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kuroosweakness · 2 days
kuroo’s the type of person to push your hair back to land a clean kiss on your forehead, pull back and smile at you for no particular reason :3
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teddy-takeda · 2 days
Yamaguchi was definitely a braces kid. He had/has those stick-out incisors. He also snorts when he laughs, and got into the habit of trying to keep his mouth shut or covering it when he laughed. For a while Kei was the only person who got to see his real laugh (which he would try to see as often as possible, knowing he can make Tadashi laugh better than anyone)
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notpikaman · 8 hours
Tumblr media
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musicloveop · 2 days
I love simply atsumu, religiously.
Honestly what's better than atsumu just absolutely gushing over his partner and refusing to not talk about them during interviews.
Like this one time he's doing an interview with someone and he just keeps saying shit like-
"Yeah the training regime is absolutely BRUTAL but ya know my baby like a strong build soooo"
"The diet is horrible cuz my baby makes a lot of (your culture) food and it's delicious but I can't eat it! Cuz well it has too much this and that and I think it's bullshit!! I mean before the new diet I was able to eat it and still maintain-"
"Oh I love my fans! My honey says they feed my ego too much but like! How could they not? I love my fans and if they send me stuff I have a room dedicated to-"
"Sometimes my baby and I will read some of the stuff people write about me on Twitter and it's always funny, so many are thirst so let me say now if I could I'd let y'all take a big bite out of m-"
"Yer an idiot! Oh my god!! That's what my brother, owner of onigiri Miya, screamed at the TV or at least that's what my darling says and it sounds exactly like em'!! That bastard"
Like he's still bragging about himself and he doesn't even realize he's doing it, not even after watching it on screen, he realizes it when he goes on to YouTube and see compilations or counters of how often he mentions you. He does not give a shit in fact he starts mentioning the counter in interviews.
"My lovely said they'll order in my favorite! Which is (idk) and, oh wait! How many is that! I did it again ahah!"
- "did what?"
"Mentioned my lover! People have been poking fun of how often I talk about em' but I just can't help it!! Hahaha"
-"you do say a lot, at this point I think I'm also dating them! Haha it's amazing to see how much you love them!"
He has not a single drop of shame or embarrassment!
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lookingforlia · 3 days
Akaashi x reader
House party
Warnings : mentions of alcohol
Tumblr media
- he only went because he couldn't let you go alone. 
- you got invited by the Miya twins and a house party defenetly sounds like trouble. 
- and you're the type to get drunk .
- so he goes with you just to babysit you.
- but he's kinda glad he went because Bokuto was there too .
- parties are too loud and crowded for his introvert ass. 
- but somehow he feels glad to be there in the comforting company of his best friend and girlfriend. 
- he defenetly predicted that you'd get drunk. 
- both you and Bokuto . So he would have to make sure none of you are dancing on a random table.
- " you're a lightweight right ? " kuro teases him .
"No I'm not . "
" Yes you are ."
Akaashi doesn't answer but then out of random you push a shot at him and he drinks it so kuroo would leave him alone.
- he was mentally prepared to deal with a drunk and impulsive you.
- gets drunk instead. 
- he is a lightweight but if you ask him he wouldn't admit that.
- he's defenetly the crackhead type of drunk . Not loud just funnier . But it's not very visible. 
- someone starts dancing weirdly taking everyone's attention. 
-"oh god what an idiot.  "
-Notices it's you .
"Shit that's my idiot . "
- "No get Bokuto San off this table."
"Come on Akaashi you're no fun ."
"I don't need to be fun I need to be the adult among us even when you're clearly older than me . (Name) get in here at an instant you shouldn't drink that much.  "
- " Just say Akaashi , you can't dance. "
"No I cannot I am a volleyball player not a dancer ."
- he ends up making you finally sit down still at a game of spin the bottle .
- the bottle lands on you against Akaashi. 
-"truth or dare ?"
*Exasperated* "truth "
"Do you wanna kiss me ?"
"Dare "
*Leans in* "I dare you to kiss me
"Never have I ever "
"That's not the game . . "
- his alcohol kicks in more and he ends up at the dance floor swaying with you . Smiling at you like an idiot .
- ow don't worry all you're doing is some extremely weird dance moves.
- light kisses all over your face.
- Kuro walks in and clears his throat
"Excuze me ? Care to tell me what you two were doing ? "
-"I was talking off some crumbs off (name) lips "
- "with yours ? Napkins exist too you know ?"
- "Napkins are too overrated ."
- Kuroo officially gives up .
- none of you actually know how you two end up safely back at your place tucked into your bed .
- wakes up making himself a coffee
-puts sugar in his coffee
-"umm Akaashi?"
"Yeah ?"
"Why are you putting salt in your coffee ? "
- realizes his mistake "I have no soul"
-thats really bad for you though .
- chugs boiling hot salted coffee "try me "
- guys he isn't sober yet. 
- and Kuro and Bukoto who dropped you guys home ,
"Akaashi are you okay ? "
"Yeah , I am . "
"Are you sure ? You asked me earlier if you could borrow some glue to hold yourself together .
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byunbqbes · 25 days
⟶ ft. kuroo, suna, ushijima
Tumblr media
♡ kuroo
"kuroo? kuroo testurou?"
kuroo whips around, ready to apologise to whoever that the nekoma volleyball team is currently rushing to catch their bus back to school, when he's suddenly hit with...
kuroo's jaw drops.
he doesn't even know how to describe what he's seeing. all he knows is that he's currently staring at the girl of his dreams.
