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thatonericeball · 2 days
Tumblr media
[ Quotes ]
“Falling in love with someone means exposing the softest, most fragile parts of yourself to them…and then praying they don’t destroy you”
TSUKISHIMA, Yamaguchi, Kenma, Yaku, AKAASHI, Bokuto, Suna, Osamu, Atsumu, Kita Ushijima, Tendou, Sakusa, Iwaizumi, Kunimi
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heartsuna · 1 month
Tumblr media
part one
Tumblr media
MATSUKAWA. grabs your throat to kiss you. you can feel the cool touch of his rings on your neck, the soft yet firm grip doing more to you than you’d like to admit, but he knows. the grin on his face says it all, and with a tilt of your head his lips meet yours.
USHIJIMA. leans down to hear you better. he’s only doing it to be polite, you tell yourself, that’s all. but the sudden close proximity always catches you off guard; you’re able to see just how long his eyelashes really are. he never quite understands why you get so flustered… or does he?
OIKAWA. looks you in the eye and glances back down to your lips before kissing you. he’s a little shit; knows exactly what he’s doing and how much you love it. kisses you every chance he gets, so it happens quite often, but it never fails to make your heart beat a little faster; hurriedly moving to close the gap between your lips. 
OSAMU. wears tight white tees. his pecs are visible, the muscles on his back flexing as he moves about, but most importantly, he looks good. he knows it too, the glances you throw at him not going unnoticed; it's why he's not surprised when you suddenly start rubbing his pecs, leaning in for a slow kiss.
KAGEYAMA. smiles and looks away. you’re across the room from him and he’s surrounded with people, but his eyes can’t help looking for you. you just look so pretty. he must’ve been staring hard because you turn to look at him, your eyes visibly brightening and a grin takes over your face. similarly, an uncharacteristic grin takes over his as well before he’s looking away with a slight shake of his head.
TSUKISHIMA. grabs your jaw when he wants you to look at him. it annoys him. it annoys him that he’s trying to talk to you about something serious and you’re not paying attention. he grabs your jaw with his hand, making direct eye contact with you. “look at me.”
SUNA. lifts his shirt up to wipe the sweat from his forehead. how can you not look? messy hair with toned abs peeking from underneath his shirt. he knows you’re looking, he can feel your eyes on him. calls you a pervert with a teasing smirk when he catches you, but he loves it. 
Tumblr media
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zorotits · 1 month
cw: smut. afab. no protection. creampie. (recent) ex-lovers to lovers. alcohol usage.
Tumblr media Tumblr media
ex!sakusa kiyoomi who downs his whole drink thinking about you. thinking about the way you laughed at his dry joke earlier that week, throwing your head back and laying your hand against his knee.
ex!sakusa kiyoomi who dials your phone number without realizing, clicking the green button and setting the phone to his ear, hoping you pick up. and much to his surprised, you did.
ex!sakusa kiyoomi who nearly sighs in relief at the sound of your voice, the love of his life he stupidly let go a few days prior because of his own issues.
ex!sakusa kiyoomi who held his tongue as you asked him if he was okay, wondering if he had accidentally called, holding his silence as he did not think this far into his plan.
ex!sakusa kiyoomi who’s heart skips a beat when you nearly hanging up, but choosing against it when he let out a shaky breath, worrying you enough to set down anything you were busy with before heading his way.
ex!sakusa kiyoomi who would normally stay in his slumped position of self pity, but nearly jumped at the sound of keys jingling, standing completely straight as you worryingly walked in, repeating the same questions he failed to answer on the phone.
ex!sakusa kiyoomi who says nothing but melts onto your shoulder, taking in your scent he missed so dearly as his hands found the sides of your waist, pulling you closer into him.
ex!sakusa kiyoomi who finally whispers that he’s okay in your ear, the use of whiskey becoming apparent as he admitted, “i really need to see you, yn.”
ex!sakusa kiyoomi who begins to kiss your neck softly, pushing your hair out of the way so he can access your tender skin better, letting his hands roam against the small of your back like he always loved to do.
ex!sakusa kiyoomi who missed those sweet little noises you let out, taking in every singe moan as he quickly guided you towards him bed, lips not leaving one another as you made your way through his home, just like many times before.
ex!sakusa kiyoomi who may not had much to say before, but now had so much to tell you. complimenting your outfit or the new hairstyle you got in his absence while mindlessly pulling your shirt off, back to kissing you immediately after it hits the floor.
ex!sakusa kiyoomi who swears the whiskey had worn off because your presence enough made him sober, wanting to remember every detail of this night because there was nothing more that he wanted than you.
ex!sakusa kiyoomi who undresses the both of you quickly, almost as if it was second nature. pushing you back onto the bed to nestle his head between your tits, leaving bruise after bruise, reminding you who you belonged to. even if things were rocky.
ex!sakusa kiyoomi who plays with your clit as his tip rubs against your warmth, lips collecting your pleads with a small smile, and maybe a twinkle or two in his eyes.
ex!sakusa kiyoomi who finally slides his head in as both of your gasp, the familiar feeling you both had longed for happening once more as it should be. even though it had been just a few days, it felt like years, and the feeling was immeasurable.
ex!sakusa kiyoomi who doesn’t mind answering your prayers and shoving himself completely into you, finding the back of your knees and stretching your out entirely as you scream his name.
ex!sakusa kiyoomi who throws his head back just the way your did the one time he told that joke, savoring the sensation of you clenched against his cock as he continued to pound inside you.
ex!sakusa kiyoomi who’s thumb finds your clit once again to rub slow circles, grabbing the arch of your back as you moan his name, pushing his tip deeper and deeper inside you as much as he could, rubbing up against your sweet spot.
ex!sakusa kiyoomi who grips your thighs tightly as your cummed onto him, probably leaving bruises where his fingertips laid—but you weren’t complaining.
ex!sakusa kiyoomi who holds you close as he’s about to finish, eyes looking into one another as he confesses his love for you once again, sliding his tongue against your lips as you tried to mutter out a response.
ex!sakusa kiyoomi who feels the shake of your legs as he cums inside of you, breathing heavily against your cheek as your legs fell limp, sweat nearly dripping off the sides of his face as he pulls out.
ex!sakusa kiyoomi who would normally hate a messy bed or a sweaty complexion, but couldn’t help but feel complete as you laid completely undone beneath him, chest bouncing up and down gasping for air all thanks to him.
ex!sakusa kiyoomi who didn’t expect you to sit up quickly after he did, pulling him back down to rest next to you. your arms tangled around his head, forcing him to lay against your body with no words being exchanged.
ex!sakusa kiyoomi who enjoyed the silence very much. little spoken but much was said. he knew it, and so did you—and that is all that mattered to him.
ex!sakusa kiyoomi who didn’t really feel like your ex anymore, immediately snuggling into your side when his eyelids felt droopy, unconsciously reminding you one more time before falling asleep,
“i love you, forever.”
