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tamaki-jiki · 2 days ago
JJK men and how rough they are
~ Gojo, Nanami, Toji, Getou, Sukuna
tw: explicit smut, rough sex, biting, slapping, mention of pregnancy but no gender mentioned, multiple orgasms, degrading, slight praising, true form Sukuna, Toji is a DILF, somewhat soft Gojo and Nanami, mean mean mean Getou
Tumblr media
For Gojo, it depends on his mood. Sometimes he feels the need to lay back and let you take care of him while other times he walks in the door and pins you down ripping your clothes off and fucking you until the two of you are spent.
When he’s rough with you, he’ll pull many orgasms from you and never fails to leave you a shaking mess. By the third one, you aren’t sure if you’re begging for a break or for him to keep going, either way you love it. He leaves many marks including bite marks, hand prints, bruises, etc. Sometimes he’s even mean enough to tie your hands to the headboard and put his blindfold over your eyes.
He likes to mix degrading words with praise. He’ll say something like “Such a good little slut for me. Taking it just how I want” or “C’mon, baby. Put that filthy mouth to good use.” And damn if it didn’t turn you on more.
He likes any position where he can see your face. He likes to see how good he’s making you feel and it makes his cock twitch more with each furrow of your brow or stray tear down your face. His cock is long, not super girthy but definitely still thick, and it almost doesn’t fit all they way. Almost doesn’t.
Now there are two different modes of roughness he has. Sometimes, if he’s only just a little irritated, he’ll do fast, yet shallow thrusts that make you cum in a matter of minutes and leave you feeling sore the the next few days. However, if he’s had a particularly rough day, be prepared to not be able to walk on your own for the next week.
But don’t worry, once he’s done he’ll run a nice warm bath for the two of you and take care of you. He washes your hair, washes your body, and sometimes even washes off your face if you’re feeling to tired to do so yourself. He’ll ask many times if you’re okay (and when you say yes he gets a little cocky) but the lovesick smile that rests on his face only brings warmth to you.
Even though he enjoys being rough with you, he enjoys being soft and showing how much he loves you.
Now Nanami is very different from Gojo. For him to be rough with you it would mean that he would either have to be really, really pissed off or really really jealous. It was a very rare occurrence for the stoic, composed man to release his anger out on you, even if he was at his breaking point.
But today was just too much for him. Gojo wouldn’t leave him alone, Yuuji kept asking questions that were common sense, and the curses he exercised today were just a nuisance and got in the way of his paperwork. So when you showed up to bring him his forgotten lunch, he bent you over his desk wanting something more than just his usual sandwich.
He’ll mumble about how annoying Gojo is and how all he wanted was to not work overtime as he thrusts three (or four) fingers in and out of you purposefully curling them to precisely hit your spot every time. Once you’ve cum on his fingers, then he will pull his cock out and fuck you roughly, pinning you to the desk.
Even though he’s pissed, he won’t degrade you, unless Gojo becomes a little too flirtatious with you. Then he would use words like slut and whore amongst other things for your ‘inappropriate’ behaviour. He knows you’d never leave him for Gojo or anyone else, but deep down he knows he likes being rough with you at times.
Now if you ask him too, he won’t hesitate to obey. But there are certain things that are off limits to him. Things like sharp object cutting you, slapping you across the face (or too hard in general), choking you till you can’t breathe are all immediate no’s to him. He wants to still make you feel good not feel guilty for hurting you.
His aftercare is out of this world. If you’re at home, he will always run a warm bath and ask if you need any food or drinks. He massages your muscles to help you be less sore the next day and carry you to bed after drying you off and putting some comfy clothes in you. And when you wake up the next morning, he’s already gone for work but you’ll always see some pain killers with a glass of water and a sweet handwritten note from him.
Nanami is a gentleman inside and out and loves you with everything he has. He just hopes someday he’ll put a ring on your finger.
DILF. DILF DILF DILF DILF. This man gives off ‘I fuck my son’s babysitter as a way of payment’ vibes. He likes the younger innocent ones because he’s noticed they usually like it the roughest.
At his age, Toji has had a lot of experience so he definitely knows what he’s doing. He knows just how to angle his hips right to hit your sweet spot that makes you scream his name. He thrusts hard and fast and barely slows down enough to let you recover between orgasms. He loves having you try to squirm away from him just so he can pull you back and smack your ass telling you “Don’t run away from me. Sit still and ducking take it” which is literally one of the hottest things you’ve ever heard.
Speaking of ass, if Toji ain’t an ass man, he ain’t nothing. Any position where he can see your ass is a position he puts you in. His favourite thing is to fuck you in front of a mirror so he can see all the expressions your face makes, especially when you cum. He hold your head up by your hair and makes you stare at yourself while he rails you from behind or sometimes even below you if he put you in reverse cowgirl.
He practically ruined you for any other person. Even if you did sleep with someone else, they wouldn’t be able to make you cum even a quarter as good as Toji can. He prides himself in that and sometimes will even mention it just as your about to cum.
He’s one that’s more on the degrading side but will mix in praise telling you how good you are cumming for him and how well you take him. It’s almost like he can read your mind with how he perfectly matches his words with your thoughts. You think about praise and he praises you. You think about being degraded and he will degrade you. It’s a little creepy how good he is at that but there’s a reason why you keep coming back to him.
If you think he would pull out, you’re wrong. So so very wrong. This man is built to breed and that what he will do to you. You don’t really mind though because he feels too good to make him pull out anyway. And if a single drop even spills out, he’s already pushing it back in and fucking another load into you.
He’s rough in a very DILF kinda way and you absolutely love it. Even if you did get pregnant, it seems like Megumi needs someone to keep him company.
He’s rough but almost in a soft kind of way. Like he’ll give you control of things like how fast you want it and what position you want but if you get too cocky, he’ll pinned you below him and fuck you back into submission.
He loves it when you get an attitude with him. He acts like it doesn’t get to him or that he even notices it but later on when he’s got you tied to the bed with a vibrator between your legs, you knew he was doing it on purpose. He’ll have you there for hours either edging you or pulling orgasm after orgasm out of you without giving you a break. He’ll just sit and listen to you beg and laugh at you for being such a brat earlier.
He doesn’t necessarily degrade you, but the dirty phrases and words that leave his mouth are more than enough to get you off. He knows exactly what to say to pull an orgasm from you. Don’t worry though, his words aren’t always mean or dirty. He always lets you know that you did so good even if all he did was completely ruin you and degrade you the entire time.
Now, if you get too mouthy or misbehave too much, he will fuck you in front of his cult members and the curses that stand by him. This is when he’s roughest with you to show them just how obedient you are for him. He’ll even let Mahito take a turn with you if you’re still too bratty.
He’s definitely one that doesn’t care what position you’re in cause he knows he’ll have you cumming and wanting more no matter what. But his favourite is having you in his lap while he thrusts up into you. It’s a way for him to be close to you yet still far enough away to see your face when you cum for the nth time that night.
For every two orgasms you have, he has one. It’s not ideal for him because he’s super sensitive after cumming, but seeing you be so pliant for him and seeing his cum drip out of you makes him withstand the sensitivity to fill you up even more. And his aftercare is probably the best right under Nanami’s.
He doesn’t necessarily want to get you pregnant and to him cumming inside is just another way of claiming you as his along with the many marks he leaves on your neck.
Rough. Very mean and rough. He is never soft with you not even if he’s in a “good” mood. He really doesn’t know how to be soft but you are okay with it due to how god damn amazing he is.
He has two sets of everything. Eyes, arms, cocks but your favourite thing has to be that he can create mouth on his hands, face, and stomach. He will have you on top, both cocks stuffing you full, with two hands on your hips and the other two leaving scratch marks or gripping some other part of your body while the tongue on his stomach licks between your legs stimulating you further.
Speaking of stimulation, he absolutely loves loves loves to overstimulate you. Like he won’t fuck you until you’ve cum on each hand at least once. And both of his cocks are huge so he needs you to be prepped as much as possible as to not rip you in half (even though his sadistic side tells him to do so).
He only degrades you. Praise is not in this man’s vocabulary so expect to constantly be called filthy names even when you didn’t do anything wrong. To be honest, you were kind of hurt at first by his words but realized that’s just how he is and now you wouldn’t have it any other way.
His favourite position is doggy style. He likes it because he has access to your ass, slapping it almost constantly, and he can push you into a super deep arch or even bring you up against his chest. This man is strong and has stamina so he can go for a while and can easily manhandle you into any position he desires.
His aftercare is very minimal and the most he will do is clean up between your legs. He does ask to make sure you’re okay and that he didn’t seriously hurt you (he’s not entirely evil in that way) but he fucks you till you pass out most of the time so it’s not often you get to see a “softer” side of him.
While he is rough, he still cares about you (even if he sucks at showing it). He wants you to only be his so if he catches you talking to someone else, let’s just say they will never be seen again.
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Ok.. but CEO! Nanami reacting to one of the co-workers belittling the Secretary! Reader, because your favoritism is obvious.
I think it's different from the CEO! Gojo who would react in a petty and childish way. CEO! Nanami would definitely take the person to HR.
CEO Nanami: don’t mess with his secretary
A/N: OOOF just imagining the way CEO Nanami would deal with this is making me hot. He’s so daddy 🫡
Tumblr media
CEO Nanami is a very straight to point, mature man. He’s having none of it.
It’d all start when the sharp eyed CEO notices your puffy eyes when you come in to his vast office to drop off a file. Even with your head down, he notices the redness of your pretty doe eyes.
“Hm?” You hum, trying not to give away the sadness in your voice. ‘Gotta stay professional’ you tell yourself. But Nanami was a very emotionally intelligent man who already had enough cues to realise you were upset.
“Come to me, love” he says. And his deep velvety voice already comforts you and melts you enough to give in to your boss.
You walk up to him until you’re standing in front of his seated figure. He stands up to be closer to you, easily towering over you in seconds.
He stares at you before his hand holds your much smaller one, and his other large hand cups your cheek.
“Care to explain why your pretty face is sad?” He coos and you turn away blushing, your mind wondering whether your colleagues were right.
“A-are you only nice to me because I look pretty?” You ask nervously, hoping it’s all a lie and your colleagues were just being mean.
You take a deep breath before elaborating. “Some guys from Department 19 was saying how I’m more like your slut than your secretary because I’m nothing but looks”
You’re met with silence for a few seconds before Nanami spoke.
“Give me their full names”
You finally look up at your tall boss and noticed the stern, unimpressed look on his face. “Their names will be sent to HR right now” he said in a monotone manner, and you was surprised by Nanami’s straight to the point decision making.
“Sir it’s fine I-“
“Listen to me y/n” he says and his large hand grabs your shoulders. “You’re more than looks, you’re smart, helpful, empathetic and so much more. “You’re everything” he adds, making you smile.
“Thank you sir” you barely whisper as you let him wipe your tears away.
“Don’t listen to men who are simply angry they can’t have you and I can” he says. You’re flustered by his words but you reject them.
But you shake your head at the last bit, confusing the blonde CEO. “I don’t think so sir, I think they said it because everyone thinks you favour me and-“
“Yes I do, so what?” He says, taking you by surprise.
Your eyes widen as you look up at him. “Sir?”
“Yes, I have open favouritism towards you. I’m the CEO, I do as I please” he says casually.
He takes a step closer to you until your breasts are pressed against him. He tucks a strand of your hair behind your ears as he speaks “but that’s no reason for them to belittle my favourite girl”
You smile gratefully at your charming CEO, leaning your face into his large palms, batting your eyelashes at him, making the man chuckle amusedly. But then he uses his palm to lift your face.
And while your nose was almost touching his, he speaks, “I still need those names darling”
You nod, as he sits back in his chair. You sit on the arm of his chair as you watch him casually filing the complaint to HR as if it’s nothing to him.
“Remember to immediately come to me if this ever happens again, okay y/n?” He says sternly as you hug his broad shoulders affectionately.
“Yes sir”
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'Nanami Kento, your dear husband and the father of your child can never get enough of you.'
warning: 18+ content, dilf nanami, breeding kink, cockwarming, choking kink, oral, unprotected sex, overstimulation, creampie, degradation, hitting, unprotected sex, praise kink, foreplay and idk what not!
Disclaimer: TW, not for minors, nsfw
Tumblr media
You've been married to Kento for three year now and you have a beautiful daughter whose almost two years old now. It makes you happy knowing you're the only one he loves dearly. Kento's love language is definitely acts of service, no matter how tired he is he'll do whatever he can to make your burdens lighter. He's honestly the best you can ever ask but as a normal couple you both do have your lows. Most of the times you both argue about the stupidest things possible but it wasn't the same today. You haven't properly talked to eachother for a week now. Although you were at fault and you apologized too but Kento just wouldn't listen. Taken over by your ego, you gave up on apologizing, waiting for him to reach out to you at this point.
The reason behind your argument was simple, Kento had planned a little date for the both of you, he even dropped off your daughter at your parents' house so you both could enjoy some time alone. He had told you about the date but it literally slipped your mind and went to a colleague's birthday party the same night. Kento was not only upset about you missing the date but also you attended the birthday party of the colleague he despised the most. According to your husband, that particular colleague is just "trying to get into your pants" and you were aware of that but you couldn't have declined the invitation as he had invited the WHOLE staff but really, you had just forgotten about the date. You had apologized a shit ton of times but Nanami just wouldn't listen but it was killing you not being able to talk to your best friend. Other than that your sexual desires were going insane, and you know it's the same for Kento too because you both have a crazy sex life it's like you can't keep your hands off of eachother every time you're around eachother whether it's after coming back from work or even when you wake up in the morning. You can't help it though, Kento literally sends you up in heaven with his skills.
It was your day off today, you tried to keep your mind preoccupied with chores the whole day and playing with your daughter. Time went by peacefully and then in the evening you heard the door unlock, signaling kento's arrival. You heard him Whisper a little "I'm home" as he entered the house exhausted. He hardly payed any attention to you which obviously hurt like a motherfucker. Kento cleaned his hands and straight up cuddled your daughter, playing with her.
