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What They Would be Like as Parents - Vice Housewardens
Your children have the whitest teeth ever. The dentist's favourite patients.
Also teaches them how to bake.
Always goes with them to the bus stop and is there when they get dropped off, unless you drive them to school or walk there.
Doesn't really care about school events, but if your child really really wants to, then fine, Trey will give in.
Is the type of parent to pack their lunch the night before.
Only cares that they get passing grades in school. Preferably a 70%, or level 3, just so that they don't have many problems with teachers or anything like that.
Any halloween costume they want, as long as it's appropriate.
Will make rice krispie square things and put them in little baggies to give to trick-or-treaters.
Knows exactly what they want for Christmas (if you celebrate), and birthdays.
Went to the store to get milk, but DID come back.
These little brats.
Ruggie teaches his kids to stand up to bullies.
Tells them to strive for the top, but it's okay if you're average.
It only counts more in the subjects that help you through life. Math, for example, will. History, however, doesn't matter to Ruggie.
"Never do something for free unless you want to get taken advantage of."
Tells them stealing is bad because Ruggie doesn't want to pay bail if they get caught.
Is so not giving candy for trick or treating. All the lights in your house are off, and no little children must come by.
Teaches your kids how to bargain and use coupons.
The most important rule in the house is that everyone is polite to the plants.
And that they aren't allowed to do anything uncle Floyd showed them that involves violence, breaking windows, or committing a felony.
But your kids are in martial arts, just like Jade was.
Helps with homework.
As long as his kids do their best, it's fine. But encourages them to strive for the top.
Doesn't want your kids to get hurt, but if he tells them that people are cruel right off the bat, they will end up loosening up on his advice over the years because nothing has happened.
So he only says to be careful, and if your child does end up getting bullied, that's when he knows his advice will stick with them more.
Never forgets any school events, ever. All the teachers love Jade.
Takes them to the park quite often.
Is so caring.
Packs their lunches and tells them not to trade at school.
Wants them to make their own decisions in life, but doesn't let them do everything themselves.
Thinks he's good at handling children because Kalim is basically a child, but his own kids are different.
He knows that they don't want a huge party every second. He also knows that they hide behind your legs when people visit. And he knows that they have embarrassing victory dances when they beat their friends at mancala. (he blames that aspect on you.)
Jamil pays so much attention to his child. There is no 'other people are better than you', 'more important than you', 'are above you, is priority'. There is no neglecting his child.
Teaches your child how to cook, but doesn't let them handle knives.
Tells them that they should show their talents, and have their own opinions.
Holy shit.
Every single part of them. The top of their head to the tip of their toes.
Does not give one damn what their sexuality is, what their gender is, what their weight is, nothing.
Helps them with their grades if they need it.
Teaches them how to shoot an arrow and hunt.
Wants a dog for a pet, but if their child wants a cuddly wuddly bunny or something, then fine.
He has album after album of baby photos of your kids.
Walks them to the bus. Is there for every single school event.
Lets his kids pick his halloween costume.
You live close to a library, so you go and take stories out all the time.
An alarm clock is useless, Rook wakes them up every morning to make sure that they get dressed, eat breakfast, have everything packed, and of course, say good morning and have a nice day at school.
Unless it's a weekend, in which case they're up when they're up.
Bedtime stories. Every night. He never runs out.
Cooks all the time which isn't that great, but he tries.
Birthday parties. GOES ALL OUT.
Baby photos.
Your children know Silver and call him their brother.
Everytime Sebek comes over with Silver, the kids agree with the insults Silver spews at Sebek. Lilia finds it hilarious and enjoys the show.
Lilia beats your children at video games all the time.
He also lets them dye his hair.
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Hiyah! Could I request headcanons for Leona and Trey and Jamil (seperately ofc) with a female s/o who is great at making Japanese food and snacks and shares them with everyone including their families?
Fem! S/O makes Japanese food and sweets
Author's Note: Everyone can be in the kitchen, not only women. If you think women only belong in the kitchen, then go away!
Pairing: Leona, Trey, & Jamil x Fem! Reader
Warnings: Female Reader
Tumblr media
At first, he would be napping then get woken up by you to try something you made.
He would say that he's losing sleep because of you, but we know the truth.
One day while at Savanaclaw, you borrowed the kitchen and Leona was napping in his room. You were cooking up a storm as Jack came back from his workout and you offered to cook something since he was curious about your cooking.
Leona woke up to a savory aroma and followed it all the way to the kitchen to see Jack eating your food as you listened to what he had say about it.
The audacity of your friend/his underclassmen
He strolled over and rested his chin on your shoulder then opened his mouth, indicating to feed him.
You gave him some, but after that, Leona would hang around you more if you cooked and would buy you some ingredients or cookbooks you wanted.
He would taste test your food and tell you if anything was wrong with it.
Teases you that if he dies, it's on your hands.
He took you home and found you spending your time in the library as well as kitchen, experimenting or researching new flavors to use in your craft.
Its safe to say that Cheka enjoyed your food to the point he would always ask Leona if you made anymore yummy food whenever he sees him either when at the palace or visiting Leona at NRC.
The Cooking Duo
Trey would probably ask for your help when he tries to make Japanese sweets.
Totally just for the assistance, not to spend time with you.
Anyway, you two would spend time together in the kitchen, even fi you're cooking food while he makes sweet.
He would taste test in the exchange of you doing the same of his sweets.
Will give you detailed analysis about everything but will also give you simple feedback like it's good to spite you.
You both do this to each other.
During break, he took some of your food home and within the week, he texted that your invited over during break if you weren't busy which you weren't.
when you asked him what suddenly brought this, he told you that his family ate the tableware of your food and were wanting to meet you.
You showed up to the house and was welcomed by a bunch of Trey's younger siblings. His parents told you that they wanted to sell your sweets as a holidays time treat in exchange that they'd pay you.
Agreeing, you help around the bakery and get to hear about how Trye was when he was younger from both parents and customers who've been around for a while.
Trey and you hardly had a moment by yourself without his family spying on you two.
Covered in flour at times? Yes.
When you leave, his siblings are holding onto you, not wanting you to leave.
Another one where you two would probably have cooking dates.
Would be straight forward with you if you ask him to taste test your food.
You both you exchange lunches with each other for the other to have a taste of what you both made.
Safe to say, Kalim and Najma were fans of your cooking if you sent any home with him. He has to hide it from Najma, espcially if he brings some home.
Would suggest different flavors to use in your recipes.
Just don't give him anything date flavored.
Enjoys when you make curry and rice for him to eat.
I could see him refusing to share if someone asked to try your food from the lunch you made him.
When the Training camp is over, he is immediately happy when he realizes he can eat your food again without Vil breathing down his neck.
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Why the NRC Vice Housewardens Have a Grudge with Your Cats
Notes: This is an addition to the 'Why the NRC Housewardens Have a Grudge with Your Cats' post I made. Ruggie and Jamil are my favorite characters so I was pretty excited to write them, but I have far less experience writing with Trey, Rook and Lilia, so I hope it turned out okay!
Side note--Jade's part turned out way too long and I couldn't figure out how to shorten it. That most endearing enigma of an eel baffles me to no end.
I attached the intro again below. Also, the link to the Housewarden part can be found here.
That is all, enjoy! ♡
You are a proud cat parent, and no, the cat in question is not the talking fire weasel known as Grim, nor did you adopt Cheka or anyone else affiliated with the Savanaclaw dorm. 
In fact, the cats you are a parent to don’t talk, nor do they attend school, do magic, or any other remarkable anthropomorphic thing. These cats are state-of-the-art housecats, found and raised in your very own Ramshackle dorm. 
You had found them around the perimeter of the dorm not too long ago, just a group of mewing kittens with no mama cat in sight—your logic didn’t really have a say in the matter because your heart adopted them immediately, so much so that you didn’t let Grim so much as complain about his new dormmates. 
Once you were certain they were abandoned, you went to great efforts to make sure you could keep them. Crowley conceded only after you promised they’d be your responsibility, and after you reminded him that he’d placed you--a harmless and helpless student--in life-or-death situations daily (you reckon some of your pals in Octavinelle and Scarabia would have been quite proud of you for that argument). 
You also went to great lengths to make sure the kittens were well taken care of, and since Grim wasn’t going to let his tuna budget budge one bit, you took a few sacrifices upon yourself. You cleaned up a nice little room to keep their litter box in, purchased fresh litter from Sam, cleaned it, made sure the kittens were bathed, got beds for them, made them towers and toys from the scraps, fed them from your own plate… 
Having gone above and beyond for the little guys, it became quite obvious that even the grumpiest of them was smitten with you. They ran to greet you at the door as you returned from class, cuddled with you whenever you were available, and meowed whenever you felt like talking to them. You took good care of them and kept them out of harms way, and so far no NRC student had a bad encounter with them. Most who had pet your cute little dorm mates actually found them to be quite endearing, although one person in particular was not too happy with them at the moment… 
Oh, why you ask? Well, it just so happens that...
...Ace and Deuce claim to be cat dads.
Was that the cats' fault? No. Was Trey going to be petty about it anyways? Absolutely.
Don't get him wrong--he wasn't mean. In fact, Trey went above and beyond to fulfill the cat dad role, so why was it Ace and Deuce who got the title?
He supposed his ire should've been directed solely at Ace and Deuce, but jealousy just made him all-around irritable. He'd be hanging out with you and your cats one moment, and in the next that idiot duo would burst in, pick up your fur babies and confidently declare 'daddy's home!' as if they'd just returned from their day-job in a world of 1950s stereotypes.
Ace even got in the habit of kissing you on the cheek. Trey was going to lose his mind. What is with all this domestic roleplay??
Obviously the cats were the catalyst (or should he say cat-alyst?) to this madness. Was it something about their adorableness that made Ace and Deuce want to blur the lines of platonic affection between the three of you? Or did they just want to confuse everyone else and make Trey's life miserable??
Trey couldn't help it--he was down bad. And now he's gonna have to suck it up and watch your cat children project their need for another parental figure on the two most questionable choices in parents known to man.
Whatever--two can play that game.
Trey's unique magic turned out to be quite handy with that--after all, any baker worth their salt would know how to bake cat-friendly treats, and it just so happened that Trey could make it taste or smell however he wanted with his signature spell.
Did your cats like tuna? Chicken? Turkey? Beef? He was certainly going to find out.
The next time Adeuce waltzed in and tried their little act--they had to be doing it on purpose, Trey decided--Trey simply opened up the container he'd brought and let the smell of the treats speak for themselves.
You watched in wonder as your cat children wriggled out of the arms of Ace and Deuce, promptly flocking to Trey in alertness and excitement. Trey shook the little dish in front of them, coaxing all of them to come closer....
...and suddenly he's looking at you, smirking like he'd just won something. You had no idea what that was about.
"Dude," Ace crossed his arms, scowling. "Not cool. What, are you trying to be the cool uncle or something? Deuce and I were petting them."
"Cool uncle?" Trey hummed absentmindedly. "No, I don't think so. That's not quite right."
"But we're cat dads..." Deuce mumbled quietly, looking at you to sort out the conflict. Instead, you shrug.
"My babies will do what they want to do. If you want them, call them over. If they don't come, there's nothing I can do."
At that, Ace and Deuce immediately began to beckon the cats over. "Come to daddy!" and "Pspsps" were just a few sounds that left their lips, and they went so far as to drum patterns into the floor as if it would intrigue the cats enough to separate them from Trey.
It didn't. Trey had never felt so victorious in his life.
...they're expensive to take care of.
Respectfully, Prefect, Ruggie is now certain you have no self preservation. Absolutely none.
You weren't seriously feeding them off your own plate, were you? And buying them all that stuff--the litter and litterbox and other essentials, that money adds up you know!
Look, from one penniless person to another, you need to get it together. He's genuinely concerned that you're going to run yourself into some sort of debt you can't get out of, whether it be getting yourself in some cat-contract with Azul or just damaging your health by giving food that was meant for you to a bunch of cats you just met.
And yeah, the cuteness factor wasn't about to work on him. You were cute, did that mean he was always gonna listen to you?
...well, he didn't always listen to you, did he?
...okay, fine, the cats were chipping away at his resolve. But someone between the two of you had to be the practical one!
Eventually Ruggie gives in--fine, he'll support you and your cats the best he can. He can do a babysitting job here or there, he'll fetch food for you guys, he'll even help with the litterbox if you get overwhelmed.
He won't even charge you for it--remember this generosity when he asks you out on a date, okay?! Or just the next time you have a donut.
The idea of the two of you sharing like this actually makes him... kind of happy. He likes the idea of this unspoken partnership with you--sharing food, sharing life, sharing responsibilities.
You're a very sweet person, Prefect--only a bleeding heart like yours would take in a bunch of kittens when you live in conditions like these. It's not his thing, but he admires you for it.
Even more, he loves that selfless kindness you've always shown him too. It was one of those things that first caught his eye about you.
And hey, let's not forget--Ruggie doesn't mind using situations to meet his end goal. This time it just so happens his goal is winning your heart so... what an opportunity, isn't it?
Don't forget, Prefect, you can always rely on Ruggie Bucchi if you need a hand with your cats. You might have the self preservation skills of a deer on a highway, but that just makes him all the more perfect for you.
...they make you homesick.
Yes, Prefect, he can tell. He sees it in your eyes—one moment you’ll be all smiles and giggles as you smother your cats in affection, the next you’ll get all quiet and stroke their heads from a distance with a feather-like touch. Usually these mood swings come as you’re gushing to them—telling them all sorts of happy things from your homeland until suddenly it hits.
He’s the same way. Well, he doesn’t spontaneously lament as often as you do, but he will come across things in Octavinelle that remind him of home, and for moments he can’t help but wish he could return for just a little while. You—who had no idea if you could even return to your home from here—must've felt awful when these feelings arose.
