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˚₊· ͟͟͞͞➳❥ Dating them
Tumblr media
Aphrodite's note!: Okay, this was adorable!
Characters!: Riddle Roshearts · Trey Clover · Leona Kingscholar · Malleus Draconia · Lilia Vanrouge · Rook Hunt · Vil Schoenheit · Ace Trappola · Deuce Spade · Idia Shroud · Gender Neutral reader
Tumblr media
Unbirthday parties, tarts, hedgehogs are the main things that will include in this relationship.
Studying together and helping each other.
Even if he is not so fond of music, he is willing to at least listen to some classical music or soft music!
Reading books together at the library or before going to bed is another activity he enjoys doing with you.
Playing with hedgehogs and giving them belly rubs.
Tumblr media
Baking together, and if you don't know how to, he shall be your baking teacher!
He will also teach you how to season food properly, he is a chief, what can he say?
Cuddling at night.
Defends you if Riddle ever tries to "cut your head". And he does it by calming Riddle down and convincing him that it was a misunderstanding-
Tumblr media
Trouble, trouble and more trouble with him and homie “Juice”.
If your eating some sort of sweet dessert that Trey made for you, he will sneak a bite every time you’re not looking.
Calls you silly names to get you angry, he finds it cute and laughable.
Copies your homework.
Tumblr media
Gets in trouble with you a lot along with Ace, the idiot who started it.
Protects you from any bullies.
soft around you, he gets flustered to grab your hand, but he will to show some affection.
Help each other with homework or copy off each other.
Tumblr media
Sleeping on his bed and cuddling.
Him forcing you to stay in bed longer and miss your classes.
Expect him to be overprotective, growling at anyone who is flirting with you or giving you looks.
You forcing him to eat vegetables and he. Dodges the fork full of vegetables.
Playing chess with him.
Tumblr media
Going to the spa is a must.
As well as going shopping, he will help you choose!
He helps you do your makeup (if you wear any) and he does your hair!
On Mondays and Fridays it’s leg day.
Eating healthy food, he might let eat one dark chocolate bar a week, but that’s it-
Helps you with potions and such! It’s his speciality after all!
Tumblr media
Rook is the type of lover to sing to you outside of your window.
Speaks to you in french, he might even teach you how to understand or speak it!
Hunting with him is an activity you two enjoy doing together.
He teaches you how to use a bow and arrow!
Expect to be showered with praises and love!
Tumblr media
You both watch anime together while eating snacks.
Cosplay together in his room. he wore a maid dress once-
Listening to anime op songs is a must!
You two love playing video games together! But he beats you all the time.
Gets extremely flustered when you kiss him or hug him or hold his hand.
You forcing him to get out of his room.
Tumblr media
He enjoys having tea time with you and eating ice cream!
At first, Malleus is unfamiliar with physical affection, but once he gets used to it and he is sure that he really loves you, he shall return that affection back.
He protects you, always keeping a close eye on you.
Lets you play with his Tamagotchi, that is if he trusts you enough that you’ll take very good care of it.
He’ll eventually get you one too!
Dating him also means that you’ll have to teach him about technology-
Reading books together!
Tumblr media
Sharing playlists (I pray for your ears if you ever hear Lilia’s playlist)
He sings you to sleep.
You visit him at the light music club, and when he’s playing the guitar and you’re watching him, he winks at you or smirks at you.
Tells you stories about the many things he has experienced in the past.
You taking away his cooking privileges along with the other Diasomnia members.
Tumblr media
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#WHAT WOULD I DO ? , vil, leona .
..cw for mentions of vomit
› ..even though there is not a lot of words, these the closest moments to happen in your relationship. gn reader. — this was inspired by what would i do? by strawberry guy bc i bawl my eyes out to the beginning and had this idea while taking out the trash.
Tumblr media
holding back your hair while you throw up.
i don’t believe that vil would do this, ever really. so when you come along, everything somewhat became clear to him while this happened, that youre the one for him, and that he loves you.
although i do think he would absolutely despise vomit, the soft rubbing on your back as he holds back your hair is enough to say that he loves you, even without words.
letting you cry into his chest.
to me, leona wouldn’t really do something like this either, unless he knows that he loves you. to him, this shows his trust and care for you, even if its something simple like this.
i think he would be a great person to cry to. he seems like a decent listener, holding you in his embrace as you sob and cry for whatever reason without saying anything, because sometimes actions speak louder than words.
Tumblr media
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hajimeshoe · 2 days ago
overblot squad with an MC/S/O who was done with life the second they entered twisted wonderland.
The no bullshit type who also instigates when in goofy moods. They don't smile often.
Anyone who threatens them... it kinda goes like "give me a reason... I dare you..." and s/o will fuck your life up if you physically harm them.
They have a resting bitch face, and they ALWAYS look angry or annoyed. A lot of people ask if they're upset.
When in contact with overblots, instead of trembling with fear, they act like they just got told to do chores as they started doing chores.
And when they deal with overblots in fights, they genuinely get annoyed when the overblot squad acts like they're the only ones dealing with that kind of stuff. (Literally looked at Jamil and told him he was a slave to people born richer than him just like everyone else)
A realist and pessimist at the same time.
Sleeps way more than Leona, and will not wake up until they feel like living. And their social meter is extremely low.
They eat a lot. Like- a lot. And they will sleep it all off
MBTI is an INTP to give you the rest of the context
Coolio! I'm an ISTP-T, which I found out while trying to figure out different MBTI personality types because I was hella confused. Also, We don't technically know who's overblotting from Diasomnia yet, right??? So I can leave my precious dragon boy out of this, right??? No? Well, it was worth a try *cries in not wanting to think about a Malleus overblot* -Sorry this took so long! I just moved and had no wi-fi until today
OB!Gang with INTP S/O
Would honestly be frustrated
"You've broken fifteen of our 810 rules in less than an hour! How DARE you!"
He was apologetic after he overblot and stopped getting on your case for every dorm rule you broke.
No wonder you're friends with Ace and Deuce
Wants you to stop causing fights so badly
Like, why are you either causing fights or sleeping??? Are you secretly related to Leona???
"Wait, you told Jamil WHAT?"
Bro gets sick of you when you're awake at this point-
Like, he threatened to turn you to sand during his overblot and you just held out your hand with a sarcastic smile-
Honestly, though, he's glad you aren't opposed to his naps or sleep schedule, a lot of the time he'll also be willing to nap with you even if he's already had one
But if Ruggie wake's him up, then he's trying to wake you up too <3
Fairs fair, after all
He doesn't give a fuckk if you instigate fights, he'll watch it in amusement
You would get along with Floyd so damn well and Azul swears on what little of his sanity is left that you two are never meeting
Both of you would be causing fights together left and right-
He loves you, he does, but- OH FUCK THE TWEELS ARE HERE! Take a nap while he locks you in his office where you three can never meet, yeah?
He's also low-key wondering if you're Leona's secret sibling or something despite the fact that you're magicless
He'll let you sleep in his office when you need to
He also does everything in his power to try to get you to smile and gets a little insecure when he's unsuccessful
Azul just starts to have some self-doubts because "I'm their boyfriend, why can I never make them happy?"
However, cuddles and reassurances can fix this!
He did get a kick out of you looking at Jamil and telling him to get over it
Jamil is just glad that you don't need 24/7 supervision
You won't burn down the house trying to cook, you won't somehow accidentally cut your arm off with a spoon and you can be left alone longer than a toddler without anything going to hell?
In this case, he practically considers you perfect with how often he's dealing with Kalim
Also, you were egging him on when he overblotted???
What's wrong with you? You have no magic-
Oh, wow...you won...
"Everyone's a slave to richer people, Jamil, get over it and eat a snickers or some shit!"
Okay, first of all, you're audacity-
Aaaand now he's stuck with you
"Isn't it supposed to be "You kidnapped me, I'm calling the cops?"
"Nope! You kidnapped me, so you clearly want to put up with my bullshit!"
The only actual issues he has is when he has to go drag you out of a fight or get you to stop hyping others into fighting for your entertainment
Then he just hypnotizes you and pulls you away while scolding you like some sort of child
Honestly looked up child leashes on the twst version of Amazon to see if they had a two pack (one for you and one for Kalim)
"Love, don't start fights, it's not beautiful at all", "My sweet potato, sleeping too much can be bad for your skin!", "SPUD! As much as I love you, if you do not cease this nonsense then so help me-"
All are common phrases from Vil when it comes to you ❤
Just tell me- how did he fall in love with you??? Like, you're a cross between Kingscholar and Epel and he is about ready to pull an evil queen on both of them some days
But he adores you despite your incorrigible habits that he tries to help you break
Don't expect to sleep in when dating Vil, though. Once he decides you've had enough? He's cursing your bed, pillows and blankets
All in the name of love, he swears!
Idia tries to get you to just stay in his room with him to stop you from getting into fights
He's respectful - lets you sleep for as long as you want
Although he get's a little loud when he plays video games sometimes
Ortho will honestly bother you more about your sleep schedule than him
Confused dragon boi <3
He's a sweetheart and is confused as to why you're starting fights "Because it's fun"
Totally did not ask Sebek to accompany you during school hours in order to protect you, keep you awake during lectures, and keep you out of fights- definitely not, how rude of you to accuse him of that
he would never, Malleus is completely innocent!
"Malleus Draconia, I am TRYING to sleep so if you do not get your screaming cucumber from my bedroom then so help me nobody will be able to save his suicidal ass!"
Oh, you're pissed off now
Welp, time for him to go save Sebek from his (surprisingly dangerous) magicless Child of Man
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Doing Vil’s makeup
Twisted Wonderland
Tumblr media
Vil never thought he’d be here, sitting in a chair in front of his stubborn S/O, who was looking preposterously flummoxed at an eyeshadow palette with a brush in hand, but here he was!
How did he get here, you ask? Well, he’s not the type to forego his end of a bargain now. And that was lucky for you, because now with the help of ace and deuce, you were able to wear a giddy grin on your face looking at how apprehensive and slightly miffed your boyfriend looked at the whole situation.
“There sure are a lot of colours here.. do you have a favourite?” “I believe you should save the eyeshadow for a later step” his response was curt, clearly not enjoying this fiasco too much. Responding with a small hum, you simply picked out an elegant, glass bottle of foundation. In all honesty, with skin like Vil’s you weren’t sure if it was even useful, but you applied it either way.
Everything was going smooth enough so far, nothing as precise or as perfected as the face Vil would normally or voluntarily present to the world, but nothing horrendous either. Yes, it was going fine, and in the future would likely prove to be a cute memory, until now, that was. “Hmm, okay, can I put some eyeliner on you?” His brow twitched a little at the proposition, observant as he is, he noted the unsteadiness in your hand when you had earlier applied a plum lipstick to his lips, needing some cleaning up afterwards.
He was really saving his critiques for after the fact, but also wasn’t too fond of potentially getting stabbed in the eye, yet before he could voice his concerns, he was snapped out of his pause by you popping open the cap of an eyeliner pen. At this point he could only sign with a nod, after all it’d be a waste to not finish the look after this much commitment.
Well, as it happens his cause for concern proved to be very valid, as within the next few minutes Vil was left with watering eyes and slightly ruined makeup, and you were left spilling awkward apologies. Just about done with the whole affair, Vil stood up, “I presume you’re satisfied now, yes?”
Just before he could stalk out of the room, he was stopped by you ushering him back down in a startle, “Hey, you can’t leave yet, I’ve still got a finishing touch to add!” With his interest piquing slightly, it was his turn to be startled as you abruptly leaned forward. You quickly followed up with a chaste and gentle kiss to his lips before pulling away, the unexpectedness of it all flustering Vil. “Yep, you look cuter with the blush.” He regained his poise quickly, but not before thinking that there was at least something to be gained from your shenanigans today - replacing his previous blush with a small smile. Well then, he’d just have to think of a fun way to get you back for the experience today, wouldn’t he?
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Enemies to Lovers part Five out of however many it takes for my coworker to get off their high horse and like Vil already!
Summary: The time has come to choose the new Pomefiore housewarden, and you and Deuce get a front row seat.
Part One. Part Two. Part Three. Part Four. Part Six.
You and Deuce were in a set of Pomefiore robes that Vil had pulled out of storage, and were  sitting with Epel's family in a seating area for participants' families and friends. 
Before Vil had gone off to prepare himself and Rook for the event, he had given both of them a stern warning to behave. You were sure as hell not going to behave if the situation presented itself. 
You'd been in the Pomefiore throne room many times, but today it was looking a little different. The seating area was off to the left of the throne, and diagonally facing the normally empty area  in front of the throne. Today, there were five lab tables full of ingredients and potion making supplies. 
At length, Professor Crewel entered the throne room, followed by the five students in the running for next housewarden, Epel third in the line. He always was adorable in your eyes, but today, something was different about him. He looked absolutely radiant.
The line halted in front of the throne, and Crewel joined the seating area, taking the empty seat next to you. 
"You are in for a treat today, pup," Crewel whispered to her. "Potionolgists all over the world would give anything to be able to watch this."
The crowd had been murmuring, but it all ceased when Vil entered. He was in his full Pomefiore robe, crown delicately worked into his hairstyle, makeup giving him an otherworldly shimmer. He arrived at the throne, and sat gracefully, crossing his leg with practiced ease.
Rook followed closely behind, carrying a decorative box, with a clasp that was a sword piercing a heart. He took his place, standing to Vil's right. He handed Vil the box, and stood at attention.
"Students, visitors, contestants, today you are going to witness the crowning of the next Housewarden," Vil stated, voice booming to every ear in the room. "Contestants, please introduce yourselves, state your year, then state your intentions."
The five contestants each took turns stating their names and years. The two before Epel were third years. And then it was Epel's turn.
"Epel Felmier, second year. My intention is to prove I am worthy of representing the fairest queen."
"Kick their asses, baby!" Deuce shouted loudly as you let out a whoop. Epel threw you both a wicked grin, as Vil stiffened and rolled his eyes. 
The last two boys introduced themselves, then Vil spoke again.
"The representative of the fairest queen is chosen by a trial. The representative must be able to brew the most potent poison." He opened the box, and pulled out a jar, and an apple. He opened the jar, then, holding the apple by the stem, dipped it into the contents of the jar. When he pulled it back up, the apple was quickly decaying, bleeding juices all over the box and jar, before it just outright disintegrated.
"This is the poison I brewed when I was chosen," Vil stated, returning the contents to the box, then handing the box to Rook.  "You will have twelve hours to brew a proper poison. We will then test them to prove your worth."
