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I might get hate for this, but:
Xavier Thorpe. HIM. like a lot of people are saying his personality is 2d and bland asf and I respect them for that, but the show is kinda told from Wednesday’s POV, so we probably only see the side of him that Wednesday sees, which is yea bland annoying possessive suspicious as hell [fill-in-the-blank] (stan sapphic ace spectrum Wednesday!).
But him. HE’S PRETTY. Long hair that can be tied in a bun??? Check. Near constant grimace/grumpy face? Definitely. Angst art kid with daddy issues and he actually goes to therapy? Color me impressed, I wish my mom would let me go to therapy. I think that Xavier is a fascinating character bc of the side we don’t see, like his childhood backstory, motives, what he does other than being a “tortured artist” (Enid) or whatever we see him doing onscreen. Like give me Xavier and the nightshades doing teenaged secret society stuff, or a messy dramatic breakup with Bianca who definitely deserved better, him and Rowan before shit went down, hell even the time he got jumped by Tyler. Not every show is perfect (unless it’s Andor or The Sandman, then it’s pretty damn close), but I actually liked Wednesday and think that’s it’s a good place for people who are new to the Addams family to start from.
Anyways, I’ll most likely add this show to the list of fandoms that I write for, so send requests please.
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yveitai · 2 days ago
riddle rosehearts who holds your hand so tenderly after the events of chapter one, who never wants to let his palms part yours even after the sweat starts to get uncomfortable.
leona kingscholar who finds himself slightly smirking at your antics, who finds his mind wandering to you just before he goes to sleep. Subconsciously opening an eye when he hears somebody come into his garden unknowingly hoping it’s you.
azul ashengrotto who gets the twins to find you and bring you to the monstro lounge, offering his services for free.. no tricks, no contract, no fee. He supposes this is his way of getting closer to you, but he’d be caught dead before he can admit that.
jamil viper who puts the leftovers he’s made for kalim in a tub for you, understanding how much stress you’re under constantly and how you forget to take care of yourself, much like him. This is his way of showing gratitude for all you’ve done.
vil schoenheit who invites himself into ramshackle sometimes whenever Epel comes round, always bringing along a ‘housewarming present’ to make it feel ‘homier’ along with a chemistry binder, personalised to help you with the bits you struggle most. He likes you, but don’t tell anyone that it might just cause controversy in the media.
idia shroud who asks you to join the board game club with him and azul, he’s more confident when playing, and he’ll think it will be easier to talk to you. Hopefully it’ll even be easier for you to like him more, he shuts himself out, but is willing to take a step or two towards you.
malleus draconia who crafts a small stone ring, one made from dragon scales and gargoyle horn. He gives it to you with a smile. Telling you it’s made with the finest materials- but what he doesn’t tell you is that he’s enchanted it, to make sure you’re not in any danger. I mean, who else would look after you? certainly not that silly cat
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Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
pairing: minho x fem!reader genre: smut, fluff. content: 18+ only. warnings below cut. word count: 2k
summary: you go on a camping trip with your boyfriend. he cooks for you the whole trip and you show him how grateful you are. praise, hands—everything you’d expect. don’t look at me.
Tumblr media
afab!reader. profanity. unprotected intercourse. hand kink. finger sucking. praise kink. consensual somnophilia.
The flames dance in front of you, pulling you into a trance only Minho’s voice breaks you out of. “Are you hungry?” he says, reaching forward to poke at the burning logs with a stick. 
“Hm? Oh, a bit.” 
He stands, draping his jacket over your shoulders. “I’ll start dinner,” he says, pressing a kiss to the top of your head. You look back to the flames, zoning out again as your boyfriend shuffles around you. 
Fires had a similar effect on you as trains. Much like when you stared out the window on a long journey, the orange flames would pull you deep into your thoughts—contemplating your life, fantasising about what you’d like it to be. You’d been on a train the day you met your boyfriend, staring at the rolling fields as you imagined a life where you weren’t completely alone. He’d dropped into the seat across from you with no warning, no big announcement—as if he was just another stranger and not the person you’d come to love more than anyone else in the world. 
He’d sat there reading a book, totally oblivious to your inner turmoil. Talk to the cute boy, you’d repeated to yourself, over and over and over. It wasn’t until he looked up suddenly from his book—trapping you in direct eye contact—that you’d been forced to act. He was gracious as you stuttered out a poor attempt at friendly conversation, politely answering your questions about his book, about where he was going. You’re grateful everyday for the length of that trip, giving you more than enough time to settle your nerves and get to know him properly.
“You solving world hunger?” he says now, snapping you out of your trance again. He waves a hand in front of your face, a fond half smile pulling the corner of his mouth up. He hands you a bowl of spaghetti. 
“Thank you.” 
“Are you? Thankful,” he teases, taking a seat in his own camping chair next to you. You look up from your bowl, giving him a questioning look. “How are you going to show me your gratitude?” he continues, leaning towards you. 
“Thank you SO much.” 
“You’ll have to do better than that if you want breakfast.” 
You suck in a breath, putting on a shocked expression. “You’d keep breakfast from me?” 
“Don’t test me.” 
You lean back in your chair, pulling your legs up so you can eat comfortably. “Let me think about it.” 
He leans back, nodding in satisfaction as he digs into his own food. “Good,” he mumbles around a mouthful. You smile to yourself, amused by his obvious desire for praise making a reappearance. It didn’t matter how many times you teased him for it, he couldn’t help himself. 
You sit around the fire as you both digest, discussing everything from your plans for tomorrow to the concept of gravity. When he stretches his arms above his head, a yawn following his low groan, you take it as a sign it’s time for bed. He showers as you clean up. That was your routine. He cooked, you cleaned. 
By the time you’ve showered as well he’s comfortable in bed, reading a book. He looks up from the pages, catching you staring at him. “What?” he asks, dropping the paperback into his lap. 
“You were reading when we met.” 
He laughs. “C’mere,” he says, pulling the blankets back so you can crawl in beside him. You attach to his side, arms wrapped around him. “You gonna reminisce everytime I open a book?” 
“Only if we’ve been in close proximity to a fire or a train,” you mutter. He doesn’t question you, shuffling you both down the bed and pulling the covers over you. You reach out to flick the bedside light off before pressing back into his body, his arms holding you tightly against him. 
You’re both quiet for a moment, taking in the stillness. “Can you hear that?” you whisper, the sounds of nature surrounding your tent. His arms tighten around you. 
“You scared?” 
“What if a bug gets in?” 
You lift his hand to fiddle with his fingers and then begin tracing your finger over his prominent veins. “I might get a bit scared,” you confess. 
“Mm? I’ll protect you.” 
“So brave,” you say, smiling at the memory of him yelping as a beetle crawled across his shoe a few hours earlier. 
“Have you thought about how you’re gonna thank me?” he mumbles, lips pressed to your skin. The warmth from his body spreads through you to your heart, beating steadily in your chest. His requests for praise always filled you with a soft fondness, weakening you until you gave in. Always. You press your hips back against him. 
“You can wake me,” you whisper. 
“Hm? Wake you?” 
You’re quiet, waiting for him to catch on. One of his palms moves up to your chin, turning your head so he can see your face. “Like on my birthday?” he asks, the almost childish hopefulness in his tone pulling a smile onto your face. 
“Yeah,” you confirm, “like your birthday.” He presses his lips to yours roughly, a groan accompanying his kiss. You turn towards him, pressing your chest to his so you can wrap yourself around him properly. 
“I’ll cook every night,” he mutters into your mouth, hand reaching down to grip your ass—pulling you against him more. You giggle, pressing your hands to his chest so you can detach from him. He resists at first, then relents. 
“Don’t get too excited,” you say, tracing his plush lips with your finger. “I have to sleep first.” 
“Are you tired?” 
You press one last kiss to his lips then turn around so he can wrap himself around you again. “Goodnight,” you whisper, lifting his hand from your waist to kiss his knuckles. He hums in response, burying his face in your hair. 
You wake to a hand stroking your hair from your face, lips pressed to the skin behind your ear. Why those are the sensations you're first conscious of and not the heavy cock sliding between your legs, you don’t know. “‘Got you all slippery, baby. You slept through it…massaged it all over your pretty little pussy for you,” he mumbles into your skin. You feel it, the wetness between your legs, the inside of your thighs. The bottle of lube sits unassuming on the bedside table. 
He turns your face towards him, your eyes still bleary from sleep—blinking slowly as you attempt to wake properly. “What time is it?” you whisper against his lips. 
“S’only been an hour… couldn’t wait,” he mutters, pressing messy kisses across your lips. “Too pretty…and soft…and warm.” 
He rocks his hips back and forth against you, his hot cock sliding against your cunt easily. You turn your head from his, pressing your face into the pillow to muffle your whine. 
“Shhhhh, gotta stay quiet,” he says, one of his hands moving to wrap around your neck. You lift your face from the pillow, concentrating on staying quiet as he rocks against you. You don’t last long, small sounds slipping from your throat as the throbbing builds between your legs. His hand moves to cover your mouth, his warm skin against your lips. 
“Someone might hear, baby. Might hear those pretty little noises, hm? Getting woken up by cock. I know it’s a lot, yeah? So good for me.” 
You roll your hips, helping him move against you. His hand over your mouth doesn’t do much to muffle the noises you can’t hold back. He gives up, hand moving to your hips to help guide you as he finally sinks into you—the filthy stretch drawing out sounds from you both. 
You grab one of his hands, pulling his fingers to your mouth and wrapping your lips around him. He bottoms out, holding still as you both savour the feeling. He pulls his finger from your mouth, hand moving down to grasp one breast—wet finger flicking over your nipple. You attempt to grab his hand and pull it back to your mouth. He resists. 
“You want my fingers, baby?” 
“Lo-love them.” 
“Yeah?” he breathes, hips beginning little movements against you—drawing his cock in and out slightly. 
“So much,” you whisper. “So pretty…distracting…want them in my mouth all the time.” 
He trails his finger up your throat, pulling his cock almost completely out of your cunt as he goes. The tip of his finger presses between your lips, then he sinks in—both his cock and finger pressing inside you simultaneously. “Like this?” he mutters. You feel like the breath is knocked from your lungs, needing a moment to gather your thoughts enough to respond. 
Then, you nod, moaning around his finger as he begins fucking you slowly. “You suck me in so well, mm?” he mutters and you wonder if he’s talking about his finger or his cock. Both? You close your eyes, wanting to focus entirely on the feeling of him. “Can feel your hot little tongue… so wet,” he continues, breath hitching when you clench against him. “Fuck.” 
You pull your lips from his finger, turning your head so you can attach your lips to his again. “Love you,” you mumble, “so much.” 
He smiles against your lips then rolls you over, pressing your chest into the mattress as he covers you with his body. His finger finds your lips again, asking for entrance. You kiss the tip then welcome him in, humming around him as he fucks you deep. 
“Gotta keep you quiet…” His breath tickles your neck as he mutters into your shoulder. “...keep sucking my finger while I fill you, hm?” You hum around him. “Good girl…my good girl.” 
Your�� focus slips the longer he fucks into you, your mouth eventually falling slack. He slips a second finger between your lips and begins pressing them in and out slowly. “Min,” you mumble around his fingers, struggling to stop your mind slipping away completely. 
“Mm? What is it, baby?” 
You gasp as he pulls back and fucks hard and deep once more, his skin slapping against yours. Then he stills, waiting for your response—his wet fingers tracing over your lips. “Th-thank you,” you manage to get out between shallow breaths. 
“For what?” he asks, his own breath shallow from exertion. 
“For…for taking care of me…” 
He hums, encouraging you to continue. 
“...for fucking me…” 
His fingers press into your mouth again before retreating. 
“...loving me,” you finish. 
He presses his lips to the skin behind your ear. “Don’t need to thank me for that…” he mutters, “just love me back.” 
“Lo-Love you…do…I do.” 
“I know,” he says, pressing one last kiss to your neck before his hips move again—much faster now. His fingers move back to your mouth, not moving anymore—his focus elsewhere. He works himself up, both of you nonverbal now—focused on the feeling of each other. 
When he suddenly pulls back, body lifting off you—a second of panic ripples through your chest at the loss of him. Then his arms wrap around you, pulling you back with him. He fucks you on his lap, wet fingers relocating from your mouth to circle your clit. When you reach your high he pushes you back down onto the bed, fucking into you fast and hard until he joins you. His final moan is high and drawn out, much too loud for where you were and the time of night. You don’t care, a fucked out smile spreading across your face as he collapses beside you. 
When your panting breaths return to normal, and the sounds of nature are the dominant sounds again, you push yourself up on your elbows so you can lean over and kiss his lips gently. “Good?” he asks. 
“Good,” you answer. 
Tumblr media
please reblog and share your thoughts. caption, tags, replies, or ask box, i read it all. feedback is what motivates me to write more!
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Yan!Targaryen Men (Jacaerys, Daemon Blackfyre, Maegor, Aegon II, Viserys III) with servant!Darling 
Note- Originally there were meant to be more characters, but I couldn’t think of any other ideas for them and I didn’t want to risk being repetitive. Also I really hope this doesn’t get reported either 
Tags: EXPLICIT/SMUT, Coercion, Power dynamics, Implied noncon, abuse of power, forced marriage/relationship, semi-delusions, forced feeding, mentions of vomiting
Tumblr media
At the table where you are pouring wine for one of the lords. You felt a pair of eyes watching. Looking to see it’s the prince. Almost in awe, you see his brows rise and eyes widen. But it’s cut short when the lord shouts at you for overspilling the wine. You mutter your apologies all the while scrubbing the mess you caused. Feeling further flustered when the prince comes to your defense. 
