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mattsunkawa · 3 days
Hey Hey!
How are you? 🤍
Saw about the asks! May I join with royal AU Matsukawa? Maybe something along the lines "My heart beats for you, even though I never wished to marry you in the first place" ? Somehow? No? maybe? Dunno
fem!reader — i didn’t think this would be written so quickly but i loved the prompt too much and issei?? you spoil me k <33 — prompt gives me bridgerton vibes and i watched it recently so heavily inspired by that.
what had once been a dream had so quickly become a nightmare. one rumour, one, had turned you from a sort after marriage candidate into someone no single man would associate himself with.
what was worse, the rumour held no truth.
a coincidental meeting had left you labelled promiscuous, unvirtuous and anything the men of the town could think of. all because he, the bane of your existence, had found you hiding from a ball you had no interest in.
prying eyes had noticed and there was only one assumption for a single man and woman to be found together at an event like that—no matter the truth behind it all.
there was little over option for the two of you. though he himself was not a man of virtue, he understood that he had tainted your reputation; left you a pariah amongst the other single women looking for husbands. and he intended to take responsibility of his actions.
it was the only proposal you received, so how could you family deny it?
months later, you’re married to that very man. a baroness with little interest in her new title or husband. you’re left to live every day knowing you’re burdened with a loveless marriage—one you’d been determined to avoid—and a husband who could seemingly barely stand to look at you.
it doesn’t take much of the lonely meals, quiet night and general lack of his presence to drive you insane. it was a marriage of necessity; little other choice for either of you. but you had hoped some husbandly duties would be fulfilled. and you weren’t known for keeping to yourself when your emotions ran wild.
with no other thoughts in your head, you’re making your way to where you know he is; you don’t care for anything other than the answers your determined for.
“issei!” you storm into his study, disrupting him from his work, completely unaware of the others present in the room as you stand with confidence.
everything freezes and matsukawa stares at you for a moment. he’d barely seen you since you’d moved into his home and he’d assumed you’d keep quiet—be his wife in public events only.
he clears his throat, mumbling for everyone to leave and it falls silent again as everyone stands and the two of you are alone.
“this must have been important to interrupt my meeting.” he muttered, leaning back in his chair.
“what is important is that i see my husbands face occasionally. we’ve been married long enough for our distance to be seen as an issue.”
“you married me because we were assumed lovers; this was to avoid scandal and now it’s as though we are strangers.”
“we are.”
“but we intended to avoid that. i understand i am a burden to you but i won’t live as though i am nothing.”
“you are not nothing.”
“then why treat me as such?”
“because i never wished to marry you.” he speaks; his words are harsh but his tone contradicts them completely. “i never wished to marry anyone. but you—“ he can’t meet your eye, searching for anything else to keep his attention.
“i what?”
“you snuck your way into my life.”
“i did nothing of the sort.” you counter, “i never wished to marry you. you are the one that left us with no other option than to wed.”
“we may have had no option but you have found a way to take control of my mind.”
“how?” you question, “you don’t do much as approach me, how have i consumed you so?”
“i don’t approach you because the sight of you drives me insane.”
“i don’t particularly enjoy your company either, but what are people to think if a husband and wife are apart like this?”
“no, y/n. you drive me insane in a way i have never felt before.” he confesses, “i can’t bear to look at you because every time i do my heart burns.”
“issei—” you whisper, unsure what to do at his words.
“i do not expect you to feel the same or even tolerate me after all i have put you through. just, understand. i cannot be near you while i feel this.”
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napkitk · 2 days
#09 — Dont laugh
SYNOPSIS: Y/n had everything planned, first she would stay with her aunt that lived in Tokyo for a while before she moves in with her roommate to transfer to Tokyo University where most of her high school friends attended as well. Although she had to face a few hurdles before getting there, everything seemed to go by like a breeze except for these odd run ins she’d been getting….
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Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Fun facts!
- tsuki laughed so hard he keeled over and dropped his phone
- y/n ends her sentences w periods when she’s serious
💌: hope you liked this chapter! make sure to stay hydrated and have a nice day/night!
@jjikyuu @thechaosoflonging @kuroaka @anime-meme-sanctuary
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heartsuna · 1 month
Tumblr media
part one
Tumblr media
MATSUKAWA. grabs your throat to kiss you. you can feel the cool touch of his rings on your neck, the soft yet firm grip doing more to you than you’d like to admit, but he knows. the grin on his face says it all, and with a tilt of your head his lips meet yours.
USHIJIMA. leans down to hear you better. he’s only doing it to be polite, you tell yourself, that’s all. but the sudden close proximity always catches you off guard; you’re able to see just how long his eyelashes really are. he never quite understands why you get so flustered… or does he?
OIKAWA. looks you in the eye and glances back down to your lips before kissing you. he’s a little shit; knows exactly what he’s doing and how much you love it. kisses you every chance he gets, so it happens quite often, but it never fails to make your heart beat a little faster; hurriedly moving to close the gap between your lips. 
OSAMU. wears tight white tees. his pecs are visible, the muscles on his back flexing as he moves about, but most importantly, he looks good. he knows it too, the glances you throw at him not going unnoticed; it's why he's not surprised when you suddenly start rubbing his pecs, leaning in for a slow kiss.
KAGEYAMA. smiles and looks away. you’re across the room from him and he’s surrounded with people, but his eyes can’t help looking for you. you just look so pretty. he must’ve been staring hard because you turn to look at him, your eyes visibly brightening and a grin takes over your face. similarly, an uncharacteristic grin takes over his as well before he’s looking away with a slight shake of his head.
