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Tumblr media
୨୧ ꒰ synopsis ꒱ lovesick haikyuu boys during sex!
୨୧ ꒰ contains ꒱ atsumu, oikawa, sugawara, bokuto, kita, tsukishima
୨୧ ꒰ warnings ꒱ smut (mdni), praise, fingering, oral (f!recieving), breast play, love bites, teasing, pet names (sweetheart, angel), riding, cursing, intimate sex, fem reader
୨୧ ꒰ word count ꒱ 1.5k
Tumblr media Tumblr media
“Look at me, sweetheart,” Atsumu moans, hanging his head down to stare at where you’re both connected. His blonde hair is messy as it falls in front of his face, and a deep groan slips past his lips as he sinks his cock into you. 
“You feel so good,” you gasp, instinctively gripping onto him. 
A boyish, charming smirk tugs at Atsumu’s lips as he gazes down at you. “Yeah? ‘M all yers.”
As if to further punctuate his words, Atsumu presses his cock deep inside you, two of his fingers coming to circle against your clit. His hips grind against yours, the fat tip of his cock continuously nudging against the spot that has you moaning his name—Atsumu’s favorite sound. 
“Yeah? Ya’ like that?” he moans, the grin never leaving his face.
Wanting to feel him closer, you pull on his broad shoulders. Atsumu quickly obliges, pressing his bare, sweaty chest to yours as he kisses you deeply. A groan of your name falls past his lips as you clamp around him, cunt gushing around his cock as his thick shaft drags along your walls.
“You know I do,” you tease, moaning as he hooks a strong arm under your thigh to fuck into you deeper. 
“So fuckin’ tight for me,” he pants against your lips, eyes dark and heavy-lidded. All you can do is run your fingers through his messy hair, pushing the fallen strands away from his eyes to better see him. 
Atsumu kisses you passionately, messily, moaning into your mouth as he grinds his cock into you. “Love ya’ so much.”
Tumblr media
“T-Tooru,” you gasp, arching your back as he hovers over you. 
You can feel the pleased smirk pressing against the curve of your breast, Tooru's lips teasingly brushing and biting along your skin. 
“That’s my name,” he hums against you. He groans as he encourages your fingers to thread through his hair, the messy brown strands curling around your hands as you tug. Tooru’s lips are soft and insistent as he grazes them in feather-light kisses along your chest, trailing bites back up your neck. 
“W-When are you going to be done with—ah!—this?” you moan, clenching your thighs together as he presses his face to your chest again. 
“Why should I stop?” he asks, tracing a finger over one of the many love bites he’s left against your skin. “Everyone should know you’re taken.”
Tooru’s tongue drags along your skin as he sinks down between your thighs, spreading them open and staring admiringly at your dripping cunt. 
“I’m fairly certain everyone knows I’m yours,” you state, spreading your legs for him to settle between them. 
“Mmm,” Tooru smirks, pressing tiny, fleeting kisses to your inner thighs. “Well, just to be sure.”
He continues littering love bites along your inner thighs, only stopping when his tongue swipes through your cunt, collecting your slick in his mouth as he hungrily sucks at your clit. 
Tumblr media
“Koushi…” you moan, wrapping your legs more securely around his back. 
“Shh, I’m right here, angel,” Koushi groans against you, cradling your face in his hand. His palm is large and warm as you lean into it, placing an affectionate kiss to his fingers. 
Koushi smiles lovingly down at you at the action before letting his head hang down, entranced at the sight of your dripping cunt sucking his aching cock back inside of you. 
“You feel so good—always so good to me,” he moans, a shuddering breath racking through his body. He braces his elbows against the bed, languidly dragging his cock through your walls, only to draw back and push back inside of you deeper than before. 
Dragging your nails through his hair, you sigh happily as he buries his face in the crook of his neck. His breath is hot as he pants along your skin, continuing the sweet, tender pace he’d built up until you’re both a moaning mess. 
Koushi's cock is hot and thick inside you, the fat tip of his cock leaking as he grinds his hips. The deep roll of his hips always leaves you gasping his name, gripping onto his hair before your touch slides down his neck, collecting on the nape of his neck. 
He continues making love to you for hours, completely in love with you and the way his name sounds falling past your kiss-swollen lips. 
Tumblr media
“You’re so wet…” is said in awe as Bokuto rests between your legs. He drags his fingers through your folds, spreading you apart; his eyes widen at how your slick clings to his fingers. 
He’s unknowingly teasing you, but with the completely enamored look on his face, you can’t bring yourself to stop his admiration. 
The pads of his fingers are rough as they spread you apart, his darkened eyes latching onto your clit. Without warning, he leans in to press his tongue against you roughly, moaning obscenely against you. 
“Kou!” you gasp, legs almost falling against the bed as he presses his mouth against you. He merely moans, digging his nose against your clit as he shakes his head, moaning all the while. The vibrations of his mouth reverberate through you, and all you can do is moan and writhe underneath his insatiable touch. 
“That feel good? You taste amazing,” Bokuto states as he barely pulls away, lips wet with your slick as he simply stares at you. 
He loves the sweet sounds you let out for him when he dips his head down again, wrapping his soft lips around your clit. Your fingers thread through his hair, gently tugging as he hums around you, sucking and licking against your clit as two of his fingers make their way to your clenching entrance. 
They slip in easily, and Bokuto wastes no time crooking them inside you, pressing against the spot that has you gasping and squirming. Not having any of that, your boyfriend presses a large palm to your hip, effortlessly keeping you still as he messily makes out with your cunt. 
Tumblr media
“I love ya’, love ya’ so much,” Kita gasps, reverently, in awe. 
His large hands—slightly calloused and rough from working in the fields all day—gently hold your hip. His thumbs brush against the skin by your hipbone, eyes wide and lips parted as he stares up at you. 
“I love you too, Shin,” you gasp, a long, drawn-out moan of his name spilling past your lips as you grind on him. His bare cock, thick and warm inside you, throbs as you clench down on him, and Kita loudly moans as he thrusts up into you deeply. 
“Shit—so tight,” he groans, biting down on his lip as he guides you to bounce on his cock. Kita’s completely enamored with watching your slick cunt sink onto his hard cock, the way you’re stretched out for him causing his head to spin. 
He presses a hand to the swell of your breast, fingers pinching and pulling at your nipple as you drop your hips flush against him, both of you letting out loud moans as you circle your hips. The head of his cock presses against the spot that has you seeing stars, and you let your head fall forward as he sits up. 
Kita’s warm mouth wraps around your nipple, moaning around it as his hand keeps you steady on him. He continues thrusting up into you, wet tongue laving across your breast as you grind on his aching cock. 
Tumblr media
A low groan is heard as you grin to yourself, Tsukishima’s arms wrapping around your waist to pull your back flush against his chest. 
“You know I’m holding back fucking you against the counter,” he presses a kiss to your neck, his hot breath fanning across your ear. It causes you to shiver as you finish making your morning coffee, pressing your ass against his front. 
Tsukishima’s hands tighten around your hips, fingers pressing insistently and needily against your hips as he groans. He’s already hard, and you bite your bottom lip to hide the playful smile that tugs at your lips. 
“Who said you had to hold back?” you tease him, one of your hands moving to hold his. Tsukishima grins against you, pressing languid kisses down your neck as he entwines your hands against your waist.
“Oh?” he hums, clearly pleased as you grind back against his aching cock again. Tsukishima has to bite back a groan at the sight of you in just his large shirt covering your frame, panties already wet as they cling to your slit. “You want me to fuck you right here?” 
Your grip on the coffee beans falters as his long fingers teasingly trace down your thigh, slowly dipping under the waistband of your panties to drag along your clit. A gasp falls past your lips as Tsukishima skips past the teasing to spread apart your folds, pressing languid circles to your hot clit. His broad, tall body braces you against the counter, and you welcome how he crowds against you. 
“Kei,” you moan his name as he continues slowly circling your clit, wet kisses trailing down your neck. 
“It’s okay, let me take care of you,” he grins, blonde hair still messy from sleep. “I’m not going anywhere.”
Tumblr media
haikyuu masterlist
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basilly · 3 months
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
|| ➼ in which you ask them for a hug
characters: oikawa, kuroo, atsumu, kita, & kageyama
warning: no pronouns, fluff!
Tumblr media
˚ ༘♡ ⋆。˚ oikawa quickly grins before hiding it with a pout. he loves his physical contact but sometimes it's inconvienent for you. he complains you were "rejecting his affection" but how are you supposed to type with two hands and hold hands with him??
he tries to resist, leaving his arms crossed. "oh so NOW you don't want affection??" after a longgg hug from you and a couple feather light kisses all over his face, he's giddly smiling and returning all the affection and more.
˚ ༘♡ ⋆。˚ kuroo raises his eyes in surprise- he's a little cocky about it. "oh?? a hug?" he teases you a bit before giving in. "i need to remember this moment forever." he even makes a mental reminder to tell kenma about this- not that kenma would even listen.
he loves to tuck you against his tall nature, his head rested on yours. you especially love when his jacket ends up wrapping around your shoulders in the process, providing you warmth, and lightly scented as your boyfriend.
