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Tw: comfort, reader going through their monthly
Tumblr media
You tried focusing on your breathing, trying to find any semblance to put you to sleep. Unfortunately for you it seemed impossible at this movement. You sat up, pain shooting through your lower body as your breathing got heavier, your eyes barely holding onto your surroundings from the pain. You gulped as if to ground yourself but the action only hurt as you felt how dry it was. "Water... " you breathed, even speaking hurt at this point. Your partner has told you on several occasions to use pain killers sometimes if not always when the pain is too much in that time of the month but you didn't waver, knowing the long-term sickening effect it leads to. You stood up, your legs barely being upright straight without shaking as you exited the room, slow as a snail. You poured yourself a glass of water, wishing for your partner to soon get home from the urgent matter that took him away from you on a non working day. "I swear it's always on the way when he's out. " You gulped the warm water, finding little to no strength to get back to the bedroom and hence opting to lay on the couch, covering yourself messily with the thin blanket. You sighed shakily, your trembling hands rubbing up and down on your thighs and lower abdomen.
It was about 30 minutes later when the door to your shared house opened. You heard your name being called to which you just meekly replied a small "Here"
His senses were sharp when it came to you. Precise and full of love and care. He knew you like the back of his hand. His form entered the room, kneeling in front of you as he pushed a few strands away from your slightly sweaty face and tired eyes. "That time?" is all he asked and a nod from you is all he took before he went to stand up, gathering you in his arms, one supporting your back and the beneath your knees as he started making his way to what you assumed to be bedroom. You didn't say anything, too tired and pain struck as you let your head fall on his chest. He gently placed you on the bed before he exited the room before you can keep him with you.
His form entered the room shortly, a tray in his hand which he placed on the nightstand including various things.
He helped you sit up against the headboard, handing you a glass of tea he just brewed which is the best pain relieving one. You sipped on the hot beverage as he pushed up your shirt [his] slightly, placing a warm towel on your lower stomach and pulling the shirt back down. He draped a fluffy and warm blanket over your body knowing your tendency of hot and cold during this time. He sat beside you on the edge, waiting for you to finish the drink while simultaneously wiping your face with the dry towel. He placed the cup down as soon as you finished, the whole exchange all too silent as he went to other side of the bed and climbed in, moving his body closer to you while gently helping you lay down.Your form was laying falt on your back and he propped his head up supported by his arm and hand. He tucked your hair behind your ear before his hand came down. His deft hand massaging your thighs with just the right amount of pressure. You leaned into his touch, head burying into his firm chest as small hands bunched up the fabric of his shirt. Your thighs curled upwards, allowing his warm hand to fulling rub your thighs and eventually your lower back from inside the t-shirt. You released a shaky yet content sigh when suddenly a cramp hit making you wince, as if a natural instinct for him, his body curled into yours, the arm which was supporting him now wrapped around your upper back, hand moving up and down the back while the one on the thigh never ceased. "It hurts" came your broken whimper as his voice so many shades softer than how it usually was shushed you, " Shh it's okay.... I know it hurts love..... I'm so sorry.... " his voice was filled was soothing intent as his hand cradled your head into his chest, his lips placing a delicate kiss on top of your forehead. A few moments were spent in silence as his gentle gestures didn't stop, the only thing filling the space being the breathing, your eventual whimpers and his comforting words. His voice broke the silence as he started humming an aimless tune, his heavy voice a contract to his soft humming. Your eyes subconsciously started to shut, the exhausting and immense love and comfort setting in 'I didn't know he could do this too..... ' Your breathing evened out, giving enough of an indication to your lover that you're finally at peace but his hands never stopped, not wanting for you to suffer more of the immense pain that is enough to hurt him through you as one last kiss was placed on your forehead.
Tumblr media
Atsumu, Al haitham, Osamu, Kiyoomi, Childe, Tighnari, Iwazumi, Aakashi, Toji, Mikey, Sanzu, Dottore, Ayato, Suna, Gojo
Likes, comments and reblogs are always appreciated!
Written by Yours truly
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Tumblr media
- attractive things he does
suna rin , atsumu miya , kuroo tetsurou , sakusa kiyoomi
! the word d3ath, boys inlove, gn reader !
≈suna rin
•he talks about you extremely often
god bless anyone who asks ab u when u n rin r together,, holy shit. rin notices a lot of things about u, and even the tiniest , littlest details about u are so precious to him. u stick ur tongue out when ur focused? noted . ur good with kids? he’s absolutely inlove with u and thinking of u when he plays with or sees a child at one of his games. the boys will ask him yk, how’s yn, and all of a sudden they’re stuck for 1/2 hrs listening to tim talk about u.
“oh yeah how’s yn? it’s been a while”
“atsumu -”
*cracks knuckles*“ i am so glad you asked.”
he literally cannot help it , he doesn’t even realise that he’s talking sm bcus he just has so much to say about u? everything u do is just precious so now the guys just know not to ask or they’ll be screwed , lmao
•always makes eye contact when talking / loves eye contact
it lets him show u that he’s listening , since he’s not a huge talker . he doesn’t want u to think he’s bored of u speaking , or what ur saying , so he’s always, ALWAYS looking you in ur eyes when you talk. he does expect the same from u, ofc. if he’s talking and he catches u looking down he’ll stop, and when u ask why he’ll just flatly say ,” you weren’t looking so i assumed you stopped listening😐 ” and you just look at him like 😦 because it was only for like FIVE seconds .he truly doesn’t care what ur doing , he wants u to look at him when he’s talking - if you give him the eyes he will start stuttering 😔his gaze is always half - lidded, lazy almost, but it makes you feel like he’s seeing right into you. sometimes he’ll raise his eyebrows or scrunch them- but his main thing is eye contact.
•doesn’t treat you like everyone else
we all know rin is emo ☹️,so he does tend to give people the cold shoulder a lot . but u? never. if he’s stone walling his friends and you come up to him, he’s all smiles and ‘ hi, baby’ s . you just make him so so so happy. he’ll never call u annoying even as a joke like with his friends or act aloof- he expresses himself as much as he wants with u bcs ur his favorite </3 even his sister was so shocked when she over heard- y’all talking cus hes never that sweet to ANYONE. he’ll be clingy, he hugs u as soon as he sees u ( atsumu asked for a hug and rin flipped him off 😔😔😔✊), he wants u to know how much he loves u 24/7 cus you fr are special to him.
