v1l3m0f0 · 1 day
Dear fanfiction writers,
I want to thank you for your work.
I read fanfics since I’m 12 and it makes me able to feel close to the characters I love. I know it sounds weird, but it taught me the English language, which is not my native one.
It got me closer to love and feelings than anything I have ever felt. Because I struggle with human interaction.
I learned from your words. I learned from the way you experience feelings.
Even if your writings don’t get a lot recognition. Please keep going. Literature can mean so much to people even if they can’t give kudos and just save it in their bookmarks.
It can cause deep thoughts, arousal, sadness or happiness that starts to help people cope.
I am convinced you writers can help people through their life. I love to read through fictions of a character being comforting, or sexual towards another . Because that’s what I miss in life. Human relationships.
I am a loner and you people who wrote fics, make me feel less on my own because when I read them, I feel close to the character I adore.
I’ve read fanfictions since I was a pre teen.
So I thank you for your work, creativity, braveness to post. I know how hard it is to share a piece of your mind.
Thank you for making my life better since a decade. Please never stop your writings. It’s incredible. The ability to write stories, is a phenomenal one. Your story is important to people, you might’ve changed a humans mind. I appreciate you, so so much.
Thank you for your service authors of Ao3, Wattpad and any other website you might have published on.
You move people. You make them feel.
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sandinthepipes · 2 months
I just love when a fanfic is so very soft that I have to stop reading every three rows and walk around my room for a bit with a hand on my heart while whispering "oh my god they glanced at eachother", because I get too overwhelmed with love and sweetness.
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cityofstarsrg · 3 months
You know what Ao3 needs? A search button inside the History section
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Tumblr media
Ah, yes, it's all coming together
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minethoughtsanddoubts · 4 months
Tumblr media
When there’s an update on one of the fanfics that you’ve been following but you already forgot what it was about
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smhalltheurlsaretaken · 3 months
Genuinely don't get why it's so hard to accept that to write characters in character you have to write them with their biases and their unreliability.
'Why are you defending/bashing X thing/Y person in this fic–' I'm not! The character is! Because this is views they explicitly held in canon.
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vixalate · 1 year
Tumblr media
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marwritesgood · 7 months
Leaving Like a Father | S. Harrington
Tumblr media
Pairing: Steve x Hopper!Reader*
Timeframe: Seasons 2-3
Summary: [Based on Cardigan - Taylor Swift] Y/n’s resentment towards her father reaches an all-time high just before the battle against the Mind Flayer.
tw: daddy issues
masterlist - PART ONE
*note: this follows the same timeline as ‘CARDIGAN’ but is focused on the reader’s father-daughter relationship with Hopper.
November, 1982
Y/n was half-asleep on the worn-out couch when the sound of heavy footsteps on the front porch made her jolt. She inhaled deeply and sat up straight, before listening closely to the person outside her front door. When she heard keys fumbling and a quiet groan, she quickly realised it was the very person she had staying up for.
After letting out a sight, Y/n push herself up and off the sofa and rubbed her eyes as she approached the front door. She unlocked it and pulled it open before exhaling heavily when she saw her Chief Hopper lying down on top of the doormat, just about passed out.
"Dad," she groaned, kicking his legs just firmly enough to wake him up again. Before he could make a failed attempt at standing up on his own, Y/n bent down and swung one of his arms over her shoulder to help him.
"It's ok... 'm ok, bug," Hopper mumbled as he stepped inside. He pulled his arm away from Y/n and stumbled his way into their home. Even as a drunken mess, he was still as stubborn as he was sober.
"You were supposed to pick me up from work," Y/n reminded him, crossing her arms and frowning. She knew she shouldn't have taken his word for it, but considering what day it was, she allowed herself to do so once more.
It ended the same way it always did, her being disappointed and alone.
"I'm sorry, bug," Hopper huffed, placing his hand on the couch to stabilise his feet enough to turn around and face his daughter. "There was um... there was a holdup at the uh... at the station."
Y/n watched him closely. He didn't really think she would buy that? Even from across the room, she could smell the alcohol and tobacco remnants. She sighed and uncrossed her arms, too tired to react. Instead, she turned to the dining table and the empty plate she set specifically for him.
"There's some food leftover if you're hungry. I made enough for both of us... like I said I would," Y/n explained deflatedly, unable to hide the trace of disappointment in her tone.
He promised her this time would be different. That they would have dinner together like they did when there was four of them in that house. Y/n quickly regretted ever believing him.
"Not tonight, bug," Hopper sighed, not even stopping to acknowledge his sorrowful daughter and the table she had meticulously set hours ago.
Y/n took a few steps towards him as he approached his bedroom, but before she could even mutter a plea, her father slammed his door shut and twisted the lock immediately after.
Any other night, she would have burst into quiet tears, but not that night. She had no more tears left in her, much less any hope that things would be different. Instead, she turned back to the food she had laid out and began putting it away, with it, the plates and cutlery and any faith she once had of a conversation with her dad that didn't end in disappointment.
Once the table was clear and the kitchen was somewhat tidy, Y/n pulled out the box of cupcakes she kept in the refrigerator as well as the candle she left on the bench. She sat alone at the table and put the candle on one of the cupcakes before igniting it with one of the many lighters her dad left lying around the house.
After inhaling once, Y/n closed her eyes and spent her one birthday wish praying, by some miracle, her dad would still be home by the time she woke up and not passed out in front of a bar with an empty pill container and beer bottle in the cup holder of his battered truck.
Even after years of disappointment and having to figure out things for herself, Y/n could not yet bring herself to hate the shell of a man her father had become. Although it was clear to her that he was never going to be the caring and reliable father she desperately needed him to be for so long, in the midst of it all, Y/n was still his daughter.
"Happy birthday, bug," she whispered to herself, hoping it would give her a fraction of the comfort it would if he at least said it before slamming his door in her face, but to no avail. After putting the cupcakes back and dragging herself to bed, hoping to get at least a few hours of rest before school.
September, 1984
Y/n stifled a yawn as she waved goodbye to Steve before turning back to her door and letting herself in. Her closing shifts at the video store always left her feeling eager to collapse into her beloved bed. As she turned the doorknob and pushed, she was startled to see their kitchen a mess and living room sofa occupied by her dad and El, sound asleep.
She carefully stepped inside and gently closed the door behind her. There was an empty packet of chips on the coffee table and the remote seemed to have fallen out of Hopper hands and onto the carpeted floor assumably when he fell asleep.
It had become a sort of tradition for him and El to watch tv together on Friday nights in the months following her living with them. It was a tradition that left Y/n feeling agitated and conflicted.
She approached their messy dining table and tried her best not to read too much into it. Tried her best not to pay attention to the way her Dad managed to sober up and take on less hours at the station just to keep El company. Tried her best not to feel to envious and bitter every time she glanced back at the two of them; at the quiet smiles on both their faces despite their state of slumber.
Y/n tried not to wonder what that must have felt like, knowing that trail of thought would only leave her in tears.
