was something that you had said impulsively, but you couldn’t help but be curious. What would he say? You knew that Malleus' wellbeing was his calling in life.
“If Malleus needed me to be by his side… then I guess I would need to take you with me.” He said with a cheeky grin, looking very proud of himself. 
You were charmed that he had thought that far ahead, to tell the truth.
Sebek raised his hand to your cheek once more and ushered you forward, placing the other hand on your waist. 
“I won’t let my love life-! Ah!” Sebek gasped and sputtered, “My, um, passions…” he corrected himself quickly but clumsily, and you pretended that you didn’t hear the word ‘love’ just now (you did though, and this was going to be burned into your brain for a while).
“...it won’t get in the way of my duty.” Sebek finished firmly, speaking a bit louder than strictly necessary. It seems that he was not yet done with that thought, though.
“While I am fae, I…” He swallowed audibly, bracing himself for what he was about to say.
“I am also just a man and… that part of me right now… wants…” He paused yet again, searching your face for something. 
You weren’t even sure if he knew what he was trying to say, but you understood that whatever it was, it was a vulnerable moment for him.
It seemed that he had settled on a different approach as he began his speech again.
“You, out of anyone, knows how much I value loyalty.” He said, tapping his fingertip on your chin. You felt your ears burning at the action, dragging your eyes away from him in a pleasant embarrassment.
“If you are in danger, I will come find you. If you ask me for anything, I will give it.” Sebek’s voice was getting louder as he gained confidence. 
“My leige and country will always be a priority but…” His breath was shaky. 
You tried to figure out what emotion he was feeling right now, but it was unclear. 
“If you’ll have me, if you would be mine tonight…”
“…I hope you are ready for a commitment, my dear human.” He murmured, eyes sliding shut as he moved to shakily kiss you once more.
You were.
Tumblr media Tumblr media
“Oh? A cute young thing like you coming onto an old man like me? What will people think, hmm?”
Lilia seemed to be positively tickled by your question. If his age was any indication, you would think he would be very experienced in these interactions. As always, he was very committed to being coy.
“You don't seem to be someone that cares much for what people think, Lilia.” You shot back playfully. 
His mischievous nature was a part of him that you were quite fond of. If he wanted you to play along, you were more than willing to do so. 
Lilia’s shoulders shook with quiet giggles, “I want to make sure to give you a fair warning, lovely Prefect.” He shrugged and let out a dramatic sigh. 
“I suppose my boyish good looks can sometimes distract from the fact I am a father of three, you know.”
Calling himself a father of three when the trio in-question looked older than he did made you want to laugh, but you knew that he meant that statement sincerely.
“I like to think I’m good with kids,” You said, raising an eyebrow. “And I’m into DILFS.”
Now Lilia’s chuckles had turned into full on shaking laughter, tears of joy brimming in the corner of his eyes.
“I’ll never stop being impressed by the new slang of the times. You are aware that I do know what that stands for, yes? Are you broadcasting your true intentions, my little Prefect?” Lilia seemed to know that while you had already spilled your overall wants to him, this was probably a bit more forward than you had intended at the moment. 
“And if it is?” You replied stiffly. Why does he keep answering questions with questions? It was infuriating. 
“Hmm…” Lilia tapped his chin with his finger in thought, “I’m a little too old for one-offs at my age.” He trailed off.  
“So, if you are serious… I will oblige.” 
His smile split his face and his fangs peeked enticingly over his lips. You audibly gulped, suddenly being hit with the embarrassment and nervousness that you had been desperately trying to choke down. 
You were positive that you wanted him. You had thought of every single perk and drawback and decided that no matter what they were, you were absolutely smitten with the mysterious and playful man. 
Now, faced with that romantic reality being a possibility, you felt like fainting. Your dreamy fantasies always cut themselves off after you confessed, as it all felt too absurd to keep dwelling on them.
Those doubts sure didn’t stop you from shooting your shot, though.
Lilia moved closer to you slowly, carefully, in a way that felt almost too graceful to be natural. Somehow he seemed to be just the barest bit taller than he had been just a moment ago. You pushed that odd thought away from the forefront of your mind. Maybe it was just your imagination. 
Sparing a moment to briefly glance at Lilia’s feet to check that he wasn’t floating again, you found yourself about to scream when your eyes had flicked back up and Lilia was directly in front of you. Behaving like a horror movie jump scare was a hobby of Lilia’s that you didn’t know if you could ever quite get used to. Your flinch made Lilia look as amused as ever. You thought that pranking you would get old, but apparently not. 
