Tumblr media
pairing(s): wednesday addams x fem!reader
summary: wednesday doesn't know what's wrong with her when you make her blush .
warning(s): you and wednesday kind of being dicks to each other, enid being a mastermind, wednesday not knowing what blushing is, fluff and unedited work and kind of cliffhanger ending sorry yall. (read part two here)
© msgorillagripcoochie , do not steal or translate my work
Tumblr media
Wednesday squinted at the sight of you crossed legged on the ground flipping through a magazine. "What are you doing here?"
"Enid says we should do friendship exercises." Wednesday let's out a low scoff. It all started when Enid suggested Wednesday get more friends, Enid thought who better than Y/N Y/L/N there was just as much rumors surrounding you as there was Wednesday.
She could admit that she was curious about you but she also didn't like to be around you. Everytime she was around you she got this feeling that she couldn't explain and she hated it.
"Friendship excercises?"
You hummed in response not bothering to look up at her as you leaned back on one of your hands, Wednesday's eyes focused on your colored nails tapping the floor.
"Stop it, I hate that." Wednesday didn't care about the sound, she just liked the look on your face when she ignored you. You looked up at her with that dead look in your eyes that she was always somewhat fascinated with.
"Can you just sit down and do this? Enid called me 10 times last night and I would rather I get a good night's sleep tonight."
Wednesday never understood it, how the two of you were so different yet so...similar.
Wednesday reluctant sat on the ground in front of you, she too was tired of Enid's persistence. She didn't understand why Enid was so desperate so you and her to be friends.
"What do we have to do?" She asked as you placed the magazine on the floor leaning forward "Enid said to ask each other the get to know each other questions on page 27." Wednesday flipped the book around gazing at the questions.
They were stupid.
"Ask first." You told her picking at the bracelet that was on your wrist and Wednesday huffed "What's your favorite color?"
"Red." You responded quickly "It reminds me of blood" Wednesday looked at you, her gaze softening in a way that you'd have to look close to even notice.
"Stop looking at me, you're freaking me out." You laughed softly, the playful tone in your voice telling her you were just joking with her but still Wednesday's eyes dropped down to the book.
"I would ask what's your favorite color but I can tell." You gestured to her clothes. She turned the book back towards you and you looked down at the book.
Wednesday found her eyes staring at your face again and for a moment she swore she heard her shallow black heart beating in her ears. "What are your hobbies?"
"Murder" She said quickly "Which I will commit if we continue asking each other these stupid questions" She mumbled and you snorted lightly shaking your head at her.
"I personally don't really do anything that you'd consider a hobby" you shrugged "Oh my god but when I was younger I used to love archery." You smiled as you recovered an old childhood memory.
"What happened?" She asked when your smile turned into a grimace.
"I shot my brother in the arm, he had to quit football and to punish me my mother made me quit archery but I had this bow, oh it was so nice, it was pink with black accents and my father had carved my initials into it! It was my favorite this in the world."
Pink with black accents, funnily enough that's how Wednesday would describe your aura. "Sorry" you apologized once you noticed that you had probably annoyed her with all your talking.
"I never pegged you for the archery type." She said quickly almost as if to tell you that you didn't have to apologize, she was interested in the conversation.
"I come with many mysteries Wednesday" You joked shifting in your seat before turning the book back to her "Your turn."
Wednesday eyes shift back down to the book, her eyes running over the words.
"Say something nice about me." She reads, her eyes quickly shot back up to you but you were already looking at her.
"I think you're really pretty." You muttered biting your lip lightly, a nervous habit that Wednesday had noticed "You think I'm pretty?" Wednesday sounded more confused than flattered.
You nodded "Yeah I don't know something about that off putting personality really does it for me." Wednesday's head tilted slowly taking in your words, a sudden awkward silence filling the area and you opened your mouth to take it back when she spoke up again.
"What do you mean does it for you?" She asked, her eyes burning into yours and you let out a soft laugh "I mean I like it."
"You like it?"
You nodded again, she didn't have enough time to come up with a response, ugh she felt that feeling in her stomach. It made her want to gag and suddenly she felt something in her cheeks.
A warmth is how she could describe it, she reached her hand up to her face, her eyebrows furrowed as she jumped up quickly rushing over to the mirror on Enid's side of the room.
You rushed to your feet as well asking her repeatedly what was wrong. Wednesday stared at herself in the mirror and there it was, color in her cheeks. She gasped "There's something wrong with me." She states turning towards you.
"There's something on my face." You grabbed her face ignoring the way she flinched slightly at your touch, your eyes ran over her face "I'm confused." You told her not knowing what she was saying.
"There's something red on my cheeks." You looked and noticed the way her cheeks were flushed and you let out a laugh dropping your hands from her face. "What do you think this is? Some kind of sick joke?"
You shook her head "No, no uh....I think you're blushing Wednesday." Wednesday blinked "Blushing?"
"Yeah, it usually happens when you're flustered or embarrassed." Wednesday stared forward for a moment contemplating her next movement.
"Get out." She said suddenly and you blinked a few times before laughing softly shaking your head "Okay, goodnight Wednesday." You smiled waving goodbye before you exited the room.
Wednesday slowly made her way to her side of the room sitting down on her bed. She stared down at the magazine for a moment.
"Hey!" Enid smiled opening the door "I just saw Y/N, how was bonding time?" Enid did a little shimmy but stopped when she noticed the look on Wednesday's face "You look more drained, are you okay?"
"I blushed." Wednesday mumbled and Enid looked at her in confusion "What are you talking about?"
"She made me blush." Wednesday looked at Enid and Enid gasped in shock before it turned into a smile "No way! I knew it! I knew it!" Enid jumped up and down.
Wednesday stared at her "I knew you liked her and I knew once I got you guys alone that something would happen but Wednesday Addams blushing? THAT IS SO NEXT LEVEL!" Enid squealed.
"You did this?" Wednesday asked kind of surprised that Enid had put so much thought into it. "Yeah I mean when I saw you almost trip when she said she liked your sweater, I knew something was up. Your brain goes all scrambled when your around her sometimes I'm not even sure if you're speaking English."
Wednesday took in her words, she did feel like her brain was all over the place when you around but that certainly didn't mean she liked you, it just meant you were too distracting.
"I don't like her, I am fascinated by her but I do not like her." Wednesday shook her head and Enid laughed "That's literally is the same thing!"
"It's not."
"It so is." Enid childishly responded.
"I'm going to sleep." Wednesday said suddenly "Right now?" Enid asked.
"Yes, leave me alone" Wednesday huffed pushing Enid away from her bed.
The fact that Enid would even say she liked you baffled her. She didn't like you.
What the hell was wrong with her ?
Tumblr media
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a/n: thank you for reading, i know it was sucky as all my writing is but i wrote this for the girls who love girls who aren't getting enough fics in the tags like- we deserve better.
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robiin-buckley · 2 days
yours only
Wednesday Addams x Reader
Summary: You make Wednesday feel something she never felt before; jealousy. And maybe a bit of something else too.
Requested by anon
A/N: First time writing for her, who stole my heart pretty quickly. I hope this is okay, hope I could somehow capture her personality that's definitely not an easy one. Let me know what you think. Requests for her are open. <3
Tumblr media
You felt a little petty, just a little, as you walked amongst the woods to meet Xavier in his secret spot, the one where he stored most of his paintings.
But he's been a good friend of yours ever since before Wednesday came to Nevermore, and if she can spend however long she wants in that coffee shop, why can't you do the same?
You weren't expecting to fall for her, in reality, you couldn't stand her in the beginning. But one doesn't choose one's feelings, and when underneath all that secrecy and nonchalant attitude she does things like; take an extra tray of breakfast for you when you wake up a little late, or help you in class when you forget the particularities of a flower, or even send Thing to your room in the dead of night with a written note for you to meet her the next day for an outing, which was code for sneaking out to investigate, but the gesture is there.
It was safe to say you were a goner. As much as it might be — her words, not yours — a terrible decision.
But lately, Wednesday has been distant. And you were jealous, even if you didn't have the right to be. So over the past week, you've been spending a good amount of time with Xavier. He's been helping you with your drawing skills, the piece you're working on now is almost done, and you're quite proud of it.
The entirety of your day is spent in Xavier's shed, laughing and painting and getting your head off of things. You think you see a dark silhouette spying on you from outside, but when you go looking, it's gone.
It's already late at night when you do go back to your dorm, your roommate is sneaking into her boyfriend's room tonight, so it's just you. You're looking forward to the quiet night.
You open the door to your room with a yawn escaping your lips. Your backpack is thrown somewhere to the side and you don't care much for where it lands, you stretch your muscles, a little sore for being in the same position most of the day. Only then do you take a glance over your room, and in the right corner, sitting by the end of your bed on the floor and mostly covered by the darkness, is Wednesday.
You almost jump out of your skin. With the way your heart is beating under your hand, you swear your soul did leave your body for a second; "holy shit Wednesday, a little warning next time."
Wednesday gets up, taking a single step towards you before deciding against it, her eyes never leave you. "You're distracted today, why?"
"Hello to you too," you grumble, taking off your jacket, "and, how did you even get in here, the door was locked."
