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Tee forget rich boy gojo what about frat boy geto ☹️
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
「 SYNOPSIS 」 ⋮ frat boy! geto suguru x reader — 2.0k words — you always break your rules for geto
— contents ⋮ nsfw and 18+ content, fem! reader, fingering, handjobs, unprotected sex, creampie, mentions of fem masturbation, pet names (baby + princess)
— notes ⋮ i’m totally normal about him yup
Tumblr media
rule number one of college is never to get involved with a frat boy.
rule number two is if you do get involved with one, you run—except geto suguru makes it entirely impossible to follow either of those two rules.
he’s different, or so you like to tell yourself. he doesn’t even look like the other frat boys. instead, he has long hair that gets thrown into a messy little bun, and he wears those baggy pants that usually look lame—but somehow he manages to make them look so good. but more importantly, he seems to know how to sweet talk his way into what he wants.
unlike the other boys, there’s nothing intimidating about geto, nothing that makes you want to submit and give into his whims because of that predatory grin. no, instead, geto lures you with gentle smiles and saccharine words. and that’s even more dangerous, you think—it’s like that tale of the snake, that faux affection of laying beside you as it sizes you up, until one day, you’re swallowed whole. 
you shouldn’t keep coming back—and technically, you don’t. it’s not that you come back to geto…it’s that he chases you down, one step at a time, slow and quiet so that you don’t realize the hunter is hunting. it’s not until your back is pressed against a corner do you realize you’ve been the prey all along.
“c’mon, baby,” he hums against your neck, making you gasp when his teeth graze the skin. he sucks slowly, deliberately, with a smile against you as you squirm under his touch. “i missed you,” he murmurs, “‘s like you’ve been avoiding me. you wouldn’t do that, right?”
“n-no,” you shake your head—which is a lie, and you both know it. but he only chuckles, mumbles out a quiet that’s right against your neck before he’s back to pressing those hot, open-mouthed kisses along your pulse point.
“look at you,” he grins, eyeing you up and down, taking in the cute little top you’re wearing and those high heels that drive him mad. you’re even wearing that lip gloss he likes—the one he loves smeared along his cock…but that’s for later, he thinks. “you look all dolled up, don’t you? ‘s all for me, huh?”
“yes,” you whisper—because you’re weak. you let yourself fall right into his hands, let yourself wander right into the trap he sets every time. “yes, ‘s for you,” you say with a shaky voice, gripping onto his bicep.
geto knows that one text, just one is all it takes. just one i’ll see you at the party tonight, right? and you’re already sitting through outfits and spraying your most expensive perfume. he knows just how to give just enough to make you want to give back tenfold—just enough to make you get used to the taste, yet never enough to satisfy, until you’re starving for more.
“s-suguru, please,” you whine, bucking your hips and trying to rub your clothed cunt against the bulge in his pants. you’re pretty sure there must be a line outside the bathroom by now, and you’re distinctly mortified that someone might just hear you moaning his name—but then he kisses your lips once, twice, a third time, and you simply don’t care anymore.
“please what, baby? c’mon, you know i love it when you talk,” he chuckles.
“please, more,” you huff, boldly moving a hand between your bodies to cup his erection and squeeze. he lets out a strained groan, head falling to the crook of your neck as he bucks his hips against your palm, chasing that sweet friction selfishly. 
“fuck—you gotta be patient, princess,” he growls, mustering up enough self-control to grab your wrist and move your hand away. his hand moves up to squeeze your cheeks together, tilting your face to meet his eyes as he glares. “think it’s only fair i make you wait as long as you’ve made me, don’t you think?”
he texts you sometimes. sometimes in the morning to ask you if you want coffee, sometimes after class to walk you home, sometimes in the middle of the night just to ask about your day. but you know better—you know how guys like him work, how you’re not the only one, how you’re never the only one. you don’t want to be another girl who cries over geto while he buys another coffee for another unsuspecting victim, and you don’t want to watch him offer that gentle smile, those sweet words, those careful touches to someone that’s not you.
but then your words betray you before you can help it: “no, suguru,” you plead, “need you! need you to fuck me—please, i want it.” you can’t help but beg—because something about him makes you so shameless, so needy and desperate that every ounce of logic and dignity dissipates from your mind. 
“you sure? you didn’t seem to want it when you were ignoring my texts—”
“‘m sorry,” you sniffle, “jus’ please, wanna feel you.”
it’s a vicious cycle—every time you tell yourself this is the last time, it’s never really the last time. you manage to ignore geto suguru and his sweet words and handsome smile for just a little bit before he’s dragging you right back in. and you should know better by now—you can atone for all your sins as much as you want, but the devil is always crept up your shoulder, always whispering those tempting words into the shell of your ear. this is the last time turns into just one more time, and then pretty soon, you’re in this same position over and over again. 
against the wall, caged by his body as his hands squeeze your hips. 
“yeah? can’t get enough of me, can you? is it cause i fuck you so good? can’t find someone else to make you feel like this?”
his fingers have pulled your pants down your legs by now, your underwear halfway down your thighs as he sinks two fingers into your dripping cunt. it feels good—feels so achingly good as he teases your clit with his thumb, ghosts of circles rubbing over the sensitive nub while his fingers curl against your spot. you mewl, legs shaking as you try to stand up straight, as you try to take what he gives you while keeping yourself together. but it’s too hard, and soon, you feel his hand hook under one leg and prop it against his hip, supporting your frame as he works his digits in and out of your cruelly. 
“suguru‚ suguru—fuck,” you gasp, whimpering as the tips of his fingers brush against that sensitive spot against your walls, his thumb rubbing harshly against your clit in circles that leave you biting your lip. 
no one touches you like geto—you can’t help but come to this realization in the dead of night when your own fingers just don’t bring the same satisfaction. you can’t reach as deep as he can, find that spot as fast as he can, make yourself cum like he can. 
“look at you, princess,” he hums, “already such a mess. just think,” he bullies his fingers into your faster, making you squeal, “just think how messy you’ll look when i’m fucking you full.”
those words are all it takes for you to sob—latching onto his body as you roll your hips and cum. your walls flutter around his fingers, whimpering as he fucks his digits into you while you ride out your high. his thumb rubs against your clit until you’re practically shaking against him—’s too much, you want to say…but you know it won’t really make a difference, and your voice fails you anyway.
your slumped against the wall, watching as his hands hastily fumble with his pants, pushing them down his legs as he frees his aching cock. it’s flushed a pretty red, leaking with precum, and stiff in his hands as he closes his eyes and groans quietly when he wraps around the girth and slowly strokes along the length a few times. it’s filthy—the wet sound of his precum smearing along his cock, glistening against the skin as you stare. 
you don’t hesitate to replace his hand with yours, feeling the familiar weight in your hands as you fist his cock and drag your palm up and down against the length. 
“f-fuck—that’s it baby, like that,” he moans, head falling back against your shoulder, quiet grunts spilling past his lips as you squeeze around his tip. he fucks his hips into your fist, panting against you as you graze your thumb along his slit and pull a small whine from him. 
and then you can’t wait—can’t even wait for a second longer as you quickly guide his tip to line up against your entrance, rubbing against your folds and collecting your slick along his tip. 
“in—want you in me, suguru,” you beg. he doesn’t argue, doesn’t even think to tease you as he presses his cock to slip past your folds and sink into your heat, the thick veins dragging along your walls and making you gasp. 
“so tight, baby—always so tight. prettiest fuckin’ pussy i ever had,” he rasps. 
it makes you slightly bitter at the prospect that he’s had others to even compare to you—but then there’s that subtle satisfaction that you’re the best he’s had, the one he can’t get enough of, the one he chases and chases and keeps coming back to. 
you know deep down that you’re simply being foolish, that getting his dick wet is not a difficult process for someone like geto suguru and all you’re doing is making it easy for him…but a small part of you likes to think that this is real. that the way his arms cradle you as he fucks into you, that the way he kisses your neck and then your lips, hot and messy and so needy—it’s all because he wants you, and only you. 
“feels good—so good, suguru,” you gasp, “‘m close, ‘m gonna…gonna cum—”
“just a bit longer, baby,” he presses a soft kiss to your jaw, moaning into your skin as your walls squeeze around him with a particularly sloppy thrust, “wait for me, yeah? cum with me—j-just gotta feel you cum with me.”
his hips are sloppy, angling into you with practically no rhythm anymore as he chases his orgasm. his thumb finds your clit, rubbing harsh circles that have you sobbing, feeling the coil in your belly tighten and tighten until you’re sure it’ll snap any second. 
“‘m gonna cum—fuck, ‘m gonna cum suguru, please—”
“cum for me, princess,” he gasps, and with one more slam of his hips, the brush of his tip against your sweet spot, you unravel, cumming for the second time as you shriek his name. 
geto follows right after, his cum hot as it fills you up, as he fucks his load into you, as his cock twitches with every rope he paints your walls white with. your nails dig into his shoulder as you whine his name while he grunts yours, feeling the way he all but splits you open as his cock drills into you sloppily. 
it’s not long before his hips slow, a few more shallow thrusts of his hips before he stills and pants into your shoulder, kissing against the mark he’s bitten into your skin. this is the part you hate—the part that fills you up with dread from what you’ve done, the part that makes you realize that every time you let geto suguru get away with using you as a quick fuck, you fall deeper and deeper for that sweet smile and soft laugh. 
“c’mon, baby,” he pulls away from your neck, pressing a sweet peck to your lips, “we can go to my room and—”
“that’s okay,” you cut him off, doing everything you can to avoid his eyes, “i was gonna go home now anyway—”
“that’s okay,” he cuts you off, repeating your own words back to you, “you can just spend the night with me.”
and before you can protest, his lips are back on yours, kissing you sweet and slow enough that you can’t help but melt into his arms and give up arguing against him. 
Tumblr media
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Tumblr media
Tumblr media Tumblr media
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synopsis. you were a sucker for jealousy sex, man.
pairing. toji fushiguro x reader
genre and warnings. +18 nsfw under the cut. minors dni, established relationship, domestic fluff, dilf!toji, milf!reader, tattoos, jealousy sex, exhibitionish, Toji being childish, cowgirl position, hints of subby Toji | — feedback is always welcomed & don't forget to reblog 🤍 800+ w.c.
Tumblr media
Dilf!Toji who comes home from picking up Megumi and your daughter Nya from their kindergarten after-school activities. 
Toji scolds the two for running down the hallway as soon as the front door opens, their little pitters from their feet slapping against the wooden floor as they rush into the living room where you were lying snuggly just to tackle you into a hug. 
The two are all smiles and giggles as they kick off their sneakers and snuggle up next to you.
They were practically glowing with excitement, as if they hadn't seen you just hours before, on the same day you had taken them to school. "Mommy! Mommy! Can I show you what I made in art today?"
Despite posing the question, the girl had already started unzipping her bag and shuffling through the strange, cryptic amount of things she had packed inside of her small Hello Kitty backpack.
If you hadn't had quick enough reflexes, you'd have thought she was trying to take your eye out by shoving the bendy wire figure right into your face.
