#suna rintaro x reader
sugawarassoulmate a day ago
first of all, I've only just met bimbo!reader and loser!suna but I would protect them with my life, what sweeties 馃ズ.
second of all, i can see bimbo!reader offering to suck off Suna just because it's what they're best at BUUUT i like to think that bimbo!reader is obviously fitting in some flirting during their study sessions, he's so cute and she cannot resist, "wow Suna, thank you so much for meeting me on a friday night, I know you must have had to turn down so many dates to be here" (and she sincerely means this!) and he guffaws, nearly chokes on air, gets red in the face and scratches his neck before assuring her that it's no trouble, he's never gone on a date or hooked up with anyone. To bimbo!reader this is an injustice, unfair that someone so hard working and smart and kind has never gotten to truly ~ relax ~ and she has to remedy that immediately and maybe hope he falls in love with her via his dick
"you鈥攜ou don't have to do this," suna whines, making no effort to push you away. he's gripping the arms of your desk chair, doing everything he can not to cum. the warmth of your mouth is so much better than his hand. jerking off has been ruined forever now.
but you just felt so bad for him. how could nobody want to date such a sweet guy like him? he's so smart and does your homework for you and takes your photos for your instagram. sucking him off just seems like a fair deal.
besides, he just looks so cute with drooling coming from his mouth and his cheeks a deep red. it's a win for you too.
"but i want to, rinnie," you beam, kissing the tip of his cock and it's so cute how he squirms.
maybe if you get him to cum in your mouth, he'll want to hang out more and if you go a bit farther and get his dick in you, he'll have no choice but to fall in love.
it seems like a sound plan, even if all your teeny tiny brain thinks about is makeup and dick.
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shoulmate a day ago
"Hey 'Samu. What's up?"
"Sorry ta bother ya Sunarin, I know yer packin' but yer roommate had a stressful day and is uh," Osamu clears his throat, "not safe ta get home. I'd drive but my car's-"
"In the shop, I know." Suna sighs and there's a soft jingle of keys. "I'll be there soon."
Osamu clears the bottles of sake off the counter cleaning around your slumped, sleeping form. He softly nudges you. "Sunarin's on his way ta get ya home."
You whimper pathetically, words slurring, "i'snot gonna be his homemuch longer."
Osamu feels a pang of his own pain.
It was bittersweet, his best friend being recruited by a division one team. He was mostly overjoyed and proud, knowing how long Suna had been playing volleyball, but a small part of him hurt because it meant his best friend moving away.
He knows Suna's always going to be his best friend so the distance won't damage their friendship but you...
His employee, the first one he hired who's been working for and with him since the beginning
Who got to know Suna from his frequent visits and became friends, accepting the spare room he offered when your old lease was up...
You don't have that history with Suna. Though you celebrated with him just as hard as Osamu, the part that hurts over him leaving is much larger.
After a few nasty customers today Osamu offered you a drink as you closed up. It quickly escalated as you poured your heart out and swore him to secrecy at the same time.
Osamu lets Suna in when he knocks and watches the middle blocker help you to your feet, draping one of your arms over his shoulders as he wraps one of his around your waist.
"What's gonna happen when you leave? Osamu asks quietly.
Suna snorts. "You're gonna need a bedroll in the office."
Osamu shakes his head. "No, Rin." He motions to you with his chin. "What happens...when you leave?"
Suna searches his friend's expression, not answering.
Osamu holds the door and keeps his promise, keeps your secret, but simply offers. "I think ya need ta talk about it."
Suna tucks you into the front seat, Osamu's words replaying in his head as he drives home, you slumped against the door in sleep.
"Suna!" You jump. "You scared me, I didn't see you there." You try to laugh it off, the surprise of finding him standing in the dark as you take out Onigiri Miya's trash, but you're clutching your chest. He can see through your false bravado. "What uh...what's up? Why are you standing out here like a creep?"
"I...got drafted."
You raise your brow and smirk. "What by the army?"
Normally he'd quip back but his heads spinning too much. "No. By EJP Raijon."
"Oh." Your expression clears in shock. "Oh damn, like drafted, drafted."
"Yeah." He shifts his gym bag.
"We'll that's, that's great right? That's what you were hoping for!"
"I guess." He shrugs.
"Tch, what do you mean you guess!" You grab his arm and drag him inside announcing to the whole restaurant that your roommate was going to play professional volleyball.
After one too many jokes that night about having to find a new roommate he started to get frustrated but when he asks "is that all you think of me? Your roommate?"
You stutter.
He'll never admit that his heart stopped beating in the few seconds it took you to answer.
"N-No, you're my f-you're my friend." You blink owlishly under his gaze and he wonders what else he could have been searching for.
Nothing happens, he already knows nothing happens when he leaves.
He helps you into the apartment and you robotically leave your shoes by the door and shuffle past the kitchen but you don't go to your room.
Eyes closed you sleepwalk into his room.
He quickly kicks his shoes off and chases after you with a gentle call of your name but you pull out of his grasp.
"Leavemelone Samu," you groan. "Jus lemme go tobed."
"I'm trying but this isn't your bed," he protests handling you far more patiently than he would anyone else.
Your features crumple like you're going to cry and you're still slipping out of his hands. "Yesi'is..." Your bottom lip trembles. "Sunasgone Samu, an' imtaking his room."
He stands helplessly in the middle of his own room as you climb into his bed, under his covers and wrap yourself tightly. He sees how you bury your nose in the blanket and inhale.
"Stil'smels like him, too..." You exhale shakily like you're still on the verge of tears. "Imnot gonna tell him he left this either..." Your breathing evens out as you drift. "...I's all I'll have to 'member him..."
Suna feels a strange pain in his chest as he watches your lips slack open.
You stretch, twisting your wrists as you flex your arms straight, and yawn. You slept surprisingly well given the last thing you remember is falling asleep on the counter at Onigiri Miya but your horizontal orientation clearly means you're in bed. And when you open your eyes and take in the piles of moving boxes you realize you're not in your own room.
Cringing in embarrassment you tiptoe out of bed, pausing at the door until you know the apartment's empty, you scurry to the bathroom.
After the longest shower you can stand, you get dressed to find your soon-to-be ex-roommate moving boxes closer to the door.
He regards you with his usual smirk. "Morning sleeping beauty."
There's a rush of heat to your cheeks and you don't know what to do with your hands. "I-I'm so sorry about last night."
"Which part?" He teasingly asks "the part where I had to drive all the way to Onigiri Miya to pick you up or the part where you stole my bed?"
You grimace. "Both."
"Don't worry about it," he chuckles dryly.
"Do you want any help?" you offer, doubting your ability to actually be helpful to a professional athlete and he smirks, thinking the same thing.
"Nah, I'm good." He goes back to his room and looks around, patting his pockets, before picking up the last box and adding it to the stack by the door. "The mover's are parking now."
You nod and try to stay out of the way as his things are moved out. As the last box is taken he goes back to his room and brings out a small cardboard box.
Your brow dips as he hands the box to you. "What's this?"
He shrugs, dropping his keys on the counter for you. "Just a small going-away present."
"Oh, but I don't have..." Your words fade when he shakes his head.
"I'm good." He holds your gaze in his strange quiet intensity. "Take care of yourself."
"You-You too, Rin."
With the box in your arms you don't have to overthink giving him a hug versus a handshake or something equally awkward. He just waves once, leaves,
And you're alone.
Still holding the box you numbly shuffle into his room, taking in the vast emptiness from corner to corner.
Outside the moving truck rumbles, loudly at first until it drives off, leaving you in quiet.
