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You were in a crappy mood. Actually, that was an understatement. Your scalp was itchy. Your nose was runny. Your brain hurt — you’d missed all of last week’s maths lectures and now you were struggling to understand a concept that you’d easily grasped back in high school. 
But the cherry on top, the catalyst that pushed your frustration levels over the edge, was that you had not been able to reach your boyfriend Akaashi in over 24 hours. No good morning, good night, I’ve been thinking about you texts. You knew he got wrapped up in his studies sometimes but it had never been to the severity where he’d forget to send you at least some reminder that he was alive.
Or maybe, a treacherous part of your brain whispered, it’s not his studies he’s wrapped up in. Maybe it’s someone — 
Something clattered to the floor. You realized it was the textbook you’d been holding, the one you were preparing to consult. The weight of the disapproving gazes of the people around you settled on your chest, even as you thought this is a library, not a monastery.
Your phone chimed with a text and you leapt for it. 
Bokuto: Wanna go out for lunch????
You had not accomplished one thing, but it was time for a break.
You: Yes.
One nice thing about dating is that your partner’s friends become your friends, and Bokuto took this to heart. He saw fit to meet with you once a week minimum, to secure his position of best man at the wedding (or if Akaashi didn’t choose him, then man of honor. Or if you didn’t choose him, then at the very least emcee). 
When you arrived at your usual lunch spot looking a little worse for wear, he almost let out the secret that was bursting to escape from his every pore, but then he remembered his promise, and restrained himself. It spoke to what bad condition you were in that this whole thing had flown under your notice. You were usually very perceptive.
“Bo,” you said finally, sighing.
“Ummmm... Have you... heard from Akaashi lately?”
“Yes!” the answer burst from him. Bokuto coughed. “Yeaaahh, I have. You know we talk every day.”
You laughed drily. “Alright. Just wondering because he hasn’t responded to any of my messages. Life has been just so shitty recently.”
The bleak note in your tone nearly broke Bokuto, but then he saw a familiar figure stride through the restaurant’s glass doors, gaze sweeping across the floor plan until locking with Bokuto’s excited eyes. Bokuto looked over at you, but you were more interested in studying the tablecloth than interpreting his expression.
“Well, things are about to take a turn for the better,” he promised.
The past day had been straight from transportation hell — flights being cancelled, trains being missed, trains being delayed, airports closing down, inclement weather — all these words blurred together in Akaashi’s brain, melting into an indistinguishable hum, once he saw you. He saw you. You were here, and that made it all worth it. 
Slowly he made his way towards your table. Your back was to him, and it was so delicate, hunched protectively over your heart. On your calls, you always made it seem like you were doing fine. You never confided in him the worries that chipped away at your sleep, leaving purple bags underneath your eyes; the concerns that filled your eyes with tears, leaving them red when you picked up on FaceTime. 
But he was here now, and he could be here for you. Akaashi’s heart pounded, even as Bokuto signalled for him to hurry up. As he approached the table, Akaashi wondered what kind of face you would make when you first saw him. Did he know you as well as he thought? You would cry, he decided uncertainly. 
“...don’t know. Everything that could be wrong is wrong, I’m failing math, I’m breaking out, I miss Akaashi—”
“Who, me?”
You whirled around as he slid into the chair next to you, arms open. Akaashi smiled as you barreled into his embrace, hands already coming up to catch your salty tears.
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Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
A little IwaOi Spiderman AU ft. @matcha-bean12′s design for oikawa!
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ladytheoris · 19 hours ago
Oooooh could I please request p11+c9?
Prompt: I’m done. I’m done trying so hard only for you to never even look in my direction.
Character: Bokuto Koutaro
Warning: Angst, it's total bs.
Have you ever felt like all your efforts are going all around, but not to the point where you want them to be? That was your relationship with Bokuto in summary.
Bokuto Kotaro, one of the top 5 aces in Japan, was insanely famous for his athletic abilities and good looks. He was nothing more than an average person with a hectic schedule when it came to relationships.
Things went smoothly until the initial phase of the relationship, and it was a mutual decision to take things to the next level. And that came with a ring on your finger. A few months in, you felt like being a side character in his story.
If life is a book, you believed every character had their importance. But in Bokuto's book, it was mainly his team, volleyball, and his work life. You could feel slowly that you are just being sided every then and now, like today.
You married him on one fine evening of June 29th. It was the happiest memory you will ever have. His golden eyes always tell affirmative words when you looked at him, and they showed you a hundred reasons to sign that document.
Today was supposed to be the day when he comes home early. Then he would take a nice refreshing bath after the workout he did earlier. Then have a great dinner prepared by you, sipping wine and commenting about how great the last few years were. How lucky he is to be here where he is, along with you. And you would kiss him, pull him in for a slow dance while his arms will go around your waist, pulling you close to his chest. Then have sweet sweet lovemaking without any other priorities in both of your minds. Because a few years back this is what you both did without thinking through or thinking about any consequences.
Instead, here you are sitting on the floor beside the sofa, watching TV. Your mind didn't pay any attention to what was played on the screen, it kept going to the clock beside the TV.
00:01, Bokuto should have been home three hours before.
When did things fall apart so much, but now was the only time you seemed to notice it. Was he always like this? Someone who never cared about you? Or about the love you had for him?
Amidst all those thoughts, somehow you fell asleep, thinking about the past memories that made you smile once. You had tear drops that ran down your eyes. It was cold on the floor where you cuddled your knees to your chest but not as cold as him leaving you out from his schedule.
Around 1:50 AM, Bokuto comes back home. Hearing the door unlocking, you woke up, stood up from your place, and walked towards the door.
"You didn't sleep yet?" he asked, taking off his shoes.
"Why are you so late today?" you asked.
"The boys decided to hang out with the Miyans. Was there". His answer was not even convincing enough to believe his lie. Because all you could see was his messy hair, and obvious hickey right on his neck.
