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Shrimpy's At It Again | Octavinelle
"Oh no--it’s happening again."
"What’s happening again?"
"The prefect--they're-"
"What, Ace? Spit it out!"
Ace looked at Deuce with wide, panicked eyes.
"They're obsessed with pickup lines again..."
~ In which shrimpy recalls their old love of pick up lines—now it’s a full frontal assault on the Octavinelle student they love most ~
"Are you an octopus? Because you octopi my thoughts."
The way Azul blushes and sputters has you laughing into the palm of your hand, trying to hide how amused you are by his reaction. Contrawise, the merman in question glares at you and adjusts his glasses, desperate to save face.
"Please, prefect, spare me your-"
"D'ya know why the ocean is so salty, Azul?" You interrupt. He huffs, still glaring at you with a rather pink hue to his ears.
"Because precipitation causes minerals on land to-"
"Because all the sweetness left when you arrived on land, get it? I'm calling you sweet," you coo. He makes a scoffing sound, burying his face behind his gloved hand.
“Not funny."
"I'm not joking. It's also salty because, of all the millions of fish in the sea, I'm the one who gets to sit here with the Azul Ashengrotto in his very own VIP room."
He seems to have taken up the strategy of ignoring you, vigorously writing something down as an excuse to look away. Not having it, you continue.
"You know, you always dress so nicely--what's your jacket made out of, Azul? Boyfriend material?"
"It's twill."
"Are you sure? It really looks like boyfriend-"
“It's twill!" He snaps, and you laugh.
"Oh Zulie, you're as lovely as a pearl, you know that? That jacket looks amazing on you, but I'm not so sure twill is for you."
His nose twitches at that comment. "Oh yeah?"
"Yeah. You'd look much better in my arms."
He stands abruptly--so much so that, even though you expected him to reach his breaking point at some point or another, you still jump in your seat. "That's it. If you try another smooth line on me, Prefect, I'm gonna take that as a sign you want another contract with me-"
"I do," you say, unable to resist the opportunity. "A marriage contract."
His face goes stoic and he falls silent, giving you a long and almost icy look. Finally, something seems to snap within him--whether it be a burst of confidence or just his typical business-savvy nature coming forward, a smug smile crosses his lips and you no longer feel like you're standing in front of that adorable octopus you love to tease so much.
"That so?" he asks lightly. "Well, I've always been a guy with an eye for a bargain..."
Now it's your turn to get flustered. He carelessly moves his papers aside, leaning across his desk until he was mere inches from your face.
"Careful what you wish for, Prefect." He whispers. "My heart comes at a price."
"I think it's a fair exchange for you both stealing my heart and taking my breath away, Mr. Ashengrotto," you reply cheekily and--oh--he was flustered again.
"You—you just don’t know when to quit, do you?” he stammers, taking a step back. You giggle and stand, following him until you’re the one leaning over his desk.
“What can I say, Zulie? I think you’re very tenta-cool! And, y’know, other marine pick up lines…”
What Azul would come to learn is, when it comes to pick up lines, there was just no out-doing you at your own game.
"Kiss me if I'm wrong but-"
You’re cut off by a smooch. Right on the lips. Before you could even finish the dang pick up line. When Floyd pulls away, he’s grinning widely at you--not an ounce of shame or regret on his face, unsurprisingly.
"Floyd, you didn't let me finish."
"I just decided you were gonna be wrong. Felt like it."
"Oh, okay."
What... what now?
"Could I borrow a kiss? I promise I'll give it-"
"You really need to let me finish, for my own self esteem." You pout at him. "I'm trying to be cute here."
Floyd laughs, wrapping an arm around you and pulling you into his side. "Shrimpy is always so cute! You don't need to try~"
"Well, duh, but--wait, you really think so?"
He said it so earnestly, it caught you off guard a bit. Your pick-up-line game suffered from your embarrassed state.
"If you were a vegetable, you'd be a cute-cumber…?”
"Nevermind," Floyd snickers at you. "Not cute. You probably should try now."
"Floyd!" You growl. "Nevermind, I quit. Using pick up lines on you is impossible-"
"Where are you going?"
"To platonically seduce your brother with my cute-cumber line. I bet he'll think I'm a riot."
"Oh no you don't~!"
Long arms wrap around your body before you can get away, and you feel yourself being pulled tight against someone's chest. Not content with just a simple hug, Floyd drags you back to your previous seat and sits you in his lap, arms caging you in.
"Forget about the pick-up lines Shrimpy," he coaxes, poking your cheek. "Let's just skip to the part where I get kiss from you, m'kay?"
You pout at him. You suppose you'll have to feed him some of your better lines some other time--after all, there was no way you were going to pass up on an opportunity like this.
Smooch ♡
"Ooh, hey Jade!"
You flag down the poor eel in the midst of his job, darting between tables and doing everything from serving drinks to managing the kitchens. He still stops for you, looking quite relieved to have an excuse to stop his ridiculously efficient pace.
"Oho, if it isn't our dearest Prefect. How can I help you?"
"You dropped something."
Jade's eyes widen, face going adorably blank at your words. "Dropped something?"
As if he couldn't believe it, he gave you a long look before casting his eyes to the ground, looking for whatever it was he might have dropped. After a quick survey of the area his eyes turn back to you, lips parted.
"Tell me Prefect, what is it that I have dropped?"
"Your standards," you reply, laughter bubbling from your lips before you could even finish the line. "Hi, I'm the human of your dreams, nice to meet you!"
Again, Jade's face goes blank. Then, a slow smile curls on his lips, and time seems to stop as he places a curious hand under his chin and watches you with smug, half-lidded eyes.
"The human of my dreams, you say?" He muses delicately. "Why, what an audacious line you've just fed to me."
"I have even more," you promise sincerely, shaking a little in anticipation of a full-on rejection. Instead, Jade completely neglects the path he'd been on and takes the free seat across from you, gesturing for you to continue.
"Oh, um..." you hadn't expected him to stay. "Since we're here, why don't you tell me your favorite drink? I need to know what drink to buy you on our first date."
A grin flickered on his lips. "How contextual."
"By the way, could we take a picture together? I want to show Ace and Deuce what my next boyfriend looks like."
"Alas--so you've chosen Floyd?" Jade said dramatically. He chuckles when your face falls momentarily, but you pick yourself back up again.
"Don't get me wrong--I'm not much of a photographer, but I can picture you and me together."
"Then again, you must be the camera in this scenario--every time I look at you, I smile."
He smiles quietly at you. You can't deny that the sweet look on his face was melting your heart probabaly faster than any line of yours could melt his.
...if only you knew...
"Maybe you're not a camera," you muse. "Are you, perchance, a parking ticket? Because you've got fine written all over you."
Jade chuckled.
"So fine," you continue. "That if you were words on a page, you'd be what they call fine print."
"You're the most interesting person I've ever met," he says sincerely, still chuckling under his breath. You flush--Jade used 'flirt back', it's super effective! The prefect takes 100 damage!
"You must be a taser then... you really are just... stunning..." you mumble.
Jade's laughter grows. You fire off a few more pickup lines at him, and soon, he's standing quickly, looking over his shoulder, trying to compose himself but seeming unable to do so. He darts around the table by your side and plants a sweet kiss on your cheek, leaving you speechless.