˚ ༘♡ ⋆。˚ atsumu has a little smirk on his face. "sorry i didn't hear you- you want a what now?" he uses this to his advantage to get as many kisses as he wants. "i need ya to give me a kiss for that hug." taps his cheek for a peck with the biggest smile on his face.
not that it's an issue for you though, you'd give him a million kisses to sink within his warmth. the years of volleyball did him well, his toned arms wrapping around your frame. he tucks his face into your neck, pressing kisses in the area.
˚ ༘♡ ⋆。˚ kita accepts gratefully. even though he feels bad that he's sweaty from working all day in the heat, he wouldn't let you wait. he immediately relaxes within you arms, dropping his head on your shoulder.
he gently fiddles with your hair, swaying the two of back and forth. you're rubbing circles into his back, eventually the two of you begin dancing to silence in the kitchen. this was all he's imagined going home to in his dreams.
˚ ༘♡ ⋆。˚ kageyama doesn't know how to take it. he freezes up and blsuhes before awkwardly wrapping one arm around you and patting your head with the other. you can only giggle and kiss him on the corner of his lips, making him blush even harder.
after a couple seconds he relaxes, getting more comfortable and snuggly. when you attempt to let go, you find yourself struggling. "tobio??" "one.. one more minute." it definitely wasn't but you didn't mind.
Tumblr media
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veenxys · 23 days
「Haikyuu boys reacting to you sleeping on the couch when they come home late」
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
⤷ Bokuto
he chuckles softly, taking off his jacket, as he sees that you’ve fallen asleep on the couch. the loving expression on his face is evident as he takes a moment to admire how peaceful and innocent you look in your sleep. he decides to join you on the couch, gently scooting you over and snuggling into your figure and making sure you’re comfortable. when you sleepily cuddle closer into his arms, warmth blooms in his chest and he presses a kiss on top of your head, murmuring a good night darling.
⤷ Kuroo
he doesn’t realize he’s smiling because at the moment, while looking at you, all he can focus on is this strange feeling in his heart. he lightly pushes a few strands of hair back from your face. when you start to wake, he cups your face, his thumb brushing your skin. “hi, you’re home,” you greet with a sleepy smile and hazy eyes. he hums softly with agreement, “yes, i am,” he says, because it’s true; he found a home in you.
⤷ Atsumu
as much as he appreciates you staying up to wait for him, you being well-rested was also important to him. he frowns a little, seeing you on the couch. from the back, he doesn’t see you dozing off, just that you’re sitting. he blurts out, his voice coming out in the tone of a concerned whine that gets louder with each word, “yahh, y/n, don’t stay up this late — oh sorry,” he blinks as you’re startled awake by his voice. you both laugh a little after a moment, realising the situation. he presses a soft peck on your lips before slinging his arms around your shoulders as, both tiredly making your ways into the bedroom. “don’t wait up next time, okay?” he says, pressing a kiss on your cheek.
⤷ Osamu
making his way towards the couch in the living room, he feels himself smile at the sight of your peacefully sleeping face, your book open in your lap. he closes it for you and gently puts his arms around your shoulder, carrying you into the bedroom. after lowering you down on the bed, he takes a moment to gaze at your features with a soft smile and press a kiss on your forehead. “sleep well, love,” he says quietly before making his way into the bathroom to wash up for bed.
⤷ Oikawa
his heart melts at the sight of you fast asleep on the couch. he quietly crouches down in front of it and fondly looks at you for a while, his chin resting against his forearm. in an attempt to wake you from your slumber, he gently flicks your forehead and cheeks. when you finally open your eyes, he greets you with a beaming smile. “come on, let’s get you to bed, yeah?” he says as he helps you get up, his voice laced with softness.
⤷ Nishinoya
when he comes home and sees you sleeping on the couch, he can’t hide a smile. he closes the door and locks it carefully, takes off his shoes and jacket, trying his best not to make any noise so as not to wake you up. he approaches and crouches beside you, staring at you for a few seconds with the sweetest and most bright smile of all; he brushes a few strands of hair out of your face before gently calling you so the two of you can go to bed. he’d kiss your forehead and tell you you don’t have to wait up for him, that your health always comes first, and that he’s happy to see you anyway.
⤷ Kenma
already tired, he would be touched that you waited up for him and his heart would swell with emotions as he looks at you with a such a fond expression, softly stroking your cheek. he brings the pillows and blankets — yours and his — from the bedroom before gently placing the former under your head and covering the latter over your sleeping figure. he presses a lazy yet loving kiss on your forehead and falls sleeps on the floor in front of the couch while holding your hand.
⤷ Suna
he beams as he notices you asleep on the couch, lying sideways. he tries his best to be extra quiet as he takes his shoes off and tip-toes his way towards you and takes a seat on the floor in front of the couch. he has such a soft look on his face as he watches your serene expression. with a smile, he picks you up and carries you to the bedroom. as soon as you start stirring and mumbling something he couldn’t quite hear, he simply places a kiss on your hairline, whispering softly, “i got you, baby,”
⤷ Sakusa
he has a slight upturn to his lips when he finds you dozing off on the couch, your phone still in your hand. his hand reaches towards you, taking the phone before it falls and replacing the empty space with his hand. he watches you for a while, tired but unable to hide the smile on his face. when you stir and your eyes open slowly, he seems unfazed but apologetically rubs soothing circles on your knuckle, “i said not to wait up,” he scolds softly, tsk-ing at your previous awkward sleeping position and the neck pain you might end up having. the smile never leaving his face, he helps you up and leads you to the bedroom.
⤷ Hinata
he completely melts when he sees you sleeping, but he also gets a little worried because he doesn’t want you to wake up with neck or back pain. he smiles weakly because the idea of ​​you wanting to wait for him awake makes him feel loved, even if you couldn’t. it’s okay, he thinks, you’ll always come first and he’d never criticize or judge you for it. he gently picks you up and carries you to bed, covering you and gently caressing your cheek before kissing your forehead.
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euphoricimagination · 8 months
𝑾𝒉𝒆𝒏 𝒚𝒐𝒖 (𝒖𝒏𝒄𝒐𝒏𝒔𝒄𝒊𝒐𝒖𝒔𝒍𝒚) 𝒉𝒆𝒍𝒑 𝒕𝒉𝒆𝒎 𝒘𝒊𝒕𝒉 𝒕𝒉𝒆𝒊𝒓 𝒊𝒏𝒔𝒆𝒄𝒖𝒓𝒊𝒕𝒊𝒆𝒔
Feat. Bokuto, Oikawa & Sakusa
Warning: Mentions of insecurities
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Bokuto knows that he talks a lot; it's something that he can't control, and he wasn't able to change it even if he wanted.
He has experience way too many times that whenever he was excitingly telling a story, the other person doesn’t look half as interested as he is; sometimes they aren’t even listening to him or straight up tell him to shut up for a minute. Whenever that happens, he just slowly stays quiet and loses any motivation to continue talking, and he can’t help to think that most people find him annoying.
One day he was telling you about a volleyball match that you couldn’t go, and he was more than happy to tell you about it with all the details and sound effects possible. And even though you sometimes didn’t understand the technical details he was explaining, you were more than happy to see him talk about something he loves.
He was was telling you about a move that Atsumu did when he realized that you weren’t saying anything; and suddenly those memories came back, making him worry about boring you. He didn’t want you to be annoyed at him, and he knew that you were too nice to tell him to shut up. He looked at you with an apologetic smile
“Sorry, I talk too much, huh?” he mutters quietly, his eyes looking to the ground. He didn’t want to look disappointed, but he was pretty easy to read.
“What? No, no. keep going. So Atsumu send it a bit higher?” you asked, making him look at you quickly. He wasn’t expecting finding you with shining eyes and a smile, encouraging him to continue.
That made his heart beat faster; it wasn’t that you weren’t interested, you just were really invested in him and his story. He was so happy that he could talk to you so freely without any fear that you might get annoyed.
“Ah yes! He sent it a bit higher, and I barely was able to…”
Tumblr media
Oikawa has always been insecure; is not something that he can particularly control since he grew up believing that he wasn’t enough, always feeling that his hard work will never be enough to compensate the raw talent of others.
Now, years later, he's much less insecure than his teenage self, but sometimes it unconsciously transfers in the relationship. He knows you love him, but you always notice how he hugs you a bit tighter at night or when he’s around some people he doesn’t like.
You two were at a tournament in Japan, he was getting ready for the match when he saw you talking to two people from the opposite team, Miya and Suna according to their jerseys. He knew that you probably knew them from your school days, but he can’t help to feel a little unsettled when he sees you laughing so comfortably with them. Since the match was starting soon, he decided to go to you, hearing part of your conversation with those two.
“Sunarin and I are going to beat yer ass today, ya traitor” says Atsumu ruffling your hair playfully while you hug Suna
“Ya wish, should I remember ya which team won last time?”
“Well, I’m starting today, I’m the second-best setter in Japan, yer boyfriend of yers can’t compared” says teasingly; however, Oikawa didn’t knew that, his small insecurities starting to spark up the closer he gets.
“Ya wish, he’s the best in Argentina. I’ll bet money that he’s better than ya” you say winking at the Japanese setter. At thise words Oikawa stops; he knew that you always have supported him, you literally went to Argentina with him, but hearing you saying it so directly and confident makes him so unbelievably happy.
He was so deep un thought that he didn’t realize that you were in front of him.
“Toru? You okay, babe?”
“Perfectly fine” says hugging you tighter.  