"You remember what day it is today? Well, yesterday." You ask him.
"YN, I'm not in the mood for some random conversation that doesn't hols any value" He walks past you, to his bedroom.
"It's been fucking two years since we got married." Your legs were weak and you leaned on the wall for support. "And I don't think I can do any more."
Bokuto is now piqued. "What do you mean?"
"I’m done. I’m done trying so hard only for you to never even look in my direction." Tears strained your pained face. "And now you've got another woman behind my back." You slowly walk towards the sofa. Each step you took, broke your heart into tiny pieces and you felt the pain as you weeped. "I'm done, Bokuto Kotarou. I don't think I can do this anymore."
Bokuto stayed glued to his steps. If he could turn back time to the moment when everything started to fall out from his hands, he wish he could hold onto that one hand that was waiting for him to be held. The one that used to love him.
"I'm sorry, YN." Bokuto tells. You know this too is from the pile of apologies you've received from before. No remorse or pain.
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Osamu: There are ants coming out of your uniform.
Atsumu: That's because I'm sweet.
Osamu: No, those are black ants, you just reek.
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Tumblr media
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a special favour
Tumblr media
synopsis: you ask your beloved step brother kiyoomi to take your virginity
cw: 18+, stepcest, dark content, virginity loss, nasty fucking (omi isn’t soft), corruption kink, size kink, degradation, praise, oral (giving), mentions of filming, mating press, creampie
word count: 2.3k | mdni
tag: @cyb3rtoru ty for supporting my thirsts ღ
───────── ⋆⋅ ⋆ ⋅⋆ ─────────
this was a stupid idea.
you should have never knocked on his door. a nauseous wave of fear started swirling in your stomach, making your heart beat faster und breath hitch in your throat.
he opened the door.
there he was, towering over you with his colossal height. his dark curls were bouncing off his handsome face perfectly; his broad shoulders were clad in a white t-shirt.
“what’s wrong?” his deep voice muttered, his black eyes roaming your face intensely.
you peeked at him through your eyes lashes. you couldn’t help but let your gaze wander down to his crotch; his long legs covered in grey sweatpants. seeing your stepbrother like this replaced your doubts with lust.
“need your help with something,” you answered hesitantly, “can I come in?”
he wordlessly stepped aside, letting you enter his room. it was as neat and tidy as always; his navy bedsheets perfectly made and smelling like fabric softener and his deep, woody perfume.
“what do you need help with?”
your heart fluttered at his words. despite his stoic nature, kiyoomi was always looking out for you. whenever you needed something, he would give it to you. so tonight would be the perfect chance; both of your parents were gone.
“I don’t wanna be a virgin anymore,” you said, not daring to look up at him. you stared at your feet, anxiously waiting for his reaction.
you slowly looked up at him. his plump lips were parted, his eyebrows shot up.
“I want you to be my first, kiyoomi.”
the shock on his face got replaced with a smug smirk. there was a glint in his dark eyes as the corners of his mouth were tugged upwards, cocking his left eyebrow up. he took a step towards you, closing the gap. his chest was facing you until two of his slender fingers lifted your chin up.
“yeah? you want your stepbrother to fuck your little virgin cunt?”
a gasp left your mouth, making him chuckle darkly. heat and arousal were starting to pool in your lower belly, making you clench around nothing.
“don’t be shy now,” he chuckled, slowly pushing you back onto his bed. your knees nestled against the fabric of his sheets before you fully sat down, looking up at his tall figure. you felt like a hunter’s prey in his gaze.
you automatically climbed back further onto the bed when kiyoomi started hovering above you, making his way onto the bed too. he caged you in his arms, making you lie down.
“are you sure you want this?” he whispered, his face only an inch away from yours. you could feel his hot breath fanning your face; he smelled divine in combination with his perfume. you nodded.
“say it, then,” he commanded.
“want you, kiyoomi,” you breathed out. his gaze on you intensified, roaming your entire face.
you closed your eyes when he bent his head down to finally kiss you. you expected the kiss to be sensual and slow. but no, kiyoomi was rough and passionate, devouring your lips and letting his skilled tongue roam your mouth. you started to feel dizzy just from his kisses alone. you softly moaned into his mouth when he started sucking on your tongue.
fuck, he’s waited so long for this. you had no idea how many times kiyoomi wondered if his doe-eyed stepsister was still a virgin. he spent nights with his fist wrapped around his cock, imagining it was your tight pussy milking him instead. when he heard your angelic voice ask him to take your virginity, his naughtiest dreams finally came true.
he broke the kiss, a string of saliva falling from his lips. his large hands were now groping your breasts over your shirt.
“fuck, are you wearing my shirt?” he hissed.
“mhh, yes,” you moaned when he pinched your hardened nipples through the thin fabric. he was impatient, pulling the shirt up to reveal your bare chest. he wrapped his warm mouth around your right nipple, alternating between sucking on the sensitive bud and slightly biting it. the whimpers leaving your mouth got louder.
“I’ve been wondering what your nipples would look like, sis,” he mumbled into your chest, “always running around without a bra.”
“kiyo- oh! kiyoomi, stop talking like that,” you warned him, shocked about his lewd words. how could you know that your quiet stepbrother would say such nasty things in bed?
“acting all innocent when you’re the one who came here begging for her stepbrother’s cock,” he chuckled, pulling your shirt over your head and tossing it aside.
“I didn’t beg!” you protested, your cheeks heating up. he just just darkly chuckled and shook his head, his nimble fingers pulling down your sleeping shorts.
“you will soon,” he said.
he stared at your naked figure with lust-filled eyes. you were now completely naked while he was still wearing his clothes. his hands sneaked up on your inner thigh, trying to pry your legs open.