After clearing the table, she packed away the food left on the bench back into the refrigerator and pantry, she heard her dad groan. Y/n turned to the couch and saw him stretch his arms out, letting loose a yawn before noticing the now clean dining table and his eldest standing in the kitchen.
"Oh hey, you're home," he chuckled softly, rising from the couch but not without ensuring his movement did not disturb El.
It was still unsettling for Y/n to see him act with such consideration. He had somewhat sobered up in just over a matter of months and transformed into a half-decent example of a father. He had become exactly what Y/n hoped he would be, but it wasn’t for her sake. It was for El’s.
"How was work?"
Hopper approached the his eldest in the kitchen, thought his eyes remained glued on his youngest right until his calloused hands felt the cool surface of the kitchen bench top.
"Fine," Y/n answered shortly, before dusting her hands off and reaching gratefully for the cardboard box left on the edge of the counter. She never had enough time to pick up dinner after a closing shift and hoped Hopper finally remembered. "You and El had pizza?"
As she began opening the box she looked up at her dad, only to witness him avert his eyes and attention once more. Even in her sleep, Y/n thought. She promptly shrugged it off as her growling stomach demanded her attention.
"Yeah, we did,” her father chuckled. “She came up with funniest name for pepperonis-"
Hopper’s words were cut short when he turned back to Y/n and watched her stare at the empty pizza box with stifled disappointment. He sighed, suddenly remembering the promise he made to save enough food for her to have for dinner when she got home.
"I'm sorry we completely forgot-"
"It's fine,” Y/n snapped, before inhaling sharply and deciding to once again bite her tongue. She softened her expression and met Hopper’s guilty eyes. “I was gonna go to bed anyways."
He knew she was lying but didn’t see the point in call her out on it. It’d likely end in another argument and it’d been a while since their last. Hopper didn’t want to go back there.
"Oh ok,” he nodded, watching her closely as she left the kitchen and headed for her bedroom. He contemplated not saying anything further but, just as she reached for the doorknob, he threw caution to the wind. “Goodnight, bug.”
Hopper couldn’t remember the last time he’d said that to her. Y/n couldn’t either. Perhaps that was why she froze for a moment and, against her better judgement, glanced over her shoulder.
“Night dad,” she replied quietly.
Before turning to the empty bed she’d spent the last five hours yearning for, Y/n pushed her bedroom door behind her, making sure to leave a small gap. It was a silly rule that she never previously cared enough for to follow diligently, but on nights like these she didn’t care enough to wilfully defy it.
As she shifted things around her room whilst getting ready to sleep, Y/n peeked a quick glance into the living room, curious as to whether or not her father was still there. She felt herself freeze again, but this time the feeling in her stomach was far from pleasant.
Y/n watched with an involuntary frown as Hopper placed a blanket over El while she continued to sleep soundly on the living room couch. He was so attentive and thoughtful with her. So loving and affectionate even when she was not awake to appreciate it.
Had he always been capable of being that way or did El bring out a fatherly side in him he never felt obliged to show when it was just her? Y/n’s stomach turned. She was unsure whether she wanted to scream or burst into tears.
Before she could make a conscious, her hand flew and slammed the door shut completely.
June, 1985
Y/n slammed the front door shut and sped across to the kitchen, too determined to get to the refrigerator to let the sting of her tears and her blurred vision hinder her. Thankfully, she had dipped into her hidden stash of ice cream enough times to do it by muscle memory alone.
Get the ice cream, get the spoon, take the lid off and indulge. Just like always, only this time Y/n hugged the ice cream tub to her chest and raced to her bedroom. She wanted to sink into the comfort of her beloved bed and not get up until absolutely necessary.
After kicking her shoes off her feet and tossing her bag and jacket aside, she sat on her bed. However, just before she fully lie down and being her wallowing process, her bedroom door was pushed open and El cautiously stepped in.
“Y/n? Are you ok?”
She held he hands behind her back and didn’t take a step further, not until she was sure she was wanted. Y/n sighed as she contemplated putting on a brave face so El wouldn’t worry, before ultimately realising she now knew her well enough to see through such lies. Maybe that wasn’t a bad thing.
“… No,” Y/n admitted, sniffling as she scooped another spoonful of ice cream. “Not really, El.”
She was a pitiful mess. It was clear as day. Even so, admitting she was hurting bruised the fragile ego and pride Y/n had worked so hard to maintain. Somehow she preferred it happened in front of El as opposed to just about anyone else.
“Can I stay? Or do you want to be alone?”
El knew from observation that Y/n often liked to be alone in her room when she was upset or angry. It was a detail easy to deduce after watching Hopper get ignored or turned away anytime he tried to apologise for to her something, which happened rather frequently. El was so sure this time was no different, so she stood in the doorway ready to back away.
Much to her surprise, Y/n offered a small and gracious smile before patting empty spot on her bed beside her. El grinned before assuming her spot, revealing the spoon she held behind her back just in case she got the chance to eat Y/n’s special ice cream with her.
“Did something happen?”
El was not oblivious to Y/n’s puffy eyes and wet cheeks. She had never seen Y/n cry before. She felt a strange urge to find out who was responsible and find a way to telepathically torment them.
“Steve and I broke up,” Y/n explained, her voice shaky. She tried to think a child-friendly way of explaining the reason to El. “He… kissed another girl. And it turns out he’s been lying to me about it for a while.”
El’s nostrils flared. She hated lying. However, it became clear to her that she hated seeing her big sister upset even more. Now she hated Steve for being the reason for it. Why did boyfriends lie?
“Boys are dumb,” El grumbled.
“They really are,” Y/n groaned.
“Max says when boyfriends lie, you give him the medicine and dump his ass.”
Y/n furrowed her brows and looked up at El who held her head high with a small smirk. They stared at each other silently before bursting into fits of laughter simultaneously.
As they recovered and began scooping out more ice cream, Y/n pondered as to why Max would give El that advice. Maybe they both needed her secret tub of chocolate ice cream fro similar reasons.
“Did something happen with you and Mike?”
The young girl nodded her head as she scooped a spoonful of ice cream. She was beginning to understand why Y/n always kept a tub hidden in their freezer.
“There was no nana,” El explained, knowing Y/n would understand what she meant. After establishing their ‘sisters dont tell secrets’ pact, El confided in her sister about almost everything. “Mike lied to me.”
“So did you dump his ass?” Y/n smirked.
Her younger sister nodded her head and laughed as she recounted the moment it happened. She felt so exhilarated.
“Good,” Y/n smiled as she scraped the sides of the now half empty ice cream tub. “We deserve boyfriends who tell us the truth.”
Y/n hoped saying it would convince her and provide her some ounce of comfort. That maybe then she’d start to believe the downfall of her relationship with Steve started and ended with him. But there was a small part of her that felt discontent with that. A small part that questioned if there was something she did or didn’t do that landed her in the position she was now in.
Luckily, before she could trail further into that rabbit hole, El continued to talk to her about how dumb boys could be. Y/n never thought she’d be so grateful her plans for a quiet night alone got disrupted. El was good company.