He considered suggesting that you stop with your affectionate rambles, but he can’t blame you. Once you started calling your cats ‘family’, it was inevitable that you’d think of your family back home. Not talking about it—even if all you did was talk to your cats like a crazy person—would just suppress the feelings that would be there either way.
Still, he regretted that it had gotten this far.
What bugged him most, however, was that the source of your amplified homesickness was also your source of comfort, and thus whenever Jade visited it was your cats that you held so closely, so carefully—not him.
It was to your cats that you confessed your feelings, murmuring to them all your shy little secrets. Not him.
It was—well, you get the gist.
Jade certainly understood privacy and space—he craved plenty of it for himself, in fact, but he supposed it was his fault for thinking you might somehow see him as a source of comfort—one that could compete with adorable land creatures such as your cats.
Then again, he and Floyd had been awfully delighted to harass and scare you upon Azul’s orders that one time… maybe your distance was understandable.
Still, he was capable of fulfilling that same role your cats did, and there was nothing wrong with letting you know that, right?
That’s why the next time he saw you get that far-off look in your eye, he wasted no time in waving your cats off your lap and insisting you follow him. You were shocked (and a bit irritated to be separated from your fur babies), but you followed willingly.
You didn’t even ask him what was up—that part made Jade very happy, it was clear you trusted him. Or maybe you just knew him well enough to figure out what he might be doing. You looked pretty unsurprised to be dragged into the Mostro Lounge, though that expression changed when Jade pulled you into Azul's VIP room, whispered something in his ear, and then watched as the housewarden pushed up his glasses and left.
"You're alright with a little privacy, am I correct?" Jade asked charmingly, silently urging you to sit down. You do so, not without caution.
"Depends if you're going to murder me or not."
He placed a hand over his heart. "Oh Prefect, how could you accuse me of such a thing? First of all, I would never intentionally harm you. Second, I wouldn't take you here if I had any intention of murder--we've been seen together now, so that's too many witnesses. My alibi would be in shambles. Do you think me so careless?"
"I think it's curious that you'd choose to bring me here so suddenly. Did you want to tell me something?"
"I suppose you could say that. Rather, there is something I'd like to show you... wait a moment, please."
He promptly left the room, leaving you alone in Azul's VIP room--the very place Azul had such tight security on not too long ago. In your mind, you could have done anything--snooped around, checked for contracts, wrecked some havoc... no wonder you and the Leech twins got along.
You just sat there though. Jade returned with a large glass filled with a magical-looking liquid--nothing different than what was regularly served in the Mostro Lounge, though this was clearly personalized for you.
"Ah, poison," you say. "Interesting choice. I always thought you'd find a way to take me out with mushrooms, but..."
"You are so silly. You do know how endeared you've made yourself to me, do you not? With my legs I find every place outside the ocean to be positively fascinating, but there's no place I enjoy standing more than by your side, so..." He caught on to the look of wonder on your face, chuckled, and poked your cheek. "Do stop with the poison jokes, please."
"Yes sir..." you mumble dumbfoundedly. You accept the drink, giving it a sip; it tasted light and mellow, infused with all the sweetest flavors you liked best, refreshing and satisfying down to the drop. "Wow. So, uh... why are we here then, Jade? You wanted to show me something?"
He nodded. You waited expectantly.
"Answer me this first," Jade said finally. "Who do you trust more, me? Or your cats?"
You give him an incredulous look. His visage, however, reflects nothing but seriousness.
"My... uh, you?"
"You hesitated."
"I'm not sure where you're going with this," you admitted. "Do I gossip to my cats every secret I've ever held close to my heart? Yes--but would I, say, let my cats make me a drink?" You sip the drink Jade brought you in emphasis. "Definitely not." "Then allow me to ask this--what is the key to having access to your secrets? To the trust you give those cats?"
His stare was intense, but after processing, you couldn't help but laugh. Jade blinks at you, not understanding your reaction.
"You... haha... are you jealous of my cats or something?" you snicker. "You don't want to hear those secrets, Jade. I talk to them about my home--the place I come from. It's all pure nonsense, you know everything about me that's important. You probably know too much, actually."
Jade pouted at that--actually pouted, in a way his brother Floyd might. "What if I do want to hear? Prefect, I brought you here to say you can trust me." He closed his eyes. "You always seem to get homesick with your cats around, but you talk to them so much anyways. I could be your solution to that problem. I love to listen to you, so it would be a win for both of us."
"I get homesick because I'm away from home, Jade," you giggle. "You see me get homesick around my cats because when my cats are around, it's usually just the two of us. I trust you more than nearly anyone else at this school, Jade, that's why I feel safe to show my homesickness around you, even if I don't exactly talk it out. My cats don't make me homesick--they're part of my home here, part of the cure to my homesickness... and so are you, so don't worry."
"Is that so, Prefect? Do you really mean that?"
You grin, lips partially stained from the decorative drink he'd made you. "I do."
Jade smiles. "You have no idea how happy I am to hear that, Prefect."
...they get too much of your attention.
Oh, and yeah, he's jealous. He's done trying to hide it. He puts on enough fake smiles for the rest of Scarabia--now he just scowls when he sees your cats around, even more so when he sees you coddling them like a mother hen.
You know, with all his chasing Kalim and with all your running around the school on Crowley's orders, mutual free time between the two of you is something he considers precious. Do you just not feel the same, ooooor?
Of course, you--in all the joys of being a new cat parent--hardly let his sour mood and stinging comments sour your happiness. Not only do you spend your free moments smothering your cats in affection, you drag him into it as well!
"Truth or dare?"
"Prefect, they're just cats, they can't play-"
"Hush, Jamil, it's not your turn yet."
Jamil scowls at you. One of your cats meow at you and you boldly translate the sound as 'dare'.
"I dare you to come show Jamil how cute you are," you tell your cat. Noticing your affectionate tone, the cat in question naively wanders into your lap, only to be lifted up in your arms and held Lion-King-style in front of Jamil's face.
"So cute, right?" You giggle. Jamil sighs, rubs the cats head for a moment, and glares at you again.
"What is the purpose behind these games, Prefect?" he drawls. "Do you never tire of these childish games? Or are you so in denial that you think your pets are capable of listening, understanding, and feeling? They're cats--just pets, and pets that could never be capable of caring about you the way I--ahem, the way people can."
The look on your face tells him he's already taken his criticism too far. He opens his mouth to apologize, but you cut him off--not unkindly, but with determination.
"Maybe they are childish, you're right. And no, I don't think they're capable of a human's range of comprehension and emotion, but I do love them a lot, so I enjoy doing mindless and silly things if it means bonding with them. I invite you along because if anyone deserves a break its you, and I enjoy doing mindless and silly things with you too. Are you saying you no longer wish to join us?"
"No!" That's not what he meant at all.
"Okay? Then what am I doing wrong?"
He didn't like how you worded that question--you said it like you felt bad, and that was never his intention. As a show of good will, he picked up one of your cats and got to explaining.
"It's just that... you give these guys so much attention," he said, holding up the cat in his arms. "I'm not sure how I am to compete with them."
"Well, that's why I combine these moments! So I have more time with both of you!"
"Yeah well... what if I want more alone time with you? Just the two of us?"
You tilt your head. "Just the two of us?"
He hates how long you take to ponder the statement. A minute later, you smile understandingly.
"Okay, sure! I appreciate you telling me, Jamil. Let's spend more time alone together! I'll get a babysitter for these little guys."
"A babysitter? They're cats!"
"Baby cats!" you argue. "I still have to make sure they're taken care of. I'll let them alone a little more as they get older, but... my efforts to extend our time together start now. Thanks for telling me, sweet pea."
"Don't... don't 'sweet pea' me," he muttered, sounding secretly pleased with the nickname. "And you don't have to--aah!"
He stood up suddenly, backing away quicker than you'd ever seen him move before. He stood on the couch, pointing to the ground with a shaky hand.
"Kill it! Kill it now!"
"Kill..." you look at the ground, and find a little bug scurrying along the floorboards. "Aah!"
"Aah? What do you mean, 'aah'?! You're not scared too?!"
"Scared? Jamil, they're gross!"
"So I don't wanna kill it!"
"Kill it anyways!"
"I don't want to-"
You cut yourself off when one of your cats lurches forward, pinning the bug in one go. Dutifully, it picks up the critter in its mouth and carries it over to you, dropping its corpse at your feet with a cocky swish of its tail. Jamil gags.
"Oh. Good... good boy?" You say confusedly.
Slowly, you find a paper towel and remove the creature from the floor. Jamil reluctantly comes down from the couch, gazing at your cat with a new look of appreciation.
You turn to see him holding the bug-killing cat in his arms, scratching it's ear and cooing over it just as you had been a while ago. He looks at you, clearing his throat.
"Let's... Let's hang out with your cats more often."
...they're wary of him.
Trickster, he loves you dearly, but--please don't laugh! This is serious.
It's like someone told them he was a hunter or something--and they understood?? Was it Ruggie? Leona? His money was on Leona.
While he did get theatrical about it (mostly to make you laugh--in his opinion, it was the most beautiful sound in the world), he still considered this fact quite soberly.
Did you agree with your little ones? Were you wary of him as well?
Upon his dramatic laments (which he had no problem spontaneously declaring outside the Ramshackle dorm, might you add), you had assured him that your opinion was not analogous to your cats and, in fact, you felt quite safe around him.
You had no idea why your cats were so timid around Rook either. You playfully suggested that maybe they were bashful because he was so handsome, to which he laughed and swept you up in his arms.
Still, he never quite got over it... until.
"Oh, mon petit jouet, is that for me?"
Presently, you were asleep on the Ramshackle lounge sofa, studying for an upcoming potion exam Rook offered to tutor you for. He'd been opting to let you rest for a while he watched a few of your cats play.
The cat that had a dead rat in its mouth. It was lucky you weren't awake to pay attention, or else you might have freaked out upon seeing such a creature in Ramshackle. Rook simply plucked the corpse from the mouth of your pet and congratulated it with its hunt with a pat on the head.
"It seems you are not so scared of me anymore, are you little one?"
He disposed of the animal before you could worry. When he returned, more of your cats were standing in front of him, tails flicking.
"Oooh, do tell, little ones," Rook grinned. "You mean there are more little pests to be hunted?"
The cats meowed at him--the same way they meow at you when you talk to them! Rook was absolutely delighted.
"Then allow me to get my bow. Let's deal with this problem before our sweet little trickster wakes up, okay?"
By the time you woke up, Rook and your little fur babies had already taken care of the problem. Upon peeking your eyes open, you saw a sight you didn't expect--Rook, sitting cross-legged on the floor with your cats climbing onto him, begging for attention as if you'd never pet them in your life.
"I think they like you more than me," you say, voice still a bit groggy. Rook looks at you with stars in his eyes.
"You think so, mon cœur? We had a little bonding time while you were asleep." Dismissing your cats, he crawls over to place a delicate kiss on your forehead. "How was your nap, trickster dearest?"
You smile sleepily. Had you not just woken up, you might have been more flustered by the action. "Lovely. Where were-" you cut yourself off with a yawn. "-where were we? In studying?"
"We were just talking about the chemistry between you and me."
"The... chemistry..." you repeat sleepily. "Wait, wha-" "Nevermind that now, trickster. Let's get back to studying for that quiz, oui?"
Ortho (platonic):
...they've officially made Idia go insane.
Since when?? Since when has Idia had the courage to leave his dorm and visit yours without any further prompting from his little brother?? Since when??
Ortho is confused. Pleased, yes, but also very confused.
Had cats really been the solution all this time?
Ortho was used to fighting tooth and nail to get his big brother to go out, interact, make friends and be more confident. Sure, the easy solution was as genius as it was pleasant and practical, but now that he no longer had to fight that battle he wasn't really sure what to do with his time.
Actually, now he had a new problem on his hands, which was that Idia has turned your Ramshackle dorm into his new hideout.
Literally. It's a techno-wizard's paradise in there. You went from barely having proper plumbing and heating to having a multi-monitor gaming setup just sitting out in the dorm's guest room, i.e. Idia's room part two.
Ortho, however, was a pleasant and happy soul. He wouldn't be deterred by this rapid change of events. Instead? He would just overcome and adapt.
Sorry Prefect, but now you have two people moving into Ramshackle. I hope your ghost friends don't mind.
Ortho finds that he gets along with your cats really well. They're still essentially kittens--they have a nosiness and curiosity that makes them come across as friendly, and in terms of boundaries they didn't seem to mind a good cuddle now and then.
Sure, Ortho got mad when they ran away from Idia a few times, but he supposed he understood... Idia had a tendency to smother your children almost as bad as you did--you were like two freakishly happy parents in a bad sitcom with the way you treated those little guys.
No, seriously, Ortho could hear the laugh tracks when you guys made cat puns or spat off a cheesy Disney-channel-esque line. You were like that cliche couple that worked at a funeral home and made death jokes whenever the opportunity presented. You and Idia should not be that happy-go-lucky, it was kind of freaking Ortho out.
Anyways, for being kittens your babies were suprisingly tolerant of Idia's cat obsession, so Ortho supposed all was well in the world.
Besides, Idia staying over meant both of them got to get a new sort of sleepover experience--Ortho loved spending the time with you and your cats!
...they're overprotective of you.
Look, Lilia gets it. As a parent, you want to protect your family with everything you have--but as someone who is capable of taking a metaphorical, as the youngsters call it, 'chill pill'... your children need to calm down.
It's like trying to get past an army of tiny, furry Sebeks--except instead of worshiping Malleus they're instead obsessed with you, not letting anyone or anything touch you that isn't themselves or their food.
Apparently this has been a problem for multiple people, Lilia has come to discover. Your friends Ace and Deuce could no longer hug you in the Ramshackle dorm, nor could Grim curl up on your lap or receive any pets. Strangers weren't even allowed to walk near you, lest they face the wrath of your oh-so-scary kittens.
