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ᶻz﹒ dragon!zhongli & afab!reader ﹐
– cw﹕ zl having heat cycles · breeding kink · feral zl · jealousy becoming a sex drive or smt · non-con if you squint (not my intention) · overstim · creampies · use of the terms ‘cunt’ & ‘cock’ · etc. ✶
– an﹕ this has been rotting in my brain and i have no idea whether someone already wrote this or not,
B Ü T I M A G I N E ⁺ ☆
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
okay but imagine you being born and growing up in mondstadt but travelling to liyue only to end up marrying the geo archon himself. imagine if zhongli has heat cycles and you being his lovely little wife, you help him throughout every cycle he goes through. imagine him whispering how much he wants to fill you to the brim, fill you ‘til you're full of him and overflowing whenever that time comes. imagine zhongli not stopping even for a moment to give you a break after your nth orgasm because he's too lost in pleasure. him rutting into you as if he has been holding back his desire for the longest time.
all your pleas for him to go slower falls through deaf ears, your body shaking and walls continuously clenching as zhongli continues to pound into your sopping cunt. the combination of pain and pleasure leaves you babbling incoherent words, whilst deep grunts and curses leaves his swollen lips; words muffled as his lips are still attached to the nape of your neck. kissing, licking, sucking, marking you as his.
hours pass by but it seems that he's not even halfway done with you. you could always use your safe word, but the pleasure you're feeling is replacing your words with moans and whines. oh, how he loved how you're singing for him. zhongli fucked you with precision and it only made you see stars. his lips never leaving you as his hands fondles with you softly.
you're approaching, yet again, another climax, you writhed and squirmed in his hold. he held your hips and continued to fuck you with fervor. “fuck– oh lord barbatos,” you whined as you approach your high. his movements suddenly halting. you realized what you said and it was like digging your own grave. it took him only a few seconds before he continued to rut into you, with greater eagerness and passion. and it went on for hours and hours, he fucked you with vigor as if he was molding his cock into your walls, coming undone inside you like your heart constantly pumping blood. he wanted to show you that it was morax who was making you feel this good, not barbatos, not anyone else.
Tumblr media
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Tumblr media
WHUMPTOBER 2022 - DAY 9 - Tossing and Turning
Realizing this is the first time I’ve drawn Hu Tao for serious.... Sorry sweetie 😅 Being ill + having bad dreams... Hu Tao doesn’t see Zhongli this distressed very often. Thankfully she has experience handling people who are less than at their best. -NO ROMANCE INCLUDED-
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ミ★ 𝘑𝘶𝘴𝘵 𝘗𝘭𝘢𝘺 𝘈𝘭𝘰𝘯𝘨 ★彡
premise: you need their help to get away from they guy who just won't quit
pairings: zhongli, ayato, cyno, itto, thoma x gn!reader (separate)
warnings: harassment, sexual harassment, language, suggestiveness, very much crack fic :)
Tumblr media
ミ★ 𝘻𝘩𝘰𝘯𝘨𝘭𝘪 ★彡
"I really don't think that's necessary," you protested at the guy's insistence.
"Come on, you want a good time, right? I can show you a real good time back at my place." He pressed, reaching forward to grab your wrist. Your heart was beating way faster than normal- probably due to the immense amount of stress you were currently under.
All you had wanted was to go out and buy some new perfume. Maybe even request a custom blend. But of course, there were always creepos hanging around Scent of Spring. Now you were probably about to get abducted, and Ying'er was nowhere to be seen.
"Y/n! Look who I ran into down the street!" No sooner had you wondered where the shop owner disappeared to than she appeared in the doorway, a towering figure entering the shop behind her. You recognized Zhongli, of course. Everyone knew Zhongli.
"Sweetheart!" You exclaimed, looking at Zhongli with panicked, pleading eyes. He met your gaze and didn't miss a beat in his response.
"My dear," he began, his deep voice drawing out the term of endearment, "Ying'er informed me that there was trouble. Might I ask what it is you think you're doing, sir?" He asked. You felt the knot in your stomach loosen as Zhongli effortlessly played the part, coming to your rescue without question or hesitation.
"Who're you?" The man asked, his grip on your wrist tightening. You let out a small whine of pain as you tried to pull away.
"My boyfriend," you replied as Zhongli quickly closed the distance between the two of you.
"I'm not going to ask you twice to let go." He said curtly, wrapping his hands around your shoulders in a protective manner as he stood behind you. As soon as you were let go of, you turned and hid your face in Zhongli's chest, trying to calm yourself.
"Touchy," the guy muttered as he left without another word.
"Y/n," You could feel Zhongli's chest rumble as he spoke your name, and he gently pulled away, holding you by the shoulders to meet your eyes, "are you alright?" His brow was furrowed in concern, and you simply nodded.
"Thank you," was all you could manage at the moment.
"Of course," he reassured you, pulling you back into his chest. "Perhaps you can repay me with a real date sometime? After all, I can't say I was quite opposed to the idea of being your partner."
ミ★ 𝘢𝘺𝘢𝘵𝘰 ★彡
No sooner had you managed to escape the stranger did he return, this time with two other men in tow. Thankfully you were now in the open street. All there was to do now was find a doushin- or anybody, really, who could help you.
Your adventuring clothes were slightly askew, a result of all the tugging the man had done on them. You could sense the men's presence closing in on you, and you looked around frantically for an escape. Your eyes landed on a blue head of hair standing in front of a snack cart. Who is that, come on, you know who he is, what's his name? You thought panickily to yourself.
"Ayato!" You suddenly shouted, immediately as the name came to you. His lilac eyes looked around in surprise for the source of his name until they landed on you. And then the men behind you. Not a beat was missed as he met you halfway, placing his hands on your shoulders to steady you.
"Darling, whatever happened to you?" He asked, straightening your clothes and brushing you hair out of your face. You tried to keep your face from burning as you clung to the undeniably attractive man.
"I- there was a situation-"
"A situation? Whatever do you mean?" His gaze drifted from your face to the men behind you, who had stopped their advances. "Surely these men weren't trying to harm the lover of the Yashiro Commissioner." He spoke loudly enough so they could hear him, his eyes shooting daggers their way. You could hear their retreat as he turned his gaze back to you.
"Are you alright?" He murmured, reaching a hand up to your face and wiping away a smudge of dirt you had gotten on it in your struggle. You felt the heat on your cheeks rise at his touch, spreading all the way to the tips of your ears.
"I-I'm okay now. Th-thank you, Commissioner." You replied, reaching up a hand to wrap around his wrist.
"Please, call me Ayato. I'd like you to come with me. I'd like for you to get checked over while I deal with those men."
ミ★ 𝘤𝘺𝘯𝘰 ★彡
When you were off-duty, you tried to put as much distance between you and your job as possible. Its not that you didn't like being a Matra- just that you despised the way people acted around you. They were always so formal and uptight. As a people person, it was often difficult for you to bear.
However, you were now wishing you were in uniform as a man at the bar hit on you relentlessly. Dehya had been called away on business an hour ago, and you thought it would be fine to remain there by yourself.
It was not fine.
And now the man was touching you.
Your thigh, to be specific. He had placed his grubby hand on it as he continued to tell you a story that you absolutely did not care about.
"Please don't touch me," you snapped, shoving his hand off of you. You started to get up, only for him to place his hand on your thigh again. Much higher up than it was before. He gave you a toothy grin.
"What's the matter, baby?" He drawled, his face smug.
"I am not your baby. I'll have you know I'm the romantic partner of the General Mahamatra." You shot back, trying to push his hand away again. His grip tightened as he barked out a laugh.
"Yeah, right. Everyone knows the General Mahamatra works alone- both professionally and personally." He was right, of course. You simply name dropped your boss in an effort to scare him off. Of course, your luck was nonexistant today. Or so you thought.
"Y/n." A voice came from behind you. You started and turned your head to see who is was.
"Bo- I mean, Cyno!" You exclaimed, your gaze flickering between the two men. "You're late, babe," you said, already wanting to bury yourself in the desert for calling your boss 'babe'.
The General Mahamatra's eyes widened briefly in surprise, before he cleared his throat. "Apologies, sweetheart. I was apprehending a criminal. Do I need to apprehend another one?" He asked coolly, rounding on the man. The vice grip on your thigh was immediately released.
"G-General Mahamatra! Y-you- my apologies, sir. Please have mercy!" The man exclaimed, dropping to his knees in front of Cyno and making pleading hands. Cyno looked down at him, crossing his arms over his chest.
"Leave. And do not let me find you repeating these actions. Otherwise, I will not be so merciful." You couldn't help but burst out laughing as the man scrambled away. It never failed to amuse you how terrified people were of your boss. Speaking of...
"Sweetheart? That's really your pet name of choice?" You asked, raising an eyebrow as you turned back to Cyno. His face flushed red, and for a moment you almost forgot that he wasn't actually your boyfriend.
