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Tw: comfort, reader going through their monthly
Tumblr media
You tried focusing on your breathing, trying to find any semblance to put you to sleep. Unfortunately for you it seemed impossible at this movement. You sat up, pain shooting through your lower body as your breathing got heavier, your eyes barely holding onto your surroundings from the pain. You gulped as if to ground yourself but the action only hurt as you felt how dry it was. "Water... " you breathed, even speaking hurt at this point. Your partner has told you on several occasions to use pain killers sometimes if not always when the pain is too much in that time of the month but you didn't waver, knowing the long-term sickening effect it leads to. You stood up, your legs barely being upright straight without shaking as you exited the room, slow as a snail. You poured yourself a glass of water, wishing for your partner to soon get home from the urgent matter that took him away from you on a non working day. "I swear it's always on the way when he's out. " You gulped the warm water, finding little to no strength to get back to the bedroom and hence opting to lay on the couch, covering yourself messily with the thin blanket. You sighed shakily, your trembling hands rubbing up and down on your thighs and lower abdomen.
It was about 30 minutes later when the door to your shared house opened. You heard your name being called to which you just meekly replied a small "Here"
His senses were sharp when it came to you. Precise and full of love and care. He knew you like the back of his hand. His form entered the room, kneeling in front of you as he pushed a few strands away from your slightly sweaty face and tired eyes. "That time?" is all he asked and a nod from you is all he took before he went to stand up, gathering you in his arms, one supporting your back and the beneath your knees as he started making his way to what you assumed to be bedroom. You didn't say anything, too tired and pain struck as you let your head fall on his chest. He gently placed you on the bed before he exited the room before you can keep him with you.
His form entered the room shortly, a tray in his hand which he placed on the nightstand including various things.
He helped you sit up against the headboard, handing you a glass of tea he just brewed which is the best pain relieving one. You sipped on the hot beverage as he pushed up your shirt [his] slightly, placing a warm towel on your lower stomach and pulling the shirt back down. He draped a fluffy and warm blanket over your body knowing your tendency of hot and cold during this time. He sat beside you on the edge, waiting for you to finish the drink while simultaneously wiping your face with the dry towel. He placed the cup down as soon as you finished, the whole exchange all too silent as he went to other side of the bed and climbed in, moving his body closer to you while gently helping you lay down.Your form was laying falt on your back and he propped his head up supported by his arm and hand. He tucked your hair behind your ear before his hand came down. His deft hand massaging your thighs with just the right amount of pressure. You leaned into his touch, head burying into his firm chest as small hands bunched up the fabric of his shirt. Your thighs curled upwards, allowing his warm hand to fulling rub your thighs and eventually your lower back from inside the t-shirt. You released a shaky yet content sigh when suddenly a cramp hit making you wince, as if a natural instinct for him, his body curled into yours, the arm which was supporting him now wrapped around your upper back, hand moving up and down the back while the one on the thigh never ceased. "It hurts" came your broken whimper as his voice so many shades softer than how it usually was shushed you, " Shh it's okay.... I know it hurts love..... I'm so sorry.... " his voice was filled was soothing intent as his hand cradled your head into his chest, his lips placing a delicate kiss on top of your forehead. A few moments were spent in silence as his gentle gestures didn't stop, the only thing filling the space being the breathing, your eventual whimpers and his comforting words. His voice broke the silence as he started humming an aimless tune, his heavy voice a contract to his soft humming. Your eyes subconsciously started to shut, the exhausting and immense love and comfort setting in 'I didn't know he could do this too..... ' Your breathing evened out, giving enough of an indication to your lover that you're finally at peace but his hands never stopped, not wanting for you to suffer more of the immense pain that is enough to hurt him through you as one last kiss was placed on your forehead.
Tumblr media
Atsumu, Al haitham, Osamu, Kiyoomi, Childe, Tighnari, Iwazumi, Aakashi, Toji, Mikey, Sanzu, Dottore, Ayato, Suna, Gojo
Likes, comments and reblogs are always appreciated!
Written by Yours truly
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Tumblr media
- attractive things he does
suna rin , atsumu miya , kuroo tetsurou , sakusa kiyoomi
! the word d3ath, boys inlove, gn reader !
≈suna rin
•he talks about you extremely often
god bless anyone who asks ab u when u n rin r together,, holy shit. rin notices a lot of things about u, and even the tiniest , littlest details about u are so precious to him. u stick ur tongue out when ur focused? noted . ur good with kids? he’s absolutely inlove with u and thinking of u when he plays with or sees a child at one of his games. the boys will ask him yk, how’s yn, and all of a sudden they’re stuck for 1/2 hrs listening to tim talk about u.
“oh yeah how’s yn? it’s been a while”
“atsumu -”
*cracks knuckles*“ i am so glad you asked.”
he literally cannot help it , he doesn’t even realise that he’s talking sm bcus he just has so much to say about u? everything u do is just precious so now the guys just know not to ask or they’ll be screwed , lmao
•always makes eye contact when talking / loves eye contact
it lets him show u that he’s listening , since he’s not a huge talker . he doesn’t want u to think he’s bored of u speaking , or what ur saying , so he’s always, ALWAYS looking you in ur eyes when you talk. he does expect the same from u, ofc. if he’s talking and he catches u looking down he’ll stop, and when u ask why he’ll just flatly say ,” you weren’t looking so i assumed you stopped listening😐 ” and you just look at him like 😦 because it was only for like FIVE seconds .he truly doesn’t care what ur doing , he wants u to look at him when he’s talking - if you give him the eyes he will start stuttering 😔his gaze is always half - lidded, lazy almost, but it makes you feel like he’s seeing right into you. sometimes he’ll raise his eyebrows or scrunch them- but his main thing is eye contact.
•doesn’t treat you like everyone else
we all know rin is emo ☹️,so he does tend to give people the cold shoulder a lot . but u? never. if he’s stone walling his friends and you come up to him, he’s all smiles and ‘ hi, baby’ s . you just make him so so so happy. he’ll never call u annoying even as a joke like with his friends or act aloof- he expresses himself as much as he wants with u bcs ur his favorite </3 even his sister was so shocked when she over heard- y’all talking cus hes never that sweet to ANYONE. he’ll be clingy, he hugs u as soon as he sees u ( atsumu asked for a hug and rin flipped him off 😔😔😔✊), he wants u to know how much he loves u 24/7 cus you fr are special to him.
≈atsumu miya
•tucks your hair behind your ear/ brushes it out of your face
tsumu listens to u very tentatively when u talk, like he’s memorising everything that ur saying - the way ur saying it- what he’s feeling as u say it. he genuinely does wanna keep every moment with u tucked into his brain, so that when he’s lying awake at night thinking of u, he can day dream about u. when you glance up at him, chirping happily about your life to him, he can’t help but hesitantly move a large hand to your face and move away any hair in your face. his eyes flit away only for a moment- he’s still looking at you- just at a different part. he’ll blush a little when he does it for the first time , mumbling a ,” sorry, it was in your eyes.looked like it was botherin’ you.” truthfully,he wants to see your face properly, especially if you have bangs or something, tsum is moving it so he can see the way your eyebrows shoot up in excitement or knit together in frustration. he drinks in your expression, the story, everything in that moment he captures like a polaroid bc he just loves you so so much.
