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byunbqbes · 3 days
Tumblr media
♡ osamu realises he loves you when he reserves the last piece of his favourite cake, last bite of onigiri just for you, even getting angry at atsumu once when the mochi he made for you disappeared in the fridge. he decides that he can make your favourite desserts forever if that meant he could spend forever with you.
♡ akaashi knew you were the one when his eyes involuntarily scan a crowded room for you. when he can't find you, he immediately calls you and lets your voice guide him to you, heart stuttering when his eyes meets yours from across the room.
♡ kuroo knew that he loved you when he finds himself looking forward to going home to you, to burying his face in the crook of your neck and inhaling your sweet lavender scent. when you run your fingers through his hair, he swears he can bear more shitty days at work if he could come home to your warm embrace.
♡ iwaizumi realises he loves you in the simplest moments, when he looks to your side and sees your smile illuminating the room, tugging the corner of his lips upwards. he wants to remember this moment forever and memorise the way the sun hits your face in such a warm, beautiful, ethereal way.
♡ kageyama knew you were the one when he feels your fingers interlace his right before a match. he loves you even more when he feels your thumb running along his knuckles soothingly as you whisper sweet nothings into his ear, calming his roaring nerves with your soft presence.
♡ bokuto realised that he was in love when he couldn't hold himself back from littering featherlight kisses all over your face or control the way his heart tightens in his chest when you place a warm palm over his cheek. he knows he's in love, for sure, when he never wants to let you go when you hug.
🥂 reblogs are very appreciated!!
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lovejuliana · 3 days
summary: peaceful mornings with him
featuring: multiple characters
genre: fluff
content warning(s): suggestive???, ooc
likes and reblogs are appreciated. :)
mornings with him were peaceful. waking up to the chily air coming from the ac, you didnt mind it, not when the arms around your waist provided enough warmth for you to almost fall back asleep.
"gdmorning baby," until the hoarse voice from behind stopped you from fully closing your eyes.
"good morning, did you sleep well?", your reply was almost instant as if you didnt want to leave him anytime soon even for the sake of sleeping once again.
"i always sleep well when im with you, just like how you cant sleep without me, hm?" you could feel the turn of his lips when he replied while pushing his head into your neck even more, if that was still possible.
"how sentimental of you," the teasing was evident in your voice but deep down both of you knew that it was true.
you dont think you could ever sleep without him by your side.
— suna rintaro, oikawa tooru, miya atsumu, kuroo tetsuro, tsukishima kei, tendo satori
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lazykunimi · 3 days
How The Laundry Gets Done
Sakusa, Kuroo, Suna, and Bokuto
Tw: Suna's says he looks at your ass
He wouldn’t like the way you do it. He's very picky about the laundry, therefore if he catches you not separating your white and colors he would give you a serious look (that special look he has when he looks at Astumu as he’s doing something stupid) as he takes over. All you have to do is ask something like “why does it matter to separate all your clothes” for you to be banned from the laundry room all together.
Will carry your laundry basket for you even though you tell him you get it. When starting the washers he doesn’t understand how you ended up having 4 loads of laundry (not including your blankets and dishrags) from that point on he makes sure you both go to the laundry mat at least once a week.
I love him but he's useless, you end up doing all the laundry. (rare moments he will help you fold) He is just there because he wants to be with you plus he likes to stare at your ass. When asking him if he got the laundry detergent he says yes going out the door, but somehow always ends up leaving it at home. Sending him home to go get it is pointless, he just takes a trip to the store for a new bottle. (at this point you have like 5 full bottles of laundry detergent.)
I believe he hires some to come clean his house 3-4 times within 2 weeks. He doesn’t mind cleaning, he just finds it easier to hire someone to do it for him (more time for volleyball) until he meets you. Once the relationship starts to get more serious and your spending more time at his house. While walking to his kitchen you see the maid washing his clothes. Automatically you take over for her so she doesn’t have to wash his clothes. I also believe it takes sweet sweet Bokuto a while before he notices you wash his clothes for him, not the maid. (by that point you've practically been living with him for quite awhile)
~Suna and Kuroo are written as you have to go to the laundry matt.
~ On Kuroo's part google docs auto correct with changing laundry matt to laundromat.
~Sometimes the tags take longer then me actually writing this.
The next one I have been working on some is what songs remind me of the Haikyu chatacters, and why, along with the first thought that comes to mind.