"Are you alright?" He asked, choosing to simply avoid your question. You suddenly realized the situation you had put yourself in, and cleared your throat awkwardly.
"Yeah, yeah I'm good. Thanks, Boss," you replied, nodding as you straightened yourself. He nodded and turned to leave.
"I think...I would prefer it if you simply called me Cyno, from now on." He said, then walked away, leaving you a blushing mess at the bar.
ミ★ 𝘪𝘵𝘵𝘰 ★彡
You were actually waiting for Itto when the stranger approached you. He was supposed to be meeting you for lunch, but was running late.
"Stood up?" The man asked, sliding into the seat next to you. You shrugged.
"Doubt it. He's just a ditz sometimes." You replied, not thinking much of the man's question as you sipped on your drink.
"The mister not treating you right? A damn shame. You'd be number one in my book," he mused.
"He's not-" you started to interrupt, but your eyes widened as he continued, "I mean, he's not mistreating me." You finished. The guy quirked an eyebrow.
"Oh? What were you going to say? Is there no mister?"
"There is! There is! He's on his way right now!" You protested, your head swiveling to try and find any sign of the oni. Your blood ran cold as you felt a hand creep up your thigh, and you froze. Luckily, Itto came barreling around the corner at that exact moment, and he caught your wide-eyed gaze.
"Hey hey hey! Sorry 'bout the hold up. The fight got reeealll intense back there," he apologized. When you still didn't say anything, his brow furrowed in confusion. He was trying to figure out if you were mad at him when he caught sight of the guy's hand on your thigh.
"WOAH!!! Hey there man, hands of my baby!" He exclaimed, shoving the man away and standing in front of you protectively. "You know this guy babe? 'Cuz I sure as hell don't. But I'd loooove to know who he thinks he is, touchin' my baby like that." Your hands reached for Itto's, which he had reached out to you behind his back. Once he felt your hands in his, he squeezed them tight, his pointed black nails digging softly into your skin.
"He thinks he can treat me better than you, babe," you replied, regaining your composure. Itto's chest puffed up as he stared the man down.
"Oh he does, does he? Well, let me tell you, there's no one alive who can treat you better than Arataki 'Numero Uno' Itto! And trust me guy, you don't have the stamina to keep up with 'em anyway, believe you me."
"What! It's the truth!"
ミ★ 𝘵𝘩𝘰𝘮𝘢 ★彡
"Say, do you think you'd look good like that?" A voice asked behind you. You looked up, startled.
"Pardon? Look good like what?" You asked, confused. The man leaned forward so his lips were brushing against your ear.
"Tied up in my bed," he whispered. His breath was hot against your ear as he grabbed you by the waist, and he began to drag you away.
"Wait- stop! Let me go!" You exclaimed, fighting against the man, hitting him with your book and trying to struggle out of his grasp. He simply laughed as he continued to drag you along. You began kicking and clawing at him, panic rising in you with every breath. "Let me go! I have a boyfriend!" You exclaimed, panicking. You in fact, did not have a boyfriend. You were simply trying to get this man to leave you alone.
"Sweetheart, do you think I care about that?" The man laughed.
"You should," a voice came from behind you. The man froze in his tracks as he turned to face whoever had spoken.
"B-babe," you choked out through the tears that had begun to pour. It was dark, but you could clearly identify Thoma. You were acquainted with him, having run into him several times while petting the animals in Hanamizaka.
"Thoma," the man said. Everyone knows Thoma. Before anything else could be said, the man immediately let go of you and ran. Wise, but it definitely would be no use in the long run. After all, wherever Thoma went, a shuumatsuban was sure to be near.
"Y/n," the housekeeper rushed over to you as you fell to your knees, hiccupping and crying. "It's okay. It's okay, you're safe." He reassured you, patting your back as he knelt on the ground next to you.
"Th-thank you." You hiccupped, lifting your face to look at him.
"Of course. I'm here now. Let me take care of you for now. I'll make sure everything is handled accordingly."
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5 times someone thought you were more than friends with Xiao
...and 1 time you thought they may be right
Tumblr media
Info: Xiao x Reader, some dialogue or scenes may be more fem-aligned, but GN pronouns used. Allusions to Ganyu's voiceline about Xiao. Childe x Reader if you squint, Zhongli x Reader if you REALLY REALLY squint.
Warnings: Depictions of violence/blood, jealousy
She truly hadn't meant to eavesdrop, much less intrude into anything personal. After all, he had asked her to meet him here. Their training had been ceaseless with him always insisting her form was off or she needed to have better awareness. She knew he was simply looking out for her, just trying to help, but she still couldn't help but be wary of him. Their time together did nothing to ease the mild discomfort she felt, wriggling within her mind. Logically, his presence had nothing to do with the tragic demises of his fellow yakshas - his family - but it did little to settle her anxious brain. So, she was incredibly relieved when you began to show up day after day to training alongside him.
She probably should have questioned it more, but she was just happy to have someone to mitigate the tension. Besides, he even seemed to lighten up a little bit with you around. Before today, she'd never thought too deeply about the depth of your relationship to Xiao, it had just never occurred to her that you were more than a friend, or a fighting partner. Someone to help her train, perhaps, as Xiao had claimed you to be. In truth, you did nothing more than joke around and give an occasional pointer or two, but Ganyu had assumed Xiao kept you around because you made things less awkward.
When she saw the two of you alone at the location of her training, she approached as she would any other day. Your presence was not at all unusual. What was unusual was what she began to hear once she was within earshot.
"Come onn, Xiao! You know you wanna!" You exclaimed, clasping your hands together pleadingly. From her position on the hill behind, Ganyu paused, entirely unused to the casual tone you held. She couldn't see Xiao's expression, but she imagined it must have been a mix of exasperation and fondness. "I have no time for mortal amusements," he responded, tilting his head away so he was no longer making eye contact with you. With faux offense, you gasped, "Theatre is not just mortal amusements, it's art. Even you should be able to find some enjoyment out of it!"
To Ganyu's utter disbelief, your response had warranted...laughter from the yaksha. It had not been a bellowing laugh, nor had it been a chortle by any means; it had merely been a soft chuckle under his breath, but regardless, it was something Ganyu could never have imagined prior. You, on the other hand, seemed completely unphased. This must be normal to you, she realized with a start.
"Would it truly please you that much for me to accompany you?" he asked, holding a note of fondness in his tone. Grinning ear to ear, you nodded hurriedly. With a forced heavy sigh, Xiao slowly began to nod. "Alright...for you...and just this once. One show."
With a yell of victory, you took his hands in your own. "Yes!! Thank you, thank you, thank you! I'll make sure it's the best outing you've ever had."
Forcing herself to move, Ganyu made her presence known by clearing her throat. As if burned, you dropped Xiao's hands and dropped your arms to your sides. Ganyu was only just beginning to understand social gestures like this, but you seemed almost...guilty. Xiao, on the other hand, appeared to be fighting to keep his expression still. "Uh...welcome. Let's get right to it then," Xiao changed the subject abruptly, summoning his spear at his side.
Ganyu nodded out of instinct alone; her thoughts were elsewhere, wondering just what exactly she'd witnessed. How had she missed something so obvious? Surely, this must mean you two were...together? The longer the notion remained in her mind, the more she began to question it. Maybe the warmth in his voice had been a figment of her imagination. Maybe the way you held his hands so tightly in your own was just a sign of comradery from years of knowing one another. After a bit, she realized wondering about it would only confuse her more.
However, she examined each interaction between the two of you with a tad more attentiveness than before from then on.
2. Yanfei
Yanfei knew quite a great deal about the Conqueror of Demons - at least, she thought she did. But she was beginning to believe researching his part in battles and the history of the yakshas was not the same as actually knowing him. She knew he was strong enough to singlehandedly purge Liyue of demonic presences for hundreds of years. She knew he had lost his fellow yakshas, all those years ago, in various different ways. She knew that, ever since, he'd been quite hard to speak to.
What she didn't know, though, was that maybe he wasn't quite as much of a loner as she believed. Being stuck in the Chasm was definitely not her idea of a great way to spend an evening, but she couldn't complain when faced with the sight before her. The Conqueror of Demons, Adeptus Xiao, the almighty yaksha, the one she'd admired from afar since her childhood, was sitting right there. Not only that, but he had someone settled at his side, doting over his wounds.
He had brushed off her and Yelan, even the Traveler, but yet there you were. You were definitely pestering him about taking better care of himself, fussing over each little cut, but he didn't even seem slightly perturbed. In fact, his gaze met yours with a tender devotion that Yanfei couldn't begin to describe. He gladly accepted each brush of your hand over his skin, even leaning into the touch of your hand on his forehead to check if he had a fever from infection.