“come on, baby, open up,” he cooed. he noticed you still being shy; it was the first time you would let someone see you naked.
“would it help you if I take mine off too?” he asked. you replied with a meek nod, watching him take off all of his clothes. one by one, until he was completely naked.
his body was godly. pale, smooth skin with broad shoulders and strong arms, carved out abs leading down to a perfect v, connecting to his dark happy trail. your mouth started watering at the sight of his cock: it was huge. long and girthy, with an angry red tip that was leaking precum. bulging veins and two heavy looking balls.
“don’t worry,” he said, towering above you again, “I’ll stretch you out with my fingers first.”
he successfully spread your legs open, grinning when he finally took in the sight of your glistening folds. he watched you with adoration in his dark eyes: you laying there as your hair is sprawled across his pillows, chest rising and falling and pussy wet just for him.
“you’re beautiful,” he breathed out, reassuring you. he let the pads of his fingers run through your folds, making you moan when he finally found your clit.
“have you ever fingered yourself?”
“y-yes,” you stammered, taken aback by his question. “but my fingers weren’t.. enough.”
suddenly one long digit sunk into you. his large ring finger was massaging your tight, hot walls. he quickly inserted his middle finger, starting to pump in and out of you.
“yeah? what did you think about?” he asked, slowly fingering you. the stretch burned as he carefully scissored you open.
“you,” you confessed, “your cock.”
at your words he started picking up his pace, fingering you faster. his other hands was pressed on your lower belly, applying delicious pressure and making your legs shake. high-pitched moans left your lips as you watched him let a glob of spit drip down into your throbbing clit, his thumb drawing messy circles on it.
“moan for me, come on,” he encouraged you, “it’s only us.”
the coil in your belly got tighter and tighter until it snapped, your orgasm washing over you in hot and buzzing waves. your eyelashes fluttered as you came down from your high, gasping for air.
you opened your eyes when you heard a slurping noise. kiyoomi was looking at you while he was slowly licking his fingers clean, his eyes almost rolling to the back of his head at your taste.
“you taste amazing,” he said.
at this, you started smiling and slowly got up. “wanna taste you too, omi,” you mumbled while looking at his cock.
“fuck, you’re driving me insane,” he hissed, “but you don’t have to do this. it’s your first time, after all.”
“want to,” you mumbled, slowly wrapping your small fingers around his pulsing cock. you could feel the veins bulging on your skin.
“god, yes,” he moaned, “let me feel your slutty little mouth then,” as he leaned back and spread his legs. you were crouching between his long legs, carefully giving his fat mushroom tip kitten licks.
Kiyoomi‘s entire body was heating up as he watched you struggling to take his thick cock into your eager mouth. he started grinning when he heard you gag and sputter, trying to take him down your throat as deep as possible.
„let me help you, sis,“ he mumbled. he grabbed two fistfuls of your hair; one with his right hand and one with his left. his grin got even bigger as he watched your hair form pigtails in his hands; the image of his little stepsis getting her mouth fucked downright sinful.
the malicious idea of filming you popped into his head; the graphic version of his stepsis getting fucked like the slut that she actually is driving him insane. he quickly pushed the idea aside. that was for another time.
he spread his long legs even further, throwing his head back as long and deep moan escaped his lips and filled the bedroom.
the hot tears welling in your eyes, your stinging scalp and the ache in your jaw were worth every second of having your stepbrother’s large, pulsing dick in your mouth. you couldn’t get enough of his clean, slightly musky taste; you moaned and sent deep vibrations through his sensitive tip.
finally hearing him curse “God, y-yes! fuck!!” under his breath, a lot louder than he intended to, turned sucking him off into heaven.
suddenly the grip on your hair disappeared. kiyoomi took out his dick from your mouth, leaving you with strings of saliva on your pout.
a jolt of insecurity hit you. you furrowed your brows and peeked through your eyelashes up to him. “not good?” you meekly asked, watching his still rock hard erection.
“you were fantastic,” he chuckled, raising his left eyebrow which made his two pretty moles move. you exhaled in relief.
“but I can’t waste my cum like that, baby. don’t you want your little pussy stuffed full with my cum?”
a hot gush of arousal coated your folds as you eagerly nodded. “get on the bed and spread your legs then,” he instructed.
you did exactly what he told you. laying there in anticipation, legs pressed to your chest as he nestled himself between them.
“listen, baby,” he gently started, the new nickname sending a swirl of butterflies through your stomach, “you should never sleep with someone without protection. but you know you can trust your big brother, right?”
“mmh, I know,” you softly nodded, “I’m on the pill.”
a mischievous smile spread across his handsome face. “yeah? you’re gonna let your stepbrother fuck you raw then?”
“yes, please fuck m-,” you begged. before you could even finish that sentence, kiyoomi’s fat mushroom tip was already prodding at your entrance, pushing himself slowly in. you gasped, only to feel lips on your temples, cooing how good you were taking him.
he pushed himself in further and further until the base of his dick was the only visible part. you have never felt so full.
“it burns, omi,” you whimpered.
“I know, baby, gonna make it feel good, I promise,” he mumbled while pressing kisses along your jaw.
“or do you want me to stop?” he whispered. you shook your head, not wanting to miss the feeling of being stuffed to the brim. at that he pulled out almost his entire length, pushing it back in immediately.
“fuck, kiyoomi!” you shrieked, gripping his broad shoulders for dear life.
“told you it was gonna feel good,” he darkly chuckled, rocking his hips back and forth in rough and precise motions. he really wanted to be more gentle but he knew he had to give it to you so good that you wouldn’t even dare to think of sleeping with someone else after him.
your whiny moans filled his bedroom, letting him hear how much you enjoyed being pounded. the initial pain of being stretched out faded and turned into hot, primal pleasure. the coil in your belly got tighter and tighter as his dick was reaching deep into your sticky insides, gripping and milking him relentlessly.
his hard, carved out abs were rubbing against your tummy and breasts, creating frictions of pleasure. the lewd sounds of skin clapping against skin, heavy breathing and both of your desperate moans made you see stars.
