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valentinatheweeb · 2 days
Sakusa x dom!male reader
tw: free use
No matter how many times you do it sakusa always manages to be taken off guard when you pull down his briefs in the most random times, not like he’s complaining though, he loves being able to please you and will never deny you. Not when it feels so good. “O-oh god sir! I-I’m just getting finished with dinner p-please let me just-“ “ leave it be baby, can’t you make a little time for me? Is it that hard to ask? Hmm?” “N-no sir I’m sorry I’ll-“ “ good. Just let me use you it’ll be fun I promise” you lifted his chin up kissing him gently as he turned around facing you. “Let take this to the bedroom yes?”
A/N: let me know if I should make this longer maybe a second part?
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chosovixen · 1 month
sakusa eats pussy messily. you never thought it would be something you’d experience with the way he is, but the quiet ones are always full of surprises.
sakusa takes extra precautions with everything. he can’t even do skin-to-skin contact for too long, so you assumed that’s how your sex life would be when you started dating him. 
you were pleasantly mistaken, nonetheless. 
this man is absolutely in awe when you spread your legs wide for him, pussy practically glistening, and he’s trying his best not to go completely feral. it starts with little licks up and down your slit, but when you start to whimper, whine, and rock your hips against his face. he can’t help it.
he spits directly onto your clit before licking it eagerly, ensuring nothing drips. then he hooks his arms under your thighs, pulling you flush against his mouth till he can’t breathe in anything but your scent. his tongue moves viciously over your bud, stimulating something inside you. he wants to slow down when hearing your breath hitch and feeling your legs begin to shake, but it all makes his cock twitch a little too much. it’s exciting, and he can’t stop now, not when your delicious juices are about to spread all across his face.
when you do cum he doesn’t stop there, he laps up your juices and begins slobbering on your sensitive bud, tongue prodding at your hole, and he’d even occasionally give the lips a little suck. you beg for him to stop, it’s truly too much, but he’s in his own world. you then have to push his head away from your sore cunt for him to get the hint and when he sits up to look and your post-nut figure, he smiles proudly. you, on the other hand, can’t help but laugh. 
a mix of spit and your juices cover his chin, and when your eyes peer down at his sweatpants, you can’t hide the smirk. the little dark spot and pulsing bulge told you more than you needed to know, and you wanted him in your mouth right then and there.
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satorini · 4 months
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
ও rating. explicit
ও summary. when hq men realize they want more.
cw/ tw. fem!reader, fwb to lovers, creampie, possessive behavior, friends to lovers, mating press, praise kink, phone sex, masturbation, accidental voyeurism, oral sex, slight humiliation, overstimulation, fingering, aided masturbation, pet names (ex. pretty girl, baby, sweetheart)
ও featuring. Atsumu, Bokuto, Sakusa, Hinata, Daichi
ও an. I'm obsessed with any kind of friends to lovers ^^ | m. list
Tumblr media
He couldn’t tear his eyes off you as you moved above him—riding his cock like this would be the last time you’d ever feel it inside you. That thought twisted his insides, his fingers digging into your hips as if you might float away.
You could leave if you wanted, though, and he couldn’t stop you—it was how this uncomplicated arrangement between you two worked. 
Still, he wanted to mold the shape of his cock inside your tight little cunt, to ruin you for anyone else who thought they even had a chance, to have his name be the first thing you think of when you cum. He wanted to make every part of you his.
He growled at the thought, gripping you tight to slam his hips up into you. “Fuck! Tell me who’s fucking you so good. Tell me who’s the only one that gets to make you cum.”
“You, Tsumu!” you sobbed, holding onto his biceps to keep yourself from falling against his chest. This had his balls drawing up tight, and he sucked in a breath to stop himself from cumming.
“That’s right, pretty girl,” he grunted. “I’m the only one who gets to see you like this. I’m the only one who gets to feel this sweet pussy.” He leaned up and took one of your nipples into his mouth, groaning when he felt you clench down on him.
“I-I’m gonna cum,” you choked out.
“Yeah?” His fingers circled over your clit as he shoved his cock deeper inside of you to take you there faster, nipping at the swell of your breast. “Fuck, give it to me, baby. Lemme feel it.”
“O-oh, Tsumu!” you gasped as you came, squeezing around him violently. It had him following after you, grinding his cock as far as it could go until he pulsed and filled you to the brim. There was so much that he felt it leak out of your little hole and drip down his balls, adding to the uncomfortable wet puddle forming beneath him.
He rolled away from the mess when you both caught your breath, his cock still tucked away between your wet thighs. You stroked his hair, nails lightly scratching his scalp, and he pressed his face into your chest. 
“Sleep with me?” he asked, voice muffled.
You giggled, lightly tugging on his hair. “I probably need at least—”
“No,” he cut you off nervously, heat rising to his ears. “Just to sleep.”
At first, he was worried that maybe he should have kept his mouth shut when you didn’t say anything. But then you were tugging the blanket over both of you and continued running your fingers through his hair.
“If you steal the blankets, I’m kicking you off the bed,” you said after a moment.
Atsumu snorted, smiling against your breast. “But this is my bed.”
You hummed. “Yes, and I’ll do it anyway.”
Tumblr media
He wasn’t sure when it happened or how long he’s had these feelings for you, but he couldn’t help how his chest gave this weird flutter when he saw you up in the stands, trying to cheer the loudest for him in a jersey that had his name on it. 
A small part of him was terrified to admit his feelings, though, mainly because your friendship still felt so new, and he’d drunkenly sulked to Akaashi over the phone one night after a post-game party.
“There’s no way she likes me like that,” he said, which earned him a small sigh.
“Just tell her how you feel. What’s the worst that can happen? She doesn’t like you back but still wants to be friends?”
Bokuto wanted to say, “yes, exactly that,” but instead, he found himself nervously bouncing on the balls of his feet outside your apartment door thirty minutes later. It was only after a few seconds that he realized that you might not be awake or how horrible this idea was—
“Bo?” You propped the door against your hip, sleepily blinking at him. “Is everything okay?”
His eyes trailed over his old Fukurodani volleyball shirt that he let you borrow, down to your cute pink painted toes curling into your entry rug, and back up to your doe eyes slowly filling with concern.
“I’m in love with you,” he blurted with zero grace. 
He’d expected you to laugh it off and tell him ‘nice one’ like you usually do when he made stupid jokes or awkwardly give him the we’re-only-friends spiel. However, nothing could have prepared him for when you dragged him into your apartment, telling him between needy presses of your lips that you had liked him for a while now.
Bokuto never thought he’d get to find out how you tasted or how you looked sprawled out underneath him with your soft thighs pressed against his chest and your eyes knocked back as he slowly split you open—your wet, tight cunt feeling like his own personal Eden.
His cock jerked at the sight of your pussy lips spread wide and taught around him, your little hole contracting, struggling to make him fit. No one had ever taken him all the way the first time, yet here you were, trying to hump up against him to bring him deeper. 
And when he glanced up to see the cute faces you made once the last inch of his cock nudged its way inside your slick heat, his name dripping from the tip of your tongue like a prayer, he decided you were perfect. 
“Holy—baby, fuck—you’re so pretty,” he groaned.
Tumblr media
It started as somewhat of a relationship of convenience, if you could call it that: he’d desperately needed a roommate, and you needed a place to stay. 
Sakusa never thought he’d get anything out of it because volleyball and school took up most of his time. Still, you managed to weasel your way into his life anyway, and after a year, he found that he still couldn’t shake you. 
But he learned that being friends with you meant tolerating a lot of things: You liked to leave your shoes in front of the door where he tripped over them and took forever to order a simple iced-tea lemonade. Whenever you studied together, you absentmindedly clicked your pen until he had to wrap his hand around yours to get you to stop.
He hated that you stole his sweaters and tried to ignore how warm he felt when he’d catch you snuggling into them—looking so small in his clothes while thinking about you in ways a friend shouldn’t. 
Some days you scolded him when he forgot to eat lunch and wore dresses that were too short when you’d drop food off for him at practice (he swore you did it on purpose).
It bothered him how he always caught Atsumu staring at your legs, and he'd wait until you weren't looking to bounce a ball against Atsumu's head to drag his attention off you.
Sakusa also hated the times he’d come home from practice to find your bedroom door cracked open, the sounds of you pleasuring yourself leaking into the hallway, and all he could do was stand there and listen.
Now he was fisting his cock to the thought of you (he was doing that a lot lately), straining to hear your soft whimpers through the paper-thin walls. He knew it wasn’t right or nearly as good as fucking you would be, but he couldn’t imagine that you actually wanted him to touch you like that.
You were roommates—maybe even friends—and it’d definitely make things awkward afterward.
But then, one night, you moaned his name, loud and clear enough for him to hear, and for once, he could no longer just listen.
He groaned into your sloppy cunt, better than anything he could have imagined—his mouth wet and shiny from the number of times he’d made you cum. Sakusa considered it punishment for making him wait so long when all this time you’ve been filling your needy hole with the thoughts of him.
Your legs slowly started to close around his head, but he slapped your thigh slightly, making you yelp in shock.  “Keep them open. I’m not done yet.”
You whimpered. “I-I can’t—”
“No? Look at the mess you’re making,” he said, spreading you open with his thumbs to see his spit and your cum drip out of you, only smearing the wetness into your cunt after he was satisfied. 
A cute moan dripped from your tongue, hips arching against the pressure between your legs. “Please.”
He looked up to you sternly, “give me one more.”
Tumblr media
From the beginning, he swore it wouldn’t have worked. He’d be in a different country playing volleyball, and you’d still be here studying for your bachelor’s—two entirely contrasting plans that had no way of meeting in the middle. Plus, eight months was still a pretty good run, right? 
Despite these odds, you both kept in touch anyway, which was easier to do than he thought. Hinata was surprised that the texts and calls never stopped, even if most days he was too tired to text you more than good morning or goodnight. 
God, and he’d never admit it because it wasn’t very friend-like, but he looked forward to the pictures you sent. 
His favorite one was of you laying on your bed in nothing but an oversized t-shirt. He couldn’t help but admire how gorgeous you looked—skin glowing and bright eyes shining so prettily into the camera. That one became his background.
He wasn’t even aware that a little over a year had passed before the date he returned to Japan steadily drew closer.
It wasn’t until the night before he was scheduled to board his flight that you’d accidentally sent a video of yourself playing with the prettiest pussy he’d ever seen—your fingers were so small, he wondered if they could even reach all of the sweet spots inside you. But then the following text confirmed that it was not, in fact, an accident: i miss u sho:(
He couldn’t believe this was happening. His heart thundered in his chest, and he reached down to palm his erection through his boxers—the fabric already getting wet and sticky with pre-cum.
“O-oh, fuck,” he hissed.
Another video popped up on the screen, and he eagerly opened it, groaning in his chest as he watched two of your fingers tease your entrance before slowly pressing inside. A breathy moan that sounded a lot like his name had him tugging down his boxers to fist his cock.