He flicked his pen, causing a large hourglass to materialize.
"Your time begins now."
The five boys moved to various stations, each clearly knowing what they were doing, beginning their potions with practiced ease.
You let your eyes wander to Vil. If not for his eyes flicking about the room, you could easily mistake him for a beautiful statue.
Deuce leaned over to Crewel. "What are his odds?" He whispered.
"Vil had been training Epel for this since the entrance ceremony. Despite being a second year, he has a high likelihood of winning against at least three of his competitors," Divus pointed at another second year, who was at a table a row ahead of Epel. "That is Morgan Hexe. Should Epel slip up, he is destined to be the new Housewarden."
You watched as Morgan's green eyes flicked through his notes. He definitely had an aura about him, which usually meant…
"Is he fae?" You asked Crewel, thinking you had been quiet enough. 
However, Morgan's eyes met yours, as he smirked and winked at you, before pulling his long purple hair into a bun, and continuing his work.
"I think that's your answer," Deuce whispered, clearly having noticed the exchange. You looked at Vil, but he didn't seem to have noticed. Not that you cared. 
"So it's probably between those two?" You reiterated.
"Correct," Crewel responded.
Normally something like this would have been boring, but watching the contestants brew their potions was riveting. The tension in the air was palpable, and it was becoming quite clear who could hold up composure under pressure.
Crewel used the opportunity to teach Deuce and you about various poison brewing things, pointing out mistakes or good points whenever they arrived.
The hour glass had only a third of it left when the room was filled with a violent yellow explosion.
"That's my cue," Divus said as he stood up from his seat, approaching the third year whose potion had exploded. Luckily for everyone, and unluckily for him, he was the only one injured in the explosion.
Divus treated his wounds, and after some deliberation, both seemed to agree that he was unable to continue in the competition. He took his seat, gracefully, and watched with the crowd for the rest of the event.
Vil left the throne for the first time, and went to go see the student. He said something to him, which made the student beam with pride and straighten his posture as Vil returned to his throne. You would have to ask him about that later.
As the last grain of sand in the hourglass dropped, it dissipated into a shower of purple glitter. Rook set a table in  front of the throne, and the remaining four contestants brought their potions to it.
Vil left his throne, and summoned an apple. He placed it into the first potion, removed it, and set it in front. He did this with all four potions, then picked up each apple to observe it closely.
The first one had shriveled and faded in color. Epel's was next, since the person before him had dropped out. His apple had turned black, and looked like it was bleeding thick ink. Vil squeezed it, and the thing practically burst, covering everything the table and his hand with the substance. Vil nodded approvingly as Rook handed him a towel to wipe his hands. The next one was quite similar to the first, except for a couple burnt holes in the flesh. Then it was Morgan's turn.  His apple was a sickly green, and breaking into pieces wherever it was touched.
Vil waved a hands at Crewel, who took a second glance at the apples, before whispering to Vil, who gave a curt nod.
He walked back to his throne, but instead of sitting, stood down left of it.
"Epel Felmier, please take your place as Pomefiore's new Housewarden," he said, giving a warning glare at you and Deuce, who were about to start cheering.
Epel walked around the table, and took a seat on the throne, looking as though he was destined to sit there from the beginning. He stared straight ahead as Vil removed his crown.
"Epel Felmier, do you strive to embody the fairest queen in all you do?"
"I do," Epel said in a confident voice.
"Then, I now crown you as my successor," Vil placed the crown on Epel's head, then stood back away from the throne, conceding his time here was over.
The audience cheered. You and Deuce stood in your seats and shouted the loudest of anyone. 
After a moment, Epel raised his hand for silence.
"My first act as queen will be to kiss my king," he grinned his wicked grin, and gave Deuce a "come hither gesture", which he happily complied to. You watched Vil roll his eyes, and pinch the bridge of his nose, as you giggled, and Epel tossed an arm around Deuce's neck, pulling him to his level, and kissed him passionately. After the kiss, Deuce returned to his seat with the most lovesick expression on his face.
"My second act as queen is to appoint Morgan Hexe as my Vicehousewarden. Do you accept this position?"
"Yes my queen," Morgan said, a satisfied smile on his face, as though this is what he wanted the entire time. He took his place in Rook's old spot to the right of the throne.
Epel stood from the throne, and addressed his new subjects with dignity and confidence.
"As the new Housewarden of Pomefiore, I invite you to the after celebration. There will be food and drink for you. All are welcome." 
With that, he swept out of the throne room, followed closely by Morgan. When your eyes met Vil's, he was smiling and his eyes were filled with pride. 
He approached you as everyone headed to the celebration, and took your hands in his, giving them a soft squeeze.
"Do you understand now, sweet potato? Do you see what it was all for?  Do you understand the world that has opened up to Epel today?"
You grinned, but gave a playful eye roll. "Okay, you win this round, Schoenheit." 
He scoffed, but placed one of your hands on his arm, as he escorted you to the celebration.
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blushing-concubus · 2 hours ago
Hi!!! Could I ask for some fluffy HCS for Riddle, Malleus, Vil, & Floyd when they realize their s/o who has a “horrible memory” due to the fact that they don’t pay attention to things that don’t interest them has in fact memorized everything about them?
s/o knows their favorite color, their favorite ways to relax, their personal beliefs and what makes them motivated, etc. etc.
they just generally care deeply about them and seem to subconsciously seek out and happily memorize something when it’s related to their boyfriend ❤️❤️❤️
This is me, you’re asking me to write about myself. My memory is horrible, Anon, absolutely atrocious. But I can remember the most useless shit and/or certain stuff about people.
I hope you enjoy these headcanons!
Info: Yuu is reader
Riddle Rosehearts
Yuu’s poor memory is a small pet peeve of Riddle’s but he knows that some people can’t help that their memory is bad. It could be due to a multitude of things, almost all of which are out of a person's control.
But when he finds out Yuu’s horrible memory is simply because they don’t pay attention he isn’t happy. Is absolutely going to lecture them about not paying attention and probably brings up how it could harm their relationship.
That's when Yuu reveals that they’ve memorized everything about him up till this point. His favorite color, his birthday, his favorite food, animal, star sign.. Everything. It's touching to him that they go out of their way to remember him above all else but..
That doesn’t give them an excuse to slack on their studies. Yuu cares about him deeply, so maybe the key to their improvement is him. He offers to teach them in hopes that it will improve their attentiveness and grades. 
It kind of works. They certainly pay attention to him, but unfortunately not so much the material he’s trying to show them. Though there is slight improvement.
Malleus Draconia
Malleus has lived a long time and as such doesn’t remember everything himself either. He’s got other things to worry about than remember every trivial detail of the last two centuries.. That doesn’t mean he doesn’t do it though. In essence he sort of understands Yuu’s struggle to an extent.
That is until it's revealed to him that Yuu simply don't care about much to remember it. He finds it amusing, its adorable that his lover picks and chooses what they do and don’t deem important. Though it could cause some issues in the future..
He does know Yuu remembers everything he’s told them about himself, and even things other people have told them. Their memory seems to be centered on him and nealy nothing else.
He finds this touching and immensely endearing. Knowing he’s the most important and interesting thing to them is a blessing to him. They’re the same to him, his precious lovely partner.
He won’t exactly go out of his way to help Yuu improve their attentiveness, he’s more than happy it being solely on him. Though he will admit their grades could use some slight improvement.
Vil Schoenheit
Another one who has a slight pet peeve revolving around Yuu’s bad memory. He’ll chide them and definitely try to help them improve, self improvement is a big thing for Pomefiore after all.
And then either Rook tells him or he notices that Yuu doesn't have a "bad" memory, no, they actively choose to not pay attention. Vil is not happy, he's going to scold them for it and practically drag them into the pits memorization hell. 
Once Yuu reveals that they remember everything about him and the things they find important or interesting he's flattered, but that isn't enough to save them. Vil is steadfast in his resolve to improve his partner's attention span. 
There will be improvement, even if Vil has to send Rook out to make sure Yuu is keeping up with their schedule, if not they're getting dragged back to Pomefiore and not leaving until the material is drilled in. 
At least their grades are improving and they get kisses as rewards, right?
Floyd Leech:
Floyd can recognize Yuu's lack of attention to things that don't interest them because he's in the exact same boat. He's just more open about it, rather than hiding it behind a mask of "bad memory."
Doesn't blame them, doesn't see anything wrong with their pack of attention. College is boring, there's so many other things they could be doing than sitting through lectures. 
Once he finds out Yuu remembers everything about him and finds him to be the most interesting thing to them he's ecstatic! They're getting squeezed for being so cute!
Doesn't help them improve at all, if anything he enables them, or rather they enable each other. Why pay attention to a boring lecture when they could be running around doing dumb shit and having fun?
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idiaia · an hour ago
I've mentioned this b4 but here's the new art-request kinda thing
How to join:
You literally just ask Ortho a question.....that's it
For example :
"Ortho, what are (some characters you wanna see idk) doing?"
"Ortho, Can you visit the gaming club?"
"Ortho, force Idia to reveal his fav anime"
Such an such
I'll draw your asks as if it's actually Ortho answering them and I will draw these in my chibi style
Tumblr media
There are no time limitations you can join anytime you want
Tags : @amorisqasayid
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dulcesiabits · a month ago
i’ve become the villain’s lover!
Tumblr media Tumblr media
summary: You have the worst luck in the entire world to be transmigrated into a novel as some faceless side character, where the most notorious villains in the story won’t leave you alone. (ft. Riddle, Leona, Azul, Jamil, Vil, Idia, Malleus).
notes: 12k words, scenario, fluff, mentions of violence, reader gets injured once, heavily based on my love of cheesy isekai/reincarnation/villainess manhwa 
Tumblr media Tumblr media
All of your problems started with the book your friend lent you.
You didn’t even want to read it at first, but you took the copy because she wouldn’t stop pestering you and spamming you with texts. The title—I’ve Become the Villain’s Lover!—was embossed gold, and the cover picture had seven beautiful men lounging around a woman with brown hair, the woman gazing wistfully into the distance. In short, it was so cheesy it sent chills down your back.
You really weren’t going to read it. But that summer night was hot and humid and you had nothing better to do than stare at the television and stir around your half-melted ice cream. So when you saw the book on the edge of the kitchen counter, you thought, why not? and opened it up.
If it was bad, you would stop after a few pages. But the television kept droning on as you read, and your forgotten ice cream was now melted slush in its bowl, and soon you were halfway through the story.
The premise itself was simple enough: the heroine, Hera Winn, was the treasured daughter of a down on his luck baron. He sent her to the city to make her debut, and after a series of mishaps, she ended up running into the crown prince, Malleus Draconia, who fell in love at first sight. However, the crown prince was feared by his subjects, and rumors swirled around about his fearsome power and his family. To make matters worse, six other men fall in love with Hera. The cherry on top? All seven men were notorious villains, feared by people far and wide for their cruelty.
You were still a few chapters away from the ending when your eyes started drooping; it was impossible to keep them open, even though you were dying to text your friend. It was deliciously bad, in an over-the-top and campy way, and you appreciated how self-indulgent the author was. Seriously, why would seven villains even fall for an ordinary person? It was way too contrived.
Whatever. You could call her tomorrow.
You closed your eyes, and when you opened them again, you found yourself staring at an unfamiliar ceiling. Oh no. No way. This wasn’t what you thought it was, was it?
Conveniently, there was a hand mirror next to you, and when you stared into the frame, the face of a stranger stared back at you.
Your worst fears had come true. You’d transmigrated into I’ve Become the Villain’s Lover!
Shit. You were never going to read another book in your life.
Luckily (or unluckily), you’d become some no-name extra. You didn’t even show up in the story, so as long as you kept your head down and stayed away from the main characters and their messy love affairs, you’d have a nice, happy life. 
Hey, maybe you could even use your knowledge of the story to make some good cash. You might as well make the best of whatever had happened to you.
The extra you’d transmigrated as lived alone, and had a decently nice house. When you had the chance to dig around the items in the house, you found out that they didn’t really have any hobbies other than reading and gardening. They also had a job working at the local bakery, judging from their planner, so you wouldn’t be lacking in money for now. You settled around the house, and spent a week or two getting used to your new life.
One night, you were getting ready to prepare dinner when you heard a thunk against your back door. Picking up one of your pans to use as a weapon, you cautiously opened the door only to be greeted with the sight of a man bleeding out on your back porch, his eyes closed and face pale. Oh no. You had to help him-- and then you promptly slammed the door shut once you realized who it was: Riddle Rosehearts, the grand duke. But more importantly, he was one of the villainous love interests in the story, and you really had no interest in getting involved in any of that. But then again-- you would also get in trouble if you let someone so powerful bleed to death on your back porch. So with a tired sigh, you opened the door to figure out how to save Riddle’s life.
When Riddle woke up, he reacted about as well as you expected him to react to his savior. He demanded to know who you were, asking what happened and what you did to him, and his hand was curled to cast some nasty fire spells at you if he deemed you a threat: in short, it was a warm welcome, considering he didn’t immediately start with burning you to a crisp.
After you managed to convince him that you weren’t a threat, he settled back into bed with a groan, and you spent the next few days nursing him back to health. After all, he showed up with a stab wound in his abdomen, and you were surprised he even made it to your door. The first few times he flinched whenever you touched him, but he gradually grew used to your touch. In fact, you realized he unconsciously nuzzled into your hand when you checked his temperature, but you were saving that revelation for a day he particularly annoyed you.
Riddle was not the best patient in the world-- he kept track of his own symptoms and checked on his wounds without your help, and he made a list of very specific herbs he wanted you to get from the apothecary. You suspected he still had trouble trusting your intentions in the first few days. Still, that didn’t stop you from falling asleep by his bedside keeping a watch on him (hm? You’re sure you didn’t have a blanket covering your shoulders before you fell asleep) and feeding him spoonfuls of porridge (partly because you didn’t want to take any chances with his wounds, and partly because you thought it was cute how embarrassed he got).
When Riddle was well enough to stand up on his own, you expected him to leave and go back to his dukedom, so you could also continue on with your life. But then he announced he was going to use your house as a hideout from the dukedom traitors who tried to literally and figuratively stab him in the back. Oh, no way-- but then Riddle added that he’d reward you generously if you cooperated, and you’d never been more than happy to offer him your spare room (or offer for him to keep using it, in this case). Somehow the two of you settled into a familiar routine. You went out to work in the mornings, bringing home leftovers from the bakery that didn’t manage to get sold during the day. Riddle managed the finances and handled any paperwork you gave him. He insisted he couldn’t just sit around waiting for you at home with nothing to do, and, well, he was extremely adept with boring, complicated matters. The two of you also tried to cook and clean together. He was absolutely hopeless at it though, and you had to hide a laugh when he tried to dump salt instead of sugar in your cookies.
