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living with the dream team headcanons
Tumblr media
dream is super helpful. need help setting up a new pc?? he's on it. you're washing the dishes? he's drying them :)
you and george watch tv or movies together and judge tf out of them. y'all are petty bitches (we love him tho). 10/10 it's so much fun
dream and sapnap will walk in and y'all are throwing popcorn at the tv and trash talking wendy williams and they're just like "😀"
sapnap tries to get you to watch anime with him and you probably aren't nearly as engaged as he wants you to be but he's glad you'll watch it with him at least
sometimes you guys have movie nights but usually they end in arguing over movies or george on his phone 😐
george has the WORST sleep schedule so he'll wake up at 11pm or finally get to sleep at 9am
sometimes you'll be awake at ungodly hours when he is, which leads to conversations at the kitchen table at 5am about literally anything at all
going on breakfast/lunch/dinner dates with them for literally no reason <3
"hey y/n, wanna go get lunch?" sure thing sap
"hey y/n, since it's just us here do you wanna go out for breakfast?" yes i do dream
"wanna order some pizza, y/n?" absolutely george
playing minecraft with them in your free time
doing stupid challenges and fucking around on new worlds
showing up on stream or in the backgrounds of videos sometimes
chat loves it. sometimes on george's streams they'll ask for you, or on sapnap's they'll ask how you are. you've been heard yelling britney spears lyrics in the background of dream's stream before
chat loves you omg
modelling their merch for the website !!!!!!!
being their literal best friend omfg
dream 100% sends you songs at like 1:31am and a text that says "idk why but this song gives me you vibes"
and they're always bangers
listening to music in sapnap's car with him and dream
going to the skate park with sapnap, even if you don't skate, just to hang out
late night convenience store runs with him, too
patches loves you
and you obviously adore her
once dream came home and found you and patches cuddled up on the couch fast asleep and mans almost combusted on the spot
he took pictures and sent them for you to wake up to
you and george make tiktoks together and they're always really dumb but you love them
if you're a cc, they're your biggest support and hype squad
or at anything you do, really
your lockscreen is a picture of the four of you doing something dumb
they all love you so so much!!! /p
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wrap me up in all your—
Tumblr media
still not over that obscure friends to lovers prompt list so I did number 30 w Eddie!!!!
pairing: eddie munson x reader
summary: everyone forgets Eddie’s birthday except the reader (aka a cupcake, a joint, a gift, and a confession or two)
word count: 1.5k
warnings: cursing and weed/smoking mention
The trailer park is quiet. The autumn chill has settled over town like a blanket, unearthing winter jackets and beanies from closets and marking every breath with a plume of white air.
Eddie sits beside you on his front porch, and though the light swinging overhead flickers every few seconds, and the wooden stairs are halfway to rotted, it’s his favorite place in the world.
Anywhere that has you in it is his favorite place in the world.
He’d like to blame that sappy sentiment on the joint you surprised him with an hour ago and have been passing back and forth, but if he’s honest, Eddie feels that way sober.
You make him feel and think all that sappy shit he was sure only existed in movies.
You showed up, with a dorky birthday hat and a joint sticking out of a cupcake, and Eddie instantly felt high.  And so, even though his day started at crappy and only got worse from there, it’s looking to have a decent ending.
As far as birthdays go, this certainly isn’t the worst. It’s almost better that everyone forgot. No last-minute, hasty gifts or the off-key singing of some waitress and his uncle.
It doesn’t even matter that everyone else forgot. Because you didn’t.
“I got you a present,” you say eventually, jabbing out the last burning embers of the roach and tossing the filter into the tiny pile at the bottom of the steps. Other filters from other nights smoking on this porch, the best of them with you.
“I thought we just smoked the present,” Eddie says.
You snort a laugh and bump Eddie’s shoulder with your own.
“No, that was the candle,” you say. “It would have been better if you rolled it. You’ve got magic hands.” You lift your arms and do jazz hands, making Eddie laugh, and then cough, which makes you laugh, too. Then you’re just two high idiots giggling on a crumbling porch, but Eddie is happier than he has been in a long time.
“Not everyone has the magic touch,” Eddie says. He raises his own hands, and doesn’t miss the way your gaze falls and lingers on each finger, each ring and crooked knuckle and calloused fingertip. Eddie drops his hands. “So. What’s this present you speak of? It better be damn good, after all you’ve hyped it up.”
“I did no hyping,” you accuse. You tear your gaze from Eddie’s and drop it to your lap, where you’re worrying the hem of your hoodie between your fingers. “And it probably isn’t that good—”
Eddie blames the weed on his sudden confidence. He takes your chin in one hand, forcing you to look at him, and he doesn’t realize how close you are on the porch until he almost smashes your nose with his own.
“Whatever it is, sweetheart,” he says, gentler than he intends, “I’m sure I’ll love it.” Your eyes dip, dip to his mouth, and now Eddie is looking at your lips, and he can’t stop.
He clears his throat and sits back. “You’ve never gone wrong before. Christmas ‘82?” He shrugs his shoulders and flashes you a lopsided grin. “Alright, yeah, you kind of screwed future you, there. How the hell do you follow thatup?”
You roll your eyes, but Eddie can tell you’re pleased. He’s known you so long that nonactions are actions, too.
“You and that damn guitar,” you say.
“What can I say? You did good, kid,” Eddie says. He bumps your shoulder again. “C’mon. Quit stalling. Let’s see it.”
You scrunch your nose. “Technically, there’s not really anything to see. I mean, I have a piece of paper, like a written agreement, but—”
“Earth to y/n,” Eddie says in a singsongy voice, though honestly, he’d be content to watch you talk about nothing for hours.
You nod a few times. Clear your throat. Don’t look at him as you say, “I kind of… booked you a gig.”
And Eddie’s dry mouth becomes the Sahara desert.
“And I don’t know if I’d really call it a gig. More of an… audition? That fancy new club, The Tunnel, is looking for a local band to play Friday nights, and they want something different, so I played them one of your tapes. The manager liked it. He said if you do well at the show in a few weeks, you could be in there every friday night—”
“Are you serious?” Eddie asks.
You stop. Meet his eyes. “Of course I’m serious.”
“Holy shit.” Eddie pushes off the porch steps, onto the dirt below, and shakes his head. “Holy shit.” He wraps his arms around his torso and turns to you, shaking his head again. “Are you serious?”
You laugh, and say, “For the second time, yeah, I’m serious.” You swipe at your nose and sniffle. “Not that your usual joint isn’t great, but I figured, maybe you and the guys wanted to change it up a bit¸—”
And Eddie can’t hold back anymore. He rushes you, throwing his arms around your waist, knees digging into the step below you, burying his face in your neck.
You laugh again, and hug him back, and when you dip your face against his, your cool lips graze his temples. His stomach lurches, and his pulse sings, and yeah, he’s definitely high, but it’s most certainly not all from the weed.
All his reservations fall away. Fall apart. Never fucking existed at all, and he’s just been kiding himself.
Eddie pulls back to look at you.
“That’s the nicest thing anyone’s ever done for me,” he says. “I love you.”
You let out a little laugh. “I love you, too, dude.”
He shakes his head. Peels himself away from you and drops onto the step beside you. “No. I mean, I love you. I’m in love with you. And I have been since we were sixteen. I was doing a pretty good job of not doing anything about it, trying to maintain the friendship and all that, but then you show up here, and you tell me you booked my band a gig—”
“Technically not a gig!”
“—a gig,” Eddie says. “And suddenly, I don’t give a shit about maintaining anything. So, thanks for that. And I love you. I really fucking love you. Sorry if that screws things up.”
For a long second, you just look at him, and Eddie thinks he could die right there on that porch—which is ironic, considering he kind of almost did, if the grass near this porch in a parallel universe counts.
“Do you have any idea,” you ask, “how long I’ve been waiting for you to admit that?”
Eddie jerks back. “What are you—you knew?”
You tuck a loose strand of hair behind your ear and look away, a sheepish smile on your face.
“I mean, of course I knew,” you say. “I’ve known you since we were ten. I know you. But time went on, and you still never said anything, and I wasn’t sure if I was wrong, or if you just had no goddamn clue how you felt, and then—“
“And how do you feel?” Eddie asks.
Your smile shifts. It shines like a thousand stars, brighter than anything in the night sky.
“I really fucking love you too,” you say. And then you kiss him, and you taste like frosting and weed and a thousand future kisses.
Eddie ends it sooner than he’d like—if he doesn’t, he’ll do something non-gentlemanly things on his porch, and he’s really trying to be a gentleman—and you drop your head onto his shoulder. You lace your fingers through his, fiddling with his rings with your free hand.
Sometime later, you lift your head, and say, “You never told me your wish.”
The cupcake with the joint. You instructed him to make a birthday wish on the first hit.
Eddie averts his gaze, swiping the hair from his eyes.
“My wish?” He shrugs. Meets your eyes. “You know the rules. Secret.” He draws his fingers across his lips and mimics throwing away a key.
You roll your eyes. “Humor me.”
Eddie inclines his head and considers a moment.
“You really want to know?”
“I want to know everything in that head,” you say, lifting two fingers to his temples.
Eddie knows he’s smiling like a dork, but he doesn’t care.
“It was you,” he says. “It’s always you.”
You press your lips together, but a smile tugs them up. You wind your arms around his neck and dip your forehead against him.
“Well,” you say softly. “You’ve got me. Time to find a new wish.”
“I’ll figure it out later,” he says. “Now, I just really want to kiss you again. You cool with that?”
You laugh, and say, “Yeah, I’m cool with that.”
Then you kiss him again.
And Eddie thinks this might be the best birthday he’s ever had.
taglist (join here!): @milkiane​ @robiin-buckley​ @copycatkillerfics​  @robinbuckleyssgf​ @isshecrazyorissheclever
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Tumblr media
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y / n: Guess what?
Jason: What?
y / n: I'm getting married!
Jason, getting furious: WHO IS THE BASTARD! WHO IS -?
y / n, hitting a marriage certificate: It's you, sign here.
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reaction romantic yandere guys (separated) from hotd to his reader wife giving birth to twin boys?
Note: I made this be reader’s first children, and I only put Daemon, Aemond, Aegon, and Harwin. Hope you don't mind. There is a request that is similar so I may add all of them.
As the future "king," it is your responsibility to produce heirs for Aegon. And he was pleased to know about your pregnancy. This was also his way of making sure you remained in his grip. It fills Aegon with pride to learn that you have not just given him one, but two sons. He sees this as proof that the two of you were meant to be together. 
Daemon suspected twins because he observed you to be more prone to morning sickness, fatigue, and appetite than the typical expectant woman. There is a small chance that this pregnancy won't turn out well, and he has told his maesters that if that were to happen, your life should come before the twins. But fortunately, it was a safe delivery, and he was told that you had given birth to twin boys. Daemon kisses your knuckles while grinning warmly, telling you how proud he is of you.
When Aemond found out you were expecting, he made the decision to spend more time with you, as if he hadn't already. He learned you might be expecting twins from his mother. In defiance of custom, Aemond insisted on remaining in the room, making the midwives and maesters uneasy in his presence. He was delighted to see the boys. He asked for some privacy with you after settling you down and cleaning the boys. As soon as he has you to himself, Aemond kisses you on the forehead and assures you how proud he is, all while urging that you rest.
Simply put, Harwin is ecstatic. A life with you and the honor of being the father of your children have been Harwin's dream and desire. When you first told him you were expecting, he was so overjoyed that he lifted you and spun you around. Without a doubt, Harwin would make a wonderful father to your kids. You could tell that the moment he held the twins and gazed at them with such love. And his adoring gaze on you is so moving that you can't help but be touched. 
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Trembling fingers reach out to your face, slowly trailing down your cheeks,barely grazing you. Featherlight touches as he pokes and prods at your facial features, much like a curious child. You bat away his hands, glaring at him.
“Malleus, I’m trying to rest.”
He raises his hands in defeat, before placing them on your shoulders.
“Have I not offered my lap as a pillow?” He sighs, a tone of dismay leaking into his voice.
You wiggle about, head resting on his thigh. Pulling up your cloak, you nuzzle into his lap, seeking support for your head. Grim yawns, before rolling closer to you, curled up next to your stomach.
“A very comfortable pillow it is.” You chuckle, patting it in appreciation. His tail swayed slightly, rustling the grass behind him. So predictable, really. Lapping after any word of validation like a pet would, bending over backwards to make sure that you’re satisfied.
Despite his… reliant nature, he made for a good companion. Always attentive, ready to listen to whatever you have to say. His reluctance to sleep at night also made him the ideal guard.
A Dragon protecting its treasure. You’ve joked about this to him, laughing about how silly it seemed. A dragon prince, beholden to a simple Grimwalker. He clasped your hands in his, before mumbling something about how precious you were to him.
You shrugged it off as another one of his whims. Pleasantries exchanged for the sake of appeasement. Although you found yourself leaning into his touch, melting like soft yellow butter in the sun.
You run a hand down his thigh, feeling him shudder from your touch.
“Hey, Malleus?”
He leans down slightly, ebony hair grazing your face.
“Yes, Child of Man?”
“Stay with me.” You mutter, reaching up to cup his face in your palm. Soft, remarkably so, with just a hint of roughness to remind you of his dragon ancestry.
He laughs, a rumble in his throat. A comforting sound, in the otherwise silent night.
“Of course. I wouldn’t dare to dream otherwise.”
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Tumblr media
softdom!ari levinson x naive!reader | kinktober 2022 summary | ari wants nothing more than to make you completely his.
always wanted to do at least a drabble for kinktober haha. isn't really explicit, but you get to see dom ari peeking through + naive reader interaction in college!
warnings | size kink, breeding kink, dd/lg, dark ari
buy me a kofi! drabble requests/asks! main!
It’s adorable, how you always try to take charge. Except the moment Ari would say something, murmur at you to sit down, you would, innocent eyes peering up at him, asking to be rewarded. 