By the time Hopper got home from the station, he was puzzled by quiet. Instinctively, he went to check El’s room first and was surprised to see all but an empty bed. However, when he walked past his eldest’s room, he stopped in his tracks when he saw the two of them sleeping.
He couldn’t help but smile.
The following morning, Y/n woke up extra early just so she could make a phone call out to the Wheeler residence. She knew she needed to give herself at left a good twenty minutes to explain everything that had happened to Nancy.
After their conversation, she raced to the bathroom and got ready as quickly as she could. Hopper wasn’t working until the afternoon, so she hoped it meant she could leave without having to respond to his interrogation.
Just in case, she donned a pair of sunglasses in an attempt to hide her eyes that were still puffy from all the crying she did the night before and in the shower that very morning.
As she exited her room and headed for the kitchen, she saw her dad standing by the phone. Before she could reach the kitche table, where El sat quietly with a bowl of cereal, Hopper held the phone out to his eldest.
“Y/n, Steve’s on the phone,” he explained.
Y/n wore a sarcastic smile that only El saw for its true nature. Hopper was none the wiser. The younger girl took a spoonful of cereal and paid close attention to her older sister, curious to see what she would do next.
“Oh he is?”
The older girl approached their telephone just as her dad backed away and retreated to his seat at the table and his plate of eggs and bacon. Y/n held the phone to her chest and turned to her little sister.
“El, block your ears,” she ordered. The younger girl did so without a hesitation nor any follow up questions. Y/n finally brought the phone to her ear and confronted her ex. “Go fuck yourself!”
She slammed the phone down so aggressively, Hopper was surprised nothing broke. He watched with concern as Y/n approached the refrigerator silently, as though nothing out of the ordinary had happened.
“Um… are you feeling ok, bug?”
Hopper studied his eldest daughter closely. He had a feeling her spontaneous decision to wear sunglasses was more calculated than it appeared. Y/n poured herself a glass of orange juice and bit into a piece of plain toast.
“I’m fine,” Y/n asserted as he chewed. She glanced at the clock and took a sip of her juice. “I just need to eat something fast. Nancy and Jonathan will be here soon.”
“Steve’s not picking you up?”
El widened her eyes in terror and tried her best to silently communicate to him that it was in his best interest he stop asking follow-up questions.
“Obviously not if Jonathan and Nancy are going to be here soon!” Y/n retorted, irritated by her dad’s questions just as El suspected. “Are you even listening to me?”
Hopper turned to El and narrowed his eyes as the young girl shook her head rapidly, clearly warning him to leave the older girl alone. Despite El’s best attempts, their father remained relentleess.
“You know, if there’s something going on, I’m here if you wanna-“
“Oh my god, dad, I’m fine!” Y/n yelled, putting her dishes in the sink just roughly enough to make a sound that punctuated her annoyance.
If it had been anyone else interrogating her about why she was acting differently, perhaps Y/n wouldn’t respond with such aggression. But this was her father. The man who once went weeks without speaking a word to her. The man who had the nerve to voice his disapproval of her dating Steve as if his judgement of character meant anything to her.
She wasn’t ready to let him know how she was feeling, nor was she ready to admit that Steve wasn’t the stand up guy she insisted he was.
“I’m perfectly fine,” Y/n repeated, her voice all the more irritated. “Do I not seem fine to you? El, do I not seem fine?”
“She’s fine,” El agreed immediately, not missing a beat.
“See, I’m fine!”
Hopper gulped, completely taken aback. There was clearly something his daughter knew that he didn't but before he could make another failed attempt at getting a straight answer out of Y/n, Nancy and Jonathan arrived to pick her up and take her to her morning shift.
He waited until she closed the door behind her before turning to his youngest. Hopper hoped El's distaste for liars would mean she would finally give him the truth. The young girl continued to eat her cereal, oblivious to Hopper's attentive eye.
“El," he began, narrowing his eyes. "Did something happen between Steve and Y/n?”
El chewed slowly before looking up at Hopper, who studied her closely. He was so sure she was about to cave and tell him everything. But instead, she shrugged.
“Sisters don’t tell secrets.”
July, 1985
Y/n sat at an empty table of the Starcourt mall's food court and sipped the water bottle Steve had gotten her. He was saying something about how there was no telling if the truth serum had completely worn off yet, until he realised Y/n's attention was elsewhere.
She watched from a distance as Hopper put a bandaid on the small cut long El's temple. She continued to study the two of them as he seemingly said something comforting to her before pulling her in for a hug. She hoped that after a year of sitting on sideline and watching her dad look after El it wouldn't affect her as much as it used to. But it still stung just harshly. It still hurt just as bad.
"Hey," Steve whispered, placing his hand on Y/n's wrist. Finally she looked away. "You ok?"
It was his attempt at testing to see if the truth serum had worn off yet. Before Y/n could lie through her teeth and cast her feelings aside, she involuntarily spoke as she rose from her seat.
“Obviously not," she muttered quietly before heading towards the portion of the foodcourt everyone else was gathered at. Steve followed her closely, concerned about what the truth serum would do to her.
As they listened in on what the goal was and the different groups everyone was splitting off into, Steve's attention remained with Y/n. There was something about her demeanour that made him anxious.
Even as she approached El and hugged her tightly, Steve's worries persisted. He was the only person Y/n confided in about her conflicted feelings towards her dad and towards El. For this reason, he was the only one who noticed the way she suppressed her resentment.
As Y/n pulled away from her little sister, she started to brace herself for the mission ahead. However, her train of though was quickly interrupted as Hopper approached her with knitted brows.
“You’re not staying with El?” He asked in disbelief, a hint of anger in his tone that took Y/n by surprise. He had a real knack for making her feel she was constantly doing something wrong.
“No, I’m gonna go with Steve."
Y/n hadn't realised she needed to justify her decision to Hopper. When he responded with a loud and incredulous scoff, she felt her blood begin to boil.
“Bug, c'mon... you can't be serious.”
“What are you trying to say?” Y/n questioned.
“You’d rather go into the woods with the guy who broke your heart than stay here and look out for your sister? Don’t you think she could use your support?”
Of course Y/n wanted to support El in every way she could, but she didn't have the stomach to watch El battle the mind flayer. She already had her fair share of traumatic experiences and witnessing her loved ones get hurt. Not to mention, Y/n knew nothing about defeating an inter-dimensional beast. However, she did know a thing or two about speeding through Hawkins with only half a tank of gas.
"She'll be ok, dad," Y/n stated sincerely, trying to level with him. He was not the only one worried about El, but he too knew he could be more helpful is he went instead of staying.
"She's 14," Hopper retorted.
"She has supernatural powers," she rebutted, growing annoyed with his insinuation that she was abandoning El. He, of all people, should know what actual abandonment looks like. "And Nancy and Jonathan will be with them."
"Y/n," Hopper warned as she turned around and attempted to leave.
She whipped back around and huffed. Perhaps it was the truth serum or finally being fed up, but she had no urge to stifle her feelings any longer. Steve and El watched with concern.
