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emmyrosee · a day ago
Kiyoomi hates sleeping on couches, and would rather not sleep at all if it comes down to it.
He’s knows it’s selfish, okay, it’s just this absolute rejection his body has to the lumpiness of the cushions to settle down, it’s like he can’t.
There’s so much… ick on couches, because people are just so nasty; he’s not even so big on germs, but couches are uncharted territory. One time in college, his roommate was getting busy, and when he asked a buddy to crash on the apartment couch, there was a block of instant noodles jammed in the cushions. He never asked about it, but Kiyoomi still has no idea why.
Sometimes, if practice runs far too late, he’ll crash at Bokuto’s, who’s couch is clean enough but absolutely reeks of lemon basil air freshener, and it sends Kiyoomi into an asthmatic fit.
When Atsumu’s sick, he’s has a tendency to just leave snot-filled tissues around, and all it took was one tissue to fall from the blankets on top of the backrest to keep Kiyoomi from ever even sitting on the furniture again.
(“It was an honest mistake! I get it cleaned every time I get sick-“
“Don’t care,” Kiyoomi snaps. “Never. It’s not just about how disgusting that is. You’re feral.”)
And above all, beds are just more comfortable than a couch- some floors are too, he’s convinced, but that’s not the point. There’s an emotional comfort in a bed, curled up in the sheets and warmth where negative thoughts cannot tred. He came to that conclusion during a particularly rough anxiety spell, and he never got the chance to learn any of the healthy coping skills his therapist tried to teach him.
That’s why you’re now sleeping on the couch.
It was a slip of his tongue when his blood was still boiling, he told you to go away after he’d already locked the door of your bedroom to keep you away. In his mind, he’d called ‘dibs’ on the bedroom to keep himself from getting banished to the couch, despite you never doing that to him regardless of how intense of a fight- you always let him curl on his side of the bed, facing away from you.
He knows it’s because you can’t sleep without him, but Kiyoomi is now coming to the conclusion that he can’t sleep without you, either.
Onyx eyes blink helplessly at the wall, wracking his mind for answers and clarity on how to fix this. He hears you sniffling just down the hallway, he’s such an asshole for doing this to you. The argument ended two hours ago, it’s three in the morning, yet his words stung plenty enough to still have you sobbing.
He tries, fuck, he tries so hard to force his eyes shut to get any semblance of sleep, but the cracking of your voice as you wail keeps him from even trying. The lump in his throat catches with every forced swallow he allows down, and his fingers fist his pillow to keep himself composed.
He fucked up. God, he fucked up bad.
He knows you’re probably cold, you’re more than likely sore from the cushions, your head is probably pounding from your hour long sobs. He knows you’re probably trying to keep it down too, and that only makes him feel more guilty. He’d happily be struck by lightning if it meant you two could swap places, or at least have you back in your shared bed.
Because Sakusa Kiyoomi hates sleeping on couches.
But he hates you doing it even more.
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oomiya · a day ago
( ⌕ ) 𝐒𝐏𝐈𝐓 𝐊𝐈𝐍𝐊 ⸝⸝ tendou satori.
Tumblr media
summary : kinktober + spit kink
warnings : smut (mdni), fem reader (no pronouns used but reader has female anatomy) , spit kink (nothing super explicit but it's there), pet names (baby, pretty), slight overstimulation (f receiving), soft sex, slight teasing
word count : 1.3k
× kinktober m.list / haikyuu m.list
Tumblr media
Inwardly, you’re aware there’s a cool chill creeping through your window. It seeps through the crack near the bottom of the glass pane, each gentle rush of cold air that brushes past curls under the crack and settles near your windowsill. 
However, the evidence of autumn halts there; the soft light from a dim candle and the man in your arms emanate warmth, almost to the point where you could swear it was summer. 
As if reading your thoughts, Tendou’s lips quirk up in a unique, lopsided grin. “You’re so warm,” he hums against your neck, lips and tongue grazing the skin below your ear. A breathy chuckle is pressed to your throat when you grip onto him tighter, running your hand along his spine, and when you shiver, it is not from the cold. 
Tendou slowly rocks his cock inside you, rolling his hips until they are pressed flush with yours. He enjoys fucking you like this; gently and carefully, but done so in a manner to know that he is not intentionally teasing you. Every touch and caress is intentional, and every time he grinds his cock between your thighs, he does so with the purpose of pressing his weeping tip to the spot that has you moaning his name. 
The sheets fall to his bare waist as he sits up slightly, tilting his face from the crook of your neck to grin down at you. The bed sheets are a deep maroon, and as the shadowy flickering from the similarly-shaded candle stretches across the floor, you think you wouldn’t mind being surrounded by red for the rest of your life. 
The warm, buzzing relaxation that the moment contains has your head feeling heavy with joy and desire. It fills your chest in a thick, syrupy way, swelling with pleasant heat until your heart is pounding and your body feels warm. You don’t hide the way the feeling has you smiling, tugging at your lips until your cheeks ache, and in an effort to convey a tiny bit of the elation that fills you, you adoringly cup your lover’s cheeks.
Tendou looks at you, eyes dark with lust yet bright with affection, and eagerly follows your movements as you guide his face downwards. Your lips part in anticipation of feeling his mouth on you, his breath fanning across your cheek that leaves your heart stuttering in your chest, pounding heavily against your ribcage.
“Mmm,” he lets out a content sound, and your own similarly follows. Tendou’s nose presses to the underside of your jaw, where he places a chaste, loving kiss, and the spot is cool when he briefly pulls away to blow on it with a puff of air. 
A sudden urge of desirous impatience fills you as you feel Tendou’s lips drag along your skin, leaving a burning wake in their presence. It sears against your skin pleasantly, yet the feeling is quickly replaced when his tongue presses where his lips were previously. Tendou kisses and sucks at your neck, refusing to stop until your throat is wet with his spit, languidly moaning against you as he presses into your cunt, rocking his hips and digging his cock deep inside you. 
It takes almost no time for the pleasure to build between your thighs, your eyes fluttering shut as you focus on the warm, gentle sensation that pulses at your clit. You feel as Tendou’s hips stutter, a sharp sound falling past his kiss-swollen lips as he breathes against your ear, leaving wet, trailing kisses in his wake. The sound of his barely concealed pleasure, along with how he drags his cock inside you, barely even thrusting as he instead focuses on grinding and rocking, has your head spinning as the tingling pleasure spreads across your thighs, throbbing where you’re connected.
“Satori,” you beg for his attention, once again cupping his cheek to guide him to you. His eyes snap to yours from where he’d previously been fixated on your neck, watching with a heady gaze at how his spit coats your skin. It almost shines in the low light of the room, and he feels an insatiable urge to mark you even more. 
“Kiss me, please,” you moan, hitching your legs further up his waist to feel his cock deeper. Immediately, his hand is grasping at your thigh, kneading and massaging the fat, his fingers digging into the small knots to relieve the aching pressure built in your muscle throughout the day. 
Still wanting to savor the moment, despite knowing his pleasure coiling tightly near the base of his cock, seeping evidence of his lust into your cunt, Satori presses his hips harder against yours. A sharp grin crosses his handsome features at the tight gasp you let out, your arms winding around his neck to pull his body flush against your own. “Yeah? My baby feels good?” Tendou asks, not intending to tease but doing so anyway. His warm chest presses against yours, and you don’t miss how his eyes dart to your breasts, where your nipples stiffen against his skin. “Want me to kiss you when you cum?” 
His words leave you mindlessly arching your back, attempting to rut along his cock even though Tendou keeps it pressed as deep inside you as he can. Wanting to feel you clench around his cock, he spreads your thighs apart a bit wider, pressing his fingers to your swollen clit until you’re panting his name. 
“Satori–please –” you attempt to find purchase on his shoulder, pleading with wide eyes as the pleasure fills you in a warm, aching peak. He smiles at you underneath him, dragging a hand down your curves as he admires you.
“There we go...” Tendou watches in awe, gaze wholly distracted as he fucks you through your orgasm. He grinds his cock into you, a large hand gripping your thigh while the other circles lazily around your clit, rubbing and pressing against it until you’ve had enough. 
Unable to help himself any longer, Tendou leans forward, finally capturing your lips in an eager, messy kiss. He moans unabashedly as he parts your lips with his tongue, pressing it against yours as he curls his body over you. He moves almost restlessly, and his hips stutter and thrusts become more drawn out and shaky as he comes to his high. Tendou kisses you breathless, still rocking his hips forward to remain surrounded by your warmth, sucking and nibbling at your swollen lips, a low sound escaping his throat as you hastily suck at his tongue in the haze of your combined pleasure. 
The messy, earnest, open-mouthed kisses continue until your lips are shiny with spit. Tendou is panting when he pulls away, cock still stiff as he rests between your thighs, yet uncharacteristically quiet as he merely stares at your lips. 
A string of spit connects you, only breaking when Tendou darts his tongue out to lick at his lips unconsciously. His eyes are still heavy with want as he admires you, and a breathless chuckle hangs on the tip of his tongue as remnants of pleasure still course through your body. 
If you didn’t know Tendou better, you’d almost think the laugh sounded shy.
Then, he’s reaching forward, dragging a rough thumb over the swell of your bottom lip. Your breath halts in your chest as you wait, watching Tendou appreciate you, pinning you to the spot as the thickness in the room surrounds you in a warm embrace.
Tendou presses his thumb between your parted lips, briefly passing it over your tongue before pulling away. His lips part as it shines with spit, likely a mix of yours and his, and he swipes it over your bottom lip one more time. 
“Pretty,” he murmurs, voice low with a tensed undertone of desire, and you suddenly wonder if he wants to see more of it. 
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koutarou-come · 2 days ago
when kuroo was determined to get a “free” phone but got something else instead.
Tumblr media
“we can’t keep doing this,”
you sighed, refusing with all your might not to look at him.
“what?” kuroo breathed. it’s as if time stopped and the blinking lights seem to blur altogether. the air seems to get thinner, making it hard for kuroo to breathe.
he wishes that you didn’t mean what he thought you meant. he didn’t want to assume, especially something bad, but really what else is there to think?
he pulled on your arm softly but his grip was firm, desperate for a clearer answer. “y/n look at me. talk to me.”
“i can’t anymore, kuroo,” shifting farther away from kuroo, only for him to step closer. his advances getting desperate. the lump in your throat getting harder to swallow.
“what do you mean?”
“i have nothing else to give… i have nothing.”
desperate pleas rest on the tip of his tongue.
“oh my godd..” bokuto groaned, as he slurped up the blue slushy. “just exchange more coins.”
the machine dinged! the usual theme song playing, blinking red indicating that kuroo had lost, again.
you laughed breaking off contact with kuroo’s intense stare.
“dude, you ruined it.” kuroo teased, digging into his shorts for more tokens that he might’ve missed.
“then stop flirting.” the buff man retaliated.
you grimaced, “we were not flirting.” as you slurped your own drink.
“tch, sure you weren’t.” koutarou grumbled before sighing into his cup. “i miss akaashi.”
kuroo snickered, grabbing you red slushy (“hey that’s mine!”) and taking a sip, “where is akaashi?”
rolling your eyes as you snatch your drink back, “he’s visiting family in miyagi.” you take out your phone switching to instagram and showing kuroo the picture.
“woah, who’s that?” he asked as he zoomed into the picture.
bokuto perked up in light of the switch in the conversation, “that’s his cousin from his mother-side! he’s a voleyball player like us.”
“iwaizumi, right?” you turned to bokuto and he nodded in affirmation.
“when did he post this?” kuroo began swiping down to all the comments of how uncanny akaashi and this iwaizumi fellow is.
you sighed, “that’s a throwback he posted a month ago.”
bokuto snickered, “you really need a new phone bro.” placing his arm around kuroo to peek at the comments.
kuroo, as if just remembering the original dilemma, “oh shit, I have to exchange some coins!”
“you’re still going?” you asked in disbelief.
“i won’t stop until i get that phone off the key machine!” kuroo declared, turning around the corner for the main desk.
the game kuroo has been obsessing over for the past month has a prize of the newest model phone. but the reason he’s so desperate is because kuroo, for the life of him, cannot take care of his phone; always cracking the screen, losing it in the train, accidentally sitting on it and basically being the worst phone user there is.
now he has somehow convinced himself that he could just win the phone in the arcade (“imagine how awesome that would be?”) instead of buying a new one like a normal person.
you let out a breathy chuckle, as you stirred the straw around the container.
“ohh you’re down bad.”
you looked at your cousin in front of you and scoffed, “now you better not be talking about me.”
bokuto ignoring your remark completely, “when i got the invite i thought it was gonna be a fun day out but instead i’m out here third-wheeling.” slurping the last contents of his slushy.
you scoffed, “what are you talking about? me and kuroo?”
now your denial would be considered effective if you weren’t redder than your slushy. such anatomic reaction could be because of a lot of things. the warm weather, a fever, your gigantic crush on kuroo, heat stroke, rash—the usual.
bokuto rose a perfectly plucked eyebrow, his hands on his hips giving a silent oh really.
“no—shut up,” you muttered and if your face was warm (it was), you hope he wouldn’t notice. he can be quite perceptive when he wants to be.
you want to believe that you have been subtle in hiding your fondness over the middle blocker—at the very least hiding it from kuroo. but such actions are proven to be difficult as kuroo is a very teasing, touchy person—one that does not do your heart any good.
“you know it’s not like that.” the palpable disappointment in your voice was covered up by your cough.
koutarou threw his cup to the nearest trashcan and stuck out his tongue to you and wordlessly pointed.
“yes, it’s blue,” you confirmed.
bokuto pumped his fists, “nice,”
“an-and it’s never going to be like that.” you stated louder.
he rolled his eyes, “yeah sure y/n.”
“we’ve been friends since forever, way before you two even knew each other—i think if something was meant to happen, it would’ve happened by now.”
“uh-huh,” he retorted, his face contorted in distrust, “you know what i hear?”
he looked at you expectantly— to play along as his audience with his impending speech. even going as far as faking a mic to elicit a response from you.
you sighed knowing it’s best to just go with the flow to get it over with,
“what do you hear?” you asked in a monotone voice, as you lean into the ‘mic.’
bokuto beamed, “all i hear reasons why it won’t happen but no rebuttal to such feelings existing…” rubbing his chin, “interesting.”
your face flamed and spurted out, “i don’t— i don’t like him!”
bokuto tilted his head to the side, amused, “uh-huh.”
