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sober-pepper · 2 days ago
*Yuu and Idia flirting*
Deuce: Are they flirting?
Ace: They're way past flirting. I caught them making out.
Deuce: Are you sure Yuu wasn't trying to breathe life back into him?
Ace: I don't think so. When I used that much tongue at CPR training, I had to buy the dummy.
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idiaia · a day ago
Ortho, do you like snuggles? Did Idia gave you cuddle mode or sth like that?
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Tag list : @amorisqasayid
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starriwonderland · 2 days ago
Hihi! I wanted to request a headcanon of Idia and Azul of how they would take a male s/o out on a date :D thanks!
Hi! I love this idea so much! I tried my best to make the reader male! I got stuck on what to write so I added crack because this is the twst-verse I hope that's okay!
Genre(s): Romance, Fluff, Crack if you squint.
Warning(s): mushrooms, slight ooc on Azul's part sorry I'm still learning about him, mentions of social anxiety on Idia's part.
Reader: Male
Character(s): Idia and Azul
Tumblr media
I'm joking💀
Azul will take you on a date AWAY from Mostro Lounge because he doesn't want the Tweels interfering
They still did anyway
Got the right from Headmaster to leave the campus don't ask how. All you need to know is Crowley is graciously giving his full permission.
A gentleman, he bought you flowers and wanted to take you to dinner!
Wanted everything to go perfectly but Tweels intervined :,)
Took you to a fancy restaurant and you guys sat down
You both ordered pasta as the waiter respectfully wrote down what you wanted.
A band was playing music to fit the romantic atmosphere
Everything was perfect...too perfect (Leech twins cue to come try to mess everything up for funsies)
His glasses went askewed when he finds out Jade is the 'new waiter' when there food is delivered.
"Unfortunately I will be serving you now as the last waiter has finished his shift" obviously it was a lie. Since when did jade work here?
Azul was kinda nervous about eating now as Jade expectantly waited for you both to try your food.
One bite and it was evident that the recipe had been modified with mushrooms
Jade looks every bit pleased by you guys reactions to the fungi and notes everything down.
Well if that wasn't embarrassing enough Floyd is now trying to take over the music band because "their taste in music was too sappy and boring" the guests are just bewildered at the scene.
"If you two are here, who's watch The dorm and Mostro Lounge?" He asked in a serious tone.
Azul looked very upset until he heard joyous giggles coming from you. He loved your laugh and now he's laughing too.
You were having a great time regardless of the twins shenanigans.
Of course he'd take you out again on a proper date though (or at least try to. </3)
Tumblr media
Idia loves you to bits he really does!
But he REALLY hates social interaction
Ortho has to drag him out of his room kicking and screaming just in order for him to go to class.
Usually your dates would be watching anime or gaming sessions or just chilling in his room
Honestly, you didn't really expect Idia to want to go on a date with you anywhere outside his room, because...well he's Idia.
Well time for the surprise of your life
This introverted otaku somehow gathered himself together to ask his boyfriend to go to a movie with him.
Idk what the Twst equivalent of a studio Ghibli movie is but that's where he wanted to go.
Got permission from Crowley a while back in a slightly more civil way than Azul, with the help of Ortho. (Ortho almost blew up the school again💀)
Actually Ortho had convinced Idia to ask you. "I want Nii-san to go make good memories with Y/n-san!"
Before he could have second thoughts and cancel, Ortho shoved him out of his room.
*Locks Idia out of his own room cutely* /hj
Oh well no turning back now.
"Y-y/n I heard that they were releasing this new anime movie that would be in theaters only and I r-really would love it if you go with me." He muttered almost inaudibly while averting his gaze.
Of course you said yes this was a rare opportunity!
He actually hadn't freaked out about social interaction for about a good thirty minutes but to be safe, you decided to do the talking at the ticket counter
Idia links his pinky with yours while you stood in line, since he was still a little shy when it came to PDA
On the other hand, literally clung to your arm like a life line when you were trying to pass people to get to your seats, he's internally screaming. Idia sweetie you'll make it harder to get to our seats in time—
Once you and the blue-haired male sat down he visibly relaxed.
He enjoyed it more than he thought he would, and knows ALL the lore on whichever movie was showing at the theater.
"This actually wasn't that bad..." Idia noted to himself while starting to blush
He was gonna ask to do it again until—
"OooOoo pwetty!" A little kid attempted to grab at his long flaming blue hair.
*screeches and uses you as a human body shield*
The whole thing was hilarious and you had to restrain your self from bursting out in laughter.
You calmed him down and returned back to the campus after getting something to eat.
Regardless of what happened earlier he would definitely want to go out with you again.
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yuusishi · 2 months ago
dorm leaders hc with a f/mc who was captured by a ghost prince and wanted to be his bride pls
Dorm Leaders with an s/o chosen for the bride of a ghost prince!
Tumblr media
Hi! As much as I want to do all dorm leaders, I’m not extremely familiar of a few of their personalities as well as my 3 character limit so I’ll only do the ones I know a little better!
pairings: Riddle, Leona, Idia x f!reader (she/her pronouns used)
genre: fluff
cw/tws: light misogyny from the prince in Leona’s part.
Note: The “ghost prince” in this post does not share a very similar personality with Eliza, I am not saying that she acts like the prince in this post during the Phantom Bride event. There are also differences in this post compared to the original event story because some dorm leaders were either absent in the event or part of the group that were stunned by Eliza’s slap, in the case of Idia it’s because he was the one kidnapped.
Riddle Rosehearts
You were out walking to the school store for ingredients with Trey for the next unbirthday party when you saw the ghost prince looking for his “bride”.
He spotted you and immediately ran up to you and declared to his retainers that he has found his bride and they dragged you off, Trey tried to fight them but a 1-to-however many he was no match.
Running to the Hall of Mirrors, he went to Heartslabyul and informed Riddle to which he was furious about.
Stealing THE Riddle Rosehearts’ s/o AND forcing her into marriage?! He was not having ANY of it.
Definitely informed Crowley about it first tho, to which he was given the same explanation of his kingdom being destroyed without him being wedded with a smile on his face.
It was…awkward trying to get you back, he needed to attempt to woo the guards at the front of the cafeteria just to get in, he didn’t even need to woo you like this.
He saw the prince presenting you to his retainers as if you were just some trophy and Ace had to calm him down from doing anything to the prince that might ruin the entire plan.
Thought about giving the prince a second death right then and there.
But he couldn’t help but swoon a little though when he saw you in the wedding dress that the prince had picked out for you, it fit you perfectly, the colors complemented your hair, skin, and eyes to a T.
He thought about marrying you after this whole situation was over actually, seeing you carry your dress to walk towards him with a smile made him think about how he wants your wedding with him to be like.
Leona Kingscholar
The audacity you must have to steal from Leona Kingscholar himself.
It was a weekend so you managed to drag Leona off his bed to go outside and wander around the campus, that’s when you met the ghost prince.
The prince and his retainers tried pulling you off him but Leona had a mean grip on you, the ghosts only managed to get you after Leona’s arm on you weakened for a single second. Taking that advantage they pulled you and dragged you away from the better prince.
Only told Crowley after attempting to get you himself twice and failing.
Crowley only told the story of the prince now and he was mad on how the Headmage never even thought of informing anyone.
Busted through the cafeteria doors with no hesitation and did not give a shit about the prince yelling at him.
“C’mon, you’re also a fellow prince, right? You must know the importance of having a queen by your side, like to have an heir or—” “Do you want to die”.
He made sure you were safe in the corner of the room while he helped the others fight Puffy, he was definitely even more angry when the prince realized his feelings for his guard.
Please give him more cuddles that night, he got scared he would lose you to someone else though he won’t say it out loud.
He definitely hugged you tighter than night and didn’t let you go until you had to forcibly remove him from you because you wanted to eat breakfast.
Not one to think of marriage despite his age, he just wanted you back that entire day and was REALLY grumpy throughout the whole situation.
Idia Shroud
“Huh? What happened to Ortho?” Idia said to himself seeing that Ortho was sending distress signals and using a lot of his magic which was something he rarely did.
Idia connected with his brother and saw that he was…fighting ghosts? And that you were being held by one?!
He is not going to let this slide, he may be a nerdy shut-in but no way is he just going to stand and watch as his girlfriend is in danger.
Putting on a pair of shoes as quickly as possible, he darted out of his dorm room to the Main Street where this commotion was being held.
As he came out of the mirror of Ignihyde, Idia bumped into his brother, his eyes looking at him panicking.
“Brother! (Name)’s been kidnapped! I saw them bringing her to the cafeteria, all those ghosts were strong and they just kept reviving every time I attacked them!”
Enemies that can revive themselves? Is the world being serious? Is he walking into a boss fight unprepared right now?
He peered into the cafeteria’s windows using small drones connected to his tablet, all he saw was the prince being all lovey-dovey towards you.
‘Hey! I should be the only one doing that!’ he thought, realizing what he said in his head the ends of his hair burnt a small pink.
After the situation settled and you were saved from the ghost prince, he saw you walk oh so elegantly towards him in the midnight blue dress that the prince picked out for you.
He looked at you in awe, eyes sparkling as if he was seeing the best view in his life, because he was.
“Idia, thanks for helping save me, that prince was a real bother trying to make me marry him, we all know who I really want to marry” you huffed in frustration at the memory of the prince.
Although he knew the answer, Idia still asked
“It’s you of course! No one’s a better person for me than you, Idia” you grinned.
He could feel himself melt at your sunshine smile that was beaming at him.
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rggie · a month ago
things they do during the ‘honeymoon phase’
Tumblr media
characters: idia shroud, malleus draconia, vil schoenheit
summary: little things they start to do in the early stages of your relationship.
cw: gn!reader, fluff, sfw, vil does your makeup
Tumblr media
idia gets into your interests
“you know that game you like? it’s actually… alright.” idia says out of the blue, last word enunciated slowly as though he had been mulling over his word choice. he actually enjoyed the game very much, but he wasn’t going to tell you that—choosing to feign nonchalance, doing finger pushups against his desk in an attempt to look somewhat occupied.
you can’t help but beam. “you actually played it?!” you’re leaning in so, so close to him, the apples of his cheeks instantly grow rosy and he finds himself looking anywhere but your bright, hopeful eyes. he was the making you this happy? just by playing a game? (he decides this expression was one he wanted to see more often—if he could bring himself to look your way, that is.)
“w-well i didn’t get too far but from where i was, the lore seems interesting and the characters are cute, and…” he pauses, sneaking a glance at you. you’re hanging onto his every word, urging him to keep rambling on. “the graphics are cool too. i guess.” he internally facepalms. he should shut up. why did you care so much about his opinion, anyway?
“just give me your game id so i can add you–” idia’s mid-sentence when his words are cut off by a whisper of thanks and an odd, feverish sensation on his right cheek that ends faster than he can process. he short-circuits.
if his face had been flushed before, he’s certain his hair is now a similar shade, blue ends blossoming into dahlia pink as his breath hitches, heart thrumming against his chest rather suddenly.
“hh… it was nothing really. i mean, i guess it was pretty easy for a pro like me.” you were doing wonders for his ego. he’s baring his teeth, flashing his wide signature smile before his lips ghost over yours apprehensively.
“i-if i played more, would you kiss me again?”
malleus ensures your safety
“you really don’t have to walk me home!” you’re flailing your arms about a little helplessly as he meets your stride with a chuckle.
“but i want to. it’s also night-time.” he reminds you, ignoring the fact that you’re in a boarding school with sufficient security, and also had his retainers trailing after you, currently hiding in the bushes in an attempt to be somewhat inconspicuous. “making sure that you get home safe eases my worries considerably.”
well, when he puts it like that… you don’t have the heart to deny him.
as your shoulders bump, malleus wonders how your hands would feel in his. were you the type to intertwine fingers when holding hands, or did simply having one hand rest on top of another suffice? were your hands smaller, or bigger? his digits brush against your own, but retract themselves just as fast.
the action doesn’t go unnoticed. even after putting a label on your relationship, he’d still be hesitant initiating any sort of skin-ship. it’s as though he expects you to cower and shy away, when all you want to do is revel in his affection. so you stop walking.
malleus, lost in his own thoughts, continues on ahead, and you bite your tongue trying not to snicker when he finally breaks out of his reverie to see you’re no longer by his side. he beckons you over, forehead wrinkling slightly as he huffs and juts his lips out into a pout. cute. “what are you doing?”
“mal, we’re dating. you can hold my hand, you know.” surveying his tentative demeanour, you add: “it’d make me feel more secure if you did.”
“oh.” his pout is replaced by a coy smile as you meet his side once again.