Lilia was so cute! Why did they think he was such a threat? On top of that, he's just so sweet and lovable and an expert with kids, furry or otherwise, so...
Why wasn't he an exception? True, he was glad that they weren't particularly scared of him compared to everyone else, but...
He missed the way things used to be, okay? Him popping up from behind you or above you, giving you a little fright and then making it up to you with a hug....
Or just showing up in front of you, kissing your forehead or cheeks just to watch your face crinkle in mock-annoyance...
Or even... popping out of nowhere to say hello. He's lost his surprise factor, because every time he tries to sneak up on you in Ramshackle your kittens alert you with a dramatically loud meow!
He had to come up with a plan. Something to get that physical affection from you he was desperately lacking.
"Lilia? What are you doing?"
"Prefect! I was just..."
...not trying to lure your cats into another room, that's for sure. He would never shut the door on him just so he could attack you without warning. Never.
"...bonding. With... them." He decided. You giggle, crouching down next to him and petting one of your kittens.
"Awe, are you really? How sweet!" you pick up another kitten and rub your nose against theirs, and... seriously, Prefect, when is it Lilia's turn?
"When is it my turn?"
"What?" You look at him, and suddenly, he's looking away, grinning and chuckling like he'd just told an inside joke to himself.
"Do you want an eskimo kiss too?" you say playfully. Lilia--who's not very used to being caught off guard--freezes when you lean a little bit closer, noses almost brushing....
And there goes your minions. Oh well--at least you tried.
"Hey," you huff at your cats. "Don't be stingy. Lilia's sooo sweet, he deserves all the love too, okay? Behave."
You give it another try--cupping his cheek and leaning in—and Lilia can feel his heart pounding. The cats hiss again, this time coming in between the two of you as if they could separate you by force. You sigh and pull away, and Lilia starts to feel irritated by your cats (despite how much as he adored them).
You grab him by the wrist and drag him outside. Once there, you shut the door behind you and throw your arms around him, finally giving him the eskimo kiss he'd been wanting.
"Being a parent is so hard," you whine. "I'm soooo touch starved! I expected to lose finances and food and all, but not affection! I'm literally losing my mind..."
“Oh? Kheeheehee..." you feel his arms sneak around you, pulling you closer. He has a playful smile on his face, lower lip tucked under cute pointy teeth. "I think I might be able to help with that, Prefect."
Oh, and nevermind on the cat thing. They can be as overprotective as they want, so long as he gets to be the one you go to for your affection refill ♡
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twstwonderlandstuff · 4 months ago
calling the twisted boys your husband/wife! (heartslabyul ver. [1/7])
established relationship, still dating
gn! reader
Tumblr media
riddle rosehearts
“oh, yes, and my husband would like some of your confectionary, if that’s okay?”
when riddle hears this, his head whips up from his doctor (?) work so fast you’d think HE needs the hospital. he turns red in a millisecond and impatiently waits for you to finish your call.
“what in the Great Seven was that for?!”
he doesn’t say it, but he’s very pleased and will start making plans for the future. he WILL pout if you don’t call him that again, so please appease your husband's wishes <3
trey clover
“oh… uh huh, right… is there a set of toothbrushes i can get? my wife is interested in them, you see.”
he stops doing whatever he’s doing and blinks, before laughing and letting you continue your work. he’s pleased, but doesn’t make too much of a fuss about it. probably uses it to tease you instead.
cater diamond
“so, girly, listen- my wife’s a fan of roller skates, so do you any recommendations on where you get the good ones…?”
he’s uncharacteristically flustered- his skin burns red, and he hides behind a pillow as he frantically texts you ‘WHY DID YOU DO THAT WHY DID YOU DO THAT’
bloody fucking loves it he WILL sulk and not respond if you don’t call him that anymore.
“cater.. love? beloved? cay-cay? sweetheart?”
“my wife-”
ace trappola 
“yes sir, that’s my husband right there- ACE STOP THAT RIGHT NOW YOU ASS-”
he, indeed, stops at whatever he’s doing to just stare at you… and attempt to tease you for your ‘slip up’, like he doesn’t fuckin’ love it or whatever (oh you).
“eh… you must REALLY want to marry me, huh?”
“yeah, actually.”
“o-oh, w-w-what…? aha… ahahaha…”
he’s honored- thrilled, really. for someone to want him so much is just so… ‘SLDKFNVASDLKFNVASDLKFN’
he’ll get so clingy on that day i pray for u
deuce spade
“yes, my wife’s name is deuce spade… oh, and put some chickens beside that, okay?”
deuce gapes like a fish when he hears it. he’s.. you… he’s your WHAT?!? 
he won’t tell you to hurry your call, but his body language tells you enough and when you do, he’s tearing up, asking if you really do want him as your wife, but that he isn’t sure that he’s good enough and-
you silence him with a kiss, and that’s all the reassurance he needs. you cuddle for the rest of your day <3
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cupids-chamber · 2 months ago
Twst Otome Game update
Tumblr media
Let me introduce you to... "Twisted Lovers" A game where you can romance your favorite twst characters...
The game will be LAUNCHED ONLY IN THE DISCORD SERVER The link here.
Tumblr media
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superhamwriting · 6 months ago
And There Was Only One Bed
Context: context is for bitches. I don’t care how or why but there’s only one bed.
He looks calm but he’s definitely panicking inside. He’s going through the queens rules in his mind to see if there’s anything that pertains to your situation but comes up empty. Of course, being the gentleman that he is, he’ll offer you the bed but he won’t say no if you insist on sleeping together. He’s bright red the whole time though.
Why? Why is he so excited?? He doesn’t even mention an alternative, he just flings himself onto the bed and expectantly waits for you to follow suit. There doesn’t even have to be anything romantic at all this boy just loves to cuddle. He’s super physically affectionate with all his friends and if he has a crush on you, then even more so. He’ll either be the big spoon or he’ll shamelessly hold you while he rests his head on your chest. Doesn’t even think twice.
So flustered! He immediately apologizes as if the whole thing was his fault and starts making himself a nest in the furthest corner of the room. He can’t even make eye contact with you. You won’t be able to talk him into sleeping with you but you might be able to drag him.
It’s totes nbd to him. You guys can have a sleepover! You’ll do face masks and paint each other’s nails and Cater will document the whole thing on Magicam so everyone can see how cute you guys are together. At bed time, he’ll keep a space between you. He’s not super cuddly at night.
He won’t be weird about it but no god in existence could get him into that bed with you. It’s not because he doesn’t like you! It’s because he does like you and he would feel bad if he had any uhh… impure thoughts about you while you were sleeping. But he’s the perfect gentleman and will make conversation with you before he insists that it is time for bed and retreats to the nest of blankets he made on the floor.
He growls at you and then goes to make himself comfortable on the bed. Assuming that meant you were sleeping on the floor, you started trying to make yourself comfortable. Looking up, you see Leona looking at you like you’re an idiot. Once on the bed, Leona will turn his back to you and try his best to ignore you. But once he falls asleep, his tail will wrap around your waist of it’s own accord and pull you into his arms.
He literally doesn’t even notice. He’s so tired after Leona ordering him around all day that he just collapses right onto the bed and passes out. You sigh and roll him over to one side so that you can actually have room to sleep. When he wakes up and realizes you two are in bed together he tries some kind of flirty line on you.
Jack is another very passionate gentleman. He really doesn’t want to invade your personal space but he also can’t say no to you. His solution is that he uses his unique magic to turn into his wolf form and sleep on top of your feet like a big ass lap dog. He wakes up at the ass crack of dawn to run so if he changes forms in the night it’s not a big deal.
Absolutely screaming inside his brain but he manages to keep his cool on the outside. He scours through his mind to come up with some kind of solution. Make the tweels give up one of their beds? Use a potion so he doesn’t have to sleep? While he’s processing things like a Dell startup, you snap him out of him by saying you really don’t mind sharing the bed. Oh what Azul wouldn’t do to have an octopus pot right now.
Why can I not picture Jade actually sleeping? When he’s not working on endless paperwork for the Monstro Lounge or studying he probably sleeps flat on his back perfectly still. When he realizes there’s only one bed, he tells you that it’s fine and he was planning on staying up all night anyway.
He’s fucking psyched! Immediately grabs your arm and pulls you into bed with him where he initiates several rounds of play wrestling. It’s fun once you realize he doesn’t actually want to kill you. It ends when he’s straddling you and pining your arms above your head. Then he giggles and asks you why you’re so red.
He’s fucking psyched pt.2! He honestly gets really lonely at night and will sometimes crawl in with Jamil if he’ll let him. He keeps you up with him into the late hours of the night, showing you tiktoks he found funny or talking about whatever is on his mind. Once he does settle down, he has both arms around your waist and is snuggled deep into your chest and is out like a light.
Kalim usually insists on sharing the bed with Jamil in this kind of situation but Jamil knows that any normal person wouldn’t have the same disposition. He tells you that you should take the bed, but looking at the bags under his eyes you can tell that he needs it more than you do. He’ll be a little hesitant to share, but won’t argue too much since he’s so exhausted.
He’s already on the bed and taking up all of it. He tosses a pillow at you so you can make yourself comfortable on the floor. Isn’t he so thoughtful? It’s only because he brought his own pillow with special bamboo silk that won’t bother his skin while he sleeps. Maybe if you look sad enough he’ll let you sleep by his feet. (I’m sorry I made him so mean I swear I actually do love him)
Rook is another person I can’t really imagine sleeping. Especially not with another person. Even if you two are friends, he’s hesitant to let his guard down around you. And if he likes you then he wants to stay up to protect you. Either way, he’ll convince you to go to sleep without him and he may even allow himself a few passing moments to admire you while you do.
He’s annoyed, but not annoyed enough to let himself get angry about it. So he quietly asks if the two of you can share since he “doesn’t take up a lot of space”. He’ll start off on the other side of the bed, but throughout the night he’ll slowly soft closer and closer to you. Once you wake up, Epel is latched onto you like a parasite.
I think… he would just die. I think he would just die on the spot. He insists that you take the bed since he’ll be up all night playing video games anyway. But once it’s really late and he actually does get tired, he’ll be by the side of the bed, having a very heated debate with himself. All his muttering wakes you up and you just roll your eyes and pull him into bed with you.
It’s a minor inconvenience but he doesn’t really care. He doesn’t usually share a bed with anyone but he’ll make an exception for you. If you get flustered and try to sleep separately he’ll be very confused. He’s not going to sleep on the ground and he’s not going to let you sleep on the ground so there’s really no other choice is there?
It’s really whatever you want. If you want to share then he’s totally up for it but he’s fine sleeping on the floor too. However be warned that he will probably spend a good portion of the night just staring at you and playing with your hair either way. Not in a weird way! He just thinks you’re neat.
This boy can fall asleep anywhere. He’s really not picky. While you’re trying to think of a solution, he’s already asleep on top of the dresser. If he wakes up in the middle of the night then he might crawl into bed with you. He sees absolutely nothing wrong with it. He just wants to sleep somewhere.
Goes off on a very long and loud tangent about the poor planning that must have gone into your rooming preparation. He eventually decides that he’s going to take it up with Crowley abut when he turns to get your opinion you’re already asleep on the bed. Realizing that you don’t actually care, Sebek relaxes and grabs and extra pillow to sleep on the floor.
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treysimp · 22 days ago
"I’m not sure how better to say this... do you want to make out on my couch?"
Tumblr media
Part 6:
GN!Reader x Heartslabyul (Ace, Trey, Riddle, Cater, Deuce)
Tags: Smooching, implied mutual pining and suggestive themes, but nothing explicit. Reader is not physically described.
Other works in this series:
Savannahclaw | Scarabia | Octinavielle | Pomefiore | Ignihyde | Heartslabyul | Diasomnia
Want more TWST? Here's my Masterlist!
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Before you could fully turn to see a reaction, you feel a hand roughly grab your shoulder and spin you forward, pushing you into the front door of Ramshackle with a horribly-loud creak.
Your body was enveloped in a sudden warmth while a pair of lips found yours, kissing you harshly and breathlessly, barely giving you time to gasp between desperately pressed caresses. 
They wound down, got softer and kinder, and finally  Ace  removed himself from you. His face had a pretty flush and he was gasping from the aggressive kisses he had just subjected the both of you to.
“Are you kidding me? I’ve spent hours trying to figure out how to come on to you and it's been this fucking easy the whole time?” He dove back in for more, hands grabbing at your hair, smothering you in unsaid feelings, missed opportunities, and the pure strength of his want for you.
“I can’t-” gasp, “believe-” a breath, “I didn’t-” a moan, “do this sooner.” 
Ace had pinned you to the door, his hands holding your biceps against the wooden planks. He was panting and shaking, you could see each breath puff in a cloud of condensation as it hung in the air. 
You were in shock. You liked him, obviously. You wouldn't have asked him to make out with you if you hadn't, but you had no idea that Ace felt so strongly. It thrilled you.
You hoped and prayed that you had a shot, trying to contain the jump of your heart every time he would swing his arm around your shoulders or pull your sleeve to run faster from some sort of impending trouble (that was almost certainly caused by him).
“Ace.” Your voice was much shakier than you would have liked. His red eyes snapped to you, softening by just a hair.
“Yeah?” He leaned his forehead against yours, loosening his grip on your arms and letting his palms fall to your waist. He seemed to recognize that he needed to relax for a second for you to process his sudden admission.
You took a shaky breath before you continued. 
“A-aren’t you going to come in?”
Cocking a brow and face pulling into his signature smirk, Ace took a step back from you and allowed you to finally push the door open. Putting his hands behind his head, he started innocently whistling while he walked inside the lounge.