You slowly sit down on Suna's bare floor and let yourself cry. You're going to miss the movie nights, shared meals, incessant jokes...
You're going to miss your old roommate...but he was never just your roommate, was he? From the moment he walked into Onigiri Miya you had been in love. And becoming his roommate, seeing him walk from the bathroom to his bedroom in just a towel, the way he would leave a cup of coffee on the counter for you in the mornings...only made you fall harder. Fall deeper.
But he was out of your league and your boss's best friend...so you never wanted to risk what you had.
Wiping tears and snot from your face you open the box, the sight of his blanket sending another wave of tears crashing down.
You pull it out and wrap it around yourself, crying harder, as a letter with your name in his scrappy writing falls out.
Hands shaking you pick it up and read:
I'm in love with you. I've loved you for a long time and was hoping you'd ask me to stay but you'd never do that, would you? Because you're a good person who supports me but I can tell you with 100% certainty that if the roles were reversed I wouldn't do the same for you.
You unfold the paper and something extra falls out. You absentmindedly lift it up as you read the end:
I know I'm moving and all but...I'm still gonna need a roommate....
Speechlessly you look at the extra thing, heart racing as you see it's an airline voucher.
...And I'd like that to be you.
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meloomi a day ago
鈥測ou're not just a temporary guest to fill in the vacant spot until he can find a long-term occupant.鈥
銉烩潵銉籶airing suna rintarou x gn!reader
銉烩潵銉籧ontent angst + 0.83k words + loosely based on 鈥榤ilk teeth鈥 by niki
銉烩潵銉籲otes this is my submission for @taintedsorrcw & @mamsvi 's somnum extererri collab! thank you for hosting~
Tumblr media
the thirteen words printed in bold, black letters against a contrasting white background stare at you mockingly from the screen of your phone as you glare back at it. you internally scoff at the instagram post you happened upon on your explore page, swiftly scrolling away with a flick of your thumb.
but, deep down, you know the quote only managed to stir your emotions because it hit a little too close to home.
since the beginning of your relationship with suna rintaro, it has always been painfully obvious that you were infatuated with him. most of the time, you would be the one to text him first, to greet him cheerfully as you pass each other in the hallways, to ask if he'd like to have lunch together.
to an outsider, it might even seem pathetic or pitiful, the way you would pine after the man like a lovesick puppy when he barely made half the effort you were giving. but you didn't care 鈥 you were 鈥 are constantly chasing that high when suna would text back with a silly meme or smiley face, when he would smile back at you, when the two of you would converse about the latest happenings over a warm meal. the way he would laugh at your jokes, or casually throw a cheesy pick up line your way never fails to make your heart flutter.
and whenever he reciprocates your advances, it shoots a glimmer of hope straight to your heart, thinking maybe all your friends were wrong about him, that he's just as in love with you and that he's not going to just up and leave one day the moment he finds someone else.
that you're not just a temporary guest to fill in the vacant spot until he can find a long-term occupant.
it hasn't even been a year since you started officially dating suna, but the reality you've been denying for so long is beginning to unravel at your feet.
the familiar alarm blaring from his phone pulls you out of your sleep. the sun has barely risen and the room is still dark, but you can still make out his figure sitting up on the other side of the bed, the light from his phone screen illuminating his face. you follow suit, letting the blankets slip from your shoulders and land on your lap as you shuffle closer to him.
鈥渞in,鈥 you mumble out, stifling back a yawn as you try to rub the sleepy haze from your eyes.
suna briefly glances at you from over his shoulder. 鈥測/n. you're awake,鈥 he points out the obvious, voice scratchier than usual. 鈥渟orry. you should go back to sleep.鈥
you shake your head. 鈥渟'okay. i don't mind.鈥
suna nods without saying anything else, opting to leave for the bathroom to get ready for his day without sparing you a second look.
meanwhile, as you watch his back disappear from your sight, you force yourself to bite back a sigh despite the tug in your heart, throwing the blankets off of you and making your way to the kitchen.
suna appears in the doorway, already clad in his jacket and his bag slung over his shoulder, just as you place the last pancake on top of the wobbly stack. your eyes meet momentarily, making the two of you pause in your steps.
鈥渞in,鈥 you call out, offering a soft smile to him, 鈥測ou should eat before you go. i got your favorite syrup at the store yesterday.鈥
your boyfriend awkwardly scratches the back of his neck. 鈥渙h, uh, i can't today,鈥 he admits, 鈥渢he team's going out for breakfast before practice today.鈥
it's impossible for him not to pick up the sudden change in your emotions no matter how much you try to hide them, evident by how fast the corners of your lips fall and your brows furrow.
then again, it would also be impossible for him to be unaware of how he has been, and still is, leading you on.
suna takes three large strides towards you and stands in front of you, taking your hands in his as he leans in to press a chaste kiss on your forehead. 鈥渟orry, babe,鈥 his apologies are murmured. 鈥渋t was a spur of the moment plan. we can have eat some other time, yeah?鈥
you hate the way your heart skips a beat at his bare-minimum offer.
how you still put on a smile for suna as he closes the door behind him without another thought and you're left alone in the empty apartment once again.
and in your heart, you know it's inevitable 鈥 the sand in your hourglass is quickly trickling out and it's only a matter of time until either one of you decide to stop pretending this love's not meant to be, and you were never the one meant to reside in his heart.
until then, you think you're fine being a placeholder.
Tumblr media
sorry to suna rintaro for this, ik you're actually a very sweet dork馃
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augustinewrites 3 hours ago
45 with suna pls 馃檹馃檹
45. "we shouldn't do this" but they do so anyway
Tumblr media
there鈥檚 a random reality show playing when someone knocks on your hotel room door.
you ignore it, at first. it鈥檚 11pm, an hour past the team鈥檚 scheduled lights out. you鈥檙e already comfy, having showered off a weekend of back to back matches and bundled under the comforters. whoever needs you can grab an ice pack and wait till morning.
but whoever it is knocks again, a little more insistently this time. rolling out of bed to grab your hoodie before padding over to peer through the peephole. you roll your eyes when you see who it is, and rin鈥檚 leaning against the doorframe, grinning down at you as you open the door. his cheeks are flushed, shirt untucked, and his hair slightly unkempt. the faint scent of booze tells your he鈥檚 been drinking, yet his gaze remains steady and fixed on you.
your heart flutters, and you turn away, hoping to hide the blush creeping up your neck.
鈥渋 knew you鈥檇 still be up.鈥
鈥渋 was about to head to bed, actually.鈥
rin scoffs at that. 鈥渄oubt that. mind if i come in?鈥
he brushes past you before you can reply, flicking on the lamp and kicking off his shoes before making himself comfortable at the foot of your bed.
鈥渨hat are you doing here, rin?鈥 you ask, shutting the door behind him before joining him on the bed.
鈥測ou mean you weren鈥檛 expecting me?鈥 he teases. don鈥檛 play coy, babe, i think we鈥檙e past that.鈥
it wasn鈥檛 entirely unusual for him to come to your room during out of town games. though usually he came under the guise of minor medical attention. like stiffness in his neck or a problem with his shoulder.
what never changed is that he always stayed after, lingering for as long as he could before lights out. you鈥檙e not sure why he did that, but you weren鈥檛 exactly complaining either. you enjoyed talking to him. the two of you talked about real shit, going back and forth for hours about politics and feminism and all the other isms you couldn鈥檛 name at the moment.