He yearned for you. It was wrong, even dangerous and scandalous for the two of you. Still, you see him making his way through the crowd, through the halls searching for you. And when he’s finally face to face with you, there’s the awkwardness in not knowing what to say. It was almost endearing, in a way. 
Still, no matter how many times you try to push him away, Jace persisted. And not being able to truly deny him, you found yourself indulging in some of his desires. Keeping him in your company in which you hoped remained nothing more than a friendship. But it grew ever more difficult in seeing how he gazes upon you and the glares those close to you receive. 
Though there came a night right before the sunset where Jace brought you to the dragon pit. In what you assumed was to be an introduction to the dragon is followed by a hand guiding you on top of the said dragon. With the wind blowing in your face and the sunset view ahead, your nerves fade. Looking back, you see Jace's face inches from yours. He closes the distance, and you find yourself melting under his touch. 
Subtlety was not one of Jace's strongest traits. At feasts, dinners, meetings, his eyes hardly left yours. He left lingering touches such as when you come to pour his wine or when you pass him by the halls. Times, there are kisses exchanged in dark corners, one where you must pull away before praying eyes find you both. 
At his chambers, where only the night sky is your witness. Your bodies are tangled underneath the sheets. You whimper as his cock slowly fills you up. It being your first time made you feel as if he was splitting you open. Clutching him close and tight, as he buries his face into the crook of your neck. With every slow thrust, you adjust to his size. Moans slipping from your lips as the pleasure begins to numb your senses. 
In one of those nights. Marry me. Was uttered to your lips. There was a glimpse of confusion, but it was quickly overshadowed by the overwhelming pleasure. With his cock disappearing into your cunt. The sounds of skin slapping echoing as you bounce on him. Jace’s mouth moves to your chest, tongue making contact with the hard nubs. And then you hear the same words uttered once more. 
But as you stand in front of the septon. Your mind starts to race. There’s a look of panic in your eyes. Still, Jace ever so gently cups your cheek, saying his vows, even yours when the words cannot escape you. Holding hands with you, he walks you to his chambers or what he considers ‘ours’. And as the two of you consummate your wedding night, you only fear what his family would think.
Tumblr media
Daemon Blackfyre 
The first time he caught sight of you was when he was twelve. Participating in a squire’s tourney to which he won. Watching as the king bestows the steel sword on him. Only to have the crowd watch you as the just knighted Daemon places the crown of roses in your lap. In spite of being a bastard, Daemon's blood is still one of royalty. So imagine the shock when some commoner is crowned as the queen of love and beauty.
To make matters worse, you were a servant. Throughout your wanderings and tasks at the red keep, you rarely passed Daemon. But ever since the tourney, you try to conceal your surprise when seeing him stand in front of you. Simply nodding in greeting before rushing to leave his sight. Though over the years, you have grown accustomed to his presence. 
It was known that he was possessive of you. His mother and him were the only ones you served under. You were safe and well-protected. It didn’t matter to Daemon if it was a commoner, a knight or even a lord that tried to harm or seduce you. You were his. In Daemon’s eyes, you have already been claimed. Even when his gestures seemed helpful and sincere, you knew there will come a day where he’ll expect a favor in return. One quite so intimate. 
Daemon’s violet eyes often stare into yours. His gaze alone tells you of his interest, so piercing, as if he can see into your soul. It leaves you feeling so vulnerable. Still, you found yourself returning his gaze. His face etched with an amused smile in response. Struggling to keep your heart at bay as it pounds so mercilessly.
What starts as a hint of your intentions to one another becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy. Flusteredness is felt, but not so much of shock. Back pressed to the wall. At times, you envied his charmness, his way of luring you into his arms, into having your lips meet. And most of all, into luring you into his chambers. Like a sailor following the sirens into the deep sea, only to drown and never be seen again.
He saw it within his right to take your maidenhood. In claiming you that day, he came to claim your body and soul as well. In his chambers, the charmingness never left him. Those lips to which you feel trailing your skin. Whisper all sorts of confessions and praises. Further sinking you in his grasp. 
Seeing you in the halls, a smirk curls on his face, his hand briefly roaming your body as he did, all to remind you of the nights you spent together. Daemon proves that the blood of the dragon courses through him in his passion and aggression. With his desire to have you anywhere he can. Grown addicted to the way his cock slides in and out of you, the way you clench around him, the taste of you on his tongue. 
Daemon wanted to refuse his father’s arrangement to the Tyrosh. He desired you. Your place was on his side, as his wife. Daemon didn’t need the king’s promise for him to have a second wife. And when he was legitimized, fighting for his claim to the throne. Daemon declares that any man who speaks against you, makes a mention of your status and the children he hopes to share with you. They will face far worse than a tongue cut out.
Tumblr media
Keep your head down and do your duty. Was all you’re told when arriving at the castle and you did just that. The man you’re serving truly lived up to his reputation. Unleashing such a wave of violence rarely ever seen. As a matter of fact, the building you stand in saw no builders considering he killed every one of them. You were right to fear him, right to avoid him at all costs. But fate seemed to have other plans. 
You hated the feeling of being watched. But it wasn’t as if you could do anything about it. You felt it when you would remove the sheets from the bed, when you’d start his bath, when you would pour him his wine. There was a time where you dared to look, met with a pair of violet eyes. 
At first, you also served his wives. They paid no mind to your presence, as expected. But soon enough, you could feel their eyes watch your every move. There were all sorts of expressions on each of their faces. But it was Tyanna’s that filled you with fear. You didn’t know whether to feel relief when informed you are only to serve the king from now on. 
Deep down, you knew that the king, Maegor, had anything but good intentions for you. That not only he formed an interest in you, but in that he desired you. And when Maegor is driven by his desires, it wasn’t good for anyone involved. What you wanted to know is when he will fulfill these  said desires. 
Day by day, your duties dwindled to the point where you had nothing to do. Only when you are given your own chambers, do you realize what is truly happening. Wide eyes staring at the man that invites himself in-Maegor. Your hair stood on end as he towers over you—not in just height, but in his intimidating presence. Taken aback when his hands carefully undo your dress, allowing it to drop and gather around your legs.
There was hardly any prepping. But even if it was given, there's no way you can fully adjust to the sheer size of him. His fat cock stretching your hole with each thrust. His thrusts are hard and deep.It renders your mind to go fully numb and vision hazy as you cry out. The blunt head of his cock bruises your cervix, and you can feel the pressure of his broad hand on your tummy bulge.
He never wastes his seed. Squeezing your legs around his waist so his cock can fill you to the brim. The angle allows him to pound your sweet spot with ease. The sound of his hips snapping against your skin echoes throughout the dimly lit chambers. And when he reaches his high, dumping his hot load against your cervix. 
Maegor has shown again and again he has no care for what others think of him. He’s the dragon. His word is the law. The faith, the court, they can try but none will stop him from taking you as his wife. And when he finally presents an heir, there’s no care if his mother was a commoner. They had the blood of the dragon coursing through their veins. That’s all that matters.
Tumblr media
Aegon II 
Your first day already filled you with fear. As the rumors didn’t only reach your ears, but they were told to you. The prince being known to pinch or fondle any serving who strays within his reach. Already you felt his eyes on you, but dared to never look at him. Fearing that even a glance will spur him on. There was a relief in only seeing him during dinners and feasts. Until Dyana had to leave. 
No other servant wanted the task of cleaning his chambers. It was only morning you had to see him. The rest of your duties were done in his absence. They assured you. Still, nothing eased your nerves. All it took was one moment alone with the prince. It wasn’t necessarily what he would do to you that scared you. It was the aftermath. There was nowhere else for you to go, no other place to call home. 
True to their word, you only saw him in the mornings. Being as sneaky as possible and leaving safely every time. But in the end, you caught his attention. Normally, you would always clean the bath and leave just before his arrival, but on that particular day, the prince shows up a little early. The worst part of it all was your dress being tucked up to your knees to prevent getting wet. Heart hammering as soon as you saw his gaze on your bare legs. Your saving grace was the knight that entered his chambers and informed the prince he was needed.
For most of his life, Aegon has always gotten what he wanted, and he wanted you. And who could stop him? The knights who are meant to protect the innocent. The queen who was meant to care for the common alike. You had no titles, no lands, no castle. Your name had no value-you were of no value. So you didn’t fight the lips pressed roughly against yours. Didn’t resist when feeling the hands roam your body. 
This was a means of survival. They are to send you away the next morning, and what will be of you? So you allowed yourself to give into the pleasure. To forget the shame of it all. Aegon went still in your arms when you pulled him close to you, almost wrapping him in an intimate hug. Your fingers caressing his cheeks or stroking his silver hair. Even daring to smile at him, all while letting a tear slip down your cheek. 
To your relief, you weren’t sent away. But instead, your place was on his side. You did everything Aegon wanted. You kissed him where he wanted. You fucked him where he wanted. What once was your days spent running errands, is now waiting in his chambers for hours. Ending the night with your legs shaking, whines and moans shared between the two of you-having you spasming around his cock.
Rarely did you leave his chambers, but if you would. The jewelry that shined under the moonlight will catch the eyes of many. The dresses you adorned resembled the ones his sister wore, to replace the ‘filth’ -as according to him. But hardly did you wear them, the golden fabric on the floor as you lay bare in his bed. 
One day, Aegon asked if you loved him. A simple question, yet one that causes so much hesitancy and fear. You told him you did. And when the day came where you dressed him in his ‘king’s attire’ right before his coronation. To ease his nerves, he had you caged against the wall, pressing your slit with the tip of his cock, before pushing past your folds. Swallowing his ‘fantasy’ as he spoke on how he would take you as his wife-make you his queen.
Tumblr media
Viserys III
The second you stepped into your position, you were warned by the other servants of the man you will serve. To address him as you would do to a king. To treat him with the utmost respect and admiration. Anything less is an insult. Every word, every step, every task was done ever so carefully to avoid his wrath. 
Unfortunately, you are not free from his acts of cruelty. As your behavior was believed to be deserving of such treatment. And what was your act of crime? Plopping a fruit in your mouth. You were unaware of his presence, and he was already done with the food, meant to be taken to the kitchen. Still, it did nothing to subdue his rage, to punish you for ‘stealing’ from him. 
What you thought would leave you being scarred or worse sent to your death. Is instead experiencing something far more humiliating. Forced to eat every single thing on the table, tears streaming down your face as your stomach aches. Your pleadings fell to deaf ears and when you could no longer eat, the food was forced down your throat. Only for you to puke it all out. The voice of Viserys is heard as he demands you to clean up your mess.
The incident has been held over your head ever since. At every chance, you are reminded of what could have been your demise. You can see his sister’s pity, but she fears to utter a word. Then again, she had hardly been his target of wrath. That honor went to you. Becoming his plaything was what you believed to be a fate worse than death. 
Late at night as you run his bath, Viserys asks, no, demands for you to join him. And he doesn't give you a chance to speak before you feel the water seeping into your dress. A pair of hands holding your waist with your hands on his shoulder to support yourself. You gasp when you felt it. Something firm between your inner thighs. Yet you do not muster the willpower to fight it.
With Viserys, you are constantly reminded of your status. How you’re beneath him. There’s the lingering threat that at any moment, he’ll be rid of you. That he has no need for you. Yet almost every other night is spent in his chambers. 
Him pounding in and out of you mercilessly. Hips roughly pressing against yours. Watching your face contort to pleasure and the tears coat your eyes. The pad of his thumb presses against your lower lip when you bite it to hold on to the moans. Grunts and groans seeping out of his mouth on how your cunt belongs to him and only him. 
There’s him also pulling you on top of him, having you ride him as your life depends on it. Lower back gripped as he guides your hips up and down. It’s when you come from your high does he whisper of your shared future. When he will one day claim the iron throne. You pretend to close your eyes. But in that moment there and then, you realize he does indeed have a need for you.
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Tumblr media
pairing: ceo!namor x f!reader, very light attuma x f!reader
summary: you’re the newest assistant of namor’s. you guys end up hooking up, thats basically the plot.
a/n: i kinda hate this ngl but i wrote to much to delete so enjoy what you can LOL⭐️ also not edited!!!
Tumblr media
First days are always the worst.
You nervously tap your foot agaisnt the tile floor. After all the unpaid internships, countless interviews, and induring borderline exploitive conservations at bars with top executives to get your name through the door. You finally find yourself at your first real big girl job. At the most, working for one of the richest man on the planet.
You swallow the lump in your throat. Thumb swiping at your lanyard. You cringe at the photo.
“First day?”
You shoot your attention to the man suddenly standing beside you. He hovers over you in height. You gulp at the tightness around his shoulders and chest. His suit, hugs every muscle, every sharp line, and curve of his body. Your eyes travel up to his face, “Holy shit—”
You splay a hand across your chest. “My apologizes.” You tap your cheeks to stop the burn. “How could you tell?”
The man you’ve seen on magazines and national television laughs. It’s hearty and puts your jittery heart at ease for a moment. “Maybe the tag on your shirt could be a start”
You furrow your brows, face melting away in embarrassment. You reach back to pull at the tag.
“Here,” The man places a hand on your shoulder. And pulls the tag taught. “…and there we go!”
Your nervously smile as he slides the tag in his pocket. “Thank you.” The elevator finally dings open. With relief you step inside, followed by the man. You tap the 27th floor. The elevator door closes shut. “…I’m y/n, nice to meet you.”
He smiles down at you. “I know who you are. I must say, your application really blew us away.”
You heart doubles over as he says that. You have to turn your head from the wide grin on your face.
He reaches out this hand. “I’m Attuma, nice to meet you.”
You take it. With a smile, “I know.”