TSUKISHIMA. grabs your jaw when he wants you to look at him. it annoys him. it annoys him that he’s trying to talk to you about something serious and you’re not paying attention. he grabs your jaw with his hand, making direct eye contact with you. “look at me.”
SUNA. lifts his shirt up to wipe the sweat from his forehead. how can you not look? messy hair with toned abs peeking from underneath his shirt. he knows you’re looking, he can feel your eyes on him. calls you a pervert with a teasing smirk when he catches you, but he loves it. 
Tumblr media
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strawberrykake · 5 months
men that would unashamedly wear your very feminine-looking handbag over his shoulder as you browse through clothes in the store.
—IWAIZUMI, Ushijima, Aone, DAICHI, Tanaka, UKAI, Kageyama, Akaashi, MATTSUN, Hanamaki, WASHIO, Sugawara, KITA, Aran, OSAMU, KUROO, KYOUTANI, Oikawa
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sunaslay · 3 months
hello there!! do you think you could make a part 2 for "reacting to your new #selfie on ig" with the seijoh four and the miya twins?
feat: hanamaki, iwaizumi, matsukawa, oikawa, atsumu, osamu
genre: fluff, sfw
warnings: humor, strong language, petnames, slightly suggestive on iwa's & mattsun's, mention of the words slut and d!ck and satirical use of the word 'mommy' in maki's
a/n: thank you for your patience and request! 𑁍
no part 3 for this one
part 1 | haikyuu mlist | taglist | requests
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
likes, reblogs, & comments are always appreciated ´・ᴗ・`
© sunaslay 2022; do not plagiarize, translate, and/or reposts any of my works as your own—particularly on other platforms.
Tumblr media
ʕ • ᴥ • ʔ ・ taglist ! ♡ : bold = cannot be tagged
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shojoisms · 1 month
— [♡] 21:55 with Matsukawa.
just a lil drabble because I love this man, your honor + not beta’d just copied and pasted from my docs.
✩⡱ content+warnings: fem!reader, established relationships, vaginal penetration, size kink, creampies, pet names are used!
Tumblr media
Your boyfriend watches in amusement — watching you huff and grunt as you struggle to sink down on his cock, both your hands placed on his broad chest to steady yourself as you try again.
“What’s wrong, bunny?” Matsukawa asks, a shit-eating grin plastered on his face, his features doing nothing to mask that — yes — he does find your current dilemma amusing.
“Need a hand?” You roll your eyes as he places his heavy hands on your hips before you swat them away — the teasing lilt never leaving his tone.
“No,” You lift yourself up so that you're hovering mere inches away from Matsukawa’s thick, monster cock — the fat mushroom head bumping against your clit has you hesitating.
For a while, none of you say anything instead you retract one of your hands, stroking his cock for good measure. Matsukawa groans at the sensation, pre cum beading on the tip as you continue pumping him and slathering his shaft in his essence for extra help.
It’s not long before you’re aligning the tip of his cock with your awaiting heat — slowly but surely, his girth disappears between your folds. The stretch burns, although not unbearable, your boyfriend was huge. Way more endowed than most of the men you’ve ever been with, even rivaling half of your toy collection.
A string of curses spew from you both. “‘S fuckin’ big,” you hiss, your head laying against Matsukawa’s chest as he finally bottoms out.
“So fuckin’ tight,” He mocks back with a hiss, although with no malicious intent — you felt amazing around him, like you were made for him and he’s damn sure he’s gonna mold your pussy in the shape of his cock, ruining you for every man after him, has his balls tightening at the idea.
“Give me sec,” you breathe out, giving yourself time to adjust to the sheer size, and hefty weight of Matsukawa’s cock.
“Take all the time you need,” He hums, “not goin’ anywhere, not when your pussy’s clenching onto me like this,”
You can feel your boyfriend’s chest rise with laughter, as soon as your body gets accustomed to his you raise your hips, allowing them to fall back down upon his cock — his laughter catching in his throat as you clench around him.
Your pace starts off slow, teasingly slow, just to spite your boyfriend and he rolls his hips lazily in encouragement.
You relish in the way Matsukawa’s cock feels as you spear yourself upon it — his cock stretching the warm pouch of your cunt with each movement, as you force more of him inside you, making you feel full.
“Is—sei,” You drawl, Matsukawa can barely take it, he needs more — more than what you’re offering.
Taking matters into his own hands, he grabs you by your hips — palms planted firmly against you. You squeal in surprise as he lifts you up before slamming you back down on his length, his cock delving deeper inside of you as the tip hits against your cervix.
His pace is relentless, unforgiving, almost certain that he’s punishing you for teasing him earlier. “Fuck, f—fuck” you cry, your hands clawing at his back while your nails rake across his skin, leaving scratches across the surface.
He merely groans in response, unfazed by your actions.
It feels like your losing your mind as more and more of Matsukawa splits you open, he even shifts his hips to ram into your more sensitive spots with a calculated precision — determined to make you go dumb on his cock.
It’s not like he had to do much anyways.
Matsukawa’s not much of a talker when it comes to sex, but something about the way your hole keeps sucking his cock back in has him reconsidering. “You feel so fuckin’ good, shit”
Tears are beginning to form in the corners of your eyes, your vision going hazy as the last remnants of your sanity fades away. “Like you were made for me, bunny,”
Your lips fall open, as more moans roll off your tongue. You’re close — the coil in your tummy growing tighter.
Matsukawa knows it, he can tell by the way your walls flutter around him — clenching, and squeezing his cock as you finally cum.