Maybe it was just his imagination, but he swears that this was the best this shitty place had ever looked. He supposed that wasn’t really what mattered right now. 
But… the idea of you taking extra care to clean when you hoped to invite him inside stirred something deep inside of him, but he decided to push that thought down for now. He planned to spend as much time with you as you would allow, after all.
Taking a seat on the couch and beckoning you over with his hand, Ace patted his knee.
“Have a seat, Prefect. I’d love to know more about what you have planned for tonight.” He grinned.
You obliged, climbing onto his lap. Ace felt his throat dry out. 
For all the bluster and confidence he tried to exude, he felt so out of his depth looking at you. He constantly stumbled over his words when you were listening, not to mention how many school supplies he had dropped while daydreaming about you in class. 
Or the sheer number of close calls he almost had with his schoolmates seeing him doodle variations of your names mixed together. He wanted you to take Trappola, but he was willing to compromise. He wouldn’t mind taking yours either, but you would have to bring it up yourself, as he would be too embarrassed to broach the subject.
Ace was head over heels for you, and he has no idea when it started. As soon as he noticed his quickening heartbeat when you were around, he quickly admitted that he was infatuated. 
Admitting to himself that he liked you was the easy part. He had instead spent all of this time agonizing over how to tell you. 
He found ways to touch you whenever he could justify it, but even he admitted it just came off as friendly contact between friends. He tried to monopolize your time whenever he had the chance, but between classes and your demon-cat babysitting duties, there were few opportunities.  
And yet after all that, you asked him. You wanted him. He could barely contain himself. You were seated above him, moonlight caressing the planes of your face as your eyes gazed into his and he wondered for a brief second if this is what heaven felt like. 
He was going to take everything you would give him, that was a promise.
Tumblr media Tumblr media
You turned around slowly. Time to face the music. You braced yourself for rejection, tried to scramble with the best explanation for how you were ‘totally joking’ or ‘just wanted to see what you’d say’ but the excuses died out in your mouth as you saw the two hands that were pinning either side of your body to the door.
“You shouldn’t tease older guys like that, you know? You might get into trouble.” Said  Trey,  looking like he could eat you alive at this very moment. 
His eyebrow was cocked in derision, his lip curled into a smile that spelled trouble, but you couldn’t help the quiver of your lower lip at his sudden closeness. He had to know what he was doing to you, right?
Trey grew ever closer, it felt like his golden eyes were calculating every movement you made and each rise and fall of your chest. You wondered if he could hear your heart beating, as it certainly was ringing in your ears. 
Taking one hand to your chin to tilt your face towards his, he smiled. 
“I’m not going to be here on campus for you next year, you know? I don’t know when I’d be able to see you.”
It was a warning, clearly. Kind as ever, he was trying to protect your feelings and maybe also his own. He hasn’t said no to you yet though. 
“I also… I also don’t know how long I’ll be here.” You began, willing yourself to make eye contact with him. You took a deep breath and willed yourself to continue.
“That’s why… that’s why I want you now. Because I don’t… I don’t know what day will be my last one here.” You finished, voice shaking. It felt so vulnerable, that you wondered if stripping right here in front of him wordlessly might have been easier than this conversation.
This was a very difficult admission from you, but it was the conclusion you had come to. You had spent so much time watching him, seeing his care and kindness for everyone around him, and decided that if you didn’t tell him that you wanted him, you would regret it forever. 
Today being the day that you admitted your bottled-up feelings to Trey was an impulsive fluke on your part, but your mind was already made up. If he wanted you, you were all his.
Trey’s eyes widened momentarily and then softened into a sweet smile. 
“Well, if you’ve already made up your mind, who am I to stop you?” He mused, closing his eyes in a satisfied smile as he tilted his head to get a better look at your flustered face.
Slowly, gently, Trey guided your chin to him as he leaned forward to place a soft kiss on your lips. 
It felt like fireworks went off behind your eyelids. You pressed yourself forward, grabbing Trey by the lapels to pull him closer to you. You could feel the smile on his lips as he returned your clumsily aggressive kisses, carding his hands through your hair as he hummed in pleasant satisfaction. 
Trey reached behind you and pushed open the door you had been unintentionally guarding, not breaking the procession of kisses for a single moment as he led you to your couch. 
Walking clumsily backward, you landed gracelessly on the couch when the back of your knees hit the lip of the cushions and buckled in surprise. 
Glasses slightly fogged, Trey stared at you in awe, mouth slightly agape at the beautiful mess you were. 
You noticed a slight dimple in his cheek that you had never seen before, and a tiny smattering of freckles that sat on the bridge of his nose. How long had you longingly stared at him and never noticed these things? It made you want to know everything else about him.
Trey licked his lips lightly in thought. He wasn’t one to make decisions without thinking them through, but it seemed like he wouldn’t be able to afford the time in this case. 
He had written off you as a possibility. He knew that his attraction to you would pass, no matter how intense it was. 
Trey noticed how others looked at you, some of them even being his underclassmen. Watching the eyes that wandered your body, memorizing the way you walked, the way your shoulders shook when you laughed, how your brows knit when you were thinking, the smile you would give him any time you ate something he made. 
He knew that even if you didn’t know it, you had stolen the hearts of many people around you, including himself. And yet, you both were here, you wanted him. How could he say no?
Standing up straight, he removed his glasses and tucked them inside the breast pocket of his jacket. 
He decided that was going to ruin you tonight, and any other nights that he was able.
Tumblr media Tumblr media
“Really!”  Riddle  sputters, his brows knit in irritation “you should…. you really…” he trails off, his eyes frantically darting around your face as if a puzzle piece would magically fall into place if he just had the final hint.
“…You really should ask in a more romantic way than that.” He finally finished, fingers drifting to your tie to straighten the lopsided knot.
Your eyebrows involuntarily raised to the sky.
“Is that a no, house warden?” You ask. You wanted to start hysterically laughing, oh my god how could he possibly be so cute? 
Waiting for his response, you placed your hands on top of his to still the fingers that had been fussing over your tie. 
You were going to get him to answer your question in a forthright manner if it killed you.
“It’s not-not a no!” Riddle sputtered, pretending to wipe his mouth with his sleeve to hide away his increasingly flustered face. You noted that he had kept his other hand in your grasp though, feeling him shake gently beneath you.
“Next time I expect flowers! Or chocolate!” He finally shouted, pulling both of his hands away to cross them over his chest haughtily. You couldn’t hide the grin splitting your face.
“Oh? You’re already planning on next time?” You said, smoothing your hand over his ruby hair. 
Riddle seemed to finally register his slip of the tongue as his face lit as scarlet as the rest of him. 
“No!” Riddle practically screamed. You were glad Grim wasn’t here tonight, as he definitely would have woken up upon hearing this exchange.
You raised an eyebrow, “No?” 
Riddle’s gaze was fixed on the floor, face knit in irritation. 
“Only if you play your cards right.” He finished, turning his head away with a huff. 
You couldn’t stop the giggling that bubbled from your chest, God he was the cutest. How did he do it? 
Not being able to help yourself, you wound your arms around his body, pulling him close to you as you buried your head in his neck. 
Unsurprisingly he smelled great, like sweets and roses and some other sort of soft musk that was no doubt from some sort of expensive atelier. It was so charming the things he did to take care of himself for the sake of appearances. 
You idly wondered if there was a rule about smelling good in Heartslabyul. There probably was, but you decided that asking would only mortify Riddle further, and you wanted to get him to do more than talk to you tonight. 
Riddle was stiff as a board, arms hovering around you awkwardly for a moment until he finally relaxed, pulling you snugly into his arms. 
“Do you really want to kiss me?” You could barely hear Riddle mumble, his voice muffled by your hair as he nuzzled it into your neck to mirror the way you had been holding him. 
You pulled away slowly and held him by the shoulders, eyes boring into his shy grey gaze. You took a moment to take in the loveliness of his face for just a moment, relishing in the closeness you had never been afforded before now. The red eyeliner around his lashes, the rosy sheen of his heart-shaped mouth, and a tiny mole you had never noticed on top of his eyelid. So lovely.
“Yes. I do.” You said softly. 
If you could believe it, Riddle got even redder. He cleared his throat and seemed to make an internal decision, twining his hands behind your neck as he pushed himself forward to meet your lips. 
His lips were stiff but very, very soft. You pressed gently against him, massaging your mouth against his in hopes of loosening him up. It seemed to work, as you heard the smallest of moans as Riddle tried to mirror your movements, lightly sucking on your lower lip. It was shy, but also heartbreakingly genuine and careful. 
You both separated slowly, you wished you could take a picture of the expression on his face. 
Gorgeous eyes half open, glossy lips slightly swollen from the contact, he pulled the bottom of said lips into his mouth to chew on it lightly as he snapped his gaze to the side. How was he even real? His beauty shines like a fairy tale prince, and yet this gorgeous boy thought himself a villain. How ironic. 
“Again.” He whispered, pushing his face back towards you with more aggressive energy, seemingly having gained confidence now that the spell of your first kiss was broken. 
His kisses sped up and gained in ferocity, each time you separated for breath being punctuated with another ‘again’. His affection grew more demanding, his chest grew tighter and each breath became more labored. 
“Let me inside.” Riddle finally demanded, his hands curled into the lapels of your jacket. “I want to come inside.” 
You swallowed audibly and nodded, pushing the door open while Riddle pulled you inside of Ramshackle.   
(NSFW Conclusion)
AMAB!Reader // AFAB!Reader
Tumblr media Tumblr media
“You’re such a tease, Prefect!”  Cater  giggled, his gaze on his phone as he typed away at a message. Tucking a stray strand of ginger hair behind his ear, his green eyes sparkled while a little fang peeked out from behind his lip. 
“I think your fans would kill me if I made a move on you.” he punctuated with a wink, tucking his phone into his pocket as he placed a hand on his hip. 
You let out a long belly laugh at the statement. “My fans? I’m not the one who’s  Insta -famous.” 
Cater wrinkled his pixie-like nose, “What’s ' Insta' ?”
“Don’t worry about it, it’s a thing in my world.” You said with a smile, covering your mouth with your hand to stifle your unending giggles.
Cater’s eyes softened as he looked lovingly at the way your face screwed up while laughing so hard at his statement. It was sweet that you thought he was kidding.  
“I know I’m handsome and all, but you really can’t throw away your charm and innocence on a playboy like me.” Cater said with a smirk, his expression reminding you very much of the cock-eyed grin he had given the incoming students at orientation. 
Not that you had that much time to pay attention on that chaotic day, but even in the chaos you couldn’t help but stare at the gorgeous guy whose black diamond under his eye punctuated his perfect cheekbones. 
You had never asked why his mark was colored red now and black at that time, but you assumed it was some other Night Raven tradition that you had no clue about. 
It was pretty funny that he was trying so hard to play off your request. It hurt a little bit too, but it was still funny. 
“Playboy? Yeah, right! You and who?” you teased, poking him in the ribs. Cater looked visibly offended.
“Um, that’s because none of them go to this school.” He said with a huff. His excuse was lame and he knew it, but he had an image to maintain, you know? 
You covered your mouth with your hand to cover the smile spreading across your face, oh, so he was going to play the ‘my lover lives in Canada’ card, huh? Well, you weren’t going to let him off so easily.
“That’s a shame, I wanted to know your type.” You said, biting your lip and willing yourself to look disappointed. 
Cater felt a lump form in his throat that he couldn’t manage to swallow as he fixated on the teeth that were worrying over your lip. Fuck, that was so unfair.
“W-well…” he stuttered, “My type is, uh…” Oh sevens, why did he even start this sentence?
“Someone who laughs at my jokes... Um, someone who I can talk about anything with… Someone who doesn’t judge me for being… for being myself.” His face was burning. For once, Cater couldn’t look you in the eye.
He didn’t think you would pick up on it, but every single one of those requirements was just part of the ever-expanding list of why he was head-over-heels for you. It was too much to hope that you would reciprocate though. Why would you like him back? It made no sense.
“Oh… that’s very interesting…” You said, tapping your finger to your chin in thought.
“My type is you though.” You moved your eyes to the ground sadly, knitting your fingers with each other as you intentionally studied your cuticles.
Cater felt like his eyes might pop out of his sockets as he froze in shock. He had tried to play off your offer to him earlier, genuinely believing that you were just teasing him. 
What was he supposed to make of this? His face burned a bright scarlet as he covered his face with his hands. Were you really…?
“You’re kidding.” He mumbled. His chest was heaving in a way that looked very much like the precursor to hyperventilation. 
His thoughts were racing, what was he supposed to do? Did he believe you? Did he keep trying to play it off? What was the right choice? 
You stepped closer to him, gently taking his hands from his face and holding them in your own. 
“I’m serious.” You whispered, feeling your face burn at the admission. 
You stared at the shaking hands that you held in yours, thinking about the time that you attended his club’s concert and saw how those same fingers moved so deftly along the neck of his guitar. 
His hair was stringy from sweat, stomping precisely on his pedal board to switch the sound of his instrument as his eyes scanned the crowd and met yours. You felt like your heart would fall right out of your chest at that moment. It made you want to climb on the stage and jump him right there, as silly of an impulse as that was.
Cater stared at your face with an unreadable expression, you dared to spare him a glance, biting your lip even more fervently than you had been just a moment ago. You weren’t sure what you would do if he rejected you now.
Thankfully, you didn’t have to worry about that for much longer, as Cater had swallowed his nervousness to swing forward and trap you in a passionate kiss.  
You gasped in surprise, which gave Cater the opportunity to push himself even harder against you. Nibbling at your lips and pushing his tongue into every crevice that he could conceivably reach, he was overwhelmed by the feel of you. 
He tasted the hard candy that he had given you earlier, having spent much of the evening visibly distracted by the movements of your mouth as you rolled the sweet around with your tongue. 
