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lumi-does-some-stuff · 2 days ago
Haikyuu husband when you use his last name.
A/N: I wanna add another addition to this headcanon I did months ago so…
Tumblr media
Whenever he heard your first name with his last, he becomes the little shit that he is and started to tease you, no matter where you are or what time it is. It doesn’t matter if you two just got married yesterday or had been married for years, he’ll make it his mission to flustered you in front of the poor delivery guy who just wanted to ask for your name your name for clarification.
- ATSUMU, Osamu, Oikawa, Tsukishima, DAISHOU, Terushima, Suna.
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bbiemilk · a day ago
TO SEPARATE SALT FROM WATER tobio kageyama x gn!reader ❤︎ nsfw — mdni. 0.6k wc.
Tumblr media
tobio kageyama falls in love with you like a popsicle under the summer sun. out of the cold and into the warmth— it's uncomfortable at first when your light melts over him, sinking through his skin and settling into his bones, his heart, where it marinates and spreads to his surrounding organs until all he can feel is you. 
falling in love is uncomfortable at first, a foreign feeling— syrupy and sticky — where your love drips down his fingers and collects in the well of his palms. he tries to hide the rush of his blood with a quick turn of his head, a flustered grunt to the ground, but he soon learns the stickiness is something he can't quite ignore when it oozes down his wrists, his forearms, lower and lower— and so, he does what he can, licking it up and making a home of it within his soul. it tastes sweet, you're sweet, something tobio's never had a taste of, but now he thinks he's found his favourite flavour.
he devours you as you feed yourself to him— you are the sun, he's sure of it, you taste like liquid sunshine— something like vanilla spice and salted toffee and everything good in the world.
it's in every gentle call of his name, tobio, you've practiced enough, every tug on his sleeve, come to bed, every kiss to his cheek, i'll toss you some tomorrow, that makes his heart pound against the shell of his ribs faster than any perfect set ever could. it makes him break out a nervous sweat, saliva building in his mouth, cock twitching and aching and leaking in his shorts— god, it’s almost embarrassing how much he loves you, how hard the mere thought of you gets him.
and when you fuck— make love—with him for the first time, the spot behind his eye stings. but tobio kageyama doesn’t cry.
he’s so deep in you and your walls are so warm around him and the small sounds you make that he swallows from your lips are so cute; his mind is nothing but you, you, you, and it’s perfect. the weight of your love is heavy against his spine like this, where you look up at him with the glow of the sun and a glassy twinkle in your eyes— he swears he can see his whole future in them. his spine throbs, and he’s so dizzy, so overwhelmed; his cheeks tingle with the dampness of something wet and salty— s-shut up, i’m not crying.
and he shudders when you take his face in your palms, a pretty laugh reaching his ears as love streams from the lips that travel over his face, separating the salt from his tears and turning it into some sort of sweet concoction that all but has words strewn in with whimpered gasps bubbling at his mouth.
i love you.
tobio kageyama falls in love only twice in his life, once with volleyball and a second time with you. but he loves you, he loves you, he loves you— so much that he’d give up volleyball if it meant losing you, a love unlike any he thinks he’ll ever feel for anyone or anything else. because what is he without the light of the brightest star in his sky?
Tumblr media
feedback + reblogs are supa appreciated ꒰๑´͈ ᵕ `͈๑꒱
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rishiguro · 2 days ago
haikyuu characters as cliché characters in a horror movie
Tumblr media
a/n: totally not my love for the horror genre shining through. clichés based on western media.
Tumblr media
the final girl
okay, maybe not a /girl/ per se. they‘re undoubtedly the most important person — and the only one that seems to be aware of the situation. they just want to overcome whatever is happening and get home safe, they need to win. even if that victory is accompanied by loss and grief at best.
SUGAWARA. iwaizumi. kiyoko. KITA.
the pawn
he’s the one to get you in trouble in the first place. he was a good guy, maybe a bit too trusting and naïve. and because he had always been so curious he jumped as soon as he had the opportunity to try something new. maybe it was exploring that new cave, maybe he tried to read the latin in that sketchy book or maybe he suggested a camping trip into the not-so-friendly-looking woods.
hinata. KAGEYAMA. bokuto. hoshiumi. LEV.
the slut
might also knows as “the bad girl (boy)”. he’s the complete opposite of the “final one” — and he’s proud to be it. he lives in the moment, thinks the rules are there to be broken and might definitely be seen as the “sluttiest” in the whole group. as long as he gets what he wants, he’s content — even if it’s at the expense of others.
oikawa. ATSUMU. hanamaki. semi. DAISHOU.
the jock
he‘s the definition of a jock. he’s super athletic, popular, maybe a little bit dense. and well, he can be kind of mean. yet no matter what, he’s probably the one who is 100% sure he‘ll get out of it. he’s quick on his feet, he is strong and his stamina is great — surely he can survive everything and everyone… or can he?