Tumblr media
Sakusa was told all his life how difficult he was, how hard it was to approach him, how mean he was to everyone, being told that he was a germaphobic even though he wasn't; all of that because he likes things done in a certain way and he tries his best to be comfortable. Those words have chase him all his life, and despite not understanding why he was labeled like that, a part of him believe it was true.
You two are in a small hangout with the whole team celebrating their win when Sakusa excuse himself to go to the bathroom. To be honest, the only reason he accepted coming here was because he wanted you to relax after working so hard; and he knew that you like spending time with his team, much to his dismay.
“Dontcha get sad that Omi-kun doesn’t hug ya or kiss ya that much?” says Atsumu a little tipsy just when Sakusa was coming back. As much as his rational side knew that you love him -you wouldn’t be with him otherwise- he can’t help to wonder if you’re annoyed by those things.
“I don’t need him to be all over me to know that he loves me Tsum”
“But isn’t it hard to be his partner? I mean, he has so many… quirks to deal with”
“I don’t think they’re that weird though, he just likes everything to be clean, which is good. I love him lots, I don’t mind changing part of my routine to make him comfortable, he does the same for me” you say normally. He's thankful that he has his mask on, he can feel himself blushing slightly by your words. He never really expected to find someone that accepted him so easily, he never expected to feel so loved.
“So cheesy Yn”
“This is why you’re single Miya” says coming behind you, an arm dropping through your shoulders “Want to go home love? It’s getting late”
“Sure” you say standing up and saying bye to the rest of the team. He can’t help to squeeze your hand tightly hoping that you somehow know how much he loves you.
Tumblr media
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utahimeow · 4 months
oikawa’s kids find a photo album
Tumblr media
the kids and their curious hands never fail to amaze you. this time, they managed to uncover a photo album from a box somewhere in the depths of your home. you stumble across them sat in a circle around it in the middle of the sitting room and cross your arms over your chest.
“where’d you go and get your noses stuck this time?”
“mama, is this you and daddy?” your seven year old asks. he’s the middle child—also the loudest, a stark contrast to your first son who’s two years older and hardly made a peep when he was a newborn. your youngest, your four-year-old darling girl, is somewhere in between the two.
as you approach your little clan, you find that he’s right. the photo he points at is one of you and oikawa on a high school trip in your third year, back when you two were still hiding feelings from one another. back when you were still fawning over the volleyball team’s captain and setter, one of the top players in your prefecture. a smile overtakes your face then, a nostalgic warmth setting into your bones.
“come on,” you say, picking up the album so you can take a seat on the couch. the boys earnestly take their spots on either side of you, and your little girl scrambles into your lap.
even you’d forgotten the contents of the album, having left it untouched for so many years. but as you sit there, sifting through the pages that held memories from fifteen years ago, you have to bite back tears in front of your children.
“there’s daddy with your uncle iwa,” you say, pointing to a picture where the two boys strike some dumb poses. it was the summer after you all graduated, and you had gone to the beach with a bunch of classmates to celebrate. next to that photo is one of you and oikawa, his jacket around your shoulders, his arm pulling you close.
“there’s me with daddy,” you say, voice oozing with fondness. “that was when we fell in love.”
it was the night he kissed you for the first time. it took him three years to do it—to this day you haven’t let him live it down. it was also the night he told you he was moving to south america to play volleyball for a living, and the night you cried until you couldn’t breathe.
he had made a promise to you that night— “this is just the start of everything, my love. not the end. i promise.”
…and here you are sitting with three of his kids. well, he certainly didn’t break his promise.
as you flip through the pages, you find photos of you in college, and oikawa with his teammates. photos from when you graduated and moved to argentina. photos of your parents as well as oikawa’s. photos of when oikawa proposed. photos from when you became pregnant.
“you know who’s in there?” you ask, tapping at your bump in the picture. taken in mexico, when you and oikawa decided to head there for a vacation. three heads shake, and your fingers tickle at your oldest’s side. “it’s you.”
“but how did he get out?!” your younger son screeches, and your eyes turn dramatically wide, your shoulders shrugging as you stare at him with an expression that mirrors his one of perplexity.
one of your favourite photos is of your husband after winning a match, holding his very first son who was just one, who’s wearing a tiny version of his jersey that you’d gotten custom made to surprise him. there’s a second photo of the three of you at the same match. at the time oikawa had no idea you were three months pregnant with his second child.
“you guys wanna see photos of younger daddy playing volleyball?” you gasp. your kids give a chorus of excited yeah!s in response, so you rise to your feet after plucking your daughter off your lap. “okay, be right back.”
what you thought would be a treasure hunt doesn’t last long enough to be called that. because sure enough, you find the album you’re after underneath you and your husband’s shared bed—a scrapbook filled solely with professionally developed photographs of oikawa throughout his career.
you’re not sure how you didn’t hear the front door, but when you return to the sitting room, your husband is home, getting climbed on and attacked with affection from his children.
“oh, hello,” you chime. dark brown eyes find you and in an instant they light up.
“hi, gorgeous,” he grins. when he stands, his daughter remains clinging to him, arms wrapped firmly around his neck. she doesn’t budge even as he plants a kiss to your lips in greeting.
“we were in the middle of looking at some old photo albums. care to join us? oh, wait, you’re probably hungry, aren’t you though? let me heat up—”
“baby,” oikawa chuckles, ever so charming when his arm snakes around your waist and he pulls you towards the couch with him. “dinner can wait. i can’t miss the chance to tell the kids what an annoying brat you used to be when we were young.”
your mouth falls open as you scoff in disbelief. “wait till they hear what a cocky son of a-”
“oi,” he cuts you off, but not without a cheeky grin.
you stick your tongue out at him, eventually taking your spot in the middle of the other oikawas.
your husband gives some kind of story for each photo in the album, one of the plays he recalls making, how close the match had been, how he had made the last point by pure luck.
“daddy, you’re like flying!” your daughter squeals, pointing at one of the pictures where oikawa was spiking—a rare occasion for a setter, and extremely impressive for that reason.
“i felt like i was,” oikawa says.
“i wanna be like you, daddy,” she declares.
oikawa had never pushed volleyball onto his kids, no matter how much he wanted to pass on his legacy. if they wanted to play volleyball, he wanted them to play it out of passion, not some random obligation, not out of pressure. and your daughter had always been the biggest daddy’s girl—she adored him, as much as he adored her. it’s why his chest swells at her words and the both of you know: a volleyball player had just been born.
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cyb3rtoru · 2 months
ミ★ Private lessons
teacher!oikawa x student!reader -> 18+ edging, name-calling, teacher student relationship, exhibition
Tumblr media
“Good girl, just like that.” his hands pushed your legs deeper into your chest, adjusting his cock deeper inside you. You let out a breathy moan your stomach tightening. You knew what private lessons meant with your teacher, that you’d eventually end up bent over his desk or under him and ultimately submitting to his touch. 
And who were you to complain about a couple of orgasms in exchange for a passing grade in his class when he was so amazingly good at having your legs shaking and your head spinning by the end of it. Whines fell past your lips when his fingers worked circles around your clit, “Keep squeezing me like that, I might just let your attitude from earlier slide.” He groaned, his nails digging into your thigh. 
You grow teary-eyed as you feel your upcoming orgasm bubble inside your tummy, his eyes focused on the dripping slick covering his length, he just knew what to do and where to touch to have you dripping and begging for more.  "M'sorry! Please----"
“Shh,” He cooed, lowering himself toward you, his lips grazing your cheek, “Either way, I have to give a brat like you somewhat of a punishment.” It was sickening what his voice did to you, the slight rasp he'd get when his voice got lower. How nuts your head went when his hips slammed against yours, god you loved the power he had over you, the slight adrenaline rush of getting caught added to the fantasy your head was creating,
His fingers stayed rubbing circles into your clit, his hair sticking to the sweat dripping down his forehead, your pussy fluttering around him his cock kissing the oh-so-sweet spot inside you. His pace grew quicker, running through your g-spot and every other spot that your vision clouding, your stomach grew with a coil when the only thing you could moan was his name, and your toes curled when the tip of his cock kissed the entrance of your cervix the sudden contact causing you to spasm, finally the orgasm you'd been waiting for---
“Nu-uh, not today.” He quickly pulled out, jerking himself over you a couple of times before letting out spurts of thick white hot cum cover your thighs. You cried, letting your legs drop from your chest, a pout forming on your lips. “Next time you give me an attitude, you can forget about walking.” He grinned leaving a sloppy kiss on your lips.
Tumblr media
© all rights reserved all content, belongs to cyb3rtoru 2022 - do not repost, modify, or translate.
taglist -> @silversslut @omiomicumslut @oooobokuto @amarinthe @iiishaa @rinsangel @icelyn20 @taelia15 @tamak00 @dazaisfavgf @z0inqz @slatoru
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kisskawa · 2 months
— touch of you
“you ok?” your question cuts through fuzzy visions and the constant thrum of city noise in the background.
