noa-ciharu · 3 days ago
I hate "maybe you'll find someone someday" response to asexuality/aromantism for various reasons (which mostly come down to "you'll get fixed so you'll fit my amatonormative life stances") but let's entertain a thought for a second and say I really 'found someone'.
I might not consider myself as completely asexual or aromantic. But I'll still identify as aspect, I'd still be on a asexual/aromantic spectrum.
Some magical person cannot 'cure' your sexuality. Imagine telling a lesbian she'd meet a man who'd 'fix' her, I needn't say how offensive that sounds. If an asexual person starts experiencing sexual attraction towards someone, they're far likelier to ID as demi, gray ace, aceflux or whatever aspec label suits them. If they realize they were wrong about their asexuality all along, that's fine, but they should be one to come to that conclusion, not anyone else forcing labels upon them. Telling them they were straight/gay/etc. all along would be like erasing part of who they are.
If you accept only their 'allo side' when they experience sexual/romantic attraction, you're not accepting aspect person as they are.
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love-too · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
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olive-garden-hoe · a day ago
No no because you don’t understand how absolutely gut-wrenchingly happy it makes me that there are CANON asexual characters and little ace kids can grow up knowing they’re not broken and it’s actually being talked about and it’s not being synonymous with aromanticism im SCREAMING
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super-ace · 2 days ago
Why I didn’t know I was ace sooner I’ll never know but when my friends used to say things like ‘this guy is so hot’, my actual response would be ‘he’s alright but he doesn’t do anything for me’. It’s there for all to see & yet it took me 27 years to figure it out
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evilwriter37 · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
An asexual ace card! Colored using the pigment app.
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flightfoot · 2 days ago
Wait someone HC marnett to be ace? I can see why Adrien is HC as one but it's hard to imagine Marinette as an ace because this is the girl who said "if you must" when Adrien ask if he can get dressed first. 😂
I don't know whether anyone actually headcanons Marinette as ace, but I've seen a handful of stories where she is. Marinette's usually headcanoned as bi rather than ace, which makes sense. She looks up to Alya a lot after all, and is a bit too glowing with her compliments towards Kagami, thinking that of course Adrien would fall for her if given the chance, in Ikari Gozen.
Adrien's the one who's normally headcanoned as ace, since while he's definitely romantically attracted to Maribug, it's more the "sigh wistfully on her wonderfulness" type of behavior, rather than the "thinking with the other kind of head" type of behavior. I think he loves her, but doesn't lust for her. He gets sighy when he sees her, not drooly.
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leovaldezes · a day ago
okay so i saw a take on tiktok i'm pretty sure but idk the creator if u know what post i'm talkin abt lemme know lmao.
so the take was basically saying how the ace representation on heartbreak high wasnt great bc they never even actually said the word "asexual" or "ace" (there was definitely more to the post but i dont remember it, this is just the part i wanted to talk abt anyways)
so what i wanted to say abt that is that thats not true at all. in my very asexual opinion the representation is amazing !! the best i've personally ever seen !! (ik theres supposedly rlly good representation in bojack among others but i havent watched much else so)
how i like to view it is at the start of the series cash is in like the middle of his journey of discovering his asexuality, like he knows he doesnt enjoy sex and doesnt feel sexual attraction to anyone but hes still very insecure abt it and confused as to what that means for him, which is why he didnt tell darren. and by the end of the season hes practially figured it out, hes become a little more confident in his asexual identity which is evident by him being able to explain it well to darren, which shows hes probably rehearsed that conversation over and over in his mind, but still hasnt put a label on himself because hes still insecure in that identity and he probably feels like the only one in the world who feels like that. the other characters dont seem to know abt it all either so that probably makes him feel even more insecure and alone abt it.
which is why the word "asexual" or "ace" hasnt been said yet, because hes not there in his journey. but i feel we will definitely get that next season !! (if we get one 🤞🤞) next season i feel will dive even deeper into what a relationship between darren (a very sexual person learning to be in a relationship without sex or not a purely sexual relationship, which is not what they're used to at all) and cash (who still hasnt fully figured out this part of himself yet) and we'll most likely get him confirming he's asexual using the label on screen !!!!!
anyways thats my take on this aspect of the show, please watch heartbreak high !!!! the queer, neurodivergent and aboriginal respresentation is pretty much flawless imo !! (idk as much abt the aboriginal rep as i am irish and white but i've seen the actors who play malakai n missy saying its pretty accurate n i've seen aboriginal ppl online saying its good n it seems rlly good to me so !!) its also rlly funny and dives well into important topics !!!