There's a ghost of a smirk on her burgundy-painted lips, and it gets you wondering if they'd leave a print on you if you stole a kiss. "You can't expect a simple lock to stop me," Wednesday tells you.
You chuckle, knowing damn well there were few things out there that held any power over her. You just don't know that you happen to be one of them. "no, of course not."
A beat passes where you just look at each other, both waiting on something, wondering whether the other person’s feeling the same way. The air feels heavy around you, almost electrical.
You clear your throat and walk past Wednesday and to your wardrobe to pick up your pajamas, figuring a shower would do you good.
Wednesday has a staring contest with the back of your head as you rummage for clothes, her jaw is set tightly in place and she hates the feeling that's in her stomach right now. "You didn't answer my question," she says, with more bite than usual.
You huff, running a hand through your hair as you turn to her again. You walk up closer, your personal space mingling with hers.
She sucks in a sharp breath when you stop before her, her gaze darting to your lips before settling back on your eyes. It's so fast that you don't notice it.
"What question?" You ask.
Wednesday gulps, twisting her words into what she really wanted to know; "why are you spending so much time with Xavier?" She deadpans, as if she couldn't care less.
Your lips tilt up on the sides, because you know better, but you won't indulge her just yet. "Why are you spending so much time with Tyler?"
"This is childish."
"His father is the sheriff, and I need information on the attacks," Wednesday raises her brow, "my relationship with him is merely convenient."
You bite the inside of your cheek, nodding softly, "well, Xavier has been my friend for years already, so…" You shrug and walk around her, heading to the bathroom.
"It doesn't look like it."
"Like what?" You turn and ask impatiently, waiting for her to do the same and look at you again.
Wednesday does so slowly, staring at you through her lashes. "Like you two don't want to be more than friends."
There's something complicated about her tone that you can't quite put your finger in. Her eyebrows are a little crooked, her eyes glinting just a little brighter under the moonlight and her hands painfully closed into fists. You realize she's upset.
You soften. For her, this might just be the equivalent of a crying plea. You walk over to where your backpack lays forgotten on the floor and carefully pull out your sketchbook. The cover is black and a little worn as you run your fingers over it, taking a steadying breath.
You sit down on your bed with it and pat the space beside you.
Wednesday regards you with caution, she's lost and not in control, two things she absolutely hates; however, she doesn't feel as uncomfortable when it's with you. She takes calculated steps to your bed and gently sits down beside you, closer than she thinks she should have, but it's too late to back down now.
"Xavier has been giving me a hand with a few of my drawings," you explain, opening your sketchbook on the last page you used, "and uh- this is the one I'm working on."
Wednesday takes the sketchbook from you, holding it tenderly between her fingers as if it could fall apart. Her heart beats erratically against her ribs, for a moment she thinks she can hear it. The feeling is foreign to her.
The drawing is a perfect picture of her, undoubtedly by your eyes, as she sits beside you in class, focused on her notes. It's a sight you're all too familiar with, one that you love. The lines are a little rough still, all black charcoal and dark ink; tracing the lines of her jaw and hair to perfection. It's pretty, probably not a word Wednesday usually would use to describe herself, but it's true now.
"I couldn't see Xavier as more than a friend," you tell her quietly, so as to not break the bubble of intimacy around you, "I'm afraid that spot is already taken."
Wednesday's gaze snaps up to you, and you think that's the most emotion you've ever seen her let on. You wish you could bottle this moment up like fireflies in a glass jar.
You reach out a hand, and Wednesday holds her breath before you even touch her, you do too. Her hair, deep black and so incredibly soft, meets the pad of your fingertips as you push it behind her ear. The motion is all delicacy and shyness, just a breath over the fragile line between you and her.
Wednesday's lashes kiss her cheeks when her eyes almost drop closed for a millisecond before she takes back control. She's stiff, hands now with a bruising grip on the sketchbook, "what are you doing?"
You inch closer, and when she doesn't pull away, you gently cup her cheek; her skin is a little cold under your touch. "What do you think I'm doing?"
For the first time in her life, her words get caught up in her throat before she forces them out; "Something you'll regret."
Smiling against your own volition, you whisper; "do you really believe that?"
Wednesday wonders if you're aware that you're killing her slowly; agonizingly, because you're so kind with her demise. She's the one who closes the gap between you, when you're just a hairs width away from her, one hand letting go of your sketchbook in order to bunch up your shirt in her fist and pull you to her.
It's everything you're not expecting, her eagerness, urgency even. She's kissing you like she's trying to memorize you, not sure if you're real or not. It's still soft though, still uncertain, still her.
When she parts, it's slowly, her lips almost refusing to let yours go. The outlines of your mouth are faintly smudged with her lipstick, testimonies of her affection, of how lucky you are to have it.
The sight pulls a smile from Wednesday, and consequently from you as well once you see it. Because albeit small, her smile is real, and you think you already have your next project for the sketchbook.
⋆* ☾ ⋆*・゚:⋆*・゚
Thank you for reading this little story. Feedback and reblogs are very much appreciated. <3
Wednesday’s taglist: @milkiane @bookfrog242
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riddlesweater · 3 days
She’s with me
Xavier Thorpe x f!reader
genre: fluff, mentions of smut.
Warnings: established relationship, mentions of fwb.
A/n: I just finished Wednesday. I wouldn’t necessarily say I loved it, but it was good. Considered a 4.5/10, it was more of a Nancy Drew series then it was actual Wednesday Addams.
word count: 1.6k
Tumblr media
Everybody thought of it as somewhat odd when you moved to Nevermore around a similar time as Wednesday Addams. Despite the fact that you were not related to her. You haven't made many friends since moving to Nevermore. You didn't really talk much in class, and you didn't feel particularly at ease with the people in the rooms and hallways with you.    People thought of you as very pretty, quiet, and strange. There were very few people who dared to speak with you. The majority of people you ever spoke to were in class or working on school projects. You can hear people's whispers and thoughts as they look at you as you walk through the hallways. You don't pay much attention to the majority of people because you hide your headphones and pretend not to care about what they have to say.   but... there was somebody. You run into someone as you enter the hallways leading to your dorm room. He was tall, thin, and his hair reached his shoulders. You bend down to pick up the books and binders that have fallen out of your hands. He apologizes, "it's whatever," which you quietly respond. When he says,    "Xavier," you were about to head back to your dorm. You stop and ask, "What?" You respond inquisitively. "My name is Xavier." "I know. People just can't stop talking about you!" You turn around, ready to walk once more. Wait, he grabs your arm and says. You immediately retract it, "Do you need something?” "You want to hang out at some point?" "Perhaps, if I have time." "Oh, okay. I'll see you around, Y/n." I didn't tell him my name. You think to yourself. - 
It has been a month since that interaction. You both have became friends. He makes it enjoyable to attend this school. It felt good. During that month, you and he have become more close.
When he comes knocking, you get out of bed. You open the door as you approach it. “What are you doing here, Xavier?” You weren't trying to be rude. He enters, "Just wanted to see you. "Okay, we're now entering people's rooms.” You say. He looks back at you, grinning and rolling his eyes. ”Sorry.” You turn on your light, which makes the room a little brighter. “Is your roommate still there?” ”Don't have one; when I arrived, it was just empty.” “I could have stopped by sooner, so why didn't you tell me sooner?” “Never asked.”      "I wasn't interrupting anything," he says as he sits on your bed. “Was I?” He laughed and smirked at you, "No, I'm just looking at something. ”Okay, why are you actually here? You never come here!” You tell him, "Nothing; all I wanted to do was see my favorite girl.” “We all know that Wednesday is your favorite girl,” That is incorrect! Besides Wednesday, I actually like someone else." “Who, oh who? Your ex?" He gives you a glare shaking his head no. “Alright who then, somewhat need to be aware assuming you let me know Xavier!" "I like you," He says, looking you in the eye. “Alright, where's the cameras at?" "You don't think so, do you?” You shrug your shoulders. “Do you need me me to convince you?” He says it while smiling at you.     He kisses you, a peck. You reciprocate by kissing back at him. His hands are on the side of your face as you hold onto his shoulders. He halts, asking, "Do you finally believe me? "I believe you should show me more.” ”no problem,” He replies to you while kissing you once more. Your back gently sinks onto the bed in behind you. Clothes dissipate on the floor, and groans cover the walls in the room. His breath on your neck, continuing to thrust into you.     Continuing to fuck each other after and a few weeks later, you continued to remain friends. You both believed that simply not dating each other would be best for you both. Due to stress from school and life, you two continued to fuck each other. You are still great friends, but the kind of friends who fuck each other, and no one has noticed that you have been seeing each other in private.
