softpedropascal · a day ago
Tumblr media
Possessive/Jealous Simon 'Ghost' Riley
Simon has never really had much of anything to call his own so when you say you're his, it sparks something...primal inside of him.
He does NOT stalk you or want to know where you are every minute of every day, but if he doesn't hear from you, he worries. And he doesn't like to worry.
He loves to mark you--hickeys, love bites, etc--and he may purposely put them in places where others can see.
It also brings him a little pride seeing you walk funny the day after you two made love (fucked) for hours.
His jealousy presents as anger but never towards you.
He is not so jealous as to control who you talk to or hang out with, but if he gets a feeling that someone wants something more from you, he's usually right.
Deep down, he wishes he could spend every second with you because it's the only time he feels like he matters.
What would happen if you left him? He doesn't like thinking about it.
You know when he thinks about it too much because in bed he wraps himself around you and doesn't let go .
Nothing pleases him more than hearing you say that you are his.
Simon has never felt threatened by other men...until you came along.
And it wasn't a fear that they may hurt or kill him. It was the fear that they would take you away from him.
He'd bravely let you go if that was what you truly wanted, but he hopes it never gets to that point.
You tell him to never get your name tattooed because you think it's bad luck, but he still leaves an area of skin right over his heart empty just in case.
You playfully wore his tac vest and balaclava once and he will never forget about it.
He loves when you're naked--wearing nothing but his dog tags.
Wearing something on your body that belongs to him is one of the highest forms of flattery.
Sometimes he can't help but to think of the people you were with before him and it makes him want to break something. He wishes he could have been your first everything.
He can name every shampoo, body wash, perfume that you've ever used. His sense of smell is fantastic.
As much as he wants to possess you, the fact of the matter is that you possess him without even knowing it. You have a power over him that others never had.
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bruciemilf · a day ago
The Justice League being mildly disturbed, bewildered, and eerily...Impressed by Bruce's relationship with his rogues.
They've seen him and Harley get in a fist fight over the last Bat Burger fry.
With Harley trying to fix her now ruined pigtails and munching on her garlic glazed treat while Batman sipped the milkshake, completely ignoring the gush of blood dripping down his chin.
"... Do you want the Bat-Toy?"
Bruce can go from fighting Ivy one second, to helping her beat Hal's ass for littering in the middle of a battle.
He talks about Penguin like he's a problematic relative you have an annoying affection for. He pretends to be scared of Scarecrow's Fear Toxin to make him feel better about it not working on him.
He and Selina call eachother ' babe' and gossip while trying to put the other in the hospital.And don't get him started on Mr. Freeze. He WILL cry.
It's a very unusual relationship. They know for a fact none of them have lunches with THEIR villains.
" But I don't get it? I mean, Bats won't kill YOU, but...YOU can kill HIM."
" For what? So the police can kill us easier? Nice try."
Clark, panicked, calls the batkids when Bruce gets kidnapped. They don't know by WHO, which is the only reason they even bothered showing up. When they find out its HARVEY?
They all groan. Long and whiny. " Come on!"
" You made me abandon my Buzzfeed Unsolved marathon for this?"
Dick, peach face mask still drying, sighs, " I'm sorry, - this? Is probably the best thing that happened all week. Maybe month! Why would we be worried? He'll get 4 meals a day, 8 hours of sleep, -"
" Or two..."
" SHUT UP, STEPH! But anyway, Bruce is probably in his huge, black feathered night gown, getting his feet rubbed with extra expensive olive oil while eating blueberry yoghurt."
" With chocolate sprinkles!"
" Yes, Thank You, Tim. Clark, in the future, be worried if he DOESN’T get kidnapped. He'll be back in like, two weeks. Three, if he's feeling clingy. "
" But I don't understand? Bruce hangs out with...Criminals?"
" I'm sorry, " Dick gestures to the whole flock of them, " Where do you think we came from?"
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I’m a big fan of the idea that you can’t just get a case for a rotom phone. You have to both agree on the case and if your rotom doesn’t like it you just don’t get a phone until you take it off. Same goes for putting stickers on the case.
It’s great cause it allows the Rotom’s to show off their personality but also hilarious cause said personality may conflict with their trainer. You meet an old grandma who’s giving you cookies and her phone is black with skulls and crossbones on it. Some little kid who’s into princess and fairy types and their phone is perfectly gray with no stickers at all. That big biker guy who’s smoking a cigar the whole battle? His phone is pink with rainbows on it. It’s wonderful
Love this a lot. You have that one goth chick whose phone is covered in pink sparkles and Clefairy because the Rotom threatened to delete all her apps if she got a different case
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mrsgrwy · 2 days ago
► Modern Headcanons | 「AU」
Tumblr media
↺ pairing: Jacaerys Velaryon | Aegon Targaryen | Aemond Targaryen x Fem!Reader (the famous big three).
↺ a/n: This is situated in college and I hope you all like it. English is not my first language, sorry for any mistakes.
↺ warnings: mentions of alchool, drunking and sex
— Aegon ↺
We must begin with Aegon. The dude changes of graduations like he's changing clothes. He never knew what field to choose, he never had a big dream to fulfill or an aspiration to something — perhaps because his family was flying in money.
In high school he was the typical popular boy who part of the team and dated one cheerleader a month, in college it's no different.
He's a fuckboy, living in a frat (even though he doesn't have to) and throwing a thousand parties. He loves all girls, but freshmen, exchange students or super smart girls get his special attention. And some boys.
When I said that he changes courses like he changes clothes, I wasn't exaggerating.
First he tried physical education (why? He don't know), then computing at Luke's insistence (lots of numbers, he fucking hated it), then he tried law (WHY DOES A BOOK HAVE 800 PAGES?), he considered international relations and end tourism.