"Thank you, [Name]," he whispered. Yanfei was almost certain he hadn't mean to be listened to, but she couldn't help but be curious. "I never meant to burden you with this." Faced with his words, you shushed him gently. "Stop with that. You're never burdening me. I always care about you and it isn't an issue; I just want to know you're going to be safe. You can't be worrying me too much now, my poor heart won't be able to handle it," you teased lightheartedly, resting your hand over his as a silent comfort. Xiao smiled back at you before tilting his head back against the stone to rest.
You stayed at his side as if holding vigil. You sent almost wary glances to anyone that got too close, behaving like a protective mother hen. Yanfei may have thought it was silly in any other circumstance, but in the moment, it was endearing. She wasn't quite sure what she'd seen between the both of you, but at least in her opinion, that adoration in his eyes was far more than friendly.
3. Childe
He honestly wasn't sure what to make of it.
His friendship with you had begun solely out of professionalism - in other words, he had been using you - in order to form a working relationship with Zhongli. He was more than eager to take advantage of your friendship with the once-archon; but in the end, he was far more eager to accept a friendship with you out of nothing more than trust. You were a good person; you were strong, capable, funny, effortlessly beautiful - perhaps, that last part had little to do with friendship.
He enjoyed sparring with you most of all. You were a worthy opponent, although not nearly strong enough to ever actually win. Just the way he liked it. You didn't only spar of course. You would go out to eat, chat for a while, and do all the things a pair of friends should do. That's why it was nothing out of the ordinary for him to visit you.
He knew prior to this that you spent a large majority of your time at Wangshu Inn; he just didn't know why you decided to do so. Regardless, when seeking you out, he figured this was the most reasonable location for you to be. What he did not expect was the realization that you had a snack-sized guard dog that watched you like a hawk.
Xiao - as he found out he was called - had a presence that would have been intimidating to the average citizen, despite his small stature. Childe was not, in fact, an average citizen. He knew right away that this man was an adeptus, but it did little to deter him from conversing with you. He had a dark aura, and may have made for a good fight if the time ever came. But, he knew just from the glances Xiao cast your way that he wouldn't even attempt to harm him without your permission.
"So, what is he, your pet?" Childe teased. He made an effort to keep his tone light to keep up appearances, but he knew Xiao could sense his genuine hostility. With a light blush, you frowned, "No! No, of course not. Xiao is-"
"Right, right, I know. I'm just messing with the both of you, girly," Childe drawled smoothly. If looks could kill, Childe would certainly be dead. His tone had put a further dusting of pink upon your cheeks, but it had seemingly infuriated Xiao. The adeptus had crossed his arms, withdrawing further in an attempt to contain himself. "What have I told you about that nickname?" You laughed breathily, playing with your fingers.
"To stop," Childe stated matter-of-factly - but, if there was one thing he was good at, it was causing chaos. "However..." He leaned down to your level, meeting your eyes. He utilized every technique in the book to fluster you in front of...whoever Xiao was to you. He forced his eyes to look dark by gazing through half-lidded eyes, curving his lips up just a tad. "You are simply too adorable, darling. I like that it throws you off balance a bit, because then..."
He leaned further until he was mere inches away from your lips, knowing full well you could feel his breath dancing across your skin. "I can be the one to catch you if you fall," he whispered, quiet but purposefully just loud enough for Xiao to hear.
Before he could push his plan any further, Xiao had shoved him away hard enough for Childe to hit his back hard against the wood beam behind him. With a huff, he staggered to catch his breath. "Xiao!" You cried, latching yourself to his arm in an attempt to placate. When Childe lifted his head, he witnessed something he hadn't quite expected from his little game.
Xiao had summoned his spear at his side, gripping it hard enough to splinter the wood if he wasn't careful. His chest was heaving with badly veiled fury, and his jaw was clenched tightly. "It's not a big deal. He likes to mess with me. He wouldn't really..." you trailed off uncertainly, still keeping your hands clasped around his arm. Xiao's only response to your words was to tilt his head slightly in your direction, making it known that he'd heard. Childe realized with a start; he was giving him time to speak as well.
With a mouthful of carefully worded excuses on the tip of his tongue, he realized he may have actually just overstepped. In all honesty, he really wasn't quite used to the foreign feeling of guilt.
4. Aether
It wasn't everyday Aether got the opportunity to complete a commission with both you and Xiao. Honestly, it was rare he got any assistance at all.
However, something that could have been a gathering worthy of celebration had quickly turned south. Aether had calculated prior that this commission would be rather...strenuous in comparison to his usuals. None of the other adventurers had even questioned taking the guild up on it, fearing for their lives and wellbeings.
But, for someone who has fought a God, how hard could it be? ...Right?
Even so, Paimon had urged him to at least take some reinforcements. With some encouragement from you, Xiao had agreed to assist both Aether and you (mainly you) with the task. It had begun slowly -only a few mitachurls and their lackeys. Following them had been some abyss mages, still small fries compared to the three of you.
But then, a writhing concoction of enemies had sprung themselves upon you. Xiao, at least to a degree, had to hold himself back in order to avoid casualties. It had been easy for the trio of you to hold them back at first, working in tandem and watching out for one another. In time, though, even adepti grow tired.
Aether's muscles were aching with the effort of parrying strike after strike, seemingly from every possible angle. The war cries and agonized screams of his enemies fell into background noise as he focused all of his energy on merely survival. His adrenaline alone was keeping him on his feet, and with a sidelong glance toward you, you didn't seem to be faring much better.
Sweat was dripping from your forehead and your cheeks were flushed a dark pink. Your breaths came in puffs, and Aether caught a small glimpse of your knuckles, porcelain white from gripping your weapon tightly. Xiao, at least, was handling himself alright. Even with an adeptus on their side, it was beginning to feel like a winless fight.
Aether ducked his head, narrowly avoiding a mitachurl's thick axe. He sliced clean through a hilichurl, trying his best not to let his gaze linger on their crumpled body. Behind him, he heard you cry out in pain.
He may have missed it if not for the shrill sound you made, following the scream of a mage. "[Name]!" Xiao cried. Though he was still in the midst of several enemies, Aether swiftly whipped his head around. The thought of you being severely injured in the throes of a fight like this - or even killed - drove him to put his safety second to your own.
A stray arrow had pierced you in the shoulder from behind, now sticking sickeningly out of your skin. Aether knew at first glance that pulling it out may have made the damage worse, but seeing you in such a state made his stomach flip. Thin rivulets of blood trickled from the wound, seeping through your clothing as they trailed down your back.
The last thing he saw before he was forced to turn his head back to the enemy was Xiao pulling you away. Aether was certain that, with you gone, he was surely going to take his last breath here.
Is this really how I want to go? In a foreign land, with my sister never at my side again?
A loud battle cry startled him out of his thoughts. He turned to see a sizable group of Millelith rushing into the fight from his left, striking several with their pointed spears as they went. At the head, he caught sight of Keqing and Ganyu, seeming to be taking this battle quite personally.
He felt dizzy with relief, his knees wobbling under his own weight. Soldiers flew past him on all sides, appearing to form a human barrier between him and the cruel creatures that had come to take his life. It was only when Ganyu rushed to his side - frantically surveying him - that he realized how injured he was. He was littered in thin cuts and bruises, all far less worrisome than they appeared from the outside.
Ganyu spoke words that he couldn't hear over the clashing of metal. He couldn't bring himself to try and make out the voices until he knew what had become of you and Xiao. Aether lifted himself up on his toes, trying to make out your face through the crowd. One by one, the enemies fell. The commotion slowly quieted, fizzing out into a few stray yells.
Aether pushed through the crowd, following the noise to where it was at it's worst. His breath caught in his lungs as he caught sight of you. Your back had been pressed against a large boulder, and Xiao was standing before you like a shield. A lawachurl stood before the both of you, towering quite far above your heads.
You looked as if you could hardly keep your head up, your neck failing to keep you up as your head bobbed up and down again and again. You were fighting frantically to keep yourself awake. Xiao refused to back down in the face of the creature before him, gritting his teeth and glaring almost accusingly.
Even as the lawachurl raised his mighty fist to strike, Xiao only turned to face you and curled you protectively into his chest.
Aether hardly registered Keqing moving to the front, moving so swiftly and with such certainty. His eyes remained trained on Xiao. In a blink, the lawachurl's head had been removed from his shoulders and fell to the ground.
There was silence. A heartbeat passed, then two, then three. Keqing stood over her kill, heaving in breaths. Blood had splattered across her dress, coating it in viscous liquid. Millelith soldiers began to flood towards her. They surrounded her and spit words of praise, desperately talking over each other. Aether simply wanted to see more of you.
Peering past his allies, he finally saw what he'd been looking for. Xiao had knelt beside you, ignoring the clawed hand of the lawachurl mere feet away. He whispered soft words to you that Aether couldn't hear over the commotion, gently tracing the skin of your face.