“i swear, you’re becoming more and more like akaashi.”
“why, thank you.”
kuroo came back jogging to the two of you, “got ‘em!” he grinned, shaking the small bucket of coins in his hands. “what are we talking about?”
“nothing,” “y/n’s crush.”
your head never turned faster to gape at your cousin. the betrayal thick in your mouth as you sputtered denials.
“oh,” kuroo said, “i didn’t know you liked someone.”
“do i know them?” titling his head, his smile looking strained against his face.
you shook your head, “kou was just kidding,” you chuckled awkwardly.
he stared at you then, even with the blaring tunes of the machines, it felt quiet.
“right,” he cleared his throat and turned to the machine in an easy smile. “i’ll show this machine what the human evolution can do!”
“so apparently, the result of human evolution is failing—who would’ve thought?” bokuto standing next to kuroo, looking at the red blinking machine.
kuroo looked at the noisy machine with quivering lips.
“it’s okay bro, you still got rockin’ hair.”
“i don’t get it, at this point i should’ve won at least something by now…” he scrunched up his eyebrows, “unless it’s statistically impossible.” pressing his face to the glass and toying with the joystick.
“well, you can always buy a new one.” you quipped.
kuroo stood straight and grabbed your shoulders, shaking you as he exclaimed, “but the satisfaction of winning it though, it’s gonna feel so good when i win!”
“if you win,” bokuto interjected, inflating a pumped kuroo.
“at this rate,” you laughed, grabbing his hands from your shoulders and holding them tight,
“the money you spent in the game is the same amount as buying a phone from the store.”
you let his hands go with a sympathetic pat. kuroo still looking at the game, his face illuminated by the various games and machines.
bokuto made a sound effect of waa-waa-waaaa, teasing him further.
“ah, what supportive friends.” kuroo halfway through his moping.
you sighed, grabbing his arm, “let’s just go, you can try another day.”
“if he even has the money to try again.” your cousin chirped, teasing as he punched kuroo’s shoulder.
you glared at him warning to quit it, but he didn’t seem to get the, message as he just smiled at you like a personified question mark. “what?”
shaking your head in exasperation, “let’s just get lunch.”
“i can’t.” kuroo slumped, even further.
“sure you can!” you shook his arm in comfort, “there’s a conveyer sushi near here i think.” ushering a heavy moping kuroo out of the arcade.
“no i literally can’t,” kuroo looked at you then, sheepish and red (dare i say it, looking very cute), “i burned through my weekly allowance just now.”
bokuto, cackled, “bro,”
“what? i thought today was my day!” he defended, adjusting your hold so your arm would loop with his. “my lucky charm‘s ’ere, afterall.” he noted, pulling you closer.
you felt yourself short circuit. “what?”
bokuto rose an eyebrow, “i see~”
you try to focus on pulling kuroo away from the arcade rather than the tingling in your side, the raging butterflies in your stomach, the teasing hoots of your cousin and the warm hand on top of yours.
“y/n i didn’t know you were kuroo’s lucky charm~”
you decided not to dignify that with a response. because as much as you love your cousin, there are times where you just want to strangle the hell out of him.
masking your embarrassment with faux anger at their teasing words.
“‘course she is!” untangling your arms and placing his arm over your shoulder, “y/n’s my girl,” kuroo smirked. wiggling his eyebrows as he looked at you smug and teasing.
the restaurant couldn’t come fast enough. the string of your sanity unravelling, with their teasing. your already warm face getting even warmer. your hands jittery in giddiness. you know kuroo like to get under people’s skin, this wasn’t new. but you can’t help but feel he’s doing this on purpose to get a rise out of you or something.
not that he had to do anything special to get a reaction out of you. you were after all, as your cousin had kindly labelled, down bad.
“ha-ha, very funny.” you rolled your eyes in hopes to mask the raging mess in your chest.
kuroo was still looking at you but you find it hard to look back like you usually do.
the conversation with bokuto in the arcade still playing in your head.
a tiny fear that you might stare too long, admiration too obvious in your eyes that he might start to notice too.
and even if the adamant denial became the accepted norm for you it was never the truth.
the truth is, you liked kuroo. you’ve always felt a type of attraction towards him from the moment you met. what with his wit and boyish charms, your heart can’t seem to catch a break whenever you were near him.
“is this it?” bokuto, stopped and pointed at a restaurant with his thumb.
snapping you out of your thoughts, nodding, “yeah, that’s the one.”
entering the establishment as bokuto spoke with the host.
kuroo leaned down to whisper softly in your ear, “are you sure it’s okay?”
you looked up at him frantically, holding your warm and red ear.
“what?” you turned to look at him, but seeing his face way too close for comfort and hurriedly backed away.
kuroo frowned at your actions, stood straighter. face farther from you now. “the lunch,” he clarified. “are you sure it’s okay if you treat me to lunch?”
“o-oh,” you breathed, “yeah, of course.” smiling at him reassuringly.
kuroo was still looking at you, weird and calculating like before. before you could ask him what’s wrong, bokuto called you both over to go to the table.
bokuto waving big at the two of you as you approach. “i already got a plate, it’s ebi!”
you reached out to grab a chair, at the same time kuroo was grabbing his. hands touching like being electrocuted as you flinch.
kuroo’s frown only seemed to deepen and in your peripheral saw bokuto quirk an eyebrow at the interaction.
“im gonna go to the bathroom first, go eat without me.” kuroo said, hands now deep in his pockets.
“okay, hurry back~” bokuto said, grabbing another plate and another. “so what was that about? hm?”
“huh?” looking up from your hands.
bokuto pursed his lips, “why’re you two so awkward now?” plopping a nigiri in his mouth. “a while ago, you two were reenacting a romance drama now you can’t even look at him.”
you huffed looking away to grab a plate of sushi for yourself and kuroo. “this is your fault, you know.” pointing an accusatory finger at him.
“my fault? what’d i do?”
you looked around before whispering harshly, “if you hadn’t made that comment about kuroo and i then—“
“oh please, i just pointed out the obvious sexual tension.“
you gawked at him, “there is no tension.”
“y/n’s my girl~” he hummed, teasing. plopping another sushi, like he in a rush. “and don’t think i didn’t see you two whispering a while ago.”
his mouth was still full but he grabbed another sushi and chewed.
“he was just asking if it was okay for me to treat him to lunch.”
bokuto frantically pointed his chopsticks at you, “hm!! that too! if that doesn’t scream a date i don’t know what does.”
you rolled your eyes, “this isn’t a date. we’re just friends eating lunch together.”
seeing a plate of kuroo’s favourite sushi, you grabbed it and set it down the table.
“and you’re here, so it’s not a date.” glancing up at your cousin to see his cheeks full. the look in his eyes sending a bad shiver go down your spine.
“you’re right y/n,” setting down his chopsticks and dabbing his mouth clean. “it wouldn’t be a date if i’m here.”
bokuto stood up, grabbing a couple of bills to place on the table.
“what are you doing?”
“i left enough to cover my share—“
grabbing his arm, “bo, no no no no no where are you going?”
“home,” he grinned. “i need to call akaashi anyway.”
you stood, following him, “no no, bo, no you can’t. you can’t leave. bo please.”
“go get ‘im tiger!” he huffed.
you tried pulling him back to sit down but his haughty laughter proves it to be difficult.
“have a nice date!”
“where’s bokuto?” kuroo looking around before sitting down across from you.
if he notices the abundant plate on the table ready for him to eat and the multitude of straw wrapping balled up over the table, it was nobody’s business.
after all you had to occupy yourself.
otherwise with the idea of you and kuroo and the word date floating in your brain, you might just race out of there.
“he, um, left.”
there was a minute of silence and with each passing second made you want to shrivel up inside.
even with the long years of friendship, there had only been a handful of times where it was just the two of you.
most of the times, kenma would be here playing his game and both of you would be too preoccupied taking care of kenma than to notice any sort of tension (at least in your end). if not with kenma then with bokuto and akaashi.
regardless that fact only made it even more stressful and unnerving.
how could you be close friends with a guy you barely have one on one time with?
oh right, someone you have an embarrassingly huge crush on. not to mention obvious enough that your cousin had to notice.
“this is good.” he mumbled through the mouthful of sushi in his cheeks, resembling that of a chipmunk.
he perked up looking at the approaching plate behind you, leaning forward to grab and place it for you.
“you like this, right?”
“oh, thanks.”
both of you settled into a familiar rhythm. playing games in the monitor when you collected enough plates and grabbing food, you knew the other would like.
soon enough you slowly forgot about why you were worried in the first place.
kuroo looking at you in an easy smile and leaning more into you when he teases you for doing an odd eating habit.
“you have a piece of rice,” he said, gesturing to his own mouth.
“huh?” rubbing your mouth erratically, your face faintly flushed. “did i get it?”
he chuckled softly before dropping his chopsticks and leaning to from across the table and swiping at your mouth. his thumb lightly touching your lips.
leaning back as you covered your mouth with a napkin as you mumbled out a thanks. suddenly finding the design of the plates and table interesting.
with a swift eye contact, you can see him hesitate a little, looking as if he wanted to say something.
but was interrupted by a server.
“hello, we have an event today for the weekend. all couples get a free dessert!”
you were quick to look at kuroo and then to the server, shaking your head. “oh no—“
“sure, sounds great.”
kuroo smiled, looking right at you. “what do you guys have?”
the person listed of all the things they offer, but kuroo’s eyes never left yours.
the erratic beating of your heart, loud and deafening in your ear. as you try and fail to look back at him.
he chose a dessert, and the person left.
leaning back in his chair, still looking at you. before smirking into a smile. “you look so red.”
looking away in a scoff, “shut up.”
“that was great.” kuroo hummed, rubbing his belly. “thanks for lunch.” leaning forward into you and smiling wide.
you looked away, a smile etched on your face, “no problem.”
you would think the lunch would end in awkwardness. but kuroo seamlessly led the conversation with a soft smirk.
you two began your walk to the station in a languid pace. calm and fulfilled.
“hey,” tucking a piece of your hair behind your ear, “i wanna say sorry for acting weird the whole day.”
he bumps you, raising his eyebrow, “really? i didn’t notice. i thought you were just naturally red faced.” he teased.
“shut up,” you laughed. “it’s just bo said some weird stuff and it kinda got into my head ‘lil.”
“oh? like?”
“just stuff about having tension and being on a date—he’s just being weird.” you laughed.
you kind of want to berate yourself for being so weird and in your head today. not like the way you interact with him changed any different. you two were just naturally touchy and he is just naturally flirty.
bokuto likes to overthink things, and maybe that sort of messed with your head a little. not like kuroo was the dating type either. it was just the dynamic you two naturally had.
he hummed, “well he isn’t wrong.”
“yeah, we’re just normally like that.”
“and the tension between us has been crazy lately.”
you stop, “huh.”
“and well normally i would want a date where it’s just us two the whole day. rather than having my date’s cousin around.” he stops too, looking down at you. as if shy.
you stare at him, disbelief all over your face. “so bokuto really was third-wheeling.”
“i didn’t mind.” he laughed, “but next time when i invite you out can it just be the two of us?”
“this was a date? but you just played— i didn’t think—“
he nodded shrugging his shoulders, “well i can’t exactly pull any moves on you with bokuto around.”
you sputter out a laugh, “moves on me?”
“i got a couple.”
scratching the back of his neck, a bashful boyish smile etched on his face, “and there’s also another restaurant here that serves free desserts for couples—and i’m hoping that when i invite you out again it’s just gonna be us two.”
you inhaled sharply, your body forgetting to breathe for a second and if you thought you were glowing red before wait til you see your face now. “yeah,” you exhaled. “i would love that.”
“yeah.” you giggled.
“okay then.” turning away from you the tips of his ears flushed red. “now i guess i really have to win that phone now huh?”
“oh yeah?”
he nodded looking back at you, “well i missed texting you and i need to call to make a reservation right?”
you laughed walking faster to catch up to him, “better let me play it then since you suck.”
“i do not!”
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basilly · a month ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
|| ➼ boyfriend things
characters: suna, kita, bokuto, & kageyama
warning: no pronouns, fluff!
a/n: more characters coming soon!
Tumblr media
˚₊· ͟͟͞͞➳❥ suna sleepily rubs his nose against yours, his own little type of kiss. laying under the warmth of the glowing sun that peeked through the curtains, you gently glided your finger over suna's features. tickled by the sudden sensation, he stirs awake. too exhuasted to say an ything, he only moves closer to touch noses before tucking his head into the crook of your neck.
later throughout the day, suna lazily wraps his arms around you from the back, dropping his head on your shoulder. humming a slight tune, he rubs circles on your skin with his thumbs. his dark hair tickles your cheek, leading you to smooth it out. he adores when you do the action, it makes him want to calm down even more than he already is.
˚₊· ͟͟͞͞➳❥ kita doesn't let you go home without leaving a little kiss on your head. he finds the simple gesture so sweet and calming, forming a little habit. if you are in a rush, he will grab your wrist and place a quick one before waving you off.
he's not major on pda, so forehead kisses and unspoken gestures are his thing. his grandma had instilled ideals like the sidewalk rule into him as a young child, he does it without even thinking now. he doesn't hesitate to switch drinks or meals if you don't like yours- all that matters to him is your happiness.
˚₊· ͟͟͞͞➳❥ kageyama is rooted in the gestures you can not see because he's a bit nervous. the moment he notices you asleep, he moves to throw a blanket over you. the last thing he wants you to experience is discomfort- especially while sleeping. he will tuck you in with the blanket and a soft kiss on your head.
while you're asleep, he tries to stay as quiet as possible. everytime he thinks he made a loud sound, his head whips around and freezes to make sure you hadn't awoken. once he's sure you're okay, he finishes preparing a warm cup of tea for when you wake up.
˚₊· ͟͟͞͞➳❥ bokuto looks at you as if you created the universe. as if the planets and stars emerged from your very own fingertips. in such admiration, he would stare for hours at end if he could. everyone around him would smile fondly at the snowy-haired volleyball player when they see him looking at you or even a picture of you.
he pulls you into the warmest hugs, too scared to let go. he only lets go at the very last second if possible, warmth still lingering by staying close to you. the stars that were in his eyes, were because of you. every ounce of his being truly loved the person you were.
Tumblr media
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ceijoh · a month ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
title: holy ground
summary: in which miya atsumu is completely in love with you and you find that very hard to believe. 
word count: 3.2k+
warnings/contents: angst, fluff, humour 
Tumblr media
Miya Atsumu has always been a stubborn man. He was stubborn in his opinions, and feelings, and contrary to the popular belief that he flies through people romantically -that was not the case. 