"Oh wow, honey, it looks so creative; I can tell you worked really hard on it." You honestly couldn't tell what it was—fuzzy purple, red, and green covered wires all bent into some sort of shape that you could only assume to be a figure, but you put on your best motherly smile for your child.
"It's you, mommy! Can you tell, I even gave it a big butt." When Toji came into the living room, slouching his shoulders on the back of the couch and leaning forward.
Looming over the exchange, you decided to change the direction of the conversation before he could get remotely lewd about his favorite body part of yours.
"Did you make anything, Megumi?" Despite not being your biological son, the coal-haired boy still showed the same amount of admiration for you as your own daughter did. 
But it was still very clear that Megumi had all of Toji’s attitude, with the boy showing no interest in his sister's show-in-tell and not even bothering to cover up his glare at her art project. "That looks like crap," Megumi states bluntly, earning a dramatic gasp from Nya. 
The girl held the figure to her chest as if she were protecting it from him.
"You look like crap." Toji teases, no better than the children. As the three start bickering back and forth with each other, you reach for the TV remote and pause the Netflix show that you were trying to binge.
It was like you were raising three kids, as the argument only became pettier by the second.
"Why don't you tell mommy about how Itaduri’s mom liked your tattoos?" Megumi shrugged, your brow furrowed in surprise as the two children abruptly switched teams to go against their father.
"Is that why she was touching your arm?" Nya asked naively, unaware that she had just unpinned a grenade.
Your palm pushed away Toji’s face as he tried to distract you with a kiss, curving him as you dug for more information between the two. "And what was daddy saying while she was touching his arm?"
“He said thank you.”
Now that you understood the cost of having a super hot husband, you weren't blind to Toji’s charm, but over the years of being in love with him, it was pretty easy to say that he was just blessed with his attractiveness.
Having women throw themselves at him was nothing new,it was just another daily problem added to the things that Toji had to go through. 
It's not like he entertained any of the women that came up to him because he truly only loves you, but that didn't mean that you weren't allowed to be a little needier sometimes.
Plus, he wasn't complaining much while lavishing you with affection. His hands lingered on your body long after the kids had fallen asleep for their naps. 
It was daring, having to straddle his lap on the couch in the family living room knowing that the kids could wake up at any moment, but for Toji.
It was just another goal he was willing to complete, seeing how fast he could make you cum in that circumstance.
Handing his hand down to your thighs, he gives them a squeeze as he catches his breath, watching you ride him with an admiring glint in his eye. "You're so fucking beautiful, you know that?"
"Really? more beautiful than that other bitch?" You knew Itadori’s mother wasn’t a bitch.
If anything, she was a kind lady who knew how to make really good brownies.
You’d probably scalp her if you ever saw her skirting with Toji again.
No hard feelings, but she should know better than to touch what was yours.
"So much—ah, you’re the most beautiful woman I know." Toji whimpered, reaching his tattooed hand in between and sharing some attention to your clit. 
You were a sucker for jealousy sex, man. 
Tumblr media
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not me making another milf!reader man,,
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Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
*Ring* *Ring*
Rolling your eyes you answer your phone laying next to you on the charger. “What do you want, Toji?” He speaks up on the other line, his background noise quiet. “What the fuck are you talking about I been calling you non stop for like the last three days, why haven’t you been answering your phone?”
Here is the thing. You and Toji aren't officially together, so when you heard that he went to some party with some other girl you completely just stopped talking to him. You guess today was his final straw. “Toji, I don’t want to be talking to you if you're going to be talking to other girls plain and simple.” You said hanging up and laying down to try to go back to your peaceful slumber.
Suddenly someone starts banging at your door really loudly, scaring you. Getting up you go to your kitchen picking up a pan as you walk towards your apartment door. “Y/n open the door now” you exhale as you hear the voice. It was just Toji, frowning, you open the door and he comes right in.
“You're the only girl I talk to, why did you think otherwise?” He said, coming in, locking the door behind him. Confused, you answer “Weren't you at a party with Mindy like four days ago?” you ask in return you get the same confused reply from Toji “No, I was at a party but was nowhere near Mindy's weird ass”
Feeling kind of stupid you smile sheepishly “Ohhhhhhh that kind of makes since, only one person told me you were with her” Turning his face up Toji crosses his arms against chest which you could tell he just got out of the gym because he looked a little sweaty. “Who told you this y/n?” Wincing you tell him “Gojo” Toji laughs in petty “Of course it was y/n how many times do I have to tell you me and him are not friends of course he's going to tell you shit like that he's trying to get under your skin, unless he has video proof do not listen to anything that man says”
You nod feeling bad Toji and Gojo didn't like each other for the longest so when Gojo came to you saying Toji was with Mindy you shouldn't have believed him especially since your friends attended the same party and told you the two weren't near each other at all you dont know how you let Gojo get into your head like that he could be pretty convincing when he wanted to be.
“No more Toji I get what you're saying” you cry out as Toji smacks your ass from behind again. “I don’t think you do baby, I want to hear you say it y/n” another smack lands you your ass “Now” Toji grabs your hair and pulls your head from out of the pillows forcing your mouth opening to spit in it.
“I’m the only one.” He laughs his hips driving into you faster, “What was that?” he asked, acting like he couldn't hear you reaching down to rub your clit in between his fingers. “Fuck Toji I said I’m the only one let me cum please!” you begged as you started to shake your orgasm starting to creep up on you.
With your eyes rolling back you come hard creaming on Toji cock for the fifth time that night as you felt him kiss the side of your face while he rode out your orgasm. You lay there while Toji pulls out of you helping you get cleaned up before he comes to lay with you. He kisses you lips in your sleep whispering “The only one” as he pulls you into his chest falling asleep with you in his arms.
A/N - I put my ask box in my bio so please don’t be afraid to pop in and send any toji thirst or send any ideas that I feel like I could elaborate on <3. Thank you 🫶🏾
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One Hell of a Time
Pairing: Sukuna x Fem!Reader
Tags: nsfw, smut, fingering, cunnilingus, clit stimulation, praise, degradation, rough sex, bathroom sex, semi-public sex, whimpering, Sukuna's hand-mouth
Word count: 1.6k
A/N: I got this idea while writing Silco smut. The wo have zero to do with each other but fuck it.
Tumblr media
A celebratory dinner was a nice was to congratulate Sukuna on his latest victory. You were well aware just how much he likes to eat so you decided to take him to one of his favorite restaurants in the city.
Sukuna being Sukuna couldn't get enough of you of course, his possessive streak always on display, and decided to take a seat right next to you, which you accepted with no problems. He was busier than usual lately and that didn't leave much time for you to spend together outside of work.
The meal was going well, Sukuna had a big satisfied smile on his face, holding chopsticks in one hand, his other on running smoothly across your thigh while the two of you made small-talk.
"Here you are sir, ma'am. The main course." The waiter set a full tray of food in front of you.
"Whoa!" Sukuna's eyes sparkled with glee, his mouth already beginning to water, "Look at all that food. Looks amazing doesn't it, fit for a King indeed. But not as amazing as you sweetcheeks." He threw you a playful wink, accompanied by a smile before the two of you started eating.
"I'm glad you're having fun." You smiled at him as he took another big bite. He couldn't answer with his mouth full yet smiled anyway.
A few more minutes went by before you felt Sukuna's hand drumming up your thigh and below your skirt. Your thighs squeezed shut on instinct. Sukuna went still for a moment, a slippery tongue licking across your inner thigh made him chucked. "Don't look at me like that. Do you have any idea how much I missed your taste? Go, on now, spread." His voice was just as charming as everything else about him, he knew exactly what to say to make you want to obey his every whim.
It wasn't unusual for Sukuna to explore new ways for the two of you to have fun but never before had he tried anything to daring in a public place.
All the hesitation of you opening your legs for Sukuna's hand went away the instant you felt his smile against your panties and moments later his hand moved past them so he could lick and kiss and suck on your clit all he wanted to. All the while you tried to keep your moans and whimpers down but very little success.
Your face burned as some of the fellow costumers looked your way, "Ah, we've never been here before. I told her it's my favorite place to eat, guess now she knows why." Sukuna turned his head toward you and kissed your forehead. The sweet gesture made several people chuckle and murmur about young love before turning back to enjoying their meals. "Try to keep it down a little okay sweetheart? Just because I know what a whore you can be doesn't mean you can announce it to the rest of them."
"Easy for you to say. You're not the one being..." You bit your lower lip as Sukuna's fingers poked and prodded at your entrance, Sukuna's warm, skilled tongue dancing around your twitching clit.
"I think you can take more. Just feel how wet you are for me." Smugness oozed from his voice as he continued to play and tease your pussy.
"Sukuna... you're cruel." Long, skilled fingers pushed inside your cunt, moving in and out slowly to not make too much noise, nevertheless his thrusts were deep, fingers curling along your front wall in perfect sync with Sukuna's mouth sucking on your clit. "I hate you so much right now."
You burred your face into his shoulder to somewhat muffle the sounds leaving your throat, "Aw don't be like that sweetcheeks. You know I care about what's mine right?" Sukuna managed to coax you out and in for a soothing kiss which somewhat eased your nerves. "We can take this somewhere more private if you'd like."
While that sounded like a great idea at first it turned out that somewhere more private turned out to be the restaurant bathroom. Thankfully he thought to lock the door after you.
"What if someone needs to use the bathroom?" This was less risky by comparison but the nervousness in your voice was still very palpable. As was your horniness if the current state of your panties was anything to go by. "Did you even think this through?"
Sukuna shrugged, "There's more then enough bathrooms to go around. Besides," He smirked and undid his belt, his boxers already straining form the tent in them, "there's nothing that's gonna stop me from fucking you right now." He's been getting more and more bold in his advances lately but this seemed like a bit of a leap. Then again Sukuna was always a risk taker and a very hot-tempered man, something that he often got scolded for by you in the past.
"Turn around and show us how wet your pussy is." His grin was downright dangerous, predatory even. You huffed at him but said nothing as he got his card cock out. "See? I'm more then ready for you."
Despite how shy you acted sometimes, secretly you loved seeing the effect you had on him. The King of Curses, who could have anyone and anything, waited for you, for you to give him what he asked for. You turned toward the sink, hiked up your skirt and pushed your wet panties all the way down.
"Fuck. You're absolutely soaked. That little game in the dinning room really got you going didn't it? You could barely keep your moans down." Sukuna fisted his cock into his hand, walking nonchalantly toward you, almost as if looking down at you, "You know what I think?" He delivered a firm slap on your left ass cheek, his palm leaving behind a red handprint. He repeated the same on your right cheek, all the while the tip of his cock teased your entrance regardless of your moans and whimpers. "I think you're starting to show your true colors."
"My true colors?" As your voice trembled with anticipation you struggled to grasp the meaning of his words, your head swimming in hazy lust.
A wonton moan sounded from you when he finally, finally sank his cock into you, pushing inside until his hips and thighs were flush against yours. His left hand sneaked to your front, the mouth once again making an appearance to lick against your sensitive bundle of nerves. The combined sensations made you rock your hips back against his, searching for more friction.