You fall slack in his embrace, although it does nothing to hinder him — he continues bouncing you up and down on his cock as if you were weightless, weighing less than a doll. “Almost there,” he grunts, and it’s not like you could really comprehend what he was saying anyways.
And with a few more rolls of his hips, his cock twitches and pulses inside you, signaling his end as he spurts thick ropes of semen along your walls until you’re completely overfilled, leaving some to seep from between your folds —- wetting both yours and his thighs.
Matsukawa pulls you close, pressing his lips against the curve of your face. “Atta girl,” it comes out breathlessly, “let’s go get you cleaned up,”
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ohsatori · 4 months
Tumblr media
୨୧ ꒰ synopsis ꒱ riding your sweet boyfriend!
୨୧ ꒰ contains ꒱ matsukawa issei, hinata shoyo, miya atsumu, yamaguchi tadashi, oikawa tooru
୨୧ ꒰ warnings ꒱ smut (mdni), pet names (sweetheart, baby), dirty talk, teasing, emotional sex, cursing, established relationships, no pronouns but fem anatomy
୨୧ ꒰ word count ꒱ 1.8k
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Mattsun’s head falls to the back of the couch, a pleased expression crossing his features as you settle on his lap. His hands help guide you, fingertips pressing into the fat of your ass, kneading your skin, and giving you a playful smirk as you shoot him an almost-exasperated look. 
“C’mon, baby. Want you to ride my cock,” your boyfriend bites into his bottom lip, gently squeezing your ass, running his large hands over your curves, hips, and waist as your pussy lips spread over his cock. 
A choked gasp and broken moan escape you and Mattsun as you slowly sink down on his cock. The thickness of him inside you is almost overwhelming, and you find yourself panting as your head falls to rest on his chest, hands gripping his shoulders as you adjust to his fat cock. 
“Shit, fuck, fuck fuck — so good,” Mattsun manages to get out, spreading his thighs further apart to better accommodate your body. As he does so, he feels you slip onto his cock a bit further, pushing more of his thickness inside you. 
Rough hands grip at your waist desperately, pressing and pulling against your body, guiding you to bounce on his cock. Mattsun’s eyes — darkened with lust, pupils blown wide with desire — are latched onto where you’re connected. He’s in love with how your cunt stretches on his cock, your heat tightening around him every time you sink down on his thick shaft. A layer of slick drips down his length, and his cock twitches inside you as your pace increases dramatically. 
“Fucking shit, always so good for me, god you take me so fucking well,” Mattsun can’t seem to form proper sentences, completely in love with the way your cunt stretches around his cock, practically sucking him back in with every thrust. 
All you can do is collapse against Mattsun’s body, tugging your fingers through his curls, moaning loudly as he fucks up into you. The thickness of his cock stretches you out, the red, curved head pressing against the spot that has you keening against him, moaning his name. 
Tumblr media
Hinata is loud, always wanting to ensure you know how good you make him feel. 
His moans are nearly angelic as he pants against your ear, planting his feet on the ground to fuck up harder into you. His cock — long and thick, his leaking head spilling his desire inside your tight heat — pushes into you, and you help him by sinking further onto his cock. 
“Ohhh…” Hinata groans, spreading his thighs further apart as you steadily begin rocking in his lap. His warm hands — large and slightly calloused — press against your hips, guiding you to grind against him just the way he likes. 
“You okay?” you pant against his lips, cradling his shoulder and the back of his neck. The position is loving and intimate, your chests pressed together, your breasts pushed against him, as he gazes at you. Hinata’s eyes are wide, spilling freely with love and adoration for you as you rock on his cock, fucking him further and deeper into the couch with every bounce. 
You allow your lips to merely brush against each other’s — teasing yourself and Hinata, not allowing them to fully connect in the deep kiss you both crave. His panting is rough and broken from the pleasure that coils tightly in his abdomen, bright eyes tracing along your face, your breasts, down to where you bounce lewdly on his thick cock. 
“I’m okay, I’m okay,” Hinata gasps against you, lips murmuring against your own. It’s an intimate feeling, and has you leaning forward for more. “You just feel so fucking good.”
Your boyfriend’s words are filled with honesty and adoration; you can feel them settle warmly in your heart as the angry, throbbing tip of his cock nudges that spot inside you. You gasp against his lips — breathy and high-pitched, a sound that Hinata adores — at his statement, and you find yourself bouncing on his cock a bit harder, a bit faster. 
The sudden change in pace has Hinata’s eyes rolling to the ceiling, his lower abs clenching against your pelvis as you rock over him, bringing him a kind of love and pleasure only you can.
Tumblr media
Atsumu is so in love with you — by the way love pours out of your heart, the way your cunt clenches around his throbbing cock, the way you moan his name. 
He likes to focus on your pleasure, making sure to take care of you and hold you as he fucks up into your tight cunt, adoring the sweet sounds that spill out of your kiss-swollen lips as he builds up your pleasure.
“Are ya’ okay? Fuck ya’ feel so good, so perfect fucking yerself on my cock like that,” he thrusts up a bit harder, holding onto your back and the nape of your neck. 
Atsumu feels a swell of pride in his chest at the loud gasp you let out, your hand falling to press against his firm chest for balance.
“Yes, yes, yes please — just keep fucking me like this, ‘Tsumu.”
Your nickname for him — spoken so differently than when anyone else says it — almost has him losing his composure. Atsumu has to stifle a groan, biting against his bottom lip, pressing his head to the crook of your neck. Your fingers instantly card through his messy hair, slicked back with sweat, as your grind onto his achingly hard cock. 