He was surprisingly sweet. Maybe it was because he was reliant on your goodwill, but in the story, Riddle was a strict, arrogant ruler who imposed his rules with an iron fist over his subjects. The slightest hint of disobedience would have him personally visiting the offending person and making an example out of them in public... which was what probably led to people rebelling against him and trying to oust him from power. You could see hints of that imperious man show through; when he ordered you to do something, he expected you to do it without hesitation. Whenever you refused or talked back, you could see a vein in his forehead twitch.
Still, he seemed to respect you enough to back down when you stood firm in your decisions. He was easy to tease and easy to fluster, though you hoped that wouldn’t come to bite you in the ass when Riddle went to take back the dukedom. He jumped when you stood too close to him, blushed when you casually placed a hand on his shoulder, and he was always at the door to welcome you home in the evenings. He’d become a lot more fond of you than you ever expected, and you had to admit you had a soft spot for him, too. His eyes lit up when you brought home new pastries for him to try, and you noticed that he’d sometimes watch you gently when you walked around the house, though he looked away when you tried to catch him in the act.
One time, he came downstairs when you were dozing on the couch, and his footsteps woke you up. You waited to see what Riddle would do as you pretended to be asleep, curious as to what he got up to when you weren’t around. What you didn’t expect was for him to pull a blanket over you, muttering about how careless you were as he smoothed it down. His hand lingered near your own, so close you can feel the heat emanating from it, and you heard the couch creak as he bent closer to you, his hair brushing your face... and then he left abruptly, leaving you to wonder what he had been planning on doing.
Your cohabitation came to an end abruptly when Riddle told you that he planned to go back to the dukedom. You sent him off with some provisions and a tart you sneaked from the bakery, but Riddle lingered at the door, his face puckered up as if he was conflicted on something. You were going to tease him for how wrinkled his forehead was when he leaned in to kiss you on the cheek, promising that he’d come back for you if everything went well. He ran off before you could give him a response, but you were too open-mouthed to even think of one, anyways.
Several weeks passed, and you were sure Riddle had forgotten you. It was none of your business if things went well for him or not (though you had read in the newspapers that he had miraculously returned and rather brutally dealt with the traitors). You were content to just spend the days peacefully between your house and the bakery. Of course, just when you thought everything was going well, Riddle’s top retainers—Cater, Trey, Ace and Deuce—showed up at your door with a letter from Riddle. They wouldn’t leave until you penned a response, but it took you several minutes to reorient yourself after reading what was basically a confession of love and an invitation to become Riddle’s spouse.
Okay. Okay, you had no idea how on earth this had happened; when had Riddle fallen in love with you? Had all the domestic shenanigans affected him more deeply than you thought? So you failed in your initial plan and had gotten involved with a villain, but you definitely were not going to get involved any farther than this. You liked Riddle more than you expected, but his list of enemies was a mile long, and you were not eager to get involved with any of the political maneuvering he did. Also, marriage seemed like a huge commitment after you had only known him for a few weeks. So you sent him a polite rejection, thinking that would be the end... only for Trey to conveniently be sent to “inspect” your town, or Ace to be waiting for you to walk you home when Riddle was too busy to accompany you himself. Riddle never stepped over any boundaries you set, but it was clear he had not lost an ounce of interest in you.
Still, you enjoyed your peaceful life and you were not in any hurry to change anything, not when you had made friends with a few regular customers and the store owners whose stores you frequented. Everything was seemingly going well until you ventured to the market one day to buy groceries. Unfortunately, just after you finished bargaining for some carrots, you heard some commotion from behind you. A hooded man was being chased by town guards, and passerby were either running out of their way or being mowed down if they were too slow, shopkeepers grumbling as they rearranged their broken wares. Well, that was unfortunate, but it was none of your business! At least it was none of your business until the hooded man ran straight at you and grabbed your arm, pulling you in front of him. He snarled at the guards to back off, or you were going to suffer the consequences. All you could think of were two things: one, your basket of food was now rolling across the cobblestones and you were pissed, and two, you had caught a flash of the man under the hood, and you knew who it was. Leona Kingscholar, the infamous second prince of the neighboring kingdom, and another villainous love interest.
Leona didn’t let you go until you were both far away from the guards, who were reluctant to let an innocent civilian get caught in the mix. When you were far from town, he unceremoniously tossed you aside and told you to scram. Maybe you should have just done what he said and let that be the last of your involvement with him, but god, you were starving and he just sent your dinner rolling across the market roads. So, because you were insane, you decided your best course of action would be to threaten him.
Out of all the love interests, Leona wasn’t the worst to deal with, he was just the most temperamental. Despite his strength and cunning, his indolent nature hindered him from being an asset to his kingdom... or so he led everyone to believe. Due to your knowledge of the story, you knew Leona actually desired the throne and had made numerous schemes and backhand deals in order to get the chance to steal it. No crime was off the table if it meant he got his hands on the one thing he’d always been denied. Well, well, wouldn’t it be a shame if someone who knew all the details of his plans were to leak it to someone, like, say, the local guards? You knew just where to find the evidence to back up your claims, too.
Reluctantly, Leona bought you dinner, and because he’s a prince, you milked his wallet for all it was worth. You didn’t doubt he’d send someone to watch you or potentially assassinate you if he deemed you a big enough risk, but that was okay, because you could count on your new buddy Duke Rosehearts to keep you safe. And you were sure to let Leona know that, too, because who wanted to mess with one of the most influential men in the kingdom? Could Leona really afford to start a diplomatic mess at this point?
That should be that, but of course your life wasn’t that easy. You had no one to blame but yourself for deciding to get involved with Leona. The very next day, you found Leona in your kitchen, casually demanding you make him some breakfast because he was hungry. Since you were such an unprecedented variable in his plans, he was going to be keeping a close eye on you before deciding whether he was going to let you live. Well, if Leona was going to be mooching off of you, the least he could do was pay rent and help with some of the chores.
It wasn’t easy living with him. He was worse than Riddle, because at least Riddle tried to help you once he warmed up to you. Leona expected you to do everything by yourself. Occasionally he would do the dishes once you made enough pointed comments about turning him in, or sweep the floors when you started waving the broom around like it was a deadly weapon. More often than not, he was passed out on the couch when you left for work and still passed out when you came home. He would wake up when you finished making dinner, getting up just in time to eat, which made you suspect he wasn’t as defenseless as he presented himself (and that meant you should probably toss your idea of drawing on his face out the window).
The two of you did not get along whatsoever. Neither of you could go several hours without making some sort of snide remark at each other, and every conversation felt like a battle of its own. Leona often commented that he wasn’t sure whether you were bold or stupid, but it wasn’t often someone tried to challenge him like this. He almost sounded like he enjoyed that fact. Maybe he found you entertaining, but it wasn’t like he was scary to you; you knew too much about the story for that.
Sometimes, he was gone for several days at a time, or came home at odd hours. Somehow, your house had turned into his unofficial hideout. You didn’t know what he was up to, and you didn’t care to find out. At the very least, he started walking you to places when your schedules coincided (something about being careful, because his enemies might have figured out his location? You were not going to ask about that). He would then watch as you bartered for groceries (you tended to get better discounts when he was around, because people were intimidated by his glare), or helped you pick up heavy ingredients for the bakery. Sometimes he would even hold your bags... only after you annoyed him with your loud, dramatic complaints over the weight of them.
After a while, the banter between the two of you turned from biting to something almost affectionate. You couldn’t pinpoint when things started to change, but perhaps living together for so long had softened the both of you up. You didn’t expect him to be nice, but he started to make things a bit easier for you. He gave you nice jewelry to either sell or keep for your personal use. And he started napping on your bed, pulling you in to cuddle him when you complained you needed to sleep for the night and he was in your way. He was a clingy sleeper and kept you in his arms until the morning. When the two of you went out together, he had a habit of reaching for your hand, because Leona claimed you looked like you’d get lost or tricked by some shady salesman otherwise.
And, well, when someone tried to threaten you on an evening walk with Leona, he pounced on them before they could so much as finish raising their knife at you. After Leona had finished, ah, dealing with that person, he turned to you tensely, looking you up and down and raising one hand to touch your cheek so gently you didn’t know what to do other than nod when he asked if you were okay. For the rest of the evening, Leona didn’t let you out of his sight and held you tighter than usual in bed that night.
One day, Ruggie and Jack, his trusted right-hand men, came to take him back to his kingdom for some scheme or another. Much like the first time Leona came over, they were standing in your kitchen when you woke up in the morning (maybe you should teach them how to knock on a door, or invest in stronger locks). Ruggie asked Leona what he planned to do with you, and Leona simply gave you a smirk, one arm possessively pulling you by the waist so you almost fell into his lap. Well, he was much too fond of you to let you go now, so he’d just have to take you back with him to his kingdom.
Your only question was: why? Sure, the two of you had been getting along recently, but you didn’t expect his feelings to take on a more romantic turn. And, sure, you were fond of him, too, but Leona had big plans, and you didn’t want to paint a target on your back. Besides, you weren’t ready to be a part of royalty and deal with all the responsibility that entailed. Leona listened to your reasoning with more grace than you expected... and then, on the spot, decided to conveniently create a hideout in town. He wouldn’t be living in your house anymore, but you were still going to be seeing a lot more of him than you did before. Leona never got rid of his habit of sneaking into your house, either, and sometimes you’d come home and find him napping on your bed. Also, you swore he sent Jack or Ruggie to shadow you whenever you’re out, though they were too smart to let you catch them.
Okay, whatever. So what if you had two villains who wouldn’t leave you alone? You could handle them just fine. Besides, what were the chances you’d get involved with another one? This time, you’d built a fence around your backyard to ward off any dukes in mortal peril, and you spent some extra money to get locks for your windows (though you doubted that would actually stop anyone, not with Ace and Ruggie’s nimble fingers). Also, you were going to keep your head down, and be a good law-abiding citizen, and-- okay, why were two tall men slapping a sign labeled “foreclosure” onto the bakery door? And did the owner just walk out with a man in an elegant suit, who gave you a slimy smile when he noticed you staring? No. No way. It couldn’t be, but it was: it was Azul Ashengrotto, head of the information guild, one of the villainous love interests, and the man who just put you out of a job.
Maybe you offended some powerful deity in your last life, because your luck was downright rotten. You really had no choice but to get involved with Azul this time, because you were not ready to go job-hunting just yet. Who else would be nice enough to give you free food, anyways?
Azul was your friend’s favorite character, and you only vaguely understood why. He was intelligent, handsome, and charming, sure, but he was also two-faced, manipulative and had committed numerous backdoor deals to achieve his position as head of the guild. He was one of the most dangerous men in the world, and someone not to be crossed at all costs. After all, he had eyes and ears all over the place, and was the man to go to if you wanted dirt on anyone. And while he could grant whatever wish you wanted, if you were unable to hold up your end of the deal, then you would end up in pieces at the bottom of the sea.
Underneath all of that, Azul was someone who had clawed his way up from the bottom of the social hierarchy, and would go to any lengths to cover up his past. While you briefly entertained the thought of blackmailing Azul with his secret, you figured it wasn’t worth it when Azul could just order Jade and Floyd, his favorite assistants and bodyguards, to toss you into the sea instead. Unfortunately, you didn’t hold the same leverage over him as you had with Leona. So, that only left you with one real choice: time to figure out why your employer was being put out of business.
Your boss, as it turned out, had signed a contract with Azul. In exchange for a generous loan to start the bakery, your boss was supposed to pay back the loan with a seemingly reasonable interest. Of course, it was actually a predatory deal where the amount of interest being charged was ridiculously high and guaranteed to sink your boss into a never-ending chain of debt. So, what real choice did you have but to try to make a deal with Azul yourself? If worse came to worse, you could probably throw Leona’s influence around, even if it meant Leona would demand some ridiculous fee from you in return.
That was how you found yourself working for Azul as his so-called secretary until you could pay off your boss’s loans. Though he acted generous and kind on the surface, he pushed you hard and expected you to put in overtime without complaint, dangling your precarious situation over your head any time you protested. You acted as the face of the organization, dealing with more normal customers (because, as Azul put it, you didn’t stand out whatsoever and would be perfect for the position) and helping sort through Azul’s less secretive contacts and papers. Eventually, you moved your way up to organizing his schedule, and sometimes he even let you talk with his clients in his place when he was particularly busy.
You couldn’t pin Azul down, but you knew that no matter what, you wouldn’t be able to trust him. You knew the deal you took was shady as hell, liable to blow up in your face at any time, and you were just waiting for the other shoe to drop. If you tried to ask him a question that wasn’t directly related to work, he deflected. In the beginning of your time at his guild, the Leech twins would randomly pop in to check on you, watching you work with unnerving stares. Eventually, they got bored enough they would chat with you sometimes.
As loath as you were to admit it, Azul was not a bad boss. Sure, he expected a lot out of you, but if you rose to his expectations, then you were properly rewarded in return. Somewhere down the line, it felt like Azul started being more open with you... or as open as a man could be in his position. He never overworked you, and though his interest in your health started off as a logical investment, at some point, it started to take on a more... personal bent. He ensured you were eating enough (and maybe cooked you a meal himself), and even provided a room in his guild for when you stayed too late to be able to return home safely. He was always trying to convince you to sleep over instead of going back home, too.
You learned to toe the line with Azul, because if you got at least one reaction out of him, you might be closer to figuring him out. You sat on the edge of Azul’s desk as you delivered your reports, and sometimes it felt like he leaned closer to you. You teased and prodded at him verbally, but he always returned your remarks with a genial smile and brushed off your words. In fact, the closest you got to flustering him was when you told him he looked cute, which led to him dropping all the papers in his arms. Really, you wondered why he let you get away with provoking him, because your moves always got bolder the less he reprimanded you.
Sometimes you thought Azul was observing you as much as you were observing him. Out of the corner of your eye, you’d catch him staring at you, but whenever you turned around to check, he’d always be buried in one document or the other, though his ears were bright red. But hey, a great employee perk was that Azul had started inviting you out to dinner at fancy restaurants you’d normally never be able to afford, under the excuse of “observing some potential clients.” He’d even gifted you expensive jewelry, claiming he couldn’t let his employees look unprofessional, but he was always smiling whenever he saw you wearing his necklace around the guild. Floyd and Jade had even thanked you once for making “Azul even more entertaining to be around,” whatever that meant.