≈atsumu miya
•tucks your hair behind your ear/ brushes it out of your face
tsumu listens to u very tentatively when u talk, like he’s memorising everything that ur saying - the way ur saying it- what he’s feeling as u say it. he genuinely does wanna keep every moment with u tucked into his brain, so that when he’s lying awake at night thinking of u, he can day dream about u. when you glance up at him, chirping happily about your life to him, he can’t help but hesitantly move a large hand to your face and move away any hair in your face. his eyes flit away only for a moment- he’s still looking at you- just at a different part. he’ll blush a little when he does it for the first time , mumbling a ,” sorry, it was in your eyes.looked like it was botherin’ you.” truthfully,he wants to see your face properly, especially if you have bangs or something, tsum is moving it so he can see the way your eyebrows shoot up in excitement or knit together in frustration. he drinks in your expression, the story, everything in that moment he captures like a polaroid bc he just loves you so so much.
•doesn’t hold your entire hand- just a few fingers
because tsumu is tall it is kinda hard to lose him in a crowd. he will NEVER STOP using that excuse when it comes to holding onto u tho. he loves how your hands feel in his, the squish of your fingers, the way your fingers curl around his entire hand ( or attempt to. cus he’s so bloody large for absolutely no reason) without a thought. if your hands r smaller, he finds it so precious how your tiny little fingers are kinda just like , SWALLOWED by his hands . he thinks it’s so cute. if your hands are bigger/ the same size - it just makes him feel like a little kid to be holding a couple of ur fingers . bonus points if u run ur free thumb over his knuckles , he’s internally dying
if you have little kids in ur family they adore tsumu bcus he knows just how to entertain them lol. if he randomly gets tagged while theyre playing tag you best believe he’s SPRINTING. if they’re playing sally in the saucer , he WILL be sally and he absolutely will cheat and choose whoever he wants to be sally. secretly likes playing with nerf guns and is rly dramatic if he gets shot😔 he’ll fall on the floor and hold his ‘wound’ and choke out “ tell ,,, tell my yn,,,,, that i love them,,,,” “uncle tsumu it was a foam bullet🧍🏽” “shhhh hush yer trap” LMAOO he’s rly good with kids . also is amazing at calming down babies when they cry, like he’ll cradle them and make the most stupid noises, nuzzle them and all of a sudden they’re the happiest child alive.
≈kuroo tetsurou
•quips back at sarcasm
if there is no banter, tetsu doesn’t want it. keep ur relationship ✊😔. he literally adores the attitude, if he’s bullying you and you bully him back he’s already SMITTEN CUS WDYM ‘ you would be short too, if you weren’t made up of 90% bed head’ ?? WDYM BRUH THATS SO???🤭 if you tell him to stfu he’ll start giggling he’s literally insane. tetsu cannot help the goofy grin on his face when you don’t even hesitate to hand his attitude right back to him 10x worse, because it feels like you’re just his best friend having fun with him. it also shows him that y’all are similar and can relate to eachother, he rly eats it up. he’ll start pulling out scientific facts to cover up that he’s losing lmao💀
•knows you like the back of his hand
kuroo can read u like an open book, u can hide NOTHING from him. if ur upset he knows , if ur sad he knows, he knows when ur lying. you often times don’t even need to tell him if ur feeling uncomfortable or sad bcus he can just tell and will do anything to fix it. he understands ppl really well without them having to say much, he’s very perceptive. you being his partner means that he can do a lot more than just tell when you need some comfort- but he also knows exactly what you need to hear. so if ur upset, and if you’re comfortable, he’ll settle you down and ask what’s up. he’ll listen, comfort you and then tackle the problem. he is also ready to throw hands if someone’s upset you
•is a lovesick idiot with zero shame
when kuroo likes you, he likes you💀 the whole world, their mothers, their fathers and their sisters know about it , because of the way he acts around you. his face will contort into a sappy grin accompanied by dreamy eyes whenever you’re in the room, he’s always a lot more bright when you’re around, and suddenly when you’re around, everything is funny. even in a room of people he knows, you still get his undivided attention even if you aren’t speaking. everyone knows just how much he cares for you, and the best part is that he doesn’t even express anything verbally, it’s his actions that showcase the pit of admiration he holds for you deep in his heart . kenma’s heard everything about you atp, his grandma is SICK of hearing “ today yn and i-,” ,” nana you wont believe what happened with yn today-!” ,” nana, yn said i looked handsome today, can you believe it?”,” yn laughed at a joke i made today, they’re so smart, it was literally a college level chemistry joke and- HEY DONT ROLL YOUR EYES AT ME NANA”she’s EXHAUSTED 💀
≈sakusa kiyoomi
•pulls his mask down real quick to kiss you
as much as kiyoomi is stoic, it’s just because he isn’t super comfortable around a lot of people and he HATES anything socialising. it makes him feel icky, like everyone is watching him and it’s just too foreign. seeing you in a crowd makes it a lot easier for him, because he’s made you aware of his boundaries and discomforts, and you respect them as well as protect them. he values it a lot when people don’t see him as weird but rather particular. it’s honestly more of a comfort to him to be near you in public, but he would absolutely never say that. he’ll spot you, walk up to your group, put a firm hand on the other side of your head and pull his mask down☹️places a little peck on your forehead, muttering ,” hey , you” and then pulling it up again. you smile at your friends and take him aside - he swears you’re an angel for not making him talk to your friends. it’s a little gesture, but truthfully that’s what being with omi is. little gestures full of care, tenderness and understanding </33
•gets excited about small things
okay nOW listen to me . it isnt just any small thing . if the flower he planted sprouts a rose, you’ll hear a shout of ‘ YN, COME OUTSIDE RN’ coming from the yard and you SPRINT BCUS OMI RAISING HIS VOICE?????? but when you get there and you’re HUFFING, PUFFING , BLOWING THE HOUSE DOWN . his eyes are wide and he’s holding his phone up saying ,” yn, look. my roses are blooming,” he says in a tone that’s seemingly floating between excitement and wonder. your posture relaxes, seeing your 6’3 scary dog boyfriend fawn over his yellow roses just warms your heart </33 when you guys get a new cat together ( he is a cat person argue w the wall) he feels a part of him explode when the cat rubs it’s head all over him. he KNEELS to the floor of the adoption centre and holds the kitty’s head in his hands, stroking the little flat area in front of it’s little ears. he glances as you, eyes smile as he’s smiling behind his mask. ☹️☹️☹️END ME.
