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「 SYNOPSIS 」 ⋮ atsumu + mirror sex - atsumu finds a good way to put his olympic medal to use
♱ kinktober ⋮ find the masterlist here !!
♱ pairing ⋮ MSBY! miya atsumu x reader
♱ length ⋮ 1.3k words
♱ contents ⋮ nsfw and 18+ content, fem! reader, mirror sex, teasing, fingering, unprotected sex, creampie, pet names (princess, angel, baby)
♱ notes ⋮ a heavily edited repost of last year’s abandoned kinktober because i deactivated in the middle fjsjffdjskd
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atsumu’s olympic gold medal.
it sits hung up for all to see in your comfortable little condo, the light reflecting across the surface from the large windows that he specifically had his eyes out for. and much like your boyfriend himself, the medal holds a large presence, all eyes falling on it the moment anyone steps foot into the room.
truth be told, it’s such a shame that it just sits there—no good use for it other than sitting on display. atsumu’s worked much too hard for it all go to waste, he’s earned that medal, and he thinks it deserves a more meaningful use than a cheap effort of interior design. so when he watches you dust over it in your efforts to clean around the place one day, polishing the surface to bring back its usual shine, he finally knows exactly how he’ll use it.
“there ya go, princess,” atsumu smirks, watching as his large hands spread your thighs apart, your wet folds on display to the mirror in front of you. his fingers ghost right over your entrance, making you whine, bucking your hips to signal him to plunge them in—but he’s got better ideas. “patience, angel,” he kisses your shoulder, sucking on the skin gently, trailing to your neck.
“tsumu,” you insist. “need you to—”
“come on, baby,” he grins. “got somethin’ i want ya to put on first.” he reaches behind him, grabbing his gold medal—the same gold medal that he put his blood, sweat, and tears to win—and he places it over over your neck, dangling perfectly in between the valley of your breasts.
“your medal?” you furrow your eyebrows, watching as his eyes darken through the mirror the sight of your naked body sporting his life long achievements.
it can’t get much better than this, he thinks, two of his best prizes right before his eyes.
“fuck, baby,” he groans, dick twitching at the sight, aching with the need to be buried balls deep inside of your perfect cunt, feeling your walls hug around him tight like they always do. “ya look so perfect fer me, angel,” he whispers, “gonna fuck ya while ya watch how pretty ya look,” he smirks, eyes glinting with mischief as his hands roam to your breasts, thumbs rubbing over your nipples and pinching them between his fingers.
you mewl, leaning against him, back arching against his chest as he keeps at it. he toys with them, rolling his thumbs over the sensitive buds as you writhe in his grasp, and in an instant, one hand falls to your dripping cunt, his middle and ring fingers plunging into you, curling against your walls as his thumb runs over your clit.
“tsu-tsumu,” you gasp, eyes rolling to the back of your head—but not for too long because almost instantly, his hand leaves your tit to grab your face roughly and turn you to the mirror, squeezing your cheeks together as a warning. your eyes immediately dart between your legs, and you watch as his fingers thrust in and out of you, coated with your slick as they curl into you and make you cry out.
“keep watchin’, angel,” he warns, “don’t ya dare look away. want ya to see everythin’.” he thrusts his fingers into you a quickly, bullying his digits into you as they plunge into the spot that makes you keen, thighs quivering as you try to stay upright on your knees while he abuses your dripping folds with his fingers. you feel the knot in your stomach letting loose with a few more thrusts of his wrist, and your orgasm crashing over you in waves as you whine his name, gripping onto his arm tightly.
smirking, atsumu grinds his throbbing erection against your ass, groaning deeply at the small bit of friction he chases as he helps you ride out your high. he gives you a few moments to catch your breath, eyeing the contrast of the gold against your shiny skin, a layer of sweat leaving a sheen under the light.
“are ya ready, baby?” he strokes his aching cock a few times, moaning at the feel—and by now, his mind is fogged with nothing but the thought of sinking deep into you as he splits you open with his cock. “need ya,” he whines, “need ya so bad, always so good fer me.”
 he slowly pushes into your cunt, hands gripping your hips tightly. he watches with fascination as his length disappears, only to reappear as he pulls out and sinks back in. somehow, he thinks he feels it a thousand times more intensely when he actually watches himself fuck into you, seeing his thick girth get coated in your wetness right before him. moaning, he bucks his hips desperately into you, and you watch with equal fascination as atsumu falls apart behind you, lip in between his teeth and eyes screwed shut as he thrust in and out of you. he looks stunning, the reddish hue flushing over his cheeks, his hair messy and falling out of place, sticking to his sweaty forehead.
“tsumu,” you gasp, whining when he bites at your neck, sucking on the skin and leaving a small mark. “tsumu harder,” you plead.
and he listens, ramming into you from behind at a quicker pace, balls slapping against your ass as he whines into your skin, watching your expression morph into one of pleasure.
“fuck, angel, ya feel so good,” he groans, moaning when you clench down on him at his words. you both train your eyes at the way his swollen cock sinks into you over and over again, angeled thrusts meeting the spot that makes you see stars every time. gripping onto his arm tightly again, you dig your nails into the skin, making him grunt into your neck. 
“tsum—fuck, more, need more, please!” growling, his hand snakes over your hips to find your clit, rubbing harsh circles as you mewl at the added stimulation. your head falls back to his shoulder, bumping against him with every rock of his hips as he ruts into you.
“‘s that what ya needed, baby? need me ta spoil ya, huh?” he grins, watching through the reflection as your entrance swallows him in with each time he slips his tip past your folds. your face breaks with pleasure, every slam of his pelvis making your expression shatter. 
“so good—f-feels good, tsum,” you whine.
“sh-shit—ngh—so pretty for me, princess,” he moans, the knot in his own stomach seconds from coming undone, “gonna cum, baby. cum with—fuck—cum with me,” he babbles.
and not too long after, you cum together—moans falling in sync as your spines burn with the pleasure. you feel him sploppily roll his hips to aid you through your highs while you’re creaming around his cock, feeling him panting into your skin. his voice cracks as he calls out your name, broken curses falling past his parted lips as he shoots thick ropes of cum and paints your walls white. each ribbon he fucks into you clouds his mind with nothing but his orgasm as he thrusts into you, riding you both through your peaks.
“oh fuck, baby,” he whines, voice lilting slightly high pitched and chest heaving as he slows the bucking of his hips, coming to a stop once you’re both done. slowly, your eyes both train on his cock as pulls out of you, his cum oozing down your legs. your eyes haze over with lust and his softening member twitches, rehardening at the sight—and with one glance at each other’s eyes through the mirror, you both know you’re nowhere near done for the night.
you flash him an innocent smile, taking the medal hanging down your neck, bringing it up to your lips and planting a kiss to the cold surface—something that should be a sweet gesture, but it only makes something carnal stir deep within him.
“c’mon tsumu,” you murmur through batted lashes, “i wanna watch you fuck me again. please?” you pout. he blinks at you before groaning, instantly sinking into your awaiting heat once more, hands squeezing your hips hard enough to leave handprints.
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— REQUEST: “hello! can i request a thirst for atsumu where him and reader were invited into a group trip but they didn't rented another vehicle making the space really small, and reader has to sit on atsumu's lap for the rest of the ride resulting to him having a boner. lmao you can tell that i've been thinking about this for a while now. anyway thank you!!”
GENRE AND WARNINGS nsfw below the cut. minors and ageless blogs dni! best friend!atsumu having very perverted thoughts (sorry not sorry </3) and implication of male masturbation. both reader and atsumu are adults. reader is not oblivious to what’s going on, the sexual tension is strong lmao i’m jealous. not proofread oops.
FEATURING miya atsumu x gender neutral reader
NOTES SHEESH i gotta thank you for this request,, it has fucked me over more than i’d care to admit (which is best for your sake, trust me)
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thinking about best friend!atsumu, who talks your ear off always. he does it to everyone, but it’s different when it’s with you. he likes to think of it as giving a piece of himself to you that no one else can carry. he’s more vulnerable, he thinks, in the way that he laughs carelessly and behaves rashly, when you’re around. the intimacy you have is different from the one he shares with his twin osamu, which runs deep and goes beyond flesh and bone and blood, but it comes dangerously close. he knows there’s no one like you. never will be.
thinking about best friend!atsumu, who is uncharacteristically quiet when you’re practically pushed back onto him by a girl friend of yours. he’s too preoccupied by the feeling of your body against his, frozen in the middle of getting his seatbelt on, to notice the suggestive wiggle of her eyebrows as you land plush on his lap. you apologize because this is the only other option you have with the limited seating, and he weakly hums as a means of agreeing. other than that, he is silent throughout the drive. he mutters something about not getting sleep the night before. it’s a lie, of course (and one that you see through easily), but you both leave it at that.
thinking about best friend!atsumu, who cannot keep himself from squeezing your hips. he’s trying so hard to be respectful but he’s mindless. he has to hold you in place or else you’ll topple over. the road is bumpy, and the further away you get from the city, the more rolling hills you encounter. he gasps ever time he feels the groove of your ass wiggle against his crotch with each sudden jolt of the van. at least the music blasting on the stereo drowns out the sound. you don’t say anything about it, and from how tense you are at his fingertips he knows that you’re trying not to move around so much, but it’s hopeless. he doesn’t let go even when you’ve entered a valley and the winding roads straighten out.
thinking about best friend!atsumu, who cannot keep his mind from spiraling the longer he is forced under the weight of your body. you feel so warm. so soft. he can’t help but wonder what it would be like to be under the roll of your hips. he imagined that he’d enter a trance from the steady rocking of your body alone, that his jaw would go slack as your pliant body went back and forth at a desperate pace. what sweet sounds would he draw out from you? would you call out his name in a weak whimper? would you whine for him as you went faster and faster until that tight coil inside you snapped under the pressure?
thinking about best friend!atsumu, who simultaneously wishes that the drive would come to an end and hopes to never forget how you slot against his body. he thinks a string of curses but says his prayers to the fool who rented out this van for somehow miscounting the seats available. he’s gotten too comfortable in this position. his eyes screw shut with guilt as he visualizes you leaned back against the headrest, thighs trembling as he plows into you. he thinks about taking you in the same position you are in now too, with his hands free to roam and touch and fondle places he’d never thought about before. maybe you would squeal if his thrusts were strong enough to push you forward in violent, sporadic jerks with a cheek to the leather seat. his fantasies live so long as you remain in this position, leading his mind astray with each passing minute.
thinking about best friend!atsumu, who shudders as liquid pleasure floods through his body. he can’t help but think with his dick, though he knows it’s wrong to think of you this way. he shuffles with every twitch of his cock, trying to play off the growing tent in his sweats. you feel everything, he realizes dreadfully, as you discreetly try to lift yourself from him even if just by a little bit. it doesn’t help him at all though, not when he gets the view of your ass in his face as you lean forward to steal a bag of gummies from the row in front. in his panic he ungracefully pulls you back onto his lap in fear of his erection being visible to anyone who glances back in your direction. he realizes too late that this was a grave mistake. you bounce clumsily from the force. he has to bite down on his tongue to keep from groaning suddenly. he only manages to shamefully croak a request to amp up the air conditioning, claiming that he feels feverish.
thinking about best friend!atsumu, who occupies your thoughts as you scramble off his lap and out of the van. you stalled long enough for him to tie his flannel around his hips, though it’s dark out and you doubt that anyone will notice the boner he is still sporting a few painful hours since you left your hometown. he rushes inside to the mountain house that will be your home for the weekend with his luggage in tow, seeking relief in locking himself in the bathroom. he just needs a few minutes… a few minutes.
thinking about best friend!atsumu, who is fumbling to free his aching cock from its restraints when his heart drops to his asshole after you knock on the bathroom door. he’s done for, he realizes, when you chime that you’ll let him choose which side of the bed he’d want. he forgot you’d be sharing, and now he plans on taking much longer in this cramped, glorified closet. he doesn’t know how he’s going to face you after this.
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Tumblr media
Ⓒ daiception 2022. do not repost, translate, edit, and/or copy any of my works. likes, comments, and reblogs are appreciated.
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title: my wish is you 
summary: where his best friend is in love with him 
word count: 4k+ 
warnings/contents: angst, jealousy, insecurities, doubts, fluff (f!reader)
Tumblr media
You never once questioned your position in Atsumu’s life. You were his partner, his support, his home, the person he shares his weird jokes and thoughts with. 
You knew that he loved you the most, but you weren’t his first love. It didn’t matter to you, hell, you had your first love before Atsumu but he just wasn’t in your life anymore. However, it couldn’t be said the same for Atsumu. 
You knew their history; they were good friends in high school, became best friends in college and she’s stuck by him ever since then. She’s known Atsumu for longer than you have and that never bothered you. Relationships aren’t defined by time, they’re defined by feelings. You knew that they both held feelings for each other at some point but there wasn’t enough courage on either end to make it happen. 
Everyone thought they would end up together, until you showed up. You caught his attention right away.. There was something Atsumu felt that he’s never felt before. You and him just clicked on levels he wasn’t even aware of.
When he told you all of this, Atsumu half expected you to tell him to never see her again, which would hurt him but if he needed that for your boundaries he would. Though you never did. You understood their feelings, the situation they were both in, but she never tried anything, so why should you tell him to stop seeing her? Besides, he was with you, he chose you and not her to be with. 
