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215-luv · 4 months
aka. clingy boyfriends (๑˃̵ᴗ˂̵)
SUNA: “no, don’t you dare move that arm.” the words that come out of his mouth seem to halt you from your actions, surprising you for a fact that he knows you were going to move from your current position below him. his body lay on top of yours and face buried on the crook of your neck as your arms encircle around his much larger frame. you sigh, “rin, i’m suffocating, you dumbo. get off me, we can just switch positions right?” wrong. you hear him grunt from your neck, sending vibrations through your skin as he doesn’t show any sign of moving at all. he lowly murmurs against your neck, “then suffer.” having the audacity to nuzzle his face further against your skin as if he’s not close enough anyway. and again, you sigh. “please, baby?” you plead. a moment of silence comes forth between you two and you start to assume he’s contemplating in silence. but then he opens his lips, “no. you signed up for this eversince the day you told me you’re mine. so suck it up, bun.”
USHIJIMA: it’s become a routine how you walk your boyfriend to the gym as his hand hold yours. today was no different, when you reach the doors of the gym, you expect him to release his hand on yours and send you a goodbye. so when it took more than a second for him to let go of your hand, you start to wonder as you stare at him in confusion. “toshi?” you softly call his name, watching him as he blinks, his eyes averting from your face to your intertwined hands. you raise an eyebrow, “practice is about to start. there something wrong?” you inquire, and you could only feel the way his hand seems to tighten its’ hold on yours. and he replies, “i like the way your hand fits mine.” the genuine proclamation truly catches you off guard. and you chuckle, “you’re just noticing that now?” and you watch as a warm smile appears over his features as an unexpected sound of a tiny chuckle escapes from his lips. “no. i truly think about it everyday. but for some reason, today just seems harder for me to let you go.”
AKAASHI: you groan as you lay on bed with keiji, his arms tightly and stubbornly wrapping around your figure as it takes all that you have to escape from his grasp. “keiji, i need to go please?” you whine, and his grip on you only seems to tighten each time you try to resist. your back presses against his chest as you tilt your head up to look at him in the face. “please?” you so tried to give him your best pitiful look, and your boyfriend let’s out a sound of thought, “hmm”, you watch as his contemplating look suddenly alters to a stern expression, “no.” he looks at you as his arms around you tightens once again and you groan, “why n—“ he cuts you off with a quick peck on your head, making you look at him in surprise as a wide grin forms over his features. and he nuzzles his nose on the top of your head, “spare me your forgiveness darling. but i just really love holding you.”
OIKAWA: “forgive me for being too clingy baby, but you’re just so cute!” your boyfriend coos as he has you seated on his lap, his arms wrapping around you like a cocoon and lips puckered to shower you with his kisses. “aren’t you always like this, tooru?” you chuckle, letting him succumb himself to you as he continues to nuzzle his cheek against yours. “my sweetheart, my special one.” he proclaims, making you flustered as you try to hide the way his actions are affecting you greatly. and yet however, nothing comes pass the oikawa tooru. from your lack of reply itself, he only manages to muster up a chuckle, placing a peck on your cheek before his lips are close to your ear. “perhaps, i can’t let you go, honey. this love i have for you is endless and beyond words.”
KUROO: perhaps, he has been deprived of you, or maybe he’s tired from all his work. but as of now, you don’t really find yourself to question the current actions of your boyfriend. his hand cups your cheek as you sit next to him on the couch with your legs laid on his lap. he pulls you in for a soft peck once, then twice, and then he stares at you longingly, his other hand resting itself on your thigh. “your lips are really warm.” he says, then he pulls you closer to give you another kiss again, but this time, he kisses you longer, slower, with a touch of gentleness as he wants to feel every inch of your taste. you practically hear his low hums that manages to send shivers through your spine. when he pulls away, his lips remains brushing yours and he lowly chuckles under breath, “sorry baby. just can’t get enough of you.”
SUGAWARA: your boyfriend positions himself on top of you with his arm resting next to your head, looking at you dearly as if you’re the only precious thing in the planet. upon his gaze, you suddenly feel shy as you turn your head away, trying to hide the flustered look on your face. but of course, your boyfriend, who you couldn’t hide anything from, notices your state as a chuckle erupts from his lips. “oh my, what have i done to see such a beautiful look on you?” he coos, and you swear you hear the thumping of your heart that paces every second you spend in this particular position. before you could even reply, you feel the warm sensation of his lips against the soft skin of your cheek as he lets his lips linger there for a moment, “i have to be honest with you honey, i don’t think i could ever let you go with such beauty you behold.”
IWAIZUMI: his arms wrap around your figure as you sit on his lap, the two of you cocooned by each others warmth. you hold his cheeks with both of your hands, and he gazes at you with a flustered look—one that’s rarely seen from the iwaizumi hajime. you then lean forward, your lips connecting his temple as you give him a soft peck, the gesture surprising him while he stares at you in shock that his cheeks flushes red. you chuckle, “i just kissed you on the temple, chill.” no, but how the hell could he chill? you watch as your boyfriends lips presses into a thin line as a scoff escapes his lips, pulling you closer to him that your face meets the crook of his neck. you then feel his lips lingering on the top of your head, as if to return the gesture. “god, you always make me blush so damn much. i honestly don’t think there’s anyone like you angel.”
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wake-uptoreality · 3 months
He always wakes up with his hair being messy and voice hoarsy, It doesn't help that he only sleeps with his boxers. He doesn't forget to tease you of course as he wrappes his shoulder around your waist and whispers sweet nothings in your ear with his voice being so so deep. You can always feel his pecks on your back as he doesn't let you go until he is satisfied that you drool and can't breath from all his hotness.
-> tsukishima, Iwaizumi, KUROO, SUNA, daichi, kageyama, ushijima, akaashi, MEIAN, kita, OSAMU.
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atsumwah · 3 months
when he sees you online shopping
Tumblr media
featuring : oikawa, iwaizumi, kuroo & bokuto
notes : this totally didn't come from my online shopping habits totally not pfft
Tumblr media
oikawa would ask you to buy things for him too. like if you're buying your skincare products and stuff, top up his too. if you're shopping for a new shirt or blouse, he's going to peak over your shoulder and see if there's anything for him in the same shop too. he would act offended if you didn't tbh.
iwaizumi would nag on you a little. he'll say do you really need it and would advise you on saving your money instead. but he's actually taking note on what you want and intends to buy it for you anyway.
kuroo would pay for all of it. literally doesn't care about the price or how much items you're buying. could cares less about shipping so just go nuts abt it. if you're trying to hide from him don't bother. he's literally going to pry it from your hands. it's kind of his way of spoiling you, like might as well spend his money on things you actually want instead of buying you things you might not use. win win scenario.
even if you try to hide it, bokuto always finds out. look there's a reason you want to hide it from him and it's because he always buys it for you instead. he can't help it, he likes seeing you excited over something and he likes it even more if he buys it for you as a surprise.
Tumblr media
reblogs are appreciated mwahhh <33
Tumblr media
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miyazas · 3 months
Tumblr media Tumblr media
[❤︎] — Suna Rintaro, Miya Atsumu, Issei Matsukawa & Kuroo Tetsuro
Warnings: fem!reader, suggestive, (1) ass slap from Suna
Tumblr media
“Hurry up rin.” You hissed as Suna struggled to fit himself into your window. “Suna Rinataro, my neighbor is going to see you and tell my parents if you don’t hurry up.” Grunting, he finally pulls himself into your room, thumping on the floor. “Rin, stop making so much noise!” You scurry and shut your window. “Yea whatever, c'mere and give me a hug.” holding in a smile you fall to his lap and squeeze him. “Damn baby, squeezing me like I’m your lifetime.” “Shut up Rin, I won’t hesitate to push you out of my window.” You say as you stand up and walk to your bed with Suna following closely behind. Before you can get into bed Suna pushes you face forward and slaps your ass. “Rinnie!” You squeak. “That’s what you get for threatening me, pretty girl, now I want an apology kiss.”