"Take a look." You could hear the satisfactory tone in his voice as he grabbed your chin and angled your face to the mirror. You saw his grinning face, his frame towering over yours as he moved back and forth to fuck your weeping hole with increased strength behind each thrust. "Your pretty face, lust written all over it, your pussy sopping wet from the thought be being seen, the pretty noises you make just for me, how easily you bend to my will, or maybe I should say bend over, you've become such an obedient slut."
For some reason being talked to like that only made you arch your back more, your body sliding along until you were almost flat against the surface surrounding the sink.
"Would you look at that? I'm right after all." The tongue on his hand licked flat against your clit, making your inner walls spasm and vibrate around his throbbing cock. Sukuna growled behind you, his pace unyielding despite your pussy squeezing tight, "This who you are, a needy, cockloving slut. Are you finally ready to accept that sweetcheeks?"
A mouth appeared on the hand holding your chin, leaving a long path of saliva across your skin before covering your mouth, silencing your moans with a firm kiss. "Yes." You hushed against his hand.
"What was that? I'm afraid I didn't hear you. Repeat it for me." You could tell that this was it, just a little more and he would be pushed over the edge along with you.
You tore away from the kiss, but not his grip on your face as you were still looking at your reflection when you shouted, "Yes! I'll be whatever you want for you. I love you Sukuna, so please, please."
"I love you too, you're the only human who can say that. You're my special, beloved little cockslut." His movement grew frantic, jolting your hips forward every time he pushed his cock in and out, slapping, wet sounds of flesh echoing all around you, "Are you ready for my cum? You want me to creampie that pretty hole? Make it mine?"
"It's already yours." You answered honestly, shaking as you felt a flood of warm seed release from his pulsing, hot cock.
"Mine. That's right. You're mine and no one else's. Mine!" His wicked grin pressed against the nape of your neck, sharp teeth leaving an imprint on your skin.
Eventually he pulled away, his hands going firmly around your waist. Sukuna took a deep breath, giving a few moments of pure intimacy. You wished you could steal more but you were already running short on time. Sooner or later you'd have people come looking for you.
Both of you got dressed again and re-arranged yourselves to look presentable, although your pussy was still glistening and flowing with his cum, further ruining your panties.
"Shall we?" Sukuna threw you that charming smile again, running his hand through his spiky pink hair for added effect. Not that he needed to but you appreciated it. You leaned over to kiss the marks running across his cheeks, a small, barely visible blush crossing over his face before he shook it off and the two of you returned to your seats to enjoy the rest of your meal. There was still plenty of time to get dessert.
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meeplaws · 1 day
nanami is a grunt-er. he can’t help it when you grip him so tight. he would absolutely let out small deep grunts and occasional soft curses as he works his way in and out of you.
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kanekisfavoritegf · 20 hours
Mr. and Mrs.
Sneaking off with Gojo right after you said your ceremony.
it’s almost my bbgs birthday🤭
Warning: smut, breading, vaginal penetration, quickie
Tumblr media
After you walked down the aisle hand in hand with the love of your life and now your husband, you felt the grip of his hand grow tighter as his steps moved faster. By the time you were out of sight from your friends and family, you and Satoru were now running.
“Satoru, slow down!” You’d whisper scream as you quickened your pace to keep up with him.
“We only have a few minutes before the wedding planner starts to look for us.” He responded with a wide smile on his face.
Gojo had now pulled you into an empty room; it was a large storage closet with enough space for you to lie down. Giggles left your mouth as you felt Satoru’s mouth kiss, lick, and bite up and down your exposed collarbone.
“You couldn’t even wait five minutes?” You chuckled a little before letting out a moan.
“You look beautiful, Mrs. Gojo.” His voice was low and his breath tickled your neck.
“You don’t look so bad yourself, Mr. Gojo.” You almost cackled as you watched Satoru struggle to lift the fabric of your dress out of the way. It wasn’t that big or poofy, but there was a long train.
“No panties?” He smirked down at you.
He didn’t waste time with prepping, given the time frame you two had. Lifting your body and pushing your back towards a wall, he slowly pushed his length into you, causing you both to moan out.
“God, it’s all mine. You are all mine.” He’d say as he began thrusting in you. His eyes rolled up a little as he felt you squeeze down on him over and over. “You are so wet. Have you been like this the whole ceremony? You are perfect. My perfect little slut.”
His thrusts were animalistic. The way he pounded into you made loud slapping sounds that echoed in the room. Anyone who walked by would know what was taking place.
“Sato- oh God, I’m going to cum.” But before you could reach your climax, a loud knock at the door put everything to a halt, turning your moan into a loud gasp. Satoru groaned in annoyance as the door opened to reveal your wedding planner. A deep red blush was all over her face.
“What?” Gojo asked, annoyance laced in his voice, turning his head back to face the door. Keeping you covered.
Poor girl you thought.
“I- Um- I- The guests uh.” You chuckled at her stumbling words.
“You can send them on their way to the reception we’ll be right-” You let out a strangled whine as you tried to tell your planner what to do. Satoru seemed to find your expression hilarious as he began to fuck you again, this time harder and faster. Not caring that your planner's stood right in front of the two of you with a mortified expression. “We‘ll be right behind them. Just give us a few- Oh Satoru, fucking hell. We’ll be right there.”
The planner nodded her head with embarrassment and hurriedly stumbled away, closing the door behind her.
“Oh my God, I hate you.” You dug your face into his shoulder, moaning and gasping with each thrust.
“Her face was priceless.” He moaned out.
“She was horrified.”
“Mhm.” Is all he said in return as he brought one of his hands down from your leg and to your clit, rubbing slowly as you finally came on him. Your juices coating his dick. With a few more thrusts and Satoru was filling you up to the brim with his thick hot cum.
“Shall we, my wife?” Your newlywed husband grabbed your hand gently as you made your way out of the storage room. With each step you took, you could feel his cum dripping down your thighs.
“Let's not keep them waiting too long, husband.”
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gabseyoo · 3 days
pairing: gojo satoru x fem!reader.┆wc: 1,5k.
content: established relationship, mirror kink, handjob, spit as lube, petnames, slight dirty talk.
after seeing your boyfriend get out of the shower, you’re not sure if you’re going to make it to the reservation on time.
Tumblr media
“Babe.” You called your boyfriend while knocking on the bathroom door twice before opening it without even waiting for his answer, come on, you’ve been living together for so long that unless the door was locked, you could just walk in whenever you wanted. “Did I happen to leave my hoop earrings in here? I can’t find them.”
As soon as you had one foot inside the bathroom, you found Satoru wrapping a towel dangerously low around his hips as he stepped out of the shower. It wasn’t something you hadn’t seen before, but it would be a big lie to say that the sight didn’t still make you drool. 
Today was date night and that was why you both were getting ready to go out to dinner at a fancy place. You were already wearing a nice dress, your hair was done and your makeup was on point with your favorite red lipstick. Satoru... well, besides the fact that he had just gotten home from work half an hour ago, he wasn’t the fastest person in the world to get ready. 
“The golden ones?” He asked as he dried his hair with a smaller towel, “I saw them by the sink.”
You licked your lips before closing the door behind you and walking to the sink, evidently there were your earrings, so you didn’t take long to put them on while watching in the mirror how Satoru behind you finished drying his head and with one hand he brushed back the white locks. Fuck. You almost let out a sigh. 
“Excited about tonight, baby?” He spoke a few seconds later, walking to your side and abruptly bringing you out of your thoughts. You weren’t surprised when you felt his hand squeeze your butt, on the contrary, the simple touch made you smile.
“Sure, the restaurant is new isn’t it?” You answered as you adjusted your dress. Thanks to the proximity, you could smell the masculine scent of his body wash that never failed to delight your nostrils. 
“It was a real pain in the ass to get a reservation, it better be worth it. If it isn’t, I’ll kill Suguru for recommending it to us.” Satoru said, putting moisturizer on his face. If he didn’t look so attractive right now and your body wasn’t reacting to it, you’d already be rushing him to get dressed up fast to make it to the said reservation on time. 
“Don’t worry, I looked up reviews on the internet, it seems to be fine.” You said, moving one of your hands to his lower back to caress his skin while you looked at him with greedy eyes. “You look good.” You added before giving him a kiss on the shoulder, leaving a red mark thanks to your lipstick. 
“I’m just in a towel, baby.” He giggled, stretching out his arm to grab his toothbrush and put toothpaste on it. 
“I know, that’s why.” Honestly, you couldn’t contain your desire to touch him anymore, so you brought your hand to caress his abs, dangerously close to the edge of the towel, smiling victoriously when you heard him let out a gasp while brushing his teeth. 
“Yeah?” Satoru mumbled still with the toothbrush in his mouth before spitting and cleaning his mouth. “Someone’s a little clingy today.” 
You knew your boyfriend like the back of your hand, you knew he already understood what your intentions were and was just playing dumb. 
“You don’t like it?” You asked with a faux-innocent tone as you moved your feet until you were behind him, his muscular back in all its glory in front of you. Without waiting any longer, you inhaled the masculine scent of his body before slowly running your tongue over his skin and then lightly sucking on it. 
Gojo was quick to react to that, his breathing became heavier and shivers ran through his body; you knew how sensitive he was on his back and you were using that fact to your advantage. 
“I do but—” He couldn’t finish his sentence because a moan escaped his lips when your fingers went up from his abs to his pecs to caress his nipples. “The reservation.”
“You want me to stop?” Just to tease him, you were about to withdraw your hands, but Satoru held them in place by placing his hands over them. 
“We have time.” He whispered and a mischievous smile appeared on your face. 
Happily, you lowered your hand to the bulge that had formed under the towel that still covered him. 
Attacking his back again with your lips, you moved your hand down to his crotch to gently caress his bulge, which began to get harder under your palm as you heard Satoru let out little grunts and felt him push his hips forward in an attempt to feel more contact. 
You had to see that, you had to see his facial expressions, but it was obvious that his large figure in front of you wasn’t going to let you do that, so you gave up spreading wet kisses on his back (now covered with lipstick stains) to poke your head out and make eye contact with him in the mirror. 
A moan almost left your own lips at that sight. 
Satoru, with his hands against the sink making some veins stand out, wet white hair falling in his handsome face, his lips slightly parted and his electric blue eyes looking at you with nothing but desire. 
“Fuck, you little minx.” He tried to turn around, but you quickly put your other hand against his hip to stop him. Gojo was obviously much stronger than you, you knew your grip wasn’t strong enough to stop him, but he still gave in to your actions, letting you do with him as you pleased. 
“Let me make you feel good.” 
The only thing that covered his lower half was now on the ground being kicked aside by Gojo while you admired his naked figure in front of you. It didn’t take you long to wrap your hand around his cock and make slow circles on his leaking tip, eliciting a sweet groan from him.
“Spit on it.” You asked since the pre-cum was unfortunately not enough to move your hand easily.
“I just showered.” He joked, but he still gathered saliva in his mouth and took your wrist to spit it into your hand, which after a few seconds returned to caress his shaft, being now easier to slide your palm up and down. “Fuck, just like that.”
