#haikyuu suna
Just thinking about owning suna and suna owning you back
Sitting on his lap as he grabs your throat. Looking down on him, your words laced with possessiveness, "I own you. You're fucking mine."
Suna only smirking, voice deep as he growls back, "that's right. You fucking own me. I'm all yours, baby, just like you're mine."
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sunarinscumdump · 2 months
nothing sweeter than sunarin peppering your face with kisses and showering you with affection after you show him your ootd so you won't go out with your friends and instead, just stay at home with him.
- 18+ only, minors dni -
“rin, that tickles~" you giggle as you try to pry your clingy boyfriend off of you.
his hands warmly remained on your waist as he continues pressing light kisses all over your face and neck. “you sure you really wanna go out, doll?”
“staying home's a lot more fun...” he tries to convince you, but you just roll your eyes.
“i've had to cancel two hangouts with my friends last month because you keep doing this.” you giggle lightly when he pouts. “and what do you mean fun? we only ever end up fucking and you know that.”
he eyes thepointed look you give him and raises a brow, “so you mean to say making love with me isn't fun?”
your eyes widen and you let out a squeal as he sweeps you off your feet and carries you over to the king sized bed that you and your boyfriend, ejp middle blocker suna rintarō share.
"not fun, huh?” he looks at you, a look of accomplishment flashing in his face when he sees your eyes glossed over with the way his prominent bulge pressed against your clothed pussy.
“i'll show you what's ‘not fun’."
another hangout with friends: cancelled.
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notpikaman · 7 hours
Tumblr media
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Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
summary: maybe telling your competitive athlete of a boyfriend you’d never orgasmed before wasn’t as much of a smart idea as you initially thought it was because he saw it as a challenge
pairing: post-timeskip! suna x fem!reader
warnings: [nsfw drabble, minors dni], fingering (f! receiving), pet names, (slight) marking, soft! suna, size difference/kink if you squint
a/n: trying something new and officially losing my seiso status after my best friend, @mari-on-dragonspine and @zhongrin bullied me into posting this; minors seriously stay away or i’m calling your moms (i encourage you to block the #minors dni tag)
haikyuu!! masterlist
Tumblr media
“Does this feel good, pretty girl?“
You knew there was no need to answer your boyfriend’s question, not with the way you could feel Suna’s smirk curl against the side of your neck. No, he was well aware of the effect he had on you as you sat spread open in his lap, your knees hooked over the taut muscle of his thighs and your back pressed against his solid chest.
But you wanted to answer him anyway. Or at least you tried. As you opened your mouth to string together any of the words you could still recall after the first orgasm your boyfriend had coaxed from you, Suna gave a particularly deep thrust of his fingers, causing nothing but a strangled moan to escape your lips, mixing with the lewd squelching of your pussy around his digits.
Maybe telling your competitive athlete of a boyfriend you’d never orgasmed before wasn’t as much of a smart idea as you initially thought it was because he saw it as a challenge. Before you could so much as laugh off your statement, you already found yourself trapped in his strong embrace, the phone he was scrolling through previously discarded somewhere on the mattress. 
“So, you’re just now telling me nobody’s ever made you cum before? Not even your own fingers?” Despite the warmth of his breath against the shell of your ear, his low voice sent shivers down your spine. Goosebumps rose in the wake of his fingers ghosting up the side of your thighs as you melted further into him. “Do you want my help with that, pretty thing? Need to hear it from you, baby.”
“Yes, please, Rin. I need you.” The whiney edge to your tone had him suppress a groan and made blood rush down south faster than he’d like to admit.
“Anything you want when you ask this nicely,” Suna hummed as one hand slid under his shirt draped over your body, brushing a thumb against your pebbling nipple before kneading the soft tissue of your tit in his calloused palm. The other hand was hooking into the waistband of your panties as he distracted you with a soft kiss. With the flimsy material gone, there was nothing between the rough pads of his fingers and your soaking folds. Your boyfriend let out an appreciative whistle as you keened at his touch. “So wet already and I’ve barely done anything yet. Now be a good girl for me and relax while I make you feel good.”
And good did he make you feel. With his large body engulfing yours, it felt as if his roaming hands were everywhere. One moment, he was holding your leg open in a tight grip to give himself more room to work the fingers of his other hand deeper into your aching core; the next, he was rolling your nipple between his digits and lightly tugging to get you to arch your back for him, all the while grinding the heel of his palm against your sensitive clit.
Throughout it all, Suna had been decorating the skin of your shoulders with blooming reds and purples, searching for the one spot that would have you crying out for him. And once he found it, he made sure to exploit that weakness of yours thoroughly as your head knocked to the side to give him more access. When his mouth wasn’t busy sucking and licking along your skin, your boyfriend hooked his chin over your shoulder and watched how your pussy swallowed his fingers whole as he whispered praise into your ear.