•picks up on small things
omi is observant as hell , so even when you guys are just friends he picks up on tiny things u do. when u make a weird face when u touch a weird texture or the way u try so desperately to end a convo with someone you ‘ like ’ he absolutely knows what’s going and he’s like “ huh, didn’t know they didn’t actually like that person” but doesn’t say shit. next time that person is around he magically remembers he needs new wet wipes for his gym bag and funny enough it’s on the OTHER SIDE OF THE MALL😔🤞🏻 oh you don’t like the yellow lemony candy in the bag?? that’s weird, funny how it’s all of a sudden omi’s fav one and now he’s eating it all from the bag so u don’t have to. ( he puts in his wedding vows that he actually hates them too but he did it cus he ‘ unfortunately is inlove with you’ , lmao)
raine’s thots ୨♡୧;;
the rose thing was inspired by my mother, she’s a cutie):also maybe one day i’ll proof read this,,, 🤭who knaaaurrrss n e ways this was fun, byebye <33
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23:01 !
𖥨 feat. suna rintaro, in which suna knows you well enough to know you're clearly not okay
content. swearing, depression, descriptions of depression, slight angst, fluff and comfort.
a/n. — i fr wrote this for myself and myself only but im not the only one who needs this and i know that for a fact
Tumblr media
suna knows you like he knows the back of his hand. he has for the longest time. there could never come a life after this current one where he could ever forget a single piece of you because he knows you that well. your entire being, physical, spiritual, emotional are all familiars to him. it almost scares him how acquainted he is with you as a person.
he knows you nearly lose every bit of strength in your body when his lips press against that one spot near the base of your throat. he knows that you obsess over how clean your hands are after being informed how much filth and bacteria they carry. he knows you like iced coffee year round, you stutter when you're stressed, a book is always found in the tote bag you lug around and your airpods are never too far to find because you love music paired with a good book.
so suna most definitely picks up on your strange behavior as of late.
there's just a certain something missing from his dear lover and while it's so obvious, it's so so imperceptible at the same exact time. he's aware that there's something bothering you enough to constantly spoil your mood and hold that pretty smile of yours hostage, but he can't figure it out.
as we've discussed before, suna knows you. you like to keep to yourself when it comes to your emotions and mental burdens, always carrying the weight of life on your shoulder, never asking for help and never accepting it. this hurts suna as your caring boyfriend. it hurts him when he sees that it's tearing you to nothing and he has the ability to make it better, but he has no reach to you at all and when he thinks he does, you slip away.
he'll break down your walls and finally have a lead right before you grab a hammer with nails and build that defense right back up, throwing all of his effort into the trash, but he never blamed you. no, not at all. he sees the way you look at him before you sleep, almost like the night bringing possesses you to spill out every thought that has ever brushed the surface of your mind and each time he prays that the next words you say will be the ones that will help him help you, but atlas,
"goodnight, rin. i love you" you turn away from him after leaving a few soft kisses to his cheek, not oblivious to the way his expecting eyes lose hope and it breaks you.
"goodnight, baby. i love you too, sleep well." you feel his arms snake around your waist, pulling your back against his chest, his face nuzzling in the back of your neck leaving his hair to tickle your cheek.
for the first time today, you feel something and it's so deep and beautiful that it makes your eyes burn. but before you even have a chance to be overwhelmed with any emotions, your boyfriend reminds you, "i'm here for you. forever by and on your side."
then you come to a realization. the comfort of nightfall isn't what makes you vulnerable, your boyfriend is. the only moment that time stands still and the world seems silent is when you're finally resting in his arms. the only place you've ever felt safe and the only person that's ever made you feel truly alive.
there's days where you wake up and you feel nothing but a bottomless pit in your heart, it takes your breath away and it makes you feel empty. you drag yourself through the day with darkness looming over you and you carry that energy to your doorstep, where you shove it down deep where it came from and take a step inside of your home, pretending to be okay. but he knows.
and so do you. you know that he's there, so why is it so hard for you to let yourself receive comfort or help? do you feel undeserving or are you just that hopeless that you've convinced yourself that there's no point at all? either way, you tell yourself that this needs to be done. you need him and he needs you to need him.
the sudden realization fills that hole up with every bit of emotion gathered from the past few weeks, and discards them through your eyes.
suna doesn't say a word, but only helps you turn around to bury your face into his chest, a soothing hand rubbing down the expanse of your back and another securely placed on the back of your head.
he doesn't shush you and he doesn't tell you it's okay, he just lets you feel the things you've avoided. he'll share life advice and words of inspiration later, but for now, he wants you to let it all out.
the way you grip onto his sweater as if he'd ever dream of leaving you makes his heart crack. he can't necessarily pull you any closer than you are now but god, does he try. your tears soak through the fabric and your sobs make your body shake, the sight so painful that he closes his eyes and hurts with you, wishing that it would take a fraction of what you feel away.
as you're being held in the secureness of your boyfriend's hold, you're reminded right then when his teary eyes meet your own, his lips pressing the softest kiss to your damp cheeks and your trembling mouth.
you're not alone.
happiness will find you.
you will find happiness,
even in the dark.
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“I love you,” he tells you. His arms tighten around your body. Your hands, with a touch that is impossibly gentle, flatten the curls atop his head, twirl the hair by his nape between each finger. The gentleness comes to you as easily as breathing.
You stretch down to seethe into his ear: “Liar.”
Then he sinks deeper into your touch.
(Neither of you settle. There’s no point. He’ll be gone before the sunlight hits the curtains.)
