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Tumblr media
Buys you a plush of him as a joke or to remind you of him when he’s away only to get jealous when you choose to cuddle it instead of him. To say he regrets buying that plush is an understatement.
-Hinata, Kageyama, Tsukishima, Oikawa, Yaku, Kenma (he’s a popular YouTuber/streamer, of course he got to have plushies of himself), Ushijima, ATSUMU.
Tumblr media
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Tumblr media Tumblr media
[❤︎] — Sakusa Kiyoomi, Miya Atsumu, Iwaizumi Hajime & Suna Rintaro
warnings: gn!reader, children throwing hissy fits.
authors note: theses are inspired my siblings who literally scream over anything under the sun. Once again unedited…oops. ♡︎
Tumblr media
“I want this daddy!” Sakusa’s daughter yells as she tries to pull her dad by the leg. “Not today D/n, remember we came here to get some ingredients?” He says as he tries to walk to the other aisle. “No daddy, I want a cookie!” She huffs trying to pull her father towards the snacks. “We have cookies at home sweetheart.” He explains to his daughter, but all she hears is her father telling her no. “Yes! I want a cookie!” She stomps, starting to cause an unwanted scene. “D/n, what did daddy say? We have those exact cookies at home and if you're good you can have one when we get home.” He reasons as his daughter started to tear up. “I want two cookies then!” She demanded with a loud sniff that causes Sakusa to smiles over her stubbornness— she’s just like you.
“C'mon boys it’s time to go!” Atsumu yells at his boys who are running around the park. “10 more minutes daddy.” His youngest yells back before sliding down the slide. “I already gave you guys 10 minutes—30 mins ago! It’s time to go home now.” Atsumu tells his kids as he walks towards them. “I don’t wanna go!” His oldest screams. “Me either!” The youngest says. “Boys, the sun is settin’ and we gotta get home to yer mom. Let’s go.” He sighs, he knows he’s been reasonable because they’ve been at the park all day long. Why can’t they just do something without argument, for once. “No no no!” They yell before taking off. “Hey, get back here now boys!” He yells before he starts to chase them.
Iwaizumi sits in the driver's seat as he drives his daughter back home from school. “How was your day, baby?” He asks, looking in the mirror to see his daughter glaring at him with her arms folded. “Baby?” He questions. “Leave me alone ugly.” She spits out from her booster seat. “Woah,” he chuckles. “Where’s this attitude coming from?” He inquires but his daughter just rolls her eyes in return. “D/n? What’s wrong—”he’s cut off by her kicking his seat. “D/n!” He exclaims. “You dumb dumb!” She yells and kicks the seat again. “Christ, what has gotten into you today.” Iwaizumi asks but he never gets an answer and instead gets small kicks to his seat until she eventually falls asleep from exhaustion and wakes up blissfully unaware of the tantrum she had in the car.
Suna places small kisses on your shoulder as he lays behind you in your guys’ dark room. You feel small butterflies in your stomach but they’re abruptly cut off when your bedroom door is swung open. “D/n? why aren't you asleep?” Suna groans, falling onto his back with a long groan. “I wanna sleep with you guys tonight!” She exclaims as she walks up to the bed, dragging her teddy bear on the floor behind her. “Not tonight, you slept in here yesterday.” He tells her as he starts to get out of bed. “Yes tonight!” She exclaims and starts to climb the bed but before she could get up, Suna grabs her and throws her over his shoulder. “No baby, tonight you’re gonna be a big girl and sleep in your own bed, say goodnight to . . .” “No! Wanna sleep in your room!” She yells the entire way back to her bedroom.
Tumblr media
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Being Atsumu's Girlfriend:
Being Insecure
Tumblr media
Atsumu Miya x Insecure! Female Reader
Warnings: Swearing, slight angst, super supportive Atsumu, insecure reader, kissing
A/N: This is an Anon request! I know how much my bbys love our resident untoned blonde and since it's his Birthday 🎂 🥳 here ya go 🥰
I suppose I should be nice to him today 🙄
Alright let's see how long this lasts
Dating this idiot is a full time job
Whoops didn't even make it a whole sentence 🙃
Honestly YN out here doing Inarizaki's charity work
Since you've started dating Atsumu, you've lead a very interesting life
First off, you never in a million years thought Atsumu Miya would be interested in you 😳
Like seriously, you were quiet, shy and mostly kept to yourself
Literally the most perfect angel ever 😇
It wasn't until your second year that Atsumu first started to notice you
You had gotten paired up with him for a class project
I'm sorry to say YN, but at first Atsumu didn't know who you were
Literally our bby wall flower 🥺
However that changed quickly because you see, when someone pointed you out for the first time
Literally the gates of heaven opened, the sun shined brighter and the birds sang louder 🙌🏻
Atsumu is just staring at you like 👁👄👁
Seriously how did he never notice you
Glad you asked...
1) he's a man and therefore literally oblivious
2)99.99999% of his life is volleyball and unless your volleyball shaped YN, I'm sorry
3) he's a man
Anyways, you've always had a small crush on Atsumu
Not unlike the majority of the school 🙄
So when you go up to introduce yourself, Atsumu is literally just 🧍‍♂️ 😳
But of course it was always just that, a crush
Like one of those "I'll dream of you from afar never to have you" crushes 🥲
"Hi, I'm YN! It looks like we are partners"- you
Atsumu 👉🏻😳
"Umm I'm free this afternoon before clubs start if you'd like to meet? We can meet back here"- you
Atsumu 👉🏻😳
Please someone send HELP
Luckily Ginjima just happens to be in your class as well
Thank God, someone with a some brain power istg 🙄
"Umm hey YN, Atsumu would be happy to meet you later, right Sumu?"- Ginjima
Atsumu 👉🏻 🧍‍♂️ 😳 *nods head*
You 👉🏻🙂 great I'll see you later! *little wave and float away*
"Yer an idiot"- Ginjima 🙄
Later that day, you meet up with Atsumu and begin your project
Thank God there is like .000001% someone will interrupt you 😏😏😏
"HEY DUMBASS!"- Osamu screams, followed by Suna and Ginjima
You 👉🏻👀👀👀
"Samu can't you see IM BUSY"- Atsumu, nudging his head towards you as you smile and wave 😃 👋🏻
Again YN do less
"Oh my apologizes YN, I didn't know you got roped into working with Sumu"- Osamu
"Thoughts and prayers YN"- Suna ✌🏻
You 👉🏻😅
Atsumu 👉🏻 fuming 😡
"If you don't need anything, YN and I would like to continue OUR project!"- Atsumu
"Why don't you invite YN to practice tonight, then you can work on your project afterwards?"- Ginjima, doing the most
Bless you sweet Ginjima 😘
"HEY- that's a great idea!"- Atsumu, literally looking for anything he can do to impress you
You 👉🏻😳 uhhh sure...
Please Atsumu will literally drag you to practice and you will be forced to watch 😅
Aran, Omimi and Michinari are like 100% sure you were forced here against your will
Kita is skeptic but you aren't acting like the other ones so he's fine with you being here
After that day, Atsumu literally will remain attached to your hip
It's kind of weird honestly 😅 like sir give YN some space please
He's walking you to school, eating lunch with you, even walking you to your classes
Then one day, he just kind of blurts it out
Literally it goes like this 👇🏻
"YN I like you-" Atsumu
"I like you too Sumu"- you 🥰
"No like I LIKE like you"- Atsumu 😬
You 👉🏻👁👄👁 whet-
"Will you go on a date with me YN?"- Atsumu
You 👉🏻👁👄👁
Atsumu 👉🏻😃😅
You 👉🏻👁👄👁 you sure?
Please YN, the man pulls you into a giant bear hug 🫂
"I'm sure"- Atsumu 🥰
You 👉🏻😳🥺 of course Sumu!
And thus begins the ship know an AtsuYN
We love that for you ❤️
You deserve to be happy YN
And thankfully Atsumu is an above average boyfriend 🥰
I can't give him too much credit guys, it's me 🤣
Anyways, your relationship is going well for the most part
You see, there's one teeny tiny issue
Well not so teeny nor tiny...
More like massive and obnoxious 🙄
Yep that's right, the Miya fan girls
Can you imagine 😒 we could never YN 💅🏼
Sure the Miya twins are cute but honestly? Literally as dumb as volleyballs
Anyways, when the girls find out about you, they honestly don't think you will last
However when they see Atsumu kissing your cheek and holding your hand, they burn with jealousy
And you, my precious angel, aren't one to deal with unwanted attention well
I mean, you've always kind of thought you weren't good enough for Atsumu 😔
It's the opposite YN but you'll find out 🙃
The bullying started out small, a couple of them leaving nasty notes in your locker
You never said anything to Atsumu, simply choosing to throw them away and try to ignore it
Then it began to escalate
These jerks would start purposely knocking your books from your hand, especially when Atsumu wasn't around
They would spill juice on your uniform and trip you, giggling as they walked away
"I wonder how Atsumu can date someone so clumsy"- they would say chuckling
You'd try to ignore them, walking away and not acknowledging them
However your bullying didn't go unnoticed because someone was always watching 👀
So one day when you were coming back from class and someone bumped into you, sending you flying and landing on your butt
A certain someone came to your rescue
"YN why do you let them do that to you? You need to tell Atsumu"- Suna said
"It-its ok Rin, they are just jealous that's all"- you say as he helps you up, grabbing your books and handing them back to you
Suna rn 👉🏻😑 YN...
