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tetsuslove · 2 months ago
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⤷ how sex with Kuroo changes trough the years :)
ᥫ᭡ bf/husband Kuroo x f.Reader
Warnings: smut (MDNI!), virginty loss (virgin!kuroo is always in my mind<3), praises!, oral ( both sides) , overstimulating, breeding , no proofreading
🤍: actually wanted to write a drabble of it but it’s now more hcs ;”)
Requests and suggestions are welcome <3
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Bf!Kuroo who had his first time with you! Many people who meet him in the timeskip thought at first that he probably had many flings or one night stands before he got married with you. But that is false. He was actually single till he meet you. He had few crushes ofc, like the this on actor lady of his fav childhood series. But being in love is something different.
He was shy ofc when he saw you naked. Seeing your pretty tits, thighs pressed together trying to cover your heat sex which got wet while making out with your boyfriend and trying to cover your red face because this boy is staring at you as if he tries to make photos of you with his eyes. His face isn’t any better. Sweat on his forehead after the rough make out, trying to calm down because he knew he is going to have sex for the first time. He slowly takes your hands of your face to see you.Softly kissing you and when you open your eyes, you see a shy smile of kuroo but his eyes have lust and love in it. And his hard dick for sure needs some attention too
Bf! Kuroo who stutters and moves his hips so much when you give him his first blowjob and handjob. Panting and trying to catch some breath when he feels your lips kissing his cute tip and your tongue all over his dick and balls. He looks so goddamn cute that you couldn’t stop. His abs flexing when he is cumming <3 And especially when you give him a handjob and kisses him at the same time, oh boy. This boy moans in your mouth but in his defence, he never felt something like this before :(
From this inexperience young man is husband! Kuroo totally a different man
Husband!Kuroo who got more experiences with you trough the years, that he now know what to do! He for sure knows your weak spots, how you are more the one who gets shy and overstimuled with his fingers and mouth alone. His sinful lips who kissing you rough with his tongue also let’s out praises which sounds so innocence but sure is not what he is doing with you right now. Fucking his pretty wife on the bed and leaving marks on your body in any way. Sucking your breats and bites on it and smirks when he sees you whining when he knead your breats or thighs. Needing more of him and of this
He now got the control that he didn’t had at the beginning and he loves it! It shows him that he is more mature and that he is now an adult and man. And one bonus is that he is your husband! Using it so your sweet pussy squeezes more when he says stuff like “ naw come on, my love. Give your sweet husband one more~” and his smirks doesn’t make it better. Prasing you for being a good wife for cumming for him. Praises your beautiful body for looking so beautiful when he sees it marked and sweaty of the x round of sex. And he for sure can go another round when he sees his cum dropping of your cute and wet pussy, knowing that he is the only man who can leave his seeds in you. He knows what he is doing and both of you are loving it
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awaari · 19 days ago
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Some captains batch drawings and a Hinata
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timeofdeathnote · 3 months ago
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2 movies but no season 5. .how we feeling haikyuu fandom
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kayekozume98 · 5 months ago
“Are we still on for dinner? I’m free right now”
Tumblr media
Time skip Kuroo Tetsurō
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shoulmate · a month ago
Kuroo's desk. Kuroo's desk. Kuroo's desk.
You have to get back to Kuroo's desk before he notices the bingo board filled in with the things he does to supposedly flirt with you during meetings.
You didn't mean to leave it there. You rushed out and now you're trying to subtly rush back. It's only been a minute, you've got a chance right?
Kuroo's holding it when you get there, sitting like a statue in his silent cubicle.
You freeze, a cold guilt washing over you. "Kuroo-san?" you whisper.
He looks up guardedly. "Is this from the meeting?"
"Y-yeah," you mumble unsure what to do with your hands. "It's--It's just a silly little game to pass the time! It doesn't mean anything..."
"Yeah, no, I...I totally get it." He laughs, a weak echo of the usual jubilant sound and your heart sinks.
He's trying to play off the hurt.
"If you, uh, play against someone just let me...let me know what your board says and I can help you win next time." He clears his throat and hands back the board unable to meet your eye.
"Do you...Do you still want help with Suna's contract?" you ask as he stands up and tries to quickly, nonchalantly unroll his sleeves.
He answers "oh. No thanks, not right now. I forgot I have to be on the other side of the city for a meeting."
"Okay then." You're lingering awkwardly as he puts on his jacket obviously getting ready to leave.