"I've got to go before Azul catches me slacking," he says, amusement still heavy in his voice. "But we'll continue this later, won't we? I believe you've promised me a drink on our first date."
You watch him get back to work, mesmerized by the lingering sensation of the kiss on your cheek.
...You were gonna need more pick up lines, especially if that was the sort of reward you'd get in return.
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Jealousy, Jealousy - Rook, Jade, Malleus
Isn't usually.
He loves you, and he knows you love him.
Why would Rook be jealous when you’re together almost every night?
And he knows where you’ve been all day.
He knows that your pupils don’t dilate when you talk to other people, just him.
In the event that a friend got too touchy, he is more concerned about your comfort, rather than jealously.
If you spend so much time away from him doing studies, he recites poems until you tell him to stop moping and you study together.
But you usually spend the night over, or he goes over to you.
So whatever the reason he is jealous for, Rook doesn’t like it.
Watches you to see if you’ll walk away from whatever because you saw Rook, and then goes up to you to swoop you away.
Isn’t aggressive, but is bolder with you.
Has a hand holding yours more, kisses you more, is around you A LOT
It doesn’t matter how small your tasks are, he’s coming with you.
Dotes on you more.
Can he do anything to help you? Are you tired, do need some water? A snack perhaps? Do your feet hurt, do you want to sit down?
Will even give you tips on your homework and practice potions with you.
And that’s how you know. Jade studies with you, sure. And yeah, he gives you tips, but it’s much more fun watching you fail and pout before he helps you actually make a potion.
But he isn’t an ass, and just helps this time.
Will take you to the small town off campus and spend a day with you. You can go to shops, get ice cream, go to the beach, or Whatever else people do in town.
It’s suspicious how he’s being more sweet than usual, so when you ask if you forgot a special day or something
“Not at all. I just wanted to keep you with me. I thought that maybe we weren’t spending so much time together.”
It’s such a normally posed sentence, but the past week, Jade picked you up from class. He doesn’t do that.
And Floyd got pissed at you because he visits Jade between classes and he didn’t find Jade and it’s your fault.
They toast.
Is pouty, but tries to hide it. You can see it though.
Malleus does not like the feeling of jealousy.
As he puts it, Malleus doesn't like you being away from him for so long because what if something happened to you? What if you told him you'd be in the alchemy lab and you weren't there?
And it's because 'someone needed help with something.'
Dear, that's sweet of you, but don't worry him like that.
Dotes on you more than usual, and gifts you random things. Sometimes it's flowers he twisted into a crown, other times it might be an item from a picture you took a screenshot of.
Spends wayy more time with you.
Anytime you need him or not, he's there.
And nobody, nobody, is getting too close to you.
Will almost hit them with a shot put ball because they were asking you too many questions.
You're with him more than anyone else, and he knows you love him, so Malleus likes to call it 'being protective of you', rather than a term like jealousy.
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【 noble gentlemen; octavinelle 】
— or, the noble gentlemen series, in which the genre of the world is historical fantasy, and you and the twst boys are citizens of a distant magical land !
word count: 2.3k
details: gn! reader, 2nd person pov, hcs/drabbles, can be read as romantic or platonic !!
note: it's currently my birthday in my timezone, thus i'm unveiling the first of this new series >:DD we've gotta give it up for floyd, it was him who gave me the idea of writing a historical fantasy au, which led to me doing the rest of them sjdkfsjf
[ part one out of seven | the noble gentlemen series ]
Tumblr media
Out of all the unconventional nobles that existed, you had to admit that the rumors of the “Heretic Leech” piqued your interest more than others. His interruptions at parties were always interesting to listen to, though you found yourself wary to actually be in his company.
Yet ironically, the first time you met Floyd was at a grand party. There was a loud crash, and a servant kneeling in front of a man, profusely apologizing. There were whispers around you, and you barely caught the words “Oh Sevens, he’s doing it again.” before the man grabs the servant by the collar.
His voice was low and menacing as he spoke, "These shoes are my favorite y'know..." You swallowed, half-terrified at finally meeting the madman everyone denounced.
The servant looked halfway to fainting when the man suddenly started giggling, "Ju~st kidding! They were my favorite, I don't like them anymore." The room reluctantly resumed its earlier festivities as he patted the servant, "Your face was so funny I couldn't help myself~"
Unluckily, he caught your stare and a lazy grin showed up on his face. "You wanna play too~?" He crooned, walking up to you in big strides. Oh no. No, no, no. It was no good to get involved with someone nicknamed the "Heretic Leech".
But before you could walk away, he grabbed your hand and pulled you to the middle of the ballroom. He danced, haphazardly bumping into the others and grinning at you so brightly it was impossible to know what he was thinking and from that moment on, Floyd Leech started becoming a part of your life.
Floyd would always put on "performances" at any parties you two attended. These performances include tap dancing on the dining tables, as well as using his utensils to drum on crystalline cups. The others definitely don't appreciate it of course, but Floyd seemed to revel in the chaos that he created, smiling broadly at you.
"Eh~ Don't be such a spoilsport," He would pout, whenever you said that you saw guards coming. You actively weren't trying to spoil his fun, you just didn't want him to get arrested. (And as his sort-of-accomplice, you’d get arrested too.) But well...Floyd was the type of person that would think prison is fun.
Mood swings happen often with this troublesome noble, and a smiling Floyd can turn into a frowning one in an instant. Although it confused you at first, you've learned that it's best to ask him what he wants when he gets into one of my moods.
"Ugh, I promised but...I don't wanna see you," Floyd said shortly, refusing to budge from where he was sitting in the tree. You nodded lightly, circling the tree to somewhere where he can't see you. You asked him if it's okay if you stay here. More often than not if his first request is fulfilled he would halfheartedly agree with your request. If you accidentally fall asleep under the tree, you'd probably wake up to a smiling Floyd poking at your cheek; his previous bad mood forgotten.
Floyd got hurt. A lot. Whether it be from exchanging fisticuffs with other nobles or falling out of the trees he so often climbs, Floyd always has some form of injury or another. (Not to mention injuries from his blood-stained side job that he kept away from you.) He somehow mastered the art of unlocking your window from the outside, often inviting himself in just to show you his new injury.
"Hey, you'll patch me up right?" Once you gave him an affirmation, he smiled, squeezing you tightly. "Man, you're the best!" Yes, yes, you were the best. But also, how would you explain to the others in your household the concerning amount of money you spent on medical supplies? (And you often wondered where he got these injuries. Surely there weren't that many people who were eager to pick fights with Floyd…unless…? Were the rumors of the Heretic being an assassin really true?)
Tumblr media
The name Jade Leech wasn't something unfamiliar. You've heard whispers that spoke of danger and death in darkened corners— a Reaper in all senses— and praises of an upstanding noble in prestigious gatherings. However, it wasn't until after the first meeting that you understood why people feared his name.
You had an unfortunate run-in with him late one night. And by unfortunate, you happened to be the sole witness of one of his assassinations.
You turned a corner. One second there had been a man in front of you, and in the next second, he had collapsed in a heap. You rushed to help him before a hand grasped your wrist.