His thumb ran over his flushed tip while he hit play again on the video to listen to the slick sounds of you. And if he tried hard enough, he could faintly remember how you felt wrapped around him or how your eyes fluttered closed when you came.
He was leaking so much pre-cum that it started dripping down his fingers, easing the rough slide of his hand around his cock. Hinata sucked in a single shaky breath, replaying the part where you moaned his name. 
“Baby, you’re going to make me cum. Holy shit!”
Your name fell from his lips with a low groan as he painted his stomach and his heaving chest in thick spurts of white—stroking until he felt empty and his thighs stopped shaking.
As his cum dried on his hand, he promised that the moment he landed back in Japan, the first thing he would do was see you. And before Hinata went to bed, he sent a picture of the mess he made for you, letting you know he missed you too.
Tumblr media
When you’d first brought him over, Daichi had instantly known that he hated your new boyfriend—especially since he broke up with you only after two months of dating, and the reason behind it set his teeth on edge.
You were perfect and so sweet; how could he—
“He broke up with me because…I um…” You glanced down into your glass of beer, brows furrowed. “I couldn’t make him fit.”
He couldn’t help but think that your ex-boyfriend was an idiot once he had your back pressed up against his chest and trembling thighs spread over the top of his. Three of his thick fingers already worked deep inside of you, filling the room with filthy squelching sounds and your breathy moans.
His thumb carefully dragged over your clit, loving how you twitched in his arms. “See? Someone just needed to stretch your little pussy properly, huh?”
“Mhm.” You nodded, pressing yourself further into him, thighs butterflying open. “It feels so good.”
“Yeah? You’re so loose and wet. I bet my cock would slip right in.”
Your walls clenched and fluttered around him, and it took everything in him not to toss you onto the bed and fuck you into his sheets. “D-Daichi, can you fuck me? Please?” 
It was hard to deny you when you asked so sweetly, but he couldn’t give you what you wanted—not yet. You whined when he pulled one of his fingers out. However, it cut off into a surprised squeak when he grabbed your smaller hand to bring it between your thighs. 
“Put one of your fingers inside your pussy.”
You turned your head to look up at him, kiss-bitten lips pulled into a pout. “But—”
Teeth nipped your jaw as a warning. “Come on, be good for me.”
Slowly, you eased your finger in beside his with little pants of his name. His cock jumped against your back as he watched your cunt open up to suck in the intrusion. Then Daichi trapped your finger between his and curled them into your gummy walls, tearing a sharp cry from your chest—it made his stomach twist.
“You’re so gorgeous, sweetheart.” His words were raw, rumbling somewhere deep in his chest. “I’m gonna make you feel so good. So full. Better than your boyfriend ever could.”
Tumblr media
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zorotits · 1 month
cw: smut. afab. no protection. creampie. (recent) ex-lovers to lovers. alcohol usage.
Tumblr media Tumblr media
ex!sakusa kiyoomi who downs his whole drink thinking about you. thinking about the way you laughed at his dry joke earlier that week, throwing your head back and laying your hand against his knee.
ex!sakusa kiyoomi who dials your phone number without realizing, clicking the green button and setting the phone to his ear, hoping you pick up. and much to his surprised, you did.
ex!sakusa kiyoomi who nearly sighs in relief at the sound of your voice, the love of his life he stupidly let go a few days prior because of his own issues.
ex!sakusa kiyoomi who held his tongue as you asked him if he was okay, wondering if he had accidentally called, holding his silence as he did not think this far into his plan.
ex!sakusa kiyoomi who’s heart skips a beat when you nearly hanging up, but choosing against it when he let out a shaky breath, worrying you enough to set down anything you were busy with before heading his way.
ex!sakusa kiyoomi who would normally stay in his slumped position of self pity, but nearly jumped at the sound of keys jingling, standing completely straight as you worryingly walked in, repeating the same questions he failed to answer on the phone.
ex!sakusa kiyoomi who says nothing but melts onto your shoulder, taking in your scent he missed so dearly as his hands found the sides of your waist, pulling you closer into him.
ex!sakusa kiyoomi who finally whispers that he’s okay in your ear, the use of whiskey becoming apparent as he admitted, “i really need to see you, yn.”
ex!sakusa kiyoomi who begins to kiss your neck softly, pushing your hair out of the way so he can access your tender skin better, letting his hands roam against the small of your back like he always loved to do.
ex!sakusa kiyoomi who missed those sweet little noises you let out, taking in every singe moan as he quickly guided you towards him bed, lips not leaving one another as you made your way through his home, just like many times before.
ex!sakusa kiyoomi who may not had much to say before, but now had so much to tell you. complimenting your outfit or the new hairstyle you got in his absence while mindlessly pulling your shirt off, back to kissing you immediately after it hits the floor.
ex!sakusa kiyoomi who swears the whiskey had worn off because your presence enough made him sober, wanting to remember every detail of this night because there was nothing more that he wanted than you.
ex!sakusa kiyoomi who undresses the both of you quickly, almost as if it was second nature. pushing you back onto the bed to nestle his head between your tits, leaving bruise after bruise, reminding you who you belonged to. even if things were rocky.
ex!sakusa kiyoomi who plays with your clit as his tip rubs against your warmth, lips collecting your pleads with a small smile, and maybe a twinkle or two in his eyes.
ex!sakusa kiyoomi who finally slides his head in as both of your gasp, the familiar feeling you both had longed for happening once more as it should be. even though it had been just a few days, it felt like years, and the feeling was immeasurable.
ex!sakusa kiyoomi who doesn’t mind answering your prayers and shoving himself completely into you, finding the back of your knees and stretching your out entirely as you scream his name.
ex!sakusa kiyoomi who throws his head back just the way your did the one time he told that joke, savoring the sensation of you clenched against his cock as he continued to pound inside you.
ex!sakusa kiyoomi who’s thumb finds your clit once again to rub slow circles, grabbing the arch of your back as you moan his name, pushing his tip deeper and deeper inside you as much as he could, rubbing up against your sweet spot.
ex!sakusa kiyoomi who grips your thighs tightly as your cummed onto him, probably leaving bruises where his fingertips laid—but you weren’t complaining.
ex!sakusa kiyoomi who holds you close as he’s about to finish, eyes looking into one another as he confesses his love for you once again, sliding his tongue against your lips as you tried to mutter out a response.
ex!sakusa kiyoomi who feels the shake of your legs as he cums inside of you, breathing heavily against your cheek as your legs fell limp, sweat nearly dripping off the sides of his face as he pulls out.
ex!sakusa kiyoomi who would normally hate a messy bed or a sweaty complexion, but couldn’t help but feel complete as you laid completely undone beneath him, chest bouncing up and down gasping for air all thanks to him.
ex!sakusa kiyoomi who didn’t expect you to sit up quickly after he did, pulling him back down to rest next to you. your arms tangled around his head, forcing him to lay against your body with no words being exchanged.
ex!sakusa kiyoomi who enjoyed the silence very much. little spoken but much was said. he knew it, and so did you—and that is all that mattered to him.
ex!sakusa kiyoomi who didn’t really feel like your ex anymore, immediately snuggling into your side when his eyelids felt droopy, unconsciously reminding you one more time before falling asleep,
“i love you, forever.”
Tumblr media Tumblr media
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utahimeow · 11 days
for the writing practice,, kiyoomi with either spit kink or biting maybe..
cw — nsfw content minors dni. f!reader, spitting
Tumblr media
‘spit in my mouth pls 🥺🥺’
that’s what the tiktok comment says. the comment left on a simple video on msby’s official tiktok page in which kiyoomi is practicing his spikes. the comment that has kiyoomi staring at his phone screen with a mixture of both horror and perplexity on his face.
“why would i spit in someone’s mouth?” he asks.
unfortunately you don’t miss a beat when you say, “because it’s hot.”
you’re too preoccupied with washing the dishes to witness the utterly disgusted expression he gives you, although you can guess exactly what he looks like. “it’s vile. why would anyone want someone else’s spit in their mouth?”
“it’s not about the spit, omi. it’s about the intimacy of it all,” you explain, unable to stifle a grin.
you could continue, you could try and explain it to him until he understands. you could reason that he has no problem shooting his cum in your mouth, so how is spit any different? but ultimately you drop it. it’s just a silly tiktok comment after all.
except it sits there in kiyoomi’s mind for the next few days. as he practises, as he falls asleep, as he fucks you deep. it’s gross, he keeps telling himself. but why isn’t he convinced?
and when his thumb gently forces your mouth open as he drives his hips into yours, when he watches your eyes turn shiny and your face turn dumb with submission, when he lets a tiny, pearly glob of saliva drop onto your tongue, he understands.
“swallow for me,” he tells you and you obey without a shred of hesitation, and fuck, he understands.
he’s never felt so close with you– he almost can’t believe it. but his heart swells at how easily you do as you’re told, and he’s chasing his spit with a sloppy kiss to your swollen lips, and he’s never understood more.
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kiwanopie · 2 months
Business as Usual
Based of this. Ceo!Kiyoomi x Reader
cw: fluff. smut. breeding. oral sex (f!receiving). reader is an aspiring actress. reader is a foreigner but it isn’t specified from where. ceo!kiyoomi’s most recent business venture is building and opening a museum. probably for tax reasons lmao. misogyny (not by kiyoomi). Kiyoomi’s implied to have issues with his father. men talking business 😫. joke talk of killing.
wc: 3.5k
Tumblr media
Ahh, something sweet would be nice…
Kiyoomi’s already squeezing grooves into the back of your thighs before you can formally acknowledge him. “I have a case of chuppets in the freezer you can go at.”
Your gasp is muffled by the floor, half turned from where your bottom half is lazily propped up on the edge of the bed. “You do?”
“You like the strawberry kind, right?” You nod as his fingers creep toward the crotch of your panties. “They’re all yours.”
He can feel the area carpet vibrate from where your groan seeps in appreciatively. “You’re a god, Omi!”
The squeak you let out is pitched as he lands a hard smack on one of your cheeks.
“I gotta meet a couple of investors for lunch so I’m leaving one of my cards for you to order whatever you want from home.” Kiyoomi pulls you apart until your lips part from under your underwear, glistening for him like they should. “But I’ll be back before it gets too late.”
You sway your hips as he pulls your panties to the side, already rubbing tentative circles. “You’re still pretty wet from earlier,” And you can’t help but whine as he pushes two of his fingers inside. “How long do you think you can stay in this position?”
Your eyes nearly cross when he crooks his fingers. “Ah, as long as you need me to.”
His suit pants hiss against the bed sheets as he climbs in behind you, hands still firmly gripping onto your ass cheeks as he positions himself on the bed.
