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underqualified-human · a day ago
TWST Dorm Leaders: Fem s/o is on her period
Tumblr media
→ Request: Can you do all characters reacting to female reader on her period and this would be a headcanon by @cute-axolote on Wattpad
→ A/N: Decided to just go with the Dorm leaders but you can request additional characters if you want! [Super thanks for 1k followers!]
→ Warnings: Mentions of periods and blood
→ Fandom: Disney: Twisted Wonderland
→ Genre: Headcanons
→ Pronouns: They/Them but AFAB implied
Tumblr media
Riddle Rosehearts:
Ah yes, the duality of man
On the one hand he knows what's happening on a medical level
On the other, no one has ever discussed how to handle it with him
He's trying his best to get you anything you ask for
May be a bit worried if you eat a lot of sweets
If you get very emotional he doesn't know how to handle it very well but he tries his best
Always has a heating pad on standby just incase
Leona Kingscholar:
He just immediately assumes you're going to try to kill him
After clearing that up he still doesn't really know what to do
He can make you tea and that's about it
If you have cramps he'll lay down on your stomach like he's telling it to stop hurting you
He'll want to cuddle you more but if you're worried about stains he'll understand
Azul Ashengrotto:
Also assumes you want to murder him
Remembers that you're a human so everything is good :)
Another one that's coming through with the heating pad and snacks
He can't really help you with your emotions all that much but he tries
Tries to make sure you don't indulge too much
Will cook food for no questions asked
Kalim Al-Asim:
"Oh, so that's why you know how to clean up blood stains so well!" - Kalim
Asks Jamil to help with a lot of the stuff
If your emotions get out of hand he'll try his best to comfort you/calm you down
Tries to cook for you once and was never let back in the kitchen unsupervised again
Buys you the best quality sanitary and heating pads
Another one that's a bit of a cuddle bug
Vil Schoenheit:
I feel like he'd know what to do
Buys you whatever you need without shame
Makes sure your still eating properly but will allow you to eat more junk food on occasion
Holds a bunch more spa/self care days than usual
Not the best when it comes to helping you with your emotions but he tries
Idia Shroud:
Tumblr media
No but seriously this guy has no idea what to do
He'd try and ask you questions but he can't get through half of them
He'll share his snacks with you for what it's worth
He has a pretty high body temperature so he'll act as a pseudo-heating pad
You will have to go with him to buy pads
Does not deal with hightened emotions well at all
Malleus Draconia:
Does not know anything about periods
Unlike Idia he has no shame and will ask you anything
Another one with high body temperature
He'll make you any food you want, even if it's really late
He goes to the store and buys everything but the pads
Keeps you far away from Sebek the entire week
Yuuken Emma:
The only normal one
Pretty willing to just ask you what you need
If your cramps are keeping you up he'll have a mini movie night with you and Grimm
Cannot get a heating pad but you have Grimm so it's fifty/fifty
Stops you from trying to fight everyone that angers you by just dragging you away
Messages you if you have cramps
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ichorleaked · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
content: female-bodied reader, nsfw. suggstive content ahead.
— this man is ABSOLUTELY into ass, without a doubt! he’s definitely drooled over yours more than once, and that’s a fact. he likes spooning with you and having his crotch against your ass, or having you cuddle into his chest with his hands resting on your ass, squishing that doughy flesh. he also loves when you wear skirts so short that he can just see the underside of your ass.
— thighs, definitely. his favorite thing is eating you out with such depravity that it makes your plush thighs squeeze around his head. hard. please, please, wear nothing but his shirt and a pair of thigh highs. he will literally get a bloody nose. sometimes, he surprises you with a new fancy lotion recommended to him on magicam! he rubs it into your legs, massaging his fingers into your thighs. it doesn’t take long for both of you to realize that it has more of an.. aphrodisiac effect. he was so excited that he didn't read the full description, okay? (going to make this into a fic soon. :3)
— he’s a complete degenerate when it comes to ass, and it risks his delinquent side coming out every time you bend over to pick something up. but. he also likes boobs. :( it’s split even; the holy 50/50.
boobs, boobs, boobs. though, it’s not as.. perverted, as the previous three. it’s… more of a comfort to lie in your arms with his face shoved against your chest. he also likes to suck on your boobs. a lot. whether it’s during sex or just cuddling with his head under your shirt. sometimes he feels guilty eyeing your chest up when you wear low cut shirts.. which you absolutely do on purpose. it’s so fun to watch him squirm around in his seat during unbirthday parties; struggling to keep his gaze in that cup of tea.
thighs!! he loves grabbing them with his big hands and caressing them with his thumb. he also likes it when you wear tight pants and they hug your thighs when you squat down to pick something up. when you sit next to him in class, he likes to keep his hand on your thigh when the teacher isn’t paying attention. it’s a blessing!
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m3iyo · 7 hours ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
summary: you squeeze their cheeks and these are their reactions. (cheeks as in face cheeks what r u thinking bae 😟😟)
chrtrs: leona, riddle, floyd.
warnings: gn! reader.
notes: if u saw my previous note, ignore that, i am not writing the angst fic it's so cringey i hate it.
Tumblr media
bet his cheeks are not that squishable
probably abit sturdy too ( not as sturdy as vargas' tho 😟/j)
before you can even squish them he's got a hold of your wrists
“ The hell do you think you're doing? ”
when you reply that you just wanted to squish his cheeks, looks at you like you're crazy
let's go off your wrists though
now u can squeeze them >:))
just lets you do that and continues wtvr he was doing (sleeping)
overall, his cheeks r not that squishable but 6/10 bcs he let u do ur shit and did not kill u right then and there.
Tumblr media
his cheeks r so cute im about to cry
he lets you squeeze them but looks at you confused while trying to act like he's not flustered
if you coo at him he's probably gonna get red
thinks about it all day
10/10. very squishable. you should do it again, yes.
Tumblr media
he probably does this to you all the time so he's sort of surprised
his cheeks probably have a weird texture tho, maybe bcs of his eel features idk
squeezes your cheeks back in return while smiling
his habit of squeezing your cheeks become worse after this
expect him to run up to you and squeeze your cheeks everytime he sees you
7/10 only bcs he's cute but he doesn't have to squeeze you that hard all the time..
Tumblr media Tumblr media
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k1ngdom-of-thieves · a day ago
That last idia fic was adorable and put my mood up! Can i request the same topic but with Riddle? Please and thanks
Of course! I’m so glad you liked that fic
Here’s the fic for anyone whose curious
Riddle hearing his crush talk themself down
Tumblr media
Riddle was making his usual rounds in heartlabyul when he heard three very familiar voices. Two of them sounded panicked, definitely Ace and Deuce. He would’ve thought they had broken one of the rules again if it wasn’t for the third voice.
The voice was quieter, and was trembling. Even though it was difficult to hear, he could almost automatically tell that the voice was y/n’s.
He immediately thought it was best to leave, the idea of eavesdropping on you made him shudder at the thought of it. Buuut, he’s also a teenage boy who doesn’t know how to get close to his crush. So he does what most socially awkward people do. Stand in the same place like a deer in headlights.