The movement pulled you away from the body and a pair of mismatched eyes greeted you from the shadows. Your heart plummeted as you remembered the rumors, and you almost shivered as the man in the shadows spoke, "Oh, you poor unfortunate soul. If only you hadn't walked this way."
There was a sharp sting of something and your vision faded to black. When you woke up, you were safely tucked into your bed, with no recollection of how you got there. There was, however, a scented note on your bedside, "Do not run if you value your life." followed by the initials J.L.
Your attendant burst into your room soon after, "Master! Marquis Leech has sent you an offer to work with him!" And that was the start of your very dangerous employment with Jade Leech.
Jade obviously kept you on the more legal side of his business. But he still showed you hints of his more illegal dealings, leaving a bloody knife there, or a severed finger here. You tried telling him that it was unnecessary, not to mention unsanitary, and he blinked at you before bursting into laughter.
"My, so you aren't one to be easily scared, huh?" Jade smiled; something so disarmingly polite that it made you avert your eyes. "I'll have to keep that in mind for next time..." Wait...next time...? It wasn't until you spoke to those around him that you learn that the Jade Leech was fond of pranks. (That was, if you could call leaving people's body parts scattered around a prank.)
Jade Leech, assassin guild master extraordinaire, was a collector of rare plants. Your favorite part of your job as his new...assistant, was to water these plants in the greenhouse adjacent to his mansion. It was always damp and humid there, but you didn't mind, since you liked seeing the rarities that Jade ever so carefully grew.
"Are you fond of them?" Jade's voice startled you, and you looked up, wide-eyed, to see him standing not too far away from you. "Why don't you take one that suits your fancy? Oh, don't touch that one though. We use that to cultivate poison, fufufu~" You couldn't tell if he was joking or not, but you decided never to touch any plants you didn't recognize. Especially the strange mushrooms you found growing on a log underneath a tarp. Those looked...especially dangerous.
Jade seldom got hurt, but the one time that he did, he sought you for help. It was no surprise to you that he knew where you lived, but it was definitely a surprise to walk into your room and find your boss bleeding all over your floor. In a panic, you almost called your servants but he stopped you with a hand on your arm.
"Ngh... Apologies for...the intrusion. Yours was...the closest... The wound isn't deep..." Jade took a shallow breath, and his eyelashes fluttered in the moonlight. "I know...how to treat it. Would you...help me?" You bit your lip as you nodded, grabbing a cloth to staunch the blood.
After doing emergency first aid, you helped him stumble back to his house. Someone who looked identical to him— his twin, your mind supplied— took him from your arms and told you to wait in the drawing room. You just prayed that Jade would be okay… (After a few sleepless hours, Jade was good as new with the addition of a new scar on his side.)
Tumblr media
It was no secret that the biggest restaurants and bars were all under the Ashengrotto name. However, what caught your interest was the rumors of there being an information guild run by Lady Ashengrotto's son, a charismatic young man who created the guild from the ground up.
When you walked into the bar, you were surprised at how classy everything was. There was a buzz in the air as the customers laughed, drank, and dined. You tugged your hood over your head, making a beeline for the bar.
A silver-haired bartender gave you a smile as you settled into one of the high chairs, "What can we offer you tonight, dear customer?" You recite the words that others told you to say before: you can’t get something for nothing.
The bartender looks surprised for a moment before he recovered, "Because everything has a price. Let me lead you to the back, dear customer, and you can tell me what services you require."
When you tell him that you want to talk to the Azul Ashengrotto, the bartender laughed heartily. He turned to you, sliding on a pair of steel-framed glasses, "Well then, dear customer, you are now talking to the Azul Ashengrotto." He leaned forward, a charming smile on his face, "What kind of deal would you like to make with the devil?"
Azul was strange company. After your consultation with him, your contract stated that you are forbidden to seek him out. But it turned out to be quite the one-sided statement when Azul sought you out himself. You had to come up with various excuses for the people of your estate as to why Azul Ashengrotto was once again sitting in the drawing room for the nth time that week.
"What is it?" Azul's gloved fingers tapped on the table lightly. "Oh, are your people growing suspicious? Why don't you inform them that we have some business with each other?" As if it was that easy. Azul was supposed to be someone hard to reach, not someone who invited himself over to another's house almost daily.
It turned out that Azul would offer performances at one of his more high-end restaurants every once in a while. He sent you an invitation to one of these performances and well...it would be a waste to turn down such an invitation, right? Well, consider yourself amazed. His elegant playing and powerful singing voice had you at the edge of your seat.
"How was it, dear customer?" He had you escorted to his office after the show. "Did it match up to your expectations?" If you decided to earnestly compliment him, you'd find a strangely flustered expression on the usually unruffled gentleman's face. He would dismiss your observations as a trick of the light, but Azul Ashengrotto was surprisingly weak to praise. (He invited you to the next performance after that too. And the next one. And the next one—)
When Azul finally handed over a folder with all the information that you requested, it marked the end of your contract. You had paid half of the price in money, and the other half was to be repaid by favor of Azul's choosing. A dangerous way to repay something, you knew,  especially at the hands of someone notoriously scheming.
Azul carefully looked at the folder before flicking his eyes to your face, "Honestly, I could've delivered the information the week you hired me, but...you were a very amusing customer, so I got a bit too carried away." He smiled, something that touched his eyes for the first time, "My request to you is to keep in touch with me." Oh. That was a surprisingly sweet request. It was almost like—
"Oh, and let us rendezvous at least once a week," Azul chuckled. "The atmosphere at your house is very pleasant indeed." ...And there was the catch you were looking for. Well...it wasn't an impossible request. And besides, it wasn't such a bad thing to let the information guild master have tea at your house, right?
Tumblr media
[ bonus: how do these nobles know each other ? ]
— Jade and Floyd are naturally related. The Leech family businesses and the assassination guild were passed on to Jade when he became of age. With Floyd having no interest in doing the paperwork, he chose to work as an assassin instead. And because Jade was often engaged in maintaining these businesses, he lets Floyd attend any parties or invitations on his behalf.
— The main reason Floyd gets injured a lot is exactly because he's an assassin for hire. (Only for the best price, of course.) Half of his injuries are attributed to the resistance he faces in getting to his target. In return, Jade bails him out of any trouble he gets into.
— The two love wrecking the rhythm of high society, Floyd in the limelight of day and Jade through the cover of night. You could say that they're two peas in a pod in that sense. (And their nickname was the Twin Reapers...it just goes to show how much influence they had over the aristocrats of the city.)
— Jade and Azul met each other through mutual interest, being the leaders of two very lucrative guilds. They both agreed to merge their businesses together— after a thorough contract was written, naturally. Now the two essentially run the underground world together.
— Although they both run the underground together, Azul preferred killing as a last resort. He thought that it's better to corner a rat and use it to your advantage before finally disposing of it when you deem it past its usefulness. (Jade has since adopted that mentality when extracting information...)
— As for Floyd and Azul... Floyd thinks that Azul's restaurants were cool, so he part-timed there when he wants to get out of social gatherings. Azul appreciated the sentiment, but he preferred to put Floyd behind the bar or in the kitchen to limit the trouble he can get himself into. (The taller got himself into trouble anyway, being the thrill seeker he is.)
