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I hope this speaks for itself askdjls
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WAKE ME UP BEFORE YOU GO (ft. oikawa tōru)
↺ fluff, suggestive content. tōru and gender neutral reader are in a long-distance relationship.
↺ word count: 0.8k words
— nineteen days masterlist
Tumblr media
It’s been a long while since you’ve spent a morning with Tōru. Supporting your boyfriend from a completely different country with a life of your own is not an easy balance, but as you stare at the brown locks that swoop across his forehead and the pillow, it’s as if the months were nothing for the two of you to endure.
“I can feel you staring at me.” His eyes remain shut, but his lips curl into a smirk. He looks stunning like this, with a halo above his head from the light streaming through the window. Bits of it catch onto his most prominent features: the steep slope of his nose, the sharp corner of his eye. Despite having half of his face buried deep into the plush of the pillow, you think that you have perfection at your fingertips.
You huff in laughter as you comb through the bird’s nest on the top of his head. Try as you might, the waves are a lost cause. Perhaps he also knows that he should shower, but for now you continue to lie in a mess of leg and limb. “Nothing ever gets by you, huh?”
His smile widens before his eyes open to gaze into yours. “No, of course not.”
Cold fingers follow the groove of his cheek and temple as the silence washes over you both. The world outside is already bustling with life — the honk of a car horn, the shuffle of feet moving down the hall, the rush of wind outside the floor-to-ceiling windows. The ambiance surrounds you completely, but you remain in your own tiny bubble. No morning practices, no training sessions, no press meetings. Just the two of you. For Tōru, it’s a breath of fresh air.
The prospect of breakfast, however, thwarts his plans to keep you close and stay warm. You tap on his temple to signal your leave, expecting to kick off the blankets and hop into the shower. While you’re at it, you may as well make use of the option of room service. A cup of something warm sounds pleasant at that moment. Your boyfriend, on the other hand, has something else in mind. The cold hand that catches your wrist almost startles you, though the amusement in your smile cannot be helped.
“Not yet,” he starts, cradling your hand with your knuckles to his lips. You can feel the warmth of his breath as he exhales through his nose. “It’s too cold, and we don’t have to rush.”
“And I told you that we didn’t have to go out right after you flew in either, but you insisted.”
He grips your hand a little tighter at that. Your counter does little to discourage him, it appears. “I guess I’ll just have to find a reason for you to stay.” There’s that glimmer in his eyes that he gets with the spark of a fantastical idea, with a hint of mischief as he peers up at you.
You hit him in the shoulder and he laughs loudly at that, holding the bed sheets to his bare chest. Your nose scrunches from the implication while he takes amusement in your reaction. “Nice try,” you breathe out, “but we’ll have to eat, Tōru. And you might like to shower.”
He stretches ungracefully while you free yourself from the covers. The hotel room has its own distinct scent, something like pear and jasmine. The two of you smell like it now, as well as the remnants of your long night prior. It is a little chilly, but you manage to shuffle across the room with your arms close to your body to gather a change of clothes.
It isn’t until you’re in the bathroom that he finally joins you. By now you’re already freshened up for the day and your breakfast should arrive at any moment. With the door cracked open, you can finally hear the TV drone on in the distance. He must have turned it on to entertain himself while you were gone. Now he clings to you from behind, in last night’s dress-shirt and pants, smelling like pear and jasmine and a little bit of you.
You reach up with one hand to his hair, feeling his smile against your shoulder. And just like before, the two of you stay this way for a little while, swaying. Right, left, right, left. His nose to your nape, your free hand over his one on your hip.
“You’re okay?” you ask. He no longer moves groggily with sleep, but you know better. You turn to face him now, your back to the sink. He takes the opportunity to brush his lips over the corner of your mouth before claiming it with playful nips. It’s like a game of cat and mouse as you chase his lips now, a teasing remark on the tip of your tongue. As you breathe him in, his reply comes out in a careless whisper. Lithe fingers grasp your chin as his lips form the word, just before his lips meet yours again and steal your breath.
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Ⓒ daiception 2022. do not repost, translate, edit, and/or copy any of my works. likes, comments, and reblogs are appreciated.