“Shit — how could I ever stop when yer ask me so nicely, sweetheart?” Atsumu moans against you, pushing his head further against your body. He stops trying to hide the loud moans and groans as your tight walls clamp around his cock, nearly suffocating him with pleasure as you practically choke his cock. 
With a stutter of his hips, Atsumu ruts his cock further into you, letting out a broken moan as you immediately cling to him. His cock presses into you, spreading you apart until you’re gushing down his thick length, allowing the mixture of your combined cum to drip down his balls. 
“Ya’ feel that? Feel what ya’ do to me?” Atsumu grips onto you a bit harder, needing to feel your body pressed tighter against his own. His muscles are pulled taut as he fucks into you, shoving his thick length into your tight cunt, making you gush over his length until you’re both a tired, moaning mess. 
Tumblr media
As you settle over his lap, Yamaguchi can hardly handle the thick haze of pleasure pooling tight in his lower abdomen. His eyes are glazed over with lust and affection, hands hovering over your hips — as if not knowing where to touch you, his tongue feeling heavy in his mouth. 
“You okay?” you ask, cupping his cheek. Yamaguchi can hardly focus on your words as the heat of your cunt settles over the thick curve of his cock, your slick dripping down his length as you wait for him to respond. 
“Y-yeah,” Yamaguchi stutters, then takes a pause. Taking a deep breath — because he’s certain it was sucked from the room at some point — he attempts to ignore the deep heat flooding his cheeks. “I just want to feel you. Is that okay?”
Your boyfriend’s words are so sweet and honest, and you can hardly find it in yourself to deny him. All you want is to see his head falling back in intense pleasure, to make him cum, to feel his body pulled taut as his loud moans spill from kiss-swollen lips. 
"Of course it's okay," you reassure him, dipping your head down to kiss him deeply, sweetly.
Yamaguchi’s hands finally settle on your waist, his warm palms smoothing down your hips. He watches with wide eyes and parted lips as you settle over his cock, his leaking head catching against your entrance.
You both moan at the sensation, pressing forward a bit more to take your boyfriend in a bit further. His cock is thick and long as you sink down on it slowly, gently, allowing him to feel the tightness and heat of your walls clamping down on him. 
The ridges of his head slowly stretch you out, and the pleasure is so intense you nearly collapse against Yamaguchi. He holds you affectionately, strong arms wrapping around your waist, pressing your hips further against him as he begins rocking you on his cock. 
“Oh–oh my god, you feel so good,” Yamaguchi pants against your skin, biting his lip in pleasure. He spreads his thighs a bit further to allow you to fully sink down on his cock, undulating his hips as his hands twitch at your sides. 
The sight is incredibly endearing, because no matter how many times you love each other like this, Yamaguchi always makes sure to love you sweetly and wholeheartedly. 
Tumblr media
Oikawa is cocky as he fucks up into you, pressing his cock between your folds, helping you bounce on his thick length. The sounds you let out are like music to his ears, and he swears he could cum from his name falling past your lips alone. 
“Yeah? That feel good?” Oikawa asks, harshly snapping his hips against yours. He buries his cock inside you, his large palms spreading apart your thighs to better drive his cock into your tight, hot walls. 
Your boyfriend lets out a low groan at the sight of your cunt sucking him in, practically begging to milk him of all his cum. “Fuck, you feel so fucking good. So tight and wet for me, always so good.” 
Your head falls to the crook of his neck as you rock along his cock, sinking further onto him while he fucks his cock into you. The pleasure builds harshly in your stomach, especially when Oikawa’s long fingers pad down to your clit, rubbing large circles against you. 
“Oh yeah, that’s it, huh…” Oikawa murmurs against you, dark eyes drinking in the sight of you against him. Your breasts press tantalizingly against his muscular chest, your cunt leaving slick dripping down his thick length every time you barely pulled off his cock, only to sink back onto him.
You greedily melt into his touch, pushing your hips against his to better feel his cock buried inside you. The rough pads of his thumb dig under the hood of your clit, pushing it back to circle his fingers against you. His harsh thrusting turns desperate as the pleasure steadily builds inside him, aching to burst as he begs to be pushed over the edge. 
All you can focus on is the thick press of his cock inside you, Oikawa burying the thickness of it into your needy cunt with every desperate, needy thrust. His leaking head presses against the spot that has you writing and gushing on his lap — a sight that Oikawa will never get over, causing him to fuck into you harder, needing to feel you cum on his cock. 
Tumblr media
haikyuu masterlist.
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hqfeatbetty · 6 months
who’s older (headcanon) FT.haikyuu!boys x fem!reader
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
You are older than him. But that’s really not a problem for him. Age doesn’t matter and even when you are 3 years older he treats you like a baby. His baby. And most of the time people mistake and think you are both the same age or maybe he’s older because you are so much smaller (physically) compared to him. And you should see that smirk glued to his handsome face :)
➝ Oikawa, Kageyama, Hinata, Bokuto, Atsumu, Futakuchi, Semi, Suna.
He is the oldest in the relationship. And he finds this little age difference is adorable for some reason. He feels like he have to protect you because “you didn’t live as long as i lived i know so much more about this world than you do” when he’s literally only 2 years older :)
➝ Matsukawa, Osamu, Iwaizumi, Kuroo, Ushijima, Akaashi, Kita, Sakusa.