At first, all he heard was Ace trying to apologize for making an insensitive joke with Deuce yelling at him about it. Then he heard your voice, saying that you agreed with Ace. That you’d never be good enough for a perfectionist.
His heart sank. He had been so caught up in his own thoughts and feelings that he completely forgot to think of yours.
Instead of giving you the idea that he was interested in dating you, he made you scared of your feelings for him. Riddle thought about all of the times that you had tried to get some alone time with him, only for him to get too flustered and shut you down.
He knew that he had to fix his mistake. Or his many mistakes. He couldn’t bear to listen to you talk down to yourself because of his inability to understand his own emotions.
Riddle walked up to the three of you with a perfect stride. Accompanied by very shaky hands. He asked if he could speak to you privately. Ace and Deuce looked at you with completely slacked jaws.
“I’m sorry that I gave you such a terrible impression of my feelings. Please let me try again. Will you be willing to go on a d-date?” He was doing so well until that last part.
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mall-0-ry · 2 days ago
Can you do dorm leader x male y/n who is Albedo from genshin impact
Tumblr media
[ Here is your request! i was only able to do 4 dormheads, for i am quite busy! i’ll be continuing it next time! hope you liked it! ]
[ Requests are open ]
[ Separate One shot, Dorm Heads x Albedo m!reader. ]
Tumblr media
I sighed and walked my way to my class, tiredness visible on my face, it was 6:00am in the morning, i need to at least get to class earlier, rules are rules.
“ Riddle. “ i heard a familiar voice, i quickly knew who it was.
Y/N Kreideprinz. who’s trudging their way to me, i felt my cheeks flutter in warmth, as i smile at his face.
“ You seemed to be up early, what’s the matter? “ i asked, while looking at their tie, it was crooked, i glided my hands towards his tie and fixed it. “ Hmm, i was awoken by the faint sunlight, i couldn’t help but feel inspired, so i drew it. “ he answered, he stared at me with his enchanting Sea blue eyes, i couldn’t help but feel butterflies in my stomach.
i removed my hands from his tie and brought up one hand to my mouth and coughed.
“ Ahem, what shall we do to pass the time? “ i eagerly asked, as i await his answer with eyes full of hope, and having him by myself.
He hummed and answered. “ Hmm, then may i draw you?” he smirked as he pats my head.
I felt my face heat up as i backed away.
“ W-why would you even want to draw me? ” i asked curiously blocking my reddened face.
“I only Sketch the most beautiful things in Twisted Wonderland, may i draw you? he said, while asking for consent again.
I flushed furiously as i felt smoke coming out of my ears. He took my hand and led me to a place.
I wish that this would last forever.
“ I.. am completely smitten to you. “ i whispered as i followed him.
Tumblr media
I was listening to Trein talk about the history of the chandelier that Ace and Deuce broke, a few months ago, i sighed at the memory, that’s when a rock was being thrown from outside, i glanced to where it was, only to see the Savanaclaws Dorm-head smirking at me, i ignored him and continued to draw on my sketch pad.
That.. damned Chalk prince. who does he think he is to ignore me? when i was trying to get his attention. tch. unbelievable. i grumbled as i went back to the botanical garden, i silently grabbed a fruit and munched on it.
when will lunch even come? i’m starving. ruggie might come here late, i’ll probably won’t be able to eat anything. che’ i’ll just sleep it away.
I was fast walking towards the botanical garden, hugging a sandwich so it wouldn’t fall.
I couldn’t find the sleeping lion who disturbed my class earlier, by throwing rocks at the window.
I sighed, and called out for him. “ where may that lion.. slumbering at?..” i gave up and simply stood in silence until i felt a weight on my shoulder.
I glanced to see, that it was the lion i was looking for. i chuckled and rubbed his head gently.
“ You’re here. “ he grumbled softly as he brought his arms, and encased me in a hug.
“ I’m here.. “ i said softly as i feel him dig deeper on to my neck.
“ my apologies, Crewel sensei asked for my assistance for the First Years Potion making.” i explained to leona as he just huffed and removed himself from me.
seeing as to he wasn’t answering me.. i made a move. “as an alchemist, i would like to study you if you do not mind. i'm sure we'd have many opportunities to be alone in the future. “ i said while smirking and continued. “ You’re one interesting test subject. “ and left, after giving him the Deluxe Sandwich.
As i watch him walk away, i huffed as i kicked a pebble. that guy is seriously getting on my nerves.. “ I want more of his attention…“
Tumblr media
My costumers seems to be sky rocketing.. what may the cause be?
I sighed as i put down a quill, and went outside my office to check the if the staffs are doing their works.
Then i saw a tuff of Pale blonde hair, that’s sticking out from the Sea of people. i couldn’t help but glide my way to them.
there i saw, him checking out the menu, seemingly unaware that the crowd came here to see him.
I coughed which pointed his attention towards me.
“ Y/n what a surprise to see you here!… “ i trailed off and stared at the cat that’s staring at me, before continuing. “ and.. your pet. “ i Smiled as i took a seat in-front of him. “ ah. azul, greetings.. i hope you wouldn’t mind me dining in here. “ he says before going back to the menu book. i nodded and trailed my eyes to his School books, he seems to be writing an essay.
“ Oh? is that the essay that trein sensei gave us earlier? do you need help? “ i asked before Cunningly smirking.
He nodded and opened his mouth to say. “I’m doing an essay on the most beautiful things of life “ he stared at me dead in the eye, i chuckled before answering.
“ So that’s the topic you’re going to be using.. very well..then we—“ I said, before the blonde prince cut me off.
“ May i use you as an example? “ I stopped on my tracks, my brain’s cogs seeming to fail me. i stared at him as i feel heat rush through my face.
“ Wh- What?”
He chuckled and packed up his stuffs and left me, at the table.
Tumblr media
Me and kalim are on a magic carpet ride, i was in awe of these scenery.. i couldn’t help but stick my nose to my sketch book and sketch them all.
I can feel Kalim taking glances at me and giggling, i couldn’t help but smile at his personality.
He’s one Cheerful guy, someone you could rely on.. well not always. he may not be the brightest. but he’s the brightest in terms of personality. i concurred in my head as i gazed at the setting sun.
I sighed at its finest beauty, which made Kalim worry that i was not enjoying myself, but truthfully i was.
“ N/n? you seemed to be stuck in that sketchbook of yours! may i see your works? “ I gazed at his smiling face before handing him my book.
He wow’ed in awe, as he flips through the pages.
before stopping at a certain page.
it was my sketch of him, smiling, i felt a sudden burst of warmth on my face as i shy’ed away from him.
“ Is that.. me? “ he asked while i nodded fidgeting on my hands.
“ You’re Talented, Y/n! “ he exclaimed while tackling me down.
“ Thank you for your kind words.. “ i bashfully replied while pinching the ends of his white hair.
“ It’s Ethereal for me! “
“ I loved the way you drew me.. “
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amorisqasayid · a day ago
[ ✽ ] ˖ ˚ ◞ ┊ʺ KINDNESS IN CARE
Tumblr media
[ ✽ ] ┊⠀❛ an anon requested riddle with a caregiver friend !! 