"Fuck, uh, fuck!" As you continue to ride him on his stool in his private drawing studio, his head sinks into the nape of your neck. “Xavier,” You softly moan. He groans in your ear, while he orgasms into the condom, he sloppily thrusts his hips into you while grinding on him. You kiss his delicate lips, "fuck, mmm." You scream while creaming his on cock. “Did you cum?” Xavier asks, you nod,             "Yeah?" Out of breath, he says. With a gasp, he slips out of you and gets up. He discards the condom in the side bin after removing it. He gives you a second kiss and then uses a rag to clean himself and you up.    With your back to him, you put on your clothes once more. “Are you attending the Rave'n dance?” Maybe." "Would you like to accompany me? ”Xavier, like in public? Would you like to be seen with me?” He laughs as he rolls his eyes at your stupid question. “Who wouldn't want to go with you? Therefore, will you, Y/n?” “I'll have to consider it.” "Because he is so cocky, he rolls his eyes. “Yes, Xavier, I'd go with you!” You approach him, give him a kiss, and then leave. -
Your door has been knocked on. Xavier nervously stands behind it, making sure he looks good for what seems like the ninth time. He desired perfection because he was so anxious. In a silky dress, you open the door with your hair combed out and down. He looks at you. “You look amazing!”  “So do you. Clean up nice. Will we then?” “We will." You put out your hand to see if he would take it. When he sees your hand, he puts his hand in yours.
Bianca and her friends were the first to notice you as you entered the room hand in hand. She is beaming at you. She comes over and says, "You look amazing. Y/n?” “Thank you. So do you "You reply to her. Xavier and you go to a table, and you should sit in a chair. “I'll be back to get some drinks.” He goes over to the punching table. Bianca approaches him and asks, "So are you both friends? Or?” He gives a head shake, "No. She is with me; we are together." “Is that true?” “Yeah.” Xavier fills both glasses as they smile at each other. He walks back to the table, noticing a man flirting with you. “My date is returning soon.” Yes, I haven't seen him. His hand touches your thigh as he sits in the seat next to you. “She is with me. Back off.” He stops putting his hand on you. “I had no idea that you were dating.” “Now you know, leave!” He gets out of his chair and walks into the crowd. Xavier sits next to you.    "Are you alright?" He asks you. You nod your head and smile at him. Let's  dance. C'mon!!”As you get up from your seat, you say this to him. You accompany him on his way to the dance floor and join in with the music. “So, we are currently dating?” I'd love to be in a relationship. If you let me, I want to be in a relationship with you because I've fallen for you. You nod your head. “I would love to be yours.” 
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klineinie · 3 days
Xavier with a vampire!S/O on a chill day? (They don't have anything to do cause it's the weekend)
Love your writing btw!!
He's a Sucker For You
Summary: two snippets of Xavier and his favorite vampire when school isn't biting them in the ass
a/n: i sincerely apologize for the above vampire puns i couldn't help myself
Tumblr media
summer nights—
Xavier groaned, sweaty strands of hair that had fallen loose from his bun sticking to his skin. He wasn't the only one suffering though, for all the Nightshades were in the library with him, trying to focus on the movie instead of the heat. Summers were typically bearable in the air-conditioned school, but since the library was supposed to be "secret", adequate cooling never reached it. You rolled your eyes at the society's grumbles and grabbed Xavier's hand, cool skin relieving some of the heat from his body.
"I don't know about you guys, but I'm dragging Xavier to the pool. Have fun griping about the heat."
You pulled a stumbling Xavier through the school without a care in the world, shoes squeaking and echoing across the halls. He thought at that moment that you were definitely the prettiest person in the world, ever.
Arriving at the pool, you kicked off your shoes and socks, putting them off to the side, Xavier doing the same, until he realized.
"Wait, we didn't bring our swim stuff-!" Splash. You wrestled playfully with Yoko, who'd pushed him into the pool, and threw the both of you over into the water. A great hissing noise was emitted from Ajax's beanie when he went in, and he whined to Divina and Bianca about angry snakes.
Your dark glasses had fallen off, moonlight bouncing off your damp skin. Mouth opened in a grin, eyes closed and shoulders shaking from joy. Edward Cullen wasn't lying when he said that vampires sparkled. Xavier knew at that moment that you were obviously the prettiest person in the world, forever.
winter afternoons—
Staying for winter breaks were always worth it, especially since you stayed this year with him. Watching Xavier paint in his studio, mesmerized by how deliberate his brush strokes were. Pummeling his tall frame with snowballs, only to get them thrown back at you. His hazel irises were so damn pretty framed in snowy eyelashes.
Barely anyone stayed for break, and even less stayed in the lunch hall during meals, preferring to take the food up to their rooms. But you and Xavier would spend hours there, feeding each other, joking, and just bonding for a little while longer. He made terrible puns.
"Why can't sick vampires go to sleep?"
"Xave, vampires don't get sick." He ignored you and went on with his goofy little joke.
"Cause they'll spend the whole night coffin! Get it? Coughing, coffin?"
"Thank you so much, love, for that valuable insight," you said dryly. Your boyfriend pouted, eyebrows furrowing sulkily. "... Alright, fine, the joke was cringey, but I liked it." His smile lit up the hall. Xavier's lips were, you noticed, pretty in any expression, but were beautiful when spread in a laugh.
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tinfairies · 1 day
OOOO! Can we get Aegon, Aemond and Daemon reacting to another man during a tourney asking for their wife’s favor and praising her beauty?
Aegon's pissed, he'd grip his goblet of wine and place a hand on his wifes shoulder. Opting to speak for her. "Yes my wife is very beautiful. You should see how she glows in my bed."
The poor man getting embarrassed by the prince's forwardness. He dips his head and continues on his way.
Aemond tries to keep his cool. He knows his wife, and that she'd never cheat. He still feels jealous though, wishing he had entered the tourney just so he could knock this poor man into the dirt. Aemond opens his mouth to speak "You better not lose with my wife's favor. No man has ever dishonered her and I won't let that start now."
He keeps a tight grip on his wifes thigh for the rest of the event.
Daemon can't help but laugh when the young squire asks for his wifes favor. He couldn't be mad, it took balls to approach the viewing box. Daemon looks at his wife with amusement as she throws her wreath of roses down to the young man. He admires how she's kinder than him to have even given the boy a second glance.
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pretty-vaycuntt · 2 days
Make-up (Xavier Thorpe x reader)
Requested: Yes
Tumblr media
Summary: Xavier and y/n had a fight, shouting profanities and insults at each other. Later on in the night, Xavier turns up to Y/n’s room.
Y/n knew Xavier hated fights, but sometimes they were unavoidable.
They were both shouting, insulting each other. However, it became one sided after Xavier mentioned one of her insecurities. Y/n immediately went silent, nodding her head and walking out of Xavier’s room and back to hers.
This is where she was now, sitting at her desk. See, she also loved art. She mostly drew Xavier, sometimes little doodles, and sometimes actual portraits. That’s what she was doing now, she got the drawing done, she just needed to do her shading. Her drawing came to a halt when she heard the door knock. She wasn’t in the mood for any of her friends to come in, so she just kept drawing. Until she heard his voice. “Y/n? Can I come in? Please?” He asked, no, begged. She sighed, and the words he said shouted came back to her.
2 hours ago, Xavier’s dorm.
“You are being so irrational right now!” Xavier shouted, putting his pencil down and standing up from his desk. “Seriously! You sound crazy!” He shouted again. Y/n scoffed, “crazy? and how am I being irrational? You know how Bianca is! She always wants something to do with you Xavier. Even after you two broke up, and you moved on, she’s still all over you. And you know it.” She kept her voice mostly calm, trying to diffuse the tension she didn’t mean to make. Xavier dragged his hands down his face, completely missing her point.
“Y/n. I’ve told you time, and time again. I’m over her. And yeah, you do sound crazy! You’re making such a big deal over nothing. She wanted my help with some designs. That’s all. You’re so controlling sometimes, no wonder your exes left you. Don’t project your anxiety and insecurities on me.” He seethed, and y/n’s heart dropped. Was she not good enough for him? She nodded silently and left the room, she didn’t slam his door, she just closed it.
As soon as Xavier heard his door click shut quietly, everything he said came back to him like a slap in the face.
Y/n sighed shakily, putting her pencil down and fixing her hair in the mirror, trying to make it look like she wasn’t that bothered by what he said.
She opened the door to see a distraught Xavier. He looked nervous, and ashamed. So ashamed that he couldn’t look her in the eyes. She didn’t let it get to her, and she just stepped aside so he could come in. His eyes snapped up to hers and he quickly walked in. Before y/n could say anything, Xavier beat her to it.
“I’m sorry. God, I’m so sorry. I know I had no right to say that to you and it crossed so many lines. You aren’t crazy. You aren’t irrational. I can’t even begin to fathom the shit I said to you. I’m so sorry. Please believe me, I never meant to say anything to hurt you and I definitely didn’t mean to completely ignore every single valid thing you said.” He was rambling, his lip quivered as he talked. His breathing was heavy, and his eyes held nothing but pure panic. Y/n didn’t know how to react, or what to say. But she couldn’t let him fall into a full on panic attack, so she walked up to him and gingerly held his arms. “Come sit down, you’re going to make yourself hyperventilate.” She mumbled, sitting him down on her bed and sitting next to him. He noticed how she was about to speak, so he kept his mouth shut. She took a deep breath, before beginning to speak.
“I never thought you’d say the stuff you did to me today. You hurt me, and yeah you disregarded what I was trying to say. It just made me feel like I wasn’t good enough for you. Like I wasn’t doing enough. I don’t mean to make you feel controlled, believe me I never want to make you feel like that. I just know how you told me Bianca was manipulating you. How horrible she treated you. I guess I just didn’t want you to get yourself involved with that again, she broke you. Hurt you so many times. And the way you got so riled up about me talking about it today makes me feel like you aren’t really over her. And I know you always say you are, and I don’t know if this is my ‘anxiety’ or ‘insecurity’ shit but, yeah.”