"Did you need anything else?" he asks, unnaturally formal.
"Just..." You don't know what to say. Everything feels so wrong; you hate yourself for making this mistake among so many others. "...My binder."
After he stiffly offers it, you slink back to your cubicle numb from head to toe.
He has to walk past your work space to get to the elevator so you see his hard expression and hear his terse greeting to someone else.
"Geez, what bee is in his bonnet," says your best friend at work sourly as she comes back into your shared space.
She's the last person you want to talk to right now.
"He saw the bingo board," you growl through gritted teeth.
She sinks into her chair, exhaling "oh....shit."
Thankfully she stays quiet sensing your delicate state and you feel like screaming.
The look on Kuroo's face...his brave trying-not-to-be-hurt expression...will haunt you forever.
And worse
That you're the one who put it there.
The DING of the elevator breaks you from your painful thoughts and you move without thinking.
You jump out of your seat and sprint for the elevator, dashing in between the closing doors so quickly they don't bounce back open.
Kuroo stares at you with defensive shock.
"Okay, look--" you start talking before he can press anymore buttons and the elevator starts to move; if you're going to do this you want to do it while it's just the two of you.
Not stopping to think you explain "--it's not what you think. I mean it is, kind of, but not like you're taking it. It is a bingo board of all the things you do during meetings but it's not to make fun of your or to pass the time it's a game my desk mate makes me play because she thinks you're doing those things on purpose only during the meetings I'm in."
"Why would she think that?" he asks unreadably.
"Because," you look anywhere but at him embarrassment rising like the sun inside of you, "she found out I have a crush on you and she's convinced you feel some kind of way about me even though I've told her repeatedly that you don't. So she made up this stupid game as if it would prove something and I only play it so she won't meddle but I hate playing it because it doesn't prove anything, there's no way you would be doing these things to flirt with me in a room full of people and it's just been encouraging her crazy theories. I'm sorry I went along with it at all and I'm sorry you found out. I didn't want you to know I had feelings for you because I didn't want to make things weird but they got weird anyway and I would much rather make a fool of myself than have you thinking you're being made fun of when really you've just been driving me crazy--"
You cut yourself off with a sharp inhale.
You're terrified someone else is about to get on and might have overheard but the doors stay closed.
Kuroo's leaning over you, long fingers pulling away from the control panel as the elevator stops moving.
When you look up his eyes drop to you, cautiously...watching for any sign of your protest or objection.
"What...are you..." your unfinished question comes out breathlessly as he rests a hand above you.
Still searching your expression intently he admits "I...was doing those things to flirt with you..."
You frown incredulously. "In a room full of people...? ...but...why?"
"I was nervous...I didn't want my crush to make things weird, either.
His cologne dazes the edges of your mind and you look up shocked at what you just heard. "Yo-Your crush?"
--His eyes flick down to your lips as he nods, adorable bed head rustling--
"...on me?"
He nods and gives you a smirk that electrifies your heart--you think this is how he should always look.
"Yeah." He lets out a low chuckle in the space between you that's slowly disappearing. "On you."
Your heart's pounding as he lowers his head, heat rolling off of him he's so close and his eyes flick to your lips once more before you both let your eyes fall closed with a flutter and whrrrummm
You gasp, grabbing Kuroo to steady yourself as the elevator starts moving again and he scowls at the display of numbers.
A moment later the elevator stops and he pulls you away from the door.
You try to act natural as other people get on hoping your expression is casual, relaxed, unlike the storm of feelings brewing within you.
Kuroo, however, does nothing to hide his radiating satisfaction and delight.
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xenoveno · a month ago
Thicc Bokuto
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euphoricimagination · 6 months ago
𝑻𝒉𝒆𝒎 𝒑𝒓𝒐𝒕𝒆𝒄𝒕𝒊𝒏𝒈 𝒚𝒐𝒖
Feat. Atsumu and Kuroo
Warnings: Mentions of being followed
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Walking alone at night wasn't the best idea, but you didn't have many options considering your shift today. A few minutes after walking towards your house you started to feel a presence behind you, and when you sneakily looked back you noticed a someone following you.
At first you thought you were overreacting, he could easily just be going in your same direction, but just to make sure you decided to do a detour. You enter to a convenience store, went to buy a coffee, and yet he was still there, right behind you. That's when you started to panic.
