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⋆ ࣪.     ˖ ࣪⭑  DECEMBER 4TH & BOKUTO KOUTARO . ˖ ࣪⭑  
Tumblr media
─── ⠀ *         summary : your boyfriend is known to be a spontaneous person but you never expected him to show up at your house in the middle of a snowstorm simply because he didn’t want to get snowed in alone. 
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Tumblr media
You're not sure what you expected when Bokuto called you close to the middle of the night but it most definitely wasn't for him to tell you that he’s currently standing wholly frozen in front of your door. With a groan you get out of bed and shuffle the front door, taking a glance out of the peephole before unlocking it. What you expected was your boyfriend, what you were met with was a wall of ice, a solid block of frozen snow that didn’t seem to move. You’d be completely unconvinced that this was your boyfriend if it wasn’t for his cheerful voice greeting you.
 “There you are!” he singsongs. You merely blink at the wall of talking snow before you realize it's your boyfriend in there and it's freezing outside. Without thinking you're clawing at the freezing frost, helping him escape the snow hug he had gotten trapped in. He shimmies thick layer after thick layer off before his arms, legs and the rest of his body finally appear from behind the white curtain. 
“Bokuto.” The tone of your voice makes his shoulder slump and a pout crosses his frosty flaked lips. He looks like a puppy that’s just been scolded. “What the hell were you thinking coming over in the middle of a snowstorm?” 
His gaze remains averted to the ground as he draws miscellaneous shapes in the snow with the tip of his boots. “I dunno,” he mumbles. “I wanted to come see you. And I didn’t want to spend the next few days snowed in on my own.
Perhaps it's the tone of his voice of the expression he wears but you can't find it in yourself to scold him any further, ushering him inside without another thought. You can tell he's still shaking from the cold and guide him towards the fireplace, adjusting a few pieces of wood before setting it alight. 
"Stay here, okay? I'm gonna go grab you some fresh clothes and something to drink to warm you up," you tell him to which he bobs his head up and down, perhaps a little too eagerly for someone who was on the brink of frostbite. 
With the kettle going you head back to your bedroom to fish out some of the clothes he'd forgotten here ages ago along with one of your fluffiest blankets that you hoped would keep him warm. When you return you're not surprised to find Bokuto curled close to the fire, half asleep and leaning against a nearby chair. 
You crouch next to him before shaking him softly. "Bo, you need to change out of your clothes. You're gonna get sick." 
He grumbles a incoherent protest underneath his breath, seeming content with staying right where he was. You huff, giving him another nudge, hoping he'd budge but he remains still, snoring. 
"Oh my God, you drive me insane," you mutter under your breath before you grasp the zipper of his jacket, beginning to undress him. Outside the wind picks up and you can hear the frost creeping up the windows. There's no doubt in your mind that the snow would be thick and heavy come the next morning. 
"Hey! I don't think my partner would appreciate you touching me up like this!" 
Bokuto's whine yanks you back to the present moment and you frown at him where he meets your eyes with a sleepy gaze and a dramatic pout, swatting at your hands. 
You stare at him with a blank expression. "Bo, I am your partner. Your partner who's trying to keep you from getting hypothermia." 
"You're really my significant other?" he gasps, as if he'd just made a revelation, his vocie still slurred with slight sleepiness. He grins. "Nice." 
Tumblr media
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Tumblr media
Highschool Romance with Haikyuu Boys
💫Fem reader
💫This applies to their current timeline in the anime
💫Enjoy Reading~
Tumblr media
Academic Rivals
A tsundere
Doesn't really care about high school romance
He liked your academic skills
He's too shy to admit his feelings tho
Took him four months to get the courage to confess
His love language is buying you books and giving you candy
He also lets you borrow his headphones
She fell first but he fell harder
Lets admit it, this guy is dense af
You're very affectionate and that picked his interest
He runs to you to teach him before an exam
He doesn't know how to confess so his way of showing affection is giving you milk and letting you borrow his jacket
Invites you to watch their game
He never really confessed, the Karasuno team snitched on him so he was forced to tell you his feelings
You grew up together
You help him with his volleyball sometimes
Likes to bring you some hot choco esp if its winter
He casually told you he likes you
Obv you were flustered
Loves seeing you smile so he often pinches your cheeks
When you're asleep besides him, he stares at you lovingly
Enemies to Lovers
You hated his proud ass
He's cocky and borderline annoying
Either way he's kind and gentle to you
Loves to steal Osamu's food and offers them to you
He treats you lunch every single day
Confessed to you over the phone
Loves to carry your bag afterclass
He would ask you to watch his practice then buy you some snacks afterwards
Mr. Popular and Ms. Nobody
Well you are not literally a 'nobody'
You are smart, reserved, and a private person
Oikawa was amazed by the way you ignore his presence
Therefor he made it a mission to let you know everyday that he's 'there'
Summary is he wants your attention
After months he gave up, and you felt bad
Eventually you confessed
He didn't say anything at first, to make you nervous. Deep inside his heart was happy
Loves to take cute selfies with you with a hashtag "MyGF
Black Cat and Golden Retriever
We all know he's the GR
Loves you scream your name before his match starts
Asks you for volleyball advice even though you don't play
Loves to buy you bubble tea
His love language is physical touch
He enjoys giving you random gifts
He shows you off to his teammates and loves to tell everyone that you're his
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Tumblr media
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Can I request a little bit of fluff with Bokuto, Hinata, and Tanaka? I love thems. 🥴💖🐇
All three of them bite you fs, its out of love and a wait to irritate you. 
Fluffy HC's and some scenarios !!
Bokuto Kōtarō
Wants to go bird watching with you, as a fun little date
Learns from Akaashi that you cannot feed them bread, especially ducks.
Devasted, he planned on buying at least 10 loaves of bread from a local bakery.
Sits outside your house waiting for you to finish getting ready
his hair is deflated since he's come empty-handed
while walking to the park you quickly notice the change in demeanor, his bubbly nature is reduced to short responses, and stares at the local pigeons nudging pebbles.
You reassure him that it is okay, and cup his hand, pouring birdseed into his palm and kissing his cheek.
Bokuto's heart stops and he falls in love with you all over again.
Moves his face so you lock lips, cups your cheeks and closes his eyes.
You do not realize until after you feel crumbs of seed on your face, pushing him away in anger.
Continues to smooch you even as birds begin to crowd, eating the food that fell onto the concrete.
One time during practice, the managers started hogging you.
Now he isn't EASILY jealous but, you were BASICALLY IGNORING HIM!!! (he did not see you for 5 minutes).
Rambles to Akaashi how the always take you away and it isn't fair
He's YOUR boyfriend
why should they get all the attention?? Yes, you are amazing but he doesn't want to share!!!!
Hinata Shoyo
After practice he picks you flowers, even if he gets scolded by the gardeners and his teammates. He cannot bring himself to stop.
Pretty flowers remind him of his pretty s/o.
Play fights with you, very aggressive, it starts out as a poke and ends up into a full brawl on the floor.
You're pinning him down and tickling his stomach and he's had enough
switches position and while you are on the ground he bites your nose.
"oh sorry let me kiss it better (Y/n)."
You harshly stab his stomach with your finger and he topples over laughing and groaning in pain.
"It wasn't even that hard Sho..."
"Want me to kiss it better?"
Before he relents, Hinata remembers what he had just done to you earlier.
Kageyama thinks you're a distracting but good influence.
Uses you to his advantage
You motivate Hinata, he performs better when you are around.
(Whole team is super appreciative)
Hinata is into physical affection and quality time
holds your hand, bag, shirt, jacket, anything he can get his hands on truly.
I don't think he is super good with words, but if you enjoy compliments he'll shower you in them, he knows how good it feels to be praised and wants to show you that love.
Gifts you trinkets
Wraps himself around you any chance he gets, swinging your arms while you walk down the hallway holding hands
Offers piggy back rides (HE IS AN EXPERT!!!! He has a younger sister and she taught him the best techniques).
Licks your cheek because it catches you off guard.
Races your friends to get a seat next to you at lunch
Begs you to feed him when his body is particularly sore, or he is just affectionate.
Usually just an excuse to stare at you and get special treatment
Tsukishima cannot believe Hinata pulled you
Hinata's been harboring a crush for years
You stumbled into the gym one day and was captivated by his performance, ever since then you've been his number one fan.
Tanaka Ryūnosuke
Stares at you in awe
Brags about you to his sister and all his friends
introduces you as the love of his life.
Kiyoko is in love with you
she thinks you are gorgeous
tries to steal you away and convinces you to become a manager whenever Tanaka isn't around (rarely)
Tanaka's glued to your side
He knows how to cook since he does it often to feed his sister or for himself whenever she's running late from work.
Cooks your meals, he loves the domestic feel of it
You help Tanaka study in return
rewarding him with questions for every question he gets right
Tanaka is secretly good at massages
Makes out with you behind the school
got caught a couple of times
Tanaka asked if he could be your boyfriend
none of this "Do you want to be my s/o" nonsense!!!!
Immediate swooning.
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yandere bokuto please please please ty 😩
tws: stalking, manipulation, forced intimacy, gaslighting, attention seeking behavior, self harm, suicide threats, murder, gore, kidnapping, underwear sniffing, breaking and entering, noncon/dubcon, verbal/emotional abuse, domestic violence, mind break,
Bokuto would develop these feelings extremely quickly. He wouldn’t exactly know that these feelings/urges/thoughts are wrong, either.
Bokuto absolutely hates your friends. He hates that they take so much of your time; the solution? He kills them.
When Bokuto kills for you, it’s messy. Very messy. He’s quick to clean up evidence and will always leave the body somewhere the authorities can find it- though, they’ll have to search a bit.
Despite Bokuto’s seemingly air-headed nature, he’s very knowledgeable about forensic science. He finds it very fascinating (it also comes in handy).
When you begin to lean on Bokuto, he’s over the moon. All of his hard work is paying off!
If he lets out a few suspicious words, he’ll gaslight you into thinking that you heard him wrong. He didn’t mean it that way [Name]!
If you distance yourself from him, he’ll cut himself in a few places that are noticeable and when his sleeves ‘accidentally’ ride up around you, you’ll end up taking care of him more often
Bokuto manipulates you into leaning on him more often and will re-wire your brain into thinking about him and only him.
Bokuto is the type of yandere that will wholeheartedly research things that you’re interested in so that you’ll like him more.
Bokuto will mold himself into your ideal guy- why? Because you’re everything he wants and he wants to be everything you want!
Bokuto will break into your house at night after learning to lock pick and steal a few pairs of your underwear and shirts/hoodies. He just loves your scent so much.
When you seem to be making more friends, or even doing homework more than you’re talking to him, he’ll call you saying that he’s scared and that he’s been ‘in his head’. That he’s worried he might hurt himself again and ask if he can come over for the night.
If you try to distance yourself, no worries. He’ll just kidnap you. He’ll lock you in his basement, in the portion of the wall that he’s sectioned off and soundproofed so that you’ll never leave him again.
Bokuto is kinda delusional, so he thinks that when he’s taking advantage of you and he hears a few whimpers, that you do want the treatment he’s giving you.
Don’t even think of escaping. He’ll break your legs and arms if he has to.
He’ll force kisses, hugs, cuddles, sexual intimacy, and make you say that you love him. If you don’t… god help you.