It’s rude to play with your food, you thought. Wait… why did that of all phrases come to mind?
Gingerly reaching your shaking hand forward, you combed the ends of your fingers into Lilia’s unnaturally-colored bob. Eyes sliding closed, the boy looked like a pleased cat before it got too overstimulated and bit you on the hand. 
Your movements briefly froze at the thought of how soft his hair felt, and yet how his cold skin contrasted with the sensation. 
He looked the most inhuman you had ever seen him. Lilia’s bright pupils were constricted into thin slits and his skin almost seemed to be glowing in the evening light. 
It felt dangerous, it felt thrilling. It felt both like you should both be afraid and that you had been waiting your whole life for this moment. 
It was like you would be safe from any danger, but not because of anything that you controlled. You were safe only due to the fact that the greatest danger of all was almost purring into your hand in affection.
Lilia seemed to be waiting for you as he held his serene smile and continued his ever-so-slight nuzzling into your touch. You supposed his patience was because time meant something a little different to him than it did to you. 
Steeling yourself, you placed a soft peck on his lips, chastely pulling away to see his reaction. Lilia’s hand stopped you from getting too far, and you were pulled back to his cool and smooth mouth. 
Keeping your whimpers at bay as your lower lip caught on his fangs with a soft scrape. There was a spicy-sweet sting on your tender skin, it was the first bit of heat that his body had allowed. 
“I need a little more than that, love.” He murmured against your lips, pushing and pulling you back and forth like the ocean playing with the sand before a large wave came up to swallow a few feet more of the coast. 
He was a good kisser, you thought. Any other ideas swiftly melted away when met with Lilia’s experienced ministrations. 
Slowly, carefully, you both separated from each other. Lilia looked incredibly pleased, trailing his hands down your back to pull you ever closer. 
You shivered, both from the coolness of his body and from the warmth spreading through your own.
“Is this really what you want?” Lilia asked, his eyes meeting yours with a meaningful gaze. 
As hazy with lust as your mind was, something was bugging you again. Did he look just a bit taller? Was his hair just slightly longer?
It felt like something was changing, but that passing thought made you feel a bit crazy. 
Were you imagining things because you knew that magic and fae were real? It wasn’t impossible.
After that long trail of distraction, you finally reply.
“It is.” You said, leaning closer to him in the hopes of feeling his skin on yours again.
Lilia’s eyes flickered with a new emotion, and he nodded firmly as he stared into your eyes. 
“I hope you know what agreements like that mean to a fae.” He whispered, pushing you inside of your humble abode. 
You were going to learn a lot about this topic tonight, Lilia would make sure of it.
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Silver’s auroreal eyes were wide, he looked like you had hit him up the side of his head with one of his training swords.
“Make out? With me? On your couch?” 
He was perhaps more awake than he had felt in years, his ears aflame and his usual serious demeanor slipping into something much more socially awkward and bewildered. 
“Yes.” There was no backing out now. You had been desperately dropping hints to Silver that you were interested in him for months, and this was your final hope that he was just being oblivious this whole time. 
You had attended his knight training when he invited you (which gave you a great view of how toned his lean arms were) you asked him to let you ride along on his broom during PE (since he was soooo good as horseback riding and all) and you had spent a ton of time learning how to make sweets and treats to try and earn his favor (you figured that he had enough of Lilia’s ‘healthy’ recipies). 
You made physical contact whenever you could, taking great joy in the first time that the beautiful boy had fallen asleep on your shoulder. You had to hold back the giggles that wanted to spill out of you when you spotted the squirrels and deer that tentatively walked closer to watch Silver sleeping soundly. It was so sweet, you would never get tired of seeing how much animals loved him. 
Even Grim was especially attached to Silver, toddling after him whenever you three spent time together. Whenever you asked Grim why he was so obsessed with Silver, he would either fervently deny it, or say something along the lines of ‘observing him’ and then insult you. It was cute regardless.
As much as your little not-tanuki bestie talked smack, he really did have some things in common with all the cute deer that shyly watched you two sitting on an outdoor bench. Silver's body sleepily swaying in the breeze just like the willows in the distance. 
All of those quiet moments were what did it for you. 
One time you both sat in the library and Silver was barely keeping his head up while he added his own notes to your sloppily-kept handwritten potion instructions. You couldn’t help but be charmed by how hard he was working to stay awake to help you. 
Once he was done adding his notes and corrections, Silver had softly patted you on the shoulder to tell you that he was done. He was sleepily smiling down at you, and while he was always a bit quiet, you could hear his next murmur crystal clear.
