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weebaboobs · 2 days ago
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Good Girls Don’t Leave The House w/o Daddy’s Cum
Tumblr media
Hawks, Izuku, Aizawa, Sero, Kuroo, Ushijima, Atsumu, Tsukishima, Tendou, Iwaizumi, Gojo, Geto, Toji, Megumi, Sukuna, Draken, Mikey, Baji, Chifuyu, Takemichi, Rindou, Kazutora, Hanma, Kisaki
🌸 Part 1 || Part 2 🌸
Tumblr media
“Where the fuck do you think you’re going?” He sneers as he watches you walk right past him, that short little skirt waving in his face and making his cock twitch. “You know you’re not allowed to leave like that.”
Your cheeks burn as you stop dead in your tracks. Slowly turning to face him, you hang your head in shame and pout as you mutter, “s-sorry daddy… I forgot…”
“‘S okay baby,” his tone shifts from domineering to caring since you were so quick to apologize, “Just c’mere, lemme fix it for you.” He beckons you over to him until you’re standing between his parted legs, his broad hands rubbing the backs of your thighs lovingly. “Hold your skirt up f’me, kitten. Lemme see.”
The fabric ruffles between your fingers as you lift your skirt, showing him the innocent pair of cotton panties you’re wearing. He runs his thumb down the slit, tutting at how dry they are before pressing his thumb to your clit. “This won’t do at all, babygirl. You know what daddy needs to do, don’t you?”
You nod obediently, hooking your thumbs into the waistband and pulling your panties down just a few inches, “You hafta cum in my panties, daddy… please? Let me wear you all day.”
He’s never been more proud of you - asking all by yourself. “Such a good little girl, aren’t you? You know you can't leave the house without my cum, don’t ya?”
You nod again, biting your lip in anticipation of feeling that familiarly sticky warmth against your folds. “Please daddy! Wanna be so messy!” You giggle, knowing he likes it when you’ve made a mess in your panties with his cum.
“Okay sweetheart, just be patient.” He takes out his cock and strokes himself for you, staring at your freshly shaven cunt that he loves so much. His off hand peels apart those pretty lips of yours, revealing your cute little hole, so pink and needy without anything stuffed inside it.
His fist picks up pace as he loses himself in his thoughts of you, precum dribbling out his slit and coating his fingers as he works himself over. “Fuck darling…” he groans, hips fucking into his fist as he watches the way your hips sway, teasing him with your pretty pussy as you hover it right over his weeping cock.
He grabs your hip with a bruising grip, pulling you just a step closer so he can run the leaky head of his cock along your creamy slit. He lifts the hood of your clit, rubbing his tip right against the bud to make you squirm.
“What is it, baby?” He teases you, pulling away and leaving a lewd string of pre on your cunt, “‘S your little clit too sensitive?” The unrelenting tone in his voice only makes you burn even more, heat radiating from your chest to your face. When you don’t answer his taunt, he taps the pad of his middle finger against the bundle of nerves, sending jolts through your pussy that make you yelp. “Hm??”
“Y-yes sir!” You gasp, trying desperately to be a good girl for him even though he continues to tap your clit like that, making your thighs tremble and your eyes start to tear up.
Seeing you fall apart at his hand has his balls tightening, fist stroking himself faster and faster until something finally snaps.
He yanks down your panties and aims, thin ribbons of cum shooting across your stomach and dripping down your cunt, just to land in the center of thin fabric. It pools, already soaked through by the time he’s done, the cheap material doing absolutely nothing to absorb his seed.
“Ahh fuck baby—“ he pants, worked up and out of breath, letting go and watching your panties snap right back into place. “God you made a mess of yourself. Didn’t you?”
He sighs and sits back in his chair again, one arm slung over the back as he watches you replace your skirt, hiding the evidence you’ll be carrying with you all day. “Go on now. Daddy’s got his own work to do today.”
You shuffle away with a sheepish, “thank you sir….” pink deep-set in your flustered cheeks as you find your way back to the front door. You can already feel his cum starting to trickle down your thighs and you whine, knowing you won’t be allowed to clean it until you get back home.
The pathetic sound brings a smirk to his lips, staring at that silvery trail he can see already peeking out from under your skirt and anticipating your return.
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hanmas · a day ago
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Tumblr media
「 SYNOPSIS 」 ⋮ atsumu + mirror sex - atsumu finds a good way to put his olympic medal to use
♱ kinktober ⋮ find the masterlist here !!
♱ pairing ⋮ MSBY! miya atsumu x reader
♱ length ⋮ 1.3k words
♱ contents ⋮ nsfw and 18+ content, fem! reader, mirror sex, teasing, fingering, unprotected sex, creampie, pet names (princess, angel, baby)
♱ notes ⋮ a heavily edited repost of last year’s abandoned kinktober because i deactivated in the middle fjsjffdjskd
Tumblr media Tumblr media
atsumu’s olympic gold medal.
it sits hung up for all to see in your comfortable little condo, the light reflecting across the surface from the large windows that he specifically had his eyes out for. and much like your boyfriend himself, the medal holds a large presence, all eyes falling on it the moment anyone steps foot into the room.
truth be told, it’s such a shame that it just sits there—no good use for it other than sitting on display. atsumu’s worked much too hard for it all go to waste, he’s earned that medal, and he thinks it deserves a more meaningful use than a cheap effort of interior design. so when he watches you dust over it in your efforts to clean around the place one day, polishing the surface to bring back its usual shine, he finally knows exactly how he’ll use it.
“there ya go, princess,” atsumu smirks, watching as his large hands spread your thighs apart, your wet folds on display to the mirror in front of you. his fingers ghost right over your entrance, making you whine, bucking your hips to signal him to plunge them in—but he’s got better ideas. “patience, angel,” he kisses your shoulder, sucking on the skin gently, trailing to your neck.
“tsumu,” you insist. “need you to—”
“come on, baby,” he grins. “got somethin’ i want ya to put on first.” he reaches behind him, grabbing his gold medal—the same gold medal that he put his blood, sweat, and tears to win—and he places it over over your neck, dangling perfectly in between the valley of your breasts.
“your medal?” you furrow your eyebrows, watching as his eyes darken through the mirror the sight of your naked body sporting his life long achievements.
it can’t get much better than this, he thinks, two of his best prizes right before his eyes.
“fuck, baby,” he groans, dick twitching at the sight, aching with the need to be buried balls deep inside of your perfect cunt, feeling your walls hug around him tight like they always do. “ya look so perfect fer me, angel,” he whispers, “gonna fuck ya while ya watch how pretty ya look,” he smirks, eyes glinting with mischief as his hands roam to your breasts, thumbs rubbing over your nipples and pinching them between his fingers.
you mewl, leaning against him, back arching against his chest as he keeps at it. he toys with them, rolling his thumbs over the sensitive buds as you writhe in his grasp, and in an instant, one hand falls to your dripping cunt, his middle and ring fingers plunging into you, curling against your walls as his thumb runs over your clit.
“tsu-tsumu,” you gasp, eyes rolling to the back of your head—but not for too long because almost instantly, his hand leaves your tit to grab your face roughly and turn you to the mirror, squeezing your cheeks together as a warning. your eyes immediately dart between your legs, and you watch as his fingers thrust in and out of you, coated with your slick as they curl into you and make you cry out.
“keep watchin’, angel,” he warns, “don’t ya dare look away. want ya to see everythin’.” he thrusts his fingers into you a quickly, bullying his digits into you as they plunge into the spot that makes you keen, thighs quivering as you try to stay upright on your knees while he abuses your dripping folds with his fingers. you feel the knot in your stomach letting loose with a few more thrusts of his wrist, and your orgasm crashing over you in waves as you whine his name, gripping onto his arm tightly.
smirking, atsumu grinds his throbbing erection against your ass, groaning deeply at the small bit of friction he chases as he helps you ride out your high. he gives you a few moments to catch your breath, eyeing the contrast of the gold against your shiny skin, a layer of sweat leaving a sheen under the light.
“are ya ready, baby?” he strokes his aching cock a few times, moaning at the feel—and by now, his mind is fogged with nothing but the thought of sinking deep into you as he splits you open with his cock. “need ya,” he whines, “need ya so bad, always so good fer me.”
 he slowly pushes into your cunt, hands gripping your hips tightly. he watches with fascination as his length disappears, only to reappear as he pulls out and sinks back in. somehow, he thinks he feels it a thousand times more intensely when he actually watches himself fuck into you, seeing his thick girth get coated in your wetness right before him. moaning, he bucks his hips desperately into you, and you watch with equal fascination as atsumu falls apart behind you, lip in between his teeth and eyes screwed shut as he thrust in and out of you. he looks stunning, the reddish hue flushing over his cheeks, his hair messy and falling out of place, sticking to his sweaty forehead.
“tsumu,” you gasp, whining when he bites at your neck, sucking on the skin and leaving a small mark. “tsumu harder,” you plead.
and he listens, ramming into you from behind at a quicker pace, balls slapping against your ass as he whines into your skin, watching your expression morph into one of pleasure.
“fuck, angel, ya feel so good,” he groans, moaning when you clench down on him at his words. you both train your eyes at the way his swollen cock sinks into you over and over again, angeled thrusts meeting the spot that makes you see stars every time. gripping onto his arm tightly again, you dig your nails into the skin, making him grunt into your neck. 