He wanted to do an exchange, but Alicent forbade it until he settled on something.
He just wanted to be an heir :(
He would probably meet you at a party and flirt compulsively. He wouldn't rest until he had your number, or kissed you, or better yet, performed obscenities in his room.
Eventually he would rent an apartment to have more privacy for his one night fucks.
Aegon would try to steal Jace's girls — why not?
He's used every drug you can imagine.
He would wake up drunk in the middle of campus.
He's a himbo.
— Aemond ↺
You know that handsome and mysterious guy that you would definitely have a crush on? Well, it's probably Aemond.
Among the areas he could choose, in addition to history and philosophy, I see physics or some impeccable academic career.
Unlike Aegon, the opportunity to run the family business would eventually excite him, so studying business administration is also a high possibility for our boy.
He would attend the best colleges.
He's intimidating at first sight and likes to do things alone, which makes you reluctant to try to get close.
But damn, he's super charming and seems to give off attractive pheromones and you can't pay attention to anything but him.
It's like Edward — you thought he was a vampire too.
He is super stylish and has an impossible presence to divert attention.
He would NEVER live in a frat. The idea of ​​sharing a house with other guys his age is a nightmare. Seven Hells, he thinks he'd throw up at the smell of alcohol, drugs, and bed sheets after sex. Fucking gross.
He would rent an apartment close to university and other things that can enrich his routine.
He goes to some parties (not like Aegon) but getting drunk is not an option.
Maybe he'd try marijuana at a certain point, just to prove it.
He would always be with a book or phone in hand, or just contemplating the environment.
You'd meet him at some party or the library or any other part of college.
He was the best kiss you've had in years.
He makes you feel stupid with his intelligence and eloquence, even if he doesn't mean to. When you tell him you feel inferior, he'd take your hand and grope your face and say there's nothing that makes you any less than him.
— Jace ↺
I confess that choosing an area for Jace was the HARDEST thing about this headcanon, so he was the last.
I see him as a sports guy, but it would hardly go from a hobby. He could do business administration like Aemond to take care of the family business, but I also see him doing architecture. (If you have another option please enlighten me).
He would be a frat boy, BUT, with BIG caveats. He would be the boys' dad, guiding them not to drink too much, use illicit drugs and not take girls to his room (the latter mainly).
He's all sweet, kind, and protective with girls, unlike most frat boys.
He loves parties but tends to stay sober at most of them (sometimes he allows himself to get so fucking crazy and he turns cute and red when he's drunk).
He would smoke marijuana a few times and would definitely be a smiling high. Afterwards he would feel a little guilty.
You would also meet him at some party and be suspicious of him. Respectful, sweet and handsome? Just one low blow to get into your pants.
However, he's kind of hard to resist and by the end of the night he has your number and Instagram. Maybe even an excited kiss.
He's such a great kisser, it's so fucking unfair.
He would take you to a candy store or anywhere you want to go. Totally a good boy who treats you like a queen.
He would try to hide you from Aegon's clutches at family meetings.
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tinfairies · a day ago
Headcanons for Aemond/Daemon/Aegon and whether they'd be into watching their S/O sleeping with other men?
He isn't a fan of it. Aemond doesn't want to share.
He's not comfortable with the idea of most men being around his lover, so to even let them strip his lover down is a big no.
The other man would have to be someone he trusts and knows very well.
Aemond could be into it in that scenario, he'd be a good boy and sit in his chair and enjoy the show his lover puts on.
Daemon would entertain the thought.
He's certainly had multiple men and men in his life, watching others be fucked as well as being the one to be fucked
He'd prefer to watch his lover with whores, it's harder for anyone to catch feelings that way.
He'd never share his lover with another man that's close to him, it's too dangerous. Women on the other hand are a whole different story.
Aegon is a little whore. He'd love to watch his partner be fucked by not just one man, but two or three or four.
He'd also prefer these men to be prostitutes, less feelings to muss up the fun.
It'd be hard for him to not get in on the action as well, but if his lover promises him a treat he might behave.
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teaberrii · 23 hours ago
Kisses in the Library with the Genshin Boys
Featuring: Childe, Cyno, Heizou, and Kaveh Warnings: PDA Notes: I might make this a series.
You and your boyfriend are studying in the library when things take an unexpected turn.
You're supposed to be studying. But, instead, you're slacking off by reading a book in one of the empty aisles. You're caught off guard when you feel a pair of arms snake around your waist.
Childe puts his chin on your shoulder and asks what you're reading. So, you show him the romance book you've been secretly indulging in when you should've been studying with him.
Childe chuckles and asks if there are any "special scenes" you have come across yet. You look at him skeptically and ask him what he means. That's when he leans in and kisses you.
Your lips part for his tongue to slide into the warmth of your mouth, and your hand fingers weave their way into his hair. You pull him close, deepening the kiss.
You let out a quiet moan as Childe presses his body against yours, evoking emotions that are not appropriate to act on in such a public place.
You're the first to break away for air, but it doesn't take long for his lips to find yours in another heated dance.
"You don't need any romantic fantasies. You have me."
Cyno knows the two of you should be studying, but he can't keep his eyes off you. When you glance at him, he looks down at his textbook like a kid getting caught with his hand in the cookie jar.
You put down your pen, lean over, and ask if you have something on your face. Why else would he keep looking at you?
Cyno avoids the question and says he isn't looking at you but at the clock behind you. You call him out by saying he's wearing a watch, and his face turns slightly pink.
You put your elbows on his textbook and your chin in your hands. Now, you're the one that's staring at him. When he asks what you're doing, you say you're tired of studying and want "something nice to look at."