鈥渨ell, you seem medically fine, if not slightly intoxicated,鈥 you tell him.
rin sighs deeply, dramatically, before flopping back into your bed to stare at the ceiling. 鈥渨ell i鈥檓 not.鈥
so you lay next to him, the two of you rolling over so you鈥檙e face to face.
鈥渃ause see, there鈥檚 this girl.鈥
that was鈥ot what you were expecting. but rin鈥檚 always been a chatty drunk. 鈥渙h?鈥
鈥測eah,鈥 he nods. 鈥渂ut i don鈥檛 think she knows how much i like her.鈥
鈥渄o i know her?鈥 you ask, heart aching as you file through a list of names in your head as you begin to shift away from him. 鈥渋f you like her, you should just tell her. no use in keeping it a鈥斺
鈥渋t鈥檚 you, idiot,鈥 he huffs, catching your wrist. it takes your brain a moment to catch up as he gently presses his lips to your palm. 鈥渋鈥檓 trying to tell you i like you.鈥
the relief that washes over you is instant. 鈥測ou like me?鈥
鈥渨ith all my heart,鈥 he grins, wrapping an arm around your waist to pull you close.
you can鈥檛 help but wrinkle your nose. 鈥渢hat鈥檚 so sappy.鈥
鈥渁h, you love it,鈥 he whispers, gaze flicking to your lips.
鈥渞in,鈥 you warn. 鈥渨e shouldn鈥檛. motoya鈥檚 going to wonder where you are if you鈥檙e not back in your room鈥斺
he kisses you to shut you up, and you relent, giggling against his lips and gently kissing him back.
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sunarinscumdump 17 hours ago
i saw an ad that said 'level up your cunnilingus'
turns out i read it wrong, it was actually 'level up your cravings', but oh well, i'll still make a fic about HQ men's reaction after hearing that from reader :P
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basilly 22 days ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
|| 鉃 boyfriend things
characters: suna, kita, bokuto, & kageyama
warning: no pronouns, fluff!
a/n: more characters coming soon!
Tumblr media
藲鈧娐 蜔蜔蜑蜑鉃斥潵 suna sleepily rubs his nose against yours, his own little type of kiss. laying under the warmth of the glowing sun that peeked through the curtains, you gently glided your finger over suna's features. tickled by the sudden sensation, he stirs awake. too exhuasted to say an ything, he only moves closer to touch noses before tucking his head into the crook of your neck.
later throughout the day, suna lazily wraps his arms around you from the back, dropping his head on your shoulder. humming a slight tune, he rubs circles on your skin with his thumbs. his dark hair tickles your cheek, leading you to smooth it out. he adores when you do the action, it makes him want to calm down even more than he already is.
藲鈧娐 蜔蜔蜑蜑鉃斥潵 kita doesn't let you go home without leaving a little kiss on your head. he finds the simple gesture so sweet and calming, forming a little habit. if you are in a rush, he will grab your wrist and place a quick one before waving you off.
he's not major on pda, so forehead kisses and unspoken gestures are his thing. his grandma had instilled ideals like the sidewalk rule into him as a young child, he does it without even thinking now. he doesn't hesitate to switch drinks or meals if you don't like yours- all that matters to him is your happiness.
藲鈧娐 蜔蜔蜑蜑鉃斥潵 kageyama is rooted in the gestures you can not see because he's a bit nervous. the moment he notices you asleep, he moves to throw a blanket over you. the last thing he wants you to experience is discomfort- especially while sleeping. he will tuck you in with the blanket and a soft kiss on your head.
while you're asleep, he tries to stay as quiet as possible. everytime he thinks he made a loud sound, his head whips around and freezes to make sure you hadn't awoken. once he's sure you're okay, he finishes preparing a warm cup of tea for when you wake up.
藲鈧娐 蜔蜔蜑蜑鉃斥潵 bokuto looks at you as if you created the universe. as if the planets and stars emerged from your very own fingertips. in such admiration, he would stare for hours at end if he could. everyone around him would smile fondly at the snowy-haired volleyball player when they see him looking at you or even a picture of you.
he pulls you into the warmest hugs, too scared to let go. he only lets go at the very last second if possible, warmth still lingering by staying close to you. the stars that were in his eyes, were because of you. every ounce of his being truly loved the person you were.
Tumblr media
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sunaslay a month ago
the way u write suna has me barking like a DAWG. would you ever do boyfriend!suna texts???
鈥 feat: suna rintar艒
鈥 tags: fluff, humor/crack, sfw
鈥 cw: strong language, slightly suggestive, petname (baby), mention of the word titty
a/n: hi, anon! ok ik ur message was more of a question than a request, but i took it a sign to just go for it since the idea has also been lowkey on my mind for a while now. this is kinda chaotic ngl 馃拃 but i hope u enjoy still :)
no part 2 for this one
haikyuu mlist | taglist | requests
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
likes, reblogs, & comments are always appreciated 鈼√
漏 sunaslay 2022; do not plagiarize, translate, and/or reposts any of my works as your own鈥攑articularly on other platforms.
Tumblr media
蕰 鈥 岽 鈥 蕯 锝 taglist ! 鈾 : bold = cannot be tagged
@keidazed @pelicanpizza @lesilentreaper @bakugosgrenade @chloee0x0 @h0n3ysgh0st @barbiekatz @miraculousloli-star @4rt3m1ss @lordbugs @romiyaro @vermilion @mfwhatlol @mirikusashes @lovely-turned-deadly @vile-woman @osamiyaa @twismare
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rinsaint 2 months ago
ft. suna, atsumu, && kuroo !! part 2 part 3
cw. THIS IS FILTHY, fem!reader, masturbation, panties being took, thinking of reader in a sexual way, pillow fucking, jerking off to readers voice without them knowing, nonconsensual pictures being took of reader, sniffing !! lmk if you guys want a part two with diff characters <3
SUNA RINTARO: Suna is a little sneaky bastard. He鈥檚 the most sneakiest out of those two. He definitely goes to your instagram and jerks off to your pictures. He does it often and he doesn鈥檛 feel no remorse about it. On the days that you were a cute little skirt when you two are going out, he would always let you go first up a pair of stairs because 鈥渓adies first鈥 was always his excuse. But no, he just wanted to watch your skirt rise up as you walk up the stairs. Seeing your cute little panties and the imprint of your cunt that has him watering at the mouth. He would sneak out his photo to snap a few pics of it and when you reach the top of the stairs he lets out an innocent smile. Once he gets home he sits down on his gaming chair and thinks of the pictures he took. He would take out his cock and stroke it, looking at the photo. He would cum all over his phone but really, he doesn鈥檛 care. Your plump ass and your cute pink panties is all that he cares about. It has him coming in no time. He just wishes it was you, pumping his cock, he just wishes it was you playing with the tip of his cock. He just wishes it was you. All he wants is to stuff his cock inside you and he can鈥檛 even do that <\33.