Tumblr media
thank you for reading !! i hope that you enjoyed these drabbles :D if you'd like to see more, you can check out my masterlist, or the rest of the noble gentlemen series !
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mymainwastoocluttered · 19 hours ago
Hi!! 🌻 Just found your blog today and it's so cool???
Can't choose my favorite story, between the ghost bride fic, the one with chubby Brasilian reader (Latin MC's unite!!), the rivalry with Jamil, any story with the tweels fjsgjskgd
I love the way you write Leona (⁠。⁠・⁠ω⁠・⁠。⁠)⁠ノ⁠♡
Also I wanted to request/suggest something? Ofc no pressure!
Could you maybe write more about the self aware twst boys? Maybe more characters with the kisses prompt or something different?
Either way, thanks for sharing your work, its truly lovely!!!
Take care hon, see ya 🌻
Oooooiiiiiiiii! Thank you so much (⁠。⁠・⁠ω⁠・⁠。⁠)⁠ノ⁠♡ Since you didn't specify what boys you wanted, I threw their names on a wheel and let two be picked.
Self Aware Twst Boys getting kisses for the good work (Jade, Kalim)
NOTE: I only write for female reader but everyone is welcome to read it!
— (⁠ ⁠╹⁠▽⁠╹⁠ ⁠)
— Jade
Jade almost drops the pen when he feels the soft lips press against his skin for the first time
He had not expected the Watcher to bless him of all people
He's happy, though, placing a hand on his chest where the kiss was bestowed
If he gets the kiss before his brother and/or Azul, he'll be terribly smug
His already stellar performance somehow goes up, and his mood skyrockets every time his efforts are rewarded with a kiss
Though if he gets a kiss at random while doing something other than being at class, he'll get flustered. It's not obvious unless you're really looking for it because he's good at hiding near others
— (⁠ ⁠╹⁠▽⁠╹⁠ ⁠)
His mushrooms have heard all about it
Floyd will be in a bad mood until he gets one too and Jade is more than happy to make it worse for the laughs
— Kalim
He honest to God squawks when he gets the kiss to his nose
Trein is not amused, but at least Kalim seems more focused on the lecture afterwards
Kalim's the type to brag without noticing, and then brag on purpose.
Jamil is not amused. He's also jealous but won't say anything because he just knows Kalim will start praying to the Overseer to kiss him do
Kalim does it anyway because he knows Jamil hasn't gotten a kiss
He's giving his all at school, at least, so Jamil's work is cut by a good percentage
It's the perfect way to motivate him
Kiss him outside the class and he'll smile so big the sun will weep
"Please, please, please kiss my best friend too–" "We are not friends–!"
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luxthestrange · 7 hours ago
TWST Incorrect quotes#191 Bagels
Once the octavinelle became friends with the ramshackle they fell for the ramshackle trio's charm like the others
Yuuken:...LET'S just recap. You STEAL my dorm, I DON'T have you arrested- I invite you into my home! I teach you about the joys of friendship! I'm forced to wait an hour...for BAGELS I didn't even WANT! *grabs the bag and shakes it* And then I come HOME to find you CHEWING on my sibling's FACE!? Azul/Jade/Floyd: We were kissing... Yuuken: GUILTY!
Tumblr media
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blushing-concubus · 5 hours ago
Imagine tall and teasing m! Reader with the fish mafia (YAY REQ OPEN!! YOUR WRITING IS EPIC)
I’m glad you like my writing so much! 
Honestly I had a lot of fun writing this, mostly because I'd kill to  see Jade blush, but that's neither here nor there.
Enjoy the headcanons! And thank you for Requesting!
Info: Cannon heights - Azul: 5’9”, Jade: 6’2”, Floyd: 6’2”. Yuu is reader, Tall Yuu (6’8”), Male Yuu (he/him)
Tw: Probably OOC (flustered) Tweels, flirty/teasing Yuu
Azul Ashengrotto
Azul is flustered beyond belief. He’s no stranger to being tested by people taller than him, but Yuu is a different case for multiple reasons.The main one being: He is Azul’s boyfriend, and as such, doesn’t hold back when it comes to making Azul blush.
Honestly Yuu could be sitting down in front of him and Azul would still be a flustered mess, trying to avoid walking near him thus he get pulled onto Yuu’s lap and be stuck there for the next half hour.
Yuu doesn’t show Azul mercy even when the two of them are attending lectures. Yuu is always saying or doing something to see pink dust across Azul’s face, it’s ruining his reputation for sevens sake! Having his tall ass boyfriend tap him against a wall to flirt with him is embarrassing to no end, and yet Azul can’t bring himself to do anything more than mildly scold Yuu for his actions in public.
All is forgiven when Yuu, being the tease he is, gives Azul little kisses before disappearing to who knows where. Probably to go and cause chaos with their first year friends. Azul will try and make them flustered back but more often than not he fails miserably.
Jade Leech
Jade doesn’t get flustered, at least not easily. It's hard to gain and keep his attention, the only things able to do so are his mushrooms and his boyfriend. Said boyfriend has quite a bit of height on him and a penchant for teasing, a breath of fresh air for Jade all things considered. Not many people have the gall to tease and flirt with the infamous vice warden of Octavinelle.
But Yuu is a special case, one that knows all the right buttons to push and when to get even the tiniest reaction out of Jade with practiced ease. Try all he likes Jade can only keep up the facade for so long when Yuu is playing with his hair and whispering god-awful mushroom based pickup lines into his ear. Eventually he will crack and the reaction is so worth it to them. Jade himself doesn’t mind too much either.
Unless it's done in public, he has a reputation to keep up. Cool, unwavering, and intimidating, being flustered and showing it is not anywhere near that facade. He might not show that ke cares to keep his mask up but that's still all part of the act. 
He truly does not like when Yuu makes any sort of attempt out in public. The only forms of affection he will accept are quick pecks and the vocational hand holding. Anything else and he runs the risk of a crack forming in his mask. Yuu knows better, and yet every once in a while they’ll try their luck and fail miserably.
Floyd Leech:
Floyd practically wears his emotions on his sleeve, even if they fluctuate at a mildly rapid pace, and as such he does become flustered somewhat easily. On a good day, that is. When he’s in a good mood he’s practically attached to Yuu, squeezing his taller boyfriend and whining if they need to separate for classes or he was given a task from Azul.
All Yuu really has to do is lean down and kiss him, or bite him, and Floyd is already blushing and giggling. He will return the favor a hundred fold, which practically leads to some form of love induced play-fighting.
This is often done in public purely because Floyd does not care. His reputation? It’ll still keep even if he’s seen making out with Yuu at the end of one of his basketball practices, not that he cares about his reputation so much either. As long as he can keep doing what he wants there's not any reason to care about anything except Yuu.
That's not to say Floyd is always okay with Yuu’s flirting and teasing. When he’s in a bad mood there's time where even he can’t cure Floyd of his foul temper and violent aggression. Being flirty and teasing would only serve to make any situation worse, it’s better to just let Floyd sort out his feelings on his own, while still being open to what he needs in the moment.