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haikyuu in a long-distance relationship HCs
Tumblr media
Sugawara- he keeps a picture of you on his desk at work. sometimes his students ask about you and while he loves talking about you, he can't help but get a little sad as he explains that you're his partner and you live far away so he doesn't get to see you that much. His students would help him make a care package to send to you so you know that he's always thinking about you/
Ashai- He knows the distance is mostly his fault, he just travels so much for work. Ashai will always bring you gifts from whatever country he was visiting this time. and will stay up too ungodly hours of the night so you two can talk, and of course, when you do get time off he's more than happy to take you anywhere in the world you wanted to see. All of his models know about you because like Suga he never shuts up about you.
Kenma- you didn't realize that someone could be clingy over text. Kenma is messaging you constantly and will insist that you hop on a discord call with him to play games every night. He loves talking with you, he loves hearing your voice and seeing you smile. He always feels close no matter where he is
Kunimi- he steals from you every time you see him in person, your chapstick your clothes, it's all fair game. whenever he misses you he'll bring out his stash and pretend you're there with him. Of course, he doesn't just steal, he'll give you your stuff back when it doesn't smell like you anymore but he'll also sneak his own things into your bags so you can remember him too
Hanamaki- he's an absolute nightmare when it comes to saying goodbye he's just so strong and he won't let you go, it's impossible to escape when he's decided it's snuggle time. he sees you so rarely that you can't really get mad at him and it's not like you wanted to let go of him either.
Akashi- Akashi texts pretty often, and he calls almost every night but once or twice a month he writes you love letters, he'll also sends you packages stuffed with gifts. Keji's love language is gift-giving and he's not going to let distance stop him.
Ushijima- He brings you up in every interview, how much he misses you, how you are his rock, his whole world, and how much he loves you. Ushijima is such a quiet person it's a little shocking to hear him gush about his significant other.
Shirabu- he insists on taking 100,000 photos together when you do see each other not only so he can post you on his social media but also just so he can see you when he misses you. He has so many candid pictures of you mid-laugh, asleep, or otherwise just looking awful. he'd never delete them no matter how you beg, he loves seeing you.
Kita- he loves facetiming. it doesn't matter if you're even doing anything or even talking. He just likes being able to look over anytime he wants and see what you were doing. It feels domestic like he's right there with you. He will also make the most delicious home-cooked meals when you do see each other.
Suna- Suna will get some time off and just show up randomly, you'll text him that he should come over and bring food, and Suna will text you "bet" and show up an hour later because he was already on his way. god help you if he has a key to your place, you'll come home from a long day and your boyfriend will just be there. He never warns you about this.
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idlerin · 1 day
w bf!suna rintarou smau
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
✦ — notes: this was a random “dang what do i do i dont wanna sleep yet” thing except that now that ive posted it i do need to go sleep bc i have school in a few hrs
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demxnscous · 2 days
taps microphone — siren!suna + my nightly brainrot
i know we've been discussing mer!omi lately but theres smth pretty + dangerous abt the idea of suna as a siren. i feel like humans would be entertaining to him nd his voice is so pretty, but his words aren't always (they're sharp + he's a bit mean at times, but that's to be expected considering what he is)
also another one of those eventually turns-out-to be-possessive-if-he-doesn't-lead-to-your-demise situations bc . you're his. he likes pretty things, and to him, you're one of his pretty things. (and he doesn't want anyone else having what is his)
possessive is quite literally one of the best ways to describe him, if not an understatement. He hoards you like treasure, treats you like it as well as he can never quite keep his taloned hands away from you. He’s always admiring, though it always seems like he’s stalking you, readying to pounce, as if you’re his precious play thing
He’s curt but he’s quiet at times; curious but careful. It isn’t long until he’s mapping out every difference between your bodies, encouraging you to touch him like so, letting you pet along his tail because it’s only fair, isn’t it?
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starsfeyes · 1 day
oikawa x gn!reader
• kinda angsty
- throughout his childhood oikawa saw you as nothing more that a friend, best friends at that. he hadn’t expected his feelings for you to change, especially not the way they did.
Tumblr media
oikawa rushed over in a panic, you’d called him hyperventilating- on the edge of a full breakdown. the second answered the phone he knew something was wrong.
you’d found out your boyfriend had been cheating on you. he called it. he knew that in the short time you’d been dating him he was absolutely scum.
he typed in your house code and jogged up the stairs. he pushed your door open only to find you with your back rested against your headboard. the site was heartbreaking, you had your head rested on you knees while sobbing.
“hey, hey!” he said and sat down next to you. “oh sweetheart.” he said and rapped his arms around you.
you started crying even harder and wrapped your arms back around him and held onto him as tight as possible. “just wait, i’m gonna tell iwaizumi.” he said and racked his fingers through your hair.
you chocked out a laugh, “please don’t.” you laugh, which caused you to cry harder. “i just don’t understand. i was the perfect partner.”
he pulled you back from him and tilted your head so he could look you in the eyes. “i know you are,” he leaned in and place a gentle kiss on your forehead, “i know.”
your eyes locked with his in a deep stare, “why can’t i just go for the good guy, oikawa?” you sniffed and rested your head on his shoulder.
he sighed, “we accept the love we think we deserve.” he quoted a line from your all time favorite movie. and felt you nod against his shoulder.
“i wish i could just love you.” you mumble and help his hand tight.
he felt his eyes start to tear us, and soft he said, “me too.”
send a request!
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k0dzu1 · 2 months
"we should fuck."
"im sorry?" you squeak, almost dropping the book you'd been holding. your best friend rolls over on your bed, signature smirk spread across his face.
"nothin' to apologize for, babe."
your mouth drops open in pure shock, as you blink at him slowly, completely in a daze. finally after long moments of staring, you in complete astonishment, him adorning a look of utter boredom, you spoke.
"are you fucking crazy?"
he stands up, walking calmly over to the chair you sit in and leans down, lips so close you can feel his breath on your ear. you tense and your hair stands on edge, as one of his hands come to rest high up on your thigh.
"only for you."
Tumblr media
suna. atsumu. tsukishima. oikawa. bakugo. sero. shinsou. draken. baji. hanma.