It had made him think just a bit too deeply about what else your tongue might be able to do. 
You both separated, glassy eyes connected in a haze of mutual attraction and longing. 
“I gave you a chance to back out.” Cater said breathlessly, “It’s too late now though.”
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Silence. You turned around to see if he heard you, but the boy in front of you was still as a statue.
Deuce’s blue-green eyes were almost completely round as he stared at you, unblinking. 
“...Deuce?” You called gently. Did you break him? 
Seemingly shaking off the brain fog that had overcome him, Deuce’s face began reddening like a cauldron coming to a broil. 
“...I’m in love with you.” Deuce said it so fast that you almost couldn’t understand him, but you did catch the word ‘love’ and now it was your turn to freeze in shock. 
“L-love?” You sputtered, you couldn’t have heard him right. Right?  
Deuce nodded at you seriously. Eyed steeled, jaw clenched in anxiety. 
Your heart felt like it was going to leap out of your chest. You were shaking, you wanted to scream in both joy and anxiety.
Deuce cleared his throat and continued his thought.
“I’ve been in love with you ever since I first saw you,” His breathing was shaky, it was embarrassing. He had imagined looking much cooler when he ran the scenario through his mind all of those times before.
It seemed like he might lose all of the courage he had built up at any moment, but he had to tell you. 
His words started to tumble out of his mouth at light speed, words blurring together as the thoughts and feelings that he had been bottling up for so long began bubbling over and spilling out.
“You’re gorgeous, you’re kind, you always support me, you take care of everyone around you and run straight into danger if it means helping someone! You suffer through me being a dumbass, you sit and study with me even though your grades are way better than mine and…” 
He paused for a deep breath. He wasn’t even sure if he could articulate how he was feeling, but he was going to try anyway. 
“Every time you look at me I feel like I could die happy. I feel like you could stab me through the heart right now and I would thank you for it. I feel the same thrill I felt when I won a fight with none of the pain! I just…” 
He felt like he could cry, he had spent so much time trying to change, trying to make himself into someone new, someone his mother could be proud of… someone lovable. 
Someone that maybe you… maybe you could love him. 
You couldn’t restrain yourself any longer as you pulled Deuce into your arms, holding him tightly, aggressively. You peppered his hair with kisses, petting his back soothingly, trying to still the erratic beating of your heart. 
Deuce slowed his breathing in your embrace. He counted his breath, in and out, in and out. It was calming, your arms felt like everything he wanted them to be.
Feeling better, Deuce lifted his head to take in your expression. He felt bad that he had just spent the past few minutes having an emotional dam break and then had just sat in silence. 
You looked perfect. Your expression was a stunning mixture between embarrassment and joy, your hair was slightly mussed from pulling Deuce to yourself so suddenly. 
He decided then and there that this was the end of holding back. 
Raising a gloved hand to your temple, Deuce trailed his hand down the side of your face, taking in a shaky breath as you leaned your face into his touch, closing your eyes to focus on the sensation. 
“Please let me kiss you,” he whispered, mouth a mere inch away from yours, eyes locked on your lips to read your response. You nodded wordlessly, staring as if hypnotized by his gaze.
He was so careful with you. It felt like you might disappear at any moment if he was too rough. Soft, curious, experimental, he moved with his entire focus on how your mouth moved and how you tasted. Both of you separated for a moment to catch your breath, his eyes seemed to almost glow.
“...Perfect.” He exhaled, pausing between his thoughts to begin kissing along your neck. Soft nibbles and moans escaped his mouth as you tilted your head to give him better access. Your hands grasped his back tightly, pulling him as close as you could dare. 
Your head was spinning at all of the new sensations, the emotion of it all, and the way that you felt any self-restraint leave you with each hesitant kiss along your neck, your collarbone, and the shell of your ear. 
“Deuce…” You gasped, “Deuce please…” Pulling away from your tight hold, Deuce’s eyes returned to looking at yours. His chest was heaving, and his clothes felt oppressive and tight. 
“Please, please let me have more of you.” 
He swallowed, Adam’s Apple bobbing at the action. Eyes scanning your face for any hint of reluctance on your part. He found none. After a moment of silence, he nodded. 
“I’ll give you anything you want.” 
Tumblr media
My boys~! My beautiful boys! This was a little more tender than some of the other dorms, haha. Sorry, I was just in a mood for sap I guess.
Sexy will still come, I promise. I just wanted cute lead-ups.
As always, let me know if you have prompts and requests.
Love you, reader!
Requested tags: @naniky
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luxthestrange · 2 months ago
TWST Incorrect quotes#45 Tea 'dates'?
Ridd: We need more help. Maybe I should call my friend Trey: ... You're what? Ridd: My friends. Cart: Is he saying“friend”? Ace: I think he is being sarcastic Deu: No, no, no, this is delirium, they've cracked from being awake all night. Hey, Riddle! All of your friends are in this room! Ridd: I have other friends! You asked me to make new friends, and I made new friends! It was a task. I complete tasks!
Tumblr media
Yuu*Getting a call from riddle all of sudden*Hello?Riddle am I late for our afternoon tea?
Trey,Carter,Ace & Deuce:
Tumblr media
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aquz · a month ago
who's child is this?
what if the prefect was actually a child when they were ripped from their world? ( : ౦ ‸ ౦ : ) fluff, platonic for everyone, child!gn reader, reader is mc/prefect!!!
Tumblr media
THE STAFF would obviously be the most helpful. although crowley isn't very... educated in parenting, he tries his hardest. since (name) is no older than seven years old, crowley has nobody to push his responsibilities on so he's a tad busy. you always get handed off to one of the other staff members, or heck, even the dorm leaders. crewel is in charge of dressing you, you'll be the most fashionable child in twisted wonderland! you get to help him set up alchemy labs every so often and he'll begin teaching you everything you need to know. crewel is also the best there, he's an amazing shoulder to cry on. i mean, you are a little kid who was ripped from home and thrown into a scary, unfamiliar, twisted world. crewel will try his hardest to make you feel as at-home as possible. trein does have children of his own, so he's the best with knowing how to raise a child. he's a busy man so he'll simply help when he can and pass on useful advice to the others before he leaves. he understands you the most, even if he is kinda grumpy looking. vargas has an absolute BALL with you. taking you out during PE lessons to run around and burn off all that childish energy. he'd love to take you to a park and encourage you to climb the monkey bars. he also makes sure you know how important exercise and diet are! (of course, in a child-appropriate way. we dont need self image issues.) sam always sneaks free stuff your way. while you stock shelves, he's already picking out candy to give you. a new line of toys released and sam somehow got a few as soon as they were in stock!! know what that means? FREE TOYS!!! ∩(︶▽︶)∩
HEARTSLABYUL is a bit scary. all the twisty hallways and floating items overwhelm you, but trey can always calm you down. its the big brother in him. if you get lost in a maze, you bet he'll be there to save you. trey has a 6th sense just for you, so you feel very comfortable with him. riddle gets scary when he yells, but you can't hell but relax when he slides you another slice of tart with a smile on his face. unbirthday parties are fun! riddle also lets you hold the hedgehogs if you ask! (he wants to make you happy, he doesn't want a repeat of his childhood happening to someone else.) ace and deuce are terrible. always dragging you into their trouble and using you as a way out. when they almost blew up crewel's room, they said you accidentally added in an extra ingredient and they get off with a warning to look after you better and a suspicious look. though, ace is fun to play with and deuce is pretty fun also. playing cops and robbers has never been more intense!! cater doesn't want to expose you to social media too early on in life, but will create a second account just for you if you happen to be a kid who likes pictures and attention. cater LOVES matching outfits with you, they make for such cute pictures!!! cater is like an older brother as well; always there to listen to you if you need it.
SAVANACLAW is also scary. the big, beefy men constantly arguing and fighting scares you, and some of them don't even mind you're a literal baby compared to them?? jack saved you when a beastperson almost beat you up for tripping over their tail, and took you to the lounge. jack is your protection, he trails around behind you to make sure nobody messes with you. sees you in vargas's clas occasionally and asks if you want to run with him (even if you can't keep up). ruggie takes care of you like you're another one of the children back home. he makes sure you're happy and fed, which means he'll share his food with you. he does use you to pick dandelions though but it's totally okay because he teaches you how to cook with them! ruggie is also pretty cool, overall he teaches you a lot and makes it fun. leona thinks of you as another cheka, but jokes on him, he actually doesn't dislike cheka as much as he acts like he does. he'll let you braid his hair as long as you don't pull too hard. he forgets you're young sometimes and gets a little loud and aggressive if you accidentally step on his tail or something but he recovers quickly. also, nap times are cool because he'll show you all the nicest places to hide and nap.
OCTAVINELLE is relaxing enough. it's a calm, serene environment which is a nice break from the usual chaos of night raven. azul isn't too good with kids, but he feeds you well. you can sit in his office as he does paperwork, he'll listen to you ramble or if you really wanted him to, he could tell you a few of his own stories. azul, as much as he loves you, doesn't often babysit. he's a busy man and the tweels are ruthless. when his back is turned, floyd could literally scoop you up and run away! or jade could lure you out with candy! like a bunch of creeps with a white van! floyd likes to take you on chaotic adventures, he plays nicer with you but if you're a rowdy kid, he would love to roughhouse. he's your best friend, despite the crazy age gap. jade keeps an eye on you to make sure floyd doesn't squeeze you so hard you die. jade would love to teach you all about mushrooms and take you on a hike in the mountains, but the staff does not trust him alone in a secluded area with you. what if he feeds you whatever fungi he finds?! WHAT IF FLOYDS THERE?! their dangerous tendencies are too.. dangerous so you must be accompanied by someone else when with either of the twins.
SCARABIA is the most fun you've ever had! the super cool parties are so unique, definitely cooler than your world! kalim is your best friend 2.0, he's so nice and fun! he'll always invite you to his parties and he'll show you so much. jamil is growing gray hairs as we speak because you AND kalim!!!? kalim loves cooling off in the fountain with you, or doing really anything. you both could talk and play for hours, kalim knows exactly how to entertain kids! jamil doesn't really interact with you unless he has to, but when kalims away (sleeping or whatnot), you'll sit in silence with jamil and watch him cook or clean. he will look at you occasionally, but he won't say anything. though, jamil finds himself a little more protective over you a few months after meeting you.
POMFIORE is alright, it's fancy and reminds you of a fairy tale you've heard back in your world. vil takes it upon him to teach you manners and how to look your best. he makes sure your back in straight when you sit and you don't walk with your feet dragging. vil is surprisingly good with kids, and he absolutely loves babying you. let him wash your hair to get the dirt out, please, AND HE'LL MAKE EPEL FETCH YOU SOME APPLE SLICES. speaking of epel, he's your homie. he loves to make mud pies with you, it's often you both go play outside and get all roughed up. epel is good with keeping you entertained! when you're out with the first years, he's the one watching you carefully. rook talks your ear off. he'll find you sitting alone on campus somewhere drinking apple juice and then he'll sit next to you before talking to you all about whatever he sees fit. he teaches you basic wilderness survival skills, for whatever reason, as well as some new vocabulary. he also always knws where you are, so it's very unlikely you'll ever get lost.
IGNIHYDE is scary at first until you're greeted by a robot. with a beaming smile, he quickly takes an interest in you and becomes your best friend! ortho hasn't gotten any friends his age for a while, and although you're way younger, his childish antics fit hand in hand with yours. ortho plays all the fun, childish games you want to play like tag or hide & seek! he's also very helpful, he's constantly giving you full body scans to make sure you're in top shape and he knows how to nurse you back to health if you ever need it. idia is way too awkward around you, but it's more in a "how do i not scare this kid off" way. he doesn't really show his teeth around you to keep you from getting scared... unless you gush over his cool teeth enough. you ask to touch his hair often and he's panicking, aftaid to hurt you; you settle for ortho's hair. though, idia is actually slightly happy to watch over a kid as young as you. you remind him of ortho at that age. he definitely shows you his childhood video games.
DIASOMNIA is SO COOL!! you feel like a dark prince/ss walking through the hallways, and soon you get to meet the coolest "people" ever! malleus is enthralled to have a new friend! he knows you don't understand what hes talking about but he'll just keep talking anyways. he teaches you all about history and HIS LITTLE TOMOGACHI DRAGON!!! he asks lilia to get you one too!!! lilia is happy to have another child once again. he treats you he did to baby silver and sebek, so you can guarantee you're in... okay.. hands. it'll take some time for everyone to realize you can't spar because you're so little and inexperienced. LILIA TRIES TO COOK FOR YOU BUT LUCKILY MALLEUS IS QUICK ENOUGH TO GET YOU OUT OF THERE. sebek is always yelling at you. don't put your feet up on the chair! elbows off the table! stop crying! he doesn't stop yelling until malleus gets onto him for it, then sebek is literally kneeling down at you and malleus's feet, begging for forgiveness. sebek is terrible with kids, don't let him near you or you will cry. silver is calm, luckily. he'll love to have nap time with you, but if not, that's okay too! you know how little kids will make you sit and watch them do really bad cartwheels and stuff? yeah, he'll watch you. he might fall asleep but it's okay because he'll make it up to you by saving you once again from lilia's cooking.
GRIM gets his own category. somehow grim gets into the school as one whole student and is tasked with being your closest confidant. he follows you around and you both have the silliest playful banter ever!! grim lets you pet him when you're scared or stressed too!! he's not as cheeky and demanding because you're a little kid and he isn't stupid enough to mess with you like that. live laugh grim.