“I got twenty minutes before I need to be walking out the door.” Kiyoomi’s breath is hot against your bare cunt. “So, I’ll try to make this fast-“
The lewd squelching of his tongue parting you from the back would be enough to make you shiver if not for the way he laves you up. Scouring your hole with his hot tongue and groaning at the taste of you, pressing forward to dig himself deeper.
“F…Fffuck! Omi…!”
He’s insatiable as he digs you out with his tongue, lewd as he guides your hips up to tongue at your clit. The depravity at which he slurps you up is so unabashed that you’re already tensing up for an orgasm, and reaching back when he props you up with his hands; zeroing in on your clit to get you to cum in his mouth.
You must’ve already been too riled up from his treatment earlier this morning, it doesn’t take long till you’re nearly sobbing against the floor. Calling for him as he guides you into an orgasm.
“Fuck! I’m-… m’ cumming, Omi!” You pant. “m’cumming! m’cumming!”
The way he grunts into you has another shock wave zipping through the bend in your spine. “Mhm..”
You’re reaching back to push him away when the feeling starts to become overstimulating, but he’s already up on his knees again. Already pulled out of his pants and hungrily lining himself up with your clenching hole.
Kiyoomi doesn’t give you any time to prepare, he’s shoving himself in between breaths and making you choke on your tongue.
He hisses through his teeth. “Oh fuck.” He braces his hands on your sides and starts his pace. “….Oh my god. Fuck.”
Your fingers dig thin miscolorings into the carpet as his thrust knocks the wind out of your lungs. Whining out when he dumps most of his weight on your back and starts grinding in as deep as he’ll go.
He’s in your stomach. “Mhf… angel..” He presses his lips into your shoulder. “You feel so fucking good for me, baby.”
God, the sounds you’re making under him has his eyes rolling back in his head, let alone how you’ve already started milking him for all he’s worth. He could never get sick of this perfect little pussy. His perfect little pussy. So hot and tight and made just for him. He doesn’t even know how he’s gotten this far without it. Especially when he knows how to press all those perfect little buttons on the inside to make you squeal for him.
Kiyoomi supports himself on his arms again to tweak his angle, balls clenching when you start to whine out so prettily. “Kiiiiyomi!”
You reach back so suddenly to push against his button up that he has to pin your arms down to keep you from running away from it. “….s’okay baby you can take it.” He pounds in a few particularly forceful thrusts that turn your whines into hiccuping sobs. “Fuck. Look at you such a…. Good girl for me. Good fucking girl.”
He has to hold himself back from cumming too quickly when you start to clench up. “Omi! Omi! Omi!” You’re shrill. “s’good, Omi! ….m’cumming, Omi! ….I love you, Omi!”
“Oh fuck.. Fucking shiiit!”
You’re already milking him empty when you start to cum. Hiccuping at the way you clench around his hot seed as his thrusts deepen and he fucks you like he’s trying to get it to take. Even reaches into your panties to rub coaxing circles into your sensitive clit just to prolong your orgasm. Grinding himself in until he's certain he’s painted your insides with his spend, and even then he still keeps at it.
He’s still rocking into you when your sobs turn into overstimulated mewls, hot tears making puddles into the carpet.
Kiyoomi lazes a few hot kisses into your inner neck as he softly collides his head with yours. “Mh, I love you too, angel.” He breathes. “So much.”
“You mean it, Omi?” He’s the luckiest man alive.
He finally lets himself fall limp as he peppers a few chaste kisses over your ears. “More than anything.”
He’s never letting you go.
There’s a less than usual air of ease around him when he greets Yukko and his associate Kanon.
So much so that the former of the pair lets out a relieved breath as he shakes hands with the young tycoon - and sees he doesn’t revile at the extended contact.
“Sakusa-san,” Yukko bows. “You look better than new.”
Sakusa bows back manneredly. “Appreciated, Yukko-san.”
Sakusa folds his napkin over his lap as they wait for the drinks.
“We’re avid supporters of freedom of choice, the two of us.” Yukko fixes himself in his seat. “It’s a human right.”
Kanon nods. “And your speech on autonomy and liberation at the Kenshin’s banquet really stood out to us. It’s so reassuring to see you setting a standard for this newer generation and putting yourself out there as someone who stands with the people.” He presses. “Very few young men with your upbringing can say that they’re brave enough to do the same-“
“Educated enough, even.” Yukko finishes.
Sakusa pulls his seat closer to his chair. “You don’t have to praise me for something like that. It should be a given.” He hums cooly. As if the speech wasn’t written by his foreigner girlfriend the night before, beat into his head and recited in his ear even as he said it. Not that he doesn’t agree with the message though. “We’re the few people fortunate enough to have a voice when it comes to these things - we should exercise it whenever we get the chance.”
“You’re exactly right!” Yukko waves his finger at him. “There are so very few people like us - like you - who have a seat at the table. And so little of the seats go to someone who means any good with it.”
“Which is why we wanna invest in The International Institution of Innovation,” Kanon adds. “And why we would like to suggest an exhibit to accompany our investment,”
Sakusa nods as they continue. “Japan’s history as - a lot of the world’s history - is ballasted and rewritten with elitist biases in mind. So many little people who’ve done big things, cultural things, buried by mediocrity or the praises of people who lived their entire lives being praised. Worse, having the things they spent their entire lives dedicated to, miscredited to some rich guy who didn’t lift a finger.”
“Our people have worked with a few of the families of these people. There’s a-“ Yukko taps a few keys into his laptop before turning it in Sakusa’s direction. “A few small museums of our own we’ve built in Portugal, Brazil, we have one in an American city you’ve most likely heard of as Las Vegas.”
He reaches over to quietly slide through the pictures. And Kanon huffs a bit in disbelief. - Whoever said this guy was a pain to work with obviously must’ve bumped into the wrong guy. “They’ve garnered a lot of attention in the respective areas. A lot of what they call “Left wing movements” in the United States cite it a lot when referring to landmarks in the state.” Yukko says.
And landmarks they are. If this is what they call small then he must work in a shoebox?
“You haven’t considered opening one up in Japan until now?” Sakusa furrows.
“You know the climate in the world right now.” Kanon sighs. “With the rise of crime, certain political tensions,” There’s a familiar pattern of vibrations that ring off in his pocket, he reaches for it instinctively. “We didn't wanna risk building one in the current political climate and having it destroyed by opening.”
Sakusa raises an eyebrow. “So building an exhibit in my museum is more cost effective.” And he’s not afraid to look as unimpressed as he is. “You know, on the off chance that my museum gets destroyed in this current political climate.”
Well, it’s not like you wouldn’t be able to afford it. “Well, we’re more than willing to do our part on the expenses if something like that were to occur.” We’ll pay what we lose and dip. “And our investment excludes what we’ll pay to build the exhibition.”
“You’re paying to have your names on a plaque.”
Yukko chuckles somewhat. “In short terms, yes.”
Sakusa fishes his phone out of his pocket as their server approaches. “In long terms?”
Kanon slides him the check.
Yup. Sakusa grazes his thumb against that familiar strip of press. Those are some pretty long terms.
“Are we ready to order?”
Sakusa checks his messages as the two men speak before him.
Angel: i hope ur having a good lunch!! i got u a sooprise <3
Kiyoomi: It’s alright. I wish I was home with you more than anything.
Kiyoomi: A sooprise? Now I’m excited.
Angel: i wish you were here too :( i can’t wait till ur back so i can give you a kiss on the forehead
Angel: i hope u like it!! i know u haven’t had it in a while
Kiyoomi: I haven’t had it in a while? What’s something I haven’t had in a while?
Kiyoomi: Oh! Are we talking about the last time you sat on my face?
Angel: we are not, my love. but good guess
My love. He smiles.
“What about you, Sakusa-san?”
Sakusa glances at the server before looking off for a moment, answering curtly. “Okaki, please.”
He nods. “Alright! And anything else?”
“No, thank you.”
He leaves with a bow.
Sakusa inhales deeply as he sits his phone on the table. Picking up the check and holding it before glancing at the two sitting before him. “You two are very generous.”
Yukko raises an eyebrow. “Is there a ‘but’ coming?”
“No.” He shakes his head. “I’d like to add your exhibit to my museum.”
The two men both let out a collective sigh of relief. Now that the richest twenty-six year old in all of Asia has agreed to have their names engraved next to his on a project like this. - Even if it did cost them an arm and a leg. You know, from the stories they’ve heard, they were expecting to leave with their tails between their legs after offering to impede on a project orchestrated by the most “Pragmatic Rich Kid in the country.” But he’s… surprisingly personable. Even without mention of the sheer intimidation he exudes.
He’s certainly nothing like his father.
“That’s amazing to hear, Sakusa-san. We’re honored.” Kanon sighs.
Yukko nods. “And trust, you will be involved in every part of the construction process. We want to be as transparent as possible when installing this exhibit.”
“Do you have any blueprints drawn up?”
Yukko hums excitedly as he pulls his laptop toward him again, tapping loudly as he searches for the file. “We do!”
Sakusa patiently waits as he fishes through his laptop, glancing at the server as he comes back with their food.
His phone buzzes across the table.
Angel: You better be eating more than Okaki!
He visibly blushes.
Kanon furrows at the expression of the young billionaire in front of him as his associate busies himself with his laptop, following his eyes toward his phone.
Disregarding the text from his girlfriend?! He gasps at the picture on his lock screen.
“Is that _____?” Kanon asks. “Oh god she’s so talented!”
Sakusa nods a little abashedly as he reaches for his phone. “Are you a fan?”
“My daughters love her. Oh well, my sons do too but not in the way my daughters do - If you know what I mean.” He laughs as Sakusa’s back straightens. He knows his sons, knows they’re about his age if not a little older. Knows he might have to have a talk with them one day too.
“We saw her just recently at the Blue Ribbon Awards. Can you believe she won?” Yeah, after watching you work yourself to the bone just to come back with so little to show for it. “I for sure thought Tomomi Minoru would’ve had it.”
I’m sure you haven't heard that a million times.
“But who wouldn’t take it a little easy on a woman like that?”
Or that.
It’s nearly painful how much Sakusa’s trying to keep himself from outwardly scowling. Especially when Kanon starts to open his mouth again, familiar hearts in eyes most men seem to adopt when they’re drooling over the woman he’s in love with. “I’ve gotta be what - twice her age maybe. But we’re all men here? The woman’s a doll. Talk about lucky work. Especially for a foreigner.”
Oh yep, he’s scowling. “I wonder what she looks like in person.” Yukko asks absently. “You think she’s as pretty as she is on T.V. or do you think it’s the make-up they usually cake on there…”
“She’s breathtaking.” Sakusa says flatly.
Kanon tilts his head as Yukko glances over. “You’re kidding? You’ve seen her in person?”
“Well, I mean,” Yukko sits his laptop back on the table as he reaches for his drink, wincing as he sips. “Sakusa-san’s Sakusa-san. He’s most definitely got the funds.”
