byunbqbes · 3 days
Tumblr media
♡ osamu realises he loves you when he reserves the last piece of his favourite cake, last bite of onigiri just for you, even getting angry at atsumu once when the mochi he made for you disappeared in the fridge. he decides that he can make your favourite desserts forever if that meant he could spend forever with you.
♡ akaashi knew you were the one when his eyes involuntarily scan a crowded room for you. when he can't find you, he immediately calls you and lets your voice guide him to you, heart stuttering when his eyes meets yours from across the room.
♡ kuroo knew that he loved you when he finds himself looking forward to going home to you, to burying his face in the crook of your neck and inhaling your sweet lavender scent. when you run your fingers through his hair, he swears he can bear more shitty days at work if he could come home to your warm embrace.
♡ iwaizumi realises he loves you in the simplest moments, when he looks to your side and sees your smile illuminating the room, tugging the corner of his lips upwards. he wants to remember this moment forever and memorise the way the sun hits your face in such a warm, beautiful, ethereal way.
♡ kageyama knew you were the one when he feels your fingers interlace his right before a match. he loves you even more when he feels your thumb running along his knuckles soothingly as you whisper sweet nothings into his ear, calming his roaring nerves with your soft presence.
♡ bokuto realised that he was in love when he couldn't hold himself back from littering featherlight kisses all over your face or control the way his heart tightens in his chest when you place a warm palm over his cheek. he knows he's in love, for sure, when he never wants to let you go when you hug.
🥂 reblogs are very appreciated!!
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theherarchives · 22 hours
Tumblr media
- attractive things he does
suna rin , atsumu miya , kuroo tetsurou , sakusa kiyoomi
! the word d3ath, boys inlove, gn reader !
≈suna rin
•he talks about you extremely often
god bless anyone who asks ab u when u n rin r together,, holy shit. rin notices a lot of things about u, and even the tiniest , littlest details about u are so precious to him. u stick ur tongue out when ur focused? noted . ur good with kids? he’s absolutely inlove with u and thinking of u when he plays with or sees a child at one of his games. the boys will ask him yk, how’s yn, and all of a sudden they’re stuck for 1/2 hrs listening to tim talk about u.
“oh yeah how’s yn? it’s been a while”
“atsumu -”
*cracks knuckles*“ i am so glad you asked.”
he literally cannot help it , he doesn’t even realise that he’s talking sm bcus he just has so much to say about u? everything u do is just precious so now the guys just know not to ask or they’ll be screwed , lmao
•always makes eye contact when talking / loves eye contact
it lets him show u that he’s listening , since he’s not a huge talker . he doesn’t want u to think he’s bored of u speaking , or what ur saying , so he’s always, ALWAYS looking you in ur eyes when you talk. he does expect the same from u, ofc. if he’s talking and he catches u looking down he’ll stop, and when u ask why he’ll just flatly say ,” you weren’t looking so i assumed you stopped listening😐 ” and you just look at him like 😦 because it was only for like FIVE seconds .he truly doesn’t care what ur doing , he wants u to look at him when he’s talking - if you give him the eyes he will start stuttering 😔his gaze is always half - lidded, lazy almost, but it makes you feel like he’s seeing right into you. sometimes he’ll raise his eyebrows or scrunch them- but his main thing is eye contact.
•doesn’t treat you like everyone else
we all know rin is emo ☹️,so he does tend to give people the cold shoulder a lot . but u? never. if he’s stone walling his friends and you come up to him, he’s all smiles and ‘ hi, baby’ s . you just make him so so so happy. he’ll never call u annoying even as a joke like with his friends or act aloof- he expresses himself as much as he wants with u bcs ur his favorite </3 even his sister was so shocked when she over heard- y’all talking cus hes never that sweet to ANYONE. he’ll be clingy, he hugs u as soon as he sees u ( atsumu asked for a hug and rin flipped him off 😔😔😔✊), he wants u to know how much he loves u 24/7 cus you fr are special to him.