Satoru closed his eyes, enjoying you giving him one of those stellar handjobs he loved so much. Which you didn’t like, so you quickly spoke up, “Eyes in the mirror, or I’ll stop.”
It was rare when you got bossy during intimacy, but when you did, you certainly drove Satoru crazy because he immediately let out a grunt and you felt his dick twitch. 
“Look at you, babe.” You cooed when Gojo opened his eyes and immediately made eye contact with you. “Look how pretty you look right now.” You added in a whisper. 
“Fuck. You’re really something else.” His grip on the sink intensified, looking at you with a smirk. “Faster, baby.”
Obligingly, you increased the speed of your movements to bring him closer to the edge. “Like that?”
“Yeah, god, I love you so much.” His voice came out raspy as he swept back his hair with one hand. “I’m gonna cum.” 
The fact that he kept staring at the scene in the mirror, his gaze traveling from your eyes to your hand jerking him off, wanting to get a glimpse of it all, how he’d slightly open his mouth to let out a sigh and then close it again in a moan, all that made you clench your thighs in arousal. 
The scene looked so hot, he looked so hot, all you wanted was to make him cum. 
“Cumming that fast?” You asked teasingly, bringing your hand up to circle his tip with your thumb, spreading more of the precum that was leaking out, before sliding back down his length. 
“Yes.” He wasn’t even ashamed of it, which motivated you to put a little more pressure on his cock, just the way he likes it. 
“Cum for me, baby.” 
That was all it took to make him explode, a high moan with your name was the last thing his lips left before he came, spilling his cum all over the sink. He’d surely make you clean up all this mess, later. 
Satoru quickly turned around and reached for your lips, kissing you passionately while you kept stimulating his shaft to make sure he cum completely, his action caused drops of his semen to fall on your dress, but to say you cared about that would be a lie. 
“Shit.” Gojo murmured against your lips, his hands going to fondle your tits aggressively. 
You playfully pulled him away from you by placing your hands on his chest, “Satoru, didn’t you want to get to the reservation on time?” You teased, even though you knew that by now that was almost impossible. 
A gasp left your lips when your world was turned upside down, literally, since Satoru lifted you up to carry you over his shoulder. His response came after he slapped your ass hard as he made his way to the bedroom.
“Fuck the reservation.”
Tumblr media
note: inspired by this fanart.
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noriken · 2 days
when Sukuna gets to pinning you down like this, you know you’re in for a long night. whether it be the incompetence that surrounds him daily or the simple need to get his excess adrenaline out of his system—he’d fuck you incoherent; In love with the way you become a thoughtless mess so fast.
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satorini · 1 month
Tumblr media
cw/ tw. fem!reader, obsessive behavior (Gojo's just a man that's in love with his ex wife), jealousy, unprotected sex, praise kink, pet names (ex. baby), their kid is an oc | wc. 600+
an. this has been in my wips for a minute T^T
Tumblr media
Ex-husband!Gojo who thinks because he’s practically at your house all week, that he should just live there, but you always giggle whenever he brings it up, reminding him of boundaries and the fact that you're not married anymore.
The one time you relent is when he and your four-year-old daughter, Mio, wear matching pouts, pleading to let him spend the night. 
“He’ll come back—”
“But mommy,” Mio's sticky little fingers curl into her light-blue tutu, cheeks ruddy and puffed out. “Daddy and I aren’t done with our tea party. Please, mommy!”
“Yeah, mommy, please.” 
You hate how your cheeks grow warm at the pet name Gojo’s called you since your daughter was born. And you can’t help thinking he set your daughter up to this with the way the corner of his mouth twitches up into a subtle smirk.
Rolling your eyes, you tell them, okay, but don’t forget to leave out the part where he has to sleep on the couch.
Ex-husband!Gojo who crawls into your bed late that night with the excuse that your couch is too hard, though you know it’s just an excuse to cuddle because he’s humming into your slightly damp hair from your shower and falling asleep seconds later.
Ex-husband!Gojo who gets jealous when he finds out you have a date, and opens your front door before you can get there first to size up the guy you met at Mio's dance class: Eric, an investment banker and notably quiet.
After several seconds, Gojo decides that he's unimpressed.
"Who the hell are you?"
"Gojo," you hiss, shoving him aside and apologizing to Eric who's nervously shifting on his feet in your entryway. "Sorry, he's my babysitter—"
Semantics, he thinks, and smirks at your date when you press a kiss against Gojo's chin out of habit before you leave. 
Ex-husband!Gojo who can tell that your date didn't go well when you push through the front door. Alone.
He pauses the movie he was watching and opens his arms for you to crawl into after you toe off your shoes.
"Tell me about it," he whispers into your hair once you’re squished tight against his side. “How’d it go?”
Ex-husband!Gojo who cheers you up by letting you ride his cock right there on the living room couch, his eyes roving over every perfect inch of you and taking you in like it's the first time, and he doesn’t think that feeling will ever go away.
His fingers dig into your hips, easily guiding you up and down in his lap like you weigh nothing, making sure to grind you down so his tip bumps into that spot he knows makes your toes curl.
"That's it—fuck," he grunts when your tight little cunt squeezes around him and he leans forward to suck a kaleidoscope of marks across your chest. "You look so hot bouncing on my cock like that. You’re so fucking good."
"Toru," you moan, your fingers biting into his biceps. "More, please."
You don't have to beg him twice for Gojo to plant his feet onto the floor and hold your hips still so he can roughly thrust up into your wet-hot heat. Soft squeals fall between your kiss-bitten lips, and his stomach does somersaults knowing that he's the only one that gets to see you this way—that gets to hold, kiss, and love you this way.
"Is this what you wanted, baby?" He laughs breathily when you babble an incoherent reply back to him, reaching down to thumb at your messy clit. "It's okay. I'll fuck you whenever you want. You won't need to find anyone else, I promise."
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chosovixen · 27 days
sukuna has a soft spot for you, especially regarding sex. he’ll never say he wants to fuck you, he says he wants to make love, and every time he does, it’s more mind-blowing than the last.
he takes things slow, almost painfully slow, but it’s all the while worth it in the end. he’s kissing along the side of your neck while making small circles on your inner thigh—bulge pressing firmly on your clothed cunt as he grinds slowly into you. his lips now move to yours, catching you in a heated but passionate kiss. 
your moans become whiny as you now move on your own accord, bucking your hips into his and moving against the thin material that separates your sex.
“hold on, baby,” sukuna moans, smirking slightly against your lips as he moves his hand down to your heat, rubbing slow circles on your sensitive clit. “i got you.”
when he finally pulls at your panties—pulling them slowly down your thighs, he nearly cums, looking at how strings of your arousal connect to the fabric and your puffy cunt. 
“fuck, look at that. all for me?” he clearly knew it was for him. no one has ever taken care of you the way he has to the point you were soaking through your panties. he just wanted to be reminded that, yes, this was all for him. so you bit your lip and nodded, making him smile as he pulled his cock out—spitting on his hand and smoothing it over his thick length, he pumps it a few times and positions himself between your legs. he rubs the head up and down your slit before pushing into your warm cunt, and it earns a satisfying moan from the both of you. 
finally bottoming out into you—tip reaching the further it could, he bends down and places a tender kiss on your plump lips. pulling away, he looked at you, and you were breath taking. he took in all your subtle features as if you were the most beautiful being he’s ever laid eyes on. he wanted to keep you close, so he treated you right in every possible way he could, even if that meant blowing your back out when needing to.
“i love you,” he says, eyes dilating with each second his gaze stays on you. he then slowly rocks his hips into yours, swollen tip kissing your g-spot as the thick shaft rubs against your tender walls lovingly. and you whispered an “i love you too” as he fucks you makes love to you until you beg for him to give you a break.
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Sitting on his lap while rambling on about anything and everything. Meanwhile he's leaned back, hands everywhere. From waist over hips to thighs, his hands are traveling all across. Excitedly you tell him about your day, about what you did.
Until you stumble upon that one thing that pissed you off. As you go on and on about that one specific person, you also tell him that you dealt with the situation. Just like he told you to do.
Eyes fixated on you, voice deep with a smirk playing on his lips, he goes, "Atta girl."
Leaning forward to litter kisses on your neck, as he mumbles praises, "That's my fucking baby, just like I showed you to do."
Making you stutter in your sentence as he grabs your hips to grind up against you, a low moan slips past his lips, "Always such a good girl, listening and doing as i say."
KUROO TETSUROU, ran haitani, sanzu Haruchiyo, rindou Haitani, Atsumu miya, dabi, gojo satoru, iwaizumi hajime, toji fushiguro, bakugou katsuki, bokuto kotaro, nanami kento, Sakusa kiyoomi
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bloodyblackack · 1 month
Tumblr media Tumblr media
•. Faking an orgasm with Gojo Satoru .•
18+ mdni!!!!!
Tw: smut, overstimulation, fingering, biting, cream pie, dacryphilia, princess, etc.
An: I have no idea what I was on when I wrote this…💀
Tumblr media
- You didn’t know why you would try to do such a stupid prank on him.
- And you definitely didn’t expect the outcome of your foolish plan😔
- Gojo came home late and tired. Despite that, he wouldn’t stop clinging to you.
- The tiredness seemed to have awakened a fuzzy desire for you in his head.
- You saw the way he wouldn’t stop burying his face into your neck, leaving sloppy kisses and nibbles.
- His hands wandering under your shirt and fiddling with your perked nipples.
- You decided that this was the perfect opportunity to execute the prank that you had read about online earlier.
- He was tired and sloppy, so his reaction wouldn’t be that intense right?…..😔
- Gojo had you pinned below him as he rocked into you sweetly, his head buried in your neck while he littered soft kisses along your jaw.
- His pace was steady yet strong despite his tiredness.
- His large cock pumping steadily inside of you was already a delicious feeling, causing your brows to knit slightly but much too early for you to reach your peak yet.
- You felt your heart beat pick up as you prepared to let out a string of moans, similar to the ones you let out during your high.
- In a moment, you wrapped your arms around Gojo’s neck and let your voice go wild in his ears as you pretended to reach your high underneath him.
- In a second, his movements stopped completely as he froze at the sudden sound of your voice.
- His cock was still halfway in your walls as he slowly raised his head from your neck so that he could see your face, your arms falling back to your chest hesitantly as he did so.
- You were trying to keep up with the act by letting out heavy breaths but the moment his icy blue eyes locked with yours, your breaths got hushed to almost silent puffs of air.
- The tiredness that filled his eyes before was now completely engulfed by an unreadable piercing gaze as he looked down at your glossy eyes.
- “What was that…?” He asked, confusion lingering in his slightly raspy voice.
- “I came…?” You said weakly as embarrassment started to flood your face, causing it to burn uncontrollably.
- “Your joking right?” Gojo said as he slowly brought one of his hands down to drag against your puffy folds that wrapped around his twitching cock.
- His eyes still locked on yours as he did so.
- “Was that even supposed to be believable? Hmm?” He said before dropping his head down so his lips lined up with your ears before he whispered, “I know how wet you get when you cum for me princess.”
- You could feel butterflies pooling In your stomach from his unexpected tone that was mixed with both annoyance and the cockiness that he usually exuded when fucked you hard.