She stopped talking and looked at him, eyes widening at the sight of tears filled right to the brim of Xavier’s eyes. Nothing holding them back from falling. All it took was one blink from him, and tears started to roll down his cheeks. “You’re right about her. You were always right about her.” He sniffled before continuing, “but believe me when I say this, I’m completely over her. 100%. I want nothing to do with her. You’re the only person I will ever, ever need. I am so madly in love with you, I swear I fall more and more in love every single day. I don’t deserve you, I know I don’t. But I also don’t know what I’d do without you. I need you, not her. It’s always been you, and it always will be you.” He looked back down at his lap, waiting for her next words. However, he didn’t get any. He looked up at her, and saw her sitting against the headboard. His eyebrows furrowed, dread filling his stomach. Until she patted the spot next to her. He didn’t waste any time in moving up the bed to the spot she motioned for him to sit at.
As soon as he sat there, he leaned his head on her shoulder, his tears dripping onto her uniform. “Don’t cry, I forgive you. Okay? I trust you more than anyone, I believe you. I know you’re over her.” Y/n comforted, but Xavier shook his head. “I said horrible things to you today, y/n. Words you never deserved to hear. I don’t think I’ll ever stop feeling guilty for that. Serves me right for saying it in the first place.” He said oddly quietly, his voice slightly hoarse from crying. He wrapped an arm around her stomach and moved his head to the crook of her neck. “There’s nothing wrong with you, y/n. Your exes didn’t deserve you and neither do I. I didn’t mean what I said to you earlier. I don’t even have any excuse for blowing up on you like that. It was uncalled for, and I can promise you it won’t happen again.” He promised, and felt some relief when she wrapped her arms around him, placing a light kiss on his head. “I know. We’re okay now, I swear.” They lay like that for a while, until she remembered the drawing she was doing earlier. She smiled, “I did something for you.” She said, standing up from the bed and getting the drawing she did. She sat back down and handed it to him, his shaky hands held it and for the first time that night, he smiled.
“You’re so talented. I love every single drawing you do of me. They’re all so detailed, thank you.” He beamed and placed a soft kiss on her lips. She nodded in appreciation and lay back down on the bed, as did Xavier. He would never stop apologising, no matter how many times y/n said he was forgiven.
It was rolling around 10pm now, and they were still in the position they were at 8pm. They were both dozing off, with their hearts full.
“I love you, so much.” Xavier whispered in the dimly lit room, to a half asleep y/n. “I’ll always love you more.” She whispered back, and lazily kissed his forehead.
They didn’t care for the rules of boys and girls not being allowed in each other’s rooms, they never have.
So with that, they both drifted into a comfortable sleep. Both glad that they sorted things out.
A/N: first Xavier fic 😮😮 pls request more I love writing about him. Not too sure ab how good this is so please give feedback!
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riality-check · 2 days
Steve didn’t think he could fall more in love with Eddie. Hell, there were so many days where his heart felt too big for his chest, when he thought love would crack his body open and spill out for the world to see.
It’s such a good feeling.
He should stop being surprised by Eddie after all these years, but Steve can’t really help it. He’s still falling in love with him.
He isn’t even in the same room as him. He’s in the living room, grinning like an idiot and listening to Eddie sing to their daughter. 
It’s not even a good song. It’s fucking Old McDonald because their kid is a year old and starting to learn real words. Time fucking flies when you’re a parent, Steve has discovered. He remembers the day they got her like it was yesterday.
“Old McDonald had a farm,” Eddie sings, then he waits.
“Yayayayo,” Cora babbles back.
Steve smiles so hard, he feels like his face is gonna split open.
“And on his farm, he had a...”
“Duck,” Eddie says, and Steve can hear the smile in his voice. “Eieio.”
Steve listens as Eddie sings the song, listens to Cora babble along. Listens to her mimic the drawl that comes out whenever Eddie sings to her.
“Yayayayo,” Cora finishes the song, then demands, “gen.”
“No can do, sugarplum,” Eddie says, drawl still there. Steve tries not to melt in the middle of the hall. “It’s bedtime.”
“Gen,” Cora says. Steve can see her little pout perfectly in his head.
Eddie sighs. “You gotta learn when to quit.”
“No,” Cora says. It’s her favorite word. 
Steve, still sitting on the couch, muffles his laugh.
“You get that from your dad,” Eddie says, and then he starts the song up again.
Steve listens to Eddie, listens to the way he talks and sings only when he’s at home with them. It’s sweet like sugar - which is what Eddie calls Steve when he’s feeling particularly sweet.
Steve knows where it all comes from. Eddie told him how it, the way his mom and dad talked, comes out when he’s singing to Cora. How he lets it stick around for a while, breaking the habit of trying to sound like he was born and raised in Hawkins. Even if Steve sometimes makes fun of the way he’ll say “supper” instead of “dinner” or puts an extra syllable before words, he loves it.
He stays in the living room as long as he can, listening to Eddie sing soft and sweet. He savors the moment like sugar on his tongue.
“She’s down,” Eddie whispers, coming into the living room. “There’s gotta be an easier way to do that.”
Steve smiles at the way Eddie hasn’t fixed his voice yet. “Maybe she likes hearing you sing.”
“Like you do?” Eddie teases.
“Like I do,” Steve confirms. 
Eddie kisses him, soft and sweet just like his singing. When they break apart, he whispers, “Bed, darlin’?”
“Sounds good to me if you come with.”
“Always will,” Eddie says.
Yeah. Steve likes this Eddie, too. The soft and sweet one only he gets to hear.
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fxllfaiiry · 2 days
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Now playing… Apocalypse by Cigarettes After Sex
Thinking about xavier helping you paint.    
ల ׁ ♥︎ ᪶ ( ◞‸◟) ﹗ ల ׁ ♥︎ ᪶ . ﹗
“I can't do this anymore.” You whine turning towards Xavier.
“What no, of course you can. ” Xavier got off the stool and walked towards you, taking his place behind you he slowly hovered his hand above yours. “May I?” He questioned, his breath hot on your ear.
Not trusting yourself to say anything, you nod. His hand grips yours gently, moving it along the canvas with ease. His hand felt soft atop yours, you wanted to grab it and never let go. You didn't even notice when he placed his other hand firmly on your waist, when you did, however, you couldn't help leaning into him. At this Xavier gripped you tighter, he wanted to spin you around and kiss you hard.
After a couple of minutes, he took his hand off, of yours. “Oh, we’re done!” You exclaimed, spinning around only to bump into his chest. “I’m sorry, I didn't - ”
“It’s ok, kitten.” He whispered, and then he kissed you.
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lacedmead · 1 day
Tumblr media Tumblr media
➤ 𝐂𝐎𝐍𝐓𝐀𝐈𝐍𝐒. 𝖠 𝗁𝗎𝗀𝖾 𝖻𝗋𝖺𝗂𝗇𝗋𝗈𝗍𝗍𝖾𝖽 𝖼𝗈𝗅𝗅𝖾𝖼𝗍𝗂𝗈𝗇 𝗈𝖿 𝗁𝖾𝖺𝖽𝖼𝖺𝗇𝗈𝗇𝗌, 𝖼𝖺𝗍𝖾𝗀𝗈𝗋𝗂𝗓𝖾𝖽 𝖺𝗌 𝖽𝗈𝗆𝖾𝗌𝗍𝗂𝖼/𝖿𝗅𝗎𝖿𝖿, 𝖺𝗇𝖽 𝖭𝖲𝖥𝖶. ➤ 𝐖𝐀𝐑𝐍𝐈𝐍𝐆𝐒. 𝖠𝖽𝗎𝗅𝗍 𝖼𝗈𝗇𝗍𝖾𝗇𝗍 𝖺𝖿𝗍𝖾𝗋 𝗍𝗁𝖾 𝗋𝖾𝖺𝖽𝗆𝗈𝗋𝖾, 𝖽𝗈 𝗇𝗈𝗍 𝗉𝗋𝗈𝖼𝖾𝖾𝖽 𝗂𝖿 𝗎𝗇𝖽𝖾𝗋𝖺𝗀𝖾. 𝖯𝗅𝖾𝖺𝗌𝖾, 𝗋𝖾𝖺𝖽 𝖺𝗍 𝗒𝗈𝗎𝗋 𝗈𝗐𝗇 𝗌𝖺𝖿𝖾𝗍𝗒 𝖺𝗇𝖽 𝖽𝗂𝗌𝖼𝗋𝖾𝗍𝗂𝗈𝗇.
➤ 𝐋𝐀𝐂𝐄𝐃. 𝗍𝗁𝗂𝗌 𝗂𝗌 𝗆𝗒 𝖿𝗂𝗋𝗌𝗍 𝗉𝗈𝗌𝗍 𝗇 𝖨’𝗆 𝗍𝗁𝗋𝗂𝗅𝗅𝖾��!! 𝖨 𝗁𝗈𝗉𝖾 𝗒𝗈𝗎 𝖺𝗅𝗅 𝖾𝗇𝗃𝗈𝗒 𝗆𝗒 𝗂𝗇𝗍𝖾𝗋𝗉𝗋𝖾𝗍𝖺𝗍𝗂𝗈𝗇 𝗈𝖿 𝗈𝗎𝗋 𝖻𝖾𝗅𝗈𝗏𝖾𝖽 𝗌𝗂𝗆𝗈𝗇. ଘ(੭ˊᵕˋ)
Tumblr media
Simon is a gentle, loving partner. He’s well aware of the darkness that weighs on his shoulders; never will he let that overpower him or have it to result in hurting you. No matter what, he strives to keep you feeling safe, there is not a moment where you will not feel completely and utterly adored.
