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chococolte · a day ago
hello! How are you doing? Can i request for al haitham,zhongli,cyno,diluc and kaeya jealousy hcs?? Have a good day ☺️
word count. 865
୨୧ — ꒰ cw. yandere, unhealthy relationships, possessive & obsessive thoughts/behaviors, jealousy lol, g/n reader. i do not condone yanderes irl.
୨୧ — ꒰ a/n. i wrote these pretty quickly, so sorry for their quality…. but i hope your day is good too, nonnie!! ♡︎♡︎
Tumblr media
Al-haitham’s jealously is an ugly, hideous thing.
It hides away, sulks with its tail between its legs. It’s abyssal, lumbering body grows stronger with ease, larger than an ox. It stays in shadowy corners, where the light withers away and is replaced only by black; there it stays, but there it hates.
Al-Haitham is not one to simply quiet and pretend that his feelings do not exist. His jealousy roars with all of the fervor and urgency of a wounded, cornered animal. His rage is unkind, ruthless and merciless. He will lash out at you, bear down at you with cold, calculated eyes.
You might think it unfair. They mean nothing, you may think. We're only friends. Perhaps you’re right. Al-Haitham is wise and intelligent; not so foolish as to believe that only he holds all the answers. But you are even less so, and whatever pause your words may have given him is thrown to the wolves.
He loves you, so, so much. It’s an all encompassing passion, an unbearable sensation— like a fire it burns, like a hunger it gnaws. Al-Haitham will not have anything, or anyone, get in his way of you. Even if you can’t understand yet, you will eventually.
Zhongli’s jealousy writhes. It bends and squirms in his tight grasp, where he keeps it secured, hidden behind himself, hidden far beneath the earth.
You will never see it. You will never catch a glimpse of its full size, of its towering serpentine body, of the fangs the size of your forearms. You will only ever notice a whisper of its presence— the destruction left in its wake, the tracks it leaves behind. You will catch its tail wrapping around a corner, disappearing into the fading night. You will never notice it snake itself around you until it’s already squeezed.
Zhongli does his best to keep it in check. He doesn’t allow himself to ruminate on it, to doubt you. But it’s hard, sometimes— when he watches you rub someone’s shoulder in comfort, he seethes. When you smile at another, warm and inviting, the dark body underneath his feet rises. When you so much as brush your fingers against another, it’s rage coils around him.
Unfair, you might say. You’re right. Zhongli knows you’re right, and it is why he tries so hard to fight. But there is only so much he can do— so many cups he can shatter, so much wrath he can withstand before it begins to bubble.
When all the people you’ve grown so used to interacting with begin to disappear, let him comfort you.
Cyno’s jealously sears like the sun.
It bears down on you, unforgiving. It does not care what you have to say, or what defense you may have. Its rage burns like a fire, its realization of your betrayal scorches like a gods wrath.
Try to hide, and find it reaching you no matter where to go. Like the light of the sun, it encompasses all; its warmth and fury so great. Cyno will not have your desertion of him— he will not allow it.
They mean nothing to me, you will say. I only love you! Even if you’re telling the truth, Cyno doesn’t care. He shoves the happiness that threatens to burst from his chest at your declaration, and keeps hold of the rage still burning in his soul.
You were not the one who had to watch as you touched another. You were not the one who had to watch as you spoke to another— as you cared, as you loved for another.
It’s not the same, you can cry. But your tears are meaningless. He is the only one deserving of your affection. Until you can understand that, you’re not going anywhere.
Diluc’s jealously is mellow.
It’s a small, infantile thing. It burrows itself into the ground. There it resides, kept safe under the dirt. It does not move unless necessary, unless it hungers. Diluc will refute its existence, speak of it as mere myth; it does not exist, he tells you. But it does, and as it grows with age, so does its appetite.
Diluc will never let you see it. You may see glimpses of it on his expression— the slight furrow of his brow, the tremor of his chin. Ask if you wish, but Diluc will deny. There is no such thing, and he will make sure of it.
Such control is only tempered through time. Oh, it gets hungry so very easily; the slightest glance leaves it growling. So protective, but so soft. Take his hand into yours, give him the comfort he desires, satiate what’s within. If not, it grows angry. Upset. Bitter.
Such a small thing, so delicate— but it grows quickly, and it does not take long for it to loom over you. Diluc tried so hard to keep it hidden, but this time its whispers were louder than his restraint.
You do love him, don’t you? Tell him one more time.
Kaeya’s jealousy is like a silent winter.
On the surface, it appears calm, almost tranquil. It nips at your heels with frostbite, but never too much to hurt. It licks at your face with snowflakes, desperately trying to gain your attention. Its wild wind sings a song devoted to you, soft and lulled in by you.
It is only when you continue to ignore it that it turns silent. You might not notice it at first, but the snow has ceased to fall. The wind in the air disperses, and all you are left with is the sound of the snow crunching underneath your feet. The silence is a warning— turn back while you still can, back to his arms, back so he may breathe in your warmth. To continue is a betrayal, whether you know it or not.
Every step froward is labored, your every breath like there's a pressure on your shoulders. The air around you seems to freeze, then it roars with frenzy. When you smile at another, its gentle snow turns to a blizzard. When you touch someone else, even if only for a moment, its wind turns whipping and sharp, loud like hails of ice.
You think it unfair, you think him wrong. So be it, then— suffer as he has suffered. Endure his coldness, his silent rage; do not cry for him as he did you. You will receive no answer.
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fatuismooches · 21 hours ago
Hello! I’d like to make another request if possible. I really loved how you did the Harbingers taking care of their sick s/o headcanons. Can I have headcanons with all the Harbingers comforting their s/o when they are crying? I know Pulcinella is supposed to be platonic, so maybe he can go into doting grandpa mode.
♡ 𝐇𝐚𝐫𝐛𝐢𝐧𝐠𝐞𝐫𝐬 𝐂𝐨𝐦𝐟𝐨𝐫𝐭𝐢𝐧𝐠 𝐓𝐡𝐞𝐢𝐫 𝐂𝐫𝐲𝐢𝐧𝐠 𝐋𝐨𝐯𝐞𝐫 ♡
Tumblr media
synopsis: When you're crying and upset, the first person you go to is none other than the one you love most. And of course, they never fail to deliver their love for you.
includes: all harbingers (platonic pulcinella) w/ gn! reader
notes: Ah yes, hurt and comfort, my favorite trope. I hope this makes everyone feel slightly better, whether you're having a good or bad day, you got this! <3
Tumblr media
Disclaimer: Just so I don’t get repetitive, I just want to say that if another person made you cry, all of the Harbingers would have no problems doing some really… bad things to them. Since that’s out of the way, let’s continue.
Pierro would spend a normal day with you. You may ask why this is so special, but being the lover of the First Harbinger, who carries heavy burdens from Khaenri’ah, means you often don’t have “normal” days together. But when you’re this sad and crying, he has to make an exception. He would let himself sleep in with you, hold you close to him as you tell him everything and anything that’s been bothering you. (Despite his responsibilities, he still yearns to be updated on your life.) Pierro carries you to the bath and the two of you spend some time enjoying each other’s presence. He helps to dress you, and he cooks breakfast himself, which is eaten in peaceful silence. A long walk is taken through Snezhnaya and he lets you cling to his arm, despite the occasional looks of the other Fatui grunts. The two of you would walk through the forests and snow, and the town and markets of the frozen country. This kind of stuff might seem so bare and boring to outsiders, but you know that his time is the most precious gift you can receive from him, and you would want nothing else for comfort.
The one who is sincerely trying his best out of everyone and trying every method possible to cheer you up. Drops anything that he’s doing and while Capitano isn’t sure what to do, he knows his chest hurts more terribly than any battle wound when you’re sad. He is very protective of you, and wants nothing more than to destroy anything that’s causing you pain. And so, he thinks about what you do whenever you think he’s sad, and decides to spread his arms out to the side like you do when you want a hug. And of course you take the bait and practically launch yourself at him, but he catches you with ease. (When you teach this man how to hug and hold you properly, it is HEAVENLY. No better feeling than Capitano holding you snug on his lap with one arm while the other does whatever else he needs to do. Him one handedly holding you to his chest while the other is swinging a greatsword battling people. Yup.)
Tries every domestic thing in the book you gave him a while ago but kind of fails. When he cooks he chops up the ingredients disproportionately. When he picks flowers himself for you, the stems are half broken because he squeezed them too hard. When he reads stories to you and tries to give the characters different voices for you, you start laughing so hard your head hurts again. Capitano starts to feel bad, that your lover is someone whose only great strength is battle and leading others into war. But when all you do is smile at him and thank him, tugging on his arm to lay down with you, he can’t help but feel like he’s becoming more worthy of you.
The first thing is does is pull you into her lap and strokes your gently, humming a soft lullaby over your sniffles, in an effort to help you take a nap. Columbina knows you must be exhausted from so many tears, so she wants you to rest and just take a break from everything. She’ll be by your side the entire time. Also, any song requests are available for her during this time. She would sing for you however long you want even if her voice goes hoarse.
I don’t know why but I feel like she likes fluffy/soft and silky things. So the two of you would definitely be wrapped up in the softest blankets and pillows, even some plushies here and there. Columbina tends to place her head on the crook of your neck and just kiss the tears away (lots of back hugs.) Her words are quiet and soft-spoken but you can clearly hear them when she’s so close to your ear. Also, lots of looking up new hair styles so you can do whatever you want with her hair.