Perhaps he was trying to reassure you that everything was okay, or console you through the pain. Regardless, the concern was evident in his gaze. It seemed that Aether had faded entirely from Xiao's mind, but he couldn't find it in himself to feel betrayed.
How could he have missed this? You and Xiao were some of his closest companions in Teyvat, and all this time, he'd been blind to the way Xiao always looked at you. The way he always made sure you were safe before anyone else. Without fail, Xiao could be found wherever you were. Now, he had refused to abandon you even if it spelled out his own demise.
Aether knew with certainty that the amount of people he would die for was rather small. There was his sister, of course, and Paimon. After that, who else could take him away from his goals?
Xiao lifted you onto his back, allowing you to loosely wrap your arms around his neck. He secured his hands under the weight of your thighs before briefly speaking to a Millelith soldier. The soldier nodded, then saluted, and Xiao - with you in tow - disappeared.
What else could be more obvious than that?
5. Zhongli
Tea with the ones you care about is always a pleasant thing.
Xiao had been an apprentice of sorts for many years - too many to count, truly. He'd saved Xiao from the hands of an unworthy God, and granted him freedom for a price. No decision had ever been more worthwhile. He had never met an individual with a greater loyalty to his land and to his lord; he had never met anyone like Xiao.
Then, there was you. You were a lovely distraction from his now monotonous daily life, providing him with hours of gratifying companionship. You often brought interesting things for him to try: movies, books, new flavors of tea, incense, he could never guess what little gifts you'd carry at your side.
The two of you were both beings he cherished greatly.
Why, then, was this so painfully boring?
Well, he could physically see why, but the logic of it was lost on him. It was so entirely obvious that the both of you were lovesick for one another, why not simply get it over with?
Xiao's eyes kept drifting back to you, then darting away when yours did the same to him. Your cup of tea had been left to go cold as you - quite awkwardly - tried to keep up pleasantries with Zhongli. Discussing such trivial things as the weather was far below you, and Zhongli yearned to remind you of this fact, but he didn't dare.
The conversation was excruciatingly dull, and not only due to your failure at making small talk. Xiao had never been talkative - at least not often - but he was rarely this quiet around Zhongli of all people. His eyes always seemed drawn to the way your hair blew gently in the evening breeze, or your lips moving as you spoke. You tried desperately to carry the conversation along for all three members of the table, so much so that you were oblivious to the longing stares Xiao cast your way.
It seemed to Zhongli that your feelings for each other must be at their peak. One way or another, something must tip. He simply needed to give one of you a nudge.
As you excused yourself for the restroom, he was given the perfect opportunity for some insight. Xiao followed you with his eyes as you left, even lingering on the space you left behind. Zhongli cleared his throat, and Xiao snapped his gaze back respectfully.
"Enlighten me as to what exactly has made you both so terribly awkward around one another," Zhongli said plainly, taking a silent sip of his tea. Xiao stared back at him with wide eyes. His mouth hung open like a fish, opening and closing as if gaping for air.
"You didn't truly think me so unobservant, did you?" Zhongli hummed amusedly. A smirk graced his lips, but it was not in poor taste. Xiao took a deep breath and released it in a heavy sigh. "They were hurt recently...nothing that couldn't be resolved," Xiao began to explain, glancing away into the distance, "I stood in front of them. I was going to take the hit...I promised to always be there to keep them safe, you know."
If Zhongli felt displeased at the knowledge, he didn't allow it to show. He merely nodded his head, urging Xiao to continue. Xiao swallowed hard, "I don't think they were happy to hear about it when they woke up. I can't begin to understand why, and we haven't talked about it since."
Zhongli traced the edge of his tea cup with a gloved finger. He nodded along to the words, evidently thinking of what to say. "Would you have liked to hear that they were thinking of dying in your place, if the roles had been reversed?"
Horror stretched across Xiao's face. "Of course not," he exclaimed, as if it were the most obvious thing in the world. Zhongli remained silent for a moment, and then realization hit Xiao. "Oh," he whispered softly.
"And why do you think that is?"
Xiao thought to himself briefly. "Because..." He trailed off. "Because I care about them. I wouldn't want them to get hurt, especially not if it was because of me." His cheeks up to the tips of his ears were flushed pink, and he refused to look up from his lap.
Zhongli was not familiar with such reluctance to admit affection. However, he knew it was something Xiao had always struggled with. To say he was unsurprised would be a lie. He hadn't thought it would be so easy to pull the words from Xiao.
"Don't you think they must feel the same way?" Zhongli prompted, although not unkindly. With a guilty sigh, Xiao nodded. Before he could fall too far into self loathing, Zhongli felt he must pick up the pace before you returned.
"It would be far easier to just tell them that you love them," he proclaimed. Xiao opened his mouth to refute it, but you were already approaching the table again with newfound confidence.
Zhongli raised an eyebrow, daring Xiao to continue speaking. The adeptus surrendered the conversation, but he didn't look up from his lap again. If Xiao's cheeks were pink before, now they were aflame with red.
His friends reduced to fools in love. Zhongli sighed internally, but in reality, he couldn't be more pleased with how this turned out.
It was unlike Xiao to ever leave his solitude for the company of mortals, let alone go to anything celebratory. Then again, Xiao was often out of character when it came to you.
Somehow, despite promising to him that you'd remain by his side, you'd lost him in the sea of people. Lantern Rite was, after all, a bustling event after dark. You dipped in and out of the mass of faces, all twirling with their dancing partners and grinning ear to ear. Muttering apologies, you gently pushed through the crowd.
You could only imagine the sour mood Xiao would be in when you finally located him. Your presence was often the only thing keeping him grounded at places like this as it is; now, with the music blaring and people singing along, he'd be even more antsy. Just as you were beginning to believe he'd teleported himself safely away from all this, you saw him.
He was leaning casually against an unoccupied wall, crossing his arms almost protectively over his chest. Just as quickly as you'd spotted him, he'd spotted you. You watched his eyes light up with recognition, just barely softening - such a small reaction that if you didn't find yourself studying him, you may have missed it. Despite the vulnerability that accompanied it, you realized you must have appeared the same.
People danced around you, nimble feet sliding just around your figure, yet you didn't dare move. No matter how many times your view was momentarily blocked, your gaze held his own. With a small, inconspicuous smile, he only seemed to stare more intensely. Any awkward tension that may accompany such a gesture with anyone else was suspiciously absent in this case. Silently, you moved toward him, weaving through the crowd absentmindedly.
As you approached, he lifted himself toward you as if he were a moth to a light. Mere inches away from each other, you could smell him - honeyed and sweet, something you simply wanted to bury yourself into. "You've finally arrived," he commented, albeit fondly.
With a breathless chuckle, you agreed, "It seems I have."
The words hung between you for a moment, a familiar quiet amid the hustle and bustle around you. You have always adored Xiao for his ability to say so much to you without speaking a single word aloud. His amber eyes, glinting in the silver light of the moon, would speak in his stead.
You settled at his side, silently urging him to do the same. You always knew Xiao enjoyed staying on the sidelines of events like this, and that was enough for you; you wouldn't long to push him too far out of his comfort zone for your sake alone.
Despite your eyes being focused on the crowd, your mind wandered elsewhere. The unsteady thumping of your heart within the confines of your chest alerted you to feelings that may have been pushed under the surface. Your thoughts lingered on Xiao; you had always known him far better than others' misconstrued perceptions of him. A violent and cruel adeptus with the power to kill as he pleased, some may say, and they would be wrong. Xiao had always protected you fiercely, never once complaining about what many would deem rotten work. His hands were always gentle, and his smile was always soft and graceful on his lips.
You spent most of your days at Wangshu Inn nowadays, even beginning to store some of your things in the room he'd reserved for you. At the times you were without him, you felt he was rarely far behind - watching from a distance, always watching out for you.
Of course you'd entertained the thought of becoming more to him than a friend. You thought of it more and more often recently; when he'd place a gentle hand on the small of your back, or brush your hair from your eyes while you were talking. But, you'd always assumed it mustn't be possible. He was an adeptus, and you were nothing more than an average mortal. There must be a thousand things he'd want that you could never possibly provide. Right?
Why, then, did you turn to see him staring right at you? For the brief moment before he averted his gaze, you'd seen it all. The warmth in his stare, aimed directly for you and no one else. How could you have been so blind?
This was the man who would die for you, who would kill for you, live for you. The realization washed over you in waves, driving the breath from your lungs and making you weak in the knees. Had you loved him all this time? A thousand conflicting thoughts rushed through your head - could he truly love you? What would become of you when you grew old and frail? How would he cope in your absence? Was it worth the risk?
In the midst of your internal battle, you hadn't realized your hand was subconsciously reaching for his own. Perhaps, even now, your mind knew there was only man who could ever console you. Only one man who could protect you from your own self-doubt.