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wake-uptoreality · 12 hours
hq boys when you’re sad with images pleaaaaaase🙏🏻
ꕤꕤꕤꕤꕤꕤHQ boys when you are sadꕤꕤꕤꕤꕤꕤ
Tumblr media Tumblr media
-> suna, TSUKISHIMA, USHIJIMA, asahi, AONE, sakusa.
Tumblr media
-> kageyama, AKAASHI, IWAIZUMI, tendou, aran, ATSUMU.
Tumblr media
-> SUGAWARA, hinata, daichi, YAMAGUCHI, kenma, BOKUTO.
Tumblr media
-> oikawa, OSAMU, semi, NISHINOYA, KITA, matsukawa, KUROO.
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kirakirx · 2 days
Hi hiiii ? How was your day ? Can I please request an hq fluff with sakusa and Osamu ? In which they are flustered by their crush before confessing ? Thankssss and take care <333
i’m good, how are you? i love my lil babies aww jaskfldhg p.s. please tell me who your pfp is they’re so hawt 🫣 +++ sorry i’m only getting back to you now i hope you enjoy this at least 😭😭 ++++ i’m unsure if this is even what you meant 😞
cw: swearing + mention of disease in a love confession????? + NOT PROOFREAD + ooc (i'm sure of it) + one (1) mention of death
Tumblr media
he never thought that he out of anyone would ever get flustered or even confess for that matter
nobody had ever caught his attention or interest
until you
the two of you were classmates
he was the quiet type while you were the slightly annoying talkative type
but he didn’t mind, he liked having some background noise for his thoughts
yet, he started growing attached to your constant rants and talks
how you’d ask him if he was alright, not because you wanted him to pay more attention to you, but because you were genuinely worried that he wasn’t okay
how you’d bring snacks with you every time you saw him
and how you started coming to his volleyball matches, standing in the stands (lmao) with a banner for his team
he wished you’d only cheer for him, “but you can’t always win” he thought
even the thought of telling you he liked your company, let alone the fact that he was in love with you, made him feel his heart palpitate excessively
it felt like he had just completed the most strenuous volleyball reps in his career
at first he thought he was just getting out of shape
“why is my heart not able to handle walking up the stairs???” he thought
and then he proceeded to start working out an extra hour a week to strengthen his heart
this obviously did nothing because every time he saw you he felt like he was about to faint
his heart felt full and he was sure its beating could be heard
he searched up the symptoms and even went to a doctor until the doctor was like???
“boy you have a crush stop wasting my mfing time”
and it all started to make sense
he liked you, so he’ll let you know
now that he’s realised his emotions, he’s literally avoiding you, as in running away from you
this was all until he realised you were sad not seeing him as much as you used to 
so he built up the courage to tell you
“y/n, can we talk?” "oh so now you wanna talk??" you weren't actually mad, but you liked seeing him a bit grumpy, the way he would frown slightly and pout while looking away slightly was a sight to behold. he was rarely this expressive. "it's important." he was still looking away but this time his frown had softened, his pout had now transformed into him just biting his lip slightly. he looked almost...sad. "is everything okay?" he didn't reply to this but you could see him gulping and his ears going bright red. oh, you know what this means. he's nervous. "you know you can tell me anything, right?" you press on while reaching your hand out. but to this he flinched and pulled away; you could see his whole face burning red, his eyes wide and his eyebrows shooting up. "DON'T TOUCH ME!" "oh, i'm sorry..." you gave him a confused look, you still weren't mad at his sudden rudeness but you were really concerned as to what was going on. "no. i'm sorry i stopped talking to you. and for what i did right now...it's just..." his voice kept getting quieter and you didn't know how much longer you could keep this distance because you literally felt deaf in that moment. and because he looked so damn cute with his red face. "i feel like i'm dying when i'm with you." this was the first time you frowned at him. what the fuck does that even mean?? this was possibly the worst insult you had ever gotten. and it was from the person you really liked. you could feel your heart drop, and your eyes were already stinging with tears. "um..." "no, no i didn't mean it like that!" he was panicking now, his hands waving trying to prove his innocence, his face just kept getting redder and redder and he looked like he genuinely wanted to cry. "i want to die when i'm with you because-" "OKAY! I GOT IT DAMN!" you felt him tug at your arm as you turned to walk away. the next thing you felt was him hard chest and his arms wrapped around your waist. "because my heart only beats for you and it's rotting my internal organs." he was still blushing like a maniac and you could feel his heart beat hit your own body. but all you could do was giggle. this was 100% the funniest encounter you'd ever had with him. and you were glad. so so glad. the happiest you'd ever felt in so long. you wanted to stay like this till death separated you. you wanted to stay in his arms forever. "that was so gross."