That ever-present smirk of his fades a bit when he sees you cry. Out of everyone, he is the most dumb-founded, because the emotion is not very familiar to him, and since he’s never seen you like this before, he has no data or experiences to help him know what to do. Yes, he had seen people cry before… cry in fear when they saw him. So he just stands there and lets you cry into his chest, a vial of unknown liquid in one hand while the other one is placed very hesitantly and awkwardly on the top of your head. 
If this was anyone else, he would laugh in their face about their problems, but when it comes to you? You got his utmost attention. When Dottore comforts you, he first follows the very basics of comforting - just listening to what you have to say. He had grown accustomed to your physical touch, and in fact, secretly welcomed it since it made you feel better. Dottore is more of a logical person rather than an emotional one, so he won’t baby you or use too many honeyed words. Instead, he’d use more facts, solutions, and things you haven’t thought of before. The most verbal affection you’ll get is something along the lines of not letting fools rile you up, that you’re his partner for a reason (but that’s a lot coming from Dottore.) Makes it a mental note to make a clone follow you around from now on so your day would go more smoothly. Also the kind of guy to make his clones play card/board games with you and let you win on purpose. Would make you a hot cup of tea, his coat draped over you, while you watch him go about his experiments and such. Also the guy who would simultaneously be down to help you get revenge on anyone if you wished.
The grandpa who takes one look at you and beckons you to follow him for some tea and sweets. Makes you sit down next to him and lets you cry to your heart’s content. Depending on your personality, he already has a hundred ways to make you feel better. (After all, I headcanon that the Harbingers tend to rant to him about anything and he gives them advice/consolation. Papanella’s hugs are really nice, to be honest, it feels like you’re really hugging someone who cares about you.) This might be random - but you know those memes where grandparents always make you lots of food when you go over to their house? Well… that’s Pulcinella since I think that it would be cute.
He would distract you from whatever’s bothering you with a new story of course. Somehow, no matter how many times he tells you stories, he always has a new one. He’s also the one who would also gently urge you to confront your problems. Nonetheless, he’s very comforting and if you asked him he’d help you with whatever you’re dealing with. Pulcinella also forces the other Harbingers to cheer you up too.
Who does he have to kill? Pretty much the first thing that goes through Scaramouche’s mind when he sees tears roll down your face. If you reassure that this is not the case, he is not sure what to do afterwards. Whenever Kunikuzushi showed emotions, he was seen as week, vulnerable and received no comfort, so he kept it inside him. So now when he sees you crying so freely in front of him, he doesn’t know what to do. At first he is gruff in his words, telling you simply not to cry, that you don’t need to worry over dumb things when you have him, but of course this does not do much to relieve you of your sadness. So he sighs and places his hat on you since Scaramouche knows how much you like it.
A habit I think he picked up from when he was Kunikuzushi, is that he went to different scenic places to just pass the time and escape from sheer loneliness. He would tentatively hold your hand and lead you to one of these places nearby, and just sit with you. He wouldn’t say anything much because he didn’t want to say anything he didn’t mean to. And the two of you would just watch the sun turn into the moon. The golden sky transform into a starry night. Scaramouche would wordlessly keep an arm around you. Your life was too short to be sad, anyway.
Yet another Harbinger who has no experience comforting someone who they actually care about. But that cold mask of her breaks for a split second when she sees you cry.  Every time one of the orphans cried, she kind of just looked at them and ordered another Fatui agent to take care of them. Physical nor verbal affection are her forte, so Arlecchino would rather show you how much she cares. She’d carry you to her shared room with you, lay you down and pull up the blankets. She’d move her office temporarily into the room so she could still work but in actuality she’s sitting on the edge of the bed, holding your hand while you tell her what happened. Arlecchino spoon feeds you, wipes any crumbs away with a tissue. When you fall asleep, she very carefully holds you to her chest and whispers words of love you’ll be hard-pressed to hear while you’re conscious.
La Signora:
It is a bit melancholic for La Signora - she never had the chance to wipe away her past lover’s tears, but now that she has the ability to finally do so for you, she feels a sense of bittersweetness. But she is very confident in herself, and she would like you to feel the same, so she would not hesitant with her honeyed verbal affirmation. She traces over every inch of your body, pointing out all the perfections and beauty she sees within you. She tells you how lucky she is to have someone like you in her life, after everything she’s been through. Rosalyne hums an old Mondstadt song and asks you mundane questions (Do these shoes match this hairpiece? Does this color go with that one?) Has her moths perch on your shoulder and smother you with warmth.
Oh boy, he is just so sweet <3. Pantalone’s hugs are definitely the warmest; you feel bundled up not only in his fluffy coat but also in his genuine comfort and care for you, black locks tickling your cheek. He’s another one who's keen on pampering you, only that he can do it more easily. He has access to all the funding and bank reserves. Nothing is unattainable. And his workload is different from the other Harbingers - he can sit you on his lap, listening to your woes and worries while repeatedly signing his signature on documents for the whole day. When it comes to you, Pantalone has a great amount of patience. He has all the tissues ready for you and will hold onto every word you utter, so he can refute it later.
I think that he is big on self-care, especially for you, so when you’re upset he just wants to help you look and feel amazing again while murmuring words of consolation and love. This means that he will adoringly wash and comb your hair while carefully listening to anything you have to say, whether it’s a loud rant or hushed words of sadness. Helps you slip into the comfiest night clothes. Reads you any story you desire in that velvety voice of his. Is very fond of calling you a variety of pet names, like “my love” or “darling”, anything romantic really. Pantalone really hates seeing you cry. It’s one of the only times you would see him without a smile and a creased forehead.
When Sandrone sees you crying, a burst of… unfamiliar emotion she rarely feels erupts in her chest, completely contrary to what she usually feels after working with puppets all day. Why? She was worried. How? She was upset. Who? She was angry that she couldn’t protect you. Her Automation quickly scoops you up and places you on her lap, letting you curl into your lover’s chest. Swiftly moves you to her private room and lets you cry into her shoulder for as long as you want, silently rubbing your back. (Many wonder if Sandrone’s feet ever touch the floor, always perched atop her robot’s hand. If only they could see how tender she was with you.)
She is intelligent in the most complex engineering, but when it comes to properly comforting you, she is at a loss. But she really does try her best. I feel as though she would implement nondeadly and rather cute features in her robots just to make you smile. (Pull the robot’s finger and a bouquet of flowers comes out! It tips its hat at you and some confetti comes out!) Sandrone would take you out for some fresh air to clear your head. Also provides quality entertainment. What is it, you ask? If you find watching her prototype model Automatons fight to the death, then you’ll surely have a joyous time. (You can’t help but laugh regardless. I’m now thinking about you placing bets on which robot wins with the other Fatui, but you always win because your lover tells you who's going to win before…)
Childe would immediately pull you into his tight embrace, with no hesitation. He’s used to the sniveling and tears of his younger siblings, so as soon as he sees your crumpled face he knows exactly what to do. No matter how much you wet his clothes, Childe won’t let you go until you ask him to. He amps the pampering up to the maximum. Blanket cocoons/burritos are an absolute must. He cooks food himself so you could have the warm feeling of home cooking surrounding you. He would literally do all of the household tasks, not allowing you to lift a finger. He’d want to help bathe you, wash your hair, scrape away the grime from the day, gently worship your body by pressing affirmative kisses, and tell you how amazing you are, and how much you mean to him.
Childe is a really good listener and takes what you say very seriously if you’re willing to tell him. If it is a problem he can fix, you can bet he’s going to have some agents solve it, and even take care of it himself if anything. If you want to stay silent, he won’t pressure you, but his touch lets you know that he’s always here for you. Honestly, he probably spoils you more intensely for a few days because he knows that when you cry, you don’t magically wake up the next day fine again. Without fail, Childe would ask you how you’re feeling, monitoring your emotions and feelings. When you’re sad, he is too. How can he ever focus when his love is hurting? Also takes advantage of all possible cuddling positions.
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lxpical · a day ago
imagine... alhaitham and cyno being rivals... over you. with a twist.