Tumblr media Tumblr media
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boyfrwenz · 22 days
❤︎ 𓈒 🩰🦢 * ⊹ ° .  |  BARTENDER!DAICHI
𖥔  CONTENT︙fem!reader. oral mentions (fem receiving), calls reader princess. overstimulation mentions.
Tumblr media
BARTENDER!DAICHI that always wears all black; button downs or fitted athletic tees. Either way you could see his black ink of his tattoos swirling across his skin. Everytime he’d meet your eyes and reach for your hand to kiss the back of it, follow it with a soft, “Hey princess.” And everytime without fail, it made your heart and stomach twist. You couldn’t tell if he was being flirtatious for fun or if he was trying to make a good impression before making a move. “The usual?” to which you’d nod.
BARTENDER!DAICHI who gives you free drinks because he’s one of the owners but keeps that on the downlow. But you find out one night when it’s slower and you decided it was harmless to stop by an extra time that week. He’d been surprised to see you, his eyes couldn’t lie. You sat down in front of him and the two of you talked for hours, about anything and everything. It was fun and fluid and best of all, it was easy. Being around Daichi was easy and you knew he was growing on you, or had already grown on you.
BARTENDER!DAICHI who closed the bar early one night, so that he could take you on a date. He’ was nervous despite knowing that there was no reason to be. There’s no reason it wouldn’t go well; he knows you and he knows he’ll have fun. But nonetheless, he picked you up with a restless heart. You looked beautiful and it just made things worse for him. The night was a blur and by the time you looked at your phone, it was almost midnight. “Shit I’m sorry for talking your ear off,” You were a little embarrassed but all he did was shake his head, before clearing his throat and meeting your eyes. “Do you.. wanna come back to my place?” You paused, face growing hot. “Y-yeah.”
BARTENDER!DAICHI who eats you out so well that you see stars, because he’s starving and you taste fucking delicious. You were too good on his tongue to stop, but he did when you pushed his face away. He leaves soft kisses all over your thighs, letting you catch your breath. He whispers quiet apologies against the skin of your neck as he pulls at his belt buckle. Before you knee it, he was pushing into you, big hand pressing down on your abdomen to keep you in place. His head fell forward with a low groan, “Fuuuccck- your pussy feels so fucking good, princess.” To which you responded with a choked moan. He’s so big that you can barely process how deep and how much the stretch his.
BARTENDER!DAICHI who uses your top and bra as leverage to pull you back onto his cock with every thrust, his free hand fisted in the sheets beside your head. He’s convinced that he’s drunk on you by the end of it, struggling to find the strength to pull out when he has the strongest urge to keep fucking you until you pass out. But you’re so overstimulated that he decides to clean you up and take care of you instead. He made you as comfortable as he could, pulling you into his warm body so that you fall asleep on his chest.
Tumblr media
boyfrwenz ! - do not copy, repost, or share my work outside of tumblr.
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semifilms · 2 months
Tumblr media
OIKAWA, hinata, sugawara, BOKUTO, ATSUMU, terushima, daichi, asahi, KUROO, konoha, ARAN, osamu, iwaizumi
this is the first thing i wanted to post after being inactive🤭
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h9nako · 4 months
feat. suna rintaro, kuroo tetsuro, ushjima wakatoshi & akaashi keiji
genre: fluff!!
summary: when it comes to dating you, there are some criteria that these men definitely fit!
Tumblr media
SUNA loves seeing you in his camera roll. videos, photos, .5s, and photos you took when he didn’t have his phone with him. needless to say, it’s only mandatory that he takes photos of you whenever you two are together. especially on dates, where he turns into your personal photographer, and let me tell you—this man is good at the job. you’re trying to take a photo but it’s too dark? that’s fine, he’ll place his phone on his left hand and turn on the flash and keep your phone on his right to take the pics. your storage is low? use his phone to take pics. he’ll send them to you later. it’s a bonus in his eyes because now he has extra photos of you to add in his photo albums. this man literally has a photo album for .5 photos in which it’s raining and you both forgot to bring umbrellas. his phone is all up in your face and your hair is usually drenched and sometimes your mascara is running but rintaro claims it’s hilarious to look back on. sometimes when you guys are in the middle of an argument he sends one of those pics to you and says “i miss you” while he’s literally just in the other room. 
KUROO is at the porch of your house at two am. why? well, while you were trying to use the bathroom half awake, you were greeted with a spider crawling on the bathroom floor. and to be honest, you’d never want to bother kuroo’s sleep, but the spider was really big and there was only one bathroom in your house. that’s why when you open your door, your boyfriend (who also hates spiders by the way) has a face mask on, latex gloves, and bug spray in his hand. “where is it,” he whispers and it doesn’t even sound like a question, either way, you point into the direction of your bathroom and he firmly nods like he’s off to war, entering your place and letting out a deep sigh while striding into your bathroom. he hesitantly opens the door and peeks head first, scanning the bathroom but not seeing said spider. “it’s gone.” he grumbles while turning off the lights to the bathroom. before he can turn to face you, he notices you gripping onto his shirt hard and can’t help the chuckle that escapes his lips. “you seriously that scared of a spider?” he snorts.  “maybe… maybe you should just stay the night.” 