Tumblr media
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peltingaway · 20 days
he's never been one to hold back. <3
contains: hair pulling, rough sex, and a little anger
Tumblr media
he absolutely HATES when you hold back your moans, this man will dig his nails into your hips, making sure he doesn't go too hard on you since he's not in the worst mood, and start slamming into you. He gets pissed when your voice isn't as loud as the slapping from your bodies touching that's echoing throughout the room, he'll use your body as a leverage until you start moaning into the pillow.
he doesn't care that he's starting to let out loud moans, he doesn't care about how flushed his face is either. he's not gonna let himself go until you do that's for sure. he'll even grip your hair so he can hear your pretty sounds more clearly.
he tends to get a teeny bit rough on accident, but it's all out of love. <3
Tumblr media
a/n: I did NOT expect my first one to do so well!! thank you all smmm <3 you guys should totally give me some ideas. I'm down.
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sunascumdoll · 7 months
ʜQ ᴠɪꜱᴜᴀʟ ᴠᴇʀꜱɪᴏɴ
Tumblr media
ᴛʀᴜᴇ ᴇᴠɪʟ ɪꜱ, ᴀʙᴏᴠᴇ ᴀʟʟ ᴛʜɪɴɢꜱ, ꜱᴇᴅᴜᴄᴛɪᴠᴇ.
Tumblr media Tumblr media
description: this is just a masterlist of twt videos that remind me of hq boys. all videos will have the kinks/triggers listed.
a/n: big big BIG help to @nekomamiiz​ for helping me sort some of these videos and come up with titles! thank you so much ily baby mwah.
Tumblr media
ᴍʜᴀ ᴠᴇʀꜱɪᴏɴ || ᴊᴊᴋ ᴠᴇʀꜱɪᴏɴ || ᴛᴏᴋʏᴏʀᴇᴠ ᴠᴇʀꜱɪᴏɴ
ʙᴀᴄᴋ ᴛᴏ ʜQ ᴍ.ʟɪꜱᴛ |  ʙᴀᴄᴋ ᴛᴏ ᴍᴀɪɴ ᴍ.ʟɪꜱᴛ
Tumblr media
      ✩ such a good slut. - daichi fucking his pillow princess. cw // daddy kink, petnames (sweetheart, baby), some degradation (slut), and praise (good girl).
      ✩ toe curling. - milking daichi dry. cw // riding, light spanks, creampies.
      ✩ coaxing you. - daichi playing with your pussy. cw // fingering, squirting, kisses.
      ✩ give me a kiss. - soft dom kags spoiling his baby. cw // cockwarming, kissing.
      ✩ cling to me. - kageyama toying with your hole. - cw // kissing, cuddling, fingering.
      ✩ gentle touches. - kageyma fucking your hand until he cums. cw // handjobs
      ✩ level up! - pleasing yourself on kenma’s cock while he games. cw // loud moaning, doggy.
      ✩ drink your milk, pretty kitty. - sucking your master’s cock. cw // pet play (collar, leash, kitten ears), oral m!receiving
      ✩ try to focus. - kenma pounding you while you play on his switch. cw // just missionary
      ✩ don’t run. - mattsun pinning you and keeping you from squirming. cw // intense orgasm, dirty talk, possible mind break?
      ✩ messy eater. - mattsun messily eating your cunt. cw // oral f!receiving, spit.
      ✩ bend over. - mattsun taking you from behind. cw // possible creampie
      ✩ split open. - horse cock mattsun stretching you open. cw // BIG DICK ISSEI HNGG, breeding/creampie.
      ✩ you got this. - iwa easing his princess’s nerves before a job interview. cw // fingering, titty sucking, car sex.
      ✩ sound so pretty. - iwa relishing in the noises you make while tasting you. cw // oral f!receiving.
      ✩ backseat breeding. - iwa fucking you in the back of his car. cw // breeding, riding, kissing, car sex.
      ✩ smile for the camera. -
      ✩ watch me make this pussy purr. -
      ✩ picture perfect pussy. - missionary w suna. cw // recording, missionary
      ✩ paparazzi. - suna filming the after math of a session. cw // creampie, spanking.
      ✩ after practice snack. - atsumu tasting his baby. cw // oral f!receiving, 69.
      ✩ right here. - fucking you on a table. cw // kissing, creampie.
      ✩ take a seat. - hovering over tsumu’s face. cw // oral f!receiving.
Tumblr media
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shoulmate · 4 months
“Excuse me, is this seat taken?”
You don't look up at first, too engrossed in your work to think the question's directed at you, but the deep voice clears his throat and asks again. You look up in surprise to see your classmate waiting near the empty chair across from you.
Any other time you wouldn't mind sitting with him, all tall and muscular with dark curls and cool eyes...but he's one of the volleyball team’s four golden third years. If any of the other three come looking for him they'll be flocked with fangirls.
You need to get this work done.
“I won’t bother you, if that’s what you’re worried about,” he offers trying to guess your train of thought.
“I’m more worried about your teammates, to be honest.”
Matsukawa smirks like he understands. “They don’t need me for anything today.”
You sigh, not exactly believing him, but the library's packed; so you clear a space for him and sink back into your work. Matsukawa makes good on his promise, settling into his own work without bothering you.
“There you are dude—”
Until his best friend shows up.
Matsukawa looks up with a slight frown at his own work being interrupted.
“Oh, sorry. I didn’t know you were studying with someone,” Hanamaki says with a sly grin.
“I’m not.” Matsukawa’s voice is low. You appreciate him trying to be quiet but you're still annoyed and grip your pen tightly.
“Eh? Then why are you guys doing the same work?” Hanamaki asks.
Matsukawa’s eyes fall to the textbook open to the same page as his. He frowns. “Why are you doing the same work as me?”