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superhamwriting · 7 hours ago
Jade Leech Yandere Profile
Template by @cinnamonest
Warnings: kidnapping, mention of force feeding, torture, humiliation, noncon, biting, bondage, one mention of breeding, branding, drugging, overstimulation
Reader is gender neutral with female genitalia
Tumblr media
Intelligence/Perceptiveness: 10
Brutality: 9.5
Physical capability: 7.5
Mental/emotional instability: 1.5
Restrictiveness: 9.5
Sexual sadism: 10
Stubbornness: 8.5
What are they generally like? Lucid, aware? Obsessive? How do they behave?
Totally obsessive. You’re on his mind all the time and it drives him fucking crazy
You could say he’s aware that normal people don’t kidnap others and think about ways to make them scream all day, he just doesn’t care
He and Floyd have lived their whole lives doing and taking whatever they want and they don’t plan to stop anytime soon
Jade doesn’t really feel love like other people. Both of the twins were raised with a warped perception of love and don’t really understand it completely
Jade loves his brother. He knows that much is true. But he feels something very different when he thinks of you. Since he doesn’t know what being in love feels like then this must be it, right?
How likely are they to kidnap their darling? How quickly will they do so?
Like 100%
If you’re the new interesting thing in his life then he needs to have you immediately
And of course he also has Floyd as support if he needs it
When those two work together, there’s really nothing they can’t do because everyone is too afraid to stop them
Some people aren’t as afraid of Jade because they don’t know him that well but everyone is afraid of Floyd
So when Jade finds you working late by yourself in one of the chem labs, he calls in his brother to stand guard while he goes in for the kill
As for the timeline, Jade is not a hesitant person. If he takes a special interest in you then he’ll kidnap you within a week or two
How difficult is it to escape from them? How do they keep you restrained? How do they deal with attempted escape? 
Impossible. Jade is incredibly smart and he knows all the tricks in the book. He never lets his guard down, always retaining his fake smile and personality. The only person to ever see the real Jade is Floyd, and even that is rare
You’re like an experiment to Jade. He likes to change up the way he keeps you restrained every so often just to see how you react. Often, you’ll have any number of limbs handcuffed to the bed posts. Sometimes he keeps you in a cage of his own design but his favorite is a small glass box where you’re completely exposed to him for days on end with not even enough room to sit down
The display case is often just used as a punishment, usually after you’ve just made an escape attempt. It’s covered in locks and impossible to escape. The only opening is a slot right by your mouth that he can open to shove some food down your throat
Other punishments can range from sexual to forcing you to try his new potion just to see what happens
How easy are they to trick, deceive, or manipulate?
Also impossible
Like I said before, Jade always has his guard up and would only ever lose face in front of his brother
He’ll let you play out your little act of trying to win him over but he won’t buy it for a second
Even if you do actually start to develop Stockholm syndrome and fall for him, he won’t believe you but he’ll go along with it
The only chance you have at earning more freedom would be to play along with him and be his perfect little plaything for several years. Then maybe you can have free roam of his room if you’re lucky
How lenient are they? What privileges can you have, and what will you be denied?
You’re nothing more than a pet to Jade but he still wants to keep you alive
When he’s in his best mood, you’re kept in his room with an ankle cuffed to the bed, but a long enough chain that you can reach the bathroom. He’ll also feed you three meals a day and maybe, if you’ve been really good, he’ll let you read some of his plant books
He also knows that humans need exercise in order to thrive. Once a week, in the dead of night, he’ll sneak you over to the pool and let you swim for an hour. But of course pool time is also terrifying since Jade is hovering over your shoulder in his eel form
Of course this all goes out the window if you put a toe out of line. You’ll learn the hard way to appreciate what you have
What kind of rules do they have? What kind of punishment would they use?
What rules does he not have is the real question. The only thing Jade lets you do on your own is breathe
He will drill into you the obedience of a well trained dog
Eat the food you’re given or else you won’t eat for days. Don’t complain about anything or it will be taken away. Don’t speak unless spoken to or you’ll be gagged
Just normal healthy relationship stuff
How do they deal with rivals, or perceived rivals? Will they get rid of them? Will they kill them themselves, or find another way?
This is not a problem for Jade
He already wiped you off the grid when he kidnapped you and people gave up looking after a month
Sure there are some people like Ace and Deuce who are more heartbroken than others but it’s not like they’re going to come and vent their troubles to Jade Leech
He would get annoyed if people are still talking about you after a while
He wants everyone to just forget about you and leave you completely isolated
On the off chance he does hear someone drop your name, he can get them to shut up by simply bumping shoulders and apologizing with that sinister smile of his
That would make anyone clam up
How easy is it to make them mad? What does their anger look like?
Jade’s patience is seemingly never ending
Growing up with Floyd, he pretty much had to have the patience of a saint so as not to invoke his brothers temperament
If Jade were ever to get angry for any reason, you would honestly have a very low survival rate
He wouldn’t intentionally kill you but it is very possible
Since everything he does is planned and meticulous, if he were to succumb to his rage then even he couldn’t say what he might do
But that would never happen so no need to worry!
Do they see you as above them, beneath them, or equal to them?
Jade already sees everyone who isn’t a merperson as being below him, but you’re a human and you can’t even use magic. How much more pathetic can you get?
So yes, you are definitely far below him
Really, you should be thankful you have him to watch over you. First you were relying totally on Crowley and since you clearly can’t take care of yourself, surely Jade is the lesser of two evils, right?
He mostly treats you as a pet/ science experiment but that doesn’t mean he’s a total monster
Since Jade can sustain himself on the shrimp bar at the dining hall, he usually uses his free staff meal at Mostro Lounge to bring you something nice if he’s so inclined
Otherwise you’ll share his food which is mostly raw shrimp (yum)
In his endless kindness, he also takes you to the pool in the middle of the night so you can get your exercise
“You humans do tend to accumulate fat quite quickly, don’t you?”
Don’t think you have any chance of escape once your in the water. Jade is in there in his eel form and there is no universe in which you can outswim Jade
How determined are they for you to love them? How hard will they try to make it happen? Or are they content just having you?
It would be a pleasant surprise if you were to start loving him, but he’s not expecting it by any means
He himself probably wouldn’t tell you that he loves you until a year passes. He also wouldn’t believe you if you said it back, at least the first hundred times. He might have some trust issues
Once he does believe that you love him then he’ll use your feelings to find new and interesting ways to torture you
What do you mean you don’t want to clean the floor with a toothbrush? Don’t you want him to be happy?
He always believed that love was a weakness but your love for him gives him power. Who is he to deny you?
Bonus: Is there anything that makes them unique, in comparison to other yanderes?
Among all the yanderes at nrc, Jade is pretty much unmatched. The only ones who may even hold a candle to him would be Idia and maybe Riddle on a bad day
But Jade is mean as a yandere. You are a worthless, magicless human. You’re lucky he even bothers to give you the time of day
Another unique aspect of his is his relationship with his brother
Jade would move mountains for Floyd and vice versa so if Floyd is having a bad day and needs to let off some steam then Jade will graciously volunteer you
Jade does like having you for himself so it wouldn’t be a very frequent occurrence. Not to mention that your body probably couldn’t handle being Floyd’s punching bag very often
But Jade is sure to remind you afterwards that you’re so lucky to be his toy instead of his brothers. You should be thanking him, really
General perverseness: how sexual of a person are they? What’s their drive like? How touchy do they get? Do they have any reservations about sexuality?