“Look at you, taking me so well, pretty baby, it’s like your cunt’s sucking me right back in. Keep making those pretty noises for me, yeah?” he cooed. Curling his fingers into you, he grazed that spongey spot inside of you, which had your knees jerking up and forced a moan from you at the sudden pleasure. Suna couldn’t suppress the deep chuckle at your reaction before wrapping his arm under your thigh again to keep you wide open for him. “That’s the spot isn’t it?”
“Ah, fuck, Rin– Feels so good… Please, don’t stop, I’m so close,” you panted, your toes curling against the mattress. The needy roll of your hips in an effort to chase your high made his cock twitch and a hiss escape him as you pressed yourself further back into him. 
“Yeah? You gonna be good and give me another one?” The added pressure of his thumb drawing figure eights on your clit had you throwing your head back against his shoulder, writhing in his hold, as he continued to abuse the sensitive spot you could never reach on your own with precise thrusts of his thick digits. “Shit, I can feel you clenching down on me real fucking tight, princess. Go on, want you to make a mess on my fingers.”
That was all it took for the winding coil inside your stomach to snap, as you came all over your boyfriend’s hand with a choked up cry of his name as your thighs shook from the pleasure, stars dancing behind your shut eyes. Suna let you ride out your high, all the while rubbing comforting circles into your hip with his free hand while you dug your nails into the fabric of his sweats.
“You did so well for me, pretty girl, looked so beautiful cumming from just my fingers.” Despite the hushed softness in his voice, you could identify the smug undertone even in your dazed state. “Bet you’d look even better cumming on my cock though.”
Offering a breathless laugh, you pressed your ass down into his bulge again, peeking one eye open to watch as he bit his lower lip.
“Wanna put your theory to the test?”
Tumblr media
tag list: @mccnstruck @mattsunkawa @silentmoths [i hope you guys are fine with being tagged in a smut fic]
Tumblr media
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missmeinyourbones · 2 months
Tumblr media
cw: implied f!reader, mentions of girlhood and teenage insecurity, the girls are gossiping and suna is jealous >:) wc: 2.4k
a/n: so this is technically a suna x reader piece but it kinda turned into something else along the way ??? with that being said, this was truly a blast to write. something about girlhood is so special to me :( so this felt like therapy to be able to bring to life LOL, completely inspired by this cute art of sister!suna and her loser brother
Tumblr media
Sometimes, you think Suna just speaks to get a reaction out of you.
A true wild card, you’re never quite sure what nonsense is brewing behind his eyes and atop his tongue. He likes the element of surprise, confusing you with a random fact or flustering you with a lewd remark. You’ve become used to his antics, taking what he gives you and no longer expecting anything less than odd when it comes to him. 
Laying on top of his plaid comforter, you can hear muffled insults being thrown through the walls of his bedroom. His tone isn’t seriously angry or upset, but instead laced with a special annoyance that only a younger sibling can pull from their senior.  
The bickering abruptly ends as Suna swings his bedroom door open to return to you. Briefly, you spot his younger sister in the hallway behind him—slightly pouting with her arms crossed in defense. She goes to open her mouth once more, but Suna is quick to grab what he can from his desk (an Animal Crossing themed plushie) and throw it her way before slamming the door shut.
You send him a humorous glance, one that silently begs for the details of the quarrel. Your boyfriend reads your interest like a book, before plopping himself in his desk chair with a sigh. 
“My sister wants to hang out with you,” he drops casually.
“What? Really?”
Your head immediately lifts from Suna’s pillow in excitement, turning your attention to where he swivels his chair in lazy circles. 
“Yup,” he emphasizes the pop of the p through his pursed lips, “said she wants to save you from my cooties, or something stupid.”
Your nose slightly twitches at his big brother-esque explanation—catching your scolding glare, he holds his hands up in innocence, “Her words, not mine.” 
You sit on the statement, still puzzled at how the quarrel in the hallway correlates with the information at hand. Seeing your brow still furrowed with confusion, he clarifies, “She also thinks you’re cooler than me.”
You scoff with amusement, “I mean, she’s right about that.”
Suna’s younger sister, a timid but incredibly witty girl, had honestly never expressed too much of an interest in you. It’s not that she didn’t like you, she was just quiet, young. Often reserved and keeping to herself, much like her brother, whose mischievous personality never quite shined through until you’d gotten to know him better.
The mere thought of her insinuating an interest in your friendship has you beaming with an overwhelming excitement.  
Nearly jumping from his bed, you sit yourself up against the headboard with an impatient, “Well, what’d you tell her?”
Now, it’s Suna’s turn to scoff, “No, obviously.”
He drags his feet along the navy rug of his room as he swings back and forth in his chair, kicking his legs out before him every now and then. He looks oddly young doing so, like a child ashamed of an incident at school or a puppy who’s just chewed up the couch cushions. 
“Rintaro!” your tone spills with frustration. You throw a pillow his way, one he dodges with ease, “Why would you say that? I’d love to take her out!”