•doesn’t hold your entire hand- just a few fingers
because tsumu is tall it is kinda hard to lose him in a crowd. he will NEVER STOP using that excuse when it comes to holding onto u tho. he loves how your hands feel in his, the squish of your fingers, the way your fingers curl around his entire hand ( or attempt to. cus he’s so bloody large for absolutely no reason) without a thought. if your hands r smaller, he finds it so precious how your tiny little fingers are kinda just like , SWALLOWED by his hands . he thinks it’s so cute. if your hands are bigger/ the same size - it just makes him feel like a little kid to be holding a couple of ur fingers . bonus points if u run ur free thumb over his knuckles , he’s internally dying
if you have little kids in ur family they adore tsumu bcus he knows just how to entertain them lol. if he randomly gets tagged while theyre playing tag you best believe he’s SPRINTING. if they’re playing sally in the saucer , he WILL be sally and he absolutely will cheat and choose whoever he wants to be sally. secretly likes playing with nerf guns and is rly dramatic if he gets shot😔 he’ll fall on the floor and hold his ‘wound’ and choke out “ tell ,,, tell my yn,,,,, that i love them,,,,” “uncle tsumu it was a foam bullet🧍🏽” “shhhh hush yer trap” LMAOO he’s rly good with kids . also is amazing at calming down babies when they cry, like he’ll cradle them and make the most stupid noises, nuzzle them and all of a sudden they’re the happiest child alive.
≈kuroo tetsurou
•quips back at sarcasm
if there is no banter, tetsu doesn’t want it. keep ur relationship ✊😔. he literally adores the attitude, if he’s bullying you and you bully him back he’s already SMITTEN CUS WDYM ‘ you would be short too, if you weren’t made up of 90% bed head’ ?? WDYM BRUH THATS SO???🤭 if you tell him to stfu he’ll start giggling he’s literally insane. tetsu cannot help the goofy grin on his face when you don’t even hesitate to hand his attitude right back to him 10x worse, because it feels like you’re just his best friend having fun with him. it also shows him that y’all are similar and can relate to eachother, he rly eats it up. he’ll start pulling out scientific facts to cover up that he’s losing lmao💀
•knows you like the back of his hand
kuroo can read u like an open book, u can hide NOTHING from him. if ur upset he knows , if ur sad he knows, he knows when ur lying. you often times don’t even need to tell him if ur feeling uncomfortable or sad bcus he can just tell and will do anything to fix it. he understands ppl really well without them having to say much, he’s very perceptive. you being his partner means that he can do a lot more than just tell when you need some comfort- but he also knows exactly what you need to hear. so if ur upset, and if you’re comfortable, he’ll settle you down and ask what’s up. he’ll listen, comfort you and then tackle the problem. he is also ready to throw hands if someone’s upset you
•is a lovesick idiot with zero shame
when kuroo likes you, he likes you💀 the whole world, their mothers, their fathers and their sisters know about it , because of the way he acts around you. his face will contort into a sappy grin accompanied by dreamy eyes whenever you’re in the room, he’s always a lot more bright when you’re around, and suddenly when you’re around, everything is funny. even in a room of people he knows, you still get his undivided attention even if you aren’t speaking. everyone knows just how much he cares for you, and the best part is that he doesn’t even express anything verbally, it’s his actions that showcase the pit of admiration he holds for you deep in his heart . kenma’s heard everything about you atp, his grandma is SICK of hearing “ today yn and i-,” ,” nana you wont believe what happened with yn today-!” ,” nana, yn said i looked handsome today, can you believe it?”,” yn laughed at a joke i made today, they’re so smart, it was literally a college level chemistry joke and- HEY DONT ROLL YOUR EYES AT ME NANA”she’s EXHAUSTED 💀
≈sakusa kiyoomi
•pulls his mask down real quick to kiss you
as much as kiyoomi is stoic, it’s just because he isn’t super comfortable around a lot of people and he HATES anything socialising. it makes him feel icky, like everyone is watching him and it’s just too foreign. seeing you in a crowd makes it a lot easier for him, because he’s made you aware of his boundaries and discomforts, and you respect them as well as protect them. he values it a lot when people don’t see him as weird but rather particular. it’s honestly more of a comfort to him to be near you in public, but he would absolutely never say that. he’ll spot you, walk up to your group, put a firm hand on the other side of your head and pull his mask down☹️places a little peck on your forehead, muttering ,” hey , you” and then pulling it up again. you smile at your friends and take him aside - he swears you’re an angel for not making him talk to your friends. it’s a little gesture, but truthfully that’s what being with omi is. little gestures full of care, tenderness and understanding </33
•gets excited about small things
okay nOW listen to me . it isnt just any small thing . if the flower he planted sprouts a rose, you’ll hear a shout of ‘ YN, COME OUTSIDE RN’ coming from the yard and you SPRINT BCUS OMI RAISING HIS VOICE?????? but when you get there and you’re HUFFING, PUFFING , BLOWING THE HOUSE DOWN . his eyes are wide and he’s holding his phone up saying ,” yn, look. my roses are blooming,” he says in a tone that’s seemingly floating between excitement and wonder. your posture relaxes, seeing your 6’3 scary dog boyfriend fawn over his yellow roses just warms your heart </33 when you guys get a new cat together ( he is a cat person argue w the wall) he feels a part of him explode when the cat rubs it’s head all over him. he KNEELS to the floor of the adoption centre and holds the kitty’s head in his hands, stroking the little flat area in front of it’s little ears. he glances as you, eyes smile as he’s smiling behind his mask. ☹️☹️☹️END ME.
•picks up on small things
omi is observant as hell , so even when you guys are just friends he picks up on tiny things u do. when u make a weird face when u touch a weird texture or the way u try so desperately to end a convo with someone you ‘ like ’ he absolutely knows what’s going and he’s like “ huh, didn’t know they didn’t actually like that person” but doesn’t say shit. next time that person is around he magically remembers he needs new wet wipes for his gym bag and funny enough it’s on the OTHER SIDE OF THE MALL😔🤞🏻 oh you don’t like the yellow lemony candy in the bag?? that’s weird, funny how it’s all of a sudden omi’s fav one and now he’s eating it all from the bag so u don’t have to. ( he puts in his wedding vows that he actually hates them too but he did it cus he ‘ unfortunately is inlove with you’ , lmao)
raine’s thots ୨♡୧;;
the rose thing was inspired by my mother, she’s a cutie):also maybe one day i’ll proof read this,,, 🤭who knaaaurrrss n e ways this was fun, byebye <33
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Tumblr media
CAN'T WASTE IT ! | haikyu
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
featuring: atsumu miya, kiyoomi sakusa, and koutaro bokuto ⤷ & what they’ll do when you’re leaking their cum <3
♰ warnings: matting press, finger sucking, oral (f. receiving), one of these fine gentlemen will eat their own cum like the sexy man he is.
view the masterlist for more of my content >.<
Tumblr media Tumblr media
when atsumu said “sweetheart, i’ll fuck ya full of my cum.” that’s exactly what he meant. now here you are now, sprawled across the mattress with your legs open for atsumu’s greedy glare as he watches his thick load spill from your messy pussy. his large hands lay fire to your skin the moment your thighs connect with his skin.
“fuck, that’s hot…” he sighs, taking his index finger and dragging it through your drenched slit. the blonde’s eyes gloss over in amazement of how much he could cum in just one night.
without warning, atsumu pushes your legs back into your chest. he takes his cock and aligns himself at your abused entrance and makes one quick snap of his hips that knocks literal air from your lungs. his fat cock fills you once more and plugs your cunt. “can’t waste this, can we, angel?”
sakusa wasn’t having a good day. he was pissed, thinking back to today’s loss and wanting to rage. like the perfect wife you are, you welcome him back home with care and open arms. he can’t help but to be immediately relieved of his anger when he leans into your comfort, deciding to reward you for always being there for him.
“s’pretty, baby.” sakusa cooes, a hand still wrapped around your throat as he fingers you vigorously. it’s a mission of his to give you the best “good wife” reward possible. his fingers curl up into that squishy spot that’s been making you see stars all night.
you husband continues thrusting his fingers into your gushing heat, gathering your mixed pleasure before pulling out and taking his fingers to your face, tapping your lips. you open up, allowing sakusa’s drenched and slender digits to slide in and rest on the flat of your tongue. enclosing your mouth around them, you hum in appreciation, tongue swirling around his fingers.