He’s only ever had two major loves in his life, the first being the girl in the cereal commercial when he was a kid. Atsumu was dead set on marrying her and living on a dairy farm, and plus free cereal for life. It wasn’t until he found out that she wasn’t real -courtesy of Osamu- that he refused to believe in love. 
He’s had crushes and flings, sure, especially in high school, the majority of people do. However, he was too busy trying to win Nationals and be the best setter in Japan that romantic relationships often took the third or fourth spot in his priority list. 
Then he met you. It was raining, Atsumu remembers meeting you. You coming in, rushing into the training centre, while you handed off a bento box to his personal trainer. Watching from  the ground he was sitting on, watching as you turned, almost slipping on the floor because of your wet shoes, and Atsumu rushing over to help you before anyone could. 
Looking down at your wide eyes, your mouth parted in shock and the sheepish smile that soon took over, until he said, “Oi, watch where yer goin’, could have damaged the floor wit’ that face.” 
At the scowl on your face, and a clever comeback on your lips, he decided right then and there that you were the only person that was going to be in his heart. You were the only person that he wanted to love, and he wanted to prove it to you. 
What Atsumu didn’t know was that loving you was quite a challenge. He was expecting you to put up a little fight, but ultimately after a couple of weeks, you would fall into his arms and you would start your happy ever after. Because that’s how the greatest love stories go, right? 
It wasn’t easy for Atsumu, it turns out you were more closed off to the idea of love than he thought. Having been burnt from past lovers, and not really having your parents as good relationship models obscured what your idea of love was. 
You told him that you weren’t ready for a relationship, not after your last ex. The pain and games he put you through wasn’t worth the bits and pieces of affection that he gave you. You needed to take time to work on yourself, to find out who you really were before starting a relationship. 
Plus, you weren’t over your ex, as much of an asshole as he was, he still had a place in your heart, and while Atsumu was starting to slowly creep in, you refused to start something with him while your heart wasn’t fully committed to one person. As much as you have started to fall for Atsumu, you just couldn’t do that to him. 
Atsumu knew all of this. He knew he had his shortcomings. He knew that he was impatient when it came to things, but with you? He would wait a million years if he had to. 
He remembers the conversation he had with you when he first declared that he loved you, and you said that he was being stupid. Which he probably was, because it was months into being friends with you.
 “I’m in love with you,” Atsumu blurted out as you sat down next to him. You slowly passed the bag of takoyaki to him. 
“Well, I know that I did you a favour by bringing the best takoyaki Osaka can offer but I didn’t realise it will bring such a strong reaction,” you jested as you willed your heartbeat to slow down. 
“I’m being serious,” you knew that he was. From the moment he finished his sentence, you would have placed all your money that this moment was the most serious moment in Atsumu’s life. 
“‘Tsum, we’ve talked about this,” you turned to face the ground, unable to look at the distraught or angry look on his face. “I can’t. Not yet.” 
“I never said that I wanted us to be in a relationship,” Atsumu smiled at you fondly, not that you could see it. Placing the bag by his side, Atsumu slowly reached out for your hand that was now fiddling with the bottom of your top. “I just wanted ya to know,” he shrugged, as if the atomic bomb he just dropped was a mere raindrop. “I don’t mind waiting, if it’s for you.” 
“What happens if I ask you to wait forever?” 
“I’m a patient man.” 
“You’re one of the most impatient people I know.” 
“I can learn.” 
“I think, I think that I may want to start a relationship with him,” at the knowing glance of Tsukishima, you rolled your eyes. 
“Wow, you’ve finally come to the conclusion that everyone has,” at the bluntness of his tone, you roughly shoved him. Looking at his watch, “It only took you long enough.” 
At the passing comment, you frowned. “Do you think I took too long?” 
Hearing the sincerity in your tone, Tsukishima’s smirk dropped a little, and briefly looked at Kuroo who just shrugged at him telling him silently ‘you fix it’. 
Tsukishima scoffed and rolled his eyes, “That man is wholly in love with you that it’s so fucking disgusting, anyone and everyone can see it. You could be fifty and he would still love you the same amount, possibly more.” 
Letting yourself through the door, you called out Atsumu’s name. Hyping yourself up mentally, you felt pretty good. You felt confident, and this was something that you’ve wanted to do for a long time. You looked at your hands which were slightly shaking and you closed them tightly, swallowing the heartbeat in your mouth. 
Walking over to his couch, you briefly looked at the beautiful view that Atsumu’s apartment overlooked. It was absolutely breathtaking. Calling his name out again, you watched as he popped out from his bedroom, a bright smile on his face. 
Feeling your heart relax at the sight of him, you smiled largely. Before you could say anything, you heard another pair of footsteps, turning around to face the person, you couldn’t help but feel your heart drop to your stomach. 
You’ve seen this before, you’ve felt this emotion before. Before, you would have cried and screamed and stormed out of his flat before he or she could say anything. But now? You felt frozen, numb and detached. It felt like you were watching the scene unfold in front of your eyes but you were not yourself. 
“Oh Atsumu-san, thank you for lending me your shirt,” a woman you’ve never seen before walks out of Atsumu’s kitchen, looking at the clothing that was now on her body. 
Finally noticing that Atsumu wasn’t wearing a shirt either, your brain connected the clues. Eyes roaming over his body, you couldn’t detect any love marks, but that didn’t mean he didn’t have them. 
Turning to you, Atsumu paled. No, fuck no. This was not happening. Pinching himself, he realised that this was in fact happening. “(Y/N), it’s not what you think.” 
“OH!” You yelped out, forcing yourself to calm down by clenching your first, you internally berated yourself. This was not the time to cry. “Oh, I’m so, sorry,” you rushed out your apologies, bowing profusely, already mentally and emotionally checking out of the place. You both gave them a tight lipped smile, “I’m just leaving, I’ll leave you two.” 
Rushing out the door, desperately trying to wipe away the tears before any of them saw, you ran to the elevator. Punching the key to make it go faster, you could hear Atsumu’s footsteps rushing out to catch up to you. 
Praying to every deity you could think of, you were finally blessed when you heard the familiar ding. Pushing the lobby, and forcing the doors to close, you kept your eyes down as you saw Atsumu rounding the corner before the door closed. 
Gasping and leaning on the wall, you let out a painful sob. You knew this was going to happen, eventually this was going to happen. It always did, so why did this kill you more than anything? If this was love, you didn’t want it. 
“(Y/L/N)-san,” the familiar voice of the waiter greeted. Looking at the clock and realising that it’s only been a couple of hours since he last saw you, “You’re back.” 
Shrugging and smiling at him, he led you to your favourite booth. Sitting down and telling him your order, with a few extra sides, you collapsed forward. Realising that this was the booth that you and Atsumu always sit in brought a new fresh set of tears. Your heart clenching, you tried to drink some water to try anything to distract you. 
You sat there in silence, not even bothering to look at your phone. You knew that Atsumu was calling you and texting you by the frequent vibrations. Maybe tomorrow when you’ve had a somewhat decent night's rest and food will make your head feel more balanced. 
“No Miya-san, today?” The waiter asked as he placed down the first couple of dishes. 
Looking up at him, you smiled politely, “He was preoccupied doing other things.” 
“I thought we made a promise that we’d never go here by ourselves?” 
Clenching your jaw, you refused to look at the man standing by the booth. And you promised to wait, jerk. 
You watched as Atsumu leaned back into the booth, grabbing his own chopsticks and picking up the dumpling you were about to eat. 
“Miya Atsumu,” you warned, giving him a glare. All he did was grin back at you and plop the dumpling in his mouth. Unaware that it was a soup dumpling, which earned you a front row seat to the MSBY star setter burning his mouth and panicking as the hot soup went all over his clothes. 
Glaring half-heartedly at your laughter, you handed him some napkins. “Serves you right for trying to eat my food.” 
“But ya love me,” gone was your smile and easiness. 
Once cooled down, Atsumu began to eat bits and pieces of your food. “Ya know, yer one of the smartest people I know,” he looked up at you after eating a piece of beef. “So why are yer so dumb right now?” 
Offended you scowled at him, “What the actual fuck, ‘Tsum?” 
Leaning back into his seat, playing with the placemat, “Why do ye think that I’d sleep with someone else when I told you that I love you?” 
Glancing away from his stare, you looked at the restaurant around you. It was dead quiet, and you could hear the quiet rain from outside. Shrugging, you took a sip of your drink. “I mean, it’s been so long I thought that maybe you would have been done waiting. I wouldn’t fault you for sleeping or wanting to sleep with someone else.” 
It hurt to say those words to Atsumu because you hoped that he didn’t. While it was selfish of you to indirectly ask him to wait, you just wanted someone to wait for you, like all you've been doing all your life. 
Atsumu rolled his eyes and leaned forward, flicking your hand once -which earned another scowl, he looked at you. A part of you wanted to look away but something inside of you told you that you needed to look at him. 
“I told yer, and I’ll gladly tell you again, that I’ll wait for you,” he stated simply like you just asked him the weather. 
“But why?” 
Shrugging, “Because I love you. Yer it for me, no one else. If I have to wait another year, or ten years, I’ll do so.” 
“But why?” 
“Do ya want a list?” he arched his brow and when you didn’t respond, he shrugged, and paid complete attention to you. “First, you make me laugh. With yer stupid dad jokes that ya tell all the time, the weird tiktoks that you send me at 2 in the morning, or yer goofy lil’ habits,” struggling to keep eye contact with him, you looked down on the table. “Yer never fail to make me smile, especially on the rough days after losin’ a match, yer always there to bring a smile to ma face.” 
Tapping twice on the table, you watched as his fingers moved over to yours and started tapping on it, one, two, three, pause, one, two, three, pause. 
“Second, you support me. Ya’ve always had ma back even when I was the shittiest person to be around, do ya remember how many times I’ve snapped at ya when I was tryin’ out for a spot on the National team? After every snap, after every argument, or when I’ve left ya on read -not on purpose, by the way, you’ve always been there waitin’ for me. 
“Yer always the first person that I tell when I accomplish somethin’, (Y/N), because I know that when you say yer proud of me, I know ye mean it, yer not just sayin’ it.” Now leaning forward, he fully grasped your hand, he silently knocked your foot with his, a subtle gesture to make you look at him. 
“But yer also the first person I tell when I fail somethin’. I never liked talkin’ bout me failin’ anythin’, because,” shrugging Atsumu dropped his sentence. “The point is, I know yer still gonna see me as ‘Tsum because it doesn’t matter in yer eyes if I win or lose a match, because ye love me for me.” 
Putting up three fingers, “Third, your opinion -apart from Ma’s and ‘Samu’s but they don’t count- is really the only one I care ‘bout. Every time I do somethin’, I think ‘what would (Y/N) think of this?” 
“Fourth, ya make me feel complete. It’s like this thing inside of me, ya know? That I didn’t realise I wanted or needed until I met ya. Everytime I’m around ya it makes me happier, now don’t get me wrong, yer one of the most frustrating people I know but that makes me want to be around more.” 
Taking a deep breath, he finally held up all his fingers, and smiled softly at you. “Fifth, when I picture myself in the future, retired and just livin’ the life with Samu, ‘Kaashi and their kids, the person I see myself with, is you. Yer the only person I’ve ever imagined that with, I’ve tried and imagined it with other people to see, but it felt wrong, it felt like I was trying to fit ya know those wooden shape things into the wrong hole. I have plenty more, if ya want but those are the deeper ones that I know, if ya want the smaller stuff, I can do that too,” Atsumu spoke to you as if he just hadn’t redefined what being in love meant. 
You knew that deep in your heart, and thanks to both of your friends that Atsumu was in love with you. But this? This was everything and more. This was the movies you watched, the songs that you listened to, the stories you heard, the things your heart has longed for and more. Atsumu was more.   
Paying attention to Atsumu, you watched as he began pulling out his phone, “I made a list, do ya want to see?” He quickly tapped on his phone and his notes appeared, your eyes quickly scanned the list, a long list if the sidebar had anything to say, as Atsumu started listing off the smaller things, “Ye make those weird noises when you don’t think anyone is looking, ya talk to yourself a lot, ya cry at all of those animal videos.” 
Locking his phone before you barely got to the halfway point, Atsumu placed his phone on the table and took a deep breath, “But the reality of it is, I don’t care how long it takes for you to say ‘okay ‘Tsum, I’m ready’ because I’m always going to be here waitin’ for ya, maybe we’ll be type of couple where it takes a long time for us to get together, and yeah, there’ll be hiccups,” a small serene smile appeared on Atsumu’s face. He looked at you, like the many times he has before. It was the same fond look, the kind where it makes you feel warm and fuzzy. “But then, it’ll be perfect. You an’ me.”
Plopping the final dumpling in his mouth, he grinned at you while pointing his chopsticks, “Plus, when I sit down our kids’, it’ll be a hell of a story, don’t ya think?” 
Not being able to say anything, you picked up the extra set of chopsticks on the table and pushed the dumplings in the middle. Atsumu’s heart lightened as he saw your peace offering. Maybe one day he’ll tell you that this was the hardest moment in his life. 
“Come on,” he bent forward and you looked sceptically at him. When you didn’t hop on his back, he rolled his eyes. “We have to walk for like ten minutes to get to yer place, and yer wearing those shoes ya don’t like because it makes your feet hurt,” turning back around, “now hop on.” 
It was a Thursday night, yours and Atsumu’s Thursday nights. You were sitting on the kitchen counter as you watched him prepare the dinner he was excited to make. He was talking you through it; Osamu had one of the cooking shows in the background while Atsumu was over, and the dish caught his eye.  Watching him right now was something you knew you could do for the rest of your life. 
It’s funny really, for you, you thought it would be this giant explosion that hey! You’re in love! Or there would be this grand epiphany. But that never happened. Maybe it was slow at first, a slow burn that when the ember finally sparked into a forest fire you didn’t realise. Or maybe, it was always there. It was there when you first met Atsumu all those years ago, him helping you and then insulting you.
“Hey, ‘Tsum,” you watched him turn around. You thought that your heart would be beating so hard that it would be flying out of your chest, but this was the most calm you’ve ever been around him. Tilting your head, you smiled at him and he knew. 
“I just wanted to tell you that I love you,” you spoke softly. There was everything in those words that you just spoke, and from all the times you thought it would be the hardest thing to say, it was somehow the easiest and truest thing you’ve ever spoken. 