Stifling a giggle you pull onto Atsumu’s jacket sleeve as he swings his legs over the window seal. “Don’t yank me baby, gonna make me fall—ya want me to die or somethin’?” Ignoring his teasing tone you jump into his arms as soon as he finds his footing in your room. “Ya miss me hmm?” He chuckles, wrapping his arms around you and walking you back to the bed. “Missed you s’much tsumu.” You whisper, tightening your legs seeing his muscular waist. Atsumu smiles when he feels you leave light kisses on his neck before gently setting you down on your bed. Whining at the loss of contact, you open your mouth to say something before he falls on top of you. “Tsumu!” You yell before Atsumu squishes your cheeks together and gives you a fat kiss. “missed ya too angel, s’much.”
Mattsun hides in your closet trying hard not to make any noise as your mom searches your room. “Mom nobody is in here, you must’ve heard something.” You muttered, sitting at the foot of your bed as your mother looked around your room. After a few more minutes of searching and not finding anything out of the ordinary she gives up, muttering a goodnight. After she shuts the door you run to your closet, opening the door for Issei as he all but topples out of the cramped space. “Jesus Christ, baby.” He grunts, stretching his cramped muscles. “This is your fault Issei! You’re the one who fell through the window and woke the entire neighborhood!” You pointed out. “Don’t be so dramatic princess, everything is ok, now c'mere, I need you to use those pretty hands and rub my sore muscles.” He grabs your hips and brings the both of you to the bed, setting you on his lap. Giving into your tall boyfriend, you wrap your hands around his neck, pulling him into a sweet kiss. The impromptu make-out session doesn’t last long when you hear your mom gasp, you are so dead.
You feel someone repeatedly nudging you, pulling you out of sleep. “Kitten? Kitten I gotta go.” Kuroo whispers. Tightening your arms around his hard chest, you mumble something incoherent. Chuckling he kisses your forehead, unwrapping his arms and legs from your body. “Noooo, don’t go Tetsu.” You whine. “I gotta go kitten, don’t want your dad to find me in your room at five in the morning do you?” That wakes you up because no, you would rather die than see what happens if your dad finds out your boyfriend snuck in and spent the night. “Hmm did that wake you up baby?” Tetsu teases. “Shut up and get out of my room Kuroo.” “Ok ok, but before I leave can you wipe this puddle of drool you left on my chest?” “Tetsu!”
Tumblr media
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shoyotime · 3 months
Tumblr media
ft. oikawa, kuroo, tsukishima, suna, akaashi, osamu
w. don't know mate lmk if you spot any
Tumblr media
"what was that for?" you ask, pointing at the box of chocolates as he stuffs them in his bag. "oh these? i helped a classmate with one of the assignments so she wanted to thank me," oikawa replies, missing the sour look on your face. "yeah okay, let's go," albeit, it didn't take him long to notice the pout on your face as you walk a few steps ahead of him, unlike usually. "are you jealous?" he asks mockingly, nudging your shoulders. "am not," — "you are," — "am not," — "you are," — "i am not jealous, 'ru." he pauses, looking at you as you avoid eye contact with him. "then you wouldn't mind if i eat the chocolates, and help her more frequently, right?" you shoot him a glare, blinking away just as quickly before walking again. "yeah, whatever," — "see, you are jealous ! oh my god, and you called me lame for being jealous over that boy last week !"
he may deny it, but kuroo gets jealous easily. it doesn't even have to be a human, you can fawn over a character and manage to get him jealous. of course, he's good at hiding it, but you're even better at catching on with the taunting remarks. so when he notices your glare possibly burning holes on the florists back, he knows it's his time to shine. "can i get your numbe—" she asks, only for you to cut in the next second. "no. my boyfriend doesn't have a phone," you blurt out, completely ignoring that kuroo has been holding his phone in his hand. he laughs, putting hand around your shoulders, "i'm sorry, apparently i don't have a phone." you're quick to leave the scene before he catches up to your pace, eyes sparkling with teasing remarks. "jealous now, are we?" he mocks, earning a scoff in return. "shut up," — "jealously is a disease, yn. get well soon."
one thing you didn't expect today was some random girl crash your date with tsukishima after he helped her with certain things. and while it's clear that she's thanking him but it has been ten minutes and you're growing impatient. ( not to mention, you've got bookings for a movie ) so, you just stand at the distance, watching him as he's trying his best to have his way out of the conversation. "by the way, do you have a s/o?" she asks, a little too loudly and kei has never seen you so raged, or to put it in better words, restless. "yeah, they're standing there." and with that, he walks up to you, drinks in his hands as he passes one to you. "maybe if you'd've helped me, you wouldn't have to wait so long," he snickers as you roll your eyes. "actually, i thought you wanted to watch the movie with her." — "are you jealous?" you know he doesn't need an answer to know that you are.
fortunately, or actually unfortunately enough, for you, suna is no stranger to confessions, compliments, or even flirty remarks. and usually, he dismisses them knowing that you don't want to see people hitting on him. however, this time he was having a blast watching you glare at the barista as she flirted with him while he made the payments. "can we meet up sometime—" she asks, tucking a strand of hair behind her ears which makes you roll your eyes and prompts you to interrupt the two. "no," you pause, standing next to suna. "my boyfriend isn't interested." you feel him chuckle next to him, brows furrowing at the sight of the barista breaking into giggles. "yeah no, pretty, it's a prank. just wanted to see your reaction," he clarifies, his words followed by a swift apology from the other girl as you snicker before pushing him away. "you suck," — "didn't see you complaining when she was asking me out."
you feel your patience running thin with every second that akaashi spends with the girl from his physics class. it's not like you have a problem with him interacting with other people, but you do have a problem with her because she's clearly trying to flirt, very well aware that you're dating him. "keiji, shall we go?" you interrupt, lacing your hands with his. "let's meet on sunday—" she speaks but you beat her to it. "we're going on a date on sunday." cue akaashi going '???' with his eyes wide open because out of everything, a date was never on the list for weekends ( not like he complains, though ) good for you, she left without anymore questions, though with a bitter expression but you couldn't care less. "these people need to accept the truth that you're taken and stop flirting." you mumble, followed by his giggles as you send him a confused stare. "what's so funny?" and he laughs even more at your expression. "you're jealous." — "i'm not!" — "oh my god, you're jealous. i'm telling bokuto," he's isn't letting you live that down.
you've had enough of people confessing to him every other day, just because your relationship was private. well, it was your decision, and you already regret it. so when you spot another girl approaches him with a box of chocolates, you're quick to rush to the scene, wrapping your hands around his arms before shooting her a forced smile. "he appreciates the effort, but we're dating," first of all, he's shook because first, you're suddenly announcing the relationship publicly, and secondly, you're jealous, which is new for him. the girl leaves on her own accord after apologising, thankfully, and that's when osamu turns towards you, shooting a perplexed look. "you're jealous." you kind of dislike how he states it as matter of fact, especially with a straight face that morphs into a taunting expression within seconds. "what do you mean?" he chuckles at this newly found side of yours. "i just lost a bet with tsumu because i said you don't get jealous," — "you both made bets on this?" — "my money, yn."