“Ohhh. Did you book her?” Kanon chuckles a little slimily. And the connotations of that are clear. So much so that Yukko rolls his eyes when he nudges him. “She’s just old enough for someone your age, right? Still young but not too young.”
Sakusa inhales.
“No. I don’t have to book her.” He admits tightly. “Since we sleep in the same bed.”
The two men freeze in place.
Kanon opens his mouth for a long silent moment until he’s pushing out his breath in little clips of his voice. “O-Oh… You two are-“ Sakusa nods. “Oh! Oh my god! I’m… I’m so sorry-“
“I hear it all the time.”
“Yeah but it’s still not good that I said it!” Kanon glances at a frantic Yukko.
“We didn’t mean to come off so disrespectfully!” Yukko flushes.
Sakusa shakes his head. “The blueprints.”
“Show me the blueprints.” He gestures to the laptop.
Yukko clumsily turns it in his direction.
He’s barely through the door when you’ve already found your place in his arms. And he melts over you like butter, you let yourself be wholly suffocated by him.
You’re warm as you hum into his chest. “Hi, baby.”
“Hi, angel.”
“How was lunch with your investors?”
Kiyoomi exhales as you stand on your toes to help him out of his suit jacket, conditioned draft in the air scented by that new conditioner he likes seep into his nose and turn his brain into mush. “It was… lunch with my investors.”
He bends himself nearly in half to nuzzle his head into the crook of your neck. “They wanna build an exhibit in my museum ‘cause they don’t wanna risk building their own and having some terrorist take it down.”
Your tone is so mirrored to his from earlier that it evokes a chuckle. “So they’ll risk yours?”
You mumble something sour into his shoulder. Lucky him he’s well versed enough in your native tongue to understand the phrase “Assholes.”
Kiyoomi kisses hot spots behind your ear. “They’re fans by the way.” He grimaces a little sourly into your neck. “Big fans.”
“Hm? I came up?”
He hums. “Kanon saw your picture on my lockscreen and proceeded to shove his foot in his mouth.” Kiyoomi breathes in a long whiff of you before blowing out temperedly. “Was under the impression that you did bookings.”
You chuff airly as you rub up and down the expanse of his arms consolingly. It doesn't really phase you to be slobbered over by men anymore, hasn’t really since your debut back as a fresh faced eighteen year old. But Omi’s still really new and unkind to the rubbernecking that includes being associated with a woman like you, let alone to love you.
“Bookings, huh?” You snicker as he nods his head silently. “I mean… to his credit I have put on a show for you once or twice.”
He scoffs before pressing one last firm kiss into the crook of your neck and standing up to his height again, pinching your cheek as he starts for the rest of the penthouse. “Yeah, but those are for my eyes only. - And they’ll stay that way.”
Kiyoomi sets his things on the marble of the lounge room table with a sigh. He’s been working nearly every day since the construction of his museum finally came into fruition and he couldn’t feel any less drained from it. Decent contractors have become harder and harder to find in this new age of impermanence and variability, and everybody who’s anybody seems to have their own two cents about his choice of structure or how they could be a part of it somehow. If he were a less honorable man - or a more unsavory man much like one he knows so particularly, he would’ve hired any three star contractor who could draw a decent circle, put all his focus into charming investors, and underpaid his workers just to save a few extra pennies. But he isn’t that. And a businessman like him prefers to be as close to the business as possible; wants to see his efforts turn out the way they’re supposed to.
He pouts a little to himself. But he also wants to spend time with his baby too.
“I’m gonna be beating them off with a stick for the rest of my life, aren’t I?” He exhales. “Is that the price I pay for loving a beautiful woman?”
You press a light kiss into his bicep as you glide for the direction of the kitchen. “Like you didn’t make the cover of Vanity Japan’s Handsome and Wealthy this spring.” You poke. “I’ll have to start burning incense before I visit you at work just so I don’t catch the evil eye from any of your female employees.”
He chuckles a little tiredly as he trails behind. “You’ll be fine in any case. Not like I didn’t start growing Aak the minute we made it official.”
“Very funny.”
“I know right-“ He sniffs.
His mouth immediately starts to water.
“Did you…?” Kiyoomi glances at the plates laid out on the kitchen counter. “Cook?”
You smile brightly. “Sooprise!”
Kiyoomi doesn’t know how to respond.
It smells… heavenly. Like freshly cut ingredients and even spices, pervading the air so warmly that his skin prickles before settling comfortably under his button up and he’s nearly inclined to openly salivate at just the smell of it.
You fish a spoon out of a pot near the stove, scooping the contents of it carefully into a bowl. “I know how long it’s been since you’ve had a home cooked meal and you’ve seemed so stressed lately.” You lean into him when you feel his chest press against your back, reaching up to caress his jaw as his arms fasten themselves tightly around your waist. “So I bought a few groceries instead of takeout and made something from home!”
You can’t help but grin when he starts to dig his nose into the crook of your neck again. “I hope you like the surprise.”
“If you ever leave me I’ll kill us both.”
You guffaw wholeheartedly.
Tumblr media
reblog for one trillion dollars 💵 🤑💰💸
Tumblr media
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sciophobia · 4 months
contains: nsfw, mentions of dildo, glass dildo, fem!reader sends a nude vid, creaming <33, angel as petname
Tumblr media
sakusa doesn't like the idea of toys.
why would you need them? a hopeless silicone in a form of a dick wouldn't give you real pleasure is what he says. never will he admit that it tainted his pride when you asked him to buy you a toy, was he not doing .. good? he always made sure to make you cum before he does, always made sure to leave you shaking in overstimulation to the point of almost being deaf for a moment. he knows that he's pretty big too, so did you really need something bigger? you can barely take all of him either way. so why?
you responded to all of his wonderings with a video.
3:33, 3 minutes and 33 seconds of you bullying the prettiest glass dildo he's ever seen in his life into your already creaming cunt. a stream of white follows the valley of your ass, leaving a pool of mess underneath you. your face isn't visible in the video, but he can imagine the way your lips falls open to a silent scream, can practically see your eyes rolling back as you came around the toy. and god did his dick jumped when you pulled out the glass dildo. you look angelic, a gallop of cum drips out of your poor cunt as you come down from your high, your labored breathing being the last thing he heard as the video ended. 
since then, he uses the damned dildo to prep you for his dick. it would be a miracle if you didn't cum at least twice, but that's okay, sakusa only likes the best for his sweet angel. <3
Tumblr media
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gabseyoo · 3 months
Tumblr media
pairing: sakusa kiyoomi x fem!reader | wc: 1,2k.
warnings: slight dirty talk, hair pulling, unprotected sex, creampie.
Sakusa is needy after weeks without seeing you.
Tumblr media
Sakusa Kiyoomi is a passionate man, in volleyball, in cleaning, and—believe it or not—in bed. Yes, he usually hates messes, but when it comes to you in his bed, moaning his name while he thrusts his hips against you mercilessly is a mess he wouldn’t bother repeating over and over again. 
The perfect example is today. He couldn’t resist when he came home from a long trip and saw you in those pajama shorts that suddenly seemed to look better on you than any lingerie in your closet. Nor when you hugged him and he felt your breasts against his torso as you gave him a peck on the lips. He was needy after weeks without your touch, so he didn’t even bother to unpack when he grabbed your waist and brought your lips together in a messy kiss. 
In the blink of an eye Sakusa had already bounced you into his arms and you wrapped your legs around his hips as he carried you into the bedroom, where he threw you on the bed before settling between your legs to rub his growing bulge against your crotch. 
“Missed you so much.” He mumbled against your lips as his hands worked on pulling down your pajama straps to cup your breasts. 
“I can tell.” 
Of course you can tell, much more so because of the way he’s shoving his long shaft inside you right now. He had you on all fours, one of his hands pulling your hair keeping your head against the mattress and the other holding your wrists behind your back. 
Sakusa is going wild. He didn’t mind the exaggerated way in which the headboard of the bed hit the wall; nor that thanks to that, one of the pictures hanging on the wall with a nice picture of you two in an amusement park fell to the floor breaking into pieces. He thought that putting up with the neighbors’ complaints and sweeping up some glass was worth it because of how well your wet walls were squeezing him. 
You were on the verge of collapse, your boyfriend had already made you cum three times, once with his tongue and the other two with his fingers as his cock went in and out of your swollen pussy. But you wouldn’t tell him to stop, not when with every thrust you felt him hit your sweet spot and the moans that escaped from his mouth reached your ears like candy. 
“Fuck— look at you, doll.” He groaned tightening his grip on your hair to yank it back, making you arch your back. His teeth bit your ear before he spoke against it, “You’re taking me so well, I’m gonna cum inside you, ‘kay? I bet you missed havin’ my cum drippin’ out of you.” 
For someone who talks too much about cleanliness, Kiyoomi has a pretty dirty mouth. 
He didn’t recognize himself when it came to having sex with you, he’d stop thinking clearly and just let himself go, just like he could never control the words that came out of his lips. But to say you didn’t like it would be a lie, that’s why you quickly began to nod in agreement with his statement. 
“That’s what I thought.” He left a kiss on your temple before letting your body fall forward. 
Sakusa pulled out of you, earning a groan from you when you felt empty, to grab you by the waist and turn you around roughly. 
Your eyes met his as your back was against the mattress again before he slid his aching cock back in with a single thrust. He quickly regained the rhythm of his hips that made your body sway back and brought his fingers to your puffy clit. You couldn’t hold back the scream that came from your throat at the stimulation, tears spilled from your eyes and you were so sensitive it was almost embarrassing how your orgasm was already approaching with his digits circling your bud for less than two minutes. 
“Omi, I’m—” 
“I know, fuck, I know. I got you, doll.” 
You couldn’t hold it in any longer— your walls squeezed him as if they wanted to push him out the moment you came around his cock. 
Kiyoomi didn’t stop, not even allowing you to take a breath because he continued to fuck you through your orgasm. It was obscene how your moans mingled with the sounds of skin colliding, but that only brought him to the edge. 
The veins in his arms stood out as he grabbed the headboard with all his strength and looked down at you with a smirk on his face. But the cocky smile was replaced by a frown along with his teeth capturing his lower lip the moment he felt his orgasm near. 
His grip on the wooden headboard intensified as he increased the speed of his thrusts trying to go deeper—if that was even possible—to chase his climax. No doubt his rough treatment would leave you with a sore body for days, but that was the least of his worries. 
“Almost there, fucking god.” He closed his eyes and threw his head back. 
He was so close. So fucking close. So close that everything going on around him stopped mattering. The only thing on his mind was to cum deep inside you. 
Sakusa was so lost in his pleasure that he just decided to ignore the abrupt movement of the bed that almost made him lose his pace. Not now, he’d worry about it later. 
The sounds of the bed echoed throughout the place, the movements of his hips became clumsy and his grunts became louder announcing that he was about to cum. And god, did he cum.