"Please Rin don't tell Sumu, he doesn't need to worry about me! You guys have the spring tournament coming up and you don't need to worry about me"- you smiling
Suna just nods as you wave and walk away
Unfortunately, the fan girls only get more vicious
Not only do they ruin your uniform daily but they make your life miserable
Literally you are scared to even be alone 😔
You start to withdraw from Sumu, afraid to tell him what's wrong because you don't want to be a bother
Atsumu is so confused but you keep telling him you are busy
Suna hadn't said anything, even though he's wanted to
However one day, things finally take a horrible turn
You see, the guys are all practicing and you are headed to the gym
You've become sick of the bullying, the constant teasing, the constant crying every night
You decide it's finally time to tell Sumu
Unfortunately for you, you are stopped in your track by a gang of his fangirls
"Hey bitch- where do you think you're going?"- one of them asks
You try to dodge them but unfortunately they block you, caging you against the lockers
Lemme at em 👊🏻 two hits- I hit them, they hit the floor
*deep breath Tiffany* beating the crap out of bullies won't solve anything...
Or will it? 🤨
Do as I say kids not as I do 👏🏻
"Just leave me alone!"- You shout, tears filling your eyes
The girls laugh at you, continuing to get closer
"You really think Atsumu likes you? You're just a pity project for him!"- the leader says
You try not to listen but it's impossible
Luckily for you, a certain someone has super sonic hearing and peeks his head out see what's going on 👀👂🏻
"Just break up with him YN, that will save you the embarrassment of when he dumps you!"- the girls say, all laughing as they shove you against the lockers
Meanwhile 👀
Suna 🏃‍♂️ runs to tell Atsumu and the team
"SUMU!"- Suna
"Listen I'm not one to get involved in drama-"
Please the entire team laughs 🤣
Suna rn 👉🏻😐😑
"Ok and.."- Atsumu
"YN has been getting bullied by your stupid fangirls for the last few weeks and they currently have her caged against the lockers!"- Suna
Atsumu 👉🏻😐😳😡 WHAT?!?!
He takes off, followed by Osamu, Ginjima and the rest of the team
Atsumu stops outside the gym, seeing you cowered against the lockers and crying
Ohh this man is PISSED
"HEY YA PIGS!"- He screams as the girls all jump back, eyes wide
Atsumu storms up to you, grabbing you in closer as you cry in his embrace
"Sweetheart are you ok? Did they hurt ya?"- Atsumu
You can't respond, you just cry, burying your head into his chest
Atsumu holds you close, eyes blazing as he glares at the girls
Osamu, Suna, Ginjima and the team are all surrounding you
"Samu, take YN back to the gym"- Atsumu growls as Osamu wordlessly grabs you hand, dragging you towards the gym with him and Ginjima
"Sumu we weren't trying to hurt her-" the girls try and say but oof- Atsumu is like " NOT 👏🏻 TODAY 👏🏻"
None of the girls answer
"How long have you been hurting her?!" - Atsumu growls
Ugh protective, possessive men 😫
That's OK, Suna is there to fill in the gaps 💅🏼
"A few weeks now, they trip her, spill juice on her and leave her nasty notes!"- Suna, probably pulling up receipts 📱
"Sumu... she's not good for you"- one of the girls says a Atsumu completely snaps
Honestly 👏🏻 👏🏻 we love to see it
Kita and Aran step forward
"Let's go, we are going to talk to the principal about your behavior"- they say as the girls eyes fill with tears and they start to cry
Atsumu could care less, he turns around and heads straight for the gym
When he enters, he heads straight for you
Osamu and Ginjima are sitting with you
You see Samu, standing and going to meet him half way
"Sumu I'm-"
Too bad you don't get the words out because Sumu plants a big ole kiss on your lips 🥰
He pulls away, putting his forehead against yours
"YN why didn't you tell me?"- Atsumu
"I-I didn't want to bother you"- you 😔
"YN you never bother me! I love you!"- Atsumu
You 👉🏻👁💧👄💧👁 you do???
Atsumu smiles, "Yeah I really do!"
"I love you too Sumu"- you 🥰
"God get a room!"- Osamu 🤢
Meanwhile Suna is videoing the entire thing 📱 probably tearing up 🥲
Don't worry YN, he will send you a copy later 🥰
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ꜱᴡᴇᴇᴛ ᴛᴇᴍᴘᴛᴀᴛɪᴏɴ (ᴍɪʏᴀ ᴀᴛꜱᴜᴍᴜ)
Tumblr media
WARNINGS: college student f!reader x Miya Atsumu, age gap, atsumu’s a dilf, oral (f/m receiving), fingering (m!receiving), edging, alcohol consumption and dubcon kinda
interactions (comments and reblogs) are much appreciated! ♥︎
Atsumu Miya always thought pretty highly of himself — he was good-looking, skillful, rich; he never had any reason to doubt himself in any way. That was before retirement. Now he can’t help but feel a little insecure; his body, albeit firm, isn’t the same, and his reflexes aren’t as fast as they used to be when he was one of the best setters in the world. More than once, he’s avoided looking at himself in the mirror, knowing that doing so would only make him nostalgic. 
To be honest, he still is one of the finest people alive. He’s gorgeous, more mature, and experienced in so many things that you can only learn by living. But sometimes he just wishes he could go back in time to his younger self. That is, until he met you.
It makes him feel a little bit of guilt, but he really can’t help it — not when you’re the biggest temptation to ever be before him. It all happened that one time his daughter invited you over for a relaxing day at their pool.
It was hot, so much so that you couldn’t stand outside for a second without beginning to sweat. He’d never seen you before, and he thought it’d be nice to introduce himself; to show some hospitality by making some snacks you guys could enjoy while swimming. When he walked out, tray full of freshly cut fruit and a jar of cold orange juice in hand, he almost tripped over his own feet. There you were, sitting on the border of the pool in your cute little bikini, a popsicle between your lips. It took him a moment to get out of his trance, actually needing to shake his head lightly to clear it a little. You were the prettiest girl he’d ever laid eyes on, and he knew he shouldn’t be thinking of you as anything else but his daughter’s friend… but it was impossible.
In a short moment of panic, he left the tray, muttered something while averting his gaze, and left. Your eyes followed him all the way back to the house, and they remained glued on the door he had just gone through as you nipped the tip of the popsicle absentmindedly.
“What’s the deal with your dad?” you asked your friend.
She shrugged, waving a hand over her shoulder and twirling a finger under the water, watching the small whirlpool that formed after the movement.
“He’s been a little weird after the divorce. But I don’t think he misses my mom… must be something else. I don’t know.”
You hummed, shrugging a little and turning your attention back to your friend.
Tumblr media
You started frequenting their house more often after that, and Atsumu wasn’t sure on how to act. You were kind to him; always smiling and laughing around him. He didn’t know if he was imagining the way your eyes lingered on him for a second too long, or if you were just being… nice. He always assumed it was the latter.
You thought it was a little funny — the way he acted around you, like he was always prepared to jump back just in case you got too close. You’d always watch with amusement how his cheeks would turn a soft shade of pink after you brushed your hand over his when he gave you the glass of water you asked for, or how he’d gulp and avert his guilty gaze whenever you caught him staring.
But tonight’s a little bit different.
“Mr. Miya! Good evening,” you greet him with a bright smile when he opens the door.
“Y/N,” he whispers, shooting a look over his shoulder. “I, uh… hi. I’m afraid Yui just left.”
You purse your lips in a disappointed pout, and fight to suppress a smile when you notice his eyes lingering on your lips.
“That’s a shame. I borrowed this book the other day and she told me she needed it back. Could I maybe… leave it in her bedroom?”
Atsumu bites his bottom lip, hesitating for a moment. Your smile widens when you see his resolve breaking a little. He heaves a sigh, takes a small step back and opens the door wide enough for you to walk past him.
“Sure. Come in.”
He inhales deeply when you walk in, eyes crewed shut when your scent floods his senses. He’s feeling a little dizzy, and it’s not exactly the alcohol that he was drinking before you rang the bell (which wasn’t even enough to get him tipsy).