USHIJIMA is the type of boyfriend to take initiative. he’s observant, understanding, and does anything possible to make sure you’re comfortable and feeling okay. that’s why ushijima is the one who speaks up when the restaurant gets your order wrong. he’s aware that you can speak for yourself, but when he noticed you picking your food with a fork, he knows you’re not going to. and to him, it’s pointless to come to a restaurant without enjoying your meal. so, he waves at a waitress and kindly asks them to bring the correct order. and even though you tell him he really didn’t have to, he smiles at you, “i insisted on us coming to this restaurant, it’s only fair you get your correct order.” while ushijima thinks that what he did was the bare minimum, you think you just fell harder for him.
AKAASHI is literally an angel brought to earth. you swear he’s the biggest gentleman you’ve ever met, and you’re so grateful to have him in your life. this lovely man always makes sure you’re walking on the inner end of the road. it doesn’t even matter if there are sidewalks—akaashi doesn’t want to take risk. since you guys live closer to the city, you take that as an opportunity to take frequent walks to enjoy the sights. the second you guys step foot on the sidewalk, making small talk and pointing at interesting views, akaashi will casually switch positions with you, nodding along at whatever you’re rambling about. he’s so smooth with it that sometimes you don’t even notice. “you’re being overdramatic, y’know.” you tell him, laughing at the tight grasp he has on your arm. and he laughs as well because how did his arm get there in the first place? he may worry a lot about you, but it’s only out of love. “i need you to be safe at all times, pretty.”
Tumblr media
reblogs and interactions are appreciated!
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missmeinyourbones · 3 months
haikyuu boys as icks
because my favorite thing is humbling men and fictional men are no exception | aot version & jjk version
does that thing where he "forgets to know your name" so he doesn't look obsessed with you, but in reality he just looks like a douchebag LOL he's comes up to you all nonchalant like "y/n, right?" as if he doesn't follow you on ig and like all of ur pics....and he thinks it makes him look so cool and popular and mysterious and then u look him dead in the eye and ur like "yeah, you're osamu, right?" he's humbled very quickly
when he’s really tired or clingy, he talks in a baby voice :/ sometimes even refers to himself in the third person :/ just typing this rn is making me frown with disappointment. like yeah atsumu may be the more dramatic twin, but thats only bc he’s shameless in public. behind closed doors, osamu is right there w/ him. you find him pouting on the couch after a long day like “osamu wants cuddles >:(” or “can we make dinner together i’m hungwy >:(” big offender of the “sowwy” and “pwease” agenda. arrest him
is the embodiment of that one trend where you tell guys they look like they can’t swim and they get so unnecessarily defensive about it LOL. you say he “gives off a vibe that he can’t swim that well” and hes DISTRAUGHT...immediately whipping out all of his cards to prove you wrong like “obviously i can swim, wtf let’s go find a public pool rn and i’ll show you how good i can swim” also gets you back in such a ruthless way like “okay, but i can. and you look like you don’t know how to read.” feelings end up hurt on both ends :/
whenever you guys go to the store, he holds up the line because he’s like “oh, i have a coupon for that!!! :)” but it's never convenient at all. it could be for the most minuscule or absurd products too, like toilet paper or ballpoint pens, and he’s digging through his wallet once you guys reach the register. like baby AREN’T YOU A PRO ATHLETE???? i think you can afford the extra $1.42 for granola bars. you bring up the idea of him having the coupon ready before he gets in line and he’s like “idk i don't wanna hold it for that long 🥱”
LEAVES HIS BEARD HAIR IN THE SINK AFTER SHAVING. oh my god, i am making myself angry rn. you rinse it out every single time and when you ask him if he knows what happens to all of his little trimmings, he’s just like “idk....i guess they just evaporate or slide down over time” when you literally clean up after him like a maid :I he makes me sick (inspired by that one tiktok of the oblivious husband and knowing wife)
doesnt understand politics so he just labels himself as “non-political” which comes across as him just being douchey :/ it makes him look so ignorant when he first tells you :/ like a man who thinks he’s too good to be socially and politically aware bc it doesn't affect him / when in reality, politics just really isn't his forte academically and he’s never learned the basics of it :/ because he is really smart ok i stand by this!!!! he’s a scholar and a college grad...he just only focuses on his areas of interest. take a gov course baby expand ur horizons
if you ask him those silly hypothetical relationship questions (the ones where you just want him to say something sweet, something that proves he loves you) he is not having it in the slightest. you ask him “would you still love me if i was a worm?” and he’s deadly serious like “no? one, that's not even possible. two, if i’m ever attracted to a worm then i need to be constrained and arrested. three, i think that’s really wrong for you to expect me to seamlessly deal with that big of a transition in our relationship--” and you have to be like OH MY GODDD OKAYYYYY IT WAS A TEST!!!  AND YOU FAILED!!!
millennial core LOLLLLLLL im sorry. he posts a pic of him after he gets his hair cut and captions it “just did a thing! :P” EWWWW my toes are curling rn. he takes his selfies from the highest mom facebook angle and does the signature middle aged white man smirk. if he ever films a video of himself it’s so cringy bc he does the millennial zoom in and talks as if he’s a movie protagonist. attends a single work meeting and claims he’s “adulting 😂” at the ripe age of 27
when he really likes you, he does that thing where he's like "you're just not like other girls/people!!!! you're so different!!!!!!" you do basic human things like don't constantly wear makeup or eat whatever you please and he's like "i love how you can be so real around me, you're so quirky <3" you shave your legs or do your hair and he’s like “baby you don’t have to do all of this for me!!!!” he’s never touched a woman in his life. self unaware king 
swears that period cramps are not that bad and that people who get periods over-exaggerate to make men (or people who don’t get periods in general) feel guilty about not dealing with them. believes with his entire chest that “getting kicked in the balls” is equivalent to the pain of childbirth. one day you jokingly buy one of those period cramp simulator machines and hook him up to it. he's all “i’m gonna be fine babe” and “it probably just feels like a stomach ache”.... he doesnt get past the 3rd setting and is holding back tears when you finally turn it off 
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izurou-archive · 5 months
it’s thursday, the most ordinary day of the week.
suna has just come home from practice, and you’re watching from your spot at the kitchen island as he nears. he already has his slippers on—the brown ones he keeps by the front door—and he’s scuffing them against the tiles.
he smiles and mumbles a hi, watching as you take a sip from your water. for a brief moment you think he’s gazing in admiration, maybe he missed you in the couple hours he was gone—but you’re wrong.
he nudges the bottom of your glass with his finger, just enough to cause the water to spill past the rim and all over you.