[ ✽ ] ┊⠀❛ gender neutral reader
[ ✽ ] ┊⠀❛ warnings ,, fluff
[ ✽ ] ┊⠀❛ i just finished another request omg. two requests in two days ?? at the expense of some of my assignments , yes , but requests done none the less. anywho !! im gonna go catch up on class work <33
Tumblr media
riddle’s caregiver friend who pulls him away from his studies to make sure he still practices recreation. he is in need of a break every once in a while, but always refuses to take a moment to himself. you knew that he needed to stop driving and take time to enjoy the flowers every once in a while. you guide him away from the books on his desk and two the cup of tea you made him. 
“ come now, dear. you should take a break.” you pushed the biscuits closer to him and tugged the books away. he should’ve reprimanded you, but he never even romanticizes the thought. no one in the dorm had even watched him yell at you once. you managed to get off the hook with nothing but a slap on the back of the wrist. “ (y/n) , i still have much to do—” “ spare your mind a short break and then you could get back to work !” your hands were stubbornly on your hips and your brows furrowed. you had no intention of leaving him alone about it. so, he surrendered instead.
riddle who’s jealous of ace and deuce for being able to hang out with you so long. since you guys didn’t share many classes together, the few moments he got were spread on a timeline, farther than he would’ve liked. before he could even admit the fact that he wanted to hang out in your presence more, you had suddenly texted him about going to the local festival. it made flowers petals burst in his heart.
you looked down at your phone, waiting for a reply from riddle. the question was audacious, but you thought it couldn’t have been so outrageous that he decided to block you. 
rosy hearts <3 : I would be honored to attend the festival with you. Tell me when you’d like to go and I will escort you from Ramshackle.
your eyes grew wide and you had to reread the reply over and over again. it was real. and it was riddle. you could tell since his grammar was so perfect and all of his i’s were capitalized. 
riddle who’s still learning how to express his appreciation to his caring friend, and only really knows how to by spending time in their presence. you never pointed out that riddle seemed to be around you a lot more, because you didn’t want it to shoo him away. instead, each time you caught him shuffling closer to you, you just grinned and greeted him, placing him into the conversation with sincerity.
Tumblr media
tags ,,, @ghost-hyacinth @pandoa @idiaia​ @sleepybunboo @mlk082​
dm me or send an ask if you’d like to be on it as well !
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coralinnii · 2 days ago
Legend has it... Twisted Halloween series
Tumblr media
Behind pumpkin spice lattes and sweet candy, there comes stories of the things that go bump in the night. Legends and myths carry with them stories of those who may or may not have lived to experience it. 
For each character for each day (except weekends) starting today, there will be a short blurb for every student character inspired by a horror trope or legend in the spirit of Halloween month. I will be writing on the spot for every story so the genres (no beta we perish like big people) will be dependent on how the stories end up so even I can’t tell how it’ll be. This is purely motivated by my love for things spooky and/or ooky. I will write warnings for each blurb if needed but I’m warning you now since I love horror stuff, it will not be the happiest of stories. I’m probably not gonna go full dark but this is a forewarning. 
This is the index, but it may change depending on how the blurb will end up. 
Day 1. Silver (ghost!Yuu x exorcist!Silver) 
Silver works as a police officer during a hit-and-run trial, and he’s trying to console the victim of the incident. He’s trying his best to convince you to leave before it’s too late.
Day 2. Jack Howl (werewolf!Jack x childhood friend!Yuu)
You and Jack were so close as kids but he keeps refusing to have a sleepover with you when you reached high school. Then one day, you found out the reason on your way back one night.
Day 3. Epel Felmier (dream demon!Epel x schoolmate!Yuu) 
Your classmate was so confusing. So sweet and demure, but sometimes he seems to turn into someone else, someone with less than good intentions. 
Day 4. Rook Hunt (slit mouthed woman!Yuu x ghost hunter!Rook)
You missed the days where your immortal life was easier, when most people run at the sight of you. But, this creepy hunter keeps chasing you!
Day 5. Leona Kingscholar (demon!Leona x demon hunter!Yuu)
You get a kick out of debunking ghost stories and haunted places with your disgruntled friend, Leona. Except this night’s adventure was more than you ever expected to experience. 
Day 6. Idia Shroud (VC ghost!Yuu x target!Idia)
Idia has this unprecedented confidence behind the screen, with fans and friends at his fingers. However, one casual online chat broke his confidence as he say something he can’t take back.
Day 7. Floyd Leech (merman!Floyd x swimmer!Yuu)
A nobody at school, your only solace was taking in the serenity of the ocean cove away from the big city. However, a dweller has more than happy to show you a part of his world.
Day 8. Vil Schoenheit (Huli Jing!Yuu x fiance!Vil)
People call you the unrivaled beauties and with rumors of engagement in the air. Vil was prepared to devote himself to his beloved but his old friend Jack warned him that you were not as you seem. 
Day 9. Trey Clover (candy witch!Trey x partner!Yuu)
The man from the pastry shop near you was so sweet, also offering endless sweets on your way to work. You were melting in his touch when you two started dating. This was a man who was as sweet and pure as sugar, right?
Day 10. Jade Leech (cannibal!Jade x partner!Yuu)
Your husband was always experimenting with every dish he made but he smiles when you take a bite each time so you think it’s no big deal. Afterall, what’s the worst to come of it?
Day 11. Malleus Draconia (dragon god!Malleus x sacrificial bride!Yuu)
Traditions must be upheld, even at the expense of morality as you were lead to what many said was instant death. It didn’t matter to you, you were willing to give yourself to the being of inhuman power.
Day 12. Cater Diamond (imposter!Cater x skeptic!Yuu)
Everyone knows him and was just that approachable but not to you. You couldn’t explain the shiver you feel when you lock eyes with him. You only hope he doesn’t notice you.
Day 13. Platonic!Ortho Shroud (medusa!Yuu x nonhuman!Ortho)
You were cursed to exist as history’s most hated woman. Your gaze leaves all living beings petrified but all you wished to feel the loving embrace of another once more
Day 13.5. Lilia Vanrouge (grim reaper!Lilia x ex!Yuu)
He disappeared after breaking your heart and honestly you were thankful because moving on would be impossible if he stayed. As you almost got rid of him in your heart, you two meet again…and he looks distraught to see you.
Day 14. Ruggie Bucchi (street kid!Ruggie x ???!Yuu)
You and Ruggie despite hardships, never worried so long as you had each other. You would also look after each other, no matter what.
Day 15. Kalim Al Asim (bitten!Kalim x survivor!Yuu)
The two of you dreamed of wedding bells, laughing children and boisterous family dinners. Now, the only thing you pray for is to keep hearing his heartbeat.
Day 16. Jamil Viper (Djinn!Jamil x owner!Yuu)
He can’t be here. How can something you can’t even see or prove be here. In your house, in your room, trying to slither into your heart.  
Day 17. Azul Ashengrotto (crossroad demon!Azul x human!Yuu)
He may be greedy but he knows that good things come to those who wait. And the moment the wait is over and you decided to make the deal, it would be worth it.