“good girl.” he whispers, listening to you suckle until there’s nothing left.
“n-no more, ko…” you whine, fingers surfing through your boyfriend’s silver locks of hair as your back arches off the mattress. your cries for rest are deaf to his ears as he eats you through yet another heart-stopping orgasm.
bokuto doesn’t care that you’re literally dripping his cum, fucking you with his tongue as he rubs himself against the sheets to relieve his own ache of need. he wants to apologize for losing himself but between the warmth of your cunt and the little squeeze it does every time fucks you, he was bound to fill you with his cum— especially since you kept asking for it inside.
swallowing his cum, bokuto’s eyes scroll back, a groan of pure bliss reverberating in his chest. he mumbles something along the lines of “s’fucking good…” as the flavors of both his and your release coats his tongue.
Tumblr media
゛ ♥︎﹒﹒© AKIYHARA 2022 — do not steal, plagiarize, translate, repost, or modify my works! and definitely don't recommend my content outside of tumblr. please n’ thx <3
tags ! @spitcrank @noriken @winterbimbwo @fushisslut @maliagram
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hq boys when you’re sad with images pleaaaaaase🙏🏻
ꕤꕤꕤꕤꕤꕤHQ boys when you are sadꕤꕤꕤꕤꕤꕤ
Tumblr media Tumblr media
-> suna, TSUKISHIMA, USHIJIMA, asahi, AONE, sakusa.
Tumblr media
-> kageyama, AKAASHI, IWAIZUMI, tendou, aran, ATSUMU.
Tumblr media
-> SUGAWARA, hinata, daichi, YAMAGUCHI, kenma, BOKUTO.
Tumblr media
-> oikawa, OSAMU, semi, NISHINOYA, KITA, matsukawa, KUROO.
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thenyxsky · 2 days
“I love you,” he tells you. His arms tighten around your body. Your hands, with a touch that is impossibly gentle, flatten the curls atop his head, twirl the hair by his nape between each finger. The gentleness comes to you as easily as breathing.
You stretch down to seethe into his ear: “Liar.”
Then he sinks deeper into your touch.
(Neither of you settle. There’s no point. He’ll be gone before the sunlight hits the curtains.)
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touyangel · 2 days
to listen - Escapism. - RAYE, 070 Shake
SFW, slight angst, reader is emotional, a lot of smiling and tears - lovers who have loved each other almost their whole lives, even if they lost sight of it along the way.
wc: 1.1k
Tumblr media
It has been years since you’ve last laid eyes on Atsumu.
In the flesh, at least. His hair is no longer flopped against his forehead. It’s ruffled, wavy, and shorter, sitting in a way that makes it look effortless. It’s less yellow, more toned than it was then. He’s more toned than he was then.
He has on a black button down, the first few buttons popped open to show a tasteful amount of chest, a gold chain laid on his neck, and black straight-leg slacks. He's always looked real good in black. Each of you take a few moments to stare at the other, and it would feel like an inappropriate amount of time if it wasn’t Atsumu. Both of you thinking, is it really you?
Flashes of your past play behind your eyes. Moving to his prefecture in first year, hitting it off instantly. Calling to him after a volleyball game well played. The shaky way he asked you out on a first date. Stolen kisses in empty corridors. The tears when you went off to college. The night you decided to split. 
And now you stand in a bar, miles and miles away from your home together, as adults, staring at each other from a safe distance apart. 
“What are you doing here?” You ask in unison. It makes him grin, and makes your cheeks feel hot. 
“I’m doin’ a sponsorship event.” He answers first, and it starts to make sense why it’s so crowded in here. 
“I, um, live not too far from here.” You offer. 
“Never knew ya moved.”
You don’t know how to respond. You assumed he wouldn’t have cared to know. He’s been too busy chasing the dream you broke up for. You watched as he ran towards it, leaving you behind. You tuned in to his games from time to time, when your heart felt strong enough. Despite the ache in your chest while you watched, you could never help but feel proud of him. Along with it, came a quieter feeling. You felt like you had made the right decision when you chose to let him go. 
You only smile, and say, “It’s been a while.” Since you moved, and since you’ve seen him. 
He picks up on the dual meaning.
“You look beautiful.” He says.
Impulsively, a few hours ago, you decided you were going out, and threw on the dress you have on now. You thanked the stars it was one of your best. Looking down, you make sure it still looks as good as you thought. Tears prick in your eyes after you hear him say it, but you blink them away.
“Thank you.” You respond, quietly, shyly. 
You always felt like his beauty transcended your teenage years. You always felt that way about your love, too. Which is something you never really expressed to anyone else, because you knew they would only brush you off as an infatuated young person who didn’t really know much about real love. But with him standing in front of you, tall and proud, with the confidence of a man that he wasn’t back then, only confirms what you felt. What you knew.
“Where’s yer boyfriend?” He asks, mostly unbothered. You knew he must have seen the photos you posted of yourself with a man he’s never met, but you didn’t think he would actually question you about it.
You let out a huff of laughter, “We broke up. Last night, actually.” You expect tears to come with the admission, but they don’t. And you’re not sure if you want to analyze why.
“Oh. ‘M sorry, darlin’.” He says, sincere, and you ignore the way the pet name makes you want to shiver.
“Don’t be. I’m lucky to have gotten out of it, actually.” You smile at him, genuine, and he smiles back. It doesn’t seem to reach his eyes.
“Hope you don’t feel the same way about me.”
His grin is polite, but you can tell he’s nervous about how you’ll answer. He hasn’t shaken the habit of biting the inside of his lip. His brows are slightly raised in expectancy, and you’re reminded of how much you loved that he was never able to keep his emotions off his face.
“Never, ‘Tsumu.”
You watch as he tries to contain the smile that breaks, a real one this time, looking down bashfully like you had before. His eyes land on the cup in your hand, and he’s found a way to change the subject.
He gestures his chin to it, “What’re you drinking?” 
“Champagne.” You lift the cup up and shimmy it a little, then take a tiny sip.
“You celebratin’?”
You swallow it down and grin up at him, lips glistening from your drink.
“I am now.”
You’re one of few who can make this pro athlete blush.
You glance at the group that you came with, and none have seemed to notice that you slipped away. It made you feel shitty to admit, but you only hang out with them when you're itching to party.
“Do you want to come home with me?” You ask him while your eyes are still on the group, your heart not able to withstand the look of rejection, if he does.
His eyes light up, but you miss it. He’s hesitant, it’s too good to be true, “What about yer friends?”
There's a type of smile on your face that he can’t name, a smirk, maybe, “They’re not really my friends. Just needed a distraction,” You reply, almost mischievous, “What about your event?”
He matches your look, “They’ll figure it out.”
You call the Uber.
The implication of your clothes twisted together on the floor is not lost on you. His button down was shucked off his shoulders, dress pants pushed down his legs, both thrown into a pile onto the floor, your dress finding its way on top of it all. It's not like that, though.
You're laying close in your bed, both of you left in nothing but your underwear. With the way he has you clutched in his arms, the skin of your torso is firmly pressed against the heated skin of his own. Your arms wrap around his neck, and one hand smooths over his hair soothingly. He blinks slowly at you. 
You hope the tears falling softly from your eyes can tell him what you can’t seem to say aloud.
Everything’s gone bad, they say, but, above anything else, I’ve missed you the most. The way he holds you tighter says, I’ve missed you, too.