He watches you as you go up the stairs, and he can’t help the way his eyes roam your body from the tip of your head to your toes; it’s the way you sway your hips and how your short skirt ruffles with each step that makes him swallow thickly, and he decides it’s best to fetch his almost empty glass of whiskey to calm his nerves a little.
When you come back, you find him in the kitchen, pouring himself another cup. He doesn’t hear you walking in, and he almost drops the bottle when you speak. He catches it just in time.
“Mr. Miya…” you hum, and the way you say it makes a shiver run dow his spine. He sets the bottle down, considering it might not be such a good idea to drink when you’re around… he’s not entirely sure of what he might do. “Thanks for letting me in. I should probably get going though,” you say, biting on the inside of your cheek when you notice how visibly he deflates at your words. Taking a couple steps forward, you rest your elbows on the counter and look up at him. He blinks as though confused; he wasn’t expecting you for you to get closer. “Are you drunk?” you ask suddenly, cocking your head to the side.
His lips part open when he looks at you, a surprised, feeble chuckle escaping him.
“No, I’m— I’m drinking, but I’m not drunk,” he retorts, pushing his cup further away from him. He does feel a little lightheaded, but he isn’t sure whether it’s the alcohol or how close you’re standing to him that’s making him feel that way.
“Good,” you say, smiling softly at him. “I’m surprised you didn’t offer me one,” you add, gesturing at the drink.
“That would be… inappropriate,” he says, taking a small step back when you take one forward.
Despite you being of legal age, he’d feel a little weird having a drink with his daughter’s friend.
You let out a soft laugh, shaking your head as you look at him.
“I’d say the way you look at me might be the only inappropriate thing here,” you murmur; you’re so close that your breaths mix, and he swallows thickly with a panicked look in his eyes.
“‘M sorry, I just… I didn’t mean—”
“I don’t mind,” you cut him off. This time, when he tries to take a step back, he finds himself caged between the counter and you. It’s adorable how utterly confused he looks, like he has no idea what the meaning behind your words is. “I actually like it.”
He freezes when your lips brush softly against his, and when he doesn’t pull back, you press a soft peck on them, then deepen the kiss. Atsumu’s eyes flutter shut, sighing against you as one of his hands goes up to hold the nape of your neck, the other one gripping the edge of the counter so hard that his knuckles turn white. He feels like he’s dreaming — like he’s living what he’s been fantasizing about for weeks, and that’s what makes his eyes snap open as he pulls back. His face is turned to the side and he licks his lips, eyes screwed shut as he shakes his head a little, a frustrated sigh escaping him.
“We should stop… This is wrong. God, this is so wrong,” he says through gritted teeth, finally opening his eyes and shifting his gaze up toward the ceiling so he can avoid looking at you.
“Does it feel wrong?” you ask, and his eyes shoot down when he feels your fingers brushing lightly against his semi hard-on. He gulps once more, clenching his jaw as he looks away. It’s taking everything in him not to bend you over the counter and fuck you dumb.
“No,” he admits in a whisper, a soft, shaky breath leaving his lips when you apply a little more pressure. “It feels…” he begins, his breath hitching when you curl your fingers to cup his growing erection. It feels good; too good… and scary, because Atsumu is terrified of how much he’s enjoying something he definitely shouldn’t be. The way you look up at him through your lashes as you bite your lip and palm his dick over his pants makes it really hard for him to form a coherent thought. “Fuck it feels good,” he finishes, throwing his head back with parted lips to let out a soft groan.
“Have you thought about this?” you mumble against his neck, grazing his soft flesh with your teeth. You slip your hand in his pants, wrapping your hand around his shaft and pumping slowly, collecting the pre-cum leaking from his tip to smear it along his cock. “Have you fantasized of being inside me? Imagined how tight and warm I must be?”
Atsumu whimpers, his hips bucking forward instinctively, and he curses under his breath. It’s impossible to control himself, and he can’t believe it. Was it really that obvious? That he jerked off to the thought of you countless times when he woke up with the biggest hard-on in the mornings after the impossibly realistic wet dreams he had about you? That he was just like a pathetic hormonal teenager who couldn’t think about anything else but your taste on his mouth whenever he saw you? That he went to bed almost every night wondering what it would feel like to be between your legs?
“Y-yes,” he admits with a groan. Atsumu presses his forehead against yours, and you tilt your head up to connect your lips with his. He moans in the kiss, shoving his tongue in as he decides to give into you — he’s already gone too far; sinned too much to stop himself. “Shit, Y/N,” he gasps when you give a particularly harsh tug, and he feels his knees wobble a little. The fact that a simple handjob has him so close to cumming when you’ve barely even started has him wondering if he’s really gotten that old… or maybe you’re just that good.
You tilt your head up to whisper against his lips, “But if you really want to stop.” And Atsumu whines when your warm hand unwraps from his dick and slips away.
“Fuck,” he says through gritted teeth, his hips chasing your hand with a sudden, involuntary thrust. “You can’t do that to me,” he groans, huffing out in annoyance. He’s so hard that it’s painful, and it’s been so long since he last got laid that he’s a little desperate, although he would never admit it.
“So you want me to keep going?” you say, a playful smirk tugging at your lips. He gapes at you for a second, shaking his head in slight disbelief. Fucking tease.
“You tell me,” he replies, grabbing your wrist and pulling your arm so your hand is cupping his erection. You take your lip between your teeth, and Atsumu uses his thumb to free it, swiping his tongue across it and shoving his tongue in. You moan wantonly, digging your nails in his shoulders. Your hips instinctively buck forward in search for some friction, and he gives a disapproving tut, breaking the kiss to look at you with a pout in mock disappointment. “Now, just a second, pretty girl. I want you on your knees first.”
You groan, trying a second time. Atsumu’s hand flies up, and his fingers clench around your jaw to hold your face in place, forcing you to look up at him.
“Please,” you whine.
A smile slowly makes its way onto his face, and he traces your lips with the pad of his thumb. His eyes darken to the extent of almost looking completely black when you nibble on the tip of his finger, and he breathes out softly, transfixed by the way your pretty lips wrap around his digit.
“You really think you deserve it?” he hums, cocking his head to the side. “I think you need to work for it,” he says, withdrawing his hand and placing both of his palms firmly on your shoulders to push you down onto your knees. 
The way you look up at him through your lashes makes his cock twitch in his pants, and he doesn’t avert his gaze for a single second as he gets rid of the confining garment. Atsumu’s breath hitches when you lick your lips in anticipation, eyeing his leaking tip with evident hunger in your eyes. You just can’t wait to taste him — you’d be lying if you said you haven’t fantasized about it, too.
Atsumu gulps, seemingly hesitant all of a sudden. You purse your lips, giving a series of mental curses. You were sure you had him in the palm of your hand, and he seems to be enjoying himself. You don’t know what you’d do if he backed out now, so you guess your only option is to fully convince him. You can see in his eyes just how much he wants it.
Your fingertip traces a teasing line along his shaft, from the tip to the base, and your smile widens when he lets out a shuddering breath. You lick your lips once more, and place a soft, teasing kiss on the head of his cock.
“What’s the problem, Mr. Miya?” you ask, delivering another soft kiss, this time on the base of his shaft, and you move your head a little to the left to nip on his hip. “You know, we can still stop if you really want to,” you say despite yourself. “All you have to do is say it.”
You look at him expectantly, cocking an eyebrow when he lets out a soft chuckle. Your fingertips caress his soft, warm skin gently, barely skimming over the surface of it. There’s the look in his eyes again; this time more resolute. He takes a hand to your chin and pinches it between his thumb and forefinger, nudging it open as a small, almost imperceptible smile settles on his lips.
“Start sucking,” he instructs, shifting his hips forward so his tip touches your lips, smearing his pre-cum across them. You place your right hand on his thigh and the left one on his hip for support, sticking your tongue out to give a couple kitten licks to collect the clear liquid on your tongue. His lips part open to release a soft gasp, knuckles brushing along your cheek. After a short moment, he holds you still, burying his fingers in your hair. “What are you doing? Good, obedient girls don’t play with their food.”
“I’m sorry,” you murmur, shooting him a cheeky smile. “I’ll make it up to you.” His mouth opens to let out a laugh, a moan escaping them in its place when you finally wrap your pretty lips around the tip of his cock, pressing your tongue flat against his slit before moving forward until almost all of him is inside your wet, hot mouth.
You hum in delight, the sight before you so sinful that you can’t help but squeeze your thighs together, desperate for some friction. It’s like the fucking Niagara Falls between your them.
“Fuck, that’s a good girl,” he groans, throwing his head back. Atsumu’s nails dig a little into your scalp, his fingers flexing around your head when you hollow your cheeks around him. You use your hand to stroke his cock, head moving down to suck on his heavy balls, using your tongue and lips in all the right ways, and he sucks in a sharp breath. “Ah, shit, just like that… that’s it, right there,” he breathes out, and then his eyebrows scrunch up and he lets out the most obscene, sultry, needy whine you never thought you’d hear a grown man like him give. You moan right back, the vibration of your voice traveling up his skin and sending shivers down his spine, and you feel your panties dampening even more when his cock twitches inside your mouth.