Day 18. Ace Trappola (ghost bride!Yuu x survivor!Ace)
Ace was not a romantic man but he could be for the one. He kept denying it but he was looking forward to your wedding, even dreaming it…even when it was impossible. 
Day 19. Deuce Spade (hitchhiker ghost!Yuu x civilian!Deuce)
Deuce couldn’t just leave you alone, shivering in the dark. After all, this road was notorious for car accidents and mysterious attacks. 
Day 20. Sebek Zigvolt (soldier!Sebek x ghost!Yuu)
He was a devoted man through and through. He promised he would return to you and in return, you promised to be here when he does, no matter what.
Day 21. Riddle Rosehearts (Frankenstein monster!Riddle x assistant!Yuu)
He was a monstrosity. A freak of nature and you wanted nothing to do with him, even if he was someone you once loved.  
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mlk082 · 21 hours ago
HIHI! I was a bit curious if you don’t mind doing a Riddle x Kitsune! Reader (Romantic!) hcs?
(Also if you feel uncomfortable with this request please ignore it!)
Anyway, you have a lovely day / afternoon / night and a splendid year!!
Riddle x Kitsune! Reader
Secretly loves foxes but never told you that, and he has still never told you.
You figured it out but Riddle thinks he’s sneaky.
Doesn’t really let your ears or tail, but he stares at the way your tail moves sometimes.
Thinks it’s pretty normal considering that there are a lot of beastmen and kind.
Your habits are interesting to see. And Riddle never misses to see whenever your ear twitched.
Turn cute puppy dog eyes into cute fox eyes. Riddle knows what you’re doing, but still says yes almost every time.
Foxes don’t count as cats, do they? But technically, you’re under the beastmen category, so it’s fine for you to be in areas of festivities.
Thinks you have a good sense of smell, so asks you if Ace stole tarts.
Greets you good morning, and it doesn’t matter how cute a look you could give him, you are getting yourself out of bed.
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animusicnerd · a day ago
hello !! may I request date prompt 7 with riddle? thank you!!
Sweater Weather Event
Tumblr media
☾ Pairing: Riddle x Gn!reader
☾ Date Prompt 7: Breakfast in Bed
☾ Notes: I think I made this angsty somehow?? I swear I tried to make it fluffy but this was the only version I was satisfied with, anon.
Tumblr media
Meals were to always be eaten at the dining table.
His mother had drilled that into him from a young age and in Riddle's young mind, it felt like common sense. Why would you sit on the couch or bed and hold up the plate as you eat? Wouldn’t it be hard to use a spoon and fork if one of your hands is preoccupied with something else? It just made sense.
So when you came up to him and asked, “How do you feel about breakfast in bed?”, Riddle wasn’t sure what to say. He knows that if you asked him before the incident, he would say no but now, he could hang out with his friends when he wants to. He could eat strawberry tarts whenever he liked. So he could have breakfast in bed now, too. Right?
“I’ve never had it,” he decided to say. “But truthfully, I don’t think that I would mind at all.”
The next week, during a sleepover, Riddle had woken up to the smell of pancakes and bacon in his bedroom. Confused, he opened his eyes and sat up on his bed to see you beaming at him while holding up a tray full of food. Heat rushed to the tips of his ears as he muttered a soft thank you. 
You only nodded your head in return before telling him to move over and when he did, you sat down next to him and placed the tray in front of both of you, giving him a plate and a fork before grabbing your own. He sat there, unsure of what to do other than watch you move around the bowls of fruit, pancakes, and bacon before they could spill on his bed. Then you turned to him and said, “Good morning! Let’s eat.”
As you dug into your own plate, Riddle watched you eat without a care in the world, happy to just be there with him surrounded by food. 
And he decided to do the same but enjoy your presence instead.
Tumblr media
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idiaia · 2 hours ago
I've mentioned this b4 but here's the new art-request kinda thing
How to join:
You literally just ask Ortho a question.....that's it
For example :
"Ortho, what are (some characters you wanna see idk) doing?"
"Ortho, Can you visit the gaming club?"
"Ortho, force Idia to reveal his fav anime"
Such an such
I'll draw your asks as if it's actually Ortho answering them and I will draw these in my chibi style
Tumblr media
There are no time limitations you can join anytime you want
Tags : @amorisqasayid
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cupids-chamber · a month ago
Tumblr media
Yuu: So what was your childhood like? Riddle: Oh, you mean my tragic backstory that you must be at level 4 relationship to unlock?
Yuu: ...
Yuu: Well, what level am I at?
Riddle: 10. So it all started-
Tumblr media
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yuusishi · 2 months ago
dorm leaders hc with a f/mc who was captured by a ghost prince and wanted to be his bride pls
Dorm Leaders with an s/o chosen for the bride of a ghost prince!
Tumblr media
Hi! As much as I want to do all dorm leaders, I’m not extremely familiar of a few of their personalities as well as my 3 character limit so I’ll only do the ones I know a little better!
pairings: Riddle, Leona, Idia x f!reader (she/her pronouns used)
genre: fluff
cw/tws: light misogyny from the prince in Leona’s part.
Note: The “ghost prince” in this post does not share a very similar personality with Eliza, I am not saying that she acts like the prince in this post during the Phantom Bride event. There are also differences in this post compared to the original event story because some dorm leaders were either absent in the event or part of the group that were stunned by Eliza’s slap, in the case of Idia it’s because he was the one kidnapped.
Riddle Rosehearts
You were out walking to the school store for ingredients with Trey for the next unbirthday party when you saw the ghost prince looking for his “bride”.
He spotted you and immediately ran up to you and declared to his retainers that he has found his bride and they dragged you off, Trey tried to fight them but a 1-to-however many he was no match.
Running to the Hall of Mirrors, he went to Heartslabyul and informed Riddle to which he was furious about.
Stealing THE Riddle Rosehearts’ s/o AND forcing her into marriage?! He was not having ANY of it.
Definitely informed Crowley about it first tho, to which he was given the same explanation of his kingdom being destroyed without him being wedded with a smile on his face.
It was…awkward trying to get you back, he needed to attempt to woo the guards at the front of the cafeteria just to get in, he didn’t even need to woo you like this.
He saw the prince presenting you to his retainers as if you were just some trophy and Ace had to calm him down from doing anything to the prince that might ruin the entire plan.
Thought about giving the prince a second death right then and there.
But he couldn’t help but swoon a little though when he saw you in the wedding dress that the prince had picked out for you, it fit you perfectly, the colors complemented your hair, skin, and eyes to a T.
He thought about marrying you after this whole situation was over actually, seeing you carry your dress to walk towards him with a smile made him think about how he wants your wedding with him to be like.
Leona Kingscholar
The audacity you must have to steal from Leona Kingscholar himself.
It was a weekend so you managed to drag Leona off his bed to go outside and wander around the campus, that’s when you met the ghost prince.
The prince and his retainers tried pulling you off him but Leona had a mean grip on you, the ghosts only managed to get you after Leona’s arm on you weakened for a single second. Taking that advantage they pulled you and dragged you away from the better prince.