≈atsumu miya
•tucks your hair behind your ear/ brushes it out of your face
tsumu listens to u very tentatively when u talk, like he’s memorising everything that ur saying - the way ur saying it- what he’s feeling as u say it. he genuinely does wanna keep every moment with u tucked into his brain, so that when he’s lying awake at night thinking of u, he can day dream about u. when you glance up at him, chirping happily about your life to him, he can’t help but hesitantly move a large hand to your face and move away any hair in your face. his eyes flit away only for a moment- he’s still looking at you- just at a different part. he’ll blush a little when he does it for the first time , mumbling a ,” sorry, it was in your eyes.looked like it was botherin’ you.” truthfully,he wants to see your face properly, especially if you have bangs or something, tsum is moving it so he can see the way your eyebrows shoot up in excitement or knit together in frustration. he drinks in your expression, the story, everything in that moment he captures like a polaroid bc he just loves you so so much.
•doesn’t hold your entire hand- just a few fingers
because tsumu is tall it is kinda hard to lose him in a crowd. he will NEVER STOP using that excuse when it comes to holding onto u tho. he loves how your hands feel in his, the squish of your fingers, the way your fingers curl around his entire hand ( or attempt to. cus he’s so bloody large for absolutely no reason) without a thought. if your hands r smaller, he finds it so precious how your tiny little fingers are kinda just like , SWALLOWED by his hands . he thinks it’s so cute. if your hands are bigger/ the same size - it just makes him feel like a little kid to be holding a couple of ur fingers . bonus points if u run ur free thumb over his knuckles , he’s internally dying
if you have little kids in ur family they adore tsumu bcus he knows just how to entertain them lol. if he randomly gets tagged while theyre playing tag you best believe he’s SPRINTING. if they’re playing sally in the saucer , he WILL be sally and he absolutely will cheat and choose whoever he wants to be sally. secretly likes playing with nerf guns and is rly dramatic if he gets shot😔 he’ll fall on the floor and hold his ‘wound’ and choke out “ tell ,,, tell my yn,,,,, that i love them,,,,” “uncle tsumu it was a foam bullet🧍🏽” “shhhh hush yer trap” LMAOO he’s rly good with kids . also is amazing at calming down babies when they cry, like he’ll cradle them and make the most stupid noises, nuzzle them and all of a sudden they’re the happiest child alive.
≈kuroo tetsurou
•quips back at sarcasm
if there is no banter, tetsu doesn’t want it. keep ur relationship ✊😔. he literally adores the attitude, if he’s bullying you and you bully him back he’s already SMITTEN CUS WDYM ‘ you would be short too, if you weren’t made up of 90% bed head’ ?? WDYM BRUH THATS SO???🤭 if you tell him to stfu he’ll start giggling he’s literally insane. tetsu cannot help the goofy grin on his face when you don’t even hesitate to hand his attitude right back to him 10x worse, because it feels like you’re just his best friend having fun with him. it also shows him that y’all are similar and can relate to eachother, he rly eats it up. he’ll start pulling out scientific facts to cover up that he’s losing lmao💀
•knows you like the back of his hand
kuroo can read u like an open book, u can hide NOTHING from him. if ur upset he knows , if ur sad he knows, he knows when ur lying. you often times don’t even need to tell him if ur feeling uncomfortable or sad bcus he can just tell and will do anything to fix it. he understands ppl really well without them having to say much, he’s very perceptive. you being his partner means that he can do a lot more than just tell when you need some comfort- but he also knows exactly what you need to hear. so if ur upset, and if you’re comfortable, he’ll settle you down and ask what’s up. he’ll listen, comfort you and then tackle the problem. he is also ready to throw hands if someone’s upset you
•is a lovesick idiot with zero shame
when kuroo likes you, he likes you💀 the whole world, their mothers, their fathers and their sisters know about it , because of the way he acts around you. his face will contort into a sappy grin accompanied by dreamy eyes whenever you’re in the room, he’s always a lot more bright when you’re around, and suddenly when you’re around, everything is funny. even in a room of people he knows, you still get his undivided attention even if you aren’t speaking. everyone knows just how much he cares for you, and the best part is that he doesn’t even express anything verbally, it’s his actions that showcase the pit of admiration he holds for you deep in his heart . kenma’s heard everything about you atp, his grandma is SICK of hearing “ today yn and i-,” ,” nana you wont believe what happened with yn today-!” ,” nana, yn said i looked handsome today, can you believe it?”,” yn laughed at a joke i made today, they’re so smart, it was literally a college level chemistry joke and- HEY DONT ROLL YOUR EYES AT ME NANA”she’s EXHAUSTED 💀