he always feels like he misses you
he's in a constant state of longing
even when you're sat right beside him
in the same room, in the same class, talking to each other even
maybe it wasn't that he missed you, maybe he just wanted something more, different
osamu wasn't the brightest when it came to emotions so perhaps he was just feeling something else...
this obviously never hit him until atsumu asked him if you were dating
to which he got all flustered and was a fucking mess
"no of course not!? i don't like y/n like that!!"
he's insane...
what does he mean he doesn't like you
he thought of you every second of the day
from the moment he laid eyes on you
everything, every instance has been about you – you don't just matter, you are... everything
once he finally intellectualised this information everything made him nervous
he was scared to move too quickly, scared to move too slowly, scared of looking bad in your eyes and scared of appearing boastful and arrogant
he wanted to tell you but he also didn't
he resorted to rehearsing his confession in front of the mirror every night after atsumu fell 'asleep'
(he heard everything and told you, trust)
but when the day finally came, you were so prepared to make him work for that answer
he could confess all he wanted but all you really cared for was to make a mess of him
****you laugh maniacally*****
you were talking to your friends when he came up to you. you knew exactly how it was going to go. it would start with him taking you to the side. "y/n, i've been meaning to tell you this for a long time." him cutely apologising for being so abrupt. "i'm really sorry, but please don't interrupt." and a guarantee that it'll be swift "i promise it'll be quick." "what is it? you're worrying me." you wanted to start off simple. you were already off-script but this should be easy enough you thought. "nothing too serious. just. just hear my out for a sec..." "ok." "y/n, the time we've spent together has been amazing. the things we've done, the memories we have it's all just great. and i think i'm ready to you know." "are you breaking up with me?" that'll get him. "WHAT?!" he blurted out a bit too loudly that it made you back away a bit. his face was pale, something you didn't expect at all. "you know, i really liked you. but i guess i can't force you to stay with me." little did he know that you had been practicing too. you had perfected your fake cry and you were very prepared to use it. "what... no please. i love you, please i didn't mean-" "all men are the same." you were trying so so hard not to laugh but it was getting hard. his face was bright red and he kept reaching his hands out to you before recoiling, unsure if you wanted him around at all. "y/n, please wait. i- i'm so confused." "so be it! i'm so sick of you!" "WAIT! THIS IS THE MOST IMPORTANT THING I'LL EVER DO, BEFORE PROPOSING!" he honestly looked like he was going to pass out. as soon as those words came out he slapped his hand over his mouth and his eyes widened to the size of volleyballs. "proposing?" you had gone far too off script. you felt bad. you didn't know how to respond at all. "when i look at you i can feel it. i look at you and i'm at home. i'll never feel this way about anyone, because you are my one and only. i love you." "oh, this was so much better than the confession you had planned."
taglist: @https-true-egoist @cyno-luvr @aiethereal-xx
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natashaiwaizumi · 23 hours
Tumblr media
You hate the stereotype Bokuto gets that he’s stupid. Because over your years of friendship Bokuto has taught you the three most important life lessons. 
He will put his friends over absolutely everything and anything
So when Akaashi points out that you’re cute mid-game he will not hesitate to scream out such after Akaashi makes a serve. 
You’re in the front row with your friends, who go from watching the game to watching your reaction after Bokuto yells, “hey you in the blue! Our setter thinks you're pretty!”
“Bokuto-san,” Akaashi all but whines, and the stands erupt into laughter and cheers. 
Bokuto will do anything for his friends. Including getting your number for the too-embarrassed setter after they seal the win. 
2. If you have to ask someone to choose and they can’t, they already did
You and Akaashi dated for four years, even moving in together during your sophomore year of college. Bokuto comes over to visit sitting on the couch opposite you as you lean against Akaashi while he scrolls through his phone. 
You glance over at his screen at the right- or maybe wrong moment to see the flirty text from the girl you were told not to worry about. 
Screams reign throughout the apartment, Akaashi giving bullshit excuses of why she asked to see him again, claiming he hasn’t seen her since graduation. 
“She’s crazy, what do you want me to do?” he asks as if his innocent hands are tied. 
“Block her like you told me you did a year ago!”
“Y/N you have to trust me.”
“How can I when you’ve been lying to me for months?” you ask and he rolls his eyes. 
“Oh my- Bokuto, is this making any sense to you?” Akaashi wonders. 