Tumblr media
a/n: is this too nsfw for my blog?? 😭😭 nah
taglist: @https-true-egoist @avid-idiot @wonpielle @lordbugs @iiheartrune @tsukkinlove @iiilovemilfs @staymoarmyzen @rory-cakes @chloee0x0 @joc-ta
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heartsuna · 1 month
Tumblr media
part one
Tumblr media
MATSUKAWA. grabs your throat to kiss you. you can feel the cool touch of his rings on your neck, the soft yet firm grip doing more to you than you’d like to admit, but he knows. the grin on his face says it all, and with a tilt of your head his lips meet yours.
USHIJIMA. leans down to hear you better. he’s only doing it to be polite, you tell yourself, that’s all. but the sudden close proximity always catches you off guard; you’re able to see just how long his eyelashes really are. he never quite understands why you get so flustered… or does he?
OIKAWA. looks you in the eye and glances back down to your lips before kissing you. he’s a little shit; knows exactly what he’s doing and how much you love it. kisses you every chance he gets, so it happens quite often, but it never fails to make your heart beat a little faster; hurriedly moving to close the gap between your lips. 
OSAMU. wears tight white tees. his pecs are visible, the muscles on his back flexing as he moves about, but most importantly, he looks good. he knows it too, the glances you throw at him not going unnoticed; it's why he's not surprised when you suddenly start rubbing his pecs, leaning in for a slow kiss.
KAGEYAMA. smiles and looks away. you’re across the room from him and he’s surrounded with people, but his eyes can’t help looking for you. you just look so pretty. he must’ve been staring hard because you turn to look at him, your eyes visibly brightening and a grin takes over your face. similarly, an uncharacteristic grin takes over his as well before he’s looking away with a slight shake of his head.
TSUKISHIMA. grabs your jaw when he wants you to look at him. it annoys him. it annoys him that he’s trying to talk to you about something serious and you’re not paying attention. he grabs your jaw with his hand, making direct eye contact with you. “look at me.”
SUNA. lifts his shirt up to wipe the sweat from his forehead. how can you not look? messy hair with toned abs peeking from underneath his shirt. he knows you’re looking, he can feel your eyes on him. calls you a pervert with a teasing smirk when he catches you, but he loves it. 
Tumblr media
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luvring · 2 months
— clingy boyfriends
gn!reader | oikawa, kenma, akaashi, suna, atsumu, timeskip!sakusa
warnings: mention of sakusa being drunk
technically all of them are aged up but sakusa's has manga spoilers!
Tumblr media
OIKAWA is lying on top of you when you try to push him off. “i will literally die if you try to leave me.” you groan to try to hide your laugh. “really, tooru?” “yes,” he says, getting up so he’s in a planking position above you. “i’d get up just to drop dead on the floor. it’s always the spouse, you know.” the both of you stare at each other. it’s the perfect opportunity, really, if you tried to roll out of the way. but oikawa’s quicker than you, and he drops back down before you can shuffle even half a foot. his arms wrap around you as he rolls onto his side, pulling you against his chest. “you’re so annoying,” you laugh. he grins as he presses kisses on your shoulder, “but you love me. and you’re stuck with me until i’m ready to get up.”
KENMA groans, his hold tightening, when he feels you try to shuffle out of bed. “ken, ‘m hungry,” you whine. he only nuzzles closer into your neck before responding, “order food then.” you stare at him even though you know he can’t see you. “then what? tell them to somehow unlock the door and find us upstairs?” he hums in return, letting out a deep breath against your skin. “you know where the spare key is.” the thought gets a surprised laugh to escape you and you can feel kenma try to stop his own. “we can go down together in a few minutes. please?” you huff lightly and let your fingers start to brush through his hair. “okay, but if you fall asleep i’m going without you,” you say, knowing full well he’d wake up just to cling onto you longer.
KEIJI stretches and yawns before looking over at you beside him. “g’mornin’,” he greets you before placing his arm around your waist. and you know what's happening when he nuzzles his face into the crook of your neck. “keiji—” he hums, leaving a kiss against your jaw. “we have to get up,” you whine. he huffs a breath against your skin. “no we don’t, and you know it. it’s saturday.” “you don’t want breakfast?” “we can get brunch,” he replies easily. “i’ll cook our favourites.” there isn’t much to argue with when he’s warmer and more comfortable, and the sun is peaking through the blinds just enough. and keiji knows he’s won when he looks up at you with a soft smile. “stay with me?” you breathe out and mumble an “okay,” before letting yourself cuddle further into him and the blanket. he kisses your face once, twice, three times before pulling away. "love you."
SUNA frowns and looks up at you, his head still nuzzled into the crook of your neck, as soon as he doesn't feel you playing with his hair. “why’d you stop?” you spare a glance before waving your phone slightly. “‘cause i was typing?” “type with one hand then." he grabs the hand previously putting him to sleep and places it back on his head. “rin—god, okay,” you laugh. slowly, you start to comb through his hair again and feel his deep breath against your skin. “clingy baby.” he hums and smiles before placing a lazy kiss against your collarbone. “i don’t know what you’re talking about.” “oh yeah? so you’d let me leave right now?” suna pulls away from you, only to bump his nose against your cheek. his breath is warm as he whispers, “you wouldn’t dare.”
ATSUMU swings your arms side to side and whines, “baby, please?” you respond with a light but drawn out tone, “i can’t come with you to practice, babe.” he frowns, pulling your hands up so he could play with them in front of you. “i’ll quit my job then.” “wh—” your sentence is cut short by a snort as you suddenly let go of him. he pouts at the lost contact, pouting more at your reply. “sure you will, tsumu. i couldn’t take you from volleyball even if i had a billion dollars.” but atsumu sighs, knowing you were ultimately right. so he takes a step closer and leans his forehead against yours. his voice is softer now. “but ‘m gonna miss you.” slowly, you pull him into a hug and let him wrap his arms around you. “i’ll see you after, okay?” “fine, but i’m not letting ya go until tomorrow morning,” he says. your lips twitch into a smile at his promise. “okay, tsum.”
