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classyinnie · 2 days ago
“Did you ever plan on getting a relationship?” The interviewer asked.
"No, I was too preoccupied with volleyball to care."
“What made you change your mind?” 
Beyond the reporters, mics, and cameras, his gaze finds yours in the crowd. "The mere possibility that someone out there was worth the wait."
The interviewer noticed the softness in his eyes and tried to follow his line of sight, but he had already directed his gaze back to them before they could turn around. 
“Well, were they worth the wait?”
He smiles. “Always.”
—ATSUMU, Kageyama, OIKAWA, HINATA, Sakusa, Ushijima, Suna, Bokuto
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tooruhearts · 6 months ago
Tumblr media
they’re in love!! (with you)
→ feat. atsumu miya, oikawa tooru, hinata shoyo, sakusa kiyoomi || genres: fluff
Tumblr media
KIYOOMI is late to work. and it's not his fault. no, he didn't sleep in. he didn't forget to turn off the stove. he didn't forget his keys. in fact, he woke up at seven am like he always does. but kiyoomi is late to work and it's because of you.
"baby, one more kiss? the last one," you say, lips already chasing after his.
but kiyoomi puts a hand over your mouth. "you said that twenty kisses ago."
"last one, i promise, please?"
and now you're holding onto his necktie, eyes blinking at him, waiting for him to say yes. but kiyoomi is already ten minutes late to work and he knows that if he caves into you he will be even later. so he opens his mouth, about to say no, but then you kiss his cheek and whisper in his ear.
god. he can't say no to you.
kiyoomi kisses you, sighing into the kiss. he can feel your smile against his lips. what a little devil, he thinks. but that doesn't matter right now, because your lips feel like heaven and kiyoomi thinks this is paradise. and kiyoomi kisses you again and again and again until you're both breathless.
maybe he should call in sick today.
Tumblr media
ATSUMU sometimes gets this overwhelming warm feeling in his chest, a feeling that makes him want to almost cry. and it is times like these, as he’s laying in bed sick with a wet towel on his forehead, as you are holding his hand, that he realizes how grateful he is that you chose him. that you wanted to stay with him.
“babe, i love ya, will leave all my fortune to ya."
“tsumu, stop acting like you're dying. it’s just a cold.”
he snorts at your reply, but the warmth of your fingertips on his palms doesn't stop the tears from appearing in his eyes. he can feel his lips quivering, his face growing red (and not from the fever). so he pulls you closer to him, until your face is pressed into the crook of his neck.
“ya know i love ya, right? i love ya so much,” he whispers in your ear.
"i know tsumu, i love you too."
"even when you make me burnt porridge, i love ya a whole lot."
"yes, yes, you big baby," you giggle, lightly smacking his arm, "my big baby."
the night ends with you kissing atsumu's face over and over again until he stops crying (he stops when he falls asleep).
Tumblr media
TOORU knows all good things come to an end eventually. that forever is not a word that lasts, it's not a word that makes sense to him. that one day he will have to let go. but when his arms are tightly wrapped around you as you bask in the afternoon sun, your hair tickling his cheek, he thinks it might make sense after all.
forever is a word that tooru can finally picture and it takes shape in the form of you.
"you smell like me," he says, kissing the top of your head.
"you noticed? i used your shampoo."
"you're also wearing my jersey," he teases, "you like me that much?"
"tooru, you're literally my boyfriend."
he laughs. tooru can't help but tighten his arms around you, still laughing, your face pressed against his. you whine, saying he's crushing you. but tooru keeps you secure in his embrace, kissing your cheeks, your ears, your neck. kissing your lips. and yes, oikawa tooru is your boyfriend. he's yours, forever and more.
"you're soo clingy," you say.
"only for you," he replies.
tooru doesn't think forever is a word that lasts, but if it's with you, he will try. he will try to make it last until his last breath. only for you.
Tumblr media
SHOYO thinks you look stunningly beautiful. even now, as your clothes are soaked and you look terribly pissed off because the weather forecast didn't announce it would rain. even now, as your hair clings to your forehead and you're squeezing his hand a tad bit too hard.
"our picnic is ruined.”
"it's fine, we could always go tomorrow! and now we can go home and cuddle."
but that doesn't take away the look of disappointment on your face, or how your body slumps, or how smaller than usual you look. so shoyo pulls you towards him, making you drop the picnic basket, his face a mere inches away from yours.
"dance with me?"
and shoyo doesn't even wait for you to answer before he's twirling you around. hands around your waist, pulling your body each time closer to his, until all he can feel is your warmth instead of the rain soaking his clothes. until all he can feel is your heartbeat.
"shoyo, stop, this is embarrassing!" you say, but you're laughing and laughing with each twirl, with each step.
shoyo thinks you look stunningly beautiful. even now, as your hair clings to your forehead and your clothes are drenched. even now, as the rain pours over both of you and you two are dancing and laughing like mad.
Tumblr media
a/n: tooru’s is inspired by the song forever by lee junhyung!!
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notpikaman · 7 hours ago
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wake-uptoreality · 2 months ago
Sitting on his lap all day wasn't your plan at all. You have no other choice but to stay still as he isn't finished with the large book he is reading, not even glancing in your direction. Your knees buckle from the uncomfortable position he put you in. Once in a while clamping his legs to you not slip down. Just the other side of the book he is smirking devilishly enjoying your hopeless state as your back arches from sitting too long, rubbing and stretching your delicious neck that he marked up as his when you entered your shared apartment. It was your fault, that you got yourself in this. Getting all dolled up for a single date. Guys staring at your mouth-watering body. You knew he didn't like when you were dressed up that pretty in public, acting like a tease and all. He was the only one you could get all worked up for and you will understand that from now on.
-> AKAASHI, ushijima, KITA, sakusa, osamu, oikawa, IWAIZUMI, KUROO, TSUKISHIMA.
