shoulmate · 2 days
"What's the hardest thing about managing the Jackals?" you repeat the question with a grin.
"Who, then, if you rather," the reporter laughs. "We all know Bokuto and Hinata are a handful, Sakusa's demanding, and Miya makes no secret of himself. So who 'takes the cake'? Who's gives you the most trouble?"
You smile wryly. "There are more than just those four goons," you answer. "The older members give me just as much trouble...From smart-ass comments to antagonizing the rookies, to playing pranks on rivals when they visit. They're a nightmare."
"So it's one of the veterans, then?"
You shake your head. "Not necessarily. It really just depends on the day. Or the upcoming match...The most recent holiday, the time of the year, the position of the planets--"
The reporter laughs, somewhat awkwardly this time as they use the sound to cut you off. "Okay, okay, we get it. So no real answer then? They're equally challenging?"
You shrug noncommittally with a glance at the clock and the reporter knows to move on; you're just going to continue deflecting. Any moment now Foster should be calling for you--
"Anything to address the rumors of a relationship between you and one of the athletes?"
You were too distracted by trying to communicate telepathically with Foster, to get him here sooner, to properly mask your expression.
Your eyes snap to their face just a little too wide, lingering a little too long before you compose yourself.
"No," you reply stiffly and they grin like the Cheshire cat.
Mercifully, before they can begin the inquisition, Foster leans around the corner and calls your name into the lobby.
"That's my cue." You say goodbye and walk off with a little too much enthusiasm for it to seem natural.
You release an exasperated sigh as you get around the corner and hear security asking the reporter to leave.
Foster snorts. "You brought this on yourself you know."
You smile innocently. "Oh, I know." A face peeks out of the locker room down the hall and you nearly skip in excitement. "But thanks for helping keep it under wraps as long as we can, coach."
He rolls his eyes but there's a small smile at the corner of his mouth. "Only because you're still doing a good job at your job."
You walk backwards to keep looking at him as he goes to his office. "Rodger that."
He smirks and disappears as you bump into an unexpected wall.
Grinning, you tilt your head to look up at Kiyoomi.
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geummi · 2 days
Tumblr media
stageplay kagehina hugging got me…
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notpikaman · 12 hours
Tumblr media
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Warning(s): mention of unwanted flirting, suggestive??
Tumblr media
You’re getting hit on by this stranger in a bar and although he doesn’t like it one bit, he doesn’t want to seen as overprotective or possessive, he also know you can handle this on your own as well. But his snapping point is when they gave you a paper with their number on it, he’ll to immediately snatch it and crumble it in his hand.
“Sorry, but they’re mine.” He sternly said to the person who had been blatantly flirting with you just moments earlier. In an instant, he wrapped his hand around your waist and drew you close to his body, pressing you against him. If that person knew you were his, this wouldn't even be happening, so he promised to himself that when the night comes, he'll make sure everyone knows who you belong to.
Tumblr media
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luvring · 2 days
Tumblr media
gn!reader | sugawara, kenma, iwaizumi, akaashi, semi, suna, sakusa
Tumblr media
SUGAWARA orders a star map of the sky from the night you met. he points out the different constellations you can see (that he had to look up and ask for help spotting) and lets you trace over it with your fingers. he gets close, his face hovering near your shoulder, before saying, “you might say it’s because you’re a star.” you turn to see him grinning. “don’t talk to me,” you say, unable to hide the smile on your face. “what?” he teases, wrapping his arms around you. “i’m just saying i’m over the moon for you.” “oh my god,” you laugh. hearing it, koushi wonders if he could fill your room with stars with the list of other dates he thought of choosing.
KENMA gets two custom plushies made of your characters from your favourite co-op game. you guys had played it for so long, even before you started dating, that it was a no-brainer for him. his original plan was letting you have your character and keep his own; he thought you’d love to keep your plush yourself. so he’s taken by surprise when you think the opposite and reach for his. “do you think we could keep each other’s? so it’s like you’re there with me?” he blinks and stares at you. but then his gaze softens and he nods, taking yours into his arms. “that’s a good idea.” “promise you’ll keep it safe and happy?” it's a half-joke, and kenma huffs a laugh before playing along. “it—i, yeah, of course.”
IWAIZUMI buys touch bracelets and heart lockets so you know he’s thinking of you, even while he’s away. you set them up together, trying out the different features despite being a foot apart. “i’m gonna go to the washroom, tell me if you can feel it,” you say quickly. hajime watches you pad away with a smile, the smile growing when he notices the bracelet works. it wasn’t like he expected them to not work, but it was relieving to have you kiss him and know his gift was worth it. the first night he goes to sleep with them on, he can’t stop himself from holding the locket, set up with your heartbeat, up to his face. he’s only glad you aren’t there so you couldn’t watch him roll over to smush his face into the pillow, another smile plastered on his lips.