At the beginning of your relationship, he was very reserved with his feelings.
Affection was easy to offer to you, yet he felt selfish if he emptied out his bottled up emotions. Communication from his side was difficult, he would much rather listen to you. Regardless, you could always tell by those beautiful—but weary—dark brown eyes that he carried a lot of pain. He knew he could be vulnerable with you; your softened gaze only rendering him shy, speechless.
Simon has never experienced that, the way you look at him as if he placed the stars in the sky every night. You could never judge him for struggling, and so, you held him tight, and reassured him that you would be there to listen when he feels ready.
Since then, he allows himself to melt in your arms each time he comes home. You are his safe haven, his darling, his princess. Each sentence he vents out to you is locked safely in your heart, for you alone. In your presence, his soul is soothed, and healing those mental wounds doesn’t seem like such a lost cause.
He frequently refers to you as “my love,” but there are many other terms of endearment in his répertoire. Angel, sweetheart, darling, muffin, et cetera. Hearing such syrupy words, paired with the deep rasp of his voice, never fails to make your heart flutter.
To most of the outside world, Simon is coldly stoic and calculated in his actions. With you, he lets his guard down, and you practically gleam during moments where you get a little smirk out of him. A small huff of laughter, shaking his head in amusement at one of your stupid puns. There’s nothing he loves more than seeing you happy, and it is beyond contagious to him.
Simon loves kissing you. I mean, loves, and especially when you add a little playfulness to it. Bite his lip, run your fingers through his hair, pull him closer. It’s intoxicating to him—just feeling your plush lips against his, the pleasant subtlety of your lip balm thrown in the mix is an immediate turn-on for him.
Forehead kisses, cheek kisses, nose kisses, all of the kisses from this oversized teddy bear!
Oh, and if you kiss down his neck or over his jawline? Yeah, that man is hanging on for dear life.
Speaking of lip balm, he probably bought a duplicate of yours, simply because it is comforting to him. Your scent in general, from perfumes to a whipped body butter, is something Simon tries to keep samples of if possible. It’s a reminder that you’re alive, safe from what he’s enduring; waiting for him with a smile that warms his self-proclaimed cold heart.
Whenever he’s away on a mission, there’s not much time for him to try to get in touch with you. He barely gets the chance to slow down, and acknowledges that it could potentially be dangerous. This resulted in him leaving notes for you to find around your shared home. They’re short and sweet, for example:
“I’ll always come back to you, love. You are my home.”
“I love you, and I can’t wait until I can see that pretty face of yours again. Be good for me.”
Frequently falls asleep with his head in your lap, arms wrapped around your waist. He’ll have you stuck on the couch, and you feel bad by moving even slightly. If you do try to get up, he’ll cling to you and let out small, dissatisfied grunts when you try to slip away. He’s such a big baby.
That ties into my firm belief that his primary love language is likely physical touch. No matter when, no matter where, Simon is going to have you close to him, and is not even moderately ashamed of light PDA. If he’s in a particularly good mood, he’ll be cheeky and smack your ass if you’re walking in front of him.
He loves to hold you from behind, lightly resting his chin on the top of your head. Yes, he’ll even do this while you’re in some home goods store, mindlessly looking at a vast display of whatever holiday decorations.
Imagine showing him an adorable little trinket, and he observes it for a brief second like… “Mm, s’very cute, much like yourself. Would you like me to buy it for you?”
Simon smells very crisp and autumnal, maybe with a hint of cinnamon. The notes on Tom Ford’s Tobacco Vanille match up to my idea of it. I don’t see him using heavily fragranced body wash, it can all become somewhat headache inducing. His skin is fresh, with a natural musk that you adore.
The man is beyond smitten with you. You can patch up some of his smaller cuts or scrapes with Hello Kitty band-aids, and he’ll walk around proudly like… My baby took the best care of me, better than any of you wankers could.
The death stares his fellow soldiers receive if they flirt with you, man. Lethal.
Takes mental note of food and drinks you enjoy, from most to least. He encourages you to eat well without being overbearing, and is very proactive in keeping you within a healthy mindset.
He’ll carry snacks for you if you’re both away from the house for a while. Let his princess get hangry during an outing? Impossible, he’s ready and equipped.
Tumblr media
Much of Simon’s work revolves around being in control and showing dominance, thus why he experiences the utmost pleasure through submission.
You have his full consent to overstimulate him, edge him, deny his orgasms, all until it breaks him down into a desperate mess. He will beg for you to keep going, whispering out broken pleas; followed by hushed cries of pleasure. He finds power in giving himself to you completely.
Let’s examine a bit, shall we?
“Please, baby, fuck—Jus’ want to cum so bad, please. I’ll do anything.”
“S-shit, your mouth feels so fuckin’ warm, princess, don’t stop.”
“God fuckin’ damn, I need to taste you right now. Please, baby, will you let me?”
There’s a perfect balance he allows himself, and through his actions, as gentle as they may be, you can still tell he is in charge in his own way. You always end up with faint bruises on your hips, and love bites along the dip of your breasts.
Simon likes to follow what positions you will find most pleasurable, as well as comfortable, but… No doubt, missionary is his weakness, because to him, there is nothing better than being able to see you so overwhelmed with bliss as he’s fucking into you. You look beautiful in the moment; cheeks flushed with a cherried tint, and eyebrows furrowed as he makes you watch yourself be filled up to the brim.
Face-fucking is a sport to him, and it makes the man go absolutely feral.
It’s borderline sinful—the way he is obsessed with every detail. The feeling of your throat constricting around him, the sounds of you gagging, sticky saliva dribbling down your chin in glistening strings. What sends him over the edge is your nails clawing into his thick thighs, so pathetically eager to hold on just for him.
You receive endless amounts of praise throughout it…
“That’s my good girl. You always take that dick so well, don’t you?”
“Just like that, doll. Show me how bad you need my cum.”
“Fuck, ‘m so close. You’re doing so good, angel. Always perfect f’me.”
He is freely vocal with said praise, though his moans are very minimal up until he reaches that peak where he’s closest to his own release. More often, he groans, grunts, and growls depending on how rough the sex is.
But, his moans when he’s about to cum are delicious. You wouldn’t think it’s possible for him to sound so needy, then his thrusts become fervid. He loses the control he held onto, and his body responds to yours; nearly in perfect sync, and he’s whimpering as he tries to silence himself by kissing you, or burying his face in your neck.
Inarguably, Simon has a size kink that he likes to exploit by man-handling you to no end. There is almost zero effort put into carrying you, and positioning you right where he wants you. You look delicate beneath him, all doe-eyed and unconditionally trusting. He’s fucking addicted. It takes everything in him to resist turning you over, and pounding you into the mattress.
A solid 8.5” inches with a slight curve. Circumcised, thick with a prominent vein pathing up his shaft, stopping before his rosy pink tip. His balls are plump, heavy, and smack against your clit perfectly whenever he takes you from behind.
He is very consistent in making sure you are feeling satisfied, protected, and properly attended to. Providing aftercare is his forté! He’ll run you a bubble bath, light one of your favorite candles, and carry you to the tub. If you want him to, he’ll join you and help wash your body. In between rinses, your shoulders are peppered with chaste kisses.
He’ll give you one of his big shirts to sleep in—it faintly smells like his cologne—with your coziest fuzzy socks, plus a much needed thigh massage once you’re all snuggled into bed. And, of course, you get to pick what movie to watch.
When it boils down to it, Simon is very much a sentimental, making toe-curling love kind of guy. He craves the pure intimacy of “vanilla” sex, and making you feel and savor every inch of him is his motivation. He typically initiates this through cuddle-fucking; he’s devilish, and knows all too well that the angle is prime for reaching your g-spot.
It’s practically over for you when he reaches around to rub your sensitive clit in light circles. His fingers are nimble, skilled, and he coaxes you on by nibbling at your neck and ear, whispering sweet nothings. He wants to have you trembling in his arms.
Your cunt just clenches around him, pleading for more. You ask oh so sweetly for him to go faster—tell him you’re close, you can barely take it.
Simon hits you with the “I know, baby, I know. Just let go for me.”
Tumblr media
𝟐𝟎𝟐𝟐 © 𝐋𝐀𝐂𝐄𝐃𝐌𝐄𝐀𝐃 ・ 𝖣𝗈 𝗇𝗈𝗍 𝖼𝗈𝗉𝗒, 𝗉𝗅𝖺𝗀𝗂𝖺𝗋𝗂𝗓𝖾, 𝗈𝗋 𝗋𝖾-𝗉𝗈𝗌𝗍 𝖺𝗇𝗒 𝗈𝖿 𝗆𝗒 work. 𝖳𝗋𝖺𝗇𝗌𝗅𝖺𝗍𝗂𝗈𝗇𝗌 𝖺𝗇𝖽 𝖾𝖽𝗂𝗍𝗌 𝖺𝗋���� 𝗻𝗼𝘁 𝗉𝖾𝗋𝗆𝗂𝗍𝗍𝖾𝖽.