Be very cautious about what you say to him. He can go from happy to furious in the blink of an eye. You don’t want to see him angry, either.
Bokuto’s punishments are always physical. He’ll bruise you, break your bones, use your body for his pleasure, deny you food and water, the list goes on.
When you begin to submit, Bokuto will fee quite smug. His efforts are once again paying off.
When stockholm kicks in, and you finally say ‘I love you’ first, Bokuto will shower you in love.
“[Name]… I’m sorry to burden you so often… but, do you think I can come stay over for the night? I’m having those thoughts again…”
“Shut the fuck up, I’ll break your fucking jaw if you say another god damn word!”
“[Name], I love you. I love you so so so so so so so much. You love me too… don’t you?”
“God, fuck, you feel so good, baby… hah~ don’t clench down on me like that-“
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chosovixen · 1 month
bokuto often fucks you in missionary cause he loves feeling you claw at his back while he’s deep inside you. the feeling of pain mixed with a bit of pleasure always thrills him. 
you’ve got your legs wrapped around him tightly, your hands pinned above your head while he placed wet, sloppy kisses on your lips. he steadily rocks his hips into yours and he can feel that you’re close. he doesn’t need to stimulate you any more than he was with the way his happy trail softly brushed your clit each time his hips meet yours. 
you being to moan uncontrollably, whimpering his name as you squirm under him. he wants to cum with you, so he lets go of your wrist, and your arms quickly wrap around his neck. you both are now a moaning mess as his hips snap into yours. he’s hitting the spot so good you can’t help but dig your nails into his back, clawing at the supple skin when you finally gush around his length. 
bokuto hisses at the feeling, head now buried in the croak of your neck as he fuck you both through your orgasms. 
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s0dium · 3 months
Pussy drunk men
Tumblr media
A/n: Yeah, while ive been gone this has been on my mind
Warning: Pussy drunk men, choking, slow to rough sex, whimpering, love struck reader
You swear to god you forget how to breath when you hear his whimpers.
They come from his throat, soft, shy, like he cant fathom what he's feeling right now. His hips stutter as they press against your own, and his chest rises and falls in deep intervals. The grip he has on your hips is bruising, like he is holding onto you for dear life as he plunges his throbbing dick into your warm cunt.
"O-oh god," He groans, burying his nose in the crook of your neck and continuing the slow roll of his hips into you. Its also dizzying how his tip bumps into your cervix and his pelvis rubs on your clit. His hair is sticking to his sweaty forehead and god he is trying his best to surpress his moans by biting his lip but its clearly not working.
"H-hey its ok, look at me," you manage to whisper, nudging his head and bringing him to look at you. You gulp as you take in his face; his eyes are lidded with lust and his lips are slightly parted. You forget what you were going to say and instead guide his hand to your throat, letting him slightly squeeze it before he leans into you for a warm messy kiss.
Your lips slowly meld and your tongues dance together. He groans into your mouth and starts to quicken the speed of his thrusts. You gasp at the sudden change of pace and try to break away from the kiss but he keeps you still with his hand on your throat.
"Stay still f'me ok baby?"
Yuji, Yuuta, Kirishima, Bokuto, Geto, Megumi, Draken
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greenfoxeyedbrunette · 3 months
“Ahh!” panting, you came all over. While he lapped up your juices, he looks up at you as if he really wants to tell you something. Eyes glazed over from your high, you nod. “C-can I be your boyfriend?…” he crawls closer to you with his hands on your hips. “I can’t.. I can’t take this anymore..” he pouts, brows furrowed as if he’s going to cry. “I need more..” tears filled up his eyes, hovering over you—he’s face to face with you now. “I want to be the only one.. I want you to only be mine!”
bokuto koutarou, oikawa tooru, miya atsumu, manjiro sano/mikey, takemichi hanagaki, kazutora hanemiya, jean kirstein, bertholdt hoover
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whoruchiyo · 4 months
ft. bokuto, tsukishima, iwaizumi, akaashi
cw: 18+ mdni, squirting (obvi), unprotected sex, allusions to overstimulation, oral (f receiving, fingering
a/n: just a quick little something for y'all (repost on new blog)
❁ bokuto
at this point, you lost track of how many times he'd already made you cum. it was all you could do to grip the sheets while he held onto your hips, legs resting on his shoulders as he fucked roughly into you. his thick cock stretched your pussy, hitting every spot to have your toes curling.
he's focused, eyes trained on the way your pussy sucks him in with every thrust. it was the same look he had whenever he spiked a ball. you were on the cusp of yet another orgasm. he could tell, too. the grip he had on your hips tightened, his pace getting ever so slightly quicker.
"come on, baby, give me one more."
you moaned, unable to get any words out. so consumed in your pleasure, you failed to notice the difference in your impending orgasm until it was too late. you were squirting all over his chest and stomach, coating even your own thighs. it dripped down his body.
he pulled out of you, the hold on your hips slackening. "if you had to pee you could have said something."
heat flared in every inch of your face, hands coming up immediately to cover it. you had to pretend he didn't exist for a moment in order to get your bearings again. explaining to him that you didn't pee on him was not what you had planned for the night.
❁ tsukishima
he's always been pretty plain in bed. rarely deviating from missionary and keeping the same pace. sure he'll spice it up a little bit from time to time, but you wanted him to let loose. it took some time to get him comfortable with the idea. and you didn't regret it.
with your legs pressed up near your head, he was hitting spots he'd never even come close to before. his thrusts were faster, rougher. it wasn't long until you were seeing stars. it seemed it was having a similar effect on him, as well, if the string of swears and groans was anything to go by.
you gripped onto his forearms, nails digging crescents into his skin. your former vanilla boyfriend was now wholly relentless. never slowing for even a moment. never faltering as your pussy squeezed around him. that's when you felt it. a budding orgasm with something else lurking within it.
before you could say anything, a moan erupted out of you as you came. you felt something releasing from you, but only distantly caring until the height of your pleasure subsided. it was only then that you realized what had happened. your squirt coated the plane of his stomach and yours. had stopped his thrusts, looking blankly down at you.
"warn me next time," he said. his words were sharp but the twitch of his cock was unmistakable. you really didn't regret anything.
❁ iwaizumi
in all the time you've been together, not once had he made you squirt. he made it own personal goal to make you. a nice challenge--that he eventually forgot about. that is, until tonight.
in front of a mirror on the floor, you were on your hands and knees, barely able to hold yourself up as he was pounding into you. he loved taking you from behind. it allowed to play with the soft flesh of your ass. but he also loved watching your face as you fell apart beneath him. this was his genius solution.
you were a moaning mess as he hit that one spot repeatedly. your arms were shaking with the effort to keep yourself upright. the tightness in your core built up, along with another semi-familiar feeling. you tried to warn him, but the words died on your tongue as he slammed his hips into you. it was the last push you needed.
your orgasm washed over you, accompanied by a rush of liquid. his thrusts paused as he watched you in the mirror, collapsing onto your forearms. his cock throbbed in your tight walls. he groaned at the sight.
a moment later he was picking up his rough pace again. he snaked an arm around your waist, holding you up. "shit, baby, do that again."
having finally realized his goal, he wasn't going to stop anytime soon. it would be a while before he was fully satisfied.
❁ akaashi
he came home from a long at the office, and all he wanted was to relieve was a bit of his stress. that was how you found yourself with him between your thighs, your hands buried in his hair.
he alternated between sucking on your clit and giving it little licks. his slender fingers curled inside your pussy. he wasn't in any rush tonight, taking his time with bringing you to your high. it was torturous for you. you were so close to that edge, needing just a little more to get there. it took a good amount of begging to get him to increase the speed of his fingers.
when he finally did, the force of your orgasm surprised even you. squirting on lower half of his face. but he didn't pull away, didn't stop the movement of his fingers until your trembling body calmed down. he wiped his face clean and looked up at you.
"i'm sorry," you said, covering your face with your arms. it was too much to even look at him. "i'm sorry."
he crawled up the length of your body, gently moving your arms away from your face. he placed a soft kiss to the corner of your mouth. "don't apologize," he whispered, kissing the other corner of your lips. "you're so pretty when you cum for me."
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satorini · 4 months
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
ও rating. explicit
ও summary. when hq men realize they want more.
cw/ tw. fem!reader, fwb to lovers, creampie, possessive behavior, friends to lovers, mating press, praise kink, phone sex, masturbation, accidental voyeurism, oral sex, slight humiliation, overstimulation, fingering, aided masturbation, pet names (ex. pretty girl, baby, sweetheart)
ও featuring. Atsumu, Bokuto, Sakusa, Hinata, Daichi
ও an. I'm obsessed with any kind of friends to lovers ^^ | m. list
Tumblr media
He couldn’t tear his eyes off you as you moved above him—riding his cock like this would be the last time you’d ever feel it inside you. That thought twisted his insides, his fingers digging into your hips as if you might float away.
You could leave if you wanted, though, and he couldn’t stop you—it was how this uncomplicated arrangement between you two worked. 
Still, he wanted to mold the shape of his cock inside your tight little cunt, to ruin you for anyone else who thought they even had a chance, to have his name be the first thing you think of when you cum. He wanted to make every part of you his.
He growled at the thought, gripping you tight to slam his hips up into you. “Fuck! Tell me who’s fucking you so good. Tell me who’s the only one that gets to make you cum.”
“You, Tsumu!” you sobbed, holding onto his biceps to keep yourself from falling against his chest. This had his balls drawing up tight, and he sucked in a breath to stop himself from cumming.
“That’s right, pretty girl,” he grunted. “I’m the only one who gets to see you like this. I’m the only one who gets to feel this sweet pussy.” He leaned up and took one of your nipples into his mouth, groaning when he felt you clench down on him.
“I-I’m gonna cum,” you choked out.
“Yeah?” His fingers circled over your clit as he shoved his cock deeper inside of you to take you there faster, nipping at the swell of your breast. “Fuck, give it to me, baby. Lemme feel it.”
“O-oh, Tsumu!” you gasped as you came, squeezing around him violently. It had him following after you, grinding his cock as far as it could go until he pulsed and filled you to the brim. There was so much that he felt it leak out of your little hole and drip down his balls, adding to the uncomfortable wet puddle forming beneath him.
He rolled away from the mess when you both caught your breath, his cock still tucked away between your wet thighs. You stroked his hair, nails lightly scratching his scalp, and he pressed his face into your chest. 
“Sleep with me?” he asked, voice muffled.
You giggled, lightly tugging on his hair. “I probably need at least—”
“No,” he cut you off nervously, heat rising to his ears. “Just to sleep.”
At first, he was worried that maybe he should have kept his mouth shut when you didn’t say anything. But then you were tugging the blanket over both of you and continued running your fingers through his hair.
“If you steal the blankets, I’m kicking you off the bed,” you said after a moment.
Atsumu snorted, smiling against your breast. “But this is my bed.”
You hummed. “Yes, and I’ll do it anyway.”
Tumblr media
He wasn’t sure when it happened or how long he’s had these feelings for you, but he couldn’t help how his chest gave this weird flutter when he saw you up in the stands, trying to cheer the loudest for him in a jersey that had his name on it. 