“if that’s how you feel,” he squeezes your hand, swinging it back and forth before raising it with childlike awe. he’s brimming with unfathomable tenderness as you lock eyes; you match his expression, teetering between bashfulness and contentment. “then we should’ve done this sooner.”
vil listens your criticisms
“–and so i just told him straight: if that’s the role i’m going to be offered, then i’ll take my leave.” vil finishes his rant as you hum in acknowledgment, eyes closed as you try your best to stay still. he’s putting some sort of powder all over your face, and you resist the urge to scrunch your nose at the ticklish sensation of brush hairs flicking across your profile. “i can imagine how you strutted out.” you giggle.
though your eyes are closed, you know he’s rolling his eyes at your remark as he holds your shoulder firmly to stop it from moving with the tremors of your laugh. “well? what would you have done?”
you’re silent for a couple beats, pursing your lips in contemplation. “i suppose i would’ve tried to compromise. i think you should’ve asked about other roles instead of leaving right away when you didn’t get what you wanted.” the room seems to still, and you feel like retracting your words when he doesn’t reply immediately. “vil?”
“you’re right.” other than rook, you were the only one brave enough to talk to him straightforwardly, lacking any semblance of falsity. “i think i needed to hear that.” vil carries on working away, spraying you with something you only recently learned (courtesy of him, of course) was ‘setting spray’. an odd, guttural noise comes from your boyfriend’s throat—you’re not sure if that’s a particularly positive or negative sign. “you can open your eyes.”
adjusting to the sudden brightness, you blink thrice before peering at yourself in the vanity mirror. “so? am i beautiful now?” you tease light-heartedly, posing as he pulls you into taking a quick selfie before pocketing his phone again.
he admires your sanguine features and his hard work, feeling a smile tug against the corners of his lips; he lets it grow wide, because he supposes there’s no need to play pretend. you always see right through him anyway. he presses a kiss to your nose, careful not to smudge the silvery highlight on it’s tip. “you’re already beautiful.”
he likes you so much it’s detestable.
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mobbu-min · a month ago
☆ cat, kitty, cat (3) ☆
Tumblr media
summary: In which an alchemy lesson went wrong, and your favorite housewarden is turned into a kitten. Now your tasked with caring for him.
a/n: finally finished all the dorm leaders! I had a bit of trouble writing for idia, so he might be a little ooc ^^: also he was incredibly hard to find photos for, like i struggled so much. on another note, someone recently requested a vice housewarden version, so that will come out soon, but also we hit 700+ followers a little while ago! Im incredibly happy and over joyed, really thank you all!
So i'm thinking about doing a little event. I'm at a crossroads between doing one of those alphabet prompts or just regular prompts. with both, i think i'll include different genres (like fluff, yandere, angst maybe nsfw???) but those are all just thoughts.
if you have any suggestions, feel free to leave them! it's greatly appreciated :)
included: Vil Schoenheit, Idia Shroud, Malleus Draconia
!warning! cursing, ooc!idia? my horrible attempt at a country accent
*you can find the other parts here! -> one, two
Tumblr media
Vil Schoenheit <3
This was it.
 The moment you were going to meet your demise. Overblot after overblot, you stayed strong and survived. The boys that bullied you for being magicless wouldn’t even come close to the dread you faced. Nor did Grim’s rage when you ran out of tuna.
 No, the pure rage you were about to face made all those things minuscule.  
 You wished you could go back in time and stop yourself. Stop yourself from doing the unthinkable. How you wished you weren’t that naive.
 But no, you couldn’t.
 You had to face the fact that you accidentally followed Neige LeBlanche back on Magicam. Had to acknowledge your misdoings. And most importantly, giving in and liking his top post. A cute photo of him in a flower field holding up a little puppy. You couldn’t resist. He tempted you with his ridiculously charming smile and bright eyes.
 And now you had to face the rage of the one and only housewarden of Pomfiore, Vil Schoenheit.
 You could picture it now. Standing in the garden of Pomfiore, the sun’s glow basking the four of you in golden light making the shadows all the more ominous. All the more formidable. You could see Vil’s picturesque frown, red lips in a straight line. Eye makeup done to perfection. Rook’s amused, yet unforgiving, smile. Lastly, Epel’s sad frown, blue eyes glimmering with tears.
 You could feel the poison he’d give you slid down your throat. And it won’t be an ugly death, no a death that Rook would praise, a death Vil would be proud of. You’ll lay on the grass, head tilted to the side taking in the setting sun for the last time. 
 But it won’t be the last thing you’ll see, no, you’ll be blessed to see Vil’s face, pretty eyes and soft locks touching the skin of your cold face. His hands softly holding your chin and with the softest voice, he’ll whisper, “You should never go against your Queen.”
 And that will be it for you. 
 Nothing more than another victim to Neige’s looks and Vil’s unbridled hatred towards the other. 
 Opening the doors to Pomfiore, your suspicions were only confirmed. No one was in sight. Not the overdramatic students that attempted to fight you and no harsh glares sent your way from the more stuck up ones. Not even Rook, who always greeted you with a hug, was there. 
 I guess this is the end. You sighed, shaking your head with a heavy heart. 
 The further you walked into the dorm the darker it grew. Lights slowly dimmed until you were following the lit candles down the hall, up the staircase, down another hall, ultimately ending in front of Vil’s door. Gulping, you leaned your head against the door, hearing nothing by silence. 
 Maybe I should just turn back? Yeah, my death can wait. Patting yourself on your back, you turned around to leave. But fate had other plans for your poor soul.
 In an instant a hand dragged you through Vil’s doors. Another clamping down on your mouth to prevent your scream from alerting others. The door shut with a harsh bang. Panicking, you squirmed in your captor's hold. But he was strong and easily prevented you from elbowing his chest. 
 You froze the moment lips brushed against your ear. A low whisper echoed in your ear. “Welcome, my trickster.”
 Immediately, you slouched in Rooks hold and did the first thing that came to mind. 
 Licking his hand.
 He instantly retreated his hand. A gleeful, amused chuckles escaping his lips. Fixing your sweater, you glared up at him and asked, “Was all that really necessary?”
 “Why of course, trickster! I find the way people tense up and squirm quite beautiful.” He winked.
 Shuddering, you shoved him lightly and muttered, “You sure are weird.”
 “Tell me ‘bout it.”
 “Hey, Epel.” You waved, pushing Rook away from you. Sitting on Vil’s stool for his vanity, you asked nervously, remembering why you came in the first place, “S-so what’s gonna happen to me?”
 Epel looked at you in confusion. His lips puckered lost at your question. Tilting his head, he mumbled, “What’cha mean?”
 Playing with your fingers, you whispered, “W-well about my misdoings?”
 Again, Epel looked at you like you grew two heads. Glancing at his lap, then to you, then his lap again, he said confused, “I don’t think ya’ did this?”
 “Did what?”
 Rook stood beside Epel and held out the fluffy kitten towards you. Irritated violet eyes stared at you. Its small body rocking from Rook’s movements. Its fluffy tail swaying languidly. 
 “This, my dearest trickster!” Rook said dramatically, bringing the calm kitten up to his face. Squishing it against his cheek, “Our dearest Roi de Poison has turned into a kitten!”
 Like glass, you fell to your knees and grasped your shirt. A relieved sigh escaping your lips. Realizing that you’ll get to live another day. “Oh this is so much better than I originally thought.”
 Vil came saunting towards your lap and looked at you expectantly. Chuckling, you softly scratched behind his ear. He purred in response. 
 Epel came to sit beside you and asked, “what in tarnation was goin’ through ya’ head?”
 Settling Vil on your lap, you chuckled softly at his content purrs. Shrugging your shoulders you answered “I thought I was going to die.”
 Epel made a noise of surprise and worried. 
 “I know. But it’s not my fault I liked one of Neige’s posts. It was too cute.”
 Everything seemed to stop. Silence enveloped the room. No more purrs. Epel’s wide eyes stared at you in shock. Even Rook had nothing to say, but alas you stayed oblivious and continued to talk.
 “I thought Vil was gonna have my head for not only liking his post, but following him back on Magicam, haha! I sure do have a- guys, why are you staring at me like that?”
 A low hiss caught your attention. Looking down at Vil, you smiled nervously at his narrowed eyes and claws. “Haha, Rook, come get– AHHHHHHHH!!!”
 “Oh! Seems like Roi de Poison is angry!”
 “Ya’ think?”
⋆ Epel and Rook at to pry, and I mean pry, Vil off your face. He was seething, Rook was laughing, Epel was tired and you were crying. You left with a red scratch up face and an ice pack to help the swelling.
⋆ Vil is your stereotypical cat. Aloof, prissy, high maintenance, knows that he’s better than everyone, basically he’s just himself. And he’s just so fuckin pretty and fluffy. Literally, his fur is so soft, so silky. His is a warm white, with really soft light brown accents on his face, tips of his tail, ears and paws. And the prettiest violet eyes that practically allude mystery and confidence.
⋆ After Vil’s anger, he finds himself hanging by you a lot more. You’re warm and soft, and your hands even more so. Also he knows for a fact that you’re the one making sure Grim looks his best, because Grim sure as hell isn’t putting any extra work into his appearance. So he trusts you to keep up with his new maintenance.
⋆ It’s so much work, and I mean so much work. The water has to be perfect, the towels need to be freshly washed, etcetc. Anything he does for his regular self, needs to be done to his cat self. No you can’t argue, no you can’t give him to Rook to do it for you. He wants you to do it, and only you.
⋆ Don’t even entertain the thought of feeding him tuna, especially tuna from a can. Vil will stick his nose in the air and swat at the food. In the end, you’re like ‘and what am I supposed to feed you, Vil? I’m not exactly made out of money.’
⋆ He comes back an hour later with his credit card in hand and dumps it on your lap then goes to sit on his ledge near the window. His eyes blinked expectantly at you. In the end, you’re buying high quality meat for not only him by for yourself and Grim (or any food really)
⋆ And don’t even think about even setting him on the ground. He vehemently refuses to set foot on the ground. Vil will claw at your arm and clothing to prevent it. Hissing like a madman (mad kitten?) he makes it look and sound like your murdering him.
⋆ In the end you either hold him in your arms, cradling him like a baby, or he’s wearing little booties that you bought/made for him.
⋆ He may walk with those on, but he still refuses to sit on anything other than your lap. And you can’t say otherwise.
⋆ He’s one the few cats that will allow you to dress him. Vil loves the way you coo and gush about how adorable he is. He’ll proudly wear whatever you bought/made for him. Not only does he get to feel like his normal self, but your whole attention is on him and solely him.
⋆ Doesn’t nap a lot, but when he does: Do Not Disturb Him.
⋆ Vil also makes you sleep when he sleeps. Especially during the night. If you have a bad sleeping pattern, he’s fixing that. Vil will sit on your chest or stomach, make himself comfortable and will not move. If you attempt to move him or get up, he’s sticking his nails into your skin as a warning. He wants you to get sleep, it's the least he can do after everything you’ve been doing for him.
⋆ Overall, Vil displays the very typical cat behavior but he gets a pass because he’s pretty (and he’s paying your food bill)
“No wonder you look tired all the time. The time you sleep is outrageous. Hmm? Grim keeps you up? Well why don’t you just sleep here? We have an extra room. Or would you perhaps prefer to sleep alongside me? (chuckles) Spudling, no need to get so flustered. I was only teasing you~”
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Idia Shroud <3
 “Hey! Ortho! You called me buddy?” You said, walking into the Ignihyde dorm. You shivered at the cold air blasting through the ac. Rubbing your arms, you walked towards Idia room, knowing that Ortho was probably there with his brother.
 Knocking on the door, you waited patiently before saying softly, “Idia? Ortho? Is it okay for me to come in?”
 Shuffling could be heard on the other side. Ortho’s voice was the only voice you could hear followed by the scampering of paws. Frowning, you knocked again. “Ortho? Buddy, are you alright?”
 “Yes! I’m fine! You can come in!” He called.
 Opening the door, you walked in casually. Taking note to help Ortho to clean up Idia’s mess. Leaning against a dresser, you watched Ortho who was currently looking underneath the bed. His hands stretched out trying to get something from underneath.
 Crouching down behind Ortho, you asked, “So…whatcha reaching for?”
 His answer was blunt, straight to the point. A very Ortho response.
 Sitting on his knees, he tilted his head and pointed to the bed, “Idia’s under there. Take a look.”
 You stared at him questionably. Ortho’s not one to play pranks, and when he does, his pranks are harmless. Shrugging your shoulders, you leaned down to stare into the dark abyss. Slowly your eyes adjusted to the darkness. It smelt bad, but you ignored it the best you could and held your breath.