“Don’t fucking drag him into this, to get out of what you did.”
“I don’t know,” Bokuto begins to say and your head whips around to face him. “He can’t really control what she says.”
“I- ah- really,” you manage to stutter out. “You’re taking his side?”
“I’m just saying there’s wrong on both parts.”
“What am I wrong about?” you ask genuinely curious about the answer.
“I don’t know, I'm just not taking sides.”
You stand there breathless as you whisper, “you just did.”
Lesson number three was just about the most important lesson of them all. When Bokuto helps Akaashi move out, he barely says a word to you besides asking you to close the door as he leaves. As you sit in the empty, lifeless apartment you mindlessly scroll through Instagram trying to find something to clear your thoughts of Akaashi only for his face to show up in your timeline, tagged in a picture on Bokuto’s account. 
‘the best bachelor duo is back’ captioned with a picture of the two smiling in the cafe where you had your first date. 
The last lesson, the most important, earth-shattering, heartbreaking, embarrassing, one of all. 
3. Bokuto is not your friend. 
Tumblr media
Fukurodani Masterlist
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teddy-takeda · 4 hours
Sometimes making parent headcanons is so easy. Like. You think the Tsukishima brothers have a DAD???? Absolutely no way.
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starsfeyes · 14 hours
oikawa x gn!reader
• kinda angsty
- throughout his childhood oikawa saw you as nothing more that a friend, best friends at that. he hadn’t expected his feelings for you to change, especially not the way they did.
Tumblr media
oikawa rushed over in a panic, you’d called him hyperventilating- on the edge of a full breakdown. the second answered the phone he knew something was wrong.
you’d found out your boyfriend had been cheating on you. he called it. he knew that in the short time you’d been dating him he was absolutely scum.
he typed in your house code and jogged up the stairs. he pushed your door open only to find you with your back rested against your headboard. the site was heartbreaking, you had your head rested on you knees while sobbing.
“hey, hey!” he said and sat down next to you. “oh sweetheart.” he said and rapped his arms around you.
you started crying even harder and wrapped your arms back around him and held onto him as tight as possible. “just wait, i’m gonna tell iwaizumi.” he said and racked his fingers through your hair.
you chocked out a laugh, “please don’t.” you laugh, which caused you to cry harder. “i just don’t understand. i was the perfect partner.”
he pulled you back from him and tilted your head so he could look you in the eyes. “i know you are,” he leaned in and place a gentle kiss on your forehead, “i know.”
your eyes locked with his in a deep stare, “why can’t i just go for the good guy, oikawa?” you sniffed and rested your head on his shoulder.
he sighed, “we accept the love we think we deserve.” he quoted a line from your all time favorite movie. and felt you nod against his shoulder.
“i wish i could just love you.” you mumble and help his hand tight.
he felt his eyes start to tear us, and soft he said, “me too.”
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airbendertendou · 2 days
haikyuu characters w some of my fave drama plots ♡ [including iwaizumi, tendou, kageyama, atsumu and bokuto.]
Tumblr media Tumblr media
iwaizumi hajime ♡ weightlifting fairy
weightlifters weren’t attractive. it wasn’t cute - cute was being small and tiny and dainty and helpless. yet, you weren’t any of those docile things. you liked lifting weights and watching the shock on others’ faces as you raised a weight twice your size above your head.
having a crush on oikawa tooru was heartaching - your attempts at speaking to him desolate. and you could only guess your larger, beefy physique was the reason why.
huffing, you raised the bar you were holding a little higher, ignoring the eyes on you. the other gymnists were watching with intrigue - but oikawa’s group of fans were snickering cruelly. you glance their way and feel your hands slip a little before you readjust them correctly.
“stop listening to them.” iwaizumi gripes from where he’s stretching. you sigh and let your eyes fall to the floor, the weight you were holding going with them. with a small, muted sniffle, you shuffle to the weight bar to put your equipment back. across the room, another set of giggles burst from oikawa’s fans.
“it’s embarrassing, that’s all.”
iwaizumi lets out a huff, following behind you quietly. you meet his eyes through the gym’s mirror, frowning at the scowl he holds. the gym has gone quiet now, the fan-group keeping their eyes on the two of you. “shouldn’t let the things you like embarrass you. especially when it comes to a shitty guy like oikawa.”
you lips lift into a small half-smile as you temporarily drop your gaze from his. iwaizumi nudges your shoulder with his wrist before knodding over to the various gym equipment. “i’ll spot you and watch how intimidated shittykawa’s group gets when they see how much you can bench. deal?”