Tumblr media
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heartaro · 3 months
I really liked 𝐄𝐗𝐄𝐒 would you mind making one for kuroo and oikawa too? ( ◜‿◝ )♡
Tumblr media
— kuroo & oikawa x gn!reader | hurt/comfort
warnings: mentioning their exes, arguing, swearing, oikawa being distant, consumption of alcohol (in oikawa’s part)
note from heart: hi hi nonnie! i’m so so sorry this is late! so much has been happening in my life on top having writer’s block 😭 but it’s finally finished and here!! 💓
[ part 1 ]
Tumblr media
» kuroo’s new job required him to travel… a lot
» and so that meant that you wouldn’t really have much time to spend time with him, let alone see him
» it was always “we can go on that date some other time” or “i’m sorry, babe, but this is really important for the company”
» you two had been together for years, and after being newly weds, it quickly felt like you two were just roommates
» and now, here you both were, arguing during a dinner that was meant to be a lovely at-home date
“what do you want me to do, y/n? quit?“ kuroo says exasperatedly, practically slamming his utensils down onto the table. you narrow your eyes at him, your jaw clenching in frustration, “that is not what i want you to do, tetsurou.”
he lets out a short laugh, “then what is it?”
“i just want you to be home! i know you just got this job, but within the first two months of you working there you’ve already went on four different trips! one of them being out of the country!” you cry out, trying not to let your tears spill over as you speak. you take a breath before continuing on, your voice quieter, “is it so bad that i want to spend time with you?”
you watch as he closes his eyes, pinching the bridge of his nose. “my life doesn’t revolve around you, y/n,” he speaks, his tone more stern and agitated. your eyes widen, anger boiling inside your chest, “i never said it does, tetsurou, and i wouldn’t want your life to revolve around me. i just want you to at least remember to include me in your life!”
your voice began to waver, your body tingling with sorrow. the last time you really spent quality time with him was the couple weeks after your honeymoon. after getting married, you both had talked about what you were looking forward to doing together. going house hunting together, having date nights regularly, and even mundane things like going grocery shopping together. he had expressed to you his hopes and dreams for your new lives together, but now it all just feels like pretty words and empty promises.
he lets out a huff, looking away from you as he begins to stand from the dinner table to put away his dishes, “ari wouldn’t do this kind of shit.”
your eyebrows raise in shock, all sorrow and hurt leaving your body as anger and rage take its place. “excuse me?” you ask, your tone almost threatening. your husband stops in his tracts, realizing the words that fell from his lips. he turns to face you, regret written all over his features, his eyes already pleasing for your forgiveness. “baby, no i-“
“ari wouldn’t do what kind of shit? want to spend some quality time with her husband?,” you challenge. you raise your left hand, showcasing the ring that wrapped around your finger, “see this? this ring is the same ring you put on my finger at the altar. you want ari to wear this ring? because you and i both know she sure as hell wouldn’t mind never spending any quality time with you because she was too busy spending ‘quality’ time with other people in her bed.”
you stand from where you’re sat, storming out of the kitchen. “y/n, wait,” he calls, rushing after you only to have the bedroom door slammed in his face. “babe-“
“leave me alone, tetsurou.”
he sighs, resting his forehead against the wooden door as he shuts his eyes. he felt guilty, and regret washed over him immediately. he was tired and exhausted, but he also wanted nothing but to spend time with you. it’s just that his work began to pile up, and although he loved his new job, the stress was starting to get the best of him.
anytime he started anything new, he always had to be on top of it. always making sure he was on top of deadlines, always meeting the daily quota, always being at 100 at all times, but never reminding himself to step back and take breaks. forgetting to remind himself to be with you.
now he’s messed up, the closed door standing in the way of him making things right with you.
he had to make amends somehow, but he knew trying to talk to you any further would only make things worse.
he sighed again, running a defeated hand down his face as he began to ponder over what to say to you and what he could do to make things better. your marriage meant everything to him. the day you said yes when he proposed, he felt like the luckiest man alive. and when you had walked down the aisle to him, he felt as if he was on top of the world.
he fiddled with the ring on his finger, chewing on his lip while deep in thought. after a moment, he rushed to grab his phone.
on your end, your sadness and anger had subsided. you laid in bed, emotionless and a void began to fill your chest. the thoughts that corrupted your mind had been silenced, and you were left with nothing. you felt nothing, and you feel as though you’ve drained any and all feeling out from your body.
your eyes drifted over to the silver band that wrapped beautifully around your finger. you shut your eyes, taking in a deep breath before turning over onto your back.
how could he bring up her of all people? the same woman who broke his heart and made him believe that he wasn’t worthy of any love? the same woman who made him feel as though he would walk in his parents footsteps and fail in his love life? you’ve done nothing but support kuroo in all of his endeavors, and all you wanted in return was him to just be with you and hold you like he used to. but it seems that that was too much to ask for.
time passes and you suddenly hear a knock on the door. ignoring it, you remain as you are, not wanting to face the situation right now.
“y/n? can i come in?” you hear his voice. it’s his usual calm and gentle tone, the same one you found so much comfort in on your hardest days. “baby, please, i just wanna talk.”
today is one of your hardest days, and all you want is to hear his voice, but all you can remember is that same voice uttering his ex’s name.
“okay, you don’t have to let me in, but at least please listen,” he begins. “i’m sorry. i’m so, so sorry. i was exhausted and work has been stressing me out and i took it out on you when i shouldn’t have. you’re right, i’ve been away too much and i forgot to make time for you— for us. i’m so sorry, but please know that i do love you. i love you just as much as i did when i put that ring on your finger.”
his voice begins to waver, so he takes a moment before he continues. “i honestly love you more now, and i’ll keep loving you more and more no matter what. i want to make this better, and i will,” he clears his throat, taking a breath to recollect himself. “i called my boss and told them i’ll be taking some time off. so we can be together.”
he waits for your response, but he receives nothing. he shuts his eyes, hoping that the silence is only because you’ve fallen asleep.
but you’re wide awake. you heard every last word that fell past his lips, and with each word your heart tugged at you to open the door and hold him. but your body betrays you as you remain sat on the bed, staring at the door in front of you.
“i love you, y/n.. sweet dreams, angel.”
as he begins to walk away from the door to go prepare his makeshift bed on the couch, he hears the door click open. kuroo turns around, finding your figure standing before him. your eyes stricken with tears, your lip wobbling as your hand clutches the door frame.
“y-you didn’t get in trouble with work, did you? when.. when you called them?” you ask, worry filling your voice. the last thing you wanted was for your husband to get in trouble with his job. you watch as he shakes his head, rushing towards you to envelope you in his arms.
“no, not at all, baby. i promise,” he mutters into your hair. he feels you shake in his arms, your tears once again flowing down your cheeks. he rubs gentle circles onto your back, shushing you with sweet nothings. “and i promise that i’ll do better.”
you pull away slightly to look up at him. you see that his own eyes are glossed over, an apologetic but loving smile placed perfectly upon his lips. “you really hurt my feelings, tetsu,” you whisper, bringing a hand to cup his cheek.
he shuts his eyes, a slightly pained look etches onto his face. “i know, and i’m so sorry. i never wanted to hurt you, but i know i did, and i understand if you’re still mad at me, but please let me-“
you silence him with a kiss. you feel his tears mix in with your own, your bodies pulling closer to one another as both of your hands make their way to intertwine together, your rings gently brushing against one another’s.
you pull away, resting your forehead against his for a moment before looking at him once more. your thumb on your free hand gently brushes away his tears that slipped down his cheek. he smiles at you, his eyes only filled with adoration and love for you. “do you forgive me?” he asks, gently pulling you even closer to him.
you tilt your head to the side, letting your hand slide down his neck before resting it on his shoulder. his smile falters for a moment, unsure if you truly forgive him or not. but you smile at him, “i’ll forgive you after we spend our much needed time together.”
he lets out a soft laugh, almost sighing in relief. “as long as i get to be with you, that’s fine by me.”
» after finding out oikawa was coming back home from argentina for a break within his season, you had been nothing but excited
» you had planned so much for the both of you; dates, meeting up with old friends of his, and just overall spending time with him in person
» but the moment you picked him up from the airport, things between you two have been tense
» everything seemed awkward, and it bewildered you because you and oikawa have been together for almost three years now
» you decided to finally bring it up after having dinner with him and his old friends from high school, but things quickly took a turn
dinner was going really well. oikawa seemed to have a great time catching up with his friends, and you enjoyed spending time with all of them considering you’ve only hung out with them on a few occasions.