A small part of him was terrified to admit his feelings, though, mainly because your friendship still felt so new, and he’d drunkenly sulked to Akaashi over the phone one night after a post-game party.
“There’s no way she likes me like that,” he said, which earned him a small sigh.
“Just tell her how you feel. What’s the worst that can happen? She doesn’t like you back but still wants to be friends?”
Bokuto wanted to say, “yes, exactly that,” but instead, he found himself nervously bouncing on the balls of his feet outside your apartment door thirty minutes later. It was only after a few seconds that he realized that you might not be awake or how horrible this idea was—
“Bo?” You propped the door against your hip, sleepily blinking at him. “Is everything okay?”
His eyes trailed over his old Fukurodani volleyball shirt that he let you borrow, down to your cute pink painted toes curling into your entry rug, and back up to your doe eyes slowly filling with concern.
“I’m in love with you,” he blurted with zero grace. 
He’d expected you to laugh it off and tell him ‘nice one’ like you usually do when he made stupid jokes or awkwardly give him the we’re-only-friends spiel. However, nothing could have prepared him for when you dragged him into your apartment, telling him between needy presses of your lips that you had liked him for a while now.
Bokuto never thought he’d get to find out how you tasted or how you looked sprawled out underneath him with your soft thighs pressed against his chest and your eyes knocked back as he slowly split you open—your wet, tight cunt feeling like his own personal Eden.
His cock jerked at the sight of your pussy lips spread wide and taught around him, your little hole contracting, struggling to make him fit. No one had ever taken him all the way the first time, yet here you were, trying to hump up against him to bring him deeper. 
And when he glanced up to see the cute faces you made once the last inch of his cock nudged its way inside your slick heat, his name dripping from the tip of your tongue like a prayer, he decided you were perfect. 
“Holy—baby, fuck—you’re so pretty,” he groaned.
Tumblr media
It started as somewhat of a relationship of convenience, if you could call it that: he’d desperately needed a roommate, and you needed a place to stay. 
Sakusa never thought he’d get anything out of it because volleyball and school took up most of his time. Still, you managed to weasel your way into his life anyway, and after a year, he found that he still couldn’t shake you. 
But he learned that being friends with you meant tolerating a lot of things: You liked to leave your shoes in front of the door where he tripped over them and took forever to order a simple iced-tea lemonade. Whenever you studied together, you absentmindedly clicked your pen until he had to wrap his hand around yours to get you to stop.
He hated that you stole his sweaters and tried to ignore how warm he felt when he’d catch you snuggling into them—looking so small in his clothes while thinking about you in ways a friend shouldn’t. 
Some days you scolded him when he forgot to eat lunch and wore dresses that were too short when you’d drop food off for him at practice (he swore you did it on purpose).
It bothered him how he always caught Atsumu staring at your legs, and he'd wait until you weren't looking to bounce a ball against Atsumu's head to drag his attention off you.
Sakusa also hated the times he’d come home from practice to find your bedroom door cracked open, the sounds of you pleasuring yourself leaking into the hallway, and all he could do was stand there and listen.
Now he was fisting his cock to the thought of you (he was doing that a lot lately), straining to hear your soft whimpers through the paper-thin walls. He knew it wasn’t right or nearly as good as fucking you would be, but he couldn’t imagine that you actually wanted him to touch you like that.
You were roommates—maybe even friends—and it’d definitely make things awkward afterward.
But then, one night, you moaned his name, loud and clear enough for him to hear, and for once, he could no longer just listen.
He groaned into your sloppy cunt, better than anything he could have imagined—his mouth wet and shiny from the number of times he’d made you cum. Sakusa considered it punishment for making him wait so long when all this time you’ve been filling your needy hole with the thoughts of him.
Your legs slowly started to close around his head, but he slapped your thigh slightly, making you yelp in shock.  “Keep them open. I’m not done yet.”
You whimpered. “I-I can’t—”
“No? Look at the mess you’re making,” he said, spreading you open with his thumbs to see his spit and your cum drip out of you, only smearing the wetness into your cunt after he was satisfied. 
A cute moan dripped from your tongue, hips arching against the pressure between your legs. “Please.”
He looked up to you sternly, “give me one more.”
Tumblr media
From the beginning, he swore it wouldn’t have worked. He’d be in a different country playing volleyball, and you’d still be here studying for your bachelor’s—two entirely contrasting plans that had no way of meeting in the middle. Plus, eight months was still a pretty good run, right? 
Despite these odds, you both kept in touch anyway, which was easier to do than he thought. Hinata was surprised that the texts and calls never stopped, even if most days he was too tired to text you more than good morning or goodnight. 
God, and he’d never admit it because it wasn’t very friend-like, but he looked forward to the pictures you sent. 
His favorite one was of you laying on your bed in nothing but an oversized t-shirt. He couldn’t help but admire how gorgeous you looked—skin glowing and bright eyes shining so prettily into the camera. That one became his background.
He wasn’t even aware that a little over a year had passed before the date he returned to Japan steadily drew closer.
It wasn’t until the night before he was scheduled to board his flight that you’d accidentally sent a video of yourself playing with the prettiest pussy he’d ever seen—your fingers were so small, he wondered if they could even reach all of the sweet spots inside you. But then the following text confirmed that it was not, in fact, an accident: i miss u sho:(
He couldn’t believe this was happening. His heart thundered in his chest, and he reached down to palm his erection through his boxers—the fabric already getting wet and sticky with pre-cum.
“O-oh, fuck,” he hissed.
Another video popped up on the screen, and he eagerly opened it, groaning in his chest as he watched two of your fingers tease your entrance before slowly pressing inside. A breathy moan that sounded a lot like his name had him tugging down his boxers to fist his cock.
His thumb ran over his flushed tip while he hit play again on the video to listen to the slick sounds of you. And if he tried hard enough, he could faintly remember how you felt wrapped around him or how your eyes fluttered closed when you came.
He was leaking so much pre-cum that it started dripping down his fingers, easing the rough slide of his hand around his cock. Hinata sucked in a single shaky breath, replaying the part where you moaned his name. 
“Baby, you’re going to make me cum. Holy shit!”
Your name fell from his lips with a low groan as he painted his stomach and his heaving chest in thick spurts of white—stroking until he felt empty and his thighs stopped shaking.
As his cum dried on his hand, he promised that the moment he landed back in Japan, the first thing he would do was see you. And before Hinata went to bed, he sent a picture of the mess he made for you, letting you know he missed you too.
Tumblr media
When you’d first brought him over, Daichi had instantly known that he hated your new boyfriend—especially since he broke up with you only after two months of dating, and the reason behind it set his teeth on edge.
You were perfect and so sweet; how could he—
“He broke up with me because…I um…” You glanced down into your glass of beer, brows furrowed. “I couldn’t make him fit.”
He couldn’t help but think that your ex-boyfriend was an idiot once he had your back pressed up against his chest and trembling thighs spread over the top of his. Three of his thick fingers already worked deep inside of you, filling the room with filthy squelching sounds and your breathy moans.
His thumb carefully dragged over your clit, loving how you twitched in his arms. “See? Someone just needed to stretch your little pussy properly, huh?”
“Mhm.” You nodded, pressing yourself further into him, thighs butterflying open. “It feels so good.”
“Yeah? You’re so loose and wet. I bet my cock would slip right in.”
Your walls clenched and fluttered around him, and it took everything in him not to toss you onto the bed and fuck you into his sheets. “D-Daichi, can you fuck me? Please?” 
It was hard to deny you when you asked so sweetly, but he couldn’t give you what you wanted—not yet. You whined when he pulled one of his fingers out. However, it cut off into a surprised squeak when he grabbed your smaller hand to bring it between your thighs. 
“Put one of your fingers inside your pussy.”
You turned your head to look up at him, kiss-bitten lips pulled into a pout. “But—”
Teeth nipped your jaw as a warning. “Come on, be good for me.”
Slowly, you eased your finger in beside his with little pants of his name. His cock jumped against your back as he watched your cunt open up to suck in the intrusion. Then Daichi trapped your finger between his and curled them into your gummy walls, tearing a sharp cry from your chest—it made his stomach twist.
“You’re so gorgeous, sweetheart.” His words were raw, rumbling somewhere deep in his chest. “I’m gonna make you feel so good. So full. Better than your boyfriend ever could.”
Tumblr media
tagging. @jordyn-degas @rosemaryblossoms @sailorstrawberi @justanothernpcartist @chloee0x0 @grim_gal @dazvia @savantsoulfinder
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215-luv · 4 months
SUNA: a deep yelp comes from his lips, the usual bored look he had on his eyes now replaced with shock as his hands naturally lands to the nearest surface, trapping you in his arms. with his face now inches closer to yours, he looks down at you, the tension between you two now rising. he raises an eyebrow with curiosity in his eyes as his deep voice flows through your ears, “hm, what’s going on in that little head of yours, bun?”
KUROO: a startled expression etches on his face, not expecting you to do such a bold action. although, he’s quick to recover from his shock as he shoots you a cocky grin, letting his hand fall to rest on your hip. “what’s this, kitten? if you needed me, you could’ve just said so yourself.” he chuckles, “but this,” his eyes then wander down to where you were holding his belt, “this is probably much better.”
ATSUMU: literally gasps out loud in shock, “oh SHIT you- you really just did that huh?” he curses, trying his best to compose himself although he’s actually a stuttering mess. with a deep inhale, he lets his hands find their place on your hips as he looks down at you with a certain look on his eyes, clearing his throat. “are we gonna make out or..?”
IWAIZUMI: he looks down at you, surprised. letting an eyebrow raise as if he’s asking for you to explain what was that for. however, with that look on your eye, iwaizumi swore something had bursted inside him that lead him unable to restrain himself as he slowly slithers his arm around your waist, the action sending you shivers through your spine while you watch as he reaches your hand that was holding his belt, raising it to let it rest on his shoulder. he chuckles under his breath while he keeps eye contact with you, “god, you really don’t know what you’re doing to me, do you?”
SAKUSA: both his eyebrows shoot upwards and his body freezes momentarily. you watch as his eyes looks at you with shock written upon them. he could barely let out a steady statement as his breath wavers, “..w-what.. what are you doing?”
OIKAWA: “okay, so, remember when iw— AH! OH MY GOD!” he screeches out dramatically when you unexpectedly pull him by his belt and his heart runs in laps. he looks at you with shock as you only shoot him an innocent smile. “sweetie, what was that for?!” he lets a hand hover his chest as you giggle, about to give him an answer when he adds, “but that was kinda hot though..”
YAMAGUCHI: a high pitched yelp comes from his lips and he stares at you with wide eyes, a flush creeping across his cheeks. never have you seen your boyfriend look so embarrassed and surprised your whole life that you had to let out a laugh, your reaction worsening the blush on his cheeks as he holds the wrist of your hand that was holding his belt. “H-Honey.. S-Stop..”
KITA: when you pull him by his belt, he let’s out a tiny oh, peering at you with curiosity. smh innocent bb. he gives you a look that encourages you to explain what you did, but somehow, inside him, he thought it kinda felt nice to have you pull him towards you that way.
KENMA: he tenses. it honestly never crosses his mind once that you would ever do the action of pulling him towards you by his belt—the gesture so unexpected that it leaves him a blushing mess. his body freezes in place and you watch as he looks at you with wide eyes. “(y-y/n).. what was that..?”