- “But I did cum…” you said meekly as you looked up into his crystal like eyes, for some reason you just couldn’t bring yourself to quit playing along.
- “….Oh” Gojo’s said with a light chuckle before lowering his head to look at where the two of you were connected.
- In a second, he slipped his hard cock out of you, causing your hole to gape and clench around nothing.
- Disappointment filled your mind as you completely forgot that you really didn’t reach your high yet.
- Gojo lifted his body so that he looked down at you, propped up on his knees as he straddled your legs.
- You looked up at him with anticipation eating away at your stomach as you racked your mind on what he was possibly planning on doing.
- His large pale hands came down to your waist and caressed your sides gently before he yanked your hips down evoking a startled yelp from you as you got dragged to the middle of the bed, head no longer resting on the fluffy pillow.
- “Sator-Aaah!!” You let out a loud and distressed moan when his thumb came down to start rubbing rapid circles on your clit, causing you to clench down on yourself at the suddenly intense feeling.
- Your thighs began to close on Gojo’s hand and In a second, his free hand came up to pry your legs apart before he lowered his body once again so that your legs were spread out by his waist.
- “Don’t go closing your legs on me now princess, I want you to feel as good as possible. I want you to come for me as many times as I tell you to” Gojo said with a crooked smirk as he kissed the area right below your right eye, causing you to squint.
- “Aahh! Nngh!! Satoru-wait…slow down” you cried out as you squirmed underneath his large body, your hands plastered weakly on his chest.
- “Mmhmm~” Gojo hummed in acknowledgment as his flicking at your clit got faster, much faster than he usually went when he wanted to edge you.
- You could feel the knot in your stomach forming quickly as your hips squirmed at his touch.
- “Toru- I’m coming-“ you breathed out through desperate breaths before a loud string of moans slipped passed your lips.
- Your arms wrapped around Gojo’s neck once again as you bucked your hips up into his fingers while his thumb rubbed your clit through your high.
- His movements slowed as your breaths got steadier, your walls still fluttered from how fast he was going on you.
- Gojo lifted his thumb from your clit and brought his middle and ring finger back down to your folds before he slid them up, gathering up some of your juices on his finger tips.
- “This feels a lot more familiar,” he said teasingly into your ears as he pressed your gooey juices to his thumb, letting it string up and drip down his long digits as he spread them apart.
- In a second his middle finger was buried deep into your cunt quickly followed by his ring finger causing you to let out a loud yelp.
- “Wait-I already-“ your words were cut off by Gojo’s voice as he spoke with a chillingly playful tone in your ear.
- “Like I said, you’ll come for me as many times as I want,” Gojo whispered into your ear as he began to start rubbing slow circles directly on your sweet spot.
- You let out a chain of embarrassing whimpers as your arched your back at the feeling of his focused touch on your walls.
- “Satoru, wait…please…s’too much-,” you whimpered out as your body began to squirm once again at his touch.
- “You can handle it-“ Gojo said bluntly as he started to pump his fingers in and out of your clenching hole, finger tips brushing your spot every time.
- “Aaah!! Wait, please!!” You cried out with your eyes shut tight when he began to drive his digits into your cunt faster than he ever has with you, his palm slapping your clit as he did so.
- The sounds of your drenched hole squelching rapidly around his fingers filled the room along with your broken moans.
- You felt Gojo’s soft lips planting wet kisses all over your burning face as you whined at his relentless pace.
- Your turned your head away from him and to the side as your hands went down to grip the sheets tightly.
- “Does it feel good princess?” Gojo said with a breathy grin as his own breath was starting to pick up from the arousal he got while looking at you crumble underneath him.
- Your legs were starting to trembling and your walls were beginning to clench sporadically around his soaked fingers indicating that your high was starting to approach you once again.
- All of your little whines and moans, your clenching walls, and the way that you couldn’t even look up at him as you panted desperately into the sheets.
- The sight in front of him made his cock twitch uncontrollably as pre cum spilled from his slit.
- In a moment your back was arching underneath him and untamed moans ripped passed your lips as your second climax washed over your body, Gojo’s name falling from your lips repeatedly.
- Gojo slowed his pace down completely and went back to rubbing firm circles on your sweet spot through your high which only made you whimper even louder.
- His fingers finally came to a full stop as you started to regain your breath once again.
- Your face was still turned away from his and your hands continued to grip the sheets tightly as you let out broken breaths.
- “Has my sweet angel had enough?” He said playfully in your ears as he slid his large digits out of your quivering slit, your juices creating lewd strings that connected him to your cunt.
- You turned your head to face his as you nodded up at him nervously, your eyes meeting his that squinted slightly from the devious grin that graced his features.
- “Hmm….” Gojo hummed as he bent his head down and let his nose brush up against your cheek as he took in your sent.
- “…I don’t think so-“ he said before firmly gripping your hips with his large hands, holding them down as he spoke.
- “You see…I’m still so hard…” he said as he prodded the tip of his aching cock against your sensitive bud.
- “You’ll help me right?” Your brows furrowed at his words, the future of your aching hole flashing before your tired eyes.
- “N-no…” you whimpered out hesitantly as you began to scoot your tired body up the mattress in an attempt to distance yourself from his large frame.
- You let out a loud yelp when you felt your body get dragged back down by Gojo’s large hands, his chest coming down to press against yours preventing anymore movements from you.
- “It’s too late run away now princess, I need you-“ he said playfully as he let his teeth graze against the soft skin of your neck before he let them sink into the plush skin, just enough so that it didn’t break the skin.
- You let out a loud whimper into his ears at the sharp stinging feeling of his canines bruising your skin.
- His cock twitched at the broken sound of your voice. He couldn’t take it anymore, he needed to be inside of you right now.
- In a second, he angled his large tip at your cunt before sliding into your already drenched walls, savoring the feeling of your cunt already fluttering around his length rapidly from the overstimulation.
- “Nngh!!…Satoru, I-I can’t, it’s too much!!” You moaned out when you felt his tip rub up against your already abused sweet spot. One of his hands slid down your waist and gripped your ass, giving it a firm squeeze as he placed a kiss over his bite mark.
- He knew you could handle it, and you both knew that you had your safe word available whenever you needed it so he continued his movements on your worn body despite your protests.
- He lifted his chest off of you as he adjusted his grip on the sheets besides your head, his snowy hair draping his face as he looked down at you.
- “I think you deserve this…” he said with a smirk before he began to thrust into your soaking cunt, your walls gripping him tight as your moans rang off of the walls.
- Your broken moans turned into borderline sobs when his thrusts into you quickened, his pace only getting faster and faster as his breath started to pick up into deep puffs of air.
- Gojo looked down at your legs when he started to feel them trembling against his thighs, his fast pace causing your skins to slap against each other’s rapidly.
- He held your hips firmly against his as he pulled you up into his thrusts slightly.
- Gojo’s eyes trailed back up to your face when he heard your moans turn into choked whimpers. His eyes sparked when he saw the the tears roll out of your foggy eyes and land on the sheets below you.
- The sight of you trembling and squirming with tears trickling down your burning cheeks, all because of his large cock inside of you had him seeing stars.
- Something about your sparkling tears just ignited a burning desire in his heart to make you scream, to absolutely ruin his pretty little Angel.
- And with that he quickened his pace as he ruthlessly nailed his cock into your warm cunt, his tip pounding your your sweet spot with each thrust.
- “AAAH!! TORU-WAIT!!” You screamed as your body got rocked by Gojo’s forceful thrusts into you.
- Your walls clenched tightly around his twitching member causing him to let out a string of breathy moans as he shut his eyes in concentration with his brows furrowed.
- Your legs stilled trembled against his as his thrust became more sporadic and his moans got louder and more broken.
- In a second, he thrusted into you one more time before he buried his cock balls deep into your quivering cunt.
- His hot seed spilled out of his throbbing tip in sudden spurts as he buried his face into your neck, his sharp breaths tickling the skin of your neck as he held your hips in place firmly.
- His long wait before getting his release as he tortured you caused him to cum harder than ever into your walls.
- The feeling of his warm seed filling you up caused your high to crash down on you suddenly.
- Your walls closing in on him sporadically at the intense feeling of your orgasm washing over you had you both a moaning mess.
- Gojo’s breathing returned to deep staggered breaths as he lifted himself from your neck so that he could see your face.
- Your face was flushed, completely fucked out by Gojo’s bullying. Your plush lips were slightly swollen from all of the lip biting that you were doing and your brows were still knit together from the pleasure.
- Your hooded eyes looked up at him, walls still clenching around his softening cock.
- “You did so well for me princess,” Gojo said as he brought his hand up to caress the side of your face, his thumb wiping at the tears that still rolled down your cheek.
- You responded with a tired pant as you rolled your eyes exhaustedly and looked over to the side once again, your breath still catching up to you.
- Gojo smiled at your tired actions before placing a soft kiss on your burning cheek that was on full display for him.
- He let out a soft breath as he slid his length out of your swollen slit, his cum glazing his shaft and dripping out of your beat up hole.
- “It was just a prank,” you said weakly with your head still faced away from him.
- Gojo stared at you dumbfounded for a few moments before his features relaxed to show his previously tired face.
- “…Well what’s done is done” he said before bending down and tilting his head to catch your lips in a soft kiss, missing the taste of your plush lips on his.
- You just knew you were going to be beyond sore the next day when you winced at Gojo’s light touch on your hips.
Tumblr media
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s0dium · 3 months
Pussy drunk men
Tumblr media
A/n: Yeah, while ive been gone this has been on my mind
Warning: Pussy drunk men, choking, slow to rough sex, whimpering, love struck reader
You swear to god you forget how to breath when you hear his whimpers.
They come from his throat, soft, shy, like he cant fathom what he's feeling right now. His hips stutter as they press against your own, and his chest rises and falls in deep intervals. The grip he has on your hips is bruising, like he is holding onto you for dear life as he plunges his throbbing dick into your warm cunt.
"O-oh god," He groans, burying his nose in the crook of your neck and continuing the slow roll of his hips into you. Its also dizzying how his tip bumps into your cervix and his pelvis rubs on your clit. His hair is sticking to his sweaty forehead and god he is trying his best to surpress his moans by biting his lip but its clearly not working.
"H-hey its ok, look at me," you manage to whisper, nudging his head and bringing him to look at you. You gulp as you take in his face; his eyes are lidded with lust and his lips are slightly parted. You forget what you were going to say and instead guide his hand to your throat, letting him slightly squeeze it before he leans into you for a warm messy kiss.
Your lips slowly meld and your tongues dance together. He groans into your mouth and starts to quicken the speed of his thrusts. You gasp at the sudden change of pace and try to break away from the kiss but he keeps you still with his hand on your throat.
"Stay still f'me ok baby?"