Deciding to enter the most populated area, you notice 4 tall men walking towards a restaurant, the Black Jackals. In your state of panic you completely forgot about their popularity, so you started walking towards the blonde setter since he was the one near you. Did you know him? Not personally, you only seen him in the court. But right now, you didn’t care.
“Oh, Miya-san? Hi! Do you remember me?” you say moving to hug him quickly, without giving him time to react.
He was taken aback, logically after a stranger just hug him out of nowhere calling his name. Who were you? Were you a fan? How come you just hug him? He could see his teammates faces, all with the same confusion on. But the initial shock quickly left when he heard you whisper “Please help me, a dude is following me. I'm Yn”
And just like that Miya Atsumu became the best actor ever.
“Yn-chan? Haven't see ya since high school! How are ya?” says hugging you back tightly. He feels you relax in his arms while answering his question, you were probably happy that he followed your little act. “See? I told ya I'd become a pro. Now I'm even stronger than before!”
“I can see that” you smile at him when you moved away, eyes flickering to the dude who suddenly looks nervous “It's nice to see you again Miya-san”
“Cmon, call me Tsumu. Why don't you join us for dinner? I'll present you my team”. Putting an arm through your shoulders, he walks you to where the rest of his team are, all of them greeting you and welcoming you excitedly.
After a few minutes you look back only to notice that the dude was gone. Letting a sigh full lf relief out, you quickly turn to Atsumu “Thank you for helping me, Miya-san. I started to panic and didn't know what else to do”
“It's alright pretty, and I told you to call me Tsumu”. He squeezes your shoulder slightly, still not letting you go.
The rest of the Jackals frown in confusion, Bokuto being the first to ask “Wait, didn't you know each other?”, making you shake your head. You explain the situation to them and their reaction instantly warms your heart, as Bokuto and Hinata come to hug you and Sakusa mutters some insults to that guy.
“However, my proposal still stands pretty” says Atsumu pulling you a bit closer to his body “I'm not letting you go yet when the creep may come back. I want to be 100% sure that you are safe”
“Thanks, but are you sure? I don't want to interrupt”. As soon as you said that you heard a chorus of ‘It's okay!’ Or ‘You’re not interrupting!’ from the two excited men; even Sakusa did a little nod.
“Don't worry pretty, dinner it’s on me”. With that the three start walking towards the restaurant once again while Atsumu looks at you with that famous smile of his, taking your hand delicately “I would love to get to know you now, pretty”
Tumblr media
Being one of Kuroo's closest friends meant having constant meetups with him. He always insisted on hanging out at least once at week, and although he can get really annoying about it, you were more than happy if it meant to spend more time with him.
So that's why you're here, sitting outside of his college, waiting for him to finish his classes so you can go to his apartment to watch a movie. Focusing on your phone, you don't even notice when someone sits beside you; but then again, it was a university, more than one person would want to sit there too.
It was when you felt a small rub against your knee that you look up to the person beside you, a young dude that had a little smirk on. Now, if there wasn't a lot of space available you wouldn't have thought much about it, everyone could make accidents; but you two were the only ones in that bench, and he was unnecessarily close to you. Saying that you were uncomfortable was a understatement.
When the dude notices your eyes on him, his smirk becomes bigger “Hi there, what are you doing here alone?”
“I'm waiting for my... boyfriend, actually”. You can see that he doesn't fully believe you, raising an eyebrow.
“Boyfriend? You don't sound too convince about that” says passing his arm over your shoulder. You immediately shook him off, trying to stand up
“Don't touch me, thank you”, you were a mix of annoyed and angry. The dude didn't seem like a threat, if anything it look like he was just trying to flirt, but he was doing a terrible job at it.
“C'mon, I just want to get to know you. And you clearly don't have a boyfriend so why not?”
“Who says she doesn't?” a familiar voice reach your ears and making you look up to Kuroo, who just arrived and could clearly see your uncomfortable state. Thankfully playing volleyball for so many years not only help him to gain a strong physique, but also help him to learn how to be intimidating. Straighten himself to look even taller, he looks at the dude with annoyance “She’s MY girlfriend; and even if she wasn't you shouldn't pressure her into talking to you. C'mon baby, let's go to our house"
You immediately take his hand when you stand up, walking away from the bench. You feel your cheeks blush when Kuroo intertwine your hands together giving them a soft squeeze, even when you already were far from the dude “Thanks Tetsu, it was so awkward”
“Of course, sunshine, my mom taught me good morals” he jokes, you catch a prominent blush in his ears when he looked away “Maybe I should be your boyfriend for real, you know, so the creeps stay far away from you”
Blushing even harder, you smile looking at the floor “That sounds nice”
Tumblr media
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kaleshima · 8 months ago
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kale going feral
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moontsuki · 9 months ago
Haikyuu boys saying something hurtful in an argument.