KAGEYAMA: he really went “oh shit” as soon as he feels that force on his hip—not expecting you to suddenly pull him in that way. his eyebrows raises in surprise while his head tilts in confusion, not sure what to expect when you’re innocently looking at him in the eye. and he blinks, “uh. hi?”
ASAHI: “AH!” he lets out a yelp that could possibly be heard up to the second floor. he looks back and forth from your face then down to where your hand connects to his belt, letting him compose himself for a few moments as he freezes in place. his eyes widens and he stammers like crazy. “S-Sweetheart.. What- What did you just do..?”
USHIJIMA: both his eyebrows raise upon the sudden pull of force on his hip area. he looks down at you as he holds a potted plant on his hand. you watch as he blinks down at you, as if looking for any answers through whatever emotion your face has on. you let him place his plotted plant on the nearest surface and he faces you, holding your hand that was on his belt as he raises it to his chest, letting his thumb softly rub on to your soft skin. “is there anything you need, honey? you can tell me anything.”
MATTSUN: when you pull him by his belt, he lets shock overcome him, both his eyebrows shooting upward. and yet, that shock is quickly replaced by a smirk as he looks down to where your hand is holding his belt. he lets out a deep “oh?” with a certain glint on his eye that deeply intensifies your need for him.
BOKUTO: “AH! WHAT AR—wait what’s this all about baby?” his mood alters in the quickest because one moment his eyes were widened like saucers and now he’s peering down at you with expectation. and you’re starting to think he’s just realizing how much he likes the way you pull him to you by his belt. you could see the blush appearing on his cheeks as he scratches the back of his neck bashfully—a rare thing to be seen from the bokuto kotaro. and he suggests cheekily, “you know.. maybe you should do this more often.. hehe.”
AKAASHI: he lets out the softest gasp from his lips as his widened eyes wander down to where your hand grasps onto his belt, and his mind really goes ‘oh my god oh my god oh my god oh my god oh my god oh my god-’ but then he scratches that by clearing his throat, trying his all to keep his composure while barely managing to keep eye contact with you. “w-what is it you need, honey..?”
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sukunoon · 5 months
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
꒰ WHEN YOU SEE HIM SHIRTLESS ꒱  —   bokuto, atsumu, iwaizumi, sakusa, suna x gn!reader
synopsis  — seeing your other half shirtless is a normal part of a relationship, but how do they react when it’s your first time seeing him without his shirt on?
cw  — suggestive, shirtless 2d men, pet names (baby, darling, angel, pretty baby), kiyoomi is shirtless AND pantless :),
a/n  — this is technically a repost but i re-wrote these, hopfully making them better bc before they were gross👎 enjoy <3
Tumblr media Tumblr media
—  b. kotarou
he couldn’t help but text you as he opened the door to his apartment. after sakusa’s spike to his stomach, he needed to tell you not only how cool it was, but how much it hurt. it wasn’t long after his last text that you were at his doorstep, gladly being invited in by his voice echoing throughout the small apartment. “ko?” “baby!” he popped out from the doorway of the bathroom, a giant smile on his lips. his legs moved on their own as he approached you, his instinct to kiss you upon seeing your beautiful face. he cupped your cheeks, his lips grazing over your own before he pulled back, your cheeks hotter than they usually are. his head tilted in confusion as he stood there half-clothed, his chest—his abs—put on display just for you. “baby? are you still in there..?” he knocked lightly on your head, completely clueless of the effect he had on you.
—  m. atsumu 
a sigh fell from his lips as he threw his jersey to the side, practice had been tough on him recently. though, he couldn’t figure out why that was. he was just so stiff, and his sets were lacking, it had stressed him out. of course you knew that, he couldn’t not tell you what was going through his mind. he huffed as stretch his back, putting his arms above his head. his eyes found the mirror above his dresser, a small smirk appearing on his lips as he looked at the body he’d made for himself. “h-hey ‘tsumu, i brought food..” his attention was now on you who stood in the doorway of his bedroom with food in hand, it was evident by your face you were flustered, and he knew why. he smiled, stepping towards you with dark eyes. “well thanks angel.” he took the food from your hands, quickly giving you a kiss on the cheek. he smirked, his lips grazed your own before he let out a breathy chuckle. “like what ya see? first time if i remember correctly.”
—  i. hajime
he let the water slide down his throat, quickly wiping the sweat from his forehead after his morning run. he sighed, setting the bottle onto the kitchen counter as he pulled his tank top over his head before throwing it over his shoulder. you said you were going to stop by earlier in the morning, though he figured he’d have time to shower, make the two of you lunch, and be able to hang out the rest of his day off. thoughts of what to make you filled his head as he opened the fridge. “you look a little sweaty, haji.” you giggled, making him turn to you as you eyed him. he grew flustered at your sudden appearance. “i thought you were coming over later..” “i told you i was on my way.” now that you mentioned it, he did feel his phone buzz in his pocket, though he never got around to checking it. after that moment, after your little smirks towards him the rest of the night there was no way he was going to live down your teasing. he just hoped you wouldn’t tell oikawa.
—  s. kiyoomi
his wet hair dripped water onto the bathroom floor, his reflection staring back at him in the mirror. his curly hair covered his face, his towel loosely wrapped around his waist as water droplets slid down his chest. the steam from the hot shower dispersing through the crack in the bathroom door. with a little shake of his head, he pushed himself up from his hunched over position at the sink, and pulled open the door, the cold air hitting him suddenly. goosebumps appeared on his skin as he threw his towel over his hair, hoping to not get the floors of his bedroom soaked. he paused as he looked through his drawers, hearing a small creak of the floorboards. his eyes flickered towards his door, where — to his shock — you stood. “darling? what-” “sorry omi!” you yelled, your voice cracking as you slammed the door. he flinched at the loud noise, you reaction confusing him until he realized where his towel wasn’t. he slammed his head against the edge of his dresser, his face turning bright pink as his eyes grew wide.
—  s. rintarou
he laid on his bed, spread out on his back as a hand was set gently on his bare stomach, another holding his phone as he scrolled through tiktoks, trying to waste the time away so you’d get there sooner. and it worked, you finally strolling your way through the doorway. his eyes flickered towards you for a moment, then back to his phone as he scrolled to the next video. “what are you watching, rin?” he let out a small hum, glancing up at you from where he laid. your face grew hot, this being the first time you’d seen your boyfriend without a shirt on. a smirk made its way to his lips, he knew, and you knew he knew your body was heating up. he dropped his phone next to his head, quickly pulling you onto the bed with him, making you fall onto of him as he nuzzled his nose into the crook of you neck. “y’know you like seeing me half naked, pretty baby.”
Tumblr media Tumblr media
— join the taglist! : @justaselfishperson​ @kouily​
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notpikaman · 8 hours
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akiyhara · 21 days
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
featuring: kuroo, miya twins, iwaizumi, bokuto, oikawa, daichi, suna, & wakatoshi
♰ warnings: gangbang, exhibitionism, office sex, daddy kink (samu), oral (m.receiving), voyeurism, double pen w/the miya twins (one hole), lipstick kink (oikawa), darcyphilia, degrading, praising, hair-pulling, overstimulation, squirting
sereniti speaks ♡: this is my first ever gangbang… masterlist
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Your back pressed flat against the mahogany colored table, arching ever so slightly with each harsh thrust of Atsumu’s hips. His hands gripped prints that blossomed like newborn flowers into your skin, his eyes trained on how cute your tits looked bouncing as he fucked into you with no remorse.
"Isn't she beautiful when she's getting fucked?" Kuroo smiled, caressing your forehead before placing a sweet kiss on it. He reminded you of how much you meant to each and every one of them, his soothing words taking you to a certain mental space you'd never want to escape. "Such a good for us, aren't you, angel? Let me hear you say it."
Forcing back tears, you inhaled sharp and deeply, moaning aloud when Atsumu snatched your hair hard enough to snap your neck. "M-M' such a good girl for you… p-please."
All of them could hear the desperation in your voice along with the look on your fucked out face. Hot, fat tears cascading down your once flawless face, lipstick smudged from Oikawa and his lipstick kink, your hair untamed and in the hand of a man who could care less about how rough he is with you.
"Please what, sweetheart? Use your big girl words." Iwaizumi chimed in, shifting in his chair and having punishment palm the tent in his navy blue slacks. A devilish smirk playing out on his face. With a puff of his cigar, Iwaizumi was immediately going to unbuckle and unzip his bottoms. Imagining it was him buried deep inside you and not his friend. "C'mon, pretty girl. What do ya want?"
"T-To cum... wanna cum." You sobbed, nails carving little red crescents into Kuroo's forearms the longer he allowed you to hold on. "Tetsu’... please let me."
Kuroo would be named 'the softest man alive' to allow such a bratty and sometimes bitchy woman to have her way. Of course he didn't mind. Which is why you always looked to him for permission when there's a “meeting” in the conference room.
"Go ahead, gorgeous." Kuroo locked lips with you, tongue ravaging your mouth as his hands explored your back. Ghosting over your trembling flesh to provide some sort of comfort. He peeked over your shoulder at Atsumu, grinning when his friend groaned from how close he was to cumming. "Not yet, ‘Tsumu. Not until our baby's cum."
"Are you fucking kidding me, Tetsuro?" Atsumu is always selfish when it comes to his and your release. He practically uses you as his personal and pretty fleshlight without any care in the world for how you'd feel. He's not one to give you much chance to cum. Edging and teasing being his most adored things to do to you. My pretty cumslut, he'll call you. "She's been a brat lately and you're letting her off easy?! Fuckin’ softy."
"Now, now, ‘Tsumu. No need to get upset." Osamu chuckled, sipping the strong brown liquor inside his glass and rising to his feet with a grin of mischief. Stepping next to his brother, Osamu brought a hand back then struck your asscheek one good time. Hard enough to have the tears you fought so hard to keep in break free and oxygen to become caught in a ball within your airway. "Say you're sorry for being a slut during our meeting with the other CEOs."
Of course he wouldn't let that go. He pulled you by your hair and flush into his clothed chest, his hot breath grazing the shell of your ear. "I can't hear you. Speak up."
"I'm—I'm sorry, daddy... didn't mean to make you upset." You pathetically apologized, remembering your earlier inappropriate behavior. You just couldn't help yourself could you? Just had to take a seat on Osamu's lap and begin grinding your crotch into his thigh and whisper all dirty things you wanted him to do to you into his ear. "’Samu... m'sorry."
"Are you really?" Osamu displayed disgust with your behavior, shaking his head in disappointment. "You sure weren't acting like it."
"That's because she's not." Suna laughed, the old childhood scar resting on the corner of his mouth rising as he chuckles. "She's so much of fucking slut that she could care less about anything unless it's her pleasure. Exactly why I love her so much."
"Then how about we all teach her a bit of a lesson on self-control." Daichi suggested, nudging Wakatoshi and Bokuto's shoulders. "Lesson one: learn when it's appropriate to get naughty, sweet girl."
The other men hummed in response to the idea. Atsumu stilled within you and denied your once impending orgasm yet again. Iwaizumi rose to his feet, joining Kuroo at the table's side before pushing his much nicer friend from your presence. He stares down at your ruined face, smirking when he notices your mouth inching closer to his prominent bulge. “You know what to do, beautiful. Get to it.”