You stare at him, dumbfounded. “…Because I’m in your class.”
Matsukawa’s brow lifts: he really doesn’t recognize you.
Hanamaki starts to chuckle and you glare at him. Feeling awkward in more than one way Matsukawa quickly packs up his things and pushes Hanamaki away from the table before the red-head can embarrass him any further.
The next morning a shadow falls over your desk. You look up to see Matsukawa staring down at you in surprise.
Aside from the insult of him not knowing you were in his class you're irritated at being interrupted again.
"Do you need something..." you ask flatly.
Matsukawa awkwardly clears his throat and looks away. "The uh...work you were doing yesterday...did you understand it?"
"The history homework?" You see him nod and add "...yeah. Why?"
Matsukawa presses his lips into a thin line, shoving his hands in his pockets and asks "do you uh...think you could help me with it?"
Your brow lifts. You did not expect that. "Um...yeah I guess." You notice his cheeks are tinted pink when he looks back at you. "We can go over it at lunch?"
"Y-yeah. Thanks."
When lunchtime rolls around Matsukawa takes the seat in front of you, your classmate going to eat elsewhere.
He's surprisingly attentive.
He listens as you explain the questions and your answers with determination that challenges the causal air he usually exudes.
He's tuned in and it's...intense.
"Honestly, I think you've got it down," you admit as you get to the end of the work. Lunch isn't quite over yet but Matsukawa makes no motion to move.
"You think so?" He's watching you closely.
You nod. "Yeah, you're a much faster learner than I thought you'd be so you picked it up quick. Good job." You notice he suddenly has trouble meeting your eye. And is he
From the doorway you hear strange sounds. You and several classmates, including Matsukawa, turn to see the other three Seijoh golden boys in the hall making kissy faces and noises at their friend.
Matsukawa's face flushes red.
He's out of his seat the next second, charging out and chasing after the others sprinting away.
"Hey there."
You're about to put your shoes on to leave school when Hanamaki calls your name; he's walking up with Iwaizumi.
"Hi..." You awkwardly look around, confused why they're talking to you.
"So. Heard you don't like us," says Makki.
You frown. "What?" After Makki repeats what Mattsun told him, an interpretation of your 'more worried about your teammates' comment from the library, you roll your eyes. "That's not what I meant. I just didn't want to be interrupted by the mass of fans that follow you all everywhere you go."
They exchange a look.
"You're not a fan, then? Of us?" Iwaizumi asks.
Your features crease more deeply. "What the fuck? No offense but are you guys stupid? Because that's not what I said at all."
Iwaizumi chuckles. "No, just trying to do due diligence."
"Why, what are you, a cop?" You sit to put your shoes on and notice them exchanging another weird look.
Iwaizumi clears his throat. "Actually, I'm vice captain of the volleyball team. And I'm trying to be sure before I ask: will you be our manager?"
Okay, that was unexpected.
"Me? What? Why?"
Iwaizumi puts his hands in his pockets. "Because the fans annoy you, too."
"They drive us nuts," Makki adds.
"And make life difficult."
"Constantly interrupting practice."
Iwaizumi grumbles "not to mention how they distract Oikawa."
You give them an incredulous look. "Yeah, you're not really selling the position." You see them exchange another look. "Okay, what's going? Why are you really asking me this?" You narrow your eyes and cross your arms as Iwaizumi gives Makki a prompting look.
Hanamaki sighs. "Because Matsukawa has a crush on you."
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atsumwah · 2 months
Tumblr media
matsukawa issei is the type of man who always wants you in his lap. it doesn't matter if you're too short, too tall or worried about your weight, mans does not care. he likes having to hug you from behind and tuck his head in the crook of your neck.
matsukawa issei is the type of man who sings off key. he sounds horrible but at the same time, kind of cute actually. oh and he doesn't care where or when it is, hell he'll even sing in public and when you tell him to stop because of everyone looking, he'll sing even louder.
matsukawa issei is the type of man that will subtly push you towards the inside of the sidewalk. sometimes you don't even notice it when he does. he's also the kind that will go to the side where the car's coming and hold you by the back to lead you both to cross the road safely.
matsukawa issei is the type of man who will hug you from behind and sway you from side to side no matter what you're doing. he especially likes doing it when you're dressing up for a date night, looking really pretty, and purposely making you both late for said date.
matsukawa issei is the type of man that will get pouty if you're watching a show together and you watch an episode without him. mans will actually be upset and will not negotiate unless you agree to pay up with kisses. the only way he'll forgive you tbh.
matsukawa issei is the type of man that will come in the bathroom while you're showering and do his routine. he could be shaving and just asks you the most random questions ever (sometimes he does join you but only if he has time to spare before you both go to work wink wink )
Tumblr media
reblogs are appreciated bbys <33
Tumblr media
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heartsuna · 8 months
Tumblr media
SUNA leans down to place a kiss on your cheek and you move away, pretending nothing happened. you can feel his gaze on you before he mutters a small “alright” and sits down to scroll through his phone. you thought he wasn’t bothered, but the longer he thought about it, the pettier he felt. moments later when you try to give him a kiss, he moves away from you as well. “c’mon rin!” “no, go somewhere else.” but he eventually caves in.
OIKAWA frowns and chases after your lips. “hey! give me a kiss!” he’s persistent, but so are you. you continue dodging his attempts, placing your palms against his chest to keep him away. manages to take hold of your wrists and holds them tightly with one hand while the other squishes your cheek together as he plants an exaggerated kiss on your lips.