And then one afternoon, Jade and Floyd asked you to come to Azul’s office. You wondered if he’d finally grown tired of having you around and wanted to get rid of you (permanently), but instead, all Azul did was hold out the contract you made with him. If he forgave all of the bakery’s debt and annulled the current contract, would you be his lover? Sure, he was planning on using you at first, but now? He didn’t think he wanted to let you go.
There had to be some sort of mistake. Azul had fallen in love with you? It had to be a record to have three villains chasing after you. Sure, you really enjoyed his company (and the great employee benefits he offered), but it didn’t feel right to enter a relationship like this. Wouldn’t it create a weird power imbalance? And again, like with Riddle and Leona, being his lover would make you a highly vulnerable target. When you explained all of this to Azul, he tore up your contract without a second thought and sent you home. You ended up back at your old job, all loans paid off, and things seemingly back to normal. However, Azul had decided to generously sponsor the bakery you worked in. He insisted on stopping by with Floyd and Jade to ensure everything was running smoothly, but all he ended up doing was finding every excuse to talk to you and stick by your side.
At this point, you’d decided to accept your fate. Every time you told yourself you wouldn’t get involved with another villain, the world would just throw one at you as if in mockery. So, fine. Since it was all out of your control, you decided you wouldn’t even worry about it anymore. One day, while you were out in town, you heard excited whispers around the square. Curious, you inquired what was happening from a group of giggly girls, and learned that Kalim Al-Asim, the richest merchant in town, was holding a party. Everyone was invited, and there was going to be free food and entertainment galore! There was no way you were going to pass up on this opportunity, especially since Kalim was one of your favorite characters in the original novel. There was one caveat, though: Jamil Viper, Kalim’s most competent advisor, was another villainous love interest. Still, you had promised yourself you were going to do whatever you wanted, and you weren’t passing up this chance to have some fun.
To call the party lavish would be an understatement. There was a veritable mountain of food, an entire orchestra, and it seemed like everyone in the country was invited. You were in the corner, sipping a drink and taking a break from dancing, when you saw Kalim laughing with some members of the nobility. You smiled at how animated he was... and then you saw it. Someone slipped something into his drink. Before you even knew what you were doing, you sprinted over and knocked the cup out of his hand as a crowd of people stared at you. Well, shit.
Honestly, what were you supposed to do? Let Kalim Al-Asim, your favorite character, die? You’d read the novel, so you knew he survived an attempted assassination at a party, but you hadn’t suspected the incident would take place here and now. You didn’t regret your decision, but you were certain one of those nobles was going to throw you into a dungeon for your disrespectful act. But then Kalim took your hands in his and asked why you did what you did. He looked earnest, and you told him the truth: you saw someone slip something into his drink.
There was an uproar following your announcement. Guards swarmed the floor, and people ran around in confusion, and at least one noble accused you of lying. You thought about escaping in the sudden disarray, because you’d already done whatever you could by telling Kalim what happened. Before you could even take one step, Kalim thrust you into the arms of someone behind you, yelling at them to take care of you while he handled the situation. You turned around... and met the face of Jamil Viper, who looked less than thrilled by Kalim’s words.
In the novel, Jamil was Kalim’s childhood friend, and his family had been a vassal to the Al-Asims since the founding of the kingdom. Though Kalim saw Jamil as his most trusted retainer and loyal friend, Jamil was less than pleased with his lot in life. He would be forced to work in the shadows forever, doing all of the dirty work that kept Kalim safe in the sunlight. You remembered how many fans had loved their complicated dynamic, and how Jamil struggled with his decision to betray Kalim, who was still his childhood friend. Still, it was something you’d rather read about than be caught in the middle of. Right now, Jamil was appraising you, trying to determine your potential value as a piece in his numerous plans. You wondered what he would do if he found you lacking.
Without another word, Jamil dragged you with him as he calmed people down and directed the guards. He was terrifyingly competent, but he kept an iron grip on your wrist the entire time. By the time the commotion died down, Jamil took you to meet Kalim, who was waiting for you in a lavish parlor. As Kalim explained it, you had luckily foiled some assassin’s plans, but now there was the possibility you could be in danger. He earnestly grasped your hands and asked if you’d stay in his manor until they caught whoever did this. It wasn’t like you were going to refuse, but with the way Jamil glared at you, you didn’t think you had a choice in the first place. Kalim may have wanted you to stay out of the goodness of his heart, but it was clear Jamil didn’t trust you at all.
Your life in the Asim manor wasn’t that bad, to be honest. Everyone was generally friendly, even though you were expected to wake up at the crack of dawn to follow Jamil around so he could “keep an eye on you.” You ended up helping him with his assignments, surprisingly enough. There was nothing else to do, the servants wouldn’t let you help out, and you felt an inkling of pity at the mountain of paperwork piled on his desk and the line of people who demanded his attention. Jamil tried to stop you, but it was clear he really did need the help, so he relented. It was a good thing your time with Azul prepared you for assistant work, so you were efficient at organizing papers and managing people, marking down any important meetings or documents that required his immediate attention. You heard more than one servant giggle about how Jamil didn’t let just anyone follow him, so you must be very special (yeah, special because he thought you were connected to the person threatening Kalim’s life).
Still, despite his apparent dislike of you, and the fact he was almost as much of a hardass as Azul, Jamil acknowledged when you did a good job with a hand on your head. He never told you that he appreciated your help, but you got the sense that he did when he told you to take a break or asked a servant to prepare your favorite drink. The two of you really started to grow closer after you saw him paralyzed in the corner of his office one afternoon when you were bringing in some reports. You thought something was wrong... only for Jamil to point at a caterpillar crawling on his desk. You brought it outside on a piece of paper, and Jamil swore you to secrecy on his phobia. After that, you were the one he went to when he needed someone to dispose of any insects flying too close to him. It was honestly pretty cute, and you weren’t above teasing him by pretending there was a bug on his shoulder when Jamil was being overbearing.
Sometimes, you caught him in the kitchen, whipping up meals for Kalim. This way, he explained, Kalim wouldn’t have to use a poison taster. Jamil would offer you a sip of the soup or wipe off a smear of flour that’d gotten on your face. You’d swing your legs as you sat on the counter and watched him work. The two of you chatted idly, and you were always surprised at how easily conversation flowed with him: you got the feeling Jamil never had the opportunity to take off his mask and reveal his meaner, conniving side very often. And, well, maybe you noticed that he laughed when he was with you, more often than he did with anyone else.
Despite your role as his temporary assistant, Jamil never let you attend any of his important meetings. You were then left to hang out with Kalim, who was more than happy to make room for you in his schedule, or to wait for Jamil to finish. Today, Jamil was meeting with a trade partner, so you opted to wait for him, because Kalim was busy entertaining the rest of the guest’s party. Everything had been so quiet, you’d forgotten that someone was targeting both your and Kalim’s lives. It wasn’t until you were waving your hand in greeting at Jamil, who’d just finished his meeting, and you saw a look of genuine fear pass over Jamil’s face as something sharp struck your back, that you realized, oh. This wasn’t just a novel anymore, was it? It was your life, and the last thing you saw before you passed out was Jamil running toward you.
In the infirmary, when you woke up, you realized Jamil was holding your hand tightly, sleeping on a chair next to your bed. Kalim was there too, his face streaked with tears as he whispered that he was glad you were okay. An assassin had shot you with a poisoned arrow, but they had caught him, and now they knew the location of the group who had been attempting to assassinate Kalim. Jamil had carried you in his arms to the infirmary and had refused to leave your side for even a moment. You were safe now, but Kalim had to take care of some more business, so rest up, and he’d come see you again.
When Kalim left and you turned to look at Jamil, you saw that he was awake now... or had he been awake the whole time Kalim was talking? Regardless, Jamil looked at you so tenderly it took your breath away. He asked if you would stay with him forever, so he could protect you and dispose of any fool who tried to hurt you, starting with the assassins who had dared to lay a hand on you.
Honestly, it was a lot to take in after you had just woken up from an attempt on your life. You really had grown to care for Jamil, but you weren’t ready for further near-death experiences, especially when you knew the treasonous thoughts Jamil harbored would put him in danger. And while Jamil may be a villain, he was not a terrible guy. When you refused his offer, he let you go with little fuss. Of course, that was not going to be the last you saw of him, because when had your life ever been easy? The very next morning, you found Jamil casually perusing the bakery’s goods, telling you that Kalim had suddenly become very, very fond of the pastries here, and that Jamil was going to be stopping by daily to pick up Kalim’s orders. He would appreciate it if you helped him with that. The way Jamil phrased it, though, made it sound like more of a date than an official visit.
Fortunately, the next few weeks went by smoothly (if you didn’t include the men that kept vying for your attention with increasingly convoluted plans). You were mostly just healing from your injuries while Riddle, Leona, Azul and Jamil used that as an excuse to visit you and lavish gifts upon you. One day, there was a knock on the bakery door as you were about to close up, and you found a very beautiful man around your age standing outside. His name was Epel, and he wanted to work for room and board. The name struck warning bells in your head. When you took a closer look, you noticed that underneath his worn cloak his clothes looked finely tailored; he was obviously a noble, but why would a noble want a job? When you pressed Epel for answers, he hesitated, before admitting that he’d run away from home, but he wasn’t originally a nobleman, so he wouldn’t be useless at all! And then it hit you all at once: Epel was the heir and protege of Vil Schoenheit, an infamously beautiful marquess, and the fifth villainous love interest. You could turn him away, but you couldn’t say no to his puppy dog eyes and the exhaustion plain on his face, could you? So Epel took the spare room in your house, and you braced yourself for the inevitable encounter with Vil.
A few days passed with no incidents. Epel was a wonderful roommate (far better than Riddle and Leona) as he knew how to cook and clean and did his fair share of chores. It was a bonus, you privately thought, that you had more customers than usual because of Epel’s pretty face. The two of you had become fast friends when one morning, a fancy carriage stopped outside your bakery, and in strode a hooded nobleman and his retainer. One toss of the nobleman’s hood revealed Vil Schoenheit, a scowl on his beautiful face as he stared Epel down. He’d come to take Epel home, and he wouldn’t take no for an answer, even as Epel glared at him right back.
Despite the fact you knew the root of their antagonism, you still never wanted to be dropped right in the middle of it. The tension was so heavy you wanted to make excuses and leap for the break room. Still, it was hard to tear your gaze away from Vil’s face; a written description really couldn’t do justice to the most beautiful man you had ever seen, even though he barely spared you at glance.
It was almost funny that despite his appearance, Vil hadn’t been born into nobility; no, his father married into it, and despite all the gossip and rumors about their common origins (and Vil’s uncanny talent with poisons), he had clawed his way to the top of high society, bringing fame to the Schoenheit name. He had made it... until his seat was stolen by Neige LeBlanche, the new darling of the noble world. One day, while on a trip, Vil had spotted Epel working as a farmhand and, intrigued by the potential he saw in him, he made Epel his heir and protege. Epel was only several years younger than him, and accepted the offer on the condition that Vil would support his family. Epel, in return, was to help Vil overthrow Neige so Vil’s family could regain their previous prestige. It was supposed to be a foolproof plan, but was made impossible by their clashing personalities and stubbornness.
Really, you knew why Vil acted the way he did, but that didn’t mean you were just going to stand there and let him drag away Epel when your friend looked miserable. When you stepped in between the two of them, Vil finally took a look at you. You could see the gears turning in his head as Epel pulled you back and yelled at Vil not to do anything to you. You could hardly believe the words that came out when Vil opened his mouth: perhaps Epel would have an incentive to try harder at his various lessons on the nobility if he had a friend to accompany him in the manor. It sounded like an awful idea to you, but Epel’s eyes lit up immediately. You liked Epel, yeah, but you hadn’t even known him for that long, and you had a social (?) life-- Vil offered to reward you generously for your time and you immediately headed back home to pack.
When you got to the manor, you started to suspect Vil should have added ‘family counselor’ to the description of his initial offer. Most of the time it felt like you were acting as mediator in Epel and Vil’s relationship and trying to get the two to compromise on at least one thing before the manor burst into flames from their heated glares. You’ve had to deal with testy personalities before (getting your friends/suitors/villainous acquaintances not to strangle each other is a feat in and of itself), but whenever Epel gripped your arm and yelled that the two of you were going to run away, Vil would turn his disapproval in your direction, and you could see him considering whenever he should poison you or not.
Your relationship with Vil was... frosty, to say the least. You were only there to serve as motivation for Epel, and outside of that, he didn’t pay you any attention. You barely got to see him because he was so busy with his work. If you needed anything, then you would just have to talk to Rook, Vil’s right hand man and retainer. At least everyone in the manor was under the order to make your stay as comfortable as possible, so Vil was looking out for you in his own way... or he just didn’t want to ruin his reputation by being seen as a horrible host.
Really, you expected to wind up only distant acquaintances with Vil. At least you did until the evening Vil visited you with an envelope in his hand and asked you to accompany him to a party as his partner. Swarms of pesky suitors kept knocking on his door, and he was getting a headache dealing with all of them. So why not play the part of his lover while you stayed in the manor? He’d make sure you were properly compensated for this as well, of course. You had no reason to refuse after that, but the party ended up being a bit of a disaster. You couldn’t keep up with all of the nobles questioning you, and it was only due to Vil’s smooth-talking that you didn’t fall flat on your face. Vil had prepped you on what to say, but a bit of practice was nothing compared to all those judgemental eyes on you.
After that horrible first party, the two of you opted to spend more time getting to know each other in order to make the ruse a success. You ate dinner together every night and would spend at least an hour talking and getting to know each other. Something you hadn’t expected was how attentive Vil was. You only needed to vaguely mention you got cold at night and the next thing you knew there was a roaring fire and piles of fluffy blankets in your room. You didn’t even realize Vil knew anything about you until he had your favorite meals served during dinner, or your favorite flowers planted in the gardens when you went out on walks.
The two of you went around town on so-called dates to really reinforce the deception. You dined on a variety of fine foods you would normally never be able to afford, and Vil seemed to smile at your enthusiasm, even as he scolded you over your table manners. You held onto his arm, and he would point out nobles in the streets and all the pertinent information you should know about them. He was clever, and it was hard not to be swept up in his pace, not when you saw firsthand how hard he worked for his goals. He would gift you with clothing and tell you not to worry over the expense; Vil couldn’t have his so-called lover looking shabby, could he?