You oblige with no hesitation, your trembling fingers playing with his Gucci belt buckle until it finally snapped loose. Hooking your digits on the brim of his slacks and boxers, you laggardly begin pulling the jet black fabric down his contoured thighs. Oblivious to the fact that your gradual pace is making him impatient.
“Stop playing around. You’re already in trouble. Don’t wanna make your punishment any harsher, now do we?” Iwaizumi watches you nod with precariously squinted eyes, the fingers of sin surfing through your messy hair. “Good girl.”
Once he’s finally set free of the confinements and his cock slaps against his dress shirt's hem your mouth salivates at the sight. You lay kisses along the underside of his length, your cheeks and ears burning in pure bliss as your lips connected to his flushed skin. Unbeknownst to you, someone felt left out. Humming at the feeling of Atsumu going back to bullying your cunt, you shakily grip Iwaizumi’s shaft. You experimentally pump him twice and observe the transparent pre cum dribbling down his length from his angry red, and swollen cockhead. “S’pretty, Haji.”
Iwaizumi internally cums at your compliment, nails digging into your scalp as you gather saliva in your mouth and spit the slick substance onto his cock. Bringing your lips to wrap around the bulbous tip, you hollow your cheeks and slide down to meet his perfectly trimmed base. He grunts, thighs shuddering as if they’re losing function when his tip kisses the back of your throat. “Fuck, angel. Always so fucking good to me.”
You smile around him, tongue and throat relaxing as your head bobs in a back and forth motion and the head of your tongue traces the bulging vein running along the underside of his cock. Adjusting your gaze, you lock eyes with him, your confidence boosting when your manicured nails teasingly play with his balls. A place you know all too well that’ll have Iwaizumi whimpering as if he’s a virgin who’s getting touched for the first time and is about to cum in a matter of minutes.
“Don’t you just love when her lipstick leaves its mark on you?” Oikawa asks with a heavy sigh, remembering the ridiculous number of times he’s watched your Rogue Coco Chanel lipstick coat his cock. He’d ask for that specific color, the red making his heart thumping erratically against his rib cage and his dick press uncomfortably against his jeans.
Atsumu scoffs as he grips your ankles and snatch you to the point they’re around his waist and your ass is at his crotch, pulling you away from Iwaizumi then flipping you over on your back. “Who cares about the fuckin’ lipstick? Watch this.”
Osamu moves in beside his twin brother, unbuckling his ash white slacks and letting them drop to pool around his ankles. Stroking his girth and eyeing your expression, he knew you were waiting for this. “She can take us both like a fucking champ.”
The Miyas pushed your shaking legs, their lingering touches having chills lick up your spine in the most agonizing manner. Atsumu gives you one good look and he’s sliding back in, but only the tip this time. Smoothing his hand over your thigh to attempt to give you some sort of comfort for what’s about to come. Scooting over a little bit closer to the other Miya, Osamu spits into the palm of his hand. Taking the fluid and rubbing it on his tip.
He begins dipping inside next to his brother, a scratchy groan reverberating in his chest at the feeling of your walls trying to suck him in and Atsumu’s cock rubbing against him. “That’s it, baby. Taking us so well for daddy.”
“S’too m-much…” you whined as if you’ve never done this before, hands reaching above and behind you to make sure you didn’t leave Iwaizumi unattended. You’re full, stomach tightening as white spots dance in your vision, your mouth agape to allow oxygen in.
“Breathe, angel. You got it.” Bokuto encouraged, gliding the palm of his hand over the tent in his pants. He watched tears dare to break free from your already dampened eyelashes, his chest heaving at the beautiful perception. “Fuck, that’s hot.”
Atsumu caught his bottom lip between his teeth, moaning as you were at how your greedy cunt swallowed them both without much hassle. “So fucking tight. Think m’gonna cum.”
Both men began pumping in and out in unison in a very sloppy fashion, feeling their orgasms coming embarrassingly fast from how hard you’re squeezing them. An electric shock wave of pleasure washed over the three of you, your minds numb to your surroundings and forgetting everyone else around you existed.
Daichi viewed with a pleased expression, watching your eyes go dark in lust as your body shook and trembled with each harsh and unforgiving thrust the Miyas delivered. Unbuttoning his vest, he tossed it to the floor beneath his feet to be forgotten before heading over to Iwaizumi and asking, “Isn’t she a dime? Always so willing to go to such lengths just to satisfy us.”
Osamu’s nails dug tiny red crescents into the plush fat of your thighs, balls tightening as they slap against your ass. He smiles down at you, reveling in your ruin. “Gonna breed this slutty pussy. You want that?”
You nod with a shudder, back arching off the conference table as a stream of clear essence drenched both their cocks. Crying as the unexpected climax hit you hard, your grip on Iwaizumi’s dick became metal and made the man groan in a blissful pain. “Yes, yes, yes… fuck.”
Jealousy consumed him. However, Suna hummed in acceptance of your squirting, internally wishing that he was the one you squirted for just now. He rises to his feet from within a corner of the room, yellowish-golden hues closing in on your position. “Hurry up, will ya. I’ve been dying to get this brat all day. She’s been very fucking bad.”
He thinks back to all the times you’ve smart-mouthed him and your bratty behavior — especially when it’s your night with him and you’re around the others. It made Suna’s blood boil and hands sweat in irritation since Kuroo made it his business to ensure your pass. Between him and Atsumu, one wrong move would mean your demise.
Tumblr media
゛ ♥︎﹒﹒© AKIYHARA 2022 — do not steal, plagiarize, translate, repost, or modify my works! and definitely don't recommend my content outside of tumblr. please n’ thx <3
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lumi-does-some-stuff · 3 months
Haikyuu boys when you referred to yourself with his last name
A/N: Married Hq boys headcanons bc yes. Also this is gender neutral reader.
Tumblr media
Fucking dies both on the outside and inside, but can you blame him, he just still can’t believe you married him, so when he hears you said his last name with your first name so naturally when a barista asked for your name so she could identify you from other customers, he just melts. It’s only been a week since you got married but from how natural you’ve become, he’s like “ahhhhhh they married meeee”, his face is red while his heart races miles per hour and he becomes all mushy and cuddly when you’re alone.
- Hinata, Kageyama, TANAKA, Asahi, iwaizumi (he tries to hide his flustered state but failed-), YAMAMOTO, Lev, Bokuto, Atsumu.
On the outside he seems normal, after all, you guys are married for 2 years now. But every now and then when you introduce yourself to new people using his last name, even referring to him as your husband, his heart swells as the tip of his ears turn pink when looked close enough. He knows it’s kind of stupid to feel this way when you guys are married, but he just can’t help it, he’s just so proud to call you his.
- Daichi, Tsukishima, Kuroo, KENMA, Matsukawa, AKAASHI, Ushijima, Osamu, Kita, Suna.
Tumblr media
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potionpeddlerpatchy · 21 days
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
word count: 7.2K
paring: Bokuto x fReader
warning(s): panty stealing, male masturbation - in several locations (shower, bedroom, laundry room), scent kink (wasn't my intention but it's in there), hint of obsessive behaviour oral. Bokuto is a perv in this, so be warned.
authors note: well, it has finally arrived - this darn fic I have been spending way too long on; to put it into perspective I started this in July. But anyway, what started as self-indulgent fluff morphed into something completely different and I am pretty happy with it! Hope you all enjoy this new side to our favourite volleyball playing himbo~ 🔮
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Life always had a way of making itself just a little difficult, no matter what you did; even if the answer led to the best possible solution and outcome for you; you had to make sacrifices so you could succeed in a world that was always trying to see you fail. This was one such occasion.
You just moved to a new neighborhood, one that was far away from family and friends for your career. In order to move ahead, to gain the comfortable life you always wanted for yourself, you had to move away from all that you knew. It wasn’t easy, the decision taking you weeks to accept. At least you had your move, the unpacking and organizing of your new apartment, and your work to keep you busy; to keep your mind occupied on things that didn't revolve around how alone you felt. 
But that could only last for so long, a temporary solution for an abiding problem; you knew it wouldn’t last. And after all the boxes were unpacked, all your furniture was properly arranged - and rearranged, and you finally found your stride at work; you couldn’t distract your mind any longer. That getting up and ready for work became a task that grew harder and harder to do every day. After a few months of adjustments, you just couldn’t bear the loneliness you felt whenever you came home; to emptiness and silence.
It wasn’t something you were used to and you knew you would never become. It never happened before in your life, never was a constant, even if your family was away you could always hop onto chats and spend your nights laughing with your friends.
And now? Well, you were halfway across the world. When you got up, your friends were fast asleep, and when they finally sent you a message you were on your way to bed. There was no real way to quell the ache that you felt in your heart in the traditional ways you knew how; you knew you needed a different solution.
 And there was really only one solution you could think of.
You got yourself a dog.
A little lapdog with a goofy, but sweet, personality from the shelter nearby. A scruffy thing who couldn’t contain the hopeful wag of his tail as you walked by his kennel; one that couldn’t help but jump on the chain link barrier that separated you both, and then onto your legs when you went to greet him. One that filled your face with almost desperate kisses when you finally bent down to say hello; to give him a chance at a new home.
And it seemed you both were made for each other. Out of all the ones you saw that day, this one looked almost as lonely as you. But now? Well, the loneliness that etched across your sweet dog’s face no longer showed, just as the heaviness that clouded and weighed your heart down started to fade away.
No longer would you come home to emptiness, instead you had a ball of fluff and fur to greet you with enthusiasm as they wagged their tail and jumped on you in excitement to see you once more. And no longer would your little friend ever have to worry about sleeping all alone on a cold cement floor, with only a thin bed to keep him from getting a chill, wondering when someone would take him home and give him a warm bed to sleep on.
A match made in heaven, you joked as you snuggled up together each night on the couch to watch your favorite TV program after enjoying a nice dinner. Though your little furry friend always broke up your cuddle session, and your show, in the middle as they whined to go to the bathroom.
You would always oblige, and soon it became a part of your schedule. You began to enjoy the fresh air and routine it gave; to where 5-minute walks would turn into 10 and then into 15. Now your evenings consisted of 30-minute walks with your best friend by your side, trotting along as you mapped out all sorts of new paths to take, new sights to see, and new parts of the city to explore.
You finally, after a few months of exploring with your enthusiastic little friend, found a route that fit both of your needs. Lots of beautiful scenery for you to enjoy with limited hills and roads to cross so your aging dog didn’t lose steam too quickly. 
Every night you did this little song and dance, to the point where if you ran even a few minutes behind your little friend would start giving you attitude. You also surmised that the time you did go on your walks was perfect as you never really ran into anyone, or their own dogs, or had to worry about anything else in the world that would break your stride. For all you knew, it was just you and your dog - no one or anything else mattered.
Well, turns out there was one other person in your world, though he had yet to make it be known.
Besides, Bokuto had not meant for this to be a daily occurrence.
He noticed you a few times whenever he got home after practice, your walking figure catching his eye whenever he moved about in his apartment. He never really gave it, or you, much thought.
That was until he injured his leg and had to be on bed rest for two whole weeks. Not being able to move, not being able to practice and play volleyball - the one thing he loved most - was nearly unbearable. But that doom and gloom would be alleviated, just slightly, whenever you would walk by.