A/n: Hello! This is my first post, not sure if its good or not but I hope you enjoy! Please leave your feedback, id love to hear!
Feat. Kuroo, Tsukishima
Genre: Hurt/comfort
Tsukishima x reader, Kuroo x reader
Part 1, Part 2
Tumblr media
You and Kei rarely argued, but when you did, it was hell. That didn’t changed anything though, you loved him and he loved you. 
Unlocking the door to a quiet apartment you stepped in, tired from a long and stressful day at work. Just wanting to curl up in your loving boyfriends arms and watch a movie. Opening your phone to quickly send him a message, wanting confirmation of your evening plans. 
Hey Baby, haven't had a very good day, what time are you coming home?
Read 5:49
I see, leaving people on read now?
Read 5:51 
We can watch a movie later, up to you. Miss you, come home safely, Love you. 
Read 5:56
6:30 came around and no sign of Kei, thinking nothing about it you assumed he got held up at work or got stuck in traffic and would arrive home soon. You decided to do some cooking while you waited so you two could have something to snack on. 
At 7:30 you checked your phone, no response. You began to worry, but carried on with your cooking as if it was nothing.
7:46 was the time you finished preparing all the snacks you had made and still no response from Kei. You cleaned up your mess in the kitchen and decided to sit on the couch and watch some tv.
8:00 you heard a notification from your phone, the anticipation that was building up made it quick to check your phone. No response still, you were now irritated and worried. Your thoughts were eating you alive, thinking the worst, you picked up the phone to call him.
Just as you were to hit the call button, you heard keys at the door. He stepped in, groggy and exhausted, kicking his shoes off lazily not caring that they were in the wrong place. “Where were you?” you asked in relief, but relief soon changed to irritation from the lack of information about his whereabouts.
“Work” he replied in a tired voice
“Work?, why didn’t you respond to my texts?“ 
“I don't know. I'm not in the mood to talk about this“
“You’re not the only one that has had a bad day, I was worried about you, I just wanted to spend time with you.“ You saw the annoyance and irritation grow in his eyes. 
“Y/n, its not my fault that you need constant attention“ before you could respond he stated “when you don't get that attention your fucking useless“
that remark led to an argument both of you were too tired for. Then to a fight
☾ ⋆・゚:⋆・゚:⠀ ⋆.:・゚ .: ⋆・゚: .⋆ ⋆・゚: ☾
 You and Kei have been arguing for 30 minutes back and forth relentless yelling. “I just don't get why your so damn clingy!” but before you could respond he cuts you off, “you know I could find someone much better than you” you were speechless, you came home from an awful day and just wanted to spend time with your boyfriend and this happened. As you look to the ground not even bothering to respond, you avoid eye contact and walk out.
Though you were a strong person and didn't get hurt easily, something about today made you more sensitive to your boyfriends bitchy remarks. You could usually take being left on read, but from the beginning of the day to the end you were pissed and upset, only wanted to be held and loved. 
    That night, he went to bed easily due to exhaustion and anger. You didn't come to bed at the time that you usually do. He didn't think anything of it, actually he was kind of relieved. At around 2 am he woke up and noticed you still weren't in bed, at this point he started to get a bit worried.
   “This is ridiculous y/n” he stated, he walked around your shared apartment to notice you sleeping peacefully on the couch. Knowing that you were safe he went back to your shared bedroom and went to bed.
He knew he was wrong but didn't know how to explain
   The next morning, he saw you still sleeping, he smiled at the sight of you but was then reminded of the harsh words he had said to you. He didn’t even bother to apologize hoping that you knew that he didn’t mean it. The day went on and  you were no where to be found, you didn't make breakfast, lunch, or dinner, you didn't even text him. I mean why would you?
   You had decided to go to a place to clear your mind, were you clingy? He had a point, you texted him on a daily to see how his day was going. You realized that its annoying to constantly respond to your girlfriend and reassure her that you’re alive, it can be seen as smothering but that’s how you showed your care and love for him. You decided with the given actions of the previous night, that you would give him more space and be a distant enough where it wasn't noticeable. 