It didn’t stop there. When you popped up during Epel’s ballroom dancing lessons, Vil had you dance with him to show Epel how the steps looked, his grip on you secure the whole time. And he never put you in an uncomfortable situation; the second you showed any hesitation to keep mingling with pushy nobles, he left the ballroom early, or led you onto the balcony to catch your breath. When you were cold, he would pull his cloak around you without another word, his gloved hand warming yours. He played the part of lover so well, and looked at you so tenderly, there were times you forgot this was simply fake. When did the distance between the two of you shrink? When did you start enjoying your time together, and when did he start seeking you out during his every spare moment?
One morning, during a stroll in the gardens together, Vil took your hand in his and kissed the back of yours. You were so stunned you almost missed him asking if you wanted to make your engagement official. He hadn’t expected to fall for you this hard, and Epel adored you, so why not become a Schoenheit yourself?
It was funny to you that this was the second time you had been proposed to by a member of the nobility. And from two villains, no less, who hadn’t known you very long in the grand scheme of things. Still, you didn’t think you could handle staying in high society and fighting verbal battles for the rest of your life. When you turned Vil down (THE most eligible bachelor in high society), he only hummed and said he respected your decision. However, you discovered soon after that Vil had bought a vacation home close to your town in an effort to help Epel acclimate to urban life even though there were much bigger towns out there. You found yourself bumping into Vil far too often to be a coincidence, and you wondered if he asked his retainer, Rook, to keep tabs on you. Vil seemed to look more and more beautiful each time you saw him, to the point he might start blinding people if he wasn’t careful.
After your exhausting trip to Vil’s manor, all you wanted to do was rest and catch up with your friends. You had even missed your villainous associates/suitors, weirdly enough. You were sort of friends with them too, right? But that was beside the point. You had no doubt that another villain would stumble onto your path sooner or later. There were only two more you had yet to meet, and you wanted to enjoy what peace you had before the sixth one landed on your doorstep. Well, you should have known better by now than to jinx yourself, because the very next morning, you found a shivering, hooded man being pushed around by some local goons. After you scared them off by yelling for the guards, you went up to the man to see what you could do to help him... only to come face to face with Idia Shroud, magical genius and sixth villainous love interest. Oh, great.
You contemplated leaving Idia to his fate on the streets, but the way he looked so nervous and out of place tugged at your heart. He gave off the impression of a soaking wet cat, and you’d always been fond of animals. Besides, he had ‘easy mark’ written all over him, and despite his magical prowess, you were pretty sure he’d be targeted by another thief before long. So with a sigh, you started cleaning out your spare guest room for him (which had seen far too much use lately). Idia didn’t talk the whole time you walked home with him, and didn’t even give you a thanks when you offered him a mug of hot tea. Still, it didn’t bother you too much, not when you knew his past.
In the novel, Idia was a once in a century genius, born to a long line of talented mages, who’d practiced magic since the founding of the kingdom. It was pretty much guaranteed he would take over the magic tower, the central source of authority for mages all over the country, just like his parents before him. However, the Shrouds were infamous due to a curse on their family: no one was sure who first cast the curse (a god, some whispered), but the Shrouds were cursed with misfortune. Nothing ever went right for them, and they would never be happy. Idia was a prime example of this. His parents kept their distance from him, and Idia’s little brother, Ortho, died in an accident. In his grief, Idia created a homunculus using forbidden magic who looked and acted like Ortho. Ever since the original Ortho’s death, Idia had locked himself up in the tower to conduct research and stew in his grief. Of course, he was still a formidable mage who had no qualms about striking down anyone who got in his way, experimenting with dark magic and blatantly refusing any request unless it struck his interest.
For once, you were frustrated that you hadn’t finished the book before you were transmigrated. If you had, then you would know the solution to Idia’s curse. At any rate, you were certain the way to end the curse had to do with the heroine (wasn’t that how it always went with romance stories?) but... weirdly enough, you hadn’t seen her around anywhere, or even heard word of the crown prince being engaged. Well, you would try to keep an eye out for her, and hope that Hera meeting Idia would do something about his curse.
It didn’t surprise you one ounce that Idia basically holed himself up in your guest room as soon as possible. He refused to talk about what he was doing here, his past, or much of anything at all, for that matter. He only muttered that he would pay you for rent and his share of the food, and then kept the door firmly locked. Sometimes he would slide you some extra money along with a little note of magical ingredients he wanted you to pick up.
Idia wasn’t the worst roommate in the world; the two of you left each other well enough alone. Still, it got a little boring to sit by yourself in the living room when you heard him tinkering with some invention or the other in his room. You ended up sliding little notes to him under the door, sometimes accompanied by a doodle. You knew he read them, but you never got a response back. It became a habit, actually. You would slide a note under his door before work and then be on your way.
But one day, you got a response. You had simply asked what he wanted for dinner before you left for your shift in the morning, and in the evening, there was a reply waiting right outside his door. “Something sweet,” he had written. You smiled, a bit delighted that he finally replied. From then on, the two of you started exchanging notes. It gave you something to look forward to in the evenings; when you got home, there would be a piece of paper waiting for you outside Idia’s door. The notes eventually turned into letters, and it felt like you had a pen pal... even though he was only living several feet away from you.
Idia slowly opened up over the course of your correspondence. He was surprisingly blunt and even a bit smug, though you made sure to tease him in return for every snarky line he wrote. He had run away from home because he didn’t want to take over the family business. He appreciated you letting him stay here, but wasn’t it sort of foolish to house a random stranger in your own home? (You had to reply that wasn’t it foolish of him to just follow you home with no idea of your intentions?)
One day, when you came home, you found no note by his door. You knocked on it worriedly, before you heard Idia’s voice for the first time in ages: “come in.” And so you did. Idia was sitting on his bed, looking down, and began mumbling something so fast you couldn’t hear him. You got the gist of it, though; he had cast some spells on your house in order to fortify its protections. If anyone with ill intentions, like a thief, tried to set foot inside, they would immediately be frozen stiff. And there was now an alarm system in place, and... his voice trailed off, and you told him that you were grateful for what he had done, which caused his hair to flare bright and pink.
After that, though the two of you still passed notes, Idia started venturing outside of his room more often. You could find him on the couch reading when you got home from work, or skulking in the kitchen, tinkering with the appliances which he called “horrendously outdated.” You even started eating dinner together, and it was nice having company, though Idia always retreated back to his room afterwards. You were now allowed to come into his room and examine his makeshift workshop, though you had to give Idia advance warning.
One evening, there was a knock on your door. When you got up to answer it, Idia cowering in the kitchen, you found a little boy on your doorstep. His name was Ortho, and he had come to take Idia home. Idia refused on the spot, though when Ortho looked close to crying and asked if Idia wouldn’t come home because of him, Idia rushed over to hug and comfort him. It was decided that Ortho would stay with the two of you and function as Idia’s assistant. With the arrival of his little brother, Idia admitted his true identity to you. You pretended to be shocked and promised you wouldn’t think of Idia any differently.
Ortho was extremely helpful; he did Idia’s share of the chores, and even knew how to cook, though you refused to let him do too much work. Homunculus or not, he was still ten years old. Idia tended to venture outside of his room more now that Ortho was there, and sometimes the three of you would play games together after dinner. Ortho was adorable... but he also seemed determined to set you up with his big brother. He always found some method to get the two of you alone for extended periods of time, or kept very loudly and obviously talking up all of Idia’s good points.
It was cute, even if it was a little troublesome at times. One of Ortho’s attempts led to the two of you being locked out in the garden. You gave Idia your coat in case he got cold... and then he took your hand in his. He couldn’t even look you in the eye, and started speaking so fast you had to ask him to repeat several of his sentences. Still, what Idia ended up confessing was that he had fallen in love with you, and that he was planning on finding a way to end the curse because he didn’t want something bad to happen to you. Would you be willing to wait for him until then?
Really, what could you do, other than squeeze his hands and tell him not to be a stranger? You would help him however you could! Of course, you were open about the five other men who were very energetically vying for your attention, and the fact you were reluctant to get into a relationship. Idia seemed a bit relieved at that (though you swore you heard him mutter an insult or two about the other villains), and said that was fine. The two of you could sort out your business on your own time. So Idia moved back home with Ortho, though the two of you still kept in constant contact through letters. Sometimes, Idia would teleport himself directly on your doorstep because he got impatient to see you again.
So you had adopted another villain into your little group. However, now you had some time to consider what the hell was going on. Where was the heroine? You had been so distracted by the whirlwind of events around you, you had forgotten the story’s original premise. It was the heroine who was supposed to catch the eyes of all these villains, not you. What happened? She was supposed to be engaged to Malleus Draconia, but you hadn’t heard a single word about the crown prince being engaged. It was too much to think about; maybe you would try to do some research of your own instead of spinning around in circles. You decided to contact Azul for information, who promised to get back to you as soon as he could. One day, while waiting, you realized there was a new hooded customer in your bakery, someone who looked a little lost as he glanced around all the baked goods. You headed over to explain things to him, and as you did, your eyes froze on his. Green, with slit pupils... the only one who had eyes like that was... oh. Oh, no way. This was the final villainous love interest, and the male lead: Malleus Draconia, the crown prince.
What the heck was Malleus doing in your bakery? You racked your brain, and remembered that he had a habit of sneaking out of the castle in the story. It was funny that as soon as you had started to look into the heroine, he appeared in front of you. Maybe this could be a good way to look into where the heroine went. The story had already gone off course because of your presence, you knew that, but it didn’t explain why Hera hadn’t shown up.
Malleus, it turned out, was interested in the various goods you had on sale. His eyes sparkled when you told him it was all freshly baked daily, and he was eager to take the samples you offered him. It was cute how he tried to hand you a sack of gold coins for a loaf of bread, though you politely handed the entire stack back and told him only one would be enough. It made sense that he was out of touch with the world around him, though.
From the novel, you remembered that the Draconia family had founded the current kingdom, and were said to be descendants of a great dragon who once ruled the lands. They were the oldest family and had established most of the nobility, including the Rosehearts household. However, despite their legacy, the Draconias were feared precisely due to the draconic blood in their veins, which made them faster, stronger and longer-living than the average citizen. Malleus had been raised strictly in order to succeed the throne, and he rarely had time to himself. Surrounded by people with ill intentions, and always having to put his kingdom first, it was no wonder he had fallen so hard for Hera in the original story. She was the only one who treated him like a normal person, and you found their relationship surprisingly cute as they navigated the trials of being a couple. Of course, he was still a villain at the end of the day, and would have burned the world down to keep his beloved safe.
When you waved goodbye to Malleus that day, you had not expected that you would find him wandering around the markets the next evening. He looked as lost as ever, and seemed to cheer up when he noticed your presence. As you walked around to look at various goods, Malleus followed you and questioned you on the purpose of each stall. You ended up buying him some street food and a little gargoyle charm he had been eyeing. Before you parted ways for the night, Malleus grabbed your hand, asking if he could see you again. You told him to come to the bakery anytime, and that when you had an off day, you would take him around again.
Somehow, because of that, Malleus Draconia started visiting your bakery every morning, and he would even come to see you on your days off. He was a pleasant companion; the conversation between you two flowed naturally, and his naivete was charming. You would often spend time walking around, chatting idly about the town news, as Malleus drank up your every word. He was intensely curious about the mundane aspects of life in your town, but he was also curious as to your life, too. You found yourself opening up about memories from your original world, even if you were careful to phrase it in such a way that Malleus didn’t realize you were a transmigrator.
On other days, you would take him to town and watch his eyes light up at children’s toys, wandering musicians and even the cats that lazed in alleyways. You would always make sure to sample some new street food with him, which Malleus insisted on paying for (you felt your jaw drop at the mountain of gold he casually carried around on his person. It was lucky he was so strong or he would have been robbed in an instant). The stores the two of you liked perusing the most were antique shops. Malleus would wax poetic on their origins and you would make up silly stories about their past owners, which often made him laugh.
Once, it had started raining on one of your evening walks, so Malleus had to stay the night at your house. As you prepared some spare clothes and towels for him, he unexpectedly drew closer to you, telling you that he had a confession to make. You tensed, afraid that he was going to confess his love to you, as seemed to often happen to you these days... only for Malleus to lower his hood and reveal that he was the crown prince, which made you more than a little embarrassed at your assumption.
On his head, though, grew two pairs of horns. It was a physical reminder of his heritage, and what people tended to stare at whenever he appeared at official events. He had greatly enjoyed your company over these weeks, but he didn’t want your relationship to be founded on a lie. It didn’t feel right to hide such an important fact about himself anymore. You admitted to him that you had sort of figured out who he was from the start, so it wasn’t a big deal. The two of you were friends now, weren’t you?
Well, after that, Malleus started sending carriages to pick you up and take you to the palace. His best knights, Silver and Sebek, always accompanied you (though you swore Sebek threw you dirty looks when Malleus came running to greet you). Malleus insisted on spoiling you, too (his personal advisor, Lilia, whispered that Malleus was simply excited to have a friend to invite home for the first time). He would treat you to entire feasts and show you valuable historical artifacts, and even offered to throw a party in your name-- though you had to stop him before he actually went through with that plan.
He even offered to set up a room for you in the palace, and to give you a noble title if that was what you desired. You’d never have to work a day in your life again (which was tempting, honestly). You almost forgot Malleus was a villain-- at least, you did until you complained about a customer bothering you and he asked if you wanted to make it so that they were never heard from again. You had stumbled your way into his inner circle, and if anyone ever crossed you, he would be sure to deal with them appropriately.
During another one of your visits to Malleus’s palace, you get the sense that something was different. Sebek and Silver were more alert than usual, and even Lilia was throwing you an amused glance every now and then. It wasn’t until you reached the parlor and opened the door to Malleus handing you a bouquet of your favorite flowers that you realized what was going on. Malleus told you that you had become someone unbearably precious to him, and he would do anything to make you smile. Would you do the honor of becoming his spouse, and the next co-ruler of the kingdom?
Well, congratulations, you thought to yourself. Somehow you’d collected the full set of villains from the original novel. It took you a second to get your bearings, and you gave the same spiel to Malleus that you gave to the other villains: you weren’t ready for a relationship, being future royalty was too much pressure, and so on. You practically had it memorized at this point from how often you needed to say it. He accepted it with grace, and told you the offer would always be open to you. Life continued on for you in much the same way as it did before, except now the crown prince would invite you on luxurious outings or show up at your door so the two of you could go on walks around town.