Tumblr media
Attuma is just like the countless interviews you’ve watched. He’s incredibly charming and witty. When you step off the elevator all the nerves in your body have calmed. He really does have that effect like people on social media proclaim.
Attuma leads you down a hall. Your eyes see into the offices on either side. You clear your throat, the nerves—the reality of this coming back to you. “I do have to warn you about my cousin, Namor…He can be a bit much.” You raise a brow at Attuma. “In other words, he’s a jackass. He just needs to warm up is all.”
“Oh great.” You smile falls into a thin line when you approach the door at the end of the hall.
Attuma shoots you a look of encouragement. “You’ll be fine,” He twists the nob to the door. “Or at least I hope.” He mutters beneath his breath and swings the door open.
Your eyes squint at the brightness off the room. The wall across from you is floor to ceiling panes of glass. The left hand hand side of the room is the rest area with a couch and tv and doors leading to god knows where. It’s like a bachelor pad, I guess that’s one thing you could do with all this money. You at the center of the room and there sits a mahogany desk.
Your eyes catch onto the man who’s made this entire empire possible. Namor. Suddenly your mouth has gone dry and you feel a warmth take over your body. He’s more handsome in person. His skin warm, and perfectly hit by the sunlight. He stands by the window, phone to his ear. Speaking a tounge you can’t understand.
“Namor.” Attuma calls out.
He looks up, placing the phone into his shoulder. He looks to you both, but his gaze focused on Attuma.
“New hire.” Attuma mouths.
Namor rolls his eyes and waves his hand around. He returns back to his call. You swallow the lump in your throat. You wonder if it’s in your appearance that’s put him off. You cast your eyes down to your shoes.
Attuma looks to you. “You’ll be fine,” He assures you. He motions towards the seat in front of Namor’s desk. “Just sit here and wait, alright?”
You return a nervous smile, “okay.”
Attuma waves goodbye to you and excuses himself. Leaving you alone with him. You watch as Namor grows more frustrated into the phone. You flinch at some of his choice of words, you can’t understand but you knew the person on the other line was absolutely being cursed out. You tap your manicures nails along to the chair.
Namor finally ends his call. He tosses his phone onto the table. Falling into his seat with haste. Your eyes connect. For a brief moment neither of you say anything. You clear your throat, adjusting your top. When you bring your eyes back up and find Namor staring at your chest. He adverts his gaze, but it was obvious. You clear your throat again, “I’m y/n—”
Namor slides a yellow folder with stacks of papers in between. “—I need you to start with this.”
“Oh,” You pulls the folder closer to you. Flipping through the pages. “Okay?”
His phone rings again. “By the end of your shift.”
He excuses himself and you can’t help but feel your inner rage begin to brew. “Jackass.”
Tumblr media
It’s been a few weeks of you working as an assistant, and whatever else Namor works you to be. Working with namor is unlike anything you’ve ever done before. He’s very strict, has a set routine and order. But he’s also kind and has a wicked sense of humor at times. You decided a few weeks ago, that you disliked him from the amount of whiplash you get. Despite the jokes and all, he was indeed a jackass the majority of the time.
It’s all becomes even more confusing when you find every action he does immensely attractive. Even when he’s bossing you around, the cunt between your legs soaks at the idea of him securing his dominance upon you. Bending you over his desk and taking you from behind. Letting the people know how incredibly good he is at pleasuring you. Making everyone in the office know that you are his and he is yours.
“Are you done?” Namor looks at you with distain.
You lay your hands flats on his desk. “I’m sorry?” You look up to him. It was often you two would together on his desk.
Namor leans back agasint his chair. You chew on the inside of you cheek, seeing the top buttons of his top unfastened. Seeing the smoothness of his chest on full display. You try to peel your gaze away from it.
You notice his eyes narrow into silts. “Day dreaming?” He says, as if it were obvious. His accent sends a chill down your spine.
“S-Sorry.” You go to grab your pen. You try to pin point where you head left off, but the tip of your pen continues to hover above the page.
You feel his eyes on you, and it only adds more fuel to your flame. Namor rests a finger along his face, looking to you. “Do I make you nervous, y/n?”
You swallow, trying to give yourself enough time to peice together your thoughts. “No sir.” You shake you’re head. Can’t even bring your eyes to meet his. Pen to paper, it’s just pen to paper.
His hand finds itself atop of yours. His skin sends an electric shock through your body, you look up to him.
Namor leans forward. His expression serious, stern, “You look at me when I’m speaking to you.” Your breathe isn’t even in your lungs. You’re not even breathing. “What’s on your mind?”
“I—” I want my boss to take me over this desk until i’m a blubbering mess. Is what you want to say. Want to scream. “—I just have to use the restroom,” You stand up. “Excuse me.”
You rush into the bathroom connected to his office. Slamming the door shut behind you, you walk over to the sink. Splashing water across your face. You stare at yourself in the mirror, trying to compose any source of self worth before you make the dumbest decision of your life and hit on your boss. You damn him for having this intoxicating affect on you.
After a few minutes you deem yourself cooled down, you exit the bathroom and find Namer’s desk is clear of any paper work and himself. “Namor?”
“In here.”
You walk across his office and into his personal-walk in closet.
He wears only his slacks, his shirt now off. Revealing the vast valley of tan skin, his body is molded beautifully. He’s carved to perfection, some parts fuller then other. You fear the heat on your face might show.
Namor watches you from the mirror. His back to you. “Like what you see?” His voice is smug, the corner of his lip turned up.
“Very funny,” You cross your arms and lean on the wall. “What happened to work?”
Namor grabs a white button up. “It’s late, we’ll catch up another day. Figured I’d go to this gala I was invited to after all,” He slings his other arm into the shirt. He looks to you, “Besides you seemed really stressed. Can’t let my star employee go to waste.”
He starts to button up his shirt, but it’s too slow for your taste. “Here,” You swat at his hand and start to button his shirt from the bottom. “…star employee huh?” You smile to yourself.
Namor looks down as you reach his middle. “Don’t get cocky on me.” His voice oozes with sarcasm. You smile trying your best to ignore the skin beneath you. You enjoyed when you could banter with your boss like this.
“You have a date to this gala?” You secure the top button.
“Uhh,” Namor turns to grab his coat and swings it on. “No date.” He grabs a tie and motions for you to help him. You oblige. He tilts his chin up to give you full access.
You bless your family for giving you a brother as you skillfully pull the tie taught and start to form the infamous knot.
“Well, maybe next time.” You pull down and the knot is straight to perfection. You reach to smooth down his collar, but suddenly gasp at the pressure around your wrist. He holds it there.
“You could join me,” Namor stares at with you with something unclear. “If you’d like.?”
You’re on the verge of passing out. “I—”
Your mouth try’s to form words. “I would love that…but i can’t. I don’t have a dress and I’m not even gala ready y’know?” You offer a soft smile. “…but thank you, that was really sweet of you.”
Namor softly let’s down your wrist to your sides. Though his touch still remains. His thumb rubs soft circles into your skin. You fear he might hear the rough intakes of your breathing. The effect he has on you unexplainable. You lift your head to meet a gaze already locked on to yours.
There’s so many words unspoken as you stare into one another’s eyes. It’s intimate and something so peculiar to the tension between you two. You bring your hand to his cheek. He leans into your touch, the pads of his fingers rub along your wrist. Namor leaves a chaste kiss onto your palm. You smile when he closes his eyes, sighing back into your touch.
Your thumb swipes at his bottom lip, dragging it down you hear the harsh intake of his breath.
You tug the tie down. He bends down enough to where your foreheads touch. He dips towards your lips, but pulls away. You lean forward, brushing your lips across his. But no push, you lean back with a smile. “Tease.” Your breathes mix with one another.
He sighs against you. “We should stop.”
“We should.” You agree.
Your eyes trail up to his. “But I don’t want to.” You allow your lips to press agaisnt his. Tongue swiping at his bottom lip. You both melt into each, gasping and moaning. You slink your arms around his neck. While his hands roam the curves of your waist up to your back and neck.
You too fall into a rhythm of mess. The kiss is sloppy but so full of passion, desire, and frustration. You both begin to walk backward. Your back collides with the edge dresser. You make a sound between both pleasure and pain. Namor pulls away for a second to apologize, “Shit, sorry.”
“Shut up.” You let out with a rush. Connecting your hands and mouth back to his body. His hands grip the back of you thighs hoisting you up, atop the dresser. You finally take a breath, loving how dangerously his fingers were to your core. His lips assault your neck. Nipping and suckling at the flesh. “Namor, oh god.” You gasp at the grope on your breast, and the pinch he locks your nipples.
Hands find there way to the hem of your pants. Unzipping and tugging down. You help him strip you down. The coolness of the room and the pleasure as his fingers slips between your thighs makes you jump. He massages the wet patch on your underwear. “Shit,” He kisses your lips. “You’re practically soaking.”
Namor continues to assault your mouth, all while rubbing you so agonizingly slow with the pads of his fingers.
“Stop,” You roll your head against the wall. “teasing.”
Namor smirks agaisnt your lips. His chuckles, sends a rattle of nerves down your spine. He hooks a finger on your underwear, pulling it to the side. His cool fingers touches your core, sending shockwaves of pleasure up your body. “Mm.” You moan in frustration and grab his arm out of reflex.
“It’s okay baby I got you.” He slides a finger down your folds. “Just relax.” He laughs against your lips, kissing you again.
Hesitantly, you let his arm go and relax into his touch.
He kisses up your neck to distract from his fingers circling your entrance. Probing their way through. You spread your legs wider as he slides down to the knuckle. Scissoring them together to spread you open. You’re a panting mess by the end of it.
Namor kisses at your check, nose, lips. “You’re doing so good.” Any peice of skin he leaves a kiss. He leans back for a brief moment, admiring how incredibly fucked you look. Despite him not being fully inside you. He swipes at your wet eyes. “You’re so fucking pretty.”
He bends forward and nips at the skin ar the crook of your necks. He trials kisses down between your breast. Until he physically can’t reach another unless by sliding down. He slots himself between your thighs. You knew what was coming, and lean further onto the edge. His face in-line with your heat. He kisses the insides of your thighs. You note how incredibly sexy this man was for never once breaking eye contact, as he reaches closer and closer to your core.
Your fingers comb into his hair, tugging tight as you prepare to be devoured to your very atom.
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nanakouu · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
...Ghost's After Care
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
pairing: simon "ghost" riley x fem!reader
genre: bit fluffy(?), smut
cw: usage of petnames, basic things u will see when people have seggs 👩🏻
note/des: i've been gone for months bc of work and also i was bored and decided to do simon writing shit but ummm enjoy simon after care after railing u so hard 🥺🥺🥺🦶🦶(he praises u a bit btw) - also other note, happy thanksgiving!! im also aware how bad this may be because i made this literally at 12 am lol. anyways enjoy <3
Tumblr media
-The air was thick and it was hard to breathe. It was heavy, he was heavy. Your chest went up and down, taking in the oxygen you choked up while Simon hovered on top of you. He synced with you, breathing and panting like a wild animal. A string of saliva connected from his lips to yours, giving a reflection as the moon shined down from the windows to his large figure. Ghost was very huge and had such a body to handle. Your hands shake up to his half-masked face, touching neck and Adam's apple hesitantly.
-Simon's cock was still deep in you, staying still in your bruised cunt; filling your hole up like a hard rock. He moved a little, groaning as you felt your climax rushing out. Ah, there it was. He sprung his cock out, pulling out so fast that he hit your clit, making you whine in pleasure. His cum drooled out onto your stomach as it dripped to your slit, along with your cream that gushed out at a pace with your breathing. "Mphm- Oh god, Si-mon!" you squealed, hitting your mouth to silence your moans. "God, you are so beautiful. Don't cover up that pretty mouth of yours." he grunts out.
-His dick still rested on top of your tummy as it soothed with your soft, cold skin. Your orgasm was still going on, and you were too scared to even moan for Simon, whom was holding you dear under his position. "Baby, don't be shy. Yell out my name, listen to your Lieutenant." he grunted, caressing your cheek by the back of his hand. His hot breathe touched your ear, making arousal rush down to your pussy, making you squirm even harder. "Agh, Lieuta-- Ghost- Simon!" you stuttered, groaning out many of his names. You bite your lip, closing your eyes shut as you cum harder. His winter-cold fingers dragged along your hot body, piercing your stomach as it moved down to your cunt. Simon swirled your clit for a while before taking his middle finger to swipe up the goodness from your holes. "Ghost...please- not too harsh-" you gargled out, choking on your saliva as you gripped the sheets.
-He let out a 'mhm', as if he was going to be a tad bit gentle when digging into you with his two fingers. He curled his tips, searching his way in to lick up your insides for his final meal for late night dinner. You hiccuped, yelling him out, "Oh, Simon!"
-You could see the smirk on his face by the moon shining on him and his bold features. "Hell. What a good girl, listening to your Lieutenant and cumming on command for me...such a pretty pussy.." he whispered, panting above. He brought his fingers to his lips, kissing them as he licked, tasting the extra sweetness of you. Simon brought his hand to you, pushing his fingers to your lips where you can taste yourself, "Don't you taste so sweet? You did amazing..." he praised. You agreed, you tasted very well.
-You wiggle against him, stretching your body as you view above to see the length of this man. The beauty above; the one who couldn't handle your gaze and your piercing eyes that traveled his tattoos, neck, and face. You felt so vulnerable under him, exposing yourself to Simon. Oh, the things he could do to you; but he knew when enough was enough, he needed to take care of the mess he created with you.