“She’s a freak,” he’s quick to retort, voice trailing off as his sentence strings itself along, “and maybe I don’t wanna share you.”
The realization sets in slowly—the shyness you believed to be guilt was actually jealousy. You swear you see a faint blush lingering on his pale cheeks as he holds his tongue between his teeth. The sight soothes the irritation that threatens to flood your response. 
“I don’t think that’ll be an issue, Rin,” you do your best to softly reassure his childish thought, “unless you really do have cooties.”
His tongue presses against the inside of his bitten cheek at he sits on his response, “Well if I do, then that sucks for her. Because you definitely have them by now.”
With an amused smile, you extend a grabby hand in his direction, motioning him to join you in his bed. With an immature scowl, he begrudgingly does—slowly standing from his desk and sulking his way over to your embrace. 
He slumps his full body weight on top of you, fighting off a chuckle when he hears your stifled groan beneath him. Your fingers find the tuffs of hair that decorate the nape of his neck. He feels himself relax beneath the tender scratch of your nails, before feeling your breath tickle his ear.
“Tell her I’ll take her out to lunch, we can plan a date,” you conclude in a whisper that leaves him little room to argue.
Suna internally pouts at your use of the word date with anyone other than him, let alone his sister. He’s smart enough to know the lack of threat behind it, but he can’t help himself—he’s alarmingly stubborn and incredibly jealous when it comes to you, regardless of whoever it is taking your time away from him.
But still, something about the pleading in your voice and the excitement flashing behind your eyes has him giving in to your command without a fight. 
Rintaro’s sister is just like him, practically a lab-created clone of his reserved, yet witty persona.
A part of you would think they were twins if it weren't for her evident childish flair—her zebra print backpack slightly bounces as she walks, the scrunchie that loosely holds her ponytail is wrapped in sequins of purple and blue, her cellphone is decorated with stickers of sleeping farm animals. 
Though years younger and barely her own person yet, she embodies a lot of his little quirks. Her eyes squint of the slightest judgement at your choice in restaurant, her mouth permanently resides in a pressed line when it’s not being stuffed with buttered bread, her laughter—though sparse and quiet—is contagiously light and airy.
The lunch is going as well as expected. It’s fine, a few awkward pauses here and there, paired with a few conversations that go a bit farther than anticipated. You find yourself thinking about your thirteen-year old self, if the two of you would’ve been friends who giggle in the cafeteria about silly, nonsensical things. 
Her smooth and collected voice interrupts your thoughts. 
“What do boys like?” she abruptly inquires between generous gulps of pink lemonade. You watch the rose colored liquid crawl up her straw as she makes a dent in the amount rather quickly. 
A bit taken back at the loaded question, you stutter, “What do they like?”
“Yeah, like, I don’t know—” she trails off, suddenly anxious and dismissive compared to her prior attitude, as she tries to find strength in her words, “—is there something that you can do…to make them like you?”
The innocent question breaks your heart, having been a growing and insecure teenager once yourself. You can’t help but ache to know her reasoning for the sudden inquiry, and why on earth she’s asking you of all people for advice on the matter. 
Not wanting to belittle her vulnerability, you send a reassuring smile her way. “Why’re you asking me?” bubbles from your throat with a friendliness you hope she finds comfort in. 
Her familiar golden eyes bore back at you in judgement once more, before elaborating what she thought to be obvious. Almost as if it physically hurts to explain herself, she does so in a rushed ramble.
“Because you’re cool, and Rintaro really really likes you,” she idly twirls her fork between her fingers to busy her hands, “and if my loser brother managed to score someone like you, then there must be something I can do to get people to like me, too.”
Her blunt delivery makes you laugh, which brings the faintest twitch of a smile to her face. After all, if there’s one thing the Suna siblings have in common, it’s making people laugh with their lack of filter. 
You want to reach across the table and offer her a hand—as a sister, a friend, a mentor, anything she’d be willing to accept. You want to grab her by the shoulders and insist that she’s perfect the way she is right now, that she shouldn’t change to please anyone, let alone teenage boys who don’t know their ass from their elbow. You ache to drill into her mind that girlhood is grueling. That it strips you of an innocence you didn’t even realize you had until it’s already gone, leaving nothing but a hollowed core behind.
However, looking across the table at the timid girl, you see a reflection of not only your boyfriend, but of yourself in her uneasy adolescence. With a deep exhale, you decide on the simplest, most poetic terms you can muster. 
“Boys are stupid,” you retort with confidence, “and I wish I could say they get smarter as they get older, but I don’t think they do.”
A foreign look flashes across her face, and you're not too sure if it’s one of surprise or disappointment. Either way you go on, taking a small pride in the way her eyes light up with interest at your continuation.
“But just because they’re stupid, doesn’t mean there aren’t a few good ones, too,” you remind her. 