SAKUSA wishes his teammates would leave his house right now only half-jokingly. “if only fans could see how clingy yer boyfriend is,” atsumu sighs as he sits across from you in the living room. you look down at your boyfriend at the mention and smile as he pouts against you. maybe he drank a little more than usual, his face flushed as his arms trap you against the couch. “ooh, it’d probably help with publicity,” hinata teases. sakusa only moves further into you as he groans. deciding to have a little mercy, you finally reply. “cuddly ‘omi’s for me only, actually.” at the sound of your voice, he tilts his head to glance at you before kissing your collarbone. sighing, he mumbles quietly, “thank you.” “gross.” at that, sakusa finally lets go for a second, turning around to shoot a glare at his teammate. “get out of here, atsumu.”
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215-luv · 4 months
SUNA: a deep yelp comes from his lips, the usual bored look he had on his eyes now replaced with shock as his hands naturally lands to the nearest surface, trapping you in his arms. with his face now inches closer to yours, he looks down at you, the tension between you two now rising. he raises an eyebrow with curiosity in his eyes as his deep voice flows through your ears, “hm, what’s going on in that little head of yours, bun?”
KUROO: a startled expression etches on his face, not expecting you to do such a bold action. although, he’s quick to recover from his shock as he shoots you a cocky grin, letting his hand fall to rest on your hip. “what’s this, kitten? if you needed me, you could’ve just said so yourself.” he chuckles, “but this,” his eyes then wander down to where you were holding his belt, “this is probably much better.”
ATSUMU: literally gasps out loud in shock, “oh SHIT you- you really just did that huh?” he curses, trying his best to compose himself although he’s actually a stuttering mess. with a deep inhale, he lets his hands find their place on your hips as he looks down at you with a certain look on his eyes, clearing his throat. “are we gonna make out or..?”
IWAIZUMI: he looks down at you, surprised. letting an eyebrow raise as if he’s asking for you to explain what was that for. however, with that look on your eye, iwaizumi swore something had bursted inside him that lead him unable to restrain himself as he slowly slithers his arm around your waist, the action sending you shivers through your spine while you watch as he reaches your hand that was holding his belt, raising it to let it rest on his shoulder. he chuckles under his breath while he keeps eye contact with you, “god, you really don’t know what you’re doing to me, do you?”
SAKUSA: both his eyebrows shoot upwards and his body freezes momentarily. you watch as his eyes looks at you with shock written upon them. he could barely let out a steady statement as his breath wavers, “..w-what.. what are you doing?”
OIKAWA: “okay, so, remember when iw— AH! OH MY GOD!” he screeches out dramatically when you unexpectedly pull him by his belt and his heart runs in laps. he looks at you with shock as you only shoot him an innocent smile. “sweetie, what was that for?!” he lets a hand hover his chest as you giggle, about to give him an answer when he adds, “but that was kinda hot though..”
YAMAGUCHI: a high pitched yelp comes from his lips and he stares at you with wide eyes, a flush creeping across his cheeks. never have you seen your boyfriend look so embarrassed and surprised your whole life that you had to let out a laugh, your reaction worsening the blush on his cheeks as he holds the wrist of your hand that was holding his belt. “H-Honey.. S-Stop..”
KITA: when you pull him by his belt, he let’s out a tiny oh, peering at you with curiosity. smh innocent bb. he gives you a look that encourages you to explain what you did, but somehow, inside him, he thought it kinda felt nice to have you pull him towards you that way.
KENMA: he tenses. it honestly never crosses his mind once that you would ever do the action of pulling him towards you by his belt—the gesture so unexpected that it leaves him a blushing mess. his body freezes in place and you watch as he looks at you with wide eyes. “(y-y/n).. what was that..?”
KAGEYAMA: he really went “oh shit” as soon as he feels that force on his hip—not expecting you to suddenly pull him in that way. his eyebrows raises in surprise while his head tilts in confusion, not sure what to expect when you’re innocently looking at him in the eye. and he blinks, “uh. hi?”
ASAHI: “AH!” he lets out a yelp that could possibly be heard up to the second floor. he looks back and forth from your face then down to where your hand connects to his belt, letting him compose himself for a few moments as he freezes in place. his eyes widens and he stammers like crazy. “S-Sweetheart.. What- What did you just do..?”
USHIJIMA: both his eyebrows raise upon the sudden pull of force on his hip area. he looks down at you as he holds a potted plant on his hand. you watch as he blinks down at you, as if looking for any answers through whatever emotion your face has on. you let him place his plotted plant on the nearest surface and he faces you, holding your hand that was on his belt as he raises it to his chest, letting his thumb softly rub on to your soft skin. “is there anything you need, honey? you can tell me anything.”
MATTSUN: when you pull him by his belt, he lets shock overcome him, both his eyebrows shooting upward. and yet, that shock is quickly replaced by a smirk as he looks down to where your hand is holding his belt. he lets out a deep “oh?” with a certain glint on his eye that deeply intensifies your need for him.
BOKUTO: “AH! WHAT AR—wait what’s this all about baby?” his mood alters in the quickest because one moment his eyes were widened like saucers and now he’s peering down at you with expectation. and you’re starting to think he’s just realizing how much he likes the way you pull him to you by his belt. you could see the blush appearing on his cheeks as he scratches the back of his neck bashfully—a rare thing to be seen from the bokuto kotaro. and he suggests cheekily, “you know.. maybe you should do this more often.. hehe.”
AKAASHI: he lets out the softest gasp from his lips as his widened eyes wander down to where your hand grasps onto his belt, and his mind really goes ‘oh my god oh my god oh my god oh my god oh my god oh my god-’ but then he scratches that by clearing his throat, trying his all to keep his composure while barely managing to keep eye contact with you. “w-what is it you need, honey..?”