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veeveex3 · a month ago
Making Out + Alone Time with the Juniors / Third-years
i didn't think that i'd reach 100 followers so fast nor did i think i'd get over 1000 notes on a post so fast. for that, i really can't say thank you enough! but i can write more kissing headcannons cuz y'all are a bunch of SIMPS (affectionate <3)
CW: suggestive / lime (if you ever told past me that i'd be using the citrus scale one day, i would think you where lying-), kissing, talk of erections and sexual fluids, petting and suggested heavy petting, a virgin's attempt at writing people just almost having sex, French, use of the following pet names: baby, babe, honey, dear, my beloved, love, and dearest, Leona calls you herbivore, mentions of spanking and drool, yuu / reader is gender neutral, yuu / reader's agab and genitals are never stated, made for 16+ readers do not read if you're under 16
an: i'm not gonna include lilia in this just cuz, assuming that you're yuu in this scenario or you just go to nrc, i don't think he's gonna kiss someone as young as silver ykwim. also, if i write stuff like this in the future, it's gonna be with the juniors / third-years (and maybe staff if there's a demand for that??) cuz the freshmen and sophomores are still technically minors and these headcannons are very suggestive and i just don't feel comfortable with that. i'll write romantic stuff for them, yeah (MINUS ORTHO AND GRIM FOR OBVIOUS REASONS) but i'll keep thinking purely romantic / platonic with them
Cater Diamond:
Cater, despite how it may appear, is really insecure
While he may flirt around and occasionally make out with people, he's never nearly been as intimate with someone as he has been with you
Usually, he'd be a lot more confident with making out with others
But with you, he lets you take care of him for the night
Cater throws his head back to moan, his hands gripping your waist as you grind yourself on top of him.
"Baby, please quit teasing me." He humps up against your crotch, hoping to get his release soon. He whines as he feels your hands push his naked stomach back down.
"Just for a little bit longer, ok?" You start licking his neck, causing him to have to cover his mouth to stop him from moaning any more.
"Let's at least finish stripping, please?" Cater thumbs the waistband of your underwear, biting his lip as you grind down harder against him.
"Not yet, just be patient." You say as you start to play with his hair. "We'll get to the good part eventually." He nods, hoping he can last long enough before then. You place your lips onto his, holding his face tenderly as you do so. He reciprocates the kiss, playing with your thighs as you keep grinding against him. You gently bite his bottom lip to let your tongue inside. Your hands rest on top of his as you feel Cater starting to tense up. You break the kiss and rub his hands.
"I guess you can't wait any longer, huh?" You tease, kissing his cheek as you stop moving against him. Your crotch feels sticky, whether from you or Cater you can't tell.
"Don't worry, babe" You lift yourself up slightly to slip your fingers under his waistband, "I promise to stop teasing you now."
"Please, baby, I need you." He holds you against his chest tightly, instinctively grinding back up against you.
Trey Clover:
Trey doesn't really have the time for romance, let alone anything remotely sexual, since he has a lot of responsibilities to do
However, he took his shot at having a relationship with you since he really does like you
And since he really likes you, he allows himself to indulge in the pleasure your provide for him every once in a while
Trey holds you on his lap, kissing you gently. His hands rest on your lower back, rubbing against it just as soft as his kisses.
"Thank you so much, honey" he says, quickly breaking the kiss, "I really needed this."
"You don't need to thank me, I like kissing you." You ruffle his hair and kiss his nose, making him chuckle underneath you.
"So, can I be a little more rough today?" His hands ghost against your bum, his eyes look back at you with hints of desire.
"Of course, I don't mind." The second you say that, his lips attach onto your's, far more desperate than before. His hands squeeze your butt; as you gasp, he uses it as an opportunity to slip his tongue in your mouth. His tongue roughly moves against yours, a lot rougher than you ever expected from him. His hands, similarly, feel heavy against you bum as he gives it occasional light swats. He breaks the kiss, his breathing is short and his eyes are hazy.
"I know this is a bit of a bold question," he bites his lip and rubs small circles against your rear, "can I smack your bum?"
"Yeah," your eyes wide but full of interest, "I'm ok with that." He nods as he starts kissing you again, hands gripping your butt again. Soon, he places the first smack against your bottom. He, again, uses your moans to further the kiss as he keeps rubbing your bum just to spank it. Once again, he breaks the kiss and grabs onto your dominant hand.
"You make me feel so good, honey" he says, pulling your hand off of his shoulder and slowly further down his body. "You wanna see?" You nod and he places your hand on his throbbing erection, his pants slightly damp from arousal. "You feel that? You made me like this, honey. So, are you ready to take responsibility."
Leona Kingscholar:
Leona, like I said before, probably made out with people before
Like Cater, it was less due to a lack of intimacy but rather because he wanted a way to release his pent up frustration
However, ever since he's gotten with you, he doesn't feel as frustrated and rather makes out with you because he wants to be as close to you as possible
Leona lays down on his bed with you on top of him. His tongue lazily dances against your own, his hands roaming along your lower half. He plunges his tongue further down your mouth, exploring your mouth a bit before gently pulling your head off by the cheek with a pop.
"Damn, you taste so good, herbivore." You groan at his lame excuse of a pet name.
"Y'know, you can call me something more romantic, right?" He laughs and playfully bites your bottom lip in response.
"Yeah, I can. But I think you're annoyed responses are a lot funnier, herbivore." He makes sure to emphasize the last part. You get fed up with his teasing, so you kiss him again. His eyes widen a bit as your lips embrace his own. He smiles though, reciprocating the kiss. As you kiss, Leona places his hand on your lower back pressing your crotch down against his own. You break your kiss in surprise and look down at Leona's smug expression.
"I didn't know you could be so gutsy, herbivore." He pulls you up slightly to adjust him self underneath you; his feet now lie flat on the bed, letting him grind against you easier.
"It's only because I wanted to stop you from calling me that painfully stupid nickname." He sucks his teeth, pressing you down against him again.
"Yeah yeah" he chuckles as he grinds against you, "If you hated it that much, I don't think you'd kiss me cuz of it, herbivore." He kisses you softly again as he rolls his hips against your own. His hands faintly rub against your body, touching as much of you as he can. Shortly after, he gives you a couple pats on the back, breaking the kiss. He looks up at you, pupils seemingly larger than before. "You wanna go further?"
"Yeah, I'd like that." He smiles, picking you up by the waist as he flips you onto the bed.
"Good, I need you so bad, baby."
Vil Schoenheit:
Vil doesn't really indulge himself in sexually charged make out sessions
He'd rather take his time to make sure that the both of you feel good
Right now though, he's really stressed out due to his acting career and other work
So you'd help him relieve some stress, right?
"I feel so wrong for acting so unromantic with you" He says as he breaks the kiss, "But, I would be a liar to say I'm not excited right now." He picks you back up and lays you down on his chaise, going right back to kissing you as hard as before. His hands pins your legs back to leave space for his own.
Vil picks you up by your waist, rushing you two to his bedroom. He's had a stressful day so far and all he wants to do is indulge in his favorite form of stress relief: you. Once he forces his way into his room, he locks it shut and pushes you against the wall, kissing you harder than he usually does. His lips, normally feather light against yours, feel like they're going to bruise you. His hands tightly hold your ass, making you realize how strong he is in comparison to his slender figure.
"Please forgive me for this, dear." He humps against your crotch, moaning softly in your ear. "Don't be afraid tell me if you want to stop."
"No, please don't stop." You whine into his ear, holding his back tight.
Rook Hunt:
"Thank you." He presses his lips back against yours. He tries to hold back his movements, but the warmth of your body is addicting to him, giving his hips a mind of their own. He shortly breaks the kiss to look at you. How he wishes he was the fairest of them all, it's so hard given how beautiful you are to him. His heart grows fuller thinking about how you love him despite how ugly he's being right now.
"I love you, Vil." Your hands move up to cup his face, his movements cease for a spilt second so he can lean further into your hands.
"I love you too." His voice is faint and soft to hear, but still ever present. His hips move faster than before, moans leaving both of your lips. As you can both feel your releases coming soon, Vil stops to take off his heels. His hand slowly reach for his belt, his other placed near your head to whisper in your ear. "Undress for me dear, I don't want our clothes to be ruined."
Rook, similar to Vil, would rather take his time when kissing you
He finds you beautiful and he wants to let you know that as much as he can
So whenever you two are free, which isn't as often as you two would like, he tries to make you feel as loved as possible
You and Rook are both stripped down into your underwear. Rose petals surround your body on the bed and a red, cinnamon candle lit on his desk. The two of you have been kissing and grinding against each other for what seems like eternity and neither of you have met some sort of relief. His lips dance against your own and his tongue matches your movements perfectly. Any effort to further the kiss mets you with Rook stoping to bite your bottom lip as a punishment.
"C'mon Rook!" You whine, hoping to let things go any further. However he goes back to kissing you, just as gentle as before. His hands trace over your body, writing words of praise and endearment into your skin. His hips slowly roll against your own, making you squirm at how painfully aroused you are. At this point, you think he'll just be teasing you for the rest of the night! That is until Rook separates your kiss with a thread of spit still connecting you two.
"Just relax for me, mon amour." He lies soft kisses from your neck, your chest, your stomach, and finally right over your crotch. "Is this alright with you, my beloved?" You nod your head, excited to finally have some stimulation on your genitals.
"I need you to say it, love." You frown and look away from him. "Don't look away, look at me when you tell me how much you want me."
"Please touch me, Rook." You plead, looking him in the eyes, "I need it." He smiles, leaning down to kiss your crotch. He chuckles at how aroused you've gotten, kissing the wet stain on your underwear and fingers playing with the waistband.
"Of course. Now let me take care of you, mon amour."
Idia Shroud:
Idia isn't used to any kind of affection, romantic or sexual
Hell, he thought that he'd be single forever until you forced him to acknowledge that you liked him
Even after you've started dating slowly after, he still isn't really one to make out
But if you wanted to, I guess he'd be willing to make out with you
If Idia knew that you two would start making out when he invited you over to his room, he would've been a bit more prepared than he is now. All he wanted to do was watch anime together, but one thing lead to another and now you're making out! You're sitting on his lap, using your tongue to explore his mouth and your hands teasing above his crotch. His moans and whines are luckily covered up with your mouth. He kisses are clumsy and and soft, treating you as if you were made of glass. In comparison, you kiss him a lot harder, your tongue intentionally pressing against his in order to make whimper and shift underneath you. He pants softly once your mouth leaves his, growing faster when you lightly touch his growing erection.
"Is this ok?" You lightly kiss his neck as your fingers touch his bulge.
"I guess..." His hands grips your waist as you palm his crotch, pretty moans slipping from his lips. Your hand rubs against his twitching bulge as you look at Idia. His face is covered by his hands but his flamey hair moves quickly like a roaring forest fire.
"Can I go further?" You hand quickens against him, making his moans heighten in pitch.
"You wanna touch me more?!" He moves his hands to look at you, his eyes lidded and slightly damp with tears.
"Only if you let me." Your hands leave his body, just in case he says no. To your surprise, he grabs your hand to place them back on his crotch.
"No, please, I..." He bites his lips, his normally blue flames growing pinker by the second, "I want you to touch me more, please?"
Malleus Draconia:
"Of course." Your hand moves under his pants to touch him directly. A whine forcibly escapes his lips, his hands now gripping your waist for dear life. You truly are gonna be the death of him.
Malleus loves you, and even then that's putting his feelings for you lightly
He's tried to put it into words how much your love has changed his life for the better, but it still doesn't seem to convey his feelings good enough
So he has to show you physically how much he loves you
Malleus pins you down to the bed, holding you hands in his above your head.
"It is ok if I kiss you, correct?" He looks at you longingly, lips already slightly parted. You nod your head, closing your eyes as he leans in to kiss you. His kisses are soft and gentle, yet his hands are firmly interlaced between yours, as if he's afraid you'll leave him if he held them even slightly lighter. You start to kiss him harder, wanting to further things for his gentle kissing. He gasps in response, giving you an opportunity to slip your tongue in his mouth. Malleus' eyes are blown out as you rub your tongue against his. He clumsily tries to replicate your movements, which you find rather endearing.
The moans he lets out inside your mouth are uncharacteristic for his intimating demeanor; the unanimously feared Malleus Draconia was slowly become putty in your hands just from a heated kiss. He slowly breaks away, drool dripping from his mouth. His hands let go of your's, placing them on your blazer. "May I undress you, please?" He smiles as you nod, taking your shirt and blazer off. He leaves small kisses down your body as he goes to take off your pants. He shuffles them off, eyes widening at your aroused state. Once you're stripped down to your underwear, he strips himself, his eyes not leaving your nearly nude form. Once he's done, you get up to kiss him again, tracing your fingers against his abs.
"Can I touch you?" You look down towards his crotch to make sure he doesn't misunderstand you. He grabs onto your hand, looking you in the eyes.
"Of course. Can I touch you as well?" You nod again, and he wastes no time cupping your genitals. "Good, now let me show my love for you, dearest."
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twistedlovenotes · 4 months ago
──────── ⪩ 愛 ⪨ posting whatever inspires me >< ╰➜ tysm for all the support!! ily all stay amazing 💗 ─────────────
Tumblr media
﹒イ﹐i’m in love with you, and all these little things.
──────────────── ◯﹒☓﹒NRC STUDENTS (exc. ortho) 口ꜜ ⨳ ﹕habits they pick up with you . . . ⿸﹒➜ | established relationship.
i apologize for the blatant variations of content for different characters ( ̄  ̄|||)
RIDDLE, over time, moves himself to sit closer to you without saying anything about it / tries to make excuses to be closer to you, physically. he’ll apologize albeit awkwardly once brushing his arm or grazing your hand, but the raging blush should be enough said despite the fumbling efforts to respect your personal space.
without having to say anything, TREY immediately lifts anything he deems heavy off your arms, whether you’d deny his service or not— naturally, he’s extremely careful with your belongings. entrust him with something to keep safe, and he’ll make sure it remains untouched to deem himself indubitably reliable to you.