OSAMU. goshiki. SUNA. tanaka. nishinoya.
the smart guy
he’s intelligent and thoughtful. careful to never act impulsively and always do what’s the best for everyone. he seems to have a hunch pretty early on, trying his best to get everyone back home safe. let’s hope that he can utilize his wits.
AKAASHI. matsukawa. kuroo.
the cop
he’s a protector, or well, he’s supposed to be. he keeps warning you and the others, yet his tone always seems quite off when he’s speaking to you, each meeting with him leaving you with some bitter aftertaste. let’s hope that he really is there when you need him the most.
ushijima. DAICHI. aone. aran.
the harbinger
you met them when you first came here. and they mean well, they really do, even if they get ignored. they know their way around, they know of all the stories people tell and they know what might be lurking around. you have been warned.
yamaguchi. asahi. YACHI. yaku. kindaichi.
the killer
you don’t know what his motivation is. you don’t know where he is. you don’t know what he wants. you don’t know who he even is in the first place. he always seems to be creeping right around the next corning, watching you, waiting for your next move. waiting for the right time to lunge forward.
tendou. KENMA. tsukishima.
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dark-night-hero · 14 hours ago
Imagine being Kozume Kenma's significant other. (twt ver)
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
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ladytheoris · a day ago
Oooooh could I please request p11+c9?
Prompt: I’m done. I’m done trying so hard only for you to never even look in my direction.
Character: Bokuto Koutaro
Warning: Angst, it's total bs.
Have you ever felt like all your efforts are going all around, but not to the point where you want them to be? That was your relationship with Bokuto in summary.
Bokuto Kotaro, one of the top 5 aces in Japan, was insanely famous for his athletic abilities and good looks. He was nothing more than an average person with a hectic schedule when it came to relationships.
Things went smoothly until the initial phase of the relationship, and it was a mutual decision to take things to the next level. And that came with a ring on your finger. A few months in, you felt like being a side character in his story.
If life is a book, you believed every character had their importance. But in Bokuto's book, it was mainly his team, volleyball, and his work life. You could feel slowly that you are just being sided every then and now, like today.
You married him on one fine evening of June 29th. It was the happiest memory you will ever have. His golden eyes always tell affirmative words when you looked at him, and they showed you a hundred reasons to sign that document.
Today was supposed to be the day when he comes home early. Then he would take a nice refreshing bath after the workout he did earlier. Then have a great dinner prepared by you, sipping wine and commenting about how great the last few years were. How lucky he is to be here where he is, along with you. And you would kiss him, pull him in for a slow dance while his arms will go around your waist, pulling you close to his chest. Then have sweet sweet lovemaking without any other priorities in both of your minds. Because a few years back this is what you both did without thinking through or thinking about any consequences.
Instead, here you are sitting on the floor beside the sofa, watching TV. Your mind didn't pay any attention to what was played on the screen, it kept going to the clock beside the TV.
00:01, Bokuto should have been home three hours before.
When did things fall apart so much, but now was the only time you seemed to notice it. Was he always like this? Someone who never cared about you? Or about the love you had for him?
Amidst all those thoughts, somehow you fell asleep, thinking about the past memories that made you smile once. You had tear drops that ran down your eyes. It was cold on the floor where you cuddled your knees to your chest but not as cold as him leaving you out from his schedule.
Around 1:50 AM, Bokuto comes back home. Hearing the door unlocking, you woke up, stood up from your place, and walked towards the door.
"You didn't sleep yet?" he asked, taking off his shoes.
"Why are you so late today?" you asked.
"The boys decided to hang out with the Miyans. Was there". His answer was not even convincing enough to believe his lie. Because all you could see was his messy hair, and obvious hickey right on his neck.
"You remember what day it is today? Well, yesterday." You ask him.
"YN, I'm not in the mood for some random conversation that doesn't hols any value" He walks past you, to his bedroom.