ATSUMU MIYA: This guys definitely steals your panties. The first time when he鈥檚 over at your house he tells you he needs to go to the bathroom. He goes into the bathroom and as he鈥檚 taking a piss he notices a clothing basket and sees a pair of your panties he presumed. He gulped as he flushed the toilet pulling up his pants. He walks towards the basket and takes your panties into his hands, and fuck鈥 there鈥檚 a stain on it. He brings it close to his face and takes a sniff making his mouth water imagining what you taste like. Ever since then, he has been taking your panties using them to make him cum. One of your panties around his cock, and one of the other being licked and sniff by him. And he knows it鈥檚 wrong but for it feels so good. HE DEFINITELY TRIES TO STEAL YOUR BRAS. i just have a feeling. Whenever you two are talking, you fail to notice him adverting his gaze to your exposed boobs wondering how it would feel for him to grab ahold of it, and suck on your pretty nipple, making moans from you come out. And thus, he would wanna steal one of your bras to also jerk off to it lmao. And he鈥檚 such a pussy to ask you out so this is the only way to help him cope </3
KUROO TESTSURO: Kuroo is sneaky but not as sneaky as suna. Kuroo always loves to touch you. it doesn鈥檛 matter where but he just wants to feel you. When he has to get pass you, he grabs your hips purposely saying, 鈥渆xcuse me angel鈥 because he loves to see your flustered state. Thinking about how flustered you would be when he has you under him, cock piercing in and out of your tight and wet cunny. He also loves to brush his hands against your breast. And he always says that it鈥檚 an accident and apologises, but it鈥檚 really not and he鈥檚 not sorry. All he wants to do is grab your breast and just suck on them until you beg him to touch you. But sadly, that isn鈥檛 reality, so he has to cope by listening to your pretty little voice on the phone. Sounds normal right? Well it鈥檚 not because on the other side of the phone, kuroo is stroking and playing with himself to your voice. And he let鈥檚 out a groan as you stretch and moan telling him you had a crazy and tired day. And fuck, that his is dick throbbing. He just wants you so bad he doesn鈥檛 know what to do with himself <\33. He鈥檚 also one of those cheesy people who likes to share straws with you, he thinks that you two are technically kissing and that鈥檚 just enough for him to think about that when he鈥檚 humping into his pillow, thinking about your soft lips kissing on his neck, his face, his lips, his cock.
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kisses4suna 3 months ago
鈥渋t鈥檚 just nine months baby. i鈥檒l be back in no time, alright? i love you so much.鈥 rintarou plants a kiss on your forehead, cupping your cheeks. 鈥渏ust nine?鈥 you ask frowning, 鈥渏ust nine.鈥 he responds smiling, although in the back of his head he knows he鈥檒l go crazy not seeing you everyday.
another away game it is. this time longer than you thought it鈥檇 be. almost a year without your boyfriend, almost a year without any company, almost a year without your soulmate, your other half. nine months seems like a short time but for you and rin, nine months is just enough time to change someone- good or bad.
you watch as he drags his luggage away, carrying his duffel bag on his shoulder, he turns around and smirks, 鈥渋 love you鈥 is what you read off from his lips. you give him a small wave, whispering 鈥渋 love you too鈥 even though you knew he wouldn鈥檛 hear you.
nine seconds pass and you鈥檙e standing still in place watching his figure enter the plane.
nine minutes pass and you finally snap out of it, texting him a quick 鈥渇ly safe rin鈥, you don鈥檛 know why you鈥檙e being dramatic its just nine months.
nine hours pass and you鈥檙e alone in your bed, thinking about how his plane ride is going, japan to argentina is a long time. and here you are alone in bed thinking about it.
nine days pass and you鈥檙e on call with him. 鈥渉ow鈥檚 training?鈥 you ask smiling. 鈥渦gh don锟斤拷t even remind me.鈥 you could tell he鈥檚 tired but he just wants to hear your voice, 鈥済et some rest rin, i love you.鈥
nine weeks pass and you turn on your tv, your boyfriends face on the screen, he鈥檚 being interviewed. 鈥淢r. Suna! how is your girlfriend back at home?鈥 hearing those words he smiles and sighs, 鈥渟he鈥檚 doing good, we鈥檙e doing good. i miss her a lot..鈥 he says looking down. 鈥淎ny words for her if she鈥檚 watching this back at home?鈥 the interviewer asks, suna takes a deep breath thinking of what to say, 鈥渏ust hang on in there baby, i鈥檒l be back in no time. y/n, i love you.鈥 you smile and text him, 鈥渋 love you too rin.鈥, he looks down on his phone during the quick interview and smiles.
every second, every minute, every hour, day, week, month, he thought of you. you thought of him.
nine more weeks till he鈥檚 back in your arms.
nine more days till you see the love of your life.
nine more hours till you see him, and you鈥檙e driving through the heavy rain, traffic blocks you from getting to the airport.
nine more minutes till his plane lands.
nine more seconds till he comes bursting through the boarding gate.
just nine.
and there he is, running up to you with the biggest grin you鈥檝e ever seen him have.
鈥渉i.鈥 he whispers in your ear. he doesn鈥檛 care if he dropped all of his belongings on the floor, seeing you is worth it all. tears form in your eyes, as he cups your face, 鈥渋 told you i鈥檇 be back in no time.鈥
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sukunababy 4 months ago
饾悵饾悽饾惀饾悷!饾悮饾惌饾惉饾惍饾惁饾惍 + 饾悰饾惈饾悶饾悶饾悵饾悽饾惂饾悹 饾悿饾悽饾惂饾悿 鈹嗮潗潗潗ю潗 + 饾惃饾惎饾悶饾惈饾惉饾惌饾悽饾惁 鈹嗮潗ゐ潗潗潗潗 + 饾悳饾惃饾悳饾悿饾惏饾悮饾惈饾惁饾悽饾惂饾悹 鈹嗮潗潗潗○潗潗p潗潗︷潗 + 饾惉饾惇饾惍饾悽饾惈饾惌饾悽饾惂饾悹
Tumblr media
cw. use of 鈥榙addy鈥, creampie, fingerfucking, squirting, cockwarming, praise, mating press 鈥 rbs are appreciated 鈥 event m.list | main m.list
Tumblr media
Your nails dig into his shoulders as his cock grinds against your sweet spot, your soggy folds flutter around Atsumu's thick shaft, "you'll end up waking the kids, behave" he hisses low in your ear as he presses your knees to your chest.
"Daddy please ..." you sob arching your back, " ... cum inside me". He giggles as he watches your slit filled with his fat cock, a white ring forms at its base as he pulls back to sink hard and good inside you.
"Yeah, you want my cum in your pretty cunt, angel?" he hums spreading your thighs wide and pushing your knees to your shoulders, the lewd sounds of your pussy almost covering your sobs as you get fucked in your shared bed.
You tremble as you cling to the sheets and nod grabbing your lip between your teeth to muffle your cries.
Your walls tighten on him, sensitive to the previous orgasms as Atsumu fucks another one out of you, "that's cute, you want to make me daddy again mh?" he moans watching as your pussy swallows him good and tightens around him.
His hips slam roughly against yours as he releases his sticky load between your folds, "don't make it come out" he hisses pumping inside your abused cunt going over his edge.
Tumblr media
Your eyes roll as you cum all over, Suna's fingers still playing with your hard nub as you squirm in his lap, legs spread and his breath in your ear as his cock throbs beneath you.
"Please...." you sob grabbing his arm, "Rin ... it's too much."
He chuckles pushing two long fingers into your dripping pussy, "what? now it's too much? I'm not even using my cock" he taunts you pumping his fingers deeper and deeper.
His palm meticulously strikes your sensitive bud making you moan and squirm, 'Rin ... mh please" you sob dropping your head on his shoulder, "coming ... again."
His face is relaxed, he has a smirk on his pretty face as he works another orgasm out of your slick cunt.
Your walls clench his fingers and Suna curses in your ear, "fuck, you're coming again ... dirty girl" as you squirt onto his hand and onto his lap wetting the sheets beneath you again and again.
Tumblr media
He is exhausted when he comes home and sits next to you on the couch, huffing, "hi baby" he murmurs in a barely audible voice.