-He was large and you were average in height, but beneath him you were so tiny and easy to handle. Ghost grabbed a near by cloth, wiping off the dripping cream from his fingers. He then moved on his way to your body. Your cheeks burn as you watch him wipe the left over cum off your tummy, moving down more. The clean cloth pushed on your core, making you squeal a little. Simon shushed you politely; keeping in mind how weak your body is from- even the smallest touch, you could be whining your way through the night.
-He huffed out of satisfaction, cleaning your juices up before throwing the cloth somewhere in the dark. He swooped you up with his bare arms, holding you onto him like fragile glass. His hands turned your body over to the side, placing you down on his naked lap as you shiver, knowing that now you are sitting right next to his cock. He fully took off his balaclava (he was too distracted to take it off from the start) as his other hand grabbed your chin to press up against his lips. His tongue met you first, biting your bottom lip with such pleasure, slobbering inside your mouth as he soothed your spine, up and down. His fangs scraped across your skin as you let him move himself lower to your jaw and more down to your neck. He sucked you, swirling his tongue around your neck to form a huge mark. You wince, biting your lips as pleasure rushed to you.
-Your eyes open, viewing to see dark irises staring down into yours so closely together. You wanted to be like this forever, to be held by Simon, to have your naked bodies touch up against each other, just to share your warmth in the coldness, you just wanted him. Lust, love and hard, thick breathing fill the air. Pearls of sweat rolled down his forehead and to his chin, holding you like there is no tomorrow, making the temperature rise up with the heat of caressing each other.
-The moonlight lit up your irises as your lids fluttered open and shut, signaling arrival of deep sleep. Simon's saliva reflected on your bruised up lips, glaring upon him. Your vision got blurrier as your eyes became hazier from his point of view. Your arms hung onto his neck, moving down to his chest while your body dangled onto him like a string. His breathing got steadier as you became in sync with him, it was time for you to rest. "Sleep well, y/n. I love you." his ripe voice whispered as it faded away.
Tumblr media
-A sticky substance stuck between your inner thighs, making it frustrating for you to rub your legs together. The sun blinded your eyes, causing you to strike yourself up. With annoyance, you groan and tried moving yourself and your body to sit up straight forward. You ached, moving the slightest bit hurt, especially your thighs. You realized you were completely naked; looking down to see Ghost sleeping so deeply. Your eyes looked straight at his jaws and features and then to his hard abs and waist, where the blanket covered the rest of him bottom. Your frail hands moved to touch his pelvis to brush his skin. Then you remembered your dear lieutenant thrusting into you harshly last night. The temperature rose when thinking about what happened a few hours ago; where Simon slammed you onto the bed after coming back from a dreadful mission, and then slamming his cock into your holes for hours. He missed you, dearly and having to be gone for a few days away from you struck him that night. He was dying to see you!
-It was a bit late in the morning and you needed to get busy and get to work, but before your body could be much more in pain from trying to get yourself fully up, the strike of an arm pulled you by your sticky waist, trapping you in your position. It was Simon. You chuckled, trying to remove his meaty arm off of you. "Where the hell do you think you are going?" he uttered. Struggling, you tried your best to wiggle out of him, "Si-mon- We need to get to work!" you stuttered out. His face was against your bare back, you could feel his frown.
"Y/n, today we are off and taking a break." he said
"Says who?"
"Says me; your lieutenant."
-Turning around to view him from below, you sighed, "Alright then." He smirked a bit at your response, pulling you back into his arms. His warmth immediately traveled to your body, removing the goosebumps off your delicate skin. Simon placed you into a position where your back touched his chest, where he was free to cup your breast. "Still haven't recovered? Your nipples are still hard, doll." he muttered in a teasing tone, swirling the slits of your nipples. You moaned quietly, hitting his arm for him to quit messing around. His lips touched the sides of your neck, pecking the hickey he gave, licking it to apologize for harshly picking on your soft, sensitive skin. "We'll clean you up after my nap..." he whispered into your ear.
Tumblr media
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tuxstew · a day ago
prompt ✧ their love languages
characters ✧ scaramouche, zhongli, venti, xiao, aether, kazuha
warnings ✧ gn!reader, none!
authors note ✧ i may do this with haikyuu characters too
Tumblr media
✧ quality time.
he really knows no other way to show his love and affection for you other than spending time with you. he enjoys your presence and constantly seeks it out, this lets you know how much he likes you. you know he hates spending unnecessary time with people he doesn’t like (which is everyone but you) , so whenever he asks for your company, it makes you smile.
“there you are, i was looking for you.”
✧ words of affirmation + physical touch.
whenever you compliment him on absolutely anything, it never fails to make a bright blush spread to his cheeks. the same goes for whenever you hug or kiss him unexpectedly. he always says something snarky when you touch him in a loving way, but never makes a move to pull away or move you. eventually he’ll even lean in further to the warmth and comfort you bring him.
“archons, you can’t go one minute without throwing yourself back into my arms again, can you?”
✧ gift giving + words of affirmation.
whenever the two of you go on dates, you’re always met with some sort of gift (not too expensive) and a sincere compliment. he always praises you when you do well on something, no matter how little it is, and smiles warmly at you. his words and gifts always make you blush, and you repay him with a chaste kiss.
“here love, this is for you. you look beautiful, as always.”
✧ quality time.
he loves spending time with you, but he loves it more when you seek out his company or make plans for the two of you. he finds it so utterly charming whenever you walk around town, going to all his usual hang outs, just to find him and spend the day with him. it makes his heart flutter and his stomach twist.
“you were looking for me? oh, i’m sorry dear, i didn’t realize.”
✧ physical touch.
cannot get enough of snuggling into your arms, or wrapping himself around you. he finds so much comfort in the warmness you bring and constantly has to have his skin touching yours. is totally clingy, and isn’t ashamed about it. he’ll shamelessly hang on you in public, kissing you and mumbling something about not caring if anyone sees.
“so what if they’re staring? i’m not ashamed. i’ll shout how much i love you to the sky’s if i have to.”
✧ physical touch.
he’ll love it if you’re just as clingy as he is. you two are basically inseparable, you’re always right there next to him wherever he is. you can’t count the amount of times you’ve gotten him out of trouble or dragged him home drunk.
“cmon venti, let’s go home now.”
✧ acts of service + quality time.
he isn’t very good at expressing his emotions with words, so he does it with his actions. he’s constantly helping you with whatever you need, just say the word and he’s on it. with the need to be there to help or protect you, it means he’s almost always with you. he finds extreme comfort in your presence, and always makes a point to be with you multiple hours a day.
“do you need help? hold on, i’ve got it.”
✧ physical touch.
he adores when you sleepily wrap your arms around his waist or wrist, stopping him from leaving. he usually stays with you till you fall asleep, but sometimes you get clingy and ask if he’ll stay the whole night with you. when he agrees, which he always does, you’ll wrap your arms around him and snuggle your face into his shoulder. his arms hesitantly wrap back around you once he’s sure you’re asleep.
“wait xiao, please stay.”
✧ acts of service + quality time.
he likes to show off a bit and save you from monsters, so he usually lets you join him on his adventures. he makes sure you never get hurt, and if you ever do, he has a bag full of medical supplies at all times. he enjoys your company and likes being relied on.
“hey, wanna come with me on some commissions today?”
✧ gifts.
he loves when you give him gifts, especially clothes or little trinkets he can hook on bags or belts. he likes to show them off and have them visible. you usually have to end up getting something for paimon too, otherwise she’ll get jealous. and it’ll get even worse if aether were to brag about the gift to her when she didn’t get one.
“you didn’t get a gift? hah, i did. look, isn’t it the cutest? i can hook it on my belt and everything.”
✧ words of affirmation + physical touch.
he’s constantly writing you poems and reciting them to you with a fond smile on his face. the verses always have a series of compliments and things he likes about you in them. his words always make you blush, butterflies filling your stomach. he thinks it’s cute when you shy away from his gentle and loving touches. avoiding eye contact when he kisses your hand, just so he can grab your chin with his other and make you look at him once more.
“what’s that look for? did i fluster you?”
✧ quality time.
he likes watching your reactions to things, anything, so it’s nice when he gets to spend time with you. he teases a lot, always trying to gauge a cute expression from you (which is all of them in his eyes)
“you do know you’re the most beautiful being i’ve ever laid my eyes on, don’t you?”
Tumblr media
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underqualified-human · a day ago
Kalim is the type of boyfriend to say "This reminded me of you!" and then hand you an expensive piece of jewellery
Idia is the type of boyfriend to send you a text saying "This reminded me of you." and then send you the most surreal meme you've ever seen in your life at 1am.
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harrysmimi · a day ago
Baby Talk
Synopsis: Harry wants to try for a baby but is hesitant to tell his girlfriend
CW: Smut and a shit load of fluff.
Series Masterlist | More of my work
Tumblr media
Ever since Harry had come back home with YN.
The first thing they did was go to Brielle's baby shower her sister-in-law hosted for her.
YN was very excited to see her friend pregnant, she even called dibs for baby sitting before Alec, which got him pissed for the moment there.
Now it was three weeks later, Harry wasn't working but making a music video which would be done by the next day. He had a magazine interested yesterday and the Photoshoot is arranged on the weekend. That meant he was free and home today.
He scrolled through Instagram, when YN's post popped up on his feed. Yes, he followed her private account. It was a little photo dump from her friend's baby shower. The first picture was of her and Brielle recreating the Hadid Sisters pictures from a long time ago. And the next was YN's hand on her friend's bump all surprised, he reckoned it was that moment when YN felt babies kicking inside for the first time it has her gasping and her friend laughing. And next two were of him and her together and rest of it were random little videos and to end it all, she had a funny pictures of Brielle using her bump as a table for her plate of cake taking a huge bite. Just ten likes on her post from ten people out of fifteen who follow her.
She had removed very many people from her follower list (especially her cousins) and switched her account to private recently since Harry decided he wanted to follow her, and turned off her DMs. Apparently the hate was increasing since he talked the second time about her recently. It was going to be inevitable, but she thought it was going to be best option there.
He liked it and commented a little red heart, and pouty emoji.
Now seeing that post had his heart racing. Especially remembering how good she was with Brielle's nieces and nephews that day, everyone loved her for some reason. She was surrounded by little kids the whole time there. Even her own niece and nephew loves her, no wonder why! He loves her too!
Especially Brielle's three month old nephew. Apparently the infant was way too infatuated by YN that he would start to cry every time she tried to give him to his dad.
"Hey, come on Mateo." Brielle's brother urged his son back to him but the little baby started whining. It is indeed very difficult to figure what is going on in an infant's mind. Mateo was meeting for the first time and he already didn't wanted to leave her.
"It's okay, I don't mind hanging out with him." YN assured the red head.
"You sure?"
"Mhmm, I'll go find you or your girlfriend if he starts to get fussy." She nodded. That's when Harry saw her approaching him with the baby as he went to get a drink of water. "Harry look."
"Oh who is that?" He cooed, watching the little lad staring up at his girlfriend like she's made of twinkling stars with his big blue eyes. He doesn't blame the little lad but he's just little baby. "Hello, darling!"
"This is Mateo, Brielle's nephew." YN introduced the little human to him, "and Mateo this is Harry, my boyfriend." The little boy just squirmed shyly in her arms making the pair laugh. "He's so cute!"
"He is," Harry agreed, "how old is he?"
"Three months." She gasped, distracted watching the little boy smiling at her. "Sorry, I just..." She looked up at him sheepishly.
"It's alright, love." Harry smiled, dimples denting deep in his cheeks. "I don't blame you, he is very adorable."
For the next three hours the couple hung out with little Mateo until he fell asleep and YN had to give him back to his parents. The little sad pout on her face was the most adorable thing she's seen. She really wanted to hang out with that tiny human more!
That nailed the image in his head for good.
Now that he's had more free time on his hand, he's got to thinking. He does want all of that for himself too. Especially now when he's got someone who he loves to much and she feels the same way.
He had watched his friends meet the love of their life, fall in love, get married and have family of their own. He's experienced that first hand with Sarah and Mitch. Is it too bad he wants that for himself too?
Hell, they haven't had the baby talk yet and here he is already picturing everything.
A little baby to love on in a way which seemed much more magical to even think about. No doubt, his YN would be the best parent to their kiddos. If they have any!
Two years is enough time right? To give a thought about wanting a family with someone.
Harry has never found talking about anything this difficult. For the first time they had indulged into something sexual, he had her sat down to ask what she wanted from it, what she thinks would be comfortable for her and what not as it was her first time. They even talked more about the moving in together part, he wanted to be sure that it's something she wanted too and she did now they're living together.
He doesn't know if that's something she really wants, his assumptions and him thinking she's going to be the most amazing mother to his kiddos won't be relevant if she doesn't want any kids. Maybe she doesn't want to get pregnant. Maybe she doesn't want to have kids at all.
He's not getting any younger. Especially since her brother have pointed out that he's quite older than his baby sister though he doesn't see a problem with that, it made him insecure. Even if it was just tiny bit. It has never been an issue for either of them.
He's just beating himself up for no reason, he knew that. All it is going to take is talking to her about it. If he tells her about his tiny insecurity she's going to give him a good talk about how it was definitely fine with her, how she shouldn't be insecure around her because she loves him and would never judge him or make him feel bad about himself in all her consciousness. The click of the door opening caught his attention, making his heart beating like he just ran a marathon.
"Hazza, I'm home." YN's little mumble traveled through their small living room with a sound of door clicking close she appeared in his sight.
"Hello darling." He smiled, already rushing to greet her. She had a little bag of groceries with her. "How was your day at work?"
"It was good, surprisingly we didn't had any Karens coming in today." She beamed putting away bottle of Orange Juice in the fridge.