“excited to see me?” he hums, gesturing to the newly formed dark spot in your lap. you don’t have to look up to know he has a shit eating grin glued to his face, but you do anyway.
“i hate you.”
“sure you do,” he pauses, swiping a small towel off the counter. he rests a hand on the back of your head, holding you in place as he dabs at your face and down your chest. “i got you something.”
“kissing ass now, are we?” you ask, sliding your now virtually empty cup onto the counter.
“only if you want me to.” he shrugs, devilish little grin never leaving his face, and you can tell he’s getting a kick out of this entire interaction.
you swat at his hand and attempt to stand up, unable to handle anymore of his eighth grade humour, but he doesn’t let you. his hands rush to your hips, and he pushes you back into your seat with a whisper of wait here for me.
he disappears for a moment, returning with his hands hidden behind his back. you can hear the crinkle of plastic, and tiny glimpses of pink and white peek out from his sides. he brings his hands into view, and they’re holding a little bouquet of flowers.
“why?” is the only response that comes to mind. today isn’t your birthday, or your anniversary, or valentine’s day. it’s just thursday.
“because, you’re gorgeous.” he tilts his head at you, as if the answer is the most obvious thing in the world. though, if it weren’t for the fact that he turned away after he spoke, you never would have noticed the subtle redness gathering on his ears.
“that’s not a good reas-“
“yes, it is,” he huffs, and plops down in the chair next to you. he pulls his sleeves up over his hands, fiddling with the dark fabric. “i want you to feel special, too.”
“special and, wet?” you lift a brow at him. you know it’s there, a stupid remark sitting right on the tip of his tongue—but, it stays there.
“just special, and beautiful,” he responds, and somehow you’ve reduced him to almost nothing, just by being you.
before you can form a sentence, he’s leaning in, chasing the softness of your lips and the way they move oh so perfectly against his. he stands up, squirming himself between your legs because he just has to get closer to you—to deepen the kiss. he tilts his your chin up with his fingertips, having complete control.
“‘m in love with you.” he slurs, and the words get lost in your mouth because he doesn’t have the will power to pry his lips away.
now thursday, the most ordinary day of the week, feels a little more special thanks to suna.
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rinslova · 6 months
ಌ including : k. tsukishima , r. suna x fem!reader
ಌ genre: fluff
ಌ summary: what relationship dynamics the hq boys would mostly be in!
Tumblr media
pretty girl: clairo
part two. part three
Tumblr media
-`ღ´- shy girl x sarcastic tall boi (who's secretly soft)
now as expected kei is one of those boyfriends who give no fucks for anyone else but you. Its kinda cute actually, like the 180 on his personality is kinda concerning but sweet in a sense. He'll still maintain that 'oh my god your so annoying' but dial it down a few notches as to not hurt your feelings. Basically tsun tsun tsukki. Kei also would make an effort to make first moves, despite being not the best flirt himself. Lucky for him his looks are that of a prince and he doesn't need much to fluster the likes of you <3
-`ღ´ lovey dovey girlfriend x not used to being loved this much (physically) bf
we also know kei isn't exactly the lovey dovey type on the exterior, however we do know he is love deprived. So for him to be with a girl who is very touchy and clingy would be heaven for him, of course he wants to reciprocate his feelings but he doesn't want to come off as overly clingy. So he'll keep his idgaf attitude while squeezing the life out of you teddybear style while you sit on his lap.
-`ღ´- I hate you x I hate you more <3
probably the most popular dynamic for tsukishima and honestly most likely the ideal one as well. Tsukishima wants someone who can understand him and share some similarities with him, though opposites do attract he would need someone to get on his nerves. How else do you think you'll randomly pop up into his head when he's suppose to be studying? And trust and believe his teammates deadass think you both are having a serious argument, when really you both are arguing about strawberries or raspberries
-`ღ´- hella flirty bf x shy gf
There is nothing suna loves more than getting an reaction out of people, so who better than to get a reaction out of than his own sweet gf? Suna lovess teasing you, he knows he looks good and uses that against you. So don't be surprised if he stares at you with a smirk on his face while your trying to study, he's just watching you unravel at his gaze alone. Rin loves you but he can't get enough of you trying to hold yourself together infront of him.
-`ღ´- baby, looks could kill (would kill) gf x looks like they would kill you (secretly baby)
You and suna both know how whipped he is for you its not even funny, he can't go a day without kissing you, touching you or even speaking to you in general. One of suna's daily objectives is to fall asleep on your thighs everyday after training, def a thigh and boob guy. Rin also loves how secretly feisty you are, his favorite thing is seeing you get jealous when a waitress makes heart eyes at him. Leaving you to make it obvious he's taken by using his pet names: Rinny, baby, or rin rin.
-`ღ´- loves talking x loves hearing her talk
Suna is a very good listener, and he could listen to you rant for hours. Yes there will be times where he gets lost in your cute expressions while retelling a story, he'll still be listening to you. But he's just more focused on your sweet voice and cute face <3 Suna will literally fall asleep to you talking, so don't be surprised when he calls you at 2-3am just to hear you talk. Even if its animal crossing language he would listen to your voice as if it was the one thing keeping him alive.
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blueparadis · 6 months
❝ CUM FOR ME, CUM FOR DADDY ❞ + Sakusa Kiyoomi,Atsumu Miya,Kōtarō Bokuto,Oikawa Tooru,Tetsurō Kuroo,Rintarō Suna.
Tumblr media
+.CWs —» afab-reader, explicit smut & sexual themes, sub-dom dynamics {sub! bokuto}, s & m dynamics, blow!job,breeding kink, cunnilingus , spanking (once), degradation, praise, f-overstimulation, implied voyeurism, implied exhibitionism, cum play, aftercare;
+. SYNOPSIS —» rough,raw aftercare moments after they cum on their favorite spots. Wait? is that enough? Just to cum only where he prefers?
thanks to @maitaro ;) for detailed review. Like, I would re-read them later for sure & @mrskenmakozume @tetsukentona @beware-of-the-rogue for β’ reading <3
+ tap here to view my works.