Your fingers laced with his own, and despite the quiet gasp you heard from his lips, he only reciprocated the gesture. His hand squeezed tightly around your own, and you didn't dare meet his eyes. You were frightened of the intensity of it all, the vulnerability of the adoration you'd be met with.
If you merely kept holding him like this, maybe everything would be okay after all.
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Tumblr media Tumblr media
He bought himself some pretty things 💳
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Genshin Characters and Hair
CHARACTERS: Albedo, Alhaitham, Amber, Itto, Kazuha, Zhongli + gn!reader
TAGS: headcanons, can be seen as romantic and platonic, alhaitham is probably ooc
SYNOPSIS: all things hair. playing with it, styling it. heck, what do they do with YOUR hair?
NOTES: after writing for diluc, I felt like I needed to do more stuff relating to hair. I’m willing to write more parts to this with other characters too.
Tumblr media
if there’s one thing you’ve learned about albedo. it’s that his hair is really. really soft. and fluffy. you wonder what albedo uses to have such wonderful hair. is there a special conditioner out there? anyways sometimes albedo’s hair can get quite messy after a long day of research, and it’s then when you offer to do his hair back up for him. of course you do it out of kindness and to give albedo a break from his work, but you also do it as an excuse to touch his hair, so you can run your hands through it and admire how it feels like silk on your fingers, how when you’re done with it it sits so nicely and so perfectly even though you thought you did a bad job. it still looks great. and even if you sometimes get distracted and just play with his hair absent mindedly without htinking, albedo doesn’t mind, just sitting there quietly with a small smile on his face. wonderful.
of course, he’ll return the favour when he can, sitting you down somewhere and begins running a comb through your hair. you don’t know how he does it. he handkes tangled knots in your hair with such care and yet takes care of them with such ease and quickness you wonder if your hair was tangled up at all in the first place. he’s so gentle with it you find yourself nodding off as he works on it. you can’t help it, his hands working your hair was just to relaxing and soothing, the way he gently combs it has you falling asleep right there and then. he doesn’t mind, the finds it quite endearing, keeping your head upright so that your head doesn’t roll to the side and pull on your hair while he’s holding it. by the time you wake up, you’ve never has such untangled hair in your life. he even put it into a simple hairstyle for you. how nice.
Tumblr media
you and alhaitham always have lots of moments together, and for various reasons too. sometimes youre both writing papers, or your both trying ot get away from annoying people and need a break, or you’re both reading a book and needed someplace quiet to read. although, between the two of you, you tend to be more distracted than alhaitham. why? well mostly because you’re not as disiplined as alhaitham, but you also can’t help but eye the little strand of hair that sticks out of your head. seriously, what is up with it? how does he get it like that? is it on purpose? you askes alhaitham such a question and he shrugged, saying that it just appears like that. heasitantly you reach out a fingle to wiggle it, and suddenly you’ve found a new source of joy (and distraction), twirling it around your fingers as alhaitham is working on his paper, though he eventually had to acknoledge the ticking sensation on his head as you keep playing with his mysterious hair stand. he doesn’t seem to mind, lowering his head so your arm wouldn’t get as tired.
of course, no way he wasn’t going to get some sort of “payback” for that. so the next time the two of you are reading together you are forced to stop when you feel a tug at your hair. without looking away from his book, alhaitham had taken a strand of it and has begun twirling it around his fingers, almost unconsiously. he only stopped when he had to turn his page, and then would pick up another strand and resume, rinse and repeat. somewhere along the way you stopped paying attention to it and you found yourself softly smiling whenever you did remember what he was doing with your hair. sometimes alhaitham would stop reading to admire your hair in his hands, but when he felt your head moving to look at him, his gaze would snap back to his book without a second thought. this has since become normal routine between the two of you.
Tumblr media
recently the two of you have been conducting "experiments" together. you are no alchemist, nor are you a scholar. you are just a feeble little adventurer with too much time on their hands, but you and amber are still lured in by the fascination of science. your question? which hairstyles are best for gliding. listen, you and amber insist. this is a very important research topic. how is one supposed to look fashionable while gliding? and so the tests began. you do amber's hair, she flies around, and then you record how the hair looks afterwards. many questions need to be answered. does the hairstyle keep the hair out of your face? does it fall apart while gliding? does it get blown around by the wind? does it still look good when you're done? is there more than one hairstyle out there that fits all the criteria that amber has set out? or does she just have to cut her hair short?
similarly, you've also been conducting a similar experiment, but with adventuring. amber does your hair, and you do out and do your daily commissions. you have your own host of questions, probably even more than amber would. for example, does it get in your face when fighting? will it get caught in low-hanging trees when you're running away? how likely is it to catch on fire if you get too close to a hillichurl? will it get in the way of drawing your weapon? if you get stuck in bad weather, is it convenient to sleep on? how easily does it get dirty? is that even a concern? or do you also have to cut your hair short/keep it short? it's a silly thing to spend time on, you and amber must admit, but it's fun, so it must be alright!
Tumblr media
somewhere along the way itto decided that if HE has the coolest hairstyle around, YOU also must have the coolest hairstyle around. he’s stubborn too, and ocmmitted to his goal of giving you the most killer hairstyle inazuma has ever seen. he’ll plop you down somewhere and he’ll start putting in cool accessories and temporary hair dye, tie up and clip your hair up using with (surprisingly) good skill. not only that, you find his touch to be gentle and caring. he works with such passion yet handles your hair with such care, not once tugging too hard on your hair or getting it so tangled he has to cut it off. it surprises you a little, to say the least, but when you think about the way he handles his own hair with just as much care, you figured he wanted to treat yours the same way. when he’s done he shows it off to the rest of the arataki gang, laughing and saying something along the lines of “check out my hard work! whaddya think? don’t they look great?”
you on the other hand, just ifnd itto’s hair absolutely lovely to play with. for its spikiness it’s quite soft and fluffy, and it was then you realized he puts a lot of effort into keeping his hair happy and healthy. he’d laugh and tell you he has to if he wants to best looking hairstyle in all of inazuma (besides yours) and will ramble about his days endeavours as you brush your fingers through his hair. sometimes he’ll give you the comb he uses so you can brush his hair with it. he has to admit, it feels nice to have his hair combed by you, and you don’t mind, either, it just gives you more opportunities to admire the amount of care he puts into his hair on a daily basis, seriously, it’s quite impressive.
Tumblr media
you've become a big fan of wandering around with kazuha, but when the two of you sit down to take a break, eat something, or even write down that line of poetry that kazuha was finally able to come up with, you find yourself absent-mindedly playing with his ponytail. braiding it and unbraiding it, twisting it into a bun and then letting it unravel, anything as you sit and enjoy the sun on your skin. kazuha doesn't mind though. in fact, he enjoys it when you play with this hair, and has said so out loud, too.
because of all this wandering, he takes a liking to finding stuff in nature to put in your hair. a bright dendrobium, a shiny leaf, whatever it is, he'll turn it into a hairpin. if you're wandering through a town of city, he might even buy one for you. it’s only when the two of you are alone that hell give it to you, softly smiling and telling you to consider it a memory of that day’s journey in that particular place. so whenever you run you hands over the accessory, it’s like you’re taken back to the very place he got it from, and you can see him smiling at the accessory in adoration as he thinks about how he’s going to give it to you later that day, and the way he stores it with such care as to not damage it, escpecially if the accessory is one the more delicate side. it’s like a treasure to him.
Tumblr media
now that's someone who knows how to do hair. when you first complained to him that today it just doesn't look right no matter what you do to it, he'll offer to help you out. If you accept, he'll sit you down somewhere and put over 5000 years of hair doing to work. short hair or long hair, he'll work your hair with so much finesse but also with so much ease (hey, where did he get that hairclip from? did he have that on him this whole time?). suddenly you've got the best looking hair in all of teyvat. when you try to give him back any accessories he puts in your hair, he declines, insisting that you keep them so you can use them in the future.
of course, he wants you to be able to the styles yourself, and he'll offer to teach them to you, patiently guiding you through even the most complex of hairstyles. he lets you practice on his hair so that you have an easier time seeing what you're doing. listening to a story and drinking tea? you're right behind him, trying to do his hair while holding clips in your mouth. he won't stop there either. he'd tell you the best ways to care for your hair, the best products out there. even his favourite place to buy accessories. why he buys accessories and keeps them on his person? no one knows.