“tsum—fuck, more, need more, please!” growling, his hand snakes over your hips to find your clit, rubbing harsh circles as you mewl at the added stimulation. your head falls back to his shoulder, bumping against him with every rock of his hips as he ruts into you.
“‘s that what ya needed, baby? need me ta spoil ya, huh?” he grins, watching through the reflection as your entrance swallows him in with each time he slips his tip past your folds. your face breaks with pleasure, every slam of his pelvis making your expression shatter. 
“so good—f-feels good, tsum,” you whine.
“sh-shit—ngh—so pretty for me, princess,” he moans, the knot in his own stomach seconds from coming undone, “gonna cum, baby. cum with—fuck—cum with me,” he babbles.
and not too long after, you cum together—moans falling in sync as your spines burn with the pleasure. you feel him sploppily roll his hips to aid you through your highs while you’re creaming around his cock, feeling him panting into your skin. his voice cracks as he calls out your name, broken curses falling past his parted lips as he shoots thick ropes of cum and paints your walls white. each ribbon he fucks into you clouds his mind with nothing but his orgasm as he thrusts into you, riding you both through your peaks.
“oh fuck, baby,” he whines, voice lilting slightly high pitched and chest heaving as he slows the bucking of his hips, coming to a stop once you’re both done. slowly, your eyes both train on his cock as pulls out of you, his cum oozing down your legs. your eyes haze over with lust and his softening member twitches, rehardening at the sight—and with one glance at each other’s eyes through the mirror, you both know you’re nowhere near done for the night.
you flash him an innocent smile, taking the medal hanging down your neck, bringing it up to your lips and planting a kiss to the cold surface—something that should be a sweet gesture, but it only makes something carnal stir deep within him.
“c’mon tsumu,” you murmur through batted lashes, “i wanna watch you fuck me again. please?” you pout. he blinks at you before groaning, instantly sinking into your awaiting heat once more, hands squeezing your hips hard enough to leave handprints.
Tumblr media
© hanmas do not plagiarize, repost, translate to other sites, or recommend on platforms outside tumblr such as tik tok
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daiception · 2 days ago
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— REQUEST: “hello! can i request a thirst for atsumu where him and reader were invited into a group trip but they didn't rented another vehicle making the space really small, and reader has to sit on atsumu's lap for the rest of the ride resulting to him having a boner. lmao you can tell that i've been thinking about this for a while now. anyway thank you!!”
GENRE AND WARNINGS nsfw below the cut. minors and ageless blogs dni! best friend!atsumu having very perverted thoughts (sorry not sorry </3) and implication of male masturbation. both reader and atsumu are adults. reader is not oblivious to what’s going on, the sexual tension is strong lmao i’m jealous. not proofread oops.
FEATURING miya atsumu x gender neutral reader
NOTES SHEESH i gotta thank you for this request,, it has fucked me over more than i’d care to admit (which is best for your sake, trust me)
— access THE HIT LIST or view SIMILAR CRIMES on record.
Tumblr media
thinking about best friend!atsumu, who talks your ear off always. he does it to everyone, but it’s different when it’s with you. he likes to think of it as giving a piece of himself to you that no one else can carry. he’s more vulnerable, he thinks, in the way that he laughs carelessly and behaves rashly, when you’re around. the intimacy you have is different from the one he shares with his twin osamu, which runs deep and goes beyond flesh and bone and blood, but it comes dangerously close. he knows there’s no one like you. never will be.
thinking about best friend!atsumu, who is uncharacteristically quiet when you’re practically pushed back onto him by a girl friend of yours. he’s too preoccupied by the feeling of your body against his, frozen in the middle of getting his seatbelt on, to notice the suggestive wiggle of her eyebrows as you land plush on his lap. you apologize because this is the only other option you have with the limited seating, and he weakly hums as a means of agreeing. other than that, he is silent throughout the drive. he mutters something about not getting sleep the night before. it’s a lie, of course (and one that you see through easily), but you both leave it at that.
thinking about best friend!atsumu, who cannot keep himself from squeezing your hips. he’s trying so hard to be respectful but he’s mindless. he has to hold you in place or else you’ll topple over. the road is bumpy, and the further away you get from the city, the more rolling hills you encounter. he gasps ever time he feels the groove of your ass wiggle against his crotch with each sudden jolt of the van. at least the music blasting on the stereo drowns out the sound. you don’t say anything about it, and from how tense you are at his fingertips he knows that you’re trying not to move around so much, but it’s hopeless. he doesn’t let go even when you’ve entered a valley and the winding roads straighten out.
thinking about best friend!atsumu, who cannot keep his mind from spiraling the longer he is forced under the weight of your body. you feel so warm. so soft. he can’t help but wonder what it would be like to be under the roll of your hips. he imagined that he’d enter a trance from the steady rocking of your body alone, that his jaw would go slack as your pliant body went back and forth at a desperate pace. what sweet sounds would he draw out from you? would you call out his name in a weak whimper? would you whine for him as you went faster and faster until that tight coil inside you snapped under the pressure?
thinking about best friend!atsumu, who simultaneously wishes that the drive would come to an end and hopes to never forget how you slot against his body. he thinks a string of curses but says his prayers to the fool who rented out this van for somehow miscounting the seats available. he’s gotten too comfortable in this position. his eyes screw shut with guilt as he visualizes you leaned back against the headrest, thighs trembling as he plows into you. he thinks about taking you in the same position you are in now too, with his hands free to roam and touch and fondle places he’d never thought about before. maybe you would squeal if his thrusts were strong enough to push you forward in violent, sporadic jerks with a cheek to the leather seat. his fantasies live so long as you remain in this position, leading his mind astray with each passing minute.
thinking about best friend!atsumu, who shudders as liquid pleasure floods through his body. he can’t help but think with his dick, though he knows it’s wrong to think of you this way. he shuffles with every twitch of his cock, trying to play off the growing tent in his sweats. you feel everything, he realizes dreadfully, as you discreetly try to lift yourself from him even if just by a little bit. it doesn’t help him at all though, not when he gets the view of your ass in his face as you lean forward to steal a bag of gummies from the row in front. in his panic he ungracefully pulls you back onto his lap in fear of his erection being visible to anyone who glances back in your direction. he realizes too late that this was a grave mistake. you bounce clumsily from the force. he has to bite down on his tongue to keep from groaning suddenly. he only manages to shamefully croak a request to amp up the air conditioning, claiming that he feels feverish.
thinking about best friend!atsumu, who occupies your thoughts as you scramble off his lap and out of the van. you stalled long enough for him to tie his flannel around his hips, though it’s dark out and you doubt that anyone will notice the boner he is still sporting a few painful hours since you left your hometown. he rushes inside to the mountain house that will be your home for the weekend with his luggage in tow, seeking relief in locking himself in the bathroom. he just needs a few minutes… a few minutes.
thinking about best friend!atsumu, who is fumbling to free his aching cock from its restraints when his heart drops to his asshole after you knock on the bathroom door. he’s done for, he realizes, when you chime that you’ll let him choose which side of the bed he’d want. he forgot you’d be sharing, and now he plans on taking much longer in this cramped, glorified closet. he doesn’t know how he’s going to face you after this.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Ⓒ daiception 2022. do not repost, translate, edit, and/or copy any of my works. likes, comments, and reblogs are appreciated.
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tsukiboo · a day ago
cw: nsfw? first time writing something like this 😵‍💫 for my love hate relationship w/ sumu
Tumblr media
atsumu who can’t stand you and your little stuck up ass attitude.. constantly rolling your eyes at every boasting comment he made about himself always referring to him to as a cocky shit with no brains every fleeting chance you got…and he never made it easy when he’d call you out on being a condescending brat who needed to be put in her place.
you’ve known each other since high school and you couldn’t recall one moment where you weren’t at each others throats. slinging insults and low blows till your hearts content, in which usually they never were…
he hated you and you hated him, but what he hated most was the times where he would stare at your face a little longer than he wanted to, during the times you’d roll your eyes in pure annoyance at a dumb ass comment he made that was long gone out of his mind, thinking of how cute and plump your lips were and how soft they’d be wrapped around his dick—his hand tightly fisted in your hair guiding your head harshly as your nails would form little crescents on his thighs as he’d try to make you take him deeper in your throat.
and oh how’d he force your head up to look at him, to take in the sight before him, tears prickling at the corner of your eyes with your mouth full with something other than bullshit ass comments.
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shcyc · 8 hours ago
¡ LOCKER ROOM — kinktober
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
synopsis: locker room sex with msby / schweiden adlers
cw; sub fem! reader, voyeurism!, oral (giving & receiving), fingering, cockwarming, shower sex, vibrator, slight bondage, thigh riding
Tumblr media
— MSBY !