Yuji, Yuuta, Kirishima, Bokuto, Geto, Megumi, Draken
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hanmas · 3 months
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
「 CHARACTERS 」 ⋮ gojo satoru, geto suguru, fushiguro toji, nanami kento, okkotsu yuta
≣ contents ⋮ nsfw and 18+ content, all characters are aged up, fem! reader, unprotected sex, squirting, overstimulation, cunnilingus, clit slapping, dacryphilia, size kink, riding, fingering, creampie
≣ notes ⋮ have not posted in a bit oops
Tumblr media Tumblr media
gojo is mean under the ruse of being sweet, cupping your cheek tenderly as he chuckles at your tears. he likes watching you squirm, watching your hands pressing gently at his chest to push him away even as your hips meet his thrusts halfway. you’re sensitive, the drag of his thick veins running along your walls and the blunt head of his cock kissing the spongy spot deep in you, making you sob as you near yet another orgasm. 
“p-please, toru—’s too much, i c-can’t—”
“aw sweetheart,” he coos, kissing the tears that slip from your lashline and coat your cheeks, making you whimper as you feel his navel bump along your clit. “don’t underestimate yourself,” he chuckles, groaning as you hug tightly around him, “you can give me one more, can’t you? just so damn needy for me, aren’t you, baby?” 
his hips slam into you faster now, angling to hit you right against your sweet spot, making you cling to him as sob, legs hooking around his hips as your hands tug at his hair. 
“toru, toru—oh,” you gasp, hips raising off the mattress as your orgasm crashes over you, pulling whimpers and mewls from your lips as your release coats him and soaks the mattress under you. gojo’s hips almost still as he watches you, entranced—and then he groans needily, bucking into you harsher as he chases his own high. 
“fuck,” he curses, “think you can do that again, baby?” he asks desperately, lust in his voice even after all the rounds he’s fucked you through, “jus’ one more time, yeah? wanna see it one more time.”
Tumblr media
geto hums against your pussy as your legs squeeze around his head, one hand moving to stroke your thigh soothingly as he licks another stripe along your folds. he’s fucking his tongue into you before flicking it along your clit, staring up at you with wide, hazy eyes as he watches your lips part with another moan. 
“suguru—fuck, like that,” you plead, grinding your hips further against his face. his tongue plunges past your folds once more, nose bumping along your clit and making your fingers tangle into his hair. he groans when you pull at the strands, making you sob with pleasure as the vibrations run along your heat. there’s a mess of your slick and his spit along his chin and your inner thighs—but it only makes him want you more, the taste of you on his tongue not enough to satiate his hunger. 
“c’mon princess,” geto mumbles as he presses a soft kiss against your clit, making you whimper as your hips buck for more friction, “gonna cum nice and hard for me, right? like a good girl?”
“y-yes—yes, gonna cum,” you gasp, biting your bottom lip when you feel yourself get closer and closer to falling over the edge—and when his lips wrap around your clit and suck, you can’t help but let go, the coil in your belly snapping with more force than ever. “su-suguru—”
you cut yourself off with a squeal as you cum, hard, gushing over his face as you release, making his eyes widen before they narrow with urgency. his lips don't leave your dripping cunt, making you whine as it becomes too much—but he’s determined to watch you cum like that again.
“sugu—” you sob, trying to push him away, but he wrenches your legs apart and slaps your cunt with a warning.
“don’t interrupt, baby,” he growls, “‘m not finished yet.”
Tumblr media
toji likes to watch you struggle to sink down on him, the thickness of his girth almost too much for you to take even after so much prep. he smirks up at you, scarred lips forming a lopsided grin as he watches you huff in frustration. his arms are behind his head, lazily raking dark eyes over your figure before settling on your glistening folds, spread open as you take him in slowly, the head of his cock disappearing inch by inch as you whimper. 
“‘s big,” you whimper pitifully, lips wobbling as they curl into a pout, “c-can’t—”
“need help, huh doll? can’t do nothin’ on your own?” he chuckles before flipping you over, slowly pushing past your tight cunt and bottoming out, making you squeal as your arms wrap around his neck. the sounds you make against his ear as he slowly rocks into you encourage him to pick up his pace, right until he’s bullying into you cruelly, hand reaching between your bodies to find your clit. 
“‘m close,” you whine, “please, please—need it,” you babble, making him chuckle smugly as he kisses the skin of your neck. 
“close, huh? already?” he mocks, groaning as you clench down on his cock at his words, a dull ache spreading to his heavy balls as he quickens his pace and chases his own high, “so fuckin’ tight, doll. feel so—”
“oh,” you sob, and then he feels his crotch soak, staring down in shocked, wide eyes as you gush all over him, wetting the sheets under you and leaving your skin glistening with your release. he blinks, before another cocky grin tugs at his lips as he rolls his hips and slams into you with a punishing pace. 
“atta girl,” he rasps, “so fuckin’ pretty. be a doll and do it again for me, okay?”
Tumblr media
nanami is gentle—delicate as he kisses between your brows, whispering praise against your skin as he trails his lips along your cheeks and jaw. your cries are muffled against his lips as he meets you with a deep kiss, his fingers sinking into your tight cunt and stretching you out, curling against the spot that makes your eyes roll and your lips part with a gasp. you feel the steady ache build, slowly bringing you closer to your high as his wrist thrusts to dig his fingers deeper.
“so pretty, love,” he hums, “always look so perfect like this. come on,” he presses a quick kiss to your lips, “cum for me. let go for me, yeah?”
“ken,” you whine, writhing when his palm glides over your clit as his fingers fuck into you fast, the squelching sound of his digits sinking in and out of you filling the room along with the soft moans you let out. “k-ken, ‘m…’m gonna—”
“let go,” he pushes, fingertips hitting your spot with perfect precision, making your back arch as you cum with a choked cry of his name, thighs shaking and toes curling at the intensity of your orgasm. he watches with labored breaths as your arousal coats his wrist, making a mess between your legs as your release flows from your dripping cunt. it makes his own erection throb against his boxers, straining to be set free and sink into your wet heat. 
“good,” you gasp, “feels good.”
“fuck,” nanami curses, pulling his fingers out of you and quickly exposing his red, aching member, “need to feel you do that on my cock.”
Tumblr media
yuta has lost count of how many times he’s cum in you, a ring of the mess he’s made formed at the base of his cock as he sloppily thrusts into you even as you both hiss with sensitivity. he can’t think straight—only aware of how badly he needs you, how there’s never enough when it comes to you.
“feels…feels so good,” he pants, his voice breathy and labored, “not enough, ‘s n-not enough. more,” he whines. 
“jus’ one more,” he pleads, cutting you off, “need more, princess. please.” 
you’re clinging to him, arms wound tightly around his neck and letting his cock bury deep into you with wet, squelching noises, muffled by the sounds of your whimpers and his low groans. his hands are everywhere—feeling you up as they trail over your skin and leave it burning with the feeling of his touch, bringing you closer to your high. 
“o-oh god…gonna—yuta,” you cut yourself off with a shriek of his name, and suddenly, he feels something wet coat him, looking down to watch with wide eyes as you soak him with your arousal, the clear liquid glistening along his crotch as you sob through your high. it makes his hips stutter before he cums instantly, body falling over yours as he’s gasping into your neck, your walls spasming around him and milking him of his cum. 
“fuck, fuck—again,” he pleads, “do that again. need to feel you again,” he babbles, hips still rutting into you as his cock twitches with each rope of cum he spills into your abused cunt.
Tumblr media
© hanmas do not plagiarize, repost, translate to other sites, or recommend on platforms outside tumblr such as tik tok
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sukuna-darling · 9 hours
ᴅɪʀᴛʏ sᴇᴄʀᴇᴛ Sᴀɴᴛᴀ ⥂ ᴛʀᴀᴘᴘᴇᴅ ʙᴇᴛᴡᴇᴇɴ
tags ⥂ 𝐦𝐝𝐢, PwP, m x w x m, mean!toji, mean!sukuna, painslut!pervert!reader, threesome, face fucking, toji sticks his thumb in your butt, degradation, cervix fucking, spanking
Christmas event!
It’s one-second Toji’s warm fat head is nudging your push lips apart. In another second his large hands are on your hips, and his balls slap your clit. Whilst his cock head hits your cervix.
Crying loudly whilst grabbing onto Sukuna’s thighs right in front of you. “Tight, but I can make her take it. Fuck she's too tight for me to pull out.” The fat ridges of his mushroom cockhead tugs on your pussy.
Sukuna grabs a fistful of your hair pulling your head back. Opening your mouth and sticking your tongue out. He spits on the tip of it, pushing his spit deeper with his cock.
Toji pulls your hips back to meet his thrust. Jerking forward your hips forward as his cock head hits your cervix. Sukuna takes the chance to thrust forward. His thick heavy balls press against your chin.
Toji coos, “Look at her, slut thinks she can fucking get away.” Sukuna presses your head down on his cock. And it isn’t long before your eyes blur with tears from gagging on him.
Sukuna tightens his grip on your hair. Whilst he says, “Aw your eyes are watering up after gagging a few times.” Gagging again, tears around down your cheeks. As he groans he slowly drags himself out of your mouth.
Swirling a slicked-up thumb around your ass. And slowly pushing it past as Toji spits again. Which he pushes inside to smear around as Sukuna groans,
“Don’t stretch her ass out too much, I want to make her cry for being a mouthy brat earlier.” The only thing keeping you upright being Sukuna’s grip on your hair. Whilst your body relaxes between the too.
The quick pace of Toji’s thrusts made every slap of his hips hurt. Almost as much as his heavy hand coming down on your cheeks. So he can watch your cheeks jiggle. Whilst your soft lips wrap around his head.
Toji groans, “Cheep fucking bitch giving me your pussy instead of bothering to get me something. For it to count it should last for a couple of months.” Their pace matches, with Toji’s thrust pushing you forward to meet Sukuna’s.
Sukuna smears, “Just a month I say until next Christmas. You can put up with getting trapped between both of us? I’m sure she would beg for it.”
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ghxstic · 3 months
Tumblr media Tumblr media
⸝⸝ A/N :: serial killer! toji makes me feel some type of way <3 5.2k words.
⸝⸝ SYNOPSIS :: you're a college student, one dark night, the time was passing by normally, that is until infamous serial killer, toji fushiguro, breaks into your house with the intent to kill. you manage to run, but not for long, what will you do to save yourself?
⸝⸝ C/W :: dub-con, hunter and prey dynamics, mentions of murder / violence, breeding, mating press, slapping, degrading, mentions of impregnation, kidnapping, cheating, etc .
⸝⸝ TAGLIST :: @devmimi @luvbladez @snake-titan @zannivrs @fatenpara @lilithlunas @fartwithsplinters @beebopsalad @chaoticevilbakugo @getoswhore
Tumblr media
a soft sigh escaped your lips as your eyes gazed over your notes, studying for a midterm at night was always a daunting task. a cup filled with coffee sat beside you on the desk, the only thing keeping you awake, sure the only thing coffee brought was a false sense of alertness, but it still kept you relatively awake. 
rubbing your forehead, you let out a small groan, for how long have you been studying? you started at around five thirty in the afternoon and now it's eleven at night, seven hours? you needed a break, desperately. 
standing up and taking your mug with you, you sat on your bed, placing the mug on the nightstand before laying down, your muscles tensed as your back got used to the new position, you have been hunched over your notes for hours now. making a small mental note, you needed to fix your posture. 
taking out your phone, the home screen flashed brightly, showing off your notifications, you had a handful of text messages, some from your friends, and some from your boyfriend. seeing his name on your screen made you smile.
nuzzling onto the soft pillow, you opened your phone, tapping in your passcode quickly before opening your boyfriend's messages. 