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bowandcurtsey · a month ago
When the kids ask for a second child (haikyuu) 
So I did this with the BC boys and I thought of some scenarios for the Haikyuu boys too ♡ඩ⌔ඩ♡
Kuroo | Bokuto | Atsumu | Tsukishima | Oikawa x f! reader
d/n : daughter's name s/n : son's name h/n : her name
TW: pregnancy, implications of nsfw but not mentioned, unchecked.
Black Clover Version
Tumblr media
Kuroo Tetsuro
"Daa daa!!" d/n ran towards her dad the first thing he stepped into the house. Her eyes were red and there were still tears left in her eyes.
"hey there little one," your husband picked your 3 year old up, "are you crying because you missed your daddy soooo much?"
"you wish," you laughed at your husband, giving him a peck on his lips as he frowned.
"so you don't miss daddy anymore? My princess is all grown up now, huh?" he feigned a hurt expression to your daughter.
"I do.." d/n gave a little pout exactly like her father's, "but daddy, Aunty h/n and Uncle Bokuto are having another baby!!"
"oya?" Kuroo looked at you in confusion, "why is this a news to cry about?"
"It's not fair!" d/n wailed, "I want another baby too!"
Kuroo laughed as he tossed his daughter in the air, giving a little kiss to her forehead.
"I'm on it," he winked at his mini him, "give daddy about 4 weeks, then you can share with Uncle Bo that you're gonna have another sibling too~"
"Tetsu!!" you pinched his sides, but something tells you that he was indeed serious.
Bokuto Koutaro
"Mummy! You're buttercup, I'm Blossom and d/n is Bubbles!" Your twin daughter came running to you while you were making an afternoon snack for the family.
"Hey! how about daddy!" your husband whined.
"You're professor!" d/n, twin number 2 exclaimed.
"But that makes mummy my daughter!" you husband finally got the logic right, "That's wrong! Mummy's my wife!"
You always found it funny how your husband liked to bicker with his 4 year old twin daughters about small matters like this.
"Okay!" twin number 1 exclaimed, "Mummy, we need another sister!"
"YA!!" twin 2 shouted from the living room.
"HEY HEY HEY!!" your husband stood up, skipping towards you with sparkles in his eyes.
He picked up the carrot you were slicing and dipped it into the hummus, "I think that's a great idea, mummy."
The carrot and hummus were placed right at your lips, "I think we can have the powerpuff boys next~"
Miya Atsumu
"alright, let's eat!" Osamu placed the pot of curry down on the dining table. You, Atsumu and your 3 year old son were visiting Osamu and h/n at their new home. Of course Osamu the chef had to cook personally for his favourite little nephew, s/n.
s/n always loved eating whatever his uncle made. He would polish his plate clean and that always made Osamu very proud.
"So~" h/n started to talk as everyone began eating, "we have news to tell you guys~"
"h/n is pregnant!" Osamu could barely contain himself.
Atsumu and you cheered loudly. "s/n! Uncle samu gonna have a baby! you'll have a play mate!" Atsumu told his son.
s/n stared at everyone with a blank look, feeling confused at what was going on. He didn't really understood the words 'pregnant', or 'playmate' quite yet."
As the four of you settled down, s/n suddenly broke the silence. "daaadaa! I want baby too!"
Everyone broke into laughter again as Osamu scruffled his nephew's hair.
Atsumu propped his head on his elbows as he looked at you with a grin on his face, "we'll have to see what mama says about that, little monkey~"
"Okay, let's just focus on dinner, shall we!" your face was flushed red.
Tsukishima Kei
"daddy~" your little princess tugged onto her dad's fingers. It was always when she wanted something from her dad, she'd do that.
"What is it, d/n?" The middle blocker picked his daughter up.
"Stella said that she's gonna have another sister in awhile so she won't have time to play with me next time..." she pouted
"oh, Stella from school?"
"Uh huh.." she frowned, "daddy?"
"Can I have another sister too?"
Tsukishima blinked twice at what his daughter just said. The heat creeping up to his face as his ear tips reddened.
He cleared his throat, "What if it's a brother?"
"no, I don't want a brother!" d/n crossed her arm.
"But we can't really decide on whether it's a boy or a girl, princess.." Tsukishima gave his daughter a little sheepish smile.
"okay.. I just want another baby so they can play with stella's baby and I can play with Stella again!"
Tsuki raised a brow at his daughter. She was indeed smart but in kinda the wrong way. He shook his head, deciding not to further explain the situation.
"I'll talk to mommy tonight, okay? So you'll have to head to bed earlier so mommy and I have time to discuss about this."
Oikawa Tooru
"daadaa maamaa!!" your four year old was excited to see both of you pick her up today.
Your husband carried her in one arm and held your hand on the other. Even as he grew older, your husband's charisma never faded, there were still many moms stealing glances at his handsome features. But now as he held your daughter and you, all you felt was pride.
"Teacher Daisy is having a baby in her belly!!" she excitedly exclaimed.
You both looked at the young teacher, and congratulated her, wishing her all the best and to take good care of yourself.
"Cupcake, you have to be careful around Teacher Daisy, alright, do not knock into her or cause her to fall, her little baby in her belly might get hurt." You reminded d/n.
"Okay mama," she nodded her head
"When you were in your mommy's belly, daddy was very careful too~" your husband smiled at the memory, "daddy watched as you grew bigger in mommy's belly~"
"daadaa, I want to take care of mama and the baby in her belly too!"
"mama has no baby in my belly right now, cupcake." you giggled.
"That can be changed," Oikawa winked at you.
"Tooru!" you gave him the look.
d/n clapped her hands, "yes yes!! baby!!"
"Honey, we have to give our little cupcake what she wants~" Oikawa wriggled his brows at you.