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Oikawa, sitting on the toilet in a public restroom: I'm too cute to be so broke
Atsumu, one stall over: amen
Oikawa: DSFDWSJ-
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hanamaki: i like your top, Oikawa.
oikawa: please, Makki, Iwa-chan has a name.
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luvring · 3 months
— clingy boyfriends
gn!reader | oikawa, kenma, akaashi, suna, atsumu, timeskip!sakusa
warnings: mention of sakusa being drunk
technically all of them are aged up but sakusa's has manga spoilers!
Tumblr media
OIKAWA is lying on top of you when you try to push him off. “i will literally die if you try to leave me.” you groan to try to hide your laugh. “really, tooru?” “yes,” he says, getting up so he’s in a planking position above you. “i’d get up just to drop dead on the floor. it’s always the spouse, you know.” the both of you stare at each other. it’s the perfect opportunity, really, if you tried to roll out of the way. but oikawa’s quicker than you, and he drops back down before you can shuffle even half a foot. his arms wrap around you as he rolls onto his side, pulling you against his chest. “you’re so annoying,” you laugh. he grins as he presses kisses on your shoulder, “but you love me. and you’re stuck with me until i’m ready to get up.”
KENMA groans, his hold tightening, when he feels you try to shuffle out of bed. “ken, ‘m hungry,” you whine. he only nuzzles closer into your neck before responding, “order food then.” you stare at him even though you know he can’t see you. “then what? tell them to somehow unlock the door and find us upstairs?” he hums in return, letting out a deep breath against your skin. “you know where the spare key is.” the thought gets a surprised laugh to escape you and you can feel kenma try to stop his own. “we can go down together in a few minutes. please?” you huff lightly and let your fingers start to brush through his hair. “okay, but if you fall asleep i’m going without you,” you say, knowing full well he’d wake up just to cling onto you longer.
KEIJI stretches and yawns before looking over at you beside him. “g’mornin’,” he greets you before placing his arm around your waist. and you know what's happening when he nuzzles his face into the crook of your neck. “keiji—” he hums, leaving a kiss against your jaw. “we have to get up,” you whine. he huffs a breath against your skin. “no we don’t, and you know it. it’s saturday.” “you don’t want breakfast?” “we can get brunch,” he replies easily. “i’ll cook our favourites.” there isn’t much to argue with when he’s warmer and more comfortable, and the sun is peaking through the blinds just enough. and keiji knows he’s won when he looks up at you with a soft smile. “stay with me?” you breathe out and mumble an “okay,” before letting yourself cuddle further into him and the blanket. he kisses your face once, twice, three times before pulling away. "love you."
SUNA frowns and looks up at you, his head still nuzzled into the crook of your neck, as soon as he doesn't feel you playing with his hair. “why’d you stop?” you spare a glance before waving your phone slightly. “‘cause i was typing?” “type with one hand then." he grabs the hand previously putting him to sleep and places it back on his head. “rin—god, okay,” you laugh. slowly, you start to comb through his hair again and feel his deep breath against your skin. “clingy baby.” he hums and smiles before placing a lazy kiss against your collarbone. “i don’t know what you’re talking about.” “oh yeah? so you’d let me leave right now?” suna pulls away from you, only to bump his nose against your cheek. his breath is warm as he whispers, “you wouldn’t dare.”
ATSUMU swings your arms side to side and whines, “baby, please?” you respond with a light but drawn out tone, “i can’t come with you to practice, babe.” he frowns, pulling your hands up so he could play with them in front of you. “i’ll quit my job then.” “wh—” your sentence is cut short by a snort as you suddenly let go of him. he pouts at the lost contact, pouting more at your reply. “sure you will, tsumu. i couldn’t take you from volleyball even if i had a billion dollars.” but atsumu sighs, knowing you were ultimately right. so he takes a step closer and leans his forehead against yours. his voice is softer now. “but ‘m gonna miss you.” slowly, you pull him into a hug and let him wrap his arms around you. “i’ll see you after, okay?” “fine, but i’m not letting ya go until tomorrow morning,” he says. your lips twitch into a smile at his promise. “okay, tsum.”