Dinner was well, different because the tension in the room made it suffocating. You exchanged a few sentences with eachother like "how was your day?" "the food is good" which were replied back with monotonous remarks. Later it was time for bed, you had cleaned yourself up and Kento was just reading a book. You put your daughter to sleep and went to put her in her own room. As you were returning back and were about to open your bedroom door you heard strange noises coming from the room. You tried really hard to listen but couldn't make out what was happening so you tried to take a peak from the slightly opened door and the scene in front you made you take a deep breath, you saw Kento pleasuring himself, shakily whispering your name and ofcourse since he has been getting on your nerves you HAD to cockblock him which you did. You barged into the room making the door hit the wall, the sound of the impact surprising Kento as he quickly tried to put his dick back in his pants, his cheeks glowing red. You didn't even look at him as you went to your vanity to start up with your night time skin care. You could feel him staring daggers at your back but he didn't speak up a word.
You stripped out of your clothes to change into something comfortable to sleep in but you had something else in mind. You took out your little black satin lingerie dress and put it on with nothing else underneath it and slipped under the covers. The whole time Kento was staring at you, watching your moves carefully as he was aware what you were trying to do. As you went under the covers you faced the other side of the room waiting for him to do something. You felt him turn towards you inching closer, you could feel his boner on your butt making you bite you lip with the thought of him touching you after days. He slowly put his hands on your thighs and moved it to your stomach. He brought his lips closer to your ear, "You've been acting like a bitch again, it's been quite awhile since I taught you a lesson, right darling?" His voice sent shivers down your spine making you squeeze your legs but you wouldn't ever lose to him so you continued with your cold act. "I'm not in the mood Kento, go to sleep or whatever I don't care." You lied without missing a beat. "Oh but I'm sure-" Kento moved his hands to your aching sex as he jammed his two fingers inside roughly without even giving you time to prepare "-your body says otherwise, look how wet you are darling and I haven't even properly touched you." He kept his fingers inside not moving them at all making you impatient. "Do you know how painful it was for me to hear you pleasure yourself and moan my name almost every night for the last couple of days while you thought I was fast asleep?" Kento whispered in your ear, all your blood rushing to your cheeks.
Kento slowly and painfully started to pump his fingers in and out of you making you wince in pain and pleasure. "I thought you weren't in the mood?" Kento mocked, his voice raspy. The quenching sound of your pussy and your whimpers filled the room and Kento's dick was hard and throbbing. He pulled his fingers out of you making you cry out with the sudden lack of warmth of his hands. You sat up on your knees throwing away the duvets you were under and stripping away to show Kento how needy you were for him. Kento hungrily looked at you, devouring all of you with his eyes. He put his hand around his neck and pulled you down on him, the act making the heat unbearable between your legs.
Kento spanked your ass with his free hands making you scream in pain, "That's my good girl" he whispered against your lips. Even though you knew you can never win against him but the urge to dominate him was strong that you slapped him on his cheeks and sat your ass on his face. It took a minute for him to understand what you were trying to do, "Oh i'm so gonna get you back for that shit" he growled and dived right into your folds. Licking and sucking on every spot that made you tremble. He knew your body way too well, it was almost humiliating. You pulled down his trousers and tried to suck him off the best you could do but the feeling of his mouth eating you all up made it too difficult to be steady. Your moans were too loud, you were scared that your daughter might wake up but oh lord Kento overpowered you with his skills.
You were now being flipped onto your stomach, you could hear him shuffling through his drawer. He then started tying your wrist up with something behind your back, it must be his tie, you thought. You arched your back and wiggled your butt for him to see your leaking hole which made him let out a moan. He pulled you to him with the tie around your wrist and thrusted into you harshly hitting your cervix, you let out a scream and in an instant his other hand moved over your lips, "Keep your voice low, my whore. You wouldn't wanna wake our daughter up and make her witness her mom's filthy moans, would ya?" He spit out loudly.
You shut your lips up dreading that horrifying scenario. You felt Kento move again but in an extremely slow pace which made you whimper for more.
"You want me to go harder, princess?" he whispered in your ear as he thrusted in you teasingly. You felt so needy and desperate that all you could respond back with was a cry. Kento increased his pace and his every thrust got deeper and deeper as he kept whispering dirty words in your ears.
His touch was so rough, the way he grabbed and clawed on your skin and the way his dick throbbed inside you, all felt so rough, as if he was punishing you but well, obviously you loved that because he knows his little princess loves being treated like nothing but a whore, his whore.
You wanted to see him fucking you and you wanted to see how hot he probably looked as he completely destroyed you. "Daddy" you moaned out the nickname he likes the most, "what?" he growled. "Can I please see your face while you fuck me?" you cried out with pleasure.
Without uttering a word, he dragged you harshly by your tied hands infront of a mirror and bent you over against the table and oh my god he looked sexy. He was hitting all of your sensitive spots, railing you so good that you were drooling out your mouth and your eyes were rolled back. He held eye contact with you through the mirror and every time you'd look away, he'd slow down or either pull out and that shit was driving you insane.
"P-please m-moree", you somehow managed to moan out these words out of your mouth. He grabbed you by your hair and threw you in bed and climbed on top of you and spread your legs wide apart. "You have no idea how much I fucking love you, this past week was unbearable." He bent down and kissed your lips, circling your clit with his fingers. He put his fingers inside you just to pull it out seconds later which caused you to let out a bratty whine. Kento licked and sucked on the same fingers he had just put inside you, "God baby you taste so good, I can never get enough of you." And that was FUCKING HOT.
He put his dick back inside you, not teasing you anymore but going at a rhythmic pace and kissing your lips whenever he could. After a short while of showing you love and care, he increased his pace little by little, his thrusts getting deeper and harder causing your legs to tremble and his dick twitching inside of you.
You both were a bloody mess, cusses shooting out of your mouths, your bodies shaking against eachother, your grip onto eachother getting tighter, "fuck daddy can I cum please", you cried out loudly amd begged.
"Cum for daddy, my slut," he attached his lips onto yours, your moans getting louder and within seconds you both came together, he didn't pull out and painted all your walls with his release and held you into that position for a few more minutes until his breath steadied.
He slowly pulled out of you, wincing in pleasure, "That's my good girl" he cooed and gently kissed your forehead and went to the bathroom to get himself cleaned up. You laid there on the bed, naked with his cum dripping out of you while you waited for him to come back.
"That was fucking good" you thought to yourself. Just then, your darling husband came back with a wet towel in his hand and cleaned you all up nicely AND OFCOURSE THE BED TOO and helped you put your clothes back on and held your hand while you took a wee cause you were literally about to fall asleep any second.
You both cuddled up to eachother, as he sang you your favourite songs and kissed your forehead so gently and watched you fall asleep in his arms. He couldn't keep his eyes open either and looked at you one last time, "i love you my darling", he murmured and slipped into a deep slumber with you in his arms.
Tumblr media
-centipede sama(๑˃̵ᴗ˂̵)و
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obitohno · 2 days ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media
the masseuse | suguru geto x reader
synopsis ↬ geto gives you a little more than what you paid for.
themes ↬ fem! reader, nsfw, 18+, masseuse! geto, virgin! reader, masturbation, foreplay, vaginal fingering, raw sex, unprotected sex, rough sex, choking, breath play, the dragon, creampies, squirting, role-play, cnc, dubcon
word count ↬ 3.7k (unedited, lowercase intended)
a/n ↬ this was supposed to be a thirst, but it turned into a one-shot instead, oops. i’ve been feral for masseuse! geto for a while now, n i just couldn’t get the idea out of my head, so this is the result after me literally thirsting after him all day whilst writing this. i hope you enjoy reading as much as i did writing it; please reblog to boost ♡
likes, reblogs, follows and replies are appreciated ~
Tumblr media
it’s after an exhausting week at work when you relent to your colleague’s repeated invitation to an evening at the local spa, begrudgingly agreeing to tag along when you’d much rather head home and dive into the safety of your bed. 
you’d given in, mostly to get them to stop asking, and now here you are, bleary eyed and head feeling as if it’s made of lead. you’re so tired that you’re not actually concentrating when you tap your index to the first option on the menu, wanting to get this over and done with in order for you to rush home as quickly as possible. 
the receptionist offers what you suppose is an encouraging smile, before asking for your name, date of birth and after a quick glance at your i.d and bank card, she’s tapping away at the computer, prettily decorated acrylics click, clacking away at the keyboard as she books you in for the evening. 
‘all of our other masseuses are fully booked until sunday, but luckily for you, geto has had a cancellation, so i’ll book you into his free spot,’ she’s telling you, glancing at you to gauge your reaction. 
you offer a polite smile that is twinged with a bout of reluctance. 
you hadn’t even looked at the list properly when you’d chosen a service at random, but you suppose that a massage isn’t the worst thing that you could’ve chosen. 
and so with an encouraging pat on the shoulder from your colleague who is grinning a little too widely for your liking, you’re scrawling your signature at the bottom of a contract that you barely have the energy to skim read. the receptionist is kind enough to point you down the hallway, and your colleague promises to meet with you later, and so, hoisting your handbag further up your shoulder, you’re following her instructions, newly acquired key in hand. 
it doesn’t take long to locate the room that has been designated to you, gaze lingering on the kanji for ‘geto’ that is engraved into the grain of the wood. you hesitate for a moment, loitering by the door before you finally reach to twist the key into the lock with a nervous tremor shaking its way down to the tips of your fingers. upon entering the dimly lit room, you see that a bench has already been prepared, placed directly in the middle of the room. 
to the left, a cabinet is pushed against the wall, and upon the surface, there is a tray full of oils and incense sticks that have been placed next to a neatly folded stack of towels that have been arranged by size. next to this, there’s a large lamp that has been placed in the corner of the room, but you see that it is unplugged by the wall, because this geto clearly favours the natural light that is emitted from the array of candles that have been placed around the room, the shadows of their flames dancing a glow up the walls. to the far right, there is a finely decorated partition board that stands towers the opposing corner, and next to it, a very comfortable looking sofa bed that has been folded away so that it is functioning as a seat, rather than a bed. this is where you make a beeline for, careful to not knock the partition board over with your handbag as you do so.
relaxing against the organised mess of cushions, you heave a sigh, eyes darting toward the door as you await the masseuse’s arrival. from somewhere above you, there is the quiet chime of what you suppose is the relaxing sound of a piano, although you aren’t able to determine exactly where the sound is coming from. 
perched on the edge of your seat is where geto finds you upon his arrival. 
you are just able to make out the sound of his knuckles gently rapping on the wood, and when he pushes the door open to reveal his abnormally large frame, you swallow, hard. 
now, you aren’t all that stupid. you’d guessed from the name on the door that he was male. however, you aren’t prepared for him to be so mind-bogglingly attractive. he’s all height and very little else, the short sleeves of his dress shirt stretched wide over the bulging of his biceps. you’ve never particularly favoured men with long hair, but it’s a style that suits him unfairly so, and you have to drag your eyes away from the length of his ponytail when you realise that you’ve looked at him for a second too long. 
closing the door behind him, he crosses the room in order to offer you a handshake, which you stand to return with as much gusto as you can physically muster, and he then points to the key that is still grasped tight within the palm of your other hand. you’re already dropping it into his open palm, before returning his greeting with a murmur of your name. 
‘i’m geto,’ he grins down at you, all teeth and squinty eyes, before he turns to place the key in the lock and twisting it shut. nerves churn at your stomach when his gaze meets yours, and he asks, ‘first time?’
‘ah,’ you scratch at your cheek with a fingernail. ‘is it that obvious?’ 
he hums, but doesn’t deign to answer, another smile tugging at the corner of his mouth. you try your best not to stare as he crouches down to tug open two of the drawers within the large cabinet, tugging free a neatly packaged robe, and a small basket that he then offers to you. you must look a tad bewildered, because he huffs a small chuckle, and you swallow down the low baritone of his voice with an exhale. 
‘box is for your clothes,’ he points to the partition board, ‘you can get changed behind there—just step out whenever you’re ready.’ 
and with a lump that is quickly forming at the back of your throat, you follow his instructions, shuffling your way to the opposite side of the room, your body disappearing behind the board. you gently drape the robe over the edge, box placed on the floor, and then your fingers are working their way through the buttons of your blouse, folding the material before piling it in the box. on the other side, you can hear the soft tinkling of jars of oil clinking together as he moves around the room, before there’s the tell-tale noise of a lighter sparking to life. then, the gentle scent of vanilla and honey is filling the room, and you pause the unbuckling of your belt to inhale deeply before quickly ridding yourself of your shoes, trousers and bra. 
they join the pile in the basket, and you are soon clad in just your underwear, and it is then that you pause, before calling out, ‘uh… geto?’ 
‘hm?’ his voice sounds a tad closer than you’re expecting, and for a reason unknown to yourself, the knowledge makes your tongue fumble in your mouth. 
your thumbs trace the hem of your underwear, hesitation lacing your tone as you dare to ask, ‘my—uh… am i supposed to be… um, you know, naked, naked?’ you clear your throat, rushing to clarify, ‘i-i’ve never done this, see, and i—’
the low chuckle that floats through the air has your stomach in knots, and your mouth instinctively snaps shut. 
‘yes,’ is his answer, short and laced with something that isn’t quite amusement. 
you’re a little bewildered, but you blindly trust his answer, thumbs tugging at the waistband of your underwear until they’re pushed down your thighs and dropping to bunch around your bare ankles. behind you, there’s a loud clang that has you jolting with surprise, and you crane your neck over your shoulder, only to remember that the partition hinders your sight. 