You force yourself to take him even deeper, tears springing to your eyes when the tip of your nose barely manages to brush his lower abdomen, and you feel him right at the back of your throat, a small, inevitable gag escaping you. The sound seems to turn him on, and he holds onto your head and pulls back until only his tip is in your mouth, groaning when he slowly pushes his hips forward once more. He gets louder the closer to his orgasm that he gets, and you squirm in your place, moaning.
Just when he’s about to cum, you pull back and give a devilish chuckle, kissing his thick thighs all the way up to his hip, and avoiding his cock to place a soft kiss on his lower abdomen.
Atsumu’s chest heaves with each heavy breath he lets out, and his lips are parted open to release short, quick pants. His grip on the countertop is so strong you fear he might break it, and it takes him a moment to catch his breath enough to speak.
“You… fucking. Tease,” he says, clenching his jaw and swallowing thickly. His eyes find yours, the fire in his growing even hotter when he sees the way you use your thumb to clean the corners of your mouth, and his lips suddenly form a tight, thin line. The audacity that you have to edge him not once, but twice… is astounding, to say the least. He hooks his hands under your armpits and pulls you up into a standing position, spinning you around so this time it’s you caged between the counter and him. Your jaw drops open to let out a whine when he digs his thumbs into your tits, the unexpected pressure on your hardened nipples making you arch your back. Atsumu hoists you up onto the counter. One of his hands snakes down between your bodies to slip under the waistband of your panties, and he chuckles with his lips pressed to the side of your head when he feels your sopping pussy clenching around nothing when he’s barely even done anything. “Look at this slutty cunt of yours, so nice and wet for me,” he hums against your hair, teasing your entrance with his fingertips and brushing his knuckles over your clit. He circles it with expert fingers, revelling in the way your back arches toward him and your lips part to release soft mewls of his name, and how he can see your pebbled nipples through your thin shirt, how your walls clench to suck him in when he pushes just the tip of one finger in, only to pull it out after a short moment. “You think it’s nice to be edged like that, sweetheart? Were you having fun?” he asks, nipping on the soft flesh of your neck and pulling away to gauge your reaction when he finally sinks two of his long fingers deep inside you, curling them. You hide your face in the crook of his neck to muffle the cry you let out, and he tuts as he takes a fistful of your hair and tugs on it to look into your eyes. “That’s not gonna work, pretty. I wanna see your face.”
“Fuck… please, I’m sorry,” you whine, bucking your hips up. He chuckles, shaking his head.
“Now you’re sorry, hm?”
His eyes stayed glued to you when he drops onto his knees, flipping your skirt over your legs to expose your cute little pussy to his hungry eyes, hooking his fingers on the elastic of your panties to get rid of them — he wants no barriers between his face and your cunt.
The first lash of his tongue makes you suck in a sharp breath, your hand shooting down to bury your fingers in his hair. He looks up at you from between your legs as he laps at your juices, his chin glistening with your slick smeared all over it, and he gives delighted hums every time your legs tremble around his head, like you’re the most delicious thing he’s ever tasted. Atsumu wraps his lips around your bundle of nerves and suckles, using his fingers once more to keep pleasuring you and enjoying the cute little moans you let out, his name on your breath like a prayer. The coil at the pit of your stomach tightens and tightens, and just when it’s about to snap… Atsumu stops. You whimper his name, tugging on his hair, urging him to keep going. There’s a blissful smile on his face when he nips on your thigh, and you can’t help the whimper that escapes you. You were so close and— oh. Right. You thought it’d be fun to edge him, and now you feel exactly what he felt.
“Atsumu… Mr. Miya, please,” you babble, tears prickling the corners of your eyes. “Please,  I’m sorry, I won’t do it again, just— please.”
He stands up, cupping your chin with gentle fingers.
“Please, what?” he inquires.
You clamp a hand on the nape of his neck and pull him closer to smash your lips against his, groaning when the action, taking him by surprise, makes his hardened cock barely rub against your pussy.
“Please fuck me,” you whisper against his lips.
And Atsumu certainly can’t say no to that.
Tumblr media
Atsumu groans when the warm sunlight hits his face, and he squirms and turns around, arm reaching out in search of the additional warmth he went to bed with. His eyes snap open when he finds the other side empty, and he has to blink a couple times to adjust to the light. He sighs when he sees you sitting on the edge of the bed getting dressed. He squints his eyes, peering at you with curiosity. That’s his shirt, but he certainly isn’t complaining. It looks deliciously good on you.
“I think that’s mine,” he says regardless, propping himself up on one arm.
You look over your shoulder to shoot him a smile, standing up and turning to face him with your arms spread open.
“I’m keeping it as a souvenir,” you say, twirling in your place.
He raises an eyebrow, eyes roaming across the bed to find your panties right next to him. He doesn’t remember bringing them upstairs, but Atsumu decides to ignore that fact as he grabs it and lets it dangle from his finger with the ghost of a smile on his lips.
“Then I’m keeping these,” he retorts, his smile growing as he adds, “You know, as a souvenir.” 
You crawl onto the bed and to him, giving him a quick peck before whispering, “Why do you think I didn’t put them on?”
And you laugh when he actually blushes, looking pretty flustered all of a sudden. He clears his throat, hiding the fabric inside his fist and averting his gaze. “Right.”
After that, he offers you breakfast, and you can’t help noticing how quiet he is throughout it. In all honesty, it makes you anxious — you fear he might regret it.
When he walks you out, his hesitant voice stops you in your tracks before you can go too far.
“Hey, um…” he begins, sheepishly scratching the back of his neck. “I just… It’s just that…” he curses under his breath, huffs out a short, irritated breath, and squares his shoulder with new resolution when he looks at you once more. “I’m driving Yui to the airport next weekend. She’s staying with her mother,” he pauses to clear his throat and adds, “for a week.”
“Is she now?” you hum, pursing your lips. His eyes inevitably fall on them, and he averts his gaze before his thoughts stray too much.
“Yeah,” he says.
You chew on the inside of your cheek to stop a smile from spreading across your face, and turn around to walk way. Before you get in your car, you shoot him one last smile, giving him a small wave as you say, “See you this weekend, Mr. Miya!”
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sovtwords · 2 days ago
HELLO LUV, I CANNOT EXPRESS HOW HAPPY I AM YOUR PASSION FOR WRITING HAS CAME BACK!!! I NEED MORE OF WHORROR SERIES BECAUSE I CAN REBUFF THOSE SEVEN EXISTING PARTS BY HEART LOL and because i am so excited and happy for you, perhaps can you start your new writing journey with the prompt of the third bullet point w/ Atsumu??? LOVE YOU AND GOOD LUCK <333
Tumblr media
for: haikyuu!!
pairing: miya atsumu x reader
warnings: brief mention of sex
w/c: 657
a/n: THANK YOU MY DEAREST!!! I'm trying my hardest to get into writing again - I NEED to finish my whorror series!! AND THANK YOU FOR SENDING IN A PROMPT FOR MY MAIN SQUEEZE HEHEHE ILYSM
Tumblr media
Atsumu feels like his heart is about to burst free from his chest like one of those weird alien things in that movie Suna showed him one night.
You’ve long since clued in on the fact that something was seriously up with Atsumu, if the table rattling underneath you was any indication. His leg bounces rapidly and steadily, each jitter making the table shake, making the cutlery twinkle rather obnoxiously, but the blonde doesn’t seem to notice the racket he’s making as he tries to focus on the essay in front of him. The words are blurry, a mess of syllables, periods and commas, and the screen is glaringly bright enough to put a strain on his eyes, yet he’s adamant about keeping his gaze set on his laptop, and not anywhere near you where you sit across from him at the table doing your own college work.
Roommates were supposed to be fun. They were supposed to be a source of entertainment, a buddy to drink with, someone to share half of the cooking and cleaning with, someone to give out to when the toilet wasn’t flushed. You weren’t supposed to strike up a ‘friend’s with benefits’ deal with them under the pretense of it strictly being just sex, you aren’t supposed to begin falling into their bed to seek more than just a quick fuck and instead drown yourself in the warmth of their affection and comfort, and you most definitely should not fall in love with them.
But here sits Miya Atsumu - notorious rule breaker. He didn’t just cross the line; he practically leapt and bounded over it like a happy elf just so he could be wrapped up in your arms and greedily inhale all the attention he could get.
He’s well passed the ‘butterflies in the stomach’ stage and is now wallowing in the ‘I am completely devoted to nobody but you’ stage of his little problem, and Atsumu knows he’s reaching a boiling point with every passing day he tries to smother his feelings and move on with his life.