BOKUTO pulls away with a frown on his face. “why’d you move away?” he had been particularly clingy that afternoon, practice had worn him out and the only thing he wanted was to be close to you. "baby," he whines. nuzzles his head in your neck and you can help but give in, nudging his head lightly and pressing a soft kiss to his lips.
IWAIZUMI furrows his brows as his lips meet your cheek. he looks to you and sees you holding back a smile. “give me a kiss,” he grunts. when you make no movement he puts a hand on the back of your head, pushing your head to his. your lips meet in a hard kiss and he pulls away with a satisfied look on his face.
you can't fool MATSUKAWA, he knows exactly what you're doing. raises his brows teasingly, a knowing smirk on his face. “don’t be like that, pretty girl.” he pulls you close and kisses you slowly. he knows you can’t resist him
Tumblr media
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strawberrykake · 6 months
boyfriend that will suddenly scold you out of nowhere like “where the fuck have you been all my life? what took you so long??? Do you know how rough my life has been without you?? smh” bc he realizes no one has ever made him a happier and better person than you do
—Iwaizumi, TSUKISHIMA, Suna, SAKUSA, KYOUTANI, Semi, Kuroo, Atsumu, Oikawa, UKAI, Mattsun, KAGEYAMA, HOSHIUMI, Shirabu, Bokuto, Kiryuu
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ceijoh · 3 months
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
relationship: m!character x f!reader
contents/warnings:18+, spit kink (duh), degradation, impact play, choking, boys being mean :( (but it’s okay because they do it out of love and you’re horny) begging
word count: 1057
Tumblr media
who spits in your mouth as a way of dominance. 
hands wrapped around your throat, squeezing tightly that make you want to claw at his hand to remove it but there’s also a major part of you that wants him to just do it harder. his hand, wet, courtesy of the combination of your spit and his cum. 
“you’re a fucking slut, aren’t you?” his words were the complete opposite to the tenderness that were in his eyes. rubbing the point of his nose down against the column of your neck, nipping at various points. “my fuckin’ slut,” at the end of his sentence he squeezed your neck, earning a loud whimper from you. 
pulling away from you, he removed his hands from your neck, admiring the marks he left on you. “so fuckin’ beautiful,” he murmured under his breath. he could feel his cock twitch as his eyes roamed your body, taking in every delicious curve. 
his eyes zeroed in on your pussy, without hesitation he smacked it harshly, earning a loud whimper from you. narrowing his eyes at your actions, “shut up, this is mine,” cupping your cunt in his hand, all you could do was watch him with wide eyes. “i can do whatever the fuck i want.” moving forward as he hovered you, “open,” he demanded.
slowly he puckered his lips, gathering a good amount of saliva in his mouth. squeezing your cheeks harshly, he forced them open. “tongue,” sticking your tongue out like the good little bitch you are, he smiled fondly. “don’t even fucking think about swallowing.” patting your cheek condescendingly, watching as you struggled with your tongue out. 
reaching around behind him, he grabbed his phone, quickly taking a photo of you, he looked down as he admired the picture. turning it around to show you, “look at how beautiful my baby is,” and you sure were a sight. eyes watery, tears streaming down your face, cheeks flushed, you could see just how wet your face was. your tongue sticking out like a good obedient girl, you were beautiful.  
tossing his phone down on the floor, he gently cupped your face as he leaned down. “so fuckin’ beautiful.” 
haikyuu: akaashi, meian, iwaizumi, tsukishima, kuroo, kentaro, sakusa, daichi, ukai jr, matsukawa, futakuchi, osamu
jujutsu kaisen: toji, suguru, sukuna, naoya, nanami, hitoshi
my hero academia: endeavor, dabi
attack on titan: levi, eren, zeke
demon slayer: muzan, gyutaro, uzui, sanemi
who spits in your mouth as a way to bond with you. majority of the time it’s sexual, his hand wrapped around your throat. similar to who spits in your mouth as a way of dominance but it’s more out of love than anything. there’s actually a sixth love language; spitting into the mouth of the person you’re in love with -how romantic.
now it was a way of being close with you in a way that hugging you, or even kissing you was not on par with it. it was romantic but sexual, sexual but it didn’t mean he was buried in your guts way. it’s his way of bonding with you he claims, in reality he just wants you to be everywhere. 
nuzzling into your neck, you gently wrapped your arms around his neck. 
“open, please,” he whined as you felt him rub against you. nodding once you began unzipping your trousers, stopping you with a hand, he began to shake his head. understanding what he meant, you gently brought up his face so you could look at him and slowly opened your mouth. 
“pretty,” was the only thing he said, his eyes roaming over your face. stroking the apples of your cheeks, he slowly leant down and watched as his spit landed on your tongue. humming at the sensation, you watched as he puckered up his lips again. this time he didn’t have much grace or aim, his spit instead landing on your chin. 
moaning out his name, you pulled his head closer to your face, “babe,” 
“i got you,” running his hand down your face, “so pretty, i love you so much.”
licking from the base of your neck, you felt him clean your combined spit, at that thought you whined out, “no, want,” pushing him away. 
smiling down at you, he preened at your behaviour. “don’t worry sweet girl,” he cooed, kissing you softly once. wetting his mouth, he let the saliva sit on his tongue.  admiring you once more, he moved forward finally attaching his lips to yours. opening his mouth, he let the spit dribble down both of your chins. feeling your body move with his, he tightened his hands on your waist. 
you pushed your tongue against his, mixing your spit with his.it was wet and it was messy but you wouldn’t have it any other way. 
haikyuu: ushijima, matsukawa, atsumu, tendou, aone, bokuto, hanamaki, oikawa, yamaguchi, kuroo, kenma, kita, terushima, akiteru, hinata
jujutsu kaisen: itadori, gojo, nanami, choso, noritoshi, hiromi
my hero academia: izuku, shouto, mirio
attack on titan: erwin, reiner, armin 
demon slayer: douma, tomioka, rengoku
who spits in your mouth as a way of dominance pt 2…but here’s the twist. they actually want you to spit in their mouth, mark him as yours inside and out. will become so needy and whiny, pawing at you, begging you, will just do about anything for you to pucker up your pretty lips and slowly allow the spit from your mouth to dribble into his awaiting eager ones. 