“…proud of you.”
You were fucked. How could you not love him?
In this moment, unlike the heavy and unfocused smiles he had awarded you in the library, Silver’s eyes were sharply narrowed and quizzical.
He seemed to be analyzing you. It was the same look you saw on his face when you had a shared history class and he was concentrating on an particularly in-depth essay. 
Even scarier than that, it was the look he made right before he won a practice duel.
It made you slightly uneasy, to tell the truth. 
“You like me?” He asked finally. 
“Silver... I don’t know how I could make it more obvious than I have.” You said with clear exasperation and tiredness. “I ask you out every week, I spend all the time I can spare with you, and I told you I loved you last Thursday.” You snapped.
You weren’t angry, you could never be angry at him, but you were exhausted.
“Ah…” Silver’s face was slowly heating up. You felt like your jaw could hit the floor. He really hadn’t noticed, apparently. 
“...I thought you meant like… f-friends or family…” He muttered, seeming to be mid-crisis at how oblivious he had been. You sighed.  
“Look. To be completely straightforward: I like you. It’s probably more than that at this point.” You inhaled shakily, “It’s okay if you need time but…” 
You bit your lip, idly wondering just how much pressure you could put on your skin before it bled.
Maybe this would be easier if he rejected you at this point. Maybe you could get him out of your head and stop convincing yourself that this was a possibility. Maybe you could talk yourself out of loving him.
“You don’t have to answer now. You can take your time, I just…” you trailed off in dejection, “I just wanted to make sure you knew”.
You began opening the front door to go inside. You didn’t want to run away, but you also weren’t sure how long you could have this conversation without crying. 
If he didn’t like you ,that was one thing. But you don’t know if you’d ever been more frustrated in your life. What else were you supposed to do?
You felt something warm circling your wrist.
Silver held your forearm calmly, staring at you in silence. His gaze was intense, a look you had never quite seen before written across his face.
“Don’t go.” He said firmly, slightly squeezing his hand to emphasize the point. You couldn’t look away from that small touch that connected you both. 
You stopped turning away and just waited, looking at him. Taking in his halo of soft hair, the way his jaw tightened. You wanted to reach forward and gently trace every fleck of the evening light that graced his elegant face. You would wait forever for him if he needed it. 
“Please let me… please let me take you up on that offer.” 
You felt like you could both throw up and win a Spelldrive Tournament by yourself at the same time.
Tumblr media
And that concludes part 1 of The Couch Series! Did it live up to your expectations? Are there other sorts of series you would like to see with everyone? Just the first years, just the Housewardens, the staff?
Let me know! Thank you all for your support and look forward to more to come (including continuations of these, as well).
Thank you reader, love you!
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ladyorchidia · 3 months ago
A headcanon of Azul,Idia and Riddle with a s/o who likes to baby and tease them just to see their flushed face please?
for example s/o calls them  attractive, beautiful, cute, gorgeous, handsome, pretty, sexy, tasty.
randomly kissing their back of neck, face, forehead, hands, collarbone, jawbone.
My my~ I was quite surprise when my box was already receiving a lot of attention already ! Well then, first come, first served. I hope you enjoy it !
thank you for requesting this I am truly happy.
the reader is gender neutral so that everyone is able to enjoy this headcanon. And pure crack on idia's part because I had way too much fun with the fact that he has fire for hair.
Azul, Idia and Riddle with a s/o who babies and teases them
Tumblr media
Azul does his best to keep his smug façade on when you are around, but he can't deny that he melts every time you offer him a sudden compliment.
"Handsome", "gorgeous", "cute"...He truly isn't used to such affection but he won't stop you from continuing either.
At the start of your relationship he was taken aback by the sudden outburst of kisses. When you asked him for his hand, the young octopus was slightly suspicious but once you placed a small peck on the back, it was easily replaced with adorable pink cheeks.
Although he sometimes doubt your words due to his insecurities of when he was younger. So you will have to reassure him with words of affirmation. Cuddles, caressing his hair as he rests on your chest.. these are all good option into reminding him that your love is true.
Azul is rather touch-starved and to be quite honest you are possibly his first ever partner as well as his first kiss.
When you kissed him on his beauty mark, you could almost catch him in tears. For azul, any sort of affection coming from you is a big step in his life for him.
Nevertheless, he prefers when you tease him in private behind walls. The poor little tako would be so embarrassed if you would ever do it to him in front of others.
One day, he had a dorm leader meeting with the principal and you had insisted in coming along.
Oh boy can you imagine his surprise when you claimed about how smart and attractive he was in front of everyone.