‘e-everything okay?’ 
his laugh sounds a little strained—with embarrassment, you guess—and you hear him clear his throat, ‘just, uh, dropped a bowl. don’t mind me.’ 
confusion and doubt bite at your instincts, but whatever exhaustion you once had is now replaced by the urge to get this over and done with, and so, you bend to reach for your underwear, dropping the flimsy material into the basket. you drape the robe over your body, tying the knot a little tighter than necessary, before exhaling a soft sigh and stepping out from behind the partition.  
he’s waiting by the bench, the corners of his eyes crinkling when he smiles at you. you can’t help the flip-flopping of your insides when you approach the bench, fingers nervously tugging at the tie around your waist. 
he taps at the bench with an index finger, ‘up you get.’ 
the instruction is simple enough, and you move to sit on the edge of the leather, watching as he holds out a towel for you, arms stretched wide. he pointedly avoids looking in your direction, although a smile still teases at the corner of his mouth. 
‘if you could remove your robe, and then just lie down on your front for me?’ 
anxiety is heating the surface of your skin as your fingers tremble. you shirk your shoulders free from your robe, the silk-like material shimmying to the floor. then, you’re pressing your front to the bench, a freshly washed towel creating a barrier between your skin and the smooth leather. your arms hold under your head, hair pulled away from your neck, and your eyes droop shut as if you can hide from the way that your heart painfully hammers away in your chest. 
the towel that he’s holding is gently draped over the centre of your body, just covering the curve of your rear and your lower back. you swallow thickly, listening to him pop open a jar of oil before his footsteps approach you once more. 
‘’m gonna start with your feet,’ he mumbles, awaiting your slight nod of approval before his fingers ghost over the edge of your left ankle. 
at first, the sensation of his hands working at the balls of your feet feels odd, but when his thumb brushes across the arch of the bottom of your foot, your toes scrunch instinctively. 
‘ticklish?’ he sounds like he’s ready to laugh again, but you can only hum in response, distracted by the way he takes his time with massaging the heels of your feet, the pads of his thumbs tracing over your ankles before slowly stroking their way up the length of your left calf. 
here, he slowly kneads at the muscle, the glide of his hands aided by the oil that he reapplies before moving further up, tickling over the back of your knee to reach your thigh. this is when you begin to recognise the heat that is slowly forming deep in your abdomen. it swirls around and around with each press of the heel of his palm, and when the tips of his fingers ghost over the inside of your thigh, your teeth clamp over your bottom lip in order to smother the soft moan that threatens to escape. it’s embarrassing just how quickly this affects you, fire licking at the space between your legs, your clit starting to throb with interest when his fingers skim just shy of the hem of the towel that protects your modesty. he lingers there, pressing and kneading the expanse of your thigh with an attention that makes your head spin and your pussy clench around nothing but air. 
then, just as a whimper is building at the back of your throat, he’s moving away, and your breath is exhaled from between your nostrils, spine slowly beginning to relax now that he’s moving onto the next leg. 
he starts the process all over again, and this time, it’s harder to ignore the ache between your legs, especially when he pinches the soft skin of your inner thigh. you’re unable to hide the surprised gasp that is punched from your lips, and your eyes squeeze shut. 
a laugh is huffed from somewhere above you, and you struggle to tame the rapid pounding of your pulse that deafens you as it thunders in your eardrums. 
his hands move to your shoulders next, and disappointment twists your stomach into knots. your pussy craves the fingers that are now busy with exploring the length of your spine before working through a particularly sore spot at the base of your neck. his index and middle fingers linger, daring to stroke over the side of your throat. you’re sure that he feels the way that your breath hitches, and your thighs instinctively shift closer together, your clit desperately seeking any form of friction. 
it’s not really a word, more so a sound that is hummed from behind you, and his fingers move from your neck to graze down your spine a second time. 
‘first time?’ 
it’s the second time that he’s asking, but there’s a weight in his tone that wasn’t there the first time, one that you’re quick to understand the insinuation. 
your tongue is heavy in your mouth, and you swallow thickly, eyes remaining shut as you murmur, ‘yes.’ 
any form of embarrassment that was building in the pit of your stomach is quickly diminished when you feel his fingers sneak under the hem of the towel to trace the curve of your behind. your breath catches on another gasp, his knuckles lowering to brush over your inner thigh once again. you’re unable to hide the shiver that dances across your skin, and your muscles clench upon the sound of him chuckling again. 
‘sensitive, huh?’ 
he doesn’t really care for your answer, not that you’re able to think for one, lost to the heat of his palm hovering over the one place that you want him the most. your hole clenches, and as if he’s able to sense it so, he curses under his breath. his fingers ghost down the length of your slit, your sopping folds parting to allow him to caress at the little nub of nerves that haven’t stopped throbbing since he first touched you. you’re leaking a mess all over his fingers that crook to tease a slow circle over your clit. again, your hole clenches, and you muffle a groan into the bend of your inner elbow. 
‘lemme hear you,’ he all but demands, his free hand suddenly curling around your throat, easily stretching your neck so that your head lifts from the safety of your forearms. your bottom lip trembles, and you release a soft mewl that has him grinning down at you. ‘good girl.’ 
the praise has your stomach tensing with a new bout of arousal. 
when two fingers breach the tight opening of your hole, there is a slight stretch that is unfamiliar to you. his fingers are much larger than your own, and although aided by the oil that slicks his skin, you’re very much aware of the way that your walls widen to accommodate the size of him. 
and it seems that he approves, a low moan shivering its way across your skin when his lips press to the shell of your ear. you answer with a groan of your own, hand coming to clasp at the wrist that holds you in place. despite the slight burn that aches deep inside you, your cunt eagerly sucks his fingers inside, your walls fluttering. your hips shift, rolling against the towel that rubs at your clit. the friction is delicious, and you can’t help but be greedy, seeking more and more, until you’re fucking yourself on his fingers at a steady pace, your breath faltering when his hand tightens around your throat. 
‘shit,’ he grunts, dark eyes glued to the place where his fingers repeatedly disappear from view, your slick arousal slowly trickling down the palm of his hand. his cock jumps, straining against the confides of his trousers, and his fingers withdraw from the scorching cavern of your cunny. the sudden loss of his fingers has a strained yelp of shock escaping you, and when you crane your neck to look over your shoulder, you’re greeted with the sight of him tearing at the belt that is locked around his waist. he makes rapid work of kicking his shoes from his feet, trousers soon following, and you’re pleasantly surprised to see that he’s bare beneath them. 
the sight of his cock has your mouth running dry, and for the umpteenth time today, your hole throbs with unfiltered need. 
the fabric of his shirt is dropping to the floor when he catches the way that your eyes greedily soak in every inch of naked flesh that you can see. but you don’t have long to admire the muscles that ripple beneath the surface of his skin, as he’s hoisting himself up and onto the bench, his weight settling in over yours. he presses in above you, the wet tip of his erection trailing over the length of your thigh that instinctively parts for him. 
he groans his approval, the bench creaking under the strain of your combined weight. for a brief moment, panic flashes with the fear that the bench will give way, but you’re soon distracted by the heavy weight of him pressing his chest flat to your back, his nose nudging to the curve of your cheek. 
his thighs hold yours wide open, and his cock flattens to the curve of your pussy that has swollen with the throbbing arousal that has you keening underneath him when the ridges of his cock slip to drag between your folds, his rounded tip smoothly stroking over your hardened clit. 
he grinds into you, hips circling against the plush of your rear, and with little space between the two of you, your spine arches, his hand curling over the width of your throat for the second time this evening. his touch dizzies you, even more so when he angles each thrust to prod at your clit. you’re unable to muffle the moan that is torn from your throat, the sound vibrating underneath the palm of his hand. his other hand comes to entwine his fingers between your own, and in doing so, his hips withdraw enough so that his engorged tip nudges at your opening. 
‘think you can take me, pretty?’ 
you express your agreement with a soft cry, and your thighs spread wide enough that you feel your muscles aching. 
‘please,’ you murmur. ‘want you… want you to be my first.’ 
his breath falters and he chokes on a hoarse laugh that vibrates across your back. ‘fuck, okay.’ 
the way that his cock bullies its way past your tight opening is anything but sweet. nor is the immediate rough drive of his hips as he spears you on his length. the burning stretch of him makes you squeak, and you can do nothing but cling to the edge of the bench as he fucks into you at a pace that quickly has you panting. the hand at your throat makes breathing a little difficult, and it isn’t long before you’re seeing stars, choking on air when his hand suddenly drops from your throat to shimmy under your chest to pinch at a nipple. 
‘sure you’ve ain’t done this b’fore?’ he groans, nosing at your pulse, the flat of his tongue pressing to your skin to taste the perspiration that is quickly forming on your skin. 
your dribbling walls clamp onto him as you wheeze on a moan, pussy quickly adjusting to the way his girth cruelly fucks you open. he murmurs your name into the space behind your ear, and you squeeze your fingers around his, clinging on for dear life when his cock abruptly tugs free from your cunt, only to snap back forward to claim home inside your gummy walls once more. he repeats this action until you’re sobbing his name between broken, uneven moans, your pussy gushing its release all over him in a spray that soaks his groin and messily splashes down his balls with each thrust that prolongs the aftershocks of your orgasm. the squelching of his cock drilling into you has you trembling with embarrassment, but your spasming walls have him stuttering something incoherent under his breath, his teeth nipping at your throat as he chases his own climax. 
he doesn’t last much longer, and he’s growling the syllables of your name around a chest heaving howl that you respond to with a wail of your own. 
his prick jerks and twitches, his cum scorching hot as it fills you to the brim, excesses of the thick, ropey substance leaking out of your pussy, despite the fact that his cock is still plugged deep inside you. 
it takes a long time for the both of you to catch your breaths, and it is only when your vision no longer swims that you feel him pressing a kiss to your jaw, the loose strands of his hair tickling at your skin. 
‘swear you’re the prettiest virgin that i’ve ever fucked.’ 
with this, the illusion shatters, and you snort an unattractive laugh that has your chest rising and falling in a way that makes your shoulders vibrate. you slap at his forearm, a grin tugging at the corners of your mouth when he lifts your hand to fondly brush a kiss to your knuckles. 
‘how was it?’ he asks, and you crane your neck to peer at the smile that traces his lips. ‘think it was spicy enough for ya?’ 
your eyes roll, hips wiggling when his cock twitches inside you once more. another spurt of seed dribbles free, and you grimace when it mingles with your folds. you’re sure that the two of you have a lot of cleaning up to do, but for now, you’re content with the weight of him pressing you into the leather of the bench, languidly stretching your arms as a yawn stretches your jaw enough so that it clicks. geto mimics you, yawning just as widely as you, his arms coming to wrap around your shoulders. he nuzzles into the crook where your shoulder meets your neck, and just as you’re starting to doze, his breath fans over your skin as he asks: 
‘think you could massage me next time? my back’s killin’ me.’ 
Tumblr media
tag list ↬ ♡ @anahryal ♡ @ariesfairyotw ♡ @bertholdts--butt ♡ @eiflawriting ♡ @getoswhore ♡ @lawscorazon ♡ @oikawascutie ♡ @playgrl0 ♡ @pussydrunkfyodor ♡ @sckerman ♡ @snake-titan ♡
Tumblr media
© obitohno. all rights reserved. do not repost my works. 
kinktober: 2022
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vilsoo · 2 days ago
using the safeword with toji
tags. rough dom → soft dom toji, fem coded reader, lots of fluff, domesticity, hurt/comfort, protectiveness, body worship, passionate toji, hardcore fucking → soft safe sex, reassurance, cuddling, intimate aftercare.
notes. ib this audio 🎧 (nsfw, headphones required) we need to start seeing soft toji some more 🤧😩
Tumblr media
you didn’t mean any harm. all you were doing was sending some flirty texts and pictures to your husband while he was away at work. you missed him so much and thought about him all day, all needy for his attention. but when he finally came home, his reaction was not what you were expecting at all…
“the fuck were you thinking? you know my boss almost saw your pictures, right? and if i had to get up from my desk, that fucker could’ve seen what you do to me. you know how humiliating that could’ve been for me?”
the way toji slightly raised his voice at you sent a shiver down your spine. you could feel the outer edges of your motionless body tensing up with fear and this painful amount of culpability. not even over petty arguments in the past had this man so angry until now. you could feel yourself choking and aching with guilt, your nose flaring immensely it was almost hard to breathe. as if you were going to cry. but if you did cry, it would make you look like a victim. toji could’ve gotten fired and it all could’ve been because of you. you should’ve thought twice or at least resist those temptations before sending…
“i— i’m so sorry, toji,” you lamented. “i didn’t mean to humiliate you at work like that. i was just…”
“you were just what, hm?” his voice lowered to an ominous tone when he stepped closer to you. “trying to get a rise out of me when i’m working? distracting me like some desperate slut wanting my attention?”
you didn’t respond at all. instead you faltered your gaze down at the bedroom floor, ashamed to look into his eyes. after a long silence with the uncomfortable tension still lingering in the air, toji inched closer and held your face, craning your neck up to see the long face you were giving him.
“you expected me to come home all worked up for you so i could take you on right here. ain’t that what you wanted this whole time from me?”
you still didn’t reply with anything and toji sighed, shaking his head in disbelief. “you almost got me in trouble today, sweetheart. i take my job seriously and you know that. but you still wanted to tease me at work. that’s just fuckin’ unforgivable of you to embarrass me like that.”
“but… that’s not what i was trying to do,” consoled, placing your hand above his and slanting your head into his palm.
“aww. you think you’re so fuckin’ cute innocently sending those pics and thinkin’ there won’t be some consequences. i’ll make you fucking regret that.”
your heart raced erratically from the baritone in toji’s voice. although you secretly loved him speaking this way in your ear, it would be better if he was dirty talking. but instead he was furious and a little unhinged that it scared you shitless.