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aro-ace-spanish-guy · a day ago
Tumblr media
Not great but I had to put something here that was original
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zorua-adorable · a day ago
Tumblr media
I've been working on figuring out my sexual and romantic orientations, and this is what I feel comfortable with, so in honor of bi visibility day, I've decided to share with you all that I am biroace.
Happy bi visibility day!
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monstersandmaw · 2 days ago
I’m asexual too!! And I love reading your stuff!! First of all bc being asexual doesn’t mean that u don’t have a libido or whatever, but also bc your writing is soooo good and I love the feelings you always put into the relationships on here
Yay! High fives in ace! I really enjoy reading smut too sometimes - it doesn't do anything for me, physically, but I love reading about the different ways people connect. Literally, sometimes I suppose, haha.
Asexuality is a wonderful and varied spectrum and people don't have to attach labels to where they are or stay in one place along the scale.
I'm glad the way I write both sex and relationships works for you as well!
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strikkster · 2 days ago
Why we desperately need ace rep
Feeling especially Asexual today. Starting my day with some Ace Youtube, and having Feelings about ace rep. I can't help think of how much safer I would have been if I knew that not wanting to bone is a valid option. I'm kinda pissed off that asexuality was never part of my sexual education, even informally. I truly think the current culture's fanatical obsession with sex is damaging for everyone, but I think aces suffer in a special way. I don't want to try to find it right now but I saw a post not long ago about how aces are especially vulnerable to sexual coercion before they claim or at least learn about asexuality. In my experience, this is so so so real. I remember being curious about sex, but not terribly invested or interested in it. This was pretty normal until my peers and I started to hit puberty. My interest in sex stayed planted in curiosity, and theirs didn't. I became curious about what made people want sex so fucking much. When you're surrounded by sexuality constantly, it's hard to tell the difference between sometimes being open to trying it under the right circumstances, and actively wanting to do it. And then they tell you that, well, maybe you don't want it now, but you WILL. This is a given. No one ever told me that it's okay if I never want to. The culture told me a lot of other shit, though. As I grew up, sex was everywhere, and seemingly everything. So ~amazing~ that you're gonna have to fight the urge to do it 24/7; most people live their lives this way. It's inevitable, it's central. So central that people literally kill each other over it. That people will hurt me over it, accidentally or on purpose. It's dangerous. But also it's the ultimate way to show someone you love them - if you aren't having sex, you don't really love each other, it's barely even a relationship. I learned all the names for people (especially afab people) who don't want sex, or rarely want sex. None of them were very kind, and I certainly didn't want to be seen that way. Luckily(?) I had curiosity to lean on, and eventually added people-pleasing and trauma to my list of reasons to bone. And truly, I was WELL into my 20's before I realized that this wasn't okay. It took a long time to even accept that I don't have to have sex if I don't want to. It took years to unlearn all the unhealthy reasons to have sex, and eventually I realized that I didn't have any of my own reasons. When I think about what it would feel like to never have sex again, words like 'peaceful', 'relief', and 'actualization' come to mind. I'm asexual. If I'd had had access to that word at same time as I'd had access to words like "frigid", "immature", "sick", "unloving", "something wrong with you"... I could have avoided SO MUCH suffering. Asexuality NEEDS to be visible. It needs to be part of sexual education. It needs to be accepted, never pathologized. Ace youngsters grow up feeling being gaslit by the whole world. No desire for sex, yet a whole culture pushing you to do it. Everyone you love, look up to, and trust, even other queers who are supposed to be safe, all telling you that you're wrong about your own feelings - that you're wrong to not be sexually available. Please take a moment to really think about that. Asexuality is natural, it's human, it's wonderful. Excluding aces from sex-ed spaces, sex-positive spaces, queer spaces, and the culture in general actively hurts people.
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redbeardace · 2 days ago
In two months, it'll be 20 years since I last had sex. I feel like I should write a clickbaity sensationalized article about it or something.
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imspaceingout · a month ago
Saw this on r/LGBT and figured my aspec followers would enjoy.
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sixofbabycrows · 5 months ago
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luciena-of-elfhame · 4 months ago
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REblog if you are Asexual, support Asexuals, or spend most of your time actually thinking about Superheroes.
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kleefkruid · a month ago
Tumblr media
Made an observation from looking at you all talking about your teenage experiences.
(if you're in this picture multiple times then congrats you get extra swords)
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ace-culture-is · 18 hours ago
ace culture is crying over the heartbreak high reboot
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