He had enough courage to ask you to be his because even for one second, the thought of you slipping through his mind, he knew that he would have regretted it for the rest of his life. 
You were very neutral towards her, you tried to like her at the start of your relationship, you did for the sake of yours and Atsumu’s relationships but she never did. Or maybe she did try but it was the bare minimum. While you tried to make time to hang out with her, she always came up with the excuse that she was busy, however when it was Atsumu asking her it was always a resounding yes. 
You tried to turn a blind eye to some of her behaviours when you truly got serious with Atsumu. Calling him at night, the constant texts from her during the day, expecting to do the things she did with Atsumu before he got into a relationship with you. The way that whenever you three hung out together, or even in a group, she always made you somehow feel like the third wheel. Sharing the inside jokes that she and Atsumu have, the memories that you weren’t there to remember. It just hurt. 
You decided to bring it up with Atsumu one night, after dinner. Putting the last wet dish on the rack, you turned to him. Noticing your eyes on him, he placed his phone down and grinned at you. “Whatcha ya thinkin’ ‘bout, angel? 
Fiddling with your hands, you took a deep breath. “Remember when we first started dating, and how you told me that you and Sato-san had feelings for each other?”
Gone was the calmness Atsumu felt around you, and instead his heart picked up its pace. Where were you going with this? 
Noticing his change in breathing, you quickly rectified, “I know that you don’t have feelings for her anymore, ‘Tsum,” reaching over to grab his hand and squeeze it gently. “I just don’t think that she’s over you. Actually, I don’t think she’s ever gotten over you.” 
Now feeling at ease, knowing that you didn’t think of him being in love with someone else. “Does that bother ya?” At your glance, “Wait, don’t answer that!” 
Shrugging, “I mean I feel uncomfortable with her always asking for your time, cutting into our dates. I know she’s your best friend, ‘Tsum, but she’s just always there asking for your time. It seems like I can’t even go on a date with you because she somehow knows and calls you and interrupts us.” 
Atsumu knew you had a point but this was also one of his closest friends, “(Y/N), we just spent a lot of time together before, she’s just gettin’ used to it.” 
“It’s been three years, Atsumu,” you knew that he was going to defend her, you would have been shocked if he just took your word. “Do you or do you not remember what happened on our first anniversary?” 
Remembering back to the day, he did remember her texting him and calling him all day to remind him that they were supposed to have a gathering around Osamu’s place, something they often did. It just so happened that it fell on your anniversary night. The others were fine with it, knowing that your anniversary was more important than a casual night but she felt hurt. 
“No one that just sees you as a best friend does that,” you reasoned out. “No one gets hurt if you’d rather spend time with your partner than your friends.” 
Gulping you realised that this was probably the best time to let out all of the feelings you had about her. 
“It’s just every time we hang out with her, it feels like she’s the one that’s dating you and I’m just your friend. The memories that you share together with her, the jokes, I don’t have those ones that you always bring up when we’re around with your friends, Atsumu,” feeling the familiar prick of tears in your eyes, you quickly brushed them away, something Atsumu took notice of silently. 
“It makes me feel hurt, it hurts me. It feels like I don’t belong in this stupid little world that the two of you have together.” 
“I don’t have the years that she has with you Atsumu, I don’t have the memories of you falling over in front of the ice-cream truck, and how that started such a great summer. I don’t have that!” Gone was the rationality that you wanted when you started this conversation, instead the hurt, the isolation, the inferiority you felt around her was speaking. 
“I’m so worried that one of these days, you’ll wake up and feel like you made the wrong decision, that it was her all along, and I was just someone in the way of that,” noticing that you were crying openly, you brushed them away but it seemed like they never wanted to stop. Not able to speak anymore, you instead focused on your hands, tears still streaming down your face, a sniffle here and there. 
Feeling a wave of defence over his best friend, Atsumu sighed. “Look, (Y/N). I don’t think Michi is in love with me, okay?” He looked at you intently, “Yeah, she gets touchy sometimes and she brings up these memories but that’s the way she’s always been.” 
Flabbergasted that Atsumu just brushed your worries away, you scrunched up your brows. “Are you telling me that it’s all in my head? That her actions are just friendliness?” 
Atsumu didn’t say anything, which you took as confirmation. “What would happen if I did that! What would have happened if I did that with Genji?” At the sound of your first love’s name, Atsumu subconsciously grimaced. 
“How would you feel -as my boyfriend- if we hung out with Genj? The fact that I bring up all these memories that Genji and I share, that you weren’t a part of? How would you feel if I started hugging Genji longer than necessary, Miya?” You spat out. Yes, you were still hurt and angry but you thought your boyfriend would have at least pandered to your worries. 
The feeling of his heart clenching at the sound of his surname and your ex-boyfriend's first name in a sentence made Atsumu feel queasy. 
“I tell you that I’m worried that you’ll leave me for her, and you can’t even comfort me?” You spoke raising your voice, your nostrils flared and you clenched your jaw. “You were so willing to make up excuses for her, but you can’t even spare me some shitty words to comfort me,” scoffing you rolled your eyes. 
You mumbled something under your breath and stalked off without another word. Atsumu, feeling ashamed of the actions he just did, sat down on the couch. Never had you spoken like that to him before, relaying the conversation in his head, he knew that he rightfully deserved it. 
Why? Why did he feel such a need to make excuses for her? Why couldn’t he have just said the words he wanted to say? That he doesn’t care if they have a bunch of history together, his future only has you in it. He only wants a future with you and no one else. 
Walking into the bedroom, he expected to see you in bed curled away from him but all he saw was an empty bed. Panicking and his heart beating fast, did you leave? Where did you go? He quickly walked to the bathroom, sighing in relief when he saw your things were still there. Moving towards the spare bedroom, he turned the handle only to find out that it was locked. Something shattered within Atsumu when the door didn’t open. This has never happened. 
In the morning, Atsumu woke up, spread his hand out, ready to pull you into him. When he felt the empty space, he sat up, trying to get used to the sun, shaking his head. Where were you? When he remembered what happened last night, he clenched his fist and fell back into bed. 
Walking into the living room, Atsumu noticed you by the sofa, a coffee in your hand. His heart felt like it could crack in any minute, and he felt like shit. This was the first time in your relationship that you two decided to sleep apart and fuck, he never wanted that ever again. 
“Hey angel,” his voice was groggy, and he noticed that there was no breakfast. 
“Sorry,” you shrugged, “I just woke up. Had a shitty sleep.” 
Chuckling slowly, “Tell me about it.” 
You both shared a look, and Atsumu felt a little lighter. Walking over to the machine, he could feel your gaze on him. He knew he needed to sort this out now but with an important practice in a couple of hours, he knows he can’t. 
“I’m sorry about-” 
“It’s fine,” you cut him off sharply. “It was my fault to bring it up.” Finishing up your last sip of coffee, you placed it in the sink. “I have a meeting today, I’ll be late so there won’t be any dinner but you have plans with her don’t you?” 
You didn’t have to ask, it was their Tuesday night after all. Looking at your phone, you glanced back at Atsumu, “Actually, I’ll be in and out with meetings all day. Try not to text me, I probably won’t be able to respond.” 
Without another word, you walked up to your shared bedroom intent on getting ready as quickly as you can. 
Stunned at your cold and blunt words to Atsumu, something you’ve never done. Maybe in a teasing tone, but it was always accompanied by a smile. Just how much did he fuck up? 
It was thirty minutes since he last saw you, sitting by the couch sipping his coffee, looking through his phone. He heard you and looked up. Fixing up your blazer and moving quickly to the door, you looked at Atsumu. “I didn’t have time to make your bento today, but maybe she can, if you text her.” Without another word, the door shut. 
Whether it was a metaphor for your feelings with Atsumu, the man did not know. 
“Tsum-Tsum, where’s your lunch that (Y/N)-chan always packs?” Bokuto asked, noticing that his teammate just had some store bought pre-made lunch. 
Ashamed, Atsumu was quiet for a moment, earning looks from his three teammates. Hinata looked towards Bokuto and Sakusa who just shrugged in response, “Are you okay, Tsum?” 
Nodding quickly, Atsumu smirked and threw his arm around Bokuto, “Don’t ya worry Bokkun!” 
Tossing in a joke, Atsumu hoped his teammates would just let it go and not pay attention to the rising tension. 
“(Y/N) has never once missed making your lunch, even when she had a fever she still made something for you,” Sakusa’s voice brought him out of his thoughts. Turning to the black haired man, Atsumu watched as Sakusa narrowed his eyes at him. “So, what did you do?” 
Plastering a fake grin on his face, Atsumu gave him a thumbs up, “Nothing, Omi-Omi! Don’tcha worry!” 
Blocking Atsumu’s sidestep, Sakusa glared the older man down, “I am worried because my friend is not responding to me.” 
“But I am responding to you.” 
“I’m not talking about you,” Sakusa snapped. It was weird for Atsumu, two people that he cared for a lot, who he’s annoyed until they’re red in the face but never snapped or raised their voice at him, just in less than 24 hours. “Iwaizumi-san says that she’s not responding to him either. Talk.” 
Atsumu sighed in defeat, he knew that he wouldn’t be able to leave without indulging Sakusa with the problems with you. He didn’t want to tell more people about this, he wanted to fix this as soon as he could, and he’d rather not have other people interfering. Realising it was too late, as Sakusa and Iwaizumi knew of your behaviour, and knowing that if they knew, your other best friends and his brother would definitely know, Atsumu knew he was in deep shit. And maybe Sakusa can give him some advice.  
“I mean, can you blame her?” He turned to Kiyoomi who was staring at him with distaste. “I mean, you basically told your girlfriend that her feelings weren’t genuine. That she was just making it up in her head.” 
“I never said those words,” Atsumu spoke angrily. 
Sakusa just shrugged, “You implied it though. By not acknowledging her feelings, you gave her the assumption that you don’t care about them. Just because you don’t see it, doesn’t mean that it’s not happening.” 
The younger man brushed off the invisible dust, and sanitised his hands, placing them in his pockets. He looked at Atsumu once. “You’re lucky that she didn’t break up with you,” Kiyoomi stated bluntly. “I wouldn’t fault her if she did.” 
Entering her house, something he’s done plenty of times, this was the first time it’s ever felt wrong. He could see her by the kitchen, she turned around giving Atsumu a beaming smile. He shouldn’t be here. This felt wrong. This felt like betrayal. 
“(Y/N) thinks yer still in love with me,” Atsumu began, no point in beating around the bush. Rubbing his face, tired of the day, tired of the fight, “But I said yer not, yer just sentimental.” 
Michi paused her movements, and turned around to face Atsumu. Heart beating in her chest, she tucked a piece of hair behind hair. This was it, this was the moment that she’s been waiting for. It was now or never. Taking a deep breath, Michi finally said the one thing she’s been dying to say, “But, Atsumu, I do love you.” 
Atsumu sighed in frustration and ran a hand through his hair, “Why now? Why now that I’m with (Y/N)?” 
“You knew, you always knew that we had something going on!” 
“And we never took a chance, did we?” Atsumu spat out. “That was both of our faults!” 
“We were supposed to end up together,” she mumbled, the confidence she had moments ago slowly disappearing. 
“We were kids,” Atsumu rebutted, fire in his words. “What I have with (Y/N), this is serious. This is what I’ve been wantin’ all along.” 
“We had that!” 
“We never did!” Atsumu was tired. He was tired of all of this, he didn’t expect this to blow up this big. “Maybe we had a taste of what could be, but what you and I had, does not and will never compare to what I have with (Y/N).” 
“I’ve known you for longer, Atsumu, I know you better than she could ever hope to,” she pleaded. “I’m in love with you, and I know that you’re in love with me. We were supposed to be together, it would have just taken longer.” 
Atsumu moved his mouth to say something, but all he could do was stare at her. He wanted to say ‘maybe in another life’, but the words couldn’t escape him. And he knew that if he said it, it would be a lie. In this life and any other lives that he has, the only person he wants to share them is with you. 
As much as Atsumu wanted to sit down and gather his thoughts, he needed this to get over as soon as he could. He needed to get back to you. 
“I know that I wasn’t ready back then, but now I’m ready for you. I’m here,” Michi glanced at Atsumu, at the man that she’s been in love with for the past decade. “I’m in love with you Atsumu and I want to be with you.” 
He couldn’t help but chuckle, there was his best friend, the person that once held his heart saying the words he once longed to hear. There was something disdainful in her tone, it felt wrong coming from her. It never did with you. It always felt right, like every time you said it a missing puzzle piece was completed inside of Atsumu. 
If it was a couple of years ago, Atsumu would have jumped at the chance but that was before you. Before you turned his whole world upside down and he finally realised what being in love meant. Just because Michi knew Atsumu longer, and she thought that she knew Atsumu deeper, everyone knew it was you. It was you that fit right at Atsumu’s side. 
You were the one that understood his moods, even before you began dating, you never once pushed him. You accepted how he felt and dealt with his emotions, and you were always there to give a hand if he needed or asked for it. It was the late night talks where he didn’t realise that he was already in love with you, it was the eagerness to see your face everyday. To talk to you everyday, to have those mundane and simple things that he despised before but then it was all he wanted to do, because he got to do it with you. 