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na0koz · 2 days
fem reader
imagine going to a training camp with inarizaki vbc as their manager (you might be pretending just so you can hang out with them) but atsumu is in one of his moods.
he’s slouched over your back and has been consistently growling for a minute or two, though denies anything is wrong when you ask. just out of earshot, someone from another school is talking to suna, “is that atsumu’s girlfriend?” to which suna replied with a calm mhm. “what is he doing..?” “think he’s in a huff. not my problem though,” suna sighed while he started collecting up volleyballs which earned a giggle from the other. “how did he even get a girlfriend?” “dunno. he seems really happy now though which i guess is good. he’s way more annoying now though,” suna hummed.
meanwhile, atsumu was dragging you away to properly hug you and recharge somewhere quiet. “just a few more minutes.. i’m telling ya i’ll go back soon,”
vivi’s note: wrote while skipping class so it’s rushed lol
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ihopethislasts · 2 days
i'm scared to death (that i'll scream your name)
pairing: ex-boyfriend!atsumu x fem!reader
wc: 1,742
contains: minors dni, aged-up characters, suggestiveness, time-skips (flashbacks), heavy post-breakup angst, alcohol, happy ending (for now)
Tumblr media
Atsumu draws the blinds, wincing at the sunlight that shoots past the trees' wet branches, traveling over the discarded jersey on his bedroom floor, over the ruffled cotton of his sheets.
It reaches your side of the bed, only to find it cold, empty, coated by dust only Atsumu can see. A box of your things lies in the furthest corner of the room.
He breathes hard and the air smells like rain.
You're starting to forget about him, and he thinks it hurts to be alive.
"S-Someone's gonna — we're gonna get caught."
"If ya keep your little noises down, we won't be."
"Slow down, 'Tsumu — "
"Wanted me so fuckin' bad ya caught an attitude, so I'm sorry, sweetheart...jus' gonna have to take it."
When you knock, Atsumu teeters on the edge of nauseous. Suddenly, he's a senior in high school again, wiping his sweaty palms against his pants when he asks you to come over. Except, he isn’t. Not anymore. You aren’t showing up at his door because you want to, but because you have to.
Your waterline glows red, he notices. You’ve been crying.
“Can I, uh...get you some water? You hungry at all?”
Please. Please, talk to me. Just one more time.
You shake your head, a soundless no. Atsumu excuses himself to the bathroom, saving himself from the sight of seeing you disappear into your - our? - his, bedroom.
He tries his best not to slam the door, but the swing of it shakes the walls anyway. Rough hands grip at the edges of the sink, steadying his weight as he fights for his lungs to even, for his chest to stop feeling like it’s caving in, his eyes to stop dripping like the runny faucet below him.
It’s heavy, he thinks. All this love you’ve left for him to carry, find space for, without a place to put it down.
Breathe in, breathe out, breathe in, breathe out —
“Do you ever wanna get married?”
“Isn’t it a little early for that? You know you have to propose first, right?”
“I’m gonna propose! I was jus’ askin’ because...I don’t know.”
“I never really wanted to get married, didn’t think it mattered too much, but...I wanna marry you.”
“Me? You sure?”
“Never been more sure of somethin’ in my life.”
The box looks big in your arms, knees at a slight bend from the heft of it. Atsumu asks if you need his help walking it to your car, and when you say no, he takes it from you anyways.
When he feels your eyes drifting down the broad expanse of his back, he doesn’t stop himself from flexing until it’s too late.
“How’s Olympic training going?”
Your voice sounds cautious, thin in a way that makes him ache.
“It’s goin’ alright,” he sighs, placing your box carefully into the trunk,” been a little more intense this last week but...we’ll be ready.”
"Three more weeks, right?"
He nods and he hates it, this clinical way you address him, now. Like he's some colleague you pass in the hallway on the way to the printer room, muttering small talk at him like the closest the two of you have been was a cubicle away.
He wants to scream, pound his hands against the steel bars of this boundary you've put up that keeps him away, held back from you but all too capable of seeing you just on the other side.
"Yup," Atsumu's smile doesn't reach his eyes. "Three weeks."
It's your birthday.
Atsumu tells you his plane is running behind schedule, that the turbulence is making his stomach hurt, and that he won't be able to make it home on time.
So you find a vase for the flowers he had delivered, scoop the contents of both of your dinner plates into Tupperware containers for tomorrow, and blow out your candles by yourself.
You hear something pop behind the door of your bedroom, and you pause.
Soft petals litter the floor, flung wildly around the room and scenting the rug with something sweet. Flickering candles sit atop every surface you can see, casting a glow against the packages that surround them. There are balloons pressed against the ceiling, swirly streamers tied around the wings of the fan, and amongst it all stands Atsumu.
When your wide eyes meet his jetlagged ones, he musters up just enough energy to smile for you.
"I thought...when did you — " You spot the open window behind him, the gentle night breeze rustling his hair. "Did you...break into your own apartment?"
"Not breakin' in if I own it," he winks, kicking a deflated balloon beneath the bed.
You laugh, delirious with fading disappointment and avid shock, and you rush him with tears in your eyes. When he lifts you into his arms, face nestled in the bend of your neck, he feels your tears slip against his skin.
He missed you. He missed this. He wouldn't miss it for the world.
"Happy birthday, sweetheart."
Atsumu kissed a girl tonight.
Pulled her in by the belt loops on her too-tight pants and pressed his mouth to hers, bravery fueled solely by the whiskey pulsing through his veins.
It's too much tongue and teeth, sloppy as all hell, but he gives it as good an effort as he's capable of. Pulls him in closer by the scruff of his neck, clawed nails digging into his hair, tilting his face into her mouth, her cheeks, the skin of her neck. But it's all burnt vanilla, sticky gloss, hitched gasps that sound absolutely nothing like you.
You. You. You. You. You. You. You —
He tastes her spit and gags, quickly spiraling into a coughing fit as he stumbles back, sputtering out a loose apology before he turns away, weaving through the crowded bodies of the club.
Atsumu whips out his phone, the chill of the back ally air soothing the nervous sweat on his neck. He needs to call you and confess immediately, fess up to what he's done. Explain to you that he was drunk out of his mind and felt nothing when he kissed that stranger, not a single thing. Beg for your forgiveness, tell you that he's sorry, he'll be home soon, he'll sleep on the couch, he'll do anything —
You. You. You. You. You. You. You.
It's only when Sakusa finds him, sobbing on the ground, clutching his phone and whimpering about how his calls just aren't going through, it's shitty fuckin' city service, Omi, he swears — only then, does he remember.
Oh. Look at that.
Blurry eyes squint at the timestamp on his lockscreen.
It's four months, today.
"What if he doesn't like me?"
"Then I'll pound his fuckin' face in, easy."
"I'm being serious, he's your brother! I want him to have a good impression of me."
"You will."
"Yeah, but what if I don't?"
"You will."
Atsumu is afraid.
Afraid that he will love you forever, search for you in every person, hang his clothes with your hangers, peel his clementines just how you like them — and neither of you will ever be in the same room again.
"You haven't been leavin' voicemails."
"When I miss your calls, during practice...you don't leave me voicemails anymore."
"Why not?"
"Well, I talk to you when you come home. It's not like you listen to them, anyway."
"Of course, I do. I save em' all, even the ones you left on accident."
"You like them?"
"I love them."
The team wins 3:1. Atsumu does well. He wishes you saw.
“I wanna put a baby in ya.”
“Like, really badly.”
“You want that?”
“‘Course, I do. I think about it all the time, actually. Coming come to ya waddlin’ around the house, all big and round. I’d take really good care of ya.”
“You know there’s a child at the end of all that, right?”
“Yup. Then after she comes out, we make another one.”
It's an hour before dawn when Atsumu calls you. You feel around for your phone between the sheets, thinking you'd just misset your alarm. But when you squint your eyes at the screen in the low light, they snap open.
"Hey," Atsumu clears his throat, voice weak. "H-How are you?"
He's got that twinge in his voice that you've come to recognize well. The kind of hilt it succumbs to when he's nervous, picking at the cuticles of his fingers in anxiety.
"I'm...fine. Is everything alright?"
"I had a dream about you," he mutters, so low you barely decipher it. "More of a nightmare, I guess. Just needed — wanted — to call ya...hear your voice."