"Tough day?" you ask receiving a tugged smile as an answer. "I can help you relax if you want?" you suggest feeling with your fingertips his inner thigh covered by his heavy suit pants.
Kuroo frowns and seems to want to complain when you slip your hand inside his boxers, but the speed with which his cock gets hard makes you feral. "Just ... sit on it, baby" he gasps after a few pumps with your tiny hand as he pulls his pants free and helps you settle into his lap. "That's right" he slurs stretching your tight walls and relaxing his body, "feels so good."
It was so hard to take him without being prepared but as your body relaxed in his lap you became wetter. "You know, this the best thing of the day mh" he murmurs starting to lift his hips upwards and fuck his thick cock into your cunt.
You moan shamelessly as he speeds up his thrusts, you have to hold onto his broad shoulders to keep from falling, "Tets oh god so good ... ".
He can't help it, your warm pussy feels like it was made for him, "I can feel you dripping on my balls, baby" he giggles nibbling on your jaw and grabbing your ass to make you grind even harder on him.
Your cunt clenches his cock and your eyes roll back as he thrusts his hips, making sure to take your clit with each push, "come on baby, I'm close," he says grabbing your lips with his, "cum on my cock."
Your walls flutter around his thick shaft when you come triggering Kuroo's orgasm as well emptying his heavy load against your needy cervix.
Tumblr media
Your breasts bounce in his hands as he pinches your nipples, his hips slam against yours and his cock grinds fiercely against your tender spot, "please slow down..." you moan clutching the sheets beneath you.
He smirks at you before grabbing your hips and lifting you slightly off the mattress, your legs shaking as he wraps them around his waist and continues to push his fat cock into your tight cunt.
Each thrust makes you roll your eyes in the back of your head, "Toshi ... I'm gonna make a mess" you sob as you reach your limit.
"Go ahead" he says unconcernedly, frowning as he angles himself to grind his crotch against your swollen clit, "do it, cum, angel".
Your creamy pussy swallows his cock as you arch into his hands.
You scream as you soak his cock gushing your cum everywhere, "oh fuck ... Toshi so good .." you stammer as he keeps fucking your high out of you trying to reach his too to fill you up good as he presses his lips to yours, "you're such a good girl, you me wet good" he chuckles satisfied.
Tumblr media
馃彿. @yunho-leeknow @jean-prettyboy-kirschtein @joherfoo17 @yukikurankiryuu @conchetucona @devilgirlcrybabiey @hitoshitoshi @tojibreedingme @littlemochi @rekis-doll @lovemegood @senjuasuna @devynfayrer @weyheyavengers @spicybunnyxp @matssuncxmslxt @shigamiryuk @semisgroupie @hannas16 @kurtaclangobrr @itsmeseph @awkwardchick87 @ramens-posts @tsukkikeisimp @trueshellz @tojidilfs @iwaizumisbicep @jiminie-08 @simpforerenn @snoopysxng @toshigimmemilk @atsushisbunny @ray-lol @marinarihearts @fantasyfairysworld @swweetnightt @ryumiii @t-oji @startaee @dwld1 @tamak00
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rinslutz 3 months ago
suna x fem!reader 鈥 warnings : slight baby trapping ig?, biting
Tumblr media Tumblr media
SUGAR DADDY!SUNA dropped every other sugar baby once he met you. he instantly knew that you were the one that he wanted to spend every single dollar on.
SUGAR DADDY!SUNA buys you a necklace with his initials on it. he swears that he bought it because it鈥檚 cute but it鈥檚 actually so people know you belong to someone.
SUGAR DADDY!SUNA lets you turn his walk-in closet into your own. will sometimes add things to the closet without you even knowing. you only find out when you see three pairs of heels that you鈥檝e never seen before
SUGAR DADDY!SUNA hasn鈥檛 bought anything new for himself in ages. he鈥檚 perfectly content on spending all of his money on you. he finds happiness in your happiness.
SUGAR DADDY!SUNA fucks you in the back of his car after witnessing you flirt with a coworker at a company party. leaves bite marks all over your shoulders as he slams into your aching pussy.
SUGAR DADDY!SUNA refuses to wear a condom when fucking you, he says he鈥檒l pull out but never does. you don鈥檛 realize but he鈥檚 trying to get you pregnant.
SUGAR DADDY!SUNA hopes that if you do get pregnant it will somehow get you stay with him forever. he secretly has set money aside for if you do get pregnant.
SUGAR DADDY!SUNA has a folder on his phone full of your nudes that he looks at whenever he鈥檚 away from you on a business trip.
SUGAR DADDY!SUNA fucks his fist to a video he has of you two fucking. it鈥檚 his favorite video to watch when he鈥檚 away from you. will even ask you to send videos of yourself if he feels unsatisfied.
SUGAR DADDY!SUNA fucks you into his mattress for hours after returning from a business trip. claims that he just missed your pussy but really missed your presence but he doesn鈥檛 know how to tell you his true feelings.
SUGAR DADDY!SUNA fell in love with you but isn鈥檛 sure that you love him back, so he will continue to shower you with money as long as he can.
Tumblr media
TAGLIST : (open)
@wolffmaiden @gojoanti @rntrsuna @osamuplanet @have-no-life @kiossshy @luna-vitae-suae @adeawn @celcero @oikawa-bubs
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keijism 3 months ago
Tumblr media
"babe stay still..." suna sighed, as you squirmed in his arms. "i'm gonna mess the eyeliner up and it'll be your fault..." his grip on your thigh tightened as he held you softly against the counter.
"i can't help it rin-" you chuckled as his fingers graced the edge of you jaw. "i'll try my best to sit." you smiled widely at him. as he carried on with his work on your eyelids, you found yourself scanning his features, a small smile creeping upon your lips.
the soft slant of his nose, the sweet curve of his cupid's bow and the plush of his welcoming lips, the ones that you'd kissed numerous times. you knew them almost as well as your own, they were so effortlessly soft. you were almost envious of it...
and his beautiful eyes.
his piercing green eyes that held the narrow gaze which came off as cold and unwavering to everybody but you. to you they were clear, like a dappled lake in the middle of no-where. you could see every little swirl of emotion in them.
the eyes that he'd inherited them from his mother. you found them so captivating. when you'd first met her, all you could think about was how similar their eyes were. your boyfriend's eyes were the carbon copy of hers...
"hello? you finished staring yet?" a small smirk was playing on suna's lips, "i've finished." he folded his arms teasingly. "you didn't notice because you were too busy gawking"
you opened your mouth to protest, when he shoved a hand mirror in front of your face. "god suna, you made me look so pretty-" you laughed pulling him in for a hug, "it's not like you weren't pretty before" he mumbled into you neck, as he placed a soft kiss on your jawline. you smiled at his sweet remark,
"god that was cheesy, is this really THE suna ri-?" you said mocklingly as you watched him scowl. "you're such a fuckin idiot...."
it was never out of the ordinary for him. he never failed to make you smile.
Tumblr media
rbs are appreciated muah! \ (^ u ^) /
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o2amu 4 months ago
your boyfriend鈥檚 extra clingy this morning.
you gather that it鈥檚 probably the fact that he knocked out early last night (well, earlier than usual) so your evening cuddling session was unfortunately skipped.
you鈥檙e half asleep but the way suna tugs at your shirt extra hard to pull you close to his chest doesn鈥檛 go unnoticed.
鈥渕mph鈥︹ suna groans. 鈥渃鈥檓ereee.鈥
you groan back in response and the feeling of his weight suddenly engulf half your body causes a sigh to escape your lips.