She seemed in a very good mood today. Should he talk to her?
"Do you want to start on with dinner?" YN suggested, "I need to go take a shower, spilt coffee all over my pants today."
"I thinking we should go on a date." He suggested, making up a plan on the spot. They both haven't been on a proper date in a while now. Her eyes lit up in instant on the mention of a date night.
"Yeah, we should." She agreed.
Harry took her to the same restaurant they went on their first date, it was the first time since then.
He stalled the whole night to talk about it. Wanting to take advantage of her being in a good mood was thrown out the window as soon as both of them came back home. He'd put on the movie both of them wanted to watch for ages. Not giving into her little touch of affection and kisses. It's him who takes things further unless she's making it very obvious.
In the morning, YN slept past her alarm. She was rushing to leave for work, he had to go get last shots of his music video done too. Everything happened so quickly that he didn't even realise how fast the time went on and she was kissing him bye for a few hours like every day before heading out.
It took him extra long to get shots for his music video done today. He was stuck thinking about how he should have just told her instead of stalling and basically turning her down for having sex without saying a word. That wouldn't have been the first time he's told her he's not in the mood, she's nothing but understanding. But he saw her face today.
She woke up before him, didn't stay in bed for their morning cuddles. She hardly talked to him. Yeah, she was in hurry to get to work but still he felt so guilty.
But to his surprise, he was greeted by a squealing YN at home. "Harry, Harry, Harry, I have to tell you something!" She grabbed his hands and drag him to the living room with her. He sat down to have her basically sat on his lap giggling at her excitement for he doesn't know what.
"What's got you so excited?"
"So you probably don't know her, but my co-worker Emily's cat had an unexpected litter like a little over two months ago." She started, "you think we can get one kitten from her, please?"
"You want to get a kitten?" He was surprised.
"Yes! Half of them have already got their new homes. I wanted to talk to about it but I forgot. Please!" She hopped on her spot like a toddler asking for candy.
"Of course we can get one, baby, you don't have to say please." He chuckled. Honestly he wouldn't mind adding a pet to the mix. He's been wanting to try to have a literal human kid!
"I love you so much!" She attacked him with a bear hug with her arms wrapped around his neck. With an umph Harry almost fell back but held onto her before she could fall down on the floor.
"I love you more!" He pressed a kiss on her cheek. "When can we go bring one home?"
"She said she wants to keep the kitten with their mum for another week just so they're litter trained and all." YN shared, "her husband's a vet so he suggested the kittens get their vaccinations before they go to their new homes."
"Mhmm, that gives us enough time to prepare for one, doesn't it?" He suggested.
"Yes!" She nods her head jerkingly, "you sure you want a cat living with us?"
"Of course baby, we'll have to keep an eye on Mr. McFish though. Cats and Fishes don't quite get along, do they?" He's grown very attached to her pet fish there. He cleans up the aquarium, feeds the fish and all that stuff himself. He just doesn't let her do that when he's home.
"He'll be fine, his aquarium has got a secure lid and all." She assured him.
"Okay." He agreed.
"She sent me pictures of the kittens who haven't been adopted yet." YN picked up her phone from the coffee table and opened up her recent chat with her co-worker. There was a message from YN's side saying she needs to talk to her boyfriend first.
That made it everything all the more legit to him. He's never been in a serious relationship like this before. She cares enough to ask for his opinion. Even show him pictures of kittens. He shared with kitten's personality he liked through the little videos. No doubt of the kittens were adorable, he liked the one with the more energy, it was more rowdy bullying it's other siblings.
"I was thinking..." He trailed off when YN finally put her phone away being done with showing him all the pictures.
"Hmm?" She sounded giving him all his attention.
"I, I don't know how to, ehm, say this." He stuttered, running a nervous knuckle under his nose.
"What's wrong?" She asked, concerned all of a sudden.
"Nothing, nothing's wrong. I'm just nervous to say this!" He sighed.
"Harry, did you do something? What did you do?" She didn't know why she was asking this but it felt like he did something and how he wants to confess to her. A crease between her eyebrows grew tighter.
"No, no, baby I didn't do anything." He rushed, "I just want to ask if you like ehm, want to, uhhh... start trying to have a baby?"
"I, uh, what?" She was so surprised by his question she didn't know how to even process it.
"I know we never actually talked about it. Do you want to have kids? With me?" He asked but quickly realised, "I shouldn't say it this way. I, YN, I really, really, really love you if it's not obvious until now you know. And I've never had what I have with you by my side, I mean I've never lived with anything, never had a pet with anyone before, never had anyone care for me in the way you do before. I want more of it. Just a little bundle of our love to love upon for the rest of my days. I've been thinking about it since we were in New York, and especially since last couple of weeks. I don't know how to approach this conversation 'cause it can be bit sensitive for some. Don't know if that's what you want, I won't even ask you again if you tell me."
His heart was hammering in his ears as he felt his cheeks heat up.
"Harry, I..." She trailed off to add to his fear. "I do want to have kids. Especially if it's with you. I understand what you're saying, I'm not gonna say no to that. God, you don't know how much I want my own little ones! But not when still not married."
"What's wrong that? We already have sex." He shrugged.
"I just don't want to deal with mu family Harry, I honestly don't care when we start a family, you know?" She asked, her voice as soft as it can get, "you already know how my parents are after me because they know we live together. It's already hard enough for me to put up with them. If they got to know we're having a child together, I don't even want to think what my parents will do after. You know it's still not acceptable where I come from to have kids before marriage, people talk complete shit which I know I won't be able to take. But we can, after we're married."
"I understand." He nodded, because he really did. Her word to have a baby with him was enough to put him at ease and hold him off until they're actually married. Which he thinks is not too far enough in the future.
"And having a baby is a lot of work. We'll need to get a place with an extra bedroom for the little one, unless you don't mind having a little cot in our room here." She shared.
"They will be sleeping in our room untill they're big enough, baby, but I don't mind if it happens in this home. But we can look for a house close by here if you want?" He suggested.
"Mhmm we can do that." She agreed. They would have to discuss more on financials, because YN had just turned in her last installment of ger house loan (collaborating with Harry came in a huge help for her with that) and had very little in her savings to chip in. Even though Harry would be able to get a house all by himself, she'd want to be a part of the financial process too. "How many do you want."
"Let's think about one first." He chuckled sheepishly.
"Mhmm." She teased him, "I was thinking maybe I wanna have two or four."
"You want an even number of kids?"
"I just don't want a middle child." She chuckled. Even if they did ended up having an odd number of kids she'd treat her middle child the best she could like the others.
"Awh!" He cooed sadly pulling her in an embrace, he pressed a kiss sloppy on her cheek with a loud smooching sound.
"Are you okay, though?"
"Mhmm, I am." He sounded, "why would you ask that?"
"You, ehm, last night, you basically turned down to have sex." She stuttered, "that was very unusual, especially coming from you."
He cracked a smile picking up on the humour in her last sentence, that's true though. "Was just thinking about all this, that's all."
"I thought something happened, are you sure you're okay?" She pressed.
"Yes baby, I am sure. When have I ever hid being sad or low from you, hmm?" He scooted closer to her, nudging his nose against her, "especially when I know I'll be getting loads of cuddles and kisses from you."
She chuckled, "I can give you kisses and cuddles whenever, Haz, you know that."
"Yeah?" He rubbed his nose against hers in feathery touches, "would you give me kisses and cuddles now?"
"Mhmm." She agreed, her eyes shuttered closed as she leaned into close contact with him.
"Come close to me then, pretty." He urged her to straddle his thighs, she did, her mouth already buttoned onto his taking him by surprise. He sucked in a deep breath through his nose as he pulled her closer. He couldn't help the groan of a whine which left his mouth when she pulled away, feeling her fingers slip through his hair on the back of his head in gentle, soothing strokes of her finger tips. He leaned into her touch.
"What do you think? You think we'll have a girl a boy first?" She asked.
"Hmm," he signed ad his hands rested upon her hips, "I mind with either. We'll love them for who they are!"
"Awh!" She cooed. "But I think you'll be a better suit for a girl dad."
"How so, baby?"
"She'll know that how she is to be treated, our daughter I mean which is nothing but like a royalty. I know you'll treat her like a queen." She shared, "I can already imagine that."
It warmed his heart, "that puts on a lot of pressure on me."
"No, it's okay." She rushed, "I didn't mean it that way, I'm sorry. You're going to be an amazing dad to our babies, Haz!"
"I'm just teasing baby, I know we're gonna make mistakes on our way which is okay." He chuckled at her reaction, "but what if we have a boy?"
"Then you're gonna be the best influence, he's gonna grow up to be - hopefully - comfortable in himself and be the most respectful person just like our daughter would grow up to be." She smiled, pressed another sweet kiss on his mouth which he so gladly returned to her. "But I want you to tell me whenever you're not in mood okay? I feel so bad, I was being all touchy-touchy. I'm sorry if I ever made you feel uncomfortable."
"No, you didn't my love, I love it when you touch me. In any way." He assured her, "you know I'll tell you when I'm not in mood. But now I certainly am in the mood." With a cheeky smirk he buttoned his mouth on hers, feeling her smile he tightly wrapped his arms around her.
"Well, good thing," she mumbled, "because I am too."
"Yeah?" He taunted, "always so needy for me, aren't you?" He stood up all of a sudden to her surprise. His hands supporting bum with her legs wrapped around his hips he made his way to their bedroom. "Need to wash my hands first. Baby, please!" Just when he'd put her down on their bed he was pulled down with her a huff.
"Oh, okay." She realised releasing her arms from around his neck.
"Be right back," with a peck on her forehead he rushed to the bathroom, he's touched his car door, then the lift button, fiddled with his keys and touched the main door before she was dragging him to the sofa talking about getting a new kitten, he also washed his dick just to be safe. Got a towel to splay on their sheets, he knows that they'd be tok tired to change the sheets later even jf they're yet to have their dinner. Took him all long three minutes to return, already unbuttoning his the white dress shirt he had on. "Hi."
"Hi." She chuckled watching him knee his way towards her on their shared bed, pushing away their blanket as he layed the towel down. He gave her another quick kiss before he was shrugging off the shirt off his shoulders but it got caught in his necklace. "You're going to break it." She reached for his necklace and carefully freed the button stuck in the chain making him giggle as he threw the garment on the floor, he was initially aiming for the laundry basket.
"Only fair if you take your shirt off."
"No!" She whined in her pretend disagreement.
"Yes!" He mocked her as his hands reached for the hem of her turtle neck at her hips, daring to dig his fingers just enough to make squirm before he was pushing the fabric up. She'd let him pull it over her shirt revealing the black lacy bra she was yet to take off, but the neckline got caught in her earring. "Oh, don't move!" He carefully slipped off the piece of jewelry from her earlobe as it was just a hook. "You alright?"
"Mhmm." She nodded.
"These are cute!" He chuckled seeing the clay charms of cats hung on the hook, he placed the pair on the side table once she handed him other. Her friend got those for her saying the piece of jewelry reminded her of her. He hovered over her as he lied her down carefully, managing to fit perfectly in between her thighs as his lips brushing in feathery touches just under her earlobe, like a pain relief kiss.
YN's hands dipped inbetween both their bodies reaching his core, her hand was met with his hard on. Just a squeeze on his bulge had him grunting against her neck as his teeth sunk into her skin.
God, she'll have to wear turtle necks for the rest of the week now!
Harey definitely loved leaving his marks on her, in the places only he can see. On the swells of her breasts and in between, on her hips, on soft skin of her inner thighs closer to her glistening cunt.
"Oh fuck!" He moaned heavily breathing, "you're gonna make me cum just like that."
"Can I, please?" She asked, stuttering shyly, "I want to suck you?"
"Yeah? Go on baby love, you know I'm all yours." He lifted his head up from her neck to look at before he pressed a soft lingering kiss on the full of her mouth.
He had moved every pillow to be piled up on the headrest of their bed as he's planning to get her in the same position in sometime. He got his pants and boxers off, his prick proud and hard up right.
"I love you!" She mumbled giving him another kiss on the cheek, as she sat on her heels next to him. Trailing her hand from his chest, down his tummy following the happy trail below his belly button.
"I love you mo-" he gasped at the touch of her hand on his cock, feeling sensitive for unknown reason today. He watched her moments as he wrapped her small hand around his shaft, on the second stroke and a swipe of her thumb over the tip had him throwing his head back. Breathing heavy.
She decided to cut to chase when he felt her warm mouth wrapped around his tip, her tongue pressed flat getting the taste of the pre cum. He swore he could be cumming any moment when he felt soft vibrations of her humming around his cock taking him further down, using her hand to cover what she couldn't take.
"Gahh! Fuck!" He moaned, his voice went extra deep mid orgasm which she seemed to love so much, he took her free hand in his lacing his fingers through hers in a gentle hold. She pulled away with a pop sound of her sucking hard on his cock to catch for breathing, reaching to cup his balls, playing with them just how she's figured he likes it. She took him back in his mouth bobbing up and low on gis length. "Fuck, just like that baby. You're so - ugh! - so good to me!" That earned another moan from her around his cock.
"Fuck I'm so close baby, just like that make me cum. Please!" His breathing got heavier which had his heart thumping against his chest, he whined at the lost of contact when she pulled away.
"Cum for me, Haz." She requested. Just as she had her mouth back on him, his release warmed her up. Taking all she could as the rest of his cum dripped down her hand with each bob of her head, making his cock go softer. She felt his legs shake on her side, a hand on the back of her head.
"C'mere." He breathed, without any hesitation he pulled her to smear his lips onto her spit-cum slick ones, slipping his tongue in her mouth.