“so how was it being long distance for a few months, y/n?” hanamaki had asked, matsukawa and iwaizumi turning their attention to you as they patiently waited for your answer. you glanced over quickly at oikawa, who didn’t seem too invested as he was in the previous conversation. “um, i mean it was hard at first, but we made it work! i’m just glad tooru got to do what he loves and just really happy that he’s home,” you say proudly, reaching over to grab your boyfriend’s hand and giving it a gentle squeeze.
the three men look over at oikawa whose face quickly shifts from a look of boredom to one that is smiling and nodding. you pull your hand away at the sight. although his three friends didn’t notice his change, you sure did. it was almost as if he was quickly put on the spot for an interview after one of his games, and it made your heart sink further into your chest.
the first few days of him being home already felt so off. he didn’t hold much of a conversation with you, he wasn’t really present during any of your dates, and he seemed avoidant of your touch. you figured it was because he was exhausted from traveling, but it’s been a week now since he’s been home and nothing about his behavior is seeming to change.
“must be nice having a supportive partner huh, ‘kawa?” matsukawa chimes in, smirking over at him. “yeah, gotta say, i’m pretty jealous,” hanamaki adds. oikawa shrugs, taking a swig of his drink and draping his arm over your shoulders. it was the most contact he’s given you this whole week, and part of you felt relieved. “y/n’s the best,” he hiccups, and you notice your boyfriend slowly succumbing to the drink in his hand.
you begin to feel uncomfortable with his change of behavior. just a minute ago he didn’t even hold your hand back.
but instead you smile, almost reluctantly leaning into your boyfriend’s touch. “y/n’s so much better than that girl i dated in high school,” oikawa continued. you tense for a second, wondering apprehensively where this was going to lead.
“yeah? you mean the same girl that dumped you-“
“hey, woah, it was a,” your boyfriend hiccups before continuing again. “mutual break up, issei.” his friends grin, yet you feel uneasy at the mention of his ex. you also feel uncomfortable at the mere fact that oikawa is suddenly paying some sort of attention to you. drunkenly wrapping his arm around you, practically comparing you to his ex— it just felt weird.
oikawa takes another sip of his drink, sighing as he sets the cup down once more, “i mean, y/n’s just so much nicer and way more supportive.” you feel your heart flutter at the sound of your boyfriend speaking so highly of you. but that feeling quickly went away when you hear him continue on. “but also,” he turns to you, his eyebrows knit slightly together, his cheeks red from the alcohol he’s consumed, and a slight pout placed on his lips.
“you can be kinda clingy sometimes, babe.”
anyone else would have thought, oh he’s just drunk. but you were a firm believer that drunk words are just sober thoughts. and if oikawa genuinely felt that you were clingy, then it just explains his behavior when he came back home.
perhaps he liked it better being away from you. maybe he felt more free and didn’t feel suffocated by you. maybe he just dreaded the idea of being with you physically— especially since you were clingy.
you pull away from him, laughing nervously. “okay, i think it might be time to go home,” you say, hastily grabbing your bag and keys. “aw, really? i was finally having some fun,” he slurs, and then he turns to his friends, jutting his thumb towards you. “see what i mean? they just want me to themselves.. kinda clingy, right?” oikawa laughs at his own words, and his friends join in hesitantly, glancing over at you to see if you were okay.
and you were not. far from it.
“you’ve had quite a bit to drink, tooru, so maybe we should go home and re—“ he cuts you off with a dramatic sigh, resting his elbow on the table, his chin propping up in his palm, “man.. ‘n i was finally having some fun since i got home, ‘n all they wanna do is coddle me.” iwaizumi scowls at his best friend almost immediately, “watch it, oikawa. y/n hasn’t seen you in six months, so it’s normal for them to want to spend time with you.”
oikawa shrugs, begrudgingly getting out of his seat, “jus’ sayin’… yuki was never this clingy.”
iwaizumi begins to stand, only sitting back down when hanamaki places a hand on his arm and when you shake your head no at him. “we’re going home, tooru. bye guys, it was nice seeing you,” you say, clutching your bag as you wait for your boyfriend to follow you. he salutes back to them as a means to say goodbye before stumbling on after you.
“hey, what’s with the sour look, babe?” he slurs, smirking as he wraps his arm around you. you push him off as you open the passenger side door to let him in. he slides in, looking up at you only to have the door slammed in his face. he sobers a bit, his eyes following you as you make your way to the driver’s side. “babe?” he asks, slightly confused and concerned.
“you’re drunk, tooru,” you say sternly, dreading this car ride home. all you wanted was a fun night out with your boyfriend and his friends, but all he managed to do was compare you to his high school ex.
luckily the ride home was quiet. oikawa tried to call out to you, but the more and more you ignored him, the more he began to sober up. you pulled into the driveway, sighing as you took the keys out of the ignition. “need help getting out of the car?” you ask, not sparing a glance at him as you gather your bag. “i’ll be okay,” he says, looking at you again, hoping you’ll finally return his gaze.
but instead you nod, making your way out of the car and towards the entrance. he goes after you, walking reluctantly behind you. now that he’s finally beginning to come down from the drinks he’s had, he’s realizing that what he said has done some damage to you.
“hey, baby? can we-“
“take a shower, then go right to sleep,” you interrupt, not wanting to be near him and coddle him like he complained to his friends. he follows you hopelessly to your shared bedroom, watching you with regret filling his chest.
in truth, while oikawa was away he missed you terribly. he wanted nothing more than to be home with you in his arms, but you both knew that his career didn’t allow for that. as the months went by and his season was nearing an end, all he could think about was coming home to you. he was more than excited to finally see you in person, but during the flight back all he could think about was the next time he had to leave you again.
knowing that he would finally be able to hold you again only to have that taken away from him for another six or more months broke his heart. it led to him making the stupid and immature decision to be distant with you, and he really wishes iwaizumi had punched him back at the restaurant.
you turn to see oikawa watching you sadly, and by the looks of the expression on his face, he looks disappointed and guilty. “what’s wrong?” you ask, watching his eyes light up ever so slightly at the sound of your voice. but he looks down at his feet, “i’m sorry for being such an ass tonight… and for being such a terrible boyfriend all week.”
you cross your arms, raising an eyebrow at him. “what has even gotten into you, tooru? i mean, seriously, you come home and you practically ignore me and then at dinner you want to call me clingy in front of your friends? and now here you are apologizing? you really think an ‘i’m sorry’ is gonna fix that?” you’re finally letting all your emotions spill over, not being able to hold yourself back from crying.
he shakes his head no before bringing his gaze back to you. his heart drops at the sight of you crying, and almost instinctively he takes a step forward towards you. but with the way you’re holding yourself, closing yourself off from him, he thinks it’s better to keep some distance. “then why do all of that in the first place? we haven’t been together for six months, tooru! all i wanted was to spend time with you, to hold you, to be with you! but that makes me clingy?”
he watches as you sit on the edge of the bed, crying quietly with your head facing away from him, your hands frantically wiping away the tears that spilled down your cheeks. he slowly goes towards you, kneeling down in front of you.
you feel him gently bring a hand to your wrist, pulling your hands away from your face so he can hold them in his own. you sniffle and take shaky breaths, eyes still shut.