"It's been fucking two years since we got married." Your legs were weak and you leaned on the wall for support. "And I don't think I can do any more."
Bokuto is now piqued. "What do you mean?"
"I’m done. I’m done trying so hard only for you to never even look in my direction." Tears strained your pained face. "And now you've got another woman behind my back." You slowly walk towards the sofa. Each step you took, broke your heart into tiny pieces and you felt the pain as you weeped. "I'm done, Bokuto Kotarou. I don't think I can do this anymore."
Bokuto stayed glued to his steps. If he could turn back time to the moment when everything started to fall out from his hands, he wish he could hold onto that one hand that was waiting for him to be held. The one that used to love him.
"I'm sorry, YN." Bokuto tells. You know this too is from the pile of apologies you've received from before. No remorse or pain.
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diaryofgrey · 2 days ago
Hinata is the type to act like a total sweetheart making you fall for him , and then would act surprised and blush when you tell him that.
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chosovixen · 24 days ago
bokuto often fucks you in missionary cause he loves feeling you claw at his back while he’s deep inside you. the feeling of pain mixed with a bit of pleasure always thrills him. 
you’ve got your legs wrapped around him tightly, your hands pinned above your head while he placed wet, sloppy kisses on your lips. he steadily rocks his hips into yours and he can feel that you’re close. he doesn’t need to stimulate you any more than he was with the way his happy trail softly brushed your clit each time his hips meet yours. 
you being to moan uncontrollably, whimpering his name as you squirm under him. he wants to cum with you, so he lets go of your wrist, and your arms quickly wrap around his neck. you both are now a moaning mess as his hips snap into yours. he’s hitting the spot so good you can’t help but dig your nails into his back, clawing at the supple skin when you finally gush around his length. 
bokuto hisses at the feeling, head now buried in the croak of your neck as he fuck you both through your orgasms. 
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ichxraaa · 2 months ago
iwaizumi is so effortlessly dominant and it isn’t fair. it’s not fair the first time he yanks you back by firmly holding your hips with enough strength that you end up bouncing against his broad chest. “careful there, you almost tripped over that”.
it’s not fair how your hands can’t help but get sweaty as he stands in front of you, arms crossed tightly against his chest, tight biceps popping from the sleeves of his black polo and eyes looking down on you as you run your data with him.
it’s not fair that he stands so close behind you when you’re in line at the cafeteria, low voice grazing your ear as he comments on how he doesn’t want you taking away the veggies from your plate.
“nevermind, i’ll set you a plate, go sit over there”.
and it’s honestly pathetic how you don’t object, how you simply agree with him and walk towards the empty table he just pointed at. anyone else trying to pull that crap on you would’ve been long gone from your side.
it’s embarrassing how willing you are to let iwaizumi handle you like this, specially when you’re not even dating. nor has he even gave you the intention of even be attempting to flirt with you.
and you think it’s definitely not fair how one day he simply takes your hand and presses his palm against the dip of your waist, guiding you through all the dolled up people from this sponsor’s party.
“let’s go, i’m taking you out of here so i can finally get you out of this dress”.
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kentolove · 4 months ago
When Tsukishima gets comfortable, he really gets comfortable.
You learned that eight months into your relationship, when Tsukishima walked into the bathroom—with you on the toilet—heading for the sink to brush his teeth.
“Kei!” You nearly scream, clutching your chest to calm yourself down. “I’m using the bathroom here?”
“I can see,” he says, and you groan, throwing your head back in defeat. It really doesn’t help that the mirror is perfectly placed, in a way that allows your Kei to look at you directly in the eye while you sit on the toilet looking as unflattering as ever.
“Then leave? I can’t even piss in peace.”
“Why would I leave?” He puts the toothbrush in his mouth, “I’ve seen worse.”
“It’s impossible to argue with you,” you cry. And you’re right. Tsukishima Kei is insufferable, and he may be too comfortable with you already.
You learn Tsukishima has no sense of personal space soon after.
When he loves someone, his affection comes in odd ways. Sometimes it’s a flick to the forehead, other times it’s a teasing remark, and today, it’s him asking you if he could stay with you while you shower.
It’s not necessary the worst request, but when you consider the fact that he’s asking to sit on a stool and talk to you while you bathe, you find it a bit strange.
“Why would you even want that?” You ask him, all while you get ready for your nighttime shower.
“I just wanna be there.”
You shrug, tell him “sure”, and move on with your day. He sits on the toilet seat as you shower, recounting his day and all the small things that ticked him off.