And you - Gods, you - with your perfect everything, your kindness that is as unending as time itself, know that Atsumu needs to work out whatever if troubling him before he can ever come to rely on anyone else, and you wait with the patience of a saint for him to explode, ready to catch the pieces of his heart and glue it together again.
Atsumu breaks, allows himself a peek at you over the edge of his laptop, and wonders how someone slurping noodles with bags under their eyes and a hoodie with more holes in it than Swiss cheese could be the embodiment of beauty itself, and yet-
“S-So,” Atsumu finally snaps, and winces at the crack in his voice, but allows his voice to do all the work before he can melt into a puddle because of the gleam in your eye, how you drink in the entirety of his being like an artist to their muse. It makes him feel special in a way he was never allowed to feel before, and for that, he would give you the world and then some. “This is really awkward ‘cause I know I told ya I wasn’t lookin’ for love, but then I kinda fell in love and I would love it if you’d have me as yer boyfriend.”
Your eyebrows inch their way up to your hairline in surprise, and his mouth begins to ramble some more.
“W-Well I mean- we don’t have to go by any names like that I suppose if ya don’t like it. But it’d make me the happiest man in the world if ya did. And I understand if ya don’t feel the same way but I don’t wanna lose ya over something like this, and I-”
“I thought you’d never ask.”
His leg stops shaking.
And then it starts again twice as fast.
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cherxyx · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
𝑾𝒉𝒂𝒕 𝑻𝒉𝒆𝒚 𝑳𝒊𝒌𝒆 𝑩𝒆𝒔𝒕 𝑶𝒏 𝒀𝒐𝒖...
𝑺𝒖𝒎𝒎𝒂𝒓𝒚: This isn’t to offend anyone or for people to feel as if I’m making them controlling, just simply saying what they think is your signature stuff
𝑾𝒂𝒓𝒏𝒊𝒏𝒈𝒔: *ALL OF THEM ARE AGED UP* Spicy, MDI with parts that have these *, body talk, body worship, suggestive, side characters, a lil comparing between the twins in Osamu part, low key put myself in Aran, handjob and marking mentioned in the last one
𝑷𝒂𝒓𝒕 𝑶𝒏𝒆. 𝑷𝒂𝒓𝒕 𝑻𝒘𝒐. 𝑷𝒂𝒓𝒕 𝑻𝒉𝒓𝒆𝒆.
Tumblr media
𝐀𝐭𝐬𝐮𝐦𝐮 𝐌𝐢𝐲𝐚* knees just go weak when he sees you in his shirts, specifically his jersey. You wear his jersey with his favorite red-laced panties or his boxers, especially since it’s small on him, but seems to fit you perfectly. Knowing that Atsumu worships his jersey on you, on his birthday you had to surprise the birthday boy with his jersey and lingerie
𝐑𝐢𝐧𝐭𝐚𝐫𝐨 𝐒𝐮𝐧𝐚 and rings with black nail polish. Suna knew that you were the one when didn't want traditional wedding rings instead you wanted black and red or when you came over to his house and asked to paint his nails. For Suna, a lot of people found it weird that he wears nail polish, but for you It was hot. You loved painting his nails and he adored watching you
𝐎𝐬𝐚𝐦𝐮 𝐌𝐢𝐲𝐚 unlike his brother he cherishes when you wear his sweats. You enjoyed seeing him in sweats, so you decided to try them on one day now you don’t want to ever take them off. Osamu does get turned on seeing you in his sweats with you showing off your body or your simply just in them
𝐒𝐡𝐢𝐧𝐬𝐮𝐤𝐞 𝐊𝐢𝐭𝐚 will never understand why you adore fall so much, but he does love seeing you get excited to decorate and go shopping. He does complain often about spending hours and hours in stores, yet he continues with you. His favorite outfits of yours were “Orangie” , “Black Cat”, “I paid for this one”. Kita likes the fashion shows.
𝐀𝐫𝐚𝐧 𝐎𝐢𝐣𝐫𝐨 takes a liking to your style. Aran can't tell what your style is, hell even you can't...but he does like trying to guess your style. Aran sucks at doing it but he puts a smile on your smile anytime he does, so you love it. Aran calls it the “Rainbow aesthetic” because he never knows what aesthetic you’re going to go for
𝐇𝐢𝐭𝐨𝐬𝐡𝐢 𝐆𝐢𝐧𝐣𝐢𝐦𝐚 (𝐆𝐢𝐧)* adores your nails, definitely when you’re giving him a hand job or marking his back as he rams into you. Gin can never tell your aesthetic when it comes to your nails. It’s getting close to Halloween, so he has been loving your fall/Halloween nails. Gin’s top designs so far are Scream, Nightmare Before Christmas, and Coraline
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diabolicalacid · a day ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
↬ part 01 : best “husband” ever
↬ masterlist.
↬ previous. | next.
↬ a/n : this is all for now. i will post the next part next week.
↬ taglist : @wolffmaiden @k444zuha
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omgjumin · a month ago
6:32am ☆ miya atsumu
tags: fem! reader, pet names (princess, girlfriend, girl)
Tumblr media
you've never been provoked to hit your boyfriend, but with atsumu dragging you out of bed too early, only to prop you up onto the bathroom counter so you can watch him get ready, this might be a first for you. "tsumu, i wanna go to bed." you repulsively dragged out. your darkened eye bags were evidence of how tired you truly were but atsumu didn't seem to care. and he only hummed at your current drowsy state.
"and i want bonding time with my girlfriend, is that a problem?" you had to scoff at his deceiving explanation. he, who begged to the point where he might've even gotten on his knees for you to spend the night. you would've cooed at him if that was the real reason he woke you up, anytime spent with him is amazing. however, you've spent the last two days under his roof, in his house eating, drinking, napping, cooking, chilling, and sleeping together. not one moment was spent without atsumu so you knew this was not solely him wanting to be with you. but rather him wanting you to watch him get ready. to see how perfect and attractive your boyfriend truly was at any point of the day.
you rolled your eyes and groaned at the half naked man in front of you. with his gray worn out sweatpants hanging loosely on his hips while a towel draped over his shoulder, atsumu threw you a quick smirk before turning away. you really hated to admit it, you'd rather go on his 5am jog than admit it to his face that he was actually really attractive right now. with his stupid messy damp blonde hair and his stupid pretty brown eyes that lit up everytime he looked at you, and his stupid stupid stupid attractive voice that sounded like heavens gold in the morning. you hated how even after turning away from you, his bare back was stupidly pretty, his muscles that flexed ever so slightly with how he walks and the way his hands flowed loosely along side his hips. "ya comin' or not?" he asked, stopping to lean against the door frame. "yeah, whatever." you rolled your eyes, annoyed at his jaw dropping sight but you can't complain. "i know im pretty but pick yer jaw off the floor." atsumu quickly snickered before running away. his slightly damp body hitting the bed in laughter. shortly after, you landed on top of him, hands tickling his sides, before stopping to place a kiss to his soft lips.
"you're lucky i love you." you huffed before connecting with atsumu's lips again. there's a distinct taste of his toothpaste on your lips but you didn't mind, not when his hands held you tight in his arms while your lips slowly danced together. his blonde hair was still messy, his face was soft from his nicely put together skincare, the unwelcomed sunlight grazing his skin, making him glow even more, and his still not yet fully clothed body though he needs to leave in five minutes, but even despite his current state, he truly was the prettiest at this moment. atsumu is pretty. prettier than all flowers that bloom in the spring, his eyes shining more than the sun when he looks at you, but what you think is the prettiest of them all, is his charming smile. the lazy smile that sits on atsumu's face after you pull away from his lips. "and i love you too, my pretty girl."
but most importantly, atsumu thinks if there's one person who's prettier than him, is you.
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softboimegumi · a month ago
“wear whatever you want babe, I can fight”
- tsukishima, daichi, tanaka, keishin, IWAIZUMI, mattsun, kyotani, KUROO, yamamoto, aone, futakushi, bokuto, akaashi (trust me on this one), konoha, kiyoomi, ushijima, semi, terushima, suna, ATSUMU, OSAMU
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hanmas · a month ago
Tumblr media
“baby, before ya get mad—”
“atsumu, do i even want to hear it?” you sigh, pinching your nose and exhaling. he pouts, looking at you with curled lips and furrowed brows as you stare back unimpressed. 
atsumu asking you not to get mad is almost always a headache-inducing scheme that probably takes a few years off your life, and you’re not really in the mood to test your mortality for your handful of a husband at the moment. but something tells you he’s not going to drop it any time soon, so you simply sigh before motioning for him to continue. 
“okay, i’m ready,” you say warily, “spit it out before i get a migraine.”
“i…uh, i can’t find ma weddin’ ring,” he says quietly, fiddling with his fingers as he refuses to meet your eyes. you blink, processing his words before they really register.
and now that you look closely, there’s almost a slight tremble to his lips, the tiniest wobble that he tries to fight back as he meets your eyes with glossy ones of his own. and suddenly, your heart clenches as you take a step forward and cup his cheek.