Crowley was about to tell you not to distract the others until your next statement had him completely of guard.
"It's not good to be this envious headmaster, to be honest, I am not the least surprised to find you without a wife at this age."
That shut him right up.
Before you knew it, azul was a screaming kettle now. His face was burning bright red, even redder than riddle's hair.
My goodness what is he going to do with you.
Tumblr media
In truth riddle is always caught off guard by your affectionate personality. It isn't that he dislikes it but it surprises him, however, the longer you two are together the more he starts to truly enjoy the way you baby him.
Like azul, the young boy those not possesses much experience when it comes to relationship.
his mother always told him that love was simply a distraction in the path to perfection and that he shouldn't even try to indulge in these feelings.
But when you arrived in his life, he had already forgotten the rule his mother had put.
When you give him a kiss on the forehead he is taken aback and tries to ignore the feeling of his cheeks heating up.
He also is very touch-starved, simple kisses here and there and may seem like a small act for you but for him it means the whole world.
Especially when it comes to your compliments.
Riddle is on his guard at the start of your relationship but once he gets used to your personality everything will be just-
It's not fine.
You make him redder then a strawberry and he keeps getting caught off guard every. single. time.
But if we put your teasing aside, he truly is grateful to have met someone as affectionate and loving as you. There was a time where he was doing his homework and you decided to distract him from duties. Without a warning, you cupped his face gently with your hands and left a long kiss in between his eyebrows. He was planning on reprimanding you for disturbing his focus but your act changed his choice of words.
...You truly are something else aren't you ?
No s/o, him confessing the trauma caused by his mother does not mean slam her in the face with a frying pan-
s/o ?
Tumblr media
You are going to kill him.
Did his life just become an otome series ?!
It felt like he ended up with the ultimate Ssr character, no one truly knows how he ended up with someone like you.
The boy himself has no idea how he found himself such a caring s/o, I mean look.
He is a shut-in who refuses to interact with anyone in general, survives off energy drinks and probably hasn't touched grass in ten years.
He always end up turning the sprinkler on because of your teasing, his hair had never been this pink in his life. Now it always becomes a firestorm.
He often tries to hide his smile when he's around you because he came up with the conclusion that you would think he's a freak or simply someone strange.
He was caught. off. guard. when you called him sexy right then and there.
Looks at you like this : O_O
And then proceeds to turn into a blazing inferno of pink flames.
Your kisses will probably the death of Idia and Night Raven college, because of how FUCKING DANGEROUS IT IS !!!
You don't kill him but you do burn down the school to ashes, which is NOT FUCKING OK.
Idia loves you but for the sake of god and crowley's lazy ass, do not tease him too much. You will get the flushed face as expected but please....
...I need to calm down.
Idia loves you and your babying, he truly does and he still can't believe you two are together but if you say one more "You are magnificent" or a kiss on the neck.
Something will blowup.
Tumblr media
....I hope you like it
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traumxrei-archive · 23 days ago
Can I please request
#3 - They just told him they liked him but they get shy and say “never mind, forget it” …and he wasn’t letting them dismiss it just like that
With Idia Shroud? (≧▽≦)
i like this prompt BSJKSHSOW
Thank you! Remember to take care of yourself
【 till we reach the happy end 】
prompt #3: They just told him they liked him but they get shy and say “never mind, forget it” (ft. idia shroud)
gender neutral! reader, spoilers for ghost marriage + suitor suit idia's vignette, 600 followers event (closed!)
author's note: uuu lyzaaaa i wrote this for you bb <33 honestly the most fun thing i've written in a while. i read his vignette n i scrapped the initial idea i had for this fic and,,,,well the rest is history. i hope you enjoy !!
Tumblr media
Idia was having a terrible, horrible, no-good night. Emphasis on the horrible. He was literally just seconds away from being ghosted, and in quite the literal sense too. And he was about to get married against his will! If it was to one of his favorite characters, then maybe Idia would've said yes, but this was to a literal ghost who threatened 'eternal love' for him despite having just met him.
He shivered, feeling better now that he could actually move around. He really needed to get out of this getup. And quickly. Before someone made a comment about him being a tokusatsu villain or a cringy cosplayer...
"Ugh, this cravat is literally choking me, no cap," Idia muttered to himself as he slipped into NRC's darkened hallways. "Thank goodness the protag group were busy taking care of the rest..."
"Idia-senpai!" The call of his name made him flinch, though he instantly recognized it to be their voice.