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ashhh-14 · 3 days
Tw: comfort, reader going through their monthly
Tumblr media
You tried focusing on your breathing, trying to find any semblance to put you to sleep. Unfortunately for you it seemed impossible at this movement. You sat up, pain shooting through your lower body as your breathing got heavier, your eyes barely holding onto your surroundings from the pain. You gulped as if to ground yourself but the action only hurt as you felt how dry it was. "Water... " you breathed, even speaking hurt at this point. Your partner has told you on several occasions to use pain killers sometimes if not always when the pain is too much in that time of the month but you didn't waver, knowing the long-term sickening effect it leads to. You stood up, your legs barely being upright straight without shaking as you exited the room, slow as a snail. You poured yourself a glass of water, wishing for your partner to soon get home from the urgent matter that took him away from you on a non working day. "I swear it's always on the way when he's out. " You gulped the warm water, finding little to no strength to get back to the bedroom and hence opting to lay on the couch, covering yourself messily with the thin blanket. You sighed shakily, your trembling hands rubbing up and down on your thighs and lower abdomen.
It was about 30 minutes later when the door to your shared house opened. You heard your name being called to which you just meekly replied a small "Here"
His senses were sharp when it came to you. Precise and full of love and care. He knew you like the back of his hand. His form entered the room, kneeling in front of you as he pushed a few strands away from your slightly sweaty face and tired eyes. "That time?" is all he asked and a nod from you is all he took before he went to stand up, gathering you in his arms, one supporting your back and the beneath your knees as he started making his way to what you assumed to be bedroom. You didn't say anything, too tired and pain struck as you let your head fall on his chest. He gently placed you on the bed before he exited the room before you can keep him with you.
His form entered the room shortly, a tray in his hand which he placed on the nightstand including various things.
He helped you sit up against the headboard, handing you a glass of tea he just brewed which is the best pain relieving one. You sipped on the hot beverage as he pushed up your shirt [his] slightly, placing a warm towel on your lower stomach and pulling the shirt back down. He draped a fluffy and warm blanket over your body knowing your tendency of hot and cold during this time. He sat beside you on the edge, waiting for you to finish the drink while simultaneously wiping your face with the dry towel. He placed the cup down as soon as you finished, the whole exchange all too silent as he went to other side of the bed and climbed in, moving his body closer to you while gently helping you lay down.Your form was laying falt on your back and he propped his head up supported by his arm and hand. He tucked your hair behind your ear before his hand came down. His deft hand massaging your thighs with just the right amount of pressure. You leaned into his touch, head burying into his firm chest as small hands bunched up the fabric of his shirt. Your thighs curled upwards, allowing his warm hand to fulling rub your thighs and eventually your lower back from inside the t-shirt. You released a shaky yet content sigh when suddenly a cramp hit making you wince, as if a natural instinct for him, his body curled into yours, the arm which was supporting him now wrapped around your upper back, hand moving up and down the back while the one on the thigh never ceased. "It hurts" came your broken whimper as his voice so many shades softer than how it usually was shushed you, " Shh it's okay.... I know it hurts love..... I'm so sorry.... " his voice was filled was soothing intent as his hand cradled your head into his chest, his lips placing a delicate kiss on top of your forehead. A few moments were spent in silence as his gentle gestures didn't stop, the only thing filling the space being the breathing, your eventual whimpers and his comforting words. His voice broke the silence as he started humming an aimless tune, his heavy voice a contract to his soft humming. Your eyes subconsciously started to shut, the exhausting and immense love and comfort setting in 'I didn't know he could do this too..... ' Your breathing evened out, giving enough of an indication to your lover that you're finally at peace but his hands never stopped, not wanting for you to suffer more of the immense pain that is enough to hurt him through you as one last kiss was placed on your forehead.
Tumblr media
Atsumu, Al haitham, Osamu, Kiyoomi, Childe, Tighnari, Iwazumi, Aakashi, Toji, Mikey, Sanzu, Dottore, Ayato, Suna, Gojo
Likes, comments and reblogs are always appreciated!
Written by Yours truly
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sainzfilm · 2 days
hii! can you do a instagram au of mick and a fem reader that are in a relationship and the reader is a figure skater(if you can make the face claim be Evgenia Medveda pls) who has win the olympics and mick is like a very supportive boyfriend? and she is also friend of the others drivers Ty <3
pairing: mick schumacher x figure skater!reader
a/n: i hope you like this anon!! hehehe figure skating’s so cool i wish i was signed up for this sport when i was young
ice princess - mick schumacher
instagram edit
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
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yourusername unwinding with the lover before the olympics 💐💟
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lilymhe pretty girl!!! i miss you so so much 💝 goodluck on the olympics, my love
yourusername i miss you way more!!! i’ll come see you after it 🤍
estebanocon mick’s a bad photographer compared to what you took for him
mickschumacher nobody asked esteban
iceprincessyn hope you’re having fun!!! please get the rest you need before the olympics 🥰
mscupdates im certain mick’s making sure of that hehehe our best couple of the century
landonorris so cheesy, Y/N. surprised there weren’t any ants over there
georgerussell63 i second the motion 🤨
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mickschumacher olympics season upcoming for my girl! let’s go for gold 🥇🤍
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estebanocon best of luck, Y/N! rooting for you all the way 👊🏻
yourusername my bestie! thank you thank you ❤️
alex_albon tuning in to the competition, go for gold, Y/N! 🥇
yourusername thank you albono, send lily my hugs i miss her ❤️
babyschumi mick setting the standards again!!! best of luck to Y/N <3
schumiupdates he is THE standard 🤨 Y/N cheering squad lets go!!!!
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yourusername GOLD MEDALIST, BABY 🥇 extremely grateful for all the love and support that ive received throughout the season. im lucky to do something that i love and im passionate about. this one’s for you all 🖤
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mickschumacher so lucky to have seen you grow and thrive in your world of skating. always proud of you, my love ❤️
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estebanocon AND SHE DOES IT AGAIN. congratulations, Y/N! 👊🏻 will treat you when you come back
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iceprincessyn IM SO HAPPY FOR YOU CONGRATULATIONS QUEEN 😭 well deserved!!!
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mickschumacher flexing my girl and her achievements throughout the years ❤️ she’s taking the world by a storm and makes me the proudest boyfriend ever
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ginaschumacher all your hard work paid off, congratulations Y/N! see you when you come back 🥰
yourusername GINA MY LOVE see you i love you!!
yourusername my best friend, my boyfriend – i love you more than words can say. thank you for being here with me ❤️
msc47lovebot they’re the cutest couple ever im actually going to cry
ynupdates tell me about it i just need myself a relationship like theirs 😭
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msgorillagripcoochie · 24 hours
nonsense ²: butterflies in my stomach
Tumblr media
pairing(s): wednesday addams x fem!reader
summary: wednesday realizes she likes you. ( read part one here )
warning(s): mentions of you committing arson and other crimes, kissing and unedited work NOT PROOF READ AT ALLLLLLLL SO DONT BULLY ME I DONT SPEAK ENGLISH.
© msgorillagripcoochie , do not steal or translate my work
Tumblr media
Wednesday was upset. She hadn't meant to go snooping but Enid had just left the party invitation laying on her desk.
An invitation to a party at your house that she didn't get. She could only assume everyone else except her was invited.
Not that she cared, she didn't care at all.
She didn't care.
Wednesday was more than confused, she didn't understand why she wasn't invited I mean it didn't matter to her....it didn't. It shouldn't matter anyways it's not you were dating or anything.
Though the idea that you had given everyone else an invitation did bother her, not because she liked you, no of course not but it was just that she certainly knew you better than anybody here.
They didn't see you the way Wednesday saw you, she saw the beauty in your darkness, no one else saw that.
Wednesday froze in a her spot for a moment having an epiphany. Could it actually be possible that Wednesday liked you?
Wednesday didn't like you, she couldn't have liked you. There was no way she liked you but what if...hypothetically she did like you. What would that mean?
It probably wouldn't change anything, you probably wouldn't even like her back, if she liked you I mean she totally doesn't but if she did well...what if you didn't feel the same way?
She turned making her way back to her room, the door flew open as Wednesday stomped in and Enid turned with a huff “What’s the problem now?”
"How do you know if you like someone?" Enid’s jaw practically hit the floor, She almost squealed but she stopped herself, she knew Wednesday and she knew the approach she had to take.
She took a deep breath "Well usually you think of them a lot even when they're not around." Wednesday did think about you a lot more than she realized "You sometimes wonder if they're thinking about you as much as you are thinking about them." Wednesday did wonder that. "You care about their feelings more than you care about yours and sometimes you feels these little butterflies."
Wednesday made her way towards the window staring out for a moment “What do these butterflies feel like?” she asked in a soft whisper like she was afraid of her feelings. 
"Uh it's kind of a fluttering feeling in your stomach, it kind of makes you feel all bubbly inside." Enid explained. That was the perfect way to describe the feeling Wednesday got when you were around. Wednesday’s eyebrows furrowed 
It didn’t make sense to her, this whole thing of liking someone but everything Enid was diagnosing her with seemed to lead to this. Could it be possible she was infected with the disease of love?