“Fuck, that’s it.” He mumbled through his teeth as he spilled all his load inside your pussy.  He gave a few more gentle thrusts to make sure he emptied himself before pulling out and admire the mess he had made between your legs with a proud smirk. 
His hands were sore from exerting so much pressure as he let go the poor headboard to drop his body on top of yours and kiss you on the forehead. 
“That was something.” Kiyoomi chuckled trying to catch his breath, “I think we broke the fucking bed.”
You gasped in faux surprise, “You think? Can’t you feel the angle we’re lying at?” 
“I was feeling other things.” He answered cupping your tits in his hands. “Let’s take a shower, c’mon.” 
Your boyfriend stood up, standing on the edge of the bed with his hands on his hips to realize that the front legs of the bed frame were broken. You stood next to him, watching with tight lips what you had done. But when both of you turned to look at each other, you couldn’t help but break into laughter. 
“This is what I call a good fuck.” He said proudly, pulling his phone out of the pockets of his sweatpants that were lying on the floor.
“And now?” 
“I just got my paycheck, don’t worry love, tomorrow we’ll buy a new one.” He kissed your head, “A sturdier one.”
You smiled before turning around to head to the bathroom, but stopped in your tracks when you heard the sound of a photo being taken. You looked over your shoulder to find your boyfriend taking pictures of the bed with a smile as if it were a work of art. 
“And that’s for?”
“Group chat.” He simply stated, “Those idiots have been bugging me that I sure don’t fuck you right.”
Tumblr media
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slatoru · 4 months
a special favour
Tumblr media
synopsis: you ask your beloved step brother kiyoomi to take your virginity
cw: 18+, stepcest, dark content, virginity loss, nasty fucking (omi isn’t soft), corruption kink, size kink, degradation, praise, oral (giving), mentions of filming, mating press, creampie
word count: 2.3k | mdni
tag: @cyb3rtoru ty for supporting my thirsts ღ
───────── ⋆⋅ ⋆ ⋅⋆ ─────────
this was a stupid idea.
you should have never knocked on his door. a nauseous wave of fear started swirling in your stomach, making your heart beat faster und breath hitch in your throat.
he opened the door.
there he was, towering over you with his colossal height. his dark curls were bouncing off his handsome face perfectly; his broad shoulders were clad in a white t-shirt.
“what’s wrong?” his deep voice muttered, his black eyes roaming your face intensely.
you peeked at him through your eyes lashes. you couldn’t help but let your gaze wander down to his crotch; his long legs covered in grey sweatpants. seeing your stepbrother like this replaced your doubts with lust.
“need your help with something,” you answered hesitantly, “can I come in?”
he wordlessly stepped aside, letting you enter his room. it was as neat and tidy as always; his navy bedsheets perfectly made and smelling like fabric softener and his deep, woody perfume.
“what do you need help with?”
your heart fluttered at his words. despite his stoic nature, kiyoomi was always looking out for you. whenever you needed something, he would give it to you. so tonight would be the perfect chance; both of your parents were gone.
“I don’t wanna be a virgin anymore,” you said, not daring to look up at him. you stared at your feet, anxiously waiting for his reaction.
you slowly looked up at him. his plump lips were parted, his eyebrows shot up.
“I want you to be my first, kiyoomi.”
the shock on his face got replaced with a smug smirk. there was a glint in his dark eyes as the corners of his mouth were tugged upwards, cocking his left eyebrow up. he took a step towards you, closing the gap. his chest was facing you until two of his slender fingers lifted your chin up.
“yeah? you want your stepbrother to fuck your little virgin cunt?”
a gasp left your mouth, making him chuckle darkly. heat and arousal were starting to pool in your lower belly, making you clench around nothing.
“don’t be shy now,” he chuckled, slowly pushing you back onto his bed. your knees nestled against the fabric of his sheets before you fully sat down, looking up at his tall figure. you felt like a hunter’s prey in his gaze.
you automatically climbed back further onto the bed when kiyoomi started hovering above you, making his way onto the bed too. he caged you in his arms, making you lie down.
“are you sure you want this?” he whispered, his face only an inch away from yours. you could feel his hot breath fanning your face; he smelled divine in combination with his perfume. you nodded.
“say it, then,” he commanded.
“want you, kiyoomi,” you breathed out. his gaze on you intensified, roaming your entire face.
you closed your eyes when he bent his head down to finally kiss you. you expected the kiss to be sensual and slow. but no, kiyoomi was rough and passionate, devouring your lips and letting his skilled tongue roam your mouth. you started to feel dizzy just from his kisses alone. you softly moaned into his mouth when he started sucking on your tongue.
fuck, he’s waited so long for this. you had no idea how many times kiyoomi wondered if his doe-eyed stepsister was still a virgin. he spent nights with his fist wrapped around his cock, imagining it was your tight pussy milking him instead. when he heard your angelic voice ask him to take your virginity, his naughtiest dreams finally came true.
he broke the kiss, a string of saliva falling from his lips. his large hands were now groping your breasts over your shirt.
“fuck, are you wearing my shirt?” he hissed.
“mhh, yes,” you moaned when he pinched your hardened nipples through the thin fabric. he was impatient, pulling the shirt up to reveal your bare chest. he wrapped his warm mouth around your right nipple, alternating between sucking on the sensitive bud and slightly biting it. the whimpers leaving your mouth got louder.
“I’ve been wondering what your nipples would look like, sis,” he mumbled into your chest, “always running around without a bra.”
“kiyo- oh! kiyoomi, stop talking like that,” you warned him, shocked about his lewd words. how could you know that your quiet stepbrother would say such nasty things in bed?
“acting all innocent when you’re the one who came here begging for her stepbrother’s cock,” he chuckled, pulling your shirt over your head and tossing it aside.
“I didn’t beg!” you protested, your cheeks heating up. he just just darkly chuckled and shook his head, his nimble fingers pulling down your sleeping shorts.
“you will soon,” he said.
he stared at your naked figure with lust-filled eyes. you were now completely naked while he was still wearing his clothes. his hands sneaked up on your inner thigh, trying to pry your legs open.
“come on, baby, open up,” he cooed. he noticed you still being shy; it was the first time you would let someone see you naked.
“would it help you if I take mine off too?” he asked. you replied with a meek nod, watching him take off all of his clothes. one by one, until he was completely naked.
his body was godly. pale, smooth skin with broad shoulders and strong arms, carved out abs leading down to a perfect v, connecting to his dark happy trail. your mouth started watering at the sight of his cock: it was huge. long and girthy, with an angry red tip that was leaking precum. bulging veins and two heavy looking balls.
“don’t worry,” he said, towering above you again, “I’ll stretch you out with my fingers first.”
he successfully spread your legs open, grinning when he finally took in the sight of your glistening folds. he watched you with adoration in his dark eyes: you laying there as your hair is sprawled across his pillows, chest rising and falling and pussy wet just for him.
“you’re beautiful,” he breathed out, reassuring you. he let the pads of his fingers run through your folds, making you moan when he finally found your clit.
“have you ever fingered yourself?”
“y-yes,” you stammered, taken aback by his question. “but my fingers weren’t.. enough.”
suddenly one long digit sunk into you. his large ring finger was massaging your tight, hot walls. he quickly inserted his middle finger, starting to pump in and out of you.
“yeah? what did you think about?” he asked, slowly fingering you. the stretch burned as he carefully scissored you open.
“you,” you confessed, “your cock.”
at your words he started picking up his pace, fingering you faster. his other hands was pressed on your lower belly, applying delicious pressure and making your legs shake. high-pitched moans left your lips as you watched him let a glob of spit drip down into your throbbing clit, his thumb drawing messy circles on it.
“moan for me, come on,” he encouraged you, “it’s only us.”
the coil in your belly got tighter and tighter until it snapped, your orgasm washing over you in hot and buzzing waves. your eyelashes fluttered as you came down from your high, gasping for air.
you opened your eyes when you heard a slurping noise. kiyoomi was looking at you while he was slowly licking his fingers clean, his eyes almost rolling to the back of his head at your taste.
“you taste amazing,” he said.
at this, you started smiling and slowly got up. “wanna taste you too, omi,” you mumbled while looking at his cock.
“fuck, you’re driving me insane,” he hissed, “but you don’t have to do this. it’s your first time, after all.”
“want to,” you mumbled, slowly wrapping your small fingers around his pulsing cock. you could feel the veins bulging on your skin.
“god, yes,” he moaned, “let me feel your slutty little mouth then,” as he leaned back and spread his legs. you were crouching between his long legs, carefully giving his fat mushroom tip kitten licks.
Kiyoomi‘s entire body was heating up as he watched you struggling to take his thick cock into your eager mouth. he started grinning when he heard you gag and sputter, trying to take him down your throat as deep as possible.
„let me help you, sis,“ he mumbled. he grabbed two fistfuls of your hair; one with his right hand and one with his left. his grin got even bigger as he watched your hair form pigtails in his hands; the image of his little stepsis getting her mouth fucked downright sinful.
the malicious idea of filming you popped into his head; the graphic version of his stepsis getting fucked like the slut that she actually is driving him insane. he quickly pushed the idea aside. that was for another time.
he spread his long legs even further, throwing his head back as long and deep moan escaped his lips and filled the bedroom.
the hot tears welling in your eyes, your stinging scalp and the ache in your jaw were worth every second of having your stepbrother’s large, pulsing dick in your mouth. you couldn’t get enough of his clean, slightly musky taste; you moaned and sent deep vibrations through his sensitive tip.
finally hearing him curse “God, y-yes! fuck!!” under his breath, a lot louder than he intended to, turned sucking him off into heaven.
suddenly the grip on your hair disappeared. kiyoomi took out his dick from your mouth, leaving you with strings of saliva on your pout.
a jolt of insecurity hit you. you furrowed your brows and peeked through your eyelashes up to him. “not good?” you meekly asked, watching his still rock hard erection.
“you were fantastic,” he chuckled, raising his left eyebrow which made his two pretty moles move. you exhaled in relief.
“but I can’t waste my cum like that, baby. don’t you want your little pussy stuffed full with my cum?”
a hot gush of arousal coated your folds as you eagerly nodded. “get on the bed and spread your legs then,” he instructed.
you did exactly what he told you. laying there in anticipation, legs pressed to your chest as he nestled himself between them.
“listen, baby,” he gently started, the new nickname sending a swirl of butterflies through your stomach, “you should never sleep with someone without protection. but you know you can trust your big brother, right?”
“mmh, I know,” you softly nodded, “I’m on the pill.”
a mischievous smile spread across his handsome face. “yeah? you’re gonna let your stepbrother fuck you raw then?”
“yes, please fuck m-,” you begged. before you could even finish that sentence, kiyoomi’s fat mushroom tip was already prodding at your entrance, pushing himself slowly in. you gasped, only to feel lips on your temples, cooing how good you were taking him.
he pushed himself in further and further until the base of his dick was the only visible part. you have never felt so full.
“it burns, omi,” you whimpered.