Tumblr media
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heartsuna · 7 months ago
Tumblr media
SUNA leans down to place a kiss on your cheek and you move away, pretending nothing happened. you can feel his gaze on you before he mutters a small “alright” and sits down to scroll through his phone. you thought he wasn’t bothered, but the longer he thought about it, the pettier he felt. moments later when you try to give him a kiss, he moves away from you as well. “c’mon rin!” “no, go somewhere else.” but he eventually caves in.
OIKAWA frowns and chases after your lips. “hey! give me a kiss!” he’s persistent, but so are you. you continue dodging his attempts, placing your palms against his chest to keep him away. manages to take hold of your wrists and holds them tightly with one hand while the other squishes your cheek together as he plants an exaggerated kiss on your lips.
BOKUTO pulls away with a frown on his face. “why’d you move away?” he had been particularly clingy that afternoon, practice had worn him out and the only thing he wanted was to be close to you. "baby," he whines. nuzzles his head in your neck and you can help but give in, nudging his head lightly and pressing a soft kiss to his lips.
IWAIZUMI furrows his brows as his lips meet your cheek. he looks to you and sees you holding back a smile. “give me a kiss,” he grunts. when you make no movement he puts a hand on the back of your head, pushing your head to his. your lips meet in a hard kiss and he pulls away with a satisfied look on his face.
you can't fool MATSUKAWA, he knows exactly what you're doing. raises his brows teasingly, a knowing smirk on his face. “don’t be like that, pretty girl.” he pulls you close and kisses you slowly. he knows you can’t resist him
Tumblr media
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euphoricimagination · 7 months ago
𝑾𝒉𝒆𝒏 𝒚𝒐𝒖 (𝒖𝒏𝒄𝒐𝒏𝒔𝒄𝒊𝒐𝒖𝒔𝒍𝒚) 𝒉𝒆𝒍𝒑 𝒕𝒉𝒆𝒎 𝒘𝒊𝒕𝒉 𝒕𝒉𝒆𝒊𝒓 𝒊𝒏𝒔𝒆𝒄𝒖𝒓𝒊𝒕𝒊𝒆𝒔
Feat. Bokuto, Oikawa & Sakusa
Warning: Mentions of insecurities
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Bokuto knows that he talks a lot; it's something that he can't control, and he wasn't able to change it even if he wanted.
He has experience way too many times that whenever he was excitingly telling a story, the other person doesn’t look half as interested as he is; sometimes they aren’t even listening to him or straight up tell him to shut up for a minute. Whenever that happens, he just slowly stays quiet and loses any motivation to continue talking, and he can’t help to think that most people find him annoying.
One day he was telling you about a volleyball match that you couldn’t go, and he was more than happy to tell you about it with all the details and sound effects possible. And even though you sometimes didn’t understand the technical details he was explaining, you were more than happy to see him talk about something he loves.
He was was telling you about a move that Atsumu did when he realized that you weren’t saying anything; and suddenly those memories came back, making him worry about boring you. He didn’t want you to be annoyed at him, and he knew that you were too nice to tell him to shut up. He looked at you with an apologetic smile
“Sorry, I talk too much, huh?” he mutters quietly, his eyes looking to the ground. He didn’t want to look disappointed, but he was pretty easy to read.
“What? No, no. keep going. So Atsumu send it a bit higher?” you asked, making him look at you quickly. He wasn’t expecting finding you with shining eyes and a smile, encouraging him to continue.
That made his heart beat faster; it wasn’t that you weren’t interested, you just were really invested in him and his story. He was so happy that he could talk to you so freely without any fear that you might get annoyed.
“Ah yes! He sent it a bit higher, and I barely was able to…”
Tumblr media
Oikawa has always been insecure; is not something that he can particularly control since he grew up believing that he wasn’t enough, always feeling that his hard work will never be enough to compensate the raw talent of others.
Now, years later, he's much less insecure than his teenage self, but sometimes it unconsciously transfers in the relationship. He knows you love him, but you always notice how he hugs you a bit tighter at night or when he’s around some people he doesn’t like.
You two were at a tournament in Japan, he was getting ready for the match when he saw you talking to two people from the opposite team, Miya and Suna according to their jerseys. He knew that you probably knew them from your school days, but he can’t help to feel a little unsettled when he sees you laughing so comfortably with them. Since the match was starting soon, he decided to go to you, hearing part of your conversation with those two.
“Sunarin and I are going to beat yer ass today, ya traitor” says Atsumu ruffling your hair playfully while you hug Suna
“Ya wish, should I remember ya which team won last time?”
“Well, I’m starting today, I’m the second-best setter in Japan, yer boyfriend of yers can’t compared” says teasingly; however, Oikawa didn’t knew that, his small insecurities starting to spark up the closer he gets.
“Ya wish, he’s the best in Argentina. I’ll bet money that he’s better than ya” you say winking at the Japanese setter. At thise words Oikawa stops; he knew that you always have supported him, you literally went to Argentina with him, but hearing you saying it so directly and confident makes him so unbelievably happy.
He was so deep un thought that he didn’t realize that you were in front of him.
“Toru? You okay, babe?”
“Perfectly fine” says hugging you tighter.  
Tumblr media
Sakusa was told all his life how difficult he was, how hard it was to approach him, how mean he was to everyone, being told that he was a germaphobic even though he wasn't; all of that because he likes things done in a certain way and he tries his best to be comfortable. Those words have chase him all his life, and despite not understanding why he was labeled like that, a part of him believe it was true.
You two are in a small hangout with the whole team celebrating their win when Sakusa excuse himself to go to the bathroom. To be honest, the only reason he accepted coming here was because he wanted you to relax after working so hard; and he knew that you like spending time with his team, much to his dismay.