“yeah,” oikawa nods, “i was just-” his arm stills mid air, halfway into a point when he notices the paused tv. “just thinking,” he finishes lamely, biting back the urge to wince at his poor response.
he’s not lying. he was thinking. it’d been a long day and oikawa craved your touch. he’d been hoping you’d angle yourself ever so slightly to the side, giving his head a place to rest on your thighs. or that you’d sink into his side, hugging his arm to anchor yourself from melting completely.
but you didn’t.
and then oikawa’s want turned to guilt, pooling heavy in his stomach as the recognition of his selfishness surfaced. because you’re so kind and caring and you’d let him pick the movie tonight, and it’s taken some time but oikawa had learnt to understand how you love.
you’re not touchy. not one to thoughtlessly trail featherlight fingertips down oikawa’s abdomen or offer open arms mindlessly. instead, your shows of affection are quiet and subtle, barely there displays that seek only to bring oikawa some ease, some warmth.
and despite what you’d expected from someone with such a large presence and commanding nature, oikawa had been nothing but patient and willing and lovely.
he let you set the pace, encouraging smile enticing the actions from you whilst still remaining aware of your boundaries. the first time you’d linked pinkies with him had been after a series of careful brushes of the hand, sending electricity coursing through his veins, heart jolting and singing at once. but rather than let his excitement flood and overwhelm, oikawa had curled his finger around yours, settling for a pleased little grin and holding tight onto that feeling of happiness that always bubbled up when with you.
it’s a feeling you get too, tucked away next to your heart where you keep all things precious - fond memories, kind words and tooru’s smile. it’s a place only he’s familiar with. and it drives you to shift, leg swinging over oikawa’s lap so that your chests are pressed against each other’s.
your confidence is beginning to wane by the time oikawa settles, head dropping into the crook of your neck with a satisfied hum. his arms wrap around your torso, giving you a brief though tight squeeze as if beginning to recharge, as if to say thank you.
oikawa’s happiness spills in an instant. it’s as infectious as ever - at a family gathering, at flattering admiration and praise, at the end of a winning match - and it has your arms travelling upwards, coming to rest across his shoulders and behind his neck.
“what are you thinking about?” you murmur, voice low like you don’t know.
the corners of tooru’s lips peak up. a sign he’s thought of something entirely ridiculous to say.
“you.” it’s also the truth.
you try for a dismissive scoff, it comes out amused instead, dampened by your smile. “you’re awful,” you chide, groaning.
“you love it,” oikawa rallies easily.
“i love you,” you shrug, words flowing like second nature.
“now who’s the awful one?” oikawa beams, nosing your cheek, “the awful, cheesy, corny one.”
“you’re contagious,” you nod seriously, though wriggling threateningly on his lap as he continues to pile on wet, lovesick adjectives. your bluff is silently called, the both of you are fully aware you’d already decided against leaving for a while.
it’s a funny sort of statement, its meaning an insult but lined with all the adoration of a compliment. and it has tooru replacing his stock of sticky, fond words with a declaration of “i love you.” he couldn’t go too long without returning the sentiment after all.
his lips are pressed against your skin in hopes it’ll allow the confession to seep through directly into your heart, “i love you so much, you don’t even know.”
the chuckle that escapes you rumbles through into oikawa’s chest, filling him with joy. “course i do,” you comment matter-of-factly, eyes curving with pride, “i know everything about you, everything about loving you too.”
and tooru can’t help but boldly agree. because it took only a thought and you had found yourself comfy on his lap, wrists looped around his neck to pull him flush against you. it started perhaps slightly rough, actions somewhat rare, and still, greedily tooru thinks all the time in the world with you is too little. for, how could he ever have enough of your touch, of you?
lithe fingers play with the wisps of hair that fall upon his nape, a sly trick you’d long since learnt would make tooru turn boneless in your arms. and all bothersome cares and worries leave his mind.
throat suddenly syrupy thick, tooru replies to your affection with three taps at the base of your spine, just enough pressure to be firm and steady and sure.
you know what they mean too.
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chosovixen · 15 days
hi! can you do a drabble wherein the mc gets princess treatment nsfw pls oikawa or atsumu please
i had to research this, and i still don't understand, so if this isn't right i'm sorry!!
“baby please,” oikawa whined. he’d been trying to cheer you up for the past hour, but you weren’t having any of it. you sat on the soft cushions of the comically enormous couch—arms crossed over your chest as he pleaded with you. “princess please look at me.”
you shook your head, a small pout still spread across your plush lips. “you’re a liar,” you spat out and pulled away when he reached out and hold you. 
“baby no, i was really busy.” and he was, you just didn’t care enough to understand. his priorities were to only be you, so what was so hard? “it was a really important meeting. i’m sorry i got here so late, we can always have dinner somewhere else.”
“i wanted to got there, they’re the only place that has what i like” you sneered, now looking at him, half-lidded eyes as you tried to control the anger that was building. 
“yes i know, but we missed the reservation.” you glared at him. “i-i missed our reservation, so please let's just go somewhere else.” he corrected while trying to grab onto your hand, but you again pulled away and sighed.
“i don’t want anything else. you never listen to me,” trying to make your way off the couch to get past him was no hope as he pulled you back down. oikawa shook his head at you—watching as you flopped back.
“well if you don’t want to do anything else, can i at least do something for you?” you raised an eyebrow and waited for him to continue. “so that i can apologize?” you were intrigued, so you softened slightly. he then pushed you back further onto the couch with his large but slender hand against your chest. 
“wha-” and before you could question him, he was snaking his hands up your fitted dior dress with ease. 
“i promise i’ll make it up to you,” he spoke in between kisses up your thigh, and you could only moan as you felt his fingers curl at the hem of your underwear—yanking slightly at the material. you lifted just enough for him to pull them down and when they were finally discarded he wasted no time dipping his head between your legs. his warm breath tickled your exposed cunt, and you shuddered at the feeling. he watched as you squirmed—bottom lip between your teeth as you bit down softly. 
“please. i need you,” a small whimper escaped your trembling lips as oikawa continued to tease. 
“i got you, princess. i got you,” he panted. with one long lick from your hole to your clit you were a moaning mess—head thrown back as your nails scratched the cushioning beneath you. he sucked and slurped your puffy bud, swirling his tongue gently every so often. 
“fuck. harder, please,”
“i know baby.”
he obliged and sucked hard, making you yelp, back arching as your hips pushed further into his face. he held your legs in place as he now sped up once feeling you grab at his hair and so eager to get you to cum, oikawa’s teeth nibbled softly at your bud, and you could feel yourself clenching, nearly coming on the spot. 
“please. i’m gonn-”
he came up for air and whispered, “i know, baby, fuck-cum all over my face,”  before taking his place back between your legs and sucking harshly on your clit. you came undone all over his pretty face after a few more licks and wet kisses. your legs felt numb, and your breathing was rapid as you tried easing yourself through your orgasm. 
oikawa got up from in front of your pulsating cunt and bent down to pick your tired body up. you instantly wrapped your arms and legs around him as he began to walk towards your shared bedroom. 
“am i forgiven?” he asked with a hushed tone, trying his best not to alarm you.
“no,” you bluntly stated.
he frowned, thinking perhaps he could buy you a dress or nice shoes to make up for it, but you interrupted his thought. inputting a request of your own.
“i want you to fuck me till i can’t remember why i was mad.” you sluggishly said while placing pouty kisses on his lips.
and a smile began to spread across oikawa’s face because he knew he would be able to fulfill that request with no problem.
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bbiemilk · 3 months
꒰♡༚ᵕ꒱˖ *・。゚⌒ husband!tooru oikawa x f!reader. nsfw — mdni. reader in a dress / "doll" + "baby" + "angel" / soft dom!tooru / praise / orgasm denial / tooru fingers you and then he tastes you ໒꒰ྀི ⸝⸝⸝⸝ ꒱ྀིა / supa fluffi smut ! / not proofread / a littl gift for @pastelpixies ^3^ / 1.2k wc ⊹ masterlist
Tumblr media
tooru oikawa is not a safe driver. at least, not with the way he’s focused on you sitting shotgun next to him instead of the road ahead.
but he can't help it, really.
you just look so damn pretty in that gorgeous dress that flatters your frame so well, those chic sunnies perched atop the bridge of your nose, the dainty diamond chain that hangs from your neck with the gem-embedded “T” that lies on your sternum— the “T” for his name. it matches the ring you have on your finger.
tooru. tooru’s. you’re tooru’s.
his to love, his to hold, his to treasure.
a gentle smile makes its way onto his lips at the thought, and he basks in the orange glow of the saturday sun that shines down on the two of you— reflecting off your jewelry and casting colourful spots over the beige leather of his convertible.
you look at peace. with your head tilted back against the headrest, tooru can make out your eyes through the gap between your sunglasses and how they twinkle as they look out at the coastline ahead; the ocean breeze sweeps the stray strands of your hair out of your face, and your arms are raised up above your head to catch the wind, a carefree holler leaving your glossy lips. your skin shimmers under the sun setting opposite you— you’re doused in its warmth and god, tooru swears he’s falling in love all over again.
before he can think, one of his hands leaves its place on the steering wheel to find your body, sliding under the high slit of your dress to feel your soft skin directly against his. tooru’s gaze flits from the mostly barren freeway to where his palm rests on your thigh, and finally up to your face, grinning ear-to-ear as he notices the smile gracing your lips widen and your eyes fluttering shut in bliss. 
“you should focus on the road, tooru.” your words hold some warning, but your actions deceive them when your thighs clamp around his hand and a quiet moan pushes past you.