"What exactly do you expect me to do, dad?" She asked angrily. "Jump in front of the fucking mind Flayer for her?"
Y/n watched as her dad struggled to muster a straight answer. It was unsurprising but still all the more hurtful and enraging. El stepped forward, unable to stand idle and watch the two of the most important people in her life argue over her. Only it wasn't just about El. It was about so much more.
"Hopper I'll be ok,” the young girl assured. “It's ok.”
"It's not ok," Hopper shook his head, his angry and disapproving eyes never leaving Y/n. While he didn't want to fight with his eldest daughter, he couldn't just let it go. "C'mon bug, I thought I raised you to-"
"Raised me?" Y/n repeated, her eyes widened and fist clenched. There was not more tiptoeing around the elephant in the room. No more thinking carefully about her words. All she saw was red, as all her pent up resentment bubbled to the surface. "I'm sorry, since when did coming home drunk every night and disappearing in the morning qualify as raising someone?"
"Are you really gonna drudge up the past when we're in the middle of a crisis?"
Y/n scoffed. Of course he would dismiss what he did and he feelings about it. Of course he would try and convince her to put a cork in it so he could go on living in oblivion. Of course it was easy for him to forget how cruel he was. He wasn't the one who had to stay sober through it all.
“Look, I get that you care more about El than you do about me-“
"That's not true!" Hopper denied immediately.
"Oh, it’s not?” Y/n hissed, convinced he was either in denial or lying to save face in front of El and Joyce. “She gets a fatherly pep talk and a hug, and all I get is you yelling at me for not volunteering to become her human body shield.”
Hopper furrowed his brows, feeling blindsided by his daughter's outburst. He thought they were fine. He thought he was finally making progress with her.
“Where is this coming from?”
“Where is this coming from?" Y/n roared. "It's coming from you leaving me to fend for myself for years... a-and you adopting El and being a better dad to her in a year than you were to me. Ever.”
She thought of the way he justified taking El in to her. How he described her as being just a kid who was on her own. The frustration she felt leaving that conversation was soul crushing. If not for Steve talking her down afterwards and cheering her up with ice cream, she would likely torn her room to shreds.
"I didn't get eggos, o-or encouraging words or meals together. And I never ev-” Y/n's breath hitched as she felt tears begin to pool in her eyes. All while thinking of the one thing she wanted from him, after everything that happened. “I never even got an apology... Or a thank you for putting up with all your shit."
She was lucky to get even a conversation with him. Most days he passed through their house like a silent zombie, and not someone who had a responsibility to look after her.
"And now what?" Y/n cried. "You want me to get killed trying to save El? Is that it? Would that make it easier for you to continue on being father of the century?”
“You know that’s not true,” Hopper winced. She had to know that wasn't true. Losing another one of his daughters was the last thing he could ever want. Y/n shook her head and lowered her voice.
“What I know is that it’s really ironic when you make digs at Steve for hurting me, because that’s exactly what you’ve been doing for most of my life.”
She watched his expression as it twisted and morphed into something she hadn't seen in a long long time. Not since the day they got the phone call from the hospital.
Steve studied Y/n closely, dumbfounded by how quickly her argument with Hopper escalated. He wondered how much of it was due to the truth serum still evident in her system. He, along with everyone else standing in the foodcourt, hoped that it was finally over. That she wouldn't take thing any farther.
She considered ending the conversation and leaving. But there was one last thing weighing heavily on her chest. The one thought she spent years suppressing. Without another moment's deliberation, Y/n threw caution to the wind.
"You know I used to wish I had died with them," she confessed quietly. "-with mom and Sara."
Hopper's face went pale. That was the one topic they never discussed. The one line they both silently agreed to never cross. Y/n was sick of his stupid rules. In that moment, she didn't care how her words would affect him. She just knew how she felt and had no will left to bite her tongue and fake a smile.
"Now, I wish it had just been you instead."
The room fell silent as Y/n turned her back to her dad and sped towards the parking lot. She didn't care for any rebuttal he might have had. She didn't care for the horrified look on his and everyone else's face. She was certain it needed to be said.
"Steve," Hopper called out, prompting the young man to stop and face him, terrified and concerned about what he would say next. The older man sighed defeatedly. "Keep her safe... Please."
It was the only thing he could do and perhaps the only right thing left to say. He always struggled when it came to words, and clearly his actions were quite questionable as well. Maybe the best thing he could do for his eldest daughter was hope she would survive the night safely and pray that, come morning, he'll be able to start rectifying everything he did wrong.
However long it would take.
When Steve caught up to his ex girlfriend, he knew better than to ask her how she was coping. The determined look in her eyes and her stoic demeanour on the drive to the hills was enough for him to know it was in his best interest not to pry. He couldn't help but wonder if she had truly meant to say all that she did, or if she felt some semblance of remorse now she was looking back at it. But Y/n had no regret in that moment. Not one ounce. However, the regret would come later that night, when everyone returned to Starcourt.
Everyone but Hopper.
i do not give permission for any of my works to be copied, translated, or reposted onto another site.
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hernameismaxine · 1 month
If you don’t mind, could you write Diasomnia and Savanaclaw with a prefect/yuu thats a
clingy sleeper and hugs them in their sleep! 💖
Leona kingscholar
Enjoys it, he won’t ever mention it but it feels nice when you cuddle up to his torso in the middle of the night.
He can sleep anywhere, anytime. He won’t have a problem with this at all, and probably has his arm draped around you somehow as well.
y’all are wrapped up in blankets snuggling.
sometimes Savanaclaw members see this, and wanna say something really bad but then remember that they’ll get their ass beaten and decide not to.
Also loves it when you hold his arms.
10/10 you both are actually comfortable. Ruggie Bucchi
He’s been in situations where in order to have a roof over your head, you have to have people crowded all over you. So he has not problem with it.
He hates having to push you off of him when he wakes up early for work. But I mean everyone is miserable when they wake up, but having you there makes it harder.
Looks forward to getting to sleep next to you because it makes him feel safe.
Your snuggles are an escape from his busy life.
8/10 cute and comfortable but bro is overworked and most likely traumatized. Sad ruggie 😢 Jack Howl
Curls his body around you in a big spoon type way. nice snuggles 💪
He likes holding you. This lets him know that he’s protecting you.
When he wakes up, he kisses your face before leaving to go on his morning jog.
makes you go to sleep early. Y’all always in bed before 10. Or sometimes 9:45, if you date him your sleep schedule improves greatly.
Just enjoys your presence next to him. But does get a little pissed when it keeps him awake.
9/10 amazing but -1 point because he wakes up so damn early. Authors notes: I know you asked for Diasomnia too but I wrote this late and got writers block when I tried working on this again in the morning, so I’ll get Diasomnia done in a part two. Love you guys, and you should get some sleep 💕
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Weddings and Butterflies
Pairing: Stephen Strange x Fem! Avenger! Reader
Requested?: Yes.
Summary: After being invited to Christine's wedding, you also come across the person you haven't seen for the longest time.