Grinning, you saw his eyes tear up before coughing to hide it. “Yeah?” Walking over to you slowly, fearing that it was one of the many dreams that he’s had before. Finally reaching you, he hesitantly reached out, hands shaking. 
“Yeah,” pulling him into your arms and breathing in the familiar scent you’ve now come to realise was home, you whispered the words that made Atsumu feel whole, “I’m so in love with you Miya Atsumu.” 
Miya Atsumu is a stubborn man, and you were thankful for that. 
‘...but i don't wanna dance, if i’m not dancing with you.’ 
Tumblr media
let me know what you think! :) 
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tsukina · 4 months ago
giving bff!sakusa kiyoomi a blowjob — mdni
prompt: “being sakusas virgin best friend and wanting to blow him after years of pinning, and he surprisingly lets you do it because he’s been in love with you the entire time ?”
requested by: anon — come get yalls juice
Tumblr media Tumblr media
sakusa kiyoomi was a man of many talents, and as his best friend, you knew of all of them. being so close to him, it was only natural to bug him for all those tiny, irrelevant details, and he didn’t expect anything less.
so, when you heard a rumor that he was impossible to take due to his beyond average size, who were you to not change that?
you’d figure he’d have a hint of embarrassment, or even shock when you asked him to see it yourself, but he just stared at you in disgust. years of friendship potentially thrown down the drain from your bluntness, but is he really one to judge?
“well i suppose i’d have to get hard first.”
sakusa kiyoomi was also a man who was easily put in discomfort, and that look of disgust was nothing you should have assumed it to be. because as you were wondering what exactly his upward eyebrows meant, he couldn’t stop picturing what was to come after you got what you wanted, or perhaps, who.
and even though he wouldn’t admit it, his original look was primarily a default reaction. something he used as a mere cover up to hide his true emotions, because he’d be an idiot to let this opportunity go to waste.
he’d be lying if he said he didn’t stay awake every night picturing you taking on his length as he taught you where to lick and suck. the right places that if you focused just a lil’ too much on, he’d cum immediately. that’s if he can manage to contain himself, because who was he to not let loose immediately when your doe-eyes stared back up at him, cherry covered lips covered in your own saliva and his precum mixed.
being that you were always the type who had to know everything, who was he to deprive that from you?
so no, he wasn’t going to stop his best friend when you caressed his bulge with the intent on ‘seeing his size’. he wouldn’t mind at all proving those rumors right, and when he was done with you, they’d be anything but.
sitting on his bed, he let you lower his clothing to his ankles, those lips he couldn’t keep his eyes off of just inches away from his now exposed cock.
the thing that came hand in hand with knowing everything in sakusas sex life, was he also knew yours; or, lack thereof. he knew a man had never even laid hands upon your pussy, or that your lips hadn’t tasted anything other than another set.
it was his dream to take you on, be your first. the experienced and hopelessly in love, sakusa kiyoomi, corrupting his innocent, sweet best friend.
though there was nothing innocent about that gaze. the way you watched him as if he was your prey in the wild. the way you licked your lips so seductively, capturing him in a timeless trance as your hand slowly worked on making his hard it’s full potential.
yes, innocence meant nothing at this point, because nothing had felt this amazing. if anything, you were corrupting him. because you’ve barely even touched him, and within a few minutes he was the hardest he’s ever been in his entire life.
“s’this good?”
his tip bulged a darker color as if he could release any second onto your face as it inched closer. you just looked so good below him, and he hadn’t even said a single command, but you were already being so good and obedient. to make sure he’s feeling good, which only made his thoughts run faster at the idea of simply ordering you around.
although under your eyes, who’s to say he’d be the one calling shots? it was as if you were fighting for your own sort of dominance, without even knowing what you were getting yourself into.
licking his head, he felt his hips already buckle to feel you more. the vibrations of your laugh making him want to shut you up completely and feel himself down your throat, but he held his wavering patience. this was something he’d wanted for so long, and who was he to rush the process and ruin the moment completely?
“kiyoomi,” purring his name against his skin, you took him on deeper without looking away. his eyes watched you carefully, admiring each drip of saliva that poured from your mouth and onto him, “am i doing okay?”
he gasped as the sudden suction as you went down even further, suppressing any gags from the inexperience. his fingers carded through your hair with a strong pull, guiding you with a pace of his liking.
he breathed out his response as if he couldn’t say more, “phenomenal.”
sakusa kiyoomi wanted to present himself as a patient person, but he was much the opposite. sure he didn’t quicken the process of his wet dream come true, but you were only consuming part of him, and he wouldn’t have any of that.
his hand took a more secure grip as the other guided your chin, suddenly forcing you to take him whole. tears brimmed immediately in your eyes at the sudden force, turning him on even more with the whine of your voice.
“why are you crying, pretty?” one of his hands wiped your wet cheeks, “didn’t you want to prove them wrong?”
you gagged as he fucked your face harder, hitting the back of your throat with every thrust. your lips were slick and swollen as he got needier with each hit, a small sadistic smile worn on his face.
sakusa kiyoomi had waited for this moment. the moment for you to finally tend to his needs after lacking the privilege to experience what he has, and to provoke any snap within you as he goes a little too into detail about his last fuck. the cravings in your eyes said it all, but he refused to be the one to submit first.
because as his best friend, the innocent virgin, he needed you to want him more. to be open to the poison he so desperately wanted to lay inside you, and perhaps it was a bit manipulative, but that’s what you liked, wasn’t it?
his head fell back in defeat for a split second as his load was upcoming, the pleasure too extreme with the combination of your captivating face. but looking away was all too much as he focused in back on you seconds later, pulling out quickly to plant his seed on your face with an ungodly groan.
though, he didn’t quite expect you to stick your tongue out like that, or those loving eyes to be watching him so beautifully as you picked at his cum with your fingers to make sure to swallow it all.
it felt as if he could do it all again, and that’s just the affect you had on sakusa kiyoomi.
as he watched you suck on your own digits covered in him, he knew there was nothing more addicting than the sight before him. the way you took him on perfectly and was still so eager to make sure all of him was to be inside of you, even after it was over.
even though your mouth milked him empty, looking at you felt as if he was granted more, and within seconds he found his lips on yours while lifting you to the bed with him.
“f…fuck, kiyoomi.”
the dominance of his tongue battled yours as he tasted himself through you, and he was relishing that his first taste of your lips was after he has made you his, and now he couldn’t wait to compare your flavor long after his scent has gone.
“baby, when they said they couldn’t take me on whole,” his voice was deep within your ear as he nibbled, licking your neck like he was a starving man about to feast, “they didn’t mean just sucking me off.”
sakusa kiyoomi was a man of many talents, and as his best friend, you thought you knew of all of them. and maybe the information you learned earlier was still fresh in your mind, but you’re as impatient as he is, and you’d be damned if you let another minute go by where those rumors you heard were true.
Tumblr media Tumblr media
a/n: i uhhh wrote this in like 30 mins as a treat because i forgot it was sitting in my drafts waiting to be written. y’all eat up now…. enjoy. 🍽
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hajimio · 11 days ago
Tumblr media
you’re not quite sure when you fell in love with iwaizumi, but you know now that you have.
and really, it should be easy to know how it happened and where it happened and all the things in between—you should’ve noticed it happening months ago, when you hooked up with him, when he asked you out, when you kept seeing each other even after the one night stand.
you should’ve known, when you slowly drifted into the dating label and then again when he called you his girlfriend like it was only natural—you should’ve known then that you were falling in love with him.
but, of course, you didn’t. you didn’t know that you’d fallen in love with iwaizumi until now—until he was staring out at you, an umbrella over his head while little raindrops fell in front of you from the autumn sky.
you’re still stood under the awning of the library, your books and laptop kept safely in your backpack, and if it weren’t for the umbrella iwaizumi was holding, he’d be soaked.
which is a shame, really. you love to see his hair wet and you love the way water slips down the slope of his nose and you love the way he blinks the water away from his lashes. it’s the little things, you suppose.
but the point is, he wants you to take that umbrella from him. and you’d rather spite his chivalry than give in to your worst temptations.
“oh c’mon,” he says, “just take the damn umbrella so we can go home.”
you want to laugh at the word home. it’s your home more than it is his—your name is on the lease and you bought the bedsheets and the pots and the pans, but he’s managed to leave little pieces of himself there too. you know he’s just saying home as shorthand, you know that there’s a secondary location where he’s bought the sheets and the pots and the pans and everything else inside, but it’s sweet. oddly sweet. to share a space of your own with someone else.
and to know that you love them.
you really should’ve realized sooner.
“i’m not taking your umbrella,” you reply. you try to keep your face straight, but your lips curl at the corners and laughter begs to create a tremor in your voice. “a little rain won’t kill me, let’s just go.”
you go to step out from under the awning, and iwaizumi reaches a hand towards you. he keeps you still—keeps you dry from the rain—and you’re sure that if anyone saw you, they’d think to tell iwaizumi off for being so demanding to a girl. you’re thankful they’re not. you’re not sure you could stand to tell some poor soul that you’re both just too stubborn to move.
“oh- hajime-” you scold, and he narrows his eyes at you. “just let me walk, please?”
you watch him look you over, watch his eyes flick from the top of your head all the way down to your shoes, and he narrows his eyes again.
you see an idea flicker across his lips.
“take half,” he says, or maybe insists. “i’ll hold it just- take half of it.”
and idea flickers across yours, too, so you smile—eyes crinkling, teeth biting at your tongue.
“okay,” you reply, and step out into the rain. iwaizumi glares at you when he leans over to catch you before you get too wet. it makes him lean a little awkwardly—you laugh at him. “but only because i love you.”
you don’t have to look at him to know his reaction—you hear the breath that he takes in—but you choose to anyway. you want to see the blush creep up his neck and around his ears, you want to see where the rain is getting into his hair now, where he’s blinking out the drops, where it’s running down the rise and fall of his cheek. you have to lean over to see it all. you do.
he’s still quiet, but you’re terrible and you’re in love with him—and maybe you’re a little cruel too, so you speak again.
“hajime? baby? did you hear me?” his gaze flicks to you. “i love you, you know.”
you’re not particularly worried about iwaizumi saying it back. despite all that he is, he’s never been particularly conservative with i love you. he grumbles them to his overly-affectionate roommate, the one who sips from his coffee mug and twists his face at the taste and who insisted that iwaizumi just had to meet you. he says them to his mother and to his sister at the end of every call, and even in the middle, just to remind them. he texts them to oikawa, and makki, and mattsun, and whoever else he might care for. because iwaizumi, despite all that he is and all that he may seem, loves like you’ve never known someone to. so, even if he doesn’t say it tonight, you know that, should iwaizumi love you, he’ll tell you. and you’ll wait for him to say it as long as it may take.
so you watch the blush curl around his ears again. you watch it gather and spread and gather again—you watch the breath of almost-laughter fall from the expansion of his chest to the departure from his nose. you watch him—all of him—while he shifts the umbrella a little closer to you.
“yeah,” he says, “i know.” he pauses, you both keep walking. there are parts of you that are soaked and parts of him that seem to mirror you. you find you don’t particularly mind, but you hold your breath with every raindrop anyway.
he laughs a breathy laugh again. “breathe,” he says, “i love you, too.”
and iwaizumi, in his final act, pulls the umbrella away from you—if only for a moment—to let the water soak into your hair and your sweater and everything down to your jeans. he yells when you pull it back in your own direction, sending raindrops slipping down his nose and his ears, just enough to cool the heat of the blush.
you both settle into laughter as the umbrella returns to your center, and you begin to settle into what was really, truly said just moments before.
iwaizumi loves you, and you love iwaizumi. and really, you should’ve known that weeks earlier, but you didn’t. you didn’t know it until you were both half-soaked from the rain, and you realized that you’d rather be like this with him, than be dry and alone.
Tumblr media
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utahimeow · 3 months ago
SEX101 — kageyama tobio [lesson 2.]
summary — your virgin best friend asks you to teach him how to have sex.
pairing — kageyama x f!reader
warnings — nsfw content. minors dni. corruption kink, fingering, unprotected sex, creampie, possessive reader, kageyama is still inexperienced
word count — 3.8k
author’s note — stick around for one more part ;P
read part one here!
Tumblr media
Kageyama thinks he's a terrible person.
He's finally seeing someone, a pretty girl who's not intimidated by him like everyone else is. She's so sweet to him, and funny too. She made him laugh without even trying.
So why are you the only thing that's on his mind?
He lays in his bed and his mattress has never felt so uncomfortable. He has practice in the morning, so he needs to rest, but every time he shuts his eyes to try and sleep all he sees is the image of you, his best friend, with his cock down your throat.
He still remembers your taste, so sweet as it dribbled onto his tongue. He remembers your lips, warm and plush against his. Your mouths moved together so... naturally, even though they shouldn't have. Best friends don't kiss like that. Kageyama ignores this, of course. He distracts himself by thinking about your eyes, peering up at him as he came in your mouth or rolling back as his tongue moved against your clit, your irises shining like he'd never seen before. He remembers the feel of your tits, so soft, so heavenly through your t-shirt. His hands were made for touching them, he thinks.
He can't wait to be inside you. Oh, the thought makes his head spin and the sooner he falls asleep the sooner it'll happen. Kageyama shuts his eyes, and now he welcomes your face that's there, and when he drifts off to a slumber, he's thinking about you.
Two days later, you get a text from your best friend.
can i come over?
In an instant, you reply.
of course :)
Moments later, Kageyama texts again.
can you teach me?
You can't hold back the smile that takes over your face, knowing full well that his hands are sweating after sending the text.
only if you know you're ready
i am
ok then hurry up :P
Twenty minutes pass before there's a knock at your front door and you're shuffling down your stairs to open it. When you do, Kageyama's standing there, his body tense yet his face stony and mostly blank as usual. His eyes glint for a moment when you appear before you're dragging him inside and to your room.
He remains by the bedroom door after you've shut it over, even after you've launched yourself onto your bed with the assumption that he'd follow you, because he practically lives here and after practise it's always straight to yours and your mom makes him dinner and he showers here and he's been sleeping over since you were both twelve years old.
Now he stands there, frozen, as though he's in an unfamiliar place.
"Tobio? What's the matter?" you ask, maybe a little too harshly.
Hands stuffed into the pockets of his grey hoodie, he rocks back and forth on the balls of his feet, stares down at the carpeted floor as he contemplates. When you don't get any response from him other than a dejected huff, you push yourself off your bed and shuffle over to him.