 Seconds ticked by. It was becoming increasingly difficult to breathe. Just as you were about to come out for air, a swishing of a tail caught your attention. Staring harder, a pair of bright yellow eyes stared at you in fear. 
 Without thinking, you caught the creature before it could scamper away. Coming back up you took a deep breath of air and held up the screaming kitten. 
 “Big brother!” Ortho exclaimed in delight. Taking the kitten from your hands, he cradled Idia in his arms. Murmuring how scared he must have been and how he shouldn’t run away like that.
 You merely watched Ortho snuggle into the kitten with amusement. This isn’t the weirdest thing that has happened during your time in Night Raven Academy. You could only assume it was an alchemy assignment gone wrong. Though this was so much better then last week when Ace turned his entire arm into a crab claw. You still had bruises from that.
 Reaching your hand out, you scratched Idia behind his ear, “Damn, Idia seems like your an anime heroine for once.”
 He meowed in response.
⋆ Idia, much like his human counterpart, hates being around others. He’s so incredibly shy, but this time it’s so much harder because he’s so quick to hide underneath couches and beds. It’s a miracle he hasn’t gotten smushed.
⋆ That being said, you and Ortho take turns watching Idia. Idia feels comfortable enough around you that he won’t immediately be running to the hilltops.
⋆ Taking care of Idia is definitely the easiest. Besides his hiding problems, he’s not incredibly clinging or high maintenance. All he needs is a place to stay low, food, and a screen.
⋆ Like Leona, he’s pretty long, and like Riddle, he’s incredibly fluffy. If there’s one thing, Idia has over the others, is the fact his eyes look like they glow in the dark. You’re positive that’s not how cats should work, but at the same time cat’s shouldn’t talk (i’m looking at you, grim) nor should they have fiery ears and tail. And no, that's not only a jab at Grim, but also at Idia. Idia’s ears has the fiery flames like Grim and his tail has a little flame at the tip. Grim won’t admit it, but you know he’s jealous.
⋆ You know those pictures of cat’s fitting in the smallest of places? Yeah, that's Idia. In cups, little cracks in the wall of Ramshackle, your shoe to prevent you from leaving. Anywhere that’s empty, expect Idia to be there.
⋆ He sleeps a lot during the day. So he’ll hang out in your sweater or bag, but he much rather prefers to stay in your room.
⋆ During the night, he’s a menace. You know he’s trying to be quiet, but he fails miserably. He’s constantly knocking things over, falling from high places, jumping onto your stomach. It’s a mess, but you can’t really get mad at him. Not when he looks up at you with the widest golden eyes that screams ‘Please don’t be mad.’
⋆ Kitten Idia pretty content with affection. He loves when you scratch behind his ear or when you cuddle him close to his chest. Idia’s purring so damn much, it’s all like damn okay, touch starved much?
⋆ Definitely the chillest kitten you could have. Though beware, he hates bath time. Even more than Grim.
“S-stop staring at me like that. Y-your making me nervous. Huh!? You m–mean that I was…i was…cute! (quietly passes away)”
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Malleus Draconia <3
 It was calm. 
 Something that you were having increasingly difficulties in finding these past few days. Staring up at the starry sky, you sighed blissfully. Even though you weren’t familiar with the constellations and such in the dark abyss, you still found beauty in it.
 “Is that what Rook means about finding beauty within things?’ You asked out loud. Taking a seat on the grass, you let yourself flop down. Fingers intertwined with the thin threads of grass. Inhaling the cool night air. Admiring the sparkling night.
 It was perfect. You felt at peace.
You blinked, once, twice. You waited for the noise again.
 It was closer this time. Turning your head to the right, you watched as a small black kitten emerged from the thick foliage of the bushes. Said kitten looked all around until its pretty green eyes settled onto you. Jumping, the kitten meowed again and rushed towards you. Falling a few times in the process.
 Sitting up, you caught the kitten in time before it could fall onto its face again. Holding it at arm's length, you laughed softly at the kitten’s meows of delight. “And who are you?”
 Bringing the kitten closer, you admired its silky ebony fur. Holding its paw between your fingers you melted at its little pink toe beans. The kitten purred in happiness. 
 “You’re the cutest thing imaginable. Yes, you are.” You cooed softly, cuddling your cheek against its tiny head. The kitten proceeds to nuzzle its nose with yours. You practically squealed in happiness. So cute!
 Setting the kitten on your lap, you laughed as the kitten got comfortable on your lap. Staring up at you with its mesmerizing emerald eyes. Scratching behind its ear, you murmured softly, “Y’know, you remind me of someone I know.”
 It blinked.
 “His name is Malleus. He has black hair like you and the prettiest green eyes I’ve ever seen. And I mean, pretty pretty. No joke.” pinching its cheek, you murmured playfully, “But he’s not nearly as cute as you.”
 The kitten meowed. 
 Closing your eyes, you fell back on your back and brought the kitten to your chest. Letting it rest on you. Pawing at your chest, the kitten soon settled on you and purred softly.
 “I think I’ll call you Malleus Jr. How about it?”
“Fufufu, I thought the term jr. was given to a child?” 
 Looking up, you smiled at the bright magenta eyes that twinkled with amusement. “Good evening, Lilia.”
 “Hello, little one. I see, Malleus is keeping you company.” Lilia mused, taking a seat beside you. Petting your head, he chuckled, “He was so eager to find you that he disappeared.”
 “Lilia, you make no sense.” you breath out, slowly getting up and setting the kitten between you both. 
 The kitten proceeded to stumble towards Lilia’s outstretched gloved hand and purred loudly. An amused smile on Lilia’s youthful features. Glancing up at you, he grinned, “My child, you really are as oblivious as the rumors.”
 “Rumors?! There’s rumors about me?” You gasped, your hand covering your agape mouth.
 Chuckling, he nodded, “Tons, but that's not why I’m here.”
 “No no, Lilia you gotta tell me now. You can’t just say stuff and not spill.” You pouted.
 Placing a finger to his lips, he smiled, “How about we talk about it over a cup of tea?”
 Stretching out your hand, you nodded your head, “Deal.” He shook your hand, and you asked another question, “So why are you here?”
 “To retrieve Malleus of course.” Lilia said simply. His eyes twinkled in bliss. Pointed to the kitten that suddenly clung onto your hand, he said, “But it appears Malleus has no intentions on leaving his human any time soon. Ah, young love.”
  “Wha- Malleus?” 
 Green eyes glossed over with wonder. With a nod, Malleus jumped onto your lap and made no signs to move.
 Sighing, you stared at Lilia and deadpanned, “You’re paying kitten support.”
 “Fufufu, why of course~”
⋆ Okay, I am biased when I say Malleus is probably the best kitten to take care of.
⋆ He’s calm, full of curiosity, incredibly gentle, just really really sweet. Like he’s ten times smaller than you, but still treats you like he’s at his regular height. He’s careful not to hurt you with his claws, careful not to jump too hard on you. Its like he’s the one taking care of you and not the other way around.
⋆ Also, he’s really pretty. He’s like in the top three of prettiest kittens (vil and leona following behind) As mentioned, he has black fur because obviously, with the shiniest, brightest green eyes. Just down right beautiful. Also strands of fur that stick up on the tips of his ears that swoop up that emulate his horns. The cutest.
⋆ He’s ecstatic that he gets to spend time with you. Since he’s a kitten, he gets to go places with you that he normally couldn't. (much to sebek's dismay) Malleus attends class with you, sitting at your side or on the desk. He loves lunches, because he gets to experience what it's like to be a regular student (as regular as you can be as a kitten), to see you, the braincell trio, plus Jack or Epel, all goof around and talk about how hard a test was. He loves seeing your large smile and laughter. Also that head scratches he gets from Deuce or Epel is a plus.
⋆ There's never a dull moment with Malleus, you soon find out. Because this boy is so full of wonder and curiosity, that you can’t help but indulge him. Malleus loves to sit in the basket of your bike, he loves the way the wind pushes through his fur. Most of all, he loves the way your laughter sounds so joyful and bright.
⋆ Malleus, although likes to walk with you, also loves to sit on your shoulder and stare at everyone. Seeing everyone’s emotions and expression. Since every reaction he seems to get in his regular form, are ones of fear and total obedience. So it’s intriguing to Malleus to see all these different emotions, ranging from happiness to despair to rage to nonchalance. Malleus grows a deeper fastiation with humans after.
⋆ He doesn't really take naps, but will if you want to take one. Loves to cuddle into your side or chest.
⋆ Malleus in a very simple way to put it is incredibly gentle and curious. He wants to know so much more about the world, about the people around him and most importantly you. That he’s willing to drink as many kitten transformation potions to be able to experience what it's like to be a regular student and to be able to experience the warmth of your hands on his head once more.
‘My child of man, what do you think of going to Briar Valley with me? Hm? ‘Why’ you ask? Well, to put it simply, I learned a lot while I was a small kitten and that’s because of you. You allowed me to experience the highs and lows of a normal student life. I only want to repay you by allowing you to experience more of the world. Afterall, this campus is quite small.’
Tumblr media Tumblr media
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twst-trash · a month ago
Oops, All Babies!
Also affectionately dubbed My Harem’s Children Came to Find Me in My Own Timeline!
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Based off of this drabble that I had no idea would be so popular. Thank you to the person who commissioned this second part and allowed me to crank it out faster!
Now a mother of 23 six-year-olds, you’re tasked with keeping all of their little emotions in check. If that wasn’t hard enough, you also have 23 fathers-to-be barking up your door in a dick-measuring contest to see who’s the most fit to be your spouse.
content: fem!reader x literally everyone, reader has children (in alternate timelines), sfw.
Tumblr media
Ambrose the 63rd doesn’t quite know what to do about Dire Crowley’s sudden visit to the Royal Sword Academy grounds. The students were spooked to see the feathered man rush past them as his cape swept the halls, striding past each student with reckless abandon. Ambrose’s office door is nearly flung off of its hinges by Crowley’s over enthusiastic swing.
“Lord Crowley,” he nods in the direction of the man, wizened features twisted with confusion. “To what do I owe the pleasure?”
“Save the pleasantries, I implore you.” He wheezes, winded from his walk up RSA’s seemingly endless staircases. “There’s been a dilemma.”
At first, Ambrose believes it’s simply Crowley’s flair for the dramatic talking- but the other headmaster is twitchy, losing feathers by the minute. As out of character it is that Crowley sought help from the likes of himself, it would be even more out of character for Ambrose to turn a blind eye to a compatriot in need. “Very well. What plagues Night Raven Academy?”
Crowley takes a deep, stuttering breath. The next word out of his mouth is spoken like a curse, as if uttering its name alone was enough to doom them both. “Children.”
Meanwhile, in Heartslabyul…
“Smile for daddy, baby!”
Cater’s photo gallery is filled to the brim with his child’s face, a perfect blend of his and your features. The boy loves the attention- something clearly inherited by his father- happily standing still or posing for the many, many photos his dad took of him. Cater scoops the boy into his arms and leads him back to the tea garden, where you sip tea and watch over your children scattered about the yard.
The Heartslabyul dormitory is more than stimulating enough for the kids, you have come to find out, as you watch Ace and Deuce’s respective children run amok. The boys are in a fierce competition with each other, constantly trying to one-up the other, whether that be who was the fastest or who could jump the farthest or even who could spell the most words correctly. You smile over your teacup at them, their behaviors mimicking that of their fathers’ all too well.
“My kid is definitely beating yours.” Ace pipes in from his seat at the table. The strawberry tart that sits in front of him has tiny finger marks from where his kid had ungainly dug his hands into for a piece, but he seems mostly unphased by the ordeal, shoving a forkful in his mouth while Deuce fumes.
“Hah? Wanna run that by me again?” Deuce starts indignantly, cocking his head to the side as if it were a threat.
“Drop the delinquent act in front of the children, Juice.” Ace snaps back, and Deuce backs down, his anger replaced by a reluctant grumble. “Don’t want them picking up any bad habits.”
“Yeah, yeah.” Deuce mumbles, looking softly at his child, whose running had torn up much of Heartslabyul’s once pristine sod. You squeeze Deuce’s hand reassuringly, still amused at the blatant similarities between father and son.
You shift your gaze to meet Riddle’s from across the table. It’s almost comical, the contrast between his burning red face and his collected composure. The grip on his teacup is far too strong for a person unaffected by the current circumstance. You know exactly what’s running through his head right now: these kids are breaking every single one of the Queen’s rules.
Still, with his own son perfectly copying his demeanor, from his posture to his tight teacup grip, Riddle lets himself relax under his son’s purposeful watch. He’s different from his mom- you know he’d be a good dad.