"W-what's up, Prefect-shi...?" Idia hoped his voice didn't betray his nerves as he spoke. It was hard to think straight when he was literally right in front of his c-cru...cru— oh Idia really didn't want to think about the c-word right now.
"I saw you leaving and I wanted to ask if you were okay," The warm smile they gave him had his heart doing somersaults and Idia could almost forget about the bad things that happened that evening. Such was the life of 'Idia the Simp', who was simply happy that the object of his affections cared about him. How sad and loser-like, was he right?
"I'm fine. I mean, aside from my legs literally turning into jelly from standing for so long," Idia mumbled before raising his voice. "That ghost must've been grinding his stats real hard to be able to fight like that."
"I guess so," They mused, falling into step beside him. "I'm really glad that the others made it in time."
"Ace-shi really came in clutch in this one! He was like a hero from some kind of action manga. Actually, weren't they all pretty hero-like?"
Idia continued to ramble excitedly. "I mean, the protagonist's friends arrived fashionably late— and they were all dressed to impress like princes in a dating sim! Riddle-shi being cool and unapproachable, yet shows his awkward and kind side to the protagonist. Epel-shi as the fragile character that you can't help but want to protect, yet also has a cool and alluring side. And finally Rook-shi, the prince of a neighboring country who secretly protects the main character, and instantly gains best boy status when it's revealed—!"
Idia realized just how excited he was getting over nothing— the tips of his hair turning bright orange— and he sighed deeply, "Augh, really, a loser like me could never compare to shiny princes like them..."
"Don't say that," They had stopped walking. The cool night air tickled the back of Idia's neck as he stood rooted in spot. There was quite a serious expression on their face and Idia wondered if he chose the wrong dialogue option somewhere along the line...
"If it counts for anything I think you look really cool— no, a better word would be absolutely dashing," Their nervousness showed in the way they shifted every few seconds, swallowing before continuing.
"Aren't you really prince-like too? The mysterious heir to the throne that no one ever sees who secretly helps the kingdom by masquerading as an inventor. He continues to provide the kingdom with advance technology whilst under the cover of the unlikeable hermit, and the main character is the first one to learn of his secret."
"Wow, that," This time it was Idia's turn to swallow, his own hair tinting a light pink. "T-that almost makes me sound like a good character to romance... You should become a dating sim writer."
They laughed lightly at that, "Thanks, but...what I really wanted to say was... That is..." They took a deep breath before starting again, "Because of tonight and what happened, I thought that life is short. And that I can't possibly control everything, so I should make sure to say what I want to say properly before it's too late. Idia-senpai. I...like you."
Idia could not believe his ears. Was he dreaming? Was this heaven? Did he dream up being saved by Ace and the others but actually he became a ghost and crossed to the other side? He didn't even remember paying the ferry to cross the river Styx!
"Eh?" was all that managed to leave his mouth, his hair fully turning as flushed as his face felt. The gears in his head were turning, but that didn't mean he wasn't losing braincells trying to figure out what was happening. In the first place, the genre of this day changed way too many times! From slice-of-life to survival horror to fighting game, and finally....a romantic visual novel?? Give him a break already!
"Actually. Just forget I said that." They turned around to quickly walk away but Idia grabbed onto their sleeve before they got too far. Oh Sevens, he really chose the most insanely noob-like dialogue option there was on the "Ranking of Things to Say if Someone Confesses to You" (made by Idia Shroud).
"W-wait, this is...way too much information for my brain to handle, I think I need to download extra gigabytes of RAM for this," Idia said under his breath before finally raising his gaze.
The pale moonlight washed everything in blue, and he couldn't help but think that they looked so...pretty even half-obscured in light. Their stare was pinned at the ground and he really needed to say something before they ran away and it was impossible for him to rewind the scene and fiz his mistakes.
"You..." Idia cleared his throat, the pink of his hair fluttering with the passing wind. "Could I p-please hear that dialogue option...once again? I-I promise to give a better answer this time! Or did I already raise a death flag for myself and hurtle myself towards the bad ending? Ah, Idia, this is why you aren't suited to be a otome game protag, you should just stick t—"
The breath was stolen from his lungs as warm palms urgently cradled his face, "Senpai... I don't like hearing the person that I like talking badly about himself all the time. Especially right after I told him how cool he is."
The words came out in a wheeze as he spoke again, "Y-you said 'like' just now? What k-kind of like is that?"
"The 'romantic' type of like," They said, a finger ghosting over his cheek. "The 'I want to play your route till the happy ending' type of like."
"Oh. In a positive way," He hastily added, his hair growing brighter by the second. "Y-you're really good at these...romantic words."