"You that nervous?" you ask, low. His breathing quickens when your hand settles on his cheek and you force his eyes to meet yours.
"I'm... scared," he admits, and it's so unlike him to say something like that that it makes you shiver. Kageyama doesn't get nervous. Not before games, not before exams. So for him to confess that he's more than nervous is frightening.
"Of course you are. It's your first time," you assure him. "We don't have to do—"
"I want to," he says, his sudden eagerness giving you whiplash. "I'm scared, but that doesn't mean I'm not ready."
His words instantly put any sparks of doubt in your mind to rest, and you smile at him fondly.
"Okay, but you still need to relax a little," you say, swatting your hands at his raised shoulders until they fall. "Don't worry, I'll help you."
You take his hand, guiding him to your bed to sit him down at the edge of it before you crawl into his lap, placing your thighs on either side of him.
"Gonna kiss you, okay?" you tell him.
He blinks, and instead of giving a response he brings his mouth to yours. There's a swell of pride in your chest that only grows when you feel the weight of his hands resting on your hips. You kiss him back promptly, hands reaching up to grip his shoulders as your mouths mingle together. Somewhere along the way your tongue shoves against his and Kageyama squeezes at your waist in response.
Like instinct, your hips start to roll against the boy underneath you as the desperation for friction begins to grow between your legs. To your surprise, you sense his fingers begin to inch downwards, pulling at the band of your shorts and you can't help but grin against his mouth.
As soon as he pulls away, you pout, but it's seeing his cute, blushing face eases the disappointment.
"I wanna try use my fingers this time," he tells you and you could scream because he's so sweet. Your thumb strokes his cheek, your eyes taking in his facial features: his pointed nose, his pouty, frowny lips that are so soft, his pretty blue eyes adorned with a thick set of eyelashes, his carved cheekbones...
Maybe he's not yours yet. But he will be. You'll make sure of it.
With one last peck against Kageyama's lips, you crawl out of his lap and lay back against your pillows, waiting patiently for him. A voice in your head screams at you, tells you to strip and open your legs for him and let him finger you already, but the more sensible part of you figures that he'll never learn if you do everything for him.
Still delicate as he touches you, he nudges your knees open, kneeling between the space they create before his hands are pulling your shorts down your legs along with your panties. The look in his eyes is something you'll never get tired of. What is usually contempt is replaced with a twinkly daze as Kageyama licks his lips at the sight of you.
He reaches forward, fingertips just shyly teasing your hole, taking some of the arousal that's dripped out of you before he migrates to your clit. You gasp as he spreads your slick over your bud, drawing circles as he starts to stimulate your nerves.
"Tobio..." you whine, curious as to how he'll react. "Please, your fingers."
He stares at you, blinking, and for a fleeting moment you swear that the ghost of a smile appears on his face. The pads of his fingers keep tracing circles into your clit for a while, but after another pleading whimper from you, he slides them down to your hole once more, but never dips inside. He glances up at you, and it's clear what he's asking of you.
"Always start with one," you tell him. "When she asks for more give her two. Keep them curled up and move your whole arm. In and out. None of that.. 'come hither' stuff," you explain, demonstrating the motion with your fingers, the one that's never even gotten you close.
Kageyama gives a determined nod before he slips his finger inside, eyes widening at how little resistance there is from how soaked you are. He does as you instructed, crooking his digit upwards against your soft walls. He draws it back out and there's something so teasing in the way he watched the string of arousal that's attached. To your surprise, your entire face burns with humiliation.
"T-tobio," you breathe, begging but you're not sure what for. In any other case you'd never be so flustered, but because it's Tobio, it makes you grow hot.
With a hum, he slides back in, curls it up again and finds a steady pace with his arm, one that has you squirming around in no time. He urges the knot in your stomach to grow with every push and pull, tiny gasps and pants leaving your mouth as he brushes against your sweet spot repeatedly.
"Feels so good," you keen, your hips moving against Kageyama's hand. The cogs visibly turn in his brain, and before you know it there's a second finger dipping inside you. A high-pitched moan that slips from your mouth lets him know that he's doing good, gives him the confidence to keep going and he dares move a little bit faster than before.
While Kageyama's fingers are slender, they're still thicker than yours, and boy are they far longer. He reaches a part inside of you that your fingers could only dream of reaching, and it turns your brain to mush. Tiny pants leave your lips, broken ever so often by a whine of Kageyama's name. He feels it between his legs—the way you breathe the syllables out so softly, so desperately, is starting to get him worked up too.
You're starting to squirm more. Kageyama's attentiveness proves extremely beneficial because he notices it immediately. He picks up speed again, moving his arm now with the undying determination to get you to your edge. His eyebrows knit together for a second as he contemplates. Then one glance at your pleading eyes and your hanging mouth and he brings his thumb to your clit to move it in tiny circles.
"Tobio... fuck," you sigh. His face is scrunched into concentration, narrowed eyes flicking back and forth between watching his fingers sink in and out of your cunt, and your pretty face as he drags you closer and closer.
"Gonna cum soon, Tobio," you breathe. Each pump of his fingers sends jolts of pleasure to your core, every flick of his thumb sending shivers down your spine. Then before you know it, your orgasm hurtles towards you in a wave of tight muscles and a burning heat in your abdomen. Your eyes roll all the way back, your back arching high into the air, and Kageyama keeps on fucking you with his fingers even as you gasp and cry out with pleasure.
He stares at you, a mix of awe and pride behind his dark blue eyes. His heart is pounding, close to leaping out of his chest as something stirs within him. This satisfaction is the same one he feels when he makes a perfect set; when he scores a service ace; when he wins. That sensation of being untouchable, of having adrenaline flowing through his veins—he has it, knowing he's the one that's made you writhe, made you tremble, made you whimper.
As you lay there, recovering from your climax, you're as surprised as Kageyama. Sure, it's possible to mimic things from porn, and it's possible to follow your instincts, but aside from the timidness in how Kageyama slid his fingers within your pussy, it almost seemed like he knew what he was doing.
What he'd never confess to you is that he had spent the last few nights doing 'research'. Out of curiosity and the eagerness to impress you, he had found himself searching up tips online—in-depth explanations behind the female orgasm. Kageyama knew there was only so much you could explain to him, so he turned to the internet and absorbed some of the more basic pieces of advice, the ones he felt were imperative to making you feel good without you telling him.
As Kageyama withdraws his fingers, your hand latches around his wrist and you bring it to your mouth. He's awestruck as your wrap your lips around his digits and take them down to the knuckle, making a show of swirling your tongue all around them. You gaze at him the entire time, your tummy fluttering because he looks so nervous, all blushy as his lips part and he breathes hard. He shifts a little as his sweatpants suddenly become too tight.
You swallow down your own arousal, pulling his fingers out of your mouth with a pop and an innocent smile and Kageyama is convinced he's died and gone to heaven because if you're not an angel then what are you?
"You did so good," you say with sincerity, leaning up to plant a kiss on his lips. "Thank you, Tobio. Now get on your back for me."
You push at his chest until you've swapped places with him and you're kneeling between his legs, pulling at the top of his sweatpants until they're off and tossing them onto the floor somewhere. His boxers come next, his pretty dick springing up when you've tugged them down his legs.
As if your hand is drawn to him, your fingers wrap around his thick length immediately, your mouth drooling at the thought of swallowing him. Before you can bend forward and wrap your lips around him however, Kageyama grabs your hand and panic sets into your chest in an instant.
"W-wait," he says. "I don't think you should do that."
"Why? Are you okay?" you ask. Subconsciously your hands move to his thighs, moving gently up and down them in an attempt to soothe him.
"I'm fine. I just... um..." He grows silent then, eyes breaking away from yours to look around the room instead. You sit back onto your knees, away from him.
"What is it, Tobio?"
"I just... wanna make sure I last this time," he finally admits. "For you."
Your heart nearly bursts. Kageyama, who hates being vulnerable in front of other people. Kageyama, while he's never struggled being vulnerable in front of you, has never looked so vulnerable as he does now.
You dive forward, shoving your lips against his because you couldn't phrase your adoration for him in this moment if you tried. "Are you sure?" you ask a moment later.
He nods.
"I owe you one though," you wink, giggling as he swallows hard. "I still need to get you ready first. Always gotta have some sort of lubrication, especially with your size."
You bring your palm to your mouth, spitting into it swiftly before taking Kageyama's cock in your hand and pumping it a few times. It's sweet the way he flinches a little and his thighs tremble at your touch, and you even hear the faintest moan from him. It makes you clench, the urge to have him inside you increasing with every second that passes.
You climb on top of him, straddle his lap so you can guide his cock between your folds. With your bottom lip trapped between your teeth, you buck your hips up, eyes locked on the way his length gleams with a mix of your spit and your slick. Pre-cum drools from his tip in globs, adding to the sticky mixture. It's all so lewd, and he's not even inside you yet.
"Please... I can't," Tobio whispers, and it's then that you notice how his hands are twisted into your sheets so hard that his knuckles are white.
"Touch me first. Then I'll put it in," you say, maintaining the slow roll of your hips against his needy cock. You lift the bottom of your t-shirt up, just enough to expose your tits to the cool air, and Kageyama's eyes nearly bulge out of his head when you do.
God, he can't get over how pretty they are. He's drooling, and he knows he's touched them before, but not like this. Slowly, he reaches up, no longer focussed on your dripping cunt grinding against him over and over. Instead all he can do is observe in wonder as his hands cup around the soft mounds on your chest and squeeze. His stomach flutters at your moan, so he squeezes again, moves his fingers in circles until he musters up the confidence to tweak at your nipples.
"Oh, Tobio," you sigh. "That's good."
He gives a proud smile—it's something he read about. He pinches at the peaks and kneads your tits, no longer held back by any sort of hesitation.
"I'm gonna put it in now," you breathe out, waiting until he nods. "Try to hold out, yeah?"
To your delight, Tobio rolls his eyes, and a playful grin forms on his lips. It's wiped away the moment you tease your entrance with his tip, his eyes screwing shut, his hands flying to your hips.
This is it, you think. One swoop and he's all yours. He gives a shuddered breath when you sink down on him slowly, while you shiver at the sensation of him stretching you out. Every inch is heavenly, leaving you spiralling as he bottoms out inside you, until you're finally sitting on top of his pelvis.
It's even better than you could have expected.
You lean in, kissing him softly as Kageyama relishes in the way your pussy hugs his cock. It's everything all at once—soft, warm, wet, tight. You're not even moving yet. How on earth is he supposed to last?
"Can I move, Tobio?" you ask, smoothing your hands up his chest until they settle on his shoulders.
"Y-yeah, it's just tight," he says, eyes finally fluttering open again.
Slowly, you lift your hips, then bring them back down again, zeroing in on his reaction to your first movement. His jaw clenches a little and he pinches at your waist, and then his own hips buck up against yours so you do the same thing again until you find a steady pace and before long you're bouncing up and down on your best friend's cock.
"You like it, Tobio?" you ask him, bending forward once more to kiss him. This time you bring your lips lower, trailing along his jaw, down to his neck, leaving a flurry small pecks against his flesh there. So badly you want to mark him up, cover him in purple little bites—show Ayumi he's yours... But you restrain yourself. You're better than that.
"Yeah," he breathes, the end of his word morphing into a moan. "Feels really good."
"Yeah?" You lean in close to his ear, bringing your voice down to a mere whisper. "I've been waiting forever for this, you know."
You lean back with the sudden urge to see his face as you keep your hips bouncing on him, letting out high-pitched whimpers as his cock drags against your walls deliciously. He's so big that you're quickly growing breathless from the sheer effort it takes you to raise your body up and back down him, and paired with the pleasure that bubbles deep inside you, your limbs are starting to turn numb from bliss.
The sight of Kageyama beneath you is one you'll never get tired of. His eyes shine with a dreamy haze, his lips parted as tiny gasps leave his mouth and a peachy blush spreads all over his face. He looks like a mess. Worse than after any five-set match. And it's all your doing.
"Close, Tobio?" you ask, dragging your nails down his chest, relishing in how his cock throbs within you when you do. He answers with a hum and a nod and despite the burn in your thighs, you pick up even more speed.
"Me too," you tell him, clenching around him with a devious smile. Your hands move to where his ones rest on your hips still, and in one swift movement you pin them to the bed. By now you're fucking yourself back onto him with no intention other than to climax, all morals thrown out the window as you bask in the sensation of Kageyama's cock pulsing against your sweet spot. "Wait for me, okay? It's rude to cum before a woman."
It's mostly a joke, but Kageyama knows you're also half serious. He frees one of his hands from your grasp, attaching his thumb to the bundle of nerves right near where his cock slams in and out of you, rapidly tracing circles there, the way he knows gets you weak every time. Your clit is all swollen, so sensitive from your prior orgasm that you practically collapse the moment he stimulates it.
"Oh my- fuck, Tobio," you squeal, curling your fingers into his t-shirt as you clench around him involuntarily this time.
Next thing you know, your lower abdomen erupts with heat and your entire body pulses. Your brain short-circuits as your orgasm washes over you, legs aching and trembling but it feels so good. Despite how fuzzy your mind is, you find that you're still grinding against Kageyama however you've lost all previous momentum and force, now just shallowly bucking your hips to get you through your climax.
Kageyama's twitching underneath you, struggling to hold out for much longer from how your cunt squeezes around him.
"Cum for me, Tobio," you mumble, nuzzling against his neck. "Inside."
And that's all he needs to hear—a second later and he's spilling inside you with a strained grunt, his cock spurting out white, warm, sticky ropes until you're full. His chest heaves against your cheek where you lay resting.
The next few moments are silent, occupied only by soft breaths as you and Kageyama recover from your orgasms.
Eventually, you break the silence with a yawn when you remind yourself that this is supposed to be a lesson. "Aftercare is key," you say, voice cracking. "Especially if you go at it for a while, you have to check in on each other and make sure you're both okay."
"Are you okay?" Kageyama asks, so much irony in how innocent he seems while his cock is still buried inside you.
You giggle. "I am. But I meant now is the time to communicate your needs. For example I always get super thirsty."
You sit up, wincing as you slide Kageyama's soft cock out of you, already missing the fullness that was akin to a hug.
Kageyama glances to the left, spotting a water bottle upon your bedside table. He grabs it carefully and hands it to you after screwing the cap open. You're melting over him again, a common occurrence recently, but he's just so compliant.