> ATSUMU swears he’s never felt better — he wasn’t expecting you to get on your knees between his legs when you said you have a nice surprise for him right after practice!
his breath hitches as you kiss him through his pants, fingers inching up his thighs, leaving the trail you touched hot and burning with desire
this isn't the first time you've sucked him off, and yet it still feels like he's ascending to heaven every single time - probably also because the two of you are openly exposed in the middle of the msby locker room, and that has his adrenaline skyrocketing
> BOKUTO has his thick fingers deep inside your dripping cunt, skirt flipped upwards and tucked into the bands to stop them from obstructing him from what he wants
he’s annoyed that you’re wearing such a short skirt and prancing around his teammates as if it was a free show for all of them, when in fact, it should only be for him
he’s rough, fingers abusing your hole while his other hand wraps around your bare chest, pushing a handful into his mouth, tongue swirling around your perked nipples
> HINATA was the most innocent guy you’ve ever met, never would you have thought you’d be in this position — hands supporting yourself on the sink with your soiled panties stuffed in your mouth, pretty face stained with tears as you stare at the orange-headed man pound into you from the mirror in the msby locker room
he’s told you to “keep it down”, but how could you when he’s stretching you out so fucking good, thick cock grazing every inch of your gummy walls
you tighten around him each time he slips out and pushes back into you, eyelids fluttering with each push and pull, and that has him going even harder than before
> INUNAKI shoves his tongue past your tight ring of muscle, hands roaming all over your body, finally resting on your thigh that has been dangling on his shoulder for the past few minutes
he groans at your taste, at how deliciously sweet you are, and how you’re willing to let him do it right outside the locker room door where his teammates could easily walk out and catch the two of you
the vibrations from him passes right into your core and towards your clit, sending you over the edge after being teased for so long, and you watch as he removes himself from you with that stupid smirk plastered on his face
> MEIAN has you wrapped around him like a koala as he walks around the locker room to do final clean and checks before he closes the gym — only every step he takes has you clenching around him like a vice and he has to warn you to be a “good girl”
you think you might pass out from just cockwarming him, having him buried in you for too long makes everything go numb, and when that happens, everything is much more sensitive
he walks around and does his chores without a care in the world, but you whimpering into his ear and begging him to “just fuck me”, has him putting away the towels and shoving you onto the benches before slamming into your over sensitive hole
> SAKUSA hates the locker room, it’s full of germs and bacteria that he would not want to be exposed to, but when you come running to him asking if you could shower in the locker rooms because you got drenched in the rain, that has his mind reeling
he’s pressing the shower head onto your clit, making sure the water is hitting directly at the sweet spots before turning up the water power — and almost immediately, you feel your orgasm approach
your legs are shaking as you cum, body limp against him, his broad frame making sure you won’t fall to the ground during your high — and sakusa thinks that he has to see this beautiful sight one more time, even if it means staying with the germs for a few more minutes
> HOSHIUMI can be either vicious or nice, and today, he’s feeling vicious! your boyfriend wants to see you stuttering, panting and begging him to stop the little machine buzzing inside of you
but how could he? not when your grip on his arm tightens while you try your best to make conversation with his dense teammates — he thinks that you’re so cute, holding onto him like your life depends on it
he laughs when you drag him out the locker room with all your strength, finally falling on the ground as he squats down to tease you, pushing the level up so that you cum around his toy!
> KAGEYAMA didn’t know he would be into bondage, especially not in the locker rooms, but when you show him the trick that you’ve been trying for a while now, his heartbeat races
he has you pressed up against the metal closets, making you support yourself on your elbows as he pushes himself into you — the warmth engulfing him, and he swears he will cum right now if it wasn’t for his need to see you struggling to release yourself
you’re clawing at the cool solid, desperately needing to grab ahold of something to ground yourself from his harsh fucking, you’re flipped around in and instant, one leg now wrapped around his waist as he groans into your neck at how good you feel
> USHIJIMA he’s so stoic and dense all the time so you thought you’d tease him! sitting on his thigh as you press kisses onto his neck, hoping that he’d break character for once and do something scandalous with you in a risky place
and you got what you wanted! he’s pushing your hips back and forth on his lap, his mouth now on your neck, teeth grazing your skin occasionally to give you love bites
you’re a whimpering mess at this point, hands flying to his shoulders to steady yourself as you let the overwhelming sensation take over, giving up on trying to hide the noises at this point
Tumblr media
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allm1ghtslovech1ld · 2 days ago
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https-kenmas-sweetheart · 14 days ago
"we should fuck."
"im sorry?" you squeak, almost dropping the book you'd been holding. your best friend rolls over on your bed, signature smirk spread across his face.
"nothin' to apologize for, babe."
your mouth drops open in pure shock, as you blink at him slowly, completely in a daze. finally after long moments of staring, you in complete astonishment, him adorning a look of utter boredom, you spoke.
"are you fucking crazy?"
he stands up, walking calmly over to the chair you sit in and leans down, lips so close you can feel his breath on your ear. you tense and your hair stands on edge, as one of his hands come to rest high up on your thigh.
"only for you."
Tumblr media
suna. atsumu. tsukishima. oikawa. bakugo. sero. shinsou. draken. baji. hanma.
Tumblr media
a/n: is this too nsfw for my blog?? 😭😭 nah
taglist: @https-true-egoist @avid-idiot @wonpielle @lordbugs @iiheartrune @tsukkinlove @iiilovemilfs @staymoarmyzen @rory-cakes @chloee0x0 @joc-ta
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satorini · a month ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
ও rating. explicit
ও summary. when hq men realize they want more.
cw/ tw. fem!reader, fwb to lovers, creampie, possessive behavior, friends to lovers, mating press, praise kink, phone sex, masturbation, accidental voyeurism, oral sex, slight humiliation, overstimulation, fingering, aided masturbation, pet names (ex. pretty girl, baby, sweetheart)
ও featuring. Atsumu, Bokuto, Sakusa, Hinata, Daichi
ও an. I'm obsessed with any kind of friends to lovers ^^ | m. list
Tumblr media
He couldn’t tear his eyes off you as you moved above him—riding his cock like this would be the last time you’d ever feel it inside you. That thought twisted his insides, his fingers digging into your hips as if you might float away.
You could leave if you wanted, though, and he couldn’t stop you—it was how this uncomplicated arrangement between you two worked. 
Still, he wanted to mold the shape of his cock inside your tight little cunt, to ruin you for anyone else who thought they even had a chance, to have his name be the first thing you think of when you cum. He wanted to make every part of you his.
He growled at the thought, gripping you tight to slam his hips up into you. “Fuck! Tell me who’s fucking you so good. Tell me who’s the only one that gets to make you cum.”
“You, Tsumu!” you sobbed, holding onto his biceps to keep yourself from falling against his chest. This had his balls drawing up tight, and he sucked in a breath to stop himself from cumming.
“That’s right, pretty girl,” he grunted. “I’m the only one who gets to see you like this. I’m the only one who gets to feel this sweet pussy.” He leaned up and took one of your nipples into his mouth, groaning when he felt you clench down on him.
“I-I’m gonna cum,” you choked out.
“Yeah?” His fingers circled over your clit as he shoved his cock deeper inside of you to take you there faster, nipping at the swell of your breast. “Fuck, give it to me, baby. Lemme feel it.”
“O-oh, Tsumu!” you gasped as you came, squeezing around him violently. It had him following after you, grinding his cock as far as it could go until he pulsed and filled you to the brim. There was so much that he felt it leak out of your little hole and drip down his balls, adding to the uncomfortable wet puddle forming beneath him.
He rolled away from the mess when you both caught your breath, his cock still tucked away between your wet thighs. You stroked his hair, nails lightly scratching his scalp, and he pressed his face into your chest. 
“Sleep with me?” he asked, voice muffled.
You giggled, lightly tugging on his hair. “I probably need at least—”
“No,” he cut you off nervously, heat rising to his ears. “Just to sleep.”
At first, he was worried that maybe he should have kept his mouth shut when you didn’t say anything. But then you were tugging the blanket over both of you and continued running your fingers through his hair.
“If you steal the blankets, I’m kicking you off the bed,” you said after a moment.
Atsumu snorted, smiling against your breast. “But this is my bed.”
You hummed. “Yes, and I’ll do it anyway.”
Tumblr media
He wasn’t sure when it happened or how long he’s had these feelings for you, but he couldn’t help how his chest gave this weird flutter when he saw you up in the stands, trying to cheer the loudest for him in a jersey that had his name on it. 
A small part of him was terrified to admit his feelings, though, mainly because your friendship still felt so new, and he’d drunkenly sulked to Akaashi over the phone one night after a post-game party.
“There’s no way she likes me like that,” he said, which earned him a small sigh.
“Just tell her how you feel. What’s the worst that can happen? She doesn’t like you back but still wants to be friends?”
Bokuto wanted to say, “yes, exactly that,” but instead, he found himself nervously bouncing on the balls of his feet outside your apartment door thirty minutes later. It was only after a few seconds that he realized that you might not be awake or how horrible this idea was—
“Bo?” You propped the door against your hip, sleepily blinking at him. “Is everything okay?”
His eyes trailed over his old Fukurodani volleyball shirt that he let you borrow, down to your cute pink painted toes curling into your entry rug, and back up to your doe eyes slowly filling with concern.
“I’m in love with you,” he blurted with zero grace. 
He’d expected you to laugh it off and tell him ‘nice one’ like you usually do when he made stupid jokes or awkwardly give him the we’re-only-friends spiel. However, nothing could have prepared him for when you dragged him into your apartment, telling him between needy presses of your lips that you had liked him for a while now.
Bokuto never thought he’d get to find out how you tasted or how you looked sprawled out underneath him with your soft thighs pressed against his chest and your eyes knocked back as he slowly split you open—your wet, tight cunt feeling like his own personal Eden.
His cock jerked at the sight of your pussy lips spread wide and taught around him, your little hole contracting, struggling to make him fit. No one had ever taken him all the way the first time, yet here you were, trying to hump up against him to bring him deeper. 
And when he glanced up to see the cute faces you made once the last inch of his cock nudged its way inside your slick heat, his name dripping from the tip of your tongue like a prayer, he decided you were perfect. 