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Tumblr media
from enzumeii on instagram and twitter
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the scottish play
word count: ~3.1k
-> warnings: spoilers for liyue story quest, reader dies (again). blood mention. zhongli probably cries off camera
taglist: @samarill || @thenyxsky || @valeriele3 || @atsukawolfcat || @thehoneymushroomhealer || @imyme20 || @bittersweetorpheus || @vampirecatsw || @willburzone || @some-mildly-happy-human || @yourlocaldrugdealerbutfancy || @inmyprinceerafr || @depressed-bitchy-demon || @kithewanderingme
<< first part || < masterlist >
Tumblr media
you should have known better than to trust liyue.
a rock hits your shoulder, kicked down from the ledge behind you, and the abyss mage in front of you shouts a cry lost amidst the hilichurls’-
clubs are grabbed and shields are raised, the electro shooter taking your wrist roughly and pulling you away. you hear human voices behind you, calls to get them! and that’s the missing artifact! nearly drowned under your heartbeat in your ears. the electro hilichurl pushes you behind the grenadier before grabbing its crossbow, hastily beginning to load it. in the camp, you can see an archer up on the stone ledge—the same one you entered from—as well as four other millelith guards in the camp itself. an electro-infused bolt skims the cheek of one, a spear narrowly blocking the swing of a club, two have to ditch their weapons and roll to dodge to mitachurl’s charge-
the grenadier’s calloused hands pull you out of the way of an arrow, one that lands in the sand and quivers with force. the hilichurl pushes you away, waving its hands for you to run.
if you’d have paid more attention to the fight, you’d have noticed the hilichurls were fighting defensively to give you time.
you turn on worn, hole-ridden shoes, doing your best to take in air as you run down the path. this area of liyue is sparse, with no weaving pathways to hide in or trees to cover you. there’s nothing for the earth to shelter you with, and other than bringing more dust into the air around the archer, it’s just as helpless as you are.
there’s a building set besides a crack in the huge wall besides the path, a fork approaching quicker than you’d like. the path continues forward, toward trees, but it’s a long way to the small forest..
you turn. an arrow bounces off the stone just behind you as you do.
immediately you recognize your mistake, spotting first spiked walls, then rippling red banners, then the archer towers they’re attached to and the guards climbing down the ladders on them.
the crack you saw seems to open into a larger area, with trees you’ve never seen before, so you take the risk that the millelith can’t climb all that quickly with their armor and keep running. it’s not like you would have survived turning back anyways; they’re the ones with the archer towers.
a guard makes it to the ground just as you pass, throwing aside his spear and running after you. an arm loops around your waist, then another over your arms as you fall.
the weight of the guard on top of you knocks out the air from your lungs, leaving you dazed. he quickly gets off and pulls at the arm with the ring on it as you desperately try not to breathe in dirt.
you fuss, trying first to close your hand into a fist then hitting at his with your other. it works, the ring falling to the dirt, and though you try to follow it with your eyes you quickly lose it in the light of the sun.
the guard starts to wipe desperately at the dirt and you take the opportunity to run into the crack, pulling a random bundle of things you hope are medical supplies off a nearby cart as you do. the guards shout at you, but you keep running, taking a set of confusing turns before coming across a small campsite. there are tents and rudimentary walls, but you decide to shove yourself into the space between a stack of crates and a wall, holding your breath.
footsteps thunder by, slowing to a stop not too far from where you’re hidden. you clutch at and attempt to cover the white in your arms, turning it towards the wall as far as you can without moving the crates. you don’t dare move to peek between the boxes, simply sitting in your little corner and hoping beyond reason that they won’t think to search in the most obvious area.
“where’d they go?”
“find them!”
your heart thuds in your chest and you have to fight to keep your breathing quiet, pressing yourself further against the wall as the guards search the small camp.
the floor tips and spins beneath you, the world blurry and hazed from dehydration and exhaustion, but you stay hidden as boots stomp by again, listening to the irritated words from one of the guards as they pass.
“we must report this to the qixing.”
Tumblr media
zhongli walks through liyue harbor, one hand holding a folder and the other one clenched in a fist. he can feel the stares of people as he passes, the new whispers on their tongues, and he sets his jaw, picking up the pace.
he’s used to the stares. people pointed him out as odd, eccentric, the funeral consultant that everybody knew yet didn’t know why, or where he was from. the stranger that somehow knew alarming amounts of liyuen history, the new worker at the parlor who puts up with the director, the one with a vision from liyue yet seems adept at using it nonetheless.
stares are regular, until they’re not.
the empty space on his lower back where his faux-vision once was affects him more than it should. maybe because it feels like a real one, now, since he hasn’t been able to manipulate geo ever since it turned against him. the lack of pressure, the missing weight of glass and gold, no matter how papery the front it put up, bothered him. it wasn’t real in any sense, it was utterly worthless, it didn’t glow or have any connection at all, and yet.. it still refused to obey him. touching it felt like he was cutting his palm open over and over despite the lack of physical injuries, and when he tried to have hu tao reattach it to (a new) chain, it only stabbed at him through his clothes.
it was fake. it shouldn’t be possible.
but he couldn’t tell anybody of his plight.
nodding a greeting at the blacksmith, he continued his journey across the harbor.
“-consultant for-?”
“-where’s his-?“
“-did his vision-?”
questions flew in the space between people, gossip lighting the way between lampposts. he knew they were watching. he didn’t know why it unnerved him so much.
zhongli kept walking.
two millelith guards are standing duty near the bridge, and he listens in on their conversation as he passes.
“-hear any updates on the situation?”
“no, only that they’ve gotten to the chasm. it’s to dangerous for the qixing to send-..”
he files the information away.
zhongli openes the door to the parlor, nodding in greeting at ferrylady. perhaps he should pay the chasm a visit on the chance that the guards were speaking of what he hoped they were.
you wouldn’t be too much of a challenge—he is still, after all, morax, the god of war and contracts. he’d signed on the dotted line when he took his first breath, signed to be the warrior of his god and to stand by their side for as long as he lived. it was a deal he could easily uphold, and one he’s not going to fail.
he’s served his god all his life, and he refuses to allow such disgrace to befall their name.
perhaps if he’s lucky, he’ll be the one allowed to slay you…
he shakes the thoughts of bloodshed from his mind, knocking twice on a door marked ‘director’. when he hears permission to enter, he wastes no time in pushing it open.
hu tao’s eyes brighten when she see’s it’s him, the pen in her hand twirling around her fingers in her excitement. “zhongli! you’re back quickly.”
he nods, stepping forward to hand her the folder. “the negotiations went easier than anticipated.”
her eyes suddenly narrow, hee hand retracting from the folder. “did you say what i told you to?”
“yes, director, i kept the price within the range you specified. i was simply commenting on the simplicity of the transaction; who knew it was so easy to-“
the air shifts, a presence materializing from a cloud of black and teal smoke at zhongli’s side. hu tao yelps, her chair skidding backward.
xiao catches the pen she throws at him with ease.
zhongli pulls it from his hand, the director having finally registered what happened.
“wha- who- you? y- you can’t just appear in my office like that!”
xiao paid her no mind, turning to zhongli and bowing, the latter easily dismissing the action.
“what news do you have?”
“i have scoured all of liyue and have yet to find a trace. in addition, b-… venti has not felt their presence upon the wind, and considering the tightening of security around the harbor thanks to the millelith, i can only assume they have either gone to sumeru through nantianmen or lumberpick valley, or they are in the chasm.”
the words of the millelith from earlier echoed in zhongli’s mind, a plan swiftly forming.
“i see. thank you, xiao. i will leave at once.”
with a nod, the adeptus vanishes back into a cloud of smoke.
“zhongli? who was that? and where are you going? who were you talking about?”
zhongli set the folder on her desk, the pen placed on top. “all in due time, ms. hu. until then, i’m afraid i must depart.”
“you can’t-“
“i promise that appropriate compensation for my leaving early will be arranged, and we may speak on the topic when i return.”
“goodbye, director.”
black and gold fabric twisted around him as he turned, the empty chain across his back glinting in the light of the office. while he had some regret about leaving so harshly—he’d surely receive a rant about reliance when he returned—it was quickly drowned under his determination.
his god was calling, and all he’d ever wished for was to answer.
Tumblr media
you stumble into a tunnel next to a blue waypoint, walking in as far as you can manage before crumbling to the floor. you have to go. to hide. you don’t know how many ‘lives’ you have left, and you’re not keen on finding out, not with the qixing on your tail.
you drag yourself next to a shining chunk of cor lapis, gritting your teeth at the pain.
how did it come to this?
to running from the millelith, hiding in the chasm of all places?
you breathe heavily as you sit against the wall, the sudden shift from relaxation to running for your life taking a toll. you put your hands on the floor to shuffle further against the wall only to wince, moving your palm to see what sharp rock you’d landed on.
except it wasn’t a rock. the ring, the one the dendro slime gave you, is sitting peacefully on top of the dirt like it belongs there. still clean, still shining, the gem without a scratch you can see as you lift it up. the tunnel is only lit by sun streaming in from around the corner, and though it makes it hard to see imperfections on the gold, the light only highlights the wear on your figure. your clothes are tattered and worn, reduced to scraps, that ring the only thing of passable quality. how ironic, that the thing in best condition was the one you never should have taken—where would hilichurls even get them? did you think about it at all?—and the one that almost got you killed.
you couldn’t hold it against the millelith, really. you didn’t know where it came from or why. it didn’t look ancient to you, the gold still glimmering in the faint light, and the gem wasn’t large enough to be of any importance, but maybe it was. maybe it was some artifact that was really rare or highly sought after. maybe it was the dropped ring of some important ruler. maybe it was the wedding band of one of the workers here.
maybe you were just making excuses because you couldn’t find it in yourself to hate them.