Bokuto wasn’t sure why, maybe it was the consistency? The reassurance then whenever your recognizable figure crossed through his window meant that he got through another day. Maybe it was because it gave him something to do, he did find himself casually watching other dog walkers that passed by throughout the afternoon and evening. Or maybe it was because it was specifically you. Bokuto couldn’t put his finger on why, but something drew him to you.
“Probably because she’s new around here.” That was his reasoning. Made sense to him, a new person in the neighborhood would cause some added curiosity.
But he knew that wasn’t the case. It’s not like he knew anyone in his neighborhood, let alone his apartment building.
Bokuto truly had not meant for all this to escalate out of proportion; to peer out his apartment window every day until you showed up. And now here he was, weeks after being healed, rushing to get his shoes off and throw his stuff to the side so he could watch you pass by. It was pathetic really, to be so enthralled by someone who walked across the street every day, but his heart kept pulling him closer to the window.
His friends had teased him about it, one day after practice as he rushed to get home with them by his side so they could drop their stuff off at his place before going out for the night. Watching him as he got all flustered at a person across the street.
“Dude, it’s kinda creepy, ya know!” Atsumu laughed, arms laying across the taller man's shoulder as he leaned on him - peering out the window to see you obviously unaware of their stares “Watching this girl obsessively.”
“That’s textbook stalker behavior~” Kuroo would join, also laying his weight on him, poking his flushed cheeks in a teasing manner.
“N-no it’s not! I am just making sure she passes my block safely! It’s dangerous to walk at night, you know!” Bokuto would shoot back.
“Ya’live in the safest neighborhood in the whole city!”
“Yeah, and besides whatta gonna do from all the way up here?”
Bokuto just shrugged them off, mumbling more to himself some sort of excuse for his behavior - some sort of made-up plan he had in place should the need to rescue you arised. But he knew, as much as they did, that there was no plan - or excuse - he just liked knowing you walked by him every day; that you were in his life for a brief moment.
At the time, he didn’t think much of it; at how alone he really was. Thinking that when he caught your eye briefly and grew a little bashful was out of embarrassment and not because it made his heart flutter. But it happened once again when they were hanging out, a little get-together before leaving on tour, how Bokuto would keep looking out his window with worry in his eye before they would soften into a form of sweet longing, that same woman walking by.
“Just go down and ask her out!” Hinata's bright voice would encourage him.
“Not like she’ll turn you down!’ Atsumu would add with a wink
The teasing would continue, even after you passed, of how much of a love-struck chicken he was for not talking to you. About how he was a little creepy for just staring at you and your dog as you walked by without a care in the world.
“I know,” Bokuto would sigh, longingly, in agreement “I’m just waiting for the right moment is all.”
Then, months later, after the winter tour had ended and the world was in the warmer, but rainier, spring weather, Bokuto would finally get that opportunity. When you accidentally dropped your pair of gloves that were stored in your pocket; an accident you didn't notice as you were too busy getting, and opening, the doggy bag that also resided in your cute little coat. Quickly, without truly thinking, he ran out to grab them. Waiting until after you had turned the corner off his street to make his way to where they lay, his bare feet becoming frozen on the concrete as he trotted over. He didn’t want them to be stolen or swept away with the wind to be forever lost. Gloves were expensive after all! And besides, given the cute design they had, he could tell you would miss them. A small sense of victory filled his being, as he now had the perfect chance to talk to you.
But that chance never really did come.
You came by the next day, earlier than normal, making Bokuto curse as he contemplated running out of his apartment in nothing but a towel; figuring against it as it would not be the best first impression or look good on his character or reputation, and he knows Iwaizumi would kill him if he got sick doing something so idiotic.
So, he figured he would get the chance to meet you tomorrow. That he would make sure to be ready early just in case you decided to pull a stunt like that again. But as he eagerly waited by his window, gloves in hand, the next evening you never did appear; you figure never walking down his street. He waited until late that night, just in case, but you never showed. Not the next day, or the day after that.
Soon days turned into weeks and then into months, and you had never once appeared in his window, walking on that sidewalk across the street. The gloves, tan in colour and with bright pink pom poms, lay untouched as they would greet him by his door every day, waiting for you as much as him.
Bokuto wondered where you, and your little furry companion, had disappeared to. He hoped it was somewhere good. Couldn’t help but have his mind wander to where you were and to all of the things you were getting up to, and couldn’t help but dream that it involved him as well.
Maybe you were in the countryside, enjoying the vastness and peace they gave as their winds swooped over the wheat fields and across your cheeks. Or perhaps in the mountains, enjoying their trails as you hiked up and down them, your dog in tow trying to keep up with a tree branch in their mouth. Or maybe you were in some onsen, inhaling the steam with a happy sigh as you soaked in the hot, soothing, waters.
Bokuto always had to stop his brain from continuing when he thought of you at hot springs; ignoring the strain of his cock as he thought about how soft and warm your skin would be - how he wished to be bathing right next to you, to feel every curve of your body.
He had to stop, he didn’t want to defile you like that; not without even knowing your name.
Bokuto just wanted you back. Even if it was only for the mere moments, the few seconds he got when you strolled on by with your happily trotting dog; strolled on briefly through his life with that pretty smile.
You hadn’t meant for your trip back home to last as long as it did. What started as a simple voyage home early for the Easter holiday extended considerably to having you stay. With your family’s urgent needs overtaking any reason you may have had to leave. You were lucky the job you had was flexible, able to accommodate you in your time of need, and that you had your dog with you; unable to bring yourself to think of what might have happened if you left him in a kennel all those months.
Now you were just lucky everything ended well and that you could finally get back to your cozy apartment and the routine you had made for yourself and your sweet dog; the one you neglected for a long time, and were sorely wanting to get back to.
You sighed in delight when the fresh air you longed to return to, that only this city could provide, hit your face as you made you trek out on your usual route once more; the sereneness you felt was like seeing an old good friend after years apart, as your feet began their first steps on the pavement while you enjoyed the late October breeze.
It was a long and grueling practice and Bokuto truly couldn’t think of a better way to end his day than crawling into bed and forgetting it ever existed. Kicking his door open with a groan, practically throwing his bag by his coat closet with a loud thud, and placing his keys in the bowl on the little table he kept nearby. He eyed the gloves too small for him briefly, eyes and body filled with a sense of sadness as he regaled at how he let his opportunity go.
Kicking himself internally he sighed, hands rubbing his face as he groaned once more, this time in frustration, as he walked further into his home.
“Why didn’t I just go out there? Not like I was naked…” he grumbled as he began shrugging off his coat, slowly making his way to his bedroom and walking by that cursed window.
His eye caught movement, one that made his head turn slightly out of impulse. But never fully, he knew it was of someone walking by, so he ignored it at first. Assuming it was someone just doing a late job, running an errand, or stopping by to get their mail. Whatever the case was, he didn’t want to think further of it - to have those thoughts lead to you.
But something inside him told him to take another glance; compelling him to go to the window like he once had many times before and to take a proper look, his heart aching at him to try just one more time.
And there was you. Appeared at long last when all hope seemed lost, leaving him dumbstruck as he stared out at your form with his jaw slack and his eyes wide.
It didn’t take long for him to break out of his surprised stupor, rushing out of his apartment as he fumbled with his coat, falling with little grace as he tripped over his duffle bag but with no care about the poor downstairs apartment that had to endure the loud thud or his now aching knee or whether he had grabbed his keys to prevent him of being locked out. All that mattered at that moment was you, and the tan gloves that you had lost and which would grant him the opportunity to finally talk to you.
Bokuto called out to you, his voice he was sure louder than expected as you jumped in scared surprise, as he dashed across the street to where you stood in a stupor. He was out of breath, he knew, and he also knew that while he stood there panting to try and regain it was not helping his case.
This was truly the last thing you were expecting, normally your brief counters with people were a polite smile as you passed each other, briefly sharing the sidewalk. And it was so far and few in between that you never really thought much about it or the people you passed; them always being a blur in your memory.
But this? Well, you would be sure never to forget this moment. Not only was your heart racing, the loudness of the man’s shout before you startled you to the point you were sure you would keel over with a heart attack at any moment. But that he was incredibly tall and imposing and…..handsome.
You couldn’t help the way your face warmed at the sight of him, both out of bashfulness over how close he was and how his golden eyes bore into your own, and in embarrassment at how little your fight or flight response acted; just allowing you to stand there frozen with a dumb gaped look on your face.
“I- I’m really sorry for scaring you!” Bokuto apologizes, moving his open palms up to showcase he meant to harm “You just um - uh you dropped your gloves a while ago and I-I uh grabbed them, which I guess sounds bad, but I just didn’t want them stolen or anything, and I- I have been meaning to give them back to you so um…..”
Bokuto gently, but with little grace as he fumbled for a moment, pulled your gloves out of his pocket, holding them out for you to take “Yeah… here. Sorry, it took so long to give them back…”
You found his eagerness, and nervous fumbling adorable, as you timidly laughed; gingerly reaching out to take your old gloves from his grasp.
“Thank you…” You mumbled, your voice unable to break higher than that “But I suppose it wasn’t your fault. I’ve been gone for a while, family stuff ya know? But um, again, thanks. It’s really sweet of you to wait so long to give them back.”
You had a hard time meeting his gaze, embarrassed even more over the fact that you not only lost your gloves, but that you forgot all about it and that the poor man before you had kept them for months, waiting to get rid of them and back to you, and that said man was staring so intently at you - you had never been looked at in such a way and you didn’t know what to do.
“Of course, it’s only the neighborly thing to do, right?” Bokuto smiled, making your knees buckle more, “I’m Bokuto Koutaro, I live in this building here! And who is this?”
“I am so sorry!” You squeaked, trying to gently pry your dog off his legs “His name is Rufus, he’s so terrible about jumping on people, he just wants pets, I’m so so sorry!”
“Hey, don’t we all?” He laughed, crouching down to give your dog the attention he so cutely asked for. “Aren’t you a cutie! So, Rufus, are you new around here? New to the neighborhood maybe? Cause I have seen lots of cute dogs but never seen you before!”
“Kinda,” You giggled, laughing at how your dog had thrown himself on his back for belly rubs and the cute way this stranger - well not technically stranger anymore - was indirectly asking you questions “We moved here almost a year ago, but only really started walking this route for a few weeks before, well, we had to leave for a bit.”
“Yes…. I see, that’s very interesting Rufus, thank you.” Bokuto nodded, sticking his chin out further to get some of the kisses your dog was trying to give “Now tell me, what’s your pretty owner’s name, hm?”
“O-oh uh um!” You fumbled, caught off guard by the compliment, but still managed to provide him the response he was looking for; giving forth a shy smile to his more bright one.
“Well, that’s a pretty name, isn’t it Rufus?”
“T-thank you, um we-we um should get going, the sun is starting to set and stuff… don’t want to take up more of your time.” You mumbled, tugging your dog gently, and successfully, away to slowly start walking your route once more.
“H-hey, wait!” Bokuto called out, taking a few steps to close the small gap that was made between the two of you “Would… would you like to grab a coffee or something sometime?”