"um, could i take a video with you?" you give him a tentative grin, before rocking back on your heels, adding, "and if it's okay, could you wish my friend to get well soon?"
kuroo immediately closes his mouth, aware that he looks completely stupid in front of the cutest girl he's ever laid eyes on. he gazes at you with his iconic half-lidded eyes, hoping he sounds more confident than the way his heart is clenching in his chest, "oh? a video? and what's your friend's name?"
"misaki! she's your biggest fan but she couldn't be here because she's sick today." kuroo nods empathetically at your explanation, internally swooning because you're going to such lengths for your sick friend? that is so cute.
"sure! a video's nothing! hang on - kenma, help us take a video!"
kenma turns around, about to protest how they have no more time to entertain fangirls when he sees kuroo slinging an arm around you. kuroo shoots kenma a pleading look and kenma finds himself sighing because, of course, kuroo is absolute putty for pretty girls.
when coach nekomata calls for kuroo and kenma, kuroo frowns as he removes his arm around your waist, before he gets an idea.
he leans in closer to you, pressing something into your hands, smirking, "return this to me in school."
before you can even open your mouth and protest, kuroo's gone.
you look down in your hands and see his nekoma jacket crumpling between your fingers as you giggle to yourself.
Tumblr media
♡ suna
suna is normally cool as a cucumber, eyes glued to his phone nonchalantly whenever a group of fangirls approach his teammates and gush animatedly.
he thinks he's being slick when he sneaks a few glances your way, heart clenching in his chest as he sees you move closer - or rather sees your friends drag you towards...him?
suna quickly assesses his situation and scans the area around him - no, the miya twins were not around him. this could only mean one thing - you're headed straight in his direction.
before he has the time to really freak out about an angel of a girl approaching him, you're already getting pushed towards him, with your friends' soft snickers in the background. and you're beaming up at him softly.
he feels his heart in his throat when he hears you repeat, gesturing to your friend who's holding up a polaroid camera, "are you okay to take a photo with me?"
okay? fuck. he is more than okay.
suna blinks, regaining a little composure. straightening his jersey, suna nods at you silently and wraps an arm around your shoulder, hoping you don't hear the way his heart is hammering thunderously against his chest.
holy shit. how do you smell amazing too? what was that - vanilla or something floral?
as suna tries to figure out what exactly is the intoxicating scent wafting around him, the photo is over, a little too fast might he add. he feels you pulling away from him and his arm drops back to his sides.
he knows he sounds uncharacteristically simp-y and even cringes a little at himself, but he knows he will forever regret it if he didn't ask you.
"do you wanna have another photo? with the polaroid camera, i mean."
suna may or may not have left his number behind the second polaroid.
Tumblr media
♡ ushijima
ushijima feels a gentle tap on his shoulder right after he hears you. he turns around slowly and -
there is no way you are real.
"hello." he greets, looking stoic in contrast to the way he's internally panicking.
ushijima feels his grip tighten on the volleyball he's holding, taking in the way your eyes shine under the harsh gym lights. he listens to you ramble something about being a fan of his and a reporter as his eyes continue to glaze over your angelic figure, only snapping out of it when he feels kageyama nudging his side.
"so ermmm, what do you do in your free time?" you repeat helpfully, prodding a pen against your notepad.
"uhm." ushijima feels his face heating up. "i take care of my plants."
you're immediately gasping, "no way! i'm a plant mom too!"
"oh, uhhh," ushijima swallows, growing impossibly redder at the revelation of your shared hobby, "what do you grow?"
of course. that suits you, he thinks, pretty flowers for a pretty girl.
before ushijima knows it, he's spluttering nervously, "there's...actually a nursery around here..."
you look up from your notepad, eyes crinkling excitedly as you listen to ushijima explain how to get there. but after a couple of failed descriptions, ushijima scratches his head, "i-if you're not too busy afterwards, i could take you there?"
your eyes widen at the insinuation, before you nod shyly and give ushijima a small smile, which he finds himself melting at.
did ushijima just score himself a date? maybe.
is he complaining? oh hell no.
🤍 reblogs are very appreciated!
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strawberrykake · 5 months
men that would unashamedly wear your very feminine-looking handbag over his shoulder as you browse through clothes in the store.
—IWAIZUMI, Ushijima, Aone, DAICHI, Tanaka, UKAI, Kageyama, Akaashi, MATTSUN, Hanamaki, WASHIO, Sugawara, KITA, Aran, OSAMU, KUROO, KYOUTANI, Oikawa
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iwaplant · 2 months
having a crush on iwaizumi is heartbreaking.
romanticizing the cheesiest of things knowing that he doesn’t return your feelings is heartbreaking. he isn’t a natural heartbreaker, but he sure captures many hearts, including yours.
first to arrive in homeroom, you take out your notebook, filled with miscellaneous thoughts and feelings. writing in your notebook, you write the cheesiest moments that fuel the one-sided romance between you and iwaizumi:
1. he twirls you goofily in public. twirling you flush to his chest, whispering sweet nothings and twirling you back out. you giggling at his antics while he stares at you with love.
2. peppered kisses all over your face and neck that tickles, resulting in you squealing and squirming. iwaizumi holding you tight and continuing his reign of affection and playfulness on you.
3. bumping into each other at night, wondering why the universe paired you together at that specific time. giggling, catching up, joking around, and being yourself around iwaizumi was cathartic. you wish you had more time, but the universe could only do so much.