“I never knew you could talk this much,” you laugh. He’s not necessarily the most quiet partner, but words are often few when it comes to your Kei. He’s more of a listener than anything, telling you how much he likes to hear your voice when you “bitch about everything.” (His words, not yours.)
Once you spend enough time with Tsukishima, though, you learn that he’s not evasive, just caring. He cares for you in ways you’ve never been loved before.
He shows you this when you feel as if you’re looking the Grim Reaper in the eyes, period cramps eating you away, and laying in your shared bed.
“Get up,” he whispers, careful to not yell for he knows how much you hate loud noises.
“Don’t talk to me.”
He knows it’s the cramps talking, so he only responds with a roll of his eyes.
“Okay,” he says, and begins to lift you off the bed. You nearly scream in shock, hitting his chest lightly.
“Put me down!” You kick your legs as he carries you bridal-style towards the bathroom. You know what he’s doing, trying to motivate you to not wallow in your pain, but you’re far too stubborn and in too much pain to care.
“Don’t ignore me!”
“You told me not to talk to you,” he retorts, gently placing you on the closed toilet seat and kneeling in front of you. “I ran a bath for you.”
You stare at him, head tilted to the side, and you wonder how you got so damn lucky.
“You want me to strip you, or?” He speaks up in the midst of your silence.
“Don’t be an ass.”
“That’s what I do best,” he smiles, lifting your hands up to remove your shirt (it’s his, really) from your body.
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koutarostiddies · 3 months ago
I know kiss cams aren't a thing in Japan, but...
What if during one of MSBY's matches the camera lands on you and Osamu? You're mildly horrified, but remember that Osamu, for better or worse, isn't into PDA. At best you'd get a quick peck.
As soon as Osamu sees your image on the huge screen overhead he gives the signature Miya smirk and the reserved Osamu "No PDA" Miya pulls you in and shoves his tongue down your throat.
Cheering bursts through the crowd and amidst all those cheers is a very embarrassed and disgusted Atsumu Miya shouting for you to get a room.
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tteokdoroki · 3 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Tumblr media
💌; synopsis - your boyfriend finds you wearing a piece of old high school memorabilia, his number nine kurasuno jersey, and it drives him absolutely insane.
↳ length: 2.07K
↳ warnings: smut, mdni 18+, fem!reader, characters aged up to 20s, post-time skip!au, unprotected sex, clothed sex, pussy jobs, soft/mean!kageyama, praise!kink, reader is wearing kageyama’s clothes.
↳ notes: a very self indulgent piece because i finished hq s4 and cant stop thinking about kageyama ?? it’s giving obsessed with him i think <3! not beta’d ! enjoy my loves hehe - m.list ♡
Tumblr media Tumblr media
“are you gonna tell me where you found it? or do i have to fuck it out of you, baby?” kageyama’s voice is tender as he asks, speaking to you like you’re a timid creature or somewhat of a street cat that might scurry away from him at any given moment. but the way he treats you is mean, his hands that are both large enough to cover the globes of your ass grip at your soft flesh— easily pull you back and forth,  back and forth on his cock while you’re seated in his lap, your dainty fingertips just peeking out of the sleeves on his cold kurasuno jersey, gripping into his shoulder blades to somewhat ground yourself. “‘m talkin’ to you sweetheart,” 
you know that he is,  god, you know. 
but words are hard to come by when you’re seated on your boyfriend’s cock, letting him bounce you up and down mercilessly until you can practically feel him in your throat. you know kageyama’s talking to you, his pretty girl, angel dressed in nostalgic shades of burnt orange and obsidian black— he loves how you can’t respond, blubbering and babbling incoherent sentences while you hide your swollen lips under the collar of his sweatshirt and drip so sweetly down his shaft from your heavenly little hole.