“Holy—baby, fuck—you’re so pretty,” he groaned.
Tumblr media
It started as somewhat of a relationship of convenience, if you could call it that: he’d desperately needed a roommate, and you needed a place to stay. 
Sakusa never thought he’d get anything out of it because volleyball and school took up most of his time. Still, you managed to weasel your way into his life anyway, and after a year, he found that he still couldn’t shake you. 
But he learned that being friends with you meant tolerating a lot of things: You liked to leave your shoes in front of the door where he tripped over them and took forever to order a simple iced-tea lemonade. Whenever you studied together, you absentmindedly clicked your pen until he had to wrap his hand around yours to get you to stop.
He hated that you stole his sweaters and tried to ignore how warm he felt when he’d catch you snuggling into them—looking so small in his clothes while thinking about you in ways a friend shouldn’t. 
Some days you scolded him when he forgot to eat lunch and wore dresses that were too short when you’d drop food off for him at practice (he swore you did it on purpose).
It bothered him how he always caught Atsumu staring at your legs, and he'd wait until you weren't looking to bounce a ball against Atsumu's head to drag his attention off you.
Sakusa also hated the times he’d come home from practice to find your bedroom door cracked open, the sounds of you pleasuring yourself leaking into the hallway, and all he could do was stand there and listen.
Now he was fisting his cock to the thought of you (he was doing that a lot lately), straining to hear your soft whimpers through the paper-thin walls. He knew it wasn’t right or nearly as good as fucking you would be, but he couldn’t imagine that you actually wanted him to touch you like that.
You were roommates—maybe even friends—and it’d definitely make things awkward afterward.
But then, one night, you moaned his name, loud and clear enough for him to hear, and for once, he could no longer just listen.
He groaned into your sloppy cunt, better than anything he could have imagined—his mouth wet and shiny from the number of times he’d made you cum. Sakusa considered it punishment for making him wait so long when all this time you’ve been filling your needy hole with the thoughts of him.
Your legs slowly started to close around his head, but he slapped your thigh slightly, making you yelp in shock.  “Keep them open. I’m not done yet.”
You whimpered. “I-I can’t—”
“No? Look at the mess you’re making,” he said, spreading you open with his thumbs to see his spit and your cum drip out of you, only smearing the wetness into your cunt after he was satisfied. 
A cute moan dripped from your tongue, hips arching against the pressure between your legs. “Please.”
He looked up to you sternly, “give me one more.”
Tumblr media
From the beginning, he swore it wouldn’t have worked. He’d be in a different country playing volleyball, and you’d still be here studying for your bachelor’s—two entirely contrasting plans that had no way of meeting in the middle. Plus, eight months was still a pretty good run, right? 
Despite these odds, you both kept in touch anyway, which was easier to do than he thought. Hinata was surprised that the texts and calls never stopped, even if most days he was too tired to text you more than good morning or goodnight. 
God, and he’d never admit it because it wasn’t very friend-like, but he looked forward to the pictures you sent. 
His favorite one was of you laying on your bed in nothing but an oversized t-shirt. He couldn’t help but admire how gorgeous you looked—skin glowing and bright eyes shining so prettily into the camera. That one became his background.
He wasn’t even aware that a little over a year had passed before the date he returned to Japan steadily drew closer.
It wasn’t until the night before he was scheduled to board his flight that you’d accidentally sent a video of yourself playing with the prettiest pussy he’d ever seen—your fingers were so small, he wondered if they could even reach all of the sweet spots inside you. But then the following text confirmed that it was not, in fact, an accident: i miss u sho:(
He couldn’t believe this was happening. His heart thundered in his chest, and he reached down to palm his erection through his boxers—the fabric already getting wet and sticky with pre-cum.
“O-oh, fuck,” he hissed.
Another video popped up on the screen, and he eagerly opened it, groaning in his chest as he watched two of your fingers tease your entrance before slowly pressing inside. A breathy moan that sounded a lot like his name had him tugging down his boxers to fist his cock.
His thumb ran over his flushed tip while he hit play again on the video to listen to the slick sounds of you. And if he tried hard enough, he could faintly remember how you felt wrapped around him or how your eyes fluttered closed when you came.
He was leaking so much pre-cum that it started dripping down his fingers, easing the rough slide of his hand around his cock. Hinata sucked in a single shaky breath, replaying the part where you moaned his name. 
“Baby, you’re going to make me cum. Holy shit!”
Your name fell from his lips with a low groan as he painted his stomach and his heaving chest in thick spurts of white—stroking until he felt empty and his thighs stopped shaking.
As his cum dried on his hand, he promised that the moment he landed back in Japan, the first thing he would do was see you. And before Hinata went to bed, he sent a picture of the mess he made for you, letting you know he missed you too.
Tumblr media
When you’d first brought him over, Daichi had instantly known that he hated your new boyfriend—especially since he broke up with you only after two months of dating, and the reason behind it set his teeth on edge.
You were perfect and so sweet; how could he—
“He broke up with me because…I um…” You glanced down into your glass of beer, brows furrowed. “I couldn’t make him fit.”
He couldn’t help but think that your ex-boyfriend was an idiot once he had your back pressed up against his chest and trembling thighs spread over the top of his. Three of his thick fingers already worked deep inside of you, filling the room with filthy squelching sounds and your breathy moans.
His thumb carefully dragged over your clit, loving how you twitched in his arms. “See? Someone just needed to stretch your little pussy properly, huh?”
“Mhm.” You nodded, pressing yourself further into him, thighs butterflying open. “It feels so good.”
“Yeah? You’re so loose and wet. I bet my cock would slip right in.”
Your walls clenched and fluttered around him, and it took everything in him not to toss you onto the bed and fuck you into his sheets. “D-Daichi, can you fuck me? Please?” 
It was hard to deny you when you asked so sweetly, but he couldn’t give you what you wanted—not yet. You whined when he pulled one of his fingers out. However, it cut off into a surprised squeak when he grabbed your smaller hand to bring it between your thighs. 
“Put one of your fingers inside your pussy.”
You turned your head to look up at him, kiss-bitten lips pulled into a pout. “But—”
Teeth nipped your jaw as a warning. “Come on, be good for me.”
Slowly, you eased your finger in beside his with little pants of his name. His cock jumped against your back as he watched your cunt open up to suck in the intrusion. Then Daichi trapped your finger between his and curled them into your gummy walls, tearing a sharp cry from your chest—it made his stomach twist.
“You’re so gorgeous, sweetheart.” His words were raw, rumbling somewhere deep in his chest. “I’m gonna make you feel so good. So full. Better than your boyfriend ever could.”
Tumblr media
tagging. @jordyn-degas @rosemaryblossoms @sailorstrawberi @justanothernpcartist @chloee0x0 @grim_gal @dazvia @savantsoulfinder
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oomiya · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
୨୧ ꒰ synopsis ꒱ lovesick haikyuu boys during sex!
୨୧ ꒰ contains ꒱ atsumu, oikawa, sugawara, bokuto, kita, tsukishima
୨୧ ꒰ warnings ꒱ smut (mdni), praise, fingering, oral (f!recieving), breast play, love bites, teasing, pet names (sweetheart, angel), riding, cursing, intimate sex, fem reader
୨୧ ꒰ word count ꒱ 1.5k
Tumblr media Tumblr media
“Look at me, sweetheart,” Atsumu moans, hanging his head down to stare at where you’re both connected. His blonde hair is messy as it falls in front of his face, and a deep groan slips past his lips as he sinks his cock into you. 
“You feel so good,” you gasp, instinctively gripping onto him. 
A boyish, charming smirk tugs at Atsumu’s lips as he gazes down at you. “Yeah? ‘M all yers.”
As if to further punctuate his words, Atsumu presses his cock deep inside you, two of his fingers coming to circle against your clit. His hips grind against yours, the fat tip of his cock continuously nudging against the spot that has you moaning his name—Atsumu’s favorite sound. 
“Yeah? Ya’ like that?” he moans, the grin never leaving his face.
Wanting to feel him closer, you pull on his broad shoulders. Atsumu quickly obliges, pressing his bare, sweaty chest to yours as he kisses you deeply. A groan of your name falls past his lips as you clamp around him, cunt gushing around his cock as his thick shaft drags along your walls.
“You know I do,” you tease, moaning as he hooks a strong arm under your thigh to fuck into you deeper. 
“So fuckin’ tight for me,” he pants against your lips, eyes dark and heavy-lidded. All you can do is run your fingers through his messy hair, pushing the fallen strands away from his eyes to better see him. 
Atsumu kisses you passionately, messily, moaning into your mouth as he grinds his cock into you. “Love ya’ so much.”
Tumblr media
“T-Tooru,” you gasp, arching your back as he hovers over you. 
You can feel the pleased smirk pressing against the curve of your breast, Tooru's lips teasingly brushing and biting along your skin. 
“That’s my name,” he hums against you. He groans as he encourages your fingers to thread through his hair, the messy brown strands curling around your hands as you tug. Tooru’s lips are soft and insistent as he grazes them in feather-light kisses along your chest, trailing bites back up your neck. 
“W-When are you going to be done with—ah!—this?” you moan, clenching your thighs together as he presses his face to your chest again. 
“Why should I stop?” he asks, tracing a finger over one of the many love bites he’s left against your skin. “Everyone should know you’re taken.”
Tooru’s tongue drags along your skin as he sinks down between your thighs, spreading them open and staring admiringly at your dripping cunt. 