4. watching movies together, glancing (or staring) at his side profile and admiring him. he does the same thing right back at you, and ends up moving closer to initiate cuddling. over time, you both fall asleep on each other, not finishing the movie.
5. him stopping by your apartment at 2am asking if you want to grab some food. hearing that you are feeling shitty impulsively made him take you out to get your mind off things. late night car drives with small indie artist music playing in the background, but it ends up not working and plays different songs because it only happens to not work whenever iwaizumi is with you. iwaizumi glancing over at your lips and wonders if you put lipstick on. (it’s just lip balm, he couldn’t tell the difference because your lips looked kissable)
6. watching a drive in romantic movie together. him taking in your features and your glasses. he notes the brand your glasses are, and not everyone truly knows what brand they are. you both see shooting stars three times, nudging each other and sharing soft whispers. him catching bugs for you and letting them go far away from you. iwaizumi walking you to the bathroom and waiting for you.
your brain and dreams continuously torture you as you admire iwaizumi from afar, knowing that your heart will be broken if you confess. you know that he doesn’t like you the same way you do. how heartbreaking to know that all of this will never blossom into something romantic and true. writing furiously in your notebook, you didn’t notice iwaizumi walking into the room.
iwaizumi walks into homeroom, seeing you writing something in your notebook. he smiles, staring at your beauty.
but, did you ever consider that iwaizumi may like you back? did you ever consider that you have his heart in the palm of your hand?
A/N: HOLY SHIT LOL… i wrote this to get my one-sided romance daydreaming with my crush off my chest… and this is a lot i am sorry :( some of the cheesy moments happened, but not all of them teehee i hope you enjoy my daydreams
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izurou-archive · 5 months
if suna’s life depended on him keeping his hands to himself, he’d have been dead long ago.
you’ve always been aware of how dependent he is on physical touch, and you just assumed that he was on the clingier side, or maybe you’re just so irresistible—the man can’t even control himself. he’s never denied either, which led you to believe you were spot on. tonight is different though. you come to the realization that, while there is a certain degree of truth behind both deductions, maybe suna isn’t what you pegged him to be.
it’s nearing midnight, and as much as you’d love to be fast asleep right now, you aren’t. instead, your hands are pressed against suna’s bicep in a failing attempt at rolling him over.
“stay on your own damn side rintarou,” you huff, reddening the skin on his arm in your one-sided battle. he doesn’t budge—in fact, the only thing that moves is you as you repel backwards on the satin sheets, proving to be no match for the pure strength of his upper arm.
“or what?” he grins, clasping both of your wrists in the hand he was hiding under his pillow.
“i’ll, sleep on the couch,” you threaten. his grip falters for a moment—the thought of going back to sleeping alone, even for a single night, was one he didn’t particularly want to bring to life.
“oh?” he loosens his grasp altogether, and drops his head onto your leg. he wraps his arms around your thigh, trapping you in place as he smooshes his cheek against the plush skin and allows his eyes to flutter shut. “i think you’re full of shit.”
“you’re right,” you sigh, falling back against the headboard. “if anyone is sleeping on the couch, it’s you.”
“have you seen the size of me?” his brows knit together, and he pouts—if you didn’t know any better, you’d think he was having a bad dream. in his defense, the mental image of himself sleeping on your tiny loveseat is his worst nightmare.
“nope, never.”
“oh yeah, seven, maybe even eight,” he mumbles, beginning to trace shapes onto your skin.
“rin, you’re only six foot three. where’d you get eight?” you peer down, brushing a piece of his hair back into place.
“i meant inches,” he replies, turning to smile at you. he keeps his eyes closed though, wanting whatever punishment he’s about to receive to be a surprise.
his nose scrunches up as you flick the side of his head, and he reaches up to rub at the spot—as if you weren’t shoving him with your entire body weight five minutes prior.
“why are you like that?”
“dunno, genetics i guess?”
he covers his head on instinct, giggling as he anticipates the same movements from seconds ago. but you’re laughing, and that’s something worth opening his eyes for—and wow, your smile looks even prettier when it’s because of him.
“i love you,” you say, and to be honest, you’re not entirely sure why that’s your response, but it’s the one thing on your mind as he grins up at you.
he presses a kiss to your thigh, shuffling back to his own side as he whispers that he loves you too. maybe he’s had a change of heart, or maybe he’s just tired—but he’s completely given up on trying to park himself on your side of the bed.
in reality, he feels bad for bothering you while you were trying to sleep. you’re so sweet, being such a good sport every time he pulls a move like this. you could have anyone—maybe even someone who lets you sleep in peace. shit.
you turn over, facing the window as the cool night air seeps through. it’s quiet, incredibly so, and for the next fifteen minutes, all you hear is the sound of suna’s breathing from across the sheets. you assume he’s sleeping, but you should know better than to do such a thing.
you feel the tips of his fingers graze against your shoulder, feather light, but still there nonetheless. so you shift to the left by just a hair, and you hear the rustle of fabric as he moves, reaching out until he’s met with the warmth of your skin again.
no response. he can pretend all he wants, but you know damn well that he’s awake. so you roll over, right onto his side and right into his arms, smiling as you catch the corners of his lips tug upwards.
of course you’ll still be there in the morning, he thinks to himself. you wouldn’t leave him. still, something manages to convince him that you will. he needs to feel you, to reassure himself that you are still indeed there, with him.
over the next couple weeks, you become aware of his touch, and how he reaches for you every night. whether it be his thumb brushing against your wrist, or his foot resting against yours, he’s there.
he’d never admit it, but suna is scared. of losing you, of being alone again, of love—and all the complex emotions that come with it. but you know that he loves you, no assumptions needed.