And you were so small, like a baby. A dumb baby, one who annoyed him to no end. He wanted to fuck you until you cried, thrust into you until he saw the outline of his cock from your stomach, have you begging for his dick—for him—to breed you, fuck you, touch you, for days. 
He learned over, to the side twirling a piece of your hair. Beside him, you stiffened, eyes moving away from the professor. Once you realized it was him, your shoulders relaxed, and you sent him a wide smile. One that remained oblivious to his dark thoughts completely. It took him months to make you feel comfortable towards him, to get you to open up so that he could trap you in his web. 
A few more months and maybe he’ll knock you up. He could do it right now, even, if you still weren’t so skittish sometimes. So stupidly bent on getting your degree, when you could let him do all the work. After all, it was only a couple more months until he inherited his father’s company. With the fortune that came with it, all you needed to be was a proper housewife. A mother, and a perfect one you’d be. 
Ari moved to kiss the side of your neck when you attempted to focus again. A hand came to rest on your hip when he sucked on a certain spot, and you squirmed at the contact. 
“Ari… people are watching,” you whisper. Like that’s ever stopped him. If anything, he creates another mark on his blank canvas. 
“Mhm, pay attention to the lecture, baby.” 
He bet you can’t, wiggling in your chair because of how wet you were. You didn’t even understand how your body worked—so naive, you didn’t have the slightest clue. But he knew that you missed sitting on his lap, bouncing on his thigh and sucking on his thumb like a pliant baby. You depended on him for everything: and he would make it stay that way. 
“What do you want for dinner tonight, love?” 
Your lips turned in a frown at the question. “But you always choose,” you said back, searching his eyes for something wrong. Nothing, except for his cock straining to fuck you and his hooded eyes. 
Satisfaction spread through his chest, along with possessiveness. 
“That’s right,” he whispered in your ear, shifting your hair so the rest of the class could see his mark on you. You had no idea how insane you made him, how he turned feral around you. “Because you can’t do anything without me, can you?” 
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𝐃𝐚𝐭𝐢𝐧𝐠 𝐇.𝐂𝐚𝐧𝐨𝐧𝐬 ♡ 𝘓𝘦𝘰𝘯𝘢𝘳𝘥𝘰 𝘏𝘢𝘮𝘢𝘵𝘰
❥ REQUESTED: Anonymous
"Hello ‼️ I liked you raph hcs and I was wondering if you can do Leo hcs?"
[ HELLO ‼️ Also sure thing, and I'm so glad that so many people enjoyed my Raph headcanons! I have like 11 more requests to do after this 💀 ]
Tumblr media
♡ Leo is very teasing plus flirtatious to his love, a reaction is what he is looking for from you. Give him that exact reaction that he is looking for and it'll only encourage his behavior even further
♡ Very bad pick up lines, and I mean very bad, but I personally find them funny.
♡ "Are you from Tennessee? Because you're the only ten I see."
♡ Omg Leo- but like I said. Anyways pick up lines aren't his only treat as he loves to tell you all of his jokes and one liners no matter how stupid they are. All that he is looking for is a laugh because he loves seeing you crack up at his jokes!
♡ He actually very clingy and needy towards you as he feels like he can't spend a day without seeing you at least once! Anytime you have to leave to take off somewhere else he gets all dramatic as if you're going off to war or something. Basically acting like he is going to die without you here.
♡ Just a very big drama queen honestly. You're slightly hurt? He cries like it's your final days of breath. Jokingly say something mean? Clutches his heart with his hand and does an exaggerated gasp. Flirt back with him? Giggles girlishly while fanning himself with his hand.
♡ Not very overprotective because he trusts you a lot actually! Only times he does get protective is when things start to get physical in a very bad way. Other than that everything is a-okay with you!
♡ He can get a bit jealous at times though
♡ You know how he can make portals? It very neat actually; for example, if both of you or just yourself are late to attend something? Nothing a little portal magic can't do as Leo says
♡ Shows himself off you to anytime he can. You need help picking up multiple boxes? Leo is already picking up 7 at a time while flexing about how strong he is to you. You happen to walk but while he's training? Shows off his super cool skills to you while his brothers are there confused because before you came Leo already said he was apparently "Strong enough", "Didn't feel like training", or "Doesn't need the extra training"
♡ A sucker for nicknames
♡ He'll show you off to anyone he knows or encounters
♡ "Have you ever met my amazing, caring, sweet, and loving (Y/n)?"
♡ LOVES physical touch no matter where you are, so PDA is a big green check mark on the list as long as you're okay with it of course! Leo just loves to swing his arm around your shoulder or waist, just to show that you're in fact in a very happy and loving relationship with none other than himself, Neon Leon.
♡ The legendary Neon Leon loves when you kiss him anywhere on his face, especially on his two red stripe markings. Bro will literally melt into a puddle because of this
♡ Compliment him at anything and he'll have a major boost in his already massive ego. His family tells you to not make it any bigger than it already is but will you listen?
♡ Is most likely the type to take embarrassing photos of you when you're not looking and teases you for it. Leo finds it adorable you're begging him to delete that photo while he extends his arm away from you, the phone way out of your reach
♡ 11/10 overall giggles, not sure he would give you his last pizza slice though
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Man's World - An Epilogue
Previous Chapter (finale!) is HERE.
Pairing: Carlos Sainz x Reader, Carlos Sainz x You, Carlos Sainz x OFC
Warnings: language, fluff
AN: LOVE how this chapter turned out. We have laughs, we have pranks, we have tears... we have Georgia being a lion. What’s not to love? 
IMPORTANT: If you want to keep seeing my content, including upcoming one-shots of Man's World that I have planned, please visit your "content you see" section and toggle your "sexual themes" to show. More on that HERE. You can access those settings by clicking this link.
Tag List: Want to join the tag list? Fill out this little form or drop me a comment below! 
Word Count: 6700 
Check out the full intro synopsis + full story master list here!
Tumblr media
Abu Dhabi – Wednesday – Georgia POV
“Carlos, have you seen my pass?” I frantically started emptying my suitcase, desperately looking for my paddock pass. Good grief, Georgia, you can’t lose this pass yet again, you’ll never hear the end of it from Lando, I muttered to myself.
“Mi amor, you’d lose your head if it wasn’t screwed on,” I heard Carlos laugh from behind me, wrapping his arms around me from behind, my paddock pass in his hand.
“Oh, thank god! After I blasted Lando on twitter in Austin for losing his pass and getting caught trying to break into the paddock, I couldn’t lose mine this week!”
“Well, to be fair love, you probably shouldn’t have told the police that he was an intruder…” I laughed at that. Lando and I had been in a prank war for a few years now, and while we’d called a “truce” after Silverstone, we both knew that wasn’t going to last long. As soon as I saw Lando trying to break his way into the paddock with no pass around his neck, it was too good not to tell security that some random fan was trying to break in.
The fact that the American security guards didn’t recognize him was even more hilarious.
Unfortunately for me, Lando returned the favor the following week when he “accidentally” told Charles that Carlos and I were secretly engaged and planning to elope over Christmas. I think if Carlos hadn’t been in a sponsorship meeting, Charles would have actually punched his teammate. But noow it was my turn to get one over on the Brit, and I had a beautiful prank in place.
“So, we’re still on for today, right?” I asked, wiggling my eyebrows in anticipation. I had finally talked my boyfriend into helping me prank Lando, and I couldn’t be more excited.
“I feel like this is too mean, mi amor,” Carlos said with a sigh. Over the last several months I had learned just how much of a softie Carlos was, especially for Lando. “I think if we actually broke up, Lando would be the only person on the planet as devastated as me.”
I rolled my eyes at Carlos, grabbing my bag from the sofa as we headed downstairs, meeting Lily in the lobby; we’d agreed to have a quick breakfast with her before we left for the paddock. For whatever reason, Lily had become a staple to Carlos and I’s driving to the paddock. For a while Charles would also join us, but after summer break, Charles went back to driving himself to the paddock.  
Something felt off between Lily and Charles. It felt like they were avoiding each other, and by Austin GP, they were actively making excuses to leave the room when the other walked in, a staunch change from the beginning of the season, when I would watch them subtly flirt with each other.
Once breakfast was finished, I turned to my teammate, a smile on my lips. “Ready to go?” The Valet pulled up my Bugatti and the two of us hopped into the car.  
“Carlos not joining us?”
“Nah, he’s got a different schedule than us,” I mused, taking off away from the hotel. I felt a little bad not telling Lily about Carlos and I’s prank, but I knew she wouldn’t be able to keep the prank a secret from Lando.
“So, tell me, what’s going on with you and Charles?” I could see Lily visibly stiffen up at the mention of my brother’s name, although she kept a stoic look on her face.
“What do you mean?”
“I mean, nothing really… just felt like the two of you have been avoiding each other.”
“Nope, just busy that’s all. Can’t just drop everything for Charles Leclerc.” It’s as if Lily knew her words had come out harsher than she expected, so she added with a smile, “can only put up with one of the Leclerc twins this season.”
“Fine, keep your secrets, Wilson.” I could see from Lily’s face that she wanted to say something else, but had decided against it, instead opting to scroll through her phone. phone.
“So, the Netflix special went over well! Fans are just loving you and Carlos,” she mused.
“Yeah, I feel like it put the final nail in the coffin of that Daily Mail article. We haven’t had a single bad article about our relationship written in over a month, thank god.” The Netflix special, along with a second Vogue article, had been a lifesaver for Carlos and I. After I admitted I loved him over the radio, there was some renewed suspicions about us. Fortunately the FIA investigation was cleared by Monza and by Singapore, the news was basically dead – everyone having moved on to the F1 silly season.
“Well, after you win the championship this weekend, there won’t be a single bad thing the press can say. They’ll have to accept us with a female World Drivers Champion.”
“Cheers to that,” I replied, holding up my coffee cup and clinking it with hers.
Tumblr media
Carlos POV
I felt a little bad pranking Lando, but after he told Charles that Georgia and I were secretly engaged, I had let Georgia talk me into this silly idea of hers. Pretty sure I would have been sporting a black eye for a week if Lewis hadn’t caught wind of their conversation and ran to the Ferrari garage to calm Charles down.
Charles was less than impressed about the prank, although I knew Georgia reveled in the challenge of one-upping Lando. It was one of the many reasons I loved her – she never backed down from a challenge, and Lando had just opened pandora’s box of pranks.
As soon as I walked into the paddock, I saw Lando waiting for me outside of the Ferrari hospitality suite. We had agreed to do a track walk together, get some time to catch up just the two of us.
“Morning, Carlos!” I smiled at Lando, gladly taking the cup of coffee he held out for me, my second one of the morning. Best part about dating Georgia Leclerc? The incredible coffee.
“Morning, Lando. How are things?”
“Oh you know, can’t complain. Quadrant’s podcast is really taking off, it’s taking a lot of my time, but I don’t mind. How are things with you and the misses?” I froze up a bit at his asking, trying to think through all of the coaching Georgia had given me. Her dedication to her craft (of being a prankster) was nothing short of impressive. After this weekend Georgia might F1’s first female World Drivers Champion, but I’m pretty sure Georgia would consider herself the World Champion of Pranks, too – and she might be prouder of that title than the former.
“Yeah… umm, sort of the reason I wanted to ask you to get coffee with me…” I knew that had piqued Lando’s interest; he immediately stopped in his tracks, looking directly into my eyes, concern already laced in his face.
God, Lando, what a good friend.
“Georgia and I… we decided to take some time apart during the winter break.” I knew the words were as fake as Georgia and I’s relationship had started, but damn they hurt me to even say them out loud. I said a silent prayer to the universe, begging her to not let this ever be true.
“WHAT!?” Lando screamed, spilling some of his coffee on his McLaren team polo. “Absolutely not. I forbid it.” Lando’s reaction took everything within me not to laugh; he looked as if he’d make a deal with the devil himself in order to make this statement not true. “What did you do?”
“What do you mean ‘what did I do?’” I was slightly offended that Lando had gone straight for me, assuming that I was the one who fucked up. It was logical, but still hurtful from my best friend.
“Look, mate, I’m just trying to get to the bottom of this so we can fix this.”
“She just needs a little space, it’s been an overwhelming season.” As we came to the close of our track walk, Lando walked me back to the Ferrari garage.
“Never fear, Carlos – I’m going to fix this.” Lando’s voice was full of conviction and I let out a small smile.
“Lando, I told you NOT to get involved. Promise me you won’t say anything.”
“Fine, fine…” Lando put his hands up int he air, admitting defeat, which was good because I didn’t need this prank spreading around the paddock; we’d finally gotten out of the dog house with the press; I didn’t need a fake prank circulating around the paddock like wildfire.
Tumblr media
Lando POV
As soon as I watched Carlos walk into the Ferrari garage, I immediately texted Lily and Daniel, demanding that they both meet me in my drivers room. I couldn’t believe what Carlos had told me; those two were made for each other, but I knew if anyone would have insight, it would be Danny and Lily.
Me: Lil, Danny – meet me in 15, my drivers room, super urgent
Queen Lily: Lando some of us have actual meetings and strategy to go over…
Me: No time for that, Lil… our friends are in trouble
Queen Lily: Fine, be there in 20
Once Lily and Daniel entered my drivers’ room, I shut the door – motioning for them both to take a seat on my coach.
“Alright, what I am about to tell you cannot leave this room.” Lily and Daniel both gave me a thumbs up and an eye roll – although that I chose to ignore the latter. “Carlos and Georgia are taking a break.”
Silence engulfed my driver’s room as the two other drivers sat there, contemplating my words.
“Lando, that’s a pile pf horse shit,” Lily finally scoffed. “Is this another one of your pranks again, cause I’m not falling for it.”
“No, I’m serious, Carlos told me this morning on our track walk.” Daniel shifted in his seat, eyeing my warily.
“Are you sure you understood right? I mean, Georgia and I literally just went apartment shopping for the two of them in Monaco this weekend.” I started to feel more frustrated as Danny’s face looked entirely unconvinced.
“And I just had breakfast with them this morning…” Lily added.