“I’m fairly certain everyone knows I’m yours,” you state, spreading your legs for him to settle between them. 
“Mmm,” Tooru smirks, pressing tiny, fleeting kisses to your inner thighs. “Well, just to be sure.”
He continues littering love bites along your inner thighs, only stopping when his tongue swipes through your cunt, collecting your slick in his mouth as he hungrily sucks at your clit. 
Tumblr media
“Koushi…” you moan, wrapping your legs more securely around his back. 
“Shh, I’m right here, angel,” Koushi groans against you, cradling your face in his hand. His palm is large and warm as you lean into it, placing an affectionate kiss to his fingers. 
Koushi smiles lovingly down at you at the action before letting his head hang down, entranced at the sight of your dripping cunt sucking his aching cock back inside of you. 
“You feel so good—always so good to me,” he moans, a shuddering breath racking through his body. He braces his elbows against the bed, languidly dragging his cock through your walls, only to draw back and push back inside of you deeper than before. 
Dragging your nails through his hair, you sigh happily as he buries his face in the crook of his neck. His breath is hot as he pants along your skin, continuing the sweet, tender pace he’d built up until you’re both a moaning mess. 
Koushi's cock is hot and thick inside you, the fat tip of his cock leaking as he grinds his hips. The deep roll of his hips always leaves you gasping his name, gripping onto his hair before your touch slides down his neck, collecting on the nape of his neck. 
He continues making love to you for hours, completely in love with you and the way his name sounds falling past your kiss-swollen lips. 
Tumblr media
“You’re so wet…” is said in awe as Bokuto rests between your legs. He drags his fingers through your folds, spreading you apart; his eyes widen at how your slick clings to his fingers. 
He’s unknowingly teasing you, but with the completely enamored look on his face, you can’t bring yourself to stop his admiration. 
The pads of his fingers are rough as they spread you apart, his darkened eyes latching onto your clit. Without warning, he leans in to press his tongue against you roughly, moaning obscenely against you. 
“Kou!” you gasp, legs almost falling against the bed as he presses his mouth against you. He merely moans, digging his nose against your clit as he shakes his head, moaning all the while. The vibrations of his mouth reverberate through you, and all you can do is moan and writhe underneath his insatiable touch. 
“That feel good? You taste amazing,” Bokuto states as he barely pulls away, lips wet with your slick as he simply stares at you. 
He loves the sweet sounds you let out for him when he dips his head down again, wrapping his soft lips around your clit. Your fingers thread through his hair, gently tugging as he hums around you, sucking and licking against your clit as two of his fingers make their way to your clenching entrance. 
They slip in easily, and Bokuto wastes no time crooking them inside you, pressing against the spot that has you gasping and squirming. Not having any of that, your boyfriend presses a large palm to your hip, effortlessly keeping you still as he messily makes out with your cunt. 
Tumblr media
“I love ya’, love ya’ so much,” Kita gasps, reverently, in awe. 
His large hands—slightly calloused and rough from working in the fields all day—gently hold your hip. His thumbs brush against the skin by your hipbone, eyes wide and lips parted as he stares up at you. 
“I love you too, Shin,” you gasp, a long, drawn-out moan of his name spilling past your lips as you grind on him. His bare cock, thick and warm inside you, throbs as you clench down on him, and Kita loudly moans as he thrusts up into you deeply. 
“Shit—so tight,” he groans, biting down on his lip as he guides you to bounce on his cock. Kita’s completely enamored with watching your slick cunt sink onto his hard cock, the way you’re stretched out for him causing his head to spin. 
He presses a hand to the swell of your breast, fingers pinching and pulling at your nipple as you drop your hips flush against him, both of you letting out loud moans as you circle your hips. The head of his cock presses against the spot that has you seeing stars, and you let your head fall forward as he sits up. 
Kita’s warm mouth wraps around your nipple, moaning around it as his hand keeps you steady on him. He continues thrusting up into you, wet tongue laving across your breast as you grind on his aching cock. 
Tumblr media
A low groan is heard as you grin to yourself, Tsukishima’s arms wrapping around your waist to pull your back flush against his chest. 
“You know I’m holding back fucking you against the counter,” he presses a kiss to your neck, his hot breath fanning across your ear. It causes you to shiver as you finish making your morning coffee, pressing your ass against his front. 
Tsukishima’s hands tighten around your hips, fingers pressing insistently and needily against your hips as he groans. He’s already hard, and you bite your bottom lip to hide the playful smile that tugs at your lips. 
“Who said you had to hold back?” you tease him, one of your hands moving to hold his. Tsukishima grins against you, pressing languid kisses down your neck as he entwines your hands against your waist.
“Oh?” he hums, clearly pleased as you grind back against his aching cock again. Tsukishima has to bite back a groan at the sight of you in just his large shirt covering your frame, panties already wet as they cling to your slit. “You want me to fuck you right here?” 
Your grip on the coffee beans falters as his long fingers teasingly trace down your thigh, slowly dipping under the waistband of your panties to drag along your clit. A gasp falls past your lips as Tsukishima skips past the teasing to spread apart your folds, pressing languid circles to your hot clit. His broad, tall body braces you against the counter, and you welcome how he crowds against you. 
“Kei,” you moan his name as he continues slowly circling your clit, wet kisses trailing down your neck. 
“It’s okay, let me take care of you,” he grins, blonde hair still messy from sleep. “I’m not going anywhere.”
Tumblr media
haikyuu masterlist
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weebaboobs · 2 days ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
🌸 Good Girls Let Daddy Cum In Their Panties 🌸
Tumblr media
Izuku, Denki, Shoto, Sero, Aizawa, Hawks, Oikawa, Kuroo, Tsukishima, Kita, Atsumu, Tendou, Iwaizumi, Gojo, Toji, Sukuna, Draken, Mikey, Baji, Chifuyu, Takemichi, Rindou, Kazutora, Hanma, Kisaki
🌸 Part 1 || Part 2 🌸
Tumblr media
You stand before him in nothing but your pretty pink panties. He pushes you up against the wall, one hand next to your head while your back is pressed to the cold stucco. 
“Take it out.” He growls, lips grazing your ear as he uses his other hand to undo the button and zipper of his pants. His cock is already aching in his boxers just from looking at you, tenting the fabric until you pull it from its sheath.
“You know what to do.” Teeth scrape along your pulse as he threatens to bite, but instead he sucks in breath the moment your fingers wrap around his shaft and start to stroke him.
“Fucking hell– your little hand feels so goddamn good…” He huffs praise into the crook of your neck as you help him fall apart, hips jerking in your hold to chase after the friction, and hot breath making gooseflesh rise.
He fucks your fist until you feel that familiar buzz from the vein that runs the length of his shaft, letting you know he’s close.
“Quick baby, gonna cum–!”
You keep up your strokes, using your free hand to pull down your panties just enough to leave a gap for him to aim into.
He presses his forehead against your shoulder, staring at the space between you as you fist his cock, faster and faster the closer he gets, until his balls are spasming and his abs are contracting, thick ribbons of cum shooting right onto the narrow strip of delicate cloth that protects your cunt.
His fingers dig into your hips while his off hand pounds against the wall by your head, steadying himself as you stroke every last drop out of him and into your panties.
“Th-there’s a good girl…” he pants, starting to twitch with oversensitivity as you continue to teasingly rub at his swollen tip. “Lemme help—“
He drops to one knee before you and runs his fingers along the hem of lace. He takes his time in hooking them in the band, pressing deep kisses to the tops of your thighs as he slowly drags the material back up to settle around your hips.
You can feel the sticky warmth of his cum pressing against your cunt, only intensified by the two fingers he presses to your core, smearing all of his seed into your puffy folds. His eyes light up at the warmth and moisture against his digits, tongue peeking out to lick his lips as he pulls away and notices the translucent strands of slick that keep the two of you connected.
“So slutty baby…” his vulgar words make your cheeks burn, “your pretty pussy looks so much better when it’s covered in my cum, don’t’cha think?” He chuckles and pats his fingers against your neglected clit, making you whine and squirm against his hand.
“Y-yes sir…”
Tumblr media
🌸 Part 2 🌸
Tumblr media
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iwaizumis-bitch · a month ago
you can't makeout with him without it leading to sex. the moment your lips are on his for as short as 10 seconds you aren't leaving until he's pumped you full of his cum. the moment your lips are parting from his, eyes hazy and glossed over as you give him that delectable bambi eyed look, his cock is straining against his boxers as he guides your hips to align against his own, grinding up against you. it's his mind's weird way of functioning, he likes to think. most of your mornings start with a lazy makeout session, and with him knowing your lips are pressed against his, and that your body is right there, under a layer or two of clothing nearly always ends with you caged under his arms, a blush creeping up your neck as you beg for him to touch you.
atsumu, oikawa, kageyama, matsukawa, hinata, bokuto
eren, connie, jean (sometimes), reiner
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chosobaby · a month ago
nsfw / fem!reader
Tumblr media
surprisingly, miya atsumu knows how to not be loud; you used to think you were the quiet one in the relationship.
during movies, he’d usually lean over to tell you how he knows that actress from somewhere, a finger pointing at the screen, and the entire cinema would hear. back in college, you’d be whispering about a professor that annoyed you, and when he’d answer you, he’d speak loud enough for the whole room to know.
when he’s on the court during a game, he’d announce his team’s next strategy like it was a public service announcement. he’d laugh so proudly after too, and the pleading looks you’d get from sakusa to get your man to shut up would make him laugh even harder.
so you couldn’t believe it when you found out that miya atsumu knew how to stay quiet — well, it was really him finding out that you could be louder than him, because how could he believe it when his meek and quiet little girlfriend could moan so loud for the whole city to hear?
he’s pounding into you from behind, your hips slowly being mottled with shades of purple and yellow from the strong grip his fingers had on them, and you’re so loud; he’s already gagged you with your soiled panties and shoved your head down into the pillow, but still, you’re so fucking loud.