That was it... or so you thought. A few days later, Azul contacted you with a full set of information on Hera Winn. You’d almost forgotten you’d requested him to look into her, what with the crown prince proposing to you and all. As soon as you got the information, you rushed to her location to figure things out.
You found Hera Winn lounging at a cafe, a pile of desserts piled high and several books open on the table before her. When she saw you, however, she got up immediately, tears in her eyes... and leaned in to hug you.
Before you could get too confused, though, Hera explained that when she was born, she had memories of her past life, and of reading I’ve Become the Villain’s Lover! She really did not want to follow the plot of the original story and, using her knowledge of it, gained fabulous wealth from various gambling ventures and business investments. She offered you some pastries while she talked, and while your mouth was full, said that she was so, so happy that you had come along and basically caught everyone’s attention. Now she never had to deal with them again. Good luck! Maybe the two of you could reminisce over your old world together sometime, hm?
With that, she left you, and you buried your head in your hands with a groan. You wanted to beg her to come back, but it wasn’t like she could take your spot now, not with all the villains so thoroughly in love with you.
Really, what were you going to do? The villains seemed content to wait for your decision, even if they got into spats with each other here and there. You could choose one of them, you could choose all, or you could choose none: the decision was truly yours. It looked like you were now the main character of I’ve Become the Villain’s Lover!, whether you liked it or not.
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squidwen · a month ago
TWST Scenario #3
Vil: If you bothered to make an effort with your appearance maybe you wouldn’t look like a potato.
MC: Sound advice coming from the man who dyed his hair to resemble a turnip.
Vil: *cracks his knuckles*
MC: *rolls up their sleeves*
Rook: Roi du Poison! Trickster! Please, there’s no need for this violence-
MC: Not now, lampshade.
Rook: *nocks an arrow*
Epel, from a safe distance: Fight! Fight! Fight!
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aphrodites-letters · 21 hours ago
I request bath time with vil. (Nothing gross just wholesome<33)
˚₊· ͟͟͞͞➳❥ Bath time
Tumblr media
Aphrodite's note!: eeek! How cute!
Characters!: Vil Schoenheit · Gender Neutral reader
Tumblr media
It was a long day for the two of you. And a very sweaty exhausting day.
You ended the school day with P.E, you did stretching, runed a mile, did jumping jacks, flied the broom, and did 100 pushups... Of course, anyone was going to be exhausted! But Mr. Vargas said that was so simple and only a little bit! He is insane!
But oh well, you are in peace now. Well almost, in peace.
If you're being honest, the situation you are in now is quite... Awkard. You have never taken a bath with someone. Vil insisted on you sharing a bath with him. He doesn't want you to remain sweaty any longer, and Vil knows very well how many hours he spends taking a bath, he likes taking his time in baths after all, not to mention the many products he uses to keep his hair healthy and shiny. Sharing a bath with him would give you the ability to wash yourself sooner.
And yet, although Vil is your boyfriend, it's still so awkward!
However, your red cheeks and hunched form did not remain unnoticed by your boyfriend.
"Potato? Please, straighten up! What is up with that face, hm?" He asked as he poured some hair shampoo on his hand.
You straightened your back, the bubbles covering your chest "Sorry it's just... I have never shared a bath with someone" you confessed. Vil hummed "I see... Well, there is no need to feel embarrassed by all means; I am your lover after all" he said.
It was silent for a moment, until Vil glanced at you.
"Do you need help washing your back?"
You stopped and nodded at him "Yeah, I hope you don't mind" you said. Vil shook his head "Of course don't. here, come closer" he said and grabbed your hand, pulling you softly to him.
You smiled and turned around, your back facing him.
Vil grabbed the loofah and started to wash your back softly. It was relaxing. You closed your eyes, enjoying the moment. That is until you felt a soft kiss on your left shoulder.
"... I won't lie, I was a bit angry at Vargas... I believe he went a bit to the extreme with all those pushups we had to do. However, I enjoyed the stretches" Vil said.
"Well, I hated every part of it" you commented.
Vil let out a chuckle and kissed your cheek "You must get used to it potato. Exercising is an important element in beauty. It keeps you healthy and strong"
With a giggle, you turned your head around to reach his soft lips. You both shared a soft, passionate kiss. His lips tasted like heaven, and they were warm and just oh so perfect like the rest of him. When you two pulled out, you stared at each other's eyes with adoration. You reached to caress his cheek "I love you, my beautiful Vil"
He smiled a bit, his cheeks turning into a light pink. He reached to grab your hand and kissed the back of it "I know. And I love you very much too, my silly potato"
You fully turned your body around, now fully facing him. You hugged him and laid your head on his shoulder "I want to stay like this forever, in your arms"
"If you wish, we can stay here a bit longer. Although we will eventually have to get up. But for now, just enjoy the peace" he said and hugged you back, enjoying the warmth of your love.
You surely don't regret sharing a bath with him.
Tumblr media
Reblogs are appreciated <3
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twistedlotus · 2 days ago
#MATCHING COSTUMES ! , vil, leona, kalim, jamil, malleus .
› ..ur stupid ass matching couple costumes 🙄🙄. slight fem reader. — pov el writes again bc its october aka the best month tbh
Tumblr media
u’d go as the most generic things ever lets be real
devil and angel? black and white swan? nurse and doctor?? thats what you have done idc
gomez and morticia addams would be cool… but rook prob suggested it so no (he goes as thing. the fucking hand.)
anyways even if youre the most basic bitches alive you still look good everyone knows it
oh forcing him to go trick or treating? more candy bc youre the best looking mfs out there. oh you go to a halloween costume party? BEST COSTUME AWARD GOES TO YOU.
in conclusion vil makes every costume known to MAN look good because its vil
tbh… pirates…. i can see him as a pirate….
you would force him to go trick or treating
spoiler he steals the kids candy and scares them bc i know he would in my heart
but ur like “leona why tf did u steal their candy give it back” and he goes “bc i love you” and then youre not mad anymore bc its leona and he said he loves u
get urself a partner who would steal kids candy for u
u both have the TIME OF YOUR LIFE
yk damn well he has a whole ass party for the holiday and good lord is he into it
no costumes. at all. you hand out candy.
it becomes a problem when he gives out more candy to the kids’ costumes he likes the most
like who puts the most effort into it. who has the most original costume. who has the coolest? the cutest? the scariest? the ugliest? the nicest
it comes to a point where u take away his handing out candy privileges bc hes gone through the whole bowl not even 8 kids in smh
you get white sheets and be ghosts
think michael myers when he puts that girls bfs glasses on after killing him wearing that white sheet
but not in the pinterest ‘halloween aesthetic ghost’ way but in the ‘my boyfriend is a fucking idiot’ kinda way yk
you both would hand out candy but this mf gives out too much so u turn out the lights not even 1 and a half hours later :( but dont be mad hes trying his best okay
Tumblr media
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hajimeshoe · 18 hours ago
OB Gang With S/O Who Chews Skin Around Nails
@shiba-inu2006 I'd normally class this as an emergency request if I had wi-fi when it was requested. It honestly hits a bit personal here because I do the exact same thing. I sincerely hope this helps comfort you a bit <3
He would likely find out because you were avoiding him
He was looking everywhere once he'd had enough of you not speaking with him
Once he had found you hiding in your room, absentmindedly chewing the skin around your thumbnail...he snapped.
"WHAT are you DOING?"
Not the best response, I know, but he is panicked. He loves you more than he can ever put into words.
But he will take your hand and start cleaning up the blood if you chewed it enough to bleed
He’ll hold your hand from then on whenever you’re stressed and he’ll write a study guide for you for the year to limit your stress
Leona knows
You know he knows by the way he holds your hands whenever your hearbeat picks up, or when you raise your hand to start biting. Leona will nap with you in a way that he can keep your arms down in case he doesn’t wale up in time to stop it. He’ll put his arm by your mouth even.
“Bite me whenever you’re stressed, it’ll take a lot more than that to hurt me”
He trusts that you’ll be more gentle with him than with yourself
If he walks in on you chewing your skin, he’ll gently tug your hand out of your mouth and clean it up, then he’ll let you vent to him about whatever is stressing you out
I hc that Azul used to self harm, so he understands why you cope with stress by injuring yourself
He’ll do whatever he can to help you, use all of his gathered abilities and knowledge
You are the one thing Azul doesn’t want to lose, after he feels like he’s lost everything
The first time, Jamil will hypnotize you to stop
But after that, he’ll research ways to help you
Chewlery if you need it, fidgets. He’ll cook for you and will even do your homework if you meed him to
He’s another one who will let you vent
His solution is manicures
He’s an actor, he understands stress and will suggest better coping mechanisms for you - even share some of his
He’ll help you with alchemy if you need it
He’ll also let you study with him
Vil would make some tea for you both and play some soothing music. He’ll give you a massage, cuddle with you, and do his best to fix up your hands
Rook can handle the dorm while he takes care of you
Idia would distract you
He’d play video games with you while cuddling, and have some coffee for you two
He'll try and keep something like a controller in your hands - just to keep them busy
You'll be asked to help him work on Ortho, or he'll just have Ortho watch you some days - just to try to make sure it doesn't happen again
Malleus will be confused
He won’t really understand until you explain to him why you’re doing it
And then he’ll do everything in his power to help
School? Lilia can teach it all to you in a way that will make it easier to understand and he can help you study. Toxic friends or family? He’ll have a “chat” with them. Your own mind? He’s there, he’ll let you voice your thoughts or, if you don’t want to, he’ll distract you.
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yuusishi · 2 months ago
Vil x MC thoughts
Tumblr media
Vil, staring at MC blushing: I can't believe I, Vil Schoenheit, fell in love with such a stupidly dense person.
MC in eye contact with Vil: lmao who're you crushing on
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choclatecoveredlove · 2 months ago
Your favorite??
synopsis: when asked who your favorite person is you respond with their name. they respond accordingly.
dorm leaders x reader
Tumblr media
are you- are you serious???
face is even redder than his hair
he can’t function for like a solid 20 minutes
has to make sure he isn’t hearing things
for the record you’re his favorite person too
he won’t admit it though because as a dormhead he has to remain unbiased
“Prefect, about what you said earlier, about me being your favorite- did you um.. did you mean what you said?.. Y-You did? Well I appreciate the sentiment.”
smug as hell
yeah of course he’s your favorite
he basically knew it already
honestly though it makes him so happy
he’s somebody’s #1 for once???
immediately pulls you into a tight hug and refuses to let go
“What’s wrong herbivore? Don’t you wanna be held by your favorite person? … And for the record, you’re my favorite person too, so don’t go sayin’ that about anyone else, ‘kay?”
oh shoot you killed azul
his brain is just white noise for like a solid hour
floyd and jade have a great time teasing him about it
he cant believe someone said something so nice to him
does he cry later when he thinks about it? yes
“ I’m the prefects favorite, really?!? This isn’t a joke?? I mean.. of course I’m their favorite. Um please excuse me, I have to do something..”
he’s your what??????
well youre his favorite too!!!
but so is jamil
oh and his mom and dad and his siblings and-
but now he wants to throw a party to show how happy he is that you said that
“Huh?!? Do you mean it?!? Wow, that’s so sweet!! Hehe you’re so cute! You’re my favorite person too y’know!!”
he’s definitely heard that before
it means a lot more coming from you though
he already knew that he was though
he’ll make you say it whenever he’s feeling down
will make you say it in front of neige
he is your fairest one of all
“Oh? I’m your favorite, do you truly mean that? That’s very sweet of you potato. Since you shared a secret with me I’ll share one with you as well, you’re my favorite as well.”
passes out
ortho has to wake him up
bright pink hair
super embarrassed but also super cocky at the same time
like he’s a loser shut-in but also he’s a genius so why wouldn’t you like him???
he doesn’t associate with a lot of people so it’s kinda hard to pick favorites but you’re up their
“ I-I-I’m your what??!?!? You can’t just say things like that!!! I guess I get it though- I mean I’m basically a genius so why wouldn’t I be your favorite!!”
woah no one has ever said that to him before (sebek is the exception)
after the initial shock wears off he becomes smug
i mean why wouldn’t you like him
he’s a crown prince, handsome, and incredibly talented
“ Child of man, I did not know you felt so strongly about me. Truth be told, I feel very strongly about you as well, you are the most precious thing in the world to me. Shall we begin our courtship now?”
A/n: Umm okay first work is fine idk i threw up before writing this so brain is a little fuzzy. hope you enjoy at least!! and feel free to request something ^^
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kalims · 21 days ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media
jealousy, jealousy,
I reckon yuu has atleast some people admiring them for their 'heroic' acts for each dorms, ironically enough
characters. riddle, leona, azul, kalim, vil, idia, malleus.
includes. gn!reader, flowers aren't limited to girls.
cw. each has a student from their dorm/another liking reader, book 5 spoilers? kinda.
note. this was supposed to be for celebrating 4k and originally I had a fic that I was supposed to publish but I got really busy w/ school and stuff so I supposed I'll just drop this 😚 I'm also sick btw *cries
Tumblr media
if someone asked you; "what do you think the students see you as?" you'd probably answer, "a wannabe I guess." technically you were sure that you were right about your guess. if there's anything that you'd know about a school that worships villians is that they'd hate someone whose the polar opposite.
which is you, with you basically 'saving' the dorm leaders and all. atleast the person in question didn't seem to pick at you for helping them and not going like 'I don't need your help.'
which is also why you're.. shocked to say the least when some random student you can't say that looks familiar hands you a bouquet of flowers, clearly flushing at your stare. you notice a white envelope tucked into the variety of flowers as well as a box of chocolates.
funnily enough you wondered if twisted wonderland celebrated valentines day on a different month.
albeit the possibly hundred other gazes from the other people. why'd they have to do this in the cafeteria exactly? it would've saved you the trouble if they did it on a more private scale.
you can only smile at them politely. honesty feeling a mixture of embarrassment and shyness cause you've never received such a bold confession yourself. "thank you?" you feel a little bad when they deflate at your short answer to their gifts but nevertheless pleased.
"you're welcome. I tried to pick out the flowers for someone as special as you but it can't compare." they absent-mindedly state. you can't hide the grin on your face, you just met this person and they're already flattering you. it feels nice to be appreciated.
kinda cringe but you take it back this person is really cool.