WC: 2.6k
Warning/s: MULTIVERSE OF MADNESS SPOILERS! fluff, little bit of angst, anxiety mentions lmk if i missed anything
Note: after watching MoM I have fallen harder for this man I swear... feebacks, reblogs and likes are appreciated! let me know what you think!
GIF is not mine, credits to the owner!
Tumblr media
The door opened with a clicking sound, filling the silence of the empty apartment as you walked in, phone to your ear as you shut the door with the use of your feet.
“....(Y/N), the wedding’s tomorrow, I was wondering if you’d make it- or you’d like to come, it would be nice seeing you again ever since..” Christine spoke through your phone.
You took off your shoes, placing them by the door as you placed your things on the counter.
“Oh, Christine, I’d love to come by, congratulations again, I can’t believe it.” You reply, walking over to the living room. You sat on the soft sofa, getting into a much more comfortable position.
It never felt like time had passed, you even wonder if the rest of the world even remembered some of you.
You stared at the window in front of you that showcased the buildings along with the night sky.
Five minutes. All it took was five minutes and after you were thrown back onto reality again, five years had passed. It took almost a toll on everybody, with all the family and friends they feared are long gone, suddenly popping out of nowhere from when they were stood as the blip happened.
You, luckily enough, were able to lay low for a while, build your life back up again, reconnected with some friends, yet you never thought of reconnecting with the other Avengers.
The dull ache was still there in your heart at the events that occurred. Every once in a while giving you a reminder when you’d wake up in cold sweat.
You blinked as you didn’t register what Christine had said seconds before, “Wait, come again?” You say.
“I said Stephen’s going to be there too. I.. I don’t know if its a right decision to invite him since... well, he agreed, that’s what matters right? And I think he could use a familiar face like yours.”
Stephen. Stephen Strange.
You’ve seen him, you’ve fought alongside him, yet you never once remembered talking to him. He was going to be there.
You knew of their relationship before, but after the blip it seemed like things have gotten worse for him, or so you thought.
“Oh? Stephen? If he accepted then I think it’s not that bad.” You comforted her.
Your mind instantly wandering to the thought of Stephen. Why were you getting anxious? You’re an Avenger just as he is.
“I think so, but hey, I gotta get going, there’s still too many to fix for tomorrow.” Christine said.
“A bride needs her rest, doesn’t she? I can’t wait to see you tomorrow, congrats again Christine.” You responded before bidding each other goodbye and hanging up.
You stared at your phone for a minute, your reflection from the screen staring right at you.
Tomorrow. Wedding. Stephen.
You sigh with closed eyes. How bad could it be?
You stood up and immediately went to your room, you felt like you needed rest much earlier than before.
Waking up, you realized it was already morning. You were afraid you were already late when you glanced at the time.
9:00 AM
You sigh in relief, the wedding wasn’t until an hour, so you had the right amount of time to prepare.
Standing up and opening your closet, you settled on picking out a cowl neck slit maxi dress, along with a heel ankle strapped sandals to go along with it.
You yawned, covering your mouth. You blinked a few times, staring at the outfit you had planned. It looks good.
Then it was time to take a shower.
After that, you wrapped yourself up with the towel, going over to the mirror to dry your hair.
You glanced at the time, a solid 20 minutes before the wedding starts, and it was just the right time to go from here to the church.
You got dressed, straightening out the dress that hugged your figure perfectly. Having no time to struggle with the sandals, with a flick of your wrist as your feet wore it, the straps moved themselves to lock it in place.
You look in the mirror again, mustering a smile you were ready to give later. “The hair...” You mutter.
You shrug, making another movement with your hands to make the desired hairstyle happen. “That’s more like it.”
You went over to your drawer to grab a purse that matched, as well as a gold bracelet to complete your look.
You found yourself staring one last time in the mirror before nodding to yourself. “All right, let’s do this.”
The car ride from the church was tense, because it was the first time you’d be around many people publicly, at a wedding. You didn’t mind, sure, but some of the people were found to be hating, complaining that their lives had been ruined because of you.
“We’re here, miss.” The driver said. You thanked him, paying the amount before getting off the car. There were people already piling up with smiles on their faces.
You tried to make yourself look subtle, walking forward to find yourself a seat. You felt a few gazes on your way as the chatter grew.
By being too busy making yourself look subtle, you were unaware of the figure also standing to look for somebody as you bumped onto them, making you stumble back a bit until they had grab a hold of your wrist. You were looking down at their hand when you realize it was someone in a rather fancy suit.
“I’m sorry I should’ve...” You began, your eyes making the mistake of travelling upwards to meet the man’s eyes.
Cold hard blue-grey ones pierced into yours, making your words suddenly halt. You realized who this was, and how unfortunate you were to bump into him this early.
With his black hair accompanied by grey streaks on the sides, styled perfectly, his suit made him even more appealing. You realized your thoughts, mentally smacking yourself.
“Y- I’m sor-“
“Didn’t expect to see you here.” He spoke, his voice thick as he looked at you, letting go of your wrist to let you stand upright. “Christine didn’t tell you?”
He shook his head, his other hand delicately holding the wedding invitation that he got. His heart almost felt destitute of what he was about to witness, he knew Christine was happy, who was he to destroy her life? He knew it in his mind that she deserved better, and attending this wedding may as well be the closure he needed.
But things took a turn as he unexpectedly bumped into you. Stephen could note that he saw you before. Fighting alongside him. And even coming close to saving his ass a few times that he noticed.
“No, no she didn’t.” Stephen spoke. Seeing you in this way rather than messed from a fight had a slight change in thought in his mind that he ignored, still looking at you.
You both ended up looking at each other for a few good seconds before he clears his throat, moving back and gesturing to the seat. He doesn’t usually do that but he finds himself speaking. “Here, take a seat. I think it’ll start soon anyway.”
“Oh, thank you... Stephen.” You say, saying his name felt weird, thinking you should’ve just left it at thanks.
For Stephen, however, his name roll off on your tongue for the first time loud and clear had the tips of his ears tinging pink. “Yeah, no worries. “
Why was he acting this way? Acting like he was having a love at first sight moment. But you looked different from the battlefield to just... normally. He hasn’t known a lot about you, but he knows you could fight good and he respects that.
Watching you sit, he takes the one beside you, fidgeting with the invitation as the chatter resumed behind you.
As you sat, Stephen did the same beside you, both your knees brushing for a brief moment, sending warmth to your cheeks. What on earth, you couldn’t possibly be feeling like this right now? Could you..? For heaven’s sake you weren’t even sure if you could call yourselves friends yet after saving the whole world.
Stephen decided to flush out the things he felt at the moment, deciding to talk with you before the wedding started as people started taking their seats.
You didn’t know why, but as the longer the both of you talked and teased made you instantly comfortable around him.
Even as the ceremony progressed, you and Stephen were silently chuckling and smiling at each other. You even somehow forget what you were nervous about when meeting him.
Though as some might say he was intimidating and a jerk, yes, he was intimidating, but the second one? You thought not so much of, he seemed nice, genuine.