She never understood her parents love for each other and the fact that she could feel what her father felt for her mother well it startled her.
She could feel Enid’s eyes burning into her "Is there someone you think you might like?" She questioned slowly but Wednesday didn't respond for a moment. "You mustn't tell a soul or I will cho your hair off in your sleep."
Wednesday threatened but it only made Enid smile wider "Okay!" It was hard to get Wednesday to open up during their "girl talks" but Enid felt special for the fact that Wednesday was coming to her.
Wednesday moved to towards her bed sitting down "Y/N makes me feel things and not those murderous things everyone else makes me feel" she admitted.
"Ok, that sounds like a good thing." Enid hummed.
“Why do people like each other?” Wednesday asked tilting her head and Enid shrugged “I don’t know, we just do. How do you feel about her?” Enid hesitantly asked and Wednesday blinked looking at Enid. “What do you mean?”
“You must be feeling something for her, maybe you like something about her?” Enid offered and Wednesday thought for a moment “I like her love for committing crimes and she looks nice when she lies to the cops.” Wednesday said somewhat fondly as she thought about when you lied to the cops after you set your roommate's side of the room on fire. It was amazing the way it didn’t touch any of your side. “I enjoy her love for arson.”
“Okay...” Enid said with wide eyes placing her hands in her lap “Let’s try thinking about something nice about her that doesn’t have to do with committing crimes or lying to the cops.” Wednesday nodded slowly trying to think “I like when I make her smile.”
“Oh that’s a good one!” Enid clapped with a smile “I’m kind of shocked that’s what you chose but very proud.” Enid applauded her but Wednesday wasn’t too sure why. “What do you like about her smile?”
“It’s....pretty” Wednesday carefully chose her words “But I only like when I make her smile” Wednesday explained “I don’t like when she smiles at Xavier's horrible jokes.” Wednesday grimaced at the thought. “It makes me want to gag.”
“You get jealous over her! That’s so cute."
"I don't get jealous." Wednesday scoffed "Okay whatever you wanna call it" Enid raised her hands in defense "But you have to do something about it"
"Why?" Wednesday asked "Because if you wait too long she'll move on." She wasn't too fond of the idea of telling you how she felt but she wasn't fond of the idea of seeing you with someone else.
She didn't want to have to commit a murder.
"Fine" Wednesday stood up going towards the door before stopping "How do I do that?"
"Maybe try a romantic gesture!"
Wednesday nodded slowly.
A romantic gesture.
She had witnessed her father give her mother many gifts in her lifetime and mother seemed to always appreciate them in some way so perhaps she should give you a gift.
Wednesday left the room thinking for a moment trying to figure out what offering to bring you then it came to her.
You huffed staring at your reflection for a moment tilting your head at yourself. You rolled your eyes moving to your desk grabbing the lighter and flicking it on and off and on. The sound bringing you comfort as you stared at your reflection again.
"Hi Wednesday I like you, do you wanna go out with me?" You practiced before shaking your head "No" you growled at yourself before looking in the mirror smiling "You know my favorite day of the week is Wednesday." You said in a confident voice before scoffing covering your face for moment "What does that even mean?"
The knock on the door made you jump and you looked at your clock, it was after hours. No one should've been coming to see you so you slowly moved towards the door opening it and Wednesday stood there, stiff as a board "Wednesday?"
"Hello, may I come in." You nodded moving out the way so she could step in "Is there a reason you're here so late?"
She didn't say anything for a second "Why have you invited everyone to a party except me?"
"What?" You asked confused "What party?"
"Don't lie, I saw the invitation on Enid's desk." You thought for a second "Oh no that was just Enid's designs for my invitation for my birthday party in a few weeks." You explained and her face softened for a moment, her shoulders relaxing "Oh."
"I would never have a party without inviting you Wednesday." You stared at each other for a few beats.
"I have brought you a gift." She said quickly, you suddenly noticed the gift in her hand and she hands you the black box. "A gift?" You smiled lightly at the box placing it on your bed before lifting the top and you let out a gasp.
It was a pink bow that looked just like the one you had when you were a child, your initials were even carved in the side and it paired with 5 new arrows. "Oh my god Wednesday." You gasped out "I think I might cry."
"You hated it that much?" She asked going to grab the box and you shook your head with a laugh looking at her with teary eyes "I love it."
You threw your arms over her shoulders pulling her into a hug and she stiffened for a moment before bringing her arms around you. She could feel her heart in her chest, she wondered if you could.
She pulled back slowly staring at you, her eyes flickering to your perfect lips. You stuttered realizing how close you were.
"Can I kiss you?" You asked softly afraid that you had misread this but Wednesday nodded. You cupped her cheek slowly leaning in your lips pressing against hers.
It was soft and awkward but Wednesday could feel those butterflies in her stomach again and she knew that this was right.
Enid was right.
There was nothing wrong with her except that she was feeling for you.
She liked you.
She liked you a lot and though she was afraid of her feelings, she'd push that aside if it meant to see you smile at her again.
Tumblr media
a/n: thank you for reading, really hope you enjoyed! feel free to request and im tagging everyone who asked to be tagged and remember REQUESTS ARE OPEN. once again thank you for reading &lt;3
@agustdeeyaa @the-night-owl-blr @zleedle and more but it wouldn't let me tag.
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Protection of the Abyss
Synopsis: When Childe's too injured to think, Foul Legacy soothes him to sleep in search of you.
Foul Legacy Childe x Reader Pronouns: Gender Neutral (no pronouns mentioned) Genre: Hurt/Comfort, Fluff Warnings: Injuries, mentions of crying, near-death experience, pain, mentions of medical supplies
Requested by Cottagecore Anon 💐: hihi! so uhm i have a FL scenario brainrot rn and i might forget about it cause there's so much im doing rn in college (AAA—) so imma immediately send this. 💐 what if foul legacy takes over childe, like, not to transform into his foul legacy form but like, takes over childe's consciousness and body and tries to find reader as childe and reader just doesn't know its FL. its okay if you dont wanna do this request btw!! (since it is a bit uncomfortable for a being to take over —) - cottagecore anon 💐
~ * ~ Childe is used to injuries. As the Eleventh Harbinger, he holds an unprecedented position of power over the endless troops of the Fatui, and as such it seems only natural for others to be against him, to fear his control and desire to put an end to it. The Fatui are distrusted in all other nations- that much he knows- but very few are courageous or foolish enough to attempt to confront the infamous Tartaglia, the Fatuus renowned across Teyvat for his battle prowess, and the ones that are quickly find themselves left for dead with a warning to never approach again. They would return home, terrified, whispering to their companions that yes, Tartaglia is truly unmatched amongst the common folk of the world. Childe has heard the rumors, and allows them to grow and flourish. He sees them as true- of course he’s unbeatable by simpletons like treasure hoarders and hilichurls- with the power he wields, how could he not be? He keeps his Foul Legacy, the art of the Abyss, grasped tightly in his hand; powerful, deadly, controlled; ready to unleash at a moment’s notice, and together he and the Abyss could even tear down the heavens from the sky. How foolish. Trembles run through Childe’s body as he limps away from a pile of dead bodies, slumping against a rocky cliffside and letting out a slow exhale. The twin blades in his hands lose their shape before dissipating into mist, the effort of using his Vision too taxing on his weakened body, and Childe curses himself and his idiotic hubris. He got sloppy- thought he wouldn’t be attacked so far from civilization- although he won, his opponents were smart with how they used their own blades. He squeezes his eyes shut as another wave of pain washes over him, awful and nauseating. His Foul Legacy whines in the back of his head, echoing faintly, distressed at Childe’s wounds and attempting to soothe his rapid, delirious thoughts, a moment of calm in the turbulent ocean of memories. He grasps and clings to a bright piece of the past amidst the Harbinger’s flickering consciousness- the first time he met you, at Bubu Pharmacy, and how you had held his heart and treasured it like it wasn’t corrupted by the Abyss and the starry sea. Childe hears Foul Legacy growl determinedly, once, twice, before everything fades to darkness. Foul Legacy blinks, squinting at the sun and sitting up. Everything is numb, a thin blanket spread over the searing pain of their shared body, and he glances down at his- Childe’s- hands, tentatively flexing them. They’re human enough, minus the way his skin is stained night-color from his forearms down, even fitting inside the bloodstained gloves Childe always wears as part of his uniform. The monster shivers- everything feels smaller in this form, squishier, more vulnerable- he hates it. Briefly he considers slipping the mask on the side of his head over his face, for some semblance of protection, but ignores it in favor of rising to his feet, the pain of Childe’s injuries just barely masked by Abyssal power. You- he needs to find you. You’ll help him and Childe, with your gentle hands, and erase the fear that lingers so steadily in his being. The sun is setting as you write up another prescription, clicking your tongue. What a horrible cold going around! The number of people falling ill only rises by the day, and you’re simply grateful that neither you nor Baizhu have gotten sick yet, with seemingly the entire city needing the Pharmacy’s services. With a flick of your wrist you sign the paper, stamping and rolling it into a scroll to take to work the next day. At least Qiqi can’t catch any bugs going around, you’re not sure what you’d do without your best herb collector, and you toss the scroll into your open bag where at least ten others of the same type are waiting. There’s a knock at your door, and the lateness of the hour makes