“I know, baby, gonna make it feel good, I promise,” he mumbled while pressing kisses along your jaw.
“or do you want me to stop?” he whispered. you shook your head, not wanting to miss the feeling of being stuffed to the brim. at that he pulled out almost his entire length, pushing it back in immediately.
“fuck, kiyoomi!” you shrieked, gripping his broad shoulders for dear life.
“told you it was gonna feel good,” he darkly chuckled, rocking his hips back and forth in rough and precise motions. he really wanted to be more gentle but he knew he had to give it to you so good that you wouldn’t even dare to think of sleeping with someone else after him.
your whiny moans filled his bedroom, letting him hear how much you enjoyed being pounded. the initial pain of being stretched out faded and turned into hot, primal pleasure. the coil in your belly got tighter and tighter as his dick was reaching deep into your sticky insides, gripping and milking him relentlessly.
his hard, carved out abs were rubbing against your tummy and breasts, creating frictions of pleasure. the lewd sounds of skin clapping against skin, heavy breathing and both of your desperate moans made you see stars.
„f-feels so fucking good, omi!“ you whined, eyes rolling to the back of your head.
„you’ve got the tightest - fuck! t-tightest fucking pussy I’ve ever fucked,” he hissed.
“ohh, right there! yes!!” you moaned as you felt his finger pads rub small circles onto your pulsing clit. you were so close you felt you were about to explode.
you suddenly felt a strong grip on your throat. you gasped and looked into kiyoomi’s dark eyes as he choked you. you couldn’t help but smile from feeling lightheaded by the pleasure. his other hand was gripping your waist to seek stability, his hips snapping against yours harsher and faster. your feet were dangling next to his ears; this way he could reach your g-spot, bringing you heavenly pleasure.
“gonna fill you up,” he said while locking eyes with you, his hand still around your throat. “and you’re take all my cum, aren’t you? my little stepsis is gonna get her little pussy stuffed, right?”
at his words you lost it. you came with a row of high-pitched moans, your entire body tightened and shaking as buzzing waves of pleasure washed over you.
“c-cumming! oh my god, omi,” you moaned with your eyes shut tight.
kiyoomi’s orgasm followed right after yours; the way you squeezed abs clamped down on his pulsing dick made him shoot hot spurts of release into you.
“fuck,” he groaned, his heavy breathing against your ear. the heavy weight of his body was slowly lifted off of you. he watched you with adoration and lust in his dark eyes; the state of euphoric bliss overcoming the both of you.
he sat up and spread your legs with a smirk. a proud smile spread across his face while he watched his thick, white cream slowly drip out of your battered cunt. with his swollen tip he collected his cum, smearing his creamy seed all over your folds.
“you should ask me for favours more often, sis.”
───────── ⋆⋅ ⋆ ⋅⋆ ─────────
reblogs and comments are appreciated! ღ
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chosobaby · 4 months
nsfw / fem!reader
Tumblr media
sakusa kiyoomi always thinks you look pretty.
you look pretty in the morning. it’s still dark, blackout curtains blocking the sun from letting its fingers seep through any cracks, and his arm is hooked around your waist. your hair is a mess while your lips are slightly pouting. your eyes begin to flutter open and a grin spreads across your face as he brings a hand up to brush your cheek. kiyoomi thinks you’re really pretty.
you also look pretty in the afternoon. blossoms of white drift across the sky and a gentle breeze blows your hair back. your hand is in his as you give him such a sweet smile while you talk about your day; it makes him feel warm on the inside. kiyoomi still thinks look really pretty.
but he thinks you look the prettiest in the evening — when you’re underneath him and letting out equally pretty noises.
his right hand is wrapped around your neck, the left planted next to your head, and your legs are wrapped around his slim, naked waist.
“you’re so pretty,” he says, “so fucking pretty,” while his hips continue to pound into you and tears spill down your cheeks. he shifts the hand choking you to drag his thumb down your bottom lip. shades of lilac and wisteria begin to bloom on your collarbones.
“ki-kiyoomi,” you moan as your hands reach to cup his face.
his dark, wide eyes stare into yours. “yeah, pretty?”
“you’re so, so pretty too — my pretty, pretty angel.”
you barely get the words out, and your eyes roll all the way back as it hits you. your toes curl and you throw your head backward, arms immediately taking their place around his shoulders.
he ignores the way your nails dig into his skin, leaving his back with long streaks of rosy hues. and he ignores the way he desperately needs to cum, because all his senses can do is focus on your pretty sounds, your pretty face, your pretty tits, your pretty everything.
yeah, kiyoomi thinks you’re the prettiest.
Tumblr media
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sukunababy · 8 months
Tumblr media
— Bokuto Kotaro, Kozume Kenma, Sakusa Kiyoomi, Iwaizumi Hajime, Akaashi Keiji x f!reader
cw. oral, fingering, squirting, 69, face sitting — rbs are appreciated — m.list
Tumblr media
When he'd told you after a grueling practice with the team that he needed something good to eat you didn't think you'd find yourself with your thighs pinned open, your knees pressed to your chest and his tongue buried in your creamy cunt.
"Ko, please," you sob, your body twitching when he hums in response, just watching you with his golden eyes as he sucks on your clit, pressing his tongue to the bud when you pull his hair.
Your eyes roll to the back of your head when a harder lick makes your nub throb against his tongue, "yeah cumming huh" he coos against your folds, rubbing two fingers on your upper wall.
He almost cum in his boxers when you squirt in his face, your cum running down his chin as he runs a hand through his hair and pulls his fingers away from your sensitive pussy, "that was hot, pretty" he moans wiping the lower part of his face with the back of his hand.
Bokuto smiles satisfied as you slump down on the pillows, his eyes bright as he licks his fingers and pulls his fat hard cock out of his boxers, "you can do that here too, pretty."
Tumblr media
You're on your knees hovering over his face, the headboard clenched between your fingers as you sway your hips.
"Shit, fuck, Ken ..." you groan when Kenma grabs onto your thighs and pulls you down onto his mouth, his tongue sliding back and forth between your folds before he circles your puffy bud.
"Oh fuck," you gasp, eyes in the back of your head as he sucks hard, his fingers leaving marks on your ass making you squeal lewdly as his cock gets bigger and bigger in his boxers.
You think you're going to end up cracking the headboard as your knuckles turn white, your hips starting to spin on his face as you gush over his lips, "Ken, fu-fuck its good" you meow swaying back and forth, riding your high in moans and squeals.
Your slick slit tightens around his tongue as he pushes it in, fucking you dumb not leaving you any way to get up, "just a second" he hums against your core making you clench your thighs around his face.
Tumblr media
"Omi please ... it's too much" you cry when he holds your thighs wide open with his elbows and wrists firm in one hand, his tongue licking your pussy covered in your own cum.
"Can you please fucking stay still" he moans opening your folds with two fingers and starting to suck your nub into his mouth.
You pant wiggling under him as he circles your bud with his tongue, "it's too much..." you blab throwing your head back, your fingers grazing his raven curls as your cunt throbs on his lips.
You can feel a smirk on your folds as you arch your back welcoming another orgasm, your cream sliding down his chin as you tremble in his hands.
Tumblr media
Your eyes roll back in your head as you try to focus and relax your throat, the thick head of Iwa's cock presses deep in your throat making you gag causing him to moan against your cunt, "fuck, baby ... shit you're going to make me come."
He raises his hips to thrust deep before pushing his tongue into your creamy hole, his hands cupping your ass cheeks as he licks and sucks around your slick folds and your puffy bud.
"Fuck, Haji I'm gonna cum" you whimper as he starts rocking his head up and down, your walls clenching making your cream drip down his chin and his eyes rolling to the back of your head as you start sucking on his tip and jacking off what you can't reach with your mouth.
His cum is hot as it slides over your tongue, "fuck, baby ..." his moans are muffled as he slurp your clit, "you're so good."
Vibrations rattle your thighs on either side of his face, moans mix together as you cream on his tongue, "Haji, p-please" you sob as he keeps lapping at your sensitive folds with each tongue stroke, tightening his grip on your ass when you try to wriggle out of his mouth.
Tumblr media
His head hums as you moan lewdly, your head thrown back and your toes curled, "Kei, s-so good, don't stop, pl-please" you stutter clutching your fingers to his hair.
He can't help it, his cock throbs tightly in his fist as he desperately moves his tongue between your glistening folds, his moans sending vibrations through you making you squirm and moan his name in a messy way.
"God, ... fuck," you squeak closing your thighs around his head, his tongue never ceasing to lap at your nub before circling it with his lips and sucking it deep.
His moans are too much for you, as he hums against your dripping pussy you gush over his mouth, your tight hole throbbing around nothing as you ride your orgasm over his lips, "you're so fucking good" you moan meeting his blue eyes and a smirk on his lips.
Tumblr media
🏷. @yunho-leeknow @jean-prettyboy-kirschtein @joherfoo17 @yukikurankiryuu @duskamethystgirl @conchetucona @devilgirlcrybabiey @hitoshitoshi @tojibreedingme @littlemochi @weyheyavengers @rekis-doll @lovemegood @senjuasuna @devynfayrer @spicybunnyxp @matssuncxmslxt @shigamiryuk @semisgroupie @hannas16 @kurtaclangobrr @itsmeseph @awkwardchick87 @ramens-posts @tsukkikeisimp @trueshellz @tojidilfs @iwaizumisbicep @jiminie-08 @simpforerenn @snoopysxng @toshigimmemilk @ray-lol
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shcyc · 2 months
¡ LOCKER ROOM — kinktober
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
synopsis: locker room sex with msby / schweiden adlers
cw; sub fem! reader, voyeurism!, oral (giving & receiving), fingering, cockwarming, shower sex, vibrator, slight bondage, thigh riding
Tumblr media
— MSBY !