You're surprised when he suddenly looks you straight in the eyes and asks if there's more you would like. Before you can ask, his lips find yours in a soft-lipped exchange.
Cyno's tongue runs along your bottom lip before finding yours in a passionate tango for two. Soon, you're lost in the taste of him, and the last thing you want to do is study.
"...We should continue studying. Unless, you have something else in mind."
Heizou has already finished everything, but he accompanies you to the library anyway. You eventually get tired of studying, and you and Heizou are in an empty aisle.
You're standing in front of a shelf, reading a book, while Heizou stands a few feet away. He glances at you and pouts slightly.
You don't notice Heizou getting closer and closer to you as he pretends to look for something to read. Then, when he sees that you still haven't noticed him, he suddenly hugs you.
You almost gasp. Then, you turn to him, asking what he's doing. Instead, he smiles and playfully gives you a quick kiss.
You close your book and turn to face him. His hands fall near your waist while your arms go around his neck. You lean in simultaneously and kiss him fully on the mouth.
Heizou pulls you closer until your bodies are flush against each other, your mouths engaged in a passionate lock that leaves you breathless at the end.
"Don't get me wrong...I didn't want to distract you. Not much."
Kaveh is distracting you on purpose. He's twirling your hair as you attempt to solve a difficult problem.
You're finally fed up and tell him you're here to study and not play around.
Kaveh looks a little surprised and teases you that he thought you called him here so you could have a little fun.
You give him a deadpan look and ask what else there is to do at the library. He smirks and instantly kisses you on the spot.
You have no time to react as he breaks away. The kiss ends as soon as it began. Then, Kaveh playfully smiles and says that's one way to have fun.
You can use a break anyway, so you pull him in for another kiss. This time, it's with a little more tongue and soft moans in between.
"Exciting, isn't it? Should we take things further?"
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✦ 𝗪𝗮𝗸𝗶𝗻𝗴 𝘂𝗽 𝘀𝘁𝗿𝗮𝘆 𝗸𝗶𝗱𝘀 𝗯𝗼𝘆𝘀 𝗱𝘂𝗿𝗶𝗻𝗴 𝘁𝗵𝗲 𝗻𝗶𝗴𝗵𝘁
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
✦ — pairing: skz x reader
✦ — genre: lit angust/comfort/fluff
✦ — cws: 𝗻𝗶𝗴𝗵𝘁𝗺𝗮𝗿𝗲
✦ — length: 1484
✦ — N/A: probably spelling mistakes out there, I couldn't proofread, maybe one day I'll do it
Tumblr media
✦ —Bangchan
You look at your boyfriend peacefully sleeping, you thought your nightmare was over, it's been months since the last nightmare, you even forgot the feeling
Chan, had a particularly hard day and by some miracle managed to sleep early and his heart ached. Thinking of waking him up just because he had a nightmare, and your plan was not to wake him up, but his self-control disappears when he hears a playing card and ends up screaming to wake him up "what's this?" he gasps and wraps his arms around you. to calm down
"Sorry to wake up, can't sleep. I had a nightmare." you mumble, making Chan smile and kiss the tip of your nose. "You know you can always wake me up, I'm more than happy to have an excuse to hold you" he wraps his legs around his hips so that she pulls him closer “let's talk, so you can forget the dream`
Tumblr media
✦ —Lee Know
“Lee,” you whisper as you try to yank the duvet off of him so you can wake him up.
His eyes finally open and he meets her gaze. “Don't tell me it's morning,” he whimpers and picks up the phone to check the time. It's three in the morning. The look he gives you is enough to tell you he's not happy to be woken up at this hour after having such a good dream.
"I can not sleep. I can't stop thinking about the movie,” you mutter, causing Lee to let out a groan “How could you be scared, you who insisted that we watch that movie' you do your best to reverse the situation' please leave I sleep hugging you? I would feel so much better if my amazing boyfriend would let me' talks to his best puppy “eye” he always contradicts saying he likes cats better (he's always thirsty) “okay come here” he opens his arms for you to snuggle what you happily settles down trying to sleep, which doesn't take long.
Tumblr media
✦ —Changbin
“Bin, wake up”, you murmured in his ear, and his eyes fluttered open. He looks at you for a while, confused, but eventually he relaxes and looks at you with a kind expression. “What's wrong? Did you have a nightmare? Can't sleep?
“No, I really want your kisses” you whisper almost softly for him to hear. You hide your face in his neck, but he puts his hand on his face, forcing you to look at him in the darkness of the room. “Serious? How much do you want?” “As much as you can give.”
He smiles and turns you over so that you are lying on your back. His lips then find his face, and he kisses every part of your face, he spends most of his time on your lips and places sweet, tender kisses there to give you what you asked for. A smile still colors his face and when he feels he's ready he brushes some hair from his face. “Now it's my turn, give me a kiss.”
Tumblr media
✦ —Hyunjin
He opens his eyes only to meet yours. He gets ready to punch your cheek reflexively, thinking it's a nightmare and you and the alien trying to kill him, but he stops when he sees you looking into his soul. “I swear to God, how many times do I have to tell you not to get so close that you have to wake me up. It kills my heart afterwards,” he sighs and turns to go back to sleep. But he will stop it for you. “I'm sorry! You just rolled away from me in your dreams, but you never do that, so I thought you might be mad at me or something” you admit and hyunjin can't help but roll his eyes. "You're too dramatic, you know I could never be mad at you, I love you” he says with a hug “now go back to sleep”.
Tumblr media
✦ —Han
Fingers gently caressed her face when she woke up. around the bridge of the nose. "Holy shit, what are you doing?" "Make sure you're alive. I had a nightmare," you admit, immediately han grabbing her wrist and kissing her hands. 'I don't want you to die like my father.' Her voice was almost musical, but clearer than ever. "I'm not going to die, my love, not now. So we're both going to grow old together and die together, okay? Nothing else."