   That night he finally see’s you appear in the house, “welcome home” he said with a scoff, you gave him a small smile in response. Wanting to be more respectful of his wishes, you put down your bags and keys and only engaging in conversation when asked upon you.  He was confused because normally you would be all over him already. He watched as you went into your shared bedroom and grabbed your pillow from your side of the bed and started to set up your bed on the couch.
‘fuck it‘ he swallowed his pride and-
“hm?” you replied
“why are you sleeping here“
“well you didn't seem to want me near you last night so I thought I would sleep her-“
“I didn't mean it you idiot“ with annoyance and love laced into his words
He didn't know how to properly express the pain and love he had for you but he tried his best. Only the best for you.
   You didn’t seem to understand by the expression you made on your face. He picked you up and threw you over this shoulder and carried you to your bedroom. He then continued “I didn't mean what I said yesterday, I was just tired and annoyed. Please don't distance yourself from me because I was being an asshole”
you smiled at his attempt of an apology and gave him a kiss.
“I'm sorry, I didn't mean to come off as overbearing. I was just worried and I missed you dumbass“
“Shut up, I love you” he said assuring you  
“Soo" The silence filling the room
"ya wanna do something...? Watch a movie or cuddle“
Tumblr media
Tetsu and You had a great start on your relationship, you felt deeply loved and cared about. Recently though he’s been giving less effort, half assed responses, and invalidates your work often. You didn’t think he meant it or just wasn't aware of how he was making you feel.
But he knew. Every single part of it. 
Despite the past few days, the small remarks of annoyance with each other, and the short arguments, he was avoiding you none the less. You look back on the past few days but even before that you could feel him pulling away from you. You questioned if it was something that you did, did he just need time? Was he getting tired of you? You didn’t know, and the overthinking was burning a hole in your heart. 
It was 5:30, he normally would be at your shared apartment by now, you didn’t want to disturb him because maybe he was working a little later or he was hanging out with friends. But normally he would text you and let you know where he is. 
7:30 came around, no contact with Tetsu yet. You began to get a little worried due to the darkness bleeding through the sky's at this time but brushed it off not wanting to stir up another argument.
9:00, no sight of him. You decided to send him a quick text asking him where he was.
Hey, don't mean to disturb but, where are you? Its getting a little late. Please text me.
Read 9:01
Im at work, ill be home shortly.
That was the same response for the next few days to come. You decided to confront him about it to make sure you two were okay.
He was sitting on the couch in your small living room watching TV. You walked over and he didn't acknowledge you what so ever. You knew he had been busy this entire week, but you missed him deeply and the only time you two interacted was during arguments. With enough confusion in your heart you ask quietly. "Are we okay?"
He looks up at you, confusion swimming in his eyes. "What do you mean"
"We havent been interacting other than the small arguments and you're always late from work and I feel that you're drifitng away from me and that I never see you."
No comment, no support, no reassurance. Silence.
He normally would be one to reassure you that everything was okay. That he'd do better, that he would take some time off to spend with you and would make up for the time missed between you two. But now. Nothing.
A small "oh" left his mouth and that's where it began.
The words that left his mouth were like cuts against your skin. Getting deeper as the fight continued.
"I DO NOT NEED TO SPEND EVERY MOMENT WITH YOU" he yelled. You stood up for yourself because you will NOT let someone even your boyfriend take your thoughts and disrespect them. "THATS NOT WHAT IM TRYING TO SAY, WE HAVE BEEN AT EACHOTHER THROATS FOR DAYS AND ALL IM ASKING IS FOR YOU TO ACKNOWLEDGE THE SITUATION AND DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT"
The room went silent
"You know, you know what"
That "what" was venom laced
"My ex would have never acted like this" he muttered without a chance to process the weight of his words.
- a/n DAMNNN BITCH, he sounds like an asshole ngl
You stopped everything, the anger on your face was washed away. Your hands went down to your side. You stood straight, slowly fiddling with your fingers and moving your knees in a nervous rhythm.
You weren't the only one that did such.
Testus eyes went from anger into confusion. Why did he say that? His ex treated him like shit and he just compared that to someone who loves him and would move the moon and sun to get to him. Did he truly mean that? No, impossible. He loves you more than you even know.
Before he could even comprehend anything else to say. You left.
On the other hand of his confusion, you were in the car. Crying alone wanting nothing else but reassurance of how you're not like his ex. It was guilt, how could you make him feel like that? He told you all about his ex, and the horrible things she did to him. And he compared you to that.