Jade is really not a super sexual person. For him, sex is the most vulnerable he could possibly be and he is not about that
But he’s more than willing to torture you! He’ll tie you to the bed with a vibrator pressed against your clit until you pass out in a pool of your own cum. Only then when he knows he’s safe will he relieve himself
He mainly uses sex as a punishment for you but sometimes when he’s fed up with Azul or he took on a bigger workload when Floyd was pouting, he’ll take his frustrations out on you
He ensures his safety by completely tying you up with either handcuffs or rope, leaving you entirely at his mercy
While full on sex is very rare with Jade, it’s enough to leave you worn out for days on end. Even if you could escape, you doubt your legs could carry you
How forceful are they? Do they care about your willingness?
Couldn’t care less. You’re his toy so why should he even bother caring about what you want? Kick and scream all you want but that will only make it worse for you in the long run
He actually thinks it’s quite cute when you put up a fight. He’s a natural predator so of course he’ll win in the end. If he’s feeling extra mean he might even let you think that you’ve won for a second
The game is over if you actually manage to land a hit on him, though. Obviously you won’t do any damage, but he’ll need to remind you of your place if you start to get too bold
If you do play along then he won’t have to hurt you too badly, but where’s the fun in that?
What sort of kinks or fetishes do they have, or would they fill?
We know that Jade messes around with a lot of different plants and potions but when he found one combination that had you on your knees begging him to fuck you, that definitely unlocked something in him
The sight of you so desperate for him just over one little potion is something he could easily get used to
Hes really just into anything that results in you crying, covered in marks from him and begging him to stop
Maybe the biggest thing that gets him worked up is the sight and taste of your blood. His razor sharp teeth are perfect for drawing little droplets of blood wherever he decides to bite down
He tries not to indulge himself too often because when he gets a taste of you his instincts kick in and urge him to keep going until you’re bruised and bloody and on the brink of death
What kind of (nsfw) punishments would they use?
If you weren’t confined to his room then he would definitely like to publicly humiliate you. Unfortunately, he’ll have to make do with just humiliating you in front of himself and Floyd on occasion
One of his most common punishments is marking you. Mostly hickeys, but you probably also have his initials carved into you somewhere
Pretty much any sexual punishment you can think of is something that he would do. Overstim, impact play, edging, nothing is really off the table
He’s also threatened to breed you a few times. Jade hates kids and never would risk getting you pregnant, but he thinks it’s funny how scared you get
What body parts of their darling do they like the most?
Though he has been exposed to legs for two years now, they still fascinate him which is part of the reason your thighs are his favorite part of you
He also likes the fact that you don’t have many important arteries in your thighs so he can bite down as hard as he wants without risking you bleeding out. You humans really are so fragile
You will probably never see your thighs original skin color again because they’re always covered in new and old bruises
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aboxowner · a month ago
Y/N: Hey, Jade!
Jade: Yes?
Y/N puts a mushroom hat on him and on themselves:
Y/N: We're now matching!
Y/N: Haha, i know it's not that great but-
Jade going down on one knee:
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rggie · a month ago
when you ignore the second-years | prev. kalim, azul & riddle
Tumblr media
jamil viper, silver
Tumblr media Tumblr media
ruggie bucchi
Tumblr media Tumblr media
floyd leech
Tumblr media Tumblr media
jade leech (he’s teasing you.)
Tumblr media Tumblr media
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crienosaur · 2 months ago
Reader holds a bag of gummies, enjoying the squishies.
Floyd wants some.
“Are those gummy worms?”
“… No?”
“They… are gummy eels.”
Reader has a menacing glare.
Floyd and Jade laugh… but they’re slightly scared. Just a little bit.
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keeperofthegrim · 2 months ago
Hug Me! (つ´∀`)つ
Asking TWST characters to hug you! Octavinelle Edition!
Heartslabyul | Savanaclaw | Octavinelle | Scarabia | Pomefiore | Ignihyde | Diasomnia
Azul tries to be smooth and suave about it. And fails miserably. As much as he tries to hide it, there’s no denying that Azul is a huge dork. He’s frazzled and flustered and doesn’t know what to do with his arms. Ends up awkwardly wrapping them around your shoulders, and giving you a little back pat. Final rating 5/10. He’s embarrassed of his lame hug.
Jade gives you that sly grin, wordlessly teasing you. It’s honestly incredible that he can make you so nervous with just a look, a reminder of how dangerous he can truly be. But he has no intention to harm you now, and simply ushers you into his arms. The hug is very comfortable, and he’s very gentle with you. He smells nice as well, like clean linen and freshly tilled soil. Final rating 8/10. He’s only a little scary...
Floyd has been waiting for this moment. Immediately snatches you up, laughing and spinning you around. Its rare for someone to WANT to be squeezed by him! Now that he’s got you he doesn’t want to put you down. Carts you around with him until Jade comes to drag him off to work. He pouts and whines until he can hug you again. Final rating 9/10. All that squeezing made your ribs sore.
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forgwater · 3 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
twst boys wedding photos part 3
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supremeshrimpy · 4 months ago
courting rituals II
Tumblr media
Octavinelle Edition
Summary: Driven by infatuation and love, the boys try and court you in their own way. 
A/N: Okay, so the first one of these did VERY well and I’m so excited to bring you this one. I have one more “courting rituals” planned out and I will bring it soon after this one. Also, since Floyd and Jade are the same animal but very different personality wise, I’ll include the research parts in only Jade’s part so as to not repeat information. 
Characters: Azul Ashengrotto, Jade Leech, Floyd Leech
Tumblr media
Azul Ashengrotto (Octopus) :
When courting, octopi will be very protective with future mates and guard them away from any potential threats. Azul will follow you around to classes, clubs, etc., he just wants to make sure you’re safe and that…no one else tries anything with you. Only thing, don’t make a comment about him following you. If you are cruel enough to choose to say something, he’ll stutter over his words and try to make an excuse with the face of strawberry red. 
“M-m-MY CLASS…ahem…our classes just happen to be in the same direction.”
Octopi want to be very close to their potential mates when courting. We all know Azul wouldn’t be able to keep his facade in public if you were even as too close to him. But if Azul could get the both of you alone - and away from the twins - he would love to be close to you. 
“So I was thinking, in return for this study session…you could allow me to - JADE, FLOYD I CAN HEAR YOU!”
Octopi will want to please their potential mates however they way they do that is not G-Rated. Azul loves his contracts and getting others to do things for him but at his heart, he’s a man of service. He wants to make you lunch, help you study, carry your books, and so much more but can’t do any of that without risking his reputation. 
“So, with this contact, you would receive help in alchemy and animal languages and I would receive small favors at my request.”
Jade Leech (Eel) :
Eels prefer to court during spring and summer months; the warm weather is good for them. Jade definitely prefers spring, after all, it's the best time for him to take you hiking. If you're unathletic, that’s fine. Jade will just take it slow and enjoy watching you cute face. 
“Hoho, is this perhaps too much for you?”
Eels are usually creations that keep to themselves but during the courting process they become more 'communicative.’ Jade is a man of selective words, but around you, he feels more imploid to talk. All you need to do is show the tiniest of interest in anything he likes and he’ll go off. 