Sakusa isn't taking any more risks. He needs to cum inside your pussy, and fill you up more than you can keep count in a single session. Hanking up your legs around his torso, moving onto your waist,he groans into your mouth. “Baby, stay with me...stay with me baby,” he mumbles, peppering kisses on your puffy lips as you're about to whine that you just can't take it anymore. He swiftly shifts your hands above your head, pressing them just a little as he thrusts a few more deep, broad strokes. “Ah! There we go!” he coos, watching his cum oozing through your slick wet cunt. He pulls out his dick, jerking above your belly button barely grazing your upper crescent of the vagina, making you flinch. He pulls you close to his sweaty chest as he shifts beside you. “Hey…,” he rasps softly, watching you catch your breath as you nuzzle over his naked chest that's glistening with sweat.
Atsumu cums inside you, always. He just can't get enough of your naked beauty when you're underneath him, shuddering due to his nearing orgasm. Your hands fly back to grip the bed sheets while he grabs your waist firmly to release his cum inside you. And as the mix of white sticky fluid starts to drip along your inner thighs, he rests his head over your cleavage. He is immensely fond of your drumming heartbeats syncing with his. And, he likes it raw; the feeling of your walls around his cock ready to pound again. But not until he's pushing his cum inside you again, white rings forming around his thick cock. Your throbbing clit makes you scream in pain, yet his sweet kisses followed by groans are enough to drive you insane.
Bokuto doesn't have any preference, but he gets pouty if you don't let him cum inside you, or at least you should let him cum on your hands while jerking him off. “Ohhh fuck! Fuck,” he groans as you slow down your pace. He doesn't want to interrupt you; he likes it when you jerk him off, stopping at every nearing orgasm, making him throw back his head. Hell, he would kiss you just not to use his muscular buffy arms on you so as to push your face into his dick. There is a reason why his hands are being clamped on the edge of the desk. But as soon as he's at the limit, he can't hold it anymore, he needs to release his fluid, but watching you tap onto his pink mushroom tip leaking with precum makes him snap. “Gonna cum...mmgh... gonna cummmmmm!” he warns before spilling his white sticky seed onto the floor, soaking your hand. Nah! He doesn't waste any further before having you pinned against the wall to aid your aching clit.
Oikawa is moody, but mostly he prefers to let his cum spread over your cunt and your inner thighs. He'll let his face sink in between your legs while he rubs his cock. Yes, that's what he likes the most, especially when he's in urgent need of a quickie. “Darlin’ just a little more,” he warns, hovering over you, watching your swollen clit leaking your orgasm already. He lets out a throaty chuckle, noticing your delirious high. “I want you to touch yourself, now !” he whispers in a stern voice as he pumps his cock. And as you finger yourself, moaning and groaning his name, cursing every now and then, a grin smothers his face. Quickly adjusting his throbbing member along your cunt, he lets his seed drip onto your inner thighs, cunt, and a little bit over your belly. Seeing your hands rubbing his cum over your belly is a great turn-on for him. Do that and you're stuck for at least two more quickies.
Kuroo likes it on your back, especially the wing bones, at first. He just can't get enough of your whimpers when your boobs are pressed against the mattress, your hands gripping the bed sheets as he ruts deep inside you. He loves to watch your face as he takes you from behind. “You gonna cum, aren't you?” he asks, feeling your warm walls clenching, watching you buck your hips to get close to your high. “Oh fuckkk!” you gasp as he lands a sharp slap on your ass cheeks before pulling his cock out to spill his seed over your back. It's a drill for him. Warm white fluid sprinkles over your back as you ease your breath. That's the starting point for him. He can't let you go; you're precious to him, his cute little cocksleeve.
Suna mostly prefers it on your boobs, especially when you're half-clad. Something about your hard nipples peeking through the white shirt just makes him push his cock deeper into your throat. Just before releasing his fluid, he pulls out, letting you breathe fresh air. Your hands are resting on the ground as you pant heavily. Unable to steady your breathing, he starts to stroke himself faster, lips getting exploited in between his teeth as he tries to keep his moans down. “C’mon girl! Up here,” he instructs, chinning your face and getting broader access to your chest as he coats your top with his fluid. But he can't leave his girl like that, so it doesn't take him much longer to pick you up so as to put you on your office desk ready to fuck your pussy this time.
Tumblr media
tagging— @dancingintherainwithchifuyu @bokuroskitten @0415-11 + networks— @downtown-roponggi @tokyometronetwork
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izurou · 2 months
“babe, i swear this isn’t what it looks like.”
tetsurou raises a hand in surrender, shifting his guilt ridden gaze between you, the television illuminating the living room, and the baby girl whom he has resting on his hip.
you went out for a couple hours, a movie and a few drinks with some friends—non alcoholic for you, of course.
the thought of leaving tetsurou to watch your seven month old for the evening, all by himself, is one that would have worried you five years ago—back when responsibilities and parenthood were nothing but words. now, it’s the idea of leaving her with anyone else that bothers you.
he’s done the dinner, bath, and bed routine dozens of times before, more or less without fail. you figured tonight would be no different—feeling nothing but absolute confidence and peace of mind throughout your entire outing.
so, when you return home and see this, you can’t help but wonder what led to it.
“oh, i see,” you mumble as you step forward, easily recognizing the dull tune emanating from the tv as your daughter’s current favourite. “you haven’t kept our daughter up an hour and a half past her bedtime for a…dance party?”
you can hardly call it dancing, his hips are far too stiff for that. still, catching the tail end of his rigid movements, seeing the pure elation on your baby’s face as he bounced her to the music—have you ever had a worry in life? it doesn’t feel like it.
“of course not,” he scoffs, and a look of disgust flashes across his features—as if he’d ever do such a horrible thing. “i put her in her crib, but she wouldn’t stop fussing, figured this would tire her out faster.”
typical tetsurou—just can’t stand when one of his favourite girls is upset.
“and the tiaras? the uh, the tutus?” you wiggle your finger at them, gesturing to the silver crowns on their heads, and the purple tulle sitting atop their pajamas.
your husband’s tutu is clinging to his waist, visibly stretched and causing his black tee to bunch up—and he looks ridiculous, truly, but he also looks exactly how you’d want the father of your child to look on a saturday night.