“uh—oh, mhm…mhm!” is all you can manage, swallowed by fabric that smells like your olympic athlete boyfriend, drowning in the strong waves of lust as he pounds up into your pretty puffy pussy until there are tears in your eyes. 
tobio let’s a hand leave your ass to tap at your baby fat cheeks, his dark blue eyes lit up with hunger as he mocks your pout. “words please baby, i know you know them.” it’s almost a joke to him, how weak and needy you get as soon as his milky top pushes past your selfish entrance, and brushes up against your velvety inner walls. he reads it in your eyes, how much you crave him and feels it in your cunt when you spasm and clench down on him, your juices rolling down his lengthy shaft and coating his balls. 
he taps your cheek again, and you whimper like a lost little lamb— the traces of a smile spreading across kageyama’s lips. “f-found it in the, fuck, the back of the closet… h’i missed you.” you cry out, gently circling your hips down on your boyfriend’s, droplets in the form of angel tears clumping in your lashes. kageyama’s smile widens, the hand in your cheek wrapping around the back of your neck, tilting your head up to kiss him. 
you let the fabric of the kurasuno jersey fall down to your chin, head angled perfectly to meet his lips and let your tongue slide wetly over the seam— begging your boyfriend to let you in. and he does, he lets you take charge of the searing and sloppy, spit slicked kiss. he lets you lick into his mouth and squeak against his tongue while he dominates the rest of your body buried beneath his old clothes. tobio feels you lean into him, free falling into his love and his desire while his hands slip under the sweatshirt to draw circles into your tummy, tease you by thumbing just under the swell of your breasts where they meet your rib cage before tweaking your nipples with tender love and care.
his cock aches inside you, just knowing that all your beauty, your curves, your pebbled nipples and the marks you have are hidden— no, protected from the hungry gaze of others by his old uniform. it drives kageyama insane, activates animalistic instincts in the back of his brain as he forces his cock as deep as it can go, rubbing his tip against your gummy walls and marking your insides with opaque wads of his messy precum until you’re squelching every time he ploughs into you.
you probably have no idea how fucking good you look right now, like a five course meal served up to the volleyball player on a silver platter. his baby, tobio kageyama’s innocent little baby had no idea of what she was getting herself into when you put on that number 9 kurasuno jersey. no idea that you would be fucked within an inch of your life, perfect pussy stretched over his painfully hot dick— his forked veins brushing up against pleasure spits only kageyama could reach. “h’baby,  you could have just, fuck…” the athlete curses, having been pounding into you so hard that his cock slips out of your eager hole, sliding right up against your clit which shines, soaked underneath the you yellow lighting in your bedroom. kageyama shivers when your tiny hand, peeking out from sweater paws to jerk him off. you thumb at his blistering red and seedy tip, you even drool over it too— right before guiding him back inside of your fluttering fat pussy. “there we go…you shoulda called me,”   
“y-you were at practice! oh fuck—tobi!” you whine, bristling with desire when kageyama wastes no time fucking your cunt into the shape of him. the bed creeks under the weight of his thrusts up into you, balls slapping heavy against your ass only serving to fill the room with their sensual song. you feel like you might cry, that’s how deep in your guts kageyama is, ruining your body for anyone else, claiming you as the mixture of your arousals froths and gathers at the swelling base of his shaft. whatever your precious cunt drools, quickly gets fucked back into your gushing insides and painted against your spongey g-spot the more your boyfriend throws his hips up to fuck you.
tobio grabs at your hips, holding you up so the only thing you can hump is his mushroomed cockhead, bright red and burning for you. he just wants to see, even though you whine for him put it back in, he just wants to see how raw and swollen your folds are from underneath his clothes— wants to know how much he turns you on. “you think i wouldn’t have left practice to come make my baby feel good?”  he asks, pressing his face into your neck and tilting his head up to lick the tears that stream down your face. “volleyball ain’t got shit on this fuckin’ pussy,” he breathes against your skin,
filling you up all over again with one sharp thrust until he’s buried into you right up to the hilt. 
and it’s true, not even the satisfaction of smacking a ball straight into the opposite court, not even lining up the perfect set or the smell of rubber sneakers burning against the floor during a tournament could compare to the sweet bliss of your warm, tight cunt wrapped around kageyama’s dick. you’re his favourite thing dressed in the jersey of his first love, humping away at his lap like a bitch in heat.
and kageyama thinks would be the best place in the world to die if it were to happen right now. 
“‘m close tobi, i’m gonna cum,” you heave into his ear like it’s a promise, arms looped around his neck where the softness of his jersey rubs against his sweaty skin. “fuck you’re gonna make me cum, o-oh. oh!” your head tilts back when his fingers meet your puffy clit, writing his signature against it while you drool from your mouth and your slit. “tobio.” there’s a warning lilt to the edge of your tone, telling your boyfriend that you can’t hold back and there’s a new feverishness to the way you roll your hips back down to meet his. 
so he pushes you onto your back, covering you with his slender body, his lips on yours while your ankles lock at his waist. the angle of kageyama’s hips shift, bullying his tip against your g-spot over and over, smearing precum along your velvety walls and bullying his way into you until you can see stars. he knows the way he fucks you is just right, he can tell by the way your lips form a gentle ‘o’ and the way your nails ( that he paid for ) dig into his toned shoulders and form crescent moons. 