It was the feeling of being complete with you. Michi completed him in a way that Atsumu knew, she fit into his world, she was best friends with him. But you were his world. You filled in spaces that Atsumu didn’t even realise were empty. The cracks that were filled with your laughter and soft kisses, the void that he ignored was filled with your soft whispers about the future. 
It never felt right until you. 
It’s always been you. 
With the lack of response, Michi bowed her head, “You’re choosing her, aren’t you?” 
Without a pause, Atsumu responded, “Yeah,” looking at her, Atsumu felt nothing. There was an air indifference surrounding her. “I’ll always choose her, no matter what.” 
Atsumu hopes that she understood what he said. Even if she begged, even if she pleaded for him to choose her, it would always be you. It’s always been you. 
Atsumu straightened his back, “I think this friendship needs to end, Sato-san. My relationship with (Y/N) will always be the most important, she’s the most important person to me. I’ve loved her more than I’ve ever loved anyone, and will ever love anyone.” Taking a couple of steps towards the door, “And I can’t have anyone doubting that for her.” 
It took ten years for her to say what she felt, and it only took Atsumu a couple of minutes to destroy her life, and a couple of steps to walk away from her forever. Dropping to her knees, Michi sobbed knowing that she was too late. 
You were sitting at the dinner table, the dinner ready to be eaten at any moment. Looking towards the door once you heard it unlocked, you saw as Atsumu walked in, taking a deep breath and looking right at you. 
Closing the door, he hastily made his way to you. Tugging you out of your chair gently, he wrapped his arms around you. “I’m sorry,” mumbling the words into your neck over and over again, you hesitantly wrapped your arms around him. 
“I ended my friendship with Sato-san,” shocked at the words coming out of his mouth, shocked at the use of her surname and the formality, you moved yourself a little bit from Atsumu. 
“‘Tsum, what?” 
Repeating what he just told you, Atsumu looked you right in the eyes, willing to believe his truth. “I’ll always choose you.” 
“‘Tsum, you didn’t have to do that. You could have just not spoken to her for a while, you didn’t need to cut her out of your life.” 
Atsumu shook his head, “I never want ya to ever feel like I’m second guessing who I chose, and I know yer,” tapping the side of your head with his fingers, he smiled down at you. “Ya get into yer own head way too much. If she was around, I know you’d always be comparin’ or thinkin’ with that big brain of yers.” 
“But aren’t you sad?” 
“I am,” Atsumu said truthfully. “But I know that I’ll get through it, with ya around,” nuzzling into your neck he couldn’t help continue, “but if it was you.” 
Looking at you, you could see his eyes watering, “If it was you, if I lost ya for some reason, I don’t think I’d be able to continue.” 
Gently cupping his face with your hands, caressing the apple of his cheeks with your thumb, “You never have to worry about me leaving you, Miya Atsumu. I’m yours forever.” 
“And I’ll always be yers, now and forever,” placing his forehead to yours, Atsumu felt his heart be at peace for the first time since last night. “I want ya for longer than forever, angel.” 
Grinning, you moved yourself closer to him, wrapping your arms around his neck and pulling him down on the couch with you, him on top of you. “I’m more than okay with that.” 
Pulling you into his lap, Atsumu held your hands in his, “I’m sorry,” was what he started with. Tightening his hands, “I’m so sorry I ever made ya feel like that. I don’t care if I have ten years worth of memories with her because that means nothin’ with the forever I want with ya,” Atsumu began. “Those memories were what I remember most when we were kids, those inside jokes are just that, inside jokes with her.  What I want is the jokes we’ll pass down to our kids, the stories that we’ll share to our kids. The memories that I’ll repeat and say to you before I say ‘I do’. All the memories that I had with her, angel, don’t compare nothin’ to one memory I have with ya.” 
“Miya Atsumu,” you started, you could feel your heart beating against your chest rapidly. You never expected Atsumu to stop being friends with her. You truly just wanted for them to take a break. 
You knew he’s loved you since you first met because you were the exact same. The way he filled your world with his brightness, the way he always made you feel like his priority above everything else, when he made you feel seen and remembered. Above all else, you felt warm and safe with him. There was no one but Miya Atsumu for you. 
“You’re a great big sap, you know that?” 
“Angel, I just bared my heart out to ya,” groaning, he pinched your side, a cheeky smirk on his face. “And that’s why yer saying to me.” 
“That’s my heart too, mister,” leaning forward you pressed a soft kiss to his chest. 
Grinning down at you, Atsumu knew that you could feel his heartbeat, and he didn’t care. Whatever he felt for you he wanted you to know. 
“Yeah, princess, it is,” kissing the top of your head. “It’ll always be yours.”
Tumblr media
“Don’t make me choose between you and her.” 
“Why? Because you’ll choose her?” 
“Yeah. I’ll choose her.”
Tumblr media
happy early birthday, miya atsumu, you absolute disgusting goblin (affectionate).
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ohtokki · 2 days ago
brew ha-ha
Tumblr media
pairing: miya atsumu x gn!reader
synopsis: atsumu thinks he's absolutely batty for you. he blames the witch's brew.
genre: fluff
wc: 1.1k
warning: mentions of drinking
notes: coffee shop au! written for my milestone event for dear echo @mattsunkawa​. the original post didn’t show up in the tags BUT at long last, it’s HERE. drink up, babes.
Tumblr media
the café is quiet tonight, miya atsumu thinks.
too quiet.
it's the friday night before halloween and he's stuck working the entire weekend shift. honestly, he'd rather be out with his teammates bar-hopping and trying to outdrink bokuto with pumpkin beers in each hand.
he'd even be content lounging around his living room in his pjs while eating candy to binge-watch the trashiest halloween movies and tv shows all weekend.
instead, he sulks. if the bat wings strapped to his back could droop, they would.
there's laughter outside as groups of people pass by the café windows. he sees how their shadows are elongated by the streetlights and how their steps are quickened to escape the chill of the late october air.
it's not fair. he huffs as he leans against the display case. tonight, his job is to mind the register while osamu checks inventory and restocks the storeroom in the back.
normally, he'd be happy to do it. but it's been a slow night and he's itching to stir up some mischief if only to keep him entertained.
an old slasher film plays on the tv screen in the corner of the café as atsumu busies himself with menial tasks. he restocks the cups and lids, wipes down all the counters, and places a few fake spiders in the display case.
he takes a step back to assess his handy work before he jumps.
a scream from the tv and the sudden chime from the front door opening startles him, and he lets out a small yelp, ducking down by the counter.
he grimaces, embarrassed from being so jumpy. his fist clutches the fabric of his work shirt tightly, willing the frantic pounding of his heart to subside before the customer reaches the counter.
click. clack. click.
the clicking of someone's shoes stops short of the counter. he slowly rises and the frantic pounding of his heart resumes once more.
"hi 'tsumu."
it's you.
he wasn't expecting you tonight.
you're dressed up too. you're wearing all black with a crossbody bag that is fashioned to look like a weathered spell book. the look is finished off with a black hat and a tattered-looking broomstick.
"what, can't a witch get a late-night coffee brew around here?"
oops, atsumu didn't mean to say that out loud. to ignore the burning heat creeping up the back of his neck, he busies himself with a coffee cup. his pen poised to doodle a little mini-version of you instead of meeting your honeyed gaze.
"no," he mumbles, "just figured you'd be off at a party or something."
he fiddles with the fake vampire teeth in his mouth with his tongue, slightly grimacing at the plastic taste.
you laugh, "i'd much rather hang out with my favorite barista."
"yer just tryin' to butter me up," he mutters under his breath. there's no way you'd purposefully come here to hang out with him. but he can't help but be keen at the thought, fighting the blush on his cheeks. you seem to genuinely mean it.
"what kinda snack do you want?"
you watch with a tiny smile when he quickly moves over to the display case. his usual confidence is nowhere to be seen as he flits back and forth nervously. the movement makes the bat's wings strapped to his back bounce up and down. it's cute.
you sidestep to the display counter. behind the glass, there's a display of seasonal pastries from fragrant pumpkin bread, to colorful frosted sugar cookies, and tiny ghost cake pops.
you let out a low whistle.
"osamu has been busy."
the mention of osamu calms his nerves. it's a familiar topic to focus on and he has plenty to say about his scrub of a brother.
"yeah, he's been experimenting with the baked goods," he puffs out his chest, "and i got to be his taste tester."
curious, your eyes flicker up to atsumu. "any recommendations?"
he nods and points to the pumpkin bread with the tongs, clacking them together as if to emphasize his words. "this pumpkin bread is downright sinful."
he's about to launch into a story about how this bread all but bought him and his taste buds dinner when a voice chimes in from the doorway to the back room.
"excuse me, is this vampire bothering you?"
you see osamu propping the door open with his hip, donning a pair of furry werewolf ears on top of his signature black cap. he holds up a strand of string lights that suspiciously look like cloves of garlic.
"leave the nice witch alone, 'tsumu."
you laugh as atsumu hisses at his brother.
"no, he's been on his best behavior tonight."
osamu raises an eyebrow, unconvinced. the café is practically empty so he shrugs and retreats into the storeroom to give the two of you some alone time.
"mm, ok then. i'll be in the back if you need me. be good!"
atsumu huffs as he pops the slice of pumpkin bread into the oven and starts working on your coffee order.
"he's such a scrub," he whines as the espresso machine drones on in the background.
he sets the hot cup of coffee and your pumpkin bread on the counter, ringing up your order at the register.
"one witch's brew."
atsumu's fingers brush against your palm as he drops the change into your hand. a slight shiver runs up his spine at the contact. your hands are much cooler to the touch, though he knows you get cold frequently. 
the thought makes him want to hold your hands in his, but he quickly shakes away the thought.
instead, he gestures to the two tip jars on the counter. he and osamu have a habit of changing up the tip jars to entertain themselves and their customers. he wants to see which one you'll pick tonight.
the one on the left reads 'trick' while the one on the right reads 'treat'.
"alright, pick yer poison." he gives you a toothy smile from behind the register.
you hum in thought as your gaze flickers between the glass jars. each jar is roughly filled halfway, but you wonder if there's something else. something more.
atsumu's gaze is heavy and expectant. it makes your stomach flutter nervously, but you decide to push your luck tonight. you did come here tonight to see him after all.
"hm, i dunno," you lean in closer to atsumu with a mischievous glint in your eyes, keeping your hand above the "treat" jar.
"do i get a treat too?"
he laughs and leans forward, fangs on full display.
"why don't you find out for yourself?"
Tumblr media
thanks for reading! as always, reblogs and comments are appreciated!    
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osita-iza · a day ago
Day 1: Atsumu + choking 
Tags: Established relationship, actual gn!reader, choking, safe word/kink discussion, suggestive but not explicit happy kinktober!!!, i am not a bdsm/health expert take this with a grain of salt
You ask Atsumu what some of his fantasies are.
    You weren’t one who paid too much attention to rumors. Enough of them had turned out to be false in your experience to give them any credence. That being said, you couldn’t say your interest wasn’t piqued when your friend said Atsumu was great in bed when you first mentioned he had asked you out. 
    However, that wasn’t the Atsumu that you got in bed. He was good, but he was… vanilla. You bit your lip as you glanced at your boyfriend sitting across from you on the couch, shoving food into his mouth. He took up a room with everything: his muscles that seemed to bulge no matter what shirt he wore, the way he struggled to control his booming voice, or the way his strong personality couldn’t be tamed. You wouldn’t think he was vanilla, although you guessed it wasn’t good to assume. 
    Really there wasn’t a way to know for sure without just asking him. That was what a relationship was about, right? It was a time for you to learn how to communicate with your partner. A time to learn how to have the awkward conversations that were necessary. 
    “Oi!” he called out. 
    “Yeah?” you asked as your shoulders tensed up. 
    He furrowed his eyebrows at you with a light shake of the head. He put his empty plate on the coffee table and leaned back, spreading his legs with a smile. “Don’t ‘yeah’ me,” he said, “You’ve been staring for like five minutes,” 
    “Have I?” you laughed as you avoided his gaze now, “I didn’t even notice,” 
    “Come on,” he pouted, “What’re you thinking in that cute head of yours?” 
    You shook your head. “It’s really nothing.” 
    “Now I’m really curious,” he laughed. He now scooted closer to you and threw an arm around your shoulders. You rolled your eyes as he leaned his face closer to yours. “Pllleeaasse.” 
    You sighed, choosing to stare at your hands instead of him. “Um…” 
    Atsumu’s hand dropped down to squeeze your shoulder. “Babe, I’m not gonna judge, ya know me,” 
    “It’s a little embarrassing is all,” you chuckled before taking another deep breath, “Do you have any, ya know, fantasies?” 
    At that, Atsumu’s eyebrows raised as he coughed. You pressed your lips together to hide your smile as he pulled his arm back into himself. It wasn’t often that you saw him truly flustered, so you cherished the moment even if embarrassment sat in every limb.  “Yeah, like going to the Olympics. That would be cool,” he muttered. 
    A laugh escaped you. “Tsumu, be real!” 
    “You’re the one who asked. You should go first,” he said. 