I just stared at my teammate and friend for a moment, before it dawned on me – those fuckers were trying to prank me. This is why Carlos didn’t want me getting involved; he knew his terrible, poorly thought out prank would be exposed.  
No, I shouldn’t blame Carlos on this one. It had Georgia Sassy Leclerc all over it.
“Those sneaky little bastards!” Lily and Daniel looked taken aback, not having caught on to what I had just realized. “They’re trying to prank me!”
“Well, I’d say you have it coming considering you told Charles that his sister was secretly engaged…” Daniel let out a laugh at that one. It probably wasn’t one of my finer pranks, but Georgia’s horror when she realized her brother was about to go beat up her boyfriend was hilarious – the look on Charles’s face? That was the icing on top.
“I only did that because Georgia almost had me arrested!”
“Well, have you ever forgotten your paddock pass again?” I rolled my eyes at Lily’s snarky comment; I knew she loved that prank a little too much. “Sounds like you learned your lesson.” She stuck her tongue out at me and I flicked her off, not amused with her response. As the season went on, I had begun to realize that Lily was actually the sassy one of the pair, her sarcastic British humor had really blossomed at Bugatti.
“Well, two can play at this game! They don’t know that I know that they’re trying to prank me… and you’re NOT going to tell them.”
“Lando, do not involve me in your little prank wars with Georgia. I am not about to start WWIII in the Bugatti garage,” Lily responded, slowly getting up from the couch. Danny laughed as well and excused himself, insisting that he didn’t want to know what we had planned. Something about undeniability being the best course of action for him.
“What!? No! Come on… Lando and Lily scheming again, we’re so good at it!”
“What can you even do on such short notice?”
“Oh, Lily… I am so glad you asked.”
Tumblr media
Georgia POV – Friday Press Conference
After both free practice sessions, the FIA had scheduled an extra press conference for Max and I. Only a few points separated us in the championship, and I knew the FIA loved the drama, although Max and I had agreed to keep the drama on the track only, neither of us giving in to the demand that we brow beat the other out of existence. I might have been sassy to the reporters, but I’d never badmouth another driver at a press conference – ever.
As I sat down in the chair next to Max, he leaned in to me. “I hear congratulations are in order,” Max chuckled.
“Congratulating me for winning the championship already? Interesting approach, Verstappen,” I laughed, although my laughter was short lived when I saw the look of confusion on Max’s face.
“Sorry, Georgia, I get it if you aren’t telling people yet. Lando has such a big mouth, just wanted to say congrats.” Before I could give a follow up comment, the press started the press conference, diving straight into questions about the upcoming race.
As soon as the press conference was over, I pulled out my phone, only to see a text from Charles.
Charles: Care to explain why Carlos had a look of panic on his face during the Ferrari strategy meeting today?  
Me: scared he’s going to see my rear bumper the entire race? ;-)  
Charles: I’m serious, Peaches…  
Me: Did he say something to you?
Charles: no, he was just… not himself. I asked what was wrong, thought you might know. He looked pale…
Me: Thanks for letting me know.
After another round in the media pen I was finally released back to the hotel so I could get some sleep in before qualifying tomorrow. When I walked into our shared room, Carlos was nowhere to be found. Instead, there was a note on the living room coffee table explaining that he’d be back later and not to wait up for him. There had been some damage to his car after free practice, so I figured he would be at the garage, trying to help with the repairs.  
I waited up for him, but after room service I soon found myself asleep in our bed. When I awake the next morning at 7am, I turned over to see Carlos’ side of the bed empty. I immediately felt some panic setting into me. What if something had happened to him?
As I grabbed my phone, about to text everyone I knew in panic, I saw a text from Coco letting me know that Carlos was safe and had fallen asleep on his couch. I smiled at that – classic Carlos, he was always falling asleep on the couch. Coco informed me that he’d just take Carlos to the track that morning since he had gone to bed so late.
I was disappointed that I wasn’t able to see Carlos before qualifying, and slightly annoyed that he had only texted me good luck. I had the sneaking suspicion that he was avoiding me, but I pushed those thoughts to the back of my mind, remembering our “exercise” that had taken place Thursday night. I knew he was stressed about the last race of the season; I’d see him after qualifying.
“Alright GG, Q3 is about to begin. You ready to take your final pole of the season.” I chucked at Mel’s radio message. I was more than ready.
I was the first one out into Q3, which was nice because I was able to get an early flying lap in with my new softs. I was able to improve on my Q2 lap time, and as the track evolution began to quicken, I made an improvement on my second lap in Q3.
“Right, GG – this is the last lap for you.” I made my way across the line with just 5 seconds to spare before the end of Q3. “Head down, GG.”
It was as if the universe had decided to offer me a small slice of forgiveness for all of the times it stuck me in an elevator with journalists, sponsors, other drivers. For once, things were on my side.
“FUCK YES!” I heard Mel scream into my ear. “Georgia Pole Leclerc, you did it again! That’s you P1, Max P2. One step closer to the WDC.”
“WAHOOOOOOOO!” I screamed back at Mel. “Let’s bring it home, ladies!”
As soon as I arrived back at the pitlane, I was greeted by my team who had all come out to congratulate me. Lily had gotten P4, a solid position for the team, with Charles in P3 and Carlos in P5. Max immediately ran over and shook my hand, congratulating me on pole position, but promising to destroy me tomorrow, causing me to laugh.
“Guess I better destroy you this season, since I won’t get the chance next season,” he laughed. Before I could respond to his weird comment, I saw Carlos waving me to me over by the Bugatti garage, motioning for me to come over. Once I entered my drivers room, I was immediately brought into a huge hub by my boyfriend.
“Congrats,” he said, picking me up gently and kissing me on the lips. “I’m so proud of you.”
“Thank you, mon amour. I was sad I missed you this morning, bed felt empty without you.” Carlos looked a little guilty, and he shifted his weight from side to side for a bit, clearly unsure of what to say. He grabbed my hands and pulled me into his lap on my couch.
“I’m sorry, cariño. I should have been there. I just panicked for a moment, but I’m going to be here for you, for the both of you.” Carlos rested his hand on my lower stomach, his gaze looking up at me with the most loving stare I think I had ever seen from the man. I paused for a moment, at first reveling in the loving look, before processing what he had actually said.
“Um… what!?”
“For you and the baby?”
“What baby? Who the fuck is having a baby?” Carlos was now looking confused, giving me a questioning look.
“Lando sai-.” Before Carlos could finish his sentence, I interrupted him, immediately jumping off his lap and sprinting towards my door, flinging the door open with such ferocity a team photo fell down in the outside hallway,
“I’m going to kill him!” Fortunately, I didn’t have to go too far to find Lando. As I turned the corner, I heard the laughing of Lando in Lily’s drivers room. I burst into the room, not even bothering to knock.
“Lando did you tell people I am pregnant!”
“I don’t know, did you tell Carlos to tell me that you had broken up!” I immediately stopped in my tracks. Of course Lando had found out. “Maybe next time you might want to sure up your lie a little better…” Lily let out a chuckle; I could see from the look on her face that she had spilled the beans to Lando. Knew I should have included her.
“Et tu, brute?” I said to Lily, letting a small grin creep onto my face. Lando had bested me on this one, and I couldn’t even be mad about it. As I turned around to look at Carlos, I saw a smile creep over on his face. So they had all planned this.
“Well, well, well, it might have been a joke that Carlos and I were taking a break… but maybe now it’ll be true!” I had wanted the words to come out fierce and determined – angry – but I couldn’t help but let a laugh escape my lips. I was impressed, and I recognized greatness when I saw it.
Takes one to know one.
“Fine, this makes us even for pranks this weekend, Lando, but you had better watch out next year.”
“Wouldn’t have it any other way, Leclerc!”
I gave Lando and Lily my middle finger and then exited her drivers room, returning back to my own room, still laughing at their prank. It had been a good one, and fortunately they managed not to include my brother, less we have another Singapore incident. As Carlos entered the room after me, he pulled me in closer, capturing my lips in a kiss.
“So, why were you avoiding me on Friday?” I made sure to make my disdain known, hoping Carlos got the hint that I was annoyed about him abandoning me Friday evening.
“Oh, cariño, don’t be upset with me,” Carlos chuckled, giving me another kiss on the lips as he pulled me back into his lap. “What Coco said was true, we were up so late working on the car that I crashed on Friday… I had to stay and help the team rebuild. I didn’t want to wake you, so I stayed with him. I know how focused you get before races, and I meant what I said – I’m not going to jeopardize this win for you.”
I smiled at Carlos’ words, knowing a blush was creeping onto my face. We spent the next ten minutes chatting, before Lizzie came over to my room, letting me know that the post qualifying press conference would begin soon. As I made my way to the door, Carlos grabbed my land one last time, pulling me into him.
“I know that was a prank, cariño, but I just wanted to let you know that someday, I can’t wait until its true.” Carlos’ admission made my heart melt. Had Carlos thought about our future together that deeply?
“Me too, mon amour, me too.”
Tumblr media
Georgia Leclerc POV – Race Day
Yesterday, after Lando had admitted that he had ‘let it slip’ that Carlos and I were pregnant to the other drivers, I promptly texted them all to let them know what an ass Lando was. –
no one was surprised. Max, apparently, was also in on the joke, which made his comments make considerably more sense. The majority of them had found it to be hilarious – although Lewis and Seb made it quite known that they were quietly pleased it wasn’t true, the two of them implying that it was too early for Carlos and I to have babies, especially before I “crushed the other drivers out of existence”. Seb definitely had a way with words.
Lewis: Good luck today, Georgie. Whatever happens – I am so proud of you. You deserve this win.
Me: Thanks, Lew. Couldn’t have done it without your support!
Lewis: Nah… this one’s on you, Georgie. All you xx
I smiled at Lewis’ texts. If things went well today, I would be crowned the first female F1 champion. Isabelle had called the entire team into the paddock early, nothing was going to be left to chance. There was more than my WDC on the line, more than the constructor’s championship.
As I piled into the conference room which was now full of the entire Bugatti garage staff, Isabelle stood up on the step stool that had been laid out for her, allowing her to be seen by the entire team.
“Good morning, everyone. I know I have called you all in here early, but I think we can all guess why.”  Isabelle took a moment to pause as everyone chuckled, most of them turning to me. I had never felt awkward with the team before, but standing here now, I suddenly felt the pressure of the spotlight. The looks in their eyes showed the same desire, the same want that I felt. We were in this together – as a team, and yet, I recognized the huge role I had to play in this today. For 58 laps I had to drive better than Monaco, better than Silverstone.
I had to drive like I had a point to prove.
“I just wanted to say, before we all disperse for the season, that it has been an honor to have you all on the Bugatti F1 team. Even if the result isn’t what we want it to be, we have had a hell of a season and regardless of what happens today, I am so incredibly proud of this season. Everyone thought we would be last in the constructor’s championship, and here we are, currently sitting in the top spot. We gave them hell, ladies, and for that – we should be proud.”
As Isabelle finished the speech, I felt a tear drop down my face, causing Lily to turn to me; I gave her my middle finger as she laughed and pointed at me, sticking her tongue out back in return.
The time between the morning meeting and the race start felt like an eternity, but when Mel told me it was time to get into the car, I felt frozen in place. This was it, the last time in 2022 that I was going to get into that car; my moment to show everyone who Georgia Leclerc was.
“You got this, GG,” Mel called into the radio as I settled into the cockpit. “Let’s bring another one home.”
As the formation lap ended, I looked over to Max who was in P2. I couldn’t see his face, but I could picture the determination on it. He wanted the WDC as much as I did, and he wasn’t going to let me have this easy.
“And it’s lights out and away we go!”
As soon as the five lights went, I launched the car into the first corner, making sure to defend from Max who had decided to already be aggressive on his overtaking strategy.
So, its gloves off then is it, Max?
“Careful on tyres, GG.” I knew Mel wanted these to last, but like hell was I going to let Max Verstappen overtake me in the beginning of this race. As the race trudged on to lap 35, I was still leading the pack. Max and I had broken away from the group; he’d managed to stay within 4 seconds behind me, just waiting for me to mess up – waiting for me to do a little spin or cross a curb too early, anything to get within DRS of me.
“Yellow flag, accident close to pit entrance.”
As soon as I saw the symbol on my steering wheel I slowed down to the appropriate speed, letting the safety car guide me for several laps. Max and I had both just pitted, so neither of us wanted to lose track position for a second pit – even if it was a “free stop” as Mel always liked to tell me.
Doesn’t feel free if I have to lose P1, I reminded her.
“Restart will be behind safety car, get ready to push, Max will be right behind you.”
Of course he was. Just my luck to get a safety car. Unfortunately for me, my luck was continuing to get worse. As soon as the notification was lit green, I saw Max Verstappen fly past me, getting much better traction on his tyres as his RedBull car flew by.
“Fuck!” I screamed into the radio; Mel said nothing back to me, clearly assessing the situation from the pit wall.
Lap 42 rolled around, and I was still stuck behind Max. No doubt I would have nightmares about his rear wing for the next several years. I was within DRS for several laps, but each time I made a move, Max was able to defend and elude me, no doubt using his tyres to exhaustion – although I was quickly getting into the same sinking boat.
“Relax on tyres, GG. We think Max’s will give out before yours right now, keep diligent.”
As soon as lap 53 rolled around, I could feel my heart start to quicken, fear seeping into me. I was running out of time to turn this around – and quickly, trying to balance the tyres while not staying to far behind Max.
As soon as I began lap 55, I heard Isabelle come onto the radio.
“GG, fuck the tyres. Go for it.” I’m sorry, did Isabelle just come onto my radio and curse into my ear? I felt stunned at first, but as her words sank into me, I knew she was right. What was the point of nursing these tyres? I wasn’t going to get past Max if I didn’t push harder, so we might as well risk the puncture. I didn’t want to be on the podium in the second step.
I wanted to be on the top one.
Isabelle didn’t have to come back onto the radio to tell me twice. As soon as lap 56 rolled around, I absolutely floored it down the straight, getting within .2 of a second to Max, our cars almost touching because I had launched so hard into the straight. As soon as he second DRS zone rolled around, I knew I would have him.