“Well, these mushrooms only grow in warm, moist environments and require….”
Along with being more ‘communicative,’ eels will also initiate more physical contact. Jade is a very courteous gentleman, his touches will be a hand on your back or wiping the crumbs off your cheeks. Small gestures but enough to ensure he’d get a reaction out of you. 
“Now now, what a messy eater you are.”
Floyd Leech (Eels) :
Floyd will only be courting during the summer months, spring just isn’t warm enough for him. He’ll see you struggling to handle the summer’s heat and drag you to the Octavinelle dorms. You’d think that Floyd was going to bring you to the Mostro Lounge for a drink but no. I hope you like to swim. 
“I know the perfect way to cool you off, Shrimpy!”
In a good mood, Floyd would be more than happy to talk your ear off but in a bad mood? Surprisingly, when Floyd enters a bad mood he’ll go search for you. Grabbing you and shoving his head into your neck. He’ll grumble and mumble about how much today sucks. 
“Azul is such a meanie to me, I only ate half of the cake.”
Floyd is already a very physical person with no regard for personal space. You want to take a nap? Well Floyd wants to cuddle with you. You want alone time to study? Well too bad Floyd needs a hugs and attention. He’ll whine and keep bothering you until you give in and hold his hand. 
“Shrimpyyyyyy, pay attention to me!”
(Comments are always appreciated)
Tumblr media
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sinfullyrosey · 5 months ago
“Realistic” Courting Rituals
GN!Reader X Various TWST Characters
This isn’t as smutty as my other works and was more of a straight forward, logical look at applying typical animal courting/mating rituals onto the TWST cast. A lot of people tend to write the beastmen and fae characters as animalistic, but rarely actually do the research into mating habits, so I thought I’d write up little headcanons or whatever.
Some of this comes across as rather silly ‘cause I stopped taking it quite as seriously midway into typing them up lol
All characters are 18+
Leona Kingscholar
Male lions will begin courtship by rubbing their head against the lioness’s head, spraying urine, and licking her genitals. He will also patiently follow around a lioness until she is ready to mate, where in which he’ll bite onto her neck to get a grip and mount her. Females are also very demandful and will become aggressive if a male isn’t mating with her enough. She’ll even attack him until he does.
Leona doesn’t have a pride full of females demanding attention from him, but he does have you which is a blessing for his lazy ass. Once he has an interest in you, he’ll start pursuing you by checking in on you, following you around to make sure that you’re safe (and to scare off any rivals), and will become more openly affectionate. Will definitely rub his head against you, maybe a bit too hard as he lets out a low rumble (not a purr, lions don’t purr, sorry). As time goes on he works up to licking and cuddles while napping.
Doesn’t spray urine ‘cause that’s unsanitary, but will give you articles of clothing and jewelry as a way to get his scent on you and ward off rivals. Is super patient and will wait until you give him the go ahead to the next step since it’s the lionesses that signal for mating to begin. I imagine the two of you were napping in his room with him nuzzling you and things just got heated. He won’t do anything unless you make it very clear you want him to dick you down.
Starts off with lapping at your genitals lazily until you’re ready to take him. Would probably prefer doggy style the first time since it allows for easier mounting, but won’t protest if you prefer a different position. Will latch onto your neck (specifically the back part) just on instinct to make sure you don’t wiggle around too much. There is a slim possibility he has barbs on his dick, but due to being humanoid (or maybe magic idk) they aren’t sharp and won’t completely wreck your insides. Definitely adds another unique layer of pleasure for you so congrats.
Will only mate as many times as you request ‘cause this is still Leona we’re talking about and he’s a lazy piece of shit. Find your inner lioness and demand another round or else his ass is grass.
 Ruggie Bucchi
Hyena males have a variety of courtship behaviors meant to attract a female mate. Females are naturally more aggressive than males, so males tend to be submissive and may widen their legs to show their penis to let the female know he wishes to mate. Males will also “shadow” females and follow them around in order to get close to them, as females are extremely picky.
Okay, regardless of whether or not you’re a female, he’s going to be more submissive, unless you happen to be more submissive then him. In which case, he may adopt more dominant traits, but it’s gonna be weird for him. Will start following you around and copying you, like: If you eat, he eats. You’re napping under a tree, he’s napping under a tree. You’re studying for a big exam that week, he doesn’t have a big exam but will help you study anyways. Essentially becomes in tune with your schedule while still managing his own affairs somehow. Will also be more openly affectionate, yet will back off the moment he feels he’s overstepping. Female hyenas are very picky and the last thing he wants to do is lose his chance with you.
Will widen his legs more when he’s around you as a sign, but won’t outright say anything, even if others notice or point it out (it’s his way of flexing give him a break). Honestly, you could do almost anything to him and he’ll allow it ‘cause he doesn’t want to lose his chances with you. Like, you could grab his ears out of the blue and he’d just take it as a sign that he’s making progress. Like Leona, he won’t make his move until he knows for sure that’s what you want. Male hyenas aren’t allowed to mate unless the females allow it, so he needs you to basically outright say that, yes, he can fuck you and you won’t bite his head off. Feels truly blessed that the courtship went successfully and will be over the Moon if you want to go another round with him.
 Jack Howl
Male and female wolves courtship is fairly neutral, with both snuggling, walking close together, mouthing each other’s muzzles, nose touching, and grooming. Males are very protective and will fend off rival males. Males and females get stuck together due to swelling in the male’s penis and contracting from the female’s walls, which can last 15-30 minutes.
Honestly one of the most “normal” in terms of wooing you. He becomes more physically affectionate and will want to spend more time with you. Quality time is key for him, so expect a lot of nuzzling against your neck and facial area, maybe a few licks here and there. He doesn’t have a muzzle per say, so he’ll substitute it with kisses, usually open mouthed ones. Out of everyone, the most likely to have multiple heated makeout sessions with you. A lot of touching and close contact, may even become overly protective of you to the point of warding off anyone he perceives as a rival (yes this includes Leona).
Will become more and more affectionate until you two finally mate. He’s a bit rough the first time around, making sure to thoroughly fuck you. May bite and scratch you but in a way that pleasures you. And yes, he does have a “knot,” but you two don’t get stuck like you originally believed because your walls don’t work like a female wolf beastmen’s so you’re fine. Is the king of aftercare and will go the extra mile checking you over, getting you hydrated, and napping with you.
 Azul Ashengrotto
Male octopi have to be careful when courting and mating due to females cannibalizing them. Most courtship includes removing their penis/tentacle and presenting it to the female to take and use, though a male will also stretch out his still-attached penis and mate from afar as well. Typically, females pursue males and flash their beacon.
Put simply, he’s a little bitch when it comes to courting you and probably keeps his distance. He knows you won’t actually kill and eat him, but given his less than stellar first meet with you, he’s nervous. Probably won’t actively start pursuing you unless you gave him the sign to do so. What sign you may ask? Why, the beacon sign of course. This beacon is actually just a ring of Mostro beverage you got on around your mouth and laughed off while he stood there, flustered and trying to keep his hard on in check.