To your left, Trey is explaining to his daughter in his lap about how he made all of the pastries for the tea party. Her eyes glow, shining with interest as she surveys Trey’s impressive arrangement of treats. Unlike Ace’s kid, her fascination with the baked goods was less because she was hungry for them, but because she was curious about them. You could tell that she already had the makings of a good cook.
Ace and Deuce spring to their feet when they hear a loud thud from the other side of the hedge maze. It could only be their children. Even when going to save them, they look like they’re in a competition against each other.
Cater takes the opportunity to sit next to you, child situated on his lap. You smile up at the small boy, giving him a soft kiss on the cheek. Cater follows suit, kissing the other side of his face as well. The child giggles, clearly pleased with the attention showered upon him.
“We’d be the best parents~” Cater laughs to himself, ruffling his son’s hair, “Don’t you think, Prefect?”
“Not as good as me-“ Ace’s voice rings, followed shortly by Deuce’s protest of ‘or me!’ from the other side of the hedge maze.
“I think we’d be the best parents.” Trey pipes in, a charming smile on his face. “I’ve got a lot of experience, you know. Raising my siblings is no joke.”
“Prefect, I think we all know that we’d be the best parental duo.” Riddle states, to which the mini version of him nods.
“So,” Cater tries again, his boy waiting just as expectantly. “Who do you think the best dad is?”
“I-“ You sputter, not expecting to be put on the spot like that. “I-I have to go! Lots of kids to see, you know?”
And with a kiss on the head to all of your children (and, regrettably for them, none of the fathers), you’re off to see the rest of your brood.
Later, in Savanaclaw…
“Get off me.” Leona sleepily grumbles. “Now. Or else.”
“Not scared of you, papa!” His- no. His and your daughter exclaims, a toothy smile stretched across her face. She looks so much like you- aside from the beastman features, her tail and ears and killer canines to match. “Mama wants you to wake up.”
“I do.” You begrudgingly say, watching as the beastman’s ear twitches at the sound of your voice. “Get up. Or else.”
Leona grumbles but surprisingly gets out of bed. His daughter squeals, happy to see her father be dragged out of sleep, and goes to hug his leg.
“Damn anklebiter.” Leona groans, but he makes no effort to remove the small child from his calf.
Moving to the Savanaclaw common room, you’re greeted by the sight of Ruggie and his son play-wrestling. Ruggie lets his son pin him easily, laughing breathily when his son lets out a victory screech.
Jack is also in the common room, doing part of his daily workout regimen. His usual routine usually included a few reps of push-ups, and today was no exception. Except, of course, for the little wolf beastman sitting atop his back, legs crossed as his father worked out.
The Savanaclaw boys were all very physical. It makes you wonder about your daily lives with them, if you were to end up with any of them. Would your days be spent underneath the hot sun, running, playing, and training your kids to be in peak physical condition? You’re not sure you can handle all that. But the children in front of you, so happy and content with their fathers, makes you reconsider.
Unfortunately, all good things must come to an end, and the peaceful little symbiosis happening within the common area is altogether ripped apart.
“You’re delusional if you think this timeline belongs to anyone else.” Leona grouses, folding his arms in front of his chest. “I already have that herbivore wrapped around my finger.”
“Riiiight.” Ruggie says, rolling his eyes. “I’ll believe it when I see it. The Prefect likes me and my kid better, no question about it.”
Jack scoffs. It’s unusual to see him butt into arguments, but he can’t help himself from putting his two cents in on this particular situation. “With all due respect, Leona, I’m not sure that you’re the most qualified to be a father, considering your daughter’s been clinging to you for the past half an hour, and you’ve barely acknowledged her.”
Plus, he adds in his mind, I’m clearly the best fit to be a parent here.
Leona growls, but heeds Jack's warning and scoops his child up. Her eyes immediately light up as he lifts her. She really does look like you- and like him- which stirs something unfamiliar within him. (Parental instinct, in your lion boy? It’s more likely than you think.)
“Wonder how many times it took us for her to pop up.”
His statement dawns on you slowly, causing you to smack his chest indignantly.
“You’re disgusting.” You say, rolling your eyes.
“What? I’m just sayin’ what we’re all thinking.”
“I hope there’s a timeline where I kick you square in the balls so you can’t have children.”
Leona covers his daughter’s ears and tsks at you. “Is that any way to speak in front of our damn kid?”
Parents of the year, all of them.
Even later, in Octavinelle…
Azul’s kid is, regrettably, just as much of a crybaby as he is. In different ways, granted. While Azul could mask his emotions with layer upon layer of false confidence and business expertise, his daughter had yet to find out how to do so. Instead, her true and honest emotions come out whenever they please. It’s refreshing- the sincerity. Azul was surprisingly good at comforting her, though, talking her through her emotions in a surprising display of gentle parenting.
You can’t tell Jade and Floyd’s kids apart. It’s almost inevitable that their children would look the same, they’re identical twins, of course they’re going to look the same. But unlike their fathers, even their personalities are a little hard to match. Jade’s daughter has a lot of qualities that Floyd has, with her silly demeanor and take-no-shit attitude, even at her age. Floyd’s daughter, on the other hand, seems much more serious than her… cousin? Half-sister? The multidimensional travel was almost as confusing as the fact that they were related from both sides of the family. Ugh.
“Shrimpy’s gonna have my babies.”
You gulp at the implication of the plural tense, Floyd’s mood suddenly shifting and making the air in the Monstro Lounge unbearably tense.
“Now now, Floyd.” Azul chastises, voice low. “No one said the Prefect wouldn’t- just maybe not in this timeline.”
“Azul.” Jade says with a warning smile. “Please don’t talk to Floyd like that- we don’t know what could happen between now and then. It could be any of us- the ones that are still around, that is.”
You’re suddenly reminded of the fact that Jade is scarier than Floyd half of the time.
You slowly back your way out from the Monstro Lounge, not wanting to know what went on behind those closed doors after you left.
Later, later, in Scarabia…
To your surprise, Kalim and Jamil’s kids seem to like each other a lot.
You watch as they splash around in the oasis together, laughing and dancing and just having a good time. The sun in Scarabia was sweltering, unrelenting as your body sweats underneath it, but being able to watch your kids makes it feel a little better.
Kalim’s boy is so much like him- a beaming light of cheerful energy. If you try to imagine a future with the two of them, you can envision it being one of smiles and laughter. You can also envision the slightly less ideal scenario of having two Kalims around. Of course it would be lovely, but it would be draining.
Jamil’s kid seemed quite unlike Jamil himself at first glance, but upon spending time with the boy, you were quick to find out that he was just as talented as his father. Academically smart, good at dancing and singing- it seemed as though the kid was just like Jamil, but without holding himself back.
“I can’t wait for our kids to be friends in the future!” Kalim beams, oblivious to the greater implications.
“There’s no way that our kids can be friends.” Jamil tries to explain, holding the bridge of his nose to soothe the impending headache.
Kalim ponders this for a moment before lighting back up. “Oh! Because they’d be brothers, right? Half-brothers, because the Prefect is their mom!”
The shorter boy smiles as if he had solved Jamil’s riddle, to which Jamil just sighs. It seems as if he had resigned himself to let Kalim think whatever he wanted.
You take the moment to slip out of Scarabia undetected.
Later still, in Pomefiore…
Rook’s kid has the most uncanny way of sneaking up behind you. No matter how  aware of your surroundings you think you are, you most certainly are not aware enough for Rook’s child. Her favorite move is to ambush you from behind, exclaiming ‘mommy!’ as she practically tackles you to the ground. A hunter’s instinct is genetic, apparently.
Epel’s kid is tall for a kindergartner. It makes him both proud and envious at the same time. Would his kid surpass him in manliness even at age 6? These were the thoughts that Epel tried to shoo away as he played with his son, who was strong, too, he had come to find out. Still, when prompted by Vil, his son was more than happy to offer himself to the facials and makeup that came his way. It made Epel’s head spin.
Vil’s child is beautiful- of course he is- and completely idolizes his father. The three of you spend a lot of time watching Vil’s movies together, laughing as your son plays along to Vil’s parts, reciting them by memory. He loves when his father braids his hair, loves taking care of himself, and is hooked on a simplified version of Vil’s skincare routine already.
The Pomefiore students don’t outwardly discuss among themselves who they believe to be the father in their dimension- they all believe it to be themselves, obviously. That doesn’t stop them from talking shit about the other dorms, though.
“Well, all I know is that it surely isn’t Kingscholar’s timeline…” Vil likes to mumble underneath his breath. “The darkest timeline, that one is.”
After a short passage of time, in Inginhyde…
Idia’s son loves his Uncle Ortho. You can see so many similarities between the two of them, more so than him and Idia. The boy is an extrovert, for one. He had been socializing with the other kids from the other dorms, much to Idia’s chagrin. Still, if there was one thing that he and his son could relate to, it was video games.
It’s cute to watch them bond over the games that they both like, their eyes sparkling in the same way when presented with their favorite series, gushing about characters and gameplay and everything else in-between.
You are more than happy to sit in Idia’s room and watch them play, commenting here and there about their performance, and even hopping in to play sometimes. It warms your heart to see Idia get along so swimmingly with his son.
“I-I’ve run the probabilities through this algorithm I’ve created.” Idia suddenly admits, the tips of his hair flaring pink in embarrassment. “The chances of me- of us ending up together is 1 in 300. That’s only a 0.33% pull rate! That’s one of the most broken rates I’ve ever seen in any gatcha.”
He huffs, an uncomfortable wash of disappointment caressing his features, voice suddenly muttering. “Shitty probabilities for the good end.”
He’s muttering more about how he needs to ‘level up his charisma stat for a higher chance’ or something of that nature when you decide to stay just a little longer. You squeeze his hand and watch as your two boys- in some dimension- play games together, occasionally hopping in and switching out with either of them.
Eventually, in Diasomnia…
The inhabitants of Diasomnia are surprisingly cohabitual with their children. Given Lilia’s role of caretaker, it almost makes sense- after all, Lilia’s child is essentially Silver’s brother, and Silver’s child is Lilia’s grandchild… this whole thing really does make your head hurt.
Lilia never thought that he’d have a biological child. He had raised many children in his life- was still raising Silver and Malleus, essentially- but seeing the way his and your genes mixed together was fascinating to him. He loved that the child had your nose and his eyes and pointy teeth. Lilia would raise a million of them if he could.
Silver’s child is just as sleepy as he is. Most of the time you can find them passed out on the same couch, or lying underneath a tree with their head in his lap. When the three of you snuggle together, something you had begun to do when Silver’s kid kept insisting that you should, it feels so comforting- like you really could be family.
Sebek’s child is a clone of him, you swear. He walks like him, talks like him, and even worships Malleus like him. You suppose it makes sense- once Sebek is too old to continue serving Malleus, who would be better to take up his mantle than his own son?
And Malleus… Well, Malleus has been over the moon since he found out the two of you had a child together. He’s so gentle with your kid, and you for that matter. He held the both of you as if you would break if he held on too tight. He loves you, he loves your child, and he does everything in his power to make sure you know that.
“Papa?” The child pipes up, inquisitively.
“Yes, darling?”
“Where’s the baby in Mama’s stomach?”
It takes a moment for you and Malleus to realize what he had said. Two kids. It affirms to him it wasn’t just a mistake, that you had chosen to love him as he had chosen to love you.
Malleus’ heart couldn’t be fuller.
At last, in the Teacher’s Lounge…
Unbeknownst to you, two other children had popped up out of the blue and manifested within the teacher’s lounge.
When Ambrose the 63rd and Crowley return to Night Raven College, they're surprised to see Crewel already sitting in the Teacher’s Lounge with two young boys. One looks suspiciously like Crewel, his hair swooped over the same way and same intense gray eyes. The other sits next to him, wearing a handmade mask that looks suspiciously like Crowley’s own.
“Seems we have two more possible puppies in the fray.” Crewel says, ruffling his son’s hair in the same way you would pet a dog. “Isn’t that something?”
“Not from this timeline, clearly. No mystery there.” Crowley sighs, though a strange fondness for the boy overtakes him as the diy-crow’s mask slips from his face, revealing a shining golden eye, much like his own. He adjusts the mask- a paper plate cut in half with crudely glued feathers and a beak messily drawn on with sharpie- for his son, a soft smile taking over Crowley’s face despite himself.
Crowley sends for you (and all of your children and fathers-to-be shortly after that), and your stomach drops when you see two more kids.
You imagine yourself older, perhaps a professor at Night Raven College, teaching your favorite subject. Maybe you would’ve fallen in love with them by bumping into each other in the hallways, or reaching for the creamer at the same time in the Teacher’s Lounge. Before you know it, the kids are wrapping themselves around you, the same chorus of ‘mama, mama, mama!’ that you’ve come to get used to. You smile at them and kiss them on their foreheads before sitting down to listen to what Crowley had gathered you all for.