He hugs you tighter, whispering words of comfort, he knew how you mourned your father's death, so he assured you more than ever that nothing will happen.
Tumblr media
✦ — Felix
Felix wakes up in the middle of the night to strange noises coming from the kitchen quickly he reaches his arm to your side of the bed only to find that you are no longer by his side, his logical thinking would say that you just went to get a glass of water and that would be it back, but his non-rational side kicks in when he closes his eyes to try to sleep again and immediately thinks what if you're being murdered?
That weight alone makes him get up quickly and walk to the kitchen with his phone in hand ready to call the police, but as soon as he arrives in the kitchen the only threat is just you making a brownie
why are you baking brownies at three in the morning?” he asks when he sees you putting away some ingredients sighing relieved when he sees you doing well 'I couldn't sleep, so in order not to wake you up tossing and turning in bed I decided to make brownies to take the boys tomorrow morning' you say it so sweetly as if it's normal to do that these hours ' all that's left to do is put it away, clean it and take it out of the oven, go back to sleep and I'll be there' he explains with a yawn
'no, you go back to bed, I'll finish cleaning, I'm wide awake anyway, you deserve a rest after doing this these hours' he comments getting closer giving him a peck taking the bag of flour from his hand
Tumblr media
✦ — Seungmin
A fact was, you hated storms and when most people love to sleep in them, you just can't and lie awake in fear.
When you were little, your mother would just come over and sleep with you, which she would always help you with and make you feel better. But now that you don't live with her anymore things have changed, you didn't want to wake up her boyfriend, Seungmin, not wanting to disturb his sleep with a simple storm, if you concentrate hard enough you'll be able to sleep.
"You're not subtle at all, you know?" Seungmin mutters turning to you on the bed with his eyes still closed "I feel like you stole my blanket about 3 minutes ago, tell me what's wrong?"
“I'm afraid of storms, so I can't sleep” you whisper, but he can hear perfectly, so he pulls you closer taking you both under the covers covering your heads in a kind of hut.
"It's going to be okay, I'm here for you"
Tumblr media
✦ — Jeongin
You lived with insomnia for many years, this was nothing new and you knew very well how to deal with it, usually you would read a book or watch TV.
So for you it was completely normal to be watching a program about pregnant women that was playing on a random channel at two in the morning.
“Go back to bed.” You are slightly startled by a sleepy Jeongin standing at the end of the couch.
"Jesus Christ! You want to kill me? I can't sleep” You explain to him but before you send him back to his room and not worry about you he himself lays down next to you on the couch suddenly interested in the TV show
"I'll stay with you then"
His eyes finally open and he meets her gaze. “Don't tell me it's morning,” he whimpers and picks up the phone to check the time. It's three in the morning. The look he gives you is enough to tell you he's not happy to be woken up at this hour after having such a good dream.
"I can not sleep. I can't stop thinking about the movie,” you mutter, causing Lee to let out a groan “How could you be scared, you who insisted that we watch that movie' you do your best to reverse the situation' please leave I sleep hugging you? I would feel so much better if my amazing boyfriend would let me' talks to his best puppy “eye” he always contradicts saying he likes cats better (he's always thirsty) “okay come here” he opens his arms for you to snuggle what you he happily settles down trying to sleep, which doesn't take long.
Tumblr media
✦ — N/A: I didn't like these very much but I decided to post so I don't get gurada
if you liked this post reblog (helps get it to a wider audience) And comment, I would really like to know your opinion and if I should do more
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house-ad · 16 days ago
Tumblr media
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faces-ofvenus · 2 days ago
College Aegon starting to fall in love with you modern!
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
(I recommend you read this headcanon was very inspired to write this headcanon)
Choose a course "c/c"
Tumblr media
As said Aegon is like a chameleon in the university, he changed courses like a reptile changes its skin, and in one of these changes he found you, so beautiful, so intelligent, so superior to him, don't get him wrong, he didn't want to go w/c, but frankly he was tired of his current course as well as the others, he practically ran the whole university, or almost, and it was there that he found you, so focused on what you do, so beautiful, your professor made you sit together, to his delight and his disgust.
You looked at him like he was an alien, yes he was a hottie, his characteristic white hair, but short, he was just plain hot, yes yes, very hot, but also a drunken asshole who only thinks about where he's going to put his dick tonight, and yes he flirted with you, yes you liked it, and yes you pretended not to care, his voice was so, wow, you had horrible thoughts, but still-you wouldn't let him down, you wouldn't give him the taste, not for him.
It only made him think you were hotter, you were so beautiful, listening to you explain the subject to him was so enlightening, even though he was already hating the whole class the minute he stepped into it, maybe your voice, the way your lips moved, your eyes shining with interest, your hands restless, he felt good, it was interesting, yes you turned him on but he wanted to talk to you, or rather listen to you, and that made him want you to feel the same way.
After that little job you thought, not over, he was going to move on with his life, probably start something else and leave it unfinished, besides finally leaving your thoughts alone, yes you couldn't get him out of your head but who could, he was remarkable in a bad or good way,
You couldn't allow yourself to be fooled like that, not with the bad reputation that haunted you, the evidence was there, and you were anything but stupid to let it go, but he simply haunted you and forced himself to sit next to you in the next classes, you hated him, because you simply didn't move on, and because you were behind it,
Aegon didn't seem to be interested in what was being taught, and he really didn't care, whether it was with account or not, he didn't care, it just seemed that the only thing that caught your attention was your face looking at the board or book, it was annoying you thought, It was embarrassing, you look away and he's leaning his head on your hand, looking at you shamelessly, and when your eyes meet he barely looks away, just gives you an even bigger smile, and gives you a wink, asking what it was about and that he wanted your explanation.