“it was stupid— i was being stupid, y/n,” he begins, his eyes begging for you to look back at them. “i just.. i just couldn’t help but think that eventually i would have to leave you again, and i hate being away from you. i hate not being able to hold you or kiss you or wake up to you. i just hate it so much, and i thought i would hate being away from you less if i came back and put some distance between us.”
he sighs, disappointed in himself. he rests his forehead against your intertwined hands, “but now i just hate myself for doing that to you.”
he lifts his head again to find you staring down at him sadly. his gently squeezes your hands, “i always want to be with you, and i do because i love you so, so much, y/n. i’m so sorry. instead of being so stubborn and immature, i should be cherishing the time i do get to be with you even more.”
you pull your hands away from his, turning away as you begin to cry more. “but you called me clingy, tooru.. and even if you were just drunk or tipsy or whatever, part of you meant some of it.. right?” you close your eyes again, more tears falling down your cheeks.
he gently brings his hand to cup your cheek, turning your face back to his. “i’m way more clingy than you are, babe,” he smiles, and he means it. you scrunch your eyebrows together, “tooru-“
“i’m serious! i mean c’mon,” he says before standing up and pushing you down on the bed, peppering your face with kisses. he sits both of you up, gently grabbing your hand and trails kisses from the back of your knuckles up to your shoulder. you laugh softly, and the sound makes oikawa’s heart flutter. he looks at you, leaning in to press his lips against yours, deepening it by gently grabbing the back of your neck and pulling you closer to him.
you cup the side of his face, pulling away slightly to look him in the eye. “you weren’t this clingy when i picked you up from the airport,” you pout playfully, although there was still some sadness lingering in your eyes. but oikawa presses another sweet kiss to your lips, “trust me, i’m going to be so clingy that you’re gonna want to take me back to the airport.”
you both laugh, kissing one another passionately, your hands roaming the other’s body and taking in every bit of them; reminiscing in each other’s touch and warmth.
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h9nako · 4 months
feat. suna rintaro, miya osamu, kuroo tetsuro, akaashi keiji, & sakusa kiyoomi
warnings: none! just fluff and things i wish i could have w someone 😜
Tumblr media
late nights. communication. movie nights. lap sitting. hand holding everywhere you go. stealing his hoodies. failed baking nights that turn into ordering takeout. intense eye contact. loves to take photos of you to look at when he’s away for volleyball and misses you. constant facetime calls. washing each other’s backs. night drives. him hugging you from behind when you wake up early to surprise him with breakfast. surprising you with gifts. stupid nicknames. teasing.
shoulder kisses. mukbangs. surprise dinner dates. deep late night convos. actions > words. headpats. trying new recipes every saturday. kissing him for every sit up he does as a ‘motivator.’ bouquets of flowers. visiting him at work. lazy mornings. several ‘have you eaten’ texts. reassurance.
soft smiles. silent ‘i love yous.’ bathing together after a volleyball game. candle-lit dinner nights. cuddles. lots of them. running away from paparazzi while holding hands. being his special cameraman when he uploads a new workout video. random slice of life photos throughout the day. hand holding in the car, always. playing with his hair to soothe him to sleep. kisses. 
cafe dates. asking you ideas for what he should write about next. traveling. aesthetic photos. furniture shopping. ‘this reminded me of you’ text. pet names. making a photo album with all things you related. early morning walks. your personal photographer. late night board games. hot chocolate on snowy nights. picnics. domestic mornings. he stares at you, a lot. good morning texts. book recs. listening to your rambles and rants.
instant make ups. cheesy jokes. plushies. motivational words when you study. shy kisses. ‘would you still love me if i was an (insert animal)’ texts. surprises. bear hugs. late night gossiping. dance battles. kisses in the rain. horror movies, (except he clings to you the whole time). laughing until your stomach hurts.
Tumblr media
reblogs are heavily appreciated!
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adoringhaikyuu · 6 months
Hii just a request but could you do the hq boys with an s/o who's pissed because they said smth mean or rude and they basically try to drive next to yn as yn ignores them or smth, I saw this in a movie
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
characters: daichi + iwaizumi + kuroo + sakusa + (gn!reader)
warnings: none
notes: i tried to choose some boys i don't normally write for (except iwa cause i love him lmao)
Tumblr media
★ daichi probably did that typical guy thing where he tried to logically solve your problem instead of listening and supporting you emotionally, which just pissed you off beyond belief. he'll just sit there, unsure of what to do for a few moments, anxiously looking between you and the road. "what did i do? come on sweetheart, don't be like that..." when you get back home he stops you and makes sure to make it up to you and apologize with a much-needed hug.
Tumblr media
★ iwaizumi tries not to let his anger get the best of him but sometimes when he's pissed off, it's hard and he'll just growl out curt responses and unintentionally be rude. when you ignore him because of that on the way home, the reality sets in and he feels real bad. he's awkwardly stiff as silence engulfs the two of you in the car. he calls out your name hesitantly soft and stops you before you get out, so he can apologize.
Tumblr media
★ kuroo is very observant. and because of that, he knows exactly what to point out to strike a nerve. if he's had a long day, and he's annoyed, it's easy for him to speak without thinking. he did exactly that earlier and he realized when he noticed the look of disbelief in your eyes as you nodded slowly and walked to the car ahead of him. he called your name softly but you didn't respond, instead choosing to keep walking. he'd said enough. he sits in the car silently for a moment, internally panicking, not even starting the car yet. he doesn't want an awkward, tense car ride back home so he apologizes immediately, taking one of your hands in his, celebrating in his head when he turns your cheek and you let him.
Tumblr media
★ sakusa was in a bad mood and made a somewhat rude comment to you, it was moreso the tone that offended you. and since he was wearing his mask, you couldn't tell that he had a regretful look on his face until you got to the car. his fingers are tapping against the steering wheel anxiously as you sit there silently next to him, body turned completely to the window. it takes him a little while to work up the courage to apologize, just cause he's so nervous and he hates when he makes you upset. but he always sorts things out with you, he can't sleep otherwise.
Tumblr media
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izurou · 2 months
“babe, i swear this isn’t what it looks like.”
tetsurou raises a hand in surrender, shifting his guilt ridden gaze between you, the television illuminating the living room, and the baby girl whom he has resting on his hip.
you went out for a couple hours, a movie and a few drinks with some friends—non alcoholic for you, of course.
the thought of leaving tetsurou to watch your seven month old for the evening, all by himself, is one that would have worried you five years ago—back when responsibilities and parenthood were nothing but words. now, it’s the idea of leaving her with anyone else that bothers you.
he’s done the dinner, bath, and bed routine dozens of times before, more or less without fail. you figured tonight would be no different—feeling nothing but absolute confidence and peace of mind throughout your entire outing.
so, when you return home and see this, you can’t help but wonder what led to it.
“oh, i see,” you mumble as you step forward, easily recognizing the dull tune emanating from the tv as your daughter’s current favourite. “you haven’t kept our daughter up an hour and a half past her bedtime for a…dance party?”
you can hardly call it dancing, his hips are far too stiff for that. still, catching the tail end of his rigid movements, seeing the pure elation on your baby’s face as he bounced her to the music—have you ever had a worry in life? it doesn’t feel like it.
“of course not,” he scoffs, and a look of disgust flashes across his features—as if he’d ever do such a horrible thing. “i put her in her crib, but she wouldn’t stop fussing, figured this would tire her out faster.”
typical tetsurou—just can’t stand when one of his favourite girls is upset.
“and the tiaras? the uh, the tutus?” you wiggle your finger at them, gesturing to the silver crowns on their heads, and the purple tulle sitting atop their pajamas.
your husband’s tutu is clinging to his waist, visibly stretched and causing his black tee to bunch up—and he looks ridiculous, truly, but he also looks exactly how you’d want the father of your child to look on a saturday night.
“well, pardon us for dressing to the occasion,” he grins, smug and sweet all at once as he tilts his head towards the dancing princesses on the tv.
and you get it, you’re not one for leaving her when she cries either—but this tactic is sure to do more harm than good, having her on a schedule is what keeps you sane.
“it’s bedtime,” you order as you reach for your daughter, and she reaches for you too—all smiles and wiggly feet as her tiara and the little plushie she was holding tumble to the floor in unison.