“Dontcha get sad that Omi-kun doesn’t hug ya or kiss ya that much?” says Atsumu a little tipsy just when Sakusa was coming back. As much as his rational side knew that you love him -you wouldn’t be with him otherwise- he can’t help to wonder if you’re annoyed by those things.
“I don’t need him to be all over me to know that he loves me Tsum”
“But isn’t it hard to be his partner? I mean, he has so many… quirks to deal with”
“I don’t think they’re that weird though, he just likes everything to be clean, which is good. I love him lots, I don’t mind changing part of my routine to make him comfortable, he does the same for me” you say normally. He's thankful that he has his mask on, he can feel himself blushing slightly by your words. He never really expected to find someone that accepted him so easily, he never expected to feel so loved.
“So cheesy Yn”
“This is why you’re single Miya” says coming behind you, an arm dropping through your shoulders “Want to go home love? It’s getting late”
“Sure” you say standing up and saying bye to the rest of the team. He can’t help to squeeze your hand tightly hoping that you somehow know how much he loves you.
Tumblr media
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notpikaman · 7 hours ago
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youta · 3 months ago
featuring. miya atsumu, suna rintaro, oikawa tooru.
Tumblr media
miya atsumu as your older brother's best friend. he was always at your house, half the time annoying you with his lame jokes. always poking fun at each other, making sarcastic remarks and such. neither you or him ever missed a chance to mess with each other. what you didn't expect is your bond to grow stronger and push you closer as you grow up, realizing your feelings slowly. everyone beside the two of you knowing of your feelings.
suna rintaro as the childhood best friend you always bantered with, never missing a chance to make fun of each other. throughout the years you grew apart a bit, but still making good friends. it mainly happened because suna realized his feeling not soon after both of you graduated and didn't want to give himself false hope with your secure friendship. little did he know, he was always your crush. you even wrote about him in your diary as a kid.
oikawa tooru as the hot guy you see at the airport. you certainly didn't look your best, because you didn't expect to see such someone before boarding your flight. you couldn't take your eyes off his mesmerizing looks, it was something he immediately noticed. at first he just smiled to himself about it, but he soon found himself glancing back at you. you quickly became each other's airport crushes that you gushed to your friends about in text.
Tumblr media
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torhues · a month ago
oikawa tooru.
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
oikawa loves to watch you sleep.
it's nothing new. you've been living together for a little over a year now, his mornings begin with you sleeping by his side most of the time but, but oikawa doesn't look like he has moved on from the way you look when you're sleeping.
he thinks you look funny— ugly, maybe not ugly, but definitely funny. you look like such a mess, make weird faces, leave trails of incoherent words that wake him up in middle of the night. your limbs are all over the bed and most of the time, they're above him, as if he's your bed or something. you never wake up the way you go to sleep, always ending up on his side of the bed, pushing him to the edge while wrapping your arms around him as if you're holding him for falling down, like you're not the reason why he's in that position in the first place. you end up taking the whole comforter and it got to the point where oikawa suggested using two different comforters for the sake of both of you, but it didn't help either, since you would leave yours and slide into his every single night.
but he doesn't complain, not at all. he doesn't mind if you steal his comforter and he has to sleep without one every night. it's fine if he falls down from bed once a few days, or if he wakes up with a neck or back pain thanks to your habit of having your hands and legs all over him. oikawa doesn't have any complaints because he thinks it's a blessing to wake up every night and look at your beautiful face.
he thinks you're the prettiest while sleeping because you don't seem to care about the way you have to present yourself to people, even if it's just him and you in the room. you smile while sleeping, or frown, make some sort of angry face, etcetera etcetera; oikawa thinks it's adorable, because those are the moments when he realises he's in love with you.
"you could've woken me up," and sometimes, he's too busy falling in love with you, he doesn't realise you've woken up already.
"thought i'd let you sleep a little more," he speaks just above the comforting silence enveloping the two of you, trying to maintain the decorum, matching the intensity of his voice with yours while caressing your cheeks. "you're making me want to sleep again,"
"well, y—" he slips in next to you, making you shift involuntarily to make space for him. his hands are a little cold, sending bits of shivers down your spine as he wraps them around your waist, letting his fingertips trace random patterns on the bare skin under your sweatshirt. "i'd love to sleep more but, we need to make breakfast,"
"what's so good about breakfast at seven on a winter morning?" he whispers against the crook of your neck.
you chortle at the contact, "may be that it can help me with my hunger?"
"if we sleep, we won't be hungry anymore," oikawa pulls back, allowing his eyes to admire your face while you take your time presuming the words behind his love sick eyes. "can i tell you something?"
"go on,"
"i think i'm in love with you,"
your lips curl into a smile, "you tell me that every day," or more so, multiple times, every day. it's more of a remind so that you don't forget he loves you, and that he loves you more than anything else in this world, as if you're ever going to forget it.
"no i mean, i'm in love with you right now, at the moment, while we're lying next to each other; like, i'm falling in love with you right now and—" a pause, as if he's trying to build up suspense or create the atmosphere. it's simply an oikawa thing to do, he wants everything about you to be special. "— and, i don't think i can ever stop falling in love with you,"
it's magical how every single word that falls off his lips manages to flutter your heart. his smile never fails to fluster you even though you've been dating for three years now. oikawa has you going crazy and also keeps you sane. it's difficult, but you're somewhere in between. he has you head over heels for himself, making you fall for him every morning that you wake up. he's keeping you afloat but is also the reason why you're drowning. he is like a pool of contradictions in your life and you can't help it because every part of him makes you feel alive.
that is the effect oikawa has on you. so, you cup his cheeks, hoping that you have the same, if not more, effect on him as well. "i don't think i can ever stop falling in love with you either,"
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missmeinyourbones · 2 months ago
haikyuu men as random pics i had saved on my phone 
a silly little post to get a feel for characterization on these funky guys ;p aot and jjk versions here :)
Tumblr media
ushijima, yamaguchi, ATSUMU LOL, hinata, BOKUTO
Tumblr media
sakusa, suna, TSUKISHIMA, kyotani, akaashi, kageyama, kenma
Tumblr media
SUGAWARA, akaashi, iwaizumi, bokuto, nishinoya, kita
Tumblr media
osamu, tsukishima, tanaka, SUNA, akaashi, sakusa
Tumblr media
oikawa, daichi, ATSUMU, kuroo, iwaizumi, suga, osamu
Tumblr media
kageyama, kenma, OIKAWA, yamaguchi, tanaka, ushijima
Tumblr media
kita, kyotani, nishinoya, KUROO, *whispers* hinata
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kisskawa · 2 months ago
— touch of you
“you ok?” your question cuts through fuzzy visions and the constant thrum of city noise in the background.