    Now you were done laughing. “Well, there’s a couple of things I would like to try at some point,” you dragged out, “I guess, I have been imagining choking,” 
    His eyebrows rose. “Like me choking you?” 
    “Yeah,” you mumbled before clearing your throat and trying to talk clearer, “If you’re into it, I wouldn’t want you to do something you don’t want to,” 
    Atsumu let out a short laugh. “I would be lying if I said that I haven’t thought about it,” he confessed, “I just don’t want to hurt you is all,”
    “Well we could test it out slowly,” you smiled, “Plus we’ll have a safe word and all that,” 
You nodded, unable to contain your excitement. “Yeah.” 
 “Do you know how to do that, like, safely?” 
“Yeah, you just gotta-” You grabbed his hand, trying to focus on placing his hand correctly instead of how it was rougher than your own. You wrapped his fingers around the side of your neck. “And you would squeeze here- just a little,” you mumbled. 
You already felt smaller than him as he stared at you with his hand around your throat. “You good, like this?” he asked. You nodded. Atsumu raised his eyebrows. “I have to hear it.” 
“I’m doing good,” you said. 
    Atsumu hummed in acknowledgement before leaning down and kissing you. He slowly pushed you back until you were laying underneath him. He finally removed his hand from your neck as he stared at you. Your chest rose up and down as your heart raced. You gripped his shoulders to pull him closer to you, but he shut his eyes and forced some space between you. “Safe word?” 
    You blinked to clear your mind. “Um… Pineapple.” 
    “Cute,” he mumbled with a smile, “Grab my wrist if it gets too much, and you can’t talk,”
“Okay,” you answered. Atsumu placed his hand on your neck again as he pressed his lips against yours. You tightened your grip on his shoulders and pulled him against you. He slowly pushed his thigh in between your legs. You gasped against him as he pushed more force against you. 
“I’m gonna squeeze now, kay?” he asked. You nodded, desperate to feel more pressure on you. You grinded against his leg as his hand closed more around the sides of your neck. A groan escaped your lips as your mind relaxed. Atsumu spoke up, “Look at me,” 
Your eyes opened, although you didn’t remember closing them. He stared at your face as he released the pressure. You moaned again, using your grip to pull him down for a kiss. “Please, Tsumu,” you whined against his mouth, “Again.” 
“Let’s go to the bed.” 
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oiks-milkbread · 2 days ago
Eating spicy noodles
((Just a short little thing, inspired by me eating nuclear spicy noodles))
Oikawa Tooru
- can't handle spicy food but suffers with you;
- whiny baby;
- "y/n-chan, why do you like torturing yourself?";
- "Why are you eating it if you don't like it?";
- "Because I love you";
- you promise to treat him with ice cream;
Miya Atsumu
- "it can't be hotter than me, am I right?";
- you roll your eyes;
- it becomes a match between the two of you;
- the first one who drinks milk loses;
- he's crying but still keeps eating;
- osamu keep repeating that you're idiots and he's not going to help you if you feel sick;
Akaashi Keiji
- gives you gastro protector;
- pours milk into your glass;
- dab your sweaty forehead with a handkerchief;
- worried boyfriend;
- already one foot out of the door, he's going to buy you ice cream real quick;
Suna Rintarou
- pretends he doesn't care, but lowkey he's worried you could get sick;
- like akaashi, he pours milk into your glass;
- ends up staring at you, in search of any sign of discomfort;
- also staring at your lips because they're darker;
Miya Osamu
- he kinda finds hot (no pun intended) that you can handle spicy food;
- he's probably the one cooking it for you;
- kinda offended if you just buy instant noodles instead of asking him to cook you something;
- will jokingly complain that your breath is bad, after you finish eating, but will still accept your kisses;
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jordyn-degas · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
𝙰 𝚜𝚎𝚛𝚒𝚎𝚜 𝚏𝚎𝚊𝚝𝚞𝚛𝚒𝚗𝚐 𝙰𝚝𝚜𝚞𝚖𝚞 𝙼𝚒𝚢𝚊 𝚡 𝚏𝚎𝚖! 𝚛𝚎𝚊𝚍𝚎𝚛
Tumblr media
Story warnings: characters are 25+; fluff, angst, smut - flashbacks, mentions and into the present; detailed sex scenes; exes with mutual pining; high school/university flashbacks; engagements; marriages; friends with benefits(not with Atsumu); is it cheating if one character is on a break from their partner? hmm.; a few slaps and a punch throughout the story; scheming; secrets - kept and coming out; girl code with a broken moral compass; basically two people that love each other but life woke up and chose violence; your best friend is a badass highly skilled in plotting; and others i can't think of right now.
Tumblr media
Author's note: story developed with my Haikyuu/Tokyo Revengers chaotic half @iamthepotato and her wonderful OC Mei Takahashi - thank you for providing me with chaos 🥰 The story will not have scheduled updates as I will post each chapter as the time allows.
Tumblr media
𝚂𝚢𝚗𝚘𝚙𝚜𝚒𝚜 -
Leaving Japan at 24 through a 5 year Internship Award designed for Sports Medicine Physicians in Los Angeles - choosing career over the love of your life, MSBY Setter Atsumu Miya, which ended up in heart shattering pain - you return three years later to Tokyo and to the life left behind.
“Alright.” you bit on the inner cheek, nervousness spiking up at the outlandish prospect of being considered one of the best Sports Medicine Physicians in the country. “Which team wants me?”
“MSBY Black Jackal.” Kuroo wiggled his eyebrows while turning around the phone, gaze falling upon the familiar logo of the golden jackal staring right back at you.
Oh, shit.
Thrown back into each other's lives in a split second, Atsumu is faced with the return of the love of his life at the worst moment while you receive heartbreaking news that could separate the two of you for the rest of your lives.
After all, what is life without a plot twist?
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
𝙲𝚑𝚊𝚙𝚝𝚎𝚛 𝟷 - 𝙷𝚎𝚛𝚎 𝚊𝚗𝚍 𝚋𝚊𝚌𝚔 𝚊𝚐𝚊𝚒𝚗 - 𝙲𝚘𝚖𝚒𝚗𝚐 𝚜𝚘𝚘𝚗
𝙲𝚑𝚊𝚙𝚝𝚎𝚛 𝟸 - 𝙶𝚞𝚎𝚜𝚜 𝚠𝚑𝚘'𝚜 𝚋𝚊𝚌𝚔? - 𝚃𝙱𝙰
Tumblr media
𝐌𝐨𝐫𝐞 𝐜𝐡𝐚𝐩𝐭𝐞𝐫𝐬 𝐜𝐨𝐦𝐢𝐧𝐠 𝐬𝐨𝐨𝐧!
Tumblr media
© jordyn-degas — work to NOT be copied, posted or translated anywhere else
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kiwanopie · 13 days ago
Meeting a Beautiful Fan
w/sakusa kiyoomi, bokuto kotarou, and atsumu miya
fluff. 1k wc. rip to fictional friend aiko.
♡ Sakusa Kiyoomi
“Um, hello.”
“Are you Sakusa Kyoomi?”
“Yeah, that’s-“ This is an angel. He’s looking at an angel right now. “That’s me.”
“Oh! Okay,” You nod, gesturing at the matching jersey in your hand. “If you’re not too busy, can you sign this jersey?”
Sakusa nods silently and reaches for the shirt, nearly swallowing his tongue as his fingers brush with yours. “Who should I… make it out to?”
“Oh um - if you can, can you just wish my friend a happy birthday? Her name’s Aiko.”
“Oh, this is a gift.” He sounds impassive but that’s because he’s having a meltdown on the inside. “‘Was wondering why I haven’t seen you at any of the games.”
“Yeah, my friend’s a huge fan but she’ll be overseas until next year so, I came and got some souvenirs to send her.” He nods at the explanation, but nearly overheats when you continue. “But your plays were amazing, this being the first time I’m seeing them in person. I can see why she’s such a big fan.”
“Thank you. I uh..” He glances around. “I appreciate it.”
“Uh no, thank you-“
“Wait there a sec- Miya!”
Atsumu looks over and trots to him with a smile, bouncing the novelty foam ball in his hand and nearly dropping it once he’s got a glance at the dime standing in front of his teammate.
“Heya there, angel-“
“Can I have that?” He points to the ball.
Atsumu immediately catches on. “Oh, sure thing! Here, gorgeous, ya want me ta sign it-“
“No.” Sakusa takes it out of his hand and scribbles on it with his pen. “Here, uh… keep this for yourself.”
“Hm? Oh.” You reach for the ball and Atsumu nearly croons at the sound of your voice. He nearly says something to, if not for the clear call of dibs drilling holes in his head as Sakusa side eyes him.
You smile and it’s straight out of a day dream. “I appreciate it, thank you.”
Sakusa nods as you side-step your way out of the line and they both wave back at you as you walk away.
Atsumu smacks his teeth. “There she goes, ma future wife walking off with your number.”
Sakusa elbows him.
♡ Bokuto Kotarou
“Uh, are you Bokuto?” A voice inquires softly behind him.
Kotarou turns with a gleeful smile to address the fan standing behind him. Smiling widely as he cheers from the deeper portion of his chest. “Hey, Hey….H-Hey!”
Holy shit.
You return his grin with a closed mouth smile as you bow, hardly paying any mind to the way his grin slowly falls into a disbelieving gape. “Nice to meet you.”
“Y-…Yeah, it really is!” He stammers a bit nervously. “Nice to meet you, I mean. It’s- It’s really nice to meet you too!”
You snicker somewhat and his chest caves in.
“That’s great!” Your attempt to exclaim with him is poor and a little cut off by the sheer silliness of trying to match his energy but it’s cute regardless. He barely registers the jersey in your hand, too busy planning out what your wedding reception is gonna look like.
“Is it okay if I ask you to sign this?” You simper.
Ko takes it out of your hand with an eager few nods. “Yeah! Of course!” He whips out his marker. “And what’s the pretty girl’s pretty name?”
“Oh, it’s- Well this is actually a gift for my friend, Aiko. Who’s a huge fan. But I’m-…My name’s ____.” You stumble a bit.
He nearly croons. Are you nervous? He’s the one staring at the girl of his dreams right now! Ah, and you’re such a good friend! Going out of your way to get your friend a gift like this! He swears he’d swoon over you if he could.
“Yeah? Birthday?” You nod as he regains a bit of his composure. “Cool. Cool. And are uh… are you a fan?”
“Me? Oh, this is actually my first game.” You admit. “But it was really fun watching you play. Your…line shots? I think? They’re super duper cool!” You beam up at him, he nearly clenches his heart in duress.
Ko gasps. “Thank you!! Sometimes I forget how to do ‘em!!” The two of you giggle a little together. “But I’m flattered regardless! Think after this match you’ll become a regular?”
You shrug. “Maybe. If I can find some time between school work.”
“College student?” You give him an affirming hum. “That’s really cool. Well - Hey, I’d like to see you again regardless?”
He rips a thin sheet of signing paper from the table beside him and bends to jot his phone number on it before folding it a couple times.
Ko turns back to you and somehow you’re even cuter than you were when he first looked at you. “If that’s… alright? Maybe we can catch a drink or something later?”
You give him a bit of a disbelieving smile but take it regardless. Belatedly he realizes what a small chance it was that you’d even be single. “O-Oh! Yeah sure that’d be great.”
Ko smiles excitedly, like he’s won twice today. “Great! Well, I’ll uh- I’ll talk to you later?”
“Definitely.” You smile, and he’s floating on cloud 9 as you start to walk away. “Bye!”
♡ Atsumu Miya
Atsumu’s smile wavers when you shuffle into the front of the line but only because he’s a little too surprised to remain cordial. It’s not every day that your dream girl shows up in line to ask you for an autograph.
“Hi,” He immediately grabs the foam ball to the left of him. “Didn’t know they let angels in here?”
You smile a little at his quip but you aren’t as affected by it as he’d like you to be. “Ah, that’s very kind of you, Miya-san. Thank you.”
“Don’t mention it, gorgeous.” His chair creaks as he stands up, and he cradles the toy between his elbow as he reaches for the novelty plushie in your hand. “So, who am I makin’ it out to?”
“My friend, Aiko? It’s her birthday.” You shift on your heels as he signs the doll. “She’s a huge fan. I really wanted to surprise her.”
“Yeah? That’s awful sweet of ya.” He smiles. You glow under the gym lights, he doesn’t know if it’s the afterglow of success or just the sheer desirability you exude that’s making you so painfully attractive to him right now. “What’s Aiko’s friend's name is what I really wanna know?”
“Me? Oh, my name’s ____.”
“Figures.” He tuts. “It fits ya, pretty.”
Atsumu bounces the ball sitting in the crook of his arm down to his palms as he hands you back the toy, quickly scribbling a little note on it before you can get the chance to thank him for his signature.
“Hey,” He leans in hushedly, you follow his lead, “It’s gonna kill me if I miss a chance like this, so here.” Atsumu sneaks the ball into your hands. “If you’re available?”
You glance at his handwriting on the ball and smile abashedly. The little giggle you let out makes his face hot. “Yeah? Sure thing.”
“A’right!” He leans back cheerfully, waving you off before the rest of his fans can catch on. “See ya later then, sweetpea.”