“I had to dig into the recesses of Royal Sword Academy’s archives for these, but I was finally able to find them.” Ambrose begins, fishing out three rainbow colored stones from his pockets. They shine iridescently, splashing the walls with prismatic color when they catch the light. “They’re multidimensional travel stones. They’re nearly impossible to find in the wild, and synthetically made duplicates are simply not strong enough to pull a person more than one-to-two multidimensional branches away.”
“We’ll install this into a specialized mirror capable of interdimensional travel.  These will send the children home,” Crowley begins, his gaze shifting to you. “And it has the power to send you home, too, Prefect.”
This hush is even more painful than the one that had blanketed your previous conversation about the children. They were all so caught up wondering whose timeline won out in the end that they hadn’t stopped to think of the alternate outcome- that it was no one’s.
No, not no one’s. Yours.
You reach out to Ambrose and trace your finger down the surface of the smooth stone laying flat in his palm- but something happens when you run your hands along those stones.
A thousand different images flash through your head. It’s a blinding light show of futures to come and pasts rewritten. Your physical body bleeds into the light, feeling every outcome as if they were written into your molecules. Every heartbreak, every joy melded together and crashed into each other and coursed through your veins. Is this it? Which timeline is mine?
Your body is sapped back into your physical form as a cacophony of voices call your name. Your hands reflexively jump from the stones, as if you had been burned, taking several steps back as you caught your breath. Your eyes, now firmly placed back into your skull, scan over the sea of worried faces.
Ambrose approaches you, a comforting hand rubbing your back, reeling you back into reality.
“They’ll take you home when we plug them into the mirror.” He explains. “We can do it now with the children, or we can do it later- it’s purely up to you.”
You look around the room, surveying the grim expressions of everyone around you.
“Well,” You begin, your voice pattering off at the end. Their friendship, camaraderie, and dedication to you (hell, to your hypothetical babies, too) were enough to sway your decision. “… It would be a shame not to finish the semester.”
The boys give their tearful goodbyes to their children. You really had started to love them as your own. Even people you weren’t sure would be attached to their kids were having a hard time letting go.
When the last child slips into the portal, there’s a sad empty feeling that wells within everyone’s stomach.
“In light of everything,” Crowley begins, “The Prefect will stay here until the end of the semester- and then it’s her choice if she decides to go home or not.”
And that invigorates the boys once more. No, they weren’t hopeless, they did have a chance with you- but neither would their fate be set in stone. They needed to work to prove that they were worth staying for.
And maybe someday, one of them might see their child, smiling up at them with all the warmth and love a child can give to their parents, once again.
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arent-i-the-fairest · 3 months ago
hi! i absolutely loved yer “while you were gone” fic, and was wondering if i could request how, ace, duce, ruggie, azul, vil, idia and malleus would react to the reader getting kidnapped by rsa students (the students thought the reader needed “saving” from nrc) thanks!
𝐚𝐧 𝐮𝐧𝐞𝐱𝐩𝐞𝐜𝐭𝐞𝐝 𝐞𝐯𝐞𝐧𝐭
⚠️ notes : kidnapping
author’s note : not rsa’s most terrific idea, i must say! they better start saying their prayers, none of these boys take harm to their s/o lightly.
thank you for the request, dear~ (・ω・ ) ♪ so glad you liked my other fic, hope you enjoy reading this one too!
a knock on ramshackle’s door from a couple of rsa students this late at night was the last thing you expected. you were left wishing you hadn’t opened the door at all..
“i’m serious you guys, you’re horribly mistaken! i don’t need ‘saving’ from nrc.” you sigh, pinching the bridge of your nose. “no, y/n, you’re mistaken— this school is no place for someone as wonderful and kindhearted as you, this is a villain’s school!” one of the rsa boys exclaimed, taking one of your hands in his. “royal sword academy is where you belong!”
grim, annoyed, flew up to the group of unwanted visitors. “can’t ya guys get it in your heads? my henchman doesn’t wanna go, they like it here! now, could ya scram so we could get some sleep? it’s nearly midnight, y’know!” he huffed, arms crossed.
the group shared a look between each other before nodding.
“this is bad, we really better get you out of here before nrc taints your mind any further!” “wha—? WAHH!” you let out a shriek as one of the boys hoist you up. “no worries, y/n! we’ll save you from this terrible place!”
“h-hey, put me down! this isn’t funny, i don’t wanna go to rsa—! grim! don’t just stand there, DO SOMETHING!”
the group was able to dodge all of grim’s fiery attacks— these rsa guys are better trained than he thought! panting, he gave up on attacking and flew his way over to someone he knew would be able to do something! and that person was….
ace trappola
“oh, they are goin’ down.”
charges into rsa, no fucks given— beats his way past all the security guards and not bothering to tell them the story. the second he finds you, he’s asking where the guys who took you were— he is not leaving without a fight, even if you beg with him not to cause a scene and say the two of you should just head back already. ace wants to give those guys a piece of his mind, they’re not getting off scot free after the little stunt they pulled!
deuce spade
“i won’t let them get away with this!”
delinquent deuce mode : on
just like ace, he’s rushing over and doesn’t stop when security guards tell him to halt. he’s only got one thought in that mind of his, and it’s to get you back. it’s only after he finds you, gets a couple of punches in on your captors that he goes and apologizes to the guards and tells them the situation. thankfully they were understanding and went to go and give further punishment to the group of boys.
ruggie bucchi
“….you’ve gotta be shitting me.”
these rsa guys are just getting themselves more reasons for him to dislike them.. not only are they filthy rich and super pampered, but they go and pull something like this?
ruggie’s able to sneak in and find you real quick. he’s one of the few out of the bunch who doesn’t go and pummel your captors. he tells you to go and find their headmaster to report what they did— but him? oh, he’s gonna mess up their rooms a bit. vandalizing, snatching items, he knows what he’s doin’ is bad too, but hey, he’s gotta get some kinda revenge, right? an eye for an eye.
azul ashengrotto
“oho..? thank you for telling me, i’ll take care of it from here.”
dramatically pushes up glowing glasses
you just know he’s walking up there with contracts in hand. they have absolutely nothing beneficial to the rsa boys, but then again, none of azul’s contracts have any actual benefit for the client. no matter, he’s a smooth talker and will use his con artist skills to not just rescue you, but to get a little revenge for you too~!
vil schoenheit
“absolutely unacceptable.”
though he promised himself he would keep his temper in check and just report the student’s crime to their headmaster, he couldn’t resist giving those rsa students a beating for what they did.. and we all know how strong of a magician vil is. it was quite a shock for the students! after all, they’ve only ever heard neige’s description of him, which didn’t portray him as the scarily strong type at all. well, now they know! ..and they won’t ever want to try something like this again.
idia shroud
“and here i thought they supposed to be good guys..”
with ortho’s help, you’re plucked right out of rsa and swiftly brought back to nrc with nobody noticing and no fuss. don’t think that’s the end of it through, idia’s not letting them off the hook just like that. he’s already making posts exposing the crime those rsa normies committed to every social media platform he can think of, the news reaching hundreds of thousands. hmph, serves them right.
malleus draconia
“hah! how very, very bold of them to do such a thing.”
rest in piece rsa 🙏
if they knew malleus was your s/o, they wouldn’t dare to even think about doing this. good thing malleus decides to makes it known to everyone in rsa that he’s your s/o with a greenish, cloudy sky and cold wind blowing around their campus. he might let them off easy this time, but if they’re foolish enough to try it again, he won’t be as merciful.
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Eating instant ramen at 2am
notes: starting to write on my own whim for a while and this is the first idea I had, idk what this says about me but I have dated before and I can confirm that this is definitely a bonding experience
characters included: riddle rosehearts, leona kingscholar, idia shroud, malleus draconia
contains: character x gn!reader
warnings: none
Tumblr media
Riddle is....not amused with this idea. Absolutely not on board with this.
His mum didn't even allow him to eat strawberry tarts, there's no way he ever even got close to instant ramen. He was told fast food and instant food was the devil's invention
He's so sceptical. Literally looks at you like "We shouldn't even be in the kitchen at this time, we should be fucking asleep what are you doing to my poor schedule?!"
The reason he is in this predicament is that you couldn't sleep and had him resting in your lap but at some point became too hungry to even try and fall asleep comfortably so you wanted to get up and grab a snack, unfortunately waking your slumbering boyfriend in the process.
So he decided to accompany you to the kitchen because you could never remember which foods were needed for following the rules of the Queen of Hearts accordingly and which were fine to just snack.
He sat down at the table and his eyes wandered to the fruit plate. But you had other plans, opening the cupboard and pulling out two plastic cups with instant ramen.
"I didn't even plan to eat anything. Also is this your idea of a midnight snack??", Riddle looked at you with a shocked expression. "Not midnight, 2am", you argued, ripping the lid off the cup noodles and turning on the water boiler. "That doesn't make it better, you know", Riddle buried his face in his hands, "actually that only makes it worse."
You chuckled and poured water onto the noodles. Riddle is like "what are you doing why are you making two 🤦🏻‍♀️" and you just grin at him.
He's very conflicted because on one hand he grew up being told he shouldn't eat food like this but it was also a rule not to throw away food. According to your opinion that made it a loophole. Not that you encouraged him to keep sticking to his mother's rules anyway but Riddle had to take small steps.
He eventually begrudgingly eats them and noticed they don't actually taste as badly as he's been told. Still not healthy but he wasn't planning to eat them again anytime soon.
"This would get me into so much trouble at home", he stated. "So would dating me and you still decided to do it", you shrugged. Mrs. Rosehearts had no idea her son had fallen in love. Or overblotted. Or broken several of her rules. "You know that's different", Riddle pouted. "It's not", you argued and gave him fingerguns. He just shook his head in disappointment but kept eating, hoping no one would come into the kitchen who he'd have to explain this to. Then again he was the dorm leader. No one remembered all the rules anyway he could just make up a new one to justify this.... NO. What was he thinking? Lying about the rules was against the rules, why was he even considering making up rules?!
"You're a bad influence", he sighed, still wearing a pouting expression on his face but grabbed your hand across the table and held it in his own. "And yet you love me", you winked at him and he chuckled. "That I do", Riddle affirmed and pressed a kiss to your hand.
"We should add 'You shouldn't have an existential crisis over cup noodles on a Saturday' to the rules", you mused and Riddle just rolled his eyes at you but had to admit that this was exactly the type of thing that the Queen of Hearts would put into her rules.
He enjoyed the instant ramen but he would never admit that over his dead body
Tumblr media
Leona eats instant ramen regularly. He's kinda torn because yes, they barely have any vegetables but they also barely have any meat. But they're the fastest warm meal he can easily make, so they'll work well with his unmotivated and depressed mood.
This is a habit he definitely started after coming to NRC because at the palace the food was prepared for him by the staff. He was sceptical too at first because how could you prepare noodles like this in just 5 minutes but his lack of motivation eventually got the better of him and he tried them and found them acceptable.
Leona is very protective of you so sometimes when you remove his arms around you and get up he actually wakes up. "Where are you going herbivore?", he mumbles, half-asleep. When you tell him you're going to make yourself some instant ramen he just asks you to bring some for him too. You just hoped he'd still be awake by the time it was done.
Leona usually has no problem preparing easy things like this for you and bringing you food but nothing gets this man out of bed at 2am that isn't necessarily a catastrophe or you suffering in any way so you'll have to be the one to go to the kitchen this time.
Leona generally sleeps shirtless because Savanaclaw dorm is so warm and also he likes having you snuggle against his chest and feeling your warm skin against his, so you raise your eyebrows at him when he only sits up halfway and eats the noodles with a spoon. "This looks like a disaster waiting to happen." "Only if you're stupid enough to spill the fucking water", he replies with a grumpy tone. You chuckle and affectionately scratch his ears before eating your own cup of ramen.
Even though it's 2am and you're eating instant ramen he asks you "How are you enjoying your meal?", like you're in a 5 star restaurant and gives you a smirk.
If he's done earlier than you he'll stick his spoon into your ramen and eat part of yours as well and you just look at him like "seriously?!"
"First you steal my heart and now you steal my instant noodles, what do I even get out of this relationship?", you tease him and he presses a kiss to your neck and his tail flicks from side to side. "You get my love and affection", he says and wraps his arms around you while letting you finish the rest of your cup.