„f-feels so fucking good, omi!“ you whined, eyes rolling to the back of your head.
„you’ve got the tightest - fuck! t-tightest fucking pussy I’ve ever fucked,” he hissed.
“ohh, right there! yes!!” you moaned as you felt his finger pads rub small circles onto your pulsing clit. you were so close you felt you were about to explode.
you suddenly felt a strong grip on your throat. you gasped and looked into kiyoomi’s dark eyes as he choked you. you couldn’t help but smile from feeling lightheaded by the pleasure. his other hand was gripping your waist to seek stability, his hips snapping against yours harsher and faster. your feet were dangling next to his ears; this way he could reach your g-spot, bringing you heavenly pleasure.
“gonna fill you up,” he said while locking eyes with you, his hand still around your throat. “and you’re take all my cum, aren’t you? my little stepsis is gonna get her little pussy stuffed, right?”
at his words you lost it. you came with a row of high-pitched moans, your entire body tightened and shaking as buzzing waves of pleasure washed over you.
“c-cumming! oh my god, omi,” you moaned with your eyes shut tight.
kiyoomi’s orgasm followed right after yours; the way you squeezed abs clamped down on his pulsing dick made him shoot hot spurts of release into you.
“fuck,” he groaned, his heavy breathing against your ear. the heavy weight of his body was slowly lifted off of you. he watched you with adoration and lust in his dark eyes; the state of euphoric bliss overcoming the both of you.
he sat up and spread your legs with a smirk. a proud smile spread across his face while he watched his thick, white cream slowly drip out of your battered cunt. with his swollen tip he collected his cum, smearing his creamy seed all over your folds.
“you should ask me for favours more often, sis.”
───────── ⋆⋅ ⋆ ⋅⋆ ─────────
reblogs and comments are appreciated! ღ
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“Are we still on for dinner? I’m free right now”
Tumblr media
Time skip Kuroo Tetsurō
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sailortaro · 11 months ago
Tumblr media
more omis but grown!
bonus miya twins from twitter:
Tumblr media
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mel0njoo · a month ago
Tumblr media
They’re lost 🤔
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Tumblr media
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onlylovingstrangers · 19 hours ago
"I'm glad we're still friends," Osamu says.
It's a chilly afternoon, even for late November, and occasionally you disrupt your walking pattern to stomp on the stray dry leaf. With the winter coming up, weekends like this — with no immediate task to complete but plenty of work on the horizon — have lost their luxury and instead take on a dryly urgent quality. Like every minute spent doing nothing is a minute wasted.
Which doesn't explain why you're grabbing brunch with your ex, still, but whatever. Osamu is waiting for a response, looking at you from the corner of his eye.
"You're better than me, I'm sick of your ass."
He rolls his eyes, tipping his head back for good measure. "Jesus. You're aggravating."
"You're dramatic."
"Unsentimental witch."
"Lazy dog."
The insults you throw at each other once were little bullets of fire, meant to wound; now they are meaningless, bouncing off armor as easy as ice. You know his repertoire as well as he knows yours.
There are no surprises; in a world full of change and turmoil, that constant holds no small degree of comfort.
"Remember when you threw me a surprise birthday party," Osamu says.
"And you thought I was cheating on you, because I was being so secretive."
He ignores you. "And you invited Kita-senpai and his wife."
"Which you were mad at me for, because it cost them a lot to travel here, even though they wanted to be there for you."
Osamu pauses. "I was actually really happy."
The two of you walk down a familiar fork in the road. The wind comes and goes, wrapping around bare branches and weaving through the corners your elbows make when your hands are shoved into their coat pockets. November is an observant month, and you feel the distance between you and Osamu acutely. You feel for the two lonely figures walking down a path they can never go back.
I was actually really happy.
You broke up two months afterward. Out of everyone, your parents were the most dismayed. They had already bought their wedding outfits. In attempts to make them understand, you told them, "We were better friends than lovers." If he were there, Osamu would have agreed: "Sad, but true." It would have been the first time you two agreed in a long time.
This thought carries you all the way to your front door, and you turn to your ex-boyfriend, waiting at the bottom of the steps. No longer will he cross the threshold, shoes already half off, complaining of the cold.
"See ya," Osamu says gently.
You watch from the window as he makes his way down the street.
It's been too long or too soon, who knows? You can't decipher whether the relationship made either of you better or worse off, just the same as how you can't discern why you two continue, week after week, to meet for Sunday brunch.
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kira-fluff · a month ago
"can you pretend to be my boyfriend?"
pairing: osamu miya x reader (haikyuu!!) a/n: unfortunately based off a true story. tw: anxiety, bullying, swearing, threatening
you sidled yourself in a seat next to your good friend. "heeeeey 'samu~" you grinned.
"what do ya want?"
"can i not just want to greet my amazing friend?"
he gave you a skeptical look and you blanched. "well, uhm..."
"if it's my food ya want, yer not gettin' it." he grumbled, selfishly sucking more milk through his straw.
"can you be my boyfriend?"
comically, osamu proceeded to spew the milk in his mouth out in shock, nearly missing atsumu who sat across the table, much to both of their dismay.
wiping some milk from his mouth, osamu managed to choke out a strained, "yer for real..?"
you blinked, then flushed, "i-i-i meant for pretend, i mean it!" you bit your lip, "there's this girl who recently decided she doesn't like me. i'm not sure why... but she started telling rumors and lies about me to other people.....including her boyfriend. and...and.. he's super intimidating..." you looked away, "'samu, he came up to me the other day and said that if i mess with 'his girl'... that i'd 'regret it'....'samu, i'm scared. it's silly, right? but.. but it would just make me feel safer.."
a warm hand fell on your shoulder, "'s not silly. 's a threat. do ya want me 'ta take care of him?"
you shook your head quickly, "n-no! i just... i need you to just.. pretend. i know it's weird, but it would mean a lot to me, okay?"
osamu eyed you up and down before saying, "why me?"
your eyes widened and you once again couldn't look him in the eye. after all, it'd be pretty lame to confess after he so blatantly shot you down a few minutes ago. "well, you're my best 'guy' friend. and you're pretty much built like a greek god--"
he smirked, amused, "ya think 'm built like a greek god?"