Because as you think about a jealous Rintaro sulking in the grey walls of his childhood bedroom, you decide that’s what life and love and boys are—sometimes stupid, sometimes good, sometimes both and somehow neither.
She chews on your words for a few silent moments, thinking them over and playing out their possibilities. 
“You should just be yourself,” you conclude when the server passes your table, dropping off a dessert that resembles a middle schooler’s dream concoction.  “Boys will like that, or at least the boys who matter will.”
After a few moments of silence and a dessert that’s begging to be devoured now sitting in the center of the table, the younger Suna speaks up. 
“Is my brother stupid?” she eyes the plate with a spoon in hand and a hungry, determined look in her eye.
The simple question has you laughing once more, before confirming with a mere nod, “The stupidest.”
Suna practically races to the door when he hears your car pull into his driveway.
Trying (and failing) to play it cool, he casually waits by the threshold for the two of you to prance through the entryway. He’s nearly knocked off his feet by what he sees—his little sister, always stoic and snarky, is smiling from ear to ear as she giggles her way inside with you trailing not far behind.
She makes eye contact with her older brother, immediately changing her soft expression to her usual cold and disinterested glare. 
Rintaro sees right through her act. 
After all, he reacts the same way when he’s caught smiling at your words by the twins. He can’t help but swallow back the realization that, maybe that’s just the infectious effect you have on the Suna family. 
You greet him with a grin as you take your shoes off, making your way towards the extended arm raised by his side. He wastes no time in motioning you towards the privacy of his bedroom. You follow his not-so-subtle lead, but not without thanking his sister again for your date today. 
As you enter his room with his hand guiding your back, he releases a long-held sigh of relief. 
“So, what’d you guys talk about?” he immediately spills over—meant for you, but his sister responds from the hallway before he can fully close the door to his bedroom. 
Through the tiny creak, she smirks before howling, “How stupid you are.”
Suna’s quick to swing his door open once more, throwing the nearest item decorating his floor (today, a dirty Inarizaki hoodie) her way before firing back with mockery. 
“Ooooh, good one. You should be a comedian.” 
His door slams shut before she can retaliate, and the deja vu of the situation has you fighting off a smirk. Suna stares at the wooden panel for a moment before taking a sharp inhale and turning towards you.
The look in his eye completely contradicts his prior expression of annoyance as he beams your way, realizing he didn’t greet you properly in the midst of his anxiousness. 
He reaches for your hand and places a sweet kiss on it’s back, “Hi, pretty.”
You return his words with a laugh, “Hi, Rin.”
“How was it?” he asks earnestly this time, all attention devoted to you. 
While he may have been jealous of his sister spending time with you, he’s also a bit antsy to hear how it went. He wants to know where you ate, what you talked about, how much money he’s going to venmo you later for the bill (even though he knows your stubborn ass will refuse it). 
He wants to know if his sister showed you any embarrassing pictures of him from middle school, or if you told her about the time he tripped down the stairs. He wants to know if the two of you sat in an uncomfortable silence at first, if it eventually faded into a natural conversation of banter and giggles. He wants to know if you’d do it again, if you liked spending time with one of the people who made him the instigator he is today.
After all, you are two very important people in his life—in different ways of course. He loves you every single morning when he wakes up, wants to smother you in every ounce of love he can muster. He wants to strangle his younger sister most of the time, yes, but that doesn't mean it’s not out of love.
With his nerves melting away, he’s more than relieved when your lips stretch into a soft smile. 
“It was fun,” you beam with giddy excitement. “She reminds me a lot of you.”
Suna dryly chuckles. “Weird, it’s almost like we’re related,” sarcasm drips through his quick response.
Your hand pulls away from his and finds his arm with a smack, but it feels like a win for Suna when you giggle at this words and let him pull you down onto his bed.
He brushes a few stray hairs from your forehead, “So what’d you guys actually talk about?”
His eyebrows furrow at your sudden expression, one with equal elements of guilt and mischief. 
You grin, “Well, I mean, technically she’s not wrong.”
Tumblr media
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kurapikasjudgement · 3 months
“Baby I’m sorry,” He pleaded.
“I won’t hear it from a man whose name is anus backwards,” You watched as his jaw DROPPED at your words.
“Pick up your jaw, you deserved it for eating MY food,” You told him.
“For the last time! I gave it to you so it was mine first!” Suna yelled.
You definitely won that argument.
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rinsaint · 3 months
Tumblr media
The dark bags under suna eyes were prominent, and your heart ached at the fact you could see them the moment he walked into your shared room.
You set your phone down on the table and lifted the blanket, allowing him to slide into bed with a soft, hum. Suna settled between your legs, shoving his face into your chest. His hands found their way to your back, soft fingers hiking up your shirt to glide his fingers up your back.
“You feeling alright, my love?” you whispered, your own hands finding home in his messy hair. It was all knotted and tangled, so you set to work gently carding through his messy hair with nimble fingers to work out the mess.
He didn't verbally respond, just shaking his head and snuggling his face into your chest.
