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thesunshineriptide · a day ago
Twst boys reacting to you doing this pose
Tumblr media
He isn’t sure what you’re doing, but he does it back. He thinks maybe it’s a new magicam prank and he wants to seem cool. If you do it to him repeatedly, he’ll probably just laugh at you over time
“Oh? Do you want a hug?” Immediately you are being hugged. If this was your goal, great! If not…oops? If you do it to him repeatedly, he will continue offering you hugs
Stares at you before looking away. He pretends not to see it. If you do it repeatedly, you will eventually get him asking what you’re doing. He will not understand and will make no attempt to understand
Does it back, no questions asked. He will do it back whenever you do it to him, and sometimes even initiates it, seeing if you’ll do it to him
“Stop that. What are you doing? This is unseemly, I demand you stop at once.” He doesn’t like it, he doesn’t know what it is, he just knows that it’s improper. He’s making headway in being lax but he will absolutely not tolerate this kind of silliness. If you do it repeatedly, you will get collared.
He doesn’t really pay any attention to you doing it. If you do it repeatedly, you may get varying reactions from being ignored, laughed at, or picked up from under the armpits and carried around. Depends on if you’re interrupting something or not
He understands and does it back immediately. If you do it repeatedly, you might get him to do it back but it’s honestly a 50/50 chance because he might be busy
Doesn’t understand, also thinks you want a hug. Doesn’t ask, just ushers you into his arms. If you do it repeatedly, he may or may not notice as a whole? But he will silently offer you a hug.
Hates this. Stop making yourself bigger, it’s threatening. He won’t do it back, but he does feel the urge to. Probably tells you to knock it off. If you keep doing it, he’ll probably just sigh and ignore it
Unsure what this means. He’s not sure if you’re being silly, wanting a hug, or trying to start a fight. Probably just looks at you with his “you’re so stupid, this is adorable” face and continues working. If you keep doing it, he will eventually figure out what you want, but won’t indulge in it just to annoy you
Every time you do this, you are asking to be manhandled by Floyd. He might squeeze you (nicely?) or pick you up and carry you around, or he might do it back. If he’s in a bad mood, he will glare at you and tell you to scram.
He thinks what you’re doing looks fun and immediately joins. You now have a partner in crime, because Kalim starts doing it to you, to Jamil, to other people. He’s a menace. You have no option but to do it repeatedly
He hates this and wants it to stop but won’t say anything. If you do it repeatedly, he might begrudgingly do it back exactly once. You have to gang up with Kalim to do that though
“Stop. You look stupid.” Another person who isn’t a fan and wants you to please not. If you do it repeatedly, he will literally just corner you against a wall and try out one of his old villain monologues to see if it’ll scare the piss out of you. You won’t do this repeatedly
“Excellent form! Beautè! Bravo!” He’s a fan of you doing this. Probably won’t do it back, but he will support you doing it. If you do it repeatedly, he might join you once when you’re doing it to someone other than him
Does it back, no questions asked. Will continue your conversation completely normally, all while posed the same way as you. If you do this repeatedly, he might end up doing this specifically to piss off Vil
Will do it back, so long as you’re alone with him. If you do it in front of someone (like at board game club or something) he’ll just flush and try and hide in his jacket. Unless it’s exclusively with Azul, which he will gladly do it with you so he can watch the octopus loose his shit. If you do it repeatedly, he will begin amping it up slowly by turning on kazoo covers of meme songs.
Doesn’t know what you’re doing, but Idia does it too so he’s joining. In your antics with the shroud brothers, at some point you will recreate this meme. Idia uses it as a react image on discord
Tumblr media
Doesn’t understand, will never understand, but dragons do something similar when either starting a fight or attracting a mate. He’s both flattered and offended, and will do it back exclusively to see how you react. When you smile at him, he starts thinking you’re dating. If you do this repeatedly, he might ask you to meet his parents.