“yeah,” oikawa nods, “i was just-” his arm stills mid air, halfway into a point when he notices the paused tv. “just thinking,” he finishes lamely, biting back the urge to wince at his poor response.
he’s not lying. he was thinking. it’d been a long day and oikawa craved your touch. he’d been hoping you’d angle yourself ever so slightly to the side, giving his head a place to rest on your thighs. or that you’d sink into his side, hugging his arm to anchor yourself from melting completely.
but you didn’t.
and then oikawa’s want turned to guilt, pooling heavy in his stomach as the recognition of his selfishness surfaced. because you’re so kind and caring and you’d let him pick the movie tonight, and it’s taken some time but oikawa had learnt to understand how you love.
you’re not touchy. not one to thoughtlessly trail featherlight fingertips down oikawa’s abdomen or offer open arms mindlessly. instead, your shows of affection are quiet and subtle, barely there displays that seek only to bring oikawa some ease, some warmth.
and despite what you’d expected from someone with such a large presence and commanding nature, oikawa had been nothing but patient and willing and lovely.
he let you set the pace, encouraging smile enticing the actions from you whilst still remaining aware of your boundaries. the first time you’d linked pinkies with him had been after a series of careful brushes of the hand, sending electricity coursing through his veins, heart jolting and singing at once. but rather than let his excitement flood and overwhelm, oikawa had curled his finger around yours, settling for a pleased little grin and holding tight onto that feeling of happiness that always bubbled up when with you.
it’s a feeling you get too, tucked away next to your heart where you keep all things precious - fond memories, kind words and tooru’s smile. it’s a place only he’s familiar with. and it drives you to shift, leg swinging over oikawa’s lap so that your chests are pressed against each other’s.
your confidence is beginning to wane by the time oikawa settles, head dropping into the crook of your neck with a satisfied hum. his arms wrap around your torso, giving you a brief though tight squeeze as if beginning to recharge, as if to say thank you.
oikawa’s happiness spills in an instant. it’s as infectious as ever - at a family gathering, at flattering admiration and praise, at the end of a winning match - and it has your arms travelling upwards, coming to rest across his shoulders and behind his neck.
“what are you thinking about?” you murmur, voice low like you don’t know.
the corners of tooru’s lips peak up. a sign he’s thought of something entirely ridiculous to say.
“you.” it’s also the truth.
you try for a dismissive scoff, it comes out amused instead, dampened by your smile. “you’re awful,” you chide, groaning.
“you love it,” oikawa rallies easily.
“i love you,” you shrug, words flowing like second nature.
“now who’s the awful one?” oikawa beams, nosing your cheek, “the awful, cheesy, corny one.”
“you’re contagious,” you nod seriously, though wriggling threateningly on his lap as he continues to pile on wet, lovesick adjectives. your bluff is silently called, the both of you are fully aware you’d already decided against leaving for a while.
it’s a funny sort of statement, its meaning an insult but lined with all the adoration of a compliment. and it has tooru replacing his stock of sticky, fond words with a declaration of “i love you.” he couldn’t go too long without returning the sentiment after all.
his lips are pressed against your skin in hopes it’ll allow the confession to seep through directly into your heart, “i love you so much, you don’t even know.”
the chuckle that escapes you rumbles through into oikawa’s chest, filling him with joy. “course i do,” you comment matter-of-factly, eyes curving with pride, “i know everything about you, everything about loving you too.”
and tooru can’t help but boldly agree. because it took only a thought and you had found yourself comfy on his lap, wrists looped around his neck to pull him flush against you. it started perhaps slightly rough, actions somewhat rare, and still, greedily tooru thinks all the time in the world with you is too little. for, how could he ever have enough of your touch, of you?
lithe fingers play with the wisps of hair that fall upon his nape, a sly trick you’d long since learnt would make tooru turn boneless in your arms. and all bothersome cares and worries leave his mind.
throat suddenly syrupy thick, tooru replies to your affection with three taps at the base of your spine, just enough pressure to be firm and steady and sure.
you know what they mean too.
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mysterystarz · 3 months ago
stay around, won’t you?
Tumblr media
pairing: timeskip!oikawa tooru x g!n reader
genre: hurt to comfort, fluffy ending, minor angst but it’s resolved no spoilers included
a/n: i write tooru when i don’t want to think anymore and this is absolutely not proofread
reblogs and opinions are appreciated <3
Tumblr media
oikawa didn’t expect to find you awake.
after his long practice, he’d rushed home as soon as he could, craving your presence and the warmth of your embrace more than anything else in the world.
he’d expected to come home to dimmed lights, a certain sleepy stillness that he’d admired and find you in bed, arms ever so willing to accept him when he finally stepped into with you.
rather — he found you awake, music playing so you weren’t asleep and an expression that almost mirrored sadness.
that’s where he realized that there was something wrong.