"I'm here. I'm fine."
"Are you hurt?"
You almost laugh. "Atsumu, yes. I'm...alive and well and...tired."
"Oh, fuck. Jus' saw the time, I'm so sorry — "
"No, no. Don't be. It's okay."
Someway, somehow, the two of you fall into a soft conversation. Atsumu tells you about this stray puppy he picked up in Rio that's been teething on the leather of his couch. You tell him about how you've taken up gardening, bought all the tools and dirt and troughs, waiting for the weather to heat up just a little bit so you can finally break soil. Atsumu opens his Notes app and makes you a list of all the vegetables that grow well in the cooler seasons. You ask him where he put his medal. He answers with a photo of it on his coffee table, acting as the coaster for his sponsored sports drink. You don’t have the heart to tell him it’s a live photo, pressing your finger down on the screen to giggle at the way he bolts up from the couch and back to his room at the end. Atsumu asks if you’re cold and you confess that you are.
The softest throw blankets money can buy end up on your doorstep a few days later.
Atsumu clutches his chest, sliding his back down the wall of his apartment until he hits the floor. He reads your text over, and over, and over again.
> Made way too much dinner for one (again). Come over?
And it’s a snowy December night when Atsumu realizes that maybe the stars will align for the both of you — just one last time.
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luvring · 2 days
Tumblr media
atsumu + gn!reader | 600 ish words, established relationship, fluff :]
smh my work place sells these right in front of the tills and i just have to live with that. me and my friend both went wow Fanfic Scenario as soon we saw them because ? we are normal obviously.
winter with me masterlist
Tumblr media
“babe, can you come here for a sec?”
atsumu calls out as soon as he’s stepped into the apartment. you can hear his keys as they land on the side table, and him moving to take off his jacket. it’s a far call from his usual greeting and you furrow your brows.
you walk a little faster than usual to the door, worried something might have happened on the way home. “you okay, ‘tsumu? do you need help with the groceries?”
when you get to the entrance way, the aforementioned groceries are on the floor and you spot atsumu looking down and away from you. you could swear you hear a little bell jingling as he shuffles with something in his hand, but brush it off as something else in his pocket. “yeah, i was just, uh,”—he quickly puts a cap on and turns to look at you with a grin—”wondering if y’liked my new hat.”
you stare, blink, and blink a second time. your boyfriend tilts his head, and the little bell hanging in front of his face jingles again, while the mistletoe at the end of an arching pipe cleaner swings to the side.
he had texted to say he’d be running a little late, and you assumed it was just heavy traffic with the snow outside. but the image of him finding and buying this pops up in your mind, and the dots are easy to connect from there.
your laugh comes suddenly and you try to cover your mouth. atsumu’s grin only grows and he takes a step toward you. “what? y’don’t like it?” he tilts his head from side to side and continues to come closer.
“where did you even get that?”
“uh, the...store? i forgot."
“tsumu—” your lips tremble as you try to stop another fit of laughter. he’s in front of you now, and his arms reach to wrap around your waist. “you…you’re…” you huff one more time before wrapping yourself around him in reciprocation. “you’re such a nerd.”
“wow.” he feigns offence, yet doesn't move away. “well, are ya gonna give your nerd a kiss or should i walk around the house with this on all day?”
“you know you don’t need a mistletoe hat to get a kiss from me, right?”
“but now it’ll be a festive kiss.”
“a–yeah, yeah, sure.” you can’t help but smile at the amusement in his voice. your hands travel to cup his face and atsumu’s eyes light up in accomplishment. his grip tightening slightly around you, and the both of you lean in. his lips are just a little chapped from being outside in the cold, but they still seem to fit perfectly against yours.
you realize quickly that the position of the mistletoe wasn't planned out, because it keeps brushing the top of your head. you smile against him and try to reach to move it. atsumu opens his eyes to look at you and snorts. "sorry, lemme—"
his tongue sticks out from the corner of his mouth as he bends the pipe cleaner to stand higher away from you. "better?"
"yes, thank you." you laugh. he smiles and tries to kiss you again, but you let out a noise and pull away just before he can.
“wh–babe,” atsumu whines with a pout. you tap his nose in response and shake your head. “if you want another kiss, you’re gonna have to wait until we get dinner going.”
“and then i get another one?”
“yes.” you roll your eyes lightly and peel his arms away. he’s still frowning, so you plant one more kiss on his cheek, and push the mistletoe to swing in front of him before walking over to the grocery bags. “even without the hat.”
Tumblr media
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Tumblr media
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diabolicalacid · 1 day
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
↬ PART 37 : recordings, promotions & stuff
↬ A/N : i don’t know why i bother checking my spotify wrapped when i know it’s going to be taylor, BTS, red velvet, tame impala and ikon.
�� taglist (open) : @wolffmaiden @k444zuha @kurooloveschurroo @duchess-l @tobiot4life @thoskyrn @kittycasie @yachisupremacy @ladle-things @suhaaaefre @saaraunicorn @midnight-drives-with-sunarin @mitsuki-simp @karasunoya @hangecanweholdhands @kiyoomimybeloved @scrawled-in-ink @ixej @softtashoney @sukunasrealgf @erintaro @rntrsuna @rukia-uchiha-98 @hypernovaxx @whore-for-eddie @katsuwhore @yeletbz @hxked @kotsubano @awaitingdoom @mxlkytea13
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tinykodzuken · 3 days
❝ revealing to the public that you're dating timeskip! atsumu miya ❞
Tumblr media
reposted from old [deactivated] account
implied male reader
suggestive content (16+); interact at your own risk
Tumblr media
it had been your decision to keep your status a secret. being japan's beloved actor meant that there was only so much you could keep for yourself— one of which was dating renowned volleyball pro, miya atsumu. the thrill of secret dating was fun and all but it was getting tiring for you to keep on seeing so much people shamelessly flirting with your man so much so that keeping him to yourself wasn't fun anymore.
because, first of all, that was your man.
so you decided that today was the day you'd tell the world that miya atsumu was yours as much as you were his— whether the world liked it or not.
being a renowned actor, you were given the freedom of handling your own social media accounts which, considering your quest, is not a good idea (for your management, that is.) after a moment of choosing your poison— yes, you'll be staking your claim but that doesn't mean it would be on a whim, so definitely not facebook or twitter— you chose just the right medium for your mission: a tiktok video.
with a grin on your face that screamed mischief, you began the construction of something that japan will never be ready for.
atsumu was simply on his merry way to your shared home when his phone notified him that you had posted a tiktok. with a grin on his face, he immediately opens the app without hesitation— bad choice, really— but he didn't think too deep, especially when the first thing that greeted him was your pretty face with your pretty smile and a title on your video that read:
show you then show what your ride
he falters but presses on, silently questioning why you'd want to show off your cars and bikes when you weren't the type to do that. atsumu admires your angelic face as you innocently posed. then, he sees his face.
miya atsumu sees his face.
he sees his face on that one familiar video of you on him; that special video you mischievously took the morning after a special night.
oh shit.
Tumblr media
—end of drabble.
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lovelyunholyc · 2 hours
he feels a little silly sometimes, always staying at your place instead of having you over at his.
atsumu can't remember exactly when yours started feeling more like home, and his more like somewhere he needs to stay sometimes when you're busy and he needs to work, too. he makes the excuse that your bed is bigger and more comfortable, with your "hundreds" of pillows and soft, soft blankets (he wonders how he'd ever fit comfortably in his own bed alone all this time, much less entertained others, not that anyone before you could be compared - it feels too lonely now, anyway, on the nights he's relegated to needing to sleep alone in it) but he doesn't think it matters in the end, because any free time he has, he's at your doorstep, usually with a snack, treats from his brother, or your favorite drink.
he thinks he falls in love with you all over again when you decide to give him his own key.
atsumu crushes you in his embrace, needs you to breathlessly shriek at him that you can hardly breathe to remind him of his strength. he settles for peppering kisses all across your face and jaw and neck until you're pushing him away playfully, laughing, an irresistible tinge to your skin, glowing with love. he assumes he looks the same, he feels it blooming deep in his chest and hopes you can see it just as plainly on his face, every facet of his being.