— Aegon, if you paid attention to what the professor said, you would know what we are studying.
— But I only understand with you!!!
From then on it would only get worse, for you of course, because he didn't know why whenever he was going to have sex with a fucking girl your face appeared in his mind, painting your face and what your possible demonstrations of pleasure would look like, whenever he flirted he saw you, and he could only flirt with someone who merely looked like you, when he skipped or skipped class and you thought you were rid of him, there he was waiting for you on the way out, he tried to talk to you, even though you answered him harshly, or only with short and direct lines, he wanted more, he just wanted you not to be so indifferent to his presence.
When he found out that Jacaerys knew you, it was almost the last straw and it became almost a duty to be his cupid, Jace denied it, you were his friend, you were his little childhood crush, and honestly he wouldn't set you up with someone like your uncle, not when he knows Aegon's fame as a catcher, he couldn't tolerate a man like him, being with you.
But Aegon swears to his heart and soul that this time it's not just about sex, he's obsessed, he wants you, and honestly he doesn't see you as just a one-night stand, even if you are the hottest woman he's ever laid eyes on, Jace only helps him when he promises not to break your heart, obviously he doesn't trust Aegon's word too much, but Aegon's desperate, drunken voice annoys him, yes he lost count of how many times he got calls from a drunk Aegon and whatever else he used that night, at 3, 4, 5 in the morning asking about you, and what your type of man is like, and Jace is like, what the fuck, I don't know her ideal type, do you think I notice the men she picks up or looks at (yes when he was in love with you he did, but that's not the point)
And so he would begin his hunt to conquer his beloved.
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another-yandere-writer · a day ago
yan!platonic demon brothers when you escape them hcs {obey me} tw; yandere themes
I will be honest, they thought that you will never escape them. let alone escape alone.
underestimated how a small human like you can even escape them, they (Lucifer, Satan and Belphie) are amused but then at the same time annoyed.
Asmo is panicking and sending everyone into panic, though it only covers the rage he is hiding that he is clinging on to. How many times, does he have to tell that they will always remind your family?! not your friends, but them- you have got everything a mortal has got! so why-
Satan is on a rampage. no he quite literally can't be stopped nor does Lucifer will stop him. He is drowning in his own sorrows that he never understood how you might slip away.
Satan also uses magic to trace you, he does not have his library and room for nothing.
as mentioned he too is amused but not very much. If he does get to know someone tried to help you or did help you he might give them a "visit" if needed.
Mammon is a mess, he of course as always goes and drowns in gambling. his demon form almost always being present and him losing his mind very often as he destroys god knows how many things.
Beel to be honest does not know how to feel, he does know that they were being "unhealthy" but when you escaped? He was so confused did not you accept them? Even though you might have them but the thought you loved them-
Belphie is another story altogether he like most of his brothers feel rage. Rage at himself, probably you wanted to get away because he killed you! probably it was all because of him but then he is not sure about that too. He however, is slightly better than his brothers and keeps a little calm because he even has to look after Beel.
He, also is amused because a human, a freaking human escape the lords of hell or the rulers of hell. How can a person do that without being caught is what he never understands.
on a note Belphie is ready to ask help from Diavolo, just imagine ow desperate he must be to find you.
Levi on the other hand is way out of control, maybe more than Satan, he is the head of navy, if we remember. And he will absolutely make sure that they find something of yours, does not matter what but he has to have you back. Either shut in his room or is having literal chaos outside.
the first one to notice when you were gone, was Lucifer, he thought that you were simply roaming outside but when he saw his brothers were inside house of lamentation then all hell broke lose.
they will search the world for you, so you better have a good hiding place because if they got to know where you are, they will drag you back. Break your legs or have you chained in dungeon because you are not going back again, darling.
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animeomegas · 2 days ago
I wanted to just write some subspace drabbles. I ended up writing for Itachi and Asmo. Not proofread lol. Enjoy!
“‘tachi, look at me,” you commanded, lifting his chin upwards to help him. He was kneeling at your feet originally, but when it had become clear just how deeply he had fallen, you had crouched down in front of him to check on him. 
Itachi’s eyes fluttered, focusing on your face for only a moment before drooping back down. He put more weight against the hand you were using to hold up his chin. 
“Itachi, look at me,” you ordered again, tapping on his cheek a little to try and focus him. “What’s your colour?”
His hazy eyes made no attempt to look at you this time, staring off into nothing. 
“‘tachi, baby,” you leant in, lowering your voice. “What’s your colour, my darling?” 
Itachi only whined, tipping forward slightly as though he was trying to get closer to you. You allowed it, opening your arms and tugging him into your embrace. You were still clothed, but you could feel the heat from Itachi’s bare skin.
“That’s a red, then,” you said. If he wasn’t responding to you, the scene had to end. 
Itachi didn’t react to your words, or to when you lifted him off the ground into a shaky standing position and led him towards your bed. 
It became clear after a while that Itachi wasn’t going to respond to anything. He didn’t acknowledge the glass of water you held to his lips or the request for him to try and dress himself. 
In fact, the only thing he responded to at all was physical touch from you. So, you gave up on dressing him and instead just tucked him into bed, in your arms and allowed him to drift while you kept him safe. 
A little anxiety curled in your gut as you worried something was wrong, but you ignored it and instead focused on Itachi’s wellbeing. 
“Good boy, you’re so perfect,” you whispered into his ear as you cradled him close to your chest. “You’re so, so good for me. Things just got a bit much this time, yeah?”