"You good?" She asked.
"Yeah, just need a moment, you made me cum so hard." He nudged his nose next to hers, "I want you to sit on my lap, get on." YN listened to him, raising up on her knees to get closer to him. "Pants and knickers off, sweet girl." His demand caught her off guard.
First of, she was wearing her comfy panties when she changed after she got home, they had little pandas printed on them. She wasn't planning on letting him see those as he's teased her once about the same pair before, it was going to be am embarrassing in such a sexy moment. And second off, she haven't shaved since her period stopped this month. Though he's made it pretty clear he doesn't care, but she does. Somewhat.
"What's wrong?" He asked, finally being able to breath at a steady pace. "What? Are you wearing your pink panda panties?" He smirked.
"Stop, they're comfy!" She scoffed moving on her spot, feeling the slickness of her own folds with each move.
"Come on, I don't mind. It's my turn now." He urged her. Hesitating she followed his demand, shimmying her swears and panties off, "come to me!" He made grabby hands towards her making her.
"You sure you want to go again?" She enquired, he still looks blissed out, his pupils still blown out.
"Mhmm, plus I have other means to have you screaming my name." He smirked, resting his hand on sides her bare thighs moving his hands up to hest on her hips.
"Daddy chill!" She rolled her eyes.
He knew what she was doing there, bringing up his one kink they hardly indulged in now.
"Now, now angel, don't be a brat." His made a semi-hard contact with her bum causing her to jolt in surprise.
"What was that for?" She gasped.
"You heard me." He raised a challenging brow at her, causing her to laugh throwing her head back. He'd figured she can't be serious like this which he found adorable. "Don't be a brat if you want Daddy to make you feel good."
"Oh then I'm definitely gonna be one." She nodded her head, biting onto her lips to hold back another laugh. "I'm sorry, I'm sorry!" She couldn't, letting her head drop on his shoulder for a moment she giggled. "I'll be serious now." Blinking her eyes twice she put on a serious which now had him giggling at.
Usually he's the one incharge in bed, as cliche as it sounds that's how both of them work. But none of them felt the need to verbalise the power dinamic in a kinky way, maybe it was a thing at the very start but for some reason they both stopped it. And now joke about it here and there. But it had his cock almost jumping up again when she called him that.
The little joking around made it all the more real for her, that sex or intimacy isn't always picture perfect as it is usually portrayed in the media. It was so much more enjoyable that way, seeing him actually make an effort to wash his hands so she wouldn't catch any unwanted infections or shit that happens to people with uteruses, or the way he makes her to feels so comfortable in her own skin even though she doesn't fit into the conventional mold made the society. That was the most sexiest thing she had experience!
"Your tits look amazing in this bra." He commented, blatantly staring at the swells of her breasts right in front of his face, as he raised his hands along her sides to rest on the curve of her waist before one slipped up further on her back in no time garment was unhooked. He's way too slick with his movements in moments like this. He further slipped down the elastic straps from her shoulders, leaving her now in the same state as him.
"Way better!" Tugging down the flimsy garment made of lace off her hands, Harry tossed it accross the bed to join rest of their clothes. Dipping his head forward, he pressed his lips onto her neck leaving the soft trail of kisses down her sweet spot, making his way down to her collar bone. Working to deepen the mark he left on her a couple pf days before. One of his hand squeezing onto her breast rolling the hardened nipple in between his thumb and forefinger, whilst reaching down to wrap his lips around the other. She whimpered under his touch, feeling the wetness just grow further in between her legs.
Harry could only imagine how full her breasts would be once they're finally have a baby, excited see and go through all the changes by her side. That had him dipping his hand in, finger tips brushing up her wet folds. He smirked feeling her gasping, leaning back into the pillows to look atthe way he had her whimpering under him.
He was already getting at her sight. "Hmm, so wet." He spared a glance at his fingers working onto her sensitive cunt, "for me baby?"
"Mhmm." She nodded, hands halting onto either on his shoulders to keep herself steady. All her teasing him went out the window just at the touch of his finger tips on her sensitive clit.
"Words, sweet baby, I need words." He teased as he rubbed slow circles on her clit.
"God, it's for you, Harry!" She bleated.
"It's what now, darling?" He urged her to say what he wanted to hear, halting his move.
"Ah! Please don't stop," he was going to annoy her with this now as he shot her a cocky look, "please daddy!"
"That's my girl." A dimple dented his cheek as his smirk grew wider.
"Please I want you inside Harry," she shot him a puppy face, "I've been holding off since yesterday."
"Yeah? That's what took you fifteen minutes extra in shower this morning, baby love?" He was enjoying it now, teasing her.
"I told you was washing my hair!" She whined, that was the truth. It's not as good as it is with him, she'd rather wait for him when he's close to her than do it herself.
"Then what are you calling me tonight?" He reminded her.
"Daddy," she nods her head jerkily, "daddy, please!"
He chuckled, "I'm just teasing baby, you can have me. You ready now?"
"Mhmm, mhmm!" She agreed. Wrapping his fingers around his cock, it took him just few strokes to get himself fully hard again if he wasn't already. Nudging his tip in her fold he urged her to take control.
"Come on, baby, you wanna ride Daddy's cock?" He suggested.
"Mhm-" before she could say anything his tip was pushing past her slit. She still can't get used to him, especially when they go a day or two without making love some times. She slowly sunk on his cock, feeling him fill her up to brim. Her head fell to the crook of his neck.
"Take your time to adjust baby," he sighed feeling her tightly wrapped around him.
"Need a moment." She shared.
"Yeah, why don't gimme a kiss baby?" He suggested, already cupping her jaw with one of his hand to bring her down, buttoning his mouth on hers pushed his tongue past her lips. He hummed at the contact trying to pull her more closer, as if he wasn't inside her already. The sound of their lips moving together came to halt when YN pulled away just to speak.
"I, I, can move now." She shared, feeling streched enough around his prick.
"Go on baby," he urged her. YN slowly started rutting her hips against his, with a pair of his hands on either sides of her helping everything to keep her steady. He never held back his moans, voice two times lower and deeper as he pressed his forehead onto her chest.
This was his favourite thing to do, making love with her.
Feeling her clench around his cock, or his fingers, especially when she's enjoying it. He felt so proud lf every time they made love, seeing her grow more and more confident and comfortable in herself. He pressed a kiss on her chest where her heart is.
"Fuck!" He heard her mumble quietly.
"You enjoying it baby?" He asked, moving behind , "you feel so— fuck!— so good wrapped around my cock, so warm and tight. So good for me."
"Fuck. Ye-yes!" She nods her head jerkily. The coil in her stomach tightened to the point it was close to coming undone any moment. "I'm so close, daddy!" It the slipped.
"Wait for me baby," he warned her, making his grip firm on her hips to quicken her movement, "you want me to cum inside you?"
"Yeah? Gonna fill you up so good, baby!" He announced, his own high was reaching up making his brain go all mushy. "Cum for me, will you baby? Cum around my cock."
"I, I am. I am." She nodded. Finding right words in the moment was something she couldn't do. Her rutting against him because sloppier and sloppier making her shudder as she came clenching around him. Have him fill her up with his cum. Just on the last thrust she sunk back on his cock before feeling him soften up again. It hit her hard, her orgasm there unexpectedly.
Their bedroom filled with their heavy breathing and sighs of pleasure. YN snuggled into Harry with him still inside her. Her taking on birth control was the best decision she'd made, and this was one of many reasons why on the list. The feeling she couldn't comprehend in words.
Especially now that he'd finally help nail another reason for wanting him cum inside her every time with his baby talk. Was it weird that she was thinking how great of a father he would be to her kids in a moment like this? She could careless. Because that's what she would want her kids to have.
"You good, my love?" Harry asked. His voice sounded extra honey sweet to her right in that moment.
"Mhmm." She sounded, "it was amazing."
"It was, honey love." He breathed out as he was too tired in the moment to even laugh with having two orgasms back to back. Somehow, he reached for the blanket to wrap around her so she won't get cold. He hiked up his legs at his knees so she is cradled against him.
"This okay?" She enquired for his consent about what he knew exactly.
"More than okay, darling." He assured her. Who was he to lie he didn't enjoyed a bit of cock warming here and there? "You know, I love you so much!"
She giggled tiredly, "I love you so much, too, Haz!"
They sat there cuddled up with their blanket wrapped around them. Until YN realised she was hungry and that she hasn't eaten anything since breakfast.
"Yes, love?"
"I am hungry." She shared, just to make it more clear her tummy rumbled.
"Oh no, baby." He gasped softly, "let's get you fed now, yeah?" He rubbed her back twice before reluctantly pulling away. He slowly slipped out of her, completely aware how sensitive she gets every time. "I'm sorry, I brought you in here before we had our dinner." He shared.
Harry takes it very seriously if she's had her meals or not, especially since he picked on her not so well relationship with food. She's recently started conversing when she's hungry and she wants to eat.
"I'm too tired to cook anything."
"We'll order take out." He urged her off their bed and to the bathroom so he can help her clean up. He even rushed to get a change of clothes. He had already put on a pair of sweats.
"I'll do this," she said, "please order something. I didn't had my lunch today." Taking the another pair of panda printed panties he got for her, she slipped them on and his sweatshirt next.
"YN!" He let a scolding whine, "did you not take your afternoon medications then?" Pulling out her hair from the neck hole of her (his) sweatshirt she shot him a look of her puppy eyes. "No, don't look at me like that. You know you shouldn't have those medicines without having some food in your system, love. Then you get all dizzy and nauseous, that's not good for you."
"I didn't get the time to today." She explained, tailing behind him as he made his way in the kitchen, "we were short on staff today. So I just took my medicines in hurry thinking I'll get time to eat after."
"Don't do that next time, okay?" He warned her, "you were short staffed doesn't mean you can't take fifteen minutes to yourself to eat. If that happens again I'm gonna have to have a chat with the owner myself."
"No, it won't happen again. I promise." She rushed. He was putting some frozen fries in the air fryer, she noticed. He disapproved thay she actually ate those, but at least she'll have something in her stomach till their take out is delivered to them. It was quick to make.
Who's gonna stop her from eating french fries? That too the frozen ones, no one! That's why he brought over his air fryer from his house when he moved his stuff to their flat.
"You're making me fries." She pointed out, wiggling her brows at him with a teasing tone.
"Stop, you haven't eaten anything in last thirteen hours." He rolled his eyes. She stood there next to him watching him make her a snack, there wasn't a point in teasing him more there.
He looked so pretty, standing there shirtless. Sometimes she forgets how much taller he is that her that she really have to lift her head up to look at her gorgeous features. Yeah, he's that all over her and obsessed that he's constantly clinging onto her for her realise. She's got all to herself there. Not even in dreams had she imagined to have a partner as loving amd caring as him. A soft place to fall back to when it becomes inevitable to not feel low.
Now he's stood there in all his pretty glory making her something to eat as she hasn't had anything since morning, scolding her a little for it. It warmed her heart.
Pressing a soft kiss by his ship tattoo, she went onto sit on the counter whilst he's done putting her snack together. After he was done, Harry rushed to get his phone opening up the food delivery app he stood next to her. He pulled up the cuisine page.
"What would you like to eat, my lady?" He enquired, showing the options.
"Hmm, let's see." She scrolled through down to the option. And of course she picked up Indian food.
"I'm feeling butter chicken." He shared.
"Look at you!" She cooed booping his nose, "I'm a good influence, aren't I!" Flipping her hair back proudly she picked up her favourite restaurant in town, smiling ear to ear. He swore he saw her eyes sparkle.
She hung the moon and the sun. For him, she did.
"That's all you want?" He noticed she'd already added his favourites in the cart.
"Okay." He took his phone but added her favourite desserts too before he placed the order paying with Apple pay.
"Hmm?" He placed his phone down on the counter beside her, giving her his undivided attention. His girl was sat there with her hands on either side of her thighs clutching onto the lip of the counter, swinging her legs.
"Let's get married."
"You want to?"
"Of course I want to." She nods, "so we can finally try to have a baby."
"I don't want you to feel pressured by this baby." He started, "it is going to be a big commitment. I know we live together, but it's going to be completely different to be married in living together. I can wait, we can wait till you're ready."
"I am not feeling pressured." YN assured him, "now that you've said it, that's something I really want. I've always wanted that, you know to have my own little family... Getting married has always been important to me, so I cam assured that I'm not feeling pressured. I know it is going to different. But ready for it."
"Yeah, you are?" Harry beamed at her, shifting to stand in between her thighs. He placed her hands on his shoulders, his lips were smeared over hers. First time he kissed her after their love making session.
"Mhmm." She sounded, "I have this image of you with our baby now. A little daughter. I can't seem to shake that off."
He chuckled, "I bet you'd team up with her against me."
"No, you'd be the one teaming up against me with her." She countered, arguing about who'd they're unborn (still unconceived) child would team up with.
"Touché." He giggled cheekily, earning a gasp and smack on his shoulders from her.
"So..." She raised her brows
"When are you asking me to marry you?" She asked.
"I'm not telling you!"
"Why not?"
"It won't be a surprise." He shared, "even though I want to marry you as soon as I can. Still want to make it special baby, for us. But soon, yeah?"
He pressed another kiss on her mouth, before the air fryer started beeping.