You thought for a moment, you hummed, then stopping your work of untangling his hair to instead massage his head, scratching at the hairs on the back of his neck. “would you like to take a bath with me?” you asked softly, not sure what he was in the mood for tonight or the comfort he needed.
He grunted and you let out a soft sigh, “would you like to watch a movie?” you asked again. He didn't respond immediately, but did follow with a hesitant nod.
You reached over for the remote that was sat on your dresser where your phone was. You scrolled through the channels and clicked on a movie that both you and suna would enjoy.
Your overworked boyfriend sighed into your chest and mumbled out something that you didn’t quite hear.
“What was that rin?” You questioned him, rubbing a thumb on his forehead.
“I said I missed you.” Suna admitted, bringing the hand that was on his forehead to his lips, and kissing it.
You smiled, leaving one hand in his hair as the other sat in his hand, his soft lips leaving pecks on it. “The suna rintarou misses me? I’ve gotta admit, it seems like you’re going soft.” You softly joked, suna let’s out a chuckle into your chest.
“You know what? I take it all back.”
Tumblr media
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youseeingthis · 1 day
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rinslova · 6 months
ಌ including : k. tsukishima , r. suna x fem!reader
ಌ genre: fluff
ಌ summary: what relationship dynamics the hq boys would mostly be in!
Tumblr media
pretty girl: clairo
part two. part three
Tumblr media
-`ღ´- shy girl x sarcastic tall boi (who's secretly soft)
now as expected kei is one of those boyfriends who give no fucks for anyone else but you. Its kinda cute actually, like the 180 on his personality is kinda concerning but sweet in a sense. He'll still maintain that 'oh my god your so annoying' but dial it down a few notches as to not hurt your feelings. Basically tsun tsun tsukki. Kei also would make an effort to make first moves, despite being not the best flirt himself. Lucky for him his looks are that of a prince and he doesn't need much to fluster the likes of you <3
-`ღ´ lovey dovey girlfriend x not used to being loved this much (physically) bf
we also know kei isn't exactly the lovey dovey type on the exterior, however we do know he is love deprived. So for him to be with a girl who is very touchy and clingy would be heaven for him, of course he wants to reciprocate his feelings but he doesn't want to come off as overly clingy. So he'll keep his idgaf attitude while squeezing the life out of you teddybear style while you sit on his lap.
-`ღ´- I hate you x I hate you more <3
probably the most popular dynamic for tsukishima and honestly most likely the ideal one as well. Tsukishima wants someone who can understand him and share some similarities with him, though opposites do attract he would need someone to get on his nerves. How else do you think you'll randomly pop up into his head when he's suppose to be studying? And trust and believe his teammates deadass think you both are having a serious argument, when really you both are arguing about strawberries or raspberries
-`ღ´- hella flirty bf x shy gf
There is nothing suna loves more than getting an reaction out of people, so who better than to get a reaction out of than his own sweet gf? Suna lovess teasing you, he knows he looks good and uses that against you. So don't be surprised if he stares at you with a smirk on his face while your trying to study, he's just watching you unravel at his gaze alone. Rin loves you but he can't get enough of you trying to hold yourself together infront of him.
-`ღ´- baby, looks could kill (would kill) gf x looks like they would kill you (secretly baby)
You and suna both know how whipped he is for you its not even funny, he can't go a day without kissing you, touching you or even speaking to you in general. One of suna's daily objectives is to fall asleep on your thighs everyday after training, def a thigh and boob guy. Rin also loves how secretly feisty you are, his favorite thing is seeing you get jealous when a waitress makes heart eyes at him. Leaving you to make it obvious he's taken by using his pet names: Rinny, baby, or rin rin.
-`ღ´- loves talking x loves hearing her talk
Suna is a very good listener, and he could listen to you rant for hours. Yes there will be times where he gets lost in your cute expressions while retelling a story, he'll still be listening to you. But he's just more focused on your sweet voice and cute face <3 Suna will literally fall asleep to you talking, so don't be surprised when he calls you at 2-3am just to hear you talk. Even if its animal crossing language he would listen to your voice as if it was the one thing keeping him alive.
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aftersamu · 4 months
Tumblr media
sitting on suna's bed, you had gone over to his place, and ended up going through old boxes found from his garage. music playing softly in the background.
looking through old family photos; looking at all the pictures of suna from when he was younger, as he digs through a box full of toys from his childhood. ignoring the countless tech decks, pulling out a stethoscope.
looking back at you, tapping on your legs for your attention. "hmm?" you hum, looking up from the photo album before placing it next to you on the bed.
"come 'ere, i wanna see something." suna says, a hand wrapping around your ankle, pulling you towards the edge of the bed – next to him.
"you're so annoying," you groan, sitting up. "what is it?" 
the brunette ignores your remark, placing the earpieces of the stethoscope in their designated place before holding up the bell to your chest. "what are you doing?" you ask, looking at him, confused.
suna raises a finger, stopping you from saying anything more. rolling your eyes in response, accepting it, and choosing not to ask any questions.