“can’t help myself when i’ve got the prettiest angel riding shotgun,” he lets out a breathy laugh at how your hand flies down to grip his wrist when he dances his fingers up, up, up— up to the place he needs to feel you most. “besides, you’ll be my saving grace if things go south, yeah?”
his voice is followed by a sweep of his index finger across your clit, the already throbbing nub easily felt through the cotton of your panties, “d-don’t joke around like that— fuck…”
tooru remains quiet as he continues his ministrations— his eyes are back on the road but his mind is elsewhere— focused on the feel of your plush folds over your panties, sliding a finger along the length of your cunt and continuously flicking at your clit. he tuts at you when you whine and roll your hips to meet his hand, eager for more of his touch.
“tooru, please…”
“‘please’ what? use your words, doll,” his voice is honeyed— low and saccharine and teasing— and it has your mind fogging up with submission.
“wan’ it— want you, tooru, your fingers…”
tooru feels his crotch begin to ache at your sweet keen, your essence seeping through the fabric and soaking the pads of his fingers. he watches through his peripheral at how your head digs further into the headrest and your back arches off the seat, thighs rubbing against his forearm, and he can only bring himself to continue petting you over your panties— stuck in a trance by your current state.
“tooru,” the whine of his name that escapes you is riddled with impatience, “please, wanna cum on your fingers, please…”
“shit, you sound so pretty— you're so fuckin' pretty, y’know that?” he bites back a groan upon hearing the shakiness of your voice — lilting sweetly with lust and desire. 
he’s quick to heed your request, deftly shoving your panties aside and running two digits along your folds to collect your slick before gently pushing them in your entrance, smiling at the wanton moan that he coaxes from you due to the much-needed stretch. tooru inches his slender fingers into your tight hole, feeling a throb in his cock at how your essence drips down his knuckles to wet the back of his hand when he prods that one spongy spot that lines your walls.
“you’re so fuckin’ messy, doll… did i do this to you?”
“mhm, o-only you…” he curls his fingers against that sensitive spot again, coaxing another rush of slick to run down his fingers. 
his continued ministrations push you closer to your orgasm, and when the heel of his palm finds your clit— you’re reduced to nothing but a whining, panting mess next to him— leaking all over his leather seats.
“b-baby, you’re gonna— hah— you’re gonna make me—!” 
tooru can tell you’re about to cum with the way your grip around his wrist tightens and your thighs begin to tremble. your voice raises an octave and you just sound so, so cute— he’s almost sorry for what he does next: withdrawing his fingers from you and licking his digits dry, savouring your sweet cream that drips down his throat before returning his hand to the steering wheel.
you’re silent for a moment, still caught up in your haze of the impending orgasm that was ripped afrom you, and tooru sucks in his cheeks to hide the smirk that makes its way onto his lips when he finally hears the incredulous cry that you let out, “tooru, what the hell, i was gonna cum!”
“what, you told me to focus on the road—ow!”
he laughs when you hit his arm with your purse, the pout on his lips mirroring yours as soon as he catches sight of you facing away from him with crossed arms.
“baby, c’mon, don’t be like that.” he reaches out to poke at your cheek— once, twice, before you grab his finger and gently bite down on it.
“then, maybe you should’ve thought twice before doing that.” you frown at him and furrow your brows, only to get a sweet coo from tooru in return as he pinches your cheek.
“heh, you look so cute when you get mad.”
you try to fight the smile that makes its way onto your lips at his words but fail, rolling your eyes when he leans over the polished wood of the centre console, tapping his cheek with his finger and beckoning for you to kiss it. you playfully push your husband’s cheek away and huff out in fake annoyance, your gentle smile turning into a pout of confusion as tooru pulls over to the side of the freeway and unbuckles his belt.
“tooru? what’s wrong?”
his answer is easy to guess when he undoes your belt as well, spreading his legs to direct your attention to the visible swell of his crotch in his slacks.
“wanted you to cum on my cock instead.”
Tumblr media
from coco — i am ! sorry if this is awful i really just threw some words together and hoped they sounded good lawlz . . . regardless i hope u lov3d it (⸝⸝o̴̶̷᷄ o̴̶̷̥᷅⸝⸝) ❤︎ comments + reblogs + feedback of any kind are supa dupa appreciated!
🍋 — @utahimeow @soumies @oomiya @crescentkaze ^3^
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yamsblueberry · 7 months
So people was wondering if Oikawa meet Atsumu, will they be gang up and be ally or the exact opposite?
And IT IS CANON! if you put Oikawa Tooru and Miya Atsumu together, the two will rips each other throat. (But i believe Oikawa will cry first if this continue)
Tumblr media
And do not worry, Iwaizumi can handle this perfectly.
Tumblr media
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hoejosatoru · 2 months
Oikawa is a brat. You swore up and down you weren't into him and told him just as much. You were constantly trading nasty comments with each other. Yet here you are in his bed. Yeah, he's never letting you live that down.
Oikawa is not going to make this easy for you. "How long have you been dreaming about my cock, hmm?" He's got his hands between your thighs, stroking your pussy over your underwear. It's feels good, but not nearly the relief you need. He's smirking at the wet patch that's quickly forming on the fabric. "You're soaked for someone who's supposed to hate me."
Naturally, Oikawa is gonna make you beg. He wants to hear you tell him how bad you want him. Nothing Oikawa loves more than being right and having his ego stroked. "Please Oikawa, I want you so bad." He's getting so much pleasure from how pained it sounds from you. He wishes he could record this moment: you flushed against him, one of his hand squeezing your tit the other rubbing your clit through your underwear.
Oikawa makes you beg until he's had his full. He doesn't think you deserve his cock just yet, but he'll allow you his fingers. He has to hold himself back from moaning when he finally feels your wetness on his fingers. He can't let you know how long he's been dreaming about you stuffed with his fingers. Well, he's got you right where he wants you no sense in denying himself now.
Oikawa can you finger like literally not other man can. His fingers are long, strong, and dexterous, stroking the exact spot inside you that makes your pussy clench. He plays with your clit, loving how you desperately grind yourself into his hand. Your pussy is so slick and tight around his fingers. He knows you're close and speeds up his ministrations with ease.
Oikawa can't hold back a moan when he feels you cum around his fingers. Just when he thinks it's over, he feels you squirt, your release dripping down his hand. His dick is throbbing because, fuck, it was so hot and now he has another thing to hold over you now. He is never, ever letting this go.
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ohsatori · 4 months
Tumblr media
୨୧ ꒰ synopsis ꒱ your boyfriend is so pretty — but there are certain parts of him that are even prettier than the rest . . .
୨୧ ꒰ contains ꒱ atsumu, oikawa, yamaguchi, matsukawa, tendou
୨୧ ꒰ warnings ꒱ smut, fem bodied reader, pet names (sweetheart, baby), grinding, oral (f!receiving), cursing, teasing, slight dom/sub themes in mattsun's, fingering, body worship, praising, breast play.
୨୧ ꒰ word count ꒱ 3.1k
Tumblr media Tumblr media
“What happened to movie night?” Atsumu smirks, large hands splayed across your thighs. He looks at you with desire, the hungry look in his gaze causing you to moan as you bite your lip. 
“Well, it was going fine –” your words are abruptly cut off with a loud gasp as Atsumu leans back, his strong thighs tensing as he sits on his haunches. Rolling his hips forward, Atsumu slowly presses his cock back inside you, letting a loud groan spill past his lips at the sudden pleasure that pools in his abdomen. 
“What was that, sweetheart?” he teases, a lopsided smirk gracing his features as he leans over you. He presses his thighs against yours as he does so, soft lips grazing across your skin as he kisses up your chest, the column of your throat. You nearly whimper at the feeling of his muscular thighs tensing against you, pulling taut every time he lazily pulls out of you. 
“I said,” you repeated, teeth gritted with a haughty tone to your words. Atsumu watches, amused. “I said that it was going good, until you decided to wear those slutty sweatpants and show off your slutty thighs.”
Your words—full of faux annoyance—causes Atsumu to let out a loud laugh. He braces his elbows beside your head, the laughter tapering into a low groan as you clamp down on his thick cock involuntarily. 
“‘My slutty thighs’?” he asks you, and the charming lopsided grin that tugs at his lips only leaves your heart throbbing with adoration. “I thought ya’ liked my thighs?”
As if to punctuate his point, Atsumu laces your fingers with his own, languidly guiding your palm to run down his body. You have to bite your lip at the smooth planes of muscle, fingertips dragging along his soft skin, before he presses them gently to his thighs. 
“I do,” you moan his name, kneading the tensed muscle of his thigh. Atsumu seems to like this, a loud groan ripping from his chest as he nearly collapses on top of you. His biceps flex as he readjusts his hold on you, further bracing himself against the pillows as he ruts his thick cock between your folds. “Doesn’t mean they’re not slutty, though.”
Rocking his hips back, Atsumu allows his hands to drag down your body. His fingers trace against your breasts, softly kneading against your nipples as he thrusts back into you. The pleasure is immediate, causing you both to reach for the other as fumbled moans fall past swollen lips. 
You feel lightheaded as Atsumu’s thick cock stretches you open, molding you around the shape of him. Every time he pulls back, face flushed with his hair messily falling over his brow, the fat tip of his cock catches against your entrance. The feeling causes you to clench around him, greedily attempting to suck his cock back inside of your aching walls. 
“God, look at ya’, sweetheart.” Atsumu is in awe, tongue dragging across his lower lip as he pulls back to admire you. His hand smooths down your sides, cock twitching as your smaller hands continue pressing against his tensed thighs. “Ya’ like that, don’t ya’? Like feeling my body against yers?”