"you in love with me or something?" you can't help but tease, though the answer is plain as day, carved into his handsome features and sparkling in his eyes.
"very much so," he replies anyway, beaming at you, then the tiny cut of metal in the palm of his hand that he thinks he'll cherish forever, long after you've moved out and he's put you both in an even bigger space - a shared one, officially. the thought makes his chest warm.
atsumu all but sprints to latch it onto his keyring, then grabs your hand excitedly and leads you to the door. "c'mon, baby, i gotta make you one for mine, too."
one day, you'll both only need one set.
he pauses at your doorway, turning back to you and kissing your wrist, a gesture that never fails to make you smile. "this really means a lot to me. and, you're never getting rid of me now." he winks, and you giggle.
"i wouldn't dream of it, 'tsumu."
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theherarchives · 6 hours
Tumblr media
- festive season hcs
with a little twist;)
suna rin , kuroo tetsurou , atsumu miya, osamu miya , sakusa kiyoomi
! lots n lots of fluff, mentions of food / eating , curse words ,i think i said the word assault, probably time skip spoilers,spoilers as to whether santa is real or not, alcohol mention in both the miyas’ part!
r suna !
• honestly just does what u’d wanna do cus he isn’t suuuper into decorating or anything
•if ur like that too then your christmas is rly mellow. u guys put up the christmas tree and get eachother gifts, play in some snow n take cute pics but that’s pretty much it
•lots of christmas movie cuddles though ,, sees it as an opportunity to just be close with u
• he would want a fire place hang out session. u guys find every single pillow in the house n pile it in front of the flame ( safe distance . dw ) and make some hot coco. at first you guys are just in silence, then rin may start a conversation by saying something about how “ y,know, my sister would’ve loved this kinda thing, ‘wanna visit her soon,”
•honestly only holds it dear to him because he loved watching his sister grow up and open presents with a look of pure joy on her face </3
•gets u guys matching scratchy sweaters n urs has a little kitty w a santa hat on it
•his has a tree and a biiiiig star on the top with a smiley face on it
•if u suggest , he’d have a BALL making cookies w u . there’s flour everywhere, he’s flung the dough at u in little balls , he’s licking his lips to make sugar stick to it and then kissing you all over
• eventually when they’re made he eats them and then proceeds to look at u in the eye and say they taste like the sound of ur laughter cus u guys were having fun while making them
•keeps eating but then realises how fucking cheesy that was n looks at u, n ur just like 😦
•never ever lives it down
•his ig highlight of u has like +50 new pics of u guys making cookies, waiting for them to bake n then him eating them
•you had to slap him like three times to make sure he didn’t eat the dough
• “ idc about solomon or whatever is in the eggs, life is short”
•he doesn’t get ‘solomon’ thankfully
•the night before you come home from work to see this unreasonably large pile of gifts under the tree that wasn’t there when u left
•n of course u still had urs hidden cus rin is annoying and would open them if he so much as smelt the wrapping paper
•so he comes n finds u and goes “ before you say anything, i know i can’t wrap for shit “ and ur like??? but when u look closer you see it.
•the paper is crumpled beyond your wildest dreams, theres rips covered up with tape and a lot of tiny bows to cover the rest that were a little too big
•honestly , a for effort
• you guys go to sleep in the ugly sweaters and when you wake up rin isn’t there anymore
•you go downstairs n he’s doing smth in the kitchen
•you sneak up behind him and he’s making those cute santa head pancakes with the banana beard
•they were so good
•b4 u open gifts he stops u n he’s like i wanna give u one myself first
•n it’s this tiiiny little box. fits in ur palm
•u open it and there’s a fucking zip tie on it so u struggle for like five minutes b4 getting scissors to cut it
•and u open it up, and it’s a gorgeous little ring
•with sapphire ( to match his eyes, he later explains ) in the middle
• you inspect it and you see “ because we are my favorite gift i’ve ever received “ scrawled beautifully into the metal of the band
•he smiles at the stupid look on ur face and goes “ i know marriage isn’t a thing we want right now, so a promise ring is the next best thing.”
•he has a matching one with a stone that holds your eye colour too
•told u he was good at gifts 🤷🏽‍♀️.
t kuroo !
•oh my god
•the tree is up in mid november and he’s already humming along to christmas music as he’s making lunch for u
•BEGGED U to paint little christmas trees or bobbles ( what do u guys call them, ornaments, i have no idea ) on his nails- will tell everyone at the office about how , “ my baby did them for me, aren’t they so festive ?”
•if you tell him it’s early he’ll scoff directly at u and go “ it’s never to early to be festive , you little grinch incarnate”
•you don’t miss the way he smiles at u lovingly when ur whistle along to his corny , crappy christmas music
•cue kuroo attempting to hit a mariah carey high note in ‘ all i want for christmas is you ‘ and bowing when he’s done like he didn’t just assault your ears
•you clap anyway cus he looks proud
•buys peppermint sticks n sucks on them randomly and will stick them in ur face. his speech is slurred with spit and by the candy as he says ,” bite “ but he TRICKS U and keeps it in his mouth so u can kiss him
•buys u corny matching christmas shirts with the shittily printed words on them
• FORCES u to wear them too
•he has these rly cute reindeer sockies and he slides around on the hard wood floors when he hears ,” it’s a holly , jolly christmas !” come from the radio, he almost fell directly onto his ass. he says he saw his life flash before his eyes
•when christmas eve rolls around you guys leave out milk n ( shop bought ) cookies for santa . u pretend that u didn’t notice him out of ur arms at 3am, n that u didn’t hear him almost drop the cup trying to wash it
•when u wake up he’s STARING at u like the fucking weirdo he is and he’s like gm bae and ur like bro fuck off holy shit
•you guys brush ur teeth, shower ( he didn’t wanna ) and go down
•you both left the presents there beforehand but he’s still so excited lol
•you’re opening up a present with some clothes folded and you feel smth hard
•it was a round box of reddish velvet
•you glance at him with a raised brow and he takes it from u, asking u to stand up. u obviously tell him to piss off but he eventually convinces u to stand
•he’s now on one knee and ur like ??? TETSUROU
•he opens the box n it’s a pretty simple silver band with a diamond in the middle
• he takes in the way ur eyes well up and ur lip wobbles, eyes searching his to make sure this isn’t a joke. he assures u it isnt.
• “ but tetsu -“
“ i wanna spend my life with you, baby,” his voice lowers to a whisper,” if you’ll have me, god i’d love if you’d have me. i’m already so blessed to be with you, i can’t imagine what it’d feel like to have you forever.”
• you accept OBVIOUSLY
•you spend the rest of the day toying around with y’all’s gifts n making phone calls to his dad, grand parents, your parents and friends about the proposal
• “ damn, u fr stuck with him now ” - kozume , 2022 ( or whenever idc leave me alone )
•yalls fav christmas. he has a polaroid in his phone case from that day, the date messily written in sharpie and a lipstick stamp of your own on the side.
a miya !
•stop immediately
“ ,, thursday ?”
“ITS THE FIRST OF DECEMBER.”!!!3;£&:92;£&:[email protected]!!!!!”
•the entire team knows that atsumu LOVES christmas because who doesn’t like a festive for gifts, good food and movies ? crazy people .
•never lets osamu breathe cus they have christmas dishes at the restaurant and “ as your brother, you gottaaaaa let me try it first .”
•drags u along too but samu doesn’t mind cus ur nice
•comes up to u randomly and goes “ there’s *insert number* days left til christmas, babes, can you BELIEVE IT???!”