“well, pardon us for dressing to the occasion,” he grins, smug and sweet all at once as he tilts his head towards the dancing princesses on the tv.
and you get it, you’re not one for leaving her when she cries either—but this tactic is sure to do more harm than good, having her on a schedule is what keeps you sane.
“it’s bedtime,” you order as you reach for your daughter, and she reaches for you too—all smiles and wiggly feet as her tiara and the little plushie she was holding tumble to the floor in unison.
“look at her go,” he chuckles as he bends over to retrieve her belongings, “she wants you to join us, right sweetheart?” he coos at her, and her chubby little arms start to wave up and down.
“tetsurou,” you sigh, and you can see it in his eyes that he knows he shouldn’t push any further—and maybe it’s that precious smile on his little girl’s face, or the tiny tiara cutting off the blood flow to his brain—but he pushes further.
“i know, i know,” he admits, resting his hands on your hips and tugging you a bit closer. “but she’s already up, what’s a few more minutes?”
“you’re a real pain in my ass,” you mutter, leaning into the warmth of his chest as he presses his lips to your forehead, and then your daughter’s.
“but you love me, right?” he stares down at you, with hope and love, and a little apology swirling behind his eyes.
“i do,” you say, “just not in this outfit, princess.”
and your daughter is quiet, eyes fluttering open and closed as she leans against your shoulder, fighting her sleep.
“really? the short skirt isn’t doing it for you?” he asks, holding his hands out and gesturing to himself—short skirt revealing nothing but his plaid pajama pants.
“no, you’re setting a bad example.”
he slaps a hand over his mouth, feigning a look of pure horror before laughing it off and wrapping his arms around you again, careful not to disturb the baby sleeping in your arms.
“well, true love’s kiss will turn me back to normal, won’t it?” he smiles at you, in the dull orange hues of your little living room, and you feel like you’ve never had a worry in your life, ever.
you kiss him. it’s short and sweet, but it’s warm and it feels like home—he feels like home. you flick the flimsy plastic off his head, presumably turning him back to the tetsurou you left your daughter with five hours ago.
“so, i’m the hideous green ogre?” you eye him, curious to see how he’s going to answer such a dangerous question.
“no,” he grins, “just the love of my life.”
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zorotits · 1 month
cw: smut. afab. no protection. alcohol usage. hook up. creampie.
Tumblr media Tumblr media
miya atsumu who can’t get his hands off you in the elevator. four drinks in and all he can focus on is the way your hips move when you walk, or the longing glances from across the room when you dance on another man.
miya atsumu who gets tired of watching and downs his drink, quickly paying his tab before saving you from the unworthy drunk trying so hard to gain your attention, easily being dismissed by just a wave of your hand.
miya atsumu who doesn’t even know your name, but will make is his sole duty to change that and to make sure it matches his.
miya atsumu who damn near carries you into his room once on the right floor, pushing your back against his hotel door as his hands fiddle with his pockets to find the door key so he can have his way with you in his bed.
miya atsumu who slams the door shut with the back of his foot, throwing you onto the bed with a lustful glare—a longing glare that looked just like the one he gave from the bar, except this time more hungry.
miya atsumu who takes his sweet time with you. working up your legs and trailing every inch of your body, every twitch and movement from you as he finds ever sweet and sensitive spot on your body.
miya atsumu who almost basks in your scent, feeling your soft and lush skin against his lips. twisting his fingers perfectly inside you, almost drooling for a taste but holding back until he’s earned it.
miya atsumu who leaves bruises against your thighs before the main course, whispering his name softly to hear your voice moan it out, temping him to take you on right then and there.
miya atsumu who has to fight back the urge to unbuckle his pants, finally allowing himself to taste your clit after his fingers got you off. sucking in the right places and absolutely feasting upon you to get another orgasm while not once taking his eyes off you.
miya atsumu who finally loses it when you scream his name, hands pulling his hair and begging to feel him completely. his cock twitched in his pants as his pushed it against the bed, slowly sitting up and letting it free.
miya atsumu kissing you while rubbing his tip against your slit, asking and making sure once more if you really wanted it. groaning immediately at the small please you let out, pulling him closer by his shoulders and kissing him once again.
miya atsumu who fucks you nice and slow at first so he can watch your jaw go slack, asking for him to go deeper—to go faster. littering your neck with kisses before his thrusts get harder, holding your hips firmly before finding the back of your knees, going all the way in.
miya atsumu who asks ‘just like that, baby?’ as he goes balls deep, watching your tits bounce with the bed as you continued to make sweet noises.
miya atsumu who swears he lasts long in bed, but needed to contain himself only minutes in because the sight of you was breathtaking as he held you close. wanting to fill you up and keep going until you couldn’t walk anymore.
miya atsumu who is close to finishing but kisses you passionately before, asking where you wanted it to make sure not to cross any boundaries of his future wife.
miya atsumu who nearly cums on demand when you ask him to cum inside you, holding you around the waist and against his chest before kissing you once more, this time even more loving than the last.
miya atsumu who cuddles you afterwards, spooning you and holding you close and kissing your neck softly. whispering praise in your ears every second after it was over, asking you questions about yourself and planning when he can take you out to dinner to show you what else he is good at besides fucking.
miya atsumu who learns everything about you, falling asleep with you in his arms and ignoring any calls or texts on his phone because he couldn’t bother checking while in the company of you.
miya atsumu who wakes you up early the next day with a kiss, asking what you’d like for breakfast or if you’d like to shower with him, only for him to bend you over from behind under the warm water with his favorite words,
‘ready for round two, princess?’
Tumblr media Tumblr media
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shinomiis · 10 days
— hq boys as soft, flirty moments
♡ suna r., atsumu m., osamu m., oikawa t. -> hq masterlist
♡ missed writing for them (suna) so much
Tumblr media
— suna’s palm flattens itself against your lower back, he brushes past the crowd and bends down to lowly speak into your ear. a compliment can barely be heard over the blaring music but a heat spreads through your body nevertheless at the smirk that’s spread itself on suna’s face.