"Thank you, Tobio," you say, taking the bottle so you can sip at the liquid that's deliciously refreshing as it slides down your throat. "So good for me."
After, you hand it back to him and he places it back in its original spot. Kageyama tucks his hands behind his head, gazing up at you with stars in his eyes.
"I also like being held after," you tell him. Slowly you lower yourself back down against his chest, nuzzling your face into his shirt so tenderly that Kageyama flinches. He's used to you being touchy, to the way you always have your hands on him; hell, he's even used to cuddling you. But something about this is different, it's new. It's got his heart pounding, and it's not from his climax.
It feels so natural when his arms come around you and they hold onto you tight, tighter than he's ever held you.
Kageyama is so caught up in the bliss of it all that he forgets that this isn't real.
read the next part here!
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prttyslut · 7 months ago
Tumblr media
cw: minors do not interact, nsfw, female bodied reader.
Tumblr media
boys who show you they love you through soft kisses trailing up your inner thigh, before pressing gentle kisses on your clit. spoiling you slowly because they know you’ve been stressed lately and they just want to help you relax. his fingers work in and out of your aching pussy slowly as his tongue circles your clit, his hips pushing against the mattress at how his cock throbs at the taste of you but he promised to take care of you first.
sugawara, oikawa, hinata, kuroo, sakusa, tendou, atsumu, asahi, akaashi
boys who fuck the stress out of you roughly, his fingers gripping tightly on your hips as his heavy thrusts grow deeper. the best way he knows to help you release the tension is to have you crying from his cock, and you were almost there. with every rock of his hips your pussy tightening around his throbbing cock, the waves of intense pleasure never leaving your body as he fucked you through yet another orgasm.
osamu, daichi, kageyama, iwaizumi, ukai, bokuto, ushijima, suna, kyoutani
Tumblr media
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veenxys · 3 days ago
「Protective things Haikyuu boys do」
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
⤷ Bokuto
he tries to protect you with his body; in very crowded places; when you are about to collide with something or when someone is about to accidentally bump into you, he is quick to grab your waist or the hem of your shirt to pull you against his chest while he instinctively says things like “wow, watch out” and a “are you alright?” afterwards. or when it’s too cold, he’ll wrap you in a warm, comforting hug while gently rocking you sideways, occasionally placing a kiss on your forehead or caressing your back.
⤷ Kuroo
he takes care of you in little ways: he always makes sure you ate and drank water properly, so he sends messages throughout the day to remind you to do these things and also to take your vitamins. he also makes sure you know it’s going to rain later and it’s best to bring an extra coat and if you want he can pick you up from work/school so you can go have coffee at your favorite coffee shop. he also wants to make sure you are sleeping well and getting enough rest, and if you find it difficult to do these things, he will be more than ready to help you.
⤷ Atsumu
when he sees you uncomfortable in a public place, he puts his arm around your shoulder or waist and gives you a light squeeze, as if it’s a little reminder that he’s there for you no matter what. he also tends to look hard at all those who approach you with bad intentions. and just his presence is enough to give you security and give you the feeling of home.
⤷ Osamu
he always makes sure to take you home or take you places as much as he can; it’s partly because he wants an excuse to spend more time with you, but also because he doesn’t like the idea of you walking around alone, especially at night - unless you tell him that’s what you want to do. and even when you arrive at your place he waits and watches you enter your house/building safely and only then does he walk away or leave.
⤷ Oikawa
he likes to tease or annoy you sometimes, and you know it’s just a funny and comically affectionate way to show he loves you, but he’s always the first one to speak up if someone says — or even implies — something mean about you. one time, his friends were taking it too far with the teasing that it was making you uncomfortable and he sensed it immediately and shut them off with an almost nonchalant-sounding “watch your words,” and a serious look. and if it was a stranger, he has a way of telling them off while also remaining civil. so basically, no one can ‘bully’ you except him.
⤷ Nishinoya
when you’re walking in a crowded area, he holds your hand with you behind him, leading you both to your destination. he does this thing where he occasionally glances back at you with a small half-smile. and when you walk up right next to him, he slings his arm over your shoulders while still holding your hand.
⤷ Kenma
he always walks on the outside of the street when you’re walking together. without even thinking about it, he puts a hand on your back and moves to the side where cars are passing by, all the while continuing to talk with you. he also has a habit of looking over your shoulder for you and trying to keep an alert eye on the surroundings when you’re out together.
⤷ Suna
he always reminds you to be careful and asks you to text or call him when you get to wherever you’re going to safely, when you get home safely, when your bus stops, and when your plane lands. whenever you’re about to go out with friends, he always follows up his ‘bye’ with a habitual 'have fun, be safe' and a casual kiss on the forehead.
⤷ Sakusa
he gives you his jacket when you’re cold; sometimes you think he doesn’t notice but he always does, and he casually drapes it over your figure without you having to ask; if it’s winter, he doesn’t hesitate to take off his scarf and give it to you. gently placing it around your neck and kissing your forehead before pulling away; the scent of him with the warmth of the scarf around your neck makes butterflies appear in your stomach. and when you’re in shorts or a skirt/dress and need to sit down, he always hands you his jacket so you can cover your lap if you feel uncomfortable.
⤷ Hinata
he tends to hold you at random times like; intertwine his arm with yours while he’s on his phone, or let you put your leg on top of his when you sit next to each other, or hug you from behind while you do something. they are small and subtle gestures, but they give you a pure and genuine feeling of security, love and appreciation.
Tumblr media
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emmyrosee · a month ago
If anybody would’ve told his teammates that Sakusa Kiyoomi was playful, they would have laughed dead to their face, followed by a plethora of confessions about how snarky and, for lack of a better term, mean their teammate could be.
But then again, his teammates also had no idea how addictive your giggles reserved for him, and only him were.
Like just a week ago, when you’d watched from the doorframe as he made the bed, and when a cheeky little tease slipped past your lips, he wasted no time in throwing the pillow down and making a dash towards you.
“Omi!” You scream, darting to the other side of the bed, a wide grin plastered on your cheeks. He stood ready at the opposite side of the bed, making subtle darts and movements to make you hesitate running away more. “No, no, come on, sweetness,” he croons. “Tell me all about how bad I am at making the bed, I’m sure this will end super for you.”
Or like how this morning, when making a pot of coffee, Kiyoomi wasted no time in stalking into the kitchen to wrap an arm around your waist, relishing in the sleepy “hello” you gave him. But he refused to let the peace linger, and his lips found their way to the ticklish spot just beneath your ear, his obnoxiously loud, wet kissing being only covered by the giggles in protest that fell from your lips and squirming body.
“Omiiiii!” You scold, “it’s too early for this!”
“Never too early to hear your laugh,” he mumbles against your skin, but he stops his tickling just to relishing in your warmth. “And since when don’t you like when I kiss that spot on your neck?” He nips at your neck with his teeth, grinning at your whine.
“Since you stopped leaving hickeys and just started tickling me!” You squeal, shoving him away. “Go away, let me make breakfast.”
Even last weekend, you were having a temper tantrum about him not separating colors and whites- a dying art truly, he just genuinely forgets sometimes!- and he licks his teeth with his tongue and sighs.
“Don’t make me do the thing,” he says, looking you up and down and smirking when you tense. “Because I think you want me to do the thing, so you’re picking a fight with me. You just don’t want me to think you want me to the thing.”
“I don’t,” you snarl. “Don’t touch me, fuckhead, or I’ll scREAM-“ you’re cut off by your own scream as Kiyoomi lunges at you, long arms tossing around your waist and pulling you close to him. You’re fighting as hard as you can, but he’s got the power of preparation on his side, and, despite your best wishes, hoists you up and over his shoulder, pinning your legs to him so you’ve only got your feet to try and escape with.
“Go on,” he calls over his shoulder to you. “Apologize. Admit you wanted me to pick you up.”
“I didn’t!” You scold around flurries of giggles. “You can’t just do this to make me stop being mad!”
“But it seems like it’s working,” he snorts, adjusting you slightly so you’re secure enough for him to go about his day. “You hang in there, I’ll start folding the laundry.”
Fine. Admittedly, Sakusa may not be the most patient man, especially when it comes to his teammates.
But he’s more than willing to sacrifice all pride and when it comes to peeling the peals of laughter from your smiling face anytime he wishes.
Who wouldn’t?
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oomiya · 3 months ago
I loved your riding gojo! now, I present to you: riding sakusa!!
sighs I am a sucker for this man...
Tumblr media
୨୧ ꒰ warnings ꒱ smut (mdni), pet names [baby], soft sex, slight cockwarming, f!reader
୨୧ ꒰ word count ꒱ 0.8k
Tumblr media Tumblr media
"I've been waiting for this all day," Sakusa lets out a low groan, punctuated by a swift jut of his hips. You settle down fully on him, a soft moan falling past your lips at the sweet stretch of his thick cock.
The intimacy of it all is what is most dizzying, most pleasurable, Sakusa thinks. He moans when you start to roll your hips, a shaking hand flying to catch at your hip. Sakusa softly shakes his head, instead tugging you down to lean over his body.
"Let's just stay like this for a bit," he sighs, voice thick with want and love as he pulls you into an embrace. His arms around strong yet gentle around you, your bare chests pressing together as you still your movements. It is wholly private and personal, how Sakusa trails his lips down your cheek, the softness of his mouth brushing against your ear. His steady breathing is comforting as his breath fans across the nape of your neck, one of his hands affectionately cradling the back of your head. Encouraging you to rest your face against the crook of his neck, Sakusa trails his fingers across your back, drawing teasing, loving shapes against you.
"Feels so good," you murmur against him. Sakusa lets out a soft hum, and you can feel it against your chest. The action is soothing, further intensified by his hands running down your body, coaxing you against him.
His fat cock is hot inside you, pressing against your most sensitive parts, stretching past the aching throb of your walls. You can't help but whimper a bit as you shift your hips, burying your face in further against Sakusa as his tip nudges against that one spot that has you rolling your hips ever so slightly.
"Shh, it's okay baby," Sakusa soothes, rubbing his large hand over your back. The pads of his fingers are slightly coarse as they dip across your every curve, adoring the feel of your body against his as he holds you.
His touch is addicting, causing a spark of fire to flare bright inside your chest. Your heart swells as a million butterflies pound against your chest, the warmth spreading across your body a testament of your love for him.
A soft gasp of his name falls past your lips when Sakusa's hands move to your hips, slowly, gently rolling them over his aching length. The airy gasp that spills from his tongue as you grasping at him, gripping onto his broad shoulders as you lick and kiss at the skin of his neck.
"T-that feels good," Sakusa groans your name, his eyes knocking back to the ceiling as your soft lips work over his skin. He feels you tenderly bite down against his collarbone, tongue laving over the spot just as quickly, and pleasure shoots down to his cock at the sensation.
"Are you okay?" your lover murmurs, soft curls brushing against your face as he leans down a bit. His lips, always so gentle when he makes love to you, graze across your forehead, and you clench down a bit on him at the breathless moan of your name that he whispers against your skin.
"Always," you reassure him, nudging your nose against the column of his throat. Sakusa has always been so pretty, with moles and beauty marks decorating his pale skin. While you continue slowly, gently, grinding your hips over his cock, you begin pressing languid, drawn-out kisses to each individual mark on his shoulders, his neck.
As your lips drag across his skin, leaving fleeting, delicate kisses against him, the musk of his cologne invades your senses. It's mature and slightly dark, and the presence of it lingering on his skin has you moaning, rolling your hips a bit faster.
At your sudden actions, Sakusa's hands fly to your hips, attempting to ground himself. The sheer pleasure of being buried inside you, your tight, wet heat sucking him back in over and over, is overwhelming. It's nearly enough to knock the air out of his lungs, and Sakusa is sure the room is spinning when you start lazily bouncing on his cock, sweet whimpers of his name being brushed against his ear.
"You okay?" you moan against his ear, lips pressing there for a soft kiss. You never halt your motions, slowly sinking down on his cock, then rolling your hips in a loose circle, intent on feeling all of him. His fat shaft drags along your walls, stretching you out in the best possible way as a broken moan of your name is shuddered between shaky breaths.
"N-never better," Sakusa grits his teeth, groaning as your tight heat gushes around him, walls fluttering as if attempting to milk him dry.
And Sakusa continues making love to you, the darkness of your bedroom shrouding you both in a comforting embrace—almost as soothing as his own.
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oooobokuto · 7 months ago
You guys remember frat boy!osamu?
Well, you guys broke up.
It was stupid. You spent maybe half an hour yelling at each other. Just because Osamu wasn't like his frat brothers didn't mean he wasn't a frat brother, and fuck, you just wish he would say something to the dozens of girls who threw themselves at him daily. It hurts! How doesn't he get that?!?
After a couple of months, Atsumu begs to you come back around the house. Just because you and his brother stopped dating doesn't mean that Atsumu had to lose someone he now considered his best friend.
After the blonde twin blows up your phone with invites to a party at the frat house, you decided to say fuck it.
You show up in some tight jeans and a lace-up cami. You don't necessarily want to impress anyone; all you're going to be doing is talking to Atsumu and drinking a couple of beers, but it's nice to dress up sometimes.
You expect to see Osamu in his room like he usually would be. Even before you dated, he never participated in a party, but 20 minutes after you arrive, you see him walk into the house from the backyard with a girl on his arm. Atsumu tries to place himself in front of you to act as a human shield, but it's already too late, and you're making your way out of the house as he yells for you.
Once back at your dorm, you check your phone and see a snapchat from Suna, but you don't bother to open it. Instead, you wash off your makeup and cry yourself to sleep.
You don't get to sleep very long though. A loud knock at your door wakes you, and you check the time to see that it had been an hour since you'd left the party. You assume it's Atsumu trying to make you feel better, so you open the door.
"'Tsumu, I appreciate your efforts but-" You stop talking when you see who it really is.
"Wrong twin," Osamu says, running a hand through his gray hair. He holds out his hands. "I, uh, the store didn't have yer favorite flowers, but I thought ya'd like these ones..."
You only stare at the flowers. "What do you want, Miya?"
"Can I come in?" He asks. "I just want to talk, and if afterwards, ya never want to see me again, I understand."
You let him in, and he thanks you. After he sets the flowers on your desk, you flick on the lights. You gasp as you see a bloody nose and bruised eye. "'S-Samu..."