..wow, this is kinda pathetic.
you do your best to wrap your wounds with the bandages you swiped, mumbling a quick thank you that they were bandages, no matter how covered in dust from your journey. between your shaky hands and the severity of the wounds, though, you don’t know if you’re actually doing anything of benefit. not to mention you’re still lying on the floor, in a dusty tunnel in the chasm.
dirt and rocks dig into your skin and wounds, scabs breaking as you curl up further, too caught up in your pain to hear the footsteps approaching you.
or maybe you do hear them, and simply don’t care.
you never had the highest level of self-preservation.
Tumblr media
zhongli has lived for eons.
he’s seen it all.
nothing surprises him anymore.
….nothing should.
but as he approaches the tunnel the millelith had told him of, as he walks and hears hitched breathing and choked words….
his knuckles are white around his polearm.
he turns the corner, stepping around a wooden support. dust stains the air as if trying to hide you from his view, but can still see. torn clothes, your hands wrapped in dirty bandages that are more likely to get them infected than protect, and you’re… you’re crying.
as he watches, you look up, matted hair falling into your face. you’re sitting next to a chunk of cor lapis, the ore looking like it’s glowing brighter than normal. in the golden light, he sees the tear tracks streak through the dirt on your face, and something like pity twinges in his chest.
something like a laugh leaves your cracked lips.
you knew?
you knew him?
his posture tensed, but you only sat up straighter, leaning on the wall behind you. it was hard to tell if that was blood on the floor or just shadows cast by the ore nearby, but you were obviously weak.
you licked your lips. why hadn’t he moved yet?
“i don’t mind dying, you know. not if it’s you.”
you sounded weak, voice hoarse and painful, like your throat was lined with glass.
and yet… him?
how did you even know him?
surely… surely you weren’t the same person as before, in wuwang hill, right? you weren’t the one who looked up at him with eyes that glittered not with tears but with admiration, your gaze sweeping over his face with such emotion. you weren’t the one that, even as he pointed his spear at your heart, dared to whisper a compliment?
…what did it matter? you… you deserved to be slain. he couldn’t be swayed simply because you looked like his god.
his hand almost didn’t want to obey as he leveled his polearm at your neck, noting the exhaustion with which you relaxed further into the stone. your eyes fluttered shut, your hand landing closer to the light of the ore. he could see a ring on one of your fingers: gold, archaic, likely stolen from a ruin nearby. how pitiful that an artifact would be ruined by you.
the golden point of his blade leveled against your skin, seeming to buzz with excitement in his hand.
he should make it quick.
in his hesitance, you spoke. “you want last words?”
to ask somebody on death row for the worst of crimes for last words would probably be itself a crime elsewhere. giving you the opportunity to take advantage of him while he was vulnerable—though he doubted you had the strength for that…
a small smile crossed your face.
he swallowed. his hand wavered.
“if you wish.”
why did you seem so familiar?
he was starting to shake.
it didn’t matter that you looked like his god. you were the imposter, you were the fake, but being here with you…
why was he hesitating?
this was a sin against his god, to allow such a devil to walk his nation. and to dare to feel sympathy for such a-
“i don’t mind if i die.”
but your voice-
you spoke so softly with his weapon pointed at your throat, every bob of your skin threatening to tear itself across its edge. and yet, you continued, leaving him no choice but to believe your statement.
“i don’t know why you want to kill me, but i don’t. really.”
in the golden light of the lapis and whatever extra was coming around the corner, your skin broke.
what were you saying?
why couldn’t he listen?
he was entranced by the bead of blood, almost shimmering in the light, rolling down your neck.
he had to kill you.
he had to.
why didn’t he want to?
“it’s a good day to die.”
that was a lie, the skies were gray and threatened rain, the earth itself irritated and rumbling with an anger you couldn’t sense. the only reason you said that was because you didn’t know.
he found himself believing it anyway.
“kill me, morax.” the way you said his name- “i’m… i’m sure your god would be proud.”
what did you know of his god?
in the instant anger overcame him, he pressed vortex vanquisher forward, pushing until he hit stone. you flinched, blood rolling down his weapon and falling into your lap in waves. to his surprise, it didn’t stain the blade dark with crimson, instead…
he told himself it was the light.
your eyes fluttered, struggling, and he compared the shade of the ring on your finger to the one on his weapon. even in the tinted lighting, they looked the same.
it was impossible.
even as he tore his weapon away, a futile attempt to undo his actions, he knew it was impossible.
“kill me, morax.”
and he had, he had, and now he wanted nothing more than to take it back, dirt staining his knees as gloved hands fluttered over the wound as if it would magically stick back together.
“i’m sure your god would be proud.”
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watatsumiis · 2 days
Bitey reader series - part 3
Content: gender neutral reader (heavily implied to be neurodivergent in some way), biting (gentle affectionate biting, not in a kinky way, just as a nontraditional expression of platonic affection)
Part 1
Part 2
Characters: Razor, Thoma, Venti, Xiao, Yae Miko, Zhongli
Razor takes it as hostility at first when you give him an affectionate bite on the forearm - it takes him a few moments to process it and figure out what it was supposed to mean based on the vibe you're giving off. He catches on quickly though and is actually rather thrilled that you seem to be speaking in a language he understands - spending so much time around wolves means he's probably familiar with their playful nips and bites, especially from the pups. It makes him happy to know that people do that sometimes too, and with some coaxing he might even feel comfortable enough to return the favour.
Thoma is entirely baffled. He'll question it, ask if you need something to eat or drink, he's just so sweetly confused. He doesn't really like being bitten and kind of sees it as something that has inherently negative connotations, a way that you're nonverbally telling him something is wrong and he needs to fix it. Even if that's not the case, he's still a bit confused and flighty about it and will just silently pull away, offering you a snack or something instead. He might even start carrying around some of your favourite snack foods to discourage you from chewing on him.
Venti certainly knows a thing or two about non-traditional displays of affection. He's probably super okay with it and may even return the favour if the mood strikes (watch out for those little fangies of his though!). He thinks it's super sweet and cute and is just happy you feel comfortable enough around him to show affection in a way that may be seen as a little 'strange'. He probably gets a little giggly over it and jokes that he must taste really good for you to want to nibble on him all the time.
Xiao is ... mildly irritated, at first. He'll draw away sharply and give you this long, searching look as he struggles to wrap his head around what he did wrong to make you want to bite him. Though, growing up around non-humans means he's not exactly unfamiliar with the concept of strange ways of showing affection, he's grown so used to people being afraid to lay a hand on him that he's just entirely lost and not sure how to act. It's a little hypocritical, considering the fact that he's been known to butt his horns against those that he likes, preen at their hair with his fingers, or even chew on their clothing on occasion. If you do it consistently enough, he'll eventually just... settle. He likes you, and doesn't want to hurt you by lashing out, and he supposes it isn't that bad.
Yae Miko, despite her elegant and put-together facade, still has some foxlike instincts buried deep down. If you bite her, she'll bite you back, twice as hard, just as a routine disciplinary act. She'll act all cutesy and smile about it, asking you what's wrong when you get upset and telling you that you shouldn't do these things if you aren't going to be prepared for the consequences. If she's busy or you're in public, however, she'll wordlessly redirect you onto something else without even looking, like you're a naughty kit or something like that. If she could pick you up by the scruff of the neck and put you at arm's length when you get all bitey, she probably would (mostly just to see your distraught reaction).
Zhongli also has some experience with the instinctual urge to bite others (it's a disciplinary thing for his species), he's had others display affection to him in this way, so it doesn't really phase him. He'll just let you take his hand and chew on it lightly so long as it's not too distracting or inconvenient (he's ambidextrous, so continuing paperwork is no issue). Though there's always a non-zero chance that you doing this will remind him of some old fable he heard somewhere about werewolves or vampires and send him into this big long ramble (that can be a good or bad thing depending on your attention span and ability to cope with his nattering). Sometimes it's like he's barely even noticed you've done it at all.
Please don't repost, steal, copy or otherwise plagarise my writing! This includes posting translations to other sites.