Only told Crowley after attempting to get you himself twice and failing.
Crowley only told the story of the prince now and he was mad on how the Headmage never even thought of informing anyone.
Busted through the cafeteria doors with no hesitation and did not give a shit about the prince yelling at him.
“C’mon, you’re also a fellow prince, right? You must know the importance of having a queen by your side, like to have an heir or—” “Do you want to die”.
He made sure you were safe in the corner of the room while he helped the others fight Puffy, he was definitely even more angry when the prince realized his feelings for his guard.
Please give him more cuddles that night, he got scared he would lose you to someone else though he won’t say it out loud.
He definitely hugged you tighter than night and didn’t let you go until you had to forcibly remove him from you because you wanted to eat breakfast.
Not one to think of marriage despite his age, he just wanted you back that entire day and was REALLY grumpy throughout the whole situation.
Idia Shroud
“Huh? What happened to Ortho?” Idia said to himself seeing that Ortho was sending distress signals and using a lot of his magic which was something he rarely did.
Idia connected with his brother and saw that he was…fighting ghosts? And that you were being held by one?!
He is not going to let this slide, he may be a nerdy shut-in but no way is he just going to stand and watch as his girlfriend is in danger.
Putting on a pair of shoes as quickly as possible, he darted out of his dorm room to the Main Street where this commotion was being held.
As he came out of the mirror of Ignihyde, Idia bumped into his brother, his eyes looking at him panicking.
“Brother! (Name)’s been kidnapped! I saw them bringing her to the cafeteria, all those ghosts were strong and they just kept reviving every time I attacked them!”
Enemies that can revive themselves? Is the world being serious? Is he walking into a boss fight unprepared right now?
He peered into the cafeteria’s windows using small drones connected to his tablet, all he saw was the prince being all lovey-dovey towards you.
‘Hey! I should be the only one doing that!’ he thought, realizing what he said in his head the ends of his hair burnt a small pink.
After the situation settled and you were saved from the ghost prince, he saw you walk oh so elegantly towards him in the midnight blue dress that the prince picked out for you.
He looked at you in awe, eyes sparkling as if he was seeing the best view in his life, because he was.
“Idia, thanks for helping save me, that prince was a real bother trying to make me marry him, we all know who I really want to marry” you huffed in frustration at the memory of the prince.
Although he knew the answer, Idia still asked
“It’s you of course! No one’s a better person for me than you, Idia” you grinned.
He could feel himself melt at your sunshine smile that was beaming at him.
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Tumblr media Tumblr media
you can't tell me this hasn't happened before
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mobbu-min · 2 months ago
☆ cat, kitty, cat ☆
Tumblr media
summary: In which an alchemy lesson went wrong, and your favorite housewarden is turned into a kitten. Now your tasked with caring for him.
a/n: i had this idea in the middle of the night and i knew i had to do something with this idea. anyways, i want a cat so badly, it's basically a need at this point. also, no idea why the hell leona's part came out so long compared to riddles???
characters: Riddle Rosehearts, Leona Kingscholar
!tw! cursing
*you can find the other parts here! -> two, three
Tumblr media
Riddle Rosehearts <3
“(y/n)! You gotta help us!” Ace yelled, haphazardly throwing the doors of Ramshackle open. Following him was Deuce, who looked equally distraught, carrying a bundle in his arms. Thick oven mitts on his hands and an apron covering his chest.
“Oi! Ace! What gives?” Grim complained, sitting up from his spot on your lap. Giving him calming pats, you got up and asked the gasping boy, “What’s up?”
“The H-housewarden…” he stuttered. His eyes wide with fear.
Moving to his side, you asked urgently. Already feeling stress accumulating. “What happened to Riddle?”
“I-i think it’s best if you see for yourself.” Deuce held out the red dish rag towards you.
Eyeing him suspiciously, you carefully opened the bundle. A gasp escaping your lips. Holding up the small kitten in your hands, you gushed, “A kitten!” Large gray eyes stared up at you and purred. Nudging its tiny head against your warm hand. “Awe! So cute!”
The two stared at you in disbelief and shock. Shaking his head, Ace wondered, “How is Riddle not clawing your eyes out?”
“Eh?” Turning to the kitten in your hands, you tilted it to the side and stared into its eyes for a long time. Your smile dropping the longer you stare at him, “RIDDLE!?”
⋆ Riddle is definitely the smallest of the dorm leaders, but he’s also the feistiest. He has the largest gray eyes that sparkle with amazement and wonder. Really soft orange fur, that holds a reddish undertone. Compared to his normal pristine look, his fur is the total opposite, and sticks out wildly. Much to his annoyance.
⋆ He likes to hang out on your shoulders. Proudly puffing out his chest. Another favorite spot of his, is your lap while you read to him. He’s a kitty of education, so he still tries to keep up with his studies. Which never fails to make you laugh seeing a small little kitten sit so still during your classes. Because you bring him everywhere, Riddle sees this as an opportunity to make sure Ace and Deuce are paying attention during classes. The moment he sees one of the two lay his head on his desk, it’s game over for them. He’s instantly on their head, scratching at them. Crewel, and especially, Trein are impressed.
⋆ Much to his dismay, he can’t resist the urge to chase around your shoelaces. For such a sophisticated person, his favorite toy is your dirty shoelaces. He’ll chase them around for as long as you’ll humor him. Though beware, Riddle has made you trip on multiple occasions by playing with your undone laces.
⋆ Purrs? It’s soft, almost inaudible. But if you listen closely, they have this constant soothing humming. It’s a lot like his meows, just much less feisty.
“What do you mean I was a cute kitten!? I was not!- Ah! Don’t laugh at me, prefect! M-my face is not red! (grumbles) Fine, I’ll allow you to tease me, but if I hear any of this from Ace, it’s off with his head.”
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Leona Kingscholar <3
Every Tuesday, you and Leona had lunch together. It was something you started to do when you were staying at his dorm. It just stuck and became a ritual for you both.
You were expecting to find him at his usual spot in the botanical garden, under the thick shade of the tropical trees, laying on the dense foliage. Sprawled out and snoring softly. Totally unaware of the world around him. Tail languidly flicking back and forth and ears twitching ever so slightly.
You were expecting that Leona. The arrogant bastard that made himself a staple in your life.
You weren’t expecting to see a small brown kitten in his place. Blissfully unaware of your intrigued stare. Crouching down, you set aside your bag and gently stroked the kitten’s soft fur. Its fur felt like the softest of clouds.
“And who are you little one? Perhaps a new friend?” You asked. Taking a seat by the kitten, you stayed silent, forgetting the lion you promised a lunch to, and stroked its fur. As expected, deep purrs verberated against its chest. You couldn’t help but coo softly. Enamored by the cuteness of the little being.
“There he is!” Ruggie’s voice caught your attention. Turning to him, you blinked in surprise at his heaving form. His hair in disarray and a large gash, not enough to scar, on his arm. He perked up the moment he saw your curious gaze, “Oh, (y/n)! You’re here too.”