His response is to t-pose. He’s seen the youth stuff he’s hip with the kids. If you do this repeatedly, he will literally follow you around t-posing. You will end up birthing two memes at nrc
Tumblr media
He’s not paying any attention, he’s half asleep and annoyed. If you do it repeatedly, he will probably eventually ask you what you’re doing. Might do it back, but only when you’re alone (he will show up to your dorm, do this pose in the doorway, then wordlessly leave)
He gets angry and starts yelling at you about the indecency. Reaction very similar to Riddle, except Riddle had the authority and power to fuck with you while Sebek is just annoying. When he finds out that Malleus is happy with this, he will stop yelling at you but will still quietly hate it
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marsgod · a day ago
can i request a scenario similar to the scene in the movie where ursula takes ariel’s voice but it’s azul and reader?
how would their lover(leona, ruggie, jamil, cater) react to it? especially if they traded their voice for their own good 🫢
maybe their under a contract of has a life-threatening injury that azul has the power to heal because the staff are taking too long
⇢ Leona, Ruggie, Jamil, Cater x Mute! Gn! Reader
⇢Warnings; romantic relationships, gn! reader, azul is a capitalist<//3, fluff,
Tumblr media
Leona Kingscholar
Whoooo, Leona is pissed, pissed, and even more pissed. Leona hasn’t exactly interacted with Azul much, they stayed a fair distance away and just never really tried to make talk farther than a nod and maybe a “how’re you?” just to be polite, if Leona finds out that you “gave away” your voice, he was so close to just hitting you upside the head because what the actual fuck could’ve been so important as to give away your voice.
If he finds out you gave it away for his sake, to Azul? Omg you are fucked royally by him showing his semi-gratitude, him telling you your a dumbass, and cuddling, and you cannot deny it, because you can not talk<3 Seriously though, Leona will go to Azul and it’s on sight until 1. Azul gives you your voice back, 2. Gives you a better/more fair deal cus c’mon, that deal was bs, 3. Just gives you your damn voice back already.
Tumblr media
Ruggie Bucchi
Ruggie isn’t having it, he doesn’t even need to hear what you traded your voice for (though, he’d love to heart it) before marching up to Azul and giving him exactly 1 warning, telling Azul that if he doesn’t reverse the contract then he’s going to go through hell for however long it takes.
Ruggie is on Azul with no restrictions, he’d absolutely use his unique magic to terrorize him indefinitely and Azul can’t do SHIT because the contract with you prevented anything danger from happening. Azul can def try to defend himself, but Ruggie is usually gone, or staring with a smug grin.
Tumblr media
Jamil Viper
As soon as he hears what had happen, “listening” intently to whatever excuse you have for trading your voice. He doesn’t have to hear the rest as soon as he reads “Azul” and “contract”, Jamil scoffs at you before he’s dragging you to Octavinelle by the hand and going straight to Azul directly.
Listen, Jamil isn’t fond of Azul in the first place, so this isn’t really exactly helping Azul in this department. He won’t fistfight Azul, but he’ll definitely have a dignified conversation that’s definitely not filled to the brim with thinly hidden threats..
Tumblr media
Cater Diamond
Cater, who hasn’t interacted much with Octavinelle much besides the usual formality greeting and asking Jade for help with exactly one pic of a plant for his socials, he hasn’t exactly been buddy buddy with Azul. Not friends but it’s not like they hated each other… Until Azul pulled that “Stealing your voice” crap, you! The voice that literally sounds like the seven themselves crafted and edited your voice’s pitch to perfection.
Yeah, safe to say, Cater isn’t happy and would definitely ask politely (passive aggressively), but will then get a buncha different people (his alternative acc’s) to harass Azul’s accounts, specifically if it’s his official account.
Tumblr media
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jackplushie · a day ago
No thoughts just Cater in a corset
This may or may not have turned into a very self indulgent thing but-
Tw: suggestive
You should have refused from the start. Turned away the moment he bounced up to you, holding his phone. The google eyes in the diamond on his phone case shook violently at you, as if warning you of his intentions.
But you accepted his offer. After all, it was Cater Diamond. Cay Cay. He did help you out of some trouble before, so you were obliged to help him.
As much as you disliked him.
It was supposed to be one photoshoot. Just one hour taking and editing photos of him.