And have him I did.
As the DRS flap opened, I cruised by Max’s car, quickly getting in front of him. If there was ever a time to defend, I knew it was now.
Lap 57 flew by, and I was still in first.
“Final lap, GG.”
I crossed the line for lap 58, hitting the racing line with such ease I almost didn’t recognize myself. Max had fallen back to 1.2 seconds so I was safe from DRS in the first zone. As I reached the second, I knew Max was within the one second requirement. I lunged my car in front of his, blocking his attach with such ferocity, I barely knew myself. Was it a tad more dangerous than my mother would like to see? Probably.
As I saw the checkered flag in front of me, I did what someone could also describe as ‘sending it’. It was as if in that moment nothing else mattered. Not Max, not the journalists, not even the team’s expectations of me. Everything was gone, blank in my mind. The only thing occupying my brain was the checkered flag in front of me.
As I crossed the finish line, I felt it. My tyre had gotten a puncture, but for the first time in my racing career, it didn’t matter. I had crossed the line.
It was as if time had stopped – as if my brain had stopped working as I tried to utter something into my radio. I heard someone yell into the feed, but the words were fuzzy – confusing, not registering in my brain. Nothing in that moment was registering in my brain.
“Wh…what was th- that?” was all I could utter back into my radio, as I heard distant screaming and cheering through the radio, the sound of the crowd roaring so overpowering that I couldn’t hear Mel’s voice.
But my body knew what was happening; it knew what had just happened. As I heard Mel’s voice back on the radio, I felt a rush of tears run down my face; it felt as though all of the emotions that I had held in for the last year had been released. The sadness, the excitement, the fear, the ferocity that I had bottled up inside me came pouring out.
I was F1’s newest World Drivers Champion.
“CONGRATULATIONS GEORGIEEEE!” I heard Mel scream into the radio.
“Georgia, congrats. You had a hell of a season and this is a well deserved win for both you and the team. Can’t wait to do this again next year, love.” I smiled at Isabelle’s words, the softness of her voice was refreshing and new, foreign to me, but it was nice to hear. I had a sneaking suspicion she might even be smiling.
“Lily did incredible too – we had her pit and grab fastest lap to ensure that Max didn’t get it.”
“I AM SPECHLESS!” I yelled back into my radio. “Thank you to the team. This one is for you ladies… for every last one of you; thank you! Thank you to Lily for being the best teammate I could have dreamed of, an absolute star.”
I pulled into my assigned P1 spot, not even caring that the tyre was basically dead and flat at this point. I didn’t need this car anymore. She had served me well, and she had earned this retirement.
As soon as I parked I hopped out of the car, kneeling in front her, hugging the dead tyre as I felt Max come up to me, patting me on the shoulder. I stood up and faced him, and to my surprise he picked me up and swung me around in what was probably the biggest hug I had ever seen Max give.
“Congrats, Leclerc. A well-deserved win. I’ll get you next year.” Max set me down, and I was immediately grabbed by my brother, who had managed to get P3 in the race. Charles pulled off my helmet and threw it on the ground, grabbing me closer and giving me a congratulatory kiss on the cheek, grabbing my head with both his hands as he shook it.
“I am so proud of you, Peaches, so fucking proud.”
I gave my brother a huge hug as he quickly dragged the two of us off to our family who had made it to the fencing, their arms wide open for the two of us. I immediately jumped into their arms as the five of us hugged, not a single one of us wanting to let go.
My mother was the first to let go, clearly hearing the officials who were calling for Charles and I to head to the cooldown room to get weighed. I searched the crowd for Carlos, desperately looking for my boyfriend who was seemingly nowhere to be found, but just as I was about to walk into the cooldown room, I felt an arm link around my waist, pulling me to him. Carlos grabbed my head and pressed our lips together, pulling my body as close to him as he possibly could.
“I’m so proud of you, corazón. So fucking proud of you.” As I broke the kiss, I looked up and smiled at him, letting him pull me once more into another kiss as the FIA official started yelling behind us, much to the amusement of Charles and Max.
I begrudgingly let Carlos go, heading back into the cooldown room where water was waiting for me. It was only a few minutes before we were being pulled onto the podium for the celebration. I watched Charles go out first, spying my mother and brothers as he walked out. Carlos had joined them now, his phone out filming the podium celebration as he cheered us on next to my mother. Max walked out next, waving to the crowd as he took his trophy.
And then it was my turn. The moment I had been waiting for.
I walked out of the room and into the open, looking down into the masses upon masses of people who had gathered in Abu Dhabi to watch us race – to watch me win. I waved at them as I walked onto the top step, taking my trophy from the government official before setting it down so I could take my hat off for the Monaco national anthem.
As soon as the anthem finished, I picked up my bottle of champagne to spray Charles and Max, but it was too late – they had beaten me to it, absolutely drenching me and then Mel, who was the Bugatti podium representative, with their two bottles. As soon as the bubbles died down, I took one more look into the crowd, giving them one last wave before stepping off the podium.
The moment my foot hit the ground, Lily was on me – her arms wrapping around me as she picked me up into a hug, screaming the entire time. “YOU DID IT!” Lily chanted over and over again, the two of us now jumping up and down like school girls; somehow this had become our signature move.
I walked back to the garage, trophy in one hand and bottle of champagne...now in Lily’s hand. Susie Wolff was the first to pull me into a hug, but it was short lived as the rest of the garage crew started to filter over, all of them demanding hugs, everyone wanting to see the trophy. I looked around for Isabelle, my eyes scanning the garage.
Susie clearly saw my confusion because she leaned over and whispered to me, “In the office.” I nodded and made my way to Isabelle’s office, knocking on the door. As soon as I heard the words come in, I opened it slowly, looking around the dimly lit room for Isabelle.
There in the corner of her office was Isabelle, sat on her couch, a glass of what looked like whisky in her hands. There was once a point in my Bugatti career that I thought I would never see Isabelle smile, but that seemed like a farfetched idea as I observed my Team Principal in front of me, tears in her ears.
I walked over to her and set the trophy down on the coffee table, before grabbing a glass and filling it up with the whisky bottle that was set in front of her, joining her on the couch. The two of us sat in silence for several minutes, both of us sipping on our glasses, neither of us saying anything.
“You know when I was a young girl, I loved racing. Loved it dearly. I spent every weekend with my parents in Italy, karting with my brother. But as I got older… the karting got more expensive and there was only enough money for one of us to continue. Even though I was clearly more talented than my brother, my parents chose to continue funding his karting. Apparently, there was no hope I would ever be a professional driver… that just wasn’t something in the cards for a woman, so my brother, who could barely win races, got to continue living my dream as I was forced to return to normal life.” I observed Isabelle as she told the story, setting my glass down on the counter as I poured the both of us another round.
“It was that day I promised myself I was going to start an F1 team; I decided that I was going to win this championship somehow…”
“And now that we have… it almost doesn’t seem real, does it?” I finished for her. I understood what Isabelle was feeling, deep inside my soul, I understood. I had fought so long to be here, fought tooth and nail to stand on that podium and accept the WDC trophy, and now that this day had arrived, it felt almost bittersweet. The illustrious dream wasn’t so illustrious anymore.
Isabelle smiled at me, her tears drying up as she took another sip of whisky. “And now we’ve done it. Today a female-run team did more than just win the WDC, we proved to the world that women should have an equal seat at the table in F1 – from mechanics to leadership to drivers, we’re here to stay.”
“That we are, Isabelle, that we are.”
“Next year is a new year, Georgia. New car, new challenges. You ready to do it all again?”
“How many championships do I need to win to beat Lewis and Michael’s record of having the most titles? They have seven, so I need eight?” I said with a chuckle, earning me a huge grin from Isabelle.
“Hmm… perhaps we should make it nine… just to be safe,” Isabelle countered, that sneaky gleam I had come to know so well gathering in her eye.
“Well… we have one down.”  I raised my glass as I stood up, clinking it with Isabelle’s. “Here’s to another eight championships, Isabelle.”
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thomaispretty · a day ago
Scaramouche x male reader
[Highschool AU , angst (?) To fluff , sfw]!
Note : i changed my writing style a little  ⁠╹⁠▽⁠╹⁠  ...
Reblogs are appreciated (⁠◍⁠•⁠ᴗ⁠•⁠◍⁠)!
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
staying by his side seemed stressful for some people, his attitude was completely something else.
he seemed rude to others, always gets pissed off by little things
you were the quite opposite of him , people couldn't understand how you could deal with his personality
he himself couldn't understand why are you still by his side
he was always complaining and never helped you in anything but you still stayed beside him no matter what
even his mother abandoned him , his friends left him because they couldn't bear with the drama he causes daily
while you stayed
people were still surprised when you told them you were dating him
even though your relationship with him wasn't that touchy or romantic, you two didn't even kiss all because you thought he might be comfortable later
your relationship with him was a little tiring , if you would admit the Truth
whenever you two sit together he starts complaining about how much time you spend with others you would immediately apologize with a blank face
he always gets annoyed with your cold attitude too , he once caught a group of bullies trying to start a fight with you while you apologized and tried to end the fight before it started , he yelled at them until they ran away and scolded you for not defining yourself
you couldn't pay attention to what he was saying, he just looked cute when he was mad
he was too short too , whenever you try telling him how much you like his hight he turns his head Away saying "you are just too tall ,my height is average!"
after months and months of "dating " you two got into a fight, he started it as usual but this time you couldn't bear with it
your vision got blurry, you were mad at him
wasn't he your lover? why couldn't he act like he's a little interested? why should YOU put effort in the relationship when he doesn't even give you the bare minimum?
scara was on the floor, hands on his right cheek that was getting red
'eh .?.. what..' he didn't understand, you would never do that right? maybe he did a lot of wrong things but you loved him you wouldn't do that.. right??
"enough scara , you talk too much "
you couldn't even believe yourself, that was too harsh on him but he needed to understand.
his vision became blurry, tears falling down his eyes as he looked at you
he understood, he knew he was in wrong
and now he's going to be left alone again
you obviously were mad but you couldn't stand him crying like that in front of you
"sorry.." you turned around leaving him, walking away while blaming yourself about how cruel you were
it has been a two weeks since that day
you two didn't talk or even looked at each other
he missed your messages
you always messaged him some simple things
"did you eat well today?"
"how was your day?"
"are you back home? should i walk you home myself? it's getting dark.."
"don't stay up late"
might seem pretty simple and stupid but he really missed them
now he was absent for 2 days straight
you were worried about him
after school you immediately walked to his apartment, opening the door without knocking because you had a spare key
he wasn't in the living room, the kitchen or the bathroom. you slowly Walk to his bedroom as you heard coughing.
he was laying in his bed , his face is red and clearly was a having a fever .
he was asleep when you took care of him , he kept mumbling your name saying he was sorry he wants you back, "don't leave" many times .
scaramouche opened his eyes to find everything clean, his health was getting better
you took care if everything while he was asleep.
once he heard foot steps, turning around to find you carrying a soup bowl , you looked a little tired too since you had to clean his mess
"you .. should have called me when you got sick. it could have gone worse if i didn't come in time "you said as you avoided his eyes a little embarrassed
"..." he kept silent, fists clenching on the bed "sorry.."
"about what"
"for not being a good boyfriend..i-i .. "
you looked at him , he was crying
"(y/n)! (y-y/n-n)!" he kept sobbing while repeating your name
warping your hands around him , taking him in a warm hug got him surprised, he kept crying on your shoulder like there's no tomorrow
and after calming down you apologized too
taking his cheek with your hand, placing your lips on his as his accepted it
he sure didn't know how to kiss since it was his first time ! once you pulled away his cheeks were flushed his eyes weren't looking at you
you ended up wanting more which got him more embarrassed and red
"D-don't you have a-any shame?!"
"but didn't you enjoy it too? "
he smacked your head
he's still the same, you were glad
so glad you had him .
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Bonus:(⁠ ⁠ꈍ⁠ᴗ⁠ꈍ⁠)
How I imagined scaraboobies crying:
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ichorleaked · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
content: female-bodied reader, nsfw. suggstive content ahead.
— this man is ABSOLUTELY into ass, without a doubt! he’s definitely drooled over yours more than once, and that’s a fact. he likes spooning with you and having his crotch against your ass, or having you cuddle into his chest with his hands resting on your ass, squishing that doughy flesh. he also loves when you wear skirts so short that he can just see the underside of your ass.
— thighs, definitely. his favorite thing is eating you out with such depravity that it makes your plush thighs squeeze around his head. hard. please, please, wear nothing but his shirt and a pair of thigh highs. he will literally get a bloody nose. sometimes, he surprises you with a new fancy lotion recommended to him on magicam! he rubs it into your legs, massaging his fingers into your thighs. it doesn’t take long for both of you to realize that it has more of an.. aphrodisiac effect. he was so excited that he didn't read the full description, okay? (going to make this into a fic soon. :3)
— he’s a complete degenerate when it comes to ass, and it risks his delinquent side coming out every time you bend over to pick something up. but. he also likes boobs. :( it’s split even; the holy 50/50.
boobs, boobs, boobs. though, it’s not as.. perverted, as the previous three. it’s… more of a comfort to lie in your arms with his face shoved against your chest. he also likes to suck on your boobs. a lot. whether it’s during sex or just cuddling with his head under your shirt. sometimes he feels guilty eyeing your chest up when you wear low cut shirts.. which you absolutely do on purpose. it’s so fun to watch him squirm around in his seat during unbirthday parties; struggling to keep his gaze in that cup of tea.
thighs!! he loves grabbing them with his big hands and caressing them with his thumb. he also likes it when you wear tight pants and they hug your thighs when you squat down to pick something up. when you sit next to him in class, he likes to keep his hand on your thigh when the teacher isn’t paying attention. it’s a blessing!