“strip for me then get on the fuckin’ bed. face down. ass up.”
you didn’t dare disobey since you didn’t want to frustrate him more. after slipping off your clothes and climbing on top of the bed in the desired position, you watch as he unbottons off his dress shirt and positions himself behind you to eat your pussy while slapping your ass so harshly, emitting whines and screams out of you. toji kept sucking and devouring your aching cunt like a greedy man with restless hunger. you can hear him humming in amusement while doing so. although you were in need of this the whole day, the man goes insane whenever he has the chance to eat your pussy. with all that frustration and anger pent up, your thighs kept shuddering from the immense pleasure you were getting off of. gripping and squeezing your ass, slapping your cheeks ‘till they burn, and ruining you to a shattering, creamy orgasm all over his mouth.
but just when you thought everything was fine after you came, toji was still frustrated. greedy, even. “where do you think you’re going? i didn’t fuckin’ say i was done with you. stay with your ass in the air for me like a good girl.”
your sweet arousal from before now became terse since you were suddenly frightened at toji’s ultimatum. although you didn’t deny it felt like ecstasy with him sliding his fat cock inside you just as always, him immediately fucking you rough like how a hound takes a bitch made you tear up. he was still furious, grunting and subtly growling while roughly smacking his hips on your ass. the way he’s pounding himself inside you had you biting onto the pillow and rolling your eyes back until that gut feeling in your stomach hit you. it felt good but at the same time it didn’t…
“fuck. please, toji! i— i can’t take it!” you whined out loud, contorting your face on the pillow.
“what was that?” toji huffed out. “you can’t take it? aw, baby. you can take more than this.”
he continued pounding inside you that your head started feeling cloudy. more tears welled in your eyes and stained the pillowcases along with your drool that he noticed, hefting a chuckle.
“see? you like takin’ my fat cock the way you like it. your pussy was made for it. got you crying and screaming from how good i make you feel.”
another distressed whine you gave that you started to not feel the pleasurable sensation anymore. instead, you lingered on the overwhelming fear and anticipation taking over. how fucking terrified you were of toji, a much bigger and stronger man, breaking you this way because of how angry you made him today. slamming himself into you as a punishment for distracting him at work. he even took his work tie and wrapped it around your head to blindfold you, embraced by nothing except the dark. a frightening void that made you physically shiver. at this point, you felt insufferable.
“toji, it’s— it’s scary when i— i can’t see you…”
toji grunted, slowing his pace down so he wouldn’t finish too quickly. “aww. you’re scared because you can’t see my face? you think it’s scary that i’m like some wild fuckin’ demon slamming my cock inside you? well it’s supposed to be scary, you fuckin’ bitch.”
all of a sudden your body fell numb, left with only tears and miserable sobs that toji took as sobs of pleasure. and this all happened because of you and your neediness. you knew you weren’t doing anything wrong, but at the same time you should’ve thought twice before disturbing toji while working. there was so much guilt weighing down on you it left you helpless.
“toji, i’m so sorry… please— please stop…”
the man slowed down again, this time releasing the hard pressure of his hand pinning your head down and leaning forward to mutter in your ear. “you’re sorry, huh? aw, sorry ain’t getting you nowhere right now. i’m not gonna fuckin’ stop ‘till i make sure you learn your damn lesson.”
you tried so hard mentally sheltering your shivering your heart. you can feel the tie, the pillowcase, and your cheeks stained in watery blots of your helpless tears. it felt as if you were stranded alone and taunted by unnecessary, insecure thoughts deteriorating your wellbeing. you tried so hard keeping yourself together to pleasure your husband in an angry state you’ve never seen before, begging forgiveness and sympathizing with him, but you were reduced to numbness. it felt as if the world around you was blurred including the sex. you suddenly resorted to something you never in a million years would ever do; the safeword.
“ramen,” you weakly uttered, collapsing your whole body and curling up like a ball while sobbing. toji immediately stopped after he processed what you just said, noticing your distress his heart entirely ached seeing you like this.
“oh, fuck. hey, hey, hey— it’s alright, baby. it’s okay,” he murmured fondly, rushing over to hover above you and check if you were hurt. he swiftly removes the tie and gently holds your face, grazing his thumb on your cheeks. your eyes were still closed and your face was contorted from your internal agony.
“i’m sorry,” you whimpered again, followed by toji shushing you.
“no, it’s okay. it’s okay,” he quickly reassured, softly kissing your face and caressing you. “it’s me that should be saying sorry, baby. i didn’t realize…”
you slowly opened your eyes at him, your vision blurred from the tears still welling. “i didn’t mean to…”
“no, no, no. i’m glad you used the safeword. i would never, never want to hurt you. i care a lot about you and i want you to feel safe… you mean so much to me.”
toji presses soft kisses over your face and you couldn’t stop crying and sniffling. “my poor baby,” he consoled sweetly, wiping your tears away with his thumb. “got too intense for you, huh? it’s okay, love. you’re gonna be okay with me.”
“i thought you were mad at me…”
“no, baby… i’m not mad at you. i never was. i got a little carried away, that’s all.”
toji kisses you a couple times more on your face, then on your lips. you find yourself smiling weakly and feeling some kind of warmth in your heart seeing this side of toji once again. after kissing a couple more times for reassurance and comfort, you watch as toji lays right next to you, pulling the covers over you and bringing you closer to lay on his chest. you felt a sudden wash of relief after the tension had finally died down.
“…i’m sorry if i was being too mean back there,” toji mutters while caressing your skin. “i never had a problem with you sending photos to me while i’m working. it’s not your fault, i promise. i was just frustrated.”
you sniffled. “what got you frustrated?”
“my boss. he got mad that i was on my phone. really, i was just staring at your cute ass all over my screen.”
you lightly chuckled. “you actually liked the pics?”
“oh, baby. i loved them all,” toji beamed, kissing the top of your head. “it was unexpected of you, but that’s what turned me the fuck on more… i couldn’t wait to discipline you at home, but i didn’t mean for it to get that bad.”
after hearing his words of reassurance, you started tearing up again, which he immediately noticed. “don’t cry, baby. i love you so much. you’re perfect.”
for awhile you laid on his chest, taking in his addicting cologne as he has you in his arms. you love the way he holds you like this especially after sex. you feel much safer and protected from any negative thoughts and embraced his warmth. you felt like falling asleep to the sound of his heartbeat. hearing him also mumble words of affirmation and never taking his hands off to caress you. he was always this gentle with you it made your heart throb. he wants to make sure you feel safe again and you love him for that. and cuddling like this always ends with a nap and starts with something much more intimate…
the next few hours, toji woke up to the feeling of your warmth coursing through his body it intensified. your ass pressed against his dick it grew hard again for you. waking up and kissing him from behind felt like heaven on earth. it was the very moment the rush consumes you and energy pulls light out of everything around. such love is full of excitement and desire, released to fill each other with happiness. you loved the passion flowing and every expression of toji’s love for you. you’re enamored, you’re downing in every crazy feeling this man makes you feel ‘till you go fervent. this was love-making, this was what you’ve been craving the entire night…
Tumblr media
ALL WORKS BELONG TO VILSOO © . do not steal, plagiarize, translate, or repost any of my works outside tumblr.
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kentoangel · 2 days ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media
KINKTOBER 2022. directed by kentoangel
in this october special, director kentoangel brings you four short stories filled with a sprinkle of horror, romance, and a bit of erotica
Tumblr media
✷ 𓏸 ˙₊ GODS & MONSTERS. you’re the epitome of purity and innocence in the land of gods and monsters, an angel dressed in satin. and ryomen sukuna — the king of curses, your best friend’s older brother — wants to ruin you, wants to have a taste of heaven
best friend’s brother, car sex + more
✷ 𓏸 ˙₊ SUPER FREAK. at your annual office halloween party, you manage to catch gojo satoru’s attention. and you’re in for the time of your life when he and his best friend, geto suguru, pull you aside to fuck you dumb
threesome, exhibitionism, filming + more
✷ 𓏸 ˙₊ HEAVENLY. your boyfriend — kamo choso — is dressed up as a fallen angel for halloween. he manages to give you a piece of heaven, nonetheless, outside of a house party, in his car
breeding kink, fem receiving oral + more
✷ 𓏸 ˙₊ THIS IS HOW AN ANGEL CUMS. you give your followers a special for halloween by dressing up as an angel. but hayakawa aki is the luckiest of them all, since he gets to make you cum
cam girl reader, mutual masturbation + more
Tumblr media
© kentoangel — do not copy, repost, modify or translate my works.
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here4btsfics · 2 days ago
Feeling in Chaos (Series Masterlist)
Tumblr media
Status: To Be Released 
Pairing: Jungkook x (f) Reader
Genre: Angst, Fluff, Smut, 
AU: Best Friend’s Brother, Friends To Lovers, College!AU
Rating: M / 18+
Summary: After tragedy strikes your group of four, the three remaining must individually walk the path of grief, and must learn how to get back to who you used to be or who you want to be. All while going through the last and second to last year of art college where two of you have to put on a showcase representing you.
Warning: This story is not happy. It contains a character death, mentions of abuse and infidelity, self loathing, working through trauma, a heavy emphasis on PTSD, and more. PTSD is not something to romanticize, nor is it a topic to discuss lightly. It’s something I live with every day, but I understand it’s different for everyone. Please keep an open mind that everyone handles traumatic events differently. While some are able to get through it, some struggle every day. 
Intro/Teaser - 10/01/2022 @ 8am PDT
Summer - 10/08/2022 @ 8am PDT
Fall - TBD
Winter - TBD
Spring - TBD
Summer (Epilogue) - TBD
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garoujo · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
・✶ 。゚itadori always hopes that he’ll see you in his stream comments.
♱ warnings — tipper!reader, camboy!itadori, aged up characters, itadori has nipple piercings, masturbation, this rly just focuses on yuuji rather than reader, nipple play.
♱ note — i’ve been wanting 2 write camboy stuff 4 so long & then this jumped in 2 my head so enjoy <3
Tumblr media Tumblr media
itadori sighs long and low as he strips his shirt off, groaning at the fatigue that laces his muscles as he watches the little waiting room animation for his stream bounce around the screen.
his whole body feels like it’s been dragged across the world and there’s an irritating ache in his cock that’s he’s been too busy to deal with all day. he groans shamelessly when he lets his hand smooth over the leaking bulge in his boxers, hissing when he gives it a teasing, rough palm before he’s rolling onto his bed and pulling his laptop between his thighs.
there was something about seeing your username in itadori’s stream chat that made his cock throb hard against his thigh. sure — he’d never actually met you or seen your face outwith social media but in his head (and his pants) he could feel the chemistry between you both, not even just because you were one of his regulars, it was more than that.
you were the one of the first people into every single one of his streams, liking the posts he made on his twt acc from your own little burner and he’d be lying if he said it didn’t make something warm burst along his chest.
so maybe that’s why itadori’s already grinning when he finally begins his stream, setting up his camera so the top of his thighs up to his face is in the frame.
he already feels so fucking hot when he watches the compliments begin to roll in the chat, letting one of his calloused hands roll down his chest and abs before he’s wrapping his fingers around the thick bulge in his boxers with his lower lip between his teeth.
“fuck, todays been such a drag. i’ve been waiting so long to cum.” his groan is ragged, laced with sleep before he’s tracing his fingers lower to grab at his heavy balls and squeezing as his head lolls back and he laughs lowly. “you guys’ll help me, right?”
itadori’s head drops forward again and he whimpers when he lets his free hand trace along his chest, fingertips tracing along the silver barbells that squeeze through his nipples before he’s rolling and pinching the sensitive buds. “y-yeah? you guys are the best.” another swipe of his thumb and squeeze of his hand around his cock and there’s already a damp spot on the front of his boxers with how heavy he’s leaking against the fabric.
but then he sees your first little heart in the chat followed by how good he looks and he swears if he tugged at his underwear any rougher they’d have ripped.
he gives his cock a few shallow pumps as he watches precum pebble around the tip, bringing his palm up to spit into his skin before he’s taking another handful of his chest and sinking into his sheets. “already feels so fucking good, hmmm.”
his muscled thighs tremble, barely visible at the bottom of the screen but he can still make out the flex of the muscle in his set up before his eyes flutter closed. itadori grunts when he swipes his thumb along the tip, smearing it along the thick shaft to ease his strokes followed by a few lazy, languid pumps that have his breathing growing heavier.
he’s wound so tight, so pent up from palming himself all day that his skin already feels sticky as he continues his ministrations, back arching against his pillows as his eyes gloss over and flutter closed. he whimpers at the praise that rolls into the chat, feeling it lick at his spine as the tips chime and he hopes you’re watching, and just as fucking hot as he feels right now.
the thought of you getting off to him makes itadori’s hips buck, the fat head of his cock glistening and disappearing into his fist before he’s laughing again, a little more breathless and in that charming way that his tippers fucking adored. “you’ve got me so fucking hard, shit. i really gotta cum, it hurts s-so bad.” he hisses through his teeth followed by another pinch at his nipple that makes his breathing hitch.
he hopes you know he means you.
the way he’s pumping his cock only grows sloppier at the thought, desperation in the way his fingers are squeezing around the sensitive shaft and he wonders if you can see the way his hips twitch whenever he sees your username roll up.
he’s panting like a fucking animal as he lets his lips part, letting himself bask in the “fuck me! i want you” and “pretty boy” comments that make him moan, eyes rolling back as the praise drips through his body to spark a fire his abdomen.
“you’re gonna make me cum, mmm—fuck! cum with me, p-please?” itadori huffs, breathing coming faster as his chest pushes harder against his ministrations, pinching tight at the sensitive buds followed by another twist of his wrist that his hips surely follow.
he lets another languid moan fall from his lips, blush-coloured hair falling along the light sheen of sweat on his forehead — he’s so fucking close and fuck, he hopes you’re watching when he forms a tight circle around the sensitive, pink glands of his cock and squeezes.
the squelching noises only grow louder as they echo around itadori’s room, every sound being picked up by the stream and making his subscribers lose their minds as they watch him lose his own for their tips. but his technique only grows messier with each involuntary buck of his hips, more hushed groans falling from him as his tongue flicks out to drag along his lips.