Tag list:
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atpsnty · 9 hours ago
┊𝐣𝐮𝐬𝐭 𝐲𝐨𝐮
xavier thorpe ; wednesday
pairing: jealous!xavier thorpe x bestfriend!fem!reader 
warnings: light hearted, extremely cheesy & overplayed crush confession, miscommunication trope at it’s finest (let’s be honest, xavier is somehow great at both communicating and not talking at all), light swearing
request: n/a
summary:  after telling him that you were asked to the dance at your school in jericho, xavier gets all butthurt.
a/n: I think this takes place after the whole monster situation, but he doesn’t like wednesday. also, don’t ask how wednesday, xavier, and y/n interact/are connected in all of this, idk either...
character credit: wednesday series
w/c: 1.2k
Tumblr media
“I don’t even understand why you're being all grumpy right now,” you sigh as you trail behind your bestfriend. 
You’re just leaving the Weathervane café and following Xavier towards the woods, meaning you’re probably heading to his little art shack. Everything was going as it usually does – you guys laughing and catching up over your separate drinks – when he suddenly got really quiet and wanted to leave.
“Can you at least tell me what’s wrong?”
He doesn’t even acknowledge your presence anymore, seeming to be in his own head right now.
You glance at his back, his usually tall stature now hunched in on itself. He keeps running his hand through his hair as it falls in his face, which is when you notice that he’s missing the black hair tie that usually sits on his wrist.
Putting a little pep in your step to get beside him, you hold out your own wrist. Upon it lays a hair tie; the same black type that he usually keeps for himself. You started carrying them after noticing how often he sets them down beside him, only to forget doing so and abandoning them altogether.
He halts his movements before glancing at the band adorning your wrist. He stares at it for a few seconds before his gaze trails up at your face, where he stares at you for a few more. 
You guys are always comfortable around each other, you’ve been friends for a while now, so eye contact is not something you struggle with…but there was something different about the way he is currently looking at you. Like he’s analyzing you. Studying you. Looking past what lays upon your expression and trying to survey your thoughts.
You try to hold his stare, but after a bit your face starts to heat up and the moment feels way too intense, so you divert your gaze to your shoes, the tips almost touching the tips of his own.
You hear the soft sigh fall from his lips before you see his retreating steps. After a few seconds, you fall back in line, trailing behind him once again.
After a few more silent minutes, you reach his art studio. He opens the door for you, though still not looking at you directly, before walking in himself. He immediately finds his closest pencil and sketchbook, making little to no sounds as he sits at his desk and begins scribbling away.
You sit on the stool that accompanies a large painting canvas and watch as he frustratingly works the pencil into the paper, smudging lead with his fingers in an unrecognizable design.
After a while, the silence is almost too much to bear.
“Seriously Xavier, what is wrong with you?”
“Everything apparently,” he said abruptly while slamming down his pencil on the multi-color covered table top, “enough to not even be an option anymore.”
You squint at him, completely distraught by his sudden outburst.
“What the actual fuck are you talking about?” 
Completely lost about where this attitude even came from, you run back the conversation you were having back at Weathervane: your wellbeing, school, an upcoming dance, the guy who asked you to said upcoming dance…
“Are you mad about me getting asked to a school dance?” You questioned, a hint of accusation to your voice. 
“Yes, okay! I’m mad you got asked to your little dance at normie school!” Xavier exclaimed, standing up and looking down at you. 
It takes all but two seconds before you're standing as well, mixed emotions of confusion and anger boiling inside you.
“Why would you be fucking upset! If anything you should be happy that your best friend is actually liked by someone for once.” You said in an exasperated tone. Why would your closest friend be upset about you finally getting attention from someone…unless he thinks you don’t deserve it.
“Well I’m not fucking happy.” He says while looking you straight in the eyes before sitting back in his chair, placing his elbows on the table and his head in his hands.
“Why not?” At this point, anything he said would probably end with you in tears, your heart broken, or both.
“Because I wanted to take you,” he says in a soft voice before running both hands through his hair and turning to face you. “Because I want to take you,” he reiterates. 
You gape at him, eyes and lips slightly widened as you find the words to say. 
To be honest, you have had feelings for Xavier for a while. When you first saw him, you thought he was an attractive guy. His long hair compliments his face so well, who wouldn’t? But it wasn’t until you started connecting that your feelings for him truly blossomed. You loved his artsy side, he was always surprising you with drawings and paintings he made of you, alongside ones he made simply to impress you with his “bring drawings to life” ability. He was always there to cheer you up if something was upsetting you at school, and he would constantly call or text you to see how you’re doing.
After all that gaping, the only thing you could think to say was “why would you want to do that?”
He gave a small chuckle-ish sigh before replying, “have I not been obvious, because I swear everyone else could see how much I like you except you.”
Thinking back at it now, yeah the man was super obvious, but that doesn’t mean you actually believe it..
“Seriously, y/n. I know I’m being super obvious in my flirting tactics, but that’s just because I think you like me back. I mean obviously not if you’re going to a dance with someone else, but I-”
“Who said I’m going with somebody else?” You cut him off mid rant.
“The guy-.”
“If you would’ve actually let me finish my story instead of getting all jealous and gloomy, you would have heard me say that I didn’t even say yes.” You look at him with a slight smirk. “Matter of fact, I don’t think I even like anyone fro-”
“I knew it.”
“From my school. Xavier you seriously need to let a girl finish her storytimes,” you shake your head and softly laugh before looking back up at him.
The smile you’ve come to adore is finally resting upon his face once again.
“So…you want to take me to the dance,” you tease.
“I do,” he says as if it’s a simple fact.
“Are you gonna ask or…? Because I’ve got other options to weigh if this is gonna take all da-.”
He rushes towards you and envelopes you in a hug, though this one feels different than the ones you usually share.
“Would you allow me the great honor of taking you to your normie school dance?” He finishes as he sets you back upright and grazes his thumb over your cheek.
“I would love to go,” you smile up at him, leaning into his touch slightly.
“With me thought, right? The other dudes are completely out of the picture?”
“Only with you,” you giggle at his playful antics. “Just you.”
Tumblr media
Completely ignoring the story, I am currently obsessed with Xavier Thorpe and my close friends list on Instagram has been suffering with edits for days.
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thorpeswife · 18 hours ago
jealousy || Xavier Thorpe x reader
( ages 17/18 )
warnings: orphan child, mentions of parents, make out session(? listen if you’re like fifteen idc if you’re reading this but if you’re like fifteen and below read at your own risk, idc if you get in trouble. you clicked on this so just be careful where you read this 🤷🏻‍♀️)
Tumblr media
you watch from afar as you see your boyfriend walk up to wednesday addams once again. rolling your eyes, you hear your name being called by bianca. “come on, if you want to get back at her i’m racing against her in the poe cup. i know xavier means the world to you so, this is your chance to make her step down— when we win. humiliate her. i already have a plan,” bianca smirked. you shook her head, “i’m not getting back to a girl who’s done nothing. till i have evidence that they’ve been fucking, i’ll join you bianca.” your eyes met her piercing ones, and she huffed. “suit your loss. but we both know they already have been since day one.”
rolling your eyes, you walk the other way to a class you just been put in and look no other, wednesday addams alongside xavier thorpe sitting next to her. you scoff, placing your hand on your hip. xavier looked your way and gave you a weary smile, a wave and nothing else.
“good evening class,” the redheaded stated. “we have two new students in our classes, one that just enrolled to our school and one who just switched classes. i’m sure you already know her,” she gestured to you. you stood up, “i’m sure you already know me. but to make this clear for the new girl, i’m (y/n).” you smiled hastily at her, than sat right back down with a sneer look on your face.
xavier looked to the right behind him, a confused look of ‘what the hell was that?’ and you just rolled your eyes straight back at him. class continued, and the bell rung. letting everyone out first, you finally finished placing your books neatly into your book bag.
“i’ll see you next session, xavier. (y/n), good to see you in my class. hope to have you here tomorrow.” she smiled kindly and you did as well, before getting up from your seat and placing your bag onto your back. “(y/n)-“ xavier called, stepping a few steps towards you. you twirl to face him, “what.” you spat out.
he bit his lip, “i know i’ve been a shitty boy—” you scoff. “bianca’s right. i shouldn’t have d—” he slammed you back into a wall, both hands right from your face side to side. “don’t you dare fucking say that,” he spat. “don’t you dare.” his eyes glared into yours, “for the past two years that we’ve fallen into love, i have always gone to sleep thinking and dreaming of you. not once did it change when wednesday came into our lives, and you know why?” he sneered out. your eyes widened, a bit scared by him due to the sudden outburst. “because i love you.” he finished.
“i don’t care, if you’re ready to say it or not. i love you, (y/n). i always have and always will.” he softened his eyes, his voice. and had a little smile on him. onto you, in your mind, you’ve never once had any type of love to have your parents gave you up at the age of fifteen, no family members wanting to take you in due to them being too scared to what your parents could do if they did. “you are the one that’s important to me, you are the one that makes me whole—” you interrupted him, your hands on both either side of his cheeks.
your lips met his, and his left hand met to your waist. the two of you slowly let go of each other, your eyes meeting his. “i’m sorry,” you apologized. “i just didn’t want to lose you to.. addams. you are the only person i trust, and the only person i love. i can’t risk to lose—” you can see that he was smiling, and he was smiling big time. “what was that?” and you knew what he was asking.
you sighed and shook your head, a small smile forming onto your lips. you’ve never said that to him, out in the blue. and now that you have, he knew that no matter what happened, the two of you would stick like glue and figure shit out on your own times. “i love you,” you whisper. he smiled, his thumb running over your bottom lip. “i love you,” he repeated after, closing the space between you both.
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paisholotus · 2 days ago
for the past three days I've been having people come into my inbox being disrespectful and asking me why I only have black OC characters, and why don't I never put an X reader.
I've said this multiple times, if I ever write a book or one shot whatever the case my be. THE CHARACTER WILL ALWAYS BE A BLACK WOMAN!
I'm sorry not sorry that my books aren't X- reader, but my books aren't to cater to everyone. I have no problem with anyone who isn't black that reads my stories, I have zero problem with that. My issue with y'all is the ENTITLEMENT that y'all think you have to come into MY INBOX AND DEMAND I MAKE AN X READER BOOK.
like WHO TF DO YOU THINK YOU ARE?! For the people who aren't black, there are plenty of X reader books and one shots you could read to feel included. But on MY PAGE it a safe haven for BLACK WOMEN! my girls deserve to feel included in something too! STOP HARASSING BLACK WOMEN ON THIS PLATFORM, BECAUSE EVERYTHING ISN'T CATERED TO YOU FOR ONCE!
Because imma start posting y'all pages if you keep this shit up. Because I promise you I ain't the one you finna bully.
Thank you and have a good day. 🤎
Also to the one's that follow me and got good sense
Tumblr media
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sugarfairychan · 2 days ago
yandere! bruce wayne x reader
tw: nsfw, smut, cunnulingus, yandere bruce wayne, reader’s a boss lowkey. sex with the cowl on, sex in the batcave. 
word count: 1.2k
Bruce Wayne, contrary to what everyone thought, was a man of great will and discipline. He had spent years cultivating the control and resolve he used to create Batman, to redefine what it meant to be a protector, but never a killer. Gotham City did not belong to the rogues that coveted her streets, nor the police that "protected" it. Gotham City was Batman's city, and no one would think otherwise. He prowled her roofs with eerie silence, claimed her gargoyles as his allies. He kept watch over Gotham's criminal underbelly, kept them in place. He was not a man many could compete with, and those who've tried find themselves on a trip to Arkham Asylum. Only fools (or the criminally insane) would attempt to fight him.
So, to see a man of such stature on his knees, saliva and slick dribbling down his cheeks, whose usually emotionless eyes light up with a darkening lust, well...who wouldn't get a power trip?
It's one thing for Bruce Wayne to be on his knees eating out a woman, it's a totally 'nother thing to have Batman worshipping you. In full costume, with only the cowl pulled down to reveal his face, the two of you lay waste to the Batcave. The lewd sounds that came from between your legs echoes throughout the cave, your breath coming out in short gasps. You're both covered in sweat, and neither can tell if yours is from excitement or exertion. Bruce leans back, hands braced against either side of your thighs as he mouthes at your inner thighs, leaving wet trails as he doe
Your head falls back and your legs widen, slowly inching further down the large black leather chair in front of the Batcomputer. He takes the invitation greedily, smooth hands sliding underneath your thighs and with effortless ease, he pulls you further down and lifts your thighs onto his shoulders. You squeak, hands finding purchase on either side of the armrest. His It's all too much and yet, you crave more of the same.
To think a man such as himself would have his resolve crumble just by seeing you. You were only fiddling with the Batcomputer, playing games with the high definition quality that came with this multi-million whatever computers were made out of. He hovered behind you for a while, waiting silently as you finish your match, and once it had ended, he twirled the chair around and got down on his knees.
Who would blame you for giving him what he wanted, even if he didn't ask? Batman wasn't the type of man to beg, but that would change today. You'd ensure it.
You can feel the slide of his lips against you with every kiss and lick, and it's a sinful act when you grind up against his face, using the armrests as support to help. The vibrations that come from his moan make your eyes roll back. It's so erotic to see the Batman so debauched. It's a sight reserved for only yo There's no precision or thinking when Bruce is like this. He tosses everything that makes him Batman, all the plans and the intelligence and the control, he throws it all to the dogs. His movements are sloppy as he laps you up barbarically. He licks a slow line along your slit, teasingly circles your clit and relishes in the twitches and the moans. He mouthes at your clit, slides his tongue all around it, sloppy and only interested in making a bigger mess than he has
It's so animalistic, the way he gets when he goes down on y How can someone so strong-willed and stoic through it all aside at the hands of who people (and Damian) would believe was lesser than him?
But who would not take advantage of it?