"i'm still here, guys, keep the flirting to a minimum," piped in atsumu.
you both turned in unison to him, identically saying, "shut up, 'tsumu."
you cleared your throat, "anyway, you're bulky and strong and could definitely beat him in a fight."
"so will you help me... please?"
osamu's resolve seemed to waver the longer your stared into his eyes with a begging expression. to be honest, the moment he'd heard that some guy was harassing you, he was beyond pissed off and was ready to agree to just about anything you asked of him. but, once he found out that you had also wanted to be his (albeit, pretend) girlfriend? it seemed like the perfect opportunity to show you what it could really be like.. and how much he loved you.
"i guess." he said, his cheeks slightly flushing.
it shocked you that he had agreed. after all, this is osamu you're talking about. he scarcely looked your way, much less harbored any idea of you being his girlfriend. and yet here you were, walking down the halls, holding hands. he avoided your gaze, though you knew him well enough to know he wasn't annoyed with you, just embarrassed, which you had expected.
what you hadn't expected, however, was that girl. you call her that girl because you honestly didn't know her name. only that she despised you. you frowned, recalling the numerous times your friends walked up to you telling you she'd said you were "annoying" or that she was surprised you were ever invited to anything what with the way you make everything about yourself. you knew your friends meant well but a part of you wished they'd never told you. you weren't exaggerating when you say that you are a "drama-free" person. you seemed to always be the last one to hear the gossip going around and certainly the last to spread anything. it upset you that despite your best efforts someone had decided that you were irritating enough to make comments to others about. you tried to not take things personally, you really did, but when you'd heard her talking about you while you were in a bathroom stall, it took all of your strength to hold back your tears. unfortunately, because you're drama-free, you also aren't the most confrontational person. rather, you preferred confrontation when the other people didn't seem to take anything anyone ever did personally. you thought back on yourself, searching for anything you could've done wrong to bother her but after much consolation from friends, turned up nothing. still, a part of you felt like it was all your fault. maybe you could've tried harder to be extra kind to her?
you were broken out of your thoughts by a squeeze to your hand. making eye contact with that girl, she rolled her eyes and turned, walking the other way. osamu looked down at you in concern as your brows furrowed in a hurt expression.
"do ya even know her?"
"then why should you care what she says or thinks?"
"because, 'samu, it's not that easy. i can tell myself it doesn't matter and that i shouldn't care but that doesn't make it so. it doesn't rewire my brain to stop caring about what other people think. no matter how hard i try."
he was silent for a moment, contemplating something.
then, he lightly caressed your cheek with the palm of his hand, smiling softly. "i guess i can't change yer mind... but i can remind you that the people who are actually worth yer time won't make some round-about shitty way of telling ya they have a problem with ya."
you smiled warily, though he had to admit he said exactly what you needed to hear. besides that, you noticed you'd definitely chosen the right guy - his acting skills as your boyfriend were superior. your eyes wandered around to the gaze of your fellow peers as some cooed not-so-subtly at osamu's public display of affection.
your gaze returned to his as he eyed you up and down. "ya sure yer alright?"
"ya know it's okay not to be fine all the time."
you laughed lightly, "thanks, 'samu. but really, I think I'm okay. i just can't think about it or it'll make me all upset again."
"wanna come over tonight? thankfully i'm makin' dinner and not atsumu," he grinned.
you conservation switched to various other topics as you both walked down the hall before he had to go to volleyball practice.
"didn't i tell you what happens to bitches who mess with my girl?" a gruff voice called behind you.
you froze, regretting the fact that you neglected to bring your phone with you during your lunch break and were subsequently now completely alone with some gorilla-faced man who spoke gravelly like he wasn't in high school at all. slowly turning, you cowered, "i-i don't think i did anything wrong.."
immediately his fist slammed against your locker. "obviously you fuckin' did if my girl is tellin' me you've been a fuckin' problem!"
"i-i-i don't even know who she is," you defended, moving your hands to shield your face in fear.
you screamed as you felt a hand tightly grab your wrist and you squeezed your eyes shut, preparing yourself for the impact of a fist. after a few moments, you opened them, shocked to see osamu standing in front of you, shielding you from the gruff boyfriend.
"get a load of this guy," osamu smiled sardonically, "getting involved in his girlfriend's drama because she can't handle it herself? you must be her hero."
the man grit his teeth hard, winding up for a punch that osamu immediately countered, without breaking a sweat.
"you take that back you fuckin' piece of shit!" he growled, aiming for a blow to osamu's kneecap. "how the fuck does a prick like you even know this stupid bitch anyway." he continued, seemingly adding fuel to the fire.
osamu's eyes widened with a fiery rage, "you don't get to talk like that about my girlfriend." within seconds, the man was pummeled to the ground and osamu's fist connected against his face repeatedly until you pulled osamu away.
as if the situation wasn't already at its worst, that girl came running down the hall. "you BITCH! how dare you do this to my man! i fucking knew you were a rat." she paused for a moment before letting out a shriek of laughter, "oh? what's this? there's no fucking way you managed to get a boyfriend. what, you finally found someone willing to fuck you for a price?" she giggled, "osamu miya, was it? tell me, how much is she paying you to play pretend?"
osamu ground down on his teeth dangerously as he eyed the girl with contempt. "I'll have you know that i asked her out and was lucky enough for her to say yes."
she forced out another laugh, "then you're both pathetic! a match made in heaven."
you willed the tears to stay in your eyes, not wanting to give the girl the power of knowing that she hurt you, that she made you cry. you whispered something even you could barely hear.