' hi baby, are you still studying? '
' remember to not overwork yourself, love you. '
your face felt warm reading his messages, gentle butterflies filling your stomach, clicking the keyboard, you were quick to type up a response. 
' hi! i just finished studying, my brain feels like mush. but coffee always comes to the rescue! how are you? '
you didn't know if he was awake at this hour, it was almost midnight after all, maybe he had already fallen asleep waiting for your reply, which made your heartache from guilt, maybe a bit of anxiety. unconsciously, your lips caught up teeth, chewing on it as you stared at your screen. but the message was opened, the little ' read ' coming at the bottom, which surged a new sense of alertness, he was typing. 
' i'm good, baby. i hope your study session went well, i know you're going to do amazing on this test. '
again butterflies filled your stomach, your hand went to your mouth as a small noise left your lips, a small squeal, he was always so sweet, constantly praising you and making you feel loved, it was like a dream come true for you. he had to be your soulmate, no other man has made you feel this loved, and truly, you have never fallen for someone so hard before. he was everything you ever wanted, kind, funny, handsome, he respected you and your goals, encouraging you to follow your heart instead of pushing them aside. he was absolutely perfect. 
as the minutes passed, the two of you kept talking, he asked you about your studying, about your day, if you ate, etcetera. and you did the same too, you asked about his day, how work went, how he was, overall the conversation was lively and it always left you aching for a response from him. the evening couldn't get any better. 
but that loving liveliness in the night was quick to end, a noise came from your living room, it was rather loud, making your body jump in surprise. your eyes moved to the door of your room, your door was shut, but even then your eyes were wide and you were high and alert. 
what was that?
your mind started to go 70 miles per hour, trying to rationalize the noise, you were home alone, was it the fridge? maybe it was refilling the icemaker? no, it didn't sound like the fridge, maybe something fell? right? sure. you nodded to yourself, letting yourself relax. your attention went back to your phone, going back to texting your boyfriend, but then another noise came from outside your room, now that scared you. something couldn't have fallen twice, there was no heavy wind inside your home or any pet that could hit a surface that could cause a noise.
slowly, you sat up on your bed, staying quiet to keep an ear out for any other noise. it was faint, but you still caught it, the creaking of wood, your floors were old and wooden, the floor constantly creaked when someone walked on it. 
there was someone inside your house. 
you grabbed your phone quickly, your hands shakingly wrote your boyfriend a text. 
' there's someone inside my house. '
you didn't have any time to give more context, you stood up from your bed slowly, maybe it was a friend? that sounds normal? right? 
but no, your friends wouldn't stop by your house without telling you first, there was an intruder inside your house. you hoped it was just a thief, your feet stood in front of the door, as quiet as you possibly could. but your heart was hammering against your chest, you were horrified, you could hear the steps, getting closer and closer to your room. finally, your fight or flight kicked in, hide, you need to hide, you need to call for help too. 
you rushed to your bed, quickly arranging the sheets so it seemed like the house was vacant before hiding under it. you had no idea if this was a good idea, your house has never been broken into. your hand gripped your phone tightly, your hands quickly opened the call app on your phone, you could see your boyfriend was messaging, spamming you, but your ringtone was off, so there was no noise. you didn't care though, your main focus was to call 911. 
you opened the dial and quickly punched in the number, pressing your phone to ear your breathing was shaky, it felt like someone pressing on your chest. 
"911, what's your emergency?"
a woman's sweet voice came from your phone.
"someone broke into my house— send someone please— i-im alone, please—"
you whispered, your voice was shaky, your eyes focused on the door as you hid. 
the door's knob turned, he was getting in. 
"okay ma'am, what's your address?"
your heart was stuck into your chest, your eyes wide as the door creaked open.
"ma'am? are you there? i see your location, the police are on their way." 
she spoke, but you said nothing, your hand was clamped over your mouth, as you tried to muffle your fast and shaky breathing. 
a deep chuckle filled the quiet room, "i know you're here." a new voice came in, it was a man, the person inside your room, it was a man with a deep voice, sending shivers down your spine, you heard him walk towards your bathroom. he opened the door and scanned the restroom, you heard him jank the shower curtain back, he muttered something before entering the room again, part of you cussed, you should've taken the opportunity to run away, but you didn't. 
he walked to your closet, opening it, empty. just like the bathroom, his eyes narrowed, his back facing the bed, not in the bathroom or closet? he turned around, his hand gripping the handle of his blade tightly, his gaze fell on your bed. clever girl. 
slowly walking over, he stood by the end of the bed, kneeling down, he leaned down to see if you were under there. 
your back was facing the end of the bed though, you were frozen rigid, you knew he was there, you knew he had found you, but you didn't know he was bent over, you didn't know he was watching you. his eyes were piercing through you. the call with the 911 operator was still on, she was trying to reach you, asking if you were there, but you couldn't say anything. 
the man reached out for your ankle, you didn't know, you didn't know until it was too late.
a large hand gripped your ankle, before you could even say or think, your body was pulled from under the bed. your hands tried to grip the floor, trying to pull away but he was stronger than you, much stronger. 
once you were exposed, your body was shaking like a leaf, your eyes were wide and teary, your eyes met his. something about seeing the man in front of you broke you. a scream left your lips, as you tried to kick his grip away. 
he stared in amusement, trying to kick him off? how cute. his grip got tighter, painful, he was definitely going to leave a bruise. 
"c'mon kid, stop kicking 'n screaming, you're only making it harder for yourself." he said, but you didn't falter, you caught a glance of his knife, it only encouraged you more, if you were going to die, you were going to die trying to run away. 
toji tsked, he got on top of you, one hand holding your ankle while the other gripped your chin, the blade was so close to your skin. now, he leaned down to your level, his dark eyes connected with yours. now you could really see him, messy black hair, he had a scar on his lips, dark bags under his eyes, he was much older than you, maybe in his early 40's? but his gaze. the murderous glint behind his eyes, it made your heart fall to your stomach. 
he was familiar, you knew him from somewhere, your brain worked on trying to see why you knew him. why was he so familiar, then it hit you, he was on the news, his headshot. his name was toji fushiguro, he had been on the news recently, he was a serial killer. he had been accused on at least three murders recently, and suspected for more. now the realization hit you, you were going to join that list. there's so many things you haven't been able to do in life, you haven't even graduated college, this was your third year, you haven't gotten married, you haven't had kids, all those traditional adult steps that you didn't care for then were now the most important thing in your eyes. you haven't seen your boyfriend, your parents, your family, you haven't been able to say goodbye to your loved ones. the realization was heartbreaking. 
"just give in 'n it'll be less painful, 'kay?" toji spat, a twisted smile coming to his lips as he saw the realization hit you. the way you got that hopeless look on your face, how cute. 
what he didn't expect was for your knee to crash against his groin, that really caught him off guard. while his hand gripped your ankle, he forgot about your other leg. a strained groan left his lips before he moved away, he let go of you before yelling curses. 
seeing now that his hands were off you, your window of freedom opened and you didn't hesitate to take it. you scrambled to your feet and ran out of your room, your adrenaline spiked and you were going to take advantage of it. toji was doubled over himself, he watched as you left, he cursed to himself, fucking bitch. he heard the backdoor slam open, he wasn't going to let you get away. grabbing the handle of his knife again, toji got to his feet and ran after you. you want to play hunter and prey? fine. just know, you'd be hunted.
you had run out the backdoor, your backyard was practically a forest, you knew your way around the forest, you hoped you had the advantage, that he would get lost and stop following you. besides, the police were supposed to be on their way. 
you were barefoot, sprinting down the wooded area, barely paying attention behind you. your adrenaline was so high you could barely notice the ache of your legs or the burn in your chest.
you thought you had the advantage, but toji was right on your tail, he was fast, faster than you expected, even if you ran as fast as you could, he was faster. you were truly the prey here, you were stupid for underestimating him. 
your sprinting got caught off when two large muscular arms wrapped around you, one pressing the knife tightly against your throat, with one harsh slash he could easily slit your throat. your eyes were wide as you felt him against you, you were breathing heavily, and now your muscles started to register the soreness, making it hard to even stay standing upright. toji was breathing heavily too, his warm breath brushed against your ear. his chest was heaving against your back.
he laughed at your worthless attempt to run away from him. "you're really fucking stupid huh? - hah - now look at you, all worn out and useless." toji degraded. 
you let out a small whimper, tears building up at your waterline quickly, "p—please, don't kill me, i'll do anything! i won't tell the police, i promise! just let me live!" you cried out, tears streamed down your cheeks like a waterfall, sobs leaving your lips with no end. toji only tightened his hold on you, he stayed silent for a few seconds, "yeah? you'll do anything?" toji questioned, you nodded your head quickly, small hiccups and whimpers leaving your lips, not hesitating at all. toji hummed in reply, you were waiting to see what would happen, part of you expected to be let go while the other expected your neck to be sliced open and you'd be left there, to bleed out in the middle of the forest. 
but instead, toji shoved you to the ground, the collision knocked the breath out of your lungs, weakly, you turned around stared up at toji, you didn't know what go expect, but you didn't expect his hands to be untying the knot on the waistline of his pants. 
then it hit you, he was going to fuck you, normally you wouldn't allow this, but if it meant you'd die, you just let him do what he wanted. 
"pull your pants down." toji commanded, standing over you, with a small sniffle, you started fumbling with your pajama pants before slipping them off slowly. as well as your panties, leaving your lower body bare, you felt ashamed, were you really letting this happen? not wanting to get brutally murdered by the man before you, you just complied, spreading your legs, trying to keep the killer happy. seeing you like this made his cock twitch, oh you were so desperate, he could tell, but he liked that. he liked dumb little girls like you. 
he kneeled in between your legs, pulling his shirt up slightly, revealing the lower part of his abdomen, you couldn't help but stare, his happy trail starting under his belly button, and his v-line was pronounced, it leading down to the bulge under his baggy pants. 
he pulled his waistband down, his cock springing out nicely, causing your eyes to widen slightly, it was so big, so thick, precum adoring his tip. this made your muscles tense, did you really want to do this? was it too late to run away? was death the better option? your boyfriend flashed through your mind, making guilt to wash over you, if you survive this, he would understand right? probably, but would he forgive you? you didn't know, you were too focused on your own regrets that you didn't notice how toji had towered over you. 
seeing how your mind was somewhere else, toji pulled his hand back, slapping you across the face before gripping your chin, forcing you to look at him, you were brought out of your guilt filled daze and stared at him, like a deer caught in headlights, your cheek stinging from the slap. "if you pull any more tricks, i promise i'll kill you. i'm being nice with you, 'kay?" he warned, his voice laced with pure venom, this time, you knew he wasn't messing around, nodding your head, you replied. "y—yes, i p—promise." you whimpered, toji grinned, "good girl." he praised. 
taking a hold of his cock, toji pressed it against your entrance, but before he could push in you spoke up, "w—wait, no prep or anything?" you questioned, but toji only laughed, he took a hold of your hips with such ease, he held them up so your cunt would be closer to his lips. due to the position, your back dragged against the grass under you. what was he going to do? toji then spat down on your cunt, making your hips buck against the air at the feeling. a soft noise left your lips, toji pressed his thumb against your cunt, spreading the saliva around so it coated your slit. then he dropped your hips down.