“Yeah, I was waiting for Leona, but he’s not here.” You explained, gesturing towards the starry pattern cloth that held the boxes of food you prepared. Scratching behind the kitten’s ear, you sighed, “All I found was a little kitten. Cute, right?”
“I don’t think cute’s the way I’d describe him, but sure.” Ruggie sighed. Taking a seat beside you, he gestured towards the boxes. “Do you mind if I had some? I spent all of my lunch searching for Leona.”
“Absolutely! Taking care of Leona is a chore.” You laughed.
“Tell me about it.” Just as Ruggie was about to reach for the boxes, the brown kitten pounced on his hand. Clawing at his skin. With a shout, Ruggie attempted to catch the kitten by its scruff. Only to miss as the kitten climbed up his arm, “Argh! Leona! Get off me!”
Quickly, you caught the kitten by its scruff and dangled it in the air. Staring at it, you asked the disinterested kitten, “What’s your deal, kitty?” Setting it on your lap, you checked up on Ruggie, “Are you alright? I didn’t expect kitty to react that way.”
“I’m fine,” Ruggie hissed, rubbing the red marks on his arm and hand. “Sheesh, I guess that’s what I get for stealing Leona’s food.”
Pointing to the kitten idly licking its paw, he yawned, “That’s Leona.”
You and the kitten, now known as Leona, stared at each other. Lazy green eyes blinking before settling himself on your lap. With a little yawn, he fell back to sleep. His little claws digging into your pants, just like normal Leona would tighten his grip on you to prevent you from moving.
“That’s really all you have to say!?”
⋆ As expected, Ruggie left Leona to you. Saying he was too much work and that you already had a good handle on regular Leona, so it was a no brainer.
⋆ Leona is definitely the biggest kitten out of the seven, and by that I mean, he’s long??? Idk how to explain it, but anyways- his fur is brown and is incredibly soft. Like really fuckin soft. And he has the prettiest green eyes. Like pretty, pretty. Overall, he’s like one of those cats you’d see on the top of pinterest.
⋆ He doesn’t really play with toys and spends the majority of his time napping. Pretty much anywhere, but prefers to nap on or near you. He’s favorite spot is cradled in your arm or in your sweater/coat that’s tucked into your pants. Which is conveniently Grim’s favorite spot, so there was so much drama between the two. Total drama queens.
⋆ To get your attention, he does the thing cats do and shoves things to the ground. Homework? Papers are scattered everywhere, now he’s in its spot demanding pets. Cups of water? The floor was thirsty, now cradle him. Grim? Well it’s Grim, Leona’s now your cat sidekick.
⋆ Leona likes to hunt like any cat. So he’ll leave sometimes during class or whatever you're doing and come back and plop a whole ass chipmunk or big-ass bug on your lap. You’re confused and desperately trying to scream out loud and Leona’s smug as fuck. Now praise him.
⋆ He does that thing where cats will run around the house at night then jump on his owner. Maybe it’s his kitten youthfulness, but he hasn’t felt this energized in years and you're absolutely baffled that he’s capable of running.
⋆ Lazy kitten with attitude problems sums Leona up pretty well.
“-yawn- Sit down, so I can take a nap. What do you mean I’m too heavy? You did perfecting fine when I was a kitten, herbivore. Now quiet and let me rest…oi, be careful with the ears. I might pounce on ya.”
Tumblr media Tumblr media
disclaimer: pictures are not mine
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pyroxeene · 5 months ago
Eating instant ramen at 2am
notes: starting to write on my own whim for a while and this is the first idea I had, idk what this says about me but I have dated before and I can confirm that this is definitely a bonding experience
characters included: riddle rosehearts, leona kingscholar, idia shroud, malleus draconia
contains: character x gn!reader
warnings: none
Tumblr media
Riddle is....not amused with this idea. Absolutely not on board with this.
His mum didn't even allow him to eat strawberry tarts, there's no way he ever even got close to instant ramen. He was told fast food and instant food was the devil's invention
He's so sceptical. Literally looks at you like "We shouldn't even be in the kitchen at this time, we should be fucking asleep what are you doing to my poor schedule?!"
The reason he is in this predicament is that you couldn't sleep and had him resting in your lap but at some point became too hungry to even try and fall asleep comfortably so you wanted to get up and grab a snack, unfortunately waking your slumbering boyfriend in the process.
So he decided to accompany you to the kitchen because you could never remember which foods were needed for following the rules of the Queen of Hearts accordingly and which were fine to just snack.
He sat down at the table and his eyes wandered to the fruit plate. But you had other plans, opening the cupboard and pulling out two plastic cups with instant ramen.
"I didn't even plan to eat anything. Also is this your idea of a midnight snack??", Riddle looked at you with a shocked expression. "Not midnight, 2am", you argued, ripping the lid off the cup noodles and turning on the water boiler. "That doesn't make it better, you know", Riddle buried his face in his hands, "actually that only makes it worse."
You chuckled and poured water onto the noodles. Riddle is like "what are you doing why are you making two 🤦🏻‍♀️" and you just grin at him.
He's very conflicted because on one hand he grew up being told he shouldn't eat food like this but it was also a rule not to throw away food. According to your opinion that made it a loophole. Not that you encouraged him to keep sticking to his mother's rules anyway but Riddle had to take small steps.
He eventually begrudgingly eats them and noticed they don't actually taste as badly as he's been told. Still not healthy but he wasn't planning to eat them again anytime soon.
"This would get me into so much trouble at home", he stated. "So would dating me and you still decided to do it", you shrugged. Mrs. Rosehearts had no idea her son had fallen in love. Or overblotted. Or broken several of her rules. "You know that's different", Riddle pouted. "It's not", you argued and gave him fingerguns. He just shook his head in disappointment but kept eating, hoping no one would come into the kitchen who he'd have to explain this to. Then again he was the dorm leader. No one remembered all the rules anyway he could just make up a new one to justify this.... NO. What was he thinking? Lying about the rules was against the rules, why was he even considering making up rules?!
"You're a bad influence", he sighed, still wearing a pouting expression on his face but grabbed your hand across the table and held it in his own. "And yet you love me", you winked at him and he chuckled. "That I do", Riddle affirmed and pressed a kiss to your hand.
"We should add 'You shouldn't have an existential crisis over cup noodles on a Saturday' to the rules", you mused and Riddle just rolled his eyes at you but had to admit that this was exactly the type of thing that the Queen of Hearts would put into her rules.
He enjoyed the instant ramen but he would never admit that over his dead body
Tumblr media
Leona eats instant ramen regularly. He's kinda torn because yes, they barely have any vegetables but they also barely have any meat. But they're the fastest warm meal he can easily make, so they'll work well with his unmotivated and depressed mood.
This is a habit he definitely started after coming to NRC because at the palace the food was prepared for him by the staff. He was sceptical too at first because how could you prepare noodles like this in just 5 minutes but his lack of motivation eventually got the better of him and he tried them and found them acceptable.
Leona is very protective of you so sometimes when you remove his arms around you and get up he actually wakes up. "Where are you going herbivore?", he mumbles, half-asleep. When you tell him you're going to make yourself some instant ramen he just asks you to bring some for him too. You just hoped he'd still be awake by the time it was done.