"what was that? finally apologizing to me?"
you narrowed your eyes, looking her directly in her own as you raised your voice, "I said 'LEAVE US ALONE!'" you screamed with all you had in you.
she smirked, seemingly only a little fazed by your outburst. "fine, I'll leave. as soon as you prove you guys are actually dating. 'cause, like, there's no way, right babe?!" her boyfriend grunted out a laugh from his position on the floor.
this is the end. you thought. i'm gonna have to confess that i made this whole thing up and then i'm never going to hear the end of it. you sent a worried look to osamu who was already inches from your face. you tried to back away in shock, but his hand found purchase on the small of your back. he pulled you in tightly before taking your chin in between his index and thumb. his eyes conveyed a message you couldn't quite decifer.
yet, the next thing you knew, his lips were on yours. it wasn't at all the sort of chaste or reluctant kiss you were expecting, but one filled with hunger and desire. you returned in equal force, intertwining your fingers in his gray-brown locks. you could've sworn you'd heard a guttural groan as you shifted your leg in between his. when you at last separated, the girl and her boyfriend were gone. it was just the two of you.
osamu looked down at your lips once more before meeting your eyes. "hey."
you laughed breathily, "hey."
"do ya wanna date fer real?"
you answered with another eager kiss.
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lemonlover1110 · a month ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Pairing: Wakatoshi Ushijima x f!Reader
Warnings: Smut, Jealousy, Vaginal Sex, Oral Sex (f. receiving), Spitting (everywhere), Possessiveness, Creampie
Kinktober Masterlist
Tumblr media
“By the way, that color looks beautiful on you.” The man that sits across from you compliments the baby blue dress you wear. It’s a harmless compliment that comes from one of your husband’s teammates, but Ushijima doesn’t look too happy about it. Ushijima glares at his teammate as he continues eating the dinner in front of him.
“Thank you.” You respond, unsure of anything else to say. What else could you say? Your husband isn’t too happy about your response though. You look at him, and the man clenches his jaw. One hand holds a fork while the other lands on your thigh.
You stare at Ushijima for a couple of seconds before shifting your gaze back to his teammate. You smile and act as if nothing is wrong, although you know that your husband is extremely jealous. 
Ushijima tries to mask it. He jokes, although the jokes aren’t so great. It earns a couple pity laughs from his teammate, and you as well. Ushijima isn’t a jokester, so when he purposely tries to make someone laugh, it fails.
Dinner continues to be awkward, and when you get home, your husband is quiet. Ushijima is usually a quiet man. You’re usually the one that does the most of the conversation, and you continue to make the conversation but there’s little to no response from him.
“Toshi, you don’t have to get so jealous.” You speak up, and the man just raises his eyebrow as he loosens his tie. He sits on the edge of the bed while you unzip your dress. He stands up to finish unzipping your dress. Yes, he does get jealous, but he never stops being a gentleman. “Is it true?”
“What?” He replies, not sure what you mean. Until it hits him a couple seconds later, and he furrows his eyebrows. He turns you around, his thumb pressing against your lips. His other fingers are under your chin and he tilts your head up so you’re forced to look at him. “Of course you looked pretty, but you know something?”
“What?�� You respond, and the moment your mouth opens Ushijima sticks his thumb in. His stoic expression is finally replaced with a smirk as he shoves his thumb down your mouth until it reaches the back of your throat. You gag on his thumb while he speaks.
“I don’t like the dress. Too many men looking at my beautiful wife and I don’t like that. Too many perverted thoughts going through their mind when you’re mine. And I don’t like that.” He tells you before taking his thumb out of your mouth. “You’re mine, right?”
“I am.” You answer, his thumb that’s covered in your saliva going over your bottom lip.
“Then open your mouth.” He orders. You don’t understand why he wants you to open your mouth, but you do. You open your mouth and he tilts your head up a bit. “Stick your tongue out.”
You do as he says, and he does the unexpected. He brings his lips together, and lets a blob of saliva fall from his lips to your tongue. You continue to stick your tongue out, waiting for his instruction. This is something you don’t like about your husband, that if you do something that he didn’t order then he gets extremely mad. “Swallow.”
You do as he says and swallow his spit. He smiles, happy with how obedient you are. His lips land on yours and his tongue is quick to press against your lips. You open your mouth to let his tongue in, and it quickly presses against your own. His hands tugs on the dress that’s still on you, so you get your arms out of the sleeves, and the next time he tugs on the dress it falls down to the floor.
His hands wrap around your waist, and yours on the back of his neck. He lifts you up from the floor, and your legs wrap around him. He takes you to the bed, and he puts you down gently. He pulls away from the kiss, a string of saliva connecting your lips. 
You admire how he looks from this position. He always looks so handsome when he’s on top of you. He looks handsome, always, but you love him especially when he’s on top of you.
His thumb pulls your bottom lip down, and this time you don’t wait for him to tell you to open your mouth. You do it and stick your tongue out. He spits in your mouth again, and you let him look at his own saliva for a couple seconds before sticking your tongue back in your mouth and swallowing. The man pats your cheek, “Good girl.”
He kisses down your body until he reaches your lower abdomen. Your panties get in the way, so he bites the fabric and pulls them down. When they’re at your ankles, he lets go and his hands come up to throw them across the room. 
He kisses your thighs, and his kisses get higher and higher until he gets to your cunt. He spreads your folds and spits on your cunt before he forces you to spread your legs. He licks your cunt, loving the little whine that leaves your lips. Another lick, the same reaction.