You didn’t suspect anything, even after he locked the door behind you with a sharp click.
You bounced slightly on his bed, quick glances around. Emoji pillows, the classic red and white interior of Heartsabyul rooms.
A Low chuckle. Cater’s lips upturn slightly. A indulgent smile, one of the more genuine ones he gave. You raise an eyebrow at him, before stretching your hand to his. He slides his palm in yours, before you dropped it immediately.
“Your phone.”
“Ah, sorry about that!” He passes you his phone, before rummaging through his cabinet. You amuse yourself by messing with his camera. Much higher quality then the poor old Phone Crowley so generously bestowed upon you.
Something black and cold was thrown onto your lap. You picked it up, before doing a double take. A corset, ebony black, complete with ribbons to secure it to your back.
You stared at him in disbelief. Just what did you sign up for?
“You don’t have to wear it! Just film me in it. For the fans, you know?”
A grimace twisted your face. The fans might enjoy the view, but for the person behind the camera… it was a bit akward.
The moment he started taking off his shirt, you averted your eyes, regret rekindled in your heart, a roaring fire.
You should have never listened to Cater Diamond.
Holding up his phone, you watched reluctantly as he went through the motions, displaying his trim body. It was hard to control your laughter as he attempted to appear seductive.
Without the backdrop, or the music, he just appeared silly. He shot you a smile, a little playful wink. As if you two were inside the joke. It was somewhat refreshing to be looking at him without any filters,you’ll have to admit.
You raise a hand, wordlessly counting down.
“One, two, three. Cut.”
Cater heaves a sigh, before plopping down next to you, flicking through the shots. He remarks on the angle, asking if you could darken the room, maybe make him appear a bit more slimmer, and the list went on. You try to edit the best you could, fingers tapping on the screen.
Something smooth slips it’s way into your fingers. One end of the black ribbon, connected to Cater’s Corset. You glance up at him, narrowing your eyes.
He smiles, a bit bashful. Faint red dusting his cheeks like glitter, glowing.
“Bet you’ve been a fan of me, at one point. Maybe seen me in your fantasies.“
He wraps a hand around yours, forcing your fingers around the ribbon. Gripping it tightly.
“Isn’t this… a good chance? You can do whatever you want to me.
I’ll take it all, if it’s by your hand.”
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rattlingmebonez · a day ago
Might as well make my first Twst post on this god awful app my appearance and body hcs for the characters, if you have a problem i quite literally do not give a shit
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
All of these were done on different days, some a few weeks apart then others so they may look a lil off (the most recent and last one was the Ignihyde one)
(Proshippers and Racists dni)
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treysimp · a day ago
Now Entering: TWST Thirst Zone
Twst Character's Body Hair Headcanons (who's forearms do I want to gnaw like a rottweiler with some rawhide?)
Tumblr media
If you want to know my reasoning:
Tumblr media
Body hair is cute and endearing and cuddly and soft and if you have it you are also all of those things. 🥰
Tumblr media
Lucious gorgeous soft body hair oh my god hold me:
TREY, Deuce, Sebek, JACK, Leona, Malleus, VARGAS
Has no body hair, is bitter about it:
EPEL, Ortho (maybe someday Idia will build it for you buddy)
Has no body hair, is smug about it:
Azul, Jade, Floyd, RIDDLE, Lilia, Crowley, NEIGE
Has no body hair, spends a ton of time removing it:
VIL, Jamil, Cater, CREWEL
Has a ton of body hair, it's so pale you can only see it in the sunlight:
KALIM, Ace, Ruggie, ROOK, Idia, Silver, Trein
Cat (all hair):
Tumblr media
Honest question: do people want to be tagged in headcanons? I feel like people that ask for tags usually want actual fics rather than this silly BS, but I just don't want to be obnoxious mostly haha
Love you, reader!
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yuukels · 5 hours ago
Tumblr media
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moonymoss · 10 hours ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
I did the thing with the characters and the funny text posts please like it twisted fandom
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estcaligo · a day ago
Tumblr media
Peels and fries
First in "MasterChef Art" series
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takeachillpillshawty · 3 days ago
Hello again twisted wonderland community!