CATER opens doors and lets you into class first, offers you a seat, or hands you any needed notes before anything else he does afterward. he always makes sure you’re comfortable first before going on with your day(s), as well as showing how much he prioritizes you and desires to lessen any burdens you may hold.
ACE is already handing you pencils, shoving his blazer over you, and/or sharing his water bottle to lessen any clumsy tension you’re tripping over the day. he feels as if he can predict your next silly slip-up by the number of times he’s experienced them, but he doesn't necessarily mind if that's all it takes to get a laugh out of the both of you.
DEUCE offers you the last bite(s) or pieces of any meal, as well as the bigger pieces if you like said meal/treat(s). he oftentimes asks if you’d like to split his food with him; this is common if he knows you’re well-low on time or your appetite isn’t the best, so this helps him keep a check on you, just in case.
to everyone’s surprise, LEONA appears to come tidied up to class on time. his attendance had spiked up significantly ever since he caught himself lovesick, astounding people to see how collected he came to be, improving his image as an overall Dorm Leader. he’s still reluctant to do general classwork, but he has you to bother for that, respectively.
RUGGIE picked up the tendency of mirroring your habits; it’s become quite obvious how much he pays attention to you, imitating the smallest actions you do by comfort. he emulates you as a way to get over the silliest of things, like the way you stretch, or how you organize your notes; whatever it may be, Ruggie finds enjoyment by doing things that remind him of you throughout the day.
JACK would probably never notice how he waits or involuntarily stop in his tracks to make sure you’re caught up with him. he’s generally never the type to appreciate any sort of company, but it wouldn’t sit right with Jack if you’re left behind or alone, for whatever reason we’ll never know. you can count on him to at least consort you, even if he’d never admit to liking your amity.
AZUL is quick to offer to hang your blazer/coat and have you be comfortable once arriving in the lounge or vip room; he’s already having your favorite treat(s) and beverage(s) brewing up before you open the door, making sure to settle the mood for your visit. he picked up the habit to reassure the Lounge is as tidy as it could be, even if you’re not passing by that day — he always seems to be anticipating for your arrival.
although quite skeptical about it, JADE’s hands always seem to linger into a fidget whenever you’re not around. it might be just tapping his desk or looking absent-minded, wondering how you are during the day. thing is, Jade became quickly accustomed to being at your beck-and-call more often than not as a way to get close to you, thus, developing an uneasy solicitude if he’s unsure if you’re doing well or not; he just cares, is all.
FLOYD tends to linger around places he’d often see you at if you’re caught up in something— this looks like his unspoken way of missing you. despite his arms yearning for your touch, Floyd cultivated where your favorite places are around the campus in small hopes of seeing you there, otherwise, he’d spend his free time doing his own thing until you come around, basking in the comfort you emit.
KALIM mindlessly hums songs that remind him of you while doing his homework or walking down the corridors. most of the time, Kalim would bumble about your favorite songs to himself to avoid the lack of quietude and lift his ecstatic mood higher than it could be; whenever he catches you listening to music or you talk about your favorite song(s), it sticks with him for a lifetime.
JAMIL developed the tendency to leave small love notes around in your bag, textbooks, papers/folders, etc. with written things such as: “don’t forget to do your homework” or “do your best today.” they’re often short, but sweet, as a reminder that he’s there for you, even if that love lacks physical attention due to overlapping schedules, or if Jamil fails to find the courage to speak what his heart desires to say to you.
VIL prefers if you were his canvas, his muse. disguising his excuses to be around you, Vil oftentimes offers to try on a new makeup look on you or have you try on a specific outfit he had in mind, stumbling into amusement whenever you spin around or grin uncontrollably. he believes you’re already as alluring as can be, but he can’t help but yearn for that sweet smile on your lips that curve when you look in the mirror. in all honesty, that’s his dream right there.
ROOK likes to take your hand and spin you around upon greeting as if you both were having a short yet sweet dance to welcome each other; he likes to reset any mood you’re in with a smile first-thing and keep you around with him as long as possible, finding ways to lure you into his company while keeping you comfortable, noting any small things he does that makes your heart flutter.
EPEL tours you to some of his favorite places he goes to distress. having somebody he genuinely trusts and unknowingly becomes vulnerable around eases him of standardized pressure, feeling as if he can freely be himself around you without any judgment.
when talking, IDIA makes sure to pause everything he’s programming/operating at the moment to give you his full attention. he never minds if you enter his room without warning (regardless of his small shrieks of surprise); in fact, he appreciates it if you stop by in a trice — it gives him the comfort of knowing you came to see him without feeling obliged to.
MALLEUS enjoys recommending you random books he stumbles upon in the library, even if the genre isn’t your cup of tea. the Dorm Leader inherently catches himself wandering around the campus for you, longing to uphold a conversation and listen to you talk about similar or contrasting passions. he’d never mention it by word, but Malleus’s book recommendations seem to hold some note/thought of you . . .
with no reason in particular, LILIA enjoys telling you all his favorite historical tales out of the blue. sometimes, he relishes in your staggering reactions when talking about something bizarre, other times he’s mostly rambling about nonsense due to his primary focus now being on how concentrated and lulled you are into his conversation. he just likes how you’re listening so attentively, even if you don’t understand what he’s saying.
SEBEK leaves small gifts/treats outside your dorm room or classroom desk, developing the tendency to expect you to forget or feel as if you’ll be needing something in particular later. Sebek is obviously not the type to admit to his concerns about you, but the way he’s constantly looking out for you in his own ways says otherwise.
SILVER prefers to call you over the phone than text during any open chance he can get (without disturbing your schedule as well). he likes to hear your voice, even if it means dozing off seconds into the call after listening to the sound of his forever love. by other means, this trains him to stay awake as long as possible if it means he’s able to see you on a daily basis.
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mlk082 · 2 months ago
Can I request Trey, Floyd, deuce, and/or leona (you could add anyone else of you want) head canons for the ghost bride event where they got an extra slap for being a two timer because she could obviously see that they're in love with the reader? (They're not even dating reader was so confused witnessing it)
I mean this basically happened to Sebek
Getting Called A Two-Timer by the Ghost Bride
Did the dishrag line make that obvious?
But OW! Why does Eliza slap so hard?
Trey glances over to you and your confused face. PLEASE THINK THAT THE GHOST BRIDE IS RIDICULES!!
He doesn't want you to know yet and Eliza just outed him right in front of you.
Is very embarrassed but he can't leave due to being paralyzed by Eliza.
Does not appreciate the commentary.
What a bitc-
Does not like that he was slapped twice and hates that Jade is laughing at him.
Hates that Eliza is calling him out for liking you. It's not like he wanted to propose to her in the first place.
Admits it outloud, he likes you. It's already out in the open, so he sees no point in trying to hide it.
"This is prolly a bad time to ask you on a date."
"No shit."
It wasn't a "No" to his offer so... Doesn't mention that though because you might leave and he can't stop you.
Keeps messing up his words and is blushing from embarrassment.
Ghosty Why!
Confirms that you and him are not dating and keeps looking at you.
Is very embarrassed and would very much like to leave.
Yes, he shouldn't have attempted to charm Eliza when he liked you, but what choice did he have?
Does not argue over getting slapped for a second time, but it HURTS and he doesn't like it.
Refuses to look over at you because he knows if he does, he can't deny it.
Hates Vil commenting on it and laughing at Leona's poor performance.
Glares at Eliza and Vil.
Still won't admit to anything and will not look your way.
Eliza not once, but TWICE, slapped his invaluable and immaculate face.
Is very pissed about it and demands to know why she would do such a thing.
He actually sang the duet and was perfect at it! People would KILL for the chance and she just SLAPS HIM TWICE???
Is more mature when Eliza points to you and calls him out for being "So obviously in love, and not even trying to hide it".
Vil is still pissed at Ghost Bride for slapping him so he says back to her "Yes. I'd much rather propose to them than to you."
Meaning yes he likes you, and yes you're the better choice.
Gives you a glance but doesn't say anything. Just a look that he somehow pulls off with a red slap mark on his face.
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devils-wonderland · a month ago
Tumblr media
"Heartslabyul Sleepover"
⛓Summary: You host a sleepover at Ramshackle, inviting your favorite Heartslabyul boy.
⛓CW: GN!Reader, lots of fluff, clingy boys, Trey's hat.
⛓Characters: Ace Trappola, Deuce Spade, Riddle Roseheart, Trey Clover, Cater Diamond.
⛓Notes: This will be an ongoing series with every dorm! Next headcanons coming soon!
Tumblr media Tumblr media
⛓Ace Trappola⛓
Isn't every other night a sleepover with Ace? Yes. Is it official? No, he's always intruding! But this time, he wants an official sleepover, just you, and him-WHEN DID GRIM GET INTO THIS EQUATION?! Ace will not tolerate popcorn stealing of any sort!
Ace is clingy as hell, he literally won't let go of you no matter what, and if you comment on it, he turns it around on you?? Will push Grim off the first time he jumps on him when a scary part plays in the movie, but next jumpscare, he doesn't care if Grim clings onto him.
Speaking of scary movies, Ace loves scary movies. Thinks he's going to be a knight in shining armor, he is crying into your pillow alongside with Grim. Will also sneakily hug himself on you. He'll make a dumb excuse like "this pillow is too small!" No he will not explain any further.
Cuddliest number one, Ace is a big fan of cuddling, and he's not ashamed of it either! At least, not when others are around. He's honestly so warm too? There's just a comfortable type of feel with him. Yes, Ace will let Grim into the cuddle session, even if he makes a snarky comment about it.
As cuddly as Ace could be, he's the worst sleeper! You guys have to move place to place for Ace to get any sort of sleep. Tried the couch, tried the floor, what's that? You two are gonna sleep on your bed? Get ready to be smothered by him in his sleep. He ends up kicking Grim off the bed a few times, Grim can't take this anymore.
If Ace ends up waking up earlier than you, he'll watch you sleep. He loves tracing little patterns on your skin, if you turn in your sleep from that, he'll pull you back so he can see your face again.
"Sleepover tomorrow again? I'm in! You want to invite Deuce? Nah, three's a crowd already, no room on the bed!" Ace gets excited and tries to find as many scary movies as possible for next time.
Tumblr media
⛓Deuce Spade⛓
This is Deuce's first sleepover. He's never been to one before because the other delinquents said that's what babies do. He will never live that down either, not with as much fun he's having right now.
Deuce takes this sleepover very seriously. Wants to make this the best sleepover in existence, and has a list of what he wants to do, if you don't mind, of course!
You manage to build a pillow fort in the Ramshackle lounge, Grim almost lit one of the blankets on fire, but hey, you three were having fun. You put a flashlight on, and make shadow puppets with Deuce. Deuce is jealous of all the cool shadows you could do. He can only do a bunny, alligator, and a cauldron?!
To make this an official sleepover, Deuce wants to sleep on the floor, he even makes it comfy by double laying blankets on the ground. He's so stiff when he lays next to you, Deuce is just so nervous?? You notice, and hold his hand, he melts immediately.
Deuce phone rings in the middle of the night, turns out it's his mom asking how the sleepover has been so far. "Mom, I know I told you about this...but it's one in the morning..!" His mom will make him put her on speaker so she can say hi to you.
Overall, the sleepover has been really fun, Deuce will keep this moment in his heart for life, and would be very excited for the next!
"Maybe we can bake next time..? You're fine with that? Then I'll be waiting for next week!"
Tumblr media Tumblr media
⛓Riddle Rosehearts⛓
Like Deuce, Riddle has never been to a sleepover, his mother would never allow it, so when you ask him if he wants to sleep over at Ramshackle for the night, he agrees...reluctantly.
This was the longest he has ever been up, he was usually in bed by early hours, but you two lasted up til two in the morning, and while Riddle complains about this, he's nowhere near tired, not that he'd admit it.
One of Riddle's favorite moments were the movies, movies he'd never gotten the chance to watch before. Also, he's a big fan of Titanic?? He cries, and hides his face up against your chest. "This doesn't make sense! Why couldn't Rose just move over?! Where is her logic?!"
You definitely have to comfort him after that one. What's better comfort than cuddling? Riddle refuses to sleep on your floor, there's no way you will catch him laying down there. However, he will feel extremely bad if you're not in your bed with him. Riddle is way too shy to initiate any type of intimacy, or touch, but once your arm pulls him in closer, he'll get all flustered and cuddle into your chest.
You wake up like an hour later and ask him if he wants any leftover cake in your fridge, Riddle wants to yell at you for waking him up, but cake does sound nice... You both eat the rest of it, and pass out on your couch.
The next day Riddle swears he slept like an angel, while you're there with your back cramped from the position you were in on your couch, it was worth having Riddle lay on you though.
"Thank you for inviting me, y/n. Next sleepover will be hosted in my room, and no, we will not be having late night snacks of any sort." Riddle lied. He was the one waking you up this time.
Tumblr media Tumblr media
⛓Trey Clover⛓
You two were studying, but since it was so late, you might as well have a sleepover at Ramshackle? Trey definitely calls Riddle before the sleepover starts, wouldn't want his housewarden filing a missing person report.
Trey will definitely bake something for you, and Grim. You want cookies? He'll make cookies? Cake, that's a piece of cake. If you don't laugh at his little corny joke, he'll get a little sad.
Makes sure you brush your teeth thoroughly right before bed. Grim says he doesn't have a toothbrush, guess what? Trey has one right here, wherever he magically got that from...you swear he's the tooth fairy's co-captain.
Sleeps like a log, honestly, no matter where he lays. Trey suggests sleeping on the floor, remembering the sleepovers he had with Che'nya, if you sleep anywhere else, he might crush you.
Not a big cuddler, but will go crazy if you let him hold his arm, or something. He also has a bedtime fedora. No, you don't let him wear it. You refuse. Grim burns it.