His tongue begins to circle around your clit. It’s slow at first, like always. Your voice soon becomes clearly audible in the room, moans leaving your mouth as you feel his tongue. Ushijima’s tongue always feels so great.
He flicks your clit a couple of times before his tongue goes lower. His tongue teases entering your hole a couple of times before it actually enters. 
“It’s so good, Toshi-” You moan, your hands going down to play with his hair. His hand goes up to play with your clit, while your fingers run through his hair. His tongue swirls inside you, and it feels so good.
And you know he loves doing this. He does it every time he eats you out. The man plays with your clit so well too. 
You have to close your eyes, taking it all. You’ve been thinking about this ever since dinner. You thought he’d be too tired to do anything tonight, but apparently his jealousy got the best of him. And you love it. You’re starting to love when his jealousy gets the best of him, because you always end up rewarded.
“That’s it!” You yell, your toes curling as your orgasm approaches. You close your eyes and you see white as you reach your high, coming on his tongue.
Ushijima takes his tongue out and moves back to you. His lips land on yours and his tongue is quick to search for yours. Your tongue swirls around his’. And when the man pulls away, he stands up, and without a reason he spits on your face, falling right on your nose. 
As you bring your hand to your face, the man flips you over. Your ass goes into the air, and you arch your back. He spits over your cunt a couple of times, and you don’t understand where this comes from. Ushijima isn’t one that’s into spitting on his partner, but tonight he’s different.
You don’t mind either way. You’re enjoying his saliva going all over you. Two of his fingers go in your cunt while his other hand unbuckles his belt– which is a bit challenging to do with one hand, but he refuses to take his fingers out. Your cunt feels so nice around them.
He manages to unbuckle his belt. He unbuttons his pants and pulls them down, along with his boxers. He strokes his cock, his thumb going over his slit and spreading the precum on his cock. He takes his fingers out of your cunt, and the tip of his cock teases your hole.
“No one will fuck you as good as me, you know that, right?” He tells you as he thinks of his teammate. He gets pissed off just thinking about the dumbass. And you weren’t flirting with his teammate or anything along those lines, but the man can’t help but feel jealous and possessive. You’re just so beautiful, he’s scared of you ever leaving his side and going to someone else.
“I know.” You respond, getting impatient for your husband’s dick. You shake your ass, hoping Ushijima will hurry up. He takes his sweet time before finally entering the tip of his dick inside you.
He does it slowly, and you bite your bottom lip. He’s always so slow for a reason. His cock is just so- “It’s so big, Toshi-”
“But you wanted me to hurry up, didn’t you?” He tells you as his cock stretches you out. A couple of seconds later, he bottoms out and waits a couple of seconds before beginning to move.
Your cunt feels so nice– He can’t let this go. No man will ever take this from him. Fuck, he just loves fucking you.
Ushijima watches as your ass shakes with each of his thrusts. He usually starts gently, but not tonight. The gentleness he gave was giving you a couple of seconds to adjust to his cock. The man rapidly thrusts in and out of you, the sound of his balls slapping against your skin is very loud and it fills up the room.
Your moans are the loudest thing in the room. Ushijima just makes you feel so good, how can you not be loud? The man loves hearing it, but in this position he can’t see your face. He wants to see the face of pure please, so he takes his cock out and flips you over. He plunges himself back into you quickly.
Now he watches your parted lips as he thrusts in and out of you. His hand wraps around your throat and he pulls you closer to him. Your mouth is parted perfectly for him to just spit in it. He does, and you swallow.
You assume this is his new way of telling you that you’re his’ and only his’. Because swallowing another human beings’ saliva is disgusting, but you do it gladly for your husband. And by the way you’re squeezing around him, he can only assume that you’re enjoying it.
“Such an obedient girl.” He says as he lets go of your throat. Your fingers go down to play with your clit.
You come around his cock in no time, your legs shaking. The man chases his release, thrusting even faster than before. You feel so nice around him, and you look so beautiful. He lucked out, so of course he’s jealous and cautious of anyone taking you away from him.
“You’re mine, right?” He asks, and it amazes you how he can talk so easily as if he isn’t pounding into you.
“Fuck, Toshi- Yes!” You respond. And with your response, a loud groan leaves the man’s lips as he shoots his load inside you. He gives a couple gentle thrusts, making sure all of his cum ends up inside you, before fully pulling out of you.
He lays down beside you and brings you to his chest. He sighs,
“All mine.”
Tumblr media
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lunaevangeline · 9 months ago
Haikyuu Boys
When he says "why are you so hard to love?" in an argument
It's been a week of unending arguments with Oikawa and again, today both of you are still arguing after breakfast.
"But y/n-chan she's only a fan. Why are you so mad about it?"
"How can I'm not mad seeing my boyfriend getting kissed by another girl?" you yelp, putting the glass a bit harsh.
"It's just a greeting!" Oikawa defense himself not feeling anything wrong with it.
"Gosh, whatever! Do as you wish Oikawa Tooru!" you look at him with a cynical look.
"God! I pampered you with many things and you don't even understand that thing? Why are you so hard to love?"
He yells in frustration, head looking down. His middle finger and index finger started to massage his temple.
But when he raises his head to meet your expression, he knows that he messed up.
"Ah, I see.. Sorry, I guess I am," in contrast to the previous high pitch tone, your voice is rather low and you smile weakly.
Before Oikawa can give any further comments, you already left him alone, going to your shared bedroom and slamming the door. Oikawa chooses to sit on the couch, cool down his mind.
It's been an hour since he exchanges stare with the blank screen of the turned-off TV. He feels really bad and wants to make up because he missed you already.
But when he almost reaches the doorknob, he stops himself as he hears you sniffling and talking alone - he guesses you called one of your best friends.
"I don't know, am I really too much?" your words are still jumbled from sobbing.