His request caught you off guard, your gaping mouth that you had to shut quickly (and loudly) proof of that, but not in a bad way as you nervously cleared your throat 
“Y-yeah, that sounds really nice,” You smiled excitedly, almost giddy as rummaged in your pocket for a moment to pull out your phone “Give me your number and I’ll let you know when I’m next available.”
You didn’t have to tell him twice, his eagerness once again making you giggle and his bright smile making your knees buckle, as he grabbed hold of your phone, waiting not a second to input his number along with a cute nickname before handing it back.
“Text me soon, okay?”
“O-okay!” You agreed, your smile almost mirroring his own as you gave him a final wave goodbye, tugging your dog gently off his legs one last time to resume your walk.
You both felt weightless as you walked back to your respective homes. You were unable to weaken the dumb, broad, smile that was glued on your face as giggled to yourself over your encounter with that handsome man, as you kept glancing down at the gloves he so kindly returned to you - whispering your thanks as you held them to your heart.
Bokuto’s legs felt like jelly as he sauntered back over to his building, fumbling with the intercom to try and gain access to the complex; his own dreamy and dumb expression never leaving his face as he almost incoherently asks to be let back in. Stumbling his way back up to his floor and through the threshold of his home, he thought of you and your cute smile; how he wants to see it again and soon. Excitedly he broke out of the trance you left him in to furiously type his text to you; the same one you receive as soon as you walked through the door
‘Please tell me I can meet you tomorrow!’
How interesting it was, how time could move so slowly and so quickly at the same time. How hours seem to fade into days, which fade into one another, and then all of a sudden a month will have passed and you never even realized it - like a blink of an eye.
It’s a combination of things, for time to move like this. For if it was just passing by quickly it would mean either life was so dull that things just blended together and time would then be wasted; or it could be the opposite, that all sorts of fun and excitement were happening at once that you could barely keep up. But if it is both, those days seem to drag on but weeks seem to end swiftly, then it’s a mixture of the two.
And really, that was the perfect explanation for it all.
During the day as you worked the hours seemed to drag on, but in the evenings whenever you had to walk your dog, or on the weekends, it was like time was doing everything it could to make the day anew again; to subjugate you to the long and drawn out hours of boredom work provided.
But whenever you weren’t at work, you found yourself crossing paths with your handsome new friend Bokuto. That was probably why time seemed to pass on by, it always seemed to move fast whenever someone was having fun. And you couldn’t lie that you were having the most fun you had in months while you were around that exuberant man, His positivity and brightness were contagious, and no matter how run down you felt, no matter how bad the day was, once you saw his smile it was like nothing bad happened at all.
Ever since you took the leap and replied to his enthusiastic text with one of your own stating a time to go out with you the next night to help you walk your dog, it has been a whirlwind of that bright fun.
Going to cafes to get coffee, trying out new restaurants that popped out of nowhere, trying out the hiking trails that you never knew existed, and exploring hidden corners of the city you had yet to explore. All while he held your hand tightly and dazzled you with his beaming smile every time you went out with him.
On top of it all, every weekday, after you finished work,  Bokuto would try his best to meet where it all began. To wait out in front of his apartment building in hopes to catch you, to then continue on walking with you for the remainder of your trip home; taking hold of your dog’s lead as he happily tucked your arm underneath his instead - his excuse was always  “gotta make sure you make it home safe” smiling down at you if you ever tried to complain.
Before you knew it a month had passed. A month filled with good morning texts, evening walks in the cool autumn air, and weekends filled with little dates. Your days consumed with the attentions and affections of a man you never thought you would meet, let alone be romanced by so energetically. It was all so sudden, almost overwhelming, but so welcomed all the same.
Though, with all the affection and time spent together, you couldn’t definitely say what you were; if you were his girlfriend or not. You couldn’t say there was nothing between you both, not with the small nervous gestures he gave you, like all those lingering kisses he would press to your forehead whenever he dropped you off. Never actually pressing his lips to yours, as if he was afraid of overstepping a boundary.
Due to this, you couldn’t claim to be official, that he was your boyfriend, that you were going steady. Which made butterflies form in your tummy when you asked him for a large favor; not sure if he would be okay with it all. After all, you hadn’t even kissed yet.
A work event was approaching, and it was mandatory that you go to it. Which meant you had to leave for an entire weekend. Normally, weekend trips were fine, as you could bring your furry companion with you. But you couldn’t bring your dog with you, the hotel your work arranged for you to stay at wouldn’t allow it. And you didn’t want to spend hundreds of dollars to send your dog to a service, or allow a stranger into your home to take care of them; who knows what they might look at or steal.
You decided to bite the bullet when the week of the event came up; figuring that the worst-case scenario was Bokuto would say no - but given how close you had gotten over the past month you had high hopes.
Besides, he was the perfect option. You would feel comfortable with him in your home, he had been over a few times before, and your dog adored him. And, he lived close by too, so if something were to happen or if he didn’t feel comfortable staying at your place for a few days it wouldn’t be the end of the world; he and your pet would just a few blocks.
You asked him, on a particularly warm Tuesday night for October, and he said yes without hesitation. You didn’t know why he agreed, perhaps it was in the bashful manner you asked, or maybe he could sense the quiet desperation in your tone. But, overall, it didn’t matter to you, just as long as your home and precious pet were safe.
But just as your life had started to slowly be consumed by him in all those little ways he had woven himself into your daily routine; Bokuto’s was completely taken away by you.
He couldn’t help it. Bokuto found himself thinking about you all the time, at almost every moment of the day. While grocery shopping he thought of what you might buy, and what dishes you might make yourself. At practice when he was supposed to be listening to his coach, or paying attention to the plays happening before him, all he could think about was having you sit on the bleachers cheering him on. Even late at night after you had sent your last text of the day, wishing him goodnight, he was thinking about you, almost obsessed by you, though he figured it was inevitable given how borderline obsessive he was before he even knew you; when he would just watch your figure pass by his window every day.
That was probably why he said yes to your request; not wanting to say no to your cute face or to possibly jeopardize his future chances of being with you. Besides, he loved your dog, and the chance to be in the place you called home, for longer than a moment to drop you off, was far too tempting.
“My goodness, again, thank you so much for doing this!” You gushed once more as you rushed to get the last of your things together, pushing Bokuto further into your home.
“No problem at all! Happy I could do this for you” He beamed, still holding onto the bag you had practically thrown at him when you opened the door to greet him.
“I know, I know…” You took a breath, finally taking the proper moment to actually acknowledge him “But still… figured I would let you know how appreciative I am; so, thank you.”
“You’re welcome.” He responded in kind, his smile was so gentle that it made your heart skip a beat.
“R-right! Um… I wrote a list of what Rufus needs. His feeding schedule, walk schedule, all that kind of stuff. It’s on the kitchen table, so take a look.” Your voice went faint, though Bokuto could still hear you, as you walked away from him into your bedroom “It, it also has the passwords to my streaming services, should you want to use them.” You let out a small huff, as you dragged your suitcase from your bedroom “You are also free to have whatever you like from the kitchen! Nothing is off-limits, so go nuts. And um… you know if you wanted to bring your girlfriend over to hang out that’s cool with me too!”
You took your bag from Bokuto’s hold, taking a moment to peer inside to double-check you had all you needed in there. As well as looking at your suitcase to take a second to recall all you put in; trying to see if you had forgotten anything; doing your best to try and play it cool over what you just said.
“Well, that won’t be necessary,” Bokuto mumbled, doing his best to look at you but not stare. a hand fiddling with one of his hoodie’s drawstrings “The girlfriend thing I mean… don’t have one so… yeah.”
His nervous chuckle made you follow suit making you pause your tireless item shuffling to glance up at him; your smile was small before growing wider alongside his and you shared a brief moment - on that you both couldn’t really put a name to, but knew it was a good one all the same.
“Alright, I think I’m good to go!” You bit your lip, taking hold of your suitcase; extending the handle for easier use.
“Safe travels, okay? Text me when you get there!” Bokuto asked, opening the door for you to avoid any further struggles
“Don’t worry, I will!” You leaned up, placing a quick peck on his lips before walking through your threshold  “Thanks, again! I’ll see you in a few days!”
Bokuto watched you leave, down the hall, and into the elevator with a dumbstruck look on his face; if you weren’t in such a hurry you might have laughed at that. But as soon as you were out of sight that shocked look turned into one of dumbstruck love as a goofy smile crossed his face as he closed your door with a goofy-sounding chuckle.
‘Our first kiss’ was all he could think about as he wandered over to your couch, plopping down on it as he absent-mindedly pet your dog as he relived the way your lips felt over and over again. Hoping that when you came back, he would be graced with another one.
The first night went without a hitch. Due to your late afternoon departure, all Bokuto had to do was put Rufus out for the last time, and then enjoy the night in. Ordering food and choosing a movie to play in the background as he absent-mindedly scrolled his phone - sending a good night text your way once you confirmed you made it to your hotel safely. And given that Iwazumi was so hard on him, and his team members, in training earlier that day, he didn’t think twice about hitting the hay once he got back from that final walk with your furry friend.
However, the next morning would prove to be his downfall.
Though it wasn’t like it was his fault really. It was just, sleeping in your bed, being surrounded by the smell of you - the whisper of floral from the shampoo that you use lingered on your pillows, the faint smell of your laundry detergent that comforted him as he snuggled deeper in your blanket, and the scent of your faded sweat the clung the deeper he sunk into your sheets -  all of it was so uniquely, perfectly, utterly you that his body acted without thinking.
And maybe it was because he was laying in your bed, surrounded by the same sheets that clung to your body in ways he could only imagine, could only dream about. That such an innocent act was something far more intimate than he, and more than likely yourself, thought it could be. It was something that got to him more than it should.
No matter how much he tossed and turned, tried to think of anything else, his body betrayed him. And as the sun’s rays hit his eyes, signaling a new day, his stiffened cock stood proud, barely contained by the fabric of his boxers, just as it did when he first crawled into your bed.
“A cold shower would do the trick,” Bokuto whispered to himself as he dragged his body into an upright position, keeping an eye on your dog to make sure he was still asleep. “Always works before a game….”
And it did. Well… whenever he was about to play a game, or away on tour and needed to get rid of his morning wood before meeting his teammates. This was proving to be a different case all entirely. And he was only a man.
A weak, weak, man too easily trumped by temptation.
He would apologize, and beg to whatever god that was above, for your forgiveness and understanding but he couldn’t help but stroke his cock to the thought of you. How your skin would look all lathered in bubbles from the body wash he was currently inhaling; never once thinking the smell of hibiscus would make his eyes roll to the back of his skull. Imagining how he would bend you over, pressing you against the cheap tile wall, and fuck you so hard that your neighbors could hear the sound of your moans over the water; how pretty your pussy would look after he came so deep inside, how his cum would slowly seep out and down your pretty legs before being washed away down the drain.
“Fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck!” Bokuto hissed, as his hipped jerked into his hand, his release overtaking him making a mess of his hand, chest, and your shower wall; silently, and shamefully watching it go down your drain - disappointed over the reality of it all.
The rest of the day went decently enough. Bokuto avoided your room and everything in it, even your bathroom for most of the day in fear of having to take another hour-long shower. Instead, he occupied his time by taking your dog out on a nearby, local, hiking trail; one that traversed close to and alongside a river. Your dog loved it, and Bokuto made sure to keep a mental note to take you out here soon before the weather got too cold and the river would freeze over.