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sukunoon · 5 months
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
꒰ WHEN YOU SEE HIM SHIRTLESS ꒱  —   bokuto, atsumu, iwaizumi, sakusa, suna x gn!reader
synopsis  — seeing your other half shirtless is a normal part of a relationship, but how do they react when it’s your first time seeing him without his shirt on?
cw  — suggestive, shirtless 2d men, pet names (baby, darling, angel, pretty baby), kiyoomi is shirtless AND pantless :),
a/n  — this is technically a repost but i re-wrote these, hopfully making them better bc before they were gross👎 enjoy <3
Tumblr media Tumblr media
—  b. kotarou
he couldn’t help but text you as he opened the door to his apartment. after sakusa’s spike to his stomach, he needed to tell you not only how cool it was, but how much it hurt. it wasn’t long after his last text that you were at his doorstep, gladly being invited in by his voice echoing throughout the small apartment. “ko?” “baby!” he popped out from the doorway of the bathroom, a giant smile on his lips. his legs moved on their own as he approached you, his instinct to kiss you upon seeing your beautiful face. he cupped your cheeks, his lips grazing over your own before he pulled back, your cheeks hotter than they usually are. his head tilted in confusion as he stood there half-clothed, his chest—his abs—put on display just for you. “baby? are you still in there..?” he knocked lightly on your head, completely clueless of the effect he had on you.
—  m. atsumu 
a sigh fell from his lips as he threw his jersey to the side, practice had been tough on him recently. though, he couldn’t figure out why that was. he was just so stiff, and his sets were lacking, it had stressed him out. of course you knew that, he couldn’t not tell you what was going through his mind. he huffed as stretch his back, putting his arms above his head. his eyes found the mirror above his dresser, a small smirk appearing on his lips as he looked at the body he’d made for himself. “h-hey ‘tsumu, i brought food..” his attention was now on you who stood in the doorway of his bedroom with food in hand, it was evident by your face you were flustered, and he knew why. he smiled, stepping towards you with dark eyes. “well thanks angel.” he took the food from your hands, quickly giving you a kiss on the cheek. he smirked, his lips grazed your own before he let out a breathy chuckle. “like what ya see? first time if i remember correctly.”
—  i. hajime
he let the water slide down his throat, quickly wiping the sweat from his forehead after his morning run. he sighed, setting the bottle onto the kitchen counter as he pulled his tank top over his head before throwing it over his shoulder. you said you were going to stop by earlier in the morning, though he figured he’d have time to shower, make the two of you lunch, and be able to hang out the rest of his day off. thoughts of what to make you filled his head as he opened the fridge. “you look a little sweaty, haji.” you giggled, making him turn to you as you eyed him. he grew flustered at your sudden appearance. “i thought you were coming over later..” “i told you i was on my way.” now that you mentioned it, he did feel his phone buzz in his pocket, though he never got around to checking it. after that moment, after your little smirks towards him the rest of the night there was no way he was going to live down your teasing. he just hoped you wouldn’t tell oikawa.
—  s. kiyoomi
his wet hair dripped water onto the bathroom floor, his reflection staring back at him in the mirror. his curly hair covered his face, his towel loosely wrapped around his waist as water droplets slid down his chest. the steam from the hot shower dispersing through the crack in the bathroom door. with a little shake of his head, he pushed himself up from his hunched over position at the sink, and pulled open the door, the cold air hitting him suddenly. goosebumps appeared on his skin as he threw his towel over his hair, hoping to not get the floors of his bedroom soaked. he paused as he looked through his drawers, hearing a small creak of the floorboards. his eyes flickered towards his door, where — to his shock — you stood. “darling? what-” “sorry omi!” you yelled, your voice cracking as you slammed the door. he flinched at the loud noise, you reaction confusing him until he realized where his towel wasn’t. he slammed his head against the edge of his dresser, his face turning bright pink as his eyes grew wide.
—  s. rintarou
he laid on his bed, spread out on his back as a hand was set gently on his bare stomach, another holding his phone as he scrolled through tiktoks, trying to waste the time away so you’d get there sooner. and it worked, you finally strolling your way through the doorway. his eyes flickered towards you for a moment, then back to his phone as he scrolled to the next video. “what are you watching, rin?” he let out a small hum, glancing up at you from where he laid. your face grew hot, this being the first time you’d seen your boyfriend without a shirt on. a smirk made its way to his lips, he knew, and you knew he knew your body was heating up. he dropped his phone next to his head, quickly pulling you onto the bed with him, making you fall onto of him as he nuzzled his nose into the crook of you neck. “y’know you like seeing me half naked, pretty baby.”
Tumblr media Tumblr media
— join the taglist! : @justaselfishperson​ @kouily​
Tumblr media Tumblr media
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420sano · 23 days
ready, set, pay !
𖥨 feat. suna rintaro , in which you and your boyfriend suna fight over who will pay for this week's groceries
content. friendly relationship banter, swearing, suns wants to take care of you with his pro volleyball money but you're not having it, cashier is entertained, slight suggestive talk and comments, mention of impregnation
a/n. — as a cashier, i love when this happens, it's so cute and makes me laugh so i figured i'd write about it. don't forget to show some love, enjoy!! also this is NOT proofread so don't get on my ass for mistakes. requests are open <3
Tumblr media
"are you gonna stand there and look pretty or help me unload this cart?" the look on your boyfriend's face says he's not impressed at your lack of contribution to this trip but you did tell him that if you did the shopping, he'd be doing the rest and you meant it.
"i think i'll stand here and look pretty. besides, you're almost finished anyways. it's almost like i did all of the shopping while you followed me around and whined about them not having your favorite protein bowls." the next box of pancake mix is slammed a little too hard onto the belt, your boyfriend mumbling something about how he should've stayed home, but you knew better than to be deceived by the whole 'i hate it here' act.
suna loved to grocery shop with you. he loved pushing the cart while you neatly put stuff inside of it and marked said item off of your cute little list with your cute little pen. he loved sneaking stuff into the cart just for you to act like you didn't see it and pay for it anyways. he loved when you asked him which flavor of cream cheese looked better or which new cereal you should try this time around. he loved the domesticity of it all.
he would mention every time how it weirdly turned him on to which you'd laugh and call him a freak, but if only you knew that he was not joking. it made him feel some type of way seeing you shop for groceries for y'all to eat at y'all's house under the roof you both owned. god he was gonna get hard thinking about it.
maybe he should put a baby inside of you to really add touch to the domestic feel of your relationship. he could see it now, you pushing his baby around in a stroller, picking out baby food and cute decorated bottles-
"suna rintaro." your boyfriend's far off gaze meets your own concerned eyes, "you good there?"