“look at her go,” he chuckles as he bends over to retrieve her belongings, “she wants you to join us, right sweetheart?” he coos at her, and her chubby little arms start to wave up and down.
“tetsurou,” you sigh, and you can see it in his eyes that he knows he shouldn’t push any further—and maybe it’s that precious smile on his little girl’s face, or the tiny tiara cutting off the blood flow to his brain—but he pushes further.
“i know, i know,” he admits, resting his hands on your hips and tugging you a bit closer. “but she’s already up, what’s a few more minutes?”
“you’re a real pain in my ass,” you mutter, leaning into the warmth of his chest as he presses his lips to your forehead, and then your daughter’s.
“but you love me, right?” he stares down at you, with hope and love, and a little apology swirling behind his eyes.
“i do,” you say, “just not in this outfit, princess.”
and your daughter is quiet, eyes fluttering open and closed as she leans against your shoulder, fighting her sleep.
“really? the short skirt isn’t doing it for you?” he asks, holding his hands out and gesturing to himself—short skirt revealing nothing but his plaid pajama pants.
“no, you’re setting a bad example.”
he slaps a hand over his mouth, feigning a look of pure horror before laughing it off and wrapping his arms around you again, careful not to disturb the baby sleeping in your arms.
“well, true love’s kiss will turn me back to normal, won’t it?” he smiles at you, in the dull orange hues of your little living room, and you feel like you’ve never had a worry in your life, ever.
you kiss him. it’s short and sweet, but it’s warm and it feels like home—he feels like home. you flick the flimsy plastic off his head, presumably turning him back to the tetsurou you left your daughter with five hours ago.
“so, i’m the hideous green ogre?” you eye him, curious to see how he’s going to answer such a dangerous question.
“no,” he grins, “just the love of my life.”
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shoulmate · 2 months
Kuroo's desk. Kuroo's desk. Kuroo's desk.
You have to get back to Kuroo's desk before he notices the bingo board filled in with the things he does to supposedly flirt with you during meetings.
You didn't mean to leave it there. You rushed out and now you're trying to subtly rush back. It's only been a minute, you've got a chance right?
Kuroo's holding it when you get there, sitting like a statue in his silent cubicle.
You freeze, a cold guilt washing over you. "Kuroo-san?" you whisper.
He looks up guardedly. "Is this from the meeting?"
"Y-yeah," you mumble unsure what to do with your hands. "It's--It's just a silly little game to pass the time! It doesn't mean anything..."
"Yeah, no, I...I totally get it." He laughs, a weak echo of the usual jubilant sound and your heart sinks.
He's trying to play off the hurt.
"If you, uh, play against someone just let me...let me know what your board says and I can help you win next time." He clears his throat and hands back the board unable to meet your eye.
"Do you...Do you still want help with Suna's contract?" you ask as he stands up and tries to quickly, nonchalantly unroll his sleeves.
He answers "oh. No thanks, not right now. I forgot I have to be on the other side of the city for a meeting."
"Okay then." You're lingering awkwardly as he puts on his jacket obviously getting ready to leave.
"Did you need anything else?" he asks, unnaturally formal.
"Just..." You don't know what to say. Everything feels so wrong; you hate yourself for making this mistake among so many others. "...My binder."
After he stiffly offers it, you slink back to your cubicle numb from head to toe.
He has to walk past your work space to get to the elevator so you see his hard expression and hear his terse greeting to someone else.
"Geez, what bee is in his bonnet," says your best friend at work sourly as she comes back into your shared space.
She's the last person you want to talk to right now.
"He saw the bingo board," you growl through gritted teeth.
She sinks into her chair, exhaling "oh....shit."
Thankfully she stays quiet sensing your delicate state and you feel like screaming.
The look on Kuroo's face...his brave trying-not-to-be-hurt expression...will haunt you forever.
And worse
That you're the one who put it there.
The DING of the elevator breaks you from your painful thoughts and you move without thinking.
You jump out of your seat and sprint for the elevator, dashing in between the closing doors so quickly they don't bounce back open.
Kuroo stares at you with defensive shock.
"Okay, look--" you start talking before he can press anymore buttons and the elevator starts to move; if you're going to do this you want to do it while it's just the two of you.
Not stopping to think you explain "--it's not what you think. I mean it is, kind of, but not like you're taking it. It is a bingo board of all the things you do during meetings but it's not to make fun of your or to pass the time it's a game my desk mate makes me play because she thinks you're doing those things on purpose only during the meetings I'm in."
"Why would she think that?" he asks unreadably.
"Because," you look anywhere but at him embarrassment rising like the sun inside of you, "she found out I have a crush on you and she's convinced you feel some kind of way about me even though I've told her repeatedly that you don't. So she made up this stupid game as if it would prove something and I only play it so she won't meddle but I hate playing it because it doesn't prove anything, there's no way you would be doing these things to flirt with me in a room full of people and it's just been encouraging her crazy theories. I'm sorry I went along with it at all and I'm sorry you found out. I didn't want you to know I had feelings for you because I didn't want to make things weird but they got weird anyway and I would much rather make a fool of myself than have you thinking you're being made fun of when really you've just been driving me crazy--"
You cut yourself off with a sharp inhale.
You're terrified someone else is about to get on and might have overheard but the doors stay closed.
Kuroo's leaning over you, long fingers pulling away from the control panel as the elevator stops moving.
When you look up his eyes drop to you, cautiously...watching for any sign of your protest or objection.
"What...are you..." your unfinished question comes out breathlessly as he rests a hand above you.
Still searching your expression intently he admits "I...was doing those things to flirt with you..."
You frown incredulously. "In a room full of people...? ...but...why?"
"I was nervous...I didn't want my crush to make things weird, either.
His cologne dazes the edges of your mind and you look up shocked at what you just heard. "Yo-Your crush?"
--His eyes flick down to your lips as he nods, adorable bed head rustling--
"...on me?"
He nods and gives you a smirk that electrifies your heart--you think this is how he should always look.
"Yeah." He lets out a low chuckle in the space between you that's slowly disappearing. "On you."
Your heart's pounding as he lowers his head, heat rolling off of him he's so close and his eyes flick to your lips once more before you both let your eyes fall closed with a flutter and whrrrummm
You gasp, grabbing Kuroo to steady yourself as the elevator starts moving again and he scowls at the display of numbers.
A moment later the elevator stops and he pulls you away from the door.
You try to act natural as other people get on hoping your expression is casual, relaxed, unlike the storm of feelings brewing within you.
Kuroo, however, does nothing to hide his radiating satisfaction and delight.
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popkorrn · 27 days
"tetsu!" you yelled, sprinting towards him.
kuroo only had a fraction of a second to react before you threw yourself at him, wrapping your legs snugly above his hips and slinging your arms over his broad shoulders. the force from your sudden hug pushed him a few steps back, and his arms immediately held your waist supportively.
"woah, someone's excited to see me." he greeted with a low chuckle. you laughed, propping yourself up to squish his cheeks together between the palm of your hands.
before he could voice out his confusion, you closed the gap, peppering his face with dozens of light kisses. his lips, his cheeks, his nose, his forehead, his chin. your lips met every part of his face.
you felt his cheeks rise as smiled against your lips, a bubble of laughter escaping from his throat as he tried to turn his face away from your relentless affection.
your own attempt at holding down your laughter was unsuccessful, and he quickly took that as an opening to pepper your face with twice as many kisses until you had to tell him to stop because passersby on the street were giving the two of you weird looks.
"how did you get here so early?" kuroo questioned, slightly out of breath.
he placed you down onto ground carefully, his face flushing a light red under the warm orange tinge of the setting sky.
"because i knew you were going to be early." you said, referring to his infuriatingly stubborn habit of arriving much earlier than you to all of your dates, just so you wouldn't have to be the one to wait for him. "i can't have you wait for me all the time."