Leona usually has no problem preparing easy things like this for you and bringing you food but nothing gets this man out of bed at 2am that isn't necessarily a catastrophe or you suffering in any way so you'll have to be the one to go to the kitchen this time.
Leona generally sleeps shirtless because Savanaclaw dorm is so warm and also he likes having you snuggle against his chest and feeling your warm skin against his, so you raise your eyebrows at him when he only sits up halfway and eats the noodles with a spoon. "This looks like a disaster waiting to happen." "Only if you're stupid enough to spill the fucking water", he replies with a grumpy tone. You chuckle and affectionately scratch his ears before eating your own cup of ramen.
Even though it's 2am and you're eating instant ramen he asks you "How are you enjoying your meal?", like you're in a 5 star restaurant and gives you a smirk.
If he's done earlier than you he'll stick his spoon into your ramen and eat part of yours as well and you just look at him like "seriously?!"
"First you steal my heart and now you steal my instant noodles, what do I even get out of this relationship?", you tease him and he presses a kiss to your neck and his tail flicks from side to side. "You get my love and affection", he says and wraps his arms around you while letting you finish the rest of your cup.
You're about to get up to throw the empty cups into the trash can under Leona's desk as he holds you back and places them on the nightstand and pulls you back into his arms to snuggle. "Ruggie will clean these up in the morning." "You're so questionable sometimes", you sigh but Leona just chuckles and decides to shut you up with kisses.
His kisses become more and more lazy until he's asleep holding you in his embrace again.
Tumblr media
Another one who eats instant noodles regularly. Probably even more often than Leona. If you like eating them, chances are this is already a ritual.
When Idia plays video games or watching streams until late at night, he often eats instant noodles when he needs a snack because it's very quickly prepared.
He keeps the cup noodles in his room and Ortho has a built-in water boiling function so you don't even need to go to a kitchen for this.
At some point you actually convince him to try and cook dinner with you but the only things Idia knows about cooking are from anime cooking ASMR's so he kinda fucks the soup up.
So you decide to just make instant noodles again later.
Idia has favorite instant ramen brands and flavors and sometimes you convince him to go to Sam's shop with you and he goes through the shelves and is like "this one is my favorite" and "oh they brought back the limited edition one"
He's literally excited to eat them
When he plays games or streams as well as when you eat cup noodles he lets you sit on his lap of course. While you wait for the noodles to get ready he places kisses onto your neck and wraps his arms around your waist and affectionately draws circles onto your stomach or thighs with his fingertips. Or lets you bury your face in his oversized shirts
These are usually the moments where you share some of your inside jokes.
Idia loves to stay up with you late and just joke around and share his passions with you. Man's thriving.
Excessively comments on the taste of the noodles like he's a famous food critic and you just watch him amused. "This one doesn't taste like it used to" or "As always this brand brings me a lot of joy when I play games".
He lets you try from his cup too if you've never tried that kind before
Usually finishes his instant noodles before you so he'll be clinging to you and placing kisses onto your neck and shoulders. Sometimes he'll nibble on your skin.
"Idia I'm eating." "This is eating with heightened difficulty level."
Idia is just super affectionate at 2am. He's used to your warmth and affection, he's not letting go of you just for eating, that'd be colder and less comfortable and he'd probably complain until you give him a kiss and let him snuggle up to you again
Also one who doesn't throw away the cups until the next morning. Or Ortho throws them into the trash. One of those two options.
Tumblr media
Malleus doesn't even know what instant noodles are.
Baffled. Perplexed. Fascinated. His mind is blown.
Malleus barely even sleeps so when he notices you waking up in his arms he'll press his lips to yours to wake you with a soft kiss.
You two hadn't eaten much for dinner because it was Lilias cooking. You explain to him that you're hungry and feel like eating a cup of instant ramen and he's like
"What is instant ramen?"
Congratulations, you just opened an entirely new can of worms
You tell him it'd be easier to just show him and lead him to the kitchen. Malleus holds your hand all the way and he's curious what you're going to show him.
He watches you silently as you take the cups from the shelves, boil water, pour the boiling water onto the noodles and stir. He's so intrigued. It's like that time he first took a car at Scalding Sands, he's just silent and looks at you with his surprised Malleus face™.
Convinced this is similar to witchcraft and potion-making and you don't have the heart to tell him that it's cheap, questionable industrial production.
He will go on and on about how incredible it is that you can prepare a meal like this and can't wait to try it out
Genuinely loves the cup noodles and comments on how tasty they are
When he learns there are different kinds he definitely wants to try them. Also wants a second cup of noodles right then and there because there wasn't much in his compared to how much Malleus usually eats. And how could you say no to his cute surprised face?
You can't help but chuckle at how confused and fascinated he is by this
He also asks you whether you're enjoying your meal like you're at a 5 star restaurant but unlike Leona he actually says this completely unironically.
He also treasures if you just talk to him about whatever crosses your mind while eating the noodles. He appreciates the casual atmosphere and holds your hand.
Instant noodles actually become one of his favorite foods and Sebek has half a heart attack when he finds out you made instant ramen of all things for the great Prince Malleus of Briar Valley.
Meanwhile Malleus is just pouting when he's told how unhealthy they are. He's an overpowered immortal dragon fae, this isn't gonna hurt him. Sebek doesn't comment on this afterwards. He respects Wakasamas decision.
Lilia is very amused by this. He's pleased that Malleus is discovering something so simple and human for himself.
Malleus wonders whether Lilia would be able to make instant ramen or whether it would just taste like his usual food
He also mails them to his grandma at some point
Definitely buys them more often now
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arent-i-the-fairest · 2 months ago
𝐡𝐞𝐚𝐭𝐞𝐝 𝐜𝐨𝐦𝐩𝐞𝐭𝐢𝐭𝐢𝐨𝐧
crowley is (finally) allowing you the choice of leaving ramshackle to move to whichever dorm you please, but you’re still unsure which one to choose. knowing that, everyone is trying to win you over.
author’s note : out of curiousity— of the 7 dorms, which would you choose to live at and why?
part 2 here!
“so, prefect! tell me, which dorm would you like to move to?”
you froze up. you have to make the decision now? “w-way to put me on the spot..” you muttered under your breath, nervously looking at crowley who was expecting an answer. you like all the dorms! how are you supposed to choose just one?
“i’ll go with… heartslabyul? no, no, scarabia! wait, scratch that, i’ll move to pomefi—”
crowley put a hand in front of you, stopping you from speaking any further. “it seems to me that you’re unsure, but it’s no problem! because i’m so very kind, i will give you as much time as you need to consider.”
“thank you, i’ll be thinking things over!” you waved before exiting his office. the door closed and crowley grinned, spinning around in his chair and rubbing his hands together.