“god baby,” moaning into your mouth. “c’mon,” he whispered needily against your mouth, “please, baby. just wanna, just needya.” 
you felt his hands groping your hips, trying to find purchase anywhere he can. nipping your lips, his head fell back to the pillows, his beautiful face peering up at you. 
“what do you want, baby?” clenching your pussy against his cock, you watched as his eyes fluttered shut. “c’mon, tell me.” getting up on your knees, you felt his cock slide out, watching as he tried so heavily to focus on you. dropping down quickly, you circled your hips, moans coming out from both of your mouths. 
“want you to spit in my mouth, please,” hands moving to your chest you felt him circle and tug your nipples. “want you inside of me, want you to mark me.” 
you smiled at him, grabbing both of his hands with yours, you guided them towards your ass which he quickly squeezed as soon as his hands were around it. 
it was his elixir, his kryptonite, as he watched you pucker your beautiful lips. watching as the spit exit your mouth and drop down to his awaiting mouth, groaning as soon as it hit contact with his tongue. rolling your essence around his mouth, enjoying and relishing in the taste that was just you, he slowly swallowed. 
“more, please.” 
haikyuu: atsumu, oikawa, bokuto, kageyama, semi 
jujutsu kaisen: gojo, itadori, noritoshi, chosho
my hero academia: hawks, shigaraki, bakugo, shouta, izuku 
attack on titan: reiner, levi
demon slayer: rengoku, gyutaro
Tumblr media
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mattsunkawa · 4 months
cheating, angst
Tumblr media
“how long?” it’s impossible to tell which emotion is taking control of you. your face burns red in your anger but the tears in your eyes and crack in your voice display your heartbreak and distress.
he refuses to look you in the eye. he can’t.
“how long, issei.” you push for the answer to the question you can’t believe you’re asking. “did it start after the wedding?” there’s nothing but silence. “before?” your throat feels dry and you can barely croak out the words.
the air is suffocating while he stays quiet—his lack of response is worse than any reply he could give you.“jesus christ issei, did you propose to me while you were fucking another woman?”
he looks guilty and your heart shatters more than it already had with the message from the oblivious woman admitting she’d slept with your husband.
your hands shake: you’d hoped so desperately that it was just a jealous woman lying to get a reaction from you. you’d never dreamt it’d be true.
you claw at the ring on your finger, taking it off for the first time in six months suddenly sick of and painfully aware of the feeling of the metal. you toss it into a far corner of the room, clutching at your chest and the wails escape.
mattsun’s horrified at the sound but he can’t move as he watches the tears fall and your distressed cries fill the room. he’s never seen you so hurt and he’s never been the reason for you to shed even a single tear—except for those times you’d laughed so heavily at something he’d said.
he stands from his seat quickly, holding you tight against his chest in hopes that your anguish will quieten in his familiarity. it might have if his betrayal hadn’t been the sole cause.
mattsun ignores how you pound at his chest with your fists and fry for him to let go; the sound is hell for him.
“i love you.” it’s attempted reassurance that does the complete opposite—his actions don’t match his words. “she was nothing; you’re everything. i married you.”
“you were sleeping with her!” another punch to his chest, “while we were married.” another. “while we were engaged.” and another.
“it was nothing!” he raises his voice, trying to get you to hear him over your strangled screams. “she meant nothing.”
“then why did it last so long.” your action finally stills, your holding you tightly balled fists on his chest, resting your forehead between them hating that his hold still brings you some comfort despite all that’s unfolded.
he stays silent: anything he says now would only make matters worse. there’s no words of comfort, explanations or excuses he can give you to make things better. to make you forgive him.
he wants to run back to the kitchen, pick up your discarded ring, wherever it landed, and make that promise to you again—to take back every mistake he’d made in the time he’d strayed.
he loves you. he’s always loved you. but she was an addiction that was too tough to quit. she wasn’t home for petty arguments and the tough nights; she didn’t come attached to friends that never liked him. she didn’t have a mother pushing for grandkids. she was someone he shared nothing but a physical act with.
but he, once again, can’t answer your question.
“you don’t love me. you don’t do this to someone you love.” you push at his chest again, forcing distance between the two of you. “i can’t even look at you right now.”
turning on your heels, you hastily make your way to the room you’d shared with the man for countless days of your life; those days now felt like a waste. you’re packing clothes and necessities in a messy rush, throwing them all into your suitcase while mattsun pleads with you to think about what you’re doing.
you’ve thought it all through and you won’t spend another second with the man that stole your heart and crushed it without second thought. you push him to the side and run down the stairs, lugging your bag with you.
he won’t stop talking, now finding words to say but only worsening your heartbreak with each passing second.
even when your out of the door, he’s running behind your pleading with you to give him just one chance to make it right; that he’d long since ended his adulterous behaviour.
grabbing your by the wrist he forcibly stops you in the driveway of your home. “please.” he begs once more. “i love you. don’t leave.”
“you should have thought about that, matsukawa.”
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