You smile as he twiggles his fingers at you from the stand, watching you disappear into the crowd even as his next fan stands in front to receive their own signature.
The ball crunches slightly against your wandering fingers.
“Your future boyfriend, Tsumu. <3 xxx-xxx-xxx.”
Tumblr media
reblog = 1 prayer for aiko 😔
Tumblr media
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omgjumin · a month ago
6:32am ☆ miya atsumu
tags: fem! reader, pet names (princess, girlfriend, girl)
Tumblr media
you've never been provoked to hit your boyfriend, but with atsumu dragging you out of bed too early, only to prop you up onto the bathroom counter so you can watch him get ready, this might be a first for you. "tsumu, i wanna go to bed." you repulsively dragged out. your darkened eye bags were evidence of how tired you truly were but atsumu didn't seem to care. and he only hummed at your current drowsy state.
"and i want bonding time with my girlfriend, is that a problem?" you had to scoff at his deceiving explanation. he, who begged to the point where he might've even gotten on his knees for you to spend the night. you would've cooed at him if that was the real reason he woke you up, anytime spent with him is amazing. however, you've spent the last two days under his roof, in his house eating, drinking, napping, cooking, chilling, and sleeping together. not one moment was spent without atsumu so you knew this was not solely him wanting to be with you. but rather him wanting you to watch him get ready. to see how perfect and attractive your boyfriend truly was at any point of the day.
you rolled your eyes and groaned at the half naked man in front of you. with his gray worn out sweatpants hanging loosely on his hips while a towel draped over his shoulder, atsumu threw you a quick smirk before turning away. you really hated to admit it, you'd rather go on his 5am jog than admit it to his face that he was actually really attractive right now. with his stupid messy damp blonde hair and his stupid pretty brown eyes that lit up everytime he looked at you, and his stupid stupid stupid attractive voice that sounded like heavens gold in the morning. you hated how even after turning away from you, his bare back was stupidly pretty, his muscles that flexed ever so slightly with how he walks and the way his hands flowed loosely along side his hips. "ya comin' or not?" he asked, stopping to lean against the door frame. "yeah, whatever." you rolled your eyes, annoyed at his jaw dropping sight but you can't complain. "i know im pretty but pick yer jaw off the floor." atsumu quickly snickered before running away. his slightly damp body hitting the bed in laughter. shortly after, you landed on top of him, hands tickling his sides, before stopping to place a kiss to his soft lips.
"you're lucky i love you." you huffed before connecting with atsumu's lips again. there's a distinct taste of his toothpaste on your lips but you didn't mind, not when his hands held you tight in his arms while your lips slowly danced together. his blonde hair was still messy, his face was soft from his nicely put together skincare, the unwelcomed sunlight grazing his skin, making him glow even more, and his still not yet fully clothed body though he needs to leave in five minutes, but even despite his current state, he truly was the prettiest at this moment. atsumu is pretty. prettier than all flowers that bloom in the spring, his eyes shining more than the sun when he looks at you, but what you think is the prettiest of them all, is his charming smile. the lazy smile that sits on atsumu's face after you pull away from his lips. "and i love you too, my pretty girl."
but most importantly, atsumu thinks if there's one person who's prettier than him, is you.
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softboimegumi · a month ago
“wear whatever you want babe, I can fight”
- tsukishima, daichi, tanaka, keishin, IWAIZUMI, mattsun, kyotani, KUROO, yamamoto, aone, futakushi, bokuto, akaashi (trust me on this one), konoha, kiyoomi, ushijima, semi, terushima, suna, ATSUMU, OSAMU
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darkmegs · 6 months ago
THEIR “FANGIRL” ACTUALLY LIKES YOU, NOT HIM!! (oikawa, atsumu, and suna)
warning: gn!reader, crack, some pouty boyos!. a random idea i thought of~
[ part 2 (sugawara and iwaizumi) ]
Tumblr media
“i swear if they don’t leave in 60 seconds, i’m going to serve a ball towards them.”
leaning against the bus with crossed arms, you watched the herd of squealing girls surrounding your boyfriend. iwaizumi is right by your side, glaring at the sight of his best friend being showered with affection and treats.
he scoffed, “yeah? well i’m waiting for 15 seconds.”
you popped your head into the bus, “mattsun! toss me a ball! a warning sign is needed for this.”
hanamaki leaned forward from his seat, “don’t you think hitting the girls with a volleyball is a tad bit excessive?” he asked.
you caught the ball matsukawa threw your way, “who said i was aiming for the girls?”
hanamaki laughed, “that’s our manager.” he remarked, before settling back into his seat.
“iwa, those 15 seconds up yet?” you asked, moving the ball from hand to hand.
“2 meat buns if i hit his back.” you voiced, adjusting your stance.
“5 if you get his head. it’ll help shrink his big ass ego.” iwaizumi offered.
you chuckled, “you’re on.”
then, in the blink of an eye, the ball hurled towards oikawa. a loud thud! when it met the back of his head. the crowd gasped loudly, taking a step back.
“what the actual hell, iwa?” oikawa called out, rubbing the painful spot as he turned around.
“it was me, shittykawa.”
oikawa felt chills run down his spine. there was only one thing he feared more than failure, and that’s you.
specifically, angry you.
he gulped nervously, before cracking a nervous chuckle, “haha…g-good shot, y/n-chan...have you been practicing?”
“…get in the bus.”
“yes, y/n-chan.”
he sheepishly bid his fangirls goodbye, “sorry to cut this short, ladies. wish us luck on our game.”
high-pitched whines of protest began to erupt as oikawa trudged towards the bus with his head hanging low.
he peeked up once he neared closer to you, only to be met with your hellish gaze. he quickly ducked back down, choosing to walk past you without a word.
iwaizumi followed right after, kicking the setter’s butt as he stepped onto the bus, making him stagger with a whimper.
the three of you turned around and see a girl —most likely a first year— with pigtails and a maroon bow in her hair. she looked incredibly skittish, fiddling with the hem of her skirt as her legs shook in place.
“sorry, but we have to go now.” iwazumi told her, forcibly shoving oikawa to get inside the bus.
oikawa waved to the girl, “sorry, i can’t stay any lon—“
startled, you all froze and stared at her with wide eyes. you stood there, confused as to why she wanted to speak to you.
“uhh…yes?” you asked.
“i-i-i…i love you!!”
before you could even fully digest her confession, you felt her arms thrown around you in a clinging hug. she buried the side of her face in your chest, her grip tightening.
“hey! y/n’s mine!!” oikawa attempted to go at the first year, but iwaizumi kept him back; like a vexed chihuahua being held by his owner.
“y/n-senpai, if you will, please be with me! oikawa-san doesn’t deserve you!” the girl wailed against you.
“you little brat! y/n-chan loves me! y/n, tell her!” he fought back, a deep pout hanging on lips.
“umm…i’m sorry but, i’m currently dating crappykawa.” you said.
“currently?!” oikawa screamed.
“so you have no problem with y/n calling you crappykawa, loserkawa?” hanamaki snickered. oikawa grew red and huffed.
“b-but…” tears began to well in the girl’s eyes. she sniffled and her sleeve quickly came up to wipe her nose.
“what’s your name?”
the girl cowered at your voice, letting out an anxious squeak! when she finally registered your words.
“hashimoto…s-sakura…” she murmured, quietly.
“may i call you sakura-chan?”
the thunderstruck expression she wore can only compete with the one adorning oikawa’s baffled face.
“you don’t even know her!” he gasped.
you ignored the pattering nonsense that left oikawa’s mouth and put your hands over sakura’s trembling fists.
“i can’t date you, but i’ll tell you what. if stupidkawa ever makes me angry, i’ll let you serve a volleyball at his head.”
you heard the roaring laughter bellow from hanamaki and matsukawa’s chests at your words. from the corner of your eye, you saw a sullen oikawa.
“so violent…” he mumbled, shivering in place.
“y-you’ll teach me how to serve?” sakura repeated, her mouth parted in awe.
you nodded, “but not right now; we’ve got a game to catch. so if you’ll excuse us…”
you patted the top of her head and stepped around a slack-jawed oikawa to enter the bus.
“move your ass, we don’t have time.” iwaizumi aggressively kneed him in the back to walk forward, before turning to sakura with a slightly softer attitude.
“we’ll catch you later, future mrs. l/n.”
Tumblr media
“atsumu, have ya recently done anything notable?”
atsumu tapped his chin at kita’s odd question, “besides my killer serves this game, i can’t think of anythin’.”
“or at all.” osamu muttered as he took a sip of water. atsumu threw a spiteful glare his way.
“why do ya ask?” the blond questioned.
“a girl in the stands has been staring at ya from the very start of the game.” kita voiced his keen observation to the setter.
the two turned their heads towards the crowd, and surely enough, there was indeed a girl staring down at them.
suna, who just so happened to be passing by the pair, stopped in his tracks and squinted his eyes to catch what was so interesting.
“is she…is she holding a megaphone?” he noted.
atsumu hummed at suna’s comment, before sighing. “oh, i see what’s happening.”
“ya do?” kita asked him.
“of course! she’s gonna confess to me. trust me, it happens all the time.” he confidently replied with a smirk. his eyes suddenly darkened and his voice dropped an octave, “…as long as they don’ do it while i’m servin’.”
suna snorted through his nose at the ridiculous conclusion atsumu came to, before walking away just as easily as he had walked in.
“is y/n-san alright with that?” kita wondered.
you stood nearby and were able to hear their conversation. you spoke up without taking your eyes off the clipboard you were writing on. “i really don’t care.”
the inarizaki team members flopped onto the benches with heavy sighs.
“you guys played great,” you said, scribbling their points down in the first set. “one more set and you’ll have the win.”
lowering his water bottle, suna elbowed atsumu, who was wiping the sweat off his neck with a towel, and gestured towards the stands.
“’bout to happen~” atsumu mentioned.
“the confession?” aran asked. word spreads around quick, huh?
atsumu nodded, his eyes closed in arrogance. they watched just as the girl took a deep breath and raised the megaphone to her lips.
“can i have your attention?”
the booming voice made the crowd quiet down, a few murmurs and whispers being traded among them. aran and suna glanced at each other, a bit shocked.
“what did i say?” atsumu remarked.
“atsumu-kun!!” the girl shouts.
“here it comes…”
“i’m in love… with your s/o!!!”
“see? i told ya— WAIT WHAT?!?!”
the entire gymnasium turned to you at the surprising revelation. the pen you were holding falls from your fingers, the sound of it hitting the floor echoed off the silent walls.
“atsumu, close yer mouth before the flies get in.” kita nonchalantly told him, as suna filmed the setter’s more than entertaining reaction.
“well, y/n-san? what do you say?” the girl asked, the sharp static from her megaphone made you wince.
“uhhh…”, you met osamu’s eyes, he hands you a megaphone he took from one of the crowd members. you accepted it, whispering a small mention of gratitude to the grey-haired boy. you turned it on, the piercing noise making everyone cover their ears for a moment.
“…i’m not interested, sorry!!”
the crowd erupted in gasps, loud exchanges of whispers flooding the gym. the girl lowered her megaphone in defeat, she was about to walk away when she heard sounds of struggling.
“h-hey little girl! if ya try makin’ moves on y/n aga—“
“atsumu-kun, cut it out!”
“’m just protecting what’s mine!”
the bold girl spoke into the megaphone again, “y/n doesn’t belong to anyone! you might’ve won this round, miya atsumu—“
atsumu lowered the megaphone and incredulously whispered, “this round?!”
“—but y/n will reciprocate my feelings! one day! you just wait!!”
and with that, the girl marched off. her head held high and her face expressing nothing but determination. when the doors closed behind her, the team turned to you.
“…that was something, huh?” you laughed, nervously.
the referee blew the whistle, signaling the start of the second set. the team hurriedly jogged back to center court, a pouting atsumu plodding right behind them. you rolled your eyes and rubbed his back reassuringly when he walked by you.
“remind me to send you the video.” suna told you with a wink before sauntering away.
“ya better delete that, suna! ‘else i’m not settin’ to ya anymore!!”
Tumblr media
“there’s a ‘‘sunarin’’ fan club?”
your boyfriend had intended to mention it as a throwaway comment, something to briefly make fun of. but it seemed like your interest had been piqued.
“uhh yeah…” suna answered, “why? you jealous?”
you scoffed, “i’m just curious as to how the school approved it.”
he shrugged his shoulder, “dunno. i don’t even think the school looks into most clubs, they’re mostly interested in the sports teams.”
you hummed, not thinking much of it. you handed suna the drink you got him from the vending machine, leaning back against his chest as you two laid sprawled out under a tree near the gym.
he took a sip and rested his chin on your shoulder. you closed your eyes in content, satisfied with how comfortable it was being engulfed in his warmth.
then, you heard the sound of unified footsteps, almost like a marching army. you looked up and saw rows of girls, all wearing matching t-shirts, with signs and gifts at hand.
“shit,” suna muttered.
“those girls—” he paused to let out a heavy sigh, “—that’s the fan club.”
you sat up, deeply engaged now. “no way, they have your name and face on the back of their t-shirts.” you observed, with a laugh.
suna groaned, dragging the hood of his jacket over his face in order to conceal himself from their prying eyes. when he had first heard about the fan club from the miya twins, he was mildly amused. he often passed by their club room, dropping in a few times; pretending he was lost or asking about someone, just to entertain the whole charade.
but the whole thing ended up backfiring, as the girls grew even more obsessed with him. they would show up at practice just to watch him, or stagger into his classroom in packs to bombard him with sweets and love letters.