He also spent his time, the majority of his evening, catching up on the latest TV drama Hinata was begging him to watch; keeping the younger man updated on which episode he was on, and taking small breaks to feed your dog or to take him on his needed walks for bathroom relief.
But Bokuto knew he couldn’t avoid it forever; that when night fell, he would crack once more. He knew he should have slept on the couch, to deal with the aches in his joints, the soreness in his muscles, and whatever back pain he would inevitably have by huddling and sleeping in such a still position on your too-small couch. But the allure of sleeping in your sheets - to be surrounded by the same comfort you allowed yourself to enjoy every night - was too enticing.
It was a sleepless night, once again.
Though this time it was not spent like the night before, where he was tossing and turning to try and settle down to get a proper night's rest. Bokuto knew that it would be pointless to try. Instead, fueled by the faded smell of your shampoo that lingered on your pillowcase, he took hold of your fluffiest pillow, and slotted it between his legs; against his weeping and aching cock. No longer able to help, or ignore the heat that coursed through his veins.
His whimpers, though muffled, echoed within your empty bedroom as the sound of your headboard softly hitting the wall behind accompanied the sinful symphony as his body crushed your favourite pillow; hips desperately trying to keep that wonderful friction it gave to get him over the edge. Bokuto thought about how you would look folded into a mating press as he pinned you in place with nothing but his weight; how sweet you would look with tears in your eyes as you babbled on about how much you loved his cock.
“Yeah, just like that…. fuck, you’re such a good girl….nngh!.... You like taking my cock, huh? You like how my fat cock stretches you out? Come on… come on say it, please?”
It went on all night long, and when the morning sun finally hit his tired eyes did Bokuto finally feel spent; finally felt like he got all his pent-up frustrations out of him. Though his body screamed at him to not move, to lay down and rest, he had to ignore it. Had to take your soiled bedding - pillows, sheets, and blankets - off your bed so they could be washed. If he had more energy he would wince in shame over how much cum he managed to spill out onto it all; but right now he couldn’t give a damn. It was more than worth it to him.
Bokuto blessed the gods above that you had a washer and dryer within your cute apartment; how thankful he was not to have to take them all the way down flights of stairs and possibly run into one of your neighbors. He quickly went to put a load on, knowing he had to take care of a few last things around the house, for your little dog, and place some new sheets on your bed to dissuade any suspicion before you got home.
And oh what a blessing your little laundry room was.
There, sat atop your dirty laundry within the hamper you kept so neatly tucked away, sat a pair of pretty pink lace panties. He knew you had worn them, knew that they were meant to be washed, knew you had not left them there to tease him but instead discarded them like anyone would with used clothing, and he knew he should have just walked away from them. But they were so pretty, Bokuto couldn’t help but grab them for a closer look.
Couldn’t help but enjoy the way the soft fabric felt against his calloused fingertips. Couldn’t help but bring them up to his face, couldn’t help the way his mouth watered from the musky smell that greeted him, and certainly couldn’t help what he was about to do.
He knew it was wrong; he only has a few hours before you came home for Christ's sake. But this whole weekend was a perfect example of how little control he had when it came to you. That despite how wrong it all was, how he was violating your privacy and taking advantage of this situation, he couldn’t quell his lust as he took another deep inhale of your scent that stayed on that flimsy piece of fabric; his loose athletic shorts slipping past his hips as his angry-red cock sprung free once again.
“Gotta be quick…. gotta be quick - fuck!” He kept muttering to himself as he furiously pumped his hand up and down the length of his cock; doing his best to finish quickly and move on to what he was supposed to be doing.
He thought of you on top of the washer; sitting like the good girl you were as he knelt before you and ate you out like his last meal - your moans and mewls shaking in rhythm to the vibrations of the machine below you. The whole image being brought to him in a clearer focus in his mind due to the constant inhale of your fragrance.
Bokuto came with an unexpected groan, finishing much faster than he anticipated; not realizing just how effective those pretty panties of yours were. He collapsed against your wall with a deep and satisfied sigh; doing his best to calm his heart and breathing down. He could hear his phone go off from the other room, the specific chime meant it was you - clearly texting him that you were almost home. Bokuto sighed one last time, knowing he was not in an even bigger hurry to clean things up; starting with the panties he had balled in his fist.
Maybe… maybe you won’t notice if they are gone….
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or perhaps maybe you will
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kiwanopie · 1 month
Tumblr media
Strawberry Jam
Your best friend has a sweet tooth.
cw: college!bokuto, oral(f!receving), dubcon, manhandling if you squint. 1.3k
Tumblr media
“Ah shit!” Bokuto frowns. “I dropped my pencil.”
You absently hum at the sound of his voice from the ledge of your laptop. “Hm-?”
The sound of a skidding chair barely disrupts your line of focus from where it’s locked on your midterm - but the sound of his head knocking a bit against the underside of the table does pull a little chuckle from you. You glance at your keyboard through a few dull taps on your mousepad, but at the very least you’re considerate enough to mumble a quiet ‘You okay?’
Bokuto makes a huffy little whining sound that you opt to ignore in favor of letting your best friend crawl about the carpet like a mouse. Patting his palms against the plush nylon of your bedroom floor as he searches for his pencil, and you’re really no help when you make less than an effort to move your legs as he knocks against them.
The blue light turns the darkening room behind you a washed navy, whatever he just knocked his back against just unplugged the desk light. “You can just borrow one of mine y’know.”
“But this one’s special! It has my name engraved on it and everything!”
“Why would you-“ You spam the backspace bar for a loud couple clicks. “Why would you buy something like that if you know it’s gonna get shaved away anyway?”
“Because it’s cool… And I’ll know if someone steals it!”
Bokuto roots for the little punctures on the outlet through a few messy jabs of his fingers. “Your room eats up all my stuff.”
The fact that you can physically hear him pouting is enough to make you wanna audibly scoff. Especially when his little nest across the hall has already swallowed up a pair of your headphones, a few mismatched socks, and a volume of that manga you’ve been collecting since last spring. And anyways, it’s totally his fault. He’s the one who keeps treating your room like a second bedroom. You can’t even sift through your hamper without finding some of your clothes mixed up with his.
But instead of making that point, you pull a little piece of skin off your bottom lip that tastes metallic when you tuck it under your tongue, switching tabs to double check your sources and mumble a little sarcastically under your breath. “Sorry ‘bout my room eating your stuff.”
The way the room bursts into a warm haze barely phases you anymore than the hollow tap of thin wood clinking just before your feet. If Bokuto’s gasp should mean anything, a number two pencil gets to live to see another day.
“Find it?”
“I found it!”
Bokuto snorts at your halfhearted ‘Hoorah.” as he turns on his knees to crawl out from under the table. Blithely grunting his way through the cramped little space, but stopping on the heel of his palm when he notices something.
“Oh, hey!”
He ducks his head for a better view of your skirt. “What’s up with these undies?”
“Hm? Oh.” You lift your back a little, even still your eyes are locked on the screen. “You got a problem with Strawberry Shortcake?”
“No, I like them! They’re cute.”
You blow a tickled breath out through your nose. You should kick him for being a perv and peeking up your skirt. But really you’re just thankful he didn’t tease you for being childish after you just ragged on his special pencil.
Your elbow digs into the desk with a squeak as you rest your jaw in your palm, your voice is an absent drone. “Thanks, they’re strawberry flavored.”
The shift key clicks as you start a new paragraph.
And then your knees are colliding with the table. “Wha- They’re not actually strawberry flavored!”
The way you startledly flinch is hardly enough to deter Bokuto’s hot mouth from the front side of your panties, but the way he hums - runs a thorough lick through your clothed slit and pulls away, makes it hard for you not to outwardly shutter. “They’re not? No way, I totally taste it.”
“Bokut-“ You lay your hand against his scalp when he leans in to dig his nose in. “Don’t just start doing something like that out of nowhere!”
Wow, he’s really slobbering all over those poor things isn’t he? “Y’want me to stop?”
“N-…No, but-”
He digs his tongue in with a fervor.
It’s a few tempered licks before he’s finally reaching forward to tug your panties to the side, molten tongue massaging attentively over your clit as the way he’s all but mushing his head into your soaked cunt inclines you to scoot into your seat. - Although the distance is short lived. You’re helpless to stop him when he uses his weight to push the chair back enough to lift his head freely, and you're all but yanked onto your back as he secures your legs over his shoulders, lifting on his knees to eat you out from a better angle.
The position is a little awkward but the sensation is incredible. This guy is drinking you up like it’s all he knows how to do. The angle opens you up from top to bottom, his tongue doesn’t leave a spot untouched. You’d almost be embarrassed with all the noise you’re making, but his drunken moans are a contest to yours.
“Ko, you’re-“ Oh god, your poor chair. “You’re… making such a mess…!”
He makes a gluttonned sound of indignation. “S’your fault. ‘Pussy tastes so good…”
You whine. That’s your best friend talking to you like that. You don’t even know where this came from. One minute he’s a bumbling teddy bear, rooting around your carpet for his stupid novelty pencil, the next he’s-
“You’re g’nna cum in my mouth?” He noses your clit. “Gonna let me drink your cum? Yeah?”
You claw at the arms locked over your thighs. “Koutarou! K-Ko! Fuck… Oh my god…”
“You taste so fucking sweet. What kind of friend holds out on another when they know they’ve got the-“ The way he spits on your messy cunt makes your pretty eyes roll. “Most perfectest pussy in the whole wide world?”
That’s not a word. But you get the sentiment. Especially when he punctuates it by circling his middle finger around your tight little hole and eases it in with his tongue pressed against your clit. Deep guttural groan that reverberates throughout your entire body at the way your cunt suckles on his finger, gushing for him so eagerly that you start to drip down his arm. Your pretty pussy seems intent on making him fall in love with it. Love struck even when he slides another finger in. And it’s all he can do not go mad when you start to drunkenly hump into his face.
“Oh god, Ko! Fuck me! Fuck me!”
Bokuto moans as your legs lock behind his shoulders, you’re so fucking hot he could die. “Mhm! Mhm!”
He’s rocking into you so thoroughly with his fingers that the chair starts to creek. The way the veins in his arm deliciously pop is enough to send you over the edge. “Ohhhh fuck! Cumming! m’ cumming!”
Bokuto sloshes his tongue over your clit as you spasm around his fingers. Wet noises double in volume as he continues to fuck into you, even when your leg kicks up from the amount of overstimulation. He just barely gives when you start to push his head away.
“Sorry, sorry!” Bokuto raises his head. “You’re just too fucking good.”
He helps you shimmy your sodden panties down your legs as you tiredly upright yourself in your seat, kissing your knee for good measure. “Hey, we’re still friends right?”
You nod. Though your throbbing clit says otherwise. “Yeah, you’re still my buddy.”
“Yay!” And you could almost giggle at how happy-go-lucky he can still look with your cum all over his face.
He holds your soaked underwear in his hand and they squish a little in his palm. “Can I keep these?”
Tumblr media
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OIKAWA, hinata, sugawara, BOKUTO, ATSUMU, terushima, daichi, asahi, KUROO, konoha, ARAN, osamu, iwaizumi
this is the first thing i wanted to post after being inactive🤭
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