≈sakusa kiyoomi
•pulls his mask down real quick to kiss you
as much as kiyoomi is stoic, it’s just because he isn’t super comfortable around a lot of people and he HATES anything socialising. it makes him feel icky, like everyone is watching him and it’s just too foreign. seeing you in a crowd makes it a lot easier for him, because he’s made you aware of his boundaries and discomforts, and you respect them as well as protect them. he values it a lot when people don’t see him as weird but rather particular. it’s honestly more of a comfort to him to be near you in public, but he would absolutely never say that. he’ll spot you, walk up to your group, put a firm hand on the other side of your head and pull his mask down☹️places a little peck on your forehead, muttering ,” hey , you” and then pulling it up again. you smile at your friends and take him aside - he swears you’re an angel for not making him talk to your friends. it’s a little gesture, but truthfully that’s what being with omi is. little gestures full of care, tenderness and understanding </33
•gets excited about small things
okay nOW listen to me . it isnt just any small thing . if the flower he planted sprouts a rose, you’ll hear a shout of ‘ YN, COME OUTSIDE RN’ coming from the yard and you SPRINT BCUS OMI RAISING HIS VOICE?????? but when you get there and you’re HUFFING, PUFFING , BLOWING THE HOUSE DOWN . his eyes are wide and he’s holding his phone up saying ,” yn, look. my roses are blooming,” he says in a tone that’s seemingly floating between excitement and wonder. your posture relaxes, seeing your 6’3 scary dog boyfriend fawn over his yellow roses just warms your heart </33 when you guys get a new cat together ( he is a cat person argue w the wall) he feels a part of him explode when the cat rubs it’s head all over him. he KNEELS to the floor of the adoption centre and holds the kitty’s head in his hands, stroking the little flat area in front of it’s little ears. he glances as you, eyes smile as he’s smiling behind his mask. ☹️☹️☹️END ME.
•picks up on small things
omi is observant as hell , so even when you guys are just friends he picks up on tiny things u do. when u make a weird face when u touch a weird texture or the way u try so desperately to end a convo with someone you ‘ like ’ he absolutely knows what’s going and he’s like “ huh, didn’t know they didn’t actually like that person” but doesn’t say shit. next time that person is around he magically remembers he needs new wet wipes for his gym bag and funny enough it’s on the OTHER SIDE OF THE MALL😔🤞🏻 oh you don’t like the yellow lemony candy in the bag?? that’s weird, funny how it’s all of a sudden omi’s fav one and now he’s eating it all from the bag so u don’t have to. ( he puts in his wedding vows that he actually hates them too but he did it cus he ‘ unfortunately is inlove with you’ , lmao)
raine’s thots ୨♡୧;;
the rose thing was inspired by my mother, she’s a cutie):also maybe one day i’ll proof read this,,, 🤭who knaaaurrrss n e ways this was fun, byebye <33
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ihinarie · 21 hours
My parents after finding out my mental stability depends on fictional characters:
Tumblr media Tumblr media
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sohmasyuki · 3 days
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
the GOAT moment from every season (cr./insp.)
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jeananasartblog · 2 days
Tumblr media
Sleepy cats !!! Kitten napping !!
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a-tris · 2 days
Tumblr media
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kart0 · 2 days
here's your emotional support tsumtsum
Tumblr media
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moonkiee · 3 days
Tumblr media
i just wanna draw a cute icon 🥹🥹
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Tumblr media Tumblr media
New official art from furudate
Bonus if you combine the two:
Tumblr media
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wake-uptoreality · 19 hours
hq boys when you’re sad with images pleaaaaaase🙏🏻
ꕤꕤꕤꕤꕤꕤHQ boys when you are sadꕤꕤꕤꕤꕤꕤ
Tumblr media Tumblr media
-> suna, TSUKISHIMA, USHIJIMA, asahi, AONE, sakusa.
Tumblr media
-> kageyama, AKAASHI, IWAIZUMI, tendou, aran, ATSUMU.