“aw, tsum,” you murmur, tracing the soft skin of his cheek with your thumb, reaching to pinch his nose affectionately with your other hand, “that’s okay. we can go find you a new one, a fancier one this time now that we have more—”
“but ‘ts not the same,” he sniffles, pouting at you deeper as he leans his face closer into your hand. 
atsumu proposes to you the night before his first msby game, just a young rookie player with the beginning of a career beneath his feet. he accidentally blurts out please marry me when you squeal over his new jersey, and when you pause, shock clear on your face as you shakily whisper that’s not fair, tsum, he pulls out a ring from his pockets like he’s been waiting for this moment for weeks. 
and he has—he’s young and hasn’t even made a decent earning yet, doesn’t even fully know how his credit score works, still calls his mother to ask how to start the laundry machine, but he knows he wants to marry you like he knows the ball will be ready for his teammates to spike as long as he’s on the court. 
so you kiss him in your dingy little living room, tearfully pulling him close after you whisper yes, and he slides the best diamond he can afford with his carefully earned savings onto your finger. it’s the same ring that he’s been trying to lump together enough money to buy, the one he’s had his heart set on for a while now. and when you blow him a small kiss from the bleachers before his turn to serve the next day, the slight glimmer of the ring catching his eye, he brings you home the most service aces of the game. 
and he’s come a long way since then—a starting setter for a v. league division one team, sponsorship offers left and right, magazine covers as a well-known athlete, an olympic champion. you’ve watched him grow, watched him beam proudly as you move into a larger home, one with fancy windows and hardwood floors, but you watch him stay the same atsumu you fall in love with when you’re just figuring out how the world works and where you fall in it. 
he’s still the same atsumu who snores too loud and hogs the blanket, the same atsumu who can’t cook to save his life but makes you the best cup of coffee you’ve ever had, the same atsumu who wears mismatched socks and never checks his pockets before he puts his pants in the laundry. he’s still the same atsumu who calls his brother a scrub but helps clean the onigiri miya tables during closing hours on his way home from practice, the same atsumu who sometimes gets homesick and misses his mom after he calls her every morning, the same atsumu who never falls asleep without pressing a kiss to your forehead and whispering i love ya no matter how mad you are at each other before bed. 
so you smile, squeeze his cheeks together as he looks at you miserably, pressing scattered kisses across his face like the sun meets your lips with each one. 
“did you check the bathroom counter,” you raise a brow, giggling when his face flushes a light shade of crimson. 
“i might’ve forgotten about that one,” he chuckles sheepishly, “ya might not want ta go in the bedroom for a while—’s a mess in there.”
“you tore up our whole bedroom before checking there?” you roll your eyes, making the pout return from earlier. and he’s still the same atsumu who makes your veins pop and your eyes roll, the same atsumu who’s as stubborn as he is obnoxious, the same atsumu who makes you question your choices at least three times a day—but you think he’s worth it when his eyes meet yours and the breath gets knocked from your lungs. 
“i’ll clean it,” he defends, “ya’ll be able ta eat off the floor when ‘m done in there.”
“we’ll be lucky if we still have a floor anymore when you’re done trying to clean,” you snort, pinching his cheek as he scowls at you. and with a playful roll of his eyes, he plants two warm hands on your waist, familiar and safe as they pull you flush against a sturdy chest. 
miya atsumu, when he kisses you just as sweetly as the first time, as the night he proposes to you, as the day he marries you, as he did last night and the night before that, reminds you just why you said yes all those years ago. 
“don’t be mean,” he grumbles, making you laugh as you wrap your arms around his neck, “if i lose ma ring, ya’ll have no proof ‘m yer husband. what then?”
“then i’ll do this so everyone knows you’re my husband,” you wink cheekily before pressing another kiss to his lips, smiling into them as he melts against you with a soft sigh.
Tumblr media
for my love sayu's champagne kisses collab @tahdashii !! sjdsdfh technically it's about a wedding ring instead of an actual wedding but i hope it counts sobsob
Tumblr media
© hanmas do not plagiarize, repost, translate to other sites, or recommend on platforms outside tumblr such as tik tok
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izurou-archive · 3 months ago
“we’re gonna have to breakup after this, aren’t we?”
atsumu is meeting your parents for the first time in about five minutes, and if you didn’t know any better, you’d think he’d just stepped off the court with the amount of sweat he was producing.
his palms leave the faintest little wet prints on the steering wheel as he clutches it, side eyeing you nervously as if he’s waiting for you to confirm his crazy thoughts.
“of course not. they’re going to love you, relax,” you assure. he shifts his gaze to the small mirror in his sun visor, running a shaky hand through his tousled locks. he swats at the stray hairs, begging for them to cooperate.
“do i smell bad? be honest, i don’t need anyone passing out over lunch,” he blurts out, muttering the last part under his breath. he pinches the fabric of his cream coloured sweatshirt, bringing it to his nose before holding it out towards yours.
“stop it, you don’t smell,” you insist, pushing him back and smoothing out the tiny wrinkle he just created. with the amount of cologne he put on before you left, it was humanly impossible for him to smell like anything other than bergamot and amberwood.
a few more affirmations from you finally give him the confidence to leave the car. he opens the passenger side door for you before fetching the flowers from the back seat—the ones he picked out himself to give to your mother.
“i still can’t believe you wouldn’t tell me what her favourites are, you’re setting me up for failure here,” he pouts, and you laugh—like music to his ears—reassuring him that the act itself would put himself miles ahead of any other guy you’ve dated before.
you offer him one last kiss for encouragement, and he sighs in content against your lips. as much as he’d like to stand in the parking lot like this and disappear into your arms—he forces himself into the restaurant, with you not far behind.
an hour and a half later, and atsumu feels like he’s on top of the world. it went great, perfect even.
“she said that i can call her by her first name, and she liked the flowers! right baby? did you see how happy she was?” he smiles down at you, swinging your hands back and forth as you walk back to the car.
“yeah, i think she likes you better than me now,” you respond, turning into his chest and wrapping your arms around him tighter than ever before.
you want to shower him with all the thoughts that are running through your mind, tell him how glad you are that everything played out the way it did. your family got to meet atsumu—not the arrogant professional athlete that you see in the media, but the guy who shook everyone’s hand before he sat down, who knocked over your water as he tried to collect everyone’s plates for the waiter, and then offered to pay for the whole meal as an apology. you want to tell him that you’re so glad they got to meet him, the atsumu that would one day be a part of your precious little family. and so you tell him, but it comes out a little differently.
“i’m so in love with you, atsumu.”
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soumies · 5 months ago
Tumblr media
– summary: you change your chapstick and he notices
– note: sfw, fluff, gn!reader
– wc: 500+
Tumblr media
“Wah're you dooimg?” You manage to get out with Atsumu’s hands squishing your cheeks. Instead of giving you an answer, he just keeps kissing you. Press after press of his lips against yours and your eyebrow furrows the same time his does.
After each peck, he glances at your lips and blinks, lost in thought before going back in for another kiss. "What d'ya do?" Atsumu finally asks.
You stare right back at him, trying your hardest to understand what he means by that. "Uhh... context, please? Why are you being weird?"
"Hey—!" Atsumu protests, "I'm not weird," He says as he plants another one on you. Pulling back, he sticks his tongue in his cheek; the way he always does when he's confused. He’s so adorable, it makes you want to squeeze the life out of him. "I'm doin' an investigation, 'kay?"
Before you can stop him, he goes back in for another round. Pushing at his chest you begin to laugh, "Atsu... what has gotten into you?" He can't help but grin every time he hears your giggles, especially when he's the cause.
Your smile meets his as he mumbles against your mouth, "Somethin's different... Yer kisses aren't the same today."
You frown. “Bad different?”
Atsumu abruptly stops his barrage of kisses to look you dead in the eye. “No, no, no. Yer kisses could never be bad, yer so amazing ‘n you’ve got the most perfect mouth in th— ow!" He rubs at the spot on his chest you punched, "I just said they were different s’all,” Atsumu fully pouts, muttering something about “holdin’ back yer punches…that kinda hurt, baby.”
You put both hands on his cheeks just like he did to you a couple minutes ago, bringing his head forward, placing a soft kiss between his scrunched eyebrows. “I have no clue what you’re talking about, but okay, weirdo.” You say, planting another one onto his nose.
Before you can climb out of his lap, he jolts forward and licks your mouth. “Wha— ‘tsumu!”
“Yer chapstick.”
When all you do is blink at him, he clarifies, “Ya changed yer chapstick. What is that, strawberry?”
“Oh,” you say, letting him lean back into your space. “Yeah, I wanted to try out a new one. Do you like it? If not, I can buy my old one again.”