“one of them is coming over!”
suna groaned, “you’ve got to be fucking kidding me.”
he looked up at the girl with boring eyes, his hood falling off. her breath hitched and she averted her gaze.
deciding to speak to her instead of your boyfriend, who can often come off as cold and dry, you smiled warmly, “hi there, do you need anything?”
her head snapped up at your voice. the heat flooded her cheeks and she turned red. with trembling breaths, she began to stutter something out.
she suddenly bowed at an exaggeratedly deep angle, her face practically meeting her knees.
“i-ishida mei! from class 1-3, nice to meet you!!”
the pair of you were startled at her introduction. it went quiet for a moment, before you cleared your throat.
“nice to meet you…ishida-chan…” you slowly said, unsure of how to respond. you nudged suna in the torso, forcing him to say the same.
“delighted.” he answered, curtly.
upon hearing his voice, mei raised her head, a solemn look on her features. “suna rintarou, from class 2-1. we finally meet.”
suna quirked his eyebrows at the serious tone she had. you glanced between them, incredibly confused as to what was happening.
“can i help you, kid?”
“rin…” you scolded, lowly.
“look, if you’re gonna confess your love to me or something, just do it now. i’m trying to enjoy my lunch break.” he told her, bluntly.
but what shocked you both, was when she started laughing. her head thrown back as the menacing, almost belittling chuckles left her lips.
“confess? to you? don’t be ridiculous, silly volleyball player.” she mocked.
her eyes shifted to you, and you gulped nervously. she smiled and her features softened, “i’m here to proclaim my love for you, y/n-sama.”
with eyes as wide as saucers, you stared at her in complete disbelief. suna scoffed, letting go of you and standing up. the sight was nothing less than comedic. a 185.7 cm middle blocker, towering over a nearly 153 cm first year, the two glaring daggers at each other.
“i’m afraid “y/n-sama” is not available.” he stated.
“that can be easily fixed.”
he tilted his head, “are you threatening me?”
she snickered, “oh don’t flatter yourself, you’re eons behind the worth of indulging my wrath.”
she grew bored exchanging meaningless words with suna, so she looked back at you. crouching, she gently took a hold of your hand.
“y/n-sama, you’re nothing less than a dream. therefore, you deserve nothing less than a romantic love story. i can provide that and make you change your mind about this unfavorable boy.”
you blinked, “i’m really sorry—“
“you’re not, but go on.” suna cut in. mei shot him a dirty look for interrupting.
“i can’t be with you, ishida-chan…” you told her with a grimace.
she retracted her hand and nodded, “i see…”
“seems like you’ve got your answer, bye now.” suna addressed.
“suna rintarou, from class 2-1,” she turned to him, “you might feel victorious now, but you’ll be hearing more from me in due time.”
after bowing one last time to you, she twirled on her heels and marched away. now that her back was visible, you noticed the t-shirt she was wearing. It was the same as the one suna’s fangirls wore, but hers had a big red ‘X’ etched over his face.
suna scoffed, “nice shirt!” he called out, sarcastically.
“i’ll make one for y/n-sama!”
he rolled his eyes and muttered, “brat.”
Tumblr media
thank you for reading! this was definitely not proofread, sorry for any mistakes >:(
thanks for calling darkmegs!!
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chosobaby · a month ago
nsfw / fem!reader
Tumblr media
surprisingly, miya atsumu knows how to not be loud; you used to think you were the quiet one in the relationship.
during movies, he’d usually lean over to tell you how he knows that actress from somewhere, a finger pointing at the screen, and the entire cinema would hear. back in college, you’d be whispering about a professor that annoyed you, and when he’d answer you, he’d speak loud enough for the whole room to know.
when he’s on the court during a game, he’d announce his team’s next strategy like it was a public service announcement. he’d laugh so proudly after too, and the pleading looks you’d get from sakusa to get your man to shut up would make him laugh even harder.
so you couldn’t believe it when you found out that miya atsumu knew how to stay quiet — well, it was really him finding out that you could be louder than him, because how could he believe it when his meek and quiet little girlfriend could moan so loud for the whole city to hear?
he’s pounding into you from behind, your hips slowly being mottled with shades of purple and yellow from the strong grip his fingers had on them, and you’re so loud; he’s already gagged you with your soiled panties and shoved your head down into the pillow, but still, you’re so fucking loud.
“be quiet for me, princess,” his voice quietly rasped, right hand squeezing your bruised hip as a warning. “don’t want the neighbors hearing how needy you are — just me, yeah? only your tsumu can hear.”
he thinks he hears a muffled yeah amongst the unintelligible babbles and groans, but he still grabs you by your hair and pulls your head back to his shoulder. his right arm wraps around your waist, pinning his chest to your back, and his left hand releases your hair to throw your panties out of your mouth before wrapping around your neck. his hips continue to piston in and out of you and he’s sure you’d collapse without his hold from how much your legs are shaking.
“you gonna stay quiet for me now?” he chuckles, right hand dipping down to play with your clit.
and as soon as you’re about to say that you can’t, your climax hits you out of nowhere. your eyes squeeze shut and tears drip down your face while your mouth opens in a silent scream.
“so good for me, baby,” he groans, watching how good you look when you cum, “so fucking good.”
but he doesn’t stop, and he continues hit that spot with every thrust, fingers unceasing in its movements.
“stay quiet for me a little more, princess? i’m not done.”
Tumblr media
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hyeque · a month ago
asking him for nudes [nsfw]
feat. tsukishima, kuroo, kita, atsumu, tendou
notes: will probably do a version of this for jujutsu kaisen
warnings: female!reader, masturbating, degradation, edging in atsumu’s, atsumu flashes his team 😕, implied cum eating in tendou’s
Tumblr media
tsukishima is annoyed, but when is he never? you begged and whined for nudes while the man was at work, for god's sake. he firmly told you no in the beginning and to stop acting like a brat. but when you kept pushing for some, and sending clips of how needy you were, he broke his composure.
the blonde slips into the employee bathroom, locking the door. finally freeing himself, he's already half hard. tsukki sends a picture of himself, smug expression and all with his pretty cock in frame. 'here. happy now?'. and of course he already knows the answer to that when you send a pouting picture in return. tsukishima can't help but take advantage of the photo to get himself off. he makes a video, spitting out profanities and words of degradation while he fucks his hand. he doesn't grant you the pleasure of seeing his face while he does. he knows how much you love seeing his face, but you disobeyed him, and this is punishment.
'you better not touch my cunt. i'm going to fucking ruin you when i get home.'
kuroo is ecstatic. he'll do anything for his pretty baby and the man is more than glad to send you some nudes. he doesn't send them right away though because he has to tease you first. he first sends a picture of his hard on through his slacks, the caption 'this what you want, baby?'. he knows you want more but he wants to see you say it. after successfully getting you to beg, he sends a video of him touching himself through his pants, telling you how it isn't nice for you to get him this worked up right now. how if you were in his office he'd have you bent over his desk. but of course kuroo asks for you to send nudes in return because he's dying to see just how wet you are for him.
being in his own office with no one else in the building, he doesn't hold back. he is loud—very loud. he's moaning your name excessively and telling you how good you always make him feel. asking you if you'll ride him and clench down like you always do so perfectly. his vest and button up are undone and you can see all of his toned chest. he whines and mumbles about how well you take him and how he can’t wait to fuck you. not long after, he orgasms and uses a tissue to clean himself.
'your turn, baby. let me see that pretty pussy i'm going to stuff full later <3'
kita is flustered. when he received a text from you saying 'there's an emergency' he was prepared to drop his farming tasks for whatever you needed. he wasn't expecting you to send him a video of you touching yourself, saying how much you need him. this is all new to him, but he wants so desperately to please you, so he tries his best. kita shreds his clothes, his fit and toned arms and chest in view, beautifully tanned from working outside. he truly looks ethereal.
he feels shy and a little embarrassed showing himself nude on camera but if anyones seen the man, there's absolutely nothing embarrassing about how pretty his cock is. he doesn't realize how pent up he actually is until he starts stroking himself, his whines and moans get gradually louder as he thinks about you and your cute cunt. but however the romantic person kita is, he starts rambling about how beautiful you are, and how he can't wait to start his own little family with you. he thinks you'll look so pretty round and carrying his babies. don't you? he rambled about how he'll take good care of you and your family. there isn’t anything that turns him on more than the thought of you having his kids. he knows you two planned to wait a little longer, but there’s nothing wrong with a little head start, right?
'sweetheart ya can't go and startle a man like that, now hurry home from work so i can finally have my way with ya. need ya pregnant by the end of the day'.
atsumu is smug. he knows he's attractive. he knows he's irresistible. especially when it comes to you. when he saw your message about sending nudes it was right after his practice had ended. sweaty and high on adrenaline, the blonde doesn't need to do much to get himself worked up. just seeing the messages of you being needy could be enough to get him to cum. but he is a performer, and as a performer, he must put on a show.
he teases you in the video, asking you just how badly do you want him and how you want him to take you. he assures you not to worry your pretty little head too much because however it is, he’ll be having you cum multiple times. the thought of getting you off brings himself to the edge and he knows he’s about to cum. but what's this? atsumu stops himself right before he can. his dick is a deep, scarlet red and his hard on by this point is near painful. but if there's one rule atsumu has, it's to not waste his own cum. the only place it belongs is inside of you and not the shower floor. once he’s done edging himself he sends a picture of his painful, rock hard cock.
he ignores the cries of his teammates and the noise of disgust (from sakusa specifically who said for him to 'put that thing away') when coming out the shower. he’s just trying to make it home to you now.
'ya don't know what you just started, angel. ya better be face down, ass up on the bed when i get home. yer not sleeping at all tonight.'
tendou is spontaneous. one nude was never the same from the last one. you're convinced that him sending nudes is more enjoyable for him than you, considering how worked up he gets. there was one instance where he told you he had a 'surprise for you' to bring home from work, and the man came home with his dick in a box full of chocolates. needless to say, if you didn't have a sweet tooth then, you do now.
but imagine this time around asking for some nudes he actually beats you to it, asking to send something at the same you do.
"i've been waiting for you to ask for this~" he sings in the video "i've been working on something for you, mon chéri~'. your anticipation eats at you while you wait, but it’s quietly followed by a gasp at the sight on your screen. low and behold, the man had made a chocolate mold out of your pussy. how he did it, you don't know. do you even want to know? you're even more choked up when you see him fuck the mold, his pretty moans taking up the video. your eyes are drawn to his slender hips and the way he moves them. you hate to say it, but you really do envy chocolate right now. tendou sweet talks you, saying how he wish he can't wait to have the real thing, and how your real pussy is much sweeter than any chocolate. a cute smile is plastered on his face and his pale skin is flushed a pretty pink, the way he shudders lets you know he's close. he loudly moans your name, cumming deeply inside the chocolate. grinning at his work, he shows it to the camera.
'i made all of this nice filling for you. you're going to eat it all, right?'
Tumblr media
do not copy and or repost. likes, reblogs, and comments are appreciated though! (c) 2022 hyeque
Tumblr media
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hanmas · a month ago
Tumblr media
“baby, before ya get mad—”
“atsumu, do i even want to hear it?” you sigh, pinching your nose and exhaling. he pouts, looking at you with curled lips and furrowed brows as you stare back unimpressed. 
atsumu asking you not to get mad is almost always a headache-inducing scheme that probably takes a few years off your life, and you’re not really in the mood to test your mortality for your handful of a husband at the moment. but something tells you he’s not going to drop it any time soon, so you simply sigh before motioning for him to continue. 
“okay, i’m ready,” you say warily, “spit it out before i get a migraine.”
“i…uh, i can’t find ma weddin’ ring,” he says quietly, fiddling with his fingers as he refuses to meet your eyes. you blink, processing his words before they really register.
and now that you look closely, there’s almost a slight tremble to his lips, the tiniest wobble that he tries to fight back as he meets your eyes with glossy ones of his own. and suddenly, your heart clenches as you take a step forward and cup his cheek.