> ATSUMU swears he’s never felt better — he wasn’t expecting you to get on your knees between his legs when you said you have a nice surprise for him right after practice!
his breath hitches as you kiss him through his pants, fingers inching up his thighs, leaving the trail you touched hot and burning with desire
this isn't the first time you've sucked him off, and yet it still feels like he's ascending to heaven every single time - probably also because the two of you are openly exposed in the middle of the msby locker room, and that has his adrenaline skyrocketing
> BOKUTO has his thick fingers deep inside your dripping cunt, skirt flipped upwards and tucked into the bands to stop them from obstructing him from what he wants
he’s annoyed that you’re wearing such a short skirt and prancing around his teammates as if it was a free show for all of them, when in fact, it should only be for him
he’s rough, fingers abusing your hole while his other hand wraps around your bare chest, pushing a handful into his mouth, tongue swirling around your perked nipples
> HINATA was the most innocent guy you’ve ever met, never would you have thought you’d be in this position — hands supporting yourself on the sink with your soiled panties stuffed in your mouth, pretty face stained with tears as you stare at the orange-headed man pound into you from the mirror in the msby locker room
he’s told you to “keep it down”, but how could you when he’s stretching you out so fucking good, thick cock grazing every inch of your gummy walls
you tighten around him each time he slips out and pushes back into you, eyelids fluttering with each push and pull, and that has him going even harder than before
> INUNAKI shoves his tongue past your tight ring of muscle, hands roaming all over your body, finally resting on your thigh that has been dangling on his shoulder for the past few minutes
he groans at your taste, at how deliciously sweet you are, and how you’re willing to let him do it right outside the locker room door where his teammates could easily walk out and catch the two of you
the vibrations from him passes right into your core and towards your clit, sending you over the edge after being teased for so long, and you watch as he removes himself from you with that stupid smirk plastered on his face
> MEIAN has you wrapped around him like a koala as he walks around the locker room to do final clean and checks before he closes the gym — only every step he takes has you clenching around him like a vice and he has to warn you to be a “good girl”
you think you might pass out from just cockwarming him, having him buried in you for too long makes everything go numb, and when that happens, everything is much more sensitive
he walks around and does his chores without a care in the world, but you whimpering into his ear and begging him to “just fuck me”, has him putting away the towels and shoving you onto the benches before slamming into your over sensitive hole
> SAKUSA hates the locker room, it’s full of germs and bacteria that he would not want to be exposed to, but when you come running to him asking if you could shower in the locker rooms because you got drenched in the rain, that has his mind reeling
he’s pressing the shower head onto your clit, making sure the water is hitting directly at the sweet spots before turning up the water power — and almost immediately, you feel your orgasm approach
your legs are shaking as you cum, body limp against him, his broad frame making sure you won’t fall to the ground during your high — and sakusa thinks that he has to see this beautiful sight one more time, even if it means staying with the germs for a few more minutes
> HOSHIUMI can be either vicious or nice, and today, he’s feeling vicious! your boyfriend wants to see you stuttering, panting and begging him to stop the little machine buzzing inside of you
but how could he? not when your grip on his arm tightens while you try your best to make conversation with his dense teammates — he thinks that you’re so cute, holding onto him like your life depends on it
he laughs when you drag him out the locker room with all your strength, finally falling on the ground as he squats down to tease you, pushing the level up so that you cum around his toy!
> KAGEYAMA didn’t know he would be into bondage, especially not in the locker rooms, but when you show him the trick that you’ve been trying for a while now, his heartbeat races
he has you pressed up against the metal closets, making you support yourself on your elbows as he pushes himself into you — the warmth engulfing him, and he swears he will cum right now if it wasn’t for his need to see you struggling to release yourself
you’re clawing at the cool solid, desperately needing to grab ahold of something to ground yourself from his harsh fucking, you’re flipped around in and instant, one leg now wrapped around his waist as he groans into your neck at how good you feel
> USHIJIMA he’s so stoic and dense all the time so you thought you’d tease him! sitting on his thigh as you press kisses onto his neck, hoping that he’d break character for once and do something scandalous with you in a risky place
and you got what you wanted! he’s pushing your hips back and forth on his lap, his mouth now on your neck, teeth grazing your skin occasionally to give you love bites
you’re a whimpering mess at this point, hands flying to his shoulders to steady yourself as you let the overwhelming sensation take over, giving up on trying to hide the noises at this point
Tumblr media
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zorotits · 1 month
I PROMISE TO BE GOOD sakusa kiyoomi 18+
cw: cockwarming. smut. no protection. afab. implied curly hair reader. cocky but loving kiyo <3
Tumblr media Tumblr media
“sit still.”
sakusa pulled the brush against your knotted hair—the hair you neglected to maintain this morning when you had awoken a bit too late. the alarms you set to prevent you from oversleeping did anything but, and now you were facing the consequences.
no matter how numb your scalp felt from years of rough brushing each morning before school, sakusa never failed to make your head tender as his hands yanked through the clusters of hair.
he wasn’t a big fan of detangling sprays, claiming they made his hair sticky. so, being completely submissive under the curly haired mans normal routine, his hands carded against your head with his favorite coconut conditioner.
yelping against his abusive pull, his hands settled on your hips in annoyance, a tsk being heard behind your ear as he held you still.
“i said,” his voice was low against your skin, breath hot from pure irritation in your lack of cooperation, “sit still.”
your neediness was evident as you clenched against his cock as he continued to brush against the soothing product, your breathing became heavy as you subconsciously spread your legs against his, allowing him to sit even deeper within you.
“f…fuck, kiyo.”
anger seeped through him as you laid your head back onto his shoulder, slightly wetting his shirt and ruining the perfect angle he spent so long working on. but, the look in your eyes tugged his heart ever so slightly—to no avail.
if anyone knew sakusa the most, it was you. he only hated one more thing more than his bleached teammate; and that was leaving things unfinished.
“fucking brat,” his hips slammed upwards against yours, pushing you back into the place you were at moments prior, “do you think i’m done?”
the friction forced a cry from your lips at the small amount of pleasure, yearning for more as you tightened around him with impatience.
“i promise to be good.”
“if you were good,” his hands found their way back into your hair with the brush, tugging and surfacing each area until completion, “you wouldn’t be here in the first place, now would you?”
though sakusa wasn’t as hard as he lead on, and the soft roll of his hips proved that. the brush abandoned as he massaged your scalp with his fingers, letting you softly forget about the harsh pulls.
a soft moan left your lips at the sensation, his new grip against you neck pulled you back gently as the other travelled down to your sensitive bud. twitching in satisfaction at his knowledgeable swirls, his fingers played with you perfectly as if he was an expert; a professional when it came to your body, because just as you knew sakusa best, he knew you as well.
the rude words he once spewed from behind being long abandoned within your mind as he did nothing but tend to you; please you. your walls tightening around his cock was his favorite way to make love to you, letting you release against him while he watched you become so vulnerable.
because vulnerability was something he took much pride in. something he never expected to receive, or to give someone else—but it wasn’t the case when he had met you—and now something he once feared, is something he treasures the most. whether it was your hair or your needs, he would be there.
his lips were softly planted agains the crook of your neck, lightly sucking just to watch the roll of your eyes, “i love you, kiyo.”
your words weren’t taken lightly, the sentimental thoughts already corrupting his mind making him grow desperate. as if you had unleashed a beast, the pushing of his thighs became more sloppy as you swallowed him so easily. the lewd noises were music to his ears as your groans accompanied them. his name broken into pieces rolling off your tongue as if you were chanting, and he grew hungry for more; hungry for more of you.
the bruising grip against your thighs returned once more as he became brutal. the deep and sensitive spots being hit beautifully, and involuntary noises began to leave him as you continued to squeeze against his length.
“i love you,” he breathed against your neck, his eyes peering down to capture any glimpse of his cock vanishing within your folds, “i love you so much.”
his hips continued to snap against your sweet spot as you released onto him, the immeasurable feeling of your orgasm was breathtaking as his nails were digging into you, marking his territory to your liking.
his vision went white as an animalistic growl left his lips when he peaked, the scent of you invading his nose fulfilling his needs completely. watching his neck collapse against your shoulder, you continued to tighten against his hard, milking him completely with each whine that left his lips from sensitivity.
he felt sweat trickle down the side of his face, and this was the one time he wasn’t necessarily against it. your hair leaving a wet spot against his shoulder but all in good nature, because he’d sacrifice anything to watch your legs shake against him while still nurtured inside you.
“you treat me so well,” he whispered, “i don’t deserve it.”
the small words of approval warmed your cheeks as he kissed softly against the dark bites he unknowingly left against your shoulder. his hands softly caressing your opened thighs and ignoring his seed dirtying the seat as it dripped from your legs.
“i’m sorry.”
he watched you with concern, the giggle leaving your lips reassuring him slightly, “what for, my love?”
without saying another word, you brought one of his hands to the back of your head. the movement against his shoulder when he fucked you had caused another knot, ruining his work from the very beginning.
“oh,” he chuckled slightly, kissing your temple softly before grabbing the brush once again, “stay still this time, or else a round two is due.”
Tumblr media Tumblr media
a/n: repost from my old account @/tsukina !
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blueparadis · 6 months
❝ CUM FOR ME, CUM FOR DADDY ❞ + Sakusa Kiyoomi,Atsumu Miya,Kōtarō Bokuto,Oikawa Tooru,Tetsurō Kuroo,Rintarō Suna.
Tumblr media
+.CWs —» afab-reader, explicit smut & sexual themes, sub-dom dynamics {sub! bokuto}, s & m dynamics, blow!job,breeding kink, cunnilingus , spanking (once), degradation, praise, f-overstimulation, implied voyeurism, implied exhibitionism, cum play, aftercare;
+. SYNOPSIS —» rough,raw aftercare moments after they cum on their favorite spots. Wait? is that enough? Just to cum only where he prefers?
thanks to @maitaro ;) for detailed review. Like, I would re-read them later for sure & @mrskenmakozume @tetsukentona @beware-of-the-rogue for β’ reading <3
+ tap here to view my works.
Sakusa isn't taking any more risks. He needs to cum inside your pussy, and fill you up more than you can keep count in a single session. Hanking up your legs around his torso, moving onto your waist,he groans into your mouth. “Baby, stay with me...stay with me baby,” he mumbles, peppering kisses on your puffy lips as you're about to whine that you just can't take it anymore. He swiftly shifts your hands above your head, pressing them just a little as he thrusts a few more deep, broad strokes. “Ah! There we go!” he coos, watching his cum oozing through your slick wet cunt. He pulls out his dick, jerking above your belly button barely grazing your upper crescent of the vagina, making you flinch. He pulls you close to his sweaty chest as he shifts beside you. “Hey…,” he rasps softly, watching you catch your breath as you nuzzle over his naked chest that's glistening with sweat.
Atsumu cums inside you, always. He just can't get enough of your naked beauty when you're underneath him, shuddering due to his nearing orgasm. Your hands fly back to grip the bed sheets while he grabs your waist firmly to release his cum inside you. And as the mix of white sticky fluid starts to drip along your inner thighs, he rests his head over your cleavage. He is immensely fond of your drumming heartbeats syncing with his. And, he likes it raw; the feeling of your walls around his cock ready to pound again. But not until he's pushing his cum inside you again, white rings forming around his thick cock. Your throbbing clit makes you scream in pain, yet his sweet kisses followed by groans are enough to drive you insane.
Bokuto doesn't have any preference, but he gets pouty if you don't let him cum inside you, or at least you should let him cum on your hands while jerking him off. “Ohhh fuck! Fuck,” he groans as you slow down your pace. He doesn't want to interrupt you; he likes it when you jerk him off, stopping at every nearing orgasm, making him throw back his head. Hell, he would kiss you just not to use his muscular buffy arms on you so as to push your face into his dick. There is a reason why his hands are being clamped on the edge of the desk. But as soon as he's at the limit, he can't hold it anymore, he needs to release his fluid, but watching you tap onto his pink mushroom tip leaking with precum makes him snap. “Gonna cum...mmgh... gonna cummmmmm!” he warns before spilling his white sticky seed onto the floor, soaking your hand. Nah! He doesn't waste any further before having you pinned against the wall to aid your aching clit.