“feels s-so good, gonna cum so much—fuck! do you wanna see?”
he feels the sliver of silver against his chest as he traces his fingers along it, the jewellery only heightening his sensitivity as he drags the pad of his fingertip across his nipple, following it with a particularly rough stroke of his palm against his cock before his orgasm is ripping through him and he’s choking on a shaky grunt.
the familiar rush of heat ignites itadori’s nerves as he trembles, digging his heels into the mattress below him to steady himself as he spills over his hand and muscled abdomen. thick ropes of cum drip down his fingers as he moans loud and shamelessly — just how his audience likes as he watches himself quake with bliss in the camera.
he’s panting when he finally falls back down to earth, his grin still bright despite the drowsiness that’s suddenly set in when he pushes himself up off the mattress to pull his laptop closer.
“did you guys like that? you’re gonna come help me tomorrow again, right?” itadori smiles, soft and a little wobbly with the aftermath of his bliss as his cock still twitches against his thigh.
but he only shuts the stream off when he sees your username in the chat promising you’ll be there.
Tumblr media
© 2022 garoujo. please do not copy any of my layouts or writing and translate or repost onto any other sites.
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spagetsauce0704 · a day ago
So like. I came to a realization.
January we are going to have the four anime horsemen of simpery airing episodes at the same time. Jujutsu Kaisen, Tokyo Revengers, Demon Slayer and My hero academia.
Ladies and Gentlemen, I am going to become the world's biggest slut this coming winter.
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kyokugo · a day ago
a babysitter's secret
Tumblr media
Pairings: Toji Fushiguro x stripper!reader [ft. 5 y/o megumi + best friend geto suguru]
warnings: mentions of all things involving strip clubs + stripping, MDNI, alcohol + weed consumption, mentions of cocaine (being done by other dancers/guests), soft/hard dom!toji, sub!reader, reader is independent but spoiled by toji, oral (f + m), slight stalking, toji is possessive + jealous, gripping, finger fucking + sucking, choking, cockwarming, sugardaddy!toji, toji is a big filthy rich dilf, ass slapping, face gripping, non-violent face slapping, hair pulling, unprotected sex (wrap it or don't tap it folks), bratty non jujutsu sorcerer megumi, cursing, toji is a simp for reader
Living on your own is hard enough as it is. With the new semester approaching and your funds running low, you swallowed your pride and picked up a second job at your best friends club. However, what you didn't expect was to come face to face with none other than the man you babysit for - and a newly written contract.
Tumblr media
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sanjithesimp · 2 days ago
♡ f*cking jjk men pt.1 ♡
a/n: i needed a break from school so i wrote these, also i needed something to distract myself from my sickness. also not proof read.
Tumblr media Tumblr media
warnings: nsfw (minors DNI). fingering. body worship. oral sex. vaginal sex. unprotected sex. marking. pwp. (all the characters are aged up, don’t come for me pls.)
summary: just some random scenarios fucking jjk men. pure smut.
playlist suggested to listen while you read this
♡ nanami kento
you’re his home. whenever he comes back from work he just needs to be with you. he likes it when you are waiting for him in a lacy babydoll, revealing the sexy lingerie you’re wearing for him to just rip it off you and fuck his frustration and stress away. his thrusts are slow, and hard. watching you react to how he rubs his finger on your swollen clit. his cock is deep buried inside you, stretching you like no one else did. your velvety walls perfectly adjusting to his thick cock.
“you look so pretty when you take it all for me” nanami whispers in your ear as he gently caresses your cheek as his thrusts become more lazy, savoring each moment he has before you come. watching your skin glow as the candle lights are the only thing that light up the room.
he loved spanking your ass, leaving his hands marked on your skin. loving how good it looked on you, and as a reminder of who you belonged with.
♡ geto suguru
“oh baby, like that…” geto groans as you tease his drooling tip with your tongue, giving it kitten licks. he couldn’t wait longer, the way you danced to him, rubbing your ass on his growing bulge on that packed club made him dizzy, you pulled him away from the crowd and into somewhere you could be alone.
he had been watching ever since you walked in, with your tight dress and the choker around your neck that made him imagine how you would look even better with his hand around your neck instead of that piece of black lace.
you sucked him off, making him beg for more as your hand smeared his shaft with your spit mixed with precum. he liked the way you kept eye contact with him, your makeup smeared all across your face, choking on his cock.
♡ gojo satoru
he loves watching you on the big mirror on your room, sitting on his thigh your legs open giving him full access to your cunt. your back resting against his chest. “f-f-fuck, gojo” you manage to say as his long fingers slip inside your cunt with ease. his pants are smeared from your how wet you are for him, and all it took was for him to tell you the things he had been thinking to do to you when he got to your apartment.
“y/n, you’re so tight” he says as he pumps his fingers in and out of you. the squelching sounds are drowned by your loud moans as gojo’s cock rubs against your ass. you hadn’t seen each other in so long, but now he knew how much you had missed him, making you cum hard on his hand.
“you taste so delicious, babe” gojo said as he licked your juices off his fingers, until there was no drop left. and then he made you taste yourself, his lips connecting with yours as he held you tight against his chest.
♡ yuuta okkotsu
“are you ready?” you say as you lay on top of him. he likes it when you are on top. watching as your tits bounce as you fuck his cock. he has to distract himself or something, because he would cum in seconds just by the sight of you, looking all pretty, your skin glowing in the moonlight, your eyes staring back at his, the sweet sounds that come out of your mouth as he holds your hips.
“sh-shit, babe you’re going to make me c-�� you cut him off as you roll your hips and clench around his cock. making him almost rip the sheets off the bed. he liked it when you placed your hand around his neck, adding a little pressure when he thrusts deep inside you. making you cum hard on his cock, creaming all over it, until it dripped down your thighs. he had never imagined the next day you would disappear without saying goodbye.
♡ yuuji itadori
yuuji pushes you against the wall with a little more strength than he had thought he would use. but you like it when he’s rough with you. “that little cunt is mine, and only mine” he says ripping your panties under your skirt, the cold air brushing your skin and making you shiver.
he placed his thigh in between your legs, massaging your already dripping wet cunt as he kissed and nipped your neck. his erection grew harder as you moaned and whimpered at how he rubbed his thigh on your sensitive bud. while he pinched your nipples through your top. he smiled against your skin as you whispered in a low voice “i’m yours..only yours yuuji”.
“good girl” he said as he finger fucked you until you were a complete mess.
Tumblr media
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peachypinkygloss · a day ago
Tumblr media
Pairing: Sub!Jungkook x Dom/Fem!Reader
Genre: College/University AU, smut
Summary: Jeon Jungkook, the popular shy little boy, is obsessed with you, the mean girl known to reject every man who dares to ask her out.
Word count: 5.5k
Warnings: mention of alcohol, masturbation (m), breasts play, unprotected sex, clit stimulation, orgasm control, no aftercare.
A.N.: This one shot will also be posted on my AO3 (click here). The ending kind of implies a next part, but it's not sure. I prefer to have some freedom on the ending in case I want to pursue it. I took several Monsters to finish this. God bless me 💋
You were a pain in the ass for all the people you met. You were what older people would call “unladylike”. Rude, unapologetic, attitude problem and the worst of them all; feminist -according to men-. 
You were a threat to men. They liked to tell you that you were fatherless -boys liked to-, even though your dad was literally the one who taught you how to defend yourself around them. You were really grateful for that.
Then there was Jungkook who was shamelessly staring at you in every of your classes. You had psychology and economics together, which you probably never noticed because you surely didn't know he even existed.
Everyone was telling him that you were basically non-approachable. 'You're crazy for that one, Kook' Namjoon always told him, but Jungkook wasn't discouraged from that.
He was totally attracted to the way your hips would swung from left to right as you walked up to your seat. Or how your skirt would lift up on your thighs when you sat down, showing the boy a delightful sight of your skin. Ah, he really liked you, and yet, he never said a word to you.
He admired your participation in class, especially when you would almost only raise your hand to educate your teachers on a subject they were ignorant about. You would roll your eyes at how stupid they could be, daring to talk about something they knew nothing about.
You were kinda known to be the girl that rejected the majority of the guys that asked you out because, and you stated it, 'I don't do charity work'. Yeah, you were rude, and it was why he was so interested in you. He liked mean girls, he won't lie, but you had the looks too. God damn, you really had them.
You were always dressed neatly, exactly like a daddy's girl would, pleated skirt and knee high socks paired with, obviously, Louis Vuitton's heels. Jungkook, on the other hand, had usually sweater vests on and tight black jeans. He wasn't dressed horribly, he was just not on your level.
So when you entered the psychology class, books in your arms and hair styled straight flowing all over your shoulders, his jaw dropped. You looked straight in front of you like you were the main character. You passed by him, walking up the stairs of the amphitheater and going for your seat.
Jungkook wasn't sure about what the teacher was talking about as the minutes passed, but he supposed it was about hysteria since it was written on the teacher's PowerPoint. It kinda felt odd to him because-
"Yes, Miss Yn?"
You had this familiar glimpse of arrogance in your eyes; you were about to humiliate your teacher in front of the whole class.
"I thought hysteria was a biased term?" You asked a rhetoric question because you knew what you were on about. "Freud created it in an attempt of discrediting women. We shouldn't talk about this mental issue without touching on the fact it has sexist origins."
Jungkook couldn't help but smirk at your words. The teacher seemed to be speechless, avoiding all the suspicious stares students were giving them.
"Yes, huh- I'm so sorry." They looked at their feet, not knowing how to continue their teaching. "You're right, Miss. I'll correct that."
Namjoon sent a nudge to the boy who was sitting next to him. He lowered down his head, whispering into his ear. "I know I said she's a dangerous woman, but hey, you deserve a try, lil' man. I'll invite her to the party."
Jungkook widened his eyes at his friend. "What?..." He glimpsed at you behind his shoulder and turned back his head at Namjoon. "Yn? You'll invite Yn?" He spoke quietly, but he really wasn't subtile, looking at you like they were both gossiping about you.
You were not blind, you noticed how the shy kid beside Kim Namjoon, -the football team captain from your university, also known as 'I wish he could crush my skull between his huge fucking thighs'- was glaring at you every so often in class.
Jungkook was his name, if you remembered correctly. He wasn't that popular like his friend, but people knew who he was, he wasn't just the type of douche to make his presence known -really annoyingly- each time he entered a room.
"That's what I said, genius." Jungkook puffed at him, rolling his eyes. He was surprised about his decision, that was all... A little bit too much though, he'll admit. "Aren't you happy? You'll finally be able to fuck her."
He sent him a furious glare. He didn't thought about you like that, come on. Maybe just one time when you came in class with a shirt that showed your hard nipples. And the time you bent down to pick up your pencil right when he was walking in your direction.
Ok, yes, he was happy Namjoon would ask you to come party. He simply didn't had the balls to approach you. He really didn't want you to think he was some pervert, even though he didn't had sinless thoughts when it came to you.
"I can't ask her to hook up..." Jungkook turned down the man's assumptions, a little ashamed.
Namjoon chuckled. "Yes, you can. I do it all the times."
Ah, yeah, of course he did.
"Well, I'm not like you, Joon." The man leaned on his desk, watching the teacher nervously talking. Jungkook could picture himself in them, also being humiliated by you after he would have asked you out at the party.
"That's right, you're too much of a good boy." Jungkook tssed at him, a playful grin on his lips. "I'll ask her for you."
"No." He snapped his head at his friend, a severe look on his face. When he saw Namjoon grinning, he pleaded him, whispering a little too loudly. "No!"
Jungkook gave up as he noticed the class looking at him curiously, wondering what was going on with him. He bounced his knee up and down anxiously as he imagined the most embarrassing situation where he's getting rejected by you.
You entered Namjoon's house and you didn't see a lot of people. It looked like a private party; frat boys, the football team and the cheerleading team were hanging out around. You wondered why you would be invited because you really didn't belong here.
Nonetheless, nobody seemed to notice you. You guessed you were hiding pretty well as an imposter.
You sighed, thinking that it would be better to take something to drink instead of standing there like a loser. As you walked to the kitchen, you looked around for Kim Namjoon to ask him why were you here, but you didn't see a large, blue-haired man potentially flirting with a group of girls.
You analyzed the bottles of alcohol in front of you, not sure on what to take. You knew nobody here, so maybe something that will get you out of your comfort zone? But you also didn't want to regret it later, seeing pictures of you puking on someone posted on social medias.
You took the bottle of blue liquid in your hand; a fruity drink would do, just enough alcohol in it. You poured some in a red cup, drinking it right away after you put the cap of the bottle back on. The taste of it flicked on your tongue and you were pretty satisfied with your choice.
"Ah, Yn!" You rolled your eyes as you recognized Namjoon's voice. He finally decided to talk to you. You turned around to face him, a cocky grin plastered on his face.
"Namjoon." You crossed your arms, a hand sticking out to hold your drink. "You better tell me why I'm here."
The man left out an anxious chuckle, he had to tell you the reason why he had invited you to this shitty party. He didn't think much of a plan, at the moment he thought he was really smart, but now... He kinda wished he had thought of a better idea.
"Ok, so there's a friend of mine that had his eyes on you since the first day of uni." You raised your eyebrows at him. Was he setting you up with a douchebag? "You know, the boy with brown hair, lip piercing, always a hoodie on?"
His description didn't really corresponded to a football player or a frat boy. Well, if you thought about it, blue hair wasn't usual for footballers, but Namjoon had the personality of one, so he didn't count.
A person crossed your mind. "The shy little boy who's with us in psychology?"
Namjoon smiled, seemingly content that you knew who he was talking about. "Yes! Jungkook, that is." He scratched the back of his neck. Whatever he was about to ask you, it was enough risky to make him stressed. "He's very kind, an adorable boy, I would even say. He's really open minded and-"
"What do you want to ask, Namjoon?" You stopped him in his rambling, this night was already too long, no need to pursue it with unnecessary talk.
"Do you want, maybe, have fun with him tonight?" He frowned, a little bit scared of your reaction.
You put your hand on your hip, looking at him like he was an absolute idiot. "Excuse me?"
"Ok, listen, listen!" Namjoon placed his hand in front of him as if it would make him more convincing. "He's really into you, like really. He's just too shy to ask you out! I swear, he's a good boy, and I think you like that, right?"