He didn’t respond and you didn’t even know if he was still awake, but you kept the sweet nothings going, just in case he could hear you. 
And hopefully, by tomorrow, you could give him his normal aftercare and he’d be back to normal. 
For Asmo, subspace was strange. He could certainly get to that mental state, but it was always combined with the euphoria that came from his sin. It was intense, he was intense.
“Yes, yes, yes,” he moaned, again and again, as you slipped a larger toy inside him. You had been playing with him for hours already. “Need it, I need it, I deserve it.”
“You do deserve it,” you agreed, twisting the wrist that was holding the toy. “You’ve been such a good boy recently.”
Asmo whined and moaned at the same time, the strange sound breaking at it’s loudest point. 
“Yes, I’m good, I’m good, I’m pretty,” he babbled, seemingly losing control of the filter in between his mind and his mouth. 
“So pretty, so perfect, inside and out,” you kept up the ministrations with the toy with one hand and wrapped your other around his weeping cock. “You’re my pretty boy, my perfect boy, my special darling, so loved, so, so loved and adored.” 
Asmo tensed, keening, back arching, as he came all over your hands. Compliments and reminders that you loved him always had this effect when he was in subspace. 
“Good boy,” you made sure to praise him as his arms gave out and he went completely lax against the bed. Asmo was covered in a sheen of sweat, chest heaving with exertion, but he wasn’t tired enough to be unable to reach a hand out behind him, a silent ask for you to come closer to him. 
Of course you followed his silent desire, easily shifting up the bed and brushing his hair out of his face with your hand. 
“I love you,” you said, smiling at him. “I love you very much, Asmo.” 
Asmo hummed, pleased. He had a dopey little smile on his face to match his glazed eyes. 
“love y’ t’,” he murmured back. “A lot.”
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multi-fandom-imagine · 12 hours ago
Headcanons for your first Christmas with the 141 boys? Oh! Orrrrr you could do kisses under the mistletoe 😍
|| First Christmas with the 141 boys ||
Tumblr media
-Simon “Ghost” Riley-
Tumblr media
🎄: Took a while to actually have the man ask you to spend Christmas with him. He really did not think he deserved to spend time with you.
🎄: You spend Christmas with him in his small flat, everything is decorated thanks to you. Simon can’t help but feel his home feels like a home.
🎄: Helps you decorate the Christmas tree, the man can’t help but sneak kisses with you every now and then.
🎄: Cuddles in front of a small fire places, Simon likes to share stories of his mother.
🎄: Will be happy to spend time with your family as well, he doesn’t want to keep you from your family.
🎄: Buys you a puppy / kitten as a gift to keep you from getting lonely when he is gone away on jobs.
🎄: Lots of kiss and hot coco drinking.
🎄: Opens gifts in the morning, secretly can’t wait to have kids.
Tumblr media
-Johnny “Soap”MacTavish-
Tumblr media
🎄: You spend half of December with your family then the rest with his.
🎄: Tons of Snowball fights { this man does not go easy on you either }
🎄: Lots of hot chocolate too.
🎄: Snowboarding / Skiing.
🎄: is more than happy to spend Christmas at a lodge where you’re both alone.
🎄: Tons of Christmas Eve / Christmas sex.
🎄: will be the one to buy naughty gifts.
🎄: Carries around a mistletoe just so he can kiss you.
🎄: Open gifts at night so he can spend the morning with you.
Tumblr media
-John Price-
Tumblr media
🎄: Would not be your first Christmas together, would be your first one alone since you spent the last few with yours and his family.
🎄: Lots of decorating and lots of teasing. John really can’t keep his hands off of you.
🎄: You two spend hours finding the perfect tree, Johnny is very picky when it comes to finding one that fits your shared flat.
🎄: would 100% buys you something sexy to wear in the bedroom. John becomes super needy around Christmas.
🎄: absolutely will not be going out side, you will not catch this man having a snowball fight.
🎄: Will watch Cheesy Christmas romance movies with you.
Tumblr media
-Kyle "Gaz" Garrick-
Tumblr media
🎄: is like a child again, will 100% be taking you sledding.
🎄: Building snowmen and making snow angles, he just loves playing in the snow.
🎄: Gets excited about making Christmas Cookies and other sweets.
🎄: Is the one that gets excited about decorating your shared home.
🎄: Lots of warm snuggles and kisses. Tons of hiding and cuddling in blanket forts while watching Christmas movies.
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house-ad · 6 months ago
Tumblr media
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kram6496 · a day ago
Tumblr media
What They’re Like as Lovers…
Wanda Maximoff
Soft yet forceful. She’ll pull you in for a soft kiss around others. But get her behind a closed door and she’ll take you against the nearest wall. She loves it when you kiss her knuckles and fingers.
Natasha Romanoff
Flirtatious. Natasha is all about banter. She’ll play out little scenarios with you that always end in cuddles, kisses , or make out sessions. She loves hairline kisses and being the little spoon.
Carol Danvers
Rough yet loving. Carol has spent a lone time alone. When she found you, she knew it was ride or die with you. Emphasis on “ride”. And Carol loves neck kisses and being the big spoon
Kate Bishop
Spoiling. She loves buying you little trinkets or things you might need. She’ll shower you with kisses and cuddles. She loves hugs from behind and waist hugs. Nose kisses are a definite.
Yelena Belova
Playfully antagonistic. You and Yelena will always trade barbs or playful insults before play wrestling which usually leads to make out sessions and love making. She giggles when you kiss her earlobes.
Kamala Khan
Reserved. She mostly has to be with living under her parents roof. She looks forward to the day you and her can but your own apartment. You still steal little kisses and hugs when her parents aren’t looking.