"i'm trying to listen to your heart," he says. "although, i'm having a hard time. turns out you really are heartless," he laughs. 
you gently shove him away, suna hands you the stethoscope, trying to put it on you.
"stop," you laugh, pushing his hands away to do it yourself. repeating his previous actions, hearing his heart beat – slowly, yet noticeably thumping faster than before.
letting it rest comfortably around your neck, "surprisingly, you do have a heart." you joke, causing him to roll his eyes in response.
"of course i have a heart," suna says. "if i didn't, i wouldn't like you so much."
Tumblr media
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rinslutz · 6 months
suna x fem!reader — warnings : slight baby trapping ig?, biting
Tumblr media Tumblr media
SUGAR DADDY!SUNA dropped every other sugar baby once he met you. he instantly knew that you were the one that he wanted to spend every single dollar on.
SUGAR DADDY!SUNA buys you a necklace with his initials on it. he swears that he bought it because it’s cute but it’s actually so people know you belong to someone.
SUGAR DADDY!SUNA lets you turn his walk-in closet into your own. will sometimes add things to the closet without you even knowing. you only find out when you see three pairs of heels that you’ve never seen before
SUGAR DADDY!SUNA hasn’t bought anything new for himself in ages. he’s perfectly content on spending all of his money on you. he finds happiness in your happiness.
SUGAR DADDY!SUNA fucks you in the back of his car after witnessing you flirt with a coworker at a company party. leaves bite marks all over your shoulders as he slams into your aching pussy.
SUGAR DADDY!SUNA refuses to wear a condom when fucking you, he says he’ll pull out but never does. you don’t realize but he’s trying to get you pregnant.
SUGAR DADDY!SUNA hopes that if you do get pregnant it will somehow get you stay with him forever. he secretly has set money aside for if you do get pregnant.
SUGAR DADDY!SUNA has a folder on his phone full of your nudes that he looks at whenever he’s away from you on a business trip.
SUGAR DADDY!SUNA fucks his fist to a video he has of you two fucking. it’s his favorite video to watch when he’s away from you. will even ask you to send videos of yourself if he feels unsatisfied.
SUGAR DADDY!SUNA fucks you into his mattress for hours after returning from a business trip. claims that he just missed your pussy but really missed your presence but he doesn’t know how to tell you his true feelings.
SUGAR DADDY!SUNA fell in love with you but isn’t sure that you love him back, so he will continue to shower you with money as long as he can.
Tumblr media
TAGLIST : (open)
@wolffmaiden @gojoanti @rntrsuna @osamuplanet @have-no-life @kiossshy @luna-vitae-suae @adeawn @celcero @oikawa-bubs
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o2amu · 6 months
your boyfriend’s extra clingy this morning.
you gather that it’s probably the fact that he knocked out early last night (well, earlier than usual) so your evening cuddling session was unfortunately skipped.
you’re half asleep but the way suna tugs at your shirt extra hard to pull you close to his chest doesn’t go unnoticed.
“mmph…” suna groans. “c’mereee.”
you groan back in response and the feeling of his weight suddenly engulf half your body causes a sigh to escape your lips.
“so now you have the energy to cuddle with me?” you ask, rhetorically.
suna replies with a hum and buries his face deeper in the crook of your neck after placing a few soft kisses on your nape.
silence fills the room for a moment before suna speaks with a raspy tone. “m’sorry i fell asleep early last night.” he begins. “i’ll make it up to you I swear. let’s just stay in and cuddle the whole day. you n’ me.”
“but i thought we were going to try out that new brunch place that you’ve been waiting to try?” you inquire turning to face him and without a second to spare, he positions himself to lay on your chest.
“eh…we can go tomorrow or something.” he responds and shortly after he brings your hand and places it on top of his head, urging for you to play with his hair.
you let out soft chuckle but comply to his unspoken request and you can feel him smile in satisfaction against your shirt.
“soo do you wanna cuddle with me, your boyfriend, the absolute love your life, or not?” he dramatically asks. “this is practically a once in a lifetime opportunity.”
his smugness made you want to respond with a blunt ‘no’, just to see his reaction. you smile at the thought, but in all honesty, how could you decline his offer?
“yes i do, ya big weirdo.”