He peeked your curiosity with this last phrase, you won't lie. "Maybe." You noticed the man was glancing intently behind you and you guessed a girl was surely waiting for him. You had nothing better to do and Jungkook was pretty handsome, so why not? You sighed, capitulating. "Where is he?"
Namjoon's eyes sparkled, showing his dimples. "You're the best Yn! He's in the living room." Without saying more, he passed by you, joining his girl friend.
You made your way to the open living room, a couple of people dancing and talking. You narrowed your eyes between them, searching a familiar face.
You finally spotted a head with fluffy brown hair, sat down on the couch. He was alone, checking his phone mindlessly. He was having as much fun as you did. Your lips perked in a smirk as you walked up to him.
"Jungkook, right?" The said man looked up from his phone, eyes widening as he saw you standing in front of him. You took his shocked face as a yes and sat beside him, particularly close. Your knee was brushing against his and he tensed up at the contact. "Thought you needed some company."
He swallowed thickly, his eyes couldn't leave yours. "Huh- yeah. Yeah, sure." He nodded and you couldn't help yourself from smiling. He was really cute.
"So, I heard we had psychology together?" You didn't hear, you knew, but it was funnier if you pretended like you weren't aware.
"And economics."
"And economics." You repeated, eyeing him up and down.
He was dressed up casually, a red hoodie, black jeans and Doc Martens on. A very beautiful face with rounded eyes. You wondered how you never paid much more attention to him before.
You took a gulp from your drink without breaking eye contact. "I'm sorry for Namjoon, by the way." You shook your head from side to side, telling him to not worry about it.
"I'm glad, after all. How could I miss on such a pretty boy, hm?" He looked a you, agape, face turning pink. You sweetly laughed at him, moving your free hand to cup his cheek. "Don't be so shy, Kook." His eyebrows perked at the nickname, which he absolutely adored coming from you.
"I- I wanted to tell you..." Jungkook stuttered out his words, shamefully looking down on his lap as he did so.
"What is it, baby?" You cooed at him, slipping your hand down from his cheek to rest on his neck.
"Your take on Freud, last class. It was really cool." He shyly confessed.
You smiled happily at him. Did you shared the same values too? He was quite an awesome man, then. "Oh, really? Thank you. This teacher literally pisses me off. How can someone be that ignorant?" You complained and he listened to every of your words.
"Freud's quite a dumbass. And the teacher too." You nodded in his direction, agreeing with him.
Ok, now you were kinda mentally thanking Namjoon for inviting you. Jungkook had a brain, the usual opposite of the male gender. "Right." You finished your drink, putting the empty away on the ground. Namjoon will clean it himself. "Let's go somewhere else, yeah?"
You jumped on your feet, extending your arm for Jungkook to take your hand. He glanced at you, a little taken back, but he took his hand in yours. When he got up, he was inches taller than you which made you bite down on your bottom lip.
You guided him upstairs, looking over your shoulder time to time with a grin on your face. You took him to an empty bedroom, closing the door behind you two. When you turned back to him, you pushed him on the bed, straddling his lap.
Jungkook was shocked, not sure if he had the permission to put his hands on your hips. He swallowed as he noticed your dress had raised up on your thighs. You weren't wearing tights, so that meant your panties were brushing against his jeans. The boy prayed for his cock not to grow hard in the next minute, he didn't want you to think he was depraved or something.
You slipped your palms up his chest, going to his neck. "Is everything good?" You frowned at him, his hesitation making you doubt. Maybe having fun wasn't implying sex. "That's what you want, right?"
Jungkook looked at you with big doe eyes, finally resting his hands on you. "Yes, yes..." He now glanced down where your ass met with his lap, embarrassed by his eagerness.
You cupped gently his chin in your hand, raising his head so he could look into your eyes full of desire. "Jungkook, don't hold yourself back." You pecked his lips as if you two were together, a strong couple whose hearts make one. "Tell me what you want, baby."
He couldn't believe that you were on him, ready to fuck him. He couldn't realize how his dream literally came true. The dream of feeling your curves under his palms, your hips on his. Your gaze finally on his person, acknowledging that he was being such a good boy.
He had you, all of you, just for him and now that he could finally fulfill his desires, he had no idea what to ask you. His mind was fuzzy, only clear enough to respond to you nothing that made really much sense. "Huh-, I- I don't know."
You chuckled, tilting your head to look at his cute face. "You don't know?" You asked, lifting one eyebrow. He shook his head. "Well, let's find out, hm?"
You repositioned yourself on his lap, spreading your legs more so your pelvis would meet his. You flicked your hair behind your shoulders, revealing your cleavage to Jungkook. His eyes looked at your breasts for a second before going back up to your face.
You grinned at his reaction. "My boobs?" The boy raised his eyebrows like he had been caught. You moved your hands to his shoulders, your fingers intertwined behind his neck. "Do you like them? Want to touch them?"
He glanced again at your tits, making sure they were still there, that you were real, but you were very much just in front of him. He trailed up his hands until they reached the under of your breasts. "Can I?"
You nodded. "They are all yours, baby." His eyes sparkled at your words.
Without waiting any longer, he took your tits in his hands, feeling that you had no bra on. He squeezed them a little, feeling how squishy they were. He slipped his fingers under the top of your dress, your bare skin against his own. He pinched your nipples, circling his fingers on them. He knew what to do, he knew how to please you and you loved it.
"Ahh, suck on them..." You told him and he observed your face, smiling, like you just gave a child candies.
He took out your boobs from your dress, the cold air of the room making your nipples hard. He directed his mouth onto your right tit, sucking on it and twirling his tongue around it. He played with the other with his hand like an expert, flicking his thumb on it.
You let out a whiny moan, your eyebrows frowned as you observed Jungkook martyrizing your tits. You kept your mouth open so your moans could slip easily, showing him how much he was making you feel good.
You started rolling your hips on his, your sensitive bud screaming for a little bit of friction. You felt Jungkook's bulge as you rubbed your poor clit against his crotch area and he left out some moans from his occupied mouth.
The boy switched his lips to your other boob, the one left out having the same treatment as the other had previously. You gripped on his hair, tugging on it desperately. "Baby, oh my god-" You're a little breathless, your pelvis moving non-stop against him. You felt your panties sticking to your core, some dripping on your inner thighs. "You make me feel so good."
"I- I-..." Jungkook stopped from sucking on your nipple, but still had his fingers flicking the other. He looked at you with pleading eyes, his chest going up and down so fast. "This is the best thing that ever happened to me."
"What...?" You were not sure why he was saying that, all you were certain of was having his dick inside of you. You stroked his hair, waiting for him to continue talking.
"It's just that..." He looked down, as if he hadn't your boobs covered by his saliva in front of him. "I was so afraid you'd say no or- or..." His free hand was on your hip, drawing circles with his fingers on your back.
You sighed, cupping his face in your hands. You raised his face to look in his eyes, to reassure him. "Baby, stop overthinking. Tonight we'll only have fun, ok?" You sent him a sweet smile which he returned it to you.
You left his lap, standing on your feet in front of the bed. You removed your heels and stripped of your dress, leaving you in your panties. Jungkook swallowed at the sight of your body, eyeing you up and down shamelessly.
You walked up back to him, resting between his legs. He instinctively moved his hands to touch you, but you gave him a slight tap on the wrist. "Not now, Kook." He frowned, retracted his arms from you and pouted. "Before you can touch me, I want you to tell me all the fantaisies you had about me."
The boy's cheeks turned pink as he heard your order. "Really?..." He asked shyly. He didn't think it would've interested you, he rather thought it would've offended you.
"Yes. Every time you stared at me, what were you thinking?" You put your hands on his shoulders, massaging them.
Jungkook nibbled on his bottom lip, wondering what he should say. Something not too pervert, soft a little bit and maybe sexy too. Yeah, something like that... "Your thighs..." Well, it leaded to interpretation, he guessed.
"Jungkook, I need more words than that." You laughed, making fun of his shyness. You caressed his cheek delicately, encouraging him to talk again.
"They're so big and... womanly." He gazed up at you, his hands forming fists on his thighs. He needed to touch you, this was torture. "When I look at them... I- I imagine myself pushing them to your chest while you're on your back, so I can have a look at your... pussy." He was shy, but he knew how to turn you on. You squeezed your clitoris between your thighs, hoping Jungkook wouldn't notice. You had control and you had to act like it. "And fuck you with my dick."
You leaned on his thighs, your face on the same level as him. "You have such a dirty mind, Kook. Are you sure you really deserve my hole?" You teased him, a cocky grin deforming your lips.
"Yes! I do-, I- I swear. Please." He gripped at your wrists, begging you with puppy eyes.
"So needy. You're totally obsessed with me, huh?"
Jungkook narrowed his eyes. "Yn, you're so beautiful it literally pains me." He guided your hand to rest on his crotch, feeling how hard he was because of you. "Please, I dreamt of this moment since the first time I laid my eyes on you." He whined when you pressed your fingers on his erection, his eyebrows frowning. "Ah-... Don't leave me like this."
You kneeled still placed between his legs. You innocently smiled and batted your eyelashes at him. "Then show me that dick you desperately need to shove in my pussy. Show me how much you want me, baby."
You patiently waited on your knees as the boy was urgently removing his hoodie. As he was about to take off his black t-shirt underneath, you stopped him. "Keep this one on." He nodded; whatever you wanted you'd have it.
His shaky fingers came to unbuckle his belt while wandering eyes were glancing at your boobs. He unbuttoned and unzipped his pants, Calvin Klein's boxer sitting gracefully on his hipbones. He delivered his erection from his underwear, bouncing up to rest on his tummy.
Oh, Jungkook was big. Long enough to hit every of your sensitive stops and big enough to stretch you out. How came a sweet boy like him was hiding such a wonderful treasure?
His tip was red and swollen, pulsating as you observed it with hungry eyes. You wanted to touch it, take it in your mouth while gently massaging his balls. But you also wanted him to touch his cock himself, showing you how much he was deprived to the point of getting off to the simply sight of your naked tits.
"Well, baby, that dick won't thrust itself, hm?" You watched him slowly putting his hand around his erect penis. You gave him a slight smile, focusing on his face expressions.
He shivered when he gave himself a moderate thrust, a little bit embarrassed from the situation. He liked having your eyes on him, enjoying how he pleasured himself at your demand, but it felt naughty, really naughty. Jungkook never done this before with a partner and he wished he would have because it was totally turning him on right now.
He closed his eyes as he thrusted harder, his hand reaching the base of his cock. He parted his lips and threw back his head, pumping himself to a regular rhythm. "Ahh..." He moaned, concentrated on his pleasure. His eyebrows were frowned as his tongue came to lick his dried lips.
He heard you shifted positions, but he didn't open his eyes since he still felt your hands on him so he supposed he didn't have to worry. He leaned on the bed with his free hand, swallowing in deeply as he bucked his hips onto his hand. He wanted you instead of his hand, why did he bother to fuck his hand when he could fuck you? But he continued, imagining you jumping on his dick.
He tightened his grip, flicking his thumb gently on his tip. Your hands moved to his stomach, slipping under his t-shirt. His abs tensed up under your touch and he moaned softly, his head coming back up. He opened his eyes, making eye contact with you while still masturbating.
"Fuck." He cursed and fastened his pace, obscene noises being made as his hand met the skin of his pelvis at each thrust. Jungkook couldn't help but whined as he looked at you with pleading eyes. "I think I'll-" He couldn't finish his sentence, the pleasure building up was too good. He fucked his hand, his hips lifting from the bed to hit harder. "Uhh- Fuck. Yn, I- I'll-..." He moaned, his breath was out of control and his head kept rolling back down. "Come..."
You gazed down to his dick, pressing your thighs together as lust filled your eyes. You waited until you saw his erection twitched and grasped his wrist to make him stop all of his movements. Jungkook cried and fell down onto the bedsheets. His cock kept twitching a little, but nothing came out, luckily for you.
You crawled on him after getting rid of your soaked panties, ready to actually play with him. "Baby, don't be upset ok? I'm sorry," He glimpsed at you, pain written all over his face. "But you'll come soon, don't worry." The corners of your lips lifted as your fingers rested against his uncovered tummy to keep you still. You made sure to not touch his erection with your folds, your hips standing still over him.
"I was so close..." He complained, his hands coming up to caress your legs that were on each side of his body.
You pouted, finding him so cute and needy. "I know, Kook. I know." You babied him as you lowered yourself to catch his lips. You pecked along his jaw, feeling his hot breath hitting your cheek. Your fingers traveled his chest, running under his shirt. You passed it over his head, throwing it away somewhere on the floor. Your upper body came back down to his chest, your mouth against his ear. "Feel how wet I am because of your whiny moans." You took Jungkook's hand to your dripping entrance, his eyes growing wide as he brushed your slicks with his fingers.
He slid his middle finger through your folds, reaching up your clit. He slowly rubbed your bud which caused you to roll your hips against his hand. He glanced down to your pussy, watching his finger gracefully circling your clitoris with your fluid. "You're so hot." You moaned as he put more pressure on you, making you grip his shoulders and sinking your nails in his skin. "I still can't believe your pussy is dripping wet right on my dick."
You let out a rattle from your throat. "Shut up, Kook." You waited a little longer before pushing his hand from your crotch.
"Why?" Jungkook sighed, frustrated from your sudden resignation.
"Because you'll fuck me now." The boy's face lighted up, getting up immediately from the bed as you pushed yourself away.
You sat on the covers, checking him out as he got rid from his last pieces of clothes. Stripped down, he jumped right away on the bed and you laughed at how excited he was. You laid back, your boobs sitting on the sides. You reached the under of your thighs, sticking them up to your chest. Jungkook's gaze shifted from your face to your pussy as you sent him a cheesy smirk.