After being here for two months I have some personal headcannons for some of the twisted wonderland boy
Also some of these will be on crack territory.
Riddle Rosehearts
Riddle is a sheltered kid, he has mommy issues and the list goes on, I like to think that at a certain time at NRC ( after his overbolt) while still being house warden tries to connect with his inner child. Buying some stuff he wanted as a kid, watched stuff he wasn't allowed as a kid.
Following up on this MAN'S DOESN'T KNOW HOW TO RIDE A BIKE. His mother thought that it was a waste of time, the topic probably was brought up when some Heartslabyul studs where reminiscing on old childhood memories.
Ace: Yeah, see this scar here? I was seven and crashed by bike into the mailbox across my house! Man good times.
Cater: lucky. My mom still had me using training wheels till I was twelve.
Riddle: wait you guys have bikes?
Trey: of course, everyone has them. You know how to ride a bike right Riddle?
Trey: riddle?
Riddle: ...............
Cater: Oh you poor baby.
Ace doesn't let him live it down.
I don't know why but I think he might be lactose intolerant.
Ace also doesn't let him live that down.
Riddle: ACE! how many times so I have to tell you! No Ice cream on the second week of tuesday!
Ace: At least I can enjoy Ice cream!
* riddle's overbolt starting*
Trey Clover
Man's watch hells kitchen for his own sick amusment, along with Jamil of course!
Probably made it his life goal to beat cooking mama in under one hour.
Named all his cutlery after students at NRC
Made things out of cake to piss people off.
Ace needing to take a shit: OH FUCK! where's the bathroom.
Trey : over here.
* rushes to the bathroom*
Ace not a minute later: HOW IS THE TOILET MADE OUT CAKE?!
Trey laughing like absolute menace that he is.
Shares cooking tips with Jamil.
Puns. I don't know why but. Puns.
After Grim ate all of Trey's tarts.
Riddle: that cat! If we start making tarts now it won't be ready for the unbirthday party!
Trey doing the anime glasses thing: guess you can say.
Riddle : Trey please.
Trey: that is a-
Riddle: Trey Clover you are the only person I trust with my life. We need those tarts, Trey. I'm going to have a break down.
Trey: I'm sorry, it's not the PURRfect time for me to be joking. It's a CATastrophic mess in here.
* Riddle overbolt number 15*
Cater Diamond
He was that one kid who thought that they were the main protagonist back in highschool.
Gay mentally ill theatre kid.
Has said " Yas" " Slay" " it's the ____ for me. " "You go girlboss" " this shit made my pussy pop. " at least once.
Riddle 's 12 reason why.
Called Riddle a short king once. ( he's not wrong though.)
Really good at makeup.
Says thing out of context some times.
Deuce: you like Jamils cooking huh?
Cater without skipping a beat: It makes my bootyhole itch but I like it.
Has ranked all of the guys in NRC from least attractive to most. (Yes. Even the staff.)
Ace Trappola
That weird kid that though he was a werewolf when he was 12
Has a Lego set
"Want to see me give Riddle an overblot? Wanna see me do it again?"
Has a dirty mind, can't convince me other wise.
Has a lot of accidents growing up. Fell down the stairs 10 times a year, dislocated a joint in his body. You make it.
One brain cell. Why? Deuce and Yuu( Yasty) are in charge of it.
A huge nerd but doesn't want to admit it.
Deuce Spade
Mama boy
Is very proud of his mom. Would show her off like a parent showing off their kids.
" my mom made me this shirt for Christmas!, My mom is great at cooking! There was this one time, My mom loves that show! We used to watch everyday when I was a kid! "
He loves his mom so much it's adorable.
He gives me Pokemon fan vibe ( or the Twisted version of it.)
The kind of person singing while doing dishes.
Leona kingscholar
Laziest motherfucker in the world.
You know when you mom ask you to get something that's literally in arm reach? Leona.
Ruggie purposely puts thing out of arms reach just to get him of his ass.
Leona is unfortunately a very stubborn and petty bitch.