“oh right there?” kageyama coos, lips messily finding yours while he pins your waist down to the sex soaked sheets bellow. your face changes, shining with sweat but so blissed out it makes your boyfriend’s hips stutter, losing the rough tempo they set. “ah, here…that feel good baby? yeah? oh fuck i know it’s good.” his words are breathy and shoot straight to your core, making your hole flutter around him— sucking his pulsing cock in selfishly. with his free hand, tobio roughly pushes up his kurasuno jersey that pools over your body right up to your tits— stormy blue eyes laser focused on the way they bounce under the weight of his thrusts.
kageyama is way taller than he was back in high school, but the length of the fabric still has you swimming in it— the volleyball player bunches it up, smiling down at you and uses the material to tug you back onto his dick, barely letting you off it as your clit grinds up against his washboard abs. “oh baby don’t cry, you’ll get to cum. i know you wanna fucking cum. can you do that?” he asks you, and again your words escape you as you’re left a teary eyed mess underneath the dark haired man. “yeahh, yeah you can. there you go.”
“tobi—!” you gasp, orgasm tearing though you as he pressed his entire weight onto you, fucking you hard and fast right through your high. you can’t help it, cunt squeezing down on him hard— juices splashing against kageyama’s stomach, making him almost grateful that he pushed his sweat shirt up to expose your pretty chest. “holy shit— tobio, i can’t, god—i can’t!,” pushing at his shoulders, your heave and hiccup as he picks up the pace and rams into your creamy sex again and again and again, forcing another orgasm out of you. 
you fucking squirt, a clear stream pouring from your abused little cunt— eyes rolling back into your skull as a silent scream rattles around in your throat. your hands dart up to grab at midnight black hair, tugging tobio closer, close enough for him to feel you tremble as you cream hard around his dick, practically forcing him out of your hole. 
“shit, baby…fuuck there you go, that’s it,” kageyama sighs against your wet lips, one arm outstretched over your head to grip the head board— the other between your bodies so he can tap his sensitive cockhead against your glistening and gushing pussy, running it up and down through the length of your slit. “mmhm, fuck you did so good, my good girl.” he stutters, lashes fluttering against your shoulder as he listens to the sticky sounds your puffy folds make while he glides through them. he kisses the tears that sit on the apples of your cheeks, using your shaky body to get himself off until he finds himself cumming against your cute little clit. a layer of thick white coats your hot mound and as he takes hold of his dick, tobio pushes the mix of your arousals back into you, shallowly fucking your hole as you twitch with the after shocks of your orgasm before he eventually settles inside you so you cockwarm him.
kageyama rolls off of you, pulling your leg high over his hip while you snuggle into him. “‘m sticky,” you complain, forming tiny fists against his chest. through the sleeves of your boyfriend’s kurasuno jersey. 
“you’re sticky ‘n so pretty baby,” kageyama’s cheeks are pink tinted from exertion, a soft smile on his lips while feeling you up from under the kurasuno colours. “want you to wear this more often…you look really good in it.” 
twirling a strand of his hair between your fingers. “i’ll wear whatever it takes to get you to fuck me like that again, tobi.” you purr into the shell of his ear, pressing a kiss to the corner of his mouth. “you’ll want to get spares of your japan team uniform as well.” 
“oh yeah?” tobio hums, eyes on yours, cock twitching softly inside of you. “how come?” 
“‘cause when you bring home a medal f’me, i can’t guarantee i won’t make a mess on you.” 