He brought himself closer to you, his hands moving to caress your flesh, mouth agape. He took a hold of his cock, slipping the tip through your juices and hissed at the sensitive feeling. You opened your mouth to tell him to hurry up, but all that came out was a shameless moan as he pushed himself inside of you. He stretched you easily, sliding up gradually to make you used to his size.
"Jungkook, you're so big, oh my God." He didn't respond, afraid that he would release too fast. His hips finally met yours, his balls touching your ass covered by your wetness. "You fill me up so good."
Breathless, he narrowed his eyes at you, eyebrows frowned. "I won't last long, Yn." Jungkook put your legs over one of his shoulders, so your thighs would stay together. "Your- ahh..." He carefully started to thrust into you, only his tip in you. He waited a second before pushing himself back all in. "Fuck. Your pussy..." He couldn't get a proper sentence out, too focused on controlling his orgasm. "Your pussy was made for my cock."
Your arms were lazily slumped by your sides, back arching as he pounded into your entrance. "Yes, baby. I'm all yours, just yours." You gave yourself to this boy, not caring about anything but his pleasure at the moment.
His teeth were bitting down on his bottom lip, eyes observing how his dick was slipping in and out of your hole. He was still going slow, knowing that if he went faster it meant he would collapse in you. You were a little bit impatient though, your walls clenching repeatedly around him. "Uhh- Don't- Don't do that..." He whined, his nails sinking into your thighs.
"But I'm so eager, Kook. I can't only take that..." Your tits bounced on your chest as he sunk his dick deeper into you, taking you by surprise. "Oh, God!" His skin slapped against yours, the noises filling up the room as Jungkook fastened his pace.
His hips rolled against yours, his dick slipping in your pussy like butter. You moved your hand between your thighs, reaching your clit. "Fuck, fuck, fuck." The boy muttered under his breath, leaning on you so he could push deeper in you if it was still even possible. "Nghhh-" He whimpered, pondering into your pussy like it was the last thing keeping him alive.
You rubbed your clitoris as fast as you could, so you would come at the same time as him. Your hands were shaking and sweat was rolling down his forehead, you both looked like a mess, but neither of you could care less. A knot was building up in your stomach, your high approaching.
"Yn, I'll come-"
"On my tits, Kook!" You cut him off, almost panting, and his dick slipped from your pussy, your legs falling on each of his sides.
He placed himself close to your breasts, one of his hands coming to support his body next to your head. You moaned at the sight of his hand fisting his cock fast, wet noises and Jungkook's whimpers were the only things you could hear.
You closed your eyes as your legs began to shake, your orgasm hitting you hard. You rolled your hips frantically against your hand and you finally felt hot strands of cum landing on your chest and breasts.
"Ahhh..." A sigh of contentement left Jungkook's lips as he chased his high, pumping himself dry.
You fluttered your eyes open, hand leaving your crotch area. The boy fell to your side, trying to catch his breath. You didn't look at him even though you felt his gaze on you. You stared at the ceiling, silently recovering from your orgasm.
He was cute, beautiful, sexy, kind, smart, ... But you didn't want to cuddle with an absolute stranger after fucking, you felt like an idiot just at the thought of it.
"Yn?" Jungkook's quiet voice got you out of your thoughts, tilting your head in his direction.
Strand of brown hair fell in front of his eyes, his puppy eyes looking straight into you. "Yes, Jungkook?" You let out a shaky breath. God, he was handsome.
"Did you like it?" He asked shyly, fidgeting his fingers. You smiled sweetly at him; you very much enjoyed it.
"Yes, of course. I really liked it." He nodded, smiling at you too. He looked so cute, even after having sex. You gazed back at the ceiling, waiting at least a minute before sitting up on the bed.
The boy watched you carefully slipping out of the mattress. You took some tissues from the box tissues that was resting on the nightstand to wipe his cum from your body. You threw the tissue in the trash can nearby and put your dress and panties back on. "Where are you going?"
You froze for a second on the spot, his question making you feel bad. You both had what you wanted, he couldn't expect you to stay. You didn't turn to face him, just casually answering him as you took your heels in your hands. "I'll go pee."
You held the doorknob, taking notice of Jungkook one last time. "Oh, ok." You exited the room, closing the door behind you.
He waited on the bed, your perfume invading his nose each time he breathed. After some time he dressed himself back up, checking the time on his phone that he left in his pocket; 00:53. He sat on the bed and 5 minutes passed. You didn't come back.
He passed his fingers through his messy hair, that was previously in your hands, gripping on it as he flicked his tongue around your nipple.
He shook his head, scrunching his nose as he walked up to the door; whatever.
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tyredyre · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
TW // mature contents
After working away for a whole week, he was finally at home.
Tumblr media
All the lights were off. The dim moon light and the blip of neon sign outside seeped in through the windows and curtain of the bedroom—your bedroom. A petite figure inside the blanket looked warm. You seemed unbothered with your messy hair when you care about it in the morning. A little purr like kitten, the soft motion of your chest breathe the air, the small gap in between your lips, he found them cute.
He was there for a good couple minutes. He twirled the strands of your silky hair before he positioned himself snuggling you. His nose nuzzled your exposed nape, planting a gentle kiss at first. A little did he knew he was greedy to suck more of your scents—it was your favorite fresh tangerine.
All those loving gestures twitched your eyes and nose. He beamed a smile feeling intrigued then brushed his lips against your shoulder and neck.
"Y/n..." A small whisper of your name slipped out his tongue, right behind your left ear.
"Umm... Suguru..." Still half-asleep you murmured.
"Yes, doll. Miss me?" Suguru stroked your hair in slow motion.
"Is that really you....?" You shifted your body to face him. Your eyes were half-closed but you were sure you caught a glimpse of his tender face. You didn't realize that the grip of your fingers on his shirt was tightening. "How?"
"Caught the last train for you, hun. Couldn't wait to meet my sugar plum."
"Mhm... miss you too, Sugu..." You would jump out of your bed if you weren't sleepy. A week without his presence around, the thirst and hunger of it, all mixed in a hug. You sank your head in his chest. Even in your half-asleep state you were elated to even hear his heart beating.
The feelings were mutual. Suguru couldn't wait to meet you, to embrace you, to feel every inch of you. He wrapped his arms around you, placing his palms on your back to pull you closer to him.
Faintly you questioned, "You came so late tho. What time is it now....?"
"Hmm.... 2 am?" Suguru responded after peeking the clock on the nightstand.
"You must be tired, right? Let's sleep together then." You nudged your head back to his rib.
"A little bit more, 'kay? I'm going to eat first."
"Eating? What are you going to eat? Ramen?"
"Nope," he replied before bending over your ear. "I'm going to eat you so good till you can't get enough of me."
"S-Suguru what are you..."
Suguru shut your lips with his. He sucked more of your air and twirled your tongue, no intention to let go of you. He was eager, he was passionate, he was wild to mess up your sleep with his hungry kiss. Not to mention his wandering hand that slipped under the fabric of your pajamas, untying your bra and fondle the mound of your breast. It was intoxicating. You were half-asleep to even stop him from doing it, to even pause and gasp for more air, to even halt him only to call out of his name.
"Shh, quiet. You sleep, I eat."
The next moment the pajamas were nowhere to be found and you had Suguru in between your legs, brushing his lips against your inner tighs. It was overwhelming.
"B-but S-Sugu... I have to go to work in hours..."
"I'll have Shoko send the sick leave letter to the office so no worries, princess. Just relax and enjoy, 'kay?"
"F-fuck S-Sugu..." You jolted when he blew the bundle of nerves outside your panties.
"Yes I will fuck you to the brim, baby."
Tumblr media
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lovedbytoji · 2 days ago
(mature content ahead!)
Tumblr media
PAIRINGS: sukuna X reader
WARNINGS: teasing, squirting, public sex.
Kinda rushed, but enjoy! - Bunny <3
Your thighs squeezed around the strong hand that cupped against your soaked cunt. The hand tugged at the toy vibrating in your pussy and you whimpered before biting your lip.
Sukuna chuckled as he kissed along your neck, his hand slowly inched away from your thighs, and up to cup your breast under your hoodie.
Your back had been pressed against him as his was against the giant tree that hung above you two in the massive park. You squirmed between his legs as the searing hot feeling of an orgasm overcame you.
“Ah- Sukuna I-” The aftershocks of your orgasm wore down on your speech.
You turned your head to look up at the red head, as he reached for the toy and slowly pulled it out of your pussy. The position gave anyone a clear view of your commando state. He grinned smugly, as he pressed a soft kiss against your lips and his middle and ring finger to your clit, with a pressurized fervor.
Your back arched into Sukuna, as your hips slightly rose at the contact. “Wanna cum again for all these lovely folks, princess?” Sukuna ushered towards the pedestrians minding their business, walking their dogs, mingling with their lovers, or admiring the beautiful greenery.
You shook your head. “Wanna cum for you, ‘Kuna.” You mumbled and shakily turned around to face the burly man.
Sat on his lap with your legs on the outer sides of his thighs, you pressed up against his chest as your hands slid up along his muscular arms.
Sukuna grinned, as his hands gripped your hips, pushed up the front of your skirt and bunched it at the waist. Eagerly, you yanked down his sweats enough to pull out his bulging cock, that leaked pre cum from its pretty pink tip.
You bit your lip in anticipation as you moved to line yourself up with his cock. Just to tease, you messily rubbed him against your soaked core.
Sukuna eyed you as you grinned at him, thinking you had the upper hand. He chuckled before pulling you flush against his chest and thrusting into you all the way to the hilt. You gasped, as you gripped his shoulders trying to lift yourself off of him but he kept you in a tight hold.
“Shit- Sukuna!” You whined as you tried to roll your hips to alleviate the pressure.
“You know better than to try and be a brat around me, princess.” He chuckled as he brought a hand up towards your chin to pull you in for a kiss.
You returned the kiss. It gets sloppy and desperate. Your hands reached up to grab his face and press your lips harder against his. You felt him pull out of you slightly, pausing at the tip then getting shoved back inside of you.
Sukuna pounded into you at an unrelenting pace. You babbled nonsense between sloppy kisses. The ongoing action between you two was extremely obvious, thanks to the loud squelches and moans.
You moaned his name while leaving big purple bruises along his neck. Sukuna grunted in your ear and every now and then your ears would be blessed with one of his pretty whimpers.
You’re both so caught up in the moment, not caring who may have seen or noticed your public indecencies. A light sheen of sweat collected on your skin, as his reddened slightly.
“M’ gonna cum, Sukuna..” You whined, followed by broken moans. “Need your cum, please!”
You’re squeezed so tightly around him, his hips stuttered before he continued to plunge deep inside of your cunt.
“C’mon princess, M’ ready for you..” He whispered in your ear, before kissing your neck.
“Wait- wait!” The coil inside of you snapped and you moaned into the fabric of his hoodie. Your liquids spewed everywhere shooting out of you with a strong pressure.
“Holy shit..” Sukuna’s face contorted in awe, as he lifted you off of his cock to watch you squirt all over his torso and the blanket beneath you two. He reached forward to gently rub your clit, before lowering you back down onto his cock.
It took only a few more thrusts before he came deeply into your womb. You moaned loudly as you felt the sticky hot fluid fill you to the brim.
“T-Thank you…” You whispered repeatedly, as the two of you stilled against each other, breaths shallow.
“I should be thanking you..” Sukuna chuckled, before pressing a light kiss against your lips. “You did so well for me, baby.” He gently rubbed your back. “Made such a big mess too.” He smirked, as he eyed the wet spot beneath you both.
You nodded in exhaustion.
 lovedbytoji
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animetrashlord-007 · 2 days ago
Warnings // smut, voyeurism, masturbation, yandere
    This high up, detached from society, you don't have a care in the world. The silk robe slides down your body and pools around your feet. You stand bare within your bedroom, doing a little twirl in front of your mirror before disappearing into your closet. Within seconds you're back with tomorrow's clothes in hand. 
    Every night you serve as his entertainment. Pouring another glass of wine, he smirks when you glance out your window. Your tits bounce as you walk toward the glass. There's hesitation in your step as you look right at him, eyes squinting and face scrunching up in thought… but you shake it away with a nervous smile. 
    It's not like you can see him, after all. The lights are out on his end. Sitting with his legs spread wide while he palms his erection, he's invisible to you. He gulps down his wine with a satisfied chuckle while his little deer prances to and fro. You're scared, so, so scared of the dark of what might lurk in the apartment across the street. 
    Once more you pause, eyes meandering into the unknown as you search all around him. He tempts fate with a little wave. Of course there's no reaction on your part; just a visible sigh as you wrap your arms around your pert breasts. You squeeze your tits and while it's liable to be a form of comfort to you, he likes to think you're privy to him, that you're playing hard to get. His cock twitches at the thought. 
    His eyes drift down to your sweet cunt and then the round curve of your ass as you turn toward the bathroom. It jiggles with each step before you disappear behind a now-closed door. You're behind schedule and he prays you'll still sit in front of your vanity tonight after your little soak. After the day he's had, he deserves to watch you moisturise yourself, hands roaming the full expanse of your delectable body, fingers pressing deep into your plump flesh as you work out your tension. 
    Maybe he'll even get lucky and you'll fuck yourself right on the bed, right there in his line of sight like a good little whore. He can imagine the squelch of your pussy as you enter yourself, pumping your fingers deep into your wet hole while squirming atop your sheets. Your thighs will quiver and you'll whimper, unable to handle the pleasure, so delicate and inexperienced. Then you'll look at him. At last your little game will come to an end and you'll beg for him. Blown out pupils, drool trickling down your cheek, chest heaving – his perfect little toy ready for his cock, ready to– 
    His fantasy ends the moment you walk back into view. Carefree once more, you dance toward your vanity, the towel hiding your figure already loosening. Your eyes sparkle as you mouth along to some song. Thick globs of white cream grace your palms before you lean down. Starting with your feet and working your way up, you rub lotion into your skin, giving yourself a mini massage as you go. Nary an inch of your perfect skin is left untouched. 