鈥渟o now you have the energy to cuddle with me?鈥 you ask, rhetorically.
suna replies with a hum and buries his face deeper in the crook of your neck after placing a few soft kisses on your nape.
silence fills the room for a moment before suna speaks with a raspy tone. 鈥渕鈥檚orry i fell asleep early last night.鈥 he begins. 鈥渋鈥檒l make it up to you I swear. let鈥檚 just stay in and cuddle the whole day. you n鈥 me.鈥
鈥渂ut i thought we were going to try out that new brunch place that you鈥檝e been waiting to try?鈥 you inquire turning to face him and without a second to spare, he positions himself to lay on your chest.
鈥渆h鈥e can go tomorrow or something.鈥 he responds and shortly after he brings your hand and places it on top of his head, urging for you to play with his hair.
you let out soft chuckle but comply to his unspoken request and you can feel him smile in satisfaction against your shirt.
鈥渟oo do you wanna cuddle with me, your boyfriend, the absolute love your life, or not?鈥 he dramatically asks. 鈥渢his is practically a once in a lifetime opportunity.鈥
his smugness made you want to respond with a blunt 鈥榥o鈥, just to see his reaction. you smile at the thought, but in all honesty, how could you decline his offer?
鈥測es i do, ya big weirdo.鈥
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todoroki-sweetheart 7 months ago
Random Emotional Things the Haikyuu Boys Have Said
Tumblr media
+ genre. sfw
+聽warnings. none
Tumblr media
鈥淚 can鈥檛 wait to marry you.鈥
You weren鈥檛 even doing anything remotely special when Kuroo said this to you, catching you by surprise and nearly making you fall of of your chair. Even with you messy hair and pajama pants on, Kuroo couldn鈥檛 help but think,聽鈥榊ep, that鈥檚 going to be all mine one day.鈥
鈥淵ou鈥檇 look so pretty carrying our baby.鈥
You and Bokuto were out sundress shopping of all things whenever he dropped this on you, a small smile on his face. You had just come out of the dressing room to show him your pick and a pregnant woman had just so happened to walk by, prompting your boyfriend to say this in the softest tone you鈥檇 ever heard him speak.
鈥淧lease don鈥檛 ever leave me, I don鈥檛 think I could ever handle losing you.鈥
It was after a game. MSBY had won, but for some reason Atsumu had rushed to you, tears in his eyes and hugged you tighter than he ever had before. It took you off gaurd because usually your boyfriend was so happy and hyped after winning. But that day, he spent minutes sobbing into your shoulder, even while fans and teammates surrounded him with congratulations.
鈥淵ou don鈥檛 know just how deep my love runs for you. I would fucking do anything for you.鈥
He thought you were asleep. You knew that, because that鈥檚 the only way Suna would ever express something so deep and so personal towards you. He was stroking your back, quiet sniffles leaving him as he kissed your hair. And that night, he held you tighter than he ever had before and it took everything in you not to burst out crying as he nuzzled into your shoulder.
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youta 4 months ago
suna鈥檚 head rests on your lap, your fingers are tangled in his hair. both of you are on your phones, occasionally showing each other funny tiktoks or posts you think the other would like.聽
鈥渁re you hungry?鈥 you speak up, after coming across several food recipe videos.
鈥渒inda,鈥 he replies, putting his phone on his chest and looking up at you. you cup his cheek with your hand; he leans into your touch, a sweet smile sits on his lips.
鈥渨e should make this,鈥 you suggest, and show him what you have on your mind. it鈥檚 a type of dish neither of you have tried before, and seemed easy enough to make.
鈥渋鈥檓 in,鈥 he nods, and sits up from his previous position.聽鈥測ou鈥檒l do most of the work, though.鈥
you laugh, agreeing with what he said; he鈥檚 horrible at cooking. he usually sticks to making simple meals when it comes to that, because otherwise... it would be a disaster. he settles down on the counter to watch you cook, occasionally passing some ingredients or seasonings to you. until the water鈥檚 boiling, you step to him and wrap your hands around his torso.
鈥渟houldn鈥檛 our positions be switched?鈥 rin laughs, pulling you closer to him, while you are standing between his legs. you let out a chuckle, and lay your head on his chest.
鈥渋 like it like this,鈥 you shrug your shoulders, enjoying the warmth of his body and his embrace. he rests his chin on the top of your head, and his lips tug into the warmest smile. he likes it too.
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satorins 2 months ago
Tumblr media
鈮 s.rintarou x f!reader
鈫 Rintarou has pretty hands. But it's undoubtedly the prettiest when they're stuffed inside your cunt.
tw/cw: smut. mdni. fingering. handjob. teasing. reader called pretty, my girl. unprotected sex.
鉁 notes: hahah this is unedited but we go down hard with the raw vibes heh!! just something i hc of Rin having really pretty hands (喙戔⑨礂鈥⑧箲) !! I hope you enjoy !!
Tumblr media
Suna Rintaro鈥檚 hands are pretty.
His skin is soft, sculpted lean with his fingers slender and his joints perfectly thick. The lining of his bones protrudes nicely with his veins surfacing just above. With minimal rings around his index and pinky coupled with a thin bracelet that just danced around his wrists whenever he moved, it would be hard to say that such hands belonged to an athlete.
Rintaro keeps himself well groomed 鈥 cut his nails often, and applied lotion on the daily 鈥 never will there be dirt underneath his nails, and never will his palms feel too calloused that it prickled. His nailbeds were nice, with no dents on his nailplate nor did he have any ragged hang nails that he picked.
Rintaro grew up painting his sister鈥檚 nails whenever he was thrown into her tea doll parties at home. Wearing a too small of a dress on himself, crouching on a far too small of a chair, holding his sister鈥檚 smaller hands with his head donning a cheap bedazzled crown, quietly he鈥檒l paint her nails, listening to her go wild in her imaginations with her dolls, enjoying the moment of purity as a young child.
And during the simple lazy moments in bed, he鈥檒l examine your hand, kissing digit by digit, murmuring as he melted into the heat of your palm, 鈥渟o pretty, next time let鈥檚 paint it red, it鈥檒l look so nice鈥︹ just before falling asleep with his head placed at the plush of your chest, fingers still locked together.
And when he reaches out his hand to wrap it around with yours, especially when he leads and walks mildly in front, you can鈥檛 help but feel a flutter of butterflies reaching the depths of your stomach when you look down at your fingers nicely interlocked, his thumb softly grazing over your skin, making you feel uneasy yet safe 鈥 face feeling hot, heart palpitating, and hands sweating.
His fingers creeps softly from the ends of your shirt, gently grazing past your skin, almost tickling, yet soothing as he kissed your lips. Touching the curves of your body as his hands further ventured into your shirt, his fingers tapping against your waist while his thumb lazily scrolled through his socials as you laid on top of him.
But his hands were undoubtedly the prettiest when it was buried deep within your wet cunt, slowly stretching you out, lightly glistening in the moonlit room, sparkling with your cum dripping down past his wrists 鈥 adding finger by finger till he was pleased with how easily his fingers glide past your entrance. With his neck tie loosely hanging from his neck after a social event, his once groomed and proper facade crippling down to mere droplets of sweat and enticing nibbles against your naked bodies as the sweet fragrance of his cologne coated your bare skin.
With your hip bucking into his hands the moment he angled his fingers in just the right position to get your back arched and your cunt clenching in pleasure, where the other hand was placed flatly on your stomach to keep you from squirming away as he observed your pussy fluttering at his touch,
鈥淪top squirming baby, you can鈥檛 run away,鈥 he鈥檒l chuckle 鈥 voice predatory yet with tease.