“love?” he asked, his voice entering the apartment you shared a bit too lowly, “what’s wrong?”
you sat on the couch, half bothered he was able to tell how you felt with just a glance and half bothered that you felt this way at all.
but he loved you. he loved you like you were his sun, his brightness and his eternal meaning, and with that came the knowledge that there was no hiding anything from him.
“you….aren’t really around much.” you said simply, not letting your mind wrap around the meaning of those words.
it was quite the understatement. for the past weeks the two of you had merely lived in the same space, brushing past each other at the simple times that you managed to be at home. him going off to practice, and you heading off to work.
your fatigue claimed you near midnight, and he was always back past that, settling into your arms at the end of the day — simple hours that slipped by far too soon.
oikawa’s eyes widened with realization, and setting his bag down near the door, he made his way over to you.
“stay there,” you gulped, afraid your voice would waver if he came any closer, “i know this is only for the next few days, but it’s getting hard tooru. it’s hard to love you so much and not even get the time to talk to you like i normally do. or hug you. or just simply be with you.”
oikawa’s chest plummeted at the words.
“volleyball is your world,” you smiled up at him, “and i’m so proud of you for getting better every day, but i miss you. i barely see you anymore.”
he couldn’t find it in him to say anything.
“and…i…..i’m not sure if you need anything more on your plate.” you murmured.
he felt the implications behind those words immediately and gently wrapped you in an embrace. “you’re not a chore to me. you know that, right?”
his brown eyes met yours, genuine concern pooling within them. “i might have a million obligations, but loving you has never been one of them. you make me the happiest man alive.”
“i just don’t want us to fall apart tooru,” you exhaled shakily, “we’re both busy and—”
“i’ll make time for you,” he said intently. he traced your cheeks with his finger, “i’m all yours this weekend and we’ll make plans aside from that too.”
“you mean it?” you asked, looking up at him.
“course i do,” he mumbled, intertwining his fingers with yours. “no matter what it is, we’ll get through it together.”
“i’ll move my schedule around too,” you smiled, leaning into his chest. “cant be just you who’s all heroic you know.”
“mean,” he pouted, “i am total prince charming material.”
“not really,” you smiled, pressing a soft kiss to his lips, “but i don’t mind being your knight.”
the two of you stayed like that, tangled in each other’s warmth and bound by sweet promises. whatever it was, you’d get through it together.
and that was love.
Tumblr media
©mysterystarz all rights reserved - please do not plagiarize, translate, or modify my fics even if credited
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tooruswhre · 15 days ago
feat. suna rintaro , oikawa tooru , kuroo tetsuro.
genre + tw. fluff comfort slight implication of pregnantation in suna’s . also not proofread 🤭
previous section the boys as dads! pt one.
Tumblr media
when you’re kids were born, SUNA was glued to them, he couldn’t bare staying away for too long, even cause for games. in the early stages, he always tried to fight to urge to pick them up, but he just adored the newborn baby scrunch; melting his heart from how cute they are, their little inaudible yawns and their small heads resting on his shoulders. he’ll even ask for you to take a few picture so he can print it out later and put it inside a photo book archive he started curating. whenever suna comes home, he’d never arrived empty handed. he introduces matching outfits for the two of you and the twins, setting his phone up to take pictures. as they get older he’s even more adored with them, being able to take them places and spend every last nickel and dime of his on them including yourself. he would give the world and then some if he could for his little family and everything within it. to your dismay the baby fever hits him hard sometimes and he suggests that you two should make more.
OIKAWA’s background of his phone is your child in a teddybear onsie with a tiny little toothless smile on their face. he also has more where that came from, he has a whole entire album titled something like mini me and me and it has over a thousand of pointless photos that come out blurry for how quick he tries to take the picture before the moment is over. oikawa is also extremely hands-on and active with your children, he often takes a sick day or two help out with tending to them while you rest, he also loves holding them up, their tiny hands wrapped around his finger and watching them do a little dance. oikawa also gives me the feeling that when they start crying he mimics them before showing his childish empathy like they have any idea what he’s doing. he also has one of those baby carriers that you wear on your stomach when he’s around the house cleaning, or lounging.
KUROO is more than excited to be a father and welcome your bundle of joy into the world. he has more time on his hands now that he is able to work from home, taking conference calls with your child on his knee as he bounces his knee to prevent them from crying, sometimes failing and offers to reschedule the meeting. he also likes making conversation, talking about how lousy his day was and the minor inconveniences that he came across, and uses their coincidental babbles as their responses, “see i knew you’d get me!” that in itself is very entertaining to watch seeing how invested your kid looks, not knowing much of what is being said; just happy to be apart of it. kuroo also takes the night shift most nights when he’s not working, he knows how overwhelming it can be to do everything yourself when he’s not around, so he pitches in every chance he gets weather thats making bottles, changing diapers and more.
Tumblr media
reblogs, asks && more are always appreciated <3
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wake-uptoreality · 3 days ago
Characters: Bokuto Koutaro, Oikawa Tooru, Suna Rintarou, Ushijima Wakatoshi.
Tumblr media Tumblr media
"One more!" His loud voice achoed through the small bar. It was his 9th cup already and you were getting worried. "Big boy, slow down there" you joked since it was the best way to talk with drunk Bokuto. Him not listening, gulped down whole liquid almost eating the cup with it. You huffed and crossed your arms. You knew this would happen. Waiting for the consequences, which meant drugging him out of bar until you reached his house. Your back already hurt just the thought of it.
"Ya'know, you look so pretty" you gasped as you felt him caressing your thigh. His fingers smoothly dancing on your skin, making your body tremble in seat. "B-Bo?" You question as you feel him getting closer to your face. "Too pretty~" he grins, sliding his hand on your back, pressing you against his chest. You felt your cheeks burning as he held you so close thet you could feel both of your heartbeat. "Love ya, Love you so much" he kissed your cheek and forehead. "Please be mine, y/n" maybe it was the small amount of alcohol, that gave you courage to kiss him deeply with passion. You will be his and his only.