•however if the topic sticks too long he starts getting emotional and saying how he’s already spent another year with you, and it still feels like a couple weeks because the relationship is ‘ some timeless’ , how he’s gonna spend the rest of his years with you
•he did cry until u calmed him down lol
•if ur into baking he will FLIP OUT and say how that’s so cool, and he’ll watch u baking. asks “ what’s that for? “ every few minutes n be your personal spoon licker
•lots of huggles by the fire and spilt hot coco
•gets extra clingy bcus it’s cold ):
•rly likes the smell of ginger bread n got u a lotion that’s scented like it so when u wear it he just
•clings to u
•takes out his snowman sleeping mask n wears it religiously even tho he ends up sliding it off in his sleep
•the days approaching christmas are absolutely mad because the malls n shopping centres r PACKED but tsum refuses to stay in the house
•begs u to sit on santa’s lap so he can take pictures and the person playing santa thinks it’s funny n play along
•he now has that picture on the fridge n looks at it for like an hour every day cus you look so cute
•on christmas eve you guys sit down and wrap up gifts for your friends and family, giggling and throwing balls of paper at eachother.
• he looks so proud when he wraps his first one with no mistakes lololol
•he did get a paper cut
• “ baby, i’m injured, kiss my finger ):”
“ no tsumu”
“ can’t believe it’s almost christmas and yer being so mean. where’s the holiday spirit ? yer like the grinch. “
“ what was that last bit ?”
• on the actual day you guys go to a party at hinata’s and he says he’s got plans for after
•most of the day is spent chatting to his guys, taking cute pictures with bokuto’s girlfriend, nearly throwing up seeing hinata and kags eyeing eachother
•when it’s all over you guys get in the car and you drive bcus tsum had eggnog
•he drowsily reminds you of his plans and tells you where to drive
• he’s gazing at you from behind his lashes as u drive, nodding when he gives u directions
• you end up at this park place with a lake, and it’s so shimmery in the moonlight
•he’s pretty sobered up, so he walks you to a tree with fairy lights on it and you’re a little confused - but happy
• “ baby, y’know why i brought you here?”
“ to fuck? to drown me?”
•he urges you to sit and you do, for a moment you guys are quiet . his hand around you as you watch the moons essence dance and lurch over the water of the lake
•he turns to you, eyes sparkling and hooded as he speaks to you. it’s almost like he’s sending you affection via his eyes
•” i love you, yn”, he starts, turning to you and hand dipping into his coat. “ i think i always have. loved you, been inlove with you, and i know you feel the same. i think that’s the killer ,” he chuckles, holding a box. you know what’s coming . you’re ready. you feel a bump in your throat and affection well up in your chest. “ the fact that you want me, as annoying and fuckin’ childish as i can be sometimes,” he fiddles with the box- embarrassed. you lift his chin to meet your eyes again. you see his brows crease in weakness at your actions. “ i love ya, miya. “
•you pause and you smirk at him like “ miya????” and that’s when he pulls out the box, angling himself into his knees and looking at you.
•” if you’d make me the happiest man on earth and be a miya, that is. “
o miya !
•likes the basics : decorating , some christmas music , likes holding a big christmas dinner with his family ( + tsumu’s partner bcus they’re family now )
• absolutely HAS to make a gingerbread house with u and he will teach u how to make everything from scratch
• u guys are constructing it , slathering on icing to stick the slabs of biscuit together and ur all focused
• he’s wearing the ‘ kiss me !’ apron that u got him, thick hands gently placing sweets to mimic bushes near the house, his grey eyes are on u the WHOLE time
• he thinks u look so pretty when ur not trying to be
•he’ll say ,” lover” and u look up, he’s just asking “ does this look funny ? the way i placed it?” but he knows it looks wonderful. he just wants u to say it cus it makes him feel fuzzy.
•when it’s done u stand back from it together, his arm around u and ur PROUD cus it’s so cute
•later he takes out some egg nog you two made together, sits down with u and u just chat about the years thats ( nearly ) passed. he’s running his hands up n down ur calves , laughing every so often , nodding , passing sarcastic comments
•it feels very home-y with the soft , jazzy christmas music in the back
•when he tells u about the dinner he’s planning he urges u to invite ur family too, and it’s kinda a big thing 4 u guys
• he was planning on holding it at the shop , since it’d be closed for christmas
•you guys prep together- making the food, planning a seating chart ( “ this feels so fancy, like a wedding ! “ wink wink ), he almost seems stressed.
• when you ask about it, you see his eyes glint softly and he reassures you that he just needs it to be perfect for your guys’ family
•so the prep goes on normally and he thinks he’s fallen for you all over again with how helpful, positive and over all amazing you are as a team
•the day comes and in the morning you guys unwrap the gifts you’ve gotten for eachother, and he seems spacy as HELL
• again, when asked about it he says he’s just thinking about the dinner
•so you show up to the restaurant and the families are THERE . shits getting real and you’re hella nervy
•him and atsumu are being absolutely chaotic- it’s so entertaining lol
•rest of the night consists of their grandma saying how pretty / handsome / good looking u are 😔
• at some point samu stands on a table and dings his glass with a fork , and ur kinda confused but ur smiling heavily at his durpy expression
• you can tell he’s had one too many beers- but you don’t stop him , he looks happy and he’s probably gonna say something sappy
• he starts speaking and throws his cap to the ground as he starts ,” family , friends , merry christmas,” he says, earning a ripple of claps from your loved ones and his. you cheer, and he smiles at you- his gaze doesn’t move as he continues. “ christmas has different meanings for everyone, but for me, i use it to be close to people i love. people that mean something- everything to me. “
• his arm raises to gesture to you, and your face is flushed red, “ my partner , yn, we’ve been dating since college. that’s , what? , 8 years ? and today i’m ending that.” his words cause your stomach to drop and tsumu looks up at him - confused and almost angry- looking. osamu only chuckles.
• you feel like you’re gonna fucking cry
• he steps down from the table , “ yn ln, i don’t want to be your boyfriend anymore,” he walks closer and you can tell that your family is becoming restless, tension beading up in the air and threatening to crush you.
• the man pulls something from his pocket , and before you know it hes on his knee. the room is full of gasps, cheers, mutters of ‘ oh my god!’ ,’ someone record !’ as he opens the box. a ring.
•” baby, “ he says, goofy smile on his face ,” can i be your husband instead?”
• everyone is SCREAMING.
• tsumu is crying , your mother is crying , YOURE FUCKING CRYING
• you nod your head and he picks u up, spinning you around and kissing u
•the ring is a perfect fit , and amongst all the screams he whispers ,” fits like a glove . just like us. forever .”
•now yk why he was so stressed out😔
k sakusa !
•he wants this to b over wdym
• he hates how busy and bustling everything gets, and to make matters worse his s/o wants to decorate the whole damn house. which means that they have to go out and get the deco.
•he’s all masked up and ready, n you prance out the room wearing a cute little christmas outfit. he’s pretending he dgaf but he’s smiling so hard behind his mask
•you guys get driving n you’re chatting up a storm, “ omi, do you think we should have a colour scheme ?” , “ ooo baby, what if we got a white tree hm?” , “ AHH OMI LOOK A SNOWWW MAANNN!!”