After the ceremony however, came the reception.
Everyone started standing up, getting ready to head for the reception when you realized you haven’t got a ride. But then it seemed like your prayers were answered in a mere second.
“I’ve got my car back there, seeming as you’re not leaving yet, you want to go to the reception together?” Stephen asks, standing up.
You knew better than to pass it up, so you agreed.
Arriving at the place, some looks were given your way as you arrived with Stephen. Some were smiling and pointing, some were even shocked. And some of course wanted some pictures.
The two of you, knowing better, agreed to their requests.
“So are you two together?” One guest asked, an elderly man with glasses. Your eyes widened as Stephen cleared his throat.
“Oh, oh, no. We’re not..” You shyly say. Stephen slowly shakes his head.
“Aw that’s a shame, you two look great together, and now will you excuse me I’m going to grab myself more of the food here. Its great.” The man said, walking past the both of you.
You and Stephen stared at the man, before staring at each other, then bursting out of laughter.
As the ceremony at the reception progressed, you can’t help but feel emotional as both Christine and her husband took their first dance. You could genuinely see how happy Christine looked and you couldn’t be happier for her. You almost swore you were about to cry when they were looking at each other so dearly.
Grabbing a glass of champagne at the small bar, you took a sip before sighing.
Stephen, however, was busy talking with Christine as she approached him.
“Congratulations.” Stephen says, looking at her for a few seconds before averting his gaze away. “Thank you, Stephen.”
“I could tell you’re really happy.”
Christine sighs, nodding and smiling. “I am.” She tilted her head to ask him. “But are you? Are you happy?”
Stephen felt the sudden weight on his shoulders. Was he happy?
The thing is, he doesn’t know.
Stephen nods, preparing yet another lie. “Yeah, I am. Why wouldn’t I be?”
Christine seemed to take it well, but deep down she knows Stephen deserved someone that truly loved him the way she did. And she could see one person who’s just that. You.
“I’m glad you’re happy, Stephen. Whatever that’s going on with you right now, that’ll be over soon. I do hope you find someone, I truly do.” Christine says, but she could see you on the bar, having a drink.
“You’ll never know maybe that someone’s just around the corner.” Christine said.
Stephen wanted to shut his ears, to not listen, but who would that work out for? He’d only make things worse for himself. So he listened, taking her words in. He attended this wedding to find the closure he wanted and that’s what he did get, along with Christine being finally happy.
Stephen looks down, biting the inside of his cheek. “Yes, thank you, Christine.”
Christine laid a hand on his forearm in comfort.
“Christine! Congratulations!” Came your voice from behind them. Stephen perks his head up, turning around as Christine approached you, he saw the champagne in your hand and the bar behind, making a mental note to grab himself a drink as we walked, bidding the two of you to talk.
“Thank you, (Y/N). I’m really glad you can make it, along with Stephen.” She says.
You shake your head. “Of course, you’re almost like a sister to me. I’m really happy to see you up there.”
“Thank you, and speaking of happy, I noticed you and Stephen...” Christine trailed off, a mischievous smile gracing her lips. Your cheeks warmed as you laugh, trying to deny it. “No, no, not gonna happen, Christine.”
She shakes her head. “I saw you two earlier, you looked cute, and besides, you two would make a great pair one day.”
“That’s going to take a long time.” You joked. “Hey, if it means the two of you ending up together then why not? It seems to me you’re the only one person Stephen loved to talk to today, he’s interested in you. Trust me, I know him.”
Your cheeks were still warm as you were flustered. “Just see where it goes, who knows, you’re the one that I trust the most, if Stephen ends up with you then I couldn’t be happier.”
You wanted to believe it, but Stephen still looked broken-hearted. Maybe some other day. You just needed time. “Okay, whatever you say, Christine, congratulations again.” You say. She nods, before going over to the other guests that were calling out to her.
You took a deep breath in. Empty champagne glass in your hand.
Turning around and walking to the bar, you spot Stephen drinking a few glasses of Martini, already finishing one before grabbing another.
“Slow down there, or else I’m going to have to drive you home.” You said, standing beside him as he has his elbow propped onto the bar. “Be my guest.” He replies. You laugh, but then you place your glass down, looking at him take another sip.
“Hey, you okay?” You ask.
“Why wouldn’t I be?” He replied.
You shrugged, there was the Strange you knew.
“I don’t know, you don’t look fine to me.”
Stephen shakes his head, he was about to grab another drink when he placed it down. “I’m sorry, there’s just a lot going on my mind.”
“Yeah, I understand, it’s getting a little overwhelming, really.” You say.
Stephen looks at you, before standing upright and grabbing another glass, handing it to you and grabbing another for himself. “Then let’s forget about it for a while.”
You grabbed the drink, swirling it for a moment before looking at him.
The both of you found yourselves talking again, telling all sorts of stories. And by now the both of you were laughing again.
“And he stood there for the whole hour trying to make a portal but then he just kept on making sparks.”
You laugh. “You gotta admit, he’s dedicated.”
Stephen nods. “He reminds me of myself back then.”
“You’ve come a long way Stephen.” You say, smiling genuinely.
“Suppose I have, enough about that. Now, tell me about yourself.” Stephen asked you.
As Christine’s eyes watched the pair of you as you talked and talked, he saw the familiar glint in Stephen’s eye, the look that he used to give when he was admiring something, or rather when he felt happy. A look that he used to give her. And as for you, she could tell Stephen had made his way to your heart.
Christine smiled. She was happy for him, she was happy for you. She could tell this was heading for somewhere better, and with her fingers crossed, she hoped it was true.
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Oh hello there, fic idea that I'm gonna fantasize about for days/weeks on end but not write. Nice of you to drop by
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seungily · 3 months
yandere enhypen reaction to you fainting from crying
author’s note:: probably gonna make normal enha reactions next until i get requests of yandere shi :)
-he’d be monitoring you from his computer and witness you crying
-and the next second you stop sobbing whoch catches heeseung’s attention
-he’d be quick to realise that you’ve fainted
-man wouldn’t waste a second and go back home to carry you up to the bedroom from the basement
-would closely monitor you and not leave your side till you wake up again
-probably would scold you when you cry the next time till tyen youre getting feeded and cuddled by hee :]
-he heard your light sobs echoing from the bathroom but he couldn’t careless
-i mean he literally gave you shelter love and protection what else do you want?
-until he saw you step out of the bathroom looking extremely weak
-he indeed was about to yell at you again before you fell down
-well into his arms since he caught you
-ngl i think he’d lowkey blame himself for not feeding you properly
-he’s gonna be sm more stricter and controlling about your health now
-when you walk up expect to be fed jay’s special made porridge and scold :]
-man I don’t even think he’ll let you cry that much
-so it’d probably be in the middle of a punishment :]
-you’d be crying and mumbling apologies while jake is enraged
-like why would you try to give a ‘help’ note to the waiter when he took you out?