“Oi,” He tuts, arms circling around your waist to bring you closer, “I didn’t say that. I like it. I like you,” Atsumu says as he rests his forehead against yours, his eyes smiling.
“You have a crush on me?” You raise a brow, teasing, “That’s embarrassing, ‘tsumu…”
He licks at your mouth again in response. Ignoring your various protests, Atsumu manages to roll the two of you over so he hovers on top of you. “C’mere, gimme kisses.”
“No—! Stop licking me!” You giggle again when he brings his mouth down to the ticklish part of your neck.
“I have to get used to yer new chapstick, c’mon.” He whispers, trailing his lips back up to your face, littering kisses all over. “Kiss. Me.”
Well, when he says it like that…
Tumblr media
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blueparadis · 4 months ago
❝ CUM FOR ME, CUM FOR DADDY ❞ + Sakusa Kiyoomi,Atsumu Miya,Kōtarō Bokuto,Oikawa Tooru,Tetsurō Kuroo,Rintarō Suna.
Tumblr media
+.CWs —» afab-reader, explicit smut & sexual themes, sub-dom dynamics {sub! bokuto}, s & m dynamics, blow!job,breeding kink, cunnilingus , spanking (once), degradation, praise, f-overstimulation, implied voyeurism, implied exhibitionism, cum play, aftercare;
+. SYNOPSIS —» rough,raw aftercare moments after they cum on their favorite spots. Wait? is that enough? Just to cum only where he prefers?
thanks to @maitaro ;) for detailed review. Like, I would re-read them later for sure & @mrskenmakozume @tetsukentona @beware-of-the-rogue for β’ reading <3
+ tap here to view my works.
Sakusa isn't taking any more risks. He needs to cum inside your pussy, and fill you up more than you can keep count in a single session. Hanking up your legs around his torso, moving onto your waist,he groans into your mouth. “Baby, stay with me...stay with me baby,” he mumbles, peppering kisses on your puffy lips as you're about to whine that you just can't take it anymore. He swiftly shifts your hands above your head, pressing them just a little as he thrusts a few more deep, broad strokes. “Ah! There we go!” he coos, watching his cum oozing through your slick wet cunt. He pulls out his dick, jerking above your belly button barely grazing your upper crescent of the vagina, making you flinch. He pulls you close to his sweaty chest as he shifts beside you. “Hey…,” he rasps softly, watching you catch your breath as you nuzzle over his naked chest that's glistening with sweat.
Atsumu cums inside you, always. He just can't get enough of your naked beauty when you're underneath him, shuddering due to his nearing orgasm. Your hands fly back to grip the bed sheets while he grabs your waist firmly to release his cum inside you. And as the mix of white sticky fluid starts to drip along your inner thighs, he rests his head over your cleavage. He is immensely fond of your drumming heartbeats syncing with his. And, he likes it raw; the feeling of your walls around his cock ready to pound again. But not until he's pushing his cum inside you again, white rings forming around his thick cock. Your throbbing clit makes you scream in pain, yet his sweet kisses followed by groans are enough to drive you insane.
Bokuto doesn't have any preference, but he gets pouty if you don't let him cum inside you, or at least you should let him cum on your hands while jerking him off. “Ohhh fuck! Fuck,” he groans as you slow down your pace. He doesn't want to interrupt you; he likes it when you jerk him off, stopping at every nearing orgasm, making him throw back his head. Hell, he would kiss you just not to use his muscular buffy arms on you so as to push your face into his dick. There is a reason why his hands are being clamped on the edge of the desk. But as soon as he's at the limit, he can't hold it anymore, he needs to release his fluid, but watching you tap onto his pink mushroom tip leaking with precum makes him snap. “Gonna cum...mmgh... gonna cummmmmm!” he warns before spilling his white sticky seed onto the floor, soaking your hand. Nah! He doesn't waste any further before having you pinned against the wall to aid your aching clit.
Oikawa is moody, but mostly he prefers to let his cum spread over your cunt and your inner thighs. He'll let his face sink in between your legs while he rubs his cock. Yes, that's what he likes the most, especially when he's in urgent need of a quickie. “Darlin’ just a little more,” he warns, hovering over you, watching your swollen clit leaking your orgasm already. He lets out a throaty chuckle, noticing your delirious high. “I want you to touch yourself, now !” he whispers in a stern voice as he pumps his cock. And as you finger yourself, moaning and groaning his name, cursing every now and then, a grin smothers his face. Quickly adjusting his throbbing member along your cunt, he lets his seed drip onto your inner thighs, cunt, and a little bit over your belly. Seeing your hands rubbing his cum over your belly is a great turn-on for him. Do that and you're stuck for at least two more quickies.
Kuroo likes it on your back, especially the wing bones, at first. He just can't get enough of your whimpers when your boobs are pressed against the mattress, your hands gripping the bed sheets as he ruts deep inside you. He loves to watch your face as he takes you from behind. “You gonna cum, aren't you?” he asks, feeling your warm walls clenching, watching you buck your hips to get close to your high. “Oh fuckkk!” you gasp as he lands a sharp slap on your ass cheeks before pulling his cock out to spill his seed over your back. It's a drill for him. Warm white fluid sprinkles over your back as you ease your breath. That's the starting point for him. He can't let you go; you're precious to him, his cute little cocksleeve.
Suna mostly prefers it on your boobs, especially when you're half-clad. Something about your hard nipples peeking through the white shirt just makes him push his cock deeper into your throat. Just before releasing his fluid, he pulls out, letting you breathe fresh air. Your hands are resting on the ground as you pant heavily. Unable to steady your breathing, he starts to stroke himself faster, lips getting exploited in between his teeth as he tries to keep his moans down. “C’mon girl! Up here,” he instructs, chinning your face and getting broader access to your chest as he coats your top with his fluid. But he can't leave his girl like that, so it doesn't take him much longer to pick you up so as to put you on your office desk ready to fuck your pussy this time.
Tumblr media
tagging— @dancingintherainwithchifuyu @bokuroskitten @0415-11 + networks— @downtown-roponggi @tokyometronetwork
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hankuo · 19 days ago
Tumblr media
this is a date.
you feel stupid for not realizing it before—for not knowing that atsumu asking you to get coffee with him must mean more than just getting coffee with him—but you didn't; not until he pulled out his wallet and paid for your drink.
and normally, you wouldn't think anything of that. you've been out with people who've paid for your things before, but with him, it's different, incredibly so.
he has this look on his face: the signature yes i am miya atsumu and yes i am actually doing this right now, isn't that so cool? look that you, really, truly, cannot stand—and yet, you find yourself feeling a little pleased.
"i can pay for myself, y'know." atsumu turns his head towards you, a little smile crawling across his lips.
"i know," he says, grinning. "i was doing that out of the kindness of my own heart."
you groan, "you are the actual worst, 'tsumu—just give that to me."
you reach for your coffee, but he swats it out of your reach.
"woah, woah, you think i'm kind, right? generous maybe?"
part of you feels like mentally correcting yourself a little. of course, this isn't a date! it's a way to fuel his little ego! how could you be so blind! another part of you holds out a little hope. you're not sure which of the two you hate more.
"no." you reach your arm out again, but he holds the drink above your head. you feel a little like a dog. "i think you're a dick."
"oh my god. it's worse than i thought." this can't be good. "you're in love with me," he says.
and you nearly choke, "excuse me?"
"you're in love with me," he repeats, "according to the thing i read online, you have to be."
now, there are a few things you consider in this moment:
walking out of the café completely. no harm no foul—pretend this never happened.
tell him that what he just said might possibly be one of the dumbest things you have ever heard. while you really, really do love telling atsumu when he's being dumb, this one seems a little mean, even for you.
inquiring further. this is the one you probably enjoy the idea of the least, and yet, curiosity gets the best of you.
"the what?" you tilt your head a little, giving him a moment to maybe realize how odd this sounds. you should know better.
"i saw this social experiment thing online the other day and it said if you take a girl you like to a coffee shop and pay for her drink and she gets mad, she's in love with you too."
you must be losing your mind.
"in love with you too?" you try to hold back the little smile growing across your cheeks, but you're pretty sure you're failing. "you're in love with me 'tsumu?"
he grins again, "'course i am. isn't that obvious?"
you have truly, genuinely, never met someone you had more disdain for in your entire life, and yet, there's something in you that has never wanted anyone to love you more. he's clumsy and foul-mouthed and a little dense at times, but atsumu is also treats you so well that it makes your heart ache a little.
he makes you laugh when you're crying and he tells you that you look pretty on the days you feel your worst and, as corny as that all sounds, you love him, you do. in the awful, sickening kind of way that makes everything hurt sometimes.
"i think you could have made it a little clearer," you say, and he laughs a bit.