[ author's note ] — something good's gonna come out soon so keep your eyes peeled also tagging @telemi for the utter adoration she holds for alhaitham. i'm too kind and generous i know 💃💃💃
imagine... you're in your final year of high school, riddled with all possible forms of exhaustion after juggling classes, work, your social life and college applications. you really don't see how on this sweet plane of existence are the two monsters you happen to call best friends, look absolutely fine, fit and dandy while having more on their plate than you do on yours. alhaitham and cyno were just evolved different, and you just so happened to be born normal and without many adaptations to tank the last year in this mountainload of misery. they even seem to have enough braincells and energy to start petty arguements over something your head was too full to pay attention to literally at every opportunity they got. but maybe if it hadn't been for you having to run to work immediately after school, you'd have noticed how cyno's usual stoic expression have way to a lot dust of pink across his cheeks and a faint quirk of his lips whenever you started going off about anything, his expression clearly spelling that he was hanging on to every word you said. if it hadn't been for the rapidly upcoming deadlines for your coursework submission, you'd have noticed how alhaitham's fingers brushed against yours almost every time he handed you something, a rather... peculiar look in his eyes, at least, for the straight-laced stone-faced boy you knew as a kid. maybe if it hadn't been with how tired you were whenever you finally finished all your work, perhaps you'd definitely notice how cyno's signature glare got just a sharper edge whenever you laughed in alhaitham's company. if your lunchtimes weren't spent on a few minutes of a resting slumber, you'd definitely see alhaitham's jaw go taut whenever cyno brushed a stray strand of your hair away, a helpless look painted in his eyes.
you were just grateful to have them, because depsite how hard everything got. alhaitham's smooth transition from explaining a biology topic into a horrible dad joke always made your stomach hurt with how hard you laughed. cyno's adorable way of explaining his joke so earnestly whenever you said you didn't understand it with that hopeful wish for your smile evident on his face always softened your heart.
but the depth of the feeling behind these little gestures was something you didn't know.
but that was the least of their problems for now, because it appears that there's someone else who's eye your charm had managed to enrapture.
what other reason could there be of tighnari ruffling your hair with an adoring smile to you yet a triumphant side-eye to both of them?
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kaeddehara · 17 hours ago
pervert oneshot ideas <3
୨⋆ albedo + xiao + tighnari + aether + kazuha ୧⋆
[ nsfw, mdni!!, cursing, for afab!reader ]
Tumblr media
usual perverted acts, dirty thoughts, touch deprived bedo, looking up your skirt <33, perversion through dirty thoughts
albedo is very cold yet kind hearted upon appearance. as you grow closer to him, he’s slowly willing to open himself up. having such a pretty boy at your will is certainly dangerous in certain circumstances. not to worry though, albedo can take over when you can’t. he’s oh so good at switching from a soft spoken and quite demeanor to a needy, clingy one in just a few quick touches. meaning, you are his complete weakness. even things you have no remembrance of doing, albedo remembers so clearly in his pretty head. this includes all things. so the time you bent over in front of his desk to pick up your pen and he saw up your skirt, panties tight on your cute pussy lips wasn’t an exception. albedo is very observant but sometimes this gift can be a very large distraction to his work. trying so hard to work on finishing up some papers but all his mind is running to is you between his legs the night before or even just your pretty lips or smile. it drives albedo crazy knowing how big of a distraction you are to his work. it’s only until you start to realize what an effect you have on the poor boy that he breaks. teasing him time after time till he can’t take it and pushes you down so he can have his way with you. “finally gonna stop being a little pervert and fuck me like a real man bedo?” that’s all you needed to shut him down real quick. causing him to lunge at you and take you right on his desk. <3
possessive xiao, very slight cnc??, perversion through obsession <3
xiao is never one to go out of his way for anyone unless absolutely deemed necessary. but for you, he will do anything and everything to have you right by his side. so possessive over what’s his. it wouldn’t be a surprise if he were to catch you chatting to another man; noticing how he looks at you and the way his hand brushes over your skin. to you, this is a simple his eyes are filled with hatred and it takes so much for him to hold back until you’re alone. swiftly grabbing you and pulling you to a lone location. you’re all confused and begging him to slow down and explain to you what the rush was. like you weren’t the one letting that man look at you and touch you like that. just that was enough to break xiao and need to remind you that you were his. “x-xiao please i only want you” “let me prove it, i don’t want to have to keep punishing you for this” truth was, he loved punishing you. from the way you begged him to slow down or stop to the way your body begged for more even as your words were completely different from what your body was saying. xiao loved it all. pushing you against the wall at his stay at the end as he pounded into you panting and growling like an animal, it was exactly what you loved about him too <3.
mentions of jerking off, riding pent up aether hiwjdjwjfjs, perversion through touch deprivation :((
aether is such a sweet, helpful boy. always willing to go out of his way for others and spend time with them. it’s what drew so many people towards him. just how kind hearted he was. along with his adorable appearance, it was surprising how people weren’t all over him. although, while aether appeared so willing the truth was, he was exhausted. he never liked to tell another though for fear they wouldn’t rely on him like they once did. that was until he found you. someone he could open up to a bit. it took a lot of time to get used to someone so willing to help him out and loving him for him not his deeds or charisma. you’d find him so run down and tired you’d instantly go to take care of him. but when aether finally got the courage to ask for something more from you, you were all over him. usually, he’d stick to just jerking himself off for relief on his body, but once you got into the picture, he couldn’t resist. pushing him back against a comfortable seat and straddling his lap. he was so unused to being touched by another. once you got down to it, you could tell this is really all he needed. to be ridden till he couldn’t even think for himself. even while you took care of aether you couldn’t help but tease little things out of him. saying how you saw and heard him those nights furiously pumping his aching cock, begging for anything to help him feel better. it was adorable. aether just panted and smiled to himself at how you knew about him. “do the knights know what a little pervert they have as their honorary knight?” aether could only keep panting and letting out half filled sentences that meant nothing. his pretty blonde hair sticking to his skin and face sheen with sweat. so dirty for someone so sweet looking <3.
perversion through wet dreams, he just misses you tbh, sweet kazu :))
kazuha aches for how you feel. everything about your touch is so intoxicating to him he can’t resist. even after he’s gotten what he’s wanted or if not, he’ll always have it on his sweet little mind. even as he tries to fall asleep, it’s filled with thoughts of you sweet or lust filled. this usually leads to kazuha drifting off to sleep rather quickly alone by himself. as he finds himself asleep comfortably, his mind will start to play images and records of you and him together. all those memories coming into his dream. whether that was fucking you with your legs pushed up to your chest or riding him till his legs started to shake from pleasure. it was all so intoxicatingly dreamy. he might find himself waking up in the middle of the night, woken up from his dreams still fresh in his mind. he’ll sit up panting with an impressive hard on this late at all. all from those dreams and thoughts of you of course. “if only you knew what you did to me, love”. to relieve himself for the time being, he’ll lazily push his waist band down on his pants and wrap his thin fingers around his thick, pulsating cock just begging to be touched by you. sleepily jerking himself off as his dirty mind continues thoughts of you.
pervert tig is the best tig, panty stealing <33, honestly just him getting off on your smell
tighnari seems like the type to not want to get too close to anyone. always off so focused in his work, it’s hard to even see him being genuinely invested in a relationship. that was, until you appeared and helped him out of this mindset. not only were you on the same level as him in terms of smarts, but also had amazing wit and sense of self. tighnari couldn’t help his beating heart when he stared at you even from a distance, tail slowly started to shake at mere thoughts of you. it took a little longer for him to actually call him yours but once he did, he got straight to the point. coming into your room late at night ( to keep suspension away from the others ) as he looked around for anything that could be used for this. ending up with your shirt and a pair of used panties you’d worn that day. tighnari couldn’t help the guilt building up in his stomach as just your scent was enough to get him off. “you smell so good..hm..” hell whine to himself all the while he’s got your panties wrapped around his pent up cock. tighnari dreamed of the day you two would finally be able to enjoy each other fully so he could stop these disgusting, perverted acts. until then, he’d just have to keep this dirty secret kept to himself for now.
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angelltheninth · a day ago
Hi! I was curious if you would be alright doing Cyno x Fem! Reader with thick thighs nsfw hcs?
Also have a great day!!!
No problem Anon. Cyno is slowly becoming a new favorite of mine.
Pairing: Cyno x Fem!Reader
Tags: nsfw, smut, biting, marking, thigh kissing, scent marking, cum marking, wall sex, cunnilingus
A/N: Can't wait to pull for him and get him on my team.
Tumblr media
Cyno can't help but stare at your thighs when ever you're together, his calloused hands always feel slightly rough on your soft flesh
He can't help but dig his claws into them when you have your legs wrapped around his hips while his cock is inside you
Of course he also likes to keep them spread and pinned to the bed so he has the perfect angle to thrust at you, feeling your thighs shaking, seeing your breasts swaying back and forth
He always dedicates a little time in between sessions to bite, lick, kiss and nip at your inner thighs
What he likes most though is when he's eating you out, your fingers threaded through his silver hair, keeping him close, your hips bucking upwards into his skilled mouth while your thighs are clamped around his head
If he didn't need to come up for air he could eat you out for hours
Even if it leaves him with a sift and aching jaw later he'll tell you it was more than worth it
When you're not in bed he likes to have your legs on his shoulders, so he's holding you against the wall, his fingers intertwined with yours for support while you ride his face all you want
It can get really messy really quick, especially when his dick starts tenting on the front of his pants, ruining them with pre-cum
Seeing his cum staining and dripping down your thighs is a sight he can never get enough of
Another thing that's a big turn on is seeing your thighs jiggle a little when he's pumping you full of cum, or while he's eating you out, with you on top of him, legs spread and bracketing his head, your hand petting him between his ears
He'll make his marks in visible places on purpose, he'll rub his cheek against your thighs, your wrists, your cheek, anywhere he can in order to mark you as taken, as his
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gojosatoruwifey · a day ago
Tumblr media
| minors dni! / threesome / facefucking / double penetration / teasing tighnari / and cyno barely containing himself / let me know if i missed something! | You didn’t expect your day to end with the fearsome leader among the matra with him resting deep and throbbing on your throat and the infamous forest watcher from Gandharva Ville behind you as he teases your sensitive folds with his fingers. You whined, trying to make Tighnari’s finger fill your hole but your actions caused Cyno above you to hiss as one of his hands caress the back of your head, and then suddenly, you felt your nose shoved against the general’s crotch, his dick snuggled painfully and you moaned, albeit muffled, the forest watcher slipped inside you without warning as Tighanri chuckled the way Cyno bit his lip and you trembling underneath them as he grips your waist, your warmth engulfing him so much that he tries to thrust slowly not to overstimulate you.