You began to second guess your judgment. You never thought you were like his ex but you didn't trust yourself, well, not right now. You were over thinking, and he knew that. You know you should have stood up for yourself maybe a 'she didn't need you' or 'she didn't care about you enough', but that wouldn't have made anything better.
He knew he fucked up, he doesn't know why he said that. But he knew, that he loved you and would do everything in his power, to make it up to you from this.
The image of your face once that sentence left his mouth made disgusted with himself.
He left the apartment complex not shortly after you did, your car was parked on the side due to the terrible parking arrangements. He ran to the convenience store that he knows you loved because of the cute plushies they had there and the snacks that would only be available there. He bought your favorite snacks and a dozen of your favorite bouquet of flowers.
Trying to be secretive he rushes back with all goodies in his hold. Not being very secretive at all. And quickly runs in the apartment hoping that you didn't come back yet. But you did, teary and puffy eyes stared at him with all goods in his hands.
Testu and you both knew everything wouldn't be fixed by a few gifts. But you two did know you loved each other with everything in you.
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hayawaki · 28 days ago
⑅ ۫ . ෆ ˟ ໒꒱ how they accidentally confess to you ౨ৎ . . . multiple (atsumu, kuroo, oikawa) x reader. fluff, scenario, swearing.
Tumblr media
neither of you say a word, your mind trying to make sense of what just happened, while KUROO silently scolds himself for being so careless. truthfully, he’s not even sure if you like him back, but little does he know that his sudden confess has your heart soaring into your throat.
“are you being serious? you— you like me?”
and gosh, do you have to be this cute? he can’t help the way his cheeks flush as he glances at your face, your eyes lit with a glint of hope.
“i mean, like… yeah?” smooth, kuroo. real smooth. “fuck, like, as in a like that i have crush on you.” he can’t stop, his mouth runs on autopilot. “you know, i think you’re really cool. you’re caring and you’re sweet and you’re just so fucking perfect—”
soft, that’s what he thinks when your lips clash against his. the kiss is messy, clingy—as if you’ve been desperately waiting for this moment. kuroo has to force himself to stop, as he lightly grips your upper arms, both of your breaths labored.
“you never know when to stop talking, huh?” the corner of your lips curve into a smile. “the guy i was talking to you about, is actually you, ya know?”
you pause, mindlessly playing with your rings. “i’ve liked you since high school, but i was too afraid to say anything. i guess we’re both bad at this confessing thing,” you laugh. “still, it’s reassuring you like me the same way”.
and for once in his life, kuroo’s thankful for his loud mouth.
Tumblr media
when someone professed their love to you, you couldn’t fathom it would be on live television, in front of millions of people. yet, there stands ATSUMU, sweat dripping down his forehead as he stare straight into the camera, gripping the microphone for dear life.
and there you sit, comfortably on your couch, slapping your hands to your cheeks to make sure this isn’t a dream. it’s silent for a moment, the interviewer looking back at the camera man then back to atsumu.
“i’m sorry, atsumu-san. do you need me to repeat the question?”
“no,” he says quickly, a little too quickly you realize. he’s nervous, the shocked gasps from hinata and bokuto echoing through the gym cause his subtle blush to fully blossom into a deep crimson.
“i meant it–mean it,” he continues. “the person i’m most thankful for is y/n, they’ve been with me through everything, and they’re the person i care most about in this world.”
“more than volleyball?”
“hmm, that’s kinda hard to answer.”
“by any chance, is that person here?”
“no, they’re home with a cold, but that’s alright–“ your breath catches in your throat, eyes staring in awe as atsumu turns to look back at the camera, shooting a glare and smirk that you love-hate so much. “i wouldn’t want anyone else to see that cute expression on their face right now.”
atsumu miya will the death of you.
Tumblr media
OIKAWA didn’t expect himself to crash your date, in fact, he didn’t except himself to say anything at all. yet, seeing you out with someone else, laughing and talking with that kind of happy expression on your face, he couldn’t help it.
it sent an arrow straight through his heart, his blood coursing with jealousy because, that should be him standing by your side. taking you out on dates, being the sole reason reason for the way your mouth hurts from smiling too much.
he’s completely and utterly selfish in pursing you while you’re sitting across from someone else, but he can’t bring himself to care, not while you’re staring back at him both equally and confused as your date is.