— riddle rosehearts
bystander number 1. who wants to collar that person by anger, along with jealousy then proceed to stomp away. riddle would actually do that but only when you're not around cause you'd probably not be too happy if he punishes your 'friend' and he wants you to see him as the 😇 reliable young lad everyone loves.
suddenly had the will to impress you and one upped everything the other person did. so they got a 49 on the magical analysis test? that's too bad, riddle got 50. get on his level. so they answer correctly only when called? well riddle's voluntarily raising his hand and getting them all correct. oh they can cook?
oh well. he can do everything else better else than cooking so it doesn't really matter. you'd be a fool to choose someone else over him. but he supposes its part of the charm, infatuatingly enough.
— leona kingscholar
bystander number 2 who either just doesn't care or is secretly really mad. knowing leona it's probably the latter because it's leona and if there's something he hates it's probably getting upped by some random person whom he's clearly better than. you must be really blind if you have the audacity to ramble about said person to him.
went really grumpy for the span of days to weeks. ruggie literally would do anything you ask if it meant that leona's gonna be to his old self, lazy sure but he didn't used to place this much work on him!
your fault or not you'd probably also get affected by his drastic change of attitude. bro literally ignored you as well as everyone else, reverting to his mean self but treating you with more bitterness. it's probably not your fault but he doesn't regret a thing because you actually look upset when he pays you no mind. so you do feel something for him 😒😏. flashbacks to kaeya
— azul ashengrotto
bystander number 3. who's borderlining between wanting to get depressed then crawl in his octo pot to cry and absolutely ruining everything this random cheap made. I mean, really? those aren't even your favorite flowers! where did they get them, at the nearest dollar store? if he were them he'd give you the most expensive flowers you'd ever lay your eyes on!
and that's what he does actually; literally showed up on your doorstep with a handsome smile and gave you the most prettiest flowers you've seen yet. consider yourself charmed! bro literally made you forget about that other person for days until you saw them like a month later which is kinda bizarre..
the twins don't let you know that azul put them up on a 'job' to keep em' away. but it does use for good blackmail material against the jealous octopus.
— kalim al asim
bystander number 4. legit doesn't get jealous. kalim literally is just happy that you have admirers like him because you deserve it! he'd be more upset if you didn't have admirers honestly. okay but lowkey though, he isn't trying to compete at all but you receive a large bouquet, definitely much grander than the one you received and a heartfelt letter tucked into it.
how was that person supposed to win you over when kalim does it better?? ok but this is like the jamil situation in book 5 LOL.
if he actually somehow gets jealous he feels bad because he knows he'll do it better ( not condescending /gen ) so he just resorts to trying to win your affection and forgets about not trying then completely overshadowed the other person's previous attempts. bro only spared a 'I feel bad' look then smiling again because yay! you like him better now :)
— vil schoenheit
bystander number 5. AKA, the one who knows he'll do better and actually does do it better ( condescending ). vil doesn't even bother doing anything cause he trusts you enough to make the.. correct, choice. you do know that he's one of the most sought off person in the world, right? you'd be a fool to not see that.
okay but maybe he is a little paranoid that you actually will choose them so he actually does put in effort..
I mean nearly everyone is scared terrified of rook right? what's one more person to the count? he totally does not purposely send out rook to stalk them so he can expose them on social media .. or make him stall them somewhere so he has the chance to whisk you away and you losing the ability to see them for this day.. oh well, it's better to just spend it with vil since you're free anyways..
— idia shroud
bystander number 6 who was there but actually not there..? physically not present but he was there, somehow.. *looks at camera in the far, FAR corner of the ceiling*. idia doesn't know whether to start crying because you actually looked happy with their CRINGE. confession.. the crying is a more intense period than azul's btw.
or.. actually there's no or, that's just what he's gonna do. close his electronic device, crawl into his bed and cry into his body pillow. fear not. little brother ortho to the rescue! ortho actually suggested destroying any evidence of a 'disappearance' if that poor soul just happened to not be present for years but idia quickly shot that idea down, he actually pondered on agreeing but no way he's gonna let them win by that!
hijacks all their phones, PC's, whatever other stuff so that it's completely off, no other person can fix it besides him. and he's definitely not gonna do that so the person ghosts you for weeks, so you get mad and ghost them irl.. wow his masterplan actually worked. no ortho pls don't force me to 'comfort' them..
— malleus draconia
bystander number 7 who genuinely doesn't see the appeal of this basic little b— human :). like? hello?? he's right here, open your eyes child of man. no need to tolerate the pathetic display they just did that doesn't live up to your very existence, they might as well compare you to gravel on the floor from how poor they executed their weird analogy.
he could legit go on and on about every single feature you have, your eyes, mouth, face, shape.. he would present you a microsoft presentation for it if you ask and it literally is godly description type of thing. you could finish listening to one of them and you'd be in TEARS ☠.
bros so sentimental. he thanks lilia for the advice of microsoft presentation because you now look completely convinced. malleus has the pride to spare the other person a smirk when your attention is fully on him :D.
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kaiijo · 6 months ago
the housewardens crushing on you
characters: riddle, leona, azul, kalim, vil, idia, malleus notes: descriptions + mentions of food/eating, Idia’s takes direct inspo from the vignette “that party animal from class” other crushes: first years
riddle rosehearts
Bless him, Riddle is so high-strung around you. He just wants to give off the impression of being someone who is refined, dependable, and put-together, which he is under normal circumstances. But with a crush on you, he's constantly caught off-guard by your praise and compliments and seems to permanently have a red face.
“Are you sure all the roses are red, Trey?” Riddle asked, eyes sweeping the garden for what felt like the hundredth time. And, for the hundredth time, Trey assured him that yes, the roses were red; the mouse in the teapot had a smear of jam on its nose; and, per rule 228, as it was Wednesday, no one picked any flowers.
“Why’s the housewarden so tense today?” Riddle heard one Heartslabyul student ask. His friend responded, “I don’t know, it’s just another Unbirthday party.”
Riddle huffed, the urge to collar them growing, though he refrained. It wasn’t just another Unbirthday party, it was the one he personally invited you to, so it had to be perfect—or at least close to that.  
Trey placed a comforting hand on his shoulder. “It looks great, Riddle. This could be the best Unbirthday party that we’ve put on.”
Riddle nodded, silent, still examining the area for anything out of place. Then, he heard Cater’s loud voice, followed by Deuce and Ace’s, and then yours. He straightened and brushed down his uniform just as you entered the garden.
“Merry Unbirthday!” Trey cheered, prompting the other Heartslabyul students to follow suit.
You laughed, “Thanks! This all looks great!”
“Riddle did most of it,” Trey said. “He picked out the tea and pastries and everything.”
Riddle shot a glare at Trey, who just smiled and winked back at him. With a rapidly reddening face, Riddle motioned gracefully to the table at the center of the celebration. “The guest of honor sits there.”
“Aww, this is so awesome, Riddle!” you said as he led you, pulling the chair out for you.
“Thank you. I wanted you to have the merriest Unbirthday.”
“Well, this certainly looks very merry,” you said. “Can I try one?” You pointed at the cookies neatly piled on the tiered tower.
When he nodded, you added, “Actually? Can you pick one out for me?”
“Me?” he asked, his collar feeling too tight and too hot all of a sudden. When you gave an affirmative hum, he paused and thought hard. You often stayed away from super sweet treats and he had seen you go for the carrot cake as your after-dinner dessert… Riddle pulled out one of the spice cookies, holding it out to you.
Cookie still in Riddle’s hand, you leaned forward to take a small bite, flavors bursting immediately. You savored the slight heat of the cookie and enjoyed the way the flavors made you think of autumn. “That’s delicious!” you said. “Did Trey make these?”
Riddle looked away from you to try and hide his blush. “I did, actually… with Trey’s help.”
“Incredible,” you said. You waited until he faced you and said, “I want to thank you for this again. I don’t think anyone’s ever done anything this nice for me before.”
Riddle’s face went bright red.
leona kingscholar
You have to look past Leona’s gruff exterior and scathing sarcasm to figure out that he likes you. To the untrained eye, it’s hard to tell but when you know what to look for, it’s much easier. Ruggie figured it out pretty quickly when he saw Leona going out of his way to help you multiple times even if it inconvenienced him. For Leona, his actions are a lot louder than his words.
For Crewel’s class, you had to get a plant from the botanical garden and study it. You had actually spotted Leona earlier, luxuriating on a bench in a sunny patch of light. You didn’t say anything to him, knowing better than to disturb him during his midday nap.
As you and your friends surveyed the gardens, you stumbled upon a bright red flower with equally vivid green leaves that you had never seen before. You reached for it but before you could touch a petal, a strong hand caught your wrist. “Are you stupid or something?” You looked up to see Leona glowering at you, ears flicking.
He motioned to the plant. “That’s a Coccineum Solani. If you touch it, it’ll spit out poisonous liquid,” he said, dropping your wrist.
“Yeah, maybe you should pay attention in class more, then you wouldn’t need saving.”
“That’s a little rich coming from you.”
“I at least know better than to touch a plant that looks like that.” He continued, “Don’t you know that bright colors in the wild can mean something’s dangerous?”
“I think so.”
He rolled his eyes and said, “You’re lucky I was here or you’d be dead on the floor.”
“You’re right,” you said, grinning at him. “You’re my hero, Leona!”
His ears twitched and he asked, “What were you even going to do with the flower?”
“It’s for Crewel’s class, we need to bring back a plant to research.”
He pointed to your left, at a lilac flower. “That’s a hibiscus flower that’s native to the Sunset Savanna. Go pick that, it’s not poisonous.” He turned, saying over his shoulder, “I’m going back to nap. Try not to make a racket.” He didn’t go back to his original spot, though. Instead, he laid down on a bench near you, telling himself that he was only doing it because it was close and he wanted to get back to sleep fast.
azul ashengrotto
Azul crushing on you is pretty sweet. He’ll get more flustered around you, slipping out of his calm and collected self more frequently. He draws up contracts and makes deals with you as a way to spend time with you, even though it would be a lot easier to just ask you. He also gives you discounts to the Mostro Lounge and makes up some super lame excuse when Floyd and Jade ask about why you’re the only one receiving them.
The week of finals before winter break was always pretty hectic. The library was filled to the brim with students checking out books for classes or trying to find quieter places to study than their dorms. You were no exception, searching for a very specific book on animal linguistics.
You ran your finger over the book spines as you went down the aisle, finally finding the book you were looking for. However, before you could pull it out, you heard a voice from behind you. “If you’re studying for Professor Trein’s Animal Linguistic test, that’s not the best book to use.”
“Hey, Azul,” you said, looking over your shoulder at him with a smile. “Which one would you recommend, then?”
“A Complete and Comprehensive History of the Origins of Animal Linguistics,” he answered. “There’s only one copy in the library and I’ve already checked it out.”
“Oh,” you sighed, shoulders slumping.
Azul quickly added, “I can share it with you, if you’d like.”
“Really?” You eyed him, half-joking, half-serious. “What’s the catch?”
“It’s a small price,” he said. You waited, nodding for him to go on. He fixed his glasses and cleared his throat, saying, “You’ll study with me.”
“That’s your price?” If you had looked a little closer, you could have seen the growing pink on his cheeks. “Isn’t that more of a disadvantage to you?”
He shook his head quickly. “No! I-I’ve read that studying with someone else boosts productivity and success.”
“Where’d you read that? Because studying with Ace and Deuce doesn’t—”
“Somewhere,” he said, a little too hastily. He adjusted his tie and asked, “So, do we have a deal or not?” He summoned a golden contract and a pen. With a small smile and a shrug, you signed your name on the line.
“Excellent,” he said, rolling the contract up. “I’ll see you in Octavinelle tonight? Around five?”
“Yeah, that sounds good!”
As you retreated, Floyd sidled up next to Azul. “Aww, it’s funny to see you get this red, Boss! You look like Goldfishie!”
“I’m not red,” sniffed Azul, though his face said otherwise. He looked at Floyd with narrowed eyes. “Don’t you have a shift at the Mostro Lounge right now?”
“Yes, but it’s so much more fun to see you with a crush! You look so squeezable when you’re with them.”
“Floyd, get back to work.”
kalim al-asim
You have to be very oblivious to not know that Kalim has a crush on you. From the way his cheerfulness grows exponentially when you’re around to the flirty and respectful touches to your shoulder and arm to the extravagant gifts he gets you that come all the way from the Scalding Sands.
As you placed the new necklace that Kalim had given you into your jewelry box, you took a step back and stared into the box. In the past weeks, Kalim had gifted you a bunch of stuff: jewelry made of real gold with real gems, specially handmade pots for your succulents, silk blankets and shirts, finely woven carpets. He had even commissioned the one-of-a-kind jewelry box you were looking at.
There weren’t any special occasions that prompted any of this. Your birthday was months away and the holidays just as far in the future. You appreciated the gifts, but a) they would take over your room soon, b) you didn’t need all this, and c) you sort of felt that you were taking advantage of Kalim in a way, even if he was giving you all this unprompted.
As you walked past the gym, you heard the squeak of shoes and the rhythmic dribbling of the basketball. You peeked in, seeing Floyd, Ace, and the man you had been looking for. “Jamil!” you called, and said man paused his drills, tucking the ball under his arm and walking over.
“Do you need something?” he asked, not unkindly. When you nodded, he said, “I’m guessing it has something to do with Kalim?”
“Yeah.” You shared your concerns with Jamil, and he listened patiently, nodding.
“I’ve tried to tell him to stop,” he said wearily. “Or at least to slow down. But we both know that Kalim isn’t the best listener.”
You opened your mouth to respond, about to say that it was so sweet but so unnecessary of Kalim, when you spotted him out of the corner of your eye, approaching from down the hall. He shouted your name, bounding over. Jamil glanced at you as you shifted your attention.
“Hey!” you said before noting the object in Kalim’s hand. “Is that—?”
“You mentioned that you were looking for a new hand cream,” he said, taking your hand and placing the bottle in your palm. “It’s my mother’s favorite and her hands are always really soft and nice.”
“Oh,” you said. You looked at Jamil, who just used his eyes to point at Kalim. You knew what you had to do, squaring your shoulders. “Kalim, I need to talk to you.”
“Okay… that sounds scary,” he said and you gently grabbed his elbow, leading him away from the basketball club.
You took a deep breath, collecting your thoughts. “All your gifts have been super nice, Kalim, but I think it’s gotten a little excessive.”
He visibly deflated right in front of you and you hastily added on, “It’s no that I don’t appreciate them, I really, really do. It’s just… I don’t know, I feel like I’m using you? Does that make sense?”