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miihai · a day ago
SUMMERTIME SADNESS. genshin males, x reader. fluff / hurt, comfort.
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
“i'm.. i'm so tired.” you mutter, burying your face in your hands, soon enough, your hands were combing through your hair because of stress.
Tumblr media
“i know.” was what he wanted to say. but he couldn't spit it out. he knows how it feels. you didn't deserve to get treated like this. in fact, you knew that too. but he knew more than anyone else. the person who understood you the most was him. no one else.
albedo, ayato, CYNO, diluc, KAZUHA, HEIZOU.
he could feel his heart sink. what's the point of telling him? he already knew. what was the point of hiding it when he knew? the male thought. why would you hide it? he never asked because he was patient with you. he.. waited for you. he never forced you to say something you wouldn't want to. it will always stay like that. it would never change.
AL HAITHAM, ayato (2), baizhu, childe, DAINSLEIF, DILUC.
he didn't know. he tried holding back his tears. why didn't you tell him? why? why? why? he feels guilty. he held tears back because he knew you'd blame yourself. how come he didn't notice? what can he do to make it up? he's over thinking again, he thought. i'm sorry. it's overwhelming. you thought.
BENNETT, CHONGYUN, itto, razor.
he knows. of course he knows. it was obvious for him. he was the one who asked. for a good cause. it's good to let your feelings out. he says. i guess he's right, you think. he was worried. he was worried about you all day. what happened to you? please tell me what i can do to make you feel better. he thought.
CHILDE (2), DILUC (2), gorou, kaeya, SCARAMOUCHE, tighnari, XIAO.
he understood you. he didn't want you feeling like this. all he could give was comfort. his presence and voice was enough. was what you wanted to say. he knows what and how you feel. he.. saw right through you the moment you said it without an explanation. his eyes widened as he finally realized. i'm sorry for telling you. you apologized.
ALBEDO (2), itto (2), HEIZOU (2), THOMA, xingqiu.
he knows you wanted to tell him earlier. he knows your trying. and he's happy because of that. i'm proud of you. he says. huh? you were confused. i'm proud of you for telling me. he repeats. you've heard it twice. you were so close.. to crying. why? why? why haven't you heard that sooner? that's what you needed to hear. he thought.
CYNO (2), diluc (3), kaeya (2), KAZUHA (2), THOMA (2), venti, xiao (2), ZHONGLI.
Tumblr media
©miihai ; this is so self indulgent im cryinf
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intothegenshinworld · 2 days ago
ayo! how you been doing? i’m kinda good but y’know, school😵
but while spacing out in math i thought about smt. how would the acolytes react to affectionate creator! isekaid! reader?
oh? you came across another break through with the art of khemia? good job, Albedo! *headpats*
your pancakes never disappoint Noelle dear *headpats*
i’m sure they’re all proud of you xiao. so don’t blame yourself *hug*
please just talk it out and re-unite already aether, lumine *squeezes them totally not bc i’m a traveler kinnie and main*
- that one graveyard visiting anon
I really wanted to write some scenarios for this one bc its so cute but my hands are full from the event atm DX but have some thoughts. 
EDIT: I really can't do short answers huh? I didn't really put too much time in editing so characters might be a bit off
Warning: Not proofread!! Childe background story spoilers 
Tumblr media
So, I think this would work best with the characters that are socially awkward or have a desperate need for safety/affection. Some candidates:
For someone who looks socially confident, he's got some unsolved trauma and no secure relationships in his life. (Not after what happened with Diluc. Even if they reconciled, there is still a scar never to be healed again.) So it’s always been a struggle for him to show his true self. When you come around he'll feel conflicted about his emotions.
It’s not that he doesn’t trust you. You're kind and you've always been there for him, - but he can't help the 'what if's' that appear whenever he tries to open up.
What if there's someone better out there? What if he's no longer the cool and fun cavalry captain when he opens up? When will he eventually be rejected or abandoned?
These thoughts swirl inside his head like a parasite, but you've always been the brightest light in his life. He won't be too surprised if one day you'll outshine the shadows of his past.
It's somewhere in the evening when you drop by his office. Nothing spectacular happened that day, you simply wanted to check up on him.
And you're glad you did. Piles of unfinished paperwork lay on his desk and while he tries to hide it, exhaustion peeks through his smile. He’s always been one to downplay his emotions.
With your own smile you walk over to Kaeya. His hair falls in front of his eyepatch and you gently brush some strands away. You've always had the need to be close to people, something Kaeya never seems to mind, and so you wrap your arms around him as he sits down in his office chair.
His body freezes in place when the words leave your lips. 'I'm proud of you, Kaeya.' - something he hadn't heard in forever. Kaeya forces himself to bite down any emotion that came with it. He didn't want to be a burden, to be anything else than someone fun to be around.
But you somehow seemed to catch up on his silent wishes. You always did.
He wished he had the courage to tell you how much it means to him when you check up on him after a long day.
For now he'll simply hold onto your affection. Like a child clinging onto their teddybear at night, it's his comfort when the world grows dark.
Tumblr media
Man's been robbed out of his childhood and innocence. At age 14 he was forced to kill or be killed, trained until he formed the Foul Legacy to survive in the abyss. And when he finally submerged from that pit he got sent away to the Fatui because his family couldn't handle him anymore.
Childe is no saint. But when you have that adorable frown on your face as you scold him for his injuries, he feels a bit more 'normal'.
In the back of Childe's mind, he's always convinced that people need ulterior motives to be kind. Perhaps it's because he's surrounded by the fatui, harbingers - the most dangerous persons on Teyvat and has seen several abyssal creatures. No one is kind. 
Either way, he can't stop or deny the dark thoughts that seem to pop up at the most unconventional moments.
He lifts his arm up, giving you access to the cut he'd gotten in battle. Your smaller hands are moving around too quick for his liking, bandaging him and cleaning his wounds with unnecessarily fragility. Under any other circumstance, he'd shrug the wound off and continue the day without any more care.
You're talking. It's a soothing noise to him. He doesn't really hear what you're rambling about, though. He's trying to focus but his mind is in shambles.
You're so gentle. What if he'll snap one day? Will you forgive him? What if the abyss finds you?
Somewhere in the process of thinking he grabbed your hand. He only realized so when you gently squeezed back in his hold. “Are you okay? If it hurts please tell me.” Your gentle gaze meets his blank one.
His hair shakes along with his head. “I'm alright.”
For now, he had no witty comeback. He'd be silent, enjoying this moment of torture as you finally give him what he's lost at 14 years old; care and affection
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irene-darling · 2 days ago
I really enjoy the post where the genshin men try to woo the reader, it's so sweet wth gonna have a toothache or smth- how about have childe, scaramouche and gorou do the same 👀👀
A/n...Shore..I hate childe so much but imma do him for you babe😃
GENSHIN- men trying to woo you
Tumblr media
You're the first person he's ever felt this way for so be patient..
If you're a harbinger then he's gonna go to your base and threaten every living thing there to tell him about your likes and dislikes
After he's done threading your poor underlings he gets a paper and a pen and starts writing what he's learned he's taking this very seriously!
What animal do you like? What weather do you enjoy? What's your life story? What's your favorite food? Why do you serve the cryo archon? Every question he can possibly think of will have an answer just wait!
He doesn't know how to express his feelings! So he gives you lots of gifts! Anything money can buy will be yours!
A cat a dog a snake someones head? It will be yours!
Before you go out on missions he always tries to sneak himself into your plans... "so I'm planning to head through Inazuma -.." "Oh, ..well I have some work there..so I suppose I could accompany you.." He makes it sound like you're forcing him to do this-
Later his subordinates are tasked with changing all of his previous plans since suddenly he has work in Inazuma?... that none of them are aware of-??
He asks Kokomi to write a book about romance and courting
Even if she can't he goes and asks her for advice
Since your at war He gives you motivational speeches- well attempts to
Every time he tried talking to you you should keep a stutter count
You're at war so he can't exactly give you lavish gifts so- whenever he's on patrol he picks up the pretty pearls he finds and makes you a necklace!
He's too pussy nervous to give you the necklace by himself so he asks Kokomi to give you his gifts
He requests kokomi to keep him anonymous
But she doesn't and you're fully aware that he's the one who sends you these pearl necklaces
God I hate him
He is the archon of spoiling you
If you want anything money can buy or not he'll still find a way to get it you will get it do not fret
He's surprisingly a gentleman
Since you're not together he takes you out on 'outings' just call em dates
He loves taking you to restaurants where you eat all of your favorite foods!
He gets a stomach ache after eating with you and he's stuck wondering how you can eat that much??