-jake would stop to look at you when you stop moving and realises you passed out
-well from crying bc he has hit you harder than what he did today
-when you wake up, he’d be so soft and polite trying to tell you how hurt he was :(
-you’d probably give him a chance after that and it’d be the beginning of jake’s manipulation arc :]
-you’d be crying in between an argument
-“god sunghoon explain the hickies then!”
-“how could you say im cheating you dont love me anymore?”
-before you could reply your heads hurts so bad that you fall down
-when youre awake, he’d be apologising and asking you to not leave him, it was adorable but it’s not like you had a chance to leave wether you wanted to or not
-nor could you stop him if he cheats because it’s him who drugged you to forget your past life and live in the middle of nowhere w him :]
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sandinthepipes · 2 months
I love how every year ao3 puts up the sign for donations to keep everything running, and like 30 seconds later they received triple the amount
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just-french-me-up · 1 month
Writers be like
Tumblr media
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creativestalkerrs · 1 month
write vivid character description and personalities
I posted this on my Substack blog as well, subscribe to that for more content. Apart of creativestalkerr’s writing lessons.
writing good character descriptions to maximize your character, their personality and their story.
Tumblr media
When creating strong characters that stand out, choosing traits for them not only advances your character but can help advance the overall story and plot. Your description of your character(s) is woven into the story itself.
Value of Your Characters: As we have discussed in previous lessons, values with your character are extremely important. Your character and plot are linked to each other, and thus the value as well.
When you write your story both your character and your consumer are going throw the narrative together. What are you, as the writer, teaching us about your character? You want to connect your consumer with your character despite the differences. So, look at their core traits and central human expressions and emotions. What are their envies, desires, disappointments, and loves?
Think about the emotional impact that your character can have. You want your consumer to feel for them, to have that emotional connection. They don’t need to have that connection right away, but at some point, it should connect. It’s up to you what you want to have to happen.
An overarching plot that your character goes through as well as the overarching impression you want your consumer to think about and relate to. How are we going to see everything about your character?
Think about: traits, the order you want to share these traits, and manifesting those traits into your plot.
Perspective: I won’t get too into depth about perspectives as I already did a lesson about perspectives and narratives, but what I will say is that you want to know what/whose perspective the story is in. This will give you more room to think about how you can tell your story and describe your characters. If it’s in the first person, how will the story be told if it’s in the third person?
Are we in the headspace of your characters? Do we truly know every detail about them? You must tell the story through some sort of lens.
Plot-Based Descriptions: As the story goes on both the plot and your character should move together. The two go hand in hand. If you don’t have a plot, you don’t have a character, and vice versa. You also want to make sure that your consumer feels as if they're in the story with your character.
When writing you want to weave your character descriptions into the plot as both are growing together. When you choose character traits, you want to think about how they will highlight and push your plot forward. Balance both negative and redeeming traits so your consumer will like, and care about your main character. Ask yourself, what traits do you want your consumer to know? What we learn about a character should change scene by scene.
Where is the character at the start of the story and where are they at the end? How do you get from point A to point B?
Asking yourself these types of questions can help get the ball rolling. You want to build with the character change. Balancing scenes where characters are showing off their strengths and scenes where they are showing off their weakness gives a look into their human nature. Explore scenes where they show off both and ask yourself, which one is more important to show off?
Direct and Indirect Descriptions:
Direct Characterization: The writer straight up tells the consumer about the character and doesn't really show anything or what the character is doing.
Indirect Characterization: This is where the character reveals who they are through the things they do. They show these traits through the actions they do in the story.
This can be shown by the words they say, the things do, and how your character sees the world around them.
Internal and External Traits: This is more connected to what's going on in your character's internal thoughts and how those thoughts can be expressed externally.
Internal Characteristics:
This can reveal;
What they want out of life
How they feel about things
Their emotions and mental responses to the things in their past.
How is their past haunting them?
How is their past helping them?
What are their goals in the future?
Their mood at that given moment.
Outer Characteristics:
This can show:
How they sound
What their speech is like
The words they use
Behavior we see
Their community and their stance n the world around them.
Best Practices: The best thing you can do for yourself in your writing is try and describe everything, not just what something or someone looks like or what they hear, but what they taste, talk about, touch and smell. Describing things in these terms can make your writing so much richer.
Make sure to research who your character is. Ask questions about them. Your goal is to make them feel real. Get real experiences and stories and dissect them for your character.
Traits: a distinguishing quality or characteristic, typically one belonging to a person.
Advances: move forward in a purposeful way.
Woven: include an element in (a story or pattern).
Human Expressions:  of, characterizing, or relating to man and mankind
Envies: a feeling of discontented or resentful longing aroused by someone else's possessions, qualities, or luck.
Desires: a strong feeling of wanting to have something or wishing for something to happen.
Disappointments: sadness or displeasure caused by the nonfulfillment of one's hopes or expectations.
Loves: a strong feeling of affection and concern toward another person or something, as that arising from kinship or close friendship
Overarching: it affects or includes everything
Human Nature: the general psychological characteristics, feelings, and behavioral traits of humankind, regarded as shared by all humans.
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joekeeryswife · 5 months
hi, lovely! i was wondering if, when you’re able do, you could do one about joe and pregnant!reader and toddler go out and get crowded by paparazzi? i know you’ve done one similar so don’t feel inclined to do this if you don’t want to <3
‘Twice in one day?’ - J.K
amazing idea!! this is such a cute concept, i didn’t know how to end it so i hope this was okay <33
Tumblr media
you walked through the streets of LA, Poppy in the middle of you and Joe, holding her hands tightly as the swarm of fans and paparazzi started forming. you’d only wanted to go out to get some lunch and do a bit of shopping for Poppy but of course it would be ruined by the fans and weirdos who followed you with a camera.
you’d put your free hand on your bump, trying to shield it from the masses of people pushing and shoving you to get a photo with and of Joe. after a few minutes, and the crowds getting bigger, Joe picked up Poppy and grabbed your hand tightly. “i didn’t know they knew we were here��� he said into your ear as you tried to walk away from everyone.
Poppy started getting scared, the screaming of Joe’s name, the flashing lights, the shoving, it was all getting too much for the poor 3 year old. the crowd got bigger and Joe started getting more and more agitated. “daddy i’m scared” he heard Poppy say into his ear as he walked, pulling you closer to him. “it’s okay love, we’ll be inside in a minute.
you guys were walking to the mall from the diner you had just been at and you would have never left the house if you knew this was going to happen. “Joe there is too many people, maybe we should go home” you said to him, hearing the many fans girls calling his name.
the paparazzi had been trying to get a shot of you for weeks, he knew the photos they’d get would be in the magazines, selling some stupid story about him and you which wasn’t true and he hated the fact that everyone was pushing you to get to him. he was furious.
“wanna go home” he heard Poppy say before she started crying, scared of everything around her. he tried his best to calm her down amongst the screams and lights but he lost it when he heard you yelp. the paparazzi had pushed someone into you and hit your bump, making you fall slightly onto him. “enough!” he shouted, finally talking to everyone that was surrounding him. “you okay love?” he said, looking at you to see if you were severely hurt. you nodded your head and he spoke up again.