Oikawa is moody, but mostly he prefers to let his cum spread over your cunt and your inner thighs. He'll let his face sink in between your legs while he rubs his cock. Yes, that's what he likes the most, especially when he's in urgent need of a quickie. “Darlin’ just a little more,” he warns, hovering over you, watching your swollen clit leaking your orgasm already. He lets out a throaty chuckle, noticing your delirious high. “I want you to touch yourself, now !” he whispers in a stern voice as he pumps his cock. And as you finger yourself, moaning and groaning his name, cursing every now and then, a grin smothers his face. Quickly adjusting his throbbing member along your cunt, he lets his seed drip onto your inner thighs, cunt, and a little bit over your belly. Seeing your hands rubbing his cum over your belly is a great turn-on for him. Do that and you're stuck for at least two more quickies.
Kuroo likes it on your back, especially the wing bones, at first. He just can't get enough of your whimpers when your boobs are pressed against the mattress, your hands gripping the bed sheets as he ruts deep inside you. He loves to watch your face as he takes you from behind. “You gonna cum, aren't you?” he asks, feeling your warm walls clenching, watching you buck your hips to get close to your high. “Oh fuckkk!” you gasp as he lands a sharp slap on your ass cheeks before pulling his cock out to spill his seed over your back. It's a drill for him. Warm white fluid sprinkles over your back as you ease your breath. That's the starting point for him. He can't let you go; you're precious to him, his cute little cocksleeve.
Suna mostly prefers it on your boobs, especially when you're half-clad. Something about your hard nipples peeking through the white shirt just makes him push his cock deeper into your throat. Just before releasing his fluid, he pulls out, letting you breathe fresh air. Your hands are resting on the ground as you pant heavily. Unable to steady your breathing, he starts to stroke himself faster, lips getting exploited in between his teeth as he tries to keep his moans down. “C’mon girl! Up here,” he instructs, chinning your face and getting broader access to your chest as he coats your top with his fluid. But he can't leave his girl like that, so it doesn't take him much longer to pick you up so as to put you on your office desk ready to fuck your pussy this time.
Tumblr media
tagging— @dancingintherainwithchifuyu @bokuroskitten @0415-11 + networks— @downtown-roponggi @tokyometronetwork
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kiwanopie · 2 months
Physical Therapy
boyfriend!kiyoomi part V!! smut smut smut but also fluff and a little bit of dom!reader. mommy is used (1) once but not by kiyoomi. minors do not interact.
Your voice comes out airily. A little frayed, a little frustrated.
“Thank god for HIPAA laws because I swear,” You run your fingers through Kiyoomi’s hair. “These mothers wouldn’t know autonomy if I smacked them in the back of the head with it.”
“I mean, one of my clients’ mother’s been mass emailing all week trying to get me to hint to her ‘troubled son’ that his panic attacks have been putting a “massive strain” on her recently-“
“Like no wonder these kids have such a hard time opening up at home, their - ah - parents have a skewed understanding of what real priorities are!”
“Hm- Mhm.”
You scoff. God, he loves it when you get all psychiatric but there’s like no blood flowing to his head right now. “I swear, It’s like some of these parents drop their kids off at my office and expect me to program them into becoming… hm… be-…coming their ideal child…! My best guess is half of these adults should consider - fuck - seeking out a therapist themsel- ohh my god…”
Your hips drunkenly rock into his face from where he’s got your hips all but pinned against him. Rough fingers gripping so tightly into your work skirt that they audibly creak against the fabric, and if not for the running volleyball game playing on half volume behind you, you’re certain that the room would be filled with the sodden sounds of his sloppy tongue; digging you out while you complain about your workload this week. Kiyoomi was already springing into action the moment he saw you slump your way out of his genkan and straight to the ice cream stash in the kitchen. So quick on your heels that he could barely bother to pause the game he was re-watching.
Call it a love language. After last month when he moped his way into your humble flat to complain to you about some contract changes with his current sponsor. Something about more media interaction, that and he was gonna have to DIY a few ads for them on his social media. He could barely get a few words out before you were nuzzling your nose against his zipper. Lovingly rubbing up his thighs as you insisted he got all his frustrations out.
“A-All my frustrations out? You want me to…?”
You guide his hand until he’s grazing the short hairs on the top of your neck. “Be as rough with me as you need, baby. I’m here for you.”
Kiyoomi’s moans are muffled by the squish of your thighs. Who’s getting more out of this? He couldn’t say. But if the way his eyes roll when your fingers dig into his scalp should say anything, he might be safe calling it 50/50.
Your lips part as one of his free hands pull at your blouse until the buttons are popping, roughly palming your tits through your bra as you whine against him. “It’s a… good thing I took this pediatric job. If not for a - godd, oh fuck - difference in perspective.”
Kiyoomi answers you with a sound that’s more of a groan than a dutiful hum. Raising his hips like it’ll give him more friction where he wants it, but like the godsend you are you reach behind yourself to rub him through his sweats.
“‘Least I know… that if we had kids I’d be a half decent mother…”
Kiyoomi might just be so hard he could break the Mohs scale.
You must feel the way his cock needily twitches under your palm at the sound of that because your voice evens in a way that makes him goosebump. “You like that, huh? Oh don’t tell me Omi’s really been dying to make me a mommy?”
The vibrations of his broken groan makes your thighs tighten over his ears.
“Ah - You wanna fuck me full? Fill me up till I’m brain dead?”
His tongue rolls over your clit with just enough force to have your voice pitching. He tilts his chin up just to make sure it’s his tongue you're clamping around when you start to cum.
Although with what you all but hiss next, grabbing a rough hold of his scalp and pressing his head back like he’s just a warm mouth to fuck. “- Or, would you just be satisfied with blowing your load into my hand, you fucking slut.”
Kiyoomi cums so hard he thinks he may have gone deaf.
Because he barely hears the pathetic whimpers he lets out in your spasming cunt as he starts to hump into your hand like a dog. Lilted voice breaking off into a gravelly groan, so cum-drunk that he keeps at it even as his seed wets a dark spot in sweatpants. For a moment, he can’t even register the sound of your broken - clearly overstimulated mewls.
Kiyoomi reluctantly lets you go when you finally climb off of him.
“You okay?”
You giggle a little before pecking him on his wet mouth.
Kiyoomi’s a little sluggish in his attempt to scoot his large body to the side to make room for you to lay comfortably beside him. Pressing his back into the head of the couch even as the springs quietly creak, but any room you don’t have to be completely sunken into the sofa he makes up for by using his arm to belt you against him.
He sighs.
“Move in with me.”
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ohsatori · 6 months
I loved your riding gojo! now, I present to you: riding sakusa!!
sighs I am a sucker for this man...
Tumblr media
୨୧ ꒰ warnings ꒱ smut (mdni), pet names [baby], soft sex, slight cockwarming, f!reader
୨୧ ꒰ word count ꒱ 0.8k
Tumblr media Tumblr media
"I've been waiting for this all day," Sakusa lets out a low groan, punctuated by a swift jut of his hips. You settle down fully on him, a soft moan falling past your lips at the sweet stretch of his thick cock.
The intimacy of it all is what is most dizzying, most pleasurable, Sakusa thinks. He moans when you start to roll your hips, a shaking hand flying to catch at your hip. Sakusa softly shakes his head, instead tugging you down to lean over his body.
"Let's just stay like this for a bit," he sighs, voice thick with want and love as he pulls you into an embrace. His arms around strong yet gentle around you, your bare chests pressing together as you still your movements. It is wholly private and personal, how Sakusa trails his lips down your cheek, the softness of his mouth brushing against your ear. His steady breathing is comforting as his breath fans across the nape of your neck, one of his hands affectionately cradling the back of your head. Encouraging you to rest your face against the crook of his neck, Sakusa trails his fingers across your back, drawing teasing, loving shapes against you.
"Feels so good," you murmur against him. Sakusa lets out a soft hum, and you can feel it against your chest. The action is soothing, further intensified by his hands running down your body, coaxing you against him.
His fat cock is hot inside you, pressing against your most sensitive parts, stretching past the aching throb of your walls. You can't help but whimper a bit as you shift your hips, burying your face in further against Sakusa as his tip nudges against that one spot that has you rolling your hips ever so slightly.
"Shh, it's okay baby," Sakusa soothes, rubbing his large hand over your back. The pads of his fingers are slightly coarse as they dip across your every curve, adoring the feel of your body against his as he holds you.
His touch is addicting, causing a spark of fire to flare bright inside your chest. Your heart swells as a million butterflies pound against your chest, the warmth spreading across your body a testament of your love for him.
A soft gasp of his name falls past your lips when Sakusa's hands move to your hips, slowly, gently rolling them over his aching length. The airy gasp that spills from his tongue as you grasping at him, gripping onto his broad shoulders as you lick and kiss at the skin of his neck.
"T-that feels good," Sakusa groans your name, his eyes knocking back to the ceiling as your soft lips work over his skin. He feels you tenderly bite down against his collarbone, tongue laving over the spot just as quickly, and pleasure shoots down to his cock at the sensation.
"Are you okay?" your lover murmurs, soft curls brushing against your face as he leans down a bit. His lips, always so gentle when he makes love to you, graze across your forehead, and you clench down a bit on him at the breathless moan of your name that he whispers against your skin.
"Always," you reassure him, nudging your nose against the column of his throat. Sakusa has always been so pretty, with moles and beauty marks decorating his pale skin. While you continue slowly, gently, grinding your hips over his cock, you begin pressing languid, drawn-out kisses to each individual mark on his shoulders, his neck.
As your lips drag across his skin, leaving fleeting, delicate kisses against him, the musk of his cologne invades your senses. It's mature and slightly dark, and the presence of it lingering on his skin has you moaning, rolling your hips a bit faster.
At your sudden actions, Sakusa's hands fly to your hips, attempting to ground himself. The sheer pleasure of being buried inside you, your tight, wet heat sucking him back in over and over, is overwhelming. It's nearly enough to knock the air out of his lungs, and Sakusa is sure the room is spinning when you start lazily bouncing on his cock, sweet whimpers of his name being brushed against his ear.
"You okay?" you moan against his ear, lips pressing there for a soft kiss. You never halt your motions, slowly sinking down on his cock, then rolling your hips in a loose circle, intent on feeling all of him. His fat shaft drags along your walls, stretching you out in the best possible way as a broken moan of your name is shuddered between shaky breaths.
"N-never better," Sakusa grits his teeth, groaning as your tight heat gushes around him, walls fluttering as if attempting to milk him dry.
And Sakusa continues making love to you, the darkness of your bedroom shrouding you both in a comforting embrace—almost as soothing as his own.
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