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rinsaint · 5 months
ft. Aran, atsumu, && iwaizumi !!
cw. legal age gap (reader is 29 they are 19), milf fucking duhh, infidelity, tit play, atsumu has a filthy filthy mouth, fucking on a yoga mat, breeding, degrading, oral, riding, spit, unprotected sex, one smack to the ass, marking, making out !!
ARAN: Aran is definitely known in the group for fucking women older than him and that are milfs. And when he gets tease cause of it by his friends, he quickly denies it saying it’s not true. Which is obviously a lie. You, his next door neighbour who happen to be older than him and have 3 kids. He took interest into you quickly because you spiked curiosity in him. Always so sweet, giggling and touching his beefy arm that he has worked hard for — fuck how could he not be attracted to you. And you were a divorced women? it was a win for him, atsumu would say. Your kids were staying with their father for the weekend and as you were making yourself coffee you noticed how you were out of milk. So you went to your next door neighbour aran to borrow a cup of milk. When aran opened the door he was shirtless and wore a sweatpants that showed his dick print. You gulped slightly. And that’s how you ended up with your face pushed into the mattress of his sheets, thrusting his cock in and out of your warm and tight cunt. You let out a pitched moan when he landed a smack on your ass making you clench around him. “Yea? you like that little slut? getting pounded into with my big cock?” You nodded your head and let out a cry as he sped up his pace. “c-cummin’ aran! m’gonna cum please.” He pushes your head down more as he slowed his thrust down but banged his hips into your ass. Each thrust he gave you knocked the wind out of you had you coming with a moan of his name. He bit his lip as you gushed around him, letting your juices soak his cock. Not long after he had came inside you. He pushes his cock real deep into you so you can feel his seed in you. So you can know he’s in you. Maybe his stupid friends were right.
ATSUMU: definitely a person who is also known to fuck women older than them that has kids. He has no shame about it either. His current interest was in you — ‘samu’s worker that worked at his food restaurant. And god were you hot. Your breast poking out of your work outfit and the pants of your work outfit making your ass look big. ‘Tsumu can’t help but want to talk to you. So he asks samu about you and he learns that you are a married women with 4 kids. Married huh? He didn’t care, it was no problem for him. So tsumu strikes a conversation with you at work and he finds you intriguing. I mean god — whoever guy that’s married to you obviously isn’t doing something right because when atsumu brings up that you’re married, you have a forced smile telling him that you’re happily married. Bullshit, he thinks. You two became closer and actually became friends. And you aren’t obvious to his flirting, and you’d never admit but you liked the attention he gave you other than your husband who comes home and never pays any attention to you. And atsumu knows that. And he knows you know he knows that. And that’s why when your husband took your children to see their grandparents for a while, atsumu is quick to come over to your house and fuck you until the only word you know is his name. Atsumu groans as you bounce up and down on his thick cock, gripping on e of your tits and sucking on your harden bud. You grip onto his shoulders letting out a whimper, “‘atsu, m’so close, need your help please!” And who is he to deny his love? He grips onto your hips lifting you up and switching the position you two were in so now your laying under him. He grabs his cock and you whisper out when he thrust back into you in one quick motion. He grabs under your thighs and starts fucking into your cunt like an animal. “Fuck baby— ya cunt squeezin’ ma so hard. ya liked getting fuck by me don’t ya? such a slutty whore. imagine what yer husband might think if he ever sees you whining and begging f’me.” At his filthy words spilling from his mouth, you bring him closer to you and grip onto his undercut as you come. He groans feelinfs the way you squeeze him and comes right after you. You’re about to get up but stop as atsumu pushes you back down on the bed. “Ya think we are done baby? nah, m’gonna fuckin’ breed ya until yer stuffed with ma babies.”
IWAIZUMI: Iwaizumi knew you had kids and were divorced because you were a regular incomer at his workout place. Everytime you come there he helps you with a few stretches and he can tell you are stressed. As he’s stretching you, he notices something is wrong so he asks you about it. You tell him about how the kids father is still trying to fight for custody over the children and how work is kicking your ass. And iwaizumi tries to pay attention he does — but when you let out that high pitched groan when he pushes your leg down to your chest, he gulps as he’s making eye contact with you which feels like forever. He could honestly get lost into your mesmerising eyes. He let out a cough and adverted his eye contact. He puts your leg down and says you two should take a break. You grab onto his arm telling him to wait, he looked back at you and is surprised to feel your lips on his. And god does he grip your cheek so fast and press his lips into you more to deepened the kiss. He pushes you down slightly on the mat and takes his shirt off. It’s all so quick, just minutes ago he’s stretching you out, the tension thick, and now he’s having a taste of your cunt that he’s been thinking about. God this was so unprofessional considering he was at work doing this, but he didn’t care, all he cared about was you and the way you taste. He pulls away from your dripping cunt and gives you a kiss on the cheek as you whine. “Hold on baby, m’gonna give you the real think mhm.” He said, as he pulled his short and underwear down in one quick motion. He spits in his hands and slowly jerks himself and lines his cock up with your entrance. Your grip onto his shoulders and whine when he pushes his thick cock inside of you. You pull iwa down into a kiss as he pulls out again and slams into you. You wrap your legs around his torso as you moan into the kiss, fuck he was so close but he wanted you to come first. He put his thumb on your clit and roughly rubbed circles on it making you clench around him. “baby fuck, m’gonna cum f’you please!” You whimpered out and came around him scratching and arching your back. iwa lets out a groan and pushed into you as much as he can and came inside of you.