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venexus · a day ago
Tumblr media
tighnari's tail curls around towards you whenever you embrace, as if his arms simply aren't enough to contain the warmth and affection that he needs to show you. he hugs you with as much physical contact as he can manage, most preferably with either his head against the side of your neck- or, conversely, yours against his.
these full-bodied, all-encompassing hugs are a catharsis, a way to ease any stress from the day. they are warm, safe. they feel like home.
you find yourself in these embraces most frequently in the evening, when tighnari has returned from a patrol. as soon as he walks in and lays eyes on you, you will be in his arms. (you find it hard to mind when he's so incredibly comfortable.) he will release a long, contented sigh, before humming and asking you how your day has been.
he favours hugs like these when you settle down to sleep for the night as well, wrapping you up close to him so that he can protect you until you wake. when like this, he'll press delicate intermittent kisses to your forehead until he joins you in your slumber.
there's simply something about feeling connected to you, sometimes even with the most minimal of contact (shoulders brushing when sat together reading, pinkies linking on long walks). it's unexplainable, intangible, but present nonetheless. it feels like your souls are entwined wherever you touch, as though you become one and the same so long as you're in proximity.
you are everything, nothing, all that makes up the in-between. when he fell for you, he fell hard, devoted to you in body and soul. he would follow you to the ends of the earth if you asked it of him. (and of course, you both know that you'd also do the same.)
truly, nothing can break the bond that you have forged together.
Tumblr media
taglist: @x-zho @irethepotato @pochipop @applejuiceistired @niverine (send an ask/dm or see my pinned to be added/removed from taglists)
[Genshin Masterlist]
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bellavistababy · 2 days ago
the art of seduction
diluc x fem!reader, smut (2.1k)
warnings: explicit content mdni, afab!reader, bratty!reader, dom!diluc, he’s a bit feral your honour, rough sex, fingering, still pretty lovey dovey bc im a softie
diluc wasn’t an idiot. he couldn’t not notice the longing glances you gave him when you thought he couldn’t see you. he also couldn’t dismiss your not so subtle touches. you had a habit of tapping the small of his back gently to get his attention, wide eyes blinking up at him innocently, a “master diluc?” falling from your lips in that breathless tone that told him plainly what you wanted. but he never acted on it, even if every instinct within him longed for him to bend you roughly over his desk and fuck a few more “master diluc”’s out of you, until it was all you were capable of saying, until your legs trembled so much you could no longer support yourself, until your bratty mind had been fucked into docility and you were truly his. he was rough by nature, worn at the edges and brutal, but despite his longing, he didn’t want that for you. you deserved someone far better, someone untarnished and whole.
it wouldn’t take much to break this feeble wall he put up though. you made your move after a particularly long and exhausting night at the tavern, distracting him with paperwork long enough to ensure you were alone together. a casual brush of your soft hands against his knuckles startled him. “you really should rest master diluc, you work yourself too hard” you crooned as his head flicked up, eyes sweeping the room as he saw you had cornered him.
you rounded the desk slowly to stand next to him, allowing your bare thigh to graze his side. diluc swallowed. “i’m fine, thankyou for your concern.” he said brusquely, knowing that you were trying to provoke a reaction, knowing he needed to stay calm, and hating the feeling of the hot flush creeping up his neck. he couldn’t do it, he was a gentleman, you were too good. but as you bent down to put you mouth next to his ear, so close he could feel your shaking breath, clearly impressed by your own daring, he crumbled. “are you sure? i can he-“ your teasing words of concern were cut off as he stood suddenly, towering over you, his face so close your noses brushed. you let out a small squeak at this sudden change in atmosphere and backed away but diluc wasn’t letting you get away that easily.
he moved with you, stalking you down until your back was again his office wall. your eyes were wide, a mixture of fear and arousal as he pinned you in. “well,” he murmured, ducking down to whisper directly in your ear, “isn’t this what you wanted?” he didn’t like to admit just how much it encouraged him when you quivered under him. all you were capable of producing was a small spluttering sound, excuses on the tip of your tongue but diluc silenced them with one look. he watched as your shoulders drooped, eyes downcast as the fight in you died. “y-yes.” you mumbled to the floor, cheeks flushing. he remained quiet, letting the silence stretch as you began to squirm beneath him, clearly begging for a response, desperate of an acknowledgement of your vulnerability. he waited.
you raised your head, a fiery indignant glare in your eyes, the brattiness returned. before you could speak however diluc slid a large hand behind your head and closed the distance between you. the kiss was bruising, all consuming, a culmination of all the moments he had longed for this. you whimpered into his mouth, seemingly uncontrollably as you grasped at the front of his shirt. it didn’t matter he had you pinned to a solid wall, your knees seemed likely to give way at any second. diluc ran his callused hands through the hair at the nape of your neck and felt a gentle sigh against his lips. he was so close to you, thigh lodged in between your legs just to keep you upright and yet he craved more.
dropping his free hand to your thigh, he dipped his fingers under your skirt. even in this state, his lust-addled brain registered he needed to prep you before things progressed. you were saying something to him in between kisses, gasping for air as you pleaded for him, but it fell on deaf ears. your underwear was in his way. in one swift movement he yanked at the soaked gusset until the sound of ripping fabric rent the air. you went completely silent against him, and diluc finally allowed you to fully break away from him. you panted, trying to regain yourself as diluc started pressing gentle kisses to your neck and jaw.
he dropped the ruined fabric in his hand. in your head, the sound of the wet material hitting the floor was far too loud, and your face burned with humiliation, but diluc was too far gone to notice your embarrassment. now unimpeded, his hand ran up your bare thigh. “please,” he heard him self say in a low, desperate voice so unlike his usual measured one, “please let me.” you shuddered, the realisation that the diluc ragnvindr was begging you too much to comprehend. “i-“ you began in a shaky voice that was a poor attempt at your usual bravado, but diluc raised his head to look directly at you. his eyes were no longer hungry and domineering, but glazed over, the pupils so dilated that the red of his iris was barely visible in the half light. he seemed so desperate.
“yes.” you murmured, your needy gaze meeting his. diluc briefly pressed a gentle kiss to your forehead, before resting his head in the crook of your neck, as he finally brushed his fingers over your drenched cunt. you jolted, a “master diluc” falling from your lips before you could stop yourself. he had to bite back a grin.
he could feel just how wet you were, practically dripping down your thighs just at his teasing. he ran one finger through your glistening folds, up from your twitching hole up to your clit. you were whining, squirming under his grasp at the lack of stimulation but he didn’t care. he wanted to take his time with you. lowering a hand to keep your hips still, he pressed his thumb down insistently on your swollen clit and you practically wailed, a babble of “please”’s and “master diluc”. he started with slow rough circles over the bud, letting the rest of his fingers rub ever so gently up and down over your slit, groaning deeply at how quickly you soaked them.
he slid a finger in, painfully slowly. you couldn’t help it as a small squeak escaped you. his one finger was so thick compared to your own, the worn calluses brushing against your soft pulsating walls as he stretched you out, so so slowly. his breathing was heavy, trying to restrain himself. he didn’t want to break you just yet. it seemed to stretch on forever as he pumped that one finger in and out of your cunt, the lewd squelching sounds making you whine and wriggle and you mindlessly grinded down on his palm, a string of babbling pleas almost constant on the air and archon was diluc’s restrain cracking.
his nails on your hip were digging in, leaving crescent moons on your skin as he internally fought to stay gentle but he knew he didn’t have long. hurriedly, he pushed another finger in beside the first but met no resistance, moving faster, and you let out a broken moan into his ear, you head falling to his shoulder, glazed with sweat. your thighs were twitching with the strain, diluc was supporting your weight almost entirely against him as you panted pathetically. “d-diluc,” you half sobbed, honorifics forgotten as you began to shake. he had tried, he really had tried to be a gentleman, but as you clamped down on his fingers, moaning his name brainlessly as you came, he gave up trying to be gentle.
you were still shuddering with the after shocks and didn’t register the clinking of dilucs belt. with his body temporarily off your own, you slid down the wall a little, your trembling legs unbalanced. before you could rest on the cool floor however, hands slid under your thighs, lifting you and slamming bodily back against the wall. your cry of surprise wasn’t heard by diluc, as he raised you high enough to wrap your shaking legs around his middle. balancing you with one arm around the backs of your thighs, diluc adjusted himself just enough to allow his achingly hard cock free from the confines of his trousers. he pumped himself once, spreading a bead of precum before glancing up at you. you looked absolutely debauched, you eyes glossy and half lidded, face glistening and flushed red as you panted for air but you had dully registered what he was about to do. you began babbling again as diluc lifted your thighs higher almost resting on his shoulders, spreading you out like a common whore. he tuned out your cries that he wasn’t going to fit and that you had just come, grinding back and forth against your wet folds until he was satisfied it was enough.