“Not really. I’m giving them to you because…” For once, Kalim seemed almost shy, shifting his weight. “I’m giving them to you because I really care about you, I think as more than a friend.”
vil schoenheit
Vil doesn’t actually act a lot different than before now that he has a crush on you. He really just ups the ante in trying to impress you — taking a lot more time with his makeup and outfits, working constantly to improve himself so he could be worthy of you. He made conscious choices to try and incorporate things he knows you like into his routines. If you like sparkly eyeshadow, he’ll wear more sparkly eyeshadow.
Vil was a little surprised when he heard you had joined the Equestrian Club. It wasn’t that he thought you hated horses or anything, it was just that  you never mentioned it before, and while Vil admired horses’ majesty and strength, taking care of them was not the cleanest of things to do.
When you had caught wind that Vil canceled Film Studies for the week, you were shocked, and you were even more shocked when he, instead, showed up at the stables, dressed in the prettiest riding gear you had ever seen.
“Vil! What a nice surprise,” you said, finishing with tacking up your horse. “I didn’t know you were interested in horseback riding.”
“I figured I should try it, it’s quite an elegant sport.”
“Right!” Your horse nudged your face with its snout and you giggled, reaching into a small pouch on your belt and pulling out two sugar cubes, feeding them to her. “Here, I’ll help you set up.”
After you finished tacking up Vil’s horse, the two of you led them to the ring, where Riddle, Sebek, and Silver were already taking some warm-up laps. “Vil,” Riddle said, trotting over to the two of you as you mounted your horses. “This is quite a surprise.”
Vil smiled coolly, replying, “I’ve always had an interest, but I had responsibilities to the Film Studies club before.”
Riddle nodded and said, “Just follow us, we’re not doing anything taxing today, just letting the horses stretch their legs a little and maybe we’ll bring them out.”
Vil nodded and as he got his horse moving, you saw how much of a quick learner Vil truly was, as he eased into riding in no time with bits of advice from you and Riddle.
“I must say,” Silver said as Vil passed his horse, “you’ve gotten this pretty quickly.”
“You look so elegant,” Sebek said. “Of course, not as elegant as the Young Master—”
“Sebek,” Silver sighed out, exasperated.
“Thank you,” Vil said, moving his horse forward to ride next to you.
“They’re right, Vil! I’ve never seen anyone learn so quickly,” you said.
“You’re very sweet,” he said. “I did have a very good teacher, after all.” He gave you a warm smile and walked his horse ahead, and you were glad that he did so he wouldn’t see catch you placing a hand on your rapidly warming cheek.
idia shroud
Please handle Idia with care, he’s very fragile when he has a crush. He doesn’t have the confidence to approach you in-person and often settles for watching you from afar and sometimes from his room through the cameras he set up around school. He doesn’t do it to be creepy, he really is just that helpless.
You were leaving class when you saw the most unlikely quartet of Kalim, Rook, Cater, and — the one that made the group unlikely — Idia. The panic and obvious distress was written very clearly over Idia’s face and you figured that you’d help bail him out of this.
Kalim spotted you and waved. “Hey!” The other three turned around, and Idia looked like he was about to faint. “We were just about to head over to Scarabia!”
“Oh? What’s the occasion?”
“We’re going to get to know Roi de sa Chambre better,” Rook said and Cater nodded along enthusiastically. You glanced back at Idia, who was bright pink with visible beads of sweat on his hairline.
You nodded before turning to Idia, asking, “Isn’t there a new event for that game that you like? I’m surprised you’re choosing dinner over that.”
“I-I—” Idia stuttered before opening his tablet. yeah!! im super excited for the event! i really want to play it asap
“Oh!” Kalim jumped a little. “Why didn’t you say so? We’ll let you do that, but you owe us a meal, yeah?”
“Aww,” Cater said, pouting. “So no Idia?”
Rook clapped a hand on his back. “But we’ll still get delicious food!”
“That’s right!” Kalmi cheered, “Jamil’s still cooking.” He turned to you and asked, “Want to tag along?”
“No, I actually want to check out the game too. But definitely another time.”
As the trio made their way to the Hall of Mirrors, you saw Idia let out a deep breath. He wouldn’t meet you eyes though, keeping them glued to his screen as he tapped away. tysm!! idk what i would’ve done if you hadn’t stepped in!
“You looked like you needed help. But I wasn’t lying, I’m going to check the event out too.”
you play??
You nodded. “Yeah! Actually—” You pulled your phone out. “Give me your ID so we can be friends.”
You saw his face turn a deeper pink. Your phone buzzed and you saw a text from an unknown number with Idia’s player ID. “Cool!” you said, turning to walk back to your dorm. “I’ll add you as soon as I get back!”
If you looked back, you would’ve seen Idia’s hair flare up.
malleus draconia
Malleus has been isolated for most of his life, so he doesn’t have a lot of experience with crushing on someone. At first, when he begins to develop feelings for you, he seriously believes that he just has a stomach ache. Either he figures it out or Lilia tells him, but he eventually does acknowledge his feelings. He’s so, so soft with you when he has a crush; he doesn’t want to scare you away so he’s generally much gentler with you than others.
“Oh, I didn’t know anyone would be out here this late,” you said, walking onto the sports field late at night. Malleus stood in the middle, staring up at the night sky. You approached, stopping to stand beside him. As you breathed out, your breath puffed in the brisk air.
“I didn’t expect anyone this late either,” he said. “What brings you out at this hour?”
“Couldn’t sleep. You?”
“I like the night air,” he said. “And watching the stars reminds me of when Lilia would take me to the roof of the castle in Briar Valley.”
“Ah,” you said, sitting down on the grass and patting the space beside you. “Do you miss Briar Valley often?”
He sat next to you and answered, “I suppose so. It’s not all the time but I get aches for it now and then. It felt simpler then, but it was…”
You waited for him to continue and when he didn’t, you gently prodded, “It was…”
He considered his words carefully. “Solitary,” he finally said. “Even though I had Lilia and Silver and Sebek, it was quite solitary.”
You nodded, not sure how to reply and you don’t think that Malleus expected one from you. The two of you sat in a comfortable silence, listening to the wind rustle the leaves in the trees and the chirps of crickets and other nocturnal creatures in the distance.
You pulled your cardigan tighter around you. You hadn’t anticipated it being this cold nor did you think you would be sitting in one place for so long. Malleus noticed your slight shivering and he slipped his blazer off, placing it on your shoulders. You looked at him. “Won’t you be cold, though?”
He shook his head. “I don’t get cold often.”
There was no room for argument in his reply but you still felt guilty, so slowly and carefully, you scooted closer to him until your arms and legs brushed against each other. You felt him tense a little and then relaxed, not moving away. He leaned into you lightly, and you didn’t move away either.
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rggie · a month ago
twst boys as babysitters
Tumblr media Tumblr media
characters: leona kingscholar, malleus draconia, vil schoenheit
summary: cheka comes to visit leona! instead of being a responsible adult, leona throws the burden onto you … and the poor unfortunate soul that happened to be with you at the time. tldr; twst boys as babysitters
cw: established relationship, gn!reader, crack & fluff, sfw. not proof read. wc: 1.5k+
Tumblr media
leona kingscholar
“oi, herbivore. got you something.” leona calls, dragging his feet into your room, hands hidden behind his back. “early birthday present. keep this one forever.”
oh dear
now you’re no stranger to receiving gifts from your boyfriend (though he won’t admit that he likes to spoil you) but something about his tone makes you worry.
surprise!!!! he raises cheka above his head, who squeals with delight at the motion, making grabby hands when he sees you. you’re his favourite person after his uncle leona, after all!
cue a moment of silence … you’re staring at leona, he’s staring at you … and cheka … is still raised in the air.
“leona, stop dumping things on me all the time.”
“but he likes you. take care of him for me.” which actually means ‘he’s disturbing my sleep and i need to get him off my back.’
you refuse, obviously, and propose that the pair of you babysit together. you’re meeting him halfway.
leona agrees too quickly. perhaps he wants to spend time with you—and okay, maybe he missed cheka too. the little brat.
there is something so endearing about the way leona interacts with his nephew
leona, who has an abundance of smarts and strength, is nothing more but a flickering candlelight when put against the blazing fire that is cheka kingscholar.
his power knows no bounds.
if you’re stuck with these two, expect a lot of play-fights
leona complains and verbalises very often how annoying it is, yet never bothers to physically remove cheka off him. he simply takes the hits, feigning pain afterwards.
“that really hurt. i’m tired now.” leona, be for real. just admit you’re a softie
but beware. if he’s in the mood, he might fight back. and leona shows NO mercy.
it doesn’t matter that cheka is a child! he’s preparing him for the REAL world
oh boy, here come the crocodile tears
when cheka is tired out, it’s time for leona’s favourite time of the day.
no, not lunch time, nap time!!!!
you know the saying two’s company, three’s a crowd? you’re spooning on a bed that’s definitely not made for three.
leona’s arms are strung loosely around your waist, his head in the nook of your neck
cheka is curled up in a little ball against your chest
it’s kind-of a squeeze, but it’s also comforting, their soft snores filling the otherwise quiet room
until cheka wakes up again, and this time he has his eyes on another opponent.
malleus draconia
you’re trying to introduce malleus to your favourite shows, and he’s slowly getting into them as well
in fact, maybe he’s teleported outside your door in order to find out what happens in the next episode of the said show, and not because he wants to be with you.
he rings the door once, then twice, then thrice, but you don’t show up
he knows you’re a busy person, so he tries his hardest to be patient. either way, he’s certain he’d wait eons for you if that’s what you asked him to do.
when you turn up with leona’s nephew in his hands, he …
well, he doesn’t do anything at all, actually
he doesn’t even ask about it. you guys just carry on and sit in ramshackle as if everything is normal.
like hello???? are we going to address the furball other than grim in the room or not?
cheka: *scratching malleus’ horns like they’re ears*
malleus: ???? This Is Fine.
the truth is he’s scared
he’s malleus draconia, a fae feared by all—rendered immobile by a child attempting to swing from his horns.
you’re shocked he’s just letting it happen… he’s just sitting staring at the tv screen as if nothing is bothering him, but his whole body is visibly tense.
cheka is a talkative kid, and malleus is fascinating to him, so he just has so many questions! “why are you so tall?” “are you really a fairy?” “why don’t you look like the ones in storybooks?” “are your horns even real?”
“i don’t know. why don’t you check for me?” it’s an invitation for cheka to go wild, to do as he pleases
except malleus is NOT smiling, so it goes unnoticed
cheka is like :3 and malleus is like : |
malleus doesn’t want to scare the cub away, he wants to chat with him! he wants to play!!!
but he lacks the verbal skills to communicate properly
he thinks back to silver as a young boy and finds a way to keep cheka entertained
“little lion, would you like to spar?”
malleus, no!!!!???
silver may have been training at a young age, but this is different. he was not raised by two fae.
despite your desperate pleas, cheka agrees.
malleus is grinning, a rare sight—its giddy and goofy and so youthful, you don’t have the heart to stop them
they sit crossed-legged on your bed with spoons for swords, violently clashing against each other
malleus is REALLY serious about it, though. he’s smiling, but he’s also teaching cheka at the same time
“good one.” “this is your opponents’ blind spot.” “you should try this on your uncle leona.”
you’re starting to think he’s doing this purposely.
but this is the most fun you’ve seen him have in a while, so you suppose leona will just have to pay the price of leaving cheka in your care.
vil schoenheit
why on earth is leona’s nephew sitting in pomefiore’s lounge, bright-eyed and bushy-tailed?
he has half the mind to curse out leona next time he sees the beastman, but then you appear behind him.
his frown and his thoughts falter a little. (his lips subconsciously pull upwards into a smile whenever he’s around you. it really is a bother that he cannot control his emotions better, considering he’s an actor.)
“did you bring him here?” he points at cheka, tone accusatory, but lacking any real bite.
all he wanted was to spend time with you. now he’s plagued by some child who didn’t even know the basic instruction ‘sit.’
upon closer inspection, he shrieks and moves backwards from cheka quickly.
“prefect, where are his shoes??”
you’re joking, right? please tell him you’re joking.
“so you’ve been having him walk around OUTSIDE barefoot?”
“he’s just … one with nature!” you laugh lightly to quell his anger.
he is not laughing. not this time.
Mother Nature may be smiling down on Cheka, but Vil Schoenheit is not.
his feet. his feet.
those feet have been walking all over the school, who-knows-where, and now they were padding across his previously immaculate carpet. holy seven, he thinks he sees the shape of a foot-print staining the floor already.
that’s it. it’s bath time, he declares, demanding you to swoop the child into your arms and follow him as fast as you can to the en-suite bathroom in his dorm room.
it’s already a battle alone trying to get cheka into the bathtub. cheka hates water, mewing, thrashing his body about and scrunching his nose like a bratty kitten.
but fear not. you’re lucky your boyfriend vil is an esteemed warrior in the sense that he has had plenty experience getting messy kids to behave (*cough*, epel)
get your tickets for Queen vs. Future King Of Sunset Savanna NOW!!! they’re going at it like it’s wordstar
once he’s in the bathtub, things are a lot more calm.
vil is … surprisingly sweet? his voice is gentle and soothing as he works away humming to a tune you’re unfamiliar with, assuring you that you can sit back and relax.
you’ve never seen him interact with children before, but you realise he acts as he does with everything else he cares about—practical and meticulous—although he can be harsh at times, he has good intent.
perhaps it’s the atmosphere of being around someone so young rubbing off on him, but he’s a tad playful, styling cheka’s hair in funny ways with shampoo. at one point cheka’s hair stands so tall above his head, it may rival malleus’ height. just kidding, but you get the point.
afterwards, he lets cheka use his favourite scented creams, as a reward for being good. the plethora of items displayed on his vanity was more than enough to make anybody with a penchant for self-care jealous.
cheka is overjoyed, his sense of smell heightened compared to you and vil, who were only human. the different scents around him are stimulating; he’s content having vil place pea-sized pumps of cream in the palms of his hand.
“smell.” vil orders. he waits for an opinion: “smells fruity, like oranges!” which is about as much descriptive lingo a five year-old can muster up before repeating the process all over again.
you had to stop cheka from trying to eat vil’s products several times
“yes, it smells like summer fruits with a dash of honey drizzled over and a side of fat-free greek yogurt, but it doesn’t taste like it!”
to anyone else it may have seemed quite strange, but to them, it was exciting.
at the end of the day, vil may not have edible treats to give to cheka, or the will to play-fight, but that doesn’t mean he doesn’t care.
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