you tilt your head in slight surprise as you set down your empty mug and venture out of your office. Idly humming a tune, you unlatch and open your front door, your little song dying away in an instant when you’re greeted by the sight of Childe, blood splattered across his clothes. Immediately you panic, brain going into overdrive as your eyes jump from injury to injury, only stopping to wonder how in the world he’s still standing upright. “Wh- Childe?! What happened?!” You pull him inside, sitting him on the couch and turning to run for your medical supplies when a hand catches your wrist. Childe tugs gently on your arm, and slowly you lower yourself and sit beside him, worried at his silence. His fingers brush your chin, urging you to look up into his shining blue eyes. Shining. Your own eyes widen as you stare, the sparkle in Childe’s eyes unnatural yet beautiful all at once. You begin noticing other unusual features, from the staining on his hands to his pointed ears to his hair, now fading from ginger to white at the tips, and your next words are hushed, whispered. “You’re not Childe… are you?” A head shake, and the sensation of a face buried in the crook of your neck prompts you to wrap your arms around Foul Legacy, running your fingers up and down the back of an Abyssal creature in a human body. You can feel him shaking- partially out of fear, partially from adrenaline- and your heart almost shatters right there and then. Without another word you slip away and climb the stairs, Foul Legacy following right behind you, to retrieve your medical kit. The next moments are filled with comfortable silence as you tend to the injuries peppering Childe’s body, cleaning the dried blood with a delicate touch. Foul Legacy merely watches, eyes glimmering and flicking from your face to your hands and back again, fascinated by the process and how the veil over the pain grows stronger and stronger. A few times you catch him mumbling quietly in Childe’s voice, then hastily covering his mouth, blinking in confusion as you attempt to hide your laughter before hunching over the bandages once more. Finally, finally, Childe’s body is wrapped and treated, the snow-white gauze stained deep red in several places, and you let out a tired sigh and lean against the wall, Foul Legacy slotting himself in place beside you. There’s a tentative brush of his hand against your wrist, the deep purple-charcoal color strange but familiar, and without thinking you lace your fingers with his and hold tight. Foul Legacy squeaks in surprise, the sound coming out as more of a yelp in Childe’s voice, pressing his forehead against your shoulder, pointed ears twitching in embarrassment. You smile, raising a hand to ruffle his copper locks, and suddenly there’s a cheek smushed against your palm, Legacy closing his eyes and pouting. His sulky expression, adorable as it is, quickly fades as you begin rubbing your thumb against his cheekbone, turning into one of awe and contentment. This- This is what Childe feels when you cup his face in the morning, at times when Foul Legacy is securely locked away. Everything is soft and gentle, his blackened hands holding yours as you trace across all of Childe’s freckles, making little galaxies and constellations out of them, and Foul Legacy wishes he could stay forever even if he feels his strength waning. He shifts slightly, attempting to curl around your body like he usually does, but settles for resting his weary head in your lap, consciousness faltering as Childe’s body begins to heal. Just barely does Legacy feel your hand stroking his hair, and involuntarily he lets out a whimper, not wanting to leave just yet. There’s a slight pressure on his forehead, your voice whispering something he can’t quite place, and Foul Legacy’s eyes drift closed into slumber. Childe wakes up aching, pain humming constantly in his bones, but not unbearably. Golden rays of sun splash across the blanket tucked over his body, the scent of food wafting from the kitchen- your kitchen- a tasty-smelling broth simmering while you read at the table. Your head jerks up when Childe peeks around the doorway, a broad smile gracing your features as you leave whatever novel you were skimming behind in favor of pulling the Harbinger into a gentle hug. He doesn’t even bother to wipe his tears as he mumbles out “thank you”s and “I’m sorry”s, merely leaning into your touch with a hum of relief. He’s alive. He’s alive, and he’s here with you, where he can heal safely unlike all the times before, accepting the soft blanket and warm broth you bring as he nestles back down onto the couch. The tips of your fingers dance from freckle to freckle, and with a quiet laugh Childe asks you what exactly you’re doing. There’s a little gleam in your eyes as you chuckle. “Oh, I just thought I’d give you some attention, too.” In the back of Childe’s mind, Foul Legacy purrs sleepily, treasuring the memory of your gentle hands ghosting over his face.
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merzkihstuff · 2 days
⋆.ೃ࿔*: 12.2 | COD MWII
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Prompt: Cuddle Buddy
❄︎ °Kiki’s Advent Masterlist° | Discord server
❄︎ (Soap, Ghost, & König x G!N Reader) SEPARATE
❄︎ A/N: I love my three soldier boys so much… you can’t take them away from me 👁👁
Tumblr media
John “Soap” MacTavish
Tumblr media
The way he wraps his arms around your waist as you’re in the kitchen causes you to relax and lean your head back against his broad chest. He snakes his hands around yours to gently make you let go of whatever you’re holding or doing before he quickly scoops you up, earning a gasp and light smack against his shoulder from you, as he carries you to your shared bedroom.
You’re squirming playfully, telling Soap to let you go since you were cooking, but he just shakes his head and pops the p at the end of ‘Nope’
Good thing you noticed him turn off the stove before he kidnapped you. Taking you to your shared room as he throws you on the bed and again, traps you in his arms. He has his face resting below your chin as his arms are around your waist. You sit there fiddling with his mohawk as he hums in content from your touch.
“Touch starved are we?” You chuckle before he scoffs and rubs his nose against your collarbone. “Always.”
Simon “Ghost” Riley
Tumblr media
Ghost is a quiet one. Taking light steps as he walks across the living room to see you laying on the couch on your phone. The TV has a playlist of Christmas songs playing before Ghost walks around the sofa to pounce onto you.
Your legs are tangled together as he rests his forehead against your chest. When you giggled as you wrapped your arms around him, he lifts up his head to look at you, dark eyes staring into your own. He wasn’t wearing his balaclava or any tactical paint around his eyes, he was just Simon. Your Simon. Your Simon that was currently clinging onto you.
“What’s so funny?”
“Nothing nothing. Just find you adorable.”
Tumblr media
I love this giant mountain of a man, but even as big and intimidating as he seems, he’s such a sweetheart on the inside.
When he finally gets home after a long day or week of work, he comes home to your open arms ready for his big embrace. His mask is off, his borders are down, and most importantly, he’s home to you. When he finally lets you go after about 20 minutes of hugging, you take his hand and bring him into your shared room to properly cuddle.
Usually, you’d be the little spoon, but he specifically asked today to be the little spoon as you happily oblige and wrap your arms around his large figure. He tells you that nothing happened or anything during work that caused him to want to be in this position and that he just missed your arms around him, so you believe him and press a kiss to his head and snuggle up into his back.
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
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klineinie · 2 days
Okokok hear me out... anything Rowan BECAUSE he seemed really sweet during the fencing episode, and I seen 2 edits of him on tiktok n ngl he's pretty fine..
Relationship HCs
Rowan Laslow x GN! Reader
a/n: totally agree with you anon he didn't get enough screen time but that also means i get to play around with his character a lot more mwahaha >:D
Tumblr media
would never make the first move. ever.
he thinks you're cute, and you think he's cute, and you both probably shared a few classes
just ask him out to the Rave'N or something
rowan.exe will short circuit though proceed with caution
blushing intensely and stuttering out a "s-sure" because NO ONE HAS EVER ASKED HIM
ik he's kinda weird and gloomy in the show but no Rowan is a sunshine boy end of conversation
the day after the Rave'N he wakes up with this adorable little dazed smile
Xavier did a whole ass double take and started rethinking his life
first date was at the weathervane
my guy was fighting for his life when he paid
you both had a really nice chat over coffee and pastries
he also remembers your order for future references
i don't really take rowan as a someone who will initiate physical affection (gives me ace vibes), but he can do it if he knows you like it
lowkey is a simp
like they're slipping down in class and you're sitting with him so just
push them up for him
just dumbstruck rowan for the rest of the day-
100% A DND KID
like he'll teach you all the mechanics and help you make a character and play a duet campaign where you're the badass MC with a little sidekick that's suspiciously similar to him
he makes different rubs for different things
like saying 'morning' he nudges your nose up with his
just 'hey!' he boops (it looks like a headbutt tho ToT)
'love you' is foreheads pressed together and nuzzling your noses together
its a whole language at this point but he doesn't care bc HE LOVES YOU
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tinfairies · 1 day
How would Aemond react if his pregnant wife handed him a bunch of letters that she said she wrote to the unborn baby in case she dies during the birth?
Aemond would cry, he'd accept the letters. He'd tell his wife that she will live, and she will get to say all these things to their child as they grow.
He knows how childbirth can get complicated quickly, but he doesn't want to think about that. Aemond will keep the letters in a safe place, hoping to all the gods that he will never have to retrieve them from their hiding spot.
Aemond will be in the birthing room, as much as he upholds tradition he's not a fan of this one. He refuses to stand outside while his wife is in pain.
He will hold his healthy baby, and kiss his healthy wife. He will have his healthy family, and when he comes across those letters years later, he will laugh at how worried he was.
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