    It isn't until your lips part into an 'o' that he gives in. Freeing his erection, he strokes his cock with one large hand. A languid start but he can't rush it, not when you're displaying such needy tendencies tonight. Your hand lingers over your cunt, fingers ghosting over your clit before you, too, give in to your base desires. You're so pretty like this. He strokes himself harder, faster, rougher as he pictures just how tight you'll be once he finally gets his hands on you. 
    God, what he wouldn't do to be in that room with you. 
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starscara · 2 days ago
perv!megumi who’s made a move on every girl in his class but finally hits the jackpot when you come along. you’re a clean slate who doesn’t know anything about him, and he has a chance to make his move on you before anyone can warn you.
perv!megumi who takes upskirt pics of you whenever you’re together, saving them into his special album reserved only for pictures of you. he’s got loads that you don’t know about and he certainly won’t tell you, because you’ll think he’s a creep!
perv!megumi who thinks about you at all times of the day, whether you’re in his class or not. he likes to imagine you on your knees for him, large breasts in your tight shirt pushed together as your pretty lips suck him off. he has to excuse himself from class and steal himself away into the bathroom, quickly fucking his fist to the thought of you bouncing on his aching cock.
perv!megumi who finally confesses his undying love for you whilst railing you against the wall of an abandoned alleyway on campus. your poor undies are soiled as his hips slam into you again and again, his rhythm consistent and his moans loud in your ear as he reaches his high. you can’t say no to dear megumi; even if you do, the poor boy is too far gone to hear a word you say!
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snapnov4 · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
dream girl | yuuji itadori
Tumblr media
wc: 2.7k
pairing: best friend!yuuji itadori x reader
cw: NSFW, afab reader, unsafe sex (reader is on the pill but yuuji doesn't wear a condom), oral sex (f and m receiving), penetrative sex, creampie, use of the terms, "angel" and "baby", yuuji calls the reader his dream girl once and generally fem traits are applied to the reader, friends to lovers, lovesick!yuuji
a/n: as always enjoy! wrote this from yuuji's pov to experiment a little with style, but i really enjoyed writing it, so i hope you all enjoy reading it. also this is my first full length nsfw so go easy on me! comments and reblogs are appreciated <3
Tumblr media
you and yuuji have been best friends since high school and for as long as yuuji can remember his feelings for you have been less friendly than they should be. usually, he'd be content to spend any time he possibly can by your side, joining you when you go out for lunch, telling you which dress suits you the best, letting you swatch makeup on his arms, and of course, attending your weekly movie nights. but now he’s finding it hard to be around you, your usual movie nights and various hangouts have been pushed and rescheduled numerous times because yuuji simply can't get rid of the boner that comes in immediately after you cuddle up to him. maybe he's always had a little crush on you but he curved that years ago! he's embarrassed because he feels like he's a teenager again, even though your high school days are far behind you, his pants still get tight when you wear a short dress or hold his hand while you're out. he's a little confused too, you've always been a good friend, you're really pretty too, and you've always been the type to be touchy with the people you're close to. although lately, yuuji finds himself getting caught up in how soft your skin is whenever you touch him, how amazing you look when you smile across from him at your favorite cafe, and how his body heats up when you're next to him and he can smell your perfume and everything that's uniquely you begins to flood his senses. then he's so wrapped up in his fantasies of you that he can’t focus. he appreciates your friendship and he loves you, as a friend, but he’s starting to wonder why what he thought was a fleeting attraction, a dumb crush from his second year of high school, simply won't go away. he thinks he may be in too deep. yuuji doesn't even realize he's lost in his thoughts when you call him that afternoon, clearly upset, and he thinks he's really in for it now.
“itadori yuuji,” your voice alone makes yuuji’s heart speed up, but he's just nervous about upsetting you right?
“...that's me,” he replies, not thinking. he feels eternal embarrassment start to creep up his spine.
“tonight is movie night, okay? no flaking. i miss you.” those last three words float out dreamily punctuated with a sad sigh, that has yuuji feeling like he can see you pouting through the phone, your lips probably look so soft, he wishes he could feel them wrapped around his— he stops himself there because, you're his best friend, and this is not normal, and he's starting to feel guilty about considering cancelling on you again, but after you told him you missed him, with that cute little sigh at the end, yuuji decided to scrape up what little dignity he has left to spend time with you like a good, normal, best friend.
“i'll be there! i promise!” he hangs up quickly to avoid whatever feelings are brewing up in his chest, he does not have the time nor the sanity to sort out how his chest constricts when he sees you, but he thinks he can make it through one movie night. he feels bad for cancelling so much anyway, maybe that will outweigh the light feeling he gets in his head when he sees you.
that evening, as he makes his way towards your apartment he thinks maybe this wasn't a great idea, the odd feeling bubbles up in his chest again and he thinks he's a goner when you open the door in what he assumes you consider pajamas, shorts, and tank top, your shorts stop above your mid-thigh area hugging you just enough to accentuate your soft skin, and your tank top is showing just enough of your chest to make yuuji reconsider everything, and even though you're wearing no makeup and your hair is framing your face messily, yuuji is completely floored by you. he decides to blame the summer heat for the way his body temperature rises.
“oh thank god you made it!” yuuji is now feeling even worse for ditching you recently, your face lights up at his presence, and when you hug him he's on cloud nine. he doesn't even remember why he's so nervous, but maybe it has something to do with the fact that you're his best friend and he'd really be lying if he said that he simply pushed the image of your thighs in those shorts out of his mind. but you're hugging him and you're happy to see him and he bathes in the feeling of being appreciated by you, he can smell your body wash, he can feel your body against his, and he's thinking this night is gonna be a long one.
things start relatively normal yuuji’s pretty focused on the movie until you call his name, you've already migrated towards him through the night and you sit comfortably against each other, yuuji is internally congratulating himself on his stellar self-control. your body is warm against him and he can smell your perfume, he wants to spend every day like this, he thinks. he's snapped out of his thoughts when you call his name again.
“yuuji!” you raise your voice a bit to grab his attention, and yuuji notices a nervous lilt in the way you say his name, different from the way it usually rolls off your tongue naturally, and turns to look at you.
“mm?” yuuji hums, tilting his head to the side quizzically.
“have you ever thought about…us?” you begin fidgeting with the straps of your tank top and yuuji’s eyes gravitate towards your bare shoulders before snapping back up to your face, you're quiet but he can tell how nervous you are by how your eyes scan the room, trying to look at anything but him. yuuji takes the open air to process your question. he's thought about you for sure, all the time, but you said us, as in a couple? do you like him? is it stupid for his heart to twist in his chest with anticipation and hope, you liking him? or do you not want to be friends anymore? oh god, when did he start panicking—
“yuuji i can see you worrying, i'm sorry for asking such a weird question, i was just…thinking y’know?” you look a little disappointed and direct your eyes down to your lap and yuuji wants to reach out and wrap his arms around you but the conversation is already derailing into an awkward territory and yuuji is worried about how much of his critical thinking would disappear if he was able to wrap his arms around you.
“you didn't make me uncomfortable!! i've thought about you..us! i mean, a lot” yuuji finishes sheepishly as you raise your head to look at him.
“really? i guess i thought you'd be weirded out that i’ve been thinking about you, but to be honest yuuji i want you so bad,” your words are bold, seductive even, but he knows you're anxious, this is uncharted territory for you both, but your words still make him feel dizzy.
yuuji’s breath hitches in his throat, he swallows before managing a straggled, “yeah?”
you nod as you climb onto yuuji’s lap and he feels like his whole world revolves around you. he can smell the distinct scent of your body wash, and your skin is against his, and god he wishes no clothes were separating you right now, but he tries to keep himself modest, you seemed nervous already and you're both dangerously treading on a ruined friendship. however, he can't help but feel enthralled by your presence.
yuuji can barely breathe, you're straddling him and his hands are placed hesitantly on your waist, you're looking at him with an almost pleading look in your eyes, and he thinks if he starts he won't be able to stop. he can feel your pussy right on his cock, he thinks he might go crazy before your voice brings him back to earth.
“yuuji, kiss me please,” you punctuate your sentence by grinding down onto his cock and yuuji thinks he must be dreaming as he brings his lips to yours. your arms wrap around his trying to pull him impossibly closer, the kiss is sloppy and desperate like you've both been waiting on this for a while. yuuji’s embarrassed that he thinks your lips fit together perfectly, and his hands feel natural resting on your ass, his mind is completely flooded with you. your lips are soft, and he can feel you whimper into his mouth every time he uses his hands on your ass to grind your cunt against his already half-hard cock.
yuuji’s completely content to leave things like this, maybe. a make out session with your best friend that you've been fantasizing about for a while is enough, but when he pulls away from you he can see your eyes blown out with lust, he watches you move against him desperately trying to get off and that's all he needs. he moves to kiss down your neck, savoring the way you moan when he sucks and bites your shoulder, hoping to leave a mark so he can prove to himself that this wasn't all a dream. yuuji brings his lips back to yours, easily sliding his tongue into your mouth before he plants two firm hands below on your ass to move you.
the way you gasp as he lifts you off him and lays you down has him reeling, he can't wait to hear what you sound like when he's inside you. before yuuji can ask if you're okay with going any further you're sliding your shorts down your legs and his eyes are glued to your panties. they're simple and white, and he can see the wet spot on them.
“fuck, you're already this wet?” yuuji looks up at you, with flushed cheeks and wide eyes.
“mhm, ‘s all for you, yuuji,” you giggle, and yuuji feels his heart swell. he pulls your panties to the side licking a long stripe up your pussy stopping to circle his tongue around your clit and suck, he basks in the soft sounds you make above him and the way your thighs clench around his head. yuuji assumes you're wet enough to handle two fingers, but he slides an experimental one in first, when he feels you writhe above him, he slides another in after a few quick pumps, making sure to place teasing kisses on your clit, before closing his lips around to suck.
yuuji curls his fingers up into you before you let out a long moan and clamp your thighs around him again, “yuuji, f-fuck i'm going to cum!” you barely make the words out before yuuji feels you clamping around him, gushing onto his fingers. he pulls them out and collects as much of your juices as he can before moving up to slide his fingers into your mouth. he looks at you in awe, as you swirl your tongue around the digits, looking him directly in the eyes before you release them with a pop and pull him in for a kiss, twisting your fingers into his hair.
yuuji’s so hard it hurts, he thinks if he doesn't get inside you right now he will actually die. he pulls away from you to quickly remove his shirt and move to his pants and his boxers before you stop him opting to remove them yourself. when yuuji’s cock pops out of his boxers it's throbbing and leaking precum from the tip. yuuji’s almost embarrassed until you close your lips around the pretty pink tip, giving it an experimental suck that has yuuji trembling above you. you start to slowly take the rest of his cock in your mouth, and yuuji already feels like he's about to cum. he appreciates the view of you on all fours, looking at the way your ass curves as he desperately tries to distract himself from the wet heat of your mouth. you look up at him before you begin bobbing your head and yuuji swears this must be what heaven is.
“fuck, angel i'm going to cum if you keep going, i-” yuujii catches his bottom lip in his teeth, watching as you pop off his cock stroking it while smiling up at him. yuuji is sure you're the most beautiful person he's ever laid eyes on. when you release his cock, yuuji brings your face up to his, he's sure the exchange of all these bodily fluids is extremely unsanitary but you whimper into his mouth when he does it and he would be lying if he hadn't imagined swapping spit with you since high school. this time you break the kiss, and the next words out of your mouth break yuuji.
“please fuck me, yuuji,” you practically beg, laying down and spreading your legs as an invitation. yuuji begins to take your panties off using his teeth to pull them down, this earns him a wholehearted laugh, and it's music to his ears, once your panties are discarded somewhere across the room, yuuji quickly assumes a spot between your thighs, rubbing his tip on your pussy, watching the way you squirm beneath him.
“please— stop teasing yuuji!” he pulls away from you quickly and you whine at the loss of contact. “do you have a condom?” he asks and you shake your head. “mmm ‘s fine, i'm on the pill,” yuuji’s a little too horny to think straight anyways so he pushes in suddenly, your pussy flutters around him, and once he's fully in he gives you a minute to adjust before he's moving.
“fuck, you're perfect,” yuuji can barely process any thoughts, he keeps his eyes fixed on you, committing every sound and face you make to memory. yuuji can tell when he hits your sweet spot because of how quickly your legs wrap around him trying to pull him closer to you, you wrap your arms around him and he puts his forehead on yours. he loves the way you clamp around him every time he groans, and the moans that escape your mouth when he places his thumb on your clit.
“fuck, yuuji! ‘m close, so close,” yuuji continues his pace, now focusing most of his attention on your clit, trying his best to angle his hips just right. he feels you spasm around him and your nails dig into his back, he almost cums right there watching your face contort as your orgasm hits you. yuuji thinks he could get high on the way you scream his name, he captures your lips in a kiss before pulling away to thrust into you roughly.
“i'm about to cum baby,” yuuji barely gets the words out between his own heavy breathing and the wet sound of his skin hitting yours.
“please cum inside me, yuuji, ‘s fine,” your words push yuuji over the edge and he spills inside you. he pulls out watching the way his cum mixes with yours and spills out of you.
you look completely fucked out and yuuji has never been more in love with you. even with sweat-slicked skin and messed up hair, you're still gorgeous. he can’t keep his eyes off you, god you're his dream girl.
“i love you,” yuuji’s not even thinking when he lets the words out, his cheeks quickly heating up with embarrassment as if he hadn't just cum inside you.
you acknowledge his words with a hum, “love you too, yuuji,”
yuuji’s a little too stunned to speak, he barely acknowledges you pressing a kiss to his cheek.
“i do love you yuuji, as more than just your friend obviously,” you look away sheepishly, before yuuji pounces on you, nuzzling his nose into your neck. yuuji listens to you giggle, and he knows he's where he's supposed to be. he feels like he could hide his face in your neck forever. but you push him away and move to stand up, wobbling a bit as you do.
“come on, we should probably shower,” you hold your hand out to him and yuuji’s content to let you pull him along to your bathroom.
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