He chuckles. "It's okay," he reassures you. "It was just 'Tsumu. No big deal." He waits for you to calm down a bit before speaking again. "I miss ya," he tells you. "And I'm so fucking sorry for what I did to ya. I love ya, and I can't believe I ever allowed myself to let ya feel insecure. I should have just told all those girls to back off. If the situation were reversed, I'd want the same."
Your eyebrows furrowed in frustration. "I don't get it 'Samu," you say. "Why did it take you months to get it? The girl you were with tonight was one of the girls who I asked you to tell to back off!"
He puts his head down in shame. "I know," he admits. "And I..." He takes a deep breath. "I overheard 'Tsumu and Hinata talking before the party, and 'Tsumu said he invited you, and Hinata said he was excited to see you again, and I just... I guess I got upset that ya were hanging out with my dumb brother, and I wanted to make ya jealous."
"You're a fucking idiot," you tell him.
"I know, but I do love ya and miss ya," he says. He walks over to you and holds your face in his hands. "And I promise to be better for ya. Just give me one more chance."
You look up at him, your gaze softening as your hands reach up to brush under his bruised eye. It'll need to be iced in the morning. "You really promise? I can't let you in just to get shattered again, 'Samu. You're the only man I've ever loved."
He nods in response. "And if I break my promise, which I won't, I'll let ya beat me up with 'Tsumu next time."
You laugh at his words and lean up to kiss him. "Okay," you whisper. "One more chance."
Osamu grins like a kid on Christmas and picks you up to spin you around before pulling you in for a passionate kiss. "Ya won't regret it."
He sleeps in your dorm room that night. You lay on top of him with your head on his chest as he plays with the ends of your hair, and he falls asleep with a smile on his face.
The next morning, Osamu sits on your bed, holding a bag of ice up against his eye. He's got a childish pout on his face.
"Ya can stop watching it now!" He grumbles.
Meanwhile, you're standing across from him, gawking at your phone. "Damn, baby, 'Tsumu really got you this time," you tell him. You wince as you watch Atsumu's fist makes contact with Osamu's nose. "Suna's a great camera man."
Tumblr media
Copyright © 2022 oooobokuto.tumblr.com - do not copy, modify, repost, or translate any of my works. any action to do so will be considered plagiarism.
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crescentkaze · a day ago
One More For Me
Pairing: Hinata Shōyō x Reader
Word Count: ~2.9k
Genre: Smut
Warnings: Orgasm Denial, Overstimulation, Pussy drunk Hinata, soft dom Hinata, multiple orgasms, oral f!receiving
Kinktober 2022 Day Four
18+ Only below the cut, MINORS DO NOT INTERACT, I’m begging you, please. If your blog is ageless or under 18 do not interact with this.
Tumblr media
Meeting Hinata Shōyō was like a fever dream. A whirlwind of events that made me dizzy. A chance meeting I’d never expected to be a part of.
I’d taken a chance on a vacation by myself, something I’d never done before. Randomly dropped my finger on a map. Bought myself a one-way ticket out of my country and found myself in Brazil. It was an impulsive trip, an impulsive decision, a need to get away and reset.
Finding myself on the beach was inevitable. Being in Brazil I knew I would make my way there eventually. Finding the tanned ginger on the beach was by chance. A happy coincidence led me to watching the way his muscles flexed from behind my sunglasses. The sunlight dancing off the sweat and sand across his skin.
After seeing him it was only inevitable that my book was forgotten, the page hadn’t turned for the majority of his game. Me desperately trying to hide that I’d been staring when I’d been caught. That was pathetic really, I didn’t gather myself fast enough.
Shōyō had claimed that he knew from the beginning, noticed my eyes on him, and made it a mission to come talk to me after. Had told me that it was inevitable that his eyes would find me. And so began the whirlwind of our summer.
I had originally meant to stay for maybe a week. But with the way Shōyō pulled me around from event to event. The way I would jump around in my bikini at his games cheering him on always ended with him pressing me into the wall of the nearest bathroom or if he could restrain himself he’d wait until we got to his room. He escorted me to pretty dates every other night; casual, fancy, relaxing, each one was different, Shōyō was a never-ending well of giving and care. Every night was a new adventure that ended with me in his arms.
What was meant to be a week trip turned into two weeks. Two weeks turned into a month. And now, I’d been here for almost three months. Three months and a dizzying chain of events that caused me to fall deeply in love with Shoyo. But after three months, my time was running out. Summer was coming to a close and I was supposed to find my way back to my home country, to start up my job again. I was supposed to leave Shōyō. That was the worst of all, leaving him.
Everytime I almost left he was there and I couldn’t. It felt more like home in his presence than it did in the small apartment I usually occupied in another country. Being with him felt like being in the sun in spring. Warming up after a cold winter. Like coming in from the snow to a fireplace. Warmth and comfort. Like home. Home I never wanted to leave.
“Do you have to go?” He mumbled against my skin, lips pressing softly to the base of my throat. I let a soft moan escape my lips as his hands brushed across the bare skin of my back, fingers dancing towards the strings of my bikini top.
“Shō,” I mumbled as my hands found their way into his bright curls, “I’ve been here all summer.” I gasped as he nipped at the skin he’d just been kissing, simultaneously pulling on the string of my top to let it fall. “Are you trying to convince me this way?” I giggled and moaned again when his mouth moved over, tongue coming out to lick over the tops of my breasts.
“Is it working?” He chuckled, vibrations pulsing through the skin of my chest as his hands moved down to my hips. Was it working? I sighed, in pleasure and exasperation. He didn’t have to convince me. I didn’t want to go. Was on the edge of never letting him leave my sight again. I’d stayed all summer because of his asking. “Don’t wanna lose you, baby.” He mumbled again, mouth moving lower to pull one of my nipples into his mouth.
“Fuck, Shō.” I whispered, fingers pulling at his hair as my head fell back. He walked me backwards, knees hitting the bed before he gave me a soft shove. I giggled as he looked down at me, my body bouncing lightly on the mattress. I leaned up on my elbows to look at him. “If you ask me to stay Shō…” I trailed off and he sighed, sinking to his knees in front of me.
“I know.” He mumbled. Pressing a soft kiss to the inside of one of my knees as his fingers rubbed soft circles into the other. “Doesn’t mean I want you to go.” He pressed another kiss to the inside of my thigh, the soft action causing a gasp to fall from my lips again.
“Shō,” another sigh left my lips as his fingers worked their way under my bikini bottoms, dragging them slowly down my thighs as he followed their trail with kisses, “I don’t want to go.” He hummed against my skin. My hands found his hair again and I tugged lightly, bringing his face up to mine. He followed easily, pressing his lips to mine in a way I could only describe as full of love. “Let me forget.” I begged, parting our lips just for the words to pass through before reconnecting them.
“Let me take care of you.” His words were softer than his hands were as they parted my thighs. They held a double meaning, I could hear it, see it, feel it like the way his lips kissed down the center of my chest. Let him take care of me. Always.
He was the air I breathed, day in and day out. Could be for the rest of my life if I let him. “Shō-” I whined as his fingers traced where I needed him the most, collecting the wetness that was already gathered.
It was easy for him to sink his fingers into me. Practiced. The way he curved them up straight into the soft spot inside of me was routine. Soft moans were slipping from my lips as he continued to kiss down my stomach. “You’re not about to cum already, are you baby?” He mumbled at the top of my hip. I only whined in response. It was too easy for him to ease me into this routine. We both knew it. He could push me over the edge in just seconds. The way his fingers beckoned me to cum. Or he could- “Will you hold it for me baby?” -ask me to do that. The sweet tone coming from him was one I couldn’t resist. I would do anything he told me. “Hold it for me please.”
His lips placed themselves just over my clit, rolling the bud lightly between them as his tongue flicked over it. We both moaned at the same time. I fell off my elbows quickly, my fingers grasping at the sheets. “Fuck, Shō, you’re gonna make me-” I moaned again.
“God.” He pulled away for a second, licking his lips before licking into me right next to his fingers. “You taste so good.” He mumbled into me, sending vibrations up my core that had me clenching my thighs around his shoulders. “Lemme just,” he moaned again and moved his fingers faster as he sucked my clit back between his wet lips. “I can’t get enough of you baby.”
I felt my orgasm quickly coming to a tipping point, my whines only fueling on the man between my legs. “Shō, Shō,” his name fell from my lips in cries as I wound my fingers into his hair again tugging to receive groans in response. “Shō, I’m gonna-” I let out a high-pitched whine as my back started to arch.
“I know,” he mumbled, pulling back to kiss the inside of my thigh, “I know I can feel it. But you can hold it right baby?” He asked, begged me as his fingers kept a constant pace that had me tightening up. “Be a good girl and hold it for me please.” I whined, trying to push back the overwhelming feeling that was rushing over me. I could feel Shōyō’s eyes raking over my form, watching every twitch of my muscle.
As much as I refused to defy his orders I could give my body giving up, bringing me closer and closer to falling over. “Shō,” I whined, trying to warn him, “Shō I can’t.” It was so close and right as I was about to tip over he removed himself completely from between my legs. I couldn’t describe the sound of the whine that was ripped out of my chest at my ruined orgasm. “Shō, please, just wanna cum.”
“I know, I’m sorry.” His voice was breathy as he leaned over me. He connected his lips to mine quickly, stealing my breath and swallowing my noises. I could taste myself on his tongue as he worked it easily into my mouth. “I just wanna feel you baby.” I moaned lightly into his mouth at the confession. Breathing in his air as he pressed his fat tip against my entrance. We both moaned when he sunk in quickly, down to the base in one languid stroke. “Fuck baby.” His head fell forward, tucking into my neck as his hips immediately picked up a quick pace.
I turned my head pressing my forehead against the crook of his elbow as his large arms caged me under him. Curses fell from my lips as he recklessly pounded against the soft spot inside of me. “Shō please, please I wanna cum.” I cried, feeling the pressure start building again, rapidly building higher than it had before. My vision was blurring and my head was starting to feel light, moans slipping out of my lips like a second language.
“Fuck, I know baby, just hold onto it for me.” I whined, head falling back, pressing into the mattress as one of his hands came to wrap my leg around his waist.
The change of angle had my nails scraping against the skin of his back as he groaned in my ear, pounding into me in a way that had me seeing stars. “Please, please, please Shō.” I cried out, moan ripping through my chest. “Wanna cum please Shō.”
“You feeling dizzy baby?” He whispered in my ear and I could almost feel him grinning when I nodded. “Tell me you feel good baby.”
“Feel-feels good Shō.”
“Now tell me what you want.”
“Want-” I gasped, “want you to make me cum Sho.” He hummed in response and kissed into my neck sloppily.
“You want to cum baby?” I nodded thoughtlessly, pleas falling from my lips. “Okay, okay baby, cum for me then.” His permission was enough to send me tumbling up towards my high. “Let me feel you cum baby. Let go.” I cried out, arching up into him as he continued to fuck me through my orgasm, lighting my nerves on fire as his fingers brushed against my skin.
“Shō?” I questioned as he pulled out of me. “You didn’t-”
He stopped me easily, sinking back down to his knees. “Its not about me baby.” He smirked up at me from between my thighs, easily hooking my knees over his shoulders. “I want you to give me another one.” I whined as he latched his lips back onto my clit, immediately feeling the high that hadn’t fully left, building again. I tried to wiggle my hips away but he clicked his tongue, strong hands coming to hold me in place. “Don’t try to get away baby, I know you love it.” I gasped desperately, clawing at his shoulders as he tumbled me over the edge again. My hands were pushing at his shoulders as he kept going, licking a long strip up my core before pulling away to speak. “I just wanna please your perfect little pussy.” His words were vile and sincere and they had me tightening around nothing, desperate to do anything for him. “Just want you to get all the pleasure you deserve.” He latched his lips around my clit, sucking it in and then popping his lips as he pulled back again. “How does it feel baby-tell me it feels good baby.”
“Feels good Shō, feels good.” I whimpered, nerves on fire as I couldn’t decide if I wanted to push him away or pull him closer. “S’good.” I whined.
“You’re gonna cum for me right baby?” I nodded desperately, squeezing my eyes as my back started to arch. “Look at your pretty legs shaking.” He mused, fingers digging into the soft flesh of my thighs next to his head. The whines that fell from my lips at the overstimulation raised in volume as my back arched off the mattress. “Keep begging and whimpering baby,” he moaned against me, “you sound so pretty.”
“Shō,” I whined, fingers twisting his hair, resulting in another moan from him, “can’t anymore Shō.” My eyes were starting to water as the pinpricks of overstimulation tugged harsher on my nerves.
“You asked me to cum baby, just wanna give you what you want.” Shōyō mumbled, tongue working over my clit as two of his fingers slipped into me easily, curling up and immediately pulling the desired reaction. “Cum for me again baby.” It was an easy order to follow, tears leaking from my eyes as I came on his lips and fingers again.
His fingers kept at their ministrations as he moved my knees off his shoulders and moved back up. “Shō, m’sensitive.” I let out a small cry but he just pressed a small kiss to my cheek.
“I know baby, look at your pretty little tears.” He cooed in my ear. “But it feels good right baby?” I nodded fervently, whining lightly as he kept his fingers pressed into the perfect spot inside of me. “You want me back inside you baby?”
I nodded again, whimpering as I reached for him. “Please, Shō.”
He smiled down at me, catching my lips and swallowing my cries as he pressed himself back into me. He left a broken moan across my lips as he stilled for a second, completely inside of me. “Fuck baby, you’re so tight around me.” He groaned, arms tensing as he wound one around my waist. “Fucking throbbing around me.” He reached his hand in between us and rubbed soft circles to my clit. I pressed my chest against his easily, head falling back as I moaned loudly, a curse of his name falling out of my mouth. “You’re so sensitive, baby.” He picked up the pace of his hips, pressing into me repeatedly, the dizziness coming back, eyes blurring. “But you love it, right?”
“Love it, Shō.” I sobbed out, fresh tears falling from my eyes. White spots started to dot my vision as he bullied his tip into the already over sensitive spot inside of me, fingers still dancing over my clit. “Feels good right there, right there Shō.”
“It’s okay baby it’s okay, I got you.” He whispered against the base of my throat. “My perfect baby.” He moaned softly. “Can you cum for me again baby.” I shook my head lightly, but knew it was inevitable anyways. “Come on baby.” He coaxed, pressing small kisses to neck. I could feel it coming anyways, the coil tightening in my stomach again, my muscles tensing up. “You want my cum baby?” I nodded desperately, pleas falling from my lips as I mindlessly begged to feel him fill me up. “Then cum for me again baby.” His request was followed by moans of his vibrating against my neck and I could feel him holding back. “Fuck, fuck baby, you feel so good squeezing me.” He was the one whining now as he pounded into me, arm cradling my baby to his. “Fuck I need you,” he moaned again, “need you to cum for me again please.”