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underqualified-human · a day ago
TWST Dorm Leaders: Fem s/o is on her period
Tumblr media
→ Request: Can you do all characters reacting to female reader on her period and this would be a headcanon by @cute-axolote on Wattpad
→ A/N: Decided to just go with the Dorm leaders but you can request additional characters if you want! [Super thanks for 1k followers!]
→ Warnings: Mentions of periods and blood
→ Fandom: Disney: Twisted Wonderland
→ Genre: Headcanons
→ Pronouns: They/Them but AFAB implied
Tumblr media
Riddle Rosehearts:
Ah yes, the duality of man
On the one hand he knows what's happening on a medical level
On the other, no one has ever discussed how to handle it with him
He's trying his best to get you anything you ask for
May be a bit worried if you eat a lot of sweets
If you get very emotional he doesn't know how to handle it very well but he tries his best
Always has a heating pad on standby just incase
Leona Kingscholar:
He just immediately assumes you're going to try to kill him
After clearing that up he still doesn't really know what to do
He can make you tea and that's about it
If you have cramps he'll lay down on your stomach like he's telling it to stop hurting you
He'll want to cuddle you more but if you're worried about stains he'll understand
Azul Ashengrotto:
Also assumes you want to murder him
Remembers that you're a human so everything is good :)
Another one that's coming through with the heating pad and snacks
He can't really help you with your emotions all that much but he tries
Tries to make sure you don't indulge too much
Will cook food for no questions asked
Kalim Al-Asim:
"Oh, so that's why you know how to clean up blood stains so well!" - Kalim
Asks Jamil to help with a lot of the stuff
If your emotions get out of hand he'll try his best to comfort you/calm you down
Tries to cook for you once and was never let back in the kitchen unsupervised again
Buys you the best quality sanitary and heating pads
Another one that's a bit of a cuddle bug
Vil Schoenheit:
I feel like he'd know what to do
Buys you whatever you need without shame
Makes sure your still eating properly but will allow you to eat more junk food on occasion
Holds a bunch more spa/self care days than usual
Not the best when it comes to helping you with your emotions but he tries
Idia Shroud:
Tumblr media
No but seriously this guy has no idea what to do
He'd try and ask you questions but he can't get through half of them
He'll share his snacks with you for what it's worth
He has a pretty high body temperature so he'll act as a pseudo-heating pad
You will have to go with him to buy pads
Does not deal with hightened emotions well at all
Malleus Draconia:
Does not know anything about periods
Unlike Idia he has no shame and will ask you anything
Another one with high body temperature
He'll make you any food you want, even if it's really late
He goes to the store and buys everything but the pads
Keeps you far away from Sebek the entire week
Yuuken Emma:
The only normal one
Pretty willing to just ask you what you need
If your cramps are keeping you up he'll have a mini movie night with you and Grimm
Cannot get a heating pad but you have Grimm so it's fifty/fifty
Stops you from trying to fight everyone that angers you by just dragging you away
Messages you if you have cramps
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honeystwiggypeach · a day ago
Funny thought, imagine gojo, geto, nanami and toji reaction when their baby tries to breastfeed on them like reader wasn’t home or was busy in another room while they take care of the baby and they were holding them in their bare naked chest so the baby thought that they had food like momma does. What would their thoughts be?
I will gladly provide you dilf content, because unfortunately I am unhinged for beefy men😞and bestie with a few of these men I don’t think it’s a one time i like they don’t learn that poor baby is going to just try the next time they pick baby up😭tysm for requesting let me know if you want to see anything else because I love requests!!(I’ll make a jjk masterlist soon guys😭😭)
Tumblr media
Tw- breastfeeding, idk how to call it but whatever is described in the request, also the word nipple😭, I do 100% know what you mean but like idk how to phrase half of it and it could be bad so idk! Let me know if I missed anything!!
Tumblr media Tumblr media
You’d fallen asleep pretty early and of course, Gojo thought it’d be nice to let you rest so of course when your baby started to cry he’d slowly gotten out of bed and creeped over to her cradle picking her up and laying her against his warm bare chest.
And she just scrunched up closer as he worked his way back in bed beside you. It normally took her awhile to go back to sleep anyways.
As Gojo adjusts himself he lowers her a bit down in his chest and poor little angel takes the opportunity.
Gojo winces.
He pushes her off of himself tsking lightly as he wags his finger like she knows any better before he gets her a bottle.
Tumblr media
If you want me to be honest, it’s not the first time it’s happened😞it happened with the girls too but he just never learns.
You told him that morning to when you’d glanced over to see your son continuously try and lean over to get ahold of his dad’s chest so he’d been warned he just seriously couldn’t believe you!
“My boy would never do that” he scoffs turning as he bounces him on his hip lightly.
That is until you hear him shriek loudly.
“Oh what happened” you ask faux concern lacing your voice, you already know what happened.
“He bit my nipple!” Geto tells you holding his nipple with one hand and his son in his other arm.
He limps to the door as your precious baby claps and giggles happily when he sees his sisters appear behind you with their brows furrowed.
Needless to say, Geto did not take it well because his son bit him.
Tumblr media
You were taking a well deserved nap, Nanami having heard his alarm go off gently bounced your little girl in his arms.
The only sound in the house really being your soft snores and your daughter’s little gurgles.
Nanami pours the milk into the bottle before he places it into the warmer. Before he can even take it out he feels his daughter wiggle in his grasp, before she can do what she plans to Nanami adjusts her, “not today squirt” he whispers and she whines loudly to impatient to wait for her bottle.
Tumblr media
You’re both laying in bed, Megumi is still asleep but your daughter is wide awake, she has been for quite some time. You’re scrolling through your phone and Toji has your daughter propped up on his stomach as she sits up.
She glances down and back up at him, before he knows it she’s lunging at him.
He pushes her back up by her forehead when he realizes and she’s got the cutest little pout obviously as she’s a baby she doesn’t realize it isn’t the same, you turn when Toji looks at you with furrowed brows as your baby continues to try and plow right through his hand with the determination of a grown man you burst out into laughter, Toji however is not impressed.
Tumblr media
Pls send more dad!jjk they’re so fun to write I love it!!!
Tumblr media Tumblr media
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iznsfw · a day ago
kep1er Yujin please?
Fuck First, Study Second
Kinktober 2022 Week 1 - Uniform Sex
Choi Yujin x Male Reader Smut
Word Count: 4838 words
Tags: sneakyboyfriend!Reader, student!Yujin, blowjob, easy access, riding, creampie, fingering, clothed sex, climbing houses (???) a pun at the end that's so fucking corny but it made me laugh so hard I had to include it
You might be asking, "Iz! You said you weren't gonna do Kinktober! What the fuck is this?"
Well here's my answer. I wanted to get back into writing and try out something new: consistency. Shocking, I know. Only in my version of Kinktober, it's done weekly instead of daily. So consider this my first ever Kinktober piece.
Tumblr media Tumblr media
A pebble at her window wasn't enough to break Choi Yujin out of her study-induced trance. It was expected; once Yujin set her mind to revising—solving mathematical equations she once couldn't wrap her head around, or analyzing formulas that, with the last year of high school, have become excruciatingly difficult—there was no stopping her. And not even a large stone henge tossed at her room can snap her out of it.
So you have to resort to the classic Romeo type of surprise: climbing her house. Like some goddamned cliché desperado in chick flicks trying to impress the newbie girl. Or something like that.
If one were to put things into perspective, the comparison isn't far off. You are one of the best athletes at Kepler High. Despite the school being named after one of science's greatest role models and therefore focusing on the variant subjects of it, you had always leaned towards the basketball court. It's not that you were a hunk or anything. You are just infinitely better at sports rather than writing, which Yujin, being your polar opposite, excelled at. While she wrote essays and defense papers, you were out in the court playing with the rest of the varsity team.
So it isn't too difficult to cling to the thin pillar holding up the porch roof, and slither your way upwards like a snake. At least, not as difficult as it would be for kids who never exercise. In this situation in which they would normally be out of breath, you are still quite active, gripping the pillar like a koala to a branch. In the part where they would refuse to even climb a house, you are doing the opposite. That's probably why Yujin is a better student than you; she never gets into this type of trouble.
The lights of the first floor and every room in the second and last are shut, except Yujin's, despite the late time. She is studying for her finals the best she can, and being her boyfriend, you know she'd study her heart out till five. You think of how boring that must be as you try to lighten your steps on the roof to avoid the creaking, but of course there are still inevitable sounds. They are softer, though. Much softer than your cock is, the very thing that drove you to walk all the way to your girlfriend's house and give her a "present."
The darkness is the friend of your black sweater. You camouflage into the night naturally. You blend in so well that if her parents looked out the window to inspect the sounds, they'd think that they are being caused by another rowdy black cat. Praise yourself for thinking of wearing all black, and prepare another internal compliment to be able to walk across the thin edges to Yujin's window.
This is the part where you begin to get a little scared.
Climbing a house in the night is one thing, but crossing the edges lining the box-shaped building? That's another level that even your daredevil personality won't rank up to unless it's a matter of great importance that most likely won't happen out of the blue, like rescuing important documents or retrieving a cat lost in a fire.
You pause and consider your options. You can stop this and go home with blue balls and scraped knees, or you can continue doing this. However, the grass is greener on the downer side. One wrong move, it's going to be splattered red.
Think, dumbass, think.
Your decision is seen in the way you take a deep breath, holding on to the first window frame for balance, then step forward.
Don't look down, don't look down, don't look down—
Of course, you look down anyway.
Jesus fucking Christ, you curse, as you almost slip and fall off. The edges of your sneakers are barely holding on to the thin and short floor you're navigating. You swear that it isn't too high from the ground when you originally thought out the plan.
Going to Yujin's window, which is not far from the porch roof, is going to be harder than you thought. This is what horniness does to a motherfucker.
Press yourself against the outside wall of the house to calm yourself down. You can't bring yourself to close your eyes because you are afraid that putting your guard down will lead to scary consequences: Yujin's parents looking out from their own bedroom window and screaming their heads off, a neighbor spotting you climbing their house, or worse, some killjoy calling the police and erase any chances of you getting into a good college forever.
That's not going to happen. No, it won't. You will get to Yujin's window and get what you came for.
You are inching closer and closer to your beloved's bedroom, although your legs still tremble. You can't give up just now.
You are almost there. Just one more brave step. Just one more.
You are clinging to the wing-like structure of the mini window roof, comfortably setting your feet down on the table.
You are knocking on her window.
You are finally here.
Yujin is inside, lying on her bed with her stomach down and fingers pacing on the keyboard of the laptop she got for her nineteenth birthday. She is wearing a blue sweater, which you recognize as yours, and the plaid yellow skirt from school. It's late at night, yet she is still wide awake. Her bright eyes read the text material on her laptop screen, studying every detail and date there is that will be mentioned in the tests.
Knock your hand against the glass. She doesn't look up. Rap your knuckles four times a little more urgently, and she finally breaks out of her trance and directs her attention to her window.
At first, her eyes widen. She's suddenly afraid. Who is this guy? Why is he here? And why does he look—
But she recognizes your face after those few rapid-fire questions settle down. That is when her face changes to an expression of delight and shock. It remains on her as she leaps up from her bed and rushes to her window to open it.
"Oppa!" Yujin says. She's a smart girl; her tone is hushed to avoid her parents from waking up and she's carefully helping you inside to prevent you from (1) catching a cold and (2) looking stupid standing outside of her room. You step inside gladly. "What are you doing here?"
You hug her tightly. "Nice to see you too, Yujinie. Nice house," you add, although you've been here before a thousand times in the course of your three-year-old relationship, in secret and not.
She rolls her eyes. "Cute."
"Thanks, love."
"Don't love me," scolds Yujin, shoving you in the chest. She looks at her bedroom door fearfully to check if it's locked. It is; the circular contraption is shoved inwards. The fear in her heart still rages, though. "You still haven't answered my question. What are you doing here?"
"I've come to see my baby, of course," you say to her. Pinch her cheek to prove your innocence."I figured she would need a little help for her finals?"
That's a lie. Yujin never needs a tutor for studying, much less her boyfriend who is a dumbass at writing. She can understand anything after just a few moments of reading. So, she sees right through your falsehood, as if she were wearing 3D glasses that made everyone's words transparent.
She narrows her eyes at you. "That's not why," she informs you. "Tell me what you're really here for."
Choi Yujin is annoyance personified. She's crossed her arms over her sweater, scrunched her eyebrows at you, while tapping her shoe expectantly on the carpeted floor. She's very serious about her education, and if something distracts her from it purposely, she will find out why they dared to, whether they like it or not.
You really wanted this to be a little softer at first. Maybe some sweet foreplay then a nice pounding into Yujin's bed. But no, she's furious, and you are sexually frustrated. And when two very different people meet and try to interact with these slightly different emotions, the outcome usually isn't rainbows and sunshine.
"Well, for one, these fucking earmuffs—"
—Yujin gasps as you take her roughly by the waist by one hand, and grope her slim thighs with the other, urging them apart—
"—this pretty neck—"
—your teeth dig into Yujin's pale skin, evoking a gaspy moan out of her—
"—and this tight cunt."
With no warning whatsoever, your fingers swiftly slide themselves inside her, pushing aside her underwear. Yujin's knees buckle, and she has to hold on to your sides to keep herself standing. And even with your body to support her, she remains atremble.
As expected, Yujin is tight as ever. Your fingers have to spread and fight to even be able to fill her up. She shifts and whines as you do so, biting down on her lip to let the initial pleasure reap through her.
Her tension does not mean she doesn't like it though. Look down and Yujin is circling her hips onto your fingers, filling herself up again and again, while her moans that she is so desperate to keep quiet reach your ears in the form of rough, husky sounds. You rub your fingertips at the velvety tight walls and smirk when they are met with a rush of wetness.
Yujin lets out a series of whimpers. Closing her eyes, she makes a quivering sigh. "God, okay," she whispers. Inside, she's euphoric because of your busy fingers, but she is also wondering why the hell she's so weak for your touch. She's never been like this around her exes! "I-I'll give it to you. All of it. I needed a break anyway."