"I told you to not drink in my house!" Your annoying roommate has been bothering you since the day he first moved in. He is messy, whiney and a biggest child you have ever met. "Calm down, princess~ join me instead" he patted the seat next to him. "Jerk" you barked, slamming your bedroom door and throwing yourself on bed. You at least hoped that he wouldn't invite some girl and make out or something. Well for the safety of your ears you put your favorite music and grabbed your headphones. "That idiot will probably be too horny" you mumbled, your heart aching just a little bit.
You must have been too deep in thoughts, not hearing your door opening and closing. You were laying on your stomach, hugging one of your plushies, when you saw the huge shadow lulling over your body. "Wah-tooru what the-" "that should be me" "what are you talking about-" he grabbed your levi plushie and threw the poor thing in somewhere else, grabbing your waist and sticking his head between your boobs. "Always wanted to do this" "you damn-" "wait before you hit me... I love you, y/n. The first time I met you, I instantly fell in love with you, please be my girlfriend" you put your hand on his cheek, looking deeply in his eyes. "Tooru.." "y/n" "I-...I will never forgive you for hurting my Levi, you damn jerk!" "Yep!!"
"Rin, It's 3am, why the hell are you calling?" You knew that you wouldn't pick the call if it was someone else, but when your phone screen lit up with the name of the famous fox, your inner couldn't just let you ignore the call. "y/n *hiccup*" heavy breathing of Suna filled your ear. "Rin are you smoking? If your couch hears about it, your ass will be kicked heh" you sat up on your bed, cracking your back and yawning in the phone. There was a few second silence after that. "Y/n~" he was still breathing the same way, making you worry a little. "Rin you alright? Are you hurt or something?" You asked nervously. "Yeah...hurt by you"
All the rumors were true that you two were dating. You still can't recall why you two broke up though. Maybe because there were too many misunderstandings at that time. At last you two agreed on staying as friends. "Rin, we talked about this" you sighed. Your heart beating just the thought of him still talking this sweetly and lovingly to you. "Y/n, the years without you was like a punishment *hiccup* to me, ya know more painful than spending time with Atsumu-"
(Piss-haired twin sneezes in his sleep)
"Please, I can't leave without you, let's be together again. That years weren't right time for us. I need you, I want you, I love you! I will change for you, please-just I need you beside me, in my life"
"idiot.." you sob in your phone. "Y/n..." "yeah?" The next you heard was loud snoring.
"Tendou-san, hi!" You greeted the red-headed. "Y/n-chan, Hi~ I see you are doing well" you smiled and hugged him, him returning the warm hug from you. "Where is Toshi?" Titling your head, you saw your boyfriend gulping down the large bottle of beer. "Pretty shocking, right? Who knew, we could see Wakatoshi-kun putting down his walls. I called you, because ahh he is too drunk, you should take him home." you looked at him dumbfounded then still at olive-haired. It was unusual sight, seeing your stoic boyfriend chatting so freely. You smiled, he looked so cute like this, his lips pouting when someone teased him.
You walked up to the table, bowing down to his friends and kneeling next to him. "Babe.." you shook him, catching his attention. He stood up from his seat, making a big heart with his big hands. "I love you" you flushed like a tomato, hiding your face while others started recording whole thing. He has never done anything like this before. "Please y/n, stop running from me" he put his chin on your head, pouting and becoming sad all of a sudden. "Toshi we are already together, love" "then let's get married" "hah?" He grabbed your hand. "Right now" "hah? right now, somebody help!"
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we-fancy-you · a month ago
Certain pick-up lines, I think they would use
Headcannons, Nsfw, Timeskip! 
My face is made for two things. To cherish, and to sit on.  Oikawa, Terushima, Tanaka, Lev, Taro, Konoha, Tendo, Atsumu
I heard you like sweets. If you go on your knees, I can give you something real nice to suck on. Kuroo, Tsukishima, Matsukawa, Yamagata, Suna
I don’t really believe in God, but God blessed me for being between your legs. Noya, Iwaizumi, Kageyama, Bokuto
I didn’t study astrology, but I know you’re gonna see some stars tonight. Atsumu, Kuroo, Daichi, Semi, Sugawara
You making me a sandwich is nice, but the thought of me making you a cream pie is way better. Ushijima, Kita, Suna, Bokuto, Osamu, Kenma
I have part two here
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munsonsins · 11 months ago
— 𝐇𝐚𝐢𝐤𝐲𝐮𝐮 𝐏𝐮𝐬𝐬𝐲 𝐄𝐚𝐭𝐞𝐫𝐬
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
✾ 𝐖𝐀𝐑𝐍𝐈𝐍𝐆𝐒. Oral (f. Receiving), size kink, exhibitionism(?), fingering, overstim, edging mentions, squirting, MDNI
✾ 𝐍𝐎𝐓𝐄. Dont mind me, I'm just being horny (as usual).
Genshin version
Tumblr media
reblogs and interactions are appreciated!!
Tumblr media
#1 Terushima
• If you thought I'd give this position to anyone other than this mf, then think again
• The cheeky bastard loves the way you shiver when his tongue flicks at your clit, the cold metal of his piercing flush at your warm flesh.
• He's a tease so he's gonna hold your trembling thighs apart and have at it till you're begging for him to just fuck you
• Teru will edge you. He loves the way you get grabby with your fingers tugging at his hair. The little growls he let's out while slurping at your cunt just makes you wetter.
• He's a kinky one. Don't think he's above pushing you against the wall and going downtown in a place where anyone can walk in anytime.
"What's the matter, princess? Not so mouthy now that my face is in between your legs, hm?"
#2 Bokuto
• Ofc second place goes to everyone's favorite himbo.