AKAASHI hands you a jar of hand folded stars and hearts. each one has its own note, written whenever he had a message or wanted to remember something. they range from “hi, i love you” to “thanks for paying for lunch <3” to “4/16 first sleepover :).” he scratches the back of his ear while you open it. “i couldn’t choose between stars or hearts, so i hope you don’t mind having both. the ones at the bottom look a little worse than the others, i was still figuring it out.” he laughs and cringes a little, remembering how he looped the same tutorial at least 4 times the first day. keiji’s own heart flutters when you smile and hug him, whispering a thank you into his ear. he’s glad he still has extra paper at home—maybe he can make more for you later.
SEMI makes you a custom cd, including a cover he designs himself. he picked out his favourite songs that remind him of you and the ones that the both of you played while together. if you looked in his desk drawer, you’d find all the different cover designs he thought of and tried out—he couldn’t tell you how many practice trials he did before perfecting it. “i also made it into a playlist since, you know, you won’t always have something to play a cd with you. you can scan the code on the back, i traced it and made sure it works.” he relaxes when you say the titles look good, and later that night when you text to say you loved it, eita lets out what he thinks might be the deepest sigh of his life, finally able to rest.
SUNA teases you, passing a t-shirt that has his face on it with “i’m he’s” on top. he snorts and tries to compose himself at your reaction, asking, “what? you don’t like it?” it’s then that he unzips his jacket and shows you his matching one, and with a wavering voice says, “but i got this one, too.” “god, rintarou.” you throw yours at him and laugh. the both of you take a few photos with them on, mimicking different memes you find. but suna looks softly at you afterwards. “you didn’t really think that was all i got, did you?” you can stare as he pulls out a box from under his bed, filled to the brim with different gifts and food for you. he lets you look for yourself, the only gift that he gives personally being matching lockets he found. when you open the both of them, there’s a photo of the other inside.
SAKUSA commissions art of the both of you using his favourite photo. you could recognize it from anywhere—the two of you were cuddled under a blanket outside, and you could see the warm sunset behind you. it was the one he set as his lockscreen all those months ago, and never changed since. the artist he commissioned was one of your favourites, and he even got them to write a thank you message along with it. your eyes light up when you see it, and you give him a confused smile. “'omi, how did you get a commission? their spots fill up so quickly.” kiyoomi shrugs, sitting down next to you to look over it again. “i’m fast, i guess.” he wouldn’t tell you about the reminders he set for their commissions opening, or how he got the help of his teammates either. he didn’t see the need to when you hug him, whispering “i love you, thank you.” in his ear.
Tumblr media
🏷 | @devilgirlcrybabiey @lordbugs @smiithys @xfangirl-trashx @passionateuchiha @scaramouchesfootstool @fifteenshadesofpinkk @lotus-sukimono @chloee0x0 @kenmaslov3r @bakugosgrenade @semifilms @sakusasdirtyragdoll @dai-tsukki-desu @Thathoneybee3 @momoewn @aintgeluh @dazaisfavgf @simpforerenn @leexshin @crystal-lilac @vhenis @omiigad @kur0-kawa @semispilledcoffee @ksyhmm @idontlikeyourjob @sparrowb3nscloset @awkwardaardvarkforever @rory-cakes @prblmtc @dimslover @kuroaka @vampyrkookie @sunaslay @the-midnightskies @h0n3ysgh0st @lackey-laufeyson @bontensbabygirl @dira333 @the-b-u-n-n-y @Kamukayakmonyet @danyisapingu @isentsworld @lilithlunas @anime-ships-gay @todorokiskitten
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hinata-boke · 1 day
Tumblr media
Drawing a randomly generated Haikyuu character (almost) every day until I give up 33. Kageyama Miwa
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shira47a · 3 days
Tumblr media
I wanted to see the orange color of the lining of the clothes like in the original illustration.
So I drew it😇
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lovelyunholyc · 2 days
hurt/comfort but mostly comfort. gender neutral. inspired by this post :')
from the moment you see him, you know something's off.
his shoulders sag just the slightest bit, and instead of his usual bone-crushing hug and a flurry of kisses as a greeting, he places only one, soft and sweet, at the center of your forehead.
this would be normal to most people, but it's miya atsumu, and you know him better than he might even know himself.
