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CLEA DUVALL as Graham in BUT I’M A CHEERLEADER 1999 | dir. Jamie Babbit
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Acta non verba
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📸 oh.nastyaa
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Them kis...
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Betty Grable in Down Argentine Way (1940) dir. Irving Cummings
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Just a little hurt/comfort and fluff for my exhausted brain.
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He didn’t talk about it.
He didn’t know how.
He didn't know how to explain the longer for something he never really had.
Steve and Eddie had been playing this dangerous game for months. One of the would say ‘tell me a secret’ or ‘what do you hide away in that brain’. Steve knew it would eventually lead to something he didn’t want to dig into. Something he’d properly buried deep within, left flowers to wilt, and never visited.
“Tell me a secret, Harrington.” Eddie sighs, laying back on the wooden dock at lover’s lake.
The stars above them crystal clear in the midnight sky. Eddie had shown Steve new constellations, and they had shared a joint. It had been easy, careless conversation before those words left Eddie Munson’s lips. Steve hadn’t prepared for it, and he didn’t have something just dark enough to claim it as a secret, but not down deep enough to stir an ache in space between his ribs.
“I dunno, man. Didn’t I share last time? It’s your turn.” Steve shrugs off the question.
“Nuh uh, I told you why my dad buzzed my head last time. Spill, Stevie.” Eddie turns his head to look over at Steve, searching his eyes for bits and pieces of what’s hidden below.
“I-I, uh, I don't know.” Steve looks away, turning his attention back to the stars, hoping they’d spell out a story to tell Eddie.
“Lame.” Eddie groans and throws an arm behind his head. “And totally cheating,” He accuses.
“Fine!” Steve throws a hand up. “Fine, uh, just let me think.”
Steve took his time, rifling through the catalog of accepting trauma to share with the man he had gotten so close to. Something that wouldn’t scare him away, but also something that wasn’t hiding the truth.
“Okay, take your time.” Eddie says as he watches the stars, moonlight shining down on them.
So, Steve did. He took his time flipping through the pages of his childhood, becoming a teenager, high school, the kids, Nancy, the Upside Down, Eddie. He thumbed through the layers of his life until he landed on something he had never shared with anyone.
“I... Haven’t spent a Christmas with my parents since I was thirteen.” Steve whispers, Eddie barely hears him.
Steve stomach drops as he admits the truth.
“Wait, what?” Eddie’s brow furrows and he turns his head to look over at Steve who is staring blankly at the sky.
“My, uh, my parents don’t come home for Christmas anymore. They haven’t since I was old enough to stay by myself. Or Thanksgiving, or birthdays...” Steve trails off, closing his eyes as the ache swells in the space around his lungs.
“So, you just... spend them alone?” Eddie asks softly, as gentle as that kind of thing can be asked.
“Yeah, pretty much. I spent one Thanksgiving with the Wheelers. And I threw keg parties on my birthdays, but Christmas is always just me and their house.” Steve sighs.
“That’s why you’re the mom.” Eddie proclaims, nodding his head.
“What the actual fuck do you mean by that, Munson?” Steve looks at the man next to him like he grew a second head.
“You mom. With the kids. You show up to Lucas’ basketball games. You bring snacks to the Hellfire Club meets. You chauffeur the kids from school to the arcade to their houses and wherever else they want to go. You made sure Max got back on her skateboard. You came out to Will so he wouldn’t feel so alone. You spend way too much money on them when it’s their birthdays. You mom them.”
“Babysitter, Munson, not mom.” 
“Same shit, Stevie.”
“Fine! I take care of the kids. Yeah. I make sure they never feel as alone or as unlovable as my parents have made me feel. I don’t miss their birthdays. I blow money on them because I have it to spend. I make sure they are supported in all the ways I never was.” Steve sits up, pulling his knees to his chest.
Eddie sits up as well, looking over at the taller man.
“I never want any of them to deal with the fallout. The loneliness, the anger, the sadness, the anxiety of it. I don't want any of them to feel the longing or shame that I feel.”
“Yeah, man, like I did something to make my parents not want to be around, I used to blame myself a lot for that shit. I grew up, realized it wasn’t my fault, but those feelings just don’t go away.” 
The men sit in silence for a long time, the sound of cicadas, the water, and small animals in the leaves are all that fills the air around them. Eddie eventually throws an arm around Steve’s shoulders and Steve leans into the older man. They sit like that, just looking over the water, watching the reflections of the stars in it.
“Well Wayne makes a mean turkey sandwich, and we buy a pumpkin pie for dessert. So, you’re coming over for Thanksgiving. And we’ll spend Christmas with the kids.” Eddie proclaims.
Steve sniffles and laughs softly, his heart warming.
“Is that so?” Steve asks.
“Hell yeah it is. You never gotta be alone again if you don’t wanna be, Stevie.” Eddie assures him.
“You promise?”
“On my sweetheart.” Eddie chuckles and tightens his arm around Steve.
“I like being alone with you.” Steve admits aloud.
Eddie smiles and presses his lips against Steve’s hair.
“Me too, baby. Could be alone with you forever.” Eddie whispers against Steve’s hair.
“Forever.” Steve proclaims and settles into his lover’s embrace.
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📸 isabellemathersx
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"It all began with Her." 𝗧𝗵𝗲 𝗖𝗿𝗶𝗺𝘀𝗼𝗻 𝗧𝗼𝘄𝗲𝗿, a pulp dark fantasy detective story coming to kickstarter soon. 
 Imagine Samurai Jack meets Hellboy with a Gothic-Noir twist.
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@ Priscila Zovia
See more like this.
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Koigakubo-kun ni wa Hajimete wo Ubawaremashita
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"I thought you didn't care if I forgave you." Her arms are crossed, lips pursed.
"That's not it." He sighs, rubs at his heavy-lidded eyes. "I want your forgiveness. But I need you to never actually give it to me."
The realization loosens her defying stance. He's torturing himself. And he's using her as means. But he doesn't seem to know that hating him costs her a lot too.
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📸 negin_mirsalehi
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