• He's so eager to please, sit on his face, it's your throne. He'd be moaning and bucking his hips up involuntarily because he's hard just from eating you out
• Between his mouth suckling at your cunt and his huge hands roaming around your body, you don't realise exactly when you're tumbling over your high, drenching his chin with your slick
• Dont be shy, he loves it. The proud grin he flashes you from under should prove this.
• Definitely leaves a lotta hickies on your thighs, he loves to watch the marks later as he fucks you on his cock
"Baby, you taste s'sweet, I can never get 'nough, please cum on my face, please,”
#3 Atsumu
• LISTEN. ik you're gonna say 'but samu is the better eater' and yes, but tsumu eats better pussy than his twin. You can't convince me otherwise.
• He's messy, spits on your cunt before diving in. Lots of slurping noises as your thighs sandwich his face
• His hands grabs at your ass, kneading the flesh, even smacking it when you squirm under his touch
• Definitely overstims you on purpose because he's not letting go till he's satisfied. So you gotta lay there and let the man have his fill.
• But his tongue work is 10/10, Atsumu knows how to make you scream with how his tongue slips past your honeyed folds.
"Mhm, makin' such pretty sounds f'me, baby. I wonder if ya' can gimme another one because I ain't stoppin' anytime soon."
➷ Honourable mentions:
# Osamu, Sakusa, Ushijima, Kuroo, Suna
• He eats pussy not for your pleasure but for himself.
• Gets so drunk on how sweet you taste that he overstims you accidentally.
• With his large hand splayed over your tummy to hold you down, his tongue laps up at all your juices till you're quivering and whimpering
• He slips two of his thick fingers inside you right after he made you cum to groan at how tight your walls feel
• He's gonna finger you to another orgasm all the while his tongue teases your clit because he loves watching your face loll to the side as you cry from too much stimulation.
"you can give me another one, can't you, baby? for me, please?"
# Kita, Hinata, Oikawa, Akaashi, Nishinoya
• Praise galore! He's whispering soft words as he presses kisses on your shaky thighs.
• He moans as he licks at your slit like he's enjoying this more than you
• But really, he loves to give his precious girl all the pleasure till your mind's going numb
• He's not gonna stop till you squirt though, the soft chuckle that fans your wet pussy as he gazes up at you with awe filled eyes
• The room is filled with awfully loud wet gulping sounds as he cleans up your juices, it never fails to heat up your body with embarrassment.
"You're so filthy... All this for me? How cute."
Tumblr media
2021 © all content belongs to druighoney. Do not repost my work anywhere.
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simpliheavenli · 6 months ago
How do you get them back for cheating on you?
Ivory's note: Just got back, feeling like a bad bitch so I want to cry while I write. Also, FT. My OC, Hyun (He plays the role of new bf)
Tumblr media
You get into a relationship with someone so sweet they could give you a cavity. Not just that, he happens to be an anonymous fitness influencer. So, poor Tooru was painfully aware that you were in perfectly capable, strong hands. Your boyfriend would not only post pictures of him bench pressing you, he would also show you off like the amazing person you are. You see, Oikawa had been seeing someone behind your back for 5 months before he got sloppy and confused you for an idiot. He was seeing his manager, his fucking manager. And obviously you were pissed and not happy. You cried and screamed at him but of course it barely phased him. That's because he was the cocky, arrogant, cheating liar- called Tooru Oikawa and you would never find anybody better than him.
But he started to panic when you stormed off flipping him off telling him 'we' were finished between sobs. So, when you met your boyfriend at a bar, while you were throwing a pity party for yourself he comforted you. He had a dragon tattoo that winded up his bicep that flexed underneath the fabric of his back t-shirt, clearly cotton. And you knew that due to staring it for far too long getting a good look and his muscular build. He had black hair with a bleached under layer that was long just past his shoulders. His hair paired well with his piercings and charming, sweet smile. You realised you didn't need to find someone better than Oikawa, you just needed someone who fit with you. Someone you never needed to adjust or shift to fit their needs. You hoped he would cry, break down, anything- and he did! He asked you to come back, begged even. You just gave him pleasantries and never responded to him again. Stings like a bee, soothes like honey. But him, he got too close to the honey too fast. And now he had to deal with a horde of bees.
He tried his best, really. But you just weren't her. He dated her once but they broke up, you trusted that they were just friends since he would never, ever do that to you! But fool me once shame on me, fool me twice shame on you. He would leave early in the morning, come back late at night, receive texts from strange numbers- etc. And he was the one who broke it off with you. And you felt stupid, and dumb. Because you ignored the signs and followed him around like a dog. You just weren't her, really. You cried and broke down. Waving his fake pity away and sprinting out the door. And in an effort to cheer yourself up, you go to the flower shop to buy yourself a bouquet. You did not expect to meet a wonderful volunteer on the way there. He helped you carry your bouquet back to the hotel you were staying in, and even made you a drink while he listened to your recollection of the recent events.
And from then on, the both of you frequently met each other. He was supportive, kind, open minded and even knew how to style hair. After learning on his own. He was a fine match for your previous boyfriend, and dare I say better. He would flaunt you and confidently praise you for everything. Like you were a gift from the gods, something Suna wished he had done. Had he done so, he wouldn't have had to fill the void he created. Him and his girlfriend didn't work out with the lack of adrenaline, trying to keep their whole scandal a secret and it lacked the sweet intimacy you provided. No, he lacked you. A key component in his life, and with out you- he realised how much he relied on the support you provided. And it burned when he saw you vibrant smile through the pictures on the instagram page he stumbled upon. You sweet, innocent- more over content gleam in your eyes and you looked at the anonymous man hit him hard. Whenever you were there it was always cringey couple stuff, but he would have been 100% willing to take those photots with you a 1000 times, but you were gone now. And he can't do anything about it, because really- it was his fault and he knew it.
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