“i’m not leaving until you give me an answer.”
glancing at your date, you quickly apologize, grabbing onto oikawa’s jacket as you struggle to pull him behind the cafe. whispering something about having no shame, (but you’ll scold him for that later.)
before you can get a word in, oikawa bows deeply, his mouth incessant on rambling much against his will. “i’m sorry,” he blurts out, brown eyes suddenly locking onto yours. “i’m sorry for crashing your date. i’m sorry for realizing that i like you a little too late. i’m sorry, y/n!”
“you didn’t crash my date,” you confess, clearing your throat, you carefully entangle your fingers in his. “that guy you saw me with me is my project partner. we were a actually discussing on what the topic should be when you rammed into the table.”
“so, what you’re saying is…?”
pouncing on the tips of your toes, the plush of your lips press softly against oikawa’s cheek. “i like you, too, dumbass. actually,” you pause. “i wonder how long it was going to take you to confess. i was getting ready to do it myself.”
oikawa’s mouth falls open. “you knew?”
“uh yeah,” you turn away, sending him an apologetic smile. “you didn’t exactly hide it.”
your heart feels as if it’s going to explode when you feel oikawa pull you into his chest, his hand caressing over your head, his breath fanning over your face as his lips hover mere inches from yours. “my claim still stands,” he breathes. “i’m never letting you go.”
Tumblr media
reblogs are greatly appreciated :)
Tumblr media
miyu’s thoughts: kicking and screaming at oikawa’s he makes me so soft heuehwuwhwu
Tumblr media
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sugawarassoulmate · 2 months ago
Omg i like drunk loser!kuroo
Tell me more
i want him to choke me
Tumblr media
words: 506 cw: fem!reader, bully!reader, dubcon, kuroo is drunk!!, fingering, minors dni
Tumblr media
you learned very quickly that you didn't like kuroo's friends.
a frantic banging on your door interrupted your study time. you were ready to start screaming when an unfamiliar face started heaving in yours.
"y/n, right?" he breathes and that's when you notice the massive boy slumped over him. and very quickly you realize that it's your massive boy. "he got wasted tonight and couldn't drive home. your dorm is closer than his," he says matter-of-factly.
"i have to take care of him?" you asked incredulously, still trying to remember if kuroo introduced you to this friend.
the boy rolls his eyes. "consider it part of your girlfriend duties,"
"i'm not his girlfriend."
when he scoffs and shoves all kuroo's 6'2 frame into you, it becomes very clear that this is yaku. "yeah, keep telling yourself that. bye! make sure he doesn't fall."
yeah, you don't like yaku.
getting kuroo to your bed was a whole dilemma. all of his dead weight made the few feet from the door to the bed so much more difficult. not to mention the second yaku through him on you, his demeanor changed from tired to full of energy and calling you "honey" and "baby."
"can you shut the fuck up for two seconds?" you snap, finally pushing him onto the mattress, wondering how you were gonna get back to work with a giant baby whining constantly at you.
strong arms pull you into the bed unwilling to let you go no matter how hard you thrashed. "be nice to me, baby," kuroo said, voice deeper than usual.
"just go to sleep, tetsu, i'm trying to—" a gasp stops your rant, kuroo's thick, calloused fingers slip past your shorts.
kuroo's breath reeks of alcohol as he holds you to his chest, teasing your slit. "always so fucking mean to me, i should correct that behavior hm?" he tugs your shorts and panties down, shamelessly shoving his fingers inside your cunt as you squirm in his grasp.
"tetsu..." you cry, he's never rough but it feels so good. he brings you to the brink of your orgasm so quick, it's pathetic. even in his drunken state, he can tell when you're close—you're grasping at the bed sheets, thighs are twitching, and you're repeating his name like a prayer. "tetsu, tetsu, fuck!"
"ooooooh, about to cum?" he kisses your shoulder, letting you hump his hand until you're about to fall over the edge. you nod, a breathy "mhm!" falling from your lips.
right when you're about to feel it, kuroo pulls his fingers out, and to be extra mean, he slaps your cunt once, twice, three times. "what the f—"
"mean girls like you only cum from my cock," he explains, slapping your thigh for snapping at him. kuroo never denies you when you want to cum, even when you're at your nastiest.
you're about to bitch at him when you feel the head of his hard, leaking cock teasing your clit. "gonna teach you to watch your fucking mouth..."
Tumblr media
©sugawarassoulmate 2022 all rights reserved - please do not repost/translate my work on other platforms!