"yeah. sorry, baby." he puts the last few things on the belt before pushing the cart your way so that the bagger would have somewhere to put the many paper bags packed with things you two probably didn't need. "do you want a drink?"
suna opens the end cap fridge to retrieve a peach flavored celsius, grabbing another watermelon one for later knowing you'll be asking for a sip of his like you always do after denying his offer to get you your own drink.
"no thanks."
and like every other time, the cashier announces the overpriced total for all of the things sitting in the paper bags in your cart, but instead of suna pressing his apple watch to the corner of the terminal to pay, he nearly scoffs when you turn yours on to do the same.
"put that away, you know i pay for the groceries." his larger hand swats yours away when you get a little too close to the square reader for contactless payments.
"you paid last time meaning it's my turn. you paid for lunch so it's only fair."
"i paid for lunch because i like paying for you. you're my lover, it's my job."
"yeah well, you're my lover as well so therefore the job is also mine so move."
a small beep signaling the completion of a transaction is heard between your bickering and shoving making you pause, not too sure who just paid for the 214 dollar bill.
suna flips his watch to see the card information for apple pay still displayed, the words hold near reader mocking him from the tiny screen of his watch , but a small check mark and the words approved glowing on yours.
the cashier laughs as she hands you the unnecessarily long receipt as your bothered boyfriend stands scarily still next to you, imaginary holes being burned through your skull from his hard stare.
you can only roll your eyes at his dramatics and land a few pats to the firm muscles of his back with a reassuring smile, aware that he just truly loves taking care of the finances and anything that involves needing money since he's more than able to.
you wouldn't even have a job if it wasn't for his understanding that you want to be able to work for the things you want and experience having a successful career and hard earned money. another reason why you are also more than capable of paying for this week's groceries.
"push the cart for me big boy, we gotta put all this in the car." the six foot man before you visibly slumps at the thought, a small defeated sigh leaving his lips when you wrap an arm around his waist and pull him along with you to the full basket on wheels.
"i'm buying us dinner tonight." his voice is firm when he lays the not offer down.
"i know you will, baby."
"and i'm getting us smoothies before we go home." now you're smiling at his pettiness.
"okay, pretty boy. buy us smoothies with all of your hard earned money from being such an amazing player. my sweet, generous, loving, rich boyfriend." now he's smiling that gorgeous smile that you love a little too much. the way he bites the inside of his cheek to hide just how much your words affect him makes you wanna kiss the lights out of him.
"shut up." he wants to trip you when you go walking past him with a little too much pep in your step. but you don't notice the hundred dollar bill he slips into the open zipper of your purse as you go by, setting a mental reminder to sneak in another one later when you're not paying attention because suna always pays for his lover.
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rinsaint · 2 months
shower sex with haikyuu boys !!
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
⁰⁰¹ cw. making out, shower/bath sex (duh), marking, breast play, unprotected sex, creampie, dirty talk (?), praise, riding, and uh yea !!
⁰⁰² characters. SUNA & KUROO !!
⁰⁰³ authors note. i just came back from a long break and a long break means a bunch of thoughts. hope you guys like ૮₍ ˃̵͈᷄ . ˂̵͈᷅ ₎ა
Tumblr media Tumblr media
☆ SUNA RINTAROU: Rin came home from practice, sweaty and exhausted and all he wanted to do is just come home and relax with you. He had heard the shower running and he had figured that you were in the shower. He had decided to join you, he only intended to take a warm shower with you, holding you close, laying his head on your shoulder. As you talk about your day. But he didn’t realize how you two haven’t really spent anytime together these past few weeks, intimate, time. And he decided what better time it would be to have sex with you right now.
“R-rin! shit. Just like that baby, hmfp-“ You moaned into rins mouth, gripping onto the railing in front of you as he shoved his cock continuously into your pussy.
You were facing the shower head, rin behind you grabbing onto your hips as his hips slap into your ass.
You can hear suna let out strings of curses behind you, and you desperately met his thrusts which had you both moaning and groaning out each other names.
You twisted your head back again and brought him into a kiss, grabbing the back of his head to deepen it and whining into his mouth when he snakes his hands to your breasts, fondling them and playing with your bud.
“f-fuck! rin I-I can’t. m’so close.” You cried out, your warm walls clenching around his cock that’s hitting that part inside of you that has your eyes rolling back.
“yea? my pretty baby is close? c’mon love, then cum. do it for me pretty girl.” Suna had whispered in your ear, pushing you to your breaking point and making you cum around him.
☆ KUROO TESTURO kuroo was tired and overworked. You’ve noticed this for a few days now, and had a plan to make him calm down, relax a bit. You made a warm bath with bubbles, music playing slightly in the background, rose petals leading into the bathroom, and best of all, wine. You wanted him to relax and to wind down. And kuroo thought what better way to do it than take his stress out on you?
“Fuck, baby you feel s-so good around me.” kuroo whined out, gripping onto your hips as his cock slides in and out of you repeatedly.
kuroo bucked into your cunt desperately, his hands holding onto your hips as he bites his lips to prevent any moans coming out.
“Sweetheart, c-can i cum in ya? Please baby need to fill you up.” The man had whined out, leaving kisses on your shoulders as you grip the back of his head.
“y-yes. want you to fill me up, please.” kuroo grunted in response, moving his hand between your legs and rubbing circles on your clit.
He felt your warm walls squeeze around him, your head thrown back as you continue to ride out your high, water splashing around you.
kuroo let’s out a hushed fuck as he lazily humped into you, sighing as he released his load inside of you. You hummed at the feeling of his cum going inside of you, giggling when he gives you a peck on your cheek, his head resting on your shoulder.
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Just thinking about owning suna and suna owning you back
Sitting on his lap as he grabs your throat. Looking down on him, your words laced with possessiveness, "I own you. You're fucking mine."
Suna only smirking, voice deep as he growls back, "that's right. You fucking own me. I'm all yours, baby, just like you're mine."
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