"there, i don't want you breaking with just the tip." toji spoke, his hands helping his cock press against you, something about his words made your cunt clench around nothing. the way he spoke about himself just made you feel some type of way, but you didn't know how. his confidence made you squirm, but you were still grateful that he at least prepped you a bit. 
toji rubbed his bulbous tip against your hole, you just needed to calm down, your eyes shut, trying to imagine something to distract you, you imagined your boyfriend, maybe if you imagined him while toji used you, you didn't have to feel too guilty? maybe it will make time pass faster? you just wanted this to end so you could be left alone, that is, if toji was kind enough to let you go. something inside you said that you were being too hopeful, but at this rate you needed more positivity in this situation. 
since your eyes were closed, you didn't notice how close toji was to pushing his cock in, his thick cock was pushed inside you stretching you out further than ever before, a sharp cry of pain left your lips and your eyes practically shot open, your hands instinctively gripping his shirt, tears built up in your eyes for the pain of being brutally stretched out like that. toji groaned though, your walls practically suffocated his cock, they were so tiny compared to his girth, it made his eyes shut in bliss. 
small sobs left your lips as you tried to accommodate him, it's either this or death, you reminded yourself as you tried to calm down. but god, it was so hard, he was so big, you swore that if he moved he would break you. he was so deep inside too, you didn't think it was that deep. toji pressed his palm against where your womb would be, "am i too big for ya, kid? i can see my cock inside ya." toji mused, pressing down on the bulge in the bottom of your tummy. you whimpered, teary eyes moving down to where his hand was, holy shit, there was a tummy bulge, the sight making your cunt clench around him, sudden arousal pooling to your cunt. 
"ya like that? you like having my cock?" toji teased, his hips pulled back before rolling his hips against yours, feeling his thick cock rub against your walls made you whimper, your little hands gripped his shirt, while your gaze was still on your belly, watching as the stomach bulge disappeared but appeared once more when he pushed in. his thrust was slow, mostly because he was interested in watching how you took his fat cock, not because he cared for you. his next thrust was harder, uncaring. 
what did you expect? he has killed countless people before and he showed absolutely no care for them, why would he care now? toji wasn't your boyfriend, he wasn't someone you shared a story with, he was just an obstacle. he was using you for his needs and you were letting him. 
your lips parted as shaky breaths and gasps slipped past, fuck, toji's hands moved to grab your legs, he easily folded your body into the position he wanted to, your legs were trapped in between his thighs and his arms, his body shadowed over you. he had you folded nicely into a mating press. the new position gave you the illusion that his cock was just hitting deeper than you expected. 
the small breathless gasps that left your lips slowly turned into small moans, you couldn't control it, the full feeling he gave you made your stomach twist. maybe it was the danger, he could kill you right now, but he wasn't, the older man was enjoying your little cunt wrapped around him.
he kept fucking his cock inside you, but as much as you hated the idea of sleeping with another man before, you couldn't help but enjoy it now. you tried to keep your moans and whines minimal, a voice inside your head telling you that the police would find you like this if you let yourself loosen up. now, were you afraid to get caught due to your dignity? were you afraid they would see you in such a vulnerable state? or were you afraid that they would see you enjoying it? what would people think if they saw the way your little hands gripped his biceps? what would they think if they saw your face twisting in pleasure? what would they think when they heard your cunt squelching as he fucked you? that didn't matter now. 
you couldn't help but enjoy it, the danger of the situation only adding more to your senses, like this you realized toji was an attractive man, much older and insane, but his facial structure made your walls flutter. having his face so close to yours, his breathing gently caressing your skin, how his lips were parted and deep, guttural groans left his lips. 
toji placed his large palm on the side of your head, he pushed your head to the side, your cheek pressed against the dirt floor, he angled his hips again, keeping you folded into a mating press, but with his palm staying pressed against your head the power of his thrusts got harder and faster. 
the noise of skin slapping echoed through the dark and quiet forest, as well as the sinful noise of your cunt sucking toji back in greedily. 
"you hear that? sucking me back in like a whore, and just a while ago you were crying 'n screaming." toji spoke with a wicked smile on his lips as he fucked you senseless. "i wonder what that lil boyfriend of yours would say seeing ya like this—drooling on the cock of a murderer." toji mused, now at the mention of him your eyes widened, first the guilt rushed through your body, then a question popped in your mind. how did toji know about your boyfriend?
"h—how- how do you..k—know?" you asked weakly, the hand that was holding your face down now gripped your chin, he pulled your face so you could see him properly, his face was so close, it startled you. 
"i know everything about you, y/n l/n." toji spoke, a twisted grin on his lips as he saw the horror wash through your face, even as he made this revelation, he kept fucking your cunt like a fleshlight, making your insides into mush. 
he knew everything about you? a new feeling of unease built up in your stomach, had he been watching you? for how long? what does he know? "i know about your studies, friends, your family, your boyfriend.." toji drawled, with every word he slammed his cock down inside you to add more punctuation, his cock knocked against your cervix as he did so, sharp moans leaving you lips as he did so. 
you were shocked, why you? so many questions filled your brain, but keep track of them was getting hard as toji kept fucking you.
you stopped caring about the consequences, the questions, you didn't care, at least not now. not when your cunt was stuffed and toji kept moving. your head turned to the side, moans leaving your lips, your tone getting louder and more high pitched. 
atta girl. finally giving in. 
toji kept slamming his hips against yours, his hand gripped your shirt before yanking the hem up, your tits bounced at the force of his thrusts. leaning down, he put his lips on your nipple, sucking on it so hard it bruised, this repeated for the other, then he littered hickies on your chest, marking you as his. 'property of fushiguro' he thought, he leaned back, your head was still to the side, that was no fun. if you were going to keep moaning like a whore while you got fucked, he at least wanted to see your slutty face. 
he yanked your face so you would look at him, "look at me while i fuck you, 'kay?" toji ordered, and you nodded weakly. so obedient. 
you were sopping, your slick coated your cunt, his cock, balls, and pubic bone, as well as your thighs. you really were enjoying this, huh? he never imagined you to be like this, from all he knew you and your boyfriend were slow and vanilla, you weren't being taken care of sexually if you were this messy. no worries, toji is here now. 
your cunt started to tighten, and your moans were practically incoherent babbles. "m'gonna— c—cum!—toji!—" you cried out, a horrible pressure had been building up for a while now. throughout the time your arms had wrapped around the older man for some type of support. you could barely handle it anymore, the pleasure was way too much for your body to handle. you kept babbling about your climax and how close it was, toji let you cling onto him while his lips were on your neck, bruising and biting your skin. 
finally, the pressure snapped and your body jolted against his, your back was arched and your head was thrown back against the dirt floor, your eyes rolled back as a sharp cry left your lips. now you were nothing but a mess, hearing you cry like that made toji tense, the way your cunt squeezed down on him, milking him, he was getting close too. your walls fluttered and your body shook. 
you laid back, your arms resting against the floor and your gasped and panted, glossy eyes looking up at toji. his large palms moved your thighs again, this time he pressed them tight against your chest, your calves rested over his shoulders as he chased his climax, he was grunting and groaning. 
"when i cum, m'gonna fill you up, maybe get you pregnant, how does that sound, huh? then you can be with me." toji grunted, but instead of a cry or argue, you just nodded your head like a dumb bimbo, still crying his name as your body tingled in overstimulation. 
"mmyeah–! breed me, p—please!—" you moaned, your constant begs and moans were fucking killing him. in all these years he's never fucked someone like you, you had him in a fucking chokehold. he was sweating, you both were, his ebony colored hair was stuck to his forehead, he grunted as his thrusts got sloppy, he was going to cum, he was going to fill your little cunt to the brim. make sure you get pregnant with his kid, just so he can have you to himself. 
his cock twitched, and with a deep groan toji came, he had shoved his cock inside you, letting it pressed against your cervix before his cum spurted out, thick, warm, and milky. it painted your walls nicely, stuffing you nicely too. his body weight was pressed against you, making sure to keep you filled. slowly, he rolled his hips against yours as he came down from his high, his breathing was heavy and so was yours. your brain practically stopped working, all you could think about was toji, only him, your body was limp and sore, and your cunny was nice and filled. 
toji pulled out, his eyes watched as your stomach bulge left and your cunt oozed. he pulled back from your body, his gaze still on your cunt, with two fingers he pushed his cum back inside you before shoving his soft cock back inside his pants. 
now, you could barely think straight, what was he going to do with you? he snatched your pants and panties off the floor before haphazardly putting them back on your body, he then pushed your shirt down, but what about now? he remembered you were in a call with emergency services, which was a pain in the ass, toji stood up from the floor, he saw something glimmer, his blade, he grabbed it and shoved it into his pocket. he couldn't take you back to your house, with a groan, he pulled you off the ground with relative ease, with those muscles of him, you weighed nothing to him.
your head  rested against his chest, you were so ungodly tired now, that you couldn't process anything and just drifted off in the hands of a murderer. 
now that he minds, it's better to deal with you when you're asleep, he doesn't want a moment of clarity to hit you and cause another fit like before. 
when you woke up, you were in another room, another place, your head was pounding. you barely remembered anything, reaching for your phone you saw nothing, then reality started to set in, you remembered the night before, the intruder, the game of predator and prey, and the way you got out of dying. you panicked, throwing the sheets off before scanning the room, maybe there was a phone here that you could use? when you saw nothing you aimed for the door, ignoring the soreness in between your legs, slamming the door open you rushed down the hall, only to slam against someone. 
"look at that, you're awake."
looking up, you met his eyes again, toji, it was him– you gulped, "where am i?" you asked, ignoring his comment, "my house, or should i say, our house?" he replied, smile crawling to his scarred lips. your eyes widened, "what are you talking about?" you questioned our house? what the fuck did he mean?
"after last night, after that little show you gave, i realized i wanted to keep ya, and that's what i'm going to do." toji said so casually, causing your lips to part, your words catching your chest. "b-but i– i have a life! i have college, family, friends, my boyfriend!— you're insane if you think you are just going to take me away from that!" you yelled, but he didn't care. "we'll figure that out later, and a boyfriend? yesterday you didn't care about him, why worry now?" toji laughed cruelly, shame and guilt filling your mind. 
"it's not like that and you know it.." you argued back weakly, not being able to meet his gaze, "yeah? yesterday you were like a dumb whore, crying over cock. i don't wanna hear your excuses." toji reminded, the more he spoke the more sick you felt, but you were mostly sick of yourself, because you knew all that was true. without replying, toji spoke up again. 
"besides, it doesn't matter if you run away or not, you're mine now, kid. and i will always find you."
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