“be good for me” was all the warning he gave you before he began to push into you, and this time he was not slow.
you let out sharp cry as he bottomed out in you, clutching desperately to the back of his shirt as he split you open. your vision went fuzzy as you moaned brokenly. no amount of prep could’ve been enough for how stretched out you felt, full to the brim. diluc wasn’t coping much better. he groaned loudly as your walls clamped down on him, so warm, so wet he could feel his sanity ebbing away. “hng-need you to relax.” he grunted, sweat slicked forehead on your shoulder as he caught his breath in gasps. you weren’t listening, already so drunk on his cock he doubted you could hear a word he was saying. he dug his nails into your leg hard enough to pierce skin and you wailed, releasing him from your vice like grip long enough for him to pull out halfway and slam back in. you moaning in unison, holding onto each other like one of you might run away.
diluc started a relentless rhythm, too rough and too fast to start but judging by your cries you weren’t complaining. with each thrust, you were almost bounced up the wall only for him to pull you down harshly back onto his cock. tears pricked in your eyes as he pounded you, so aggressive it should’ve hurt but you were enjoying yourself far too much to care. your hands carded senselessly through his hair, scratching at his scalp with your nails as he fucked your brain to mush, and diluc moaned unrestrainedly at the feeling. he felt out of control, almost carnal as he indulged himself in you, for once not holding back at all as he pounded all the reason he had out of his head and into your greedy cunt. you had tears running down your face now, you eyes unfocused as it all became too much, and archons, you were such a pretty crier. your moans were intermingled with sobs as diluc forced your legs higher, folding you in half, knowing he didn’t have long but determined he was going to make the most of it.
in this position, you felt even tighter around him, sucking him in insatiably as he continually hit that spot inside of you that made your legs shudder in his hands. your wailing cries were increasing in pitch, your whole body twitching as you got closer and closer. diluc was panting now, his own arms shaking from the strain of keeping you both up. he felt hot tremors up his legs as he clung to rationality. in the brief moment before he fell completely off the edge, he raised his head just enough to meet your eyes.
you looked a mess, face soaked with tears, lips bitten and wet with saliva, but your eyes were needing, a silent plea. he pressed a messy kiss to your lips. it was the final push you needed to fall completely as you wailed brokenly into his mouth as you came again, squeezing him so hard he saw white. swearing loudly he let out an embarrassingly high pitched moan, biting down hard on your shoulder to muffle his voice as he emptied into you. diluc couldn’t focus on your cry of pain but he felt you go limp in his arms, finally docile. his legs felt weak and he let you both slide down to the blissfully cool floor. neither of you said anything as you caught your breath, clinging on to each others shaking bodies.
neither of you wanted to be the first to let go.
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chococolte · a day ago
All I want to do in life is to touch zhonglis tail
word count. 408
୨୧ — ꒰ cw. yandere, unhealthy relationship, possessive & obsessive thoughts/behaviors, g/n reader. i do not condone yanderes irl.
୨୧ — ꒰ a/n. i hope this sates ur desire nonnie! i left this ambiguous so u can imagine it as sagau or not, also wrote this quickly so im sorry for the quality TT
Tumblr media
he would let you. celestia above, he would let you and more.
zhongli was once a god of war. his hands have long been stained red, coated with blood long gone but still felt. it's surprising, then, how easily he crumbles at your touch.
when you bring up your desire, zhongli is more than a little stunned. is that... truly something you wish to do? the thought had never crossed his mind. but since you've shown interest, well...
it's easy for zhongli to revert to a more draconic state, even with his slight hesitance. horns curl on his head as soon as he registers that this is something you want from him. the skin on his arms turns black, fading into a bright gold at his hands.
he fears what you think of this form. the one he had when liyue was still in it's cradle, when he was yet geo archon. will you look down upon it? will you find it distasteful, in some way? he fears most of all that you will look at him like he is some sort of monster, fear dancing in your eyes. he couldn't bear to stand in front of you again if he scared you, even in this way.
zhongli's tail is incredibly sensitive. run your hands along its scales, be rough or soft, and zhongli will be putty in your hands. his tail flitters, wagging like a dog's would at your praise or compliments. tell him you love him and it'll wrap around you instinctually, pulling you towards him. his horns are almost as sensitive-- touch the base of them and he'll make a deep rumbling from somewhere in his chest, purring at your touch.
his tail has all sorts of nerves in it. even if you aren't kind in handling it, it still sends pleasurable shocks down his spine. grab it and rub and he's losing it. small gasps and soft panting, so uncharacteristic for the geo archon. this sight is for your eyes only-- anyone else and he'd gouge them out with all the ferocity of the god of war.
take a step back and look at the mess you've made of him-- watery eyes and a pink blush dancing on his cheeks. try to walk away and you'll find his tail grabbing at the soft flesh of your wrist, tugging you back to him.
with a pleading voice, zhongli says, "don't leave... not yet. stay... please?"
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versadies · 2 days ago
currently thinking about kaeya being down bad--he acts all flirty n shiz but the moment you can't see his face he's a blushing mess
he probably lies awake in bed for hours unable to sleep after you kiss him for the first time. punches his pillow too probably
content // ooc kaeya (?), gn!reader, spoilers to kaeya’s lore, not fully proofread
AAA THIS IS SO CUTEEEE 😍😍😍 ty for this beautiful brainrot anon 😚😚😚
Tumblr media
Kaeya, a charming and confident man absolutely melting from even the smallest affection from you? Me likey 😋😋😋 !!!
He may seem the type of man to not get flustered so easily, but it’s sort of canon that he struggles with loneliness despite his extroversion, so there’s a possibility that he doesn’t get into romantic relationships at all. The only thing he does that’s close to romance is when he flirts with other people, but that’s just it.
So when it came to you, he fell hard.
It was slow and steady at first when his feelings were only small, he finds himself being interested in you and wants to figure out why.
A few weeks have passed, his feelings began to grow and grow the more he talks to you at the tavern. This time, he feels… happier than before. Just one thought about you or even a mention of your name would instantly make him have the urge to smile.
He finds himself being frozen whenever your hands brushed up on his before he quickly regains his composure, finds himself feeling as though his breath was taken away whenever you look at his direction and show your usual smile that he dearly loves and thinks about a lot, finds himself trying to hide the fact that his cheeks are warming up so much whenever you do something affectionate towards him — and all of this would happened right before he fixes himself once again and act like none of these affect him so. In reality, he just couldn’t get enough with this feeling of his.
It’s obvious to others that something happened to Kaeya, who’s now being exceptionally more hardworking on the Knights of Favonius. Though, none dared to ask what could be the cause of his sudden dedication, not when he’s always thinking about something (could it be you?).
Sometimes at nights when he lays on his bed, his mind would be flooded with thoughts of you. He wonders what you two would talk about tomorrow, what outfit you will be wearing, what it would be like to be your lover, and everything else that involves you.
When he does think of you, he’d immediately hide his face with his arm as he chuckles to himself. Who knew someone like him could be this smitten towards someone like you? Eh, he’s sure these feelings will go away soon when he grows bored.
But it never did.
By the time his feelings had fully bloomed, he felt scared. Why is he feeling this way when you have done nothing of the sort that could make you become the subject of his thoughts and dreams? He feels unworthy to have someone like you as his lover if that happens.
Still, he can’t find himself to try and push you away. He’s that in love with you!
So he embraces his feelings, going as far as to “subtly” flirt with you whenever he can — only for him to end up facing away from you whilst covering his face whenever you decide to flirt back — why are you so ??? adorable ???
There are times when you’d let Kaeya have a taste of your meal by spoon-feeding him whenever you ate lunch together, when you’d lean your head on his broad shoulder from exhaustion, when you’d sometimes lean too close to him to look at the documents he’s reading, when you’d do anything that could lead him covering his face with his pillow thinking about such moments the whole night flustered. He’s impressed with himself that he acted as if it didn’t faze him during those moments
Everyone who knows about your interactions are convinced you two have feelings for one another, but neither would step up and confess right away, which led you two to be in a situation where you two would flirt back and forth with no intentions of stopping.
The day when you two actually let your feelings out in the open and officially became a couple, Kaeya felt like the happiest man in Teyvat.
Especially when he escorts you back home after a tiring day and you suddenly give him a kiss on his cheek as a goodbye, leaving him stunned as you walk towards your humble home.
He stands in front of your home for a solid 30 minutes before he finally processes what just happened, his hand slowly rises and touches his cheek that you kissed on.
Oh he’ll definitely won’t be able to sleep from this.
The day after that, people could’ve sworn they heard someone whistling an infamous romantic song of Mondstadt in the middle of the night.
Tumblr media
penpals // @scaraslover @saving-for-xiao @dawgimsohot @kazu-topia @chiruru @aqualesha @renamichii @mrkamisato @shenhesl0ver @serami00 @serenareiss @hiqhkey @emperatris-rinaka @bystander36 @irisxiel @ladycoleigh @034ven @dear-dairiess @owozi8 @hadesaedes @chiro-chiro-kun @hersscherofyatta @mariusvonhangme @yuzuricebun @nejibot @hoshikistarlette @solaaresque @crowbird @lordbugs @flowersforayato @headintheclouddd @estelwrld @giyusimpsassemble @irethepotatosblog @moonlightaangel @alice0blog @shotosbrainrot @sniffoat @chihawari @mxsomn @kuni-kuzushii @jiminscarmex @mitsukii14 @nejibot @ylimeprive @sachispet @loreleis-world @sn-owo @starforecasts @someonetookmynamelmao @ceylestia @lychme @ymikkos @reallysporadicarcade @melodyyamino
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chifuyusangel · 2 days ago
cw. none, more fluffy tighnari because i love him sm
Tumblr media
living for the headcanon that tighnari is a petty lover.
try pulling pranks on him and he'll get you back tenfold. oh, you're dodging his kisses? fine, you're not allowed to pet his ears, he'll purposefully turn his head away from you. suddenly don't want to cuddle? fine, he's not sharing the blanket with you if you don't wanna share your warmth.
as petty as he can be, it's always amusing to see the reknowned forest ranger with his cheeks puffed out and eyebrows turned down.