Pulling onto his tie, with his shirt crumpled and open, meshing your puffy wet lips together as one, teeth clashing together as the sounds of muffled moans filled the room,
鈥淵ou feel good baby?鈥 Suna whispered as he spread open mouthed kissed along the lining of your jaw, his soft yet needy breaths causing a tighter knot to form in your core, 鈥渕hm.. So so good, more Rin鈥︹ you responded back.
鈥淢issed you so fucking much, fucking wasted my time when I couldve been doing this,鈥 pulling back to grasp hold of your exposed breasts, cupping from below as his whole hand mounded your fat, 鈥渕issed these girls too almost came in my pants when you texted me,鈥 Suna growled as he lightly bit your nipple, his hips grinded into yours allowing you to feel his prominent hardened bulge that was encased in his expensive slacks.
鈥淏-be gentle, Rintaro!鈥 you cried out, yet the increasing clench on his fingers told otherwise.
鈥淚sn鈥檛 this what you wanted when you sent me a pic of your tits when I was at a public event?鈥 His hot breath perspired against your skin, causing his hair to stick onto you as he trailed down your body making love to every inch of your frame.
鈥淣-no鈥 just wanted you home,鈥 your hands clenched onto his hair, hips bucking forward as his fingers continuously penetrated in and out of your pussy, 鈥渏ust wanted you here with me, 鈥 you moaned out.
With his fingers caving inside of your walls, searching for just the right places where your gushy walls caused your body to tremble as you called out his name, he鈥檒l give you a second to catch your breath, cooing at how good you were as he gently released your grip on his wrist that painted his skin red from the unintentional hold you had while you begged for him to slow down.
鈥済ood girl so fucking wet.鈥
The curve of his lips pulling up, smirking as he stripped his shirt off his torso, uncaring to undo the last button where a carnal urge blinded his eyes the moment he saw you catching your breath, your thighs trembling, body shaking as he had full access to witnessing your naked glory 鈥 vulnerable and angelic 鈥 almost as if you were going to pass out, when he was just about to get started.
Covering your face at how embarrassed you were for being so wet 鈥 absolutely so needy for him the moment he stepped out of the apartment looking gorgeous and expensive, that you just had to send a naked picture of yourself in his collared shirt, squishing your breasts together as you laid innocently in bed.
Grunting as he hovered over you, his four fingers lightly slapping against your wet pussy, 鈥渘gh,鈥 you moaned out as he rubbed his pretty fingers in circles, his palm concentrating and pushing on your hardened bud as the tips of his digits teased against your stretched hole.
鈥淵ou like that huh?鈥
鈥淩in鈥︹ You whined, your nails trailing against his back, marking your territory as his.
鈥淭ell me what you want, baby鈥 you want me to fuck or eat you out,鈥 kissing your temple as he sweetly then kissed your lips, teasingly pulling onto your flesh as he softly chuckled, 鈥渙r we can do both.鈥
鈥渇uck me鈥︹ you whispered into his shoulder.
鈥淵ou want my cock? That鈥檚 what you want?鈥 his voice relaxed, yet his erection said otherwise. And taking your smaller hands, kissing your palm as he looked into your eyes, his sharp gaze piercing into your soul as he waited for your approval, he led your hands down to his pants, unbuttoning them with his free hand and kicking his pants off as it landed on the floor with muffled thud and the clang of his belt, where the head of his erection was peeping out of his briefs, bringing your hand to cup his clothed cock, his eyes now soft and honest, 鈥渋ts yours.鈥
Your hands lightly shook as you palmed his clothed member, watching his hips slightly buck forward as you fondled his balls, slowly pulling down the strap of his briefs, you heard his lowly grunt as his cock was exposed to the heat of the room, his length hitting against his toned lower abdomen sent shivers sent up his spine as he looked down on you touching him.
Running small circles against the head of his penis, the small bud of precum pebbled at the tip as the padding of your thumb lightly massaged his frenulum.
"Remind me to paint your nails red next time, I want it shining against my cock whenever you give me oral," chuckling at himself as he pushed back his sweaty hair over his forehead.
Normally a man鈥檚 penis wouldn鈥檛 look pretty to you, just simply a muscle that鈥檚 been gorged with blood, but Rintaro鈥檚 was different.
Whether it be the hindsight of falling in love, or simply the erotic lust of wanting another person, Suna looked beautiful all around.
鈥淵our cock is so pretty, Rin,鈥 unknowingly licking your lips, coating them wet as you look at him from above, 鈥淚 want it inside of me 鈥 ahhh fuck!鈥
Pulling his fingers upward, his length hitting your sweet spot, you let go of his cock in shock as your thighs rushed to close together but your efforts were immediately stopped when his hand pinned your thigh against your chest as he pushed his weight down to hold you still.
And removing his fingers, the room now sounding of only panting breaths lacking of the prior squelching noises of your cunt and his fingers meeting, he鈥檒l raise his fingers up to his face, studying how his fingers glistened so sweetly along his digits, absolutely mesmerized at the viscous fluid that came out of you 鈥 sticky and clear, sweet and thick 鈥 as the pool of your cum dripped down his fingers and wrists, as it continuously flowed down his veinous arms.
鈥淟ook at me, YN,鈥 he ordered as the tip of his thick cock ran up your lubricated folds.
And just like always Suna Rintaro looked absolutely godly 鈥 inhumane and utterly despicable to look so gorgeous.
Sucking on his fingers, his tongue running against his digits as he licked every inch of his hand to get your cum, as he looked straight into your eyes with a smirk on his face as his unintended hand played with your clit.
Trailing your sight down from his lewd face, to his naked chest covered with sweat as his stomach perfectly flexed waves with every longing breath, his finely knitted indent of a V of his flat pelvis coupled with his nicely trimmed pubic hair, his knees anchored into the bed as his cock moved up and down your labia 鈥 puffy and midly sore 鈥 with his fiery red tip peeping up whenever he pushed forward up your length, the veins of his cock beautifully lacing his length.
And with his empty hand to palm his member, and with a pop of his lips as he removed his pretty fingers, stripping every aspect of your high off as if it never existed. Hovering over your body, as he traced your puffy lips with his wet fingers 鈥 the faint smell of you filling your nostrils as he played with your lips 鈥 聽soon closing the distance between you two with a slow, sloppy kiss.
He鈥檒l ask with the softness to his voice but yet with eyes raging with pure lust, as he settled his needy tip right at your entrance.
鈥淩-Rin w-wait 鈥 鈥
鈥測ou taste so good鈥 baby can you give me one more?鈥澛
Your plea went unnoticed.
Groaning as your tight velvet walls encased him wholly, sparks of electricity running up his spine when the warmth of your insides almost caused him to see white.聽
And gripping onto the sheets besides your face, using every inch of his strength to say sane, jaws clenched tight, brows furrowed, groaning into his words,
鈥淟et me fuck it out of you this time, yea?鈥
Tumblr media
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haikyuuhoo 4 months ago
鈥淵ou owe me,鈥 Suna hisses, grabbing your wrist and pulling you back over the threshold of his home, closing the front door behind him before you can step inside.
You blink up at him, eyes wide with shock. 鈥淚 owe you coffee, not an evening of pretending to be your girlfriend to get your parents off your back!鈥 you whisper back, trying to hide yourself with his body from anyone who might be looking through the living room window.
鈥淛ust a couple hours, please, I鈥檓 desperate,鈥 he begs, not letting go of your wrist.