His pace suddenly picks up, his hand smoothing down your thigh. Atsumu lets out a moan of your name as his hand catches at the underside of your knee, pulling your leg up to brace around his waist; the position allows him to crowd into your space a bit easier, covering your body with his own as his cock drags against your tight walls, his head pressing against your most sensitive spots. 
“Ya’ know,” Atsumu begins, the neediness clinging to his words as the pleasure coils tightly in his cock. He lets out a string of curses at the feeling of your tight walls, so hot and wet around him, coating his thick shaft in your arousal as he fucks into you. “With how yer clingin’ to me, I think ya’ like my slutty thighs.”
And the way he hooks your leg around his hip, pressing his thighs against your body, tells you all you need to know. 
Tumblr media
Oikawa has always been a pretty boy. 
He knows this; his friends know it, and strangers know it. His bright grin and charismatic nature naturally draw people to him, and you find that you are no different from the rest. 
However, you think he looks prettiest when his soft lips, slightly swollen and bruised from your rushed, messy, needy makeout session from thirty minutes prior, are glistening and soaked with your arousal. 
“Shh, I’ve got you,” he moans out your name, a hand pressed to your thighs. The heat that emanates from his palm has you fisting your fingers through his hair, and a pleased feeling fills you at the sight of his usually neat hair messy from your touch. 
“Tooru…” you whimper out his name, the tight bundle of nerves building low in your stomach as his breath ghosts over your cunt. He enjoys teasing you like this—just barely brushing his lips over your clit, licking his lips as he takes in the sight of you and just barely allowing the tip of his tongue to graze your folds. 
With a pretty smirk tugging at his lips, Oikawa gently blows a cool puff of air right over your clit, enjoying your sweet reactions. He likes how your fingers tug at his hair before brushing over the nape of his neck in a silent apology. He enjoys feeling your thighs tense, likes feeling the softness under his hands as he easily spreads you apart for him. He likes dragging his fingers through your folds, admiring the way your entrance flutters around nothing. 
“You’re so pretty,” he nearly moans against you, lips parted to allow his breath to fall over your wet cunt. “Did you know that? How much I love making you a mess like this? You look so pretty spread apart for me, dripping down your thighs.”
Oikawa’s words cause your breathing to increase, your heart pounding rapidly in your chest. His dark eyes immediately catch onto the way your chest heaves, the soft curve of your breast rising and falling in time with his own. 
“And I love how you taste,” he presses his cheek to your thigh, closing his eyes as he bites his lip. He sighs as he feels his cock, hard and aching in his boxers, throbs at the sweet sight of you. Reaching a hand down, he slowly palms himself, adjusting his grip on his cock to allow a surge of pleasure to course through his body. As much as he enjoys teasing you like this, Oikawa has to admit that he’s simultaneously teasing himself. 
Finally giving in to what you both want, Oikawa leans forward, dragging his tongue through your folds. You both let out loud moans, and your boyfriend’s pretty voice against your cunt causes the room to spin.
He spreads your folds apart with two long fingers, slowly dragging his tongue down to your entrance to collect your slick in his mouth. His hands tighten around your thigh, further spreading you apart as his touch becomes needier, more insistent. 
Oikawa is losing his composure. 
When he finally gives into your quiet pleas, smirking against you at the way breathless moans spill past your lips, he swears he’s going to cum untouched. 
Oikawa Tooru’s lips are pretty, but he thinks they’re prettiest when wrapped around your clit, slowly sucking and letting his spit pool onto it. Your needy moans are like music to his ears, and they only increase when two of his fingers circle your entrance. He keeps his attention on your clit, soft lips wrapped around the aching nub, moaning against you as he digs his tongue underneath the hood of it, as he gently begins stretching you out on his fingers.
Tumblr media
Yamaguchi’s cheeks are flushed with a deep red, freckles standing in stark contrast to the pink dusting his skin. His amber eyes are wide as he takes the sight of you in, his cock hard and aching in his boxers as you settle over his hips. 
He leans back against the couch, spreading his thighs to better accommodate you. Swallowing thickly, Yamaguchi feels his heart furiously pound in his chest at the feeling of your body pressing against his. It causes his cheeks to heat even more, feeling your bare cunt pressing against his throbbing erection. He wonders if you can feel it against your thigh. 
“You’re so pretty…” he mutters, voice low. Yamaguchi is completely enamored by you, hands anchored to your hips as he helps you grind over him. His palms are large and warm, slowly guiding your hips to work over his straining cock. 
A soft laugh reaches his ears, and Yamaguchi feels the blush reach the tips of his ears as your fingers dance over the apples of his cheeks. 
“You’re even prettier,” you smile at him, and the look is so full of affection that it nearly causes your boyfriend to moan. 
Unable to handle the intense eye contact, Yamaguchi buries his face in the crook of your neck, sweet groans falling past his swollen lips as you continue grinding down on him. He’s certain his cock is positively leaking right now, lust and arousal spilling from his slit at the feeling of your slick coating his thin boxers. 
Pouting, you tug at his hair, and Yamaguchi immediately looks up.
“I want to see you,” you nearly whine. Yamaguchi’s heart clenches at the needy look you give him, and he can’t help himself as he leans forward to capture your lips in a deep kiss. 
Immediately, he moans against you, his grip on your hips tightening as he circles your hips over his aching cock. He enjoys feeling your hands holding the nape of his neck, twisting his hair as he presses your body against his. 
Your fingers move from his neck to his cheeks again, and Yamaguchi shudders as you harshly rub your cunt over his cock. He can feel the heat cascading across his length, and a curse is mumbled against your lips as his need for you grows. 
As your fingers dance across his cheekbones, you softly moan his name—a gesture that seems to rile your boyfriend up even more. There’s heat coming off his cheeks, and you pull away from his lips to admire the pretty, flustered blush coating his cheeks, accentuating his freckles. 
“Come back,” Yamaguchi mumbles, needily pulling against your hips. 
Wanting to see him even needier, you shake your head with a playful smile, bringing your lips to softly kiss along his cheeks. You sigh against him as you circle your hips over his, lazily grinding onto his cock and moaning when his head catches perfectly against your clit. 
All the while, Yamaguchi feels his composure slipping. There’s only so much teasing he can take, and he has to bite his lip to prevent loud groans and pretty moans from slipping past his lips. 
“That’s enough of that,” he states, but his voice is lighthearted. 
A soft gasp escapes you as Yamaguchi’s grip on your hips tightens, and then he’s flipping you over to rest against the couch. Your boyfriend looks incredibly pleased with himself as he hovers over your body, leaning down with a playful grin to kiss you deeply. 
This time, when he begins grinding his cock against you, it’s you who’s reaching for him, a needy mess underneath his body as you roughly grinds his cock against your throbbing cunt. 
Because as much as you think Yamaguchi is pretty with his blush, he’s certain you’re even prettier moaning underneath him. 
Tumblr media
His hands are large as they move down your body, gently kneading against the soft curve of your breasts. Mattsun revels in the way you moan for him, dark eyes watching you with rapt fascination as his fingers tug at your hardened nipples. 
“You really like my hands that much, huh?” he asks, though it is not so much a question as a statement. The amusement present in his tone causes you to press your thighs together, but he clicks his tongue in mild annoyance as you do so. 
“Keep your legs spread for me, baby,” his tone is demanding, though still gentle. You nod obediently for him, wanting nothing more than to please your boyfriend. 
“I think I asked you a question,” Mattsun states, long fingertips splayed across your stomach. You have a hard time thinking straight with how his cock is slowly stretching you out, your walls tight and attempting to suck him in with every deep thrust. The pleasure is intense, and with the fat head of his cock continuously pushing against that spot that has you seeing stars, it’s hard to concentrate. 
“Of course, I like your hands,” you manage to get out, followed by a gasped moan of his name. Mattsun smirks as he rolls his hips, pressing his tight pelvis against your clit as he grinds his cock inside you. 
The way you clamp down on his thick shaft, hot walls tightening around him until he feels like he could choke from the pleasure, has Mattsun eagerly gripping onto your thighs. His palms are soft and fingertips calloused, and as he gently rubs against your skin, his touch hot and burning against you, all you can do is grip onto him even tighter. 
“They’re pretty and long, and they make me feel good,” you state, eyes connecting with his as he rolls his hips. Mattsun bites his bottom lip at the pleasure, your words stirring something inside of him as his cock throbs between your legs. 
“They make you feel good, do they?” he teases, dragging the tips of his fingers down your thighs. His touch is feather light and barely there, causing your body to tense up with anticipation. All the while, Mattsun continues fucking his cock into you, his thrusts deep yet slow so as to feel all of you wrapped tightly around him.
“Mhm,” you nod, humming in agreement. All you can focus on is his large palms cupping the skin of your thighs, gently rubbing and kneading against you, fingertips long as he slowly presses against your clit. 
“Like that?” he asks, lips parted in pleasure as you immediately clench around his fat cock. The pleasure blooms deep in his gut, and he has to still, keeping his cock buried deep inside you to not cum on the spot. 
Teasingly, two of his fingers trace against your clit, pulling at the hood of it to draw languid circles against you. Mattsun likes the sounds you let out for him when he spreads your folds apart with his fingers, brushing over where you’re connected. He bites his lip as his gaze locks onto where his cock spreads you apart, still circling your clit as his fingers brush over your entrance. 