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youseeingthis · 1 day
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princesuna · 4 months
suna tries his best to avoid interacting with strangers at all costs. if the cashier forgot to give him his favorite sauce for his chicken nuggets? plain nuggets are actually delicious. if the barista accidently gave him hot coffee instead of iced? a hot drink in the scorching heat suddenly becomes refreshing. he can’t find chuppets in the store? he wasn’t really craving them anyways. it’s just not worth the energy. besides, he has friends like the twins and kita to do that kinda thing for him if it was really bothering him.
that is, until he met you.
you ask suna, your boyfriend, to accompany you to shop at an asian grocery store. he was about to refuse since he typically becomes your personal pack mule during these kinds of outings. he has to follow you around and carry stuff? on a weekend? you must be out of your mind. however, you promise to treat him to lunch and start giving him that look in your beautiful eyes that he simply can’t resist. to be honest, you’re his ultimate weakness and even though you said you were going to treat him, he would’ve paid for it in the end.
because it’s you.
you’re in the grocery store and are able to find most of the things you want to cook for the next week except for one thing: dashi stock. you’ve walked around the place many times and looped through several aisles and fail to find it. you figure it HAS to be in the store because what asian store wouldn’t have this staple ingredient? but your eyes cannot locate it. you start to get anxious because suna is carrying your things and you feel bad having him walk for so long.
suna watches as you grow increasingly frustrated. you start to get a bit upset, but you try your best to hide it. despite your attempts, he can tell this whole situation is stressing you out, so he leaves your side to find a worker. you notice him walking away and quicken your steps to catch up to him.
“rin, where are you going?” you ask.
“to ask a worker where we can find the dashi stock,” he replies simply.
“no! it’s okay. it’s not important anyways,” you say grabbing his arm trying to stop him.
“how are you gonna tell me it’s not important when you took like seven laps around this store? don’t worry, love, we’ll find it,” he replies giving you a gentle smile.
you manage to calm down and his words reassure you. he asks the worker where he can find the dashi stock, but to his dismay, the worker didn’t know and it almost hurts him to tell you this because he never wants to see you sad. while you are feeling defeated, you decide to check the sauce aisle one more time. logically speaking, that is where it would be located. you slowly make your way through the aisle scanning the shelves for it. you’re about to tell suna that you give up and want to go home as you reach the end of the aisle when he suddenly speaks up, but not to you.
“hey, do you guys know where we can find dashi stock?” suna asks the other couple in the aisle.
“oh, it should be right here. it’s on the very bottom shelf so it might be a bit hard to see,” the man replies pointing down.
he thanks the man and grabs the box. he heads over to you and you have this stunned look on your face. he wants to laugh at how cute you look. you just can’t believe he would do something like that. suna has always did the most to avoid interacting with strangers. this is so out of character for him.
“if you want something, you have to ask,” he says while tapping the box on your head.
“that’s rich coming from you,” you scoff.
suna laughs at the comment. you’re not wrong. he’s not sure why he was so determined to find the dashi stock for you. if he was with osamu, he would’ve convinced him to give up and go home. but you’re not osamu. you’re you, someone he cherishes dearly. when he sees how brightly you smile and how energetically you walk, he realizes he would go through hell and back if it meant keeping you happy. suna would overcome anything for you.
while you’re his weakness, you are also the one that gives him strength.
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luvsoji · 2 months
suna rintaro here. my girlfriend, y/n, is being distant today and i don't know why. let me tell you about what happened.
we were supposed to have our separate zooms with her on my lap, but she left to a different room near the very beginning. she tried to play it off with "i have a pop quiz and i need to focus. can't have my grade drop just because i can't focus on your lap with your zoom in the background," but we all know that that is absolute bs. she could've focused on my lap just fine, and we all know that failing a 10-point pop quiz from chiahara-sensei happens to the best of us. and if you're wondering, i am the best of the best.
then, after we both finished our annoyingly long 1.5 hour lectures, (well she claimed hers was in fact a 40-point pop quiz/test but it def wasn't) she refused to cook together. she said something like, "rin, you burned yourself last time, remember? go sit down," but that, too, is bs. yes, i spilled hot water on my sweats last time i tried to make pasta, but it was on my knee, so it wasn't like it was a big deal anyways. i don't know why she kept making excuses.
then, after we finished eating the meal she cooked without me, she had the audacity to get on a zoom call when i didn't have one. and after that terrible offense, she refused to sit on my lap for it AGAIN. she said that inuzuka-sensei was always more strict about what we wore in zooms, and i wouldn't get away with no shirt on like soma-sensei let me. when i told her that her body would block mine, she said that my chest and shoulders would still be perfectly visible. then, she guilted me by saying that she didn't want other girls to see my "perfectly toned abs," as she called them. AND THEN she had the impudence to TEASE ME and LIE TO ME by telling me my cheeks and ears were getting red! couldn't believe her.
then, after all our classes were over, she refused to cuddle with me because APPARENTLY her friend's sister a block down rolled and sprained her ankle, and that it was getting pretty bruised and swollen. she also added that her friend didn't have any advil or experience in injuries, and apparently she was asked to bring some advil, a compression bandage, and a couple ice packs. when i told her that her friend could just buy some and that she could get her own ice pack, she tried to get out of it by telling me that her friend's sister was only 5, was bawling her eyes out, refused to be left alone but also screamed louder when she was picked up, and that we also had a lot to spare because we have a ton of supplies in the closet because of my constant volleyball injuries. again, absolute bs. her friend could just go grab everything herself. what did it matter that the kid was crying? fuck kids! do you know how funny those youtube videos of kids getting hurt and crying are? people enjoy them for a reason. it's because kids are annoying as hell and it's fun to watch them get injured. im subscribed to like 10 of those kinds of channels. her friend is literally getting free entertainment and y/n obviously just wants to watch the free entertainment WITHOUT ME because she'd rather be with her stupid friend than me.
all in all, please help. i don't know why she's so distant today. is she mad? please give me tips!