“what’s in it for me?” you tilt your head with a playful gleam in your eyes. iwaizumi puts his chin on your shoulder, basking in the collective gasp that echoes around the room. he thinks you look cute with your widened eyes - you looking that way because of him is always a bonus.
he places a kiss on your shoulder, “i’ll take you on a date.” straightening up, he grabs your wrist and leads you to a bench. “deal?”
you grin, placing a returning kiss on his cheek before you sit down. “deal.” 
tendou satori ♡ my only 12%
you were devastated at the tender age of twelve. your best friend - your whole world and more - had to move away. just entering high school, and you could no longer do that together. with a wobbling lip, you gather the red-head in your arms and hug him against you tightly.
he’s just as upset, all sniffles and sobs as he nuzzles into your shoulder. “college,” he says through a cry. it’s not the time, but you can’t stop thinking about how pretty satori was - how he was growing into his stangeness and slowly embracing it more. “we’ll find each other in college.”
high school had come and gone, and you applied to different colleges thoughtlessly. you missed satori - missed his warm, caring eyes and the safety of his arms after a bad day. 
tendou satori came back to you during your second year of college. long, toned arms found home around your hips as his face snuggled deep into the top of your head. you’d lost count of how long you’d been hugging, but - burying yourself deeper into his chest - you didn’t really care.
a mandatory sleepover was held that night in your dorm room. tendou’s bags sat unpacked at the entranceway, making themselves home as they were scattered about messily. he was still gathered in your arms, curled into the tiniest ball he could be as he nuzzled his face into your chest. the red-head would keep repeating the same thing over and over, “missed you so much.”
“missed you more, ‘tori,” you planted a kiss to the top of his head. the boy let out a languid sigh, melting even further into your arms. “thought about you every day. and thought about how much i wanted you home.”
tendou let out a small whine, curling himself impossibly closer to you. his head suddenly shot up and he caged you in his arms as he hovered over you. “love you,” he spoke. leaning down, satori peppered kisses over your face before straightening up to stare down at you. “love you so much, [name].”
kageyama tobio ♡ my love mix up
math was hard. history was hard. literature was hard. science was fun - but still hard. you frown at the small nub you call an eraser, only watching in despair as it finally crumbles into pieces.
you turn to the right, asking your classmate for their eraser. they grin and oblige, sending a half-used eraser your way. with a sigh, you furiously begin to erase the mess on your paper until it was blank once again.
squinting at the board, you soon give up on trying to understand anything that’s being taught. you can ask yachi later - she was always better at explaining things to you, anyways. you’re fiddling with the eraser mindlessly when you realize it feel indented. looking at it curiously, you find a half-erased name coating the back of it.
yama is written in a pretty blue color. you suck your cheeks in, glancing at your classmate slyly. they had a crush, obviously, but there were loads of people in school who had yama in their names.
a bump to the back of your desk sends the eraser flying out of your hands, soaring forwards. you watch, paralyzed as it lands next to someone’s foot. cringing to yourself, you forget to see just who was leaning over to pick up the eraser you’d been using.
he holds it for a bit and you can see him tilt his head. then he’s turning around frantically - he makes eye contact with you.
and you can’t help but wonder why kageyama looks so appalled - why his cheeks are pink and he’s just gaping at you. kageyama - yama was written on the eraser. your mouth falls open as the two of you simply stare. 
no way did kageyama think you had a crush on him! it was all a misunderstanding! your classmate liked him - at least, you think they did. with a thunk, your forehead meets your desk as you hold back your groan of shame. the day couldn’t possibly get worse.
timeskip!miya atsumu ♡ honey lemon soda
you’d been practicing all morning - the correct and polite way to say hello. looking in the mirror and making sure your smile was just right ; that your eyes were soft and your voice was welcoming. today was the start of your new job, after all, so you had to make the best impressions.
osamu is the first person you see as you enter onigiri miya. he’s making a pot of coffee sleepily, puffy eyes staring through you as he yawns. finally - as he scratches at his bed head - osamu sends you a smile. “mornin’, [name].”
“good morning, osamu.” you say after taking a deep breath. you sounded okay - sounded excited to start the day and readily awake. osamu grins before he yawns again, turning to pour himself a mug of coffee. “i’ll get started on the ingredients in the back.”
osamu shoos you away as he takes a seat at the counter and just gazes out of the windows. you hold in your giggle, knowing how hard it was to wake yourself up this morning. as you take different onigiri ingredients out of the refrigerator, you continue to practice your service voice quietly.