“and i will be informing all your little friends that you’re still uncertain on which dorm to move to— a headmaster must keep himself entertained somehow!”
riddle is stressed, brainstorming different ways to convince you to come. he totally might just make a powerpoint presentation on why heartslabyul is the ideal dorm to be in, which is gold.
cater is just acting like he always does. he feels no need to do anything extra, isn’t he charming enough as is to bring you to heartslabyul?
ace “you and me are best friends” trappola. he absolutely exploits the fact that he’s one of the people to you, if not the closest. he bugs you about it so much though, it’s almost becoming counterproductive— not that he realizes it.
like most other times, deuce is dragged into ace’s scheme. and he totally buys that it’ll work too! they have the same logic of “we’re best friends, so they’ll choose us” and they’re gonna die on that hill. of course, until it comes out that you don’t choose them.
trey’s just caught up in the mess. he’s said “riddle, calm down”, “ace, leave them alone— you too, deuce”, and “thank god you’re so chill, cater” so many times.
leona doesn’t put in a lot of effort— he’s already certain you’re gonna choose his dorm. he’s not overbearing, you’re given a lot of free rein, and though the dorm members can be pretty combative, he’ll drive ‘em away if they try to mess with you. why would you go for any of the others?
ruggie’s got nowhere near as much confidence as leona does about this, so he’s going overboard with giving you gifts, doing little acts of service for you, buttering you up with (sincere) praise, anything that might make you gravitate towards picking savanaclaw.
as per ruggie’s request, jack’s (trying to) act sweeter than he normally is, but he just can’t— it’s way too embarrassing for him. he just ends up acting like the regular old him. and spills ruggie’s plan.
persuasion? it’s azul’s time to shine. he’s a master at this stuff, but there’s one mistake he’s making— he’s being so damn persistent and borderline annoying about it! the number one way to drive away customers! unless you’re a fan of that kind of behavior, it’s hard to even consider moving to octavinelle.
but you think it’s hard to catch a break from azul? pfft, he’s got nothing on floyd. there’s hardly any breathing room with him, literally and figuratively. he’s squeezing you nearly every second he’s with you and it’s hard to think around him.
jade just watches from the sidelines. he’s restraining himself from laughing as he sees azul trailing after you like he’s lost or floyd glomping you to the ground. when you’re tired of their antics and manage to get away, he’ll pour you a cup of tea (on the house!), asking if you’re alright. he’s octavinelle’s only hope.
kalim is basically like, “i don’t wanna sway your opinion, BUT—” he’ll tell you the most amazing things about living in scarabia and how cool the dorm and their members are with the biggest grin on his face. he hypes it up so much it’s sounding like the perfect place.
there’s not a lot left for jamil to do is doing since kalim’s doing pretty much all the work. just to pull you in a little closer though, he’ll give you more treats (made by him) during the day, sometimes reminding you that you could have his cooking every day if you lived at scarabia.
now, vil is sure you already have your sights set on pomefiore— but he’s not gonna take any chances! so he sends rook and epel to spend some time with you. or in other words, advertise their dorm. he’s expecting to see you with luggage soon, asking where their spare room is.
rook is having a field day, he’s probably having the most fun out of everyone here. he’s reciting poems he wrote just for the occasion and practically throwing flower bouquets at you, all while epel…
epel stands off to the side, awkwardly watching rook. he freezes up when told by rook to “show y/n how much you want them to choose pomefiore!” and his brain malfunctions, trying to put together a poetic sentence. all that came out was, “i’ll.. cut apple slices for you..?” not quite what rook had in mind, but it’s beautiful in it’s own way.
idia is extremely anxious— he wants you to pick his dorm, but has no idea how to convince you into doing it. or even how to make his dorm look like an appealing place to be. he feels like the greatness of his dorm pales in comparison to the other ones, so he kinda just hopes a miracle will happen and you’ll choose ignihyde.
oh, malleus is dead set on having you in diasomnia, you have no idea— he’s pulling out all the stops, pulling so many strings. wins “the most desperate” trophy by a landslide. it’s hard to tell though when he seems so nonchalant.
everyone’s trying so hard, it’s amusing, lilia thinks. it all looked like a ton of fun, so of course he was gonna hop onto the “winning you over” bandwagon! he’ll recount all the fun stories he and his dorm mates have had at diasomnia! such as studying gargoyles, and training, and the horrific yet oddly comedic injuries had during training… you question if lilia is throwing you off on purpose.
sebek’s bugging you whenever he gets the chance, boasting about his dorm. diasomnia is the best dorm all around! not only do you have the pleasure of worshipping the young lord, there’s plenty of fun things to do— don’t mind the dark, intimidating atmosphere! now, why don’t you just go and tell the headmaster your choice already?
silver honestly doesn’t know what he’s doing, he’s just goin’ with the flow. when sebek sent him after you, it was a bit awkward. he just said, “you can protect malleus with us and take naps with me :)” and called it a day. is it not enough to have you completely sold though? ♡
you let out a groan as you slumped on top of your bed, grim following after you.
“these guys have been draggin’ you all around! they’re treatin’ this like war!”
“no kidding.” you sighed, turning over on your back. “crowley just had to tell them, didn’t he? now they’re all trying so hard, it’s just making deciding on only one of them more difficult. i don’t wanna hurt any feelings.”
. . .
“should i just eeny-meeny-miny-moe it?”
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lilias-little-writer · a month ago
I have a request if you don't mind. What if the dorm leaders over hear MC having a convo with someone asking for the type of guy they're interested in physically wise. Mc's answer. "A man with a ponytail." What would the dorm leaders do hearing about this info
Oooo this is a v cute req! 💕
Kalim is definitely showing up to classes the next day with a ponytail. Although, he doesn’t view it as a way to try and win your affections. To him, it’s more so a way to show that he’s aware of your preferences and is happy enough to change a bit of his personal style every so often. It’s hair and he can change it whenever he feels like
Azul is also gonna show up with a ponytail, but it’s absolutely because he wants your attention. He wants you to see that he’s changed up his appearance and talk to him about it, but then he’ll play dumb and pretend that he has no clue what you’re talking about. If you compliment him on it, he’ll definitely keep the ponytail for the foreseeable future
Malleus is very intrigued. He doesn’t care much for his outward appearance and how others perceive him because of it, other than generally appearing put together and professional of course. But, if you’re so enamoured by ponytails, then maybe it wouldn’t be so bad to try one out every now and again
Riddle makes a big deal about convincing himself that he doesn’t care. Outward appearances are frivolous and he’s not gonna change anything to fit your standards. He’s confident he can win you over without it. Although, you might notice that he’s been letting his hair grow out for a little while now
Vil is offended at even the thought that he would need to change anything about his appearance for someone else. You like ponytails? Well, after he’s successfully won your heart in his own way, he’s sure you’ll find men with buns much more appealing
Leona absolutely doesn’t care at all. He’ll continue to wear his hair however he likes because it’s too much of a hassle to change it for the chance it’ll gain your attention. Although, he does tend to think back on your words when he puts his hair in a low ponytail for gym. He can’t help but wonder if you prefer low or high ponytails
Idia admittedly will try putting his hair up in a ponytail, just to see what he looks like. But he gets too embarrassed and takes his hair down immediately. It’s not like he leaves his room enough for you to even notice what hairstyle he has so there’s no point in trying. He will continue to occasionally put his hair in a ponytail and then remove it for the next while though
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