@.su.rin post made at 4:16pm
comments: @.y/n.l/n: HELP WHAT IS THIS @.y/n.l/n: for the record i got an a+ on that so it was worth it @.y/n.l/n: love u always rin <333 @.su.rin: reply to @.y/n./l/n- ik that u hate me its ok
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sunarinscumdump · 1 month
thinking about how sunarin, whose primary love language is physical touch, would take advantage of the weather everytime it gets cold, saying, "oh look, it's raining— guess it''s cuddle weather, doll..”
you'd always roll your eyes at him, though there's a smile on your face, “rin, it's barely a drizzle.”
“it's still rain.” he pouts cutely, hazel green fox eyes a bit narrowed as you get up to get ready for the day, him still entangled in the sheets of the bed you two share. “c’mon doll, stay home and cuddle with me...”
your eyes soften at your boyfriend's smooth voice, before the same thing that happens every time there's even the slightest chance of rain or the tiniest bit of appearance of gray clouds in the sky happens once more— you sigh, looking at sunarin with a you-win expression on your face. “fine, but only because i'm cold and am actually looking for an excuse to be lazy today..”
he tugs you back to bed in one swift motion and encases you in his arms. he wraps the blanket around both of you and nuzzles his head into your neck. he starts peppering kisses all over your neck and face, sending tingling sensations all over your body and warmth in your heart.
“yeah, totally not ‘cos you just wanna cuddle your hot as fuck boyfriend.” he teases.
you giggle as he presses a sweet kiss on your lips, his fox eyes lovingly gazing into yours. “yeah, totally not that.”
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kiyoowomi · 8 months
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notpikaman · 7 hours
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torhues · 2 months
suna rintarou.
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
suna is waiting.
he has been for a while know— sprawled on your couch with one hand gripping the bowl of potato chips while the other was busy pressing buttons on the remote as he browsed through movies to watch for the night. he has been doing that for thirty minutes now, waiting for you to join and assist him in his little hunt.
"beer or coke?" your voice emerges over the silence, a sigh falls of his lips as your fingers dance on the refrigerator's door, along the tunes of the song you're humming, awaiting a response from him.
"you," a pause, suna whips his head in your direction, and then; "i mean, the just come here. we can get drinks later,"
'beer it is,' he hears you state with a heavy breath, and he shifts to his right the moment you sit next to him, placing the four cans of alcohol on the table in front of your couch. another look at you, you're wearing just a t-shirt— his t-shirt that he forgot to bring home the last time he was over at your apartment. suna knows he isn't getting it back.
but, his eyes travel back to you— your face— you press your lips into a thin line while scrolling through a hundred different shows. suna didn't even realise when you took the remote from his hand. you start humming the same melody once again, he remembers the song, it's the first one on the playlist he made for you two days ago. he's so busy thinking about your presence, suna doesn't realise when you get inside his blanket, or when you had shifted a little closer, when his hand landed right next to your leg, almost brushing against your thigh— suna doesn't realise when his heart started racing.
"you're staring," suna doesn't realise he has been staring at you. "rin,"
his eyes instantly revert back to the tv screen the second his name falls off your lips. it's uncharacteristic of him to be this quite, to not reply, to be this nervous around you— it doesn't make sense to him, but neither do you.
he steals a glance, registering the image of smiling in his mind. a second passes, then another, and then he's back to staring at you. suna doesn't realise when his lips had curled into a smile at the sight of you looking so intently at the television. you take a sip from the can and he almost chuckles at the expression you made when the cold liquid hit your throat. suna doesn't realise when he started thinking of his best friend in this light.
"you're staring again," suna doesn't realise when you stopped paying attention to the movie. "i must be looking so damn pretty right now for you to look at me like this,"
it's a joke, he knows that. "you always do,"
he replies, your heart skips a beat.
the sound of the movie fades into the background as if he's in his own cinematic world. suna doesn't realise when the smile on your face disappeared, or when you had stopped looking at the tv. his hands are sweaty, but he doesn't realise when they slid next to yours— a little bit intertwined, the warmth of your hand against his like magic spinning in the air. he doesn't realise when his gaze shifted from your eyes to your lips, until he takes them back up.
suna doesn't realise for how long he has been staring at you, for all he knows is that you're looking back into his eyes with the same anticipation.
suna has been waiting, but he realises he can't anymore.
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hlxtn · 3 months
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