“morning. good morning! hello, how can i help you? thank you for stopping by! good morning. mornin’! hi-”
“mornin’, sweetheart.”
jerking up from where you’d slumped over, you turn wide-eyed to see miya atsumu. the blond had developed a habit of sneaking in his brother’s resturaunt through the backdoor. he tilts his head, “well? you gonna greet me back?”
you clear your throat, “good morning, miya.”
“jus’ atsumu’s fine,” he shrugs. grinning as he walks your way, atsumu backs you against the corner as he stands over you. “glad ‘samu hired you, beautiful. ‘ve been tryin’ to talk to ya for ages now.”
bokuto kotaro ♡ a love so beautiful 
it was hot. beyond hot. always so sunny, or teetering on the edge of cold enough to snow. and yet, it never did. you sighed, chin in your hand as you stare outside of the gym’s window.
the volleyball members are stretching behind you, quiet conversations and chatter setting the atmosphere for you. akaashi trudges up beside you with tonight’s homework in hand. you smile his way before sitting with your back against the wall and welcoming him to sit beside you. 
keiji grins gently, “you needed help with this, right?”
you hum and lean over his shoulder as he explains the work to you slowly. nodding along, you can’t say how much you appreciate akaashi helping you out when you struggle with the work. you open your mouth to speak, but are cut off with sounds of awe.
everyone’s staring at the window above you with wide eyes. konoha helps you stand and your mouth falls open. it’s snowing - there’s snow falling from the sky.
rushing out in a group, you spot bokuto running across the gym’s roof with two cans of spray on snow. you smile, letting out a breathless laugh at the sight. bokuto hears it, grinning down at you as the cans run out of snow. “is this okay?”
“you made it snow!” you reply in excitement. the other fukurodani members are playing in the fake flurries, tossing it around and throwing it with laughter. your eyes tear up a bit, “you actually made it snow!”
bokuto treads down to you carefully, a bashful blush on his face once he faces you. the captain toes the ground shyly as he avods your gaze. “yeah, for you. it’s all you wanted this year - snow.”
throwing your arms around his neck, you hug bokuto to you warmly and lovingly. you kiss from his cheek to his ear, planting a loud muah! there before whispering. “thank you, ‘ko. this is so sweet.”
——♥︎—— idk where this idea came from but hehe <3 i hope you enjoyed this & thank you for reading ♡ ive updated my masterlist if you want to check it out / see what’s avaliable to request!!
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i'm so in love with tsukishima kei and at the same time i also really love Yandere themes espesially yours! i've read a lot of your yandere haikyuu headcannons and if you dont mind.. could you make one for tsukishima kei? i wonder how yandere tsukishima kei would act..
a/n;thanks loveee! this turned a little softer-
not really that sadistic as people make him out to be. sure he does bully you and humilate you but not to an extreme. he stops at one point.
mostly if he had to hurt you, it'd be mentally not physically because like hell he is doing that. chances are that he might only manipulate you into dating.
sweet, like literally a little too sweet but then again also remains a pile of salt.
he is good at using his words and playing them out, he knows what you want to hear from him and when you need comfort; in a nusthell, he can play well with his words.
he will use this to "protect" you or so what he calls because you are so innocent!
your friends are nothing, dear. they are only using you to get to him after all he is a celebrity, they are using you and will continue to use you! trust him, he knows everything and the rumors the spread about you (which in reality was him)
mostly a controlling yandere and a little harmless (not really)
to be honest he does not do the dirty work himself, i.e. if needed to injure someone, he'd just ask others to do it for him. probably make a few rumors and then all is set.
not very keen on rumors but he does spread some, mostly he'd tell it to the the gossip center of his class and the words get out. he can use a few ways to cover up if needed.
won't really kidnap? mostly he'd make both of you seem like a perfect couple and then with manipulation and lies he'd ask you to move in!
if you do move in without any problem because everything is good for both of you!
if you don't? then he'd force you to move in with him because he knows the best. after all wasn't it him who helped you "identify" your friends? he knows what's the best for you.
if you do refuse in a few things then he will use blackmail. he has got things about you, from rumors to facts. don't worry he will not leak them if you behave my lovely.