From that point onward he’d try to get close to you, while still keeping his distance. Most courting was in line with human customs at this point, so gift giving, quality time, acts of service, etc. But he could never work up the courage to try and bring up mating with you, too afraid. It’s morbid, but he probably did at one point consider just giving you his tentacle penis, too afraid to swallow his nerves and mate with you the practical way. Floyd encouraged this route while Jade managed to knock some sense into the idiot before he did anything rash.
Best bet is to have a moonlit dinner with him, get a few drinks in him to calm his nerves, and lead him into the nearest secluded room and start ravaging him. Might have a few instances where he looks about ready to bolt, but once he’s fully sheathed in you and you’re practically devouring his mouth, he’ll finally get the damn hint. Sex with his octoform won’t be until much later though, but don’t worry, he won’t unattach his dick when the time comes.
 Floyd & Jade Leech
Female eels let male eels know they’re ready to mate by opening their jaws very wide, where in which the two will then wrap their bodies around each other and mate for hours at a time. Mating only occurs when the environment is warm enough and there’s plenty of food.
There is little to no courting, these two just go for it the moment you openly yawn in front of them on a particularly warm day at the lounge. All the requirements are met: The lounge is stocked with food, the weather is warm but not too hot, and you did just open your mouth wide like some needy whore right in front of them. Honestly, whether the both of them are present or it’s just one of them, there’s a good chance they will pull you into the nearest empty room and just start going at it. Unless you explicitly say otherwise, they’re down to fuck you the moment you open that pretty, little mouth of yours.
Note: The Leech twins know what yawning is, but if you repeatedly do so in front of them, they’re going to take that to mean you want some fuck. They’re currently on the menu and you just ordered a nice, hot serving of eel dick.
Will wrap themselves around you the best they can given their human forms, but would probably prefer to be in eel form since they’re more used to that form of mating. Yes, they can last up to hours and go multiple rounds. Buckle up ‘cause you’re in it for the long run babe.
 Malleus Draconia
Dragons aren’t real, though they are usually portrayed as very possessive lovers who may court by giving jewels and gold. Some male lizard species have been known to scratch the back of females and lick her as a way to ask to mate. If she licks back, then he’ll proceed to mate with her. Many other lizard species also includes males showing off to females, pursuing them, head bobbing, and showing dominance.
Once Malleus actually realizes that his feelings are more than just simply platonic, he’ll begin courting you the ‘ol fashion way, dragon style. He becomes protective over you, will make sure nobody else is courting you and will make it clear that he is the one pursuing you. Will glare and snarl at anyone who looks at you for too long or attempts to woo you. Will show off to you, either through his magic abilities, knowledge on certain subjects, or even strength. Shows dominance by outmatching everyone else at something, which isn’t that hard for the much older and experienced fae. Might bob his head at you, but will stop after you questioned him about it and he got embarrassed over the silly act.
Instead, will start to give you gifts of precious gemstones, gold jewelry, and other valuables, ones that have meaning to them. Like, he’ll usually give you emeralds or dragon-shaped jewelry, or will give you your personal favorite gemstone. Once things start to really hit off and he’s alone with you, will go for it and gently scratch your back, followed by a light lick. Honestly, Lilia or somebody better inform you the meaning of this beforehand because if you don’t reciprocate with a lick of your own, he’ll take it as a rejection and become disheartened. But if you do reciprocate, then you’re in for a long, rough night ‘cause this dude’s dick ain’t human and his goal is to properly ravish you. You will be sore and covered in bitemarks the next day.
 Sebek Zigvolt
Crocodile males will secure an area for mating, scaring off any rivals, before beginning the official courtship. The males will then begin to rub their snout along or on top of the female’s head and continue to do so until both are rubbing against each other or “dancing” together. Some vocalizations and bubble blowing in the water may occur as well.
How you managed to catch Sebek’s eyes despite him only having eyes for Malleus is not exactly known, but you did. Congrats, you now have an overzealous manbaby who’s in denial of his feelings and is trying his best to avoid you, only to end up following you when he’s not with Malleus. He wouldn’t even realize it at first, but he acts protective around you and will keep any rivals away. The way he treats you directly doesn’t change much outside of him (trying) to be nicer and not insult you quite as much (as per Lilia’s advice). It isn’t until he starts to notice you reciprocate his efforts that he begins to secure an area for you two (most likely his bedroom or some unused room at his dorm).
When it comes times for the deed and he leads you to the room, he becomes much more affectionate and starts to rub his face and mouth along your head and neck area, breathing in your scent. He’s embarrassed by the action, but can’t help it as it comes almost natural to him. Once you start returning the gesture, he’ll take it as the sign to go ahead and he’ll start creating a deep rumbling sound while fucking you. Is a mix of rough and gentle, going from nipping you to outright biting.
 Lilia Vanrouge
Fruit bat males will find a female to roost with and spend extensive amount of time grooming the female. They’ll also vigorously lick the female’s nether regions, possibly to either arouse her or to remove rival sperm.
Similar to the Tweels in that he kind of just goes for it. Dude’s old and has been around the block enough to have confidence that he could just go right into courting you and eventually win you over. Will start spending more time with you, sharing quality time and just hanging out. Will wait until he’s reached a point in the relationship that you’re comfortable around him and now he can start the actual process of courting for mating.
Will invite you over for tea, which becomes rather apparent wasn’t the actual reason as he begins to groom you in the form of brushing your hair and preening your overall appearance. Will chat with you, buttering you up and complimenting you throughout. Will forgo the brush in place of his fingers and he’ll start to nuzzle and kiss your neck. This can take up to hours before it actually reaches the bedroom. When you actually get to the bedroom, prepare for another hour or so of him just going down on you, licking and nipping your lower region until your orgasming again and again and again. Better buckle up because this bat fae’s mating is a day-long experience.
Male cats will mount the female, usually grabbing the back of her neck with his mouth to keep her from pulling away. There aren’t any real courting habits, males just mate females if they reciprocate. Sometimes males will gather around a female and take turns mounting and mating her. Male genitalia have sharp barbs on them, believed to stimulate the female and scrape out rival sperm.
I’m gonna be honest and say I almost forgot Che’nya and don’t have much to say on him. The most normal of the beastman, even more so compared to Jack. If he did court you, then it probably just includes him sneaking into NRC to flirt and mess with you. Will randomly appear and peck you on your face, neck, or mouth. I can also imagine him being unbothered by any of the others being interested in you, like, as long as he gets his own turn with you, he’s fine with it. When you two actually do it, he’ll mount you from the back and bite the back of your neck (much like Leona though gentler). And also like Leona, his dick barbs aren’t sharp and won’t hurt, stimulating you more. Will maybe cuddle and purr with you afterwards, unless you two get caught or something. In which case, he’s pecking you on the lips and disappearing with a laugh in the air.
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sunsethw4 · 5 months ago
Tumblr media
jade: floyd isn’t answering his phone
y/n: i’ll call
azul: jade and I have both tried six times each, what makes you thi-
jade and azul: ( ̄— ̄)
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THEM >>>>>
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🍭 the bug chronicles [2]
Tumblr media
tw: bugs
note: so i decided to make a pt 2 cause the spiders keep getting in my house and im actually terrified, i had 3 today already i think theres a nest in my wall lmao?? i bought bug spray in case but im scared to sleep 💀
characters: riddle, ruggie, jade, azul, kalim, malleus
the first part
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
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