"Of course I am," They gave him a mischievous grin. "I learned from the best games on the market. So what do you say to my proposal?"
Aaaanddd Idia was back to feeling faint again, "T-that was a figure of speech right? I don't think I can handle another proposal so soon—"
"Senpai," They chided softly as Idia tugged at the ends of his hair. "A simple yes or no would suffice."
"Uhm. If you can't already tell by this," Idia pointed to his hair— which was now bright pink and flaming dangerously high. "I'd like to stay with you too. Till the happy ending."
"Till the happy ending," They echoed, smiling as they finally released his face. Idia found himself missing the touch a little....just a little though.
He didn't get the chance to wallow before his hand was being clasped in theirs, "C'mon! Let's get you out of those fancy clothes and play some games in your room already!"
"W-wait a second, Prefect-shi?" Idia flushed harder, if that was even physically possible. "Y-you're skipping too many chapters of the dating stage, you know? There's an order to things!!"
"I meant video games, senpai," They laughed as they skipped in front of him, Idia's own steps frantic to stay close to them. "Get your head out of the gutter."
"R-right," Idia nodded, absolutely mortified for the second— or was it third time?— that night. "I knew that."
And Idia was the subject of their teasings long after the night was over. He had to live through the embarrassment of them recounting the whole story to an all-too-curious Ortho. (Maybe he should've programmed him with less curiosity, but alas he can't go back on his own genius.)
But well, he really couldn't complain. Not when they held his hand so tightly as they watched his favorite movies with him. And especially not when they fell asleep on his shoulder— a cliché that was one of his favorites to date. Idia was sure of it now. No matter what hardships or trials would follow in the future, he would play this route till the happy end.
Tumblr media
thank you for reading this very based idia take (pls help i've gamer-talked for too long bc of idia) if you did, please like, subscribe, and check out my masterlist for other works !!
[ mini idia dictionary bc pog ]
tokusatsu villain - tokusatsu refers to a genre of live-action shows that heavily use special effects. think ultraman or kamen rider.
death flag - an action or dialogue that foreshadows an untimely death for a certain character. raising one means to basically accelerate the death of a character, since you're adding more death flags to their roster.
bad ending/happy ending - referring to otome games, where there are multiple endings to different routes that are achievable by changing dialogue/actions throughout the story.
lmk if there are any other terms i should add bc i lost count of the more confusing ones after re-reading this 3 times jskfjdskf
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kirimachi · 7 days ago
Tumblr media
Silver ; He's so cool & pretty 🥰
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koebii · a month ago
Summary: You and Deuce do an egg parenting project, everything was chaos, as soon as you both get a failing grade a surprise happens.
Tumblr media Tumblr media
You and Deuce were partnered in a egg project were two people must take care of an egg for a certain amount of time to teach the realities of parenting, it was simple, take care of the egg and make sure it doesnt break. But it wasnt simple for you two. It was chaos.
"(Y/N) WATCH THE EGG—" Deuce yelled as the egg was rolling off the table, you caught it just in time before it hit the floor. "Phew,," You set the egg onto some cloth hoping it wouldnt fall down again, if it would then you both would have a failing grade.
"How long do we have to do this again?" You sighed in exhaustion, "In a week.." He lazily groaned.
The whole week was stressful. Both of you had to take the egg with you both 24/7, in unbirthday parties, classes, the bed, EVERYWHERE—
But it wasnt so bad, just make sure the egg is not placed into a smooth surface. It was your last day taking care of the egg, at that time you and Deuce bonded time to time. You two jokingly called eachother perfect parents, sometimes it makes you two wonder if you could be perfect parents. Could you?
It was the final day. You and Deuce were walking together side by side to the classroom. Many other voices talking in the backround with their eggs, even scowling at anyone who goes near them, seems like theyre very protective of their egg, and their grade.
Soon you both enter your first period, second, third..... Boring. You two waited until you finally made it to Professor Crewel's class. "Hello pups, today's the day ill be inspecting your eggs to make sure there isnt any cracks and such."
It was stressful— anxiety arose from you when Crewel started going to the other students desks inspecting eggs carefully. It was full panic when he approached you and Deuce.
as soon as you both could embrace for Crewel saying you both failed and Crewel could finish his sentence, there were cracks forming, more cracks were coming?— Light chirps were soon heard and POP! A chick hatched?!— how— when— whatever,, you both were still gonna fail— but Crewel was.... Impressed? "Hm, seems like your egg hatched, this means you both have great parenting skills, you both earned a good grade of an A." You and Deuce's jaws were dropped. An A!?— you both will be celebrating this later, the chick was adorable, a beautiful yellow and soft feathers. The moment was short lived until the bell rang meaning class was over. You both got up from the desk grabbing your bags and taking the little chick with you.