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y’all cant tell me osamu isnt the most wack person ever
he’s even more wack than atsumu. osamu literally knows how to do parkour and gymnastics and stuff but he uses it in the most obscene situations
this man will put extra salt in your food if you pissed him off that day and giggle as you gag and everyone thinks its suna but its really him
he’s also a certified omnisexual and a demi-boy. argue with the wall
but back to what i was saying
he’ll do the most craziest and random things to get back at you. You called out in class while he was raising his hand and you weren’t. oops! guess who cant find their shoes. he will steal them, OUT OF THE BLUE RANDOM.
he always blames them on suna bc kita loves him like he’s his child but in reality he’s more of a menace than atsumu
i love him
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heartsuna · 1 month
Tumblr media
part one
Tumblr media
MATSUKAWA. grabs your throat to kiss you. you can feel the cool touch of his rings on your neck, the soft yet firm grip doing more to you than you’d like to admit, but he knows. the grin on his face says it all, and with a tilt of your head his lips meet yours.
USHIJIMA. leans down to hear you better. he’s only doing it to be polite, you tell yourself, that’s all. but the sudden close proximity always catches you off guard; you’re able to see just how long his eyelashes really are. he never quite understands why you get so flustered… or does he?
OIKAWA. looks you in the eye and glances back down to your lips before kissing you. he’s a little shit; knows exactly what he’s doing and how much you love it. kisses you every chance he gets, so it happens quite often, but it never fails to make your heart beat a little faster; hurriedly moving to close the gap between your lips. 
OSAMU. wears tight white tees. his pecs are visible, the muscles on his back flexing as he moves about, but most importantly, he looks good. he knows it too, the glances you throw at him not going unnoticed; it's why he's not surprised when you suddenly start rubbing his pecs, leaning in for a slow kiss.
KAGEYAMA. smiles and looks away. you’re across the room from him and he’s surrounded with people, but his eyes can’t help looking for you. you just look so pretty. he must’ve been staring hard because you turn to look at him, your eyes visibly brightening and a grin takes over your face. similarly, an uncharacteristic grin takes over his as well before he’s looking away with a slight shake of his head.
TSUKISHIMA. grabs your jaw when he wants you to look at him. it annoys him. it annoys him that he’s trying to talk to you about something serious and you’re not paying attention. he grabs your jaw with his hand, making direct eye contact with you. “look at me.”
SUNA. lifts his shirt up to wipe the sweat from his forehead. how can you not look? messy hair with toned abs peeking from underneath his shirt. he knows you’re looking, he can feel your eyes on him. calls you a pervert with a teasing smirk when he catches you, but he loves it. 
Tumblr media
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lovejuliana · 3 days
summary: accidentally confessing to hq boys!!!
featuring: tsukishima kei, sakusa kiyoomi & iwaizumi hajime
genre: fluff & crack
content warning(s): "dumbass" is used but not in a bad way, ooc
note: pls expect to see tsuki in every post, i love him so much <3333
likes and reblogs are appreciated. :)
TSUKISHIMA KEI (highschool au!)
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
SAKUSA KIYOOMI (timeskip au!)
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
IWAIZUMI HAJIME (timeskip au!)
Tumblr media Tumblr media
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whoruchiyo · 4 months
ft. bokuto, tsukishima, iwaizumi, akaashi
cw: 18+ mdni, squirting (obvi), unprotected sex, allusions to overstimulation, oral (f receiving, fingering
a/n: just a quick little something for y'all (repost on new blog)
❁ bokuto
at this point, you lost track of how many times he'd already made you cum. it was all you could do to grip the sheets while he held onto your hips, legs resting on his shoulders as he fucked roughly into you. his thick cock stretched your pussy, hitting every spot to have your toes curling.
he's focused, eyes trained on the way your pussy sucks him in with every thrust. it was the same look he had whenever he spiked a ball. you were on the cusp of yet another orgasm. he could tell, too. the grip he had on your hips tightened, his pace getting ever so slightly quicker.
"come on, baby, give me one more."
you moaned, unable to get any words out. so consumed in your pleasure, you failed to notice the difference in your impending orgasm until it was too late. you were squirting all over his chest and stomach, coating even your own thighs. it dripped down his body.
he pulled out of you, the hold on your hips slackening. "if you had to pee you could have said something."
heat flared in every inch of your face, hands coming up immediately to cover it. you had to pretend he didn't exist for a moment in order to get your bearings again. explaining to him that you didn't pee on him was not what you had planned for the night.