The remote to the tv is in the other room? He liked watching golf anyways, His sandwich on the coffee table? He'll starve I guess, the soda in the cooler? Don't worry he heard about some stupid herbivore survived dehydration with only his piss he'll be fine.
Now Leona isn't that lazy. He can and could get his stuff , he's either doing it to be an Ass, out of pettiness, or sheer spite.
That one person that pick up stuff with their toes.
Has clothes on his bed. Used it for pillows once or twice.
Trick Cheka into doing stuff for him.
Leona: hello pipsqeak. Wanna play a game?
Cheka: YEAH!
Leona: I need you to do this dangerous mission for me. But I'm afraid you can't do it... Only a brave cub can. Oh I just don't know-
Cheka: I CAN DO IT! Let me do it uncle Leona, pleeeeeaaaase! I'M a big cub just like you!
Leona: okay here's the list- I mean the the scroll of things you need on your journey young cub, go.
Ruggie: you gave a child your chores to do.
Leona: yes.
Jack: wow. What next, your gonna dress him up and make him attend your classes.
Leona: that's actually not a bad Idea.
Ruggie: Don't give him ideas!
Ruggie Bucchi
As a person that suffer broke bitch syndrome, he has to learn some hacks to survive. I like to think the reason why he doesn't get clothes in his size is because of the money. Why buy a uniform his size, when you can buy a bigger one to last until fourth year.
Believes wasting food is a sin, he doesn't care about your background.
He was that one kid that was like " wow. Can I have some? My mom never let me have that. "
Don't ask his opinion on food especially the taste, ( this man ate dandelions) he'll chug a glass of milk that's a few days gone and still think it's good.
Has eaten weird shit.
Leona: hey Ruggie, what the Fuck are you eating?
Ruggie having the best time in his life: peanut butter and jelly, with m&m and salami. It's great want some?
Leona generally worried: my brother in Christ, that looks like liquid ass.
Ruggie still eating: hahaha, rich people.
Man's know how to sew, find bargains, and spend within a budget.
That one person that won't hesitate taking a hundred million dollar for doing the most devious acts
Azul joking: okay, Ruggie. For a hundred million dollars would you slap either Cheka or Yuu (Yasty)
Ruggie dead serious: in a heart beat.
Azul low-key scared: what.
Ruggie staring Azul dead in the eyes: I'll slap the shit out of either of them. I don't care. Man, woman, child, gay, straight, human, beastmen, grannies or grandpa. I don't care if your gonna die after I slap you. I. NEED. THE. MONEY.
Azul very scared: even your own mother?
Ruggie: even my mama would be proud.
Floyd in the background: naw guppy ain't playin.
Has mega blocks instead of legos
Jack Howl
Oh God I don't know much about him shhhhhiiii
Nice boi good boi
Gets call sir more than his name.
Due to him being large for his age he was given more responsibility even when he was young.
Riddle has questioned his life realizing that Jack is one year younger than him.
Is the one in babysitting duties when Cheka is a round.
Remember the " Wake up Hank it's me Connor" meme? That how he wakes up Leona.
A lot of students ask for him to lift them.
Epel trains with Jack all the time. Sees him as a big brother.
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incompete-chaos · 2 days ago
Want some Twisted Wonderland art?
Sweet cause I reread Rose Red Tyrant and went on a drawing spree. So here’s a head shot of everyone who was in it that had eyes!
(Idk if Crowley counts as having eyes but he’s there anyway sooo)
Tumblr media
Also when I got to this part-
Tumblr media Tumblr media
I simply had to draw it because I was laughing too hard at his determination to dig his own grave
Tumblr media Tumblr media
(That’s my prefect Zion next to Ace btw)
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the-trinket-witch · 2 days ago
Twisted Fears? Twisted Archives? What I'm trying to say is, "NEW AU ROLLING OUT"
So since I’ve gotten into TWST, I’ve also been wrangling my residual Magnus Archives Brainrot. I’d finished it just as I hopped aboard, and it’s seeped into my enjoyment of this fandom too. For those who aren't into 🏳️‍🌈 Horror podcasts, The Magnus Archives takes the idea of Primal Fear, separates them into 14 Eldritch Powers, akin to deities, and they have tangible power and presence in our world. Their influence is brought onto others by way of Avatars-humans and artifacts that have been touched by and can use powers from that Fear. 