"really?" he holds your coffee out towards you, letting you pull it out of his hand this time. "okay, i'm in love with you."
you laugh and he smiles—shiny white teeth peeking out from behind his lips.
"i'm in love with you too, idiot."
Tumblr media
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hajiberry · 7 days ago
Your laugh rang out through the halls as he carried you to your shared bedroom. Collapsing onto the bed you both erupted into giggles.
“I’m so drunk”, you mumbled against his chest, inhaling in his scent.
“Me too”, as he looked down at you, you both started laughing again.
“Why are we even laughing?”, he just shrugged, trying to contain his laughter but failing miserably.
“I fucking love you”, he said, after your laughter died down. Looking at him, a small pout formed onto your lips.
“I love you”, as soon as the words left your mouth, tears started to well up in your eyes. His eyes widened before a small laugh escaped his mouth.
“Are you crying?”
“Don’t laugh”, shoving his shoulder, you glare at him.
“Sorry you’re just so cute”, rolling your eyes you tried not to smile at him.
“It’s just cause I’m drunk”, you mumbled, which earned a chuckle from the equally as drunk man beside you.
“Mhm”, shooting him another glare you leaned on your back looking up at your ceiling fan.
“If you had one more drink you’d be crying about how much you love me too”, you mumbled, closing your eyes, the sleepiness of being drunk hitting you. Smiling in your direction he leaned towards you, pressing a kiss to your lips, tasting like tequila and mint.
ATSUMU, kuroo, suga, bokuto, tanaka, tendou
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onlylovingstrangers · a month ago
This was not how you'd pictured your vacation.
You stormed ruefully down the marble steps. Your footsteps echoed, and so did the sob that tore out of you as you whirled around, facing the man who so urgently shadowed you.
"I can explain," his eyes were wild, coiffed hair desperately messy, hands gesturing wildly. "Please. Please, I beg. Just— let me explain, okay baby? I'll get on my knees. Just hear me out, okay baby?"
Atsumu sure knows how to put on an act, you realized.
All this time, you'd known he was theatrical. You just hadn't expected his performance to be so good.
"You, you beg me?" The fresh wave of tears surging stung your skin, sensitive from the millions of tears you had already shed. "That might just be the most ridiculous thing you've said tonight."
You'd thought you were playing the role of a lover. You see now you've been given the role of a fool.
Three months ago, when Atsumu showed you the reservation he'd made — a five star resort, the most luxurious spa package available, private pool access, a whole suite for the two of you — you thought he was bringing you here to propose to you.
It had all checked out. You've been living together for a couple of years, he loved your family and they loved him, and — perhaps the most soul-baring of them all — you had just told him your deepest, darkest secret. I used to be cyber bullied, you told him, blushing because you didn't want him to think that something was wrong with you, like that anonymous bastard did.
I was bullied really badly.
So badly that you had stopped going to school for the rest of the year. So badly that for the rest of high school, you took online classes for a graduation certificate instead. So badly that you'd suffered so many violent panic attacks, anxiety attacks, and nightmares that you contemplated ending things.
The next day, Atsumu had surprised you with a large envelope in his hands.
So yeah, you thought he was about to propose. Not in a million years did you think Atsumu was bringing you here to confess all these years later that he had been the bully. The one who sent all things demeaning and hateful to your inbox, the one who humiliated you for the whole school to like and comment and retweet and reblog.
"No," you spit. "You don't get to talk to me."
Your mother had cried on your behalf. Your father had gotten on his knees at the police station so they would pursue the case seriously.
"I just one thing to say," Atsumu says breathlessly. "I know I'm an absolute piece of shit. The worst. I can't even begin ta explain or make amends, ever. I know,..."
You'd prayed for revenge. And here, finally, the opportunity presented itself.
Fate took weird twists and turns, but in the end, you came out on top.
Because you knew his vulnerable spot. You knew Atsumu had a violent fear of being abandoned.
His mother had left when he was in junior high, leaving him and his brother to fend for themselves. His father was emotionally distant for most of his life. His brother had deserted their dream of pro-volleyball to become a chef, and though Atsumu spoke heartily of Miya Onigiri, you knew that deep down, the betrayal still stung.
You used to think that Atsumu's suffering was precocious, that his terror of being left behind was a sign of his humility. Now you thought it was simply a by product of being so wholly self-obsessed, of being dangerously self-entrenched.
"...just wanta let ya know. I love you. I can't undo the past—"
"That's right," you said coldly. "You can't undo the past, but I can fill in the future. I don't want to see you ever again."
Suddenly the air tore, sounding like a paper ripping in half.
Where the hell was this sound coming from? Atsumu felt like he couldn't breathe. He sunk to his knees, clutching his throat.
He looked up at you with wide eyes, clutching his throat. How could you be so composed when he was dying?
You stood still, wiping the last of your tears coolly. "Oh, you're fine," you told him. "You're only having a little panic attack. And you know what? You deserve it." You turned on your heel to leave.
"Wait!" Atsumu managed to rasp. "Wait!" He was crying, he realized. Salty tears dropped from the tip of his nose, leapt from the edge of his jawline. "Ya can be mad at me, ya can hate me, ya can want to kill me, but ya can't leave me! Ya can't not need me anymore! Ya can't go," his voice cracked.
You became a silhouette, then a speck, and then part of the horizon.
"She'll come back," he whispered to himself as a mantra. "She'll come back. She'll come back. She'll come back. She'll —" something was digging sharply into his backside. The pain managed to somewhat snap him out of his trance.
Atsumu pulled out a velvet box from his back pocket.
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assumeatsumu · a month ago
Tumblr media
death by chapstick. your husband, an idiot one, might've taken a bite out of your raspberry-flavored chapstick and regretted it.
pairings. husband!atsumu x gn!reader
warnings. fluff , crack , i actually giggled while making this , 119 is just the japanese version of 911
Tumblr media
"Will I die if I ate your chapstick?"
"I don't know, maybe we can…." you paused, your mind digesting his words, "wait, 'tsumu… what?"
You were both were discussing how you could help Osamu in moving his strawberry garden into his new apartment; so how the hell did this conversation end up transitioning into death by chapstick?
"More specifically your raspberry-flavored one — would I die if I ate that one?"
"Atsumu, what the fuck?" You sat up straight in bed, turning on the lamp so he could see your bewilderment. "Did you eat my chapstick?"
Atsumu sat up as well, sweating profusely as he spoke quickly, "we have more pressing issues to handle, babe, because your husband could drop dead at any moment."
Suddenly, he had you worried and stressed out, "Atsumu, I don't know if it's — why are you eating my chapstick!?"
Your phone was ripped from its charger, leaving you uncertain of whether to use the remaining five percent on calling one-one-nine to inform that your idiot husband is dying from chapstick poisoning or search the internet to see if your raspberry-flavored chapstick, the exact one that he ate, was dangerous.
"I like how it tastes on you!" He blurted, "you were gone for a long time today and I missed your taste — but listen, if it is poisonous, why would they want you to apply it to your lips if you would taste it constantly?"
Tears swelled in your eyes from concern, "It's not meant to be eaten like a fuck— like a fucking cheese stick, Atsumu! And you're now just telling me?!"
You decided that you would use your last five percent to read the top search to find out if chapstick is safe to consume if eaten.
When sufficient amounts are swallowed, they may experience a minor upset stomach or loose stool. If your child is found with chapstick, do not panic. The tube should be removed, the mouth should be wiped with a soft, wet cloth, and water should be given to the child.
You married a fucking reincarnation of a dodo bird.
"Good news, you're not dying, just going to have an upset stomach," you growled, upset that he made you worry over nothing, "but your dead to me."
Atsumu placed his hand on his heart and threw his head up against the wall, "oh my god… oh my god that's so relieving."
Laying down with your back turned to him, you plugged your phone into its charger and turned off the lamp.
He chuckles, "I'm so sorry hun, I didn't mean to scare you—"
"Blah, blah, blah, I can't hear you because a dead man can't speak."
"Baby, is this how you treat me after a life-or-death experience?"
"You're an idiot, Atsumu — who the hell eats chapstick?"
He frowns as embarrassment sets in. "I didn't eat it, I took a nibble out of it. I said that you were gone for a long time today and I missed your flavor. I tried putting some on my lips, but that wasn’t enough."
"You're an absolute freak, should've just married your brother when I had the chance."
"Should've! Because now you're stuck with me, you even said it yourself!" He laughs, "you said, I, Y/N L/N — now Y/N Miya — take you, Miya Atsumu, as my lawful wedded husband—"
"— Yeah, yeah, I remember—"
"—to have and to hold from this day forward…"
You rolled your eyes and smiled to yourself. He's such a dork.
"For better, for worse, for richer, for poorer, in sickness and in health," he emphasizes, "until death do us part. But you're still stuck with me even after that."
He reaches over to kiss you on your cheek and flips you over so that you're facing him, "I love ya so much."
Tumblr media
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