“be quiet for me, princess,” his voice quietly rasped, right hand squeezing your bruised hip as a warning. “don’t want the neighbors hearing how needy you are — just me, yeah? only your tsumu can hear.”
he thinks he hears a muffled yeah amongst the unintelligible babbles and groans, but he still grabs you by your hair and pulls your head back to his shoulder. his right arm wraps around your waist, pinning his chest to your back, and his left hand releases your hair to throw your panties out of your mouth before wrapping around your neck. his hips continue to piston in and out of you and he’s sure you’d collapse without his hold from how much your legs are shaking.
“you gonna stay quiet for me now?” he chuckles, right hand dipping down to play with your clit.
and as soon as you’re about to say that you can’t, your climax hits you out of nowhere. your eyes squeeze shut and tears drip down your face while your mouth opens in a silent scream.
“so good for me, baby,” he groans, watching how good you look when you cum, “so fucking good.”
but he doesn’t stop, and he continues hit that spot with every thrust, fingers unceasing in its movements.
“stay quiet for me a little more, princess? i’m not done.”
Tumblr media
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suna-cerely-yours · a month ago
MESSY ft. atsumu, osamu, rintaro 
warnings: fem!reader, 18+, mdni, threesome, oral sex (f!recieving), dubious consent, implied nonconsensual filming   
a/n: no, there will not be a part 2. i don’t know what happened here.
“c’mon, we have to raise the stakes a little, you take off an article of clothing for every question you get wrong!”
“i would totally be down for that,” suna leers from a nearby couch, craning his head to look over his laptop.
“atsumu, i asked you to quiz me on this, not to play strip poker.”
“yeah atsumu, don’t be a perv.”
“shut up ‘samu, i’m lookin’ out for her grades,” atsumu turns back to you, eyes widen in faux innocence. “unless you’re that unconfident and haven’t studied, then i guess i can understand why you wouldn’ wanna.”
you scoff, rolling your eyes at his thinly veiled attempt at riling you up. too bad it was actually working.
“fine, for every question i get wrong, i’ll take off an article of clothing,” you squint at atsumu, “ happy?”
“very, doll.”
“what happens if she runs out of clothing to take off?” suna chimes in, running his eyes over your sundress clad torso. “it’s only, what? three questions? dress, bra, and underwear.”
“two actually, i’m not wearing a bra rin.”
“damn, you must be really confident,” osamu stretches his arms above his head, peering to look up at the couch you and atsumu were situated on, “ but what happens if you run out?” 
“ i won’t run out, but if i hypothetically do, then i guess atsumu can decide what to do.”
you run out of clothing. 
two strategically difficult questions throw you for a loop, and now you have three sets of eyes boring on you, waiting for you to remove your dress- panties already discarded.
“god rin, at least pretend to do your work,” you throw the boy an exasperated glace as he shuts his laptop and leans forward, bracing himself on his knees, eyes trained on you. even osamu puts his pen down, resting his head on his palm.
gulping, you reach for the hem of your dress, pulling it over your head in one motion. you feel your nipples harden as you tuck your arm over them, trying to preserve some sense of modesty.
“well? go on, haven’t you ever seen tits before? ask the next question.”
atsumu clears his throat, and continues, his voice an octave deeper.
and immediately throws you for another loop.
"that isn't on the syllabus."
"sure is doll, look it's highlighted an' everythin'," atsumu states, putting the textbook down.
"now for your punishment-"
"hold up, what?"
"you did say atsumu could decide what to do if you run out of clothing to take off," suna chimes in again, oh so unhelpfully.
you look back at atsumu, who's looking at you with his head slightly tilted, like you were a problem he couldn't figure out.
your throat feels dry and a lick of warmth curls low in your stomach, pussy clenching as you unconsciously rub your thighs together once.
atsumu's eyes immediately zero in on that movement as a slow grin unfurls on his face, eyes lighting up.
"touch yourself."
"what? atsumu you're not-"
"touch yourself for us. let us watch you cum."
osamu and suna have their full attention on you, and you think you see suna pull out his phone.
pressing your lips together, you slowly let the hand covering your breasts drop, parting your thighs. placing a hand on your thigh, you slowly rub circles on the soft skin, exhaling as you drop your head to rest on the back of the couch.
“atsumu- i, i don’t know about this-”
“no? but your pretty pussy sure does,” he retorts, reaching over to spread your folds slightly, tapping his middle finger on your clit.
you react instantaneously, gasping as your thighs close around atsumu’s wrist, pressing his hand firmly against your core.
“don’t go all shy on us now princess,” osamu grins, gripping, spreading and situating himself in between your thighs, hooking your knees on his broad shoulders.
you feel a hand clasp around your throat, titling your head back even more, before that same hand slides up your throat, pushing two ringed fingers past your lips, forcing them to part.
“you look so cute stuffed with only two fingers, bet you’d look cuter stuffed with my cock,” suna coos from above you, other hand holding his phone. 
you whine, sliding the hand on your thigh to your breast, pinching your nipple slightly. 
“always knew you were a whore, babe.”
your muffled response breaks into a moan as atsumu’s fingers are replaced by osamu’s mouth, his tongue circling your clit.
suna’s fingers fuck your mouth as atsumu paws at your tits, guiding one of your hands to his bulge. you pull his cock out, doing your best to wrap your fingers around it, moaning when osamu slides a finger inside you, accompanied with his sloppy licking.
you’re close, so close, when the sudden opening of the door startles all of you, your eyes flying open as suna’s hand slides back down to your throat.
kita stares at the four of you impassively, eyebrows raised.
he stares a moment longer before directing his gaze at atsumu, “she likes it messy, make sure you don’t ruin the couch.”
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satorins · a month ago
Tumblr media
𝐁𝐄𝐓𝐓𝐄𝐑 𝐖𝐇𝐄𝐍 𝐖𝐄'𝐑𝐄 (𝐈𝐍) 𝐓𝐎𝐆𝐄𝐓𝐇𝐄𝐑 - hq edition pt. two : an anthology.
≡ miya atsumu, miya osamu, bokuto kotarou, akaashi keiji x f!reader
↳ strong and capable men, never falling short in physicality or drive, individually coming undone — unraveled and vulnerable to their inner tender lover — as they hold you in their arms. 
tw/cw: smut. unprotected sex. reader is called: pretty, my girl, princess, babe, baby. minor biting. explicit language. penetration. light cunnilingus.
✉ : these can honestly stand as short individual drabbles... but it’s a pain in the ass to post one by one. this is the second part of the hq edition!! i hope you enjoy!!!  ( ੭ ˙ᗜ˙ )੭
jujusu kaisen version | hq pt. one 
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Pushing you onto the bed, both of you frantically stripping off your clothes as your lips feverishly pushed against each other. Moans muffled as teeth clashed against one another, both seeking to take dominance over the other.
You find your hands immediately attempting to unbuckle his belt, as he pulls his shirt off with one hand, chuckling as he sees you unable to succeed as you gawked at his physique when he was able to unlatch your bra in go — with one hand. 
“Careful angel, I’m expensive, gonna have to pay up to see all of this,” he teased as he caged you in, peppering soft kisses to your jaw, going down to your collar bones only to run his tongue swiftly against your skin up to your chin.
His hand grasping yours, cupping your palm to feel his clothed member pucker within his boxers, getting harder and harder, bigger and bigger with each dry hump he made into your hand.
"you make me so fucking hard," he breathlessly groaned into your ear.
Inhaling your natural scent, with his face plastered into the crevice of your neck, “fuck even your smell makes me horny,” Atsumu mumbled as he nibbled onto your earlobe, now thrusting slowly into your clothed pussy. 
“‘Tsumu… hurry,” you softly moaned, pulling him in as you combed through the back of his hair, legs wrapping around his thin waist as the crevice of his ass teasingly peeked out of his pants.
“Yea yea baby, on it,” quickly placing a kiss on your lips, groaning as he reached over to grab a condom, tearing it apart with his canine. 
“Thought we were gonna do it raw?” He joked.
Pushing his pants down, the thick glory of his cock slapping against his toned lower abdomen, where the sparkle of his precum and the two pretty veins of his member protruded out angrily. the beauty of his physical facade caught your eye especially when he would slowly palm himself and wrap his length with the rubber. 
“Shut up ngh —” 
Before you got the chance to argue back, obviously impatient from the lack of action within these couple of sections, frustrated that your boyfriend had the audacity to stall time and tease, Atsumu quickly silenced you with a kiss on your lips, inserting his tongue into your mouth, pushing down so that the only sound resonating the room were your muffled moans and the sloshing of your feet rubbing against the comforter.
Unlatching his lips with yours, where a string of saliva connected you both as he looked into your eyes, sweetly looking down as he took a lick up your lips, “I’m joking,” Atsumu lowly chuckled.