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tooruhearts · 7 months
Tumblr media
they’re in love!! (with you)
→ feat. atsumu miya, oikawa tooru, hinata shoyo, sakusa kiyoomi || genres: fluff
Tumblr media
KIYOOMI is late to work. and it's not his fault. no, he didn't sleep in. he didn't forget to turn off the stove. he didn't forget his keys. in fact, he woke up at seven am like he always does. but kiyoomi is late to work and it's because of you.
"baby, one more kiss? the last one," you say, lips already chasing after his.
but kiyoomi puts a hand over your mouth. "you said that twenty kisses ago."
"last one, i promise, please?"
and now you're holding onto his necktie, eyes blinking at him, waiting for him to say yes. but kiyoomi is already ten minutes late to work and he knows that if he caves into you he will be even later. so he opens his mouth, about to say no, but then you kiss his cheek and whisper in his ear.
god. he can't say no to you.
kiyoomi kisses you, sighing into the kiss. he can feel your smile against his lips. what a little devil, he thinks. but that doesn't matter right now, because your lips feel like heaven and kiyoomi thinks this is paradise. and kiyoomi kisses you again and again and again until you're both breathless.
maybe he should call in sick today.
Tumblr media
ATSUMU sometimes gets this overwhelming warm feeling in his chest, a feeling that makes him want to almost cry. and it is times like these, as he’s laying in bed sick with a wet towel on his forehead, as you are holding his hand, that he realizes how grateful he is that you chose him. that you wanted to stay with him.
“babe, i love ya, will leave all my fortune to ya."
“tsumu, stop acting like you're dying. it’s just a cold.”
he snorts at your reply, but the warmth of your fingertips on his palms doesn't stop the tears from appearing in his eyes. he can feel his lips quivering, his face growing red (and not from the fever). so he pulls you closer to him, until your face is pressed into the crook of his neck.
“ya know i love ya, right? i love ya so much,” he whispers in your ear.
"i know tsumu, i love you too."
"even when you make me burnt porridge, i love ya a whole lot."
"yes, yes, you big baby," you giggle, lightly smacking his arm, "my big baby."
the night ends with you kissing atsumu's face over and over again until he stops crying (he stops when he falls asleep).
Tumblr media
TOORU knows all good things come to an end eventually. that forever is not a word that lasts, it's not a word that makes sense to him. that one day he will have to let go. but when his arms are tightly wrapped around you as you bask in the afternoon sun, your hair tickling his cheek, he thinks it might make sense after all.
forever is a word that tooru can finally picture and it takes shape in the form of you.
"you smell like me," he says, kissing the top of your head.
"you noticed? i used your shampoo."
"you're also wearing my jersey," he teases, "you like me that much?"
"tooru, you're literally my boyfriend."
he laughs. tooru can't help but tighten his arms around you, still laughing, your face pressed against his. you whine, saying he's crushing you. but tooru keeps you secure in his embrace, kissing your cheeks, your ears, your neck. kissing your lips. and yes, oikawa tooru is your boyfriend. he's yours, forever and more.
"you're soo clingy," you say.
"only for you," he replies.
tooru doesn't think forever is a word that lasts, but if it's with you, he will try. he will try to make it last until his last breath. only for you.
Tumblr media
SHOYO thinks you look stunningly beautiful. even now, as your clothes are soaked and you look terribly pissed off because the weather forecast didn't announce it would rain. even now, as your hair clings to your forehead and you're squeezing his hand a tad bit too hard.
"our picnic is ruined.”
"it's fine, we could always go tomorrow! and now we can go home and cuddle."
but that doesn't take away the look of disappointment on your face, or how your body slumps, or how smaller than usual you look. so shoyo pulls you towards him, making you drop the picnic basket, his face a mere inches away from yours.
"dance with me?"
and shoyo doesn't even wait for you to answer before he's twirling you around. hands around your waist, pulling your body each time closer to his, until all he can feel is your warmth instead of the rain soaking his clothes. until all he can feel is your heartbeat.
"shoyo, stop, this is embarrassing!" you say, but you're laughing and laughing with each twirl, with each step.
shoyo thinks you look stunningly beautiful. even now, as your hair clings to your forehead and your clothes are drenched. even now, as the rain pours over both of you and you two are dancing and laughing like mad.
Tumblr media
a/n: tooru’s is inspired by the song forever by lee junhyung!!
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k0dzu1 · 3 months
"yes, my love?" there's a teasing lilt to his voice, and a stupidly sexy smirk on his annoyingly handsome face.
"what is this?" you ask, thrusting the diamond necklace towards him.
"hm," he says, pretending to inspect it, "looks like a necklace to me."
"omi," you groan, falling down onto the couch beside him, "you've gotta stop spending so much money on me. people are gonna think i'm only with you for your money!"
"are you?"
"then it shouldn't matter," he states simply. he takes the chain from your hand and fastens it behind your neck, the small K falling right above your collarbone. he kisses your shoulder and wraps his arm around your waist, pulling you into his lap.