“Fuckfuckfuck, Shō…” I cried out, a small shriek leaving my lips as he snapped the cord inside of me, sending me into another earth shattering orgasm. I cried at the mis of pain and pleasure that the overstimulation coursed through my body.
“Good girl, baby.” He praised, his thrusts getting sloppy as he spilled himself into me. “Fu-ck, good girl.” He moaned, slowing down but not stopping his hips from rocking into me. “I love you, baby, stay here.” He begged, lips coming up to mine.
“I love you, Shō.” I started but he kissed me before I could continue, stealing my words from me.
“Stay with me, baby.” He begged against my lips. “Let me take care of you.” The double meaning taking its true form. Let me take care of you. Let me make sure you never have to worry again. Let me love you. “Stay with me, please.”
“I love you, Shō.” I whispered against his lips. A small whimper fell out of my mouth as he stuttered his thrust, his fingers grazing over my sensitive clit again.
He smiled, knowing that I wouldn’t be leaving tomorrow. “You can give me another one, right baby?” He asked, begged as his fingers persisted. I hiccuped a sob and looked up at him hesitantly. “One more for me baby.” He insisted, asking the same way he always asked me to stay longer. A request that I couldn’t deny even if I tried.
Tumblr media
A/N: um… idk I got carried away. It was supposed to come out like 8 hours ago but I’m still sick so is this good idk but the idea? Salivating. K bye Idk give me feedback pleaseeee 💜
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basilly · a month ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
|| ➼ in which you ask them for a hug
characters: oikawa, kuroo, atsumu, kita, & kageyama
warning: no pronouns, fluff!
Tumblr media
˚ ༘♡ ⋆。˚ oikawa quickly grins before hiding it with a pout. he loves his physical contact but sometimes it's inconvienent for you. he complains you were "rejecting his affection" but how are you supposed to type with two hands and hold hands with him??
he tries to resist, leaving his arms crossed. "oh so NOW you don't want affection??" after a longgg hug from you and a couple feather light kisses all over his face, he's giddly smiling and returning all the affection and more.
˚ ༘♡ ⋆。˚ kuroo raises his eyes in surprise- he's a little cocky about it. "oh?? a hug?" he teases you a bit before giving in. "i need to remember this moment forever." he even makes a mental reminder to tell kenma about this- not that kenma would even listen.
he loves to tuck you against his tall nature, his head rested on yours. you especially love when his jacket ends up wrapping around your shoulders in the process, providing you warmth, and lightly scented as your boyfriend.
˚ ༘♡ ⋆。˚ atsumu has a little smirk on his face. "sorry i didn't hear you- you want a what now?" he uses this to his advantage to get as many kisses as he wants. "i need ya to give me a kiss for that hug." taps his cheek for a peck with the biggest smile on his face.
not that it's an issue for you though, you'd give him a million kisses to sink within his warmth. the years of volleyball did him well, his toned arms wrapping around your frame. he tucks his face into your neck, pressing kisses in the area.
˚ ༘♡ ⋆。˚ kita accepts gratefully. even though he feels bad that he's sweaty from working all day in the heat, he wouldn't let you wait. he immediately relaxes within you arms, dropping his head on your shoulder.
he gently fiddles with your hair, swaying the two of back and forth. you're rubbing circles into his back, eventually the two of you begin dancing to silence in the kitchen. this was all he's imagined going home to in his dreams.
˚ ༘♡ ⋆。˚ kageyama doesn't know how to take it. he freezes up and blsuhes before awkwardly wrapping one arm around you and patting your head with the other. you can only giggle and kiss him on the corner of his lips, making him blush even harder.
after a couple seconds he relaxes, getting more comfortable and snuggly. when you attempt to let go, you find yourself struggling. "tobio??" "one.. one more minute." it definitely wasn't but you didn't mind.
Tumblr media
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kodaiki · 8 months ago
Tumblr media
↳ note ⨾ ouch.... requested by anon! <3 ↳ genre ⨾ angst ↳ warning ⨾ yelling, the boys are mean >:(, mentions of clingines, insecurity and jealousy ↳ feat. iwaizumi, sakusa & tsukishima
Tumblr media
you can't even recall how the argument began in the first place. was it because the home was in disarray when the two of you returned from work? was it the full sink of dirty dishes? was it the fact that you hadn't seen your boyfriend for what felt like weeks? sure, you slept in the same bed and shared a bathroom in the mornings but beyond that, you can't recall the last time you spent quality time with iwaizumi.
so, what you thought would've been an easy confrontation about the issue, maybe ending with a sweet kiss to your lips and promise to try and get more time off, turns out becoming a full blown argument.
"i can't just ask for more time off, y/n," iwaizumi yells, glaring at the disapproving expression on your face. "it's not like i can waltz up to my boss and ask to work remotely some days like you."
"like me? i was offered the position!" you quickly refute, huffing in annoyance that he brought that up as an argument. it wasn't your doing that you purposefully asked to be able to work from home; the opportunity presented itself to you and you gladly accepted it.
you thought it'd make things easier! you wouldn't have to take transportation every single day, nor return home late so often that basic household chores could be left undone.
you made sure to stay on top of your chores since you had the time to. but of course, time wasn't always on your side. even being home some days; work piled up and you were unable to do much around the house.
regardless, that's not the reason for this argument.
"i'm just asking to see you more! is that really so much to ask for?"
iwaizumi scoffs, briefly looking away from you. "well, here i am!" he announces obnoxiously, "is that enough for you?"
your lips part in slight shock at his sarcastic tone; never did he use such a tone with you. but you're quick to blow a raspberry and cross your arms. "very funny."
"i'm not try'na be! it's not my fault you're so goddamn clingy. it's not my fault i don't need your undivided attention like you do me! i'm my own person, learn to be your own!"
there's a beat that passes after iwaizumi's verbal assault to your character. you frown, resolve crumbling as you soak in what he said.
clingy? learn to be your own?
"y'know," you start softly, shoulders drooping in defeat. “if you’re trying to get me to fall out of love with you, you’re doing a great job."
iwaizumi snaps his gaze to you, finally registering what he had so impulsively yelled at you. but he can't face you anymore; because you've turned away from him.
"i'm gonna stay at makki's tonight," you cut him off curtly. "enjoy your alone time."
the last words sting iwaizumi, making him wince. before he can say anything else though, you're out the front door of your shared apartment, closed behind you with a firm slam.
Tumblr media
"i don't want to be hidden anymore!" you say, spinning on your heel to face sakusa who's pinching the spot between his brows with his forefinger and thumb. "it's been months since we started dating, shouldn't the media be allowed to know now?"
"no," he grits firmly. "and we've already talked about this, y/n. i remember you fully agreeing to the terms that we'd have to be a private couple."
"i didn't know it'd have to be forever!"
sakusa scoffs, "forever. it's not."
"sure seems like it to me," you mutter. "every time i bring it up, you shut me right down."
"it's work. my managers say-"
"what about you? do you even care that i'm left in the dark? aren't you hurt by it?"
"hurt by what?" he asks blankly, retracting his hand from his face to look at you.
you can't help but scoff. "i go to every single one of your games, sit in the stands like any other fan and i'm not able to hug and kiss my boyfriend a game well done when he's finished. i can't be openly proud of him in front of people, i can't interact with him on social media, god, i can't even post pictures of us!"
"that was all part of the deal, y/n."
you go on anyway. "no one even knows you're in a relationship! it'd make sense if you at least told people you were seeing someone so they wouldn't be left to wonder. there wouldn't be so many 'sightings' of you and random women claiming you could be seeing them-"
"that's what this is about? other women?"
"no!" you quickly deny. "it's part of it, sure, but it's not the main reason! i want to be able to go out without disguises-"
"no, you're just jealous!" sakusa stands from the kitchen counter he was leaning against, looking a little condescendingly amused at you. "god, y/n, really?"
"i'm not jealous."
"bullshit," he answers. "you can't stand the fact that i have to associate with other people, some including women, because i have to. so you're lashing out. you're being a jealous, possessive girlfriend. it's embarrassing, really."
"do you want me to break up with you? is that what's happening? throwing out these assumptions that just aren't true until i get fed up, hm?"
the word breakup seems to break sakusa out of his original focus. "what?"
"that's it, right? you don't wanna be seen with me. so you're trying to get me to stop loving you. well, don't worry, kiyoomi, you're on the right track."
Tumblr media
“you need to communicate with me better, kei. i was worried!” you chastise, pulling sweater closer to your body as your boyfriend enters the apartment, taking off his rain soaked shoes.
it’d been pouring all day and tsukishima had arrived later than he got off from the museum. obviously, after no reply to your texts, you assumed the worst. did he lose his phone? get in an accident?
“i’m fine, y/n,” he murmurs will shrugging off his jacket. he’s tired if he’s being honest. all he wants to do is collapse on his bed and pass out until the nextx day.
“i can see that now,” you sigh, feeling your heart rate slow back to a normal pace. “did you eat? how was the commute?”
“yes, and it was fine,” he grumbles out.
“what’s wrong, are you okay?” you ask, noticing the deep furrow of his brows.
“no,” he finally huffs out, dropping his shoulders. “i’m tired and you’re busy interrogating me!” 
“i’m not interrogating you! i was just worried because you weren’t answering my texts.” to be fair, you texted him a total of five times throughout the day; the first was to wish him a good day at work, the second asked if he’d eaten, and the last three were the result of him not answering when he was usually supposed to be home.
“sure sounds like it.”
“i just wanna make sure you’re okay.”
“or do you just need to know what i’m doing every waking moment so you don’t feel left out or insecure?”
“i can assure you, y/n, i’m fine, you really don’t need to check in,” he sighs, turning to walk into your shared bedroom, hoping that was the end of the conversation.
“you think i’m insecure?” your voice is just above a whisper, eyebrows now creased from frustrated to a soft sadness.
tsukishima turns around to face you and shrugs. “a little bit.”
“i’m not worried about you because i’m insecure,” you snap. “now it’s obvious you wouldn’t do the same for me, so thanks for that kei. god, it’s like you’re purposefully pushing me away. if you want me to fall out of love with you, just spit it out.”
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tsukina · 4 months ago
“this is the part where you apologize” — hq boys
prompt: “where he did something extremely terrible in your eyes that harmed you in some way and you fight about it, and he says something out of pocket that stabs you right in the heart.”
requested by: @crescentkaze
HQ MASTERLIST — might… might make part 2 ):
Tumblr media
KUROO was absolutely blinded by his own love for you, and he thought he was the luckiest man in the world to be granted such a blessing. but being blind isn’t something to cherish, because you were standing before him with stained cheeks, and he was branded guilty. his hands reached to grabs yours only for there to be a painful flinch, something he never would have imagined you to do when it came to him.
your insecurities weren’t a hidden secret, and he knew that. so why did he say what he did? any normal man would have simply dismissed the conversation, yet he continued it and made it beyond repair.
“shes your soulmate?”
“no,” he stood up quickly to make his way towards you, “you know i didn’t mean it like that.”
“you said you were surprised you’re not still with her, because she’s your soulmate.”
“thought,” he corrected his previous statement, “i thought she was my soulmate.”
his love for you did blind him in ways he cherished and despised, because even though it’s so painfully obvious to him that he wants to spend the rest of his life with you, home your children and treat you well, his reassurance in his complete devotion for you seemed to only reside in himself.
“this is the part where you apologize.”
“baby, you know you’re the only one for me-“
“a simple sorry would have worked,” he felt breakage within his eyes as you walked away, mumbling one last thing before retreating behind the comfort of your locked door.
“but I guess you don’t owe that to someone who is just temporarily.”
TSUKISHIMA loved to provoke you. it was moments like these that gave him his best memories, like how your confession went or the first time you made love with each other. many may think it’s an unnatural thing, but that’s just how tsukishima was. most don’t succeed in teasing or bullying their way into a committed relationship, but it always worked out for him.
and although you still agreed with it all, sometimes he went too far. boundaries were made yet that line continuously was crossed. being someone who was able to deal with the impertinent man himself, you weren’t afraid to stand up for yourself.
“this is the part you apologize.”
“for what?” he mocked you, aiming to hit any deep spot he could, “did i hurt your feelings?”
“it took me so long to open up to you and tell you about that,” standing up, you quickly placed your shoes on,“and you’re making fun of it?”
“i,” panic washed his body as you prepared to leave, his worried state easily being read through his words, “you know i didn’t mean it, right?”
“if that’s so,” turning to look at him, you scoffed at his confused expression, “why haven’t you apologized?”
“i didn’t think it was that deep-“
“that’s the issues, tsukishima,” he winced at the used of his surname, catching a final glimpse of your glossy eyes as you walked out, “you never do.”
IWAIZUMI shouldn’t have mentioned his trip. there were nights he cried without the comfort of you in his arms, where his thoughts were overruled by nothing but you. he missed his friends too, but in no way was it more than the way he craved you. but he had fucked up again and placed them first in his mind, and in a desperate attempt to defend himself, he only made the situation worse. there was no excuse for the heated words that rolled off his tongue a little too smooth, and now he was listening to your shaky voice on the other end. it was a sign of future tears that were to be blamed on no one other than him, and as much as he wished to be there to wipe them away, it was already too late.
“listen, yn-“
your stern voice rang through the phone, “apologize.”
“this is the part where you apologize,” shivers were sent down his spine at the unfamiliar tone in your voice, “and promise it won’t happen again even though i know it will.”
“i didn’t mean to forget,” admitting his wrongs, his hand carded through his air out of pure stress, “i’ll make it up to you.”
the call went silent. pulling back, he checked to see if the called was still connected, “yn, are you there?”
his patience ran thin, “please say something.”
after a few moments, a loud sigh came through, “hajime,” tension filled the call as your voice felt as if it was on edge, as if any hope was drained completely, “is it that hard to just say you’re in the wrong?”
“i said i’d make it up to you.”
a bitter laugh left your lips at his choice of repetitive words, “i guess your ego is too big to let you do that.”
call ended.
Tumblr media Tumblr media
a/n: pls twas so hard to write even tho i ASKED for it??? anyways… this is unedited!!! will i reread and edit it? probably not. enjoy.
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