"baby, is something wrong?" you drop what you're doing on the kitchen counter in favor of catching his hand and tugging him back to you before he can walk away.
atsumu shrugs, eyes downcast, and there's a slight downward pull to his lips that would be imperceptible to anyone else. "no, i'm fine."
you scoff good-naturedly, amused that he still thinks he can hide how he feels from you of all people. "'tsumu," you admonish lightly, and delight at the pink tinge creeping up his ears at his beloved nickname, telling you that no matter how down he is, he's still pleased to hear it from you.
he plasters on a tiny smile, a pitiful fraction of its usual intensity, you know, and brings your hand up to press his lips to your knuckle. "i'm okay, darlin', don't worry."
you sigh, but let him be with a gentle squeeze to his hand. he can be so stubborn; but you know he'll come back to you eventually.
atsumu has always gone through his emotions hard, fast, and loud, much like he does with just about every other aspect of his life. you've always loved that about him, how being so vulnerable comes so naturally, how he isn't ashamed to wear his heart on his sleeve, can't seem to help himself from reacting so openly to everything around him.
you continue your work in the kitchen while he settles in for the night, setting his things down and changing.
soon enough, he makes his way back to you, all but draping himself across your shoulders, nuzzling into the crook of your neck. you brace yourself against the edge of the counter with his added weight on you, but you don't complain, only letting him melt into you. it's comforting, his warmth encompasses you entirely and soothes you inexplicably, his arms hugging you tightly to him.
you smile to yourself, turn your head slightly just to press your lips to the top of his head, soft blonde tickling your skin. "oh, my love," you breathe, taking his hands and turning in his embrace so you can then kiss at his pretty little frown.
atsumu merely grunts softly in appreciation, lets you lead him to sit at the dining table. he makes room for you to stand between his knees, and as soon as he sits, he pulls you to him, hugs you tight once more. he makes a small, satisfied sound when he buries his face in your stomach and breathes you in, and you immediately start threading your fingers through his hair, soothing at his scalp.
"what's going on in that pretty little head of yours, hm?" your voice is soft, cautious. patient, ready to help him ease his worries when he decides he's ready to share them. you feel him shiver with your touch, a wave wracking through his body, and all the tension slipping free with it, slowly, muscle by muscle. "rough day?"
atsumu just nods into you, takes a few deep breaths before he tilts his head up to finally look at you. his hair is mussed charmingly where he'd been rubbing it against your shirt, his brows and lips heavy with revelation.
"do you think i'm too much?" you've never heard him sound so small. your big, invincible, rambunctious lover, reduced to barely a whisper. you think your heart breaks.
before the heat of anger starts to spike through your chest at whoever, whatever had made him feel that way.
outwardly, you wait patiently for him to continue, to elaborate if he chooses.
"...too emotional? ....too dramatic?"
the mix of hurt and confusion in his eyes makes you want to burn the world down.
"oh, honey," you coo gently, caressing his face fondly before brushing through his fringe. you decide not to press, taking his bitten in bottom lip as a cue that he needs reassurance more than anything, a reminder. you crack a small smile, hoping he'll mirror it eventually. "dramatic, maybe, but never too much." you lean in to press your lips softly but firmly to his forehead, as if you can etch your words into his brain that way. "you're nothing i can't handle, you know."
your heart flutters just a bit when his lips do tilt the tiniest bit to the side, his eyes shining with emotion. "yeah?"
"yeah." your fingers move from his hair down to follow the line of his neck, until you get to his shoulders and massage gently at the muscles you know must be sore from practice. "do you wanna know what i really think, baby?"
he sighs contentedly as you work at the knots in his shoulders and back, and you're glad to feel the tension in his body start to dissipate beneath your fingers. he buries his face into your shirt again but nods, his arms giving you a fond squeeze.
"'tsumu, you love so loudly and so, so proudly, it makes everything else melt away. you get all soft and gooey so easily and i love you that way - i love you in every way, you know that?" he looks up at you again at that, and the way his bottom lip protrudes in a pout makes you laugh quietly. you lean down to press yours against it and feel it slip into a subtle upwards turn instead. "i think anyone would kill for the kind of vulnerability you show so naturally, 'tsumu, and everyone you share it with should count themselves lucky. i know i do." you touch the tip of your noses together, delighted when he starts to smile. genuinely.
atsumu tugs you down to sit on his lap, so he can kiss you properly. "i love you," he whispers against your lips. his eyes are sparkling so ardently, it makes you warm all over. "more than you know." he kisses you again, heart in your hands, and doesn't stop until you're breathless, and he's grinning like the world is right again.