SAKUSA wishes his teammates would leave his house right now only half-jokingly. “if only fans could see how clingy yer boyfriend is,” atsumu sighs as he sits across from you in the living room. you look down at your boyfriend at the mention and smile as he pouts against you. maybe he drank a little more than usual, his face flushed as his arms trap you against the couch. “ooh, it’d probably help with publicity,” hinata teases. sakusa only moves further into you as he groans. deciding to have a little mercy, you finally reply. “cuddly ‘omi’s for me only, actually.” at the sound of your voice, he tilts his head to glance at you before kissing your collarbone. sighing, he mumbles quietly, “thank you.” “gross.” at that, sakusa finally lets go for a second, turning around to shoot a glare at his teammate. “get out of here, atsumu.”
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Tumblr media
♡ suna. teases you and shrugs, "that's what you get for wearing a skirt in 40 degree weather lol" you pout and a minute later, you can feel some weight on your shoulder. you turn around and he's gingerly draping his coat around you, leaning in for a quick peck on your lips to take you aback, before he snickers, "what would you do without me?"
♡ ushijima. takes this dense mf a while to realise that you're cold, but when he does, he immediately makes you wear his thick puffer jacket. he keeps glancing sideways at you, noticing how adorable you look drowning in his extra large jacket. he gives your tiny hand a little squeeze before he admits, sounding stoic, "you look good in my clothes." you're looking up at him, surprised at the way he's avoiding your eyes and blushing, before you're giggling and placing a chaste kiss on his cheeks.
♡ osamu. frowns when he sees you shivering, arms bare, as you walk out of the restaurant. he paces around before rushing out the door and catching up with you. but when he sees your pretty little face, he becomes speechless as he hands you his hoodie, murmuring something about the weather whilst he scratches his head. what he doesn't see is you giggling to yourself, all giddy at the fact that your crush at onigiri miya just gave you his hoodie that smells distinctly like warm chocolate.
♡ oikawa. gets SO smug when he sees the way you curl around him and nuzzle your head into his neck. he smirks, arms wrapping around your waist automatically, before an idea forms in his head. he chuckles, blowing a gust of cold wind towards your face. you look up, offended, as you whine, arms reaching to pull his blanket off of him. oikawa apologises profusely in fits of laughter, before pulling you closer to him and whispering, "i'll keep you warm, princess."
♡ bokuto. the boyfriend who gathers all the scented candles around the house and lights them up while gushing excitedly, "let's build a blanket fort!!" his large, strong arms wrap around you as you lay on his chest in the cozy blanket fort you have built, listening to bokuto talk about his eventful volleyball practices while you two wait out the power outage. you can't help but snuggle closer to him, seeking warmth from this warm furnace of a human. you feel his arms tighten around you, then he's suddenly grinning at you while he ruffles your hair, "awe, is my little birdy cold?"
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07.20.22 happy birthday oikawa  💙 💙 💙
reunion!!!!! (aka oikawa and iwaizumi may not play volleyball on the same team anymore but they always, always come back together eventually)
(redraw of this post from 4 years ago but now hq timeskip canon has happened and i will be emotional over it forever and ever)
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first snow 
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when he sees you online shopping
Tumblr media
featuring : oikawa, iwaizumi, kuroo & bokuto
notes : this totally didn't come from my online shopping habits totally not pfft
Tumblr media
oikawa would ask you to buy things for him too. like if you're buying your skincare products and stuff, top up his too. if you're shopping for a new shirt or blouse, he's going to peak over your shoulder and see if there's anything for him in the same shop too. he would act offended if you didn't tbh.
iwaizumi would nag on you a little. he'll say do you really need it and would advise you on saving your money instead. but he's actually taking note on what you want and intends to buy it for you anyway.
kuroo would pay for all of it. literally doesn't care about the price or how much items you're buying. could cares less about shipping so just go nuts abt it. if you're trying to hide from him don't bother. he's literally going to pry it from your hands. it's kind of his way of spoiling you, like might as well spend his money on things you actually want instead of buying you things you might not use. win win scenario.
even if you try to hide it, bokuto always finds out. look there's a reason you want to hide it from him and it's because he always buys it for you instead. he can't help it, he likes seeing you excited over something and he likes it even more if he buys it for you as a surprise.
Tumblr media
reblogs are appreciated mwahhh <33
Tumblr media
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do you also like stories where Iwaizumi initially finds Oikawa terribly annoying and he always does everything to show it to oikawa, and then Iwaizumi falls in love with Oikawa and also starts loving his cute annoying nothings, and now he's ready to kill anyone who upset Oikawa, or are you normal?????