鈥淐learly, if you鈥檙e asking me.鈥 You drag your free hand down your face with a groan. 鈥淚鈥檓 not even dressed for this. Why couldn鈥檛 you have just told me why you needed me to come over? Prepared me a little in advance?鈥
He raises an eyebrow. 鈥淲ould you have come?鈥
You press your lips into a line, looking between him and the window where you can see shadows of his family members moving around the house. 鈥淧robably not.鈥
鈥淓xactly.鈥 He rolls his eyes. 鈥淒on鈥檛 act like I don鈥檛 know you. C鈥檓on, just a couple hours, and you get a free meal.鈥
The offer sounds appealing, especially with student loans and your low bank account balance in the back of your mind. 鈥淏ut I have to socialize. You know I hate that.鈥
A smirk tugs at the corners of his lips. 鈥淪o do I. Look, we already make a great fake couple.鈥
You grimace. 鈥淎nd what if your family hates me?鈥
鈥淲ell then you know you鈥檒l never be called in to be my fake girlfriend again.鈥
鈥淏ut I want them to like me as your friend!鈥
鈥淎nd they will,鈥 he assures you. 鈥淵ou just have to sit close to me and maybe let me put my arm around your shoulders. It鈥檚 not gonna be that hard, I swear.鈥
Before you have a chance to protest Suna is opening the door again and using his grip on your arm to pull you inside. You catch a glimpse of his sister, and she must see how flustered you are because her brows immediately shoot up and she looks up at her brother.
鈥淚 hope you weren鈥檛 kissing her out there.鈥
Suna laughs, rubbing the back of his neck, and you swear you see a light dusting of pink on his cheeks. 鈥淚 wasn鈥檛, promise.鈥
鈥淕ood, 鈥榗ause Mom was asking for you to set the table, and she鈥檚 getting kinda impatient.鈥
Suna shoots you an apologetic glance, but leads you to the dining room and shows you where you鈥檒l be sitting while he fetches the table settings.
Tumblr media
Dinner went about as well as could be expected, as far as fake-girlfriend-meets-the-parents goes. Since you had been friends throughout all four years of university, you two knew each other well and didn鈥檛 have to suffer through any of those stressful situations where you had to make up how you met and things you鈥檇 done together.
Suna鈥檚 father was quiet, observational, and you immediately knew that鈥檚 where Suna got his disposition from. If he hadn鈥檛 been there, you might have wondered how Suna was his mother鈥檚 son, what with how talkative she was.
鈥淥h, you two are so sweet together. Rintaro hasn鈥檛 had a girlfriend in ages, you know, and you鈥斺
鈥淢om,鈥 Suna groans, and his hand falls to your leg. The action makes you jump. He said an arm around the shoulders, didn鈥檛 he? Not a warm palm on your thigh. 鈥淪he knows already, you don鈥檛 need to embarrass me by telling my girlfriend I鈥檓 bad with girls.鈥
鈥淚t鈥檚 only because you鈥檙e so quiet, Rinnie,鈥 his sister chimes in, and you can鈥檛 help but smile at the nickname, though it makes Suna blush. 鈥淵ou think too much and I鈥檓 sure more girls would like you if you weren鈥檛 so鈥斺 she waves her hand 鈥溾攄eadpan.鈥
Suna frowns. 鈥淭he only girl I want to like me is right here. And clearly she does.鈥
You can鈥檛 help the way your heart clenches at his declaration, though you know it鈥檚 just for the act.
His sister laughs. 鈥淚 wonder what you see in him,鈥 she says to you. 鈥淗e鈥檚 so broody, isn鈥檛 he? What did he do to make you decide to give him a chance?鈥
Besides trick me into coming over here saying he needed my help picking out a shirt to wear for graduation? you think, looking up at him. You鈥檇 tried to convince him you could pick over FaceTime, but he insisted you needed to see in person. Clearly, you were gullible. 鈥淲ell, I think I realized I liked him when he bought me coffee on campus when my school card ran out of money.鈥 You try to fight off a smile at the reference to the debt you were in to him that landed you here in the first place.
But Suna doesn鈥檛 even try to hide his laugh, meeting your gaze and squeezing your leg. 鈥淵eah, I鈥檓 pretty great, aren鈥檛 I?鈥
You roll your eyes, smacking his arm gently but then leaving your hand on his bicep. Just for show, of course. 鈥淥h, don鈥檛 go letting your ego get so big.鈥
鈥淎nd what about you, Rintaro?鈥 his mother chimes in, and when you look at her you see her resting her chin on her hands. You remember him telling you what a romantic she was. 鈥淲hen did you decide you liked Y/N?鈥
He leans back and looks at the ceiling, like he鈥檚 thinking about it. 鈥淧robably freshman year, when she came in late to our sociology class and had to take the last seat next to me. We got stuck sitting by each other all year.鈥
You can鈥檛 place his grin, but your eyes are wide when you look back up at him. 鈥淭hat long ago? Why didn鈥檛 you tell me?鈥 You sound breathless. The question is genuine, and you have to remind yourself this is an act. An easy answer. It鈥檚 easy for him to say the first day you met鈥攊t鈥檚 sweet and will placate his mother.
Suna shrugs and finally brings his arm to wrap around your shoulders, pulling you into his side. 鈥淚 dunno, it didn鈥檛 really feel necessary. Besides, you know I like you, so why should it matter?鈥
鈥淥h, Rintaro, girls like that stuff.鈥 His mother waves her hand at him and then stands up. 鈥淚 should get these dishes going. Y/N, honey, I鈥檓 so glad you could come tonight.鈥
You nearly shoot out of your chair. 鈥淚鈥檇 love to help,鈥 you offer, glad for an excuse to be out of Suna鈥檚 arms before he can feel how hot your body has gotten.
His mother smiles, and she shoots her son a glance that clearly says I like her.
Tumblr media
Once the dishes are done Suna walks you to the front door, his hand in yours, after explaining to his family that you couldn鈥檛 stay around to chat because you had plans with friends early the next morning and needed to get back home.
鈥淚鈥檓 glad you could come,鈥 Suna says as he opens the front door.
鈥淵eah, me too,鈥 you say with a small smile, and though you鈥檙e not sure whether he鈥檇 said it to you as his fake girlfriend or as you, you find yourself meaning it.
His hand that was holding yours rises to your waist, and the world feels like it鈥檚 moving in slow motion. You鈥檙e suddenly so aware of the warmth of his palm through your shirt, of the way he鈥檚 looking at you through half-lidded eyes, and before you can register what鈥檚 happening he鈥檚 leaning down and pressing his lips against yours鈥攇ently, deeply, in a way that鈥檚 somehow so exactly Suna.
When he pulls back you two look at each other for probably a few moments too long, breath fanning across each other鈥檚 cheeks, both of you clearly in shock. You step away from him, his hand on your body falling away easily and leaving you cold. You lean around his torso to call out a quick 鈥渢hank you for having me!鈥 into the house before you rush out the still open front door and to your car.
It takes all of your effort not to slam your car door shut as you lean back and close your eyes, trying desperately to catch your breath. Once you do you fish your phone out of your pocket, already preparing to type out a text to Suna along the lines of What the hell was that? or That was not part of our deal! But he beats you to it.
Your breath hitches in your throat as your phone lights up.
I think we should talk.
Tumblr media
oh, what鈥檚 this? my first fic in forever?? yes and it鈥檚 probably rusty and it鈥檚 unedited so sorry about that lol. did I write this while avoiding studying? maybe, shhhhhh.
anyway, i鈥檝e missed writing for you all, i hope you enjoy <3
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