Riri Williams
Peaceful. You help Riri out on her latest tech ideas and you bring her coffee often to help her power through a cram session. She loves kissing your face and hands. You love kissing her cheek and lips.
Intelligent and passionate. Shuri both blesses and curses the day she fell in love with you. You help her out on so many inventions and other times you pull her away for little cuddle sessions and slow dancing. She loves being held by you.
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with-love-from-hell · a day ago
How they comfort you after a nightmare
Fandom: Obey Me!
Genre: headcanon, comfort
Charaters featured: the brothers
Written for a GN!Mc (you/yours)
Cw: nightmares, panic attacks, anxiety
A/N: I'm up because I had a horrific nightmare and I'm just here calming myself down and trying to stay awake bc I'm too terrified to go back to sleep so I'm thinking of how each brother would comfort their Mc after something like that.
Tumblr media
Absolutely wakes up the minute he hears you whimpering in your sleep and tries his best to wake you.
Will carefully wrap you in the softest hug to calm, pressing kisses to your shoulders and whispering soft reassurance that you're safe in his arms
Will probably run a hot bath or shower just to have the sensation wash away any lingering feelings or images from the nightmare (will also hold you the entire time and delicately wash you as he does)
He will let you word vomit the dream to him if you want, he knows sometimes sharing the disturbing images that plague your dreams can help lessen their impact.
If you're too scared to fall back asleep, he will stay awake with you and cuddle.
He'll also play some soothing records and bring you your beverage of choice to relax with
Will offer a game of chess or another strategy game to get your mind off the dream
Will probably involve Barbatos and Belphie to help resolve your dream issue if there is something that can be done about it, because dammit he hates seeing you in pain.
He will probably wake up as you're whimpers turn louder and you jolt awake with a scream.
immediately pulls you into his arms and hushes you, reminding you to breathe and reassuring you that he's "got ya."
Will ask if you want to talk about it after you calm down. Hes no stranger to nightmares so he knows sometimes taking about it can ease the pain of them.
Will offer to take a walk with you- no matter how late at night/early in the morning it is, and no matter how tired he is.
If you're too afraid to sleep,, he will offer to distract you by talking your ear off about random shit, watching a goofy movie, or playing a round of cards or pool.
Will gather your favorite comforting junk food to snack on while you do any of these things
He will also try his best to Lull you to sleep by humming and either rubbing your back or massaging your scalp- whichever you prefer
He is startled when he feels you writhing on top of him, but can recognize you're caught in a nightmare
He will do his best to gently wake you, but he's nervous, so his shakes may be a bit rougher than he intends
He will hug you until you calm down, and may even turn into his demon form to wrap you tighter with his tail for good measure.
He will offer you any plushie or body pillow you want from his collection to comfort you- even the ultra rare ones that only he is normally allowed to touch
Will turn on a video game and play with you, or watch a silly or juvenile anime to help distract you from the dream.
I hc his jellyfish and aquarium lights can change color, so he'll set them to whatever color you find the most soothing (or turn them to an fading pattern so they change colors slowly)
He may even offer to sneak out with you for a late-night/early-morning swim if you catch him feeling especially confident.
He's probably awake when you start to become restless and whimpering, but he knows that waking up someone from a nightmare can be like waking a sleep walker, so he's very gentle in coaxing you out of the dream.
Will absolutely hold you on his lap, rocking you as you come down from the panic.
Will offer to read to you to distract your thoughts from the dream, and also make you some soothing tea to sip while he does
He will also offer to take you out and pet the cats in the garden as an additional distraction
Makes his bed more comfy for you by stealing blankets and pillows from around the house, creating almost like a fort
He will also hold you in his arms and recite some nice haikus or other poems to you while you try to go back to sleep.
Up in an instant due to how light of a sleeper he is and already knows what you need after waking you.
Immediately cupping your face while kissing away your tears
Will draw you a bath and sit in with you while you relax in the basin, as well as play some soothing music and put some nice chamomile and Lavender in his oil diffusor
Get ready for a full on massage and watch the tension from the dream melt away.
He will also get you a nice face mask and give you a gentle mani/pedi
Will give you as many cuddles as you want throughout the night, and will make sure to forgo his routine just this once to ensure you sleep peacefully
will also sing to you to help you sleep if you ask him to!
Immediate bear hug and begging for you to wake up as he easily recognizes the signs of a nightmare
After you wake up he is reassuring you that you're safe with him, but he knows the pain of nightmares well and how he wishes he could be in your dreams to protect you too.
Will take you to the kitchen and make whatever comfort food you want- even if its a whole fucking meal.
Encourages you to drink a lot of water due to how dry your mouth probably is after breathing so hard.
He will offer to have you accompany him for a early workout to distract yourself (don't worry, if you're not into running you'll be carried on his back)
He will also offer to watch a movie with you or even just do some baking as a distraction.
Calls on Belphie and Lucifer to help with any recurrence of nightmares, wanting to ensure your slumbers are stress-free.
Sleeps like a rock so you'd probably have to wake him up and tell him you had a nightmare.
He's familiar with nightmares, but doesn't have them often due to his powers. He has also helped Beel with his nightmares in the past though.
Immediately pulls you down under the covers with him and caresses you gently. Reminding you his arms are safe now and that the dream isn't real.
He's down for a video or board game as a distraction, but may doze off here and there despite trying his best to stay awake.
Would wake up Beel so you have extra support, and will probably offer to watch a movie together as a distraction for you.
Will offer to enter your dreams any time for you to ease the nightmares, depending on how frequently you get them.
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ohsapnap · a day ago
hello! :) can you do dating schlatt headcannons?
yes !!