— atsumu is always asking for simple favors. only for his hands to wrap around yours when you hand him the waterbottle, or the remote, or his phone…he can’t help it, really, he just gets a little nervous around you and forgets how to flirt.
— osamu has made it a habit to bend down and give you a kiss on your cheek every-time you leave a gathering. he’s very slick with it, the action almost unnoticeable to everyone. well, everyone but atsumu, who shoves his twin and whispers, “make a move already, dumbass.”
— oikawa’s gaze meets yours. the group continues to laugh at a joke he’s made and yet the only reaction he really cares about is yours. you give him a small smile, nodding in his way, to which he returns with a wink and a nod. it’s a small gesture, one you know you shouldn’t read too into, but you can’t help the warmth your heart feels.
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vilevvords · 7 months
Next door neighbor Ushijima who, despite his 6 foot 4 glory, is like a ghost. No one has seen him move in, you just noticed the doorbell panel change one day and figured. Always out and about before you are and not yet back when you come home. You’ve been lucky to catch a glimpse of his broad back one day as he left, always hearing the older ladies living in the apartment complex talk about the handsome young man who just moved in.
Who, when you finally met, quite literally took your breath away when you bumped into him as you pushed open the door of the laundry room with your back because you were holding onto the laundry basket, quite sure you just ran into a concrete wall. Who apologized despite it not being his fault and offered to carry your basket, leaving you a flustered mess because the grannies were right.
Who’s apartment is so clean and neat it’s almost sterile, like straight out of a catalog. No cushions on his sofa, no candles on the coffee table, and it seems like he just bought some picture frames and never changed the default pictures, only looking for some color on the wall.
Who goes to the market regularly to buy fresh vegetables and chats with the elderly lady running the stand, asking for recommendations and exchanging recipes with her.
Who always extends his hand, signaling “after you” when you’re both on your way downstairs, letting you go first. Who lingers at the bottom of the stairs for a bit longer when you go up in front of him to bring some space in between you two to avoid making you uncomfortable.
Who always makes sure to greet you when you meet, mumbling “Good morning” in a kind of low grumble and with the corners of his mouth ever so slightly turned up that you feel your face heating up uncontrollably, an odd sense of warmth swarming in your chest.
Who, despite his stoic nature, never fails to pat the dog across the street on the head, no matter the rush he is in, smiling a rare smile so breathtaking when the big Labrador nudges his arm with the top of his head, demanding more pats. Who always makes sure to put dog treats on his shopping list, although he doesn’t own a dog himself.
Who never once misses calling his mother on Sundays, nodding and humming along to the same old “Are you eating well?”, “Remember to change to a warmer duvet” and “Bring an umbrella, I heard the weather is getting worse.”
Who thanks his roomba for the hard work when he comes back home after a long day of practice because he’s appreciative of the help, no matter if it can apprehend his gratitude or not.
From who’s balcony you can always hear the muffled sounds of a volleyball game playing on TV on one of his off-days, occasionally interrupted by a faint, mumbled cheer, because he’s a man of insatiable passion.
Who finds a weird sense of agitation sprouting in his chest when he doesn’t see your car parked in the driveway when he comes home because it’s odd. Who stays up a bit past his usual bedtime that day, lounging in front of the TV and straightening his back every so often to be able to catch a glimpse of the street, uneasiness fading once he sees your car pull up.
Next door neighbor Ushijima who is adorable in his own little glorious, matter-of-fact way. Who shows that he cares with his actions rather than his words because it comes so much easier to him. He owns my heart.
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h9nako · 4 months
feat. suna rintaro, miya osamu, kuroo tetsuro, akaashi keiji, & sakusa kiyoomi
warnings: none! just fluff and things i wish i could have w someone 😜
Tumblr media
late nights. communication. movie nights. lap sitting. hand holding everywhere you go. stealing his hoodies. failed baking nights that turn into ordering takeout. intense eye contact. loves to take photos of you to look at when he’s away for volleyball and misses you. constant facetime calls. washing each other’s backs. night drives. him hugging you from behind when you wake up early to surprise him with breakfast. surprising you with gifts. stupid nicknames. teasing.
shoulder kisses. mukbangs. surprise dinner dates. deep late night convos. actions > words. headpats. trying new recipes every saturday. kissing him for every sit up he does as a ‘motivator.’ bouquets of flowers. visiting him at work. lazy mornings. several ‘have you eaten’ texts. reassurance.
soft smiles. silent ‘i love yous.’ bathing together after a volleyball game. candle-lit dinner nights. cuddles. lots of them. running away from paparazzi while holding hands. being his special cameraman when he uploads a new workout video. random slice of life photos throughout the day. hand holding in the car, always. playing with his hair to soothe him to sleep. kisses. 
cafe dates. asking you ideas for what he should write about next. traveling. aesthetic photos. furniture shopping. ‘this reminded me of you’ text. pet names. making a photo album with all things you related. early morning walks. your personal photographer. late night board games. hot chocolate on snowy nights. picnics. domestic mornings. he stares at you, a lot. good morning texts. book recs. listening to your rambles and rants.
instant make ups. cheesy jokes. plushies. motivational words when you study. shy kisses. ‘would you still love me if i was an (insert animal)’ texts. surprises. bear hugs. late night gossiping. dance battles. kisses in the rain. horror movies, (except he clings to you the whole time). laughing until your stomach hurts.
Tumblr media
reblogs are heavily appreciated!
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bbiemilk · 1 month
⑅ ۫ . ෆ ˟ ໒꒱ MÉNAGE À TROIS your boyfriend and his kouhai both want to give you a slice of heaven
koushi sugawara x f!reader x tobio kageyama ౨ৎ . . . nsfw — mdni ໒꒱ ⋆˚✩. threesome + spitroast / oral [ f -> m ] + snowballing / cuckolding / brief sugakage interaction / sloppy kissies / finger sucking <3 / praise + petnames / creampie / consensual photo taking / mayhaps dis turned out a bit tobio-centric whups >n<
Tumblr media
“shit, i-i’m—"
“cumming again, kageyama? we only just started!” koushi pushes his bangs out of his eyes to look at the man sitting across from him on the bed, the distance between them separated by the length of your body as you stretch yourself out— back arching from your boyfriend’s cock repeatedly knocking at your cervix and tears welling at your lashes from the sweet bitterness of tobio’s thick release flooding your mouth.