Even in the throes of pleasure and the way you can feel your orgasm reaching, it's hard to ignore him. Bruce is massive, even when he's on his knees. Your legs are spread wide on his broad shoulders. He takes up so much space between your legs, it even stings a little. And he looks so good, the way his hair covers his forehead and his barely-there stubble tickles your skin, it makes  your pussy swell and throb as he suckles and bites down.
His teeth scrape against your sensitive nubs. You gasp. His hands slip down, cupping and squeezing your bare ass. He squeezes hard, and whilst it's not the biggest turn on, the way his arms feel under you, biceps bulging against your raised thighs, you can't help the quiet whimper.
He looks so strong, his back muscles flexing with every small ministration. His chest rises and falls, laboured breaths coming through his nose as he swallows every inch of you. He's greedy, hands feeling you up, thumbs gently rubbing all the blackening hickeys he made. For all his compassion and tenacity, Bruce is, undeniably, a greedy ma
It's blissful when you finally orgasm. It comes out as an incoherent groan and your fingers wrap tighter into the armrest. His grip tightens on your thighs, tugging you closer until all he can even breathe is you.
You grind against him in the aftereffects, feeling it all slow down. Bruce, always so quick to register and follow along with your attitudes and feelings, returns to a gentle pace, almost like he's affectionately nuzzling you. Your breathing is heavy and you finally collapse against the chair.
He helps you sit up, lest you want your back to ache later. It's obvious from his expression just how turned on he is. Bruce is a man who likes to admire his possessions, especially you, his greatest one. Your cheeks are no doubt flushed, you can even feel some drool on your chin, but you're quick to wipe it away--
He snatches your hand before you can wipe it on the chair. Your eyes widen. That was kind of an aggressive move and you watched with trepid anticipation as he brings your hand down to him and sucks in your thumb. Fuck, if that wasn't a sight to see. His tongue sensually dances around your finger before he lets you go, eyes already telling you he wants more.
You reach up to brush away the sweaty strands of hair that cover his face. It's a peaceful moment, loving, even. Neither of you say anything, words aren't needed in moments like these. With little pressure, you push the chair away from him, and he watches like a hawk as you stand up. The saliva and slick is cool between your legs, and you can feel the clear liquid slowly start to slide down your thighs.
Everything in you wants more, wants to be pinned down and fucked ten ways 'till Sunday...but there's something in you that wants something more valuable, something harder to get, a challenge that when you win, makes you feel worthy.
You want him to beg.
"I'm done for the day. Thanks for that," you dismissively wave and leave.
It's 100% undeniable that Bruce will figure out what you want, and there's a 88% chance that he'll give in.
And for the leftover 22%, well, you've always liked a bit of edging.
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i-care-4u · 2 days ago
pair: jack harlow x spanish speaking!reader
requests are closed | masterlist
a/n: the english translations will be beside the spanish sentences :)
Tumblr media Tumblr media
you and jack were going to a restaurant that serves latin american food. you were dying to take jack to these types of restaurants, knowing that it is finally the best time to attend, especially after a months-long tour. besides, it was too delicious.
you yourself knew how to speak and read in spanish. jack, on the other hand, knew some words in spanish, but would sometimes fail to pronounce them.
once you both arrived, you found a seat and waited for one of the waiters to come shortly.
“welcome, feel free to look around and tell us when you’re ready,” the waiter greeted, passing out two menus for you and jack.
you nodded at the waiter, “thank you!”
once the waiter left, you and jack looked at the menu to see what they have. you already had the dish in mind, and you set the menu on the table. meanwhile, jack was still looking around, squinting at some of the words. luckily, he brought his glasses despite not wearing it in public as much. you tried hard not to cringe, but you knew you needed to call him out.
you blurted out to jack in spanish, “por que no te pones tus lentes?” [why don’t you wear your glasses?]
jack had a surprised look on his face, “why what?” he didn’t fully understand what you meant, and you translated in english. “why don’t you wear your glasses? it got you squinting like crazy.”
jack listened and puts on his glasses, “better?”
he went back to reading the menu, getting a clear glance of the words and dishes. as soon as he had the dish in mind, he pointed the item to you. “can you order this one for me? i don’t want to say it wrong.”
“of course.”
another waiter arrived and asked in spanish, “ya estan listos?” [are you guys ready?]
came to take your order and you told him in spanish. “hola, puedo ordenar un (dish name) y (dish name) para el, por favor?” [hi, may i order (dish name) and (dish name) for him, please?]
“gracias, ahorita venimos con los platos, okay?” [thank you, we’ll be back with the plates, okay?]
you smiled at the waiter, and jack looked at you in awe. “you should speak more spanish to me more.”
you rolled your eyes at him, “jack, you don’t even understand what i’m saying most of the time.”
“of course i do.”
“like what?”
jack started listing words, “let’s see. i know amor, cariño, hermosa, puta-” jack was interrupted by your laugh.
you shushed him, “woah there! don’t say that out loud.”
“what did i say?”
“you know what puta means right?”
“is that like another romantic nickname?”
your jaw dropped, “so you think it’s romantic to call me a bitch, huh?”
jack was clueless about the word, only hearing it on the phone calls that you have with your best friend. “oh shit, now i know what it means.”
“and that’s why i’ll teach you some spanish once we get back home!”
you were thrilled to teach him more spanish and you had high hopes that he’ll come back to tour in the latin america region soon. jack smiled at you and showed off his spanish skills, “i appreciate it, mi vida.” [my life]
Tumblr media
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aliy-angel · 15 hours ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
What's dating Xavier is like
✝ how did you guys met: you were a transfer student to Nevermore Academy and he was assigned to show you around, when he first saw you his heart skip a beat. He wouldn't stop staring at you, you looked at him once but he looked at you twice.
✝ After meeting him, curfew hit. Xavier went back to his dorm, took out his pencil and began sketching you. He remember your beautiful features, your dark eyes, your soft lip and your hair. He stayed up until 12 am thinking about you. This boy is obsessed with you!
✝ On a Saturday you suppose to do some active activities so you try archery. You were surprised Xavier was there, but you didn't mind. You said hello. He stutter when he said hi to you . You found it cute. When you hit the target 🎯 You got this boy shaking. "Wow you're really good at this." You smile at his admiration. "Thank you, me and my father would do this to the kids who bully me. Those losers deserve it." You said as you hit the another target, Xavier make sure not to get on your bad side.
✝After that you two sat on your guy's table with Wednesday and Enid (I DON'T CARE WHAT YOU SAY! THEY ARE DATING!) and got to know each other. You found out Xavier is an artist and his powers is to animate his drawings to life. You took an interest in his powers and watch him turn a 8 legged spider to life but poof it turn to dust. Xavier found you adorable when you watch in amazement.
✝ On a weekend Xavier came knocking on your dorm to invite you to the carnival. You said yes cause who wouldn't. You got dress then head out. Xavier loves seeing you in your own style instead of wearing the school uniforms.
✝ this boy loves listening to music especially when Rowan is not in the room. Rowan always complains how loud is it. But when he's not there Xavier called you over to listen to his vinyl play, you tip toe to his dorm trying not to wake up the other classmates asleep and just snuggle with him listening to smoothing music it wasn't too loud or too low.
✝On the Regata Race, Enid asked you to join the race you were hesitant but you said yes. After you got ready into your costume you see Xavier dressing as a creepy Jester. You laugh at him! Xavier didn't took it to heart but he had a trick up his sleeve,he lift your chin to look at him. "If I win you'll have to go out with me to the prom."
You raised an eyebrow. "But if I win you'll have to do everything I say for a week, anything!"
Xaiver got nervous. 'Did I got on her bad side?' he thought. "Deal." You guys shook hands then you pull him and peck his cheek. "See ya loser."
3...2...1 GOOOOO
You look at Xavier and wink at him. Ajax notice Xavier smiling to himself "Yo your girl got you blushing and shit.Puppy love?" Xavier told him to keep paddling. After the race Xaiver 's team land before Enid's team which makes you guys second place. "Hmm good game." He tower over you(this dude is 6'2ft like damn) he lean towards your face with a smirk and chuckle. "I guess you'll have to go to prom with me." Ok now he's being all cocky. "I was gonna say yes anyways." You rolled your eyes tryna not to look at him but of course he did his flirty trick by leaning toward your lip to kiss you but pulls back when you lean in. "Ugh stop doing that!" You punch his arm. "Ow hey hey! I'm kidding come here!" He finally kissed you after all those teasing 🧍‍♀️
✝ you can NOT TELL ME THIS MAN loves to hold your hand 24/7 his day would feel weird if you DON'T HOLD HIS HAND. He would do that little rub on the surface of your hand like shesh
✝ He loves it when you play with his hair, you two would watch movies in his room just snuggling, then you just playing with his hair he just loves it😧😭
✝ At the prom, he was mesmerize by your beauty, of course he knows that you're beautiful but seeing you in that black/white dress, just got his self in a choke hold and him turning red. You two dance through the night, until it began to...rain? The ceiling was pouring blood, everybody screamed and try to run out to the exit,but it didn't stop you two! The DJ left his spot ,the music still playing and you two just dance in the red rain. You didn't care if it was ruin by red you just wanted to dance.
✝ Xavier is very protective, you know that statute that almost fell on you out of nowhere? Welp that kill wasn't for you it was for Wednesday but luckily Xavier was there to save you. He was scared sh*tless! He sat beside you waiting for you to wake up. He pray and just didn't wanna leave your side. You woke up but your head hurt, he apologize over and over but you said it's not a big deal. That made him nervous. He loves you but your not caring attitude scares him.
✝ After that statue incident Xavier would leave little gifts at your door, like a mini baskets of your favorite candy, with cute Polaroid pictures of you guys and drawings of you. He really cares about you.
✝ Xaiver doesn't like the idea of another monster or freak in the picture, he doesn't like it when you laugh with another boy, or even smile at another boy that's not him. He's not obsessive or anything like that he just doesn't like the idea of a guy tryna to take you away from him so he would sneak up behind you, peck your cheek and just stare at them tryna make the guy feel stupid for thinking you were single.
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klineinie · 17 hours ago
Tyler Galpin x reader: the reader is a vampire who cannot control her instincts as Tyler cannot control his Hyde instincts, they meet each other, develop a relationship with one another pretending to be human, they find out each others secrets and Tyler confesses his feelings for them(happy ending :) )
Tyler Galpin x GN! Reader
Warnings: slight blood references, manipulation (by laurel), mentions of unaliving
A/N: I hope you like this as much as I liked writing it!
The Weathervane smelled like espresso. It also smelled slightly fruity. There was one table with the lingering smell of stress hormones, no doubt a popular spot for writers and financial report typing. A multitude of scents could be smelled from behind the counter, too. Apples for the lady who opened shop on Mondays, the manager smelled like fresh squeezed orange juice.
An aroma of cinnamon, mint toothpaste, and something metallic wafted around the curly-haired golden retriever boy who worked the afternoon till closing shifts; Wednesdays, Fridays, weekends, without fail. According to the pin on his shirt, his name was Tyler.
You slapped and chided yourself mentally for the fifth time to snap out of it, it’s creepy to scent people. Especially the cute barista, who only talked to you to ask if you needed a refill for your tumbler, which he didn’t know was actually filled some rather unpleasant substances (legally acquired, obviously).
And there he was, standing in front of you with all of his boy-next-door vibes, mouth about to open, about to ask if you needed a refill, no doubt-
“Hey, uh, I was just wondering if maybe… I could have your number? I mean- I’ve seen you around for some time, I’m pretty sure you’re a regular here, like I think I’ve asked if you needed a refill-” he stammered. You gave him a close lipped smile.
“Yea, sure, I don’t mind. It’s …”
A relationship with Tyler was a strange one, and that’s from someone who has to drink bodily substances to survive. He was distant some days, not texting back for hours on end despite leaving a read receipt. Once or twice, he’d show up with fresh scratches and a stronger than usual metallic scent lingering. On those days, it was hard to control yourself.
But visiting the cafe regularly was definitely one of the only things you didn’t regret.
Six months later
The tumbler was missing. You’d went to the bathroom for one second and it disappeared. Poof- just like that- gone, with only a ring of condensation on the rough wood surface to tell where it had previously sat. Shit, Tyler.
He came out the back of the cafe, clutching the familiar metal flask, with the lid screwed back on loosely. His face was pale, eyes dilated. They made contact with your wide ones from across the shop. Tyler took a deep breath, set his mouth in a strained smile, and walked over to grab your wrist and pull you outside.
“Why didn’t you tell me?” His voice was shaking.
“I’m sorry, I just thought that you wouldn’t find me good enough for you, I’m an outcast for god's sake-”
“(name), I kind of already knew. You weren’t the best at hiding it. But… I do need to tell you something.”
You panicked. Oh, he was definitely going to break up with you; you were so stupid to think that he’d still like you as an outcast-
“… just please, don’t tell anyone. I’m really trusting you with this. I… I really like you, love you even. If you’ll still have me.”
Taken aback by how out of pocket the last statement was after you zoned back in, you quickly flipped through your mental transcript of the conversation. Woods, mind control, blood, hide- no, Hyde. Everything clicked in place. The metallic smell, blood. Random periods of distance, mind control after effects, not to mention the guilt. Showing up with scratches, self defense against him.
Tyler’s face fell farther the longer it took for you to respond. This wasn’t good, at this point the woman might have him go after you-. You interrupted his racing thought by pulling him into a tight embrace.
“Thank you. For telling me. I’ll still like/love-you-even. It’s not your fault. She took advantage of you, used you to complete her own motives,” you pulled away to look him in the eyes, “But is there anything I can do to help? I still have outcast friends, Ty, I can talk to them?”
He smiled, relieved.
“How about in a bit? I kinda just want to hug you right now.”
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