"besides," he whispers as his kisses trail up your neck, "with that, everyone will now you're mine."
inspired by @/oomisluvr rich!sakusa hcs
a/n: rich boy!omi never leaves my mind
taglist: @https-true-egoist @wonpielle @iiheartrune @tsukkinlove @staymoarmyzen @avid-idiot
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softboimegumi · 3 months
“wear whatever you want babe, I can fight”
- tsukishima, daichi, tanaka, keishin, IWAIZUMI, mattsun, kyotani, KUROO, yamamoto, aone, futakushi, bokuto, akaashi (trust me on this one), konoha, kiyoomi, ushijima, semi, terushima, suna, ATSUMU, OSAMU
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popkorrn · 4 months
sakusa took off his jacket and draped it over your sleeping figure wordlessly.
you stirred slightly at the additional weight of the fabric over your shoulders. opening your eyes groggily, you blinked a few times to adjust to the glaring brightness of the lights in the bus. tugging the jacket closer to your body, you turned to the curly haired boy sitting next to you with a sleepy but perplexed glance.
"you looked cold." sakusa explained, biting back a smile at the way you wrapped his jacket tighter around yourself.
a drowsy grin slowly spread across your features when his familiar and comforting scent engulfed you whole. "thanks." you whispered gratefully.
"don't fall alseep." sakusa said softly when he noticed your eyelids threatening to fall again. you glanced at him with half closed eyes, tilting your head in confusion.
"your stop is next."
"oh..." you trailed off, your tired mind taking a few more seconds to comprehend his statement. "then," you muttered quietly under your breath, removing his warm jacket and exposing yourself to the cool air of the bus. with your best attempt at folding it neatly, you handed it back to him.
"thanks for the jacket, omi." you smiled, expecting him to take it back with a comment about how your germs had contaminated it now.
"keep it."
"huh?" you stared at sakusa in bewilderment.
sakusa froze in silence, his heartbeat raising with every passing second. he mentally cursed at himself for letting his internal thoughts slip through his mouth so carelessly.
"your germs are all over it." he said quickly, hoping you were too tired to notice the slight panic in his voice. tearing his gaze away from yours, he fiddled with the hem of his shirt nervously.
you huffed, scrunching your nose to pretend that you're offended by his statement. "i have far less germs than you," you retorted, "you're all sweaty from practise."
sakusa let out a breath of relief that he didn't even know he was holding in. it was at times like this he was thankful that you were painfully oblivious to his feelings for you.
"but i don't wear it during practise."
"fine." you sighed in defeat. you knew there was no point in arguing with the sakusa kiyoomi about hygiene. when the bus slowly rolled to a stop, you hopped off with the jacket folded in your arms and a promise that you would make sure to wash his jacket before you return it.
much to your surprise, he refused to take back the jacket the next morning. he simply told you that he doesn't want it anymore. because of your germs, he claims, and definitely not because of the way you made his heart flutter with how absolutely adorable you looked in his jacket.
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h9nako · 4 months
feat. suna rintaro, kuroo tetsuro, ushjima wakatoshi & akaashi keiji
genre: fluff!!
summary: when it comes to dating you, there are some criteria that these men definitely fit!
Tumblr media
SUNA loves seeing you in his camera roll. videos, photos, .5s, and photos you took when he didn’t have his phone with him. needless to say, it’s only mandatory that he takes photos of you whenever you two are together. especially on dates, where he turns into your personal photographer, and let me tell you—this man is good at the job. you’re trying to take a photo but it’s too dark? that’s fine, he’ll place his phone on his left hand and turn on the flash and keep your phone on his right to take the pics. your storage is low? use his phone to take pics. he’ll send them to you later. it’s a bonus in his eyes because now he has extra photos of you to add in his photo albums. this man literally has a photo album for .5 photos in which it’s raining and you both forgot to bring umbrellas. his phone is all up in your face and your hair is usually drenched and sometimes your mascara is running but rintaro claims it’s hilarious to look back on. sometimes when you guys are in the middle of an argument he sends one of those pics to you and says “i miss you” while he’s literally just in the other room. 
KUROO is at the porch of your house at two am. why? well, while you were trying to use the bathroom half awake, you were greeted with a spider crawling on the bathroom floor. and to be honest, you’d never want to bother kuroo’s sleep, but the spider was really big and there was only one bathroom in your house. that’s why when you open your door, your boyfriend (who also hates spiders by the way) has a face mask on, latex gloves, and bug spray in his hand. “where is it,” he whispers and it doesn’t even sound like a question, either way, you point into the direction of your bathroom and he firmly nods like he’s off to war, entering your place and letting out a deep sigh while striding into your bathroom. he hesitantly opens the door and peeks head first, scanning the bathroom but not seeing said spider. “it’s gone.” he grumbles while turning off the lights to the bathroom. before he can turn to face you, he notices you gripping onto his shirt hard and can’t help the chuckle that escapes his lips. “you seriously that scared of a spider?” he snorts.  “maybe… maybe you should just stay the night.” 
USHIJIMA is the type of boyfriend to take initiative. he’s observant, understanding, and does anything possible to make sure you’re comfortable and feeling okay. that’s why ushijima is the one who speaks up when the restaurant gets your order wrong. he’s aware that you can speak for yourself, but when he noticed you picking your food with a fork, he knows you’re not going to. and to him, it’s pointless to come to a restaurant without enjoying your meal. so, he waves at a waitress and kindly asks them to bring the correct order. and even though you tell him he really didn’t have to, he smiles at you, “i insisted on us coming to this restaurant, it’s only fair you get your correct order.” while ushijima thinks that what he did was the bare minimum, you think you just fell harder for him.