Tumblr media
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meloomi · 3 months ago
arguably, sakusa kiyoomi's worst habit is tsk-ing at any slight inconvenience.
when he thinks the team is being too rowdy at 7am in the morning. when he sees someone sneeze without covering the lower half of their face. when the pedestrian traffic light turns red right as he's about to cross.
he thinks he picked it up from his mother, from when she used to click her tongue disapprovingly whenever he comes home late after playing in the neighborhood with komori, or when he returns from volleyball practice with a noticeable bruise on his pale skin. most of the time, there's no lingering malice behind it – it's just something he's so used to doing and he fails to catch himself before he even realizes he's doing it.
in fact, the opposite is true when it comes to you.
he tsks at you when he sees you on your phone at ungodly hours of the night, snatching up your phone and pulling you to bed so he can snuggle you to sleep.
he tsks at you when he gets a text from you saying you missed breakfast because you had overslept, opening up the food delivery app on his phone to order a proper meal for you.
he tsks at you when he sees you scampering over to his parked car from your workplace much later than you should be, silently cursing your boss for assigning you with an extra shift and taking away his precious y/n time.
he tsks at you when he notices your stress taking a toll on you physically and mentally, pulling you away from the cold world and into his warm arms, if only for a moment, letting your tear stain the front of his t-shirt and holding you tight against him for as long as you need.
sakusa is aware he's never been good with words, choosing instead to show you what he can't put into words. yet despite the feigned annoyance behind the clicking of his tongue, you know his tsks have become a love language of their own, reserved specially for you.
take care of yourself. you deserve the world. i love you.
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lumi-does-some-stuff · 2 months ago
Haikyuu boys when you referred to yourself with his last name
A/N: Married Hq boys headcanons bc yes. Also this is gender neutral reader.
Tumblr media
Fucking dies both on the outside and inside, but can you blame him, he just still can’t believe you married him, so when he hears you said his last name with your first name so naturally when a barista asked for your name so she could identify you from other customers, he just melts. It’s only been a week since you got married but from how natural you’ve become, he’s like “ahhhhhh they married meeee”, his face is red while his heart races miles per hour and he becomes all mushy and cuddly when you’re alone.
- Hinata, Kageyama, TANAKA, Asahi, iwaizumi (he tries to hide his flustered state but failed-), YAMAMOTO, Lev, Bokuto, Atsumu.
On the outside he seems normal, after all, you guys are married for 2 years now. But every now and then when you introduce yourself to new people using his last name, even referring to him as your husband, his heart swells as the tip of his ears turn pink when looked close enough. He knows it’s kind of stupid to feel this way when you guys are married, but he just can’t help it, he’s just so proud to call you his.
- Daichi, Tsukishima, Kuroo, KENMA, Matsukawa, AKAASHI, Ushijima, Osamu, Kita, Suna.
Tumblr media
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sukunababy · a month ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media Tumblr media
# day 7. anal
athletic trainer!iwaizumi hajime x f!reader
genre. pwp, smut
cw. oral, anal, fingering, squirting, praise | wc. 950
kinktober m.list | interactions are appreciated
Tumblr media Tumblr media
you just needed someone to help you use a machine to tone your legs. he seemed willing. big shoulders and gentle smile as he helped you sit on the bench of the machine.
"huh you wouldn't need that," he told you as he licked his lips, "your ass is already nice." he made you laugh.
even as he was helping you with the weights he was smiling and giggling. he was touching your body in all the right places, using the excuse that he had to set you up right if you were going to do the exercise the right way.
that's how you ended up bent over on the locker room bench. shorts and panties down, ass in the air.
his thumbs caress your inner thigh. you can feel a smirk on his lips as his mouth moves over your pussy.
his tongue slides between your folds, you moan at the sensation, and he moans at the taste of you.
iwaizumi's cock throbs in his shorts. his balls ache. your moans when he sucks your puffy clit make his slit drool.
His tongue runs from your bud to your hole. he teases it circling it before pushing the tip into your soggy folds. your cunt squeezes his tongue, making his eyes roll.
"ah fuck" you squeal. he eats your cunt like a starving man. his cock throbs so hard he might cum on the spot. you are dangerous for him to handle.
your moans make his head buzz. your juices coat his mouth, sliding down his chin.
the knot in your stomach tightens, just as your hole tightens when you gush on his face. iwaizumi licks every drop of cum that slides out of your slit, "you taste so fucking good."
your breath is heavy. you have not yet come down from your high when he stands up behind you and moves the band of his shorts under his swollen balls.
the tip is smeared with pre-cum. "fuck," he hisses, rubbing the tip between your folds and sighing as he pushes it in.
your cunt drools. his cock throbs against your sweet spot. you rock your hips against his when you adjust to his thick girth.
your cunt spreads as he starts pounding inside you. he thrusts his hips in a controlled way, one hand around your hip to keep you aligned with his cock.
his thumb grazes your tightest hole. he slowly presses it in, using the juices gushing from your cunt as an aid.
the pleasure becomes too much to bear. your clit pulses against his balls every time iwa pushes in. your cream circles his shaft and your slit flutters around his cock.