“aw, tsum,” you murmur, tracing the soft skin of his cheek with your thumb, reaching to pinch his nose affectionately with your other hand, “that’s okay. we can go find you a new one, a fancier one this time now that we have more—”
“but ‘ts not the same,” he sniffles, pouting at you deeper as he leans his face closer into your hand. 
atsumu proposes to you the night before his first msby game, just a young rookie player with the beginning of a career beneath his feet. he accidentally blurts out please marry me when you squeal over his new jersey, and when you pause, shock clear on your face as you shakily whisper that’s not fair, tsum, he pulls out a ring from his pockets like he’s been waiting for this moment for weeks. 
and he has—he’s young and hasn’t even made a decent earning yet, doesn’t even fully know how his credit score works, still calls his mother to ask how to start the laundry machine, but he knows he wants to marry you like he knows the ball will be ready for his teammates to spike as long as he’s on the court. 
so you kiss him in your dingy little living room, tearfully pulling him close after you whisper yes, and he slides the best diamond he can afford with his carefully earned savings onto your finger. it’s the same ring that he’s been trying to lump together enough money to buy, the one he’s had his heart set on for a while now. and when you blow him a small kiss from the bleachers before his turn to serve the next day, the slight glimmer of the ring catching his eye, he brings you home the most service aces of the game. 
and he’s come a long way since then—a starting setter for a v. league division one team, sponsorship offers left and right, magazine covers as a well-known athlete, an olympic champion. you’ve watched him grow, watched him beam proudly as you move into a larger home, one with fancy windows and hardwood floors, but you watch him stay the same atsumu you fall in love with when you’re just figuring out how the world works and where you fall in it. 
he’s still the same atsumu who snores too loud and hogs the blanket, the same atsumu who can’t cook to save his life but makes you the best cup of coffee you’ve ever had, the same atsumu who wears mismatched socks and never checks his pockets before he puts his pants in the laundry. he’s still the same atsumu who calls his brother a scrub but helps clean the onigiri miya tables during closing hours on his way home from practice, the same atsumu who sometimes gets homesick and misses his mom after he calls her every morning, the same atsumu who never falls asleep without pressing a kiss to your forehead and whispering i love ya no matter how mad you are at each other before bed. 
so you smile, squeeze his cheeks together as he looks at you miserably, pressing scattered kisses across his face like the sun meets your lips with each one. 
“did you check the bathroom counter,” you raise a brow, giggling when his face flushes a light shade of crimson. 
“i might’ve forgotten about that one,” he chuckles sheepishly, “ya might not want ta go in the bedroom for a while—’s a mess in there.”
“you tore up our whole bedroom before checking there?” you roll your eyes, making the pout return from earlier. and he’s still the same atsumu who makes your veins pop and your eyes roll, the same atsumu who’s as stubborn as he is obnoxious, the same atsumu who makes you question your choices at least three times a day—but you think he’s worth it when his eyes meet yours and the breath gets knocked from your lungs. 
“i’ll clean it,” he defends, “ya’ll be able ta eat off the floor when ‘m done in there.”
“we’ll be lucky if we still have a floor anymore when you’re done trying to clean,” you snort, pinching his cheek as he scowls at you. and with a playful roll of his eyes, he plants two warm hands on your waist, familiar and safe as they pull you flush against a sturdy chest. 
miya atsumu, when he kisses you just as sweetly as the first time, as the night he proposes to you, as the day he marries you, as he did last night and the night before that, reminds you just why you said yes all those years ago. 
“don’t be mean,” he grumbles, making you laugh as you wrap your arms around his neck, “if i lose ma ring, ya’ll have no proof ‘m yer husband. what then?”
“then i’ll do this so everyone knows you’re my husband,” you wink cheekily before pressing another kiss to his lips, smiling into them as he melts against you with a soft sigh.
Tumblr media
for my love sayu's champagne kisses collab @tahdashii !! sjdsdfh technically it's about a wedding ring instead of an actual wedding but i hope it counts sobsob
Tumblr media
© hanmas do not plagiarize, repost, translate to other sites, or recommend on platforms outside tumblr such as tik tok
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emmyrosee · 23 days ago
You were mad at him. For something.
What, Atsumu didn’t know. Honest! You’d quickly snapped him out of his habit of leaving the toilet seat up, you’d taught him countless times to sort the laundry, he’s learned extremely quickly to not leave your child in the cart at the grocery store alone- you’d been particularly ruthless with that lesson.
But for the past two days, you’ve been absolutely exhausting. Petulant, and he genuinely questions if that’s how he acts when he’s upset, and if it is, good god he’s sorry to anyone he’s ever come in contact with him.
You’re huffing in annoyance, denying him any closeness and affection, cooing at Hisako that apparently she’s the only Miya that loves you, and Atsumu truly is at a loss of what happened. Two days ago you were fawning over him with all the love you could muster, and yesterday morning it was like you couldn’t stand the sight of him.
More than anything, you look sad. You’re sad in his presence, your eyes glimmering with a certain disappointment and discomfort. You’re hurt, by something he did, it’s something Atsumu never thought he’d witness, and now that he has, he wants to make sure he never does again. Whatever it is.
He just has to get you alone first.
“Hisako’s down for her nap,” you mutter, causing the blonde on the couch to finally turn up at you. “I have to go get some sugar, keep an ear out for her while I’m gone-“
“Want me to come with?” He asks, hopeful. You furrow your brows and cross your arms, waiting for him to realize what he said.
“Did you seriously just ask if I wanted you to come, after I just said I put our infant down for a nap?” You scoff, and he deflates like you’ve kicked him. “It’s good to know you’ve reached the point of ignoring me, too-“
“Why are you so mad at me?” He asks, getting up on his feet and tossing his phone to the side. “What did I do?”
You tense up at his words, hurt spreading over your face and arms tightening protectively across your chest. You chew at your bottom lip to stop it from wobbling, and Atsumu is sure he’s got you now.
“I’m not mad at you.”
“And you lie like a rug,” he says immediately, crossing his arms and quirking a brow. “You can’t fool me, we’ve been together for waaaaay too many years for you to think you can lie to me.”
You send him a glare, and he looks at you expectantly. Your jaw tightens, and he’s ready to listen to your worries and stressors, and be a better man from it, and-
“Just forget it,” you mutter, carrying yourself into the kitchen. “It doesn’t matter.”
“Clearly it does!” He protests, following behind you. You visibly jump at the loud whine of his voice, and he does feel bad about it, but he’s got a point to make, and he can’t let it go.
“God, would you just drop it!” You hiss.
Frustration takes over Atsumu’s body, and he cards a massive paw through his hair, gripping it at the root, “you know I can’t!”
“Well then that’s on you! Not my problem if you can’t play detective and figure out why your wife is feeling a certain way.”
“Baby please for the love of the gods tell me what I did wrong because if you’re waiting for me to figure it out, we both know how long that could take!”
You pause again, and he raises his brows expectantly. “Fuck, fine- it’s…” your bottom lip wobbles as you sniffle, “it’s… it’s… fucking asshole, it’s because you didn’t look!”
Instantly, Atsumu’s brows shoot up to his hairline, any frustration dissolving into surprise; he watches you fiddle with the drawstrings of your hoodie, and he reaches out to cup your hands in his. “I didn’t look?”
“In the bathroom, yesterday,” you murmur, eyes wetting with humiliated tears; from the circumstances, or from crying in of itself, atsumu doesn’t know. “You… You were coming in to pee, and I was in my towel drying off, and I told you not to look. And you didn’t.”
“Baby,” he sighs in relief. “I thought you really just didn’t want me to look and-“
“But you always used to!” You wail. “Always, before I got pregnant! And-And-And I would watch you peek around your fingers or look in the mirror and giggle when you looked, and I’d swat you with my towel and you’d pull it off of me with your stupid smirk, and you’d give me this insane kiss, and…” you pause your rambling to take a few deep breaths. “And you didn’t…” you wipe your eyes on your hoodie, “do you even find me sexy anymore?”
“Honey, that’s not what that meant,” he husks, trying to pull you in for a hug and frowning when you reeled back. He shakes his head, “there are times I can barely keep my paws offa you, you know that.”
“Then why didn’t you look!”
“Because Hisako was waking up,” he explains quickly, once again trying to reach for you. This time, you let him, and he feels himself relax simply from the contact. “And she doesn’t do well on her own, and I thought I heard her cry, so I hurried and peed and quickly ran out to check on her… I’m sorry I didn’t look, baby, I just… dad instincts kicked in, and I wanted to check on her so you could keep doing your morning routine in peace…”
You wipe your cheek and nod sadly, “I’m… ‘m glad your dad instincts are strong… and I appreciate the thought…”
“Believe me, momma,” he mumbles; a slow smirk splays over his face and he picks you up to set you on the counter, smiling as a shy one eases over your cheeks. “We still got the hots for each other, good god, I’ve got the hots for ya…” he grabs your hands to kiss your knuckles. “But we’ve got so much more now, too. We’ve got a family. And I got you and ‘Sako, and that’s more than I ever deserved. Let alone the sexiest woman who deals with my ass every day… we’ve got something good. I’ve got something good.”
Blinded by his affectionate words, you nod and lean forwards to rest your head on his chest, and he quickly wraps his arms around you to hold you close. “I love you, ‘Tsumu…”
“I love you more, momma,” he murmurs into your hair, and he feels all his broken pieces snap together at the feeling of you in his arms.
Then you stiffen again. He furrows his brows.
“Did… did you wash your hands after you peed? Before you checked on our infant?”
At his silence, you start to fight his grip again to start your outrage once more, but he instantly tightens his arms around you with soft “no, no, no,”’s falling from his lips.
“God, honey, please, one battle at a time.”
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ceijoh · a month ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
title: holy ground
summary: in which miya atsumu is completely in love with you and you find that very hard to believe. 
word count: 3.2k+
warnings/contents: angst, fluff, humour 
Tumblr media
Miya Atsumu has always been a stubborn man. He was stubborn in his opinions, and feelings, and contrary to the popular belief that he flies through people romantically -that was not the case. 
He’s only ever had two major loves in his life, the first being the girl in the cereal commercial when he was a kid. Atsumu was dead set on marrying her and living on a dairy farm, and plus free cereal for life. It wasn’t until he found out that she wasn’t real -courtesy of Osamu- that he refused to believe in love. 
He’s had crushes and flings, sure, especially in high school, the majority of people do. However, he was too busy trying to win Nationals and be the best setter in Japan that romantic relationships often took the third or fourth spot in his priority list. 
Then he met you. It was raining, Atsumu remembers meeting you. You coming in, rushing into the training centre, while you handed off a bento box to his personal trainer. Watching from  the ground he was sitting on, watching as you turned, almost slipping on the floor because of your wet shoes, and Atsumu rushing over to help you before anyone could. 
Looking down at your wide eyes, your mouth parted in shock and the sheepish smile that soon took over, until he said, “Oi, watch where yer goin’, could have damaged the floor wit’ that face.” 
At the scowl on your face, and a clever comeback on your lips, he decided right then and there that you were the only person that was going to be in his heart. You were the only person that he wanted to love, and he wanted to prove it to you. 
What Atsumu didn’t know was that loving you was quite a challenge. He was expecting you to put up a little fight, but ultimately after a couple of weeks, you would fall into his arms and you would start your happy ever after. Because that’s how the greatest love stories go, right? 
It wasn’t easy for Atsumu, it turns out you were more closed off to the idea of love than he thought. Having been burnt from past lovers, and not really having your parents as good relationship models obscured what your idea of love was. 
You told him that you weren’t ready for a relationship, not after your last ex. The pain and games he put you through wasn’t worth the bits and pieces of affection that he gave you. You needed to take time to work on yourself, to find out who you really were before starting a relationship. 
Plus, you weren’t over your ex, as much of an asshole as he was, he still had a place in your heart, and while Atsumu was starting to slowly creep in, you refused to start something with him while your heart wasn’t fully committed to one person. As much as you have started to fall for Atsumu, you just couldn’t do that to him. 
Atsumu knew all of this. He knew he had his shortcomings. He knew that he was impatient when it came to things, but with you? He would wait a million years if he had to. 
He remembers the conversation he had with you when he first declared that he loved you, and you said that he was being stupid. Which he probably was, because it was months into being friends with you.
 “I’m in love with you,” Atsumu blurted out as you sat down next to him. You slowly passed the bag of takoyaki to him. 
“Well, I know that I did you a favour by bringing the best takoyaki Osaka can offer but I didn’t realise it will bring such a strong reaction,” you jested as you willed your heartbeat to slow down. 
“I’m being serious,” you knew that he was. From the moment he finished his sentence, you would have placed all your money that this moment was the most serious moment in Atsumu’s life. 
“‘Tsum, we’ve talked about this,” you turned to face the ground, unable to look at the distraught or angry look on his face. “I can’t. Not yet.” 
“I never said that I wanted us to be in a relationship,” Atsumu smiled at you fondly, not that you could see it. Placing the bag by his side, Atsumu slowly reached out for your hand that was now fiddling with the bottom of your top. “I just wanted ya to know,” he shrugged, as if the atomic bomb he just dropped was a mere raindrop. “I don’t mind waiting, if it’s for you.” 
“What happens if I ask you to wait forever?” 
“I’m a patient man.” 
“You’re one of the most impatient people I know.” 
“I can learn.” 
“I think, I think that I may want to start a relationship with him,” at the knowing glance of Tsukishima, you rolled your eyes. 
“Wow, you’ve finally come to the conclusion that everyone has,” at the bluntness of his tone, you roughly shoved him. Looking at his watch, “It only took you long enough.” 
At the passing comment, you frowned. “Do you think I took too long?” 
Hearing the sincerity in your tone, Tsukishima’s smirk dropped a little, and briefly looked at Kuroo who just shrugged at him telling him silently ‘you fix it’. 
Tsukishima scoffed and rolled his eyes, “That man is wholly in love with you that it’s so fucking disgusting, anyone and everyone can see it. You could be fifty and he would still love you the same amount, possibly more.” 
Letting yourself through the door, you called out Atsumu’s name. Hyping yourself up mentally, you felt pretty good. You felt confident, and this was something that you’ve wanted to do for a long time. You looked at your hands which were slightly shaking and you closed them tightly, swallowing the heartbeat in your mouth. 