"I just- want him for me, you know? Maybe I'm just not good enough?" you sigh.
Oikawa's heart drops, he doesn't know that his friendly gesture to his fans made you feel this way.
"Um.. Guess he can replace me easily," your sobs have stopped, turning into a dry laugh.
Hearing your statement makes him open the door without thinking.
"NO I DON'T WANT ANYONE BUT YOU," he yells, half pleading. You are startled at his sudden intrusion.
Your friend who can hear him too chuckles and says a small "good luck" before ending the call.
Oikawa jumps into the bed and hugs you tightly, "Please don't leave me."
You hold a pause, still processing your mind. Then, you positioned yourself so you can talk eye-to-eye with him.
"Tooru, you know boundary right? Some things are okay with me and some things are not. Kissing or a quick peck is not okay for me."
He listens to you attentively.
You sigh, "Now, are you okay if some guy kisses me or holds me too much?"
"No." He yelps in complaint.
"And the same thing applies to me. Even you're a star athlete with millions of fans, you're still my boyfriend right?"
And with these words he just realized, because you never cross the line, he never imagine you being kissed nor touched by any other man.
"You're right, baby. I'm sorry that I never place my feet on your shoes." He takes your hand and places it to meet the warmth of his cheek.
You rolled your eyes, "Geez dummy", but you smile at the end.
"Yes y/n-chan, I'm your dummy and you still keep up with me. Thank you."
"Guess I was wrong, I'm the one who's hard to love."
You shake your head and chuckle, "That's okay because I won't stop loving you though".
The burden has been lifted from your heart and you two staring at each other earnestly, ready to pay back the lost time from the arguments.
His telephone rings for the third time this morning, Kuroo sees your name on the display and decides to answer the call.
"Hi, babe!" He greets you as usual like nothing wrong.
"Where are you Kuroo?" You answer him but rather in a high tone.
"I'm in the office of course." He answers you casually.
"How come? I thought we have already discussed with me to take a day off today?"
"Yes, sorry honey I got an unexpected meeting today. I guess I have left you a note right?"
You rolled your eyes looking at the sticky note on your hand, "Yeah, I saw your note."
"Great. Since we don't have any particular plan today, I guess it is okay." You can hear he's typing, probably still working on his document and not paying full attention to you.
"Don't you know what day is today? I even managed to get a day off from my strict boss", you started to get irritated from his carelessness.
"Of course! Happy wedding anniversary, baby. I will make up to you later. You can choose any fancy gift you want."
"Uhh, I don't want anything. I want you Kuroo. I just want you for today."
Kuroo sighed, finally stopping his type. "Geez, you know it's not possible today? Stop being so childish over an anniversary, we're an adult, y/n."
He continues, "I don't know but sometimes you're just so hard to love."
It takes a moment of silence before you reply to his piercing words.
"Okay. Sorry for bothering you, Tetsu." You finally end the call.
Somehow Kuroo felt he'd gone too far, he decides to make up later when he comes home.
Kuroo comes home to a dark and silent room. "I'm home, kitten!" He shouts from the entrance and searches for your presence, his left-hand holding a bouquet of roses.
When he reached the kitchen, he found a note in your handwriting.
"Happy wedding anniversary, Tetsu. I'm sorry that I'm causing you trouble today. I decide to sleepover today, dinner is in the fridge. -y/n-"
He frowns, it's too late. He really feels bad about how he spat at you but still, you're the one who ends up apologizing. He contemplates how he treats you so bad - he was trying to replace his time for you with fancy gifts.
And he comes into a horror thought: what if at some point you don't want him anymore. It gives him chills and he immediately speeds straight to your best friend's house.
When he arrives, he knocks on the house and greets your best friend politely. He tells her that he's coming to pick you up. Your friend nods in understanding and calls you.
When you see him in the front, you are surprised. You noticed how his eyes are filled with remorse. So, you decided to follow him to the car - not wanting to cause any ruckus on your friend's house.
When the two of you have finally settled on the car, both of you are exchanging a silent stare. You wait for his explanation and Kuroo finally opens his mouth,
"I'm sorry."
"I know sorry is not enough but still, sorry for broken the promise."
When you hear the deep apology from him, your long-held tears are broken. You haven't cried in a while so seeing you in this state really broke his heart. Thought still hesitate, he pulls you into his embrace, stroking the crown of your head.
"I was waiting and searching for you but you are gone. And it seems I've been a nuisance," your sobs as you started to utter your feeling.
He shakes his head, now he holds your shoulders and looks through your eyes.
"You never been a nuisance okay? I was taking you for granted, it was me who's being a jerk."
"I promise this won't happen again, I will keep every promise and treat you like you deserved to."
You nodded and smiled in response. You didn't notice that he almost cried about how relieved he is - that you still wanted to come back to him.
Along the way home, he holds your hand and asks, "So do you want to stop by anywhere? Or do you want anything for make up?"
You shake your head, "No, Tetsu. I just want to cuddle."
He smiles, being reminded that your simplicity is one of the things that makes him heads over heels for you.
"Of course, kitten. You will have my cuddles for the rest of your life though - until you are getting sick of me."
You chuckle and give him a quick peck on his cheek, "I won't."
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heartreid · a month ago
gamer!atsumu who livestreams a lot and one time he's so focused while playing his game that he forgets he's streaming when you, his roommate, walks in and brings him a snack, ‘tsumu says "thanks babe" and kisses you on the cheek before turning back to the computer and slowly realising with horror what he's just done especially when he's spent the past year convincing his subscribers that you are just his roommate and friend and nothing more. it definitely doesn’t make him feel better when he can hear kiyoomi’s snickering through his headset
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marycrispies · 7 days ago
Tumblr media
Tanaka my boy and Noya ✨ I love their chaotic energy 😂
I feel kinda insecure posting sketches here, but let's see how it goes
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