You're about to get up to throw the empty cups into the trash can under Leona's desk as he holds you back and places them on the nightstand and pulls you back into his arms to snuggle. "Ruggie will clean these up in the morning." "You're so questionable sometimes", you sigh but Leona just chuckles and decides to shut you up with kisses.
His kisses become more and more lazy until he's asleep holding you in his embrace again.
Tumblr media
Another one who eats instant noodles regularly. Probably even more often than Leona. If you like eating them, chances are this is already a ritual.
When Idia plays video games or watching streams until late at night, he often eats instant noodles when he needs a snack because it's very quickly prepared.
He keeps the cup noodles in his room and Ortho has a built-in water boiling function so you don't even need to go to a kitchen for this.
At some point you actually convince him to try and cook dinner with you but the only things Idia knows about cooking are from anime cooking ASMR's so he kinda fucks the soup up.
So you decide to just make instant noodles again later.
Idia has favorite instant ramen brands and flavors and sometimes you convince him to go to Sam's shop with you and he goes through the shelves and is like "this one is my favorite" and "oh they brought back the limited edition one"
He's literally excited to eat them
When he plays games or streams as well as when you eat cup noodles he lets you sit on his lap of course. While you wait for the noodles to get ready he places kisses onto your neck and wraps his arms around your waist and affectionately draws circles onto your stomach or thighs with his fingertips. Or lets you bury your face in his oversized shirts
These are usually the moments where you share some of your inside jokes.
Idia loves to stay up with you late and just joke around and share his passions with you. Man's thriving.
Excessively comments on the taste of the noodles like he's a famous food critic and you just watch him amused. "This one doesn't taste like it used to" or "As always this brand brings me a lot of joy when I play games".
He lets you try from his cup too if you've never tried that kind before
Usually finishes his instant noodles before you so he'll be clinging to you and placing kisses onto your neck and shoulders. Sometimes he'll nibble on your skin.
"Idia I'm eating." "This is eating with heightened difficulty level."
Idia is just super affectionate at 2am. He's used to your warmth and affection, he's not letting go of you just for eating, that'd be colder and less comfortable and he'd probably complain until you give him a kiss and let him snuggle up to you again
Also one who doesn't throw away the cups until the next morning. Or Ortho throws them into the trash. One of those two options.
Tumblr media
Malleus doesn't even know what instant noodles are.
Baffled. Perplexed. Fascinated. His mind is blown.
Malleus barely even sleeps so when he notices you waking up in his arms he'll press his lips to yours to wake you with a soft kiss.
You two hadn't eaten much for dinner because it was Lilias cooking. You explain to him that you're hungry and feel like eating a cup of instant ramen and he's like
"What is instant ramen?"
Congratulations, you just opened an entirely new can of worms
You tell him it'd be easier to just show him and lead him to the kitchen. Malleus holds your hand all the way and he's curious what you're going to show him.
He watches you silently as you take the cups from the shelves, boil water, pour the boiling water onto the noodles and stir. He's so intrigued. It's like that time he first took a car at Scalding Sands, he's just silent and looks at you with his surprised Malleus face™.
Convinced this is similar to witchcraft and potion-making and you don't have the heart to tell him that it's cheap, questionable industrial production.
He will go on and on about how incredible it is that you can prepare a meal like this and can't wait to try it out
Genuinely loves the cup noodles and comments on how tasty they are
When he learns there are different kinds he definitely wants to try them. Also wants a second cup of noodles right then and there because there wasn't much in his compared to how much Malleus usually eats. And how could you say no to his cute surprised face?
You can't help but chuckle at how confused and fascinated he is by this
He also asks you whether you're enjoying your meal like you're at a 5 star restaurant but unlike Leona he actually says this completely unironically.
He also treasures if you just talk to him about whatever crosses your mind while eating the noodles. He appreciates the casual atmosphere and holds your hand.
Instant noodles actually become one of his favorite foods and Sebek has half a heart attack when he finds out you made instant ramen of all things for the great Prince Malleus of Briar Valley.
Meanwhile Malleus is just pouting when he's told how unhealthy they are. He's an overpowered immortal dragon fae, this isn't gonna hurt him. Sebek doesn't comment on this afterwards. He respects Wakasamas decision.
Lilia is very amused by this. He's pleased that Malleus is discovering something so simple and human for himself.
Malleus wonders whether Lilia would be able to make instant ramen or whether it would just taste like his usual food
He also mails them to his grandma at some point
Definitely buys them more often now
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Idia: *Threatening random students*
Yuu: What on earth are you doing?
Idia: Attempting to be social. Support me.
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Ortho bby! What kind of romantic partner would you approve for Idia? (What do you look for in a sibling in law?)
Tumblr media
(this was supposed to be for another ask but my dumbass deleted it lmaoo but since the answer would be same I used thi drawings for this ask forgive me other anon </3)
Tag list : @amorisqasayid
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I have a request if you don't mind. What if the dorm leaders over hear MC having a convo with someone asking for the type of guy they're interested in physically wise. Mc's answer. "A man with a ponytail." What would the dorm leaders do hearing about this info
Oooo this is a v cute req! 💕
Kalim is definitely showing up to classes the next day with a ponytail. Although, he doesn’t view it as a way to try and win your affections. To him, it’s more so a way to show that he’s aware of your preferences and is happy enough to change a bit of his personal style every so often. It’s hair and he can change it whenever he feels like
Azul is also gonna show up with a ponytail, but it’s absolutely because he wants your attention. He wants you to see that he’s changed up his appearance and talk to him about it, but then he’ll play dumb and pretend that he has no clue what you’re talking about. If you compliment him on it, he’ll definitely keep the ponytail for the foreseeable future
Malleus is very intrigued. He doesn’t care much for his outward appearance and how others perceive him because of it, other than generally appearing put together and professional of course. But, if you’re so enamoured by ponytails, then maybe it wouldn’t be so bad to try one out every now and again
Riddle makes a big deal about convincing himself that he doesn’t care. Outward appearances are frivolous and he’s not gonna change anything to fit your standards. He’s confident he can win you over without it. Although, you might notice that he’s been letting his hair grow out for a little while now
Vil is offended at even the thought that he would need to change anything about his appearance for someone else. You like ponytails? Well, after he’s successfully won your heart in his own way, he’s sure you’ll find men with buns much more appealing
Leona absolutely doesn’t care at all. He’ll continue to wear his hair however he likes because it’s too much of a hassle to change it for the chance it’ll gain your attention. Although, he does tend to think back on your words when he puts his hair in a low ponytail for gym. He can’t help but wonder if you prefer low or high ponytails
Idia admittedly will try putting his hair up in a ponytail, just to see what he looks like. But he gets too embarrassed and takes his hair down immediately. It’s not like he leaves his room enough for you to even notice what hairstyle he has so there’s no point in trying. He will continue to occasionally put his hair in a ponytail and then remove it for the next while though
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Why the NRC Housewardens Have a Grudge with Your Cats
Notes: In other words, your NRC boyfriend has a grudge against your fur-babies and here's why!
It's been a hot minute since I wrote this but luckily I found it in my drive and it's too funny to not be posted--or so that is my opinion.
(Also--I made a part two with the vice housewardens! That can be found here)
I hope you enjoy! ♡
You are a proud cat parent, and no, the cat in question is not the talking fire weasel known as Grim, nor did you adopt Cheka or anyone else affiliated with the Savanaclaw dorm. 
In fact, the cats you are a parent to don’t talk, nor do they attend school, do magic, or any other remarkable anthropomorphic thing. These cats are state-of-the-art housecats, found and raised in your very own Ramshackle dorm. 
You had found them around the perimeter of the dorm not too long ago, just a group of mewing kittens with no mama cat in sight—your logic didn’t really have a say in the matter because your heart adopted them immediately, so much so that you didn’t let Grim so much as complain about his new dormmates. 
Once you were certain they were abandoned, you went to great efforts to make sure you could keep them. Crowley conceded only after you promised they’d be your responsibility, and after you reminded him that he’d placed you--a harmless and helpless student--in life-or-death situations daily (you reckon some of your pals in Octavinelle and Scarabia would have been quite proud of you for that argument). 
You also went to great lengths to make sure the kittens were well taken care of, and since Grim wasn’t going to let his tuna budget budge one bit, you took a few sacrifices upon yourself. You cleaned up a nice little room to keep their litter box in, purchased fresh litter from Sam, cleaned it, made sure the kittens were bathed, got beds for them, made them towers and toys from the scraps, fed them from your own plate… 
Having gone above and beyond for the little guys, it became quite obvious that even the grumpiest of them was smitten with you. They ran to greet you at the door as you returned from class, cuddled with you whenever you were available, and meowed whenever you felt like talking to them. You took good care of them and kept them out of harms way, and so far no NRC student had a bad encounter with them. Most who had pet your cute little dorm mates actually found them to be quite endearing, although one person in particular was not too happy with them at the moment… 
Oh, why you ask? Well, it just so happens that...
 …they didn’t follow any rules. 
Great Seven, prefect, just let him collar them! Cats were meant to be collared! Sure they weren’t magical and the collar wouldn’t do much, but it’s not like you were enforcing any rules. 
And no, he’s not as uptight as he used to be, he’s just flabbergasted that you’d let them get away with half the chaos they cause. 
Even though they’ve lived with you for a while now, those cats love to sniff around, knocking things over with their noses, scratching things up, waking you up at ungodly hours for no reason whatsoever... There was very little order to the way you ran things, and he just wanted to look out for you. 
Of course, you did train your cats to some degree, but you were much more softhearted in your methods. You rewarded good behavior and, when that didn’t work, you tried to find a non-discipline solution, such as making them a little carpet-covered cat tower to scratch up instead of your other furniture. 
There was probably some rule about keeping a bunch of cats at school anyways, he had told you once. It doesn’t matter if you got permission from Crowley—he might have continued that statement had he not seen that saddened look on your face.
With the way Riddle ran things, the only person who could get away with anything was you... even if you impulsively kept a bunch of kittens in your dorm. 
You end up co-parenting; Riddle blushed the shade of rose-red paint when you first used the term, but it wasn’t inaccurate. 
He had a lot of fun sitting down with you and deciding on rules for your little ones. Yours, as in, the both of you. That thought made him feel fuzzy inside. 
He made up rules for everything he could think of that wouldn’t cause a bother for you, such as choosing a niche and flexible feeding time, feeding proportions, even deciding on the colors of the bowls (on the cat’s unbirthday, they could eat from the red bowls, and on their birthday they could eat from the white. What do you mean, you don’t know their birthday? Guess he could make a rule that decides what day you’ll celebrate their birthdays on…)
The way you just smiled and enjoyed how happy he was to give a little structure to your dorm literally had him grinning for hours. So long that Ace asked him what was on his face when he walked back to his own dorm. 
Ace was now collared. Riddle will get rid of it before his next class.
He may not have been a stay-at-home dad to your cats (by the way, please stop telling them to ‘say hi to daddy’ when he walks through the door),  but he did enjoy being a part of your cat-parenting adventure. It made Ramshackle feel a little bit like a second home (or a second dorm, rather), or even just an escape from his own dorm once in a while. 
He also enjoyed the excuses to come see you, pretending he was just there to ‘check up on the cats’. 
Maybe the cats weren’t so bad. After all, you did have him around to maintain a little order…
You make a great team, the two of you, huh? Perfect match. 
…You demand kisses from them. 
Does he need to repeat it? You. Demand. Kisses. From. Them.
And they oblige?? 
Look, he likes your cats. They make you happy, they’re low-maintenance and fairly independent and best of all, they’re a pretty convincing way of getting you to lie down for a midday nap. With him joining, of course. 
Even if you don’t want to nap, for some reason you refuse to move if you’ve got a cat on you–meaning if he can somehow get one to fall asleep on you, then him resting a head on your shoulder or laying on your stomach or lap or wherever else is available is entirely fair game, and you won’t do a thing about it. 
On the other hand, your cats can’t be around you without you puckering your lips and saying “Gimme kith!” in that dorky little voice of yours, and for some reason that demand isn’t directed at him. 
And your cats? They'll press their heads against your lips, or bump their nose on your cheek, and it makes you the happiest dang human alive. 
Like excuse you herbivore, those lips are his to kiss, not theirs, and he’s not fond of sharing. Get their fuzzy brain cage away from your lovely face now. 
You do it all the time, and yet you’ve never demand kisses from him. Sure, you’ve asked him to kiss you before, but not so casually–and you asked those cats constantly, whereas you only seemed to ask for his affection in moments of romantic whimsy. 
It was as if you were unable to function without a little head butt or nose boop from your cats. You’d stand there with your lips puckered until their little pea-brains processed your request, acting all catlike and indifferent about it until they finally indulged you. 
They’re stringing you along, prefect, can’t you see that? 