"Deuce can you believe it!?— An actual chick hatched out of our egg!" You held up the adorable chick to him as he proudly agreed. "We make the perfect parents!" He quickly realized what he said and completely jumbled his words trying to apologize with a flustered face. "(Y/N) I DIDNT MEAN— I JUST—" He tried his best to explain, and sighed in embarrassment. "Yknow Deuce we do actually make perfect parents— I mean,, this chick hatched because of us!" You pulled him into a side hug. "Yeah.. you're right."
Now you both were entitled NRC's perfect parents.
Note: HELLO HI I AM BACK HIEHEURBW my mind was melt while writing thisヽ༼⁰o⁰;༽ノ
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A Tale of a Kitten's Jealousy
Tumblr media
"Love...It's just a kitten...." You sighed.
"Get rid of it." Leona demanded again.
"Aren't you a bit harsh on the little guy...?" You narrowed your eyes and covered the sleeping kitten's ears.
Leona irked.
You found the little kitten that was injured in the forest a week ago and you didn't have the heart to leave it there to die. So you took the kitten with you and took care of it until it got better. However, after telling your boyfriend about the news he seemed a bit quiet for a few days.
Suddenly out of the blue, he complained to you as you were visiting his dorm today.
"I even asked the headmage if I can take care of it." You innocently gave a close-eyed smile.
˚₊· ͟͟͞͞➳❥
"I apologize but I can't allow another creature to roam this school." Crowley said firmly.
A flashback of you who was in his office held the kitten with a towel wrapped around it to keep it warm . You wanted to ask if you can keep it and take it into your care.
"Headmage Crowley."
Crowley sweated a little as he felt something sinister coming from his student.
"Sir, I don't think you want me to remind the other teachers about your little debt to them, do you?" A dark aura covered you as you smiled. "Think of this as a little payment for all I've done for you. You are very GENEROUS, aren't you?"
"H-How cruel!"
˚₊· ͟͟͞͞➳❥
The lion sweatdrop at the smile since he could imagine what could of happen in that crow's office before composing himself.
"You already got a furball in your dorm." The lion raised a brow. "You don't need another one."
"Grim's alright with it!" You said. "He even help me feed it!"
'Although, I have to do twice the head scratches as compensation.....'
He began murmuring stuff under his breath.
"Uh, I don't understand what your saying....."
Then, you realized something.
"Wait a minute, I thought you weren't bothered....?" You tilted your head. "You never complained about this until now."
"Tch." He averted his gaze.
"Never mind...." He went to his bed and plopped down facing away from you. "I don't want to talk about anymore...."
You sweatdrop at his childish action before sitting at the side of the bed, kitten in arms.
"He was too cute to be alone, why are you sulking now—"
Then, your eyes widened as finally figured out why he was like this.
"Leona, are you jealous....?"
"No." He immediately answers.
It wasn't visible but he tensed up.
Your eyes blinked before you let out a little chuckle at his behavior. You petted his hair to sooth him.
He would have slept if it was continued but was stopped at a little meow.
It seems the kitten woke up from its nap and was crying little meows now.
"Ah, he woke up...." You petted the kitten's head.
"He?" Leona sat up and turned to look at you.
"So now you want to talk?" You glanced at him playfully.
The beastman grumbled and looked away.
"His name is Leo..…" You smiled gently at the kitten wrapped in a towel in your arms. Leona's head quickly turned back to you. You shrugged. "He kind of reminded me of you."
To say Leona was surprised would be an understatement. A tinge of red could be seen on his ears as he finally took a good look at the kitten and you.
"Think of it as your child since I was hoping you would also look after him with me."
A sudden vision came to his mind as he saw a woman and himself holding a child that cried softly. He shook his head to get rid of that thought.
"I was hoping that would be a yes or a no but that'll do I suppose....."
Tumblr media
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Hi! If you write for Twisted Wonderland, Can I request corruption kink with Vil??
I've been wrecking my brain for inspiration for this when it finally hit me today.
Pairing: Vil Schoenheit x Fem!Reader
Tags: nsfw, smut, rough sex, cum eating, praise, degradation, creampie, semi-public sex, classroom sex
Word count: 1k
A/N: It's always the Reader getting corrupted, this time it's reversed.