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satorini · 9 hours ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
ও rating. explicit
ও summary. sex is a learning, even for genshin men 
cw/ tw. fem!reader, fingering, overstimulation, oral sex, anal play, rimming, sex toys, clit play, just the tip, size kink, deepthroating, corruption kink, slight m|m, pet names (ex. sweetheart, cutie, darling)
ও featuring. Diluc, Tighnari, Pantalone, Childe & Zhongli
ও an. Ok, eris might’ve found a tagging solution, so here’s my fourth attempt >< i even added diluc with hopes that it’ll stay. all reblogs are very much appreciated, thank you!
Tumblr media
One of your less-scholarly experiments in the lab went horribly wrong—the proof of it still humming between your thighs beyond your finger’s reach. 
It was embarrassing that you had to ask one of the lab assistants to help you home because you were nearing the brink of overstimulation and unable to think straight long enough to put one foot in front of the other. Not to mention that you had to explain to Albedo at the door why you were going home early without moaning through a sentence. 
But this was nothing compared to your lover coming home, looking at you with a cocked brow as he watched you squirm on top of the bed—clearly amused but not surprised. And the worst part was that you hadn’t even had sex yet.
“Here, let me help,” he said in a steady and low voice.
You fidgeted under his scrutinizing carmine gaze, biting back whimpers with flushed cheeks while stammering through your predicament.
Diluc nodded his head, the sound of him throwing his thick leather gloves on the bed making you jump. “Hm, okay, let’s take a look.” 
He moved to stand between your spread knees, and you were suddenly very aware of how broad and big he looked, towering over you—every part of you laid bare for him to see. A large hand pressed against your lower stomach, jostling the experiment inside you, and this time you couldn’t hold back the squeal that ripped from your chest. 
“Sorry,” he said, voice imperceptibly deeper, lips twitching like he was trying to hold back a smile. “Okay, you’re going to feel a slight stretch.”
You bit your lip. “A-alright—”
Slight didn’t even come close to the fingers sliding into you, spearing your sensitive walls open, and rubbing a spot you’d never been able to reach with startling precision. You reminded yourself that he has to do this, that he was trying to be helpful. 
None of this stopped the fact your lower stomach burned with the promise of another orgasm when his fingers accidentally pushed the slime experiment deeper inside your wet pussy.
“Ah, there it is.”
At the sight of your scrunched nose, he asked if it hurt. You shook your head, eyes squeezed shut to hold back the stinging pleasure. “N-no,” you sniffled.
“Relax, okay?”
A tricky request, you thought, his thumb just barely touching your engorged clit as he twisted his hand to try a different angle. Then he pushed down on your abdomen again, and his long fingers finally gripped the object.
“Oh!” you moaned at the feel of it dragging down your front wall, your fingers gripping the sheets under you. 
He had to tell you to relax again, his voice cracking, but you hardly heard it over your heart beating loudly in your ears. His fingers dragged the hydro slime creation out slowly, almost too slow that you could feel it bumping against every slippery ridge inside you.
“Ah, sorry,” he said when you twitched, clinical—unapologetic—using his thumb to rub soothing circles into your stomach. “You’re so wet. I need to make sure I don’t lose it again.”
You nodded, pussy clenching down at his words.
And then Diluc’s fingers curled up: your hips started quivering, tears leaked down your temples, and your jaw locked up until your orgasm rippled through you. It was unending, the strongest yet, and just when you thought it was over, you felt the press of his palm against your clit.
“W-wait!,” you moaned, eyelashes wet, “m’sensitive!”
Before you could protest more, Diluc pulled it out of you and dropped the humming experiment beside you before he gathered you in his arms, resting his chin on your head.
You swallowed lungfuls of air against his chest, head still spinning and walls spasming from the aftershocks. 
He was murmuring in your ear about how good you were, kissing your temples and rubbing your sides. Moments passed before you finally returned to yourself, and when he pulled back, his brows furrowed at your dazed look.
“It wasn’t too much, was it?”
All you could do was shake your head, wondering if it’d be like that once you actually had sex. 
Tumblr media
“What have you got there?”
You squeaked at Tighnari’s voice coming from the doorway of your room, your ankles crossing in a fruitless attempt to hide the evidence lying under you on the bed.
“Nothing,” you told him. Although it came out so soft that it hardly sounded believable, even to your ears.
He started walking closer and stopped when he noticed the ears that were the same shade as his clutched in your fist and the end of a tail caught around your ankle—he blushed scarlet.
Tighnari reached for the ears first, easily plucking them from your grasp.
“This was supposed to be a surprise for…you know, your heats,” you explained softly, still embarrassed at being caught, watching him turn the headband over in his hands.
The ears weren’t as long as his; they were more like a puppy’s, but that didn’t stop him from dragging his thumb over them in what you hoped was awe. It was hard to tell what he was thinking when he was quiet like this—and the slight crinkle between his brows wasn’t very promising.
But then he surprised you by leaning forward to position the headband neatly on top of your head, finally voicing, "they're, uh, they're nice."
A little flutter unfurled, warm and sweet, in your chest.
"Yeah?" you asked, uncrossing your ankles so he could see the other end of the tail resting solid and cold against the curve of your ass.
You could practically see his adam's apple bob along his throat as he swallowed hard. "Mhm," the hum sounded choked, redness creeping down his neck. "You're the cutest kit I've ever seen."
He settled a knee between your feet, then the other, hesitantly situating himself between your thighs like he was seeing you bare for the first time. His gaze shifted between the ears perched on your head and the tail curled against you on the bed one last time before his hands on your thighs spread you open.
Another frown creased his forehead, and you clenched around nothing when he picked up the knobbed end of the tail.
“It’s not very wet,” he said matter-of-factly, that inquisitive confidence lacing his words once again. “What were you using?”
“Well, I…I had oil, but I ran out. So I tried to make do with what I had.”
“Which was?”
You tried to spread your legs a little wider under his hands, hoping he’d get the idea at the sight of your creamy arousal shining in the warm glow of the room.
He huffed, reprimanding, and his warm breath fanning across your soaked lips made you shiver. “You’re going to hurt yourself if you do it like that.”
There was hardly a second between you squeaking out wait and him eagerly putting his mouth on you in a place no one else had touched before. The wet slide of his tongue from your puckered little hole to the slick seam of your pussy had your back arching up off the bed, your hands scrabbling for purchase on something and finding their way into his soft hair. 
It was a lot at once, nearly bordering on too much. 
His tongue lapped around your clit and back down until you squealed and tugged hard on his hair, unsure if you wanted to keep him in place or push him away.
“T-Tighnari,” you stammered, flushing as he sucked lewdly and groaned into you. “Please.” 
You didn’t even know what you were begging for—only that you knew Tighnari was the only one that could give it to you.
“Shh,” he whispered, looking up at you with a dazed look in his eyes, soft, pink lips shiny and wet. “Let me help open you up first.”
Then he worked the tip of his tongue inside your tight hole with some resistance before you felt him slip inside, deeper and deeper and— 
You heard yourself wail. 
Tumblr media
Your mouth felt dry from the ragged breaths and sounds you could barely get out with how sharp the stretch was; imperceptible moans and whines spilled out of you continuously.
He had you bent in half on his desk, the solid wood and papers digging into your back only slightly distracting as you trembled and clenched around him. There was slick dripping down your thighs, and you were spread open as wide as you could go, yet it wasn’t enough because when you looked down, not even half of his cock was inside you. 
“Wait!” you whimpered, the feeling of your fingers digging into his abdomen making him stop. “I—I don’t know if I can…I’m not—”
“Wet enough?”
All you could do was nod, letting out a shaky breath, cheeks hot.
“Awe, sweetheart,” Pantalone cooed softly, lips brushing against the top of your cheek. “Why didn’t you say so?”
His cock slipped out of your pussy with a slick pop that made you blush before he traced your clit with the pad of his thumb.
“Better?” he asked. You nodded again, biting your lip as he dragged his thumb through your wetness so he could rub slippery circles around your achy bundle of nerves.
The tension in your limbs slowly melted away until you were a soft and pliant thing for him again. His name slurred off your tongue when he placed more pressure on your clit, stroking tight, precise patterns that had more slick leaking out of you.
“Is this all you needed? My fingers on your cunt?” 
Your head flew back against the desk with a resounding thunk, eyes rolling, unable to give more than intelligible constants of his name and please every time he managed to work you a little higher on his fingers.
There was an embarrassing sticky puddle under you caused by all his hard work. You could feel it when he leaned forward and kissed your swollen lips, pressing you further into expensive mahogany. 
“Oh!” you moaned as his fingers moved down to pet throw your wetness, his middle finger brushing against your entrance but not pressing in. 
“How about a little more?” he asked, lips moving towards your cheek. “Just the tip, okay? I won’t go any deeper.”
You nodded helplessly, reduced to nerve endings. 
Pantalone slowly pressed the thick tip of his cock back into you, the pinch still there (it always was). Even so, his fingers never stopped smearing messy patterns over your needy cunt, leaving you fluttering and preening softly.