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grymmeoir · 17 hours
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Childe’s stolen title
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cloudstuffs · 3 days
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Even the almighty lord of geo needs a break 🍂🌸
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atsuki-mitsuri · 2 days
"secrets are never revealed without a price."
Our story begins in the era of the archon war. Where our home, Tevyat, once became a god-eat-god world. It was a dangerous place full of the groans of the wounded, the screams of the dying and the cacophony of human flesh.
And within the clouds of Tevyat lies the world’s supposed creator. Dormant and unresponsive to the anguished that assaulted its lands. A distant angelic voice that was once the one thing that secured safety for every living being was now lost amidst chaos and destruction.
However an ancient revelation was uncovered within the ruins of a derelict temple which changed the fate of the world. That revelation allowed an even greater being to appear. And that said being was our beloved protagonist.
They were a carbon copy of the creator. They had the same face and the same physique. Their divine aura that grew inside them were disturbingly similar to the original. But all that was brought to this world wasn't just for naught.
The God that had discovered the revelation decided to use this being for a noble and heroic cause. And thus the great struggle that turned this world into a living hell had begun to turn the tables.
Just like a puppet, the carbon copy followed their words and danced through their alluring songs. They uttered words that would catch the hearts of the souls that they would encounter, from those that were courageous and afraid and to those that were too dishonorable and cruel.
And then the terrible conflicts that destroyed countless nations finally halted. They had finally convinced the human race to yield and show respect to one another. Their heroic deeds had finally captured the hearts and minds of all that lived on Tevyat. And thus the great war was over and a new age of peace had been ushered in. Momentarily, that is.
The wishful thinking of the God that no one could have known of the dark secret that was sealed within the temple would soon result in another war. A war that would ravage the very existence of the human race and would ultimately lead to the devastation of the world that would happen once more. After all, secrets are never revealed without a price. And the big the secret is, the smaller the payment is.
As Iron Tongue Tian bowed his head, the audience began to applaud for the magnificent tale that he had just narrated. And the storyteller dissapeared to the backstage to prepare himself for the last act of the night. And as the applause died down, murmurs began to arose amongst themselves. The atmosphere tensing up. Even the storyteller himself felt the unease on the back of his neck.
His tale was just a simple yet famous myth in Liyue that's yet to be proven. However, the latest findings of the archaeologists that dug deep in the ruins of Tevyat implied that it had actually happened but (fortunately) wasn't entirely proven. Just how much of the truth can this story really hold?
Even so, the words that were spoken made it seem as if he was a truth-teller instead! Iron Tongue Tian had just spoken the worst possible truths of a couple of centuries old myths and now the nagging voice inside his head told him that he shouldn't had listen to the stories of the consultant.
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dragon-ascent · 1 day
Geeking Out
Genius Invokation TCG, Zhongli, and you.
Genius Invokation TCG is all the rage, everyone’s playing it no matter who they are
Which is why Zhongli isn’t surprised that you’ve been swept by the TCG wave too. You’ve already built a few strong decks, spent some Mora on good action cards, and played against other people in your free time
You rave about the game all day to Zhongli, who doesn’t mind. He likes it when you’re gushing about the things you’re into (he also finds it adorable, quite frankly, but that’s beside the point)
Zhongli passively learns the mechanics of the game thanks to you, understanding the kind of tactics you’re into and how to get the best of your opponent. He’s a good listener after all, so he remembers every last detail
One day you come home with the BIGGEST grin on your face, waving a card around excitedly
“Zhongliiiii, guess what card I bought today!”
“What is it, dear?” he asks, putting down his book to pay attention to you. He remembers everything you’ve told him about the card game, and thus today you must be boasting about a good action card you’ve purchased.
Your grin widening, you show him the card – it’s the Mask of Solitude Basalt.
Zhongli’s brow furrows. “An artifact card. But darling, if I recall correctly, none of your decks incorporate Geo units. Have you started building a new deck?”
“No, silly! It’s not what the card does, but who’s on it!”
You’re fangirling about the fact that Rex Lapis is the wearer of the mask in the card, so in a way, your lover is a TCG character too
It’s an action card, but it quickly becomes your favourite card for obvious reasons. You take even better care of it than your character cards, much to Zhongli’s amusement
You anticipate the days you get to go to the tavern to play a round or three, which means your disappointment is immeasurable on occasions you cannot…
“A-choo!” Blowing your nose, you whimper for the umpteenth time. “Today’s supposed to be match day…”
“There is always next time, my love,” Zhongli offers kindly as he refills your cup of tea. “Why not go next weekend?”
You pout. “But I wanted to show off my new deck to everyone! I put together a whole new set that’s bound to have everyone jealous!”
Zhongli kisses your forehead. “Can it not wait a week?”
Therefore, because Zhongli loves you so much, he comes up with an idea
He’s seen you talk about your new deck and the tactics you have in mind for it, and thank the archons Zhongli has impeccable memory
He decides to go in your stead and play on your behalf
Naturally, you’re overjoyed but also apprehensive. Sure, he’s seen you play many times, but that’s not the same as actually playing it himself…
He assures you he will do his best by emulating all that you’ve done and shown him, and you get so emotional you almost sob and blow your nose on his coat and wish him all the best of luck
The second Zhongli has stepped into the tavern, your fancy new deck in hand, he sizes everyone up. People recognise him, partly as the funeral consultant from Liyue and partly as your husband – mostly the latter, since you’ve become quite well-known for your card game prowess, and therefore Zhongli is famous too by association.
After he has found a challenger, he sits opposite them and takes out the deck. His opponent comments on how he’s surprised to see Zhongli today instead of you, and Zhongli explains that he’s playing on your behalf.
His opponent chuckles. “This is no different from being up against a first-time player then. I’ll take the easy victory, thank you.”
But Zhongli smiles as he rolls the elemental dice. “Come what may in this match of ours, but I have the utmost faith in my wife’s strategies.”
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heliosblaze · 1 day
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Heizou, Alhaitham, Tartaglia y Zhongli
By Ceoretkr
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iamfakeu · 18 hours
,, Ice skating “
Tumblr media
featuring: zhongli & alhaitham
warnings: swearing, slight angst, slight crackfic
In which Zhongli and Alhaitham go ice skating with their lovers <3
Hello I’m back again with another post :) Like the other post, please excuse my grammar with this one 😭 Also sorry for not posting stuff. I recently had covid but now I’m finally negative so yayy
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Zhongli / Morax
The Archon War had come to an end as snow fell down from the heavens. 7 emerged victorious from the war. Those 7 were now identified as the 7 Gods who will rule Teyvat.
You were one of them. The Cryo Archon, The Goddess of Ice and Snow. All 7 of you were in Liyue, celebrating your victories.
After today, all of you shall rule your nations. After today, you won’t get to see him anymore, your lover.
A sigh exited your lips as you walked away from the group, smiles all around. Your eyes landed towards the frozen lake not far from the other Gods.
You decided to ice skate to soothe your head and to remove your worries.
You started to glide and spin across the ice.
A pair of amber eyes started to watch you with some osmanthus wine on his hand. In his mind, he wanted to relish this scene before you both go in your separate ways.
“Will you keep staring or will you join me, love?”
He chuckled, putting down his drink. “For you, my dear, I shall skate with you one last time.”
And so, he joined you in the lake, skating.
This moment would continue to be in his mind forever as it was his last memory of you.
He missed the way you shined in the ice.
He missed everything about you.
If only he was there in time to save you from Celestia.
Tumblr media Tumblr media
The climate between Sumeru and Snezhnaya were vastly different. So when you first invited Alhaitham to accompany you to Snezhnaya, he declined at first.
But when you told him that it was research for the Akademiya, he finally agreed.
You were shivering. You couldn’t move your arms so much due to the cold. It was torture.
“Alhaitham! Why did you even force me to do this?!”
“You forced me though.”
Both of you decided to take a break from walking and to enter a building.
Well, it turns out the building the two of you entered was a skating rink. Your eyes immediately lit up by the idea of you and your dear lover skating.
“Can we maybe—“
“If we skated, you’d give up five minutes in because you think its too hard.”
Oh crap, he’s right. You realised.
But you convinced him anyways.
Well, he was right . You did want to quit a few minutes in.
“Alhaitham! Help!! I’m gonna fall!!!” You screamed at the top of your lungs.
“Relax Y/N. Just hold on to me.”
So you did. You were basically clinging on to him for dear life.
“Fucking hell! Why did I do this?!”
Your eyes were shut close.
“Y/N, just focus on your balance and relax. I’ve got you here.”
He started to skate forward while you tried your best to follow him.
You soon realised that you were actually skating. “Look! Haitham! I did it! I’m skating!”
“I can see that.”
He didn’t want to admit it but seeing you happy was enough to make his day.
Tumblr media
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hannidrops · 1 day
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
little blorbo genshin boys I drew a couple years ago. I drew childe today to make it a nice even number
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