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Tumblr media
happy oikawa day 👑
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luvring · 4 months
— flustering moments
gn!reader | oikawa, semi, sakusa, tsukishima, osamu, atsumu, suna
based on a tiktok trend — **thank you to the people who explained the "act a fool" trend was misheard !!
OIKAWA hates when you try to hold him back from spoiling you. he spots you try to put a jacket away and easily swipes it, putting it back in the cart he’s pushing. he stops in front of you and stares, “babe, what did i say?” you try to shake your head, “tooru, it’s expensive—” but he only tuts and pulls you close enough to kiss your head. “actually i said whatever you want, you’re going to get.” and there’s no room for discussion when he starts looking around in the aisles in front of you and asks without looking, “now what else did you look at and not pick up?”
SEMI is immediately beside you, stopping a ball from hitting you in the face. you can see the way he clenches his jaw as he throws it back to his teammates. “seriously? you guys need to pay more attention,” he scolds. a chorus of apologies responds but he only sighs and turns toward you. the annoyance is gone from his face in favour of concern. he gently turns your face to see each cheek, and his eyes skim for any sign of injury, “you didn’t get hurt, right?” you smile and shake your head, “no, just surprised.” eita sighs again before grabbing your shoulder and kissing you. “alright. see you after practice, ‘kay?”
SAKUSA’s eyes flicker over when he sees your jacket drooping down your shoulder. he moves quickly and wraps an arm around you, pulling it back up. you watch before turning to him, “thanks, ‘omi.” he hums, and you think he’ll move his arm back. instead, he keeps it there, holding you near him. kiyoomi seems to sense your curiosity and answers your unasked question, “just in case it falls again. since someone doesn’t want to wear their jacket properly.” you laugh a little before leaning your head against his shoulder, and despite his little remark, kiyoomi lays his on top of yours.
TSUKISHIMA takes a step in front of you, his arm in place to protect you from the guy walking up to the both of you. “hi, excuse me, sorry. do either of you know where i can find the train station from here?” kei blinks but doesn’t completely take down his guard. “it’s a block from here, turn right at the stop light,” he explains easily. the man thanks him before going on his way, and kei finally drops his arm. you raise a brow and look at him and he frowns. “what? we didn’t know who he was or what he wanted.” you hum in response, a little amused, and he rolls his eyes before continuing, “come on, we’re gonna be late. if you don’t stop looking at me like that i’ll walk even faster and leave you behind.”
OSAMU watches as you happily eat the meal he’s cooked for you with a smile. “so i’m guessing ya like it?” though you’re chewing, you manage to nod and hum in approval. there’s a little food on the corner of your mouth that osamu notices. he tuts suddenly and tilts your face toward him. confused, you watch as he reaches to swipe it off with his thumb. “sorry, just had somethin’ on your face, baby. y’look cute enjoying the food, though.” he laughs quietly at your flustered reaction before standing up. he pats your head and leaves a chaste kiss on top, “i’ll get you some more water. stay right there.”
ATSUMU laughs at a teammate’s joke as you all sit in a restaurant waiting for food—it was a celebration dinner for winning yet another match. he leans back into his spot on the booth next to you. mindlessly, he places his hand on your thigh and starts to trace little shapes. your eyes flicker down then at him. atsumu notices your gaze and realizes what you’re reacting to, only to flash a smile before leaning over to kiss your cheek. he tilts his head to whisper just 2 words in your ear—“love you.” his hand stays there for the rest of the wait, and finds its way back when he’s finished. the only difference that occurs is when you intertwine your fingers with his later in the evening.
SUNA puts the other side of the pocky in his mouth easily, his face now inches away from yours. he takes small bites before taking larger ones, and you find your noses practically touching. at that point, even though you struggle to keep eye contact, rin’s own gaze is amused and stays on you easily. before you realize it, he’s taken the rest of the pocky and his lips are on yours. his hand cups your cheek as you close your eyes and the both of you lean in more. when you finally pull away, rin has an accomplished look on his face before speaking, “tasted good.” and honestly, you can’t tell if he meant the pocky or you by the time he’s leaning back on the couch and turning on his phone.
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