“stop screaming and shoving. it’s all too much. you’ve just barge into my wife who’s carrying a baby, and, you’re scaring my daughter with the shouting and those lights on those cameras are to fucking bright. she’s three years old and you guys are terrifying her. we can barely walk because of how many people there are. can’t you guys see that we are people just like you guys? leave us alone” he shouted, grabbing your hand and pulling your through the crowd of people who just stopped and listened.
the fans backed away but the paparazzi didn’t stop, shouting questions at him like ‘are you okay Joe?’ ‘is the new baby stressing you out?’ ‘are we really scaring Poppy or is she scared of you shouting?’. he was even more pissed off when they brought you two into the questions. you and Poppy were so innocent and Poppy was terrified by the relentless shouting by different people she didn’t know.
you grabbed Joe’s arm tightly as you walked, seeing the mall coming up. Poppy was still crying on Joe’s shoulder. hands clutching his shirt as he walked, holding her securely with one arm, the other was rubbing her back soothingly, trying to calm her down.
you reached the mall and walked in, the paparazzi staying outside like they were supposed to. you took a deep breath and walked to a bench which was in the mall, sitting down to breathe. being 7 months pregnant and doing all this walking took a toll on you. Joe stood in front of you as he rocked Poppy down in his arms, telling her it was okay and that they were safe now.
your heart broke as you heard the sobs of your little girl. she’d never been swarmed like that before and she was absolutely terrified. “it’s okay baby, they’re gone now.” Joe said, kissing her forehead, then resting his head on top of hers. “you alright love?” he asked you, watching you sat down on the bench, hand on your stomach. you nodded and put your arms out to take Poppy onto your lap, giving Joe a break.
he passed her to you and you sat her on your lap, bump getting in between you, but you pulled her as close as you could and her arms wrapped around your shoulders. Joe sat next to you, watching the two of you as you calmed Poppy down. Joe called his manager, Matt, telling him everything that had happened and that he wasn’t sure about what to do once they had finished shopping.
“it’s too much Matt. she’s three years old. she’s terrified, she doesn’t even know these people and y/n. she was shoved and got her bump hit. i can’t do this now. it’s too much for three people. i’m so angry. they don’t understand personal space-” he said, standing up, walking away slightly so you could calm down Poppy in a calm environment. she looked up from your chest and rubbed her eyes. “i was scared mama” she said, feeling you wipe her tears that had fallen down her cheeks.
“i know my love, daddy’s gonna sort it out. you don’t need to be scared, we wouldn’t let anything happen to you.” you said, kissing her head, looking at her as she calmed down. “daddy held me” she said, looking around for Joe. he was pacing back and forth on the opposite side of the mall entrance. you nodded your head and put her hair behind her ear. “see, daddy was protecting you just like he was protecting me” you said, smiling at her.
Joe got off the phone and walked back to you. “you okay now P?” he asked, seeing that she had calmed down. she nodded her head and got off your lap, grabbing Joe’s hand. you stood up and she grabbed your other hand. “what did Matt say?“ you asked as you guys started walking around the mall. “he was so angry, he was annoyed that you got hurt and that the paparazzi didn’t listen, he’s gonna sort out some security for us when we leave” he said, walking into h&m.
“that’s nice of him” you said, looking down at Poppy who was looking around the store. you guys did your shopping and next thing you knew, it was 5pm and you needed to head home. you honestly didn’t want to go back out there, the girl who hit your bump hit it quite hard and it did hurt and you didn’t want it to happen again. “i’ll carry her” you said, putting your arms out for Poppy. you gave Joe your handbag and Poppy rested on top of your bump, arms around your neck as you carried her.
you walked to the entrance and saw a lot more paparazzi then earlier. you looked at Joe who looked furious and as soon as he opened the door for you, the lights started again. you kept one arm underneath Poppy’s bum, holding her up and then one on her head, comforting her. her head was in your neck, not looking out at the different people surrounding you guys. you looked around for a pathway but there literally was no room to walk, Joe walked in front of you, hand around your waist as he guided you on where to go.
“i’m not doing this again, give us space so we can walk.” he said, trying to get the paparazzi to more. they finally listened and you both started walking quickly to your car. “Joe, are you angry at us or did you and y/n have an argument?” one of the paparazzi said, Joe looked at you then back at the pathway, guiding you and Poppy but protecting you at the same time.
“do you guys have nothing better to do with your lives then follow us around? can you not see that they are scared and that your questions and shouting doesn’t help?” Joe said, a hand rubbing your back softly as he spoke. the man didn’t speak up again but the lights felt brighter and the shouts became louder. you sighed angrily as Matt had promised Joe that we would have security and it wasn’t here.
Poppy’s arms around your neck tightened as more paparazzi started shouting. “Poppy do you love your mummy and daddy?” someone said as the photos were still being taken, that’s when the millions of questions to Poppy, a three year old, started. her tears started falling down her face, again, when they were more and more shouting people calling her name. you finally got to your car and strapped Poppy in her car seat, getting in the back with her as her tears slowed down.
Joe put the stuff in the boot of the car and then started speaking to the paparazzi. “it’s a big dick move for you guys to be shouting a three year olds name and asking her questions. do you guys have kids?” Joe said, waiting for some of them to respond. most of them nodded and he spoke up again. “how would you feel if some random man started shouting your kids name whilst they were scared? you can’t go round shouting at my kid and thinking that it’s gonna be fine. learn boundaries.” Joe finished before turning back, walking to get in the drivers seat.
Joe got in and started driving home, the flashing lights finally stopping. “twice in one day? it’s getting ridiculous” he said, stopping at a red light. “maybe we should think about moving somewhere more quiet. you’re gonna get photographed wherever you go but LA is the prime spot for paparazzi” you said, throwing out a suggestion you’d been thinking of for a while. Joe looked at you through the rear-view mirror then back at the road.
“you want to move? where to?” he said, turning a corner. you sighed before looking at Poppy who was looking between you and Joe. “maybe closer to your mum and dad? or somewhere quiet where we don’t have to be scared to leave the house” you said, looking out the window. “that’s actually not a bad idea.” he said, finally pulling up to your house. “we can start looking” he said, parking the car and unbuckling his seatbelt. you unbuckled Poppy from her car seat then took off your own seat belt.
you got out the car then walked around to Poppy’s side, helping her get out. she held your hand and looked around to see if there was any paparazzi, there thankfully wasn’t. “mama, all gone” she said, pointing to the empty drive way. “i know, we’re safe now” you said, walking with her to the front door. you unlocked it and kept the door open, letting Joe walk in without having to get his keys out.
Joe walked into the living room and saw Poppy sat on the floor, drawing in her colouring book she’d gotten a few weeks ago. “you know daddy wouldn’t let anything hurt you don’t you?” he said to her as he sat down on the floor next to her. “i know daddy” she said, stopping colouring so she could hug him. “i love you P” he said, kissing her head. “love you too” she said, arms wrapping tighter around his neck.
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