❁ tsukishima
he's always been pretty plain in bed. rarely deviating from missionary and keeping the same pace. sure he'll spice it up a little bit from time to time, but you wanted him to let loose. it took some time to get him comfortable with the idea. and you didn't regret it.
with your legs pressed up near your head, he was hitting spots he'd never even come close to before. his thrusts were faster, rougher. it wasn't long until you were seeing stars. it seemed it was having a similar effect on him, as well, if the string of swears and groans was anything to go by.
you gripped onto his forearms, nails digging crescents into his skin. your former vanilla boyfriend was now wholly relentless. never slowing for even a moment. never faltering as your pussy squeezed around him. that's when you felt it. a budding orgasm with something else lurking within it.
before you could say anything, a moan erupted out of you as you came. you felt something releasing from you, but only distantly caring until the height of your pleasure subsided. it was only then that you realized what had happened. your squirt coated the plane of his stomach and yours. had stopped his thrusts, looking blankly down at you.
"warn me next time," he said. his words were sharp but the twitch of his cock was unmistakable. you really didn't regret anything.
❁ iwaizumi
in all the time you've been together, not once had he made you squirt. he made it own personal goal to make you. a nice challenge--that he eventually forgot about. that is, until tonight.
in front of a mirror on the floor, you were on your hands and knees, barely able to hold yourself up as he was pounding into you. he loved taking you from behind. it allowed to play with the soft flesh of your ass. but he also loved watching your face as you fell apart beneath him. this was his genius solution.
you were a moaning mess as he hit that one spot repeatedly. your arms were shaking with the effort to keep yourself upright. the tightness in your core built up, along with another semi-familiar feeling. you tried to warn him, but the words died on your tongue as he slammed his hips into you. it was the last push you needed.
your orgasm washed over you, accompanied by a rush of liquid. his thrusts paused as he watched you in the mirror, collapsing onto your forearms. his cock throbbed in your tight walls. he groaned at the sight.
a moment later he was picking up his rough pace again. he snaked an arm around your waist, holding you up. "shit, baby, do that again."
having finally realized his goal, he wasn't going to stop anytime soon. it would be a while before he was fully satisfied.
❁ akaashi
he came home from a long at the office, and all he wanted was to relieve was a bit of his stress. that was how you found yourself with him between your thighs, your hands buried in his hair.
he alternated between sucking on your clit and giving it little licks. his slender fingers curled inside your pussy. he wasn't in any rush tonight, taking his time with bringing you to your high. it was torturous for you. you were so close to that edge, needing just a little more to get there. it took a good amount of begging to get him to increase the speed of his fingers.
when he finally did, the force of your orgasm surprised even you. squirting on lower half of his face. but he didn't pull away, didn't stop the movement of his fingers until your trembling body calmed down. he wiped his face clean and looked up at you.
"i'm sorry," you said, covering your face with your arms. it was too much to even look at him. "i'm sorry."
he crawled up the length of your body, gently moving your arms away from your face. he placed a soft kiss to the corner of your mouth. "don't apologize," he whispered, kissing the other corner of your lips. "you're so pretty when you cum for me."
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ichxraaa · 3 months
iwaizumi is so effortlessly dominant and it isn’t fair. it’s not fair the first time he yanks you back by firmly holding your hips with enough strength that you end up bouncing against his broad chest. “careful there, you almost tripped over that”.
it’s not fair how your hands can’t help but get sweaty as he stands in front of you, arms crossed tightly against his chest, tight biceps popping from the sleeves of his black polo and eyes looking down on you as you run your data with him.
it’s not fair that he stands so close behind you when you’re in line at the cafeteria, low voice grazing your ear as he comments on how he doesn’t want you taking away the veggies from your plate.
“nevermind, i’ll set you a plate, go sit over there”.
and it’s honestly pathetic how you don’t object, how you simply agree with him and walk towards the empty table he just pointed at. anyone else trying to pull that crap on you would’ve been long gone from your side.
it’s embarrassing how willing you are to let iwaizumi handle you like this, specially when you’re not even dating. nor has he even gave you the intention of even be attempting to flirt with you.
and you think it’s definitely not fair how one day he simply takes your hand and presses his palm against the dip of your waist, guiding you through all the dolled up people from this sponsor’s party.
“let’s go, i’m taking you out of here so i can finally get you out of this dress”.
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Just thinking about owning suna and suna owning you back
Sitting on his lap as he grabs your throat. Looking down on him, your words laced with possessiveness, "I own you. You're fucking mine."
Suna only smirking, voice deep as he growls back, "that's right. You fucking own me. I'm all yours, baby, just like you're mine."
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