Eventually, he asked you why on earth you demand kisses from those things like your life depends on it, when he was right there. You know what he has that those cats don't? Kissable lips. And better hygiene. 
You told him it was because your kitten-kisses were platonic, a little family sort of love. With him, you’d be asking kisses from the most attractive person in the world, your favorite person, your heart’s desire and—okay okay, he gets it. 
…do go on, though. You were saying? Heart’s desire? 
You said you got a little flustered asking, and he pointed out he’d never rejected a kiss request from you before. In fact, he challenged you to find a time where he might. You could wake him up from a nap (don’t) and he’d still be up for it… probably. 
Regardless, he makes it a point to kiss you more. Especially with those cats of yours around, who’s smug now, hm? 
 …they were freeloaders. 
Hey, hey! Don’t laugh at him, he was just going to propose a few methods of increasing the benefits of keeping them, that’s all. 
You know, he knows a few saps who would—er, a few potential patrons who would certainly pay to pet them, or who might even pay for a picture of them. 
A picture with them, perhaps? They were so cute, imagine the thaumarks you could charge!
Besides, cats were a very marketable concept. If you wouldn’t mind dropping them off at the Mostro Lounge so he could ‘babysit’ them for a day… Jade and Floyd would probably wear cat ears if he made the concept sound interesting enough… and your ‘babies’ could be the lounge’s very own mascots. He could make a drink based on them, the ‘Ramshackle Catpuccino’ perhaps? The Water-meow-len Refresher’? Waterme-lion? He’d quite like to advertise that to Leona. 
Don���t worry, of course he would keep an eye on them. He doubted Jade would actually feed them weird mushrooms anyways, or that Floyd would actually squeeze them. 
…actually, why don’t you come along too? Just hang out in the Mostro Lounge, you can even have a free drink out of the goodness of his heart, it’ll be a much deserved break for you. 
In all actuality, you really should do something about it. He’d be a fool not to notice the way you fed those cats off your own plate, forgoing lunch sometimes since cat food wasn’t always affordable. You came to Twisted Wonderland without a thaumark to your name, he didn’t understand how you could be so generous without a business goal in mind. 
It would be for their benefit too. You could buy more cat products from Sam, probably buy some treats for yourself now and again too, and spend more at the Mostro Lounge. It would be a win for everyone, really. Just listen to his advice!
Whether you take him up on the Mostro Lounge thing or not, he’ll find some way for your new dormmates to pull their own weight. 
Since you insist they can’t read the terms and conditions themselves, he won’t make a contract with them, if it means that much to you. He’ll even make a contract with you that swears he won’t, how does that sound? Hey, he was only joking, stop laughing! 
Anyways, Jade found an interesting video on the internet where someone had their cat step in paint and create some ghastly art piece with their paws. The person who posted it actually managed to sell the painting, so on a completely different note, why don’t you let him babysit your cats for awhile? Go study, go take a nap, no need to worry! It’s out of the goodness of his heart, he promises. 
Side note, you’re exceptionally cute when you’re cooing over your cats like that, so… maybe he’ll take a few pictures of you with them too. Don’t worry, though—he won’t be selling those, those pictures are all for himself. 
You say he needs to make a contract with you if he wants those? You drive a hard bargain… he supposes he’d be willing to exchange a few kisses for them, how does that sound? ♡
 …they’re a self-imposed curfew. 
He’s trying really hard not to be jealous, but your need to return to Ramshackle to check on your cats every night is completely imposing on his plans for you to stay the night in Scarabia! 
In fact, why don’t you bring your cats over as well? The Sorcerer of the Sands once served a Sultan whose daughter owned a tiger, you know. Cats and Scarabia just made sense. 
Okay okay, he hears you. Your cats are too curious, they’d get loose, scratch up all the nice things, they might even go after the magic carpet. Kalim is pretty sure the magic carpet can defend itself, but he can see how that might pose a concern for your cats. 
All he wants is one night with you, floating across the sky on his magic carpet with the stars as your blanket and his shoulder as your pillow. Then you could totally spend the night in his room—or he could even have Jamil prepare a room for you, either way, you’d be able to join him for breakfast, and your face could be the first one he sees in the morning! 
Your dorm may not be as lively as his, and you might have to butt heads with Jamil a little for permission, but instead you invite Kalim to spend the night in Ramshackle. It’s a large space so Grim won’t care, and plus, you sort of owed him for all the hospitality he granted you on a daily basis. 
It wasn’t a party like Kalim threw on so many occasions, but you and he definitely weren’t hindered by the absence of partygoers. You sang and danced into the nighttime, enjoyed warm drinks with blankets draped over your shoulders on the porch, and had so much fun playing with your cats you’d nearly forgotten you had class the next morning. 
At some point, Jamil had stopped by to make sure you did get some sleep, and you and Kalim feigned unconsciousness right on the spot as Grim opened the door. Once Jamil was gone, you both laughed and moved to more comfortable sleeping arrangements, your cats following after you for cuddles. 
Just like he wanted, you were the first person he saw that morning. Your cats as well, meowing some sort of good morning greeting. 
You joined the students in Scarabia for breakfast, and after that, you and Kalim spent some time in his dorm, without having to worry about your sweet little pets. You'd be back to check up on them in a few hours anyways. 
Maybe a little compromise wasn’t so bad? 
 …they made you neglect everything he’d taught you in regards to fashion. 
No, not yourself of course. You dressed as sharp as ever–he was talking about the way you dressed those cats up, just what were those abominable sweaters you had tried to put on them? 
‘It’s getting colder out, I want to keep them warm’? They have fur, you know! Do you know how expensive real fur is in the fashion world? Why are you covering it up with wool? And wool in that color? 
Look, he loves you, but if you’re gonna associate yourself with those cats please don’t dress them up like a colorblind Christmas elf, for both your sakes. 
That said, they were self-grooming, so… respectable choice in pets. I mean, they put in the work and he could live with that, you know? 
And… you did bathe them. Not all of the outfits you bought were ugly—sometimes you put a cute little hat on them and he figured that would be something featured in a magazine, especially with the professional-level photos you managed to take of them. 
…Sure, he could help you set up a backdrop for a photo shoot. But you’ll take pictures of him next, right? 
Still, don’t dress them up when he’s not around. He feels bad for those tiny little things, and besides, he likes being your fashion consultant, even though he’d rather be talking about fashion for you or him. At least you were dating the right man for the job. 
Pose with the cats? Sure, he’s modeled with animals on set before. 
Wear matching outfits with the cats? No, that’s where he draws the line. 
He still loves you though. Just… stop with the sweaters. 
Incorrect 😾
You thought he would ever have beef with the cute little kitty-witties? They’re just cute little innocent babies! He was one cute meow away from packing up his stuff and moving into Ramshackle with you. It was quiet there anyways, his only company would be you, your magic fire weasel (which was catlike enough that he didn’t mind), your actual cats and Ortho, because of course Ortho would come with. 
The fact that you took it upon yourself to raise those things only made him adore you more, and every time you interacted with them he couldn’t decide which was cuter—those little furballs that were obviously obsessed with you, or you yourself, who became thrice as cuddly, snuggly and goofy with your kittens around. The way you baby-talked them, made faces at them, returned their meows and let them curl up wherever on your body they could find a seat... Great Seven, he could have a heart attack. 
…you know what though? There is one thing about those cats that bothered him. 
Your Seven-forsaken cat puns. Have you no idea how utterly cringy those are? Sure he laughed at them, but that was because you were so cute saying them and it was his responsibility as your boyfriend to support you
Even though your pun-game was paw-sitively cat-astrophic /srs
Like stop. He loves you, you’re an absolute treasure, but stop. You’re gonna scare the normies. 
Do NOT text him in the morning before class to tell him to have a purr-ific day, DO NOT. I mean, of course he saves the cat pictures you send along with it, but STOP. 
Well, he supposes he can handle them once in a while—he loves cats too, maybe he’ll even make a pun on your behalf once in a while, but only behind closed doors. And gosh, at least save the cringy puns for him. 
He’s never getting the image of Leona’s reaction to your cat puns out of his head, is he? He thought you were going to die. 
But yeah, he loves your cats and he loves you, so he can’t be too upset. 
You have his whole heart, for meow and fur-ever. 
…they make you behave strangely. 
You’re peculiar enough as is—and he does mean that in the very best way, if you were wondering. You stood out to him, the room seemed to get brighter when you entered and light seemed to form a halo wherever you went, whether you were out in the sun or standing in the dirty yellow light of an underfunded classroom. You looked good in the light of stars, the light of lamps, the light of fire, oh how he could continue… 
But he won’t, because he’s still trying to figure out the patterns in your behavior. 
For example, sometimes you’re nothing but a coddling parent, cooing and baby-talking at your cats as you pull them in your arms and nuzzle your nose into their fur, gushing in that loving voice of yours about how cute and sweet and innocent they all were. 
In another moment, though, you’ll burst into the room, throw your textbooks onto the couch and bluntly gossip to your cats, telling them about all the drama of your day in the same way you might complain to Ace and Deuce. 
Sometimes, you’ll be a teacher and read to them. Sometimes you tell them stories of your own creation, or give them a little tutorial on what you're doing. He once walked in on you explaining to your cats how to make a sandwich, like you were on some sort of cooking show. 
Other times you’ll be a cat yourself, lazing on the floor and returning their meows with meows of your own (he has to admit–your cat impressions were getting a little too good). 
You’ll do impressions in front of them, sing in front of them, rock them in your arms like a baby, dress them up like children, teach them the importance of friendship and manners, complain to them, whisper secrets to them… it really made him all the more curious about you. It wasn’t a bad thing, he supposed—just really, really confusing. 
Eventually, he asked and you told him that where you were from, people just acted strangely around certain animals. Sometimes people would hush their pets despite their silence (which was true, he’d seen you go ‘shhh shhh’ to your cats before), some might baby-talk to animals they found cute, and others would treat their pets like members of the family. You did it all, and you admitted yourself it was a little weird of you, but what was the harm in being a little weird? Your cats loved you regardless, and it was hilarious seeing some of the faces Ramshackle visitors would give you when you fussed over your fur-babies. 
Malleus decided it really wasn’t all that confusing when you put a leash on your cats and went on a walk with them and Malleus. You told Malleus you and your cats would be happy to listen to his knowledge of gargoyles, and you were right–the cats weren’t hard to talk to at all. It might have been more awkward if you weren’t there, sure, but he enjoyed it. 
If he’s ever alone with your cats, he’ll probably talk to them too. Of course, all he could see himself talking about is you—obviously he and the cats would miss you if you weren’t around, so there was mutual understanding there—but he wouldn’t be opposed to mimicking some of your other strange behaviors too. Maybe he’d hush them, or rock them like a baby. After seeing you do it, it looked quite fun. 
All in all, you love your cats and they love you, and you love Malleus and he loves you. 
That’s plenty of reason for him to love those cats too ♡
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moxxbox · 25 days ago
I forgot I was gonna post this tbh, I hope it's good!!! I tried my best :D
Tried my best with characters it's hard for me to write ミ⁠●⁠﹏⁠☉⁠ミ
Also I feel like I may have done some of the characters dirty (⁠⊙⁠_⁠◎⁠)
Dorm leaders with having to share a bed on a trip with reader!
Tumblr media
Riddle Rosehearts
He would offer to try and get another bed or switch to a different room to make sure ur like comfortable and stuff<3. Riddle also might believe that you shouldn't share a bed unless you're married or something. If you told him to just share the bed with you, he'd get all red faced but would eventually lay down beside you, might make a pillow wall between the two of you. If you don't let him I feel like he'd lay there like a board.
Leona Kingscholar
His bed now, you can lay with him if you want but he'll tease you for it. Honestly just flop on top of him and knock the wind out of him. It would be funny to see his face, me thinks.
Azul Ashengrotto
This was planned by the tweels. They did this to embarrass Azul, it worked. He might act all high and mighty, but this? To much for his octo-tweerp self. You'd have to force him to sleep in the bed with you, but once he falls asleep he'll be a cuddle bug on accident. His limbs will just grab onto anything near <3.
Kalim Al-Asim
You share this bed. He makes a fort with you. Bro most likely brought extra blankets and pillows, night time random talks are a must.
Vil Schoenheit
You'll be lots of skin care before sleeping, of course. If you need assistance he'll help. There will be a pillow wall if you move alot in your sleep, if not boom you get a Vil to cling onto.
Idia Shroud
How? How are you in this situation? Either you're close friends, or he was forced into this. If he was forced there will be a pillow wall, however he'll be awake for most of the night gaming. Although if your close, you might get to cling onto him while your asleep and he's gaming. If so, he'll do his best to not move a lot while still mainly focusing on his game, he might switch to a chill one so he doesn't accidentally yell while playing. He'll most likely be flustered throughout this encounter.