•he’s just smiling at you cus stfu ur such a sweet little baby
•when u get to the shop ur going so feral cus there’s everything u want n more
•u start with lights , then tinsel, little spray on snow for ur pretty glass doors at home, a couple reefs , some candles
• he keeps complaining about how cluttered the house is gonna be , but you’re shushing him and telling him it’ll be just fine
•so when it comes time to pick a tree , you make him pick
•he’s holding your hand, fingers laced and whenever he sees a pretty one he tugs on your fingers
• you hum a, ‘ ‘s your choice , omi ‘ and he groans because WHY CANT U CHOOSE
• he eventually comes across a tall, dark green tree and ur very pleased with him
• so u take it home, blah blah unpack blah
• u switch on some of that corny music he hates and when he’s walking up to you , you take his hands
• bro is confused until you start swaying , your hands finding his waist and his lacing behind your neck
•he’s blushing profusely, muttering how ,” i can’t believe you’re forcing me to slow dance to this bullshit “
•he allows you to though, and he can’t help the big grin on his face when you attempt to twirl him, when he dips you and especially when you draw him in real close
• you mutter the words of the song against his lips, and all of a sudden nothing matters. not the festive, the decorations, the world. it’s just you two- exactly how he likes it.
• the song fades away and you two stand like that for a bit , his lips pressing ghostly, gentle kisses onto the warm skin of your cheeks
• the decorating eventually starts 😔😔
•it starts fine
• but it doesn’t end fine
• the first annoyance was the needles getting everywhere and him complaining about it
•but you ignored it and he got over himself
•you’re placing the bobbles everywhere and you start ducking behind the tree whenever he glances at you
•he’s like ?? the fuck but you keep doing it and giggling . he feels challenged in his soul
•” i can see you, yn,” he says . you don’t reply , just going into the opposite side of the tree where you’re no longer in his line of sight
•he has an idea , and sneaks onto that side. he’s confused
• you’re not there
• before he can turn around , a loud THWACK is heard and a pillow is in his face
•you’ve done it now.
• he scoffs, tackling you into the carpeted floor of your luxurious house. he’s tickling your sides , your giggles and pleas music to his ears. his smile reaches those same ears - as he laughs he’s teasing you. “ you think you can whack me and get away with it, huh? huh??”
•you’re shaking your head vigorously, apologizing but he only tickles more and blows raspberries onto your neck. even he’s laughing uncontrollably now, your legs around his waist in attempt to push him a way
• he only stops when he sees tears form in your shiny eyes, pulling back. he breathes deeply, muttering about what a brat you are.
• his first mistake is turning his back to you, his second is not guarding his sides.
• you jump onto him, small fingers poking him and drawing a loud, girly yelp from kiyoomi. before he knows it he’s on the floor, begging for mercy as you tickling his sides- his neck- every part of him you can touch. his feverish giggles and attempts to grab your fast hands make you smile
“ hmmm? what was that omi ??”
•this is the first time you’ve ever seen him giggle so much.
• eventually you stop . and hes catching his breath on the floor
• absolutely red in the face. hes gone.
•he comes up behind you and you’re ready to throw hands again, but he stops you and raises his hands in surrender. “ we need to put up the star, neither of us are tall enough. i was gonna put you on my shoulders,” he laughs airily ,” unless you wanna carry me?”
• you shake your head, and he hoists you up on his broad shoulders. you position he star and he’s looking up to watch your expression
•you pat his mop of curls when you’re done, he smiles, bringing you down. he has to fight the urge to tickle you again when your wide smile etches into his brain again
• you step back from your work. you huff happily
• omi is just watching from the counter . he thinks ur so cute tbh
• later in the night, it’s quiet . no music, no volley ball matches in the background, just silence.
• you’re laying next to eachother with dimmed lights filling the room, the blankets are disheveled and your eyelids are heavy
•he glances over , and when he sees youre awake he rolls to meet your gaze
• he stares at you, eyes flitting over your features for a moment
• “ i love you, yn” he mutters softly
•you smile like an absolute goof and for a sec he feels his throat close up
• his mind is flooded with love, affirmations of his love for you, just you in his head on repeat
•” i love you, omi,” you say, brushing his overgrown fringe from his eyes and placing a kiss to his forehead
• glossy, black eyes meet yours and there’s another beat of silence. when he speaks its barely even audible- you think you hear him wrong when he does
• “ marry me , baby”
•you blink for a second. you know for a fact he didn’t just say that
• “ please, if we don’t get married i’m never gonna recover,”
•something about the way he says ‘ please’, the sincerity and emotion lacing his voice as he speaks - its so special. something you’ve never seen from omi.
• you kiss him. a kiss that’s soft, but it’s meaningful. his eyebrows knit together as his hands find solace on the curve of your hip.
• “ i’ll marry you, omi.”
• he smiles
• he’s never quite loved anyone the way he’s loved you before
• best early christmas gift ever
raines thots ୨♡୧
WAAAHH ITS FINALLY DONSIES!! i’m so proud of this!! i rly liked omi’s and kuroo’s !!! also why is omi’s dub voice so ugly i wanna cry. n e ways OH EM GEE TY FOR ALL THE LOVE ??? ily all . bYE MWAHHH<33
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daichisnaps · 4 hours
Tumblr media
Miracle, A Haikyuu Series
Not everyone is born with a soulmate link, some people get theirs later in life, some never get them at all.
Forever Only - Tsukishima kei
status: coming soon
A handsome man comes into your cafe 3 times a week to sit at his regular table and work on his laptop. His earphones are so loud you can faintly hear what he's listening to when you bring over his drinks, his playlist sounds very similar to yours.
Tumblr media
Arcade - Suna Rintaro
status: n/a
You arrive in Tokyo for university and, as you're moving into your new apartment, a voice in your head starts talking to you. When you're wandering around the area you bump into a man who's voice is identical to the one in your head. It's a shame he's even more irritating in person
Tumblr media
Let's play ball - Sawamura Daichi
status: coming soon
Being a volleyball captain and certified gym bro means Daichi ends up with his fair share of bumps and bruises but what he doesn't realise is unfortunately, as his soulmate, so do you.
Tumblr media
Fool - Matsukawa Issei
status: n/a
Issei Matsukawa has dedicated his academic life to bothering you with compliments and questions. One day he asks you a question you don't want to answer and, when a less than pleasant answer flies out of your mouth instead of the lie you'd intended on, you realise Mattsun doesn't really have a choice in his honesty.
Tumblr media
Good Thing - Miya Atsumu
status: n/a
Atsumu's necklace goes missing and when he shows up to a friends house party to see it sitting around your neck he flips out assuming you stole it. He only stops yelling once you point out the bracelet he's wearing belongs to you
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k0dzu1 · 2 months
"we should fuck."
"im sorry?" you squeak, almost dropping the book you'd been holding. your best friend rolls over on your bed, signature smirk spread across his face.
"nothin' to apologize for, babe."
your mouth drops open in pure shock, as you blink at him slowly, completely in a daze. finally after long moments of staring, you in complete astonishment, him adorning a look of utter boredom, you spoke.
"are you fucking crazy?"
he stands up, walking calmly over to the chair you sit in and leans down, lips so close you can feel his breath on your ear. you tense and your hair stands on edge, as one of his hands come to rest high up on your thigh.
"only for you."
Tumblr media
suna. atsumu. tsukishima. oikawa. bakugo. sero. shinsou. draken. baji. hanma.
Tumblr media
a/n: is this too nsfw for my blog?? 😭😭 nah
taglist: @https-true-egoist @avid-idiot @wonpielle @lordbugs @iiheartrune @tsukkinlove @iiilovemilfs @staymoarmyzen @rory-cakes @chloee0x0 @joc-ta
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greenfoxeyedbrunette · 3 months
“Ahh!” panting, you came all over. While he lapped up your juices, he looks up at you as if he really wants to tell you something. Eyes glazed over from your high, you nod. “C-can I be your boyfriend?…” he crawls closer to you with his hands on your hips. “I can’t.. I can’t take this anymore..” he pouts, brows furrowed as if he’s going to cry. “I need more..” tears filled up his eyes, hovering over you—he’s face to face with you now. “I want to be the only one.. I want you to only be mine!”
bokuto koutarou, oikawa tooru, miya atsumu, manjiro sano/mikey, takemichi hanagaki, kazutora hanemiya, jean kirstein, bertholdt hoover
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