“You’re so soft…” he murmurs, his other hand still caressing your thigh, sliding up your stomach to dance across your chest. He squeezes your breasts in his hand, groaning when your cunt tightens around him even more. 
And as he slowly begins rocking his cock into you again, deep thrusts punctuated by deep groans, Mattsun’s hands stay splayed across your thighs and hips, loving the feel of your body under his touch. 
Tumblr media
Tendou’s body is long and lean as he holds you against him, languidly kissing you as you sink down onto his cock. A deep moan spills past his lips as your cunt stretches around his thick length, slowly taking all of him in with a gentle roll of your hips. 
“Feel good, baby?” he gasps against your lips, bright eyes drinking in the sweet expressions flitting across your face. 
He cradles your body against him as he guides you to begin grinding onto his aching cock, rolling his hips under yours to press even deeper inside of you. Tendou grins against you when you let out a stuttered moan of his name, his hand resting against your hip as he watches you, entirely enamored. 
“Yes, fuck, Tendou,” you moan, letting your head fall to the crook of his neck. Your boyfriend chuckles at your sweet actions, planting his feet on the ground to further fuck his cock into you. 
He lets out a loud hiss at the pleasure, in love with how your cunt wraps around his cock, nearly suffocating him in your tight heat. Rubbing soothing circles against the skin of your thighs, Tendou coos sweet nothings to you as you continue bouncing on his aching cock. 
“God, you feel so good, shit,” he curses, head rolling to rest on the back of the couch. He grins at the slight whimper you let out, angling his hips forward to press the head of his cock to the cushy spot deep inside your walls. 
Unable to handle the intense pleasure building inside you, you begin mouthing against Tendou’s neck, running your tongue along his pulse point. His hips obviously stutter at your actions, a deep groan ripped from his chest as he thrusts up into you hard. 
“Tendou,” you moan his name, and the sound seems to fill him with a deep sense of satisfaction. His fingers move across your thigh, brushing over where you’re connected before he begins to rub soothing circles against your swollen clit. Your curse and tighten around him at the pleasure, feeling heat coil between your thighs as your boyfriend continues rutting his cock between your folds. 
Unable to help yourself, you begin pressing desperate kisses to his neck. The column of his throat is pale, and you can’t help but think it would look breathtaking with deep red blooms spreading across his skin.
Tendou chuckles as he realizes what you’re doing, amusement and satisfaction filling him as he feels your soft lips working over his skin. However, his composure quickly begins to unravel as he feels you biting and sucking gently below his ear, at the sensitive part of the column of his throat, and he has to grit his teeth at the pleasure. 
“You’re making me feel so good,” he moans out, eyes rolling to the ceiling as you continue fucking yourself on his cock. He stretches you out so well, the thick shaft of his cock spreading you apart, his fingers continuously nudging against your clit until you’re gushing around him. 
Tendou adores feeling you cream on his cock, and he groans as you clamp down on him. The pleasure is intense, and as he fucks his cock into you faster and faster, brushing against your walls and spreading you open for him, he can’t help the breathy moan of your name that he mumbles against your ear. 
And you won’t pull away until his skin is beautifully decorated in pretty marks, showcasing the deep love you have for your boyfriend. 
Tumblr media
haikyuu masterlist.
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basilly · 3 months
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
|| ➼ how they act when they’re jealous?
characters: osamu, oikawa, atsumu, & tsukishima
warning: no pronouns, fluff!
Tumblr media
miya osamu || the one who starts sticking to your side
when osamu notices someone flirting with you and you don't notice, he will silently come to your side and make it super obvious you're together. he would wrap an arm around your waist first before dead staring down the person. he won't even say anything, just waiting till your conversation is over.
once they get the hint and leave, he takes his other hand to turn your head to look at him. he whispers to you in a quiet voice, "too bad for them, you're all mine." though your legs almost give out, you can't help but think he is all too cute. he keeps you right by his side for the rest of the night.
tsukishima kei || the one who drags you away
tsukki would get annoyed someone's flirting with you, rolling his eyes at their desperate attempts at impressing you. he kind of enjoys how much they are embarassing themselves though. mid-sentence, he would grab your wrist and drag you away, against your protests. "kei! where are you taking me?!?"
but once alone, he pulls you into a hug and grumbles. "why can't they see you're already taken??" you feel giddy at his jealousy, laughing a bit. his ears burn red at you giggling at him but he just hides his face in your hair, staying in the hug longer. though he doesn't like pda, he will return to class with your fingers interlocked.
miya atsumu || the one who is smug and brags
he LOVES showing everyone how you're his and when people don't get it, he gets in their face. does the whole wrap his arm around your shoulder, glacing the other person down. "i noticed you think my s/o is looking really hot today and you know what- i agree." he will start making out with you to show people you're his. "this is MY s/o guys."
after that he wouldn't give you an INCH of space because if he just had to watch you get flirted with, he would be soooo upset to osamu. "'samu look! why aren't they paying attention to me instead!" but once you stick by his side and ignore the other person, he's a happy boyfriend.
oikawa tooru || the one who is passive aggressive
oikawa can be very mean and passive aggressive to those he dislikes so it's not surprising when he's like that to people that flirt with you. however, he can also be very passive aggressive towards you. one time, he even started flirting with another girl (you got very upset at him for that, to which he apologized).
eventually, he begins to stay besides you when he can. he will death stare the other person and say something like, "y/n who's your friend." they will most likely cower and leave, but you only roll your eyes at his antics. you do give him a kiss on the cheek in appreciation because they were being annoying. he relishes in that thank you kiss.
tsukishima kei || the one who drags you away
tsukki would get annoyed someone's flirting with you, rolling his eyes at their desperate attempts at impressing you. he kind of enjoys how much they are embarassing themselves though. mid-sentence, he would grab your wrist and drag you away, against your protests. "kei! where are you taking me?!?"
but once alone, he pulls you into a hug and grumbles. "why can't they see you're already taken??" you feel giddy at his jealousy, laughing a bit. his ears burn red at you giggling at him but he just hides his face in your hair, staying in the hug longer. though he doesn't like pda, he will return to class with your fingers interlocked.
Tumblr media
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veenxys · 4 months
「haikyuu: the ones you catch staring at you and the ones who catch you staring at them」
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
the ones you catch staring at you;
BOKUTO: sometimes bokuto can’t help it, he’s so mesmerized and intrigued by every little detail of yours that he gets lost in that moment. his bright eyes follow your every move as he makes a mental note of all your mannerisms and quirks and how beautiful you are. and he just realizes he’s staring too hard when you points it out; he somehow looks more delighted at being caught than embarrassed. his eyes have nothing but warmth and love as you look at him across the table, and he instantly leans forward, his chin resting on his palm, letting out a dreamy sigh along with a simple smile, totally undramatic, ‘i think you’re the most beautiful person in the world’ and you might think he’s joking, but he really says it with his heart.
SAKUSA: he doesn’t understand why, but everything you do is charming to him. even the simplest and most mundane things became more beautiful and light to him after he saw you do them; it’s as if you’ve given a new meaning to his life. and when you turn to look at him after feeling the weight of his gaze on you, all you can do is smile; the way he looks at you with all the attention in the world, his eyes shining with love and compassion but also curiosity makes your heart flutter in your chest. he’s one of those who just pretends he hasn’t been caught looking at you like you hang the stars and moon in his sky. but if you look very closely, you will notice a slight flush in his cheeks; you tease him about it and he seriously denies it, avoiding eye contact, but one accidental look at you amidst the bickering, he’s a goner of course, with a fond little smile already tugging on his lips.
ATSUMU: even trying, he can’t stop looking at you. everyone can see how in love and enchanted by you he is just by the way he looks at you with so much love, affection and a beautiful glow of admiration in his eyes. and honestly he doesn’t care if you caught him staring at you or if someone make fun of him for it, he’ll simply keep looking at you the same way but this time with a lazy smile on his face. you try to maintain eye contact for a while, but his gaze is so deep it makes you feel embarrassed and fuzzy inside, and when you look away first, he laughs softly and walks over to you, kissing your forehead and calling you cute.
NISHINOYA: he loves to look at you, or rather, admire you. and you know that, but still, you always feel the same butterflies in your stomach every time you find him looking at you; despite the brief panic in your heart and the little flutter in your stomach when you smile at him, he hopes it’s not awkward as he reaches out to brush a strand of loose hair or thread on your sweater, his eyes meeting yours as he does. he smiles slightly before placing a soft kiss on your cheek which makes your heart race even more.
HINATA: he has wide eyes and red cheeks as he quickly looks away when he realizes he’s been caught staring at you for too long, and for a while, he looks anywhere in the room even when you try to get his attention playfully, but unfortunately, the boy in love can’t help but steal a few too many glances in your direction when he thinks you’ve looked away only to get caught again.
the ones who catch you staring at them;
KUROO: you can’t help but stare at him while he does something he loves; the way he becomes even brighter and more handsome makes your heart race and your eyes lock on him and, when you least expect it, you have a smile on your face. and when he notices you’ve been looking at him for a while now, he acts otherwise only to suddenly whip around and face you with the goofiest and most passionate grin. having caught off-guard, you turn away, flustered, and he coos lightly ‘aw come on don’t get all shy on me now’ and cups your face gently to make you look at him; so now you’re two smitten idiots, grinning at each other, utterly and hopelessly in love.