Now With That all in mind, The AU/concept I've been drawing is more or less answering the question: Which Twisted Wonderland Characters would be touched by different fears to be Its Avatar?
This is more of a personal writing project, BUT, I am more than happy to accept requests or prompts regarding it. It is predominantly going to be a Horror AU, with possible Yandere themes. I’ll be accepting requests, headcanons and Ideas for this so send them my way! I'll be editing this periodically when I add new art to this project, so keep an eye out on that.
As for the Listed Avatars and Domains, I have:
Azul: The Buried-Fear of tight spaces/suffocating/drowning/overwhelment/everything crashing down around you.
Lilia: The Vast-Fear of Falling/too wide open space/the feeling of insignificance against things MUCH bigger than you
Cater: The Lonely-Fear of isolation/fully being cut off from others and society
Yuu/MC: The Stranger-Fear of The Uncanny/unfamiliar
Leona: The Corruption-Fear of decay/filth/corruption
Riddle: The Desolation-Fear of destruction/pain/burning
Floyd: The Slaughter-Fear of wanton/unmotivated violence/pain coming any random moment
Jade: The Spiral-Fear of being lied to/madness/deception
Jamil: The Web-Fear of being controlled/trapped/being unaware of one's own entrapment
Rook: The Hunt-Fear of being seen/pursued as Prey.
Vil: The Flesh-the insignificant feeling knowing we are just Meat and Bone/Feelings of body dysmorphia/body image discomfort
Idia: The Eye-The fear of being watched/having secrets exposed/the drive for knowledge even at personal cost
Ortho: The End-Death…
Malleus: The Dark-self explanatory/fear of what we can't see lurking in the dark/the unknown
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twst-drabbles · 18 hours ago
Cater 4
Summary: An age filter made Cater a little more sentimental than he realized.
(Oh boy this one be an emotional one! He caught feelings bad without realizing it.)
Tumblr media
It’s become something of a game to Cater, to add in new apps and try out all sorts of strange filters just to see how they would interact with you. At first, this was all nothing more than something to entertain his audience with. He had a blast reading the comments trying to decipher all those glitched photos he posted.
When someone managed to figure out that this was caused by someone rather than a faulty camera, he had to confirm it, and his views only blasted off from there. Of course, he had to feed into it, claiming that, “Come on guys! You’re giving my cosmic lover too much power!”
With your permission of course. Seems you like to cause mischief as well. Thank you for existing, Prefect!
Of course, all trends must die off and the excitement of this joke eventually ran its course. Though that doesn’t stop him from taking pictures with all of these custom made filters.
“Prefect,” Cater poked his head into your class, knowing you like to stick around even though you have free time, “I have another filter I want to try!”
You languidly looked up, “Oh, again? What is it?”
He couldn’t keep the pep from his step. Did he look a bit too giddy? Yeah, probably, but that’s doesn’t matter. You’re the only one here after all.
“Just an age filter, nothing weird this time,” Cater said as he slid an arm over your shoulder, adjusting himself for the perfect angle. “Just wanted to see how we’d look if we were old.”
“I see,” you leaned your head against his, as per his insistence, but he froze at the warmth, “Well? Go on.”
He hates to admit how his finger slipped and nearly dropped his phone. Cater scrambled to grip his phone before a fuzz of warped colors blew out from his peripheral. A thin tendril slipped out from between the both of you, skimming his right over his tight waist before gripping the phone.
You pressed it back into his hand before retracting your extra limb. “There we go.”
“Th-” Cater coughed into his hand, trying to calm his flushed face. He doesn’t want to look at a selfie with that kind of face. “Thank you. Alright, say cheese!”
There’s a click and Cater flipped his phone to see what he got. His skin was shivering with embarrassment still, but it was silenced in favor of taking in every little detail of this photo. Of this perfectly clear, perfectly unblemished photo.