AKAASHI is literally an angel brought to earth. you swear he’s the biggest gentleman you’ve ever met, and you’re so grateful to have him in your life. this lovely man always makes sure you’re walking on the inner end of the road. it doesn’t even matter if there are sidewalks—akaashi doesn’t want to take risk. since you guys live closer to the city, you take that as an opportunity to take frequent walks to enjoy the sights. the second you guys step foot on the sidewalk, making small talk and pointing at interesting views, akaashi will casually switch positions with you, nodding along at whatever you’re rambling about. he’s so smooth with it that sometimes you don’t even notice. “you’re being overdramatic, y’know.” you tell him, laughing at the tight grasp he has on your arm. and he laughs as well because how did his arm get there in the first place? he may worry a lot about you, but it’s only out of love. “i need you to be safe at all times, pretty.”
Tumblr media
reblogs and interactions are appreciated!
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ashthemadwriter · 3 months
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Calling them by their name
Fandom: Haikyuu!!
Pairings: Suna, Oikawa, Bokuto, Atsumu, Osamu, Iwaizumi, Tsukishima, Yamaguchi, Kenma, Kuroo X Fem!Reader
Genre: Fluff, Humor
Format: Headcanons
Warnings: Some cussing done by me, Suggestive in Iwaizumi's part
Word Count: 1.2K
A/n: It's been a while since I last wrote for Haikyuu so-
This TikTok compilation on YouTube
Tumblr media
"Yamaguchi Tadashi!"
The man looks at you frightened, like he just saw a ghost or smthn lmao, making you Almost feel bad about this prank.
"What? What happened?" "Did you eat all the Ice cream I saved for myself?"
Lmao now he's scared af.
"I-I No I didn't! I put it in the freezer like you told me too!" "Then why isn't it there? You're telling me that the freezer ate it itself?" "IDK!" "Yamaguchi Tadashi!" "BABE STOP CALLING ME BY MY FULL NAME YOU'RE SCARING ME"
Runs to the store to buy you more Ice cream, little did he know you were the one who ate it, but you were too tired to go out so you used this method to make him go out and buy some instead lol
"Tsukishima Kei!"
You really think He's gonna fall for that? huh
He can clearly see how you're carefully watching him to see his reaction. He knows you're up to smthn immediately.
MF ignores you until you call him by his pet name😭
"Tsukishima Kei!" "..." "Tsukishima!" "..." "...Kei?" "..." "Kei Baby?" "What is it?"
"You're no fun" "And you're so dumb" "Hey!" "What? It rhymes! Who's not fun now?"
Just don't play pranks on this guy he will make you regret🤧
Much to your surprise, he has TikTok. Playing pranks on this guy is never successful cuz he's 10 steps ahead of you. Always.
Like when he finds you saying & doing smthn that sounds familiar to him he's like "Oh it's that prank I saw yesterday! She thinks she can fool me? That's cute. Let me mess with her a little bit"
"Suna Rintarou!" "F/n L/n!" "Suna Rintarou this is a serious matter!" "I'm listening F/n L/n!" "Suna why are you doing this?" "I don't know what you're talking about, L/n" "RIN-"
He will be the one who wins in the end. Always.
You sometimes find it tough to hold yourself back from punching him, but you're in love with his punky ass so you have to deal with it.
Cute whiney baby T^T
IDK why I find him so adorable lmao
You don't even have to call him by his full name to upset him. Saying his first name instead of pet names is enough to damage his heart lmao
The guy looks like he's been shot in the heart LMFAO
"Why are ya callin me Atsumu?🥺" "Um... I mean, that's your name, right?" "No! 'm not Atsumu! 'm baby! or Sweety! or Hubby! Who do ya think yer callin Atsumu?"
He won't talk to you unless you make it up to him by extra kisses & smooches cause I'm not kidding, THE GUY IS HURT.
Now he's a bit different from his twin. He will get irritated at first, but as the mf he is, he is gonna make you regret.
He literally stops whatever he's doing, raises his head to stare at you with a blank expression. Maybe you can sense a sharp dagger stabbing your heart lmao.
"Did ya just call me Miya?" "... I..."
Ngl he looks scary af. Though his expression is blank I AM TELLING YOU.
Goes back to his business with the blank expression meanwhile ignoring the fuck out of you for the whole night.
Will not back down unless you're on you're knees begging him to pay attention to you lol
"'Samu!" "What's that sound I'm hearing? Never mind" "SAMU PLEASE I'M REALLY SORRY-"
His reaction is the same as 'Tsumu's but a bit tenser lmao.
His head that was on your chest suddenly raises for you to meet his puppy eyes.
"Suger Cube? Why are you calling me by my name? Did I do something?🥺🥺🥺🥺"
He's innocence is enough for you to feel bad and suffocate him in your arms T^T
"No Mwah* Baby Mwah* I'm sorry it was Mwah mwah* just a prank!"
Just cuddle your baby owl a bit more he deserves it T^T
This mf deserves it.
Fuck him up.
Make him cry.
Choke him. Kill him. Slap him-
Ahem. Where were we?
So yeah basically he's a jerk and he deserves all the pranks in the world lmfao
"Oi Shittykawa! Didn't I tell you to clean your room? Why is it still a mess?"