"Thanks, babe." You reward her by kissing her on the lips, and of course, by fucking her snatch harder. She is so utterly tight, it's actually delicious. Just looking at her thighs wrapped in her lengthy socks press together to bear the first impact of your initiation is like a taste of heaven. "I owe you one."
"You owe me a lot, actually," she corrects you breathily. She's constantly on her toes because of your finger-fucking. "Seriously, what were you thinking? If you wake him up, my dad can just elimimate you from the face of the—"
You start kissing Yujin like crazy. Her hips are constantly convulsing on your hand at the added sensation of your tongue lapping at her lips. The two of you are so wrapped up in each other, so drunk in one another's touch, that Yujin actually knocking into one of the autumn-themed wallpapers comes as a sobering surprise.
"Ow," says Yujin. "Let's take this to the bed, shall we? Can't have you fucking me against these walls."
Well, that's disappointing. "You can, actually," you propose, raising your eyebrows and quirking them at her. But you take away your fingers from inside her and let her push you to her bed. Your back lands on a soft cloud-like mattress, complete with fluffy pillows and a teddy bear, which you turn your gaze to. "Or did you just want me to see this teddy bear?"
The pink teddy bear sits beside you with stitched eyes and a threaded smile. You can't remember if you were the one who gifted it to her or if it was her mom.
Yujin rolls her eyes while she undoes your jeans. "Why the fuck would a teddy bear play such importance in me wishing to have sex the classic way?"
There she is again with her textbook way of speaking. It's endearing, sure, but sometimes you wonder if that's the result of too much studying. Sure, after prioritizing education, one comes out as smart and knowledgeable, but maybe they also get out of school unable to speak casually.
"Oh, I don't know. Maybe you rub yourself off on it when I'm gone."
"Oppa!" Yujin is surprised at your obscenity, even if you are literally about to have sex with her. Not to mention your rock-hard cock standing freely now that your bottoms are unzipped. Her blush is deep and bright.
"What? Come on. We all have those needs, Yujin. Why do you think I climbed a house for you? Maybe... just maybe, you ride this teddy bear. Tell him all your wants and needs that can't be fulfilled because I'm away."
It's the usual teasing between you and Yujin, but then her blush gives away something else. Something that says there is some truth in your words. That she does do that when you're gone.
"Oh, don't tell me you actually—" You are cut off by your own moan due to Yujin jerking you off with her tiny hand.
"First of all, she's a she," Yujin informs you. She remains narrow-eyed as ever as she jacks you off, circling her tongue around your head. "Her name is Betty."
"Ooh, didn't know you went both ways, Yujinie. Not that I have a problem with it, you know. I always saw you and Seungyeon and thought there was something between the two of you."
"Learn to shut up sometimes, okay?"
Yujin returns eye for eye, or rather, mouth for mouth. She laps at the underside of your cock, knowing it's one of your most sensitive parts, and licks at it sharply with only the tip of her tongue. You gasp loudly in response. Remembering Yujin's parents are only two rooms away, you bite your lip to keep quiet.
Yujin kisses your cock all over, peppering it with her chapstick-glossed lips. She makes sure to observe your expressions the whole time, verifying if you like what she's doing or not. You quiver at her licking your balls, and you have to resist grabbing her by her dark hair and downing her on your dick. All the foreplay is making you feel too hot. Damn Yujin and her talented mouth. Damn her for being too pretty and too kind.
Yujin is not an inexperienced girl. She knows how to suck a mean dick, and it shows a lot. She rubs your balls and effortlessly takes in the whole of your shaft, alternating in between breathing through her nose and through her mouth to puff hot breath on your cock. Whenever your head knocks the back of her throat, you groan pleasurably. Your hips start jerking by themselves when Yujin deepthroats you. Like her pussy, her throat is slick and tight. It constricts around you like cuffs. If you were in charge of everything, you'd take the keys to those "cuffs" and swallow it so you can stay in Yujin's mouth forever.
The tip is her favorite part. She teases her tongue on the underside of the mushroom-shaped tip. Her eyelids flirtatiously flutter at you, innocently and teasingly, as if she doesn't know the impact of that almost subtle action.
One active lick almost makes you cum. "Oh fuck, Yujin!" you cry out. Her innocent face isn't pure enough to hide her smirk, or the evil desires in her eyes which she performs: downing your cock all in one go repeatedly, licking and lapping whenever her tongue can, and sucking your tip like it were a straw.
The precum is good enough juice. "You wanna cum on my face," Yujin asks you, showing the white on her tongue, "or would you rather my pussy instead?"
"Is that a trick question?"
"Hmph. Fine. Let me give you a sample.
"Do you want this?"
"Jesus Christ," you mutter, as Yujin's tongue dances on your cock yet again, rubbing the right spots and licking the best places.
"Or is this better?"
Suddenly, she straddles you. Her panties tugged sideways, she teases her pussy on your dick. Never letting it directly penetrate her, she simply rubs herself on the head, making it stimulate her hard clitoris and spread her pink outer lips. She purses her lips and lets out a soft "Mmm!"
"Shit... Yujin, just ride me."
She nods sympathetically, but not without confirming, "Final answer?"
"Yes. God, yes. Fuck!"
Your swear jar is almost as full as Yujin is. She sits down completely on your rod. It pierces her insides in the best way possible. It's hard to keep up her dominant façade when it's just so perfectly big inside her. The guise becomes slightly transparent because of her delicious hiss of pleasure, and the silent plead you almost hear leaving her lips.
Yujin is entrancing, in every way there is. Every move of hers, though calculated to bring pleasure to both sides, seems natural. Her mouth falls open slightly to the heavenly sensation of your penis rubbing at her sensitive spots. Her hips sway sideways, as if she were dancing instead of riding you, and sometimes they rotate. Each direction brings the same pleasure but at a different height. Yujin's wetness is simply lube for it all.
It's like a wet dream come true, when Yujin lifts herself in the air, leaving your head barely inside, then slams back down on you, filling herself up again. "Oh!" she exclaims, eyes wide. Her cunt seals around you strictly to keep you in place.  "You're so big, oppa."
"And you're so fucking hot." Your mind is only filled with Yujin in her uniform mounting you again and again. The way her skirt bounces and so do her subtle tits through her sweater make you crazy. How can a girl be so perfect and be yours?
Yujin humps your cock at a velocity that isn't too fast, but isn't too slow either. It's the perfect pace to appreciate the snugness of her cunt, on your side. On Yujin's, it's to let your cock veins rub a certain place inside her. That need is so constantly met that her expression is orgasmic, even if it has barely started yet.
The routine of her hips and the jiggle of her thighs in the process are dizzying. Tight as she may be, she relaxes her walls enough to let the rest of you inside her. She lets out a shuddering sob once it has completely filled her up. Her voice sounds higher now, almost at the note she reaches that makes her choir's harmonies perfection. Little did her choir teacher know how much bigger her range actually is when your cock is around.
Tumblr media
Her hole involuntarily tenses and releases around your dick. "Hmph... haaah. Does that feel good?"
You are unable to focus on what she's saying. Yujin's cunt leaking and quivering is distracting you from makimg a decent answer. Luckily, there's no need for you to answer in words. Just your red face is enough to make Yujin smile her signature wholesome grin that is the very thing that made you fall in love with her.
Yujin's grinding eventually makes her frustrated. Yes, it feels good, and it is very pleasurable foreplay. But she's already so wet. She doesn't have time for anything else.
Yujin clenches around you as tightly as she can and resorts to rough and fast riding. "Hngghaaah!" she squeals, gathering your shirt in fistful balls. "This... feels... so much better—!"
Yujin can't keep up her tough façade any more than you can maintain your indifferent one. There's too many parts about this whole thing that make yout desires as transparent as day. For one, there's the size difference between Yujin and your cock is incredibly arousing. You have no idea how such a tiny body can take so much energy into doing this.  When she bounces on your stick like the bunny she is, her skirt flies up, and you catch a glimpse of how much your cock is stretching her. Even with how tight she squeezes, it manages to pierce through the strictness of her cunt and hit her cervix. For some this action is painful, but for Yujin, it's everything but.
And another thing that just contributes to the deliciousness of it all are Yujin's wails of delight.
"Yes yes yes, yes!" she screams loudly when you take her by the hips and start slamming her onto you. Exhaustion accents her bounce, but you hold it off by thrusting her onto you like a doll. "Keep fucking me, oppa! Keep fucking me so hard I can't walk properly to school!"
That statement turns you on even more. Yujin is someone that by now you are aware won't even take a joke about her learning. Hearing her make such a bold statement, to indirectly say that school isn't that important when you are around, works you up so much.
Yujin is as light as a feather. Her extracurricular dancing activities basically guarantee that. So it isn't a big problem for you to suddenly stand up, your hands still wrapped around her sides and hips still diligently pounding her, then switch the positions.
Yujin is now on the bed instead of you. From here, you can see her cute face contorted into an expression of bewildered pleasure. Her legs are splayed far apart so that you can see her tiny pussy, and how your cock is spreading it to its limits.
But you don't care if you are too big for her. You're here to do specifically what she said: to fuck her so hard her legs give out on the way to school.
Holding her legs high in the air, you fuck her cunt like an animal. In this missionary position, it feels deeper, and ten times better. Yujin still wants more though; she inches her delightful cunt closer to your approaching and exiting shaft just to feel it stab her leaking lips even more. Her screams are as loud as the sound of slapping.
"Fuck! Give it to me, oppa!" Yujin's falsetto pleads deafen your ears. But you still take her as hard as you can. Your hands squeeze and caress her thighs while you lean down to coax Yujin into a deep kiss in an attempt to hush her down.  After all, her parents are still in the house. In a drunken trance, Yujin obliges happily. Somehow, the kiss amplifies the experience even more, especially with how delicious Yujin's mouth is and how good of a kisser she is.
Her beautiful bed is ruined with her juices. If the teddy bear sitting across you were alive, it would have been greatly traumatized. But these are all factors that you dismiss. Your mind is too wrapped around Yujin furiously making out with you. Even when you pull her closer by her thighs to shorten the path to her juicy cunt, her hands remain on the sides of your head. They also tug you closer so she can feel your tongue deliciously swiping at her jaw and mouth. What was supposed to be a deep French kiss to quiet her down became a series of laps and smooches on her cheeks and neck. They do the opposite of making her quiet. They make Yujin feral.
"Hmmmm, mmm!" Her broken hums are like subliminals designed to make you want her even more. And if they are, you're pretty sure they're working. "Fuck, I'm close... don't stop!"
Finally, that's one thing you are asked of that you can do excellently. If you can't help Yujin out with her exams, then you can simply assist her in her carnal needs.
She does the same, too, without realizing it. The reason why you keep blushing around her at school is not just because of her prettiness alone, but that cursed uniform. It's been a kink you've tried to hide for so long, but now you let it all out. Besides, the fantasies you've had of fucking her while she wears it have finally come true. Maybe the house climbing risk is worth something after all.
Sex with Yujin is not frequent, but it isn't so seldome either. So throughout the times you found in your days to make love to her, you learned how to bring her there. It's a simple method: although one would think to go faster, you must stay at the same pace, applying more force in your movements. Then, you have to tease your thumb over the glistening little pear above her slit, and rub it up and down. All this you do, bringing Yujin's legs together at your back as she tries to get you closer. Her screams are becoming more insatiable than ever.
As you count down the thrusts that will lead to her orgasm, you lean down and snarl at Yujin, asking her, "Come on, Yujinie, aren't you afraid your parents will hear me fucking you? And they'll come here and ask us what we're doing?"
Your face being too close flusters Yujin. It adds to the redness in her face from the rough sex. Wide half-moon eyes staring up into you, she fires you a smile that is so sweet and innocent in the midst of your clashing sexes, and says: "I don't fucking care. If you're too pussy to do it with them, then just tell me."
That stuns you. Yujin has never dared you like that before. She's too sweet and kind to even playfully make dark jokes like you do. But now, with her menacing but attractive smile blinding your eyes, you take that as an opportunity to show why she should never even think of doubting you. Definitely not in the thing you do best.
Yujin is a smart girl. You're not so bad yourself, so you know exactly what she's doing. She's doing all this to get what she wants, which is her own orgasm. She's purposely riling you up solely to reach her high.
You know that, but you find yourself devouring her neck nest. You find yourself drowning in her screams and the goddamned uniform she looks so hot in. You find yourself fucking her harder, forgetting the classic method or her stupid old parents, reaching under her sweatshirt and pinching her tiny sensitive nipples. Her scream is the equivalent of fresh cold water in a desert. Maybe it is the desert's blistering sun that has surreptitiously melted all common sense and logic melts from your mind the way it always does when you're screwing Yujin, but each time it still feels like heaven. No, not heaven—somewhere in between heaven and hell. As if you were crossing on thin ice with a large smile on your face.
Your groans drown out your thoughts and leave room only for Yujin. Who wouldn't be drowning in her right now? Just simply looking at her, seeing her own adorable smile is gone and that she's losing herself, too, is enough to make you submerge yourself in the sea of pillows again to kiss her. They drive loud yells out of her that increase in stuttering volume. You hear the most deafening one when your angry thrusts are attemped to be paused by her cunt suddenly contracting.
"F-fuck, Yujin!" Shove your hips upwards and slam her to the wall her bed stands beside, which is luckily filled with more pillows. "Since when did you get so naughty?"
"Hunghhh, I don't know. When..." Choi Yujin isn't able to finish her sentence. The straight-A schoolgirl everyone knows and loves has erupted in your arms with a final yelp. With her plaid skirt hiked up to her stomach, you can perfectly see how you creampied her so well. You let out more than you thought.
As pretty as the view of Yujin's creampied cunt is, you suddenly remember something. The panic begins to rise in you. "Yujin, are you—"
"No, I'm not."
"I'm kidding, silly," she answers. Her smile is so full of sunshine that one can forget she joked about you unknowingly impregnating her. "Of course I took the pill. I even shaved for you."
A surge of relief reaches your nerve-filled shore. It is only now that you notice her hairless patch. But observing it just brings you another question:
"Wait, so you knew I was going to come here to fuck you all along?"