“she feels t-too good, fuck—" the latter’s head falls back with a soft thud against the headboard, chest heaving and weak fingers grasping at the sheets as he comes back down from the intensity of his high. he tries to not think too hard about the satisfied hum that leaves you when you pull off him with a pop and suckle sweetly on his overstimulated tip, but fails miserably, for your ministrations coax yet another small rope of cum from him.
“d’you swallow? show him your tongue,” you do as koushi instructs, letting your tongue hang prettily out of your mouth to show tobio that you’ve cleaned up well. “good girl. bet he tastes good, huh?”
it’s a bit dizzying to the world class setter, being caught up in such a situation with his former high school teammate and you— the girlfriend— where he had just cum down your throat and you’re looking up at him so earnestly and obediently that he thinks it just might bring him to his knees. he returns your gaze, starry and hazy eyed, apprehensively reaching up to wipe a small trickle of translucent cream that’s collected at the swell of your bottom lip, “p-pretty… you’re really pretty…”
“tobi—” you can’t help but whine at the subtle praise, shakily repositioning yourself on your palms through the now slowed, sensual roll of koushi’s hips to angle your face up to tobio’s and nose along his jaw. he hums in acknowledgement, gruff and low, brows furrowed at the ache of his cock as it twitches back to life upon hearing the needy lilt of your voice, “kiss me, please, wan’ a kiss…”
it's sinful, the two men think, how innocent you sound when you beg like this, unable to do more than paw at tobio’s chest and whimper against his cheek in hopes of enticing him. he tilts his head lower to brush his nose over yours one way, and then the other, chest caving in with some type of adoration with how you chase after his lips so sweetly.
“awh, how cute; i think she likes you.” koushi huffs out a strained laugh when he feels your pussy throb on his cock at the statement. “you like him, don’t cha, sweetheart?”
“uh huh… s’much.”
tobio shudders and curses under his breath at your admission, finally giving you that kiss you’d been asking him so kindly for. it’s soft and slow, where he explores the concavities of your mouth, melting into you, where you push the remnants of his release onto his tongue, feeding him a piece of heaven. you mutter something about how sweet he tastes, something about how handsome he is and how much you like him— whatever it is, he can’t really comprehend— he’s far too drunk on the affection and admiration you slather him in.
you make him feel so good.
and your boyfriend thinks he should be ashamed for it— for getting as turned on as he has and not the slightest bit jealous by simply watching you kiss his kouhai— messily— spit drooling down to the bed from where your mouths connect, but he really can’t help it, not with how fucking adorable you two look like this.
“y’gonna let me have a taste of him?” koushi stills his movements as he fully sheathes himself inside you, leaning over to lay a tender kiss to the crown of your head while he collects the pre that drips off your clit with his thumb and brings it to your mouth— something to replace tobio’s lips and keep you occupied with while he has his turn.
you take the digit in between your lips obediently, licking and sucking and slobbering, giving it the same attention you did tobio’s cock, whimpering around it when you hear the two men above you moan and pant into their kiss. 
they sound so sweet, so pretty, you can’t help but throb on koushi’s cock and begin to fuck yourself on it, holding his forearm close to your chest for leverage when the heat in your tummy begin to boil over and shoot up your spine. your boyfriend is right there with you, breaking off the kiss with his kouhai and removing his thumb from your tongue to find your clit instead, rubbing wet hearts over it and driving you closer to the stars. 
before you can let your head hang and let koushi push heaven into you further, further with each nudge of his cock, tobio’s lips are back on yours almost instantaneously— and this time, he kisses you with such fervour and hunger that you swear you might faint. he’s more handsy now, palms cupping either side of your neck and lips brushing against yours assertively, deepening each kiss with his tongue until he’s drinking down your moans as you succumb to your own pleasure.
“why don’t you praise her, kageyama— she likes being told she’s a good girl.”
tobio begins whispering against your lips before koushi can finish his sentence, nerves overridden by the desire that burns blue at his core, “good girl.” his mouth moves along your cheek, down your jaw, until he finds your lips again. “good girl, pretty girl— prettiest girl, mhm?”
you don’t expect the additional praise but it takes no time in travelling to the throbbing ache of your cunt, where you can all but convulse around the cock that’s stuffing you full, begging it to make you gush— and it’s when koushi thrusts harshly, one, two more times to empty himself inside your womb, grinding into your clit with an antagonizing swirl of his hips that has you finally parting your mouth against tobio’s lips, body breaking into gentle tremors as you reach your high shortly after your lover, “koushi, ‘m gonna— you’re gonna make me cum—!”
“y-yeah, that’s it— fuck— cum for us, sweetheart.”
it’s hard to tell whose voice it is that reaches your ear from the aftershocks of your orgasm, but you get a kiss to the groove of your spine by one man and a second kiss to your brow by the other as they ease you through it, drawing out your release with gentle touches to your clit and nipples until it withers away and your limbs give out from under you. 
tobio’s chest serves as your landing pad— soft and warm and slightly sweaty, his heartrate picking up as he processes the intimacy of the position.
and it’s sweet, so, so sweet how you curl into his larger frame and nuzzle your face in his neck— seemingly melting into him, and, god, tobio thinks he could get used to this.
“was that okay, tobi? i hope it felt good….” you knock him out of his head when he sees you gazing up at him like that again— like a puppy awaiting a treat from her owner— it sends his mind reeling as he falls slightly dizzy, attempting to steady himself with a reassuring grip to your shoulders. he opens his mouth to respond, only to get distracted by his senpai hovering over them, a cheeky grin peeking out from under the polaroid camera he has pressed to his face.
“you guys wanna give me a smile?”
Tumblr media
from coco ๑‧₊˚ ෆ hie . . tis my dream team @[email protected] mmmm jus a silly littl thing i decided to put out before my upcoming keigo fic so i can keep you well fed until then hweheh :3:3 i rly hope u liked this even if only a littl aaaa . . tis not my best work >w<
feedback + reblogs are vewy much luvd && vewy much appreciated ꒰๑´͈ ᵕ `͈๑꒱
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