What it's like dating Schlatt
Tumblr media
perfect boyfriend.
attractive, check. funny, check. teasingly bullying, check.
he checks off every box of the dream boyfriend list
when he's recording chuckle sandwich episodes, you probably just sit and cuddle or play with jambo
and follow the cat into his recording room when he travels into there
schlatt loves you so much
but obviously bullies you so much to show that
you don't mind, that's just schlatt !!
best friends with Ted and Charlie
being there when Tommy met him, and just gushing over how cute it is that he's tommy's idol, like, it's adorable
Tommy also loves you
I think schlatt would leave in all clips of you coming into his room in all videos, and vods from streams – his chat and fan base love you!
you've probably got your own simps
but if you're not comfortable with that, it's fine! he wouldn't do anything to make you uncomfortable
because he's kissed austin, you've probably retaliated by kissing probably minx or shae
Ted doesn't mind either
shae absolutely adores you, and vice versa, she's the sweetest
special guest on chuckle sandwich episodes
you'd sit in there whilst he records, either just out of camera or in, sitting and cuddling jambo
you've got your own fans
and schlatt's fyp on tiktok is probably filled with edits of you
he bought you your own set up so you could play games together on stream
being on the origins smp after he joins
you'd probably be good friends with a few members, maybe watching a few of their streams
overall he's just great
schlatt would be a great boyfriend
perfect ratio of loving : asshole
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skillet-fullof-gremlin · a day ago
My Most Random and Personal TWST Headcanons
If I gotta have all these living rent free within my brain, they gotta live in all yours as well!! Lot's of OOC that I honestly have no real explanation for a lot of these other than "I like this idea... It's mine now"
-Ace and Cater are cousins. Their mothers were sisters, and their younger brother was... Ashton! That's right! Ashton is the baby brother of Ace and Cater's mothers and all three know this. None of them say anything because chaos runs in the family tree
-Ace's dad is the founder and owner of a world spanning gambling, fashion, and media empire and he is STUPIDLY WEALTHY! Ace and his brother Jackson grew up in extreme luxury but also under the extremely protective prescience of their father after their mother was killed and the boys were both left scared from the attack
-Grim is very, very, VERY touch starved and will take any form of affection from anyone willing to give it. That usually ends up being MC, Ace, Deuce, Jack, Epel, Idia, Malleus, Ruggie, and surprisingly Leona. Grim is very cuddly and he loves being petted and fed and cuddled. His favourite people to cuddle with are MC, because he feels safest with them, Jack because he's big and warm and has a very firm grasp(and always brings snacks for Grim), and Leona because he's warm and big and a deep sleeper and sleeps in sunlight and- It's a long list.
-Cater is Pan and has helped many of the other boys come to terms with their own sexuality. That is all.
-Since I now ship Cater/Vil/Rook... Cater and Rook got together first, then when Vil kinda exploded on them cause of his crush of Rook and only-God-knows-what-feelings for Cater, they are now a Poly to fit with my Poly self and I will literally go down with this ship!! Along with many others that just... exist within my brain
-Leona, Azul, Kalim, Trey, Lilia, and Crewel all give the best hugs ever. A few may be reluctant to show affection or give hugs, but if you manage to get past those walls, it's WELL WORTH IT!! Leona, Azul, and Trey are all warm and relatively well built so full comfort hugs to fall asleep in. Kalim is super bubbly and gives vibes of the kind of hug that would lead to you being picked up off the ground and spun around while you both laugh, meanwhile Lilia is a dad but also like my height so perfect size for just needing a hug with that hint of dad energy that always comforts. And lastly, Crewel is well built and he a really fluffy coat. Look me in the eyes and tell me that wouldn't be absolute heaven to be hugged by or wrapped in and THEN hugged! Also has supreme Dad Comfort vibes that just... hit right ya know?
-The teachers are silently protective and worried about this batch of students. I mean, they're always worried about their students, but this batch of boys just seems to be getting into ALL OF THE TROUBLE THEY CAN POSSIBLY FIND! AND SOME OF IT IS JUST FINDING THEM!
-After a while of just suffering, all the OB boys get invited to weekly dinners at Ramshakle with MC, Grim, and the first years. It slowly grows to include more people until the entire main cast are having a feat at one of the dorms every week, usually Ramshackle to avoid other students. Ace and Cater and Kalim all end up dubbing it a "Family Dinner" and it sticks for some ungodly reason. It also has ended in sleepovers and comfort sessions more than once
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house-ad · 16 days ago
Tumblr media
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tinfairies · a day ago
what do u think aegon and aemonds type would be in women ?? both in the hotd universe and modern
His type in women is all. But if he absolutely had to be specific he likes women that are motherly.
A woman that will give him love and affection with no hesitation, but will also remind him of his place and keep him from doing reckless things.
When it comes to looks, he doesn't really have a preference. Sure he would prefer someone shorter but it's not a deal breaker.
Big boobs, big ass, soft tummy. He likes them thicc. It adds to the motherly aspect he looks for. Of course this isn't a deal breaker either.
He'd like someone that doesn't look like him. He'd prefer dark hair, dark eyes.
Class doesn't matter either, I'm fact the lower they are the better in his opinion. He can hide far better if the kingsguard are only looking for one noble.
All in all, Aegon isn't picky. He has preferences sure, but if he falls in love he won't fight it.
He could care less what his lover looks like. He knows how he looks so he can't afford to be picky.
Aemond wants someone he can protect, someone that will protect him emotionally and he can offer them physical protection.
He needs an equal. Someone that will let him take care of them and do so in return.
He could care less what they look like. Scars? Stretch marks? Burns? Freckles? Moles? He doesn't mind any of it.
Like his brother he'd prefer someone on the chubbier side. There's something about a motherly figure that has these brothers hooked.
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