"BABE WHY DO YOU HAVE TO CALL ME THAT- sighs* Even my own S/o bullies me, what a cruel world indeed"
"Just shut up and do it already" "Babe you're so mean😪" "You deserve it YOU HANDSOME BASTARD-"
This guy is so good. So husband material. So hot. So much in shape. ANYWAYS-
He's surprised. Very surprised.
"Iwaizumi Hajime!"
Looks up from his phone immediately to meet your frustrated expression.
Frustrated by how hard you're trying to hold back your laugh.
"What is it honey?" "Did you forget to wash the dishes?" "No they're all done" "Then did you forget to take out the trash?" "Took it five hours ago" "Then what about... what about..."
Lmao now he gets what's going on.
A smirk appears on his face as he throws is phone on the couch and the next thing you know you're pinned to the cushions with him on top of you.
"What was that about? Are you trying to tease me or something?"
BRUH he looks so hot like this that you're literally unable to talk.
"I- W-Well... what if I am?"
Let's just say that you never dared to play pranks on him again🚶🏻‍♀️
Why you doing this to my cat boy lmao T^T
Pauses his game and turnes to look at you with a HUGE sulk on his face.
"Why did you-" "Kozume? Really?"
Lmao his pouty face makes you chuckle a bit
"That's your name isn't it?" "What happened to baby, sweetheart, love of my life..." "KENMA BABY I'M SORRY-"
God knows why he looks so cute when he's all sulky lmao
Lmao I can never bring myself to mess with him.
Anyway he will get you back, and a thousand times harder.
It's like you called him by his full name once, and ever since then he keeps calling you by your last name lmao.
You come home after a long day? "Well look who it is! The one and only L/n!" "I FUCKING HATE YOU TETSURO-"
This doesn't stop when you're in public. Or in front of your parents.
When your mom's on the other line? "L/n it's your mom she wants to talk to you!"
When you're out with friends? "L/n would you be kind and pass the salt please?"
People keep asking if you got into a fight or smthn LMFAO
So yeah this will go on for a while until he gets tired of it or he hurts your feelings then he will apologize for BEING SUCH A DICK crossing the line a bit too much.
Interactions are appreciated! :)
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tahdashi · 7 months
Tumblr media
✫ ft. akaashi, suna, atsumu, and osamu x gn!reader
✫ a/n: clingy boys and when they miss you :( mention of food in samu's! also unedited bc when do i ever
Tumblr media
✫ AKAASHI misses you most on late work nights, when the lamp in his office starts to strain his eyes and when his back starts to ache from the countless hours hunched over his desk. he glances at his watch often, searching for the motivation he needs to get through his final edits. and when he finally leaves marks on the last sheet of paper on his desk, he’s rushing out of the building to come straight to you. you know he’ll be extra clingy tonight — not only from his ‘be home soon, love’ text, but also from the deep sighs that left his lips when you called hours ago to ask when he’ll be home. and to no surprise, the second keiji opens the apartment door, he’s coming straight to you, leaning his head on your shoulder and taking in the scent of your shampoo. “god, what a long night,” another sigh leaves his lips. “need to hold you for a bit.”
✫ SUNA misses you most when you’re doing anything but giving him all your attention. and it all starts the second you get out of bed. when you're brushing your teeth, you leave the bathroom door open so he can slip in and sit on the edge of the tub, his warm fingers dancing at your waist. and when you go to the kitchen to make breakfast, he's clinging onto you from behind, tucking his face into the crook of your neck and leaving innocent kisses, one after the other. and when you turn around to look at him and give him what he's been waiting for (his good morning kiss, of course), rintaro melts into you, his tall stature shrinking to fit right against you. "you know what i want," he places a soft kiss to your jaw, "so why are you running away, hm?"
✫ ATSUMU gets clingy when he's sleepy. he's been trailing behind you ever since he came home from practice hours ago, leaning on the counter while you organized the kitchen, pulling you into his chest when you two settle onto the couch. "baby, i missed ya today," his voice trails off sleepily. "you say that every day," you say, leaning up to kiss his nose. his pink lips pull into a smile. he moves his hand from your hip to your cheek so he can hold your face, kissing your lips once before mumbling a quiet it's true. and you know that exhaustion's about to take over his body when his eyelids droop and his hand falls back to your hip. he rubs circles into your skin with remnants of that pretty smile on his face. you kiss his cheek once, then twice, and his grip on you tightens. "tsum, let's sleep on the bed. it's uncomfortable here." too tired to move, he simply adjusts so your body is between his legs, your head on his chest, and his large palm on the crown of your head to keep you secure.
✫ OSAMU misses you most when business is slow, when one or two customers filter into the shop. he thinks about when he first opened onigiri miya, and the big toothy smile on your face as you cheered him on in the kitchen. sometimes, he's grateful for a slow day. it means that he can get some time to himself in the kitchen. and most days, he'll call you as he prepares ingredients, asking you about your day and what you want for dinner that night. today, he sets up his phone by his cutting board so he could facetime you. the excitement in your voice brings a soft smile to his face. "whatcha up to, babe?" he asks, chopping up some ginger. he listens to your rambles, humming to indicate that he's listening. he loves feeling your presence even if it's through his phone. before he leaves work that night, he packs some extra onigiri for you, knowing you'd want to eat them while you sit on the counter as he cooks dinner.
Tumblr media
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