And pulling himself up, caging you below as his knees anchored down your waists, “rubber or raw,” pushing himself to sink into your sweet hole — tight and just so fucking warm — as he watched his length visibly shorten only to immediately increase in length with each time he pulled out, groaning as he plastered his body firmly over yours, thighs pushed down by his weight onto your chest, his tongue trailing up your neck, “I’ll still fuck you good.”
Tumblr media
Kneeling on his knees, his cock standing proud — mildly twitching with his head red and tip glistening with a pebble of his precum — his hand brushing down from your breasts to your clothed pussy, gently pushing on your skin as he glid past your lower belly.
Mumbling soft affirmation under his breath as he slowly palmed his member, Osamu’s eyes usually gray and gentle, had a glint of fire in his eyes as his fingers slightly trembled — his mind telling him to go slow, yet times like these, his body reacted too fast for him to contain. 
The padding of his fingers grazing the hemming of your panties, softly tucking his index finger into the fabric, “Hips up angel,” Osamu softly ordered. 
Taking a gulp of his thick saliva, his adam’s apple prominently throbbing as he let out a heavy breath thereafter, his hard length teasingly grazing against your thigh as you watched it twitch up and down, mumbling to himself as he got a peek of your wet core, “fuck…”
Removing the last fabric of clothing from him being able to fully see you naked, the one skimpy piece of panty that always seemed to get in the way from him fucking you, Osamu fisted his cock as he watched you from above, absorbing every fiber of your bare body lying vulnerably before him. 
Osamu was thick. The type of thick that needed extra prepping, needed that extra finger or two to stretch you out before he could actually get himself in. He wasn’t necessarily long, but the width of his length and the perfect strokes of his hips grinding into you never failed to make your eyes roll back and your body tremble in ecstasy. 
Covering his cock with your slick, running his length against your puffy folds, lightly slapping his sensitive head against your cunt as he hissed out his breath, chest heaving and stomach clenched in as he watched you with carnal desire.
The cool of his gray iris’ looking flamed and heated as watched you squirm at his tease, “Samu… hurry I want you,” you mewled out.
And chuckling as he finally caved in to your cute whining, never intending to strip you access from his cock for too long, simply adoring everything — absolutely — everything about you.
Bending down as he positioned himself to hover over your body, kneeling as his torso and firm arms — triceps flexed and forearms bulging of his veins — caged you in his frame, Osamu always kissed the top of your forehead before pressing forward, muttering under his breath an honest confession — a stamp of assurance that in all that he did, it was because he “love(s) you.”
Angling the tip of this throbbing member into your pussy, pressing firmly in as his length framed the outline of your tight walls to fit his girth, cradling his body to hover over yours as he cupped your face. 
“Baby, look at me,” he softly let out, groaning deeply in his throat as he brows furrowed, scared that he was hurting you, “just a little more," he whispered out while his cock slowly sank inside.
And feeling your small hands wrap against his wrist, slowly opening your eyes to meet gaze with his, Osamu feels as if the world set in place, revolving along an axis designed for you both, where nothing felt more right and everything seemed to fall in perfect alignment when he was deeply connected with you — inside as one.
He feels his features soften the moment he hears his name trickle out of your pretty lips, “Samu…”
That’s when he’ll give a hefty thrust, the one that vibrates your inner organs and makes you gasp with all the wind knocked out of your lungs, gripping onto his wrists even tighter as you forced yourself to look at him, nails drilling crescents into his skin.
“That’s it baby, that's my girl. I’ll take care of you now,” Osamu promised before planting his lips onto yours, "always taking me so well."
Tumblr media
“Fuck you look so pretty,” Bokuto moaned while his fingers gripped onto your hips, making small dents into your skin with his nails. 
Running your hand against the plush of your stomach, grinding your hips in short repeated waves, staring down at your boyfriend — sweaty, frazzled, a beloved mess, where the streaks of his hair lightly shined in the dimmed midnight room.
“Look Bo… you’re filling me up to here,” softly smiling with hazed eyes, you pointed to where you felt the tip of his cock knock against your soft walls, where nothing but the euphoric connection between you both filled the room, completely blinding you from your supposed reality, where it was nothing but you and him in the stuffy room fragrant of sex. 
Gulping as he watched you from below, his lips loosely open as if he was hungry for a meal, as if he was restraining himself from unlocking an inner demon raptured inside his core, his fingers tingling as it craved for more, “Baby… you can’t say things like that,” Bokuto groaned.
Thrusting his head back into the pillow with a lowly growl, his hips unconsciously bucking forward, his brows deeply furrowed while pebbles of sweat dripped down his temple and coated his broad chest, “makes me want more than I can have.”
“Bo! Too deep!” you softly cried out yet the sloppy squelches of your wet pussy, filling up the room with each desperate move of your hips to reach your climax, said otherwise. His thick member pushed against your walls as you clenched tightly on him in return, your thighs aching, your arms slightly trembling as you pushed down onto his chest, you quickly felt the momentum change.
The weight of the bed dipping down, and the force of his body pushing you up, “C’me here,” he mumbled into your breasts as his thick calloused hands cupped your mounds into his mouth. His hot tongue swirled against your nipple, absolutely swallowing the plush of your fat, pushing his face into your tits while his other hand massaged your unoccupied breast. 
Unlatching like a newly infant, with a trail of spit running down his lips, “Fuck… so warm angel,” Bokuto mumbled while showering soft kisses to your aching swollen flesh, ending it with a teasing lick to your sensitive nipple as his fingers softly trailed down your body.
“Bo…it’s t-too much…” you whispered into his ear, your arms clinging around his neck, trembling as desperately held onto him, feeling his calloused palm press down on your stomach.
“Yea, pretty?” Chuckling as he peppered soft kisses around your naked chest, “let’s see if I can fill you up even more.”
Tumblr media
“Are you alright, love?” Akaashi’s soft voice loomed over your vulnerable frame, where the darkness of the room except the dim light of the bedside lamp illuminated the place,  “tell me if anything is too much,” his words whispered against your skin as he lightly kissed the edge of your shoulder. 
“I-I’m okay Keiji… j-just go a little slow,” you murmured out, as you accidentally bucked your hips forward and felt his hardened member, “sorry,” you quietly apologized.
“Shh… ‘s okay, nothing to be sorry about… it’s normal,” Keiji encouraged, softly chuckling as he kissed your temple, “you want to take my glasses off for me?”
Gently nodding as you reached up to remove his frames, his dark blue orbs never letting go of eye contact, “thank you angel,” he praised, reaching down to match his lips with yours, softly kissing your lips, being extra gentle to not do anything beyond your comfort, never daring to trespass any measure of trust yet still boldly proclaiming his love for you, in his own way.
You felt his lips travel down your needy body, kissing open mouthed kisses as he took his time to appreciate, to love, to adore every crevice of your body, to hear your short angelic mewls as his tongue grazed against your sweet spots.
Making his way down the lining of your neck, teasingly stroking his tongue against your naked collarbones as he lightly bit on your skin, his cock lightly brushing against your thighs as he made his way down. Pressing his thumb against his small bite mark, spreading the remnants of his spit on your skin as he lightly blew on the area.
Groping your breasts, cupping them from below as he latched his lips onto your nipple, while he massaged the other, tenderly making love with your hardened buds as he lightly grinded his hips into the crevice of your thighs, making you immediately feel a rush of heat travel through your body — was it exhilaration, was it pure nervousness, was it anticipation, you couldn’t quiet decipher.
But one thing you knew was with him, everything felt right — perfect — and everything felt safe.
And trailing down your body, your tits feeling exposed and lonely as the cold air hit against his saliva, and by instinct your hands traveled to your breasts, touching your mounds as you eagerly waited for your lover, “you’re so beautiful,” Akaashi murmured into your skin.
Lightly kissing your belly, down to your pelvis, and into your inner thighs, tenderly biting your skin as he positioned himself comfortably in front of your naked womanhood. Where the rush of embarrassment mixed with the desire for wanting more fueled your next move, you immediately clenched your thighs together only for Keiji to stop you as he used his arms to keep you open.
“Are you nervous?” He breaths fanned over your entrance, his voice allowing you to feel secure in his presence.
“N- not anymore… a-are you, Keiji?” 
Interlocking with your fingers to have you comb through his short hair, brushing lightly through to watch him melt into your touch, “you can pull if it’s too much, okay? I promise it won't hurt me.” he bargained when he saw a measure of hesitance flash in your eyes.
“And, I always…” Akaashi murmured just before stroking his tongue on your needy cunt, blowing cold air as he used two fingers to brush circles against your clit, spreading out his spit to lubricate your pussy.
“W-what did you say?” You breathlessly moaned out as your inner thighs hit the sides of his face, his side burns ticking your sensitive skin.
And looking up to lock gazes with yours, eyes still soft yet urging desperately for more, using his fingers to spread out your labia, “I always get nervous with you,” he let out before sucking your hardened bud, pulling you closer into his mouth by catching your arching back and caging your thighs in his strength.