"not more than i love you, though, pretty boy."
that makes him furrow his brows, his innocent smile molding into a smirk. he kisses you once more, deepening it with ease, like he has something to prove.
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hlxtn · 3 days
Tumblr media
College kiyo sketch to fite this art block🫡
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tnkisu · 2 days
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
from this scene 
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crapflaps · 2 days
Tumblr media
....i think i have a type.........
template by @funneylizzie !!!!
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emmyrosee · 2 days
Osamu realizes he’s in love with you when you back his car into… something.
Years later, he can’t even begin to remember what you hit- the trash? Mailbox? Maybe the curb? Honestly it could’ve been a kid, he genuinely doesn’t know. Whatever it was, it caused a deep gash into the rear passenger side and popped the tire, the crunch of metal standing no chance against whatever was in your way.
And he could never be too mad at you. Never. This was no exception, it was just a car and a simple thing that he could fix himself, or pay someone to, but before he can convince you of this, his jaw slacks and his face pales slightly when you let out a bark, an absolute shock of a word so freely past your pretty lips:
It slipped out with zero hesitation, at the time, no shame either, and you just looked so mad about something he honestly couldn’t care less about, so long as you were okay. But clearly, you cared, and the moment you realized what your said?
God you looked so cute.
Your face got a sheen of sweat, your hand immediately coming up to cover your mouth, and with the most wide eyes, you whipped your head over to look at him. Your eyes lock with his, and he just. He starts cackling. He’s laughing at your poor, precious expense, and you’re whining in his now damaged car for him to stop, head thunking against the steering wheel in embarrassment.
And he realizes, once you finally are able to park the car and get out to swat at his chest, that he wants to be there for everything.
Every ‘god damn it,’ every scratch on the car that you may or may not cause every time you say something in front of him that you shouldn’t, he wants to be a part of the memory you now harbor. Every time you burn dinner, or you two get lost driving and at least are holding hands, everything.
You’re everything to him. And he realizes it for the first time when you back his brand new car into…. Whatever you backed into.
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shoulmate · 3 days
Akaashi should have seen this coming.
Something radiates off Kenma from Akaashi's side and he's not sure if it's irritation, fatigue, or both.
"Are you really that surprised?" Kenma asks in terse quiet, flinching against the shouting.
And honestly? He is. "Yes. I expected them to get along but not this well."
They both cringe at the sound of metal groaning under too much weight and strain.
Kenma laughs under his breath once. "Maybe you're part of the problem. You attract the crazies."
"I'm going so high!!" screams Bokuto and your frenzied laugh follows, jittery as you pump your legs between Bokuto and Kuroo trying to keep up with the massive arc of their swings.
"Bet you can't do this!" challenges Kuroo and, with surprising grace for someone who's no longer a teenager, leaps from his swing catching the highest point in his arc before rolling through the air and felinely landing on his feet.
"Let me try--"
"Bokuto, No--!" Akaashi tries to stop him but he's too late and Bokuto flies from his seat.
The owl looks like he's going to slam into the ground but he just plants his hands and shifts into a cartwheel.
Akaashi's left grasping his chest, heart pounding, as you gape at the man's finished gymnast pose. In an instant, you're out of your swing looking up at Bokuto with fire in your eyes but they're too far to hear what you're saying.
Kenma smirks at Akaashi's deathly pallor; he doesn't need to say anything.
Akaashi readily admits "we never should have let them become friends."
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taeyamayang · 3 days
okay okay.. for the ask prompts
"will you just shut up and kiss me?" + tsukishima
kiss me or kiss you
Tumblr media
"hinata said you like me."
it is one of those moments, a moment when you are almost certain that the world momentarily stopped turning and all you could hear is the rapid beating of your heart.
did shoyo tell on you?
"earth to (y/n)." tsukishima clicks his fingers at your lack of response.
a sly smile forms on his lips as he watches your walls crumble beneath your feet. oh, how he loves to silence your smart mouth. the image before himㅡyou, startled and muted, is worth to paint a picture of, hanged in gallery for every one to witness the effect he has on you.
"hinata said you like me, romantically, and he-"
"STOP." your wide-eyes dart at him as your throat runs dry. his head falls to the side, orbs savoring every inch of you before licking grains of salt at the corners of his mouth. he is clearly enjoying your unguarded state.