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Tumblr media
Vampurrrr Kuroo
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timeofdeathnote · 6 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Haikyuu!! + Letterboxd Reviews
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linnylinz · 7 months ago
Tumblr media
soo I’m not deAD, I just get sidetracked easily…
Anyways, Haikyuu version of that meme- you know the one
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shoulmate · 3 months ago
Kuroo can see your office from his.
Since the national team was chosen, he's watched it become a revolving door of the players asking you for things.
It's not like the team doesn't have a manager, which they do. It's just... they're already overworked.
You know it. Kuroo knows it. So you both pitch in to help out when you can.
He's not sure which olympian first figured out you were an empathetic soul, and more likely than Kuroo to help, but you're constantly being asked to solve problems and settle disputes that spill over.
Now you're overworked.
Kuroo wants to shake you, shout at you to stop saying yes to everyone who comes to you with a problem.
These are grown men!
Who've known each other since highschool!
Kuroo stews in the frustration that they should be able to solve their own problems when he sees Miya Atsumu swagger into your office; the blonde's by far your most frequent visitor.
You don't even bat an eye anymore when he takes a seat and stretches out.
Kuroo frowns.
He's about to go kick him out when Sakusa joins him, further crowding your office.
You give Sakusa a respectful nod of greeting as the two players start to bicker; you sigh, still working, and tell Sakusa to close the door which he does.
Kuroo's frown deepens.
No one has the patience to mediate their arguments like you so he lets it go.
For now.
Kuroo makes a few phone calls, changes a few things, and updates the JVA schedule.
New meeting at 9, off-site. Scheduled car for you at 830am
You're still drinking your coffee, about to get dressed for work, when you see Kuroo's text.
That's excessive, don't need a car. Just tell me the address and I'll be there
From his own apartment, leaning against his counter with a fresh cup of coffee, Kuroo smirks. He saw that response coming so he replies:
Not excessive. Saves time, you can work in the car on the way
Don't act like you weren't going to write emails and field phone calls on the train anyway
Back in your apartment the corner of your lip pulls back. Fucking Kuroo. You shake your head to yourself and sigh.
If you're honest? Yeah, he's spot-on. Any work you can get done before you get into the office is time saved when the inevitable stream of players begins.
Not that you're complaining! You love the guys, love the team, love the job. It's just...a lot. You space out for a few minutes trying to stretch the tension out of your neck but it doesn't help.
You phone dings again:
I know you're spacing out, freaking out over this, but it's just a car. Accept the gift. K?
You smile.
Turns out the car was a very good decision because the uninterrupted half-hour of work is incredibly productive, probably the most productive you'll be all day.
The car pulls up and you ask the driver to double-check the address...When the driver confirms you frown and get out, calling Kuroo.
The JVA receptionist answers; Kuroo's in a meeting, too, but they confirm you've got a four-hour window blocked off in your schedule and you're in the right place.
"But...it's a spa..." You're staring up at the fancy font on the front of the building.
Without any more helpful information you head inside and check in at the front desk, hoping someone here will know something. A host leads you back.
You're still typing messages out, trying to finish up a few things before you go into this longer-than-expected meeting.
In a soft, airy voice the host instructs "please change into the robe, bare underneath, and leave your belongings in the changing room attached."
It's then that you look up and see you're not in an office or meeting room of any sort.
This is a private room. For spa treatments.
You whirl around. "Wait, I think there's some confusion! I'm supposed to have a meeting with someone here."
The host frowns with a shake of their head. "No..." They offer your name and you nod in confirmation. "You're booked for the ultimate rejuvenation session today." They bow, gesturing to the changing room again. "Your masseuse will be in soon."
And you're alone.
Heart thumping in confusion--a too-good-to-be-true confusion--you whip out your phone, a new text already there:
By now you're probably in the room and I know you're going to be freaking out again but yes, you're in the right place. You're not there for a 'meeting' but a self-care day. No, the JVA didn't pay for it so don't worry about that. And you worked all the way there, yeah? So no pressing issues because you already expected to be unavailable all this time. Turn off your phone and relax
You're near tears as you look around the elegant, private spa area and reply
Thank you, Testurō
Across Tokyo, Kuroo's trying to catch his breath at the use of his first name. He expected you to fight him on this...you must have really needed it. He glances across at your empty office hoping he can tell you how he really feels about you, soon. For now, he settles for a simple reply.
You deserve it all and more
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