There he was, his hair grayed out, wrinkles all over the place with a longer nose, with you by his side, looking just as old.
“Hmm?” You leaned over his shoulder to get a look, “Something wrong with it?”
Cater propped his elbows on the desk. “…I’ll never get to see you looking like this, right?”
He should be laughing, he should be entertained at the amount of wrinkles this filter decided to give you compared to him. But something in his chest hurt when he saw you and him sitting in that photo, aged together. Like an old couple, like people that have known each other for years and years on with nothing to get in the way.
He knows you and him don’t run on the same time. You’ll see him old, but he can’t say the same for you. He was so disconnected from the concept that he simply shrugged it off, as though it was just another fact of life rather than something capable of hurting.
Cater thought this would be fleeting. That you’d come here, that you’d be friends, that you’d hang out occasionally, and then you’d go back home no problem.
Nothing about that has changed, and yet why is his throat gripping him so tightly?
“Even if you don’t go home, you don’t age like I do. When I’m in the grave, I bet you won’t look one year older.” The words tumbling out of him scare him. He’s exposing too much, he can feel heat from behind his eyes. So Cater clamps himself shut on that faucet with a simple brushoff, “Man, how lucky is that? I bet you’ll get to see so much when you live as long you do!”
When you brushed the back of your hand against his cheek, a whimper got caught in his chest.
“It can’t be helped, Cater,” please, stop carding your fingers through his hair. Don’t make him show more than he already has. “It’s why I try and enjoy myself, whenever I can, even when I know we’ll eventually part.”
Cater hunched over himself, protecting his phone as though it’ll protect his sore heart. “Sorry…”
“It’s okay, it’s okay.”
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jadeleechisagoodboy · a day ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
I literally just wanted Azul…
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lemonandlime22 · a day ago
Part 12 Randomly Generated incorrect Quotes ( Twisted Wonderland I Third years) ✨double the quotes✨ (one was changed)
Vil: When life gives you lemons, what do you do? Trey: Make lemonade! Vil: No, throw them back up in the sky and make life deal with it’s own shit.
Rook: *holding a salt packet* It’s just a little sodium chloride. Trey: Actually Rook, it’s salt. Rook: That’s what I said, sodium chloride. Trey: Uh Rook, that would be salt. Trey: *takes salt packer from Rook* This is iodized table salt, which in addition to sodium chloride contains anti-caking agents and potassium iodate, which is added to prevent iodine deficiency. So not only are you being overly pretentious by insisting on using scientific terminology for everyday items, you are factually wrong. Your arrogance is your downfall, you annoying little shit.
Lilia: You can't wake up if you never got to sleep.
Vil: So... what’s goin’ on? Lilia: You want the long version or the short version? Vil, hesitantly: The short one, I guess? Lilia: Shit’s fucked. Vil: Oh. Well, yeah, that’s definitely not an optimal situation.
Cater: Yeah I'm LGBT. Cater: cuLt leader. Cater: God hates me personally. Cater: cowBoy hat. Cater: *sniffles* Trying my best.
Malleus: Hey. Leona: Hey? Malleus: I can't sleep. :/ Leona: I can. Goodnight.
Idia: Ok, first of all, what the fuck?
Trey, to the Squad: I’d die for you. Vil: Then perish. Leona: You will. Rook: Please don’t. Malleus: Cool. Cater: I’d die for you first.
Lilia: The only straight I am is a straight-up badass.
Cater: The only straight I am is a straight-up badass.
Trey: *sharpens knife* We've got ways of making people talk. Trey: *cuts piece of cake* Idia: ...Can I have some? Trey: Cake is for talkers.
Idia: What the fuck is wrong with you?? Rook: What? No good morning? Idia: Good morning, what the fuck is wrong with you??
Lilia: Even Leona and I have been getting closer. The other day, they gave me half of their sandwich. Leona: I mistook them for a garbage can.
Leona: I have the sharpest memory here - name one time I forgot something! Malleus: You left me, Trey, and Vil in a Walmart parking lot at 2am a day ago. Leona: I did that on purpose, try again.
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