Tumblr media
-> SUGAWARA, hinata, daichi, YAMAGUCHI, kenma, BOKUTO.
Tumblr media
-> oikawa, OSAMU, semi, NISHINOYA, KITA, matsukawa, KUROO.
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hinata-boke · 2 days
Tumblr media
Drawing a randomly generated Haikyuu character (almost) every day until I give up   29. Kamasaki Yasushi
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kingdaddydaichi · 2 days
Need a quick break from writing for Daichi. Let me get this out of my system then I'll go write another 10k words for my King Daddy...
k. bokuto x reader (fem)
nsfw. mdni. size kink.
I just KNOW Bokuto has a size kink! I’ve always hc’d that he likes short girls. And I don’t mean just girls who are shorter than him bc that’s…well pretty much all of them. I’m talking about girls who are like 5’4” or less. The closer to 5’0” the better in his book.
Tumblr media
Bo thinks it’s the cutest thing when you tug on shirt and pout up at him when you want to give him a kiss.
His heart swoons when he leans down to kiss you and you stand on your tippy toes bc it shows him that you’re doing your best to meet him halfway.
The first time y’all are at a concert together and Bo can see over everyone’s heads, and he notices you standing on your tip-toes, craning your neck this way and that trying to see over people’s shoulders. Then he squats down so you can sit on his shoulders with the back of his neck between your legs. And when he slowly stands up to give you a better view, your eyes light up and you're like Princess Jasmine when she sings 🎶 IT’S A WHOLE NEW WORRRRLD 🎶 “so THIS is what the world looks like from almost 9 feet up!”
In typical himbo fashion, Bo has been known to scan the area wherever y’all are, looking for you and when he calls your name, you flatly say, “down here, Bo.” And he looks down while the biggest grin graces his sweet face bc he’s just so happy he found you. “Hey, baby! I thought I lost you there for a second!”
When he’s hitting it from behind, it turns Bo on to no end to be able to hunch all the way over you and give you little love bites on the back of your neck. He can kiss you without straining with his arms right next to yours, your fingers interlaced together. It makes his cock throb inside you when you moan in his mouth, his big hands pressing yours into the mattress while he slaps his strong, wet hips against your ass.
Missionary is a little awkward with Bo because your face is level with his chest, but it does provide the perfect opportunity to tease his nipples with your tongue. Mans has the most sensitive nips so when you lick and gently nip at them, Bo's pretty golden eyes roll back while his whole body shudders with pleasure. But he does try his best to kiss you while he's making love to you. You're making him feel so amazing all over, he doesn't even notice the discomfort in his back from forcing his spine to arch into an unnatural position sksskkksss. Then again, his back is pretty damn flexible. Have you seen the way it curves when he goes for a spike? 👁👄👁
Leaves you breathless when he's about to cum bc he throws his weight against you, fucking into you harder. He just doesn't know his own strength? But you don't mind bc the grunts and groans that leave this man's lips when he's about to bust a fat nut inside you give you life, and you swear you don't need to breathe anyway.
Is there anything sexier than making a brick shithouse of a man whimper your name when your orgasm hits and your tight pussy clamps down on his monstrous cock? No. No, there isn't.
Let me tell you, getting railed against the wall by Bo is a religious experience. The way he's effortlessly got your relatively tiny body pinned against the wall with your legs dangling over his forearms? His cock hitting spots that it just won't reach in any other position? His long fingers squishing into the fat of your ass as he guides you up and down all 9 inches of his slippery dick. And you're babbling between whimpers of his name while he presses his forehead to yours and grunts, "I'm so in love with you, baby owl. Always gonna take good care of you and treat you right," the force of his thrusts audible in his needy voice as he desperately tries to fuck all his love into you. He'll have both of you seeing the promised land. 🙏
Tumblr media
There. I feel better now. This list is by no means exhaustive, but at least I got some of it off my chest. Thanks for listening.