Malleus Draconia
He was invited? Kidding, anyways, he would be more than happy to accept you into his arms whilst you both sleep. He'll treasure you, and keep you safe while you sleep. Might also question if this is a human courting ritual, he'll ask Lilia later.
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rggie · a month ago
< event m.list┆when they spoil you
Tumblr media Tumblr media
characters: idia, leona, vil
details: gn!reader / sfw, established relationship
Tumblr media
idia shroud has madol to spare.
seriously. he has loads lying in his bank account, untouched. all he uses it for is games, merchandise, figurines and a plethora of charities he repeatedly saw ads for and couldn’t click off. he’s subscribed to so many things over the years, half of the time he doesn’t even know what his phone is billing him for. not that it really matters. to say there was ample room for him to spend more would be an understatement, but he had nothing (correction, nobody) at all to spend it on.
at least, until he met you. 
he’s (regrettably) played enough dating sims and watched enough shoujo romances to know about the different love languages. personally, he adores words of affirmation, lapping up your praise like some sort of starved kitten. (his ego is skyrocketing and it’s all your fault) but gift giving? now that’s his guilty pleasure. it’s quick, easy and an often wordless exchange, which was good for him! the less verbal mush he has to say, the better.
it starts off simple, just idia logging on to do your dailies whenever you’re busy. then, he’s buying you the monthly battle pass. and then, it’s the overpriced skin for a character you didn’t even care much for in the first place. before you know it, you’re that couple, notorious on video games… you know, the annoying ones with matching avatars and bios, with all the unnecessary assets that were locked behind a paywall. oh, the irony of it all. he used to hate those types!
you logged him into you favourite shopping apps, so if there’s something on your wishlist that exceeds your budget on a shopping spree, he’ll take care of it before you get the chance. every time you joke about him being your sugar daddy, (which is not true. he doesn’t even buy you things that often!) he says he’ll block you on everything. he never goes through with it, though.
idia is too shy to admit it, but there’s a small part of him that wishes to gift give more, solely because of your reaction — he can’t help it, the surprised pikachu-like expression and the way you throw your arms around him when he surprises you with something you’ve been eyeing gives him a serotonin boost! he’ll be giddy, practically hyper for the rest of the day, as though he’s on a sugar-rush… his brain just goes into overdrive and all he can think about is how he wants to hit replay and have you do it again over and over and over. he’s so touch starved.
you’re his first everything, so who can blame him for treating you? he still thinks you’re leagues ahead of him. so he’s not doing it to be cocky or make you feel guilty, he does it because the three words he tries so hard to say refuse to fall from his lips. his throat dries and his hands get clammy and his brain fails to form coherent thoughts whenever he attempts to tell you in person — but if you look closer, you’d find that it’s already been conveyed through his gifts: a non-verbal ‘i care about you’, ‘i want you to be happy’ and of course, ‘i love you.’
leona kingscholar is no stranger to expensive gifts.
being a prince, he’s had suitors from far and wide travel to present him with lavish things — and yet, he can only say a select few had no ulterior motive. thus, receiving gifts is something he brushes off quite easily.
when you shower him with the very thing he avoids, he doesn’t know what to make of it. do you want something from him? is that why you’re dating him? the worst part is he doesn’t voice his concerns at all, feigning indifference until ruggie pokes his nose into his business. “leona, what have you ever gotten for them?”
nothing. he’s gotten you nothing. he takes, takes, takes, and you’ve asked for nothing in return. not once has asked you if you wanted anything, too caught up in his own negativity — fuck. he’s not too good at this whole ‘boyfriend’ thing. leona realises that you’re not giving gifts because you want something out of him, you’re doing it because you love him, and simply want to see him happy.
very abruptly, he’s asking you about things you’ve had your eye on. wristwatches that are just wayyy too expensive for a regular student, or newly-released branded shoes that you know you can’t afford till they go on sale. you never really know if leona’s listening to your absent-minded rambles, so you pay no mind to his sudden curiosity. he’s always said he likes the sound of your voice, so you keep on talking.
“anything you’ve got your eye on?” he’s lounging on your thighs, eyes closed as you lace your fingers through his hair. “other than you?”
he glares at you. you laugh before responding properly, and he listens attentively (he always has) because he’s irritatingly enamoured (he always will be)
leona can tell when you get excited, ears twitching with the intonations of your voice, “there were these headphones i liked, and oh! also these sliders (…)” your candid response is almost amusing. you’re oblivious, completely unbeknownst to the wishlist in leona’s head that seems to grow longer, and longer, and longer…
your birthday this year will be a big one.
vil schoenheit ‘unintentionally’ spoils you.
like leona, vil has been recipient of gifts since the start of his career. whether it’s brand deals or romantic advancements, it’s all the same to him. that doesn’t mean the notion isn’t sweet!! and if it’s you gifting him something, it’s all the more sweeter.
that said, he makes sure to remind you that he doesn’t require gifts. your relationship is bolstered by the genuine trust you have in each other, so he doesn’t need flowery grand gestures — not that he won’t accept them, because he will! — but he’d rather not have you splurge on him when you still have a future to focus on. being goal driven himself, he’d rather you not get carried away.
“just focus on yourself. be selfish.” he tells you, but he struggles to do that himself.
okay, he doesn’t necessarily give you gifts. he just so happens to have things lying around that he doesn’t need anymore. shoes from partnerships he didn’t like, jewellery that’ll suit you better, or clothes that are so not his style are all sent straight to you. he has a surplus of things he doesn’t use, so why not give it away to someone who’d make better use of it? it’s not intentional or anything.
“stay still.” he’s got you sitting in his vanity chair as he kneels on the ground, knuckles grazing your skin as he fastens the clasp of a silver bracelet on your wrist. “vil, when did you buy this?”
“i didn’t. it was free. magicam promo.” that’s what he claims, but you know better. of course you do, when you were the one sitting across from him one week ago as he mulled over purchasing the exact same thing.
so maybe he’s a liar. he does spoil you. he does it all the time. but his school performance hasn’t been hindered, and neither has yours, so… just let him carry on.
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villainessxassassin · 14 days ago
"I think I've fallen for you, and I can't seem to get back up"
When you've fallen for them, literally.
includes: seperate! Vil Schoenheit, Riddle Rosehearts, Idia Shroud x reader
Maybe if you paid more close attention to your surroundings you wouldn't be in this predicament, but then again you could've sworn you tripped on literal thin air and just face planted to the ground, and to make matters worse it just had to be infront of one of NRC's most renowned Dorm Leaders.
In your attempts to save whatever embarrassing amount of dignity you had left, you just had to pair it up with some basic cringy pick up line.
"What are you-"
'dont say anything stupid, don't say anything stupid...!'
"I think I've fallen for you, and I can't seem to get back up."
ahhh... but you weren't lying, you've fallen both figuratively and literally in a sense.
Tumblr media
"As poetic as you may get, I'd prefer to be within eye level with someone that's confessing their love for me."
You couldn't tell if Vil was being serious with how blank his face looked. Despite your current awareness of the situation and the abrupt response you had infront of the pomiofere dormhead, a comical arrow pierced your very being as his words repeated again and again in your head.
Spiralling in utter confusion as his words gave off two meanings: one was that he just straight up rejected you and second was 'I'd prefer to be within eye level with someone that's confessing their love for me."
Maybe he'd give off a different reaction if you said it while maintaining leveled eye contact with him? You were already embarrassed enough so it's best to keep your thoughts to yourself on this one. On Vil's part he didn't know what to make of the situation.
But he did see potential in your attempt, so that's why he chose not to poke at you and instead helped you up without another word. Only a short 'be careful next time' left his soft lips as all you could do was stare, mind finally comprehending the fact that it was THE Vil Schoenheit you just stupidly tripped infront of.
how embarassing
To Vil, there wasn't anything special with what you said earlier, rather he's already heard similar phrases come out from other people's mouths that he can clump your statement with theirs. Yet for a brief second the corners of his mouth lifted ever so softly, before going back to their original position when he found you staring at him.
"I-" before you could even get another word out he's already had his back turned to you, walking back in the same direction where he came
You'd think he was annoyed, but in truth his heart started beating rapidly in his chest for some unknown reason he refused to acknowledge, but not wanting to loose touch of this strange feeling, he called out to you before he could turn the corner.
"Should you need assistance the next time you choose to say such engaging words, do come find me. I'm looking forward to whatever else you have instore."
Tumblr media
"If you're going to fall then do so in a more elegant and dignified way, and no that wasn't an invitation for you to just fall for— infront of others whenever you please!"
Despite it being you who should be embarrassed, Riddle seems to have shared the same shade of red you had slowly spreading across your face, though his was radiating a more darker shade.
Had you just kept your mouth shut he would have passed you off as clumsy, scolded you a little maybe for your miscalculated step before helping you to your feet, and went back on his merry way towards the hearslabyul dorm.
BUT NO. You just had to open your mouth and now you have reduced Riddle to what you'd call a deer caught in headlights. He was quick to clear his throat before crossing his arms while looking down on you with a deadpan look on his face. (Thought his cheeks still carried the tiniest tints of pink)
Riddle was always straight forward with his words, always quick to correct someone when they made a mistake, and or punish them when he see's fit.
But he couldn't list down your quick confession as something to be labeled as a 'mistake', and punishing you for something as trivial as making him shy embarrassing him would be plain immature on his part.
So he let you off with just a light scolding, but there wasn't any hint of annoyance or anything negative in his tone of speaking, seeming way to busy flicking his eyes to the floor and back to your own.
You also realized this was the first time you've ever seen Riddle not hold direct eye contact with anyone, which scared you a little. Perhaps even eye contact was something he couldn't bare to waste time on you on? (he just shy bby)
Coming back to your senses, your train of thought vanished when your eyes landed on Riddle's gloved hands on the collar of your uniform, fingers delicate with adjusting and smoothing out the folds and wrinkles as a soft sight left his lips and he finally held eye contact with you.
"Do be careful next time atleast. It would be a shame if you crumpled your uniform over something as trivial as getting distracted... And don't use me as an excuse for seizing your attention!"
Tumblr media
"Me?! uhm s-so would you like help getting back up...? Wait, no— first, are you alright? ah hold on—"
For once in Idia's whole entire life of living he has never felt this overwhelmed and confused before. He'll admit that pick up line was kinda lowkey something straight out of some generic romance anime that he can think of at the top of his head, but that doesn't change the fact people. you said it to him of all people.
If the pause button existed in real life he would have pressed that thing at light speed because the poor guy needs time to process things. He could have just apologized and walked away, maybe pretend he didn't see nor hear you and go on with his day, but even Idia wasn't that cold hearted to just leave you there.
Wether if you meant what you said or not, he offered his hand, looking at the side with quivering lips and squinted eyes. You could have sworn the tips of his hair started to change color, but that was probably due to the angle of the lighting.
He wanted to faint, but then that'd end up with both of you on the floor and that doesn't really paint a good picture in his head.
You apologize briefly after getting up, repeatedly bowing your head in a back and forth motion after realising how careless you've been with both your actions and your words. Idia did the same but in a less frantic matter, waving his hands infront of him while averting his eyes to look at anything but you.
After that day Idia couldn't seem to concentrate on his game at all. For starters he tried imagining what would have happened if the roles were reversed and he was the one that tripped.
Hell, he'd die from embarrassment right then and there. A part of him envied how easy it was for you to say such bold choice of words without breaking a sweat (but internally you were dying)
Yet he couldn't deny the fact it made him slightly happy, despite the situation he was placed in, it felt nice being dragged into what you'd call a "suprise event" in gamer terms. He couldn't imagine himself being in the same situation ever again after that encounter, but he wouldn't mind talking to you again under different circumstances.
"Unlike you, I don't need to trip over my own two feet in order to fall for you- Nope! there's no way I can say that and expect to continue living the day after!"
(have you seen Idia's voicelines? even if he said majority half of them sarcasticly im still swooning)
i fvcking tripped and that's the story of how this fic was born (I feel smart when writing titles/prompts but am horrible at writing them, sadly) -kishira
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twistedmischieftales · 4 months ago
Ace: It's no use...Idia won't come out of his room again.
Deuce: Maybe Ortho can get him out for us...
Y/n: Wait. Let me try something.
Y/n: *stands in front of the door to Idia's room, knocks twice on it and waits*
Ace: Uh...I don't think just knocking wil--
Ace and Deuce:
Idia: *opens the door and stares at Y/n in shock while blushing*
Ace and Deuce: THAT WORKED!?!
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