OSAMU: he quickly offers to cook dinner when you get home tired; you sit at the counter and tell him about your day or whatever comes to your mind as he cooks; he nods his head and encourages you to talk more. but the words stop in your throat when you really look at him; shirt sleeve rolled up, arms strong and fast as he chops tomatoes, his face in concentration, and a few strands of his hair falling in his forehead. and upon noticing your silence, he stops and looks at you over his shoulder before turning around, asking if something is wrong. you smirk and just deny it, he smiles as he wipes his hands on the cloth that was on his shoulder. he walks over to you and kisses your forehead before going back to cooking.
OIKAWA: noticing your gaze on him, he’d be shooting glances in your direction too, a hint of a smile tugging at his lips, and when you’re apparently unfazed, he’ll take it as a challenge, looking straight at you and maintaining eye contact until you look away first; just then, he flashes a gleeful smile, poking your cheek playfully but affectionately, saying ‘cute’.
KENMA: he blatantly looks back at you, his gaze on your face light and unwavering and so full of adoration and love it sends a shiver down your spine. and when he knowingly asks why you are looking at him, you tell him that you enjoy doing it because he’s so beautiful, to which he can only smile shyly and say, taking your hand in his, “i like looking at you too... you’re too pretty to be real”
SUNA: he accidentally catches you looking at him as you relax on the couch together; your feet are in his lap as he gently strokes your ankle. he feels the weight of your gaze and as he looks at you, he does this little thing where he tilts his head to the side, his eyes locked with yours. so he leans forward to playfully touch your foreheads and steals a quick kiss before continuing to watch tv, only with a much lighter heart for the rest of the day.
Tumblr media
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iitoshi · 3 months
↳ cw: alcohol consumption
Tumblr media
"so, aside from being sexy, what do you do for a living?"
you snort, so distracted by the pick-up line that you forget all about the pool of alcohol in your mouth that had yet to be swallowed. the liquid hits the back of your throat and nearly makes its way out of your nose. you quickly swallow down the liquid before catching a series of coughs in your elbow all while the cause of your physical distress sits with his elbow propped on the counter, chin resting in his open palm. you address him as soon as you overcome your fit. "that was terrible."
the lazy grin tugging at the corner of his lips dwindles at your words and turns into an unsatisfied pout. you bite back a laugh at how easily his demeanor shifts—it's something you see on a regular basis but it's even more prominent when he's had a bit to drink. that much is a fact and he proves it by snapping his fingers. his pout has disappeared and is replaced by wide eyes and parted lips. he clearly has something to say, so you urge him on by raising your eyebrows.
"i have another one," tooru announces, punctuating his statement with a sip from the glass sitting on the counter beside him. he claps his hands, rubbing them together thoughtfully as a suave smile makes its way to his lips, like he's getting into character. "let me try again."
you set your glass down as well, having learned that it's not the best idea to be drinking while the man delivers his lines. your eyes narrow with your smile as you patiently wait for what oikawa seems sure is the winning ticket.
given your undivided attention, tooru hurriedly clears his throat. in no time, his flirty expression returns. you're positive the look and the confident air surrounding him would be enough to make anyone in the club abandon their friends at the mere possibility of spending the night with him, but you hone in on different things; like the way his eyes are beginning to gloss over and how his cheeks are tinted pink. to you, the sexy image he's attempting to paint is more cute than anything. still, you hold your tongue and let him continue with his tipsy shenanigans. "any chance you have an extra heart? because mine's been stolen."
you purse your lips and furrow your brows. he's shared numerous lame pick-up lines throughout the night but each one feels like it's even worse than the last. "i hate to break it to you, buddy, but absolutely none of these are landing."
tooru's just about to ask for his umpteenth crack at it when you feel a hand come to rest on your shoulder. you peer up to look at its owner and find a girl standing beside you. she leans down so that her mouth is near your ear. "is this guy bothering you?"
you're tempted to laugh and a giggle bubbles up from your chest but you stop it in your throat. she's probably genuinely concerned; now's not the time to laugh. you shake your head and turn to her to explain. "no, don't worry. he's actually my boyfriend."
she pulls away with an "ah" before sheepishly apologizing and taking her leave. how sweet, you think.
"what did she want?" tooru questions, his coffee-colored eyes flitting between you and the woman whose departure is highlighted by the hushed click of her heels.
"your lines are so bad that people think you're harassing me."
he gasps, a hand coming up to shield his wounded heart from further harm. his overly dramatic performance draws the attention of a few passersby; ever the thespian. after seeing you aren't going to give him the reaction he's looking for, oikawa drops his offended guise. "you couldn't cut me some slack and give me one?"
you breathe out a laugh and nod. "okay. last try. make it good."
"this is the one," tooru whispers to himself, though, it's loud enough that you can hear it. he runs a hand through his hair, fluffing out the chocolatey strands. the moment his pep talk and preparation are finished, he meets your gaze. "are you tired? because you've been running through my mind all day."
you force a boisterous laugh up from your lungs and playfully shove the man's shoulder. the action leads oikawa to glance at the spot tingling with your touch. his eyes, full of bewilderment at your unexpected show, fall to you once again. "i'm swooning," you speak, your voice trembling with barely contained humor.
"you're such a lousy actor." oikawa clicks his tongue before smiling.
you shrug with a grin of your own. "and you're lucky we're already together. so, instead of continuing with the unsuccessful pick-up lines, how about impressing me with your dancing?"
"now that," he offers you his hand with the wiggle of his fingers, "i can do."
Tumblr media
thanks for reading! comments and reblogs are greatly appreciated!
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missmeinyourbones · 2 months
[ 9:43 AM ] - oikawa tooru
Tumblr media
“Do I have to?”
Oikawa glares at the plum colored liquid sloshing around in the medicine cup you hold out to him. If looks could kill (and if the cough syrup in question had a heart), it’d be good as dead where it stands.
Your reply is stern, “Yes.” 
“But I don’t even like grape,” he pouts on command.
Your tone comes across as a light scold when you remind him, “Come on, it’s just for a second.” 
It’s going on ten minutes now that you’ve been trying to coax him into taking the medicine in hopes of ending his (and in return your own) suffering.
He makes no move to grab it, but you hold your breath when he nods and lets you raise the plastic cup to his pursed lips. Sticking his tongue out, he feels the syrupy liquid slide down his throat—followed by an overwhelmingly artificial grape flavor attempting to disguise the burn of the cold medicine slithering down into his chest. 
He clears his throat with a dramatic eughck! before generously slurping the cup of water you now hold to his lips. A celebratory good boy, thank you crawls up from your throat and his heart instantly swells at the praise.
While the taste in his mouth makes his toes curl, he can’t lie—he’s loving this special treatment from you. Holding his drinks for him, brushing the sweaty wisps of curls away from his eyes, pressing your lips to his forehead to check his temperature. He’s relishing in, thriving beneath your attention. Dare he say, he’s even been debating playing up his symptoms to keep your focus on him and nothing else.
He sighs deeply after chugging back the water. 
“This is kinda fun, right?” he sniffles behind a nasally tease, “You’re like, my own little sexy nurse.”
You place his cup back on the nightstand with a scoff. “Sorry I’m missing the uniform,” you dryly play along.
His teeth prod against his lower lip, “Don’t be, we can buy one later.” His eyebrows raise in pride at the sly comment, but the whine that falls from his lips when you smack his chest doesn't go unnoticed. 
He tries to take a sharp inhale through his nose, but he’s met with resistance and ends up harshly coughing into his elbow. It shakes his weak frame, involuntarily jolting his core upward as he curls into his arm wth every choke.
Eventually, he dramatically falls back onto the pillow with a pout, “Feels like I’m not even breathing.”
“You’re talking,” you point out, “talking requires breathing.” 
“Yeah,” he wistfully pouts, “but who knows for how much longer.”
You hum in agreement, “If only we were so lucky.”
His honey eyes grow twice in size at your quick retort, a mixture of disappointment and disbelief overwhelms his pretty features. An offended gasp leaves his moping lips.
“Rudeeeee,” he extends in a whine that sounds more like a yelp due to his stuffed-up nose. He continues on with his dramatics, “What if I died right now? What if I stopped breathing right here, in this bed, and those were the last words you ever said to your loving late boyfriend?”
You allow a hand to rub his clammy forehead and like a cat, he instantly nuzzles into the touch. 
You use your strictest tone to humbly remind him, “Tooru, you have the sniffles. You’re not dying.”
“I have a cold,” he corrects you, “had a fever and everything this morning.”
By a fever, he means that your thermometer read a degree above normal body temperature this morning. He’d woken you up with the device manically waving in front of your face and a frown etching across his own. 
You shake your head at this theatrics. “One degree hotter isn’t necessarily a fever,” you softly scold him, “that’s a normal fluctuation.”
His eyebrows raise in a victorious excitement, “So you do think I’m hot?”
His comment results in another smack to his chest, but regardless of his cold, his reflexes remain quick and instinctual. His hand catches yours and traps it on the heat of his bare chest.
“Sorry—ow, sorry! I think it’s the cold medicine kicking in, angel. It’s making me hallucinate, I don’t even know what I’m saying.”
Your lover grins from ear to ear when he hears your annoyed groan. 
“Oh please, you just swallowed it.”
Tumblr media
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