Tumblr media
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18+ content, minors do not interact
the category is boyfriends who love laying on top of you. they gently rest their heads on your stomach, wrapping their arms around your hips with a relaxed grin on their faces. you ruffle their hair and they glance up at you with a loving gaze. but the second you meet eyes with them, it changes to a look of mischief, and they slowly snake down your body, spreading your legs and slipping your pants off so they can take care of you the way they want to.
eijiro kirishima | touya todoroki | jean kirstien | bertholt hoover | osamu dazai | yuji itadori | yuta okkotsu | toji fushiguro | tooru oikawa | atsumu miya | kotaro bokuto | tetsuro kuroo | keisuke baji | hanemiya kazutora | hanma shuji
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hyeque · a month ago
asking him for nudes [nsfw]
feat. tsukishima, kuroo, kita, atsumu, tendou
notes: will probably do a version of this for jujutsu kaisen
warnings: female!reader, masturbating, degradation, edging in atsumu’s, atsumu flashes his team 😕, implied cum eating in tendou’s
Tumblr media
tsukishima is annoyed, but when is he never? you begged and whined for nudes while the man was at work, for god's sake. he firmly told you no in the beginning and to stop acting like a brat. but when you kept pushing for some, and sending clips of how needy you were, he broke his composure.
the blonde slips into the employee bathroom, locking the door. finally freeing himself, he's already half hard. tsukki sends a picture of himself, smug expression and all with his pretty cock in frame. 'here. happy now?'. and of course he already knows the answer to that when you send a pouting picture in return. tsukishima can't help but take advantage of the photo to get himself off. he makes a video, spitting out profanities and words of degradation while he fucks his hand. he doesn't grant you the pleasure of seeing his face while he does. he knows how much you love seeing his face, but you disobeyed him, and this is punishment.
'you better not touch my cunt. i'm going to fucking ruin you when i get home.'
kuroo is ecstatic. he'll do anything for his pretty baby and the man is more than glad to send you some nudes. he doesn't send them right away though because he has to tease you first. he first sends a picture of his hard on through his slacks, the caption 'this what you want, baby?'. he knows you want more but he wants to see you say it. after successfully getting you to beg, he sends a video of him touching himself through his pants, telling you how it isn't nice for you to get him this worked up right now. how if you were in his office he'd have you bent over his desk. but of course kuroo asks for you to send nudes in return because he's dying to see just how wet you are for him.
being in his own office with no one else in the building, he doesn't hold back. he is loud—very loud. he's moaning your name excessively and telling you how good you always make him feel. asking you if you'll ride him and clench down like you always do so perfectly. his vest and button up are undone and you can see all of his toned chest. he whines and mumbles about how well you take him and how he can’t wait to fuck you. not long after, he orgasms and uses a tissue to clean himself.
'your turn, baby. let me see that pretty pussy i'm going to stuff full later <3'
kita is flustered. when he received a text from you saying 'there's an emergency' he was prepared to drop his farming tasks for whatever you needed. he wasn't expecting you to send him a video of you touching yourself, saying how much you need him. this is all new to him, but he wants so desperately to please you, so he tries his best. kita shreds his clothes, his fit and toned arms and chest in view, beautifully tanned from working outside. he truly looks ethereal.
he feels shy and a little embarrassed showing himself nude on camera but if anyones seen the man, there's absolutely nothing embarrassing about how pretty his cock is. he doesn't realize how pent up he actually is until he starts stroking himself, his whines and moans get gradually louder as he thinks about you and your cute cunt. but however the romantic person kita is, he starts rambling about how beautiful you are, and how he can't wait to start his own little family with you. he thinks you'll look so pretty round and carrying his babies. don't you? he rambled about how he'll take good care of you and your family. there isn’t anything that turns him on more than the thought of you having his kids. he knows you two planned to wait a little longer, but there’s nothing wrong with a little head start, right?
'sweetheart ya can't go and startle a man like that, now hurry home from work so i can finally have my way with ya. need ya pregnant by the end of the day'.
atsumu is smug. he knows he's attractive. he knows he's irresistible. especially when it comes to you. when he saw your message about sending nudes it was right after his practice had ended. sweaty and high on adrenaline, the blonde doesn't need to do much to get himself worked up. just seeing the messages of you being needy could be enough to get him to cum. but he is a performer, and as a performer, he must put on a show.
he teases you in the video, asking you just how badly do you want him and how you want him to take you. he assures you not to worry your pretty little head too much because however it is, he’ll be having you cum multiple times. the thought of getting you off brings himself to the edge and he knows he’s about to cum. but what's this? atsumu stops himself right before he can. his dick is a deep, scarlet red and his hard on by this point is near painful. but if there's one rule atsumu has, it's to not waste his own cum. the only place it belongs is inside of you and not the shower floor. once he’s done edging himself he sends a picture of his painful, rock hard cock.
he ignores the cries of his teammates and the noise of disgust (from sakusa specifically who said for him to 'put that thing away') when coming out the shower. he’s just trying to make it home to you now.
'ya don't know what you just started, angel. ya better be face down, ass up on the bed when i get home. yer not sleeping at all tonight.'
tendou is spontaneous. one nude was never the same from the last one. you're convinced that him sending nudes is more enjoyable for him than you, considering how worked up he gets. there was one instance where he told you he had a 'surprise for you' to bring home from work, and the man came home with his dick in a box full of chocolates. needless to say, if you didn't have a sweet tooth then, you do now.
but imagine this time around asking for some nudes he actually beats you to it, asking to send something at the same you do.
"i've been waiting for you to ask for this~" he sings in the video "i've been working on something for you, mon chéri~'. your anticipation eats at you while you wait, but it’s quietly followed by a gasp at the sight on your screen. low and behold, the man had made a chocolate mold out of your pussy. how he did it, you don't know. do you even want to know? you're even more choked up when you see him fuck the mold, his pretty moans taking up the video. your eyes are drawn to his slender hips and the way he moves them. you hate to say it, but you really do envy chocolate right now. tendou sweet talks you, saying how he wish he can't wait to have the real thing, and how your real pussy is much sweeter than any chocolate. a cute smile is plastered on his face and his pale skin is flushed a pretty pink, the way he shudders lets you know he's close. he loudly moans your name, cumming deeply inside the chocolate. grinning at his work, he shows it to the camera.
'i made all of this nice filling for you. you're going to eat it all, right?'
Tumblr media
do not copy and or repost. likes, reblogs, and comments are appreciated though! (c) 2022 hyeque
Tumblr media
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rinsaint · 2 months ago
ft. suna, atsumu, && kuroo !! part 2 part 3
cw. THIS IS FILTHY, fem!reader, masturbation, panties being took, thinking of reader in a sexual way, pillow fucking, jerking off to readers voice without them knowing, nonconsensual pictures being took of reader, sniffing !! lmk if you guys want a part two with diff characters <3
SUNA RINTARO: Suna is a little sneaky bastard. He’s the most sneakiest out of those two. He definitely goes to your instagram and jerks off to your pictures. He does it often and he doesn’t feel no remorse about it. On the days that you were a cute little skirt when you two are going out, he would always let you go first up a pair of stairs because “ladies first” was always his excuse. But no, he just wanted to watch your skirt rise up as you walk up the stairs. Seeing your cute little panties and the imprint of your cunt that has him watering at the mouth. He would sneak out his photo to snap a few pics of it and when you reach the top of the stairs he lets out an innocent smile. Once he gets home he sits down on his gaming chair and thinks of the pictures he took. He would take out his cock and stroke it, looking at the photo. He would cum all over his phone but really, he doesn’t care. Your plump ass and your cute pink panties is all that he cares about. It has him coming in no time. He just wishes it was you, pumping his cock, he just wishes it was you playing with the tip of his cock. He just wishes it was you. All he wants is to stuff his cock inside you and he can’t even do that <\33.
ATSUMU MIYA: This guys definitely steals your panties. The first time when he’s over at your house he tells you he needs to go to the bathroom. He goes into the bathroom and as he’s taking a piss he notices a clothing basket and sees a pair of your panties he presumed. He gulped as he flushed the toilet pulling up his pants. He walks towards the basket and takes your panties into his hands, and fuck— there’s a stain on it. He brings it close to his face and takes a sniff making his mouth water imagining what you taste like. Ever since then, he has been taking your panties using them to make him cum. One of your panties around his cock, and one of the other being licked and sniff by him. And he knows it’s wrong but for it feels so good. HE DEFINITELY TRIES TO STEAL YOUR BRAS. i just have a feeling. Whenever you two are talking, you fail to notice him adverting his gaze to your exposed boobs wondering how it would feel for him to grab ahold of it, and suck on your pretty nipple, making moans from you come out. And thus, he would wanna steal one of your bras to also jerk off to it lmao. And he’s such a pussy to ask you out so this is the only way to help him cope </3
KUROO TESTSURO: Kuroo is sneaky but not as sneaky as suna. Kuroo always loves to touch you. it doesn’t matter where but he just wants to feel you. When he has to get pass you, he grabs your hips purposely saying, “excuse me angel” because he loves to see your flustered state. Thinking about how flustered you would be when he has you under him, cock piercing in and out of your tight and wet cunny. He also loves to brush his hands against your breast. And he always says that it’s an accident and apologises, but it’s really not and he’s not sorry. All he wants to do is grab your breast and just suck on them until you beg him to touch you. But sadly, that isn’t reality, so he has to cope by listening to your pretty little voice on the phone. Sounds normal right? Well it’s not because on the other side of the phone, kuroo is stroking and playing with himself to your voice. And he let’s out a groan as you stretch and moan telling him you had a crazy and tired day. And fuck, that his is dick throbbing. He just wants you so bad he doesn’t know what to do with himself <\33. He’s also one of those cheesy people who likes to share straws with you, he thinks that you two are technically kissing and that’s just enough for him to think about that when he’s humping into his pillow, thinking about your soft lips kissing on his neck, his face, his lips, his cock.
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