Tumblr media
Normally Vil asked you to stay longer in order to study. He liked study sessions with you, it was quiet and he had such a pretty sight to look at. Well it might have been a little distracting for him but the two of you always managed to get work done.
It was already past noon when Vil pressed you against the glass window, one hand on your hip, holding your skirt up and the other pressing into your shoulder, the combined grips keeping you in place as he thrust his hard cock into you.
"Are you sure... ah... no one's going to come in?" Vil chuckled behind you, pulling you harder onto his cock. "Well other than you." As embarrassed as you were you couldn't keep the need out of your voice.
It only seemed to stoke the fire and drive from Vil, evident in the way his cock pulsed and throbbed as he pulled out and settled back in, stopping for a few seconds. While a part of you was grateful for a little breather there was another much hornier part of you that wanted him to get on with it.
"Don't worry darling, I'm not done with you yet. Just waiting for the two students down there to pass. If you're quiet they might not notice their star student being a complete cock slut." In order to test your resolve he jolted his hips, surprising you, making you let out a loud whimper. "I wouldn't have even dreamt of fucking you here. But you... I guess you bring out this side of me. You made me imperfect. With your lovely smile, your charm and your wit, your kisses and affection. And gods your cunt."
His hand left your shoulder and intertwined on top your own, lacing your fingers together, pressing it further into the glass as he starts to hammer his hips into yours.
You take a deep breath, trying to clear your head but all you could do was to press back into him, which only made him go harder, blurring your thoughts with pleasure and a slight sting of pain as your knees start to give out beneath his thrusts.
"You're the one who started jerking off in the middle of the study session. Don't pin this on me." Not that you were really complaining about it. Your cunt felt too good for that.
"And who crawled towards me on all fours hm? Who encouraged me to keep going? To lock the door and take my pants off? Who moaned and moaned, choking on my cock? You. All you my love. The things I want to do to you, the things you put in my head, the ways I want to use and please this tight, pretty hole of yours. I can't... I can't think right anymore. I don't care if anyone sees us, sees me fucking you. I'd keep fucking you. It's all you. So you better take responsibility for making me this way." You could hear the clear strain in Vil's voice, a little sound, almost like a whimper.
You arched your back and turned your head towards him, "I do don't I?" You purposely made your walls clench and flutter around him, right around his tip. "How's this, my Prince? Your cock seems to like it."
He always likes it. At first he was a little reserved in showing it but over time he became more and more open with his desires, initiating sex more often than not and going for a very long time, sometimes resulting in the two of you having to skip the first class because you wanted to nap and snuggle.
"Trying to get me to come again? You're already dripping my cum across the floor. And your desk... in fact." He pulled you back and maneuvered you over to your desk, "You want cum so bad then fucking lick it off you little slut."
You couldn't refuse his order. After all he always followed yours before, it was only fair that you returned the favor. And now it made a bit more sense that he asked you to thoroughly clean your desk before you started having sex on it.
"Fuck. You really ate it all up." He pressed your head into the hard wood and lifted one of your legs up on the corner of the desk, his cock reaching deeper than before with his new angle, "How about your cunt? Do you think it can take one more? I'm about to burst sweetheart, you can take it can't you? You can be good for me."
"Yes. Yes, I can. I will be. I'll be good. Just for you Vil." You gripped the edge of the desk in a white knuckle grip, trying your best not to black out as another orgasm, you don't even know what number anymore, flowed through you, a park of pleasure going from your clenching hole all though your body.
"Beautiful. You're so beautiful sweetheart. I love how you take all of me, all of my cum." Vil kept fucking you through your orgasm until his pace got too sloppy, to unhinged as he emptied his cum deep in your core, rutting until his balls were completely empty.
The sound of your combined heavy breathing was all that was heard in the classroom as Vil pulled you into him and collapsed into the nearby chair, his cock still snug inside you.
"How was that my darling? Enough of an adrenaline rush for you?" Vil's hips settled on your hips as his soft lips found your neck, pampering it with soft kisses and even softer words of love and praise.
You let out a heavy sigh as you settled in his lap, leaning your back to his front. Your hand reach back and found his blonde locks, angling him for a perfect kiss. "Perfect. Just like you." His smile was so bright from your words it was like looking into a sunrise illuminated by a sunset. You couldn't help but lean back for another kiss. And another. And many more after that as you waited to get the feeling in your legs back. Until then you were fully planning on enjoying the feeling of Vil's lips on yours, his tongue pushing and prodding, his mouth marking up your neck, and the comforting fullness and pressure of his cock and cum settled inside you.
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