Tumblr media
tagging my fellow bokuhoes: @yuujispinkhair @luvkun4 @briokayama @chaoskrakenuwu @crystal-lilac
bokuto mlist | haikyuu mlist
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lovejuliana · 3 days
summary: bus rides with hq boys
featuring: tsukishima kei & kozume kenma aka my favorite boys
genre: fluff, a bit of crack
content warning(s): none
note: thank you for all the support!! as a new writer this is all so very new and i appreciate that there are actual ppl that read my posts 😭😭
likes and reblogs are appreciated. :)
of course we all know that this man would be wearing his headphones, but i think he would have some earphones in his bag just so he could listen to music with you.
out of topic but he totally has a shared playlist with you.
i think he would let you take the window seat just because hes a bit protective, i mean, you never know the type of people you could encounter while on the bus.
depending on how long the bus ride is, theres a chance he might doze of and lean on your shoulder, which is very rare i might add. whats much more common is YOU falling asleep and leaning on him.
he probably has an album filled with pictures of you sleeping, but he never uses it against you. sometimes he might set it as his lockscreen but its only to tease you.
also lets just hope you arent the type to drool while sleeping because if you are, prepare for lots of teasing. he still ends up kissing you on the forehead as an apology so you dont mind.
overall rating 8.5/10, hes not that bad
he would be playing on his phone or his switch, obviously. you would just be beside him watching the screen, cheering when he completes the level. (hes kinda embarrassed because youre in public but he absolutely loves it, he even lets out a small grin)
ALSO, i think kenma gets cold very easily so of course he brings a jacket/sweater/hoodie, but when he does forget, he probably just cuddles you, turning you into a human blanket. he thinks youre very warm and you love cuddling with him so its a win-win situation.
sometimes when hes super duper tired from practice he takes a nap on the bus, and we all know what that means, hes leaning on your shoulder. of course you lean on him too when you fall asleep and when you do, he gives you little headpats.
overall rating 9/10, you love him.
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fiflerovium · 1 day
So, I said I'd do the meme, and I did the meme!!!
I wish I'd sketched this a bit better, but I think it's alright
Tumblr media
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lluv1taytay · 2 days
→ Bokuto, Kuroo, Daichi, Kenma, Sugawara
→ nsfw content, F!reader, thigh squeezing, neck bites/kisses, stomach bulge, tit squeezing, getting flustered
↳ Bokuto is absolutely obsessed with your thighs. He feels like he can’t function without feeling them at least once a day. He always loves touching them whenever he can. No matter where you two go he always has to sit next to you to touch your thighs.
↳ He loves when you wear short skirts of short dresses. He always drags his hand along your thighs, kneading them after you two have had sex and he loves the grunts and moans that fall from your soft lips.
↳ Kuroo loves your lips and how plump they are. He loves dragging his thumb across your bottom lip when you two are making out. He loves how you kiss him tiredly in the morning before he leaves for work, and how you kiss him passionately as soon as he walks through the door after a long day of work.
↳ He loves your lips on your face, and your lips down there as well. He loves running his long fingers in between them and giving your clit soft kisses and hearing your pants, moans, and whimpers. Only turning him on more.
↳ Daichi loves your stomach. He loves laying on it when you two watch movies or just relax with each other. He always blows on it, making you laugh and push him away, and he absolutely loves your laugh so he always does it.
↳ He always holds one of your hands at the bottom of your stomach when he’s fucking you so you can feel the large bulge go in and out of you. You always whimper when you look at where you two connect, and where he ends. And he finds it so hot.
↳ Kenma loves your boobs. He always gets flustered by the sight of them. You always hugged him, pressing your boobs against his chest and he always got a red face. He always steels glances at them and you find it so cute how he always looks shocked when you ask him if he wants to touch them.
↳ You always place his hand on your boob during sex, telling him it was okay to touch them. And he gladly did so. He pinched and twisted your nipples and squeezed your boobs, eating up the loud moans and whimpers that fall from your lips.
↳ Suga loves kissing your collarbone. He always starts by kissing your neck and then moves down to your collarbone to leave soft kisses and a few bite marks. He’s done it so much to the point where it’s become a sensitive spot, and even the softest kisses make you whimper.
↳ He always leaves bite marks and hickeys on your collarbone because most of your dresses show your collarbone, showing everyone that you had a boyfriend, and your boyfriend had you.
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bananafishiguro · 3 days
akaashi finding grey hair at the age of 21 and bokuto is all smiley like hey you’re going to look like me!! as if he isn’t the one causing the grey hair in the first place
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