"yeah, but that's supposed to be my thing, you know." kuroo said with a small frown, as if he was disappointed in your punctuality. "what am i going to do if you arrive earlier than me next time?"
"i guess you should start to come pick me up next time." you replied light-heartedly, lacing your hand between his with a smile. you knew it unreasonable to expect him to pick you up at your house before your dates — the two of you live too far apart.
but that was exactly what he did.
for the next date, the one after that, and the one after.
he would stop by your house every time without fail, until it became a habit, until it became a place he could call home.
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215-luv · 4 months
KUROO: “who’s the best person in the world?” your boyfriend teases with a smirk on his face, his fingers playing with the ends of your hair as he stares at you adoringly—and it’s so obvious—the way he looks at you will never go unnoticed by anyone as he gazes at you as if you’re the only precious thing in the world. he tucks a strand behind your ear and his eyes seem to glimmer even more, “look at you, i can’t believe you’re actually mine.”
OIKAWA: “my sweetheart,” he coos, mumbling out his compliments to you against your neck that’s followed by soft pecks of lingering kisses, and he breathily chuckles everytime he does so, as if he’s been struck by cupid’s bow each second he’s in your presence. “my sweet angel.”
SAKUSA: “you know,” his words come out in a low murmur as one of his hands find place on the side of your head, letting his thumb gently rub itself against the softness of your skin. “you’re the best thing that has happened to me.” he admits, and a rare smile forms on his face as he lets his eyes find art upon your features.
AKAASHI: “i’ll tell you a secret.” he whispers on the side of your ear as you lay on him with your back pressed against his chest. you sense his lips nearing your ear, his warm breath sending shivers through your spine. “i think, i’m inlove with you. too inlove. but maybe not just too inlove, maybe i’m actually head over heels for you, knees weakened, heart beating rapidly, fingers itching to hold yours—or maybe it’s just that i love you too much that words couldn’t measure how much i love you to the bottom of my heart. and i think i could never stop myself from adoring you even more.” he whispers with a smile gracing upon his features, teasingly blowing on your ear with softness. “that’s my secret.”
ATSUMU: everytime he looks at you, he couldn’t stop the lovesick grin forming upon his face. you watch as he bites back the obvious smile, his upper teeth fighting its’ place as it digs itself on his bottom lip, and he could only apologize half heartedly as he buries his face onto the pillows while his hand remains on your cheek. his chuckles come out in a muffle and he feels his heart beating rapidly while you just lay there bewildered upon his questionable state. he takes a peek of you on one eye as half of his face remains buried against the pillow, and now, he couldn’t stop the grin on his face that has his teeth showing as he laughs, “god, sorry baby. you’re just so adorable it’s unbelievable. it’s actually unbelievable how someone like you is laying on my arms right now.”
BOKUTO: “you’re mine right?” he asks with a smile on his face as his arms tighten its’ hold around you. he’s being extremely giddy and clingy with you while he places playful pecks all over your face. “yes, you’re mine!” he unashamedly answers his own question in a cheer, nuzzling his cheek against yours as he pulls you against his body impossibly closer that leaves no gap between you two.
YAMAGUCHI: “you know, you make me feel scared sometimes,” he admits solemnly, his eyes drifting to look at anything but you as a sad smile appears upon his face. “i’m scared that you’ll leave me someday, in which everyday i pray that i’m good enough for you so you’ll only have to look at me and not anyone else.” he says, and after a moment, he finally has the courage to let his eyes drift to gaze upon you, eyeing you with so much affection yet sadness while his hold on your hand tightens even more as if he’s afraid to let you go. he leans closer to you and he gives you a soft peck on your forehead, letting his lips linger there for a while as his next words come out in a murmur, “that’s how much you mean to me honey.”
IWAIZUMI: he stares at your sleeping state in silence, finding comfort in the way you’re under his arms in the middle of the night as he couldn’t seem to have any plans of sleeping when you’re this beautiful under his gaze. a tiny smile graces upon his face while he intakes every feature of you. and soon enough, he couldn’t stop the chuckle escaping from his lips that leaves him to lean down to land a soft peck on the side of your head with a smile, “god, you’re the only person to make me feel this way. what the hell are you doing to me?”
USHIJIMA: couldn’t help but keep staring at you with eyes that speak more than words. his gaze never leaves you when you move at one place to another. and when you question him of his actions, he blinks at you for a moment, keeping silent. and then he finally, stoically reveals with a rare blush on his face, “i just think you’re very alluring that i couldn’t find myself to take my eyes off of you. i apologize, was i perhaps making you uncomfortable?”
KENMA: he comes to a point where he couldn’t hold himself back from being clingy for you. constantly, when he’s initiating physical contact with you he’ll tell out trivial statements such as “you’re so warm, i don’t mind using your lap as my own pillow” or “your hands. they’re nice. i should keep holding them so people can avoid touching it.” and whenever you try to contradict to his statements, he’ll only shoot back with a “but they’re mine. i thought you already knew i don’t like sharing what’s mine?”
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notpikaman · 9 hours
Tumblr media
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todoroki-sweetheart · 10 months
Random Emotional Things the Haikyuu Boys Have Said
Tumblr media
+ genre. sfw
+ warnings. none
Tumblr media
“I can’t wait to marry you.”
You weren’t even doing anything remotely special when Kuroo said this to you, catching you by surprise and nearly making you fall of of your chair. Even with you messy hair and pajama pants on, Kuroo couldn’t help but think, ‘Yep, that’s going to be all mine one day.’
“You’d look so pretty carrying our baby.”
You and Bokuto were out sundress shopping of all things whenever he dropped this on you, a small smile on his face. You had just come out of the dressing room to show him your pick and a pregnant woman had just so happened to walk by, prompting your boyfriend to say this in the softest tone you’d ever heard him speak.
“Please don’t ever leave me, I don’t think I could ever handle losing you.”
It was after a game. MSBY had won, but for some reason Atsumu had rushed to you, tears in his eyes and hugged you tighter than he ever had before. It took you off gaurd because usually your boyfriend was so happy and hyped after winning. But that day, he spent minutes sobbing into your shoulder, even while fans and teammates surrounded him with congratulations.
“You don’t know just how deep my love runs for you. I would fucking do anything for you.”
He thought you were asleep. You knew that, because that’s the only way Suna would ever express something so deep and so personal towards you. He was stroking your back, quiet sniffles leaving him as he kissed your hair. And that night, he held you tighter than he ever had before and it took everything in you not to burst out crying as he nuzzled into your shoulder.
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veenxys · 1 month
「Haikyuu boys reacting to you sleeping on the couch when they come home late」
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⤷ Bokuto
he chuckles softly, taking off his jacket, as he sees that you’ve fallen asleep on the couch. the loving expression on his face is evident as he takes a moment to admire how peaceful and innocent you look in your sleep. he decides to join you on the couch, gently scooting you over and snuggling into your figure and making sure you’re comfortable. when you sleepily cuddle closer into his arms, warmth blooms in his chest and he presses a kiss on top of your head, murmuring a good night darling.
⤷ Kuroo
he doesn’t realize he’s smiling because at the moment, while looking at you, all he can focus on is this strange feeling in his heart. he lightly pushes a few strands of hair back from your face. when you start to wake, he cups your face, his thumb brushing your skin. “hi, you’re home,” you greet with a sleepy smile and hazy eyes. he hums softly with agreement, “yes, i am,” he says, because it’s true; he found a home in you.