Yujin smiled up at you and raises both her hands up dismissively. "I don't know~ I guess you'll have to find that out for yourself."
You would have. You really would have thrown a thousand and one more questions at her just to investigate a clue to what her truthful answer may be. You would have teased her and pleaded her to tell you more. All those things will now only remain as "would"s due to Yujin's concerned father standing at the door of his daughter's room, whom he has just now discovered is not as good as he thought she was.
"Waaa! Dada, what are you doing here?" is the last thing that reaches your ears.
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jupitercomet · a day ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
The Red Dress
Tumblr media
summary - Weirdly, being in unrequited love with your childhood best friend wasn’t really a huge problem for you. Though you suppose it’s a lot easier to deal with when he’s halfway across the country and not, you know, living exactly one block away from your childhood home for the foreseeable future. And for a man who hasn’t spoken to you in nearly three years, he sure seems happy to see you.
warnings - language, mentions of drinking, Bradley getting drunk, mentions of Cruel Summer, talks of the military but not in an Uncle Sam type of way, Bradley being mean, brief mentions of Bradley’s trauma
word count - 4.6k
afterglow masterlist
Tumblr media
“Are you fucking kidding me?!”
“No, I’m serious,” Natasha got up from your couch, fuming. “Did one of those college boy linebackers hit him too hard?”
Corn let out a bark of agreement, as if he too were flabbergasted by Bradley’s stupidity— join the club, Cornelius.
“I just— I can’t—” Natasha sucked in a deep breath, pacing the living room in a frustration that was infinitely greater than your own. “God, what is his problem?”
“I honestly don’t think—”
“You don’t get to speak right now,” she whipped around, now directing her frustration at you— though you knew it was coming from a place of love she had not extended to Bradley. “You’re too blinded by nostalgia and affection to make good calls right now. No, you’re going to listen to me, okay?”
“I am not ‘blinded by—” Her glare shut you up.
With a sigh, Natasha sat back down on the couch, pursing her lips in thought.
“You’re allowed to be upset with him,” she said finally.
“I am upset with him.”
“No, you're angry with him,” and she shot you a glare that told you this would be the last time you interrupted her. “You’re angry with him, you’re not upset with him.”
Corn nudged your hand with his nose and you took the distraction gratefully, eager to have something else to focus on other than Natasha’s calculated words.
“Look, neither of us know why he just left and stopped coming back and, yeah, that was really shitty of him. But, let’s face it, you’re scared to find out. And if you’re angry with him, you don’t have to ask him what happened, you can just ignore him.”
You sucked in a breath, memories of upset and anger filling your thoughts. Natasha had been in your life almost as long as Bradley— and stayed around even when he didn’t. She’d seen you in times as small as him finishing the last piece of pizza to times as big as the fight you had your freshman year when you felt that Bradley’s new friends were disrespecting you. You ignored him— because it was easier to be angry with Bradley than upset with him.
“Why haven’t you just asked him what happened?”
And you bit on your bottom lip so hard it almost bled, Corn whining softly from your lap.
“Because I’m scared it was my fault.”
Natasha furrowed her brows, a brief look of understanding passing through her eyes. “Why would it be your fault?”
Tumblr media
May 16th, 2019, 1700 hours
“Are you excited?” Natasha squealed, her voice light as it came through your landline. “You’re going to prom with the Bradley Bradshaw!”
You shrugged from where you lay perched on your bed. “It’s just Bradley. I don’t see how it’s going to be any more exciting when he puts a suit on.”
Natasha gasped. “If I were there right now, I’d hit you with a pillow. You’ve been in love with him, since like, forever.”
“I have not!”
She laughed. “It’s okay to admit it, no one’s judging you. Have you seen those eyes?”
“Are you sure you don’t want to go with him?” You snorted.
“Not when I’m already going with Luke,” Natasha let out a wistful sigh and for a moment you thought you were going to have to remind her that you were still on the phone. “Which dress did you end up picking?”
You glanced at where it hung in your closet, still wrapped in the department store plastic covering. “The red one.”
“Ooh, that was my favorite.”
You nodded absentmindedly, though she couldn’t see you. Though you refused to admit it, Natasha was right, you were excited to go to prom with Bradley. You were butterflies in your stomach, hearts in your eyes, jittery, kind of excited. You were tried on the same dress twelve times because “Wait, I forgot what I looked like, what if it’s bad?” kind of excited. But you were trying not to be.
Because Bradley hadn’t exactly asked you to prom.
There were no balloons or flowers — you didn’t really know what girls got for promposals — there wasn’t even a poster. Everyone just kind of assumed you were going together, so you did. That was how a lot of things felt with him honestly. When you’ve been friends since sixth grade, people just assume things and you don’t correct them. It was entirely possible that Bradley wanted to go to prom with someone else— or didn’t even consider this going to prom with a date because you were just his best friend. 
You blinked, as if remembering that you weren’t at prom. You were in your bedroom, on your phone, your dress was still wrapped in plastic.
“Do you think he’ll like it?” You asked quietly.
“Of course, he will,” Natasha assured you. “He’d be an idiot not to.”
Your bottom lip curled into your teeth. “I think— I think I’m gonna tell him tonight. How I feel.”
Natasha tried to contain her excitement on the other end. “Really?”
“Yeah. I mean, it’s his senior year,” you picked at your nail polish nervously. You and Bradley hadn’t spoken much to each other about his college plans. He’d tried to, but you shot him down saying that you didn’t want your friendship to influence his choices. You’d still be friends no matter which college he went to and long distance would be a lot easier to overcome than resentment— “As if I could resent you,” he said, but he agreed.
“How are you gonna do it?” Natasha had given up on suppressing her excitement.
“I don’t know. Just— Say it?”
“Ahh, look at you growing up,” she laughed. “Duck and Bradley, high school sweethearts. Fighting the friend zone since ‘13.”
“Stop,” you groaned. “I will hang up right now.”
She ignored you. “How far are you gonna let his hands go when you slow dance?”
Tumblr media
Bradley couldn’t really remember the last time he’d been to a club. He’d had his fun at frat houses, sure, but a club? Not really.
Still, Katherine had begged and the guys had nothing better to do on a Saturday night, so Bradley found himself pressed between sweaty bodies all jumping to bass boosted music. He’d learned fairly quickly into the night that the DJ seemed to favor Pitbull— not that he was complaining, it was just interesting.
The group he’d come with was spattered around various parts of the club, some at the bar, some at the table they’d saved, and some dancing on the floor of flashing lights and glittery dresses. For a moment, Bradley almost thought to invite you, but he didn’t— almost painfully reminded about how far he’d have to scroll through his “recents” to find you in his phone. He had a feeling you’d say no anyway— call it intuition. 
Payback let out a low whistle. “Is that Hangman and…” He trailed off as he tried to get a better look at the couple through the dancing bodies in the club.
Coyote laughed. “Yeah, and you’re not gonna say shit about it. Jake’s wanted this since freshman year.”
Payback raised his hands in defense. “Hey, if it stops them from getting us kicked out of every bar we go to, I ain’t complaining.” 
“I’ll cheers to that.”
Bradley took a long swig of his beer. He was going to need a lot more alcohol if he was going to have to come to terms with the fact that Hangman was currently having a better go of things than him. His eyes stayed trained on the couple, the way Jake’s eyes lit up in such a genuine way as she threw her head back with laughter, letting his hands stay firmly planted on her hips as they danced. It was almost like when—
Bradley threw the rest of his beer back.
Payback gave him a rough pat on the back as he choked. “You good, Rooster?”
“Yeah, yeah,” Bradley waved him off with another cough. “Just went down the wrong pipe.” He spared a glance to the empty glass bottle in his hands. “I’m gonna get another, you want anything?”
He was already leaving before any of the guys could respond.
Bradley was aware he was probably bringing down the mood of the night. He’d been the one to drag them to California in the first place— not that any of them really considered being driving distance of the beach a punishment. Still, he could tell that he was being a noticeably melancholy addition to the group. Had he known he’d find it difficult to be in a dark, sweaty room surrounded by people and alcohol and the booming voice of Mr. Worldwide, he would have made more of an effort to stay home. 
Instead all he could see were red dresses. When did so many people start buying red dresses?
He squeezed his eyes shut, rubbing at his closed lids.
“Bradley Bradshaw! Do you know how worried we were about you?” A loud, sudden voice had him wincing.
“What?” He blinked sluggishly, suddenly chilly and, he couldn’t tell if it was just because he was tired, but the room seemed marginally darker.
“Are you drunk?”
Was he?
“Dude, we’ve been looking for you for hours. Why the hell are you drinking a whole bottle of Vodka in a bush?”
Bradley looked around— indeed almost having his eye poked out by an ovate leaf. A Vodka bottle tinkled lightly at his feet.
He laughed. “Oh shit.”
“Yeah ‘oh shit’,” Jake dragged him to his feet, anchoring his elbow to support him. “What’s going on with you, man?”
“Should we call someone?” A smaller voice directed to Jake and Bradley’s eyes lit up.
“Cupcake!” Jake snorted from his left, the woman in front of him only able to part her lips in mild shock. “Look at your dress! It’s so pretty, such a pretty dress.”
“Thank you?”
“You have to take it off.”
Jake’s laughter ceased. “Okay, you’re done. I know you’re plastered, but I am not above socking you in the jaw.”
“No, she’s gotta—”
“Rooster, shut the fuck up.”
“No,” the brunet persisted. “I can’t look at it. It’s red, Jake. It’s red.”
Cupcake cleared her throat, taunting Bradley in her red dress. “Give me your phone, Bradley. I’m going to call Maverick.”
“No,” Bradley tried to pull against Jake’s grip, but it was iron, the blond mildly pissed at his drunken blabbering. “No, because Duck’s dress was red. And she looked so beautiful Cupcake, you gotta believe me. She looked so pretty. No, you gotta give Duck her dress back.”
She sighed quietly, pursing her lips in thought and having a silent conversation with Jake that Bradley might have been able to understand if he could currently stand up straight.
“How about you give me your phone to call Duck to come get you and we give her her dress back?”
Tumblr media
May 16th, 2019, 1900 hours
You rubbed your hands on your dress nervously, trying to wipe the sweat off of your palms. Bradley had left to find a water fountain— “I’m not paying that much for a bottle of water, Duck. And neither are you,” — and had yet to come back. But maybe that was a good thing, seeing as you were sweating buckets in the corner of the gym. 
Natasha shot you an encouraging look from where she was dancing with Luke. “Go find him,” she mouthed, and then she mouthed something else that seemed entirely inappropriate so you left hastily— you didn’t put it past her to start yelling.
Bradley was still filling water in the hall, in a suit that did make everything more exciting, humming along to the muffled music from the gymnasium. For a moment, you wanted to chicken out, head back before Bradley saw you, pretend it never happened. But you didn’t — you couldn’t — not when you were already here, not when it was Bradley.
You must have been standing there long enough for him to sense you staring at him, because he turned around, shooting you a smile and handing you a cup of water. You drank it gratefully.
“I told you we wouldn’t have to pay for it,” he boasted.
If you weren’t currently letting the idea of Murphy’s Law run rampant in your head, you would have told him that the school’s water tasted like rust and even he couldn’t justify not forking over a couple dollars for bottled water.
“I have to tell you something.”
You blinked in surprise— that was your line. You could feel your hope inflating, maybe you wouldn’t confess to Bradley. Maybe you wouldn’t have to because he was already doing it for you.
“Yeah?” You tried to calm your racing heart.
“I—” His eyes darted between your own. “I know this probably isn’t the place and you said— Well—”
Bradley let out a deep, anxious breath.
“I’m enlisting in the Navy.”
The plastic cup in your hand fell to the floor splashing water on your red dress. Your red dress you spent so long picking out. Your red dress that made your eyes light up when you finally looked at your reflection in the dressing room mirror. Your red dress that hung untouched on your closet door as you paced back and forth, trying to figure out if love was love and if love was Bradley. Your red dress that was now wet with water.
“I know you said we shouldn’t talk about it yet,” Bradley tried to explain. “But I thought since I was already going to—”
“Why would you do that?” Your voice was hardly able to come out, your throat clogged with emotion and that tingling feeling that you were about to cry.
Bradley stopped trying to explain. “Well—”
“You can’t, Bradley,” your lip was wobbling. You couldn’t think— couldn’t hear him out. You just had to make him stop. “You can’t. I won’t let you.”
Bradley paused, furrowing his brows. “What do you mean you ‘won’t let me’?”
“I mean, I won’t let you, Bradley—”
“Well, that’s not really your choice, is it?” Bradley gritted. You could see his cheeks heating— they always did when he was upset. “God, I thought you’d be happy for me.”
“You want me to be happy that you’re going to get yourself fucking killed?!” You gestured wildly, tears finally pricking at your waterline as if saying it out loud finally made it real. Bradley was going to die.
“That’s not what I fucking said and you know it,” he ran a frustrated hand through his hair. “And even if I do—”
“Don’t,” you interrupted him, failing to give the word much anger through your tears. “How can you— How can you just be okay with leaving me behind like that?”
“That’s what this is about?” Bradley scoffed. “You?”
And his chest was heaving and you were crying, because Bradley was leaving you and he wanted to go. His cheeks were red and yours were tear stained because you didn’t believe in him enough to have faith in him. You didn’t think he could do it— just like Maverick. Sometimes, people say things they know aren’t true. Sometimes, people say things that they don’t mean and would never mean for the sole purpose of making someone else feel bad.
“You’re selfish.”
Your eyes snapped to his, your heart cracked in two.
“You don’t care about what I want. You don’t care about me. You don’t care that I didn’t even want to go to stupid fucking prom because my mom—” His voice broke and he sucked in a breath, almost sucking in his emotions with it. “You’re selfish.”
You swallowed. 
“Well?” He gestured to you. “Say something.”
But you couldn’t. Not when it was love, not when it was Bradley. You couldn’t say anything because you were selfish— or maybe he was. Maybe he was for making you imagine a world without him in it. Without love, without Bradley.