"hm?" he taunts, biting his lips together into a thin line as he fights the urge to grin. he leaves your shared box of fries on the bench, standing to close the gap between the two of you. his hands shoved inside the pocket of his pants as he gaze at your seated position through his bottom lashes; an act of domineering over your helpless flustured state.
"you're lying." you huff without conviction.
"am i?" arching his brows at you, he takes a step forward, slightly bending his back down so you're closer.
"i will never like you." and though you tried, your words fail to make him believe. perhaps, lying isn't your best skill. albeit, you push through. at this point, backing down is a sign of weakness and path for him to fuel his already inflated ego.
"you're obnoxious. a salty ill-mannered immature brat who doesn't how to manage their temper. you think you're cool by acting mean? ha, in everyone's eyes you're just a plain boy with mommy issues." a light crease forms on his forehead as you continue to distance yourself him.
you finally roped him. you hit a nerve by using words you learned from the best, him. maintaining a friendship with him isn't for the weak hearted. you can't be too sensitive around tsukishima. you need to learn to fight back even in playful bickerings in order to keep him in place.
as you stare at the blonde, a thought suddenly crosses your mind. tsukki does not like conversing with the other first years of the volleyball team. there's no way hinata will spill on him because the orange headed knows tsukishima doesn't care about these type of things. chances are, he might be playing one of his tricks on you and you absolutely cannot fall for it. hence, you continue.
"even if it's only the two of us left on earth, i would never choose you. i will never like you, kei." your tone tastes like chili peppers and bitter gourd, like rubbing salt on an open wound.
"(y/n)." tsukishima pulls a serious face, sighing as he locks his eyes on you. "hinata told me. i am telling the truth."
there's something about the sudden shift in his face that sends chills down your spine. all of a sudden you're doubting yourself.
what if shoyo accidentally told him? what if tsukki overheard shoyo talking about it to a fellow member and cornered him so shoyo felt the need to tell him the truth? what if... what if...
"no, he didn't." you responded weakly, your eyes bouncing from one to the other.
"yes, he did." tsukishima presses. a deeper crease forms on his forehead at your stubborness. "shrimpy told me the other day during practice. well, i overheard the conversation between him and sugawara senpai and when i heard your name i stepped in. then, the orange gremline told me." he explains.
your heart dithers and your throat runs dry once more. if tsukishima is acting up until this point then he deserves an Oscars. but your friend would never put up an act this long, you know him well. if he was lying, he should have laughed at your face long ago. hence, there's only one thing for sure,
tsukki isn't lying.
in your mind you wished to be swallowed by the ground and be part of the damned soil. even if you have been pinning on your friend for the longest time, you never considered telling him. you know that he isn’t the type to swoon over romance, the thought alone makes him empty his stomach. you figured it’s better to keep your feelings to yourself than lose him as your friend. 
“and you believed him?” you scoff. your confidence quivers at each word you utter. “you really believed that i like you? you think so, tsukki? i would never in my wildest dream-” 
"will you just shut up?!" he cuts you off, screaming. he twists his neck to the side as he shuts his eyes to collect his composure before turning to shoot you a look. he swallows, adam's apple bobbing as he says in a calmer voice, "will you just shut up and kiss me?"
tsukishima levels his face to you so he could look at you eye-to-eye. he places his boney hand at the side of your face as he lets out a frustrated huff.
"or should i kiss you to shut you up?" he dares to say making your restless heart beat against your ribcage. tsukishima can feel your racing pulse at the base of your neck.
"your mouth started to irk me. your insults are getting better and better. who taught you that?" his thumb caresses the crest of your cheek back and forth as he inches his face closer. he whispers, "me, but i can also teach your mouth other things than spurting insults." the tip of nose softly nudges against yours. you swallow hard. "just say yes."
Tumblr media
i'm leaving this on a cliffhanger and blame it on my birthchart. this is from early this year (i think) i'm sorry kale!! this has been sitting on my drafts since you requested it and couldn't get to it bc i feel meh with the previous plot but now i'm happy with it so i hope you are too! and HOLY GRAIL i miss writing for tsukki aghhh maybe i should do more for him soon hm...
anywayy rbs and likes are very much appreciated thanks!
ps. updates are messy and unpredictable bc im going through a writer's block on my recent fics
masterlist | hq.list
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h4mmiee · 3 days
Tumblr media
i literally just noticed komori changed his ejp jersey number post olympics
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solamoure · 2 days
Tumblr media
prismatic -
Tumblr media
hi @miya-dynasty pls know that ily. thank you 🥺
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hinata-boke · 1 day
Tumblr media
small bkak in jumpsuits
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