⤷ Atsumu
as much as he appreciates you staying up to wait for him, you being well-rested was also important to him. he frowns a little, seeing you on the couch. from the back, he doesn’t see you dozing off, just that you’re sitting. he blurts out, his voice coming out in the tone of a concerned whine that gets louder with each word, “yahh, y/n, don’t stay up this late — oh sorry,” he blinks as you’re startled awake by his voice. you both laugh a little after a moment, realising the situation. he presses a soft peck on your lips before slinging his arms around your shoulders as, both tiredly making your ways into the bedroom. “don’t wait up next time, okay?” he says, pressing a kiss on your cheek.
⤷ Osamu
making his way towards the couch in the living room, he feels himself smile at the sight of your peacefully sleeping face, your book open in your lap. he closes it for you and gently puts his arms around your shoulder, carrying you into the bedroom. after lowering you down on the bed, he takes a moment to gaze at your features with a soft smile and press a kiss on your forehead. “sleep well, love,” he says quietly before making his way into the bathroom to wash up for bed.
⤷ Oikawa
his heart melts at the sight of you fast asleep on the couch. he quietly crouches down in front of it and fondly looks at you for a while, his chin resting against his forearm. in an attempt to wake you from your slumber, he gently flicks your forehead and cheeks. when you finally open your eyes, he greets you with a beaming smile. “come on, let’s get you to bed, yeah?” he says as he helps you get up, his voice laced with softness.
⤷ Nishinoya
when he comes home and sees you sleeping on the couch, he can’t hide a smile. he closes the door and locks it carefully, takes off his shoes and jacket, trying his best not to make any noise so as not to wake you up. he approaches and crouches beside you, staring at you for a few seconds with the sweetest and most bright smile of all; he brushes a few strands of hair out of your face before gently calling you so the two of you can go to bed. he’d kiss your forehead and tell you you don’t have to wait up for him, that your health always comes first, and that he’s happy to see you anyway.
⤷ Kenma
already tired, he would be touched that you waited up for him and his heart would swell with emotions as he looks at you with a such a fond expression, softly stroking your cheek. he brings the pillows and blankets — yours and his — from the bedroom before gently placing the former under your head and covering the latter over your sleeping figure. he presses a lazy yet loving kiss on your forehead and falls sleeps on the floor in front of the couch while holding your hand.
⤷ Suna
he beams as he notices you asleep on the couch, lying sideways. he tries his best to be extra quiet as he takes his shoes off and tip-toes his way towards you and takes a seat on the floor in front of the couch. he has such a soft look on his face as he watches your serene expression. with a smile, he picks you up and carries you to the bedroom. as soon as you start stirring and mumbling something he couldn’t quite hear, he simply places a kiss on your hairline, whispering softly, “i got you, baby,”
⤷ Sakusa
he has a slight upturn to his lips when he finds you dozing off on the couch, your phone still in your hand. his hand reaches towards you, taking the phone before it falls and replacing the empty space with his hand. he watches you for a while, tired but unable to hide the smile on his face. when you stir and your eyes open slowly, he seems unfazed but apologetically rubs soothing circles on your knuckle, “i said not to wait up,” he scolds softly, tsk-ing at your previous awkward sleeping position and the neck pain you might end up having. the smile never leaving his face, he helps you up and leads you to the bedroom.
⤷ Hinata
he completely melts when he sees you sleeping, but he also gets a little worried because he doesn’t want you to wake up with neck or back pain. he smiles weakly because the idea of ​​you wanting to wait for him awake makes him feel loved, even if you couldn’t. it’s okay, he thinks, you’ll always come first and he’d never criticize or judge you for it. he gently picks you up and carries you to bed, covering you and gently caressing your cheek before kissing your forehead.
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hajiberry · 7 months
“I was thinking”
“That’s entering dangerous territory”, his teasing words came with a soft chuckle, before closing his book and giving you his undivided attention. “what’s up?”
“Before you say no”, you started, which earned you an eye roll, “I think we should really consider the pros and cons of having a baby”, at your words a snort came out of his mouth.
“Pros and cons okay”,
“pro, we get a super cute baby and I get to see you turn into a dilf”, looking at you he tried to fight the smile wanting to make its way onto his face.
“okay solid pro”, he said, thinking before he gave his con “no sleep for like the rest of our lives”,
“okay that’s a little dramatic”
“is it? our sleep will significantly go down for the remainder of our lives”, he said, crossing his arms and raising an eyebrow.
“they’re not gonna be a baby forever”, your argued,
“well yeah but, their first day of school, can’t sleep the night before. first time they sleep over at a friends house, we stay up worried. we get in a big fight with them, has us restless. they get-“
“okay okay i get it”, you said, cutting him off before he ventured further down this rabbit hole.
“do you?”,
“yes, sleep, con, got it.”, he chuckled, reaching for your waist to pull you into his lip.
“a con we might be able to overcome”, your face lit up at his words, “might”, he added for emphasis.
“well might is a start and i can live with a start”, rolling his eyes he leaned in to press a kiss against your jaw,
“just thought of another pro”, he mumbled against your skin,
“yeah, pro I get to make a baby with you”
IWAIZUMI , tanaka, kuroo, suga, daichi,
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shoyotime · 7 months
Tumblr media
FT. oikawa, kuroo, atsumu, akaashi, bokuto
W. mentions of drinking
AN. reposting :( i only found one taglist, i'll add the second one when i do :(
Tumblr media
offended because he's your boyfriend and you refuse to recognize him. it's just a series of 'y/n i'm your boyfriend,' and 'no, you're not. my boyfriend is prettier,' he's literally suffering because it's getting late and people keep giving him weird looks. tries to convince you using pictures in his phone but still no avail because, "listen mister, i know how photoshopping works." is all you say, paying no attention to his words. finally gives up and helps you sober up a bit before you recognize him and you both leave after two hours of constant suffering. literally tells you not to use your brain when you're drunk because the photoshopping move took him away.
finds it interesting and decides to play along. says "your boyfriend doesn't have to know," with his famous shit eating grin, however, is taken aback as you gasp and slap his hand away from you. kuroo is happy that even in the lack of soberness, you won't go with any other man but at this point, it's getting too much and he's just exhausted. says something like, "let's go home, y/n," and grabs your hand, only to get punched in the face. he hopes his nose isn't broken. takes you home once you realize that he's your boyfriend because "you both look a little too similar— oh, tetsu?!" you're a little too late, y/n. please buckle up because you aren't hearing a end of this anytime soon and kuroo is the type to hold grudges <3
so fucking embarrassed because you just said, "i will report you for sexual assault," a little too loud and the people around are now sending him glares. as much as he loves you, he might really be regretting some decisions and the one to let you drink alone is on the top of the list. had to clarify using pictures on his phone and other things before someone calls cops on him. for some reason you remember osamu even when you're wasted ( which he's still offended about ) and call him to help you get home. you wouldn't stop saying things like, "samu, who is this weird man? where is tsum?" and it pains him physically.
tired. it's late night and he wants to sleep so bad. doesn't take shit from anyone, just picks you up and walks out. ( akaashi is very capable of that, i know ) definitely gets weird stares about it but no one really questions since you aren't opposed to his actions. if you don't recognize him, he washes you face until you get a minimum hold of yourself. turns out you actually recognized him a while later and apologize to him the next morning. he doesn't let you drink alone ever again. kinda salty that you didn't try to stop him when he picked you up because it could've been anyone else. just be ready for a lecture.
in tears, honestly. it's not like you accidently hit him or anything. you're not even listening to him. he's the sitting beside you, begging you to come with him while you keep rambling about how amazing and hot your boyfriend is. and as much as he likes compliments, he clearly doesn't appreciate them at 2 am when you refuse to recognize him. "y/n, let's go home," — "you know, kou used to call me that," — "that's because it's your name?!" — yeah you have this moment with him and it kills you the next morning because you remember everything. when he asks you to come home a little too firmly, you glare at him and refuse, saying that you already have a boyfriend, he's not sure if he should be happy or crying. finally you pass you and he takes you home, sigh <3
Tumblr media
taglist in the rbs.
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