“I’m sorry I forced you to go to prom,” you mumbled softly — finally — eyes unable to meet his and instead looking at your red dress. You wanted to burn it. “That wasn’t my intention.”
You spent prom night crying on the floor of the girl’s bathroom until Natasha finally found you.
Tumblr media
“Hello?” You groaned softly, wiping the sleep from your eyes.
“Hi, is this—” The voice on the other end seemed unsure, also unrecognizable you noted. “Is this… Duck?”
You pulled the phone from your ear to check the contact name you’d failed to look at when your ringtone had ripped you from sleep. All sleep was erased from you when the white letters “Bradley 😎” stared back at you. You put your phone back to your ear to respond to the woman who was very much not Bradley.
“Yeah, this is— I’m sorry, who is this?”
“Oh, I’m—” There was a loud noise followed by more loud voices and a “Is that Duck? Cupcake, is that Duck?”. “I’m so sorry to bother you this early in the morning, but Bradley got really drunk and was asking to see you. We’re having trouble getting him to cooperate.”
You let out a heavy sigh, rubbing at your temples. “Put him on the phone.”
The woman makes a grateful noise and there's a bit of shuffling before, “Duck?”
“Hi, Bradley.”
“Hi, Duck,” and then he giggled. “You look pretty.”
“You can’t even see me right now,” you responded monotonously. 
“I don’t gotta, you always look pretty.”
You pinched the bridge of your nose with a breath, swinging your legs out from under your duvet. “Where are you?”
It was three in the morning; your kitchen light was still on, you were still awake, and Bradley was still sitting at your dining room table.
At first, you thought it was a dream. That the figure with glossy eyes and hair damp with sweat was nothing more than the culmination of all the time you spent thinking about him. You were certain that his shoes by the closet and the soft “thank you” that left his lips as you helped him through the front door were simply a product of your imagination running rampant. That his presence would disappear as soon as you so much as blinked.
Instead, Bradley was hunched over in a chair much too small for him, gaze fixated on nothing but his fidgeting hands. Very much real and very much not a dream.
You let out a breath, shooting him another glance. Almost immediately, you’d taken to hiding out in the kitchen, trying to ignore the awkward tension in the air and the ever growing awareness that you were facing this man in sleep shorts. However, Bradley hardly seemed to notice, appearing to be completely content with letting his gaze wander over the various objects of decor around your house. His leg was bouncing rapidly, knee connecting with the table every so often, and it was one of those thuds that snapped you from your staring.
“Do you want some water?”
Your voice caused him to look at you, startled as if he’d forgotten you’d been there at all. You offered him a small smile and he seemed drunk enough to believe you meant it genuinely. 
“Yes please.”
You nodded, though he’d already stopped looking at you, reaching for one of your cabinets. 
“Do you remember prom, Duck?” Your fingers stilled on the glass, toes locked in a tiptoe position as you reached for it.
You swallowed, answering slowly. “What about prom?”
Bradley sniffed, drumming his thumbs on the table sloppily. “All of it. I wanted to get Wendy’s, but you didn’t wanna risk getting Frosty on your dress. Oh, and I had to buy a corsage for the first time. Mrs. Dempsey had to tell me what all the flowers meant, I don’t think you realized— which is funny ‘cause now you work in a flower shop.”
Finally able to gather yourself, you made your way over to your fridge’s water filter, warily waiting for Bradley’s next words.
“It sucks ‘cause I found it on the ground of the school parking lot when I went back to find you,” he didn’t seem to be talking to you anymore— just talking in general. “I’d spent forever picking it out, but I was an asshole and then it was on the ground. I took it with me to college, had some girl show me how to press it into a frame and shit. It’s still in my dorm.”
You froze, water overflowing out of the cup and running onto your hands. “You’re drunk, Bradley.” Your voice came out shakier than intended.
He laughed.
“What’s funny?”
“People only say someone’s drunk when they’re saying something, like, totally batshit,” he laughed again. “That’s probably the least batshit thing I’ve said tonight.”
Your breath wavered as you watched him, unable to have a conversation with a man so unaware of how much he was saying and how little it made sense. “You should sleep, Bradley.”
You set the cup of water in front of him before he could answer. “I’ll grab some blankets for the couch.”
Gesturing towards the piece of furniture, you waited for Bradley to start moving. The couch was stiff and burnt orange in color— it had come with the house when you’d first purchased it and had an unusual stain on the far right cushion, but it worked well enough for you and, hopefully, well enough for Bradley too. He didn’t say anything more when you came back with a blanket for him to unfold and drape over himself however he pleased, seemingly exhausted enough that he couldn’t fight the alcohol anymore.
“And no funny business, okay?” You warned him softly, because there was once a time when he was your best friend and you knew him well enough to predict things. “I want you to stay here until I wake up. I don’t need you wandering off in the middle of the night and ending up passed out in a ditch somewhere.”
Bradley hummed, settling down on your stiff, burnt orange couch and you took that as enough confirmation. You were halfway down the hall when he spoke again.
“I won’t leave you, Duck.”
Tumblr media
May 17, 2019, 0100 hours
You’d always expected that, when a boy showed up at your house to beg for your forgiveness, it would be with a boombox and a bag of pebbles. You thought it would be entirely John Hughes, Nicholas Sparks, Cameron Crowe. He’d scale the side of your house, charming and hopeful and just the tiniest bit suave. He’d bring you flowers and know just what to say— something entirely heartfelt, that put the poets to shame.
Bradley came through your back door and knocked on the door of your bedroom, disheveled and panicked and a teenage boy.
He was still in his suit, though it was wrinkled and his tie was distinctly missing from the ensemble. You had taken your dress off almost as soon as you’d gotten home, barely giving your mom the chance to take it away from you before you did something you’d regret. You wondered if Bradley hated his suit as much as you hated your dress— if he’d even given a thought to what you might think of it.
You stared at each other for a bit, both surprised at the presence of the other. There were no flowers in his hand, no boombox or pebbles. Instead it was just your best friend— the boy who made you cry, and called you selfish, and was leaving you behind. He was panting against your door frame instead of standing on your front lawn. Because he wasn’t Lloyd Dobler, he was Bradley Bradshaw.
“I—” He was Bradley Bradshaw, who didn’t always know exactly what to say and when to say it. “I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have— You’re not selfish, you never have been. It's just that everyone’s been trying to talk me out of it, I— I just needed someone to understand why I have to.”
To some extent, you did. It didn’t mean you liked it, but you weren’t the person who could tell Bradley what ways he could and couldn’t connect with his dad. You’d never met Nick “Goose” Bradshaw, only ever being introduced to his memory— the man who was given life in the stories told by Carol and Maverick. 
In some ways, you understood Bradley because of that. You knew what it was like to know a man sparsely, but love him so fiercely. But that man wasn’t your father. 
“I understand. Kind of,” you nodded slowly. “And, I don’t think I can be happy for you, but— But I can support you.”
And you would. Because he was Bradley and he was love and you couldn’t imagine a world where you didn’t support him. Where you didn’t love him so much that it hurt. Because that’s what he was to you— what he would always be. You loved him so much it hurt; you loved him when it hurt. You loved him with all the dramatics of a 16 year old. You loved him even before you could understand the concept. 
You loved him when you were 11 with a sock around your knee. You loved him when you were 13, clinging to him tightly on Maverick’s couch as you watched Princess and the Frog. You loved him as he watched you shell shocked, walking down the steps of your house in your red dress.  You loved him now as he stood in your doorway because he was Bradley Bradshaw, not Lloyd Dobler. 
And you would continue to love him because — since you were 11 — that was all you knew how to do.
Bradley’s mouth quirked into a small smile, but you could tell the weight of your potentially ruined friendship had been lifted off of him. He looked around your room, dimly lit by your desk lamp, eyes tracing the reminders of him that littered the shelves and walls. Polaroids and pictures from photo booths, every birthday card he’d ever written you kept in one of your desk drawers. And his room was just the same.
Because it wasn’t like the two of you couldn’t exist without the other, you just didn’t want to.
Your CD player was playing softly in the background.
“You know, I never really got to dance with you at prom.”
You snorted and the tension lifted slightly because you were best friends. “It’s a little late for that, Bradley. I’m not even wearing my dress.”
He took in your outfit. An old soccer shirt of his you’d stolen from his closet ages ago and a pair of pajama shorts that any sane person would argue was the furthest thing from a prom dress. “I think you look pretty like this too.”
And because he was Bradley Bradshaw, your best friend, and not John Hughes, or Nicholas Sparks, or Cameron Crowe, he took your hand and danced with you in your bedroom. Him in his crumpled up suit and you in your pajamas. He had you giggling at his attempts at break dancing and his ability to do the Cupid Shuffle to every song, trying to stay quiet in the early hours of the morning. And when the songs slowed to music that teenagers are supposed to sway to and you started crying, he held you then too.
“I don’t want you to go,” you confessed quietly.
His lips pressed to the crown of your head and they stayed there— like the feeling of being fully encompassed by you wasn’t something he could part with yet.
“I won’t leave you, Duck.”
Tumblr media
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missglaskin · 2 days ago
what do you think of their {hotd} reaction if reader rejected them because she is in love with someone else {someone without power like a soldier or a blacksmith idk} and she wants to marry for love? {reminded me of sir criston with his oranges and cinnamon XD} thank you very much in advance :*
Note: All I got to say is the reader better prepare herself for the trouble. Also, I’ve just noticed this is my first time writing for Criston 
The rejection would not be well taken by Criston, similar to how he reacted to Rhaenyra. There is nothing he can cling onto but his honor, so he is confused on why you would reject him, even after knowing that he is willing to leave it all behind just to be with you. In the event that Criston ever encounters the person whom you are interested in, he will pound into him and it will take a bunch of effort to pull him away. By the end, the person’s face becomes unrecognizable. Once this is done, you won't have anyone else to turn to but him. 
Contrarily, Daemon will find everything about this to be very amusing. You, a lady, are falling in love with a man who is beneath you. Although he could have killed the person and been done with it, he wants you to see how pitiful they are and how you are meant for something greater than some blacksmith or soldier. Whether you choose to accept it or not, the outcome is still the same: Daemon will kill your romantic interest and claim you as his own. 
Corlys doesn't anticipate your rejection; he was certain you felt the same way. He constantly upheld you and worked to ensure that everything worked in your favor, demonstrating his unwavering devotion to you. He believed that you only deserve the best and that the life you deserved would not be given to you by a commoner. Also, for love? Corlys promises that even if at first you don't love him, you will eventually come to. He'll keep showering you with the most lavish presents and sincere praises. Sooner or later, you'll have to go to him, whether it's due to pressure from others or guilt from rejecting him.
It’s moments like these that remind Otto of your youthfulness. What a naïve young girl you are, not understanding how the world operates. Otto will be offended to learn that you are interested in a commoner, the person you rejected him for. Simply put, he'll send the commoner away—possibly to his death—and still wed you. It doesn't matter to Otto if you don't desire him; you will have to eventually because it is expected of you as his wife.
Simply put, Harwin is heartbroken when you reject him. More so, when you confess to him you want to wed for love, to which Harwin contends he does love you. That if you choose him to be your husband, he will give his entire heart and soul to you. He will become irritated upon learning that your love interest is a commoner, and Harwin will be more inclined to confront them. In order to provoke them, Harwin mocks them and claims they don't deserve you, resulting in a fight where Harwin is victorious. Now nothing stands in his way. 
At the moment he sets his eyes on you, Aegon already considers you to be his, so when you reject him, he lashes out in anger. He'll claim you have no choice in the matter while squeezing you too firmly. When he learns that you turned him down, the prince—a Targaryen over some bloody commoner—it will take a big swing at his ego. Aegon will adamantly maintain that they must have duped you and that you are simply confused and in need of direction. For claiming to want to marry for love, Aegon insists you'll love him; you must. 
Aemond doesn't lash out despite being infuriated that you would reject him. Aemond makes it clear that he will marry you, regardless. When Aemond learns of your romantic interest, he will confront them and make a big show out of it, right in front of you. He will mock them and even challenge them into a fight, which they will lose to him handily. It's Aemond's way of showing you how pitiful and deplorable they are. And whether you decide to see it or not, Aemond will still kill them. And if you so badly want to marry for love, then you should start feeling something for him now that you're stuck with him.
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hanafubukki · 2 days ago
Long Night
Summary: It would undoubtedly be a long night for you if the way he chuckled gave any indication.
Pairing: Lilia Vanrouge x Female Reader 
Notes: Trying my hand at a more mature themed writing. If you are not comfortable with such content, please block the tag: Deflowered Also, not using the tag list on this because I did not want to make anyone uncomfortable in case they don’t like mature content. 
Warnings: Suggestive/Mature Content (more on the suggestive end though)
Tumblr media
“Look, look at her. Look at the way she begs for you. This is what you can look forward to.”
Lilia, your Lilia spoke as you sat on the lap of another.
But that was wrong; you weren’t on the lap of another. You were on Lilia’s.
But this one was from the past, and he looked different from the one you see daily.
He also almost attacked you before your Lilia saved you.
But now, somehow, everything turned out this way.
It wasn’t enough; this new Lilia wasn’t giving you enough.
Not quick enough, at least.
“Please,” you begged.
The one in front of you stared at you, bringing a hand to your cheek.
He cupped your cheek and wiped at the tears gathering in your eyes.
You could see the lust in his eyes, and yet, he didn’t move.
You heard a chuckle from behind you.
“Now, don’t keep my beloved waiting too long. While I adore her begging face, I also love the one she makes when she’s thoroughly pleased.”
You felt hands sliding until...
“Lilia!” you gasped.
You couldn’t help but bury your face in the neck of the past Lilia as you writhed some more from the pleasure that your Lilia gave.
You could hear the one in front of you chuckle.
And you knew, between the two of them, you have a long night ahead.
Tumblr media
AN: What did you think? I wanted to write it more suggestive rather than explicit, and I quite like how it came out.
180 notes · View notes