Walking over to his couch, you briefly looked at the beautiful view that Atsumu’s apartment overlooked. It was absolutely breathtaking. Calling his name out again, you watched as he popped out from his bedroom, a bright smile on his face. 
Feeling your heart relax at the sight of him, you smiled largely. Before you could say anything, you heard another pair of footsteps, turning around to face the person, you couldn’t help but feel your heart drop to your stomach. 
You’ve seen this before, you’ve felt this emotion before. Before, you would have cried and screamed and stormed out of his flat before he or she could say anything. But now? You felt frozen, numb and detached. It felt like you were watching the scene unfold in front of your eyes but you were not yourself. 
“Oh Atsumu-san, thank you for lending me your shirt,” a woman you’ve never seen before walks out of Atsumu’s kitchen, looking at the clothing that was now on her body. 
Finally noticing that Atsumu wasn’t wearing a shirt either, your brain connected the clues. Eyes roaming over his body, you couldn’t detect any love marks, but that didn’t mean he didn’t have them. 
Turning to you, Atsumu paled. No, fuck no. This was not happening. Pinching himself, he realised that this was in fact happening. “(Y/N), it’s not what you think.” 
“OH!” You yelped out, forcing yourself to calm down by clenching your first, you internally berated yourself. This was not the time to cry. “Oh, I’m so, sorry,” you rushed out your apologies, bowing profusely, already mentally and emotionally checking out of the place. You both gave them a tight lipped smile, “I’m just leaving, I’ll leave you two.” 
Rushing out the door, desperately trying to wipe away the tears before any of them saw, you ran to the elevator. Punching the key to make it go faster, you could hear Atsumu’s footsteps rushing out to catch up to you. 
Praying to every deity you could think of, you were finally blessed when you heard the familiar ding. Pushing the lobby, and forcing the doors to close, you kept your eyes down as you saw Atsumu rounding the corner before the door closed. 
Gasping and leaning on the wall, you let out a painful sob. You knew this was going to happen, eventually this was going to happen. It always did, so why did this kill you more than anything? If this was love, you didn’t want it. 
“(Y/L/N)-san,” the familiar voice of the waiter greeted. Looking at the clock and realising that it’s only been a couple of hours since he last saw you, “You’re back.” 
Shrugging and smiling at him, he led you to your favourite booth. Sitting down and telling him your order, with a few extra sides, you collapsed forward. Realising that this was the booth that you and Atsumu always sit in brought a new fresh set of tears. Your heart clenching, you tried to drink some water to try anything to distract you. 
You sat there in silence, not even bothering to look at your phone. You knew that Atsumu was calling you and texting you by the frequent vibrations. Maybe tomorrow when you’ve had a somewhat decent night's rest and food will make your head feel more balanced. 
“No Miya-san, today?” The waiter asked as he placed down the first couple of dishes. 
Looking up at him, you smiled politely, “He was preoccupied doing other things.” 
“I thought we made a promise that we’d never go here by ourselves?” 
Clenching your jaw, you refused to look at the man standing by the booth. And you promised to wait, jerk. 
You watched as Atsumu leaned back into the booth, grabbing his own chopsticks and picking up the dumpling you were about to eat. 
“Miya Atsumu,” you warned, giving him a glare. All he did was grin back at you and plop the dumpling in his mouth. Unaware that it was a soup dumpling, which earned you a front row seat to the MSBY star setter burning his mouth and panicking as the hot soup went all over his clothes. 
Glaring half-heartedly at your laughter, you handed him some napkins. “Serves you right for trying to eat my food.” 
“But ya love me,” gone was your smile and easiness. 
Once cooled down, Atsumu began to eat bits and pieces of your food. “Ya know, yer one of the smartest people I know,” he looked up at you after eating a piece of beef. “So why are yer so dumb right now?” 
Offended you scowled at him, “What the actual fuck, ‘Tsum?” 
Leaning back into his seat, playing with the placemat, “Why do ye think that I’d sleep with someone else when I told you that I love you?” 
Glancing away from his stare, you looked at the restaurant around you. It was dead quiet, and you could hear the quiet rain from outside. Shrugging, you took a sip of your drink. “I mean, it’s been so long I thought that maybe you would have been done waiting. I wouldn’t fault you for sleeping or wanting to sleep with someone else.” 
It hurt to say those words to Atsumu because you hoped that he didn’t. While it was selfish of you to indirectly ask him to wait, you just wanted someone to wait for you, like all you've been doing all your life. 
Atsumu rolled his eyes and leaned forward, flicking your hand once -which earned another scowl, he looked at you. A part of you wanted to look away but something inside of you told you that you needed to look at him. 
“I told yer, and I’ll gladly tell you again, that I’ll wait for you,” he stated simply like you just asked him the weather. 
“But why?” 
Shrugging, “Because I love you. Yer it for me, no one else. If I have to wait another year, or ten years, I’ll do so.” 
“But why?” 
“Do ya want a list?” he arched his brow and when you didn’t respond, he shrugged, and paid complete attention to you. “First, you make me laugh. With yer stupid dad jokes that ya tell all the time, the weird tiktoks that you send me at 2 in the morning, or yer goofy lil’ habits,” struggling to keep eye contact with him, you looked down on the table. “Yer never fail to make me smile, especially on the rough days after losin’ a match, yer always there to bring a smile to ma face.” 
Tapping twice on the table, you watched as his fingers moved over to yours and started tapping on it, one, two, three, pause, one, two, three, pause. 
“Second, you support me. Ya’ve always had ma back even when I was the shittiest person to be around, do ya remember how many times I’ve snapped at ya when I was tryin’ out for a spot on the National team? After every snap, after every argument, or when I’ve left ya on read -not on purpose, by the way, you’ve always been there waitin’ for me. 
“Yer always the first person that I tell when I accomplish somethin’, (Y/N), because I know that when you say yer proud of me, I know ye mean it, yer not just sayin’ it.” Now leaning forward, he fully grasped your hand, he silently knocked your foot with his, a subtle gesture to make you look at him. 
“But yer also the first person I tell when I fail somethin’. I never liked talkin’ bout me failin’ anythin’, because,” shrugging Atsumu dropped his sentence. “The point is, I know yer still gonna see me as ‘Tsum because it doesn’t matter in yer eyes if I win or lose a match, because ye love me for me.” 
Putting up three fingers, “Third, your opinion -apart from Ma’s and ‘Samu’s but they don’t count- is really the only one I care ‘bout. Every time I do somethin’, I think ‘what would (Y/N) think of this?” 
“Fourth, ya make me feel complete. It’s like this thing inside of me, ya know? That I didn’t realise I wanted or needed until I met ya. Everytime I’m around ya it makes me happier, now don’t get me wrong, yer one of the most frustrating people I know but that makes me want to be around more.” 
Taking a deep breath, he finally held up all his fingers, and smiled softly at you. “Fifth, when I picture myself in the future, retired and just livin’ the life with Samu, ‘Kaashi and their kids, the person I see myself with, is you. Yer the only person I’ve ever imagined that with, I’ve tried and imagined it with other people to see, but it felt wrong, it felt like I was trying to fit ya know those wooden shape things into the wrong hole. I have plenty more, if ya want but those are the deeper ones that I know, if ya want the smaller stuff, I can do that too,” Atsumu spoke to you as if he just hadn’t redefined what being in love meant. 
You knew that deep in your heart, and thanks to both of your friends that Atsumu was in love with you. But this? This was everything and more. This was the movies you watched, the songs that you listened to, the stories you heard, the things your heart has longed for and more. Atsumu was more.   
Paying attention to Atsumu, you watched as he began pulling out his phone, “I made a list, do ya want to see?” He quickly tapped on his phone and his notes appeared, your eyes quickly scanned the list, a long list if the sidebar had anything to say, as Atsumu started listing off the smaller things, “Ye make those weird noises when you don’t think anyone is looking, ya talk to yourself a lot, ya cry at all of those animal videos.” 
Locking his phone before you barely got to the halfway point, Atsumu placed his phone on the table and took a deep breath, “But the reality of it is, I don’t care how long it takes for you to say ‘okay ‘Tsum, I’m ready’ because I’m always going to be here waitin’ for ya, maybe we’ll be type of couple where it takes a long time for us to get together, and yeah, there’ll be hiccups,” a small serene smile appeared on Atsumu’s face. He looked at you, like the many times he has before. It was the same fond look, the kind where it makes you feel warm and fuzzy. “But then, it’ll be perfect. You an’ me.”
Plopping the final dumpling in his mouth, he grinned at you while pointing his chopsticks, “Plus, when I sit down our kids’, it’ll be a hell of a story, don’t ya think?” 
Not being able to say anything, you picked up the extra set of chopsticks on the table and pushed the dumplings in the middle. Atsumu’s heart lightened as he saw your peace offering. Maybe one day he’ll tell you that this was the hardest moment in his life. 
“Come on,” he bent forward and you looked sceptically at him. When you didn’t hop on his back, he rolled his eyes. “We have to walk for like ten minutes to get to yer place, and yer wearing those shoes ya don’t like because it makes your feet hurt,” turning back around, “now hop on.” 
It was a Thursday night, yours and Atsumu’s Thursday nights. You were sitting on the kitchen counter as you watched him prepare the dinner he was excited to make. He was talking you through it; Osamu had one of the cooking shows in the background while Atsumu was over, and the dish caught his eye.  Watching him right now was something you knew you could do for the rest of your life. 
It’s funny really, for you, you thought it would be this giant explosion that hey! You’re in love! Or there would be this grand epiphany. But that never happened. Maybe it was slow at first, a slow burn that when the ember finally sparked into a forest fire you didn’t realise. Or maybe, it was always there. It was there when you first met Atsumu all those years ago, him helping you and then insulting you.
“Hey, ‘Tsum,” you watched him turn around. You thought that your heart would be beating so hard that it would be flying out of your chest, but this was the most calm you’ve ever been around him. Tilting your head, you smiled at him and he knew. 
“I just wanted to tell you that I love you,” you spoke softly. There was everything in those words that you just spoke, and from all the times you thought it would be the hardest thing to say, it was somehow the easiest and truest thing you’ve ever spoken. 
Grinning, you saw his eyes tear up before coughing to hide it. “Yeah?” Walking over to you slowly, fearing that it was one of the many dreams that he’s had before. Finally reaching you, he hesitantly reached out, hands shaking. 
“Yeah,” pulling him into your arms and breathing in the familiar scent you’ve now come to realise was home, you whispered the words that made Atsumu feel whole, “I’m so in love with you Miya Atsumu.” 
Miya Atsumu is a stubborn man, and you were thankful for that. 
‘...but i don't wanna dance, if i’m not dancing with you.’ 
Tumblr media
let me know what you think! :) 
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izurou-archive · 3 months ago
“we’re gonna have to breakup after this, aren’t we?”
atsumu is meeting your parents for the first time in about five minutes, and if you didn’t know any better, you’d think he’d just stepped off the court with the amount of sweat he was producing.
his palms leave the faintest little wet prints on the steering wheel as he clutches it, side eyeing you nervously as if he’s waiting for you to confirm his crazy thoughts.
“of course not. they’re going to love you, relax,” you assure. he shifts his gaze to the small mirror in his sun visor, running a shaky hand through his tousled locks. he swats at the stray hairs, begging for them to cooperate.
“do i smell bad? be honest, i don’t need anyone passing out over lunch,” he blurts out, muttering the last part under his breath. he pinches the fabric of his cream coloured sweatshirt, bringing it to his nose before holding it out towards yours.
“stop it, you don’t smell,” you insist, pushing him back and smoothing out the tiny wrinkle he just created. with the amount of cologne he put on before you left, it was humanly impossible for him to smell like anything other than bergamot and amberwood.
a few more affirmations from you finally give him the confidence to leave the car. he opens the passenger side door for you before fetching the flowers from the back seat—the ones he picked out himself to give to your mother.
“i still can’t believe you wouldn’t tell me what her favourites are, you’re setting me up for failure here,” he pouts, and you laugh—like music to his ears—reassuring him that the act itself would put himself miles ahead of any other guy you’ve dated before.
you offer him one last kiss for encouragement, and he sighs in content against your lips. as much as he’d like to stand in the parking lot like this and disappear into your arms—he forces himself into the restaurant, with you not far behind.
an hour and a half later, and atsumu feels like he’s on top of the world. it went great, perfect even.
“she said that i can call her by her first name, and she liked the flowers! right baby? did you see how happy she was?” he smiles down at you, swinging your hands back and forth as you walk back to the car.
“yeah, i think she likes you better than me now,” you respond, turning into his chest and wrapping your arms around him tighter than ever before.
you want to shower him with all the thoughts that are running through your mind, tell him how glad you are that everything played out the way it did. your family got to meet atsumu—not the arrogant professional athlete that you see in the media, but the guy who shook everyone’s hand before he sat down, who knocked over your water as he tried to collect everyone’s plates for the waiter, and then offered to pay for the whole meal as an apology. you want to tell him that you’re so glad they got to meet him, the atsumu that would one day be a part of your precious little family. and so you tell him, but it comes out a little differently.
“i’m so in love with you, atsumu.”
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