"i will fuck this perfect ass," he promises, replacing his thumb with a finger. your eyes roll back while moans fall from your lips.
his hips slam against yours. his thick tip fucks your cervix painfully, making you drool from your hole and cling to the bench.
Tears slide down your face as iwa pushes three fingers into your tight hole. he spreads you deliciously, is slow as he moves them in and out.
"put it in," you sob in despair.
he grunts. your cream covers his cock when he pulls it out and leans against your ass. he hisses as he slowly works his way in. "fuck, huh so tight, baby."
the initial pain fades as his balls slap your puffy bud.
you squeeze around him, making him swear. his eyes close as he pulls his hips back and then pushes them against yours.
your cum facilitates the movement. his cock pulses in your tight hole as you moan his name. you sob when his hips slam faster against yours.
"fuck, I'm cumming" you squeal pushing your ass against him to meet his thrusts.
"shit, that's a good girl" he praises, pulling you toward him. one hand wrapped around your throat and the other slipping between your thighs as he bounces you onto his cock.
your clit twitches at the contact of his fingers, it's wet and hard as he toys with it.
his hips accelerate, "You're going to come for me, aren't you, baby?" he hisses, slamming his length hard into your hole.
his fingers move, sliding into your slit, making you scream. he presses them in just the right spot, you feel it before you know it. you gush suddenly. your pussy squirts over his hand, tightening around his fingers. "fuck, what a mess" he moans pushing sloppily into you.
your little hole clutches his thick shaft. milking him bringing him closer to his high.
"good girl, cum again, a little more" he demands, pulling his fingers out of your cunt and rubbing them over your swollen, sensitive clit.
he makes you gush again. you uncontrollably squirt your cum everywhere. "fuck fuck fuck" you scream clinging to his arm.
his hips stop. iwa stops, balls throbbing against your wet, sensitive pussy as he cums deep. the load is hot, your muscles tightening from that new sensation. "you took it so good," he praises you, rocking slowly to pull out, "such a good girl for me"
you gasp with trembling legs as you get off the bench. your pussy throbs while his cum drips out of your ass. "we could continue this kind of workout, even later" he smiles at you settling his cock in his shorts, a smug expression on his face as he watches you sit up in pain.
Tumblr media
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atsumulogy · 28 days ago
“atsumu, when i die —”
“no, stop, don’t say that. ‘ya aren’t going to die.” he interrupted you before you could even finish, his gaze burning.
“of course i won’t, i’m immortal!” you joked. and to this, he flashed a small smile.
“but, hypothetically, if i do die, i want you to make my coffin look cute. maybe LED lights? yeah, and —” you were cut off with your rambling by a kiss to your lips. the two of you savoring the fleeting moment, gripping onto his shirt as you felt yourself weaken from his touch.
“yes, angel, i’ll do that okay? now stop yappin’ about ‘ya dying. ‘ya aren’t goin’ to die. i — i won’t even let ‘ya.” he said with so much determination that you couldn’t help but believe him.
your eyes feel heavy. “‘tsumu?”
“hm?” he looks at you, shimmering eyes.
“i’m tired, i wanna go to sleep.”
“oh — okay, sure — i, i love ‘ya, goodnight. let’s talk again tomorrow, m’kay?” he asked, the hope in his voice felt quite cruel to even exist.
“of course, i love you.”
the beeping from the monitor went to a deafening halt. atsumu felt like he was suffocating, the air in his lungs evaporating. you — the air that filled his lungs, the air he breathes, ceased. the shimmer in his eyes turned into tears.
you two never really did get to properly talk again tomorrow, or the day after that, or ever again.
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rinslova · 2 months ago
boyfriends who looks unbothered and chill, but actually are nervous and questioning if they should make a move first or not. And gets thrown off when you take they're hand first.
But when they look down to see you soft smile greeting them, their heart softens as they now know they have nothing to be nervous about. Not with you.
—Iwaizumi, TSUKISHIMA, Suna, SAKUSA, Kita KYOUTANI, Semi, Kuroo, UKAI, Mattsun, KAGEYAMA, HOSHIUMI, Shirabu, Ushijima
taglist :: @chaeble, @awkwardaardvarkforever, @underratedbitch-number13 @hunnipotbish @mina-wina @smiithys
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