The heat in your tummy was almost too quick for it to be satisfying, pussy clenching around the small amount he’d managed to fit inside your tight heat. But then he was thrusting forward, all the way in to the fucking hilt, and you swore you saw white, and—oh.
You wanted to tell him how deep he was, that you could feel him right under your belly button. Although, when your lips fell open, nothing but a watery sob came out.
He cursed, looking down at your drenched, swollen lips with a smirk hinting on his lips. “Look at you, sweetheart—Oh, fuck. Worried for no reason,” he crooned, petting your hair back with sticky fingers. “Look at you taking me.”
Tumblr media
“I—I don’t know, should we really be doing this here?”
You hesitated, looking at the large window where anybody could walk by and possibly catch you on your knees for Childe. 
He gave you that boyish smile that you knew meant trouble. “Don’t worry, cutie. We’re all alone here. Nothing can see us here.”
It wasn’t a matter of what might see you, but who. And that just so happened to be a consultant of the Wangsheng Funeral parlor and your boss.
You were about to scramble off the floor and fix your clothes, face flushed hot, before Childe placed a hand on your head, keeping you in place close to his crotch. Your fingernails dug into his thighs, surely something you’d pay for later, but you couldn’t be bothered at the moment. Not with Zhongli walking further into the room until you could feel his footsteps under your knees. 
“You’re early,” Childe said. 
“I’d finished my errands early today,” came Zhongli’s honey-smooth voice. “I see you started without me.”
Suddenly it clicked that this wasn’t simply an accident, and you pout, which he seemed to sense because he was looking at you again with another smile. “Awe, come on. Don’t look at me like that, cutie. I wanted to show him how good you are.” 
His fingers ran through your hair tenderly, and you hated how easily your body leaned into his touch. You should be more upset, and slapping his fingers away, you should—
“There you go, darling. Relax your throat.”
Zhongli tossed his head back with a groan when he felt you gag on his cock, the hand buried in your hair, keeping you held tight against him before he pulled you off. You choked on the air fighting its way to your lungs, and Childe’s thumb reached up to wipe off the bit of drool dripping from your lip.
He placed a sloppy kiss against your cheek, whispering things like how good you were and how he couldn’t wait to have you fucked out on his cock too.
His other hand held Zhongli’s intimidating length close to your mouth, lightly tapping the head against your swollen lips once you caught your breath.
“Open up, cutie,” Childe said ever-so-sweetly. “I think he’s ready to fill up that sweet mouth again.”
Zhongli let out a hiss when Childe’s thumb ran over his slit, which quickly morphed into a grunt as you took him into your hot mouth. You flattened your tongue along the underside of his cock while trying to take him deeper, watching his throat bob.
“Such a pretty mouth,” he muttered shakily.
Your brows knit together, sinking a little lower, pushing until tears stung the corners of your eyes—and further still, jaw aching—
The two men above you groaned at the bulge peeking through your throat, and Childe’s fingers wrapped around it, not applying pressure, just feeling. Zhongli’s thighs tensed under your hands, and he released a throaty moan that went right to your clit.
“I told you she had the tightest little throat.” Childe chuckled darkly, releasing your throat so you could bob your head back up.
“Perfect—Such a perfect girl,” Zhongli tried to say, but he was caught off by you swallowing around him, and all that he could manage was: “—oh, darling.”
Tumblr media
tagging. @venussakura @indigotraa @jordyn-degas @spookyxiao
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abyssruler · 2 days ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media
gamer girl ei who wears the same hoodie that hasn’t been washed since she bought it months ago. gamer girl ei who doesn’t leave her room, monster cans and cup noodles all over the place. you have to physically haul her up and drag her ass to the bathroom bc she stinks. she squints when she finally sees the light of day after a month of being holed up in her room.
gamer girl ei who has beef with her little brother after he hacked into her genshin account and spent all her primos on the standard banner. gamer girl ei who carries you in matches and does your daily commissions when you’re too busy to do them. gamer girl ei who mooches off her rich older twin sister so she doesn’t need to lift a finger to work a job.
gamer girl ei who dedicates a ranked match to you, then proceeds to lose and rages at the fifteen year old who sniped her from afar. gamer girl ei who looks intimidating from afar but is actually socially awkward and hides behind you whenever you manage to drag her out to socialize. gamer girl ei who only has four friends—one’s a boomer who doesn’t know how to use a phone, one’s an alcoholic who always manages to escape rehab, one’s a literal nine year old she met on roblox, and then there’s you.
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tighnara · 2 days ago
"... and there was only one bed"
... having to share a bed with them
✧ genshin men x gn!reader
✧ featuring: itto, childe, zhongli
✧ warnings: none
disclaimer: they aren't your partner in this one, you are just travelling together! Typical "only one bed"-cliché trope and how they would handle it!
Tumblr media
✧ don't get me started on this one.. way too pure for his own good
✧ he's a bit too happy about this whole situation, gladly accepting the receptionist's offer as she informs you that the only available room is quite small, equipped with only one bed
✧ doesn't understand why you feel reluctant to share a bed or even a room with him, calling it a "sleepover with his bestest friend"
✧ eventually you just give up and agree to share a bed with him, even though he takes up like 80% of the bed, not leaving any room for you to find a comfortable sleeping position, as his loud snoring drills into your ears, leaving you restless and with an aching body once you get up again. His snores kind of sound like the ones of a baby, only louder. Combine that with the sounds of five chainsaws and that's what your night sounds like.
✧ you can't help but admire his peaceful face, his chest rising and sinking slowly with every breath he takes and for a short moment you think that maybe your insomnia is worth this view. Only for a short time though before he starts snoring again and you feel the urge to hit him with your pillow.
✧ "Ahh I slept like a baby! How 'bout you, huh?" he asks you while stretching, ignoring your death stare and yawning. What he doesn't tell you is how insanely fast his heart beats whenever he thinks about this night, remembering your warmth and having you so close to him that he was afraid that you might hear his heart racing.
✧ oh god. oh yes. You are in for a ride with this one. He won't ever let you live it down, using it to tease you whenever he gets the chance to because he knows how much it annoys you.
✧ he doesn't even let the owner of the small inn you are staying in finish his sentence as he wants to inform you about the room. He just takes it, no questions asked.
✧ "You know what that means, don't you?" he provokes you, a devilish grin on his face as he points at the small bed in front of you. Childe loves to tease you, that's no secret. He loves seeing you blush and getting all nervous. That's exactly why his heart hammers againsts his chest as you slowly nod as an answer to his question. "Yeah, I know.."
✧ sleeping on the cold floor wasn't exactly what he had in mind when he asked you that. You grabbed the blanket and threw it on the floor, watching his grin disappear after practically kicking him out of the bed that you were supposed to share with him. He pouts for a while and accepts his fate. At least he makes you think so. As soon as he can hear your soft snoring, he grabs the blanket and makes his way to the bed, admiring you for a while, before he lays down next to you, ignoring the hizzing in his ears as he is closer to you than he has ever been before.
✧ let me tell you, he falls asleep faster than he wants to, just feeling way too comfortable around you. It reminds him of the cold nights in Snezhnaya when he was a little kid, snuggling up with his family in order to keep eachother warm. He only notices how close you two got once he opens his eyes the next morning, feeling the heat rising to his face as he takes his arm back, which was still wrapped around you, waking you up in the process.
✧ "Hehe.. Seems like you couldn't keep me away from you for so long."
✧ will always bring this up whenever you almost forget about this embarrassing situation. Deep down he never wants to let go of this memory, hoping that it will soon be one of many nights spent together.
✧ a flustered mess. He isn't used to this kind of intimacy. At least he hasn't been so close to someone for the last few hundred years. So it is no surprise that in the end it is you who agrees to take the room. He would never do anything you aren't a hundred percent comfortable with, that's why he let you make the decision and he regrets it a little bit as the two of you enter the small room. There was no way that you two could share the bed without being inappropriately close to eachother.
✧ he offers to take one of the pillows and spend the night on the floor, claiming that he doesn't need much sleep anyway. You try to persuade him into joining you on the bed, but no matter how hard you try, he just won't give in.
✧ to your surprise it doesn't take him long to fall asleep. And then there is you, wide awake and feeling guilty because he has to sleep on the hard ground while you habe the bed all to yourself. After some time you come to the conclusion that he must be freezing, laying on the ground without any blankets, so you grab the thick blanket that was covering your own body up to now and slowly approached his sleeping figure.
✧ you swear that you only wanted to tuck him in but you must have fallen asleep in the process. There's no other way how you could explain how it happened, once Zhongli brought it up after a few weeks, seemingly flustered.
✧ to be fair you couldn't know about it because feeling the weight of your body on his led Zhongli to wake up, slowly opening his eyes and holding his breath as he looks into your sleeping face that is right in front of his. He bites his lip, resisting the urge to touch your soft cheek which got more difficult the longer he looked at you. After he finally snaps out of his trance, he wraps your arm around your resting body, gently picking you up and carrying you to the bed.
✧ at this point he doesn't care about manners anymore, laying down right next to you and tucking both of you in. It's hard for him to fall asleep like this, being way too nervous but feeling at peace at the same time. He doesn't mind this rather sleepless night for he got to spend it by your side.
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