"I didn't cause you any trouble at night, are you sure? Maybe we can do this again, if it's not a bother..?"
Tumblr media
⛓Cater Diamond⛓
Cater comes fully prepared, he is a professional at slumber parties. He has everything you will possibly need in his little diamond-shaped bag. He will keep it out of safe reach from Grim.
Facemasks, facemasks, facemasks! It's a daily routine for Cater, but he brought you a special one since you obviously don't do it as a routine. If you hiss like an animal, Cater will spray you with water. Would also love to do your nails, only if you let him! He wants to show you how he practiced your aesthetic!
Cuddliest number two, Cater is really clingy, especially with you. Wants to take a photo of everything that goes down here tonight. The pictures are the most ungodly photos in existence. Definitely posting them later!
You and Cater watch teen romance type of movies, just so you both can make fun of the characters. It's a real good laugh because what is this love interest even doing?! You two most definitely reenact the romantic scenes, Cater does amazing impressions.
Cater loves sharing a big blanket with you, you get to hold his hand, tickle him, let him lay on you. Grim is gagging at the amounts of affection. "What's that, Grimmy? You want to hold my hand too? Give your paw to Cay-Cay!"
Cater brings ghost peppers for fun, wants to do a little challenge. Cater is surprisingly very neutral with the pepper, you assume he's cheating??? Because how??
You two end up cuddling on the couch at the end, your legs are completely numb by the way, thank Cay-Cay for that.
"That was super fun, 10/10 subscribed to this idea! Let's do another one next week?<3"
Tumblr media
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kalims · 6 days ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media
kiss your best friend,
parts. heartslabyul, savanaclaw, octavinelle, scarabia, pomefiore, diasomnia, rsa
characters. riddle, trey, cater, ace, deuce.
includes. gn reader who can be seen as either yuu or another alternative universe.
cw. kissing? mutual pining, crack.
note. those tiktoks where the bsf is straight outta wattpad /j reminder that the event poll will be closed on sunday ust+
Tumblr media
—ㅤriddle rosehearts
expectedly turns very red.
just stares at you in the most flabbergasted way possible, looks at your lips then snaps his gaze back to your face again and again.
probably is too stunned to speak but when he swallows the bile in his throat, "what in the world are you doing?!" seriously though. he has so many questions.. why, when, what that he wants you so answer ASAP.
in complete denial that you admit to wanting to do it then apologizing if it took him by suprise.
sensing that you feel dejected by his negative reaction he's quick to assure you, in a mixture of shyness and shame he avoids your gaze. "you can't just go around kissing other people so suddenly! urgh.. atleast let me take you to dinner first.."
—ㅤtrey clover
blinks but looks pleased nonetheless.
well he certainly didn't expect that. in the years you've been side by side he had his suspicions that you felt the same but never acted on it.
spares you this handsome, killer smile as he leans in again. trey's quick to adjust to the indirect confession you just did so since you made the first move he supposes its his turn next.
he does applaud you for your bravery. trey doesn't know if he'd ever have the courage to do so if you didn't. "you're quite bold." he chuckles, thoroughly enjoying the tough exterior you put up despite you probably flustered inside.
"mind if I get another taste?" sir this isn't you tasting out bakery treats—
—ㅤcater diamond
consider him shocked for once!
legit paused and recoiled back from your kiss, peck(?), whatever suited you best but you can't blame him! he thought it was like the "oh my god they were roommates thing"
wait a minute it feels like be just got slapped by reality. did you actually just kiss him?!
probably remembering he's still gaping at you he flashes you a rare, seemingly genuine smile. "sooo... what are we now?"
"friends with benefits?" you joke.
"oh. not what I had in kind but that's alright with me!"
"cater i was joking."
—ㅤace trapolla
visible disgust.
even goes as far as to wipe off the kiss wherever you placed your lips on it.
stares at you with a feigned weirded out look but no matter how far 'faking it till' he makes it goes' he's ultimately unable to hide the red ears from you.
if you try to point it out he'll only respond with vigorous shakes and something along the lines of feeling too good for yourself.
^ in serious denial but still wants more.
"that was disgusting.. I'm gonna be sick." ace blanches then fakes a hurl. "—do it again,"
—ㅤdeuce spade
shocked & flustered^tm (I'm too lazy to put the symbol bye)
slowly backs away and grips his mouth (kinda like tamaki at that once scene LOL) while slowly turning pink. not red because red is riddle's thing and no one can do riddle's thing.
is too shy and his mind is going a thousand million miles an hour <- exaggerated cause it's deuce.
the definition of "WTH OMG AKVSJABAJS" + inner crisis mode activated, I knew he was an idia kinnie somewhere deep there
pledges to you that he will be the man in the relationship, the pants, the— insert weird analogies.
loves u know and idk why he's going so fast. would probably not marry anyone else because boy is DEDICATED now.
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kyooshi · 2 months ago
Gen z mc being having as much of a death wish as they are mentally unstable
*During overblot*
Riddle: *throws rose bush at Mc but misses”
Mc: If you wanna kill me do it properly dipshit!
Mc: ...
ever since that incident now everyone is on high alert on the MC because they genuinely think they want to off themselves, which leads them to have several heart attacks just by watch them
Trey: MC... You really shouldn't put that much cereal
Mc: why not?
Trey: well, if you eat too much of it then it may and can potentially kill you
MC: shit really?
Trey: yeah, so can you like no—
MC: *dumps the entire box*
Trey: MC NO—
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haato-no-ace · 2 months ago
hello! can i please get fluff headcanons of calling the vice dorm leaders babe/baby after they mess up? like they hit their head and the reader's first reaction is to call them a pet name and rush to help them? feel free to ignore this 😅
Vice Leaders + GN!Reader
In which Reader calls them a pet name when they get hurt.
Tumblr media
warnings: injury mentions, light blood mentions
Relationship type unspecified, other Fluff Headcanons
Hello! I have classified this request as Other simply because I didn't want to assume the nature of Reader's relationship with the Vice Leaders! Savanaclaw and Ignihyde don't have Vice Leaders according to the Miraheze Wiki, so they are excluded. If you'd like me to add, say, Ruggie's reaction, please send another request once they open again!
Tumblr media
"Trey! Oh, honey, are you okay? Do you need a bandage?"
It was a slip of the vegetable peeler that made him hiss in pain, alerting you.
Trey's a little surprised at first, but doesn't mind it. His mom calls him and his siblings that sometimes, so it's not like he's un-used to pet names.
He still teases you later after you get a bandage for his cut.
"Jade, watch out! ...You didn't get hurt, did you, sunshine?"
Jade's more surprised by you pulling his arm instead of the pet name. In fact, he didn't really hear it at first, too concerned about the broken glassware on the floor he almost stepped on.
When he does register the pet name in his mind, he chuckles and smiles at you, teasing you much harsher than Trey.
He thinks it's funny how a scary guy like him gets called a cute nickname.
"Thanks for helping me out, Jamil. This place is a bit dusty and— oh! Are you okay, sweetie? Did it hurt?"
Jamil does a long, slow blink to reorient himself from smacking his head on a low doorway. He got pretty surprised there, he'll admit.
...What'd you call him? He acts nonchalant about it, but inwardly he's overthinking a bunch of reasons why you called him that.
In the end, he just shrugs it off. He gets flustered if you call him by a pet name in public though.
"Rook! I heard an explosion. I was three rooms away; you're okay, right, baby?!"
Rook's very happy and smiling when you ran into the science lab worried about him. Fret not, it was a harmless explosion that was meant to be colored fog for one of Vil's next films on campus. Seems like Rook put too much explosive powder in it...
He's really happy by the pet name! He doesn't pay it much mind in a good, attentive way! If you ever call him that again, he treats it the same way as if you were calling him by his name. Big smile and sparkling eyes from Rook!
"Lilia! I heard those guys talking shit. What a bunch of assholes. They didn't hurt you, did they, dear?"
Lilia returns your sentiments happily. He didn't get hurt by the brutes who insulted him, but the dust they kicked up dirtied his uniform a tad.
He almost doesn't pick up the pet name, but he does. Lilia loves it! He'll also return the affection by calling you other nicknames.
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yandere-daze · 2 months ago
Vice-Dorm head Headcanons to their reaction when MC suddenly runs up to them and hugs them wrapping her legs around their hips so they have to hold her like she's a koala? Just cute and fluffy plsss 💖
Hello hello! Sorry for the long wait but here you go! I´m also writing this for a gn reader with they/them pronouns so everyone can enjoy ^^
Edit: Man look at past me, apologizing for the long wait when this has been sitting in my drafts for months now since then. Now I can truly say sorry because I seem to have greatly underestimated how much time this would take me back then jfskjbaf
Likes and reblogs are appreciated!
gn reader
warnings: none! just fluff
Vice dorm leaders and their reaction to Mc running up to them and wrapping their legs around them, so they have to hold them like a koala
Tumblr media
Trey Clover
You know how hard-working your boyfriend is and how little breaks he gets because he has to keep both Riddle and the entirety of the Heartslabyul dorm in check. You tell him that he needs to take proper care of himself all the time but to no avail
So now, you decided to take matters into your own hands. If he wouldn´t take a break of his own accord then you suppose you would just have to force him to
You see Trey in the garden when you decide to set your dastardly plan into motion. Without any warning at all, you charge at him without any warning so it´s only natural that he fails to get a proper grip on you and you both almost fall to the ground as Trey struggles to keep standing
He´s still a bit caught off guard but soon he considerably calms down and there´s a small smile on his face
“Trey, I will not let go until you finally take a break. Take this as a warning”
“Well, it seems like I have no choice but to comply then. Riddle can wait for me some more...I think.”
So yes, you two spend a nice break all huddled up together and just chatting the day away. You both needed some more time together so Trey is actually pretty happy about the stunt you pulled even if he later reprimands you that you could have gotten hurt
Tumblr media
Jade Leech
You´re visiting Mostro Lounge because you´re feeling lonely and you knew your boyfriend would be found there
Azul and Floyd give you a nod of acknowledgment, though the former frowns, clearly concerned over the mischievous glint you have in your eyes but not willing to involve himself in whatever you were planning to do unless it actively hindered his business
Knowing your way around the restaurant already, you enter the kitchen where you can see Jade working, just as you had expected
Hearing the door open, he starts speaking up but soon stops when he sees just who came into the kitchen
“Floyd, can you go to table 9 and tell them- Oya? Now, what are you doing here, my dear?”
You don´t explain yourself and just rush at him. Jade, being a quick thinker, had a good idea what you were trying to do and so put down the plates he was holding to prevent an accident from happening
Naturally, Jade catches you without any issue, his large frame no doubt aiding him in that department. He lets you hold onto him without any complaints but he will softly tease you about it
“My, my, is someone feeling affectionate today? You just couldn´t wait until I was done with my shift, could you? I see how it is~”
You can grumble about it all you want but he´s certainly not letting you off the hook for this even when you don´t hear him complain about it even once the entire time
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Jamil Viper
Jamil is so focused on his work that he probably doesn´t even notice you approaching him until you´re right behind him. Only then does he hear the loud fall of footsteps behind him, immediately turning around then because he thinks someone is about to try and pull something on him
The poor boy barely has any chance to register what is happening before you jump at him and you almost fall over were it not for his fast reflexes and quick thinking to push himself up by holding onto the edge of the counter behind him so you don´t tumble onto the ground
Once the situation finally settles into his mind all Jamil can do is let out a sigh, acting exasperated at your spontaneous nature that almost resulted in an accident but he can´t stop the small fond smile on his face from showing how he really feels about the entire thing
“Really, why do I even put up with you?” He shifts his body a bit so he can hold you more securely as he narrows his eyes at your playful smirk but there´s no real bite behind it
“Because you love me”, you reply without hesitation
Jamil can only sigh as he rests his forehead against yours, the small smile returning to his face
“ I guess I do”
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Rook Hunt
This man is a literal hunter so the second you step foot into his vicinity, he knows that you´re there. It´s like he has a sixth sense for you or something and you don´t know if you should be impressed or scared honestly
So sadly, there is absolutely no way to surprise Rook with this, he´s able to tell what you´re planning by just reading your face as if it was an open book. Oh and once it finally clicks with him he´s overjoyed!
Opens his arms for you to jump into with a huge smile on his face. Hah, isn´t it just so adorable how you so eagerly wrap your legs around him and hold onto him? It honestly makes his heart beat like crazy and he´s laughing joyfully the entire time
“My little trickster, what a joyous surprise you prepared for me ( liar!) What could I have done to deserve such a sweet embrace, pray tell?”
“I just wanted to hug my boyfriend, is that so wrong of me?” You say and snuggle into his body, enjoying the warmth that was slowly spreading through your own body from the close proximity
Rook merely chuckles and boops your nose affectionately.
“Why, of course not! My heart is filled with love as soon as I gaze upon your radiant form and so I dream of holding you just like this whenever we part. Truly, a marvelous idea!”
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Lilia Vanrouge
You probably hesitated for a bit when the thought of doing this first crossed your mind. Like, he looks so small, would he even be able to hold you if you jumped at him like that? Or would he just topple over? Would you crush him??
All of these doubts ended up being unfounded though when you decided to go through with it after all. It would still be funny if you both just fell to the ground together, right?
So you run up to Lilia and somehow he just knows what you´re trying to do. Did he hear you mention it to Grim? Who knows
But he´s actually very eager for you to do so, he´s quite the affectionate person and he´s looking forward to your flustered expression when you cling to him
It all goes surprisingly well, you jump at him and wrap your legs around him and Lilia can just hold you up without any issues? Where does he hide all that strength??
He just chuckles and holds you even tighter, secretly enjoying the chance to flaunt his strength for a bit and getting to be so close to you
“Hold on as tight as you like, dear, I´m not going to let go anytime soon, fufufu~”
Tumblr media Tumblr media
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